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File: 29357278f46b7a2⋯.png (470.92 KB, 1024x679, 1024:679, logo.png)


Latest release and news can always be found here:



Creator streams most days here:


Video archive of all streams is here:


Wiki with game info is here:


Old thread is full and is here:



And now I immediately beg. I hear .13 has been released. Which anon wants to be a godam hero and post an upload of that patreony version?



Where did you hear .13 is done? Literally everything is saying it's not even halfway done.



Well that blows, read it in the last few posts in previous thread. A few people saying it released and someone begging for it.



The OP immediately starts with a link to the latest news. The top news at that link is an update on the PROGRESS of .13. How do you even have the reading comprehension to type!?



Well obviously I'm either Helen Keller, or I didn't check the status of a patreon that I'm not donating too.

My bad for jumping to conclusions. I get very excited when I read other anons begging for new update since it's one of the best available atm.



I heard (second hand so grain of salt) Darkcookie said the reason posing and coding took so long last update was because the poser and coder guys were sick or on vacation or otherwise incapacitated during the development of 0.12.




That person was a dumbass, as well. The copy-pasted info that the begging post was quoting literally said status update and that it wasn't complete yet.

Also, as has been stated, the info is on the front page of the website, so it has nothing to do with checking a Patreon.



So the latest version is 0.12 right?

I have shitty internet and the 11.5 version, how much did I miss for 0.12? Especially sister.



>inb4 somebody calls me Pajeet because I write like a goddamn indian scammer.



Latest version is 12.5. Added lots of sister stuff since 11.5. At least 3 different sex scenes and a several other h-scenes.



12.7 at his patreon page.



Ah yeah, duh, 12.5 was so bugged he released a quick patch. I forgot about that.


not really a big fan of fucking your own mom, could've been something better if there wasnt so much incest in it



Go fuck the lifeguard then. You're going to have more options in the next one, it just started in the family.



>could've been something better if there wasnt so much incest in it

but that's why this game is good you stupid reditor, dark cuckie made a poll and people choose what will be in the game first


File: c20423116a84edd⋯.png (800.44 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 1498490420004.png)


>watching a few streams wanting for the new update i found this

what the fuck man!? you never say interracial shit will be in the fucking game!

i knew something was not right when your aunt was searching for a bull to impregnate her but why the mommy!?



fake, cake, and gay

you're too obvious about it



Fake and gay. A for effort though, that looks pretty convincing.



I love these fake images. keep them coming man!




Yeah fake images :^)

sorry for the spoiler



i love those edits

they are far better than this game, if only could somebody edit those atrocious faces too



Its total rael guys, i kno te developed donk cook he told the trusth and i belevid him


File: 7d505cf7e351f43⋯.png (504.72 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, SummertimeMods2.png)


mkay lol


why are all these faces so same and ugly to look at?


File: a62ba694581bcdd⋯.gif (604.01 KB, 480x270, 16:9, giphy (1).gif)


File: 8102a8c317c29e1⋯.jpg (155.35 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 00052[1024x768x24BPP].jpg)

Don't mind me, just posting more fakes.


File: 304e2c65915ea60⋯.jpg (228.48 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 00133[1024x768x24BPP].jpg)


File: 0bb4010ac2f90e5⋯.jpg (133.12 KB, 1024x616, 128:77, 00213[1024x768x24BPP].jpg)


File: 58e800cdf821d76⋯.jpg (188.34 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 00232[1024x768x24BPP].jpg)


File: d3186b5c37cfc72⋯.jpg (227.02 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 00046[1024x768x24BPP].jpg)

This one already in the other thread. Also last one for now.



File: 02270f93818b61b⋯.png (64.68 KB, 473x151, 473:151, 14663801866.png)


I almost bit. Dont do it, anon.


Anyone have a save file for the current version or a up to date walk-through? I can't seem to get past jerking off on your moms bed. the only option I have is another time. Almost every other route dead ends as well.



What do you have unlocked?

Did you try the TV at night?

How about cuddling with your sister?

What about the telescope?



First, you need to click on the bedroom dresser and find the panties inside. Once you do that, the option to jerk off on the bed is unlocked.



>What do you have unlocked?

Seems vague. I got the chick at school to meet me in the bathroom, but she wont go past handjobs. I also have got the sister to give me panties. I think the last thing I did with the mom was kissing lessons. I helped the lady in the park with her dog. I cannot seem to make any progress with the aunt. I also can't seem to get the textbook in the new version.

>What do you have unlocked?

wont work

>Did you try the TV at night?

can't yet

>What about the telescope?

nothing to see.


This worked thanks.



>but she wont go past handjobs.

That's all you can do in this version.

>I also have got the sister to give me panties

Advancement with the sister is usually telegraphed when the MC gets up in the morning. He will mention something about wondering what sis is up to, if the Maury Tai master is ready to train, or spying on the neighbors.

Get on her computer. Connect the livestream cam to your computer. Read her emails. Check her diary. And if all else fails, train with Muray Tai master until he demands that you spend more time with your sister.

>I think the last thing I did with the mom was kissing lessons.

Keep talking to her in the morning. Ask for help around the house. You have to wait for semi-random events to happen, like the mobsters visisting your house or when she's in the shower. BTW, you have to have Charisma at 8 to get her car repaired at the dealership, so get rap battlin' homeboy.

> I helped the lady in the park with her dog.

That's all you can do in this version.

>I cannot seem to make any progress with the aunt.

There's several new stopping points with the aunt in this version. First, grab the shovel from your garage. Second, get your strength up to 2 to lift the wheelbarrow. Third, talk to her about herself and Mom. Mom's route won't advance unless you talk to the Aunt.

Just keep interacting with Mom, Aunt, & Sis and you should be able to unlock everything eventually.



Yeah just don't not do anything with panties before you watch mom in her room otherwise you fuck up the whole sister line and lock it out cuz she wont give you panties at all and it checks for story elements that literally can't happen as ways to get her to sell panties again. According to some people you also can't do to much with panties before spying on mom in her room either or it fucks up that quest line as well. Can't speak to that but I know for sure 100% if you don't buy any panties and advance moms story to far you will lock out the sister one and I have yet to find a way to fix it even w/ console commands



this command fixed my issues with getting locked out of the sis stuff:

"cellphone.dexterity = cellphone.dexterity[0:1]"

hope it helps with any issues folks have here. :3


just regularly try to sneak in sister's bed and check on her while she's showering. if there's a new scene then there's a progress if not then don't proceed load back and do other stuffs like helping your aunt or mom. yeah usually the mc will be telling you that he should check if samrok will train him today or not.


Ok, just got the school training event where you have to do pushups, now he keeps saying he needs to take a shower but some bitches are blocking the way. How do I get through?

It's been like three days. He won't even shower at home. What've I gotta do to move these bitches?



train up your charisma by doing the rap battles in the park at night.



Yup, got that. Now stuck in sister route.

Morning message is "connect the webcam" but I need to get her out of her room to find the diary first, which doesn't seem to be happening.



fucks sake what am i your personal walkthoug?

you need to talk to her during the day and say "mum needs you" then she leaves the room and the diary is on her bed.

if that dosent work you might have fucked up the route like this guy explained >>20264

thing is from what i have seen on the art streams the next update will have quite a bit of new content so i doupt there will be much in terms of bugfixing.


Found the event immediately after asking, as usual.

I needed to screw around in moms room a little more before it even give me the option to tell her that mom wanted her.

Now I'm stuck with the aunt in the shed, right before the milking event.

She just says there's something I need to take care of. I already got her the jug, and the nighty and cow-costume are in my inventory with no option to give them to her.



Literally seconds after posting I got an event with the aunt and mother in the kitchen at night, despite not doing anything new on this day. What the fuck?



your one of those, "lets bother people constantly instead of figuring things out" faggots arent you?


File: 20a99855215e16f⋯.jpg (22.34 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 54636791.jpg)





>doesn't delete his post when he found his answer by himself

>that's goddamn "inbred in need of social affection and recognition" level.

If you really want to help, write a fucking walkthough on pastebin instead of spewing every shitty thing you managed to accomplish like an old cow under too many laxatives.



shut up you retarded peace of shit kys





Literally a link to walkthrough in op




No there fucking isnt. There's a wiki link, but it's only half done.

Man, GIFT is in full force today.



go to library. talk with librarian and check the milking (or breeding?) guide. give it to aunt. pls read the text after this because its a new gameplay from now on..


File: ea409c8550baa09⋯.gif (1.26 MB, 1200x666, 200:111, ea4.gif)


>Being this triggered





people who are conscious about their teeth



I think you should go to /weg/ on 4chan or f95 or any other porn forum. You should not expect anything from /htg/. It's a shit place and that's why it's dying.



rightly so, the illiterate can fuck off



The guide gets you all the content, but apparently we have a retard. It is pretty unfinished it covers everything. There are extra scenes for maxing out all your stats, though you can't do the bedtime with sister until you start fucking her during her camshow


So how do I increase strength? The guy at the gym doesn't want to spot me.



talk to the guy in the lunch room.



and then set your monitor refresh rate to the lowest it can go to actually do the strength training… fucking bar is tied to the refresh rate



or use cheat engine to slow the game speed.

especially since many monitors don't support sub 60 Hertz refresh rate.


File: 45cd49aba389595⋯.jpg (6.22 KB, 269x187, 269:187, isthisajoke.jpg)


>bar is tied to the refresh rate

are you fucking kidding me ?



you know i just tried 0.12.70 and weight lifting is working now.



it wasn't before. Im so glad they fired the nigger and hired this great white coder


File: 7e87bf05e820a12⋯.jpg (14.35 KB, 200x212, 50:53, A00065F01.jpg)



why dont you guys just be like me and tap the space bar 100 times every 3 seconds and both destroy your shoulder and keyboard at the same time?



>wonder what everyone keeps complaining about strength training

>turns out my laptop is just a piece of shit



Or you know…make a macro on your mouse or something to do that for you…


Where do you get the cheerleader outfit?



from the attic.



Smug anime girls.



I've found that resting one finger on the button, and double tapping that finger with your index and middle finger of your other hand is actually fast enough for most things.


File: 3efcd1051dfbded⋯.jpg (44.42 KB, 600x797, 600:797, are-you-wizard.jpg)


Why is there a bajillion Summertime Saga thread? I like the game too but damn, son.



when you have logitech g502 you can just use the mouse software to change scroll down to spacebar or whatever the fack you need.


This game is a fucking gem, I can't believe I've spent a good couple months on this board without discovering it.

Not the huge fan of the art, but it grew on me, and animated art was quite a surprise, as well as the amount of content.

Makes me wonder what other games I might've missed on.


anyone post link for latest build?



mate, its free. just go to the patreon page you fucking idiot



Literally the first line and first two links in the OP.



thanks lad



I really respect DarkCookie he releases every build for free immediatly and has a very high work ethic



Yep, at the very least he is one of the few good patreon devs.



Too bad his coders are a bunch of jews, look how much longer they take compared to Dark Cookies drawing.



It's fucking insane how slow they are. They should be able to reuse quite a bit of the code they already have


Where did he even find these """""coders"""""?


File: d46e1f84a862f67⋯.jpg (120.62 KB, 961x923, 961:923, d46e1f84a862f67692bd15b3b6….jpg)




So right now who is the one you can fuck? Because I keep trying with the blonde on the pool, and Judith and it's no use…



Mom, aunt and sis. Mia is in next update.



Ty kind Anon, any dates for new update? I've read something about bad coders and slow releases.



It's Erik's Mom in the next update, and looks like we'll get June too (new character). Mia (and probably her mom) is the update after the coming one. A few other character got nude portraits, but hard to say/unlikely they'll be fuckable.


DC's just about done with the 0.13 art, but it'll be the usual 3 or 4 more years for his sloth coders to catch up (or more seriously probably another 1-2 weeks since he said 2 weeks about a week ago). You can find most of the information you want in the links in the OP.


grr end of the sister route pisses me off



He's added new stuff to past girls every update, no reason to think he won't add some more sister stuff over time.


File: b66a9aa1c472fae⋯.gif (181.25 KB, 500x363, 500:363, Randy.gif)


Can't wait for you and her (and your mother and aunt) to have webbed toe wincest babies.



>Erik's Mom

If it isn't the MC sitting in the dark True Lies style watching her fuck her son then I'm not interested. When are we gonna get some F L A T T action anyways?



yep, and seeing as how there won't be any ".5" update for 0.14 we'll definitely see more content for her and other characters apart from Mia



>not wanting to cuck Erik and fuck his mom while he faps in the corner

Are you gay, my man?



