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File: 958f9679b424e49⋯.png (828.98 KB, 595x842, 595:842, hakutaku_monster_girl_ency….png)

e6eecb No.282970

Sometimes we all need a little study to achieve the best we can.

This board has amazing writefags, and OC is the lifeblood of the board, however some people long to see stories about their waifus that writefags don't normally do.

In the same spirit as a Drawthread, this is for Violated Heroes to request stories they'd like to see written, or for new and old writefags to link their work for critique, or for others to enjoy.Shilling is encouraged!

If you have large amounts of text, or are running an update to stories, please consider posting it all to a pastebin and posting here when it is updated or finished.

Please keep things on topic. It's fine to talk about stories, characters, plots, etc, but keep the blog-posting out of here.

Thread 1: https://archive.is/eT2UX

Thread 2: https://archive.is/zZyJk

Thread 3: https://archive.is/yUCIq

Thread 4: https://archive.is/5e1Qr

Thread 5: https://archive.is/vWMc9

Thread 6: https://archive.is/O2ckz

Thread 7: https://archive.is/B7Hfg

e6eecb No.282972

File: 2e4cfae9b073f2d⋯.png (321 KB, 871x1000, 871:1000, happy little dryads.png)

File: c0dfbeb149766e9⋯.jpg (304.97 KB, 750x1200, 5:8, giantess dryad.jpg)

File: a6e4ae824e77c9c⋯.jpg (436.94 KB, 611x900, 611:900, dryad GILF.jpg)

File: 86d27d9abe91a09⋯.jpg (870.35 KB, 850x1177, 850:1177, very pretty dryad backgrou….jpg)

File: c531daaf8c603fb⋯.jpg (208.6 KB, 865x923, 865:923, dryad with single apple.jpg)

Requesting dryad content of any kind.

e6eecb No.282980

File: 880500ea9524e0d⋯.png (121.58 KB, 326x251, 326:251, ALLAH GIVE THEM CANCER.png)


>Go to forest

>Chopping down tree for firewood

>Hear someone gasp behind me

>It's a woman covered in leafs and flowers

>"DO YOU KNOW WHAT YOUR DOING" she yells at me

>"Uhhhhh cutting down trees for firewood"

>At this point she is foaming at the mouth

>Man comes out of the brush dressed similarly as the green woman

>He explains to me that his wife is a dryad and is extremely passionate about the forest

>All of a sudden cop cars crash through the trees as helicopters hovers over me and drops ropes as cops rappel down

>Dryad looks smugly with a phone in her hand

>Cops yell at me to get on the ground while pointing their guns at me

>Do what they say cause I don't wanna die

>Go to court get call from my attorney that he can't make it due to his pelvis being crushes by an oni but wishes me luck

>Dryad is there talks about how I was destroying the forest for the sole reason of burning the wood for fun

>Look to the jury its filled with alraune, wood elves, and cervitaurs their completely infatuated with the dryad's lies

>You see dryad pass danuki judge a bag of shekels

>Try to call her out on it get told if I have another outburst like that I'll be held in contempt of court "another that was the first"

>Judge orders officer to take me away

>Don't even get to defend myself just get told I was found guilty

>Get to prison put in cell with ushi-oni called Big Bertha

>Starts massaging my back with her claws, hurts immensely, whispers in my ear that I'll be her new bunk

>Uhhhhh don't you mean bunk mate

>Nope bunk, but don't worry we'll be doing a lot of mating

Anyway kids that how I met your mother

e6eecb No.282985

File: fe517602c790ae7⋯.jpg (150.3 KB, 960x872, 120:109, 1453487831057-0.jpg)

im looking for centaur stories please

e6eecb No.283014


>chopping down live tree for firewood

You're really not supposed to use live wood, ya dingus. You use dead wood for that. It burns better anyway. The dryad was a dick, but you are guilty of practicing shitty outdoorsmanship.

good greentext though

e6eecb No.283016


>What monster girls do you think need more love?

I'd like to see more stories for the less prolific members of the mermaid family. Sea Bishop, Merrow, and especially Selkie.

e6eecb No.283028

File: c8e453e91545100⋯.mp4 (6.27 MB, 640x360, 16:9, RIGHT VERSION.mp4)


Thanks for the complement tho

e6eecb No.283055

File: f486de7c011c1f6⋯.png (142.14 KB, 310x420, 31:42, ClipboardImage.png)


>Go to the north they said, they have monsters that need to be slain and glory to be earned they said

>Last time you listen to a danuki, I should've noticed something was amiss when she offered to sell me a ticket to the northern archipelago for a "reduced price"

>Well it's not like I can do anything to her now

>Looks like I'll have to join the rest of the criminals and fools who came here under guise of adventure freedom and wealth

>As I set up camp for the night on an ice beach, I dig a hole and I take out my fishing rod and place some bait on the hook leaning back near my fire waiting for dinner

>I see movement around my fishing line I reach for my axe as I slowly start reeling back the line to entice the fish as I feel it bite the hook I start leaning back while reeling as fast as possible pretty soon my dinner flies out of the water I grab it and cut its head off with my axe

>But just as the blood seeps back into the hole I hear rumbling, stepping from my fishing hole it gets louder and louder I start to run away from my campsite grabbing everything that's not nailed down and booking it

>I hear the unmistakable sound of ice cracking and then the lake blows open in a glorious shower of snow and ice

>I look what came out of the lake to see a…


>Poking its heads out scanning the area before finding me and crashing down towards me

>I throw my stuff further away besides my axe so it doesn't weigh me down I continue running for the natural beachhead before a one of the serpent's heads pops out in front of me blocking my path and causing me to fall back crashing into the weakened ice causing me go into frozen water

>I grip onto one of the hyrda's heads burying my axe into it and hanging on for dear life when it tires I dig my axe out and jam it into its eye

>It dives into the cold water I try to hold on for dear life but my axe can't grip its eviscerated eye and I fall into the dark waters cold tired and out of breath

>I feel something grab me before I completely black out

>I open my eyes to see a woman giving me cpr and feeling of water in my lungs pushing her off me I turn over onto my hands and knees throwing and coughing up water

>I try to stand up but feel her grab my wrist and bring me into a hug "What are you doing?" I ask her while shivering "You're going to catch your death if you don't warm up" as I feel her pierce the cold and provide a warmth more comforting than any fire

>As I warm up I feel more and more of my feeling come back to especially the feeling of her breasts up against me waking up my member downstairs I turn away from her with my face red as a tomato

>Eventually she takes notice and coos in my ear "I see I'm doing more than warming up, please let me take care of it for you" she reaches her hand towards it gripping it through my pants causing it to become fully erect

>"But first" she says "F-first what" I stammer out "Well I need something from you" she asks me "Anything please don't leave me like this" I beg her "Well I need about tree fiddy "

>It was at this time I realized I was getting hugged by an 8 storie tall crustacean from the Paleozoic era

>That god damned loch ness monster had tricked me again

Pic not related I just like selkies

e6eecb No.283064

File: a4ef0ceb4f85f97⋯.jpg (16.86 KB, 165x115, 33:23, IMG_1542.JPG)

e6eecb No.283113


Nice greentext. Some inexplicably coed prison rape greentext could be interesting.

e6eecb No.283197

>Be shota

>Buddy at school says he has something cool to show me

>Go with him to small park that nobody uses except hobos who pass out in it.

>gives me magazine

>pictures of kitsune, kobolds, you name it


>They are holding hands with men

>some of them are even cuddling them

>hands tremble

>so lewd

>realize this is very very cozy

>loud noise

>"Oh shit, the fuzz!"

>friend runs off

>Chris Hansen rounds corner

>cops everywhere

>guns drawn

>"Get on the ground, shota!"

>comply, piss self

>dragged to cell

>arm tattooed with number

>given bread and water, guard raps my knuckle with knightstick when I ask for phone call

>taken to court

>parents are in the audience, Mom is weeping,

>Dad is comforting her

>glares at me and calls me a dumbass

>charged with 30 felony counts of lewd handholding trafficking, one for each picture

>Judge calls me despicable pervert

>Sentences me to death by hanging, is angry when bailiff reminds him he can't do that

>sentences me to four years in jail at MG State

>Dragged off.

