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File: 59dcfa3765052f5⋯.jpg (114.31 KB, 1100x733, 1100:733, Thumbs_Up_Assange.jpg)

be329b  No.16500624



>Sony confirms censorship was deliberate, outline reasons


>Rep says no rules for PS4 censorship policies, games judged case-by-case


>Everyone shits bricks due to THQN AA (https://archive.fo/ZiGjz)

archive.fo/Mt06T | TbxAT | BIUsv



<OHCHR updated their page to note the comments they received about how their definition of CP would end up criminalizing fiction

https://archive.fo/pu3y7 (Official responses: https://anonfile.com/F0O8J6d8nc/Japan_docx || https://anonfile.com/E9P1J6d2ne/JSSCC_docx)

>Nick Rekieta started a GoFundMe for Vic Mignogna's legal fees, which has since passed its initial $100K goal and now has a $200K goal

http://archive.is/OyZSy || https://archive.vn/Zcbo5


>Univision sells Gizmodo, parent company of Kotaku, to Great Hill Partners


>Julian Assange indicted with over 17 charges of breaking the Espionage Act


Sony censorship master list: https://www.oneangrygamer.net/sony-ps4-censorship-policy-censored-games/

Steam censorship master list: https://www.oneangrygamer.net/steam-waifu-holocaust-2-0-banned-game-list/



•Include the company's stock code in your tweets about their poor choices/boycotting them.

•Also focus on information that highlights the companies as poor investments to shareholders such as lost profits, scandals, etc.

•Current targets: Sony Corp. ($SNE); bilibili ($BILI) https://archive.fo/YjQtM;



Sony's policies forces censorship; JP devs allegedly have to go through ENG approval process: https://archive.fo/awzFF

Japanese blog post about it: http://blog.esuteru.com/archives/9212646.html

Sony Japan President Says PS4 Censorship Policy Is To Match Global Standards And Protect Kids


-Marvelous partner starts petition against policy https://archive.fo/rxQtf https://archive.fo/84UHo

•Twitterfags: Tweet with Sony's stock code $SNE so that investors see your tweets and know you're pissed.

•Consider spreading OP Timber materials to targets as well.

>>>/gamergatehq/330858 >>>/gamergatehq/331149 >>>/gamergatehq/331150


A. Support archive.fo! Accountability needs proof: https://liberapay.com/archiveis/donate

B. OP DisNod: Contact the FTC and advertisers about violations and unethical practices >>>/gamergatehq/328644

C. Internet Censorship happenings: Spread the word about the dangers of FOSTA/CLOUD act/Article 13, etc. >>>/gamergatehq/332324

D. OP End the Era: Dig into resetera and their connections to journos, devs, etc. >>>/gamergatehq/332315

Reminders (important, READ THESE!):

•Use https://archive.fo to deny sites ad revenue and traffic and preserve pages in case they are deleted later

•Be civil if you have to argue with people on Twitter, Tumblr or any forum - don't make us look like douchebags

•Do not accept requests for any goal, demand lists or personal army requests: https://pastebin.com/p5dVp1e5

•Beware COINTELPRO: The Gentleperson's Guide to Forum Spies: https://cryptome.org/2012/07/gent-forum-spies.htm



>Summaries of #GamerGate:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wy9bisUIP3w - #GamerGate - If It's Not About Ethics

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5fnRSL3d_xU - #GamerGate in 60 Seconds

https://archive.fo/23Fde - GamerGate: A State of the Union Address

>Background and Evidence for #GamerGate:

•The #GamerGate Dossier: https://archive.fo/nv1Fb

•#GamerGate Wiki: https://ggwiki.deepfreeze.it/index.php?title=Main_Page

•History of #GamerGate: https://www.historyofgamergate.com/

•View the timeline links in the Current Happenings section!


•GG Steam Support & Boycott List: https://v.gd/vzRsRb

•Key GamerGate Hubs: https://v.gd/LNJbat

>Thread Repository:



>Full OP Text:

•Current: https://ggwiki.deepfreeze.it/index.php?title=The_GamerGate_OP

>How Can I Help?


•All OPs: https://gitgud.io/gamergate/gamergateop/tree/master/Operations

•OP Vulcan: Learn logical debating: https://v.gd/Kbzw0L

•An Anon's Guide to Twitter; basics: https://v.gd/nwrbYF

>Want to Contribute to GitGud or Wiki?


e65a50  No.16500625


de5b2a  No.16500627

Watch out for GamerGate

The public enemy of the world #1

It is the main hashtag responsible for…

☑ Accidentally re-starting the French Revolution

☑ Weaponized Gondolas

☑ Hacking German politicians and media

☑ Played "To Catch a Predator" with Randy Pickford

☑ Masterminded the destruction of GDQ via the Catfish of Legend: Namazu

☑ Under the light of the Blood Moon; Self-destructed Western Journalism by having a some kid smirk at a drumming savage

☑ Just wanted to start a conversation with everyone, everywhere, eternally

☑ Watched Gawker die TWICE

☑ Guilty of face crimes

☑ When GameStop tried to sell itself; offered $3.50 in in-store credit

☑ Made telling "journalists" to "learn to code" into a hate crime

☑ Taught the Alt-Right

✅Then harassed said Alt-Right

☑ Started in 2011-2012 when 4chan tried to steal Anita Sarkeesian's SSN#

☑ Created "Boner Culture" which made cis straight male erections the most powerful force on earth

☑ Had a Jewish Mobster 'Take Care' of it

☑ Asked THQ about gaemu which somehow triggered World Wide Web War III

☑ Tricked /cow/ into developing and sharing their fetish for Mark's plump bagel with ResetEra

☑ Triggered GJP3.0 with 57 hitpeices on THQ Nordic's AA

☑ Orchestrated the incel misogynist review backlash against Marvel's Captain Woman

☑ Taught New Zealand about "White Day"

☑ Radicalized Spyro the Dragon

☑ Turned Pewdiepie into the Osama Bin Ladin of incels

☑ "The nerds and gamers were joined by the proto-storm troopers of the alt-right in a bond that has never been broken"

☑ Was a trial run for "will the US tolerate fascist behavior"

☑ Exploring new frontiers in sexual harassment via Jelly Bean

☑ Groomed young impressionable politicians into misogynists

☑ Created and trained the alt-right to take over the political landscape on a global scale (And succeeded)

☑ Arranged for Sonic the Hedgehog (movie ver.) to get "fixed"

☑ Remains undefeated for all time

☑ Turned Rage 2 into a Trump-esque attack on game journos

☑ Joined forces with Amazon

☑ Helped Mark impress Resetera

6bd175  No.16500628


dc3500  No.16500634

File: fdd3f5e53a05ae5⋯.webm (390.23 KB, 640x480, 4:3, DoYouKnowBenis.webm)

24d996  No.16500637


Did someone asked for touhou benis?

be329b  No.16500638


Fuck off, unless you're talking about Atlus potentially bending over with the Eric deadname shit:


dc3500  No.16500644

File: 89249640bac2a74⋯.png (354.74 KB, 864x576, 3:2, PersonaKasumiConsider.png)


I'll say this: if it's just the credits I don't really care that much. It's a little annoying, but it's the absolute minimum they could do and no one really gives a shit about credits anyway. However if they changed more then the credits, that's gonna be pretty fucking terrible and at that point I say we pull out all the stops.

ab353b  No.16500651

File: c9a9e5e17d2387b⋯.png (212.71 KB, 500x773, 500:773, autistic_screeching_of_nig….png)

Niggerpill's IP hopping in the Atlus thread.

dc3500  No.16500662


Of course he is. I'm worried about anons running off half-cocked before we know everything. We know very little.

be329b  No.16500668

File: 285b826ca303081⋯.png (49.52 KB, 806x786, 403:393, OAG removed from whitelist.png)

File: 875473240e45958⋯.png (62.16 KB, 865x792, 865:792, OAG removed from whitelist….png)

File: 6417a958205d66b⋯.png (71.12 KB, 801x893, 801:893, OAG removed from whitelist….png)


I was just about to point that out.


If indeed the situation is much worse than a name change, is there anything in mind to be done in countering it? I wouldn't want to just let this sort of thing continue while we grow idle. And the recent KIA/OneAngryGamer thing isn't looking good since they are among the two biggest ways in disrupting their narrative and getting ourrs out.

de5b2a  No.16500674

File: c1a645600c10e9c⋯.png (756.87 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Nia rolls eyes.png)


The same lonely faggot clearly IP-hopping to make up for a lack of arguments?

You're a incel gator-groper alt-right conspiracy theorist! :^)

a4bc3e  No.16500677


I'm not going to take some random faggot whose on a spergout at nothing but his word, but I won't be surprised if they fucked it up. Just because caving on a name change isn't as bad as it could be doesn't mean it isn't bad.

16ee30  No.16500679

File: 1f9990c1d028e22⋯.jpg (82.46 KB, 1279x717, 1279:717, Bread4.JPG)

Archive of previous bread


6bd175  No.16500681


>How dare you ask for something that's been in every thread

a4bc3e  No.16500682


>who is*

dc3500  No.16500685

File: 67c3dd1dfcb939a⋯.png (1.06 MB, 882x1200, 147:200, Catherine.png)


Realistically, all we can do is what we did with downpour. How we handle it will be key. If we couch it too much in tranny hate, it will be dismissed almost everywhere. Therefore, I suggest we should focus on the "accuracy" argument and if they edit endings, censorship as well. Essentially arguing that it's not a localization company's job to be the taste police and they should instead focus on bringing over as accurate a version of the game as they can.

For this, though, we need to know exactly what we're dealing with.

84b033  No.16500695

ara ara?

be329b  No.16500699


And I'm sick of it. Shitposting in the beginning of the threads should get axed. Along with this


Don't start this now.

de5b2a  No.16500701


Also, fucking with credits (in films, not sure for games) post-production is an actual crime in California. I'm interested if this would apply here.

ab353b  No.16500710

File: be8a597a9b375d5⋯.jpg (363.72 KB, 642x3948, 107:658, 0a08ce6fafbc7f896143bade38….jpg)

File: b1feebb2610383e⋯.png (95.03 KB, 1488x248, 6:1, 9cf89bd220878b50e199fc05f4….png)

File: c612596f3b9eb1c⋯.png (382.48 KB, 879x890, 879:890, c612596f3b9eb1ca82230383c7….png)



Exactly what was changed? It was pointed out that Eric was credited as Erica in the English release of the original Catherine for consoles and nobody cares about credits, so we can't go for that angle. The previewer said that lines were changed, but we don't know what those were. There's also the hope that the guy was just talking out his ass when he said that. Don't forget about the people who were trying to attack Atlus during the P5 debacle. Take a look at their Twitter accounts and see how they responded. It could be used against them.

e84178  No.16500730


This is what we need right now. If anyone of you can read sushi and know the difference between the dialogues, post it as others did with Fire Emblem: Fates. Torrential Downpour made headlines even in Nipland, it's about to be bound there again with Catherine: Full Body assuming that the game would have any regional difference, hopefully so.

07a2e0  No.16500740


The accuracy argument should be primary, since its the easiest to argue for with empirical evidence, product integrity and shit but that doesn't mean the political bent should be ignored. People should know that, yes, SJWs, resetera (and ilk like them) and trannies are behind these changes taking place, and it should also be used to draw attention of neighboring communities like comicsgate and whatnot since certain communities can offer a lot of power and weight (comicsgate's community helped a lot with the Vic situation for example, many on principle of an innocent man being smeared)

07a2e0  No.16500743


Oh, and of course it's very easy to draw attention with the SJW angle. If that angle is taken aggressively, journalists will spill their spaghetti to attack and in doing so, drive more uninformed normalfags away from them. Naming and shaming is powerful too.

5bfe9f  No.16500760

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

TorrentialDownpour and Nip news

Make sure to inform normalfags about websites free of Socjus Influence.

Useful Links:




> Make backups of your favorite doujins and Hentai (Fakku "Saved" HentaiHaven) in case of Fakku DMCA purge

> Keep an Eye on Localizations here


> My Anime List just purged 10+ years of fan made subs, we need to start archiving those as well.

- https://archive.fo/xUozD

Localization watch: Not solely from shit companies (need to add incoming Japanese games)

> Sekai Project: Teaching Feeling ( >>>/hgg/318654 )

> Death Mask, Stardust Galaxy Warriors: Stellar Climax

> Granblue Fantasy Project Re:link (2019)

> Fire Emblem Three house (July 2019), Ghost Parade (2019)

> Fugue on the Battlefield, Tokyo Ogre Gate, and Cecile.

> Cold steel III (Fall 2019)

> Shin Sakura Taisen (Winter 2020)


Pantsu.cat is a nyaa replacement after it was taken down. It's better than the competition. Use this instead of the cartel run cancer.



They've put up downloads to paywalled fakku doujins.


The whole content of Hentai Haven before it was closed


Info & feedback welcome

b6a3c0  No.16500763


A lot of the charge against Usher on KiA is coming from the mods themselves, with target_locked being an especially bad example. He's been shitting on Usher nonstop for weeks alongside porygonz. Things really blew up when Savedyouaclickvidya and KungfuMan launched a mini-blitz against him together with that fucking Kotaku writer Smug on Twitter not long ago.

Usher is one of our only ride-or-die friendly outlets, and they're trying their damnedest to ostracize him and piss him off, which is likely to make him stop supporting us. I smell a clique of faggots dethroning a rival, but I have zero proof of it. Whats really infuriating is how readily a large part of KiA is just going along with it, like it wasn't Usher who outed GJP to us and helped us countless times.

07a2e0  No.16500772


The thread announcing it got downvoted to hell and is struggling to stay above zero, people are voicing how retarded the mods are being In that thread and being upvoted for it

There's definitely some fags on the mod team with a grudge for him

>make him stop supporting us

No idea what that means? Like as in disown gamergate or something? There's no risk of that. He can recognize fag mods for what they are and won't take it beyond that. He's one of the only journalists with integrity, he won't do something so stupid.

You're right to smell gay ops, this definitely reeks of it. Best thing to do right now is to suggest people to the alternatives like Voat, KiA 2, and any uncucked places that people can think of.

be329b  No.16500784



I've also seen people get pissy whenever the site gets linked here, recently. Even when archived. Complaints due to him being shoddy in regards to being an objective reporter and along the lines of being a politically charged site like Kotaku only in favor of us.

4edd0d  No.16500785


I don't really see an issue with articles having a political slant when said slant is opposed to SJW insanity.

5c9993  No.16500787

File: 0640a310d847c07⋯.gif (244.49 KB, 3001x1541, 3001:1541, reddit watch.gif)

I've been getting these weird Ask Reddit videos in my feed on Youtube, and all I can think of from the content is pure blackpilling.

It's subtle, but every single one is about something negative, relying on portraying people as horrible and stupid. There's ones based around jobs, work, charity, girlfriends, boyfriends, girls ask guys, guys ask girls, etc.

Each one has a shitload of generalizations and treats freak encounters as normal, stupidity as normality when the truth's more complex, etc.

I started getting these in my feed a few months ago, and other anons on here have noted these showing up.

These videos seem to be some final weapon in a series of weapons to polarize and separate, and they only got "deployed" some time after the US elections for trump, these in particular about a year in.

Several channels run these at once, so it's harder to track outside of experience and hearsay, but they all have the same format, use the same DAMN MUSIC and they're somewhat enticing due to the subject matter.

I've seen shit like this before. It's generated. It's shat out on a schedule, there's enough errors in the text to speech to think that a human's behind this, but maybe it's AI shit, I don't know.

I have to put forth a theory. Is this a single frontier of subtle blackpill, or did something trigger? Is there something similar going on elsewhere, like this? This feels like part of one big trigger, and the Youtube algorithm is putting this shit on everyone's pages.

It's using generic, upbeat music to downplay the horrible shit people talk about and that's all this is airing. This feels like an indoctrination effort. It reminds me of shit I saw when I got drawn into a cult at an early age.

715b9c  No.16500790

File: 2651d587cb31841⋯.jpg (14.04 KB, 216x260, 54:65, f26aeeb3d3f2699317b2d49128….jpg)


>blacklisting an entire website from being allowed to be posted because they said one thing in one article that you think is stupid


People like to hear about how horrible everybody else is. It gets views. Everything and everyone have to be the worst they can be, all the time. That several channels are doing it with the same mould of video right down to the music is pretty strange, popular subject matter or not though.

0a4d34  No.16500792

File: 1b01bad37dd0c14⋯.jpg (6.85 KB, 218x200, 109:100, 1413414945903.jpg)


I've heard that they exploded in popularity due to a ton of copycats, essentially one channel started just trawling askreddit threads for content and got popular because of it. So a bunch of copycats pop up because it's easy to go to ask reddit and put the answers in to a text to speech program and shit out a video. So you can make money with 0 effort. Youtube's algorithm being stupid simply sees a new trend poping up with similar videos and thinks it's the new fad to start recommending to everyone. This of course makes people watch more of them which causes more copycats to pop up. It's just a recursive cycle.

be329b  No.16500800



Guess there's Nichegamer to occupy the ethical yet objective gaming site er, "niche"/role.

There was something else they criticized OAG for, which I can't remember the exact details at the moment. I don't know if you've seen it, but I think they disapproved of blog-like writing style and jumping the gun a bit by making articles over twitter posts, allegedly.

5c9993  No.16500803

File: 9a59ef39f871a27⋯.jpg (454.82 KB, 2681x771, 2681:771, toadreddit.jpg)


That's what fucking gets me, they even have the same formatting on the titles. This is either a group effort, a weird corparation, or something's being generated.


That doesn't explain the themed content. In the Finger Family industry, that really fucking weird Youtube thing where indians use generated algorithms to shit out videos en masse and have a network of phone/PC router IP randomizer clicker farms to scam money out of the Youtube system, this shit usually has several tiers and none of it hits the front page, likely because Youtube actively supresses it, at least now to some extent.

With this, the same format happens but the Youtube algorithm puts this small phenomenon on literally everyone's feed. There are nowhere NEAR the amount of videos, view count, or subscriber count to justify this, unlike the Finger Family situation where literally everything surrounding the manipulation was high count, high subscribe.

This is low count, low subscribe, but it's "broken" the feed, it shows up on literally everyone I know except my parents, and plenty here. It might even be based on age range, but I don't have enough data to confirm.

This only tells me that Youtube ITSELF is pushing this shit. I don't know, it might just be a hunch, but the topic matter, context and appeal is a perfect storm of marketing, it fucking reeks of Marketing 101.

The idea behind this is to have human employees and themed channels based around different ideas and hope one hits the mark, the ones that do get copied superficially and the old channels get sidelined for new ones, this is partly how the Finger Family industry worked, it's structured and tight as fuck.

Look, something fucking shakes me about this shit, it shouldn't be in the feed this much, it doesn't add up.

14f50c  No.16500883


You are overstretching, they are entertaining to watch and usually the dark music is because they talk about bad things, and let's be honest, everyone likes creepy stories, it's like 2010 creepypastas all over again.

b81bf1  No.16500890


>that formatting

Fucking hell nigga.

14f50c  No.16500896


They must be evacuating from KiA, be easy with them.

3a0742  No.16500905

File: 5cfca1afa533113⋯.mp4 (997.38 KB, 1146x848, 573:424, 2019-05-24_18-48-02.mp4)


Hey Usher,

>(Ush! ush! Ush!)

They say the best way to crush your enemies is to succeed. So rather than get mad at reddit for saying you're clickbait, why not just prove them wrong by not being outragebait?

When reddit says "He's become as bad as the people we rail against", you can have your fans say "No, he's not. Here's proof…" and the reddit mods will beforced to aquiesce.

Won't that be awesome?

Raise your standards, be better, and you can show them all they were wrong and make the mods eat their words. And the bonus part is you raised your standards and became better while doing so. It's a win/win for you!

c13747  No.16500917

File: 373c6d1c4ab1d40⋯.jpg (24.36 KB, 308x302, 154:151, bad b8.jpg)

dc3500  No.16500925

File: 68ecf050dc940fb⋯.png (707.7 KB, 539x775, 539:775, Tio9.png)


This may be one of the most random pieces of spam I've ever seen in this thread and that's saying something.

be2107  No.16500977

File: c1f5dbffba0fbc4⋯.png (134.99 KB, 510x527, 30:31, c1f5dbffba0fbc4598c9e47eed….png)


but real life is the black pill.

bac3d8  No.16500982

File: 4166b32a3998214⋯.webm (5.36 MB, 2880x1620, 16:9, Fucktality by wo262.webm)

e8597a  No.16501043

File: ba23993d5f680d3⋯.gif (101.86 KB, 758x696, 379:348, SUPERIOR.gif)

This is why the Japanese games industry is superior.

af3e70  No.16501064


they changed the dialog as well

2713ae  No.16501067

File: 417885cff3f032a⋯.jpg (63.59 KB, 480x303, 160:101, Kono-Yo-no-Hate-de-Koi-wo-….jpg)


People should be boycotting PS4 games anyway. It should be moot that a PS4 exclusive game is censored. I mean an uncensored version of Catherine: Full Body would not fix Sony essentially killing the Senran Kagura series.

Obviously, it's bad anytime a localizer thinks that they are better than the material and have the right to "fix it." But if I am already boycotting PS4 games, what do I do? A double boycott?

Well, I mean I guess I won't get the port of the old Catherine on PC now, but it wasn't high on my list anyway.

On the other hand, if I didn't care about boycotting Sony, then this really doesn't matter either since then I'd have already decided censorship is fine, or at least tolerable.

The YU NO problem is a bigger deal to me, since Spike Chunsoft (US) decided to add the light ray censorship to both console versions and decided to blame the ESRB and the "platform holders." The best thing about the Atlus situation is we know how craven and stupid the censorship is. A lot of game companies straight up lie about it unless they are caught now.

(Picture is from the old YU NO, which looks to be a much better version of the game anyway. Trying to get the ancient Windows version with the English fan patch working on my machine is a pain though.)

2713ae  No.16501075


>People like to hear about how horrible everybody else is. It gets views. Everything and everyone have to be the worst they can be, all the time. That several channels are doing it with the same mould of video right down to the music is pretty strange, popular subject matter or not though.

