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File: 5827bad7218ff3d⋯.png (264.42 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

a16f8e  No.16500236

3f62ae  No.16500266

>black and white

>clunky design

>stupid fucking gimmick

>requires wifi

>150 shekels

A game and watch looks more appealing

8d2f45  No.16500297

Indie gaming platforms need to die. They are about as worthless and regressive as a typewriter.

b3e95c  No.16500315

>thought that some madman managed to make a crank powered emulator box

>it's just another useless indie console with a dumb gimmick

What a letdown.

d0258c  No.16500317



762962  No.16500321

File: 4befcf1a5bfb301⋯.png (9.79 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 1411328404001.png)

At first I thought the hand-crank actually powered the device, like it was some kind of wind-up motor that provided power to it. And the reason the console is monochrome was because it used a ultra-low powered 8-bit chip and a screen with no backlight. That would actually be a legitimately cool idea

but naw, the crank is just some retarded gimmicky control. Disappointing as fuck

483b32  No.16500323

>ouya dies next month

>this gets released

When do we see the next (((kikestarter))) or (((paytreon))) campaign?

7b2456  No.16500336


So many paypiggies on the internet, so little time.

9e7eb7  No.16500339

>First season of 12 games

Sounds like an extremely jewish practice of subscription for games you'll never truly own.

cac99a  No.16500355

File: f805e9e826e1a90⋯.png (385.68 KB, 505x570, 101:114, f805e9e826e1a90b8867d16764….png)


The people behind Firewatch are among the devs making shit for this thing. You wouldn't want to own the "games" anyway.

ee023b  No.16500387

File: 95d4502df5411f8⋯.jpg (20.51 KB, 360x360, 1:1, brick_game.jpg)

>black and white

I wonder if I still have my "999 games in 1" toy around.

26d2ff  No.16500402

The made this so they can use the name playdate didn't they?

599eae  No.16500408


The infantilising language is a very curious choice, isn't it.

7b2456  No.16500439

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

744cb4  No.16500469

File: fd30bc25a68dcce⋯.jpeg (399.49 KB, 2048x2048, 1:1, D7NB3HEU0AAf4O9.jpeg)

File: aab27dcd06f68ce⋯.jpeg (331.51 KB, 2048x1626, 1024:813, D7NB3HFUYAE70RA.jpeg)

If only I had manlet hands, also one of the developers for vib ribbon is making an exclusive game for this handheld

a16f8e  No.16500470

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


That's something big companies do not indies. They're saying it downloads a new game every week and each game is complete without any microtransactions.


AFAIK they only published Firewatch. They didn't make it. They're also publishing this goose game which looks a fair bit better.

8d2f45  No.16500476


Doesn't Vib Ribbit only have like ~4 levels? Did they actually try to sell that shit at full price when it got released?

ee023b  No.16500481


I'd destroy that crank within minutes.

fa7bd3  No.16500488

When will the handheld bubble burst? I like the idea but I don't expect the fourth world to understand video games let alone a crank.

a0e22b  No.16500493

File: 8133bb672495d17⋯.jpg (37.86 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 1545803792559.jpg)


What the fuck, I would have actually loved a handheld console I could charge with a handcrank. How did they get so close to a good idea, then ruin it?

2a6346  No.16500496

I thought it would be an eco thing, and the crank would be a battery charger. But no, it's a $150 handheld with pre-set games, the crank is a gimmick, has no goddamn start/pause button.

I figured it would be a low-powered handheld with some sort of open SDK so anybody could make games for it, but with a decent form-factor and hand-crank charging. That would be an interesting thing. Like the Arduboy but less shit. Nope. Turns out it's an overpriced gimmickbox. This thing could actually be a neat little gimmick worth having if it were $20, maybe $40 at the most. Not one hundred fifty fucking American dollars.

Not even saging because this shit is so stupid everybody needs to see how goddamn dumb it is. To think it could have been great.

744cb4  No.16500503




>Thinking that a handheld where the main gimmick is to power it by spinning the crank non-stop is fun

>Playing your shitty handheld among the train, in public, at work or in a party


2a6346  No.16500510


"fun" from a programming perspective. I love fiddling with embedded devices like that and would enjoy making a little roguelike or Mario Bros clone for a gimmicky hand-crank handheld.

d0258c  No.16500512


> main gimmick is to power it by spinning the crank non-stop is fun

>implying it's supposed to be fun

>missing the point of having a hand crank vidya console in case the grid gets fucked and you're not off grid yet

c1c81d  No.16500521

File: 0c31ad274cea2f4⋯.png (567.88 KB, 759x689, 759:689, smug ghost.png)


>mfw I saw that shit yesterday, wanted to post it here to partake in LOL but couldn't be assed in the end

ee023b  No.16500529


>turning the crank non-stop

>what are batteries

546656  No.16500556

So it's a dedicated pong pocket?

shit they should've just called it that instead of what ever they actually named it.

b80fa0  No.16500619

File: e3c57beaae4b2e9⋯.png (193.23 KB, 421x293, 421:293, BigSonicX.png)





>the crank is just some retarded gimmicky control

I think I know who's responsible

09dcec  No.16500724


I thought it was a way of charging the battery like in those emergency lamps.

c529fb  No.16500747

File: ccaed4883c94f81⋯.mp4 (8.61 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, chink game console.mp4)


that's a really shitty machine, you can order better shit from the chinks for $30

294c97  No.16500752


But they are. Ouya is dying and shutting down soon.

294c97  No.16500755


Well it would of been cool to have something like this in case of power outages or other disasters. "Hey kid, play this while we figure out water. Just sit tight". It would be an amazing idea for kids so that way kids are kept calm in the worst events.

c1c81d  No.16500764


Sure is plenty of money to be had in the "people experiencing city-wrecking disasters" market. Do you work at Umbrella?

7c201e  No.16500775

File: 70d383aacce9377⋯.jpg (182.97 KB, 640x1132, 160:283, I have a dream.jpg)

It doesn't get any more gay hipster than this

>monochrome display leads you to believe that it is for power saving purposes

>so that the hand crank can actually contribute meaningfully to powering the console

<nah it's just a really fucking tiny gameboy with a gimmick control element that's very expensive for what it is

I mean this could have been a conversation piece at least but they fucked it up. The question is: are they going to make a walking simulator for it?

2e32e0  No.16500778


>also one of the developers for vib ribbon is making an exclusive game for this handheld

No, it's Keita Takahashi, the creator of katamari damacy.

294c97  No.16500781


I work at my city is experiencing a billion tornadoes.

4dca76  No.16500782

>It's not an emergency tactical cranklight console

I don't know what I was expecting.


t. Quentin


>Start cashing in on paranoid preppers with an apocalypse that you created

Honestly, I don't think that creating BOWs would pay nearly as much.

da7907  No.16500783


If it had a radio receiver built in to the handheld, it could also function as a compact emergency radio rechargeable by crank. That would be very useful.

