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File: 649fc34523f4e25⋯.jpg (232.81 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, IMAGE_01_IwoJima-MAGA.jpg)

3f6880  No.6564679

Welcome To Q Research General

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

We are researchers who deal in open-source information, reasoned argument, and dank memes. We do battle in the sphere of ideas and ideas only. We neither need nor condone the use of force in our work here.




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THE Q MOVEMENT IS ABOUT TRUMPING THE ESTABLISHMENT - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDFe_yKnRf4XM7W_sWbcxtw

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Q's Latest Posts

Sunday 05.12.2019

>>6482822 rt >>6482812 -————————– Boom time baker (Comey MOAB meme) (Cap: >>6500105)

>>6482810 ————————————–——– NO SLEEP IN DC

>>6482617 ————————————–——– Eyes on (Cap: >>6482670)

>>6482574 ————————————–——– BOOM WEEK AHEAD

Thursday 05.02.2019

>>6392995 ————————————–——– May, 2019 – 'kick-off' 'start' 'offense' (Vid: >>6393054 )

Saturday 04.27.2019

>>6335740 ————————————–——– Will newly discovered evidence (AG Barr - SDNY) FREE FLYNN? (Cap: >>6335864 )

>>6335313 rt >>6335179 -————————– A House needs to be constantly cleaned. (Cap: >>6335355 )

>>6335075 rt >>6335030 -————————– C comes before D.

>>6334984 ————————————–——– Soon To Be A HouseHold Name. (Cap: >>6335048 )

>>6334889 ————————————–——– DRAIN THE [SWAMP].

Thursday 04.25.2019

Compiled here: >>6490077

Wednesday 04.24.2019

Compiled here: >>6354269

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Global Board Admin Announcements

>>6560164 BO creates a backup for QRV

>>6551371 Voat admin threatens to deplatform QRV

>>6446595 BO on baker checks and BV removed >>6477078

>>6385109 Do not add Q's posts WITHOUT a tripcode

>>6508856 Please no JPEGs (new: conversion apps)


are not endorsements


>>6564631 Sinema (D-AZ) Yes on Two more Trump Judges

>>6564606 Epoch: Two Telegraph Articles frontrunning Declass for Optics

>>6564380 LL, Brennan aigned auth EO 12333 intelligence actions during transition

>>6564377 BREXIT getting a taste of UK-flavor of Deplatforming

>>6564371 Carter Page FISA application approved in 'unusual' way by McCabe, Yates, and Baker

>>6564284 3D-printable 'Death Pod' for 'stylish' and 'peaceful' suicide

>>6564229 Inpsirational Anon Pulling Himself Up by his Bootstraps. God Bless You fren!!!

>>6564192 Drop 2018-08-31 related to JW: JoeDiG, Judge Collyer, 702 Database

>>6564151 POTUS leaves for Japan on Friday

>>6564079 Mad Max on the Wells, TD Records with Mr. Leg Thrill

>>6564023 Levin: Masters of the Universe Reject the Declaration of Independence and Constitution

>>6563987 Nunes To Trump: Ask Theresa May

>>6562903 (pb) ConsTreeHouse: BHO's use of FISA 702 Domestically

>>6564668 #8393

#8392 Baker Change

>>6563819 Candace Owens v. Cornel West. Winner at 7 seconds in the 1st round by KO

>>6563785 Nunes: Someone on foreign soil was 'running operations' against Trump, et al

>>6563735 Meadows: Schiff, Dems raging over 'information coming that will curl your hair'

>>6563714 Red Castle PSA: Hurrican Season. Ready anons?

>>6563568 Two U.S. Navy ships sail through strategic Taiwan Strait

>>6563546 New Mil-Tweets

>>6563470 Carter, Meadows on Hannity: Schiffting Bricks in the House

>>6563437, >>6563468, >>6563651 New DJT Twats

>>6563313, >>6563339, >>6563354 Evacuate Webber Falls, OK: Barges Loose Dam Threatened

>>6563329 New Garrison: Liberal Debating Tactics

>>6563226 Wells, TD make 9 banks submitting Trump records to Gonadler

>>6563215 Denver: Sex Trafficking indictment after overturned 324yr sentence SMDH

>>6563912 #8392

#8391 Baker Change

>>6562032 pb Federal Grand Jury Charges San Fernando Valley man with planning Long Beach Terror attack

>>6562306 pb Side by side on Long Beach Terror attack

>>6562474 Marines Tweet: The Best Offense is a Good Defense

>>6562502, >>6562513 Syria update

>>6562533 More detail on the Democrats parroting Iran talking points.

>>6562535 Reminder: Bill Clinton's crime bill destroyed lives, and there's no point denying it (4-15-16)

>>6562650 Hillary’s Resistance Group Has Pocketed Millions From The DCCC

>>6562695 Anon response to >>6561140 pb "NXIVM's tentacles extend deep into the Cabal"

>>6562711 "Non-partisan" Democracy Alliance Members Fund ‘American Oversight’ Investigations of Trump

>>6562762, >>6562781 John Solomon Files Motion Asking FISA Court to Unseal Evidence of Wrongdoing in Russia Collusion Case

>>6562782 How Media Propagandists Create ‘Symbolic’ Meaning (Bernays-style propaganda)

>>6562814 Rybicki transcript confirms LL directed Comey to call it a "matter", others were present

>>6562844 Trump lawyers & House Dems ask Federal Court of Appeals to expedite proceedings in subpoena suit

>>6562946 Moar on Kappy DIGG

>>6562969 Democrats carp about suspicious curtains, chair placement after Trump infrastructure blowout

>>6562981 POTUS will travel to Japan on May 25-28

>>6563022 Asian Market reports: chill from Sino-US tech war & China central bank plans offshore bills for sale (yuan jumps)

>>6563074 Sara Carter predicts "avalanche of info" for American people on Hannity

>>6563056 Roger Stone contacts John Durham about FBI surveillance

>>6563095 Ex-FBI lawyer Trisha Anderson: Carter Page FISA application approved in 'unusual' way by McCabe, Yates, and Baker

>>6564567 #8391 (Posted in #8393)

Previously Collected Notables

>>6561602 #8389, >>6562393 #8390

>>6559145 #8386, >>6559954 #8387, >>6560773 #8388

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3f6880  No.6564696

DOUGH: https://pastebin.com/XGRZ3jif

'''Got a TYPO in the Dough/Notable "aigned" vs. "signed"

Baker requesting handoff…

e8f2ca  No.6564700

File: ce8925d7e0e75f3⋯.png (476 KB, 981x952, 981:952, EF39932D-66C9-49C9-985D-CA….png)


8a45af  No.6564714

Mysterious Quakes Worldwide Might be Linked to Birth of Submarine Volcano

Re: Mayotte Island


The birth of a unique submarine volcano near a French island located between Africa and Madagascar could shed light on a puzzle that has baffled scientists since last year. In 2018, seismic sensors detected strange low-frequency ripples thousands of kilometres away from the discovered developing volcano.

The baby submarine volcano, situated 50 kilometres away of the tiny French island of Mayotte, might be linked to a series of mysterious earthquakes, the results of a French scientific mission suggested, according to National Geographic. 

The mission, coordinated by France's National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS), was tasked with clarifying the origin of the unexpected seismic activity that has shaken the tropical island, wedged between Africa and Madagascar, since 2018. While the islet has witnessed numerous tremors, ranging from minor rumbles to a 5.8-magnitude quake – the largest to occur in the region in the past year –strange low-frequency ripples have been detected by sensors as far as 17,000 kilometres away from Mayotte. One earthquake enthusiast on Twitter, @matarikipax, noticed the unexpected activity on the US Geological Survey's real-time seismogram, challenging scientists around the world to solve the mystery as he tweeted about his observations in November last year.


376fe8  No.6564718

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


8a45af  No.6564719

File: 33feb67402fdf91⋯.png (4.12 MB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 5857784E-34D1-4D8C-83DE-DC….png)


Forget image

9eabf6  No.6564721

File: 49d9d4bcbe3af2c⋯.png (413 B, 81x36, 9:4, 0000.png)

376fe8  No.6564724

Hearing Jefferson city south side has been destroyed.

Any Sauce?

9eabf6  No.6564733


Why is my timestamp fagging a second off????


4efa00  No.6564734


michael boyle is a ringer for scott glenn

d60204  No.6564735



live link to Jefferson City Fire

b192c3  No.6564736

File: cc015fff90ae84f⋯.jpg (474 KB, 1402x2000, 701:1000, comey 4.jpg)

Thank you baker

b04109  No.6564737


Baker here,

handoff confirmed?

Will correct the typo in dough, thx.

9eabf6  No.6564738


4efa00  No.6564739


i know, i know.

3f6880  No.6564740

File: a10846523d5161c⋯.jpg (66.45 KB, 960x720, 4:3, IMAGE_02_BreadHandoff.jpg)


Confirmed Handoff!!! ThanQ fren …. Have a great Bake

7b6cc7  No.6564741

REMINDER: Q team is a (((JEW))) team and they are NOT WORKING with POTUS

That's why secret service now confiscates Q merchandise at Trump rallies and why Scott Adams tried to debunk Q after his white house visit but failed miserably. The lesson is, "never try". ;)

Don't do anything (((Q))) team tells you to do (like sneaking in Q merchandise into Trump rallies), except THINK FOR YOURSELF.


376fe8  No.6564742

National Guard request to Portland, OR.

Seems ANTIFA RIOTS in place armed with M80's

579b27  No.6564743


New Baker with unreliable internet will be around for an hour or so for Ebake if need be. o7 Baker frens

7b6cc7  No.6564744

REMINDER: (((Q))) team has access to remote mind "surveillance/control" tech

(((Q))) team has a secret system. A machine that spies on you every hour of every day. Maybe they designed the machine to detect acts of terror, but it sees EVERYTHING. Violent crimes involving ordinary people. (((Q))) team and anyone else that has similar machines probably consider these people irrelevant, that's why they continue to keep it a secret.

They can see what you see, hear what you hear, etc. They can even make you dream like in the movie "Inception". The tech has most likely existed even before the movie "The Matrix" was created. They can probably take control of people remotely similar to how people in the movie turn into agents.

Some capabilities of their tech can also be found in the lyrics of the song "Sleeping Awake" by POD. It's from the soundtrack of the movie "The Matrix Reloaded".

"Do you see what I see?

Can you hear what I hear?

Do you feel like I feel?

Do you dream like I dream?"


More capabilities listed in this image: https://imgoat.com/uploads/79d472a848/212992.gif

The tech has most likely also been used on the Wachowski brothers to turn them into "sisters" now (idiots probably don't know about the tech). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Wachowskis

Edward Snowden most likely knows about this tech and gave information about it to China and Russia. That's why (((Q))) likes to threaten Snowden regularly.

Quote from edwardsnowden.com

“I don't want to live in a world where everything I say, everything I do, everyone I talk to, every expression of creativity and love or friendship is recorded.”

What do you think he meant by "everything I do"?

Possible effects of REMOTE MIND CONTROL tech




4efa00  No.6564745


only 3 billion?

9eabf6  No.6564746


0ff9bf  No.6564747

File: 5bd7adb11ce3b6e⋯.png (365.86 KB, 480x553, 480:553, d0f6d2c600a7e108cd4910a31b….png)

Trump declassify everything now and get America back on track.

7b6cc7  No.6564748

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Vid related.

c80ef2  No.6564749

File: c35b2693caec515⋯.png (516.47 KB, 597x472, 597:472, GWVO1-PO82481-NEQ71HX-IDZU….PNG)

51c5c0  No.6564750


Hmm, timing is everything?


3ddd1e  No.6564751

File: 8bf7747842c59af⋯.jpg (106.82 KB, 504x285, 168:95, HighFive.jpg)

ececdd  No.6564752

File: ca4bdd0afdd93b1⋯.png (540.7 KB, 690x696, 115:116, gp5ce5c53c.png)

Useful for normies on FB & Twat

From ABC News nonetheless

14e19c  No.6564753

they blowing up mailboxes now or what?


e8f2ca  No.6564754

File: 0f85bf534f03423⋯.jpeg (215.3 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, 264D4DF8-8DE7-4943-BD57-2….jpeg)

File: 3dfbee38dffeaa2⋯.jpeg (84.94 KB, 1051x519, 1051:519, 613E3A9E-78A0-49F6-8E96-6….jpeg)

Who am I to argue?

7b6cc7  No.6564756


Wrong about what? That George Orwell was also a (((JEW)))?

0ff9bf  No.6564757

File: a03abe31a4ecbfe⋯.jpg (66.31 KB, 500x583, 500:583, 79cbf5936bd99d13bdb38c6b73….jpg)

Your next president….. Total fucking joke.

9eabf6  No.6564758


9eabf6  No.6564759

File: 650fe502cd98591⋯.png (43.9 KB, 113x150, 113:150, 911_911.png)

4c3a7a  No.6564760

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Sara Carter opioid epidemic documentary #NotInVein

b32f11  No.6564761

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


trust lookner to be on it

7b6cc7  No.6564762

File: a73f1726913830e⋯.png (757.46 KB, 800x522, 400:261, ClipboardImage.png)


Muh hall-of-cost

555b9d  No.6564763

File: d2e57bb8b75e2d9⋯.png (563.8 KB, 474x592, 237:296, ClipboardImage.png)

>6564696 TY Baker

c80ef2  No.6564764


Youre about as anti climatic as a wet fart

19d597  No.6564765

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>>6563978 (PB)

>SB276 removed any hope a mom had of protecting her child from medical tyranny today in CA.

FIGHT BACK: Expose Gardasil Vaccine as Crime against Humanity

The white collar psychopaths at Merck and the soulless FDA regulators who looked the other way.

These people are sick!



Q !xowAT4Z3VQ

4 Apr 2018 - 4:24:51 PM











da7b53  No.6564766

File: 996fcc222dc2f3b⋯.jpg (156.45 KB, 817x685, 817:685, IMG_20190509_210700_987.jpg)

Nine are the interlocked dimensions,

and Nine are the cycles of space.

Nine are the diffusions of consciousness,

and Nine are the worlds within worlds.

Aye, Nine are the Lords of the cycles

that come from above and below.

44f007  No.6564767

File: d0caac6ba320e7f⋯.jpeg (1.69 MB, 1703x1282, 1703:1282, 20AD5770-B211-486C-A1F7-2….jpeg)

These girls are pretty young to be wise to the JQ

0ff9bf  No.6564768

File: f4d15ecc44d9a7e⋯.jpg (36.38 KB, 500x394, 250:197, 31b35u_1.jpg)

4c3a7a  No.6564769

File: 7f059d74a379115⋯.jpg (117.95 KB, 707x560, 101:80, 20190523_010429.jpg)

7b6cc7  No.6564770

File: 61afea360de93f6⋯.png (1.22 MB, 1031x2070, 1031:2070, ClipboardImage.png)

51c5c0  No.6564771


Ok, thanks for showing what aish is capable of.

Again, timing….

a7d840  No.6564772

File: cd40a693b380be4⋯.jpeg (98.79 KB, 748x617, 748:617, B7F66620-F14C-47F5-B5FA-C….jpeg)

File: 1eb81bc6433f8e6⋯.jpeg (164.66 KB, 750x752, 375:376, 63FFC4AA-F686-4B47-9E81-D….jpeg)

The Satanic Temple tweets Satanic self care guide in the age of Trump.

Panic at the Satanic temple! Kek


cf994b  No.6564773

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Rachel says "crack in the dam" or "caved" or "wall" or "collapses" or "leaked" probably 25-30 times in the first 15 mins. of this show.

Almost precisely, "crack in the dam" literally used about a dozen times.

"The dam is still cracking…in new and exciting places." <laughter>

"So the dam appears to have been poorly built." <cackling laughter>

Talking about "entities feeding" and…well, it's just jam-packed with predictive programming and subtle/not-so-subtle allusions/comms (IMHO). Chuck Schumer seems to keep going with the theme during his interview.

I smell desperation. Consider this my #SeeSomethingSaySomething

e02b72  No.6564774

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

7b6cc7  No.6564775


Your body, your choice. 😉

44f007  No.6564776

File: 020e64a9b467e96⋯.jpeg (704.46 KB, 1325x788, 1325:788, C6254929-A32B-47BC-94A4-2….jpeg)

0ff9bf  No.6564777

File: a113d708825a36d⋯.png (507.01 KB, 1018x712, 509:356, Scumbag.png)

14e19c  No.6564778

and they've been evacuated for flooding today as well?


9eabf6  No.6564779


Anton LaVey would shit on these niggers' heads!

b192c3  No.6564780


I can't believe how gay they managed to make satanism look. All those metal musicians must be pissed about losing decades of work in 3 years.



da7b53  No.6564781

File: 634a951f285bcb8⋯.jpg (7.28 KB, 252x288, 7:8, 9-words-to-live-by (1).jpg)

7c9358  No.6564782


Will not declassify "everything", according to Q,

doesn't mean people have to stop trying to uncover truth.

1d068b  No.6564783

File: 3c3a5ce9189dc81⋯.jpg (3.01 MB, 3024x4032, 3:4, IMG_20190519_170003842.jpg)

Good morning from UKanon.

It's 7:12am.

EU election polling is from 7am-10pm.

I just voted, first to do so, now on the train on commute to London.

Voted The Brexit Party.

Pic is from Frimley Brexit Party Rally on Sunday.

It is Happening.

0ff9bf  No.6564784

File: b9222f97f4820db⋯.jpg (51.08 KB, 500x574, 250:287, ad19d88e3a9362480573ac73b5….jpg)

File: 6f9e39712bfdae4⋯.jpg (46.05 KB, 480x586, 240:293, 311c0c9b6f71c3d7637243af9c….jpg)

376fe8  No.6564785

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

7b6cc7  No.6564786


Nice trips. And (((JEWS))) you mean…

19d597  No.6564787

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Talking about "entities feeding" and…well, it's just jam-packed with predictive programming and subtle/not-so-subtle allusions/comms (IMHO). Chuck Schumer seems to keep going with the theme during his interview.

>I smell desperation.

Just Walk Away & their Magic Dies

9eabf6  No.6564789

File: ff7035304246649⋯.jpg (35.56 KB, 375x253, 375:253, QNN - Copy (11).jpg)

b04109  No.6564790


My word, big news about Mayotte Island, shades of the Nov 11 dig (and after). I'll get back with moar soon.


Thanks, all bakes are great!

Anons make it happen, kek.

126a99  No.6564791

File: 9215e8b14f677bf⋯.jpg (134.33 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, City_of_Dublin_rejects_fly….jpg)

Small Victory!

DUBLIN, Calif. (KTVU) - "There is strong reaction from the LGBTQ community after a Bay Area city's controversial decision to not fly the gay pride flag. The East Bay city of Dublin will not fly the rainbow flag over city hall during pride next month. The decision came after several residents spoke out against the idea.

“If you agree to fly the rainbow flag, can we fly the confederate flag, the Black Lives Matter flag, a communist flag?,” said one resident.

"At the end of the day, I believe there is another letter that to the end that is being propagated actually at our state capital right now and that is p for pedophile,” said another resident.

The council ultimately decided the public flagpole should be reserved for federal, state and city flags only."


ec1c6d  No.6564792

File: 9fc10053782cbd5⋯.png (214.61 KB, 469x639, 469:639, Screen Shot 2019-05-21 at ….png)

File: 45abce3999e56ec⋯.png (345.56 KB, 816x913, 816:913, Screen Shot 2019-05-21 at ….png)

File: b507acc5247857d⋯.jpg (739.02 KB, 1125x1087, 1125:1087, b507acc5247857d16356bdb039….jpg)

File: ec5647bac853ada⋯.png (398.5 KB, 1741x722, 1741:722, Screen Shot 2019-05-23 at ….png)

File: 121b3036dba2d34⋯.png (740.86 KB, 1132x636, 283:159, Screen Shot 2019-05-22 at ….png)


the Y head is the golden Minoan bee of the Royal bloodlines of Egypt, aka Babylonian families now called the illuminati

ececdd  No.6564793

File: 0824abe7497b080⋯.png (529.54 KB, 500x888, 125:222, cbc30d6617c82a2ff0ade70f35….png)

4d49f5  No.6564794

File: 4eaec2ca9420575⋯.jpeg (72.74 KB, 800x461, 800:461, 161C1427-6B89-4D03-9373-3….jpeg)

File: 61664db3a9abda3⋯.jpeg (85.26 KB, 628x654, 314:327, F28231C8-ED26-4A13-8A32-2….jpeg)

File: 118cb6e87b276d7⋯.jpeg (51.34 KB, 910x480, 91:48, 81884E62-934E-4D49-8200-A….jpeg)

555b9d  No.6564795

File: 436292cc07af9fd⋯.png (1.02 MB, 615x1026, 205:342, ClipboardImage.png)

>>6564783 Good to read UKanon



b32f11  No.6564796


it's dumbofag

c07610  No.6564797

mark levin, speaks about how NYT did not cover the holocaust


I did not mark the spot, but he says it early in the recording - sorry

The NYT owned by a Jew ?