Also, Youtube is constantly limiting and destroying things Alphabet doesn't like, so it narrows the amount of subject matter you see covered by Youtube. After getting demonetized a few times, most gaming channels would just give up.

Most Social Media nowadays is focused on making people feel hopeless and miserable, if it's in English at least.

1b2706  No.16501088

On completely unrelated news, Chinese is doing shit again



I know, idle games are shit and all, but it still sucks.

2713ae  No.16501091

File: 1d41b73063822ae⋯.png (69.54 KB, 409x184, 409:184, based.PNG)


>So rather than get mad at reddit for saying you're clickbait, why not just prove them wrong by not being outragebait?

Usher is just crazy! There's never anything to be outraged about in gaming now!

Gaming is literally better now than it has ever been! And you know, those SJW infiltrators are just making everything so much better for all of us! I honestly don't even know why GamerGate was a thing in the first place! We should just all have given in and let the seething reeetards at ReeeesetERA run evereething!!! Well, I guess that's how things worked out anyway, since they run Sony and multiple game companies now anyway.


Seriously though…

One Angry Gamer might not be the best site to carry the banner of navigating the flaming garbage heaps that gaming has become, but what's the alternative? BasedGamer dot com?

22ad82  No.16501093


Hardcore Gaming 101


bac3d8  No.16501096


We have nichegamer, somewhat.

e660f7  No.16501102

File: 5714ab64d4879e9⋯.jpg (96.72 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 5714ab64d4879e9145a60b60f7….jpg)



57b141  No.16501109

File: 64bce2508779ba0⋯.jpg (42.5 KB, 500x400, 5:4, 4bfee67d7b0c8983364bdff676….jpg)

When the fuck is codemonkey going to fix this god damned site and its media server issues?

b51fa5  No.16501110

File: e5f699e3956d6fc⋯.jpg (89.26 KB, 651x548, 651:548, Christ_Centered_Gamer_on_D….jpg)


I still like their rating system.

Having one score for how you feel about the game out of a moral standpoint and another for how fun the game actually is i much preferable to the retardation other journos do.

7d094c  No.16501113


>blackpills are weaponized

>Each one has a shitload of generalizations and treats freak encounters as normal, stupidity as normality when the truth's more complex, etc.

sounds like a day ending in Y, news at 11. good that you're noticing it though, better than just letting them get away with it.

84e412  No.16501115

Just pirate everything. The best one can do is gather everyone and send pissed off emails to Atlus.

It sucks that a few trannies can screech at a company to bend the knee, but there needs to be more and more people to screech at Atlus to bend back.

e84178  No.16501119

File: 9fe259a68d59d6e⋯.png (67.46 KB, 670x372, 335:186, ClipboardImage.png)

I know this was posted already on both the catalog and on the previous bread. But I found something juicy. The said interview was a Q&A from ResetEra.

Yup, THAT ResetEra.

be2107  No.16501120


ps4pro cfw when?!


>better than just letting them get away with it.

<I posted it on imageboard I do my part in war!

e84178  No.16501122

c4f961  No.16501128


Remember when some anons were meant to blend in to Resetera's Discord and other media to dig up dirt on their mods?

Fags never took it seriously and blew everyone's cover.

f0930a  No.16501129

File: f6cc59241959494⋯.jpg (197.32 KB, 680x770, 68:77, yotsu4.jpg)


It's especially annoying since it always seems to shit the bed around the same time every day, which is during the little time I have to enjoy 8chan before I have to go to work.

b0e41e  No.16501130


it also helps keep things objective. If there was a game that was pushing something you really didn't like, you might feel that ignoring it to keep your review objective is letting down the consumer by not informing them of something you think is important.

If you have a section dedicated to letting you lay into everything not relevant to the quality of the product, then your quality review will be more reliable.

209d07  No.16501132

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>Buying anything from localizations

>Not importing from Japan

>Not Pirating the PC versions

>Not encouraging the gaming community to do the same

They pretty much killed the point of Full Body, better off playing the original Catherine.

e84178  No.16501136


That's the scariest part. What if the censored version of Catherine: Full Body is for ALL versions of the game? This is where making games region-free hitting the Japanese industry in the nuts really hard.

af3e70  No.16501139


the game was already launched in japan

8adbee  No.16501140


Pirate and mods, anon. Pirate and mods.

Or just don't get the game and all and play the original you already own.

57b141  No.16501141


Really though, has he even addressed it in any manner at all? This has been going on for months now. >>>/sudo/ is practically abandoned.

14f50c  No.16501142











Fix the image server please.

90ffe5  No.16501146

Will there be a mass email to Atlus and devs as an operation?

e84178  No.16501147


Nah, Torrential Downpour will be dusted off for this one.

e660f7  No.16501151



Its hard for game journos to be objective about the game they're reviewing when they lack the basic motor skills to play even the most easiest games.

So they have to spout their garbage opinions just to fill the word quota for the review instead of things that actually matter.

7a3135  No.16501161


I've also searched around but there's been no real mention of it, which is the weird thing. It's almost like Jim and co. are just kinda hoping the site dies in the night and they never have to worry about spending time and money fixing it.

Shit is definitely getting frustrating.

42f3c8  No.16501165

>"I originally tolerated the existence of trannies, but then gradually I came to hate them."

- some anon here.

be2107  No.16501166

File: 35ab677a1014a9b⋯.png (921.94 KB, 2048x1031, 2048:1031, KOTOKONO.png)


why are you asking if?

They added tranny lover route into the game. and you focus one localization changing few lines? Wake the fuck up to current state of Japan video gaming industry.

af3e70  No.16501168


>Its hard for game journos to be objective about the game they're reviewing when they lack the basic motor skills to play even the most easiest games.

this. story time

>playing Gargoyles for genesys

>mom sees it

<anon how can you play this games is full of demons

>answered with "im actually the demon"

<oh my god

the reason why i told this story is this. my mon doesnt play games so of course she could only comment on the game on surface level. now think what the games journalist do. all their criticism is just:

<MC is white

<big boos


and nothing indeph about the game. after seen dean takahashi everything clicked, those "journalist" cant play the game so of course they cant analize the game in deph so they can only commnet on shallow elements like visuals but that doesnt get clicks so what they do? clickbait

bac3d8  No.16501171

File: 991d56428b61ef1⋯.png (960.77 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, Average Western Female.png)


Pretty much me here. Anyone got a screencap of the discord tumblr chat?

57b141  No.16501187


>answered with "im actually the demon"

<oh my god

And then anon was demons

af3e70  No.16501188


god dammit

bac3d8  No.16501192

File: e91028c8c81f6a5⋯.jpg (61.77 KB, 416x750, 208:375, Double's check em.jpg)

>>16501188 (nice)

On the bright side, you got dubs.

c5f2f8  No.16501195

File: 289788f8d293fb0⋯.mp4 (5.51 MB, 350x720, 35:72, netflix nilfgaard.mp4)

I don't know what I expected due to Netflix's track record, and the previous Witcher teasers. But every leak is a disappointment, when I thought my expectations were as low as they could go.

1b2706  No.16501210


This story reminds me of my childhood

>father got a disk with Doom 1 complete

>lets me play it, despite me being 8 at the time

>mother is shocked

>"What are you playing, anon ?"

>"It's called Doom. You're playing a space marine who kills demons to prevent them to invade Earth."

>"Can I look a bit ?"

>"Yeah, sure"

>get the chainsaw, begin killing demons with it

>"Why don't you kill them at a distance ?"

>"Not so many munitions, and I'm close to the last stage"

>Enter the last stage of Act 1

>Play safe at a distance and hammer the bosses with rockets

>End of Act 1, get killed

>"Why are you killed ? You just finished it, didn't you ?"

>Wall of text, mom reads

>"Oh, okay, looks like it's forced."

>I end up talking with her while playing through most of Act 2

>She ends up declaring "Oh, game is quite violent, but it's pretty established it isn't on Earth, it's quite unrealistic, and you're not becoming very aggressive by playing it, so I guess I can let you play any game you want on PC since it's normally suggested to leave this game to adults."

This ended up being a high clashing point with friends' parents since I was the only child allowed to play it, while other parents were playing the "you're too young to play it" card. So many of my friends were coming home to play it and enjoy my mother's cookies, too bad I could never taste them due to allergy

fbaee3  No.16501211


>Look like giant pieces of shit

is this a subtle foreshadowing for how the show will turn out?

90048a  No.16501225

File: fc82dc1d0f15edc⋯.png (118.75 KB, 261x334, 261:334, AARGH!.png)




1b2706  No.16501228


Worse than that. CHOCOLATE CUCKED

ca766b  No.16501231

File: a0d0a815f86e889⋯.jpg (187.7 KB, 1280x1079, 1280:1079, 86c3f4f733d6895311e5aebbe9….jpg)

Software and sites to give attention to!

>Operating Systems

<AROS: http://aros.sourceforge.net/

<BSD (Net: https://www.netbsd.org/ Open: https://www.openbsd.org/ DragonFly: https://www.dragonflybsd.org/ )


<BigchainDB: https://www.bigchaindb.com/

<Gun: https://gun.eco/

<Hydrus: >>>/hydrus/

>Email hosting:

<Create your own: https://archive.fo/okVq4

<Cock.li: https://cock.li/


<Infogalactic: https://infogalactic.com/info/Main_Page

>File sharing and storage:

<anonfile: https://anonfile.com/

<BitTorrent: https://infogalactic.com/info/BitTorrent

<CacheP2P: https://github.com/guerrerocarlos/CacheP2P

<Catbox: https://catbox.moe/

<Cryptosphere: https://cryptosphere.io/

<Dat Project: https://datproject.org/

<Filecoin: https://filecoin.io/

<Holochain: https://github.com/holochain/holochain-proto

<Instant.io: https://instant.io/

<IPFS: https://ipfs.io/

<Kek.gg https://kek.gg/

<Onion Share: https://onionshare.org/

<ORC: https://orcproject.github.io/

<Peergos: https://peergos.org/

<Perkeep: https://perkeep.org/

<Rotonde: https://wiki.xxiivv.com/#rotonde

<Sia: https://sia.tech/

<Storj: https://storj.io/

<Swarm: https://github.com/ethersphere/swarm

<Tahoe-LAFS: https://www.tahoe-lafs.org/trac/tahoe-lafs

<Uguu: https://uguu.se/

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<Other sites: https://www.archiveteam.org/index.php?title=Pomf.se/Clones

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<Samizdat: http://samizdat.childrenofmay.org/

<Tor: https://www.torproject.org/

<ZeroNet: https://zeronet.io/

ca766b  No.16501233

File: 84c55e5b0da5070⋯.png (748.91 KB, 1210x1347, 1210:1347, 99acaa2e2be16e24118f8c07b4….png)



<DLsite: https://www.dlsite.com/eng/

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be2107  No.16501235


ukraine next door from location (hungary) can make cheap plate armors. sure it wont fit but it will look better than armor from ToysR Us

003ec4  No.16501236

File: fcc0c2e3e9a5537⋯.webm (Spoiler Image, 140.11 KB, 700x392, 25:14, tummyrubs.webm)


Are you a good boy?

1b2706  No.16501245

File: 5cc7c4271780f2a⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 76.42 KB, 500x903, 500:903, pokemon-flareon-goodboi.jpg)


Close enough.

ca766b  No.16501261

File: 775ebadc31b3e2a⋯.jpeg (78.97 KB, 705x600, 47:40, 0B8F7309-CF94-4420-89D1-E….jpeg)



>Therefore, I suggest we should focus on the "accuracy" argument and if they edit endings, censorship as well. Essentially arguing that it's not a localization company's job to be the taste police and they should instead focus on bringing over as accurate a version of the game as they can.

The one problem with that is you have people making the argument that localization companies "have" to be the "taste police" because they need to "localize" the game for the region it's being released, and, God forbid, that someone try to show an accurate depiction of another culture outside of your own.


>Trying to get the ancient Windows version with the English fan patch working on my machine is a pain though.

Why not find a translation patch for the Saturn version, since it is uncensored? Even on my toasyer of a machine, I have zero problems running SSF.


Wasn't it revealed that the third girl was just a random demon that appeared on Earth, not a trap like people initially thought?

ab2ff7  No.16501276


Traps are not trannies.

be2107  No.16501284

File: a301a6407c252e2⋯.webm (2.94 MB, 800x450, 16:9, reveal.webm)



he is alien. autistic alien.

ab2ff7  No.16501300


I'm aware. Point still stands.

2713ae  No.16501336


That's a good idea. I actually got the PC98 version running, but not patched to English.

2713ae  No.16501341


I like NicheGamer, they do good work.

9edc27  No.16501342


I'm sure you are enjoying ResetEra throwing their weight around and pressuring devs to censor.

Congratulations, you got the industry you wanted.

39916b  No.16501344


No time for that, Jim doesn't have much time left, he's being targeted by Vice homo operatives, they will inject him with teh gay soon and 8ch will become another gay community base.

e4f779  No.16501357


>not browsing 8ch at work

lol what a wimp.

2713ae  No.16501368


Sony interviewing with ResetERA is obviously friendly territory for modern Sony, as they are probably one of the few "independent" ( kek ) forums that won't be yelling at him about things like destroying Senran Kagura. My impression of him is he doesn't like videogames and didn't want to have a debate about them. If I'm right about where Sony is going they plan on abandoning current gen style games for some crappy "Netflix of Games" that I wouldn't like even if someone good was running it.

9edc27  No.16501376

Since time has passed, there needs to be anons snooping through ResetEra mod's discords again to dig up the skeletons in their closet.

cb75fc  No.16501427

File: e854463d8df0b0d⋯.png (988.26 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)


>It's funny though.

Makes you sound like a nigger trying to fit in. Funny shit has a punchline.



I don't know why Devs even go to ResetEra much less listen to them, should have wrecked them when there was a chance.

Oh well, just pirate everything.

0bb31b  No.16501470

File: cd83776fab292eb⋯.jpg (83.22 KB, 905x960, 181:192, areyouout.jpg)


Trump administration 25 percent tariff proposal targets U.S. board game, game console imports

>Added costs could cripple the tabletop industry and impair the next console hardware cycle.

>The Trump administration is escalating the United States’ growing trade war with China, with hobby gaming now caught in the crossfire. A new document published by the Office of the United States Trade Representative lists thousands of goods categories that could be receiving new or revised tariffs in the amount of 25%.

>On the list, buried between billiards and Christmas ornaments are a number of categories related to gaming, including video game consoles and machines, coin-operated arcade machines, and parts related to the operation of coin-operated arcade games.

>The video game industry has already suffered a 10% tariff that impacts graphics card makers AMD and Nvidia. The Entertainment Software Agency (the lobbying body representing the video game industry) never weighed in publicly on the situation. Since then, the ESA has undergone leadership change, with Stanley Pierre-Louis taking over the president and CEO role after serving in that position on a temporary basis after previous head Mike Gallagher stepped down.

>“The video game industry boasts a trade surplus for the American economy,” the organization told GameDaily via email. “Tariffs will hurt the American economy, its industries, and its consumers.”

>This is a particularly sensitive time for the game industry, as all signs point to new consoles hitting the market in 2020. Sony has already hinted at its plans for PlayStation 5, and Microsoft is clearly gearing up with its focus on services like Game Pass, xCloud, and Play Anywhere. The two giants also recently announced a team-up for cloud services and AI technology development.

>Video game consoles are typically sold as loss leaders (though Nintendo often shoots for break-even or profit pricing). However, an increase of 25% would upend pricing expectations among consumers, as manufacturers would likely look to recoup some of that additional expense.

>The video game industry isn’t the only piece of the entertainment sector in the crosshairs. A standout inclusion in the proposal is section 9504.90.60, which covers “chess, checkers, backgammon, darts and table and parlor games played on boards of a special design and parts thereof; poker chips and dice.” The category related to playing cards is also included in the list.

>The tabletop industry is experiencing a period of growth, driven in part by a smart marriage with the rise of crowdfunding. Tabletop games are easier than video games to promote via platforms like Kickstarter, because physical prototyping enables reviews and feedback early in the process.

>Increased interest and this new sales vehicle has helped the industry grow to approximately $11 billion worldwide, with another 9% growth anticipated by 2023, according to Research and Markets. The proposed 25% tariffs could slam the brakes on that growth according to some players in the industry.

>“Tariffs will drive prices up, quality down, or more likely both,” said Matt Aiken, co-owner and CFO of Keymaster Games. “It might come in the form of increased shipping costs—something Europeans and other countries already deal with—or transparent tariff fees. The cost for shipping to places like Switzerland is already 2x those prices and get passed on to the consumers. It will also come from publishers having to find new manufactures who will need to hire new talent to meet demand. And ultimately, the quality coming out of China is, in some cases, better than other countries, including the US.”

>Aiken says that this will impact companies of different sizes in different ways. However, every developer and publisher will face the issue and likely see their products sold at higher prices.

c7ad24  No.16501488

File: 9a01d164c9a0818⋯.jpg (105.05 KB, 1080x1223, 1080:1223, 9a01d164c9a0818c5ebff8b350….jpg)


Let everything burn. I want every single fucking geekchicfag bleeding like a stuck pig. Let the industry crash a second time, I want everything to fall to ruin.

1aafde  No.16501491


I've been noticing weird, unrelated to what I normally watch, videos showing up in my youtube feed too. And they are usually either left leaning or obvious clickbait titles. I have a theory that youtube is letting people pay to have their videos pushed into recommended feeds, but I have no evidence other than some really, really weird suggestions from youtube that just so happen to disappear after a set amount of time. Which would correlate with the media buy for positions in recommendations ending.

For a while it got really bad with leftist videos, but it seems like it has died down and is not pushing more click bait style videos from places like Cheddar. Unfortunately Google has become so incompetent that it's hard to tell if their algorithm just flat out sucks now or if it's some sort of shitty money making scheme. But I only use one account on my phone and this is where it's all coming from. I normally only watch anime OST videos, video game videos, chemistry, travel, and space videos and it's recommended some really weird leftist shit about antifa, trannies, etc.

5b3956  No.16501492


O Fuck.

Is entertainment crash finally coming?

1d8831  No.16501495


Might that kill Chinese MMOs?

8af98a  No.16501496

File: a34ed1bccde9cff⋯.jpg (371.7 KB, 1280x1826, 640:913, 028.jpg)


I actually do browse from work (like right now), but it still takes the wind out of my sails in the morning.

16ee30  No.16501497


>Tariffs will drive prices up, quality down

>quality down

That's not a tariff problem.

cb75fc  No.16501498


Thanks Trump.

d71073  No.16501503





66b2a6  No.16501505



Let it fucking burn

57b141  No.16501507


Get fucked China.

688065  No.16501514


Quality decreasing isn't a tariff issue for one.

For two, these companies seem to hate the consumers, so I have not any care in seeing these companies burn.

In fact, wasn't the ultimate goal of #GamerGate to crash the industry seeing as how they didn't care about the existing consumer base?

1aafde  No.16501516


A long time ago you could make all the components to make a PlayStation or Xbox in the USA. Now it is not even possible. You know how China is taking over video games? They already did that a long time ago with semiconductors. This should have happened 10 years ago tbh. I think it's too late to save things. But if these can stick long enough to make it cheaper to build in USA than in China then it's a huge win.

cb75fc  No.16501523

File: e0863f7cf382845⋯.png (34.94 KB, 654x654, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)



cb75fc  No.16501530


Nintendo will be forced to sell at a loss unless they can somehow manage to open a factory here. Sony will just die, they moved their HQ here but not their production.

d71073  No.16501538


Aren’t most of Nintendo’s factories in Korea?

5c9993  No.16501539

File: a9859237d9a0c26⋯.jpg (52.13 KB, 720x603, 80:67, Laughing_Chinese_Sluts.jpg)


>R A heart E on Vincent's t-shirt

>Vincent is wearing a shirt that says Rape on it after banging a trap and not knowing the status of the dick


be2107  No.16501544



fuck china! they poisoned planet fucked up with everything Brackets did not touch

fe0382  No.16501546

File: 31bca472372d8da⋯.png (266.6 KB, 376x430, 188:215, 31bca472372d8da4e950744d81….png)

>Theresa May resigned


Also bonus VICE article: Stop turning Overwatch characters into Cops


57b141  No.16501547

File: df4d8458c1cc43f⋯.jpg (31.49 KB, 505x490, 101:98, TWO.jpg)



e84178  No.16501549


Wait, this happened? Why Trump decided to include Japan into the trade war that he have against China?

1fc6bf  No.16501550


I can see it being an issue if the justification is "hurr we have to use shittier, cheaper materials to still make the game sell", but they're luxuries in a niche market. Using that logic GW should be fucking bankrupt.


It'll need to stick around a long time, and that won't happen with a change in government, I think.

cb75fc  No.16501551

File: 0ed424d635eee0b⋯.png (483.3 KB, 800x800, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


If they're in another country than that's one way to circument it and it would just be Chink-shit that would take the fall. I hear South East Asia and Latin America will become places to put production and replace China someday.

cb75fc  No.16501557


>Why Trump decided to include Japan into the trade war that he have against China?

This would make Japanese games and products more expensive if that were the case.

d71073  No.16501561


It’s still just China, but a lot of companies use China as the first goto for cheap labor. This may change that, I hear grumblings of local semiconductor and electronics factories in my town reopening

e84178  No.16501565


Exactly and as far as I know, Nintendo don't manufacture their consoles in China, nor their video game production. Sony and Microsoft probably, but overall, this doesn't make sense.


I see. Good to hear that. And it's good also to hear that jobs are finally coming home to the United States.

5c9993  No.16501567

File: c92bd3ebd4fe439⋯.jpg (31.66 KB, 497x603, 497:603, c283cf1fb70a4db4e9780a7d8f….jpg)


>This is a particularly sensitive time for the game industry, as all signs point to new consoles hitting the market in 2020. Sony has already hinted at its plans for PlayStation 5, and Microsoft is clearly gearing up with its focus on services like Game Pass, xCloud, and Play Anywhere. The two giants also recently announced a team-up for cloud services and AI technology development

Preventing the sale of the PS5 is probably a good thing, since there's practically no news on the thing and they're only pushing it out to fulfill a profit margin, it's waaaaay too fucking early to shit out another generation of consoles, and the game library between consoles has been decreasing with every generation.

