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File: e1c02b43c5fc1b0⋯.jpg (493.89 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, qr.jpg)

b6d72e  No.5940930

Welcome To Q Research General

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

We are researchers who deal in open-source information, reasoned argument, and dank memes. We do battle in the sphere of ideas and ideas only. We neither need nor condone the use of force in our work here.




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Wednesday 03.27.2019

>>5935884 rt >>5935846 ————————— 'WE' are everywhere.

>>5935704 ————————————–——– We see you, Patriot! (Cap: >>5935754)

>>5935455 rt >>5935306 ————————— Chicago needs another hero

>>5935122 ————————————–——– FEDS (DOJ) will prosecute? (Cap: >>5936137)

>>5935020 ————————————–——– Did you enjoy the interview? (Cap: >>5936100)

>>5931177 rt >>5931148 ————————— Hannity in 10

>>5931097 rt >>5930977 ————————— Find the reflection inside the castle.

>>5930977 ————————————–——– Reflections are important.

>>5930643 rt >>5930471 ————————— Marker [2] Set.

>>5930471 rt >>5930421 ————————— Marker [1] Set.

>>5930410 ————————————–——– Shall we play another 'Q Proof' game?

>>5929587 rt >>5929491 ————————— Reference correct. Details [CLAS 1-99]

>>5929554 rt >>5929545 ————————— (Flag billows in sunlight pic)

>>5929534 ————————————–——– Indictment(s) coming? (Cap: >>5934674)

>>5928096 ————————————–——– Q Drop #3063

>>5928012 ————————————–——– DOJ coordination w/ UK re: DECLAS OF FISA?

>>5927994 ————————————–——– "Maximum transparency." (Cap: >>5934542)

>>5926283 rt >>5926223 ————————— Watch Hannity tonight.

>>5926054 rt >>5925866 ————————— Some organizations do not have good intentions. (Cap: >>5934482)

>>5925256 rt >>5924784 ————————— Good luck, Patriot.

Tuesday 03.26.2019

>>5915048 ————————————–——– THINK. FOR. YOURSELF. (Vid: >>5920872 )

>>5910092 rt >>5910048 ————————— Badge of Honor, Patriot.

>>5910024 ————————————–——– Attacks increasing? (Cap & Vid: >>5910083)

>>5909718 rt >>5909683 ————————— Bait confirmed.

>>5909596 ————————————–——– Loop Capital? (Cap: >>5909757, >>5934405)

>>5909464 rt >>5909428 ————————— Knowing what you know now, replay the story.

>>5909363 rt >>5909352 ————————— TT was bugged most likely.

>>5909342 ————————————–——– FISAGATE

>>5909322 rt >>5909279 ————————— Think POTUS campaign leaving T-Tower (base of operations) THE VERY NEXT DAY.

>>5909008 rt >>5908881 ————————— Bake your noodle.

>>5908738 ————————————–——– DAG + #2 [McCabe] discussion re: 'wear a wire' entrapment re: 25th amendment? (Cap: >>5934294)

>>5908420 ————————————–——– POTUS on Hannity Tomorrow 9PM ET.

>>5906839 rt >>5906685 ————————— Well done, Anon. (Cap: >>5907161)

>>5906747 rt >>5906554 ————————— Bing QAnon News search results

>>5906111 ————————————–——– Past [7] days. Nothing to see here. (Cap: >>5906497, >>5906554)

>>5905183 ————————————–——– Q Proof

>>5904715 rt >>5904682 ————————— Proof missed?

>>5904599 rt >>5904397 ————————— "What happens if the phone records of SMOLLETT leak?"

>>5904397 ————————————–——– Worth remembering (Cap: >>5904875, >>5904900, >>5904915)

>>5904054 ————————————–——– How can there be FACTS if the entire story (narrative) was FICTION? (Cap: >>5934170, >>5904184)

>>5903921 rt >>5903895 ————————— These people are stupid

>>5903895 ————————————–——– It shall be done (Cap: >>5903954, >>5934140)

>>5903723 rt >>5903586 ————————— [Kim Foxx] Who is pulling her strings?

>>5903586 rt >>5903522 ————————— Will the AG need to get involved?

>>5903527 ————————————–——– @RepDougCollins (Cap: >>5903666)

>>5897520 ————————————–——– What is [RBG's] current state-of-health? (Cap: >>5897607)

Monday 03.25.2019

Compiled here: >>5915285

Saturday 03.23.2019

Compiled here: >>5903888

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are not endorsements


>>5940777 SMOLLETT, OBAMA’S, FBI & LAS VEGAS SHOOTING (21 posts tho?)

>>5940839 Letter from House Intelligence Committee Republicans calling for Adam Schiff's resignation


>>5940781 UK report blasts Huawei for network security incompetence

>>5940770 Rand Paul Implicates Obama, Brennan In Dossier

>>5940419 Michael McFaul: Putinism monger; call for a digg on this purple-tied tool of the DS!

>>5940653 Twitter is considering labeling Trump tweets that violate its rules

>>5940558 Prominent Democratic lawyer Greg Craig close to being charged in case stemming from Mueller probe

>>5940310 Rep. Doug Collins: The transcript of Nellie Ohr’s interview before the Judiciary Committee is now available

>>5940475 AGT International – The Clinton Foundation Scandal Worse Than Uranium One – Covered Up by FBI/DOJ Before 2016 Election – Part XI

>>5940454 Trump administration charges Facebook with 'discriminatory' housing advertising practices

>>5940444 Edward Snowden to keynote London's ORGCON!

>>5940427 Live: House Intel Committee holds hearing as part of the Russia investigation

>>5940364 GDP Report/Banking news round-up for those who like that sort of thing

>>5940357 Summary of this mornings tweetstorm

>>5940337 Pennsylvania police chief charged in child rape case

>>5940334 Two people dead in North Seattle after gunman opens fire on bus and crashes hijacked car into vehicle (YESTERDAY)

>>5940332 Republicans on House Intel just formally called for Adam Schiff to step down as chairman.

>>5940300 5 Ways the Green New Deal Exactly Mirrors Agenda 2030

>>5940269 They are asking Adam Schiff to resign..he is trying to defend his actions…

>>5940913 #7599

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350268  No.5940934

File: 2e5c0df59ab60b8⋯.jpg (24.36 KB, 480x480, 1:1, mentaldisorder.jpg)

>>5940269 lb

> They are asking Adam Schiff to resign..he is trying to defend his actions…

He won't resign. And they won't throw him out. The brain dead Kalifornia voters who put him there will re-elect him.

He's laughing at everyone … especially Q, who thinks he has the ability to get rid of Schiff from an anonymous post on an 8chan board.

Time to put evidence of Schiff's fuckery out in the open. This cat and mouse rumor game with no public evidence is now to the point of childishness.

Q is a fucking 7th grade girl.

9f1205  No.5940935

File: 7042560e0dd5c56⋯.jpg (72.34 KB, 639x960, 213:320, 419da75a1fbdd692c68ef6f1c1….jpg)

Thank You Baker

f9ea73  No.5940936

7600!!!!! Congrats ANONS!!!!

Hmmmm…. wonder what ovomit did to the people …. they all seem to be throwing him under the bus now…..

b6d72e  No.5940937

the dough


baker seeks handoff

too much lag

992e0c  No.5940938

makes you think

Daisygirl in CA

‏ @CaDaisygirl

20h20 hours ago

Ok, maybe I'm missing something…

Why are parents with VACCINATED kids worried about unvaccinated kids? Aren't their vaccinated kids protected already?

If something's contagious, it's only a problem for the unvaccinated children…right?

Why are laws being enacted over this?

435281  No.5940939

MSM Motto:

Continue repeating the same bullshit and eventually people will believe it.

f9a2ca  No.5940940

File: 7e334d6b93e6bf5⋯.jpg (385.1 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, Baker Torpedo.jpg)


efed91  No.5940941



0ae3bf  No.5940942

File: 394549555173ad4⋯.jpg (25.03 KB, 225x225, 1:1, shittingupthebread.jpg)

42e205  No.5940943


This movement is glorious!

efed91  No.5940944



399c50  No.5940945

File: 4b4d58d18b27ee9⋯.mp4 (2.69 MB, 320x180, 16:9, dyn0Lx4qrGBnUt4S.mp4)

Rep. Mike Conaway of Texas to Schiff:

“We have no faith in your ability to discharge your duties in a manner consistent with your Constitutional responsibility and urge your immediate resignation as chairman of the committee."

f61e6e  No.5940946


>>5940913 lb

KEK! Shills have been trying to get this into notables for 2 days. Finally, maybe they'll stop

>>5940777 SMOLLETT, OBAMA’S, FBI & LAS VEGAS SHOOTING (21 posts tho?)

d0a1db  No.5940947

File: b5130ff21cb5da5⋯.jpeg (224.83 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 145B5BDD-C0DA-478A-BB43-7….jpeg)

Muh recollection

d0fc4d  No.5940948

File: 045e0bff980809c⋯.pdf (3.5 MB, docid-32403785.pdf)

File: 4c1bbf0591dc71f⋯.png (254.82 KB, 763x352, 763:352, AF92DA1D-E646-463F-A649-BC….png)


Trying to attach this faggot pdf file…….

C _ A n press

7da779  No.5940949

File: a9dd3e87a5c4cc0⋯.png (831.26 KB, 725x539, 725:539, Screenshot (129).png)

New Garrison…………KEK

37d3b3  No.5940950

>>5940567 lb

Not exactly great stuff but someone took the time to put this out there on the webs….


THIS JUST IN: Schiff met with Fusion GPS co-founder last July.

The timing of Schiff’s meeting is interesting.

Now, this is hush-hush…..but salacious dossiers are a sideline.

Fusion GPS is a front group.

Treating Democraps’ sexual impairment is their real business…..problems that keep Dems from enjoying the full perks of their elected office.

Available are treatments for erectile dysfunction and missing or deflated gonads.

Fusion also arranges hook-ups between Russian models, actresses

and Russian Olympic-class weight-lifters…depending which way a Democrat swings.

Fusion treatments are very successful…..when Schiff got back to his office, he suddenly discovered he had b****.

Vlad Models…

145eb2  No.5940951

File: e73c88ed2a171b9⋯.jpeg (577.38 KB, 889x714, 127:102, C3D384DD-6ADC-4EC3-8CCE-1….jpeg)

Thanks Baker. Luv ya man! (Nohomo)

efed91  No.5940952

File: 2c69e1da01b70c6⋯.png (659.64 KB, 1715x797, 1715:797, sevennz.PNG)

Got to thinking about the post from Anon about elites fleeing to NZ.

I was immediately reminded of some stories I saw last fall about elites and purchasing of bunkers in NZ.

But isn't this interesting……..SEVEN Silicon Valley entrepreneurs have purchased bunkers now buried 11 feet underground in NZ……Coincidence???

Anyone remember Q post # 153?? 

"Why, hours after the election, did seven people travel to an undisclosed location to hold a very private & highly secured/guarded meeting?"


992e0c  No.5940953


d46d8c  No.5940954


>Vlad Models…


28f335  No.5940956

File: e0fde9e0272d9bc⋯.png (694.06 KB, 1638x582, 273:97, watches.png)


From last night (copy)

Post 453...timestamp = 4:50

Same time on watch #2!!!!!

a5013c  No.5940957


Daisygirl has no fucking idea what she is talking about. It is a herd defense strategy. Fucking disinfo at every turn

VAXXERS: this is the Q thread. FUCK OFF and find another forum with the joo haters

9f1205  No.5940958

File: 3be35a27333b9be⋯.jpeg (87.02 KB, 1080x1138, 540:569, 1553783087.jpeg)

I'll be in the corner for an hour…

1d3c8b  No.5940959

I've been here lurking since October 2017. And I'm amazed at the progress that's been made through sheer intention and focus. I've tried to contribute, but working only with an ipad and the anons here are so much faster and have more knowledge about finding things than I do. So I've read, and researched to prepare for when this family needs the information.

I have one favor to ask of anons. I need a group prayer for my son. He is very sick, and because of this, he's lost his job. He's been to so many doctors and none of them have been able to do anything. Some have even accused him of being delusional, (he's not delusional). He's in pain all the time and has the sensation of parasites under his skin. He's been suffering with this for 3 years now and it's only getting worse. I'm afraid it's going to kill him. Today he's unable to stand or speak coherently. Last time we took him to the emergency room, they accused him of drug shopping and kicked him out.

He's got two little ones and a wife that depend on him. His quality of life, and therefore, theirs, is imploding. I can't find any other doctors that will help him. He no longer has insurance as he's lost the job that provided it, so he's stuck in a medical black hole. We are in Broward, that illustrious county, and there's not a whole lot good to say about the doctors we've already seen here. We have no idea what this is, nor any way of finding out since we've exhausted all the routes we could, and none of the doctors he saw ordered any tests to find out what this is. He's so disillusioned with doctors at this point that he refuses to go to any in this county.

I don't know what else to do except pray, pray daily, and pray hard. He needs help.

Please anons, I would so greatly appreciate a group prayer. At this point, faith is all I have left.


Sad and desperate Mom-anon

dd078a  No.5940960

File: bee0a056ffc7be3⋯.png (236.48 KB, 572x460, 143:115, adam goodbye.PNG)

It's happening!

GoodBye [Adam Schiff]

Thank You Q Team & President Trump

f3c47e  No.5940961

File: 220f396e4a0fddb⋯.png (249.19 KB, 334x866, 167:433, bildt1.png)

File: 58cd4ad7f942f6d⋯.png (22.19 KB, 367x625, 367:625, CLI.png)

payment to nato lobbyist approved by Swedbank


This is about steeling Russian resources – Swedish banks help launder money that belongs to Russia.

‘’’Carl Bildt’’’, Swedish politician and diplomat, is a member of ‘’’Ukraine's International Advisory Council on Reforms’’’, which aims to improve security and economy in the country.

On September 17 2002 he became a non-executive director of the Baltimore-based US assets management company ‘’’Legg Mason, Inc.’’’

Three months later he then became a member of the ‘’’International Advisory Council of the Committee for the Liberation of Iraq’’’, a group with ties to the Bush administration pushing for an invasion of Iraq in 2003, whose chairman I ‘’’Bruce P Jackson’’’. The same Bruce P Jackson who just had served as the Vice President for Strategy and Planning at ‘’’Lockheed Martin’’’, 1993–2002.

d2e074  No.5940962

File: 042aa31000ceb13⋯.jpeg (274.35 KB, 1125x1538, 1125:1538, 20336600-FEF9-4696-BDAE-5….jpeg)

File: 499738dbf8ff6dd⋯.jpeg (204.45 KB, 1125x1618, 1125:1618, CC0990A6-81E2-4251-835A-D….jpeg)

File: f94213033a9b047⋯.jpeg (317.62 KB, 1125x1615, 225:323, 3E8CA6AD-7BAD-4175-AB5C-C….jpeg)

File: 34d051257feec7c⋯.jpeg (327.04 KB, 1125x1627, 1125:1627, A4DA04E7-8C25-42F3-AAFC-2….jpeg)

File: 58fa967fbfc05bc⋯.jpeg (369.21 KB, 1125x1627, 1125:1627, B1D063D7-F26B-4932-9418-7….jpeg)

>>5940831 lb

>>5940881 lb

>>5940891 lb

McFaul 31 page resume

He put his whole life online for us in a 31 page resume to show off to his friends. kek

Heading over the Capitol this morning to testify before the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence to discuss "Putin's Playbook." Tune in !



992e0c  No.5940963


How many deaths from measles this year? Last year?

efed91  No.5940965

File: 44b17c0847b5fc4⋯.png (1.19 MB, 1238x662, 619:331, live.PNG)



350268  No.5940966

File: 05cd29d2661f606⋯.jpg (190.4 KB, 750x1156, 375:578, fatfuck.jpg)

6915c7  No.5940967

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

4:42- Maria: "The FBI started investigating Donald Trump in 2015, right?"

5:35-6:00- Maria makes one of the most insightful questions/statements of all time regarding DS actions/actors…here's why

A breach of DNC information is spun by the D's/HRC's political operatives (Podesta, et al) in order to deflect attention from the corruption of the DNC and at the same time attack the political powerhouse that is Trump/MAGA. That's just great politics right? That's just finding the opportunity in crisis right? That narrative never gets off the ground because the the D's/HRC choose to spin the DNC data breach against Trump/MAGA via claims of Russian collaboration, an accusation "out of nowhere" which just so happens to be in lock-step with ongoing DS plans put in place by C_A, DOJ, FBI regarding Russian collaboration.

This means there must be a record of the communication that coordinated the DNC/HRC campaigns narrative of a Russian hack with that of the intel orgs/DS cabal developing Trump/MAGA -Russia frame-up. Additionally, there must be a record of the communication between intel orgs/DS<>DNC/HRC<>Fake News Media in order to organize Russian/Trump hack of DNC talking points, play down complaints of Sanders' supporters, fail to report on the untimely death of SR.

SR was a loose end tied up by intel org/DS assets upon coordination with DNC/HRC so that the Russia/Trump hack of DNC email would be airtight and the Fake News media blasting of the narrative would not be challenged by anything other than crazy conspiracy theories that seem like they were lifted out of the life of Mitch Rapp

f159a0  No.5940968

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




399c50  No.5940969

File: fcb87b170810db2⋯.png (1.05 MB, 1366x4717, 1366:4717, www_wsj_com_articles_schif….png)

Schiff and the Media

The media question of the day is why members of the press corps aren’t deciding on their own to reject the source who seems to have been misleading them for years


8f9676  No.5940970

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Utah strikes again. Kek this is how I like to start my mornings.

992e0c  No.5940971


haha that's an act. Nothing will happen.

006bb5  No.5940972

File: 4a41214cd92ac58⋯.png (749.6 KB, 889x748, 889:748, ClipboardImage.png)

Human Child Trafficing


27c5b7  No.5940973

>>5939665 (pb)

so they start demanding everything be in sync with the Marxist echo chamber.

that's not 'fact checking' it's 'propaganda compliance', and a piss poor attempt at damage control, since the sources where evidently fine, before the Mueller report dropped.

Soviet fucks oughta rename their rag USSSA Today.

01e59f  No.5940974

File: 1254ba9658b6a75⋯.jpg (198.79 KB, 1092x725, 1092:725, ted lieu.jpg)

It only took 25 days for them to decide this was a mean and hurtful post. Hard to be polite to traitors. Ted knows where he is going.

934584  No.5940975


kek, based

350268  No.5940976


>Why are parents with VACCINATED kids worried about unvaccinated kids? Aren't their vaccinated kids protected already?

Pretty damn good questions.

bb6839  No.5940977


Turner is ripping Adam a new Schitthole

ac7857  No.5940978

File: 4df6bb4be83d9ff⋯.jpg (17.65 KB, 219x255, 73:85, 4df6bb4be83d9ff31bbe36d891….jpg)

File: d548befd89f3067⋯.jpg (464.77 KB, 2560x2560, 1:1, ItsHappeningSmoke.jpg)

File: 35cfded7d8f9820⋯.jpg (1.01 MB, 2560x2560, 1:1, Military_Merit_Q.jpg)

File: 269e9ee4819a07a⋯.jpg (1.03 MB, 2560x2560, 1:1, WWG1WGA_America.jpg)


Bakers Rockin it! and Bread Shitters Shittin it !