What this may reveal is that a segment of the Jews truly DID betray their own.

It points towards the theory that the plan was to punish the Jews

who did not migrate to Israel.

I think this is from an author, Edwin Black


in his book:


(years since I watched the BOOK TV video)

44f007  No.6564798

File: 88dc57e42fa1e52⋯.jpeg (700.06 KB, 849x879, 283:293, 20B80FA0-D433-4F62-A801-9….jpeg)

96d589  No.6564799

File: e1f668d7a205486⋯.jpg (163.45 KB, 576x1024, 9:16, D7N5iCyXkAAnNPJ.jpg)

Here's @johncusack, staying firmly seated during tonight's military salute at Wrigley Field.

***Cusack is starting to look a lot like Chuck Schumer (Shmuck Schemer)




Follow Follow @CWBChicago


Here's @johncusack, staying firmly seated during tonight's military salute at Wrigley Field. #ThatsCub #EverybodyIn

7c9358  No.6564801


clown bullshit

f88cbe  No.6564802

File: 4b309f5d6c061ca⋯.jpeg (856.66 KB, 1591x1014, 1591:1014, 78A51791-0E06-4C9A-BE3B-C….jpeg)

cf994b  No.6564803

File: 22650766982abe9⋯.png (225.06 KB, 752x769, 752:769, Trust Kansas KS.png)

>>6564645 (lb)

>>6564631 (lb)

>Kyrsten Sinema Votes Yes On Two More Trump-Appointed Judges

552adb  No.6564804

Misinformation will fail

9355f6  No.6564805

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Defango never takes a firm stand on anything.

That way he's able to blend in with the all the famefags…

And then he outs them.

Over and over.

Notice we haven't really heard shit from MAGA Glowalition outside of their breadly faux-anti-semitic spam.

f88cbe  No.6564806


WTH was Cusack doing testifying on Mueller Report? smh

0ff9bf  No.6564807

File: bbded58fdf16e4e⋯.jpg (69.9 KB, 560x342, 280:171, Retard_1.jpg)

Snoop Dogg is one of the most ugliest nigga's on the planet.

b192c3  No.6564808


I bet he's feeling like he's–better off dead–since Trump won.

6ce47f  No.6564809

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Portland police face staffing shortage | KGW

May 22, 2019

>Four comments

1)Because so many quit because of the mayor and antifa. They are domestic terrorists and the mayor does nothing.

2)Not to be racist, but you can't hire police officers because of antifa.

3)No kidding Junkie hell

4)Who cares

96d589  No.6564810

File: 04b33afa1134103⋯.jpg (4.54 KB, 311x162, 311:162, images (6).jpg)


row adds up to what number……just saying……

1+9+1+4= 15


ececdd  No.6564811


Based on recent behavior, this fuckhole has a SHITLOAD of dirty laundry

6ce47f  No.6564812

File: 4a812c9af9c2bd6⋯.png (681.35 KB, 641x362, 641:362, Portland.png)


Cap from clip.

96d589  No.6564813


i see what ya did there…hahahaa

14e19c  No.6564814

File: c78862a3ce07cf9⋯.png (1.63 MB, 1897x960, 1897:960, ClipboardImage.png)

prayers for this town and people, tornadoes so scary, grew up in hurricanes, no ripping destruction like this


ec1c6d  No.6564816

File: f72a10f4fec40e8⋯.png (479.19 KB, 570x557, 570:557, Screen Shot 2019-05-21 at ….png)

File: 8dd29e99da8cdfa⋯.png (870.57 KB, 1153x573, 1153:573, Screen Shot 2019-05-22 at ….png)

File: 07b86b45e8e485f⋯.png (550.95 KB, 1373x879, 1373:879, Screen Shot 2019-05-22 at ….png)

File: adcca47e8e5b8e8⋯.png (367.43 KB, 643x592, 643:592, Screen Shot 2019-05-22 at ….png)

File: 388590de04f7149⋯.png (1016.58 KB, 1825x602, 1825:602, Screen Shot 2019-05-22 at ….png)

>>6564801 total fucking shill, slide faggot back to Israel, JDIF bot


The Y head of the Illuminati families shows they own you as slaves, also used in worship of Lucifer, if you stand in the early morning light of the sun the golden rays of Lucifer cover you in gold, hence the name is the illumined ones, Over target, repeating good research from day shift, and fuck that faggot shill trying to distract from real honest research, definitely not anon but a jew faggot

96d589  No.6564817

File: 2b53b84dce8a5af⋯.jpg (47.08 KB, 355x500, 71:100, 51bIHEwc61L.jpg)


mmmm hmmm, yessir

ececdd  No.6564818

File: f1f957705d18890⋯.jpg (11.76 KB, 299x299, 1:1, Unnamed.jpg)


Nothing about this faggot is "firm".

972fc0  No.6564819


ReallyGraceful video on the Truth about the lie behind the birth of the ADL and how LeonFrank murdered a 13 year old girl Mary Phagen and how this has led to the rise of the ADL’s power.

9355f6  No.6564820



14e19c  No.6564821

File: d59ac527c3c5d43⋯.jpg (240.97 KB, 1416x800, 177:100, nsparadigm2.jpg)

c80ef2  No.6564822


They never stood a damn chance

4dfd44  No.6564823

File: 0f3e7797c5315b5⋯.png (6.18 KB, 442x230, 221:115, ClipboardImage.png)

Elton John is doing his Yellow Brick Road Farewell Tour. Any chance there is a connection to this Q drop??? I mean have we solved Yellow Brick Road, yet?

96d589  No.6564824

File: 7183307ba6f660a⋯.jpg (111.79 KB, 700x700, 1:1, 02-CPAC-Trump-Hugs-Flag.w7….jpg)

Cusack traitor:

he needs aflag shoved up his ass

b04109  No.6564825

File: 11b85dd246b095f⋯.png (1004.61 KB, 1090x2990, 109:299, mayotte popular sci may 20….png)


Where Did This Massive Underwater Volcano Come From?

It's been giving a tiny African island headaches since last year. Scientists still don't know what it means.


On November 11, 2018, the largest offshore volcanic event in recorded history occurred, with an origin point near the African island nation of Madagascar and the island of Mayotte, which is controlled by the French government. Despite its power, however, this event went largely unnoticed by the planet—perhaps because it was so remotely located beneath the ocean that no human was directly affected.

Now French scientists studying the eruption have come to the conclusion that the violence and strength of the eruption came from an entirely new volcano being born into existence.

Scientists have ventured out to what they believe is the epicenter of the violence, around 31 miles (50 km) east of Mayotte's shores. There, various French agencies including the National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) and the French Institute for Research for Exploitation of the Sea (IFREMER), worked on board the RV Marion Dufresne to investigate what had happened.

This past February, the French scientists began monitoring the area. They placed seismometers on the seafloor, over 2 miles (3.5 km) down, and used multibeam acoustic sensors to map the ocean floor. They pulled up rocks and examined them for any changes…………


Lots of stuff in QResearch from last November and since. Ongoing digg.

44f007  No.6564826

File: e959e53f2df6edb⋯.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1081x1387, 1081:1387, 7B960B50-8206-455D-B492-B….jpeg)

File: 6afd54800e272d0⋯.jpeg (634.94 KB, 1137x1568, 1137:1568, 8FFED499-8534-414B-A6B3-0….jpeg)

Here’s something avenatti won’t be bitch slapping anymore

347957  No.6564827

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


The vid posted last bread was slowed down to make her sound drunk, this is the real video.

fe133a  No.6564828

Reddit is down.

06f167  No.6564829

File: 8752caa33b79c96⋯.jpeg (688.71 KB, 1125x1565, 225:313, 63D033E4-7621-4275-8F6B-7….jpeg)

File: 061989553ee11d2⋯.jpeg (479.08 KB, 1125x973, 1125:973, 687D5B14-6002-4F25-8A80-3….jpeg)

something seems off about this..



4c4a1c  No.6564831

File: 3341642688e352c⋯.png (542.54 KB, 720x1193, 720:1193, Capture _2019-05-22-22-39-….png)

Not sure if anyone has seen this. But PG&E put out a warning that they may need to shut down the grid for up to 5 days if winds stay strong.

9355f6  No.6564832


can confirm

96d589  No.6564834

File: 7183307ba6f660a⋯.jpg (111.79 KB, 700x700, 1:1, 02-CPAC-Trump-Hugs-Flag.w7….jpg)



Cusack traitor:

he needs a flag shoved up his ass…..behind the scenes Trump is doing it I am sure……

>>6564799>>6564806 >>6564808

>>6564810 >>6564811

44f007  No.6564836

File: 1973f0bb98ddabc⋯.jpeg (339.34 KB, 1403x1668, 1403:1668, 97337065-3889-48B7-A137-7….jpeg)

Where is Ruth Ginsburg?

ec1c6d  No.6564837

File: ef4f131f0bdc6fc⋯.png (296.77 KB, 1920x547, 1920:547, Screen Shot 2019-05-22 at ….png)

File: 1e364f916a9c41f⋯.png (1.71 MB, 1916x588, 479:147, Screen Shot 2019-05-22 at ….png)

File: 1feab3e4a2cd2c7⋯.png (1.38 MB, 1889x606, 1889:606, Screen Shot 2019-05-22 at ….png)

File: d0a0f9bac96076a⋯.png (167.69 KB, 1013x372, 1013:372, Screen Shot 2019-05-22 at ….png)

File: a4cc5daab0fdac7⋯.png (167.6 KB, 1005x316, 1005:316, Screen Shot 2019-05-22 at ….png)

the red shields, aka rothschild have the bee emblem on their bank of england building they built after taking over after waterloo and capitalizing on the English stocks tanking on his lies about Napoleon winning, The Bee is used in Molech and other fallen angel worship

175a17  No.6564838

File: 38968d93510a531⋯.jpg (39.12 KB, 638x581, 638:581, pray mustard seed.jpg)

>>6564342 (LB)

Dear QLetter Anon, I was thinking about you and hadn't seen you for a while and was wondering how you were doing just before I saw your post about Wee Anon. My heart and prayers go out to you both. I am keeping Wee Anon in my prayers and asking God to surround you in His loving arms and give you comfort and peace.

96d589  No.6564839

376fe8  No.6564840


So it's just alzheimers then. Good to know.

2c7335  No.6564841

>>6564151 PB LB PB&J

I think a Q drop stated when the shite hits the fan POTUS will be out of the country…. Or Something of that Nature… Muh I could look it up and sauce it.. whatever I will keep lurking.

7c9358  No.6564842

File: da53cb1aed547c7⋯.jpg (34.64 KB, 668x525, 668:525, 581068-3464879260222-16767….jpg)


What does this represent ?

ccc66d  No.6564843

File: b165d38b3352691⋯.jpeg (577.16 KB, 1125x1090, 225:218, CDB233AC-EF2E-45D5-86F3-3….jpeg)

This is funny

44f007  No.6564844

File: eeb2ec8df90310f⋯.jpeg (1.09 MB, 1324x1315, 1324:1315, 12094B83-A5FD-4E45-A756-A….jpeg)


Plan escape route now

99efbb  No.6564845



Yellow brick road

Wizard home loans

Ties to GE

51c5c0  No.6564847


Please go back when up.

33b6ae  No.6564848

File: 0c7d6450243fe93⋯.jpg (214.33 KB, 1024x1358, 512:679, Reddit 20190523.jpg)



Admins, please use the power cable restraints provided on the back of your servers, kek


ec1c6d  No.6564849

File: 2e67f7d251f0db2⋯.png (153.08 KB, 1132x587, 1132:587, Screen Shot 2019-05-22 at ….png)

File: 0dac74006caff40⋯.png (1.15 MB, 1133x591, 1133:591, Screen Shot 2019-05-22 at ….png)

File: 3f8a9efd084cbbe⋯.png (1.18 MB, 1132x593, 1132:593, Screen Shot 2019-05-22 at ….png)

File: f257be37061e6d4⋯.png (1.32 MB, 1133x579, 1133:579, Screen Shot 2019-05-22 at ….png)

File: 22e0cd548bd317c⋯.png (1.85 MB, 1920x884, 480:221, Screen Shot 2019-05-22 at ….png)

the 1976 IRA bombing in Manchester England and the Ariana Grande concert murders were Molech sacrifices for the Rothschild family and huge magic witchcraft rituals

33b6ae  No.6564850


If it's down they can't go back. This is bad.

9853ea  No.6564851

File: 69da69022564add⋯.png (435.68 KB, 720x377, 720:377, 81939E33-4CA5-4C74-8445-8B….png)

99efbb  No.6564852


Y head = Rothschild

175a17  No.6564853

File: e81470da37b7ccb⋯.jpg (58.19 KB, 818x569, 818:569, brit anon uk world.jpg)

96d589  No.6564854



yes indeed……off……If he did stand late…..it was just because he realized someone taking a pic.

58dff5  No.6564855

File: 5142783bcfb5ecd⋯.jpg (62.5 KB, 570x834, 95:139, JFKEK.jpg)

347957  No.6564856



Something is fucked up upstairs for sure

7310fd  No.6564857


We should do that to all her videos.

4280ed  No.6564858

File: 7e071a81793ab47⋯.png (100.69 KB, 1331x677, 1331:677, ClipboardImage.png)

>>6562221 (pb)

>NCMEC tied to Roths, Clinton, Podesta.

Link to Brian Podesta at Wikileaks ICwatch

Current Title: Senior Analyst - National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

Timestamp: 2015-12-24


ccc66d  No.6564859


Guy only gets 1K-2k views if he’s lucky haha. Why do we care what they say?

14e19c  No.6564860

certainly more amusing


4280ed  No.6564861


>Reddit is down.

Lucky for us, BO has made a backup where we can all be safe. (sarc)

7310fd  No.6564862


Triangle inside circle. Alcoholics Anonymous.

2c7335  No.6564863

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

ccc66d  No.6564864


He averages less than 1K views per video. I’ll bet you half of the views are from himself.

ececdd  No.6564865

File: 7556429450d2e8d⋯.jpg (53.11 KB, 648x484, 162:121, IMG_20180607_043028.jpg)

51c5c0  No.6564866

File: c3926779dbc919c⋯.png (537.14 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, image.png)

File: 2872effe918c5e3⋯.png (577.04 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, image.png)


It's a fkin sham it down down for me.

Why is it bad, the scurge of CTR, awful fuk them.

Yeh brok, I have your canibal posts.


fe133a  No.6564867


Can't make this shit up. Wow.

99efbb  No.6564868


Could've also been a ref to yellow brick road nursery in Saudi Arabia

ec1c6d  No.6564869

File: 430424fc199443c⋯.png (869.21 KB, 1129x576, 1129:576, Screen Shot 2019-05-22 at ….png)

File: 96ce6218498027a⋯.png (133.35 KB, 154x351, 154:351, 96ce6218498027ad576402f87e….png)

File: 68a696e3130c018⋯.png (1.11 MB, 1133x601, 1133:601, Screen Shot 2019-05-22 at ….png)

File: 9a5c7f0972f924e⋯.png (624.65 KB, 1105x595, 13:7, Screen Shot 2019-05-22 at ….png)

File: 5df4610d669ea10⋯.png (411.01 KB, 1130x598, 565:299, Screen Shot 2019-05-22 at ….png)

Ariana Grande with her bee tattoo of ownership, where are her slaves, how much you wanna bet they are children….

see the witch herself covered in gold, she is letting all know she is illumined and in charge by her symbolism

The bee image above the door of Manchester town hall is a bee

Heraldry of English families sporting bees, they own you

aliester Crowley with the bee hive pyramid hat spelling the sheeple, best friends of Winston Churchill and help spiritually with the help of Lucifer and other demons tell Winston Churchill how to run the battle and bless England, real history

64cf1f  No.6564870


never heard of the dude. All these famefaggots on youtube these days. Hard to keep up.

96d589  No.6564871


he uses hios own videos to masturbate

44f007  No.6564872

Glossy eyed Pelosi and 2 guys trying to figure out how to avert the unfolding disaster

44f007  No.6564873

File: ca461657cb89b49⋯.jpeg (1.51 MB, 1695x1668, 565:556, 824BC09B-8779-491B-B48C-B….jpeg)

7c9358  No.6564874



ec1c6d  No.6564875

File: 0b000f1fca41648⋯.png (815.69 KB, 1134x635, 1134:635, Screen Shot 2019-05-22 at ….png)

File: 41038121f31b093⋯.png (875.96 KB, 1129x589, 1129:589, Screen Shot 2019-05-22 at ….png)

File: 5680fc64679620c⋯.png (85.43 KB, 969x368, 969:368, Screen Shot 2019-05-22 at ….png)

File: a4cc5daab0fdac7⋯.png (167.6 KB, 1005x316, 1005:316, Screen Shot 2019-05-22 at ….png)

The rothschilds run out of Manchester England, its a power center, a vortex of Evil

96d589  No.6564876


Wouldn't you love to been at the game in the seat in front of him with a Q WWG1WGA tee and a MAGA hat…..that would be epic and to have a recorder going the entire time to hear what he grumbles.

7310fd  No.6564877


What's the term for what they feed on again?

90b4c1  No.6564878

File: 955c661e79f99ef⋯.jpg (7.78 KB, 255x193, 255:193, ooo.jpg)


I don't have any sauce yet, but it looks like a lot of these guys are tied in w/ david brock.

6ce47f  No.6564879

File: 6fac6541eaf30e3⋯.png (536.49 KB, 609x300, 203:100, Kek!.png)

Their handlers hit the [reset] today.

7c9358  No.6564880



ececdd  No.6564881



A David Shillcock term

126a99  No.6564882


Kinda sounds like one of the 'this is the last straw' shills that try to incite violence on the board.

555b9d  No.6564883

File: d5bf8b5ee663ed8⋯.png (1.57 MB, 960x960, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

1c78cb  No.6564884

File: d1dd9d0161637d8⋯.jpg (462.46 KB, 800x1280, 5:8, Screenshot_20190523-021026….jpg)








7c9358  No.6564885


word is way older than him

1d068b  No.6564886

To anon who graduated yesterday, congratulations on seeing the payoff of all your hard work.

Like other anon who have been here since the start and equally to any who have joined along the way, it is the stories like this that inspire me the most. People like you are key to everything.

I could never speak for your incredible president but I would be very surprised if he hasn't read or been briefed on your post today and feels the same way.

Well done anon and thank you for posting that.

4dfd44  No.6564887

File: 1afbfea5e78423b⋯.png (665.52 KB, 1146x1155, 382:385, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 6aa538ea5ba24fb⋯.png (97.63 KB, 1080x711, 120:79, ClipboardImage.png)

>>6564845 >>6564845

About Elton John

Check out this Bio. Also effectively a farewell tour, would be a resignation wouldn't it?


ec1c6d  No.6564889

File: 686840215958020⋯.png (296.25 KB, 1009x753, 1009:753, Screen Shot 2019-05-23 at ….png)

File: 0fe44b6c74d9aa4⋯.png (1.02 MB, 1131x579, 377:193, Screen Shot 2019-05-22 at ….png)

File: 3540422229dd180⋯.png (152.88 KB, 1012x409, 1012:409, Screen Shot 2019-05-22 at ….png)

File: 7733c92b290447f⋯.png (181.82 KB, 318x363, 106:121, Screen Shot 2019-05-20 at ….png)

File: bfac27436658aff⋯.png (875.87 KB, 1041x567, 347:189, Screen Shot 2019-05-20 at ….png)

The Rothschilds are connected to the NVIXM cult and the practice of branding slaves carries on to this day, Their symbolism is their downfall and the bee ties it all together

7310fd  No.6564890

File: 6b1f7cf04cdac8d⋯.png (121.11 KB, 500x282, 250:141, tumblr_mmlo19BDAg1qmh1j8o1….png)


How's Macron looking these days? Does he need a new belt?

ccc66d  No.6564891

File: 0ba7a9e81eddd4f⋯.png (5.38 MB, 2436x1125, 812:375, B7A66128-34C4-412A-A770-46….png)

File: ae8208568c9a608⋯.png (4.85 MB, 2436x1125, 812:375, E7F8DAD5-4F62-4284-82F4-C7….png)



He’s a fat shit bald loser.

f88cbe  No.6564892


FBI NA course

Yellow brick - 6.1 mile obstacle course

Blue brick 35 mile swim over 10 months

Green brick 15 cigars smoked at events

Multiple. Meanings

SA NK et al.

