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File: d5055660dbbb0b7⋯.jpg (585.22 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, DoughImage.jpg)

0ef2fa  No.5332111

Welcome To Q Research General

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

We are researchers who deal in open-source information, reasoned argument, and dank memes. We do battle in the sphere of ideas and ideas only. We neither need nor condone the use of force in our work here.




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Q's Latest Posts

Friday 02.22.2019

>>5328866 ————————————–——– One step closer. (Cap: >>5329024 )

>>5328649 ————————————–——– How do you fill your admin if majority of those 'in politics' are corrupt? (Cap: >>5328694 )

>>5328390 ————————————–——– FAKE NEWS ONLY DIVIDES.

>>5328186 rt >>5328018 ————————— Crime Against Children.

>>5327931 rt >>5327889 ————————— Sedition. Treason. Crimes against Humanity.

>>5327833 rt >>5327780 ————————— https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Sex%20Puppy (Cap: >>5327878 )

>>5327732 rt >>5327581 ————————— Puppy (sex_urban dic)?

>>5327554 ————————————–——– What happened re: Bernie's wife 'fraud' case? (Vid: >>5327583 )

>>5326450 ————————————–——– The best is yet to come. (Vid: >>5326469 )

>>5326235 rt >>5325789 ————————— Impossible to defend. Vietnam trip coming. Enjoy the show!

>>5325739 ————————————–——– THE TRUTH WILL ALWAYS WIN.

>>5325408 rt >>5325320 ————————— There sure are a lot of ‘Q’ comments on that Tweet POTUS just referred to.

>>5325320 rt >>5325292 ————————— Got popcorn? (Re: >>5318964 (see below))

>>5325224 ————————————–——– Dead on. (Caps: >>5325267 )

>>5320727 rt >>5320696 ————————— Just another coincidence we dropped [LL] was offered a SC seat

>>5320696 ————————————–——– The Deal of a Lifetime?

>>5320205 ————————————–——– Our reach is a direct threat to their control. (caps >>5320232)

>>5319456 ————————————–——– Attacker = member of local ANTIFA chapter (joined April 2018).

>>5319191 ————————————–——– Pepe is proud and has never been more popular.

>>5318964 ————————————–——– [Soft Push of New Narrative - Example] (caps >>5319029)

Thursday 02.21.2019

>>5311412 ————————————–——– Welcome to the Democrat Party.

>>5311089 ————————————–——– They know what's best for our Country?

>>5310417 ————————————–——– #WWG1WGA

>>5309759 ————————————–——– #Truth

>>5309085 ————————————–——– Why are memes so important?

>>5308930 rt >>5308748 ————————— THEY WILL STOP AT NOTHING TO REGAIN POWER.

>>5308748 ————————————–——– Political forces @ work?

>>5308483 ————————————–——– Equal justice under the law or RIGGED SYS?

>>5305044 ————————————–——– You have more than you know.

>>5304336 ————————————–——– Be ready for the 'Q', Anon(s).

>>5304214 rt >>5303949 ————————— We are the news now (WW).

>>5303685 ————————————–——– What is the process to enter a SCIF?

Wednesday 02.20.2019

Compiled here: >>5320765

Tuesday 02.19.2019

Compiled here: >>5305779

Monday 02.18.2019

Compiled here: >>5277090

Sunday 02.17.2019

Compiled here: >>5246773

Saturday 02.16.19

Compiled here: >>5230898

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>>2322789, >>2323031 How To Quickly Spot A Clown

0ef2fa  No.5332116


are not endorsements


>>5177229 MEMES ARE IMPORTANT: Memetic Warfare Division is RECRUITING

>>5251148 Board search got its own domain: https://qresear.ch


>>5332000 FDA is trying to keep demand down. re: Young blood infusions.

>>5331464 Great speech!

>>5331751 Germany: Land of schnitzel and stabwounds. Five stabbing attacks in Germany on the same day.

>>5331723 Ben Sasse calls on DOJ to prosecute Epstein

>>5331443 US Treasury to suspend sales of state and local government series securities.

>>5331677 Microsoft Edge browser ‘Lets Facebook run flash code behind users’ backs’.

>>5331618 Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway loses more than $4 billion amid Kraft Heinz crash.

>>5331490 California city charging $3,000 deposit to mother seeking records after son killed by police.

>>5331474 Reported: List of additional names into Florida prostitution and trafficking sting.

>>5332098 #6814


>>5331034 Who is Mark Childress? Re: "Puppy" Podesta emails.

>>5331237 Sudanese President announces State of Emergency for one year.

>>5330830 Planefag: Final as AF1 lands.

>>5330898 OIG audit report on Russian money laundering investigations.

>>5330784 DOJ Receipt - Director's Records "Child Crime Folder (5)" Meme.

>>5330769 Lei Wang (prostitution sting) = Wang Lulu from HRC emails? Call to dig.

>>5330737 Anon: AF1 pointing to Newport?

>>5330699 POTUS is on!

>>5331365 #6813


>>5330161 Planefag: What is AF-1 trying to point to?

>>5330185 MI6 intel chief makes secret Israel trip amid new Iran nuke activity.

>>5330152 AIPAC slams ‘racist and reprehensible’ extremist party wooed by Netanyahu.

>>5330138 Haiti president is Clinton/Kerry puppet?

>>5330130 Kraft's wife died of cancer in 2011.

>>5330053 Israel braces for Temple Mount violence; Netanyahu in political fight of life.

>>5330037 Mnuchin says U.S. and China have reached deal on currency issues, Chinese negotiators to extend D.C. trip by 2 days.

>>5330074 Graham: 'Handful' of GOP senators will vote to block Trump's emergency declaration.

>>5329928 Wimmer: US military has taken control of Europe.

>>5329975 German police lose ALL the evidence against two paedophiles who allegedly raped more than 30 children at least 1,000 times at rundown campsite.

>>5329989 Roger Goodell has a lot of meetings in Palm Beach.

>>5329991 17 PEDO-sta emails containing the word "puppy."

>>5329914 Former Navy SEAL arrested on weapons charges in Haiti says he was doing security work tied to Haiti's president.

>>5329908 Travel warning for US employees in Mexico.

>>5330572 #6812


>>5329663 Map of Venezuelan foreign aid.

>>5329705 Assange reportedly gets new passport despite possible arrest in UK.

>>5329495, >>5329505 The escalation of Israeli collective punishment of Palestinians.

>>5329651 Kraft visited Meek Mill in prison.

>>5329313 Late-Night Deal Breaks Deadlock Over Natural Gas Exports. The Trump Administration Is Ecstatic

>>5329552 Group of American vets detained in Haiti on weapons charges brought back to US, arrested upon landing.

>>5329527 Omar Al-Bashir stepping down from Sudan's Presidency.

>>5329443 The Pentagon wants to know how a border wall will improve troops’ ‘effectiveness’ before it contributes DoD dollars.

>>5329315 Sara denies being Q. Exactly what Q would say.

>>5329343 Macron: France could ban hate speech convicts from all social media for life.

>>5329183 Branson's cash grab goes live.

>>5329180 Bolivia: Humanitarian aid for Venezuela is ‘Trojan horse to provoke war’.

>>5329168 Robert Kraft was vocal against Trump.

>>5329242 Robert Kraft ‘categorically denies’ doing anything illegal.

>>5329220 Australian official: Climate change is a U.N.-led conspiracy to establish a new world order.

>>5329184 Inside the Trump White House Black History Month Celebration.

>>5329136 Planefag: E4-B just changed call sign to CLUB22!

>>5329811 #6811

Previously Collected Notables

>>5327518 #6808, >>5328282 #6809, >>5329042 #6810

>>5325161 #6805, >>5325945 #6806, >>5326697 #6807

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0ef2fa  No.5332140

File: 5306f33f9b70869⋯.jpg (16.96 KB, 255x230, 51:46, pepearmedtotheteeth.jpg)



f77749  No.5332191

File: 0b956f6d6b02ae0⋯.png (43.17 KB, 657x527, 657:527, 0b956f6d6b02ae06b0c5409bed….png)


15ffef  No.5332195

File: 63c6a342191d943⋯.jpeg (98.27 KB, 750x545, 150:109, 52076118-D242-4693-A4C5-C….jpeg)

Lmfao, Q is so fucking predictable. Of course they had something to do w Kraft. Even if they did, that makes POTUS. pretty shitty friend all this dude did was pay for a prostitute while we still have HRC, Podesta and now Weiner running free. This is bullshit

09f125  No.5332196

File: 8f7a1ec68b671e7⋯.jpg (95.23 KB, 736x897, 32:39, 52426837_2046503898796513_….jpg)

de4ac4  No.5332197

>>5332176 p

dude, it's straight-ahead trademark infringement.

4a0351  No.5332198

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

President Trump Defends Middle Earth

dd6451  No.5332199

File: 2f2fdb8e4b6e6e9⋯.png (486.58 KB, 624x518, 312:259, TheStormBlue.png)

>>5332105 lb

T-2 warning.

d71140  No.5332200

File: 0d5d0ba6ae0a9a9⋯.jpg (187.7 KB, 704x878, 352:439, holder obama.jpg)

Sounds like Obama and Holder think they can steal the next election.


5be27e  No.5332201

File: d96083f55b19823⋯.jpg (596.09 KB, 2560x2560, 1:1, QRN.jpg)

File: 8ef0c538274613e⋯.png (1.01 MB, 2560x2560, 1:1, QRN Alpha.png)

File: ae7a70351193fc0⋯.jpg (539.18 KB, 2560x2560, 1:1, QRN Alt.jpg)

File: 77db4b5d6f06106⋯.png (671.04 KB, 2560x2560, 1:1, QRN Alt Alpha.png)

QRN & QRN Alt .jpg & Alpha .png Files

kek certified.

af7b83  No.5332202

File: 05c6691078cbb97⋯.png (76.05 KB, 1488x426, 248:71, Bread #568 cap 1yrDelta.PNG)

126edf  No.5332203

File: 3a64a971b4ec22c⋯.jpg (51.46 KB, 500x357, 500:357, 3a64a971b4ec22c929ea32c42d….jpg)

0dd0d0  No.5332204

PB Shot down or sacrificial intercept?

41f2d1  No.5332205

File: 84dad83fcf99a19⋯.jpg (21.62 KB, 229x255, 229:255, 5385a6299600ccd69bc717aacc….jpg)

de4ac4  No.5332206

File: 56fc63e7678d739⋯.png (61.31 KB, 261x144, 29:16, Screen Shot 2019-02-22 at ….png)


this. trademark infringement.

ecbea0  No.5332207


Like this

28cc4d  No.5332209


These men are CANCER

b8cb90  No.5332210

File: 3fce98404ba371f⋯.png (35.29 KB, 593x217, 593:217, ClipboardImage.png)


97f3df  No.5332211

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

▶Q !!mG7VJxZNCI 01/11/19 (Fri) 00:19:34 467fd2 (1) No.4707080






d96bbb  No.5332212


Leverage. What does he know about the others?

de4ac4  No.5332213


no property rights, eh Komrade? Wrong place for that.

0ef2fa  No.5332214

File: 6ed6919c2b8ce03⋯.jpg (182.02 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, pepechosen.jpg)


Thank you anon.

04d453  No.5332215


Rudy Roibana, one of the men on the list from the FL prostitution bust. Same age (1980) and from the area. LOOK at his face. Looks just like an Alefantis. Same pedo face

09f125  No.5332216

File: ac95ee97633ff05⋯.png (2.35 MB, 1870x1823, 1870:1823, HappyChineseQYear.png)





:P ;) :D

28cc4d  No.5332217


Amazing digits btw

5be27e  No.5332218

File: ee90993fa700f26⋯.png (1.09 MB, 2560x2560, 1:1, Baker Monster Q Alpha.png)


Thank you baker!

ca091d  No.5332219

Does Empirical Evidence Suggest the U.S. Needs Anti-Lynching Legislation?


"The last clear-cut case of lynching in the United States was in 1981, nearly 4 decades ago. The lynching of Michael Donald in Mobile, Alabama, in was the last traditionally defined case.

Michael Donald, a young African-American man, was beaten and murdered by several members of the Ku Klux Klan (KKK). They hung his body from a tree, the very perceived definition of a lynching."

ecbea0  No.5332220

File: 816e273074c1754⋯.png (418.99 KB, 588x401, 588:401, ClipboardImage.png)

673290  No.5332222

File: 024a9f6229e4623⋯.jpg (75 KB, 701x487, 701:487, holderdesperate.jpg)

1252bb  No.5332223

File: e22b98d578f1fcb⋯.png (1.31 MB, 1862x1048, 931:524, ClipboardImage.png)


Clark Gable’s grandson, Clark Gable III, dead at 30, says report


EXCERPT: The cause of death is unclear. Gable's relatives didn't immediately respond to Fox News' request for comment.

a63dbe  No.5332224

File: ed2ece1f79cde88⋯.png (216.82 KB, 1780x434, 890:217, jewposdt.PNG)

File: 29f86f439cb633a⋯.jpg (162.79 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, 29f86f439cb633aebd3972b62a….jpg)

File: be13d1a5af83c18⋯.jpg (14.93 KB, 255x189, 85:63, 616e2e708c68819c7a1c9bbf70….jpg)

Wake up anons

all the strings go back to israel, many of you still refuse to name the enemy

da029a  No.5332225

File: 564e0b6313092fe⋯.jpg (104.52 KB, 981x692, 981:692, sheldon knock Q We Stupid ….jpg)

2aa696  No.5332226

"F-16 intercept"

How does an F-16 intercept a missile without blowing it up?

974bc6  No.5332227

File: a21902b783101ea⋯.png (119.21 KB, 300x250, 6:5, firebread.png)

Thanks Baker! Breads are on fire today!

e946b7  No.5332228

>>5331927 pb

I guess we have another name in the Scandal.

Maybe Israel (scott) too.


It was dark…long exposure required thus light trail

10-20sec exposure (maybe) vs a 1/1000th sec exposure

41f2d1  No.5332229

File: 27b76bf78a9f4b4⋯.png (229.94 KB, 476x280, 17:10, IMG_0296.png)

d42bd1  No.5332230


my rights aer being violated for aomeones vanity

in pedo gate

80k and counting

28cc4d  No.5332232

File: 920bac5c11d5767⋯.jpeg (141.63 KB, 1080x612, 30:17, 88EA7722-B3F6-4A64-9C87-6….jpeg)


Digits confirm!!!

9948f5  No.5332233

File: cef9696505b940c⋯.jpg (36.78 KB, 750x600, 5:4, EricHolder.jpg)

457720  No.5332234

File: 2c64b3d4b399d8a⋯.png (101.15 KB, 964x771, 964:771, 6alete-q536ssodjwwy.png)

d42bd1  No.5332235

File: 30f1c66262da6cf⋯.jpg (118.82 KB, 1440x1440, 1:1, IMG_2592.JPG)

1d5ea4  No.5332236

Good time to remind Anons that SM-6 missile integration on submarines was one of the Special Access Programs stolen by China:


e5a932  No.5332237

File: 87819e04ed1430b⋯.jpg (65.94 KB, 900x674, 450:337, Needs it.jpg)

>>5332190 lb

some is better then none. not going to suggest anything that you are not comfortable with as that is not my style. do what you have to. coming unglued in a big way. most are still asleep to this.

A big chair in the musical production that has been wall st for the last 10 years was removed today.

c05acb  No.5332238

CNN shills hate QNN!

Keep the funny QNN memes flowing Anons!

They can't stand being ridiculed!

d189e0  No.5332239

File: c32b4e9e79edbda⋯.jpeg (44.62 KB, 564x388, 141:97, FakeNews.jpeg)

8029d1  No.5332240

File: 95b5c912b411fdf⋯.jpg (85.8 KB, 1799x670, 1799:670, QANN Q Anon News Network.jpg)

Just a thought





The name in the news you can trust

06ea5b  No.5332241

File: e5cfc27e510c86e⋯.jpeg (91.08 KB, 736x500, 184:125, 7FC4D070-03D1-435A-B6A5-2….jpeg)

8b90a3  No.5332242

File: afc4963eac9ae36⋯.jpg (206.84 KB, 640x877, 640:877, afc4963eac9ae3678d58377acf….jpg)

and so it begins..

