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File: 951131400d0229f⋯.jpg (252.51 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 19875137098f6bd69f04c8c247….jpg)

a35360 No.910164

Q's Tripcode: !xowAT4Z3VQ

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Thursday 4.05.18

>>902317 ———————- Q+ 5:5

Wednesday 4.04.18

>>899433 ———————- POTUS up all night. Pray.

>>899345 rt >>899237 —– Peace through strength

>>898990 ———————- Means more than you know

>>898668 ———————- Jared Cohen

>>897229 rt >>897173 —– The 'ultimate deterrent'

>>897116 ———————- Adios no-name

>>896860 ———————- 1832 Rothchild loan to the Holy See

>>896621 rt >>896546 —– NG now active

>>896591 rt >>896475 —– Follow the LOOP

>>896320 rt >>896290 —– Watch for ‘TheMagikBOT’

>>896266 rt >>896184 —– The Analysis Corporation (TAC)

>>896184 rt >>896069 —– Hussein timeline

>>896069 ———————- The gift that keeps on giving

>>894699 rt >>894658 —– Zuckerberg out of US

>>894658 rt >>894571 —– TWITTER CLOWNS

>>894571 rt >>894467 —– Their sacrifice will not be forgotten

>>894467 rt >>894401 —– RUSSIA NEW THREAT

>>894401 rt >>894110 —– ENOUGH IS ENOUGH

>>894110 rt >>893904 —– The fight for the Wall is so much more

>>893904 ———————- TRAITOR

Tuesday 4.03.18

>>886265 ———————- APRIL SHOWERS

>>886086 rt >>885992 —– COUNT YOUR BEATS

>>885992 ———————- NO DEALS

>>885519 ———————- ACTIVATE D-PRIV

>>885501 ———————- SEC TEST

>>885486 rt >>885429 —– Know ALL, See ALL

>>885319 ———————- Which Road?

>>885027 rt >>885005 —– 'H'

>>885005 rt >>884858 —– Phones were allowed in.

>>884858 rt >>884833 —– The “Chair” serves the Master.

>>884736 ———————- [A]pril. MOAB.

>>884763 ———————- These people operate in plain sight

>>884799 rt >>884748 —– The Sun beckons

>>875988 rt >>875936 —– Operators onsite

>>875936 rt >>875827 —– Follow Bolton

>>875827 ———————- WWG1WGA

>>875587 rt >>875485 —– Did you listen today? (see >>879159 )

Monday 4.02.18

>>875455 rt >>875311 —– NK

>>875289 rt >>875265 —– BIG problems for FB, Goog, Amz, Tw

>>875265 ———————- IG report

>>874050 rt >>873935 —– What is Sessions SPECIFICALLY recused from?

>>873935 ———————- John Huber reboot

>>873643 rt >>873617 —– Timestamp is key

>>873589 rt >>873571 —– We had a good laugh.

>>873495 ———————- SEC T

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a35360 No.910171

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>>908399, >>908375 CCN: Pedo-Satanic Broadcasting Enterprise

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>>908486 Deocculting the occult in Pop Music

>>908521 Hmmmm….

>>908419 Schillary's Witch Coven: The Wing, NYC, >>908390

>>908522 Jeffrey Epstein's Terrordome

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>>907855 AfternoonNewsAnon (ID: 3eac24)

>>907998 Why The Wall is More (commentary)

>>908054 Danske Bank’s Lars Morch resigns

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>>908231 TheMagikBOT Activity Summary


>>907070 Missing CDC worker found dead

>>907091 Rosenstein subpoenaed for noon today

>>907100 Hussein itinerary

>>907155 F-16 crash

>>907268 Dept. of Interior computers communicating w/Russia

>>907313 Brennan and Congressional Investigation

>>907374 Hussein World Tour 2018

>>907540 No-Name’s river project - possible gib from Omnibus

>>907632 Media campaign against EPA’s Scott Pruitt

>>907764 Pruitt aide resigning


>>906793 China says "нет" To The Vatican.

>>906750 Newfags: Reread Crumbs

>>906689 The Wing, Ny; Sekrit Club For Dark Witch's Coven, >>906760

>>906757 5 Properties Of Epstein, >>906692

>>906660 The Golden Dome, As The One On The Temple On Epstein's Pedodome, >>906735

>>906720 Lessons in Contemporary Roman-Catholic Symbology

>>906272 Nebraska signs budget; defunds PP

>>906462 Nunes threatening subpoena

>>906562 Hussein itinerary

>>906604 Hussein State Dept. funds to Soros activities in Albania

>>906653 Hail suppression in the Hudson

>>906725 IL town to ban guns

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>>905497 Mossad world wide helpers

>>905510 “Does Google basically work for the WH?”

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>>905441 just_waiting.png

>>905423 Mexican Caravan To Halt In Mexico City

>>905400 Trump (USA) Will Meet Merkel (De) & Macron (Fr) April

>>905438 Deadly Intelligence; New Show

>>905375 Trump & Netanhayu Fire In Syria Talks.

>>905360 Round 2, FIGHT! Bibi Blames Soros for Bad NGO Deal.

>>905260 Diplomats are preparing meet between Putin (ru) & Xi (chi)

>>904890 Anon links to posts that seem to know about TheMagikBot; worth a quick read

>>904961 Epstein modeled HIV and Cancer… Coincidence?

>>904897 Gold Standard Abandoned This Date 1971 (see >>905816)

>>904935 Another fighter jet crashes; South Korean pilots presumed dead

>>904987 For your viewing pleasure: MKUltra documentaries coming to your TV

>>904875 , >>904998 Politico's dirty tricks before POTUS election with DNC collusion

>>905015 Germany says UK must prove Russia attacked Skirpal

>>905104 Agreeable terms for POTUS interview with Special Counsel

>>905113 Banks and murders and Bush, oh my!

>>904758 Wall o' text, but lots on Jared Cohen

>>905141 Afraid a linked article might have a virus? Here's what to do.

>>905171 More on The Prince Of Pedo's : Epstein's Shell Island

>>905174 Reuters article on Kim and Xi


>>903896 USM aircraft activity over UK (CLUSTER!)

>>904259 ATL airport very quiet (0430-0500)

>>903894 DC EAS test (10-11am)

>>904144 Going to war?

>>904015, >>904037 Wray in trouble?

>>904107 All Russiagate Roads Lead To London

>>904046, >>904262 State Dept. supported Soros activities

>>903911 NY Library "Business Leadership Council"

>>904278 Art in Embassies

>>904399 Brennan; panic mode

>>904414, >>904464 4AM marching orders

>>904454 Q, #1008 notable -analysis-

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>>903574 Brazil's Lula


>>902789 1832 Roths

>>902296 , >>902455 The Pope & The Dirty War

>>902494 Pope Chair

>>902567 UFO Over England

>>902637 YT Shooter's Dad

>>902641 Schmidt & Cohen Regime Change


>>901433 CA soon to be DOA

>>901492 Presidential Memorandum to Authorize the Deployment of the National Guard to the Southern Border

>>901666 , >>901690 , >>901747 Watch the water

>>901593 , >>901731 45 on 4 5

>>901818 Symbolism will be +heir downfall

>>901844 Widespread Panic


>>900773 More mirrors

>>900736 WH Visitor log crosscheck

>>900885 Raniere update

>>901216 Psalm 17

>>901114 'Jared Cohen involved w-HRC in the Arab Spring to install the Islamic Muslim Brotherhood!'

>>900733 , >>900907 , >>901079 , >>901299 TAC - Sotera - SA=Southern Arizona

241d53 No.910176


8f213f No.910195

File: bef2e205d3bed77⋯.png (182.54 KB, 500x500, 1:1, jewSHILLMeter01.png)

35d417 No.910196


When Fulcrum was exposing PedoGate, what were you doing?

Watching you flail david

4377ce No.910197

File: 84a35115c476f92⋯.jpg (529.78 KB, 1024x870, 512:435, ThankYouBaker2.jpg)

a41d7b No.910198

ITT we DIG. Let us accomplish something.

00efed No.910199

File: 848dac99322f89e⋯.png (160.91 KB, 325x493, 325:493, pepe-tarot.png)

dd4f9c No.910200

I hope no semen spills over here.

25d767 No.910201


What? , Why is MbS still in Cali??, Nasim was the Rouge op for that damae to MbS?

916cfe No.910202


Nope ha

2d0b1e No.910203

File: 0218131707b35c7⋯.jpg (77.11 KB, 629x657, 629:657, 1522963434783.jpg)

what did they mean by this?

4377ce No.910204

File: 4f0dd2a783c68ca⋯.jpg (466.61 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, JMCSS.jpg)

File: c5042d4f6cf8388⋯.jpg (497.69 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, HASS.jpg)

File: f330a328039dfe5⋯.jpg (480.22 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, HRCSS.jpg)

File: 26f9c56a3cc373e⋯.jpg (508.65 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, BHOSS.jpg)

File: 22c0975ba654d71⋯.jpg (470.09 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, VJSS.jpg)

a51e3b No.910205


"Fulcrum" as a brand for Seaman just popped up.. this summer/autumn i think? Most if not all work on Pedogate was done already anyway

8bfa5e No.910206

File: 40800d03c6d6c3b⋯.jpg (417.79 KB, 1500x1001, 1500:1001, piz1.jpg)

Thanks, Baker

Make Pizza Great Again

241d53 No.910207


^^^ filter from the start of the bread

e6f564 No.910208

File: c7b7f7f688ee43d⋯.jpg (37.51 KB, 354x500, 177:250, 2494439.jpg)

File: f97cb9ac2c9bff6⋯.jpg (19.06 KB, 253x450, 253:450, center-of-the-universe.jpg)

File: 29bf199a135d3d0⋯.jpg (209.8 KB, 726x625, 726:625, 9bf919665bb69a5b5665d353ff….jpg)

Something I found kinda interesting. Lots of symbolism it seems. Tulsa, OK, Center of the Universe

https:// wanderwisdom.com/travel-destinations/TulsaCenteroftheUniverse

bfdbe6 No.910209


who is Seaman?

2d0b1e No.910210


Wishful thinking

a81b7e No.910211


I was researching and waiting for Trump to be in office for a bit and watching for the start of pedo arrests. MSM , Google, Twitter were fighting to hard to cover up pizzagate and I knew the timing was not right. Timing is everything if you want to get a story out.

8f213f No.910212

File: 5ac5737e3f50bf5⋯.png (699.33 KB, 666x500, 333:250, filtershillshill.png)

3e0518 No.910213

File: 8b89c52d7ac10bd⋯.mp4 (1.98 MB, 720x720, 1:1, HOCS3rYYO5j3wlZj.mp4)

I think Stormy had a bigger job than to ride the serpent. That CD/DVD could have something juicy on it that Trump paid for.

916cfe No.910214

Appreciate that he put his platform on the line to expose PizzaGate while many others backed away

ecb800 No.910215


5:50 petered out

094677 No.910216

If this seaman guy doesn’t provide he should be called out and discredited as a source. This isn’t a game anymore.

4377ce No.910217

File: 0620ba4fc91f4fb⋯.jpg (644.71 KB, 1024x571, 1024:571, WeGoOne4.jpg)

File: 408a8927b238abe⋯.jpg (703.43 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, WeGoOne3.jpg)

File: 0a766cb77f0751c⋯.jpg (913.85 KB, 1024x765, 1024:765, WeGoOne2.jpg)

File: 91c391849dec14c⋯.jpg (877.83 KB, 1020x681, 340:227, WeGoOne1.jpg)

5914ee No.910218


Deals with Hollywood.

0133f7 No.910219

File: d1d63c86b21e354⋯.jpg (13.21 KB, 480x360, 4:3, waiting.jpg)

File: fd2ebf10881472b⋯.gif (326.88 KB, 400x225, 16:9, waiting2.gif)

File: e6339ce716c3754⋯.png (1014.51 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, waiting3.png)

we are all steve martin anons today…

bfc9b1 No.910220


Yeah, this is an obvious lie. He definitely played this poorly. He should have just said, I'm an extremely virile man, women love me, and I made some mistakes with women during my life. That would have been the end of it.

863e90 No.910221


my older cousin was a hostess on a cruise ship

i believe she was used as a sex slave

its sad, now her mind broke and she sees semen on everything.

she wont get help… wish i knew how to help her

bfdbe6 No.910222


What is the significance of this particular . .. .Thing. It isn't a statue, it isn't a monument what does it mean?

10f676 No.910223

Wouldn't it make total sense that Sarah Carter gets to drop the bomb on Hannity?

Also, her full name is Sara "a 6 when I'm sober, but a total 9 when I'm stoned" Carter.

c57376 No.910224


Blacks there are murdering the whites and taking their land and homes. The global media refuses to report the stories. The fake media are trying to say its a lie.

a51e3b No.910225


So anons who think he's using his established position to fuck things up should NOT because of how he reached that position?

Learn how controlled opposition works, please.

25d767 No.910226


The Eye of Sauron?

10f676 No.910227

File: 78df8e7cd612106⋯.jpg (275.78 KB, 591x360, 197:120, John_Oface_Brennan.jpg)

863e90 No.910228


i wonder if there are tales of this type shit happening on cruise ships?

ca27d9 No.910229


ADL are about. their signature gore/porn/copy pasta chan shit talking covered the last bread. all shitpostsers have signatures, their egos can't help it.

89f763 No.910230

▶Q !xowAT4Z3VQ  ‪04/04/18 (Wed) 20:57:38‬3c2872 No.898668>>

Jared Cohen.

Coming soon to a theater near you.


Jared Cohen and Eric Schmidt connections:

It goes on to describe Project Maven as a “customized AI (artificial intelligence) surveillance engine that uses ‘wide area motion imagery’ data captured by US government drones to detect vehicles and other objects, track their motions and provide results to the Department of Defense.”

https:// www.veteranstoday.com/2018/04/05/busted-google-caught-in-terminator-pentagon-project/

"We are building tools that humans control. AI will reflect the values of those who build it. Ultimately, our dream for AI is to give people more choices about how they live their lives. Under our control, it can take the drudgery out of work and free up many more hours for creative pursuits. And applied collaboratively, AI could help bring about solutions to the world’s most complex problems."

http:// time.com/4154126/technology-essay-eric-schmidt-jared-cohen/

16ce09 No.910231

>>910184 (Bread #1130)

The www. has spaces before and after. Did you delete them?

0133f7 No.910233

File: bd58a07e9e5669e⋯.jpg (77.15 KB, 640x490, 64:49, 7of9.jpg)


BAKER you may now regenerate…. 7 will join you…

bfdbe6 No.910234


point out the occult symbology for us slow people. Is it a sundial?

e6f564 No.910235


Dunno, link has some info on the thing

14a250 No.910236


Fulcrum wasn't exposing shit. You can't expose something if no one reads you. I was doing more than fulcrum shitposting on facebook.

0d7c52 No.910237

Where are the salty Seaman memes?

14aad4 No.910238


Had family visit that one time… from what i recall, there's a place you can stand and hear your echo's amplified by the buildings. kind of like a greek amphitheater. other than that… no idea broham.

2c1cc7 No.910239



Wasn't this mentioned before? I mean, Q quotes bible. So it would be not far fetched to assume that the team doesn't spell "McCain" because of the name "Cain" referencing Cain and Abel in the bible? I don't know. I thought this was known already. I am just a newfag, so I don't know.

abc2eb No.910240

Jared cohen and eric shmidt wrote a book together. "The New DIgital Age". Not sure if that ties into anything.

0c1a89 No.910241

File: 8649e94bb4b0c59⋯.jpg (28.07 KB, 255x255, 1:1, kikewheelthegoyimknow.jpg)


Pic VERY related.

Filter 241d53 anons. (((shill))) thinking (((they))) can sneak in here and tell us anons what to do.

Typical (((jew shill))) attitude.

0e1b0e No.910242


More like a loud-mouth 3… What has she done that is so great? So far I haven't heard anything good come from here but wishful thinking

bab629 No.910244

File: 32790017c2f048b⋯.png (129.72 KB, 781x567, 781:567, screenshot_279.png)


This ALMOST happened here in America. If that POS Clinton would have won you betcha'

db582b No.910246

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


This is the best representation of this anon…

My friends and family think I am going a bit mad …

MAD, I am fucking incandescent with rage.

e6f564 No.910247


No, that spot is the "center of the universe". Talks about it in the link. There's an acoustic anomaly when standing in the center.

10f676 No.910248


Kekkin' brilliant!

"You'll never make the six!"

d92850 No.910249

File: c42904c8453e493⋯.png (375.59 KB, 590x392, 295:196, ClipboardImage.png)

bfdbe6 No.910250


what country was she from?

62f9ff No.910252

File: 4708f5a3d0075fc⋯.jpg (1.05 MB, 1556x1033, 1556:1033, 1484623384822.jpg)

File: 74cf231e9b2be72⋯.jpg (3.33 MB, 4288x2848, 134:89, 1484623666649.jpg)

File: f17f6d4ae9a08ed⋯.jpg (3.73 MB, 4288x2848, 134:89, 1484623974213.jpg)

File: 55fb3bb759a06d5⋯.jpg (3.01 MB, 4288x2848, 134:89, 1484624512120.jpg)

File: 1363180b0135ea6⋯.jpg (593.46 KB, 1242x827, 1242:827, 1484624872680.jpg)

Little St James Island

25d767 No.910253


Hmm, sinister…..

fe084a No.910254

File: b7eef799e049fe3⋯.png (644.31 KB, 1277x724, 1277:724, Screenshot_141.png)


Seaman? Are you talking about David Seaman?

He's always telling us to buy BitCoin and Gold.

863e90 No.910255

7090d8 No.910256

Last bread .