>no Mia content

Eternal suffering.

He could at least throw some more peeping scenes in there for 0.13



>wanting to fuck your best bro's cockslave

Selfish and churlish. Rethink your life.


I'm stuck on the scene of the sister reading her diary and telling me to come back later.

I've done all the mother and aunt stuff, and most other stuff, but the sister just keeps telling em to come back later, and I can't get into her computer because it says I need to find a password. What am I doing wrong?



The nigger just changed his name, fam.



If you are playing with all stats maxed the sister route is bugged at that point.

Start a new game and use the console to cheat.



What's the cheats?



Oy vey, are you kidding me? What a disgrace. So i have to start a new game not using the cheat mode?



yeah but it really doesn't take that long. get good


if anyone's on the discord and has access to that secret channel thing, DC posted a sneak peak of a scene in 0.13


File: 32a38cafbbb3b0a⋯.jpg (63.97 KB, 448x650, 224:325, Vegan-Bodybuilding-Vegan-R….jpg)


>inb4 we get another fake cuckery or tap picture



I have not played that far yet, but I am hoping that does not mean there is NTR or sis not letting MC cum inside



spoilers: she invites you to star anonymously on her camshow and fuck her cowgirl. you can cum inside her. there's no ntr yet (and hopefully never)

i'm dissatisfied with it because there's only one real sex scene and no romantic development



one real sex scene as in on the cam show or in her route in general? you can boink her on the couch, shower and in her bed as well when you get far enough, and there's also a hint of romantic development at the very end when you tell her you love her


One thing I think this game needs more than anything is a scene gallery. I'd love to replay the bit where the aunt is drunk and gets you to rub lotion on her, but ATM that would mean

>make a new game

>rush through every interaction to get to that point

>take a save snapshot

>archive that save somewhere to copy back into the save folder whenever I want to see that scene again

But with a scene gallery, you could replay moments (that aren't the end-game sex scenes) any time you want. There seems to be an effort to do that with the mom, but it still feels very jank.



iirc DC said the game is only like 10% done right now, so a gallery feature will probably be added sooner or later



all three of them (shower, bed, camshow) are kinda nonconsentual (you sneak it in in the shower and the bed, and you break out of the cuffs to cum inside her for the other) and the other two (telescope and couch) are nonpenetrative.



Yeah, I'm kinda disappointed in the sister scenes. It has more of a rapey vibe than anything else atm.





So basically, you guys want a less rapey and more romantic/consensual sex scenes for the sis then, in order for them to be considered a "real sex scene"?



yeah, that sounds about right. also the sister has a pretty shit personality. it sums up to be nothing but tsundere slutty bitch. at least the mom and the aunt have some story and conflict before they fuck you





Uh, anon. You can fuck her there after you've fucked her on cam.

>all of sis' scene


Dude, she wants your D. She's just very tsundere about it.


Eh. The both mom and aunt can be summed up as a sex starved molester and the aunt was very clearly grooming you into fucking her. The sis at least had a different personality other than wanting your dick all day.



I thought forcibly cumming inside her was awesome. Suits the whole dynamic and makes the protagonist seem like something other than a sheep.

The vanilla love is more the mums thing.


Anon from the future here, this build is dropping early September and so broken you'll have to wait for 0.13.5 to even get it started.

But the coders are competent guys, believe DC, they are just a little meticulous, thats all.


Why not have two options? Romantic or rapey? Kind like Urban Demons, Pure or corruption offering different dialogue and objectives.



Twice as many routes requires twice as much work. Coding one game takes long enough already.



Doesn't have to be now, could always be done in the future.



We don't even have half the characters' routes done, or any of the three main plot arcs. It's a bit much to ask right now.


When did it go from being about that missing girl to about this parallel world?




You're looking for stanger things buddy.



Wait… Coceter Chronicles?



wrong thread friendo, you're looking for A Town Uncovered



Oh shit yeah, you're right! My bad!


File: 5e7e7e9e620e466⋯.jpg (111.47 KB, 533x477, 533:477, 1432579392776.jpg)


>Carl Winslow fucks your mom

coulda been great


File: a1a62a292c08624⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 94.26 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 1501305665320.jpg)


new images for the upcoming update


File: 001c09fa0dce598⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 689.76 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 1500570434540.png)


File: 6fe31c5d9e67e77⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 174.08 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 1501354342079.jpg)



um what the fuck



oh i see. you got me for a sec lmao


File: 1e4bcf65a1fc74e⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 42.82 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 1501345611797.jpg)


File: a07732fe8770c6b⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 270.37 KB, 582x583, 582:583, Lick.png)




These are clearly edits.



These don't appear to be edits.



…And another edit.

Still, where did you get the real pics, anon? I've been watching DC's streams everyday and I've never seen those. They look pretty legit and fit into what's going to be in the next update.



I got it from the hacker 4chan



continue postin the real ones


File: ab761bd577f1dec⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 1008.61 KB, 1504x666, 752:333, 1500490111675.png)


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Hmm… Saw the /stg/ thread on halfchan with the new (real) pics. The uploader said he got them on 420chan. Head over to 420chan's Summertime Saga thread and those new pics are nowhere to be found…

…The mystery deepens.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Dammit. The Youtube uploader of that video ruined my joke with his disabled playback.

Hopefully this one will work.




Fuck off with this cucks edit.




Leave this place, you thin skinned faggot.



calm down anon it's just a joke you don't need to chimp up


File: d1c0d9c5f13d405⋯.png (18.17 KB, 470x196, 235:98, bmncJ8r.png)

the art is done - fucking nigger coders holding the update back



like always


File: 148d9cc2c3335e1⋯.jpg (17.58 KB, 316x316, 1:1, Stop-AIDS.jpg)

this game is a terrible cuckfest you share almost every girl in this game, eric's mom fucks eric, the prostitute have other clients, the lifeguard take other guys to the gloryhole, roxy has boyfriend, teacher change grades for dicks, sister streaming herself, principal and Annie doing orgies in school at night, Lopez and Martinez are complete whores, Helen and Maria are married, Eve hanging with a gang of guys everynight, etc…



>blowjobs okay

>vaginal sex



File: f41358419144627⋯.png (64.69 KB, 625x626, 625:626, cff.png)


File: 6c421f385628f30⋯.jpg (4.1 KB, 212x251, 212:251, 1310572247573.jpg)


It's not real anon, who cares. Just fap.



As long as mom don't cuk you, that's fine.


File: 4b288729f4eaeb5⋯.jpg (88.52 KB, 800x481, 800:481, annoyed.jpg)


They aren't recoding the entire game over and over, just adding on to it. So they either suck ass at coding or they're just lazy fucks. They don't even bug check their shit, so its not like they're taking their time, they wait till the end of the month to code and then rush that shit filled with bugs…



Judith, Your mom, aunt, Mia.

>A prostitute has other clients

That cheating whore

What is the point of buying the cow outfit if the aunt gets it herself for free?



I don't know man, that pic seems pretty legit to me.



This. It would be so much better if you could cuck everybody out of their "girls" in the finished product, like Erik's mom leaves him for you because he's a tiny dicklet, the slutty high school bimbo leaves her chad bf etc



Same reason why there's a bunch of sex toys to buy when you only need like 3 of them. Probably a feature idea that will never be implemented, like being able to give any girl the cow outfit and have a corresponding scene with it



Either that or the poster doesn't literally doesn't understand the meaning of the word.


File: 6146d34fffa5765⋯.jpg (32.62 KB, 464x323, 464:323, Blank _7ad1e04e78690d8af36….jpg)


Hanging out with people makes you are whore, we heard it all here!

god your life must be sad



>god your life must be sad

What are you even trying to do, faggot?



not calling game cucks because they show normal people doing normal things


How do I connect the sister's cam with my computer?



Progress through the game (sister story) a bit until one day you can enter her room and read the diary. You'll find a clue as to what the PW to the PC is, Bad Monster, I think, after that you can access it





File: 43d1d1bb86f88d3⋯.png (319.37 KB, 720x901, 720:901, TtAbkY9.png)

wew laddy, he REALLY ought to sort out his stock of slackers/coders first before hiring new artists, they're the real bottleneck of this whole thing



Ill take new artist anyday, lets just hope that he will somehow fix those atrocious faces



Is there anyone who can actually tell him that directly? One of the higher-paying patrons?

Also there was a solid drop of over $500 recently, and now he's back below the $15k goal.



That's standard, you get people cancelling their donations during the periods of no release and you're more likely to get patrons when new updates come out.



DC is still the lead artist, it's gonna look the same




Do they really have more than one engineer on this project? It seems like a waste.



There aren't any engineers on this project, but they do have two script kiddies working code according to the Patreon credits.



Those coders are really sucks. i mean what the fuck they only complete around 1% per day. do they need two coders for this really ?



In an interview DC said he hired his friends as coders. I think he's just too much of a nice guy to fire them and look for (much) better replacements, so nothing will change unless a large portion of patrons get together and demand it or something.



not to mention that each update fucks your saves up so you have to start over.



But like, even if you hire your friends if they start fucking with your business due to being lazy it's your job as a manager/owner to give 'em the boot up the arse to get them going again.


I mean more importantly than that they fucked up cheat mode and blocked most of the sister route when in it, which makes up what? A good 40% of the games content.



Makes no sense. Claims that bottleneck is the art when the nigger poser and coder could just use placeholder art to get the shit done. If they weren't shitting around like lazy niggers, you'd have a release simultaneously with the art assets being done


File: 7374ab38185735f⋯.jpg (463.25 KB, 1614x1024, 807:512, Josie_Maran_135 Terry Rich….jpg)

How much would I have to pay Dark Cookie to get


content added to the game?





but tbh i wouldnt mind some bestiality content



Speaking of…

Bodil Joensen did a bunch of bestiality porn for Color Climax back in the day, in one vid she jerked/sucked off a pig



you can fix that with console commands though, you're still better off using cheat mode



l(o)ink, pal?


File: cccafdc31015f6a⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 122.98 KB, 1024x840, 128:105, Bodil Joensen - Little Mis….jpg)



The one you are looking for is called Little Miss Piggy

The one with the horse is pretty neat too.

A heads up though, there is a vid where she helps some tard fuck a hen that is really vile animal cruelty.



hope u know, i'm gonna delete this shit as soon as i watch it once


File: db99b1a110182be⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 119.82 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, Bodil Joensen - Animal Biz….jpg)


You best be seeding this shit, m8 >_<


Alright im out its been good but we have hit too weird territory




It's not cruel if both animals enjoyed it ;)



I'm pretty sure the hen was bleeding after the 'encounter'.

The video quality isn't the best, and I haven't seen it in ages, but that shit was so fucked up it stays with you.

Bodil said in interviews she loved animals, but 'the things you do for money' I guess.


lol, DC is back again at $14k.



That happens on start of every new month


Hey no pig porn


>"The current bottleneck is art."

>coding hasn't moved at all in the past few days



Oni would've coded this faster


any news on next release date?



To be fair, he said he'd be adding animations now that he's hit $15k, and I don't think he can do that with his current staff. If he doesn't add a new coder or get these kids to work, though, he's going to have problems.



Do you know what he means by animation? Is it just like what he's been doing as of late - adding an extra few frame in H scenes to give it more movement - or reworking all scenes entirely?



>the year is 2023

>all scenes have been redrawn into renaissance painting quality with 60 frames animation

>writing is now so good that the game wins the Nobel Prize in Literature

>soundtrack so beautiful that grown men cry upon hearing it

>the coding bar has moved only 12 pixels



idk man I'm not a patron. I presume he means real animation, not just 4 frames on loop.





If he has any sense he wont rework old scenes unless he gets more content in the game. Time wasted on old content is time that isn't spent on new content.



Agreed. Animate all new scenes going forward until the game's more or less finished THEN go back and remaster the older scenes. But, if he's as much of a jewish antichrist everyone on here and 4chan thinks he is, going back now and redoing all the art is exactly what he should do - stretching out the games development for as long as possible for those sweet Patreon shekels.


22 Days till next version boys




There's no need for animation, anyways. It will only make the game worse.


File: 67f020df5df33a4⋯.jpg (21.99 KB, 400x396, 100:99, 1426462682567.jpg)


progress just jumped by 4%, looks like the code monkeys are getting into gear



I would have agreed with you before, but I liked the "almost" animation in the last update. I think he has the chops for it, as long as it doesn't slow down game development I'd be for it.


