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File: 35afd95373911dc⋯.png (514.65 KB, 481x348, 481:348, 666Research2png.png)

132dbe No.1049327

666 Fifth Avenue Research Thread III

"It may be hard to imagine, but we keep wondering how the world will be when we have officially won. When the evil is gone, the public is aware, and we don't have to worry about our family or our children's futures anymore.

Eventually, we will have dropped enough information for everyone to see exactly how deep this all goes, and to prepare yourselves to be the generation and generations that fill in the gaps in the world that will be left once this is all over.

Ezekiel 39: 14-16"

5thAveAnon, 04.16.18

132dbe No.1049332

5thAveAnon Post Caps

>>>/comms/690 Graphics 5 - 7

>>>/comms/689 Graphics 1 - 4

All Questions Listed

>>>/comms/686 Part 7

>>>/comms/685 Part 6

>>>/comms/684 Part 5

>>>/comms/683 Part 4

>>>/comms/682 Part 3

>>>/comms/681 Part 2

>>>/comms/680 Part 1

All 5thAveAnon's Questions Paste

https:// pastebin.com/QyPFnYmq

Research Threads & Archives

Research Thread 2: >>879337 | https:// archive.is/tijqf (so far)

Research Thread 1: >>841443 | https:// archive.is/q5VqK

Archives of Threads with 5thAveAnon Posts

#1046 - http:// archive.is/EhcbP

#1045 - http:// archive.is/UcgKo

#1041 - http:// archive.is/UcgKo

#1040 - http:// archive.is/xxjqk

#1039 - http:// archive.is/5jDpk

#1038 - http:// archive.is/jDSt8

#1034 - http:// archive.is/BJkcP

Research Tools & Resources

>>>/comms/691 Lucis Trust / Lucent Technologies CIA RR PDF

>>>/comms/692 Floorplans of 666 5th Avenue

>>>/comms/693 Explore the entire block

>>>/comms/694 Ground level and basement maps from RC website

>>>/comms/695 NYC Department of City Planning: Data and geographic maps / files

>>>/comms/696 Video of the construction of the building

>>>/comms/697 Video of inside The Lucis Trust Library in London

>>>/comms/698 Research Tool: Foundations and Think Tanks Worldwide

>>>/comms/699 How to make 'Maps' to organize information

Factual, Provable Answers to Questions

Post yours here - >>>/comms/679

GREAT JOB ANONS. There's incredible work being done on this thread. It's not too late to join, there are many unanswered questions so you can just jump in. May God speed, protect and guide us all. Amen.

Let Us Dig

132dbe No.1049338

Research Thread III Dough: https:// pastebin.com/zJCMxwcW

132dbe No.1049340

Latest 5thAveAnon's Posts

666 5th Ave. Thread 2 : UID a6cdcb

>>921699 ---------------------- Establishing a tripcode for future drops

>>888610 rt >>888555 ----- Confirmed

>>888378 rt >>885319 ----- How is DJT tied into the Pope and 666 Fifth Ave?

>>887777 rt >>876301 , >>875998 , >>885486

666 5th Ave. Thread 1 : UID ea1231 7 Posts

>>876301 rt >>876119 ----- Mass extinction? 500 million? Drops will be history

>>875998 rt >>874663 ----- Keep the answers updated

>>843651 rt >>843294 , >>837764 , >>843360

>>843193 rt >>842986 , >>842429 , >>842314

>>842961 rt >>842950 ----- Refer to >>842884

>>842403 rt >>841443 ----- What law firms rent out office space in the building?


132dbe No.1049341

New consolidation / answers thread at /comms/



Collection of research posts isn't sustainable because -

- As our research threads are naturally sliding off the board, links to posts are lost with them

- We do have archives of the threads however we can't link to posts


- We can list the questions in the research threads for reference.

- We can list them also over on the thread at /comms/ and post the factual, provable answers we have to questions on that thread.

- Much of our research is factual and provable and much still working theory.