Next, the streaming service biz is a noted cancer even by normalfags, and no one has the net speed to work it feasibly. The whole streaming service biz is just another way to prevent piracy at the detriment of the consumer, and would be catastrophic for the games industry on release since so few would actually buy into it.

The tariffs are being used as punishment for anti-consumer practice, now they have to actually focus on making games and securing liscences instead of making console after console, the only way these companies will survive now is if they secure and improve the actual game quality rather then blindly selling bad hardware.

Tariffs are supposed to change incentives, and this is a pretty smart move on Trump's part, I think. It'll create a competitive environment where the base "sell and profit" strategy is the only way to survive, or they'll resort to illicit means of gain, like information selling, which will end up killing them in the long run.

Get competitive boyo, this is gonna be a ride.

cb75fc  No.16501568

File: e61cb5bdaf13eff⋯.png (1.46 MB, 1799x1773, 1799:1773, ClipboardImage.png)


>This may change that

This might make the rumors of SEA and Latin factories a reality. China will die if they lose all those production shekels.

Even though people panders to China, they won't give up on America's shekels.

688065  No.16501577


>I see. Good to hear that. And it's good also to hear that jobs are finally coming home to the United States.

Now, watch as people become critical of the jobs coming back. I've got a feeling that people taking Trump's newly created "jobs" might get MeToo'd out of them.

I'm not taking them since I'm doing fine on the money I make taking in recyclable waste.

57b141  No.16501586


>China will die if they lose all those production shekels.

It would be a collapse to rule them all. I don't think either of them will let it come to that though. Trump has been using tariffs as a way to negotiate better deals for the US and China obviously isn't looking to suicide by economical collapse.

Which is a shame because I really want China to fuck off and stop being the bug creatures they are.

d71073  No.16501587


>Jobs come back to US


>Spics stay in their countries due to influx of work

Win win I guess

1aafde  No.16501590


It all depends what happens in 2020. If Trump wins and there's a successor to him that will keep these policies, it'll start to shift back to the US. If a leftist is elected, they will start handing things to China on a silver platter to make up for all the "horrible" things Trump did to them.

Watching the semiconductor industry over the last 10 years has been painful. It's more or less been US companies cutting up and selling off all of their production and intellectual property to China and the Middle East.

AMD's fabs are a sad story, for example. An American company, american fabs, chips built in the USA. AMD sells off the fabs to Abu Dhabi. Now GloFo chips are made by the Middle East. Abu Dhabi then turns around and buys out IBM, previously American stuff too. And then they run GloFo into the ground to the point where AMD doesn't even use them. Japanese companies have all experienced similar fates.

The whole situation is very sad and if white people were taking industry and businesses from another group of people the same way the Chinese, Middle Easterners, etc have from the West the liberals would be up in arms. At least Trump is trying to slow down the pillaging of the West, though I honestly think he's way too late.


PS4 is a lot older than you think and there will be seven years between PS4 and PS5, just like there was 7 years between PS3 and PS4.

f89025  No.16501593

File: e8dac8d5d9b2c31⋯.jpg (79.83 KB, 367x531, 367:531, maniac.jpg)


Do it, Trump.

Kill them all.

cb75fc  No.16501597


What will kill China is Winnie the Pooh's arrogance.

5c9993  No.16501598


I know that the PS4 is "old", but compared to it's predecessors it hasn't justified it's price, there's going to be less and less with each generation because Sony is losing it's grip, Microsoft pretty much is trying to outright leave the game industry because of the same problems.

8e3bfe  No.16501602

File: 5ea54dfc59d0e11⋯.jpg (24.81 KB, 250x250, 1:1, 5ea54dfc59d0e117cecc16b7e4….jpg)


the what community?

cb75fc  No.16501610

File: 4d1934c262cadcb⋯.png (269.88 KB, 500x374, 250:187, ClipboardImage.png)


I'm happy to see them die, but I don't want Nintendo to be a monopoly even though they were a handheld monopoly during the GBA era.

But it looks like consoles as a platform is dying and there's nobody else willing to become console manufacterers.

688065  No.16501633


People are able to game on computers these days.

What's the need for consoles, honestly?

57b141  No.16501635

File: e3c6564415f97a3⋯.jpg (38.94 KB, 395x205, 79:41, 1372195291005.jpg)


>But it looks like consoles as a platform is dying

Streaming will take its place, but I can't see it working. Imagine if Microsoft and Sony were forced to go make games for PC after consoles are put in the ground.

e84178  No.16501639


Who knows, SEGA might come back. Sammy Corporation is swimming in cash that they could greenlight a SEGA console as a comeback.

6e8f2f  No.16501642


Nintendo always operated as a monopoly. They live in their own little world, and make exclusives their whole shtick. Nintendo was never competing with sony or microsoft cause they never had the same games on their platforms, but sony and microsoft often did compete cause a lot of their big sellers like CoD were on both platforms.

ab353b  No.16501646

File: b59de520f3719ef⋯.png (3.05 MB, 1500x1500, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


As I love seeing China getting fucked and the next industry crash happening, I want to know: Will this affect video game imports like Cold Steel 3 and the like?

cb75fc  No.16501647

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Normalfags having been flooding the console market and launcher services are having their own "exclusives" thereby creating walled gardens on PC which is an insult to PC gamers playing before Steam was ever convieced. I wish that devs will sell games directly from their website, this will just encourage piracy.


Went from surfing the web to set sailing on the digital seas.


469708  No.16501650


Good Guy Trump, forcing a video game crash.

688065  No.16501654


>Streaming will take it's place

There's one big problem to that…

Burgers got data caps to deal with. However, ISPs only put that in place to force people to buy Hollywood's crap.


I don't think Sega would be interested in another console. Sure the pain of the Dreamcast is gone, however it seems that Sega/Sammy only ever focuses on trends now.

The next console Sega seems to be launching soon is a Medagrive micro-console, by the way. I give that new Megadrive a week before hackers crack that thing like an egg.

57b141  No.16501657

File: 2d8a42db72628db⋯.png (152.06 KB, 1194x810, 199:135, no thanks.png)


>SEGA console

1aafde  No.16501661

Lets be honest, what's happening with localization of Japanese video games isn't censorship, it's a bunch of people removing Japanese culture from Japanese media because white Western people bringing those games over have personal issues about Japanese culture. What's happening isn't censorship, it's Westerners trying to colonize and subjugate a foreign form of media that they don't approve of. I hate to use leftist terms, but they are more or less hijacking and colonizing a non-White culture's prominent media export because they have personal and political issue with that country's culture.

Just for fun, imagine if you had white people removing things from rap music that white people didn't like so they could bring rap music to a new market. The left would be absolutely furious about that happening, slinging leftist terms about appropriation or whatever around non-stop. Yet they will turn around and do it to the Japanese because they don't like the Japanese. Imaging editing rap for a conservative audience and making the appropriate changes. The left would be furious if people started doing that.


Yeah, and from what I understand PS5 is going to be backwards compatible to try and make up for the fact that PS4 didn't really have the exclusives it needed to make it worth the investment. I think they are hoping that a PS5 will be worth it to people who didn't have a PS4, and that the PS4 exclusives + PS5 exclusives will be enough to make it worth it. And I would be considering it if Sony didn't become so pozzed lately but Nintendo is taking all the interesting Japanese games from PS4 and they are doing a far better job of making sure those Japanese games still feel Japanese when you play them, and not trying to put Western lipstick on a Japanese game. 8-4 and Treehouse still seem to think that people who are seeking out Japanese games want to play games that feel like Western games, but NoE is doing just fine.

People don't seem to understand that people who want to play Japanese games do it to escape Western gaming. Making Japanese games into Western games, like 8-4, Treehouse, Sony, etc are doing makes those people who want Japanese games uninterested. Which is going to create a huge vacuum of demand.


There are probably some competitors, but they don't stand a chance with PS4 doing how it is. If someone were to enter the market, even a major player like Sega, they would wait for more problems to hit PS and Xbox before making a movie. For example, if Sega did something now like announce a new Dreamcast with something like a simple promise of sports games and Japanese games that have not had the Japanese culture raped by white Western locaslizers, Sony would just backtrack on their culture rape and Sega would have no chance.

Switch is doing very well and they've basically done nothing more than

>you can take your games with you when you leave the TV and we're not going to completely rape the Japanese out of your Japanese video games.

The bar to make a good gaming device is lowering every day. And once it gets low enough a new competitor will show up and dominate. Historically there's only really been room for two successful consoles per generation. Xbone is not doing well, PS4 could be doing better. Switch is doing well.

cb75fc  No.16501662

File: 92a484f7104a24f⋯.png (2.28 MB, 2737x2253, 2737:2253, ClipboardImage.png)


> I give that new Megadrive a week before hackers crack that thing like an egg.

I give them 11 minutes.

688065  No.16501664

Is it just me or is 8chan taking a long time to load media today?

e84178  No.16501666


>What's happening isn't censorship, it's Westerners trying to colonize and subjugate a foreign form of media that they don't approve of.

Just a correction. It's not Westerners per se. We call them Marxists. And scums like them don't belong to any civilized hemisphere, they're a plague that destroys everything for the sake of social utopia of equality.

b51fa5  No.16501668

File: a2ba80310640857⋯.png (329.95 KB, 916x675, 916:675, aftermath komori.PNG)

e3847d  No.16501670


I'm ok with this. Fuck those commie chinks.

57b141  No.16501671



No, servers have been in the shitter for months now with steady waves of things slowing down to a crawl.

cb75fc  No.16501677

File: bb59d3ae1b24cac⋯.png (13.33 MB, 4536x2592, 7:4, ClipboardImage.png)


Back in the day Nintendo was synonymous with consoles to the point where even non-nintendo consoles were called Nintendo by parents. If SEGA were to come back which is not possible, they would need those Japanese and Sports games. A new NBA Jam with SEGA exclive content like playable Sonic characters might help or their own SEGA sports series.

2b6142  No.16501687

File: d7ce70151deaff7⋯.mp4 (7.9 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, d7ce70151deaff77d47cd0af69….mp4)


Who even is this girl?


Not just you, but also it's a lot more common around this time.

688065  No.16501688


>A new NBA Jam with SEGA exclive content like playable Sonic characters might help

There's two problems with this.

For one, not everyone likes sportsball.

Secondly, every major sport league seems to have a monopoly with one software publisher (for example, 2K/Take-Two shitting out NBA, NHL and WWE games or Electronic Arts and their various NFL, FIFA and UFC games).

cb75fc  No.16501695

File: 732b278998ffbc7⋯.png (579.82 KB, 720x604, 180:151, ClipboardImage.png)


>For one, not everyone likes sportsball.

Mario made it fun, though I enjoyed NBA Jam on Genesis while getting bored with the regular NBA games my bro and relatives play.

>Secondly, every major sport league seems to have a monopoly with one software publisher

That is a major problem. Sega should make wacky sports games with their characters like they did with their Sega All Star games.

Another thing is that they need to bring back old franchises like Comix Zone and have that be done by the creators of Mad World on top of securing more gorey games and lewd stuff.

ab2ff7  No.16501699


No one buys sports games except niggers and spics.

1aafde  No.16501700


I miss games like NFL Blitz. I don't even really like football but that was a ton of fun. I'm sure I will trigger some sportsball autists but whatever. Mario Strikers was a shit ton of fun back in the day too.

cb75fc  No.16501701

File: 44ef4cd31322012⋯.png (240.05 KB, 500x280, 25:14, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 593b4009982f86f⋯.png (860.44 KB, 479x960, 479:960, ClipboardImage.png)


>No one buys sports games except niggers and spics.

Unless Mario is in the title or it's some wacky game that breaks from the Sports simulators.


Sports games are only ever fun when they remove the realism.

688065  No.16501702



NFL Blitz and NBA Jam were made for arcades, first and foremost.

That's why they were genuinely fun.

1aafde  No.16501704



Funny how games are fun when they stop being obsessed with imitating real life.

ab2ff7  No.16501707


Mario only works with sports stuff if it's a party game for normalfags. Never heard someone say their favorite game was Mario tennis.

cb75fc  No.16501710

File: e6e71fd05ffca32⋯.png (336.19 KB, 606x556, 303:278, ClipboardImage.png)


>Funny how games are fun when they stop being obsessed with imitating real life.

Too bad the industry seems to forget this.

5e76c6  No.16501714

File: 3eaf78b0322d645⋯.png (610.8 KB, 595x842, 595:842, 71941461_p0.png)


Good. Fuck China and every company using them. Stop using shitty low-quality 3rd-world slave labor to avoid 1st-world labor laws.

And fuck any socialists here. You wanted these shitty regulations? Feel the brunt of them.

c5f2f8  No.16501721

File: 9a886f8cb9a389b⋯.jpg (185.4 KB, 984x1492, 246:373, edb020806700dc2e16ac736651….jpg)


>People are able to game on computers these days.

That has been the case for decades.

>What's the need for consoles, honestly?

Parents have a one purchase, no assembly required, gaming rig for their kids. That generally is tamper resistant, as well as "cheap".

eaffb3  No.16501725

>Will Usher - "SAO Alicization Lycoris Sexual Content Will Reportedly Be Reduced Due To “Current Times”"



>Robyn Pennacchia / Wonkette - "It's Been Five Years Since The Isla Vista Shootings, And Entitled Men Are Still A Danger" ("…I've also wondered a lot over the years about whether or not Gamergate would have even happened to the degree that it did if it were not for Elliot Rodger")


>Cameron Woodhead / Sydney Morning Herald - "Inside the minds just one click away from radicalisation"


>Will Usher - "Sony CEO Wants To Adopt “Countermeasures” To Gaming Addiction"



1aafde  No.16501726


don't underestimate the stupidity and laziness of normalfags.

57b141  No.16501730


>“Current Times”"

It's the Current Times!

43b3da  No.16501731

Getting a lot of files loading slowly or not loading at all, we getting DDoS'd?

8d68fd  No.16501732


He's a boomer, so I guess this is some kind of petty revenge against pearl harbor or Kushner is pulling on his leash to make him go against japan

cb75fc  No.16501734

File: 12d0a89d699f5f1⋯.png (412.21 KB, 858x1200, 143:200, ClipboardImage.png)


>"SAO Alicization Lycoris Sexual Content Will Reportedly Be Reduced Due To “Current Times”"

He can call .hack// a rip off and shit on it

>Despite how SAO's writing is worse

yet SAO's creator is a cuck that gives in to whatever shreiking of the Western blue hairs.

cb75fc  No.16501740

You know how to fight gaming addiction?

Don't get a PS5.

8af98a  No.16501741

File: 2db2b59f6d03049⋯.jpg (335.32 KB, 757x1080, 757:1080, bf2d55078eb650fde635aef30d….jpg)


>Fuck China

In a heartbeat.

25748b  No.16501742


Has Jenny done porn yet?

cb75fc  No.16501743


Damn it Tewi.

205fcc  No.16501750



>You know how to stop your gaming addiction?

>Don't buy a console with no games

I don't see the issue of buying a PS4 or a PS5 if you want to avoid game addiction

cb75fc  No.16501752

File: 63c9c68b4e2b350⋯.png (296.37 KB, 500x497, 500:497, ClipboardImage.png)

8af98a  No.16501758

File: 0536e9682187ea6⋯.png (756.29 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, a31d47f05212c89e1fa716bd31….png)

cb75fc  No.16501763

File: 34a6348d1d729d6⋯.png (471.71 KB, 816x612, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 5472ddd6797fa92⋯.png (1.68 MB, 1046x1343, 1046:1343, ClipboardImage.png)

File: f411104a2f64ad6⋯.png (1.37 MB, 1011x690, 337:230, ClipboardImage.png)

File: eb430556079dce7⋯.png (321.8 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

File: ff5792b3fa17463⋯.png (1.46 MB, 1200x675, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

Reminder that Sony is gay.

6700f6  No.16501772

File: 83628566c856eee⋯.png (1.22 MB, 1013x1106, 1013:1106, o_con_noi.png)


ebin hitler dubs

1a5fbb  No.16501777

File: 6acf40f06068684⋯.png (967.77 KB, 817x803, 817:803, FUCK EVERYTHING.PNG)



a528c0  No.16501779

File: 2f4a8d7f54535fd⋯.jpg (98.49 KB, 718x960, 359:480, 54c7c43f9f13d5509d71f1a5e7….jpg)

Since yesterday I've seen a lot of retards sperging out about India and Straya elections, why are they so upset?

eaffb3  No.16501783

File: d12b5c0a6304bbd⋯.jpg (99.81 KB, 863x1200, 863:1200, sonic movie release date.jpg)



>In a surprise to few, Paramount Pictures has opted to push the Sonic the Hedgehog release date back by three months to further retool the design of the lead character. The film was originally scheduled to hit theaters on November 8, 2019, but will now instead open in theaters on February 14, 2020.

796c69  No.16501784


From what I've heard, the right-wing swept India's elections.

cb75fc  No.16501787


World super pooper by 2020.

ab2ff7  No.16501792


>dumped to february, the worst month for movies


5c9993  No.16501795


live action anime always fucking tanks, what the fuck are you on?

1925b4  No.16501800

Imagine what the Eu election will cause.

EU parliament forbade a coalition by right-wing parties just now, stating that democratically voted parties can't have the right afforded to other emocratically voted parties because of wrongthink.

2b6142  No.16501803


Australia elected its Liberal Party. But keep in mind Australian definition of "Liberal" is different, and that the Greens are not happy.

cb75fc  No.16501805

File: 368d857a2c75f7a⋯.png (99.05 KB, 295x229, 295:229, ClipboardImage.png)


EU after being dismantled.

66b2a6  No.16501812

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



ba60cf  No.16501816


It was inevitable.


>represent Hindu culture


Is this what this liberal mindset has turned into?

>represent national interest = far-right = nazi

cb75fc  No.16501820

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Is this what this liberal mindset has turned into?

Yes, video related.

a528c0  No.16501826

File: 1c6a4c803a6225f⋯.jpg (63.76 KB, 632x646, 316:323, 66b29140a45ef0b3ac3839d98d….jpg)


Isn't there some Hindus who believe Hitler was an avatar of Vishnu?


I saw that it was a surprise victory, similar to Trump in 2016

5c9993  No.16501835

File: 5dfba9ea04f25f8⋯.png (911.13 KB, 1371x976, 1371:976, adult swim time.png)


I think we need to make an addendum to "keep your personal and profession life separate"

Keep your personal, professional and political life separate.

Also I remember that that dude got fucking fired.

cb75fc  No.16501838


>Also I remember that that dude got fucking fired.

Really? That's hilarious.

ba60cf  No.16501846


Any manager would fire a clerk that refuses to sell.

5c9993  No.16501860

File: 104296a2639fee3⋯.jpg (53.42 KB, 522x586, 261:293, AMERICAN.jpg)


If you're going to have an employee that freaks out like that at anything you essentially hired an employee that holds up the business, wrecks the company's PR (especially in the age of the internet), and alienates people from your brand. I'm pretty sure people were actually turned off of vaping because of this shit.

Capitalism fucking works m80. Keeps everything nice and civil, because the alternative is getting fired. I've met people against my politics all the time at work, but I don't hate them like that, there's no reason to. The professional and political battlegrounds can only be fought without hard feelings, because feelings don't change shit for the better.

Sorry for the rant.

97a553  No.16501862


Speaking of which, anyone have a link to the article detailing how EA was furious with Wii Sports for this exact reason?

97a553  No.16501863

8d68fd  No.16501869


I believe it was a small sector of them, but it got popularized thanks to Savitri Devi and Miguel Serrano.

6de58c  No.16501885

File: b208ed2b64876ab⋯.jpg (46.42 KB, 479x357, 479:357, 9785132481324.jpg)

I just got back from a rally of the Social Democrat Party of [Insert Country], because my mom wanted me to go. That was a wild ride. There was one "We have to be on the right side of history!" and at least four positive references to the local used-to-be Communist regime.

c7ad24  No.16501894


The one thing that kinda pisses me off about "the right side of history" was that it used to be a phrase used by the American right back in the late '90s.

These fucking faggots can't even make their own propaganda without ripping someone else off.

af3e70  No.16501898


> the right side of history!

everytime i hear this the first think it pops on my mind is a villian. the left keep saying it like its a mantra. coincidence?

8d68fd  No.16501900

File: 440815804ba4a73⋯.jpg (90.89 KB, 861x923, 861:923, 1557458344.jpg)


tell us more anon, this sounds like a doozy.

cb75fc  No.16501904

File: 6ed94e60e97e975⋯.png (584.82 KB, 599x596, 599:596, 6ed94e60e97e97562b9d03c728….png)


There is no such thing as a "right side of history", history doens't give a shit. There's only victors and losers in history.

6de58c  No.16501911


From what I could scan of the crowd, I was pretty much the youngest person there, aside from one guy with a kid does a dog count?, so 90% of the speech was just them going "Remember Yugoslavia, yeah, we'll bring that back, amirite fellow antifascists" because the old farts get rock solid at the prospect.

0867c3  No.16501912


Though the victors do write history, to an extent. The holocaust, for example.

dd9685  No.16501937


pls tell me you are not from South america, i deal with this shitshow often round here

97a553  No.16501938

File: 3e6a0d28b20779a⋯.pdf (3.07 MB, Mein Kampf - (Adolf Hitler….pdf)


>What's the need for consoles, honestly?

There's no actual "need" for them at all. However, I won't object to the idea of having a very simple machine designed for the sole function of just playing games. In fact, I've recently been becoming very jaded of the idea of "all in one" devices, and how it's made the idea of a dedicated device very unprofitable. However, ever since console started to use CD-ROMs, they forget that their purpose was to play games first and foremost. And it was that okay for the first couple generations (They mever made it the point of the system, just a feature), until the PS2 came along and fucked everything.