Does the up-to-date CG get uploaded anywhere?



Patreon and website.


File: a0fc2e8c9d925d1⋯.png (156.43 KB, 826x371, 118:53, ClipboardImage.png)

i'm just kinda want to play it all now



I hope "teachers" also includes the principal. I've wanted to bone her from the start. Although the whole sex cult thing is really weird… But still, I want to find out more about it.

I'm totally uninterested in Mia; I wish I could fast forward to the next planned update. I hope there's at least some good scenes with her mom.



I recall he said "all the teachers" in stream, but focusing on Ms. Bissette.

I'd wager that the principal won't be included because her story line seems to be more tied in with Annie.



gotta give more shekels for the coding then, goyim !



i'm also waiting for more of the principal, but yeah like the other anon said i wouldn't hold my breath. she's probably separate from the rest of the faculty.


File: cbc3fa01c5537e1⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 147.94 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, 0_14 Helen preview.jpg)

From today's stream. Helen, nude, underwear, and lingerie.


File: 469b73419735aca⋯.jpg (17.88 KB, 250x174, 125:87, maddog.jpg)


>Checking the stream everyday for upcoming nudes.

>For two weeks, DC has been drawing boring pics of a treehouse and the rooms in Mia's house.

>Skip today.

>Miss a goldmine.

Gawddammit… Everytime.



He also started working on new Angelica poses at the end and said he'll be working more on her nude and other assorted nudes. So tomorrow should be a good day to tune in as well.



>Doing 0.14 art for a while now

>Claims art is the bottleneck


File: a9aa840d41e95ac⋯.gif (467.28 KB, 500x250, 2:1, giphy.gif)




Given past experience with how fast their coding goes once the art is done I'd wager less than a week until the update.

As others have mentioned before, DC's coders seem allergic to using placeholders until the art is done, which is pretty fucking stupid.



was anyone else here thinking that she wasn't going to get a scene? phew, that's a relief.


I still don't understand what posing is. Can anybody explain it to me



planning art for scenes yet undrawn mostly. like literally posing the characters into backgrounds to make proto-scenes by sketching them out with rough line-art.



It makes sense in a productivity perspective and by that I mean they get more shekels if the project stalls.



So art really is the bottleneck and not coding? Wow


File: 52f9a5611116393⋯.png (7.48 KB, 277x182, 277:182, download.png)

giv 13.0


File: 8bbd5ae5c36bc11⋯.png (9.2 KB, 500x155, 100:31, progress.png)



This shit is not coming in at least another 2 weeks.


File: 899f5da0dd6a9d7⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 100.83 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, 0_14 Angelica preview.jpg)

New Angelica nude poses.



Man I hope it's not forever before we can do something with her. Still blue balled over the principal. I mean, see saw/touched your dick… and still nothing yet



These things take time. At the very least it's moving at a steady pace.



>No dick




really looking forward to 0.48 where you will finally be able to fuck her




I'm assuming she'll have content in 0.14 since that's Mia's family update and there will be lots of stuff involving church since Helen the psycho religious character. Also explains why he's adding more poses now.


to all those bitching about time. Summertime Saga is one of the fastest growing adult games i've come across in a long time. do i want the game done now? sure, who wouldn't? but give the group some credit for christ sake!



Christ, I feel like I'm youtube. Fuck right off, day.



I bet you would have funded Star Citizen if you weren't a poorfag.



We're bitching about the coders. If DC had better ones we would have had the update weeks ago. DC gets lots of credit from me, the guy who does the music too, but the coders are lazy cunts.


This game made me realize that you can't do ANYTHING without money, you can't even fucking swim without forking out - and you literally need money to make money (buying the bike).

Fuck capitalism.





File: 7d1bf60380ade4d⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 111.67 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, 0_14 Helen undress preview.jpg)

Helen taking off her underwear.



muh dick. Best milf


File: 034ff484362db32⋯.gif (2.21 MB, 247x183, 247:183, 1498719879669.gif)

>it's STILL at 77%





Just went up to 80%.



Because they refuse to use placeholders for some retarded reason.



What about Judith? Poor girl just waits for MC in the toilet booth every single day.



She is waiting to butt fuck the MC



that would be a nice twist

innocent and fragile little Judith is actually a dominatrix whos into pegging and BDSM



Ye, like the librarian int he Tomcat https://youtu.be/ZWlPkUFJNJ0


Has DarkCookie said anything about this nearly 2 month wait for the next update?

I remember he made some apology post about the last big update being delayed, so I'm surprised he hasn't made one for this.



im sure hes talked about it during one of his streams

personally i find them boring as shit so i don't watch them



for some reason audio isn't recorded on the archived streams


He should pay the coders predicated on how quickly and correctly they get the work done. Like if it's a flat rate of $500 an update now, it should start at $500 if they get it done correctly in the first week, then start docking off $100 every week it's late after the first, and $50 for every bug they let slip through. Motivate them.



You don't pull that shit with off-contract people, bud. These are porn - "coders", if this doesn't get them easy money they sure as fuck aren't gonna work harder for less.




Yeah, that's not how the real world works. A 13-year-old on summer vacation may be willing to work under those terms, but anyone else will just tell you to fuck off. You can't maintain employment of people with that logic



You do realize how much a half-decent coder can make right?


Haven't played since 12, any updates with the lame olive shirt girl



A half-decent coder could earn >$100k/y in California/New York. >$60k/y in other civilized states. >€2k/m (after tax) in most European countries. Likely more if they learn to negotiate well.

But the thing is, a half-decent coder wouldn't take that much time on this task, so I'm not sure the term applies.



Nope. Ask again after 3-4 months



The only kind of programmer who would take that job for that kind of money probably lives somewhere like India, Vietnam, etc., and you would get what you paid for.


What sort of coding do I need to learn to jump into this shit and earn some quick dollars?



Literally you can flail your hands against a keyboard and pull a couple thousand a month if you can market it right.

But if you want to actually make something good, and you have literally no coding experience, you should learn Python and RenPy. Both of them are designed for idiots, and both of them are what Summertime Saga uses. Purely coincidental, of course.


File: ede5c29ec8daaf3⋯.jpg (413.65 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, eve_mom.jpg)

New character to be introduced in 14.0 - Eve's mom, the tattoo artist



Looks like your mom but with a bald spot.





File: 913df6fe3830175⋯.jpg (23.3 KB, 637x478, 637:478, grace.jpg)


updated: her name's Grace




>that stupid shaved-the-side-of-your-head-off haircut

Just kill me now, please



literally every character looks auschwitz level malnourished



It's the way he does cheekbones. If those cheekbone marks weren't there the faces would look normal.



Is this the tranny?



Well she is a mother, so no.



Two moms are better than one…

Took out DNA from her eggs and mashed it up with xer lesbian partner's DNA.



The tranny is the teacher, or the fat twitch bitch.



Cartman's man has a penis…


Why do people act like this game is good? You can't even fuck most of the characters. The creator is a lazy cunt because as soon as the game is finished he won't be getting 16k a month anymore.



The part of that episode you are forgetting/omitting is that Cartman's "mom" is actually his dad. At the end of that episode the narrator says "Who is Eric Cartman's mother?" in a 'to be continued' kinda way.



She is still called Cartman's mom by him and everyone else in town.


File: 135fa85736cfd78⋯.png (20.78 KB, 700x700, 1:1, nerd.png)





It's the best in the shit pile that is western eroge games, that's why.



Great, another character whom MC may get to bang. Just wait 3 years for the update



I for one can't wait for the end of the game where you show up to prom having impregnated the entire female cast.



I hope the dev one day will release a patch to cover with a bag every female character's head.



the trap is one of the students.







code faster holy shit


How does one get to the graveyard?



Do ALL the girls need to have zero bush? What the fuck



It's 1 of the 3 grand pillars of sex, haven't you heard? Anal is the sole reason for living and ANY amount of body hair is vomit inducing, also women and men are the same.

It's all about dat kosher anal sex with underage looking "substitute boys". Gee I wonder what they're trying to condition people to accept


How in the name of fuck can it take this long to add code to a fucking ren'py game



Probably cause the dev have other things to deal in his life than just coding this game.



I bet the initial release won't happen before Friday, and a stable release won't exist until September.



You mean the 2 coders who get paid to do this?


I'm a professional coder for 7 years now. Do you people think I could convince the Dev to fire his coders and hire me instead? I would demand, obviously, that he payed me the total value that he spends on his two leeches. I would probably take 4 days tops to code the whole thing while still managing to do my own job.



Send him your portfolio/resume. Worst he can say is no.



AFAIK the only reason they've been getting away with slacking off so much is that they're DC's friends or something





this >>22521

go for it



do it! Do it! Just do it!!



Why not learn to draw and make your own game?

Drawing is not a bad hobby.



Because I do not have the patience to work on a side project that might never be useful.


File: 72da414eab488a3⋯.jpg (201.25 KB, 548x618, 274:309, Hahribestgirlavi2.jpg)

tfw SS posing has 5 scenes done in 1 day but the other 9 took 5 weeks



it was all a inside job!

wake up eric



Posing had 14 tasks, a task doesn't mean a scene.


What does posing mean? how is it different from art



It's more or less combining the art with code. Making triggers to activate the different expressions, stuff like that.

97% is nice to hear. I am at the point where it wouldn't surprise me if it's still not out by the weekend. I hope to be proven wrong


File: a8dde230d3b3f99⋯.png (42.54 KB, 1109x245, 1109:245, dc.png)

They are probably pushing the update for tomorrow.



what site is that tracket on?


File: 0dcd58d3337652f⋯.gif (917.79 KB, 384x288, 4:3, aww fuck.gif)


>Progress bar at 97%

>mfw it takes two days to go up to 99%, then two more days to get to 100%, then a whole day for the release which is buggy as fuuuck.



it might not be as buggy this time round seeing as DC has a team of Quality Assurance people playtesting it this time around





Coding is done only playtesting left


Will they somehow find a way to make 3% left take a week or two? I think so.

Plus isn't DC on vacation?



Why wouldn't he the art up until 0.20 is already done



Yeah, DC's stuck at a family reunion for a week so he's not streaming but said he's working on dialogue.


Coding's done, the QA is testing the build now



We know that since 10 hours ago.


Wtf? What happened to all the posts from today and yesterday?



Okay nvm they came back…


File: 216d55df70fbd5f⋯.gif (1.91 MB, 230x173, 230:173, Guy-listening-to-music-and….gif)

>"Sorry boys, but release machine is broke. QA is still not done so release will likely be tomorrow given how late it is."




fuck this guy


Why the code just got back to 90% when it was at 93%?



I mean 97%, not 93%


File: 9a04db71c61e2fd⋯.jpg (10.27 KB, 255x198, 85:66, reaction, your still a pri….jpg)


with luck that represents the bugfixes but i doupt it at this point.

fuckers are stalling while there "boss" is out.


>>22695I They still have to do the same fucking 3 tasks (26/29), but the % just dropped. Fuck, DC is already almost done with the art of the next update, with Mia and everything


I wonder if any/how much content unrelated to Eric and his mom was added this update. Anybody who listens to the streams or discord have any idea?



I'm honestly more excited for a more organized version for the sister/mom story, it kinda makes no sense right now



That's kinda what I meant (I guess my post wasn't too clear). Just a few bits of dialogue here and there would make a big difference I think, even if there aren't any new scenes or actions for Mom, Sis, and Aunt.


When the boss is away the coders will play. And by that I mean fuck off and chill. I like DC, but he's shit at getting good people. Remember the slav? Remember Kuckozu? It's like everyone he brings on is just prolonging things so they can get Patreon bucks without doing any work.



They've been at 97% for the past 2 days. This is getting ridiculous.



People really need to chill and learn that, 1, yes he's spreading it out to get funds (you'd do the same), 2, the coders are a tad laid back 'cause they're his friends and 3, they're goddamn amateurs.



>they're goddamn amateurs

Considering how fucking trash the codebase is, it's quite apparent. Cheatmode is still broken and requires console commands to fix. I hope that changes in v0.13


File: b276fa6676645c7⋯.jpg (32.61 KB, 300x300, 1:1, reaction, so tired of this….jpg)


>1, yes he's spreading it out to get funds

wrong they are stalling to get MORE funds, that is anti consumer no matter how you look at it, and no i wouldent do it because i have respect for the people who pay my fucking bills and i dont want to loose them.