Thank you Anons from the deepest part of my heart . It is an Honor for me to be here to help you and protect All of you .I am here 10 to 18 hrs a day to save and protect innocents and expose 911 and get the criminals off the streets until this thing is over. Thank you for all your kind words. WWG1WGA!! MAGA !!! Q for the win !!!!

ca27d9 No.910257


a family friend just moved back to UK, their white neighbours got murdered whilst they were out there. diced the women's throat and dumped her in the garden and dragged the man out miles into the wildness(man had mid stage Alzheimer's) and left him out there to die. crazy shit is happening over there.

7815de No.910259


Seriously. Semen is/was full copypasta famefag. Glad he is a megaphone to the norms, but a researcher he is not.

916cfe No.910260

File: 91e123bc85f5e1b⋯.jpg (83.43 KB, 800x600, 4:3, DZNt4AVXkAAmXWd.jpg)

File: 225ce868f8d6b5a⋯.jpg (26.54 KB, 640x360, 16:9, DZNt2fwWAAYRdx0.jpg)

For anyone who may not have seen yet (been out for a bit for those who are deep into), here is Obama saying him and Biden are so close, they weren't be served pizza anymore at a place in Indiana. The crowd thinks it's hysterical. The joke wouldn't even make sense, but he doesn't actually mean pizza…so its just jacked up

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=DxCvACat3BE

241d53 No.910261


filtered you too soyboy shill

07709d No.910262


Pfffffffttttt -

http:// www.tulsaworld.com/weekend/music/what-is-tulsa-s-center-of-the-universe-landmark/article_9b843716-a654-54d4-8591-f29dc7fd5513.html

347af8 No.910263

File: 0e6a514d666f56e⋯.png (573.79 KB, 533x882, 533:882, BB 1 Illegal Immigration 4….PNG)

File: c606196d115cab2⋯.png (82.73 KB, 525x773, 525:773, BB 2 Illegal Immigration 4….PNG)

File: 6a01e7d4a99dc9a⋯.png (844.8 KB, 522x851, 522:851, BB 3 Illegal Immigration 4….PNG)

Saw this article this morning.

Saved it to post when relevant today.




>Over Reporting his Toughness on Immigration

Rape Trees, Dead Migrants and the Consequences of an Open Border



ae6285 No.910264

before we go all /ourgirl/ on nazim

consider that her act could have been a signal carrier for the cabal. only a few people injured. a mock attack on them to indicate that they are the real target (more than FB/TWTR).

7090d8 No.910265


Getting multicultural enrichment I see. YOU HAVE TO FIGHT !

a81b7e No.910266


Is that what's he doing now. Hope he stopped his whining.

e4abbd No.910267


Well Anon, we'll be here until the end, peter in or peter out.

0133f7 No.910269


i know i know

but dont get mad

get even

our time is coming anon

POTUS knows when and how to pull the string

you and i would have already blown it

thats why he gets the big bucks….

916cfe No.910270

thts the point of the friendship cbracelet from obama to biden…indiana pizza shit

14a250 No.910271


Beta-cuck written on his face. And written better than anything you will find @ fagcrum.

2c1cc7 No.910272


Exactly this.


I do not trust this guy at all, imho. He's just trying to gain attention, which is why he made that tweet about HRC's video. There is no proof that he has any affiliation with Q.

4377ce No.910273

File: a92cca1e3b922d1⋯.jpg (215.76 KB, 641x490, 641:490, ShillsToFilter.jpg)

347af8 No.910274

File: 8b58e3cd7cbdbc5⋯.png (407.29 KB, 531x825, 177:275, BB 4 Illegal Immigration 4….PNG)

File: a0745e7222df9b6⋯.png (400.14 KB, 530x842, 265:421, BB 5 Illegal Immigration 4….PNG)

File: 219e34e95ac0322⋯.png (427.9 KB, 528x852, 44:71, BB 6 Illegal Immigration 4….PNG)




f5917e No.910275

File: 02eb0cf8edd311c⋯.jpg (8.67 KB, 255x190, 51:38, 283062b0bcdd794cfe8a5102ee….jpg)




094677 No.910276


Apologies, phonefagging and it autocorrected. I must not talk about semen as much as you to notice

00efed No.910277

File: 48d9c87b061227b⋯.png (968.18 KB, 632x548, 158:137, dc-figured-not-we-trump.png)

bfdbe6 No.910278


So does it have any GA significance? That building in the shadow is the BOK building. BOK is owned by a Billionaire named George Kaiser, son of Kaiser Francis Oil magnate Herman Kaiser. He was the owner of a solar company called Solyndrya. That company bought Barrack Obama that house in Thailand that Q said got raided.

0393b2 No.910279



Ships are full of degeneracy. I've never had any desire to go on a cruise. The last place a young woman, alone, should be.

10f676 No.910280


brrrrring. brrrrrring.


"Hi, this is Anderson Cooper from CNN."

"Hold on."


7090d8 No.910281


Goreanon really hit home didn't he

08a406 No.910282


Nice pics, I never saw those gnome-demons before.

241d53 No.910283


241d53 No.910285

File: 84a1c3f9d6ae379⋯.jpg (21.03 KB, 360x268, 90:67, brennan2.jpg)

3f992a No.910286

File: 237af767e6ffc67⋯.jpg (140.61 KB, 868x651, 4:3, DaDL4MpW4AE_j-E.jpg)

c57376 No.910287


Since when is Seaman following Q again anyway? I remember watching him dissing Q and calling Q a larp in his Youtube videos.

c65ff3 No.910288

Please update us if you can, Q, all the endorphans from yesterday are all gone.

3150f6 No.910289

File: c5997e5851e0d99⋯.jpg (134.63 KB, 1200x1111, 1200:1111, DBqpRM5XgAUywBO.jpg)

File: e89283ad37d93c4⋯.jpeg (15.39 KB, 246x259, 246:259, images-1-4.jpeg)

File: 1576acd34ec0b0b⋯.jpg (80.11 KB, 750x484, 375:242, DIIaSxzVwAEJ_49.jpg)

File: 285abed0a134368⋯.jpg (77.2 KB, 540x720, 3:4, zD2zoXk.jpg)

File: 488f2fae2a1d620⋯.jpg (22.41 KB, 400x400, 1:1, antifa-jew-400x400.jpg)

25d767 No.910290


For that it's good idea Archive Everything Offline.

a35360 No.910291

lol none of you supposed "researches" have even noticed the hidden easter egg in the OP pic

4377ce No.910292


Onwards and Upwards anon. May God be with (you)

fb5056 No.910293

File: 7390086747d3f06⋯.jpg (60.41 KB, 302x400, 151:200, 9b6af7a34a5befa5b78aaac26e….jpg)

https:// www. vg.no/nyheter/utenriks/i/yvb8rr/stoltenberg-paa-mimre-visitt-hos-george-w-bush

Jens Stoltenberg Secretary General of NATO, and my former prime minister just met with Bush says norwegian tabloid.

Interesting what they say were discussed.

About how Bush could contact Europe when calling article 5 in NATO. An attack on one country is an attack on all nato countries.

FF comming in EU?

14aad4 No.910294


that's kinda what i thought. I took it as a sign that (((they))) no longer have the operations capability to strike outside their own influence, so now they have to stage false flags on their own turf.

good news if that is the case.

968a8f No.910295


Jared Cohen also helped HRC, MB and AQ to create the Syrian war.

https:// www.almasdarnews.com/article/wikileaks-publishes-documents-showing-google-helped-al-qaeda-syria/

https:// wikileaks.org/clinton-emails/emailid/12166#efmAJ-AKfAMoAbW

fe084a No.910296


I will have to look on his twitter and read. Thanks.

ae6285 No.910297



Saudi Arabia

Southern Arizona

South Africa

a726f5 No.910298

File: 742fdce50e403d3⋯.png (499.51 KB, 750x500, 3:2, ClipboardImage.png)

863e90 No.910299


me too, not my idea of a vacation, locked on a boat with thousands of peeps, my idea of a vacation is renting a house on cat island being on a beach with my girl and a drink in my hand with noone around for miles.

e8769d No.910300


No one cares

916cfe No.910301


43d5f8 No.910302






I still think it means they've collected the fifth of five high-level cabal targets.

36d6e6 No.910303


nice! well done Anon

2353d7 No.910304

Top headline on Drudge???

Trump ditches ‘boring’ tax script for Mexican rapists, illegal voting claims

https:// www.politico.com/story/2018/04/05/trump-west-virginia-tax-roundtable-remarks-504565

25d767 No.910305


Warning of War..

a51e3b No.910308


that's what's so funny about today's sad attempt.

makes a powerful slide over here, tho

dd4f9c No.910309


You omitted an 'r'. Is that for ruh roh?

241d53 No.910310

File: 14773b0357c09ce⋯.jpg (86.88 KB, 666x500, 333:250, clintonbluepillmeme2.jpg)

060862 No.910311


the joke is about gay marriage… he is joking that they are so close they wouldn't be served. like the wedding cake shit

its odd he chose pizza… but the joke makes perfect sense

dfeb5b No.910312

File: f38bed77a23f009⋯.png (1.07 MB, 1901x952, 1901:952, Screenshot-2018-4-5 ADS-B ….png)

UAV just went dark between Greece and Sicily. Lost it there before.

e20499 No.910313


Q posted 19x last night.

instead of shitposting and waiting for handouts,

why not dig on some of the info dropped.

e6f564 No.910314


BOK building was designed by same architect that did the Twin Towers. Looks exactly alike.

7090d8 No.910315



16ce09 No.910316


Seaman looks like Alex Soros to me.

0e1b0e No.910317


That made no sense what so ever

241d53 No.910318

263b70 No.910319


THAT alone - EXPOSING/CRUSHING it would be a (((YUGE))) victory.

How nice to have our votes count as they should,.

09ce76 No.910320

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.






This sould change your mind about Stefan Molyneux

And only one vid can imbed - follow it up with this:

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=PF0TGJdUmNQ

ecb800 No.910321

File: 53f0d33685995e6⋯.jpeg (49.54 KB, 548x360, 137:90, 864BFD0D-0F10-427A-903E-5….jpeg)

abc2eb No.910322

James 5:5 New International Version (NIV)

5 You have lived on earth in luxury and self-indulgence. You have fattened yourselves in the day of slaughter.[a]

bfdbe6 No.910323


The fulcrum team does not necessarily share David's view on Q. But his rejection of Q seemed out of impatience rather than Logic.

d92850 No.910324

File: 2f2e42d59fd3f24⋯.png (4.58 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, EAAA1703-85BA-4699-A569-99….png)

File: fd60d5463914520⋯.png (487.42 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, C328792E-B75F-4C1C-9E0E-2E….png)

File: 8cb06c35ad7e91d⋯.png (498.04 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 14BFB073-B6AC-4217-9FBA-23….png)

File: f30a5b41013499c⋯.png (491.16 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 8C00696C-595E-43AF-9F46-7A….png)

be8760 No.910325

File: cd104c12d99ecd0⋯.png (809.38 KB, 790x480, 79:48, ClipboardImage.png)


Saint James the Apostle

James and John gave evidence that the nickname Jesus gave them—“sons of thunder”—was an apt one. The Samaritans would not welcome Jesus because he was on his way to hated Jerusalem. “When the disciples James and John saw this they asked, ‘Lord, do you want us to call down fire from heaven to consume them?’ Jesus turned and rebuked them…” (Luke 9:54-55).

fefe02 No.910326


nice anon, beautiful work

good detail with your lettering

0e1b0e No.910327


Why would I, most is just old info that already has been disseminated or BS

25d767 No.910328


SA [1]

Southern Arizona [2]

South Africa [3]

Southamerica [4]

2d0b1e No.910329


I think you mean (((newsweek)))

2353d7 No.910330

File: 927050ee5866bb6⋯.png (252.63 KB, 790x461, 790:461, 0000000Capture.PNG)

File: 3fa66da7d5d6074⋯.png (583.17 KB, 727x755, 727:755, 00000000Capture.PNG)

ff95f8 No.910331


this is deflection….. "hey, looky over here!" while they are draining the swamp over there.

bfdbe6 No.910332


what did he say was happening at 5:50?, and you knkow that is not for 12 more hours

461e0d No.910333

File: 570c710117698f3⋯.jpg (624.52 KB, 1080x1696, 135:212, Screenshot_20180405-170646.jpg)

Not sure if posted before but interesting.

933169 No.910334


in killbox, hehe


38115a No.910336



dd4f9c No.910337


Did Trump leave us any crumbs today? Any tippy toppy?

bfdbe6 No.910339


The bell from Kennedy's Yacht!

824494 No.910340

watch the water

SF washed clean this weekend…if only….

https:// www.sfgate.com/bayarea/article/Major-storm-prompts-SF-agency-to-deploy-flood-12807807.php

fe084a No.910341


When Q posted this, an anon immediately asked Q if that post meant there was going to be an earthquake…and there was! Probably not even related to Q's post, but interesting that there was a 5.0 earthquake today.

bfdbe6 No.910342


did you ask him to?

f5917e No.910343

File: b0a9bacda0a7f6e⋯.jpg (100.41 KB, 1000x500, 2:1, 272ulv.jpg)




Q+ = Q and everyone around him

And it was a response to all the prayers the Anons were sending Q's and POTUS way last night. FUCK ALL OF YOU RETARDED 5:5 NIGGERS>

916cfe No.910344

Lets split up and knock out some speeches on the side and such. Ill be watching the tax round table from a little over an hour ago

824494 No.910345


"it's not a conspiracy"

188e81 No.910346

>04/04/18 (Wed) 18:09:08



>Gateway Bridge Project.

http:// prospect.org/article/ gateway-nowhere-on-hudson


On December 29, 2017, the Trump administration announced that it had no intention of upholding Obama administration’s unofficial agreement to pay 50 percent of the cost of the Gateway Program, a slew of infrastructure improvements, including a new cross-Hudson rail tunnel between New York and New Jersey. “We consider it unhelpful to reference a nonexistent 'agreement' rather than directly address the responsibility for funding a local project where 9 out of 10 passengers are local transit riders,” K. Jane Williams, the Federal Transit Department’s Deputy Administrator informed state and program officials.

The news was as welcome as snakes let loose in Times Square ten minutes before midnight.

Everybody was in the room where it happened. Shortly after Labor Day, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer went to the White House to talk trains and tunnels with President Trump. Present were two junior senators, Kirsten Gillibrand of New York and Cory Booker of New Jersey; New York and New Jersey representatives; and Governors Chris Christie of New Jersey and Andrew Cuomo of New York. The president’s key people were there, too: Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao; John Kelly, the president’s chief of staff; Gary Cohn, the chief economic adviser; and Mick Mulvaney, the budget director.

0e1b0e No.910347


there are 5.0 almost every day

14aad4 No.910348


don't know if it's been posted before or not… but first i've seen of it…


43d5f8 No.910349


Hate won't get you very far in this life, ya know.

263b70 No.910350


LOTS of homework done by the Trump Administartion last Summer into Fall.

https:// www.whitehouse.gov/articles/presidential-advisory-commission-election-integrity-resources-2/

4377ce No.910351

File: c4188759a4f39ba⋯.jpg (55.22 KB, 474x321, 158:107, adammonsterschiff.jpg)

File: a9cc6189425ce9a⋯.jpg (686.54 KB, 726x1024, 363:512, RoseanneKnows.jpg)

5bb12a No.910352


do you need help?

25d767 No.910353

File: d3351f111c067b4⋯.png (19.99 KB, 1265x140, 253:28, MKULTRAS.png)

File: 9c1f79b00ead127⋯.png (16.07 KB, 1265x140, 253:28, MKULTRAS2.png)

File: 6186a03f5fa360f⋯.png (19.11 KB, 1266x140, 633:70, MKULTRAS3.png)

File: 3bbf0fde58d7c10⋯.png (24.28 KB, 1267x165, 1267:165, MKULTRAS4.png)

File: 88aed8cfd42dbbc⋯.png (17.79 KB, 1268x140, 317:35, MKULTRAS5.png)

Hmm, Maybe are a good posts for to identify MK-ULTRA People in FB/Twatter.

c659db No.910354


Great High Res pics. Someone on the island took those…brave if uninvited!!

e926f0 No.910355

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


AntiRacist Hitler

10f676 No.910356


brrrrrrring. brrrrrrrrring.


"This is Rachel Maddow."


"Just wanted to let you know that even a bull dyke like me knows 'whatsoever' is one word."

"That made no sense what so ever."

bfdbe6 No.910357


Hey, what was that quake on the Richter scale?

e1243b No.910358


The only thing I can think of right now is the hearing about the poisoning of the double agent in GB, Might come out that May ordered it.

347af8 No.910359





4377ce No.910360


Thank you and God Bless anon.

5bb12a No.910361


#1129 & #1130?

263b70 No.910362

File: 79d0c7410550f5a⋯.jpg (28.44 KB, 358x336, 179:168, POTUS signing.JPG)

MEME material

https:// www.whitehouse.gov/articles/president-puts-needs-rural-americans-front-center/

14a250 No.910363


Then they should mutiny, he is cancer.

89f763 No.910364


Likely connected to 5th ave anon's comments as well:

▶Anonymous  ‪03/29/18 (Thu) 22:46:37‬eef993 No.836978>>

I may have purchased 666 Fifth ave, but hasn’t anyone read Daniel 7:20? Do I look stout to you? That theory is humorous, but distracting. I wonder who started it? Why was the building bought? Security? Surveillance? Think strategy.

Keep digging. Why would they want to stop the further development of the building? What is the history, who was involved?

Lucent is not an important reason as to why we bought the building, however, there was a purpose. Concerning that partner, MSM shifted the blame. Narrative. We found out that the lithium batteries that malfunctioned while being in contact with skin, caused a sore that would blister. (Rev 16:2) This information got into the wrong hands, so Serge and Russo stepped down. Why is this important? Who’s hands? These specific chips were not going to be for the public, only the elite at first. Privilege. Then the masses would beg for it. Sick!