593f51  No.16500805

File: bdd634d72284c04⋯.gif (4.37 MB, 200x200, 1:1, not feeling it.gif)




>The earth has been decimated past the point of recovery

>Out scavenging for wood and water scraps

>So desperate you pick up this thing hoping it's

>Crank it to life and see slowly come to life

>Play whatever games it has because it's the only thing distracting you from the pain of starvation

>It's mostly mediocre ware but it's all you have

>Days go by like this without any food or water

>Eventually you can't walk any more

>All you can do is sit and play crank game as all strength ebbs from you

>Suddenly the speaker buzzes loudly as some child's voices comes through

>You hear other voices in the background

>They sound healthy and mature

>You try to scream for help

>You can only let out a dry unintelligible whisper

>He laughs at you and you never hear him again

>Soon you longer have enough energy to crank

>Game dies and your world slowly fades to black

The fact that this isn't some sort of doomsday proof handheld is massively disappointing and if >>16500469 is what i looks like its probably a fragile piece of shit.

c7f85c  No.16500812

File: e0f81491fb8f9f9⋯.gif (310.79 KB, 250x141, 250:141, happy sad.gif)

I don't understand why there isn't an indie device for making your own fun portable games.

Something barebones with maybe a 256 color display, 4 shades of grey at worst, eight buttons (A B X Y L R Start Select) and a d-pad, and an SDK that allows you to make games as simply as game maker with its basic basic drag and drop, or get deeper into it and script them with the something like Game Maker's built-in scripting language, right down to writing them in whatever assembly (it would probably run on ARM architecture).

Then people could share them online, make emulators, do whatever. If it gets popular enough have a variety of models (classic brick, newer sideways format, or a clamshell design).

I would be on that in a heartbeat.

But this thing just looks like pure indie soy and an excuse to trademark the "playdate" brand name for whatever ungodly reason.


See, now something like this would be fucking amazing with a handcrank for self-powering the unit when away from charge.

fa7bd3  No.16500816

What are you upset about?

6fc096  No.16500823

I assumed it was legitimately powered by it then I saw it was wifi and got angry. Then I found out it wasn't even powered by it and got angrier. Why the fuck do these people have employment?

1db322  No.16500845

File: 5dff4d12872e5c8⋯.png (142.22 KB, 300x400, 3:4, ClipboardImage.png)

Why not have it power the battery, while also being an input for gameplay? I'm sure lots of games could utilise a crank.

4dca76  No.16500858


>It powers the game while also being a feature

Interesting idea, but it just seems like it would encourage weird gameplay.

ee023b  No.16500862


Wait a minute, is it the Soulja boy console?

1db322  No.16500865


Well, some games would naturally respond well. Arkanoid or breakout clones. Fishing games, obviously. You could use it like a scroll wheel to glide through menus. Not every game would have to be built around it though.

458555  No.16500871

>fighting against final boss

>hardware detects that the battery will run out in 10-20 seconds

>game switches the fight to a special version

>boss turns invincible for your current arsenal

>displays countdown from 10 seconds

>you start turning the crank

>your main weapon gains a special mode charged by the crank

>unleash final strike on boss

>boss is defeated

>the cranking gave the battery at least 3 minutes of power

>enough time to see the ending, credits, and the final score

d0258c  No.16500897


That would be nice if there was a single handheld that was was even slightly energy efficient. Something this could have filled the void of.

b80fa0  No.16500918


An actual old handheld, like a GBP or WS

12fec1  No.16500940


I thought the same thing. Would have been cool to have for long trips away from civilization, or just for the novelty of having something that would continue to function a post apocalyptic battery-less future.

>the crank is just some retarded gimmicky control

Hipsters are really good at disappointing twists.

f74486  No.16500946


At least with indie gaming platforms there is less chance that it will be designed to milk money from consumers.

12fec1  No.16500951


>Why not have it power the battery, while also being an input for gameplay?

I've had a flashlight with a crank that powers it, and while it's not especially tough to spin, but it's definitely too stiff to be comfortably used for long periods of time as a precision gameplay input. It also conserves a lot of the momentum you put into it, so it will spin for a bit even after you let go, and this would make reversing even more cumbersome and annoying. Seems like you'd have to pick one or the other, unless you'd want it to be used for really basic gameplay interaction, like just cranking it in one direction, but even then it's still really stiff.

81a7c1  No.16500952

>the crank isn't a power option

>it's apart of the controls


ee023b  No.16500961

File: 09d37f585cb82e2⋯.png (335.08 KB, 956x956, 1:1, 1_JSoBBXZYwE0tvUI0GIgVgA.png)




Hell, they could even have played on that idea and directly incorporated the post-apocalyptic theme to the games and advertisement. Instead it looks like it was made, funnily enough, by Bethesda.

a92905  No.16500975

File: 4a7df2a3eb1004a⋯.jpg (76.61 KB, 610x240, 61:24, 440b577df344bfe6ece5b568c8….jpg)


>wait a minute that chair

7fec03  No.16500986

File: 50b0e63511ffc38⋯.png (421.3 KB, 696x860, 174:215, __itsumi_erika_girls_und_p….png)


>those fucking nails

e7e670  No.16500989

File: cabf0e944e4d15e⋯.jpg (50.77 KB, 500x338, 250:169, dingoo-a320.jpg)

File: b09ea02d66eb7e8⋯.jpg (85.95 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, gpd-xd.jpg)


>I don't understand why there isn't an indie device for making your own fun portable games.

The Dingoo could do everything you seem to want, and that was 10 years ago. Custom games could be made for it. PS1 or DS level graphics. They were around $100. Most handheld emulator devices today are based on Android, which provides a common platform to develop on. The GPD XD is an example of this type of device. The Switch is open to indie devs. Portable gaming is fairly open today.

fa2c75  No.16500992

File: 26205e0de467f1b⋯.jpg (182.62 KB, 1161x720, 129:80, 91b88f8aa384249184d3427d71….jpg)


>Playing vidia games cost time, money and energy

>This device establishes the lesson on the child, if they want to play games, they have to first wind-up the device. The more they play, the more power they have to supply.

If I do say so myself, this device would be the opposite of degenerate.Kids these days take useful energy for granted. They don't even know about the second law of thermodynamics.

fa2c75  No.16500993

6b88b4  No.16500996

File: 980f4802402b849⋯.png (65.37 KB, 500x522, 250:261, 980f4802402b84912fe2452741….png)

All that stupid shit, and yet, to top it all off,

>no backlight

This right here, is the epitome of hipsterism. In fact, this is next level hipsterism, hipsterism the likes of which I've never seen before. This is actively choosing to make an inconvenient low-quality piece of hardware, solely for the sake of appealing to nostalgia, with the added benefit of saving a few bucks in the process. And the thing I hate the most is that I know it's going to work out for them. Honestly, it's impressive in a way.

