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Pro Aris et Focis

File: 077ab1e7aaf2fbf⋯.jpg (521.4 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 077ab1e7aaf2fbfea054d57ecf….jpg)

0e43cc No.552843





"They want you silenced, MAKE NOISE" ~ Q

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Sunday 3.04.18

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Saturday 2.24.18

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Friday, 2.23.18

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>>475991 Its always about the $$$$$

>>472426 rt >>472314 Confirms BHO-Hezbollah link

Thursday, 2.22.18

>>466606 People Kill People

>>466308 DIVIDED

>>466142 This should scare you (deep state/others)

>>466048 rt >>465930 Breaking up something this big?

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>>544304 A demonstration was made today in front of the WH...



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975ea6 No.552877


They want us divided. We are stronger together. Name calling, finger pointing weakens us. We are in this boat called human consciousness together with varying degrees of ignorance. If you know something that will enlighten then teach/educate with sauce.

0e43cc No.552885

https:// pastebin.com/hYsLxFUZ

c7a8cb No.552944

File: 2795d068a04a6d4⋯.jpg (85.07 KB, 1080x1349, 1080:1349, OuTIWVl.jpg)

Sexy bread, baker.

3cfd26 No.552949


Vanity Fair Party = Pedavore's Ball

"If you go out on the town tonight, your in for a big surprise."

And special ops tactical pepe

Pointing out the little red laser dot and that luciferian twat's dugs.

580060 No.552950

File: f60242013b6de39⋯.jpg (72.05 KB, 729x513, 27:19, INTERNET BILL OF RIGHTS.jpg)



>Re read DROPS

>AT&T SAYS consumers need an Internet Bill of Rights


>Why do so-called Patriots challenge this?

>Careful who you follow.



41e592 No.552965

File: 9120f8d29590cf4⋯.png (661.81 KB, 750x700, 15:14, MAKEITRAIN.png)

I'm sure you all know this by now <3

Psychological Momentum is the study of when people feel things are going their way versus not. The application would tell you that humans must be led by subtle redirects, so they do not reject the arguments, and comments must be placed at key points within the discourse stream to tip conversations one way or another… to apply "shame" pressure on those who are leading toward forbidden directions and "validation" to encourage those who are moving away from whatever the touchy subject is.

[Ye shall know them by their fruits]

Flip the script

If you feel so inclined to help our hivemind out in this way, validate those that strike a cord of Truth in (you).

You'll never get it right 100% of the time, but you will help those that dig up great information feel like they're winning. We're a team, so identify and celebrate our successes, no matter how small they may seem.

Perceptions of self as a performer (Sp) and of opponent as a performer (Op) are at the center of PM. The theory posits that the more the initial success separates the two (Op/Sp), the greater the PM. These and associated perceptions, however, have to turn into an increased subjective probability of winning or succeeding before PM becomes a psychological force.

Our Hivemind can been seen as a river of consciousness, and those that are terrified of what this river will crash into will derail as much momentum as they can.

Because you can't stop a river but you can increase the resistance it meets, you can divert its course for a time but it'll always reach for the Ocean Of Truth.

Be Vanguards of our River, and the World will know Peace.

This is (((their))) form of censorship, especially on the chans, because look how much we can change the world when we're Winning.

The clowns are terrified of our success.

Give 'em Hell ; )

8d8cdc No.552966


Does this mean everybody Trump roasted is in the kill box?

dd9baa No.552968

File: 5a631aefe6dde2d⋯.png (2.86 MB, 2900x1632, 725:408, IBOR.PNG)

https:// anonfile.com/a2S6Jad4bf/operation_topKEK.pdf

Is this helpful?

509b95 No.552970

Sorry if I've overlooked previous discussion of this in the breads.

On the subject of IBOR….

The folks at Aim 4 Truth . org have done extensive interviews with a software developer named Michael McKibben of Leader Technologies, who claims to have proof (100,000 hours of documented software engineering) that Leader was the company that developed the coding that was then stolen by a crooked patent attorney (linked to the Clintons) and became the basis of all the social networking apps – deep state mind control platforms that they are.

Leader claims to be in the process of filing a "Miller Act Notice," the legalities of which are unclear to me. However, the gist of it appears to be that they would be allowed in a legal setting to prove their ownership of the underlying code of the social networking apps. And, if they prevail, it seems they are offering to essentially allow this code to be nationalized.

If the social networking software legally becomes a federal asset – then, it would seem, any platform operating on it would be subject to IBOR (whereas now the social networking platforms are in the private domain and cannot legally be subject to IBOR).

4640c0 No.552973


Aquino is a vile person. he also looks for people to be talking about him on the internet and does his best to threaten them. Not a good man.

bed6e1 No.552974

Expand your thinking

It's a book about how to make information MAPS

Hello anons, baker, go and read up here >>552730

b2748e No.552975

i asked this on the last bread but some people were having a dumb fight about something dumb so i think it went by unnoticed.

Q only refers to snowden and jack as "@snowden" and "@jack" - does anyone know why those are the only two people he does this with? or why he never drops the @ sign when referring to either of them?

just curious if there's something to this reference specificity.

eb39f4 No.552976

File: 5d9907ec5cddb48⋯.png (17.13 KB, 271x170, 271:170, gn.PNG)

Bless this Bread

bbce70 No.552978

File: de41387b3f47b85⋯.jpg (71.52 KB, 477x640, 477:640, pinup-cozinha03.jpg)

Thank you Baker.

e8aa72 No.552979


085aa5 No.552980

File: b0c133c7371bd53⋯.jpg (178.64 KB, 960x960, 1:1, waitbaker.jpg)

0cb00b No.552981

File: 5b72de78b8ab796⋯.jpg (36.94 KB, 333x500, 333:500, fd6g5s856s4d67gdf78gfd.jpg)

b2dd5c No.552983


she was probably molested as a child. statistically speaking…

41e592 No.552984

File: b31443662cc5d8d⋯.png (70.7 KB, 3000x1500, 2:1, BridgeAnalogyTemplate.png)

File: aa61aeb99cb3150⋯.png (105.9 KB, 3000x1500, 2:1, BridgeAnalogy2.png)


Absolutely important.

I've made these two gorgeous (If I do say so myself) transparent PNG's to use as templates.

c77a1b No.552985

Bakers: a FRESH BREAD post would be appreciated.

5ff978 No.552986

>>552795 (last bread)

READ THIS ... very important legal point about our free speech rights and the IBOR. Think discovery.

94f86d No.552987

File: 3b5b8d6e2eb01fb⋯.png (943.89 KB, 1306x1420, 653:710, Screenshot 2018-03-04 at 2….png)


e18f89 No.552990


Shut up Beanz and get back in the kitchen! We need some sammiches, this man's work is hard.

21d5b8 No.552991

Not. Happening.

See anons popping in…give me Q drops. Never browse same spot of bread.




3fbaa3 No.552992


i pray this is correct

but why was cabal allowed to take money out of stock market

why not just take it for them?

i hope we end the fed and with it we need to be out of the un also

most people have no idea about the shit we have already agreed too.

small arms treaty is one

agenda 21 and 2030 is another

b2dd5c No.552993


the state of this board…smfh

1b1cce No.552995

File: 9af442976d24a06⋯.png (79 KB, 1259x600, 1259:600, Paulson.png)

File: 1ab9ea80170e6e6⋯.png (167.61 KB, 490x297, 490:297, Poulsen.png)

Any idea why Kevin Paulson was misspelled in Q posts?

Should be Kevin Poulsen.

6bb52f No.552996

Stay positive and loving. Hate only brings darkness.

63bce1 No.552997


Found it!

https:// 8ch.net/qresearch


Thanks anon.

2e8a45 No.552998

Thank you baker ‍


Find the

most common word

Attach a vowel

Then second most common

Attach a Constant

Or convert to numbers then convert to letters





0e43cc No.553000


Holy shit anon! You have thought about this!

b2dd5c No.553001

you all really understand IBOR?

what is grooming?

how does one groom a victim?

e2ea68 No.553002

File: e53ecf000d7e55b⋯.png (237.84 KB, 773x567, 773:567, $$pepe003.png)

1ee494 No.553004

(from last bread) WORTH REPEATING

Tracybeanz: Re-read crumbs.

Look at the BIG PICTURE.

Q did not switch sides just because you interpreted 1 crumb a certain way.


41e592 No.553006

File: 80e8816d926a021⋯.jpg (222.51 KB, 3000x1500, 2:1, BridgeAnalogyWhiteBackgrou….jpg)

File: f924f926de94def⋯.jpg (112.71 KB, 3000x1500, 2:1, BridgeAnalogyWhiteBackgrou….jpg)


And here's jpg's with white backgrounds <3

b2dd5c No.553007


so has every television and movie producer. old potatoes.

wake up

327d0a No.553008

File: 25897b2351c3566⋯.png (434.89 KB, 720x622, 360:311, robbingyou2.png)


e2ea68 No.553009


and beanz, apparently…

0cb00b No.553010

File: 0210cf65037519c⋯.jpg (78.53 KB, 850x588, 425:294, da87d6fg789ad6f6f7b.jpg)

WTH is up with the board tonight? Seems like we picked up a bunch of crack-addled newfags. js… Different vibe than usual for night crew. xD

1b1cce No.553011


Disregard. Just Q quoting anon who misspelled it.

3cfd26 No.553012

Get an Internet Bill of Rights, but build those rights into the protocols of the netword so they may never be abridged, throttle, manipulated or denied.

Information transmission is a utility. People have a right to unadulteratrd information. Att provides basic service, we can provide an information service to run over those pipes that is secure for everyone because it is secure from everyone.

9843e0 No.553013

Anybody watching fox last few minutes about constitutional convention?? Article 5… leftists and cabal are seriously shit scared!!

046216 No.553014


That wasn't a Q post, just one that Q referenced.

a5d5b9 No.553015



0049e1 No.553016


[] = kill box

[x] = something in brackets

b2dd5c No.553017


i love all of you.

now wake up!

would you know if you were being groomed?

stockholm syndrome?

4640c0 No.553018


add it to the other misspelled data. can't hurt.

e8aded No.553019


>Our Hivemind can been seen as a river of consciousness, and those that are terrified of what this river will crash into will derail as much momentum as they can.

>Because you can't stop a river but you can increase the resistance it meets, you can divert its course for a time but it'll always reach for the Ocean Of Truth.


A Hopi Elder Speaks

"You have been telling the people that this is the Eleventh Hour, now you must go back and tell the people that this is the Hour. And there are things to be considered . . .

Where are you living?

What are you doing?

What are your relationships?

Are you in right relation?

Where is your water?

Know your garden.

It is time to speak your Truth.

Create your community.

Be good to each other.

And do not look outside yourself for the leader."

Then he clasped his hands together, smiled, and said, "This could be a good time!"

"There is a river flowing now very fast. It is so great and swift that there are those who will be afraid. They will try to hold on to the shore. They will feel they are torn apart and will suffer greatly.

"Know the river has its destination. The elders say we must let go of the shore, push off into the middle of the river, keep our eyes open, and our heads above water. And I say, see who is in there with you and celebrate. At this time in history, we are to take nothing personally, Least of all ourselves. For the moment that we do, our spiritual growth and journey comes to a halt.

"The time for the lone wolf is over. Gather yourselves! Banish the word struggle from you attitude and your vocabulary. All that we do now must be done in a sacred manner and in celebration.

"We are the ones we've been waiting for."

– attributed to an unnamed Hopi elder

Hopi Nation

Oraibi, Arizona

b57f84 No.553020

Mind blown.

0e43cc No.553021


Typical toddlers. If they cant have it, they must wreck it for everyone else.

1ee494 No.553022


Saw the link on twatter, wasn't sure if it was a real one so i tried it near end of bread. tbh haven't finished reading it all yet, don't wanna weigh in prematurely

3fbaa3 No.553023


could be the only way they communicate?

email idk

0e43cc No.553024

2e8a45 No.553026

b4ac9c No.553027


What the fuck did Q tell us last night? They want us divided.

I've never heard Beanz take full credit for research. She does what we all do and spends a shit ton of her time compiling multiple videos every week that reach a large audience.

Discussing the same shit we do here. So fuckin what. When was the last time you spent a shit ton of your time making videos and red pilling because you care?

Do you really think that the chans are her only source of research?

Her audience is not a bunch of autists. She's provides an excellent red pill format for normies.

Her red pill record probably crushes yours or mine.

Move on anons. We're special but our shit stinks like everyone else's.

Where we go one, we go all.

f14e24 No.553029

File: 3b75fa2cbb7b0ea⋯.jpg (46.15 KB, 525x313, 525:313, trumpw1.jpg)

File: be62973f44cfacc⋯.jpg (31.88 KB, 530x298, 265:149, trumpw2.jpg)

b57f84 No.553030


She'd better be at least 18!

046216 No.553032


Mostly shills, fake-retard flavor.

21d5b8 No.553033





0594bd No.553034



https:// docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1B-95giwldeKgsd0nYiw_sEaSf4kGNLZgEIvEhL2mVAw/edit#gid=0

bbce70 No.553035


She's still pissed we tossed her out on her ass, and made it very public. She thought she could ride this train, but her ticket was revoked. Now, her "new" approach is to make it like she's some hip Q criticizer, telling truth to "power." She's so fucking lame, it is laughable.

c77a1b No.553036


You may be onto something very important. If the cabal is considered to be an enermy of the state, why wouldn't we be able to default on the debt and issue USA currency.

3abcd5 No.553037

1fea50 No.553040

File: 9f8d18a83f683a8⋯.jpg (611.74 KB, 2720x1916, 680:479, Screen Shot 2018-01-17 at ….jpg)



21d5b8 No.553042


Usual crew



b57f84 No.553043

b4ac9c ←- Beanz

2e8a45 No.553044



f14e24 No.553046

File: 7f55efee9be5b21⋯.jpg (78.86 KB, 1124x499, 1124:499, trumpw4.jpg)

File: 9ce4558a2e732f5⋯.jpg (83.72 KB, 888x499, 888:499, trumpw6.jpg)

3fbaa3 No.553047


**hey, my shit does not stink ffs

roses i say, my wife would prolly disagree but hey**

d3fea3 No.553048


I've checked this out and he blathers on and on but never really explains what it is that he invented. As a software developer I know what kinds of things Google, Twitter and Facebook had to figure out in order to handle the scale of their services, but most of that stuff was already available in the public domain for anyone who took the trouble to read papers and theses in Computer Science, Mathematics. Cryptography, VLDB and so on. And all of these companies published about their innovations and released source code for others to use.

McKibben is just an asshole who wishes he could have been rich like Bill Gates and who simply does not understand the world of Open Source which created the Internet and which now dominates the tech world.

7128b1 No.553049

File: e3b647463a286f6⋯.png (693.56 KB, 810x610, 81:61, ClipboardImage.png)

Tasty bread, Baker.

2e8a45 No.553050


That’s what I thought

fefdef No.553051


With all respect, I'd like to take issue with the notion that people have the right to receive anything ("the right to unadulterated information). I disagree, for that necessarily implies forcing someone else to provide something. Moreover, some mechanism (i.e. ever-bloating self-serving bureaucracy) would have to be put in place to determine what "unadulterated" is.

Rather, rights should be limitations on government action. Notice that the Bill of Rights is negative in that they place constraints on government action. They do not require anyone to do anything.

85d56d No.553052



See the examples of the various types of learning maps.

When you have made connections via the various crumbs and your research you will need to place the information in a format that is easy for people to see, read and understand.

The various maps explain their purpose. Remember the Q meme that had the Q covfefe cup. Q combined the various datum (posts/memes/articles, etc) showing the connections in each element to form a mind map that was meant to red pill the public as to that information.

He gave us an example. We should run with it.

2e8a45 No.553054

~An EMPTY Vessle makes the most NOISE…..

a8e7ae No.553055


Well, someone isn't happy with the Results….

https:// www.rt.com/news/420366-antifa-genoa-italy-clashes/

ea5e90 No.553056


Bc (((his))) identity is in question. On legal documents if any word - your name - is spelled wrong it invalidates the contract

e8aa72 No.553057

She said that she was jewish. Maybe she doesn't like the direction things seem to be going?


6f5355 No.553058


Just going to tell myself that she's a bitch and the action wouldn't pay the bills for the attitude…..

yea, going with that…..


e8aded No.553059

>>553033 (cheKeKed)

Be Vanguards of our River, and the World will know Peace.


>mfw copy pasta is still pasta

68bbfd No.553061

This board… smh

9290ca No.553062

3000c1 No.553063


We are her source of research.

We are everyone's source of research. Have you not realized this yet? Even fucking Q told us this board has immense power. We talk shit and go on meaningless tangents but we vet everything. We literally are the first line of attack, in terms of moving mass opinion. We vet out the ideas and research and others take what sticks and run with it. Her included as well as her "other sources."

Maybe she has some insiders drop her info a bit now that she's a fame fag, but high likelihood someone drops it here too.

We actually, believe it or not, are special.

f3fab6 No.553064

File: 645e4fbb55a4479⋯.png (1.65 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

Scoop: Mueller's hit list

https:// axios.com/robert-muller-questions-list-trump-russia-54d00d1c-f008-457c-b304-ee601a98d78c.html

Axios has reviewed a Grand Jury subpoena that Robert Mueller's team sent to a witness last month.

What Mueller is asking for:

Mueller is subpoenaing all communications — meaning emails, texts, handwritten notes, etc. — that this witness sent and received regarding the following people:

Carter Page

Corey Lewandowski

Donald J. Trump

Hope Hicks

Keith Schiller

Michael Cohen

Paul Manafort

Rick Gates

Roger Stone

Steve Bannon

The subpoena asks for all communications from November 1, 2015, to the present. Notably, Trump announced his campaign for president five months earlier — on June 16, 2015.