>brought to prison

>timidly ask why being brought to mamono prison, get told to shut up

>girls are slavering for me, hooting and grabbing the air as I pass.

>One Jinko actually breaks out of her cell, is brought down by cattle prods inches from me.

>Thrown in cell

>Guard makes some quip about my cock being 'stained green' by morning

>Doesn't take long to unlock his subtle hint

>Orc girl steps out of shadows

>tall, brunette, huge tits, wide hips

>Recognize her

>Its Grizelle the Gruesome

>My schoolyard bully who tormented me for years

>Hung me upside-down until I kissed her

>She went away for holding up an armored car

>She didn't rob it, just held it at an angle and gave the driver a concussion

>She smiles wide at me


>"Pockets! Oooh, you don't know how much I missed you!"

>(she used to call me Pockets)

>Gives me big hug that I think snapped something

>lays across my lap, blinks yellow eyes at me

>"So what did you do to wind up here?"


>"I…had pictures of handholding"

>She looks at me with wonder

>"Shit, you're hardcore!"

>She rips my pants off

>Rides me like a jackhammer

>Rapes me for six or seven hours

>Cuddles me

>Actually engages in handholding

>Have four kids in the clink

>twenty outside

>daughters and sons form street gang

>So yeah, that's where the Held Hand Clan came from

e6eecb No.283270

File: cac26e7f829227f⋯.png (610.08 KB, 1332x629, 36:17, 718c95b78271191a7798dedda0….png)

File: c16d39565b4a2d9⋯.jpg (213.84 KB, 1075x1406, 1075:1406, Nurarihyon1.jpg)

Posting the new girl in case any writefags want to take a shot at it

e6eecb No.283329


Im not even going to read the profile and wriye a story about her getting high with an Ittan Momen.

You cant stop me

e6eecb No.283493

"If all you do is bleed for others, sooner or later, you will run out of blood."

Chapter 10 of A Stranger in Paradise: Malinalli

Available here: https://hellskitchensink.com/2017/04/25/chapter-10-malinalli/

e6eecb No.284011

Is it working now?

e6eecb No.284013

e6eecb No.284191


You got a sensible chuckle. Nice offering.

e6eecb No.284213

File: 17a33db0405778d⋯.mp4 (522.9 KB, 326x326, 1:1, EATING GARBAGE.mp4)



e6eecb No.284368

Looking for a pastebin/story link about a vampire to goes into a boy's room in his village, sleeps with him and takes him to be lord of her castle. It's a few years old by now.

It was on the old monster girl collection website.

e6eecb No.284551

>In Jail

>Doing a nickel for selling snow cones

>goddamn yeti swore it was lemon

>Told I am changing cells

>Taken down like six levels of stairs

>In weird subterranean place

>march through maximum security

>bunch of minotaurs, orcs, and oni glare at me

>march through super max

>Hellwan, dragons, centipede girls

>Go into wing marked 'NO PERSONNEL'

>Down at the far end is a steel enclosure in middle of black expanse going downward forever

>bridge comes down, we cross it

>"Um, why am I going in here?"

>Guard shrugs

>"I suspect it was a software glitch, but it's easier to do this than the paperwork."


>Not sure what the hell is in there

>Cell opens

>Guard pushes me in

>Door shuts, bridge goes away

>Little Gremlin Girl inside

>wearing black and red costume with cape

>Helmet and goggles

>Pretty cute

>Sitting on bench with arms folded


>"These FOOLS can't hold me…"

>"I'll get that Wonder Wan! Her and that 'boy' of hers…"

>(Clear my throat)

>Stares at me, face still pouty

>Introduce self

>Explain about glitch

>Say I'm new bunkmate

>She just stares at me

>Ask name

>"I am Rachetta, the Gizmo Goddess, the Mayhem Mechanic! You will BOW to me!"

>Stand there

>Very awkward

>rub back of neck

>she looks at me with pleading eyes


>think she might cry

>don't want this any more awkward

>get down on one knee

>she puffs out her chest

>"Yes? I mean, Yes! You know who is boss in this cell! You can be my new henchman!"

>Ask what that means

>"You'll do my bidding, take part in my plots, assist in capers."

>Look around cell

>Not much going on

>Might as well play along


>Tells me about last plan to conquer world

>Army of deathbots all set to go

>World Leaders quaking in fear

>Wonder Wan showed up

>Big fight

>deathbots blown up

>Landed in supervillain wing

>she's really sad about deathbots

>lip quivering, eyes brimming with tears

>Ask wat do

>"we're gonna break out of here! We'll build a mecha-suit out materials in the room."

>Look around

>We have:





>My pants


>she nods

>Take off my pants

>she grabs pants, throws in toilet

>Somehow builds a cold fusion reactor out of my pants, the toilet, and air molecules

>toilet is glowing purple

>"The rest should be easy"

>Uses toilet energy and some device in her gloves to transmute cot into complex polymer and motors

>Shapes polymer around me into suit of ultra hard powered armor

>Left arm is encased by some kind of plasma cannon

>"Crude, but it should get us out of here."

>climbs onto my back.

>"Now, shoot through the ceiling!"

>Aim and Fire at steel ceiling


>Ceiling explodes

>"Activate rockets!"

>Fire foot rockets

>Hurtle upward

>Blast way through floors of prison

>Hit open sky

>"Excellent work, Henchman! Now to find a hollowed out Volcano or abandoned amusement park for our base!"

>mfw I only had two days until I was released

e6eecb No.284649

"Humans are sapient. From the least to the greatest, no matter how little power we possess, not one of us is meat."

Chapter 11 of A Stranger in Paradise: Ozohmatli

Available here: https://hellskitchensink.com/2017/04/29/chapter-10-ozohmatli/#more-691

e6eecb No.284718

e6eecb No.285088



That's right, it was mostly just me being unable to write anything decent after a while. Even after the first few chapters it kind of got ehh. Sorry for the late reply, I haven't lurked here in a month or two.

And yeah I had a ton of fun with Sledge. Sometimes I re-read parts because it was pretty cool to write. I still wanna write though.

e6eecb No.285152

File: 75c2f07fb253111⋯.jpg (36.43 KB, 480x360, 4:3, Garbage can.jpg)


> it was mostly just me being unable to write anything decent after a while

>I haven't lurked here in a month or two

That's how it starts, anon. You're becoming normal. You'll hang out and get drunk with your work friends and meet somebody you think is special. You'll laugh at the idea of waiting for your 2D waifu before going raw into somebody you thought you knew. Next thing you know, you'll settle down with a "nice", human girl and have two kids that you believe to be yours. You'll slave away at a job with two growing and now indifferent kids at home with a wife that isn't as nice as she used to be. You'll try desperately to re-capture the passion and love between all of you, and when that doesn't work, you'll bury yourself in work wondering where things went wrong. You wouldn't even know where "your kids" or once wife are as you slowly drink yourself away. In your darkest of times, just before the moment you commit to the end, you'll think "Why didn't I finish Colder Nights?"

Once you're off the righteous path of waifu, it's a slippery slope. Try not to fall. All joking aside, do you think you'll finish that story or has it just died for you?

e6eecb No.285163


>All joking aside, do you think you'll finish that story or has it just died for you?

Sorry, but I'm not really sure. My confidence snaps out really quickly, so even when I think I've got something good going, I just scrap several thousand words worth of writing. I've also considered re-doing stories I've shafted, but never created something readable.

I've been thinking about more Yeti snuggles, but if I decide to finish it, I'm pretty sure I'm going to rewrite the whole thing. Mostly just to cut down on a lot of the stuff that I believe didn't really contribute to the story, and partly to add some more depth where I felt it's needed. Again, that's if I don't scrap it once more.

Also that guy's almost going to have another birthday, holy shit I've put this off for too long.

e6eecb No.285188


Now what if -and hear me out.

What if Arturia Pendragon… was summoned as a centaur?

e6eecb No.285196

Hey, I'm kinda new and I'm not seeing one so I have to ask, do we have a dedicated site with links to all these stories, or do we just look through the threads?

e6eecb No.285214

File: 36d626a556e0e2b⋯.jpg (397.91 KB, 551x600, 551:600, smug7.jpg)


>I'm kinda new

Joking aside, the idea has been thrown about for a while but nothing's come of it yet

e6eecb No.285215


Best to look through the threads and save what you like somewhere.

e6eecb No.285240

This block is fucking killing me.

e6eecb No.285535



Okay, thanks guys.