19bdbf  No.16501008


The only thing that makes me curious is that they say it's running their own OS built from scratch instead of being yet another bloated Android install. I checked their twitter feed and it's full of normalfags fawning over the whacky crank gimmick. Fucking insanity.

b80fa0  No.16501024

File: 2d47e42527db5f4⋯.jpg (174.12 KB, 1088x1336, 136:167, calculated progress.jpg)



I would be amazed at their audacity, except others have gotten away with far worse.

81a7c1  No.16501025

File: e6a030036b24518⋯.png (80.46 KB, 754x480, 377:240, chair in pain.png)

edd698  No.16501038

File: bafa2fe212fec1d⋯.jpg (24.05 KB, 400x400, 1:1, bafa2fe212fec1d7255353ea6e….jpg)


>Crank it and see it slowly come to life

>Play whatever games it has because it's the only thing distracting you from the pain of living

>It's mostly mediocre ware but it's all you have

accurate description of my life tbh, but with added cranking


that sounds cool, but it also sounds like a shitty wii-tier gimmick that could easily be replicated by having the player mash a key to charge their weapon. physically there is almost no difference, you're still expending effort on useless bullshit either way, might as well not tack some gay crank onto it.

6a6c24  No.16501039


>that image

<what is inflation

d0258c  No.16501040


board rot is already setting in on old cartridges

something new would stave that off for a while

b80fa0  No.16501053

File: b337a8f0e53701f⋯.png (42.29 KB, 201x530, 201:530, Screenshot_2019-05-24_03-4….png)


The tech in those things isn't even worth one single American dollar today, let along over a hundred.

b80fa0  No.16501055


>let alone

a0dcaf  No.16501124


glad I'm not the only one who noticed

81a7c1  No.16501273

File: 0031fa5fde2db85⋯.gif (Spoiler Image, 43.85 KB, 418x341, 38:31, play slut.gif)

I tried to draw this thing getting off from having its crank turned.

I don't think it turned out well but I'll post it anyway because it took embarrassingly long and I don't want to waste all that effort.

5c1fd5  No.16501278



>Black and White

>Hand crank

Sounds retarded

de11b8  No.16501282


>I tried to draw this thing getting off from having its crank turned.

why tho

8ddfe2  No.16501285


kickstarter tv tier

81a7c1  No.16501289

File: 23abd8076f9b0a4⋯.mp4 (248.61 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Good question.mp4)

81a7c1  No.16501295


We gotta smash his kid's heads in with hammers

7e28f5  No.16501305

File: 283565590e661b6⋯.mp4 (2.67 MB, 352x288, 11:9, 'Pro 200' Handheld Video G….mp4)




IIRC, Vib-Ribbon also had the "custom level creator" that turned CD tracks into levels.

c8a280  No.16501335



f092be  No.16501356

Amico save us

d9e003  No.16501362


The whole point of Ziz Ribbon was to play with your own music by inserting the CD and having it generate levels. It's like Audiosurf, nobody gives a shit about the default music.

Vib Ribbon's music was fucking great though.

127327  No.16501371



a16f8e  No.16501447

File: 9e9dbbb5dd3b4f3⋯.jpg (45.18 KB, 931x633, 931:633, siegheilboi.jpg)

I personally think it looks kinda charming.

>150 for the system and a dozen free games

>They seem to want to prioritize fun over artfaggotry

>Keita Takahashi (katamari guy) is onboard

>They admit the hand crank is just a control gimmick that some games will use and some won't

Honestly if they can make some games for this thing that are as fun as simple Game Boy games where you go for a high score (like Tetris) then it should be a simple fun toy, which is what they seem to be going for. I admit the devs seem a bit cucked (they published Firewatch and they have Bennett Foddy onboard) but the games look fun I'll probably get it.

2e32e0  No.16501460


Failed chads like you are the reason mobileshit is dominating.

ace304  No.16501486


Quentin? That you? Haven't seen you here in years.

ace304  No.16501493

File: 9bc35d0cca5c621⋯.png (20.22 KB, 721x779, 721:779, vivian katamari cousin.png)

>One game it has announced, though, is Crankin's Time Travel Adventure, from Katamari Damacy creator, Keita Takahashi.

Wait, what the fuck?


04f2d1  No.16501562


It begins.

68b2cf  No.16501594



Don't you niggers know?

Keita was poached by the poz gaming crowd a while back (Hurts me as much as it does you but it's the truth)

He used to be with Venus Patrol which was a soy circlejerk promotion site for the usual clique. There's more too IIRC.

04f2d1  No.16501595

File: 5dfd189495a79e0⋯.png (183.16 KB, 1000x1080, 25:27, Poptepipic Ribbon.png)


That isn't a graphing calculator though.


Vib Ribbon has as many levels as you have as you have audio tracks on all of your CDs.

71a74d  No.16501617

File: 9d7b56e9887093c⋯.jpg (45.04 KB, 640x428, 160:107, 1367416499594.jpg)

>Handheld gaming

08e8bf  No.16501618


>Indie gaming platforms need to die. They are about as worthless and regressive as a typewriter.

Yet I can still play chess with something as simple as words. You know nothing about game theory.

04f2d1  No.16501619

01f2b2  No.16501627

File: edfc4bdc9538b9e⋯.jpg (146.64 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 6701812017_06c65950f7_b.jpg)




b80fa0  No.16501641

File: de83cddc8ff5f4e⋯.jpg (2.51 MB, 3264x2448, 4:3, NTC_Linux_board_upper.jpg)


>That isn't a graphing calculator though

Indeed, but its specs are probably inferior to ARM SBCs that retail for under $10.

9f2881  No.16501658

File: f979fb964b27c8c⋯.jpeg (8.22 KB, 177x285, 59:95, images.jpeg)

As shit as it is I would get one if they got Catcha Beast on it.

5081aa  No.16501663

File: 06567d04c9c0e2e⋯.jpg (73.53 KB, 777x800, 777:800, .jpg)

Why aren't there crank chargers for handhelds?

Like let's be real here, pretty much everything's gonna use USB Micro or USB C or the DSi plug.

Why aren't there crank chargers?

08e8bf  No.16501673

File: 53a430393eb2e39⋯.webm (7.36 MB, 3840x2160, 16:9, fuck this gay earth 4k.webm)


Why aren't there combination handhelds that have both solar cells as well as handcrank capacitors?

5081aa  No.16501674


Well, I have a solar charger (and battery) that works okay on my vita.

08e8bf  No.16501676


I don't want a solar charger. I still have a solar cell calculator from 1987 that works perfectly fine even off indoor lighting.

I want a solar powered screen, and a handcrank capacitor powered APU.