Bottom line: In December, the president's lawyer Ty Cobb told me the White House would be free of the Mueller investigation "shortly after the first of the year absent some unforeseen delay." We know very little about what's keeping the investigators so busy, but the breadth of this subpoena means Mueller's team could easily stumble into goodies about Trump's inner circle given so many people are coughing up material. (Cobb didn't respond to a request for comment.)

I wish they would hurry up and end this mess!

3fbaa3 No.553066


any ffs in or surrounding states of texas

today is the 4th

we must keep watch, could of postponed or called off cause of the light shined on it

abb2a0 No.553067


This exact reason (private companies) is the lynchpin. Need a law, or additional amendment, that requires any entity (corporation, website owner, etc.) that allows for commenting, discussion, or sharing of ideas, to adhere to the 1st Amendment as ruled by SCOTUS. Hate speech, crude language, speech you disagree with, must be permitted. ONLY direct threats may be flagged for review by law enforcement.

ISPs may not store, restrict, throttle or interfere in any way with exchange of information/data. ISPs are ONLY providers of a pathway to the internet. (Comcast/AT&T/etc. may not restrict access for any reason other than non-payment)

Websites, application providers, etc. may not share, sell, or otherwise provide information about any account unless explicitly and clearly consented to by the user. Obfuscated (legalese) language in user agreements is strictly prohibited. If law enforcement requests information pertaining to a specific account(s) a warrant must be obtained. Websites and services may not skirt these rules/laws by claiming data is stored outside of jurisdiction, any company which refuses to comply may not operate/provide services in the United States.

This is my attempt at a framework for IBOR, I'm sure someone else is much more savvy than I am at this, but I covered what I think would be most important and inline with the real Bill of Rights.

fd61af No.553068

File: c405c2a02b0d86e⋯.jpg (486.76 KB, 1100x1471, 1100:1471, !Awakening5..jpg)

File: 55d90db36e13694⋯.jpg (297.91 KB, 1099x1469, 1099:1469, !Awakening6.jpg)

Volumes 5&6

More bots.



Newsweaks here also:

https:// 8ch.net/qresearch/res/198093.html


d951da No.553069

File: 92a12ee6fbe1ab6⋯.png (62.4 KB, 1021x594, 1021:594, PerspectiveAPI.png)

File: 279a78140e08260⋯.png (624.55 KB, 1282x767, 1282:767, iislucas.png)


The clown that wrote that shit is pushing net neutrality.

archive. is/zgaG6

archive. is/VLv4n

e213c3 No.553070

File: c20bcbfa0025ff1⋯.jpg (607.34 KB, 1669x714, 1669:714, IBOR6.jpg)

Any twitterfags:

this is doublewide meme, got the 5 points of petition also.

Have fun.

6bb52f No.553071

Please avoid infighting. Beanz is not Cabal. Cabal needs to be brought down. Beanz should re-read crumbs and that's it.

Don't do the shills' work instead of them.

They want us divided. Learn from the /cbts/ shitstorm.

1ee494 No.553072



>The light will reveal those on the team and those pretending to be.

>This is not a game.

>They want us divided.

327d0a No.553073

File: b55172702c13183⋯.jpg (17.59 KB, 320x214, 160:107, 517184f560e24e8a566783b937….jpg)

9843e0 No.553074

File: 272e6b83d622569⋯.jpg (624.33 KB, 1007x1461, 1007:1461, Screenshot_20180304-202345.jpg)

File: b27c4e0e6bccdb6⋯.jpg (529.98 KB, 1074x1583, 1074:1583, Screenshot_20180304-202405.jpg)


https:// conventionofstates.com/

This ultimately I think is what is going to be done after the storm so that govt power is forever shrunk and never grow that corrupt again.

b4ac9c No.553075


Yes, we are special. because of our abilities.

Not because we are a bunch of information gatekeepers.

Be special for the right reasons.

7128b1 No.553076

File: 2c5ee721c8c433d⋯.jpg (53.29 KB, 400x600, 2:3, bieber1.jpg)


Your concern is noted.

Here's one that matches your specifications.

pic related

3fbaa3 No.553078


could alse be auto correct, f thing

085aa5 No.553079


The positive thing is her audience self-selects, as do all on YT, and they are not many people, and they are of a bent to be interested in her show, which is disorganized and rambling - so not for everyone.

Thus her audience are by and large not people who are likely to fit in here, where discussions tend to be sharp, prickly, and unkind to those who are slow.

People who dig her schtick are not people I'd want to be around, and likely, won't be around.

2e8a45 No.553080


Guess she didn’t like anonymous calling her out…along with the others directly…..but that’s old news

a8e7ae No.553082


And terrorism of ANTIFA in Genova.., Curious..

f5ffad No.553083

File: 87f747e2de58dbc⋯.jpg (3.58 MB, 1777x8800, 1777:8800, MAPwip.jpg)

bbce70 No.553084


≥What the fuck did Q tell us last night? They want us divided.

Q is talking about the COUNTRY not this board. We are /pol/. Understand what that means. We fight with each other all of the fucking time. It is what we do. Q came to /pol/ for a reason. Q knows what Q is doing.

ea5e90 No.553085

so the almost porn, the hag shills are back. does it occur that not all the guys here want to see that shit? Or maybe any women that might be here?

come on get some class

2e8a45 No.553087


The kind of people I’ve spent my life avoiding

85d56d No.553088


That route is a can of worms.

Always consider that the cabal may want us to call such a convention.

The barrel points both ways once that process has begun.

ec1e79 No.553089


Convention of States. Hannity has been talking this up BIGLY!

63bce1 No.553090


Bravo indeed! Also many double meanings. We will do well not to fight over them.

68bbfd No.553093


Amen! We are the fountainhead of the source. ALL Q info comes from here, not from Corsi or Beanz like they want everyone to believe. They know less than us, get less than us, miss many of the posts and do not even know how to recover them. In other words, shills. Q knows they want us divided, and that's exactly what she's trying to do.

1f41e6 No.553094


We *were* a part of /pol and split off.

We *are* /qresearch.

fefdef No.553095


Spot on, anon.

107eac No.553097


maybe they took the "shill or retarded shill" meme too literally.

3000c1 No.553098


I don't care what she does. She's making her money, which is her primary driving factor.

I'm reiterating that information is flowing in a certain way.

2e8a45 No.553099


YES! That’s why I’ve been here since early oct, before Q posted. And am on here daily even during my illness…. never quit…never!

f187a1 No.553100


When you see all those faggot ass groups sign on and Hildabeast out screaming about it, you KNOW that's what we should be pushing for and blowing up Twatter over.

Meme cannons deploy!l

0986d4 No.553101





Levin has been shouting this for years. :/

0e43cc No.553102


Anon makes good points. This board is "famous" now. As much of a pain Beanz and others can be, it does not look good for those peeking for us to be bashing a red piller who is essentially on our team.

She was wrong. We know better/are learning more about the IBOR and we need to leave famefag names off the board.

21d5b8 No.553103



Greg Abbot

9843e0 No.553104


That's why all the truth must come out first and public must be informed. I don't think this happens before 2020 but once enough of the swamp and cabal are done and America is done fighting each other and knows once again who the real enemy is, then, this is what you do to prevent it from ever happening again

bf27a4 No.553105

File: af4fcc55ab716db⋯.png (321.25 KB, 636x479, 636:479, Screen Shot 2018-03-04 at ….png)


bbce70 No.553106


Technically yes. However, had the shills, bots, and clowns not screwed with us, we would still be there.

1fea50 No.553107

File: 5597c8a23561de6⋯.jpg (538.97 KB, 2396x1594, 1198:797, Screen Shot 2018-03-03 at ….jpg)


Shills are the burden, and privilege of the WINNERS.

We can remember the exodus from 4 chan after Trump's Magapill tweet that pointed directly to Q. Looking back at the board getting over run proved to me that we are clearly over the target.

dd9baa No.553108


8 out of 100000.

Start signing boys!

180 UIDS, we should at least be at 50.

68bbfd No.553110


Women need to leave if that's the case. Go make sammiches or something.

ea5e90 No.553111


got that right

5ff978 No.553112


True. Beanz bitchin' is just as bad as Beanz' bitchin.

21d5b8 No.553113

34407c No.553114



Please count me in with those who are not buying that AT&T is going to protect us.

I'm seriously starting to fear we're being royally fucked over here. It doesn't help that blind faith now seems to be required here. That is never wise. I'm neither a shill or a concernfag but the fact is that we've seen nothing of significance come to fruition that would justify abandoning any skepticism.

I keep thinking about how easy it would be for the white hats to do one simple thing that would make the rest of the Great Awakening so much easier: KILL THE MOTHERFUCKING MSM. "We have everything." Really? Then bring on the Wikileaks drop. E[no]ugh.

b4276f No.553115

File: 78d068efdaf9c32⋯.png (77.27 KB, 275x596, 275:596, ClipboardImage.png)



7128b1 No.553116


I'm not one single bit worried.

Mueller distracts the perpetually butthurt left that can't get over Trump's presidency.

Every little leak from that cunt Mueller or his crooked af "team" just gives the stupid lefties more false hope.

I can't wait for the lefty suicides after Mueller begrudgingly clears Trump.

Q says Trump is clean.

I believe Q.

2e8a45 No.553117


Hope he made a copy for the news…. the right news stations

28c794 No.553118

Agreed >>553067

b2a5a9 No.553119


She divided herself and her followers from us tonight going directly against something Q made it important to say twice and provide links to the idea presented by ATT CEO

0e43cc No.553121


You WIN! Nice!

046216 No.553122


No, CIA/Clown doctrine is to disguise all sabotage as incompetence or random failure, and has been since before they were renamed to CIA.

https:// www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/26184

4640c0 No.553123


well look at it in context to an election event. a company can conspire by not letting one side have a voice. so a big platform like FB or Twat would let only a Democrat run ads and NO Republicans so no one gets any messaging from the other side. How does that work if only one side is allowed to have a voice on a social media platform whether it is private or not?

3000c1 No.553124


There are no women here because your gender doesn't matter here.

There are the occasional granny anons or lady anons, but generally, you don't need to know someone's gender or care about it. The board has no gender. If someone doesn't like it they need to go.

e33670 No.553125

>>553108 This is another or the same?

41e592 No.553127

File: db2aea94db5d3c5⋯.jpg (2.24 MB, 3000x1500, 2:1, HowTheFuckDoYouBreakTheTop….jpg)

af2f6b No.553128

File: 2e92a356d222f30⋯.jpg (54.22 KB, 425x566, 425:566, killbox.jpg)


7128b1 No.553129


I have some shirts that need ironing.

0cb00b No.553130

File: 765b6cfa45ed6ee⋯.jpg (72.36 KB, 760x898, 380:449, fad78f6ad87f6asdf87ads6.jpg)


Thanks, anon - I suppose I should have just come out and asked if I missed some yuge habbening today, is all - seems much different than last night kek.

927e80 No.553131


Check the crumbs/ it's a little different than that but not much. Sn*wden @ is new. started as initials, moved to last name then grew an @

c985ed No.553132


To add to this, I've noticed something else, but maybe too advanced for newfags. At certain times of the day, there seems to be more shills

than anons. During these times, I've noticed the shills use different tactics. First, they'll ignore a really good post, until a few real anons

comment on it. Then a shill/s would try to derail/slide the finding utilizinf various tactics, to include, counterargument, tangential

arguments, discouragement, etc (ie mirror date)

9b8730 No.553133

Just a little curious…

Why have we only heard what Potus said last night? Not what the MSM said about him?

68bbfd No.553134



0e43cc No.553135

Hi Lisa Mei!

I see you lurking!

You do a great job!

adae7f No.553136

File: 55376163deb9462⋯.jpg (17.01 KB, 525x302, 525:302, morning star.jpg)

You conspiritards!

Nothing wrong with having a holding company named after the devil!

offshoreleaks. icij.org/nodes/200142122

voat. co/v/pizzagate/2430091

90713f No.553137









Im not the only one here thinking all this just takes up post count that could be spent discussing the relevant topics?

Every post we(they) waste is a post we could be digging.

Why post pictures of titties?

To get your primal urges going? To make you go off and spend 10 minutes having a wank?

To distract you from digging?

Thank the baker once, and dont distract from our TASK. Thank the baker at the end of your first digging post so that it doesnt bake bubbles into the bread.

85d56d No.553138

File: 0e3503cda0cbce4⋯.jpeg (39.17 KB, 255x237, 85:79, image.jpeg)



How to tie crumbs, articles, memes, posts, tweets into a cogent RED PILL for the public.

63bce1 No.553139


I've laid off the tranny talk for years, but that photo always makes me shake my head at myself.

e213c3 No.553140


I know not certain…

BUT: What if Q needs us to get that petition to make noise to launch an investigation or trigger a stage of the plan?

If so, and it is not good for us, do you think POTUS (who came this far for us) would sign into law?

There is more here than meets the i.

046216 No.553141


No, ES was Eric Schmidt.

f187a1 No.553142


This swamp rat POS covered up 9/11, Fast and Furious, Sandy Hook, and hand delivered uranium for U1 scandal. He should be UNDER GITMO being water boarded while set on fire.

68bbfd No.553143


Get back in the kitchen, Beanz, no one excused you.

1ee494 No.553144


My only issue: the public being misinformed. That can get out of control really fast. We can go back & forth here, filter what gets out, but just throwing it out there for the normiesphere to devour & to further misinterpret, not so good.

dd9baa No.553146


Same as last thread, new from last month, since it will expire tomorrow.

It would be nice if BreadMaker added to the batter

3fbaa3 No.553147


we also need to abolish THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INC.

we want The United States of America back!!!

ea5e90 No.553148


This is exactly the division that is working

Women need to leave if that's the case. Go make sammiches or something.

This isn't your board. And you have no right to tell anyone to leave. and about those sammmiches, make yours a ham.

d1483c No.553149



Didn't the 9th Distict court but a freeze on the whole DACA thing? They told POTUS that he has to keep issuing the DACA permits because of the lawsuit. The government tried to appeal the case to the SCOTUS and the Supremes refused to hear the case and sent it back to the 9th for a final ruling there first.

The 9th will rule against Trump, of course, and the case will end up back in the SCOTUS later this year.

The whole thing is a waste of time. SCOTUS will rule against DACA. But the trap that the Dems set for POTUS with DACA blew up in their faces. POTUS has brilliantly flipped the DACA narrative in a way that makes the Dems look like fools. He is now the one championing the cause of the Dreamers while the Dems are stalling. Hispanic voters are watching, and the Dems aren't talking about DACA anymore because they realize this; and they've conveniently shifted the narrative to gun control. If they vote to give amnesty to the Dreamers its going to be a win for POTUS (because he would be the hero, and it would also come with with the condition of them agreeing to fund the wall). The Dems would rather stall out and crash the whole thing than give him that double win in an election year.

Either way, I think that the Dreamers are fucked.

e8aa72 No.553150

6bb52f No.553151

"…when a form of life is only convinced by so-called evidence about a matter, then this doesn't mean any more than a new belief. But knowledge, truth and wisdom can not be elaborated by such kind of evidence, but only by ones own labor of thinking and inner reaching of clarity by an inner generated evidence of truth." - word-for-word speech of Sfath repeated by Semjase, and also interpreted by Q recently (truth must be discovered organically).

bbce70 No.553152

File: 9721facc93e27fc⋯.jpg (93.62 KB, 635x600, 127:120, 1517864322386.jpg)

e213c3 No.553153


This anon gets it totally…


e33670 No.553154

>>553125 So the one I signed doesn’t count?

3cfd26 No.553155


Id say that they are not selling information they are transmitting. It is up to the consumer whom he trust to supply the most important product after the triad.

Can you trust a utility like ATT to not interfere or spy on data they transmit?

They started spying for Alan Pinkerton and they have provide acess to gov ever since. That why WE the people need to.build an information system we can all rely on to serve us faithfull because we built it to be so. Who ever finances it intially users must own the network in the end. They must act as its goverment and set its policies. Digital reality is a reality just as material reality is.

It has its laws, users set their own standards.

63bce1 No.553157


Agreed. That's why the meme campaigns are so important. Can't do much about the normies who come here, though. Shit gets out.

68bbfd No.553158


and bring me a beer with that… go on, get a move on.

7128b1 No.553159


>Not what the MSM said about him?

Why does this matter to you?

I'm sure you can find a twatter feed or plebbit sub that will yuck it up over what the msm cunts say about Trump.

The msm is useless and controlled, and we don't give two fucks about what the msm says.

bf27a4 No.553160

File: e726a1a616e1542⋯.png (464.3 KB, 794x601, 794:601, Screen Shot 2018-03-04 at ….png)

Hm, memes are ready.

4640c0 No.553161

File: a64692d0d1b9ec3⋯.jpg (95.73 KB, 851x1200, 851:1200, grandmaanon_deepstate.jpg)


Did someone say Granny Anons? Kek

68f12e No.553162


Thanking Baker Memes are strictly Hot Chics only.

Understood Annon?

These are Board Rules..hehe

5c211c No.553163

Q is 111 days at 100%.

Time to consider he is not from this timeline.

No intel can be that exact.


Do the math…consider the events…possible outcomes…only one answer.

Power of [time] has been harnessed.

We have a guide among us.

3fbaa3 No.553164


oh calm down, we can bake endless breads

9fe977 No.553165


I’m still convinced she was the one that always posted a pic of some bullshit from inside her house with every post. Famefag would even shorten anonymous to anon, at one time I did think she was a good researcher but realized she was just picking stuff alacarte from 4pol and passing it off as her own.

b9c5c6 No.553167

File: abbc2cc21b3e974⋯.jpg (26.7 KB, 540x280, 27:14, 1325490.jpg)

3abcd5 No.553168

File: c3d5147ae68074e⋯.png (458.39 KB, 446x598, 223:299, Screenshot-2018-3-4 Meme G….png)

3000c1 No.553169


You retarded anon? I hope you replied incorrectly or you actually can't read. There are no girls on the internet, faggot

6f5355 No.553170


I can get on board with this, not that it matters if i'm onboard or not….