3ae503  No.5332243

File: 81ba3f6c955e804⋯.jpg (590.94 KB, 1800x1800, 1:1, IMG_0820.JPG)

aae94f  No.5332244

File: 4df6bb4be83d9ff⋯.jpg (17.65 KB, 219x255, 73:85, 4df6bb4be83d9ff31bbe36d891….jpg)

File: b5cd62583685f5f⋯.jpg (918.74 KB, 2560x2560, 1:1, A6_Intruder_Vietnam_Q.jpg)

File: 205ff70c22258e8⋯.jpg (919.8 KB, 1944x1780, 486:445, ThanQ.jpg)

File: 25f933867325b56⋯.png (822.66 KB, 2560x2560, 1:1, USMC_Q_Alpha.png)


Thank You Baker. Your hard work is Appreciated !

Semper Fi & Hooah !

76e742  No.5332245


Good call Anon.

70f1ec  No.5332246


I agree with Kushagra, “There will be an explosion, but a conventional one, not nuclear. Nukes don’t arm themselves, before they have hit the target, and since it is shot midair by a missile, it has not hit the target yet.”

An anti-ballistic missile (ABM) is a surface-to-air missile designed to counter ballistic missiles (see missile defense). Ballistic missiles are used to deliver nuclear, chemical, biological or conventional warheads in a ballistic flight trajectory.

Interception is not about the payload (nuclear, conventional, or chem/bio, EMP, etc) but about the kind of missile.

The term "anti-ballistic missile" is a generic term conveying a system designed to intercept and destroy any type of ballistic threat, however it is commonly used for systems specifically designed to counter intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs).

Now if I understand the reason for your question…

There are only two systems in the world that can intercept ICBMs. Besides them, many smaller systems exist (tactical ABMs), that generally cannot intercept intercontinental strategic missiles, even if within range—an incoming ICBM simply moves too fast for these systems.

The Russian A-35 anti-ballistic missile system, used for the defense of Moscow. The currently active system is called A-135. The system uses Gorgon and Gazelle missiles with nuclear warheads to intercept incoming ICBMs.

The U.S. Ground-Based Midcourse Defense (GMD; previously known as National Missile Defense – NMD) system. Instead of using an explosive charge, it launches a kinetic projectile.

India has an active ABM development effort using indigenously developed and integrated radars, and indigenous missiles.

India became the fourth nation in the world after United States, Russia, and Israel to acquire such a capability and the third nation to acquire it using in-house research and development.

In 2006, India successfully conducted an exercise in which the PADE (an anti-ballistic missile, called the Prithvi Air Defense , an exo-atmospheric (outside the atmosphere) interceptor system, intercepted a Prithvi-II ballistic missile. The PAD missile has the secondary stage of the Prithvi missile and can reach altitude of 80 km (50 mi).

In 2007, the Advanced Air Defence (AAD) missile system was tested successfully. This missile is an Endoatmospheric interceptor with an altitude of 30 km (19 mi).

The DRDO has developed a new Prithvi interceptor missile code named PDV. The first PDV was successfully test fired on 27 April 2014. The PDV is designed to take out the target missile at altitudes above 150 km (93 mi).

In 2016 India successfully launched advanced Defense interceptor missile named Ashvin interceptor missile from Abdul Kalam Island from Orissa coast.

According to scientist V K Saraswat of DRDO, the missiles will work in tandem to ensure a hit probability of 99.8 percent.

Would there be a detonation when intercepted?

Of sorts, yes. Setting off a nuclear bomb is a bit trickier than simply "make an explosion next to this material and it goes mega-boom." In the case of nuclear missile interception, it's unlikely that there would be a nuclear detonation. Things have to work together pretty carefully to cause a nuclear explosion.

There's some careful timing and placement of the trigger explosives in order to make the nuclear material go critical, and upsetting that timing by hitting it with another missile has a decent chance of making the bomb a lot less effective.

It'll still blow up, its likely, you'd just spread nuclear material around the atmosphere. Not good, certainly, but no worse than what would happen if there was a nuclear detonation.

The consequences of a Nuclear detonation

Nuclear electromagnetic pulse: Setting off a bomb high in the atmosphere above a city, too high for the explosion to do any damage, would STILL create an EMP that would destroy anything and everything electronic.

Goodbye all communication networks, all lighting, all electronic security systems, all computers, and all of anything that uses a microprocessor to work (including cars, which use a microprocessor for timing and all sorts of other stuff). All broken. New local stone age until everything gets replaced.

DON’T want to sound PESSIMISTIC

However, the point is, no missiles are even necessary. The enemy can just smuggle in weapons to targets. We cant even stop terror attacks. You think we can stop a few bombs being smuggled in?

Lastly, the enemy would not even need a nuclear weapon. Each nuclear power reactor has the radiation of thousands of nuclear bombs, and they can just find a way to blow some of them up.


ab9bea  No.5332247

File: 50b1e21c76bdae3⋯.jpg (426.18 KB, 1059x1345, 1059:1345, Screenshot_20190222-165328….jpg)

Gordon Chang says POTUS should not go top Vietnam

d189e0  No.5332248

File: 2777cdaa28c0dec⋯.jpg (67.42 KB, 700x500, 7:5, HILLARY_CLINTON.jpg)

0341dc  No.5332249


'My parents taught me to work': Enterprising teen rakes in $35k in just FOUR DAYS plowing driveways in Seattle's heaviest snowfall in 70 years - and he'll donate 20 per cent to charity

David Holsten, 18, put an ad on Craigslist for his Seattle snow plowing services

He charged between $500 and $750 per hour to clear driveways last week

Amazon, Walgreens, a motel, Honda dealership, and a daycare offered him jobs

February saw the heaviest snowfall in 70 years with up to 10 inches in places

He worked 12-hour shifts until 12am and a 24-hour spell in the four days

Business owner who makes $30,000 annually, earned $35,000 in total

He plans to donate 20 per cent of his earnings to church, as well as buying lawn equipment and add to house buying fund

Full article https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6734425/Idaho-teen-makes-35k-FOUR-DAYS-plowing-driveways-Seattles-heaviest-snowfall-70-years.html

c45f3c  No.5332250

File: 9b74b804d43b0f5⋯.png (359.04 KB, 907x624, 907:624, pedogate_vindicated.png)

Feels good to be vindicated. Feels even better we're close to ending child sexplotation. Thank GOD. Even if it mean losing close to everything and everyone mentioning this. It was worth it. Mainstream. Now I know those who called me a conspiracy nut are hearing my words ring in their mind driving them crazy. Try smiling for that selfie or eating that fake steak knowing 8chan was right. AGAIN. KEK

f24878  No.5332251

>>5331834 (pb)

Q News

News you can dig.

da6e1d  No.5332252

File: 5338223a4605a16⋯.jpg (351.61 KB, 800x772, 200:193, QNews3.jpg)

File: e1d8fe44ba8abae⋯.jpg (352.25 KB, 767x800, 767:800, QNews4.jpg)



Without the "Not fair and balanced"

Probably better with a simple message.

7ff99a  No.5332253

File: 19ce50ab905c63a⋯.jpg (707.64 KB, 2000x1000, 2:1, this-is-why-we-cant-have-n….jpg)

File: 1a9356ef2039e0f⋯.jpg (11.25 KB, 161x255, 161:255, d97432722e60a204f50c1428d2….jpg)

>>5331714 (lb)

We will one day find out that Bernie and Nellie Ohr were actually Russians trained as American assets during the old Soviet regime - part of the illegals program that the Soviets ran

That's how both were able to go over to the Soviet Union to "study"

5e90a5  No.5332254


Tell them this is the USA we sell imperial tons not metric tons.

1b44f7  No.5332255

File: 4ca571f216235ce⋯.gif (7.13 MB, 1146x778, 573:389, 154959293387327314 (1).gif)

09f125  No.5332256

File: 736496d1f927478⋯.jpg (43.38 KB, 480x553, 480:553, 52977630_360599098113195_7….jpg)

d189e0  No.5332257

File: c972bf95b4040ca⋯.jpg (55.99 KB, 960x616, 120:77, IT'S_BEGUN.jpg)

de94bf  No.5332258

File: 520370ca90401c6⋯.jpg (41.28 KB, 600x400, 3:2, robert-kraft-9d67e02d622af….jpg)

Some words on the Kraft deal:

I certainly hope this is a real human trafficking network they're breaking up, and not just a war on handjobs. Don't see anything written that the feds are involved in any way. In my neck of the woods, they swept up quite a few massage parlors and workers which they touted as a HT sting, only later to reveal there were very few girls who were actually victims.

If there are big names involved like Kraft then that could be indicative of something going on, then again, he could just be a dumbass looking for rub-and-tugs when he can actually afford 10K a night hookers.

In any case, when law enforcement characterizes any act of prostitution as human trafficking it doesn't help our cause…it inflates arrest numbers while the real evil goes unnoticed. If Kraft knew what was going on in this place and went there then score one for us. If he got caught getting a handjob from a Chinese immigrant then blah…and he's being charged with a misdemeanor as of right now.

I'd be cautious in holding this up as some sort of victory…right now. Let the facts come out.

7c535c  No.5332259

File: 18c7875e3935612⋯.jpg (194.21 KB, 800x613, 800:613, over the target.jpg)

611fcb  No.5332260

File: 344675eb5cf1d02⋯.png (27.25 KB, 986x225, 986:225, zion.PNG)



>calls for zion

>to shut it down

ed74a8  No.5332261


This is literal perfection. Didn't see it back then. Thank You!!


This needs to be put into high def.

70f1ec  No.5332262

File: 51ae4da3dbf0a6d⋯.png (7.29 KB, 1066x373, 1066:373, 51ae4da3dbf0a6d25ca8896922….png)

6c6955  No.5332263


Yes anon

Right on the money

And shills prove Q

Sarcasm intended

967df5  No.5332264


They'll die of old age before any arrests are made.

By die, I mean secretly retire to a private island with all the money they stole from American taxpayers.

Do you think Q would be a Patriot if Jacob Rothschild lined his pocket with a billion$?

They own the entire system, so of course if they don't want it known, it won't be known.

Q has intel on something that could 99% of the world in the Hospital yet keeps it hidden from us.

That sound like a Patriot to you?

c70a94  No.5332266


ohhhhh news you can dig. dig it

63b6a5  No.5332267



See (from pb)


If CNN tries to claim copyright infringement,

QNN will claim fair use under satire.

CNN will fight that saying that it is not satire.

Thus, legitimizing QNN!

I wonder if we can satire satire though?

97f3df  No.5332268

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

d189e0  No.5332269

File: 918c89103087e6c⋯.png (393.64 KB, 527x509, 527:509, OPRAH_NWO_OWN.png)

af7b83  No.5332270

File: a7bbaa68917285c⋯.jpg (24.82 KB, 255x253, 255:253, 839cf00b86bc583c0401d02d24….jpg)

0ef2fa  No.5332271

File: 75bc0b48eeb3419⋯.png (147.23 KB, 400x400, 1:1, pepewizardofgreatpower.png)


I do what I can fren. What a trip!

cc2919  No.5332272

>>5332163 (lb)

Lots here that aren't real anons, also have rl anon friends.

Any time concern creeps re-read crumbs start at the beginning…

Serves to remind.

09f125  No.5332273

File: 731db3ac6e14400⋯.png (1.02 MB, 1000x1316, 250:329, ShutItDownQ.png)


that's fuckin' hilarious

d42bd1  No.5332274

File: 1c8d328bc51ba8a⋯.jpg (56.08 KB, 308x306, 154:153, IMG_4979.JPG)

File: b999d4fcf66ae3d⋯.png (160.65 KB, 500x755, 100:151, IMG_4981.PNG)

File: 686224625040123⋯.jpg (69.09 KB, 430x539, 430:539, IMG_4982.JPG)

File: f981ee99244019d⋯.jpg (191.44 KB, 660x433, 660:433, IMG_4983.JPG)

10ebb7  No.5332275


Hilarious that they think they will still be free at that point…

9948f5  No.5332276

File: bbb8cf299dbd509⋯.png (135.91 KB, 498x321, 166:107, kvsgoewjg.png)

6c6955  No.5332277

File: b6b4124d9b6a4ad⋯.png (1.38 MB, 683x1024, 683:1024, 4DC99861-CC8D-4D33-B69D-EC….png)

2b38d0  No.5332280


Maybe it freezes it mid flight ?

Or has a a Kevlar drone that tracks and coats it x10

Just spitballing

d189e0  No.5332281

File: bca76a57f3d4d1e⋯.jpeg (64.15 KB, 512x359, 512:359, MELANIA_HILLARY.jpeg)

457720  No.5332282

File: a15782711ee49ff⋯.jpg (42.14 KB, 500x556, 125:139, 01db0b646901b91500b7826ff3….jpg)

ca091d  No.5332283

Vermont Democrats pass most expansive abortion bill yet, further cementing their reputation as the ‘party of death’



“Every individual who becomes pregnant has the fundamental right to choose to carry a pregnancy to term, give birth to a child, or to have an abortion,” the legislation says. Astonishingly, the bill passed 106 to 36.

Minority Republicans in the Vermont House tried to add some semi-reasonable restrictions to the bill such as requiring minor children to get parental consent before getting an abortion and requiring women to get an ultrasound before having the procedure.

Both of those were soundly defeated, however.

Sick MFers

0ef2fa  No.5332284

File: c2ca9a4906f9c93⋯.jpg (20.5 KB, 300x246, 50:41, holderleftholdingthebag.jpg)

6a4525  No.5332285

Q said very specific reason we are saving ISRAEL for last…

KRAFT is directly tied to ISRAEL (not just because he's Jewish). He has tons of connections.

Wouldn't be surprised if this is the first domino.

Police in Florida said the human trafficking ring went from FLA to NY to CHINA.

79b4a6  No.5332286

File: ffad3f4770fd3b9⋯.jpg (46.43 KB, 320x394, 160:197, 5467dab5b4078f3179d8403bde….jpg)

d189e0  No.5332287

File: a0a72bb2245ae55⋯.jpeg (141.47 KB, 1142x750, 571:375, NANCY_SCHUMER.jpeg)

97f3df  No.5332288



de4ac4  No.5332289


it's a sophisticated concept, Rembrandt; you can't be expected to follow it.

cb1a24  No.5332290

File: a9dc6a477e0fb50⋯.jpg (237.17 KB, 670x961, 670:961, AndSoItBegins.jpg)

File: 098e7b6d9672bf5⋯.jpg (240.25 KB, 670x961, 670:961, AndHowItEnds.jpg)

126edf  No.5332291

File: 35d8cb7bbc857d1⋯.jpg (39.71 KB, 640x480, 4:3, Center-for-Medical-Progres….jpg)

Judge Denies AG Becerra’s Request to Block Planned Parenthood Baby Parts Videos During Hearing

A San Francisco Superior Court judge has denied the requests of California Attorney General Xavier Becerra and his abortion allies to block Planned Parenthood videos from public viewing in the courtroom during the upcoming hearing of video journalist Sandra Merritt.

Merritt worked with co-defendant David Daleiden of the Center for Medical Progress (CMP) to expose the alleged fetal tissue trafficking operation of Planned Parenthood and its partners in the biomedical industry. Her preliminary hearing is scheduled to begin April 22.

Liberty Counsel, which is defending Merritt against 15 felony charges brought against her by Becerra, said in a press statement that the attorney general, “in an unprecedented move, and at the request of abortion giants Planned Parenthood and the National Abortion Federation,” attempted to try Merritt “in secret on these bogus charges, and to completely prevent the public from ever seeing the undercover videos which are alleged to have been illegally recorded.”


7c535c  No.5332292

File: 418055540f73928⋯.jpg (739.06 KB, 2469x1892, 2469:1892, Ack Ack.jpg)


Repeat as necessary

70f1ec  No.5332293

File: 2876f1de636493c⋯.webm (522.13 KB, 426x240, 71:40, lookatthismeme.webm)

ed74a8  No.5332294


We're gonna need some NFL on fire Memes y'all.

5e90a5  No.5332295


Murder is illegal regardless of how it is committed, it already includes lynching.

c05acb  No.5332296


Air to Air missile, presumably. However, I believe Q pointed us to the THAAD system

06970a  No.5332297



433b46  No.5332298

File: b770340eebebaaa⋯.png (325.51 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 83BC2F19-0DBB-423F-A99B-AC….png)


No it’s covered under fair use policy, you can always criticize of parody something.

a67d4e  No.5332299


Tripdubs confirm dank gif.

d189e0  No.5332300

File: 5e309a11f23d162⋯.jpg (58.23 KB, 600x314, 300:157, HUSSEIN.jpg)

a14363  No.5332301

CINC, if you have any artistic types on staff, a papier mache or origami PePe on AF1 in the press pool area would make the pool lose their minds.