Here is what you’re looking for, look people who are connected to both Lucis Trust, and Lucent Technologies, and you’ll have your answer.

https:// www.cia.gov/library/readingroom/docs/CIA-RDP75-00001R000100050017-4.pdf

You’re getting close, keep digging Anons. I’m not spending my night here without cause. Refer to my other posts:

What is NFC pay? Who created it? What network does it use? How is it related to the RFID chip? Can they link the two together? Why did AT&T buy Lucent? To stay clean?

Create a map. Important.

Phase 1 was to begin after she won. Elite implementation and public awareness WW.

They never thought she would lose.

Plan B - EU.

Prevention in place. This is all connected.

I.A. WW know. Patriots won’t sit idly by.

Did Sergei Skripal know? Why would they try to silence him?

More importantly, does his daughter know?


How does Homeland Security use RFID technology for border protection?

MS-13 flooding into California.

Skynet Project - China (California)

Software improvement - implement DHS RFID capabilities during facial recognition scan, citizen check.

Increase ICE numbers and access

Empower local law enforcement

Non enforcement of law = prison

Declare national emergency

Empower military to enforce detainment of persons with no record of visa, or citizenship. (Tourists will not be affected)

Build wall through M!

It looks like Soros bought $17M in shares of Nokia in 2010.

Maybe he influenced Nokia's 2016 acquisition of Alcatel-Lucent.

https:// www.fiercewireless.com/europe/nokia-cuts-sales-and-margins-outlook-but-soros-buys

Views ties to C.E.O.

Acquired in case of a need to go to Plan B.

Dig Nokia connection to China Mobile.

What is Nokia’s role in 5G?

Can 5G connect cloud services, NFC, RFID? What else? Why is this important?

Confirmed Plan B.

Except, 666 fifth ave. is more than just symbolism, dig deeper.

Important add to the map:

"Nokia leads the way for 5G: Technology is 40 TIMES faster than 4G"

"Wavelengths in this band can be as small as millimetre…currently used by radio astronomy, radars on aircraft and security scanners in airports, for example."

"Nokia and China Mobile have signed an agreement under which the companies will jointly investigate how China Mobile can extend its service offerings for vertical markets using the massive connectivity…

key growth areas of smart cities, smart transportation and intelligent video analytics "

http:// www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-3033367/Nokia-leads-way-5G-Technology-40-TIMES-faster-4G-s-powerful-phone-t-handle-yet.html

https:// www.nokia.com/en_int/news/releases/2018/02/25/nokia-and-china-mobile-to-jointly-explore-use-of-5g-to-drive-new-business-opportunities-for-vertical-industries


It is more than just a building.

Can you see the Rothschild & Co. floor from 666 Fifth Ave? How about the Rockefeller Center?

Who was connected to the Top of the Sixes?

Jordan Belfort had lunch with who?

Who else ate there often?

Restaurant’s security cameras captured all. Audio clear. Video clear.

Watch the news.


March Madness is almost over, but not yet, the storm has just begun. We are WINNING. Private identities no longer necessary.

Everyone will be stepping out soon, Sean was first but not by open admittance. Look for Q pins, both the stand-alone letter and on top of then American Flag. Past Q pins relevant I.E. NSA…

a81f55 No.910365


FAKE. That's the bell on the boat used for the movie White Squall. Stop spreading this disinfo shit.

62f9ff No.910366

File: aaddc15414adae0⋯.jpg (3.96 MB, 4288x2848, 134:89, 1484624181026.jpg)

File: dba26d6c3e56444⋯.jpg (2.92 MB, 4288x2848, 134:89, 1484624404199.jpg)

File: cef6b9c9003b0bd⋯.jpg (3.67 MB, 4288x2848, 134:89, 1484624673152.jpg)

File: f4c48499a63e9ae⋯.jpg (3.66 MB, 4288x2848, 134:89, 1484625210036.jpg)

Little St James Island 2

be8760 No.910367


He is right

we hear you

fe084a No.910368


USGS has it at a 5.3.

237e17 No.910369

File: 90aa750de796c97⋯.jpeg (502.13 KB, 1536x1753, 1536:1753, 5E746897-92EE-4AD4-A7D1-9….jpeg)


https:// www.pcmag.com/article/360173/how-to-download-your-facebook-data-and-6-surprising-things

f2efad No.910370


VietNam vets freed by trump.

Gives them a job to help McCain to his

new retirement home in cuba.

938778 No.910372

File: ba6a7f0a57e825b⋯.jpg (120.82 KB, 1200x797, 1200:797, Hoppy.jpg)

Add this jerk to the "Me Too" exposed perv of the day:

http:// www.philly.com/philly/news/cadets-drum-bugle-corps-george-hopkins-sexual-abuse-harrassment-allentown-pennsylvania.html

Never heard of Drum Corps International? This affects a shit ton more people than the gymnastics scandal and Joe Paterno. This is huge. As somebody points out in the story comments, the wonder is that ONLY 8 women have called him out. There'll be more.

This Hopkins guy is a certified asshole. Total sociopathic control freak. Been rumors for YEARS. Had to work with him from a distance. Apparently abusing girls was his other favorite hobby after verbally abusing and manipulating literally EVERYONE else. God help you if you were a male who got in his way.

Hoppy, this is for the time you threw a fucking fit over how the yard lines were painted in Jacksonville, Alabama. Fuck you.

Schadenfreude is so great.

ff95f8 No.910373


whether one likes Seaman or not, he brought tremendous attention to pizzagate.

347af8 No.910374

File: 9cb5cdd415f14db⋯.png (44.51 KB, 644x371, 92:53, CKirk re CA Illegal Voting.PNG)

d86a29 No.910375


5.3 according to USGS

916cfe No.910376

I think President Trump ditched the script for the tax roundtable today

db582b No.910377

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.





95e7d7 No.910378


They never mention that there were NO black Africans in South Africa other than the Zulu, who had their own land. The blacks swarmed into SA after the white people created a civilization there, so there was NO "dispossession" of indigenous blacks there FFS they just cannot stop lying even by omission.

And you are right - that would have started happening here if Clinton had successfully stolen the election. I think many knew that, even if only subconsciously.

14a250 No.910379


Proof or stfu.

f44fa6 No.910380

What a wonderful day.. blessed..God bless you Anons !

916cfe No.910381

Just hated on McCain in it haha (at roundtable)

bfdbe6 No.910382


the perfect place to keep in touch with them inconspicuously, especially since they will hide the evidence for Clowns and FIBs

10f676 No.910384


Could be South America

f5917e No.910385

File: bbd9b0c169630dd⋯.png (9.3 KB, 255x144, 85:48, f0f20690e8cb606f16e2f9739e….png)


Well being a fucking idiot wont either. Its not hate, its embarrassment.

Explain it some other way that makes sense and I'll concede.

bfdbe6 No.910386


I agree

1fa0ab No.910387


OK baker, here are my notables for #1130.

It was kind of a shitshow


>>909426 Facebook fined $33 million in Brazil

>>909454 Dimitri Noonan: Marshalls faked his death

>>909479 Fakebook breaks HIPAA laws

>>909471 All "The Church" Blinds

be8760 No.910388


Dont matter they dont even count red votes in CA

fe084a No.910389


I don't mind him, but I get so bored trying to listen to him, and then he spends a lot of time whining. The video I am listening to now, he is saying that he is not Q. Someone earlier told me that Seaman said in a tweet that he was Q…but I haven't found that tweet.

f2efad No.910390



VietNam vets freed by trump.

Gives them a job to help McCain to his

new retirement home in cuba.

976129 No.910391



We're missing half of the dough. What happened? This dough from last night has everything, including QGraphics, Resources, Meme Libraries etc which is missing here.


a35360 No.910392

File: 2090ca042fc2367⋯.jpg (274.45 KB, 1136x1100, 284:275, 1522960690942.jpg)

it's your good friend emergency leaf baker here

do we have a baker yet?

10f676 No.910393


Sorry. Little stoned and your bottom string all ran together.

57ef3b No.910394

Mark Levin gets it. He's woke and angry. He's on Hannity tonight.

3e0518 No.910395


666 Fifth Avenue would be immune to 5G since it is covered in aluminum. With 5G you would be able to "see" everything INDOORS.

62f9ff No.910396

File: 90c48e1f7838b86⋯.jpg (2.32 MB, 4288x2848, 134:89, 1484625703866.jpg)

File: d0787eb4bcdb5ac⋯.jpg (3.67 MB, 4288x2848, 134:89, 1484626869013.jpg)

File: 8a69995345aaefd⋯.jpg (2.83 MB, 4288x2848, 134:89, 1484627100957.jpg)

File: b3ff4aa2e3b7691⋯.jpg (2.74 MB, 4288x2848, 134:89, 1484627638644.jpg)

Little St James Island 3

ab1be5 No.910397


you need to get all your relatives and family friends together for an intervention.

094677 No.910398


Would love some shots of the southern side of the island, find out why there’s a blanked out area on the satellite images

fe084a No.910399


Hitler was a vegetarian btw. Plants make you go CRAY CRAY!

bfdbe6 No.910400


Can noonan be confirmed?

461e0d No.910402


Can't seem to find sauce online and others pointing out it's from white squall movie.

916cfe No.910403

Nice pics guys

241d53 No.910404


thankfully YES

stop with this bullshit shill

a35360 No.910405

File: cb151ab09cdc04a⋯.jpg (267.13 KB, 561x612, 11:12, 1522877020460.jpg)

>>910391 it just so happens that i'm incompetant okay? but no one else is stepping up to the plate.

Current Operations: SPRING CLEANING


1) twat storm (every day effort)

Send [7] twats/hour (Whenever you twat)

Best Times to TWAT:



Fox News Live Stream http:// usnewslive.tv/foxnewslive/

Set the Stage

>>834140 War Room 10

Research Section

Research Section Backup >>>/comms/220

Backup Q Map/Graphic Set >>>/comms/283

Quick Access Tools

MindMapFags Share Central >>396133

QMaps all in GMT

>>853760 Q Map Graphic in GMT (1 of 14) >>>/comms/486

>>853774 Q Map Graphic in GMT (2 of 14)

>>853798 Q Map Graphic in GMT (3 of 14) >>>/comms/487

>>853814 Q Map Graphic in GMT (4 of 14)

>>853831 Q Map Graphic in GMT (5 of 14) >>>/comms/488

>>853901 Q Map Graphic in GMT (6 of 14)

>>853909 Q Map Graphic in GMT (7 of 14) >>>/comms/489

>>853922 Q Map Graphic in GMT (8 of 14)

>>853931 Q Map Graphic in GMT (9 of 14) >>>/comms/490

>>853939 Q Map Graphic in GMT (10 of 14)

>>853949 Q Map Graphic in GMT (11 of 14) >>>/comms/491

>>853960 Q Map Graphic in GMT (12 of 14)

>>892087 Q Map Graphic in GMT (13 of 14)

>>898213 Q Map Graphic in GMT (14 of 14)

Recent map updates

>>773433 Qmap_graphic_2017-10-28_2017-11-20

>>773437 Qmap_graphic_2017-11-20_2017-12-07

>>773439 Qmap_graphic_2017-12-07_2018-01-13

>>773446 Qmap_graphic_2018-01-13_2018-02-05

>>773452 Qmap_graphic_2018-01-13_2018-02-11

>>868082 Qmap_graphic_2018-01-31_2018-02-07_Think intel

>>868085 Qmap_graphic_2018-02-07_2018-02-14_PAY THE PRICE

>>868088 Qmap_graphic_2018-02-15_2018-02-22_DISTRACTION

>>868092 Qmap_graphic_2018-02-23_2018-03-06_Eyes in the SKY

>>868094 Qmap_graphic_2018-03-06_2018-03-10_More coming

>>886671 Qmap_graphic_2018-03-10_2018-04-03_Safe

>>886683 Qmap_graphic_2018-04-02_2018-04-03)_APRIL SHOWERS

4c6092 No.910406


well they are niggers after all, its wat dey do. Did yous no dey wuz kangs.

00efed No.910407

File: 8a385c3425fcd61⋯.png (211.62 KB, 540x290, 54:29, deepstate-uninstall.png)

863e90 No.910408


all tried, cant help her, i am not one for meds but if they will help her im ok with it. but she will not take them.

e4abbd No.910409

Could this be "the News"?

https:// www.cnbc.com/2018/04/05/facebook-building-8-explored-data-sharing-agreement-with-hospitals.html

a35360 No.910410

File: dde8c9bc95564a0⋯.jpg (503.3 KB, 1068x1894, 534:947, 1522876699405.jpg)

* QMap PDF (Version 8.0.0 [3/26]) >>122807

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10f676 No.910411


That first one makes me jump every single time I'm stoned.

Like just now.

25d767 No.910412


Hm, What are you talking about?

a51e3b No.910413


thank you for your service.

a lot of anons have learned a lot about bakers in a single bread: magical

bfdbe6 No.910414


They do have a lot of lectins in them (poisons they develop over time to discourage creatures from eating them) if you know what to eat and how to cook it, you can remove a lot of those lectins, I hear. I'll just stick to meat.

430c08 No.910415


pretty sure it was the meth

a35360 No.910416

File: 4e10e83992a6946⋯.jpg (320.23 KB, 1357x1273, 1357:1273, 1522876741437.jpg)


no, this thread was baked by me genius

17b339 No.910417


ahahahaha good one Anon

0133f7 No.910418


dont be embarrassed for other anons shilliness

you got it right on the 55

semen breath didnt even know that but he is no anon - tho anons should know better by now

lots of grain-brain

241d53 No.910419

5914ee No.910420


No, he was traumatised from early childhood, by his "father" - Rothschild style!

Plants don't make you go "cray cray".

There's a world outside of your room!

237e17 No.910421

File: fb429593c099066⋯.jpeg (598.07 KB, 1536x1654, 768:827, C7BC3477-15FE-480F-8FB4-0….jpeg)

File: db950d22c43164f⋯.jpeg (1.54 MB, 1536x966, 256:161, C6691D8F-0826-4C11-9E7B-A….jpeg)


Look for FakePerfect

976129 No.910422


Seems you're doing great baker. Thanks for stepping up Patriot, and for posting the missing parts.

bfdbe6 No.910423


And the pain killers.

188e81 No.910424

File: ce8767c8f48a87c⋯.jpg (59.82 KB, 534x401, 534:401, 636507515717789171-A03-NYB….jpg)


>Gateway Bridge Project

>04/04/18 (Wed) 18:15:57



https:// www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2018/01/05/ hudson-river-rail-tunnel/1007329001/

Published 1:13 p.m. ET 1.5.18 by Curtis Tate, The (Bergen County, N.J.) Record

New Hudson River rail tunnel in jeopardy because of Obama-era law

NORTH BERGEN, N.J. — Even if New York and New Jersey can come to an agreement with the Trump administration to pay for a new Hudson River rail tunnel, an Obama-era law threatens to hold up the money.

Both states must obtain certification by April 15, 2019, for their State Safety Oversight programs, which Congress required in a 2012 transportation bill to prevent and mitigate accidents on rail transit systems. Both states now remain short of achieving that goal.

If they fail to meet the deadline, they would be ineligible to not only receive money for the tunnel, but they also would forfeit hundreds of millions of dollars in federal transportation money annually to support their transit systems.

The tunnel, which actually has two tubes that carry eastbound and westbound trains, is considered one of the country's most important infrastructure projects. It carries 200,000 passengers a day from New Jersey into New York's Penn Station.

3e0518 No.910425

5G would be like Pokemon Go on steroids for indoor mapping of buildings. With 5G there would be no place to hide your privacy.

863e90 No.910426


i think they trafficked her, she was young and beautiful and very tall for a chick… model type

all she will admit to my aunt was all them men

a05415 No.910427



Welcome to the result of shifting from a patriarchy to a matriarchy. This is what happens if you don't do what 99% of our ancestors did and put some constraints on woman. The more rights they get, the faster they will destroy your civilization.

Patriarchy = Civilization

a726f5 No.910428


The irony

62f9ff No.910429

File: eddd138ca751e7a⋯.jpg (2.93 MB, 4288x2848, 134:89, 1484627791480.jpg)

File: f5baf590bce80da⋯.jpg (3.15 MB, 4288x2848, 134:89, 1484628155861.jpg)

File: 61f15f4b07503e5⋯.jpg (3.41 MB, 4288x2848, 134:89, 1484628649407.jpg)

File: 5d48b2228ea1599⋯.jpg (2.64 MB, 4288x2848, 134:89, 1484628811736.jpg)

Little St James Island 4

0393b2 No.910430


I can only take him in small doses.

He starts out normal, builds, builds, gets progressively angrier, then he's full on FOR FUCK'S SAKE GET A ZYPPAH!!!! within a few minutes.

3f992a No.910431


Noonan is from last year.

0133f7 No.910432


who the hell are you?

no one wants leaf

only bud

25d767 No.910433

File: cb247f35ae7fb4d⋯.jpg (36.34 KB, 600x600, 1:1, eird-al-yankovic-tin-foil-….jpg)


And for that The Aluminum helmets?

a35360 No.910434

File: ef4913b9af0c8fc⋯.jpg (68.52 KB, 720x901, 720:901, 1522874926091.jpg)


its hard work, i can't imagine having the time to also collect notables.

0c1a89 No.910435


Correct. What else about (((roths))) do we know?

'wolf's den' is irrelevant.

Conditioning. 'Learning'.

def48c No.910436


3e0518 No.910437


Yes, no radio waves at 5G could penetrate the building.

