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File: 077ab1e7aaf2fbf⋯.jpg (521.4 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 077ab1e7aaf2fbfea054d57ecf….jpg)

61740d No.831753

...to secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity...

Anons, we are in an information war. We are the tip of the spear, with Q as our connection to POTUS. Hillary Clinton even said “we are in an information war and we are losing”. The neopoliticians (both neoconservative and neoliberals), Deep State, MSM, and NWO are in full retreat because WE ARE WINNING THIS WAR. The information war is between freedom loving patriots in this country and ALL WHO WANT TO TAKE THOSE FREEDOMS AWAY.

"If we stay organized, focused, and on the offensive, WE WILL WIN THIS WAR"

Patriotism is supporting your country all the time, and your government when it deserves it. ~ Mark Twain




#InternetBillofRights https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/internet-bill-rights-2

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>>829709 2/12/09 $20 million in support of Lebanon. Gun confiscation backed by UN support.

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343fdc No.831765


Q - kill! Do not regulate.

They’ve destroyed many lives and relationships.

So many kids, adults suicided over bullshit. It is a cancer to society.

Kill them, burn the house down.

61740d No.831766

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New Bakers Please Go To Cooking Class




5ad768 No.831768

Universal Cosmic Love is the solution for everything.

61740d No.831769

https:// pastebin.com/6yYvMBwy

New Baker Requested

362fcf No.831778

File: 0788203d7883758⋯.jpg (689.61 KB, 1024x726, 512:363, Obama_and_Beverly_Eckert.jpg)

ac9e34 No.831779

File: 3299e03523fea63⋯.jpg (80.17 KB, 1024x1171, 1024:1171, IMG_1553.JPG)


Nothing but love baby

https:// soundcloud.com/gramsoul/frank-sinatra-new-york-new-yorkgramophone-soul-rework

74fff9 No.831789

File: e6f0ca56a95bc40⋯.png (752.15 KB, 800x567, 800:567, 3407.png)

5ff854 No.831790

POTUS speech in half an hour.

Topic: Infrastructure.

Find a live feed and get ready.

You NEVER know what crumbs POTUS will drop, but certainly there will be some.

Also topics of emphasis, fodder for our meme campaigns.

If somebody has a great feed, post it here.


48525a No.831791

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Q, let's ROCK

ce3bfa No.831792


Gramps feed russian server:

https:// www.ok.ru/live/646051929752

82f4b8 No.831793

File: b1042dc3db64264⋯.png (615.51 KB, 625x754, 625:754, orangecat.png)

ac9e34 No.831794

File: 7653a6ae0e7fabe⋯.jpg (79.71 KB, 1440x1440, 1:1, IMG_1550.JPG)

https:// soundcloud.com/streamer/170-streamer-ftyoung-mc-the-fastest-gumbo

Et tu frumpe

77d6ee No.831795

>>831685 (last bread)

This. UKanon ... Out @ 9 am, in the woods/river back home in time for tea.

Will just add anyone complaining about "Boomers" are either shills or idiots. Older anons new to chans, just learn to let it go, filter it out - i mean mentally, do not engage them it is a waste of bread.

354291 No.831796

>>831557 prev

Shill or not, are you not aware that some of us here may have been 'woke' before you learned to play with yourself? Why is this concept so far reaching for you? And you perceive yourself to be a leader of some sort? I will pray for your enlightenment. You're Welcome.

b10e93 No.831797

File: 95d88995783508a⋯.jpg (66.82 KB, 600x801, 200:267, DZc_yQxWAAE1Z1j.jpg)

File: c08c0f1f8830d1b⋯.jpg (17.16 KB, 300x300, 1:1, sessions-0613_sq-60e9a6a83….jpg)

Last Post of the Last bread:

What is Time magazine playing at? Why are they trying to make sessions look disgusting?

5ff854 No.831798



WhiteHouse Live Feed

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=n0eb7TMKI6s

647d11 No.831799

File: 2d450f3a5a5892e⋯.png (662.4 KB, 919x637, 919:637, video-hrc-stage-set.png)

File: eebde7d9d903788⋯.png (618.88 KB, 1123x591, 1123:591, video-hrc-q.png)

File: f6fcae2fb2fbea5⋯.png (953.22 KB, 659x637, 659:637, video-hrc-batman.png)

File: c1691415b69c4a2⋯.png (878.75 KB, 853x638, 853:638, video-hrc-eagle-now.png)

4e470e No.831800

>>831776 (previous)

I know Q doesn't run things. Buuut. since 'they' are in the circle of those who do, maybe those comments will get pointed to the right people. Q is our point of contact here.

013b74 No.831801

File: b58a6fef54dcb0f⋯.gif (1001.43 KB, 600x450, 4:3, 19B84BA7-17C2-4598-B85E-B7….gif)

Big Ups and Shout Outs to the board.

Also: American Inteligence Media can eat a bag of dicks.

d023b9 No.831802

File: 4c7eda4eda27fb9⋯.png (118.85 KB, 1142x628, 571:314, ClipboardImage.png)


44d7e6 No.831803


This is air tight. And like the other ANON said, it's from the 9th Circuit. WUT??

I love this timeline.

d21afa No.831804


Baker here.

d18ce4 No.831805


thank you for removing the handles

647d11 No.831806

File: 57163a8b3ea46f2⋯.png (612.02 KB, 862x637, 862:637, video-hrc-book.png)

77a33f No.831807


The house cleaning is allowing the expulsion of bad actors right?

Doesn't look like all the people leaving each country are actual diplomats.

May's narrative is on life support.

Boris Johnson is on suicide watch, looked coked up at the Lord Mayor's ball?

2f4906 No.831808


i'd say they succeeded quite spectacularly - if not too much, he's hardly even recognizable.

(obvious demonization)

44d7e6 No.831809


Great work Anon!! Thank You!!

d4b8f6 No.831810


Because they’re a POS lefty mag that’s tanking and they’re desperate - trying to make him look sinister yet intriguing enough so some poor fool will fork over the $.

ab2a29 No.831811

Hmmmmm. 2.12.09 video post time stamp was 22:17? Right?

83b9d4 No.831812

File: 2a248b74c912f3e⋯.png (54.95 KB, 450x660, 15:22, JC-BlackMirrorThisBitch.png)

File: 24095b4afa175b3⋯.png (601.21 KB, 3500x2540, 175:127, JC-GraveWard.png)

File: e8e205399392656⋯.jpg (143.35 KB, 560x400, 7:5, RIPcathriona-1--a.jpg)

#1031: Layers Upon Layers Edition Anonymous

>>831336 Jim CarreY im=UN, C=K




>Someone needs to get that sad fucker some counseling

Or some anons. need to force JC to a long cold hard look into the #BlackMirror.

>http:// people.com/movies/ jim-carrey-wrongful-death-lawsuit-dismissed/

February 01, 2018

"The lawsuit filed against Jim Carrey over the death of his girlfriend Cathriona White has been dismissed.

The actor will no longer face a civil trial over White’s 2015 suicide, PEOPLE has confirmed.

The actor was sued for wrongful death in September 2016 by White’s estranged husband Mark Burton, and her mother Brigid Sweetman.

Sweetman and Burton claimed that Carrey obtained the drugs that White used to kill herself under a false name, and provided them to her despite knowing she was prone to depression and had previously attempted suicide. Furthermore, they allege that Carrey gave White “three STDs without warning her.”

Carrey filed a countersuit in 2017, claiming the lawsuits were an attempt to extort the actor."

>https:// www.mirror.co.uk/3am/celebrity-news/damning-suicide-note-tragic-cathriona-11952588

February 01, 2018

I met you, you introduced me to cocaine, prostitutes, mental abuse and disease...

f24ead No.831813

>>831180 (previous bread)

Our PRESIDENT is a Boomer. So how about u shut the fuck up and eat a bag of dicks, divisionfag.

e7dbed No.831814


Forehead looks wierd

d18ce4 No.831815

File: b733d23d5981010⋯.png (238.7 KB, 369x366, 123:122, ClipboardImage.png)


Only if they choke and slowly die….

362fcf No.831816

File: a338f6cf67b5f2e⋯.jpg (537.76 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, CareyMurderer.jpg)

File: 7ee61ec714280c3⋯.jpg (378.58 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, CareyMurderer2.jpg)

File: 3d52c5e7e1ccf60⋯.jpg (698.74 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, CareyMurderer3.jpg)

5ff854 No.831817

File: 1b2388c8d780836⋯.jpg (424.46 KB, 1536x768, 2:1, RebuildInfrastructure5.jpg)

File: d8b9cd058dbee9e⋯.jpg (311.04 KB, 1536x768, 2:1, RebuildInfrastructure4.jpg)

File: d4f237e8437f18b⋯.jpg (241.49 KB, 1536x768, 2:1, RebuildInfrastructure3.jpg)

File: 93955ebb91eccb5⋯.jpg (421.89 KB, 1536x768, 2:1, RebuildInfrastructure2.jpg)

File: e089367962ad32f⋯.jpg (426.14 KB, 1536x768, 2:1, RebuildInfrastructure1.jpg)

FOCUS: Infrastructure Initiative

Some memes from recent archives for a warm-up.

d18ce4 No.831818


Cathriona's husband filed suit against Carrey. His attorney? Same shitbag representing stormy

cc99a2 No.831819

File: 909705831bc8d05⋯.png (94.07 KB, 259x195, 259:195, untitledhryk.png)


President Trump, please say He's Right You know !! And Point to the sky !

d023b9 No.831820


Yes, many of us were 'woke' decades ago. I've been awakened in stages.

93ad00 No.831821


New Baker Confirmed


848a3b No.831822

File: e5c7781a1dbd36e⋯.jpg (60.16 KB, 564x856, 141:214, e5c7781a1dbd36eecd646040f2….jpg)

8ca7c1 No.831823

File: 4bde2674c6541b1⋯.jpeg (925.06 KB, 1242x1198, 621:599, BD75DD64-F976-4E43-8273-A….jpeg)

File: 8a47a1b90022556⋯.jpeg (459.44 KB, 1242x1072, 621:536, F70C7494-2BC6-41A5-82FB-0….jpeg)


This friend deserves investigating, a good launching point to dig. also note this snippet from article. W T F

1787be No.831824

File: 4bcdd50ecab567b⋯.jpg (49.93 KB, 425x550, 17:22, BOD.jpg)

cc99a2 No.831825


Nice Memes Meme Master !!!

5ff854 No.831826

File: 0eca7e82927dd00⋯.jpg (243.96 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, FixIt1.jpg)

File: 63a7128d1d337e2⋯.jpg (158.9 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, FixIt2.jpg)

File: 927d3ecc692e016⋯.jpg (212.08 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, FixIt3.jpg)

File: 743af90b103db87⋯.jpg (214.55 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, FixIt4.jpg)

File: 7c6aad4dde6abc8⋯.jpg (186.01 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, FixIt5.jpg)

829a58 No.831827

File: a3496995de3fa1a⋯.jpg (204.21 KB, 1598x1153, 1598:1153, ThankUBaker.jpg)

ab2a29 No.831828


He is referring to his liberal parents.

4db507 No.831830


oy vey

d4b8f6 No.831831


Lighting from below to shine up and makes his brow line cast a v shadow, making his eyebrows look v shaped (mean).

His hairline also has a V which I don’t see in his normal picture.

647d11 No.831832

File: 3523ef8151132d7⋯.png (476.95 KB, 762x637, 762:637, hrc-video-shocking.png)

25cc21 No.831833

Hey Anons I am linking a video of Jim Fetzer uncovering the Parkland fake shooting ….. He will show you what Simunition is ….It is an Ammo that causes a slight cut or abrasion so people not familiar with the lethal effect of a 223 Round would really believe they were shot ……. Jim is the absolute best and highly intelligent also uncovered Sandy Hoax and The Hologram that hit Trade centers …… Take time and watch ….https: //vimeo.com/262290613

ac9e34 No.831834

File: 706ff6bbfd39226⋯.jpg (476.83 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, IMG_1556.JPG)


Stacking Faggots behind a Mercedes

Investigate the homos

Prol ghosts

cc99a2 No.831835


Woke since 1998 full red pill. Some Anons might remember BRANTON Omega File and Battles Beneath The Earth !!! Classics !!

83b9d4 No.831836

File: 6235ee07e05b9b9⋯.png (70.56 KB, 750x740, 75:74, SamuraiPepesan.png)


Epic KeK.

Art of War, Bitch.

829a58 No.831837

File: eb553f894a6905f⋯.jpg (111.3 KB, 600x518, 300:259, bedford-experiment2 (1).jpg)


whats the bake?

ac9e34 No.831838

If we spent 7 trillion on solar , oil would be passé

b762f5 No.831839

Blunt & Direct Time:

The shills aren't going anywhere. Why? Simply because anons are here working. So, they will be here, working. If one gets fired for being ineffective, another will replace them. As long as the funds and the motivation exists, shills will exists. nothing that anons do, or don't so, will stop that. Filter, report, ban, gatekeep, reply with ridicule, reply with facts, reply with emotion, don't reply at all, it doesn't matter. They'll be here until their places of business are no more. That's the fact of the matter. Discern, and handle it as you so choose anons. Just be sure to get some substance on the board in the process.

5e60b1 No.831840

File: 7ab6e510fc3b4a6⋯.png (1.82 MB, 1221x906, 407:302, TIDAL WAVE INCOMING..png)

These people are STUPID.

Art of the Deal.



1a30d0 No.831841


Nobody young calls anyone boomers anyway. Shill sign for sure.

5ff854 No.831842

File: 2847bfe40494381⋯.jpg (281.65 KB, 1536x768, 2:1, JobsJobs1.jpg)

File: 3dc303a15251635⋯.jpg (206.15 KB, 1536x768, 2:1, JobsJobs2.jpg)

File: 42498eb37f2a21f⋯.jpg (187.96 KB, 1536x768, 2:1, JobsJobs3.jpg)

File: c31c8e97abf9c39⋯.jpg (248.69 KB, 1536x768, 2:1, JobsJobs4.jpg)

File: 97b590646fd0b1e⋯.jpg (193.71 KB, 1536x768, 2:1, AmericaFirstJobs.jpg)

And also on the infrastructure theme,

Jobs, jobs, jobs.

b762f5 No.831843


Logical. I can't dispute that.

829a58 No.831844

File: 428bec1dd943f56⋯.jpg (75.63 KB, 610x409, 610:409, bono-rainha3.jpg)


wicked eyes

82f4b8 No.831845


wrong post, dickhead

e7dbed No.831846

File: 6ac9f3565eb8fdd⋯.jpeg (353.1 KB, 1242x1830, 207:305, 6860CF46-732A-4F68-8E9F-F….jpeg)

fdadc5 No.831847

File: 9677d5b86fc51d2⋯.png (202.82 KB, 500x324, 125:81, F8C37070-8C1F-429C-B571-12….png)


We’re winning, you stupid ineffective parasitical piles of maggot shit.

We’re winning.

cc99a2 No.831848

Last Bread


The Anomaly posts and They delete it lightning fast. .

870a8e No.831849

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

President Trump Delivers Remarks on the Infrastructure Initiative

5df33a No.831850


Be confident.

It strikes terror into what remains of their hearts.

d023b9 No.831851


The "plan" was for the hippies in the 60's to become "enlightened" and change things before 1988. Unfortunately the sex and drugs kind of got in the way of the plan. 1988 was the critical point on the timeline…. the point of no return. But realize that the souls of the hippie generations were highly developed to incarnate at the time, or shortly after.

cc99a2 No.831852


TY Anon !

5e60b1 No.831853

File: 9cda746abe2aace⋯.png (143.59 KB, 289x394, 289:394, Beverly_Eckert_has_questio….png)



1. a person who loves, supports, and defends his or her country and its interests with devotion.

2. a person who regards himself or herself as a defender, especially of individual rights, against presumed interference by the federal government.

77d6ee No.831854

File: 8196acace3b0110⋯.png (16.34 KB, 400x397, 400:397, 90s_flowchart.png)

Anons, I dont usually go in for all of the ritualistic side of things, I tend to dig more in the company/tax/patent records etc ..

But a while a go someone posted some links im pretty sure from sacred-texts about the child sacrifice rituals …I have been searching for a while but my criteria is too broard … help an anon out ..

Pic unrelated.

829a58 No.831855

File: e2382061eda2e30⋯.jpeg (12.33 KB, 203x255, 203:255, e2382061eda2e303e6ac0e8c5….jpeg)



870a8e No.831856


NP, it's WH channel so it should be gtg soon!

354291 No.831857

>>831644 prev

>Look at all those old fucks with cellphones. . . . while ignoring the screams of children being sacrificed ritually.

OK, you young simple fuck. Please detail your last adventure saving those screaming children (with or without a phone, since that's not relevant).

We're waiting . . .

cc99a2 No.831858


Justice for 911 Inside job and collateral damage from the hands of Satan's Army ObamaBushCFco

647d11 No.831859

File: aedffc40e3714c7⋯.png (709.15 KB, 1031x618, 1031:618, video-hrc-congrats.png)

10a964 No.831860

Flat poop theory, poop is really flat but the mootymaloolas in the atmosphere make it appear like a log when it hits the air. All poop is flat they have lying to you, wake up people.

cfae0f No.831861


Like the girl that took 3 rounds to the shoulder and one thru the rips. And was smiling. …..and had an arm still.

acccac No.831862

Colgan Air 3407 crash


This quote from the Star/Ledger in NJ at nj.com makes me ask, why are some of the victims names secret?


Colgan Air today released the names of most of the victims in last week's commuter plane crash, saying some of those who died when Colgan Flight 3407 crashed on top of a house in the Buffalo, N.Y. suburbs will not be publicly identified at the request of their families.


I have looked everywhere and there appear to have been 44 passengers killed. Most sites give 37 or less names. A couple give 41 names (see below). So who are the three missing names and WHY!

Right from the beginning there is something odd about this flight. Beverly Eckert attracts attention immediately. But so does Alison Des Forges. They both live in Buffalo so maybe it is a coincidence, but….

Alison was and expert on the Rwanda genocide and head of Human Rights Watch. Remember how Q said this?