- We can use the research threads for research and working theories, and post the factual, provable answers we have over on the /comms/ thread.

- The /comms/ catalog moves much slower, so our Qs & A's will be preserved for much longer, and will only contain the factual answers we have.

What do you all think? Anyone have any other ideas on how we can best collate and preserve the research?

132dbe No.1049344

Research Consolidation

From Threads I and 90% of II

Start at this post: >>1043677

24b0fb No.1049600

Found a video tour of 666 arriving by train 2 floors underground, coming up to the shopping level, up again to street level and into the building. Good tour.

3.41 mins

https:// hooktube.com/watch?v=to4unHkj8fU

24b0fb No.1049605

Steven Roth Video - 15,000 sqf underground

Also found an interesting video of a discussion between Steven Roth and Steve Wynn where Steven Roth talks briefly and interestingly about 666. Check it out. Also mentioned is the area underground.

Steven Roth on 666: "It's complicated, very complicated, and even more complicated than that."

Steve Wynn: "15,000sqf underground though."

Steven Roth: "I own all of that. All the stores on the ground I own separately." "We have some ideas and it's gonna be… fun."

https:// www.hooktube.com/watch?v=1WtFgxvHskU

Timestamp: 38.40

24b0fb No.1049609

666 - 40 ft underground

Re-watching the video of the construction of 666 I noticed the narrator does state that they dug '40ft' underground.

4.50 - "40ft deep. The largest excavation ever done on 5th Avenue."

https:// hooktube.com/GeE8wf4JSbU

24b0fb No.1049629

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

Video of office space on Floor 24

Includes good views from the windows of the other buildings nearby.

https:// hooktube.com/watch?v=O8T5cOigbN4

24b0fb No.1049640

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

Video of 666 Fifth Avenue Floor 38

Great views of the nearby buildings.

https:// hooktube.com/watch?v=JZpgM7A8v8g

24b0fb No.1049655

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

'Video of the outside of 666

https:// hooktube.com/watch?v=owZgbFIeFXg

7439ea No.1052713

File: bb20361541e9b18⋯.jpeg (780.62 KB, 1536x1593, 512:531, E93831A0-B0DE-48F1-82C9-6….jpeg)


unless they poured concrete 15 feet thick for the base of the building, there is room for a whole nother subteranean level

they dug 40’ during construction…

-street level is at 67’ altitude (guessing this is from sea level)

-the floor of the subcellar level is 42’ 6”

thats only 24’ 6” deep into the ground

there is another 15’ 6” below ground to be accounted for from the construction claim

d570a5 No.1053515


the weight from above I doubt that is hollow.

a1be96 No.1054262

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

"merging DNA with architecture"

Matthias Hollwich is the co-founder of "Hollwich Kushner", (HWKN) A New York city based architecture and design firm. Marc Kushner (architect) at (HWKN) is Jared Kushners cousin.

https:// hwkn.com/

f3ae57 No.1060091

I spent some time today going at digging differently and researched a bunch of videos. I learned a lot but didn't find a smoking gun. Nonetheless, this info may be of interest to others.

This video- elevator 40 stories down to a gigantic room of generators/transformers under Grand Central Terminal:

https:/ /www.youtube.com/watch?v=qLPOmtI4W9I

This is the video that made me realize that most of NYC is a cavernous underground world. Just look at the size of these areas and they go on forever it seems (and just down the street from our building): https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=iuxsrWQY12g

*I have no doubt there are tunnels/rooms under the JK building.*

ELF Towers popping up in NYC (think 5G/modulation relay): https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=xOKVSLu_pxk

Intro to NYC:

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=C1pYiPV3hHo

Waldorf Astoria (Park Ave, right around the corner) underground system built for Roosevelt:

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=P7fttpgp41A

The UN- symbolism: https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=o5xN9uFFkGw

Secrets in Plain Sight series for those who want more: https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=NABioDZ6ydI

f3ae57 No.1060280


That's not purty. Hot mess… and big trouble, if ya ask me. We've had many ask us to find answers regarding the Kushner investment, I'd like to ask the Kushner's a question in return, "What is your vision for NYC?" If this is what they have planned, I don't want to be a part of the plan. Pretty damn creepy.