312478  No.16501686


because they dont deliver enough power, fast enough

81a7c1  No.16501728


No, although our styles are kind of similar.

e59d1f  No.16501960

File: 2c094c3f0ccf0a0⋯.jpeg (44.51 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, serveimage (10).jpeg)


There are, though.

5081aa  No.16501994

File: 3a14fe0ddb2fde9⋯.png (588.77 KB, 2480x1669, 2480:1669, I'm_Retarded.png)


My mistake, I'm surprised I didn't notice the existence of these outside of emergency kits.

434233  No.16502078

File: 3ce72aefa2604de⋯.webm (10.92 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Paranoid_take_on_Social_H….webm)


Yeah, that one got me too. What a shitty and horrible design.

I guess, if your life is secured by a foundation, you "might come up with these kind of ideas". I mean completely off the ass stupid shit, because nobody is going to tell you your idea is pure shit condensed to non-recyclable garbage. Because if they would tell you that, you, or your daddy (finance), would cut the funding.

434b29  No.16502195


>implies he knows about economics

>doesn't know the difference between the price the market will bear vs. inflation

The tech in those calculators is almost 30 years old. $50 phones have more processing power and memory than the calculators do. People pay TI $130 because they must, not because the calculator is actually worth that much.


This. The real lesson you faggots were supposed to learn from high school wasn't that you're losers, it's that no one gives a shit about you. At first glance that seems bad, but think again: no one gives a shit about what you do. Grow some balls and do whatever you want.

4dc7f0  No.16502281


I dont want to live in a world where crap like firewatch sells more than 10 copies and gets critical acclaim

Videogame journashills deserve the rope

64e463  No.16502498


>what are batteries

A resource and thus not infinite.

64e463  No.16502561


>can't even make a proper reply


bb2716  No.16502575

Unless you can actually charge it using that crank, and unless the software and OS are Open Source, it's the gayest thing I've seen since The Steam Machine.

81a7c1  No.16502603


I doubt anybody other than me would have the perverted mindset to lewd a handheld console.

fe38aa  No.16503264

This device seems fucking incomplete and expensive (should have aimed for below $100) for a basic quirky handheld.

>1 d-pad

>2 action buttons A/B

>analogue crank of forward/backward rotation

>possible pause button in upper right corner?

I just look at this device and it just screams out that it needs more buttons for input. Even the ABXY style button diamond to mirror the d-pad would have sufficed.

Even the Game Boy had D-pad, A/B and Start/Select and GB games like it's Zelda entries really pushed it for lack of more buttons with it's inventory system. While the GB control scheme is based off the NES at least the NES came bundled with TWO controllers allowing for slightly more input options in some games


>A game and watch looks more appealing


>At first I thought the hand-crank actually powered the device, like it was some kind of wind-up motor that provided power to it. And the reason the console is monochrome was because it used a ultra-low powered 8-bit chip and a screen with no backlight. That would actually be a legitimately cool idea

Now combining these two ideas, could a handheld with the same screen as as G&W LCD display actually get enough power from a small handcrank?

A "Crank & Game & Watch" if you will.


Could have a handheld with two slots for a removable crank, one for game input that can handle both clockwise/anti clockwise variations of rotational speed and then another one for power that spins in one direction to turn a flywheel momentum power generator.


>enough time to see the ending, credits, and the final score

The credits scroll should only move because it has to be cranked through to get the names from the bottom to the top of the screen.

429bf6  No.16503353


governments require schools and students to buys TIs so you can graph a parabola once

08e8bf  No.16503395


>because they dont deliver enough power, fast enough

bullshit. solar powered LCDs are "fast enough"… whatever you think that means. charged caps can be drained at very specific rates… wtf do you think caps are for anyway?

there's literally no reason someone couldn't build a solar powered LED screen, crank APU powered handheld. your screen and compute ICs don't need the same power source and have *very* different requirements and demands.

e8b650  No.16503401

File: 2e2c197704d3590⋯.png (189.06 KB, 294x282, 49:47, 1438014200091-1.png)


I want to turn her crank faster than advised

1e21a7  No.16503411

File: 00acbb7c2c969c4⋯.png (564.27 KB, 1085x903, 155:129, NTRED.png)

>The PS Vita Is Dead, Long Live Playdate

>its shit

are they even trying?

762962  No.16503425

File: deb342da425e956⋯.gif (3.87 MB, 600x600, 1:1, divide_by_trash.gif)


>could a handheld with the same screen as as G&W LCD display actually get enough power from a small handcrank?

Of course it can. That's why I honestly believed thats what this product was. 8-bit microcontrollers with CISC architectures that run on nanoamps (yes, nanoamps) have been on the market since 2010 and are used in ultra-low power devices marketed to 20 year battery lives


USB hand crank chargers have also been on the market for awhile now, marketed to disaster relief situations, and they're very compact. I guess if I was smart enough I could wire up a prototype console with such a concept but no doubt its already possible with todays technology

ab8c31  No.16503480

File: 988efbf17a7f299⋯.jpg (380.62 KB, 715x762, 715:762, apathetic boredom.jpg)

Im gonna buy it. I'll make a thread on release day and post every week a new game drops so you guys can see how crappy it's probably gonna be. The only reason I'm even getting it is because there's nothing else to spend my gubbermint funbucks on.

08e8bf  No.16503674


those fuckHUGE LED road signs are solar powered. just not sure they are running direct or off a charged battery. i made the point about solar LCD calculators because there is no battery and they still work just fine.

c8976e  No.16503698

I don't like cranks because the plastic gets stressed with use and breaks.

2cc00d  No.16503831


>it's that no one gives a shit about you.

They do, and you are judged, you just avoid subsequent situations where the sentence can be carried out through self-imposed isolation.

40ed74  No.16503862


>caring what normalfag wageslaves on their way to their 12 hour shift think

ec02c4  No.16503877


Actually, typewriters still have a use. Computers are loaded to the brim with distractions and diversions, while typewriters and electronic word processor devices don't. Indie consoles are worse than typewriters, they're like handwriting everything: time wasting, tiring and utterly pointless when faster, easier solutions are available.

2cc00d  No.16503878


You're not making a choice not to care, you're avoiding the choice itself and the anxiety it causes by pretending they aren't judging you at all.

ad934c  No.16503887



ef8269  No.16503890


Which is why it seems this thing has a metal crank.

ec02c4  No.16503894


Anon, I think you might actually have paranoid schizophrenia.

5081aa  No.16503899


I still can't believe fucked up the steam machine so badly, all they had to do was throw wine or something along with it, and it could work, passably.

2cc00d  No.16503908


Schizophrenia is characterized by rejecting reality. Crafting a narrative that others don't observe what you do and judge you for it so that you can feel comfortable playing games in public seems more like schizophrenia than acknowledging that they do but having the strength of character to do the things you enjoy regardless.