02ad12  No.5332302

File: 1932b930667db59⋯.png (719.29 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, QNN-studio-blank1.png)

File: 9038a704ce9da37⋯.png (728.16 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, QNN-studio-blank2.png)



Sorry have been out of the breads working on blanks.

Have we decided what our logo is and what to call it?

Still QNN?

I need to make some more anchor-type Pepes.

Gotta step out for a while again.

Let me know what we have decided mkay?

c05acb  No.5332303


Yeah, after BC gave them MERV tech back in the 90's.

a09ab0  No.5332304

File: b13f3c916cdcb5b⋯.png (477.65 KB, 825x895, 165:179, Columbia.png)

File: e5c45ba233e490c⋯.jpg (578.11 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, dig.jpg)

This will become relevant:

Kraft is one of the largest donors to Columbia Athletics, having made a $5 million gift in 2007, which led to the field at Lawrence A. Wien Stadium (previously known as Baker Field) to be renamed in his honor. He also funded a $10 million in-door center at Baker for winter practices, and though unrelated to athletics, opened the Kraft Center for Jewish Student Life at Columbia in 2000, where students and events related to Jewish life are housed.

Kraft was also a recipient of Columbia’s John Jay award in 1987, a recipient of the Alexander Hamilton Medal in 2004, and was inducted into the Columbia Athletic Hall of Fame in 2012.

Kraft is just one of 25 people who will be charged by Jupiter Police in Florida.


a9c1f3  No.5332305

File: 6c02bcd2a0da4c7⋯.png (691.7 KB, 1125x2436, 375:812, 6BBBD566-12DF-4DE9-A298-40….png)

Just gonna throw this out there

ae5789  No.5332306


I mean his name is Zion!


97f3df  No.5332307

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

It is indeed time for the GITMO git down


c1194a  No.5332308


Minor children. No consent. That says it all. They are so obvious. They hide it in plain sight.

70f1ec  No.5332309

File: 251e8c35bd6a677⋯.jpg (40.8 KB, 578x645, 578:645, DU168z1XcAYefjp.jpg)

de4ac4  No.5332310

File: 44d205758f71e84⋯.png (196.02 KB, 631x444, 631:444, after school.png)


back for the Nightshift, anons.

happy babysitting.

d189e0  No.5332311

File: 1c263877a218ded⋯.jpeg (38.92 KB, 600x338, 300:169, FAKEWOOD.jpeg)

a63dbe  No.5332312


and china leads to Israel

there will come a time when people call it what it is: Chinastein

asains aren't real anons. you think you're looking at a chinaman, it's really a jew in a special costume (unreleased technology)

8efa09  No.5332313

File: 9efb2f1db475ca1⋯.png (4.09 MB, 2996x2996, 1:1, 9efb2f1db475ca19c64bc769cd….png)

1d5ea4  No.5332314


If it were hit by a kinetic interceptor missile (being tested right now see CUDA) there would not be a big explosion. But say the intercept happened at 30,0000-40,000 feet would anyone really be able to see the explosion??

5afde0  No.5332315

File: 430156343b9cf44⋯.png (101.52 KB, 478x502, 239:251, DERSH COMBINES.PNG)

The tale of 2 Dershowitzes.

10ebb7  No.5332316


News says that women were forced to live there in deplorable conditions…

9e8ab1  No.5332317

File: 8d498afb2624b5c⋯.png (693.45 KB, 1498x1012, 749:506, QNN - Gas chambers don't h….png)


Based QNN memes.

c05acb  No.5332318



No actual laughter was produced.

d189e0  No.5332319

File: 4d50ab0dee200ca⋯.jpg (111.66 KB, 666x500, 333:250, NANCY_SCHUMER.jpg)

70f1ec  No.5332320


>that meme


564735  No.5332321

File: ba81f71e0284b1d⋯.png (681.15 KB, 810x827, 810:827, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 05fc2352eefe659⋯.png (75.59 KB, 688x829, 688:829, ClipboardImage.png)

File: a082238e14e12bf⋯.png (69.62 KB, 707x832, 707:832, ClipboardImage.png)

File: f6ecbecd3b842e3⋯.png (66.72 KB, 711x834, 237:278, ClipboardImage.png)

File: e84826f92c48784⋯.png (67.73 KB, 758x817, 758:817, ClipboardImage.png)


Article from 2015, but relevant in light of the new abortion laws going into effect. Satanic worship using abortions.

Article is quite long, so only first five sections are here. Go to sauce to read the rest.

68e6f0  No.5332322

File: 4879afcc3dc10dc⋯.jpg (2.05 MB, 2418x1423, 2418:1423, Hey2.jpg)

2dec6d  No.5332323

File: 22088c0ea7345a9⋯.png (18.27 KB, 300x218, 150:109, ClipboardImage.png)


Feel privileged - POTUS just spoke to this board [P_pers]

We chose this BOARD for a very specific reason.

This board has more power & influence than anyone comprehends.

This board has more power than you can imagine.

This board in the coming months will be spread & discussed across ALL PLATFORMS.

Every C_A/MOS tactic of infiltration and internal disruption is being deployed on this board (central hub).

The World is Here.


This movement is bigger than anyone can possibly imagine.

Peace through strength.


Do you remember that our enemies are also monitoring this board?

>Love the QNN Pepe memes. Don't get swept away.

ed74a8  No.5332324




5eea24  No.5332325

File: 926b8dea19d88c3⋯.jpeg (22.88 KB, 168x300, 14:25, 49E9E12B-5DA1-433C-B735-8….jpeg)


It’s raining breads today!

aa8b7f  No.5332326

Branson's live aid gig cost $60 a ticket.

Just how could these peeps afford that?

d16c56  No.5332328

File: 1a515929a51c5d1⋯.png (19.23 KB, 599x301, 599:301, Screenshot (2771).png)

Uhhh….Houston, we have a problem!

ecbea0  No.5332329

File: bc0da961ee81cdd⋯.png (594 KB, 630x387, 70:43, ClipboardImage.png)

File: fdcfc3036c690ff⋯.png (100.89 KB, 664x915, 664:915, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 2c4c0fff651b708⋯.png (97.13 KB, 649x914, 649:914, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 7fefe37a99e67fe⋯.png (95.49 KB, 657x866, 657:866, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 9422f312a838184⋯.png (79.57 KB, 642x801, 214:267, ClipboardImage.png)

Sackler Embraced Plan to Conceal OxyContin’s Strength From Doctors, Sealed Testimony Shows

As OxyContin addiction spurred a national nightmare, a member of the family that has reaped billions of dollars from the painkiller boasted that sales exceeded his “fondest dreams,” according to a secret court document obtained by ProPublica.

This story is a collaboration between ProPublica and STAT.

In May 1997, the year after Purdue Pharma launched OxyContin, its head of sales and marketing sought input on a key decision from Dr. Richard Sackler, a member of the billionaire family that founded and controls the company. Michael Friedman told Sackler that he didn’t want to correct the false impression among doctors that OxyContin was weaker than morphine, because the myth was boosting prescriptions — and sales.

“It would be extremely dangerous at this early stage in the life of the product,” Friedman wrote to Sackler, “to make physicians think the drug is stronger or equal to morphine….We are well aware of the view held by many physicians that oxycodone [the active ingredient in OxyContin] is weaker than morphine. I do not plan to do anything about that.”

“I agree with you,” Sackler responded. “Is there a general agreement, or are there some holdouts?”

Ten years later, Purdue pleaded guilty in federal court to understating the risk of addiction to OxyContin, including failing to alert doctors that it was a stronger painkiller than morphine, and agreed to pay $600 million in fines and penalties. But Sackler’s support of the decision to conceal OxyContin’s strength from doctors — in email exchanges both with Friedman and another company executive — was not made public.

The email threads were divulged in a sealed court document that ProPublica has obtained: an Aug. 28, 2015, deposition of Richard Sackler. Taken as part of a lawsuit by the state of Kentucky against Purdue, the deposition is believed to be the only time a member of the Sackler family has been questioned under oath about the illegal marketing of OxyContin and what family members knew about it. Purdue has fought a three-year legal battle to keep the deposition and hundreds of other documents secret, in a case brought by STAT, a Boston-based health and medicine news organization; the matter is currently before the Kentucky Supreme Court.

Meanwhile, interest in the deposition’s contents has intensified, as hundreds of cities, counties, states and tribes have sued Purdue and other opioid manufacturers and distributors. A House committee requested the document from Purdue last summer as part of an investigation of drug company marketing practices.



cb1a24  No.5332330

File: 8fa15c77f2186fe⋯.jpg (122.45 KB, 523x556, 523:556, TREASON_EH.jpg)

File: 6e9d3649be92d07⋯.jpg (123.6 KB, 645x511, 645:511, ThisNooseIsForUse.jpg)

0ef2fa  No.5332331



Thank you anons and saved.

c29a7a  No.5332332

File: da114642efd3491⋯.jpg (106.11 KB, 1571x586, 1571:586, fox_sc_keepreportsecret.JPG)


This will definitely feed into the never-trump/leaking/lies/insurance extension.

c70a94  No.5332333

File: 8641eb59f586fbf⋯.jpg (89.25 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, GNN.jpg)

cc2919  No.5332334



Kek..ZOMG CNN is going to sue Anons…good luck with that





1252bb  No.5332335

You only need a 30% change in design for it not to be a copyright violation.

74ff76  No.5332336

File: a80b905cf3f0928⋯.png (467.69 KB, 1208x801, 1208:801, 16:56:14_001.png)

da029a  No.5332337

I run about a bread behind!

I need new glasses?

>>5332128 lb

I cannot even watch shit anymore without seeing some symbolic evil shit tied to it!

What is this Hell we call Earth???

Everything is a fucking lie!

As freaked out as I am, I can only imagine how hard it is gonna be for all the delicate snowflakes?


had their parents beat their ass when they fucked up… We'd not have to deal with this shit!


63d2ce  No.5332338


>How much of the Storm defies explanation

>The atmosphere around POTUS is highly charged.

Anons, this is what it feels like to live through a Biblical story. Forces beyond us are working on both sides.

Good vs. Evil.

Not a game.

bfc9cb  No.5332339


Sounds good. Internet will be much faster in the near future. NNN Now News Network. People will call it 'NOW' eventually.

3bfe4f  No.5332340

File: 523d8c04a22e2f3⋯.png (238.18 KB, 750x422, 375:211, mmbnn.png)

File: 15e3e56d646c282⋯.png (378.85 KB, 789x444, 263:148, BMNG.png)

File: 078b98c3a0439a5⋯.gif (159.18 KB, 335x444, 335:444, iaea.gif)

File: 96f237314601f6c⋯.png (325.13 KB, 609x645, 203:215, dmmmmm.png)

File: d066f58836dceaf⋯.png (154.9 KB, 730x680, 73:68, whats-it-qm.png)

126edf  No.5332341

File: 7fb807c134905b2⋯.jpg (104.8 KB, 1114x978, 557:489, 7fb807c134905b217b804c8d65….jpg)

e6e503  No.5332342


Q is the nwo

They know we know

So now they have to pretend to change or theyll get hung lmao

a14363  No.5332343


>Gordon Chang says POTUS should not go top Vietnam

….great…. more to worry about…

953ce1  No.5332344

File: 4988b78dae68d39⋯.png (138.08 KB, 1413x569, 1413:569, Q Super Bowl Kraft Graphic.png)

Haven't seen a graphic yet…

8a60ba  No.5332345

Need to hype up bernie supporters because it will cause a huge division of the left. The hipsters love him and the blacks despise him and them, its so perfect for us. Divide and Conquer.

d189e0  No.5332346

File: 0cb7c3f4c5e2789⋯.png (352.08 KB, 497x613, 497:613, COMEY.png)

552ddf  No.5332347

File: 0ef97bed89a7b49⋯.jpg (74.38 KB, 969x693, 323:231, cone of silence.jpg)

cone of silence

d22b23  No.5332348

File: 943eba1ab8abc2f⋯.png (18.26 KB, 476x158, 238:79, clinton5.PNG)

File: f07b9f516126975⋯.png (54.66 KB, 500x541, 500:541, clinton4.PNG)

File: baad4d319b0934e⋯.png (306.06 KB, 590x432, 295:216, dod.PNG)

File: 53bb45841c3c385⋯.png (743.75 KB, 860x493, 860:493, dod2.PNG)

Going back to the military "training" in Los Angeles. Ifound that Hillary Clinton met with Sen. Kamala Harris, Sen. Cory Booker, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper and Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti in January. Also found it interesting that it was reported that Eric Garcetti made no comment on the military training after it initially happened. Noticed one of the helicopters getting sprayed down and then found a video on DOD twitter of chemicals used to spray down objects that have been exposed to or might be exposed to chemical warfare. Someone may have covered this already but I was not sure if anyone new about the meeting before hand.




62f779  No.5332349

File: c4464b4e70f2652⋯.jpg (184.48 KB, 1138x612, 569:306, U3IJzN1FUOu5SwId74CCBvti7z….jpg)


In a post dated 16 Jun 2018, Q provided a list of 91 "reporters and networks named in the WikiLeaks" as having "colluded with the DNC or Hillary campaign during the 2016 election cycle…"

This information appeared as a list of networks and names, formatted as follows:

ABC – Cecilia Vega

ABC - David Muir

ABC – Diane Sawyer

ABC – George Stephanoplous

ABC – Jon Karl

ABC – Liz Kreutz

AP – Julie Pace

AP – Ken Thomas

AP – Lisa Lerer




WaPo – Anne Gearan

WaPo – Greg Sargent

WSJ – Laura Meckler

WSJ – Peter Nicholas

WSJ – Colleen McCain Nelson

Yahoo – Matt Bai

The attached image represents those networks and reporters as a 2-mode social network.

Each red node in the center (hubs) represents an media organization, i.e. a network, magazine, or newspaper,

e.g. ABC, MSNBC, New York Times, Vice, etc.

At the end of each spoke is a blue square. It represents a reporter working for that particular media organization.

With one notable exception, each reporter is linked to

a single media organization. This makes sense–most have just one employer at a time.

That notable exception was Jonathan Alter who is listed as working for both MSNBC and Bloomberg.

06ea5b  No.5332350

File: 87264f94882f269⋯.jpeg (70.64 KB, 500x635, 100:127, AB6FF206-27B9-4CEF-A380-6….jpeg)

ed74a8  No.5332351

76e742  No.5332352

Ex-Enron CEO Jeffrey Skilling released from federal custody


c45f3c  No.5332353

File: d6c27c459a6ae3e⋯.png (808.03 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 3dpepe.png)


Trips confirmed. We're the news now!

9b9807  No.5332354

File: f5c8ae1df6c3d15⋯.jpg (468.55 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, KRAFT.jpg)


The sting was not just about prostitution, it was trafficking – we do not know what all Kraft was up to or involved in. Keep watching the movie.

70f1ec  No.5332355

File: 74d1eaa00fd72f0⋯.gif (633.83 KB, 238x178, 119:89, 74d1eaa00fd72f02aacacf19a9….gif)

2aa696  No.5332356

File: 9c79e746d058df5⋯.jpg (85.89 KB, 879x500, 879:500, 2udw33.jpg)

126edf  No.5332357

File: 447c1cc5c8ad98d⋯.jpg (28.67 KB, 500x336, 125:84, 447c1cc5c8ad98d6a037af3636….jpg)

ecbea0  No.5332358

UAE signs $5.5 billion in military contracts as Yemen war heightens scrutiny

The United Arab Emirates awarded 20 billion dirhams worth ($5.5 billion) of military procurement contracts during a defence show this week, at a time when arms sales to the country are under scrutiny due to its role in Yemen’s devastating war, reports Reuters.

The majority were awarded to international companies such as US firms Lockheed Martin and Raytheon, which sealed one of the biggest deals with 7 billion dirhams worth of contracts related to its Patriot missile air defence system.

Gulf Arab states including the UAE and Saudi Arabia have long been major buyers of US weapons but have beefed up military purchases in recent years from other countries. This week, the UAE awarded deals to firms from Russia, Turkey, Pakistan and South Africa at the five-day IDEX military exhibition.

Defence industry executives said other countries stand to benefit from increased scrutiny of Western arms sales to a Saudi-led coalition involved in the Yemen war. The conflict killed tens of thousands of people and pushed the poorest Arabian Peninsula country to the edge of famine.

The UAE and Saudi Arabia are leading a Sunni Muslim coalition, which includes Yemeni forces, that is battling the Iran-aligned Houthi movement to try to restore the internationally recognised government ousted from power in 2014.

