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Pro Aris et Focis

File: 19cd977f3bff4f4⋯.png (1.44 MB, 1795x1017, 1795:1017, E7B51700-3417-4601-87B5-50….png)

250538 No.523459

We are still in the midst of a heavy DDOS attack

CodeMonkey and team are working all out to keep the site online >>520943

We've been back up and running smoothly after being unable to post from 09:25 - 12.25ET.

CodeMonkey tweeted earlier to "post while you can" and during the attack, these alerts were posted for all: >>518774 , >>518936 , >>518204

Our thanks go out to CM and the 8Chan Defence Team.

Let's stay frosty lads and remember to clean our systems >>518872 , >>518955 , >>518962

In the unlikely event we go down here, muster at halfchan /pol/ or /b/

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Friday, 2.23.18

>>480458 Stanislav Lunev

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>>476339 rt >>476325 Sec Test

>>476325 rt >>476229 No Coincidences

>>476245 rt >>476196 Libel Laws

>>476196 rt >>476136 Leaking Info

>>475441 Coincidences

>>475991 Its always about the $$$$$

>>472426 rt >>472314 Confirms BHO-Hezbollah link

Thursday, 2.22.18

>>466606 People Kill People

>>466308 DIVIDED

>>466142 This should scare you (deep state/others)

>>466048 rt >>465930 Breaking up something this big?

>>465919 Clowns in China/other

>>465797 rt >>465779 Did you count spaces?

>>465696 rt >>465258 Learning Comms

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Wednesday, 2.21.18

>>>/greatawakening/454 [OP]ERATIONAL

>>>/greatawakening/453 !!!

>>>/greatawakening/452 Which are you?

>>448584 US Cyber Task Force

>>448510 rt >>448451 Coincidence? :Protect 6/14-46

>>448465 rt >>448410 @Jack thought he was protected [PROJECT DEEPDREAM]

>>448399 USSS gun intercept, Protect code

>>448338 Stay tuned. Phase [2].

Sunday, 2.18.18

>>423894 , >>423957, >>423948, >>423953, >>436255

>>422626 rt >>422606 Gannett, McLean, VA, Just the Tip…

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250538 No.523467


Dig Liddle



BLAST #InternetBillOfRights''' >>518955

Twitter Storm : Kekistani Airforce Method

All tweets should have #QAnon, #GreatAwakening, and @POTUS/@realDonaldTrump

Add with any of the listed targets!

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War Room #7


Dedicated Research Threads List & Building the Map

WEDNESDAY 2018.28.02

We have more than we know. We are missing connections. We must build the map. We must leave no stone unturned. We must dig until we exhaust every possibility. We must focus. When light is focused, it can burn through anything. We are here to RESEARCH not to shitpost, when the Great Awakening happens, we must already have an encyclopedia of knowledge ready to redpill. The masses won't believe it unless we have massive evidence. That is why Q chose us, let's be the autists he knows we are.

Group ideas are to create dedicated research threads which will help us then build maps. Research threads will be listed in their own section of the dough. If you have information about a subject, please create a thread and request that it be added to this section of the dough. Here are some posts from the discussion. Please review and lets discuss more. WE WILL BUILD THE MAP!

>>501108 , >>501114 , >>501081


>>512117 , >>515709 , >>517466 , >>517477 , >>517577 , >>518451 , >>518369 , >>518503

>>518538 , >>518733 , >>518791

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FALSE FLAGS >>502011

FAKE NEWS >>502142

BIG HEALTH >>502069

THE PYRAMID +++ Roths/Soros/Saud >>501952



Going deeper into history from the Lunev crumb >>509317

If we missed an important topic relevant to Q Research post your idea and we can add.

Continue posting your thoughts in the general bread, but please repost in dedicated breads if you want your research preserved and categorized.

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250538 No.523479

Recent Notable Posts

Wednesday 2018.28.02

Map Theories & Ideas to Test

>>522872 Delta Theory

>>522848 , >>522859 NEW Marker Theory

>>522328 , >>522649 NEW Map Mirror Theory. What does it mean?

>>520452 NEW 111 Map Theory: Q's Posts Will be Relevant 111 Days After Posting

>>520785 Deltas and Looking Back: Jewels?

>>517136 Clock Math

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>>517278 Wolfmoon tweet

>>517528 Public or private?

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250538 No.523483

Definitions and Focus

This is only verified information or direct statements from Q. Do NOT add theories to this list. Need to add links to all Q hints for solving map, markers, etc. There are many of them. Fill in as we confirm new information that paints the picture.

What do we know about the comms?

Safe comms vital. No private comms past/present/future. No comms made outside of this platform. Any claims that contradict the above should be considered FAKE NEWS and disregarded immediately. Twitter retweets, twitter keywords, timestamps, pics, spaces, stringers.

What do we know about the map?

Provides key and is the key. News in all forms unlocks. Future proves past. Review after relevant news drops. Find the keystone, what holds everything together. Find the spider(s), build the web (map). Essential with clock. Critical to understand. Order is critical.

What do we know about the clock?

Activated. Ticking. Essentia with graphic (map). Wind it with markers.

What do we know about markers?

Used to wind the clock. Timestamps important. Possibly what is within [] brackets. Need to be connected.

What do know about the key?

Military Intelligence/NSA. Unlocks the door of all doors (info). The map is the key. Made up of "key" members of NSA, protected by SS. Secured.

What do we know about the keystone?

Holds everything together.

Applied to paint the picture.

Military Intelligence, No Such Agency = key - Unlocks the door of all doors (info)

POTUS and Patriots = stone - Force / strength capable of yielding power to act on info

What do we know about stringers?


What is essential, critical, and vital?

Big Pharma - Essential

Clock and Graphic - Essential

Understanding the map - Critical

Order of the map - Critical

No Such Agency - Vital

Raw Intel - Vital

US Military - Vital

Safe Comms - Vital

We, the People - Vital

Message - Vital

Control of Message - Vital

Delivery / Receipt of Message - Vital

Select news members / journalists are vital to delivering the message (as are WE, the People) - Vital

Public - Vital

Release of Info - Vital

What is important?

AG Sessions - US Cyber Task Force

This board being discussed in coming months across ALL PLATFORMS - Be prepared

Proofs - Bring new eyes ability to question

Snowden being in Russia - Still a Clown? Why is it important?

Making sure list of resignations remains updated

SOTU activation code - most important line of the entire speech

Executive order blocking property of person involved in serious human rights abuse and corruption - Read slowly and carefully

POTUS' statement and focus [Tweet] on the UK - VERY VERY VERY IMPORTANT, SCARE PEOPLE

LEARN, STAY STRONG, STAY TOGETHER, FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT - More important than you can imagine

No private comms, no comms outside platform - fake news otherwise

Understanding P_pers - Feel privileged, we serve at the pleasure of the President

Timestamps - Countdown?

Stringers - Relates to news unlocking map, future proves past (see hint Q drop)

Expand your thinking - Understand the drops

Gun control - So very important to D's agenda

Archive Everything

250538 No.523496

‘’’#644 Dough’’’ pastebin.com/xE4Abix5

250538 No.523502

New Baker Required

I gotta go guys. Pluease.

61f9f2 No.523508

There is a search interface for the various SDN programs run by the Department of the Treasury.

Instead of wading through all 1100 entities across all programs, you can search by program (in this case, GLONAS).

Currently, that program has 52 individuals and corporations listed.

Here is a link to the search interface:

https:// sanctionssearch.ofac.treas.gov/

Here is a link to a pastebin of the 52 listings:

https:// pastebin.com/e0MyMUt1

Happy digging, Anons!

11c0db No.523546

From last bread - Current & arriving Anons

Ok Anons,

Review the Q drops, take notes as stated by Q archive drops offline as back up.

Take notes going back to 2014 up today on to the future.

Think about all of the information discussed by many about agenda 21, agenda 2030, REX 84, and so much more. there is allot of work for you to do. Do some research on the millions of black coffins liners as seen on infowars & others that can fit 4-5 bodies at a time.

Copy video as back up of Sgt Major Dan Page when he talks about the constitution being replaced as well as gun confiscation www.youtube. com/watch?v=Bz758OptwTs take notes as well. You will notice some clues.

There is allot going on behind the scenes.

You have allot of work to do.

By the way if you are trained in firearms safety good. for those who are not trained in firearms safety please do so. you will be glad you did. By the way watch for firearm's sales across the country as well as world wide.

Be safe Anons & watch the news. Future proves past

d6c090 No.523547

File: 03c9f93a1868af2⋯.jpeg (1.16 MB, 1206x1794, 201:299, D488F16B-EA2B-4831-B98C-4….jpeg)

A pretty good starting point for a timeline for anyone trying to piece an idea together

81ba42 No.523551

Hope this bread is cancer free

36eca1 No.523554

File: 9465e56e0b94a75⋯.jpg (164.69 KB, 1200x865, 240:173, DXK6IRZUMAAC9xY.jpg)

e36edc No.523560

Can anyone tell me what the fuck is going on right now? Why the fuck is Trump now supporting gun control? "Take the guns first, go through due process second" He actually really said that. What the.. fuck!?

1724c9 No.523562

24 hours until Devin Nunes sends out SUBPEONAS

15ac92 No.523565

Q asks how many days? How many days between post & the red red video "response"? two I think. Q noted time between Go order in Post and when Tweet was tweeted & Q asked how much time between POTUS tweets & Q posts.

Dec 9 16:15

Post: 1:34 US Military

POTUS: 1:37 US Military


we see the difference between them 3 min.

Now right after

Dec 8 00:34←—————34 min

4th quarter, Patriots.←——4th

We fight together.


poster 00:37←———–37 min

Ready we well be←-last line of post

Q then responded

We are all so very appreciative.

God bless each and every one of you.


Using military time as in timestamps, we can see Q designates in a way,

1:34 as POST

1:37 as POTUS/Twitter

Then I noticed POTUS 2 sets of 3 tweets @ 37min & @ 34 min

2-20 7:37

2-16 9:37←——4 day difference TWEET

2-16 8:37 bc if 37 is tweet

2-28 4:34←–this time all the same day POST

2-28 1:34 bc if 34 is post

2-28 9:34

Q said,

Note when we just sent the go orders and when this Tweet went live.

34, Post, 4th(:34),

37, twitter, Ready we well be(:37) (4 day diff in tweet days)

In the 3-02 ,11:10, Friday, tweet example, it was,

tweeted on the 26th for Friday March 2nd = 4 days/4th

& everything cross references each other like the posts & tweets in the 3-2 ex. all had a FRIDAY reference

tweet/37 —–4 days between tweets


Post go order → to tweet Live

q made a post 34 post

but not a 37, why? could have made a 37 post, but didn't

because Q was maybe showing the relationship between the post and tweet. that Q's action was to respond to 37 represents tweet, so Q's post responded to the 37/tweet. post responds to tweet goes live

news unlocks map

if news doesn't unlock map its unlocked

anyone including the black hats would have access to it

control access with a news source you trust & control like POTUS & USMIL twitter accts. Why do the black hats want it down so bad.

Safe comms are vital!

1724c9 No.523567


Go to bed Anon. It will make sense tomorrow.

9c28b8 No.523571


Welcome to the real show.

c744b4 No.523573


Trust the plan man.

d6c090 No.523575

File: 60444a513746fa9⋯.jpeg (922.35 KB, 1242x1592, 621:796, 1CEB1F67-2F60-4AAC-871D-6….jpeg)

Going through old q posts and old news. It wasn’t known at the time but the head of Russian intelligence secretly visited us officials during the last week or so of January. I’ve been cross referencing the visit with q posts a week earlier. Maybe fresh eyes will see something I’m missing.

9c28b8 No.523577


"In the land of the blind, the one eyed is King".

9a7755 No.523580


Has anyone answered his questionnaires?

c744b4 No.523581

File: 05f430df36bfabd⋯.jpg (74.96 KB, 564x845, 564:845, 1487075203747.jpg)

9c28b8 No.523582


Doesn't look like a very well kept "secert".

2c366e No.523583

File: df823c598a45c56⋯.jpg (15.15 KB, 199x300, 199:300, df823c598a45c56a6fdd2871cf….jpg)

House of Mirrors

250538 No.523584

Baker Out

Someone bake the next one please. Thank you and Godspeed anons!

cb0f60 No.523585

File: 3aceba593781960⋯.png (822.3 KB, 1036x782, 518:391, AWAN.PNG)

File: d484007fe99359b⋯.png (111.78 KB, 427x668, 427:668, AwanFBTeamMembers.PNG)

File: 99a70395a857003⋯.png (38.27 KB, 469x754, 469:754, AwanQ.PNG)

File: bc09c5c9ba42361⋯.png (55.18 KB, 466x908, 233:454, AwanQlower.PNG)

Has anybody made this connection yet?

1724c9 No.523586


I don't think so. I guess we will find out!

120ae2 No.523587


let us pray

9a7755 No.523588


Either way, the beginning of the end….

250a81 No.523589

File: f08ca436088818d⋯.png (8.1 KB, 432x223, 432:223, clock started.PNG)

Clock started

c744b4 No.523590


Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end.

b9fe8f No.523591



Well, that'll teach me to read the whole fucking post before going off to find a solution! I just spent 90 minutes decoding that bitch!!! hahaha fuccckkkk-- but on the bright side...


>spoopy is RIGHT!

0419d2 No.523592


He promised 1.8 million DACA too, how many do we have? zero Trust the process

d6c090 No.523593


The media wasn’t reporting on it for at least a week after the visit occurred. for what it’s worth.

2b7d3a No.523594

How do you flip low/mid/Sr level agents? Show them they were also sold out by HRC cabal. Show them they were also considered sheep/disposable.

d7e81d No.523595


Godspeed Baker. Awesome job tonight! I'm crashing out now too, heading for 7am here.

dd0e42 No.523596

File: bc7b1a4e1881eaa⋯.png (1 MB, 720x1280, 9:16, FFD993B6-6026-4284-8CB3-D7….png)

[DAYS 2 & 3] 0day = 2.18.18

Feb 20 2018 22:44:40



ID: b0b86f


Stay tuned.

Everything has meaning or a purpose.

@Jack - getting nervous?

Phase >[2].


Feb 20 2018 22:58:12



ID: b0b86f



Big post.

@Jack thought he was protected.

No sleep since drop.

Tasked >[3] to remove followers in drip order and restrict.


HOT in DC.

No sleep.

Stay tuned.


4ce9e1 No.523597

71cb40 No.523598

File: 56db880712ee7a7⋯.png (34.7 KB, 379x533, 379:533, Screen Shot 2018-03-01 at ….png)

File: 341b84666ad6bde⋯.png (345.44 KB, 689x507, 53:39, Screen Shot 2018-03-01 at ….png)

this wasn't morse code or anything was it? at 28:48 trump tapping the casket

https ://youtu.be/-C2sv_CKaKM?t=1728

e1f62a No.523599

>>523552 (last bread)

Keked & saved

A PelicanFag launch device

5f7168 No.523600

Anon from last bread who mentioned A.L.I.C.E. Do you have any links for it?

9c28b8 No.523601


AWAN  Group of Companies is a large and diverse organization with current operations in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates and the newest addition China and United States of America. Commodities Trading, Real Estate, Food & Beverage, General Trading, Hotels, Restaurant & Cafes, Rice Mills, Flour Mills, Textile Companies, Petrol Stations, 3S Daewoo Dealerships, and many other divisions make up the foundation of the  Group of Companies. Please review our divisions and let us know what we can do for you by contacting us at anytime.

http:// www.awangroups.com

Good grief.

d7e81d No.523602

File: 5343dc8dd71c29e⋯.jpg (160.87 KB, 1004x522, 502:261, lordsprayerforliberty.jpg)

File: fd973dbe816e677⋯.jpg (98.96 KB, 852x480, 71:40, lordsprayerforliberty2.jpg)

For all anons around the world. A prayer. God bless you all.

eb55b4 No.523603

And he saith unto them, Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.

31e1a4 No.523604

File: 78870ff2d29a2bb⋯.png (115.94 KB, 407x290, 407:290, Screen Shot 2018-02-28 at ….png)

c0fb25 No.523605

Had another mirror thought. Someone mentioned that 10/30 is the mirror of 03/01.

On 2/18, Q said the clock is activated. He's said similar things around 10 days of darkness.

So maybe, once the clock is activated it takes TEN DAYS to wind the clock, which would bring us to 2/28. From then, the clock is "rewound" to the beginning. Which would be 03/01 (today), the mirror of 10/30.

He did something similar are 12/7 I think and I think there was another one in January. It's always been around when Q decides to give us more public info or move up the timeline. I think when he does that, he "marks" the clock to begin the wind, which takes 10 days, and then the date we're at corresponds to the beginning of the clock again (10/30).

Which would make that 11/3 post about Podesta as now 3/5, which is Monday. Stuff usually happens on Monday.

2e286e No.523606


One fine day in the middle of the night,

Two dead boys got up to fight.

Back-to-back they faced one another,

Drew their swords and shot each other.

One was blind and the other couldn't see,

So they chose a dummy for a referee.

A blind man went to see fair play,

A dumb man went to shout "hooray!"

A deaf policeman heard the noise,

And came to arrest those two dead boys.

A paralyzed donkey passing by,

Kicked the blind men in the eye,

Sent him through a rubber wall,

Into a dry ditch and drowned them all.

(If you don't believe this lie is true,

Ask the blind man – he saw it too!)

MK-Ultra. Alice's Adventures. Through the Looking Glass. "nonsense verse" programming linguistics.

69a9c7 No.523607


1/26/2018 - http:// www.foxnews.com/us/2018/01/28/men-had-enough-fentanyl-to-kill-entire-population-new-york-city-new-jersey-combined-police-say.html

9/19/2017 - https:// www.nbcnewyork.com/news/local/Fentanyl-Bust-Heroin-NYC-Biggest-Ever-445568863.html

54b945 No.523608


Anon, he was speaking of a specific situation where if someone online made a threat to come after someone w/a gun, take the gun from them so they CAN'T use it to follow through. They would be charged with terroristic threat anyway, so confiscate the weapon & let the courts determine the path from there on. It could save someone's life in that situation. That's all he was saying & it's being taken WAY out of context.

1968d6 No.523609


Yes, but he had an upside which would benefit him in that offer. There is no obvious upside for him in this offer unless you have more information than I. Please let us know if you do.

2e286e No.523610


think Jackie Paper. Twins. Mirrors.

4ce9e1 No.523611


long long long short short = 8

3 longs

2 shorts


Is this just confirmation bias?

b55d0e No.523612


>That's all he was saying & it's being taken WAY out of context.

What else did you expect?

f783e0 No.523613


he is taking charge of their pet project and when it goes nowhere just like DACA went no where

it proves they dont want to do shit to make GEOTUS look good

wake up and go read THE ART OF WAR

have faith in Trump

Trust the plan

have a few dozen drinks, and you know drive home

just kidding

have two drinks and take a long nap

c744b4 No.523614


Nothing about twins or mirrors in puff the magic dragon is there? Am ai missing something?

69a9c7 No.523615


Trump does NOT want DOJ lawyers - He wants I.G….

9c28b8 No.523617

File: e5ce0902fc5f98c⋯.png (979.62 KB, 1596x2310, 38:55, Studio_20180228_234317.png)

eb55b4 No.523619


They try to break someone into 2 juxtaposing personalities to figure out God head? But instead they ended up coming out faggots.

2e286e No.523620


https:// web.archive.org/web/20170812210558/https:// www.epj-conferences.org/articles/epjconf/pdf/2013/19/epjconf_tm2012_02006.pdf

+ cern.ch

e36edc No.523621


The clock is long over.

2c366e No.523622


bypass concious thought process, to subconncious, word magic, double/triple meaning multilayered dna genetic memory

weve been here thousands of years, ever wonder why monks take vows of silence?

b5f9a3 No.523623


>dot / dash dash dash / dot dot

>Echo Oscar India

>E O I

2e286e No.523624


it is very sad. the programmed individual has no say in it. it is usually from birth.

54b945 No.523625


He was speaking of a specific situation where if someone online made a threat to come after someone w/a gun, take the gun from them so they CAN'T use it to follow through. They would be charged with terroristic threat anyway, so confiscate the weapon & let the courts determine the path from there on. It could save someone's life in that situation. That's all he was saying & it's being taken WAY out of context.

0df84e No.523626


Trust Sessions? Is this public theater perhaps? Trying to wrap my mind around the surface contradiction.

11469b No.523627


Show them the Clinton body count and tell them you plan to call them when you leave and tell them what a nice and talkative guy you are.

b55d0e No.523628

>da20b2 No.523497

>If you notice, to be the Patriot2 you might be easily considered the Traitor by both definition

Just saw this last bread and chuckled..

