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Pro Aris et Focis

File: aeb37a1d89a3399⋯.png (6.66 MB, 5760x3240, 16:9, QR667.png)

76f621 No.541894

Suicide at the White House

http:// www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5458143/Shots-fired-White-House.html



2018 Amendments to the Manual for Courts-Martial, United States

https:// www.whitehouse.gov/presidential-actions/2018-amendments-manual-courts-martial-united-states/

>>538293 Assets Siezed by EO

https:// www.treasury.gov/ofac/downloads/sdnlist.pdf

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76f621 No.541927

current dough


87c117 No.541955

File: 0a730ef8b299f82⋯.jpg (35.47 KB, 1333x1000, 1333:1000, IMG_0872.JPG)

Periwinkle caravan

91e704 No.541956

File: 5795c9eadd92c6d⋯.jpg (118.95 KB, 1171x608, 1171:608, 519.jpg)

bdb0cd No.541957

Let's get back to work.

fa509a No.541958

Ask not what Q can do for you, but what can you do for Q & Our Country ?

003a55 No.541959

File: ddb1f2756c1d58f⋯.png (114.07 KB, 389x504, 389:504, HAHAHA.png)


Going by the 111 days ago key given earlier by another anon brings us to november 20th and there were many posts that day.....one of them was HAHAHA and caged animal....

1bcfb3 No.541960

File: 10d63ab95cb96e7⋯.jpg (89.91 KB, 1024x709, 1024:709, 26910059_177435786362145_5….jpg)

This bread is much comfier.

7a1a62 No.541961

Thank you Baker!!

76f621 No.541962

new baker requested

2c79f1 No.541963

back to lurk

a8f868 No.541965

File: 0987e9fcfcf8288⋯.png (1.02 MB, 1024x777, 1024:777, DeliciousBread109.png)


Delicious bread, Baker

87c117 No.541966

File: c571ad77c128777⋯.jpg (87.78 KB, 583x720, 583:720, IMG_0884.JPG)

194c2d No.541969

File: 5847ed83152872a⋯.jpg (585.65 KB, 2334x1521, 778:507, SheepHerd.jpg)


Great find anon. My spidey-sense is tingling!


Have a childhood 'friend' (or had one after this conversation) who lives in California. I asked if he had any thoughts regarding all the fires etc. He listened quietly, said nothing, then unloaded full-throttle about how selfish and awful 45 is. This was coming from someone whose family's net worth must have increased by the Millions as his father was a VP in a department in a Fortune 100 company...talking hundred of thousands of special stock compensation during his career. Stock he held on to and was already worth millions BEFORE Trump's policies had impacted the stock market to rise 40%! I am still recovering from that call...it was shocking to me. No words describe it. Here is someone (who has known me since I was a child) who will benefit financially more than 95% of the people I will ever encounter in my lifetime, and all he could do was scream about how selfish President Trump is. We have a LONG way to go as a country!

307968 No.541970

File: 5918d5169db277d⋯.png (448.77 KB, 499x830, 499:830, ClipboardImage.png)

Delicious bread, baker.

8543fe No.541971









8f8cc5 No.541972

File: 5ca920dce0e620e⋯.jpg (341.24 KB, 1840x1840, 1:1, Ignore.jpg)

767533 No.541973

File: 464e89e23345ad3⋯.jpg (471.68 KB, 1059x1526, 1059:1526, Screenshot_20180303-161217.jpg)

File: 69875199087bd49⋯.jpg (332 KB, 1062x1232, 531:616, Screenshot_20180303-161235.jpg)

File: 77d5c6cdeb3ec80⋯.jpg (410.59 KB, 1046x1305, 1046:1305, Screenshot_20180303-163102.jpg)

File: f7afb8e92527feb⋯.jpg (300.69 KB, 1055x1162, 1055:1162, Screenshot_20180303-163147.jpg)

https:// m.youtube.com/watch?v=sGqi-k213eE

Very interesting video. Explains how clowns and journolist relationship works and the stories they planted regarding Iraq, Iran, and Libya. Said he had multiple heart attacks but survived until his last breath. Would be a shame if that list would be released by Wikileaks.

https:// en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Udo_Ulfkotte

http:// yournewswire.com/german-newspaper-editor-exposed-cia-dead/

8d5d6d No.541975

>>541533 last bread

I don't think they let Florida happen. I think Cruz did not do it and left with everyone else so instead the hit teams(guns in white truck) went in and did it so they had their Hail Mary narrative.

That is why Parkland so important In DWS district where investigator killed last year looking into immigration(adoption), one of the kids father big attorney in field. DH family and school history not adding up at all. Videos surfacing. MSNBC admitting there was a drill going on same day. A Sheriff named Israel who is being investigated for corruption, making 17 year old get an abortion and runs CPS for whole county. Then you have Oprah(LOOP Cap, Hollywood, Fake News, Rape School in South Africa, Pimp for Weinstein) and Clooney(CLOWN and immigration narrative preacher) donating $1m each. Corporations jumping on band wagon to ban guns(Dicks, Delta, etc). All planned all choreographed. I believe Patriots in control and believe in POTUS and Q-Team but most people I know--most smart just not redpilled--buying into all of it. Parkland Hogg etc. a big deal and the shills trying to quite it this week are worthless.

bbcc5e No.541977


No, but A. Pike set up the Palladin Rite. My best guess is P = Palladin Rite, which is likely still in existence. Near the top, perhaps under Roths / council of 300.

319193 No.541978


Definitely shaping up to be what sucide weekend and deepdream @jack stuff are all about (well partially anyways)

a0c1a6 No.541979

File: 914a07b1d28c930⋯.jpg (893.64 KB, 2242x912, 59:24, IHearYou.jpg)


<3 Thank you!

bfa20a No.541980

File: 65174cf531b9746⋯.jpeg (486.68 KB, 1242x564, 207:94, A81D85C0-39D6-40CB-934F-1….jpeg)

File: 4679078ee8c6083⋯.jpeg (17.22 KB, 253x255, 253:255, 7E6786AC-E6B1-462F-8F46-4….jpeg)

Kek! Inserted image. Dont @me!

bbcc5e No.541981


I don't think there's one at the top. I think it is a gruop. I lean toward not thinking P is that top group. Perhaps 1 down.

bfa20a No.541982

92d929 No.541983

>>541374 (LB)

Well they already can kill you, so why not this too?

>>541389 (LB)

Maybe they stopped the guy, are just calling it a "suicide," and will use him as evidence to backdoor an investigation against the Clowns that will break their special little program into a thousand little pieces?

91e704 No.541984

69e849 No.541985

original [distorted]

witch [yes!] and programmer!

pssst, i'm trying to stay away from the spirit stuff personally. i'm hot like bacon grease right now.


Shiva not a hermaphrodite [distorted]

twin soul, like Krishna Radhad/Shiva Shakti

One being twin soul/body/consciousness

35a31a No.541986

File: a5c61ae2859ee69⋯.jpg (295.56 KB, 1024x721, 1024:721, itsr1.jpg)

Legalfags i need help! i have some digs for you.

i am a few weeks into my research on the $1.7 billion in 2016 to Iran…its a clusterfuck.

they used so many backwater channels to avoid detection on this its ridiculous.

Here is the short and sweet:

This is the testimony of the Treasury Department on the money transfers ($400 million and $1.3 billion)

sauce https:// www.treasury.gov/press-center/press-releases/Pages/jl5049.aspx

They manuvered the cash through a fucking Foreign Military Sales Trust Fund. Its a 34 page pdf.

sauce https:// www.gao.gov/products/FGMSD-80-26

Here is what I am getting at, this is the play the Obama fucks used to authorize the initial $400 million payment.

Treasury’s Iranian Transactions and Sanctions Regulations, at 31 C.F.R. 560.510, explicitly authorize “[a]ll transactions

necessary to payments pursuant to settlement agreements entered into by the United States Government” in a legal proceeding

in which the United States is a party, such as settlements of claims before the Tribunal.

I read in another article, I cant find the sauce (fuck sorry) that the above sanctions reg they used, is in direct contrast

to the same regulation but section 560.204 (pic related). 560.204 was ammended by good ol'Bill Clinton himself which is what fucked

Obama here.

§ 560.204 Prohibited exportation, reexportation, sale, or supply of goods, technology, or services to Iran.

Except as otherwise authorized pursuant to this part, and notwithstanding any contract entered into or any license or permit granted

prior to May 7, 1995, the exportation, reexportation, sale, or supply, directly or indirectly, from the United States, or by a United

States person, wherever located, of any goods, technology, or services to Iran or the Government of Iran is prohibited, including the

exportation, reexportation, sale, or supply of any goods, technology, or services to a person in a third country undertaken with

knowledge or reason to know that:

(a) Such goods, technology, or services are intended specifically for supply, transshipment, or reexportation, directly or indirectly,

to Iran or the Government of Iran; or

(b) Such goods, technology, or services are intended specifically for use in the production of, for commingling with, or for

incorporation into goods, technology, or services to be directly or indirectly supplied, transshipped, or reexported exclusively or

predominantly to Iran or the Government of Iran.

The legal mumbojumbo is making my eyes crossed but this is what we were supposed to find. Am i on the money here?

Bill Clinton ammended the original statute which circumvents the one Obummer tried to play?

https:// www.treasury.gov/resource-center/sanctions/Programs/Documents/fr77_64664.pdf

Very good letter to read from Vargas, lots of good info to dig on:

https:// ros-lehtinen.house.gov/sites/ros-lehtinen.house.gov/files/06.23.16%20-%20Ros-Lehtinen%2C%20Vargas%20GAO%20Request%20Letter%20-%20Iran%20FMS%20Trust%20Fund_0.pdf

df3b1c No.541988

File: f75ac971f4c875e⋯.jpg (34.26 KB, 249x350, 249:350, images.duckduckgo.jpg)

067b2d No.541989


I seem to recall that post having a lot more replies than that. Brain fade or were some deleted?

319193 No.541990


Its kinda insane how many different atlandish theories about things... 40,000 ft type stuff... Seemingly crazy even for the crazies.... all this stuff is coming together to paint one big picture

767533 No.541991

File: bef72e25cf048d6⋯.jpg (326.39 KB, 1079x1082, 1079:1082, Screenshot_20180303-164752.jpg)

File: 66723186ea82055⋯.jpg (472.89 KB, 1075x1445, 215:289, Screenshot_20180303-164829.jpg)

Tried looking up Operation debut with no success. Anyone else? Looks like Seth rich is going to hit mainstream soon.

https:// www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-03-02/contradictions-seth-rich-murder-continue-challenge-hacking-narrative

ae1f6f No.541992


She hasn't hair., She does Santeria*?

48ebf1 No.541993


Ive been saying:

q asking about closest star: wormwood/planetx/nibiru/red dragon has many names.

it is suppose to be coming in behind then next to sun.

it is a red dwarf star, binary twin star.

they spray sky in front of sun, to hide something as to not cause mass panic.

i have heard we will pass through the tail twice and thats the part to worry about.

it has been masked on google sky and stellerium. why?

all the yuge underground citys and storage.

a trucker entering in Ozark mountains in Missouri i believe said he can drive clear to Washington.

new illuminati head quarters being built in arkansas, the place is bigger than white house and built like fort knox.

they know something we dont and was on front page of major newspaper in 50s. buried and hushed up.

leaked interview with head guy says they been watching it for years coming in.

bible says the elite will pray for the caves to fall in on them.

it all fits like a perfect puzzle to me.

they have been stocking with food and supplies for years.

i dont have a ticket and dont want one knowing what bible says!

77fb0f No.541994

File: 136da349c1e3a58⋯.jpg (96.32 KB, 668x500, 167:125, 25owcz.jpg)

69e849 No.541995


*Krishna Radha

8b1495 No.541996

File: 0dac4171dba6a6a⋯.png (2.85 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 6F5CE949-D47A-46CC-A909-6A….png)

b615b6 No.541997

File: eebe543e744e636⋯.jpg (316.25 KB, 1536x768, 2:1, PrivacyMuch1.jpg)

>>541374 (last brêad)

So many good ideas from familam.

0ee5af No.541998


i understand where you're coming from, but mathematically it is impossible to source back to anything other than 1. just something to think about, as the enemy's structure is a corrupt mirror of God's system.

bfa20a No.541999


Looked alright to me. Smaller image, maybe

8543fe No.542000

File: fb53aac2338ba24⋯.jpg (643.61 KB, 1335x888, 445:296, J2911WHMg1.jpg)

After 44 comes 45.

After death comes rebirth.

After winter comes the spring…

87c117 No.542001

File: 9b1d7b86c8ef516⋯.jpg (116.07 KB, 868x960, 217:240, IMG_0148.JPG)

Sweet dreams anon

Beware the kool aid

77fb0f No.542002


CONFIRMED: Holder had Obama without protection, we all suspected it.

2c79f1 No.542003




7b51f6 No.542004

Well that was one weird thread.

bbcc5e No.542005


set your phasers all you want. I'm just trying to pass on information and figure out WTF P is. If you have a better theory, have at it.

ac11f8 No.542006


And that Magnolia tree is quite the symbol of death and rebirth.

3fd48c No.542007


Why do I think Trump is "The Joker" is the Alan Watts Sense? (Out of Your Mind. He describes the Joker as one who doesn't take other things seriously - such as systems or behaviors. This is definitely the Joker in the Batman series.)

Also, recent Batman where the Joker sets fire to all the money in the pile. with the voiceover "Some men just want to watch the world burn". The Dark Knight. (Movies hide intentions in plain site, but always with a twist.)

Mirror. He's setting fire to it because he doesn't want the world to burn.

902ce3 No.542008


How would you read this?

US = 8 United States, DJT

SA = 7 Saudi Arabia , New Prince

GER - 6 Germany, upcoming ???

PAK - 5 Pakistan , ??

Which would be 4.3.2 and 1?

87c117 No.542010

File: ed34fcb558fd44f⋯.jpg (143.67 KB, 640x853, 640:853, IMG_0828.JPG)

Methuselah died watching a jackass

bbcc5e No.542011


you have successfully sourced yourself back to retardation.

0ee5af No.542012


Deu 6:4

Hear, O Israel: The LORD our God is one LORD:

Mar 12:29

And Jesus answered him, The first of all the commandments is, Hear, O Israel; The Lord our God is one Lord:

duality is a myth designed to convince humanity that good cannot exist without evil.

0ee5af No.542013


we'll see won't we.

a7d18c No.542014

We all need some motivation. Conservative voices are being heard! Over the weekend there's a gun show taking place locally. The liberal slanted newspaper ran a big story about how there's going to be a protest, shilling for gun control, yadda yadda. So I g there today expecting to see a group of protesters and all I saw were gun show people. Not ONE protester. Apparently a small group showed up when the show first opened but left within 2 hours or less. People said they brought a bunch of signs, like they expected a big turnout, but no one really cared. The gun show was packed and I saw all kind of people there.


http:// www.adweek.com/tvnewser/basic-cable-ranker-week-of-feb-5/357307

Basic Cable Top 10 – Prime time (Total Viewers)

>Fox News (2,605,000)

>MSNBC (1,747,000)

>ESPN (1,385,000)

>HGTV (1,364,000)

>History (1,316,000)

>USA (1,242,000)

>Investigation Discovery (1,148,000)

>NBC Sports Network (1,081,000)

>TNT (1,041,000)

>Discovery (997,000)

Basic Cable Top 10 – Total Day (Total Viewers)

>Fox News (1,529,000)

>Nickelodeon (982,000)

>MSNBC (972,000)

>HGTV (821,000)

>Investigation Discovery (781,000)

>NBC Sports Network (704,000)

>USA (695,000)

>History (676,000)

>CNN (674,000)

>ESPN (648,000)


87c117 No.542015



92d929 No.542016


And 45 becomes 44…?

fbc302 No.542017


Dec 01 2017 00:17:43

THE CLOCK IS ACTIVATED. Feb 18 2018 21:11:55

Clock started - 10 days. Dec 18 2017 23:58:04

62 days


Dec 01 2017 00:17:43 Q !ITPb.qbhqo 17359

SA controlled US puppets.

Strings cut.

D's dropping all around over sexual misconduct (1st stage).

Coincidence directly after SA?

Don't you realize the war has gone public?

List who will not be running for re_election.


Phase I.

Easy to swallow.

Loss of power/influence.

Good time to prosecute.

Just wait until next week.

You are all Patriots.


Feb 21 2018 01:44:40 Q !UW.yye1fxo 448338

Stay tuned.

Everything has meaning or a purpose.

@Jack - getting nervous?

Phase [2].


62 days

08cd47 No.542018

File: 5943075937eda41⋯.jpeg (63.1 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 22CBA99D-61C1-4519-930E-A….jpeg)

bbcc5e No.542019


I intend to. Not sure about you. 4-6% will never see it.

a2e3ca No.542020

When they tell you that there are no arrests, give them the words of Deputy AG Rosenstein:

https:// www.justice.gov/opa/speech/deputy-attorney-general-rosenstein-delivers-remarks-32nd-annual-aba-national-institute

In 2017, Main Justice Fraud Section prosecutors convicted 234 individuals. The Section also concluded 10 corporate resolutions.

The 2017 results exceed the prior year in both the number of convictions and monetary sanctions.

d53b82 No.542021

bless this bread in the name of Jesus Christ

2c79f1 No.542024


divinity creacted duality so we could exist.

Then showed trinity to show that oneness was behind the duality.


bc4f02 No.542025

File: 48b614840411fb1⋯.jpg (42.41 KB, 548x502, 274:251, emmagonzo.jpg)


5b35cd No.542026

https:// youtu.be/Q54xeCVFg8I?t=13m20s

found this about vatican- P2 lodge.