Some countries like Denmark and Germany last year suspended future approval of arms exports to Saudi Arabia following the murder last October of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi at the kingdom’s Istanbul consulate and over the Yemen conflict.

Late last year, US lawmakers introduced various pieces of legislation seeking to put tighter controls on US dealings with Riyadh, including clamping down on weapons sales and barring military cooperation with the coalition.

Saudi Arabia signed agreements this week at IDEX to develop its domestic defence industry as the kingdom, the world’s top oil exporter, seeks to diversify its economy away from oil.

Saudi Arabian Military Industries (SAMI), the kingdom’s state defence company, signed partnerships with France’s Naval Group, Spain’s Navantia, and Abu Dhabi state fund Mubadala.

SAMI, established in May 2017, seeks to localise 50 per cent of military spending by 2030 as part of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s economic diversification plan.


cc2919  No.5332359


>I wonder if we can satire satire though?

As I said past bread "A Parody of a Farce"

ae5789  No.5332360

File: df85d4a933b0891⋯.jpg (5.74 KB, 259x195, 259:195, images.jpg)


Oh, He's my guy!

I Understand Desperation!

15ffef  No.5332361


what the fuck does that matter if “we have it all”

02ad12  No.5332362

>>5332200 Two faces of 2 men who are GUILTY, DESPERATE & STUPID AFRAID. Hussein, Holder, from me to you…..know that there won't be a shred of mercy. Your terror is justified. Did I mention that you're both punks?

5afde0  No.5332363


Underage Chinese women with a Chinese "pimp".

857935  No.5332364

File: 898d753fdd5bbfa⋯.png (303.88 KB, 371x546, 53:78, 2019-02-22_16-53-59.png)

File: 949eb2265b8d0c5⋯.png (505.19 KB, 406x667, 14:23, 2019-02-22_16-56-18.png)

File: be8430dde111532⋯.png (164.32 KB, 402x342, 67:57, 2019-02-22_16-59-04.png)

File: c4b77d209c2c1f1⋯.png (157.18 KB, 413x259, 59:37, 2019-02-22_16-59-33.png)


Doesn't matter who they put in front of the fake news media cameras.

The bitch pulls the strings.

68e6f0  No.5332365

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

a67d4e  No.5332366

File: 733f45951146e17⋯.png (56.61 KB, 255x239, 255:239, 272dd5dfe5399ab2722960fc23….png)

Who has the side by side of Berkley bully and barrel roll dude?

d189e0  No.5332367

File: b66e5bf29791f30⋯.png (594.55 KB, 679x542, 679:542, DUMB_AS_A_ROCK.png)

6848af  No.5332368

File: 0b83f4665d9e194⋯.png (35.77 KB, 1136x493, 1136:493, version3.png)

Just floating more ideas

Qano-News Playing off the last N in Qanon

News NOT Narratives

sorry about colors, just throwing this out there

de94bf  No.5332369


I'm also noticing that law enforcement continued to allow these women to be victimized for 8 months while they gathered the video evidence. Not saying there's not more to the story but that doesn't add up in my mind. Sounds more like a standard local police sting and not an in-depth investigation of a HT network.

d189e0  No.5332370

File: 15e0f746bf5e768⋯.jpeg (70.53 KB, 712x712, 1:1, EYES3.jpeg)

b0a6ef  No.5332371


>One step closer

Reference to Chester Bennington? Rumored to be Podesta’s bastard son?

Was Podesta’s parenthood…unplanned? Is that why he had Chester killed? Super late term “abortion”?

Just spitballing here…

c29a7a  No.5332372

File: 982221571d585ee⋯.jpg (99.42 KB, 750x499, 750:499, comey.jpg)

6e3806  No.5332374

File: 95af9189ecbc559⋯.jpg (83.68 KB, 747x683, 747:683, schiffletter3.JPG)

File: 933a65b75da3e14⋯.jpg (80.96 KB, 669x846, 223:282, schiffletter1.JPG)

File: 4c71a9621a44af3⋯.jpg (86.46 KB, 660x847, 60:77, schiffletter2.JPG)

Schiff letter

c70a94  No.5332375





opposite of fake news..

70f1ec  No.5332376

File: e909b15b26c9f99⋯.png (614.49 KB, 1008x568, 126:71, ClipboardImage.png)

126edf  No.5332377

File: 953e364699ba80c⋯.jpg (31.73 KB, 736x736, 1:1, 953e364699ba80c66c0d17f22a….jpg)

d189e0  No.5332378

File: 502525f94b8afdd⋯.jpg (94.75 KB, 728x994, 52:71, FLYNN.jpg)

8e242b  No.5332379

File: 6acd74988ddef07⋯.png (551.07 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, wearethenewsnow.png)

How did Q know 2 days before the Mainstream Media?

41f2d1  No.5332380

File: 173a022dcf1ae4d⋯.jpeg (52.4 KB, 521x277, 521:277, fullsizeoutput_21cc.jpeg)

ed74a8  No.5332381

File: 3f39365685a671a⋯.png (249.63 KB, 679x640, 679:640, Screen Shot 2019-02-22 at ….png)

File: 0d9d897c277941b⋯.gif (3.79 MB, 480x270, 16:9, e3e88c7b649b8a09800198c7f5….gif)



d189e0  No.5332382

File: d5abe072e406ce1⋯.jpg (108.06 KB, 960x768, 5:4, FRANCE.jpg)

e5a932  No.5332383

File: 45b10d971b5d3e6⋯.jpg (20.61 KB, 236x526, 118:263, General Douchebag.jpg)


dicitzzzz confirm as general douchebag

5f2c6e  No.5332384

I like QNA- like Q&A

552ddf  No.5332385

File: e6187ddf01e7a7a⋯.jpg (368.65 KB, 1046x572, 523:286, Not a test.jpg)

c29a7a  No.5332386

"Making the truth great again"

967df5  No.5332387

File: 639655d3d293679⋯.png (1.12 MB, 1080x1010, 108:101, NWO-DARK-LIGHT.png)


There's a plan alright.

Just one that's not for us "sheep".

The Dark side got too sloppy and arrogant so the NWO would never be accepted.

Under the Q plan, however, "patriots" are going to suck that New Guard cock pretty hard and label real Patriots as shills for not also being blind sheep, who sit on their fat ass 24/7, waiting on muh authorities to "handle shit behind the scenes", kek.

All pretty laughable at this point.

24dc48  No.5332388


he's running for the office of 'brains'

Adam Schiff for Brains!

0b8e3c  No.5332389

File: a0ec89d23be5062⋯.png (2.84 MB, 1920x1090, 192:109, Ask Mr. Foster.png)

File: fd223f431379e88⋯.png (349.04 KB, 1424x713, 1424:713, Untitled.png)

File: e0a8969988b49ad⋯.png (288.04 KB, 1113x441, 53:21, c0362a18db5885118fe3de3b70….png)

File: 88d32a3f53a267f⋯.png (753.42 KB, 911x488, 911:488, 1888 El Paso.png)

Ready Player One!

Shall We Play A Game?

NOTHING is radom!

EVERYTHING has meaning!

There are no coincidences!

Anons know!

Can you Dig it?

POTUS told (you) to: Take a look. 1888. Check it out."

Ask Mr. Foster - Travel Service Since 1888!


d189e0  No.5332390

File: e5098f7dc0ba3b2⋯.jpeg (279.96 KB, 1726x1294, 863:647, JACK_XI.jpeg)



5afde0  No.5332391

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Raw video of Trump, China, and the press in the Oval. Translator reads letter from Xi to POTUS.

5eea24  No.5332392

File: ed64940d8b663e5⋯.jpeg (81.74 KB, 960x661, 960:661, 68F698C6-D831-4453-873F-8….jpeg)

For the last time on naming a Q news channel.

It’s QNA

Q News

Q News what?

Q News America

QNA no moar discussion it’s agreed QNA

This message approved by POTUS

c29a7a  No.5332393

File: 9b6e848c291b90f⋯.jpg (42.69 KB, 400x375, 16:15, cool_story_bro.jpg)

c05acb  No.5332394


Dershowitz’s finest moment, however, has to be his legal defense of Jeffrey Epstein, the billionaire financier who was investigated by the FBI for trafficking underage prostitutes in his mansion and on his private jet, dubbed the “Lolita Express.” At least 40 women, some of them as young as 12, alleged that Epstein knowingly solicited sex from minors and lent his underage harem to a host of high-profile perverts. Prior to his mid-2000s downfall, Epstein had ties to big names like Bill Clinton, whose name appears 11 times in Epstein’s flight logs; Kevin Spacey, now a disgraced pedophile in his own right; and Trump, who told New York in 2002 that “[Epstein is] a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side.”


Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 622d6c No.4634536 📁

Jan 6 2019 19:30:38 (EST)


Get in line.


97f3df  No.5332395


real means fake

true precedes a lie

frankly also

6d24e8  No.5332396

File: 66708d4158502d6⋯.png (553.57 KB, 951x534, 317:178, 903d070c-4a5a-4d0b-a9c1-7d….png)

457720  No.5332397

File: 0241322e9eae81e⋯.png (95.68 KB, 165x240, 11:16, zzzzzbbnn.PNG)

there is a tape of Kraft soliciting sex .

sure sounds like the way "they" compromise .

af7b83  No.5332398

File: 940f67dc2ab5aa4⋯.jpg (97.81 KB, 728x546, 4:3, the-problem-of-evil-17- Pe….jpg)



From bread #568

c9774a  No.5332399

hay guise let's keep the slide going about a faggot news network that will never come to fruition then all blow each other mmmmmmmm cock

7c535c  No.5332400

File: 449340d1fdcef2f⋯.jpg (55.33 KB, 717x463, 717:463, smell.jpg)



d189e0  No.5332401

File: 5d4381e3d522e56⋯.jpeg (254.82 KB, 1499x1000, 1499:1000, POTUS_Q.jpeg)

cc2919  No.5332402

File: 3aab994a366d862⋯.png (237.33 KB, 1046x824, 523:412, ClipboardImage.png)

c29a7a  No.5332403


Q News America is constraining….

Q News Anonymous

e68e41  No.5332404



first waves of the weekend shills invasion have struck.

76e742  No.5332405



c29a7a  No.5332406

File: 103b76578146477⋯.jpg (50.83 KB, 760x380, 2:1, kamala_harris2.jpg)

5eea24  No.5332407


Is Jackoff wearing a dress?

2b38d0  No.5332408


Q news America?

Fuck off fag this is global.


c2f350  No.5332409




63d2ce  No.5332410

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Siri, Google, Alexa won't answer questions about Jesus. But they're happy to call Allah God and Mohammad wise. What is happening?

d8d87e  No.5332411


that is so KEK

8efa09  No.5332412

File: 65ab2b9da4c5e94⋯.png (561.21 KB, 744x698, 372:349, Dz9iYAHXcAE_KD3.png large.png)

7f14e8  No.5332413


Q Anon News


79b4a6  No.5332414

File: de94797a21195a6⋯.png (74.47 KB, 418x330, 19:15, FireShot Capture 665 - (11….png)

Confirmed, this is pretty dank.

>I like QNA- like Q&A

>Q&Anons are in control

>"Making the truth great again"

c45f3c  No.5332415


<puppy love

Fucking GROSS


Q Intel Anonymous


c00812  No.5332416

File: d078a6bf01995c9⋯.jpg (717.13 KB, 1440x1060, 72:53, check em.jpg)



41f2d1  No.5332417



564735  No.5332418


Schitt, you know what they say. Be careful what you wish for.

d189e0  No.5332419

File: 7c0b8bc95b017e7⋯.png (161.92 KB, 487x489, 487:489, FAKE_NEWS_IS_THE_ENEMY_OF_….png)

6c6955  No.5332420


We are not a parody

We are real news

Thats the point

258339  No.5332421

File: ebed7a383fca7a5⋯.png (49.31 KB, 581x163, 581:163, Screen Shot 2019-02-22 at ….png)

Tell me this isn't odd…

Mr. Emanuel still trades on a reputation sealed years ago as a ferocious operative, a reputation that, by most accounts, is dated. While he remains a tough, foul-mouthed scrapper, he is more likely these days to give a dog dish to a senator who got a new puppy (as he did to Kent Conrad this summer) than send a dead fish to an enemy (as he did two decades ago as a brash young campaign aide).


ecbea0  No.5332423

File: 6edaa7f6f95f92d⋯.png (566.35 KB, 1458x739, 1458:739, ClipboardImage.png)

File: cd99defd80a197e⋯.png (426.55 KB, 1455x824, 1455:824, ClipboardImage.png)

File: bd43e7f72ae43ea⋯.png (621.66 KB, 1457x907, 1457:907, ClipboardImage.png)

A Brutal Russian Take on Zionism

The border wall, tariffs, Jussie Smollett, elections are distractions from the real issue, Jewish Power posing both as Right and Left, nationalist and globalist, Zionist and Communist.

In 1991, Vladimir Stepin wrote: "The Jews must have, and will have, undivided, absolute power over the whole world. The only point is that the money and the power, but particularly the power, will be achieved soundlessly, without attracting attention, and without occupying the leading roles until the very end."

This is why resistance – "anti-Semitism" – is banned.

"We have already…possessed the minds of the goy communities…[they are] looking through the spectacles we are setting astride their noses." (Protocols of Zion, 12)

The foundations of Zionism were formulated in ancient times, some three thousand years ago, and they are:

1. The Jews are God's chosen people.

2. All other peoples are merely two-legged animals (goys).

3. The Jews have both the right and the obligation to rule the world.


83f3e2  No.5332424

File: db3e08f0d3fe66e⋯.png (824.39 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 04F96A53-FD3E-44DB-B12F-1F….png)

File: 9cbb299dfb0c8f6⋯.png (495.32 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 27515E61-EA54-442B-8E74-D5….png)

File: 09743dd5b2ab01a⋯.png (1.96 MB, 2048x1536, 4:3, C6D2F66F-3C63-4409-B5F5-B6….png)

Missouri Supreme Court rules against Satanic Temple member in abortion case.


ae5789  No.5332425


You're a trademark infringement!

564735  No.5332427


Alexa has a Jesus allergy.

bfc9cb  No.5332428


I like it. Colour is good too. Q news now

b2db23  No.5332429


Picture has got bets on who, exactly, is more compromised?

Show your comps and bet accordingly.


e68e41  No.5332430



there cannot be a

>For the last time

just meme whatever the fuck you want to meme

d189e0  No.5332431

File: c6f49c4ebbda126⋯.png (579.44 KB, 951x497, 951:497, FAKE_NEWS_MEDIA_CNN.png)


126edf  No.5332432

File: 467d41928648cf3⋯.jpg (55.42 KB, 640x480, 4:3, SmollettLeecrop-640x480.jpg)

‘Empire’ Creator Lee Daniels Deletes Video Blaming ‘Racist F*ck’ on Day of Jussie Smollett ‘Attack’

Lee Daniels, co-creator of the Fox TV show Empire, stealthily deleted an Instagram video this week about the “attack” against Jussie Smollett. In the vulgar video, Daniels described the supposed attack as “just another fucking day in America.”

“It’s taking me a minute to come to social media about this, because Jussie, you are my son. You didn’t deserve, nor anybody deserves, to have a noose put around your neck, to have bleach thrown on you, to be called ‘Die faggot, nigga,’ or whatever they said to you,” Lee Daniels said in the video.

“You are better than that. We are better than that. America is better than that,” he continued. “It starts at home, it starts at home, yo.”

“We have to love each other, regardless of what sexual orientation we are, because it shows that we are united on a united front, and no racist fuck can come in and do the things that they did to you,” the producer said.


ca091d  No.5332433

File: ad94e11ae7e0b83⋯.jpg (50.47 KB, 640x371, 640:371, pljph6afz4i21.jpg)


2dec6d  No.5332434

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


NNN is this guy already. Next News Network.

9948f5  No.5332435

File: 1c8dd895faedc37⋯.jpg (63.94 KB, 744x744, 1:1, 1c8dd895faedc3743bec0075dc….jpg)


3:38 kek!

e68e41  No.5332436


>d189e0 (18)


4b0823  No.5332438

File: ac695876767e0d9⋯.png (53.23 KB, 639x307, 639:307, ClipboardImage.png)


c29a7a  No.5332439


I suggested QAN earlier… didnt seem to get much traction.

d189e0  No.5332440

File: 6946c7aaf040977⋯.png (91.8 KB, 205x245, 41:49, Russian Bot.png)

c2f350  No.5332441



QNN: The Most KEKed Name in News.

cc2919  No.5332442


Legally speaking

it is still a parody of CNN

Using truth and humor to mock their Farce

Remember the "Bitch in a Ditch" Anderson Cooper?