FWIW In a dictionary the [1] definition always has precedence over the [2] definition.

And calling yourself a patriot as you betray your countrymen just ends badly, no matter what your motives are. Just ask Benedict Arnold.

b5f9a3 No.523629


Might be a diversion.

763f96 No.523630

File: 993d2aba4276e5a⋯.jpg (95.66 KB, 946x618, 473:309, Concord Bridge.jpg)


Seriously, Zerohedge is a decent site, but don't just read the clickbait titles on there. Do your own research, understand theatrics vs substance, and realize that all the 'bad' things Trump put forth, very little actually materialized.

We need to do our part to not make POTUS keep having to 'deal' with these scum for the sake of optics EVERY TIME THEY KILL KIDS AND CHILDREN AND PEOPLE FOR FALSE FLAG.

OPTICS is the weapon of our enemy, it's OUR JOB to DULL it, DESTROY IT, etc.

When we DON'T do our jobs, our enemy takes advantage and makes Patriots take certain public stances (for optics) that are not favorable 'perception' wise.

Do you understand theatrics vs reality? They ALL said 'trump caved on wall' 'trump caved on daca'

Well DACA 'deal' was re-written to basically put 1.6 million illegals and spics on parole, which is why dems COULD NOT go for it, and suffered in terms of optics for it.

The WALL construction has already quietly begun, along with favorable SCOTUS decision. 9th circuit was overturned time and time again.


Calm yourself, look at REALITY instead of paying attention to alarmist clickbait titles. Instead of injecting yourself with clickbait titles, look at the SUBSTANCE. For hell's sake even the article on ZH itself clarifies.

Chances are, I personally believe it will wind up taking away more from minorities and spic/mud/nigger criminals which is why dems will NEVER go for the full thing. They can't afford to have their pets disarmed, and they can't smuggle weapons as widely now without being nabbed.

[We see ALL]

[We hear ALL]

Strings were cut.

They are now unable to move as freely.

EXPAND YOUR THINKING, anon. We have our part to do in this fight. A CRUCIAL one. Don't let POTUS and PATRIOTS suffer from (((their))) optics tactics and impeding our attacks.

FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2c366e No.523631




cb0f60 No.523632


That's interesting. I hadn't really looked into that, to many other things.

The group I found is different (I think):

< https:// www.awan.org. uk/

They seem like they would be a better contact than a multinational group–less likely to draw attention, and the typical kind of group that Liberals love to associate themselves with. But when you see politicians dealing with multinational corporations, alarm bells go off.

Wouldn't be surprised if there was some dirt somewhere.

69a9c7 No.523633


Go read "The Art of War"…

3e15ab No.523634


in a way, wasn't DJT giving Sessions a order? tweets are now official right?

b9fe8f No.523635

9389e9 No.523636

Liveleak embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Please anons share this video and make sure this evil bastard is caught for what he does to his poor daughter. I've never witnessed such brutality and pure evil.

https:// www.liveleak.com/view?i=a6a_1519853507

2e286e No.523637


remember doublespeak?

Pro 18:21

Death and life are in the power of the tongue:

9c28b8 No.523638


Thr fact that they want EVERYTHING under ONE umbrella is red flag enough lol

d4f884 No.523639


Here's another MAP theory that coincides with few other MAP theories. It's an edited repost from last bread.

I found only two posts with the phrase "think mirror". Being stuck on that graphic with + ++ +++, I did the obvious thing.

They were 88 days apart. Guess what date falls in the middle? 12/23. Whether the start date was off on that graphic is insignificant,12/23 is the MIRROR date. [322]1),

>Think mirror.

>https:// archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/148777785/#148779656

>Think Mirror.

>https:// 8ch.net/qresearch/res/274511.html#275544

>News unlocks MAP.

>Think Mirror.

Re-read those Q posts. PAM? Is there a secret futures market for terror, all kinds of markets, trafficking, etc?

http:// www.au.af.mil/au/awc/awcgate/nps/pam/si_pam.htm

Where does DARPA fit in all of this? Are they non-political bomb engineers or do they have other agendas?

>>522854 (You)


^^^^^ discourageshill?

eb55b4 No.523640


How many have been subjected to it?

61b106 No.523641




Public schools never belonged in this country.

9389e9 No.523642

File: 76e15de38ba6ddc⋯.png (966.14 KB, 1024x589, 1024:589, BakerRequired.png)

81ba42 No.523643


I like it

593d34 No.523644

File: 98656ad2c837557⋯.jpg (26.53 KB, 378x384, 63:64, b81057729fe23380f811c3efd8….jpg)

Me trying to make sense of the mirror theory

2c366e No.523645


the nile

6dce91 No.523646

File: c66b6167a1b0a16⋯.jpg (3.61 KB, 250x180, 25:18, drinking pepe.jpg)


Me trying to make sense of the clock math…

2e286e No.523647


maybe. one slot off line doesn't necessarily mean the entire grid is corrupt.

35ee45 No.523648


John Podesta

‏Verified account @johnpodesta

4h4 hours ago

The plot thickens. Wake up early, Trump’s tweets tomorrow morning ought to be doozies

54b945 No.523649


It's another trap for the left. They are praising Mueller & now Sessions. They won't be able to say Trump used "his" people to get a favorable outcome. We'll see how much they love them after they totally exonerate Trump, & go after the left's heroes. It will be GLORIOUS. It's optics. JMHO.

d6327b No.523650


I will definitely be looking to see if the pattern you noticed continues to be fruitful.

6dce91 No.523651


Does this not make anyone besides me a little nervous? Skippy being lippy is not very good.

2e286e No.523652

15ac92 No.523653


I'm adding to the answers you already received. POTUS is exposing dems & establishment rinos for the phonies that they are, like he did with DACA/CACA. They act like they care about this & stand for that & are with you when all the while there in it for themselves/cabal. He's call their bluff, they show their hand they've got nothing as usual, all talk no action.

2e286e No.523654


Desperate animals make a lot of noise.

d5a66b No.523655


How about trust the plan?

2e286e No.523656


Remember when Lower Egypt was Upper Egypt?

Times are Changing. Again.

0df84e No.523657


I'm leaning toward this. Through all the "fire Sessions!" cries, Q has been posting "TRUST SESSIONS." This isn't the first time POTUS has lashed out at the AG. I'm thinking they are playing a shell game with where they're actually going. Hopefully it will be a beautiful left hook out of nowhere to knock them on their ass.

68b13b No.523658


THIS ANON NAILED IT with 0% concern!

c0fb25 No.523659


Right. IF they were about to PUBLICLY announce his arrest soon, then he's already in custody. They'd have his social media. He could be tweeting as a hint to us that they've got him. Or it's really him.

9c28b8 No.523660


Trust a plan you got from something of the net that you have never met. Sounds legit.

15ac92 No.523661


Ty anon. don't forget it ties into


b55d0e No.523662


I do. It's no secret that all of the media (including social media) is chimping out over stupid shit.

325cf4 No.523663


If Trump isnt playing some Daca tricks and never intends to do this shit I guess I can understand. But he risk making some very dangerous enemies if he does anything on guns that the Jew wants. Very dangerous territory for him to be in.

3e15ab No.523664


when i tried to see who and when text books were standardized, going back in history, it was near impossible to find a date and who was responsible, it was a 3 day search, and the closest i got was one date of 1918 in one sentence with no name of the group who did it,so i am not even sure if that date was right,

its kinda like, a mystery group one day, made the textbooks for all children to be programmed by, could not even find a vote that was done

c744b4 No.523665

File: 3c39ee3d5005622⋯.jpg (5.63 KB, 217x232, 217:232, images-12.jpg)


Enjoy the show.

9c28b8 No.523666

Does anyone wonder how many are bots?

2e286e No.523667


Lynn's twatter got funky before she bailed. Need to check out his patterns… be back after. ty anon.

6dce91 No.523668

File: c6b2200b4942c6e⋯.jpg (15.01 KB, 255x206, 255:206, CATS.jpg)


I even saw a T Wicktor on Twitter state the obvious (but stated it well) he listed ALL of the high powered attacks on POTUS and the really loud noise and he asked what are they trying to divert our attention from? What are WE not seeing? Something very bad for them is coming… And The hard press they have been making seems to have everyone a little down right now. Little seeds of doubt are normal. I am more encouraged by how hard they HAVE to fight.

69a9c7 No.523669


Whatever Trump asks for, the MSM screams for the opposite, so I think we agree… He is playing with children…

f783e0 No.523670


I really appreciate the effort

but you cant even tell what fucking country this shit bag is in

figure that out first

all sharing that is going to do with normies is get people pissed off about something they can do nothing about

do some research first and find the beginning of the trail at least

i want to kill this guy

gotta know where he is first

you cant even see his face

eb55b4 No.523671


Their desperation is fun to watch.

82f547 No.523672


he activated a clock at 21:11 hrs on a day close to 2/18 was a mention of 10 days of darkness was in that thread

30484b No.523673

Roger Kermit



b9fe8f No.523674

File: 110a61f9396f79b⋯.png (38.8 KB, 658x986, 329:493, TRUST Sessions TRUST the P….png)

4c1574 No.523675

File: 8a960063720f713⋯.png (12.46 KB, 542x133, 542:133, Screenshot 2018-03-01 at 1….png)

File: ec9df2fa5700015⋯.jpg (8.06 KB, 275x183, 275:183, unknown.jpg)

File: f08ca436088818d⋯.png (8.1 KB, 432x223, 432:223, clock_started.PNG)


Mirror. 12/18 → 2/18

Storm post on 1/18

dd0e42 No.523676


Go to bed Lynn, the big boys are worQing.

54b945 No.523677


He's just being lippy about this article that NBC did about Mueller questioning Trump re: "hacked DNC emails". Podesta thinks, of course that Trump is guilty of something…anything. Don't be nervous.

b55d0e No.523678


That's because It's troll bait

d5786c No.523679

Another inconsistency.

"Sources told CBS News that Cruz broke a third-floor window, possibly to fire upon people from above. Sources say he tried to create a "sniper's nest" by shooting out the window, firing 16 rounds into the glass, CBS News correspondent Manuel Bojorquez reports. But the hurricane-proof glass appeared to have stopped it from shattering, Bojorquez reports."

The glass at Mandalay Bay should be hurricane glass per building code since it was on a floor that was high. Paddock with his little hammer broke glass yet Cruz shot a window 16 times without shattering the glass…

54b945 No.523680


Crap, forgot the link:

https ://www.nbcnews.com/politics/donald-trump/mueller-asking-what-trump-knew-about-hacked-emails-n851941

b9fe8f No.523681


another 10 days 'darkness', ya think?

f783e0 No.523682

File: b3e8b368d996f9b⋯.png (153.16 KB, 360x295, 72:59, Opera Snapshot_2018-01-25_….png)

30484b No.523683

File: ec144886f9c93fe⋯.jpg (60.22 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, IMG_0846.JPG)

Dang wookie

b55d0e No.523684


No. Several anons are analyzing them for flaws though.

6e9fb8 No.523685

File: 3e1ab0f5c2c221f⋯.png (29.02 KB, 590x149, 590:149, Screenshot 2018-02-28 at 1….png)



He was asking questions…it will cause folks to research what an IG does, and why they are considered to be above reproach.

d4f884 No.523686


I don't even think the start date was used to mirror anything but some kind of prediction. All the example phrases match up to the mirror

date. 12/23. The mirror for the start date was Feb 18/19, so it already passed. So I should go look at those dates and since, but tired.

6798ef No.523687


The Meme of the Night, KEK!!!!

69a9c7 No.523688


Agreed - Manafort is the blueprint for Killary, Barry, and the one who's name even Trump won't say;)

250a81 No.523689

I went and looked at all of Qs posts and made a list of possible markers





>Godfather III

>Alice & Wonderland

>The Great Awakening

>Operation Mockingbird.

>(The Hunt for) Red October

>Iron Eagle

>Jason Bourne (Deep Dream)


>Tick Tock

>Fight, Fight, Fight

>Snow White



>When does a bird sing


>Wizards & Warlocks



>Fantasy land

>For God & Country

>These people are stupid



>Enjoy the show

>Day of days

>Have faith



>[] (kill box)

>How about a nice game of chess

>The calm before the storm



>Happy hunting

>Expand your thinking


>Bombs Away



I don't know how accurate the list is but I noticed some of them I'm sure are markers overlap in some of the drops making them connections.

For example, Godfather III and Snow White appear in posts together meaning they're connected.

The markers may also be important for the countdown:

>Dec 23 2017 16:40:56

>Q !UW.yye1fxo ID: 2d673c


>Side-by-side graphic?

>Locate and create.[:22]

>SEARCH crumbs : [#2]

>Who is #2?

>No deals.



>How can FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, the man in charge, along with leakin' James Comey, of the Phony >Hillary Clinton investigation (including her 33,000 illegally deleted emails) be given $700,000 for wife's campaign by >Clinton Puppets during investigation?


>Previous also logged in graphic form [10] + others?

Timestamps important.




9fcccb No.523690


There is no hurricane building code in Nevada.

Not a seaboard state.

81ba42 No.523691

6798ef No.523692


Digits of Evil Confirm…

61b106 No.523693


Did you watch the video?

bc817d No.523694

File: b9445f431973de2⋯.jpg (136.05 KB, 1000x500, 2:1, prezf.jpg)

a36465 No.523695

File: d3e8623e9d68f2d⋯.png (43.5 KB, 666x394, 333:197, 8186D06B-4DBF-4772-92E3-E5….png)


If the clock started on 12/7 and phase [2] began 2/20

Feb 20 2018 22:44:40



ID: b0b86f


Stay tuned.

Everything has meaning or a purpose.

@Jack - getting nervous?

Phase [2].


Then Phase [1] was 76 days.

It happens to be the total number of blank spaces of Q’s Feb 21 post (58)

Feb 21 2018 17:34:05




Last edited at Feb 21 2018, 17:34:05









[ ]


And Trumps Feb 22 tweet blank spaces (18)

664356 No.523696


This anon gets it.

Relax anons, this is all too beautiful.

The guys in the know are chuckling.

Did you see Schiff's nervous reply?


3e15ab No.523697


my point is, trump more or less told sessions to get moving on Comey, and gave the order in public for all of us to see,

its kinda like a managing boss telling the cook to make a hamburger at a restaurant and then the cook says no!

Trump did make his tweets a matter of public record

a36465 No.523698


76 in total.

76 days in phase 1

d5786c No.523699


but the 32 floor on a high rise requires that can resist extremely high gust of wind. It's essentially rated the same.

d5786c No.523700


requires glass*

763f96 No.523701

File: 087e8fd6922f07c⋯.jpeg (38.04 KB, 474x457, 474:457, fatpepe.jpeg)


Fuckin saved LOL

2fb1d7 No.523702


Trump made his tweets public record?

Sauce please.

69a9c7 No.523703


When the next FF goes down, Trump can say, "I told you so". Did you watch Dana's CPAC speech? https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=U4glpsLOl-s

b55d0e No.523704


Hmm. anyone count the spaces between 'right thing.' and 'MAGA'?

cdf083 No.523705

File: aa8999316929267⋯.jpg (55.68 KB, 648x432, 3:2, Q-team-hope-hicks.jpg)

Has there been any mention of this? Hope Hicks has 'resigned'.


I think she is/was one of the Q team. You can see her in the pic attached

6798ef No.523706


talking of Phase, How much time and cost wear the Purge in SA?

61b106 No.523707


The standardization started with 'teacher-training' schools called "normal schools." Horace Mann brought this system from Prussia.

30484b No.523708

File: de7e56911c1346b⋯.jpg (120.38 KB, 793x793, 1:1, IMG_0851.JPG)

Frame job

a36465 No.523709


Its 18 spaces.

18 + 58 in Q’s post = 76

c0fb25 No.523710



VERY NICE. We never did figure out what those spaces meant.

b55d0e No.523711



Orange cats are badass cats.. Legend has it they come from the land of the Vikings!

2c366e No.523712

File: 6f3d523d657c954⋯.png (9.85 KB, 210x161, 30:23, e6aa0c4a63d7cd1df48763b71d….png)

4177c2 No.523713


The most important thing to me is an end to this and all of the pizza pedogate shit. Its more important than bump stocks, walls, daca, and tax cuts. Rain justice down on those who are abusing children.

5bf3d2 No.523714


the wall construction has not begin don't spread lies

1968d6 No.523715


I just listened to it and he never specifically limited it to that situation. I think the context was if the individual is deemed to be a threat, then take the guns and let the courts sort it out.

The legislation has not been written at this point, but that statement will not inspire confidence in many patriots. Let me run a scenario by you. 10 years from now if some doofus gets into office and decides that patriots are a threat. They decide to come and confiscate your weapons. To get them back, you have to hire an attorney to represent you and take the government to court which could easily cost you 6 figures or more. Are you okay with that? Also who decides you are a threat? Cops? Judge? Neighbor? Ex from a relationship?

6dce91 No.523716


Ah, yeah, I am not worried about that. That is probably the SECOND thing Mueller should have chased and if he hasn't by now I want all our tax money back (I want it back anyway)

Sooner or later the UK ambassador and JA are going to pull out the goods. Maybe they are waiting for POTUS to get a little more desperate, but the fact the AMB said he was the go between woth a memory stick to wiki is pretty indicative that the DNC emails are not really a topic Skippy nor DWS wants to really come up. all that fake shit with the Danes and Fancy and Cozy and Crowdstrike is going to come whistling back at them like a kryptonite boomerang…

cb0f60 No.523717


I think there's something to be said for the clock starting at an actual time rather than a day. For instance–if it starts 12/24 at 12:00 AM, Dec. 25th is really only one day away.

We also have to consider the possibility that there may be a missing post from the 27th. Q was posting anonymously at 4chan when he started–no signature, nothing. I would think that he would've said something if one was missing, but who knows?

2e286e No.523718


JP was dark 10 days = 13-23.

JP is an idiot.

I'm going to wake up early.

61b106 No.523719

File: 12766c241fe85d0⋯.jpg (347.58 KB, 1024x857, 1024:857, NS thought police.jpg)

3e15ab No.523720


someone will have that sauce in here, it was so long ago, i dont remember where to find it, it was like one of the first things he did,

7764c3 No.523721

File: f3595b749fd455e⋯.jpg (87.34 KB, 333x333, 1:1, chill.jpg)

146c8f No.523722

>Shall we play a game?

>Map is critical to understand.

>Future unlocks past.

>News unlocks map.

>Find the markers

The map is all of Q’s often cryptic posts and questions.

The map is unlocked with future NEWS. Future (NEWS) proves the past (MAP).

Do you really think Q would include a hidden key in the map? So what CIA black hats could find it and take counter measures? Not a chance. Think about it logically.

The map is a major intelligence drop (biggest in history), but it cannot be solved by itself. It needs NEWS to make it complete and understandable.

The map is like a puzzle with missing pieces. Future news events are the missing pieces. As we tie news back to the map then the big picture (40K) becomes clearer. Research by anons can also help complete the map (e.g., MK Ultra, Apache Secure Drop, etc.)

When does Q typically respond to anons? When they find NEWS that unlocks the MAP. News can come from Trump tweets, tweets of important actors (Assange, Snowden, Comey, etc.), or media new stories. Q also responds when important research has been uncovered by anons.

Recent examples of Q responding to news/research posted by anons:

• Anon Trump Tweet on Phase 2 –> Q post phase [2]

• Anon News story on 4 sheriffs waiting outside –> Q post who do you think is leaking the info?

• Anon El Amir bank account find –> Q great job patriot!

• Anon Trump handwritten note I hear you –> Q you are learning our comms

• Anon deep dream twitter find –> Q big post

• Anon liddlekidz find -> Q Gannet McLean coincidence

• Anon securedrop apache find -> Q great work anon

• Anon Henderson data center -> Q you have so much more than you know

When we fail to find the connections between news and the map, I think it makes Q sad and we see him respond to himself sometimes.

The map is so important. It’s the key to understanding all of this. And we need to tie news to markers in the map to solve it. Q wants us to discover it all organically for maximum effect (red pilling of America and WW).

Good luck all anons and God bless!

a36465 No.523723


Not sure if they do mean that but found it interesting.

Both confirming together and then Q post 819 responding to the zerohedge article on the 23rd mentioning Trump saying phase 2

be4050 No.523724


Susan Rice already responded. Lied her ass off too…..


2fb1d7 No.523725


Hmm. I think you are talking about the Covfefe Act?