Come on Guise.

Semper Fi

7b3c00  No.5940979

File: 9000c568b504330⋯.jpg (3.78 KB, 300x168, 25:14, download (7).jpg)

QAnon Turns on Sebastian Gorka After He Calls Them ‘Garbage’

Former White House adviser Sebastian Gorka is no stranger to conspiracy theories. In January, for example, he suggested that Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was secretly dead.

Normally, that would align him with believers in QAnon, the wacko movement that posits that the Democratic Party is run by pedophiles and also think Ginsburg is dead. But now the top figures in QAnon are coming for Gorka.

Gorka has clashed with QAnon believers in the past. As a former White House insider, they expect him to validate that their theory is real. Instead, he frequently tweets that “Q is garbage.”

But the feud really stepped up this week. “Q,” the mysterious person or group of people who drop the “clues” that set QAnon believers off, posted a series of links about a super PAC Gorka once worked for. Then Q linked to the FBI tip line, with the implication that Gorka had committed all sorts of crimes.

Of course, QAnon readers thought, this explains it: Gorka only says QAnon is fake because he’s in on the plot. In the usual QAnon style, nothing was actually proven, but believers filled in the rest and started posting menacing tweets towards Gorka.

Patriot’s Soapbox, a 24-hour QAnon livestream on YouTube that’s central to the conspiracy theory’s origin story, posted Gorka’s address and his wife’s name. QAnon followers on Twitter starting posting pictures of his house.

Given that QAnon followers have been tied to two recent murders, the attacks on Gorka have the potential to become more than casual doxxing on the internet. Then a major figure in QAnon world took it further.

Dave Hayes, a religious “healer” and QAnon personality who goes by the handle “Praying Medic,” went on Trump superfan Bill Mitchell’s show this week to threaten Gorka more directly. Hayes has become a powerful figure in QAnon-world by blending evangelical Christianity with an obsession with Q’s mythos.

“You may want to be careful with what you say and what you do,” Hayes said. “Q put somebody on the radar yesterday, and you probably don’t want 10,000 anons from 8chan digging through your personal life.

“Right,” Mitchell said.

Hayes added that “the hunter is now the hunted.”

“The people that have been writing hit pieces about us, criticizing us, calling us fools, those people are about to have their corruption exposed,” he said. “So I’m just letting people know, I think you’re going to see a bit more of an aggressive stance on the side of people who have been taking this crap for a long time, they’re not going to take it anymore.”

Gorka didn’t respond to a request for comment.


8c1497  No.5940981

File: 5b7cbda5a9d2c0d⋯.png (294.12 KB, 909x417, 303:139, ClipboardImage.png)


Creepy Porn Lawyer has LOCKED down his twitter account! lmfao

Hasn't filed his taxes since 2010,

charged with trying to blackmail Nike in NY,

bank & wire fraud in California…


42e205  No.5940982

File: eb7219475556f06⋯.jpg (386.83 KB, 1667x1948, 1667:1948, 7ef1a46480ec1ba8a8e78a4304….jpg)


Reflection inside the castle… White House.

Mirror reflection inside the castle.

2d0851  No.5940983


yes anon

be1b25  No.5940984

File: fae4b699f84db8c⋯.jpeg (758.26 KB, 1125x726, 375:242, BE7466D9-D8BB-429E-A77B-C….jpeg)

64de21  No.5940985

File: dafb47c2059cfd3⋯.png (593.31 KB, 1920x916, 480:229, Screenshot_2019-03-28 WeGo….png)


Anyone notice the link in the twatter acct. Q linked to >>5935704


Not caring to "register" on anyone's site.

Not questioning her patriotism

Just sayin'

1aef83  No.5940986

File: 50df2885d2b5272⋯.png (86.75 KB, 313x821, 313:821, 2019-03-28_10-26-56.png)

>>5940544 lb

Some names in the video…



4d606e  No.5940987

So Claire Bronfman owns 80% of Fiji island……water anyone

3a49f5  No.5940988


He is getting tooled today - love every minute of it!

512770  No.5940989

File: 25266381eadf5fd⋯.png (472.9 KB, 550x594, 25:27, ClipboardImage.png)

Where is IntelJobInterviewAnon from yest that got the (Qyou)? Want to know how it went…

6d15e6  No.5940990

>>5940921 (lb)

Hey, I've always understood the brand to be the initials for keith raniere and "allison mack"………..who knows, maybe the A.M. is "michael avenatti?"

When fainting, it's pavlovian. She's been conditioned to pass out any time the master's name is heard! Kek.

68fbe2  No.5940991

The 39-year-old daughter of late Seagram CEO Edgar Bronfman (whose funeral Hillary Clinton spoke at)

Clinton went on to describe her first encounter with Bronfman, which took place at a political fundraiser in the early 1990s. “We were seated next to each other at the dinner, and I remember he leaned over midway through one speech and whispered a joke in my ear,” Clinton said. “I remember the joke well, I just can’t repeat it,” she added, prompting laughter from the audience.

The Clintons collaborated with Bronfman in the 1990s on Bronfman’s initiative to get Swiss banks to provide restitution to Holocaust survivors. The effort led to a more than $1 billion settlement. Bronfman received the Presidential Medal of Freedom from President Bill Clinton in 1999.

“Bill and I both believed in Edgar and his cause,” said Clinton. “He was never shy of pressing an issue in the face of injustice.”

The friendship between the Clintons and Bronfman went beyond the political realm. During her presentation, Clinton thanked Bronfman for the friendship he had forged with her daughter Chelsea and her husband Marc Mezvinsky.

Following Clinton’s remarks, Edgar Bronfman, Jr., said his father undoubtedly regretted not living long enough to help Clinton with her “future plans,” hinting heavily at the 2016 presidential race.



8e5ea1  No.5940992

File: eb5582407c52763⋯.png (561.12 KB, 540x348, 45:29, ClipboardImage.png)

File: cd4d9a951fd3d86⋯.png (158.46 KB, 872x1024, 109:128, ClipboardImage.png)

Nellie Ohr transcript reveals details from Steele meeting one day before Trump-Russia investigation began

A newly released congressional transcript from Nellie Ohr — Justice Department official Bruce Ohr’s wife — details her meetings with Trump dossier author Christopher Steele, including one the day before former FBI agent Peter Strzok opened the Trump-Russia investigation at the FBI. The transcript also reveals her research on any connections between Russia and President Trump, the Trump family, and Trump associates while she worked at Fusion GPS. She also declined to answer most questions related to her husband, who served as an unofficial backchannel between Steele and the FBI.

Rep. Doug Collins, R-Ga., the ranking member of the House Judiciary Committee, went to the House floor to put the 137-page transcript from her October testimony in front of a joint session of the House Judiciary and House Oversight Committees into the record. "Thus far, I have released four transcripts of interviews related to apparent wrongdoing at the FBI and Justice Department. Today, I release the fifth. The American people deserve transparency. They deserve to know what transpired at the highest levels of the FBI and the origin of the probe into President Trump's campaign," Collins said.

The testimony focused heavily on her time with Fusion GPS and its relationship with the DOJ. Nellie Ohr met with Steele three times, the last of which was on July 30, 2016, one day before the FBI initiated a counterintelligence investigation into possible links between the Russian government and the Trump campaign. It is believed that Peter Strzok signed the order that launched the inquiry.

Taking place at the Mayflower Hotel, Nellie Ohr said her husband Bruce Ohr was in attendance along with an unknown associate for Steele. Bruce Ohr was formerly the associate deputy attorney general and director of the Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force. He was demoted after it came to light he met with Steele and Fusion GPS co-founder Glenn Simpson. At this meeting, Nellie Ohr said she learned for the first time Steele also worked at Fusion GPS. Ohr said she understood Steele was trying to convey to her husband his "concern" about his information regarding Trump, believed she saw at least one page of the so-called Trump dossier, and was hoping it would make its way to the FBI. "My understanding was that Chris Steele was hoping that Bruce would put in a word with the FBI to follow-up on the information in some way," she said when asked if words like "investigation" or "inquiry" was brought up during the discussion.

Fusion GPS is an opposition research firm, and in 2016 it had been hired by the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee through the Perkins Coie law firm. Besides hiring Nellie Ohr, Fusion GPS had also hired Steele, whose unverified dossier would form a large basis the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act applications used to obtain surveillance warrants against Trump associate Carter Page. Its co-founder, Simpson, met extensively with Bruce Ohr, as well as numerous journalists to whom he provided Fusion GPS’s anti-Trump research. When Ohr was hired by Fusion GPS, Simpson knew her husband was working at DOJ. Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, asked Nellie Ohr: “Did he know at the time that he hired you that your husband worked for the Department of Justice?” Ohr replied: “Yes.”



Friday, October 19, 2018


3a60a6  No.5940993

File: c9a8855709422cf⋯.png (843.74 KB, 540x793, 540:793, collins1.png)


I like this guy, much! (No H!)

a0091f  No.5940994

File: c9f676e18032838⋯.jpg (11.05 KB, 255x220, 51:44, POTUS elvis.jpg)

37d3b3  No.5940995


Nothing but pics and what not comes up so far….

c07878  No.5940996

File: a4eeedfffe2d2cb⋯.png (632.46 KB, 579x452, 579:452, Capture.PNG)

Rejected by Hong Kong, first asylum seekers who sheltered Edward Snowden are granted refugee status by Canada

One of the asylum seekers who sheltered Edward Snowden in Hong Kong is on her way to a new life in Montreal, her lawyer said, making her the first of the “Snowden refugees” to find safe haven and the latest high-profile refugee to be welcomed to Canada.

Vanessa Rodel, an asylum seeker from the Philippines, and her seven-year-old daughter Keana are expected to land at Toronto’s Pearson International Airport just before 6pm Monday, then make their way Tuesday to Montreal, where a refugee organisation has raised funds for their resettlement.


6d15e6  No.5940997

File: 9b37a8355f9ed6d⋯.jpg (112.12 KB, 720x1272, 30:53, kr_,ma_nexivm_brand.jpg)


Didn't attach to my post……..from lb

13856c  No.5940998


Schiff isn't going to step down. DEMs do not accept responsibility or account for their actions. Ever.

Still, the GOP-unanimous letter is good to educate the public, at least put an honest argument in front of the public.

But Congress is fundamentally dishonest. That's just the way it is. Maybe 15% of them are fairly honest, and you can count on your fingers how many are "good eggs."

33595a  No.5940999

File: 8df4720e659c93f⋯.jpeg (896.59 KB, 1242x1976, 621:988, AAD5F744-86AD-48F9-9EAB-7….jpeg)

The headers here crack me up sometimes…doitq!

055b92  No.5941000

File: ff2907685095989⋯.jpg (124.57 KB, 666x999, 2:3, tyb_kitchen_mess.jpg)

File: 7f5404e45a14541⋯.png (638.69 KB, 900x1601, 900:1601, robocalls.png)


TY baker

5fec21  No.5941001

File: ecaa72306e61f77⋯.jpg (141.82 KB, 736x1045, 736:1045, 708237-4487849 copy.jpg)

Spirit of 7600 Edition

Thank you baker.

Bless this bread.

63a120  No.5941002


Those kind of pics are probably all you are going to get.

8b2c47  No.5941003

Regarding finding the reflection in the castle:

Could the reflections on the second watch picture include an alcove reflected on the metal where the watch strap attaches and the base of a teleprompter at the 12 mark on the watch face? This could perhaps be the Map Room where the President practices televised addresses but the only pictures I can find of it make it look quite dingy.

992e0c  No.5941004

is it happening?



16179e  No.5941005


nice one baker sama

5eca1b  No.5941006

File: 3ed323f8ccbe12b⋯.png (2.04 MB, 1324x1083, 1324:1083, ClipboardImage.png)

cb1dc1  No.5941007

File: 9ddf6856b74012c⋯.png (2.89 MB, 1536x2048, 3:4, IMG_6448.PNG)

f9ea73  No.5941008

775c2d  No.5941009

File: 560eb65fed77ee2⋯.png (599.31 KB, 1194x669, 398:223, Screen Shot 2019-03-28 at ….png)


TY Baker!

555020  No.5941010


On my mind to AnonFam….to early to find out—we will tell us brother

00d233  No.5941011

File: 9328005a74bc8d5⋯.png (386.47 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, AAC11F86-902D-4F1C-9CC2-0D….png)

McFaul ties in with Bill Browder. Putin knows who our dirtiest criminals are and he wants to expose them.


11948e  No.5941012

File: ed72dad798c61e2⋯.jpg (88.84 KB, 546x495, 182:165, 54-08746546735457676754635….jpg)

65b160  No.5941013

File: f0cf1d0298ce2ad⋯.jpg (1.82 MB, 1911x2409, 637:803, 8917c85db6335a987f768dd9a1….jpg)

>>5940817 (LB)

Correlating NZ with the shoes. Nice job.

33595a  No.5941014



b47915  No.5941016

File: 14c64c420fdc010⋯.png (41.78 KB, 502x406, 251:203, ClipboardImage.png)

Happy 7.6K all anon faggots!

ac7857  No.5941017


Released on Good Behavior Anon.

d46d8c  No.5941018

File: cbfe6f0e65e7577⋯.png (113.43 KB, 663x867, 13:17, ClipboardImage.png)

Mitre corp is a C_A front.

a5013c  No.5941019

There's desperation in them thar' shills. More so today than ever. Must be over the target, Anons!

cb1dc1  No.5941020

File: 9ed9a282556b1f0⋯.png (5.78 MB, 1536x2048, 3:4, IMG_8527.PNG)

c07878  No.5941021

File: 7a4657f68d0fc34⋯.png (582.33 KB, 777x471, 259:157, Capture.PNG)

The Chinese government is stockpiling Americans’ DNA info. Here’s why

March 27, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) — As part of its “Made in China 2025” campaign, the Chinese government is embarking on a massive, state-led drive to acquire DNA from both its own citizens and the citizens of the world, including Americans. The intent? Not only to become a biotech superpower — but to have the ability to create bio-weapons that target specific DNA strands.

As an example, the Beijing Genomics Institute (BGI) used a loan from China Development Bank to acquire 128 HiSeq 2000 sequencers, as well as U.S. sequencing company Complete Genomics. In the process, BGI obtained access to a DNA database that contains the private genetic information of a large number of Americans.


f22b8b  No.5941022

File: 094846f20cf1de0⋯.jpg (247.78 KB, 1509x780, 503:260, Untitled2.jpg)

Q4 High Altitude

bb6796  No.5941023

File: d32292ad85d0115⋯.jpg (224.18 KB, 1513x701, 1513:701, warfare.jpg)


44602a  No.5941024


Positive thoughts and prayers for your son and his family. For what it's worth, see if there is a holistic doctor - like naturopath - or more holistic doctor like an osteopath in your area. They are a least more inclined to look beyond the symptoms to treat and get to the source. I will also if he is so inclined to send him/his family Reiki healing energy to support. Like a gift that one can choose to open, our higher selves can accept and receive it as needed.

2693d9  No.5941025


So attempting fraud against an incoming supreme court justice, screaming and yelling at the current administration, trying to become a presidential nominee, etc… while not filing taxes for 8 years? Does this qualify for "These people are stupid?"

527bbf  No.5941026

File: 3186859e3d52ac0⋯.png (609.93 KB, 960x768, 5:4, Final 2019 Flood Risk Map ….png)

>>5940424 (lb)


>US production is terrible right now

And it's not going to get better anytime soon. This flooding is going to impact this country in many ways. Where are the tens of millions of illegal aliens employed by big ag going to go? Who's going to feed them, house them, doctor them. We're going to have a displaced persons crisis as these invaders are forced into the cities and towns across America. The added burden on already strapped social services in a nation running deficits is going to force some changes.

It might be an opportunity. "Never let a crisis go to waste". Maybe this will be the chance to force the citizenship question for services/drivers licenses/HUD etc. When denied everything, many will have to self deport. We can help them with that.



13856c  No.5941027

Turner is impugning Schiff in public, and Schiff has to just sit there and take it. Epic.

Turner invokes McCarthy. Schiff, your reactions today were pure McCarthyism, as you attacked us rather than defend the work of the committee.

0f1f17  No.5941028

File: 1d3c66a8df34605⋯.jpg (42.35 KB, 537x300, 179:100, 29upnw.jpg)

ba3d11  No.5941029

the Pencil Neck Shit will be one of the first arrests

Looking forward to it

11dc3c  No.5941030

File: f9172ccdcc08c20⋯.jpg (129.19 KB, 1024x466, 512:233, TheGreatestAmericanHeroOfA….jpg)

093b46  No.5941031


McCarthy was a patriot!!!

062a57  No.5941032

File: 1982df7083258b3⋯.png (953.98 KB, 1440x2880, 1:2, Screenshot_20190328-073015.png)

Forgive if posted earlier since the Twat is from yesterday but…. DAMN LONDON!

9f1205  No.5941033

File: e3b2477f27659dc⋯.jpeg (112.03 KB, 1440x813, 480:271, 1531262539.jpeg)

1d012c  No.5941034

#Qanon New to audist stuff so passing this on to you pros but i think i stumbled on something with the Special Olympics stuff. Checking into their finances and looks like we are giving money for Special Olympic events all over the globe unless i miss understand that would be a great way to launder money.


992e0c  No.5941035



‏ @The_War_Economy

The_War_Economy Retweeted Andy McCarthy

Let's be absolutely clear on this.

McCabe's testimony was on May 11, 2 days after Comey's dismissal: "There has been no effort to impede our investigation to date".

On May 10, the obstruction of justice investigation was opened.

125bf4  No.5941036


look at this bossy cunt

who dis?


350268  No.5941037


Schiff isn't going anywhere.

This is all show, until someone proves that Schiff leaked protected info from his Gang of 8 position.

Nunes could step up here and spell out specifically protected information from Gang of 8 shit that Schiff leaked, if Nunes had an actual testicle … but he doesn't. Why not?

Because they are ALL protecting each other - and putting on a show while doing so.

IOW, same ole shit for the last 50 fucking years.

Nothing has changed.

Jail time is the only deterrent, but that won't happen while they are allowed to investigate each other.

We are STILL being conned, anons.

Q has changed nothing.

399c50  No.5941038

File: b6bc7d37b4e023c⋯.mp4 (7.11 MB, 596x726, 298:363, Trump pan flutes.mp4)

7d2553  No.5941039

File: b77cbb891dc570d⋯.jpg (152.73 KB, 763x509, 763:509, lynch tesitfy.jpg)

Congressman Collins, if you're lurking, I want to see the Cankles testimony.

e531f2  No.5941040


May God be with your son and your family.


f3ba43  No.5941041






8c1497  No.5941042


>He's in pain all the time and has the sensation of parasites under his skin.

Anon, look into …

'''EM Pulser: Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) Therapy for Pain Relief and Accelerated Healing Without Side Effects.'''