319193 No.542027


Or just latino… <_<

48ebf1 No.542028

92d929 No.542029

File: 404b23e4259c6c6⋯.png (17.55 KB, 735x137, 735:137, ClipboardImage.png)

69e849 No.542030

emma is not the key

name links to 2 storms [UK/US]

i'm just helping harmonize

87c117 No.542031

File: e22c6dd1a11be46⋯.jpg (73.47 KB, 576x700, 144:175, IMG_0818.JPG)


Admiral Rogers

Promises were kept

I believe in you


8d5d6d No.542032




Please read this and think about Q asking if Satan is real. Who what cult worships etc.. and do they believe Satan is real(sorry no exact post) But read this link if you have not. The article is old and been posted many breads before. It is relevant because Q pit energy into the topic more than once.

http:// www.bibliotecapleyades.net/sumer_anunnaki/reptiles/reptiles115.htm

69e849 No.542033


kek af

e4d2a2 No.542034

File: c5ce013f81dede6⋯.png (3.5 KB, 424x80, 53:10, Watch The Water..PNG)

File: 976ffa44591ae8c⋯.jpg (14.95 KB, 255x237, 85:79, Water.jpg)

>>541331 (Last Bread)

>https:// youtu.be/Elsyzlpz7wc

"Purchasing the worlds second largest aquifer".

This is the most selfish, greedy, vile, and evil thing I have heard of in a long long time. Elite cabal globalist raping a third world continent of it's most valuable possible commodity. It's not like tin or aluminum, we can live without that. No one, and nothing can survive without water. This is equivalent to purchasing up every square inch of arable public and private ground and forbidding you to grow your own, they'll sell it to you.

This is a GIGANTIC Red Pill to exploit and we can kill two birds with one stone. Fuck up the deal for them and at the same time expose them for the unspeakably evil sonsofbitches they are. We can make them hated for this.

ba324d No.542035

why is my tv telling me that I need to send money to Israel and they are in desperate need??? what is happening over there? They said all of their money is going to combat terrorism

003a55 No.542037

File: b2b661d75deb3e6⋯.png (13.38 KB, 434x247, 434:247, Iran1.png)

File: b5fc233518648cf⋯.png (14.24 KB, 426x275, 426:275, Iran2.png)

File: 8b3bcbc5cec2b73⋯.png (169.13 KB, 1692x672, 141:56, Merlin.png)

File: a6acbaf0399bf69⋯.png (85.22 KB, 922x516, 461:258, Merlin2.png)

File: e2094bfa674736d⋯.png (169.36 KB, 1018x776, 509:388, Merlin3.png)


Operation Merlin was a United States covert operation under the Clinton Administration to provide Iran with a flawed design for a component of a nuclear weapon ostensibly in order to delay the alleged Iranian nuclear weapons program, or to frame Iran.

Iran finds out about deception by the USA and threatens to expose them to the world - that the US supplied nuke designs to Iran.


1) Delivery of the designs to Iran on March 3, 2000.

2) Risen wrote in his book that President Clinton had approved the operation and that the Bush administration later endorsed the plan.

3)Earlier publication of details on Operation Merlin by the New York Times in 2003 was prevented by the intervention of National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice

4) 2013- CIA whistleblower Jeffrey Sterling imprisoned for leaking information to New York Times journalist James Risen.

5)The U.S. announced the controversial nuclear deal with Iran on July 13, 2015. At a news conference on January 16, President Obama […] stated that the U.S. would return $1.7 billion to Iran, as agreed in the negotiations at the Hague

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Merlin#Backfire

https:// www.theguardian.com/environment/2006/jan/05/energy.g2

https:// theintercept.com/2016/02/17/wife-of-cia-whistleblower-jeffrey-sterling-asks-obama-to-pardon-him/

http:// fortune.com/2016/08/05/money-america-iran/

319d55 No.542038


snazzy eyebrows tho

2c79f1 No.542039

it is all an experiment in free will to see the souls come back home.

fc62f0 No.542040


7b51f6 No.542041

And I say to you, who may become discouraged:

Read the words of Marine Anon, from last night


I think Q left us in good hands.

48ebf1 No.542042


THE GREATEST THINg/lie satan ever did was convince people he did not exist

0afbc6 No.542043

File: 901c3332d1e088f⋯.png (228.12 KB, 583x440, 53:40, ClipboardImage.png)

c1079a No.542044




(previous bread)

There is literally no need for a chip anywhere other than in the phone.

To initially 'break' the mind there would need to be a physical intervention ('therapy') performed on the subject, after which the subject could be remote controlled via EMR. Without an intervention this could still affect mass population.


U.S Patent Number: 3,951,134 for remote sensing and modulation of brain waves, 1976.


Some of the scientists that died on the Marconi SDI Programme in the 80’s and 90’s were working on ELF Signals as they were developing radar for the Stingray torpedo. Here is some info regarding the GEC / Marconi mind control and the deaths of the scientists:


If you look at this guy’s research, he has proved that the EMF of the brain interacts with the EMF of the earth and that information passes between the two and in fact can be picked up by a second mind (the resonant frequency of both the mind and the earth’s EMF is 7Hz).

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=9l6VPpDublg

Mobile Phone face recognition linked to DEEPDREAMv2


fdf12b No.542045

File: d061a523670f60f⋯.jpg (319 KB, 1024x1280, 4:5, sign petition 3-3-18 copy.jpg)



Just got a jewtoob ban myself


PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION (make your fam/friends/cat and dog sign too. As per Obama, illegals and foreigners can sign too)


#FreeTheInternet (Hijacked hash from DISCORD )



https:// petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/internet-bill-rights

note: we got mentions frm Hannity, infowars, corsi and RT. SIGN THE DAMNED THING. they are throtling numbers… just SIGN IT.


b8b700 No.542046


Stanislav Lunev.


Payback for today.

"I am very comfortable with conflict, be it of the legal or mortal kind. My father was a mediator, a bridge maker. I am a grave maker."

0ee5af No.542047


Satan is def. real.

ae1f6f No.542048


Who knows, perhaps this sources help .

https:// www.quora.com/Who-could-win-the-next-election-2018-in-Pakistan

https:// cricistan.com/threads/predict-about-general-elections-2018-in-pakistan.41992/

a0c1a6 No.542049


When has israel not asked for sheckles?


0b5099 No.542050


Not sure it is related to your story but I had a dream few days back. I was in the park next my home and one of the sudden two stars started colliding in the sky, a black one and a white one, forming a third red star.

378277 No.542051


We-nut > Thoth

In early dynastic times this main cult center of Thoth, honored several goddesses and gods. The Ennead of Hermopolis included four pairs of creator gods and goddesses:  the male deities in these pairs shown either as frogs or as frog-headed, the female deities shown as serpents or as serpent-headed.  Along with these four pairs of creator deities there were two other very ancient deities, a baboon god who was subsequently assimilated by the god Thoth at a very early period, and the hare goddess Wenet. 

5b35cd No.542054


https:// youtu.be/Q54xeCVFg8I

Watch from 13.20 to 58.00 gets a bit weird during a break then he covers over stuff and answers questions.

2c79f1 No.542055



ca90a7 No.542056


Also, remember someone had found the Florida School Shooting story PUBLISHED ON GOGGLE BEFORE it happened!!!

If that's true, then the MASTERMINDS would know HOW MANY bodies would be tallied up...

The BODY BAG removal had to be done so the "pre-published" story could be accurate (once it's published)!!!

Also, IF THIS WAGERING IS HAPPENING.... then wouldn't the "players" need some sort of INSIGHT regarding the next "strike" so they can wager their bets??

The "ads" for CRISIS actors is probably the way they put out a "clue"....and I'm betting there is a WHOLE BUNCH OF OTHER CLUES for them to "hunt down" before betting!!



ba324d No.542057


no really, they have really ramped it up…the sad ones with old people starving..pulling at heart strings..all the feels

767533 No.542058



75e07f No.542059


>having a tv

>turning it on

>watching it

might want to rethink your lifestyle

00f2e1 No.542060

File: bcc6a9a6c9f65ab⋯.png (44.08 KB, 650x478, 325:239, CPW.png)

www.whitehouse. gov/presidential-actions/president-donald-j-trump-proclaims-march-4-march-10-2018-national-consumer-protection-week/

fc62f0 No.542061

love you /pol/and

no homo


48ebf1 No.542062


B asic

I nstructions

B efore

L eaving

E arth


ba73ef No.542063

File: a56ca508e264f9d⋯.jpg (286.59 KB, 1700x1274, 850:637, Hussein.jpg)

a0c1a6 No.542064


>Adds a shadow to the markup

Who is this photoshop autist?

2c79f1 No.542065



Your soul chooses

c5ef38 No.542066

I got banned from GLP today for simply GOING to the website. Nothing like this has ever happened before they have been going off as much as twitter and FB . Fukin Morans.

378277 No.542067


She is a witch and part of a powerful coven.

Think spirit cooking.

Think wives.

7b51f6 No.542068

Not to be forgotten, an anon put together important information in the bread before the Apocalypse


^^^^Underrated post

319d55 No.542069


they have ip blacklists for years n years

ae1f6f No.542071


She must be Santera..,

Ps: spanish please.

c1079a No.542072



f00908 No.542073

Not sure if anyones posted this yet, but it looks like Q has made news today at SOTN for Exposing Liddle Adam Schiff as a traitor.

http:// stateofthenation2012.com/?p=95849

92b35a No.542074

File: 45c38f923eadefa⋯.jpg (116.27 KB, 888x499, 888:499, 25owpr.jpg)

0ee5af No.542075


what existed before evil?

a2e3ca No.542077


Typical satanists. Obama was the dominant one so he protected himself because it would be a sign of weakness to accept protection from someone lower down the pyramid.

Remember that satanists live by natural law. Nature red of tooth and claw gives the strong the right to dominate the weak. The satanists encoded this law a long time ago into a hierarchical society and this is what led to the most common form of military organization.

Of course modern military people are realizing that this is a dumb way to run the military. There are some things where you want teams of cooperating actors where there is no dominance relationships, just specialists who are helping their brothers. All the JSOC units work this way, i.e. special forces. The GCC is using this model for fairly large groups of soldiers and are winning wars in the Middle East. Note that I did not say, destroying enemy forces. They are WINNING WARS. There is a very big difference and few Western observers have even noticed this is happening. Thomas Wictor on Twitter is a notable exception, probably because he has a brain injury from PTSD which gives him serious autist capabilities.

378277 No.542078


This anon has always gotten my attention. Respect for your service to the cause and Mexican foods.

a8f868 No.542079

File: 4fd17c1eb74c217⋯.png (49.63 KB, 632x219, 632:219, Screen Shot 2018-03-03 at ….png)

Hillary tweet. Time, PST. Didn't the Black Panther movie mirror Trump? In other words, the good guys spoke brashly like Trump and the antagonists were like SJWs? LOL!

8b1495 No.542080

File: b6a30a52efdab5b⋯.png (3.41 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, D5935FEE-E237-4DB6-BDC3-53….png)

48ebf1 No.542082

File: 91227e16881d4ee⋯.jpg (112.69 KB, 1754x1240, 877:620, WITCHESOH.jpg)


they are burning all the witches

bc4f02 No.542083


Try anonymous via metager.de

ae1f6f No.542084


O_o Dafug?

73de93 No.542085



87c117 No.542086

File: 4dece95bb1a507e⋯.jpg (82.82 KB, 820x300, 41:15, IMG_0827.JPG)

Real history is hilarious

Shillary ain't

bcef97 No.542087


Is that the ad where they are trying to get people to believe those old skinny people are holocaust survivors and they need money? They ran those a while back too.

8543fe No.542088

File: 38d5ea5dcabec6a⋯.png (159.83 KB, 575x593, 575:593, MM-FAKENEWS-TopSearch.png)

dff1ad No.542089


Perhaps assets have been seized.

35a31a No.542090



Good info anon. Saved for later. i am specifically looking at what laws they broke. I actual statute is void per 506.204, the ammendment clinton made.

9a0820 No.542091

File: 85986fa213590dd⋯.jpg (69.28 KB, 500x464, 125:116, waterj.jpg)


ty using yr beautifully tragic image

c5ef38 No.542092


TY anon

c4374b No.542093

File: 3028f5bf6677587⋯.png (446.21 KB, 416x448, 13:14, theprice.PNG)


Speaking of messages…

4e262f No.542094


oh now this is spoopy. when i was younger we did ouija board and it often spelled bicycle weeewwwwwoowowowwowowow

87c117 No.542095


I love you too

Be excellent

319193 No.542096

I've been wondering why fox has been posting random peoples deaths the last day and a half… It just hit a random nerve to see Giant World Changing stuff …5 out of 6 places… then some random story about a random death…. And the way the sucide weekend stuff has been coming together had me thinking…

Fox has some kid from Texas who played football found dead…. Do some digging… first thing u see when you look up his dad is a social media thing with only 130 followers and no posts as far as I can tell. Seems off, but w/e

Next up is his linked in… Works for…

Merck Pharmaceuticals, formerly Cubist…

Idk… am i wasting my time here fellas

7b3e93 No.542097


Heads up, legalfags, you're on, give this anon some help.

I tried parsing all that, and it looks like he's found the money trail.

"You have more than you know."

That's for sure, and some of it's smack dab in front of us in publicly-available documents. No FOIA required, just a particular skillset.

925b16 No.542098

All shills who posted in thread 666 will now defenestrate themselves tonight from any one of these convenient restaurant windows. Tell the maitre d' Q sent you.

35a31a No.542099


fuck 560.204

a902b4 No.542100


Anon, would it be possible for you to post those dispensations on their own? They are quite the nicest I have seen and it is going to make bible study with the children so much easier for me.

ae1f6f No.542102


Very Sad :(

2c79f1 No.542103


evil is a perception. That is why those evil think it is good. Duality includes those things we define as good and evil on both sides. I it free will that is the essence. What resonates with you and improves you. Some choose bad things to do that some choose good. But it is perspective as all think it is good and best.

a2e3ca No.542104

[repost info to keep things moving]

Just a reminder that there is no need to complain that Q is not here. Q is a group of people and one of them is always dropping crumbs.

Donald J. Trump is the only known member of the Q group. If you haven't been looking very closely at his tweets the past couple of days, then you are missing something. Not all tweets have hidden messages but some would be considered very odd unless you knew that there were Q drops built into them. Keep up the work!

a0c1a6 No.542106

File: d6f800cb8351cf8⋯.jpeg (435 KB, 1080x1344, 45:56, 7087253de155b9e49afc1806e….jpeg)

422898 No.542107


Stalker 1979

Metropolis 1927, 1984

The Matrix

Blade Runner 1982

b615b6 No.542108

File: 5688431bc9c1fca⋯.png (186.24 KB, 625x417, 625:417, GoodFeelzCovfefe.png)

221f4d No.542110


You can't blame it all on a woman, that is a BS story anyway

919b77 No.542111

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

italian elections tomorrow, here some italian metal shadilay to wish them good luck

b8ead2 No.542112



Who are they buying it from?

Who owns it now?

378277 No.542113


Roger that. Words I needed today.

Ready to roll.

902ce3 No.542114



Bill and I are on board with the Master Plan.

It is near perfect and has great chance of success.

You will only get this one chance to be on OUR side.

Too bad for you if you chose to go against us.

2c79f1 No.542115

duality is bicycle - ying and yang

Trinity is ying and yang with the divine aspect.

c4374b No.542116


Event Horizon 1997. Very relevant to our time.

ba324d No.542117


negative..God is Real

35a31a No.542118




Baker please add to dough

378277 No.542119


Nostalgic for me.

0afbc6 No.542120

File: 2a03ed135d01d7e⋯.png (18.04 KB, 573x106, 573:106, ClipboardImage.png)

weird, none of the text in the description shows up in the actual article

https:// techcrunch.com/2017/08/08/former-cia-operative-valerie-plame-says-privacy-is-precious-and-she-should-know/

314572 No.542121

File: e0487a8f68db246⋯.png (83.44 KB, 882x793, 882:793, POTUS survey 3-3-18.PNG)

POTUS is listening.

Received this a short time ago.


87c117 No.542122

File: 829fd8e9aae1281⋯.jpg (210.38 KB, 1141x1141, 1:1, IMG_0314.JPG)

Throbbing dough

0ee5af No.542123


>evil is a perception

so what you're saying is, murdering babies after torturing and molesting them - we see that as evil but it's not? bye.

193c89 No.542124


remake with trump face

8543fe No.542126

File: 2f7ba8c571a4fcb⋯.png (78.31 KB, 534x391, 534:391, JRWard-BlackDaggerBroHood.png)

b2d32a No.542127

File: bc207edaec5156b⋯.png (581.02 KB, 567x735, 27:35, Kek Marine Corps 2.png)

Another Anon requested a slightly different Kek Marines Corps badge - happy to oblige.

df3b1c No.542128


Nice try, but nobody will listen to you without posted evidence and a verified connection.

Speculation is worthless.

0ee5af No.542129


and one with trump face holding constitution instead of 10 commandments

fdf12b No.542130


asians. airline looks like Garuda (indonesia)

87c117 No.542131

File: 5dfe752b3c9acaa⋯.jpg (78.15 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, IMG_0848.JPG)


All the hot air sir

378277 No.542132


That's going be a big fire.

2c79f1 No.542133


No I consider that evil

but the people doing it probably don't

that is what I am saying.

c4374b No.542134


GJ Badgefag!

a0c1a6 No.542135

File: 0b1519b0feeef90⋯.jpg (321.54 KB, 1242x1238, 621:619, 17efea8372d46649e38995b635….jpg)


Me too bro.

0f3982 No.542136

Please take some time to throw some shade on @saywhat45 She is trashing the First Lady and Potus. Needs some serious facts to shut her up a bit.

193c89 No.542137


yup yup

def this

9a0820 No.542138 off to beddy byes duty done..past thread 666

Godspeed good Anons

4f6e10 No.542139


Hell yeah they do you dipshit

c1079a No.542140


Prince Phillipe of Belgium, House of Orange has been suggested before. Family is high up on the toddlernobbler tree. Belgium is the capital of Europe in that regard - both publicised and rumoured). And it is actually the capital of the EU (Brussels) in a sense - that's where the EU HQ is. And King Phillipe is the king of that country, as well as being the head of one of the most powerful families, which was mentioned in an alternative intel drop - Princess Beatrix and the House of Orange.