>2, the coders are a tad laid back 'cause they're his friends

thats a bad work ethic, yes i understand that you dont want to work your friends to the bone but from the looks of it they take full adventage of cookies friendship and the consumers trust.

stallking for more funds and "being chill" is what kills projects, laziness is a death spiral, it starts with "nah i can finish it tomorow morning" and ends with "nah i can finish it next month" this happend time and time again.

for the consumer it just pisses them off but for the creator can kiss the nice life goodby for he will never get his projects fundet again.

just look at the breeding seasone dev or worse look at tim fucking schafer, their careers are essentualy over, do you want that shit happening to dark cookie?

>3, they're goddamn amateurs.

genuin point

the only thing that i hope for is that they have the brains to stop being amatures at some point, if a carpenter needs a month to make his first chair worth a damn that is understandible but after he was been a carpenter for 3 years and still needs a month for a damn chair then hir work ethic is fucked and he needs to rethink the way he does things or get a new job.

now look at our perspective, the fanbase has been burned time and time again by projects that fell victim to the corruption of lazyness, bad manadgement and full blown stupidity.

litery every time we get our hopes up that "this shit might nurn out good" it turned to shit.

how could we not be cynical?

look at it this way, even after getting burned time and time again, we still care enough to bitch and moan every step of the way but still support new projects, instead of just calling it a day and never looking at patreon devs again.

nigga be happy that we bitch at you, the moment we stop careing your funds dry up and we will never look at you ever again.

please for the love of fuck understand that you desperatly need your fans to keep your selfemployment alive.


File: cb2169e4f3dc8ef⋯.jpg (68.95 KB, 347x324, 347:324, 1426387435783.jpg)


>yes he's spreading it out to get funds (you'd do the same)

That's where you're wrong. I'm not a hack.

>People really need to chill


Fixed it for you.



t. Summertime Saga coder



>yes i understand that you dont want to work your friends to the bone but from the looks of it they take full adventage of cookies friendship and the consumers trust.

This is why you never should have your friends work for you or with you.


>AoiichiNiiSan - Today at 1:54 PM

Everybody, QA is entering the final stages. Release will be before tomorrow noon EST at the latest.

One of the devs commenting in discord.


File: 73911c0f9d348bd⋯.gif (3.04 MB, 640x357, 640:357, giphy (2).gif)

They said tomorrow yesterday.






It's not quite Friday yet, but I have a feeling my prediction in >>22491 is being borne out, especially due to the claims in >>22734

They should add a QA/Testing bar to the tracker so we can see how many sections still need to be checked for bugs.


Why release the update now, better wait for the end of the month and keep searching for bugs


File: 38c3576b1b7bd92⋯.png (5.85 KB, 265x52, 265:52, tomorrow.png)


File: d9ce9b6cbfaa20b⋯.gif (748.64 KB, 245x263, 245:263, 0xAW6Ig.gif)


we're never gonna get it, are we?


File: 3b747a19fdf14b3⋯.jpg (80.25 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, tomorrow.jpg)


File: 6a91ad791955056⋯.jpg (220.25 KB, 1899x903, 633:301, stupid.jpg)

Wow these guys at f95 are such fanboys



Pointlessly cluttering a board like that is scummy, dude was right to close it until something new comes out.



I was almost banned for saying that the coders were slacking off. typical mouth breathers



Nah, i don't think so, that's just the faggot mod that can't handle people criticizing his "hero" (even good criticism)

Just look at his posts (TCMS) and you'll see how dumb that fuck is.

Just saying


I hear you, so many kiddies that can't handle the truth, fucking script kiddies that keep the game at 97%,just finish the damn update you lazy asses.

IMO it's only going to get worse, the mom update got delayed for a week, the sister update took 2 months for 3 scenes (even if art was complete one month prior) and still broken for the cheat mode and now 3 months for Eric's mom update, and for what? 3 fucking scenes and broken quests.

The Aunt's update took like 3 weeks and added more content than the Sister's story.

While i understand that it takes time for quality, this is not quality, but average at best compared to the first updates.

DC is still better than the other Patreon shills out there though.


The coders are lazy fucks and DC is becoming greedy



I don't think DC is becoming greedy, as you say. It appears that he hired his friends as coders (an inherently bad idea), and they're the ones slacking off, not him.

He just needs to tell them to stop sucking massive cock and get some fucking work done.


bunch of whiny bitches. jesus



They're just one of those people who will get easily triggered with the mentality of " Hey you don't like what i like " or " Stop talking bad things about what i like only say bad things about what i don't like " and then they will do anything in their power to stop you or even ban you for criticizing literally anything.




no it isent and i wont klick that shit



You could just use a Virtual machine if you don't think it's safe.


File: 91a2d4f94bbd0ad⋯.jpg (47.65 KB, 998x118, 499:59, faggot.jpg)


You're a fucking retard then.


they couldn't release it with a changelog?


File: 75b91fb468531e0⋯.jpg (12.29 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault.jpg)


Why must you turn this thread into a house of lies?



Great QA. Saving during a option screen means that all the cgs basically become the save screen from then on.



it's a bug testing version, changelog will be up with the patreon release.


How to access the new content? I couldn't even trigger the poker game.



What were they testing all this time then?



Their cock.



Just wait a few days if you dont want to experience gamebreaking bugs, like with every ss patch.



Their patreon's patience


Just finished all the new contents. It's decent amount.



can you post 0.13 save where 0.12.7 ended




You don't need to progress with other routes, you can go straight to Eric's mom's route.


Apparently it's an alpha version full of bugs lol


need help with eric's mom gave me the yoga instructions. I skipped it and I can't find her anywhere even in the gym.



yeah the "cheat" mode makes you start with 0 stats, what a fucking joke

Also console commands don't work anymore

cellphone.cha.append(cha) doesn't do jack shit



Visit the gym in the evening. Help instructing yoga according to the leaflet.


thank you so much god I wanted to set myself on fire.


How buggy is the new build?

I Kind of don't want to get halfway through and realize I can't progress and have to start over again tomorrow when they fix it since these stupid fuck's still don't understand the concept of transporting saves between builds


How to progress further into eric's mom's route? The options I have now are that eric is looking for cards, just general chat with his mom. I do have the option of watching the neighbors with the sister. Anons! Help!



It aint buggy. Got no bugs so far.



In cheat mode you can't convince Roxxy's friends to let you go in the shower unless you have high charisma

(means you have to do the stupid rap minigame again)



How did you get her to give you the instructions?


0.13 have gay scene?


This update is a complete garbage.

On all the update 7 new pornoscene: joint fingering after poker, which further branching into three scenes that are very short, which you can achieve in 5 min:

1) You can together with Eric fuck Mrs. Johnson, 2) you can give for Eric fat chick and fuck the Mrs. Johnson yourself, 3) you can fuck the fat and leave the Mrs. Johnson to Eric.

Each choice gives 3 scenes of two positions.

This took two months!fuck!.

The result: you can safely leave for a couple of years to follow the game, a year later she will die, because the author is already scam.


File: 421802bc3a3cb62⋯.jpg (76.57 KB, 680x680, 1:1, 3a7.jpg)



>Horrible grammar with incoherent, rambling text.

>Obvious ESL.

Must be one of those F95 I've been hearing so much about.



Hm. Okay. Now repeat that in English?




For your opinion all people is speak good on english ok ok.


File: 46a71a443c61c93⋯.jpg (47.52 KB, 290x363, 290:363, The_Swedish_Chef.jpg)



Durr herdi dippy do. Jer da flingi da "Summertime der Saga" den. De sweda dimmi do, da waggain das. Berdini, berdoni, der "Bork Bork time" das wiggen goo.




Type pStats to see what values currently are for each stat: (str)ength, (int)elligence, (dex)terity and chr for charisma, respectively.


Can anybody share a savegame where you can choose what kind of relationship eric should have with his mother?


Found the same bug immediatly too. What the fuck are they doing



How can i enable the console?


File: 98f165ff2690488⋯.png (581 KB, 885x662, 885:662, 1.png)


File: c19c7adeb64789f⋯.jpg (177.12 KB, 1025x772, 1025:772, 15030614178081.jpg)

Best scene


File: 0c31da40f5cff32⋯.jpg (118.37 KB, 1023x772, 1023:772, 1503066558165.jpg)

Worst scene



What are those nipples? .-.


File: 898be9ff710f641⋯.jpg (121.24 KB, 1023x771, 341:257, 1503066524124.jpg)

I lose my hard-on in here


File: 018413a30f0492a⋯.jpg (180.06 KB, 1026x771, 342:257, 15030614178070.jpg)



Same, need to open a porn video to finish.



i loved it, chubby girls are my jam


how do i get into the shower at the school ?



5 Charisma.



Too big



LOL at the post.

Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?



Probably the worst update to the game until now.



>Probably the worst update to the game until now.

The last one was literally a buggy mess devoid of content.



The sister update was relatively interesting because it approached the infamous incest theme, plus the sister-character was funny to deal with. In this update, in another hand, tried to overdo a lot and it ended feeling for me too weak and pointless. "Oh, now that my son has a gf you'll need to fuck me." With the mom and the sister there was already a back story and some tension and a lot of buildup, while in this update every sex scene seems so plain. "you look orcs? lets fuck."



The sister really has a bad storyline, always "give panties a-b-c"

She's the stereotypical Tsundere only that she doesn't have warm up and has a lot of missed potential like the "Make a deal" only to suck her tits for 500 seems lame

Also the MC saying "I love you" is there but it's the end.



Do you seriously have to type this out however many times it takes to max the stat?



>Do you seriously have to type this out however many times it takes to max the stat?

It's a console. Press "up" for previous command.



Most underrated post in the ss thread



http://awesomo.tk/console.txt the commands are old, though


The story element not involving sex was pretty goof but the story revolving around sex felt rushed. As another poster put it you quickly jump into sex with Erics mom or June.

The sister has had the best arc by far followed by the aunt.

I expect the arc with Mia to be a lot better, Erics mum was too quick in jumping into bed, Mia's mum has been depicted as sexually conservative so a lot more potential there.


How many H scenes were added in this new update?



Around 5.



Threesome with Eric,Eric's mom and MC

MC and Eric's mom on bed

MC and June (Eric's possible GF)

Can't believe we waited 3 months for this



Yeah update was pretty lacking, feels like DC focused more on adding locaitons, around 4-6 locations have been added and it sets up roxxy's storyline


Here's a different perspective. If this update was in the works for 3 months, combining 3 months' payments from Patreon DC collected (keeping in mind that it wasn't $16k during all 3 months) - this update costed DC subscribers ~$40k.

40 fucking thousand US dollars. 40,000. Now, all you defending him, answer honestly - does it look like something you've waited for 3 months and spent $40,000 on collectively?

Let that sink in.


Could someone please post a cg of the current build?



Nah even the sister alone had more content than Eric's mom


1st town uncovered with lacking of content let alone major game breaking bugs, and now this fucking game too?


I dare anyone to spew this type of opinions [>>22907, >>22920] in the F95 forum. Also I'm going to plagiarize this post [>>22910] and see how they respond.


File: 3a5f289641c72e3⋯.png (440.58 KB, 853x531, 853:531, 12323.png)



Lookslike DCs plate size areola fetish has gotten better of him… again


File: e0a41f22d88b2be⋯.png (190.27 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, Sem nome.png)





They must really liked the game to death i guess.


File: b530c85c800ad9c⋯.jpg (113.11 KB, 218x480, 109:240, milf.jpg)

Something tells me getting to fuck Roxxy's mom isn't going to require some elaborate quest…


has anyone figured out how to increase money via console


How do you trigger an emergency at the hospital to distract the receptionist?



Console codes are


pStats._dex =





Anyone figured out what the key you get from Erik's dad is for? Also, save the game before picking the choice you can't change later, because going to save menu after that message pops up will fuck up your game


Second floor, use the phone on the wall


Not sure, but what I did was just start the cheat mode and increase orther stuff, you can even skip minigames that way and level up stuff


I wanted to fuck that trailer trash the second I saw her, hopefully he finishes her part soon.


Why do you fags give a shit how much this guy is making? If you're not chipping in, you're just slurping fap material. If you really want lots of content, ignore the project and come back in 10 years.

Then again, maybe I'm just not invested enough on this shit like you guys.



Who the fuck said we're not giving him money?