The power of magnetic healing turbocharged by billionth-of-a-second nanopulses that penetrate the body, even through clothing. Increases ATP, HSP 70 heat shock proteins, blood flow, and calcium uptake, while upregulating growth and restorative genes.

005bdc  No.5941043


Glorious. Turner on overdrive.

64de21  No.5941044

File: 085894a1d9f0d22⋯.png (1 MB, 805x814, 805:814, ClipboardImage.png)

NZ anon knows.

33595a  No.5941045

What messages is Comy sending and to who?

d86c73  No.5941046

The nothing-burger report was the big reveal to (them) that Mueller was compromised (under patriot control). Up until that point they must have thought he was going to come through for (them). Why else would the loud-screamers (Schiff, Brennen, Hollywood, etc) stand so tall in their assertions of muh collusion until the very end. It must have been devastating to them to watch the cards fall after they had every last one of their chips on the table. They know they’re done. The rest of this part of the movie is for the normies. Do you think it was an accident that the report left the obstruction question a little murky? Nope. Get those who are still brainwashed to scream that Barr is covering for Trump. Scream for the release of the full report. Then give it to them, a fat-ass red pill with a side of declass. Lay it all out so no one can deny it, save for the 4-6%.

Get comfy ya’ll

d46d8c  No.5941047


da fuk is that?

8158cc  No.5941048

File: 76ad847c5e54236⋯.png (596.25 KB, 800x534, 400:267, ClipboardImage.png)


Smollett Case: Trump Vows "FBI & DOJ" Investgation As Leaked Email Reveals Scramble To Cover Tracks

cf2ba0  No.5941049

File: e2d045ffe19923b⋯.png (38.1 KB, 576x363, 192:121, bq-5c9bec8f87b98.png)

Good morning Anons

ac7857  No.5941050


Bitter ! :) And that's almost the extent of my German…

c07878  No.5941051

File: 83092c245c6ac47⋯.png (1.05 MB, 811x555, 811:555, Capture.PNG)

Facebook is facing new housing discrimination charges from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development

Facebook is being charged with housing discrimination by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

The claim Thursday from HUD comes less than a week after Facebook said it would overhaul its ad-targeting systems to prevent housing, credit and employment ads as part of a legal settlement with a group that includes the American Civil Liberties Union, the National Fair Housing Alliance and others.


42e205  No.5941052


The interview was very informative! If there was a night for all Americans to watch Sean Hannity and hear our President speak, it was definitely last night. Hoping all those viewers CNN lost last night were watching!!

125bf4  No.5941053






202dd1  No.5941054



>my post → /s


cf2ba0  No.5941055

File: e70685c4e79032c⋯.jpg (209.51 KB, 980x420, 7:3, 7j578kj5876j64kj57k75k57k.jpg)

7da779  No.5941056

Josh Hawley (R-MO) just said on FOX that Schiff should resign.

13856c  No.5941057


Bitte … not bitter!!

350268  No.5941058


Same old act from the same ole assholes.

It's a big show, just like the Trey Gowdy hearings.

And you are STILL fucking falling for it.

Schiff isn't going anywhere … and the repugs are in on the con.

4d606e  No.5941059

File: 4ef1045d1846faa⋯.jpg (7.35 KB, 255x143, 255:143, 891f797807e26dcd493e767036….jpg)

>>5941037 Man you are right c'mon let's take our ball and go to Reddit….you go first I will meet you there faggot

e04219  No.5941060

File: 7b0002566a7ed5a⋯.jpg (149 KB, 819x1024, 819:1024, FitNakedGirls.com-Jenny-Ha….jpg)

340066  No.5941061

File: 79a3a167daecade⋯.jpg (187.09 KB, 3000x1890, 100:63, mccarthy_cohn_ap_img.jpg)

File: bb3ed268f9f8025⋯.jpg (1023.33 KB, 2560x1723, 2560:1723, Roy Cohn Donald Trump.jpg)



McCarthy is coming up a lot. Wonder why?

0ae3bf  No.5941062

File: 14ba9a5c079c840⋯.jpg (99.78 KB, 634x469, 634:469, MZ_Pepe.jpg)

a5013c  No.5941063


You got your shit "notable" you fucking amateur.

Take your screencap so you can masturbate to your (YOU) forever. It's the only notable your weak ass will ever have.

21 tries before you got it recognized? THEY DID IT TO SHUT YOU UP. For KEKs. Didn't you see that?

We're laughing at you.

ef0068  No.5941064

Adam Goldman

‏Verified account @adamgoldmanNYT

SCOOP: The total of 300-plus pages suggests that Mr. Mueller went well beyond the kind of bare-bones summary required by the Justice Department regulation governing his appointment and detailed his conclusions at length.


992e0c  No.5941065


Trump vowed a 'review', not an 'investigation'.

235349  No.5941066


Squeeze them both and her shoulder blades turns into a pair of wings!

9f15c6  No.5941067

File: 7038cb2b571b48c⋯.gif (554.92 KB, 200x233, 200:233, YeahSureOK.gif)

cf2ba0  No.5941068

File: 3caf8ebff6588c9⋯.jpg (42.16 KB, 571x618, 571:618, 3caf8ebff6588c9f3e2c256fb6….jpg)

fc3216  No.5941069




Find their district map, these are the people who voted them into office.

Make a mental note about the geographical area.

5fec21  No.5941070

File: dfde8566ebce485⋯.jpg (50.87 KB, 941x622, 941:622, Hillary Bronfman.jpg)

4121b4  No.5941072


Thank you baker!

340066  No.5941074


Red shoes and red scarfs. Interdasting…

13856c  No.5941075


Said Schiff should have resigned long ago, and gave excellent reason. I also noticed that he remarked Mueller was appointed to investigate SPY allegation.

Hawley agrees with Comey, there should be investigations, but Comey, McCabe, et al are the ones who need to be investigated.

775c2d  No.5941076

File: 002873c0c8bf4fd⋯.png (172.63 KB, 736x1137, 736:1137, Screen Shot 2019-03-28 at ….png)

File: ef86c2ea15007e6⋯.png (189.23 KB, 685x1221, 685:1221, Screen Shot 2019-03-28 at ….png)



c0086c  No.5941077

File: 5c1c3c196564dd2⋯.jpg (1.19 MB, 4032x1960, 72:35, 20190328_072430.jpg)

File: 3e7f5284346c758⋯.jpg (1.86 MB, 4032x1960, 72:35, 20190328_073518.jpg)

Wester Washington state Anon here

I do a lot of community work, and ran into a couple of people yesterday that were speaking truths. Interestingly enough, neither were familiar with our movement. Needless to say, they are now. The people are WOKE. Good to know my six is covered while in the heart of the beast.


27c5b7  No.5941078


He's being prosecuted for engaging in the same shakedown racket Jessie Jackson has been running unhindered by law or conscience for decades.

Call it yet another example of unequal treatment under the law.


Coca Cola, 7-11 a few others here, but the article's old and the number of companies these rainbow rats have chewed on has only grown. I think it predates the Anheiser Busch

125bf4  No.5941079


>We're laughing at you.

those who screech loudest

fuckstick we're laughing at you fags

9f15c6  No.5941080


Note to Jussie:

If you're gonna bring a stripper to court,

Make sure she's younger and moar well-endowed.

e531f2  No.5941081


He's have to kill us if he told us

64de21  No.5941082

File: fce0a54d6414559⋯.png (793.71 KB, 869x860, 869:860, ClipboardImage.png)

5eca1b  No.5941083



Was about to give him what for

thank you for saving me time, stupid shills

/CM/ Break the Catalog please!!

247816  No.5941084

Remember anons

If you dont blindly trust everything potus does

You arnt thinking for yourself

And are a concernfag

And will be executed as a Q doubter

052de3  No.5941085

File: cc164a53adca20f⋯.jpeg (682.49 KB, 1242x1629, 138:181, 24878DDE-58B2-4BE4-849E-F….jpeg)

File: 91915bf003483aa⋯.jpeg (706.06 KB, 1242x1643, 1242:1643, 1AFDA9CA-1E0F-42ED-8AE3-1….jpeg)

Someone said this was weak sauce last bread but let me explain what I’m witnessing when I view djt tweets in real time.

As the counter reaches each new milestone, the counter goes back and forth for 15 seconds or so until remaining steady at the next number. The next milestone hits and the same thing occurs.

So either that many people are constantly removing their likes or twitter is slowly removing likes in real time. It’s absurd to think twitter uses a range for rounding up or down instead of a sigle digit threshold. I’ve watched the phenomenon occur only on djt tweets. You can watch a popular tweet counter going up in real time for other accounts and it never shows this anamoly.

If you want to wait to catch them removing likes in huge sweeping numbers all at one time, it wont happen. Twitter isnt that retarded. So they sneakily remove likes slowly in real time, to make their fuckery moar difficult to spot.

I challenge anyone else to open their twitter app and watch this occur in real time on djts feed and try to replicate the occurence on another feed and it wont happen.

43fcd3  No.5941086


Prayers and peace of mind to you and your son. Definitely contact a holistic doctor. Possibly take colloidal silver-it is an antibiotic, antifungal and anti-microbial agent. Don't give up!

8c1497  No.5941087


>Does this qualify for "These people are stupid?"

I'd say…

YES! kek

b24c23  No.5941088


>Needless to say, they are now.

Thx, Anon!

263ea4  No.5941090

I saw last bread that Nellie Ohr worked for MITRE corporation.

JASON is run through MITRE.

JASON (from Wikipedia)

"JASON is an independent group of elite scientists which advises the United States government on matters of science and technology, mostly of a sensitive nature…For administrative purposes, JASON's activities are run through the MITRE Corporation, a non-profit corporation in McLean, Virginia"

ac7857  No.5941091

File: bd35bec3ea33ce8⋯.jpg (2.61 MB, 2491x2485, 2491:2485, Patriot Stand.jpg)

File: 69c5d9f96dd59fd⋯.png (1.96 MB, 2560x2560, 1:1, QAnon_Q_Blue_Alpha.png)

Anons, We are finally having a huge week ! I am having a blast reading the news andwatching it ALL start to unfold. There is a lot happening all over the World.

We Are The News Now !


8158cc  No.5941092

File: 8ee7abfcc797bd8⋯.png (1.19 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)



Michael Avenatti, Pedophilia , & A Fainting Heiress: NXIVM Sex-Cult Trial Gets Kinked Up In Court

8e5ea1  No.5941093

File: b95c3e93e53e064⋯.png (709.96 KB, 804x452, 201:113, ClipboardImage.png)

Attorney Mark Geragos, dropped from CNN, says 'lame-ass' outlet should be renamed 'Cut and Run Network

Mark Geragos, a camera-ready attorney linked to lawyer Michael Avenatti's alleged extortion plot, isn't leaving his CNN perch quietly. Geragos, 61, made hundreds of appearances on CNN while working for the news organization. CNN dropped him after the Wall Street Journal reported Geragos was named a co-conspirator with Avenatti in a $20 million extortion attempt of Nike. Geragos wasn’t charged in the Avanatti complaint. The Los Angeles-based legal analyst on Tuesday told a radio host CNN is a “lame-ass organization” that should change its name to “Cut and Run Network.”

“I’ve been texted by all of their anchors who are as outraged as I am," Geragos said. “God forbid that I start telling some of the stories for how I’ve covered for that lame-ass organization. Geragos claimed CNN bookers and anchors are eager for him to return to the network's airwaves. They're particularly interested in having him discuss the Jussie Smollett case, concerning a Chicago-based actor who allegedly engineered an assault against himself so he could call it a hate crime — only to have the charges dropped after a plea agreement with his lawyers.


d2e074  No.5941094

File: b01ab1a7dcb0a71⋯.jpeg (41.45 KB, 600x401, 600:401, D2F77C92-3D58-4C70-8E5D-4….jpeg)

202dd1  No.5941095



>da fuk is that?

HOPE for britannia

5f532c  No.5941096



So they'll stick out like sore thumbs? Good. Arrest them all and DEPORT THEM. ALL OF THEM.

You know why? It's been proven that demorcrats tried to unseat a sitting president with a pack of lies.

For two years.

Whatever else they want is probably criminal too, and should be dismissed out of hand. So. They don't want a wall?


Pretty hard to vote against wall fundingoif you've been arrested for treason.

997dd3  No.5941097


speaking of reflections…

d51615  No.5941098


Well, the ADL and SPLC have a lot of material to comb through and flag these days. They're running a little behind

f37bc4  No.5941099

Watching the Adam Schiff/Devin Nunes Russia hearing this morning is just painful.

Time to bring the PAIN IN DC. Rep Nunes has the patience of a saint.


1758bb  No.5941100

Twitter is considering labeling Trump tweets that violate its rules


Can you smell that desperation in the air?

94a311  No.5941101

File: a8b3d04679ba046⋯.png (204.84 KB, 1901x4345, 1901:4345, VACCINE SITES LINKS 2019-0….png)

d660a7  No.5941102

File: 1dd9610cb9fac70⋯.jpg (257.99 KB, 882x777, 42:37, jidfretard.jpg)

File: b90f562d26e7363⋯.jpg (210.32 KB, 925x1086, 925:1086, 1_Trump_Jews_Cry.jpg)

File: d494cc5aad64939⋯.png (20.05 KB, 519x364, 519:364, How_Hasbara_Israel_first_s….PNG)

File: 7f4eb6844a28ba9⋯.jpg (554.77 KB, 2048x1233, 2048:1233, 2Q19.jpg)

A civics lesson is being conducted before the entire nation, as corruption is at its peak.

Pilpul detection: when the bullshit is delivered with FEMININE hysteria for the full impact, this comes DIRECTLY from the matriarchal seed cult of death and terror, and is expected to have devastating effect on suggestible minds!

Simple filter:

If someone is unable to deliver their message without the emotional energy og egotism and supposed superiority, they are flat out lying, as trained by their media handlers!

All these snarkkiddies acting out their fantasies of superiority, pretending to be a “good ** mother” lecturing her completely dominated offspring with the extra emotion coming from concern, you are all OUTED!

On a logical research board, why is the dominant style all about browbeating other anons,

pilpul, compulsive hall monitoring, flaming away in a flurry of false emotional intensity?

Oldfags filter or scan right on by, sometime tempted to engage the 80-90% meatloaf filler posters, just to show what logic does to liars, but how does anyone pretend to themselves that they are using their minds, when nothing more than the regurgitation of pre-digested baby food is actually happening in these resistance posters.

The separation IS happening! Once the camouflage of the death cult broadcast by the media Matrix is torn away, the naked minions will be exposed, like the aliens in “The Live”.

Not going to be fun then for those who sold their souls to the machine which consumes souls and children!

ac7857  No.5941103

340066  No.5941104


While true, division faggotry.

527bbf  No.5941105


I've been wondering for a while now what was the bet she lost?

005bdc  No.5941106

File: 6cea81f77d1a3ec⋯.png (416.64 KB, 812x835, 812:835, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 353eb2146bc55e8⋯.png (82.77 KB, 848x856, 106:107, ClipboardImage.png)

File: ca229ab8f3beae9⋯.png (58.91 KB, 782x594, 391:297, ClipboardImage.png)

One World Religion: Pope Francis Signs Historic Covenant With Islam


235349  No.5941107


C'mon face butt….DIE-DIE-DIE!!!!

d2e074  No.5941108

File: 3a1a6683582bd3b⋯.jpeg (256.07 KB, 600x431, 600:431, A5A5ACAD-08B7-4B5C-981E-F….jpeg)

093b46  No.5941109


because we're still dealing with the same problems.

7b3c00  No.5941110

File: 4814adadf523dfe⋯.png (56.75 KB, 623x381, 623:381, Untitled __.png)


8158cc  No.5941111


Left trying to use it.

Sad to find out 50 years plus he was right.

cbd79f  No.5941112


>Tacoma Dome

- With you, Anon

73c41f  No.5941113


This reminds me of my Highschool brainwashing in history classes that a rise in German Nationalism lead to muh haulocaust and WWII.

History repeats…same villians/antagonists

63a120  No.5941114

Stepped away for 2 minutes. Did the intel committee finish or take a break?

997dd3  No.5941115

Holy cow! I love it!


d51615  No.5941116


He's decided to temporarily leave twitter until he can afford his internet bill again.

c91247  No.5941117


(BAKER. Please, if possible, give a FRESH BREAD post at end of bake).

Republican & Democrat members of House Intel Committee AT WAR. On recess now.

d660a7  No.5941118


*They Live

308c52  No.5941119

File: 68d9535d77c2263⋯.jpg (1.61 MB, 2556x3441, 852:1147, Q-Truth.jpg)

5fec21  No.5941120

File: b8f9b8889243e42⋯.png (100.83 KB, 861x437, 861:437, ClipboardImage.png)

>>5940428 (all lb)





So I suppose Lester Holt flew all the way to NZ to interview him?


247816  No.5941121


Trump also wants this

Why do anons support a lying conman who enables the murder of thousands

Think for yourselves

Does someone who kills civilians and wants to kill the families of terrorists sound like someone who is fighting for god

Well yeah he sounds like someone who fights for the jewish demon god

Not for the real one

f159a0  No.5941122


Is it 4G 5G affect?

399c50  No.5941123

Top FBI Child Sex Trafficking & Prostitution Boss Worked Smollett Investigation with Chicago Police; Did Jussie Rat Out Hollywood?


a0091f  No.5941124

File: 78f0a45f5be735f⋯.jpg (91.64 KB, 666x375, 222:125, Insider trading top activi….jpg)

File: cc0cbdd4bcbc4a6⋯.jpg (65.01 KB, 612x408, 3:2, invitation homes combo sal….jpg)

File: d46f2ca34d699b3⋯.jpg (59.1 KB, 612x408, 3:2, invitation homes combo sal….jpg)

File: 9b6d9c47c378d5f⋯.jpg (79.38 KB, 577x432, 577:432, sandberg dump 2.jpg)

File: b256732b53177c9⋯.jpg (75.58 KB, 500x500, 1:1, go daddy dump 1.jpg)

Track ANY stock here


ba3d11  No.5941125

America is being given a long look at the foolishness of Congress along with their false claims against Trump

Payback is gonna be Pure Hell for Donald Trump always pays those that are due a counterpunch even if it takes years

cb1dc1  No.5941126

File: a70318b3aa78c4e⋯.gif (981.89 KB, 480x672, 5:7, IMG_8700.GIF)

ea890a  No.5941127

Adam Schiff sits on the house Intel committee as chairman.

Meaning, he knew what was in those transcripts regarding Veselnitskaya with FusionGPS being involved months prior to the meeting occurring.


65b160  No.5941128

File: 56204a8d817dbfa⋯.jpg (190.3 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, D2XnY1bU8AAYHWa.jpg)


Would the direction of his shadow indicate that he is in New Zealand?

d51615  No.5941129


Well, one of the islands. There are numerous.

e083f8  No.5941130

File: 01b55c847a0536a⋯.png (510.21 KB, 743x416, 743:416, hggf.png)


welcome to whitey being there "biggest" threat.

those who are attacked the most… #3

dd23b6  No.5941131

I notice Shiffty had a written statement.

in his rant. he was prepared.