I see how this is the first time in history, the owners of the pipe can control and look the water. Not only can they control the flow of the water, they also get to decide if the water is clean or not. Never before has any company had this kind of power. No laws, statute or otherwise have considered this ability. I think there are some existing frameworks that could be used though. I don't think we have to build a new machine for this job from the ground up. Maybe we do, I don't know.

2e8a45 No.553171


Ack! A pedo over criminals… not much diff there

9ba28d No.553172

File: 339edeb78a81766⋯.jpg (10.31 KB, 145x347, 145:347, hammersquirrel.jpg)

damn memefags

f14e24 No.553173

File: bfe7281597513e3⋯.jpg (51.74 KB, 650x400, 13:8, trumpw11.jpg)

File: 45a1ceeb0528d98⋯.jpg (47.73 KB, 670x376, 335:188, trumpw7.jpg)

i am humbled

i am gobsmacked

i am in awe

what did we do to deserve this man, LORD?

Q crumbs point at just a tiny portion

of the astonishing number of miralces

this man accomplishes on a daily basis

they go unnoticed by anons busy posting vulgarity and porn

they go unmentioned by the criminal and deceptive media

they must strike terror into the hearts of world leaders

they definately strike at the heart of every force of evil

conspiring against humanity

they are a arsenal of arrows

they are as subtle as walking on water

i pledge to not slack on my part.


generations longed to see what we in this generation

are witnessing.

thank you President Donald Trump.

21d5b8 No.553174

dd9baa No.553175


The one that expires tomorrow only has 5000 out of 100000 signatures, it wasn't posted for visibility

New one needs visibility, it will have a better chance

9843e0 No.553176


I would say first push the internet bill of rights. Even left leaning people are sympathetic to it. Once more and more truth comes out about Obama Clintons media corruption etc believe me those people under the spell will be for this. Doesn't hurt to plant seeds though.

63bce1 No.553177


8ch. Making America sexless before it was even popular.

e213c3 No.553178


self control… wait for the nomination…

7128b1 No.553179

File: 327a0f8f703f0c1⋯.jpg (79.19 KB, 604x603, 604:603, daddys girl.jpg)


Sure thing, mom.

68bbfd No.553180


I think pepe is pretty hot, actually.

6163ce No.553181

File: 6ec4ae4872b087e⋯.png (275.33 KB, 1233x575, 1233:575, 0E595D81-7E89-4375-BB10-B1….png)

b4276f No.553182

Ok you guys something very strange that hasn't gotten enough attention

POTUS Gridiron dinner …

Have you guys seen the video or gotten to hear what went on?

I can't find it

I need to hear what he said!!!

5069b8 No.553183

Interesting choice of words.

Not sure I have seen him curse in tweets.

https:// twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/440326661049835520?s=19

bf27a4 No.553184


Do you think is ego is big enough to ignore the hours of c-span creeper footage?

6bc328 No.553186

File: a622d492b2414d0⋯.jpg (190.84 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, q.jpg)

f375c3 No.553187


Women voting and entering the workforce is why it now takes 2 incomes to achieve middle class. And since both parents work (if theyre even still together) means the kids receive government programming instead of real parenting. Society is now completely FUCKED.

For fucks sake, all women had to do was raise the kids, keep the house clean, cook a few meals and keep their man happy so he could work full time. They had the rest of their lives out of the rat race doing whatever they wanted to do. WTF were they thinking getting into workfag mode?

63bce1 No.553188

Wild assed ideas time. Got some good stuff on the Titanic a few boards ago.

Give it up. Time for your craziest connection that you've not had the balls to discuss.

1ee494 No.553189

File: 788ff4f572bb795⋯.png (933.8 KB, 886x953, 886:953, _OCD_png.png)


Even when life drives me mad, I'm here. It's actually been quite healing for me. That, and shills are amusing, amazing comic relief

a57759 No.553190

File: 8d608168cb46816⋯.png (1.17 MB, 2560x2560, 1:1, Q Letter Alpha.png)

File: dc807c41d72b0d4⋯.jpg (1007.16 KB, 1800x1800, 1:1, RainQTemplate.jpg)

Here is the Q I made for the Template. It was a png file. If it changes to jpg just color to Alpha.

dec167 No.553191

File: 798356c22fe6e0c⋯.png (201.45 KB, 304x461, 304:461, lt6fz0M.png)

Next bread …James Woods Edition

e213c3 No.553192


Dems would be in favor if we meme "stop the leaky emails, sign IBOR"… kek.

e1ab9a No.553193

WB to the MI Honey Pot Unleashed shills.

f187a1 No.553194


He said "laughing their ass off" before.

adae7f No.553195

File: 5c166173ac057b4⋯.jpg (215.58 KB, 1170x878, 585:439, KermitMICHELLE.jpg)

0e43cc No.553196


Check @joshcaplan and @lastrefuge

They both had stuff posted about the dinner.

You don't need twitter to check their pages.

f375c3 No.553197


10 MINUTES? Lot at Peter North over here!

68f12e No.553198



3000c1 No.553199


Dubs of truth

See? We're all Anon here.

927e80 No.553200


there were two ES'. Reread crumbs. Perhaps sentences repeated two times in a row for effect. Perhaps not.

794fac No.553201

File: 04628ed272f9fe5⋯.jpg (82.17 KB, 625x625, 1:1, We-demand-freedom.jpg)

Q says we have everything we need but we only know 20%. You glorious anons have discovered the corruption, the cabal and the SICK people. But maybe when Q says expand your thinking it might mean going beyond the intel and into the inconceivable. Consider the discoveries in Einstein's “spooky actions at a distance” in quantum physics. Perhaps the 80% we don't know partly includes some weird shit that we no longer understand, but once did. Maybe we've had everything we need for millennia, but were somehow blocked. Maybe Q's request for prayer is to send some of this “spooky stuff” (good vibes to use a 60' term) to those who are fighting evil. Perhaps they need the energy. Totally speculative, but what could it hurt?

3ad183 No.553202

United We Stand!

Do not post NSFW pictures. -BO

Post last edited at

4640c0 No.553203

File: 9521a0b4822879b⋯.jpg (59.6 KB, 500x500, 1:1, meh.ro3915.jpg)


Kek, At least the oldfag and granny anons have some time on their hands and lots of knowledge and historical reference to the past that proves future. They are muy importiento to the contributions. everything has its purpose.

107eac No.553204


It was when it was posted.

everyone disagreed at the time that it was important because Q didn't give us a direct order to do so.

there was no lack of pushing on it. the hive mind just couldn't focus on it.

1fea50 No.553206


I want to see Trump destroy Oprah in a debate. Biden will be too boring for peak winning.

ada5c5 No.553207



f187a1 No.553208

All POTUS needs to do is announce on Twatter he's moving to Gab and suggests we follow. Twatter stock implodes overnight. Gab would have to be warned ahead of time of course to prepare for a massive onslaught of new accts.

969ebe No.553209


lol anon! As much as I hate condoning your behaviour, you are correct.

e213c3 No.553210


We need to wait until he secures nomination before launching, so they are locked in with him.

Too early may get a better candidate!

ff1b07 No.553212


Unfortunately, the majority of the population, with their noses stuck to their phones, are not going to come up with anything organically.

Aside from losing power, the deep state stands to lose trillions of dollars. It is nothing for them to spend billions to keep the public from wanting to question their current belief system.

I do not see a peaceful solution to training the swamp. Frankly, whatever it takes.

7128b1 No.553213


Good lord, look at those fucking losers.

Add in the Massachusetts injun and that whore from California and we're gonna have a fucking blast in 2020!

1ee494 No.553214


True, leaks will happen, but intentional ones trying to change our narrative because of feelz or whatever, that's just no good for anyone, not even the one trying to do damage. We ARE all being WATCHED (studied, really).

8c36f0 No.553215

File: 55d4f976534be3d⋯.jpg (6.15 KB, 203x248, 203:248, 0d05400b9540612135893ba9f4….jpg)

0e43cc No.553216


You got it! As the anon wishes, it shall be done!

0cb00b No.553217

File: ef94e764ec704cb⋯.jpg (23.09 KB, 585x400, 117:80, you_made_Glenn_Beck_cry.jpg)

b2748e No.553218


i only ever remember ES being schmidt and @snowden being snowden. might be missing something though.

9ba28d No.553219


Lynn is a tranny

34407c No.553220


I have no problem with us taking any action that could help move things in the right direction. I'm just suggesting that dissenting opinions shouldn't be discouraged. We need to always use our own judgement in the end. My point is simply that blind faith is never a good idea.

927e80 No.553221


Is this 111anon? If so, is there a folder with your collection? I'd love to see.

6bb52f No.553222


Q is associated with the Galactic Federation of Light.

I cannot confirm but it would be ballz, and is probably true to a degree.

90713f No.553223


I was waiting for this…

Call me a concernfag, thats fine, i expected this before i posted but the argument still stands, we can be more efficient with our posts.

Ill take the risk of being called an "xyz"fag in order to suggest a change that benefits the collective ability to dig.

85d56d No.553224


We already have a 1st Amendment.

Do you think the 1st Amendment does not apply to the Internet?

The problem is not the existing law (Constitution/Bill of Rights).

The real fucking problem is that the technocrats bought off all the politicians (campaign donations,neti) before they could be regulated. Now they are monopolies. History shows us monopolists have to be dragged tooth and nail from their thrones.

2e8a45 No.553225


The huge problem was that many women found when the husband died, and they reached social security age, they got little to NOTHING! To live on! If you dont work 40 quarters , you are screwed! And not all hubpsbands left their wives with good finances after they died…. so women had little choice but to work.

68f12e No.553226


This Guys lacking..ya know

f187a1 No.553227


Imagine POTUS having a news conference with the kids felt up by Biden like he did with Clinton rape victims. Kek! Have a running loop of video evidence of Joe's exploits going on behind them.

0e43cc No.553228





bbce70 No.553229

File: b802fb3f6646811⋯.jpg (60.17 KB, 700x688, 175:172, b802fb3f6646811c52a10fc449….jpg)

f3fab6 No.553230


HaHa! The President should tweet out this pic!

63bce1 No.553231


Kek'd. I have a secret stash of shit like that, too. Holy Moses. The things we don't understand yet.

969ebe No.553232


Lizard/snake/human hybrid tranny?

dd9baa No.553233





Pls add this to the next bread

107eac No.553234


Then it needs to be spelled out for the dumbasses of the world that shall not be infringed applies to businesses that provide public meeting locations.

ff5bb2 No.553235

File: f48b6736acec6e3⋯.jpg (232.36 KB, 1536x768, 2:1, FightCensorship-cartoon1.jpg)

3a4c57 No.553236

File: 6a406ad9ce7acb2⋯.gif (583.12 KB, 498x373, 498:373, tenor.gif)

e213c3 No.553237


The rockefellers admitted the womans lib movement was twofold:

1. get the children indoctrinated into "my" society.

2. get the mothers into workforce and make them taxable.

stupid liberals fell for it, as usual.

adae7f No.553238



why is everyone a tranny?

I think that shit is a little out of hand and lends credibility to the critics of the right.

We cannot be saying things like this

That said…Michelle is a dude

3fbaa3 No.553239


there are programs that can post at specific times months in advance.

1fea50 No.553240


Expand your thinking I guess. Supernatural is on the table for me.


fedc08 No.553241


Digits. Agreed. There are way too many syncronicities to not be connected.

046216 No.553242


>History shows us monopolists have to be dragged tooth and nail from their thrones.


a85ba5 No.553243


NO CON CON. The Constitution is great the way it is. The problem is that we do not follow it. We, as the rulers of this country, have to enforce it.

f3fab6 No.553244


Thank You! I agree! I think you are right about the freeze. I forgot about that!

9352bd No.553246


look at your board…

Q is keeping you glued to your screens…

you guys/gals should go outside for once

experience REAL WORLD


509b95 No.553247


Thank you for your insight and perspective.

Do you know the current status on building a second, parallel internet? I've heard mention that one is under development.

It seems that for an IBOR to be enforceable – either the internet or the apps running on it would need to be nationalized, which poses an obvious dilemma.

3abcd5 No.553248

File: e960589ebfc79d6⋯.png (385.11 KB, 400x387, 400:387, Screenshot-2018-3-4 Meme G….png)

e46c38 No.553249


Since you channers fall apart without Q it is good for many to fight the battle. Get over your egos, they get in the way. So much you have not done, The Anons have done it.

b4276f No.553250


yea but i want video to see his mannerisms

this is POTUS we are talking about

gotta find the clues

7128b1 No.553251


^ Truth right here.

693fae No.553252



When ya post pics of hot or haggard chicks IT DOES IMPLY YOUR GENDER! Derp anon!

f375c3 No.553253


Like my dad used to say… if you got a pussy, you're sitting on a million bucks.

1ee494 No.553254


i c wat u did thare kek

4640c0 No.553255


oh KEK that made me laugh GB yikes

6bb52f No.553256


They are literally watching us masturbate but they process this information in a way that's pretty much unknown to us.

794fac No.553257



>▶Anonymous 03/04/18 (Sun) 20:44:38 dd9baa No.553233

96c750 No.553258


Fuck off

3cfd26 No.553259


You are correct.

63bce1 No.553260

Here's mine: Either Trump or his dad Fred was groomed as Illuminati through the bloodlines, but decided to come clean and make good.

0e43cc No.553261


Ah I see. I haven't seen any yet. I would love to though!

b4276f No.553262

2e8a45 No.553263


And that goes against most women’s morals and values…

85d56d No.553264


Amen. It is selective enforcement.

a8e7ae No.553265

File: 9d143fefab0d7a8⋯.png (94.66 KB, 634x576, 317:288, 28575635_908257906017592_8….png)

Surfing in Kikebook and Found this.., LOL…

9ba28d No.553266

File: 559856f803f9e8b⋯.jpg (201.51 KB, 1236x1562, 618:781, memo.jpg)


chicks with dicks

just dudes with tits

969ebe No.553267


I would, but Beanz is out there.

adae7f No.553269


Think Shell!

94375c No.553270

File: 6689f09b24f20cf⋯.png (5.36 MB, 5009x4232, 5009:4232, 43_Connections_MAP.png)

Sorry if this was covered and I missed it but the only other BOOM Q post was about the Clinton Foundation back in November.

Why is this relevant? What comes next? CF_BOOM_SHOCK_BYE_ >ADM R [CLAS-239B_TC]

Maybe CF information is about to drop?

Also did the Anon who made this MAP ever confirm the logic in placement of the people?

4de15c No.553271

Freedom of expression, or freedom of speech, is the political right to communicate one's opinions and ideas.

865392 No.553272

File: 59577d67f31a8f7⋯.png (340.2 KB, 1329x757, 1329:757, Screen Shot 2018-03-04 at ….png)

63bce1 No.553273


So we are the light brigades version of porn. Smile!

eb39f4 No.553275


good digits, 21 21 21—55-11 you should play lotto

d7ac1f No.553276

Well this seems to have taken a turn for the worse.

f375c3 No.553277


Yeah right… What woman doesn't set that trap?

40e7ac No.553278

File: ab85e82847444a3⋯.jpg (161.62 KB, 398x545, 398:545, 18396af748c5e363856c87c754….jpg)


Perfect timing. This is precisely the type of organization I was suggesting today. This is more of a project plan/root cause analysis but definitely shows promise. We need a similar PDF for research guidelines.


This is the type of MAP we need to create going forward anons. The bridge map fits with the side by side graphics as well.

Qresearch Expansion

It's insane how often I get on this board and read shit that has already been dug into previously. Same theory and/or sources repeated months later.

I guess it makes sense now that we have over a million posts between POL, CBTS, STORM, QResearch + GA, and the dozen alt boards. Not to mention the research on Reddit, Steemit, Twitter, FB, GLP, YT, and other random blogs.

This is an enormous amount of information to process and validate. It's remarkable how much has been archived and organized by anons.

< That being said it's really a good idea to get more organized with research into specific topics to ensure we don't have anons wasting time on topics that are already covered.

One suggestion is for you to use validated tools to research these topics. There are many options but one I've used is:


Qualitative evidence synthesis

S Sample

PI Phenomenon of Interest

D Design

E Evaluation

R Research type

This is /QResearch/ and we need to elevate our process in order to organize evidence and develop these theories into more significant/succinct Intel.

85d56d No.553279


Filtered now to save time.

Thanks for identifying yourself.

1ee494 No.553280

File: b62155bcb84f085⋯.png (85.27 KB, 220x217, 220:217, !untitled-.png)


like i said earlier, the shills here are amusing, amazing comic relief

0cb00b No.553281

File: 7792cb064ba9931⋯.gif (3.91 MB, 500x210, 50:21, 7792cb064ba9931c02ec44d2e5….gif)

794fac No.553282

>>53240 553201

68f12e No.553283


I agree. We don't need more Rules.

It's common sense and know Law everyone has a right to Free Speech even if You don't Like it.

My Gawd, turn on the Oscars and listen to to this Trash that's Protected………..

c85690 No.553284


Stayathomemomanon…here. I’m raising my own kids cause I had them…they r my responsibility. I’m not putting some fucktards out in the world for everyone else to deal with…no sir.

I cook, clean, don’t get fat, stay dtf, and my man busts his ass for us…it’s agood deal

Workfag women hate us & others think we r stupid. Fuckem…

0049e1 No.553285

File: fade71b3458aab7⋯.png (371.96 KB, 636x453, 212:151, thisIsCNN.png)


and you should experience sodomy

from Anderson Cooper

3000c1 No.553286


Faggot, you don't know any of us.

I spent my entire day outside. This is my fucking leisure time right now. Your pathetic attempts at concernfagging/talking shit are weak

Now I think you are beanz. Fuck man, deeply pathetic. You should pay us royalties off your AdSense revenue. GTFO

41e592 No.553287


Like these?





; )

f3fab6 No.553288

Dan Scavino Jr.