96d589  No.6564893


there is a pic online somewhere with MacMiller before he died and you can see a cila that looks just like the adrenochrome vials in the backqround, looks like a bedroom and on a window ledge or a nightstand behind them. I am looking for it now.

96d589  No.6564894


vial NOT cila

44f007  No.6564895

File: e9e78db36e34884⋯.jpeg (522.3 KB, 2095x1519, 2095:1519, 6CCCEFB5-9AD7-4C90-AEC9-A….jpeg)

807091  No.6564896


Make that Ewok Jima.

555b9d  No.6564897

File: 09679aeb8f94333⋯.png (160.07 KB, 306x203, 306:203, ClipboardImage.png)

>>6564828 prepare the boats!

6ce47f  No.6564898

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Elton John - Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy (1974)

1c78cb  No.6564899

File: d0d0621e952b90d⋯.jpg (112.63 KB, 1160x773, 1160:773, Adobe_20190320_062648.jpg)





7310fd  No.6564900


Yeah sure.

58dff5  No.6564901

File: eba04a130603fa6⋯.png (1.37 MB, 709x960, 709:960, ClipboardImage.png)

64cf1f  No.6564902


alot of these famefaggots are. everybody wanna be famous and get monetized. The new american dream.

4aa701  No.6564903

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Interdasting. NY state tax return access. Not Trump-specific.

I bet we could come up with some names that republicans in the NY state congress should look into…

96d589  No.6564904


Cusack would be the type to come here and try to do that…..he would love to see us shut down……he would be a shill in a second……he is an child actor by trade…..so perfect fit.

4dfd44  No.6564905


Rereading that info now, Kek…Thanks :)

99efbb  No.6564906




“After the tour finishes, I’m very much looking forward to closing off that chapter of my life by saying farewell to life on the road. I need to dedicate more time to raising my children.”

d90490  No.6564907

Saw this thread in response to a story about avenatti. Thought it was an interesting thought. Worth consideration.

Now I do feel sorry for Stormy! But was she a plant? Was @MichaelAvenatti a pawn in a bigger game that’s being played. This guy was a scumbag day 1. Did the same thing with other clients, but never caught? Is Stormy a honey pot for Trump? Expose the #MSM and the Dems

When they fawned over CPL? CPL involved in NXIUM? Other dirty deeds of the Dems? We know the #MSM probably paid him huge amounts to sling mud at @realDonaldTrump, knowing full well he was a scumbag….. Honeypot?….

Why did Stormy sign a letter of denial? m.tmz.com/#!2018/01/30/s…

Why would she be so outspoken with @MichaelAvenatti and #MSM about the affair, but then issue this? (Never covered by MSM). Make sense? Nope…. unless she was bait! She is friends with DJT……

I bet he helped her in her past (no gutter talk here). Somehow they crossed tracks, she was in a bad situation and Trump helped her in some way. Doesn’t mean she totally changed and improved everything…but she’s alive! Rescued from #NXIVM? 🤔

331be7  No.6564908

File: 320bafdd6c0b037⋯.png (592.69 KB, 641x802, 641:802, 1 BLM re SPD Leaving en Ma….PNG)

File: 2fa9e51f9872e25⋯.png (76.58 KB, 569x813, 569:813, 2 BLM re SPD Leaving en Ma….PNG)

File: 5d7981b1185c1ca⋯.png (38.22 KB, 579x522, 193:174, 3 BLM re SPD Leaving en Ma….PNG)


>1)Because so many quit because of the mayor and antifa. They are domestic terrorists and the mayor does nothing.

Seattle police have left in droves as well

1. This article is from last year and many more police officers have left since

2. In other news, Inslee makes WA a sanctuary State

Bread 8392 [pb]


Seattle Police Officers Leaving Department In 'Mass Exodus'


afd685  No.6564909

File: e69b7473b424238⋯.png (85.75 KB, 401x1362, 401:1362, Q drop11.png)

96d589  No.6564910


Anon with skillz……make that man standing up in front of him with the glasses POTUS with a Maga hat or hugging the flag.

that would be a great meme

put maga hats on all the ones standing with hats

376fe8  No.6564911



b04109  No.6564912




May 22, 2019

>>>6564761 Jefferson City Fire


96d589  No.6564913


Just occured to me Cusack is wearing a

BLACK HAT………..hahahaha….cannot make this shit up!!!

b04109  No.6564914




May 22, 2019

c331a1  No.6564915

File: c02b11aa54bc1ba⋯.jpeg (97.42 KB, 456x533, 456:533, 1D8BA9E8-37D1-4E47-8FF3-0….jpeg)

At least ONE of the Deep State actors HAS to be a white hat.

Who in the Resistance is working for Trump?

Would like to know beforehand so we don’t get caught w our noses wide open.


495d08  No.6564916


Trump administration fights back against lone judges nixing policies ‘with the stroke of the pen’


Q, is this it?

ecaca1  No.6564917


I use apple TV which comes with a pre-installed YouTube app. The YouTube app PUSHES certain content based on your viewing habits.

It is 100% clear to me now, after months of observation, YouTube pushes Cabal channels from paytriots. And you can't block them either.

Why does YouTube keep pushing Christopher Green AMTV on me? I can't stand him. He's such a lying shill. Or SerialBrain2. I don't think YouTube pushes ANY real people, just their list of phonies, all designed to control the narrative.

Ya and that's why YouTube pushes him.

YouTube is seriously fucked.

761f4f  No.6564918

File: 16bfe626a3bdde3⋯.jpeg (427.06 KB, 607x538, 607:538, B998FBCA-65DD-4D19-8554-A….jpeg)

File: b69aaa7bcd211c0⋯.jpeg (23.55 KB, 318x159, 2:1, CEAFEEB1-09AA-4AC1-934B-E….jpeg)

ececdd  No.6564919


I'm kinda inspired to leave the Marine/300- confirmed-kills speech on his Twitter…

c07610  No.6564920

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



mark steyn standing in for rush limbaugh

at 1:03:45 he finishes the story he's telling about PapaD

which is – after a day of being interrogated by the FBI

Simone Papadopolis has a miscarriage

1dea60  No.6564921

File: 62e2a60d03bfaaa⋯.png (58.84 KB, 1362x396, 227:66, Screenshot_2019-05-23 Sena….png)

File: 0677b3fd22481ee⋯.jpg (60.96 KB, 670x503, 670:503, pup.jpg)


Strings cut, my ass.

Remember when POTUS said he wouldn't touch the fucking orb and then he touched the fucking orb?

Good times.

All this money being sent to foreign nations and to MIC while Americans continue to suffer and starve.

The very OPPOSITE of WWG1WGA yet you all can keep that head in the sand all you like.

Voting in rich elites who are few in number when we outnumber them by the millions and YOU WILL NOT STAND!


And you call yourselves mother fucking patriots.

ec1c6d  No.6564922

File: 2fb1df7549b82cf⋯.jpg (37.92 KB, 385x399, 55:57, red sheild.jpg)

File: 313df1cd93b0d57⋯.png (481.64 KB, 1128x571, 1128:571, Screen Shot 2019-05-22 at ….png)

File: 8dd29e99da8cdfa⋯.png (870.57 KB, 1153x573, 1153:573, Screen Shot 2019-05-22 at ….png)

File: a8c60931929caef⋯.png (1.5 MB, 1665x584, 1665:584, Screen Shot 2019-05-23 at ….png)

File: ca3f92cd46d6a58⋯.png (1.13 MB, 1820x574, 130:41, Screen Shot 2019-05-23 at ….png)

The third picture is of an arch of Baal for the Rothschild familia's home in Manchester England, above the statues head is the mark of the Y head and its in the flag of Israel

4c3a7a  No.6564923

File: d066acd4258fd26⋯.jpg (206.62 KB, 695x800, 139:160, 20190523_015802.jpg)

96d589  No.6564924


they are vultures

c331a1  No.6564925


Rather them than Iran, faggot.

Is that what happens when blinded by the cock? You lose vision and critical thinking ability?

845e6f  No.6564926

File: e14aac0cf671427⋯.png (42.56 KB, 590x236, 5:2, 7A1B69B0-EF70-4925-AF1E-9A….png)

0ee62a  No.6564927


Are you familiar with "The Hidden Hand" 'interview?'


Cross reference the album design and the lyrics as well as what was expressed in that "interview."

If the goal is truly to know thyself, then I dare say that these people are not proper luciferians. They are posers who use old symbols and mythos to argue for compliance with their schemes. Maybe, somewhere, they believe the supernatural… But if it's anything along that line, they believe they can hijack the formation of a god by twisting and distorting souls to their own views.

96d589  No.6564928


Manuel Chavez THE TURD is posting now……?

90b4c1  No.6564929

File: 34d05b145cc7dca⋯.jpg (105.03 KB, 500x532, 125:133, 87be1ca9d7b754ab3a03c1bd8e….jpg)

767c5f  No.6564930


Q# 1434

"Flood is coming"

May 22, 2018

845e6f  No.6564931

File: e7f179b154d8939⋯.png (133.76 KB, 500x654, 250:327, IMG_2263.PNG)

761f4f  No.6564932

File: eedbb17c3ad6262⋯.jpeg (491.86 KB, 651x992, 21:32, E90FAB66-27B6-45FF-97C7-3….jpeg)

File: b599cc85db89c0e⋯.jpeg (157.63 KB, 651x646, 651:646, C504E6BF-3346-46AC-9ED5-A….jpeg)

845e6f  No.6564933

File: f8990e3f6c3e645⋯.jpg (219.64 KB, 800x1033, 800:1033, IMG_4768.JPG)

File: 548b1d252c3e718⋯.png (50.89 KB, 590x262, 295:131, EAAA2211-F007-4C2D-8402-31….png)

File: 86ce1b693e90695⋯.jpg (76.31 KB, 640x640, 1:1, IMG_6374.JPG)

96d589  No.6564934


got to be honest, i actuall find him kind of funny and occasionally some really good info……he is just wrong about Q.

4ee43f  No.6564935

File: fc7cc1ab640a125⋯.jpg (97.36 KB, 470x705, 2:3, pedosPOS.jpg)



Brian Pedodesta work(ed) at Nat'l Center for Missing and Exploited Kids

845e6f  No.6564936

File: c4ecdb0366d4062⋯.png (86.92 KB, 590x366, 295:183, EBAEF8F5-124F-4492-9EF9-D3….png)

1dea60  No.6564937


Spoken like a good little soyboy bitch.

Fuck you, fake patriot nigger.


Remember when Trump used the slogan America First then did pretty much the opposite of that the entire time?

Sure, enriching BIG CORPORATIONS and MOAR CEO's while the little guise suffer.

You're a cuck, stamped and fucking confirmed.

fde21c  No.6564938

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Big red suppository for redeemable liberals this Memorial Day

58dff5  No.6564939

File: d5cfcfc297455b7⋯.png (1.16 MB, 750x562, 375:281, ClipboardImage.png)


38e275  No.6564940

this guy was spewing stuff about Q / 3301 connections >>6564891

845e6f  No.6564941

File: 5c61268db0031ed⋯.png (53.36 KB, 590x262, 295:131, IMG_2523.PNG)

1c6930  No.6564942

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

60 Symbols

Fine Structure Constant

UFO 2018 movie with Scully

331be7  No.6564943

File: 9f74c9aa878b7fc⋯.png (328.07 KB, 1512x889, 216:127, Geoffry Berman Wiki.PNG)

File: b1ef3702f9b8701⋯.png (119.43 KB, 557x867, 557:867, 1 USA SDNY Avenatti Indict….PNG)

File: 22ec47edbacbde8⋯.png (94.74 KB, 542x881, 542:881, 2 USA SDNY Avenatti Indict….PNG)

File: a7165ce84d8c1f7⋯.png (578.89 KB, 633x445, 633:445, Sessions Im Back.PNG)




b04109  No.6564944


Thanks for reposting

845e6f  No.6564945

File: ea1119c7c473a22⋯.jpg (257.39 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, IMG_8193.JPG)

fde21c  No.6564946

File: 213b30541b678f7⋯.jpg (45.35 KB, 500x351, 500:351, 213b30541b678f7e7cef1a7bfe….jpg)

a6e5dd  No.6564947

>>6564229 PB

odds are about 99% that " Inspirational Anon " was clown

Anything to get reaction (you) from real anons

You will see more similar stories.

44f007  No.6564948


This video was sped up to make her sound sober

761f4f  No.6564949

File: f1b753d47393c35⋯.jpeg (293.98 KB, 713x701, 713:701, 01294D68-9332-41C2-B162-2….jpeg)

ba795c  No.6564950

File: 3c0f616cae2ed43⋯.jpg (73.44 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 2xczui.jpg)

File: 05a43320af0f97e⋯.jpg (85.07 KB, 750x499, 750:499, 2xczsh.jpg)

File: aa369c79893e6ca⋯.jpg (64.97 KB, 613x407, 613:407, 2xczps.jpg)

126a99  No.6564951

I don't know about now, but in early 2017 many people were banned/suspended on twitter just for saying the name 'Brian Podesta'.

96d589  No.6564952


where anonymous should be, if you click it, it is an email address? The one posting this crap.

ec1c6d  No.6564953

File: 28d2946246ef293⋯.png (650.69 KB, 1136x597, 1136:597, Screen Shot 2019-05-22 at ….png)

File: 8a4d59c857073e7⋯.png (875.87 KB, 938x634, 469:317, Screen Shot 2019-05-22 at ….png)

File: bf00bf3147d46b3⋯.png (850.01 KB, 1131x599, 1131:599, Screen Shot 2019-05-22 at ….png)

File: 5ebf0ceed625417⋯.png (898.73 KB, 1129x598, 1129:598, Screen Shot 2019-05-22 at ….png)

File: 6632a71bf4ea4c3⋯.png (1.16 MB, 1133x602, 1133:602, Screen Shot 2019-05-22 at ….png)


notice the red chairs of the Molech/Baal sacrifice of the Ariana Grande Concert in 2017 the chairs arranged in a bull head or devil hand horns design for the ritual sacrifice to gate in Demons, She is a fucking sick witch, death penalty for her at Gitmo last pic is a rothschild statue as the magician, ta da devil magic for the london gold fix

1dea60  No.6564954


No shit it was a slide.

Because the bread before..real people were discussing how we were suffering and still getting fucked over daily.

Notice how they mentioned "drinking white wine"? Odds are it was a fucking Rothschild or Pelosi herself.

They're all in fucking bed together.


c331a1  No.6564955

File: 42ed1ff37d88700⋯.jpeg (69.54 KB, 948x821, 948:821, CB1A8791-0C20-4301-A23C-B….jpeg)


Notice how I don’t act psychotic like you do?

That because I wasn’t picked last to play Risk.

(Like SOMEone we know)

((You can die now))

(((Buh byes)))

b04109  No.6564956

SAUCE for Manteca fire story:


96d589  No.6564957

58dff5  No.6564958

File: a098f81babe8734⋯.png (795.96 KB, 634x555, 634:555, ClipboardImage.png)

Jewish anger at Mel Gibson’s role in ‘Rothchild’ movie about super-rich New Yorkers after actor's infamous anti-Semitic rant during DUI arrest in 2006


ec1c6d  No.6564959


its a JDIF bot, its on all the chans here, don't reply its gay, and an AI shill bot

5e67dd  No.6564960

File: eefc245120b1072⋯.pdf (243.38 KB, ba475908nipseyindictment.pdf)

Eric Ronald Holder Jr indicted by grand jury for the murder of rapper Nipsey Hussle


Grand Jury indictment attached - originally marked secret (because grand jury?)


How does he afford former OJ prosecutor as defense atty?


Citing Threats, Chris Darden Withdraws as Attorney for Suspect in Fatal Shooting of Nipsey Hussle


Who was triggered by Nipsey Hussle?


Big names involved


Memorial at Staples Center?



Who's Eric Ronald Holder Sr.?

anon want to unlock profile?



Relationship/Cheating Status: Shocking details based on data from Craigslist, Tinder, Match.com, AshleyMadison.com & 10 other sources.

166656  No.6564961

File: a47e2040e118dde⋯.png (890.12 KB, 640x976, 40:61, 5189C236-AE36-40A6-BD0B-A9….png)


Your drunk Elijah… go to bed

331be7  No.6564962

File: 2087bd585d14c55⋯.png (17.37 KB, 590x131, 590:131, Papadopoulos No Gratitude ….PNG)

Papadopoulos thinks he can publicly shame POTUS into showing more 'gratitude'

Loser just retweeted this

1dea60  No.6564963


Your spacing and filename(iphone) tells me exactly who (((YOU))) are.

Revelations 20:9 is FASTLY approaching and you will run to the mountains and BEG the rocks to fall on you for what (((YOUR KIND))) continues to push on humanity.

Tick fucking Tock.

44f007  No.6564964


It’s a rule in Hollywood, no Jewish villains

761f4f  No.6564965

File: 597b8d5e1590208⋯.jpeg (79.43 KB, 736x636, 184:159, 1D9126AF-8294-4064-B474-0….jpeg)


Holy sheeit.

Are you high AF nigga?

c331a1  No.6564966

File: cd6b5f01139ff01⋯.jpeg (52.31 KB, 600x428, 150:107, 3533A8ED-D21B-4349-8F63-7….jpeg)

>>6564943 nice work.

>>6564884 how does >>6564943 ass taste? Pic related.

79e6d5  No.6564967

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Ole Dammegard | Staged Terror: Manchester, London, Charlottesville, Barcelona

ec1c6d  No.6564968

File: 17c07e7b202518a⋯.png (1.61 MB, 1607x949, 1607:949, Screen Shot 2019-05-22 at ….png)

File: 91fb2b56aa57aaf⋯.png (1.29 MB, 1607x948, 1607:948, Screen Shot 2019-05-22 at ….png)

File: aa38b90216a1dae⋯.png (1.29 MB, 1610x946, 805:473, Screen Shot 2019-05-22 at ….png)

File: adb9b4ddde91ac0⋯.png (546.29 KB, 988x948, 247:237, Screen Shot 2019-05-22 at ….png)

File: aa6deb59aa379ff⋯.png (373.56 KB, 1573x908, 1573:908, Screen Shot 2019-05-18 at ….png)

miscellaneous information for anons, interesting to support what is being found out.

a6e5dd  No.6564969

File: 63259e83f8b568b⋯.jpg (45.72 KB, 634x475, 634:475, ebot ass trumpet.jpg)


butt bugle bot

(threaded bolthole adapter included)

c331a1  No.6564970


Kek oh no I’m wheelie scared now mister. Please stop I won’t do it again, I promise!

*unzips pants, looks back down at the top of your wife’s head*

690296  No.6564971

File: 811c4643ea5124b⋯.png (18.15 KB, 1194x458, 597:229, china.png)

don't forget to use your imagination, anon

1c78cb  No.6564972







ec1c6d  No.6564973

File: a7b104cb0ee35bf⋯.png (30.66 KB, 608x70, 304:35, Screen Shot 2019-05-23 at ….png)


obviously a mother fucking niggs who can't read and is reactionary, is a shill, look at what post was being discussed mr cosby

ef3447  No.6564974

File: 83a487c3998894b⋯.png (7.57 MB, 4220x2156, 1055:539, ClipboardImage.png)

Re previous notable, DJT tweeted Benghazi for long time.

Infographic Summary of the lie told by DEMs re misrepresent the coordinated terrorist attacks as a spontaneous mob reaction to an obscure video on youtube.

>>6555399 >>6555412

Recent Notble: DJT twatted Benghazi! Benghazi! Benghazi! for YEARS

1dea60  No.6564975


Just wait.