Very BAD

Well BAD is the Banque africaine de développement. In 2005 the former minister of Finance of Rwanda, Donald Kaberuka, was elected as president. He was a guest at Camp David in 2012 at the G8 meetings there. Several board members of the bank are advisors to the Clinton Global Initiative.

Looking further down the list are people from two pharma companies.

And if this really was designed to be a death flight, maybe it was no coincidence that two inexperienced pilots were worked to exhaustion in order to fly this plane. If you use the QRS11 to fuck with the controls you do not want a quick thinking pilot to recover from it, or say something about it on the voice recorder.

If this really was set up as a death flight, maybe those mystery three people are part of a Satanist sacrifice. Maybe the firstborn children of some satanists who need a sacrifice about the time of the St. Valentine's Day Massacre?

It would be interesting to get an astrologist to look at the planetary alignments around that time. Why did then not do it on Feb 2 or Feb 14? Maybe some alignment made them choose Feb 12 2009.

ab2a29 No.831863

File: 84864635ce5365a⋯.jpeg (42.06 KB, 570x428, 285:214, 400BAE4D-C19A-4F91-ACBD-7….jpeg)

ac9e34 No.831864

File: ef9a2cebdfd8f3e⋯.jpg (106.52 KB, 640x960, 2:3, IMG_1552.JPG)

Anabolic gives to the system

Catabolic takes away

Death cult brandishes trauma for shekels

Call it stupid

b762f5 No.831865


>Be confident.

>It strikes terror into what remains of their hearts.


Without a doubt!

a3236b No.831866


Same, free range of a significant wooded mountain area. Kick the can in the evenings. Good clean trouble.

Good advice on the 'Bmr' topic.

cc99a2 No.831867


You are being doxxed further and gang stalked FYI. I know the signs Anon.

d64802 No.831868


So get the fuck up and do something then. Armchair bitching, old fuck.


The MeToo female movement just got BTFO in one swoop. Lesbians abusing children. Fuck those dyke kikes. Why is it always people saying "Something wasn't quite right" after the fact?!

A cop can follow a black kid walking home for miles because they "fit the description" but can't step up and do something about a suburbian pedophile? Really makes you think doesn't it?

cc99a2 No.831870


No sense engaging them further, probably Ai.

362fcf No.831871

File: 459abe036821eff⋯.jpg (464.14 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, RyanHouseCleaning.jpg)

acccac No.831872

File: e5b63a6a11afa5a⋯.png (377.38 KB, 877x816, 877:816, ClipboardImage.png)


Here is the list of 41 passengers killed on 3407

– Mary Abraham, of West Seneca, N.Y. Trained people to use medical equipment made by Invacare Corp.

– Clarence Beutel III, of Buffalo, N.Y., vice president at software company Salient Corp.

– David Borner, of Pendleton, N.Y. Worked for Kraft Foods.

– Linda Davidson, of Westfield, N.Y., nurse at Westfield Memorial Hospital and Ronald Davidson's wife.

– Ronald Davidson, of Westfield, N.Y. Worked at an adult group home and was Linda Davidson's husband.

– Alison Des Forges, of Buffalo, one of the world's leading experts on the genocide in Rwanda.

– Beverly Eckert, of Stamford, Conn., whose husband died in the World Trade Center attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.

– John Fiore, of Grand Island, N.Y., recently retired from the Air Force.

– Ron Gonzalez, of New Brunswick, N.J., director of a youth services program.

– Brad S. Green Sr., of East Amherst, N.Y., salesman for Kraft Foods.

– Zhaofang Guo, of Amherst, N.Y., Worked at the Ford Motor Co. stamping plant in Hamburg.

– Kevin Johnston, of East Amherst, N.Y., employee at Henkel Corp. adhesive factory in Buffalo.

– George Abu Karam, of Tiberias, Israel, security guard.

– Sean Lang, of Montgomeryville, Pa., Penn State University student.

– Ellyce Kausner, of Clarence, N.Y., student at Florida Coastal School of Law.

– Nicole Korczykowski, of New York City. Worked for the investment firm Barclays Capital.

– Jerome Krasuski, of Cheektowaga, N.Y., program manager at defense contractor Northrup Grumman

– Brian Kuklewicz, of Cheektowaga, N.Y., engineer at industrial products factory.

– Bethany Kushner, of Angola, N.Y., college student.

– Maddy Loftus, of Parsippany, N.J. Headed to Buffalo for weekend reunion of women hockey players.

– Lorin Maurer, who worked raising money for Princeton University's athletics department.

– Donald McDonald, of Fort Erie, Ontario, technical manager at pharmaceutical plant.

– Coleman Mellett, of East Brunswick, N.J., guitarist in jazz musician Chuck Mangione's band.

– Dawn Monachino, of West Seneca, N.Y., pharmaceutical sales representative.

– Dawn Mossop, of Bloomfield, N.J., executive secretary at Schering-Plough and Donald Mossop's wife.

– Donald Mossop, of Bloomfield, N.J., technician for Xerox and Dawn Mossop's husband.

– Shawn Mossop, of Bloomfield, N.J., Donald and Dawn Mossop's 12-year-old son.

– Jennifer Neill, of Clarence, N.Y., pharmaceutical sales representative for Schering-Plough.

– Gerry Niewood, of Glen Ridge, N.J., saxophonist and member of jazz musician Chuck Mangione's band.

– Johnathan Perry, of New York City and Amsterdam. Worked for New York-based investment management company W.P. Carey Co.

– Mary Pettys, of West Seneca, N.Y., software director for an insurance firm.

– Ferris Reid, of Bloomfield, N.J. Dawn Mossop's sister.

– Julie M. Ries, of Clarence, N.Y., nurse at a retirement community.

– John G. Roberts III. Grew up in Lewiston, N.Y., and worked for the consulting and accounting firm Deloitte in Mumbai, India.

– Kristin Safran, of Bradford, Pa., beverage industry consultant.

– Jean Srnecz, of Clinton, N.J., senior vice president of merchandising at Charlotte, N.C.-based Baker and Taylor.

– Darren Tolsma, of Lancaster, N.Y., an engineer with defense contractor Northrop Grumman.

– Susan Wehle, of Amherst, N.Y., cantor at Temple Beth Am in Williamsville.

– Ernest W. West, of Clarence, N.Y., deputy director for business development at defense contractor Northrop Grumman in Amherst, N.Y.

– Shibin Yao, of New York City, manager at PricewaterhouseCooper.

– Clay Yarber, of Riverside, Calif., member of several Tampa Bay, Fla.-area bands over the past several decades.

c15647 No.831873

File: 6af6176405ab181⋯.jpg (124.17 KB, 1000x662, 500:331, oj_480x318.jpg)


Time Magazine, Steering the narrative for decades.

Just ask OJ…

b762f5 No.831874


Nice pic of you there

ab2a29 No.831875


Q post at 22:17

Plane crash at 22:17

829a58 No.831876

File: a6019e33794fd7a⋯.jpg (153.11 KB, 1500x1499, 1500:1499, areyou.jpg)

File: c555ba066115054⋯.jpg (47.48 KB, 600x492, 50:41, combine.jpg)

File: b9363231093ee19⋯.jpg (53.46 KB, 550x628, 275:314, p;ops.jpg)

File: 519a9e7994819dd⋯.png (306.29 KB, 520x591, 520:591, 519a9e7994819dd1a27de90923….png)

File: 57dd77e985b6924⋯.jpg (28.78 KB, 320x382, 160:191, 57dd77e985b692490e39da9663….jpg)

e7dbed No.831877

File: d52b22032007686⋯.jpeg (378.75 KB, 1211x1924, 1211:1924, C9514B20-2694-487A-9060-8….jpeg)

fa5777 No.831878

File: 4933e54bb5c05d6⋯.png (352.85 KB, 1903x952, 1903:952, Screenshot-2018-3-29 ADS-B….png)

File: 242a73252db3604⋯.png (703.13 KB, 1016x743, 1016:743, Screenshot-2018-3-29 Marin….png)

Hey, planefags. I just came on line and saw MAGMA89 on the move again. But not from Central America. Looks like it may have come from Gitmo? Anyone confirm?

Also and unspecified ship is docked there.

647d11 No.831879

File: ca9e51e6f833548⋯.png (1.18 MB, 1125x603, 125:67, video-hrc-tidal.png)

b762f5 No.831880


Now that you mention it…

9149a9 No.831881

File: 3d889790b5804b4⋯.jpg (2.4 MB, 2268x1512, 3:2, SwampMap.jpg)

Anons, have you noticed the similar characteristics between all these organizations and the connected individuals we're digging recently?

I'm trying to back up and look at them all from "40,000 feet" and see repeating similarities:

1) psychological control over others, creation of "us" and "them", existence of "club members" to create fear of rejection in insiders

2) corporate legal structure which avoids taxation

3) international business plan which has money crossing borders at least once and usually more

4) use of minors as chattel, whether for personal gratification or as a "product" to generate revenue

Mostly recent, NXIVM / Ranieri, the Turkish Fathullah Gulen and his organization, the Clintons/Obamas and their foundations and network, Howard Weinstein, Dan Schneider, and on and on.

The wrongdoing strikes me initially as being of equal interest to criminal prosecutors and the IRS, which has its own large and powerful law enforcement capacities.

So many people have died or had their lives ruined because of the individuals involved; I don't know how difficult it would be to prosecute the personal crimes.

Even without seeing actual org charts, which probably don't exist anyway, the organizational structures for them all seem similar: large and labyrinthine.

I think what we're seeing is the new incarnation of organized crime for the 21st century - all of it using tax avoidance schemes, exploiting lax US non-profit corporation tax laws to keep the money flowing, and access to children as pawns for sex trafficking, blackmail, extortion, their own gratification, money from "clients", with all financial investments offshored and camouflaged under multiple benignly-named legal entities.

They know that setting up a myriad of structures will make their operations get lost in the noise. They hide in the underbrush.

At the same time am reminded of Q's words that hit me upside the head like a 2x4: "We have it all." Bill Binney confirmed that when he told us that the NSA was literally vacuuming up EVERYTHING. So it's not a matter of law enforcement and prosecutors finding out whether evidence exists, it's knowing how to subpoena a needle in a haystack.

Let's recall that the IRS, which has a terrifying array of legal and arrest powers in its arsenal, got a new Commissioner in David Kautter last November. Whether or not Kautter has had time to clean house and issue a box full of pink slips in his agency since then is the question.

Law anons, if you were Jeff Sessions, would you deploy an army of prosecutors armed with Klein conspiracy charges? And/or the I.R.S.? Notwithstanding the notion of very useful Klein conspiracy potential charges, RICO is the other Sherman tank in the room.

What do you guys think? Swamp map attached is related, as are the 18k+ sealed indictments.

d21afa No.831882

Baker here. If there are any notables flag it with an ==ATTN BAKER==.

5227c6 No.831883

File: c827e8721ece704⋯.jpg (13.81 KB, 255x160, 51:32, sessions.jpg)

ac9e34 No.831884

File: 1867d0225e4aa69⋯.jpg (17.01 KB, 746x304, 373:152, IMG_1548.JPG)

All that yuuuuge are belong to us bigly

ab2a29 No.831885


You funny. It’s a pic of the shills. NewFag much?

fc2b1a No.831886

https:// redirector.googlevideo.com/videoplayback?mn=sn-vgqsrn76,sn-qxo7sney&mm=31,26&ipbits=0&requiressl=yes&sparams=dur,ei,id,ip,ipbits,itag,lmt,mime,mm,mn,ms,mv,pl,ratebypass,requiressl,source,expire&itag=22&dur=198.298&fvip=1&ip=,onr&ei=Vya9Wo__Goq0uwKshpb4DQ&expire=1522367159&ratebypass=yes&utmg=ytap1,,hd720

Watch…then watch again….and watch again and listen to every word. 3 minutes of red pilling wisdom

acccac No.831887


And then the Russians really screwed up the plan in 1991 by overthrowing the Communists and taking a different direction towards liberty and sovereignty.

942895 No.831888


I'll say it again: Bill Cooper, boomer. Was shot for telling the truth.

Behold a Pale Horse.

c104d6 No.831889


you tube has everything and I am almost certain c-span has a feed online

e7dbed No.831890

File: 902f119f90fb130⋯.jpeg (535.91 KB, 1242x2019, 414:673, AB559FB1-7178-4B4F-9713-E….jpeg)

fc2b1a No.831891


https:// hooktube.com/watch?v=j8v_XqFO8Bc

Don't know how to embed on here.

44d7e6 No.831892

File: b234c72a357652d⋯.jpg (100.58 KB, 713x711, 713:711, bev.jpg)

File: 81baaf203fa0c0c⋯.png (239.89 KB, 902x476, 451:238, Screen Shot 2018-03-29 at ….png)

File: e1f834256bb42c1⋯.jpg (182.89 KB, 1362x1312, 681:656, Screen_Shot_2018-03-04_at_….jpg)

File: ab9482d001feb93⋯.png (722.22 KB, 742x452, 371:226, Sunshine.png)


Thank for the heads up ANON!! If he talks about how PROUD he is of his plane safety record from last year, then do we take it as a go on Beverly Eckert??

Looks like we're gonna hit it ANYWAY, and we should, but maybe he'll throw that in there.

Thanks for saving the world POTUS. We love you.

829a58 No.831893

File: 7212e2f4e79dcec⋯.jpg (429.57 KB, 900x1440, 5:8, 2 - CWzFtR6.jpg)

File: 9eb3c66ac7f0384⋯.jpg (161.55 KB, 900x1440, 5:8, 9 - JtfXCDW.jpg)

File: 04f924155e58b36⋯.jpg (227.23 KB, 1200x1920, 5:8, 11 - 4DLPh9V.jpg)

File: 23489412b3ac3d5⋯.jpg (895.2 KB, 1600x2560, 5:8, rothschilds-right-now.jpg)

File: 47312905ff2e66b⋯.jpg (242.9 KB, 900x1440, 5:8, lyn.jpg)

a3236b No.831894


Good point about stages, some political, some social, some personal / spiritual / relationship wakenings.

On the political / world poly side, this Q phenomena is a 3rd phase of awakening (9/11 was 2nd, WACO and others in that era the 1st).

Hoping there aren't more to come, but learning to swallow and integrate more quickly each time.

Also, realize how it can wear on one over the decades. Feeling more motivated and engaged in recent months, probably a bit reason to take time out of the day to check in w/ Q.

Have a good one UKanon.

5e60b1 No.831895

File: 0dbdc0101a30e58⋯.jpg (114.1 KB, 1063x813, 1063:813, 0dbdc0101a30e5857f5cc4d4f7….jpg)

362fcf No.831896


You have a link in braile? I ain't clickin that shit!

5227c6 No.831897

File: fee16651c8535f6⋯.jpg (8.29 KB, 299x168, 299:168, anondueprocess.jpg)

When an anon makes a wild stab at it do we ridicule and mock? Well yes and no - YES if there is no sauce - but NO if there is a real effort to back up the idea. And if there IS sauce it is dissected and analyzied by the anons - and a consensus may (or may not) be achieved.

Case in point - anti-jewish posts that we have all seen by the hundreds. Clearly some anon or disruptors are dedicated to this idea. But after several dozen breads - where the evidence (sauce) for these claims was posted - anons seem to have reached a consensus - that it is just mostly non-productive shilling and hate speech. Life goes on. That is the process and it is a marvelous one. I will call it ANON DUE PROCESS. No court, no judge, no jury. no appeal - just a trial by your peers WE THE PEOPLE. This is a big part of GLORIOUS 2018.

acccac No.831898

If anon thinks I am going to click on a 4 line cryptic URL then anon has a hole in their head.


ca0a5e No.831899


this isn't good, my bad.

fa5777 No.831900


MAGMA88 just popped up over Miami.

d18ce4 No.831901

647d11 No.831902

File: ffb78e5a8aca85f⋯.png (548.37 KB, 552x555, 184:185, hillbag-peasants.png)

File: 604356d10615996⋯.png (600.84 KB, 622x637, 622:637, hillbag-pepe-no.png)

File: 2fb7c51542f5acf⋯.png (812.3 KB, 756x670, 378:335, hillbag-50-steps.png)

File: d580397b8c88174⋯.png (541.29 KB, 973x606, 973:606, hillbag-know.png)

fc2b1a No.831903

File: d54f06eb7a34730⋯.jpg (505.18 KB, 675x900, 3:4, stop.jpg)

File: 47d36ea302246dd⋯.jpg (294.79 KB, 1526x1800, 763:900, time kurtz.jpg)

3f366b No.831904

File: 777bdb2ce7f8d53⋯.jpg (59.48 KB, 1440x1440, 1:1, IMG_1551.JPG)

Hatefagging is for the depraved and idolatrous

aaa746 No.831905

Since I was one of the last drafted in the armed services, a farmer ,machinist,electrician, sailor in the Navy, mechanic, spent many years in the Rocky Mountains, hunting ,fishing and trapping , I paid my dues…… it just pisses me off what this Country has become and the society that now lives in it… So the wet behind the ears,children can kiss my ass

e7dbed No.831906

b10e93 No.831907


don't envy the rich and famous

they always seem to make their own hell on earth. Of course their handlers help with that….

c104d6 No.831908


husband or father?

f4f8cc No.831909

File: 8fbde41c0f4f077⋯.jpg (63.93 KB, 606x549, 202:183, Screenshot_43.jpg)

ca65d4 No.831910


Good answer. i'm not going to reply anymore though, that boomer sliding is getting old, no pun intended.


No, just Poe's Law in effect. Carry on anon

688c14 No.831911

File: 878dcc00ca4208b⋯.jpg (67.23 KB, 603x500, 603:500, 26tic2.jpg)

83b9d4 No.831912

File: c8163d26df26473⋯.png (119.22 KB, 629x345, 629:345, 2Kings9.22.GoodNews.png)



1:41:09 PM

# anagram

09:11:22 (where 4 = 2+2) MP

>>825929 Q

>HRC 2.12.09

>>825299 #1023

>2 Kings 9:22

See, you're not the Only 1 who can PLAY with #'s, Witch.

44d7e6 No.831914


I think that you have it nailed and that the chart is spot on. It is going to be important that we ALL learn of these schemes, at least to some degree, so they cannot pop up again.