Reading through the Tusktaker stuff right now. Is some good stuff right there.

e6eecb No.285545

File: b487ab4c7435b81⋯.png (1.54 MB, 1635x5564, 1635:5564, inari neighbor.png)


While you're still here, I have a small list for you. I'm not sure if you already read them, but they are things I enjoyed:

Homeless Vamp and sequel:



Another by Penywise called "Oni":


Little Ushi:


Age Gap(Baph with her brother. Non-lewd):


Undead Invasion:


Semi-Incubized Vet (not lewd):


Code Wight:


The above authors also made a decent bit of other stuff that's there to check out. Should give you plenty of content to read.

e6eecb No.285578

File: 5ca04a4031d072c⋯.gif (3.59 MB, 375x346, 375:346, Heavy Breathing.gif)


Awesome. I've already read the Homeless Vamp, and that is what got me looking for more. I haven't read the rest of these though. I'll definitely give them a look.

e6eecb No.285625


I wish my folder wasn't a clutter otherwise I'd find you that Swap of Saber and Cerea.

2e7f25 No.286304


That sounds oddly familiar. Seconding this if only to sate my curiosity.

1f437c No.286344

“Do you want to fight, too?” “No. No, I do not.”

Chapter 13 of A Stranger in Paradise: Cuetzpalin

Available here: https://hellskitchensink.com/2017/05/07/chapter-13-cuetzpalin/#more-712

3de0cf No.286416

anyone got a link to that monster-girl story involving pizza delivery guy anon falling for an introvert manticore?

59be40 No.286427

File: 4643d06f1362767⋯.png (1.28 MB, 2308x4096, 577:1024, fda4998c7c80d6ca72b3ffe235….png)


Extreme interest in this

7b7d5d No.286429



It was a story that was from a few months back, around October maybe? Bad news is about a week or so ago he deleted the pbwiki he had his stuff on, and scrubbed the wordpress site he was using before that, and of course I was too fucking dumb to have saved copies of the work before hand. He was the same dude who did the longer story with Max and Marie, with the guy and the wolf girl a post apocalyptic setting, and did the short bit with the sick guy and his Hellhound girlfriend taking care of him.

In review, all of my fucking regrets.

ba614e No.286434


Oh, so that's what happened to that hellhound story, been looking all week.

521c1c No.286435

File: 10e46a4b8e6ee24⋯.jpeg (129.56 KB, 540x960, 9:16, JFMSU.jpeg)


All of this sounds great and it's a damn shame we might not get to see them again. The hellhound with a sick boyfriend sounds adorable.

ba614e No.286451


Guy does have a twitter aswell if someone wants to reach out to him.


59be40 No.286453

File: 6d5e934abedee1d⋯.png (233.28 KB, 858x725, 858:725, 6cf79ef6f5eb26dd27523afc8b….png)

File: 28932d06dc6b954⋯.jpg (35.95 KB, 720x540, 4:3, 28932d06dc6b9543866b0c8668….jpg)

File: c6b8536f55bc59b⋯.png (120.16 KB, 325x350, 13:14, c6b8536f55bc59b6220598a124….png)



0b254c No.286502


>Check link

>"Newest" story is from december 2014

>Also among the stories is a huge egostroking rant shitting on other writefags

Now why we should give a shit about this writefag again?

521c1c No.286505


Didn't that story end with the geomancer burning the webbing off himself and then stabbing the spider to death to protect his wolf waifu? This is also really old news.

59be40 No.286622


We shouldn't I was just ass mad and was kinda hoping people would tell me I was wrong the story was good until that


Yes but he also got raped by the spider till he was half insane

10208c No.286766


Well I don't blame ya for being assmad, it's NTR after all, just saying with its post date it's not the most relevant thing for the thread.

Unrelated, but the recent lull in writefag content has me itching to once again try writing something a bit longer and with more substance than a greentext. I kinda want to resurrect one of my old projects, but I do not know if there is an audience here for that. One's a giallo style thriller, one's got kind of an MiB vibe to it, and another is more of a light-hearted "MG's as hippies" kinda thing, to name a few. Though I still need to finish that damned hellhound greentext first and foremost.

328879 No.286887


if you happen to find it, let me know.

…Oh yeah, we're all anonymous here. I'll see it eventually.

328879 No.286888


It's not made by us, as far as I know, but the people over at monstergirl collection have a fairly extensive list of pastebin repositories. they also send a weekly email alert about fics and mg manga updating.

521c1c No.286927


>Hellhound greentext

Are you talking about the greentext thread that has a hellhound in it as a group's leader, or the old one about the religious hellhound that you left for it to rot, you piece of shit?

7b7d5d No.286960


There was also the one about the guy who accidentally summoned a hellhound, that was unfinished.

10208c No.286978


That one is mine. There's pretty much one smut scene and a morning after end scene that's​ left. However, I've had yet to write something down that looks and feels right, and I don't want to post a half-assed ending cause that's unfair to the reader.

63ab82 No.286990







Hey, sorry I pulled it all down without warning, though suffice to say it was due to unrelated drama (probably not the best idea to write under the same name I use everywhere). I'll reupload everything sometime today, under a different name this time.

521c1c No.287016


That's still going on? Feels like that was made ages ago. The one where he throws the hellhound a beer or two when she's behind a salt barrier that doesn't actually work? I hope you have your greentext saved because I can't remember much and the thread probably doesn't exist.

f0c7b0 No.287063

"Don't give heavy ordinance to cats, Private."

Chapter 14 of A Stranger in Paradise: Nemontemi

Available here: https://hellskitchensink.com/2017/05/09/chapter-14-nemontemi/

0d4b9a No.287064


We should start calling you Jexx.

Pls finish

63ab82 No.287071

Okay, so pastebin is a shit and won't let me upload more than 20 pastes per 24 hours, so I was only able to get the first 20 chapters of Monster World Story up. I'll UL the last few chapters and my other stories tomorrow. In the meantime everything will be here:


The hellhound greentext is pretty short so I can just post it here if you guys want it now.

7b7d5d No.287074


Ouch. Hopefully that shit doesn't cause you too much trouble. Thanks for taking the time to reply though, I appreciate it.


Nice to see you're still around. Don't sweat the wait, I'd rather you take the time to put down something you're happy with.

That being said, do you have a pastebin of the work so far, or could you repost what you've already written in the new hellhound thread? There's no archive for thread one, so the first part of the story is missing to my knowledge :(

10208c No.287088



I do have it saved on pastebin, it's not publicly listed yet, but here's the link.


And yeah, the screenname I chose was dumb but it was an inside joke at the time.

7b7d5d No.287129


I was confused as fuck by your name for a moment when I opened the link, until I realized I had your pastebin already bookmarked. So thanks for all the other stuff you've written that I've already read, I guess.

8c23e8 No.287162

Will start writing more again.

Here is something just for starters.


63ab82 No.287243

Alright, everything's up now, Monster World Story, the one I did around the holidays, the hellhound greentext, and the one with the introvert manticore. Again, it's all here:


I've been out of writing for a little bit but I'll try to get something out soon, how does everyone feel about something with a griffon, since it feels like she hasn't gotten enough love since KC revealed her?

521c1c No.287306

File: f4a7bddf2e71df4⋯.png (587.7 KB, 1331x629, 1331:629, WH.png)


Thanks for putting everything back up. I always wanted to see more of griffon or pic related. I feel like both could use a little love.

7b7d5d No.287313


Griffon would be interesting. Thanks for getting everything back online, by the way. I appreciate it.

7050cf No.287318

File: a7b750565e814bc⋯.jpg (397.76 KB, 1176x955, 1176:955, cyoa.jpg)

So I wrote again after like a three month break. Based off of an ara~ ara~ Lamia from something on /cyoa/. Very first choice in the image.


What do you think of it? Worth finishing or anything?

Here's the thread to view/discuss it so none of us clog this thread with it.


You can link across other boards without pasting the whole URL right? I don't know how because I'm dumb, but I'd like to know if you can.

7faefa No.287335


I'd marry her.

Can I see the cyoa?

72de30 No.287337


Anon, he links to it right in his own post.