We will hunt you down like the animals you are and there will be no mercy.

The People of this Country are tired of being fucked over while RICH ELITES rule over us and pathetic fucks like you defend it.

fde21c  No.6564976

File: fe2932cba9fa5ce⋯.jpg (96.33 KB, 640x751, 640:751, fe2932cba9fa5ce8724b50854c….jpg)

4ee43f  No.6564977

File: 098a17a4995b6b0⋯.jpg (251.94 KB, 1024x724, 256:181, Lucy.jpg)

File: 14b0c9ac039f5b0⋯.jpg (813.19 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, LucyEJ.jpg)

File: e30674a81e2da7f⋯.gif (208.17 KB, 250x282, 125:141, LUCYbtl.gif)

File: f4903a172e1adde⋯.jpg (312.62 KB, 2038x1143, 2038:1143, LucyEIN.jpg)


>Elton John - Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy (1974)

Did a dig on this back in the day.

Here's part of that:

Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds

elton john made this song famous (1975) but originally done by the Beatles (1967).

Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds references LSD, a powerful psychotropic drug that was popular in the 60's and 70's and caused users to "trip" and hallucinate.

I believe LUCY also stands for Lucifer and this dig is deep. Will take a bit to get the rest posted. (preview here)

Also pictured here, EHIEH's (German Heavy Metal) Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. WOW.

Just look at the deep (and disturbing) symbolism.


b04109  No.6564978


Went on a mini-digg on this; what is relationship of Brian to John Podesta?

f88cbe  No.6564980

File: cfaee0a6e30bf6c⋯.png (2.67 MB, 1500x939, 500:313, 7D01577D-CC2A-441B-A1EE-6C….png)

File: 7b72609c7960e11⋯.png (2.73 MB, 1500x948, 125:79, 02A46DD2-6F14-45DF-8EFC-D2….png)

File: 4b309f5d6c061ca⋯.jpeg (856.66 KB, 1591x1014, 1591:1014, A66352B8-C60D-4CBD-8EC8-1….jpeg)

File: e7ee057a4a58703⋯.png (2.53 MB, 1600x1008, 100:63, A38A00FC-C214-44C6-B729-95….png)

File: 14627d4998e5d9e⋯.png (1.43 MB, 1024x709, 1024:709, 8D3B075F-F5D1-4A1F-9E48-4D….png)

0e855d  No.6564981

File: 25415f9708ae916⋯.jpg (115.33 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, remindermoran.jpg)

c331a1  No.6564983


>Just wait.

For what? You’re a faggot*

>We will hunt you down like the animals you are and there will be no mercy.

Yawn, who dis JimmyComet?

>The People of this Country are tired of being fucked over while RICH ELITES rule over us and pathetic fucks like you defend it.

*Occupy Wall St. faggot

Get a job and stop crying on social media like a bitch. Maybe you won’t have to swallow cum to turn the lights on.

96d589  No.6564984

File: e647325bc82abe6⋯.jpg (35.13 KB, 306x475, 306:475, 13499396-7029351-image-m-2….jpg)

File: 04b6180b5cdb072⋯.jpg (86.22 KB, 500x666, 250:333, 1q5tr1.jpg)


In his new film Rothchild, Gibson is set to play the villainous patriarch of a wealth New York family - Whitelaw Rothchild.

oh shiot!!!

Jewish anger at Mel Gibson’s role in ‘Rothchild’ movie about super-rich New Yorkers after actor's infamous anti-Semitic rant during DUI arrest in 2006

Reaction was fierce when it emerged Mel Gibson was due to star in a dark comedy film called 'Rothchild'

It sparked immediate comparisons to the real-life wealthy Jewish banking dynasty - the Rothschild family

Despite the similar name and plot line based on family wealth, Gibson's representative has insisted the film is not related to the Rothschild family

The comparisons to the ultra-rich Jewish family sparked further criticism for Gibson given his anti-Semitic comments in the past

A drunk Gibson made anti-Semitic comments while being arrested for driving under the influence back in 2006

Mel Gibson's upcoming film 'Rothchild' is already sparking huge backlash given the stark similarities to the real-life wealthy Jewish banking dynasty and the actor's own infamous history of anti-Semitic slurs.

The reaction has been fierce and swift since it emerged on Monday that Gibson was due to star in a dark comedy alongside Shia LaBeouf about a wealthy New York family.

Despite the similar name and plot line based on multi-generational wealth, Gibson's representative has insisted the film is not related to the Rothschild family.

The comparisons to the ultra-rich Jewish family sparked further criticism for Gibson given his anti-Semitic comments in the past.

A drunk Gibson made anti-Semitic comments while being arrested for driving under the influence back in 2006 in which he said: 'F*** Jews. The Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world.'

'Mel Gibson, same dude who gave us 'F**ing Jews… Jews are responsible for all wars in the world'. Is starring as the 'sinister grandfather' in 'Rothchild', a 'black comedy'. It's chilling,' Rabbi Danya Ruttenberg tweeted.


'Mel Gibson is a racist, an antisemite, a misogynist, and an abuser. This is all pretty well documented.'

"Sugar tits or GTFO"

44f007  No.6564985

File: 58beab2055165b1⋯.jpeg (710.02 KB, 1450x1471, 1450:1471, 70B22A15-95E7-4AC4-A64B-8….jpeg)

Anderson Cooper got the aids at a “bug chasing” party in New Orleans

ef3447  No.6564986

File: f4cd5ca54caf9d6⋯.png (1.05 MB, 1508x1012, 377:253, ClipboardImage.png)


RE: Recent Notable on DJT twats on Benghazi.

>>6555399 >>6555412

Italy. US Mil help – specific forces for defending US embassies in the region in which AMB Stevens was active - Lybia – help was available, ready, capable, but order to stand down.

Growler is prime example.

Italy. Go to Rome. Italy-Lybia connexions?

ba795c  No.6564987

File: f84e177518daaec⋯.jpg (125.63 KB, 500x757, 500:757, 2yhmpr.jpg)

File: 3e08cd25d026871⋯.jpg (93.32 KB, 749x500, 749:500, 2yhmje.jpg)

File: 45db55412b6784b⋯.jpg (97.09 KB, 500x662, 250:331, 2yhm7c.jpg)

ec1c6d  No.6564988

File: 0809e61a42194f4⋯.png (221.67 KB, 367x279, 367:279, Screen Shot 2019-05-22 at ….png)

77fd47  No.6564989

File: 860fdce7c25ff55⋯.jpg (141.83 KB, 669x405, 223:135, Y-Head_Macron.jpg)


Sure, sure. Whatever you say.

96d589  No.6564990



f88cbe  No.6564991

File: 20d7dc0d2d7f8a5⋯.jpeg (126.82 KB, 1362x1024, 681:512, EE0F002A-AD52-41F7-AB35-E….jpeg)

File: 43c84ea4ab2d1d2⋯.jpeg (126.88 KB, 1362x1024, 681:512, 54729600-A7AC-425F-B587-A….jpeg)

99efbb  No.6564992

File: 7bc1b4a56c5268d⋯.png (860.98 KB, 1440x1668, 120:139, Screenshot_20190523-022151….png)

ef3447  No.6564993

File: 69b65c2ff17ff3e⋯.png (201.64 KB, 1408x1216, 22:19, ClipboardImage.png)


Hussein Admin's purge of US Mil.

Related to what was really being covered up in the events that are now known by the name, Benghazi?

07fb9a  No.6564994


Tattoos are for degenerates.

96d589  No.6564995


It is called Rothchild NOT Rothschild

He removed the S?

0e855d  No.6564996

File: 83ac55d1aca8054⋯.jpg (185.67 KB, 600x450, 4:3, sommerlovin.jpg)

c80ef2  No.6564997

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

1dea60  No.6564998

File: fc354743d24c6b1⋯.png (118.94 KB, 1282x1061, 1282:1061, Screenshot_2019-05-23 QMAP….png)


Moar DoD memes/filenames.

Tick tock.

Newsflash you cunt. The American People outnumber the MIC 100:1.

552adb  No.6564999

File: 9f4d57929bd3dbb⋯.png (41.5 KB, 380x329, 380:329, whoelse - Copy.PNG)

trying one more time to ask a Q for any anon's interest should it be so obliged as to be worthy of such…

"no one got this"….Oct 29th, 2017…

first post recorded (pub) was Oct 28th, 2017

Who is "no one?"

Q's statement while asking questions could very well be taken as a reveal that others were subject to the same questions.

Right or wrong, it caught my eye and wanted to relay it one more time….

0ee62a  No.6565001


I was under the impression the Obelisk was supposed to be the phallus of Osiris that was cut by Set during their little feud.

Not saying it isn't Ba'al worship - but symbols often have a rather complicated history.

But I will say that there is a concerted effort on the boards to try and blame masons for things. Granted…. The masons are hind of being harnessed as an opfor because they are good at being devil's advocates, so they kind of stepped in that one. But there's only so much that can be revealed at a time and I have turned down secret knowledge. I get to wait and find out with everyone else how correct or incorrect I am. Owls have an important task and duty, but I prefer to study things in the sun. Getting caught up in the fun of the owl's secrets under moonlight while forgetting those of the serpent, the lilly, and the ninja is a good way for one to become blinded.

Instead, let all of us who enjoy secret and mysterious things organize a way to share these things openly and without fear of harm from certain types….

I look forward to such a time and would … Well, I say spare no expense, but that's writing a check my ass can't currently cash, so stand by on that one.

79e6d5  No.6565002

File: 1c4df01aeddd160⋯.png (155.8 KB, 694x413, 694:413, ClipboardImage.png)

Obama’s ILLEGAL “Hammer Surveillance Program” Violated MILLIONS of Americans, Not Just President Trump

May 23, 2019 Catherine J Frompovich

This article results from several readers emailing me various links about the illegal surveillance program, a spying platform, operated with President Obama’s knowledge for several years, plus CIA Director John Brennan and National Intelligence Director, James Clapper. Furthermore, the 7th FBI Director James Comey (2013 to May 2017) was aware of “The Hammer” since at least August 19, 2015!

What sort of lying has been ongoing at the Deep State, and why?

How, and why, has the Deep State been able to deflect its criminal and unconstitutional activities onto Donald J. Trump and create “RussiaGate” to cover up its apparent collusionary activities with Barack Obama, who ought to be tried, convicted and imprisoned for sedition, subversion and treason, in my opinion?


9b91f1  No.6565003


Yeah they're absolutely terrifying. I have family in Plainfield that took a direct hit from the tornado there years ago and my great aunt still wakes up screaming in a way that makes your blood run cold. I thought my uncle was beating the shit out of her the first time I heard it. My cousin was in a trailer on the farm and spent days trapped in the wreckage. I would ride out a hundred hurricanes before 1 f3+ tornado

87a04f  No.6565004

File: 438bc0013992368⋯.jpg (25.29 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 911_Dancing_Israelis.jpg)

File: 145664faadf152a⋯.jpg (15.56 KB, 255x203, 255:203, 911_Evidence.jpg)

File: 6279bdfb163cca2⋯.png (212.76 KB, 800x1033, 800:1033, Jonathan_Pollard_60_minute….png)

File: 7719e4f03e98bfb⋯.jpg (660.7 KB, 875x848, 875:848, Lavon_Affair_1.jpg)

File: 95dca78389229bc⋯.jpg (1.42 MB, 800x5370, 80:537, Lavon_Affair_2.jpg)

Israel is an enemy of the US and the whole West.

Israel is not an ally to the US. Israel was NEVER an ally to the US.

Would an ally try to take away your free-speech and 1st Amend rights? Watch this if you haven't:



Would an ally subvert all technology the world uses:


Would an ally attack US soldiers?


Would an ally celebrate the terrorist attacks on WTC in 2001?


Israel is not an ally to the US or the American people.

Would an ally try to false flag US personnel in order to force the hand of the US against Egypt?

You need to educate yourself on the Lavon Affair:


Would an ally’s Ministries order its lobby’s staff to commit crimes against US citizens on US soil for political benefits?


Would an ally steal technology from you and pass it on to your rivals?


Would an ally force you to pass laws that go against your own Constitution for their own benefit?



Israel is an enemy of the US.


“Netanyahu speaks candidly about his Agenda and view of Americans.”

What has Israel ever done for the US?

They're no Ally. Brit Hume on Fox News admitted that Israel is the biggest threat to SPY on us, and this was right after 9/11.

They might have had info that could have prevented that, but they withheld it..


Jonathan Pollard, an Israeli, was the most dangerous spy in recent times (read: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jonathan_Pollard ).

We need to STOP giving BILLIONS of dollars to Israel.

We need to STOP supporting them as a Nuclear Regime that has NEVER signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation treaty.


Israel is directly responsible for:




>the Patriot Act


Those are just in the last two decades. Israel and Israeli actors have done even worse over the last century to us. Nearly 20,000 dead Americans in under two decades and infinitely more dead natives of those countries.

4ee43f  No.6565005

See nothing here about a TORNADO direct hit on Jefferson City, MO

1a165c  No.6565006

File: cfafa0cc94b5666⋯.png (37.28 KB, 243x272, 243:272, ClipboardImage.png)

File: cfafa0cc94b5666⋯.png (37.28 KB, 243x272, 243:272, ClipboardImage.png)


Manifestation is real.

c331a1  No.6565007



Trippy shit homes

fde21c  No.6565008


I notice the left hand side of all the pathological liars' faces is grimacing and right hand side is lying.

These people are really messed up.

0e855d  No.6565009

File: 2957548f343e0bd⋯.jpg (179.9 KB, 652x664, 163:166, hilltweetd.jpg)

ef3447  No.6565010

File: 828f3454ba54412⋯.png (5.26 MB, 4264x3440, 533:430, ClipboardImage.png)


Why are we here?

We were her hay [fodder].

Hussein Admin [Sec HRC] compromised by knowledge that OBL and alQaeda top leaders were protected in Iran – with Hussein/GWB complicity. Meanwhile the "good war" was in Afghanistan in search of … OBL and alQaeda leadership.

Moar flows from such. See Iran billion dollar giveaway. See concessions to the growth of the Calliphate. Moar and moar. That is the outgrowth which is covered up by the tragic distraction of "Benghazi" scandal. Deeply distrubing. Look here not there. F'ng treasonous.

87a04f  No.6565011

File: 159401e6d7469e8⋯.png (2.44 MB, 1500x1941, 500:647, France_Jewish_influx_of_mi….png)

File: d8713bea7eb0b06⋯.png (569.82 KB, 1173x1162, 1173:1162, Hypocrisy.png)

File: 7e3d5d8cf1e08fe⋯.jpg (673.39 KB, 648x1352, 81:169, Israel_Advocates_For_Soros.jpg)

File: ff16fd62dc5b769⋯.jpg (2.66 MB, 2000x2000, 1:1, Israel_Sends_Migrants_To_T….jpg)

File: f02593607fb5d51⋯.png (663.39 KB, 909x923, 909:923, Jews_and_Muslims_against_N….png)


Jewish collective power is one of the main forces behind the Islamification of the West.

The peaceful and fair solution to this issue of Jewish group subversion of Western nations:


Educate the general population world-wide about the Jewish supremacism issue and Israeli crime;


Ban all Jewish interest groups in the West (along with all Muslim interest groups);


Ban all dual-citizenship politicians and judiciary in the West;


Cut all aid to Israel;


Ban Islam in the West because it is a supremacist ideology (make it illegal to: practice circumcision for religious purposes and; produce and/or sell Halal meat);


Ban Judaism in the West because it is a supremacist ideology (make it illegal to: practice circumcision for religious purposes and; produce and/or sell Kosher meat);


Terminate all “hate”-speech and “hate”-crime laws in the West, all hate speech and hate crime laws need to be done with, its a mechanism of censorship that thrives on false flags;


Terminate censorship online, so people can educate each other on the matter and lies and false narratives can’t take hold again;


Include the real history and facts about Jewish subversion and Israeli crime in school programs so future generations are protected against it in the future, given that the biggest weapon of jewish subversion is ignorance, censorship and the memory holing of the facts about it.


Last but not least, audit and then end/reform the FED so the people don’t get pimped into oblivion by it no more.

b6e5d5  No.6565012

File: 0cd155b480c152f⋯.jpeg (117.79 KB, 799x472, 799:472, Screenshot_2019-05-23-03-….jpeg)

File: fefa4bdd39f2320⋯.jpeg (134.48 KB, 799x748, 47:44, Screenshot_2019-05-23-03-….jpeg)


He really twatted to an Anti Q account

4ee43f  No.6565013

File: 48f0b44f1267cf7⋯.jpg (37.23 KB, 450x338, 225:169, Qeye.jpg)

87a04f  No.6565014

File: 4e6e58d5a253423⋯.jpg (114.41 KB, 600x700, 6:7, Hypocrisy_2.jpg)

File: dd8ebbc9d9109da⋯.jpg (221.26 KB, 1256x1304, 157:163, Hypocrisy_3.jpg)

File: 5cb9e439bacc341⋯.jpg (812.5 KB, 608x1326, 304:663, jews_Migrants_2.jpg)

File: 8439e6f9e400710⋯.png (1.21 MB, 1442x868, 103:62, Jews_push_for_White_genoci….png)

File: 0564a346a72aa99⋯.png (211.08 KB, 581x664, 7:8, UN_Israel_jewish_interest_….PNG)

331be7  No.6565015

4dfd44  No.6565016


Anon it says Nobody

"no one got this"….Oct 29th, 2017…

7338f7  No.6565017

File: ef0335f8339860f⋯.gif (442.35 KB, 500x281, 500:281, KabukiTerror.gif)

File: dec3998ab0948dc⋯.jpg (35.94 KB, 249x249, 1:1, Girl&cat2.jpg)

87a04f  No.6565018

File: 2d9e8a4e61c6ae8⋯.png (1.73 MB, 1750x2280, 175:228, 1500_Rabbis.png)

File: f7e5f30aa0f92ea⋯.png (1.32 MB, 1048x1298, 524:649, Hubris_to_be_paid_for_plus….png)

File: cc2621cb464eff9⋯.jpg (189.35 KB, 900x1046, 450:523, jews_Migrants.jpg)

File: 5d673ebdf6fc187⋯.jpg (1.83 MB, 2486x3062, 1243:1531, Jews_Push_For_Muslim_Migra….jpg)

File: e9f1c60bc1e9498⋯.jpg (3.39 MB, 2560x9925, 512:1985, Loxism_great_post_list_pic….jpg)

4ee43f  No.6565019

File: 1de76648afa7e35⋯.png (312.34 KB, 1452x784, 363:196, DWS p.png)


That might be the worst one Spoiler material

06f167  No.6565020

File: 8f96a0b17a132d2⋯.jpeg (567.63 KB, 1125x1054, 1125:1054, F92BF174-9A7A-40A0-80D4-B….jpeg)

File: 52e5c66cb46d078⋯.jpeg (852.05 KB, 1125x1786, 1125:1786, F6654817-5DD5-4CD9-80A5-E….jpeg)



79e6d5  No.6565021


that bit about "the truth is mind blowing and cannot be fully exposed"

do you think he is talking about how the DS uses MS13 as disposable assassing? that seems kinda tame compated to a lot of things in play here

or is it something else entirely

06f167  No.6565022

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


also Low IQ Maxine, not knowing when to keep her mouth shut, exposed this bombshell…

0ee62a  No.6565023



This was ahead of planned ops by Antifa that never materialized.

Antifa is a domestic special forces operation designed to organize, train, and eventually equip partisan activists/fighters for warfare against the sovereignty of the nation.


Operation Hypo was what the Oathkeepers called their infiltration of Antifa organizers and ranks. Put stock in it as you will - it is just as easy that many in OathKeepers are double agents for domestic operations the CIA isn't supposed to be running… But that doesn't discredit the evidence then and since that suggests Antifa was being geared to organize deadly protests and unrest events that would have been devastating.