Stellar Work!

aac3d5 No.831915


I love clear and concise formats like this. The two paragraphs on Mack. Boom.

fa5777 No.831916


Holy shitsnacks. There are no coincidences. Nice catch, anon.

829a58 No.831917

File: 1e92a33098a432a⋯.jpg (263.87 KB, 800x1280, 5:8, 15 - AFDcYJ0.jpg)

354291 No.831918


This cover follows the one New gun grabbing Powers Rangers.

They are attempting to maximize the difference between them.

Naturally, this was unnecessary as he is far smarter than they, while the New Power Rangers are even stupider than they are.

No need for contract whatsoever, but they aren't smart enough to see that. Thank God they are almost done.

3f366b No.831919

File: 43cb9ac42f2591a⋯.jpg (143.54 KB, 1024x1236, 256:309, IMG_1554.JPG)

Duress coercion etc

fc2b1a No.831920


Imagine the odds of a couple dying on two separate plane related incidents>? 7/10

+ Inside Job IXXI

93cfef No.831921


You're 100%, as far as I can tell.

Baker, this one's a strong contender for the notables.

As for your question, I'm not a lawfag, but I'd hazard a guess that whatever needs to happen between now and judgment is still being built up, such that all possible tools can be used to bring it down.

942895 No.831922


So, what do they call them?

b445ad No.831924



Flight shows origin, Bahamas

ca7368 No.831925

File: 81b02cce4a1f048⋯.jpg (76.13 KB, 750x500, 3:2, rosarymm.jpg)

make no mistake

these are the marines of the Catholic Church

and the gates of hell shall not prevail…

>>831028 last bread


688c14 No.831926

File: c9248d8996ae52e⋯.jpg (109.83 KB, 1000x1490, 100:149, 17fecevfvwk01.jpg)

44d7e6 No.831927


Makes me tear up. She sorta represents us in a way. A nobody who never backed down.

3f366b No.831928

File: 5d8c94bce6ea297⋯.jpg (250.04 KB, 896x1356, 224:339, IMG_1524.JPG)

Shrooms agnar

acccac No.831929


This process would work a bit better if we were more organized.

For instance, if we had a THEMES section at the top of the bread.

Each general discussion theme would be identified, and a rough consensus described. Also a link to another thread for more details.

I think it would be worth getting rid of Notables to put this in. Reduce the Notables section to 3 links to the boards/threads, one in comms, one in village idiot and Best of Bread.

ce3bfa No.831930

File: dbda101e8f5612e⋯.png (1.54 KB, 1055x111, 1055:111, result.brf.png)

829a58 No.831931

File: 596918a0af2a3c3⋯.mp4 (2.97 MB, 270x480, 9:16, 596918a0af2a3c3a052edbd4d1….mp4)

4db507 No.831932


I honestly don't care if Mueller is our guy, he's still an asshole and should eat the requisite amount of dicks.

647d11 No.831933

File: 6b501992225929a⋯.png (666.29 KB, 474x693, 158:231, lord-rings.png)

b445ad No.831934

File: 128d76096d7db50⋯.png (62.54 KB, 632x511, 632:511, Screen Shot 2018-03-29 at ….png)


Bahamas as origin

e7dbed No.831935

File: 86b295c54ca64e2⋯.jpeg (320.07 KB, 988x1700, 247:425, 343253EE-F3EB-4C27-988B-5….jpeg)

Not sure if this was mentioned so posting. Sorry if so.

77d6ee No.831936

File: 717b7d4ba0dccce⋯.png (665.33 KB, 475x658, 475:658, ClipboardImage.png)


Not tagging you just general information and I am just typing as I think here.

Q chose us (anon/the chans) because of all audiences, we are the most discerning. We spot people trolling/sliding threads/controlling narrative … now that is a borad statement and I am not saying we are anything special, but compared to general society I think the %age of critical thinking is alot higher on the chan sites. People new to this will take a while to get acclimatised to it.

I mean, for example, I have always believed that given the chance we can (PIC RELATED) "Live long and prosper".

77a33f No.831937

>Why did Kim travel to China?

For a face to face meeting

>Why was travel impossible in the past?

Was stopped from doing so

>What changed?

Django Unchained

>What constitutes the need for a F2F meeting v. secured call?

No trusted intermediaries, no intercepts

>What US publicly traded co. previously entered N. Korea to establish comms?


>Think logically.

Not just GOOG?


Because of connection to Clowns


Becausse GOOG runs NK

>Who is Sergey Brin?

One of the FAMILY that runs Clowns, GOOG et al and NK

>Where was Sergey born?


>Track the 'FAMILY' - IMPORTANT.

Social media dirty fingers in multi dirty pies

>Think COLD WAR.


>Think KGB.

GOOG et al infiltrated by the Russians?

>US, China, N Korea [3].

Xi, Trump and Kim secure call to catch up on previous meeting in November since the others visited Kim

>FACEBOOK data dump?

Server Farm backup of EVERYTHING goes to NK in secret.

>Who made it public?

Me. And Q?

>Who sold shares -30 days from announcement?


>You can't imagine the magnitude of this.

ALL your data were belong to them

>Constitutional CRISIS.

Monarchy and Dems on suicide watch

>Twitter coming soon.

Twitter barely on life support

>GOOG coming soon.

Duckduckgo on Popeye Spinach diet

>AMAZON coming soon.

Bezos denied entry to this year's staring contest

>MICROSOFT coming soon.

Gates BTFO


Tinder, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Reddit, the top downloads

>Current censorship all relates to push for power [mid-terms].

Mid term are belong to us.


Their hopes are pinned on there not being a massive tidal wave from OIG to 911

>Election FRAUD cases OPEN - DOJ [many].

Clean elections in Nov 2018, Dems on suicide watch

>Follow the FAMILY.

Anyone related to top people at GOOG et al

>Follow resignations [Business/Gov't].

Indictments and seizures will cause many resignations


Even the kids are at it and are now cmplicity and caught

>Who made it public?


>Who really made it public?


>Who is making it all public?

Our WW support led by POTUS


All your dirty secret are belong to us




Iran already taken




Only one not soiled too much


Roger that


What allows MI to take over?


State secrets, industries designated and declarations of emergency powers

>These people are STUPID.

They are scare and making stupid desperate moves.

>Art of the Deal.

When the time comes, strike like a snake


It's about time, patience is key to succeess.


Oh yeah.

3f366b No.831938

File: 17911ea67a05cc3⋯.jpg (323.72 KB, 1472x828, 16:9, IMG_1541.JPG)

Heaven an hell exist here on earth

Separated by a membrane

Called choice

Freewill can be ice cream

Or Russian hooker collusion tape

ca65d4 No.831939


Oh shit!!! Good eye

ec0f0e No.831940


USA closed Russia consulate 60 Russians

Russia closed USA consulate 60 Americans


Trumps nominee for Sec of Veterans affairs

829a58 No.831941

File: 476b06bb9de33b8⋯.jpg (3.43 MB, 5090x3510, 509:351, 024-25.jpg)


breads move fast, so double post is fine

did you know that that fuckfage peter munk is dead?

his family is next

b506f5 No.831942


Good! You captured the curiosity factor and managed to plant the thought of a Pedophile Sex Tape without actually accusing her of it. Excellent anon.

01d344 No.831943

does anyone have a copy of the Judge's opinion in the Stormy Daniels motion? I heard a little on the news and it was cut off. It started to sound like the lawyer was close to getting a spanking. I would like to read it if someone has it. It was a bad motion and I hope he gets sanctions against him for filing frivolous motions.

ca2dc2 No.831944

Getting ready to listen to the speech. I am sure there will be some nuggets therein. So proud to be an American with Trump leading the way. Heartfelt gratitude.

5227c6 No.831945

File: 3b037c0ec7ecf36⋯.jpg (11.6 KB, 300x168, 25:14, exlax.jpg)

File: 6367a8754a4cb16⋯.png (116.52 KB, 320x301, 320:301, poopbutton.png)


you need one or the other you constipated moron

9f5ff4 No.831946

Anons, I think it's important to remember that there are sects of Jewish people who reject the Talmud as patently false and only accept the Torah. One such group is the Karaite Jews. There are also Jews who are considered Messianic and do not practice Talmud. The Rabinnic Jews on the other hand consider our Redeemer, our Lamb, Jesus Christ, to be just another teacher and they say the Talmud was orally passed down at Mt. Sinai. These are the Jews that you have to watch out for.

3f366b No.831947

If you did not keep your oath

You are a liar

f53370 No.831948


Maybe very specific subgroup of russians?

4d6881 No.831949

File: 05871f1367f1dfd⋯.png (73.4 KB, 841x553, 841:553, no-coincidences.png)


fantastic catch

made the visual

for anons to archive

829a58 No.831950

File: a99c2ed6c8ac4b1⋯.jpg (121.15 KB, 600x663, 200:221, 19.jpg)




f5882e No.831951

File: 2b112ddf916fc8b⋯.png (254.76 KB, 569x526, 569:526, screenshot_172.png)


Anons like time stamps….

647d11 No.831952

File: a985105cdfa6668⋯.png (683.4 KB, 902x640, 451:320, video-hrc-stop.png)

25e330 No.831953


Hear Hear….

123578 No.831954


I woldn’t doubt it. The only thing that doesn’t add up is how they evaded the we see all we hear all to pull it off, being that the plan is complex. They must have some out-of-this-world comms.

ca65d4 No.831955

File: 387b330cbe838a3⋯.png (55.26 KB, 374x518, 187:259, ClipboardImage.png)

48f837 No.831956

File: ff7c7f4516ad7b5⋯.png (547.87 KB, 1280x800, 8:5, Screen Shot 2018-03-29 at ….png)

We have a drone @ 48,000 ft ?

ca65d4 No.831957

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

d2542d No.831958


yes we do, better context

e7dbed No.831959


Thanks. Yes saw abt PM!

acccac No.831960


Also, that happened on Feb 12 2009. This year on Feb 11 2018 there was a suspicious crash in Moscow.

You would think a Satanist would do this on Feb 2 or Feb 14. Why these dates? Is there an astrological reason for that?

25e330 No.831961


Thank You! Can agree more.

5227c6 No.831962


yes the notables seem a bit inconsistent and unreliable - could really be improved

but i like the organic no rules process of anon due process - hive mind at its best

92452b No.831963


"Data protection law"

They are going to protect the data from the user, most likely.

98c900 No.831964

File: b15b41e242695e7⋯.jpeg (18.45 KB, 499x361, 499:361, computers are made.jpeg)

Here are ten companies that could be the +12 from q 964. Remember Twitter, Google (Alphabet), Amazon, and Microsoft are additional. Microsoft said it would split up today which will likely (this is from previous bread discussion) isolate it's cloud and AI "cancer" from devices and "experiences."

Interestingly, many on this list are cloud storage companies. (((they has all your cheezburger photos)))


GM (I'd bet onstar has lots of info)


Snap, Inc. (started as snapchat)


Pure storage Inc



Weight Watchers

Rapid7 Inc.

Let me know if anyone has any other ideas.

Also on the list I was going to search for Vanguard Group ownership:














Trip Advisor


23 and me




Travelocity - microsoft?






Obviously way more that +12 there, so I think sticking to the tech/data storage/AI areas makes sense for post 964.

Though I have a hunch they will all be drained soon enough. Post threaded to this one with old research of Vanguard Group EY and the cabal corporate shell game.

Someone's gonna be interested in it someday. I just know it.

77d6ee No.831965

File: 475b146ddd26490⋯.png (18.88 KB, 1365x208, 105:16, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 74655b0a96d9e0f⋯.png (5.44 KB, 415x244, 415:244, ClipboardImage.png)



Really good catch anon … Confirmed ..

Good job patriot.

5772e9 No.831966



The Jesuits are no longer the marines of the Church. They USED to be back when St. Ignatius of Loyola founded them. Since then they have been corrupted. All you have to do is look at their de-facto leader, Francis (supposedly the Pope.) Today he said there is no hell. What a liar! The REAL marines of the Church are those who are faithful to the Teachings of Christ, the Teachings of the Apostles, and the Teachings of the Church. The Jesuits no longer do this. They are the corrupters of the Church. They are part of the problem. They should be suppressed. The real warriors and Marines of the Church are little old ladies and men who pray hours every day. The real Warriors and Marines are the faithful young priests who teach the truth without compromise.

647d11 No.831967

File: 9781ca0686bbaab⋯.png (716.65 KB, 902x530, 451:265, video-hrc-leak.png)

77a33f No.831968

f53370 No.831969


Why would anybody trust them?

98c900 No.831970

File: 8ca065e0ccaf211⋯.png (127.79 KB, 1104x507, 368:169, corporate shell game 1.png)

File: efe8c24c4e6a7d7⋯.png (66.44 KB, 1076x224, 269:56, corporate shell game 2.png)

c98982 No.831971


>So, what do they call them?


Do we really need to put everyone into some arbitrary group?

The weak-minded and those seeking to divided do.

37f210 No.831972

File: d46f1a46d011b6f⋯.jpg (373.36 KB, 992x1228, 248:307, IMG_1518.JPG)

Plenty of shrimp 🍤

f5882e No.831974


AT&T is now a Patriot controlled company….

acccac No.831975


In 2009?

Correct me if I'm wrong, but Trump was elected at the end of 2016. Back in 2009 a certain Kenyan citizen was the one who was seeing and hearing all.

5be3bc No.831976

File: 77c36a7001017a3⋯.jpeg (542 KB, 750x1012, 375:506, 6F88A0C1-5319-4684-8F9B-A….jpeg)

https:// . truepundit.com/welcome-to-the-worst-fbi-field-office-millions-of-dollars-wasted-as-agents-get-tailed-by-other-fbi-agents-trouble-makers-get-labeled-as-terrorists/

d64802 No.831977


Dubs confirmed famalam. Simunition. I can't believe this is even a thing. I literally got 30 seconds in and started grinning with rage because this KEEPS happening. This is just unreal, anon. Great find! Hogg's eyes are so fucking dead. Like he rehearsed that particular emotion. This pissed me off so goddamn much.


Solid summary, anon. Got a few keks outta me. I really hope Apple is part of the reckoning. Any ETA on when the tsunami hits?

fa184c No.831978

Anybody heard any thing about JA??

Kimdotcom twitter big deal last night …now silent 11 hours

829a58 No.831979

File: 364c85ad024e0aa⋯.png (2.23 MB, 1440x1436, 360:359, wBa2wWe.png)

218ac3 No.831980

File: 4922300ea57ea11⋯.png (284.54 KB, 658x533, 658:533, ClipboardImage.png)

848a3b No.831981

File: 1cf4086da74d427⋯.jpg (98.27 KB, 1200x630, 40:21, BagOfDicks.jpg)

cc99a2 No.831982

File: 30f5af1947348a4⋯.jpg (5.84 KB, 270x186, 45:31, images9AYW3XH3.jpg)

Whoever made this needs to go to a padded cell.

ec0f0e No.831983


Do GRand Theft Plans about the stolen Nuke plans from our DOE in 1999 !!

NK! Iran! Uranium!

79bfa3 No.831984


Lexis Nexus. They are not just a legal search tool. Global big data contracts with governments everywhere.

647d11 No.831985

File: 69345b322bbb781⋯.png (1.07 MB, 961x638, 961:638, video-hrc-toxic.png)

cc99a2 No.831986

File: 9a628b012978d43⋯.jpg (64.25 KB, 446x640, 223:320, 850037-879_4_001.jpg)

File: 3b1651139bedb26⋯.jpg (35.74 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault27C2Z6M0.jpg)

File: b8f25e03fe47a5f⋯.jpg (5.76 KB, 251x201, 251:201, imagesVO7VOMOP.jpg)

File: f3d5556eb4f4d9c⋯.jpg (442.61 KB, 925x821, 925:821, sgt fury 3-31 - Copy.jpg)

Meme fodder I am working with

b445ad No.831987


BAKER This^^^

Great catch Anon

e7dbed No.831988


What does this mean in the post abt GA moving

Check line 119 $4$#$*(


9d26e6 No.831989

See what happens when you piss off patriots…

https:// amp.businessinsider.com/susan-rice-netflix-board-customers-threaten-cancel-memberships-boycott-2018-3

829a58 No.831990

File: 9e95515d43be791⋯.mp4 (5.17 MB, 480x360, 4:3, Angela Merkel playing russ….mp4)


And this one a medal!

64cd26 No.831991

In Hawaii, FBI investigates Waipahu church for alleged human trafficking…. A property of their church. Complete with a golf course and helepad for their pastor.

http:// www.hawaiinewsnow.com/story/37834616/exclusive-fbi-investigated-controversial-church

Makes me wonder if Obama is connected in anyway. I do remember when he was in office one of his "close friends" in Hawaii was busted for human trafficking…

ec0f0e No.831992

File: 9379860fc379a31⋯.jpeg (411.66 KB, 2720x1916, 680:479, C3FF458B-85CE-41F3-B824-3….jpeg)


Oh shit!

ce3bfa No.831993



37f210 No.831994

https:// youtu.be/UaFqnQIq3iU

fa184c No.831995

File: 42cdda27df558b4⋯.jpg (49.28 KB, 600x314, 300:157, G6Y182Qg.jpg)

Thomas Paine


Please RT as Twitter is Keeping this One Hidden from Folks – THANKS – The Worst FBI Field Office; Millions of Dollars Wasted as Agents Get tailed By Other FBI Agents & ‘Trouble Makers’ Get Labeled Terrorists

594f27 No.831996


and to add to that; think about the impications of all of our data (google, fb, twitter?) being scooped by political candidates for election research

-where did our data go?

- driving around Brooklyn in the Scooby Goog van?

-On Killery's open damn server

-hacked on there by foreign governments?

acccac No.831998


You are part of the problem.

If you hide away from society and refuse to get involved in politics, then the only people who do end up in politics are the sleazebags and criminals. YOU CREATED THIS PROBLEM. At the very least you could have cleaned it up 20-30 years ago.

What the hell are you even doing on this board?