7bb882 No.523726


Maybe the "Storm" is to warn us that when the Shit hits the Fan, the twitter account

@OversightGov is going to be filled with incriminating evidence against Hussain and Her, for weeks and weeks and weeks. Because if you look at it now, they don't seem to go in for big long winded reports. Short, sharp, one issue and on to the next report.

b9fe8f No.523727



"People get complacent. It is a natural instinct. You just won, and now you’re happy and you’re complacent. Don’t be complacent. Don’t be complacent. If they get in, they will repeal your tax cuts, they will put judges in that you wouldn’t believe, they’ll take away your Second Amendment, WHICH WE WILL NEVER ALLOW TO HAPPEN, they’ll take away your Second Amendment. Remember that."

aadb37 No.523728

If Q posts today, it could be the [5] marker. The last time Q went silent was [10] days.

68b13b No.523729

c744b4 No.523730

File: 2871902d062f073⋯.jpg (7.39 KB, 225x225, 1:1, download-10.jpg)

2e286e No.523731


Anon gets it.

5f3e21 No.523732


"You are watching a movie"

763f96 No.523733

File: 087e8fd6922f07c⋯.jpeg (38.04 KB, 474x457, 474:457, fatpepe.jpeg)


https:// www.washingtontimes.com/news/2017/sep/26/trump-border-wall-construction-begins/

(((shills))) are getting sloppy.

Nigger you need to get a little less obvious.


6e9fb8 No.523734

File: c1bbd41b1389aea⋯.png (207.84 KB, 908x434, 454:217, Screenshot 2018-03-01 at 1….png)


Hell, all he has to do is read the Washington Times…

https:// www.washingtontimes.com/news/2016/dec/14/craig-murray-says-source-of-hillary-clinton-campai/

c728d2 No.523735

Why did POTUS declare his candidacy for 2020?

Well one reason may be since the Mueller investigation is just an arm of the DNC's last campaign, the legal status gives him more options to expose it all.

2af681 No.523736






c0fb25 No.523737


I think we both might be right. You know in a video game, there's a map? And as you proceed through the game, you "unlock" new areas of the map? Well, what if Q made the map (the drops), and we find the markers on the map via the news? But once you find the key, then the rest of the map unlocks?

948871 No.523738

Just gonna leave this here

https:// www.liveleak.com/c/livingonplanetZ

6798ef No.523739


Interesting News of SA.., Women in the Armed Forces

http:// www.foxnews.com/world/2018/02/27/saudi-arabia-allows-women-to-join-military-promotes-female-to-high-level-post.amp.html

https:// www.csmonitor.com/World/Middle-East/2018/0227/Saudi-Arabia-places-a-woman-in-top-government-position

54b945 No.523740


COVFEFE - Communications Over Various Feeds Electronically for Engagement or 'COVFEFE' Act.

http:// www.ladbible.com/now/politics-interesting-a-democratic-congressman-has-just-introduced-the-covfefe-act-20170612

5bf3d2 No.523741


Thank God a rational voice

If the timeline was fully knowable asshats like that Salisbury guy would have it twatted out in 2 min flat

30484b No.523742

File: 65767a01c9f1831⋯.jpg (208 KB, 1141x1141, 1:1, IMG_0320.JPG)

We are in a

"You don't wanna know "


Let us be kind 2 each

The movies will B

Amaze ballz



be4050 No.523743


Pelican Fag will love this.

bf705e No.523744



Off topic. Child abuse like that happens everyday in shitholes.

Start a new thread for it if you want.

c0fb25 No.523745



Because he also keeps talking about the KEY. Which implies on thing, outside of the news events that unlock areas of the map. I do agree that they wouldn't have something lying around that clowns could find. But there is some sort of key.

2e286e No.523746


10 spaces. 2 blank on either side of the 8-letter word PATRIOTS.

2c366e No.523747

File: bcf76b72aa6b56f⋯.jpg (5.8 KB, 255x144, 85:48, 2dc061df933b2ba76480d6248f….jpg)

6667fe No.523748

File: 56d34ad1911ca98⋯.jpg (27.3 KB, 191x255, 191:255, 0fa9afcf891a8d54a91791d335….jpg)

111fag seems right. I've tried it with a few now and they look legit.

81ba42 No.523749



2f721b No.523750

File: 411cd466275f0f6⋯.png (196.87 KB, 998x1134, 499:567, talmudscum.png)


http:// www.foxnews.com/politics/2018/02/27/federal-judge-rules-against-challenge-to-trump-border-wall.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+foxnews%2Fpolitics+%28Internal+-+Politics+-+Text%29

https:// patriotbeat.com/2018/02/22/just-construction-begins-2-miles-trump-wall-california/


(((glowing nigger))) if you gun shill, best read up on news first before it blows up on your (((nose))).

1b065c No.523751

Interesting Take on Imran Awan and Hina Alvi. Potential Blackmail of Members of Congress?

https:// threadreaderapp.com/thread/969042312230789122.html

30484b No.523752

File: 1eed971385bcf90⋯.jpg (92.03 KB, 708x720, 59:60, IMG_0877.JPG)

Old fags ruled first

Truth matters

3e15ab No.523753


yes, i think thats it,

The COVFEFE Act, introduced by Rep. Mike Quigley (D-Ill.) on Monday, aims to preserve tweets from the president's personal Twitter account, ensuring that Trump's social-media posts are archived as presidential records.

“In order to maintain public trust in government, elected officials must answer for what they do and say; this includes 140-character tweets,” Quigley said in a statement. “If the President is going to take to social media to make sudden public policy proclamations, we must ensure that these statements are documented and preserved for future reference.”

https:// www.washingtonpost.com/news/the-switch/wp/2017/06/12/the-covfefe-act-would-preserve-donald-trumps-tweets-as-presidential-records/?utm_term=.eb0675f97f02

81ba42 No.523754




b55d0e No.523755


Boy did that backfire on dem… kek

e783f2 No.523756


Ok- so lets start with what was pointed out right here. DATA CENTER

Never felt like we finished the dig site. We got side swiped by something around then. Distracted. Heres a refresh:


Underground massive data center?


89074 is Henderson Nevada.

Interesting, this Russian hacker arrested in Bangkok, website Infraud Organization, Henderson City Police and District of Nevada connected.

36 indictements

2e286e No.523757

File: b4f1466b9ae717e⋯.png (62.08 KB, 682x409, 682:409, patriots.png)

9fcccb No.523758


This is exactly how the Bible works,

the reason preachers are lost,

and the reason we have better theology.

250a81 No.523759


News is related to drop with marker then the marker is related to other drops

News unlocks map.

af9a3d No.523760

I have a theory on one recent thing: The security clearances being reduced for dozens and recent administration departures (hicks) – I think things are about to get cranked up big – and they don't want leaks or to put people at risk when SHTF

40c61a No.523761

Possible connection 12/21 and 12/25 mirror:

12/21 - Q posts signature “Day of days”

12/25 - DoD Twitter posts same picture of GW crossing the Delaware that Q posted on 12/24

Looking for a (P) connection in the news on 12/25. The Pope gave his annual Christmas address which was political. Prince Philip was in the news attending mass which is not exciting.

6d2a2e No.523762



The Dodd Report is magnificent for an idea of the subversion of education:


A footnote in the report cites a a further reference the book The Turning of the Tides by Paul W. Shafer and John H. Snow.

2e286e No.523763


Truly. that quantum entanglement.

15ac92 No.523764


I had also hear POTUS said something to the effect that they would work together again. My take, is it is all part of the plan. Trust the plan :)

30484b No.523765

Covfefe was a smugglers code word for a united ticket out of El Paso cause you smuggling coke fo da cia Faggots .

They even shot a perp there to cover it up

2f721b No.523766


Decent analysis. We need to get off our collective asses and understand we cannot allow the bullshit MSM tactics to get to the public.

We must FIGHT by connecting the dots. Let's be the autists we are.

2e286e No.523767

2e286e No.523769

File: 746cdfde614bb6c⋯.png (100.57 KB, 382x290, 191:145, autists.png)

325cf4 No.523770


Just making them sex slaves…much like russian women in WW2. They fought with the men. But mainly they fucked them. Not a wise move. Women dont belong in the military. Period. Let the more masculine lesbo types just keep dreaming. They cant do push ups for shit. They cant carry a 200 pound man on their backs and get him out of harms way. Women in the military is fag stuff. The men treat the women differently. Demand less from them. And treat them like they want to fuck them. Not smart.

b9fe8f No.523771


>Recent examples of Q responding to news/research posted by anons:

>• Anon Trump Tweet on Phase 2 –> Q post phase [2]

>• Anon News story on 4 sheriffs waiting outside –> Q post who do you think is leaking the info?

>• Anon El Amir bank account find –> Q great job patriot!

>• Anon Trump handwritten note I hear you –> Q you are learning our comms

>• Anon deep dream twitter find –> Q big post

>• Anon liddlekidz find -> Q Gannet McLean coincidence

>• Anon securedrop apache find -> Q great work anon

>• Anon Henderson data center -> Q you have so much more than you know

>When we fail to find the connections between news and the map, I think it makes Q sad and we see him respond to himself sometimes.

Great examples and so true, Anon…thanks for the reminder!! Back to digging, Autistfags!

ed0e63 No.523772


It’s not 18 spaces before MAGA, more like 10

488611 No.523773

File: 6c82e34ef148ec9⋯.jpg (10.59 KB, 172x255, 172:255, be7d41539a4bace1d553b366c0….jpg)

Just a thought: maybe knowing there would be sniffers there are code meant for them to find? while were looking to decipher some secret code, theres not really any code? and there may be a code, butintentional to mock the clowns? like a notcode code, reverse targetting?

f783e0 No.523774

File: 9611a65357355aa⋯.png (174.41 KB, 406x385, 58:55, Opera Snapshot_2018-02-13_….png)

68b13b No.523775


>they’ll take away your Second Amendment, WHICH WE WILL NEVER ALLOW TO HAPPEN, they’ll take away your Second Amendment. Remember that.

thanks for reminding anons with short attention spans

5bf3d2 No.523776


those are the fucking prototypes that were announced months ago faggot

it's just eight sections to see which ones work best

the wall construction has not begun

2e286e No.523777


it's 10 upper case. 2 spaces. 8-letter word. PATRIOTS? what else makes sense?

b5f9a3 No.523778


Saw someone post this in last bread: https:// youtu.be/-C2sv_CKaKM?t=28m48s

Watch POTUS' hand.

Why is he tapping like that?

Anon thought it might be morse.

81ba42 No.523779

30484b No.523780

File: 93cb6fe9a4ca771⋯.jpg (210.82 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, IMG_0870.JPG)

Truth the size of a building

In the mist

Or two


7a31fa No.523781


>anon looks to have nailed the morse tapping

>>dot / dash dash dash / dot dot


>>Echo Oscar India


>>E O I

6798ef No.523782


>this Russian hacker arrested in Bangkok,

Talking about Medvedev, that Hacker has some connection with Dmitry Medvedev? (Russian PM)

651a9a No.523783

>>523419 (last bread)

<Steve Pezer-what-ever-the-fuck

Pieczenik said in fall of 2016 that there had been a soft coup of the IC white hats against the IC black hats that was implemented to stop the election of Clinton.

He's like the spokesperson for the allies in late 1943. He can say we're going to invade Europe and free you from the Germans. He's not going to say where, when and how.

Actually, he's going to say everything possible to confuse you about where, when and how.

The Germans tried predicting where the allies would land and they fucked up. That's the point.

The grunt GI's didn't know where they were going to land, either. They did get maps of Europe that may not have had any useful info before they landed, but they sure as hell did after they landed, found out where they were and the bullets started flying.

Also, not quite related, but, JK and HH under attack. Trump inner circle, non-military. Q related?

Q info must be very effective if bad guys are going after inner circle so aggressively.

Best to get the inner circle protected as much as possible. Could be things are getting to d-day type launch point.

Emphasis is to be able to know exactly where we are when the SHTF, IMO.

54b945 No.523784


10 years from now if I make a terroristic threat to someone online, that automatically qualifies me for an arrest & subsequent investigation, etc. If a threat like that is made, I've just deemed myself a threat.

You are talking about outright gun confiscation if they just "come to get my weapons" for no reason. Just someone saying you are a threat won't get it. Need that proof in writing or verbally.Two different things as I see it.

5f3e21 No.523785


yep, I am also quite sure that at times, Q and team are disguised anons randomly "discovering" connections or critical information just in the nick of time. I came into this with no idea the chan sites even existed so I did nothing but observe, and one of the strongest abilities of mine is that of recognition….patterns, grammar, body language, anything having to do with social actions/interactions. I don't believe in coincidences. But I do feel the elation from Q and team when an anon(s) are able to be quoted in the map, verified, and given that special Q response variant upon nothing more than the grammar the anon quoted uses to place the suspected connection up for review and answer.

250a81 No.523786


forgot you in the post



2e286e No.523787


What would you most want me to know about your experience?

I hear you.

Did we tell POTUS the answer?

2af681 No.523788

File: 0f4b7edf8b96318⋯.png (762.59 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 0D702460-DF35-4D44-8F18-CA….png)

File: 70200671147f7e4⋯.png (847.67 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 6FC77949-6499-4251-B967-FF….png)

File: 24462c1182d362e⋯.png (588.61 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 20726597-7FD2-4E1D-AE1A-5D….png)

File: 7685c79f1db88d1⋯.png (601.26 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, DFBDEA3B-7ACC-4125-B932-2A….png)

File: 2467c38e10fc1ed⋯.png (585.96 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 3A171CF1-FDB1-4FF3-833E-6B….png)


68b13b No.523789



And it has @Jack in a tight spot as well, interfering with POTUS twitter account(s) = interfering with presidential records

2f721b No.523790

File: 93525ffd52288c5⋯.png (566.84 KB, 614x705, 614:705, lynnpepe.png)


These ragheads are SO fucked LOL

Seriously everything (((kushner))) touches turns to shit. Hope our guys got a good drip on that slippery kike so we don't have to clean up too much of his mess. Didn't they get rid of his top secret clearance recently?

At some point, you can't jew your way past things in life. Especially when it concerns life and death of a civilization.

54b945 No.523791



cdde0f No.523792

File: b5fafddff133472⋯.jpg (594.61 KB, 1843x923, 1843:923, 5b103355564a376fbbebc410bd….jpg)

Check it

go to


you will be redirected to what appears to be court rulings and information about a dispute with non other than soros.

This is the link it redirects you too:

>http:// www.adrforum.com/domaindecisions/1333304.htm

>pic related

a36465 No.523793


That’s false.

Go and open the actual tweet.

Select the area in question and paste it into a word doc.

The count the spaces. It’s 18.

All anons that night agreed on that.

c744b4 No.523794

File: c72edaf50161036⋯.jpg (8.62 KB, 280x180, 14:9, images-15.jpg)


I did. Did you?

d948ee No.523795


he wants people to think IG is on dems side. so when IG nukes obama/hillary and the whole gang for corruption they wont be able to say IG was on trumps side cause trump bashed him.

2f721b No.523796

File: ac341f3ea6ca2f7⋯.jpg (77.58 KB, 749x424, 749:424, executionersessions.jpg)


You glowing harder like a good (((useful idiot))), nigger.

Lurk moar. Are they scraping the bottom of the barrel over at tel aviv?

2af681 No.523797

File: af2c671e209149b⋯.png (510.35 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, FEEDC801-E42E-40C4-8B37-E8….png)

2e286e No.523798


18 upper case?

30484b No.523799

File: 014c1477cde1cd2⋯.jpg (158.22 KB, 630x630, 1:1, IMG_0679.JPG)


c0fb25 No.523800


Perhaps that's PRECISELY why he did it? Wouldn't that establish, in a way, that all tweets are protected speech? And therefore, you can't ban conservatives because that's a violation of 1st amendment.

2ff481 No.523801

30484b No.523802

File: 7bd34923430bc2a⋯.jpg (42.44 KB, 255x255, 1:1, IMG_0680.JPG)

All that discord

af9a3d No.523803


Pretty epic FF collection with well sourced, verifiable info. I thought I was on it before this, and surprised how many are provably FF if not FAKE

68b13b No.523804



5bf3d2 No.523805


Did Pieczenik say anything about how Alex Jones' cock felt in his hand?

a36465 No.523806



Its 18 spaces.

Open the actual tweet select, copy and paste elsewhere in a doc. Then using the arrow keys count it out.

18 spaces.

15ac92 No.523807


The voice of reason, TY anon, been saying this

as in the bottom of this post >>523565

The normies have to get it!

Q said side by side/GRAPHIC /Auth Tool, so when we redpill masses will look at it and Get IT.

30484b No.523808

Chic lüv

2e286e No.523809




see difference?


664356 No.523810

Imagine the enemies of Trump.

They are wondering the same as some of you.

They are SWEATING.

They are powerless.

2af681 No.523811

File: 67752fd13da51c0⋯.png (4.4 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 056F49C3-223A-4640-9671-2E….png)

c744b4 No.523812

File: 54ac69db9cd1235⋯.jpg (10.52 KB, 190x265, 38:53, images-14.jpg)


Thats not how counting spaces works btw

82f547 No.523813


That's it, #1 was the winner, now it's just a matter of when Q will post it, thank you for voting, this will be a real boost if we can tell people what POTUS will tweet, they'll take us way more serious.

disclaimer: No dead bodies were used in the voting process.


b9fe8f No.523814

File: 267c72a4ef55fac⋯.jpg (66.7 KB, 628x358, 314:179, AnonFags MAGA.jpg)

61b106 No.523815


https:// www. scribd.com/doc/3768227/Dodd-Report-to-the-Reece-Committee-on-Foundations-1954

947b00 No.523816


rumor mill on twatter is thinking she is moving over to the 2020 campaign. Good thing, if true.

cdde0f No.523817

(((they))) are up to no good again


2f721b No.523818


(((glowing clown niggers))) are getting VERY sloppy right now btw. I am willing to bet a decent amount we had a few over at kikeland that dropped out of exhaustion over the last 6 months from tracking this shit.

Truth can be merciless to the (((liars))).

2e286e No.523819

i could get on board with that.


9fcccb No.523820


Yes, but only if we include POTUS' handle in our tweets and memes - as we advise here.

2af681 No.523822

File: de29d538a92931b⋯.png (2 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 057612C2-B884-48C9-9C32-4B….png)

For fuck sake

6798ef No.523823


Hmm.., must be also in the Congress.

c0fb25 No.523824


Funny, but no. We couldn't then share memes to redpill if it included fag. Too many snowflakes.

664356 No.523825



Same with Mueller.

Remember Pelosi was desperate to replace Mueller.

It's about timing.

It's about making sure of a super majority in the Nov 18 elections.

Its about being able to use military courts.

We're on the cusp of something great.

2e286e No.523826

except font is different…>>523819

6798ef No.523827


Hmm.., must be also in the Congress.>>523816

30484b No.523828

File: 0ceb3f2d4eb3f13⋯.jpg (95.56 KB, 720x1105, 144:221, IMG_0714.JPG)

File: c6a232ba4703c33⋯.jpg (1.79 MB, 3264x2448, 4:3, IMG_0826.JPG)

Don't let your freedom of speech be limited on chan boards

Even when a bunch of drug dealing plerbovores act like politicians

a36465 No.523829


Anons Q said this

Feb 22 2018 17:54:38



ID: 9539a2



Did you count the spaces in the tweet and cross ref against spaces left here to match meaning?


He’s asking about spaces. And cross referencing then. That could mean many things, but he isn’t mentioning capitals or letters at all. Just spaces.

The are 18 spaces there if you open the tweet cut paste and then count then

c728d2 No.523830


Welcome back Q!

40f9d0 No.523831

what am I missing

ed0e63 No.523832


That fits. Or could it be a [10] day marker of quiet / darkness before something big drops in the news? OIG report?

cb0f60 No.523833


Q has never responded to me, so I can't really say much. But I've found things that answer his questions almost verbatim. For me, the most fruitful sources have been reports from government entities and thinktanks.

We know he responds to books as well–when Anon mentioned "Behold a Pale Horse," he said it was "BIG."

I imagine Q is away for one or more of the following reasons:

1) he's busy carrying out the plan

2) he's giving us time to flesh-out the map

3) his absence is part of the map

God knows that whenever he posts, everything else gets dropped…and there are so many things that we haven't looked at, even with the new things that we've learned. For instance–the mirroring thing today. Here's another one I just found out: post #333 (Dec 11th) and post #395 (Dec 19th) both have a 20 space gap in them.

I don't think Q is sad when we don't find the news. I think -we're- sad when Q isn't giving us new stuff. But we have to use this time to reflect on what we already have, because as he's said, we have more than we know.