Yes, if you want to know the reason WHY the games industry made "cinematic experiences" it's primary goal, you can thank the PS2 for being the reason that it rocketed the idea into the limelight instead of having the concept die off with FMVs.

If it wasn't for the PS2, the DVD market wouldn't have taken off in Japan like it, the Dreamcast wouldn't have been the final nail in Sega's coffin, and game consoles wouldn't have turned into multimedia devices.


>Will Usher - "Sony CEO Wants To Adopt “Countermeasures” To Gaming Addiction"


Does anyone else find the irony that game companies keep seeking out ways for players to NOT play their games?


Edge of Tomorrow didn't tank.


>Isn't there some Hindus who believe Hitler was an avatar of Vishnu?

I thought Hitler was a Hindu, himself.



Found it: https://archive.fo/3hOJR

>Moore says some EA Sports staff found accepting Wii and mass market audiences too tough


>I just got back from a rally of the Social Democrat Party of [Insert Country]

>Social Democrat

<Anon, give the Kampfy Chair a read when you can.


Isn't just about every other James Bond villian some mad idealists who wants to "Save the world from itself"?

0867c3  No.16501949

File: c614889037fe004⋯.png (933.77 KB, 1028x2041, 1028:2041, thehardtimes.net-LeakedFoo….png)

cb75fc  No.16501951

File: c8029e860abd4ce⋯.png (168.61 KB, 670x699, 670:699, ClipboardImage.png)


What is it with Latin Americans gravitating towards communism?

6de58c  No.16501954


Well, it's south but not America. Read my second post for hints.

dd9685  No.16501955


the always try to take it, since the 60s

0867c3  No.16501956


>these days

This has been widespread since at least the Vic-20 from 1981.

e8597a  No.16501957

File: fcc7f325c5ad10c⋯.jpeg (295.09 KB, 1080x1460, 54:73, Val will defend this.jpeg)

File: b745e09856834de⋯.webm (5.9 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Ah, the French.webm)

France is getting franced again.

ad9d96  No.16501958

File: 7e1a3ebc5f33db6⋯.png (823.53 KB, 894x1307, 894:1307, doodle376.png)

2b6142  No.16501966


I expected much more "shocking news" but no, it was all for nothing. Leave it at that.

ba60cf  No.16501976


These terrorist attacks will become so common that later on these won't be reported, just like in Iraq.

195fe1  No.16501977


That's simply not true. Tons of white dudebros and office workers have consoles to play Madden or 2K Sports games and Call of Duty, and play movies. And you're forgetting the many, many, MANY white people in Europe (inb4 >Europe >white) who play FIFA and get the new one every year to play with their friends, who also get the new one every year. They make new sports games, of every sport, every year, because shit tons of people like them and buy them. It's a guaranteed money printer. Spend less time on /pol/ and more time talking to real people.

6de58c  No.16501979

File: 2986cccd085712c⋯.jpg (19.08 KB, 500x367, 500:367, carlos.jpg)


Part and Parcel bomb of living in a multicultural society.

cb75fc  No.16501980

File: b7196edaaee9925⋯.webm (610.22 KB, 640x284, 160:71, VR Gondola Waifu.webm)


Benis posting should be for Spurdos and Gondolas, don't sully the benis with your porn.

8af98a  No.16501995

File: de46d2fa7de82de⋯.png (705.61 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, 2bc74001e309d340f37aa8af8d….png)


Policing benis posting is for homos.

be329b  No.16501998

File: 4a16e106b2437c5⋯.png (180.59 KB, 477x437, 477:437, 4a16e106b2437c5e0684295ac9….png)


That was on point


I was beginning to think it was cancelled, and it along with


really should have been.

57b141  No.16501999

File: 02a31b602eeb922⋯.jpg (15.01 KB, 480x319, 480:319, 02a31b602eeb922fc99c914af3….jpg)

cb75fc  No.16502002

File: 24e9810b4ee572d⋯.png (207.82 KB, 600x300, 2:1, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 27ac41ab66191cd⋯.png (957.3 KB, 1000x669, 1000:669, ClipboardImage.png)

File: d036148502faf0a⋯.png (518.8 KB, 748x578, 22:17, ClipboardImage.png)

So I checked and apparently people can make plastic out of hemp. It's safer than the petrolium based and it seems to be xenoestrogen free which is the most important part considering all the effeminate faggots and soy boys running around. Would like Hemp consoles in the future.

ee1cb9  No.16502005


Whoa why does that little girl have a dick?

83bbdc  No.16502006


>the Dreamcast wouldn't have been the final nail in Sega's coffin

I highly doubt that. Even if the PS2 hadn't come out, Sega would've killed itself regardless. I'm not really against the idea of consoles being multimedia, either. I felt that the PS3 was great for this purpose because it was stupidly easy to download porn and anime directly onto the system via the internet browser. It's still my go-to pirate machine to this day. What I hate is how console UI is trying to emulate Windows more and more. I really miss the simplicity of the XMB.

97a553  No.16502007


Just because every news source is reporting it, that doesn't mean you can post it without an archive.

021885  No.16502010



Call it a hunch, but this may lead to a breaking point. SAO is one of the Call of Duty’s of Japan (up with Neptunia, Final Fantasy, Dragon’s Quest, and others); don't fuck with SAO any more than you fuck with Dragon Ball Z. Sony just picked on the ultimate boring otaku trash that has a rabid following of waifufags. This is long past 'weebshit' and is now 'The actual hive who have been known to injure/kill people before over their idols/virtual women." You better believe some of those SAOfags are Sony shareholders, and probably pretty powerful politicians as well. This could cause a rumble in Japan and people will start to question why Sony went to California.

57b141  No.16502011

File: 3361cac65c3d010⋯.jpg (539.71 KB, 2000x1369, 2000:1369, curling.jpg)


>They make new sports games, of every sport, every year

Where's my annual Curling game?

cb75fc  No.16502012

File: 38c8a29f8cf7647⋯.png (570.48 KB, 1199x715, 109:65, ClipboardImage.png)


Last bread was great because the lewd spam was really low and gondola benis.

8d68fd  No.16502015


>the best alternative to plastic can come from hemp rather than petrolium

on one hand, this is great and can get rid of our dependance on oil although the kikes who run the oil buisness won't like that

on the other, I only dinf this hard to support because I fucking hate DUDE WEED LMAO fags.

cb75fc  No.16502021

File: f65efbfac98af14⋯.png (180.91 KB, 688x745, 688:745, ClipboardImage.png)


SAO is some of the worst written garbage ever to grace anime. Japs really do have shit taste.

cb75fc  No.16502025

File: 00d3c1d50037ab9⋯.png (1.52 MB, 2000x2000, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


>I only dinf this hard to support because I fucking hate DUDE WEED LMAO fags.

It's either those fags or effeminate soy boys effected by the xenoestrogens in all the petrolium plastic. I'm more annoyed with fags than I am with potheads.

97a553  No.16502035


>Even if the PS2 hadn't come out, Sega would've killed itself regardless.

If anything, they would have barely survived the Dreamcast, only for their next system to be the catch-22 that ends them or saves them.

>I'm not really against the idea of consoles being multimedia, either.

I can understand that, but, if I didn't make it clear, my main gripe isn't the fact that they included those features. My main complaint is that they made those features the point of the system.

8d68fd  No.16502050

File: e634813aa811f63⋯.jpg (73.39 KB, 720x711, 80:79, e634813aa811f6338bc7e0e5c6….jpg)


they're both the same to me.

alot of soyboys I knew were also epic potheads or loved to make stoner humor.

8342b0  No.16502053


>Japs really do have shit taste.

Except weebs have way shittier taste. Almost every anime that has gotten super popular like SAO over the past decade or so in the west has been complete shit, where as at least there is good stuff that does well in Japan in addition to the shit.

c7ad24  No.16502060


In all seriousness, this. Had some fucking faggot stoner tell me about

<the poor South Korean women are treated like slaves

while he was toking up because it was the best way to "handle" being a fucking failure to his family while having an insane asylum reject for a girlfriend.

0f8ff7  No.16502065


Makes sense. I am pretty sure there will be issues that they don't know yet, for example if it is biodegradable, you don't exactly want to make anything that is supposed to have permanence with hemp plastic. You could probably treat it, but I have doubts to if the did research into that.


Sure, but don't look a gift horse in the mouth. Same attitude I have towards GoT blowing up and the resulting entertainment I am getting out of that. It may be the dumbest shit that is getting everyone up in arms, but it is still entertaining and can be leveraged.

c98956  No.16502070


Concerted effort by Cuba and the Soviet Union in the 60’s/70’s to make them turn communist. Liberation theology preached to try and make the mainly catholic population embrace veiled Marxist-Leninism.

57b141  No.16502076


I hope that catches on. I want the world to be free from the plastic devil.

cb75fc  No.16502077


Well, it's necessary to have an alternative that isn't ridden with xenoestrogens.

eaffb3  No.16502081

File: ce589981c4f96ea⋯.png (58.11 KB, 456x651, 152:217, paizo.PNG)

>Gizmodo - Why That Anti-Loot Box Bill Is Actually Kinda Shitty


>d100 News: "The US-China trade war, the cost of paper, and the economics behind roleplaying games"



712e20  No.16502083


>Theresa May resigned

That does not make me that happy since it was on her terms. She should jave been humiliated and fired.


Nintendo switches have a nivida chip in them, are they made in china?


Computer part costs are going to go up too nigger.


Edge of tomorrow had not being famous like gits or akira or dragon ball going for it, along with a completly different name.

796c69  No.16502091

File: 13dad7cac5f0ccd⋯.jpg (27.64 KB, 300x300, 1:1, the don.jpg)


Miamifag checking in to say that the vast majority of Latin American normalfags that have been subjected to hard-left policies are pretty fucking red-pilled, at least economically.

I've got cuban, nicaraguan, venezuelan, and colombian friends, and they all hate socialists and communists.

Unfortunately, I also knew some younger cubans in high-school that are okay with some redistributionist policies, but they were pretty fucking stupid in general anyway.

232932  No.16502092


>Boris Johnson is a favorite to you replace her

>you will live to see an American as prime minister of the UK

cb75fc  No.16502094


Why is Miami so blue then?

>inb4 it's Niggers, Beach Kikes and the Gay Community

712e20  No.16502096


All those and hispanics and indirect celebrity worship.

cb75fc  No.16502103

Anyone see the trending #AskSonic on twitter?

cb75fc  No.16502106


>and hispanics

I thought Cubans are Republicans.

712e20  No.16502111


Sorry meant to specify mexican hispanics, particularly illegal ones who find their way there.

be2107  No.16502113

File: 2434df9efb79297⋯.jpg (92.72 KB, 753x1024, 753:1024, 07e84320088fc32ada9e25ef7e….jpg)


I can vote not so right wing or full on Hitler nazis. The thing is if nazis won which is very likely they will they will ramp up indoctrination and local level censorship.

cb75fc  No.16502118


They can't stay in California and Texas? Why go all the way to Miami?

796c69  No.16502123


>inb4 it's Niggers, Beach Kikes and the Gay Community

A lot of it is this yeah.


>I thought Cubans are Republicans.

Older ones definitely, younger ones is a mixed bag because as they were born and grew up here they've effectively been propagandized like any other american.

712e20  No.16502129


Because they can, but if I'd guess the land is nice, and they might think that the ones who stay in commiefornia or parts of texas are too radical even for them despite being no better themselves.

cb75fc  No.16502133


I kinda want to see Mexicans and Cubans beat the shit out of each other.

d16690  No.16502136


The most important disadvantage is that "hemp plastic" is not really feasible for things like consoles; like your post stated the "plastic" will start to decompose on its own rather quickly. Not only that; the structural and molecular integrity of the material is also considerably less because of the way it is made. Hemp is a solution for things like straws and bottles, but not for computers, consoles or other long-lasting objects. Additionally, even if plastic could be make from hemp, the plasticizers would still be incorporated into the material - and let that just be the stuff that fucks with your hormonal balance.

t. Chemical Engineer

cb75fc  No.16502140

File: e7e117f09bc1f5c⋯.png (1.75 MB, 1117x1597, 1117:1597, ClipboardImage.png)


That's a damn shame. Thanks for your imput mister engineer, keep on operating.

712e20  No.16502144


Mister chemical engineer, what can we use to replace petrolium plastics in vidya consoles? Also, despite being toxic I miss lead sodder for its longevity

be2107  No.16502155


Mr ChemEng

tell me about dangers of onahole tpe thanks

bd81fd  No.16502164


the problem is that they will regroup like last time because they are too connected on twitter. Going after the leaks and getting them fired for breaking NDA would be a better venture, devs and prfags wont go there if the site becomes too dangerous for them.


Because the Journos post there, I figure the ones that still post their are sjws themselves.

8d68fd  No.16502168

File: 1823a4ba4a113a1⋯.gif (575.88 KB, 500x280, 25:14, 1557004267.gif)


I want to see Cubans and white Mexicans genociding Puerco Ricans, Salvadorians and all the lesser beaners and brown mexicans.

ESPECIALLY the Puerco Ricans.

0f8ff7  No.16502170


Yep. It is pretty much a free publicity site, except that they have to sign away their soul to use it.

cb75fc  No.16502171

File: 79ac59b1cf0daf1⋯.png (280.54 KB, 800x410, 80:41, ClipboardImage.png)


>Because the Journos post there, I figure the ones that still post their are sjws themselves.

I don't know when companies stop believing in Journos. I'm shocked that these Journos are still operating and not out of business.

9d6dcf  No.16502175

File: 954e68779d8d725⋯.png (329.84 KB, 792x594, 4:3, mark and the hamster.png)


712e20  No.16502179


>I'm shocked that these Journos are still operating and not out of business.

Most games journalism is operating at a loss, and are growing more and more hostile to their competition on youtube by the day. They are on borrowed time.

8af98a  No.16502189

File: 95971bb988c3186⋯.jpg (34.07 KB, 663x726, 221:242, 3e1178eaba3c6a55b544524587….jpg)


Would you a hamster?

c3fa86  No.16502190

Why does my ID keep resetting?





Talking with a guy who has worked with PVC piping for years, he was saying that it's only the plastic shavings that are toxic, and (Aside from the fact that there are hundreds of filters that consumable water does go through) the only time that stuff does get consumed is when the idiot working on the plumbing doesn't flush the system before anyone uses it.


>I am pretty sure there will be issues that they don't know yet, for example if it is biodegradable, you don't exactly want to make anything that is supposed to have permanence with hemp plastic. You could probably treat it, but I have doubts to if the did research into that.

They already have studies coming out stating that pot can cause anxiety disorder, brain damage, decreases reaction time, causes one to lose their indepedence, and increases your sperm count at the risk of making you sterile.








Also, they passed a law stating that convicted felons can now vote.

cb75fc  No.16502193

File: 1a284aeb9f7cf2d⋯.png (423.46 KB, 678x381, 226:127, ClipboardImage.png)

File: f71981e683e0d05⋯.png (620.93 KB, 695x1126, 695:1126, ClipboardImage.png)


I'm losing my patience. I can't wait until they die off along with Sony and AAA.

1b7465  No.16502196


Yeah probably.

9d6dcf  No.16502199

File: 7e71bcbcff3ae71⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 659.02 KB, 790x550, 79:55, ClipboardImage.png)

83bbdc  No.16502203



0f8ff7  No.16502204


I meant the plastic. I know that pot use fucks you up hard. Pot is going to go the same way as the tobacco industry.

712e20  No.16502206


Sorry anon, nothing short of a mass crime ring linked to the game journo pros will actually kill them any faster.

cb75fc  No.16502211

File: 7e58cad6f907047⋯.png (280.95 KB, 474x468, 79:78, ClipboardImage.png)


How long will it take for these Journos to get shut down?

688065  No.16502214


6 years or less.

cb75fc  No.16502216

File: dcc9eedd0617501⋯.png (142.76 KB, 400x400, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


Still pretty long.

d16690  No.16502217

File: 072b15ad46454de⋯.jpg (414.24 KB, 900x900, 1:1, viv.jpg)



Double doubles, nice

Honestly: not a lot. Your safest bet would be metal. This is also the best bottle substitute, since metal releases only iron and trace metals into the water. Not aluminum, stainless steel. For consoles the requirement is pretty tight: it has to be light, inexpensive, easy to clean and easy to mass-produce. If a console needs a cover, why choose a skookum $3 metal cover instead of a 50 ct. plastic one? This is mainly a choice factories make to keep things cheap.

However: listen to this. The reason plastic is not the best option for the environment nowadays, is because some plastics (PTFE, plasticizers) have halogens in them. Fluorine and chlorine for example. If you burn these, nasty compounds will start to form that fucks with humans, animals, plants and the atmosphere alike. Some plastics do not have this; PET, PP, PS, PC. If you burn these (pure) plastics, you only get carbon dioxide and water in the case of complete combustion. This makes them - netto - carbon neutral… if made from natural resources. Enter sugars: a material that might turn out to be very important. I worked on an experimental project that basically turns sugar (fructose, xylose) into a building block of plastics, which resemble PET in structure. I am not gonna go into details here - confidentiality and the fact that it might be way too expensive to make - but this process might make oil-based plastics without oil. Of course, you still have the plasticizers, but this is again a issue of costs. More expensive compounds can be used, but with less results.

For onaholes my advice is simple: the only way plastics can ruin your hormonal balance is by entering your digestive tract: there they will be ingested into the body and be (sometimes converted) seen as xenohormones. Your dick is - as far as I know - not a mouth, and these compounds cannot penetrate the skin if brought into contact with the skin. Your mucous membrane on the tip of your dick and inside are only somewhat more susceptible to mass transfer but not enough to make the compounds absorb through your skin. The only way to do this would be to leave the onahole on the tip of your dick for 72 hours; then it might just start ever so slightly do something. tl;dr: wash it thoroughly on first use and normally before and use.

c7ad24  No.16502218


At the absolute earliest, I'd say within the next three years.

be2107  No.16502220


I dont know if its changed but hormones from birth control cant get filtered.

9d6dcf  No.16502221

File: e8c73559e0f7fd7⋯.png (203.54 KB, 1020x663, 20:13, 1510806602.png)



videogames is a religion of peace

be2107  No.16502223


Men win again!

pay extra for your overpriced sex toys dumb whores!

cb75fc  No.16502224

File: 452559e33e4f185⋯.png (14.91 KB, 259x294, 37:42, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 21847c8751a9983⋯.png (321.98 KB, 864x594, 16:11, ClipboardImage.png)

File: a93551a2107c614⋯.png (189.97 KB, 640x484, 160:121, ClipboardImage.png)


>videogames is a religion of peace

That's right.

0f8ff7  No.16502261


>thinking they will burn plastics while they are still screaming about global warming

Last I checked they prefer using chemical recycling for plastics, which leads to a lot of chemical waste, iirc, and isn't a very efficient chemical reaction. That might have changed, as it has been years since I read up on any of that.

cb75fc  No.16502271

File: 613065801e71bc9⋯.png (1.67 MB, 1280x931, 1280:931, ClipboardImage.png)

d16690  No.16502277


Plastics are at the moment burned in huge amounts all over the world and that is really not the problem: the problem is that the net carbon dioxide emission is positive, which is not the greatest thing in the world. If you can make it cyclical; i.e. use plant matter to produce your plastics, you can effectively negate this problem.

Also, I should start saging.

c3fa86  No.16502285


IIRC, some Anons were talking about how a lot of trash could be "pressurized" to make more oil. Would that help in reducing the amount of crap they burn, and what would this process entail?

a64ae6  No.16502296

cb75fc  No.16502302

File: 15b174bcc2c8f6d⋯.png (2.26 MB, 1600x1166, 800:583, ClipboardImage.png)

File: a1bed3ef19e4d46⋯.png (373.6 KB, 500x375, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 97cff2f707b3466⋯.png (323.03 KB, 500x375, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

File: a9b60c09768f38c⋯.png (271.04 KB, 485x307, 485:307, ClipboardImage.png)

File: dac2c0931387132⋯.png (447.77 KB, 680x510, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)


>some Anons were talking about how a lot of trash could be "pressurized" to make more oil. Would that help in reducing the amount of crap they burn

I can't believe it's not oil.

cb75fc  No.16502304


Big titty philosophy.

d16690  No.16502328



Alright; looked it up and it seems kind of shady to be honest. Use biological matter or hydrocarbons in a pressure cooker and heat and pressurize it. Extract the oil. Seems somewhat unreachable, and the info I could find was not very hopeful. Only a specific type of matter could be converted, and most (I think) is unsuitable. I'd give it hope, but I fear that the energy ration is just too low for it to be economically viable.

84b033  No.16502357

File: f7473f2fc171294⋯.webm (4.13 MB, 480x320, 3:2, gangster party line.webm)


We wanted to be at peace with our vidya, but balding feminist rapists didn't want our peace.

a64ae6  No.16502380


Can I have one

1fc6bf  No.16502385


I get the feeling more and more that the cheaper energy gets per kWh or whatever unit you prefer, the better for the damn planet. Bring on fusion, you incompetent fucks, radiation be damned.

0867c3  No.16502387


Thank fucking Christ. Bitch should have been dragged out, alongside the entire parliament and hung in the fucking streets.

Who's up for consideration to succeed her? Anyone who actually wants Brexit to happen?

d16690  No.16502394


Cheap is not really the limiting factor, it's revenue vs cost (thus efficiency). When the price of oil and coal starts rising, other energy options will become viable. Fusion is actually super safe, radiation is the least of your problems. Thorium reactors would be a nice substitute, but for now WWII has set us up for uranium reactors.

712e20  No.16502395


As far as cases go metal is fine, but I was asking more the circuit boards and other internals. I have heard about PET before but I am suprised that they never caught on outside of asia. Thanks for the lesson anon.

712e20  No.16502400


Also we are near the bump limit or at least last I checked so you don't need to sage really.

1fc6bf  No.16502424


Last I checked, Gove was still out for being the knife-wielder and Boris is, well, Boris. And also has a knife in him. I will not be surprised if there's a leadership crisis or some internal squabble and Labour goes "hurr general election time :^)" and then we all get shot for not being ideologically pure enough. While still being part of Europe.