0393b2 No.910438


You can use wifi as crude RADAR too. 5G is even better though. No more privacy.

863e90 No.910439


she was very sweet, still is, no way in hell she would of prostituted herself willingly

2a727b No.910440


that's a dude

176be3 No.910441

anon from a couple of breads ago mentioned…

https:// www.thecut.com/2018/04/last-night-the-wing-welcomed-hillary-clinton-into-the-coven.html

430c08 No.910442


you self appointed RF experts do realize that radio isn't magic right?

3e0518 No.910443

916cfe No.910444

Just so you guys know, the physical silver market is the Achilles heel of the Rothschild (& friends) controlled fiat monetary system. The leverage in the paper markets to control pricing mechanisms is bonk bonks. Get it now or get it later (even if its via a gold standard)

62f9ff No.910445

File: cc7a6e8772d33ba⋯.jpg (42.89 KB, 283x189, 283:189, 1484629714303.jpg)

File: e3635b98babcf96⋯.jpg (3.18 MB, 4288x2848, 134:89, 1484629052232.jpg)

File: c8205963d796a9f⋯.png (618.73 KB, 679x443, 679:443, 1484629372584.png)

File: 1e8695379859c5a⋯.jpg (665.57 KB, 1070x712, 535:356, 1484629423820.jpg)

File: 380a21706cd54a8⋯.jpg (111.9 KB, 493x329, 493:329, 1484630359339.jpg)

Little St James Island 5

08a406 No.910446


Thanks for this. Lots of little details!

fe084a No.910447


Yes, I heard that too. That plants have natural poisons in them. And they actually will increase those poisons when there is drought. Scientists discovered this in Africa and couldn't explain why so many deer were dying off. Unfortunately I have no sauce, I don't know how to specifically search for that. I believe I heard the documentary on YT a few years back.

7d73c4 No.910448

9pm eastern 6pm western time when everyones home EBS will be activated 5.5 all clear hoooooRa

11e420 No.910449


Baking is not hard but anons can have pretty high expectations about gathering notables and such, and some anons are absolute dicks about it. If I have not spent a lot of time on the board I don't bake except maybe during overnight.

More anons should really learn how.

f9e77b No.910450


That’s a fucking dude

I’ve never been more sure of anything in my life

ccfd2d No.910451

getting more disappointed in no cult destroying kraken release by the minute :(

02bb64 No.910452

File: 9dba2651b3ff2a2⋯.jpeg (636.31 KB, 1242x742, 621:371, 062B0433-158F-4AE2-B76E-2….jpeg)

File: 1d22cf33d30f1ce⋯.jpeg (966.92 KB, 1242x894, 207:149, 7E5ABB5A-B3EF-4E93-8101-0….jpeg)


Can anyone make out these two objects?

14a250 No.910453

Anyone else feel like Corsi is only here to muddy the water? He's wrong a lot and will stay wrong until another person corrects him.

36d6e6 No.910455


good watch

863e90 No.910456


or one fulgly man

hell she could be a computer gen creation even for all we know just like the sandy hook kid

dfeb5b No.910458

IN REF: the three Saudi 737s that went from LAX to SFO in short order.

Hollywood investors and entertainment deals?

http:// variety.com/2018/biz/news/saudi-entertainment-authority-summit-1202743933/amp/

ccfd2d No.910459


and hoping to eat those words any minute. would be happy to eat my hat.

f9e77b No.910460


Then dig more or go cry somewhere else

863e90 No.910461


oops woman***

d79724 No.910462

File: 93945cfe792abd9⋯.png (569.57 KB, 618x412, 3:2, ClipboardImage.png)

5c3a83 No.910463

File: 7e05a771b8d59d6⋯.png (621.91 KB, 813x807, 271:269, 5ygkaw-GhjtpJA.png)


hannity ?

3e0518 No.910464


5G would get absorbed in the skin and create a pretty clear picture

e4abbd No.910465

File: 9f167491706fe6f⋯.jpg (40.98 KB, 338x400, 169:200, samefag.jpg)


ANONS! I am Samefagging here, but also check out:

https:// voat.co/v/pizzagate/2485082

bab629 No.910466


If she's a dude then you are a 40 year old virgin….

e29ed3 No.910467


number 2 is a rock, number 1 looks fishy as fuck.. something almost out of star wars

5e6f58 No.910468


Zuck and Facebook better go down. It gets creepier and creepier the more that comes out, but what would keep Trump up all night and be related to the news.

The post before deals with Putin, thought it might have something to do with Russia. If it is a massive MOAB remember it is only 3PM on the left coast so 9 or so on the East Coast would be the ideal time to have the most people at home.

2353d7 No.910469


Transsexuals are dangerous, ban them now.

95e7d7 No.910470


Yes, they find our level of civilization appealing but cannot maintain it. My anger is more directed at the mockingbirds at newsweak - they are so devious and it's infuriating sometimes. I look forward to their complete destruction as a company and exposure (hopefully prosecutions too) SA is a bit of a tender subject as we are really helpless to do anything to counteract the complete horror show occurring there.

a51e3b No.910471


i know it's not hard, the hard part is synchronizing it/not getting triplebakes, etc.

right now we're in our 2nd trollbake, i wonder if the turd time will also be a charm

916cfe No.910472

Trump said women have been being raped at unseen levels from this migrant group journeying to US. Military got the border on lock tho

aa1141 No.910473


This thing is CGI

353dad No.910474


Us lawful Californians also don't want them to crash into us without insurance. :O

ccfd2d No.910475


Judging by the market reaction in FB shares, no one cares

11e420 No.910476


DC area apparently had Extreme Threat Alert test at 10:04 am

0133f7 No.910477


he was awesome at first then got very shilly with his book and youtube channel - famefag

now i ignore him

a05415 No.910478


You miss the point, she would never have been in that position if we were sensible about how we handled young woman. Sending them off into the world to make their own choices results in chaos.

Hence the white race is in major decline.

d37617 No.910479


Q posted

>"Used against them.

>NG now active.

>NG now active.

>Refer to old drops re: SA / NG.

>The WAVE.


With their threat to confront Trump with the caravan of migrants,

they wanted to create a situation, where Trump either had to let these migrants in and lose the trust of his voters

or do something to stop the migrants from crossing the border and thereby "enrage" the left and his critics.

Trump tried to stop the caravan, so there would be no border drama.

He tweeted that if Mexico wouldn't stop the migrants, he would reconsider NAFTA.

And he tweeted that he wouldn't fund Honduras, if they don't do anything about the caravan.

The NAFTA threat worked.

The caravan stopped before the people reached the border.

But Trump deployed the NG anyway.

The left lost their ploy.

They themselves created an intrigue to entrap Trump and Trump turned the tables:

They wanted open borders for several reasons and insted of entrapping Trump,

they created the perfect situation where the president can deploy the NG to the southern border,

without anybody being able to call this action unreasonable.

>Refer to old drops re: SA / NG.

Saudi Arabia deployed their NG to round up the people, they wanted to arrest, when MbS took power.

>The WAVE.

The WAVE of arrests is coming in the US, with the help of the NG, like it has been done in SA.

863e90 No.910480


a rock wolf and a rock demon

0393b2 No.910481


Matriarchy is social anarchy.


Drugs or hypnosis. I've seen it. :(

be8760 No.910482



2b9ba4 No.910483

File: 748df9824aca092⋯.jpeg (251.8 KB, 1282x757, 1282:757, WAVE1.jpeg)

6c3e12 No.910484

We know where each student is anytime — which is virtually all the time — their mobile devices are connected to our WiFi network. When they enter their dorm, or dining court, or recreational facility, they swipe in, and a machine captures the time and place. Whether they’re in class or in their rooms, a machine knows when they’re online and where they’re going while there. Forget that old ominous line, “We know where you live.” These days, it’s, “We know where you are.”

Mitch Daniels, Purdue U President

https:// www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/its-okay-to-be-paranoid-someone-is-watching-you/2018/03/27/1a161d4c-2327-11e8-86f6-54bfff693d2b_story.html?utm_term=.f9086d25c66e

e20152 No.910485


The statue behind the tree is maybe Pan. Horse leg?? Different angle to the one in other pic.

10f676 No.910486


You had spelled South America as Southamerica and it escaped my vision. So, I suggested South America, then came back to apologize when I realized the mistake. This is harshing my buzz.

fe084a No.910487


The first looks like it might be a Centaur? You can see it in picture number two too. I would have to say that that is a rock you have circled.

4377ce No.910488


Haha ditto.

ff95f8 No.910489


Do a search on "torso found in Texas"….you'll see coyote/cartel handiwork

863e90 No.910490


yea i agree there, should of never been alone!

094677 No.910491


Has human arms but hoofs in the first pic, could be Cenatur or man on horse?

a35360 No.910492

File: df75030a8861709⋯.png (318.93 KB, 855x621, 95:69, MZ Q PREDICTION.png)

what happens if this prediction doesn't end up happening?

25d767 No.910493


Hmm, seriously.., The frecuencies of the 5G can be immune with the Aluminum Helmets?

38115a No.910494

Q, are the clowns messing with our military aircraft? (Thunderbird crash, helicopter crash and one plane in Africa).

We thank these brave military members for their service, their ultimate sacrifice and the sacrifices made by their loving families. My deepest sympathies to their families, friends and all who serve. I will never forget the battle you fight for us. Thank you.

10f676 No.910495

File: cacde47313fa017⋯.jpg (169.79 KB, 576x441, 64:49, Rachel_Madcow.jpg)

f9e77b No.910496


Worse. I’m female.

I know a dude when I see one. That’s a certified transfag

430c08 No.910497


>5G would get absorbed in the skin and create a pretty clear picture

you literally contradicted yourself in that one … maybe watch some youtube vids on stealth tech

d79724 No.910499


We'll rationalize it as tactics and keep trusting the plan.

be8760 No.910500


SOld his soul to China

2d0b1e No.910501


People here are too stupid to care

916cfe No.910502

Watch the Trump speech today

62f9ff No.910503

File: 910c21cd248d684⋯.jpg (520.81 KB, 979x650, 979:650, 1484631803522.jpg)

File: 1dd29c959171777⋯.jpg (787.83 KB, 2718x1812, 3:2, 1510475468520.jpg)

File: 7465732441c714b⋯.jpg (2.7 MB, 2330x1548, 1165:774, 1484630588678.jpg)

File: 33ffc12a048254e⋯.jpg (510.55 KB, 1049x697, 1049:697, 1484630874670.jpg)

File: b95a5cf4803f0de⋯.jpg (2.99 MB, 4288x2848, 134:89, 1484631508243.jpg)

Little St James Island 6

I found these in a 4chan post ages ago; i took a copy as i found them most interesting.

Story goes; these photos taken from a boat with high quality lens. The OP who posted said it was a tour boat and the operator of the tour boat said someone had the job of moving the cow around the island but that was about the only activity taking place.

bab629 No.910504


Anons you know what to do….

e4abbd No.910505



188e81 No.910506






>New Hudson River rail tunnel in jeopardy because of Obama-era law

>04/04/18 (Wed) 18:21:47


>The Analysis

>Happy Hunting!

https:// www.nytimes.com/2018/03/02/nyregion/ trump-schumer-hudson-rail-tunnel.html

Trump Pushes Republicans in Congress to Oppose Funding Hudson Rail Tunnel


WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — President Trump is pressing congressional Republicans to oppose funding for a new rail tunnel between New York and New Jersey, using the power of his office to block a key priority for the region and his Democratic rivals, according to several people with knowledge of his actions.

The president’s decision to weigh in forcefully against the so-called Gateway infrastructure project, which has been one of the United States’ top transportation priorities for years, adds a significant obstacle to getting the project underway in the near future.

<Wrong. see >>910424 >

Mr. Trump’s opposition to the project is in part the result of his belief that it is important to Senator Chuck Schumer of New York, the Democratic leader, according to one person with knowledge of the president’s thinking on the issue.

Mr. Schumer could not be reached for comment. News of the president’s efforts was first reported by The Washington Post.

5914ee No.910507


"Conditioning. 'Learning'." a.k.a. brainwashing.

We know of this https:// archive.is/ov9M1 The Committee of 300 … trying to figure out "P = C" …Soros is a member. Betty (QEII) appears to rule it all. Rothschilds appear to be a creation of her - they were originally called Bauer - for her banking control to continue hidden.

…if the master is the "Chair", I need to find the Chair of all of this shit and I think it's Betty, thus far.

Any tips?

c57376 No.910508


1 is the obscured rear view of the statue in the background in 2. It looks like a gilded statue of Pan.

d92850 No.910509

File: dd6f6f1b17bc7b1⋯.png (2.1 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, E3788911-5B07-40C6-A178-83….png)


Can’t find sauce but I wouldn’t doubt this isn’t the case

933169 No.910510

File: 347d0f6476e210d⋯.png (114.66 KB, 464x232, 2:1, screenshot_18.png)

Didn't see this one here yet though might have missed it surely

a35360 No.910512

File: cb151ab09cdc04a⋯.jpg (267.13 KB, 561x612, 11:12, 1522877020460.jpg)


no adam's apple.


e8769d No.910513

Leaffaggot should just namefag and get it over with. Why keep edging it bro, just go for the sweet release. Coordinate on Discord first with the union.

241d53 No.910514

File: a95169f175c00cf⋯.jpg (99.82 KB, 720x542, 360:271, moab.jpg)

f5917e No.910515



353a4a No.910516

Don't feed the bad wolf

25d767 No.910517


This baker likes Nasim. lol

916cfe No.910518

MS13 is a trojan horse the clowns tried to import as an army…scum

20fc73 No.910519

File: c36d441f4ef4b31⋯.gif (1.9 MB, 184x270, 92:135, SnortingCondom.gif)

5b7d75 No.910520

File: 97725e8461fcd91⋯.png (308.18 KB, 636x288, 53:24, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 2af6f9c6bd46dd7⋯.png (67.97 KB, 256x116, 64:29, ClipboardImage.png)


Better be quick…with crispr precise genome engineering has the potential to alter not just us, but the entire world and all its ecosystemsediting…you can change and replace the blueprint to whatever specifications you want…or want someone to believe.

https:// gizmodo.com/everything-you-need-to-know-about-crispr-the-new-tool-1702114381

863e90 No.910521


5 g has no business for public, military grade is 5 g

it will kill us all

241d53 No.910522


make you name Nasim


14a250 No.910523


From what 5thaveanon was saying the other night you can travel the tunnel system from this island and get to 666 5th ave.

fe084a No.910524


I take it back. I don't think that that is a Centaur in picture 2…it is different. But the first one looks like a Centaur and the second looks like it might be a Satyr (Pan). And it still looks like a rock that you circled.

781de8 No.910525

File: 4dcd6d53df4108a⋯.jpg (50.45 KB, 900x900, 1:1, serveimage.jpg)


I would think the statue is the Greek god Pan.

9287fd No.910526

File: 43442e9c1968182⋯.png (785.83 KB, 952x689, 952:689, ClipboardImage.png)


Left picture might be the same statue I circled in yellow in the right picture. Unclothed humanoid statue?

Your red-circled object appears to be a boulder.

bab629 No.910527


Sniff around Loop Capital

f9e77b No.910528


Just becuz Q said it doesn’t mean it’s gunna happen TODAY or tomorrow

Don’t go shouting off the rooftops …

Might be tomorrow

Might be 3 months from now…

But it WILL happen because this guy is a traitor to America and the rule of Law is back

25d767 No.910529


>No more privacy.


3e0518 No.910530


It would just change the absorption pattern where the aluminum is. So you the hat would show up but in a different shade. Think of a light and a shadow. The real way to do it is create a Faraday Cage (eg. 666 building)

0393b2 No.910531


Yeah, the "Nasim is a tranny" posters have never dated 7/10 and above women.

I did, unfortunately she was also like Laina The Overly-Attached Girlfriend. Met her at the wrong time. I still miss those legs…

082a65 No.910532

File: 545f78c3b50d824⋯.jpg (254.84 KB, 800x839, 800:839, Z38.4BKentauros.jpg)


agreed. anything else would make no sense. or is there a demon with horse legs we dont know of yet?

916cfe No.910533

Zuck Schumer

a35360 No.910535

File: 89cfd20802efd27⋯.jpg (534.02 KB, 1534x1559, 1534:1559, 1522870140263.jpg)


i'm a virgin baker. i baked this thread and 1130. people criticize my methods but no one is willing to step up to the plate.

241d53 No.910536

File: 58e717f904278af⋯.png (585.52 KB, 949x499, 949:499, stupid.png)

File: 88c889636871cb2⋯.jpeg (85.64 KB, 755x500, 151:100, stupid2.jpeg)

430c08 No.910537


KEK (i think there are to many newfags for that to be an effective burn though)

11e420 No.910538


Q is a federal government employee, even the best of them are not known for accurate scheduling predictions.

But it is early. If some major shit were going down late Thursday would be the time to announce.

2fbe6f No.910539

>>910452 Looks like 2nd pic is front side of 1st perhaps?

3e0518 No.910541


It won't kill us it will just make us all visible with no place to hide.

e4abbd No.910542

File: 20ad627b96c0763⋯.png (207.26 KB, 500x375, 4:3, ruhroh.png)

863e90 No.910543


the waves are so short they penetrate anything almost

14a250 No.910544

File: 720edd7b708317f⋯.jpg (72.73 KB, 640x465, 128:93, ForcePhone-Batman-Sonar[1].jpg)


f8eaa7 No.910545


They have constrained greatly the silver market. Holding a little bit. Should get more. It should be at least double current price, in fact wouldn’t be surprised if 5-10x current price.

fe084a No.910546


It looks like horse hooves and legs, I'm leaning towards Centaur.