2ff481 No.523834


If they would just start putting these fuckers in jail, a lot of this nonsense would immediately stop.

c744b4 No.523835


Nice try, anon.

2f721b No.523836

File: b7cef28df4397d1⋯.jpeg (33.95 KB, 474x467, 474:467, galacticpepe.jpeg)


>2018 will be GLORIOUS.

Our enemies are getting FUCKED into little pieces and most of them don't even know it.


68b13b No.523837


That's a good question…i'd need to read the act again to see if it could cover conservative (really all human) accounts. I'm thinking that tweets including @POTUS and/or @realDonaldTrump, those would ideally be covered as part of the presidential record, both the complementary and the dissenting voices

3e15ab No.523838


not just that, even though i feel potus should of exposed the whole FF fakness of parkland, what he did, was say, ok, we will put guns in schools, like more guns! think about that… as then, the teachers can shoot the fed deep staters when they try their BS FF's next time!

e783f2 No.523839


What about Pharma?


https:// www.marubeni.com/news/2017/release/00020.html

https:// www.otsuka.co.jp/en/company/newsreleases/2017/20171225_2.html

https:// health.economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/pharma/israels-super-pharm-in-talks-to-buy-teva-pharm-plant-source/62240442

https:// www.pharmaceutical-technology.com/contractors/contract/pfizercentreone/pressreleases/pfizer-centreone-wins-2017-cmo-leadership-award/

Most juicy. HRC connect as well. Date is off though. Happened Dec15 posted 25.

http:// ca.pressfrom.com/news/canada/-57899-police-investigating-sherman-deaths-checking-sewers-for-clues/

6409e7 No.523840


a lot of people lost clearance and some left WH

cdde0f No.523841

the queen


1478f0 No.523842



Why would bad actors be given advance warning?

Why wouldn’t bad actors be given advance warning?


What is the purpose of providing crumbs?

What is the purpose of markers?

Does past prove future?






664356 No.523843


That is desperation.

Compare it to "definite" collusion.

Then there was the "fact" that this was now an "obstruction of justice" investigation.


488611 No.523844

File: 8ab777332dc6eea⋯.png (66.57 KB, 1030x532, 515:266, 8ab777332dc6eeae4b69af8710….png)


had to dig… i thought this was interesting from few days ago 590

68b13b No.523845


that made my eyes hurt

2e286e No.523846

Is there a word that makes more sense and fits better in the same font, than PATRIOTS? Q just defined PATRIOTS. What is better?





The spaces Q left blank equal what is on the top of POTUS' little card. Asking what anon wants him to know. With I hear you at bottom.

c0fb25 No.523847



Which spaces would we correspond to in the drops? Could it be days (spaces) between drops? Or is it just that, if there is a drop that has the same number of spaces as a tweet, then they are linked. Are the number of spaces relevant?

35ee45 No.523848

CEO: John J. Castellani

Is the head of big Pharma

The Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America, PhRMA, represents the country's leading biopharmaceutical researchers and biotechnology companies.

2af681 No.523849

File: eccc7e8d7a5562a⋯.png (4.07 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 8608BBF7-7E67-422C-92C6-BF….png)

File: f5d80a314fbd83c⋯.png (1.27 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, E559B779-95DB-44C6-B063-33….png)


Oh here’s John Podesta, hanging out with Michelle Fields…just having a nice “dinner” probably supplying him with a small dose of adrenochrome.

This was 5 hours ago.

11469b No.523850


These people are SOOOOO fucking stupid.

eba0db No.523851


In short, no, no one can tell you. Everyone here is a true believer, who if honest are relying on pure faith. Faith in clock deltas between Tweets and other stupid shit that no one truly understands. Q team opened this pandora's box of promises, and yet all we see is no action, no jail, no prosecution, and every dickrider here wailing to "trust the plan". Confirmation bias rules. Q team made many many many promises. Let's fucking see some action, now. Not acceptable.

2e286e No.523852


i would take 2 out of 3 if it came to that.

1b72f3 No.523853


let's hope they are… and that the joke isn't on us

82685c No.523854

Why is POTUS attacking the 2nd amendment? Is this part of the plan?

2ff481 No.523855


Gee… I wonder what was on the menu? Could John's famous "walnut sauce" be part of it?

a876dd No.523856


This game with Mueller is now officially OLD.

Mueller: Wrap it up, show what you've found, or get the fuck off the commode.

c744b4 No.523857

File: c09f5502cb2226e⋯.jpg (6.05 KB, 211x238, 211:238, images-13.jpg)


It isnt about size that way. Put your cursor on the first blank. Now press right arrow and count the presses until you reach the nd.

11469b No.523858


Why in the fuck would ANYONE have this guy over? Knowing what is going on.

d5a66b No.523859


Just seems to me like everyone is doing their jobs as planned…

MSM lies: check

Dems and Reps bickering: check

3 letters agencies tripping over themselves: check

MI placing assets: check

8chan designated 9: check

Info/disinfo: check

Anons digging/scrutanizing: check

Meme Wizards; check

If people can blindly trust someone whom died 2k years ago for their salvation, having never met/seen Him… (No im not comparing Q to Christ)

Cant bring themselves to trust a plan for the greater good of humanity for more than a week.

2af681 No.523860


Oh you KNOW it

be4050 No.523861


Skippy's worried about the DNC emails. Won't be sleeping tonight will he.

2af681 No.523862


Because they’re stupid.

30484b No.523863

File: 6feb339afa47425⋯.jpg (57.09 KB, 626x960, 313:480, IMG_0878.JPG)

Im glad I do not remember

Before coffee

82f547 No.523864


this was discussed in loaf on 22nd …What would you most want me to know about your experience?" in 58 characters.

Q gives a 58 space blank to respond. our response is

c744b4 No.523865

File: bd3ada9947450d3⋯.jpg (149.44 KB, 800x566, 400:283, Material-World-A-Reflectio….jpg)

My faith is in something higher than men.

1e17b6 No.523866


Q…why the fuck is this pedo running around free?

9fcccb No.523867


This may have been a hacked drop.

Now they look like a dog chasing their own tail.

2e286e No.523868


have you never noticed how different size takes up different space? just saying. What is the word believed to be more accurate? i'm not pressing for PATRIOTS but i haven't seen a better suggestion - what is it?

c744b4 No.523869

a876dd No.523870


The same Michelle Fields who is liddle Benji Shapiro's girl crush?

1e17b6 No.523871

Does anyone know what the "PLAN" actually is?! It seems like it is just alot of waiting and anons telling each other to dig.

55be99 No.523873

Brice Taylor is a valiant survivor of trauma-based mind control. Having endured a lifetime of high-tech slavery, she's written an extraordinary book, an autobiography which documents in stunning detail her abuse at the hands of celebrity perps like Bob Hope, Henry Kissinger, and many others.

http:// files.meetup.com/562554/Brice%20Taylor%20-%20Thanks%20for%20the%20memories.pdf

30484b No.523874

File: 45a15d498a8e646⋯.jpg (167.19 KB, 1170x878, 585:439, IMG_0868.JPG)

Lüv memefags

0968d0 No.523875

To all the "Muh guns! Muh guns!" anons who are worried about Trump and his "grab the guns

before due process" quote:

Look at the narrative for the last two+ weeks since the HS shooting. It has been 100% "Take

away their guns!" from the left, the media, and pretty much everyone not posting on this board.

Now, Trump has said his quote. What is the new narrative? "No! We must have Due Process."

This is what winning feels like. You should get used to it. Trump is playing them like a violin


2e286e No.523876


they are at least good at digging their own reputations' graves.

2af681 No.523877

File: f5d80a314fbd83c⋯.png (1.27 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, DF9E0613-B271-4ACC-A5EE-22….png)

File: eccc7e8d7a5562a⋯.png (4.07 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 7BD843DE-AEF1-4D3E-8865-1B….png)


So connect that with this. John tweets that out 5 hours ago.

He was ALSO at dinner 5 hours ago with Michelle Fields.

Wonder what’s going on.


Michelle Fields is an American political journalist who formerly wrote for The Huffington Post and was a reporter for Breitbart News, as well as a Fox News contributor.

c744b4 No.523878


I just told you how to measure it. It doesn't matter how big a font is used. # of characters/spaces is all that matters.

2e286e No.523879

e783f2 No.523880


Can we get a hold of them? Would it be public record?

15ac92 No.523881


We always knew Michelle……dude!

c728d2 No.523882


Any IDs on the rest of them?

9873d2 No.523883


Essentially the Covfefe Act makes all of the President's communications via any social media or alias accounts/emails a part of Presidential records. That being said some of those coms would be classified. However, this allows MI/NSA to retrieve all of Obozo's alias accounts/emails/coms that are not currently "on the record" for review. They hear all and see all. Obozo and company thought they could hide outside the light with their PMs on other platforms etc. They just never expected her to lose :)

30484b No.523884

File: c20fc6c1f911094⋯.jpg (75.77 KB, 750x506, 375:253, IMG_0865.JPG)

Why does that squeaking wheel need grease

e1f62a No.523885

File: a11b4f2207bc634⋯.png (512.73 KB, 715x579, 715:579, ClipboardImage.png)


Or how it tastes?

2ff481 No.523886


In other words, it's not how big it is. It is how long it is.

2e286e No.523887


no. different case takes up different space. try it!

What is the word that goes there? It seems like it would be a word that correlates to the question and acknowledgement.

325cf4 No.523888


I am tired of waiting…getting exhausted by the tension and frustration. But I can imagine the jew jesuit clowns are way more exhausted. This might be a part of the plan. The jew jesuit cannot keep up this tension and they start cracking. But I can stop checking every day on this site and someone else will take my place. But their is a limited amount of jews and jesuits out there. And they are running out of ideas and plans. They should just kill themselves….because death is just death. And they can avoid the embarrassment of being publicly executed with all their neighbors watching and cheering….

1968d6 No.523889


There was no mention of terroristic threat by the Potus during the conversation. The only mention I heard was to be deemed a "threat". Now who decides if you are a threat? What is the definition? If an administration deems patriots to be a threat to national security (as they have already tried to do historically) then they could feasibly come to the door and confiscate them and make you come to court to prove you are not a threat.

Like I said, the legislation is not written yet but there is nothing about the words spoken that I find to be comforting or make me feel safer. Potus took an oath to defend the constitution, not negotiate it. If they desire to change it, then call for a convention of states called for by two-thirds of the state legislatures and see how far that goes. If they do that then perhaps we can implement some term limits for the riff raff that currently runs this country into the ground.

eb55b4 No.523891


He looks like death. Holy shit.

a36465 No.523892


My theory below anon.


c744b4 No.523893


I give up. You're either trolling or incapable of understanding. Sorry.

1b72f3 No.523894


only q knows what the plan exactly is… some in here think they know it all, but nobody in here can know for sure…. so actually, even though i still believe in q, i have to second your thoughts… certainly because if ya question something in here, you get the words: clown, bot, fake, gay, … or "keep digging".. no actual answers on what ya question

2af681 No.523895

File: eccc7e8d7a5562a⋯.png (4.07 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 7EB2F5BD-C61F-4109-8282-65….png)

File: c10fcccb1c79b85⋯.jpeg (265.18 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 3630C91D-72FE-491F-AD9C-8….jpeg)

File: fa8634d41846442⋯.jpeg (299.89 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 6F7DCF89-2FE6-408C-BF17-5….jpeg)

File: 6938a8ad875fef2⋯.jpeg (301.14 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, F3EEBACA-1AEA-4FE3-B6FC-3….jpeg)


Idk but all I can tell you is that the comments on her Instagram picture are fucking HILARIOUSLY BRUTAL.

eb55b4 No.523896


Trip 8’s - yes, they should take their own lives. Problem is they’re so scared to meet the maker, they will avoid it until theyre forced to.

11469b No.523897

File: c7fa26415fc4a5a⋯.jpg (240.79 KB, 1170x878, 585:439, Kermit CLINTON.jpg)

2e286e No.523898


anon, what word do you believe goes there? we all want to know. honest.

2af681 No.523899

File: 9d91d6eda4a3d0d⋯.png (7.03 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, A1CBCD93-484E-4F4C-939C-EA….png)

04753c No.523900

File: a5baa82e6d3e7cc⋯.png (53.45 KB, 1153x615, 1153:615, ClipboardImage.png)

File: fd5d4af6cba9fe3⋯.png (54.01 KB, 1153x615, 1153:615, ClipboardImage.png)



rusian maybe?

just a wild guess.

2b24e7 No.523901

Anyone watch “The magicians” tv series? It has a lot of similarities.

https:// www.theworkprint.com/magicians-harriets-origin-story-revealed/123

A main character named Q

Looking for the key

A mirror bridge

A character named Alice

This is a brand new episode. If anyone watches this tv series, maybe there is something to decipher from it or maybe it’s a tv series LARP?

https:// www.theworkprint.com/magicians-harriets-origin-story-revealed/123

68b13b No.523902


I think it'd be most prudent to do what he'sb been doing, let them expose themselves while they're being investigated, and then to speak on it, keeps the conspiracy label at bay, and allows for the proof to pile up to back any statement he makes on it. As for putting guns in the school, i think that's more of a surface for-the-normies conversation. Behind the scenes, dismantling the MK-Ultra machine that drives those incidents is what's really in motion, but again, the conspiracy label gets thrown around if that were the public conversation. Whether staff is allowed to carry may turn out to be a real issue, I would suggest military trained ONLY though. stressed teachers trained to shoot children that they deem as dangerous, may not turn as well as we imagine that it could.

eba0db No.523903


Holy shit you utter moron, 1 character occupies 1 space, including space characters, regardless of the fucking font size. The absolute state of this boomer-ruined board.

09d590 No.523905

Prolly places podesta in Chicago based on 5 hrs + clock in pick. Central time

c744b4 No.523906

a36465 No.523907


Bless you anon.

fce13b No.523908


All the arrests in USA will happen on the same day. Just like SA

2e286e No.523909


name-calling. i see, so you're saying you don't have an hypothesis, you just have insults and disagreements without dialogue. we all see. thanks.

1e17b6 No.523910


Meanwhile POTUS is going after the guns,Sessions aint doing a damn thing and the cabal is running around free…gonna need more insight into what the "PLAN" is to keep following Q. Something stinks.

3e15ab No.523911


absolutely!, and after all, Muller was hired 7 days before 9/11,and he was to stupid to realize building 7 had issues, among other things, and was in charge of hiding everything

e783f2 No.523912


Pursuant to the International Emergency Economic Powers Act, as amended (50 U.S.C. 1701 et seq.) (IEEPA), I hereby report that I have issued the enclosed Executive Order (the “order”) declaring a national emergency with respect to the unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security, foreign policy, and economy of the United States posed by serious human rights abuse and corruption around the world. In addition to taking action under IEEPA, the order implements the Global Magnitsky Human Rights Accountability Act (Public Law 114-328) (the “Act”) and delegates certain of its authorities.

The order blocks the property and interests in property of persons listed in the Annex to the order. It also blocks the property and interests in property of any foreign person determined by the Secretary of the Treasury, in consultation with the Secretary of State and the Attorney General:

(1) to be responsible for or complicit in, or to have directly or indirectly engaged in, serious human rights abuse;

(2) to be a current or former government official, or a person acting for or on behalf of such an official, who is responsible for or complicit in, or has directly or indirectly engaged in:

(a) corruption, including the misappropriation of state assets, the expropriation of private assets for personal gain, corruption related to government contracts or the extraction of natural resources, or bribery; or

(b) the transfer or the facilitation of the transfer of the proceeds of corruption;

(3) to be or have been a leader or official of:

(a) an entity, including any government entity, that has engaged in, or whose members have engaged in, any of the activities described in (1), (2)(a), or (2)(b) above relating to the leader’s or official’s tenure; or

(b) an entity whose property and interests in property are blocked pursuant to the order as a result of activities related to the leader’s or the official’s tenure; or

(4) to have attempted to engage in any of the activities described in (1), (2)(a), or (2)(b) above.

The order also blocks any person determined by the Secretary of the Treasury, in consultation with the Secretary of State and the Attorney General:

(5) to have materially assisted, sponsored, or provided financial, material, or technological support for, or goods or services to or in support of:

(a) any activity described in (1), (2)(a), or (2)(b) above that is conducted by a foreign person;

(b) any person whose property and interests in property are blocked pursuant to the order; or

(c) any entity described in (3)(a) above where the activity is conducted by a foreign person;

(6) to be owned or controlled by, or to have acted or purported to act for or on behalf of, directly or indirectly, any person whose property and interests in property are blocked pursuant to the order; or

(7) to have attempted to engage in any of the activities described in (5) or (6) above.

In addition, the order suspends entry into the United States of any alien listed in the Annex or determined to meet one or more of the criteria above.

I have delegated to the Secretary of the Treasury the authority, in consultation with the Secretary of State, to take such actions, including adopting rules and regulations, and to employ all powers granted to the President by IEEPA and the Act, as may be necessary to implement the order and relevant provisions of the Act. I have delegated to the Secretary of State the authority to take such actions, including adopting rules and regulations, and to employ all powers granted to the President by IEEPA and the Act, as may be necessary to implement the provisions of the order and the Act suspending entry into the United States of certain aliens. All executive departments and agencies are directed to take all appropriate measures within their authority to implement the order.



December 20, 2017.

1b72f3 No.523913


some seem to forget that dems are the ones that made the bill… owkay, mr trump wants reps to join to improve the bill, but you can be sure dems will try to use the loophole of 'mental illnes'… if not immediately, they know mr trump wont be president forever.. also there are still enough judges where they can go to make 'mentally ill' all they want.. what worried me is that he said: take guns first, court later.. everybody in here knows that patriots don't have the money to fight the government in court!

b5f9a3 No.523914


From Wikipedia:

>Economic Opportunity Institute, a not-for-profit public policy organization based in Seattle, Washington

>Eday Airport, an airport in Scotland with IATA code EOI

>Egyptian Olympiad in Informatics, the Egyptian version of the International Olympiad in Informatics

>Encyclopaedia of Islam, an encyclopaedia of the academic discipline of Islamic studies

>End of interrupt, a type of computer signal

>EOI Business School, a Spanish business school

>Escuela Oficial de Idiomas, a Spanish network of language schools

>European Ombudsman Institute

>Exhaust Over Intake, a type of combustion engines

>Export-oriented industrialization, an economics term

>Expression of Interest, a business expression indicating an intent to bid

>Evidence of Insurability, a standard form in (primarily U.S.) insurance industries that serves as proof that an applicant qualifies for certain insurance coverages

>Exchange of Information

1e17b6 No.523915



1e17b6 No.523916

09fade No.523917


Dude, it depends whether the space is 8 bits or a whole byte.

c744b4 No.523918

File: b0ccc96200bd983⋯.png (12.49 KB, 174x290, 3:5, images-1.png)


You as an individual are welcomed but non-essential to the plan. Do whatever you like.

cb0f60 No.523919


I was reading somewhere about how these mass data parsing programs, and even AI still needs humans to guide it. I can't remember what article it was.

But I don't think Q needs us to find this stuff out–I think he already has far more than we can comprehend. But I think they need us to be engaged. If I had just been given a bunch of links to Foreign Policy law and reports from think tanks, I would've skipped over to /b or /gif in about 18 seconds. As it is, I've learned so much about foreign policy I feel like I could mount a successful campaign to invade Morocco or something.

Some military anons had said that chan culture was something the military had been looking to cultivate for awhile, for memetic warfare. Honestly, I don't mind–I'm glad they came. Because I have seen this bullshit happening for years, and nobody called it out. I'm old enough to remember when "rap" started getting big–late 80's, for the most part. You had the Cosby show, where America saw successful, educated blacks trying to make it like everyone else…then suddenly there was this big push for people to accept "black culture" as separate but equal. I knew it was a huge mistake back then…but after so many huge mistakes, I think I'm ready to believe that they weren't mistakes after all.

2af681 No.523920

File: 512244266c513ba⋯.png (2.31 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, E39A0AB7-9F2C-4225-891E-E4….png)

File: 5ecb6a7c65335dd⋯.png (2.95 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 1B66A866-D85C-49A2-93E6-C3….png)

6798ef No.523921


Fuck!!!!, Pure Evil!!!!

957b60 No.523922

File: b769b949cf31cf8⋯.jpg (39.39 KB, 512x396, 128:99, IMG_0864.JPG)

Blue buckets damn it

d8627f No.523923

File: 92465c66fcde877⋯.jpg (21.26 KB, 216x255, 72:85, IMG_0021.jpg)

File: 19a69342e69682e⋯.png (401.84 KB, 482x381, 482:381, Screen Shot 2018-02-09 at ….png)


KEK!!! Holy shit this is GOLD!!!