It's more the case of once demand drops, prices'll similarly drop and it'll be viable in places in the third world that don't have the infrastructure, thus everything is still fucked. If you pump out enough joules to make prohibitively energy-intensive processes viable, then I think that's half the hurdle right there, although I think it's me being idealistic that it'll be a viable magic bullet. It's certainly going to be the case for any form of cleaner transport that much more electrical energy is available for cheap, unless you devise a decent way of storing hydrogen fuel or something. I suppose it's also pointless if you still need a way to produce said hydrogen in massive quantities to be viable as a fuel source, which brings us back to electrolysis and oh wait.

I may be talking shit, though.

9d6dcf  No.16502432


tits aren't grapes anon, they come in pears

84b033  No.16502443

File: e0d84e6f39e15aa⋯.jpg (132.11 KB, 652x869, 652:869, jazz music stops.jpg)


>in pears

84b033  No.16502446


disregard I just understood the pun

d16690  No.16502468


Nah, you are mostly right. Those can be solutions, but some things to note:

> The energy demand drops

lmao nope

> pump out enough joules


> energy transport

Main problem. Electric cars are not able to properly transport shit over longer distances; an electric truck with load has a range of 200 km max. With that said, the weight of the thing will be close to a Klingon Battlecruiser. Nevertheless, hydrogen might be a good option, but liquid fuels will always be necessary for continental transport. I can talk about this for hours and multiple posts long, but the reality is that we will still need liquid fuels for the foreseeable future.


Not vidya, not GG; therefor sage.

33bf3f  No.16502469

File: 4b21fc2c8084ff5⋯.jpeg (44.02 KB, 853x479, 853:479, D7HiVLGXoAASK0e.jpeg)


>Harris' Wife is an American Mixed Mong

>Potential PM is an American

All according to Keikaku

171ff6  No.16502480


I have a friend in the drilling industry that keeps telling me that geothermal will be a cost-viable large-scale alternative within a decade.

I suspect that might be the near-future since it's not as spoopy as nuclear to idiots, and it's fairly failsafe so can be applied in shitholes that you wouldn't trust with even 10 kg of fissile material.

712e20  No.16502506


Geothermal is very ecosystem friendly and can be made efficient, but dealing with heat and moisture means the parts will probably wear faster and the earth will erode quicker too, but I am not an expert so am probably wrong.

d16690  No.16502527


Geothermal is already in use dude! Here is Europe, heat pumps are pretty popular. Only downside is that they cannot provide everything, and are a relatively big investment.

1fc6bf  No.16502543


I meant the demand for oil as an energy source, but the third point negates that anyway. Yeah, even working in the tail end of the logistics chain there's a fuckload of trucks that come in and out for a niche fucking food chain for a pretty small fucking area, and I think I saw somewhere that articulated lorries were still getting about 8 to 10mpg. And I've always yelled at the radio like the fucking autist I am whenever the environmental shit comes on in that there's a lot of shit to move just to fucking feed sixty million, let alone seven billion, and the current state of electric cars are… well, the plans to fucking ban all combustion vehicles are ludicrous without massive infrastructure work that should have happened ten years ago without the chinks getting involved.

Also, come to think of it, self-driving cars aside… accidents are going to get fucking fun when electric cars are more common and car crashes get to include shock hazards and metal fires. I do not envy the fucker trying to stop a lithium fire.


I thought that was pretty much exclusively Iceland which is tectonically active anyway.

6e8f2f  No.16502547


>the earth will erode quicker too


ab353b  No.16502573

File: af9439baa21521b⋯.jpg (1.23 MB, 1196x770, 598:385, Telltale Games General.jpg)



Wasn't GOG supposed to preserve games from this very fate?

6e8f2f  No.16502581


what does it matter? They'll always exist as torrents.

c3fa86  No.16502591


GoG has removed several games from their site over the years. You can no longer buy Race Driver: GRID or Recettear on it.

c13747  No.16502598


Telltale probably decided that if they are dying nobody is allowed to buy their games anymore, so they requested everything be removed.

712e20  No.16502616


As I said I can be wrong, but ifigured the constant influx of heat and moisture would wear the earth around the plants faster than say ordinary rain.

171ff6  No.16502628



I have a tendency to tune him out when he gets going so I can't really recall any details, but as I understood it it's mainly used for small-scale heating right now, not electrical production?

As a layman, the drill rigs are relatively mobile, aren't they? So reusing them for multiple holes should get pretty good economy of scale once it starts getting traction.

It seems just about ideal in concept.

Extremely simple. Water pumps down, steam comes up, turbine spins. No huge risks in case of a failure, practically limitless supply, and unlike most other sources it's barely scratching the surface of its potential, literally. We're not even halfway through the crust.

c3fa86  No.16502640

File: 8f14163d1396137⋯.png (415.5 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 1603-episode-002-the-fifth….png)

Anyone else watching the autists that are melting down in the Chinese tariff thread?

dc3500  No.16502650


I am a little worried. I don't want it to hurt the nips. I liked it better when it was focusing on crops and other things to hurt the chinks.

688065  No.16502652


What thread?

eaffb3  No.16502661

File: 71045e575681006⋯.jpg (55.98 KB, 600x300, 2:1, simpsons E3.jpg)



d16690  No.16502662


Ah, I see. Yeah, the things you name will be major roadblocks. Not that we cannot overcome those, but there must be an alternative in place soon-ish, easy accessible oil will start to run out sooner than later.

> Iceland

Nope, even in Germany, France or The Netherlands heat can be found and stored if you drill deep enough.


Only in veeeeeeeeeeeeeeery exceptional cases, look up Staufen, Germany. These are really super-rare, so not really an issue.


Yup, only energy storage and heat exchanging during winter or summer. Heating is pretty efficient that way, but you still need power for lighting, boiling water and AC. Power generation is indeed only viable in heat-rich earth, and only Iceland has this yeah.

c36582  No.16502666


but why?

c3fa86  No.16502673

3da5c4  No.16502676


>Wasn't GOG supposed to preserve games from this very fate?

No, they still have to adhere to licenses. Which they've always done, this isn't the first game they had to stop sales for.

be2107  No.16502678


oh shit E3 is this close?

5bfe9f  No.16502680


Hope is another hit and run

83bbdc  No.16502704

File: 1f35d1f83bf21ce⋯.jpg (154.79 KB, 829x1200, 829:1200, fbi open up.jpg)


>No Sony blunders

>No EA blunders

>A bunch of writers from a dead, soulless show are going to sit and talk everyone into a boredom-induced coma

>Girlwood and more ear-grating French accents from Ubisoft

I don't know, I don't think I'm going to tune in this year. There's nothing to laugh at anymore.

5b3956  No.16502705


I guess they just ran out of ideas related to video games.

1925b4  No.16502772

File: ba10212e5c6bef7⋯.jpg (161.18 KB, 1121x760, 59:40, ba10212e5c6bef770e4435bebd….jpg)

0867c3  No.16502783


Animal Crossing will get announced.

Sony will have some sort of show announcing the PS5 at some point, and Microsoft's probably announcing the Scarlett at E3. So stuff will go on, at the very least.

712e20  No.16502801


I kinda hope ninty shows smtV just so I can hear the bitching about 4 being difficult its not and why is there a spinoff.

1d8831  No.16502811



People don't even help children anymore just not to be accused of being a pedophile.

That's really sad.

232932  No.16502827


If a company bought the whole catalog for 1 million, they'd only need to sell ~17,000 copies from the entire catalog at 10 bucks on a Steam sale to break even after Valve's cut. There isn't any other cost. That nobody has tells me either sales are shit and any potential purchaser realizes they are shit and/or the license terms they used for the "games" is a mess that prevents it.

3da5c4  No.16502828


The only thing I'm gonna pay attention to this year at E3 is Nintendo, the LRG broadcast and what gets announced off stage from smaller devs/publishers.

I would have watched the PC show if any ports get announced again like yakuza last year but it's gonna just be an hour long Epic Games Store shillfest.

688065  No.16502833


Good Samaritans are getting negatively reprimanded across the board.

It's sort of the reason why Good Samaritans are rare. It all started with it becoming a crime to offer homeless people food…

fbe74a  No.16502844


What are you talking about? GOG already succeeded on that account. DRM-free releases are much easier to preserve. >>16502581

1d8831  No.16502856


Well, that's understandable. You shouldn't feed vermin.

14a98a  No.16502857

File: 99989d20a7204b5⋯.png (12.42 KB, 500x250, 2:1, Oekaki.png)


bye bye zogbot

bd2b18  No.16502862


Speaking of which, has anyone found any stats stating how many people choose to be homeless? All I can find are "official" sources stating, "That's a total myth", and witnesses stating the contrary.

1d8831  No.16502865


Who would choose to be homeless except for stupid hippies?

The only reason I see someone could be "homeless" is finding a spot of fertile land nobody is using and make a little secret cabin.

0f0bd0  No.16502872

File: 3a382363159623d⋯.png (1.03 MB, 468x5137, 468:5137, gg_lastgeneration.png)


This was a classic. Did anyone ever make real Chick tracts out of it and leave them around like Chick's people do?

712e20  No.16502874


There are "homeless" who pull more than min wagers a month and live in nice houses, they are very successful actors. Help at soup kitchens but never give out money.

688065  No.16502877


All I know of is because of the recent trend of motorhome crackdowns, there's a trend starting up where people are converting vans to live out of them.


Have you tried to buy a house lately? The prices in most metropolitan cities for a one-story house is CRAZY.

However, the governments of most of those cities tend to be those "not in my backyard" types.

83bbdc  No.16502879


Like that guy that helped a woman fix her truck, and she thanked him by destroying his life with false accusations? Or that guy that tried to help a little girl find her parents when she got lost at the park, only to be punched by the father who thought he was kidnapping her despite eyewitnesses saying he was seriously only trying to help? Yeah, you're fucked if you try to help anyone these days.

e6c5d8  No.16502884


Here in the UK we have people who are housed but pretend to be homeless for the money.

Locally there was a guy who started following them home and photographing them and their houses and then putting up flyers with their faces on. The police put a stop to it because they were getting threatened.

It's pretty damaging because people like that stop people from giving money to people in need.

712e20  No.16502888


Help by not giving money to scammers and actors. Starving actors are called so because they must starve.

688065  No.16502890


>Here in the UK we have people who are housed but pretend to be homeless for the money.

It's not just you. The amount of doused panhandlers is sparse.

I don't know about you, but I've had people give me their recyclable trash while I dug around in publicly accessible trash cans looking for it.

1d8831  No.16502892


I wouldn't mind homeless people or okupas if they weren't like rats spreading filth, being violent and generally acting like the zombie niggers in the story someone posted.


I am still trying to understand what the fuck was she thinking or what was her plan.


Here in Spain we just have crackheads and poor people with not enouth money to eat yet they have homes or have occuppied one.

I sound heartless, but seriously, fuck homeless people.

688065  No.16502893


*of housed

1d8831  No.16502899


So you are like one of those gypsies stealing from public trash bins?

Fuck you, gypsie. People like you are no better than rats, breaking everything and filling everything with trash.

688065  No.16502906


>I wouldn't mind homeless people or okupas if they weren't like rats spreading filth, being violent and generally acting like the zombie niggers

You've described what Vacaville, CA is starting to become.

Vacaville had a reputation around it's surrounding cities for being crap, but with Vallejo trying to clean their city up, all the riffraff is moving into Vacaville, meaning that Vacaville's populous is moving here.

688065  No.16502909


I usually keep stuff as orderly as I can after I'm done, leaving it as if I wasn't even there to begin with, if not cleaner than I got there.

I keep to myself most of the time, but have very little money. Again, I don't go much places and do too many things.

1d8831  No.16502912


Seriously, I'm starting to think niggers arent more predisposed on being filthy drunk violent crackhead gangsta hobos than regular folk.


Even if you do, do you know you are basically stealing from the residue processing department or whatever is called? At least here in Spain they make money recycling and producing methane gas for the electric company.

688065  No.16502927


Business bulk trash usually goes straight to a landfill. If I didn't take the recyclables, Recology would just dump it with the business' trash in that landfill on the outskirts of Davis.

Businesses don't sort out recyclables from other trash. There's only one big Recology bin for general trash and another for cardboard.

This is not bringing up that Americans either re-use the recyclable materials for something else or just ship it off for another country to manufacture with.

fbe74a  No.16502936

File: 034a5556d9cca56⋯.jpg (415.93 KB, 800x992, 25:31, __alice_and_peacock_americ….jpg)



>A few months after the Isla Vista attacks, Gamergate happened. Women who wrote about video games had to go into hiding and feared for their lives because these asshats were scared they were going to steal "video games" from them. Soon, misogynistic 4Chan trolls gained support from more mainstream misogynistic sites like Breitbart, an alliance that would later help propel Donald Trump to the presidency of the United States.

>I think it's clear that Trump would not have happened without Gamergate, but I've also wondered a lot over the years about whether or not Gamergate would have even happened to the degree that it did if it were not for Elliot Rodger, and I have been leaning for a while now into camp "I don't think it would have."


☑ Used Elliot Rodger's martyrdom to unite 4Chan and Breitbart to elect Donald Trump

dc3500  No.16502965

File: 7269bd8d72a5049⋯.jpg (39.98 KB, 580x386, 290:193, Farage.jpg)


If only someone good was lined up to take her place.

81645b  No.16502972

File: 6aaca2630be4f59⋯.png (478.74 KB, 1093x570, 1093:570, fea8537b3c693f86e45e8a69e9….png)


>anime is dead

>pone is ending

Guess the only thing left to make me laugh is real life.

086fca  No.16503008


< Kushner is just pulling on his leash amirite fellow anons :^)


5c7fa6  No.16503018


>Why Trump decided to include Japan into the trade war that he have against China?

Must be a new kosher console coming out soon. You know they do not like competition when they decide to take over an industry.

57b141  No.16503020


I don't understand why he wasn't picked from the start.

1eabbd  No.16503039


Oh so pretty much ol Farage is going to take over

eaffb3  No.16503054

File: c7704a59e47a067⋯.png (141.91 KB, 613x649, 613:649, faux controversies.PNG)

fe0382  No.16503066


Allegedly Nigel's Brexit party is supposed to win.

de5b2a  No.16503079


Oh godammit.

I wanted something about the Trump tariff but this works too. Accepted.

0867c3  No.16503080


>faux controversies




c36582  No.16503085


>Defending Jim Sterling

Let them eat each other

712e20  No.16503091


Microsoft comes to mind.

fe0382  No.16503093

dcd92c  No.16503116

File: 80ed7252f1caeaf⋯.jpg (234.32 KB, 300x423, 100:141, 80ed7252f1caeafc0ac5a9d6a9….jpg)



i wish i could remember what issue of judge Dredd was the one that had a short story about one of the fatties squarring up to a dinosaur in an illegal underground cage match before Dredd crashes the partyit fits perfectly here

fbe74a  No.16503126

File: 03915e66bd6b34c⋯.png (59.76 KB, 185x320, 37:64, backpack sex (C95) [Jajujo….png)


Don't worry. Given >>16501470 someone is going to bitch about Trump and g*tors soon enough.

a7323d  No.16503174

File: 545b4a0e83e1dca⋯.jpg (468.06 KB, 596x620, 149:155, 1558745440955763661206001_….jpg)

Getting a usb flash drive to move Snes classic saves onto it to increase the console write cycle lifespan. Plan on getting a genesis classic, GBA with everdrive, PSP, DS flash cart and a custom bartop arcade machine. Got the roms and ISOs.

Ready to leave modern gaming for retro, may Trump do his worse on Chinks and crash the industry with no survivors.

f0930a  No.16503196

File: f2ea7f417f18427⋯.png (153.57 KB, 443x485, 443:485, f2ea7f417f1842759f219c8bd5….png)


>Everyone can appreciate good music


31ffd5  No.16503205

File: c3d049c829c4388⋯.webm (6.87 MB, 480x360, 4:3, GaloSengen.webm)


the jap girl probably had no idea what the lyrics were; its like us listening to galo sengen

6de58c  No.16503209


Or /k/ listening to Yugoslav war music.

a7323d  No.16503212


Pretty much. It's like that one Japanese VTuber playing GTA San Andreas and she's says Nigga a few times after hearing a character say it.

ab2ff7  No.16503220

File: 6ead455c6f3f38e⋯.jpg (121.03 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, eULONud.jpg)


That girl probably got Emergence'd

dc3500  No.16503223


I listen to Asian rap sometimes for that reason.

9f7163  No.16503235

File: a4b724c2b502263⋯.mp4 (9.81 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 7598132457981324213445.mp4)

a7323d  No.16503238


Zeebra is a good Japanese rapper.

dc3500  No.16503242

File: 57fd4c8fe525d3f⋯.mp4 (840.94 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, VirtualNWordPass1.mp4)

5d157c  No.16503243

File: 0332f1f34d20aa9⋯.png (100.03 KB, 375x427, 375:427, 4e801cb82da49fac3be3541825….png)


>It's like us listening to galosengen

>Anon STILL doesn't now moonrunes

don't worry, I also don't know yet, and japs speak too fast sometimes

a7323d  No.16503249



>But in engrish

>In cute Japanese voices

e9e8ba  No.16503252

File: eb4cbe09ed2c3d9⋯.jpg (3.46 KB, 160x160, 1:1, comf.jpg)


>Modern gaming industry crash looming

>Everyone welcomes the crash and turns to their backlogs and older games they missed out on

>mfw it's a renaissance of classic gaming

I'm ready for the comfyning.

bac3d8  No.16503259

File: 5de54713fa89666⋯.jpg (62.52 KB, 640x480, 4:3, disgusted roll.jpg)


I was informed at the time that it was limited to people who already paid their dept to society when I signed for that law. I feel stupid now..

31ffd5  No.16503263

File: 6b6b6db0939ca34⋯.jpg (125.57 KB, 772x525, 772:525, english.jpg)

a7323d  No.16503270


I've added over 70 games to my she's classic NAND, some are GBA games like Mario & Luigi, Kirby Nightmare in Dreamland, Metroid Zero Mission, Mother 3, Dragon Quest Monsters Caravan Heart, Final Fantasy Tactics and Final Fantasy Dawn of Souls. I'm moving the games to the USB flash attachment once I add the USB mod to snes classic and manage to move the process of internal saves from NAND onto the cart to extend console life since SNES NAND has 100,000 write cycles and I want it to last.

I find myself enjoying A Link to the Past more than BoTW.

bb3c00  No.16503310

First a friend brings an SNES Mini over giving me the urge to play Final Fantasy VI, now there's talk about turning it into a sort of emulation machine. How much do they go for nowadays?

bb3c00  No.16503314


>japs speak too fast sometimes

Hence why I intend to just learn how to read the language. Still, I do have a small anime backlog in case I want to challenge myself further.

688065  No.16503315


Ever since Nintendo stopped manufacturing them, a pretty penny.

Might as well make a console out of a Pi.

a7323d  No.16503346


Nintendo is still selling what's left on Amazon for over 140 USD and it's bundled with extension cables for the controller.

Get the hakchi ce program and an otg adapter for USB because you want to move the save file location to it to save the lifespan of the console and not use the NAND's write cycles. Playing GBA games on it as well.

a7323d  No.16503348


>Might as well make a console out of a Pi.

Or buy a clone console with everdrives.

4c2ec3  No.16503365


Dude, SNES NAND is 100,000 write cycles meaning that you could flash and factory reset everyday for the next 10 years and won't be close to the effects of degrading. If degrading does happen, then a USB attachment could help, though there's a way to open the console and attach an SD card into the system but that's more difficult and risky.


GBA games run like a dream on the SNES. Surprisingly the SNES controller is so comfortable to play native GBA games as if it was meant for them, not counting the remakes.

de5b2a  No.16503367

File: d1c97e992777ebd⋯.jpg (50.69 KB, 191x362, 191:362, Hank Hill Hentai.jpg)


I can understand spoken Standard Japanese (Tokyo-ben) to a degree, but Gal-speak beyond the exclamatory "Hooontou!" "Usssou!" "Maaajiii de?" (Really?/No way!/Seriously!?) and random Engrish-isms, is largely incomprehensible to me mostly because Nip Gal-culture apes (lel) Nigger-speak and American MTV rap/pop-culture. However, certain Central and Northern Japanese accents like Nagano-ben don't even sound Japanese to me they sound Korean-ish and Touhouku-ben sounds like Boomhauer's South-Texas drawl from King of the Hill. Nips are weird.

dcd92c  No.16503374

File: 531fb59f2993a4c⋯.webm (3.31 MB, 500x480, 25:24, fresh white.webm)


>not being able to appreciate some lunatic rhymes and commit mad hate crimes

bb3c00  No.16503397



Son of a bitch, may as well just stick to using my laptop (and maybe 3DS). Unemployment sucks.

83bbdc  No.16503412


>That perfect vibrato in her voice

This Nip was born to sing "Niggaaaa~"

4c2ec3  No.16503473


You could always save anon, it's worth the investment. If you can't get the snes classic you could buy a clone snes console and an everdrive snes/gba/gba cartridges along with a GBA to SNES cartridge adapter and super gameboy.

Don't deny comfort of sitting back playing on the tv with controller at hand.

bd2b18  No.16503515


Having a 3DS and a PSP (Or even a Vita) pretty much sets you up as far as being able to check out of modern gaming. The only things you'll really be missing is Saturn games and everything from the N64 and after (Unless you laptop can sufficently emulate them).

de5b2a  No.16503527

File: 8f424c04e083c4e⋯.jpg (1.56 MB, 1436x1367, 1436:1367, Machigatta_ko_wo_Mahou_Sho….jpg)


>Don't deny comfort of sitting back playing on the tv with controller at hand.

Mah nigga!

Nothing like 8/16-bit vidya and scan-lines on a tube TV or better yet an arcade monitor.

eaffb3  No.16503545

Resetera seems pissed at the idea of a TotalBiscuit documentary being made.


dc3500  No.16503553

File: fda8905e6926653⋯.png (74.87 KB, 640x640, 1:1, SquilBiscuit.png)


He was a traitor in the end, but he's dead. At this point they're just being more pathetic than usual.