‏Verified account @DanScavino

25m25 minutes ago

.@JeffFlake isn’t ruling out a 2020 Presidential run against @realDonaldTrump…

I love Dan! He has a big smiley face gif to go with the tweet that is crying laughing!

c356cb No.553289

you guys are so screwed

have fun with your red vs blue

anons, you could have had power

now you just have a movement

6bb52f No.553290

File: dafde31e7b78127⋯.jpg (756.85 KB, 1485x1980, 3:4, d8d727f3e8e543c84dc39afd4e….jpg)


Oh yeah.

Also, pic related.

1ee494 No.553291


Anyway, Where we go one, we go ALL, so let's GO!!! Got work to do

b4ac9c No.553292

Is USSS /ourguys/?

Been trying to figure out. Weren't they fucking with Baron. and Jr. dropped his detail.

There is also the narrative that USSS was at Parkland weeks before.

We know who they protect, but who do they really serve?

Trying to dig into old crumbs but any insight one way or the other would be helpful.

f375c3 No.553293


Someone is gonna say it…

adae7f No.553294

How about we display the power of the meme by meming the Powerball into being.

Besides, odds reduce drastically if you get that one ball.

Everyone plays the same Powerball and a set of 5 white balls.

One of us is a Multi millionaire and able to start a people's media outlet or something!

c356cb No.553295

at least get diodes for your phones if you're gonna play psyche war

fuckin amateurs

23a8ab No.553296

File: ad934e27684a12e⋯.png (739.63 KB, 988x942, 494:471, Wizard_Br_owls_Spock.png)

a57759 No.553297

File: a35d19822ec2346⋯.jpg (66.65 KB, 582x441, 194:147, Screenshot_22.jpg)


Maybe not related but every BOOM counts and I don't believe in coincidences

63bce1 No.553298


Love that map. It makes my head explode.

94f86d No.553299


Stifling Soros with coalition governments.

3abcd5 No.553300


nah… just filter.

c85690 No.553301


I gotta gtfo then….:)

969ebe No.553302


We have gassies too, from Beanz.

5eb2eb No.553303



Literally half chan trolling. SRSLY..."Ian Rothschild" posted that he had video of Trump raping his sister...KEK.

Literally half chan trolling. SRSLY...Ian Rothschild posted that he had video of Trump raping his sister...KEK.

23a8ab No.553304

File: 9591173ec411723⋯.png (869.36 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, More_Good_People_Than_Bad.png)

f3fab6 No.553305

A Trump Tweet From 2014

Donald J. Trump

‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump

I don't know how much longer I can take this bullshit - so terrible! #Oscars

7:23 PM - 2 Mar 2014

ac2431 No.553306

File: 5487b0aa1573fd1⋯.jpg (1 MB, 867x6091, 867:6091, Trump Time Machine.jpg)


so what you're saying is pic related??

bf27a4 No.553307


Totally agreed, I'm just curious about their inability to see themselves.

c77a1b No.553308



Lynn is a tranny

No, Lynn is a DRUNK

3000c1 No.553309


No, it doesn't, retard.

It implies you understand the culture. This is not your place if you don't like tits. So plz kindly fuckoff back to Reddit

8790d8 No.553310


get stoned and watch Fantasia. Watch the clouds that scroll across the top and see the dick pics they make. Time them and then you know the attention span to brainwash a child

63bce1 No.553312


I suspect the lovely ladies have found their way here once or twice…

And they are still on twatter. That's impressive given the other bans.

e1ab9a No.553313


Why they protect old presidents/secretary of states ? And not the current ones?

969ebe No.553314


You keep using that word… I do not think it means what you think it means.

927e80 No.553315


>stay comfy and filter holeeeeeeereeeeeeee

bbce70 No.553316


You are so pathetic.

4de15c No.553317

Freedom of speech is a principle that supports the freedom of an individual or a community to articulate their opinions and ideas without fear of retaliation, censorship, or sanction.[2][3][4][5] The term "freedom of expression" is sometimes used synonymously but includes any act of seeking, receiving, and imparting information or ideas, regardless of the medium used.

Freedom of expression is recognized as a human right under article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) and recognized in international human rights law in the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR). Article 19 of the UDHR states that "everyone shall have the right to hold opinions without interference" and "everyone shall have the right to freedom of expression; this right shall include freedom to seek, receive and impart information and ideas of all kinds, regardless of frontiers, either orally, in writing or in print, in the form of art, or through any other media of his choice". The version of Article 19 in the ICCPR later amends this by stating that the exercise of these rights carries "special duties and responsibilities" and may "therefore be subject to certain restrictions" when necessary "[f]or respect of the rights or reputation of others" or "[f]or the protection of national security or of public order (order public), or of public health or morals".[6]

Freedom of speech and expression, therefore, may not be recognized as being absolute, and common limitations to freedom of speech relate to libel, slander, obscenity, pornography, sedition, incitement, fighting words, classified information, copyright violation, trade secrets, food labeling, non-disclosure agreements, the right to privacy, the right to be forgotten, public security, and perjury. Justifications for such include the harm principle, proposed by John Stuart Mill in On Liberty, which suggests that: "the only purpose for which power can be rightfully exercised over any member of a civilized community, against his will, is to prevent harm to others."[7] The idea of the "offense principle" is also used in the justification of speech limitations, describing the restriction on forms of expression deemed offensive to society, considering factors such as extent, duration, motives of the speaker, and ease with which it could be avoided.[7] With the evolution of the digital age, application of the freedom of speech becomes more controversial as new means of communication and restrictions arise, for example the Golden Shield Project, an initiative by Chinese government's Ministry of Public Security that filters potentially unfavorable data from foreign countries.

fde1b4 No.553318

File: da599025a84332c⋯.png (634.01 KB, 1284x1705, 1284:1705, Capture _2018-03-04-21-49-….png)

Muellers hit list???? Real err Fake?

a8e7ae No.553319


all time

c2d987 No.553320


looks like somebody lost

the Rain Came

a85ba5 No.553321


The last thing they want is self-sufficient families that could do just fine without the government.

0e43cc No.553323


How can you not love this guy?!

7128b1 No.553324


You, anon, are a fucking Patriot!

This country, no … this world, needs more like you.

We would be a strong country again with more anons taking full responsibility for populating the world with children who are raised right - strong, independent, and responsible.

Thank you!

Now, lets' see them tits.

ada5c5 No.553325


Agreed, every BOOM counts. Here is the first, let's keep our eyes open for more.

6bb52f No.553326


Oh not really. They are very happy when they see nice things, but they process negativity unlike us. They don't have ego, shame, disgust, hate, grudges like we do. It's only LIGHT up there. And they are (mostly) human just like us. Such is the difference between our worlds. The Matrix - things that we consider normal and natural - runs very deep here!

0498e0 No.553328

File: 8bb3fe22b1e9bd1⋯.jpg (307.04 KB, 792x714, 132:119, did-someone-say.jpg)


Your hearts seems to be in the right place, but that's not how it works, newfag.

That's not how it works at all.

3cfd26 No.553329



God is a natural phenomena, if thats what you mean by "supernatural" not a phenomena any one can explain either, the alpha and omega.

8f48ee No.553330


Fuckin Bieber

b36eba No.553331

File: c4c85299fadcdd2⋯.png (251.22 KB, 1138x569, 2:1, M-intel in Q post 122 conf….png)

File: 41c8090082f7c01⋯.png (222.89 KB, 660x260, 33:13, circle charts various.png)

File: dada84b5defb672⋯.jpg (31.2 KB, 474x358, 237:179, example 3.jpg)

File: aa5afba68793492⋯.png (97.1 KB, 600x425, 24:17, example 4.png)

File: 1c2ea2fec44d102⋯.jpg (108.93 KB, 960x720, 4:3, example puzzle.jpg)


I'm glad you posted it again, not everyone is here all the time, so I missed it. I am so very glad to have been online to see it this time, though! I encourage you and all other discourged anons to visit the MAP THREAD LINKS in the DOUGH.


I have likewise been harping about these kinds of maps for months, but the right anons have to be online to see your message and decide to not only agree but to act.

Again, some anons are stepping up to the plate in this regard, and some good maps are being made. There are some free programs for people to use to make them that don't have enormous learning curves and once made, can be amended by other anons. for some reason though it is in the Resources Library, it's no longer in the dough, but it's there >>4352 in the thread here >>9200

In fact, if you would please repost your information with the links in the Map threads and the Research Library, that way it will stay semi-permanent for people to refer to later (Generals fall off the catalog and no one will remember this particular post).

As far as YES, THIS is what POTUS & Q want us to do (make MAPS) - we were told this in the relatively early beginning by a lurking MI anon - see pic related. Ever since then, some of us have been trying to encourage this - it takes a particular type of expression of autism to do it, numberfags will go with numbers, others will go with planes, some dig deep, but some will make maps.


YES. I hated it at the time, but it was invaluable.

c2d987 No.553333


larp calling the Master Black

41e592 No.553334


Yes, The greatest Military Minds of our world have the largest resource of analyzed behaviors and intelligence we've ever known.

No Such Agency.

This war is recalculated by the hour.

624f5d No.553335


Laura Ingraham?

f3fab6 No.553336


He is the Best! Cracks me up! :)

a85ba5 No.553337



That would work!

feceaa No.553338


I posted this earlier today:

City of Dallas Office of Emergency Management in conjunction with MAJESTIC THEATER, Dallas Fire Rescue, Dallas Police Department and 5 area hospitals would like you to participate in our March 18th MASS CASUALTY INCIDENT (MCI) FULL SCALE EXERCISE….must sign a HOLD HARMLESS WAIVER….

So let me get this right: They want to




==PARKLAND==: 5200 Harry Hines Blvd



http:// halturnerradioshow.com/index.php/news/u-s-national-news/2132-more-mass-casualty-drills-for-dallas-houston-louisville-will-they-turn-into-more-mass-shootings-like-broward-county-florida

PS….After I posted it, an Anon told me Majestic is a codeword used by Clowns In Action!!

6bb52f No.553340

c2d987 No.553341

have fun with your race war!

i'll be steppin over your bodies to get groceries

497c1b No.553342

File: 4fda7e933d48151⋯.png (6.62 MB, 1884x3672, 157:306, Q Post - Clowns.png)



Q post Clowns/Clowns In America -

Oct 28, 2017 through March 4, 2018

96c750 No.553343


11=gematria=lonely loser

099ea3 No.553344

File: 46495802460e606⋯.jpg (153.18 KB, 900x664, 225:166, OSCAR_GARRISON.jpg)


969ebe No.553345


To bad you never will.

23a8ab No.553346

File: 189a123c891f596⋯.png (33.17 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Mind_Control_Aquino_Set_Ge….png)



ff5bb2 No.553347


What I've been sayin' for a couple months now.

Said it in the DoE Supercomputers thread.

Quantum computers deal in probabilities at the quantum level.

When they make an observation of a qubit as part of doing a computation, they also change probability, which amounts to selecting a particular timeline out of multiple possible ones.

When these devices are given enormous databases that model every aspect of human behavior and entire societies practically to the molecular level, don't you think there is some capability to predict the future?

CERN is doing the same thing IMO.

I doubt we are the only country with such advanced capabilities.

It is a disturbing train of thought but if true, we need to come to grips with it.

And if true, the things Anons are digging up, meming, and distributing into our society are also greatly affecting the timeline. I believe we are, in effect, trying to steer or direct the timeline we are in, into a more favorable one,

while the Satanists are and have been trying to steer the timeline into a hellish direction.

They have always believed their thoughts create reality.

Maybe it's time for us to step up and believe what Jesus told his disciples,

"For truly, I say to you, if you have faith like a grain of mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move, and nothing will be impossible for you."

We're not talking about faith in a hocus-pocus or vapid spiritual sense.

We're talking about faith as inherent to quantum physics.

We're talking about the interaction of faith and technology.

7128b1 No.553348


Those two Patriots very likely lurk/post on this board.

These two putting BOOM in a twat is prolly not significant.

bbce70 No.553349


You are so clever. Here, have a bag of dicks.

Think of it as a consolation prize.

Pic is funny as hell, but NSFW. Deleted.

Post last edited at

969ebe No.553350


Get sammich stuff too, and bring some beer.

624f5d No.553351


Laura Ingraham?

6f5355 No.553352


Holy hell no. don't do that. it opens the ability to dissolve the entire thing.

WHY?? I do not understand, the existing isn't followed what the hell is new going to do?? Not a fucking thing! There are a few holes in the foundation, I agree, but if the existing were followed and enforced as intended, this wouldn't be a conversation.

6163ce No.553353

File: cabe9aa6ed15ddc⋯.jpg (244.32 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, 6345248761_07affd396e_b.jpg)

An army is a team. It lives, eats, sleeps, and fights as a team. This individual hero stuff is bullshit. The bilious bastards who write that stuff for the Saturday Evening Post don't know any more about real battle than they do about fucking. And we have the best team—we have the finest food and equipment, the best spirit and the best men in the world.

Why, by God, I actually pity these poor bastards we're going up against.

e213c3 No.553354



does this hold water if you die "on set"?

0cb00b No.553355

File: 6321fda63c71bbd⋯.png (187.42 KB, 500x648, 125:162, easily-offended-panta-happ….png)

bf628e No.553356

"Expand your thinking."

"What I say a class action lawsuit?"

I say a - "Isaiah"

class action lawsuit - Covenant Lawsuit

http:// www.israel-a-history-of.com/isaiah-1.html

Lots of articles about this, hard to find one that is easily digestible, so if it interests you there are better discussions of this.

Thought I would throw this out there. Given the context of the entire post, probably doesn't fit, but damn there is a lot in there that applies to what we see around us today. Interesting reading, regardless.

0498e0 No.553357


POTUS speaks for millions.

c7a8cb No.553358

File: 6e2e37317f8c1aa⋯.jpg (371.73 KB, 564x846, 2:3, 31221.jpg)


>Someone is gonna say it…

Show us what's in the basket or GTFO.

7ac419 No.553359


Gab ain't ready for prime time. Plus, Apple and Android refuse to allow the app in the store due to haaaaaaaate speech.

c2d987 No.553360


see, you're telling on yourselves…

8790d8 No.553361


Find the colorblind ppl to see the subliminal messages. Find the colorblind ppl to find the hidden bunkers from satellite view. WE SEE THINGS DIFFERENTLY

c2d987 No.553362

say it bitch!

what's my name?

099ea3 No.553363


https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Majestic

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Majestic_12

https:// vault.fbi.gov/Majestic%2012

fedc08 No.553364


Top kek

c85690 No.553365


Pretty sure that’s the nicest thing anyone has said to me….thanks, anon

3f5bd5 No.553366


Yes, it seems they summoned some Granny Anons…heh heh…double Kek :)

969ebe No.553367

>>553362 - Loser

42213d No.553368

File: 67aeb8a236a98bf⋯.jpg (144.69 KB, 1728x1483, 1728:1483, omuscle.jpg)

f375c3 No.553369

File: 3fb6da99ab78eb8⋯.jpg (164.56 KB, 780x586, 390:293, Bomb.jpg)



68f12e No.553370


Hey 11, we know who you are.

Buba is calling you…00uch

c2d987 No.553371



i already took you and your peeps down

what's my name, bitch?

b6849e No.553372

File: c89d7b2cf7efed5⋯.jpg (9.15 KB, 255x170, 3:2, 2127585e7c15a9a00be2c027de….jpg)

Let's start a Class Action law suit against the Clinton Foundation for defrauding our Country.

96c750 No.553373

c0f999 No.553374


Have a sister?

acc56b No.553375


You can if you have the most powerful AI that can tell the future. Pretty much a given

7128b1 No.553376


>Muellers hit list???? Real err Fake?

Fucking twatter nobody with a blue check mark posting "inside information" about Mueller/Trump?

Real or fake?

Are you for real?

What do you think?

6f5355 No.553378


got a sister?

know anyone who thinks like you do???

I"m in the market

I know, GLF

ccbebe No.553379

Yates dropped Seth Rich?

Dew Drop?

0296cc No.553380


Probably some provision for restricting porn will be needed, based on Supreme Court rulings in the past.

e1ab9a No.553381

Biggest fear of Marxist is the money flow going 2 patriots. So besides w subverting the message (what we expose) there is an urge to subvert the money flow real patriots otherwise would get.

0cb00b No.553382

File: 66e1cb73202547d⋯.jpg (37.15 KB, 425x425, 1:1, df7g89s6dfg87df6g87df6.jpg)

c2d987 No.553383


say it!!!

and where's zac?

35a15a No.553384


Do you have the original template with the raindrops without the 'Q' ?

adae7f No.553385

File: 30431f8adef7b28⋯.jpg (102.55 KB, 940x727, 940:727, QUARTERS.jpg)

2e8a45 No.553386

Hahaha they’re infighting


4640c0 No.553387


yes, researched him. its a rabbit hole. he had access to children. there is lots of info on him on pizzagate

0144f7 No.553388


You haven't taken anything down, other than going down yourself, me thinks. Uh hem, while you're down there…*wiggle wiggle*

c2d987 No.553389


i hunt Rothschilds you fuckin shill


0cb00b No.553390

File: 5834bf879c40084⋯.gif (45.39 KB, 340x325, 68:65, Peanut-butter-jelly-time.gif)

3ad183 No.553391


I don’t need an App, I just need to be able to access it on my iphone or iPad! They won’t let me, even on the internet! That is wrong!

d78896 No.553392

File: 6916c37f5fea696⋯.jpg (45.11 KB, 711x533, 711:533, 56c7413d2e526556008b8424-7….jpg)

File: 424a6b0a7350e9b⋯.jpg (56.84 KB, 474x439, 474:439, 7e125b6b82a72688ff37dbe0e8….jpg)

Cia shills thinking their tactics work on the anons

c2d987 No.553393


so you are gay?

i knew it!!

no thanks

strictly clitly

eb39f4 No.553394


If you're going to the store can you pick up some duct tape and about 6 ft of heavy rope? Thanks

48c7e4 No.553395

File: 5965bf93f4f6a36⋯.jpg (493.88 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Fight Club.jpg)

c3f7b7 No.553396



fe6e95 No.553397

Could Trump bring back the Gold Standard?

https:// www.forbes.com/sites/ralphbenko/2017/02/25/president-trump-replace-the-dollar-with-gold-as-the-global-currency-to-make-america-great-again/

0cb00b No.553398

File: 5a02660a19109e4⋯.jpg (225.94 KB, 900x663, 300:221, 1507767500384.jpg)

c2d987 No.553399


hi zac…

624f5d No.553400


The door is locked and she can't deliver the sammiches.