68b13b No.523924



read the following, and then lurk some moar. or, stop trying to make us believe you. we don't.


>POTUS @ CPAC FIVE Days ago!

>"People get complacent. It is a natural instinct. You just won, and now you’re happy and you’re complacent. Don’t be complacent. Don’t be complacent. If they get in, they will repeal your tax cuts, they will put judges in that you wouldn’t believe, they’ll take away your Second Amendment, WHICH WE WILL NEVER ALLOW TO HAPPEN, they’ll take away your Second Amendment. Remember that."

fce13b No.523925


13,000 sealed indictments. Q came to us so we could redpill the 80% that can be saved. Major cities will have bad riots. They don't wanna do that multiple times. Look for the national guard if you live in big liberal city

1e17b6 No.523926


"TRUST THE PLAN"….right?


aa77e5 No.523927



false hope

957b60 No.523928

File: 2dc5e46738ef17a⋯.jpg (96.43 KB, 733x1019, 733:1019, IMG_0855.JPG)

Damn Amazon

325cf4 No.523929


We do have the lead…..I for one aint giving anything up. Gonna have to take them. IF everyone does this they cant take shit. They dont have enough cucked nigger cops to do this.

8e69c0 No.523930


Knowing that this board is watched now by all sides, if there were to be a period of public disinformation, Q could not exactly appear on here every night and say "psst, anons, don't worry it is all for show" - now could he.

Don't mistake your timeline or need for clarity for having anything to do with whatever POTUS is doing.

2ff481 No.523931

File: 6ecf389036115ca⋯.jpg (61.88 KB, 469x617, 469:617, funny-puzzle3-thumb.jpg)


←- Try this.

6798ef No.523932


Ok.., Maybe that Qpost for the mirror has a encrypted Message..

eba0db No.523933


^^^ 31 posts

1b72f3 No.523934


at this point i still trust mr trump.. have to wait to see where it goes… with meeting about daca, chainmigration and such it was also that he said daca first and alone, than the rest.. but didn't happen… so we have to wait…

but, we can't underestimate the dems, we can't underestimate the influence the daughter has on mr trump! don't forget the fake news of the chem-attack of assad and the reaction of mr trump.. bombs away without asking questions.. because of her!

68b13b No.523935


hey, you should read this too → >>523924

1e17b6 No.523936


Q says alot of things that aren't true.

Disinfo is necessary?

957b60 No.523937

File: 84888ed1fb1e263⋯.jpg (2.93 MB, 1800x2781, 200:309, IMG_0863.JPG)

Dang russianbots

4dbde3 No.523938



9873d2 No.523939


Remember… Trump is President, NOT Obama.

Here is a stark difference:

Obama and crew were always blabbing how they were doing all this fancy shit, blowing stuff up, taking over shit and prosecuting (persecuting) the hell out of the baddies with all kinds of investigating and stuff…

Trump and team don't talk about mil plans, DOJ investigations or critical OPs.

To anyone half ass paying attention to the world around them, even the shills who have nothing better to do than sow discord here… There are over 13,000 sealed Federal indictments currently on the books. Yet you don't even hear crickets about this. If you didn't know this, you do now and if you ask for sauce, GFY and look into it yourself, we don't have time to spoon feed id10ts who have naught a thought in their heads.

d5a66b No.523940


Imagine for 1 minute that for some, the plan started 60 years ago after JFK's death!

Its a well thought out plan, and ill bet they all wished seeing it come to fruition, you are amongst the priviledge whom gets to see the birthing pains of this great moment in history.

11469b No.523941

File: 3b03f0766901145⋯.jpg (118.58 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, fu.jpg)

f035bd No.523942


Absolutely. We can't share it with you though, because you don't belong here.

e783f2 No.523943


Can I get some sauce on that pasta?

c744b4 No.523944

File: 03d87eb6c835581⋯.jpg (131.06 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, 1517363616960.jpg)


Less ughing, more trusting.

1b72f3 No.523945


what about we have to take our troops from syria, afghanistan and such?

68b13b No.523946

1e17b6 = doubtfagging shill. only shills use the word "Ugh" on this board. must be part of their training

c7f83f No.523947

File: 1a29ad0d80cadaf⋯.png (240.36 KB, 523x349, 523:349, biggest-loser.png)




2e286e No.523948


you could have just said no i don't have the foggiest idea what would fit there and make sense. teamwork?

957b60 No.523949

File: 946b9599f5cfa8e⋯.jpg (190.81 KB, 778x960, 389:480, IMG_0859.JPG)


I got back hoe


Check back l8r

68b13b No.523950


hey, you should read → >>523946

1968d6 No.523951


Exactly. Whether you have the money or not, do you wish to pay 6 figures to an attorney to retrieve 3 or 4 figures worth of weapons? Most either cant or will not.

It is an emotional response to an issue that does not solve the issue to begin with. How many mass shooters in history have provided a warning in advance of their action? If an ex claims you threatened them with a weapon and are mentally unstable, do the cops then have the proper evidence to come and remove your weapons and force you to prove you are not? Who decides if you are a threat or not? Cops? Judge? Doctor?

04753c No.523952


I remember that Q said:

"Need a few red pills for family, friends, and others?

Read the #Memo.

Release coming.

Final clearance underway.

Make sure to learn Russian.

Q "

2f721b No.523953

File: db5193c65c2c7b0⋯.jpg (215.06 KB, 937x960, 937:960, alinsky.jpg)



This is why EVERY BREAD needs this Q crumb pinned AT THE TOP.

"Those who cannot understand that we cannot simply start arresting w/o first ensuring the safety & well-being of the population, shifting the narrative, removing those in DC through resignation to ensure success, defeating ISIS/MS13 to prevent fail-safes, freezing assets to remove network-to-network abilities, kill off COC to prevent top-down comms/org, etc etc. should not be participating in discussions."

Baker, please note.

1e17b6 No.523954


Ok. That makes sense. It seems a lack of critical thinking is necessary to have access to "THE PLAN". Good luck, anons.

1b72f3 No.523955


that's the problem, we in here DON'T know what is real, what is fake.. that makes it more difficult for us, more digging for us.. no problem with that… the problem i have that it isn't allowed to question anything q says, although q clearly said "disinfo is needed" so we have to question EVERYTHING!

488611 No.523956


only crumbs, which means they got the big stuff, were only getingg the liddle tidbits that are/were public, and making the connections they already have. essentilly as i can tell, theres a big plan in the works, major cleanup, but so as not to alarm the public too much to prevent public outcry like oh no we love HRC or some shit, theyre letting us all know who theyre looking at and pointing us to look at why also… we dont get the dirrty dirty, but the crumbs to lead us to the understanding thats understood by the people elected. A president whos actually doing his job properly, was already a celebrity, now hes running the biggest business

11c0db No.523957


Michelle Fields works for the left & gets Corey Lewandowski fired from Trump team.

c0fb25 No.523958


EOI is also the airport code for Eday, a tiny airport way up north on a tiny island in Scotland.

2f721b No.523959


Need good deal of memes regarding this. Drop em if you got em, anon.

Bitches need to man the fuck up.

4dbde3 No.523960

Marc Mezvinsky's father was a real scam artist…

Edward Maurice Mezvinsky (1937) is a former American congressman and convicted felon. A Democrat, he represented Iowa's 1st congressional district in the U.S. House of Representatives for two terms (1973–77).

grew up in Ames, Iowa, the son of Jewish grocery store owner Abe Mezvinsky.

He earned his first nickname: "Rat Claw" Mezvinsky. Fellow legislators smelled an attention-seeker.

After serving in Congress, Mezvinsky was United States Ambassador to the United Nations Commission on Human Rights from 1977-79.

Prosecutors later would call Mezvinsky a one-man "crime wave" and said they uncovered elements of fraud in nearly every business deal of his dating to 1980.

In March 2001, Mezvinsky was indicted and later pleaded guilty to 31 of 69 felony charges of bank fraud, mail fraud, and wire fraud. Nearly $10 million was involved in the crimes.

Man who believes in Nigerian scams: READ THIS

http:// crab.rutgers.edu/~mchugh/nigeriamezvinsky.html


After a stint as a U.N. ambassador for human rights under President Carter, Mezvinsky began a series of bad moves in Pennsylvania.

He ran for Congress in 1980, although he was new to the state, and lost.

He began setting up businesses, among them grain export and medical instrument companies. Both failed. He was sued after a shipping company he contracted with didn't have grain to ship.

"I had these great ideas, but I didn't follow through with them," he says.

He moved on to other ventures, dabbling in schemes with African businessmen to get rich quick.

"In Mezvinsky, they had a perfect man," said Zauzmer, the assistant U.S. attorney. "His whole life, he wanted the home run. He didn't want to operate a business. He wanted to make millions in one home run."

Mezvinsky's stories sound fantastic. At one point, he says, he found himself in Africa gazing on an open suitcase filled with paper shaped like money, although the bills were black.

"That's the way they would hide it," he says. "The man later came out with a chemical, threw it on the money, and it all turned to $100 bills. He gave me 10 to have them tested back home. And they were real."

Some of the African schemes were not far removed from the classic, laughable Nigerian scams often run through the Internet - seeking victims with financial backing to extract millions out of bogus accounts. Others were sophisticated oil prospects.

Mezvinsky poured money into these ventures and sought other investors, promising big returns.

"Yes, the stories were strange and out of the intellectual box, but they were believable," says Margolies-Mezvinsky, who was elected to Congress in 1992 and served one term.

She now lives in a rented home in the Philadelphia area after filing for bankruptcy. "We're not talking deals that would come over the fax," she says. "They were very complex deals."

Mezvinsky continued to lose money while financing fanciful political campaigns. After he served as chairman of the Pennsylvania State Democratic Committee from 1981 to 1986, he ran for state attorney general and lost. The campaign cost him more than $1 million.

Meanwhile, his home life was frantic. At times as many as 15 people lived in the 8,200-square-foot mansion. The home had six bedrooms, five bathrooms, a ballroom and greenhouse, and the complex included a carriage house with four bedrooms, an in-ground pool and pool house with a kitchen and three bathrooms.

The home was filled with four daughters from his first marriage, two daughters Margolies adopted before their marriage, two sons they had together, and three foreign children they raised as guardians.

They threw parties with well-connected people. They were friends with the Clintons; their son Marc even dated Chelsea Clinton.

"He had a lot of friends in the community of all walks of life," Jerome Shestack, a longtime friend and past president of the American Bar Association, said of Mezvinsky. "He was very well-regarded."


1968d6 No.523961


Sure they do. Not all at one time but they can slowly and surely take them all one at a time. If you resist, they have all of the evidence they require to remove the right permanently.

9fcccb No.523962

The plan is for ONLY people who do their own reading and research to know the plan.


b0acbd No.523963



eba0db No.523964


>Trump and team don't talk about mil plans, DOJ investigations or critical OPs.

What the fuck do you think every Q post has been, including his very first post? Do you even know? Let me inform you: military plans, DOJ investigations, critical OPs. The entire body of Q drops concerns exactly these things. Are you retarded?

2ff481 No.523965

File: e212a521f6ea272⋯.jpg (15.4 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault.jpg)

Redditor puzzle #1.

82f547 No.523966


The Atlantic Bridge is a flight route from Gander, Newfoundland, Canada to Scotland, with a refueling stop in Iceland.

1e17b6 No.523967

Still waiting for this:



Q Clearance Patriot

My fellow Americans, over the course of the next several days you will undoubtedly realize that we are taking back our great country (the land of the free) from the evil tyrants that wish to do us harm and destroy the last remaining refuge of shining light. On POTUS’ order, we have initiated certain fail-safes that shall safeguard the public from the primary fallout which is slated to occur 11.3 upon the arrest announcement of Mr. Podesta (actionable 11.4). Confirmation (to the public) of what is occurring will then be revealed and will not be openly accepted. Public riots are being organized in serious numbers in an effort to prevent the arrest and capture of more senior public officials. On POTUS’ order, a state of temporary military control will be actioned and special ops carried out. False leaks have been made to retain several within the confines of the United States to prevent extradition and special operator necessity. Rest assured, the safety and well-being of every man, woman, and child of this country is being exhausted in full. However, the atmosphere within the country will unfortunately be divided as so many have fallen for the corrupt and evil narrative that has long been broadcast. We will be initiating the Emergency Broadcast System (EMS) during this time in an effort to provide a direct message (avoiding the fake news) to all citizens. Organizations and/or people that wish to do us harm during this time will be met with swift fury – certain laws have been pre-lifted to provide our great military the necessary authority to handle and conduct these operations (at home and abroad).


c744b4 No.523968

File: 4f2b14158edb5a9⋯.jpg (341.58 KB, 498x750, 83:125, 1517790201690.jpg)


Can usually find a bunch on >>>/pol/

61b106 No.523969


He is proposing to violate the Second Amendment. You are correct.

cb0f60 No.523970


Here's how you can quickly verify what other Anons are telling you: copy & paste the post into a word processing program, then delete each space and count as you go. No matter what font you use, no matter whether it's in caps or not, you'll only be able to fit a word with 'x' amount of letters.

Also, the reason certain fonts are called "monospace" is because every letter, no matter whether capitalized or lower case, will take up the same amount of space.

Trust us on this–it's the number of spaces. Otherwise, you would have nearly infinite possibilities and nobody would even venture guessing.

cbbdb7 No.523971

Any Anons well informed about [OTO]?


I haven't gone too far down this rabbit hole yet, but finding many connections to Q posts so far.

Some examples:

Secret society

Eye of Ra/Horus


Owl (Minerva)



b5f9a3 No.523972


>Eday Airport (IATA: EOI, ICAO: EGED) is located on Eday in Orkney, Scotland. As it is close to the Bay of London it is known locally as London Airport.[2] The Bay of London may have been so called because of puffins breeding there: Old Norse lundi = "puffin", Old Norse á Lundunum = "at the puffins".

Sauce: https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eday_Airport

7a31fa No.523973


How about: Executive Order I

80d107 No.523974

Feb 9 2018 20:17:44 Q !UW.yye1fxo ID: 81874 320057

[Next week]

[Next week]

[Next week]

Suicide weekend?


Feb 9 + 3 weeks = this weekend is suicide weekend.

1e17b6 No.523975


Oh. Ok.

2ff481 No.523976

File: 573143739ad8ca3⋯.jpg (64.71 KB, 700x525, 4:3, one-thing-not-like-others-….jpg)

Redditor Puzzle #2.

Which one of these things is not like the others?

68b13b No.523977


True statement, but that doubtfagging shill you answered knows that all too well.follow that ID, you'll see what i mean

c0fb25 No.523978


EXCELLENT job, Anon. Can we link any of them to Gitmo? Atlanta? etc.

1e17b6 No.523979


Define sheep.

325cf4 No.523980


You realize trusting is how we got ourselves into this mess. Never trust a person who claims they are better than you. Never trust a banker never trust anyone without verifying it yourself. So trusting Trump and Q is hard sometimes when we know they could be cucked by some stupid jew masonic jesuit faggot bullshit and they roll over and tell us everything is running to plan. So I will stay the course but I want to see some fucking heads rolling soon.

I would rather we start mixing it up. Some folks are going to have to die anyway. Lets get it started.

2e286e No.523981


so what word do you feel like fits there and makes sense.. any ideas?

11c0db No.523982

File: c8b1f3741161779⋯.jpg (187.25 KB, 1618x954, 809:477, something.jpg)

Ok Anons,

I noticed many talking about 10 or 18 or however many spaces. But i noticed something else & if you noticed the same thing or it could be nothing. Also i noticed in blank spot Patriots! but the other blank spot?

eba0db No.523983


>Truth belongs to the people.

>Where we go one, we go all.

or nah?

shut it now

1e17b6 No.523984


Who would take this pic instead of getting their kid off the floor..ffs

e783f2 No.523985


LOL I swore I said this then. But my belief still.

1e17b6 No.523986

61b106 No.523987


You need to spend more time lurking moar around the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. You can't propose to violate the 2nd Amendment and at the same time defend it. Can't have it both ways.

1e17b6 No.523988



d67223 No.523989


It's hilarious

Don't cry over spilled milk.

2ff481 No.523990


The same type of parents that would give their newborns beer. So, I guess my mom and dad.

6798ef No.523991


>Make sure to learn Russian.

I think that the Mirror isn't a symbolic message.., if not a Encrypt message, for the cryptography and the languages, for the general.., a lot use Languages and numbers with mirror, for has double measures, for that Nothing see the message.

The Qpost of the Mirror must referring to the mirror of the Same post, and the consequences (Lady Galadriel Post).

Ps: Just say it..

c744b4 No.523992

File: b6b0eaa549da271⋯.jpg (80.48 KB, 540x572, 135:143, 1097290.jpg)


Do what you can, anon, that's all that's asked.

f035bd No.523993


Good dig. Possible.

1e17b6 No.523994


Sorry to hear that, anon.

2b24e7 No.523995

“The magicians” tv series similarities:

A main character named Q

Looking for the key

A mirror bridge

A character named Alice

This is a brand new episode. If anyone watches this tv series, maybe there is something to decipher from it?

https:// www.theworkprint.com/magicians-harriets-origin-story-revealed/123

957b60 No.523996

File: bce995a9632a15a⋯.jpg (61.41 KB, 540x797, 540:797, IMG_0883.JPG)


68b13b No.523997


A, stop with the A's

B, make some sense

C. this is Q research, base you posts on that and stop trying to slide the board with irrelevant shit

bf4ba5 No.523998


Firearm sales skyrocketed, trainings are selling out. Nothing sells better than prohibition, nothing motivates demand more than scarcity.

2ff481 No.523999


They were the best parents ever.

1e17b6 No.524000

b0acbd No.524001

File: cafe76f6d2d0d05⋯.png (1.56 MB, 680x798, 340:399, capture_060_28022018_07295….png)



cb0f60 No.524002


I haven't been watching the news, just hearing Anons come in and talk about it.

If a law is passed to take guns away, my days spent helping the cause are over, and my days helping to boost the opposition will have just begun. I am loyal to the President so long as he is loyal to God and the Constitution.

But I have faith that it's all for show, between both he and Sessions. My gut feeling is that he'll do this until the big news drops, then the news cycle will get off of it and it will be forgotten. By doing this, he positions himself as a centrist. Same as Sessions. But I bet something will come before any actionable response comes up.

Remember, it takes months to get anything done in DC. Potus could signal support today, they get the bill drafted and finalized in two months, big conspiracy revealed, boom, veto, forget about it.

c7f83f No.524003

I ran into a roadblock trying to make a working list of research sites:

Is a start if anyone else wants to take it up.


listed here: Dictionaries / Government / News Sources / Corporation Info /

Politics / People /


Note: remove the 2 underlines in the domain designation



_ Extended lists of categories of abbreviations and acronyms:

https:// en.wikipedia.__org/wiki/List_of_acronyms

https:// en.wikipedia.__org/wiki/List_of_government_and_military_acronyms




_ Index with extended categories:

https:// en.wikipedia.__org/wiki/List_of_government_and_military_acronyms

_ Check Unsealed indictments and/or convictions:

https:// justice.__gov/news

https:// justice.__gov/usao/pressreleases

_ search public records




_ government watchdog

https:// www.judicialwatch.__org/

_ Accuracy in Media – conservative / source of slanted news stories

https:// www.aim.__org/



_ search corps brands, shareholders, money laundering, fines, etc.

http:// transnationale.__org/ (not secure site)

_ search corporate news

https:// corporatewatch.__org/

_ holding corps accountable / news index / search feature

http:// www.corpwatch.__org/

_ Panama Papers, Offshore Leaks, Bahamas Leaks, investigations.

The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists

https:// offshoreleaks.icij.__org/

_ ??British-based corp watch / news / whistleblowers /

https:// www.thebureauinvestigates.__com/projects/corporations

_ search legal entity

http:// openleis.__com/

_ Federal Trade Commission, protecting consumers, news

https:// www.ftc.__gov/

_ search – Dun & Bradstreet -

https:// www.dandb.__com/businessdirectory/


=== POLITICS ===

_ search campaign contributors by name

https:// www.campaignmoney.__com/finance.asp?type=in



=== PEOPLE ===

_ info on people & their connections to each other

https:// littlesis.__org

_ people searches

https:// voterrecords.__com/

https:// Biography.__com

https:// Muckety.__com



_ search / British resource


_ Fed Trade Commission / Information for donors about charities


_ search non-profit by name

http:// www.guidestar.__org/Home.aspx

_ HUGE search by state / then by name



1968d6 No.524004


He swore an oath to defend the Constitution, not negotiate it which is what he is doing.