14eb9c  No.16503554






OAG/Billy has been pretty retarded for a long time, jumps the gun on some stories (like the localization one) and knowingly outrage baits on Twitter because he knows it get's him butthurt from the pronoun brigade. You can tell due to the rhetoric he uses that purposely incites a reaction. Also, he's really horrible at arguing on Twitter so it makes it easier for others to dunk on him.

On the other hand, a lot of the OAG butthurt ramped up due to their Mortal Kombat coverage, despite the autism they were 100% right in the end about it (the devs themselves even confirmed it) but it still got a lot of butthurt from centrists, "anti-sjw" shitposters and normalfags who now watch the site like a hawk despite it not being that popular. While I find their Arthur coverage unnecessary and a deliberate attempt to stroke the flames, people trying to claim it was him supporting censorship are completely dishonest and flat out wrong with an axe to grind. There's a lot now that just read his headlines but don't read the actual article and spread misinformation about it due to said butthurt. It makes me conflicted because there is a lot to criticism OAG for (to the point where I stopped using it as a source, but just go to the sources directly instead of having OAG regurgitating it to me) but unironic moralfags and PR retards are going about it for all the wrong reasons.

There's little reason to care to have loyalty to any news outlet. They are all pretty much shit. I don't care if the outlet is sperging or not, I just care to have information reliable, sourced and accurate. OAG posts a lot of stuff that is accurate and sourced, which is good and deserves praise. They also clearly outrage bait and jump the gun, which is not helpful and deserves criticism.

Instead of worrying about whether to defend a certain outlet because they are "on your side" (like some people in this thread) or if that certain outlet gives you a "bad name" (like the normalfags on twitter), all that should be worried is if they are posting accurate info or not.


I've incredibly soured on the entire LGBT community. Don't care if I get screencapped for this, they always manage to be the center of bullshit and I'm no longer going to pretend there isn't a trend.



Retarded journo who has also done outrage peddling to my recollection. But Jim Sterling is also retarded so let them fight. Also Kyle Orland and other journos in the replies.

eaffb3  No.16503576

File: 4d2c93b3a9eb526⋯.png (259.27 KB, 839x691, 839:691, hitler documentary.png)

eaffb3  No.16503594

File: 1802c223713042b⋯.png (50.58 KB, 615x405, 41:27, I am smart.PNG)

File: 85139f035150cf0⋯.png (599 KB, 542x552, 271:276, grrrr.png)

de5b2a  No.16503600

File: edc52d242957ee0⋯.jpg (115.3 KB, 1187x450, 1187:450, TB is dead Movieblob is ne….jpg)

ab2ff7  No.16503603


Fuck off, Bob.

3a6133  No.16503607

File: 046b02c7c2070cd⋯.jpg (25.25 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 1507585438259.jpg)


Get a trip so I can fucking filter you already. I don't care about whatever shit Movieblob says. I swear you only do this to farm (you)s.

de5b2a  No.16503609



I agree with myself, too.

3a6133  No.16503616


>who are lurkers

Some of us are also NEETs who spend their days doing something else before coming on here to read the thread. Pardon me if I don't immediately post whenever a new thread gets made so I can my opinion can be seen as valid the next time I post.

de5b2a  No.16503635



I'm agreeing with you and your painfully obvious attempt at "opinion shaping" in that anon should stop making on-topic posts that personally offend just you.

e84178  No.16503643

File: 728e40e6b8f7dfa⋯.jpg (177.73 KB, 1067x1200, 1067:1200, Retard 2652.jpg)


I don't know if this news already got here, but well, here it is.

3a6133  No.16503656


How is Blob ever relevant aside from being anti-GG? What is even the point of taking whatever fedoralord-tier shit he says on Twitter and bringing it here? All I can infer is that its simply for (you)s, as anons always reply to it because they can't help themselves when presented with something so stupid.

bb3c00  No.16503672


My PSP's battery bloated to death ages ago. The portable itself still works but I need to keep it plugged in all the time which defeats the purpose. 3DS is the better option and one I've been using, if only to check out the early Dragon Quest games. Hell, even have one of those R4i Gold cards so I can play DS games. Just wished I managed to get a few more ROMs before the major sites got lawyered to death.

4d9ffb  No.16503682

File: a81291d995f0c53⋯.jpg (33.63 KB, 550x438, 275:219, Dveq7noXcAEHQAk.jpg orig.jpg)


>All I can infer is that its simply for (you)s, as anons always reply to it because they can't help themselves when presented with something so stupid.

Like those HardDrive articles.


>Hitler is dead and I'm not seeing any whitewashing documentaries going around

How "odd" that the first time I see a comparison to Hitler isn't directed at an EA executive, or a politician arguing for censoring vidya, it's to a long dead e-celeb that isn't as shitty as ProJared or the sort. Color me impressed.

fbe74a  No.16503686

File: ebcd0b5b00cd90d⋯.gif (1.02 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, a029aa83389ea25bd7d6b0f3ee….gif)


You're becoming more rabid than bob himself. If bobanon stop posting him, I'll continue to. I wouldn't be able to resist those salty (You)s from you.

2713ae  No.16503701


The Dunning-Kreuger Effect in action.

9f6440  No.16503704

Blob is the arch enemy of GamerGate and leader of ResetEra along with being a member of the Legion of Doom and is the murderer of the guy whose uncle works at Nintendo. Of course he's relevant.

2713ae  No.16503717


One of the worst things about modern gaming is that people who honestly aren't great at political debates started to have to make political arguments to counter the goon squad. I am one of those poor debaters, by the way. You have a lot of genuinely loony people screeching about trendy politics and having an effect on every part of culture because for whatever reason big corporations are backing them up. And you have a few out group losers like me (and you may want to include certain others) who try to counter the screechers as best as I can. It's honestly exhausting but…

If not me, who?

If not now, when?

Knowing how meager the rewards are the only reason why losers like me try to fight the screechers is a stubborn desire to just not lie down and let them destroy everything good in world culture. We're losing. I'm losing. But I refuse to just roll over for these people.

2713ae  No.16503727


Too bad he got rehired by the Escapist, he might have faded away by now. Not that the Escapist is anything but an irrelevant rag, but it's just enough to keep him around. (Put it this way, there are a few other retarded people who had gigs at barely relevant gaming rags but who practically disappeared almost immediately after they lost those positions.)

7f1985  No.16503728

File: 9d83c9e80d42176⋯.png (278.08 KB, 720x404, 180:101, Hmm.png)


It's always 0 to 100 with these pricks, jesus christ.

4d9ffb  No.16503732


>We're losing. I'm losing. But I refuse to just roll over for these people.

I wouldn't quite put it like that. Twitter, FaceBook, and other major social media moderators are censoring right wing voices left and right. Doing so might increase the control on their remaining userbase, but more importantly, they're losing not only the people they've banned, but the onlookers who've followed them for so long. Don't argue to fight against the establishment, argue to fight for your fellow poster.

52234d  No.16503737


>Banning Viking symbols

Sweden is no longer worthy of his own history, traditions and symbols any more. And by doing such move on their own people, only reflects this fact.

They need to reclaim their own traditions, or get eaten and destroyed by their invaders.

bd2b18  No.16503739


>Hell, even have one of those R4i Gold cards so I can play DS games.

You can play those just fine without the need of an flashcart (At least, for the couple games I tested).

>Just wished I managed to get a few more ROMs before the major sites got lawyered to death.

Go to the emulation wiki.

fbe74a  No.16503745

File: 1d0b58eac424bc7⋯.jpg (19.32 KB, 363x250, 363:250, redwall_abbey_castle_by_fa….jpg)


If it's not a Hitler comparison, then it would be a Voldemort comparison.

4d9ffb  No.16503775


>They need to reclaim their own traditions, or get eaten and destroyed by their invaders.

Funny you say that, there's been a resurgence of Chinese culture in China since mid 2017.





There's also been this one Chinese professor suggesting that emulating Israel is a good idea, but I've got no archives.


And if not Voldemort, then a Trump/Pence comparison. At least that's what I see when I occasionally dip my head into Twitter.

bb3c00  No.16503779


>You can play those just fine without the need of an flashcart

Funny little story about that. A year ago I fucked up a CFW update that softbricked the 3DS and was initially led to believe I need the flashcart. Long story short, the issue was something else altogether (had to swap some stuff on the SD card) but by then the thing was en route. I haven't updated the CFW or whatever since last year I think. Kinda afraid to do so. Shouldn't interfere with online play once the new Pokemon comes out though.


Is Pence even relevant nowadays?

dc3500  No.16503798

File: 676dbdb8c714500⋯.png (1.1 MB, 854x1440, 427:720, Pence.png)


>Is Pence even relevant nowadays?

For memes.

4d9ffb  No.16503815


>Is Pence even relevant nowadays?

Only insofar as to be referred to anytime the Gay Brigayd does a don't, which somewhat ties into >>16503798.

4d9ffb  No.16503852

File: db50b91e202f1ca⋯.jpg (942.92 KB, 2318x1240, 1159:620, drink the pain away-.jpg)



Didn't notice the archive was fucked until now.


853a01  No.16503930

File: d76455668a9c722⋯.png (362.84 KB, 836x436, 209:109, nagato.png)

For anyone who cares for comic drama, Kate Leth, creator of notable garbage modern lefty clique comics like Hellcat and working on Crunchyroll's bullshit Guardian High Spice, is currently being cancelled on twitter for roundabout-ly defending someone who defended someone who "drew child porn". Original posts are already deleted, but the replies paint a vivid picture of the goose getting what was good for the gander.


7e73b4  No.16503974

File: 6a9f13f10beff19⋯.jpg (335.84 KB, 630x1077, 210:359, FOREVER.jpg)

File: 199a2ea35213f49⋯.mp4 (284.49 KB, 476x360, 119:90, FOREVER.mp4)


Funny, GG lasted longer than Leth.

8342b0  No.16503980


Hopefully this will kill any interest in GHS, as little of it may have existed in the first place.

1cc494  No.16503982

File: 5161e253d6d5cc1⋯.jpg (268.46 KB, 770x409, 770:409, Kate Leth.jpg)

1eabbd  No.16504019

Why is everyone trying to lecture OAG when they pointed out a double standard with the Ratburn shit?

e84178  No.16504023


Muh PRINCIPLES! You're against censorship, right?! Then you should be fighting for the existence of Arthur's gay marriage episode! WAHH! Take the high ground!

44ace8  No.16504049

File: 5db30cb7c313589⋯.png (105.24 KB, 419x510, 419:510, depravity-feet.png)


I care about schadenfreude, anon.


No, I'd want GHS to finish production, air, and be a bomb. That's more money wasted than simply cancelling production.

fbe74a  No.16504056

File: 3a2b45f30766ec7⋯.gif (733.92 KB, 320x240, 4:3, titty bite.gif)



>the context with kate leth is that she's part of a clique of artists defending the author of this webcomic called ava's demon. the author drew aged up porn of her underage characters, which is…uh…not cool. of course kate leth's tweet about lgbt creators is totally valid in

According to that she drew heat for somehow defending the artist drawing aged-up porn of her loli MC. I only ever read the first/few chapters of Ava's Demon because it had some animation/.gif/video mixed with the comic which I though was neat, but never continued it. So no idea about the actual comic's/author's quality, but this whole bullshit isn't even about actual loli porn, but aged-up nonsense.

fbe74a  No.16504060

File: 691c09a5fe6dd53⋯.png (30.21 KB, 599x438, 599:438, Untitled 2.png)



I should have just used the actual tweet.

>This Tweet is unavailable

>This Tweet is unavailable

>This Tweet is unavailable


8342b0  No.16504109


What I meant was I hope this will make it even more of a bomb than it was already destined to be, not for it to be cancelled.

45333e  No.16504173

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Check out this live-action D&D (the cartoon) commercial.


I got my copy from Japan and Rin is the tranny route. Before, I thought she was going to play Good to Catherine's Evil since she has angel wings on her back. She would have no sex, like angels are sometimes depicted, which would explain Vincent's shocked face (it has no dick or pussy!).

Now, there is no more hope. Rin literally says it used to be a man before. And Erica is Rin's best friend and confidant after you choose to rebuke her. She exits the game altogether and you can only hear news about her from Erica's mouth.

84b033  No.16504199

File: 5e675a2e0607845⋯.jpg (76.28 KB, 500x583, 500:583, I would kill myself before….jpg)


>It's not even loli, but aged-up

Jesus, the clique loves to be offended for nothing. On one hand the guys going against her are retarded, on the other hand,

>She works on High Guardian Spice

That's what she gets.

bdb32b  No.16504212



>Jewtube embed

Shiggy diggy my biggy niggy.

b4153b  No.16504213

File: b81e7ccc5dc7d58⋯.jpg (53.28 KB, 917x640, 917:640, b81e7ccc5dc7d580e44b10e114….jpg)


RIP bluetooth


I fucking love memri tv edits.

b1a070  No.16504217


Man, the 2015+ era of "omg I can't fathom that GamerGate is still going and it is Trump's base" was so dumb.

>support a sustained outrage culture over progressive issues for half a decade

>IT IS LITERALLY UNBELIEVABLE that our declared enemies are sustained in their pushback

dc3500  No.16504226

File: 5a9af96e9f8beec⋯.jpg (38.97 KB, 563x843, 563:843, Shadman.jpg)




I've said it before, and as much as it pains me to say this, honestly look at Shadman when it comes to things like this. There are few people more depraved on the internet than him. He makes porn of anything, loli and shota not withstanding. Hell, he makes porn of underaged people who exist in real life. And yet nothing ever happens to him. Why? Because he absolutely no sense of shame. He has no dignity, so no one can attack him. You can't ruin his reputation, because his lack of reputation is entirely how he does business. If more people possessed his lack of shame, SJWs would have literally no power. Their ability to mobilize a small but vocal group of people into shame tactics is the only weapon in their arsenal. If they didn't have that, they would have no power. They certainly don't have market power. And yet time and time again we see people give them that power by groveling at their shame tactics. If more people were like Shadman, SJWs wouldn't have been able to take over jack shit.

7802b1  No.16504234

File: 292b19a0fcab55d⋯.png (211.81 KB, 500x380, 25:19, 194e9f62cf26ff409378eb059a….png)

File: 8d3770a7fb22be7⋯.jpg (109.49 KB, 960x540, 16:9, bedf85c6f8678a0570f5a35e12….jpg)

File: 773501fd2c82782⋯.jpg (44.79 KB, 730x545, 146:109, 663f8ae48121272fd728bbc6cb….jpg)


So do I.

84b033  No.16504237

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>I fucking love memri tv edits.

The originals are mostly better.

fbe74a  No.16504239

File: fb69b487a7a12ba⋯.png (154.79 KB, 360x540, 2:3, baeckerin_boese unteralter….png)


The hero we needed, but don't deserve.

1eabbd  No.16504243


Fuck you have a point.

1d8831  No.16504245


Also, they don't know his real identity so he can't be fucked with.

2b6142  No.16504256

File: b68378d348369d6⋯.jpg (107.89 KB, 1205x700, 241:140, b68378d348369d67ca4ed43358….jpg)


Unfortunately >>16504245 makes a valid point. Maybe he lives off his art, but if not, he'd probably find himself out of employment if word got out about that. But more broadly speaking with much less contentious things like anime fanservice, capitulation to censors not only alienates the core audience, it signals weakness and encourages them to push you harder and harder. Give them an inch, they take your asshole.

fa57ec  No.16504264



Just a few days ago there was a push to unperson Oney because he said nigger once. The whole thing collapsed because he addressed it directly and said he doesn't care, and his fans should know full well he's the kind of person to have said it, and so there's nothing they can actually do about it. He's a friend of Shadman, and has supported him in the past during witch hunts. Having intelligent friends who actually like you as opposed to "associates of your brand" seems to help keep people sane.

fbe74a  No.16504275

File: 7d88f810d66feae⋯.jpg (114.27 KB, 458x1344, 229:672, loli oppai trap.jpg)

90736a  No.16504280

I'm having issues with archive.fo, it's weird. Would anybody have a link to this kate leth mess that involve another archive or screencaps ? Actually you know what, I'll just go over to /co/, I bet they even have a sticky by now

a528c0  No.16504284

File: 94869579b94a1e2⋯.jpg (163.29 KB, 1500x447, 500:149, GraveProblem.jpg)

File: 751ae48a91712d9⋯.jpg (283.97 KB, 1045x1491, 1045:1491, GoodReason.jpg)

File: be75af659f17cf0⋯.jpg (52.38 KB, 720x405, 16:9, SwordIsTooGood.jpg)

44ace8  No.16504291

File: e9b4f94832a3422⋯.png (140.82 KB, 857x321, 857:321, shadmanity.png)

File: 256d2cd26f8a755⋯.png (792.41 KB, 1080x996, 90:83, 256d2cd26f8a75565340d5def6….png)


Your TLDR is that Shadman lacks any shred of Political Correctness, which is what people gained as the decades went on and liberal media/ education cemented power.

It's certainly an ideal but not everyone can do that. What people can do is to be reminded constantly on the dangers of suppressing speech (which suppresses thought). Unfortunately it takes so much energy to debunk bullshit that they so easily spew out.

a04ecf  No.16504301

File: 07c2c9231d1c2db⋯.jpg (331.2 KB, 753x707, 753:707, 1554015023559.jpg)

This is a wrong board/thread to ask, but /mu is dead, so…

Anyhow, I can't remember this one track

Genre is something like trance, Oakenfold-like

All I remember there are radio chatter in there:

- There they are

- You got it

- All right you are go

It's definitely one of the NASA missions, voices sound like Apollo 17 mission. Similar to those in Daft Punk's "Contact", but there's nothing like that in the mission transcript, and google didn't help either.

It was somewhat popular on the radio, at least in my country…

Help me, Anon, you are my only hope. You never failed me before.

bb3c00  No.16504330


Either my Japanese still sucks or I'm not seeing the word for "nuts" in that second pic.

2b6142  No.16504336

File: 13245ba7d9f102e⋯.png (739.54 KB, 970x726, 485:363, 13245ba7d9f102e4f212d5e1a1….png)

File: 64a1a0bf925be31⋯.jpg (312.21 KB, 490x1486, 245:743, a30ba1f379b6e36d0aa8e066c6….jpg)


That's the tl;dr but it's also a lot easier to speak frankly when you have no reputation.


While not exactly hard to get, hard-sub.

be329b  No.16504527


Thanks a lot, anon. This was the explanation I was looking for.

3749f7  No.16504557

File: afa85f632978117⋯.png (145.56 KB, 626x824, 313:412, 8ad047e43fd257516b293d23e6….png)


>He makes porn of anything, loli and shota not withstanding.

>Hell, he makes porn of underaged people who exist in real life. And yet nothing ever happens to him.



the rest of the shit you wrote was unnecessary&gay

7119a2  No.16504567


It always depresses me seeing people get attacked for doing porn. I know there was somebody got a mob set on them when the Pokemon thing was announced because he did a silly little comic with her, but also did lewds of her. The lewds set people off. There's somebody on Twitter I've been keeping an eye on who's been trying to get Japanese artists to get edits of their work taken down under the guise of "it's racist", and he's gotten at least one artist to take down and edit a picture they themselves did under the same logic.

1d293c  No.16504582


>Fusion is actually super safe

fusion doesn't exist yet, does it? or did you mean fission? fission is safe as long as it's not run by cheap retards, like the fuck-u-shima reactor that went kaboom in 2011 because TEPCO was too cheap to build higher seawalls.


no big loss



this on the other hand i'm going to celebrate. fuck that game.


>The whole thing collapsed because he addressed it directly

if he tweeted that he would be banned from twitter, no questions asked. if he said it on jewtube, the video would be demonetized at least, or removed. don't kid yourself into thinking that addressing it will stop them from deplatforming you by any means at their disposal.

14f50c  No.16504616

File: 5fa4b563cd6b361⋯.png (678.57 KB, 949x896, 949:896, ClipboardImage.png)

So, all the loli witch hunt nonsense they have been cultivating for the past years is starting to bite them back?

I love this. Eventually they will force themselves to acknowledge the difference between fiction and reality.

712e20  No.16504632


Shad is also part of his own clique, mostly newgrounds animators, who spin out content for his site. And while his character art is not most peoples choice, I will say I do like his background work, as did ubisoft when he did backroud freelance on one of the newer rayman games.

14f50c  No.16504633

File: 37d6d57194f7a92⋯.png (817.66 KB, 636x890, 318:445, ClipboardImage.png)


Adding up to this, I'm looking a lot at japanese twitter, the absolute freedom artists have is amazing, they draw whatever the fuck they want and yet nobody bother them, the comments are always things like "amazing, love it, keep up the good work". You will only find the casual retarded english speaker posting a fbi meme or something.

I really have to wonder, what the fuck does western people achieve by doing this insanity of attacking so hard artists? I remember seeing a sfw artist that likes to draw flandre a lot, he posted a lewd sketch of flandre (one of the most sexualized characters ever btw). He got shredded by his own followers, calling him pedo, sick and doing post to make people unfollow and suspend him.

The usual bullshit "PSA: this artist is a pedophile, please report and unfollow him".

Seriously, what in the fucking world do they get out of all of this? They make everyone scared and they probably make miserable themselves considering they are all a bunch of anxiety filled insecure retards, god this world is fucking insanity. They make the world shittier for themselves and everyone while achieving nothing.

Well, fuck, this turned into a long rant.

94b0a5  No.16504652


What happened?


>I remember seeing a sfw artist that likes to draw flandre a lot, he posted a lewd sketch of flandre (one of the most sexualized characters ever btw). He got shredded by his own followers, calling him pedo, sick and doing post to make people unfollow and suspend him.

I would have just blocked them if I were the artist because I wouldn't want such faggots to be my followers.

14f50c  No.16504656


Oh, I forgot to add the thing, It was meant to be a response to this.


bdb32b  No.16504663


>Seriously, what in the fucking world do they get out of all of this?

They get to feel in charge and force their (hypocritical) morals on others.