27c5b7  No.5941133


comes up a lot because he was dead on right.

c07878  No.5941134

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Yes - Wonderous Stories (live from Like It Is)

73c41f  No.5941135

File: 4bc5c911538bcae⋯.jpg (284.04 KB, 600x600, 1:1, pepe shock.jpg)


Straight dope

d2e074  No.5941136

File: 7676f9f5ed151dd⋯.jpeg (405.03 KB, 750x994, 375:497, 83EE76FC-7392-426E-B988-7….jpeg)

efed91  No.5941137

File: 0f354add92ba3d3⋯.png (720.06 KB, 527x814, 527:814, TurnerRep.PNG)

KEK!!! Congressman Michael Turner scolds and calls for Schiff's resignation LIVE……Liddle Adam almost cries!!! HAHAHAAAAA

2d0851  No.5941138

I agree sec Devos

5eca1b  No.5941139

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


It may require extraordinary measures

11948e  No.5941140

File: 4cb0d915da336ce⋯.jpg (143.15 KB, 632x500, 158:125, fhgfhgfh.jpg)

247816  No.5941141


I have something similar

Most likely limes disease

My pain isnt nearly as bad tho

Vitamin c will help him

Medical marijuana

Vitamin d megadoses

37d3b3  No.5941142


Pics yes…

Lots of different Web sites related vladmodels.___some recent some going back a ways…

For example


The purpose of Vladmodel agency is to promote child and preteen russian girls each following her own style of posing and costuming! You can find inside thousand of the most exclusive picsets with non-nude tiny models that was filmed over the years!

992e0c  No.5941143


kek, let the groundhog memes commence

2693d9  No.5941144


That right there is a kick in Michelle's balls.

e04219  No.5941145

File: 975d496e5c90e58⋯.jpg (7.42 KB, 255x166, 255:166, f2858d3f63f785187cfb7b6e1b….jpg)

4715b2  No.5941146


Youth Suicide Demonstration By Crazy Talk In London

25 young activists from Crazy Talk took to Westminster Bridge and hanged twenty human figures from the bridge to raise awareness to the increased rates of youth suicide in London, January 10th 2019, Central London, United Kingdom. The twenty dummies represented the twenty young people between ten and nineteen who took their own lives in London in 2017. All the young activists involved in the action have either considered or attempted suicide themselves. (photo by Kristian Buus/In Pictures via Getty Images)

moar pix: https://www.gettyimages.com/detail/news-photo/young-activists-from-crazy-talk-took-to-westminster-bridge-news-photo/1079956552

40e24b  No.5941147


>Like HRC, you may have to win the presidency to keep your felonies from being prosecuted.


399c50  No.5941148

File: 948452d0a1c206b⋯.mp4 (12.62 MB, 1018x498, 509:249, qEBXQc4DVLFm6-SJ.mp4)

Jim Jordan goes off on Looney Left.

9f1205  No.5941149

File: fc107c9fd23c177⋯.jpeg (74.49 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, 1552063099.jpeg)

247816  No.5941150

File: 6a560d539d2783e⋯.png (73.75 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, Screenshot_2019-03-26-10-2….png)

File: dc84ca0081abe90⋯.png (78.05 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, Screenshot_2019-03-25-13-2….png)

File: 04a93638fe57fdd⋯.png (65.73 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, Screenshot_2019-03-17-12-5….png)

40618e  No.5941151


Bullshit, no sauce, famefag

Comey was in NC around the time of that post.

Giving in interview to about 2000 people…

b6d72e  No.5941152


>if possible

if possible, learn to bake.

0f1f17  No.5941153

File: eedfd9b81497700⋯.png (839.02 KB, 1022x597, 1022:597, x.PNG)

3a7300  No.5941154

File: 63caf1e9b55c0bc⋯.png (86.43 KB, 588x469, 84:67, ClipboardImage.png)

Trump HUD Secretary Ben Carson suing FUCKBOOK

9e797f  No.5941156


Aaaannndd farmers totally ignoring Roundup issue

Government gonna have to ban Roundup and “poof” there goes food production

469668  No.5941157





(Not from me. But i like it)

350268  No.5941158



Kamala has her Blowjob skills to fall back on. Don't count her out just yet.

d2e074  No.5941159

File: 6a8bca203b6d5de⋯.png (421.69 KB, 817x700, 817:700, D6901772-E318-4A14-B6AF-99….png)

247816  No.5941160



e04219  No.5941161

File: 7f5d0c9388a1c71⋯.png (287.76 KB, 651x701, 651:701, 56400C6D-510E-4FE9-A2C7-3F….png)


Chek't Quads of truth.

fa512e  No.5941162

File: 112fec36f03d5ef⋯.jpg (302.51 KB, 770x628, 385:314, qnow2.jpg)

232261  No.5941163

File: 87a15c8819eed39⋯.gif (1.62 MB, 450x250, 9:5, 9038A07D-4B29-4B6E-91F2-95….gif)

abc8b3  No.5941164


The sky is falling!

e531f2  No.5941165



3a7300  No.5941166

File: 06219473e5dcfec⋯.png (42.49 KB, 577x379, 577:379, ClipboardImage.png)




c07878  No.5941167

File: 5cd0ab32eba6569⋯.png (323.33 KB, 593x347, 593:347, Capture.PNG)



The House Intelligence Committee met on Thursday for the first time since the release of the Mueller Report on Sunday.

The House Republicans all signed a letter calling on corrupt leaker-liar Rep. Adam Schiff to resign from the committee in their opening remarks.

Schiff followed this up with a fresh pack of lies saying there was collusion between Trump and Russia, the Trump was working with the Russians before the election, and that Trump was working with Putin to build a Trump Tower in Moscow during the election.

None of this is true or factual.

Adam Schiff continues to lie to the American public.

After his remarks the GOP member on the committee, Rep. Mike Turner (R-OH) asked to refute the chairman’s baseless claims.

The two started to argue.



ba3d11  No.5941168


Captcha is too hard for this new breed of shills

The things we must endure as Patriots

13856c  No.5941169


I'm the weak sauce anon.

I agree with your analysis, and think the observation is valid. But a 100 like swing (at most) could be attributed to rounding. Not saying rounding is what is happening, by the way. I have the same suspicion you do. My point is that this specific piece of evidence is weak. I would not expect a sudden cut in likes - too obvious (like YT does on the "this will get Trump elected" video) - but if the number of likes does not change in an hour, on a fresh tweet, then yeah, something is suppressing the count.

I don't expect Twat to ever work in an honest and transparent fashion. It is run and infested by liberals, and that makes the operation fundamentally dishonest.

4584a6  No.5941170

File: c85e5ca2e9b0853⋯.png (7.44 KB, 255x192, 85:64, St George Defense (King Mo….png)

File: e1c753617bc270e⋯.jpg (26.39 KB, 474x379, 474:379, Earthangel (2).jpg)

Marker solved

[-60] wont be fulfilled exactly on time for an honorary, historical reason

DOJ related DeClass related.

"Reflection" does not refer to the watch.


Thank you Q

Soon the whole world will know and Hear us.


9f15c6  No.5941171


>Rep Nunes has the patience of a saint.

No doubt especially when you think about it.

Even though they switched roles (Chairman/Ranking Member), they both are still the same when it comes to seeing the real info.

So, Nunes hasn't been able to call him out for lying without getting in trouble himself.

I can't say I wouldn't have lost it at some point.

8c1497  No.5941172

Top FBI Child Sex Trafficking & Prostitution Boss Worked Smollett Investigation with Chicago Police; Did Jussie Rat Out Hollywood?

The Jussie Smollett case just got even more bizarre with potential troubling revelations.

Internal Chicago Police records show detectives employed a top FBI Supervisory Special Agent specializing in investigating the trafficking of sexually exploited children, child prostitution and aggravated child sexual abuse to help investigate the Smollett assault hoax case.

During early stages of the investigation, records show, Chicago Police shared Intel with the FBI and FBI Special Agent Gregory Wing was working the investigation daily alongside city detectives.

But Wing supervises the Child Sex Crimes and Violent Crimes Against Children squad in the FBI’s Chicago Field Office and is considered one of the top agents investigating child sex trafficking in the country, according to the FBI.

What is one of FBI’s premier child sex crimes and child sex trafficking investigators doing working an assault case? Wing and his FBI task force track down high-profile pedophiles and pimps. He doesn’t intervene with local assault cases.

One internal Chicago PD document from the Smollett case states: “Per request of FBI Special Agent Greg Wing, the forwarded a copy of the search warrant Number 19SW5223, which was issued pertaining to the Apple Incorporated held iCloud account controlled by Jussie Smollett to FBI analyst Mariella Lopez via email … The received an email reply indicating receipt of this document.”

The question is why is Wing working an assault case with Chicago Police? And what did one of the FBI’s top sex crimes investigator want with a subpoena on Smollett’s phone records? Or Smollett’s phone records?

“Perhaps it’s developed into something larger than an assault or hoax case,” one FBI insider hypothesized. “He’s there for a reason and he is reporting back to the Bureau for sure.”

These new revelations also mean the FBI has been involved in the Smollett case for months, a fact that was not publicized. Likely intentionally.

The FBI and Chicago Police, however, are not commenting on what the FBI’s child sex crime unit is doing involved in the Smollett case. The Chicago Police records of the case mention Wing and his cooperation in several documents, including helping detectives coordinate logistics and working the daily tenets of the investigation. Much of the file, however, is redacted.


fa512e  No.5941173

File: 41b66599ff71360⋯.png (107.05 KB, 390x433, 390:433, wherearethechildren.png)

File: 8a46957ea601bc3⋯.jpg (151.86 KB, 641x1118, 641:1118, wherecatholic.jpg)

File: 34d8f4ca9e14c2a⋯.jpg (376.59 KB, 2400x1901, 2400:1901, whereislam.jpg)

5eca1b  No.5941174

File: b2435350a232f07⋯.png (1.33 MB, 787x1219, 787:1219, ClipboardImage.png)

f785c2  No.5941175



Q Graphics all in GMT #77-#78 >>>/comms/4388, >>5940612

can be changed to

Q Graphics all in GMT #77-#78 >>>/comms/4388, >>>/comms/4423




f3c47e  No.5941176


Swedbank chief executive fired over money laundering scandal


Swedbank : Trading halt in warrants issued by Swedbank AB (116/18)


Swedbamks board cleared of liability


f7c7e2  No.5941177

File: e4f48ec3c7aa8fe⋯.gif (54.87 KB, 458x344, 229:172, yummy.gif)


I'm enjoying your distress.

Fuck Radical Islamic Terrorism.

94a311  No.5941178


Put on Blast!

FB groups Twat etc.

083706  No.5941179

File: 161f9971ea1e847⋯.jpg (494.87 KB, 1200x787, 1200:787, The_Smollett_Connection_10.jpg)

>>5940760 (lb)

Ding ding ding

Another conection

f37bc4  No.5941180


I'm confused. Comey was in California, not New Zealand. Those are Redwoods and the coast and he just did a TV interview. Why are we saying he was in NZ? Is that a fact he was just there? Or just an anon's supposed confirmation from NZ?

340066  No.5941181



Top FBI Child Sex Trafficking & Prostitution Boss Worked Smollett Investigation with Chicago Police

992e0c  No.5941182

File: 1e74c73722c4c96⋯.jpg (124.58 KB, 500x666, 250:333, 2x659t[1].jpg)

226493  No.5941183


That does fit w/ Q’s drop

bc4ea4  No.5941184

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


It's why Mockingbird made sure not to air clips of Putin's remarks regarding BB at POTUS/Putin presser. Putin also commented on his $$$ to Crooked.

Article on Browder:-Was friendly towards Vladimir Putin's government until he was accused of defrauding it of significant tax revenues.

-Has received tremendously favorable coverage in the mainstream press…

-By 2012 Browder had convinced key U.S. politicians that Magnitsky was his lawyer, hired to investigate the theft of three of Browder's companies and jailed by corrupt Russian authorities, who engineered his death in prison.

-Comment: Magnitsky wasn't even a lawyer; he was an accountant… never presented evidence of official corruption to the authorities, as Browder alleges; he was interrogated over his potential involvement in Browder's theft.

-An examination of Browder's record in Russia and his testimony in court cases reveals contradictions with his statements to the public and Congress

2003:-provincial court convicted Browder of evading some $40 million in taxes

-It is the theft of …three companies that ties Browder to the controversial Trump, Jr. meeting. In 2007, shell companies prev. owned by Browder were used to claim $230 million tax refund based on trumped-up financial loses.

-2013: Persuaded Justice Department to bring charges in New York against Prevezon, a Russian real estate investment firm.

- THAT New York lawsuit is what brought Prevezon's Russian lawyer, Nataliya Veselnitskaya, to the United States several times in 2016, including to the June 2016 meeting with Trump Jr.

Veselnitskaya says: Prevezon suit was distraction Browder used to cover up his own tax evasion and collusion in the tax refund fraud; Magnitsky Act = Browder's way of protecting himself from Russian legal trouble.

-Hermitage Capital Management, Mossack Fonseca law firm. (Panama Papers)…

-Shells in NJ, CO. https://www.sott.net/article/373799-Bill-Browder-Criminal-con-man-liar-Magnitsky-Act-agitator-and-the-man-who-made-Russiagate-possible.

Just after the 19:50 mark https://youtu.be/f7qAfwjAYg0

350268  No.5941185


Catholics need to rise up and stand for Jesus against this impostor Pope.

Only the Catholic faithful to Jesus Christ can rid the world of this POS pope.

cf2ba0  No.5941186

File: 74d5cac71b49d17⋯.jpg (26.26 KB, 255x255, 1:1, c52ccadd5259d2f6309406a903….jpg)



Anon, have a look here….



235349  No.5941187


First chance he gets, he'll make a run for Jordan and mooch off Prince Blinky!

fa512e  No.5941188

File: 4012f0f89611809⋯.jpg (431.1 KB, 774x1033, 774:1033, reddoor2.jpg)

b6d72e  No.5941189


notables at 250ish

>>5941011 McFaul ties in with Bill Browder. Putin knows who our dirtiest criminals are and he wants to expose them.

>>5940992 Nellie Ohr transcript reveals details from Steele meeting one day before Trump-Russia investigation began

>>5940972 Another Lev Tahor child trafficking arrest

>>5940969 Schiff and the Media


>>5940962 McFaul 31 page resume

9e797f  No.5941190


Watching that water like Q said

Flooding is getting crazy everywhere

c4a855  No.5941191



340066  No.5941192

File: a7df972e01f59db⋯.jpg (304.99 KB, 1106x1600, 553:800, 30a541d6c3bbf2d9c9cf875645….jpg)



Noice digits.

aa17ec  No.5941193

Shills are now like WTF, Q is posting on the UK board?

We need to hire more shills, we have to cover this and the UK board as well!

4c856b  No.5941195

>>5940594 last bread

I don't think he has the intelligence to be a DOUBLE agent.

He doesn't seem able to pull off SINGLE agent when he so publicly displays his MUSLIM leanings and preferences.

PLUS, if he were a double agent he would be far better at staying SHUT THE FUCK UP, when it was the prudent thing to do. He obviously does not have this ability, by any measure.

202dd1  No.5941196


> if possible

Let us not bow to the lowest common denominator.

It's what got us in this mess.

d51615  No.5941198


Yep, all part of a covert operation to defraud the Russian people and cripple their country. Why was Russia really so fucked up in the 90s? How were the oligarchs chosen and how did they come into possession of the country's strategic assets? How was the Russian mafia able to run rampant? Who propped up Yeltsin, a worthless alcoholic, to oversee all of this?

b7a8bf  No.5941199

File: 59ea86fe02601af⋯.png (171.65 KB, 720x1090, 72:109, Screenshot_20190328-074447….png)

55ab9d  No.5941200

File: 1c59e6a5a8db814⋯.png (228.5 KB, 633x319, 633:319, ClipboardImage.png)

2d0851  No.5941201


Should have gotten truth on Rebecca Zahau's murder

fa512e  No.5941202

File: 581543eb76690a3⋯.png (2.07 MB, 1408x788, 352:197, watchwater.png)

75c91e  No.5941203

We have a gutless Congress…

On the Republicans side..no balls..

On the Democrat side…sucking balls..resist..NOPE I didn't do it..wasn't me…impeach 45…I got proof but I'm not letting anyone see it…a big bunch of weasels in our Government…seriously!!!!

f1fccb  No.5941205





8c1497  No.5941206

File: 69662558c04972c⋯.png (236.15 KB, 519x447, 173:149, ClipboardImage.png)


>Top FBI Child Sex Trafficking & Prostitution Boss Worked Smollett Investigation with Chicago Police; Did Jussie Rat Out Hollywood?

Oh…this shit is getting good!!


What is one of FBI's premier child sex crimes and child sex trafficking investigators doing working an assault case?

This FBI task force tracks down high-profile pedophiles and pimps; doesn't intervene with local assault cases.

85d8b3  No.5941207


He should, but……Dems have NO morals, NO conscience….if they did, they wouldn't say and do the things they do…..He ain't going anywhere unless we go in and grab him

527bbf  No.5941208

File: c9adb23bdb9f201⋯.jpeg (9.96 KB, 255x177, 85:59, Pepe Thinking 2.jpeg)




>Reflection inside the castle… White House.

>Mirror reflection inside the castle.

TiVo. Hmmm.

I'm no tech nerd, but if the TiVo was configured to intercept communications and conversations would it be possible to find where those intercepts were going?

a0091f  No.5941209


and this from the 25th

Fed Researcher Warns Climate Change Could Spur Financial Crisis


(like they don't have problems created by own doing)

ab15fc  No.5941210




Baker cut this post from lb notables but included a spammed post from one of the most well known constant high post count shills we have on this board… not a good look for baker.

350268  No.5941211


> We have a gutless Congress…

Just now figured that out?

af552f  No.5941212

File: d44285efadb910e⋯.jpeg (33.61 KB, 255x182, 255:182, EFACC6B7-3F89-4160-8273-E….jpeg)



63a120  No.5941213


I hope you didn't get paid for that one.

d29d03  No.5941214

File: a3d8dd2c6e80f63⋯.jpg (640.24 KB, 1067x1384, 1067:1384, AS1546129244643.jpg)

2e2d3e  No.5941215

File: d94443ee13942f4⋯.jpg (11.31 KB, 540x310, 54:31, blonde.jpg)


1. HRC didn't win the presidency.

2. Are HRC's felonies already being prosecuted?

226493  No.5941216


Prayers sent—

3b0eb2  No.5941217


The Repubs should have walked out.

abc8b3  No.5941218


Food. Go vegan. Go organic. No grains (corn wheat) no dairy no meat.

better in six weeks.

308c52  No.5941219

Schitt and Swallowell are not high enough up on the totem pole to have bunkers in NZ.

So they are trying to fake it through. Fall guys, left behind.

bb1f75  No.5941220

File: 4320d067afd12cf⋯.jpeg (603.5 KB, 3300x2550, 22:17, 4320d067afd12cfc9cb1047ec….jpeg)


I have dysautonomia and sometimes get that weird under the skin feeling.