73de93 No.542141


True story, bro!

a0c1a6 No.542142

Reposting for moral and spirits~

Psychological Momentum is the study of when people feel things are going their way versus not. The application would tell you that humans must be led by subtle redirects, so they do not reject the arguments, and comments must be placed at key points within the discourse stream to tip conversations one way or another… to apply "shame" pressure on those who are leading toward forbidden directions and "validation" to encourage those who are moving away from whatever the touchy subject is.

[Ye shall know them by their fruits]

Flip the script

If you feel so inclined to help our hivemind out in this way, validate those that strike a cord of Truth in (you).

You'll never get it right 100% of the time, but you will help those that dig up great information feel like they're winning. We're a team, so identify and celebrate our successes, no matter how small they may seem.

Perceptions of self as a performer (Sp) and of opponent as a performer (Op) are at the center of PM. The theory posits that the more the initial success separates the two (Op/Sp), the greater the PM. These and associated perceptions, however, have to turn into an increased subjective probability of winning or succeeding before PM becomes a psychological force.

Our Hivemind can been seen as a river of consciousness, and those that are terrified of what this river will crash into will derail as much momentum as they can.

Because you can't stop a river, but you can increase the resistance it meets.

This is (((their))) form of censorship, especially on the chans, because look how much we can change the world when we're Winning.

The clowns are terrified of our success.

Give 'em Hell ; )

902ce3 No.542143

File: 4a956e84ce23556⋯.jpg (5.26 KB, 141x194, 141:194, MAGOO.jpg)


POTUS reads this board.

When is the last time, if ever, you have heard of Mr. Magoo?

An anon posts an image of Mr. Magoo on this board, and Trump uses it 2 days later.

I would say it is not a coincidence.

After an

0ee5af No.542144


those people are wrong.. perception is not reality. that in itself is the very basis for the enemy's ability to deceive. reality is reality. the enemy would love everyone to believe otherwise.

194c2d No.542145

File: 3c0ddca009c4764⋯.jpg (73.93 KB, 1008x792, 14:11, youareadouchebag_541558.jpg)


And you're a pathetic sad loser without any friends, but what's your fucking point? Sorry, (((they))) took down Stormfront, (where you found safety and comfort), but take it elsewhere you glowing faggot!



221f4d No.542146

File: 96036ae515f13cb⋯.png (605.79 KB, 975x549, 325:183, ClipboardImage.png)


Tied in with MSM, Google, Facebook and others



c1079a No.542147

ac11f8 No.542148


WTF is this shit. FAKE NEWS. Old image.

ffd245 No.542149

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

ae1f6f No.542150


Operation Condor?, SouthAmerica?

Ps: I'm sorry for my ignorance.

a8f868 No.542151


Night, Anon. Come back strong. God bless!

e4d2a2 No.542152


>using yr beautifully tragic image

Not my OC. I borrowed it here, I've returned it.

a870ef No.542153


heh! I always wondered if commercials run on Israeli TV begging for money for poor 'Muricans?

76f621 No.542154




2c79f1 No.542155



they feel it is needed or normal or something.

They feel it is their duty or something.


the ones that understand are more psychopaths.

bbcc5e No.542156

https:// youtu. be/FwB9WFDhHh8

I posted this in the last two breads. Go to 37:00. A. Pike created the Palladin Rite of the Illuminati, which is a very high level group.


92b35a No.542157


I almost did, but Moses only saw the promise land from the mountain like Billy Graham.

87c117 No.542158

File: 0c677bb83c90ba4⋯.jpg (43.53 KB, 736x549, 736:549, IMG_0796.JPG)

True story

Found online

bbcc5e No.542159

2c79f1 No.542160


never said different

a77912 No.542161

File: eb5e764a90b8cb3⋯.jpg (3.72 MB, 2574x1866, 429:311, Dispensation-for-you-Anon_….jpg)


With much pleasure - here you go Anon.

God Bless

4f6e10 No.542162

92d929 No.542163

File: da257af99b8b124⋯.png (756.74 KB, 578x581, 578:581, HammerTime.png)


Duly noted

40c5ac No.542164

File: 05bfe984cb099b3⋯.png (769.32 KB, 747x560, 747:560, Hearts Hope.png)

b2d32a No.542165


Oorah! Now sign up for The Big Green 1!!

87c117 No.542166

File: 1cf00aa44a13db5⋯.jpg (142.03 KB, 720x960, 3:4, IMG_0042.JPG)

Damn Faggots

bbcc5e No.542167



77fb0f No.542168

File: 56086c70a8088dc⋯.jpg (87.89 KB, 500x888, 125:222, 25owtx.jpg)


I was hoping Holder's kiss and tell memoirs would only involve spirit cooking with Jay-Z and Hillary. Can't spell bareback without Barack tho.

fdc602 No.542169

Ameritech is a telecommunications network that spun off from AT&T in the Chicago area.

Barack Obama’s has an email address ending in Ameritech.net.

A telecom would be able to spy on its customers.

Could Ameritech be part of a rogue intelligence agency?

Per Wikileaks, Eric E. Whitaker has an email address there. He is a doctor and friend of Obama’s.

There’s one called AceofSpades@ameritech.net. If you look up AceofSpades, it’s a blog that updates many multiple times a day about politics, but said NOTHING about alwaleed’s arrest in SA. Disinfo site?

Who has more info on this?

1b6085 No.542170

any planefags in?

2c79f1 No.542171


but your perception creates your personal reality. Defined every day. Watch it happen.

And they do so too, but with negative intention.

314572 No.542172


I know he reads the board. I am convinced I've exchanged a comment or two with him back in late December.

I put the survey here for those that didn't get it by email. There are some great questions and lots of room to say what you want.

c9c85f No.542173


yeah whats up ?

719307 No.542174

File: ac0b3c561de6890⋯.jpeg (501.95 KB, 1125x1195, 225:239, 808967E5-8028-4A94-BC90-B….jpeg)

b2d32a No.542175


Yes, Planefag here - what do you need?

87c117 No.542176

File: 7bdc755f6436b5c⋯.jpg (118.07 KB, 520x1199, 520:1199, IMG_0874.JPG)

Silly map

919b77 No.542177

File: fa300701c565050⋯.png (375.61 KB, 665x351, 665:351, planefagduty3.png)

1b6085 No.542178


you seeing the french, german and saudi planes eastbound? the german looks like a fueler. french as a big passanger and the saudi is that same executive we have been following.

c9c85f No.542179


kek , luv it .

0ee5af No.542180


no ones perception is changing anything. not in the real world. in fact, what you are suggesting is the basis for the Fantasy Land of augmented reality the enemy is attempting to create.

a2e3ca No.542181


Quite simple.

In the beginning was the word and the word was with God and the word was God.

If that sounds mystical that's because it is. Before evil there was something almost impossible for us to understand. Read the Laws of Form by G. Spencer Brown.

The first command was:

Draw a distinction

This is where it all started. Before the distinction was draw, there was no difference between good and evil, between in and out, between this and that. By drawing a distinction, the mind of God exploded in a big bang of creation as distinctions multiplied and interacted/

Our task is to return to God as a culmination of this creation. And we are doing this across time as well as space because time itself is a result of that initial distinction. This means that our actions today are actually changing the past as well as the future.

When you die, you are judged. If you have advanced close enough to the love of God, you become a being of spirit, no longer physical but living in a plane of existence with the angels. Eventually, you will merge with other fragments of your soul and become an angel.

But what if you have not advanced enough? Then you are plunged into Hell, the realms ruled by Satan. In other words, you are reincarnated and you come back here to this world to try again. You always have free choice in what you do, but bad choices have consequences which need to be resolved in this or in future lives. That is Karma. But God loves you always, even if you have chosen to consciously serve Satan. At any point you can return to God and you will benefit from God's love.

00a04e No.542182

File: 2815f19c8dd8b6a⋯.png (7.09 KB, 225x225, 1:1, 667.png)

add209 No.542183


USBREADCOM Operator ready for duty

b2d32a No.542184

File: 2409fc0610ab4cb⋯.png (378.45 KB, 554x629, 554:629, AF Recon_png.png)

Is the whole damned Squadron scrambled now?


08cd47 No.542185


Ok, I’ll bite…

Was Emma close (like real close) friends with Nickolas? Then he found out she is a he and lost it?

87c117 No.542186

File: 6b07dbd6bf28e78⋯.jpg (46.83 KB, 200x300, 2:3, IMG_0036.JPG)

73de93 No.542187

c1079a No.542188


Monty is a spangly glowing clown hopper

fdf12b No.542189

File: d061a523670f60f⋯.jpg (319 KB, 1024x1280, 4:5, sign petition 3-3-18 copy.jpg)




Anons, PLEASE.

War room Eurtwtf@g here… pls..

Twt about the fucking petition ok?

and sign it yourself. pretty please? For Q's Sake?

Q and GEOTUS both pointed to #InternetBillOfRights and Petition site. so COME ONE

a870ef No.542190



Now that's not a word you hear often.

fc62f0 No.542191


meanwhile davids upset he didn't get any boothole

c9c85f No.542192


opening ADS now

2c79f1 No.542193


Your perception changes it every day.

Who do you talk to who do you not

What route to work do you take depending upon traffic?

What do you say to someone at work depending upon your perception of what they will think of what you say/


perception is everything.

a0c1a6 No.542194

File: 741c782947fd5f1⋯.jpg (16.55 KB, 255x191, 255:191, b58a6fef54dcb0f3c9dcd4b2bf….jpg)

File: b014151a2e54e4a⋯.jpg (87.21 KB, 790x773, 790:773, b014151a2e54e4abee0608d562….jpg)

File: 1ac3a74a31f5407⋯.jpg (89.04 KB, 700x467, 700:467, b73187d7f87cac5103fb64cf8f….jpg)

File: 603f996b34392d3⋯.jpg (362.64 KB, 1680x942, 280:157, ToughLads.jpg)

bb831f No.542195

File: 229cd1725eacb40⋯.jpg (195.76 KB, 750x750, 1:1, New-hot-sale-Novelty-sexy-….jpg)


Dont forget your apron!

a7d18c No.542196

I'm taking the POTUS survey >>542121 liked to. the last question is:

>(Optional) What do you think the President needs to know about the real America? We’re listening.

I don't even know how to begin….

e4d2a2 No.542197


>Who are they buying it from?


>Who owns it now?

I don't know about water rights in these countries. The president of Brazil is mentioned so my informed guess is that water "rights" are distributed by governments. Mention of the World Bank should send up the red flags right to the top of the mast. This is such easy pickings for them I'm surprised it hasn't been done earlier. Or has it? Digging on that one.

A few corrupt politicians and dictators later, and the cabal can use the force of governments to deny you a necessity of life. Sweet! I think this might be one of the meanings of "Watch the Water". This is evil of the first magnitude. We cannot allow it to stand.

7622a2 No.542198

was lurking… but leaving now…. any research done on Museums? They hav dip immunty n snd containers worldwide - all under dip immun… part of hdden route system - transport 'goods'

justa phew thots

1b6085 No.542199


i will keep an eye out. saudi looks heading NE Bound over michigan.

48ebf1 No.542200


thanks for the song anon

bfa20a No.542201


Nice warfag!

0ee5af No.542202


i like that the greek literal translation is "in the beginning the Word was continuing to exist" the english doesn't allow much for eternal outside of time perspectives.

that verse from Jeremiah, 29:11, it literally reads "I have seen the future" (I know the plans I have for you)

194c2d No.542203

File: 93856bdc3848e10⋯.jpg (58.78 KB, 600x436, 150:109, youareadouchebag_541573.jpg)


Asked and (not) answered. I repeat, you're a pathetic sad loser without any friends, but what's your fucking point?



p.s.: We can play this all night as long as the BO allows it.

b2d32a No.542205


Roger that. There have been war games going on out West for the last couple of days in Nevada. They are going home after that.

2c79f1 No.542206

even physics understand our perceptions modify events

Heisenberg uncertainty.

a0c1a6 No.542207

File: 8f22a4230b4881a⋯.jpg (253.5 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, planefags.jpg)

87c117 No.542208

File: 65a868a8ff2abb5⋯.jpg (47.3 KB, 480x601, 480:601, IMG_0713.JPG)




c9c85f No.542210


got the french and saudi , i don't see german .

d35e76 No.542212

File: 7d2e0262c349417⋯.jpg (165.76 KB, 370x1200, 37:120, 151773338758332248.jpg)


What if it is merely the radiance of an electrostatic dynamo which is almost like a little strangelet. inside the toroid, imo, the membrane of the toroid is what ancients refer to as raqiya or firmament, also known as the great dragon, like tiamat or ouroboros. solar system is like a cell. just as cells have membranes and polarization between inside and outside of the membrane, same is the case with the geocosm. things can go through the raqiyah just like a membrane. i believe a membrane has something calle P-gates that let in phosphorous (light bearer). following so far. P g8 is more than a pedo scandal. why is something scandalous called "X"gate: watergate, PPgate and pizzagate are all recent phenomena that involve 'leaked' info coming from the shadows into the Public noosphere. think about it. there is another Pgate. b hold i stand at the door and knock. . .and so forth. who has the keys the heavens and earth? Peter, a stone. crystals are radiant, crystals are also transceivers (radio). Ra Ys come from the crystal. the all seeing eye, the key stone etc are reference to an arc (both mathematically and electrostatically). just as there is a gate through which light enters the geosphere there is a gate to the unterwelt also. this has long been known and is universally a theme in all cosmologies everywhere around the planet. coincidence? this is where Paul comes in. robbing peter to pay paul. A paul onius of tyana was a gnostic heretic. what is the bishop of jerusalem? what is the bishop of rome? very different. who really was given the keys? Peter is a cock/rooster. Pollo is a hen, as in henotheism. Poulos means gate as in the verse where IESSOUS gives kephas aka Peter the keys. 2 keys. one up one down, just like a pole/obelisk in st Ptr square (actually an elipse and a double cross) all this has meaning. the gates (poulos) of hell will not prevail against it. what does this really mean? the keystone is either a capstone under heaven, or a butt-plug under uranus (i.e. ouranous/urania the heavens). the heavens are the waters above, the abyss/apsu are the waters below. qblh and pistis sophia explain all this in thorough detail, but you have to know the code. to get out of the cell you have to follow the path of XPICTOC through the P-gate. there another p gate inside the body where the christos is produced from the red and the white. this is literal. as above so below. as within so without. all morphology is holographically connected from the stars down to cells and atoms. i could go on, but i feel people are really not ready to know this yet. but i will leave you with this. . .it's all in the letters. . .in this case b, p, and H. you can see the morphology relation between b and p pretty easily. they both refer to isomers of the same structure. if you combine them you get H. this goes back to very ancient languages, but the gist of it is that the bottom and the pinnacle are mirrors of each other. there is a reason why they say Jesus H Christ. h is the 8th letter of the alphabet in both english and hebrew. even the sounds of h and 8 are similar (esp. in hebrew). 888 is the number of christ and it refers to a threefold crossing or triple cross. you can find out all about this if you want. look at H. it is two Hemisphers or mirrored arches touching. i could go on and on but if you want to learn it all you can. it's right there once someone shows you i promise. remember Parousia Begins at Home, kids.

73de93 No.542213


“First, we enjoy using ‘fag’ as often as possible.”

1b6085 No.542214


Thanks Anon.

c9c85f No.542215


ok got em all now .

1b6085 No.542216


over cinci now.

265829 No.542217


668 and 664 are the direct neighbors, 667 is across the street.

e2cb68 No.542218


ukplanefag airborne.

Saudi G450 heading E from Chicago btwn the lakes @41000ft

c1079a No.542219

bb831f No.542220

File: 9064e9e3016c15c⋯.jpg (31.39 KB, 700x700, 1:1, new-hot-haute-qualite-sexy….jpg)


Thank you for all you've done today!

919b77 No.542221

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

b2d32a No.542222


Luftwaffe over Kentucky, headed for WV. 10+24 Airbus.

2c79f1 No.542223


you lost me at tiamat

7fcb1e No.542224



Thanks for the reminder. Let's pump these numbers. These are Jeb Bush numbers

36f206 No.542225


>unjust bans

>BV put in timeout for 15 mins

Board is kill lads. Press S to spit on comp’d board

c9c85f No.542226


that saudi one came in yesterday alone .

87c117 No.542227

File: efae4d34ed056fe⋯.jpg (69.87 KB, 1000x500, 2:1, IMG_0185.JPG)

File: 3e6337ef2f6b13f⋯.jpg (82.92 KB, 828x664, 207:166, IMG_0195.JPG)

File: f2e89e11f423113⋯.jpg (48.96 KB, 564x540, 47:45, IMG_0206.JPG)

80c4e9 No.542228


Also did not need protection because Odingo was a Clown. That is who you need protection from.

bbcc5e No.542229


or your monarch…

73de93 No.542230


Past Future Indicative?

92d929 No.542231


I can dig it, anon!



Debbie / Peanuts.

Schumer / Burgers.



87c117 No.542232

File: 1a573256408276d⋯.jpg (131.5 KB, 400x400, 1:1, IMG_0224.JPG)

File: 768b981b0d1f6cf⋯.jpg (111.76 KB, 494x750, 247:375, IMG_0226.JPG)

File: 4d852215f1b01bc⋯.jpg (24.48 KB, 236x393, 236:393, IMG_0227.JPG)


ed6e65 No.542233


Upside down cross.