76e742  No.5332443


Checked n' kek'd

1768ee  No.5332444


White or black hat on Dershowitz??

da029a  No.5332445


There's a gap there where I added 20years betweens statements..

audible kek

126edf  No.5332446


Empire attacking white people with red hats

and maga.

Empire cast doing drugs and are Racist

f51ae5  No.5332447

File: 0bd68ee211b5ee4⋯.jpg (440.9 KB, 2448x1546, 1224:773, img_3692.jpg)


Looks like former VT AG Eric Miller got paid on his way out. I guess it does pay to play.

10ebb7  No.5332448

Details in spa sex, human trafficking released; neighbor says case 'like a movie'

Will Greenlee Treasure Coast Newspapers

Published 5:57 PM EST Feb 21, 2019

Orchids of Asia Day Spa in Jupiter, one of several businesses targeted in a human trafficking and sex investigation that apparently began in Martin County, had online reviews identifying it in slang terms as a provider of sexual services.

Postings from February 2015 to March 2018 on a forum-based website detailed visits involving Asian women supplying sex acts, massages and body rubs for pay. Investigators found evidence of bodily fluids and got video of sex acts inside the Palm Beach County business.

These were among the details in a 16-page affidavit obtained Wednesday supporting the arrests of Hua Zhang, 58, and 39-year-old Lei Wang, in connection with the spa at 103 S. U.S. 1 in Jupiter.


d189e0  No.5332449

File: d90f837b495f744⋯.gif (815.46 KB, 528x555, 176:185, pepekek.gif)

888592  No.5332451

File: 4719c911ee514b3⋯.jpeg (37.83 KB, 750x394, 375:197, wh2020.jpeg)


Weiner does not approve of Obummer.

06ea5b  No.5332452


I don’t expect full disclosure of the the special counsels is going to fare out well for them. Are they stupid or am I

1c4abe  No.5332453

File: 4906751e2ed0534⋯.jpg (17.88 KB, 255x144, 85:48, antifa.jpg)

Remember this?

Full list of Antifa members—on chan:


d189e0  No.5332454

File: 2e8876ce682b6a1⋯.gif (5.27 MB, 500x295, 100:59, POTUS_HIGH_FIVE.gif)

29b334  No.5332455

File: 4466be1268ef4f6⋯.png (618.54 KB, 1208x801, 1208:801, not-a-helicopter.png)

cc5ffd  No.5332456


When asked if Kraft seemed like a “regular” at the spa, Jupiter Detective Andrew Sharp said, “I would say going through the evidence, yes.”

The Orchids of Asia Day Spa in Jupiter was one of multiple day spas involved in the investigation, officials said.

According to a Palm Beach County affidavit, online reviews of the spa used various slang terms that identified that the business provided sexual services. Lei Wang was arrested for her connection to the spa according to the affidavit.


1e7562  No.5332457

Avenatti press conference has started.

09f125  No.5332458




World Wide News Network

2aa696  No.5332459

File: 973d7e6726d056c⋯.jpg (78.67 KB, 879x500, 879:500, 2udvpz.jpg)

e68e41  No.5332460


> “just another fucking day in America.”

trudat: the only attack given news attention was a hoax

cc5ffd  No.5332461


>The Orchids of Asia Day Spa in Jupiter was one of multiple day spas involved in the investigation, officials said.

5afde0  No.5332462

File: 02792c8f2aa8c21⋯.png (335.11 KB, 663x444, 221:148, Capture.PNG)

There you go, Q.

ecbea0  No.5332463

File: cb0fd687d95ff65⋯.png (12.75 KB, 504x205, 504:205, ClipboardImage.png)

NEW: DOJ Officials Say They Are NOT Expecting to Receive Mueller Report Next Week

Earlier this week, CNN reported that newly-confirmed Attorney General Bill Barr was preparing to announce as early as next week the completion of dirty cop Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation.

CNN reported Wednesday that AG Bill Barr plans to submit a summary of Mueller’s report to Congress as early as next week, but the timing of the announcement was subject to change.

DOJ officials are now saying they are not expecting to receive Mueller’s report next week.

Fox News producer Jake Gibson reported on Friday: A Senior DOJ official tells Fox News, “Any reporting that Special Counsel Mueller’s report will be delivered to the Department of Justice next week are incorrect.”

NEW: DOJ Officials Say They Are NOT Expecting to Receive Mueller Report Next Week

Cristina Laila by Cristina Laila February 22, 2019 44 Comments

146Share 21Tweet Email

Earlier this week, CNN reported that newly-confirmed Attorney General Bill Barr was preparing to announce as early as next week the completion of dirty cop Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation.

CNN reported Wednesday that AG Bill Barr plans to submit a summary of Mueller’s report to Congress as early as next week, but the timing of the announcement was subject to change.

DOJ officials are now saying they are not expecting to receive Mueller’s report next week.

Fox News producer Jake Gibson reported on Friday: A Senior DOJ official tells Fox News, “Any reporting that Special Counsel Mueller’s report will be delivered to the Department of Justice next week are incorrect.”

The President will be traveling to Vietnam next week to meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un to discuss denuclearization of North Korea so perhaps Mueller’s final report got pushed back.

Or… Mueller isn’t finished yet and is planning on indicting more of Trump’s associates on process crimes.

In early January, Beryl Howell, the Obama-appointed federal judge of the DC District Court who oversees Mueller’s grand jury, issued the 23-person jury a six-month extension which means his inquisition could go well into Spring and even Summer.


d189e0  No.5332464

File: aab461eb4ddcdd2⋯.jpg (15.75 KB, 175x255, 35:51, POTUSPEPE_KEEP_WINNING.jpg)

d42bd1  No.5332465

File: 2089dd8c7d65f74⋯.jpg (15.83 KB, 240x159, 80:53, BJVM3330.jpg)

1252bb  No.5332466


They want to know what's in it so they can prepare to refute it.

cc5ffd  No.5332467


>According to a Palm Beach County affidavit, online reviews of the spa used various slang terms that identified that the business provided sexual services

d42bd1  No.5332468

File: 291e0b9336d4578⋯.jpg (80.37 KB, 1024x851, 1024:851, IMG_2540.JPG)

41f2d1  No.5332469


Browse around at the major Russian Studies departments at universities across the US. Notice how many Jews are positioned there. Gatekeepers are everywhere

62f779  No.5332470

File: abe3e279587ff8e⋯.jpg (300.63 KB, 1138x612, 569:306, U3IJzN1FUOu5SwId74CCBvti7z….jpg)


This view of the "comped" reporters and networks takes into account the past and post- 2015/16 employment into account.

Now J. Alter is not the only person with connections to multiple media organizations.

Now the network is much less fragmented.

Interestingly, the NTY and M. Haberman are quite centrally positioned in the network.

Future update will show which of them were forced into resignation.

7f14e8  No.5332471


World Wide Anonymous News


0bcacd  No.5332472

The push for 5g by our President Trump is brilliant. Move to 5 then 6 and on and on until?

If you had to bring on a whole new delivery system for a power grid wouldnt it be smart to have others lay down the foot work..then introduce Teslas ideas in a new age? Built on that? Think free energy….A new WORLD WILL BE BORN.

d189e0  No.5332473

File: 1816c67977c604a⋯.jpg (47.43 KB, 792x620, 198:155, POTUS.jpg)

9948f5  No.5332475


nice narrative pass!

a63dbe  No.5332476



think about it anons who hates christians so much they actually killed jesus

8f944a  No.5332477

Leaving the board for a while until the QNN shill is passed and old news..

c29a7a  No.5332478


Grey. He supports POTUS based on the rule of law, but he also advocates for people to not be punished for grotesque abuses of power.

c05acb  No.5332479


Black heart, black hat. Desperately trying to curry favor with POTUS.

5afde0  No.5332480



They dont want to run over the coverage of Trump's meeting with KJU next week so theyhave decided to wait.

8b90a3  No.5332481

File: 1c2b101bf19c5a6⋯.png (119.54 KB, 361x228, 19:12, ClipboardImage.png)

ac34fb  No.5332482

File: f342a99932fd645⋯.jpg (41.87 KB, 473x437, 473:437, Capture_NEWS NOW.JPG)


it would seem (((they))) are the parodies.

ff3bfe  No.5332483

File: cc661be4270d64d⋯.png (206.46 KB, 509x627, 509:627, revolutionbern.png)

File: 906e31c8f8dfde1⋯.png (349.19 KB, 648x365, 648:365, xmasbernie.png)

09f125  No.5332484


nah, Anonymous doesn't deserve the credit.

ecbea0  No.5332485

File: add332acd9f3824⋯.png (278.65 KB, 615x338, 615:338, ClipboardImage.png)

433b46  No.5332486


No the point was copyright or trademark infringement, which doesn’t apply. Ideas are rarely unique, catchphrases that catch on regularly use some existing phrase, like “make america great,” for instance.

126edf  No.5332487

File: 32f8078063ed48d⋯.jpg (60.28 KB, 640x480, 4:3, symone-sanders-CNN-640x480.jpg)

CNN’s Symone Sanders in Denial: ‘Very Concerning’ Police Leaked—Smollett Was ‘Staunchly Believable’

CNN commentator Symone Sanders insisted on Thursday that things are still not adding up in the Jussie Smollett case, saying that his story was “staunchly believable” as of two days ago.

She said it is “very concerning” that the leaks all came from the Chicago Police Department and insisted that Smollett’s claim that he was attacked by two President Donald Trump supporters in near sub-zero temperatures in Chicago who were yelling “this is MAGA country” and hurling racial and homophobic slurs was “staunchly believable” as of two days days ago.


CNN blames police for the Jussie Hate Crime ?


adadc6  No.5332488

File: 257f63045d01efa⋯.png (1.73 MB, 934x4323, 934:4323, Obama 44 Jacket BasketBall….png)

There are comms throughout this Obama article on his "44" jacket he wore to the basketball game. They precisely choose the tweets included…the tweet times and number of likes and followers and emoji, etc almost all have meaning.

JFK assassination date numbers just happen to be in tweet(s)???

I especially like how they insert a SEPARATE article like right above the pic of Obama in his 44 jacket that reads:


So the message I get is that she dresses differently when she's not out on display.

a14363  No.5332489


I'll have you that LIVE in a few secs, anon

c29a7a  No.5332490


Better off with just WAN (World Anon News)

d189e0  No.5332491

File: 687446e9c6a7585⋯.jpeg (36.88 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, Q_POSTED_THIS.jpeg)

63d2ce  No.5332492



Followed by the knowing glance to the camera.

41f2d1  No.5332493


Black hat who will try to wear any color of hat to save his own ass

27b936  No.5332494

File: e55d4625e3d2efb⋯.jpg (131.59 KB, 500x557, 500:557, wtschitt.jpg)

bfc9cb  No.5332495


WIN world information network

ecbea0  No.5332496

File: a2e040374f37783⋯.png (164.54 KB, 482x360, 241:180, ClipboardImage.png)

5eea24  No.5332497

File: f548b52d23d44af⋯.jpeg (34.86 KB, 350x210, 5:3, 5AF6D2B6-FAE5-47ED-94D7-A….jpeg)

2283ab  No.5332498

File: 377caddc2124b4b⋯.jpg (479.15 KB, 2550x3300, 17:22, page01.jpg)

POTUS and The Number 777

POTUS was born on FRIDAY, June 14, 1946.

70 years, 7 months and 7 days later (777):

POTUS was inaugurated as President on FRIDAY, January 20, 2017

777 days later, is FRIDAY, March 8, 2019.

I think we might have won the jackpot.

7f14e8  No.5332499


Swap anonymous for patroit.


4a0351  No.5332500

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

888592  No.5332501


ECM That is how. Electronic Countermeasures.

0d68b9  No.5332502

File: 09e94689b639b58⋯.jpg (16.38 KB, 209x255, 209:255, 5d11899c4aabbae724dba55052….jpg)

6a4525  No.5332503



All of these reports do NOT say that the report has NOT been delivered.

My money is on he already has it, so it will not be delivered next week.

6848af  No.5332504

File: 1ed2be33dab1e85⋯.png (1.55 MB, 1599x810, 533:270, Version 4.png)

seeing if I can stimulate ideas everyone.

d189e0  No.5332505

File: 82c501425cb283b⋯.png (1.37 MB, 2367x1355, 2367:1355, QNN Hillary ClintonE.png)

85bac1  No.5332506


without face to names no good, need a chapter log, of when the signed up, 04.18 Q said

15ffef  No.5332507

File: 0202544a7cd27e6⋯.jpeg (118.08 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 334DB85A-3749-4413-8A20-1….jpeg)

(((Q))) ,

MOAR& MOAR, true anons are waking up to your TRUE intentions and plan. We will continue to woke up the anons and newfags you’ve brainwashed. SHEEP NO MORE.

8d4f72  No.5332508


What planet are you living on?

Obviously Kraft is involved in Human Trafficking, along with his other cronies involved in the bust.

d42bd1  No.5332509

File: 1fbc5d0bbc7517f⋯.png (2.81 MB, 1280x1728, 20:27, IMG_4109.PNG)

1252bb  No.5332510


As long as there is a 30% difference, there is not copyright or trademark violation.

9948f5  No.5332511

File: 1d59f785381b0dd⋯.jpg (571.95 KB, 2048x1152, 16:9, 1d59f785381b0ddf7aa9352472….jpg)

c9774a  No.5332512


Can someone shop that necklace to say "she-boon"?


8efa09  No.5332513

File: b35a60452ba3b24⋯.jpg (7.81 KB, 249x255, 83:85, 0d8302a1f7463703b0e95b14da….jpg)

c05acb  No.5332514


Good point. If I have something today, I will not be receiving it next week.

fbb673  No.5332515

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


c9774a  No.5332516


I acknowledge the fine work you have done here, patriot

d189e0  No.5332517

File: 50495f4716c8d1d⋯.jpeg (264.91 KB, 2400x1377, 800:459, QNN Hillary 404.jpeg)

7f14e8  No.5332518



WP News.

World Patroit News.

126edf  No.5332519


Smollett Was ‘Staunchly Believable’

Don Lemon who talked before after

attack not questioned by Police yet ?

Chicago Police want cast member Don Lemon of CNN phone for evidence ?

2aa696  No.5332520

File: bc6c0803d717bc5⋯.jpg (75.88 KB, 565x499, 565:499, 2togqc.jpg)

25f600  No.5332521

File: 79dcafc66047fd6⋯.gif (3.88 MB, 600x300, 2:1, 23F3DF7A-4B3D-4C50-8091-01….gif)

File: 0c217ea603dd32e⋯.jpeg (81.77 KB, 750x489, 250:163, AED61ACD-FD79-462C-8BB8-B….jpeg)

I love all y’all fuckers (no homo) but Post the fucking QNN Pepe memes everywhere including TWATTER/FB/IG whichever faggot site you use… haven’t seent 1 QNN post on twatter all day… get your fucking shit together ffs

e5a932  No.5332522

File: b71cd5632581f2f⋯.jpg (56.26 KB, 474x474, 1:1, berkshire sad boys.jpg)

File: ca7b1433783aa01⋯.png (38.51 KB, 845x666, 845:666, 022219 tute holders of KHI.PNG)

File: 366f7b64a041f56⋯.png (18.17 KB, 664x380, 166:95, 022319 KHC.PNG)

File: 855e3610003460e⋯.gif (825.9 KB, 400x225, 16:9, Toots falling.gif)

They are not the only ones too.

These positions are as of close of 3rd Qtr '18. They have changed much since then. Will not be updated for 4th qtr 2018 until the end of current Q1'19.

This will affect each and every single institutional holder on that list.

A major flaw in the system

cap 2 sauce


cap 3 sauce

c39cf3  No.5332523

>>5331556 (pb)

Don't forget about Unit 731 and the CDC.

953ce1  No.5332524

File: 837fb6fca147ae3⋯.jpg (1.22 MB, 1196x668, 299:167, 4chan kids.jpg)

Telling my folks about Q but steering them to normie sites…

09f125  No.5332525


muh adrenal glands

a14363  No.5332526


>>10404804 PB

1e7562  No.5332527

ABC has a camera outside door and helicopter overhead R. Kellys' music studio. Not sure if he is going to be arrested or what they are doing there.

23a16f  No.5332528



Therefore no copyright infringement.