87a04f  No.6565024

File: 3c175977ad3f0b1⋯.png (2.58 MB, 2668x2496, 667:624, Jew_Muslim_Alliance_Source….png)

File: 1e34ee9a55da202⋯.jpg (157.2 KB, 737x1200, 737:1200, Jews_at_the_border.jpg)

File: 1fd0b6464880c6f⋯.png (251.21 KB, 512x913, 512:913, Jews_celebrate_muslims_pol….png)

File: 4f46e5b8da95252⋯.jpg (983.04 KB, 3145x1752, 3145:1752, Jews_for_refugees.jpg)

File: 0fcb66367c73d55⋯.jpg (3.08 MB, 1832x7232, 229:904, Melting_pot_jewish_play_Em….jpg)

a54bcb  No.6565025

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Secretly In Love With Nigel Farage

For Keks

6de4c9  No.6565026

File: 3bed136a26f1fab⋯.jpg (65.92 KB, 540x405, 4:3, John-4-14-Whoever-Drinks-o….jpg)

552adb  No.6565027


I stand corrected and will flog soon…long last cpl days for me.

"Nobody got this"

99efbb  No.6565028


You're right that ms13 was used for assassinations. But also trafficking. Pretty sure it was because anons didn't fully understand at the time

0e855d  No.6565029

File: 66293112f62ebfd⋯.jpg (247.03 KB, 614x461, 614:461, gingermay.jpg)


sorry. will spoiler the next one.

87a04f  No.6565030

File: 9b9a22a82e9ba9b⋯.png (448.24 KB, 1217x689, 1217:689, 1_Rabbi_disregards_securit….PNG)

File: edb6776e4930f72⋯.png (355.51 KB, 585x578, 585:578, 2_Muslims_and_Jews_stickin….PNG)

File: 75d03da9c7f99bb⋯.png (799.47 KB, 1587x773, 1587:773, 1555078588675.png)

File: 3e64c645421e9e7⋯.png (438.26 KB, 613x826, 613:826, 1555078828698.png)

File: 074791e95d96fbf⋯.png (96.86 KB, 916x640, 229:160, Leopold_Weiss_The_Jew_Who_….PNG)

a6e5dd  No.6565031


pretty much have to trust the Romans on " what Jesus said"

0e855d  No.6565032

File: fc481743d09f001⋯.jpg (120.83 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, confirmedmoran.jpg)







i see you did your fancy ip hop thing.

b04109  No.6565034

#8394 baker change

Notes @300

>>6564714, >>6564719, >>6564825 Mayotte DIGG: Mysterious Quakes Worldwide Might be Linked to Birth of Submarine Volcano

>>6564772 "Satanist self-care in the age of Trump" (#satanicpanic)

>>6564783 Report on UK elections from UKanon (US anons, pray!)

>>6564791 Dublin CA will not fly the LGBTQ rainbow flag during Pride month (baby steps….)

>>6564799, >>6564829, >>6564834 Cusack stood (eventually) for military salute at Wrigley Field, Chicago

>>6565012 Cusack's response to criticism re military salute

>>6564809, >>6564914, >>6564812 Portland, OR police face staffing shortage

>>6564831, >>6564956 Manteca fire: Power grid may be shut down for up to 5 days if high wings continue

>>6564848 Reddit outage map

>>6564858, >>6564935 Brian Podesta worked at the Center for Missing & Exploited Children

>>6564908 Seattle police officers leaving dept in "mass exodus"

>>6564960 Eric Ronald Holder Jr DIGG

>>6564960 Moar on Obama’s illegal Operation Hammer

Nice bun so far anons. Anything missing?

Baker seeks handoff, any takers?

If not, will pro'bly do another half hour or so and then Ghost.

87a04f  No.6565035

File: 714ae1486f14e27⋯.png (513.72 KB, 772x1165, 772:1165, Israel_Sends_Migrants_To_A….png)

File: 4c2f5c0609d07c6⋯.png (652.46 KB, 809x1024, 809:1024, Jew_pushes_for_multi_cultu….png)

File: c7fc2d80483db11⋯.jpg (66.82 KB, 640x640, 1:1, Jew_supports_refugees_beca….jpg)

File: f122a86046e9f80⋯.jpg (327.33 KB, 1096x1200, 137:150, Jewish_congregation.jpg)

File: 1247bbb0ffd8bd2⋯.png (421.32 KB, 967x784, 967:784, Jews_Advocate_Demographic_….png)


Not an argument.


I don't IP hop, little yid shill.

Cry more in the face of the facts I post.


More on this issue.

b6e5d5  No.6565036

File: 8342c8659228ca4⋯.jpeg (132.43 KB, 795x413, 795:413, Screenshot_2019-05-23-03-….jpeg)

79e6d5  No.6565037


nice find, talking about OFA

anon just posted about a tweet saying Hussein quietly removed OFA from his website >>


87a04f  No.6565038

File: e33408b7602b508⋯.jpg (1.22 MB, 1050x4060, 15:58, Jews_admit_Merkel_destroye….jpg)

b04109  No.6565039


Actually, I realize I should probably not list this as notable unless there's evidence of a connection between Brian and John Podesta. Meant to list it provisionally, waiting for moar sauce, got any?

4d0d5c  No.6565040

File: 5a0df4a55279a80⋯.png (671.88 KB, 984x553, 984:553, fleurdelis_slavegardens.png)

File: 798619f0c03e2ea⋯.png (499.26 KB, 787x697, 787:697, michaelsfleurdelis.png)

File: 6b99a0bc6a49dfc⋯.png (630.44 KB, 838x577, 838:577, obamaportrait.png)

File: 240d1fe6b2ba43b⋯.png (781.4 KB, 974x1527, 974:1527, paradisedef.png)

0e855d  No.6565041

File: 340d11e76b3e177⋯.jpg (109.37 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, reminderidiot.jpg)

495d08  No.6565042

For every ConcerAnon:

Read this and ask yourself, what would you do if so many judges are against you.


(((They))) are Anti Americans.

495d08  No.6565043



87a04f  No.6565044

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Video - “Zionist Jews Admit That Mass Immigration Is #1 On Their Agenda”

deae8c  No.6565045

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Tornadoes popping up in Missouri tonight. Jefferson City demolished by tornado tonight. Live radar with police radar.

Video related

87a04f  No.6565046

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Cry more in the face of the facts, little yid traitor.


More on this issue.

Video: “Europe on the chopping block”

[00:25] “People of European stock, their Nations, their Countries and their cultures and their civilizations are essentially on the chopping block.”

[00:40] “An unrelenting stream of immigration, non-stop, non-stop. Folks like me, who are Caucasian of European descent, for the first time in 2017 will be an absolute minority in the United States of America. An absolute minority. Fewer than 50% of the people in America from then and on will be White European stock. That’s not a bad thing, that’s the source of our strength.”

[01:12] “A new survey indicates that White Christians are for the first time, a minority in the United States.”

[01:44] “Longer term thou, White shift really is going to be about a large scale racial mixing which is going to result in this mixed race majority.”

[02:30] “Many people of European background are looking for those who are responsible, which to blame, find the people they can blame and attack for what has been going on, in some cases for decades, in other cases for the last few years, and, it is true, unfortunately, and I think that this needs to be frankly admitted by Jews all over the world, that there are without doubt Jews involved in those movements and those organizations, very often NGOs etc that promote this phenomena of third world immigration into the Western countries.””

[03:30] “Jews are going to be at the center of that. Its a huge transformation for Europe to make, they are now going into a multi-cultural mode and Jews will be resented because of our leading role, but without that leading role and without that leading role, Europe will not survive.”

[04:22] “The idea of having these refugees coming to Europe is no longer a matter of whether it is right or wrong its just simply fulfillment of what it is meant to be all along, which is the fulfillment of the (can’t make out what he says) and the prophecies.”

[05:14] “The Pittsburgh shooting, the synagogue there was deliberately promoting unlimited immigration to the United States and stated, went on record to say that they were willing to break the law to do that. You’re willing to break the law, ok, because you are a Jew and every-time you break the law its called tikkun olam and its some higher purpose involved here and you’re going reform society. Well the message got out, and this guy decided he’s going to break the law too, except when he breaks it, he is going to bring a gun and shoot people, and that’s what happened at the synagogue. So, you know, there is now, its like, “Oh, what are we going to do?”, well why don’t you try changing your behavior? That’s never an option with the Jews. They never, it’s never like “Well, I guess we made a mistake.”. Have you ever heard a Jew say “I made a mistake. We went to far.”? I never heard that, never, and I have done a lot of reading in this regard. Its always the other guy fault.”

0ee62a  No.6565047



Which cartel?

4dfd44  No.6565048


I believe this relates to Seth Rich in this way,

If you recall he was supposedly killed by MS13 operatives. Their bodies were found in another state, I can remember which. But it was believed at the time to have been tied to Seth Rich's murder. Seth Rich is the No Body.

Soro's, John M & NP were probably all played a role in getting rid of him. Podesta also had a role per his email stating, "making an example"

b04109  No.6565049


"winds" not "wings"

(although it's an interesting image….)

79e6d5  No.6565050

File: 4c4a2874babb486⋯.png (6.91 KB, 496x103, 496:103, ClipboardImage.png)



>anon just posted about a tweet saying Hussein quietly removed OFA from his website

yea that tweet


and if you click link from wikipedia or type my.barackobama.com into address bar it redirects here now:


ef3447  No.6565051

File: 956cf850a3a4ea3⋯.png (1.11 MB, 2576x2360, 322:295, ClipboardImage.png)

Benghazi and "Why are we here?"

How deep does the DS interests go beneath the surface of the Benghazi events?

Was there moar in that compound that was at stake than the lives of Americans abandoned by the Hussein Admin?

What did Obama know and when did he know it? Where was he during the attack – an event that last longer than the rocket attack, of course – as the Commander in Chief? Did he turn a blind eye or was he mindful of what would transpire?

Treason is not a word used lightly.

The payback is coming. That's important. Correction of the deeply compromised infrastructure – yes the intel infrastructure and its tentacles throughout the economy and its impingements on civil society – are at stake.

With that in mind, re-review the recent political habeenings re Infrastructure Deal-making.

Godspeed Anons.

4d0d5c  No.6565052

File: a9ef8addc6ab514⋯.jpg (13.56 KB, 300x300, 1:1, redshield.jpg)


Salvation Army Red Shield Appeal.

The first member of the family who was known to use the name "Rothschild" was Izaak Elchanan Rothschild, born in 1577. The name is derived from the German zum rothen Schild (with the old spelling "th"), meaning "at the red shield", in reference to the house where the family lived for many generations,

87a04f  No.6565053

File: ed7c2d6d471240f⋯.png (1.63 MB, 2200x890, 220:89, ISIS_Israel_big.png)

File: 1d7a6d90432ad15⋯.png (83.31 KB, 1036x710, 518:355, IDF_armed_ISIS_archive_ori….PNG)

File: c4d23353732132a⋯.jpg (438.85 KB, 949x1550, 949:1550, ISIS_mossad_2.jpg)

File: a342d4105359b4d⋯.jpg (154.02 KB, 765x1178, 765:1178, ISIS_Says_Sorry_To_Israel.jpg)

File: aedd4f25b64661c⋯.png (602.62 KB, 757x827, 757:827, Israel_Helps_ISIS_1.png)


Seth Rich allegedly died in the hospital.

That hospital has some other fuckery associated with it that I don't recall what was at this time, someone else might be able to tell you what it was.


So do you understand now how Israel and Jewish interest groups in the West collaborate to bring about the submission of the West to their agenda?

Jewish collective power in the West pushes for the Islamification of the West, which weakens the West and brings in the Israel supported/controlled ISIS cells, then when Western governments don't do what Israel wants, they get attacked by ISIS.

65afd6  No.6565054

File: a84d1bd352788f5⋯.jpg (27.79 KB, 570x600, 19:20, Yulingrad.jpg)

>>6562969 (pb)

>And of course then he went to the Rose Garden with prepared signs that had been printed up long before our meeting."

sorta like all those shirts, signs and other bullshit the cunt-mayor of Puerto Rico (jailed now?) had at her little stunt, which not one single reporter noted?

These people are absolute fucking cancer.

4ee43f  No.6565055

File: df23d66033c77f5⋯.jpg (340.86 KB, 875x656, 875:656, 44G.jpg)

File: 96bef27dc2d6927⋯.jpg (112.1 KB, 1078x748, 49:34, PopBoob.jpg)


By 'worst', meant 'BEST'

See your ginger mound, raise you a bewb

87a04f  No.6565056

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Related vídeo:

“Trump talking about "so-called allies"”

[00:00] - Trump: “I will give you an example, some of our so called allies, that we work with and protect and we protect them militarily, they are sending massive amunts of money to ISIS and to Al Qaeda.”

[00:13] – Joe: “So who are you talking about there?”

[00:16] – T: “You know who it is, why do I have to bring it up for you, you know who it is.”

[00:19] – J: “Because you’re running for President. Are you talking about the Saudis?”

[00:21] – T: “Joe, other countries, are giving massive amounts of money, people from other countries are giving massive amounts of money.”

[00:28] – J: “Are you saying the Saudis are doing this?”

[00:29] – T: “Off course they are doing it, everybody knows that.”

[00:33] – J: “Ok, any other countries?”

[00:36] – T: “There are but I am not going to say it, because I have a lot of relationships with people, but there are. And you know that, and everybody knows that and nobody says it, nobody talks about it.”

[00:45] – J: “But you’re not even saying the countries that are doing it right now, why aren’t you willing to name those, you say you have a lot of relationships there.”

[00:51] – T: “Joe, all you have to do is check your records, and our government knows the countries, and one of them happens to be Saudi Arabia, and our govenment knows that, and why aren’t we doing anything about it? Why aren’t we being firm as to why we’re allowing that to happen.”

[01:05] – J: “So why don’t you think we are?”

87a04f  No.6565057

File: f102d79bca7f742⋯.png (26.95 KB, 658x431, 658:431, 2_Scofield_Bible_Zionist_P….PNG)

File: db988951dc9e4bf⋯.png (25.41 KB, 822x163, 822:163, 3_William_E_Blackstone_Zio….PNG)

File: 1a0659274d961f2⋯.png (57.25 KB, 917x696, 917:696, evangelicals_demographics.PNG)

File: d86e75d999b86db⋯.gif (1.86 MB, 3120x4176, 65:87, 4_NEOCONS_BIG_2.gif)


So, what's the deal with Trump and the pandering to Israel, which is an enemy of the US?

Trumps needs to play ball with Israel for optics because the biggest voting block in the US, the Evangelicals, makes up 25% of the US population, and they have been psyoped into supporting the terrorist state of Israel (which was complicit in the 2nd 9/11 attack on the US) for religious reasons via the Scofield Bible, which was commissioned to Scofield by the Rothschild.

Because I assume Trump is America first and because I assume Trump is more than intelligent and well informed to know about all those verifiable facts, I assume that once the Evangelicals get redpilled about Israel and the fact that Jewish collective power is a subversive force operating in the West, he will openly turn on Israel because of their continued aggression and subversion towards the USA and the American people.

0ee62a  No.6565058


Yeah, it's been a hell of a past two days. Most people seem to be taking it with a healthy dose of humor - but Jeff City was partially evacuated for concerns over the levy and God only knows what other waterways are doing right now.


As if their actions are, somehow, difficult to forecast and prepare for.

65afd6  No.6565059


>That hospital has some other fuckery associated with it that I don't recall what was at this time

something to do with a Union, whichever one covers service employees and low level medical assistants was part of it.

79e6d5  No.6565060


don't bother

shits old, been known about and dug on 2 years ago

Brian Podesta - NCMEC - Senotie Willis?


87a04f  No.6565062

File: 435d38c3af09009⋯.png (4.39 MB, 3040x3560, 76:89, Evangelicals_meme_VERSION_….png)

File: 322af162b5b06ae⋯.png (3.89 MB, 3104x2848, 97:89, Evangelicals_meme_VERSION_….png)

File: 2929dd4cd6ef1e2⋯.png (775.24 KB, 1214x1362, 607:681, zADL_attacks_TruNews_archi….png)


Some graphs that will help redpill Evangelicals and other Christians on the truth about Israel being anti-Christ. Enjoy:

http://archive.is/UF27x - "How Evangelicals have been duped by Satan into supporting the earthly Israel, which rejects the Spiritual and Eternal Israel, Part 1"

http://archive.is/8xnkU - "How Evangelicals have been duped by Satan into supporting the earthly Israel, which rejects the Spiritual and Eternal Israel, Part 2"


The True Eternal Israel exists in the hearts of those who have faith in Jesus Christ, not in the earthly country we call Israel today.

>Another very useful resource to redpill the Evangelicals and Christians on Israel:


It’s an Evangelical news channel that has been smeared by the ADL for telling facts about Israel in their programs: https://twitter.com/ADL/status/1126577581766189057

NOTE: one of the hosts of TruNews, Rick Wiles, does not believe the validity of Q, but from what I have seen on everything else I have seen from him, he is on point.

>Another great resource to redpill Christians on Israel and Jewish collective power:

https://archive.is/I5exz - “JEWS AND CHRISTIANITY”

f88cbe  No.6565063

File: 6c884f52d16aa2b⋯.jpeg (368.92 KB, 2140x1458, 1070:729, 5746FE77-0717-4154-A4DA-1….jpeg)

0e855d  No.6565064

File: 6b47a354a4d9dff⋯.jpg (188.1 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, confirmedidiot.jpg)

File: 4ca611f8551c9c2⋯.jpg (383.7 KB, 1001x669, 1001:669, thegingerbrenman.jpg)


i call.

6de4c9  No.6565065

File: 1558fbe97944b0c⋯.jpg (39.96 KB, 480x421, 480:421, 80a920c20178a94987949f732a….jpg)

4dfd44  No.6565066


You are correct that he supposedly died in the hospital, but if you recall, the attending Dr said the floor was shut down and he wasn't even allowed to take care of his patient. I believe feds shut the floor down or the room. He also stated he didn't know what happened to him after he died or where he went. Man time for a refresher on this story.

0e855d  No.6565067


the idiot is brennan!

79e6d5  No.6565068


witness protection?

6ce47f  No.6565069

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

'Urinate Or Get Off The Pot' | MSNBC

'Wackadoodle' schools [Sleepy Chuck]

4dfd44  No.6565070


That is my thought..There was no news of a funeral. It would seem to me, someone like him would have drawn a DC crowd, for a proper send off. Yet nothing like that took place.

331be7  No.6565071

File: 01404892c544733⋯.png (292.75 KB, 495x475, 99:95, Scavino45 FB re Nadler Dea….PNG)

File: 8d61815664b65c0⋯.png (647.77 KB, 871x611, 67:47, Nadler Dead Horse.PNG)



b04109  No.6565072

#8394 baker change

Notes @335

>>6564714, >>6564719, >>6564825 Mayotte DIGG: Mysterious Quakes Worldwide Might be Linked to Birth of Submarine Volcano

>>6564772 "Satanist self-care in the age of Trump" (#satanicpanic)

>>6564783 Report on UK elections from UKanon (US anons, pray!)

>>6564791 Dublin CA will not fly the LGBTQ rainbow flag during Pride month (baby steps….)

>>6564799, >>6564829, >>6564834 Cusack stood (eventually) for military salute at Wrigley Field, Chicago

>>6565012 Cusack's response to criticism re military salute

>>6564809, >>6564914, >>6564812 Portland, OR police face staffing shortage

>>6564908 Seattle police officers leaving dept in "mass exodus"

>>6564831, >>6564956 Manteca fire: Power grid may be shut down for up to 5 days if high wings continue

>>6564848 Reddit outage map

>>6564960 Eric Ronald Holder Jr DIGG

>>6564960 Moar on Obama’s illegal Operation Hammer

>>6565036, >>6565050 Paul Sperry: Obama's gone to ground as #Spygate scandal draws nearer

Taking out of Notes unless there's evidence of a connection, thx for feedback >>6565060 :

>>6564858, >>6565060 "Brian Podesta" worked at the Center for Missing & Exploited Children (related to John P?)

Baker ghosting in ~15

Any anon able to bake or continue Notes list for next baker?

4ee43f  No.6565073

File: eb88c1ed1058181⋯.jpg (12.87 KB, 255x212, 255:212, TruDOH.jpg)


>i call.

Got me. Gotta fold- got nothin and you have all the ginger mounds. You WIN!

ef3447  No.6565074


"Why is MS13 a priority _ nobody got this."

Not necessary that this line is there to be taken in the context of the entirety of the content of the rest of the Q Post 5.

However, "Follow the money, it's the key", seems instructive for all that follows in that post.

The line immediately after the nobody line is: "Could people pay such gangs to kill opponents and why / how to insulate against exposure?"