Fisher Price is best girl in that CYOA.

521c1c No.287340


>he returns

Older snek in a sweater is always appreciated and I always like a nice story. Also, never ask if people want you to finish it, because I'll always say I want it done. Let's make it the second story you finished. As for how to link across boards: >>>/cyoa/2809 I think that's how you do it.


It's right there in the second link.

7faefa No.287341



and yeah, looking at it, definitely shark girl. tall, muscular, idgaf attitude? sign me up. But none of them are bad

4435f3 No.287346


>Christmas cake rape snake

Hey, that's something alright.

7050cf No.287351


>Let's make it the second story you finished

Ah yes, good idea. I was pretty uncomfortable with how weird things were though. Not sure how apparent this weirdness was.

And thanks, that linking method seems to work.


Hopefully the comfy kind. But yeah, Christmas Cake indeed. Definitely the biggest age gap I've written.

521c1c No.287356


Swain comes off as a bit of a weak willed robot and I just attributed any awkwardness to his nature and the fact he just might suck at anything social. In a way, it feels like "Colder Nights", but with a snake. The situation itself is weird in that, when you come of age, you're forced to marry if you're desirable, so it's somewhat understandable that he'd behave the way he does. You're also just getting your feet wet into the story and its characters and so are we. Don't lose faith this early.

8c23e8 No.287364


Gonna write more stuff periodically, sorry for break. Anyone got request?

7050cf No.287394


Yeah, this is something I needed to ask about. Not just about stories seeming similar, but I was concerned with protagonists seeming similar. There's a lot of stories I just scrap instead of posting here, but most of them have this character archetype. Even for the one's that don't, they still at least speak pretty similarly. Ehh. It's hard for me to write someone who sticks out without "sticking out", if that makes sense.

But also, at least it seems pastebin supports SSL connections now without paying for their PRO bullshit.

3e2252 No.287405


>You can link across other boards without pasting the whole URL right?

you can, simply put 3 ">"s, then a "/", then the board, then another "/", then the thread number

in the case of the thread you linked, it'd be >>>/cyoa/2089

3e2252 No.287406

>switched the 0 and 8 around

fucked it up, but you get the idea


2fae28 No.287612

File: c434e512905d170⋯.png (127.15 KB, 895x893, 895:893, 30c815b68ab518ab41ea463988….png)


something with a mantis or a story about a monster girl thats on the hunt for "prey"

eaeb23 No.287621

So when are we gonna build a goddamned archive for the stories? If we want longevity, we gotta organize.

Remember that civilizations are built on libraries.

31f58d No.287627


What kind of archive should we have?

>A sticky with a fuckton of pastebin links

>A seperate website

>Something else

What do we think, writefags?

2226fa No.287645

File: b9fca23aab391cf⋯.jpg (17.74 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 1467372911789.jpg)


>Semi-Incubized Vet

holy christ i need a continuation of this its fucking hype

2226fa No.287647

File: be69552b6a000e1⋯.gif (2.12 MB, 245x281, 245:281, 1464539248211.gif)


adding to that fuck aftyn and his bullshit ntr crap

63ab82 No.287648


To start off with, some sort of master pastebin that links to everyone's stories probably wouldn't be a bad idea. but something more organized would probably be preferable. Whatever we use should also have some way to host images since there are a lot of screencapped greentexts around (unless someone feels like transcribing them or knows of some program that can do it).

699d69 No.287649


I'd vote for someone to manage a pastebin where we keep proper pastebin links to stories and art (imgur links or something). It's pretty easy to keep one, as long as people post their new stories' links in the writefag/drawfag threads to be added to the list.

Gotta save the writing history if we want to grow.

31f58d No.287651



Alright. Assuming we go with a pastebin, would pastebin pro be necessary?

63ab82 No.287657


Normally pastebin limits you to uploading 20 pastes per 24 hour period (pastebin pro lets you do 250 per 24 hours which should be more than enough) so yeah, probably.

31f58d No.287673


Well, unless I'm misunderstanding how pastebin works, anyone who writefags can stick their story on its own pastebin and set it to never expire - then, all we need is some kind of master document, be that a pastebin, a different webpage or a library thread here.

I don't really think a master pastebin is a good idea, purely because it would make organising and sorting everyone's stories (however that gets done - by writer, by monster, whatever) a bit of a hassle.

As we're probably aware, /tg/ has https://1d4chan.org/wiki//tg/%27s_Smut_Index

Perhaps we should try and model it on that?

63ab82 No.287679


Yeah I actually had something like that in mind when I suggested the idea of a master pastebin (minus all the furshit and monsterboy faggotry that's there, obviously).

31f58d No.287680


Degenerates gonna degenerate, I suppose.

If it's a wiki-esque list that gets set up, how do we go about doing it?

63ab82 No.287683


Some sort of free wiki hosting like wikia or shoutwiki maybe? That'd be ideal because it'd mean people could add their stuff themselves without having to get someone else to add it for them.

31f58d No.287688

File: 16f3fbe64f27899⋯.png (347.51 KB, 557x581, 557:581, 16f3fbe64f2789994bd8d4158c….png)



Alright, I knocked this up very quickly. No idea how any of this wikia business works other than people can upload their shit. Might turn out a complete mess and the entire thing needs returning to the drawing board.

(I'm also going to transcribe Running Laps onto there now, just to get us started.)

31f58d No.287690


Never mind, I can just upload the image. Derp.

No thumbnail though.

63ab82 No.287701

File: 6ac99eff696bf69⋯.png (102.55 KB, 1212x1106, 606:553, 6ac99eff696bf69a9dd258d9ed….png)


You should set this as the main image that shows up for people using the monobook layout.

88b2d3 No.287705


Might wanna figure out how to get authors more control over their stories. Anyone can edit a page without protections, and only admins and mods have control over that anyway. At the very least it's got revision history to correct stuff like that, but it's still a problem that's almost exclusive to collaborative sites like this. Maybe try another host, unless someone here wants to host it themselves.

bd85c6 No.287707

So what's the procedure for the wiki? Are authors putting their own things up there, or anons are putting up stories they want to store?

699d69 No.287736


Both should be available imo. But I think just making a list of story pastebins with tags would be easier for everyone, kinda like the MGE wiki fiction archive.

31f58d No.287793


You know what, I hadn't considered that. Authors can (and should) put the original pastebin links there, but people who come to the site are probably more likely just to read the contents of the page - which, as you say, may have been defaced.

I still like the idea of a stickied library thread here, although I have no idea how it could be properly organised.

521c1c No.287797

If the guy who was looking for stories is still around, I have another small wave if you finished the first. I blew my load of favorites a little early, but these are nice:

Massage an Ushi-oni:


Dragonfly Girl:


Static Gazer (Might as well put Weavwine's whole pastebin up):


Echidna fam (by Hellhound guy in this thread):


A smile in the rain(Nureonago):


Death Stalker pt.1 (Girtablilu):


Weresheep greentext CYOA (I don't know how you could not know beard, but just in case):


Cheshire Roommate:


I tried not to include any writefags from before and I'm not sure how much you've already read.

521c1c No.287798


Guardian Angel:


I forgot to post this one before. I tried finding his pastebin, but couldn't. Found it on TFT. It's a nice, awkward story and probably the longest I posted.

023724 No.287807


Finish this shit! I want to see christmas cake snake to be happy.

9f8f44 No.287822

Anyone reading 'The Care and Feeding of Magical Creatures'? It's updating again.


88b2d3 No.287838


Yeah, I'd go with >>287736 in making a pastebin link dump. Not the best kind of sorting, but perhaps you could try appending the monster girl name in brackets after each story. People could just Ctrl+F through if they're looking for something in particular.

You could just update it every once in a while when we get new shit in. Or if not, someone could always just copy the list and re-paste it somewhere else if one of us just stops lurking.

1f437c No.287894

“I am War. And that is all I will ever be.”

Chapter 15 of A Stranger in Paradise: Mo Hayi Twa

Available here: https://hellskitchensink.com/2017/05/13/mo-hayi-twa/

0bfe08 No.288119

There was a story, set in a pseudo wwi setting. A guy fighting monster girls, centaurs in particular. I remember it was brief and he met a centaur that was impaled on a bayonet. He was helping her, stripped a kit from a fallen comrade, had first aid stuff in it but also a gun.