5afde0  No.5332529

File: 29a0f0d45589994⋯.png (40.65 KB, 674x257, 674:257, Capture.PNG)

What is this "Truth to power" crap? They all say it.

15ffef  No.5332530


well then, that’ll be just another sexual predator that Trump was buddies with. idiot.

d42bd1  No.5332531

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

0341dc  No.5332532

This is how the police found Kraft..

Underground website 'RubMaps.com' helps customers find illicit massage parlors

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — Law enforcement officers arrested three women this week in connection with a multi-agency, sexual trafficking sting that has spanned months.

Contact 5’s crime investigator Merris Badcock dug deeper into this case and discovered an illicit massage website that helped tip off Jupiter Police Department detectives, a clean public record for one of the illicit massage parlors and a trash pull that didn’t require a warrant but got key evidence in building the case.


Looking for a “happy ending” massage? A website called rubmaps.com promises to hook up customers with these illegal services.

WPTV found Jupiter Police Department detectives used the site to help build a case against Hua Zhang, a woman arrested in connection to a sex-trafficking sting spanning numerous counties.

According to Zhang’s arrest paperwork (WARNING: POLICE REPORT CONTAINS GRAPHIC DESCRIPTIONS) , rubmaps.com is a “forum based website which allows customers … to discuss their individual experiences at illicit massage parlors.”

Contact 5 checked out the site. You have to be at least 18 years old to enter, but anyone can click a button and gain access.


65d336  No.5332533

Just a thouggt on 5G and DJT…

Phonefagging so if already posted, please ignore.

Maybe DJT wants the corner on 5G technology to shut it down. But he has to own it first.

f174ff  No.5332534

File: 59692e8f81c985d⋯.png (4.24 KB, 448x108, 112:27, Tell me this is nopt REAL.png)

Tell me this Ain't REAL.

No Deals

68e6f0  No.5332535

File: 85935d4f60d1952⋯.png (653.56 KB, 400x1160, 10:29, Glo Max.png)

497ca3  No.5332536

File: ce251b93b1870f5⋯.jpeg (212.9 KB, 750x513, 250:171, 642E2244-03D8-4C5E-9481-E….jpeg)

06ea5b  No.5332537


I’m thinking they will,stall as long as they can In releasing the report. It’s coming to end one way or another and it’s not going to end well for them. Expecting a new MSM narrative after its released

09f125  No.5332538


or take a page from the WWE and W=Worldwide

0ddd76  No.5332539

File: da5897d475d086b⋯.jpeg (919.13 KB, 1920x1200, 8:5, 4DFBAFEE-C2AD-429B-B2B2-C….jpeg)

File: cdc412ffaed4e61⋯.jpeg (832.59 KB, 1920x1200, 8:5, 12A446A2-3357-4024-8ED5-F….jpeg)

File: 7f9fe2781dd64de⋯.jpeg (251.52 KB, 416x656, 26:41, 028B658C-1950-4BE5-9BCC-0….jpeg)

File: d11da65eebddc36⋯.jpeg (83.96 KB, 583x635, 583:635, C7815B09-4D7F-4BB5-B357-5….jpeg)

5b75b4  No.5332540

File: 91324bebf7364fe⋯.jpeg (136.58 KB, 1242x696, 207:116, 9E2E11F0-6132-4030-A94E-B….jpeg)

File: dc769e4412acba6⋯.jpeg (228.05 KB, 1500x1018, 750:509, 67E51DC0-54CA-4E3B-A9BB-D….jpeg)

File: 55722fb1e7253eb⋯.jpeg (736.13 KB, 3465x1733, 3465:1733, 25EACE6F-254A-4217-938D-E….jpeg)

File: bbabbc7641be3e2⋯.jpeg (451.56 KB, 2367x1355, 2367:1355, 439B70CD-5D00-4CF1-8E2E-D….jpeg)

File: d2d7de90e58e4e1⋯.jpeg (230.65 KB, 1242x1252, 621:626, 082C1C14-ABAC-4641-A482-C….jpeg)

c29a7a  No.5332541


Anonymous News Channel

"All news from anonymous sources"

62f779  No.5332542


Reporters most influentially-positioned in the network include Norah O'Donnell, David Chailan, Jake Tapper, Jeff Zucker, Jeff Zeleny, John Berman, Alex Seitz-Wald, Beth Fouhy, Phil Griffin, Thomas Roberts, Ryan Lizza, and

Maggie Haberman.

ff3bfe  No.5332543

File: fe562e740621614⋯.png (275.58 KB, 588x546, 14:13, Screenshot_2019-02-22 Adam….png)


This schitt's panicking ….

f8690b  No.5332544

File: 13d89dc7abb66fa⋯.jpg (38.72 KB, 403x411, 403:411, HOLDEROFTHEBAG.jpg)


I hate these faggots

Execution for TREASON by HANGING is NOT "lynching"… so there's that

23a16f  No.5332545


Q Notables News ;)

611fcb  No.5332546

File: 0a9653562a8100f⋯.png (104.44 KB, 400x400, 1:1, Pepe Marine.png)


march 8 2019



49c677  No.5332547

Rahm Emanuel tells Jussie Smollett to move out of Chicago…

5eea24  No.5332548

File: f84fad47074c5f3⋯.jpeg (515.01 KB, 3840x2160, 16:9, 8DDA4D72-AF68-4E30-8F41-D….jpeg)

5b91ac  No.5332549


drop the Q

it is plain and simple

"We Are The News Now"

3c5ab6  No.5332550

File: 50659f617b6f248⋯.jpeg (292.92 KB, 1063x1085, 1063:1085, 1550817418.jpeg)


CABLE news Network

The cable companies are paid thousands of dollars for every susbscriber, while charging it's subs thousands a year

You are worth up words of 50k for them, just to have you on the books, just like insurance hmos and the federal reserve

YOuU are their currency

Why do you think they always give you free service for signing up?

953ce1  No.5332551


What if he's owning it to fix the fucked up parts and make its great for all (tesla tech)

da029a  No.5332552

File: 6323fd314eed87c⋯.jpg (103.88 KB, 999x692, 999:692, sheldon knock Q We Stupid ….jpg)

White Knuckled at the keyboard for almost 2 years now!!!!

I am on the cusp?

I have carried the Q msg to family and friends only to be callled nuts.

Damn near 24/7 I have 8chan on one monitor and Fox News on the other, WAITING FOR THAT BIG MOMENT!

2 years later…

1768ee  No.5332553


If here name is pronounced "Lay Wang" then TOP KEK!

611fcb  No.5332554

btw robert kraft is 77 years old

e5a932  No.5332555


KRAFT 5-day stock chart sauce


09f125  No.5332556


cuz that SCREAMS reliability…

9e8ab1  No.5332557

File: f8052e170929a64⋯.png (713.92 KB, 1494x1008, 83:56, QNN - USS Liberty.png)

d189e0  No.5332558

File: bd118fd891bb4d2⋯.png (1.47 MB, 2367x1355, 2367:1355, QNN POTUS Motorcade.png)

126edf  No.5332559


Ex-Boston Police Chief: Jussie Smollett’s Legal Team will Attack Police to Win Case

Appearing on the Fox News Channel Friday, former Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis predicted the legal team of Empire actor Jussie Smollett will besmirch Chicago law enforcement in an attempt to beat a felony charge for filing a false police report regarding an alleged stage attack on him last month.


d42bd1  No.5332560

File: f3229dbcba14c7f⋯.jpg (725.79 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, IMG_4323.JPG)

c05acb  No.5332561


>Earlier this week, CNN reported that newly-confirmed Attorney General Bill Barr was preparing to announce as early as next week the completion of dirty cop Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation.

reported, preparing, as early as, next week, the completion. no events stated whatsoever.

>CNN reported Wednesday that AG Bill Barr plans to submit a summary of Mueller’s report to Congress as early as next week, but the timing of the announcement was subject to change.

plans, submit, summary, as early as, timing, announcement, subject to change. Still no events reported.

>DOJ officials are now saying they are not expecting to receive Mueller’s report next week.

if you have it already, you are not expecting to receive it next week

>Fox News producer Jake Gibson reported on Friday: A Senior DOJ official tells Fox News, “Any reporting that Special Counsel Mueller’s report will be delivered to the Department of Justice next week are incorrect.”

same as above

D-Day looms

8e5ae2  No.5332562

File: c2305523c4f3a6c⋯.png (907.63 KB, 990x791, 990:791, lies, corruption and more ….png)

File: 2d54fd665a88fd1⋯.png (308.29 KB, 1222x484, 611:242, 5 folders of crimes agains….png)

Your Reading Assignment For The Weekend…Facts Matter! Educate Yourself!

It's Nearly All Here Folks! This should be a mandatory read.


918723  No.5332564


A wild ditto shill appeared

d42bd1  No.5332565

File: 047812d35bfea39⋯.jpg (239.12 KB, 800x800, 1:1, IMG_2674.JPG)

1e7562  No.5332566

Avenatti: Kelly is shown urinating on the girl on the tape. She calls him 'Daddy'.

4b4042  No.5332567

“I took a punch for Trump in Laguna Beach. Not because I had to, but because I wanted to expose to the nation how violent leftist agitators are.“

RC Maxwell

Take a punch for trump would be an awesome meme!

Any help anons?

8f944a  No.5332568


Like the DEMs ????

Sources say … blah blah blah …

Won't work

126edf  No.5332569


Dom Lemon not questioned yet in Jussie case ?

8b90a3  No.5332570


they are luciferians. They believe themselves to be Gods because they believe they hold sacred knowledge that they control the masses with.

And they are learning now that they are not Gods and Lucifer can't save them.

Times up.

6e3806  No.5332571

File: b25cabcb8317cf4⋯.jpg (145.62 KB, 1917x748, 1917:748, guncuomo.JPG)

Cuomo and coalition of Governors announcement


c29a7a  No.5332572


Stalling is better for them, because you can't debunk their lies. Thus the reason i found it interesting that even people at never trump fox is trying to advocate for keeping it a secret. That way they can pull a Ryan and McConnell…. "everything seemed credible, we didnt know!"

974bc6  No.5332573

Avenetti unloading on the "enablers" of R Kelly.

This is going to get good.

ca091d  No.5332574

Man who shot at California cop previously deported, arrested but cops wouldn't honor ICE detainer, feds say


This is how you deal with sanctuary cities!

Deport the corpse.

27b936  No.5332575

File: 0ad6816e698f136⋯.jpg (118.84 KB, 500x557, 500:557, wtshitp.jpg)

c29a7a  No.5332576


It was actually just a joke. Glad you got it.

d8d87e  No.5332577


is that who Jussie was calling?

1b306b  No.5332578

QRS (letters are sequential)

Q Research Sanctuary or better S name.

d42bd1  No.5332579


cc5ffd  No.5332580


why interfere with lay wang

ae5789  No.5332581

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Nutty Nancy Is Live

For Christ Sake!

d189e0  No.5332582

File: 3c698bccde593e6⋯.png (783.84 KB, 2367x1355, 2367:1355, QNN Clinton Crime.png)

c1194a  No.5332583


Highly disappointed I allowed you to give my friend and I a facial and massage . I recommended this place as well to a guy friend of mine whom was offered a table shower then happy ending ! This is NOT the town to act like this and it's a family area . I'm reporting you to the board and I pray you get shut down ! It's pretty sad sitting around a table with Jupiter locals at a restaurant and a few were aware of this when I explained what happened ….. You're disgusting and I can't believe I let you touch my face and I laid on your massage table . GET OUT OF OUR TOWN OR ILL SEE TO IT YOUR LICENSE IS REVOKED AND YOURE KICKED OUT !

yelp review^^^

23a16f  No.5332584


Q Notables Net(work).

There’s proof we had notables since day one. No copyright infringement.

f51ae5  No.5332585

c29a7a  No.5332586


Jar a fart and mail it to someone.

e5e87d  No.5332587


Are we taking back the W's as meaning 666. Seems like it could be Global Patriot News.

cc5ffd  No.5332588


one of the husseins

4c8422  No.5332589

File: a0fd648a6ec1655⋯.png (44.9 KB, 557x201, 557:201, Screenshot 2019-02-22_17-1….png)


24dc48  No.5332590

File: b80fd3f4598f725⋯.jpg (8.68 KB, 399x213, 133:71, Q_news_to_the_double_infin….jpg)

Q to the Double infinity News

Q News to the double infinity!



70f1ec  No.5332591

File: 39a91b9f6203202⋯.png (556.21 KB, 829x1215, 829:1215, spqresearch.png)

c380ff  No.5332592

>>5331973 lb

Look guy - Keanu himself said they were married. Digging past his own words is dumb and doesn't matter since the point wasn't the legitimacy of their marriage, it's the direction we're being pointed in.

SPEED > Reeves > Winona > Horowitz.

Also Reeves + Winona > Coppola > The Godfather III

You see? Think moar.

2283ab  No.5332593

File: a0253ffc409a2e4⋯.png (23.62 KB, 561x326, 561:326, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 742a0697df0fa03⋯.png (13.91 KB, 567x120, 189:40, ClipboardImage.png)

File: d51de8d04c8b3a6⋯.png (42.49 KB, 560x259, 80:37, ClipboardImage.png)

67de4a  No.5332594

I seent you faggots compiling a list of all the niggers that got booked at the spa today, I can help dig if someone is still working on it

4b4042  No.5332595


Kamala Harris and Val Jarret

126edf  No.5332596


Advocate Mag Editor Suggests Pro-Trump Police Rigged Investigation to Harm Smollett


CNN and MSM attack on Police ?

967df5  No.5332597

File: 4f128000285f62a⋯.png (849.09 KB, 988x953, 988:953, 180b3b0ad51a0ae1d51950025f….png)

Q- You are the news now

Anons - Yay, we're the news!

Also anons - sauce for that? sauce? sauce?

Anons - MSM link, MSM link, twAtter link, MSM, link.

Oh the fucking irony.

c05acb  No.5332598


They constantly frame themselves as the underdogs. Even when Hussein had a supermajority in Congress.

1e7562  No.5332599


He is looking like one of /ourguys/ in this press conference.

09f125  No.5332600


i'm not sure you understand how exponents operate…

e5a932  No.5332602

File: 17a42167d109e53⋯.jpg (101.15 KB, 640x360, 16:9, Dorsey dump 1.jpg)

File: eec2828a6f584a5⋯.jpg (97.18 KB, 500x501, 500:501, dorsey dump 2.jpg)

File: 5f7b4ed9ffe0bea⋯.gif (530.56 KB, 498x276, 83:46, FAP 4.gif)






6f9a62  No.5332603


Why are these guys not in prison? Why are all these guys actively undermining our republic being allowed to continue to do this crap? When does it stop? I am not a shill but there are days when I read SDNY is going on a fishing expedition, BO and Holder are fighting to redistrict to steal elections and Adam little Schitt is gearing up to continue an investigation where i’m like WTF? Why are these jackasses not in jail? Is the plan to let them continue fucking over America again and again?

63d2ce  No.5332604


Anons, this video features confirmation that US/China have reached a final agreement on currency, to deal with China's currency manipulation. Notable?

2b38d0  No.5332605


When do you return to PF ?

I think that's when the schiff hits the fan .

9c702d  No.5332606

65f47b  No.5332607

File: df16cb64d7eedff⋯.png (545.54 KB, 808x456, 101:57, ClipboardImage.png)

Billionaires hang out in places like this??

d42bd1  No.5332608

File: 2474464d54ded89⋯.jpeg (12.98 KB, 255x216, 85:72, PJQS9145.jpeg)

70f1ec  No.5332609


>Anons - MSM link, MSM link, twAtter link, MSM, link.

not really anon, a lot of the news posted here isn't from the MSM at all

67de4a  No.5332610




Shout to anons kek

d8d87e  No.5332611

File: bfa776a46644b5b⋯.jpg (6.92 KB, 273x184, 273:184, bfa776a46644b5b3917d03aff2….jpg)


prolly not this one…?

1252bb  No.5332612


I think you got it.

Now for a logo.