76f621 No.542234


It's yours…please confirm

ffe621 No.542235

There is a big push for #Internetbillofrights and #Freetheinternet going on right now. Any Twatterfags get to work please.

b2d32a No.542236

File: f9c8397cc004e96⋯.jpg (197.12 KB, 1225x757, 1225:757, Magma89_22.jpg)

Looks like the JSOC Magma flights have been out to the opoid source countries again. Magma89 on the way home from Colombia.

bbd258 No.542237



Not that far - no more than two inches away

a0c1a6 No.542238


Glorious 2018 and beyond lad

2c79f1 No.542239



just waiting - well not as time is our construct.

75cf16 No.542240


This board is alive and having a little misdirection is perfect for COMSEC. Why did Q start on /pol/ in the first place?

b615b6 No.542241

File: b11e2507cfd3323⋯.jpg (504.23 KB, 1536x768, 2:1, PopeSerpent1.jpg)

0afbc6 No.542242

File: 73f0f492f5f79d2⋯.mp4 (13.51 MB, 640x360, 16:9, bill_mahrer-twitter-969828….mp4)

df3b1c No.542243


Larger population

e4d2a2 No.542244

File: 57cf4b714c1d695⋯.jpg (20.99 KB, 300x311, 300:311, Devil dog 2.jpg)


> Marines Corps badge

Nice one! ty. Have a salty old Corps Devil Dog on me.

c9c85f No.542245


i have also been seeing DEA in columbia


e2cb68 No.542246

USMC Citation Easy 41 E bound New Mexico

75cf16 No.542247


Shit I didn't realize my namefag was still there. Not intentional.

9caaeb No.542248

File: 4b4f7bac5c1f4af⋯.png (50.87 KB, 735x387, 245:129, media_out.png)

Everyone locked and loaded?

Battle stations for next week?

How important can we be as a resource if MOCKINGBIRD is taken out? Prosecute leakers…then media provocatuers.

Leaving a vacuum in the narrative drive, that we can shore up….

ce4a05 No.542249


my mother just CHASTISED me because I told her I applied for an NRA membership and I'm getting a free duffle bag in the mail for signing up..

she berates me,

tells me don't dare let anyone see that bag, or our neighbors. I don't want them thinking we support the NRA.

I almost lost it,

I asked her how many babies were killed by PLANNED PARENTHOOD.

her rebuttal,

A woman has a right to decide what goes on in her body.

so I replied, well isn't it OUR right under the American Constitution, to bear arms? YES IT IS.

so I get, well what about assault rifles…

so I say, we entrust our 18 year old kids overseas to fight for our country and risk their lives, yet we won't allow them to protect their own families when they come back home? Let's just have the government take away all our assault rifles, so THEY will be the only ones with them?

I couldn't think of a better assault rifle argument..

I said, give me one FACT why you think the NRA is evil..

she says, they just are..

I insisted to her that they were the ones who introduced the background check clause..

none of this is THEIR fault..

she couldn't produce one FACT about the NRA being evil..and just walked away..

and she left a parting shot on the way out the door

"stop watching fox news, all they do is lie, and lie and lie…"

Then walked out the door before I could go on a rampage over CNN…

guys, I'm really frustrated right now..

my own mother, berated me for signing up for the NRA..because of what other people might think of her…and what our neighbors might think of us..


yet I'm the evil one…

fuckin' hell this is tough.

73de93 No.542250


Amateur linguistanon. Eng. Span. Lat. Grk. Heb.

1df0fc No.542251



That's a man baby!!!!

b2d32a No.542252


Because of the high levels of autism. Autists can't be brainwashed and are the perfect tool for solving puzzles. A site full of Rain Men and OCD freaks was just what they needed.

a2e3ca No.542253


>Purchasing the worlds second largest aquifer

Monopoly control of anything is the equivalent to Communism. When there is only one group of elite people who are in charge and make the decisions for everybody else, that is just like the Central Planning of the Communist Party.

The KGB and predecessors infiltrated corporate America and promoted Communism under the guise of capitalist corporations. But they were always controlled by a small group of elite people, the Central Committee of the Communist Party, who controlled the banks and rigged the markets.

To fix America, every one of these corporate monopolies has to be BROKEN.

88a74f No.542254

The Anomaly‏ @AnomalyX2 · 2m2 minutes ago

 More

BRIDGE-military term-How we learn from Q

Gain attention

Inform learner of objective

Stimulate recall of prerequisite learning

Present the stimulus material

Provide learning guidance

Elicit the performance

Provide feedback

Assess performance

Enhance retention&transfer #QAnon

THERE…. We are the Key.. Your missing the point Q would say…

The key is what we are doing/// We are unlocking doors

75cf16 No.542255


Looking for weaponized autism and cover for drops. Plus anonymous…

84b307 No.542256

Why is 8 chan " checking my browser" before I come on? It's doing that to my mobile and desktop computer

dff1ad No.542257


In the same camp anon. 45 minute conversation with my mother today where she insists I'm crazy because she takes more than 25 prescription drugs and her doctors have her best interest in mind.

Can't win them all. Even the close ones.

a2e3ca No.542258


This is why it is a good thing that so many large businesses are dropping the sale of guns. They are relinquishing their near monopoly control of this market so that hundreds of small local businesses can take up the slack.

0afbc6 No.542259

File: ea7bc9ac7dee17f⋯.png (150.57 KB, 578x424, 289:212, ClipboardImage.png)


75cf16 No.542260


Exactly and shutting down all the autists was not helpful. I understand it's annoying when something big is going down but overall we need all the help we can get.

add209 No.542261


Handoff confirmed. Thank you for your service, Patriot.

b2d32a No.542262


Been watching these since before Christmas. They've always been on the down-low compared to other flights. Any Magma or Hound flight is worth tracking as they are JSOC and coordinating stuff.

fdc602 No.542263

https:// www.cnn.com/2015/01/19/politics/nsa-north-korea-hacking-2010/index.html

Did North Korea really hack Sony, or was it the NSA?

There might be some good crumbs in the Wikileaks docs.

08cd47 No.542264


Was doing that during the DDOS

73de93 No.542265


Anon comfy


No Q

99b5ea No.542266


Love not seeing the chemtrails! Love seeing the blue sky. So many people around me notice. People are looking up. …I would like my/our POTUS to know that. And I would like to thank him….I look up every chance I get and smile every time the sky is free

ce4a05 No.542267


thanks for sharing, anon. These times are tough.

It's always darkest before the light..

9efc2b No.542268


>why post on /pol/

Zero censorship

Few snowflakes

And known for autism

Would be my assumptions… and now we have boomers, censorship and most Autistic ability is at least silent if not gone

d1b937 No.542269

File: 8d5383e0e02cba3⋯.jpeg (74.29 KB, 600x600, 1:1, BD5B13EA-5B41-4583-AA47-0….jpeg)


Recommend you shoot the neighbors

Then Mom

Sorry Anon

73de93 No.542270


After ddos two/hree times.

88a74f No.542271


Why should you be different… smile

we are all crazy … smile

it will come thumb up

ff9b65 No.542272

The word right now on Twitler is Hildabeast will run again next election. If that bitch isn't in a cell by then the shitshow will be worse than ever. These "whitehats" better hurry the fuck up this isn't funny

c5ef38 No.542273

>>542249 TV news is the most powerful military weapon destructive force on the planet and the Tv anchors are the enemys . Nobody even knows why they hate Trump or NRA . "They just do" I hear that so much. I feelz for ya man , going on 20 years of that for me.

ce4a05 No.542274


hahaha, thanks for the words anon. I'll pull through.

slow and steady wins the race.

75cf16 No.542275


I've seen fire and I've seen rain.

cf7977 No.542276

File: f285ea256d0f19e⋯.jpeg (65.38 KB, 780x520, 3:2, DL.jpeg)


meh moms…

Go to your school, walk up to the hottest most popular girl and give her a kiss she won't forget… then walk away like an action hero in a Michael Bay movie walking away from an explosion… Youll be a legend and won't even think twice about your mom….

btw your mom is only salty cuz me and some anons fucked her while Dana Loesch was giving her town hall…

9caaeb No.542277


Worse when it's your own wife…

We're all there anon. Tough living amongst the sleeping and brainwashed.

Be patient. Stop trying to win the battle. Focus on the war.

Her brain is a long game, done in with 40 years or more of alternate reality making. You are fighting emotional responses…no reason to believe your rational responses will effect change. Stop expecting it.

The times to win, are when the emotions are not engaged. Liittle nuggets to chip away at the fabric of that alternate reality and set up tension that sits and sits, until she gets motivated to look into it.

You need to reset your expectations. This is psychotherapy you are trying to do…. Can't happen in a few seesions..can't happen when defenses are up.

76f621 No.542278


10-4 pleasure to be of service

2c79f1 No.542279


well you let me know the language that says it is all defined infinitely and we have free choice on how to experience that.


35a31a No.542280


Baker please grab these for next bread. we have the money, now we just need to follow it further.



b615b6 No.542281

File: d61cf6a3e37026b⋯.jpg (149.73 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Patriots Traitors.jpg)

d87c3f No.542282


This is not entirely accurate. You may benefit from reading the Tibetan Book of the Dead. Have a safe journey.

add59b No.542283

How are the war games going with Isreal? The storms shut down trade routes because why?

e4d2a2 No.542284


>God Bless

I went back through the breads this morning to find this again and copy it. My wife didn't believe me this morning as I was going over it when I told her I was studying the Bible. Epic find, appreciated.

b2d32a No.542285


Rigged for silent running. Easier to work and we can ignore the shills.

73de93 No.542286


James Taylor. Great lyricist/musician. Shitty politics.

a870ef No.542287


LOL! Life is rough all over. If you have enough food, water and shelter just consider yourself fortunate. Don't gloat when the great awakening goes public, just grin from ear to ear like an idiot.

75cf16 No.542288


It appears the BO has opened the floodgates now. Question is will they return? Some have been convinced this was a controlled ARG and have moved on.

ce4a05 No.542289





thanks anon.

75cf16 No.542290


Nobody's perfect.

a616c4 No.542291

Josh Caplan

‏ @joshdcaplan

1m1 minute ago

REPORT: Justice Department Quietly Investigating ‘Illegal Leak’ of Gen. Michael Flynn’s Phone Calls

http:// www.thegatewaypundit.com/2018/03/justice-department-quietly-investigating-illegal-leak-gen-michael-flynns-phone-calls/ …

ce4a05 No.542292


definitely! Not complaining..just wanted to share my experience with yall. You know I love ya!

life is good, just saddened by that moment today.

c1079a No.542293


Conception is your own perception of reality. Changing perception alters your conception of reality, and therefore your behaviour, actions and communications within and with that reality.

As you communicate, your concept of reality is perceived by others, who may understand the concept being communicated, therefore affecting others' conception, perception and ultimately communication. Rinse and repeat.

How do you think ideology spreads?

By taking off the rose-tinted glasses your perception is altered, affecting your conception. This is communicated, understood, conceptualised and alters perceptions.

d1b937 No.542294

File: 25d3c052db2e327⋯.png (144.38 KB, 501x547, 501:547, 5C5BD455-FE15-4853-8915-5F….png)

File: 122a36e7ef6ef09⋯.jpeg (77.16 KB, 622x350, 311:175, 2CB3A59D-B42E-417F-95FD-9….jpeg)

File: 7daf20f668c0b6f⋯.jpeg (186.62 KB, 1024x593, 1024:593, F1CE77C3-CEA9-47A7-9B11-E….jpeg)





3cd731 No.542295



Baker please add the EO referenced Annex 1 and 2 to the bread for reference as well.

http:// www. caaflog.com/wp-content/uploads/DOD-2017-OS-0032-0003.pdf

2c79f1 No.542296


did you not notice they they have pulled back and Q not posted?

73de93 No.542297


That…nonexistent. Asking about verb tense as it makes nugget shinier!

08cd47 No.542298


So we branched off to keep from shutting down /pol/ and to give cover? Is that your take?

a2e3ca No.542299


Yang Xie related?

919b77 No.542300

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Show her this video by a defected expert on Marxist subversion, more than 30 years ago.

d87c3f No.542301


Were you ever found?

f2ec72 No.542302

Their will need to be quite a few sound & bullet proof suicide booths with trap doors & self cleaning interior sprinkler systems outside the fence at the White House, things are about to get messy…

ce4a05 No.542303

wonderfully put anon, truly. Thank you so much for the kind words. God bless you and yours!

a7d18c No.542304

File: 5ea50b10151fe86⋯.png (59.22 KB, 1127x686, 23:14, p-herp.png)


Just tell your mom if women have the right to chose to abort their baby, then you have the right to obtain a fire arm for post-natal abortions.

a0c1a6 No.542305


You have a wonderfully keen eye lad.

Well done!

a284b7 No.542306


The infosec community ID'd the main suspect as Shahana Manjra, a network administrator in the payroll department where they had just learned that Mitt Romney's company Bain was firing all of their women right after Sony had hired a male executive for more than twice the pay of a woman with the same title. Manjra got in touch with some feminist hackers online and soon Sony was hacked by the "GOP". Then Crowdstrike pulled out of their ass that it was North Korea and the entire infosec community went silent and accepted it.

A CIA executive had a talk with a Sony executive around the same time.

ce4a05 No.542307


>>542303←-meant for you bud

73de93 No.542308


Cabalist warning?

2c79f1 No.542309


bingo you got the local perception thing down.

ce4a05 No.542310


BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! that was good.

add209 No.542311


Confirmed for next bread. Thank you, Anon.

a902b4 No.542312


Oh bless you! Thank you so much. And just in time for tomorrow, too.

ce4a05 No.542313


love that video, very informative

92b35a No.542314


Awesome, anon.

75cf16 No.542315


Easy argument for assault rifles..

They are already banned.

AR-15 is not an assault rifle

< AR = Armalite Rifle

ce4a05 No.542316

File: 83bbb0f7a5e90b2⋯.png (8.82 KB, 255x108, 85:36, 0b3d6c177c0f9e86fadbc43586….png)

9efc2b No.542317



And yeah kill

35a31a No.542318

god speed lads. im out for a bit. FIGHT

God Bless

319193 No.542319

http:// www.foxnews.com/us/2018/03/01/texas-teen-arrested-with-rifle-ammo-near-high-school.html

Texas Kid… Arrested and found with hallucinogens in his car, child pornography on their phone

http:// www.foxnews.com/sports/2018/03/03/rice-university-football-player-found-dead-in-apartment.html]

Football player found dead with no explination… Dad works in pharmicuticals

http:// www.foxnews.com/us/2018/03/01/georgia-teacher-who-fired-gun-in-classroom-previously-told-police-hired-hitmen-report-says.html

"In another incident that occurred January 2017, Davidson was found sitting on the curb about a mile away from Dalton High School and refused to respond to police, the report stated. Davidson had left school early that day after he said he wasn’t feeling well.

Davidson was taken to the hospital"

http:// www.foxnews.com/us/2018/03/03/cmu-students-friends-neighbors-react-to-news-parents-deaths.html

"The slayings happened on the last day of classes before spring break – and followed Davis Jr.'s release from a hospital Friday morning following a drug-related issue Thursday night"

Notice a pattern yet?

Suicide Weekend… Deepdream… @Jack

75cf16 No.542320


Yuri bro. Thanks.

73de93 No.542321


Agreed. I’ve enjoyed his music for years, regardless.

df8ee5 No.542323

File: e134ff96bb73351⋯.jpeg (175.9 KB, 693x999, 77:111, A9F64C12-AB13-442B-9B58-8….jpeg)

File: dff3f9da19f6bfd⋯.jpeg (179.52 KB, 693x999, 77:111, D741B4B2-226A-4028-B15B-B….jpeg)


92d929 No.542324


Nice, anon!


HAHAHAHA Andy might in more trouble than we know.

a77912 No.542325


You are very welcome Anon. It is a beautiful thing to behold. Teach the young well, and God Bless your wife and family.

p.s. It is at the top of the dough: I made the symbolism maps:

Dedicated Research Threads List & Building the Map

Selected Focused Map Subsets

>>469863 - CONTROLLERS/CONTROLLED/COMFYCORNER Graphics -> >>470191 anonfile links for ultra high res

ce4a05 No.542326


thanks, I was emotionally responding to her criticisms. Not the way to go, but thanks. Will use for ammo next time.

d1b937 No.542327

File: 46ed6c5842f050f⋯.jpeg (183.57 KB, 1125x1105, 225:221, 9C5924B6-9DD9-41B8-B9D1-6….jpeg)







a2e3ca No.542328


Combining with Merck is an exciting opportunity to accelerate Cubist’s established leadership in antibiotics and deliver significant, certain and immediate value to shareholders

3 months pass by…

'''Merck dumps 120 Cubist researchers after its $9.5B merger

Merck ($MRK) has pulled the plug on Cubist Pharmaceuticals' early R&D operation, cutting 120 jobs in Massachusetts as it integrates its latest big acquisition. As the Boston Business Journal reports, the company informed employees today that it's backing away from the antibiotic specialist's drug discovery efforts'''

Can anybody spell ===SUPPRESSION=== ???

b2d32a No.542329

File: 9a51bc63e4c11a3⋯.png (636.81 KB, 563x734, 563:734, Kekmarine_png.png)

bcef97 No.542330


Couldn't take the shill then. Shame

9efc2b No.542331


So allow namefags (total opposite of anonymity) to prevent shills? not following logic m8

2c79f1 No.542332


after 3 terms i have nerve heard of I walk away. And yet I follow physics.

8543fe No.542333

File: 0319638182ff9f9⋯.jpg (157.32 KB, 888x512, 111:64, BTBoNSA1.jpg)

e5f4b2 No.542334


Its as typo. He's talking about 'Operation Mega Debut', which was his attempt to relaunch his website after the Clowns took him down the first time. But they took him down again. The copyright issues that he's referring to are the charges that the US government made against Mega. His point is that the Clowns didn't take him down because people were downloading illegal copies of Hollywood movies and music CDs from Mega, but because they knew that he had been obtaining information from Seth Rich and that they had both been giving information to Wikileaks.

Some very damaging information was passed to Wikileaks at the time and the Clowns were mad.