Might want to do a "poor man's tilt test" and see if his bp/heart rate changes when horizontal or standing upright.

Good luck.


062a57  No.5941221

File: ee17bdf66ac48aa⋯.jpg (17.21 KB, 255x242, 255:242, 43010d0424ec268a0346e964a2….jpg)


Thanks Anon…. Dang I was hoping it was something related to exposing the throne and waking up the masses to the pedo habbits of the royals……

350268  No.5941222

File: 8e1a3d8a88969f3⋯.png (146.67 KB, 388x377, 388:377, vengepepe.png)


>He ain't going anywhere unless we go in and grab him

I'm with you,anon.

5eca1b  No.5941223


This shit was spammed all day yesterday.

Who cares Will Sommer, Gorka and the like are inconsequential.

They want attention.

Like all whores

c4a855  No.5941224



BREAKING: Seagrams heiress Clare Bronfman faints in court after judge seems to suggest that Michael Avenatti was secretly representing her, trying to negotiate deal with US attorney’s office in NXIVM case. An ambulance has been called.

— Emily Saul (@Emily_Saul_) March 27, 2019

Mack allegedly procured women for Raniere - who required that prospective "slaves" upload compromising collateral into a Dropbox account. One such recruit-turned-coach was India Oxenberg - daughter of Dynasty actress Catherine Oxenberg, who met with prosecutors in New York in late 2017 to present evidence against Raniere.

[I]n the last six years as much as $150 million was taken out of the Bronfmans’ trusts and bank accounts, including $66 million allegedly used to cover Raniere’s failed bets in the commodities market, $30 million to buy real estate in Los Angeles and around Albany, $11 million for a 22-seat, two-engine Canadair CL-600 jet, and millions more to support a barrage of lawsuits across the country against nxivm’s enemies. Much of it was spent, according to court filings, as Sara and Clare Bronfman allegedly worked to conceal the extent of their spending from their 81-year-old father and the Bronfman-family trustees. -Vanity Fair

340066  No.5941225


>Are we watching a movie?

13856c  No.5941226



She doesn't have to win to avoid the look, she just has to maintain status as a viable candidate. That is enough to get "untouchable" status from the DOJ .

Totally different if she was GOP or worse, independent of the uniparty. See Trump example for how FBI/DOJ and the rest treats threats to their grip on power. Use the government to dispose of them.

7b3c00  No.5941227

File: 201c83fc06bfeae⋯.jpg (176.02 KB, 953x1200, 953:1200, D2v9SwEXQAAyfE5.jpg)

File: 2c82fca78a4d916⋯.jpg (141.07 KB, 943x1200, 943:1200, D2v9Sv_WoAAUpeY.jpg)

d51615  No.5941228

File: 5fbf63c95fd4fc7⋯.jpeg (50.05 KB, 350x467, 350:467, fullsizeoutput_22eb.jpeg)

9f15c6  No.5941229


Davey B: George, I need moar monies.

George: WTF?! Your whole op is a failure and now you're asking for more?!

1fb701  No.5941230

File: 7ffa8ac6426b085⋯.png (410.15 KB, 888x528, 37:22, Screenshot from 2019-03-28….png)

>>5939798 (pb)

Body language

>Savannah: is he factually innocent?

lawyer: yes

<Shakes her head no

>Savannah: He didn't send himself a letter

lawyer: no he didn't send himself a letter

<Nods yes

Bitch needs to work on her tells

2f2d8a  No.5941231


a one hour timeout seems fair. godspeed anon

efed91  No.5941232


Already notable

7da779  No.5941233


Thats my thinking too, He will have to be forced out, he aint goin down voluntarily

b3fa1b  No.5941234

File: 8c13cdfe5298a68⋯.png (345.46 KB, 438x436, 219:218, Screen Shot 2019-03-28 at ….png)

Wife-anon this morning while reading the Nellie Ohr interview transcript: "Nellie Ohr can't seem to remember anything. She just comes across as kind of stupid."

Me: "I hate it when women coast through life on their looks."


992e0c  No.5941235



11a517  No.5941236

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Meanwhile in Canada……

Ontario Premier Doug Ford calls out the liberal outgoing Wynne government"

LILLEY: Liberals raid the cookie jar on the way out the door

Wanna get rich?

Forget online day trading or multi-level marketing, find a way to become a former Liberal staffer.

One of the most outrageous findings from the 2018 Sunshine List would be the number of former Liberal political staffers that made out like bandits on the way out the door.

Kathleen Wynne’s former chief of staff, Andrew Bevan, saw a salary bump from nearly $314,000 in 2017 to more than $552,000 in 2018.

Did I mention that Bevan’s job was effectively over by May 9 when the election was called?

Former Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne celebrates her political career after announcing to supporters that she is stepping away from her Liberal seat during her election night party at York Mills Gallery in Toronto on June 7, 2018. Christopher Katsarov / THE CANADIAN PRESS

While the Sunshine List has included severance in the past, the Liberals refused to say whether the figures released for Bevan and Wynne’s other top people included such payments.

Wynne, meanwhile, earned a paltry $162,248 for her time as both premier for the first six months and a lonely independent MPP for the last six months of the year.

While Wynne’s salary went down from nearly $209,000 in 2017, Bevan and many other Liberal staffers went up even as voters showed them and their policies the door.

Mary Rowe, the executive advisor to the premier went from a salary of $259,000 in 2017 to $428,000 in 2018.

Not bad for four months’ work.

Bevan got an increase in income of 77% despite working only one-third of the year; Rowe got a boost of about 65% in her income.

They were not alone.

While plenty of junior staffers stayed at their regular salaries, those at the top did quite well for themselves even as voters sent them and their political masters packing.

Shelley Potter, Wynne’s deputy chief of staff, planning and administration went from more than $174,000 to about $285,000.

A nice 64% increase in annual income, again, all while working just four months of the year and being rejected by the voters.

There are so many former senior Liberal staffers that got sweet payoffs that it is disgusting.

I get that in order to attract the best and brightest to the unstable world of politics that you need to offer good salaries and even offer a decent severance package.

But in what world does it make sense that people working just one-third of the year make far more salary when they are fired than if they had worked all year.

Let me put this in perspective, the latest numbers from Statistics Canada show that the average person working full-time earns just about $1,086.68 a week or $55,571 a year.

Or what Bevan made before the middle of March for being the top political staffer in a government voters were so sick of that they reduced it to less than official party status.

I don’t know Bevan; I’ve only had a few interactions with him when he was working for failed Liberal leader Stephane Dion.

But despite all the people that tell me he is smart, plugged in and a good guy, I can’t see how he is worth the money we paid him on the way out the door.

This is what I would call rewarding people for failing upwards.

Your ideas are so bad that the voters reject you totally and yet you still end up with more money — despite failing.

What can we expect from a class of people that live with assistants to do their every bidding and cars and drivers to take them where they want to go?

Ontario Power Generation CEO tops out as Sunshine List grows

High-priced health-care execs scoop $187M in salaries

Ontario autism program to cost $600 million: MacLeod

These are the people that are “entitled to their entitlements” as former federal Liberal cabinet minister David Dingwall once said.

And you, you are entitled to pay for their entitlements.

I hope you are grateful.

This is what I would call rewarding people for failing upwards.

Your ideas are so bad that the voters reject you totally and yet you still end up with more money — despite failing.

What can we expect from a class of people that live with assistants to do their every bidding and cars and drivers to take them where they want to go?


aa17ec  No.5941237







308c52  No.5941238


it still might be

media isn't all that 'accurate'

cf2ba0  No.5941239

File: 31e58af2ea924b7⋯.jpg (10.98 KB, 255x135, 17:9, 31e58af2ea924b79298320959c….jpg)

1c8042  No.5941240

File: 85af5d5bbac1dbe⋯.jpeg (73.64 KB, 1041x430, 1041:430, EB7FD2AC-0E5A-4E68-B639-E….jpeg)

The FBI is totally corrupt. Stop promulgating the bullshit talking point that it’s just the criminal leadership. The rank and file are aware of if not involved in crimes that should put all of them in jail.

d51615  No.5941241


Glad to see even the blue checkmarks are starting to wake up.

f22b8b  No.5941242

File: f0411761133c6c0⋯.jpg (373.87 KB, 1509x757, 1509:757, Untitled2.jpg)

Q4 again. Q 4chan is now 8chan :)

202dd1  No.5941243



So (21) posts last bread and NO COMMENT now?

What's wrong?

5f532c  No.5941244


>but how does anyone pretend to themselves that they are using their minds, when nothing more than the regurgitation of pre-digested baby food is actually happening in these resistance posters.

The answer to this is that operators are paid to perform missions. They are not paid to think.

The only time that any type of cogitation happens is when the real psych warfare teams come in. (read: not pay-per-post shills, an actual mil operator team)

I suspect you know this, but I'll give you the benefit of the doubt ;p

309692  No.5941246



slam dunk

00d233  No.5941247

File: b39ba830c535f96⋯.jpeg (99.63 KB, 800x465, 160:93, 6530F34E-E9D0-4FF0-985E-F….jpeg)

Bill Browder

Kyle Parker

NoName daughter

Magnitsky Act important

b6d72e  No.5941248

in dough now


>Q Graphics all in GMT #77-#78 >>>/comms/4388,

94a311  No.5941249


Too damn blurry!

We need some Costner "No Way Out" tech to clean it up!

4584a6  No.5941250


Devin makes me laugh sometimes; I appreciate his grit.

It is a no-brainer, but too many dems would block his removal.

d0a1db  No.5941251

I see it all the time>>5941085

c4a855  No.5941252

File: f2801b986214e86⋯.png (287.6 KB, 500x341, 500:341, ClipboardImage.png)


He's trying to save his own hide right now.


4715b2  No.5941253


Prayers and Prayers…

CBD Oil may help him. I use Hempworx 500mg or 750mg.

> Sounds a lot like Morgellons Disease

Very little is known about this skin disease, but there are a few symptoms that CBD oil may be able to at least manage if not cure. The stinging sensations, sores, and rashes may all be helped by the anti-inflammatory nature of CBD. CBD has a soothing effect on the skin and may help alleviate the worst of the pain. Morgellons Disease may also be connected with a mental disorder, and CBD has a mountain of evidence behind it to suggest that it can help with everything from PTSD to dementia.

11a517  No.5941254

File: c5a12545df367a1⋯.png (308.41 KB, 613x554, 613:554, Q KATHLEEN WYNNE OUTOING A….PNG)


image related : Kathleen Wynne did not drop

b7a8bf  No.5941255










cbe70e  No.5941256

File: ec2a38b464174c6⋯.jpg (33.05 KB, 763x509, 763:509, ak_gerad_2803.jpg)



276407  No.5941257

File: 0cb002397fddcbd⋯.jpg (3.12 MB, 1554x3132, 259:522, Mueller dig.jpg)

a meme I was working on, if anyone wants to finish it

75c91e  No.5941258


No, just ranting because none of us can do anything about it…they steal the elections…I'm so pissed right now i can't think…I didn't vote for any one of these assholes and yet they are running the show…Trump can't do anything he needs to do because of this horse shit…

aac84b  No.5941259

Anons, can you find actual funding sources for Disability Rights, California?

The Chairman of the Board is connected to the California Legal Aid Society:

"Catherine Blakemore is DRC’s Executive Director. She previously worked as DRC’s Director of Litigation and the Managing Attorney of the Los Angeles office. Before joining us, Catherine was an attorney with the Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles and the Disability Rights Legal Center."


The California Legal Aid Society is connected to GS Open Society Fdn, but we are not sure if this is true or current.

Can you go further?



57b230  No.5941260


Note time stamp 3:29. That's tomorrow (3/29).

340066  No.5941261

File: 6c0404e7c93db0a⋯.jpg (41.57 KB, 200x300, 2:3, StevenWatkins.jpg)


We're going to need a bigger graphic. Should the judge that sealed the cases be added?


06d515  No.5941262

Just want to let anons know I'm seeing momentum changing in the cryptomarket, if you're so inclined for speculation.

3f3f11  No.5941263


cf2ba0  No.5941264

File: 9a3ee6663a5c275⋯.jpg (124.17 KB, 477x358, 477:358, weqwrg65h6j56785kj86rjjyu6….jpg)

efed91  No.5941265

File: b5bc9aa4bc09c2e⋯.png (103.74 KB, 561x688, 561:688, carson.PNG)


1d012c  No.5941266

File: e66156ecc09a97b⋯.jpg (1.06 MB, 4032x1960, 72:35, 55925706_2318302368438761_….jpg)

File: 1f4f277c8b18e99⋯.jpg (1004.07 KB, 4032x1960, 72:35, 56157785_277091139850411_8….jpg)

What lookie lookie here The Heritage foundation is an independent contractor for the Special olympics….

d51615  No.5941267

File: 54c001e35afb24c⋯.jpg (101.99 KB, 960x768, 5:4, eec24d642ae43ca1885e13f97b….jpg)

9f15c6  No.5941268


>Bitch needs to work on her tells

And, how to dress in court when you're flat-chested.

3a60a6  No.5941269

File: 4ffd87a9aba8364⋯.png (371.89 KB, 540x370, 54:37, Smollett1.png)

63a120  No.5941270


Caps lock and reddit spacing, nice!!

cf2ba0  No.5941271

File: 6af24ef7e90476d⋯.jpg (228.66 KB, 792x545, 792:545, 2384GFR8327GF8437FG438FG5.jpg)

ab15fc  No.5941272


Thx for confirming what anons already knew… antivaxx and the JQ Are two topics that shills dont like.

c11f75  No.5941273


PB Faggot

4584a6  No.5941274


Fantastic News. Providence.

96cd55  No.5941275


This is pretty molding Frens


Clinton Foundation gets another $5.5m from NZ taxpayers

7 MAY 2018


A subsidiary of the controversial Clinton Foundation is set to receive US$3.9m (NZ$5.5m) in taxpayer money in 2018/19, the New Zealand Taxpayers’ Union can confirm. This is in addition to NZ$8m given to the organisation since 2014.

Taxpayers’ Union Executive Director Jordan Williams says, “The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT) claims that the organisation in question, the Clinton Health Access Initiative, is a separate entity. This is absurd – the Clinton Foundation appoints the organisation’s directors, making it a subsidiary in legal terms.”

“The Foundation is currently under investigation by the FBI over the way it obtained donations while Hillary Clinton was US Secretary of State – the same period in which the New Zealand Government began giving the initiative money.”

“Taxpayers deserve confidence that aid commitments are made to help the world’s poor, not to win favours with foreign politicians.”

“Even if aid money was meant to be used for diplomatic purposes, the funding’s justification for no longer holds with Secretary Clinton out of public office. It seems that all taxpayers have to show for our generosity is a stop on her book tour!”

“The new Government should follow Australia’s lead and cut ties with Hillary Clinton’s potentially corrupt organisations. She is perfectly capable of raising money without handouts from the little New Zealand taxpayer.”

“This is the kind of nonsense that our Minister of Foreign Affairs Winston Peters prides himself on exposing and cutting out. He should politely wait until Secretary Clinton leaves the country, then announce an end to the funding.”

The documents confirming the funding, released to the Taxpayers’ Union under the Official Information Act, are available at: https://www.taxpayers.org.nz/clinton_foundation_2018-19

Last year, the Taxpayers’ Union launched a petition to end taxpayer funding for the Clinton Foundation. The petition has attracted nearly three and half thousand signatures and can be signed at: http://www.taxpayers.org.nz/clinton_petition



397ff2  No.5941276

File: 2cb60b0ed9dc520⋯.jpeg (73.34 KB, 782x500, 391:250, Justice.jpeg)

One thing for sure, is there was a spy within the Trump campaign.

Glenn Simpson said they had a human source within the Trump team, who called them (Fusion GPS) sometime in Oct 2016.

I feel that George Nader is involved.

Although his questioners at the time didn't know what he was talking about, Fusion GPS chief Glenn Simpson raised eyebrows on Aug. 22, 2017, when he told Senate Judiciary Committee investigators that the FBI had a "human source" inside the Trump campaign.


And then the tidbit about 2 people in the Trump cabinet who would go along with wearing a wire..

Are there still deep plants on the Trump team?

abc8b3  No.5941277


Special Olympics is a con. Good for DeVos to cut funding.

a81f49  No.5941278


Devin has an axe to grind and rightly so… Schiffty referred him to the ethics committee at the beginning of the muh Russia hearings and he had to recuse for it… it took about 8-9 months and multiple hearings to clear his name.. what goes around comes around

9e797f  No.5941279


Kek…..justice system has huge prob now

Jussie did what Hillary and Obama did….call up connections and get yer ass out of trouble…..rich snob 101

Justice is a joke….it’s meant to keep us down, they mak the rules, what makes them just or right…

94f1fc  No.5941280

File: aa6ad94c1b603dd⋯.jpg (68.86 KB, 740x400, 37:20, religions-myth-development.jpg)


they are both derived from Judaism anyway

a0091f  No.5941281

File: 138f62109b7e88e⋯.jpg (12.88 KB, 300x250, 6:5, pepe chinese.jpg)

Exclusive: China shifts position on tech transfers, trade talks progress - U.S. officials

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - China has made proposals in talks with the United States on a range of issues that go further than it has before, including on forced technology transfer, as the two sides work to overcome obstacles to a deal to end their protracted trade war, U.S. officials told Reuters on Wednesday.

U.S. President Donald Trump imposed tariffs on $250 billion of Chinese imports last year in a move to force China to change the way it does business with the rest of the world and to pry open more of China’s economy to U.S. companies.

Among Trump’s demands are for Beijing to end practices that Washington alleges result in the systematic theft of U.S. intellectual property and the forced transfer of American technology to Chinese companies.

U.S. companies say they are often pressured into handing over the technological know-how behind their products to Chinese joint venture partners, local officials or Chinese regulators as a condition for doing business in China. The U.S. government says that technology is often subsequently transferred to and used by Chinese competitors.

The issue has proved a tough one for negotiators as U.S. officials say China has previously refused to acknowledge the problem exists to the extent alleged by the United States, making discussing a resolution difficult.

China says it has no technology transfer requirements enshrined in its laws and any such transfers are a result of legitimate transactions.


350268  No.5941282

File: 916d4cd5f25f2d4⋯.jpg (18.62 KB, 285x291, 95:97, muhjoos.jpg)




This board is laughing stock to people with brain cells.

cf2ba0  No.5941283

File: 12f182ac3c3d920⋯.jpg (106.23 KB, 704x414, 352:207, R4YUNJU76J57KJ5KMI7K57K587….jpg)

e54a81  No.5941284

File: cf4da98cff462cb⋯.png (1.43 MB, 1906x900, 953:450, Screenshot_2019-03-28 Vlad….png)

>>5940695 lb

hell no, fuck that, I'm out

f7c7e2  No.5941286

File: b03e733576afcca⋯.png (1.04 MB, 902x602, 451:301, Trump MOAB.png)


Make us.