Follow the money to / through the gangs. Such gangs. MS13 "by way of one example". This may be an instruction to broaden out thinking beyond the specific gang, MS13 being one example not THE key but a lead that guides us to the key via the money.

Whose priority? MS13 is whose priority? Yes, POTUS supports what ICE is doing against MS13. He often uses that example, a yuge example, to justify the resources needed to build the wall. And what is "the wall" - the beautiful wall? It is many things all of which demarcate the border – the bounds of sovereignty itself. Whose sovereignty – not merely the nation's, but that of The People.

Now, if this is what is at stake, as we follow the money, then, we must ask how it is that this truth "cannot fully be exposed"?

The mechanics are at issue, yes. So perhaps from the broadest thinking back to the moar narrow thinking is practical.

The answer is yes to the question "Could people pay such gangs to kill opponents"? But it would be mind blowing to learn this has happened in the USA, yes?

But Q has invited Anons to learn "why / how to insulate against exposure?" The first level would be the why and how for the protagonists – those who'd hire the killers. The next level would be the why and how for those taking on these criminal bosses.

TY Anon for revisiting what is a very early Q Post but which has always, through-out the years of this movement, has been an essential lens through which to view the moves and counter-moves. Why and how to insulate against exposure?

552adb  No.6565075


I took it all as meaning governments around the world were working in collaboration together to maintain a façade of active conflict among each other, aside from those either not aware of the "game" or refusing to play such a "game" and that MS-13, among other "expendable" groups were also in play around the world as the wetworks crew to keep the "game" out of public sight and tie up any loose ends as ordered. The public is quite conditioned when it comes to violence, even violence with a twist such as MS 13 and Seth Rich along with the kicker at the end….full insulation by taking out the MS members responsible for the hit. The amount of mystery/crime series shows put out and the sometimes elaborateness of the plots does a good job on most. But to think of it on a world scale, with the very govs whom order troops out to battle working with each other behind the scenes and being responsible for massive loss of life and utter ruin of others….simple fact of the matter as far as I have gotten is this…

"Normies" are "normies" because they STILL refuse to acknowledge the power they have and instead rely on gov to ensure what needs done to maintain a safe country gets done, therefor, at discovery of this type of information, "normies" quite likely would lose their minds and become part of the problem rather than strive to be the solution.

Of course, it goes much deeper, the past history, although shrouded with falsities, reeks of this "game" having gone on for a very long time. To elaborate further, we know tech is well beyond "rockets" and my own opinion of the matter is that rockets themselves was an obsolete tech before the culmination of WWII. Patriotism was inspired in the nation by perceived dominance, I.E. beating Russia to the moon. And by those regards, Op Paperclip and the inception of NASA since day 1 was nothing more than deception to control narrative, install patriotism, stifle technological achievement, and collect a massive budget from the unsuspecting public. Of course, a good ruse is flexible, and I am sure much more could be added to that list. Meanwhile, establish launch site near oceanside, control "Bermuda Triangle" narrative to deter would be discovery crews, present and future, and let the public witness rockets seemingly carrying out planned missions for continued justification of and increase in budget as time tread on while the rocketry was doing nothing more than splashing down in a taboo area where things "disappear" quite often. Meanwhile, real tech advancement is carried out with NASA budget, among other farces I am sure would exist in this scenario, and highly advanced strongholds are incorporated to continue milking humanity so as to shear the sheep now and again while having them do all the work which is actively enslaving them deeper and deeper each step…..I could go on, but beyond "normies," the sheer discovery of something as such carries the capability of destroying the minds of even some who perceived themselves as "awake"….

Just a little writers fiction possibly representing a tiny bit of non-fiction within our reality……I am certainly not one of the less than 10 with the full picture. Just one who contemplates ever having to face it if necessary.

87a04f  No.6565076



I don't have a lot on Seth Rich fuckery on the hospital, but I remembered someone mentioning it.


552adb  No.6565077


The primary reason behind me bringing it was the simple question I asked in OP…

Why did Q say that "nobody got this" the exact same moment he asked the question "nobody got?"

Q essentially implied this was not the first audience to witness the particular string of questioning.

79e6d5  No.6565078


wow, thanks!

epic response

still digesting

ef3447  No.6565079


No Table


Re-visiting Q Post 5 is timely.

Q provided guidance with the memorable line: The truth is mind blowing and cannot fully be exposed.

The discussion that follows Anon's post to draw eyes is constructive. Notable reminder of why we are here.

TY Baker.

fde21c  No.6565080

Unrestricted Warfare

Qiao Liang and Wang Xiangsui

Beijing: PLA Literature and Arts Publishing House, February 1999


MSM psyops is #2

b04109  No.6565082


Just grabbed these, anon, then saw your nom:

>>6564999, >>6565023, >>6565074, >>6565021, >>6565075 Anons discuss why Q said on 10-29017 that MS-13 is "a priority" and "nobody got this"

f77283  No.6565083

If you’re not sure what the “Bucket 5” docs are, then make sure to keep reading…

Via ZeroHedge:

Appearing with Fox News’s Sean Hannity Tuesday night, The Hill’s John Solomon revealed that according to his sources (and Hannity’s as well), President Trump will begin declassifying ‘Russiagate’ documents in the next 6-7 days.

Among those will be the so-called “Bucket Five” – documents which were originally presented to the Gang of Eight in 2016, which included everything the FBI and DOJ used against Trump campaign aide Carter Page – including the FISA surveillance application and its underlying exculpatory intelligence documents which the FISA court may have never seen

If this rumored declassification becomes reality it will be a critical brick removed from the Obama-era Deep State firewall that has so far insulated those responsible for the attempted coup against President Trump from serious legal trouble and would be a major step forward to seeing justice finally handed down against those same perpetrators.

MOAR: https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-05-22/no-wonder-obama-intel-chiefs-panicking-trumps-about-declassify-bucket-5-russiagate

79e6d5  No.6565084


agree with everything…

the game




>I could go on, but beyond "normies," the sheer discovery of something as such carries the capability of destroying the minds of even some who perceived themselves as "awake"….

can confirm

had a rough time personally with learning many of these things in recent years

pizzagate especially put me in a really dark place

its tough to go into normie world and see how people focus on and react to what are essentially very trivial things in the grand scheme, and I have to talk with about the sportsball game or whatever the fuck bread and circus they're on about

fde21c  No.6565085


The pods are all in the universities! Lay seige.

a6e5dd  No.6565086


is clown shit show this shill chearleader is trying to call for notable


second fucking chearleader EPIC ! WOW !

4592c4  No.6565087


Theyve tricked is into thinking the stone age was the "dinosaur" era, when in reality, were actively living in the stone age. I'm really starting to understand life and the meaning of it. Just being patient for it all to come to fruition.

0e855d  No.6565088

File: df4fd63ec93ed4f⋯.jpg (220.74 KB, 600x600, 1:1, justpeewee.jpg)

ef3447  No.6565089


>Who is "no one?"

>Q's statement while asking questions could very well be taken as a reveal that others were subject to the same questions.

Q: Why is MS13 a priority _ nobody got this.

There is no question mark even if the line began with "Why". It is a convoluted statement of fact rather than a question. Could be read as a question, yes.

Note the grammar in nearby line: "The truth is mind blowing and cannot fully be exposed."

Mind-blowing, noun.

Cannot vs. can not vs can't.

Injection of "fully" to split "cannot" from "be exposed".

With that example in mind, re-read the statement that can be read as a question.

Q: Why is MS13 a priority _ nobody got this.

Nobody got this – why [the reasons] MS13 is a priority.

Ask yourself, is "got this" about receiving or keeping or fetching? If it was not fetched, then, it could not be kept nor sent (for reception). If kept then why was it used as a guide in the Q Post 5? If fetched and sent, why was it not received?

The truth has not been fetched, yet, by Anons, but we have been guided to follow the money re gangs such as.

TY Anon.

46cca1  No.6565090


You are on the right track.

>all that you know to be right is wrong

That means everything that is pushed in front of the public is essentially a lie.

The only way this "game" ends and for people/humans to be free is to stop playing.

Ex: playing video games to the point of hands/fingers hurting(pain) - solution = turn off the game and put down the controller.

552adb  No.6565091


There we go…got the mind workin for me, ty as well. Need input from all anons sometimes.

a6e5dd  No.6565092


Oh look here, clown cheerleader # 3 working the shitshow .

46cca1  No.6565093


Only clowns cry about what makes notables because (((they))) don't want the people to wake up.

You must be one of the ones in the club.

6ce47f  No.6565094

File: 1c888b33a0dcb66⋯.png (1.86 MB, 762x852, 127:142, I cannot wait for 24 month….png)


Portland Mayor | "I cannot wait for the next 24 months to be up"

>November 15, 2018


ef3447  No.6565095


The truth can not be exposed in full.

It can be partially exposed.

Which is moar than completely hidden but also fits with the notion of insulation which neither fully exposed nor fully hidden.

Making MS13 an example, target for real criminal reasons, gets at the truth but still provides insulation of different sorts. Political, legal, social, cultural, and moar. Insulation is the means by which to control the exposure of the truth and restrain the protagonists while, at the same time, firing the shot across the bow.

And as such it serves as a statement and as a question. Not just to Anons.



Who are nobodies?

From that universal of suspects, who is the nobody, you might ask, Anon.

Has that nobody gotten the message?

I think you are right to see the question in Q's statement. Expand that, it was I think Q is instructing.

4ee43f  No.6565096

File: dd391ab3f4686e8⋯.jpg (89.43 KB, 634x498, 317:249, Trudoh alt.jpg)

File: fdf200dd17852d4⋯.jpg (89.18 KB, 725x906, 725:906, RBv.jpg)


New hand?

a6e5dd  No.6565097


And clown #4 joins the shitshow, plenty more here, don't be shy.

1f669e  No.6565098


Trump administration fights back against lone judges nixing policies ‘with the stroke of the pen’


4592c4  No.6565099


To be honest, imo you're making a mountain out of an ant hill. They're paid violence mercenaries. You can track finances within them, but itd be no different than tracking any other cabaals arms finances. Qs question will be answered in the future, f p p.

46cca1  No.6565100


We all see who the clown is here.

You're afraid of people finding out the truth of your masters' games.

Your PANIC is palatable.

0e855d  No.6565101

File: 6c12c898745b8f1⋯.jpg (239.94 KB, 600x562, 300:281, girlfriend.jpg)

i'll try.

79e6d5  No.6565102


>he attending Dr said the floor was shut down and he wasn't even allowed to take care of his patient. I believe feds shut the floor down or the room. He also stated he didn't know what happened to him after he died or where he went

think about this

if the feds can take control like that for protecting a witness whats to say they haven't used the same tactics and authority for nefarious purposes under Hussein

I am certain of it actually, just a thought experiment to expand on this

how many whistlenblowers or just inconvenient persons have they taken out?

how many Dr or other witnesses have been slapped with National Security Letters preventing them talking?

I think this is just the tippy top of a very huge, very old iceberg

b6a22e  No.6565103

File: 869c69ba5fb8a4a⋯.png (679.62 KB, 980x1150, 98:115, ClipboardImage.png)

LOVE rereading Q post!

Have a GREAT day fellow PATRIOTS, from sunny Spain.

a6e5dd  No.6565104


This game is old and boring.

46cca1  No.6565105


Then stop playing it.

The power structures are falling and there is nothing you can do to stop what is coming.

0d1e16  No.6565106

File: 8375d5f6839c51a⋯.png (258.45 KB, 1075x599, 1075:599, ClipboardImage.png)

File: f4bcab1815044d5⋯.png (550.09 KB, 960x739, 960:739, ClipboardImage.png)

FEB 26, 2019 (but I don't recall seeing it here. Just ran into this somehow looking for Podesta art for Hillary grotesque tweets.)


166656  No.6565107

File: 7bc638bdbfe5e8f⋯.jpeg (51.85 KB, 465x703, 465:703, 7685E40E-451F-4A47-B60F-3….jpeg)

b04109  No.6565108

#8394 baker change

Notes @360

>>6564714, >>6564719, >>6564825 Mayotte DIGG: Mysterious Quakes Worldwide Might be Linked to Birth of Submarine Volcano

>>6564772 "Satanist self-care in the age of Trump" (#satanicpanic)

>>6564783 Report on UK elections from UKanon (US anons, pray!)

>>6564791 Dublin CA will not fly the LGBTQ rainbow flag during Pride month (baby steps….)

>>6564799, >>6564829, >>6564834 Cusack stood (eventually) for military salute at Wrigley Field, Chicago

>>6565012 Cusack's response to criticism re military salute

>>6564809, >>6564914, >>6564812 Portland, OR police face staffing shortage

>>6564908 Seattle police officers leaving dept in "mass exodus"

>>6564831, >>6564956 Manteca fire: Power grid may be shut down for up to 5 days if high wings continue

>>6564848 Reddit outage map

>>6564960 Eric Ronald Holder Jr DIGG

>>6564960 Moar on Obama’s illegal Operation Hammer

>>6565036, >>6565050 Paul Sperry: Obama's gone to ground as #Spygate scandal draws nearer

>>6564999, >>6565023, >>6565074 Anons discuss why Q said (Post 5, 10-29-17) that MS-13 is "a priority _nobody got this"

>>6565021, >>6565075, >>6565089 MS-13 discussion con't.

>>6565083 Declas of Bucket 5 will reveal docs originally presented to the Gang of 8 in 2016 (Panic in DC!)




Baking departing the kitchen

GHOST BAKE in effect

Sorry, anons, just really tired, plz help each other out.

Anyone who wants to try baking, here's your chance.

Blessings, all.

BRAND NEW pastebin with Notes@360


fde21c  No.6565109

How China’s Economic Aggression Threatens the Technologies and Intellectual Property of the United States and the World



a6d068  No.6565110


GFY with a hot brick from a pizza oven… sideways.

552adb  No.6565111


Of course, a logical solution to such a problem, but to use that analogy in place of 'here' begs a course of action after turning the game off so as to resolve the problem leading to the playing of the game in the first place. JMO I understand this board serves multiple purposes, first and foremost being "the message" once received, the message is to be relayed and the guidance is to be utilized so as to help others "receive" as well from a state of mind where many were before they themselves "received" it. And many are already out there doing what they can to draw attention and show others how to ask questions, but not all are so proficient as to have received the entirety of "the message" as others, but simply know the stakes and the layout of the board enough to utilize to help others see for themselves.

Any anons whom have been here all this time are the sort whom have absolutely no intention of not seeing it through to whatever end they may glean from their own capabilities as well as the coded converse ever so present here among other anons.

Quite the pickle for them me thinks.

0e855d  No.6565112


that last line. before the q of course.

b04109  No.6565113

File: 050dbf307239b88⋯.png (126.72 KB, 430x315, 86:63, mirror-anon-mirror.png)


Sweet dreams!

c80ef2  No.6565114

File: f1f8364d7cce065⋯.jpg (183.01 KB, 799x1067, 799:1067, 49c56rfv7d6be531a31864c01a….jpg)

4dfd44  No.6565115


>if the feds can take control like that for protecting a witness whats to say they haven't used the same tactics and authority for nefarious purposes under Hussein

That's the thing this was under Hussein, so in that context, I dismiss nothing. He pretty much did what he wanted when he wanted, and had plenty of hands and money to help pave the path for all of it.

b91021  No.6565116

File: 7ca8d23fecde3ab⋯.jpeg (176.64 KB, 1073x732, 1073:732, 02BEAEC3-E483-4443-81CF-4….jpeg)

File: af5accc975f9d83⋯.jpeg (387.96 KB, 1800x1800, 1:1, 29C93D73-1157-446C-90F2-6….jpeg)


we love our spanish frens

good morning

fde21c  No.6565117




0e855d  No.6565118




the richard branson wins hands down

a482ec  No.6565119

File: 499fd861a4e1341⋯.jpg (504.9 KB, 1109x1143, 1109:1143, GreenMistsofMay.jpg)

Imagery in the msm: The Green Mist of May. As Theresa May works through her departure with those in power behind the scenes, this is the picture headlined in the Daily Mail. Looks like she has probably already resigned. Who will be PM to meet with President Trump when he visits the UK? Will they quickly install BoJo without a membership vote to grovel/apologise for the Uks involvement in Spygate? Or will there be a vaccum and no actual PM?

The Green Mist is the main antagonist in the 2010 Narnia movie The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. The book doesn't go into the detail.

From the movie script.

'There is the source of your troubles. It can take any form. It can make your darkest dreams come true. It seeks to corrupt all goodness… to steal the light from this world.' ~ Coriakin tells the Pevensies about the Green Mist.

The Mist came from the Dark Isle and was a formless substance that could enter into one's deepest, darkest thoughts and make them real. It required sacrifices from the pirates of the Lone Islands, who fed it boatloads of living humans. The only way that it could be defeated was if the Seven Swords were laid at Aslan's table. It was responsible for the creation of a huge, terrifying sea serpent, via Edmund's thoughts. Also from Edmund's thoughts came the resurrected memory of the White Witch. The White Witch appeared to Edmund as one of the illusions the Green Mist created. She is seen as one of Edmund's fears and tried to convince him again that he will be King someday and that he has to trust her, but Edmund knew she was not really there. The White Witch that appeared to Edmund on the Dawn Treader was merely a figment of his imagination unleashed by the mind-bending Green Mist. But she remained a reminder to him that that which tempted him was always a threat and the Pevensies' vanquished foes still lived on their minds.




4d0d5c  No.6565120


Hello Sunny Spain Anon!

I agree, when Q doesn't post for a while, I have to remind myself to re-read the drops. Every time i look at one, I see something new. It sparks a new thought or a new way of looking at things.

I'm pretty sure there is more than "double-meanings." There are triple and quadruple meanings sometimes, which are revealed with time.

4280ed  No.6565121

File: a526d662d5ec6c5⋯.png (113.01 KB, 989x725, 989:725, ClipboardImage.png)

File: d4ebda75caa9e1a⋯.png (311.15 KB, 476x474, 238:237, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 3033d45f0e2c25c⋯.png (1.56 MB, 1401x788, 1401:788, ClipboardImage.png)


It has been speculated that Elton became sick after flying to Chile for an organ transplant.

"The official name for Elton's illness was not revealed, however an official statement from his spokesman at the time called it a "harmful and unusual bacterial infection"."

In a speech in July 2018, POTUS made specific reference to Elton John having an 'Organ', whereas he did not:

“I have broken more Elton John records. He seems to have a lot of records. And I, by the way, I don’t have a musical instrument. I don’t have a guitar or an organ. No organ. Elton has an organ. And lots of other people helping. No, we’ve broken a lot of records. We’ve broken virtually every record. Because you know, look, I only need this space. They need much more room. For basketball, for hockey and all of the sports, they need a lot of room. We don’t need it. We have people in that space. So we break all of these records. Really, we do it without, like, the musical instruments. This is the only musical – the mouth. And hopefully the brain attached to the mouth, right? The brain. More important than the mouth is the brain. The brain is much more important.”



46cca1  No.6565122


When the evil/dark has been defeated, then the light/truth can shine.

It is a process to which some advance at a faster pace than others.

That is why we must trust the plan or it will not work as it is in human nature to go back to old habits.

We are the ones who put the controller down first and must reassure those still playing that the pain will cease in the end.

cc0cbf  No.6565123


"Trump Broke Me"

5b1591  No.6565124

File: 0bb8d01722dae42⋯.jpg (64.73 KB, 337x450, 337:450, may.jpg)


Get them!

552adb  No.6565125


And THIS is why I love anons.

Concurred and appreciated.

b3d59a  No.6565127

Here is why May is not resigning.

The new PM will find out about the Acts of War by the UK on the US.

If they cannot control this, the blowback includes all the things being covered up which they wanted to stop President Trump finding out originally.

The Crown is up to its balls in this.

It will End the Monarchy.

Particularly about the murder of Diana.

b6a22e  No.6565128

File: bb326510dbdf66e⋯.png (765.15 KB, 960x506, 480:253, ClipboardImage.png)


12 hr after Q posted pic I drove in to Barcelona to take a picture.But the park workers had just painted it over…


4dfd44  No.6565129

Spitting image! As Taron Egerton and Sir Elton John buddy up on the red carpet at the world premiere of Rocketman in Cannes, new images from the biopic reveal the uncanny likeness between the pair

The Welsh actor, 29, kissed the singer’s hand and even bent down to kiss his feet

Egerton plays Sir Elton, 72, in Dexter Fletcher’s film about the star’s childhood

The pair linked arms as they went up the steps to the auditorium in Cannes


Take a look at the video of him at Cannes, very odd mouth movements. Further into the article it states that Taron Egerton, did all of his own singing for this movie and that the 2 recorded a song together.