6bb52f No.553401


When the critical mass of consciounsness is reached, no amount of "name 5 jennifer lawrence movies" or "candy crush saga" will hold back the Truth. Things will change in a more or less shocking way - depends on every one of us. Inner work - spirituality - VERY important.

ff1b07 No.553402


AI can not predict the future. However, to be sure, there are some evil assholes out there trying to create the future they want using AI.

But, big difference.

Do something unpredictable today.

acc56b No.553404


Outside? There is 5 feet of snow.

6f5355 No.553405


if you don't know Q-computers basically come up with a question, send it to another dimension and get the answer back from that dimension. Its scary stuff far as i'm concerned. I'm not sure I wanna know who is answering the questions and what manipulations are being applied.

b2a5a9 No.553406

File: 362a056b0d1255e⋯.png (189.35 KB, 476x269, 476:269, Opera Snapshot_2018-03-01_….png)

b6849e No.553407


some men like to beat their wives.

it gave some an out.

4d98f9 No.553408

File: efbe97f94fc95e8⋯.gif (974.74 KB, 500x283, 500:283, giphy.gif)

bea344 No.553409


there. AI can predit normie's future only.

c2d987 No.553410



wonder how that happened

bbce70 No.553411

File: dee60daba49824a⋯.jpg (72.37 KB, 481x735, 481:735, 25qyjk.jpg)

4b6b4c No.553412


You can't own code, it does not work that way. you can own the organization of code branded in a specific way. To say they own code means I could never write a fucking if statement again without paying them

f375c3 No.553413


Dub zeros… Id let her in.

f7a608 No.553414


https:// theconservativetreehouse.com/2018/03/04/transcript-of-president-trump-speech-during-gridiron-dinner/

28c794 No.553415

I've been watching you for two stings and more. Your name, as far as I'm concerned is "Bitch". Add something…………fuck, even subtract something, but for God's sake stop babbling. You, Bitch, are boring the hell out of me. >>553383

b2a5a9 No.553416

File: 059058019c7ed35⋯.png (61.13 KB, 444x404, 111:101, Opera Snapshot_2018-02-21_….png)

0144f7 No.553417


You're not very good at it, they're all still hanging around, failing to take notice of you.

eb39f4 No.553418


Garrison rocks,digits guide us

c2d987 No.553419

File: ed52d56f90a974a⋯.jpg (97.75 KB, 500x400, 5:4, COVEFE.jpg)

…you're late >>553406

0cb00b No.553420


You don't belong here, namefaggot. Obvious gringo is obvious.

d1483c No.553421


CNN is hopeless, but it looks like the communist propaganda might have impacted the Italian vote. If the exit polls are correct then a whole lot of Italians either didn't turn out to vote or voted for the status quo to continue. No clear majority winner—despite all the bullshit from the EU elites in Brussels, the carpet bombing with migrants, and the shitty economy….unbelievable!

Maybe common sense will prevail. Maybe the right-of-center parties will coalesce and form a decent government, and leave the EU, and kick the migrants out. Maybe.

5fea54 No.553422


I posted this a while back.


8c36f0 No.553423

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

Nunes on (((Levin)))

c2d987 No.553424


doesn't sound like it :)

f375c3 No.553425


A strong woman would cut his dick off and find herself a worthy man. Just cause they're home raising the kids doesnt mean theyre in the back seat.

dec167 No.553426

File: 70834fb5b1c4689⋯.png (34.72 KB, 300x300, 1:1, cDKhgxX.png)

Requesting a Red Pill invasion of iowa.rivals.com Go to the "off topic board"

01c16f No.553427

File: c5ccc124a9ccd9f⋯.jpg (134.22 KB, 746x568, 373:284, Triumvirate LLL.jpg)

63bce1 No.553428


We have build-a-house Jimmy Carter to thank for that misery. Had Nixon not fucked up, we'd have been thanking him.

157133 No.553429


Did Q say it is something we should support?

Why did he ask about why people would resist it?

Note the strategy. It is a tool of government control over the internet. Look at what happened. Net neutrality was overturned and then conservatives were censored on platforms far harder than they usually have been. Then this idea is put out there.


Same effective proposal. It is the Net Neutrality many of us railed against as being anti-market and anti-competitive. Only worse. It labels places like Facebook a utility to be regulated.

Facebook and Google, rather than being market service providers who wax and wane, become entrenched utility services within the market which the government "regulates" to ensure they are "fair and just."

After reading the proposal and understanding its implication, the answer is no. I will not support it and will move to have it repealed should it pass. Assuming due process of law can survive long enough.

I do not see where Q advances this as a good thing. And even if he was advancing it as a good thing, I consider it an error and recommend a review of its impact on society relative to the goals of Patriots. Not every personal ideal of my own must be piggybacked onto the Great Awakening, but the purpose and goal of this "internet bill of rights" is extremely suspect to me, and if included into the movement, is something I will keep an especially close eye on.

7128b1 No.553430


There's a spare key under the deck boards behind her.

She needs to turn around, bend over, and look for that hidden key.

Prolly be more comfortable for her if she hiked up her skirt while she's looking.

2351a1 No.553431

Lurker from day one here and a digger from the days of AOL And let me tell y'all, if any black hats was worried about anything y'all are doing here, ya wouldn't be doing it. Not here anyway. Y'all are running in circles and falling right into the cult mentality they want you to. Y'all aren't a real threat to them. Hell y'all are parked at a computer hanging on the word of your god. I was a digger. But I was all alone in my quest and actually picked up a rotary phone and drove places to find info. I know from experience how they work. Keep worshipping your god who had actually told y'all what it is and what it is doing. Unfortunately y'all were already in the state of mind it wanted. It said question everything but look at yourselves. Any theory that y'all don't like gets dismissed. Y'all call yourselves free thinkers. Yet you have allowed yourselves to be lead around by the noserings. Wake up and come out of the trance. You would be absolutely astounded at the amount of useful information out there that is not q cult approved. So ban me if you must but I have no intention of commenting again. Back to work y'all. Kek!

2e8a45 No.553432

If it isn’t anonymous or Q in the name field I filter….don’t even waste my time

fde1b4 No.553433


I think your delusional. Blue check mark is the answer… ReeeeeTard!!! Look at the names AHOLE!!! Contribute 1x

b36eba No.553434

File: 6409e1101269031⋯.jpg (45.93 KB, 680x684, 170:171, 1471994804531.jpg)


You have no idea how many older people lurk. Seriously, it's a little shocking. I know some rail on "boomers" here but there are some that have their heads screwed on straight and once they find a place that speaks plainly (as it were) and tells the unvarnished truth, they are intrigued. You can't imagine how odd it is to hear elderly people talking about what goes on here.

5eb2eb No.553435


>She said that she was jewish.


344916 No.553436


>>After all drugs don't order people to kill, therapists order people to kill. So who are these people? Where are these clinics?

Do we have anything on that clinics or universities wise? I'd be interested.

40e7ac No.553437

File: 73ad757183c9269⋯.jpeg (5.56 KB, 200x200, 1:1, images (26).jpeg)

File: ab85e82847444a3⋯.jpg (161.62 KB, 398x545, 398:545, 18396af748c5e363856c87c754….jpg)

File: 55d90db36e13694⋯.jpg (297.91 KB, 1099x1469, 1099:1469, !Awakening6.jpg)

File: 8dcb58ad1389e7b⋯.jpg (1.22 MB, 1608x1080, 67:45, IMG_20180223_235154_proces….jpg)

File: 58a9a259a0e8ab7⋯.jpg (78.43 KB, 960x720, 4:3, A Roadmap 1. Secret-key So….jpg)


< Crazy theory…bare with me anons this is just a response to the stated question.

This is an Alternate Reality Game (ARG) created by IARPA. The operation involves multiple teams who have switched out in order to compete for overall impact which is how they are scored.

The challenges include:

< Collecting REAL Intel through monitoring multiple sites and users.

< Creating novel encryption techniques and testing them with REAL operators.

< Using artificial intelligence security and bots to scrape data and create actionable insights.

< Utilizing REAL Qresearch by weaponized autism to explore connections not found by traditional Intel analysts.

< Sharing all data with IC and DOE to help A.I. algorithms. Predictive analytics and behavior data collection etc.

< Identifying individual Qresearchers who have discovered important keys or decrypted messages in provided puzzles.

You asked

6bb52f No.553438


This is a very very good post.

Spirituality is nothing but higher science.

You can now tip fedoras while connecting with the God inside you. What a time to be alive.

927e80 No.553439

>I think what I am observing is one master bot arguing with several other bots/ each of the slave bots lasts for one or two responses and then cycles out. heads up!

c0f999 No.553440


Should we tell them all to email you?

Is that why you're shoeing it to us?

fcbd78 No.553441

just like in Louisiana pilot program



6bbdf9 No.553442


The Leaks are Real the "News is Fake"

more unnamed sources?

I'm betting this was just a Leak Detector….

c2d987 No.553443

zac is blowing his cover em

you gonna help him?

b4276f No.553444


hahah that would be awesome but twitter WILL be made an example of

bbce70 No.553445


Don't let the door hit ya.

acc56b No.553446


With all that date they pretty much can

2e8a45 No.553447

File: eca0c1bb3cf5b58⋯.jpeg (92.92 KB, 715x894, 715:894, 6BBD8334-A003-4C3A-8B39-2….jpeg)

For the anons who like…. something diff then half baked females

6d7bcc No.553448

File: 9bfc863011d3286⋯.jpg (206.98 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Glorious2.jpg)

File: cb523e07bb24abe⋯.jpg (150.26 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Glorious9.jpg)


Hate → ditto fear.

1ee494 No.553449


5 posts of Danny Downer. Any suggestions to cure us of our stockholm syndrome?

41e592 No.553450


Instant fucking filter+

3a4c57 No.553451

File: 5e5550b6508cb28⋯.jpg (245.79 KB, 824x351, 824:351, APES-med-01y.jpg)

ff1b07 No.553452


No question. But it's going to take more than a meme war to accomplish it.

The American people were wholeheartedly against American's entry into WW2. In order to move the populace to support it, FDR, et al, manipulated events leading up to Pearl Harbor.

The point it, something mind shattering will have to occur in order to break the public's trance.

Why does the deep state kill children in schools? Same game.

f6e2be No.553453


You and me both SisterAnon. Once my birds were read to fly, I too spread my wings. It was So SO worth it. You won't regret it.

More power to you for the decision you made. It was a GOOD one!

Raise up your Patriots!!

acc56b No.553455


I mean data. Been a long day

a57759 No.553456

File: d6e56b1e0f18c29⋯.jpg (294.58 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, Beautiful rain.jpg)

b36eba No.553457

File: ae87f6705585740⋯.gif (10.11 KB, 304x161, 304:161, 1477355487313.gif)

Looks like lefytpol arrived.

Stop fucking responding to trolls

Seriously, use some self control

63bce1 No.553458


You are not alone with that idea. There is also a remarkably addictive quality to the time here. A bit worrisome.

c2d987 No.553459

that's what the fuck i though

now stay off the Master's Dick

fuckin larpfags!

0f73a0 No.553460

File: bc8a6e699cd1069⋯.png (26.66 KB, 604x170, 302:85, POTUS 2014.PNG)


in 2014

He is the best

c2d987 No.553461



94375c No.553462


Doubt it unless the US has some way of re-aquiring the US peoples' GOLD that has been pilfered for many years.

Currently I don't think the US has any unencumbered gold.

8790d8 No.553463

File: 7534670e969e5b7⋯.jpg (246.56 KB, 968x1151, 968:1151, 998611meme.jpg)

609b65 No.553464


After the deep state is finally shat out of our govt EVERY law except the Constitution needs a sunset clause of 20 years maximum. Failure to specifically renew that law results in it falling by the wayside.

66bbc7 No.553465


the problem is the publics perception that they can remain anonymous online which is 100% false and then somehow letting them know that THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS PRIVACY ONLINE WHATSOEVER and the govt has been watching you all along, along with corporations and random psychopaths and perverts.

7128b1 No.553466


>I have no intention of commenting again

I'm pissed that I had to read this whole tale of larping bullshit to get to this wonderful ending.

344916 No.553467


Yes. Didn't the OSS use crossword puzzles? They'd be insane to let this talent go to waste.

17e3ae No.553468


Are you fuking serious??

9ba28d No.553469


nother tranny

63bce1 No.553471


Now that you mention it…

Plus, what if National Treasure is true?

40e7ac No.553472


Did you even read the post I was responding to?

2e8a45 No.553473

eba439 No.553474


Does anyone have a super hi res version? Want to get printed on posters to hand out

66bbc7 No.553475


not wrong

107eac No.553476



This isn't good enough. We really should mull this over in a thread (or here) and hammer out something that isn't hastily put together.

Here are some things broken with it.

1. Right to complete free speech here right now means that people can pay a bunch of money and flood a forum with paid comments or run a botnet to do the same.

2. Absolute privacy is not possible to guarantee.

3. "Available to us" is a problem here. The internet however is critical infrastructure and should be treated as such.

4. Already covered by antitrust laws before net neutrality was ever there, but still good to draw in leftist support.

5. Have the president appoint somebody and be done with it. Making up a new fantasy position without real power or responsibility isn't going to help.

1ee494 No.553477



>Hate → ditto fear.

Hate IS fear, a blinding fear at that. I'm not saying not to face horrible realities with a smile, just saying not to waste energy hating & becoming more fearful & bitter. Life just gives you more shit to hate then.

e1ab9a No.553478


Ah yea, wondered where the 50 mln a year AJ collected in the election years went, 6 team company doesn't cove that amount.

Smart, just keep talking their narratives and ranking i n the cash.

Sounds like a blue print of Beanz plans, besides possible FF of that dangerous bitch.

7128b1 No.553479


You're a fucking brainless sheep.

8790d8 No.553480

Go home 11 You're drunk!

fcbd78 No.553481

How thoughtful!



19fbff No.553482

>>552975 my guess is that he wants to tie Snowden and Jack, in our minds, with cyber/internet issues.

adae7f No.553483

Why have we not shifted to a peace/love/information meme campaign????

Really fucking hard to censor peace and love and get save face!!!!

0498e0 No.553484

File: 059350d13fa4bb0⋯.png (317.03 KB, 400x299, 400:299, ClipboardImage.png)


Please tell us more of what you've accomplished.

66bbc7 No.553485



fde34d No.553486


not a shill? ok then… HELLOOOOOOOO 3 MONTHS AGOOOOO! in case you thought maybe you had an original fucking idea there anon. go read the previos 600 threads and come back. i for one am sick of hearing this every 2 weeks when an anon thinks paranoid. it's really simple… psssst, we were dead any way. trust it or go back to your regular life and let sane people work. thanks.

099ea3 No.553487


>National Treasure

Bigger one is what if parts of Assassin's Creed are true. There are quite a lot of truths in the series.

63bce1 No.553488

The gold standard is easily obtained if we call in debt from other countries and require it be paid in gold.

Hell, Libya was set down it's path a dozen years ago because Sarkozy was worried about the gold Quaddafi has stored. There's plenty to be had.

"Fungible" is a word that was used a few days ago. It sticks.

c2d987 No.553489

now go follow Q's crumbs like a bunch of sad puppies

he's telling you to think critically, but…

you're asshats

wake me for the next storm

7128b1 No.553490

ff1b07 No.553491


No correction needed for me. I'm not a spelling fag.

Still, be smarter that this. Consider that they only want you to think they can predict the future.

Statistics and probability can only be so accurate. Ask the insurance companies.

eb39f4 No.553492

File: 99049d4ff92fc15⋯.png (833.79 KB, 701x504, 701:504, GoldAward.PNG)


They were giving awards out tonight, here , you forgot yours : )

2e8a45 No.553493


Mine are 39 son, 36 daughter, both hard core patriots!!! Both work 40+ hrs. A week, and still stand and salute the flag when ever they are near one! Both HUGE supporters of POTUS! And I think I did a damn great job raising them by myself!

107eac No.553494

File: 6bda590500f7401⋯.jpg (323.47 KB, 1440x900, 8:5, not sure.jpg)


You don't even deserve a new meme.

26b453 No.553495

File: 4ab6ef33e2eca33⋯.png (798.89 KB, 720x1050, 24:35, Screenshot_2018-03-04-20-2….png)

File: 5174b072adbc186⋯.png (185.36 KB, 720x1129, 720:1129, Screenshot_2018-03-04-20-1….png)

File: 8bb317a77569fe9⋯.png (62.83 KB, 720x620, 36:31, Screenshot_2018-03-04-20-1….png)

File: 64fc0c85bacc593⋯.png (134.34 KB, 720x1055, 144:211, Screenshot_2018-02-20-01-4….png)

Codes…first time I noted a change. Maybe occurred previous? Note avatar graphics.

9290ca No.553496


Kid Rock?

f375c3 No.553497

File: fa8637b50c26dcc⋯.jpg (145.29 KB, 810x540, 3:2, equal.jpg)

cbcfd2 No.553498

File: 7ef0bb975ddb7df⋯.jpg (716.64 KB, 1145x516, 1145:516, OK4.jpg)


a8e7ae No.553499


The defeat of Renzi was the Pensions.., Italy has the 2# salary more lower of the Europe.., it influenced a lot in the Election.., and the Demography..