2b6142  No.16504672

File: 9eea11e80e35e81⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 318.62 KB, 1242x893, 1242:893, 1054676451000078338_Q_DqL2….jpg)


It's really ironic how much smut is posted to Twitter.


>I would have just blocked them

Same but most are capitulating idiots.

14f50c  No.16504705


It doesn't work, they will go ape shit until they get you deplatformed.

There's a fucking retard on twitter with 300 accounts that roleplays as comic characters and series like CSI, he likes to play fictional police and go around hunting people posting loli art, and the mother fucker has been doing it for almost 6 years.

3f4ac6  No.16504711


>There's a fucking retard on twitter with 300 accounts that roleplays as comic characters and series like CSI, he likes to play fictional police and go around hunting people posting loli art, and the mother fucker has been doing it for almost 6 years.

I would have dug dirt on him and exposed the fag.

14f50c  No.16504728


I'm a lazy cunt and I don't have the enough level of autism to dig up all of his accounts to find something.

Here is one of the accounts, the retard usually follows his other accounts.


906bcf  No.16504742

File: 11307eba5283777⋯.png (613.27 KB, 1531x982, 1531:982, 009 copy.png)


>Eventually they will force themselves to acknowledge the difference between fiction and reality

They have to have a complete mental breakdown for them to even consider that idea.

kind of how I got disillusioned with the left in 2015

be2107  No.16504750

File: 1d918b494a518d4⋯.png (317.53 KB, 601x632, 601:632, antifap=antisemitsm.png)

c7ad24  No.16504757


Only the fucking (((merchant's guild))) could make me want to stop jerking it with one fucking sentence.

1603c2  No.16504759


>starting to bite them back?

What happened?

14f50c  No.16504764


I was talking about this.


bac3d8  No.16504804

File: cee395ed7ed7134⋯.jpg (90.27 KB, 440x1158, 220:579, making a list, he's checki….jpg)


Hopefully it bites discord even more up the ass. They already had the FBI up on their asses for this.

e84178  No.16504816


Fuck off Aaron.

2b6142  No.16504822

File: 474a1a6213ee7a4⋯.jpg (103.17 KB, 960x811, 960:811, 474a1a6213ee7a4523d9cb0a16….jpg)


Nah, a few situations where it heavily bites them in the ass will work too. Speaking of ass, 2B has nothing on anime Aqua.

9a2058  No.16504827

File: 652ceb242dfd0e0⋯.gif (29.52 KB, 300x100, 3:1, banners.gif)


Where's the archive?


Maybe /nofap/ is right

90736a  No.16504829


Stop fucking replying you retard. Hide and report, as usual.

14f50c  No.16504850


>then they proceed to ban al productions of doujinishi and commercial artworks of the series


14f50c  No.16504857


Some context.


Btw, does somebody know how to make the archive bookmark work with ublock origin? If I try to use it gets blocked.

This thing:


2b6142  No.16504859

File: 00e29d57332b1d2⋯.mp4 (Spoiler Image, 4.79 MB, 720x400, 9:5, 00e29d57332b1d234671075701….mp4)


Their right given doujinshi has always been a gray area. Ultimately shooting themselves in the foot though.


Love Live! prohibits it? That's news to me. Other than that I know ZUN has a list of rules of what's allowed, but very lax ones.

712e20  No.16504862


Zun allows pretty much anything but I am pretty sure one of the rules is that any secondary work must declare itself as such.

2b6142  No.16504871

1d8831  No.16504875


My point is mostly that if they want they can fuck with your life, that's why so many faggots gave up, and I'm not only talking just about making you fired or even shaming you in front of your family, I mean actually getting you into jail for some bullshittery.

You can't shame someone who draw his mother naked, but you can actually destroy his life.

14f50c  No.16504878

File: 38d7d41c96ae31f⋯.png (206.93 KB, 600x354, 100:59, smug_ma.png)


>In addition, please refrain from making commercial goods of a sexualized

nature (such as dakimakura covers with sexual imagery).

Clearly nobody gave a fuck.

9d6dcf  No.16504940


It probably has something to do with licensing, maybe something with having to pay upfront before being able to sell any game.

9a2058  No.16504944

File: 27e294f6edc0af5⋯.mp4 (711.02 KB, 320x426, 160:213, Octocon.mp4)

14f50c  No.16504951

The fucking media server always breaking at this hour


90736a  No.16504958

File: b4a3c941665e54d⋯.png (85.65 KB, 349x283, 349:283, BE FUCKING SORRY.png)



Do you think we're on fucking tumblr you retarded pussy

post reaction images or get the fuck out of her, faggot

f0930a  No.16504962


It's ASCII time!

         ≦---ォ´  ̄`ヽ,_ ヽvマir'⌒Y
       ,__   ,>:´ '゙⌒¨ ´,ゝく  _, /´ `\ 
       \ヽ _ `´     <__:_/ゞ;:´      〉        .,ヘ
        \ ゝi''i      iミ/ '       /       .////ヘ、              ____
          ヽ_| |` ミ ニ,,_ r^´.,´    .:   .{        ////////ヘ、 _     _ニ=--=7777/////∧
            \   ',':,.ヽ ;   ..:...:::::::::::_:ゝ、   ._r ^´: : : : : : `~: : . .!~.r^/////////////////}
             \  ゙ヾ:} :,'  ー=::::...、::::::::::}ー ./: : : : : : : ,: : : : ,: : : : : :.マ/////////////////   ,:--ォ
               >ーV        ̄ヾ、  / : : : :A,: : : : i: : : :/',: : : : : ,マーv////////////     .|  !{
                  0           マ : : : _/-/: :/|: ; :/ ̄';. : : : :';’,ー-___;;;ニ=-=;ニ=---┤/ 厂
                  θ .     ':;    ..::./: : :´:.| ;!: 〈  ',:i_ノニ...__i : : : : '; :,                ハ`ヾ ̄7
                  0  ',    .:':^ヾ^^ゝ.!: : : ::_ムャヒメ;,,,,;;;;Yで└;j`;_〈: : : ; .,             )__}__/
                 8|  ;   .:::::',:    .|: : :´| ゞ''." `  ''¨゚゚"゚三""'/: : : i: |__;;;;ニ=-=ニ;;_;;ニ=-= ̄
                     8.|:  ;     ::',   .ゝ人i/// _..-===::_、  ./: : :.l: |: |///,マ´
                 8:|   ',    .:::::',    .|: :!   i´       〉 .ム: : :/: |: |,'////ヘ.
                 9|:.   ',   :::::::::':,   .:| ハ         /  /: : :.〈: ,ノ: |'///////>
                / |:.   ',   ::::::::::::::'    |: : ゝ  ` --- U  /: : : : :};: : : |,'/////
                /  ト、   ', :::::::::::::::::'.,   |: : : :`>、  _,,.=7: : : : : :∧: :.Ⅴ  ̄
                 /  ::::',    ' ,::::::::::::::::::i,  |: : : :i、: : }": : : : :.{: : : : : ,:':::::\: '.,
                  /   ::::::i` 、   ' ,:::::::::::::::}  .}: : : :;>': : : : :.  } : : : :,'i:::::::::::::ゝ: :,
.                /   .::::::l  ヽ  ',:::::::::::::::}_/:.: , '  `ヽ: : : :_: / : : : ,':.|::::::::::::::::|: : :,
              7    :::::^ヽ  i   ',::::::::::/: : : , '      ´ /: : : : i: : }::::::::::::::::',: : :,
             ム_     ::::::::::i  '    ;:::/: : : :.X        .|: : : : : i: : }:::::::::::::::::l: : .:,
               ̄`_ll_´`ー:i    >´: : , ' .ト、)        |: : : : : |: :.}`ヽ::::::::::l: : : :,
                l[ ]l    i  /: : :/   >>}:        |: : : : :.|: :|:::::::}:::::::::::! : : : ,
                 _ll_    i_/: : : : .{    >>}         |: : : : :|: :|::_:_:{:::::::i:::::! : : : :,
                l[ ]l   Y: : : : : : : ト:..   〉{     _.::;;.,:-:.i: : : : :| :.|-:-:フ:::::::i::::l : : : : :,
                 _ll_   .|: /: : : : :,´Y-= <ヾ  r-< _⌒´=ヾ: : : :!: :|::::::{::::::::::::!::::l : : : : : ,
                l[ ]l   .ゝ=:_:_:, ' : 7    ヽ=i = ´     |: : : :!: :|::::::!::::::::::::i:::::!: : : : : : ,
                 _ll_    Y~Y´ ;: ::{       \_   /.';. : :|: /::::::|:::::::::::::i:::::l : : : : : : ,
                l[ ]l    .フミ〈 ,': : }           ̄\ヾ"::';_:_|/:::::::::!:::::::::::::i:::::| : : : : : : ,
                 _ll_ .ニ=': : : :ヽ': : ノ                ,:ヘ》::::;)==|:::::::::{::::::::::::::i:::::| : : : : : : ,
                ll/: : : : : : : : }: :/             /: : : :Y/: : :.';::::;;_{::::::::::::::i:::::| : : : : : : ,
                 , ': : : : : : : : : :/:./    i.        /: : : :.:/: : : : :ゞ  ':;::::::::::::i::: | : : : : : : ,
                   , ': : : : : : : : : :.:/;:/      .j       ヽ: : :.7: : : : : : ::`:,. ';::::::::::!::::| : : : : : :,
              7: : : : : : : : : :/;V              ゝ: |: : : : : : : i:.:_ヘ:. ';:::::::i::: | : : : : : ,
              {;';: : :/;: : : /___7                ハ|: ': : ; : .; :i: `'. ';:::::i::::| : : : : :.,
               ";,' ,'/X  ̄,,7=___           ____ニ=-=ミ'; i!:::;!;:.i;    i:::::i:::| : : : : :,
                  〉( Lヾソ  `"、"''ー一=-=ニ ̄, -=ニ"  Y〈:.ハ∧/::; _7~Y>'/_/ : : : :./
                     〈 Y~. ,.'       ヽ       ./        ハヾ;,'':::"「 ̄ヘ i  フ.:: : :/
                 ζY/       ヽ一ー-Y         }.《:::::::::::ヒ_.',==┤::/
                /´_,V        ./......:::::::|         ;:":::::::::::::〉-三彡¨_ゝ
                , :' ,:'´:_,:        /.:', .:::::::::|.          ム::::::::/rュYー-ニ. '〈
             , '  ./:;_'_..:           /::::::',.:::::::::|          ./:::::::::〈〈_ノ/:| A  , , 〉
            ,'  /:/!´.:        ./::::::::::',.:::::::|         /::::::::::::::ゝ<::::ヘ∩,ノノノ
            ',__ノ:::i ;l .:;        ..,.':::::::::::::/'-:'::|        ./::::::,::'´//´〉〉 `||^^"
              /::::/i;;i '.       .,.'::::::::::::::/  `|      ,' ̄´  〈〈_,//.  ||     _....:::;----<..
            ./::::/::i;;;, .:     ,.':::::::::::::::/     |      .;´>ヾ:: ̄ ̄::`..、. ||  ,.:::´:::::::// ̄ .//::::`::、
              ノ::∨::::i;;;;,      ,.'i:::;:::;::::/    |     ;ヾ/::::::::::::::::::::::ヽ-||-::´:::::::::::://   .//:::::::::::::'.,
          ,.:┤:::::':::::::::i;;;;,     .:i:i∧リ'´      .|     ;:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::|}:}:}|:::::::::::::::'.=.=.<:::::::::::::::::::

c5f2f8  No.16504969

File: bb56c853b1d3c6a⋯.png (346.41 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, scr.png)


That is being optimistic almost to the point of being legally declared unfit to take care of oneself.

There frankly isn't the push back needed to keep these "controversies" in the spotlight. Loli or just straight ecchi defenders won't attack them, because they don't want to seem hypocritical. The left is divided, because you have folks like Leth specifically say if it promotes LGBwhatever ideology, it has to be good. Same thing with anything that women can flick to, as it is pure feminist ideology for decades. The right will only sit back, and let the more religious crowd highlight it, but they have bigger fights from what is taught in schools, or what is shown on netflix. Cartoon porn is frankly less of an issue then Desmond or Lacticia or whatever those child "performers" go by, as you said, difference between fiction and reality.

14f50c  No.16504978


>getting mad at me for using ascii when images don't load

wew lad.

90736a  No.16504986


You didn't use ascii fag. You just used a reddit-tier meme emoji. Don't be a hardass

712e20  No.16504992


From what I can tell he does not want them sold in mass production. I could be wrong though. He also said to not sell doujing in comercialized channels so melonbooks and such selling 2hu doujins is a nono, but this one means even zun says fuck you fakku

>Sale of works in channels that are further reaching than the distribution channels used by the original works. The original works are primarily sold in general doujin channels. So, please refrain from using download sales sites primarily oriented for overseas customers, etc.

f0930a  No.16504996


Then post some real ones instead of complaining about it.

       「::|「ヽ.     ___
     _|:::||:::::::\,. '"´       ̄`゙'' ー- 、_
    //::::\|::::::::::/ 、/ ̄ ̄`ヽ__     `ヽ.
   .//:::::::::::::\/ ̄ ̄>-──く.___`ヽ.,__   \
   | |::::::::r-‐'"´>'"´   /        \_]ー-、 |__
   //:::::::::|  7´    ./   |    ハ _/ イ !    八 |\_`ヽ
   |」___/ .,'     .|、 |∧  / レ'-‐-、|  /  ∨   `|
     /  |      レ>‐、∨    l´`ハ〉イ  |  ハ  __,/  ト 、
    L__ 八 、  |〈 l´ハ     ゝ-'゚ .!  /!   ∨   .|  \
       `ヽ.)ノ \,ハ. ゝ'゚ .     " |/ .|    \   |    ヽ、
      ∧  `'ー/ ,|"    -‐ '    /   |     ノ  .,'       ';.、
      /  \ /  / ゝ、,        , イ  / /    | (  /         |:::':,
    /,    〈   ,ハ  / |`ミ7ァr '" ハ|/レ' __ハノ /.        |:::::::',
_,.  '":::::/    ) イ  レ' `ヽrく__∧_/  ̄「「    `゙く  /        |:::::::::!
:::::::::::::::/       `> '"´|/   ハ    ,!]       ∨        ,'::::::::::|
:::::::::::::;'       /   {7  ./S !   /」 !/        \      ./::::::::::::|
:::::::::::::!      r'  /)' }|∵/ S | ∵/|  |      「\r、/|  ,:':::::::::::::::|
/:::::::::::!      |>、/  'ー‐''つ  }{ |_/ ̄  '、    _|_/「\」./:::::::::::::::::::!
::::::::::::::',     .//    ‐ァ'   .{}        ト、 ,イ´ _」_/_/::::::::::::::::::::::::::!
::::::::::::::::\ / /   _ノ!    }{          /` ーく´   `\::::::::::::::::::::::::::::|

90736a  No.16505000


I wasn't complaining about ascii though. I was complaining at a meme emoji. Dumb dumb.

14f50c  No.16505002


Ok, you are right about it not being ascii, but they were used in japan way before reddit and tumblr cancer.

f0930a  No.16505006


>Dumb dumb.

                              /\r' .|
      ト、     rへ、_       _, -―-イ く_>ートーヤ
      i/\    i::::::::::::::`ヽ____/:::::::::::::::::::〈   /ヽ, / -〈
      ',_/`ヽ、 〈:::::::::`-────-   、:::::::i  /`ヽ/\, r'
       ヽ/~"\i::::;r'´       l.         \r'ヽ、__/
.         ヽ / /   /|   |      l   `ヽ、.,イ
         /  /   / |   |.、     |
       /   /   / __ノ|   |∧ ヽ.    |        .
        /./ {   /   八  |  ヽ \   |   |     i
      {./ / |  / /⌒ヽ  \|  /⌒ヽヽ |  }  .}   |
.      / /. L_」 /   }     /   } 〉|  |  /  .〈
     / /    / {_   ノ     {_   ノ∧人__」 ./   ∧
      | ./    /   しノ ////// しし'/    ./ /ヽ.    |
      |/    {       r-~く     /    ./ / ノ   | |
      |   ./ 丶    |/  ',   /     / /Y     | |  
      |   ∧.  \    {/   }  /    ./ / |   ハ |
     \_」 |  |  >─r ァ t─ァ/  / /.  i    | |
        i  |  _| く⌒厶⌒> /|_/|_/ ヽ |    | |
        |/YYY } ノ_,ィ^ト弋 /YYヽ {   l |    | |
        /   / }  く/  ヽ.> {    ∨  / |    | |
.       /ニニ/ , イ        ヽ二ニ}  /.  |    | |

2b6142  No.16505010

File: 95c1a3fc5a95f8c⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 6.14 KB, 530x620, 53:62, 1322837997614.png)

File: d1edbbbf902b7b4⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 30.6 KB, 927x886, 927:886, 1328533403469.png)

File: 892a54c297d2ec5⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 42.91 KB, 630x780, 21:26, 1368483497592.png)

File: c16f1267ea6c2f7⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 34.84 KB, 560x740, 28:37, 1368573253001.png)

File: 5339699aa39d671⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 110.08 KB, 894x654, 149:109, 1373691290003.jpg)


Also images load but they have a variable delay. That's all.

f0930a  No.16505022


>Saving ASCII as pictures

Isn't that rather pointless?

/: : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : . ,,>´:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:`} : : : : : : : : : : : : : : :.  |
: : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : :,,-─、,-‐'.:.:.:.::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::l: : : : : : : : : : : : : : :.  |
: : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : :/  /.:.:.::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::| : : : : : : : : : : : : : : :  |
: : : : : : : : : : : : : : /  /.:.::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::_:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::l: : : : : : : : : : : : : : : :  ト、
: : : : : : : : : : : : :/  ./.:::::::::::::/::::::::::::::::::::/:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::|: : : : : : : : : : : : : : :  l::.ヽ
: : : : : : : : : : : :/,.‐'´.::::::::::::::::/:::::::::::::::::/:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::',: : : : : : : : : : : : :   .|::::.,ゝ
: : : : : : : : : : イ─-、::::::::::::::/:::::::::::::::::/:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::/::::::::::::::/::::::',: : : : : : : : : : : :  .j.,." |
: : : : : : : : : :/  /::::::::::::::::{::::::::::::::::/:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::/:::::::::::::/i:::::::::::゙,: : : : : : : : : :  /:.:. :. :.l
: : : : : : : : ノ /::::::::::::::::::::::::゙;::::::,-/,{::::::::::::::::::::::::::::/ i:::::::::/ l::::::::::ノ`゙‐、__:_,..-''´:.:.:.:. :. :.l
: : : : : :/  l::::::/:::::::::::::::::::::×:::,': :l`:::::::::::::::::::::::/ l::::::::/  i:::::::ノヾ、:::::::::::::::::::l:::,':.:.:.:.:.:. :. :.|
: : :::/    |:::/:::::::::::::::::::::/  ヽl、 .l:::::::::::::::::::::,'  l:::::/   レ ′  ヽ::::::::::::::::::i,':.:.:.:.:.:.:.:. :.:.゙、
-,''"     .l,;"i::::::::::::::::::::,'   n   ヽ:::::::::::::::,' レ   n      l:::::::::::::::::i:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:. :. :ヾ
         l::::::::::::::::::,'   |::|     ヽ、:::::::i      |::|     ∧:::::::::::ノ:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:. :. :. :.゙;,
         `,::::::::::::::i::l    |::|      \.::::l    |::|    /::::i::::::/:: :.:.:.:.:.:.:、:.:.: :. :. :. ゙、
..         ヽ、::::::l:::::l   |::|        ´`'    |::|    /::::::::l/:::::::: :.:.:.:.:.:.:.i:.:.:. :. :. :. :.',
            ヽ、|::::::l   `′               `′  /.:::::::::::::::::::::: :.:.,:.:.:.:.:.|:.:. :. :. :.i :. ',
            / |:::::l                    //:::::::::::::::::::::::::. :.l:.:.:.:.:.j:.:. :. :. :人:. l
           /:::,:::::::::i                   /::/:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::.ノ:.:.:.:./:.: :. :. /  i:. |

7cddc9  No.16505029

File: a193cfdcbf7fbbd⋯.mp4 (598.82 KB, 640x360, 16:9, SCREAMING_EXTERNALLY.mp4)

e10be8  No.16505067

File: 1f8532b8573cd57⋯.jpg (87.01 KB, 567x790, 567:790, Days like this I wish Hitl….jpg)

4b9824  No.16505090

File: f1cfcfbb25df507⋯.mp4 (660.58 KB, 960x540, 16:9, KirkhopeGoesOffTheDeepEnd.mp4)


Add him to the endless list of heroes you should never meet.

ee1cb9  No.16505099


I want the proper ascii version of all these STAT!

ee1cb9  No.16505125


What's going to happen in a decade, give or take, when trannyism is seen to be as primitive and barbaric as bloodletting, trepanation, or lobotomies? How will all these famous and semi famous people walk back their position on catastrophic genital and endocrine system mutilation?

be2107  No.16505146


you have to be cuck in media nowadays. between opinion cucking and dropping their cushy jobs they all chose cucking.

712e20  No.16505147


They dont care/do worse behind the scenes.

ee1cb9  No.16505162


The public is liable to care and thanks to the internet their stupid opinions are archived forever.

712e20  No.16505183


I agree but they wont ever be held liable, even if a tranny decides they were tricked.

459d33  No.16505204


>You just used a reddit-tier meme emoji.

That isn't an emoji, it also existed for years prior to reddit youngin'.

8d68fd  No.16505225


they'd all probably have commited suicide by then.

I do wonder what will be the thing that will define the 2020's.

for 2010 we already have


>the hipster movement

>Xwave music

>people thinking piercings of anykind looking good

>tranny schooling being the decade's equivalent of bible camp

ab353b  No.16505232

World Health Organization Officially Recognizes Gaming Addiction as a Disease


31ffd5  No.16505256

File: 5529708166b314d⋯.png (846.13 KB, 878x980, 439:490, mariolist.png)


Every decade is highly variable; the 70's was a time of family values but it's also the golden age of porn and disco. The early 90's had dayglow radical but it also had grunge.