I only respond because there is a sickness and a weakness in this kind of self-delusion that I believe people, especially here, should strive to overcome. Lies that build false bravado inevitably crumble, pursuing them is a waste of time over building real self-value that lets you act contrary to the masses confidently.

5d938e  No.16503915

File: 28209943d16856a⋯.jpg (183.06 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 1558667488.jpg)


That very much explains my friend who at this point I've become his tard wrangler.

He keeps thinking he looks like bruce Campbell, that's he always looks cool in photos despite the fact he looks like he's the wierd uncle staring into oblivion and doesn't realize he annoys others when he's randomly singing hair metal to himself or when he brings up stuf that just happened an hour ago like it was a few months ago.

He's genuinely a good guy, but Jesus christ, I wish I could help him become more normal so he'd be less of a load on his parents and on me.

77b60d  No.16503919

File: 600887f1aea8847⋯.jpg (213.3 KB, 953x953, 1:1, 600887f1aea884783fbb42f98b….jpg)


Do you ever like read what you actually say, or are you functionally retarded?

77b60d  No.16503920


Have you ever once, actually read on the topic, watch documentation of what it's like, or even looked into the symptoms of the illness?

2cc00d  No.16503936


Sure, and studies on physiological differences on schizophrenics, notably correlation with morphological differences in the paracingulate sulcus, a prefrontal cortex neural structure also linked to reality monitoring.44% of schizophrenics lack this structure, compared to 27% of controls. Incidentally, you can test your own reality monitoring, i.e. ability to distinguish real from imagine memories, with a missing word pair memory test, where common word pairs are presented, sometimes with one word missing, and you are quizzed on which words really appeared.

741fc5  No.16503947

File: 31c1773bd002079⋯.jpg (439.72 KB, 1080x608, 135:76, Screenshot_20190524-220434….jpg)


That's basically what the 32blit is, but it's input hardware seems like pretty dumb choices. Only four buttons, but a joystick, dpad, and a fucking gyro? In what's trying to be a retromeme console? Lose the gyro and have L, R, and Start and it would be ideal. Too bad they are already funded a gazillion and one dollars on kikestarter

77b60d  No.16503953


Well I can tell you from someone who has Schizophrenia, and prefers to act normal in public, If I don't have my meds, I see and hear things, hell even with with I still hear my voices from time to time, I don't know how often this occurs, but I never look for excuses to get away with things, often if I ever act strange it's due to be without them, I mean I've seen shadows dancing, which really freaked me out.

ec02c4  No.16503954


Sounds like autism to me. Does the guy lack confidence? A big issue for autistics is that they lack the confidence to act normal, so they do all sorts of weird shit to get a reaction from other people.


Why would a total stranger, someone you're statistically never going to see again in your entire life, judge you over something as petty as video games? People generally do not care about what anyone else is doing, as long as it's not causing disruption, harm or annoyance. It's a common symptom in autistic people to believe that everyone in the room is looking at them, and it seems to me that you have this exact symptom.

7e5243  No.16503955

File: ee60ad3d54d00fc⋯.jpg (58.92 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, idiocracy.jpg)


Why am I seeing these Idiocracy-tier responses lately to big brained posts? Is this a new jewish trick? Or is this a genuine Dunning-Kruger reaction to words over the 6th grade level? I understood his posts fine.

77b60d  No.16503959


Hell, one time I had a really fucked up day and couldn't really control myself as my bad voice took over me and forced me to peal of a peace of my face.

37dc9d  No.16503964

Retarded hipster shit

2cc00d  No.16503995


>Why would a total stranger, someone you're statistically never going to see again in your entire life, judge you over something as petty as video games?

Because it's an automatic unconscious process currently referred to and studied as snap judgement, previously known under idioms such as judging a book by its cover.

There's a few decades of studies and literature on the instantaneous formation of impressions and judgements. It's quite well researched as it's one of the major fixations of the Left, or more importantly, how to condition against or control it, particularly with [insert pet group] "biases".

>Amygdala Responsivity to High-Level Social Information from Unseen Faces


>Snap judgments decide a face’s character


>Neural Systems Involved In Moral Judgment and Moral Action


>Distributed Patterns of Event-Related Potentials Predict Subsequent Ratings of Abstract Stimulus Attributes


More insidious:

>Snap Judgments:Voter Inferences Based on Candidate Photos Predict ElectoralSuccess and Politician Quality


>The neuroscience of race



Doesn't sound good, anon.

6cf1b5  No.16504004

Reminder that you can just cure your autism look up Andy Cutler and stop being gay.

39e6dc  No.16504012


Well, its a week until June starts and the earliest colleges let out a few weeks ago.

Expect things to really go to shit in a few weeks when high schools let out for summer break

5bc1bc  No.16504063


Most of these indie meme handhelds use standard smartphone/tablet SoCs, it would actually cost more money to make them without the accelerometer.

ee023b  No.16504176

File: 316cf8bf9d25342⋯.gif (1.5 MB, 360x270, 4:3, giphy.gif)




Is that a challenge?

7eb56d  No.16504308

File: 363212ebf1edd7f⋯.jpg (2.59 MB, 3840x2180, 192:109, Sony PSP.jpg)


>tfw the PSP is limitless fun and the only handheld I'll ever need

I feel sorry for the suckers buying the trendy new handhelds. They're just wasting money.

744cb4  No.16504354


Nice cheese grater thumbstick.

fa2ddd  No.16504405



Also where's more of your art.

0c93dc  No.16504444


It's actually pretty good because your thumb won't slip easily.

3aad70  No.16504447


quads confirm

ea2b94  No.16504451


744cb4  No.16504452

>>16504444 (checked)

When was the actual last time you thought "man my fingers keep slipping", none because not a single fucking thing needs rubberized gay shit on this and that, your fingers naturally grip unless you sweat from naturally playing games (mutt-tier genetics)

ea2b94  No.16504463


The electronics is actually from the 70's they haven't updated it since. The reason they can sell it at such a high price is because they have a monopoly and a deal with schools and colleges, only their calculators can be used in school tests. supposedly it's to curb cheating but you could always transfer data to the device and play games on it.

0c93dc  No.16504470

File: 3bab1e08adf8d6c⋯.jpg (185.68 KB, 360x640, 9:16, 3bab1e08adf8d6c58e827b66ae….jpg)


It's not rubber, it's plastic.

The thumbstick is completely flat and would be difficult to use if it were smooth, regardless of whether your hands were sweaty or not.

How much autism do you fucking have to get mad at a grid pattern made solely for comfort?

744cb4  No.16504474


Look I do not need a stupid fucking pattern to grip a piece of plastic, it would not be difficult if anything it would be even easier to control because there would be less gay shit in the way which is the stupid retarded indents, why not make plastic concave, yet the nips are too stupid because they think convex buttons are good too because their dumb brain cannot understand the high iq of the design of a keyboard.