That said, I am wondering if the problem with an organ..is his voice, watch Elton's mouth.. you'll see what I mean.

0e855d  No.6565130

File: cb8ae48458519d4⋯.jpg (292.06 KB, 725x906, 725:906, gingerbranson.jpg)


one last play. branson ginger mullet.

ba85c9  No.6565131


>>>6564960 Eric Ronald Holder Jr DIGG

>>>6564960 Moar on Obama’s illegal Operation Hammer

Missing link Baker- same for both notables

4dfd44  No.6565132

>>6565121 Sorry meant this for you


46cca1  No.6565133


Have a blessed day, anon.

The best is yet to come.

Be the light to those around you and help guide them.

fee320  No.6565134

InspirationalAnon - Well done. I'm similar age to you. A few years back, I was faced with back breaking returning to work in a shop for pittance. I worked extremely hard on a market stand, then one day I fell over and banged my lip on a metal table. Blood filled my mouth and I went home, feeling incompetent defeated and hopeless. Then I started to learn to code. Choosing a language was tough and I chose Java as I'd attempted to learn it in the past. But with whom?

There is a very kind guy who runs a site www.caveofprogramming.com. If you haven't got a bean which I didn't, tell him and he will allow you to follow his classes for free. I did that then when I did find a site to develop, I sent my fee over to him, way more than he charges. I have a web app coming out slowly a gold/silver/bitcoin monitor. All thanks to him. Go there and tell him Q sent you!

6ce47f  No.6565135

File: 3c1a7a0d166f648⋯.png (2.12 MB, 780x950, 78:95, Portland Mayor lashes out.png)

File: bbc0e6415fda0ac⋯.png (2 MB, 781x894, 781:894, Portland Mayor lashes out2.png)


Portland Mayor pissed off with the bad-mouthing of police

>This happened yesterday during a budget meeting. Another one term mayor.

>I get the feelz this mayor WANTS law & order.

>If not for Antifa's fuckery…

>Also would bet he'd call in the NG.


2a823f  No.6565136

File: 6a420df43539331⋯.jpeg (949.12 KB, 1242x2152, 621:1076, AD8D5C0A-EBC0-46D8-9172-9….jpeg)

File: 97ebb113af78560⋯.jpeg (900.6 KB, 1242x2141, 1242:2141, 97813B22-2D96-446B-8FB7-4….jpeg)

Russia Russia Russia

pics related


4ee43f  No.6565137

File: 062c3efb9b577d8⋯.png (167.94 KB, 399x600, 133:200, corey.png)


Honestly, the mound is an improvement! Looks much moar better now


2ee434  No.6565138

>>6564229 (PB)

I want to again congratulate anon on his dedication and determination to turn his life around and accomplish such a goal many would probably think unattainable if they were in his prior shoes, it was a very high bar he set for himself.

When I first read his post one thing that came to mind is this anon turning his life around and reaching his goal will be an inspiration to others, I hope he knows that. What occurred to me later is the connection many anon's and those still asleep find themselves in during this 2nd Revolution, at times it seems like we'll never win and it can be discouraging. But I look back at my life when I was an alcoholic, many tried to reach through to me and get me to seek help, I wouldn't have any part of it. It wasn't until I hit "my" rock bottom that I decided I had felt enough pain, God knows I caused others more than enough but I couldn't see that at that time, it took my personal suffering to open my eyes and get me to see what was really going on around me.

It's the same for those still asleep and for some anon's who are tired and discouraged. To be honest, the more pain felt, the wider you open your eyes and the clearer you'll see the real world. So take comfort everyone, on those days when it appears the cabal is fighting back and might survive, the pain is necessary and it is part of the plan. Be comfy fren's, remember WWG1WGA, you are never alone and in the end, God win's. The future has already been written, it's in the good book. We have been choose to be here during this time, God has plans and tasks for us to complete. Stay strong, stay united, stand firm and be comfy, wonderful days are ahead, it will be cloudy before we get there but get there we will, together, WWG1WGA

God Bless, I love you all. Keep Praying and keep giving thanks.

318217  No.6565139

File: ad0a37fc9b60846⋯.png (367.83 KB, 415x595, 83:119, cockrider.png)

6fa35a  No.6565140

MAGA has a problem. Like water being thrown at a wicked witch and many of these so called "MAGA" frauds. Bring up Israel with their crimes, their illegal unregistered influence in politics and their documented involvement in 911, it completely exposes how controlled these so called MAGA persons are, by either their complete ignorance, cognitive dissonance disorder or intentional misdirection. Alex Jones, PrayingMedic, Jack Posobiec are perfect examples of this who tell their "cult followers" that "Muslims" are to blame.

Blaming muslims is for simple people, a narrative that only benefits the Military Industrial Complex and Israel …aka PRO-WAR.

Sorry but MAGA is inundate and polluted "Pasters" and their ignorant morons. The recent FOIA release of photos where Israeli's were caught red handed celebrating 911, all the while the so called "prophets" of MAGA tell you it was Muslims really exposes the frauds that they are.

b91021  No.6565141

File: 90b8e2e063476ad⋯.jpeg (394.73 KB, 1200x1800, 2:3, BD82097E-5EE4-472E-85E9-9….jpeg)

6ce47f  No.6565142



Please add these two posts >>6565135 >>6565094 to the line:

>Portland, OR police face staffing shortage

4dfd44  No.6565143

File: 1f19a9c84e2ebb7⋯.png (776.85 KB, 930x705, 62:47, ClipboardImage.png)

Trump administration may use Iran threat to sell bombs to Saudis without Congress' approval: senator

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. President Donald Trump’s administration plans to use a loophole and rising tensions with Iran to sell bombs to Saudi Arabia, even though Congress blocked such sales for months over concerns about civilian deaths in the war in Yemen, Senator Chris Murphy said on Wednesday. “I am hearing that Trump may use an obscure loophole in the Arms Control Act and notice a major new sale of bombs to Saudi Arabia (the ones they drop in Yemen) in a way that would prevent Congress from objecting. Could happen this week,” the Democratic senator warned on Twitter. Congressional aides said there are provisions of the Arms Control Act, which sets rules for international arms transactions, that would allow a president to approve a sale without congressional review in case of a national emergency.

Trump previously declared an influx of immigrants a national emergency to bypass Congress and get $6 billion to build his wall along the Mexican border. Both Democrats and his fellow Republicans voted to block the move, forcing Trump to issue the first veto of his presidency. It was not immediately clear what equipment would be sold to Saudi Arabia or when any sale might go ahead.

However, any such plan would run into resistance in Congress, from Trump’s fellow Republicans as well as Democrats like Murphy, even in the Senate, where Republicans have a slim majority. A handful of Republicans recently voted with Democrats in a failed effort to override Trump’s veto of a resolution that would have ended U.S. support for the Saudi-led military coalition in Yemen’s devastating civil war. Many lawmakers from both parties have also expressed anger over the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi at a Saudi consulate in Turkey.

Senator Lindsey Graham, one of Trump’s closest congressional allies, told CNN he would oppose the administration if it decided to go around Congress, citing Khashoggi’s killing. “We are not going to have business as usual until that issue is dealt with,” Graham said. The State Department declined comment. The White House did not respond to a request for comment.

The top Republicans and Democrats on the Senate Foreign Relations and House of Representatives Foreign Affairs committees, who review major international weapons deals, have been approving sales of defensive military equipment to Saudi Arabia. But they have been putting “holds” - or blocking - the sale of offensive weapons like bombs, anti-tank missiles, small-diameter rockets and large mortars. Senator Bob Menendez, the ranking Foreign Relations Democrat, has been blocking the sale of Raytheon Co’s precision-guided munitions (PGMs) to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates for about a year over concerns about the war in Yemen.


0232c9  No.6565144

File: 8ce8082738136f8⋯.png (1.7 MB, 692x1024, 173:256, ClipboardImage.png)

Good morning anons. UK anon off to the polls soon.

23rd today, THORsday - hammer time. Bring the pain.

C before D - Conservatives (UK) before Democrats (US)?

4aa701  No.6565145

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Not necessarily feeling the beat, but I recognize the power. Pretty fucking awesome. LISTEN.

0d1e16  No.6565146

File: e658ec72a12ae07⋯.png (338.06 KB, 630x449, 630:449, ClipboardImage.png)

Article 2 yrs old

"I want to emphatically warn readers that the following content is extremely disturbing, triggering, and constitutes child abuse in my opinion. I am posting it here to preserve evidence of such child abuse in the hopes that it stops. The public must be aware of the crimes being committed by those in power if there is ever going to be a chance of ending it.

I was moved to post about Tony Podesta's art manager after seeing this thread by "FollowTheMoney" on voat.

The thread points out that Maria Marshall, Tony Podesta's art manager, has published blatantly pedophilic material. This has been discussed in the early months of pizzagate (so much so that the infamously CIA-backed trash the Washington Post wrote an entire article defending Marshall.

Marshall's photos are blatantly abusive and exploitative towards her subjects, some of whom are her own children. It is disturbing to see this imagery. It is even more angering that Tony Podesta can get away with calling this abusive material "art," while simultaneously endangering US National security by selling 20% of US Uranium to Russia in the Uranium One scandal. Which, as twitter user Pizzagate Angela and others have pointed out, is connected to Frank Guistra who also ran a refugee center which used a logo that appears extremely similar to the FBI description of pedophilia symbols.

I am posting my tweet storm on this topic in case of suspension, as follows: here, here and here

These images are not posted in order to be salacious. They are posted to show that criminals who abuse children are in the highest positions of power in this country. These images are without doubt abusive, much less what they imply goes on off camera/in private. This is not the first or the last time Marshall's work has been noted in connection with Tony Podesta."

This has some fuct up sht in here. I'm not posting the pics.

These people are sick af.


6ce47f  No.6565147

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


EA-18G Growlers at Red Flag (Appreciation)

b91021  No.6565148

File: 2ab3d646f67d5a1⋯.jpeg (262.44 KB, 1800x1800, 1:1, 6C7BF200-8E8F-440A-A941-2….jpeg)


nice moves bro

good to have you

ab2bc2  No.6565149

Baker here, time to stop playing this game. I have been living a dream for these last few years. And I'd like to thank you all for your support. I really need to go. If there is a wind, it will break. Just call my name and i'll be there.

06f167  No.6565150

File: 93bf71c014f5efd⋯.jpeg (374.81 KB, 1125x1010, 225:202, B526FDEF-4836-4B05-B527-6….jpeg)


>Who will be PM to meet with President Trump when he visits the UK?


34600c  No.6565151

File: 17c8162acb3df72⋯.png (610.24 KB, 586x833, 586:833, 2019-05-23_04-15.png)

File: 4c2209cc9d50b2a⋯.png (1.74 MB, 1352x705, 1352:705, 2019-05-23_04-16.png)

Right quick night shift:

I just found out there are army recruiting posts in cities and towns that are designated (at least in the signage) as medical / healthcare recruiting stations. Ok fine. its in demand sector always has been esp with warfighting. Tonight is the first I've come across one ever though.

So great send a soldier down to a college town that has a med school and tell them to shake some trees. cool.

But why in a place like this?

FWMF+8P New Windsor, NY

That's a new google system of geolocating a position on a map if ya plug it in.

can anyone tell me ? Small spoopy ass town got me to slow down in my scanning…. and see this first time in my 40 years.

It's in a real corp zoned area nearabouts this establishment

210 Wembly Road, New Windsor, New York 12553

Email: info@thomassaircraftsupplies.com

140 Executive Dr #100, New Windsor, NY 12553

U.S. Army Medical Recruiting Center

ab2bc2  No.6565153

File: b93aa6a21f40db7⋯.jpg (10.76 KB, 300x145, 60:29, 11nk55.jpg)

Thank you Anons

552adb  No.6565154


Ty anon, may you have a blessed day as well.

836517  No.6565155

File: a87a35f907b1fc8⋯.jpg (923.4 KB, 1952x882, 976:441, kek_questions3.jpg)

We need 10 good questions for Q.

1. Spells, magick, angels, demons, GOD and Devil are all real.

2. We all have nanotech implants.

3. We are all victims of extreme MK ULTRA monarch programming.

4. Aliens of many types are already on earth.


3ab884  No.6565156



Has anyone collected notes since the bred ghosted @360?

b91021  No.6565157

File: a222902a3819e0c⋯.jpeg (569.28 KB, 1800x1800, 1:1, E2160EB3-157C-45B2-9FC1-4….jpeg)


bon voyage


Thank You Baker

4aa701  No.6565158

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Soul Asylum

7926b6  No.6565159

File: 5aadb9168823534⋯.jpg (510.37 KB, 795x450, 53:30, efag.jpg)

da5ec0  No.6565160


awwwwww still no one pays attention you pooor baby

836517  No.6565161

File: 3a3b5af2c43682c⋯.jpg (260.33 KB, 767x511, 767:511, kek.jpg)

File: 4dd9db79363cf16⋯.jpg (53.11 KB, 550x437, 550:437, kek5.jpg)

Dear Q,

I've been a loyal supporter of the movement since early 2018 when I discovered Q.

So when are we going to see some big things happening? It seems that its just a big court/political drama. If so, then there is not much point in any of us investigating, we might as well just get out the popcorn and enjoy the show as you state. What should we be doing?

It would help if Q could debunk or backup some of the theories such as flat earth, 911, moon landings, aliens, Tartarian Empire, Inner earth, Antarctica, Nazi Antarctica base, hollow earth, reptilians etc… Could Q at least tell us what is bogus and what we are wasting our time on?

0e855d  No.6565162


5. None of the above.

4aa701  No.6565163


I bet Q has awesome mind control tech because it's kicking your tech's ass.

ccbaf6  No.6565164

I’ve been here since the 4chan days but I just can’t do it anymore. This immigration thing is just something I can’t ignore anymore and it honestly makes me feel like a fool trying to red pill others when the border is beyond broken and Trump has done really nothing to improve things. I hope Q succeeds but the one thing I’ve figured out here is that this is going to be an “every man for himself” environment that we are going into and I need to be preparing myself and my family.

Feel free to criticize me, I wish I felt differently but the facts on the ground are unmistakable. We’re almost three years on from just the FISA portion of this mess and we’ve seen little action and the public doesn’t care anymore.

da5ec0  No.6565165


good command of the Kings english nancy

836517  No.6565166

File: 88b702ef4f988a1⋯.jpg (521.17 KB, 1242x867, 414:289, god.jpg)


GOD is real. Q mentions GOD a lot!

4ee43f  No.6565167

File: 022d91278fb4eff⋯.jpg (89.53 KB, 1518x823, 1518:823, Q A.jpg)

c655a2  No.6565168

File: ac3d7bb3a624d57⋯.jpg (103.4 KB, 560x720, 7:9, meme corps.jpg)

File: c4608f33e4bddad⋯.jpg (52.54 KB, 660x360, 11:6, RM crack.jpg)

File: 42db30d7a3226c4⋯.jpg (114.36 KB, 825x549, 275:183, hi BB f et.jpg)

File: 50f774beb9562a8⋯.jpg (107.77 KB, 825x549, 275:183, ok th Yu.jpg)

File: 7e9abc7851e631f⋯.jpg (115.06 KB, 814x549, 814:549, dj it cm dj.jpg)

836517  No.6565169


Agree, not much seems to be happening. Well there are the usual court case/political drama, but for the average person, we need to work and earn a living and look after our families.

Q, we support you, but its time to get moving and do something. The odd cryptic message here and there is getting boring. I think its actually putting more people to sleep at this point.

So Q, good luck to you, hope we see something good soon. In the meantime I'll check back here once a month or two and get on with life.

da5ec0  No.6565170


try harder loser

4ee43f  No.6565171

File: 176163675c5044f⋯.jpg (219.35 KB, 2011x901, 2011:901, QNNwethr.jpg)

Today's 4AM shill-speak:

I quit Q! ←——

Look at em! They're all doin it!


da5ec0  No.6565172


fuck off lady and kys

6ce47f  No.6565173

File: 2ce431c9d2e0d36⋯.webm (3.86 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Maxine Waters explained h….webm)

0e855d  No.6565174





talk about 'mailing it in'. they're gonna fire your ass.

836517  No.6565175

Dear Q,

Many of us have been researching since the mid 1990s. We have researched everything we can get our hands on such as Tartaria, 9-11, Aliens, David Icke, reptilians, hollow earth, flat earth, aliens, pleadeans, Bible, Angels, demons etc.. etc..

It seems like there is more to the official story than what we are led to believe. But what can we really do about it? Should we be researching theories that are incorrect such as flat earth? What other ones are real and not real? Are reptilians as David Icke says, really running the earth?

Could Q please tell us what we are wasting our time on with our research?

836517  No.6565176

4280ed  No.6565177


>Tartaria, 9-11, Aliens, David Icke, reptilians, hollow earth, flat earth, aliens, pleadeans, Bible, Angels, demons etc.. etc..

With the exception of 911, you've been misled and wasted your time.

Q is concerned with politics and facts, not new-age bullshit.

34600c  No.6565178

File: 9409ca7199ddc99⋯.png (806.37 KB, 2004x944, 501:236, 2019-05-23_04-24.png)

File: 2af6194dd29112d⋯.png (314.31 KB, 1267x751, 1267:751, 2019-05-23_04-27.png)

File: b58458e15aedcaa⋯.png (527.46 KB, 1386x908, 693:454, 2019-05-23_04-27_1.png)

File: c6bdb4f71b20a70⋯.png (180.44 KB, 1752x961, 1752:961, 2019-05-23_04-31.png)

File: 877b7cf8c0271b9⋯.png (1.71 MB, 1564x680, 23:10, 2019-05-23_04-33.png)

ok fuck also adjacent to recruiting statio on a cul-de-sac is this production company


a branch office of a group called minutae architecture that does high profile and high end shit like

West Pt. Officer's club renovations

and a few miles back towards the waterway rundown ass lots with cover and necessities to pull riverbarges for loading and unloading…. and right in that area is this place….

I am scratching ym head a little bit here as it is almonds activated but not sure why/how just gut on this

and this on way to screencap water area


what is color forecasting? if we have a femanon on board or knowledgable spouse anon can ya riddle me on this?

b6771c  No.6565179

yang vs trump

win win

b91021  No.6565180

File: 4822d860e574370⋯.jpeg (537.87 KB, 1627x1353, 1627:1353, EB9DE004-56FE-49D4-A317-7….jpeg)



looked for an ip hop on that one myself

4aa701  No.6565181

File: a98c82cb29e220e⋯.png (658.64 KB, 1198x500, 599:250, ClipboardImage.png)


Have you driven to the border? So much has been done. SO MUCH. The chip will fall. All is a smokescreen to give the image of disunity and confusion and weakness. We will be united and unstoppable and the arms of the enemy will melt in their hands from the burning heat of raging that defeat will invoke. They will enjoy that fire for eternity. The strike will come just when we seem the weakest. At that point, the enemy will have extended themselves too much into the trap of illusion we have set. We're a phantom. They have NO IDEA how huge we really are.

836517  No.6565182

File: 6ebd2ed3630b40e⋯.jpg (2.06 MB, 2481x3508, 2481:3508, Battle.jpg)


No, Q mentions GOD and Bible verses a lot. This is not political. Q talks about Biblical etc… So it is way beyond political and that is why people research all the rest.

767c5f  No.6565184


You do not see the big happenings?

Mueller exonerated Potus

Barr has been ON THE OFFENSIVE. I get that Sessions played his part and a silent hero, but Barr gets to kick ass and take names.

RR resigned.

Democrats are screaming to impeach a POTUS who has done nothing wrong. PANIC.

DECLAS is only days away from starting - the moment we have ALL been waiting for.

Huewei is NO MORE (I think this is HUGE and not enough attention given to significance of it)

And Q has posted the movie poster several times…

4 (April): Defenders of the Pedophiles)

5 (May): PANIC IN DC

6 (June): FISAGATE

We are nearing the SUMMER BLOCKBUSTER.

4ee43f  No.6565185

File: f9164fdbd8ef465⋯.png (806.86 KB, 992x992, 1:1, #s.png)


>You do not see the big happenings?