They end up DPing her?


how the heck do you get past the brunette and redhead when you need to take a shower



Tell them to please let you, your stink will make them gone


must have a bug…they respawn



Weird, I just pesterd them a little, gotta se Roxxy's tits and anything else. Make sure to enter the shower when they go, do not exit nor do anything else


he takes away the rollback which is the scroll wheel function. i need that sometimes.



just save literally all the time, there are >600 save slots



Why would you give him money? He's mismanaging this project, more money doesn't mean faster content creation. Better to just wait for the leaks here.


Where in the holy fuck do I find the cheerleader outfit?



No shit captain obvious.


I think I bugged the attic, I have the stool yet I can't use it


So I last played when ver.0.12 dropped and my old save is completely broken…

Any one got a save I could use? I reaaally don't wanna have to go back through all that shit.


File: 4f95a59f644a3d7⋯.gif (94.15 KB, 295x271, 295:271, aci004.gif)


If the game creator was trying to make this same game without patreon support with the goal of publishing the completed game, I really believe that the whole game would have been completed by now.

The trap with these patreon games are that the designers are dragging their feet when it comes to releasing any substantial content, preferring to trickle release just enough to keep their patrons on the hook, and hold out the content that everyone's really itching for so they can milk those big donors. I admit, if I were in their shoes and I thought that was the best way to keep the cash coming I would be doing the exact same thing. But on the consumer's end this is such a horrible business model.

The sad thing is that Summertime Saga is no where near the worse at this, in fact they've probably released the most amount of fappable content compared to the scams like big brother and dating my daughter (which holds the dubious distinction of being the most tortuous scam out there thankfully I only played it the one time 5 months ago and never bothered to try any other releases after looking at the changelogs to see your character still gets zero sex scenes).

This game is not very complex, this was the first update with any actual choices you could make (do you share eric's mom, do you get eric a girlfriend, or do you take the dumpy gamer girl for yourself), and the framework is basically all there it's just a matter of adding the content now.

It didn't take me long to realize that it is a mistake to play these games until they are completed. Especially when you have to restart the whole game for every little release that only adds a couple extra images or scenes. Yet I still waited around for updates. From now on I will wait for it to be completed, play the game & bust a few nuts, and then delete it.


Jesus christ, so I have the cock of crowns, kid won't take the card.

I can't garden, its simply unclickable…

And fucking before you could invite Eriks mom to the card game. Nope option just doesn't appear.

This shit is broken as fuck.



i think this guys is out of ideas





How do you get the scene where you find Helen(Mia's mother) going to the church? If so is there any H with her? or whatever..



You need the key as well from the coat rack next to the front door.



You go talk to his dad after he gets arrested, he tells you to give a message to Eric and afterwards tells you where to find the key.



Yup, I had hard time finding it, it shouldn't be that small.

Btw I finished all the possible content of this game, even the branches so question me and you shall be answered if I don't pass out like the drunkard I am



This far the mistery key doesn't works anywhere so I guess it has no use in this build. Trust me, I tested every single site, managed to went to the end of every quest with the characters yet the key remains a mistery. So my guess is that it is just a hint to what is comming, like the option to buy a car or the cinema (that has been there almost since the start so don't spect to see what the key works for any time close)


File: 4a9257941a11b6a⋯.png (444.68 KB, 955x634, 955:634, char_mayor_sex_04.png)

Best Scene in the game



God please no, I still have that shit burned into my retina




>best scene




Why are these so similar, what is going on here?



It's the same girl except she's dressed as an orc in one pic

You can tell by the Triforce bush


And it breaks… at bug spray.. and it breaks at French Homework…

So two quest lines broken… sigh just gave up… I'll wait for the bug fix.


Im trying to get to the new Mrs.Johnson H scenes as well as Junes but whenever I talk to June theres no other option other than nothing and the option to invite Mrs.Johnston to poker isnt there anymore in this version.

pls help


So from what I'm seeing- still broken cheat mode, quest lines borked, not that great content.

Is it even worth DLing?



Yup. The joke wouldve been more relevant about a year ago tho


Does any one have a save right before Eriks moms content? Seriously I had the game break on me and I'd just rather not go through this shit again.


Where are the cards at though?


In the basement, back room, in a cabinet on the floor, left door, in a box.


could someone share his save with full mom and aunt story with max stats and inventory?


I can't seem to read the diary.


File: 2f76723171d0825⋯.png (572.56 KB, 1022x765, 1022:765, 126234262134.png)





yeah I never use cheat mode since I always assume it's full of game-breaking bugs like that one with dexterity. Decided to try it out and it actually worked for the most part.



think you need higher logic or charisma for it to work



learn to read then


>playing the first release of an update

You fap addled fools.



I'm having the same problem. Mrs. Johnson is missing and can't be brought to poker.




Do people here actually donate? Sad!


>playing the strip poker minigame

>dealt 4H and 3S

>roll with it because I may as well

>river is AS, 5C, 2D


>go all-in because that's nuts

>both Erik and his mom fold

>gives me the win

>cuts to me naked and drunk off my ass after I lost even though I FUCKING WON GOD FUCKING DAMMIT

I am mildly annoyed right now.


for fucks sake, if you are going to share every scene in the game click 'show post options' and check 'Spoiler images'.



we better be able to do that.

there's just something about completely trashy sluts that make them desirable.



You'll get over it.



like cheap beer.


File: 9e9d54a04a9f92c⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 400.3 KB, 870x543, 290:181, flexible.png)

Just done the 3 endings, give a girlfriend for eric and have his mom for yourself is the best ending possible. I just find this update kind "meatless" of h-scenes, you have the poker scene and the 3 endings and the yoga one. I hope in the future DC expands with more stuff in the 3 routes like bath with eric's mom, or something more lewd for the poker scene, i just want more eric's mom stuff.



this is why you only play every 3-4 updates so that theres actually enough content to make it worth playing



>every 3-4 updates

pretty sure i'd be dead by then


Could someone please upload the eriks mother scenes? My phone bugged out at the crossroads.


I love how you can still bug out the sister's storyline by simply progressing too much with mom first. Which also prevents you from progressing with Erik/his mom, since you need dexterity. I had decided to complete both the mom and aunt before doing the new content, which was a waste of time once I discovered I couldn't level my dex and had to restart. Why would they fix the most highly reported (and also most gamebreaking) bug, right? I guess if they had, this build wouldn't have been released for another month and a half at the pace they work.


Yeah, seriously. It's the best Renpy feature, why disable it?


I had the same issue where I bought the card but he wouldn't recognize it. I was able to bypass this by buying a second card, which allowed me to give it to him.


There's no sex scenes regarding any character related to Mia yet. That's planned for the next update



I had similar feelings. While I like the idea of having choices with tangible outcomes, that's the problem with having multiple choices/routes being added. While DC is doing the same amount of work, making multiple scenes, the player only gets to see a fraction of it because they picked a specific route. And the problem is only going to become exacerbated as development continues, since more choices/routes are presumably going to be added, and they also have to account for any routes you've already picked. So unless DC ramps up the amount of work he does, the amount of content we see (in one playthrough) will become smaller and smaller.

I was disappointed that the sex scene with Erik's mom after you set Erik up with June doesn't even have a dialogue change after the first time. I've been waiting to fuck her since I first started playing, and it definitely is hot, but unfortunately it feels rushed.


Anybody have an updated walkthrough. The one on the wiki is out of date.



>Yeah, seriously. It's the best Renpy feature, why disable it?

Because the dev is incompetent and enabling it breaks the game.



Spend an entire month "coding" game buggier than ever. I'm starting to think DC never hired coders and more likely just got a bunch of alphabet soup and wrote what he saw.



Erik and Mrs.Johnson - Walkthrough V 1.4




Thank you my dude



I first played the game when it was at 0.12, sister update. I will follow your advice and wait until the begining of 2018 to play again.




For me the problem was I was supposed to go to the Yoga room at night, but had forgotten as I went to do other things. Mrs. Johnson started showing up again after that.


anybody got a walkthrough for mia? I cant get past sneaking into her house and getting rejected after trying to kiss her


also how can I continue training my DEX? the old guy just keeps telling me to go out and see the world or some shit



I fear your game may be posessed or something.



is there even anything after that?

i think DC forgot she even existed. she hasn't been updated in ages.




aight different question then, how do I find the cheerleader outfit and handcuffs for the sister quest?



They should both be in the sex toy shop.

Are you sure your game isn't possessed?



idk mane all i see are the cuffs and thats it

it might be possessed



Attic for the cheerleader outfit. Key to the attic is hanging next to the front door(don't leave keys there folks) and the stool to reach the attic door is in the garage.



thanks dude



Mia & her family are in the next update.

I wish there was a 4th option for Eric's mom. Something like a poker game with Mrs J, June & Eric. Eric loses out and June & Mrs. J have a threesome with MC plus some lezzy action between June & Eric's mom!



This. If there is a time we need someone to pitch this, is now, fuck threesomes with other men, it's gay as fuck.



How is fucking a woman gay? Unless your touching dicks? You're not butt fucking the guy while he fucks the chick. I mean that'd be pretty gay.



Im not into seeing and hearing another dude have his fun right in front of me. Gay or not that shits just awkward to me.



You literally have a naked dude around, you probably will fuck the same hole he just fucked too, which is gay and disgusting, and at some point you'll have to look at him while you're at it or even hear his disgusting voice.

It doesn't help that Eric is a disgusting fat fuck.



Right, but you're fucking a woman. You can argue that it's somewhat homoerotic because there is another guy in the room. But you're not fucking him. You're fucking a woman.

Seriously man your sexuality is secure even if you fuck a woman with another guy.



>Right, but you're fucking a woman

So? So you're telling me it's alright to be a faggot and enjoying a guy fucking another woman in front on you just because you get to fuck the woman? That's actually pathetic.

It doesn't really have to do with sexuality, I find men and other men disgusting when naked, I barely take it in porn because I don't have another option, but 1 is the magic number, having 2 men on screen is revolting.

>Seriously man

Kys, you sound like a dudebro.



>So? So you're telling me it's alright to be a faggot and enjoying a guy fucking another woman in front on you just because you get to fuck the woman?

Yes that is exactly what I'm telling you. It's not like you're getting laid all that often that you're going to turn down sex with a good looking woman because "bu- bu that's gay"


I keep visiting the Aunt's shed at night after selling the milk at school and I can't find her. Also, can't show the CR set to Eric for some reason.


File: b3fe7e3232af49e⋯.jpg (243.68 KB, 1531x869, 1531:869, b3fe7e3232af49ed2616827305….jpg)


>It's not like you're getting laid all that often that you're going to turn down sex with a good looking woman because "bu- bu that's gay"

>I'm so pathetic I'd fuck any woman who spreads it's legs in front on me no matter the circumstances

God, you're so pathetic.


So new H content is you, erik and his mom after poker, you erik and his mom for 'sex education', you and june, you and orc june and lastly yoga sex w/ mom?

Is there anything else?



it's all but confirmed there's going to be a threesome with mom/diane eventually. no way DC could drop a hint like that and not put it in, there would be riots.



We are talking about June/Eric's mom, though, the mom/Diane thing is more than obvious considering the scene in the dinning room.


There are posts missing. Let's fix that.



>double penetration is gay

That is some virgin tier vanilla naivety right there. Bet you think masturbating is gay too since you're a guy and your hand is touching your penis.



>your own body is another man

That is some facebook-tier vanilla bait right there. Bet you think posting "u mad bro?" is trolling, since you're mad but you're pretending other people are.


File: f806a609f02de1f⋯.png (42.93 KB, 475x316, 475:316, u_mad_bro__by_trollfaceuma….png)


File: 81489b87bbb70ed⋯.jpg (29.94 KB, 640x454, 320:227, no_u_for_knowyourmeme&9gag….jpg)


File: 2dea0057a28001b⋯.jpg (19.76 KB, 397x295, 397:295, alice-lookatdat-oh-he-mad.jpg)


File: 26d5d83219255f8⋯.jpg (121.94 KB, 640x732, 160:183, fresh-troll-via-9gagyourfa….jpg)



Hi. Seek professional help. Mental health is important.



Anyone that claims mental health is important needs their mental health checked.


File: 3bcd6a831d153b9⋯.png (114.95 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 1425173731666-4.png)


>I-I'm sexually active, guys!

>I'm even used to see men fucking woman in front of me!

Pathetic. Also, the solution to double penetration without having to be with another man is using a toy, stupid. It isn't only better for the girl, but it's just you and her.



Are you the same weirdo in that town uncovered thread?


File: e04d6233c104579⋯.jpg (111.13 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1458927167837.jpg)


>You disagree with me

>You should be the same person from the other thread!

>Using weirdo on an imageboard

Are you the same dudebro?