We are here to work, to unveil the actions of the cabal and shine light on it, to lobby our politicians to do a proper job or get the hell out and let new blood take over. If you aren't ready to work, then GTFO.

d18ce4 No.831999

>>831875 ==baker add to notables please this is a big deal and a direct sign from Q imho==

fa184c No.832000


https:// t.co/6V6PX1JVWy

77d6ee No.832001



Not >>831965 but

>>831875 dough worthy

647d11 No.832002

File: 70516cfb1935e71⋯.png (540.15 KB, 514x640, 257:320, video-hrc-tarmac.png)

10a964 No.832003

Trust Wray

https:// truepundit.com/fbi-boss-wray-doubling-agents-responding-to-subpoena-on-clinton-mccabe-fisa-abuses/

77d243 No.832004


Not an expert, but from what I've heard, the Karaites are the descendants of what the English Bible calls the Sadducees. And today's Hasidim that uphold Talmud are the descendants of the Pharisees, who Yeshua rebuked as vipers and hypocrites.

77a33f No.832005


I think you can safely add pornhub to the list of the 12

79bfa3 No.832006


To be fair, every indication is that apple is better about not sharing/selling user data than most of tech. Miles to go, but i see them as a lessor evil.

44d7e6 No.832007


Incredible. I hope we have an AstrologerFag in the house. Great Work!!

f5882e No.832008

37f210 No.832009


https:// youtu.be/vvDa7JxosuE


218ac3 No.832010

Clinton was sworn in as sec of state on 2/12/09

829a58 No.832011

File: 61725a4cfcac298⋯.jpeg (26.55 KB, 344x344, 1:1, 1486794437686-3.jpeg)

File: 26056c8dca8b54c⋯.jpg (159.29 KB, 545x960, 109:192, tumblr_olpgfrpT2p1r9ije4o1….jpg)

File: 1cdaab1702620c8⋯.jpg (28.35 KB, 473x473, 1:1, eJwVzMENwyAMAMBdGAATYmSTbR….jpg)

File: 6f0ed88047f0203⋯.jpg (1022.5 KB, 1200x1600, 3:4, bank.jpg)

File: c8589c897bc48f4⋯.jpg (14.79 KB, 480x322, 240:161, eyJ1cmwiOiJodHRwOi8vNjgubW….jpg)


>All great

8d81d2 No.832012


Suicide watch.

Couldn't happen too soon.

848a3b No.832014


Excellent work anon. What about that Q post where he says 80% of plane crashes are sabbotage? That could be good to add with these.

d64802 No.832016


When do you think the video would drop?

That's 10:17PM Maybe the (1+1+7) 9th of next month? The day Senate/House get back from recess?

98c900 No.832017


Nice job anon >>831875.

Heck of a confirmation. The problem remains that there are several rabbit holes from that one incident. Oh, the digging. It pulls forward all of 9/11 and a big chunk of WJC ignoring Rwandan genocide. Then there's that one dude and his baseball cards.

cc99a2 No.832018


THEY ARE A HUGE PROBLEM IN THE USA !!!!!!!!!!!! HUGE FUCKING PROBLEM AND NEED REMOVED FROM ANY DEALING WITH KIDS AND SCHOOLS !!!!!!!!!! PROVEN FILTH! sorry for the caps . I am flaming pissed off at the jesuit agents in usa getting away with it . Arch Bishop of NYC is one I can think of that needs to GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

aac3d5 No.832019

File: 6a53e5f03451d18⋯.jpg (433.24 KB, 720x480, 3:2, jfkbook.jpg)


Some of us had no choice when it came to awakening. Me, spring of 1993, working a book all about the people behind the JFK assassination investigation (not written by me. I was just the editor), while the WACO event unfolded on CNN behind me, with Rush Limbaugh talking on the radio in the author's kitchen. Boom, boom, boom. The author was a hottie back in the day, too, so add another boom.

77a33f No.832020


Need six month lead up to mid terms for full effect so I'm guessing April is the month. OIG and 911

b8950c No.832021


What about American Airlines Flight 587 that crashed after takeoff, 2 months after 911.

Both wings ended up ripped off ??

fc2b1a No.832022

File: 86b753abfec4540⋯.jpg (48.04 KB, 630x365, 126:73, miyagi.jpg)


Thanks kek

362fcf No.832025


Nice.. Could you repost the image without the yellow paintjob please to add in a graphic.. I'm not EST.

Thanks in advance anon.

bfd3db No.832026

File: 44ac186e1988c03⋯.jpg (240.48 KB, 1021x943, 1021:943, Clinton 400 Polka Favorite….jpg)

0d4ced No.832027


Brilliant Anon want to be like you when i grow up.

79bfa3 No.832028


does this mean anything to programmerfags?

cc99a2 No.832029


That was a weird one for sure. They have a Air Crash Investigation episode on youtube of that too.

e7dbed No.832030


Well done

2cf24e No.832031


sure, that and they were eager to get a id print and facial recognition on their products. Who do you think is using that shit to fill their db?

848a3b No.832032


I guess that's the line of 8Chan code which was changed by bad actors.

cc99a2 No.832033

Trump LIVE !

77a33f No.832034


Obsfucated method name or function at line 119?

79bfa3 No.832035


My first impression of the Time magazine photo was that he looks embalmed.

870a8e No.832036

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


6a9b71 No.832037

So first we expel 60 Russian diplomats. All of our "allies" follow suit. Now Russia sees our wager and sees our bet. This to me is Kabuki theater, setting more props on the stage for the Mueller firing. Trump can point back to this and say, "If there was Russian collusion, why would I kick these commies out of our country?". The OIG report will be dropped soon, Sessions and the DOJ will take action. Deep State/SES/Libtards won't know what hit them. Me thinks it's going to be the start of a great performance soon. Okay, back to work and lurking. Later fags!!!

44d7e6 No.832038


So it could be the Tarmac, Seth Rich 187, LL Supreme Court with Bill tape…

Or the Huma, p0rno, who knows what tape…

Or the Crash a plane to kill at least Beverly Eckert for daring to want the Truth tape..

My $$$ is on #3. Still…What a crook. She'd make Capone blush.

b10e93 No.832039


That would be Lord Rothschild

36ff2e No.832040

File: f3d81e0fdb8a5af⋯.jpg (44.52 KB, 360x220, 18:11, DSC_2213-360_0.jpg)

Manama, Mar. 29 (BNA): The BDF Commander-in-Chief Field Marshal Shaikh Khalifa bin Ahmed Al Khalifa, received a delegation of the Bahraini-Pakistani Committee headed by Lt-General Mohammad Shafiq Director of International Military Cooperation in the Armed Forces of Pakistan, in the presence of BDF Chief-of-Staff Lt-General Dhiyab bin Saqer Al Nuaimi.

The Commander-in-Chief praised the deep relations between the two countries and their development in various fields especially in the field of military cooperation.

d2542d No.832041


watching on CSPAN

cfae0f No.832042


Hawaii comes up again………

37f210 No.832043

File: 13a0d639cc81c07⋯.jpg (83.47 KB, 644x960, 161:240, IMG_0875.JPG)

Crispy shrimp sushi roll

8d81d2 No.832044

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

Pull the treegroes, Negroes:

fc2b1a No.832045

File: e4cd968197fc00b⋯.png (529.48 KB, 600x426, 100:71, hillarygrandjury.png)


maybe she had a hand in JFK jr going down too. She loves plane crashes. How many people do you know who died in aviation accidents?

How many do Clintons know? 40?

f5882e No.832046

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

🔴WATCH LIVE: President Trump Speech on Infrastructure

25e330 No.832047


That feeling through all the years that something (what?) was terribly wrong.

You caught whiffs, glimpses yet the narrative was so strong it kept that terrible feeling a whirlwind tug of war within.

To be freed, to be able to finally see!

Yes, “we” are awake!

Tremble, tremble. For “we” know! “We” will not stop until every last one of (((you/they))) are defeated.


d64802 No.832049




cfae0f No.832050

Awesome find by anon on 3407/Q timestamp. AWESOME!

Wiki : Alison Des Forges, a human rights investigator and an expert on the Rwandan genocide.[11][28]

Beverly Eckert, who became co-chair of the 9/11 Family Steering Committee and a leader of Voices of September 11 after her husband Sean Rooney was killed in the September 11 attacks. She was en route to Buffalo to celebrate her husband's 58th birthday and award a scholarship in his memory at Canisius High School.[11][29][30]

37f210 No.832052

File: 16b03cb4eab63b7⋯.jpg (119.74 KB, 500x691, 500:691, IMG_0815.JPG)

Nets of gross

98c900 No.832053


is it 41 passengers plus 2 pilots plus one on the ground for 44?

acccac No.832054


Try googling the following:

babylon firstborn sacrifice

1a30d0 No.832055


What another anon said… I don’t think in terms of groups as a primary. Boomers are a real people, like millenials, and discussions could be had about them, but my main point is that I’ve never heard anyone younger than the boomers refer to them as such. So, ignore the shills that seem to have deduced intel about you like this. They are just trying to agitate.

fc2b1a No.832056


Reset…Fresh start…flushing the swamp (hope)

107bd4 No.832057


Production of solar cells (and LED monitors, etc) produces a gas that's 17,000x worse than CO2 and has a half life of 7-900 years.

354291 No.832058

File: 35ee809c8ba0b1f⋯.jpg (198.62 KB, 1000x500, 2:1, PR1.jpg)

File: f8e14510245e045⋯.jpg (154.71 KB, 1000x500, 2:1, PR2.jpg)

File: 8ee2ebe244c435e⋯.jpg (152.18 KB, 1000x500, 2:1, PR3.jpg)

acccac No.832059


It was 44 passengers and 5 crew. There was one killed on the ground

83b9d4 No.832060

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

>>831816 KEKtastiC stArT.

>>831818 WOW, worth more digging?

>>832012 GraveWard J.C.


>>831953 Care not a twat for the Poor & Shameless, only want Those 1s who caused the suffering and/or death of other human beings to pay for Their Sick Crimes.

<Karma Police, Bitchez

This is what you get when you mess with US.

647d11 No.832061


Or the fbi informant video tape of Russian cash bribing. Victoria Toensing talked about that a while ago

ec0f0e No.832062


Mine came later. 2007.

Somebody had a bumper sticker on their computer chair that read “9/11 was an inside job”

I had never heard of that saying before.

I said “what the heck does that mean?” He said “it means the twin towers were blown up by people in our government..”

I said to him “are you FUCKING KIDDING ME?!? HOW DARE YOU! It was the TERRORISTS!!”

And after about 4 minutes of them laughing at me, I left. I went to my best friends house and said “dude you won’t believe what just happened to me! I was at ___’s house and he said 9/11 was an inside job or some shit!”

Best friend said “yea dude 9/11 was DEF an inside job..” I said “WHAT THE FUCK??”

Now I’m FURIOUS. I leave and go home and now I’m on a mission. I was going to go on the Internet and PROVE that they are fucking morons.

Didn’t take long to figure out I was retarded. I discovered a very unwanted and unwelcomed truth.

Been on a mission ever since. Addiction to truth. A divine duty. Truth is the only thing that matters.

ca0a5e No.832063

Watch the stream..,

37f210 No.832064

File: 26ffdc676b4fa92⋯.jpg (193.98 KB, 1568x773, 1568:773, IMG_1534.JPG)

Poker face

Cha cha cha

d64802 No.832065

Trump mentioned Apple ;) Maybe that's the deal for CEO's of tech to keep their position/image. $350 BILLION dollars from Tim Cook. Not bad ;) No more giving jobs to pajeets and China overseas. They'll be crushed too when people find out the user data hoarding. Double edged sword. WEW

9d26e6 No.832066


Adorbs <3

8d81d2 No.832067

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

What were you expecting, Rock and Roll?

37f210 No.832068


Refine process

74fff9 No.832070


boomers are the hippies that got stuck in their drug induced dream world. They still worship Bono to this day for example; so when the CIA tells Bono to tell his followers to bark or kill Trump and his followers they just might do it.

People like Corsi are probably repulsed to be lumped into the boomer category that allowed the cabal to cement itself in the USA after the collapse of Germany and then the USSR. Participants of this board are not all edge lords or under 40.

Counter-culture anon; it has been around a long time

1464e2 No.832071

“Sep 28th we go further…”

From Ohio stream

bfd3db No.832072

File: 203c9744602f374⋯.jpg (375.06 KB, 1605x725, 321:145, Hound99.jpg)

File: f5094babd58d449⋯.jpg (434.59 KB, 1809x749, 1809:749, Rabid68.jpg)

File: e80ea06f8624770⋯.jpg (96.96 KB, 551x550, 551:550, Red Arrow.jpg)

Couple of unusual JSOC flights up today. Hound 99 and Rabid68. Rabid 68 isn't showing on the map but X marks the spot where the co-ordinates say that it's located.

37f210 No.832073


Butt fuck iTunes

d64802 No.832074


;) I hope Russia backs their Ruble with gold like China. That would take fuck with the Rothschild's pocket even moar.

d5d932 No.832075

These fucking HOGG defenders are in full force today. We need an operation to discredit this little fucker. He's attacking Laura Ingrahms advertisers.

Operation HOGG anyone?

4d6881 No.832076

File: 24fe13e4562d522⋯.png (229.37 KB, 500x387, 500:387, genX.png)

6a7a64 No.832077



Don't ya just love the attorneys who chase cases in the public 'eye'?


ca65d4 No.832078



Dec 5

RED RED 9/11.

Funds raised vs distributed?


7/10 plane crashes are targeted kills.

Those in the know never sleep.

Jan 4


Jan 13


Targeted Kills.

Power Out.

Flight re-routes.

Flight returns.


Public awakening.

Message spreading wide & far.

Goodbye @Jack.

f4a6f6 No.832079


Good point anon, I can't say I've heard anyone born after 1980 use the term IRL except at marketing conferences.

37f210 No.832080

File: 26da46195ba0fc2⋯.jpg (252.77 KB, 1568x773, 1568:773, IMG_1535.JPG)


ME arguing with ghosts on chan

cc99a2 No.832081


Q said nobody in that op is getting away with it. DH time is limited from what I can see.

d64802 No.832082


>Butt fuck iTunes

Just rolls of the tongue. KEK

e230c1 No.832083


World Rabies Day - India

0e5750 No.832084

File: dba2c179fa34e2e⋯.gif (95.02 KB, 657x527, 657:527, 1521827865826.gif)

Always count on delicious glowing clown faggots to let us know we're headed in the right direction. Every time the board is quiet it's kind of upsetting, but seeing all the shills here let's me know we're on the right track. Good shit all

feecf2 No.832085



ca65d4 No.832087

829a58 No.832088


The Rusty Cat

bfd3db No.832089


Operation Hogg Roast?

b8950c No.832090


Plane crashes after 911 were targeted kills ??

fc2b1a No.832091


I meant resetting all the personnel…this is a worldwide purge, not just US. Theater. We're watching a movie.

10313a No.832092

Ever heard of F. Tupper Saussy?

http:// www. sonstoglory.com/Jesus/Rulers%20of%20Evil%20book%20report%20by%20Paul%20Jablonowski.pdf

37f210 No.832093

File: 174c4516782a5ed⋯.jpg (275.81 KB, 1568x773, 1568:773, IMG_1539.JPG)


Take that cucumber and slice it dress it in vinegar and throw it away ffs

acccac No.832094



I guess this is why they need to demolish the building? Because the damage to the walls is only minor nicks.

77a33f No.832095


"Our friends did more damage than our enemies"

UK and Israel?

10a964 No.832096


Yea I have know something was wrong my entire life, caused major anxiety and depression issues that I have mostly recovered from but some things still to overcome. Keep fighting!

6a7a64 No.832097


Poor kid.

he's the left's prop and being used.

Wait til he figures that out.


His dad is not his protector.

His speech at the march to take our guns was really sickening.

f53370 No.832098


Na, unless we have smth explosive and new on him, he can vanish on his own

2ca324 No.832099

Our (((Friends))) did more damage to us than our enemies.

74fff9 No.832101

File: 5613b02eac22019⋯.png (164.88 KB, 777x777, 1:1, 2176580eac1eecb8dd0850a3da….png)

File: 5145bd39d230b53⋯.jpg (31.37 KB, 526x393, 526:393, usueful idiot with holes i….jpg)


Don't give them too much credit. Laura is another great test to see how much power these communist zombies have. These companies are going to have to learn sooner than later the shill bot army on twitter and the small minority made to look like a large group by the MSM do not even buy their products and the fraud of twitter/social media "majorities/outrage". Laura will be fine, let's see if we can get twitter to ban Laura or if she has achieved POTUS level 1st amendment Twitter protection with her prime time slot

d8d156 No.832103

File: 3468f9bf760ebf1⋯.jpg (1.89 MB, 2334x3498, 389:583, 1522276038696.jpg)


Q said parkland is a distraction but to what extent?

532d01 No.832104

Limbaugh discussing the Obama WH, FBI, Dem collusion.

5ad768 No.832105


I'd say follow your standard redpill procedures - stay calm, ask questions, make them think.

Remember, the SATANIC CABAL is the enemy, not some misled teenager.

37f210 No.832106

Beat em and toss em in lighter fluid for all I care

647d11 No.832107

File: e1fa3e0947c215e⋯.png (341.98 KB, 707x687, 707:687, hoogtellagain2.png)

File: 9562970f7beb081⋯.png (1 MB, 691x677, 691:677, hogg-changed-mind.png)

File: f47401107b902d2⋯.png (514.7 KB, 515x684, 515:684, hogggun-sippy.png)

File: 255b2b1081f185f⋯.png (440.31 KB, 943x685, 943:685, hogginflated.png)

77a33f No.832108


NK is code for Deep State

6a7a64 No.832110




aaa746 No.832111


I was down at the state capital in 2013 doing my best to keep the shitbirds from passing several bills in Colorado ….well we know how that whent down…… At least Mag pul did a air drop before they moved out of state….. https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=5TuCaHbjj5I

ec0f0e No.832112


My parents are boomers and they weren’t hippies. They were gun shooting, cannon building, beer drinkin, bass fishin’, cabin buildin’, mountain climbin’, God fearin’, food growin’, skynard singin’, ahh you get the point

Stop being so narrow minded

2f552c No.832113

"Hillary secured 200,000 jobs. for THEM! (SK).