1dea60  No.6565186


Hall of Records?

1,000 years of peace?

Coming soon?

dc6e3b  No.6565187

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Good morning fags!

2077b3  No.6565188

File: c2a31ed034ef72b⋯.jpg (79.15 KB, 700x500, 7:5, 1556496626.jpg)


Time to shut down his Chicago library plans.

34600c  No.6565189

So here's my hot take on this and maybe something maybe nuthin….

This town kinda looks like the perfect spot to to take an investment if your a trafficker and hooker them up with makeup before putting them on the trak or a holdover spot entrepot in transit…. but take a closer look that makeup company…. chems that lighting company flourene, halogen elements on the table no reason to raise eyebrows… run down industrial scale holding tanks…. what if it looks spoopy like cartels moving slaves but it turned out to be something more like chicom outpost where theyrally while on our soil and maybe test cook fentynal here and then test it on all these trailer parks in the area. This is all speculation, and trying to make sense of coming across this mind everyone…. but damn somethings under that table i'd wager.

92b1c9  No.6565190

File: 15e5a6fa7918875⋯.jpg (513.6 KB, 831x757, 831:757, Screen Shot 05-23-19 at 10….JPG)

File: 159ae73816f72f5⋯.jpg (238.56 KB, 980x551, 980:551, 5ce6248efc7e931e4f8b467e.JPG)

Iran’s supreme leader promises young Iranians will see US & Israel crumble

Published time: 23 May, 2019 05:17

Edited time: 23 May, 2019 09:28

Iranians burn an effigy in the likeness of U.S. President Donald Trump during a protest marking the annual al-Quds Day (Jerusalem Day) on the last Friday of the holy month of Ramadan in Tehran, Iran June 8, 2018. © REUTERS / Tasnim News Agency


e677a5  No.6565191

It's 2019. We should be more tolerant towards Satanists wanting to rape and eat our children.

Small minded bigots.

0e855d  No.6565192

File: 12dfeff0c864105⋯.jpg (437.88 KB, 1008x529, 1008:529, shillngrill.jpg)


he may have had one, or maybe the was a fellow "nerd virgin" in the cubicle next to him.

4ee43f  No.6565193

File: 3c52ec6d83f0a5a⋯.png (610.06 KB, 887x522, 887:522, lieBarry.png)

File: 3cba587f09b9da3⋯.png (399.33 KB, 500x322, 250:161, 44lib.png)


>Time to shut down his Chicago library plans.

836517  No.6565194


So what was the point then of Q posts? All this Mueller and political stuff would have happened anyway. Also Q mentions that 99 percent of people would be in hospital if they knew the truth. Well that seems untrue because what would make 99 percent of people go to the hospital? A Mueller, spygate saga? RR? I doubt that would put anyone in hospital. Even if Obama ordered the spying himself and was a Muslim extremist it wouldn't put many in hospital.

Yes, the pedophile stuff is disgusting, but if its true, why are they all still walking the streets? That could put many in a psychological hospital as its disgusting stuff. Why not arrested yet?

So while I support Q, I really don't know what we are supposed to be doing? Must we just check in from time to time and see the updates?

ada173  No.6565195


Would smash.

67d712  No.6565196


some are mediocre at best

10dfd3  No.6565197

European elections - live: Theresa May 'expected to resign tomorrow' as Tories face battering over Brexit


836517  No.6565198

File: 22f8f289fce7835⋯.jpg (11.06 KB, 267x189, 89:63, images.jpg)

File: 1a343f749b71d04⋯.jpg (2.98 MB, 2480x3508, 620:877, Kek_Tartaria.jpg)

File: e032f54916b6d4e⋯.png (375.2 KB, 640x810, 64:81, tartarian.png)

File: 40acc844f5c9421⋯.jpg (196.8 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, tartarta.jpg)


Maybe the 1000 years of peace already happened.

4aa701  No.6565199

File: 8219c5ba2474f4b⋯.png (1.09 MB, 950x1360, 95:136, ClipboardImage.png)

File: c8f53efb251b797⋯.png (493.62 KB, 900x671, 900:671, ClipboardImage.png)

File: df22e58bf50d865⋯.png (5.48 MB, 2408x3264, 301:408, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 36a704a8ccb2d1a⋯.png (570.74 KB, 500x702, 250:351, ClipboardImage.png)

ab2bc2  No.6565200


This is the Great Awakening. POTUS wants to inform us of the info of what's really happening and what we have been missing in aside from the MSM fake news.

POTUS doesn't know how to break the message and needed a platform since all of the news are controlled.

The message here is; Don't be fooled by MSM and think for yourself. You were in the darkness but now you are in the light.


211f8d  No.6565201

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

b6771c  No.6565202

ambitious plan convert the antichrist and separate the wheat from the tares before the harvest….tho the harvest is looking ripe

10dfd3  No.6565203

Stars and Stripes

Verified account


8m8 minutes ago


The Pentagon on Thursday will present plans to send up to 10,000 more troops to the Middle East, U.S. officials said


0d1e16  No.6565204

File: 2cc5d1e7da47234⋯.png (351.92 KB, 971x698, 971:698, ClipboardImage.png)


February 23, 2019

BUENOS AIRES (ChurchMilitant.com) – The mysterious death of a whistleblower in Argentina is prompting family members to demand an investigation into what they suspect to be murder.

Natacha Jaitt, a model and actress, had been working on outing what she claimed to be a pedophile sex ring among celebrities and elites. Two weeks before she was scheduled to give court testimony against Gustavo Vera, whom she accused of sex trafficking and who is a close associate of Pope Francis, she was found dead.

Two weeks before she was scheduled to give court testimony against Gustavo Vera, whom she accused of sex trafficking and who is a close associate of Pope Francis, she was found dead.

At 2 a.m. Saturday, her naked body was found on the bed of a room in the hotel Xanadu in Villa La Ñata in the town of Benavidez. Two men were questioned at the scene: 47-year-old Guillermo Riconi, owner of the Villa, and 48-year-old Raul Velaztiqui, a film producer and the one who placed the call to police on finding her body.

The autopsy report claimed the cause of death was “Heart-respiratory failure (multi-organ failure) that led to pulmonary edema.” The autopsy also revealed traces of cocaine in her nasal passages.

Jaitt’s brother and attorney, however, insist she would never have used cocaine because of a medical condition she suffered. Both of them suspect foul play.

“[W]e understand that she may have been a victim of a crime, he [her brother] is afraid that she was the victim of a murder,” said Alejandro Cipolla, Jaitt’s attorney.

Regarding the autopsy, Cipolla did not participate, but insisted that it be recorded “from start to finish.”

On Apr. 5, 2018, Jaitt tweeted: “I’m not going to kill myself, I’m not going to overdose or drown in a bathtub, I’m not going to shoot myself, so if any of this happens, IT WASN’T ME. Save this tweet.”

Whatever sauce this is:


836517  No.6565205


I get that MSM is corrupt and mostly untrue. But the way this has all been hyped up, you'd think there were aliens, UFOs and many other hidden things that will be released. Many are hoping for new technologies such as free energy and full disclosure of aliens etc…

But if this is all just RR and Mueller and spoygate saga, its really not that exciting. Its actually pretty boring. Then after that its back to the usual 9-5 work day for however long.

We were all hoping to see free energy, replicators, quantum computers and know about aliens.

So if its just a long courtroom/political spy drama then maybe my expectations were too high.

552adb  No.6565206


Tbh, I came across pleiadians, reptilians, light workers, etc long before ever being introduced to Q…..and I have always suspected to videos, article, and open forum chats have been for coded communications…right out in the open….

I never aspired to dig further into the intuitive contemplations….


Whether there is truth to the madness that is "new age" or so it was termed, idk….but comms piggybacking I think was a definite happening.

2a823f  No.6565207



shit, you never left.

who’s stoopid?

836517  No.6565208

File: 6ebd2ed3630b40e⋯.jpg (2.06 MB, 2481x3508, 2481:3508, Battle.jpg)

So this whole courtroom political spy drama is one aspect I guess. I find it a very boring but necessary part of this.

I was hoping to see more radical posts from Q.

b6771c  No.6565209

UFO aliens demons might not be real to you but they sure are real to a Acid tripping satanist that hasnt slept for a week

10dfd3  No.6565210

File: 0535383b8da77a1⋯.png (150.17 KB, 1268x662, 634:331, ClipboardImage.png)

867496  No.6565211


Cheers to you, UKanon!

We are praying for you patriots across the pond.

10dfd3  No.6565212

92b1c9  No.6565213

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Macron's Assault on the French People

dc6e3b  No.6565214

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Great tune!

They no likely morrison so much after this (vid related).

Interesting his old man was heading up the fukery.

It all came full circle.

f88580  No.6565215

File: 4b913c3a407e281⋯.jpeg (59.08 KB, 646x486, 323:243, B4A9757F-8F56-4C19-96E3-4….jpeg)

836517  No.6565216


I've also been researching all of that since the 90s. I'd really like answers after almost 25 years of research.

Q at first seemed like it would all be disclosed. But now it just looks like a Mueller/RR courtroom drama that drags on forever. Once a week or month we see a BOOM WEEK post from Q, but then its the same this one spied on that one, this one spoke to that one etc.. etc… Its not really something the average person can help with. We know the MSM is corrupt and fake and we see spyuing happened etc.. but nothing radical.

I guess everyone was hoping for peace, breakthrough medical technologies, free energy , alien disclosure…

Oh well, its just millions of papers of one government person spying on another and so on…

d5deb4  No.6565217


lots of glycerine in them there products…


And color forecasting is just like any time of forecasting in retail, whatever: Data analysis to determine what the next color trends will be.

Pantone is a big player in the color trends, I think?

4ee43f  No.6565218

File: a5d110bcf8de46d⋯.jpg (266.25 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, Qresrch.jpg)


> So this whole courtroom political spy drama is one aspect I guess

^^So that's it? That's what you brought to Qresearch- a guess? It's a RESEARCH BOARD. Not for wild guesses about muh feels.


78a4dd  No.6565219

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

4a4cc2  No.6565220

File: c3f57f69f9084f3⋯.jpg (59.99 KB, 735x555, 49:37, dolly mandala.jpg)












>been researching all of that since the 90s

Watching youtube is not research, reality is not hidden just because you cant see it.

looks like most anons have you filtered already, I just got here but I will too

guess thats wawawhat you wawawant

If you are not a shill but are sincere in your questions then rest assured you are the reason Q stopped posting and anons left.

We do not want to babysit children that cant figure out reality, research and logic for themselves.

because wilcock, icke or even jones say something 1000 ti,es and 10000 people agree doesnt make something true


Think for yourself.

Trust yourself.

Research for yourself.

Be in control of yourself.

NEVER let someone else DRIVE YOU.

Those who try to DRIVE YOU are not your friend.


so 8 posts ago you said-

"In the meantime I'll check back here once a month or two and get on with life."

yet youre still here

That looks pretty shilly

either way, thanks for giving us something to waste time on this slow morning, but please grow up & read a book or 2 on establishing & verifying scientific principles or on How to Shill 101, which ever better suits you

836517  No.6565221


yawn. We really need something more conclusive. Otherwise we can deduce that everything is a lie. So Tartaria is real, and earth is hollow?

Or must we just research RR and Mueller and courtroom antics all day?

I'm getting bored with all of this and so are many people.

dc6e3b  No.6565222

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

bless'ed are the backers

6ce47f  No.6565223

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

CBS Fuckery

Japan sees sumo championship as way to flatter Trump | CBSN

dc6e3b  No.6565224


& Bakers lol

0e855d  No.6565225

File: 499906f61f11b01⋯.jpg (287.67 KB, 662x441, 662:441, botheatre.jpg)


it's going to be a theatre now.

774097  No.6565226

I have to agree with some anons when it comes too our small worlds, our families, that the slow exposed corruption and treason doesn't give pause to the continued criminal activities and the people who are jaded by thier surroundings, it's not happening for them. It's happening, I know, but the Demonrats are not going to stop until there's blood, this meaning real losses on there side of this "civil war."

While waiting for things to happen, not just so we feel like we have a future and that we have hope, but real change around us.

Logic is hampered by the MSM with feelz, truth doesn't connect with people who think nothing's ever going to change, so we have too prepare for more crimes against us as evil still has it's teeth into our day to day.

We know months and months will can go by and the hands on the clock will move just a second forward in the direction of exposure, too slow for some.

Still here and watching the clock.

4aa701  No.6565227

File: 8cdffc34f106d20⋯.png (439.28 KB, 640x478, 320:239, ClipboardImage.png)

4ee43f  No.6565228

File: eccd115b0236ca3⋯.jpg (19.16 KB, 255x250, 51:50, netflax.jpg)

File: 5ebfd36f7797b26⋯.png (147.78 KB, 792x847, 72:77, GitmCH.png)


>it's going to be a theatre now.

Perfect! pic related

dc6e3b  No.6565229



2a823f  No.6565230

These shill fights are better than watching the cat fights over the jocks in high school….lol.

Both fun to watch but stooopid af.

f0585c  No.6565231


Q talks about those things "flat earth, 911 …" because there are a lot of conspiracy researchers here. Not because the story Q is telling really has much to do with that stuff. We're on draining the swamp and lock her up right now. When that happens, then other, bigger stuff might happen.

Remember, Q came to 4 chan, said ATTENTION EVERYONE, I'M AN INSIDER AND PODESTA WILL BE ARRESTED WITHIN THE WEEK. And that didn't happen, but it attracted attention from people who want Podesta arrested, and those people are also familiar with conspiracy theories, so, the people talking over there on 4 chan were talking about when's Podesta being arrested, and they were also wondering if the story was going to contain Rothschild, because there aren't any conspiracy theories w/o Rothschild and Soros is definitely involved. And then Q adds Rothschild and Soros to the story. And when someone brings in something new, Q brings in something new. Most of the conspiracy theory 101 was covered a while ago.

Now it's basically waiting for "I told you so", and Dems getting arrested, going on trial and going to jail, and then GOP winning big in 2020, enough so to get things done with the laws.

552adb  No.6565232


To have climbed a hill this far and high only to turn and walk down now and again glancing back up to where the peak must lie within the clouds instead of taking comfort others are too climbing with you seems a waste anon. A simple break and some sunshine may alter your perspective me thinks.

836517  No.6565233


yawn. We really need something more conclusive. Otherwise we can deduce that everything is a lie. So Tartaria is real, and earth is hollow?

Or must we just research RR and Mueller and courtroom antics all day?

I'm getting bored with all of this and so are many people. >>6565220

I said after these posts, I'll check back less often.

So Q said never let anyone DRIVE YOU. So that must then include Q too?

To blindly just accuse anyone of being a shill is doing the cause more harm.

I'm a genuine researcher (25 years now), but all these later Q posts seem boring. If this is really all just about a big spy/court drama then its probably best to just wait for the conclusion.

4aa701  No.6565234

File: 16e9f71c3b08e83⋯.png (215.46 KB, 600x416, 75:52, ClipboardImage.png)


Negative Nancy.

9355f6  No.6565235


I've watched Baki Season 2, John Wick, and John Wick 2: The Wickening

Q could stop by.

And present something deep to dig.

Been a minute since I've had a "that".

2a823f  No.6565236

ever try typing captchas into google?

some funny shit poos up.

dc6e3b  No.6565237


The yakuza worked with the Japanese government during World War II to provide Imperial soldiers with "comfort women." From there, the yakuza expanded into sex tourism, human trafficking of women to Japan, pornographic enterprises, etc. in addition to gambling businesses and the trafficking of drugs and weapons. The yakuza developed working relationships with other organized crime syndicates abroad to globalize their network


4ee43f  No.6565238

File: 911df225c2e28c2⋯.jpg (11.32 KB, 255x182, 255:182, 1Ha.jpg)


>fun to watch but stooopid af.


836517  No.6565239


Maybe you are right anon. I will just follow GOD and pray. Look after my own little world and get on with life.

Good luck to all of you anons and Q. Hopefully something happens soon and its not just another 3 boring years of RR this, Mueller that, Spy this, spy that.

We actually want hidden technologies, disclosure of aliens etc..

9355f6  No.6565240


sorry, i did all of that tonight.

context is helpful.

2ee434  No.6565241


>We know the MSM is corrupt and fake and we see spyuing happened etc.. but nothing radical.

Kek, not looking good for you when you have to admit, try to spin it with a "no big deal" isn't going to help discourage anyone, not even the newbies. The "we are documenting all anon's and will be coming for you soon", didn't work either, you guys are loosing more and more ground every day. Tick Tock, the clock is ticking, get your affairs in order now.

2a823f  No.6565242


well said

0d1e16  No.6565243

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

In response to Pelosi's video in a (pb)

(Pelosi video https://youtu.be/PUZAbTm2cDk )

836517  No.6565244


So everyone is waiting for arrests of Hillary and Podesta etc..

But what would put 99 percent of people in hospital?

People are dying in hospitals around the world already but we are not seeing medical breakthroughs, free energy or nanotech to help these people. They are just dying.

So it seems that this is all just about spying and phone tapping and similar and this whole scam against President Trump. It is great that these bad people are being exposed, but we were all hoping for the alien disclosure, free energy and all that to help the earth.

It is all dragging on too long and I've been at it 25 years.

4ee43f  No.6565245

>>No shekel given

>context is helpful.

Cept ya didn't say anything with context.

NOBODY CARES what you did, didn't or might do. Fuk off

2077b3  No.6565246

File: 7859fccd32c47ae⋯.png (245.32 KB, 300x352, 75:88, 1530336061.png)

2a823f  No.6565247


? monocle, yay or nay?

1dea60  No.6565248


Maybe. Then, of course, you still got normies like this faggot [4a4cc2] who don't want people to know the truth.

The fact he only mentions wilcox, sellout jones, and icke speaks volumes to the extent of their "research".

There's still people like Brien Foerster who actually goes to these ancient sites and shows signs of advanced knowledge and tech.

Q also said that we are not alone in regards to ET presence and 'programs existing' outside of public realm.

Also want to point out that those who use "stooopid" are verifiable kikes.

>evil is all around us

Normies will be normies though and the dayshiftfags are waking up so now everything is going to mainstream medianigger talk.

<it's just a few bad people doing bad shit

^^their whole "plan"

2ee434  No.6565249


you glow, at least ip hop, you must be new, kek

b6771c  No.6565250

RR this Mueller that

its a little bit more than that id hope it would be an unravelling of the octopuses grip on humanity the magician banking the murderous politicians the lying raping cannibals in high places hollywood wall st vatican …. lets hope this does succeed because well there is no because…

836517  No.6565251


It is a big deal if they spied on the President Trump campaign. Sure it is a big thing. But it wouldn't put 99 percent of people in the hospital. People would be shocked, but it wouldn't make them seek the hospital.

I am not against Q, but I do think that Q should up things. Following week by week with boom this, boom that and all the cryptic clues just wastes the time of many anons. We don't even know how we can be of any help. We would love to help, but how?

Maybe best to just wait and see what happens.

So I guess no free energy, aliens or any of that. Just RR did this, Mueller that etc…

At least can we see some arrests of these crooks?

836517  No.6565252


Yes, I am new since 1995. Been researching since then.

1dea60  No.6565253


Talk about glowing when your first post was praising a muh feelz slidenigger, top fucking kek.

Kill yourself, kike.

836517  No.6565254

File: 4f43f63a3d81b54⋯.png (331.57 KB, 428x589, 428:589, 4f43f63a3d81b548bec589265d….png)

File: 7cc3ca5d981e13f⋯.png (950.46 KB, 790x598, 395:299, 7cc3ca5d981e13f82085fa4c39….png)

File: 6ebd2ed3630b40e⋯.jpg (2.06 MB, 2481x3508, 2481:3508, Battle.jpg)

File: 88b702ef4f988a1⋯.jpg (521.17 KB, 1242x867, 414:289, god.jpg)

File: 20f4da0bd88f580⋯.jpg (1.45 MB, 3000x3064, 375:383, yfqrg9hyova21 (1).jpg)

I am pretty bored with all of this, so I'll leave you with some of my memes.

836517  No.6565255

File: d75691e1a1b73f5⋯.jpg (21.17 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, sword.jpg)

File: f26395553e6beda⋯.jpg (44.7 KB, 636x612, 53:51, sword2.jpg)