Anyone know where to find it? Was there any more to it? Can someone run with that and finish the story?

31f58d No.288380

File: 34a1c6d0086056c⋯.png (209.73 KB, 291x385, 291:385, monstergirl - salamander.png)

Completed version of A Knightess' Tale, the salamander mercenary story.


Never thought I'd actually get around to finishing this and I have a new respect for the Manticore Purification fellow but here it is. Cheers.

f9a47d No.288394


You have no idea how long I've been waiting for this story to get done

f0c7b0 No.288427

“I love you, too.”

Chapter 16 of A Stranger in Paradise: Mo Laimé Twa

Available here: https://hellskitchensink.com/2017/05/16/chapter-16-mo-laime-twa/

62adf7 No.288520


Ayyyy, it's done. I was wondering when the armor would show back up again. I liked the story, though I wished for more of a romantic payoff and I wanted to see the reaction of Edwina after she was absolutely fucked from that fight.


One can only hope we'll see the end one day.

7050cf No.288824

Could someone discuss or help me out with character motivations in slice of life stuff? When I view other mediums, characters almost always have a concrete objective in mind, moving the story along at a consistent pace. How's that supposed to work with a slice of life? Everybody's got goals and motivations, but these kinds usually take months or years, or are otherwise just about boring shit. In fact, I think this is one of the things that gets me to stop writing altogether. I could use some help.

If anyone's following the Relocation, ara ara snek story I started, I wanna continue it. Might have to redo the first chapter though.

eb6994 No.288827


The thing you have to remember is that there's more than just long term goals. there are short term goals too like, wanting to get your head pat or wanting to have that perfect date or wanting to get that project done but your little sister and her wacky monster girl friends keep barging into your room with increasingly weird excuses.

Remember Slice-of-life is just that. a little slice of their life. you don't have to show us them struggling to decide what brand of soap to use, unless it is cute. Then you should.

e93ba1 No.288905

File: 099c4dc61d9f2c1⋯.jpg (140.6 KB, 446x508, 223:254, Lukas PTSD face.jpg)


>Undead invasion

>Town is besieged.

>Tons of my neighbors killed in a desperate attempt to defend it.

>Women and children dragged out of their homes and slaughtered in the streets.

>Get forced into maintaining an undead soldier, a previous neighbor that had their old life destroyed and is nothing but a husk.

>At least I got laid.

What a happy story that totally didn't convert me into a paladin.Seriously, this has to be covert pro-Order story to make people hate the undead.

e93ba1 No.288912

File: 3d0d139664d8e66⋯.jpg (344.39 KB, 893x950, 47:50, lescatie3.jpg)


>Undead Kingdom has become a near unstoppable force.

>Undead armies are making maneuvers to position themselves to capture very large swathes of land.

>You're a man at arms.

>Your division was ordered to stop the undead spearhead.

>Your division forms rank and faces down the enemy.

>They have a huge undead army of all sorts of monsters.

>Doppelgangers that are already transforming into what looks like your fellow soldiers in an attempt to sew confusion or break morale.

>Dragon zombies that have begun to transform into giant ghastly undead primal dragons: terrifying organic machines of war.

>Ranks of dullahans form up into their own divisions as heavy infantry or acting as sargeants for others.

>Seems like some Jiangshi with their small frames but tough bodies were imported in for a bridge between the heavy and light infantry.

>At the same time an entire unit of elite samurai like Ochimusha were brought in.

>Squads of ghosts can be seen floating in the skies, acting as spotters, scouts, and air support all lead by phantoms.

>Many floating liches glow a variety of bright colors as they prepare their spells for casting.

>Flanking the liches behind the main body of the undead army are vampire lords, similarly they are preparing their great magics.

>And of course, plenty of shambling zombies, spooky skeletons, and blood covered ghouls while wights can be seen within their ranks acting as officers.

>Unfortunately your division is down wind from the undead.

>Smells like rotting fish.

>Some time passes.

>The signal is given to advance.

>The signal is given to charge.

>The signal is given to retreat.

>You lie dead in a field.

>Blood crows feast.

>The undead advance continues.

>Thousands of soldiers will perish to stop the advance.

>Thousands of women will be slaughtered to fuel the advance.

>At least some people are getting laid.

31f58d No.288916

File: d0e5a9da0329677⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 293.79 KB, 784x1200, 49:75, 54081031_p2_master1200.jpg)



As it should be

eaba1f No.288917



>Be undead army

>Dead and brought back to life

>Tons of health benefits, including improved regeneration and durability, immunity to disease and immortality

>Decide to visit nearby village to spread the good word

>Paladinus rise and say fuck off

>No matter, we'll just show them how awesome being undead is

>To do that, we need to kill their women

>Set up army


>Kill as many women and girls as possible, while avoiding male causalities

>revive all the dead as new undead monstergirls and incubi

>After a few weeks, town goes back to business as usual

>Army gets bigger

>People get new lives

>New demon realm is born

Pretty much another invasion. Seriously, how do you become undead without dying first? Fags

e93ba1 No.288921


>Tons of pain and suffering

>Lets fix that by causing pain and suffering

31f58d No.288922

File: 17560f72ad72f51⋯.jpg (34.7 KB, 260x354, 130:177, 1454331872624-1.jpg)


>buttblasted paladindu

54f257 No.288923


Thank you. That story never sat well with me. I ended up making my own take that had an undead invasion cut short of killing a blacksmith's apprentice by a dullahan.

62adf7 No.288925


I'm not entirely sure how to solve that, but I guess one thing you could think of is the next key moment that'll happen in their relationship and focus on that. Maybe it doesn't even have to be major, like some awkward and cute things about snek's personality. Flesh characters out a bit as to who they are before they inevitably fug and the right choice is made or just something that could be humorous. You have a countdown as well, which helps you from dicking around too much. You can also use that to gauge how intense their moments will be. First few days can be small things, like snek wagging the tip of her tail like a dog and being unaware of it until it's pointed out for her embarrassment, or her tail knocking things over when she moves while excited. Mid points could be her wrapping herself around him on dates and maybe we can get a glimpse into her flaws, like being over protective/possessive. There should also be things related to her being a snek, like shedding or how cold nights will require a lot of warmth for an easy cuddling scenario. Final days for us seeing her without any facade about her obsession for kids and a loving family the reason for it other than being a monster girl and accepting it. Something of a linear progression can be made with little endearing things mixed in before and after heavy things to keep things feeling natural is all fine.

You can just balance yourself out with the time allotted. It doesn't have to be very important early, but I imagine we'd learn a lot of the not so pretty things later on, which don't have to be too grim or bad, maybe she's an air head or slob as well. Something about her personality that will make her feel more natural, and the same for Swain as well. Maybe things that are even more beautiful about her that may not be apparent on small dates, like how she'll actually act around kids or something. The thing about slice-of-life is that it can be just a bunch of small things, but as long as we can still feel for the characters and enjoy all of the little stuff, it's fine. Don't feel compelled for an adventure. Don't forget that Swain has to develop as well, but as mentioned before, it can be really small glimpses early on and there doesn't need to be some major reveal towards the end. All that matters is that by the end, we know both characters and why they learned to love each other. I hope that helped in some way.

9af97a No.288927

File: e42aef7e0c489e0⋯.png (199.58 KB, 356x256, 89:64, IMG_1532.PNG)


>need to build armies

>by raiding graveyards of the honored dead

>by slaughtering innocents who just want to live out normal lives

>by making those killed pale reflections of who they were, losing any potential they had for greatness

"It's for a good cause, guys!"

3e6d02 No.288982


>t.Beta who won't even defend his home.

e93ba1 No.288996

Really, the lesson to be learned is that the undead could so easily get out of control, and for the sake of everyone, it would be fine if the Order killed them when something like an invasion or kingdom building happens.

31f58d No.288999

File: d0299fc69a6cccd⋯.png (940.75 KB, 1280x717, 1280:717, paladin meme 3.png)



>all the paladins in this thread

18a9ac No.289000

> all the reddit mongrels derailing a writefag thread.

Your simple minds end up turning everything into a conflict. There is conflict beyond the niggerbrain ooga booga stick and rock made scenarios.