9371bb No.524005


OTO is Crowley’s work, that twat.


Highly influential in modern satanic circles

Look up Crowley George bush on a search engine

04753c No.524006


so …you know russian and already check??

4dbde3 No.524007


Ordo_Templi_Orientis -> Aleister Crowley -> Marina Abramovich practices Spirit Cooking

http:// thelema-and-faith.blogspot.fi/2006/01/top-50-quotes-of-aleister-crowley.html

"Spirit Cooking refers to “a sacrament in the religion of Thelema which was founded by Aleister Crowley”"

Abramovich & Spirit Cooking -> Podesta bros & Clinton

1e17b6 No.524008


Giving a newborn beer?

Are you serious?

Wait..I just answered my own question.

You were given beer as a newborn…your mental faculties are clearly compromised.

1b72f3 No.524009


that's my opinion too at this time… we can't forget how the meeting about daca went, he said in there that he was ok to do daca first without the rest… almost same as what he said here with the guns… so i hope it's the same thing that will happen

957b60 No.524010

File: ce3795d087a4e8c⋯.jpg (36.72 KB, 255x180, 17:12, IMG_0751.JPG)

If kek bot throws frump sig nal

Plz share



( • )( • )ԅ(‾⌣‾ԅ)

3e15ab No.524011


and if you are rich, invest in new state of the art metal detector stocks, coming soon to all schools and hotels alike, just a hunch,

c744b4 No.524012

File: b4719e73ce8cc5a⋯.png (173.73 KB, 576x590, 288:295, 1517622318413.png)


It's a tricky business, anon.

15ac92 No.524013

File: a01da5edc5d9468⋯.png (214.59 KB, 433x527, 433:527, rtl.PNG)

Ready to launch!

9fcccb No.524014


Defending the hacks now are we?

That's not the "we."

488611 No.524015





e36edc No.524016


Anyone speaking Russian? Eventually someone could see a possible message in here.

61b106 No.524017


POTUS and Q are our employees. We need to let them know that we will not tolerate any violations of our God-given rights. They will listen.

68b13b No.524018



Or, bring PROOF that POTUS is going to "violate the 2nd Amendment"

>>523988 I already know that yo're a doubtfagging shill, so here another you, add a dollar to you paycheck, it's thanks for exposing the shill above you (61b106)

You guys need to try a new argument, this one died hours ago

70cb35 No.524019


Good evening, fellow anons. I was just looking at this post, and I'm not sure if it's relative or not but I thought I would put it out there: Q's use of the word "cross" in this post…has anyone tried counting/combining the spaces going vertically as well as horizontally? Anyhow…just a thought.

eba0db No.524020


Nice religion you got here. How can I join? I am already pretty alpha, so what's in it for me?

c744b4 No.524021


The frogs wont be gay anymore.

1e17b6 No.524022




Still waiting for this:



Q Clearance Patriot

My fellow Americans, over the course of the next several days you will undoubtedly realize that we are taking back our great country (the land of the free) from the evil tyrants that wish to do us harm and destroy the last remaining refuge of shining light. On POTUS’ order, we have initiated certain fail-safes that shall safeguard the public from the primary fallout which is slated to occur 11.3 upon the arrest announcement of Mr. Podesta (actionable 11.4). Confirmation (to the public) of what is occurring will then be revealed and will not be openly accepted. Public riots are being organized in serious numbers in an effort to prevent the arrest and capture of more senior public officials. On POTUS’ order, a state of temporary military control will be actioned and special ops carried out. False leaks have been made to retain several within the confines of the United States to prevent extradition and special operator necessity. Rest assured, the safety and well-being of every man, woman, and child of this country is being exhausted in full. However, the atmosphere within the country will unfortunately be divided as so many have fallen for the corrupt and evil narrative that has long been broadcast. We will be initiating the Emergency Broadcast System (EMS) during this time in an effort to provide a direct message (avoiding the fake news) to all citizens. Organizations and/or people that wish to do us harm during this time will be met with swift fury – certain laws have been pre-lifted to provide our great military the necessary authority to handle and conduct these operations (at home and abroad).


1968d6 No.524023


But with the Daca negotiations, he would have ended chain migration and the visa lottery system. There is nothing that is a positive in this discussion so far.

cdde0f No.524024


68b13b No.524025


OPTICS, my friend, OPTICS. Are you always fooled by what you see on TV? I'm not.

fce13b No.524026


You obviously dont pay attention

b0acbd No.524027

File: 611090ed2174505⋯.png (1.01 MB, 1284x275, 1284:275, KEY-29OCT2017.png)


957b60 No.524028

File: dd287ffad05a04e⋯.jpg (58.54 KB, 480x646, 240:323, IMG_0656.JPG)


I call Bullshit

Peking taco

Damn iPhone

Kraken is lost

Unicorn spooked

Obama a saint

Snowden museum job

I can has cheezburger

c744b4 No.524029

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Check this out, you may enjoy it.

59c028 No.524030


Well said vet anon. There are many gray areas in life. Explains why Q pointed out that some people don't really know which "team" they're on. (See Q's drops on Jan 23 & Feb 5).

Being on this board has been an good education. Thanks to Q (and others), I've grown in my understanding of who to define as a Patriot or a Traitor in this epic battle between good and evil. In the absence of robust Truth, it's easy to rationalize all kinds of poor decisions. All the more reason to have grace with the normies we're trying to reach.

6798ef No.524031


>so …you know russian and already check??

The Russian Alphabet is the Reverse of the Latin Alphabet (The mirror), for that.., the Russian language for some persons is easy

PS: I'm out, Good Luck WorldAnons..

1e17b6 No.524032


Agreed 100%

cbbdb7 No.524033



Thanks you anons!

I will continue researching and follow the leads provided. I thought it seemed to be on the right track.

1e17b6 No.524034



957b60 No.524035

File: b19c5c8d78dea15⋯.jpg (58.33 KB, 559x527, 559:527, IMG_0879.JPG)

Advanced faggotry

cb0f60 No.524036


I can't remember how the whole "counting spaces" thing worked. Some anons said that we should look for lines in Q's posts that had "x" amount of characters, so I found every line that had that many and posted them. By the time that was done, they'd figured something else out. Maybe it had to do with going 18 posts back, I can't remember. At that point, I wasn't going to bother any more.

1e17b6 No.524037


Let's hope so, anon.

68b13b No.524038



You're exposed already, stop it.

b5f9a3 No.524039

File: 853db1c0bdd667a⋯.png (176.56 KB, 659x438, 659:438, MorseCat.png)


>still working on the morse


be4050 No.524040


Jews are right up there with the muzzie on the PoS list. No wonder Hilter was trying to exterminate them.

888c7e No.524041


Trump just need to fire all of them now

Then he can tell them this is a witch hunt and take him to the supreme court and prove it!

cbbdb7 No.524042

I'm not yet caught up on the other stuff (markers/map), but it looks like you all are making great progress. Keep up the good work!

Remember even if we don't crack it yet, we are learning what it is not. That is still progress!


2ff481 No.524043


I think pound for pound, jews are far worse.

04753c No.524044


well we may use one of those "russian bots" right now,



eba0db No.524045


Life is still here. I keep coming back to test, rarely do I see it. Then some nights you find the end of the internet. Well done.

68b13b No.524046


you seem not to have any clue about strategy, my friend. the man literally wrote the book on it. reading is fundamental.

1e17b6 No.524047

1e17b6 No.524048


This anon is correct.

be4050 No.524049



957b60 No.524050

File: 1fb09a360c31908⋯.jpg (68.13 KB, 960x540, 16:9, IMG_0737.JPG)

I am loyal


Respectfully of audience


Be excellent to each other

The Rest is easy

e1f62a No.524051

File: 21f219b3fa9159a⋯.png (861.8 KB, 1011x820, 1011:820, ClipboardImage.png)

888c7e No.524052


This is a set up and he could end it quick

Just fire them and force them to take him

to the supreme court to prove it.

Bam Done Over With

23842a No.524053


I don't know if it's right//but this is where that decode led

Former Afghan psy ops goes nuts…writes exact quote on FB page.

>“The frown of a clown brings down everyone around yet between me and you the most happy clowns are blue this is true for the best thing to do is to avoid them all together,” Worthington wrote in a 2014 Facebook post.

https:// www.rawstory.com/2016/03/former-psy-ops-soldier-wearing-a-clown-suit-arrested-for-smoking-meth-at-waffle-house-counter/


https:// secretsun.blogspot.com/2017/09/let-me-tell-story-youll-float-too.html


https:// www.movieswatchfreeonline.com/free-movies/watch/titicut-follies-1967/

I'm not sure who the codefag was, but I dug on the "decode" and this is what I found.

>Around 1950, while Salinger was in Stamford, the CIA recruited a South Boston convict nicknamed “Whitey” Bulger to supply young runaways for mind-control experiments under the fast-expanding MK-ULTRA programs being set up at 44 universities across the United States. The centers for the New England drug experiments were probably the Whiting Forensic Facility at the Connecticut Valley Hospital in Middleford, Connecticut, and Bridgewater State Hospital in Massachusetts – the region’s psychiatric facilities for the criminally insane.

http:// www.abeldanger.org/mk-ultra-links-to-sandy-hook-assau/

MENTAL illness, MKULTRA programming CLOWNS.

c744b4 No.524054

File: 8a20fff1d85f12e⋯.gif (948.77 KB, 500x269, 500:269, 1517288702074.gif)

b55d0e No.524055

File: 3abe01819930e8d⋯.png (55.17 KB, 600x510, 20:17, 3abe01819930e8d0ce816b954c….png)


so are you Captain Obvious or Major Asshole?

11469b No.524056

File: 97ade8792d8c98c⋯.jpg (111.06 KB, 945x466, 945:466, thot1.jpg)

File: 333e721d6d8eb28⋯.jpg (53.56 KB, 943x456, 943:456, thot2.jpg)


957b60 No.524057

File: bb9f59d1e3d6e6b⋯.jpg (101.95 KB, 1024x887, 1024:887, IMG_0888.JPG)

I got free advice for days

Or eons





35ee45 No.524058


Bridgewater paid Comey shitloads when he became FBI head.

3e15ab No.524059


Reagan did that with the air traffic controllers, fired them all, and worked real well, time for that to be done to the fbi

1968d6 No.524060


Are we to trust the President or not? I know what I heard him say with his own words.

My point is that I do not think Trump would ever try to push this to take the second away. My concern is that the president he is setting will allow a future President to expand the rule and do exactly that. the optics is that he is willing to negotiate a limit on the second amendment which could possibly be expanded in the future to disarm the citizens. That can not be allowed. There is no plus side to this negotiation unless it is to simply level blame which is doing no one any good at this time since the mood is so emotional.

This does not address the root of the problem, will not make children safer, will not make society safer, and should not be entertained.

2f721b No.524061

File: 190741d65133b91⋯.jpg (2.83 MB, 1350x1826, 675:913, bloodlines.jpg)


Same shit, same sandnigger/raghead nonsense.

Two sides of the same shitcoin from cesspit known as the middle east. Complete mutts and mongrels whose mothers are slaves and whores, and their 'fathers' are products of rape just like their 'grandfathers'.

(((they))) will get what they deserve. You can bet your last penny on that one.

82f547 No.524062


it was discussed on the night Q said we were learning comms… potus 18 spaces was patriots…i hear you,, we were given 58 spaces in […………] Q's reply to confirm… not necessary to be fill in blank

1e17b6 No.524063


Apparently I'm dont pay attention anon. Possibly a ddiscouragefag…oh, and a glowing shill clown of course…

Those labels are what you get by asking reasonable questions in /qresearch/

e3fda4 No.524064


Michelle Fields got Corey fired and then Manafort took over.


be4050 No.524065


It's 18 spaces. Copy the tweet and past it into a Word doc. You'll see it's 18 spaces.

c744b4 No.524066

File: 13107305b7c9f38⋯.jpg (157.9 KB, 660x953, 660:953, 1517737003231.jpg)


You could try trusting POTUS's enemies, but I don't recommend it.

11c0db No.524067


Yep, The left thought they had a good hand only to have a bluff that turned out to be a flop

888c7e No.524068


If they do not have proof yet, they don't have it

I say fire them all. What would they do if he did fire them

I don't think there is anything they could do

He is President and can fire anyone under him

What are they going to do take him to court

I say good, because then they have to prove it

9fcccb No.524069


We just went through that here.


c8fc45 No.524070

File: c70c825b586a015⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 20.63 KB, 474x308, 237:154, tripadvisor.jpg)


pic related

2004, the company was purchased by IAC/InterActiveCorp.

In August 2005, IAC spun off its travel group of businesses under the Expedia, Inc. name.

In March 2017 Chelsea Clinton was named to the board of Expedia

15ac92 No.524071

File: bfafc6d6ae7c8ca⋯.jpg (79.8 KB, 750x500, 3:2, 25iobm.jpg)

File: f4f9f9aced9395b⋯.jpg (81.34 KB, 750x500, 3:2, 25ioc0.jpg)

40c61a No.524072


More potential connections 12/15, 12/31 (12/23 mirror date):

12/15 - Q posts “Dark [10]. Enjoy the show!”

12/31 - @kill_rogue posts YouTube video on Top 10 conspiracy theories that turned out to be true

Kill_rogue was mentioned in Q crumb on 12/30, before the mirror date was established by Q crumbs.

“Twitter [kill_rogue]



Twitter handle kill_rogue has a white rabbit as its picture.


Q = Alice

Alice followed the white rabbit

Q serves at the pleasure of POTUS

Alice follows the white rabbits

kill_rogue on Twitter = POTUS

@kill_rogue on 11/30

“Isn’t it amazing how easy it is to openly hide on Twitter?”

On 11/18

“Do you believe in coincidences?”

Though the account seems a bit obsessed with Julian Assange. Could be him.

cdde0f No.524073

File: fabd04160dc3221⋯.jpg (132.12 KB, 595x875, 17:25, 00a4e6c68b73591875e8367f72….jpg)

http:// documents.theblackvault.com/documents/korea/nkor.pdf

from sauce: theblackvault.com/documentarchive/north-korea-intelligence/#

b55d0e No.524074


>Those labels are what you get by asking reasonable questions in /qresearch/

Anons don't like lack of discernment. Even in their shills..

4dbde3 No.524075

File: cfa7002170a93c2⋯.png (101.93 KB, 862x871, 862:871, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 807fd92f59ac24e⋯.png (221.16 KB, 968x369, 968:369, ClipboardImage.png)


MSM / fake news tried to explain 'its nothing'… alt rgith is creating a conspiracy theory…

BUT Abramovic herself says she is doing it for real!

b55d0e No.524076


Not that I'm calling you a shill, at this time. But if you post here,expect to be ripped apart for expecting any kind of spoon feeding.

1e17b6 No.524077


Agreed. Many seem to be averse to logic as well.

888c7e No.524079


You know Gates and Manafort worked on "we don't say his name" President campaign.

you know who went to Russia and tried to get money

But that is ok for him but not Trump


1968d6 No.524080


That is my point. I heard him and I trust that he is well intentioned and is not trying to take away the second amendment rights. I do not trust that the legislation will not be expanded and used inappropriately by his successors though once it is on the books.

db645f No.524081

https:// youtu.be/LQv__B3TGoE

Interesting video from Dubai's Princess by CNN in "exclusive access" clip

Also to note, her body language is totally off.. Literally shakes her head no at what she is saying. This looks like a strategic move that could be of some importance..

c7f83f No.524082


The "key" to this is: "someone making violent and specific threats"

1. It should be proved that the CORRECT person is identified

(from the nature of Nikolas Cruz's postings

it may be possible that someone else

was taking his pictures

and creating dummy accounts

and making threats

and then using him as a patsy

Nikolas needed help because he had nowhere to go

doesn't mean he was saying he needed help

because he wanted to kill someone

There may well be clear evidence that HE did all these things

but first have to eliminate other possibilities

During Obama

the DEA raided the wrong houses

did not have sworn witnesses to criminal activity

they just went in on a rumor

and sometimes got the wrong address


found out the evidence wasn't TRUTH

If they made a law it would have to be very specific

and require more than some 'witness"

or there will be a huge outcry.

People will just have to stop making threats.

But, that doesn't mean the killing will stop.

cb0f60 No.524083


Thanks, I had my head buried in Vim and missed the whole discussion.

957b60 No.524084

File: 2ca502bd6225e3f⋯.jpg (135.49 KB, 1456x549, 1456:549, IMG_0769.JPG)

Donde esta


a876dd No.524085


Not gonna lie.

Ida fucked the every-loving shit out that when I was 14.

e1f62a No.524086


1. Jews

2. Sand Niggers

3. African Niggers

4. Poo in Loo Niggers

5. Yellow or Slant Eyed Niggers

5. Tropical Island Niggers

6. Indonesian Niggers

7. South American Spic Niggers

8. North American Native Niggers

9. Arctic Tundra Niggers

10. Russian Steppes Niggers

Not always necessarily in that order, depending on crime rate, drug & alcohol usage & general debauchery

4dbde3 No.524087

File: a335114ace98b97⋯.png (44.6 KB, 825x552, 275:184, ClipboardImage.png)


" A: Everything depends on which context you are doing what you are doing. If you are doing the occult magic in the context of art or in a gallery, then it is the art.

If you are doing it in different context, in spiritual circles or private house or on TV shows, it is not art.

The intention, the context for what is made, and where it is made defines what art is or not."


https:// medium.com/@kimholleman/when-does-art-become-wrong-when-does-it-cross-the-line-between-art-and-dangerous-570d88dff580

9fcccb No.524089

5140be No.524090

OHHHH! Trump is giving the NRA what Obama was so good at! A little bit of gun grab fear!

61b106 No.524091

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Here's your proof, you fucking retard. I see you still havn't read the Second Amendent, and definitely not the 14th.

40c61a No.524092


Correction, kill_rogue was mentioned 12/25 by Q, not 12/30

c744b4 No.524093

File: 0b38176f71a2c10⋯.jpg (82.73 KB, 736x565, 736:565, 1518045203009.jpg)


I feel the same way but I'm betting it's a feint. I understand your worry. It is a big deal. But these are very odd times, anon. All I can say is I will trust POTUS until he actually acrews ys, because I don't think he will.

5f3e21 No.524094


I don't normally "speak for everyone" and I came into the fold quite late, but the thought crosses my mind that the feelings of belonging, having a true purpose, having true listening individuals who no matter the obvious anonymity and highly likely difference in race, age, gender, after so many years of inequality, lack of acknowledgment for desire to be an active contribution to life and it's continuity only to be held back by a system rigged to force failure, to force choice based on not desire but necessity due to others desires, after all the misery and pain, be it personal or empathically shared, be it felt from news stories from afar designed to istall those feelings, or be it felt from an event which happened right in front of my (our, we go as 1) very eyes only to later be completely surpassed and forgotten by yet the next occurence and no longer remembered by those whom continued to be subjected to unrelentless news until they too became numb and simply clung to the memories only they seemed to be the archiver of, after being taught a historical context only aimed at the benefit of an agenda disguised cleverly to portray pride of unification among individuals of even then already established forced division via selfishness, greed, or just pure benevolence toward a particular aspect defining any particular targetted race who's visual uniqueness, which is a wonderful thing but made to seem horrible through lies, false accusations, and arrogant willing belief of superiority…..the feeling as I write this I could continue on well after this whole thing is over and done with, resolved and allowed to be let go of so the numbness fades and the movement forward can ensue….the feelings of belonging, having a true purpose, having true listening individuals who no matter the obvious anonymity and highly likely difference in race, age, gender, after so many years of inequality, lack of acknowledgment for desire to be an active contribution to life and it's continuity, even now, before the final resolution expected when every time it came along to visit upon knowing deep inside that it was deserved only to have it ripped away by society because it threatened to install enjoyment, the hope which too many no long know what is because it only amplified the effects to have before it was ripped away……..nothing is more important than those feelings those experiences of natural, instictive based elation without the artificial habit forming bullshit peddled legally by means of law protecting only the lawmakers profit……the last 3 months before I wrote this and where I am writing this and why….to have instantly felt those just simply first discovering this new home…that is what I would like portrayed. Thank you anons, POTUS, Q, and team….it's nice to have a home again for this time we shall share here. And I hope these feelings will be allowed to be felt by others unaware or disbelieving as they were made to be when it's all over. May they have this experience to, it is rightfully theirs as well.

e3fda4 No.524095


You are missing the point anon.

Everything coming out about Manafort suggests he was a Clinton plant who did everything possible to create suspicion of Russian collusion.