So, with that said, what was the Hadid design all about? I find it curious that 'the owner' of the building asked us those specific questions- he knows the answers, so why does he not share the answers? Is there some sort of spiritual journey we must take prior to understanding? I, for one, would like some answers for that hot mess above. >>1054262

593938 No.1060543


go deeper down the rabbit hole.

Syrians got a hold of US bio-tech.

https:// youtube.com/watch?v=2q1MJa517Ic>>1060091

f3ae57 No.1062162


Wow. Thx for the heads up. Important info, but what is it he's really saying? I've always thought bio-tech was a bit different than what Syrian UN dude is saying… he's saying GMO soldiers! So, the US has bio-managed HUmans to be super soldiers? He seems a bit adamant- there's more than one video of him talking about it. If the US has modified soldiers in Syria, we have them here too. Not sure I'm ok with this change in our military… you? WTF is going on?

Came across some info about the largest airport ever that is being constructed in Syria. No mention of who or why, but nothing from this admin about that. We know msm isn't giving us the truth, we know 'disinformation is necessary', haven't been told any of this by POTUS, so what exactly is the truth, what exactly is happening in our reality? We have no clue, do we?

132dbe No.1062459


Superb doc you've found there anon, haven't seen this one. Where did you find it?

>there is another 15’ 6” below ground to be accounted for from the construction claim

Uuge find.

132dbe No.1062506

File: 191b53d88b63e27⋯.jpg (28.14 KB, 448x334, 224:167, Robotics 5G.jpg)



Sort of connected - Robitics and 5G

Pic related: "The capabilities of future robots enabled in large measure by 5G is seemingly endless."

"The fifth generation of wireless technology will pave the way for a new generation of robots, some free to roam controlled via wireless rather than wired communications links and exploiting the vast computing and data storage resources of the cloud. Armed with these capabilities, robots can be precisely controlled dynamically in near real time, and be connected to people and machines locally and globally. In short, 5G will fully enable applications such as the "factory of the future" and many, many others that were previously beyond the capabilities of both cellular and robotics technologies."

https:// www.mouser.co.uk/applications/robotics-and-5g/

f3ae57 No.1062843

File: 4a900894e49e8ba⋯.png (70.81 KB, 300x168, 25:14, GM war.png)


Knew about the integration of robotics with 5G, but did learn something new; that low level frequencies will mess with the bots 5G brain- good to know!

I find this all disturbing. Doesn't sound like there'll be much need for the HUman after the 5G hits, and I'm also pretty sure that when 5G arrives, it will hit us- like a ton of bricks. It will be a slow kill- with or without the rfid chips. And DJT says it's coming. Hum.

Speaking of 'hum'… do you know of the hum? The worldwide hum? Do you hear it? Ya gotta believe that 5G is already in use- not in my town, but likely in silicon valley, probable at Lockhead Martin, and possibly at an Amazon warehouse somewhere. So is that where the hum came from? The pre-roll out of 5G? Gotta wonder. I am curious about folks and their hum… lemme know if you hear it.

http:// thehum.info/

Regarding those GMO soldiers (pic related): Do you recall this scene? "Is" folk are kinda big here- if the avg. perp they're walking with is about 6 ft. tall, these things must be closer to 7.5' tall, no? Just sayin'.

7439ea No.1063073


acris site dropped in first bread

https:// a836-acris.nyc.gov/DS/DocumentSearch/BBL

borough manhattan

block 1268

lot 0034

second page of docs.


where i got the floorplans to measure and find that missing 15x15 space

even tho some people say they can see anything in my apple map 2d pics, the floorplans speak for themselves

there is another building connected underground.

i say its a temple -but call it what you want- there IS a structure there that is not part if the actual 666 building

funny thing, this morning i woke up from a dream realizing that the “steeple/tower” of that tlittle temple is built up against the corner of the back of library and 666 building - not centered or towards the front like most churches with steeples. like its supposed to me more aligned with the centerline of 666

c5cd10 No.1063109

China Merchants Bank is also in the area.