The Clowns are spying on us through everything: Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc, our smart tvs, our smartphones, gaming consoles, every fucking thing. Even if you think you're safe behind a VPN. Perhaps Kim is saying that he has even more damaging information about the Clowns or that Wikileaks has more shit to drop.



https:// wikileaks.org/ciav7p1/

c1079a No.542335


it's cloudflare, ddos prevention

a616c4 No.542336

Washington Examiner

‏Verified account @dcexaminer

2m2 minutes ago

Eric Holder predicts Robert Mueller charges Trump with obstruction of justice http:// washex.am/2FdARza

Urgh! I hope Holder, has a cell with his name on it.

8b195d No.542337


I presume the T-2 warning from >>476806 is related.

c4374b No.542338

File: c19b9f96096bdb8⋯.png (782.57 KB, 886x953, 886:953, kek_ocd.png)

New Arthur Drop

Good stuff btw

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=9u2WTFrpuyE

a284b7 No.542339


> Zero censorship

/pol/ doesn't have zero censorship. They push their own narrative. >>>/polmeta/27261

8/pol/ has become worse than half/pol/ and they've really ramped it up lately.

fc39c0 No.542340


So MSM bought and paid for Anchors are given their talking points at 4:00am to activate the sleepers. They may also just get talking points. But Sleeper activation talking points only come to them via Email Securedrop, and the like at 4:00am. Is this right?

9efc2b No.542341


>nice trips


you must lurk moar

add209 No.542342


Please try to find a first-party link for that content. Thank you.

a66550 No.542343

File: e396467cbd01b71⋯.jpg (69.34 KB, 685x546, 685:546, before_after.JPG)

c5ef38 No.542344


Padded cell material arrived a few days ago at camp GTMO from what I recall.

db7081 No.542345

http:// www.breitbart.com/tech/2018/03/02/ceo-jack-dorsey-want-to-improve-the-collective-health-openness-and-civility-of-twitter/


73de93 No.542346


Phase two implemented with wiping board? Good catch anon.

a66550 No.542347



b2d32a No.542348


If namefags wanna namefag, they do it at their own risk, remaining Anon is the way to do it then you aren't a target. Screw the shills, I have work to do and I can blank them out.

ae1f6f No.542349


let that The people understand the Message.., P-Gate is the beginning for the Awakening. Yet the people isn't ready for know the big true for this earth and Solar system.

Our hazard more next is the A.I…, the companies that Finances the AI and the sinister agenda.., the Cabal already doesn't work be as a Corporate power.., Now the be is the AI, the Control, for that The Chemtrails , Transhumanism, etc., it's for that.,

We need more white hats.

add59b No.542350

>>542319 your theory is these are MK kids and are suiciding instead of mass shooting?

073317 No.542351


Women ruin everything.

2c79f1 No.542352


I admit personal mids do

But less global here.

a77912 No.542353


I have had this for years - I am so glad it is becoming useful to others!

a284b7 No.542354


Can you provide a summary for thread readers who don't want to click through and watch a video?

ae1f6f No.542355



31e005 No.542356


Looks like race-baiting for dummies as well.

b2d32a No.542357

File: f2c4cfdbf3d0116⋯.png (1.1 MB, 849x984, 283:328, Digital2_png.png)

File: c3a81ced0f38f9a⋯.jpg (119 KB, 1439x926, 1439:926, Autists.jpg)

Trust the mission…

a66550 No.542358


bring it.

thx Anon.

84b307 No.542359


How does this man walks three with two contempt of court, one from Congress and one from court. This is what pisses everybody off, they all walk free amongst us with their big mouth's going without any fear.

a2e3ca No.542360


And very, very soon after Stanislav Lunev "defects" to the USA, Yuri Bezmenov disappears except for a death notice under his spy name Thomas Schuman in the Windsor, Ontario, Canada .

You've blabbed enough Yuri, we are about to go MAJOR BIGLY with our plans and we can't have you spoiling our presidential candidate's chances.

9efc2b No.542361


Of course there has to be some censorship otherwise CP runs amuck. As far as pushing their narrative, please elaborate. I have spent YEARS on both half and double chins and have NEVER been b&. Yet make fun of myself and get a ban here? Come on lad you can’t say the 2 boards are remotely close

80c4e9 No.542362


58,000 FFL dealers in US. Not even close to Monopoly. And they hate that anon.

b2d32a No.542363


Their 2017/18 World Tour has taken in pretty much all of the opium source nations that either supply Big Pharma or run smuggling.

d87c3f No.542364


If you want to understand, you'll need to be willing to accept the possibility of metaphysics. You don't need to have blind faith, just an open mind. I was like you a few years ago. I see through very different eyes now. The world is not what we think it is.

e71ac5 No.542365



we are watching a movie

http:// www.digitalspy.com/movies/news/a488742/emma-watson-i-was-confused-by-this-is-the-end-script/

9efc2b No.542366


>If namefags want to namefag

go back to plebbit for upvotes

bcef97 No.542367


Tell that to the Muslim women who gets raped by their family members and then stoned to death for being a whore. Don't try and tell me there wasn't enough sheep in the backyard.

ae1f6f No.542368


Colombia also is in Elections this year.., hmmm, bad candidates.., Timochenko out (Heart Attack can be deadly?).., Petro is a total mess an human waste.., C_A faction 2.

767533 No.542369

File: 4c03f1d3602f809⋯.jpg (278.95 KB, 1079x978, 1079:978, Screenshot_20180303-174658.jpg)

File: 9856681a0c0fe94⋯.jpg (68.64 KB, 682x1024, 341:512, 1520110883887m.jpg)

File: 74387c5d8e440a7⋯.jpg (357.32 KB, 1050x1242, 175:207, Screenshot_20180303-174335.jpg)

Does anyone have the two Alec Baldwin tweets with timestamps handy? May be a key to unlock more of the map

d11cdf No.542370


Oh..no not exactly. My point was it isn't in our best interest to censor and delete so heavily. The shit posting provides noise (cover) and distracts all (even the shills). The real researchers and operators can discern and know how to communicate through the noise.

Autists have a tendency to get obsessed with some theories and normally if it's derailing I suggest they make a new thread to discuss further.

221f4d No.542371

File: 40d28a9465caaae⋯.png (1.44 MB, 1000x668, 250:167, ClipboardImage.png)



White House

Barack Obama

Joe Biden

Susan Rice

Valerie Jarrett

Loretta Lynch

Sally Yates

John Kerry

Intelligence Community

James Clapper

James Comey

John Brennan

Mike Rogers


James Comey

Andrew McCabe

James Baker

Bill Priestap

Peter Strzok

Lisa Page

James Rybicki

Department of Justice

Loretta Lynch

John Carlan

Dana Boente

Bruce Ohr

David Laufman


Hillary Clinton

Debbie Wasserman-Schultz

Donna Brazil

John Podesta

Sidney Blumenthal

Cody Shearer

Perkins Coie Law Firm

Marc Elias

Mueller’s Investigation to Impeach

Robert Mueller III

Andrew Weissman

Preet Bharara

Aaron Zelinsky

Eric Schneiderman (NY AG)

Fusion GPS working for DNC/Hillary

Glen Simpson

Nellie Ohr

News Agency Criminal Conspirators


Washington Post

New York Times

Mother Jones

Yahoo News

Buzzfeed- John McCain



319193 No.542372


Yes, my theory is that ((they)) had a bunch of kids ready to go off all at once… They let the first one go through because they want to reverse engineer it for the normies at slow pace on tv. Q mentions how they were set up…

Phase one of their plan complete (FL) they go ahead and signal everyone else… but Qteam has already interfiered with everyone else and their programing. Take out their handlers and keep them locked up for now… If their programing is too "deep" to root out, have them self terminate vs harming others

a284b7 No.542373

File: 83bb2aa2b7ca148⋯.jpg (233.54 KB, 600x467, 600:467, Cartoon-Gun-Control-for-Du….jpg)


> Looks like race-baiting for dummies as well.

Correct you are. The crook was white in the original.

77072f No.542374

we over on 16 chan with "Mrs." talking about career suicide at the oscars. great convo & tea.

80c4e9 No.542375


Like the concept. But maybe a MS13 thug next to a mother.

911e3b No.542376


Roger that. Will this suffice?

https:// www.regulations.gov/docket?D=DOD-2017-OS-0032

2c79f1 No.542377

File: 9f7c9e045462c1a⋯.gif (2.86 KB, 223x236, 223:236, 1PETAL.gif)

File: 205759ac9d657df⋯.png (103.57 KB, 320x425, 64:85, Hypersphere_coord.PNG)

File: 3b7180dcf98c2a8⋯.gif (9.27 KB, 96x96, 1:1, bmineral.gif)


35f067 No.542378


https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blackfriars_Bridge

5a4f69 No.542379


Much better.

a0c1a6 No.542380


audible kek @ badge

919b77 No.542381


That's an interesting link between the name Q dropped and Yuri Bezmenov

76f621 No.542382


"The Hunt" part has been dropped, IIRC.

767533 No.542383


Ahhhh thank you anon. Was missing the reference. Makes sense. I've been watching his tweets since last May when he made his first Seth rich push with Hannity and then megaanon.

ae1f6f No.542384


Q did about the End of MSM?

b2d32a No.542385


All of the badges created have a meaning to the groups of Anons that use them. They are motivated by them. We are weaponised autism.

a2e3ca No.542386


Ever consider tidying up this explanation into a blog article, complete with copies of the PDF's etc. and proper research footnotes to sources like a college paper, and then shopping it to Breitbart or similar media?

This is good work, but like you said, they made it really tangled, so I expect that getting a lot more eyes on it (maybe even at DOJ) would turn up all kinds of juicy bits.

Our goal is to get liberals baying in the streets demanding the arrest of Obama.

a0c1a6 No.542387


Feb 11 2018 12:13:20


ID: 6c8e3a



I would like to inquire of Q (with highest respect) whether RED_OCTOBER refers to

1) the fictional submarine whose torpedo homed in on itself and destroyed itself


2) the [RED OCTOBER] [Красный Oктябрь] cyberespionage malware discovered in October 2012-January 2013. It operated worldwide for up to 5 years before its discovery. It sent info ranging from diplomatic secrets to personal information, including from mobile devices. Red October was termed an advanced cyberespionage campaign intended to target diplomatic, governmental and scientific research organizations worldwide.


3) Something else

Feb 11 2018 12:23:50



ID: ec346b



Future news will highlight.

Note "The Hunt For" was dropped.

Details matter.


0afbc6 No.542388


here's to hoping it spreads to all of them

add209 No.542389


Perfect. Thank you, Patriot.

925b16 No.542390


All dummies

db7081 No.542391


These suiciders are maybe like the christian version of suicide bombers: love thy neighbor kill thyself.

d11cdf No.542392


It's actually the outside sources that convince most of the ARG angle. When anons get banned and go to Twitter, Steemit etc they wind up with all the clowns convincing them it's part of Cicada or just a LARP.

69e849 No.542393

File: 44f87938513b816⋯.png (305.82 KB, 610x709, 610:709, 4g Moon.png)

Vodafone - Twatter


you can thank MIA

44d13d No.542394

>go do something else for a bit

>come back to /qresearch/ tab

>(111)/(222)/(333) new posts

this happens to me so often

c9c85f No.542395


Agreed , i normally just watch gitmo and caught them a few times

d87c3f No.542396

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>>542377 heaven dubs

This video ped me understand tremendously

69e849 No.542397




8b195d No.542398


MK Ultra program supposedly can include MK Omega or 'Code Green' programming which triggers suicidal tendencies… I've noticed a few stringers with green in them, but haven't tried to do any correlations.

http:// www.bibliotecapleyades.net/sociopolitica/esp_sociopol_mindcon02.htm#[11]

dff1ad No.542399


Things are repeated so often that you get what you need. It's been slow as molasses anyway…

767533 No.542400


Yes thank you I remember those q posts. I just had never considered the alec Baldwin connection before today and his strange two tweets witb changes.

d11cdf No.542401


It's hard to check emotions with your mom but keep working on that. Also welcome to the NRA and thanks for supporting.

6eaa73 No.542402

File: cf9f8758d1c4e44⋯.jpg (182.42 KB, 623x782, 623:782, asdasdas.jpg)

https:// twitter.com/Mayor_Steinberg/status/970073971373703168

Mayor of Sacramento in favor of resisting ICE? No surprise there

079cb8 No.542403


Damn it this kind of crap right here really gets my blood pumping!

d87c3f No.542404

File: 24c9b9458659c02⋯.jpg (64.14 KB, 491x800, 491:800, SwordKnave_IntInternet.jpg)

69e849 No.542405


apply to human heart

[ref.] Biology of Transcendence

2c79f1 No.542406


I only know my intuition.

math I can follow.

21ffed No.542407


http:// www.noted.co.nz/currently/profiles/the-complete-and-utter-history-of-kim-dotcom/?wptouch_preview_theme=enabled

0afbc6 No.542408


it's exactly the kind of crap ment to get a reaction out of you.

add59b No.542409

>>542372 I think you might be right and I’ve thought for a while that they were calling all of them. My theory was we wanted them to come out so that we could deactivate them. That is potentially a lot of programmed kids. Do we know how many? Who activated them? Comey?

ae1f6f No.542410


Hmm, Does can't generate problems?

08cd47 No.542411


Bans suck but anyone can get around those if they weren’t so paranoid

902ce3 No.542412


President Trump will venture into hostile territory Saturday night at the annual Gridiron dinner, mingling with members of the mainstream media he loves to lash out against.

The white-tie gala is one of the city's longest-running traditions, and the kind of establishment event that Mr. Trump has so far shunned. But what is supposed to be a lighthearted bread-breaking between the president and press risks becoming a flashpoint if Trump, who has labeled reporters "fake news" and the "enemy of the American people," proves unable to poke fun at himself or take a lashing from the press.

https:// www.cbsnews.com/news/trump-to-roast-and-be-roasted-at-rare-dinner-washington-media/

afa1c7 No.542414

What's this about semiprimes?

69e849 No.542415




storm cards under trending

marked will respond

d87c3f No.542416


If you don't want to learn then it isn't time for you to learn yet. When you are ready it will be like you are caught in a river, being pulled somewhere unknown. Be well, brother.

2c79f1 No.542417

Q people get geometry

make it visual.

87c117 No.542418

File: 83597bf15da838c⋯.jpg (104.8 KB, 1440x1440, 1:1, IMG_0927.JPG)

File: 3b80cb0f09c6581⋯.jpg (68.71 KB, 1111x1200, 1111:1200, IMG_0930.JPG)

File: 6c8bf899ec91407⋯.jpg (126.89 KB, 950x1200, 19:24, IMG_0934.JPG)

Had to reload

69e849 No.542419


moon is already frequency relay

big picture [do not respond] Saturn!

e4d2a2 No.542420


>it's cloudflare

Cloudflare allowed the Daily Stormer to burn.

https:// www.wired.com/story/free-speech-issue-cloudflare/

How long will they tolerate us?

2ec2db No.542421

File: 33bf575fd608fe8⋯.jpg (88.98 KB, 618x694, 309:347, 5 facts.JPG)

not mine but good.

c6e9e8 No.542422


namefag is namefag…take it back to your containment center.

d11cdf No.542423



I wasn't suggesting to allow namefags. I did accidently use on in this bread and apologize. Using Omnichan and posting in several boards/threads and didn't notice it saved it. Won't happen again.

87c117 No.542424



2c79f1 No.542425


how do I answer this?

Thank you.

911e3b No.542427


maybe make both people black and meme to blacks that it's time to rethink what dems are doing to them through open borders, gun control, etc.

d11cdf No.542428

File: 21030afaabff157⋯.jpg (1.47 MB, 2101x2005, 2101:2005, 7-solomons-cube-emblem-6-c….jpg)


The Saturn Moon Matrix is a neat rabbit hole.

9efc2b No.542429


>daily stormer

More importantly, here, one can post whatever the fuck they want take screenshot then cry to the snowflakes about duh natzis on 8chins

bdda01 No.542430


Remember last April, when POTUS skipped the White House correspondents' dinner, he said "maybe next year we will make it more exciting for them in Washington and show up."

919b77 No.542431

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Marxist playbook Phase 4 many get killed, they do that in a few days because of the extensive database of information on people they build.

Watch this video from Maxine about obama in that perspective.

87c117 No.542432


Arrogance or ignorance

ONe can be medicated

53a2c2 No.542433


I know this is the closest star. It’s here. But if you say Nibiru, everyone goes apeshit.

80c4e9 No.542434


Got some similar challenges. I really think some sick shit needs to come out to shatter the illusion. Undeniable truth of their evil ways.

c19bde No.542435


>The Saturn Moon Matrix

Weakening or ded as the compression breakthrough approaches

db7081 No.542436


related vid

George Carlin - National Press Club may,13 1999 speech

https:// www. youtube.com/watch?v=Pc0ZHsoHAlE

well worth the time IMO

2c79f1 No.542437

69e849 No.542438



thanks for using labels though

08cd47 No.542439

Now I’m Fukin depressed

c19bde No.542440


Archon control programs still active though, quarantine cracking and failing but still up

ae1f6f No.542441


I know that point, in fact., Saturn is the Cell generator of the Matrix (3D/4D).., for his Rings., for that We have in this labyrinth.

If the Cabal want to put 4G in the Moon, it's because they has authorization of the true (((Entities)))

e71ac5 No.542442


a complete ass.

d11cdf No.542443

File: fbfa034bb50a81c⋯.png (127.87 KB, 1171x997, 1171:997, WhitehallCavern_cropped.png)


Yes I know I was the fag that got banned multiple times prior to DDOS attack. I was banned over Jewish bloodlines and Rothschild Pindar Bunker conversations.

2960a1 No.542444

Don't ask me

No questions

And I won't tell you no lies

add59b No.542446

>>542438 You Mr. Anon, tell me why they want to shut off trade routes?

2c79f1 No.542447

my thread is not alien got it?