8158cc  No.5941287

File: f85a20661d74d85⋯.png (73.88 KB, 260x194, 130:97, ClipboardImage.png)

There is a simple way to get Adam Schitt to expose himself and that is to subpoena him and make him come before the SENATE Intel committee after the FISA, 302 and gang of 8 files are released.


if he says no then serve him a sealed indictment. in front of the MSM.


dfb772  No.5941288

File: a32a0f2d1dca3d9⋯.jpg (59.4 KB, 500x500, 1:1, Boss.jpg)

5fec21  No.5941289

File: 95f978801072082⋯.png (131.68 KB, 212x547, 212:547, ClipboardImage.png)


>>5940817 lb

Give it up Agent Smith & xxx frens.

Consensus cracking is gay.


9f1205  No.5941290

File: d1f92cb40fa7e18⋯.jpg (111.78 KB, 700x450, 14:9, mmkay.jpg)

5e17e4  No.5941291


Nicely played!

b7a8bf  No.5941292


Well said Anon.

They are trying to pass red flag gun laws and Q & POTUS don't say a peep about it?


512770  No.5941293


I was going to be a dick and shitpost like I normally do for AttentionAnons but your post if true hit me. prayers inbound. as the other anon stated try vegan for a few weeks and see if that clears it up. also try silver hydrosol as well. silver hydrosol 10 ppm (the colloidal silvers out there that say crap like 500ppm are garbage and they use protiens to suspend the silver particles which is not effective and just a marketing ploy). Sovereign Silver seems to be a good brand of silver hydrosol

65b160  No.5941294


No tell'n when Comey had those photos taken.

13856c  No.5941295


Gutless doesn't even come close. Congress is a danger to the Republic. It is a globalist institution with a US title. Elections are used to "legitimize" the theft of the country.

f7466c  No.5941296


Pussy whooped shill. Don’t take it out on Anons.

45312a  No.5941297

>>5940254 (pb)

I know about this. POTUS is very safe. That McD off 17th and H gets a lot of people. Even me.

f1fccb  No.5941298


Sure did, we patriots get paid by knowing we pissed you silly shills off.

Who came first the imam or the pope?

308c52  No.5941299


what episode is that from? I want to see if I can get a bit higher resolution of the down-the-hole image

340066  No.5941300

File: 4f604d85a7f32ad⋯.jpg (83.57 KB, 800x500, 8:5, Cintia Dicker.jpg)



I love how I can draw out the JIDF with a simple post pointing out divisionfaggotry.

397ff2  No.5941301

File: 91fec0ea6873ca6⋯.jpg (62.07 KB, 464x354, 232:177, BibleSeriesPromisedLand.JPG)


Tru dat

d87dbb  No.5941302


cry moar faggot. backline/inline.

9f1205  No.5941303

File: 44be608a1e42953⋯.jpeg (71.48 KB, 1080x617, 1080:617, 1553774304.jpeg)

e22590  No.5941304


Said the same thing last night after they got the catalog back up, massive increase in idiots and shills, suppose some are bots, but holy shit…

2671ed  No.5941305


He probably has a photo for every dramatic thought that limps across his unsound mind.

63a120  No.5941306



00d233  No.5941307

Where did the bribe of 7.8 million come from?

Has that been uncovered?

bb6796  No.5941308

File: 515e62d6fd5e6ed⋯.jpg (51.58 KB, 750x498, 125:83, download (42).jpg)

145eb2  No.5941309


Does have a striking resemblance KEK!

c07878  No.5941310

File: 5b3e8f9dc6f1d08⋯.png (791.62 KB, 861x493, 861:493, Capture.PNG)

Trump tweets he ‘may close the southern border’

He may close down the southern border with Mexico, President Donald Trump tweeted on Thursday morning.

“Mexico is doing NOTHING to help stop the flow of illegal immigrants to our Country,” he said. “They are all talk and no action. Likewise, Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador have taken our money for years, and do Nothing. The Dems don’t care, such BAD laws. May close the Southern Border!”

Mexico is doing NOTHING to help stop the flow of illegal immigrants to our Country. They are all talk and no action. Likewise, Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador have taken our money for years, and do Nothing. The Dems don’t care, such BAD laws. May close the Southern Border!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) March 28, 2019

The tweet came after Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Commissioner Kevin McAleenan said Wednesday that the immigration system is being overwhelmed by families seeking asylum at the U.S. border with Mexico, and that everything is at a “breaking point.”

“That is not something we want to do; it’s something we have to do, given the overcrowding in our facilities. The agency is expecting 55,000 families, including 40,000 children, to enter the process this month,” McAleenan said.


73c41f  No.5941311

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


True if Big


Was she (he) attractive in 1950? Doubt it

DUKE UNIVERSITY caught up in FAKE lab research. I had close ties to those who worked there and I know how IMPERITIVE their government grants are to keep their jobs.


I suspect it's the first of MANY to come out.

Gonna tie in with ALL the other College scandals.

Its not just the CHEATING and BRIBES to get rich students in. It's not just the CORRUPT NCAA. It's not just the LIBERAL AGENDA. This goes DEEP.

STEALING TAX dollars to fund bogus research. DUKE has a lot of money (Not for profit status). They are constantly ADDING new Buildings.

IT's all tied together. DIRTY as the SWAMP.


Just imagine the shit we don't know yet.

629321  No.5941312


Because nothing ever changes, doesn't it.

Things remain the same.


It's futile to even try, huh?

And it's so fucking cool to point that out, perpetually.

So cool to be pointing out what others fall for.

3a60a6  No.5941313

File: 9ddf5bb8ad4b37e⋯.png (1.94 MB, 1536x2048, 3:4, comey3.png)

File: a94788719cf0496⋯.png (2 MB, 1536x2048, 3:4, comey6.png)

File: 1dbc6b9838c5cba⋯.jpg (31.74 KB, 255x247, 255:247, comeyx.jpg)

4ed6f0  No.5941314


She’s kinda cute!

f7981b  No.5941315

File: 35dcb428ed083af⋯.jpeg (10.68 KB, 259x195, 259:195, divide and rule.jpeg)

File: 7c1fc7415cca08c⋯.png (827.73 KB, 1275x852, 425:284, watcherz.png)

File: 68b05dfa0815bae⋯.png (412.47 KB, 630x630, 1:1, ommmmmmm.png)

ee1ed8  No.5941316

>>5940782 (lb)

Yeah, coordinated frame up. The kicker, which most don't see yet because the circumstances are too confusing, is that this was going to happen whether Trump won or not.

As Trump mentioned often on Hannity, they just destroyed peoples' lives for a hoax. He was also referring to what would have happened tom himself and his kids with no means to fight back if he had lost.

Too many people lived boxed in lives because they could be sued by anyone with fuck you money on a whim. Reason why school systems are fucked up, for example, IMO. Teachers hog-tied by threats of a lawsuit (also why unions have high membership. Only legal help available). It will all hit home for the normies one of these days, I hope.

abc8b3  No.5941317

File: cb0e34cd97f1d8e⋯.png (102.41 KB, 639x352, 639:352, Screen Shot 2019-03-28 at ….png)


Comey's been taking images in NZ that mimic American locations.

1c8042  No.5941319

File: 85af5d5bbac1dbe⋯.jpeg (73.64 KB, 1041x430, 1041:430, C1626FD2-589A-4444-8DCC-0….jpeg)


what about the fact that these Comey tweet missives are completely over produced, staged, contrived whatever you want to call it. Did you know he has a whole production crew for these shoots?

Who’s paying for that? And what PR firm is it?

083706  No.5941320


He's is just a Judge. Unless he has some connections with someone else in the graph…he is irrelevant.

Did Soros give him money, was he one of Hussein or "Big Mike" friends?

Kim Foxx wouldn't even be in the chart if she was not connected to Kamala and Tina Tchen.

dfb772  No.5941321

File: 279306939e4ef9a⋯.jpg (112.26 KB, 876x777, 292:259, Shitt.JPG)

9f15c6  No.5941322


We need Barr to appoint a SC to investigate why the Index is so hard for people to figure out here.

350268  No.5941323

File: 5bf5beeaac4eeb7⋯.jpg (22.18 KB, 671x411, 671:411, b1.jpg)


Q now telling us to dig on kiddy porn sites?


Because investigating these sites by civilians/anons won't get anyone thrown the fuck in jail for having kiddy porn on their hard drive, right?

You gotta be fucking kidding!

276407  No.5941324


https://putlocker.fyi/show/the-simpsons/season-5/episode-11/ season 5 episode 11 - watch it here and there are way more images to make this meme that'd work - seemed like a hilarious idea but I only have a shitty laptop and editing program so I can barely even screencap the damn things let alone get a proper compression - well, it would probably be a great meme that'd get passed around if done properly

d51615  No.5941325

File: cc6441b58ff69df⋯.jpg (86.55 KB, 690x1024, 345:512, IMG_0154.JPG)


>Guise, look at all of the evil shit the democrats are doing. But don't mention jews or israel, because that's divisionfagging.

Kindly go fuck yourself.

cf2ba0  No.5941326

File: 83ad1e8139892b1⋯.jpg (233.17 KB, 792x545, 792:545, RTUJKRKJRKRKYURKR.jpg)



b7a8bf  No.5941327

File: 1c9d39e845b5b82⋯.jpg (185.95 KB, 720x866, 360:433, ZomboMeme 21032019215548.jpg)

File: af447df38c24ba8⋯.jpg (52.99 KB, 918x506, 459:253, chosenones.jpg)

File: 5ec0131f3916529⋯.jpg (38.52 KB, 900x600, 3:2, ZomboMeme 27022019184411.jpg)



8e5ea1  No.5941329

File: 7aa0df64ad11c11⋯.png (1014.9 KB, 1056x528, 2:1, ClipboardImage.png)

File: a95dd6bda1a2339⋯.png (164.1 KB, 847x956, 847:956, ClipboardImage.png)

Republicans won't act on Obamacare repeal until White House delivers proposal

Republicans in Congress are giving President Trump the cold shoulder as he pushes them into another risky political battle to replace Obamacare, insisting they won't act until the White House delivers a detailed proposal. The Trump administration is pursuing a federal lawsuit that could invalidate the Affordable Care Act signed by former President Barack Obama nine years ago, removing popular coverage protections for Americans with pre-existing medical conditions. Fearing a voter backlash, Republicans who for years championed repealing the law are balking at the president’s latest attempt to fulfill a 2016 campaign promise, believing the window for success has closed.

The GOP would much prefer to keep the spotlight on Democratic plans to abolish private insurance and put healthcare under government control. Roy Blunt of Missouri, the fourth-ranking Senate Republican and the party’s chief policymaker, said there have been no internal discussions on healthcare and emphasized there are no plans to develop alternatives to Obamacare absent clear direction from Trump. “We’ll be eager to see the president’s proposal,” Blunt, chairman of the Senate Republican Policy Committee, said Wednesday.

“I’m anxious to see what the White House is going to recommend in terms of a healthcare delivery system that looks like somebody designed the damn thing on purpose,” added Sen. John Kennedy, R-La. Asked if Trump or his deputies have assured Republicans that the administration will provide congressional Republicans with a blueprint, Kennedy conceded they have not. “I’m assuming they will.” Special counsel Robert Mueller this week gave Trump a clean bill of political health ahead of 2020, concluding the president didn’t collude with Russia to defeat Democrat Hillary Clinton 2016. On Capitol Hill, Republicans celebrated, amplifying the White House message that the federal probe was a waste of time driven by bitter partisans on the Left and in the media on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.


3f3f11  No.5941330

File: 0c4b9cbee5fe468⋯.png (1.17 MB, 1000x575, 40:23, ClipboardImage.png)


“We would talk about our aspirations in life and one of his biggest from Day One was to run for political office so he could give back. His idol at the time, and I think still is, was President Kennedy,”


4ed6f0  No.5941331


Cheater! I know how gravity works bitch!

b24c23  No.5941332


I'm sorry to hear this.

If your son has the sensations of having parasites under his skin, there is no reason to throw out, what he senses.

Maybe you could go to YT and look for vids on how to get rid of parasites. I know, this sounds too easy, but for instance: Tartar in the mouth is build up by "Streptococcus Mutans", I read.

And they are building the tartar.

Coconut oil fights this Steptoccocus it seems and therefore the tartar reduces.

I'm not a doctor.

But my grandmother knew a lot on how to fight parasites with homemade recipes.

Tell your son that he is not mad.

Don't be desperate.

Try to find a remedy, if doctors can't cure your son.

94a311  No.5941333

File: e961ca1c980803c⋯.png (1.47 MB, 1267x881, 1267:881, 2019-03-28_105420.png)

I have noticed a big dropped in Phone Spam myself since the arrests took place.

Any else?

a0091f  No.5941334

File: 23238b6e99bdd5f⋯.jpg (98.76 KB, 520x704, 65:88, Baker Bewbs 6.jpg)


taken ty anon

c07878  No.5941335

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Delaney & Bonnie with Duane Allman - Only You Know And I Know 1971

997dd3  No.5941336


no way! and act as childish s the dems?

11948e  No.5941337

File: af0fac37512ceaf⋯.jpg (18.43 KB, 214x673, 214:673, 67567p-D42-6736576e5676577….jpg)

File: 6180be200ea1a08⋯.jpg (45.04 KB, 263x212, 263:212, JustLikeA(you).jpg)

File: 216f7b6ed4293ac⋯.jpg (70.61 KB, 510x314, 255:157, 02f9b1b821363f702e4265acb7….jpg)

File: fb86d49bd88d029⋯.jpg (167.2 KB, 767x652, 767:652, fb346e1e0646b77752ec065484….jpg)

File: ac24b9f5175aea3⋯.jpg (81.71 KB, 444x450, 74:75, g5jhjh7hlsyhdhjk0efg5f4dhf….jpg)

d51615  No.5941338


Yep, you're totally not a jew. Nice try, rabbi.

e531f2  No.5941339

File: 3ed1de8f12101a2⋯.jpeg (92.27 KB, 917x484, 917:484, image.jpeg)

00d233  No.5941340

File: cc67bb55697a6a4⋯.jpeg (110.4 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 68E410EE-0AB3-4E7F-8D75-1….jpeg)


That face has punch me written all over it!

649245  No.5941341



I'm an old fag. I remember back in the mid-late 70's working in a bar in a small in-the-sticks town where Special Olympics had come to play. With it they brought hollywood actors. In particular I remember the actor who played Darren on Bewitched sitting in the back of the bar nursing his drink looking very much like he'd rather be anyplace else than there. HOLLYWOOD actors, already in this organization. I've told my spouse that Special Olympics, at the top, anyway is probably another rabbit hole.

16179e  No.5941342

File: b4eea201bcf8360⋯.gif (3.77 MB, 408x206, 204:103, sending energy 1.gif)

File: e8fcd26b44515bf⋯.jpg (123.66 KB, 960x487, 960:487, kek cult of personality.jpg)

File: b4eea201bcf8360⋯.gif (3.77 MB, 408x206, 204:103, sending energy 1.gif)


cant bake but fuck it baker senpai, as long as new bread OP is baked before old bread 751 youve done your baking for Q

the rest is anon shit, OCD stuff, perfectisms, have a chillaxed slow bake, maybe just reply to the OP with you DOUGH post and hoepfully there is a baker who can pick you up,

much love, no homo

o7 m8

ill throw some kek love your way along with some energy

2693d9  No.5941343

Anyone else wondering what the trigger is to cause an avalanche/shitstorm of activity that might lead to needing a months supply of food, water, and ammo? Got it all but I find myself thinking about the 1 accusation, press release, informant that will start the visible ball rolling down the mountain. Can't wait!

b7a8bf  No.5941344







4c856b  No.5941345


Ha Ha

Good on you, anon !

005bdc  No.5941346


That's the one I thought of right away.

3f3f11  No.5941347


No. I was getting 'you are banned from all boards' errors when attempting to post. Something new afoot there i suppose.

94a311  No.5941348

File: 03ee0798e590bf1⋯.mp4 (839.23 KB, 548x356, 137:89, Screamng Liberal babies.mp4)


Move along Tard!

cf2ba0  No.5941349

File: 6d7628e07bc8de5⋯.png (468.75 KB, 637x540, 637:540, 6d7628e07bc8de58e5097a8b9b….png)

997dd3  No.5941350


He may be lacking in vit B complex.

efed91  No.5941352

BREAKING: Doug Collins releases Nellie Ohr transcripts!


b4ace6  No.5941353


Not all anons are civs

c07878  No.5941354

File: ec8ca5d7b6763ff⋯.png (530.96 KB, 624x386, 312:193, Capture.PNG)

Wow Air ceases operations, stranding passengers at airports

March 28 (UPI) – Passengers are stranded on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean as Icelandic budget carrier Wow Air ceased operations and canceled all flights Thursday.

The airline posted a statement to its website advising passengers to book flights with other airlines.

"Wow Air has ceased operation. All Wow Air flights have been canceled," the airline said in a statement. "Some airlines may offer flights at a reduced rate, so called rescue fares, in light of the circumstances. Information on those airlines will be published, when it becomes available."

Norwegian Air and EasyJet were offering reduced fares to stranded travelers.


132709  No.5941355

File: 59550368775afdb⋯.jpg (25.46 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 25344291._UY500_SS500_.jpg)

File: 286e7704b924d87⋯.jpg (105.16 KB, 626x960, 313:480, 53998fce3b6f416982bd2fba9d….jpg)


Kindly GTFO

1c31b3  No.5941356


Member Russian special olympics team was banned a couple of years ago

abc8b3  No.5941357


Pedos have a particular fondness for "different" kinds of kids.

5f532c  No.5941358

File: 7c7becb1c99f68b⋯.jpg (21.71 KB, 500x340, 25:17, b9618e03ac7cd43a4665b1d4b8….jpg)

1ea096  No.5941359

File: f41754c596cc3f0⋯.png (90.1 KB, 158x300, 79:150, ClipboardImage.png)

350268  No.5941360



>That face has punch me written all over it!

That face has "gag me with dick" written all over it.

b6d72e  No.5941361


wipe your chin

ef0068  No.5941362


So I'm guessing it was the 1st Darren? since he was supposedly replaced with a new Darren because he was a drunk

f221ee  No.5941363


This that german fuck-wit baking?

Bakers are suppose to fair and balanced, this bake is shit and needs to stop baking all together.

8f9676  No.5941364

File: f3404d933dd2aa6⋯.jpg (590.34 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20190328-074542….jpg)


d51615  No.5941365


And why are you bringing it forward to this current bread? You're intentionally trying to push a fucking honeypot. Neck yourself.

992e0c  No.5941366

629321  No.5941367


Vegan kills.

Keto + lots green leafy vegetables is life.

fda81f  No.5941368

File: 2ed040801ec7aca⋯.jpg (413.67 KB, 800x600, 4:3, Sedition1.jpg)

File: 40bde3ff61594a1⋯.jpg (346.47 KB, 800x600, 4:3, Rebellion1.jpg)

File: 4769c7def4daf87⋯.jpg (377.06 KB, 800x600, 4:3, Treason1.jpg)

340066  No.5941369


>>5940695 (lb)

WHOA. This is potentially a BOMB. Nellie Ohr name drops a group in her testimony that looks "pedo trafficky"?



This shill bread shitting anon seems VERY concerned about the discovery.