I call that a Hillary Clinton Special"

d64802 No.832114


Could you imagine all of them being handcuffed for treason? Or whatever the fuck they all could be charged with? Would tickle my balls so much to see all of them crushed for these flag attacks.

1787be No.832115

File: 689d967ac07f172⋯.png (60.2 KB, 838x493, 838:493, Jesuit Def.png)

89432a No.832116


Love the Hitler and puppet Hogg one.

79bfa3 No.832117


10% of the march people were kids. Media wants to make Hogg the battleground. He's irrelevant and failed. Media is just desperately beating his dead horse.

fc2b1a No.832119

File: 59e8c474d64ff5e⋯.jpg (47.24 KB, 512x347, 512:347, hogg staying alive.jpg)

File: 5a8651c4b423385⋯.jpg (132.46 KB, 1000x667, 1000:667, texting die.jpg)

File: fd27c0ebac3f7e0⋯.jpg (78.42 KB, 720x480, 3:2, texting hogg.jpg)


Distraction. Part of the plan. Trust the plan.

Dipshit's doing a good job of discrediting himself.

ce3bfa No.832120

File: 733cfd650e574f9⋯.jpeg (79.42 KB, 922x1024, 461:512, stealmeme.jpeg)

b18779 No.832121


I think the problem is, if you have a toenail attached to them, they make sure it will spread to your neck.

If they threaten you or your loveones with death and distruction and they have shown it in real life what their power is (like, shoot airplane from the sky for one target), your choices are limited drastic and fast.

ca0a5e No.832123


Five eyes.



37f210 No.832124

I hope that zombie virus isn't related to a wall

74fff9 No.832125

File: a6f40787069ba64⋯.jpg (222.44 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, degenx-stillbetterthanYgen.jpg)

d64802 No.832126

Commiefornia is losing funding for being a kike of a state. Jobs aren't reaching us that much. I hope CA gets raided by military. Fuck all this.

b6a299 No.832127


Our Potus! Glorious

ca65d4 No.832128


per >>815814, I'm done with it


PARKLAND was specifically organized & designed to DISTRACT [TEST] - watch the news.





9149a9 No.832129

File: 367beabc613b178⋯.jpg (51.66 KB, 659x659, 1:1, TrumpEarlyAmerican.jpg)


>and to add to that; think about the impications of all of our data (google, fb, twitter?) being scooped by political candidates for election research


>-where did our data go?


>- driving around Brooklyn in the Scooby Goog van?


>-On Killery's open damn server


>-hacked on there by foreign governments?


Knew I was leaving something out.

They stole and then SOLD every single aspect of national security.

Twofold horror:

–nation's military, industrial and diplomatic secrets

–citizens' personal data and internet profiles


The size and scale of both these losses is horror beyond imagination.

It is a miracle and a blessing that our President is, by his own description, a builder. We all have a great deal of rebuilding to do now.

301bd3 No.832130

File: a5035ce9432df2a⋯.png (670.72 KB, 773x406, 773:406, KarenBeverlyEckert.png)


So this woman thought that Obongo would investigate 9/11 and open an investigation to the public? That wasn't very smart. Chances are she is just a part of the scam like A&E 4 Truth who do the same type of loser stategy. Ask the media (the perpetrators) for air time and demanding an investigation from the government (the perpetrators).

So "Bevery" and her "Pilot Husband" who "died on 9/11" further embeds you into the "planes were used" on 911 and the "media is innocent/they reported honestly" mythology of the lie that is the 911 plane movie.

There were no planes on 9/11 just computer animations and forgeries. No hijackers. They just blew up the towers. Nobody expected an impact on the first tower. Second "impact" or bomb goes off hundreds of feet below where everyone's attention is at the top of the other tower. The entire city is looking from north or TV. South is bottom tip of manhattan and has buildings obstructing anyone from seeing the south side.

Magic trick. This is part of it.

25e330 No.832131


Boomers is a shill slide.

Found a nerve, tweaking.

ca0a5e No.832132

98c900 No.832133

File: 4796f97c8e3108a⋯.png (58.26 KB, 656x335, 656:335, Who owns at&t.png)


For real?

37f210 No.832134


And behold a mockery in dearth and consequence

ca65d4 No.832135


Before, after, during 9/11. Titanic, Hindenburg, you name it

2637bb No.832136


Just realized reading this.

2 classes of shares for Google - Investors have no oversight.

TTIP - Laws were set to be put in place where governments could not touch them. Governments and the public have no oversight either.

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Transatlantic_Trade_and_Investment_Partnership


The evil lair the villain always has in that secret hidden place.

>Think logically.

>You can't imagine the magnitude of this.

No one would have control over them without all out war. Oh God. They really were so close. It's no wonder one of the first things Trump did was kill TTIP.

f15af4 No.832137

Do any other anons think that the last post by Q >>827855 is an article that attempts to minimize the perception of the deep state cabal's depth and severity of collusion and criminality?

f53370 No.832138


Brain implants with a switch?

74fff9 No.832139


Parkland is a distraction so their networks don't have to cover the booms from Fakebook to Beer Can Dan

Every. Single. Time

d5d932 No.832140


Well said, I want to see them fail like nothing we've ever seen before. Laura issued an apology for damage control. It pisses me off that they have influence like that, meanwhile average joes get shit on day in and day out and our opinions are meaningless.

82f4b8 No.832141

POTUS is talking business


be425a No.832142


Boy that sure sounds like Corsi doesn't it!

I have been wondering, from the first time I heard about Malloch being detained, if this is a setup to try and trap Trump. Which side is infowars/corsi really on? Why was Malloch detained/questioned really?

1a30d0 No.832143


Fair points. But boomers are the ones that will save our asses when it comes down to it! They are the ones that will make it to the polls to vote, the ones that stop and process points as they pass their news feed. The ones who have worked their entire lives NOT to leave the world to their kids like it is today. Boomers should not be disparaged in a way that causes division. We need them.

Also, some of them are still dirty hippies. But it seems they remember Kennedy, and a Bernie voter is closer to a Trump voter than a Killary one.

Be nice to the boomers, they are an important ally in the movement, and by definition, there are a lot of them.

ec0f0e No.832144


Yea I should of finished reading the post when it mentioned corsi

Shame on me.

37f210 No.832145

If you are near Hogg you are required to punch him in the face FYI

d64802 No.832146

Please Trump, just say the word gold

Just confirm the fucking gold-backed dollar. Please.

44d7e6 No.832147




ca65d4 No.832149



He has/they have NO POWER, only the illusion of power

6f35ce No.832151

Jason Goodman vs Douglas Gabriel (aka Thomas Paine AIM)

This is amazing and very telling. It's worth listening to.

Douglas Gabriel sounds shady as hell. Still trying to figure out Goodman.

Lots of dish on George Webb.

https:// youtu.be/wvWCR_Z6wWk

ca0a5e No.832152


Nope, that's the job of DARPA. The CDC is for biological weapon.

d8f779 No.832153

What is et al?

829a58 No.832154

File: 756b4f910699f12⋯.gif (2.79 MB, 320x184, 40:23, 756b4f910699f12843f3dc2253….gif)


Introduce Public Support & A Vigilante Justice System

37f210 No.832155

File: cfbeb4af78d79ab⋯.jpg (385.7 KB, 896x1344, 2:3, IMG_1509.JPG)

Does not want your pistol

d64802 No.832156


Will do. Roger, dodger.



829a58 No.832157

File: 12b148de581ab09⋯.jpg (218.49 KB, 749x1000, 749:1000, C5ZqoE9WYAEQoCD.jpg)


& more

44d7e6 No.832158


Stunning in scope.

How do we eat an elephant Anons??

cc99a2 No.832159


Right there Black and White . VILE FILTH around our kids. They hate us. Remove the church from the schools and state. Holy roman empire rules today !!!

f15af4 No.832160


legal speak for "and others"

362fcf No.832161


I love your 2nd ammendment ;)

37f210 No.832162


Useful idiots hehehehe

1787be No.832163

File: 0aa09806715b7b4⋯.jpeg (36.83 KB, 625x346, 625:346, AJ.jpeg)


duh. The wrong side… AJ is controlled op…

d023b9 No.832164

File: cea2832cf10913f⋯.png (60.72 KB, 186x251, 186:251, ClipboardImage.png)

To Anon that has father with crippling Neuropathy. I had a friend commit suicide over this. So sad, because I know of something that helps. I too had post chemo/radiation neuropathy (not extremely severe) and found taking Moringa (liquid) helped tremendously. When I ran out of my supply it came right back. I still take it occassionally, but don't need it daily anymore.

This is the one I take, but not necessarily promoting this brand. It was cheaper than others.

Good Luck anon. I will post this again later in case you are a workfag. I just said a prayer for your father.

ce45cd No.832165


With ketchup! and fries on the side

d21afa No.832166

d2fd0c No.832167

File: cff7fea2f3e5e56⋯.png (260.53 KB, 600x390, 20:13, brenkho.png)

File: 6e0386c8bb4db07⋯.png (1.08 MB, 2490x1112, 1245:556, khobar.png)

Notice any similarities?

In 1996, he was CIA station chief in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia when the Khobar Towers bombing killed 19 U.S. servicemen.[6]


bfd3db No.832168

File: 2b80e540cf5741b⋯.jpg (437.77 KB, 1641x697, 1641:697, Hound98.jpg)

File: 6f69a9c5692abc9⋯.jpg (324.24 KB, 1239x955, 1239:955, Hound98_2.jpg)

File: f02e378cf26274d⋯.jpg (292.63 KB, 1393x853, 1393:853, Hound98_log.jpg)

I caught another one - Hound98

cc99a2 No.832169


Fap Fap Fap

61740d No.832170

What did he say was the big card that he was using for leverage?

I missed the beginning part

647d11 No.832171

File: d2a7702b47f4d17⋯.png (915.62 KB, 1001x640, 1001:640, video-hrc-show-m.png)

fc2b1a No.832172


Liars Poker….back and forth Bullshitting & bluffing(DG)

be425a No.832173

who was that guy in the white raincoat and hat, with white hair in the crowd?

870a8e No.832174


He was talking about trade deals but could be 'double meaning'.

ca65d4 No.832175


One. Bite. At. A. Time.

829a58 No.832176

ce3bfa No.832177

File: 6aaf2a251272b64⋯.png (20.57 KB, 432x291, 144:97, Screenshot-2018-3-29 et al….png)

5e60b1 No.832179

File: 70f30836273d095⋯.jpg (75.37 KB, 1200x500, 12:5, DZaok8BWAAAQ5t2.jpg)


Who is Sergey Brin?

Where was Sergey born?

Track the 'FAMILY' - IMPORTANT. (Think DNA)


Think KGB.

f53370 No.832180


Like ants

f15af4 No.832181


Anyone? Bueller?

8d81d2 No.832182

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


You can thank T Bone Burnett for that. He's a born again Christian who must have tied his head in knots to take a billion dollars out of a production arrangement with those anthemic assholes U2.

Rock and Roll was an is a luciferian psi op and the boomer that knew this were located at 635 Madison Avenue, where they published what was once a successful magazine.

There's movie about it (that's probably shit) on netflix, called A Futile and Stupid Gesture.

Some of us, knew that a deeper game was afoot, stayed alive and here we all are, aren't we?


203da3 No.832183


Oh hell yes!!!!!

4db507 No.832184


I thought that too, and that there was a lot that it doesn't say, but what it does say is fairly accurate, and the part about using USB drives to move emails between the classified and unclassified computing environment was new to me.

1a30d0 No.832185


Great metaphor anon. That is exactly how I see it.

It only takes waking up next to one dead hooker to change your life forever. A lot of people were squeezed in a way almost everyone would cave to.

be425a No.832186

File: a5658641af9f16f⋯.png (408 KB, 643x350, 643:350, ClipboardImage.png)


Sorry, black raincoat, this guy…

70af0c No.832187

As Trump said people want to remove the 2nd Amendment, someone shouted, "That's tyranny!"

Trump: "You're right about that!"

cc99a2 No.832188


BS. 45 has been on his show. No way they would have let 410 go on AJ s show if he was comped. Many are jealous of Alex success. I am not I am happy for him he works hard and does the best he can.

cfae0f No.832189

Flight 3407:Alison Des Forges according to some she seemed more an asset than a whistle blower. Which makes the crash seem more like an Arkancide. Tying up Clinton loose ends.

" The Clinton Administration refused to apply the genocide label: to do so might have compromised an ongoing U.S.-backed covert operation: the invasion of Rwanda by the Pentagon’s proxy force, the Rwandan Patriotic Front/Army (RPF/A).

Billed as a "tireless champion" and "leading light in African human rights," there is much more to this story than the western propaganda system has revealed: Alison Des Forges and Human Rights Watch (HRW) provided intelligence to the U.S. government at the time of the 1994 crises, and they have continued in this role to the present. Des Forges also supported the show trials at the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR), institutionalizing victor’s justice and shielding the Kagame regime."

Interesting take on it.

http:// www.constantinereport.com/3407-passenger-alison-des-forges-activist-or-cia-asset/

5ad768 No.832190


AJ is on our side, don't worry. He confirmed Q as a good source, so there's really no need to attack him. We have too much infighting already.

d64802 No.832191


Isn't it obvious? WHITE HAT ;)

8146d1 No.832193



Stop it with blaming every boomer. Many of us were two parent families that worked very hard. We started businesses that paid for the Little League Teams. We were devoted to our greatest generation parents and did not ship them off to nursing homes. We would never dream of going to the government to feed out kids when times were tough, they had hot dogs and mac&cheese. We worked two and three jobs to get through college. My twenty something kids are not in my basement

were never babied and thriving in the world. We were not all enthralled by the communist scum.

The government moved to have both parents working to get ahead while they wanted to take over our kids. Some resisted, worked hard for private schools. When you are good you believe everyone else is too.


This woman probably was plunging to her death knowing they were killing her. Very bad indeed.

d18ce4 No.832194


He just did the soundtrack for the netflix show GODLESS -0

647d11 No.832195

File: a7274d7fec37a83⋯.png (210.1 KB, 479x640, 479:640, video-hrc-raw.png)

9097b7 No.832196

e230c1 No.832197


cc99a2 No.832198


Smart Anon.

d5d932 No.832199

File: f03b3c44bbd4250⋯.jpg (80.56 KB, 645x365, 129:73, rogerstonetrumpimage414.jpg)


Roger Stone?

ca0a5e No.832200

Project and Keystone..

44d7e6 No.832201

fbb91d No.832202



Thanks anon - timestamp is exactly what I was looking for.

74fff9 No.832203


>We have a word to describe the use of fabricated evidence to make an innocent man appear guilty: The Obama administration framed Carter Page. But not only Carter Page. The Obama administration framed Donald Trump.

I think there is a lot of confusion because CNN,NBC, Maddow, Colbert, and the obstructionists have been flooding the entire world with false info to protect their group. The article didn't minimize anything; the one thing that is clear is that the what they did to Carter Page institutes a Constitutional Crisis in itself

829a58 No.832204

File: 01aaeff45c75e0f⋯.png (648.54 KB, 1280x738, 640:369, vlcsnap-2016-12-02-20h30m2….png)

362fcf No.832205

f53370 No.832206

37f210 No.832207

File: 2c03117ba1f67f2⋯.jpg (461.84 KB, 696x1024, 87:128, IMG_1444.JPG)

82f4b8 No.832208

File: 7cb389910bd08c5⋯.jpg (121.32 KB, 961x649, 961:649, dt_art.jpg)

"You've got a friend in the White House"

61740d No.832209


POTUS says now you have a friend in the WH!

dfabdf No.832210

File: 2de7a6a84d04cd7⋯.jpg (9.98 KB, 197x255, 197:255, 4bcdd50ecab567be19735f59cd….jpg)


We don't need you, divisionfag.

4e470e No.832211


How do we connect HRC to plane crash.

Think in the court room

Mrs HRC, did you order the actions that would result in the crash of Flight blah blah.

Mrs HRC peoples exhibit C shows blah blah blah.

We need Exhibit A, B, C evidence.

870a8e No.832212

File: 940c44d9ddcbc32⋯.png (516.4 KB, 674x508, 337:254, Brennan SA.png)


ca65d4 No.832213


Amazing what can be done even in the dark by thousands working toward a goal (MAGA)

362fcf No.832214

File: d4805babaeb7143⋯.jpg (453.77 KB, 1024x577, 1024:577, MargeHomerTitanic.jpg)


2nd try

6dac2b No.832215


https:// www.yahoo.com/news/american-airlines-pilot-reports-ufo-084516441.html

fa5777 No.832216


Lots of Gulen schools here in the US. One is just down the street from me.

b6a299 No.832217

ca0a5e No.832218


The WH Petition?

829a58 No.832219

File: 5bdb2d28e511ed0⋯.jpg (54.97 KB, 350x400, 7:8, 1394864816919.jpg)

34d3d6 No.832220


Pretty good, don't agree with all of it entirely, (GOOG & NK has the CIA in play), but like the poetic license (Django Unchained).

9149a9 No.832221

File: df99a1883ef24f9⋯.jpg (41.57 KB, 600x600, 1:1, Binney.jpg)


Q's recent posts have left me with a couple of impressions:

1) They really do "have it all". Think of everything the chan boards have dug up, and expand it with the intelligence to which they have access. Whatever it may be, they have it.

2) They have a strategy, and that thing is working.

Bill Binney, because I admire the man so much.

d64802 No.832222

File: c07cd81060181f9⋯.gif (280.53 KB, 200x150, 4:3, WpNke_s-200x150.gif)



I'm just waiting to hear one word. GOLD

Come on, POTUS…

870a8e No.832223


I meant to tag you in this → >>832212 post

37f210 No.832224

File: 14e431a541a90ec⋯.jpg (228.85 KB, 1120x1129, 1120:1129, IMG_1559.JPG)

1787be No.832225


ok explain his Stratfor staff?

Explain his disrupting a gun rally in Austin?

Explain the Y2K show?

Explain William Cooper's opinion of AJ?