1e7562  No.5332613

Avenatti- [Kelly] will die in prison.

c6afc7  No.5332614


Anonymous News Network

8f944a  No.5332615

d42bd1  No.5332616

File: 68865336bbbb83a⋯.jpg (38.74 KB, 368x480, 23:30, IMG_2581.JPG)

d189e0  No.5332617

File: 1891e687ab3564d⋯.png (1.81 MB, 2367x1355, 2367:1355, QNN It's Happening.png)

70f1ec  No.5332618


imo, Q will post on /pf/ for updates to placeholders and to say "told ya"

9948f5  No.5332619


probably owns it…

91ec83  No.5332620

File: 165f5d9c1a3f6d5⋯.jpeg (119.76 KB, 466x607, 466:607, EC78A0BF-71FC-42E6-ABA6-5….jpeg)

9c702d  No.5332621


Both are filler made of wood.

c29a7a  No.5332622

File: d191fdbc9a7cfcb⋯.jpg (59.22 KB, 640x360, 16:9, jussie_kamala_booker.jpg)

426737  No.5332623

>>5331452 (lb)

QRN- Q Research Network

QPN- Q Patriot Network

QPN- Q Patriot News

QPR- Q Patriot Research

QPRN- Q Patriot Research Network

QNN- Q News Network

1b44f7  No.5332624

File: 8669269a052634a⋯.png (818.39 KB, 1276x714, 638:357, 9038a704ce9da37c94bce994ae….png)

1768ee  No.5332625


Purple pills.

de6fc1  No.5332626


you'd be surprised where some people hang out at kek

9e8ab1  No.5332627

File: e9293a3551c52a3⋯.png (16.54 KB, 517x252, 517:252, Dan Crenshaw denounces whi….png)

Qpedes like Dan Crenshaw?

41f2d1  No.5332628

File: a924931fa46ff42⋯.png (654.04 KB, 1024x682, 512:341, 1550873712468.png)

cc5ffd  No.5332629



surely there are other spas that have reviews with 'slang' code

c89ee7  No.5332630

File: 419a6b58241986a⋯.png (1.59 MB, 900x800, 9:8, ClipboardImage.png)

126edf  No.5332631

Prosecutor: Jussie Smollett Bought ‘Designer Drugs’ from Brother Who Helped Stage Attack

mpire actor Jussie Smollett purchased “designer drugs” from one of the brothers who allegedly helped stage an attack on himself in Chicago last month, text messages show.

Prosecutors said Smollett gave detailed instructions to the accomplices, Abimbola “Abel” and Olabinjo “Ola” Osundairo, who helped him stage the attack January 29, including telling them specific slurs to yell, urging them to shout “MAGA country” and even pointing out a surveillance camera that he thought would record the beating.

“[T]ext messages between Defendant Smollett and Abel revealed that Abel was a source of designer drugs for Defendant Smollett,” reads the bond proffer by Cook County State Attorney office prosecutors. “Specifically, since the spring of 2018, on several occasions, Defendant Smollett requested Abel to provide him with ‘Molly,’ which is a street name for the narcotic Ecstasy.”

Drugs from Empire actors on set ?


8a60ba  No.5332632


I kindof wonder if the police chief and judge purposely told all the details of the Smollett case in an attempt to get the case thrown out during a trial. Maybe that was the only chance they had to get him freed and still appear to be anti hate crime hoaxers.

d8d87e  No.5332633


chek my dubs respondin to yo dubs respondin to my dubs

c78a36  No.5332634

Any idea why Mueller report delayed again?


d189e0  No.5332636

File: ee788515d1655aa⋯.png (724.87 KB, 1500x1018, 750:509, QNN Jussie Smollett.png)

e68e41  No.5332637

File: 2ae95cf403c2805⋯.jpg (34.66 KB, 807x659, 807:659, so tiresome.jpg)


<then proceed to debate the name and copyright infrigement to death and beyond and beyonder

79b4a6  No.5332638

File: ae3ccda5da93869⋯.jpg (118.74 KB, 1033x581, 1033:581, b484fd0b505af6564bb44df441….jpg)

File: 335f93891d45e33⋯.jpg (120.6 KB, 1033x581, 1033:581, 30f8f7d9630649658cb781fef9….jpg)


just derping shit up as usual.

63f58c  No.5332640


ok, all you fucktards with this slide are being filtered. Be nice and reply to each other so it's easier.

d529a5  No.5332641

File: f7fd445bdd7fd9c⋯.png (509.41 KB, 1494x998, 747:499, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 288d0f481a572ec⋯.png (142.92 KB, 737x1009, 737:1009, ClipboardImage.png)

7423f0  No.5332642

File: be92c899445f2be⋯.png (1.12 MB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_20190222-141415.png)

Trump Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize



c1194a  No.5332643



table shower

Washing of the body by another person, usually asian woman, while laying on a table. First face down then on your back so particular attention can be paid to private parts

Nearly all asian massage parlors now offer the table shower, you can have yours before or after the massage and if you are man enough you can have two happy endings

2dec6d  No.5332644

File: cad9e41f444a190⋯.png (49.76 KB, 645x521, 645:521, paytriot.png)


Careful who you follow.

Be careful who you are following.

[Be careful who you follow]

Be careful who you follow.

"Be careful who you follow."

Be careful who you follow

Be careful who you follow.

>Past couple weeks board has been systematically peppered

>with pushes to segregate, centralize and label Anon.

>QNN memes are Good. Who is pushing for more

>than just memes - for compartmentalization?

3b652c  No.5332645

Theoretically, what would happen if the LGBT laws were repealed?

63d2ce  No.5332646


Additionally, China has agreed to criminalize the import/export of fentynal. Most of it in the US comes from China, so this is big news.

70f1ec  No.5332647


>delayed again

it was never "delayed", it will come out when Mueller's done.

c05acb  No.5332648


Good. Plant more of that shit, and less corn.

09f125  No.5332649

File: b3c99415e992c97⋯.jpg (49.88 KB, 430x287, 430:287, 4742724.jpg)



Q Afrter Dark



a14363  No.5332650


Hate him. And we're 'anons', reporter

e5a932  No.5332651


that you paco?

c89ee7  No.5332652

File: 1eb47832a1d87f1⋯.png (1.81 MB, 900x800, 9:8, ClipboardImage.png)

711af3  No.5332653


I’m still trying to figure out why Hussein was at the Duke/NC game the other night. He was in NC for more than a game. John Edwards slithered back to private life but he is still very influential in politics. And he lives in the Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill area.

c29a7a  No.5332654

d9f2e1  No.5332655

File: 8f699ddba566133⋯.png (442.94 KB, 590x622, 295:311, AQ44.PNG)


Second tranche of Aide to Venez

126edf  No.5332656


judges are on the take. They brag that they have a job for life and can do what they want.

That no one can fire them

c380ff  No.5332657

File: c8f25a74ff83e2f⋯.png (516.94 KB, 717x725, 717:725, ClipboardImage.png)

Anons is this for real? 295k feet?


06ea5b  No.5332658

File: 023259943eb6f40⋯.jpeg (93.67 KB, 611x499, 611:499, 210444D2-32B0-4A5E-8FF5-D….jpeg)

ed74a8  No.5332659



KEK!! I hope y'all appreciate what this means on a few levels. POTUS does it again.

dd6451  No.5332660

File: 3dde4f9d994e5e2⋯.png (486.77 KB, 555x623, 555:623, HRC Crimes.png)


>Hillary Clinton & Foundation.

>Crime Against Children.


October 7th, 2018 in line with 1 year delta, 47 days ahead of schedule.

552ddf  No.5332661

File: 062fee4f1f5313c⋯.jpg (29.72 KB, 414x393, 138:131, oh please.JPG)

cc2919  No.5332662

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



d42bd1  No.5332663

File: f0a38972cbe7e0b⋯.jpg (2.62 MB, 3264x2448, 4:3, IMG_4504.JPG)

cced28  No.5332664

does anyone know what happened today with cuomo and trump? he was supposed to meet potus with a bunch other governor. can't find any news of it. anyone know?

24dc48  No.5332665


raising to an infinit power is akin to dividing by zero. So I make it even more alarming and first double the infinity. This is new, it's never been done, hence a New notation. Q news.

Q knew

Q knows

Q News!

3ae503  No.5332666

File: 72a3370cab34878⋯.jpg (334.29 KB, 1800x1800, 1:1, IMG_2815.JPG)

28cc4d  No.5332667


Gloria Allred is their attorney. 🗣

d42bd1  No.5332668

File: 546d9a9e2a34e8a⋯.jpg (166.12 KB, 836x818, 418:409, IMG_2618.JPG)

c29a7a  No.5332669


also to prove he's not in gitmo… trolling in an expensive jacket court side and everyone was fawning over him.

43aee7  No.5332670

File: a94efcc560393fe⋯.jpg (268.33 KB, 1469x995, 1469:995, AZAZ0909 round Newburg NY ….JPG)

File: 421afe73a669150⋯.jpg (164.13 KB, 1571x813, 1571:813, AZAZ0909 into NY Stewart I….JPG)

Spotted Gitmo aircraft and traced for a bit ~ AZAZ0909 pickup from NY Stewart International Airport?

Landed 17:13 EST ~ unable to watch for turn around, but expect take off in the next couple of hours ~ any plane fags out there that can pick up watching for this one?

1e7562  No.5332671

Avenatti talking about multiple jurisdictions all over the country, transporting minors, over ten other individuals involved.

9c702d  No.5332672

File: faeda3187722496⋯.jpg (20.92 KB, 433x414, 433:414, 9bd76702c805ca03848e0a6b21….jpg)

36ffc7  No.5332673

are you seeing this on fox news?

Kraft arrest is the TIP OF THE ICEBERG in a multi state multi county human traffic investigation?

6e3806  No.5332674

>>5332664 it was about a gun grab. Here is the article


3c5ab6  No.5332675

File: e280d62dd79b657⋯.jpg (59.22 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 1549316068.jpg)

f7ca5d  No.5332676


QTN - Question The Narrative?

953ce1  No.5332677

File: 3762b0ccd5756c6⋯.png (587.85 KB, 1208x801, 1208:801, Kuru QNN.png)

76e742  No.5332678

2 dead, 14 injured after Venezuela soldiers fire at civilians near border with Brazil


888592  No.5332679

File: aaafa7d332b6b9d⋯.png (17.97 KB, 506x300, 253:150, PUPPY SHOW.png)


There was a "DOG" dig the other night on night shift. Lots of good questions and no real solutions. Here is a pic of all of the posts tagged as notable. May be worth a look as this is one that was NOT included. This whole Dog thing seems like an opportunity for a gigantic meta-meme poster thing to get it all in one place.

fbfec6  No.5332680

Tiffany FitzHenry

‏ @Tiff_FitzHenry

20m20 minutes ago

BREAKING: Founder of private equity firm J.W. Childs Associates, John Childs among 165 people charged in Florida Prostitution Sting, developing…

5afde0  No.5332681

974bc6  No.5332682


I had the same thought… flipped? Interesting he's putting so much emphasis on the periphery. He mentioned transporting minors. This is big.

R. Kelly and R. Kraft popped on the same day… coincidence?

I have a feeling their is going to be more this weekend.

e5a932  No.5332683

File: 7ec354f4a1ca3d2⋯.jpg (125.52 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 666 nob.jpg)


I bet with those digits

b2db23  No.5332684


aren't they both



Waters" Watch em.

Whore be LDR Massage Parlor mammon

d189e0  No.5332685

File: 3661016df74349a⋯.png (621.68 KB, 1500x1018, 750:509, QNN Jussie Smollett3.png)

7f14e8  No.5332686


SHIT. It just hit me !

It's so simple. It's so beautiful.

"We are the news now"

There are nobody but us.

Our name is:


or just news for short.

79b4a6  No.5332687

File: 90d2b690a1bcfcb⋯.jpg (123.31 KB, 503x688, 503:688, bd92354646c5b5f73cf5d97fc9….jpg)


well, I.. maybe, kek.

I gets confused

c8da8e  No.5332688

File: 0148362c4695400⋯.png (207.39 KB, 1903x910, 1903:910, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 93e5b361593724b⋯.png (129.3 KB, 1903x910, 1903:910, ClipboardImage.png)

(Previous digs on Mark B. Childress)

Looks like he was appointed as Ambassador to Tanzania and presented his papers on May 22, 2014. So the Anon who found the puppy emails >>5329991 (PB) found an email to Podesta that said this guy was on the road to get a new puppy in Jan. of 2014….knowing that he might be going overseas?

The letter of competency is the single document in the DoS FOIA reading room using "Mark Childress" as the search term and that letter of competency has no date on it, although the release date is March 2014. Surely he knew that he was being considered for the Ambassador position in Jan?

Here is the other odd thing. I was looking at documents related to Tanzania and narrowed my search to documents dated 1/1/2014 thru 2/1/2017. There were 23 results. Then I used a different set of dates - 1/1/2011 thru 2/1/2014 and got 115 results. Not a lot of communication going to and fro.

So how much money was going to Tanzania sez I to meseff. Not that much, but there is a noticable uptick in 2014. First contract? To Deloitte for….HIV care and treatment???

If PDJT had not been elected we were sooooo screwed.




6d24e8  No.5332689

File: a2dfdd2245104a6⋯.png (877.02 KB, 619x774, 619:774, a6b42441-dc6a-4e8a-9c1d-fa….png)

9e8ab1  No.5332690


Whatever you say newfag.

1252bb  No.5332691

NFN - Non Fake News

d42bd1  No.5332692

File: c19ab1711ad39b5⋯.jpg (372.86 KB, 1600x800, 2:1, IMG_4177.JPG)

363039  No.5332693


Have we figured out who the dude we are going to ruin his weekend is yet ??

b5a39c  No.5332694


I like this one, rolls off the tongue.

8a60ba  No.5332695


Obama loves to hobnob with celebrities, that Zion kid is going to be the next LeBron james apparently.

28cc4d  No.5332696


Florida is littered with places like this. Both coasts.

d42bd1  No.5332697

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

152961  No.5332698

File: d356fed39cdfc2f⋯.png (14.34 KB, 150x123, 50:41, Screen Shot 2019-02-22 at ….png)

The first "next week" delay. Q/POTUS build more hype around Mueller release and DS/MSM/libs scurry to create more fake news. All these fake outs are going to stress them out BIGLY!

When Q team said we're going to have fun, they meant it!

fbfec6  No.5332699



‏ @rghtwngextrmst

11m11 minutes ago

Replying to @Tiff_FitzHenry

Childs is a major Republican donor, giving $1 million to Mitt Romney's campaign and $1.1 million to the Club for Growth, as well as donating to the campaigns of Congressmen Eric Cantor and Paul Ryan.[3]

0 replies 1 retweet 4 likes

a14363  No.5332700

File: 62d407ce4b31bf9⋯.jpg (17.19 KB, 255x173, 255:173, SUI.jpg)

024dea  No.5332701


His name was the first to drop to get Normie's attention and have it talked about on all the sports shows.. Everyone is waiting to find out who the next big name is.

d42bd1  No.5332702

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

0341dc  No.5332703

File: c73fd967a6ecaff⋯.png (586.12 KB, 797x725, 797:725, menwhore.png)



c00812  No.5332704


Perfect meme right here.

5afde0  No.5332705

POTUS is so good off the cuff.

d42bd1  No.5332706

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

27b936  No.5332707

File: cb49b3e5bab7865⋯.jpg (445.99 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, mirrorbo.jpg)

09f125  No.5332708

File: c9c84fe4288bfee⋯.jpg (89.12 KB, 480x589, 480:589, VQC-Understands.jpg)

File: 4d7428e67168fea⋯.jpg (49.46 KB, 767x281, 767:281, Contract.jpg)


You're a madman.

967df5  No.5332709

File: 336e6843f53fd40⋯.jpg (113.14 KB, 542x523, 542:523, traitorseverywhere.jpg)


Me - checks notables, keks.

Very few focus on bigger picture but look at the Jussie fags, news fags, etc.

Fuck a news network and a NAME.

IT IS 8CH.net/QRESEARCH, for all you faggots with delusions of grandeur. That's the name and site.

You famefags gonna get the noose.