8d0575  No.5941370

File: da70fbef7a214b9⋯.jpg (286.16 KB, 1076x913, 1076:913, Screenshot_20190328-105649….jpg)

File: cde9e4db635b259⋯.jpg (481.52 KB, 1079x1751, 1079:1751, Screenshot_20190328-105704….jpg)

Carpe Donktum is attacking Q.


d46d8c  No.5941371


Ray Chandler Russian style?

7b3c00  No.5941372

File: 5bfbb4ecdad4f1a⋯.gif (2.21 MB, 498x278, 249:139, a84058d12678ffbcd9e5b7f328….gif)


Jim Jordan is awesome…

9f1205  No.5941373

File: 44818af2d9d3067⋯.jpeg (161.35 KB, 1080x823, 1080:823, 1553773875.jpeg)

fa512e  No.5941374

File: bdd7eb1b7027a84⋯.jpg (52.34 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 34094139_1575699712559484_….jpg)

File: c9f5d2354daa2e1⋯.jpg (47.31 KB, 534x401, 534:401, B9316259740Z.1_20150220212….jpg)

File: ce7cfb24cc67bb6⋯.jpg (88.85 KB, 520x697, 520:697, 8994158_f520.jpg)

96cd55  No.5941375



heehaw is the BOSS

She told them to vote that way

0f1a7b  No.5941376


Should have gotten truth on Rebecca Zahau's murder

I never connected Harris with this, anon.

What's your theory on what happened?

06d515  No.5941377


Genesis 1:29. God designed us to be vegan.

00d233  No.5941378

File: 26bfb518a6ff035⋯.jpeg (38.73 KB, 575x292, 575:292, 4392E1E9-61E2-4807-B30A-4….jpeg)


Which Darren?

083706  No.5941379

File: d65b945e07c7f0a⋯.jpg (64.82 KB, 700x437, 700:437, alexandria-ocasio-cortez.jpg)

409a7b  No.5941380


Make sure he applies for disability and other benefits. He has paid into these and can get help until he is back on his feet. Best wishes!

5f532c  No.5941381


Jim Jordan is a real Patriot.

9c4b73  No.5941382

File: a803bcdb08df30f⋯.png (1.25 MB, 750x1334, 375:667, EA9A28FE-4BF2-42E3-B530-61….png)

File: bd69113a81dbec6⋯.png (1.73 MB, 750x1334, 375:667, 5C6558B4-3F08-4CBB-9972-11….png)

File: 645d544e5e7660e⋯.png (898.14 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, 0C563A5A-FF9B-4647-B83B-BD….png)

Daily Reminder: Mossad will disarm New Zealanders. Pics related.

73c41f  No.5941383



Wow, never heard of them

b7a8bf  No.5941384

File: 59ea86fe02601af⋯.png (171.65 KB, 720x1090, 72:109, Screenshot_20190328-074447….png)


Oh yeah, Super Jew here, FAGGOT RETARD.

WATCH EXPAND YOUR THINKING, heard Anjel was gonna expose THE FUCK outta Q & DJT….


d46d8c  No.5941385


go fuck yourself


96cd55  No.5941386


fuck off

e04219  No.5941387

File: 7ff07f4df01dee6⋯.jpg (371.83 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, ReeeeArmy.jpg)


Hang all of them.

340066  No.5941388


That's what it looks like. These networks are everywhere.

cbd79f  No.5941389


What a moran.

3f3f11  No.5941390


Call these people, anon. https://qnlabs.com/

abc8b3  No.5941391


Vegan does not kill. If you can't get clean meat - and who can these days - it give a body a good break. Six weeks won't kill anyone. And it might help.

b00c88  No.5941392


Yea but what is gravity?

308c52  No.5941393


when all else fails use


d23c6f  No.5941394

Q, I've been thinking of using the FBI tip line for [you know what]. Is there any reason to believe things would be different this time or should I just og ahead with the FOIA?

0ae3bf  No.5941395


The shit's gettin' real!

992e0c  No.5941396





75c91e  No.5941397

I'm betting that Adam Schiff on the Intelligence Committee is a on-the-fly Insurance Policy, He found 4 Democrats that are also somewhat Russian specialist.now has made this into just another FAKE Russian Witch Hunt..

Adam Schiff is grasping at straws for anything…and since they banned all straws in California..(rofl)…he will go anywhere to get something…

37d3b3  No.5941398



By now almost everyone knows about the relationship between Hillary Clinton, the DNC, law firm Perkins Coie, atty’s Marc Elias and Michael Sussman and their relationship to Fusion GPS and the Russia Collusion hoax. There’s another less known relationship- the relationship between all of the above and human/child sex trafficking. Doesn’t it seem a little odd that one of the most powerful law firms in Washington and across the world, for that matter, would have over $2 million in assets seized when Backpage.com was busted last fall? In a December 2018 filing in an Arizona court, the defendants were given 30 days to attempt to claim their assets… that was up on January 5. Among the defendants was none other than the law firm that represents the Democratic Party

I guess it'll have to be the long way around

06d515  No.5941399


Lurk moar.

c4a855  No.5941400



it's all coming out.

55056e  No.5941401


It's when yo mama so fat, she eats all the planets… but in slow motion.

992e0c  No.5941402


Muh Dick

3f3f11  No.5941403


It's the effect of 4th dimension electromagnetism in essence.

4715b2  No.5941404


Definitely multiple meanings here.

7b3c00  No.5941405

File: a69e2d81c2899fb⋯.png (522.91 KB, 998x672, 499:336, a69e2d81c2899fb1052aae4d06….png)

649245  No.5941406



Actually, I don't remember because they looked so much alike to me. This would have been in 1977??? or 78. There is probably a record of it. I no longer live in that town. Mt. Pleasant, Michigan

ac7857  No.5941407

File: c6855091fcdc492⋯.jpg (759.88 KB, 2560x2560, 1:1, Our_Daily_Bread_Q.jpg)

File: c446c690ad83d40⋯.jpg (1.55 MB, 1440x1915, 288:383, We-Are-Love-1.jpg)

File: bcdd6e5cb861d70⋯.jpg (92.23 KB, 1242x715, 1242:715, ef6f768950d78144adf7ce6fbc….jpg)

File: 69aa155558af6e3⋯.jpg (181.5 KB, 600x750, 4:5, Hope-in-the-Dark.jpg)


Will be praying for your son and your family.

Questions: Has he had a MRI or Cat Scan? Sounds like he has some serious neurological issue. I went through this for over a year as I was slowly paralyzed below waist. Mine was caused by a spinal infection. Here is the best advice I can give other than prayer.

You are your own best advocate on your health. Fight, Research, question everything, educate yourself. If you are motivated, your Dr. may make more of an effort. Some of these problems are very difficult to figure out. Review your health history in MINUTE DETAIL. Try to remember every scratch, bug bite, pimple/abscess, illness. Reconstruct this history and document the timeline. Gabapentin can help, along with the others mentioned by anons.

Gob Bless You and Your son.

42bcf0  No.5941408


I already have. Actually told two priests. Haven’t been to church in long time. SAD. Jesus is my Savior


5fd6da  No.5941409

File: ef978b6ba4c57b7⋯.jpg (98.27 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 2x6764.jpg)

cf2ba0  No.5941410



Your arguing about weather a metabolic state of glycoloysis or ketosis is better. Perhaps you should learn about the metabolic flexibility of your mitochondria and how the ATP production of those two fuel substrates is the base for our survival.

Then we can talk about the food availability on our planet and how it is primarily a carbohydrate rich fuel environment.

8253fb  No.5941411

File: 32382d1e374e696⋯.jpg (10.36 KB, 255x190, 51:38, e5d373436c030972461b09d7f9….jpg)

3a60a6  No.5941412

File: 863e3825c8d266e⋯.png (385.96 KB, 540x562, 270:281, Eyes1.png)

96cd55  No.5941413


Eat Dirt

d4fb97  No.5941414


Elections give the illusion of choice.

f3c47e  No.5941415

File: 62dfb5dc3fc3fcf⋯.png (78.74 KB, 1485x382, 1485:382, nasdaq.png)

File: e8abe5bf6840ef3⋯.png (79.9 KB, 1642x619, 1642:619, inv1.png)

File: 00c24d3dd77b89a⋯.png (69.32 KB, 1589x661, 1589:661, inv2.png)




Major Nasdaq shareholder.

Ericsson - SEB - Swedbank


350268  No.5941416


>This shill bread shitting anon seems VERY concerned about the discovery.

Yep. I'm concerned.

Now, go dig on those kiddy modeling sites, like Q wants you to.

Hit as many of those kiddy modeling sites as you can … make sure you save as much evidence as possible - put all pictures you find in a folder on your computer labeled "Q child modeling dig". That should save LE time when they confiscate your shit.


c4a855  No.5941417


The escape plan?

73c41f  No.5941418


9 likes..wow


Witch Darren

d51615  No.5941419


If you can't trust the plan, then go back to kvetching on social media. Israel is being saved for last and Q has constantly called out Mossad. In the meantime, optics are important.

1c31b3  No.5941420


Thats a head scratcher

If you have a definite prove

I will go with it

If its just a hunch then i would hold on

b00c88  No.5941421


Is that kinda like yo momma nose so big she goes bowling with her boogers?


Those other 8 dimensions must be a bitch to navigate, kek.

Electromagnetism is underrated.

ab15fc  No.5941422

File: 3ffe25772d2d825⋯.jpeg (53.42 KB, 242x474, 121:237, C6E03C8C-E821-4441-95DE-3….jpeg)



Hi girls!!

Try harder mossad. Real anons know the JQ is legit. Real anons also know #notall

c07878  No.5941423

File: d0b1bdb7e9800d0⋯.png (792.96 KB, 841x497, 841:497, Capture.PNG)

Ford to close 3 factories in Russia, resulting in ‘significant’ job losses

Ford has announced that its joint venture in Russia, Ford Sollers, is closing two assembly plants and an engine plant — a move that it said would lead to “significant” job losses in St. Petersburg and Russia’s Republic of Tatarstan.

In a March 27 statement from its European headquarters in Cologne, Germany, Ford said it will end its production of all passenger vehicles in Russia by the end of June.

It said the decision was made because “the Russian passenger vehicle market has been under significant pressure in recent years,” leading to “inadequate returns” on Ford’s investments in Russia.

It said “underutilized” passenger vehicle assembly plants would be closed in St. Petersburg and the city of Naberezhnye Chelny in Tatarstan, as well as an engine plant in the town of Yelabuga, also located in Tatarstan


06d515  No.5941424


I'm not Beta O'Rourke.

b24c23  No.5941425


We can't know.

But skin (under the skin) parasites exist and older generations knew, how to treat this.

My grandma used turpentine, Idk, if this is okay to use, but she did use it.

005bdc  No.5941426

File: 25827e40c88b395⋯.png (165.87 KB, 718x924, 359:462, ClipboardImage.png)

That's an interesting group of headings…

Happenings all over the place!!

13856c  No.5941427


Everything the FedGov touches turns to shit. It got into student loans, and bingo - cost of education (payola and fraud) goes through the roof. Now at crisis stage.

Gets into retirement business (SS), and bingo - taxes go up and Ponzi scheme ensues.

Gets into home loan business, and bingo - you know the pattern. Cronies are getting rich on the back of honest hardworking taxpayers.

9f15c6  No.5941428



You ain't from around these parts I take it.

c60b74  No.5941429


>>Daily Reminder: Mossad will disarm New Zealanders. Pics related.

Of course….. If the "elite" want to move there. They would never let anybody on NZ have weapon…. but them.

2d0851  No.5941430

ok hearing back on

91c603  No.5941431


Neurological. CBD oil 1500. Try Bluebird. Full spectrum. No THC. Give it 3 weeks.

a0091f  No.5941432

File: 4c1d1601c933cef⋯.png (25.09 KB, 435x377, 15:13, 032819 US Crude snap.PNG)

Oil Falls After Trump Calls for Increased OPEC Supply

– U.S. crude-oil prices fell for the fourth time in five sessions Thursday, pulling back after President Trump resumed his calls for higher OPEC production and lower crude prices.


Big volume after the initial drop, fighting it.

73c41f  No.5941433

File: 621a7f4cd6072b5⋯.jpg (36.6 KB, 634x634, 1:1, pacino cult.jpg)

dfb772  No.5941434

I see Bakers bitch is back bitching about the notables again. Today will be a good day then.

e2ce6e  No.5941435

>>5940812 (pb)

listen to Bill Cooper and Eustace Mullins on this subject. also about the origins of the Peasant's Revolt in Britain in the 14th century, and the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia.

I'll give you a hint. Knights Templar > Free Masons > Big Banks

They organized and funded the revolts mentioned above.


d4fb97  No.5941436


I'll go you one further. Potus is very pro-Graham now and Graham is pushing for these red flag laws. Says our rights have limits. Anons should not be surprised of Potus passes this legislation.

dd23b6  No.5941437

File: cc22292c73b182a⋯.jpg (7.4 KB, 300x177, 100:59, adam.jpg)

Its a D-5

Schiff, is the agent of Russia..

mark my words.

he is going to go full assault.

and claim the world is hypnotized by the Kremlin.

He is full blown communist.

3f3f11  No.5941438


Electromagnetism in this dimension is what is keeping fallen angels and the like from visibly manifesting. This is why CERN is working to destroy the veil separating our dimension from the 5th where all the icky stuff is.

4584a6  No.5941439

Should we do a go fund me for better 8ch bandwidth/servers?

350268  No.5941440

File: e8c7ff7cdc62cc5⋯.jpg (28.87 KB, 612x612, 1:1, bagofidiots.jpg)



Oh shit! What am I gonna do now that you've filtered me?

Fuck, my life is over ….

63a120  No.5941441



11948e  No.5941442

File: d24bdb50a01dce5⋯.jpg (133.35 KB, 438x362, 219:181, 67456hn456879879823346545b….jpg)

527bbf  No.5941443


>Government gonna have to ban Roundup and “poof” there goes food production

That won't work. A ban will have to be phased in as so much of the seed stock is GMO "Roundup ready". Many, if not most big ag farms do not till the soil at all anymore. The norm is to direct drill in stubble and spray, spray, spray. They have largely scrapped their tillage equipment so plowing, harrowing, and cultivation will have to be re-introduced, it will take years to grow enough "conventional" (non GMO) seeds to supply demand.

This might not be a "sky is falling" event to some, but it's a genuine and imminent problem.

t. farmfag

d1f942  No.5941444

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


ppl drifting back in incl. SCIF

bb1f75  No.5941445



435281  No.5941446

Has this been added to the list?

Former Sony CEO And Current Chairman Kaz Hirai Announces Retirement


340066  No.5941447


Good point. I think some folks are claiming Mike Obama called him directly, but I can't find anything to substantiate that claim.

91c603  No.5941448


Bluebird. Tincture. Hold Under the tongue for 3 minutes. It will stop it.

5fd6da  No.5941449


Russia isn't communist anymore

The communists are now in american schools

Time to take a new look at the world, boomer

73c41f  No.5941450


Don't forget Healthcare


and many many other Rackets.

6891f1  No.5941451

File: 942e9c25bb6ae40⋯.jpeg (625.41 KB, 1125x1399, 1125:1399, 119991C9-F43A-4722-A988-2….jpeg)

File: 32b350050f20dd9⋯.jpeg (86.87 KB, 1125x556, 1125:556, 49F00D17-2D55-4226-8C22-E….jpeg)

Never forget that Avenatti represented the family of Jim Carrey’s dead ex girlfriend.

All charges were dropped and nobody said BOO about it ever again.

75c91e  No.5941452




11a517  No.5941453

okay finally going thru my twitter archive looking specifically for a file that had been deleted from my system, came across a few older articles, posts on twitter relative to Q research…dropping FYI: 'filler' on digs.

.@realDonaldTrump walked out of a CNN interview in 1990 because of their inaccurate reporting.


37d3b3  No.5941454


More like a bolshevik

1c31b3  No.5941455


Supporting POTUS against the coup doesnt mean we have to support everything he is doing

c4a855  No.5941456


He's projecting. Probably got all of that on his HD. There's an FBI tip line for a reason.

b7a8bf  No.5941457





992e0c  No.5941458


I'm sure traffic is way way down after the '21 day' betrayal and the Mueller report.

96cd55  No.5941459

File: 394e39a0299858a⋯.jpg (113.39 KB, 675x1200, 9:16, D15_86DX4AACSmF.jpg)

8e5ea1  No.5941460

File: bcbdd0e57005cf3⋯.png (875.3 KB, 843x546, 281:182, ClipboardImage.png)

File: e981d8884a58ddd⋯.png (50.09 KB, 770x572, 35:26, ClipboardImage.png)

87 percent of GOP approve of Trump, near all-time high, 7-in-10 rip Mueller ‘witch hunt’

President Trump is at a near all-time high in support from Republicans, partly driven by their overwhelming belief that the Russia collusion investigation that exonerated him was a “witch hunt.” The latest Economist/YouGov survey put his GOP support at 87 percent. And that was before the report from special investigator Robert Mueller cleared the president of collusion with Russians in the 2016 election he won and Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton lost.

Said the analysis, “President Donald Trump has enjoyed solid support from Republicans throughout his presidency. In the latest Economist/YouGov Poll, which went into the field just before the Attorney General released his four-page summary of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian involvement in the 2016 presidential election on Sunday, 87 percent of Republicans approve of the way President Trump is handling his job, which is among the highest levels of approval from Republicans in the Trump administration.”

The survey also revealed a huge gulf between Democrats and Republicans over Mueller. It found that 68 percent of Republicans believed it was a “witch hunt,” and 18 percent a “legitimate” probe. But among Democrats, 82 percent called it “legitimate,” and just 7 percent a “witch hunt.”

Interestingly, YouGov pollsters said that they never found overwhelming belief that Trump colluded with Russians, despite the wave of media stories that suggested he did. “There was never a massive public belief that the president himself colluded with Russia. In an Economist/YouGov Poll conducted earlier this month, just 41 percent said they believed the president accepted Russian help; even fewer, 31 percent, thought he asked for it,” said the new analysis.


3f3f11  No.5941461



Representatives, Schiff was a United States Attorney in Los Angeles who led the prosecution of an FBI agent convicted on spy charges.

“Sex for secrets,” he recalled in a telephone interview with the Jewish Journal last month. “He was seduced by an attractive KGB asset named Svetlana — they’re always named Svetlana. I had to work extensively with the FBI even though it was the first time an FBI agent was ever indicted for espionage. … It’s so odd to be working on a case again involving the bureau and Russia. But it does feel like it’s come full circle.”


d51615  No.5941462


It's generally claimed the icky stuff is on the 4th dimension, but it's not really worth debating since it can't be proven

c07878  No.5941463

File: b0b4dd4477f8646⋯.png (508.7 KB, 849x394, 849:394, Capture.PNG)

Amtrak has lost money every year since 1971 — here's why train tickets are so expensive

Amtrak has had a long history of financial instability since its formation. Passenger trains used to be owned by private companies that operated freight trains. At the start of the 20th century, nearly 42 million passengers traveled by rail as their primary mode of transportation. However, by the 1940s, railroads began to become less popular as buses, planes, and cars grew in popularity. And by the 1960s, many railways, such as Penn Central and Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railway, all discontinued most of their trains. Passenger trains were no longer profitable, especially when the US Post Office began shipping mail by truck and air.