Explain "Zach" (The Q guy)

on and on and on and on

45 went on everything and knew that AJ's audience would want to hear his message… why hasn't he called in post-campaign?

cfae0f No.832226


Another human trafficking Clinton operation?

647d11 No.832227

File: a70baf8bcbd3819⋯.png (500.58 KB, 858x640, 429:320, video-hrc-memewar.png)

7bc7bf No.832228


BAKER, we got a timestamp confirmation, here.

ca65d4 No.832229

0b0b57 No.832230

File: d26bf32b7ab6b1e⋯.png (1.26 MB, 897x900, 299:300, DQmU17WvmD7BCie5jbovx7VaYh….png)












Protocols of the Illuminated Suns of the Golden Dawn







8d81d2 No.832231


Yeah, poor bastard.

421815 No.832232

File: 6eb352882fda8f7⋯.jpeg (382.61 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 4684DAB1-9F73-425F-BF5E-B….jpeg)

She’s fuckin broke. Did dopey prince and soros stop mailing your checks, cunt?

98c900 No.832233

File: 4c945477379cbdc⋯.jpeg (187.45 KB, 1600x1187, 1600:1187, candy land.jpeg)

I wonder if companies have someone monitoring this board to post defenses. Maybe anons are the new social media.

301c39 No.832234

File: 64e15cc455c79a9⋯.jpg (30.45 KB, 480x359, 480:359, 1507313255267.jpg)


He needs to fuck off

de20ec No.832235


Not before this good anon archived it for my personal use. The list is of top tier feeds which I look forward to following. Glad that it was deleted though.

5e60b1 No.832236

File: 70f30836273d095⋯.jpg (75.37 KB, 1200x500, 12:5, DZaok8BWAAAQ5t2.jpg)


Who is Sergey Brin?

Where was Sergey born?

Track the 'FAMILY' - IMPORTANT. (Think DNA)


Answer her question that was posed to Mueller

Where is the DNA stored ? IS F_I in possesion of the DNA from the terrorists?

Where is it stored ?

cfae0f No.832237


Man imagine access to that search engine.

aac3d5 No.832238


Close friends of mine, both staunch conservatives, Trump supporters, and circling the perimeter of the Great Awakening (they just want the arrests and hangings, not spending time digging and fretting), have a teenager about to graduate, and has been accepted into Loyola Marymount in Los Angeles. It's only one of a number of schools interested in the teen, but one of the highest rated in the country. I don't doubt that, but if LM is the final destination, we're probably going to have to give instructions to be extra aware of propaganda because CA school and all. Should we be extra extra concerned? Something we don't know other than the Jesuit roots?

940ea5 No.832239

Lots of talk on bridges and friendly nations, whose name he wont mention. 29 bridges.

82f4b8 No.832240


area 51

4db507 No.832241


>Have it all

That too. After reading the article that's what I was thinking about, I was thinking about how those people really are done and dusted.

f53370 No.832243


Cuz nobody evar wanted to hear her speeches, all bribes.

d8d156 No.832244

9/11 and HRC.

The damage control afterwards, the planning in the beginning.

421815 No.832245

File: 12b5888a6e2441b⋯.jpeg (61.84 KB, 981x500, 981:500, CAAC1D79-05E8-4381-997D-A….jpeg)


Who cares on the identity? The message is what’s important. Why risk exposing Q, dipshit?

877405 No.832246


u scared

3e59de No.832247

File: 9ce9feaf6760c9b⋯.jpg (22.13 KB, 266x189, 38:27, IMG_1410.JPG)

Shills scurry for shekels and dignity

Wretched bunch

fa5777 No.832248


Weird. It was already at 24000 feet when I spotted it over the Bahamas. But as I said, I had just come on.

d64802 No.832249

File: 11682d9de448367⋯.gif (1.88 MB, 360x240, 3:2, giphy-8.gif)


Quads. Check me out, Senpai! Gold-backed currency confirmed yet again!

829a58 No.832250

File: 0c4ea8c6c698b66⋯.jpg (95.87 KB, 500x645, 100:129, 1480282707485.jpg)


creepy af

there's much horror hidden in child stuff

218ac3 No.832251

POTUS is so authentic

You can't fake that

f15af4 No.832252


The tone and style of writing seemed like historical fiction to me, like a novel that is meant to appease the reader's anger with mellow stories of political chess, with sympathy being placed upon the political actors for having to make difficult decisions to save America. It reminds me of Ronald Kessler's books about the FBI and CIA.

Q has thus far called these deep state players "evil" and "criminal," but now this article says they are just people doing a tough job, making tough decisions. This also happens to occur during the /GA/ compromise. Something doesn't add up.

1787be No.832253



Maybe with R Stone Infowars is more legit now… but before 45 AJ was at the least questionable if not controlled op.

be425a No.832254



Funny, now they're not showing him.

I think it looks suspicious. Wierd! Who wears a coat like that, almost looking purposly suspicious.

cc99a2 No.832255


Ok well I wont argue and cannot. I am not in the know. Was a fan and listener since 2002, AJ was IT . Nobody else out there. He made 911 road to tyranny , woke me up. AJ is a good guy one of us gooble gobble in my opinion .I respect yours as well and do not pretend to know it all.

9149a9 No.832256


I got a pop-up ad for a Bill Clinton speech at the Cobb Energy Centre in metro Atlanta in July. "Sign up for early purchase access"



8d81d2 No.832257

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

Middle class liberal well intentioned blues.

90790c No.832258


1a30d0 No.832259



It’s why Amazon slid like it did yesterday. The slimy world of business has a head start, Q, and it is going to help the markets flush out the evil more effeciently. Think Soros dumping his social stocks a few months ago.

ca0a5e No.832260


>Where is the DNA stored ? IS F_I in possesion of the DNA from the terrorists?

Clonation of the Terrorists and slaves?., phil schneider talked about that.

0b0b57 No.832261

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Review of Q posts. Much better then Corsi shill:


Q Analysis 973 981

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=jfdUKJ61cso



The Kassandra Project: freedom against disinformation!


You did not even read the links dip-shit. Get lost.

362fcf No.832262

He keeps mentionning KEYSTONE!!

61740d No.832263



As in the pipeline.

d8d156 No.832264









ca0a5e No.832265


Digs Confirm!!!!

829a58 No.832266


just got the entire list

3e59de No.832267

File: c62c9c62337ec14⋯.jpg (128.87 KB, 753x563, 753:563, IMG_1560.JPG)

4db507 No.832268


That plays well with normies and those still clinging to the same delusion that HRC is. It's a dangerous article for them in that way.

d5d932 No.832269


DO IT Q!!!

0ddc51 No.832271

File: 749151975e53f0c⋯.jpg (41.51 KB, 500x403, 500:403, 23wpjx.jpg)

File: 5b6e82a7c1e55f7⋯.png (107.99 KB, 680x679, 680:679, aa4.png)

File: d773eb67d4471a6⋯.png (52.46 KB, 400x399, 400:399, Idiots.png)

File: d2c222af7378ce7⋯.png (39.28 KB, 300x178, 150:89, poltback.png)

ID: 0b0b57

218ac3 No.832272

File: 1bd1d269e8da0ed⋯.jpg (49.49 KB, 606x485, 606:485, failed.jpg)

d8d156 No.832273


Ahhhhhhhhhh yyyyyyyeyeyeyeyessssssssssssssssss i can see clearly now the rain has gone

647d11 No.832274

File: af3feb1e6148f00⋯.png (576.42 KB, 650x640, 65:64, potus-painting.png)

218ac3 No.832275



870a8e No.832276


>Did dopey prince and soros stop mailing your checks, cunt?


61740d No.832277




c6161c No.832278


Maybe when this is all over the truth will come out about Phil Schneider.

be425a No.832279


I don't trust him or Roger Stone or Corsi. There's something going on with all of them. They are always almost signaling that Trump is going to get killed.

362fcf No.832280


Everything has a totally different meaning for anons.. You must know that by now!

ce3bfa No.832281

File: fb9946d028140c4⋯.png (328.72 KB, 438x292, 3:2, Screenshot-2018-3-29 Meme ….png)

877405 No.832282

lol @ lefties unironically referencing 1984

4673c4 No.832283

File: fdb6d854931e0bc⋯.png (139.82 KB, 472x352, 59:44, 9d8d907eb18140ecda45d3dc7a….png)




301c39 No.832284


Exactly this.

3e59de No.832285

File: 6f0b940dd2c600a⋯.jpg (345.62 KB, 1120x1120, 1:1, IMG_1558.JPG)

649f7b No.832286


In Florida, Pastor Allen Burner of First Baptist Church of Lutz, said the plane's pilot, Capt. Marvin Renslow, 47, was a loving father and husband.

In a statement to the media he read for Renslow's family, Burner said, "They want you to know that their faith is that God is solvent, that God is in control even when it seems that everything is out of control.

"They are very proud of Marvin's accomplishments as a pilot," Burner said. "They know that he did everything that he could to save as many lives as he could."

Rebecca Lynne Shaw, first officer, of Maple Valley, Wash., was just 24 years old, yet she'd logged more than 2,200 hours of flight time, reports CBS News correspondent Michelle Miller.

Her brother Bill Morris said, "She was perfect, the perfect little sister.

Her mother Lyn Morris said flying was Rebecca's passion. "She was light, she loved to fly … any time she could be in the air."

Shaw graduated in 2002 from Tahoma High School, where she was active in volleyball, softball and student leadership, district spokesman Kevin Patterson said. She attended Big Bend Community College before transferring to Central Washington University in Ellensburg. She graduated in 2007 with a degree in flight technology, university spokeswoman Teri Olin said.

Flight attendant Matilda Quintero, 56, of Woodbridge, N.J., began working with Colgan Air only last year.

Her brother, Sal Poidomani of Iselin, N.J., said she was very excited about her new career: "When she got her wings, she was really excited. She told me how tough the school was. She called me almost every day from Albany, she was at school several weeks. She just loved it. Absolutely loved it."

Quintero was a breast cancer survivor. Her family and friends say she wanted a little adventure in her life while she was able to spend more time with her family.

Neighbor Alison Eckert told The Home News Tribune of East Brunswick that Quintero "always looked on the bright side" and left behind a mother in her 90s, and two grown daughters - one who lived with her and her mother, and another in Morris County.

Donna Prisco, flight attendant.

Capt. Joseph Zuffoletto, 27, a pilot, loved flying from an early age and earned his private pilot's license at 17.

He spent his spare time at the Chautauqua County-Jamestown Airport, even when he wasn't flying.

"We had a small restaurant here at the airport that was understaffed," Dave Sanctuary, the airport manager, told the Post-Journal of Jamestown, N.Y. "He would come in many times when he was not on duty flying and would volunteer cooking at the restaurant. He was very kind, very professional, very likable."

Zuffoletto was off-duty, traveling to visit his grandmother, near Buffalo. Helen Nicotra remembered her grandson as someone who loved to fly, and who died doing what he loved.

"It was his life," she said.

https:// www.cbsnews.com/news/portraits-of-victims-of-flight-3407/


b6a299 No.832287

Fuck you fox. cut off Potus

6941cf No.832288

File: 5ca9b403d7f6454⋯.jpg (186.89 KB, 1227x612, 409:204, kgdad.jpg)

File: 7f5546e5f91c356⋯.jpg (431.45 KB, 1830x995, 366:199, kghrc.jpg)

File: 4e42586088fde1c⋯.jpg (330.87 KB, 1391x949, 107:73, 20map.jpg)

File: b55a07ccc30b383⋯.jpg (274.27 KB, 1053x967, 1053:967, 20nxmap.jpg)

File: 1c90bf3802c7604⋯.jpg (203.46 KB, 887x961, 887:961, tunxmap.jpg)

Hopefully Senators Charles Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand will have to publicly answer why NXIVM was allowed to operate for so long in their congressional district. Hopefully both Senators Schumer and Gillibrand will be able to answer for their unwavering support of HRC, despite NXIVM's donations to HRC. Hopefully Kirsten Gillibrand's memory loss will fade regarding the time her father, Douglas Paul Rutnik, spent lobbying for NXIVM's leader Keith Raniere.

d5d932 No.832289


https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=SLWS36Fu9PY

218ac3 No.832290


d5d932 No.832291

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

877405 No.832292

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

c6161c No.832293


Is Larry king even a US citizen? i thought he was another Israeli citizen?

92c7a7 No.832294


Right!!!! BS

0b0b57 No.832295



82f4b8 No.832296

those fucking fucks @fox

870a8e No.832297


>Maybe when this is all over the truth will come out about Phil Schneider.

hope so, Anon!

61740d No.832298


Context context context. Anons always forget to look at context.

d64802 No.832299

File: 64d4b58cf3adbd2⋯.gif (1.79 MB, 500x280, 25:14, giphy-9.gif)

f53370 No.832300


None of them have full picture. They exposed themselves to the enemy. Cuz they are worried

cc99a2 No.832301


Do you're homework but I would expect Social justice anti white communist liberal programming from any Jesuit school. They need trial and punishment. Ever notice the church is always right across from the elementary schools? Almost like a tunnel could be between them underground. I see this ALL over. PEDO, freedom hating ,enemy filth the church of rome and satans marines .To overthrow us and bring us under the pope's new world order . Sunday Law is the goal they want. Research that.

0ddc51 No.832302



read my mind, thanks anon!

257b9f No.832303


Vanguard and Blackrock appear to be the largest share holders in all these companies. Gannet and Tegna also.

82f4b8 No.832304


hey TY

fc2b1a No.832305

File: 0914b5fa5ae8557⋯.jpg (227.2 KB, 450x289, 450:289, nightingale.jpg)

File: f3fb1d50c7eed71⋯.jpg (53.39 KB, 681x368, 681:368, Tom-Cruise tapes.jpg)

File: 2a36b0a5a0fca6a⋯.jpg (175.6 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, caddyshack ted hrc.jpg)

File: cf008e6f2883cd8⋯.jpg (128.75 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, bowman hrc.jpg)

0b0b57 No.832306

File: 8ac207319451221⋯.jpg (107.35 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, trophy.jpg)

218ac3 No.832307

FOX has been cutting of the press briefings and POTUS speeches. It's not the anchor's call, its the producers.



f53370 No.832308



d5d932 No.832309


This is my neck of the woods. Scary to think that shit was happening in our back yards and we knew NOTHING

3e59de No.832310

File: 2b3497aed3ef84c⋯.jpg (428.71 KB, 748x748, 1:1, IMG_0919.JPG)

Need a fresh hole ?

793615 No.832311


Oldfags…is this your first day or wut?!

d21afa No.832312


Bill Binney is a legend.

He was one of the first whistle blowers to recognize the Targeted Individual community.

He came out well before Snowden and sounded the alarm about the police state that was developing inside our intelligence community.

When this is all said and done there will be people who stand out for their courage and Bill Binney is definitely going to be one.

cfae0f No.832313


VG controls much.

0ddc51 No.832314


>CNN Jim’s finger on button ready to stop transmission.

Apparently CNN isn't alone in this

649f7b No.832315


Mary Abraham, a retired Army Reserve first sergeant, had worked at Invacare Corp., a medical-device manufacturer, for about 12 years.

Co-worker and good friend Marc Schwartz remembered Abraham for her outspokenness and said that on more than one occasion, she climbed up onto a table at a business meeting to make a point more persuasively.

"That was Mary. She was passionate," Schwartz told The Buffalo News.

Most recently, Abraham was training people to use the company's products in the region stretching from Maine to New Jersey.

Abraham, 44, worked from her home in West Seneca, N.Y., where she had moved to be closer to her parents, and frequently traveled for her job. She also was a greyhound rescuer and a member of a women's motorcycle club, according to Schwartz.

Schwartz said he dropped her off at the airport Thursday afternoon, gave her a hug and kiss and said goodbye. He learned the awful news about Flight 3407 the next morning.

"Everybody that knew her loved her. She had such a strong personality," Schwartz said.

David Borner, 49, of North Tonawanda, N.Y., worked for Kraft Foods and was returning from a business trip with a co-worker. Borner was to meet his family and then leave with them Friday for a cruise in Florida.

He loved the outdoors and fishing, said his sister-in-law, Karen Hannah.

"He was very involved with his children," his neighbor Ruth Belling told The Buffalo News. "It's just so tragic."

Borner's daughter, Nicole, a high school senior, was looking forward to playing soccer at Binghamton University, according to the Buffalo News. His son, Michael, is in eighth-grade.

"I was supposed to drive him to the airport" for his trip to Florida, another neighbor, Richard E. Ganter, told the newspaper. "I called Cheryl (Borner's wife), and she told me what happened. I was very stunned."

Ronald and Linda Davidson


Alison Des Forges (left) of Buffalo, was senior adviser for Human Rights Watch's Africa division. Considered one of the world's leading experts on the genocide in Rwanda, Des Forges testified at 11 trials at the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda as an expert witness. She was named a MacArthur Fellow in 1999.

Des Forges was returning home to Buffalo after a trip to Europe, where she had briefed diplomats on the situation in Rwanda and Africa's Great Lakes region, said Emma Daly, spokeswoman for Human Rights Watch. She sent an e-mail to colleagues from the airport before boarding the plane.

"She was working till the end," Daly said.

Des Forges had a "tremendous commitment to human rights and her tremendous principles," Daly said.

A Sept. 11 widow who put her never-ending grief over the loss of her husband on that black day to good use, trying to make the country safer, Beverly Eckert had met with President Barack Obama just last week at the White House to discuss how the new administration would handle terror suspects.

"She was an inspiration to me and to so many others. I pray her family can find peace and comfort," the president said.

"She was such an important part of all of our work," said Mary Fetchet, another 9/11 family activist. She learned Eckert was aboard the plane from another close Eckert family friend now headed to Buffalo.

Eckert, who was flying to Buffalo to celebrate what would have been her husband Sean Rooney's 58th birthday. He worked at Aon Corp., a risk management firm, at the 98th floor of the World Trade Center's south tower.

She cried when she would tell the story about how her husband - who was her high school sweetheart - called her on the morning of the attacks, and told her he loved her just before there was a loud explosion and nothing more.

Eckert was part of a small group of Sept. 11 widows, mothers, and children who became amateur lobbyists, ultimately forcing lawmakers in 2004 to pass sweeping reforms of the U.S. intelligence apparatus.