5ef6a2 No.289002

File: 49104424b9632bb⋯.jpg (465.81 KB, 1530x1275, 6:5, YAMARO.jpg)


Also reverse corruption.

e93ba1 No.289005


Bitch, if laying siege to a town, killing men who are just trying to protect their families, and dragging their women and children into the streets for slaughter, ain't a conflict, what is in your eyes?

18a9ac No.289007


you just named like every single African raid that has happened in the past 10000 years.

You are turning your setting into Africa, step back and think about it. You have niggers in the brain and gained a mental illness.

e93ba1 No.289014


I don't see how Africans doing terrible acts of violence and connecting it to the acts of the undead in the story at hand, Undead Invasion, is a bad or invalid thing? Are you just that concerned about Africans?

18a9ac No.289015


the story of genocide has been done to death. have more imagination. also comparing monstergirls to niggers is pretty bad on you.

e93ba1 No.289016


Protecting one's people and waifu is important. Making stories about it or feeling bad when one can't protect them is perfectly fine. Also, don't mistake me as the author of Undead Invasion, I like you, find it distasteful, as the undead in it are, as you would say, acting like niggers.

9af97a No.289017

File: a8a71149ed52ced⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 127.81 KB, 640x645, 128:129, IMG_1496.JPG)


Because that's heresy, you fucking heretic.

e93ba1 No.289019


I would say that, that already happens pretty often since human women who get corrupted usually get more lustful and such due to the succubuzation, and Lizardmen and the like are supposed to go from warriors to house wives when they find a husband. There has to be plenty of stories involving this, you just gotta look around.

31f58d No.289020


>paladin shitposting

>calling >>289002 heresy

I want newfags to leave.

e93ba1 No.289023


Pretty sure he just wants strong monster waifus to stay strong monster waifus, or shy waifus to stay shy waifus. Or just to be joking, and he himself doesn't have a real answer to the question at hand.

It would seem to me that whoever throws out the word, 'newfag' is the newest of them all as they would be able to pick things like this up really easily otherwise. I probably shouldn't be escalating the problem, but oh well.

5ef6a2 No.289029

File: 7b09dbdbdd41003⋯.jpg (59.94 KB, 600x752, 75:94, Smiling Negro.jpg)


I'm saying that in a setting where there are tons of monster girls that are grotesque and ripped and raised primarily as combatants either by law or nature, these girls are likely unlucky to find a boyfriend without threats of violence.

They need training, but not the physical kind, the kind that makes a bloodthirsty ghoul into a polite young lady, though it goes against their nature.

A Lizardman doesn't just magically turn into a good housewife over night, there's a process, son. Years and years of practice. And that process is adorable.

What stories scratch that itch?


Reverse corruption is taking a slut and turning them into a homely woman with good moral values and purity.

How that heresy, son? That's purification.

e93ba1 No.289032


Oh, now I get ya'.

So like wife training?

7050cf No.289048



Yes, this all helps. I guess I could use smaller or less important things to drag the story along. That being said, I still feel a bit uncomfortable about the whole scenario. Feels so empty, how Swain's just dating because he has to, and nearly has to play around with the feelings of two girls who are emotionally invested in him (not that he really has a choice). That kinda irks me, makes it hard to write. Thanks though.

5ef6a2 No.289082


Dude yes, monster girl wife training. Girls who have no earthly idea how to act like a civilized girlfriend getting trained on how to rape their boyfriend less and do sweeter things like baking their boyfriend a cake or knitting them a sweater.

dfb082 No.289083


I wanna say that there has to be something like that with a Ushi, somewhere.

62adf7 No.289089


I remember having a thread about this where it got shitposted to the point of no return by saying that used goods weren't monstergirls and the idea of taking a whore into a good woman was "/r9k/ tier posting." Though I think it was less about sluts and more about skank-dressed bitches or amazons that wanted the man in the kitchen and not the other way around. The OP not being smart ruined it, if I'm remembering right.


I have to agree that setting him up with having to pick between two women and having him date both at the same time was probably not the best move as that will get really awkward. The focus is more on snek, but now you have to bring in the other bitch because you introduced it. You could treat it like an after thought or retcon it if you really hate it; It's not like we're paying for each installment here. Unless you're feeling a twist and go for her instead, you've already stated that it's mostly a snek story. I would have just focused on snek and made it a choice that he was already forced to make and this would have just been him trying to live with it or some kind of 2 week period to see if the marriage is agreeable. Have it be something like a trial period where you can keep such lines as "I'll fined a way to keep you." As for starting with small stuff, think of it as a build up for a payoff. Just keep enough stuff going on while hinting more about the characters for the eventual payoff. Or if you've got the stomach for it, go crazy. Either's fine.

c7113b No.289094


Sorry I read that as "feminizing male warriors' and that implies crossdressing.

Dyslexia fucking sucks man.

7050cf No.289104


Well yeah, I already want to rewrite it to remove that weird shit. Honestly the hardest part of writing that story. I was thinking along the lines of just going with the original CYOA idea of, he picked milfsnake and was stuck with her, no warning or anything. Alternatively, he may not have even been able to choose, though that's even harder to justify in the story than the original "month-long grace period" thing. Still not the best, but it gets rid of that thing.

99b860 No.289184

File: 5754440dd67a3bc⋯.png (116.98 KB, 293x244, 293:244, cutmylifeintopieces.png)

>Be me

>Driving through the black forest

>Swerve to avoid animal running across road

>Car is totally demolished against tree

>Am okay and crawl free

>Hear shrieks and wailing over the sound of the burning wreckage

>Reminded that MG that couldn't integrate into society live here

9f8f44 No.289188

Another chapter of The Care and Feeding of Magical Creatures is up.


It's not mine, I just think it's a good read.

be0976 No.289295

1b2a69 No.289308

File: ac3656195d63a06⋯.jpg (1.08 MB, 3264x2448, 4:3, 20160731_205942.jpg)

Hey guys It's me again. Made a story about Wonderland this time and a Cheshire that isn't a meme spouting faggotcat!



e27789 No.289362


Nice introduction, but when will they hug?

736f06 No.289395

File: ac0ca8ca09de3ed⋯.jpg (135.36 KB, 420x600, 7:10, Minotaurus_0.jpg)


>The trees on the other side of the road practically explode

>A tall woman with long monstrous horns rushes towards

> holding a bundle of ropes

> Oh fug time to go

> Run into the trees behind me

> Glance back to see she is looking into the car

> Get a good distance and climb a tree to hide

> Wait a minute she wasn't holding rope

> Were those… bandages?

f0c7b0 No.289433

"Randall saved everyone. So why the fuck did you murder him?"

Chapter 17 of A Stranger in Paradise: Vwyaje

Available here: https://hellskitchensink.com/2017/05/20/vwyaje/#more-740

56fb80 No.289445


Good stuff, anon. It's always great to get more Salamander stories. Also it's neat to see a living armor girl in it, I don't see too many stories with them (or about them in general).

598c33 No.289492

I'm working on a larger story and I figured I'd post what I got so far here


3f7f0c No.289636


That one seems way too Tumblr to get into. I can deal with a bit of self righteous politics - insertion, but the minute it starts becoming entire paragraphs of non sequitur rather than just aside sentences is the point where I give up on attempting to force immersion.

At least the guy behind it didn't flip his shit at Lovecraft over that cat named after the 44th U.S. president.

ec94f5 No.289762


I'm basing this over that Jabberwocky Dio thread story.

f0c7b0 No.290016

“Fights are when people die. Before and after you gotta celebrate. Gotta remember what’s good in life, so you can hold onto it.”

Chapter 18 of A Stranger in Paradise: Manjé

Available here: https://hellskitchensink.com/2017/05/23/manje/

ec94f5 No.290271

f7a947 No.290824

I wanted to create a sci-fi story and I'm wondering what use would a interstellar empire would have use for Mamono mana? I want to do it makes FTL travel possible in the first place, but it feels to close to dune.

ea1bb7 No.290894

FTL communication perhaps? If FTL engines are required to be huge enough that you can't just send probes around for example.

Or just monsterization for easy habitation of planets with fauna.

f7a947 No.290918


That sounds good, I was also thinking it'd be used for genetic engineering considering the sheer amount of monster girls that's available as well has terraforming.

d0cb78 No.290919

Yo deadass what would happen to a normal person with non-insane libido in this world of mongirls?