His role was to get her pied piper candidate nominated, and then become kryptonite.

He is knee deep in the same swamp as podestas. Manafort is not on our side.

957b60 No.524096

File: ba54018dec03b5b⋯.jpg (93.82 KB, 1034x1200, 517:600, IMG_0850.JPG)

Racism is dull

9fcccb No.524097


No he is playing the other side of the table.

He knows Congress will not move on that.

So he can play their hand and divide them.

cdde0f No.524098

Newfags read up:


5140be No.524099


Well ya, that, but also look how many memberships it's bringing to the NRA.

11469b No.524100

File: 3c91bef9906229e⋯.jpg (71.73 KB, 830x768, 415:384, mirror.jpg)

Think Mirror, Anons


5140be No.524102

File: 7da3777c1bf278d⋯.jpeg (41.45 KB, 600x321, 200:107, iu-12.jpeg)

957b60 No.524103

File: d5f4a4619e7561d⋯.jpg (74.5 KB, 1440x869, 1440:869, IMG_0845.JPG)

Wax on leads


Wax off



11c0db No.524104


I know that, that's why i told you they thought they had a good hand that turned out to be a flop. It did not work to stop Trump from Winning the election.

aa77e5 No.524105



4 then 2

ef05e1 No.524106

So basically what this is all about is there is this huge cabal that is trying to run the whole world, with people as their slaves basically, where they are above all the laws, which they basically already are. The cabal consists of the Red Shield, Saudi Arabia, and Soros and the zionists, this is the triangle. Those three very wealthy factions have been working together for years to undermine our country. Through every means they could, the media, the politicians, the judges and the intelligence agencies. They have pretty much accumulated a majority of people working for them in the manegerial positions of those means of control. This is what the deep state consists of. People working for the triangle. These people are controlled by greed and being paid off, or lust and they get set up in compromising positions a'la jeffery epstein pedo island, and then these people are subjected to blackmail and have to do what the cabal tells them to. A majority of the congress has been compromised. All of the media has been compromised. The intelligence agencies have been compromised. The courts have been compromised. They are all actively working to subvert the constitution. The government people involved in this have taken an oath to defend the constitution. They are breaking their sacred oath to all of us. We need to identify these people that are compromised and remove them from the government or the airways. Maybe Trump mentioning taking the guns first and due process second, was a trap to see who is in favor of that nonsense. Because that is clearly unconstitutional on so many levels. The people for that are obviously not working for us, who are they working for?

cdde0f No.524107


2e286e No.524108


looking at POTUS tweets with that phrase. one is the Freedom ball.

Q asked us, so maybe there is a good chance we could verify at some point.

71cb40 No.524109


people are god damn retarded if they think trump is gonna restrict guns. jesus christ already… he plays everyone and wins every time. why's he doing this? among other things…remember what he has said repeatedly about complacency. he doesn't want the patriots to get complacent… he's bringing them back into the fold and getting them riled up. gets them off their asses to be politically active and out to the voting booths. fuck its simple

488611 No.524110

aa77e5 No.524111


Just like the 21 thing and then he backed off it

c8fc45 No.524112

File: 1bef8c066c4d028⋯.jpg (48.45 KB, 480x360, 4:3, 0.jpg)

1e17b6 No.524113


Good work anon! Keep digging!

11469b No.524114


If the storm sweeps through DC, they will not have time to change SHIT!

No way a woke public accepts gun control legislation.

Besides, school shootings will all but disappear, when clowns are in shackles

aa77e5 No.524115


Hi! (Navy salute)

eba0db No.524116

Any sane person wants the story Q has dropped here. Of course I want to believe it. We are all here being held to account and told to wait and be patient. That is a big ask and not because of any deficiencies on my part, but rather because if I'm smart enough to acknowledge Q, I'm smart enough to know how dangerous shit is and I'm pretty much into self-preservation, as are all. It is our inalienable right to protect and defend. So fuck off and eat my asshole if you're butthurt that I'm holding others to account including team Q.

Because no one else is being held to any account whatsoever. How is the other side winning at all? Because they are indeed winning mainly because of the obvious and glaring lack of action. Behind the scenes you say? Don't care, I need to see it. I don't need an image of POTUS drinking water with two hands. I'm supposed to be impressed by this secret decoder ring shit? I need a perp walk. I need to see at least something move here. Don't fucking lecture me you disgusting boomers about the plan. This is the truth, we all need to be held to account. No one is higher than another. Nunes is issuing subpoenas Friday? Don't care. My balls need no more tickling.

be4050 No.524117


Funny. All defined in one list.

7fc35b No.524118


Yep. And aliens.

61b106 No.524119


Amen. He must uphold his oath. A real patriot stands with the Constitution and the Declaration.

1968d6 No.524120


And yet there is still no definitive answer. Meanwhile Flotus is in his ear whispering we have to do something for the children, Ivanca is likely doing the same, but we are to trust that he has some sort of plan here to start negotiating the second amendment.

Someone can prove me wrong and time will tell. I just simply have no way of getting a warm and fuzzy feeling about this entire situation.

If they do pass this, and then a second situation comes directly after, then where does the situation take us? You can just here the public and the media drum up that they have to pass even more legislation to protect the children. Once you open the door, how do you close it again?

1e17b6 No.524121



db645f No.524122



this. I watched it and thought "wtf is he doing?"

Now I need to make sure I archive all the bumpstock 3D printing files I can find.

what are you up to Donald?

5140be No.524123

So this Hope Hicks thing, part of phase 2? Getting a little dangerous for the lady folk or what?

b5f9a3 No.524124




>March 2nd

23842a No.524125


>Bridgewater paid Comey shitloads when he became FBI head.

This is a different bridge water…Bridge water mental hospital..reread the stuff in my digs.

15ac92 No.524127

File: 49a54f5b3be48bc⋯.png (441.43 KB, 569x606, 569:606, pacific.PNG)

another new tweet

11469b No.524128



957b60 No.524129

File: 13a0d639cc81c07⋯.jpg (83.47 KB, 644x960, 161:240, IMG_0875.JPG)

Why does de staat sound like MCA ?!?!?

https:// soundcloud.com/rocknrolla-soundsystem/de-staat-input-source-select-rocknrolla-soundsystem-edit-free-dl

1e17b6 No.524130


Q wants us to drain the swamp? Why cant POTUS do it?

187a6d No.524131


Sessions has become downright petulant in the way he's responding with his lame excuses as to why he's not doing his job.

c744b4 No.524133

File: 3fb955f654df4cd⋯.png (1.2 MB, 1063x696, 1063:696, 3fb955f654df4cda4c8e195491….png)


That is an impressively long sentence, anon. A bit difficult to read without paragraph breaks, but you really said a lot there.

b5f9a3 No.524134


My bad.

ef05e1 No.524135


where do the aliens come in?

1b72f3 No.524136


manafort worked with podestas in ukraine

manafort and deripaska were 'one'

deripaska met with mccain (thx to manafort)

deripaska is connected with norilsk and rusal

both have close connections with rosatom…

rosatom bought uranium one…

035f25 No.524137


He sounded pretty serious about the background checks and mentally ill stuff. He kept coming back to it.

aa77e5 No.524138


Thanks didn’t know there were 3 d files for that.. will locate and give to son to make me a few

cdde0f No.524139

http:// documents.theblackvault.com/documents/fbifiles/scientists/TimothyLeary-FBI1.pdf

11469b No.524140


I know because I made the same mistake last night.


947b00 No.524141


Amen to that!

b55d0e No.524142


Well, we were told that the patriot wheat would be separated from the chaff a very short time ago.. We were also told to keep eyes on who says what and how loud during stress action events, so there's also that.

It's been apparent even in this microcosm we call /qresearch/, that this has been taking place, as well, as watching the bots (and wranglers) has the side effect of also paying attention to the respondents' rections..

It's interesting to watch. (((They))) are definitely losing, but it's the long game… We in it to win it, Patriots.

cb0f60 No.524143


This is the thing about those laws: they're fine when you've got a President you like in office. I remember arguing with Liberals during the Obama campaign–they were saying that the government needed to be given more power, so they could clean house. I asked them "so what happens when a Republican becomes President? Will you like those laws then?"

Republicans and Democrats alike enjoy taking liberties with the interpretations of laws. Obama was particularly bad, as a trained lawyer. With no media to call him out on it, we got absolutely fucked.

I don't like this talk about gun control based on mental illness, or anything of the like. The only thing I'll go for is a neurologist verifying that the person has the exact same mental illness that is susceptible to conditioning–not the fucking liberal psychologists that have backed up the nonsense we hear in the media, such as "some couples could benefit from cuckolding."

Psychology has a scant few real scientists, and a vast raft of idiots trying to make a name and buck for themselves. Just look at Freud's body of work.

It's just like "global warming." The definition of "mental illness" will change to fit the agenda of whatever party is in office. I don't want kiss men. Supposedly that makes me "homophobic." Sounds like a mental illness–can they take my gun now?

68b13b No.524144


Ohhhh, you mean that SHOW we were supposed to enjoy? Yes, i watched the whole round table live, set aside the time to do so. I don't believe everything that I see on TV, I enjoy it for what it is. That, and I'm usually more observant of what people DO, rather than what they say. As for the constitution, I took m oath to defend it, and have done so ever since. Even if it allows people like yourself to say shit that they don't know of, or that i don't believe. And I know that no one is going to change that. Watching a TV show with GREAT actors yesterday, won't change my mind either. I chose to enjoy the show. you chose believe that it was real.

aa77e5 No.524145


That’s what I was wondering… like a code. Everything he does is coded like

563564 No.524146

File: fa1a9851c02cfba⋯.png (182.77 KB, 500x733, 500:733, a-film-by-the-deplorables-….png)


If we're using logic, then !Q=Not Q :P

957b60 No.524147

File: 4adbeac1cad56c9⋯.jpg (32.54 KB, 337x450, 337:450, IMG_0242.JPG)

Alien technology 😘🎻❤️🌽🌮

be4050 No.524148


Any sexually mature male that's not a homo dreams about sex with a girl like that. As parents, we don't want that for our teenage boy because we know the relationship won't last and she'll be a bad influence on the young man. But be honest, every one of us would love to wreck that pussy!!!!

aa77e5 No.524149


Or maybe signaling #42 going…..

2ff481 No.524150

File: 28c73edd0d6595f⋯.jpg (1.27 MB, 2977x2105, 2977:2105, W3esQKv.jpg)

5f3e21 No.524151


my first thought.., I just got back into it all and catching up though

c7f83f No.524152


long-winded sentence, hey

Betcha many here have felt the sting of injustice from these past 50 years – in whatever part we might have lived in it.

Betcha most of us have beat against the wall of silence and got no response from the other side.

cheated out of good lives trying to swim in a murky sea of a norm of immorality and competitive narcissitic capitalism turned against itself

we are witnesses to something that was turned upside down

and had to survive the battles we had to fight

the dull - the constant - battles people had to fight

the meek – are living on the streets

with the walking dead who surrendered to the nightmare

gave up the fight

found a way to win – found relief in numb drugged numbness

187a6d No.524153


He was telling the Republicans in the room not to be afraid of the NRA, not realize he was bleeding votes with every gun-grabby word.

b5f9a3 No.524154


Maybe I misread the coffin taps. The first could've been nothing. If true, then it would be 3 then 2.

09d590 No.524155


Partnerships matter.

Things lining up? Just how I view those kinda posts. I don't got that, only get so see em here.

Thx for posting them Anons.

957b60 No.524156

File: 0a730ef8b299f82⋯.jpg (35.47 KB, 1333x1000, 1333:1000, IMG_0872.JPG)


87cf1a No.524157


I managed to get through that tightly packed cluster of characters, anon, and it was worth it.

9fcccb No.524158


> I just simply have no way of getting a warm and fuzzy feeling about this entire situation.

This is no place for warm and fuzzy feelings.

e3fda4 No.524159



So back to the original point

Did Michelle Fields set up Corey to get him fired because they needed to find an opportunity to get Manafort the job?

A happy accident or bird dogging to create a scene on camera?

fa931f No.524160


Do the crime do the time felon bitch.

a36465 No.524161


Was reminded of Q=Alice when investigating Clock Encryption earlier.

Came across this article.

“Time-lock encryption. Alice has a document that she wants to make public in, say, a couple of days, but she is not willing to hand it out to anybody before this deadline. Therefore she puts the document into a box and attaches a time-lock. The lock keeps the box securely sealed, and thus the document confidential, for the determined period of time. It will unlock automatically when the deadline has passed, which makes it possible for everyone to access the document easily, without any further interaction with Alice. Time-lock encryption is a digital equivalent of such time-locked boxes. It allows to encrypt data for a period of time, up to a certain deadline, such that even a computationally powerful adversary is not able to learn any non-trivial information about the data before the deadline. However, when the time is over, even parties with relatively weak computational resources should immediately be able to decrypt easily.”

https:/ /eprint.iacr.org/2015/478.pdf

11469b No.524162


That theory is out the window, when you reduce from 1 to 0, since there is no March the 0th

Unless you drop down to 9, which throws off the sequencing.

957b60 No.524163

File: 8308336d80e2c06⋯.png (508.76 KB, 608x380, 8:5, IMG_0853.PNG)

Plan ahead

c744b4 No.524164

File: 628b5f670a3a394⋯.jpg (121.09 KB, 668x1024, 167:256, 1518058660843.jpg)


>the meek – are living on the streets

>with the walking dead who surrendered to the nightmare

>gave up the fight

>found a way to win – found relief in numb drugged numbness


68b13b No.524165



DUE PROCESS, or did you guys miss that part?

42801d No.524166

30 top White House aids and Kushner lost their top secret clearance… any chance our Q is one or some of those top aids?

aa77e5 No.524168


Watched it 4 times to be sure. 4 then. 2

1968d6 No.524169

db645f No.524170


Might also want to check out suppressors and drum mags.

035f25 No.524171


It's possible that both Manafort and Page were plants, which would be ironic since they are the ones getting the indictments.

aa77e5 No.524172


Damn! Haven’t heard that since the navy

1b72f3 No.524173


above that deripaska & oleg erovinkin (death) have a link (rosneft) erovinkin is said to be connected to the steele dossier

and there was one person on the plane crash that worked at nornilsk




and to answer your question


it looked to me as a set up.. the reason? i don't know, but could be indeed what ya said

11469b No.524174


No. because Q clearance means that we are well past that stage of approval

aa77e5 No.524175


I will!

5140be No.524176


oh yeah, huh

comms are quiet on many fronts, no alliance insider leaks all week, Q or otherwise

957b60 No.524177

File: e3732fb9f856483⋯.jpg (621.13 KB, 1600x2400, 2:3, IMG_0806.JPG)

Poetry rules earth chan

Which is not flat btw

( • )( • )ԅ(‾⌣‾ԅ)

aa77e5 No.524178


Son is a autist…he’s built two 3 d printers from scratch. Medium one and a large one.

947b00 No.524179

>>524166 everyone losing their clearance had Temp status, Q is MI.

aa77e5 No.524180


It was the interim ones.. due to the new rules that K made

68b13b No.524181


Many have taken that oath. None who uphold it will allow the Constitution (or more accurately, the BILL OF RIGHTS) to be altered in a way that would weaken us. None. It's not that hard to understand.

3db63e No.524182



>This is the thing about those laws: they're fine when you've got a President you like in office. I remember arguing with Liberals during the Obama campaign–they were saying that the government needed to be given more power, so they could clean house. I asked them "so what happens when a Republican becomes President? Will you like those laws then?"

>Republicans and Democrats alike enjoy taking liberties with the interpretations of laws. Obama was particularly bad, as a trained lawyer. With no media to call him out on it, we got absolutely fucked.

>I don't like this talk about gun control based on mental illness, or anything of the like. The only thing I'll go for is a neurologist verifying that the person has the exact same mental illness that is susceptible to conditioning–not the fucking liberal psychologists that have backed up the nonsense we hear in the media, such as "some couples could benefit from cuckolding."

>Psychology has a scant few real scientists, and a vast raft of idiots trying to make a name and buck for themselves. Just look at Freud's body of work.

>It's just like "global warming." The definition of "mental illness" will change to fit the agenda of whatever party is in office. I don't want kiss men. Supposedly that makes me "homophobic." Sounds like a mental illness–can they take my gun now?

GEOTUS is putting the gun grabbers in a no-win situation for the 2018 elections.

He's intentionally sabotaged the discussion by encouraging the elimination of due process, provoking a constitutional problem of age vs voting, and demanding it all be rolled into a single bill (which can easily be defeated by SCOTUS)

61b106 No.524183


Violation of the 14th Amendment due process clause: " …nor shall any state deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law…."

aa77e5 No.524184


They didn’t lose the clearances , they were actually downgraded on some

Some were viewing things above their grade that that stopped

947b00 No.524185


You can not 3d print a suppressor., they get hot. There are files for woking guns, actual working guns, but, I would not fire any of them more than once (twice, maybe, if my life depended on it)

23842a No.524186


>Did Michelle Fields set up Corey to get him fired because

Don't forget lil' Benji supported her to the end…even when it was proven she was lying…benji is not /ourguy/…just remember that. He was IN on it…his loyalty is to Israel…the source of ALL this shit.

1968d6 No.524187


Perhaps you should discuss that with the President since that was exactly what his words were stating he was willing to do. Also Obummer took the same oath and I defy you to give one example of one instance where he upheld or defended the Constitution.

947b00 No.524188


I stand corrected, (and I even knew that)

aa77e5 No.524189

5140be No.524190


but you CAN print an STP oil can thread adaptor.

5db6d9 No.524191

http:// www.businessinsider.com/russian-hackers-fancy-bear-germany-cyber-attack-2018-3

I wonder if this story will end in learning that Fancy Bear is Crowdstrike.

c744b4 No.524192



>POTUS pushes a gun control narrative so over-reaching even lefties can't support it, because they'll get slaughtered at midterms

>Lefties forced to argue against gun control, alienating their base

>POTUS grinning smug af

That's how I see it.

40c61a No.524194

File: 5fc1ea812a6e7c7⋯.jpeg (370.02 KB, 750x1070, 75:107, E530A9BE-086B-4BAD-AA91-D….jpeg)

File: 1cfe770c3405444⋯.jpeg (1.55 MB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 3230ABCB-E44E-4F73-9121-8….jpeg)


Was this kill_rogue retweet (RT) made on 12/27?

Possible 12/19 to 12/17 connection - Pizzagate big threat to them. Conspiracy theme will be pushed.

2f721b No.524195


Finally, a voice of reason.

You don't play their game. You take the fucking corrupt chess board and shove it down their throats.

09d590 No.524196

If the plan was to teach the average person how to fight for the Republic, ya ever think maybe POTUS may need to help the newly freed Congress also learn how to fight again?

Just another way to look at it.

All life is a stage…

9e2195 No.524197

File: 8402e0fa039c718⋯.jpg (66 KB, 720x818, 360:409, 8402e0fa039c718440fac7c34a….jpg)

957b60 No.524198

File: 3e6337ef2f6b13f⋯.jpg (82.92 KB, 828x664, 207:166, IMG_0195.JPG)


Rock'n rolla

Heard none of dis

Gun drama

cb0f60 No.524199


It's a good question, but I don't think so. Here's why: most of those people were associated with Trump's campaign. If they're primary reason for interacting with us is that they're trying to get support for Trump, then why stop? Even if you didn't have access to Top Secret intel, you could get enough info that nobody else would have access to–what cup Trump is drinking from today, maybe some words he'll say in an upcoming speech. That, plus sitting in on some strategy sessions might give you enough. Then there's talk around the office.

If they were campaigning for Trump, they would never step away–they'd just keep working it for all they could. What's going on here isn't a sales pitch–it's some masterwork artisanship. I decided awhile ago that even if it were fake, it's the best fake I'll likely ever witness in my life. Besides, I used to play D&D when I was a kid, and I enjoyed it. The possibility that we could be making -real- change is something I barely let myself believe.

61b106 No.524200

File: 41b5a15b743d123⋯.jpg (63.57 KB, 680x440, 17:11, MMHHMMM yeah.jpg)

aa77e5 No.524201


Me too

5f3e21 No.524202


I get a feeling the shutdowns were to make sure they ALL knew that POTUS and team knew, and they were told the movie must be made………I have not been watching the actions lately, but I bet they are ALL acting now and doing so because of what they themselves were guilty of……show must go on so the awakening can happen in a controlled fashion.

I am reminded of back during the first few months after election…an incident where POTUS knew he was on cam and visually grabbed another persons arm so he could take the front spot, and by his actions, his face, he was pissed because it was not supposed to happen that way..POTUS was supposed to walk in front….kinda like it was a practice session, stage was set, action was called, and "FFS, this isn't a game!!! Know your role, fucker!!"…..that's what I nurse inside my heart.