John J. Fiore, 59, of Grand Island, N.Y., had recently retired from the U.S. Air Force reserves as a senior master sergeant, according to fellow members of Grand Island Moose Lodge No. 180. The flight was the final leg of his vacation to China.

Fiore, a father of two, served more than 30 years in the Air Force and two years with the U.S. Marine Corp. He had done tours of duty during the Vietnam War, Operation Desert Storm and two separate tours during the Iraq War.

The lodge's treasurer, Rick Halas, said Fiore was a very dedicated and active member.

Fiore also was active in several veterans groups, including the American Legion and the Veterans of Foreign Wars, according to The Tonawanda News.

"There's not a better friend," Duane Frost, a longtime friend, told the newspaper. "There's not a better man. He did so much work for the legion and the veterans organizations. He was just a standup guy."

https:// www.cbsnews.com/news/portraits-of-victims-of-flight-3407/


ec0f0e No.832316

File: 9e5e0c9f28e16ff⋯.png (1.11 MB, 750x1334, 375:667, 1AFB0E32-15CC-4193-B511-CD….png)




647d11 No.832317

File: c48d56e849b871b⋯.png (1.1 MB, 1123x583, 1123:583, video-hrc-will-be.png)

34b3e4 No.832318

POTUS - We'll be pulling out of Syria real soon. Just getting the rest of the land back from ISIS.

d64802 No.832319



CNN = FOX = Two sides, same shekel.

3e59de No.832320

File: 26ae4e359f3b68b⋯.jpg (79.57 KB, 772x960, 193:240, IMG_1489.JPG)

Prol nuff kharma to sacrifice thems to the Ethernet

5e60b1 No.832321


As a member of the Family Steering Committee for the 9/11 Independent Commission that sought truthful answers to their beloved family members deaths, Ms Eckert was reported to be ‘voracious’ in attempting to bring to justice the criminals responsible and had posed to the former Bush Government the following unanswered questions that to this very date have still not been answered:

Robert Mueller, FBI Director: Which hijackers have been positively identified by DNA? Is the FBI in possession of DNA samples for all of the hijackers?

Questions for Director Mueller Regarding the Hijackers: Please explain how the passports of Mohammed Atta and Satam al-Sugam, both on Flight 11, survived the inferno to be found on the street near the World Trade Center.

•Who found the passports and what time where they found?

•Please describe the condition of each passport.

•Please explain how the passports of two hijackers survived the explosion and inferno.

c104d6 No.832322



I am so sorry but I have never heard of this and I have NEVER put an obituary for any of my family members in even a local paper.

now, maybe later they might, but it might be way too hard for them to do this right now.

especially a national registry. and you have to pay for this as well?

there is a thing called privacy.

now, check the local papers. then it might be weird if not one was listed.

but this, this proves nothing.

and I believe it is a false flag. a glaring one. proof of nothing is not proof.

61740d No.832323

Haha my 4 yr old just said, 'Trump said stupid!'

d21afa No.832324


Yeah but the Fox side of the Shekel drops red pills for hours with the Hannity and Tucker segments.

61740d No.832325

257b9f No.832326


That’s what we need anon. Kudos.

218ac3 No.832327


Neoconservatives: FOX

Neoliberal: THE REST

0b0b57 No.832328

File: 8ac207319451221⋯.jpg (107.35 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, trophy.jpg)







ca0a5e No.832329


While Murdoch is in Fox, sill is mockingbird.

f15af4 No.832330


Perhaps. In my mind, my question to that is:

The article is already out there. How much more visibility among normies would it receive by way of Q's endorsement? I think the endorsement would largely reach anons, and normies who seek info from anons. Q calls the article "Truth" on this board, and I think the article is misinfo or, at the very least, an emotional psyop.

935977 No.832331

File: c6737f78ce56c49⋯.webm (3.22 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Fake Nuze.webm)

Who else caught that gesture GEOTUS made as he said Keystone on this speech?

b4b7eb No.832332


does anybody actually believe this kid is the one coming up with these ideas?

f53370 No.832333


I would let adds go, all for a buck

5e60b1 No.832334


>As a member of the Family Steering Committee for the 9/11 Independent Commission that sought truthful answers to their beloved family members deaths, Ms Eckert was reported to be ‘voracious’ in attempting to bring to justice the criminals responsible and had posed to the former Bush Government the following unanswered questions that to this very date have still not been answered:


>Robert Mueller, FBI Director: Which hijackers have been positively identified by DNA? Is the FBI in possession of DNA samples for all of the hijackers?


>Questions for Director Mueller Regarding the Hijackers: Please explain how the passports of Mohammed Atta and Satam al-Sugam, both on Flight 11, survived the inferno to be found on the street near the World Trade Center.


>•Who found the passports and what time where they found?


>•Please describe the condition of each passport.


>•Please explain how the passports of two hijackers survived the explosion and inferno.

d64802 No.832335


And censor POTUS at clutch moments…

Oooook anon. Whatever, Jew say.

647d11 No.832336

File: 151e1f9441bcd14⋯.png (856.74 KB, 880x622, 440:311, video-hrc-what-happened.png)

ca0a5e No.832337



e230c1 No.832338

This might be very important regarding Keystone

man or woman. And frankly, we’re very proud of it.

Russ Girling, President of TransCanada pipeline

https:// www.whitehouse.gov/briefings-statements/remarks-president-transcanada-keystone-xl-pipeline-announcement/

ab2a29 No.832339


Smart kid

bfd3db No.832340

File: 4cdfbee0ac6a8f7⋯.jpg (542 KB, 1757x851, 1757:851, Hound99_3.jpg)

No callsign Hound in the air.

4673c4 No.832341


Honestly, Tucker is the only one worth watching on Fox. Hannity is ok but he's patronising. Kindof a Diet Alex Jones. Ingraham is just screechy and rudely interrupts her guests all the time to make some lame jab.

8e7de7 No.832342


It grates on my nerves to see what the fake media is doing, not only the the USA but to the whole world. At some point something is going to have to be done to shut these people down. They are getting more brazen and ridiculous in their lies and accusations. They just make up shit and put it on the air. I can't wait to see what happens to people like the hags on The View, and the mouth breathers at NBC, CNN, and all the rest. Unbelievable what they are getting away with.

I see the Fox News host Ingraham just had to apologize to the motherfucker with the weak chin from Florida. Very frustrating to watch. This is how the communists destroy people and their careers.

3e59de No.832343

File: 6b02e5772325d0e⋯.jpg (116.68 KB, 586x345, 586:345, IMG_1561.JPG)


Cha Cha Cha

Fucking Mini Cooper

addeef No.832345

ca0a5e No.832346



e230c1 No.832347


Russ Girling, President of TransCanada, is right behind me, and I’m going to have him say a few words. I know, Russ, you’ve been waiting for a long, long time. And I hope you don’t pay your consultants anything because they had nothing to do with the approval. (Laughter.) You should ask for the hundreds of millions of dollars back that you paid them because they didn’t do a damn thing except get a no vote, right?

44d7e6 No.832348

File: a70baf8bcbd3819⋯.png (500.58 KB, 858x640, 429:320, video-hrc-memewar.png)


Love it!!

d21afa No.832349


Right, all or nothing. Black and White thinking. Sounds like a certain type of anon to me.

935977 No.832350

File: 9f5887bc4d9d0bb⋯.png (335.97 KB, 370x547, 370:547, CIA Card.png)


>unironically linking to /thestorm/

fc37c8 No.832351


>>818551(prev. breads)

anons, when you've got something good and no one seems to respond, repost it later→ and as many more times as you need to after that until you get responses.

never give up!

92c7a7 No.832352


And Tucker puts to many libs on and hearing their lies gets old

0b0b57 No.832353

File: f3e86789e769256⋯.jpg (19.77 KB, 194x268, 97:134, sessions-clown_.jpg)





877405 No.832354

File: ee278c12611fa89⋯.png (23.99 KB, 700x412, 175:103, ClipboardImage.png)


TripAdvisor already pulled out as a sponsor.

Pic related is their logo.

83b9d4 No.832355

File: fd0c96e0421675a⋯.jpg (309.22 KB, 730x1095, 2:3, KARMA_POLICE.Q.HRC_2.22.09….jpg)

362fcf No.832356


>I am so sorry but I have never heard of this and I have NEVER put an obituary for any of my family members in even a local paper.

Actually this is done by most families worldwide anon. What do you think an obituary is?

0d4ced No.832357


I think Q knows Anon…Anon doesnt know Q.

218ac3 No.832358

FOX cuts off POTUS, talks with Rove, then two random consultants and goes to commercial.

aac3d5 No.832359


National Review still does have to sell a magazine, or at the least their brand. In conventional magazines such as NR, a compromised tone is the norm. A softer, gentler damning. More of a pink pill as opposed to a crimson red pill.

649f7b No.832360

I am having all kinds of problems posting. This link has pretty good writes on those killed on Colgan flight.

https:// www.cbsnews.com/news/portraits-of-victims-of-flight-3407/

ec0f0e No.832361


Yea but she reports as much truth as she can

If we let the faggots take INGRAHAM off the air we can’t make a dent in society with just hannity and tucker…

We NEED /ourguys/

We need every last one of them. You don’t need to like them, but if you don’t respect their role in what we are doing then you probably shouldn’t be here

647d11 No.832362

File: d5c08fdc0dc971b⋯.png (805.88 KB, 806x622, 403:311, video-hrc-q-says.png)

d64802 No.832363

File: eeb1f6ebfe89773⋯.gif (973.94 KB, 500x288, 125:72, giphy-10.gif)


Either all of it's ok, or NONE of it's ok.


2f552c No.832364


Right. same a Cruz's phone. we were told his phone survived a bomb exploding inside his car.

ca0a5e No.832365


Murdoch did it.

4d6881 No.832366

File: f278714b59a8355⋯.png (81.18 KB, 271x177, 271:177, ClipboardImage.png)

cfae0f No.832367


I am sure they are freaking out. The 12 not mentioned by name…. Probably a lot of companies trying to figure if it is them….. Good time to invest in paper shredder companies and bitbleach lol.

d64802 No.832368


Really makes you think doesn't it?

ca7368 No.832369

File: bc5a447d3e218a0⋯.png (16.6 KB, 1027x140, 1027:140, colgan air crash.PNG)


victims on the plane

cc99a2 No.832371

He mentioned "Jim " !!!!! Lelzz !!isn't that his buddy nobody knows who it is ?!!

fc2b1a No.832372


There are rubber bullets too for crowd control. Non lethal. I still think most of these shootings are fake, unless the DS is sabotaging the drills with real bullets, but the injuries are never consistent with what these bullets would do to someone. No ambulances or helicopters. Drills simultaneously going on in all instances (or within weeks/days/months). Why do they need actors if there are real victims?…sigh.. It's infuriating. They are definitely not organic. That is 100% certain.

82f4b8 No.832373

File: 7b5f2ab43926bf8⋯.png (8.97 KB, 255x185, 51:37, owl.png)


good I hate that fucking psyop owl

2ca324 No.832374


Don't you understand that MSM is only out to sell fear? Trump is not talking fear, he's speaking from love.

218ac3 No.832375

File: 74a85ba2ea66511⋯.jpeg (83.98 KB, 883x477, 883:477, hrc video.jpeg)

File: 8b81c6ee3267bd8⋯.jpg (48.71 KB, 432x496, 27:31, hrcvideo2.jpg)

e230c1 No.832376

TRUMP'S TARGET: Environmental Resources Management (ERM)

Outside contractors (managed by the State Department) wrote the Keystone report, which neither endorsed nor rejected the Keystone pipeline. The contractor that produced the bulk of the report was Environmental Resources Management (ERM), an international consulting firm. On the day the State Department published the Keystone impact report, the agency also released a cache of documents that ERM submitted in 2012 to win the contract to produce the Keystone environmental report. That cache included a 55-page filing in which ERM stated it had no conflicts of interests writing the Keystone report.

https:// www.motherjones.com/politics/2013/03/keystone-xl-contractor-ties-transcanada-state-department/

2cf24e No.832377

I am good with vets and military but law enforcement needs to be reeled in. Crazy ego maniacs as a whole!

f53370 No.832378


Agree. I was mad at roseann for caving but now she has 18 mln audience, she will help at the right time

829a58 No.832379

File: 9126b3afe937001⋯.gif (1.54 MB, 300x365, 60:73, 1452052218521.gif)


that "JIM, YOU'RE FIRED" was


3e59de No.832380

Ambitions https:// twitter.com/depresseddarth/status/978970600654897153?s=21

b8950c No.832381


Rex Tillerson from behind ??

cfae0f No.832382

A little more on des Forges:

In life she did not speak about the deeper realities of "genocide in Rwanda", and she had plenty of chances. In fact, she is the primary purveyor of the inversion of truth that covered up the deeper U.S. role in the Rwanda "genocide", and she spent the past 10 years of her life explaining away the inconsistencies, covering up the facts, revising her own story when necessary, and manipulating public opinion about war crimes in the Great Lakes of Africa—in service to the U.S. government and powerful corporations involved in the plunder and depopulation of the region.

"Alison des Forges is a liar," Cameroonian journalist Charles Onana told me, in Paris, France, several years ago. Onana is the author of numerous exposés on war crimes, genocide and crimes against humanity in Central Africa, and he is the author of the book "The Secrets of the Rwandan Genocide, Investigations on the Mysteries of a President," published in French in 2001.

4db507 No.832383


It ascribes blame to Brennan and describes the manner in which he was moving around leaning on and manipulating all involved, that is rare. Again though, that's the tip of the iceberg, there was no mention of WHY Brennan was able to do that. Hopefully that is something people start to think about after they read it and that segways into how the clowns have compromised all major functions of the government.

fa184c No.832385



DEBELOPING: The Bellagio hotel-casino on the Las Vegas Strip is experiencing a power outage

f15af4 No.832386


That's a very good point. If Q had referenced the article as a way to warm up normies to the truth, I'd be ok with it, but Q simply referred to it as "Truth." I didn't like that.

362fcf No.832387

File: 0be67bc830a5df2⋯.png (112.02 KB, 641x476, 641:476, Roseanne.png)


Roseanne was on here last night with us ;)

e230c1 No.832388



fbd43a No.832389

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



fc2b1a No.832390


Oceans 15


cfae0f No.832391


Leslie Nielson Naked Gun 2.5?

dcb07d No.832392


Nice job! Can you put the twin towers as the background?

829a58 No.832393

File: fc66767121233a4⋯.jpg (100.36 KB, 936x853, 936:853, 1396832415238.jpg)


is bodyguards should also stop wearing guns

25e330 No.832394

File: 49b8557fbf6414d⋯.jpeg (42.23 KB, 290x395, 58:79, 91FA4F96-6432-48AD-B87A-A….jpeg)

8e7de7 No.832395


Fox News is no different from the rest. It is now being run by Murdoch's liberal offspring. These are all cabal people. The whole MSM is propaganda.

ec0f0e No.832396


Q said this happened with CNN

future proves past?

Finger on the button?

3e59de No.832397

File: 062bb9447fde917⋯.jpg (906.79 KB, 1579x2048, 1579:2048, IMG_1562.JPG)

File: cac4db9ba0fedd7⋯.jpg (898.45 KB, 1562x2048, 781:1024, IMG_1563.JPG)

Jeez jim Carey still cares 😘🎻

b8950c No.832398


I predict a death in someone's future

ca0a5e No.832399

587ca0 No.832400


Clarence Beutel III worked for Salient Corporation - software data mining solutions!!

He had a chemical engineering degree?????

265d27 No.832401

File: 0af542364a504a7⋯.jpg (67.67 KB, 594x796, 297:398, 0af542364a504a7aa7e530f4b5….jpg)

File: 0a293c8aa9f5139⋯.jpg (57.94 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 0a293c8aa9f5139faea6112b63….jpg)

f53370 No.832402


Cool, i didnt know guess fell asleep

4d8007 No.832403

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

d21afa No.832404


My point is you are not going to find a perfect media source, especially one in the MSM. When compared to every other MSM outlet, Fox is leagues better. You got Lou, "Clinton Cartel" Dobbs, Hannity,Tucker and Ingrahm.

They have to have cucks like Shep Smith and co. on there to appear "fair and balance" even though we know the other perspective is the Deep State illusion. It's a necessary evil because the more radical the news outlets (CNN/MSNC), who don't show any dissenting opinions, are written off for being so biased.

2ae9e6 No.832406


If Q team has the goods on all these plane crashes, 9/11, JFK, etc….

We are gonna need a lot of popcorn…

c104d6 No.832407


a girl asks for help and the idiots did nothing??

cc99a2 No.832408

Tiffany is there !!!!!! Anon Luuuvs

you Tiffany !!!!!!!!

97dc0a No.832409


Some people may have a lot of anger even towards the hard working two income parents.

While their parents were rushing off to work, 6 year olds made their own breakfast, came home to empty houses to wash dishes, alone…

Saying for a friend.

d18ce4 No.832410


Thomas/Betsy you are both niggers

fa5777 No.832411


Yup, origin right where I first saw it. At 24000 feet. But there is a small runway in Congo Town, some 40 km away, so I guess it's possible.

ca0a5e No.832412


And Ivanka.

6941cf No.832413


We've got it from here, Beverly. RIP Patriot.

79bfa3 No.832414


low budget, low creativity

0ddc51 No.832415


And LOTS of covfefe, for those that indulge!

4673c4 No.832416


Fair enough, I just wish we had better quality voices. Why can't Lauren Southern get a prime time show? She's a very respectful interviewer and doesn't belittle her guests all the time.