File: b58f2169cb08332⋯.png (397.37 KB, 1274x1367, 1274:1367, 145390394982.png)


It's the same manchild throwing tantrums all around the board.


File: dfd7911219d4667⋯.png (79.96 KB, 490x468, 245:234, 1450340939071.png)


>Using a word is proof of anything

My god.



>Gets caught being a samefag with an obsession.

>Digs hole deeper.



you got caught samefagging, just stop posting before you make yourself look even stupider




You guys are pretty fucking pathetic ngl


File: 7174847a5c77762⋯.png (163.61 KB, 715x757, 715:757, ur gay.PNG)




These are all the posts made by this IP

You're both Gay and Wrong


0.13.1 is here! This release resolves a few issues in 0.13, you do not need to update if you didn't encounter any of the fixed bugs during your playthrough. 0.13 saves are compatible

* Fix door into Aunt's home

* Fix issue where players get locked into house/garden when interrupting scene

* Fix issues with wrong location showing (eg save menu during branch choices)

* Fix telescope scene showing too soon

* Fix game crash with missing asset

* Fix crash when in shower with mom

* SFX fixes

* Add hints to Roxxy's Shower scene

Download: https://awesomo.io/download?v=0.13.1‌‌



Next update will further the mia path


I hope DC decides to dive into 0.14, instead of the usual .5 update. Can't wait to fuck Harold.



Wow. That escalated quickly.


File: fd38faeeec8c83e⋯.gif (1.54 MB, 200x174, 100:87, deepfacenine.gif)


I've done everything with mom until the part with a black car, but I can't get it to show up. Is it a bug or did I do something wrong?



Nevermind, turns out I needed more muya tai.



MC probably sandwitches Mia with him


File: 9dfe700eb4efd3a⋯.jpg (1.32 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1419376624856.jpg)


Can't smug harder.


Don't give them ideas. Harold sounds like a fag so you probably get to cuck him with his wife and daughter, but from what I'm playing that's unlikely, I just hope that FatherxDaughter incest is included, because holy shit.

Here's what I find interesting in Summertime Saga, most things you do are not done for being a dick, which is a refreshing change, you're actually a good heart person, you even feel bad you you take June away from Erik, but that's ok because he still have his mom. The MC mostly wants to help, not just fuck, and he is usually surprised by encountering sex even in those situations. Naive MCs are cool.


File: 223e8ad649c123c⋯.jpg (48.65 KB, 960x540, 16:9, 1554342.jpg)


>I just hope that FatherxDaughter incest is included, because holy shit

NOT included.


I am expecting less and even less content for the next update, given the shitty sister update and even shittier Eric's mom update we will be lucky to get a single H scene with Mia or Helen



The sister update was the best update so far in terms of content. In terms of bugs it was definitely awful though.



does anyone actually give a fuck about Mia?

sure her prude mom would be fun to turn into a slut but Mia is just boring.



I'm quite interested in corrupting the cute Catholic girl



The cute innocent girl next door is every man's fetish.



Nope. Not interested in her one bit. My hopes rest with her mother and that nun;, that they will have good scenes. My expectations for them are not high, though

I wish I could skip this next update so the teachers one comes out faster



She is not that bad, but there are fat more important characters that require attention, like the pizza lady, ALL classmates, the clerks from the comic store and tattoo store and most asian characters, like the police girl.



This. Every update introduces more interesting characters but sadly they are there just to tease you. It will take fucking ages before they get any meaningful content



but this is one of the fastest adult game projects i've seen.


File: 802a40642311cb6⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 76.73 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 00533[1024x768x24BPP].jpg)


interested in her when looking in her window as she looks younger. then you see her in person and meh.


File: 6ff04e33350a723⋯.png (677.41 KB, 665x699, 665:699, 1497051764227.png)

>Roxxy update is getting more votes then the principal/sex cult one




even so it still won't be complete until 2 years from now.



Are you damn serious? it took 3 months just to add 3 scenes, it was mostly new locations


File: c634b4f5e9a1597⋯.jpg (15.46 KB, 300x300, 1:1, marilyn-monroe-9412123-1-4….jpg)


Just noticed that Mia has a Marylin Monroe poster in the background. You'd think that her mom would raise a fit against that whore on her daughter's wall.



Mah, it had 3 scenes and while they were nice, the whole "Make a deal" seemed to promise an interesting arc only to have "ok touch my tits for 500$ while i let you pound me for free in the camshow, in the shower and at night"

Also the "plot" was as following "steal panties a, give them to somrak, do lewd things,get panty b, give them to Somrak, do lewd things, repeat for sex scenes"

While for example the mom was

"Oh look i need you to mow the lawn then repair the sink (and get a lewd scene with sister), have the crime boss guys come over, then you had the dinner scene with Aunt Diane, the dream sequence, the mom's night visits and the variety of interactivity in the shower\bed (sister doesn't have it)", the only complaint about the mom is that now she sits on the bed everyday instead of doing her routine.

you moved around the damn town instead the sister was all "gym,home,gym,home", the currently lead to nowhere "i love you" option. the missing toys in the computer list.

Understand this is alpha, but when the mom had more content

Still the sister had better story and content than Eric's mom. It was so hyped but was such a let down.

I kinda expected that though.



>marilyn monroe

wow and i thought that roxxy was supposed to be the thot



Didn't the sister also have a footjob, fucking her on the couch, eating her out and watching her masturbate on your telescope?



After the teasing with the shower scene and her mom, I guess people wanted more, even though the sexual cult looks interesting as fuck, involves apparently all teachers and you already have the mysterious key to the closet in the school. It should be left for after the teachers.


She wants to be a whore in secret.


The quests designs weren't as good, but most of the events were really enjoyable, like spying the neighbors, watching her cam show and even accessing the porn channel. A lot of things happened in-between panty rides, like the aforementioned things, plus the shower/bed scenes.

>the only complaint about the mom is that now she sits on the bed everyday instead of doing her routine

This is actually annoying, she should be on her bed only at night or maybe in the afternoon, not the whole day, it would be nice to have sex in the kitchen as well and have your sister walk in


He mentioned it.



Well, I suppose that the Roxxy update will give us the possibility to kill, or at least cuck Dexter. At least, I hope so, and I think i'm not the only one to think like that, so that's logical that the 0.16 is getting more votes. For revenge.

(well in fact, I would prefer an update about Eve, but no one seems to give a fuck about her).



I doubt it. MC is too much of a good guy.




Erik and Mrs. Johnson story/quests

June story/quests

7 animated H-scenes

Improved poker game

4 New cut-scenes

Secret event in the mall

New room in the school (Computer room)

Improved Erik's house layout (New rooms)

2 New telescope scenes with Erik

5 New locations (Hill, Hospital, Trailer, Beach and Tattoo Shop)

6 New characters (Roz, Micoe, June, Larry, Crystal and Grace)

New church locations (2 new rooms)

Water fountain in park now clickable

New location in park behind bushes

VR headset now in the comic store

New minigame (Orc Bork)

Multiple new items

Menu UI fixes

New audio

Art fixes (character art improvements)

Bug fixes


>tell myself I'm not going to play until 2-3 updates after this

>here I am right now, playing it

I'm so weak


File: 5353a18ecc43835⋯.jpg (9.41 KB, 248x231, 248:231, 14724099526970.jpg)

>2 New telescope scenes with Erik

>2 New telescope scenes with Erik

>2 New telescope scenes with Erik

Anyone has it?


Seriously there is a bunch of whiney entitled cunts in the thread, this creator is pumping out constant and steady updates, and you still moan it's not fast enough.

This game didn't exist a year ago, he does all the art himself and writes the story himself. Go find another game that has this much content already in that timespan and get back to me.

You can't? Oh yeah that's right, 90% of these types of games barely get 1/4 the amount of content SS has before being abandoned.


How's the poll for 0.16 going?



fuck off DC



It's true. He streams his work, so you can see him creating assets on the fucking daily. Beyond cranking out progress, he has a plan that is public and easy to follow. SS is the gold standard for patreon-funded H-games. Who could seriously have a problem with the way cookie conducts himself?


File: 3cde8c7158bdc54⋯.gif (698.84 KB, 320x240, 4:3, w.gif)



>this creator is pumping out constant and steady updates, and you still moan it's not fast enough.

The only reason it's not fast enough is because he has his friends doing the code, which is not only the main bottleneck at the moment, but they're also really bad at their jobs.

Beyond that, I agree with you. SS is far above anything else in this category, even if it could do better.



Nice try,Fanboy (Probably sam9 or Panda idiot),but if DC,actually cared it would be once in a month, but decided to not because it makes more money and it takes less effort, the updates have become really scarce in content and it takes even more time (Mom update 1 month,Sister 2 Months,Eric's mom 3 Months, by logic Mia's update is going to take 4 months, then 5 months for the teacher update) with even less content.

I would have supported him, but not if he treats us like this.

He didn't take this seriously, the quality is good, but the content isn't enough to justify 3 months of wait for 3 H-scenes

Making 10 locations to visit makes no sense if all of them have "Alpha work in progress " on the objects, just make them when the update character events in it become available (like Eve's sister) .

Instead of wasting time making new locations and pointless characters (stupid Awesomo dog and the ugly Anna girl no one asked for) he should just work on adding H-Scenes for the character update, maybe instead of having new 10 locations we would have 6-7 H-Scenes per Character.

Coding\posing stayed fucking still for 1 month before progressing when Art was done,

Also don't act like SS is a god's gift to Earth, because it's not, get off your high horse.

It's potentially good, but he let greed take him.

Maybe if he fired his damn lazy coders\posers and replaced them with efficient ones maybe the update would have been out in July



>stupid Awesomo dog and the ugly Anna girl no one asked for

I like Anna, she's the only girl who doesn't have THE EXACT SAME FACE AS EVERYONE ELSE.



Well, the coding is the simplest part of all, so I agree, he have lazy scumbag in team.



ugly as hell and has no involvement besides being some guy's crush that we were forced to see, she should have just stayed in that guy's build


DC completed art at least 2-3 weeks before coding completed, and they did use placeholders, so the coder is a lazy liar. I hate when devs become shady like this



Just unpack images.rpa in the game folder.



>2-3 weeks

DC announced he was done with the art a month before 0.13, as >>20866 mentioned (lol at the 2 weeks prediction). If DarkCookie finished the art today, his ""coders"" would probably get their work done at the end of september. Their sluggishness is insanely obvious, except for their friend and his patrons.



Can any patrons post a pic of this?


Roxxy won the poll for 0.16.



really? fuck yeah, finally



can you post the full results? like who came in second, third, etc.


File: 95e9c5e45303c63⋯.png (12.27 KB, 789x114, 263:38, ....png)


Fuck me… and since he is always way off, that shit is droping in december.


Is there a way to re-enable rollback? I know there are a shit ton of save slots but I don't want to have to resort to saving at every dialogue options screen if I can help it.



And DC said there will be a 14.5 to implement dates with mia (and extend it to other girls in the future). So that means that if the codders aren't killed by someone or fired by DC in the meantime, 0.15 will drop in April/May 2018, and 0.16 in almost a year from today. Great.




Thanks. If this works I will marry you.



So… are we marrying soon? This dress is starting to get too fucking tight.


File: fc19f2698bb5bfa⋯.png (21.67 KB, 492x198, 82:33, 1y400gK.png)

it begins…


File: d198ffa63e7f8bf⋯.gif (1.96 MB, 191x193, 191:193, kobewat.gif)


Why is art at 0 out of 18? DC has been working on 0.14's art for at least two weeks now.



It was like that at the start of 13.0 too. I guess after a day or two when he's finished allocating all the other tasks he'll update what's done and it'll go up to like 2/18 or something.


About the poll: a guy in the comments of the poll result said that the Principal and Annie came 2nd, Eve and her Sis came 3rd and Judith came 4th.



I would hope that it's more than 2/18, but it doesn't really matter since DC's code monkeys won't even start their job till the art is 100% done. At least one person on the team works fast (maybe the coder should start streaming every day too).


>people voted for the Principal and Hallway Monitor before Eve and Judith

Jesus take me now…



Eve is the blue haired girl, right? If not, no idea who the hell she is. Other than that, the principal is mildly interesting for the whole sect thing, but she looks like she will be femdom shit, the hall monitor looks like a big masochist, which is cool.

I really want to see more from Judith, though, and I'm not even into big boobs.