3fce6b No.524203


more to add to government

https ://oversight.gov/investigations

https: //oversight.gov/reports

https: //vault.fbi.gov/

b5f9a3 No.524204


I know there's a reason for it regardless, but I can't figure out the connection.

aa77e5 No.524206


Well said

035f25 No.524207

File: 244cb5128a4e00c⋯.jpg (116.14 KB, 453x217, 453:217, QDrop_mind_fck.jpg)

40c61a No.524208


Correction, potential 12/19 to 12/27 connection.

Anons continue this digging, can not continue unabated. There are things to be found

aa77e5 No.524209


I’m wondering if a signal to take down #42

5140be No.524210


I also think of it this way, if the NRA gets a pro NRA candidate in office, their numbers decline because people relax. They get someone like Obama in, their numbers go up - so it's always thankless position to be in.

Trump has always been excellent at raising funding, I actually think he's doing them a favor with this "due process" gaff.

5f3e21 No.524211


concurred anon, and I'll tell you now, it is damn hard to fool me for reasons that is you were aware of, you too might agree.

aa77e5 No.524212


Not to mention it has helped Remington’s sales!

cbbdb7 No.524213

They're going hard after Alex Jones:

http:// www. nydailynews.com/news/national/alex-jones-accused-sexual-harassment-racism-anti-semitism-article-1.3848193

947b00 No.524214

620+ posts.

Is there a Baker in the house??

I can step up (in theory)

My current list of notables.

>>523722 Future (NEWS) proves the past (MAP).

>>523788 Hmmmmm (Minority Report anyone?)

>>523875 , >>524091 , >>524114 Muh guns! (Trusting the Art of the Deal)

>>523953 Beware of Useful Idiots

>>523877 Podesta had Michelle Fields for dinner

>>523900 Mirror Theroy of the pure evil. (But worth a second look)

>>523974 Suicide Weekend?

>>524003 Dig Sites

Additions, subtractions?

6cfcb1 No.524215

what in the tea totalling fuck is going on with these breads

b55d0e No.524216


You don't seem to understand that POTUS surrounded himself with Marines on purpose, for a reason. These men are risking their livelihoods and lives just talking to us. You can defy all you want, but your line of rhetoric is telling.

3c4c0c No.524217

File: 4b836e86968ea22⋯.jpeg (39.07 KB, 600x430, 60:43, JFKPopePaulVI--Keystone v….jpeg)

"Power of the keys"

Power of "binding and loosing"—that is, of excluding from or admitting into Paradise—claimed by the Pope in his character of St. Peter's successor, grounded on Mathew, 16:19

["And I will give onto thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven; and whatsoever thou shalt bind on the earth shall be bound in heaven; and whatsoever thou shalt loose on the earth shall be loosed in heaven."]

The power or authority to administer the discipline of the Church, and to communicate or withhold its privileges.


William Andrews' Bygone Punishments (1899) indicated that several centuries ago the locksmith's art was considered sacrosanct, citing an old English ordinance with draconian penalties, which read: "All breakers open of chests, or pickers of locks, coffers, or chests, etc. on shipboard, if under the value of one-and-twenty pence, they shall suffer forty days' imprisonment; but if above {that value} they must be hanged as aforesaid."

957b60 No.524218

File: 1e69c98049e8e59⋯.jpg (56 KB, 960x760, 24:19, IMG_0667.JPG)

Dear snatches

Why do I repeat myself

Asking for a homie

c744b4 No.524219

File: ff794565b2ef19d⋯.jpg (82.37 KB, 463x720, 463:720, ff794565b2ef19dbfc012d1ce2….jpg)


That's true.


Good. Nothing gets people involved like serious opposition. Jones is at his best when legitimately under pressure.

98be1e No.524220


-> Peter Stuyvesant?

61b106 No.524221

File: 08437d04215280f⋯.jpg (209.17 KB, 1200x630, 40:21, Hitler children curt lib.jpg)

9fcccb No.524222



>doing them a favor with this "due process" gaff.

Not only that but no Dem can now openly agree with him.

They can only oppose him no matter what.

That's their only ploy right now - give him no success..

cdde0f No.524223



68b13b No.524224


unnless you're looney tunes, you have nothing to worry about. If you do have or obtain a history of mental health issues and are already in possession of your weapons, I'm sure that there won't be a knock on your door wit badges to confiscate your firearms, without due process. its silly to believe that such wound even pass legislation. maybe you watch too many movies?


I said none who UPHOLD, I said nothing of traitors (Obummer). Meaning, patriots. Nice try though.

035f25 No.524225

I predict rapid bipartisan agreement and passage of a bill that does two things (i) tightens background checks, (ii) addresses people who pose an immediate violent threat to self or others. I don't expect age restrictions or further restrictions on weapons. We'll see.

aa77e5 No.524226


He makes suggestions, they have to oppose, he acts like he caves, gets exactly what he wants and makes them look like fools in the process….he wins

c744b4 No.524227


And it will be touted as doing what Obama couldn't.

b5f9a3 No.524228



Bold if true.

68b13b No.524229


so you honestly believe that patriots would just sit by and let 2A just evaporate? that sounds kinda liberal.to me

cda4e1 No.524230


Hitler wasn't talking about his own government. He was talking about the Weimar jews before him.

5140be No.524231


Same thing with Sessions, trust Sessions ≠ stay quiet.

We need public support for the Hillary investigation, but also the opposition needs to perceive that we are divided, they're on the verge of going on record supporting Sessions, once that happens he can prosecute with impunity.

aa77e5 No.524232


The funding was authorized in a December 2016 defense bill signed by President Obama - which widened the scope of the center's activities.

ef05e1 No.524233

View at 40,000 ft?

So basically what this is all about is there is this huge cabal that is trying to run the whole world, with people as their de facto slaves, where they are above all the laws, which they basically already are. The cabal consists of the Red Shield, Saudi Arabia, and Soros and the zionists, this is the triangle. Those three very wealthy factions have been working together for years to undermine our country. Through every means they could, the media, the politicians, the judges and the intelligence agencies. They have pretty much accumulated a majority of people working for them in the manegerial positions of those means of control. This is what the deep state consists of. People working for the triangle. These people are controlled by greed and being paid off, or lust and they get set up in compromising positions a'la jeffery epstein pedo island, and then these people are subjected to blackmail and have to do what the cabal tells them to. A majority of the congress has been compromised. All of the media has been compromised. The intelligence agencies have been compromised. The courts have been compromised. They are all actively working to subvert the constitution. The government people involved in this have taken an oath to defend the constitution. They are breaking their sacred oath to all of us. We need to identify these people that are compromised and remove them from the government or the airways. They use fear to remove our liberties. They stage attacks and bombings to try to push an anti gun agenda. They sell drugs to fund black projects. They murder anyone credible who dares cross them. They try to divide us in whatever manner they can, race, class, gender, preference, politics, everything. They poison us in our food and our medicine. They hide cures to sell the more profitable treatment. They create disease to provide profit from cures. They create wars to sell guns and ammunition, military equipment is big business. Immigration of muslems meant to destabilize, not improve the quality of America. So much subversion and outright lies told to the public. Maybe Trump mentioning taking the guns first and due process second, was a trap to see who is in favor of that nonsense. Because that is clearly unconstitutional on so many levels. The people for that are obviously not working for us, who are they working for?

61b106 No.524234

File: 855adecd97ae9ef⋯.jpg (81.07 KB, 500x489, 500:489, MMHMretard.jpg)

aa77e5 No.524235

Sessions= the silent executioner

cb0f60 No.524236


I have never, ever been one to believe in conspiracies. At all. But show me a trail of evidence in the form of government documents and other reliable sources, and I'll listen. I've seen the documents outlining how Obama was giving cash to Iran for dissemination to terrorists. I've read about how North Korea was trying to get a Mig through the Panama Canal under tons of sugar. I've read about how two guys using Palantir were able to figure out who was getting stuff into North Korea (C4ADS report)–the entire US intelligence community has access to Palantir and more; do you think -they- didn't know, or did someone up top tell them not to do anything about it?

The crumbs have been laid, and I have followed the trail, and it isn't bullshit after all. Honestly, I still find myself worrying that we're going to see a video of Johnny Knoxville showing us all the evidence he put before us. Regardless, I've learned a lot of things I never knew before, and sharpened a lot of skills. If this is a larp, I've still learned more in 4 months than I've learned in the past 8 years of watching news.

aa77e5 No.524237



aa77e5 No.524238


Take down BC, he will cave on HRC to save his skin

6cfcb1 No.524239


been knowing this shit for atleast 10 years

b55d0e No.524240


>Maybe Trump mentioning taking the guns first and due process second, was a trap


957b60 No.524241

File: 3a069797269f74b⋯.jpg (144.01 KB, 594x446, 297:223, IMG_0825.JPG)


Everyone is scared

Of some artificial POS

THAT is true

Da mn fa gg ots

aa77e5 No.524242

File: 5b43f5042efdaf1⋯.jpeg (55.84 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 55BE498B-81CF-4AB8-85B0-9….jpeg)

ef05e1 No.524243


Right, but now, we have the evidence

68b13b No.524244


so fucking easy to understand, yet missed by so many. HOW? they're easily distracted, POTUS isn't our puppet, we don't pull his strings to say what we want him to say. however, we can learn a LOT from watching what he DOES, which is…fucking win.

957b60 No.524245

File: fd3dfda46d4147c⋯.jpg (42.41 KB, 670x383, 670:383, IMG_0614.JPG)

db645f No.524246


>I would not fire any of them more than once

https:// youtu.be/NF9kmPQCH98


this is 2018

and we are in America

If you can print with metal pla or ceramics (not everyone can) then you can print suppressors for multi round use.

If just plastic, than it's good for a few rounds before the internals start melting.

6cfcb1 No.524247

i think we need mass citizen arrests with good people and judges in place and lawyers to take on the cause

b5f9a3 No.524248

File: d2c6c871b60927a⋯.gif (901.11 KB, 500x281, 500:281, Stop.gif)

5dac43 No.524249

Major fuckery going on with the Dilley race. He says the numbers do NOT add up! Points to the AL race fuckery. Also there was a special election in CT last night that has been red for decades that went to the D's. The swamp is deep! Trump has got to fix this before midterms!!

c744b4 No.524250

File: d1805df866ac6bf⋯.jpeg (50.54 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 1375f_600x.jpeg)


>I still find myself worrying that we're going to see a video of Johnny Knoxville showing us all the evidence he put before us.


"I'm Q and welcome to Jackass!" *jumps through a table*

957b60 No.524251

File: 2072bfc544138a8⋯.jpg (17.42 KB, 630x570, 21:19, IMG_0831.JPG)

1b72f3 No.524252


they are rigging it all… became clear in state of sessions…

82f547 No.524253

Trump lamented:

“But you know the saddest thing is that because I’m the president of the United States, I am not supposed to be involved with the Justice Department. I’m not supposed to be involved with the FBI. I’m not supposed to be doing the kind of things that I would love to be doing. And I’m very frustrated by it.”

1b72f3 No.524254



a6f6b2 No.524255


As a prior Navy guy, I find Q's pattern of naval references quite fascinating. That, or a Marine who spent a lot of time with Swabbies - Swabbies very steeped in naval tradition and history. Not just a run of the mill goat locker, either.

957b60 No.524256

File: c322c1146a63a81⋯.jpg (21.88 KB, 552x537, 184:179, IMG_0829.JPG)

Dear wonderland

The wolf. Eats

Beware rabbit hole


c744b4 No.524257


>I’m not supposed to be doing the kind of things that I would love to be doing.

What did he meme by this?

3fce6b No.524258


More on News Sources

https: //theconservativetreehouse.com/

https: //teapartyorg.ning.com/forum

http:// www.breitbart.com/news/source/breitbart-news/

https: //truepundit.com/

https: //100percentfedup.com/

http: //thegatewaypundit.com/

6cfcb1 No.524259

lol i never was into politics cause i knew it was all rigged. my family hassled me until i went and voted. only time in my life i voted and that proved my point. gore won that year, lmfao

now these same family dont want to talk politics with me, irony of it all. lol

68b13b No.524260


That moment when i realize that i'm wasting my time, when time will tell anyway, Back to reality and a happy life…Here's your (you)

5140be No.524261


Just because he give us intel drop doesn't mean Dilley is going to win, it's AZ dude, they've reelected McCain how many times?

5f3e21 No.524262


Seems like and obvious move to throw off track, but the flipside sticks out to me…seems like a move to show "someone" who may be watching the insensitivity of the MAGA crew…smh….I didn't watch the vid, didn't check the numbers, but can tell you now, if OP had ability to get here, post what might be vicious attack, show sensitivity levels for whoever, and then there is the language…"shithole country" can't get more obvious……I am gonna enjoy knowing these people are gonna suffer.

035f25 No.524263


He means he would love to be involved with the Justice Department and the FBI.

c744b4 No.524264


You're learning.

3e15ab No.524265


the strange part, i was going through the EO's and seen DJT cancel or make void, or however its worded, the one EO that was investigating election fraud,and it made me go hmmm? it was soon after alabama when he canceled it

1b8a86 No.524266


All the patriots who need guns right now for defense of themselves, friends, family, Republic, have em and are going to have more

Brainwashed leftist (AKA mentally ill) 18 yr old Antifa trying to pick up a gun to "shoot nazis?" – BANNED BITCHES

957b60 No.524267

File: 7621ab389629b0a⋯.jpg (230.35 KB, 728x1097, 728:1097, IMG_0860.JPG)

68b13b No.524268


For God & Country

b55d0e No.524269


maybe the 007 types are making him jealous ;p

aa77e5 No.524270

9fcccb No.524271


They just like the show.

You like the plot.

957b60 No.524272

File: f1d81806e7e52e2⋯.jpg (182.24 KB, 1080x1070, 108:107, IMG_0867.JPG)

b5f9a3 No.524273

Looks like Dr. Corsi made his way to Gab.ai. Good. Maybe now he can get back to helping us make the connections.

dd6f87 No.524274

File: a513a188ee4086a⋯.jpg (127.85 KB, 768x796, 192:199, Uten navn.jpg)

2ff481 No.524275

File: e006fdd5bacfdd2⋯.jpg (1.76 MB, 2144x3896, 268:487, 1519882781259.jpg)

11469b No.524276

File: ace6b89f20183d5⋯.jpg (59.86 KB, 463x720, 463:720, art of rape.jpg)

eba0db No.524277


The guy who was calling Q fake? Those connections?

aa77e5 No.524278


Yea wondered about that as well

6cfcb1 No.524279


no i got called crazy when i told them about sandy hook, boston, towers, bla bla bla, they dont want to hear it

5a6788 No.524280


>then 2

4-2 * The Notecard, delta of 40 spaces, 40 days after 2-21 is April 2, or 4/2

0df84e No.524281



>The people for that are obviously not working for us, who are they working for?


5140be No.524282

File: 7a9a28b036af1a1⋯.png (316.55 KB, 500x264, 125:66, IMG_8618.PNG)

11469b No.524283


Thanks for the clarification, Anon

61b106 No.524284


Bye. You are a very weak defender of the Constitution anyway.

957b60 No.524285

File: 893424c40119f04⋯.jpg (68.34 KB, 799x1128, 17:24, IMG_0724.JPG)

1b72f3 No.524286


didn't some say that the ig-report would come out 4/2?

87cf1a No.524287

I don't see anywhere in the bread where anyone has put their hand up to bake.


9fcccb No.524288


Only those that see the dirty work needed CAN do it.

957b60 No.524289

File: c5b5ab3691a3c5f⋯.jpg (57.25 KB, 960x504, 40:21, IMG_0740.JPG)

Damn it Jules

cdde0f No.524290


ef05e1 No.524291



5f3e21 No.524292


I would like to know what they do to the one's who fail to be programmed for whatever reason, as I am almost positive I was one they could not break and am the way I currently am because they did it to me.

eba0db No.524293


nice SJW garbage meme, bro

0968d0 No.524294



He did not cancel the order. It stated that once they ended the investigation, they would

submit a report (I think it was) 30 days later. So, they finished and either have already, or will

submit a report. Maybe they gave it to Sessions, who is now gathering evidence.

I would think a proven falsified race could have whoever was elected impeached and thrown

out of office.

8e69c0 No.524295


He admitted he was wrong but, yeah, that guy.

957b60 No.524296

File: 37113c16c7e9bef⋯.jpg (84.03 KB, 610x960, 61:96, IMG_0821.JPG)

Future proof

9fcccb No.524297


Yeah, they hate the plot.

11469b No.524298

File: 1c5b8e9601d4cc9⋯.jpg (87.47 KB, 1000x548, 250:137, TOOKEDEDED.jpg)

5140be No.524299

In any case SOMETHING needs to be done about

election fraud before the midterms or its going to

be the most violent summer in decades.

68b13b No.524300

File: b62155bcb84f085⋯.png (85.27 KB, 220x217, 220:217, !untitled-.png)


Yet, I let you speak freely and didn't take your firearms without due process. You're welcome.

40c61a No.524301


There seems to be no relevant 12/19 and 12/27 connections between Q’s 12/19 “Satan has left the WH. Day of days.” And DoD’s 12/27 tweets.

957b60 No.524302

File: 975b46c9b05d05c⋯.jpeg (5 KB, 200x200, 1:1, 71FCDC92-87DD-4D87-B8D8-2….jpeg)

Lüv Q

6cfcb1 No.524303


boomer parents cant fatham their gov would do that shit i guess

947b00 No.524304

Baking 'WTF am I doing Edition'

035f25 No.524305


They were not getting the info they needed from the states, so POTUS passed it to DHS. They have more heft when it comes to demanding things.

c744b4 No.524306


We all start somewhere, and thank you.

5a6788 No.524307


Q post hinted at March [ ]

Tomorrow? Maybe that's just hope, my brain is on the fritz again.

87cf1a No.524308


Whatever you're doing, I'm not complaining.

Thanks baker.

230ef0 No.524309


I had to keep clicking a "show me more Petitions" link, on the site, before I finally found the Internet Bill of Rights. I signed some other good ones on the way, including Release the FISA Warrants; Immediately appoint a Special Prosecutor to Begin Investigating Hildebeasts' 30,000+ missing emails, and lying to the FBI; and attempted to sign the Internet Bill of Rights, but it wouldn't send when I pushed the send button! Showed only a little over 1,200 signatures, and it needs about 98,000+ to reach the minimum 100,000, for the WH to consider, by March 5, 2018!

Is the "We the People" WH website part of "Mr. Rogers" Neighborhood?

I would hope they would protect against any of the clown attacks, like we get on here!

I did some sharing of the poster in the Post on FB.

db645f No.524310


proof it's a trap?

It's like saying Hillary's defense will be that she's been a confidential informant… obviously it's an extreme comparison but you get the idea..

80d107 No.524311

Odd timing of the death of Billy Graham. Was he a pedo?

0968d0 No.524312


Thanks for stepping up. Don't worry about complainers. They could've done it, so load your

"Fuck off" gun and be ready to fire.

957b60 No.524313

File: e22c6dd1a11be46⋯.jpg (73.47 KB, 576x700, 144:175, IMG_0818.JPG)

I'm trying to appease

These jackasses Q

Let's see some beef


ᕙ( ° ʖ °)ᕗ

11469b No.524314


His son appears to have been in that circle with their foundation

5140be No.524315


I doubt Trump would've made such a big deal for a pedo, unless I'm missing something

6cfcb1 No.524316


dont matter if he was a pedo or not, he was a money changer so fuck him!

c744b4 No.524317


POTUS has a lot of praise for him so probably not

2a1172 No.524318


Exactly - I cannot understand how it is possible to keep these two thoughts in your head at the same time.

"There is an evil, sexist racist crazy man in the white house who is one step away from creating a fascist state and starting the next world war".


"We need to ban guns so we are all safer."

Pick one.

1b72f3 No.524319


Many mostly Democrat States refused to hand over data from the 2016 Election to the Commission On Voter Fraud. They fought hard that the Commission not see their records or methods because they know that many people are voting illegally. System is rigged, must go to Voter I.D.

03:02 - 1/4/2018

0968d0 No.524320


That is also at least partially true (not getting the info) and also likely to be the actual situation.

It is still, as I said, possible that they got enough information and are preparing the report. In short,

We just don't know the situation; however, that does not mean it has been dropped as a


9fcccb No.524321


For his time and stature - highly unlikely.

80d107 No.524322


Hilarious. If I had a pussy he could grab it.

1e17b6 No.