77d6ee No.832417

File: 7c55a04200ba4e3⋯.png (59.23 KB, 600x846, 100:141, ClipboardImage.png)


https:// www.fbcoverup.com/docs/library/1998-BEI-GYROCHIP-Model-QRS-11-Machined-Angular-Rate-Sensor-Systron-Donner-Intertial-Division-BEI-Technologies-Inc-1998.pdf

MEMS, Superconductors, MOCVD all day every day .. also pic …

Basically Boeing guidance chip most likely controllable from outside… UNINTERRUPTABLE AUTO PILOT …

d2542d No.832418


CSPAN still airing speech

0ddc51 No.832420



647d11 No.832421

File: 49f2198d4f95b95⋯.png (650.87 KB, 617x622, 617:622, repill-lib-hate.png)

c104d6 No.832422


i would throw in a picture of the walking over pass that collapsed in florida and add"

and we are going to build and repair them correctly, not according to PC standards.

d4b8f6 No.832423


We really like OAN ! Just stories no opinion shows with people yelling at each other.

cc8006 No.832424


I'm watching it on YouTube

4d8007 No.832425

File: 08474806cff28bf⋯.jpg (59.16 KB, 500x663, 500:663, 82861174.jpg)



ec0f0e No.832426


But Fox also knows where the money is to be made…

Right now they are at the top and the others are dying.

Money speaks louder to (((them))) than anything.

Think the Murdochs will be like “well let’s just dump this billion dollar corporation down the shitter like the rest…”

NOPE … they are learning

Not saying Fox isn’t propaganda

Just saying they allow just enough truth to not cause a liberal crisis

And if they got rid of hannity… game over

44d7e6 No.832427


You're damn right we do. Time to break them Anons. 9/11.

6941cf No.832428


Eagle eyes, Anon. Outstanding catch.

218ac3 No.832429


I switched to the white house youtube. He has been talking for like 15 minutes since FOX cut him off.

82f4b8 No.832431


don't they have several layers of backup systems

seems unusual

cfae0f No.832432


Anon showing Tiffany the love because she is never around and not often mentioned. Aloha Tiffany!

44d7e6 No.832433



Right?? Q KNOWS damn well that Anons would check those.

e230c1 No.832434



TARGET: Environmental Resources Management (ERM)

https:// www.motherjones.com/politics/2013/03/keystone-xl-contractor-ties-transcanada-state-department/

https:// www.whitehouse.gov/briefings-statements/remarks-president-transcanada-keystone-xl-pipeline-announcement/

5227c6 No.832435

File: a112f2592d3a1ae⋯.jpg (5.95 KB, 211x238, 211:238, annlee.jpg)

File: 3549f3056081ea8⋯.jpg (108.07 KB, 970x582, 5:3, davidkoresh.jpg)

File: 9ee4a09d326f21b⋯.jpg (8.17 KB, 233x217, 233:217, krishnaventa.jpg)

File: b18f539991cc505⋯.jpg (7.32 KB, 259x194, 259:194, marshallapplewhite.jpg)

File: ba67e27d2a28b57⋯.jpg (13.96 KB, 201x250, 201:250, sabbataizevi.jpg)

another big lie started by the Pope and still in place today - and not just catholics!

which one of these did NOT claim to be god?

870a8e No.832436

File: d93ac9af9bb4ce1⋯.png (581.53 KB, 655x500, 131:100, Chuck Schumer & Kirsten Gi….png)

File: be77f0171bdf7a7⋯.png (569.04 KB, 655x500, 131:100, Chuck Schumer & Kirsten Gi….png)

f15af4 No.832437


Good ideas anon, thanks.

354291 No.832438


I don't understand why the consensus is that Jim Carey is a clown AH that should be chastised and the recipient of ill will. I very seriously doubt he killed his girlfriend.

That may be and could be true, but for just a second entertain another possibility.

Maybe Jim wasn't a bad guy and determined that he wanted out. They told him, to bad so sad, ain't happening. He said BS, watch this. Then they responded with if you do, we'll frame you for killing your girl friend and ruin your life.

This squeezing got him acting goofy and ultimately, it happened the way they predicted. Now, not only do people think he killed girlfriend, he's being sued, got no income and is having a breakdown in slow motion for whole world to see. It could be a pretty canned scenario, maybe it isn't.

No question he makes for good meme material, but I've avoided it, largely because it seems to me more like he needs prayed for more than he needs kicked. I don't harbor that attitude across the board by any means, but in this case I do.

Not really wanting to debate or slide the board, but rather offer an alternative viewpoint, that has possibly been overlooked, in spite of potentially being valid.

fc2b1a No.832439

File: 9993555b29658a0⋯.jpg (64.03 KB, 825x464, 825:464, alex clockwork top kek.jpg)

5227c6 No.832440

File: b73f01662b01721⋯.jpg (8 KB, 300x168, 25:14, jesustheman.jpg)


oops left out the one that didnt claim it…

d21afa No.832441


I wish OAN was offered on cable. Just like Right Side Broadcasting.

We need a media that is full of journalists and not propagandists.

d64802 No.832442

File: eeb1f6ebfe89773⋯.gif (973.94 KB, 500x288, 125:72, giphy-10.gif)



I hope we get to see a pedo dead in a few hours. :)

4d6881 No.832443

File: f34fde44689fb7b⋯.png (54.22 KB, 707x689, 707:689, maryland-state-senator-gui….png)

https:// www.justice.gov/usao-md/pr/maryland-state-senator-pleads-guilty-wire-fraud

one state senator bites the dust

trying to fuck over HUD while taking kickbacks

c1e00b No.832444

File: 9052ba4befb628e⋯.jpg (116.72 KB, 720x540, 4:3, Slide1.jpg)

My first

meme, second attempt.

0ddc51 No.832445


>they allow just enough truth to not cause a liberal crisis

Likely following the 40/60% rule. It's better than 0/100% of others

44d7e6 No.832446


LOL!!! KEK!! Another Anon said a few breads ago that Tiffany was his favorite baker girl.

She's cool by me. Back to work!!

647d11 No.832447

File: fec7174f7f3fc16⋯.png (473.43 KB, 691x680, 691:680, hrc-video-gitmo.png)

ec0f0e No.832448


Give it time anon.

Our movement and the power of our true MIGHT is only just beginning.

These are exciting times. I’ve got all the time in the world.

fbd43a No.832449

File: ab81c4e90e78b47⋯.jpg (96.58 KB, 620x413, 620:413, LABEL GMO.jpg)

File: 99eee5bcceed5b5⋯.jpg (193.5 KB, 720x542, 360:271, LABEL GMO2.jpg)

File: e9fea1e51eeef29⋯.jpg (223.55 KB, 1188x1188, 1:1, LABEL GMO3.jpg)

File: 2818abbc1e41480⋯.jpg (96.44 KB, 960x813, 320:271, RealButter.jpg)

I don't know anybody in California that DIDN'T VOTE TO LABEL GMO's. Fighting voter fraud in CALIFORNIA IS YOUR PROBLEM AMERICA - HELP US HELP YOU:) #StandWithRealCali

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/California_Proposition_37,_2012

https:// www.ocregister.com/2018/03/20/anti-sanctuary-push-could-spread-far-beyond-los-alamitos-2/

https:// www.cnbc.com/2018/03/28/trump-throws-support-behind-orange-county-in-fight-against-california-sanctuary-law.html

ac6132 No.832450


Alex Jones, Corsi, Roger Stone have a large platform and time tofill. Its their livelihood.

They could peddle fsm nonsense and make many times more money

On conspiracies, when a plan gets talked about, the conspirators are less likely to go through with. it. They have to think leak or penetration of their plan. It defensive to expose.

These guys are the anti fbi who sit on info and let terrorism happen

2cf24e No.832451


Quit trying to gloryfag. You arent that important!

d4b8f6 No.832452


Sorry, forgot link

http:// www.oann.com/

We watch on hooktube too.

1f5a87 No.832453


Not even a new tactic really. I was wondering how long it'd take for them to fall back on "muh ebil white males"

362fcf No.832454


Not my problem that you don't understand.

83b9d4 No.832455


Got an 8-5-8?



10:17:17 PM EST



>Very BAD!

829a58 No.832456

File: b6bb02be01c745d⋯.jpg (306.98 KB, 1255x1880, 251:376, 1420925997335.jpg)

File: e275d4489cbb26c⋯.jpg (2.06 MB, 2795x3026, 2795:3026, 1426264826359.jpg)

File: b98518b10b2fb83⋯.jpg (117.65 KB, 1024x708, 256:177, 1426395612562.jpg)

File: 1190dff4204803c⋯.jpg (162.67 KB, 1100x670, 110:67, 1427941580785.jpg)

File: a8f4ac15b921050⋯.jpg (119.56 KB, 1000x482, 500:241, 1427942192073.jpg)


:3 you got trips

nice going

move the text to the right next

1787be No.832458

File: 29529aee5dfe4e0⋯.jpg (69.84 KB, 1106x1348, 553:674, check em hogg.jpg)


nice trips… better meme than last time… lots of 12 year old girls will LOVE it!

4d8007 No.832459



e230c1 No.832460

Outside contractors (managed by the State Department) wrote the Keystone report, which neither endorsed nor rejected the Keystone pipeline. The contractor that produced the bulk of the report was Environmental Resources Management (ERM), an international consulting firm. On the day the State Department published the Keystone impact report, the agency also released a cache of documents that ERM submitted in 2012 to win the contract to produce the Keystone environmental report. That cache included a 55-page filing in which ERM stated it had no conflicts of interests writing the Keystone report.

But there was something strange about ERM’s conflict-of-interest filing: The bios for the ERM’s experts were redacted.

Here’s what those redactions kept secret: ERM’s second-in-command on the Keystone report, Andrew Bielakowski, had worked on three previous pipeline projects for TransCanada over seven years as an outside consultant. He also consulted on projects for ExxonMobil, BP, and ConocoPhillips, three of the Big Five oil companies that could benefit from the Keystone XL project and increased extraction of heavy crude oil taken from the Canadian tar sands.

Another ERM employee who contributed to State’s Keystone report—and whose prior work history was also redacted—previously worked for Shell Oil; a third worked as a consultant for Koch Gateway Pipeline Company, a subsidiary of Koch Industries. Shell and Koch* have a significant financial interest in the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline. ERM itself has worked for Chevron, which has invested in Canadian tar sands extraction, according to its website.

8fb773 No.832461

where is the new bread?

d64802 No.832462

Rural Broadband Internet

Project Loon. Low cost wifi called Halo-Fi

Trump is making it happen! NESARA by his terms!

8fb773 No.832463


new bread?

f53370 No.832464

Sauce fox

A federal judge in Los Angeles denied Stormy Daniels’ motion seeking to depose President Trump and his attorney Michael Cohen over a $130,000 payment made to the adult film star days before the 2016 presidential election

20fe06 No.832465

File: 8544b43a21d7339⋯.jpg (469.5 KB, 1344x901, 1344:901, IMG_1530.JPG)

https:// t.co/tWJteWbvab

https:// youtu.be/j-gMcZUKTrY

https:// youtu.be/DbLFNJmFiYk

https:// youtu.be/ZNomhZFaWWI

f225a0 No.832466


He was up literally all night at the Vigil on Youtube. Probably sleeping but JA isnt posting so I assume no news.

79b016 No.832467

File: c2635e0c229e3d2⋯.png (36.13 KB, 480x381, 160:127, ClipboardImage.png)

How do social media/search engine platforms 'weight' elections?

The same way Russia decides which embassy to close?

http:// thehill.com/policy/international/russia/380277-russia-polls-twitter-on-which-consulate-to-close-in-response-to

9149a9 No.832468

File: 195e5f5accfb07f⋯.jpg (69.61 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Ortel.jpg)

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=RFh7fdI0mk0

Yesterday's podcast by Charles Ortel

If you're not into Jason Goodman, it's not a problem because Charles does 99% of the talking.

01d344 No.832469

do we have any warriors here willing to watch liberal news to see if they televise HRC speaking at Rutgers today?

e58723 No.832470

I'm not surewhat this….. I just found it interesting for the date also? 2.12.09

http:// dpcld.defense.gov/Portals/49/Documents/Privacy/540016p.pdf

f15af4 No.832471


Bill Binney, Andrew Breitbart, Seth Rich, God Bless them

d21afa No.832472

File: 207e66af0a312e6⋯.jpg (63.72 KB, 615x410, 3:2, inspectingbread.jpg)

Inspecting Bread/Baking

1f5a87 No.832473



Shitlibs do.

44d7e6 No.832474


I think this is the most likely case. But he sold out right?? And while I have sold out in my own ways, and cast no stones, isn't that the price you pay at the Hotel California??

His "art" is wrong and disturbing and a blight on our humanity, not to mention they provoke very ill will in unstable people.

Why does he have to paint this stuff?? If you're in THAT deep, take your life, show Honor, go out with Honor, don't spread MORE poison. What sense does that make??

But I hear you.

5227c6 No.832475


no anon - the church is the largest institution that has maintained lies for 2000 years

it needs to be exposed for the great awakening

it is a big part of it

d64802 No.832476


Not sure, lad.

fbd43a No.832477


Pull your head out of your ass. Do I need to drop a Q quote, bitch. Come together or die separately… I tried to be AJ BEFORE THERE WAS AN AJ, PEOPLE DIED… I went underground thinking the war was for information… WHO IS THE PUSSY NOW?? Well I'm back and ready to give my life for the planet… #MAGAequalsMWGA

870a8e No.832478


You FAILED, Loser!

647d11 No.832479


Great meme and a new niche, "horse memes"

c104d6 No.832480


if that is all that bothers you larry


we don't have slaves anymore. not a prob bud.

go back to bed.

f225a0 No.832481


You would have to pay me more than she is getting paid for that speech to listen for even one minute. (hear she isn't getting paid much)

e230c1 No.832482

The State Department has faced heaps of criticism for potential conflicts of interests involving TransCanada and Keystone XL. In October 2011, Obama’s reelection campaign hired Broderick Johnson, who had previously lobbied in favor of Keystone, as a senior adviser. Emails obtained by Friends of the Earth, an environmental group that opposes the Keystone pipeline, revealed a cozy relationship between TransCanada lobbyist Paul Elliott and Marja Verloop, an official at the US Embassy in Canada whose portfolio covers the Keystone project. Before he lobbied for TransCanada, Elliott worked as deputy campaign manager on Hillary Clinton’s 2008 presidential bid.

d21afa No.832483


Nice. Thanks for the link.

2ab79e No.832484

File: 25c00c8d488ede9⋯.png (588.46 KB, 768x576, 4:3, WeGo.png)

ec0f0e No.832485


I agree. Somebody like my mother can watch hannity and not get turned off by it for being too tin foily

My parents had it rough under Obama

Father had to close his plumbing business and go back to work in the city. Almost lost everything.

The few amount of local plumbing businesses that managed to stay afloat are now raking in the dough while my father has to get up everyday at 3am to drive to NYC and bust his ass …

Sorry for the rant

You know what I mean

829a58 No.832486

File: f2d36a6e6908cd1⋯.jpg (800.88 KB, 2000x1450, 40:29, 1453194803909-4.jpg)

44d7e6 No.832487


Wow!! That would be cool.

fc2b1a No.832488

File: b347ceb9f69f31f⋯.jpg (67.67 KB, 570x589, 30:31, 2001 bowman stars cabal.jpg)

File: 2ad133db88805dc⋯.jpg (50.06 KB, 480x316, 120:79, bowman computer.jpg)

d29220 No.832489


Tomato Bubble has a take on that and five other crashes:

http:// www.tomatobubble.com/id513.html

ca7368 No.832490

File: 8b1b742001510b5⋯.png (210.56 KB, 445x389, 445:389, pepe'n cher.png)

2ae9e6 No.832491


we need a kek meme with popcorn and covfefe :) sitting comfy in chair etc

10a964 No.832492

File: c62c2bb7f6b3b7f⋯.png (549.66 KB, 486x531, 54:59, IMG_0997.PNG)


Oh yea

5227c6 No.832493


the PP is evil pro life fanatics also need to be called out

potus supports PP

Q leader did not and made anti PP posts w/o sauce

Q was fired

fbd43a No.832494



870a8e No.832495


>Do I need to drop a Q quote, bitch


ec0f0e No.832496


Stop responding

It gets so tiresome telling anons to stop responding

f15af4 No.832497

File: d5778730bba33ff⋯.png (434.08 KB, 500x326, 250:163, ClipboardImage.png)

f53370 No.832498


Knock out a couple of ribs too

8fb773 No.832499


gotta have that bread, we were baking last night and Q came on replied to the same dude I was replying to. He was worried if he went to be we'd all leave the board and he'd be left behind.

c6161c No.832500


Passenger list to see who she targeted? 187?

Do we have that?

61740d No.832501

POTUS talking about EM. They're rich. If they want to send a rocket up, let them. hahaha. No mo money for you Elon.

97dc0a No.832502


Peter Pan?

Lost BOYS?

25e330 No.832503


Can’t. I’d throw up in my mouth.

f5143c No.832504


There are no Coincidences, there are more than one meaning and connections. Different paths of research can lead you to similar findings. All roads lead to the Truth.

44d7e6 No.832505


See?? That's so classy!! 10.0/10.0


ca0a5e No.832506


Which are the risk of that?

fa184c No.832507



Courage Foundation


"Ecuador says it will meet with attorneys for the WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange next week"

c104d6 No.832508


it isn't something you are going to be sharing with your kids. think

8fb773 No.832509


peanut butter is good where? On bread.

ec0f0e No.832510



Rather pound sand into my ass

be425a No.832511


Almost spit out my coffee!!!! lmao!!!!

97dc0a No.832512



It’s in this thread, and the last, and several before that.


25e330 No.832513


See it’s spawn…

203da3 No.832514



Cheap cheap cheap

They have it

e230c1 No.832515

Who was the IG at the time?

The State Department’s inspector general disagreed with critics who cried foul over these apparent conflicts of interest. In February 2012, the IG found no evidence of bias in State’s handling of the application to build the pipeline.

4db507 No.832516


Tiffany is great. MOAR Tiffany!

5227c6 No.832517


im with you anon - you did your part and

if your conscience is clear that is all that matters

mine is

649f7b No.832518

"Donald Mossop, his wife Dawn Mossop, and their only child, 12-year-old Shawn Mossop were on their way to visit relatives in Canada. Dawn's sister, Ferris Reid (pictured right), a visiting nurse also of Bloomfield, accompanied them."

A 12 yr old child.

6941cf No.832520


Nice effing job, Anon! That swamp map is clutch.

b4b2bf No.832521


Beverly Eckert