3b662b No.542448


The next step is global privatization of our water. It has been tried in Ireland and other countries.

ae1f6f No.542449


Black Cubes., what a great.

e2cb68 No.542450

German airbus GAF116 is showing on the ground in the mountains hills near Morning Star SW of DC

d11cdf No.542451


Full circle? Don't let it get to you.

Phase 3 is coming

2fed5d No.542452


Men have thicker eyebrows. She's "queer" and draws her brows on. Weird that brow pencol, lipstick is the only makeup it's wearing. Has flawless skin though. Notice none of the chosen kids are fat or has dyed hair ala SJW.

69e849 No.542453



[whisper] board is hot anons

yes! very deep


Judicial System [Saturn]

Maritime Law [Moon]

9b935b No.542454

In the last two days, CDAN and Kurt Eichenwald, the tentacle porn watching, child pornographic website surfing, journalist we know and love, have both posted stories about trump being addicted to or on stimulants (impacting his judgement).

I’m wondering if this will be picked up as an attack against trump in the coming days.

e4d2a2 No.542456

File: 04c8ca509c0fce4⋯.png (44.19 KB, 799x781, 799:781, Usual Suspects II.PNG)



Shit anon, don't stop there!

d87c3f No.542457

File: 2a7bbe4b2073c0e⋯.jpg (76.6 KB, 540x496, 135:124, 1093501.jpg)



Just by reading these posts and thinking about these concepts anon are making spiritual progress right now whether they realize it or not.

92d929 No.542458



Know what Q said, but does he really wield that kind of power?

3b662b No.542459

Nestle robsessively Canada od it's water. They syphon millions of litres from a river in Ontario or Quebec or both lol.

To bottle and SELL back to US.

fb0683 No.542460

File: 6738f77abc21660⋯.png (233.98 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, IMG_2112.PNG)

File: 804c005bd122357⋯.png (186.28 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, IMG_2113.PNG)

File: a0ff84bfbd73774⋯.png (238.12 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, IMG_2116.PNG)


I'm sharing this post again for those who didn't see it yesterday.

Q posted "Expand Your Thinking" 27 times in his crumb drops

There is a book called "Expand Your Thinking" that shows the reader how to MAP out ideas & connections to show whole picture. Sometimes we can overthink things & I think these Maps are good to use to red pill normies

Link to PDF: http:// www.eggplant.org/tf/research/journal_articles/pdf/developing-minds-hyerle.pdf

08cd47 No.542461


Not that. I hate being used

a77912 No.542462




Anons, I created a PDF file of the illustrations - it contains each dispensation on letter sized pages. Hope this makes things easier for you.

https:// anonfile.com/JbT3I6d7b3/Dispensation.pdf

b6c9a0 No.542463


you've got the wrong link anon

you used


which was pointing to three posts making outrageous claims without sauce




and the sauce provided later in the thread was


c6e9e8 No.542464


>from GLP today f

KEK..goes to GLP

aka tavistock central

-100 IQ

87c117 No.542465

69e849 No.542466




no trade, no operable machine [economic matrix]

virtual freedom

money dependent on human investment [energy]

76f621 No.542467


just to show "667" can be just a speshul as "666" :D

87c117 No.542468


F yahoo news

add59b No.542469

>>542453 Gawd dammit

69e849 No.542470


"we are the dollars and cents"


ae1f6f No.542471


The moon is as the customs for the Solar System.., for there it's that, They watch.

fdc602 No.542472


Interesting, but why Crowdstrike?

Did Crowdstrike day it first or the NSA as per CNN article above?

2c79f1 No.542473

My thread thinks physical aliens are not important.


ac11f8 No.542474


YES. Seen this. Dough worthy

7b3e93 No.542475


Dude, don't give up on boomers

Half my damn Zuckerbook wall is full of boomers ranting about firearms, vaccines, and the insanity of the hard left

Most born 1958-1970

Remember a lot of boomers think social media & too much time on these damn computers is bullshit.

They could be right.

3b662b No.542476


We are the Keystone that holds the system in place. If we stopped playing their game we could actually do some thing.

902ce3 No.542477


I AM hoping it exceeds the Al Smith Dinner and Trump drops stuff on Hillary et al

c1079a No.542478


Incorrect according to the knowledge maintained throughout history, who have protected it from the misdeeds carried out by the Church.

We can return to our true, 4th dimensional being once we develop a soul, by harnessing the kundilini energy by joining with our feminine (wife), and both committing to ensuring that this energy is not wasted, spent, by reaching the point of orgasm. This includes when reproducing. This way throughout this life, in a monogamous union with a partner we form our souls should we be successful in harnessing enough kundalini energy with the complimenting part of our spirituality, the feminine and find our way back to our 4th dimensional, androgynous being. Whilst on earth we are all living in sin by succumbing to desire and therefore suffering. Something the Church have hidden from their followers and therefore committed us all to remaining lost in the wilderness of suffering and torment. That's what they have hidden in the Vatican - the true knowledge - the quaballah - and why the distractions set up by the Rothschilds to trap us by our own free will and our own actions in this eternal hell, according to natural law. The Bible was corrupted by those who wish to feed off our existence, toil and suffering by ensuring we remain blind. Imagine that? All those priests are sinners also.

b615b6 No.542479

File: 8c4e54d64741cde⋯.jpg (1.69 MB, 2864x4132, 716:1033, Anon537764.jpg)

d87c3f No.542480



69e849 No.542481



73de93 No.542482


New tactic for prior failed attempts

767533 No.542483


Very nice find anon! Great connection.

d11cdf No.542484


< Watch the water. >

Maritime Marines Moonlight Masters.

3b662b No.542485


It only works because we comply and feed it. Plus humans are EASILY distracted.

e4d2a2 No.542486


>Rothschild Pindar Bunker

Is this shit for real? I keep seeing it but have never seen any sauce.

7020fe No.542487


I’ve been curious to see if this info would ever appear on this board. I basically concur with everything you suggested in your post, after years of studying and observing this first hand, my conclusion is this; This is our last chance to over throw the pure evil that has over taken this world. If we should fail, then the world shall be wiped clean with fire. Remember GOD made a covenant with us that he shall never flood the world again, but if we shall not rise above the evil he will burn it with fire

a902b4 No.542488


You're the best! Thanks so much!!

69e849 No.542489



if there were even 3 days of "Darkness"

we would own these people

they would lose everything

but 10 days, that would be grand if we could all stand it…

not spending

abf547 No.542491

File: f3fc1fc09a04dc8⋯.png (17.14 KB, 502x319, 502:319, Screenshot-2018-3-3 Q Rese….png)

40c5ac No.542492

File: 3cf70c4b74ec2c3⋯.png (35.92 KB, 467x232, 467:232, screenshot_07.png)

a2e3ca No.542493


Did everyone notice that every time there was a school shooting, Obama would get up and preach to America and then do nothing about it. But when Parkland happened, Donald Trump invited the people from the school who were affected to come and talk to him about it, and then he LISTENED to them?

How do you think he got all those complex building projects done? Every time there was a problem, he went to the workers involved, and LISTENED to what they had to day. It is all well and fine to be a big boss and get to make all the decisions and give all the orders, but if your don't know what the hell to do you are only going to make an ass of yourself. Donald Trump knew what to do because he went to the SOURCE and he LISTENED.

The smarter and more experienced you become in life, the more you understand that you don't know shit. You have to listen to the real specialists because they ALWAYS KNOW MORE THAN YOU!!!

That is why a properly functioning democracy is so powerful. Look at how powerful the USA is even though its democracy is broken and decrepit and dysfunctional. Imagine what it will be like when it is functioning properly again.


d87c3f No.542494

File: 7c664bb8fd6ce15⋯.jpg (114.69 KB, 700x757, 700:757, mapofconsiounses-1.jpg)

69e849 No.542496


Marines are Key

many WIDE awake

d11cdf No.542497


Crowdstrike…go deeper anon. This is the contractors used when the government doesn't want to be held responsible for what is found. (ClownStike)

2c79f1 No.542498


10 days would see people killed and starved. People are dependent on the system.

62489b No.542499

thanks to the anon who sourced this earlier

EXPOSED: CIA – The Swamp Monsters

Three Factions of the CIA that Control the World

http:// themillenniumreport.com/2017/01/exposed-cia-the-swamp-monsters/

e4d2a2 No.542500


>The next step is global privatization of our water.

Leading to a "Dune" scenario. Good shit, Frank Herbert.

add59b No.542501

>>542489 ok, so the storm in UK and the cyclone here on the east coast threatened a bridge shutdown?

abf547 No.542502


Monarch Programming.


87c117 No.542503

File: dd994d36f64c9e9⋯.jpg (196.92 KB, 560x560, 1:1, IMG_0902.JPG)

Dig mofos


Amaze balls

Effing funny ship


Govt needs yo help

Por favor

2ab2b1 No.542504

(((They))) are watching right now

d7fe2d No.542505


thanks, why in reverse order?

ddb78c No.542506


why is this even included as a Q post? this has been a long standing error on these aggregator sites. the famefag XXX once upon a time posted graphic Q maps and included his own posts. someone prove this is a Q post. Pro-tip: you can't

d11cdf No.542507



2c79f1 No.542508


Thanks. look at the gate.

9efc2b No.542509


Holy fuck anon welcome to 2006

902ce3 No.542510


There are prophesies of 3 days of Darkness when total blackness occurs with demons free to roam earth.

Do you have your Kit ready?

00a04e No.542511



Yep, end of MSM…


Libel laws.

End of MSM.



fc62f0 No.542512


pork sounds good right now

ham sammich anyone?

4a1163 No.542513

File: 16d6704b165788d⋯.png (150.33 KB, 553x396, 553:396, Capture.PNG)

File: ac54d1b0eca5ada⋯.png (32.79 KB, 460x839, 460:839, Capture1.PNG)


Did anybody notice this one? It goes way back.

Amazon description:

>John Staggar must fight his way through the city to save 5 year old Susan Riddle during three days where hell reigns on earth."

919b77 No.542514


Bla bla bla

there is , was, and always will be plausible deniability between Trump and q and q and others

Suggesting otherwise is fake, gay, and larp

87c117 No.542515

File: 1480d0fc5675c4d⋯.jpg (153.76 KB, 1200x1195, 240:239, IMG_0928.JPG)

a0c1a6 No.542516


God bless you Patriot o7

73de93 No.542517


Bacon! 🥓 sizzle sizzle

d7fe2d No.542518

File: b65feb898166e93⋯.jpg (650.82 KB, 1280x1146, 640:573, old library.jpg)

we have some digging to do…

312f7c No.542519

File: 1ac7b73e005beed⋯.jpg (2.72 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, IMG_1230.JPG)

File: de8dddb205d2885⋯.jpg (2.56 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, IMG_1232.JPG)

File: a974e84c0bf92c7⋯.jpg (2.79 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, IMG_1236.JPG)




…some bags of dicks, for y'all to eat.

c056f4 No.542520


If it has any merit, Arthur stated The clowns are under military control. keeping true to the 111 day key theory if so.

44d13d No.542521


i was referring to those specific repeating digit numbers

the synchronicity, anon

69e849 No.542522



the masses don't have backup generators

organizing a mass Exodus would drain grocery stores

and most people aren't mentally stable enough to go 10 days without feeding the beast

319193 No.542523


My personal theory (and I hesitate to say it because I'm very confident in the info I already laid out relating to suicideweekend and deepdream)

I know im going to get flamed for this.. but I think Comey is still a white hat. Q team took out the infastructure of the FBI currently and the only guy at the top they still had "free" (if you are to believe that Mccabe and Co were detained/fired long before publicly acknowledged) They had to realy on Comey to do the top level activation type stuff.

The theory that comey is good is based on two things (Besides fitting in this circumstance) 1. Q asked us what Trey Gowdy had to say in regarding james comey. "History will be kind to James Comey" or something along those lines. 2. McCabe and co were sneaking around behind comeys back doing the FISA thing. Why would they be hiding their contact from him if he was the ringleader/inonit… I think comey is being handled very similar to Jeff Sessions.. Publicly spar but backdoor deals were made long ago.. they all know their role.

Comey remained in place… Comey did activate the FL shooter… under orders from Q. ((They)) thought they still had a chance… ((They)) got one by Q. So they are thinking comey is on their side. Rnd 2 starts… comey sends out the messages… only this time, Q team has gotten to the sleepers before hand.

If you asked me a week ago I woulda said comeys is scum on top of scum… but I'm thinking its all coming together right now

2c79f1 No.542524

File: 0321ed7db65a399⋯.png (3.3 MB, 6117x6101, 6117:6101, 2dsurfacefoldarkshade.png)

File: 95bd04cc3db1729⋯.png (4.4 MB, 6117x6101, 6117:6101, 2dsurfacefoldarkshadea.png)

ae1f6f No.542526


Like the Arabs?

7b3e93 No.542527


Huh, we're talking old with a capital O

OK, then. Where I live, everybody over 60 is even harder right than I am

Man next door to me has a whole arsenal in his basement, and there are tons of guys just like him

Courthouse has a constant line of people applying for CC permits

Just sayin' that maybe there are a lot more people on the far right than the internet thinks

And if you're a shill, get bleeding hemorrhoids and gout.

a77912 No.542529


This is great - TY!

c1079a No.542530


l ron hubbard? sauce?

48ebf1 No.542531


u remember the scripture that says if he didnt cut these last days short, no one would survive?

i am praying that this is just that.

God using trump to do just that, cut these last days short.

i also researched the last 2 and the final x of

the eclipse.

the last 2 x over the united states was 7 years apart.

the one we just had and the next one that will make the x is 6 years 10 months and a few days. short of the 7 years.

the x center is at the heart of the biggest fault line in the united states. new madrid, interesting.

73de93 No.542532


Thank you for serving US, sir!

3b662b No.542533


Flush people from small towns and communities where they take care of each other and their children. Many homeschool and don't vaccinate. Small community and towns tend to grow their own food and sell it to each other at farmers markets. To outside the system.

Slowly destroy that. Flush them to cities. Grid thr city in 5g and microwaves. Make sure all have cell phones (Africa). Control people's thoughts, emotions, moods etc. Control the resources coming in and out. Take guns away. Make people think it's safer. Sustainable development areas. No human involvement. Meanwhile they rape thr resources.

Did I just describe Hunger Games?

40c002 No.542534


This conversation is fascinating.

87c117 No.542535

File: 2559cd039eb58ba⋯.jpeg (13.13 KB, 178x255, 178:255, ED975DAC-C7CF-4B3A-8F37-9….jpeg)

File: 3a069797269f74b⋯.jpg (144.01 KB, 594x446, 297:223, IMG_0825.JPG)

File: 160c33a3a2bdfdd⋯.jpg (61.64 KB, 1199x634, 1199:634, IMG_0932.JPG)

Memefag spoilers

2c79f1 No.542536

File: 537b7d8de477ae1⋯.jpeg (14.59 KB, 203x255, 203:255, 014e7e25ff5c9c72f9772f483….jpeg)

d11cdf No.542537


Search Pindar Bunker. It's definitely real. No way to prove Roth's go there but it would make sense. Pindar translates to dragon dick right?

69e849 No.542538



c4374b No.542539



http:// dauntlessdialogue.com/

as per your request.

NO WAY Gun Control will happen

TRUMP gun control was a fake, designed to throw Congress under the bus for not supporting his agenda (Wall).

One click away from Martial Law

EO on 12/21 was one step below Martial Law, one stroke of pen we are there. Why surrounded by Generals? (Manage Martial Law if needed)

People in DC are spilling the beans

Sessions must go (Mr. Magoo), he's a tool

CIA now under military control

Lookup: Noah hide Laws. Guillotines all over the 40 U.S. Fema Camps for dissidents, trains with shackles (This I heard before). If hillary was elected…

Trump and Putin on same side

Earth Alliance, putin told Trump if he didnt run it was over. Syria is for optics

Earth Alliance is Arthur, 170 countries involved. Heading to WWIII, he repeats not

to spend time worrying but to make sure you focus on your immediate situation

have enough food water and protection for 90 days.

War between Good and Evil, TRUMP is messenger of God. 60 preist a week in WH

Much of his interviews focus on the spiritual aspects of this war.

TRUMP is a real human, Obama was a fake.

AI is our biggest enemy'

Everything is rolled up into AI already, war between the natural and artificial world.

We are already super advanced: Programable life forms (PLF).

(By the way This anon {poster} has seen them on mutiple occasions [Decades] Air Force)

Arthur tells videographer that they (AI life forms) have visited the store he works in.

They can show us how the real world exists but we have to take the action

Pedophilia is deeply embeded in all aspects. The children are the future, soon we will all be gone, and they will determine teh shape of the world. If we do not protect the children what kind of a future will we have. Pedos are living in fear. Arthur dares and taunts the Pedos with "my" Seal Teams, Delta Force, SWAT Teams, and Dark Ops: Try us.

Arthur is in serious danger but protected, dead man switches etc

We must take steps to make the comming transitions for us and those we love.

4a1163 No.542540


There's also this:

< https:// www.youtube. com/watch?v=NBJWYWLyoYw


40c5ac No.542541


Boomers were born out of the 1940's hence the reason for the name boomer "baby boomer" as in the baby boom of the 1940's when everyone came home from the war and started getting it on….

bcef97 No.542542


Thank you Anon

4a1163 No.542543

File: 890a47c55bfaefc⋯.png (1.2 MB, 1318x779, 1318:779, Capture.PNG)


My bad, having issues here.

add59b No.542544

>>542523 I think so too Anon. But for optics….

9b678f No.542545


see >> 538986

▶Anonymous 03/03/18 (Sat) 08:25:57 807608 No.538986>>538993 >>538998 >>539019 >>539025 >>539038






P is not a person. It is a secret Cabal subgroup known as the Pinay Circle, AKA the Circle Violet, AKA — Le Circle.