>all so tiresome



126edf  No.5332711


In the past they said this openly in court….

d189e0  No.5332712

File: 577c492fd16ec53⋯.jpg (58.88 KB, 466x353, 466:353, Undiscovered Stars.jpg)

28cc4d  No.5332713


He is starting a league reportedly in Africa.

cc5ffd  No.5332714

File: ce7be3b4afc6c4f⋯.png (171.31 KB, 1197x760, 63:40, massage review.PNG)


review for another spa


6d24e8  No.5332715


Its looking like a lot bigger than an asian massage parlor giving handjobs.

d42bd1  No.5332716

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

41f2d1  No.5332717

File: 31a8e35bed31638⋯.jpeg (47.86 KB, 293x397, 293:397, fullsizeoutput_1ebb.jpeg)

8f944a  No.5332718

The Real News Network …

:Our stories are based of facts:

e5a932  No.5332719


no pics. our convo with baker earlier member?

d8d87e  No.5332720

File: ea6f849a2e4b576⋯.png (49.1 KB, 249x244, 249:244, ea6f849a2e4b576c73cd0094b6….png)





i got confused in all these dubs

5a3a44  No.5332721


Gordon Chang isn't always right, anon.

d189e0  No.5332722

File: 07d536d7056c5d8⋯.jpeg (27.16 KB, 480x431, 480:431, TRUDUEA_MERKEL_POTUS_SLAP.jpeg)

f8690b  No.5332723

File: cb169150d3814ec⋯.jpg (7.56 KB, 255x197, 255:197, UGLYTREE.jpg)



IT's this one…

8c9198  No.5332724


There'd be a really small riot of dudes in dresses crying from their estrogen hormones and insane testosterone-full bursts of outrage "IT'S MAAM" by gold medalists that cheated past a steroid loop hole.

And some hair stylists.

610443  No.5332725

File: 1f7b75a9405d547⋯.png (623.12 KB, 1014x1016, 507:508, Screenshot_20190222-141438….png)

Negro committed a hate crime anyway you slice it but since he's a nigga he didn't get charged with a hate crime.

cc5ffd  No.5332726


My husband paid for a 15 minute massage. $40 up front was paid and the lady who "serviced" him spent 5 of those 15 minutes asking him if he wanted a hand job. When he politely declined, she then offered sex. Not only to him, but to his buddy he went with. So ummmm Yeah— stay far away unless you're into that kind of thing.

79b4a6  No.5332727


aye, no word yet.

b840ac  No.5332728

File: cf27df7da8966ad⋯.jpeg (812.81 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, F4A2890C-634B-45B3-B9E9-5….jpeg)

"Abuse, Part 2 (Confessions)" is a b-side of the 1995 release Smells Like Children. It was originally meant to be the tenth track on the album, but due to unauthorization by the "confessor", all versions of the album were recalled and a revised track listing was included. This track was replaced by "May Cause Discoloration of the Urine or Feces".


Boy: I was baby-sitting my little cousin, and his father has these, this little stash of these little women magazines and everything. And I made him his like really down and little child.

Man: How old was he?

Boy: 6/ 7

Man: Uh huh

Boy: Really tiny and small and innocent and he showed me the magazines, where they were, and we were looking at them, and then, I played with his little innocent penis and I made him dance with me.

Man: Did you get a hard on?

Boy: Somewhat, it was kind of impossible.

Man: How did that make you feel?

Boy: At the time…

Man: Did you feel like you were doing something wrong or did you like it?

Boy: Both. I felt very powerful. Actually.

Man: What else did you do with him?

Boy: I orally gratified and whatever.

Man: Did you suck his dick?

Boy: Yes. I just made him do things to me.

Man: What did he do to you? Did you make him touch you or what did you make him do?

Boy: I made him do all of those things.

Man: Hmm?

Boy: I made him do all of those things.

Man: Do you want to be punished now for being bad?

Boy: Umm, hmm.

Man: Go give me your belt.

3c5ab6  No.5332729

File: aa4e0348c0d58b5⋯.jpg (58.44 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 1550122629.jpg)

e6e503  No.5332730




a14363  No.5332731


Good kill, but not the 'pillars of society' topping the list that we're waiting for.

5a3a44  No.5332732


Might be. Good theory.

d529a5  No.5332734

4dca4a  No.5332735


RR already had a draft copy and SC crooke lawyer leaked their draft to the leaky bucket of Schitt! Every action by NP, Schumer and Schitt is very telling!

d42bd1  No.5332736

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

d189e0  No.5332737

File: 3cd6148f894f2a1⋯.gif (8.64 MB, 640x360, 16:9, THE_STORM_IS_UPON_IS.gif)

c00812  No.5332738

File: 1a57c2a844e40ce⋯.jpg (129.46 KB, 960x960, 1:1, sudoku.jpg)

953ce1  No.5332739

File: 3b52df6139fc886⋯.jpg (544.87 KB, 3200x1680, 40:21, RW.jpg)


wrong its this one…

d9f2e1  No.5332740


> @Tiff_FitzHenry

She seems woke AF. Following.

24dc48  No.5332741


also can be pronounced:

Qin' to infinity

Q-ing to infinity

ed74a8  No.5332742


Heard. It's ALL about the Memes and the prayers and the sharing!!


fbfec6  No.5332743

File: 4e0aea1c51ce85a⋯.png (430.74 KB, 720x540, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

File: a4fcdfedaa32ecb⋯.png (418.29 KB, 709x741, 709:741, ClipboardImage.png)

John Childs Of JW Childs Charged In Florida Prostitution Sting

The founder of the Waltham-based private equity firm was charged in the same sweep that Patriots owner Robert Kraft was caught in.

By Jenna Fisher, Patch Staff | Feb 22, 2019 4:46 pm ET | Updated Feb 22, 2019 5:14 pm ET


WALTHAM, MA — John Childs, the founder of Waltham-based private equity firm J.W. Childs, was charged in the same Florida prostitution sting that has Patriots owner Robert Kraft facing charges, according to a Florida sheriff's office.

Childs is among dozens of people charged as a result of a six-month multi-jurisdictional investigation into an international sex trafficking operation, according to the Vero Beach Police Department in Florida.

Officials said 171 warrants have been issued for men accused of soliciting prostitutes in massage parlors. Forty-five warrants have been activated and more are in the pipeline.

Childs is charged with soliciting prostitution on a warrant dated Feb. 18.

"I'll tell you folks, there were very little massages actually going on," said the Vero Beach Police Chief David Currey. "They weren't going in there for massages."

3b652c  No.5332745


repeal it if you ever get the chance, those laws caused massive mental illness in the population.

2283ab  No.5332746

File: 43cf89cfa1ede06⋯.png (35.68 KB, 561x407, 51:37, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 182b305671139b8⋯.png (274.44 KB, 434x488, 217:244, ClipboardImage.png)

What if certain file permissions were set to 777 on POTUS' 777 day of office?


1b44f7  No.5332747

File: 14b6e4fdaa496c6⋯.png (182.33 KB, 480x359, 480:359, libtards-only.png)

49d7e3  No.5332748



Wow. Awesome news story and no pics? RBG reloaded.

6d24e8  No.5332749


must have been worth it for some of them judging by the smiles

c216b3  No.5332750

File: c520a2a3b78f9c6⋯.png (915.28 KB, 1136x640, 71:40, 827B7026-45C6-460B-B1FA-AB….png)

Orange blue zebra stripes we all know she’s a turn coat

d42bd1  No.5332751

4a0351  No.5332752

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Thanos Trump: Winfinity War

ac3d56  No.5332753

File: 0b6c8e8a2bc83e3⋯.png (336.79 KB, 660x440, 3:2, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 950a985fa555532⋯.png (1.18 MB, 736x1238, 368:619, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 84a95869415fbfe⋯.png (97.92 KB, 204x345, 68:115, ClipboardImage.png)

Bernie has a commie supporting honeymoon in the USSR.

His wife runs a scam & gets a get out of jail free card.

Clintons have a nice little Voodoo honeymoon in Haiti.

Run the 40+ year Clinton Crime Spree.

Hussein, Indonesia, Kenya & well…

We shall see just who in the hell he & Michael [Really] are.

But for now,

Nothing to see here folks, move along.


09f125  No.5332754


Q Infinity, and Beyond!


2dec6d  No.5332755

In order of appearance:

Before the Flood - Enoch

During the Flood - Noah

After the Flood - Moses

Before Jesus' Birth - John the Baptist

After Jesus' Birth - 12 Disciples

Before Jesus' Return - Q+++

d42bd1  No.5332756

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

b2db23  No.5332757


aNN Coulter - culture's all

27b936  No.5332758

d9f2e1  No.5332759


Connects to Mittens, make him sweat.

70f1ec  No.5332760


Q → Q+ → Q∞

2283ab  No.5332761

Nice catch


d42bd1  No.5332762

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

cff2c4  No.5332763


I've been searfhing for an article I read earlier this week about a massage parlor bust in or around newport Beach, CA. I believe tge raid was conducted by ICE.

Havent found it yet, but will keep looking.

5a3a44  No.5332764


Sounds just like Becerra's MO.

09f125  No.5332765


I really like where this is going :D

236c49  No.5332766

Sara Carter asked about Q. Interesting.


06ea5b  No.5332767

File: 121eb03dcbb9336⋯.jpeg (69.85 KB, 482x433, 482:433, 5E7A2C02-CF34-43C7-BD28-E….jpeg)

Just for fun>>5332657

41f2d1  No.5332768

File: 51fcc02d24bfd1e⋯.jpg (289.18 KB, 600x953, 600:953, 67087f3c9e0c2fdeb2e8ed2d58….jpg)

68e6f0  No.5332769

File: 05d83cb97ea75c8⋯.jpg (603.95 KB, 1920x1271, 1920:1271, proboscismon.jpg)

d42bd1  No.5332770

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

8c9198  No.5332771


Planefags - Is this real? That looks like CGI. WAPO making shit up?

f8690b  No.5332772


shit…you win

cdc80c  No.5332773


WHY do Anons insist on making We The People's Truth News network look like fucking CNN? WTF?!

ae5789  No.5332774





All are on Equal Ground!


e5a932  No.5332775


did not want to send email as all i could find was a info@ so I called and left a message to the contact I could find. called me back and basically not given time of day so ixney on that bullshit.

"we can't help you or you us".

fuggin torqued about it but no matter.

552ddf  No.5332776


sweet sassy molassy

5b91ac  No.5332777


anyone think that R. Kelly is being smeared?

c29a7a  No.5332778

File: a464f867c5666df⋯.jpg (90.56 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, Fallen-Love-Ranger-promo-a….jpg)

File: 88c7d1fc5e961f6⋯.jpg (675.58 KB, 1275x1650, 17:22, FBI-pedophile-symbols-page….jpg)


new Fortnite Expansion….. "Fallen Love Ranger"

09f125  No.5332779





d42bd1  No.5332780

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

27760e  No.5332781

File: e6e257cba876214⋯.png (173.51 KB, 1220x706, 610:353, ClipboardImage.png)

We are the most misrepresented group by the media in history. We are constantly slandered, suppressed and ostracized. WE are on the right side of history. We believe in all America stands for, we believe in people being able to live their lives, we believe in love and freedom.


0b8e3c  No.5332782

File: 88d32a3f53a267f⋯.png (753.42 KB, 911x488, 911:488, 1888 - El Paso.png)

cff2c4  No.5332783

ff3bfe  No.5332784

File: 7828f34a99ce677⋯.jpg (94.89 KB, 648x364, 162:91, muhsoy.jpg)


Potus…saving humanity!

a81e54  No.5332785

File: 3820973cc4cd8c7⋯.jpg (7.64 KB, 255x143, 255:143, Best Black History month e….jpg)



967df5  No.5332786

File: 11216576b372026⋯.jpg (259.05 KB, 1600x1000, 8:5, DqEFpfdWsAAwuFx.jpg large.jpg)


Let me know when you figure out Hitler dindu nuffin wrong and was framed by the kikes just like they're trying to frame POTUS and kick off another World War.

Do you faggots EVER look at the BIGGER PICTURE?!

d8d87e  No.5332787

File: 6ce2d77f5336700⋯.png (121.76 KB, 429x535, 429:535, download.png)

70f1ec  No.5332788


I agree with you

if I have a choice between posting MSM or non-MSM, I go out of my way to find non-MSM

but for graphics sometimes it's good to use MSM imo, because a normie will recognize it

d189e0  No.5332789

File: ebb28e30909c787⋯.png (962.05 KB, 1500x1018, 750:509, QNN_MUELLER_REPORT.png)

c05acb  No.5332790



The shill tears from the CNN fucks here are worth it.

e68e41  No.5332791


yeah: R. Kelly

c25eec  No.5332792


Hmmm…. this letter is quite contrary to the recent MSM push of the Mueller report being a possible nothingburger.

From a SunTzu point of view, looks to me like Schitt for brains is being used as the liberal endorsement of the Mueller report.

d42bd1  No.5332793

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

09f125  No.5332794


that's spicier than HOT SAUCE!

ed9010  No.5332795

File: 8016ee1328526aa⋯.jpg (255.84 KB, 1440x691, 1440:691, qnnnewsroom.jpg)

Borrowed anon's memes to make a QNN newsroom


471504  No.5332796


Is being proud to be white considered

White supremacy? I just need to know

so I can tally up all the labels placed on me.

2aa696  No.5332797

File: 0ee11d72af36572⋯.jpg (77.34 KB, 879x500, 879:500, 2udvuj.jpg)

ae5789  No.5332798




R Kelly?


Never Heard of Her!

06ea5b  No.5332799


he wore to many flame retardant clothing as child

70f1ec  No.5332800


Q = High level insider(s)


Q∞ = God


70c391  No.5332801

>>5327554 (/pb)

As long as there are NO CONSEQUENCES for crimes – crimes will continue to injure innocent people. BRING BACK ENFORCEMENT OF ALL LAWS – NO FREE RIDES, NO ESCAPE.

c4db0a  No.5332802


He's been /ours/ from the beginning of Trump's presidency.

c05acb  No.5332803


People can't have vanilla as their favorite ice cream?

8c47ea  No.5332804

File: 4461b40b81d2b68⋯.jpg (23.54 KB, 296x330, 148:165, 2udyc3_1_1.jpg)

File: 0a71e34cd8536b2⋯.jpg (78.12 KB, 500x543, 500:543, 2u9ekv_1.jpg)

79b4a6  No.5332805


I sent a mail, other then that I don't know much

see welcome page

d42bd1  No.5332806

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

8efa09  No.5332807

File: d5923e4f580a851⋯.jpg (10.93 KB, 241x255, 241:255, 5eec219a6671ffbf60e1792963….jpg)

ca091d  No.5332808

File: 67ad6e406208e09⋯.png (501.04 KB, 714x527, 42:31, Abortion Toxic.png)

Abortion worker confirms killing infants, suggests mom flushes premature baby or puts it in a bag


Abortion worker says if mom has baby early, to flush it or put it in a bag and then give them a call. The abortion worker also confirms that if the baby is wiggling or anything, they will take care of it with a solution that is toxic. I want to figure out where this video took place, because it's absolutely disgusting. Babies deserve better.

We had the House+Senate+Presidency and not one vote to de-fund PP. Not One!

They didn't even try.


6cef03  No.5332809

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Oligarchs declare war on America

4000 dead since Hillary defeated

Treason is the #1 swamp growth industry

49c677  No.5332810

File: d7536006628ddf1⋯.jpeg (111.32 KB, 668x406, 334:203, 641B2B31-0442-4D5E-BC03-F….jpeg)

70f0cc  No.5332811

File: 67fbcfd64ba9725⋯.png (3.5 MB, 3548x2037, 3548:2037, sdfgesr6jr5jhw5jsrj.png)

dc7674  No.5332812

File: 44734aaac981ee2⋯.jpg (27.85 KB, 384x385, 384:385, 44734aaac981ee2831ffbab0b8….jpg)

31b000  No.5332813

File: ac8ff64a7935af6⋯.jpg (48.57 KB, 749x870, 749:870, asz1597.jpg)

File: 51f6e32cf89b515⋯.jpg (156.03 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, f1c3eab42fd5f6817834879fcf….jpg)

File: 07899d5749a3f85⋯.png (1.11 MB, 1152x630, 64:35, yXZ5KUE.png)

27778a  No.5332814


<sexual trafficking sting … Badcock dug deeper into this … RUBMAPS.COM

The Onion ain't got nothing on this story.

09f125  No.5332815

File: 38c7a218ba7289f⋯.jpg (1.06 MB, 2200x1400, 11:7, GreenQNN5DayStorm.jpg)



We need a QSPN studio

9375e7  No.5332816


>CNN blames police for the Jussie Hate Crime ?


CNN–Communist Nigger News

16ebde  No.5332817

File: a0be1e740cd672e⋯.png (982.62 KB, 806x751, 806:751, pine.png)

File: 93ca76228f788ee⋯.png (258.05 KB, 510x661, 510:661, dead_judge.png)

File: 86522daf5393c53⋯.png (147.78 KB, 552x587, 552:587, pnealectomy_as_of_1915.png)

File: 33673b050473e12⋯.jpg (336.73 KB, 375x554, 375:554, cybele.jpg)

Code for pineal gland harvesting of prisoners?


8c42a7  No.5332818


kek, add a hashtag, fren.