609b65 No.553500


Why can't our Constituional Bill of Rights extend to the innerwebz?

63bce1 No.553501


Not at all familiar with it, but I should probably check it out.

Q said once, What if we are really a wealthy nation? (or close…) Maybe it's true.

2e8a45 No.553502


Got a 36 yr old daughter, red head, 38-23-34 single

107eac No.553503


Then get the fuck out. We don't need you divisionfagging.

01c16f No.553504

File: 6ecd58ce8cc47db⋯.jpg (1.01 MB, 1936x1296, 121:81, What do the stars tell you.jpg)

>>553427 any legatimate questions I will answer.


(ALICE & WONDERLAND) 80 thousand ft. BIG PICTURE (alice & wonderland 4 a reason!))

1. CLASSIFIED - Flat Earth POSSIBLE? [Prepare to be AMAZED – wonderland]

Bible says earth cannot be moved? Says stars & Sun move?

NASA LYING? No “outer” space? NO PICTURES OF EARTH EXIST? [verity]



Why Bible says “firmament”? Waters above? [Alice in Wonderland].

United Nations Emblem is a Flat Earth Map? Coincidence? [no coincidences]

Why don’t plane pilots factor in the curve or rotation? Why don’t engineers?

Why haven’t star charts changed in thousands of years? Earth not moving?

What are stars? Research flat earth, be amazed. Book of Enoch?

Why does Catholic CHURCH own inferred telescope named LUCIFER?

[bigger.than.you.know] [Alice in wonderland] [follow the white rabbit]

Reality is not what you thought. Youtube.com flat earth. [expand your thinking] THERES A DOME ABOVE YOUR HEAD. POSSIBLE? Shockingly, YES!

2. CLASSIFIED - What are GIANTS? What are Nephilim? Why is this relevant?

What is Big Foot? [wonderland] Does the Bible talk about Giants? Hairy ones?

Why? Where did they come from? Are they real? Alive today? Bible is true.


What is book of Enoch? Who was Enoch? Why was book removed from bible?

[alice & wonderland] Novus Ordo Seclorum (new order of ages) Why?

[future proves past] They are returning. Who are THEY? What are stars?

Alien invasion? NO. Spiritual invasion. Does Bible quote Enoch? Why?

Illuminati knows the truth. Stars are living. This is why they worship stars.

Worship Saturn, venus, mars, sun? Why? Why Egypt? Why pyramids?

Giants from the heavens built them? Aliens? No. Nephilim. Alice & wonderland.

Wandering stars (so called planets) are? Fallen angels? Demonic? RESEARCH!

3. CLASSIFIED - What are UFOs? True UFOs are ANGELIC BEINGS [expand your thinking]

Not UFOs, are UFAs – Unidentified Flying Angels. Light. Shape shifters real.

God is real. Satan is real. Dome is real. Flat Earth is real. Angels are real. Not aliens.

Hybrids are real. (Alice & Wonderland) (follow the white rabbit) [expand thinking]

All are fallen angels. All are demonic manifestations. Revelation 12 sign. 7 years?

Solar eclipse. Magic. Illusion. Distraction. Lies. Hiding reality. Research. Study.

Satanic world leaders working with them. Preparing for [Alice & wonderland]

Return of Aliens? No return of Nephilim. Giants. Hybrids. Preparing for…

“Men's hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are

coming on the earth:” BUT HAVE PEACE – HOLY JESUS HAS ALREADY WON! Great awakening. What is CERN? What are they doing?

4. CLASSIFIED - Illuminati – REAL – Deep State – Swamp – Triangle - Synonyms.

Why is their symbol pyramid? Eye? Egyptian? Who helped Egyptians? (not aliens)

Who did they worship? WHAT did they follow? Stars? Why? Giant beings? (wonderland) Why hide history? History is the key to understanding.

What are star trails? Perfect circles (north star)? Wandering Stars (wonderland).

Why rewrite history? Why Novus Ordo Seclorum? To hide the key.

5. Bible is TRUE! Stop sleeping. Science can prove. Classified.





They use subliminal messages, modified food, fluoride in water, televisions (flicker rate), smart phones (frequencies), video games (distraction/brain warping). All to make you sleep. All to distract you while they have taken over the world. Now it’s time for Alice and Wonderland (evil)

to return. Prepare. Believe. Study.

HIDDEN REALITY – 80,000 ft. – IT’S ALL ABOUT RELIGION – $$$ is their tool. (pray)

Nothing is what you thought it was. Crazy? Surprise! Not crazy. Fact.

Pray, kneel, be humble, repent, submit to Christ


Much RESPECT TO THE Q TEAM! Much Respect to my President

Thank you for fighting evil – Be careful guys



(480458 – Post 827 Q) - Listening for coded messages – loved Capital DOME – (229103 – Post 649 Q)

tiny bread crumbs – coincidence?


6bb52f No.553505


I believe full disclosure will do the trick. For some.

Your concerns are valid, but I wouldn't worry too much.

I forgot how it feels to be 100% programmed, If I ever was controlled to such a degree.

We'll see. In the meantime, slowly increasing redpill dosage for every anon. Don't be shy anons, there's plenty for everyone.

0498e0 No.553506


That's not how it works for women. Women don't want to see pictures of men.

Women want to hear men say:

"I'm sorry, I was wrong. What would you like me to do?"

eb39f4 No.553507


Because the web is Worldwide.

b4ac9c No.553508

File: 0fbc4f9e6aedf1f⋯.png (692.9 KB, 1255x942, 1255:942, klfgh.png)


Was digging on the USSS website. Noticed that one of their homepage hero sliders was updated on Mar 1, 2018, to feature School Safety.

Wondering why USSS is involved with School Safety and why they were allegedly at parkland a few weeks before.

Is this something they normally do? I've heard a few school security experts / administrators say they've never heard of USSS coming to schools like they did in Parkland.

Could be worth digging.

b2748e No.553509


seems that way to me, too - and in a decisive manner, as there are plenty of other people he's mentioned that could be linked to all kinds of cyber/internet issues.

fde1b4 No.553510


No, I'm not your mom!

310089 No.553511


Your grammar reads like a drunk old woman. But good shilling you at least are interesting.

2e8a45 No.553512


Not always

7128b1 No.553513


That twatter account is a LARP.

You would know that by now, and you would know that Q has stated so, if you would just read the map and fucking lurk moar.

63bce1 No.553514


Thinking independently used to be admired here. Maybe the problem is with you?

f375c3 No.553515


How was your day?

b303a8 No.553516


1km deep thats fraccing,

I was working the shale play around here, don't remember how many times i looked that up, have tremor, and when you looked up the gps coords it the exact pad we just finished settling.

40e7ac No.553517


It's addictive for sure.


The IARPA holds a contest ($200k) for ARG content. It's called UAREHERE. I don't really think that's whats happening here but the thought crossed my mind.

2e8a45 No.553518



f187a1 No.553519


Good guys/bad guys in every agency. Weeding those out is what's important. Those idiots showed their ass. Plus, Adm Rogers has all the comms. Oops!

a57759 No.553520

File: 0cceb2f19100998⋯.jpg (982.23 KB, 1800x1800, 1:1, MakeItRain1.jpg)

c3f7b7 No.553521



GTFO! We like our bread hot and buttery. It makes our task tasty and enjoyable

693fae No.553522

File: 7b46454ec7767a2⋯.png (20.99 KB, 500x280, 25:14, Screenshot-2018-3-4 (2) I ….png)

Feeling angry, easily irritable or just plain OFF?







Chemtrails bring more problems than just "the flu".

Also, isn't it odd as soon as Q tells us MULTIPLE times to work TOGETHER, stay a UNITED front, PETTY jerks show up to sow seeds of dissent.

Pic totally related.


f6e2be No.553523


Way to go!! Strong woman. I admire you!

Mine - 35, 30 & 28. Amazing strong women. PATRIOTS to the core. ( I was but a babe when I had mine kid-lets).

WE did good ^5 .

ff1b07 No.553524


Great question. Seems to me that, unless a law has been written that exempts the internet from 1st A, it should be a no-brainer.

68f12e No.553525


Impossible. The only way would be to put all American accests, metals in all, including land I will be the only way we can pull this off

eba439 No.553526

File: 686378a13e022f7⋯.jpeg (100.25 KB, 635x600, 127:120, C4C2D053-251A-4381-8808-5….jpeg)

File: dd85395a3870f25⋯.jpeg (252.76 KB, 1242x690, 9:5, F18F20D7-9802-493B-AA43-9….jpeg)

107eac No.553527


This. This is part of of the problem.

We need something better than the current petition.

Something with real thought put into it.

8790d8 No.553528


gotta be man enough for a red head built similar to a brick house. She 's be a handful and knows it

c9a602 No.553529


eleven … always reminds me of that YT skit where two Scotsmen get stuck in an elevator that is voice activated for the floor you want to get off on … and because of their heavy accent…the elevator can't understand what floor they want to get off on when they say "eleven". They are asked to repeat the number numerous times, the elevator won't let them off, and the convo and different attempts they try to say eleven … pretty much bust your gut laughing.

abb2a0 No.553530


I focused on ISPs as mere connections to the internet to keep them from having the ability to interfere with access a la DMCA violations. That issue should lie only on the service or website providing that content. About 10 years ago, while I was in the Army, my wifi was used to download movies while I was in the field and I got notices that I would lose access. ISPs must not be liable for anything transmitted or received as they only provide access. Penalties in the form of damages, real or perceived, can only be levied against the websites/services causing such violations. If someone can sue McDonald's for coffee being hot and spilling it on themselves, then you should be able to sue Twitter for interfering in your ability to communicate - this must be non-negotiable. Any speech can be labeled as hate speech if the company disagrees with it. Therefore, unless the speech is a direct threat on another person/entity, it must be permitted. Get used to being called a fag, a retard, or a twatwaffle, because fuck your feelings. Bullying is a bullshit cop out when you can't physically harm anyone over the internet. Users should have options to decide what they see, it should not be the responsibility of the website to control content. Much like on the chans, where you can filter someone, but without ability to ban someone unless a clearly illegal act is taking place. (Child porn, direct threats, revenge porn, doxxing, etc)

We've never had these issues before now because the internet was fairly open. It's only been a problem since the major platforms started changing rules and discriminating against people on one of the only unprotected areas - political/ideological belief. We have to build from the ground up because there is nothing that governs the internet. But, it must be built as a set of protections for the users that companies cannot violate without severe monetary repercussions. You can't fix a problem on the net by jailing someone, but if you threaten financial strain, companies will comply.

2e8a45 No.553531

e91734 No.553532

File: 35ee0661954a981⋯.jpg (2.07 MB, 2835x2835, 1:1, 000maptest.jpg)

Been letting the inner autist out to make the map. This is a better version of–what I believe to be–the structure of the map.


And if any of the information is wrong, let me know: I'm doing most things from memory.

(Excuse the MS Paint BS: couldn't seem to do simple lines in Photoshop)

6bb52f No.553533


How to mix Truth and disinfo/fiction 101 - the post.

3abcd5 No.553534

File: 1a8d3bc956a0964⋯.png (1019.27 KB, 700x523, 700:523, Screenshot-2018-3-4 Result….png)

68f12e No.553535


Sorry, auto correct

f625e4 No.553536

at least be honest…or your just like all the other disinfo shills WW. I have never ever seen her try to hawk tee-shirts. Make your post a truthful post. It is the very least you can do.

48c7e4 No.553538

File: 3adc14f96aefefb⋯.jpg (25.94 KB, 480x360, 4:3, shills.jpg)

0cb00b No.553539

File: b36f2dcce09d105⋯.jpg (54.6 KB, 960x632, 120:79, d6vi8r1vnkxy.jpg)

19fbff No.553540


Scribner’s errors won’t void a contract.

2e8a45 No.553541


Yup! Strong willed! And very tenacious. And very outspoken

6f5355 No.553542

7128b1 No.553543


I'm sorry, I was wrong. I need a beer and a shot!

What would you like me to do with this plate, after I get done with this sammich you made?"

0144f7 No.553545


Why are all wars fought?

f625e4 No.553546


message meant for^^

5eb2eb No.553547


>I'm seriously starting to fear we're being royally fucked over here

Stay vigilant fear less. Never be afraid to ask questions.

I think, looking back at a few other Q posts re AT&T=NSA…that the misdirection towards AT&T could be intentional.

It is illogical that AT&T would be anywhere near our side. Who did AT&T suggest actually write this IBOR?

Free speech is free..the Internet need no regulation beyond that which is already illegal

SO..we've got a few choices. Ask that the Internet be treated as a public utility, remove our content from platforms that depend on our content for survival…jaysus it would take us a mere month of boycotting all SM including gaggle, twatter, FB…just a month..advertisers would be screaming bloody murder…we can do that ourselves without any Conressional interferrence, it would be the easiest solution..look what we've done to hollywierd and CNN..why aren't we doing it to the rest of them?

Actually I wonder why, as this is simplest solution, Q didn't mention that…

Unless we want our police to spend more time chasing down FUCK MOHAMMAD twats and arresting the twatters…rather than arresting the child rape and grooming gangs, I strongly suggest we decide what is more valuable…our right to force twatter to let us speak anyway we want (while hosting child porn) or remove ourselves from a platform that hosts child porn?

We can KILL the motherfucking MSM all by ourselves!

0498e0 No.553548


Ok I think some anons didn't get enough sleep last night and are just getting weird.

3a4c57 No.553549


All night last night and early this morning were blissfully tasty breads. Soon as word got out that Q posted, the niggers came to shit up the dough again.

94375c No.553550


Most countries have squandered their gold resources. It is in the hands of the cabal. Perhaps if Trump can seize it back from them it will be an option.

China and Russia are the ones stacking and last I checked they don't owe you any money (quite the opposite in the case of China).

When LdR trolled us she said they don't touch our dirty paper. I don't think most Anons realize the value and importance of gold (think Peter Munk).

3f5bd5 No.553551


Well he asked why "so called patriots" challenge it, so it certainly seemed to me that he was encouraging it.

01c16f No.553552


Please be more specific. What is the disinformation… if you are serious about seeking and understanding truth.

cbcfd2 No.553553


Shallow, strong and unusual compared to the constant minor swarms OK usually has due to fracking. Probably will be another one.

ff1b07 No.553554


Agreed. Full disclosure will do it. But it can not come from a bunch of nerds on the internet (using the deep state vernacular). It has to come from authority.

Until someone with recognized authority shouts it from the steps of Congress, nothing moves the public.

9ba28d No.553555

File: 424ae1c8a32c87a⋯.jpg (183.5 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, dumbledore.jpg)

do not forget to move your gun propaganda to it's board

clown rodeo will get one soon too

North american memefag association also

insulting a potus is the anathema of this country

it is a patriotic duty infact

threats are a no no

if you can npt insult a faux fascist dictator in this time that a potus wants to pinch mo rights from ya

you are stoopid

2e8a45 No.553556


And she fully believes in equally sharing all household duties and work… she refuses to Financially support a man does not work

107eac No.553557

In case Q comes and makes a drop and distracts everyone, here is a IBOR thread just for this case.

https:// 8ch.net/qresearch/res/553544.html

0986d4 No.553558


http:// www.hourofthetime.com/majestyt.htm

8141f2 No.553559

01c16f No.553560

File: 46c89c380a56f26⋯.jpg (46.8 KB, 644x640, 161:160, Dome Earth pic.jpg)


There is no EDGE. We are sealved in. The south pole ice ring goes all the way around.

0144f7 No.553561

I used to date Beanz. I'll say this for her, she did give an intense dirty sanchez.

8790d8 No.553562

>>553538 not a shill just wasting a post for a smile built for 2. No harm in having some fun. Whistle while we work

693fae No.553564


I concur last night was blissfully shill free!

They find there way via twatter posts of the Q repository site.

6bc328 No.553565

File: a3f2280419786b7⋯.jpg (40.29 KB, 460x307, 460:307, 307.jpg)

4b6b4c No.553566


Hmm so dirty ass an beanz?

9f7e8f No.553568

File: eaa9f5c0700d363⋯.jpg (38.39 KB, 480x540, 8:9, missingu.jpg)

c3f7b7 No.553569


God I wish he would say that! You made me check the archive.

40e7ac No.553570


Dirty beaner

2e8a45 No.553571

B.B. in 30….. got a veteran needing assistance….

acc56b No.553573


LOL Don't think the insurance companies can afford a super computer AI. I am not saying they predict the'future' completely but they can get a pretty good idea. Especially, if it was to make a map on available data on how to take our world back.

26b453 No.553574


I've got your moar.

68f12e No.553575


Tell that to ES,@jack and that wus at FaceDarpa.

Ist amend only matters to Them if your trying to correct their Lies…

0049e1 No.553576

File: ba50adc11aa8291⋯.png (51.29 KB, 1121x687, 1121:687, narrative.png)

41 times Q posts contain Narrative

We need to get ahead of the narrative

and drop whatever ammo we have

against (((their))) narratives..

beforehand when possible

6f5355 No.553577


Works for me, sounds like responsible free market and good ole fashioned thick skin. Stick some ethics and morality that our form of government requires back in the mix and the damn thing runs right again.

7128b1 No.553578


> Why are all wars fought?


6d96f6 No.553579


Lets not fall to distractions that harm credibility.

0cb00b No.553580

File: 696fb55cefd4082⋯.jpg (30.22 KB, 445x334, 445:334, d9a0f8ds90f8sd9f08sdf09sd8….jpg)


I feel that YOU believe you, and I'm sad/glad for that. But you're crazy with this flat earth crap lelz. Sorry, anon, nothin' doin'.

107eac No.553581

File: 57e75ea93ae35c5⋯.jpg (42.14 KB, 555x381, 185:127, images.duckduckgo.jpg)

acc56b No.553582


and a giant turtle is holding us up

56d802 No.553583

>>548166 I'll take THIS IBOR over what AT&T wants to do… jussayin..