In an attempt to rescue the service, then-president Nixon signed a law in 1970 that ensured government funding. This act created the National Railroad Passenger Corporation, which eventually became Amtrak. Of the 26 railroads offering passenger service, six declined to join Amtrak. Although the railroad service continued, its problems with ridership and financial instability remained. Amtrak competed with other railway companies for train stations and tracks. On its first day of service, passenger trains had to be rerouted from seven train terminals in Chicago into just one. Amtrak also had to pay and maintain multiple train stations in one city due to the lack of track connections.


3a49f5  No.5941464


DO NOT VISIT THESE SITES - you will be arrested!

399c50  No.5941465

File: b8615eb3029e48a⋯.png (435.01 KB, 1366x4056, 683:2028, www_nytimes_com_2019_03_28….png)

Mueller Report Exceeds 300 Pages, Raising Questions About Four-Page Summary


8253fb  No.5941466

File: 3b9a847f7579aef⋯.jpg (21.29 KB, 255x213, 85:71, 4ca12e66fd484571827e4c3992….jpg)



Stormy Daniels suspected connections to NXIVM seems to be gaining more traction methinks

This case is going so fast now, it's hard to keep up

Glad I followed it from beginning slowly

A cast of thousands

It will sweep up even more higher figures than Epstein IMHO

9b7c2d  No.5941467

File: 56011765f1afae0⋯.jpg (35.59 KB, 530x298, 265:149, JustArt.jpg)


>GoodBye [Adam Schiff]

096e66  No.5941468


Time on Pences watch…6:42?

b6d72e  No.5941469


notables at 520ish

>>5941446 Former Sony CEO And Current Chairman Kaz Hirai Announces Retirement

>>5941329 Republicans won't act on Obamacare repeal until White House delivers proposal

>>5940961 payment to nato lobbyist approved by Swedbank

>>5941123 Top FBI Child Sex Trafficking & Prostitution Boss Worked Smollett Investigation with Chicago Police

>>5941011 McFaul ties in with Bill Browder. Putin knows who our dirtiest criminals are and he wants to expose them.

>>5940992 Nellie Ohr transcript reveals details from Steele meeting one day before Trump-Russia investigation began

>>5940972 Another Lev Tahor child trafficking arrest

>>5940969 Schiff and the Media


>>5940962 McFaul 31 page resume

63a120  No.5941470


You have some people saying to use CBD, just know that it doesn't work for everyone.

efed91  No.5941471

File: 848788c23ac4891⋯.png (672.28 KB, 1228x661, 1228:661, djt.PNG)

LAST NIGHT: When speaking about lying to Congress and the statute of limitations, POTUS said that “the statute of limitation may have run out on Jim Clapper lying” but the President then says something very, very telling…. he says “but the statute of limitations 'didn't' run out on Comey, it 'didn't' run out on Brennan…"

“Didn’t”? In this context it seems the president or anyone for that matter would use the word “hasn’t”, for example, “the statute of limitations 'hasn't' run out on Comey…"

When one uses the word “didn't” it implies to me that there is a CURRENT investigation into this.

If there wasn’t a current investigation into their lying to Congress the President would have used the word “hasn't” because this implies that the statute of limitations could run out once it reaches the appropriate time frame but to use “didn't” again seems to imply that it won’t or can’t run out now (meaning there must be an investigation currently into this).

abc8b3  No.5941472


Those poor RINO Never Trumpers. Gotta be in a world of hurt right now.

b00c88  No.5941473

File: 46ca2ae5493edd0⋯.jpg (82.23 KB, 640x733, 640:733, 398021_291739617616209_220….jpg)


Yea CERN is up to some shady shit.

They admitted they're trying to open a 'gateway'.

Pic related (best qual I could find) makes me think the egyptians figured something out.

Probably why they killed Tesla.

China is supposedly building a bigger version of CERN's collider as well.

Fuckers are going to unleash some Mist type shit.

6891f1  No.5941474


This isn’t Beto ORouke

2562f6  No.5941475

"Someday, I will tell you the secret!"

1c31b3  No.5941476


Muh Russia

Keked my covfefe

202dd1  No.5941477


not Beto.

plenty real things to attack him on

48b6d3  No.5941478

File: 1a3f212c737739b⋯.png (336.06 KB, 1889x1889, 1:1, 9ny8nxtbt4ly.png)


That's How you Instill


Good Work Phill!


005bdc  No.5941479

File: 437940ffb89b0a5⋯.png (111.84 KB, 652x822, 326:411, ClipboardImage.png)

File: b495f0af97b0c15⋯.png (366.71 KB, 664x873, 664:873, ClipboardImage.png)

File: f710da819c081eb⋯.png (65.44 KB, 658x502, 329:251, ClipboardImage.png)

I wanna be a lawyer so I can make stuff up too.

They could have worn white face': Jussie Smollett lawyer offers bizarre explanation as to why the Empire actor told police his Nigerian assailants were white - and points to old video of one of them wearing make-up to play the Joker as potential proof


3f3f11  No.5941480

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


duh. WE are in the 4th dimension, anon.

bfeb35  No.5941481

File: 2bd55377f21abce⋯.png (336.06 KB, 641x706, 641:706, ClipboardImage.png)

BBC pays damages to Ukraine President Petro Poroshenko over report


9f15c6  No.5941482


>300 Pages

That's a brief memo in LegalLand

75c91e  No.5941483

I thought the purpose of every CON is money…has 'Q' asked anyone here..anyone for any money…hmmm….I didn't think so!!!…so NOT a CON!!!

73388a  No.5941484

File: 7c351204dd0ba92⋯.jpg (102.02 KB, 750x500, 3:2, nx2.jpg)

File: 0853d2309921ff6⋯.jpg (17.18 KB, 364x467, 364:467, michael.jpg)

File: 85587c77da45fce⋯.jpg (66.25 KB, 667x374, 667:374, nx3.jpg)

276407  No.5941485


thanks for the advice, I'm more a digger than a memer tho, it just struck me as inspired when I noticed the giant hole diggint to nowhere and yet they keep digging for nothing - so perfect for meming the Mueller thing at the perfect time for it - tons of different kinds of memes too, but fuck it I'm not up for it so I figured I'd see if anyone else was

1fb701  No.5941486


internal dialog

<I can't believe that dumb fag paid for his crime with a check

c60b74  No.5941487


>Its a D-5

>Schiff, is the agent of Russia..

>mark my words.

>he is going to go full assault.

>and claim the world is hypnotized by the Kremlin.


>He is full blown communist.


If you have browse this board just a little bit longer you would know that the True enemy is…….. China. Stacking the US and the Rusky into a conflict only benefit one actor…..

You need to expand your thinking anon.

b7a8bf  No.5941488


Hate to say it, but that dude is right…

Q & DJT jacked this board.

2dddfe  No.5941489

File: 2b5d88ebc871140⋯.jpg (494.9 KB, 1200x819, 400:273, 88574_1412361856.jpg)

Rarely Seen N996GA

623783  No.5941490

Service Reminder

Remember to tell the EVIL shills that you filter them

That way you assert yourself as a free-thinking individual and the shills hate that.

91c603  No.5941491


Q already stated multiple time GUNS ARE SAFE.

b24c23  No.5941492


Watching this, makes me angry.

This woman is not interested in facts.

06d515  No.5941493


Top kek! Veganism for real though. Look up Dr Gerson therapy. Keep it in your back pocket in case you get severely ill.

0ded65  No.5941494


it was posted once and immediately attacked.

then it was posted for two breads in a row.

post got attacked, post even got deleted.

now it was reposted and made notable, bc very relevant info.

c4a855  No.5941495


Most likely a "sacrifice" like all other elites engage in. With Avenatti, he's probably a lacky and they provided him cover to handle. You don't just walk around with millions in tax debt like that.

7b3c00  No.5941496

File: 33e937226efdb3f⋯.jpg (34.7 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 33e937226efdb3f60ce19d48aa….jpg)


>2. Are HRC's felonies already being prosecuted?

8e5ea1  No.5941497


The wind just got blown out of their sails, indeed!

efed91  No.5941498


People love to jerk off Carpe over at T_D………..

4002cc  No.5941499


Anons, time for a health thread?

5fae8c  No.5941500

What's the fastest way to kill myself?

6da42f  No.5941501

File: e5c36e883a50394⋯.jpg (71.35 KB, 899x759, 899:759, Schiff .jpg)

942d99  No.5941502


Good call. Possible notable if we can find the timestamp.

ee1ed8  No.5941503


>Schiff isn't going to step down.

I think he'll get a visit from the dem black suits and will decide to spend more time with his family. Pelosi already called out for appointing him. Going to jettison the joker to save the queen's face. Heavy, between the lines, artillery rounds fired by POTUS on Hannity last night. I'm guessing they have him nailed for sedition (admin letter to media) and can prove Pelosi OK'd it.

93c690  No.5941504

>>5936005 LB From last night

Why would 4 posts (in the screen shot) from an old bread be deleted? They were not bots or shills...

Actually all posts from that ID were deleted from the bread.

350268  No.5941505

File: c0641e85f7cd7cd⋯.gif (2.76 MB, 500x364, 125:91, pcates.gif)



Certainly cult tactics are used by Q … and those tactics have worked on the Qtards.

This platform was chosen for a reason: autists feel left out in life, and Q has given them a sense of belonging to something important … never mind that it's all bullshit.

That's cult 101.

abc8b3  No.5941506


Except planefags caught it here a couple of days ago before the press had it. Kek.

1ea096  No.5941507

in case we weren't here yet:

"Tchen was born in the U.S. to Chinese immigrants who fled the People's Republic of China in 1949. Her father worked as a psychiatrist and her mother as a scientist."

"In March 2019, Tina Tchen was hired to investigate the Southern Poverty Law Center's "workplace culture" after allegations of sexual and racial harrassment led to the firing of the SPLC's co-founder and resignation of its president"

397ff2  No.5941508


I agree with this anon. Been there done that…

You'd be amazed at the effects. Watch out about 3 days in, the toxin flush is pretty brutal. After that, smooth sailing.

Get a juicer!! Living in Florida, juice juice juice.

1c31b3  No.5941509



And we control the Senate


d51615  No.5941510


Can you prove it to me?

63a120  No.5941511


Slide on half chan /pol

cf2ba0  No.5941512

File: 4687f3f25528691⋯.jpg (83.71 KB, 561x564, 187:188, 4687f3f255286914f85ae33348….jpg)

File: 56204a8d817dbfa⋯.jpg (190.3 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, 56204a8d817dbfa22433591aca….jpg)

File: cb0e34cd97f1d8e⋯.png (102.41 KB, 639x352, 639:352, cb0e34cd97f1d8e7e57d8ba747….png)

File: fce0a54d6414559⋯.png (793.71 KB, 869x860, 869:860, fce0a54d64145593db8dee3df8….png)

File: cedc469051828fe⋯.jpg (23.1 KB, 252x255, 84:85, 085894a1d9f0d22970f8dffcac….jpg)

bf12b5  No.5941513


If you have so much dirt on Schiff for brains why don’t you expose him?! Seriously, wtf is the point of this nonsense. Making people feel good? Making them feel somerhing is being done when nothing seems to be getting done? Information is cute. When I see Schiff for brains and his cohorts hang for treason I’ll give a fk, until then you are worse than fake news, you are limp dick news.

73c41f  No.5941514


Been watching shit about CERN lately and Time travel/portal theory (also somehow tied to Adrenochrome).

Controlling Time is the gist of this guys work.

Switzerland is famous for what?


Maybe CERN is trying to fuckwith/change TIME?

Who funds the 100s of BILLIONS necessary to build this fucking monstrosity?

e22590  No.5941515


Wow found one of our shills, fucking speaking for the whole of 8 Chan and /pol, Who the fuck elected this guy?

2f2d8a  No.5941516


tell the media you have dirt on HRC

55056e  No.5941517


If it were, I wouldn't be severely sensitive to Salicates, Oxylates and Phentates. It makes it impossible for me to digest most veggies.

cbd79f  No.5941518



3a60a6  No.5941519

File: 0ed838e0e09b06e⋯.png (586.8 KB, 939x470, 939:470, Schifftypen1.png)

File: a04210f7193e020⋯.png (584.71 KB, 939x470, 939:470, Schifftypen.png)

4121b4  No.5941520



c60b74  No.5941521


“He was seduced by an attractive KGB asset named Svetlana — Record scratch!

We all know Shift is a Faggot!

abc8b3  No.5941522


Can't believe how much better I feel. Body parts work again!

a0091f  No.5941523


turn on cnn

13856c  No.5941524



There is sound reason the founders aimed to limit FedGov to mutual interests, and allow the states near complete independence. That went out the window, and by now has flown the coop. The last 70 years have destroyed the substance of federalism, and left a shell of cheap double-talk in its place.

d51615  No.5941525


Wow, would've thought it was much longer than that. 2 years and only 300 pages?

91c603  No.5941526


Because CLAPPER turned against Hussein. He blamed him on the Anderson Cooper Interview.

992e0c  No.5941527


The purpose of the Russia Collusion was power.

The same with the Q con. Feed everyone a hundred conspiracies. Meme about bullshit.

Welcome to President Beto.

cf2ba0  No.5941528

File: 8aabf41eed7c8bd⋯.jpg (126.87 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)


Wait until you learn how much gold that thing produces. Yeah…gold.

525968  No.5941529

File: f654eb315768e95⋯.jpeg (153.03 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, A5A57C95-2A58-4802-9D8A-D….jpeg)

File: c89ccdde5258661⋯.jpeg (293.19 KB, 750x1003, 750:1003, 3A61B103-3D59-4186-B8B6-D….jpeg)

Moar Smollet News:

Motion formally filed by @cbschicago @CBSNews and several other local/national media objecting to destroying public records related to Jussie Smollett.

Heading to court now.


abc8b3  No.5941530


Yep. Comey's trolling, but we're on to him.

8cc622  No.5941531


In Ukraine a law on the recognition of members of military operations of nationalist organizations as ‘veterans’, including those of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA), who fought in support of the Hitler-led German Nazy effort banned in Russia, came into force.

Previously, only UPA militants who participated in hostilities against the Nazi invaders in 1941-1944 fell into this category. The UPA generally collaborated with the German military, and after 1943 found themselves in skirmishes against the Nazi front. Under the new legislation, UPA members who fought alongside the German military will now qualified for a number of veteran’s benefits.

Under the new law, participants of the UPA will qualify for about 20 benefits, including the payment of utilities and free travel in public transport, as well as medical care and the provision of medicines. All of them in accordance with the law “On the legal status and memory of fighters for the independence of Ukraine in the XX century” are recognized as fighters for the independence of the country.

The relevant law was adopted by deputies of the Verkhovna Rada on December 6th, 2018. On December 22, it was signed byPresident of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, and was planned to come into effect today, as elections loom where Poroshenko stands on very shaky ground.

The UPA was formed in October 1942 as the militant wing of the organization of Ukrainian nationalists. Its activities were primarily in Western Ukraine and fought against the Soviet troops, and were known for their cooperating with the Nazis.

3f3f11  No.5941532

File: 47ee1cb9ff86084⋯.png (138.58 KB, 220x219, 220:219, ClipboardImage.png)


They want to remove the veil separating our dimension from the 5th, so that they can create a real-life version of augmented reality where demons and such can range free and interact corporeally with humanity. The end-goal is to create a time-loop (infinite) to avoid the end of time (the time at which Jesus returns and all are judged). It's a quantum-entanglement infinity loop. They symbolize it with the ouroboros.

dfb772  No.5941533


Half a page a day. That's slower than Jim Acosta's diary writing

2dddfe  No.5941534

File: 5ffd95e55b77d30⋯.jpg (98.45 KB, 800x533, 800:533, img_3045-800x.jpg)

f1fccb  No.5941535


You could see the fear in his eyes this morning - he know its all coming down the pipe.

get ready surfer boy

968fd4  No.5941536


only eleven feet? I think the elite have much deeper digs somewhere in the US and NZ is a diversion.

807e6c  No.5941537


I like the idea, that way we don't crap up the bread with our tips. They're amazing tips and should have a bread we gotta stay healthy.

bb6796  No.5941538


(PB) limp dick

65b160  No.5941539


“We saw on Sunday a four-page summary of a 700-page report,” the Fox analyst said. “The 700-page report is a summary of two million pages of documents, of raw evidence.”

e77e4c  No.5941540

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


95c733  No.5941541

File: 5342ed1f8876ded⋯.jpg (29.3 KB, 781x439, 781:439, erdowolf.jpg)

File: 64b0bfaea288304⋯.jpg (220.45 KB, 1500x985, 300:197, proxy.duckduckgo-7.jpg)

File: 70f7452b54f8c0f⋯.jpg (114.64 KB, 750x698, 375:349, erdog1.jpg)

Erdogan: Hagia Sophia -> Mosque

A starting signal to sodoislamize Christianity?


73c41f  No.5941542


Regurgitating something you read in the NYT?

Some of us never heard of 8CH before Q. I never went to 4CH before Q. Try again.

ce7b2f  No.5941543

File: 185899f6b6603a3⋯.jpg (30.32 KB, 355x251, 355:251, No Hoes WH -28345082304580….jpg)

If Ivana had a ewe lamb, would you steal that, too? 2 Sa 12:1-15

5f532c  No.5941544


>Fuckers are going to unleash some Mist type shit.

What makes you think it hasn't been like this since the beginning of time?

"[They've] been trying to dumb the populace down" is somewhat incomplete. [They're] trying to make souls lose control of their own vessels.

Everything is a microcosm.

4002cc  No.5941545


Depression–first call hotline

(National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-TALK (8255) )

then, stop all carbs immediately "garbage in –garbage out" includes what you eat

Dig about why, watch comedy movies, listen to good music 2 hrs a day.

8c78da  No.5941546


The shoes anon…. N Z

512770  No.5941547


Not the fake mesican faggot

083706  No.5941548


I can't find anything on this Watkins guy.

He is a nobody!

d51615  No.5941549


Party with Ed Buck

4584a6  No.5941550


define betrayal?

cf2ba0  No.5941552

File: 128c896fb246ec5⋯.jpg (1.01 MB, 2000x2000, 1:1, 46J4K87K78K7R58LK7T59LT7LG….jpg)

5fd6da  No.5941553

File: 8f5eb1c07912446⋯.jpg (247.69 KB, 600x600, 1:1, tenderloin-progression.jpg)




5f3bc9  No.5941554


My mother suffered from the same thing for years. they tested and tested ( gave away her cats, changed every product) and eventually told her it was all in her mind. Turned out to be Celiac Sprue disease (which they said they had tested her for previously) but by then all her celia had been destroyed in her gut and she could not digest any food. But it all started with itching. She would have had to use a feeding tube or something but unfortunately it was discovered she had lung cancer too and that got her first. She never did get to have her last meal she so craved. A Rueben sandwich and a beer. Prayers to you, anon.