598c33 No.290920



233e23 No.290921

File: dbc64e0eea64daf⋯.png (203.18 KB, 640x480, 4:3, nigger 2hu.png)

File: 70273b9007e92cf⋯.png (802.64 KB, 1280x1440, 8:9, hellwan_shiiieeet.png)


Go back to cuckchan

d0cb78 No.290922



Now I want a story about Tyrone and his MG wife

1f437c No.291047

"-and the quim-guzzling aristocratic horse you rode in on!"

Chapter 19 of A Stranger in Paradise: Danse

Available here: https://hellskitchensink.com/2017/05/28/danse/

a11a16 No.291092


You could have it be like ADAM in Bioshock, I think that was pretty flexible as far as that went.

Come to think of it, that would be a fun setting. Bioshock but instead of making you crazy ADAM monsterizes you if you're a grill and makes you horny if you're a boy.

809bc7 No.291094


>and makes you horny if you're a boy.

So you just relive puberty? Doesn't sound that great tbh

1f133c No.291113

File: 17bb7123f7d93dc⋯.png (121.48 KB, 630x529, 630:529, The greatest conundrum.png)


So basically this?

eb6994 No.291488

I'm working on a story that's like 'The Purge' except instead of retarded stories about how people are inherently evil, it's going to be about 'The Snuggle' which is the one time of year in which monster girls in society are allowed to let go and monster out.

Would this interest anyone, or should I work on a different concept?

6f51db No.291493


Seems like a interesting twist on the usual full moon situation, I'd say go for it.

c33154 No.291501


That would be a fun read. A typical hoodrat being slowly civilized by a monster wife. He wants to fuck around and smoke weed all day but his wife says she's hungry so he gets a job to pay for food. He wants to live in his mom's house but his mom won't accept him fucking a monster and he finds himself leaving home to keep his wife instead of dumping her for the free room and board. He plans to leave her the moment she mentions pregnancy but she looks so happy when she tells him and when she rubs her full belly and when she finally holds their daughter in her arms that he realizes, he doesn't want to skip town the way his dad did, and his father before him, he wants to stay and raise the child, see her grow into a healthy, happy hellhound

63c355 No.291534


I think I'd enjoy that. You could also have some "angry" type monster girls who secretly want to snuggle as well, or maybe shy ones who are still hesitant to initiate snuggles. That'd be cool.

e52d03 No.291600

“I’m always open to the possibility that I’m making a terrible mistake. I find it cuts down on making terrible mistakes.”

Chapter 20 of A Stranger in Paradise: Kombaté

Available here: https://hellskitchensink.com/2017/05/30/chapter-19-kombate/

ea4b01 No.291972





Made my first attempt at writefaggotry, I would appreciate some criticism/feedback if you guys would be so kind.

polite sage because I really don't know if I should be posting this in more than one thread, but Im going to keep it to this and the Wan thread for now.

c4ec2c No.292187



Go on…

f9a47d No.292462

Going through the old archives is like walking into the past. There was a lot that's pretty close to unchanged but also quite a bit different it seems.that alp story though… not sure how I feel about that

fd41af No.292582

File: 5b1f81741ed869f⋯.jpg (92.43 KB, 960x960, 1:1, a flcl reference maybe.jpg)



For those that were waiting, here's The Pushy Orc part 4. I typed it out months ago, but never made any progress on it since I lost the motivation to continue it since it's been so long. I have something else I'm working on though, so be prepared for that I guess.

cc52b2 No.292781

File: 6c32c506eb15463⋯.gif (4.13 MB, 384x384, 1:1, one_smug_manticore.gif)



I'm working on it. The day will come, I promise.

93b446 No.292876


Holy shit

A story that isn't all hugs kisses and niceness. Keep going anon, I like this.

e52d03 No.293082

“That is the nature of men. Plenty destroys them. They grow, and grow, until they cannot be sustained, and then, they cannot stand to cull one another to fit the resources. It is why they collapse so violently.”

Chapter 22 of A Stranger in Paradise

Available here: https://hellskitchensink.com/2017/06/06/chapter-22-for-the-straightforward-pathway-had-been-lost/

bfd939 No.293177

File: 98c59fd5110dbd6⋯.jpeg (149.98 KB, 1600x1131, 1600:1131, Good_stuff.jpeg)


That's some good shit anon. Don't have much experience criticising literature but even I know that's good for a first attempt. Really like the setting and protag. Hopefully waiting for more.

31f58d No.293208


Alright, consider me intrigued.

41dbe1 No.293388

File: 9c9671b8b361174⋯.jpg (245.21 KB, 1280x1271, 1280:1271, Rape.jpg)

r/ing a story based off this picture.

6c9489 No.293436

Throwing this out for someone to take a look at. If it's worth continuing I will.


f9a47d No.293453


This is good shit dude. Please continue

abb062 No.293552

Guys, so I have an idea for a CYOA ive been wanting to do. You're a slave to a king or queen and you can either do your best to work your way up into the ranks of royalty, or try to escape and bring down the king Or queen you would have use the help of either the fellow slaves to help you, or try to brown nose your way up the royal ladder. Sound good?

31f58d No.293553


You're going to have to be more specific than that.

f9a47d No.293712


Didn't see this one earlier. It's started out pretty good. I'd like to see you continue it

1f437c No.294137

"Choosing is for lesser beings. I will take everything that I want. I will help Nash, and I will save Horace, and there is not a thing you can do to stop me."

Chapter 23 of A Stranger in Paradise: Ye Who Enter Here

Available here: https://hellskitchensink.com/2017/06/10/chapter-23-ye-who-enter-here

793c3f No.294192

There is now a Monster Girl Encyclopedia section on Fanfiction.net.

Its under anime.


93b446 No.294201


Oh great, Normalfags ahoy. Whose bright idea was this?

6c4947 No.294621

File: 33a09ebfaf278f0⋯.png (256.36 KB, 1053x776, 1053:776, hakutaku.png)

88ac49 No.294685


It looks good so far.

59e1d2 No.294804

File: 867d16977844059⋯.png (446.12 KB, 1330x1216, 35:32, 26f0972c55903dabcddb32970e….png)


In absolute honesty though, "monstergirls" with used goods can't even really be called monstergirls and should be fucking hanged because that would make them 3dpd tier

bb581e No.294819

File: 66289eb69bc4bee⋯.png (33.31 KB, 300x300, 1:1, I'm just tanned.png)

e52d03 No.294970

“A good attitude. Never let the gods tell you you’re any less than they. And if they do, give them Hell.”

Chapter 24 of A Stranger in Paradise: This Miserable Measure the Wretched Souls Maintain

Available here: https://hellskitchensink.com/2017/06/13/chapter-24-this-miserable-measure-the-wretched-souls-maintain/

88ac49 No.295019


keep going, it looks good though I cannot say I like the "/" to indicate the phone calls.


I am fond your writings and all but I feel that you use "rolling of the eyes" and "raised eyebrow" expressions way too often. I would say that either one of theses expression appears once per chapter in nearly all of the books you have written. Also that the eye roll gesture seems unfitting in chapter 24 just before Nash fights Mammon; I could understand if this gesture was used in non-fighting or low stakes situation that is not the case in here. Maybe you should lower body languages to convey Nash's exasperation like a slouching of his shoulders. And maybe for Betty you can used her ears twitching or other cat like gestures to replace the raising of the eyebrows expression. To be honest I am not sure if this is valid criticism or not,

6c9489 No.295024


yeah, the "/" sucks bad. It's my first time playing with pastebin, so the formatting leaves something to be desired. My personal copy looks great. I'll post more soon.

145f22 No.295095

I'll ask, are there any monstergirl stories about human villains? Hell, it could well include the villain deciding on stopping being a villain for his new waifu and settling down/making a family together, but that's another story for another day.

I'm asking this question since I have vague ideas bouncing around in my head and I'm unsure on how to make that scenario work.

8728a5 No.295192

Damn, does anyone has the story with southern doctor? Or the chess kid and the oni, readable please?

83d062 No.295298

c77ddc No.295305


Yeah that the one, thanks lad, you're a proper lad.

53aa49 No.295306


Well I'm working on it. Originally i was going super villainy, then i decided I might, just try to make it comfy.

a9166e No.295378


I'm with this anon, that sounds like double-heresy. Innocents are to be protected. The dead are to be left in peace.