9b56d6  No.16505259


If anything can be addicting, why isn't 'addiction' the overall diagnosis instead of the individual activities one is addicted to? Someone can be addicted to eating as much as someone can be addicted to gambling, and both can be bad in the short and long term. And I still don't get why they haven't diagnosed sexual dymorphism or whatever it's called as a mental health issue instead of a physical one. I fucking know it's the jews but every time I ask someone who is pro transgender what the difference between autism and transgenderism is they call me a transphobe misogynist assburger.

ab2ff7  No.16505275


So when can I expect my disability check in the mail?

f0930a  No.16505280


>sexual dymorphism

Dysphoria, anon. Sexual dymorphism is the physical differences that are visible to differentiate between male and female.

There's supposed to be a limb dysphoria where people believe a limb to not belong to them, and want to hack it off. This is generally discouraged, yet for gender dysphoria they protect and encourage it. Likely to foster a caste of degenerate, sterile, weak-minded yet still able-bodied slaves to do their bidding. I'm pretty sure it used to be a disorder, but they removed it from the list along with homosexuality to raise the LGBT community.

e84178  No.16505313

File: e0d9bbaf7e380c2⋯.jpg (158.45 KB, 782x1200, 391:600, Comic Retard 93.jpg)

When in doubt, double down like a vermin cunt.

0f0bd0  No.16505321


> World Health Organization Officially Recognizes Gaming Addiction as a Disease

Wasn't that used to justify all sorts of dystopian bullshit in South Korea?

9d6dcf  No.16505325

File: b4079e8346c6385⋯.jpg (23.16 KB, 352x356, 88:89, 1458508177479.jpg)

712e20  No.16505326


South korea, china, canada, every shithole "1st world" country.

ab2ff7  No.16505335

File: 47ff2b241d7d364⋯.jpg (96.26 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 1558150085767.jpg)


>comics are dying as an industry because people are sick of politics taking press over writing good stories

>let's put even more social justice politics out there that surely won't fail


14f50c  No.16505351


Who the fuck buys this garbage? Do even the sjws themselves like this cancer?

f0930a  No.16505401

File: 19729013cb314b6⋯.webm (6.88 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 19729013cb314b6a19a37e94a….webm)

171ff6  No.16505403


>Sexual dimorphism is the physical differences…

fe0382  No.16505425

File: 7dacab04d95d1fe⋯.jpg (37.98 KB, 287x424, 287:424, 29fb96afc7f824d125fd87a48c….jpg)


I'm generally perpetually horny and also have little-to-no refactory period, but even still 3DPD porn is awful except for that rare video now and then, so I stick to 2D or my thoughts.


At least they made their own character for once.

eaffb3  No.16505429

>Deadspin is not happy that ESPN purged a prog infiltration(which Deadspin played a part in): "ESPN President: We're Going To Keep The Old Whites Happy"


>Weekly Recap May 25th: China Social Credit Unpersons 13 Million, Xbox To Remove “Toxicity”, Soph Censored



0867c3  No.16505432


Black women are generally not that attractive, but their designs are always ugly even by sheboon standards. How do they pull that off?

b0d766  No.16505459


There are people who are into bestiality.

f0930a  No.16505470


I won't claim to be well educated on the subject.

b0d766  No.16505488

File: b41d11eec4fd8dc⋯.jpg (41.6 KB, 749x915, 749:915, D7a5zRgXkAEDeNO.jpg)

In unrelated news.

5e76c6  No.16505492


What an unfortunate (((glitch.)))

5c7fa6  No.16505500


I get this on gun videos pretty regularly.

84b033  No.16505503


>Money was wasted on calling anyone playing videogames a little more than some arbitrary limit a junkie on par with actual heroin bums, so they can dump some (((medicine))) to fill their pockets

And they call themselves doctors?

0867c3  No.16505506


So what is the actual likelyhood of anyone getting Neetbux from this?

9f7163  No.16505511

File: e81378d13e76387⋯.jpeg (86.9 KB, 700x400, 7:4, 78598342132412346.jpeg)

File: 510fbd2e509d531⋯.jpg (141.58 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 9812347985124321346.jpg)


>SJW surgeon

that is a fucking horrifying thing to imagine

621e2b  No.16505517

File: c790d9a659d2162⋯.jpg (234.06 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, [HorribleSubs] Asobi Asoba….jpg)


a thing i've learned in my silly drawquest is that there are a lot of closet (western) shota/loli artists. many just dabble, but some pig out and try real hard to hide it. it wouldnt surprise me the slightest if a good chunk of the animation industry has the bug. especially since so many of the personal works of certain big name individuals seem to give off that menacing aura (if not full blown) and how the animation industry is very close knit and completely nepotistic.


>At least they made their own character for once.

its black jack except black and female.

sjws can't create too good..

03b285  No.16505520

File: 9e15fa1a9cb9328⋯.png (319.3 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, 1515448443301.png)

File: 9228a448f05a231⋯.jpg (76.33 KB, 445x506, 445:506, shadowmood.jpg)




Questioned my sexual identity my early teens and twenties and I'll tell everyone this. Its a cult mixed with fetishists.

I don't mean sexual fetishists when I say that but there are plenty of those autogenophiles in there too. I mean political activists that get some sick pleasure out of pushing people to transition and stay mentally ill. You see stories about doctors trying to diagnose and prescribe hormone blockers to children who lack the mental development to know whats going on and the doctors know the blockers permanently change the child. Or activist orgs tying to take children away from parents so they can be processed. You have communities downplaying any negatives of transitioning(hormones, surgery, etc) when they know full well the potential consequences. Its sick.

If you notice, Tumblrinas create/join groups where everyone enables or excuses their own and each other's shitty behavior. This is something the collectivist left does.

The same behaviors and people are present in the transgender community. Sexual identity issues can be a symptom of a larger mental health issue(see serial killers). There's even research suggesting most people grow out of sexual identity issues by 25. But due to radical lefty and ignorant activists, any mention of this leads to accusations of "transphobia" and even attempts at damaging your life. Now combine the two together and you have a perfect breeding ground for mentally ill individuals, particularly those with cluster b personality disorders, to act out in public without being held accountable.

I used to be sympathetic and even participated in the community for years but the mass of activists, enabled mentally ill people, political? fetishists, sexual fetishists, cult-like expectation to conform to an ever changing set of beliefs, massive intolerance, lack of realistic expectations, incessant political action and harassment against even mild critics, and inability to see themselves beyond "trans" killed it for me. You are nothing but "trans" to them and any deviation will get you labeled as a traitor.

Fuck the LGBT "community". Its a cult of dissonance, anger, and sadness that has no intention of wanting to help each other be happy and would rather push insane politics as a quick/lazy solution to their self imposed life issues. They will never be happy no matter how much power or free shit you give them because nothing will fix their shit mental/physical life but themselves. You know your community is fucked when the lgbt board on fullchan(halfchan was okay years ago) doesn't treat you as a group and gives more realistic expectations than any other group despite the media claiming otherwise.

It truly is clown world.

We have people like this in the games industry who are protected by ignorant people "doing the right thing", activists who know but have an agenda to push, and people who use them as weapons to destroy their enemies. We've discussed them on this board. There is no reasoning with them because you're trying to reason with someone who is mentally ill and refuses to get the help they need because the cult they belong to tells them there's nothing wrong.

This is important to understand in the context of Gamergate and the gaming industry in general.

03b285  No.16505543


Is this going to be a growing trend ? Large companies tend to be slow to pick up and drop "trends" as evidenced by the out of date memes they post.

Maybe there's hope for at least some game studios?

712e20  No.16505570


They call themselves rich. And they get that way by inventing diseases and then coincedentally selling the cure as well.

03b285  No.16505576



Some of these researchers/experts need something to be known for/add to their resume in order to progress their careers.

be2107  No.16505579

So florida banned sex dolls?

5c7fa6  No.16505604


If the gov signed it then yes they are banned as of October 1st 2019.

af0f66  No.16505619


I will agree with you on the community, especially with those who aren't sure about who they are. Had a friend who was a twin who transitioned to a guy, but didn't really have a plan or even understand what she was doing. Ended up in the mental ward due to the mental episodes caused by the testosterone. Figure they would try and help her or at least talk her through it, but no. Its a shame, because my other friend was dating her when she decided to be a man.

Honestly, the only gay or lesbian people I could get along with were those who steer clear of the community. Any person who focuses solely on one thing tend to become nothing but a caricature.

b0d766  No.16505632

Lots of error 504 I get on other boards.

03b285  No.16505647


>Honestly, the only gay or lesbian people I could get along with were those who steer clear of the community.

met a lot of gays who hate the gay community and gay "spokesmen" because of the above. You wouldn't know they were gay unless they told you.

>Any person who focuses solely on one thing tend to become nothing but a caricature.

There's reason to be wary around someone who makes it a point to let everyone know.

14f50c  No.16505651


Yes, he did.

3efa6a  No.16505668

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


high roller, crystal method

14f50c  No.16505681


Archive is not working rn so here is the link, they outlawed them and it's third degree felony.


What about 2d loli tho? My best guess is they were already illegal there.

be2ced  No.16505703

File: a521e781f4b5f39⋯.jpg (152.66 KB, 854x959, 122:137, buxcutter upgraded.jpg)


>check sources

>article quoted by that article doesn't provide sources

>government paper discusses how openly wearing provocative symbols can be hate speech

>mentions the ᛏ rune which is memefront's logo as an example

This isn't about banning viking shit, it's about banning anything that someone might see as "hate speech". The OK-sign could get legally punishable from this shit, but no, journos gonna journo.

be2107  No.16505719


oh so they got highway to ban lo li outright and probably even adult dolls and onaholes

712e20  No.16505724


Thats nothing canada almoat threw a guy in prison for a sex doll. Suprised that did not.

b9f33f  No.16505737

File: 5cf78f8edb88ca8⋯.jpg (1.35 MB, 1920x2985, 128:199, goodbye_mouse_1.jpg)

File: 563cf3fb5b6ba3e⋯.jpg (1.06 MB, 1920x2985, 128:199, goodbye_mouse_2.jpg)

File: 3c7a5041862dac9⋯.jpg (1012.23 KB, 1920x2985, 128:199, goodbye_mouse_3.jpg)

File: 6a4f172f393ac3e⋯.jpg (1.22 MB, 1920x2985, 128:199, goodbye_mouse_4.jpg)

File: c8c0de8858d91ba⋯.jpg (983.38 KB, 1920x2985, 128:199, goodbye_mouse_5.jpg)


>from Metal Hurlant to Mental Hambeast

How the mighty have fallen

5e76c6  No.16505766


The article links to something from last year in october of note.


>Is buying a 'child sex doll' from China a crime? Northern Kentucky judge says no

>The Fort Mitchell man, whom we’re not naming, came to court charged with having an item portraying a sexual performance by a minor. But Judge Douglas Grothaus dismissed the sex charge, ruling that a doll isn’t a person and therefore not child porn.

It also mentions some faggot attorney and state rep that want to change the law to make it illegal.

de5b2a  No.16505779

File: e0b78c109ce8b14⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 14.59 KB, 300x225, 4:3, tranny fluid.jpg)



>Its a cult

You're right. I believe you.

I see it coming from a different angle from the psychology of cults; as I did a LOT of reading up on cults when I was part of Chanology years ago, back when it was fun I should point out: the same people who starting calling Chanology "cringe" were the same people who infiltrated and cringed-up both Chanology and OWS: SA Goons, who later by (((pure coincidence))), became the same "weird twitter/Shit Reddit Says" SJWs that GG are still fighting now, to this day. Funny how all these (((coincidences))) and SA goons keep poping up again, again, and again. 'Member that SA Goon "Vile Rat" and who he was working for when he died? I 'member.

The name of all the techniques are all different for different cults, the Moonies, the different FLDS flavors, Heaven's Gate, Peoples Temple, but L Ron Hubbard's Scientology "tech" is probably the most well-known of what's publicly-available, because almost all of Hubbard's writings were made public accidentally via unsealed court records and intentional leaks by dissidents, but cults all use the same basic play-book to subjugate lonely and lost people. I see the trans cult using same Scientology "tech" of "love bombing"pic related, the "othering" of some-great-evil-with-unspecific-intentions (The trans devil is "The Hetero-Normative-Cis-Hegemony" I.E.: Normal People who breed vs Scientology's triple-devil of "The Psyckes" I.E.: psychologists Hubbard hated competition …in making people crazy, their tool "Big Pharma" Ironically, this is the ONE case of stopped clocks being right, but for the wrong reason., and my homeboy XENU AYYYYY LAMO!), overuse of hormones vs vitamins with the intent to cause increased suggestibility in neophytes, which leads to self-harm via the trans cult's surgery to mutilate healthy, functioning, organs vs Scientology's excessive exercise and sauna purification routines (this is what killed Isaac Hayes). These cult techniques are actually a type of "human brain hacking" similar to "social engineering" to make people suggestible and accepting to the cult's doctrine; even if that doctrine is the trans cult's "I can become a pretty princess if I wish hard enough" magical-thinking vs Scientology's "godawful ME:A-level scifi space-opera flavortext", which are both equally silly, just in different ways.

It's all the same and it's all terrible to watch, because it always leads to self-destruction and ruin.

7cddc9  No.16505829


>3rd pic

They put in a picture of that one black chick from the second matrix film on that wall in the bottom panel.

712e20  No.16505832


Its fun to think that why they want to destroy all imageboards is because 4chan made scientology a laughingstock

8342b0  No.16505989


If you look at all the Gridman doujins on the panda, it's pretty clear the nips don't care.

be2107  No.16506021




that webm edited from dozen of hentais is work of art

ab2ff7  No.16506029



>work of art

84b033  No.16506072

File: 4482c77142a863e⋯.jpg (38.54 KB, 372x398, 186:199, 9S reeeeeeee.jpg)


>NTR webm is a work of art

be2107  No.16506098

File: ee1393c3b6e99f5⋯.jpg (34.21 KB, 580x548, 145:137, ee1393c3b6e99f5a3d604e5849….jpg)



NTR? I had no idea. sorry.

In other news total disaster with eu voting for anyone not left here. nationalists completely lost, neomarxists gained 3/4of total votes. they got almost all of younger people in grasp politically. really no chance for us.

8342b0  No.16506107



How can it be netorare when she's single for the entirety of the show? Plus, she's not even a real person even within the show.

03b285  No.16506116


>You're the sum of your experiences combined with genetic influences so you're an individual

<These people I put into a group based on one sole trait deserve special attention.

I don't understand the jump in logic.

fbe74a  No.16506118

File: 530acd9d04309b5⋯.jpg (846.53 KB, 1379x2785, 1379:2785, __nia_teppelin_tengen_topp….jpg)


>she's not even a real person even within the show

So she's some artificial construction?

9fb715  No.16506129




I'm confused. What webm are we even talking about?

be2107  No.16506131


there is no one to be saved. young lemming want this. they cheer for it.

f11413  No.16506152


Who's Don Sargone?

712e20  No.16506161


That does not suprise me in the slightest. That, and I can garauntee shenanigans like ballot stuffing, rigging and vote denial.

03b285  No.16506167


You are correct about lovebombing and I omitted that due to length. Lonely people are susceptible to love bombing and I lost a friend to a social justice group to it in college. She then thought she was morally superior and that society could not achieve utopia without the government controlling society and culture. The LGBT communities think the same.

This causes normal people to have a skewed view of any one who isn't straight or whatever because the communities are the cult representing themselves and not normal people who happen to be gay/trans or whatever.

sage for off topic

8342b0  No.16506196

File: 9f84c227b9209aa⋯.png (3.31 MB, 1664x2442, 832:1221, 71320791_p0.png)


The show takes place in a simulation created by Akane, with her being the only real person.

712e20  No.16506204


Oh, should have asked which country. Not that it matters becauaee they will all be the same.

03b285  No.16506216


That's not his twitter account, dumbass.

1d8831  No.16506218



Tomorrow we have to vote for three different elections.

be2107  No.16506219


on global scale irrelevant but it hurts seeing this in real time. all those talk how young people will be smarter than old farts who believe lies yet they are exactly same only that they get their info from approved online sites. they are fanatics to the dot, they have no trouble manipulating their parents to vote for approved party while spouting death threats to everyone else

712e20  No.16506223


That was the plan sadly.

0f8ff7  No.16506231


Honestly, it is pretty well known that Europe is fucked. The only thing that will make it collapse is if a proper crisis hits and the gibs run out. The most likely cause of that would be the US falling, as various farmlands become unable/unwilling to trade to foreign countries, things will heat up world wide.

03b285  No.16506244



But they're good people. Don't you want Europe to live in harmony, anon? Don't look deep into what the EU actually does and how undemocratic it is. There's elections. That must mean it is democratic. Why would you want the old archaic way of having people who share your culture decide the direction of your country when you can have faceless ruling class people do it for you?


When will the gibs run out? The US seems to be propping everyone up…. and Germany inside the EU.

8342b0  No.16506248


As much as some people try to claim the current generation is more right-wing, if you've ever interacted with them you'd know that's complete bullshit.

9fb715  No.16506249

File: 2dbdd42fdc07a73⋯.png (311.55 KB, 430x436, 215:218, 112.png)


>there will never be a mad scientist who modifies and unleashes a bioweapon in Europe that kills all muslims and 99.5% of blacks

1d8831  No.16506258


Don't give him (you)s. Just report and ignore him.

ab2ff7  No.16506260



Let's hope the new plague hits.

1d8831  No.16506266


I don't know about rightwing, but normalfags just accept everything face value, and lots of kids have been corrupted by leftist faggots.

03b285  No.16506267


hmmmmmmm…. Well shit.

be2107  No.16506268


there is no hope and they fucked off with escapism too. so its just suffering left.

9fb715  No.16506270


That would make my day. Even if I die I still count it as a win.

1925b4  No.16506271

File: f57b7e92d8f5930⋯.png (460.51 KB, 790x1011, 790:1011, f57b7e92d8f5930b3f4bfa308c….png)


Never give up hope

bd2b18  No.16506275

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Haven't cowards also threatened to attack family members?


Aren't you pretty much considered a heathen for accepting "free money" without actually working for it, even in the most minute way?


<Anon, mental health has been a joke in the medical industry since it's inception.

03b285  No.16506277


>lots of kids have been corrupted by leftist faggots.

Seen this first hand. When "Democrat good;Republican bad" is part of education, it really messes with people. I cant remember the amount of times I've heard someone is voting Democrat because "they don't hate gay people" but they don't support anything else on the nonexistent democrat platform. They just want the social acceptance and to avoid the hate mobs.

1d8831  No.16506279


Exactly. They won't stop until they find anything to hurt you with.

1d8831  No.16506282


Well, let's see if after a month with the new government the Right Wing in spain wins the other three election.

712e20  No.16506286


Makes me look fondly back at jr high where, and this is nova scotia, we basically learned all parties were shit and understood it was a vote for least evil. And it helped that libs were caught up in a major scandal at the time.

9fb715  No.16506287


It's a little depressing to work at a school and see some of the stuff that gets passed off as an education. There's a class on "world religions", but from what I hear it almost exclusively covers Islam and how it means peace and they definitely don't rape kids. That and I guess some teachers like to talk about how the orange man is bad (we aren't even American, but hey) and Ford is bad and the milquetoast running as a Conservative this year is an evil racist fascist despite agreeing with Trudeau on most major issues.

712e20  No.16506296


Man canada is shit. And I can guess that the school does not even talk about how turd tried to force a woman to break the law for him and then tried to destroy her career when she refused. He politically raped her career.

be2107  No.16506300

File: 7fbfd8279b6aa70⋯.jpg (175.15 KB, 500x653, 500:653, whites 2019 and forward.jpg)


fuckers got printer for money. they will never run out.

people around me guys fauxcucks and girls unironical feminist. articles everyday men bad. laws favoring women just for having vagina.

Only hope is asteroid hitting the earth. nothing else.

03b285  No.16506301


Worked at a university and worked events. Many of the employees in power there pushed collectivist politics and actively demonized anything or anyone that espoused individual rights. Anyone speaking up gets harassed and shut down by people in the administration and the hate mobs professors drum up.

The radicalization is real.

9fb715  No.16506309


I know there's one teacher who was following that closely because she teaches law, but I don't know how often it gets covered in her class. I'm not a teacher.


I'm just at a high school, but it's probably for the best that my online presence, as far as anyone knows, is limited to an email address. I'm already not well-liked and I would probably get pushed out altogether if they knew some of what I say online.

712e20  No.16506321


Good luck anon.

9fb715  No.16506336


I don't think luck will fix things up here now. It's too late for that.

bd2b18  No.16506337

File: 2bfe609995bff06⋯.jpeg (155.13 KB, 600x824, 75:103, 12376DE7-1900-485A-9A59-D….jpeg)


>its black jack except black and female.

<But, we already have female Black Jack.

Also, do you mean in the way that she's the "best doctor ever", the tagic past of losing her mom in an explosion and being physically and psychologically scarred for life (While her father walked out), or the trickster nature of a greedy woman who's passionate about her line of work and treats it with the utmost pride?

1d8831  No.16506348


She is not female Black Jack, she is female Herbert West+Dr Moreau.

bd2b18  No.16506355



Isn't the only reason why scientology is still around is due to Tom Cruise? Also, what about groups like the Mormons and Jehovah's Witness? And, now I'm reminded of Gook talking about all those crazy cults coming out of Worst Korea.

b1a070  No.16506382

File: cfd645696d4d61f⋯.png (4.44 KB, 225x225, 1:1, hmmm.png)

Pro-EU Change UK, Liberal Democrats Could Form CUK-LD Coalition


>Change UK (CUK) and the Liberal Democrats could form an electoral pact so as to avoid splitting the anti-Brexit in the next Westminster election.

>“The Remain forces in this country need to work even more closely together than we have managed to achieve up to this point between now and the general election,” said Chuka Umunna, a former Labour Blairite and CUK’s main spokesman, in comments to BBC Radio 4.