04346e No.910547


Baker job must be the most intimidating / rewarded task here. No half measures. Ty Baker cause id fuck it up.

a35360 No.910548

File: 024cc671d3ba0e3⋯.jpg (134.09 KB, 661x621, 661:621, 1522869444466.jpg)



and i will when someone steps up to replace me.

bab629 No.910549


What's this are there anons boating around the island now taking pics :D

aa1141 No.910550


The temple is like a miniature Dome of the Rock in Jersualem, which is in the shape of an Octagon (Swiss Templars).

Roseanne tweeted something about the "Octogon" and the 8th letter of the alphabet being 'H'.

1d2faa No.910551


Can we sue the clowns that put our soldiers at risk if the aircraft was compromised by previous rooster (fox) in the hen house?

ff95f8 No.910552


not gonna do your digging for you, anon. That's for lazy folks. We do our own digging here.

188e81 No.910553



>Chuck Schumer

>04/04/18 (Wed) 18:25:08


>Track edits.

https:// www.railwayage.com/passenger/intercity/ gateway-program-will-trump-keep-obamas-commitment/

Written by William C. Vantuono, Editor-in-Chief

094677 No.910554


Oh we already know the demon with horse legs, it goes by the name of Lynch

11e420 No.910555


That is the bakers lot, desu.

It's why we send you pictures of women with large breasts.

0393b2 No.910556



0133f7 No.910557


a=sorry i wasnt criticising your baking skills

but dont put leaf in the brownies

bud only -

just a joke while its slow here

d37617 No.910558


Q said P=C, c is chair Pope is the Holy Chair.

Holy See and Holy Chair are two words for the same thing.

3d40a3 No.910559


That’s a bingo.

863e90 No.910560


uh yea it will kill you, we are electrical beings.. it will make u into a zombie or if enough power kill you

02bb64 No.910562


An anon in the 5th Ave thread showed other building with the entrance statues (gates of hell?) but the one at the palm is different

d2b6a2 No.910563

All Russiagate Roads Lead To London As Evidence Emerges Of Joseph Mifsud’s Links To UK Intelligence:

https:// disobedientmedia.com/2018/04/all-russiagate-roads-lead-to-london-as-evidence-emerges-of-joseph-mifsuds-links-to-uk-intelligence/

a35360 No.910564

File: 69016cebfcadd50⋯.jpg (224.5 KB, 1077x1077, 1:1, 1522873326642.jpg)


>women with large breasts

only if their name is Nasim pls

2353d7 No.910565


They should lock Zuck up with Podesta and let Skippy go buck fucking wild on Zuck,

2b9ba4 No.910566

File: 802dd1bc971c635⋯.jpeg (338.58 KB, 1504x845, 1504:845, WAVE2.jpeg)

14a250 No.910567


Because there is none since the faggots youtube was "deleted". No proof so stfu.

0393b2 No.910568


Maybe now you're female.

430c08 No.910569


couldn't even pay attention during the movie huh?

keep spouting nonsense 5g retards

7088e1 No.910570

Nerf this YouTube tranny quick, it's becoming to powerful.

8e08a8 No.910572


"You think you're hot shit doncha Mark"

9a0370 No.910573



Who would ever pay attention to this pothead

He thinks he gonna be a bazillionaire with his bitcoin shit


d92850 No.910574

File: 197369dda214e39⋯.png (10.67 MB, 3135x2082, 1045:694, ClipboardImage.png)

863e90 No.910575


them eyebrows

3d40a3 No.910576


Not just C, it’s the Holy C!

4377ce No.910577

File: 9bf508bd2049455⋯.jpg (811.63 KB, 1598x800, 799:400, MargeHomieTheWall.jpg)

25d767 No.910578


I'm Foreign.


Very Spooky.


So The 6_6 Building has the Specifications for to avoid the 5G?

38115a No.910579


Please don't insult horses.

3e0518 No.910580

File: 35864c551519043⋯.jpg (198.84 KB, 1024x682, 512:341, 353765634_6ae92c21f1_o.jpg)


Think of it like a shadow. The cell phone is the light and the receiver (another cell phone or cell tower) sees the shadow.

ab1be5 No.910581


comparing the top and bottom looks like a centaur, see the horses leg

a35360 No.910582

File: 3bce7f4f707727a⋯.jpg (555.6 KB, 1015x1463, 145:209, 1522876642738.jpg)


this guy understands meme warfare

4e2e30 No.910583


Defiantly Coris flipped his lid when the drop of "We are saving Israel for last" he threaten to take people out in the back yard if they disagreed that Israel is special and jews are gods chosen people.

He is an Israel is pure and innocent shill.

I can't stand him and his twist on the intel. So many see him as a GOD , I can't wait for Israel to be exposed and watch him squirm.

14a250 No.910584

File: e0d0010a2333999⋯.jpg (31.7 KB, 480x255, 32:17, e0d0010a2333999fadacc5e7ff….jpg)

b1bc2c No.910585

C=Club or Cabal

fe084a No.910586


Why does her head not fit her body? But I would like to see them boobies naked!

863e90 No.910587


u believe anything as long as it comes from the box?

d37617 No.910588


The Holy Chair.

10f676 No.910589


Kek! Touche´

0a5fcd No.910590


she loves bacon

082a65 No.910591

File: 736704ed658a01e⋯.png (41.43 KB, 300x300, 1:1, defaultSocialImage.png)


are u sure about this? because I just googled lynch and merryll lynch came up with this demon logo:

0393b2 No.910592

File: bc074c4ad6a1e8c⋯.jpg (35.58 KB, 474x623, 474:623, herc.jpg)

f9e77b No.910593

File: 2a3e13e0cec49cd⋯.png (809.69 KB, 1334x750, 667:375, 9F4F9CDF-A910-43C9-8318-85….png)


Wake up. You think snipping the dick and fake tits is all you need to be more like a woman?

They get ribs removed

Adam’s apples removed

5914ee No.910594


Yes, but Soros takes orders from P.

Soros chose the current Pope.

Rothschild, 1 of the 3 sides to the triangle (other 2 sides are SA and Soros), controls ALL religions thus the Pope.

Thus, P cannot be Pope because Soros is above him and therefore cannot take orders from him.

ff95f8 No.910596


what if it was a psyop for (((them))) anon? We know they monitor this board. To wear them down, drive them insane, raise their anxiety level. I'm good with it, if so.

ae6285 No.910597

>watch the NEWS tomorrow

long shot:

we were told that the "N" doesn't refer to NEW.

note that Q said "refer to" instead of "stands for" or "represents".

refer = pass a matter to (another body, typically one with more authority or expertise) for a decision.

so the "N" acts to pass authority to another party. there is no rule of logic that would insist that the new authority start with the same letter.

in order for the trick to work though, both parties need to be very similar so you don't notice the change, and the perp can then blame the victim for misunderstanding; "i told you what we were doing, but i guess you misunderstood."

- watch the news

- watch the _ews

- watch the j…..

longer shot:

"NEWS" represents the cardinal points north east west south

what if a cardinal points at the pope and accuses him of heresy for saying hell doesn't exist? impeachment?

longest shot:

NEWS = cardinals

st louis cardinals playing tonight at home against the ARIZONA diamondbacks

any hardballanons out there going to watch this game? keep your eyes peeled.

00efed No.910598

File: a8c3ef046a5ce7a⋯.png (249.67 KB, 514x431, 514:431, p2s-q.png)

25d767 No.910599


Talking about the CellPhones. How much is the posibility of the EMP in this century?

14a250 No.910600


I'm with you. It'll be fun to watch.

a35360 No.910601

File: 27d680ad122476f⋯.jpg (140.77 KB, 750x1045, 150:209, 1522870747307.jpg)


tranny when she was a little girl too then?

916cfe No.910602

File: 1cbaeddf6eac2c1⋯.jpg (45.6 KB, 640x370, 64:37, Pan Alefantis.jpg)

Pan is a sexual deviant god/demon. He is thought to lure people off with his fife.

James Alefantis considers himself Pan

8f213f No.910603

File: 5d199510f6fc915⋯.png (293.44 KB, 561x400, 561:400, whenisraelgetnuked.png)

4377ce No.910604

File: 393c3c0d31b2e9b⋯.jpg (1.19 MB, 1563x1093, 1563:1093, hillarychair.jpg)

e3b37f No.910605



https:// www.quora.com/If-1-1-1-1-R-and-2-2-2-2-T-and-3-3-3-3-E-and-4-4-4-4-N-then-what-will-5-5-5-5


The Q has two pattern. Its not a perfect Q. It can be asked in exam only if Options are given. Otherwise it would become incorrect Q as it has two patterns and Q can be disputed if asked without options.

First pattern:

Sum of every digit- write it down in word.

5+5+5+5=20 write it in word

Twenty. So if u follow this pattern answer is "Y"

2nd pattern:

Find out the "Digital Root"

1+1+1+1=4. 4 is the Digital Root. Write it down in word - FOUR

2+2+2+2=8. 8 is digital root. EIGHT

3+3+3+3=12. 12=1+2=3. THREE

4+4+4+4=16. 16=7. SEVEN


5+5+5+5=20. 20=2+0=2. TWO

As per 2nd pattern answer is "O"

This Q cannot be asked without options.

Even if options are given and both "Y" and "O" are given, then we can dispute the Q. If options have only one of "Y" or "O"

Then Q is correct.


I would choose "Y" as answer if both are in option. Bcz of another pattern.

In first pattern:






The answers in every line also follow a pattern.


Adding 4 consecutively.

So i would choose "Y" for safe side.

a51e3b No.910606



how/why people forgave him for his role in the post-LoopCapital "guys i just got aboard this train yesterday but the new Q is fake" Op is beyond me.


d37617 No.910607


Can you prove that Soros chose the Pope?

20fc73 No.910608

File: 0095e8d5d8f518a⋯.jpg (16.97 KB, 184x270, 92:135, AlmostGotIt.jpg)

File: 9047360f493b72d⋯.jpg (21.76 KB, 306x356, 153:178, CockFree.jpg)

File: c7bcf28df10c904⋯.jpg (72.45 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, NoLove.jpg)

File: e7768644220bcbf⋯.jpg (22.51 KB, 480x360, 4:3, ProperUse.jpg)

File: c36d441f4ef4b31⋯.gif (1.9 MB, 184x270, 92:135, SnortingCondom.gif)


Yes they are.

At least the snorting condom thing is not going to chemically damage someone (if they don't choke to death). I can imagine being at a keg party and watching some drunk friends try this. Gotta admit it's funny as hell.

430c08 No.910609


KEK nope, lifetime of study.

that's why you "MUH 5G" retards are so hilarious.

37d890 No.910610

File: 007ddcebbe6c7e2⋯.png (1.95 MB, 1740x1066, 870:533, Screen Shot 2018-04-05 at ….png)


Not sure what to make of this.

4/4/18 Q posts:



Operation Q-T2810C.

False drops.

Bot push.

Future "Conspiracy" push to norms.

Bad mixed w/ good.


They are scared.

A month earlier on youtube (3/5/18) this vid was posted:


Operation Q-T2810C.

False drops.

Bot push.

Future "Conspiracy" push to norms.

Bad mixed w/ good.


https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=xDmCCB37zfU

The Youtube account name '71' posted first video about a month ago and is clearly Q content related.

Only interesting dig of the vid is Blue Castle is also a Nuke company in Utah. Blue Castle Holdings, Inc.

https:// www.bloomberg.com/research/stocks/private/snapshot.asp?privcapId=108807641

4377ce No.910611

File: ff47697ea30609b⋯.jpg (300.12 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, TotallyFiltered.jpg)

80af27 No.910612

Just tell them 'oh' till they go away

094677 No.910613


No it was a joke that she’s a massive hairy heffer, but she might also be a half horse/demon. Watch this space in 17 hours time and I’ll reveal all

3e0518 No.910614


Naw, it is for surveillance. The frequency chosen would just be absorbed by the skin like the scanners at the airport and create a picture. The power would just be converted to heat and in the pico watt range. Nothing to kill or control us.

bfdbe6 No.910615



how do you stop someone from messing up the dough, Baker?

08a406 No.910616


WTF that's a lightning bolt dick and some balls.

5914ee No.910617


Breads wayback.

be8760 No.910618


born killer

ecfaa4 No.910619


P = Percy (Rosenberg Breakspear Farnese 'Villa aldobrandini')

ff95f8 No.910620


what is wrong with these idiots?

237e17 No.910621

File: 8af44602b4ea49b⋯.jpg (64.8 KB, 635x404, 635:404, cardinali_1195802.jpg)

fe084a No.910622


The Satyr had sex with women…Alefantis can't be Pan.

5914ee No.910623


Breads wayback.

0393b2 No.910624


Get back to me when you've etched your own circuit boards.

863e90 No.910626


i have read all about it, it should only be for military applications. period the 4g we have already and all the other shit bouncing around is making us sick. its not natural. i been thinking about finding me a spot in the no signal zone in Virginia. some are more sensitive than others to it all. i am one of those people.

17b339 No.910627


Thought you wuz a fun baker with a slice of naughtiness and on a mission but do miss the notables or are they posted?

d92850 No.910628

File: 6e300b12c7b342c⋯.png (23.04 KB, 125x83, 125:83, ClipboardImage.png)

big spotlights?

7088e1 No.910629



d86a29 No.910630


More like 3-4 years old. Still disturbing.

af2a19 No.910631

File: 0a7aa46e452ac04⋯.jpeg (118.46 KB, 640x1029, 640:1029, B0680F57-8B5D-4164-B1FA-0….jpeg)

Q says to look at SA/NG

In January US military trains Saud National Guard https:// www.google.com/amp/s/www.army.mil/article-amp/199012/army_builds_sustaining_military_partnership_with_saudi_arabia

We’ll, there’s also this- Crown Prince says peace not conquering-

https:// freedomoutpost.com/saudi-crown-prince-tells-whopper-islam-not-conquering-peacefully-spreading-word/

and then there’s this announcement where the White House now giving SA ammo (image included) .. and then there’s this alshttps:// www.haaretz.com/amp/middle-east-news/yemen-s-houthis-and-saudi-arabia-reportedly-in-secret-talks-to-end-war-1.5910394o

Something’s not adding up.

80af27 No.910632

File: b03667df991b52e⋯.jpg (55.2 KB, 600x621, 200:207, IMG_1665.JPG)

Moar satire

These idiots are sardonic

69f4fb No.910633


Faggot! Slide shill.

d2b6a2 No.910634


Tide pods got boring, I guess ….. ;) !!!

f9e77b No.910635


I hope you’re right

Fuckin Iranians

430c08 No.910636


1978… tard

fe084a No.910639


Bigger picture, please, anon??

1fa0ab No.910640


that's a fucking BOY in a dress

"Nasim" is a BOY's name

916cfe No.910641


He would have sex with anything

e3b37f No.910643

File: c6629bdc213c57b⋯.png (7.36 KB, 250x250, 1:1, Stop Read This.png)

0393b2 No.910644


I'm older than you.

5914ee No.910645



781de8 No.910646


Both would make sense since Epstein is a sick fuck. Centaurs known for raping women. Pan is the figure the red horned version of Satan is modeled after. Pan is the root for the words pansexual and pandemonium.

d92850 No.910647

so some anon posted that those are COCKATOOS on epsteins temple…

wonder if it's this COCKATOO

sulfur cockatoo

The sulphur-crested cockatoo is the only bird known to molest it´s own offspring before they reach sexual maturity. This behavior is more apparent in the captivity than in wild [5] [6]

2b9ba4 No.910648

File: a2bbdf4e85a5596⋯.jpeg (430.5 KB, 1270x840, 127:84, WAVE3.jpeg)

e8769d No.910649



dickhole doing his job is all

watch it all go away

>muh emergency

d37617 No.910650


So you can't prove it.

Because Soros didn't chose the Pope.

Roths may have done this.

And Soros is below Roths.

d92850 No.910651


won't let me post because it's too big. I'll link you though..hold on.

https:// img.4plebs.org/boards/pol/image/1484/62/1484628155861.jpg

2353d7 No.910652

REVEALED: Andrew McCabe’s GoFundMe Campaign Was Run By Ex-Obama Official’s K Street Firm

http:// www.thegatewaypundit.com/2018/04/revealed-andrew-mccabes-gofundme-campaign-was-run-by-ex-obama-officials-k-street-firm/

27fa2b No.910653

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.








Dig Brazil healthcare and education.

Open Society links to recent homicide of Maré protester. Soros and Lemann links, others. Confucius Institutes all over...it's a commie paradise.

https:// fundacaolemann.org.br

https:// mujahdincucaracha.blogspot.com.br/2017/11/george-soros-e-open-society-financiam.html

http:// cultura.estadao.com.br/blogs/direto-da-fonte/em-casa-com-soros/

https:// www.brasil247.com/pt/247/rio247/191227/ONG-de-George-Soros-vai-se-instalar-no-Brasil.htm

http:// independente.jor.br/olavo-de-carvalho-culpa-george-soros-por-manifestacoes-nazistas-nos-eua/

Redes da Maré is a grantee of the Open Society Foundations.

English article: http:// criola.org.br/open-society-se-posiciona-em-carta-sobre-o-assassinato-de-marielle-franco/

https:// www.opendemocracy.net/democraciaabierta/breno-bringel/marielle-franco-and-brazils-future-hope-or-barbarity

Jorge Paulo Lemann, 3G Capital, AmBev....DIG!

This is the guy that bought heinz, budweizer, burger king with buffet and moved it from the US to canada!

5f4114 No.910654

File: 1716917d825c5b7⋯.png (372.45 KB, 656x1091, 656:1091, ClipboardImage.png)

London knife carnage: SIX teenagers are stabbed within 90 minutes of each other tonight in FOUR separate knife attacks across the capital

http:// www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5583149/Police-rush-scene-two-men-stabbed-east-London.html

f2efad No.910655

wiki pedo updates the definition of the word shill

magic editor

https ://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shill

ca69fe No.910656


Why give the military more shit they can use to oppress the population? Nobody should have it. Nobody should be more armed and equipped than U.S. civilians.