6e01d5 No.295450

File: 3818a2d053535b9⋯.jpg (98.56 KB, 402x500, 201:250, Mantis_0.jpg)

Never did any writefagging before. Let's see if i'm trash.

>Be me

>Waste of life ticket collector.

>My life is going nowhere after failing college.

>Parents still claim they love me, but I wasn't about to be a drain on them.

>Still have some principles.

>Moved out, got a shitty apartment, make money checking train tickets.

>It's hell, but at least I’m not a drain

>Every time the mamono are there, I already know they didn't get a god-damn ticket.

> "Oh, but mister, I thought we didn't need any! We own the trains, don't we?"

>Friggin' bitches.

>One day i get the jackpot of annoying bitches. It's a school trip filled with mamono and the occasional male kid.

>They're just entering puberty, and entering their cart is enough to unleash…

>The Smell.

>It's like a rancid combination of wet dog and sweat.

>The attitude that follows makes it worse.

>I'm not the fittest guy around, and I'm too old to be a target, so the bullying is fucking endless.

>First four is a group of hellhounds. The wet dog smell is mostly from here. One of them is even turning the seating black. I'm staring at the smoldering spot while the four hellhounds smirk at me.


>"Nah, you can't afford 'em, fatty!"

>Of course they think they're pretty clever with that crack.

>I know these idiots have tickets. They're expected to hand them off themselves.

>"Tickets, PLEASE."

>They giggle to eachother, keeping that goddamn smirk.

>They're boiling in their seat with hormones, and they have the audacity to be smug with me.

>I need to repress my reaction, though I can't help but feel my eye twitch.

>After they talk to eachother a little more, mostly along the lines of "will we give it to him?" in all sorts of innuendos.

>I'm far beyond caring about young, lewd mamonos.

>They give their tickets.

>Seven more tables to go.

>They’re ALL like that.

>All a group, none of them handing over their god-damned tickets.

>As always, the only ones that comply are the boys, and they’re gonna get assaulted under a rain of bakas.

>I hate these mamono so much.

>After a whole cart of these cunts, I reach the next one.

>First thing I see is this mantis-girl reading a newspaper. She has to wear plastic guards over her scythe-arms to stop herself from cutting the paper.

>Pretending not to see me.

>After a whole cart of annoying mongrels, I’m really at the end of my patience.


>No response.

>I’m not going to deal with this

>”TICKET, PLEASE” I say through gritted teeth.

>Still no response.

>I grab her shoulder and shake her telling her to show her fucking ticket!

>After the first shake, she steels up and I can’t even budge her. I didn’t even see her turn her head, but now she’s looking right at me.

>Yellow eyes, almost glowing. I see the pupils growing a little smaller as she registers me.

>She hisses.

>Under that intense stare, I come to the realisation that I have made a mistake.

>Next thing I know, I’m kissing the window she sat by, my vision is filled with black splotches as I feel the glass shuddering from the force

>S-She’s fast.gif

>I fucked up.

>Pressure against my cheek

>I’m about to get fucking filéd.

>I wait for the end for just a bit…


>I open my eyes and see the mantis went back to reading.

>See ticket next to my face.


>Move on with my day, don’t even check the rest of her wagon.

>fucking shit-biscuits that was scary.

> Don’t know when she got off.

6e01d5 No.295451


>Finish my shift and go home. It’s a long walk, but it’s not like it hurts.

>I like walking alone, anyhow.

>Station is a bit out in the middle of nowhere, need to go through a forest to get there.

>I figure I’m not appealing enough to get grabbed, anyway.

>Feel like I’m being watched on the way home.

>Probably just paranoid, but I swear I see yellow eyes in the distance, and the rustling of leaves. The wind blowing a little too hard…

>Feeling pretty nervous.

>Still got fifteen more minutes until I’m home. Five minutes of forest.

>Been panicking for the last ten minutes.

>Still not running, though, that’ll egg it on.

>I think.

>Suddenly, she lands before me.

>I don’t even know from where, the nearest tree is like seven meters away.

>The mantis-girl, wearing a sweater and biker shorts. It shows her figure off quite well, though I was too busy screaming like a little girl to pay that much attention to it.

>Amazing thighs, though.

>”Thirty seconds head start.” She says. Her voice completely flat, nothing in the way of emotion.

>I barely register properly. I prattle out: “W-what?”

>”Twenty-nine, Twenty-eight…”

>It clicks

>I never ran so fast in my whole life, adrenaline pumping through me.

>Of course, my fastest doesn’t mean much, considering I’m an overweight retard who just plays vidya and shitposts

>Before I know it, I hear footsteps.

>More like stomps.

>*Tump* *Tump* *Tump*

>I’m crying as I force my hurting knees to run harder

>I know I’m fucking doomed. Those arms can cut me in half and she can outrun a fucking bullettrain

>I managed to piss off the assassin of the forest over a fucking speeding ticket.

>My legs hurt, my lungs burn, my head is pounding, but I’m still running. I can see the end of the forest!

>If I can just make it there, I’ll be safe. Civilisation! She won’t kill me there!

>Push out whatever I have left in me, as the tumps behind are still getting louder

>Almost there!


>I’m not dying today, god-damn it!

>Then, I trip. I fly, facefirst into a pile of leaves.

>I look back, and see that the mantis is already there, her eyes glowing brightly and her blades above me.

>”Too slow”

>As I look back, I see that the clearing wasn’t nearly as close.

>I never stood a chance

6e01d5 No.295452


>The blades slice down, I hear it cut through the air as I flinch away.

>I feel my shirt and pants tear, but I don’t feel pain.

>As I feel the cold air over my body, I realize she didn’t cut me.

>She bumps the clothing away using the blunt part of her arms, and then she says one word.


>It’s still monotone and cold. She removes her sweater and shorts, leaving her completely nude. She’s small in every respect, thin waist, small breasts, narrow hips. But it’s a gymnasts body, with musculature everywhere and amazing thighs.

>With the adrenaline in me, I can’t help it. I pop a stiffy faster than I ever did in my life

>My little boy has the same survival instinct as me, I suppose.

>She looks down, seemingly not even registering it.

>Drops to her knees, just above my dick. She looks at me like I’m garbage.

>At least she has a good feel for people

>She slams down. I groan in pain as the weight impacts my pelvis. I hold my breath and squeeze my eyes shut for the sequels…


>Confused, I open my eyes and look at the mantis girl.

>She’s twitching and shaking, her mouth hanging open. There’s a bit of drool on her chin as she just sits there, paralysed.

>I blink twice, just before she leans forward at a breakneck pace. Her head stops just before mine as she shudders again. She stifles a moan through clenched teeth, just before kissing me.

>It’s rough and inexperienced. She’s just forcing her tongue into my mouth, thrusting indiscriminately as her hips get moving again.

>It’s like a damned jackhammer, going so fast and so clumsy it almost hurts


>I cum after a minute, her mouth not leaving mine the whole time as her upper body continues to twitch and shake.

>She finally removes herself from my mouth, her tongue still lolling out as she removes herself from my cock. She’s panting from the exertion and pleasure, and then cradles me in her arms.


>She actually falls asleep on me, with her scythes just below my shoulders.

>Can’t move, or I’ll cut myself.


659c76 No.295462


Should have called it 'the urge'. But yea, go for it we can always use more content on this board.

0165c0 No.295657




I liked it. Mantis (Manti?) are cute! Cute!

d31b8f No.295751

https://pastebin.com/L3TnQBkS So I wrote a thing. I hope you guys enjoy.

f9a47d No.295778


Good. Fucking. Shit.

32c3d0 No.295787


Chapter 25 of A Stranger in Paradise: Papé Satan Aleppe

Available here: https://hellskitchensink.com/2017/06/18/chapter-25-pape-satan-aleppe/

32c3d0 No.296291

“That is why we enslave gods! Because they would enslave you! Spend the rest of eternity keeping you under their heel! You, of all people, should realize how desperately important this is!”

Chapter 26 of A Stranger in Paradise: The Vice and Virtue of Mankind

Available here: https://hellskitchensink.com/2017/06/20/chapter-26-the-vice-and-virtue-of-mankind/

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