Yeah Eve is the blue haired grill, if the update was for her, Judith, or Roxxy (or hell even that yoga lady from 0.13) I'd be totally down. I don't know if I'm just not into S&M stuff but the principal and Annie just never really got me going tbh.



Same here. I really hope that partons will change their minds and choose Eve or Judith for 0.17 instead of Principal (I hate the femdom shit and the cult doesn't really interest me because it is probably tied to femdom or even bdsm)



you telling me you are intrigued by some BDSM with the principal and her hall monitor assistant as well as that weird cult going on in the school?

sounds like it would be a sweet update


>Roxxy for 0.16

Who are we fucking first? Daughter from DMD or Roxxy?


File: fa9633f4d178898⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 22.39 KB, 840x405, 56:27, considering-suicide.jpg)


Roxxy before daughter by at least a month.



I'll fuck a girl in rl before both.

Kek, who am I kidding.



you ain't fucking the daughter in DMD until 2020



Who cares. Elena and Jennifer is where its at.



Why did they scrap the rollback feature? That's one of the cool things in renpy.



Incompetent coders.



There's still a back button at the bottom of the dialogue screen but if you press it the dialogue just goes forward.

These coders are fucking comedians.



>There's still a back button at the bottom of the dialogue screen but if you press it the dialogue just goes forward.

Fuck, that wasn't just me? I thought I wasn't hitting the right spot or something. Geez, how do you fuck up this hard?

(still not as bad as the sister update though)



>Not wanting to bang a GILF and find out more about the sex cult



the cult is by far the best option



There are some people here who don't want to get femdom and bdsm




BDSM is a pleb tier fetish.




honestly i'm neutral on the femdom/BDSM stuff, no strong feelings about it in either way. but the cult storyline seems really interesting, and also the principal is very hot.



Hear hear!





Yeah. I actually really don't like BDSM at all. But I still want to find out what the fuck's going on

And I intend to enjoy the principal regardless of whatever fucked up shit her scenes end up involving because she's hot as hell



I just hope that you can casually bang the principal in the office any day you want. And DC should make more interactions with the boobs godammit! Whats the point of having busty characters if the only animations are anal or vaginal



Indeed, i was hoping that the couch scene with the sister would have been a TJ\BJ, but no, it had to be a fucking FJ, wth?




The game's not done yet, you nincompoops.



lmao at your comment, i was referring to DC's stupid choice in 0.12 update to put a chouch scene with the sister to be a FJ when actually people would be more interested in screwing her tits than her feet.


Is the cheat mode still broken as fuck?



pfft, footjobs are the shit. Not everything has to cater to all the vanilla stuff.



Not as much as 0.12, but there are still some annoying bugs, like not being able to get in the shower with Roxxy.



>I actually really don't like BDSM at all

>But I like the principal

>The character specifically built for BDSM

Look at her, every part of her body and attitude screams BDSM. I think you need to think about what you like and what you don't.


Footjobs is shit-tier along with things like armpitjob. Only sick faggots would find that hot. Surely tits are pleb-tier, but the appeal is understandable.


>a whole month drawing exclusively for 0.14

>11% done, 2/18 tasks done

Whelp, DC has been corrupted as well. It was good while it lasted, gg, au revoir.



B-but my every day stream!


File: 959b6064404c369⋯.jpg (26.4 KB, 290x284, 145:142, Perfect man.jpg)


> If i don't like it, its faggot shit

Such an alpha, please tell us more of your superior kinks



I'm not a feetfag but apparently the neurons responsible for the pleasure parts of the genitalia is right besides the ones responsible for the sensations in the feet so it's very easy to associate it with sexual stuff and why it's one of the more common fetishes. At least that's what neurologists say.



Yeah, he is right now drawing donuts and Judith's mom. He spends a good percentage of his time adding irrelevant characters to the game like Roxxy's mom, Erik's dad, Eve's sister and then only gets time to draw one or two H-scenes for the characters his patreons actually voted for. I mean, isn't it better to write an arc for Roxxy where we ultimately get to fuck her in five different situations and positions (as he did in 0.11 with mom) than one rushed scene with her, one scene with her mom, one scene with her cousin we haven't been introduced to yet (as he did with 0.13)?

Fucking less is more, don't people get tired of hearing this?



I think the issue here is that you're playing an unfinished game but expecting the quality of a finished product. Come back to it after its done, I'm sure you'll get all the lewd shenanigans you can fap to.



so in 9 years?



>If i don't like it, its faggot shit

When did I say that, stupid shit? I said that even though I don like breasts I consider them rational to be attracted to unlike feet.

As for kinks. they are rational. Foot are disgusting, there's no reason to feel attracted or aroused by them. You can cum by rubbing your sick at any part of a person's body, why feet? Sure, vaginas and assholes are disgusting but they're both holes that massage your dick in ways no other place can, same with the mouth, breasts are a distinctive feature of a woman, so as boring as they are is not hard to guess why they are attractive. But feet? What does they have? Foot fetishism is the contrarian of kinks. Also

>Facebook-tier meme with impact font

Where did you came from? Memebase?


The problem is that the pleasure of foot fetishism is usually rubbing your dick on someone else's feet, so the principal receptor of pleasure is the man whose dick is being rubbed. Dunno about the person who gives the foot job, but everything about it is retarded. Seems like you're a feet fag if your weird uncle tickled your feet way too much.


I don't mind the irrelevant shit, or I wouldn't if it didn't get in the way of actual content. Say, he could split what he does in specific amounts by each update, certain amount of irrelevant content, certain amount of relevant content, and overall and most important, sexual scenes and situations. Eric's dad was a waste of time, but sure, we got some weird useless key from him, that adds activities to the whole town and makes it feel alive, but in turn we got just 3-4 new sexual scenes, not counting the few variants.


There are countless of issues, but that isn't one. For starters, releasing unfinished games is just atrocious, and I don't understand how this became so popular now. There's a difference between this and demos, mainly the purpose and how they are handled. Secondly, the guy makes hundreds of dollars each month, and although he is still the best of his kind, is still baffling how long it takes, not accounting for the amount of planned story lines and how much he keeps adding unfinished content. When do you think this will be finished if 80% of the characters introduced aren't finished and he keeps adding more?

In a way, he is a master con, since he do what the others are incapable of doing, prolonging the development process to win more money by adding even more content, that's admirable, the others just con you by doing nothing, like the Rouge one.



lol, treating your opinions like facts, haven't seen that argument a million times. Theres no reason to be attracted to anything, just fuck and breed. Attraction is subjective, theres no law of what is attractive, so your argument for not finding something attractive is retarded. Just fap to whatever turns you on, bitching about shit you don't like just makes you look like a sperg


File: 96423be2cfdfa3b⋯.png (300.48 KB, 725x466, 725:466, go away.PNG)


Rationality isn't a fact, stupid, is a line of thought according to the evidence we have at hand, and as stated from everything I said, there's no rational way to like feet even after what the other anon said. That's not to say that only because something is not rational you will stop feeling it, thoughts can be really irrational based on things like chemistry and needs. Basically, what I'm saying is that you shouldn't stop liking something because is not rational, but as a rational being you should at the very least acknowledge that you're an stupid idiot for liking it so.

>just fuck and breed

>Just fap to whatever turns you on

Fuck off and die, hippie.



You care way too much about peoples turn ons. Who gives a fuck about the reason something turns you on. This whole spurg of yours is so pointless. Liking something doesn't make you an idiot. Dumbass argument. Fucken turning kink shaming into some pointless debate, incredible


File: b6c53399365dc0d⋯.jpeg (34.95 KB, 300x261, 100:87, 1449843129636.jpeg)


>You care way too much about peoples turn ons

I don't, if I did I'd be doing something about it, but that doesn't mean they are not stupid. But I'd be damned if I rightly criticize a fetish in a porn board. You don't seem to know how this whole deal work. How new are you? Or maybe you don't even go to other boards.

>Liking something doesn't make you an idiot

I bet you like pop music, don't you.

>Kink shaming

Back to tumblr with your made up words, fag.



criticizing a fucken fetish, lord the fucken strength it must take to bitch about something like that. I didn't know sperging over a pointless topic was board points, I'll write that down in my note pad of how to be professionally retarded.



>the fucken strength it must take to bitch about something like that

Don't you mean the mental power? It really isn't much, but you seem to like it a lot to think anything is exempt of criticism, sure must be though to think everything is nice and dandy in the world, it's not like the main topic of this board is porn so by extension fetishes.

>I didn't know sperging over a pointless topic was board points

That's how new you are.



Why are you in EVERY thread? Someone BAN this cunt.


I don't like footjobs myself but…doesn't it make sense that the angry bitch of a sister would want to do that since it's kind of a dominant thing?

I've not got to the point where you can sex her up though, unless her personality does a massive flip surely it makes sense she'd want to do that.

Also Christ, does it ruin your life?

It's better than scat for crying out loud.



amen brother.


My only complaint now is that you get locked out of stuff. This is a horrible idea for fap games because people don't play these games for the gameplay. There's no reason for a porn game to not give you all of the sex content. I hope the maker rectifies this and gives you a harem end when this releases in 2077.



>This is a horrible idea for fap games because people don't play these games for the gameplay

Talk for yourself. But you're right, there should be a gallery, at the very least, that's just basic.



why the fuck are you playing a porn game if you don't want gameplay?

just go to rule 34 if all you want is sex scenes without any buildup




You guys actually enjoy the """"gameplay"""" in Summertime Saga?


File: 77bc5d57fb12016⋯.png (379.41 KB, 679x429, 679:429, 1504037562083.png)

Hopefully this won't be totally necessary for her route.


File: eb113ef111d2be0⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 74.07 KB, 276x578, 138:289, mia.jpg)

From todays stream.



Ah, so they're doing a "corrupt the repressed good girl" route for Mia. I can dig it.



The "hurr repressed religious girl wanna be degenerate" plot can suck my dick. This fucking pic completely destroyed my hype for Mia's route.



i hope that's optional, i was hoping for a "clean" girl next door progressive romance route, since it was heavily implied that's the MC's crush.

I wouldn't mind having a corruption route where she becomes a slut as long it's optional.

Even the sister wasn't supposed to be the "webcam girl", DC said that he had to re-work the librarian because she was supposed to be the "sex on cam for money" girl.

But i hold no hopes because it's probably just going to have 1 H scene per character, lame.

SS is really getting worse, less and less content and takes more and more time.

DC is probably going to add a shitload of pointless locations to do nothing and characters that have no purpose.

I'm more interested in Mia's mom than Mia though


Mia is such a sweet girl, I can't wait to take her on dates, win over her parents, then teen-impregnate her and ruin her life.



*primal grunt*



I completely agree


I completely disagree


File: 255275c9a153f5a⋯.gif (1.79 MB, 320x180, 16:9, 1456243267656.gif)






Is sad that the poor Judith never got any development. However at least we have "June the Orcette": I hopes in more options with her in the future.







Fuck off you pathetic shit.



but at the same time Tattoos are for degenerates.


File: a064f5aa2283c3f⋯.jpg (67.89 KB, 501x480, 167:160, 1459152_445779798865525_48….jpg)


I don't have any foot fetish, but just because you don't like it doesn't mean it's shit. the only fetish i think is absolutely disgusting is scat, vore possibly something else but i just don't keep things i don't like in my memory.



Hmm…this is pretty concerning…considering that her front view is not revealed to us, there may be a chance she may still be the trap



Ha, religious people letting their kid get a sex change and a tit job. You funny



That wasn't even close to what I said, it wouldn't make sense to expect a pure angel who can do no wrong in a porn game. I find tattoos and piercings disgusting and the plot I described couldn't be more predictable and unimaginative, hence my lack of interest.




Trap trap trap trap



Calm down Yugi Muto.


File: a3c1887533edfcf⋯.jpg (45.11 KB, 152x376, 19:47, mia.jpg)



Try again.


File: 1499105079a3518⋯.jpg (69.45 KB, 245x433, 245:433, Untitled-1.jpg)


Kek, but seriously everyone is always talking about who they think the trap is, but I never hear anyone mention the one girl with the word "wang" in her name.



I thought that the general concensus was that the banker was the most likely to be the trap.

I'm pretty sure DC confirmed that there isn't a trap, but if there is it's definitely the banker.



give her back the arms and i think it would be good.

would be nice if one of the "girls" ends up being a trap


true, chances are its the asian



its a woman isnt it




DC has emphasized that the trap is a schoolgirl.



yes, i've heard him say that multiple times.



oh shit, maybe thats why judith refuses to take of her pants during HJ's


File: c9ed438d12b03fe⋯.jpg (59.31 KB, 329x375, 329:375, 1449998242447.jpg)


It will be Eve and I'll laugh at you faggots.