We the people ask the federal government to Take or explain a position on an issue or policy:

The American Internet Bill of Rights.

Created by C.P. on February 05, 2018

Needs 97,901 signatures by March 7, 2018 to get a response from the White House

#1. We The People have the Right to complete free speech when on the Internet. #2. We have the right and shall be guaranteed absolute privacy when online. There shall be no unauthorized monitoring, recording, or storing of our data at any time. #3. We shall be given access to the most up to date and powerful technology available to us, with all provisions & efforts made by our elected officials to ensure that our Internet quality is always reflective of its importance to our Republic. #4. We have the Right to NOT have our Internet throttled, prioritized, or restricted in any way. #5. We have the Right to select and appoint a new special council to oversee these Rights, and a report on the State of The American Internet shall be submitted to POTUS by January 15th of each calendar year.

https:// petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/american-internet-bill-rights

f5a35a No.553584


Then why can't i see the north star from the southern hemisphere?

eb39f4 No.553585


It's not a problem,it's an answer, like everything if we do it all the rest will follow suit in the world.Lead by example.

6bb52f No.553586


THIS pleeeeaase!

We need a petition.

American citizens need this.

petitions.whitehouse.gov "To disclose all files about encounters with UFO phenomena"

Believers will love this, unbelievers will get rid of "ayylmaofags". win-win

6f5355 No.553587


nice! runs my own business, I know about work

6b40bc No.553588



536d0d No.553589

Life, Liberty and Levin on Fox. with Nunes. the more you listen to exactly what obama admin did fuck up POTUS, the angrier you get. Nunes says he's shocked and scared for our Country. Very good interview. check it out if you can.

9290ca No.553590

Good work Anon >>553571

6d96f6 No.553591


Accurate, feminine imperative is destroying the foundations of the West.

https:// www. zerohedge.com/news/2018-03-03/rent-sex-landlords-exploit-thousands-broke-millenials

6c7efb No.553592

File: 957705dff214bc2⋯.png (66.63 KB, 675x731, 675:731, Mar 4 cnsrs.png)

9ba28d No.553593


damn tranny

0cb00b No.553594

File: a04e8f0f7e30e4b⋯.jpg (28.52 KB, 475x358, 475:358, 6sfg75s76dfg5s76g5fdg5.jpg)



3f5bd5 No.553595


Ha ha ha , that's funny. :) :) :)

5eb2eb No.553596

File: 1909a888b267c16⋯.jpg (30.92 KB, 375x500, 3:4, thanksbaker.jpg)

6f5355 No.553597


No it's the necklace on the cat!! Remember??!!

c821b5 No.553598


The Beanz maka me fart!

3abcd5 No.553599

File: 91ea640358f75f6⋯.png (121.82 KB, 289x257, 289:257, Screenshot-2018-3-4 Meme G….png)

c77a1b No.553600


ding ding ding We have a WINNER here.

0cb00b No.553601


Um, 'package for you,sir'… Hahahaha couldn't help myself…

0498e0 No.553602

File: c64ce18b25f74e5⋯.jpg (24.18 KB, 650x366, 325:183, laughs-president.jpg)

b303a8 No.553603

File: c2665afcda298b8⋯.png (240.73 KB, 1587x963, 529:321, ClipboardImage.png)

an anon twitted this out looks relevent, but not sure and tired..

So drop it here and let you all figure this one out.

https:// www.treasury.gov/ofac/downloads/sdnlist.pdf

107eac No.553604

File: 3a7077abc0ae1d4⋯.jpg (147.95 KB, 575x577, 575:577, images.duckduckgo.jpg)

267b1b No.553605


awwww shiet! fukkin 5 star poster here!

Check it out:

https:// www.archives.gov/founding-docs/bill-of-rights-transcript

They cannot take what is not in their control.

01c16f No.553606


You might be interested in this if you think our God is Q. Our God made the dome. >>553504

157133 No.553607


Well, then so-call me a patriot.

One of the things I will do is adopt the phrasing of my target. I speak to the terms they use in their head. I use the words you would use to describe something.

There is speaking to express. And then there is speaking to create a tool. "Why do so-called Patriots challenge?"

This isn't an expression for you to follow. It is a tool for you to grab in the future when this does not gain traction. Why did we not get behind it?

Future unlocks past.

I am not Q and am not an insider. Nor would I be arrogant enough to say I know how to think like Q, exactly. Anything I may have in common, he has decades of experience on me.

That said, there is such a thing as a distribution of norms, and a gap between how people think and perceive the world around him.

b4276f No.553609

File: a9d04ce415b349f⋯.png (379.21 KB, 477x578, 477:578, ClipboardImage.png)

he's heeeere….

maybe a taste of his own medicine?

f7a608 No.553611

Looking into Zebra. Its a company that makes RFID chips among other tracking-type technologies.

Heres a list of companies who own Zebra.

https:// stockzoa.com/ticker/zbra/

Then I stumbled upon one named "Clinton"

Could this be THE Clintons??

https:// stockzoa.com/fund/clinton-group-inc/

d1efc1 No.553612


>Any theory that y'all don't like gets dismissed.

Been noticing that happens a lot here.

Classic ~groupthink~ "hive mind."

fde34d No.553613


see. what you missed in that book you wrote was there are 20 million of us in america plus many more outside. if it was stopped… 1. 20 million. 2. the hammer falls immediately using the most powerful military on the planet. POTUS puts the word out. then there are 50 million gun owners borrowing guns to bubba and jack… 350 million registered guns. 3. go dig carrots and let us who know why we are left alone… work. you're a retarded retard.

ff1b07 No.553614


Hope sprigs eternal, I suppose. I would rather put my trust in Mattis, Trump and the US Marines.

AI analyses data, Sun Tzu knew what motivates men.

f625e4 No.553615


mans work my ass…you pimply assed emoanon

609b65 No.553616


twitterfag should send him an invite to /qresearch/.

He's earned it.

17e3ae No.553617

Ohhh..mah filter finger is busy tonight!

09e8b9 No.553618


He did, but it was 2 Mar 2014.

4b6b4c No.553619


FLOTUS is a classy dame

b36eba No.553620


Looks fine, use one of these: >>9200

3f5bd5 No.553621


Uhmmm, speak for yourself…I like that pic just fiiiiiiiiiine.

8790d8 No.553622

Dems are pushing "get out the vote" to HS teens involved in school shootings for 2018. Repubs need to get off their asses and do it too

344916 No.553624


Get inside their OODA loop?

f5a35a No.553625


U do understand what a nautical mile is right? The simple fact that planes are able to navigate correctly is proof ur an 8diot.

fcbd78 No.553626

That's not entirely accurate


af2f6b No.553627



8608a9 No.553628

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=x8OmxI2AYV8

01c16f No.553629


Distance and atmosphere still play a role. Just on a much smaller scale. The stars and constallations in the southern hem still follow a specific pattern. A pattern that would not be possible over the course of time of we were spinning on a ball flying through space. The stars would change over time if that were the case.

d1efc1 No.553630


>an Alternate Reality Game

Or, simply something to keep autists distracted.

6163ce No.553631

File: c089dde32fe4cbd⋯.jpg (83.08 KB, 779x800, 779:800, 46bbaa674d13db33c653d853b9….jpg)

b4276f No.553632


she sure is

c3f7b7 No.553633


And the space out side the glass dome is what?

Flat earth fag = auto fillturd.

ff1b07 No.553634


Let me put it this way; if AI exists that can accurately predict the future, it should be destroyed Termionator 2 style and quickly, else we all become slaves to it.

3fbaa3 No.553635


money and population control

c96bc0 No.553636

"Davide Astori, Fiorentina captain, dies of 'sudden illness' at 31"

Davide Astori, ACF Fiorentina captain and Italy International player, died from a “sudden illness” at the age 31, the team announced on Sunday.

Astori was found dead in a hotel room in Udine, Italy, ahead of a soccer match against Udinese Calcio, Sky News reported. The game was postponed after Astori’s death was announced.

"Fiorentina are profoundly shocked to have to announce the death of captain Davide Astori after a sudden illness. Given this terrible and delicate situation we appeal to everyone's sensitivity at this time, above all out of respect for his family," the Florence team said in a statement on Twitter.

The cause of death was not immediately released. Reports indicated Astori died of a heart attack, according to Italian media.

http:// www.foxnews.com/sports/2018/03/04/davide-astori-fiorentina-captain-dies-sudden-illness-at-31-team-says.html

Why am i suspicious?

212c71 No.553637

I'm not sure what to think about China. I honestly believe that Xi and Trump are TIGHT and working together on something. But at the same time, Big China is buying out the west and is starting to enforce their "Great Firewall Of China" model worldwide.

I gaurantee you 100% that the latest purges in Youtube are from Chinese influence. It's no coincidence that Project Veratas had a whole bit about how the Chinese Gov is asking Twitter to bend over for them even over in America. This is a the TIP of the iceberg.

So I dig a little into Xi (Wikipedia):

>In 2006…Shanghai administrators attempted to earn favour with Xi by arranging a special train to shuttle him between Shanghai and Hangzhou in order for him to complete handing off his work to his successor as Zhejiang party chief Zhao Hongzhu. However, Xi reportedly refused to take the train, citing a loosely enforced party regulation which stipulated that special trains can only be reserved for "national leaders." While in Shanghai, he worked on preserving unity of the local party organization, and made a pledge that there would be no 'purges' during his administration, despite the fact that many local officials were thought to have been implicated in the Chen Liangyu corruption scandal. On most issues Xi largely echoed the line of the central leadership. Xi's career is notable in that during his regional tenures, he was never implicated in any serious scandals, nor did he face serious political opposition.

> On 15 November 2012, Xi Jinping was elected to the post of General Secretary of the Communist Party and Chairman of the CPC Central Military Commission by the 18th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, making him – informally – the paramount leader and the first one to be born in the People's Republic of China and not a preceding Chinese state.

> Xi was elected President of the People's Republic of China on 14 March 2013, in a confirmation vote by the 12th National People's Congress in Beijing. He received 2,952 for, one vote against, and three abstentions. He replaced Hu Jintao, who retired after serving two terms.

>In his new capacity as president, on 16 March 2013 Xi expressed support for noninterference in China–Sri Lanka relations amid a United Nations Security Council vote to condemn that country over government abuses during the Sri Lankan Civil War. On 17 March, Xi and his new ministers arranged a meeting with the chief executive of Hong Kong, CY Leung, confirming his support for Leung. Within hours of his election, Xi discussed cyber security and North Korea with U.S. President Barack Obama over the phone, who announced the visits of Treasury and State secretaries Jacob Lew and John F. Kerry to China the following week. Within a week of his assuming the Presidency, Xi embarked on a trip to Russia, Tanzania, South Africa, and Republic of Congo.

Strikes me as a rules orientated, ethical leader. I dunno, which makes me wonder. Is Xi in a similar position as Trump in which rogue society within China is still controlling national interests, and he needs Trump to help root this out?

The biggest question I have is if Trump and Xi are such BFF's, why is China being caught defying the sanctions on NK? And, as Q points out, why is China keeping NK out of the news lately?

f11bc9 No.553638

Best show on television. His pilot episode with Walter Williams was excellent. >>553589

509253 No.553639


>Expand your thinking

>It's a book about how to make information MAPS




The problen is complexity. I don't know how these summaries (pics related) can be broken down any further and still remain cohesive., and I don't see that from the Expand your thinking book. What am I missing here?

0f73a0 No.553640



2000+ more likes since I first saw the comment 20 mins ago

9290ca No.553641


Agreed Anon

0e43cc No.553642


Next bread is the last one I am baking tonight.

Someone needs to step up to bake.

1fea50 No.553643

File: 93fd011d55988ad⋯.jpg (316.33 KB, 1510x1926, 755:963, Screen Shot 2018-03-03 at ….jpg)




I'll believe in a true AI Quantum computer when it starts speaking in tongues and praying to God. Otherwise it has a lot to learn. KEK

af2f6b No.553644


"Someone order the 9mm?"

b36eba No.553645


He lurks and posts sometimes, have seen it


>Could this be THE Clintons??

Did you check into it at all? You can use any of these to find out for yourself >>4852

107eac No.553646

Shills are clearly against IBOR and are pushing the old net neutrality shit all over again.

We need something better than we are pushing.

28cdd8 No.553647


This. The Constitution only exists within the hearts of the People AND the politicians.

If nobody insists on following it, it's just a goddamn piece of paper. That was the smartest thing Bush ever said.

If anything we should make the Constitution simpler, like repealing the Commerce Clause and the 16th and 19th amendments, because these parts have been the sources of much commie bullshit.

But if we get a Con Con NOW, they will come back with a 1000 page monstrosity of "rights" and "protections" that will be big enough for the Commies to drive a Borg Cube through.

There is also a lot that hinges on legal precedent. Changing the Constitution doesn't help if the courts are full of Cabal puppets who legislate from the bench.

0cb00b No.553648


ON that note: If the earth is flat, how is it that magnetic north on an updated navigation chart has to be compensated for by varying degrees as time progresses from one year to the next when I'm sailing my boat? Exactly, anon - he's off in left field somewhere… You are correct - total 8diot.

35a15a No.553649


What happens if the turtle flips over and can't get back up though?

267b1b No.553650


China has historically done amazing things when united under a proper thinking emperor with the best interest of his PEOPLE at heart.

d1efc1 No.553651


>needs a sunset clause

Amen. And term limits for all pols _and_ judges.

3abcd5 No.553652

File: 63eb94c7c9e0d74⋯.png (361.22 KB, 728x500, 182:125, Screenshot-2018-3-4 Result….png)

41e592 No.553653

File: 92831f17d57a15a⋯.png (207.22 KB, 406x318, 203:159, 0c0a97aa9f8a4eef057931a46d….png)

It's nice that the longest running joke of the pentagon is here.

Hi5 _E

For being just, the worst, most insidious mockery of intelligence I've ever seen.

7128b1 No.553654


>twitterfag should send him an invite to /qresearch/.

I'd bet my house that Woods was one of the first to know about this board.

Lurker and likely poster.

68f12e No.553656


Because the world is Not Flat.

0cb00b No.553657


TYLER is archiving all out dick pics for @Jack - kekekek

107eac No.553658


Its okay BO, the turtle is flying through space anyways.

7307ee No.553659


We need to confiscate all Rothschild properties and hold the biggest auction ever. And then turn some of their castles into homeless shelters.

b303a8 No.553660

File: 5d26ffcb7cea6bf⋯.png (160.33 KB, 1124x913, 1124:913, ClipboardImage.png)

posted because its related to Snowden and Q's recent posts.

Thanks to an anon digging elsewhere.

shame the Clowns are diverting and dividing yu all.

https:// theintercept.com/2018/03/01/nsa-global-surveillance-sigint-seniors/

509253 No.553661

File: 0f12c68a8e6bbbe⋯.jpeg (3.56 MB, 3672x3672, 1:1, 5a8889abe85b0.jpeg)

File: dafde31e7b78127⋯.jpg (756.85 KB, 1485x1980, 3:4, dafde31e7b78127bdd976d153b….jpg)



>>Expand your thinking

>>It's a book about how to make information MAPS




The problen is complexity. I don't know how these summaries (pics related) can be broken down any further and still remain cohesive., and I don't see that from the Expand your thinking book. What am I missing here?

Forgot the pics - sorry.

f625e4 No.553662



See...this is how it's done...with more than two brain cells banging against each other in your little sheep brain >>552249

a15333 No.553663

File: 6514865df984baa⋯.jpg (306.72 KB, 808x524, 202:131, michelledoggyebk.jpg)

19fbff No.553665

>>553225. Nope - the culture did a full court press to convince women they were being denied fulfillment and only a career and their own money would let them reach the potential the “abusive” men in their lives were denying. That quickly morphed into widespread single motherhood and the need to be able to compete with men in order to pay the bills. At this point, most women are trapped in low end jobs, exhausted and certainly not fulfilled by their career as a dollar tree cashier.

9bc208 No.553666

Sorry, i do NOT agree with the IBOR. Just like the "Affordable Care Act" is not affordable, this is NOT a BOR. The name is deceptive. You want to give the government more regulatory powers? Uh, no thanks.

8790d8 No.553667


I've actually seen that done on top of a fence post in the South. Twisted

6bb52f No.553668


Oh, sorry.

The Earth is round. If it were flat, sunsets would not be as clear because light would have to travel 1000s of miles through air, also shadow on the moon would not be round, coriolis effect would not exist, etc etc.

Angels are biblical names for spiritual extraterrestrials. Voices from clouds is information from UFOs using condensational cloaking. Google lenticular clouds - especially ones that do not move. The Bible has distorted information to keep people in a worship-cult, giving their power away and preoccupying itself with sin. Message of Jesus was distorted - he is a spiritual master, not a deity to worship. Dark controllers love their slave pens. Life is about LIGHT and LOVE. Not evil and hate. Beware of disinfo.

0e13e7 No.553669


05f627 No.553670




Dont forget: The FED is going to end during The Storm, and there is going to be a new currency system put in place in America - gold backed again. In order for the new system to be installed, the old system had to be neutralized and safeguards put in place. Signing a third EO was the final step. It's an EO that makes our new currency system official. It could not be signed until cabal was neutralized, as they could've infiltrated it and hurt it.The EO was secretly signed the night of 2/28 - morning of 3/1

THAT would be wonderful… if it could be verified. So I looked. There was, indeed, an EO signed and submitted to the Federal Register on March 2 2018.

In reading, it appears this is to be published on March 5, 2018 (tomorrow) in the Federal Register. Read the END first. (It's 3 pages long)….then go back and read the beginning. It might make more sense.