This was discussed in a previous bread but it never gained any traction. Soros does not take orders from any individual. He was allowed to replace the Rockefellers on condition that he continue to follow the Rockefeller tradition of taking orders from the NWO groupthink organization (Le Circle) and use his wealth to foment the NWO agenda. The Clowns are an integral part of this group too.

https:// wikispooks.com/wiki/Le_Cercle



▶Anonymous 03/03/18 (Sat) 09:04:03 47efe3 No.539119>>539127 >>539151


We have it. P is definitely the Pinay Circle aka Le Cercle.

Otto von Habsburg's youngest son is Georg von Habsburg. Look up older photos of George Soros at the same age and you can see the clear family resemblance.

This is the family that owns North America. It was given by the Pope when he divided the Americas between Portugal(Brazil) and Spain. Shortly afterwards, the House of Habsberg merged with the House of Bourbon of Spain.

George Soros changed his name at some point, many believe for satanic reasons because it is a palindromic surname. Soros is a greek word for an urn used to hold the bones of a dead person. He was born Gyorgy Schwarz and his genealogy has been traced to the House of Schwarzenberg which is a branch of the House of Habsburg.

So it makes perfect sense that he takes orders, or coordinates with, Le Cercle because that is the group of Illuminati who want the royal houses of Europe to regain power. Note that the so-called houses have pretty much merged into one sprawling family. Even though they have lost formal political power, they still exist, they keep together, track their bloodlines, and have lots of wealth. Not much surprise that they decided to run Europe through meat puppets after what happened to the Frenc royals.

However, there are other bloodlines. While they all cooperate in some ways, they compete in others. They are NOT a well-oiled machine. They believe that the strong have a right to dominate the weak and they practice this philosophy not just on us sheep, but also on each other as they jostle for position within their organizations.

There are 7 to 10 million people worldwide who are part of the Illuminati

BAKER, this should be added to the bread.

9efc2b No.542546


t. James

fc62f0 No.542547

File: 22f384880a0cec1⋯.jpeg (45.08 KB, 616x462, 4:3, 1415833742235.jpeg)



a77912 No.542548

File: 335fb52498ea98f⋯.png (275.14 KB, 1539x481, 1539:481, Screen Shot 2018-03-03 at ….png)


What are you talking about? They are not in revered order in my pdf.

e2cb68 No.542549


GAF Airbus on finals for Dulles DC

df8ee5 No.542550

>>541894 the semi prime leads to the PRIME CREATOR.


Talk about digits. Look at time stamp and ID- try to out numberfag that bag.

What does ratio of 3:5:8 create?

2fed5d No.542551

>>542475 This there are boomers who are too young to have been hippies. What boomers will never be forgiven is the fact they never had the internet. Information wise, boomers might have well been in the 1890s, but with radio and tv. It wasn't until DSL was invented in the 90s that things really took off with the net and the web.

08cd47 No.542552

Sure is taking them a long time to release the suicides info… who was that guy?

c6e9e8 No.542553


>Why did Q start on /pol/ in the first place?

BECAUSE the smartest people on earth hang out there…

whappened? Half gave Q the boot after months of no habbenin's autists said put up or shut up…they wouldn't put up with the culties of VOX/VOC/Cobra, NESARA, WilCock etc…it was glorious while it lasted. Namefags, famefags, BTFO…

so it moved…and here we are…practically zero autists, ALL the culties, and namefags, and practically zero brain power. this is a mind control and behaviour modification operation. Where asking for proof ala half brings calls of SHILL, CONCERNFAG, FILTERED..either change your behavior or be ostracize

Chans are the original misfits of the universe, guess who has control over this one naow?

Famefags, NAMEFAGS, cultfags, NESARA fags, Alienzfags…but barely any brainfags.

Misinformation is necessary=don't believe anything you read.

ae1f6f No.542554


Who Knows..,Now at least, the mass are awakening, the water is a good redpill. In the Movies, They say all messages.

df8ee5 No.542555


In cinco.

ce4a05 No.542556

File: 3343395500131f8⋯.png (2.33 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 20F0466D-DAD3-4BBF-A8AB-62….png)

File: b2a352e59e82f7f⋯.png (916.26 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 5E23AFF8-20A4-4FF8-BC97-B3….png)

7aa334 No.542557


I make those for partays m’self nom nom

7fcb1e No.542558


Wikileaks was not sued by Wolff for Fire and Fury Q edition release. Why not? Easy win?

This was clear as day connection with WL, Q, Wolff, and Trump.

40c5ac No.542559

File: c612f89e675630a⋯.png (6.81 MB, 2628x1928, 657:482, History Of The World.png)

69e849 No.542560


Mom and Hell Hounds come first, sir!

bcef97 No.542561


We boomers are more woke then this new crop of kids

87c117 No.542562

File: 8435ec0db99cc1c⋯.jpg (89.85 KB, 1440x864, 5:3, IMG_0844.JPG)

Y'all don't know fuckery

55ad0c No.542563


Nom nom nom

2c79f1 No.542564


6 ways to sunday

d87c3f No.542565

File: a2ade562b73197c⋯.jpg (80.97 KB, 321x500, 321:500, 967896abe6b55ad88541f8e21e….jpg)




Title: Letting Go: The Pathway of Surrender

Author(s): David R. Hawkins

Free Download:

http:// gen.lib.rus.ec/book/index.php?md5=967896ABE6B55AD88541F8E21EBA1523

Click bookcover for download link

6035f3 No.542566


Bet there is ties to mk-naomi and aids virus intentionally given to Black people in Africa,

want to kill the undesirable peoples.

aids wasn't fst enough so resorted to famile,

b79690 No.542567


It's a keyhole…representing the keys. Do a search

440b60 No.542568


regardless of antichristianfag anons..the first video is insanely enlightening and talks about obama and trump. it was worth watching.

ddb78c No.542569


you are all either 1) degenerates or 2) useless cowards

pick one

00a04e No.542570


Because Nibiru is a hoax. Sitchin is a jewish fraud. The sun is not a star. Stars are not what they told you. Sonoluminescence. Celestial sphere. What you see is distorted. Light bends.

Everything is a lie. They turned everything upside down and INside out.

9efc2b No.542572



muh sides

d24e59 No.542573

I am interested in your work. Where do you post at normally?

ff54cc No.542574

2c79f1 No.542575


follow the map

7b3e93 No.542576


You forgot one.

3) Voters

bcef97 No.542577


It's not far right its being smart and grounded.

a73486 No.542578


Knowing all of the above, if you were Q (team?), would you (really, any anon) spend time posting here, or would you be working to blow that whole Parkland operation out of the water? (I'd choose B, anons will be ok until the job is done, they have it all).

The people who are falling for the narrative (including some anons here losing hope), I don't blame them (fully), the MSM avalanche plus the social media echo chambers and the people around them repeating all of the same talking points, it's difficult to escape. It's been 17 days or so, and it's not what the 1st few weeks looks like that matters because it's mostly hype & trends, both of which always die down…Always. What comes of it 3, 6 months, 1 year or 2 down the road, won't be with the left thinks it'll look like. That's worth looking forward to.

265829 No.542579

File: 90e9342d53a7a33⋯.jpg (8.63 KB, 300x168, 25:14, images.jpg)


Baker Please Add to Dough


6e4829 No.542580

Wow the boards literally turned into mass shitposting walls. Comoare number 667 with a thread from last december.

We gave nearly zero info, zero research, zero digging and nibody is building the map. You wanna look out for shills and idiots? Start by the ids posting the same memes for the 20th time.

Our mission is to collect evidence. The threads look like toilet walls now. Next they will declare its all over.

9efc2b No.542581


Thanks for putting my thoughts into words

314572 No.542582

File: 9c7ad707925ac4d⋯.png (252.11 KB, 594x693, 6:7, BB Ratings.PNG)

File: a8f236bc7942c6b⋯.png (58.87 KB, 585x567, 65:63, BB Ratings 2.PNG)




Mockingbirds need to be defeated this weekend

Breitbart News has beaten competitors including the Washington Post and the Huffington Post in U.S. Alexa rankings.


87c117 No.542583

File: 24c1ae6e94da0cb⋯.jpg (195.26 KB, 960x960, 1:1, IMG_0948.JPG)

Y'all got teh ez part

b2414a No.542584

a77912 No.542585



That is the correct order m8.

fc62f0 No.542586


hitler did nothing wrong.

do you agree?

ae1f6f No.542587


<AI is our biggest enemy'

<Everything is rolled up into AI already, war between the natural and artificial world.

Between that and the privatization of the Food, Water, lands.

c1079a No.542588


King Phillipe of Belgium, capital of EU. House of Orange. Has anyone considered this?

add209 No.542589



9efc2b No.542590


For a good time call 6e4829

c4374b No.542591


Baker also add my recap please

879482 No.542592

File: 654ba25fb488514⋯.jpg (77.66 KB, 1125x855, 25:19, 4hojzz6sukj01.jpg)

File: 7e204ec38a7d6bf⋯.jpg (39.17 KB, 575x778, 575:778, 84W1eNq.jpg)

File: 7d152dba3181fe9⋯.png (394.1 KB, 604x632, 151:158, a4yvbtssakj01.png)

File: 345bae1abdf2089⋯.jpg (36.5 KB, 480x348, 40:29, hj48spob8lj01.jpg)

File: 5f4b6f01c3f25fa⋯.jpg (129.46 KB, 1080x1438, 540:719, kf5xg8a4xij01.jpg)

ff54cc No.542593



14d1f4 No.542594


My mom literally covered her eyes, ears,

and mouth when we tried to talk about

2nd Amendment hardware,

many years ago.

"Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil."

She probably held her breath too.

They have to shut it out,

because if they don't,

their paradigm breaks.

There is no talking sense to people whose minds are closed.



919b77 No.542595


Pol has been invaded by nazi larpers (most times liberals) and divisionfags for a long time.

We made a joke about it, time 2 stop it tho, who know who has/had connections to real nazi's since opration paperclip

add209 No.542596


Already added.

5512d4 No.542597


Monty can suck my left nut - the guy is a deranged sick fucking person who probably sucks the dicks of children he lures to his fucking basement

08cd47 No.542598


Fuk that derp. Trump is a boomer. That shithead is lonely

ce6d19 No.542599

File: fb104f36440d632⋯.png (79.73 KB, 225x224, 225:224, untit.png)

87c117 No.542600

File: 09973f047d01f25⋯.jpg (44.22 KB, 1023x469, 1023:469, IMG_0292.JPG)


3b662b No.542601


It's not the Pinay Cercle. It is La Cercle. Pinay is the name given to US.

ddb78c No.542602


>Pol has been invaded by nazi larpers

this fucking new

2c79f1 No.542603

File: 08adc152e5cf789⋯.gif (5.32 KB, 326x302, 163:151, 1PETAL61.gif)


c6e9e8 No.542604


>Battle stations for next week?


if you lock before you load…just sayin'

and I'll be dozing waiting for habbenin's like I have been for the last 30 years.

ae1f6f No.542605


Sitchin was a Mason.., yep, something.., but he said a good points., as Nibiru and the return of the Annunakis. You must learn to read between lines

44d13d No.542606


if everything is a lie, what do you post like you know everything?

879482 No.542607

File: 6b2975545d2f8c2⋯.jpg (39.94 KB, 424x468, 106:117, 0c0c9c097ec57a8f6d61b6b0d2….jpg)

File: a67b8a6338a8e31⋯.jpg (84.57 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 03-freddie-mercury-w529-h5….jpg)

File: 72119d5174d9ce9⋯.jpg (86.85 KB, 719x463, 719:463, 5931e31f2300001900348928.jpg)

File: 79809fc589383b6⋯.jpg (58.92 KB, 500x333, 500:333, AIDS-People-Circle_sm.jpg)

File: 645deb1c7e07cc2⋯.jpg (52.03 KB, 864x464, 54:29, bigstock-Big-Pharma-Medici….jpg)

bcef97 No.542608


Were you dropped on your head at birth?

879482 No.542609

File: 319cd50239eda0b⋯.jpg (43 KB, 355x386, 355:386, download.jpg)

File: 31f3e6d93434334⋯.jpg (84.86 KB, 625x500, 5:4, ebb1b1d0-a9fd-11e6-af01-95….jpg)

File: ad6661067d56dd9⋯.jpg (58.59 KB, 500x361, 500:361, MEME-BIG-FARMA.jpg)

File: 2ff07beeac3ee24⋯.jpg (68.22 KB, 749x499, 749:499, Newscrane-health-csncer-fe….jpg)

File: 2af14f154c12fa9⋯.jpg (71.68 KB, 750x500, 3:2, silence.jpg)

879482 No.542610

File: fd6c6cf126534ec⋯.jpg (67.75 KB, 500x500, 1:1, What-if-I-told-you-morpheu….jpg)

File: 43c806b45968128⋯.jpg (46.3 KB, 500x500, 1:1, wholesale-west-beach-gangs….jpg)

6e044f No.542611

File: 6a3496c0652acd5⋯.png (10.42 MB, 4296x2408, 537:301, 43 confirmed connections b….png)

Nov. 24, 2017 Q post:

Expand further.

Make the connection.

→Map currently has 43 confirmed connections←

Important to understand.

When this breaks many won’t swallow.

MSM not trusted.

You are the voice.

We are here to help guide.

Future proves past.

You are the calm before and during the storm.


I've been thinking about those 43 connections by 11-24-17 and haven't found any where that there was a list or anything so I started this morning going from the 1st Q post and working my way up towards 11-24. This is what I've come up with so far-

Let me know what you Anons think… corrections/feedback/additions???

265829 No.542612

File: 355ded296aa4f4b⋯.jpg (65 KB, 800x535, 160:107, women-bread-12712906.jpg)


Weekend Shift on it's game!!!

fc62f0 No.542613


do you still believe the lies of the (((media)))

d87c3f No.542614


Please stop spouting bullshit, thank you.

9efc2b No.542615


>this fucking new

>being this new

No /pol/ has always been occupied by true natsocs you boomer muh feelz faggot

c6e9e8 No.542616


>my mother just CHASTISED me


return to the basement before she cuts you off the tendies.

7a4251 No.542617

File: fae3397454631a0⋯.png (75.13 KB, 449x549, 449:549, Keknitenite.png)

3b662b No.542618


Holy crap. Finally. Stitchen was the other side. Half truths many lies.

e4d2a2 No.542619

File: dbf6adb09837bb1⋯.jpg (42.71 KB, 400x400, 1:1, Marines.jpg)


>Marines are Key

Yes, Yes they are.

bcef97 No.542620


You really are dumb aren't you. Rethink what you just posted. If I did would I be here?

879482 No.542621

File: 3a1bd772b27f851⋯.jpg (28.76 KB, 499x494, 499:494, 0lJWlzj.jpg)

File: f0a0e3c060646fc⋯.jpg (45.02 KB, 400x305, 80:61, 1.jpg)

File: afb01cabf728255⋯.png (835.12 KB, 909x908, 909:908, 6p0wmo0y8jj01.png)

File: d2104f6757c96f6⋯.jpg (758.02 KB, 4032x3024, 4:3, 9iyuhkiik0j01.jpg)

File: 37fc3293ba348e6⋯.jpg (37.84 KB, 600x300, 2:1, 56zqm3lchzi01.jpg)

d344b8 No.542622


Hitler was a puppet of the Jews and the Illuminati.

Which he was aware of. Like him or not, he was just a used tool of what we are up against now.

a2e3ca No.542623


Anybody find Carrie Fisher's death suspicious? She did not have an A-list career but lingered in obscurity after Star Wars. That suggests that she never sold her soul to a Hollywood mogul, which suggests that she was not in alignment with all the shit going on in Hollywood.

Could she have crossed somebody who had her killed? Age 60 is not that old, especially for a woman to die of heart disease. But when people get to that age, they sometimes throw caution to the winds and start to tell stories that they kept quiet back when they cared about staying alive.

Like Joan Rivers who tells us all that Michelle Obama is a tranny and then soon after has a mysterious death in a hotel.

Is there any CDAN on Carrie?


69e849 No.542624


the squad and I are holding the bridge

i do apologize, but everyone does have to wait


anons, all fronts, on the right track! [ref. warroom also]

ignore shills

there's spirit and digital mix today

ride it out

c1079a No.542625

87c117 No.542626

File: 8a1d574873e45a6⋯.jpg (48.16 KB, 640x432, 40:27, IMG_0590.JPG)


ac11f8 No.542627



Some believe he was a puppet and being controlled.

879482 No.542628

File: 59069bc659ec9a3⋯.jpg (95.25 KB, 888x499, 888:499, 170624-reid-nancy-pelosi-h….jpg)

File: 35dbca9d157243e⋯.jpg (133.39 KB, 549x767, 549:767, aaa309-1.jpg)

File: 1e0f48c13fea9e3⋯.jpg (77.3 KB, 693x896, 99:128, gvp6yaulf0j01.jpg)

File: bb62f848fcbae19⋯.jpg (56.36 KB, 620x393, 620:393, John_Podesta_14_fish_pedop….jpg)

File: 2aee375d519e8e5⋯.jpg (149.36 KB, 1200x627, 400:209, v0mk7gy5hcj01.jpg)

7fcb1e No.542629



We've all seen the Share Blue plans to attack the Chans.

Nazi larping is what they do here. I assume Share Blue is behind every 1488 post now. Sorry hitlerfags.

add209 No.542630


87c117 No.542631


Grey faked suicide

Hid in argentina


9b678f No.542632

H is the 5th letter of the Hebrew alphabet. The 8th letter is pronounced "ch."


919b77 No.542633


No bullshit. it was a JOKE …here is the proof ..read the 4chan messages.

https:// youtu.be/m7ZuffBrloo?t=942

c6e9e8 No.542634


>Because of the high levels of autism.

there are no autists here….there's PLENTY of brainwashing…the NESARA culties, the alienz culties, ascension culties…the flat earthers…the insanity is real…having watched the devolution from half to here…it was brilliant mind/behaviour control operation…historical.

c1079a No.542635


why your requirement for black and white conception? why your requirement for 'before'?