430c08 No.910657


that's not when i was born … etched first board … calm down grandpa

241d53 No.910658

File: 7677600dab8a2fa⋯.jpg (38.94 KB, 567x245, 81:35, popetext.jpg)

f5917e No.910659

File: 3b2c5d198e5a380⋯.jpg (107.48 KB, 960x893, 960:893, nintchdbpict000395585829.jpg)

863e90 No.910660


lol f u, i am just talking with fellow anons

and wanted to know if anyones heard about it

beings this is the type of evil shit we are supposed to be fighting so u can fuck right off mate

7cb2ee No.910661

Hope POTUS is kicking his feet up tonight.

d92850 No.910662


also check this…

black boxes in the left of picture..

air vents?

you need air vents if you have underground tunnels.

https:// img.4plebs.org/boards/pol/image/1484/63/1484634274231.jpg

8f213f No.910663

File: aeb3a3118cd9797⋯.png (615.36 KB, 800x430, 80:43, noyoufiltered.png)

38115a No.910664


If this represents the future of America, what are we fighting for?

ecfaa4 No.910665


http:// thepoisonappleoftheworld.com/who-is-really-above-the-rothschilds-percy-rosenberg-villa-aldobrandini/

10f676 No.910666


That's some really bad Photoshop. Just sayin'.

c3147c No.910667

File: e92c44668742ac3⋯.jpg (368.31 KB, 800x599, 800:599, 1484628370919.jpg)

0e4e60 No.910668


did Stern really print that? can't wait till Q starts telling us germany's secrets. they're so exaggerated and desperate when they lash out at our very stable genius. it must be fear of those family ties being revealed, they're probably deep in the pedo business too

d37617 No.910669

02bb64 No.910670


That is a myth ripe for debunking. That is the only thing that gives me pause about 5th Ave anon. The potential is there with 5g but that kind of power not needed or discussed for cell towers; no more so than sitting in your seat right now and expecting a satellite to fall on your head.

3e0518 No.910671


If you are concerned just put up the right size chicken wire to create a Faraday cage and short out the signal. Or you could get an office in the 666 building.

ae6285 No.910672


my thinking was predicated on all lines being cut. "we have everything. we see you. we can hear you breathe".

that means that cabal has to be very careful about communicating and needs to resort to clandestine methods to send info/orders.

0393b2 No.910673

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.




d92850 No.910674

File: b99f1bde20cf6ec⋯.png (1.62 MB, 1242x827, 1242:827, ClipboardImage.png)

nice front door..

what are the statues?

10f676 No.910675


Two "g's" on that Hogg.

80af27 No.910676

File: b4a0fc9a58b2224⋯.jpg (44.62 KB, 850x400, 17:8, IMG_1614.JPG)

Werdz werdz repost my thinks

e1531d No.910677


Nobody has enough power to break that manipulation

241d53 No.910678


lol I made that graphic for easy explaining

fe084a No.910679

File: 2e5aa9093c0a9d2⋯.png (92.76 KB, 2936x1372, 734:343, Screenshot_139.png)

I don't know why, but I've been looking at Dec 19th in Q posts because of the P=C drop. This is probably not correct, but I am just getting stuff down until the autism kicks in. Any ideas from Anons welcome!

1fa0ab No.910680


I think there's a whole thread for this

62f9ff No.910681

File: fdecaba4b7cf909⋯.png (105.48 KB, 209x265, 209:265, doorpaint.PNG)

Door painted on. Shadow remains same in all photos.

4e2e30 No.910682


Exactly and as of late he is trying to imply that Manafort is not a plant and or is just so Innocen and didn't know he was a plant kek

Reason? because of Roger stones connections with Manafort, Corsi is friends with Stone and I truly believe that Corsi may be working for someone other than himself.

He has spent much time in Israel. I do not trust him. Corsi also stated that POTUS only took notice of the censorship online when he ( Corsi was banned from youtube.) seriously he thinks POTUS only woke up to it because of him !

d37617 No.910683


Yes, I saw it before.

25d767 No.910684



Notable Post

Connections of Soros with Brazil

863e90 No.910685


true that brother

i want the world turned right-side up and forward

so sic of evil, corruption, lies, injustice!

d86a29 No.910686

Still watching the news but it's evening on the East Coast now and I haven't seen anything worth the President staying up all night. Perhaps late night on .. Hannity for instance?

40bbe8 No.910687

Trump ditches ‘boring’ tax script for Mexican rapists, illegal voting claims…

https:// www.politico.com/story/2018/04/05/trump-west-virginia-tax-roundtable-remarks-504565

060862 No.910688

File: 795345a17d7b426⋯.png (297.24 KB, 757x628, 757:628, Screen Shot 2018-04-05 at ….png)

File: b0ea2698a2dbcd9⋯.png (119.99 KB, 742x536, 371:268, Screen Shot 2018-04-05 at ….png)

guess we missed this one

https:// heraldfinance.com/2018/04/a-federal-court-just-revived-oracle-corporation-nyseorcls-multi-billion-dollar-copyright-case-against-alphabet-inc-class-c-nasdaqgoog/

1a68be No.910689

From previous bread…



Obama visited the countries of 5 EYES

Its not being discussed

Doesn't that seem like a dig-worthy item to notice???????

094677 No.910691



^^ definitely looks like the statue on the right of the door

5914ee No.910692


I remain unconvinced…

http:// sorosfiles.com/soros/2016/08/the-popes-boss.html

aa9a7d No.910693

File: 9bb4aac205e0c3a⋯.jpg (89.27 KB, 630x630, 1:1, 1st recon.jpg)


The Thunderbird crash was probably a genuine accident, they would be working up practising for the start of the airshow season.

They fly pretty close to the limits of their and their aircraft capabilities and sometimes unintentionally beyond with inevitable results.

The AV-8 crash in Africa seems to be due to mechanical problems as they have temporarily grounded them. Could be sabotage but equally it could be just an error by a member ground crew, dodgy fuel stocks (water sometimes gets into the fuel storage tanks on board ship or underground), or a host of other reasons.

The helo crash in the US happened close to the Mexican border and is being called a 'training accident' but there might be more to it than that considering the threat to the border at present.

80af27 No.910694

File: 82d2ed8d23523cd⋯.jpg (44.05 KB, 750x813, 250:271, IMG_1026.JPG)

Poseidon kiss o death now

Bad poker face imho

916cfe No.910696

File: fd6ebf4793db700⋯.jpg (106.52 KB, 1200x834, 200:139, DZP_iPyU0AAw5qJ.jpg)

If any1 needed any more confirmation that Seth Rich was the PANDA. He is a hero that changed the path of history

00efed No.910697

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Shadilay | by Wolfgang Amadeus Pepe

5914ee No.910698


Thanks, I'll take a look

d92850 No.910699

File: 316f519811822a0⋯.png (2.13 MB, 1658x1030, 829:515, ClipboardImage.png)

can anyone depict this painting out to me? looks like two tigers attacking a deer?

863e90 No.910700


wish i would of known all this shit when i was building me house

237e17 No.910701


Whats going on there ??

2b9ba4 No.910702

File: cb0b19a1b199611⋯.jpeg (300.33 KB, 1129x841, 1129:841, WAVE4.jpeg)

d92850 No.910703

File: af0dac039d037da⋯.png (6.45 KB, 125x86, 125:86, ClipboardImage.png)

image outside of epstein temple

f5917e No.910704

File: 47412df4ea5c96a⋯.jpg (19.05 KB, 316x400, 79:100, 47412df4ea5c96a9c9525fdb5a….jpg)

a79eb3 No.910705


I’ll be damned. It does look painted.

11e420 No.910706


Wait a few hours.

d3ec86 No.910707

>>910301. What?

1e7532 No.910708


Q - Deliver Broadband via Electric Co-ops to rural Amercia

They can piggy back on same lines

Share costs

Share maintenance

a51e3b No.910709

File: 357beae49d375e5⋯.png (277.51 KB, 444x444, 1:1, JEROME.png)


of Corsi did

(sorry, recycled pun)

The best part about it is, the more they use the same game plan every time, the more obvious it gets…

d37617 No.910710


Are you mad? This are two bears attacking a racoon!

Prove me wrong!

bfc9b1 No.910711


Statue and rock.

a79eb3 No.910712


An hour or two after the pope announced that he’ll wasn’t real, plaster began falling from the ceiling.

62f9ff No.910713

File: 68acaa269d3ffd0⋯.png (2.18 MB, 1233x741, 411:247, shed.PNG)

It was speculated this shed could be entry into subterranean system.

d92850 No.910714

File: bad9ad0df5f2cde⋯.png (13.14 MB, 4288x2848, 134:89, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 86e2e85122ee2df⋯.png (334.37 KB, 800x726, 400:363, ClipboardImage.png)

I see stacks of these

14aad4 No.910715


looks like a map of southeastern US. Gulf of mexico up to Missouri River?

f5917e No.910716

File: ab8cccbc30c4b54⋯.jpg (91.7 KB, 640x480, 4:3, lkh89po.jpg)


Its good Friday when the ceiling fell on Satan, I mean the Pope.

17b339 No.910717


Somebody forgot to pay the cleaning lady or gentleman

3e0518 No.910718


Now imagine what Trump found in the walls of the White House when he moved it. Obama is fucked.

02bb64 No.910719


That is where I am leaning/ or pan

af2a19 No.910720


* My bad, hit reply too fast. That last link is https:// www.haaretz.com/amp/middle-east-news/yemen-s-houthis-and-saudi-arabia-reportedly-in-secret-talks-to-end-war-1.5910394o SA and Houthis secret meeting discussing peace

c3147c No.910721

File: 8eacf6b2cd2654a⋯.jpg (45.66 KB, 372x298, 186:149, warped and cropped.jpg)

e7e4ad No.910722


I watched it, thanks.

I still think he produces more good than bad.

(((Joos))) get in everywhere because they are a close-knit tribe, among other things I will not get into. The game is rigged (((for them))). I get it.

80af27 No.910723

File: ce2815ff8eab4fe⋯.jpg (45.56 KB, 522x694, 261:347, IMG_1341.JPG)

Cosplay and hentai friendly ( ° ʖ °)

241d53 No.910724



d92850 No.910725

File: 6ed5a41c1f881bf⋯.png (424.04 KB, 818x382, 409:191, ClipboardImage.png)

Ok, I have done a lot of HVAC in my life and I know that these are two 2.5 ton Air Conditioner condenser units. A typical house might have a single, smaller, one. These are def connected to an underground area, becuase it sure as fuck aint connected to that shed.

4377ce No.910726

File: f7824a55b68ea4b⋯.jpg (159.04 KB, 653x367, 653:367, StillSleep.jpg)

File: 13887b80f01eb31⋯.jpg (493.63 KB, 932x900, 233:225, DontBeSad.jpg)

File: 77a3f06edbd15d9⋯.jpg (788.99 KB, 1600x800, 2:1, YouTubeFalseFlag.jpg)

File: c5c77ba7ead3947⋯.jpg (425.34 KB, 1024x690, 512:345, homer_thinking_YouTube.jpg)

fe084a No.910727

File: 11f593da91b339f⋯.png (4.15 KB, 470x122, 235:61, Screenshot_142.png)

e177df No.910728

File: 9d2642a57a97ad3⋯.png (276.51 KB, 710x352, 355:176, hrc nasim ninja.png)

File: 8f740aafad7f7de⋯.png (405.66 KB, 597x416, 597:416, hrc nasim showdown.png)

I know, "No more Nasim," but I did all this work, fags

2b9ba4 No.910729

File: c21070af81e252a⋯.jpeg (142.68 KB, 873x871, 873:871, WAVE5.jpeg)

8f3c77 No.910730



02bb64 No.910731

File: ae7b575a393563b⋯.jpeg (110.92 KB, 475x640, 95:128, 2A846DFF-2887-459A-AAE7-B….jpeg)


Not greek

c3147c No.910732


fish god Dagon

722351 No.910733


Indeed. I don't like this one bit. I still support Trump, but this is not "America First"

082a65 No.910734


yeah and its a scary company. a scary shit company.

176be3 No.910735


thanks for the link

f5917e No.910736

File: 5f5d65b35c16a48⋯.jpg (19.26 KB, 250x255, 50:51, 0aebc830c485c7d132784ad799….jpg)

a35360 No.910737

File: 2728cb86bb38dde⋯.jpg (358.45 KB, 1630x1808, 815:904, 1522872144612.jpg)



fe084a No.910738


Looks like a male and female lion chasing a horse? Could be a deer.

d92850 No.910739

File: 217369140c1529d⋯.png (1.82 MB, 750x1137, 250:379, ClipboardImage.png)

still want to know what the fuck this arena area is…

c3147c No.910740


good info anon

25d767 No.910741


New Board About the 5 EYES?

bfc9b1 No.910742


Nobody is seeing anything because you didnt reference your post and have no pics. Lazy fuck.

80af27 No.910743

File: 92ac681a6e959eb⋯.jpg (83.19 KB, 750x817, 750:817, IMG_1058.JPG)

Third party payer

7cb2ee No.910744


This are used to transport equipment to set up for banquets aka this is probably spirit cooking supplies.

678648 No.910745


>MZ to step down as Chairman.

>MZ out of US.

- All users being "scrapped"

- Secret agreement to share personal health records with Hospitals/Insurance/Pharma

Tick Tock...

781de8 No.910747


That's Triton.

00efed No.910748


Great work memefag. We can do nazi-ism, just paint the libs as nazi clowns

17cba2 No.910749


Dogs after a buck..

4377ce No.910750

File: 26e212e293bd715⋯.jpg (355.41 KB, 1024x690, 512:345, HomerThinkingPelosi.jpg)

File: 398c7ddcdcb55af⋯.jpg (444.87 KB, 1024x577, 1024:577, MargeHomerBillaryYoungGirl….jpg)

File: a0eb02beb682744⋯.jpg (427.33 KB, 1024x577, 1024:577, MargeHomerHWPedos.jpg)

File: e2681c1476e1239⋯.jpg (456.21 KB, 1024x577, 1024:577, MargeSlushFunds.jpg)

File: b8db058b78912a2⋯.jpg (440.39 KB, 1024x577, 1024:577, MargeMcCain.jpg)

5914ee No.910751


Fuck off, arsehole.

I was conversing with an anon, in came a load of shit Pfagging, then YOU.

Just fuck off!

e4abbd No.910752

File: a0888d1e4bfe7ae⋯.jpg (18.88 KB, 300x300, 1:1, lookey here.jpg)

3f992a No.910753


Where the hell do they get electricity there? I saw no solar panels or wind power.

7088e1 No.910754


David Hogg in drag.

082a65 No.910755


whats that giant bird parade on the roof? these statues look like painted with gold. and thei are much bigger than the ones on the lawn.

f5917e No.910756

File: c0155c4c25ab97e⋯.jpg (11.83 KB, 232x255, 232:255, 158cb96e93b77199448f0c6b9b….jpg)

8e2340 No.910757


Did I just hear President Trump just say "It's not a conspiracy theory, it's a fact?" On the news? Wife was babbling, can anyone verify?

67f482 No.910758

File: fc7945ba232e816⋯.png (9.98 KB, 289x100, 289:100, QCaptcha.png)

Went searching and think this was missed in Notables . . . this information ties in with so much that we've been researching -

https:// www.veteranstoday.com/2015/03/08/the-hidden-history-of-the-incredibly-evil-khazarian-mafia/

6ae0d7 No.910759

File: 8c2c8f02842135a⋯.png (1.35 MB, 2278x1473, 2278:1473, nDheu83J.png)

Perfect timing as usual, Cabal.

fe084a No.910760

>>910755 Owls?

a79eb3 No.910761


Hahaha. These cum stains are sooo scared. They’re even trying to change scripture to keep them from facing eternal doom. It’s historically hysterical.

80af27 No.910762

File: ec706ea7059fdf3⋯.jpg (80.42 KB, 1080x747, 120:83, IMG_1646.JPG)

So then the fegels thought they could build a temple of baloney

Some call it pork roll

241d53 No.910763


No one cares soyboy


f5917e No.910764


What network?

2a727b No.910765



You faggots need to catch up. Go back to October and start from there.

7cb2ee No.910766


Ritual site? Looks like it may have been filled with water.

3d1ede No.910767


Hunger games

d92850 No.910768


sulfur cockatoo

26d87b No.910769


Yea he was talking about election fraud with illegals

5914ee No.910770


You're new here.

02bb64 No.910771

File: b968d20bcec3ace⋯.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1242x1785, 414:595, 3FEFC1CE-2189-4530-90E9-8….jpeg)


Doesnt appear to be cuneiform

4e2e30 No.910772



What will he say when Israel is exposed for its evil and 911? I can't wait to see him shrink, his push for Israel is so obvious and his demand for others to think like them on it is as well. I hate and I mean hate how the Christians have been brainwashed to think that Jews matter more than everyone else on this earth.

God has chosen people. Like a parent having a favorite kid and telling the other kids " never ever criticize your chosen sibling ever! you are lesser but I love you

9287fd No.910773


i was wondering that too

prob a big (BIG!) generator and underground fuel storage

8e2340 No.910774


ABC. I'll be digging for it soon.

a81b7e No.910775


They have kids hooked up in the D rooms inside the tunnels.

c3147c No.910776

File: 3664677c05bd169⋯.jpg (3.01 MB, 4288x2848, 134:89, 1484634274231.jpg)


wouldnt say shed…still seem big

188e81 No.910777

>>896069 Q


>Gateway Bridge Project.