There may be some level of legitimacy to Anons post, inthat the EO protects the security threats to the USA. And we all know how POTUS/Qteam are using EOs, rules, laws enacted during previous administrations, to our current benefit.

https:// s3.amazonaws.com/public-inspection.federalregister.gov/2018-04626.pdf

9ba28d No.553671












Can someone flush this tranny turd down a unisex toilet

puh leeeze

41e592 No.553672

File: 54cee8ab58e7ea1⋯.jpg (968.45 KB, 3000x1500, 2:1, HowTheFuckDoYouBreakTheTop….jpg)


Yes they can.

Words get in the way, we just need to illustrate a connection and let curiosity and our creative minds do the rest. See pic!

ff1b07 No.553673


Ufologists have the same problem we all have, especially those who believe the know the "truth" about anything.

That is, unless the "truth" confirms their personal beliefs on the subject, it will not be believed. It will take a demonstration of the "truth" to convert non-believers.

It is no different with draining the swamp.

c0f999 No.553675

File: d1fdda533e941be⋯.jpg (64.66 KB, 799x622, 799:622, Discworld Series.jpg)


The elephants will keep the balance.

3f5bd5 No.553676


This is what AT&T said in the link that Q gave us;

But the commitment of one company is not enough. Congressional action is needed to establish an “Internet Bill of Rights” that applies to all internet companies and guarantees neutrality, transparency, openness, non-discrimination and privacy protection for all internet users.

Here's the link to the entire letter they wrote;

http: //about.att.com/story/consumers_need_an_internet_bill_of_rights.html

01c16f No.553677


The space "outside" the dome reaches into heaven. The earth is exactly what the Bible says it is. The air is the first heaven, the waters above (area of the stars) is the second heaven and the area above that is the third Heaven. The throne of God. Flat Earth leads us smack dab into the reality of God.

536d0d No.553678


ty. I'll check it out. Levin puts it all into perspective. Nunes was threatened also. Good man Nunes.

609b65 No.553680


I literally sent them details about Q and the various boards Q has been posting on. I invited them to join the Q revolution. I also never received a reply but I gave it a shot.

6d7bcc No.553681


Another angle (I haven't tried meming it yet) is to tell their shareholders to dump the shares, divest, get out.

Need to provide an economic reason why.

Because these companies might be broken up under antitrust law.

Because shareholders may be exposed to a horrible class action lawsuit.


Needs to be in normie-friendly, stockmarketfag style language.

Not only to direct shareholders but also those who may have exposure to the shares through retirement savings plans, mutual funds, etc.

Alert people that their investment is at risk.

Or alternatively appeal to the "boycott anything that isn't politically correct" angle, a message to a different demographic.

Explain how censorship isn't politlcally correct. How it violates the rights of the person reading the meme. How it threatens democracy. Threatens an 'open society'. Is like a dictatorship. Resembles Communist countries in their hayday.


There are a lot of themes that could play here.

6b40bc No.553683

>>553504 before you can offer to answer questions, as an authority figure, you need to have working knowledge of the subject you intend to illuminate and expound upon, since it's clearly evident that you do not, I'd suggest asking the BO to delete this post, douse yourself with honey and let the neighbors dog lick it all off you.

0e13e7 No.553684


Are we 800% sure of that now?

I'm on the Austrian team, but it's hard to believe there's a confident plan to unwind at least 40 years of "bubble" in all assets….

6f5355 No.553685

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

This is cool

eb39f4 No.553687


The World is a spherical oblique

b2a5a9 No.553688



cbcfd2 No.553690

File: 954414696190272⋯.jpg (468.99 KB, 1245x832, 1245:832, mcbunnyears.jpg)

File: a2e2fa2e681ddd0⋯.jpg (194.43 KB, 653x694, 653:694, mcbunnyears2.jpg)

eba439 No.553691

File: 42439b0fd71ecdc⋯.jpeg (317.38 KB, 1242x756, 23:14, 9C415F9A-54BC-47E2-A259-A….jpeg)

5eb2eb No.553693


>Women voting

Biggest redpill..Swedish women…

>Gender equality is one of the cornerstones of Swedish society. Women have the same opportunities in life like men do. They are allowed to drive a car, study, work. chose the partner they want to and so on. Swedish girls and women are not treated differently and this is all very normal in Sweden. From very early on the Swedish goverment made sure that women had rights and where protected againts violence. In the year 1250 for example, King Birger Jarl made sure that rape and adbuction where violations that would be punished. Other important moments in history for the rights of Swedish women are:

https:// truthaboutwomenoftheworld.wordpress.com/how-about-womens-rights-in-sweden/

NOW look at the absolute devolution..

child marriage, CHECK marital rape…CHECK….

the things that could fix the American family would be to value at home mothers by providing a pension or credits to such as long as they have a child in the home and are not working outside the home…and are married. The ease of divorce has made leaving a violent/harmful homelife easier..but the fact remains that women (or men) who choose to raise their own children are devalued in today's society.

The greatest single contributing factor to poverty in older women is having been an at home mother.

01c16f No.553694


Earth sits on a foundation. Pillars. Your sill pic is simply misdirection.

35a15a No.553695

File: 3896b28711688e7⋯.png (379.9 KB, 600x600, 1:1, serveimage.png)

eb39f4 No.553696

File: 643e03e41cc1f00⋯.png (476.08 KB, 701x516, 701:516, bls.PNG)

That's a lot of Balls.

f5a35a No.553697


Another great point I hadn't thought of. Thanks, anon, for pointing that one out!

His cognitive dissonance is amazing.

7a0294 No.553698


There's a well-sauced thread on Voat/Pizzagate about him today:

https:// voat.co/v/pizzagate/2427691

6bbdf9 No.553699

Where is My ClownFag back-up?

you pussies

0cb00b No.553700

File: d7037d64bcc9c54⋯.jpg (84.98 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, a789dsf6s78df6s78fs6d.jpg)


You got lost, didn't you?

b36eba No.553701


Pics related didn't make it into your post :)

I understand what you are saying though. The logical process would be

>large concepts in one map

>subtopics for each discrete concept get blown up into their own maps

>details for those subtopics can be expanded into infographs

which can be incredibly effective at conveying a lot of information graphically that is instantly grasped by the public without jargon, loads of background info or special training in one field

Examples have been made for some topics (in various meme threads), some large maps are already being made, some dedicated topic threads provided a wealth of information on various topics/businesses/people/organiztions

See: >>553331

Map thread >>396133

c77a1b No.553702



Atmosphere is the dome.

509253 No.553704


No, they can't. Do ten of the connections in the graphics I posted and you'll begin to see the problem - scale. Your method causes a maybe 10-fold increase in scale.

5eb2eb No.553705


>Q is associated with the Galactic Federation of Light.

Commander Ashtar, is that you?

Take your alienz shitz and fuck off.

0e43cc No.553706


It doesn't give them more power. It protects our rights. faggot

ff1b07 No.553707


It is true of any law that authorities do not enforce. Why are we debating immigration laws when the previous Presidents refused to follow the laws already enacted.

We are a lawless nation by definition if all laws are not enforced equally and without exemption.

e0697d No.553708

File: eb117c5040be36c⋯.jpg (35.81 KB, 620x407, 620:407, gettyimages-627061700.jpg)

6b40bc No.553709


No no no, we've been over this 1000 times. Going to a gold backed currency would create too much of a drag on the economy. We'd also have gold leaving the country. It's not going to happen. Nor is abolishing of the fed. It is going to be taken back and given back to the people. Stop shilling.

f94f77 No.553711


The following people are known shills and agents of disinfo:

Alex Jones/Bill Hicks

Jerome Corsi

George Webb

Any other YouTube alt-celeb

Remember, if the presentation is free, YOU are the product!

feceaa No.553712


Sure…with the Military behind him….won't be long before he's raiding the ROTHS vaults….and taking back what is OURS!!!!

8451af No.553713


3f1e6f No.553714


Amazing talent, Anon. I look for new ones every night. Carry on.

0e13e7 No.553715


FYI, some good anons got caught up in IP bad when shilling was heavy a couple days ago, seems good now… but hate having to phonefag for awhile.

d86f09 No.553716


Thank you.

0cb00b No.553717

File: 34ea8d1044895bd⋯.gif (1.48 MB, 500x600, 5:6, life_without_Q.gif)



(pic related)

8790d8 No.553718

>>553696 she is a he and could not produce a birth certificate to get past the inspection

0e13e7 No.553719

40e7ac No.553721


Nah. Remember my post was a response to a question. I don't believe it is an ARG or a distraction.

3a4c57 No.553722


It's a little hard to keep up with all the happenings lately. Not tired of winning yet tough! Not by a long shot!

9ba28d No.553723

File: 7ac3571ad471a85⋯.jpg (91.47 KB, 576x600, 24:25, IMG_0601.JPG)


time machine

i mean back hoe ready

ring trick on standby

no word on the unicorn

nor teh buckets

hitler prol haz teh kraken

bama still owes

cornerstone ain't moved

01c16f No.553724


Your accusation is absent of details. It is simply a GENERAL bash without merit intended to distract others who may be influeneced by the information. You say that I am not an authority. How? Be specific. Challenge me on details


fa3f63 No.553725


wawawa watch out foh the Twump Twain, silly wabbit,

107eac No.553726


You say that now, but what about the Fifth Elephant Anon!

8790d8 No.553727

File: 7534670e969e5b7⋯.jpg (246.56 KB, 968x1151, 968:1151, 998611meme.jpg)

0049e1 No.553728

File: c4b495548e90e21⋯.png (62.93 KB, 136x211, 136:211, ClipboardImage.png)

0804c4 No.553729

File: c209859e86e5e34⋯.jpeg (68.27 KB, 1143x682, 1143:682, image.jpeg)


Russian hypersonic missile. HRC and foundation sold SAP technology to Russians. Fucked U.S. Bill got money for speeches. 17 companies gave millions to CF.

Study. Meme.

This is just another treasonous act by the Clintons on the laundry list.

Sources: Dan Bongino Show - #668

Article: http:// dailycaller.com/2017/03/21/hillarys-hypersonic-missile-gap/

b36eba No.553730

5eb2eb No.553731


>I want to see Trump destroy Oprah in a debate.

That twat has been in tight with criminals Harvey Weinstein and David Geffen…her school has had abuse scandals…there is zero way she will run for president but I hope she will because Trump knows all.

41e592 No.553732

File: 93976da1b50e341⋯.jpg (83.08 KB, 508x720, 127:180, 4eb65a44370a4c64260eb122ca….jpg)


First meme war eh?

It's alright you'll catch on quick.

ee32b2 No.553733

File: 446f03ac5164cb2⋯.jpeg (816.5 KB, 3024x3024, 1:1, 288FA202-3DC4-41AA-AD51-D….jpeg)

bbce70 No.553734

File: a5bdfcc51a3795b⋯.gif (158.63 KB, 125x125, 1:1, df137803.gif)


eb39f4 No.553735


That's why I said Balls,get it?lol

9ba28d No.553736

760feb No.553737

https:// www.cia.gov/library/readingroom/document/cia-rdp78t05929a003500020011-9

FIDDLER AIRCRAFT AT SEMIPALATINSK AIRFIELD USSR Publication Date:June 28, 1969 Document Creation Date:

December 28, 2016

4d3524 No.553738


Someone gets it, finally.

c85690 No.553739

File: 5adaa2b8963af2e⋯.jpeg (387.53 KB, 1125x1712, 1125:1712, 36D4BB4C-B920-4FB1-BC06-B….jpeg)

114245 No.553740

A few breads ago this was posted.

https:// www.treasury. gov/ofac/downloads/sdnlist.pdfhttps:// www.treasury.gov/ofac/downloads/sdnlist.pdf

It’s a few thousand orgs that had assets seized under Trumps EO

THE KUWAITI - CAMBODIAN ORPHANAGE CENTER Is all over it. Didn’t Mel Gibson go on a rant about it some time ago?

6d7bcc No.553741

File: 16c493078ae8170⋯.jpg (413.46 KB, 1536x768, 2:1, BillClintonGaveChina1.jpg)

File: 04d731efa49b4a2⋯.jpg (497.23 KB, 1536x768, 2:1, HRC-Podesta-Skolkovo2.jpg)

File: f680d58c763b477⋯.jpg (350.23 KB, 1536x768, 2:1, HRC-Podesta-Skolkovo1.jpg)

a45911 No.553742


Cool , But there is only 1 problem with this theory . If you fig out how many light year we have traveled in the last 200 years , and compare that to every star being in the exact same place as 200 years ago ,,,,It doesn't make since …Now compare it to old text from 1000 years ago …Sorry , but we haven't moved 1 inch !!

b36eba No.553743


Some of the graphics (larger concept ones) are for us to use, not for the public. The process is important

larger concepts >subtopics >breakout into individual infographics

= series for subtopics infographics to convey the info to the masses

8c36f0 No.553744

File: 8ee37565bd025d9⋯.jpg (121.29 KB, 789x529, 789:529, 5cb1d342af9fad1ca60a46eb25….jpg)

f187a1 No.553745


Where'd he get the kidneys? Asshat.

509253 No.553747


No, not even close to my first. And we're discussing the "grand" scale map, not memes.

6f5355 No.553748


no you snake! No, you don't get to decide who are and are not shills for anyone else but you. You nazi communist anti 1st amendment traitor!

You can post a comment that in your opinion these people need to be treated with extra discernment, but you don't get to flat out say as if though it were 2+2=4 fact they are shills.

975ea6 No.553750

Hey Flat Earthtards, do yourself a favour. Observe where the sun is right now (if night observe that) then call any friend that you trust in the world ( as many as you can) and have them explain to you where the sun is in the sky. According to you the sun should be in the same position.

9ba28d No.553751


they passed a federal snitch program to keep runners out of pokey

i witnessed a foreign national get off

then a fed judge and pros setup me

couldn't carry a nail with a hammer

court order

01c16f No.553752


Those who bash without addressing details are only attempting to discourage onlookers. They want you to feel silly, to feel crazy for questioning. Challenge the DETAILS not the GENERAL. If you do this we might get somewhere.

c85690 No.553753


Lol. That was the first comment

8790d8 No.553755

>>553735 Oprah is asking God (Moloch) to give her a sign so strong that even she couldn't miss. She is asking for Trump to be killed so he doesn't expose her if she runs. PFFT we'll expose her so Moloch be damned!

6bb52f No.553756


It will tackle some minds. Old belief systems collapse under pressure from truth. This is gradual and met with initial resistance.





9c4b28 No.553757


Naw. Doctrine of Idem Sonans.

af2f6b No.553758


Technology transferred from Space-X. Elon's a funnel.

6f5355 No.553759


Good thought!

Ok, lets get that warp engine built so we can get far enough away fast enough to actually see wtf is going on….

3fbaa3 No.553760


redpilling shareholders will not work, heres why.

when a co. goes public, it is first offered up to the whales. meaning the cabal all buy into it first.

public shares are a very small percentage of the stocks.

0e13e7 No.553762


I agree, it would be tough and it restrains state spending…

Donald himself has said it before, like that forbes article another anon posted, so obviously it's on the table.

I believe in an asset backed/basket currency, but I have read a good transition paper on it…

7367a2 No.553763


Q may only be wanting us to push it and bring it to the masses to simply BRING ATTENTION TO THE PROBLEM OF CENSORSHIP.

That alone might be enough for the media sites to pull back, and stop the censorship.

POTUS announced his next candidicy early, so he can rally for others for 2018 and then 2020.

He needs there to be NO CENSORSHIP for this to be effective.

5eb2eb No.553764

File: a570203de5e8705⋯.png (392.59 KB, 1224x1584, 17:22, victory of larp.png)

File: 979a360117971b1⋯.png (57.17 KB, 997x543, 997:543, victory of larp2.png)


and yet here you are (again)…trying to herd the herd again…your containment board is dead yes?

FUCK OFF namefag


e213c3 No.553765

File: 6dc3eaeaf72311b⋯.jpg (354.79 KB, 735x1076, 735:1076, oscars.jpg)

The pissing anon strikes again.

609b65 No.553766


So is this internet bill of rights extending to people worldwide? How's that work?

f187a1 No.553767


For realz?! Haha! That's perfect.

519178 No.553768

File: fd616207759e397⋯.jpg (74.38 KB, 924x960, 77:80, pepe_soros_soon.jpg)

File: 7c0318ee3a784fe⋯.png (43.08 KB, 1130x177, 1130:177, traitor.PNG)


So good to know that even if Soros weren't an American citizen the new EOs would still catch him anyway.


0e43cc No.553771

File: 077ab1e7aaf2fbf⋯.jpg (521.4 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 077ab1e7aaf2fbfea054d57ecf….jpg)



c71950 No.553772



I think we are changing it little by little, m8

It will be a little easier when they announce that a CF secretary has been granted immunity, is in witness protection and is cooperating.

ff1b07 No.553773


"Taking the Fed back" is the same as ending it. We have the Constitutionally created Treasury Dept to do the same work as the Fed, interest free.

0cb00b No.553774



As long as the dollar is debt-backed, we will be servant to the lender. A gold - or other commodity - backed currency FORCES spending to be kept within our means. All else is doomed to fail. Also, since when did the federal reserve ever belong to the people - who you claim we'd give it back to? Can't give BACK something that never was ours to begin with. Fed has to be abolished, along with the IRS, and a new currency made. All manufactured debt left in the hands of the fed that created it - who deserves to eat the bill for the usury they created to profit from.

6bbdf9 No.553776

File: 95a22f51c4464b0⋯.gif (8.46 MB, 900x506, 450:253, giphy.gif)

267b1b No.553777



I'd ask you to take this into consideration:

The current system is pure slavery and a source of power.

Introduce a new / old system based on value that is easily understood and transferred physically (read true gold containing coinage)

Trade to the people at a fair rate

Watch the POWER dissipate as folks dump fake paper for real VALUE

519178 No.553778

31a666 No.553779



3fbaa3 No.553780


gtfo idiot

cb28a9 No.553781


domeonstration = evidence. et voila.

0cb00b No.553782

File: cdbd8e20c142053⋯.jpg (56.41 KB, 329x325, 329:325, christmas-boobs-ychrg01m.jpg)


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