8b7c0e  No.16504493


That flimsy-ass crank pin is gonna shear off so quikly.

cb2a52  No.16504507


psp anon


1249ca  No.16504524

File: 96008f0a49e4f11⋯.png (10.83 KB, 400x350, 8:7, playdate.png)

File: b7a15655c5c689d⋯.png (24.62 KB, 800x700, 8:7, playdatex2.png)

Behold, the fruit of attempting to draw with a mouse for a literal day.

b3e95c  No.16504544


Looks alright. Can't wait to see you avatarfag with her for a few months until anons get sick of her and bully you to death.

34aff6  No.16504549

>refreshingly simple

Fucking devour a glass shard casserole. Fuck this buzzword.

>Players can turn the lever like the reel on a fishing rod, and it should make for some interesting gameplay.

Way to spoil the one application of that joke of a gimmick.

>Playdate is also interesting due to how it handles software. A new game will release every week for three months, downloaded via WiFi, meaning that by the end of its first season, you'll have 12 games of varying shapes and sizes to play. Exactly what those games are is deliberately a mystery, as the company wants to surprise you when you fire up the pocket-sized device.

So the games are shit and you want your customers to be $150 in the hole before they realize they've been scammed. Got it.

I'm impressed. Someone must really hate charity to waste money on a fucking dumpster fire of this magnitude. Or maybe the developers just need to launder some money.

34aff6  No.16504556


Schizophrenia is a physical disease that actually destroys the gray matter of your brain. It isn't an arbitrary mental diagnosis like ass burgers. If you aren't dead by 45 you probably don't have schizophrenia.

c9d8c5  No.16504562

File: e7e55632f5c3296⋯.png (201.18 KB, 727x500, 727:500, e7e.png)

a0dcaf  No.16504573

File: b7fe8bdb80b262e⋯.jpg (23.96 KB, 600x602, 300:301, 835112.jpg)

b80fa0  No.16504608

File: f5309994ff53918⋯.png (501.66 KB, 1852x647, 1852:647, Steam-Machines.png)


Nah, the main problem with the Steam Machine was all of them being hilariously overpriced mis-spec'd trash in the vein of Alienware pro gaymur laptops or whatever, further feeding the "PC gaming is the exclusive preserve of bourgie fucks who can blow $2k of daddy's trustfund money on their hobby" myth among console peasants, meanwhile places like Logical Increments listed more powerful do-it-yourself builds for a quarter the price using new parts at MSRP, WITHOUT the economy of scale advantage prebuilts had.

Valve should've been dumping $100 Wee-grade & $300 PisS4-grade Steam Machines in every Walmart and Target to exterminate the console market. Preferably earlier than they did, circa 2008-2012 during the Kinekt/Move/Motion+ doldrums.


>dedicated handheld console

>in the age of smartphones

Was Sony's PS Phone/Xperia Play comfy?


Yeah, I have zero problem with 1970s tech being used where nothing newer is needed, but those things cost 100x what an identical generic commodity chinkshit calc does.

744cb4  No.16504615

File: aefc3fc22917c0f⋯.png (3.24 KB, 99x279, 11:31, playdate_benis.png)



81a7c1  No.16504649


I'm not Ciircuit, I actually don't like that guy.

2aa313  No.16504666

File: b3dc9cb325635de⋯.jpg (35.83 KB, 590x468, 295:234, hipsters.jpg)


>black and white handheld with a hand crank

Is this just more of the unbearable hipster faggotry that has overrun indie gaming?

ee023b  No.16504720


Very good.

Does she get embarrassed when people mention her crank?

19bdbf  No.16504731

File: 5cb34ab29784aca⋯.png (13.84 KB, 609x486, 203:162, Oekaki.png)


>Not putting the crank up on her back so it folds down into the slot like the hardware does

de11b8  No.16504735




>not going full degenerate like >>16501273 did

ee023b  No.16504765


I can see some flaw? in that design: if you turn the crank it'll brush against the butt cheeks every time.

325176  No.16504836


A curious coincidence whereby Stein Inc. has to charge more for his products because Berg Ltd. charges more.

0d2559  No.16504853

File: 0717b53f8cb48c6⋯.png (193.26 KB, 918x675, 34:25, doodle254.png)


His degenerate disciple.

81a7c1  No.16504861



My problems with him extend beyond his art, his fetishes are fucking disgusting and he mostly hangs out on cuckchan now. I have no respect for anybody who crawls back there, especially after the 4chan/4channel split.

He's also a ponyfag who posted on MLP imageboards for years.

0d2559  No.16504870


>First spoiler

Hey, people do what they want

>Second spoiler

Nah never mind.

ef8269  No.16504881


Disgusting fetishes are excusable except cuckoldry but going back to cuckchan is unacceptable which makes sense since that's also cuckoldry

1f0f50  No.16504908


> and he mostly hangs out on cuckchan now

Is that why I never see him around anymore? What a shame.

ec7ecf  No.16504911

File: b69069864be8286⋯.jpg (12.32 KB, 480x360, 4:3, THEFRENCH.jpg)

File: a15a9be26123a28⋯.webm (202.16 KB, 320x240, 4:3, the french.webm)

77b60d  No.16504917


Sounds bad, I think I want to learn stuff like what you did with that cute gif, but with a actual good handheld like the ganeboy color.

81a7c1  No.16504930


Just do it, I have very little artistic experience myself but I enjoy doodling from time to time.

81a7c1  No.16504932


Okay well actually that's not true, I have been doing this stuff for a few years, but it doesn't take long to be able to make decent looking animations.

b80fa0  No.16504957


Best advice is to sketch at least every day with a focus on improvement

d1c44b  No.16504966


>handheld bubble

I'm pretty somewhere in the last 30 years of handhelds it stopped being considered a bubble

ee023b  No.16504995

File: 7562247c4bfe98b⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 141.19 KB, 569x777, 569:777, video games.png)


I've just been busy with material life.


If it's any consolation do think it's a shame that artists with better fetishes and ethics would be mistaken as me just because they're drawing similar things.

Plus you actually kept the design instead of just adding tits

a16f8e  No.16505023

File: b6fa7b82090cf20⋯.png (381.95 KB, 402x497, 402:497, DmTpcr2XgAAW1e5.png large.png)


It's very kawaii.

I like the idea that the crank is just something that pleasures her and isn't really meant to do anything.

5adb61  No.16505132


>Indie gaming platforms need to die. They are about as worthless and regressive as a typewriter.

I think they are filling a role that is clearly missing with developers that should actually matter. Tons of people would love to play retro style video games made after the retro years but for the most part in order to get to enjoy that style you have to go through these indie developers. It sucks a lot because if these companies only delivered to people on retro style games much more then indies wouldn't even be necessary since these companies with money would BTFO indies every single time.