>Chuck Schumer $3.5mm

>Cory Booker $1.8mm

>Chris Christie $400k Phat Pat


>The gift that keeps on giving.

>>910346 >snakes let loose

White House. Shortly after Labor Day 2017

Chuck Schumer; Kirsten Gillibrand; Cory Booker; Chris Christie; Andrew Cuomo

President Trump; Elaine Chao; John Kelly; Gary Cohn; Mick Mulvaney



>1.5.18 New Hudson River rail tunnel in jeopardy because of Obama-era law

2012 transportation bill to prevent and mitigate accidents on rail transit systems.


>Written by William C. Vantuono, Editor-in-Chief

12.15.16 Gateway Program: Will Trump keep Obama’s commitment?

“This will be the first test of the Trump Administration in its commitment to New York City and its commitment to infrastructure,” said Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) at a Dec. 13 public forum. “I’ve talked to the President-Elect about both. He’s called me and he says he wants to do a major infrastructure bill of [about] a trillion dollars. That’s great. It needs to be done in the right way.

Anybody who runs for office who’s talking about a massive infrastructure project, this has sort of been laid up for him, better than any other major project, said Sen. Cory Booker (D-N.J.). “If you just look at the cost-benefit analysis alone, just the economic case, there’s no better dollar you can invest in America right now in terms of the return on that investment that you’re going to get. If you want to grow this nation’s GDP like the President-Elect says he wants to do, get up to 3%, 4%, this is the region that’s going to help contribute to that. And in order to make that happen you’ve got to prime the pump and put the infrastructure in place so that we can explode in our growth.”

“We saw in the ARC (Access to the Region’s Core) Tunnel that when you don’t have all of the stakeholders in agreement, then you have failure,” said Sen. Bob Menendez (D-N.J.). “Here we have all the stakeholders in agreement. It took time to align them. But those are all aligned, so now the push is actually to fund it.”

Gateway (download a map from the link below) is the second attempt at such a massive project. New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie cancelled the first attempt, ARC Tunnel—also called the Trans Hudson Express Tunnel (THE Tunnel) or the Mass Transit Tunnel—in October 2010, citing possible cost overruns and New Jersey’s shortage of funds. $600 million had already been spent on the project. Critics of the ARC Tunnel dubbed the project “the tunnel to Macy’s basement,” in reference to its terminus under 34th Street in Manhattan, but also to the fact that, contrary to how it was originally scoped out, it would not connect with the existing Penn Station New York, thus offering no through-train service and providing no benefit for Amtrak or the New York MTA, which has been considering Metro-North service to PSNY with a New Jersey train storage facility.

“At its busiest point between New York and New Jersey, the Northeast Corridor consists of only two main tracks,” said Amtrak Board Chairman Anthony Coscia. “Those tracks pass over 106-year-old, often malfunctioning, Portal Bridge, through a century old and significantly [Superstorm] Sandy damaged Hudson River tunnel and into an overcrowded and constrained Penn Station.”

“I think they’ve recognized that to make America great again, they’ve got to make our infrastructure great again,” said former PANY&NJ Vice Chair Scott Rechler. “I think there’s a recognition to Sen. Schumer’s point that it’s not all the sexy stuff. When you look at our infrastructure, take the Port Authority’s budget, take the MTA budget, more than 50% of those $30 billion budgets is repairing what is broken, not doing what is new. If they think about that trillion dollars, it’s probably half and half. There’s got to be a real focus on politics not trumping professionalism, and [on] waste. We as a country and we in this region have seen too many projects started by government agencies [where] the funding goes into black holes and the delays occur and they don’t get done.”

>04/04/18 (Wed) 18:43:17


>Follow the LOOP.


0393b2 No.910778

File: 4e695ab73d5cdbf⋯.png (57.29 KB, 590x467, 590:467, 2.PNG)

File: 0d572e8138911c2⋯.png (56.64 KB, 607x479, 607:479, 1.PNG)

I wish they would elaborate.

1e7532 No.910779

Stein Island


One year later…..

bab629 No.910780


Maps of the islands….

2b9ba4 No.910782

File: 30c04298baaa2eb⋯.jpeg (375.05 KB, 1194x790, 597:395, WAVE6.jpeg)

bfc9b1 No.910783


Hate to be a buzz kill, but the statues on the roof are not owls either. Q suggested they were.

07709d No.910785


Very strange. Someone knew a month in advance what Q was going to drop

ab73df No.910786

File: 50f6609ffb43f71⋯.jpeg (99.89 KB, 1020x764, 255:191, 1516588985.jpeg)

430c08 No.910788


i saw some farsi or pashto, but a whole bunch of other stuff too

1a68be No.910789



This is Q research board worthy


My cock is not that interesting, what do you want a photo of, my asshole, asshole?

This is a serious post, fucker. Former pres visited all 5 sites incl US obv. Fuckery seems afoot.

62f9ff No.910792

File: eeef4806accca92⋯.png (2.36 MB, 1227x716, 1227:716, comms.PNG)


676ed3 No.910793



BAKER - For CCN video notable (CCN: Pedo-Satanic Broadcasting Enterprise)

Here. Video pulled and uploaded.

http:// anonfile.com/xck9b7e1b0/Headline_News_-_June_23__1996.mp4

8e2340 No.910794


Ah. Maybe that's what Q-Team meant by watch the news.

9287fd No.910795


Those are not glyphs of any recognized alphabet.

e58c88 No.910796


Those are air conditioning units and a dry-type transformer. Interesting but not blatantly unusual.

6ae0d7 No.910797



a51e3b No.910798


you can edit the name of a Youtube video, the upload date will remain

a81f55 No.910799


Copfag here. looks a lot like a training / shooting pit w/ 360* berm. Maybe a place for his private security to practice?

Or it's a super-secret-squirrel ritual site but i don't see any symbolism here.

241d53 No.910800


fe084a No.910801

File: 2e829efa267728f⋯.png (286.85 KB, 465x422, 465:422, Screenshot_143.png)


Now that I looked at the picture a bit closer, I think it's parrots?

80af27 No.910802

File: cab8636ffd5f3a3⋯.png (226.69 KB, 401x560, 401:560, 1793CE8D-39B3-49AC-87DD-81….png)

File: 50cb51752207aaf⋯.jpg (55.19 KB, 564x564, 1:1, IMG_1156.JPG)

File: 3aba2ee305061b0⋯.jpg (56.98 KB, 400x611, 400:611, IMG_1158.JPG)

God damn right boy ö

db582b No.910803


They change the vid titles when Q drops something .. monitor it if you want

25d767 No.910805



1a68be No.910807


Fake and fag

5914ee No.910808


Can you prove your statement? Source/s?

Re-read the crumbs.

And delve here http:// sorosfiles.com/soros/2016/08/the-popes-boss.html

f26662 No.910809

Whats the odds on Nasim-abz was a product of MK ULTRA?

8e2340 No.910810


Epic meme! Badass indeed.

26d87b No.910811


No, it has to be something that kept Trump up all night

722351 No.910812


What, because of the coup…? Is that as deep as you can think?

ae6285 No.910813

File: e6a06cef3bb7847⋯.jpg (102.16 KB, 842x512, 421:256, boring.JPG)

>learn to understand our comms



"a little boring, a little boring"

Well there's a little boring company called The Boring Company that is all about digging tunnels. Run by our friend EM.

That hyperloop idea that just seems a bit too impractical would be a good cover to create a bunch of tunnel drilling equipment and test projects…

d92850 No.910814

File: c926e65488b3d1c⋯.png (274.01 KB, 480x360, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

94eaca No.910815


or small nuclear. They stole everything else. Small nuclear power plant would require no fuel, no panels. etc.. They could also have some type of hydro-electric ocean swell based generator system.

00efed No.910816

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

The "secret society" will be met with fire and fury

2b9ba4 No.910817

File: 367de12bfa00744⋯.jpeg (275.45 KB, 1158x784, 579:392, WAVE7.jpeg)

File: 367de12bfa00744⋯.jpeg (275.45 KB, 1158x784, 579:392, WAVE7.jpeg)

a17dfe No.910818


Some anons are really dense.

100% of the intel that can be figured out in advance is FALSE INTEL

100%. All disinfo. Every bit of it.

In other words, there is NO INTEL in Q's drops.

You can't blame Q

Because Q never predicted anything.

You did.

You, the PEOPLE, have THE POWER.

Q said that.

In drop 563.

Read it again.

You are all wrong

Because you have free will

And if you want to make up dumb fantasies about perp walks and porn videos

Go right ahead

You are just like your best friend

Kurt Eichenwald

But the autists on this board know

We understand

We know what is happening

We are ready.


And now a few words from Q:

Why are we here?

Why are we providing crumbs?

Think MEMO.



d92850 No.910819


holding her like his prized possession.

8bfa5e No.910820

File: 13bb468dde414f5⋯.png (69.08 KB, 805x483, 5:3, Screen Shot 2018-04-05 at ….png)

Table 29 sauce:


Relevant Q post attached.

fa2873 No.910821

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

QAnon w/ Douglas Gabriel of American Intelligence Media

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZMg5H0UifDY

Live now.

035d47 No.910823


That response was funny as shit.

Well done.

17cba2 No.910824


ding ding ding.. yes

5b7d75 No.910825


I think all the farmers should burn their farms down to the ground dismantle all their equipment and sell it for salvage and leave pronto. Give them back the land exactly they way their grandparents and parents found it. Dirt and weeds. Then they will stop killing the farmers to steal it. Nothing to steal nothing to kill for. By the way this in not new. Has been sweeping through SA for decades. Some area's (cleaned out decades ago) are begging for the white farmers to come back. Apparently no one else can figure out how to farm … and the people are now starving.

1a68be No.910826


Goddam… wowo. WTF why?

27fa2b No.910827

File: c9f0a01485a9bd8⋯.png (36.32 KB, 1488x482, 744:241, Screenshot 2018-04-05 at 7….png)

File: d642fdded18d79c⋯.png (118.73 KB, 908x886, 454:443, Screenshot 2018-04-05 at 7….png)

File: e675e6da5f1748c⋯.png (48.11 KB, 1490x480, 149:48, Screenshot 2018-04-05 at 7….png)

File: c31304843c9bf68⋯.png (210.46 KB, 1220x628, 305:157, Screenshot 2018-04-05 at 7….png)





The space between the brackets is 58 characters. If you count the brackets, it's 60.

Assange's Jan 1 tweet of the HEX code was 60 characters…

14a250 No.910828


Egyptian or Sumerian?

fe084a No.910829


They no so hot one probably can suck a rail!

37172d No.910830

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

1a68be No.910831


Higher res anon?

f5917e No.910832

File: c606e5ed215888f⋯.gif (5.5 MB, 600x600, 1:1, fingerprint-of-god-vortex-….gif)

094677 No.910833


What’s the sauce for this photo anon? Do we know what the building is?

2a727b No.910835

File: dc51198b7a40328⋯.png (264.13 KB, 605x539, 55:49, aahnotymfodat.png)


No. I'm saying if you faggots need to look more into MBS before being retarded in here. Nobody is going to explain it all to you. Especially if requires stooping down 30 IQ points to make it clear for you. It's not difficult to figure out. MBS is not (((them))).

241d53 No.910836

File: 7351b5b32d816b8⋯.png (93.07 KB, 134x360, 67:180, ClipboardImage.png)

25d767 No.910837


You can do a New Board about the Hussein and the Visit of the 5 EYES.

f9d2f2 No.910838


The helo crash at Seeley near the Mexican border is right by NAF El Centro where they do a lot of military and aerospace testing, so crashes are not uncommon in that area either. This is the winter home of the Blue Angels also (but not relevant, just interesting). They crashed some too. Used to work there in the 60's processing the test data from the missions - back in the punch card days lol.

cf87bb No.910839


Baker, Please Note

I spotted this post a few threads ago. I think it could be seriously notable (unless LARP), and has been lost in the Baker-shuffling. For your consideration:


80af27 No.910840

File: 3696c24f87dd9cd⋯.jpg (50.4 KB, 564x564, 1:1, IMG_0574.JPG)

File: e0f3c4a3649c03d⋯.jpg (77.85 KB, 960x640, 3:2, IMG_0823.JPG)

File: bc8f9ff7b7b0a72⋯.png (270.65 KB, 401x560, 401:560, IMG_1001.PNG)


ab1be5 No.910841


Nobody cares moron.

Q literally said who it was himself.

6ae0d7 No.910843

File: 8976783f24bb98d⋯.png (949.02 KB, 1456x1320, 182:165, HOWTOHIDECORPSES.png)

>Who knows where the bodies are buried?

Yeah dude they're over there under that school that just had an AR-15 shooting. WEPEEL SECUND MENDMENT

2b9ba4 No.910844

File: 1cc35d9bb2eb24a⋯.jpg (377.28 KB, 1252x856, 313:214, PtS6.jpg)

30f80e No.910845


you anon dunno shit about here. you make a claim you give sauce. why? i can claim Hillary got caught on camera fucking bill and it's on the newws right now and send you on a goose chase… so sauce or gtfo shill.

241d53 No.910846


I filtered the Pfag

3e0518 No.910847

File: 35864c551519043⋯.jpg (198.84 KB, 1024x682, 512:341, 353765634_6ae92c21f1_o.jpg)

So anyone interested in 5G

5G will be at a frequency of 15 GHz and probably high enough to create images like the Millimeter wave scanners at the airports. Using transmitters and receivers in various locations (multiple cell phones and towers) the insides of buildings and people can not only be mapped and tracked in real time but also images (crude live video) plus be able to see things hidden beneath clothes or in a desk.

Now do you wonder why the body scanners were put into airports? It was the beginning of testing the 5G imaging technology.

Wonder why the building at 666 5th street is so valuable, it is covered in aluminum. Something that you would not be allowed to do today. That building offers the ultimate privacy to the occupants.

Hope this opens up some ideas of why 5G is so important to certain people.

aa9a7d No.910848


Roger, TY. I'm UK so not too familiar with locales stateside.

09ce76 No.910850

File: 3112e7509dbbe81⋯.png (92.37 KB, 275x183, 275:183, clowns.png)

d92850 No.910851


it's the same girl….

a81b7e No.910852


I had to go look and see if this tweet was real. It is so insane. Seaman must have been reading our posts about him and then wrote these.

593d20 No.910854

National Guard on the border, well that's one way to stop those on the indictment list escaping justice.

237e17 No.910855



Epic ! I must have missed that while out digging, thanks for that. WWG1WGA

863e90 No.910856

anon, i just dont understand.

if i had the money these elites have, i would build a world

with the free energy, every abled body person would have to work 5 hours a day 5 days a week, in there field they r best suited for.

id do away with money all together.

everyone would have what they need.

if your the one in control wouldnt it be better to be loved?

like ghadaffi… free education free health, when a couple got married they was alotted 50k to buy a home for the new family. he shared the wealth.

i will just never understand anons

388d5d No.910857


Very strange window looks like a diver underwater. Broken furniture piled in front. Why would a multi-millionaire have a mess like that on display? I wonder what is really in that building.

f5baaa No.910858

File: a5a73495939f833⋯.png (198.97 KB, 787x541, 787:541, ClipboardImage.png)


Renee J James last twat was 2015

7090d8 No.910859


Smart as a whip you are .

bfc9b1 No.910860


Yeah. Isn't it awesome that all of these amazing things are supposedly happening and all we ever get is riddles?

Better to be a sheep under Trump than the alternative, but we are still ignorant sheep, and it looks like we will be kept that way. Just as we have been for all of history.

Our little heads would just explode if we were given anything real. Its better this way. Let the big boys take care of us, make sure they get the full meals, while we enjoy their crumbs. Better than nothing right guys? Make sure to be grateful and be a good boy. Thanks Q. Thanks for returning the power to the people. Not sure what how the people can have power when we arent even privy to our own history, but whatever. It sounds nice. At least with Trump we get lip service to the idea.

176be3 No.910861



a79eb3 No.910862


Anons, someone posted a video link of an 8-got interview with an ex wife of a cia agent a few weeks ago. I saw the video years ago and didn’t think to archive the link. Can’t remember her name or the video.

I realize I’ve offered little info but perhaps someone knows what I’m talking about.

She brought up huge names. Talks about skull and crossbones and a shit load more.

a17dfe No.910863


Very useful to create tunnels to run cross-border express freight trains. The end points are far from the border where ICE never looks.

The border patrol is spread thin in Arizona

And tracked by surveillance

So that the boring machines stop when they approach

And start up again when they pass

And the underground train schedules can be synced with border patrol movements

You didn't think all that border surveillance equipment was put there to track illegals,

Did you?

Too bad that the National Guard is coming

They are not spread so thin

They are used to waiting

And watching

And listening to noises in the ground

With special monitoring equipment

It will be a GLORIOUS May


14a250 No.910864

File: 3a9a326b17d80a4⋯.jpg (362.07 KB, 967x839, 967:839, Montagraph_Meth_Con.jpg)


AIM is disinformation

Montagraph just finished up his round of community service for the day and now thinks it's time to shitpost AIM disinformation here.

Montagraph believes Q is Hillary Clinton.

Montagraph is a methamphetamine addict who makes youtube videos in a shed.

Montagraph is also a known pedophile who would like nothing more than for you to never find this out.

f5917e No.910865


111 day lag. Everything we find is already known to MI and handled. Were being let in on Q's crumbs for bigger reasons. What those reasons are will soon be known I suppose.

7090d8 No.910866


Storm season .

2bccbc No.910867

File: bf69019a6e66d08⋯.jpg (194.91 KB, 960x1312, 30:41, IMG_1508.JPG)

Idiot bait

25d767 No.910868

File: 57d44a528246c33⋯.png (19.84 KB, 612x461, 612:461, DOITFFG.png)

722351 No.910869


You're not as awake as you think you are. Carry on.