Anyway, liking traps is shit tier and they shouldn't be here. Not like DC is not making questionable decisions anyway.


what a shit game this is turning out to be



DC already drew Eve nude, and she was perfectly normal. Imo he is fucking with us since the beginning (or since he understood that no one want to get a fucking trap) so the trap will only be in the movie "It's a trap" in the mall.


File: 5a58e5b23fb5d75⋯.png (2.67 MB, 910x910, 1:1, U WOT M8.png)





Judith takes off her pants and shows puss the first time you meet her.


I think I recall him contemplating in stream an option for players to make the trap a trap or a regular girl, but I could just be making that up.



Why are they putting faggotry in this otherwise un-faggotry game


>n-No you!



How the fuck is called the manga of this image? I finished the first season but I can't recall its name to read the second



It's Aiki, fam. Home of the smuggest manga faces.



you don't know how much I love you, thanks


File: 94f6f91bbd5038d⋯.jpg (9.23 KB, 255x191, 255:191, 94f6f91bbd5038dc4138db6521….jpg)


Mark my words, the trap is the latina looking girl in the shower who has >her tits shown in the shower by >her friend.


File: e252002bd911dae⋯.webm (4.31 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 2017-08-30_21-53-17.webm)


lets hope the coding gets faster after the new coder joins, jfc.



lmao, that ain't gonna happen, the update is probably going to be released in December\January



He said on stream today that 0.14 will be a big update, more dialogue and quests than 0.13, and expects to finish it in September.



Yeah, of course, as >>23434

said DC said on october there's no way that he's going to finish it by September

Even 0.13 was supposed to be a "big update" when in terms of content it was very lacking and took 3 months for 3 H scenes.

No way i'm going to believe that




Ah, yeah, my bad. I meant to say October.


File: 1d22de1a221aba7⋯.webm (647.51 KB, 640x352, 20:11, naked_gun.webm)


its an old meme kiddo


File: 79e22d1c5849cad⋯.png (125.41 KB, 1164x467, 1164:467, fanboy.png)

The fanboyism is strong with this one

what a fucking tool lmao



So what? Fanboyism or not, this is where you'll always go, the tail between your legs and with your hypocrisy in order to get a link for the game before anyone else. Without F95, loads of shitheads like yourself would have to wait ages in order to get a proper link.



Please lurk back to F95, fanboy






Truth hurts, Bitch. You @ssholes like to get things for free and still, always find time to criticize everything. Never happy, too short, bla bla, this isn't right, etc… Do a game whore, then we'll talk. Can you show me you've got more than a big mouth behind your keyboard? No, you can't because you're just a bitch who can only speak loud by hiding behind a PC. And yeah, I'm going to repeat myself, because I'm a F95 fanboy like you said (and proud to be) : without it, you wouldn't be able to find links for 95 % of the patreon games which are promoted here. I defy you to prove me wrong. Many of you guys go there to get links and post them here.



Come on, you're not even trying.

You have no power here.

F95 steals the links as well from patreon only posts so you should just shut up and crawl back in the hole you came from.

I don't need to make a game to prove you wrong.

I can find links without f95zone, there are dozens of sites that share the links.

21\10 would fanboy again


File: 207ba1a01c31995⋯.gif (35.16 KB, 320x240, 4:3, umad.gif)


Not that anon, but yeah. Take your butthurt back to F95, shill.



hahaha. Yeah, yeah.



>proud to be a fanboy

>triggered by being called a fanboy anyway

>why aren't you guys sucking devs' dicks?

>you guys don't even spend money on porn

>but let me stay here and shill on

shill on.




you are so outgroup it hurts, how do you faggots even find this place



And here comes another White Knight. LMAO.



My mistake, anon. I'm sorry. I wanted to say "@ssholes " towards anyone who shares the same ideology as the Bitch earlier.



you're not understanding me anon

if you wanted to quote them just click their post number and it will auto put it in your post

further nobody talks like that here

I'm pointing out that you aren't from around here and I'm wondering why you are even in this and thread on this site to begin with

why are you in someone else yard telling them how they should act at their home?



Because I hate pplz who keeps on whinning on something which don't belong to them. DarkCookie is probably the dev who works the hardest on patreon. I respect his work a lot and I hate non-constructive criticisms. That's all. The dude is so kind that he gives away the link in public for non-patreons and still get criticised? Enter someone else's yard? Is there an owner here ? Dude, I've been on here since several years and I rarely comment. If I decided to speak, it's only because I couldn't bear such non-sense. Now, if you'll excuse me, this convo won't get anywhere. You guys think you are right. So, be it. I'll stand on my position too, because I hate sermonisers and teachers of lessons.



>I've been on here since several years

why don't I believe you



Believe it or not, but I'm the one who created several threads here, like seeds of chaos or dreaming of dana. I'll never forget how I got insulted because some shitheads said those weren't trainer games.



You're so full of shit, faggot. Just fuck off back to where you came from.



make me :)



>Believe it or not, but I'm the one who created several threads here, like seeds of chaos or dreaming of dana.

>I'll never forget how I got insulted because some shitheads said those weren't trainer games.

holy fuck thats gay what is wrong with you, tell my you dont have a fucking fedora and katana

drop you're fucking ego man



le make me le make you xxDDDDD



Ego ? -.-" The dude asked me a question. I answered it (by putting examples because he didn't believe me) and I'm still the bad guy. Nevermind. I'm out here. You can keep on insulting me. Your words don't and won't ever affect me. Hasta La vista unappeasables peoples and don't forget that you (some, not all pplz) get to play a free game without having to pay. If you want to criticise his work, become a patreon and speak to him. Adios.



>I'll never forget how I got insulted


>Your words don't and won't ever affect me.


I could go on but why bother, you're just sour as fuck



>cries about being treated as a bad guy and being insulted

>"Your words don't and won't ever affect me."

Awww. Lol, fucking children on the internet.


File: 7afbbbc611d22f8⋯.gif (239.83 KB, 480x270, 16:9, 7afbbbc611d22f85a68aa3e738….gif)


This is like the "hurr you'll always look for links at halfchan!". I can always go myself to check the updates in his page without ever going to F95 because I don't even have an account.



>(and proud to be)

>patreon games which are promoted here

>Implying that's not just shilling

Good bait, anon, made me answer. I suggest that we make a public account for anyone who wants to go to F95 in the first place without having to register and maybe pin it in a new thread if there were more mods, that's it



>I respect his work a lot and I hate non-constructive criticisms

>The dude is so kind

>Dude, I've been on here since several years and I rarely comment


>Several years

>So, be it

This have to be really elaborated bait, seriously, no one can be this stupid. Either is bait, or you're the guy of the screenshot, or DarkCookie is so kind he let you guzzle his jizz. Either way, go away and stay away.


>I'm the one that shills every single non-finished ugly looking patreon games here

Go figure.



I have no words, only laughs.



considering most of the links are posted by people who are patrons or the devs themselves I find your argument to be… wanting.


Can someone give the save game for 0.13? I've downloaded this version and almost everything is blocked. Mom, aunt etc.. after one hour i cant get any H sceme in this game


File: 1d72e89dfae6f93⋯.png (11.12 KB, 376x148, 94:37, Capture.PNG)

>Both art and posing are advancing rather steadily

>Coding and music still at 0



Are you using an old save? Just start the game again, or wait for better content to be added.



>poster girl for the game getting votes

>not some random cult with a fat principle.



File: ec4d0c0de9b1690⋯.png (226.59 KB, 301x353, 301:353, Untitle.png)


>liking femdom

>liking femdom with an ugly, old, fat, principal

You fucking degenerate.



>code BS yet again

i really oughta just forget about this game, come back in 50 years when its finished



No I've started new game


File: 60324b9c8ae994b⋯.jpg (58.21 KB, 1009x724, 1009:724, why r u so gay.jpg)


> not wanting a dominant woman taking control now and then

> not wanting to fuck a gilf

> not wanting to join a sex cult



I'd say the most interesting part is the cult itself, not the teacher, I want to enter the door and see that annoying hall monitor being BDSM tortured.


How comes you haven't been able to have sex, then? Try going to school and finding Judith in the bathroom.


File: 447c79e759c4ee8⋯.jpg (156.83 KB, 624x624, 1:1, not-sure-if-joking-or-just….jpg)



would not mind fugging hall monitor at principals instructions



>advice meme

what is this, 2009? get the fuck out of here.


File: 3ecd420efffe285⋯.jpg (23.27 KB, 450x338, 225:169, 1454638061344.jpg)


Don’t mess with the classics.


File: 4c2e344bb910a9f⋯.gif (857.69 KB, 240x228, 20:19, Disgusting.gif)


Young kids comin' in here with there new age memes, bet they don't even know what "Shoop Da Whoop" is.


File: 467b9c3e9e5fd5f⋯.jpg (54.23 KB, 500x598, 250:299, [Wasn.jpg)

>tfw /f/ is dead

>tfw my drive died and I lost my swf folder

8+ years gone



I am sorry for your loss, anon.



I mean at least its progressing. All these other patreons are fucking shit shows. Just look at Rogue-like. The only updates there are status updates about how the creator has no idea what hes' doing.

The majority of these patreons don't give you a way of tracking progress at all. DarkCookie is doing a good job in my opinion.


the hall monitor and the sister are the best characters



>or since he understood that no one wants to get a fucking trap

You shut your faggot whore nigger mouth you little faggot cunt.


File: 5039bcf7adb4f1c⋯.jpg (51.53 KB, 691x720, 691:720, Rebecca_7ed090_2536266.jpg)



>Not a single update since a week ago



>Call other faggots

>While he likes boys in girl's clothes

I don't know anon… That sounds really fucking gay.



The progress status is being updated. And DC is streaming almost everyday.


File: 47fc9cf99adabcb⋯.png (26.67 KB, 769x234, 769:234, zero.PNG)


I do admit that art wise is still moving relatively fast, but not a single coding progress so far.



>not a single coding progress so far

Wow! Who would've guessed?



I don't get why they wait till the art is done to start doing their job. Do the coders REALLY need to wait for the art to get done? Can't they figure out some work around instead of rushing at the end every time?



If the script is finished, placeholders exist for a reason, and it's as easy as replacing the placeholder file after the art is finished. There's no fucking reason not to start coding as the art is being done unless they don't have an script of the events, in which case is DC's fault.



The game does have placeholder files, so it's the coders being immensely lazy and shills



I've read somewhere that DC planned to make the trap one of the vote options, but then whined because it would have never been voted


File: 1e90463c67af8a2⋯.jpg (87.99 KB, 600x399, 200:133, smug vegan gal.jpg)

Anyone else miss vegposting?



Nah, pretty sure the cancer in this thread that replaced that cancer are the exact same people.



Ha ha




you know what bugs me?

blonde girl only has like 1 lewd scene and its getting her used loli pop



Akshually there's a shower scene with her too. Jokes aside though, there IS a scene with her in the highschool where you see her naked, you just need enough charisma.



oh right thats true

it still bugs me that that's all there is for the cover girl though


What's the newest version?



Shower scene must have been popular enough given that Roxxy is now in line for one of the updates.




That and her mom in the trailer. Roxxy have a hot body, but I wonder if those faggots considered the bully. I hope it doesn't involve cuckolding.





>I hope it doesn't involve cuckolding

cheating would be fine as long as you're not fucking her in front of him


DC hired another coder this summer.

He is currently looking for a 2D animator. Artist with similar art style, or writer. To speed up progress, and work on different areas.


File: 06eb6a084fff169⋯.png (203.26 KB, 572x431, 572:431, mia b.png)



Speaking of the bully, it bothered me how I had max strength by the time I fought Dexter, but that didn't change the cutscene at all. I hope that's different in the future.


Did he? There was Panda on lead code and someone else helping him. Now there's Panda on lead code and someone else helping him. Net change of zero.


The bully storyline will involve the basketball court next to the school. Hes adding permanent "choices" so they dont conflict in the future.

Yeah he hired a new guy because the other person didnt work out. Thus delays this summer.

DC has a basic script, but alot of problems with the game has to be sorted out as they come. Writing story and dialogue takes alot more time than most people realize.



MC got tired of her slapping him away whenever he tried to kiss her, now hes not stopping until he get everything he wants



MC got tired of her slapping him away whenever he tried to kiss her, now hes not stopping until he get everything he wants

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