It makes me think back on how great I thought Bionic Commando Rearmed was. A remake of a retro game done very tastefully. It definitely felt like a game that could have been made during the retro years only with better graphics of course. Imagine if Square for example gave us a mainline FF game only retro sprite style or even 7-9 style. I guarantee it would have its audience and they wouldn't even need to put such large budgets into these games either. A PS1 style mainline FF game with care put into it would sell 1 million copies guaranteed.

a16f8e  No.16505150

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Big companies need to sell to investors and normalfags which is why they need to constantly be pushing graphics and cinematics. Retro-style games don't have nearly as big an audience as shit like God of War or Last of Us so they're left to the indies who pine for old games.

The thing is it's better this way because indies are more in touch with their audiences and do more interaction, and so you're more likely to get something you want out of it. If big companies did retro style games they'd try to ruin them with gacha bullshit and microtransactions. Indies have more of a stake in the game and have much more incentive to make a quality game that's complete, because they need to put food on their table whereas big companies can just write it off. Even that Bionic Commando game you mentioned was done by a privately held/indie studio being licensed by Capcom.

Indies are the only ones who care anymore. They're the ones who will survive the coming crash and probably the only future games have. Which is good because they're the only ones who care how games actually play anymore. They're keeping the fun alive.

04f2d1  No.16505192

File: cd4f7a9e45841b3⋯.jpg (47.61 KB, 594x657, 66:73, loli_creature.jpg)


Das it mane.

894a2e  No.16505234


>bait image

TI-83 plus was from 2000, they stopped making them I thought.

837929  No.16505334


Fuck, this reminded me I tried to flash new firmware into mine but I just ended up bricking it. What do I do now? Is one of those weird batteries gonna do the trick?

53d406  No.16505430

File: d06babcea5e49fb⋯.jpg (111.18 KB, 600x900, 2:3, 315.jpg)

those buttons look really uncomfortable. Like a shit Gameboy, and it has a gay as fuck name and dumb gimmick that i can't see having any purpose outside of a fishing game.

Can't wait to crank one out in Starbucks.

e650c9  No.16505469

Why the fuck does it need a hand crack, why? why the fuck would you make a handheld gimmick be a fucking hand crack?

5ae056  No.16505477


whaat the fuck

that pic cant be real?

b80fa0  No.16505532


Nope, they still make them, still for $130, right from their official store:

https://epsstore.ti.com/ (note they use some fugged up session based URLs, so I can't direct link)

a16f8e  No.16505589

File: 02d00dad696438c⋯.png (1.92 MB, 1242x685, 1242:685, ClipboardImage.png)


The Soylacc Pit.

a16f8e  No.16505600

File: c56ba304b0082e6⋯.png (1017.03 KB, 570x768, 95:128, ClipboardImage.png)


The buttons look fine, it's just the fact that the thing is fucking tiny so it'll probably be really uncomfortable to get a good grip on it. The game boy color was designed for grippage.

cdaa19  No.16505626

File: 6dc3f1739dabf34⋯.jpg (29.83 KB, 400x384, 25:24, hold_the_fuck_up.jpg)


>The PS Vita Is Dead, Long Live Playdate

>Where the PS Vita failed to consistently deliver AAA gaming experiences, it looks like this new-fangled bit of kit will focus on extremely simple, small games you can play on the go.

is this bait?

e4381b  No.16505658


XDDDD Its a photoshop!

Edit: Thanks for the gold kind stranger!

fa2ddd  No.16505666


I know you're not, i was asking where your art is


I'm friends with him, he's a great guy, i'm sure you are too

18ed32  No.16505762

File: 1041420a4c6bb9c⋯.jpg (51.41 KB, 500x367, 500:367, super spic.jpg)

How come this console wasn't made by soulja boy?

18ed32  No.16505768


well duh what do you expect? he has inflation art on /inflation/

fa2ddd  No.16505772


Don't bully my friend

77b60d  No.16505781

File: 26e830c0b27c184⋯.png (47.39 KB, 369x544, 369:544, gameboy.PNG)

Let it be known this thread gave me the idea feitishize, my childhood console, it's still being worked on, but it's going to happened.

I got a lot done, but their's still work to be done and I need to draw another picture of it facing the screen.

18ed32  No.16505782


i don't bully him i like his inflation shit

fa2ddd  No.16505786

451286  No.16505799

would be cool for a fishing game and that's pretty much it.

ee023b  No.16505804


Godspeed, Anon.

1a88c4  No.16506103

File: dccac5aeb59c2dd⋯.jpg (161.44 KB, 727x514, 727:514, Hojo Sure..jpg)


>responds to a throwaway insult with a wall of text

>gets called a retard for overthinking a response

>more fags come to his defence

Yeah it's fucking summer. If you're gonna go off topic the least you faggots could do is sage.

77b60d  No.16506144


Stupidity spreads like a virus, I mean I explain my experiences with schizophrenia, I never heard of cases of people just using to act the way they want to in public, sounds more like a autism thing, when I had that real bad voice in my head, it made like 10 years of my life hell, really like to fuck with my perceptive of reality.

8e8037  No.16506163


Hear me out here: What if it was both? The means to charge the device's battery is also an input method and games occasionally have you use it to accomplish something, so every once in a while you recharge the device while playing the game.

It would behoove developers not to overuse it to the point of annoying the player though.

ae2979  No.16506208


sage is a lost art

767bf2  No.16506276

is this the lol thread


What is that pic?

290b1e  No.16506358

File: b9f85d24cb34dd1⋯.jpg (1.35 MB, 1600x1600, 1:1, 7d271e95-4e3a-4d8e-8cc6-ed….jpg)


>You're a cuckchanner if you have time to think




Cuckchanner if you are, cuckchanner if you aren't. Make up your fucking mind, you retarded schizophrenic sack of shit.

Just call him pretentious, nowadays everyone you dislike is a cuckchanner. They shouldn't be a fucking boogeyman.

261769  No.16509284

File: 4e5854dfe4a895f⋯.jpg (35.97 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 57b52654bae978926ac9d20219….jpg)

File: 59ed57bf3b74c86⋯.jpg (54.39 KB, 575x383, 575:383, dpp_249.jpg)

File: d161e15ab75f7dd⋯.jpg (37.92 KB, 420x319, 420:319, 2011_01_15_I0011890.jpg)


Why a fucking hand-crank of all things, which is going to end up wasting more energy than it generates and keeps your hands occupied rather than free to manipulate the device you want to use? Wouldn't a foot-pedal solution be much better? It would keep your hands free, and being a stable and stationary unit able to leverage gravity, it'd be far more energy efficient. Plus, a lot of people fidget anyhow - so you'll be tapping into that already expended but wasted energy in a more natural motion.

This is why sweat shops, in a time before electricity was really economical, used sewing machines with foot pedals for mass production rather than hand-crank models. They wouldn't have been very efficient.