0ca1c1 No.910870



Yesterday corresponded with December 14th Q.

19th is 5 days from yesterday (April 10).

Anons were discussing UK and Germany had 5 days from yesterday.

Do UK and/or Germany mean anything to you?

fa2873 No.910871




Nice try to discredit something that is legit clowns.

dfeb5b No.910872


Those statues look child-like.

1e7532 No.910873

Watching News

What am I looking for?

37aa7f No.910874

Sweet release, I'm back in.

Got distracted by a girl for the last two months. Q team never breaks my heart. Let's gooooo.

05505a No.910875




Obama visited the countries of 5 EYES

Its not being discussed

Doesn't that seem like a dig-worthy item to notice???????

Alert Anons!!!!!!!!

This anon hit the nail on the head! Barry visited the 5 eyes for intel on Trump. We all know they skirt spying on their own citizens by “sharing” information with the other 4 nations in 5 eyes.

He’s caught red-handed

Remember, Q hears all, sees all, and has it all!!!

Cabalfags are losing so badly and there’s plenty more L’s to come!

2b9ba4 No.910876

File: 8d9a3f3e1b4cedc⋯.jpg (179.27 KB, 1300x731, 1300:731, AprilShowersMayFlowers2.jpg)

96b05e No.910877

Following up on previous post about Epstein's temple and its Phoenician symbols.



The Purple People

The purple dye manufactured and used in Tyre for the robes of Mesopotamian royalty gave Phoenicia the name by which we know it today (from the Greek Phoinikes for Tyrian Purple) and also accounts for the Phoenicians being known as 'purple people’ by the Greeks (as the Greek historian Herodotus tells us) because the dye would stain the skin of the workers.

https:// www.ancient.eu/amp/1-183/

08a406 No.910878


They are not like us. They are like reptiles, only looking out for themselves. They are psychopaths, evil, abnormal. They only enjoy power.

d92850 No.910879

File: 5a3776ea06be2bd⋯.png (128.61 KB, 638x324, 319:162, ClipboardImage.png)

347af8 No.910880


Thank you.

Have been wondering about those

and electricity source for the Island

3f7a24 No.910881


This is why you NEVER GIVE UP YOUR GUNS!

2a727b No.910882


Catch up, dipshyt.

35d417 No.910883


c6bc73 No.910884



Seems like you may be on to something.

fa2873 No.910885



AIM IS LEGIT. Watch the video or STFU.

f9d2f2 No.910886


I already made one post a few breads back, and two about a week ago. Todays post still in the notables. I am doing a deeper dig before I post more. If you have the time, you might want to do some research and post your sauce to get the ball rolling again. Better than complaining.

188e81 No.910888

File: 826071bfc64ba92⋯.png (296.89 KB, 483x350, 69:50, 21-Ace.Jack.Spades.png)



https:// nec.amtrak.com/news/ gateway-program-development-corporation-releases-request-for-information-for-hudson-tunnel-project/



Private sector & industry engagement seeks innovative project delivery, procurement and financing strategies

>(download a map from the link below)

https:// www.njtvonline.org/news/video/ leaders-say-gateway-project-track/

12.12.16, 17.00 EST

Leaders Say Gateway Project on Track

“We have to get it done,” said New York Sen. Chuck Schumer.


<Thank the MagikNegro, Chucky.

Note: NO Map found. Oh well…

35d417 No.910889




a17dfe No.910890


> ex wife of a cia agent

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=MQNitCNycKQ

One of 4 vids

Well worth watching

All 4 of them

a81b7e No.910891


We've been there done that. enough

347af8 No.910892


Does anyone know why they move the cow around?

863e90 No.910893

fruck, ive had 2 helos fly over me house today.

never ever do they fly around here.

last one was very low, i could see it very clear on security cam

20d22d No.910894

File: 0c6e5f3fdee0551⋯.gif (6.33 MB, 1024x736, 32:23, EIOverTheYears.gif)


>http:// www.tulsaworld.com/weekend/music/what-is-tulsa-s-center-of-the-universe-landmark/article_9b843716-a654-54d4-8591-f29dc7fd5513.html

430c08 No.910896


blond? from the 90s? about 4 hours long? it was still on utube a month or so

14a250 No.910897


If AIM were legit they wouldn't shit up this board trying to get people to pay attention to their horse shit. Go die.

d92850 No.910898

File: 8d19f2f883a090d⋯.png (1022.43 KB, 640x1100, 32:55, ClipboardImage.png)


found this…

02c32e No.910899



we would be walking down to locals stream for water

we would be living without electricity

we would have died already

e3b37f No.910900

5 by 5 is a term used in radio operation. Two variables: loudness and clarity; 5 x 5 is maximum loudness and clarity for a specific range.

c735ec No.910901



a51e3b No.910902


needs more ?????


since wasting a post, i'll admit i've come to hate IMG_SPAM randomimagepostershill even more than AIM/FakeQ/the more obvious shills

3d1ede No.910903


IMHO, this board was chosen because of the ability of its members to accept the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help us God.

25d767 No.910904


So, the Conspiracy about the Aluminum Helmets Won Again :)

0393b2 No.910906

File: 8fdb875ed7b5893⋯.jpg (112.22 KB, 800x800, 1:1, Food-packaging-aluminum-fo….jpg)


>covered in aluminum. Something that you would not be allowed to do today

Oh really?

a81b7e No.910908


He posts it every bread. Filter him

f5917e No.910909


Ignore the idiots, and its probably more like 45 IQ points.

c3147c No.910910

File: f5baf590bce80da⋯.jpg (3.15 MB, 4288x2848, 134:89, 1484628155861.jpg)

f5baaa No.910911

File: 875fee467524d68⋯.png (197.64 KB, 385x365, 77:73, ClipboardImage.png)


this woman?

237e17 No.910912

[111 days]

Dec 15 2017 01:25:44 (EST)



Private OP_END


Dec 15 2017 01:28:58 (EST)

Follow the crumbs.

You have it all.

SEC Conf will be analyzed.

Dark [10].

Enjoy the show!


0c1a89 No.910913

File: b76b4c5a6f36b39⋯.jpg (92.35 KB, 1080x542, 540:271, generalmattis.jpg)


Who is this pussy ass (((queer jew))) think he/she/it is fooling? We can fucking smell this (((bitch))) a mile away.

Just look at the 'posts' here - a lot of bitching and moaning like fucking faggot, no substance, no content. zero fucking contributions.

How loud can this soybitch jew squeal? Let's find out.

0200b4 No.910914


Statue looks like the 'goat pan' mythological- thing. He's got hooves. Looks like he's blowing a trumpet.

62f9ff No.910915

File: e57d246825fde6d⋯.png (617.14 KB, 621x745, 621:745, winpaint1.PNG)

File: 23acce708202b3b⋯.png (45.13 KB, 695x197, 695:197, winpaint.PNG)

c3147c No.910916


big spotlights indeed

f5917e No.910917

File: c9e9c7e85ef7f4f⋯.jpg (11.21 KB, 255x143, 255:143, fec8b3fce93cf586bc39a7a4c4….jpg)

a51e3b No.910918



it's growing

241d53 No.910919


yo have a valid point

7090d8 No.910920


This is the shit Jesuits do and WORSE. Crafty sneaky fucks .

a81b7e No.910921


I remember her. She is a wife had/getting divorce from a bad person and she tells all.

69f4fb No.910922


22 posts? Fag slide shill. WE deal in as factual as we can get here, not horseshit anecdotal (obvious) bullshit.

Slide Queen!

d92850 No.910923

File: 1e50c865e5e6587⋯.png (84.79 KB, 400x200, 2:1, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 62a9cfe9648cfcc⋯.png (32.27 KB, 554x500, 277:250, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 22f5004be12e60d⋯.png (1.46 MB, 883x887, 883:887, ClipboardImage.png)

4377ce No.910924

File: 57d3b0d70ce8580⋯.jpg (503.74 KB, 784x802, 392:401, BertErnieMcCainStepDown.jpg)

0c1a89 No.910925

File: 2f08358371c36bf⋯.jpg (120.25 KB, 573x487, 573:487, warriorinagaarden.jpg)


World war 3, genocide underway etc.

Thank fuck we have trump in. Ruined (((their))) plans or at least set it back.

Never fuck wit our boys in the military. Lethal end is a guarantee.

916cfe No.910926

The Merkel Twerkel…hysterical Merkel pool dance

https:// youtu.be/Jl5CuCmePBw

ab73df No.910927

File: 01091ece9fa5578⋯.jpg (116.12 KB, 529x495, 529:495, 2018-03-26 18.29.32.jpg)

f5baaa No.910928


That was at the round table tax cut talk in WV today, POTUS was talking about voter fraud "It's not a conspiracy theory, it's a fact"

863e90 No.910929


they didnt show up on flight24 or ads

f5917e No.910930


Hint: If your post is still being ignored after 3 trys then let it die. If you were onto something it would not go unnoticed.

8d8f37 No.910931

See >>890499


Maya/Aztec similarities


fa2873 No.910932


AIM has not posted on this board.

0a5fcd No.910933

anything with the RR thing today?

c3147c No.910935


no dome yet?

521664 No.910936


we have the best A/C fags in the world dont we folks

793c44 No.910937


reminds me of the oprah/weinstein photo that keeps making the rounds.

33b61b No.910938

File: 8c09d0995128214⋯.jpg (18.43 KB, 300x300, 1:1, 167294288-flat_550x550_075….jpg)


That video has haunted me for a decade. There is no escape…

35d417 No.910940



Q is losing THOUSANDS OF FOLLOWERS TODAY because of this

I mean - DEDICATED Q followers who are SICK AND FUCKING TIRED OF DEFENDING Q to the normies

e7e4ad No.910941

File: 3d9b28ae653b080⋯.png (98.47 KB, 280x383, 280:383, popeyepepe.png)

File: dceba0d2cfc38f1⋯.png (95.26 KB, 301x461, 301:461, Popeye-pepe.png)

File: c61914cbcdaf05b⋯.png (95.19 KB, 301x461, 301:461, Popeye-pepe-wink.png)

Back to the future.


0393b2 No.910942


http:// www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-36099336

>One of the longest cross-border drugs-smuggling tunnels between Mexico and the US has been found by authorities in San Diego, American officials say.

>They say the 800m (874 yards) tunnel was used to transport an "unprecedented cache" of cocaine and marijuana.

>It was the 13th sophisticated secret tunnel found along California's border with Mexico since 2006.

>But a local official described it as "ingenious" and unlike anything seen before.

>Three have been found on the same short street in San Diego that runs parallel to a border fence with Mexico.

a17dfe No.910943


So while Hussein is visiting them, the NSA is scooping up all the comms that are happening in the country he is visiting. By looking for spy tapes on Trump, he exposes himself to NSA spying. Shoulda stayed home… They really are stupid.

fa2873 No.910944


Gabriel is ex Jesuit and now exposes them.

bab629 No.910945

File: 2e026820c5cf257⋯.png (2.27 MB, 1173x882, 391:294, Google Maps 1.png)

File: e102005cbbebe4d⋯.png (2.19 MB, 1161x873, 129:97, Google Maps 2.png)

File: 93149091a729848⋯.png (2.76 MB, 1488x994, 744:497, Google Earth Pro 1.png)

File: a6c28ba63abbeff⋯.png (2.36 MB, 1488x994, 744:497, Google Earth 2.png)

File: 2f7739a8eabcbfc⋯.png (2.74 MB, 1488x994, 744:497, Google Earth 3.png)


Both Google Maps (online) and Google Earth Pro have it painted as a tennis court?

f5917e No.910946

File: a379a21eafeeaf2⋯.jpg (12.06 KB, 255x254, 255:254, 3d5888e89bb64a1c535d2bd3b1….jpg)


Thank You Patriot!

d92850 No.910947

File: ec5c476749d2fbc⋯.png (210.56 KB, 700x525, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

2fa274 No.910948

If nothing happens today in the news.

That does not mean Q is a larp.

It means Mirrors are real.

fba49d No.910949


You obviously didn't read the description on the Youtube link you posted that gave it context. It's ok ANON, keep digging brother.

430c08 No.910951


if you continue on the path towards pelicanism … the ignoring will get more intense, maybe try taking the advice you were already given … A picture, maybe some dates, link to sauce, and no whining.

1a68be No.910952


Not complaining anon, just a bit frustrating, this needs to be a team effort

Glad you see it too

That faggot obama visited 5 eyes, and is looking for a handler, perhaps to cash in his plants in exchange for a trump assn attempt or a cabal attack

A former pres should scored in the UK, where he went first

db582b No.910953

File: 70db2ac9cdcbf6d⋯.png (294.7 KB, 588x485, 588:485, ClipboardImage.png)

“You have made a huge difference. Your tax cuts have made a difference. And I can tell you our people know that your tax cuts have made a difference. I can tell you that it's not 'crumbs' to them when they can pay their car payments and invest in their children’s future.”

37172d No.910954

So, Mother Of All Bombs, Epstine Island…

HRCvideo anyone?

fe084a No.910955


Hey, Anon. I remember the Qdrop you are talking about…but I can't find it anymore? Am I overlooking it, or was it deleted off the board?

f3cb99 No.910956




8d8f37 No.910957

That is absolutely not Hebrew. It does resemble Mayan/Aztec designs.

See >>890499



d37617 No.910958

The search function on qanonposts isn't working.

00efed No.910959


Wasn't National Guard helping 2 protect the border officially confirmed today?

1a68be No.910961


Yeah, do that Hussein.

3f7a24 No.910962


Hmmm…don't you have to list an address for a drivers license? Maybe this will actually work in our favor! ICE now knows exactly where to start looking!

0c1a89 No.910963

File: c0795db9bd45b15⋯.jpeg (14.82 KB, 474x355, 474:355, shhiietnigga.jpeg)


niggers are (((jew))) tools, yet they do not realize this.

Those who do, rest drag down. Simple. Explain why no BLM marches for 30k+ africans being deported from israel right now? (((soros))) was told to shut the fuck up and help move these scum away and dump them in the west, but that deal was scrapped.

Typical (((kikery afoot))) today.

14a250 No.910964


Care to rethink that comment?


51acda No.910965

File: f8e0257c359789f⋯.jpeg (152.53 KB, 750x464, 375:232, DA836FF6-E0AB-48C4-BDF0-D….jpeg)

5edc3d No.910966


If you dig a round and follow these, the 7 1 channel, the 7 9 channel and others, you will find a lot of coded messages, location coordinates, and comms that are similar to Q. Its not just BS, and its not just a distraction….my belief is that it's counter-intel. They have basically said Q is the counter-intel psi op, and they are pro patriot and pro trump. Last week they were warning that there will be a massive gun grab in the next two months, which is opposite of what Q has been telling us.

The responses on the channel about it being art or whatever are just meant to deflect the casual questions. These seem like real comms and ops taking place. Some people have said it is just an internet puzzle related to 41818, similar to the Cicada puzzle some years ago.

fed7af No.910967

File: 22f273c9192231d⋯.png (535.77 KB, 701x699, 701:699, dw.png)

File: e376481bee111cb⋯.jpg (219.32 KB, 1320x742, 660:371, SAFT-785.jpg)

File: 6f250fab6a9c6a1⋯.jpg (79.1 KB, 433x270, 433:270, 780.jpg)

How would I go about seeing everything about this jet on 15/16/17/18 Jan 2016?

>Unidentified men leave a Dassault Falcon jet with the identification T-785 of the Swiss army air force, at Geneva airport in Switzerland, 17 January 2016.

a51e3b No.910968



>Deeper we go, the more unrealistic it all becomes.

>The end won't be for everyone.

>That choice, to know, will be yours.


f5917e No.910969


Tamed emotions allow the truth to be heard.

fa2873 No.910970


No, AIM is legit. You have not looked into it.

fbb18f No.910971

File: eb582efc2f03a28⋯.jpg (152.74 KB, 762x1024, 381:512, 3629d691-2743-4f5f-8d95-2a….jpg)

GWU Extremism Tracker

14aad4 No.910972


I'd say potus throwing out the script and talking about immigration and voter fraud ranks up there on relevant news to me… in absence of something thats more "in your face" I'm going with that atm.

e1511d No.910973


Pretty decent sized transformer next to those AC units as well.

fa2873 No.910975


AIM has not posted. I am not AIM.

7090d8 No.910976


Post of the CENTURY !!!!

9287fd No.910977


Doh. Obviously you have not been around cattle.

They wander wherever the grass is good to eat.

This cow needs to be milked. Her bag is painfully full.

Do they keep cattle on the island to eat down the grass?

They tend to shit the place up too.

Having to watch where you step to avoid cow pies is not really compatible with having rich people over for orgies.


a79eb3 No.910978


That’s her!

a17dfe No.910979


Are you saying there is a loose Qanon on deck at AIM?

We knew that,

All there is at AIM are loose canons,

But they don't work any more

Because their screws are all loose

All that is left are the nut cases


050a4e No.910980

>be DJT

>84d chess as fuck

>obtain raw video of HRC on 2/12/09


>give video to Stormy

>have her sign NDA for $130k till after election

>every MSM shitguzzler foaming at the mouth to see your prowess at fucking


>video is verified as raw on air prior to showing

>video is played during prime time news on every commie newscast

>whole country sees poopcunt order the murder of Beverly Eckert and 43 others


>literally kek your balls off

>lean over to Jr

>sure is stormy

>chuckle righteously

14a250 No.910981


We've all looked into it. It's utter dogshit.

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Do you have any Babylonian architecture or artwork that bears similarity to it? I can tell you with certainty that it does not resemble any letters of the Hebrew alphabet.