6035f3 No.542636


CNN is dying if not for CLowns money would would be defunct…

bcef97 No.542637


I think Hitler was too. Such an evil man but a puppet. I can't believe the US brought them here after the war and put them in charge of different science projects. The ones that were too well known were sent to S. America.

d2c0f9 No.542638


NSA anon did tell us this isint rocket science. To think we not seeing the forest for the trees. Right in front of us and yet we were looking for something far more complicated.

194c2d No.542639


Good idea, but not in his case. His father is as honest as they come and I doubt he ever took a sick day from work. He even advocated company policy in his home. He was just very fortunate to find work at one of, at that time, privately owned companies in my city (since bought out by an international conglomerate). He was lucky they hired him and he repaid it with dedicated service and brand loyalty. Stand-up guy. His son, my 'friend' obviously cannot stand the thought that his family's fortunes benefited from Trump's policies. Classic TDS, but I never saw it coming. I'm still really rattled by our call, which occurred shortly after New Years…which was why he called. To reach out and say hello. Guessing next year might be different.

902ce3 No.542640

File: 075847aa64e2203⋯.jpg (12.54 KB, 220x326, 110:163, 220px-Trust_ver2.jpg)


Trust (stylized as trust_) is a 2010 American drama thriller film directed by David Schwimmer and based on a screenplay by Andy Bellin and Robert Festinger, and an uncredited story by Schwimmer. It stars Viola Davis, Clive Owen, Catherine Keener, Jason Clarke, and Liana Liberato.

The film is about a teenage girl who becomes a victim of sexual abuse when she befriends a man on the Internet.

319193 No.542641

File: 4222600ba20078a⋯.jpg (10.63 KB, 177x255, 59:85, 73c5451f073b5836d2ac2f762d….jpg)



I am very confident about the @Jack stuff and twitter deep dream regardless of theory…

Look at this picture of comey… besides his obvious ghosting.. there is a man behind him. And there is random shape and color geometry behind him with the lamp and the "art" The diamond also has a ghost like comey.

This looks like straight up MK programing.. shapes,colors, wierd wall pattern…

d344b8 No.542642


Yes indeed.

9b678f No.542643

I believe it has been considered but no consensus.



d87c3f No.542644


Yw. That graphic iirc isn't in that digital copy I linked, but I have the physical book and it's in there.

c6e9e8 No.542645


>Autistic ability is at least silent if not gone

rigged for silent running…elsewhere…this is a containment board for stupid.

a8f868 No.542646

File: f442e7d4299631c⋯.png (1.05 MB, 1024x777, 1024:777, LAYB104.png)

ac11f8 No.542647


Indeed. Front facing leaders are usually not pulling the strings.

067b2d No.542648

File: cd46259713d6018⋯.jpg (230.48 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Trillions.jpg)

87c117 No.542649


Part of the cornet stone smuggle

e4d2a2 No.542650


>Flush them to cities.

Good luck with that. These little rural agricultural areas are not as backward and vulnerable as (((they)) might think. Try that shit around here and you might as well put your dick in a meat grinder, 'cause it will hurt less than what we're going to do to you.

acf08b No.542651

File: 1892c8918622f3a⋯.jpeg (108.4 KB, 1196x293, 1196:293, 44C74FAC-6A24-40D4-B9E7-2….jpeg)


What if Q was using this to teach us how to use the [ ] to read the map. is there a timeline in the brackets? he put [time] in the brackets

[next week]

[next week]

[next week]

then news confirms. Maybe each bracket is a week, the next thing after the brackets is what to look for in the news?

d87c3f No.542652


Thank you for letting me know.

53a2c2 No.542654


You don’t have to believe Stichen to know it’s true. Look around

d11cdf No.542655


There is some disinfo needed. In fact I see some in your post. The truth is /pol/ is to mainstream for a general thread to survive. The migration to 8ch was nessesary. Less traffic and larping. The shills will always shill (paid to shit post and sow doubt.)

The majority of autists left when the famefags took over and joined the baker's discord. The trip code hack also pushed many away.

2c79f1 No.542656


The door i gave it.

Without the map you are screwed.

ddb78c No.542657


tranny cp

a0c1a6 No.542658

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


The universe is Electric, catch up!

afa1c7 No.542659

File: 59cb53a79acf5a7⋯.png (353.59 KB, 495x750, 33:50, 0.png)



00a1b9 No.542660


Likely. I did state that Q team should know each platform has a lifespan. I suspect however that this one's lifespan has not expired yet.

0cadb3 No.542661


Target - wealth American Jews as the Passover Holiday approaches.

Like St Jude's at Christmas.

14d1f4 No.542662

File: c1d90b3536bd1b6⋯.jpg (255.63 KB, 1536x768, 2:1, MSMCrazy3.jpg)

69e849 No.542663

if there's a map, someone refresh/dig/hunt

look for change on Mon

remember: Oscars on Sunday/FollowTheMoney

'the world's a stage'

Hollywood was redpilled recently

watch the sparks fly, watch the popcorn [mkultra] pop

use Spirit in images - hidden=easily digested

couple with solid current events! - twat on trending

this is war

don't stay in the box

879482 No.542664

File: 912d06fe1c59192⋯.jpg (114.2 KB, 800x500, 8:5, 24yie4.jpg)

File: 895498c387abe10⋯.jpg (72.07 KB, 666x500, 333:250, 161128_r29100_rd.jpg)

File: 4a97be58907a6a1⋯.png (374.68 KB, 564x596, 141:149, cjsfgvazutg01.png)

File: 64da1772140900f⋯.jpg (31.69 KB, 630x362, 315:181, holder-obama630.jpg)

File: 3ac3482fcfbc2cf⋯.jpg (70.91 KB, 960x600, 8:5, us-politics-obama-correspo….jpg)

a2e3ca No.542665


You just described Communism. Centralize everything. Control everything. Restrict freedoms and choice. Make dissent practically impossible. Take a good look at how the Soviet Union was structured up until 1991. Probably in old geography textbooks. They concentrated people in the cities, built lots of high rise apartments. A Soviet city was more compact than a Western one, more centralised.

Similarly, the USA of the 1970s was more like the Communist model than the USA of the 1930s. And it wasn't just the Depression that changed things. Somebody was driving things in that direction.

9b678f No.542666

Good work.


c6e9e8 No.542667


>The word right now on Twitler is Hildabeast will run again next election

what part of nothing is habbening don't you understand?

COMMON SENSE,,,when you know the cops are after you do you go on FB and announce where you're at? (black people don't answer this one) Do you taunt the very people who could hang you at dawn for the crimes you have committed against humanity?

No…no you don't.

Please…wake up. No one is worried, all are happy as larks…mirror these people are stupid.

ae1f6f No.542669

Meanwhile in Italy

http:// thegoldwater.com/news/19783-Italian-Politicians-Fear-Extremist-Win-Tomorrow

In Ukraine, The things aren't good

http:// thegoldwater.com/news/19790-Clashes-Near-Ukrainian-Parliament-Video

902ce3 No.542670

File: abb5a5641782ecf⋯.jpg (13.17 KB, 220x326, 110:163, The_Trust_poster.jpg)

The Trust is a 2016 American crime film directed by Alex Brewer and Ben Brewer and written by Ben Brewer and Adam Hirsch. The film stars Nicolas Cage, Elijah Wood, Sky Ferreira, Jerry Lewis, Kevin Weisman, and Steven Williams. The film was released on DirecTV on April 14, 2016, before being released on video on demand and in theaters on May 13, 2016, by Saban Films. Although Max Rose was released after The Trust, this film marks the last role that Jerry Lewis filmed before his death in 2017.

Young police sergeant David Waters and his older boss/friend Lieutenant Jim Stone both work in the Evidence Management unit of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. Disillusioned and bored with their jobs, they also find it hard to make ends meet financially. While going through case files, Jim comes across a mysterious case: a low level drug dealer who has access to large amounts of money, as indicated by his bail receipt, which was paid for with $200,000 in cash.

Using his vacation days, Jim does unapproved, undercover surveillance at the hotel where the drug dealer works, Jim discovers that all of the merchandise the dealer and his gang move is taken to one building, and never moved again. David gets blueprints and discovers gang has built a large safe in the back of an industrial freezer in the building. Realising it is unguarded, Jim and David buy a diamond tipped drill and illegal firearms, paying for them with illegally acquired cash from a corrupt colleague. They break into the apartment above the freezer building and muffle its two occupants, but Jim ends up shooting and killing one after he attempts to escape. After drilling and using improvised explosives, they unlock the vault. David, who has become empathetic for the surviving female hostage, allows her to call her 3-year-old son's father to assure him that she is okay.

Jim and David search the safe, which contains vast quantities of diamonds, cash and gold coins. Despite Jim being elated, David becomes concerned that stealing so much valuables from the gang will get them killed, and subsequently relocks the safe so Jim can't access it. Enraged, Jim threatens David at gunpoint, forcing him to open the safe and unload the valuables. As they are packing up the drill, David kills Jim in a shootout and returns the contents to the safe. He drives off with the hostage to drop her up north, assuring her of her freedom. Later, David sees two vans following him and he notices the phone number advertised on the back of one of them as the same number the hostage called earlier. Despite identifying himself as a police officer, David is shot dead by men in the vans, who rescue the woman. David's badge and the diamond-tipped drill are catalogued in the Evidence Management building where he and Jim used to work.

48ebf1 No.542671


lol he was a puppet

all wars have been planned

69e849 No.542672



i made the map jackass

9b678f No.542673

She literally destroyed her body with drugs.


68e3e8 No.542676

For the UFO crowd

Proof of UFO in Japan

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=nc8DbehPwXU

c6e9e8 No.542684


> Some have been convinced this was a controlled ARG


69e849 No.542687

if you mean the map that's being built, that's not for our purposes

that's for you all's purposes

c6e9e8 No.542688


>Quietly Investigating ‘Illegal Leak’ of Gen. Michael Flynn’s Phone Calls

quietly investigating…makes headlines…OHHHH

87c117 No.542689

https:// en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abraham_Lincoln:_Vampire_Hunter

a7f684 No.542690


Remember the Q Comey tweet decode? Care to rethink your theory?

40c002 No.542691


I went back to try and find a post from around 500-ish or 550-ish where an Anon posted something along the lines of…




Save the best for last?

I tried searching around the first few posts of the breads the breads above but haven't found it again yet.

If it was an Anon Q post–he was posting just before/after–we have the answer to [P].

Anyone else willing to look into the breads around those?

(Within the first few posts. Between the baker's "dough" ones)

e4d2a2 No.542692


>Our mission is to collect evidence.

And meme. Just the last threads you're dissing bringing out the theft of water by the cabal is worth sifting thru all the other shit. It's an accessible easily digestible red pill for the normies. Let's exploit it.

9b678f No.542693

319193 No.542694


What is the issue with it?

3b662b No.542695


Hey man I feel ya. But we have to be realisitic too. Have you seen the new (ish) military gear?

The body suit that can heal a injured soldier. It's made of titanium. Really G I Joe shit

a77912 No.542696

File: 64e34497faa5bbb⋯.jpg (82.73 KB, 579x416, 579:416, b0a2882a8096674cdb7c8d5f04….jpg)

File: b983b77ac5505c6⋯.jpg (199.21 KB, 685x573, 685:573, e1eff3f5db62d40a537d8edd76….jpg)



https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=lZYaG6JepqI&list=PLwOAYhBuU3UeFB-ygaH63Seg6r6C_dtqB&index=1

879482 No.542697

File: 600504b004c6112⋯.jpg (58.28 KB, 640x753, 640:753, k67fa1nc47i01.jpg)

File: df933e123beb8be⋯.jpg (116.39 KB, 727x479, 727:479, Las_Vegas_Shooting_88896-7….jpg)

File: 02648c939fbf38b⋯.jpg (104.05 KB, 888x499, 888:499, leadership.jpg)

File: 5f3ec7c7482c376⋯.jpg (43.89 KB, 459x540, 17:20, NlFBKfZ.jpg)

File: d37dc3084c2ce66⋯.jpg (44.52 KB, 734x767, 734:767, nzpd1y4li0j01.jpg)

2c79f1 No.542699


Well then go for it.





because you are talking personal voyage

not technological.

And if so go into a 12 D if you cannot handle the input.

69e849 No.542700


if you were good at your job

you would know how and why i have all pieces

fb0683 No.542702


One thing I never understand regarding the BIble- if GOD made Adam and Eve & then they had Cain & Able…how where their children able to procreate? Where did the women (wife of Cain) come from?

a8f868 No.542703

File: ebe2655a7449b22⋯.png (993.84 KB, 1024x777, 1024:777, Patriots68.png)

Patriots make the dough rise


Same girl. Tranny? I think not.

a2e3ca No.542704


There are lots of autists here still but they are busy digging and don't post as often.

Also, keeping up in real time is not very easy so most autists likely are working a bread or two in the past looking for leads to follow up.

An honest assessment of the board will show that good quality notable posts still show up every day. And this is in spite of the fact that the digging has branched out to lots of different areas of this amazingly vast criminal conspiracy.

The process is working, but like Q, it is 80% invisible.

d11cdf No.542705


People will believe the strangest things.


3b662b No.542706


The map us symbols, colors, numbers, bloodlines and names.

ae1f6f No.542707


The Nazis are in antarctica.

2c79f1 No.542708


i bow to the ONE


69e849 No.542709


ah, my misunderstanding…

you wish to encourage?

ac11f8 No.542710



902ce3 No.542713


Feb 10 Has save the best for last. [P]

68e3e8 No.542714

File: e4d94c42d7561b0⋯.png (96.92 KB, 400x350, 8:7, uk30.png)

55ad0c No.542715

File: e27cdc893c799ad⋯.jpeg (35.4 KB, 340x270, 34:27, 5F3A8E14-310B-4A1F-B859-2….jpeg)

879482 No.542716

File: 1498c1e2851d7c9⋯.jpg (70.64 KB, 500x505, 100:101, tKZFFTa.jpg)

File: 74ecad7cc612cbd⋯.jpg (43.17 KB, 1124x848, 281:212, v0li16s296j01.jpg)

File: 0e3aa92a452b959⋯.png (659.04 KB, 775x960, 155:192, wyP0u4m.png)

File: f195546625f0b6c⋯.jpg (182.31 KB, 801x1224, 89:136, x78o0uf76li01.jpg)

File: c9dd5b337e5595f⋯.jpg (8.72 KB, 231x268, 231:268, xir9xz0ktki01.jpg)

afa1c7 No.542717


For someone who claims to know something, you're a douchebag.

ae1f6f No.542718



c453ee No.542719


I guess suicide weekend is 111 days from 2/18

So, weekend of 6/8

48ebf1 No.542721


fallen angel took her and had cain

6514e9 No.542722


Hitler was an underachiever.

ed6e65 No.542723


Chelsea ffs. . . Go back and look at it in context.

69e849 No.542725



find it - [COMMS]

just you

d11cdf No.542726


K that helps.

Awaiting Phase 3.

6e044f No.542727


"Lordy" I hope they'll be a copy of corrupt Comey's audio book in the GITMO library for him to listen to!!

c6e9e8 No.542728


>So allow namefags (total opposite of anonymity)

FUCKINA..,,no namefags…the fact that there have been the "follow me" _X faggin, then namefaggin..shitting up this board when the alienz folk have their dedicated (albeit lonely) section…the fact that when called on namefaggin the cult leader got jedi mind tricky…KEK…this shit is UNACCEPTABLE and it explains why…we're not at half. Infestations of normies and culties always always ruins the bread.

01c35e No.542729


Trump should use tonight to out the reporters who are in cahoots with the CIA.

c4374b No.542730

File: f38a7ecb3589c49⋯.png (861 KB, 851x501, 851:501, 7th_floor.png)

add209 No.542731

48ebf1 No.542732


the nazis are everywhere

hell they brought most of the smart ones to the united states

265829 No.542733


Hear, Hear!!

Before the perfect bread can be baked, the wheat must be gather, and threshed, and milled, and sifted.

87c117 No.542734

File: 0445ae69a01761e⋯.jpg (99.79 KB, 1024x1200, 64:75, IMG_0938.JPG)

Board owner

How large is this audience now

add59b No.542736

>>542651 Which we are seeing NOW

da607d No.542737


I thought this too. here in UK they've shut government buildings and most of the transport until further notice. seems to perfect time to release a shit storm, whilst we're all comfy indoors hiding from the weather.

c6e9e8 No.542738


>Urgh! I hope Holder, has a cell with his name on it.

Dream on…that man is not the least bit concerned…not in the least. Wake up.

9b678f No.542739

It would help if more of them were put in the notables. Help to keep up with research.


902ce3 No.542741


Q counts down leadership change in a post , too.

He lists US,SA, GER, PAK

Then counts down 8 7 6 5 . . . .

So who is 1?

are they the best for last?

69e849 No.542742


/quorious/ [COMMS]

solo post

i'll respond

ae1f6f No.542743


A part of them is in the C_A, The most is in Antarctica.

bcef97 No.542744


They had a military base in Antarctica during the war. After the war the US brought the creme of the crop to the US and put them into high positions like NASA. Others were sent to S. America where they built a small German village up in the mountains. One German Dr. would walk down to a small village and became their village Dr. No one realized he was still doing twin research until the town women started having twin after twin. It is a famous village now. Google it.

6e044f No.542745


Thanks, Anon

69e849 No.542746


"asshole" is what i usually get, but i'm humbled regardless

a8f868 No.542747

Fill this bread, anons

55ad0c No.542748

9b678f No.542749

The Hogg one is great!


a8f868 No.542750

Bread filler

a8f868 No.542751

Fill 'er up

56bd91 No.542752

bye losers

a8f868 No.542753

Fresh bread ahead

719307 No.543866


Yes…but also much more symbolic than that. And a nice visual

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