5081aa  No.16509291


Damn, That's a surprisingly appealing color scheme

Purple GBC still best GBC

c49da5  No.16509305


>Meme Gameboy

5081aa  No.16509316

File: 74b6b06a0e18502⋯.png (44.53 KB, 369x544, 369:544, 26e830c0b27c184993f2a3156b….png)

a3d92e  No.16509338

File: 3ee3a04bea7b183⋯.mp4 (1.36 MB, 500x464, 125:116, D7M2PQQU8AAyk4c.mp4)


this is a joke, right?

81a7c1  No.16512357


>I know you're not, i was asking where your art is

I don't have any art accounts, if that's what you're asking.


It's a complete gimmick, I really don't see this handheld going anywhere.

90126a  No.16512414


At this point I can only assume >>16504549 is right, the entire point of this thing is to launder money.

1249ca  No.16512475


A potentiometer like the Odyssey's or a dial like for the Game Boy's volume would be less stupid than a fucking crank but less marketable, which is clearly more important.


It is from Portland, so it could just be an awful tech idea.

90126a  No.16512591


True, Hanlon's quote about stupidity being more likely than malice applies here. Fucking Portland.

1795af  No.16513182

I find it funny that it's a portable console that is wifi required and digital only.


I think the pandora battery trick works only on 1000s and 2000s

otherwise, for the 3000, hold these buttons on startup/poweron

Home Select Start Square Triangle

aa9e88  No.16513867


>samurai suddenly appears and cleaves your head off for the insult

Your punishment.

04f2d1  No.16513996


So does the crank power it or is it a control stick?

4c03b7  No.16514008

File: 0f99f57f69e6ddf⋯.jpg (59.8 KB, 609x676, 609:676, 1554423433.jpg)


What the fuck. That thing looks so fucking uncomfortable to hold. I can just imagine that crank getting stuck between my index finger and thumb. Its like these yuppies with soy filled brains have never actually held a handheld console, let alone played a fucking video game.

e38a73  No.16514028


Typewriters are still used in Russia because the Kremlin don't want to be spied on by Americans with computers.

b7bfa2  No.16514089


What about, you know, just not having them interconnected?

Russians are weird.

532e82  No.16514136

File: 1fc215900eeabd9⋯.jpg (50.87 KB, 293x403, 293:403, 1452024852363.jpg)


The only thing gayer than capitalism is every other option.

3b6db8  No.16514153


>someone comes up with stupid product

>it fails and goes away

Yeah i'd say so.

361932  No.16514185

File: 0c0eafa6925c586⋯.gif (68.31 KB, 800x550, 16:11, 5f5be35ea275e51c1fe92b0c88….gif)


>leftynigger frogposts after having his meme beaten to death, raped, and his skin ripped off for other variations of the same meme

The barometer is never fucking wrong

1249ca  No.16514188


The left really can't meme

d0258c  No.16514203


change that to the more cuckchan the worse the board and you've got a 10/10 macro

0a210e  No.16514221

That's going to be retarded in practice. Unless crack tech has advanced be leaps and bounds, I know that is about worthless to even power a radio.

d58210  No.16514230


can confirm convcave buttons are superior, I've been using a bootleg sega starun controller on my pc recently

ef8269  No.16514265


There's a pretty big difference between buttons and an analog stick

292cab  No.16514269


All I can think about is how easy it will be to break that thing.

93d89a  No.16515045


No it really doesn't, fuck shitendo. But yeah, this is a waste of time all the same.

93d89a  No.16515062


based allison.

bef7c0  No.16515247


Most of cuckchan aren't ever aware this board exists.

701fce  No.16515307


(((Capitalism))) is shit. Fascism now.

bef7c0  No.16515339


Yeah good luck with that kiddo.

591817  No.16515351


>digital only

>less chance that it will be designed to milk money from consumers

a544e2  No.16515850


The crank isn't for power it's just another input like a button.

767bf2  No.16515972


apustaja is kohl not cancer

6970f0  No.16516475

File: f4d271eca41b626⋯.jpeg (5.38 KB, 233x216, 233:216, xbox3hitler.jpeg)



ac0d32  No.16516499

File: adbc62ed0eb987a⋯.jpg (68.29 KB, 1500x1500, 1:1, cranklamp.jpg)


Thats even more retarded.

I could get that you can charge it like a flashlight and thus have infinite shit video gaming time without a poweroutlet, but this is just stupid. The only game that would not suck at is a fishing game.

04f2d1  No.16516517


Well that's retarded.


>a fishing game.


0cc649  No.16516533




The hell, I bought one of these in 2000 for Algebra 2 class. How are TI-83+ still this much?

04f2d1  No.16516748

File: bb22829e2170fc6⋯.jpg (72.79 KB, 1050x591, 350:197, isso sim eh nerdice.jpg)

File: 8098e53321a6921⋯.png (173.31 KB, 480x270, 16:9, doom4-480x270.png)

File: 8ce4fd4c1b475b3⋯.jpg (7.61 KB, 247x136, 247:136, doom86k.jpg)


Did you ever play Doom on it?

a544e2  No.16517667

File: a5fee09b367c8b8⋯.jpg (344.97 KB, 615x1585, 123:317, 1559140180.jpg)

File: 2588bbd3adb9b55⋯.jpg (273.8 KB, 867x2048, 867:2048, 1559140180-1.jpg)

File: b0afd56545442cb⋯.jpg (246.14 KB, 1202x723, 1202:723, 1559140180-2.jpg)

File: 06352c5a60bf416⋯.jpg (124.74 KB, 620x621, 620:621, 1559140180-3.jpg)


They already crossed paths with one of Zoey's friends who have a indie game thing that's also called Playdate. It's dead, now it's only a matter of time of knowing when it will be buried



0c34e6  No.16517880

>>16516499 (checked)

It really say something about this device when people see the crank on this portable device and think "rechargeable power!" not "game input?". The official website had to clarify that point, I'm seen comments on other websites disappointed about the crank = no recharge idea.

Maybe a cheap gaming handheld with power crank (and optional flashlight/radio attachment) could actually be a viable product to sell to poorer countries or given to kids to play with in disaster situations as some form of escapism entertainment.

>The only game that would not suck at is a fishing game.

Could be possible to make something akin to WarioWare:Twisted but it would probably just run out of ideas for microgames and be lacking to what Nintendo could do (Eg: no Nintendo classics microgames).

aa9e88  No.16518146


>soyboy married to a feminazi

>the last pic with the groveling soy addled whatever


6ee18a  No.16518665

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

b80fa0  No.16520201


>That isn't a graphing calculator though.

It is. Bathe yourself in the wonder that is wholesale chinkshit:


591817  No.16530642


>Indies are the only ones who care anymore.

That is bullshit and you know it, one of the main reasons Valve used to push Steam and digital is that charging for a download allows these poor indie developers to make games when in reality it was pre made engines. Good games will sell even if they are sold physical only.

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