132dbe No.1063172

File: ce7f35553b4ded0⋯.jpg (314.66 KB, 1051x820, 1051:820, 1511646045419.jpg)


Thx anon, appreciate that. Re-reading crumbs and questions today, they do indeed point to there being something connected underground.

"Concept art of 666 Fifth Ave is important. But why was it denied?"

>Why was it really denied?"

>How was she connected to Iran?"

>Why are pictures not allowed inside the building?"

>Why is this important?"


>Is 666 Fifth Ave connected underground to any other buildings?"

>JK wanted to remodel. [Destroy tunnels] Why was it REALLY denied?"

So I was thinking, as JK and Steven Roth own the building and have done for years, why is the rule of 'no pictures allowed inside the building' still being upheld? Why does the present tower have to be demolished for them to destroy the tunnels?

5thAveAnon, like Q, answers his own question above re JK wanting to destroy the tunnels which connect to another building underground. We just have to find the proofs, which I believe we're close to, and the plans such as you've posted are extremely important in that respect. Questions -

- Is 666 connected to St Patrick's Cathedral underground?

- Is that the connection to the Pope?

- Is it connected to another building underground?

- Are 666 and St Patrick's both connected?

- Is 666 the only access point to the temple / building / underground place, and is there a clause that the owners must always allow access to this place and, uphold the 'no photographs inside' rule?

- Is this why the new tower was denied, because it would revoke the access clause attached to the present 666?

- Is 666 the only ACCESS?

>Tunnel Pepe to guide us

87512f No.1063200

File: 88b0b90882d49e7⋯.png (180.34 KB, 600x329, 600:329, TheJewsFearTheSamurai.png)

File: d04d4df676355b6⋯.jpg (248.68 KB, 700x516, 175:129, Feng Shen Ji dark ones.jpg)



https:// www.neonrevolt.com/2018/04/04/are-you-ready-to-see-wonderland-666-5th-ave-and-cabal-pizzagate-pedogate-qanon-greatawakening-5thaveanon/


132dbe No.1063302

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


DOES TRUMP HOLD 30% of Vornado's share in 666?

In this video from 2017, >>1049605 and embedded here, Steven Roth, when *specifically talking about 666*, talks of how DJT is in partnership with Roth and owns 30% of Roth's share of 70% in several very important pieces of real estate, one in SF and one in NYC. Does DJT own 30% of Roth's 70%?

Timestamp: 38.40

8b74a7 No.1063310

Exact SAME Height as the Great Pyramid:


7439ea No.1063418


watched it yesterday. was very...”complicated” ;)

not sure how i feel about roth. potus seems to like him alot. perhaps his investment in 666 was a favor to help out jk - but he also seems to be very against tearing the building down

if hes a good guy, the access to tunnels is protected by his ownership...

if hes a bad guy, he doesnt want the secrets exposed by tearing down the building

doesn't account for jk’s sell-off of his personal share of the bldg to an unnamed family trust. could be his family... but possibility it could be laurent morali? >>981335 would be controlled by kushner company either way

132dbe No.1063659


It is indeed very "complicated, complicated and more than that." Kek. I'm with you, I don't know if Roth was holding back on the development of the new tower because he didn't want to invest to that extent or because of other reasons. As he seems to be both a business partner and close friend of DJT's, tending here to believe it's the former. Also, did you see this intriguing post? >>1043677

Regards the trust, as JK was forced into offloading his assets due to his WH position, you'd think there would be more investigation by his enemies into that 'family trust', wouldn't you? It could be Laurent Morali, agreed, it could be his father, mother, brother or sister. Saw that post in the last bread and considered it.

What the trust documents say and who the beneficiaries are on paper shouldn't make a difference though, there could easily be another document created outside of the trust documents, which name JK as a direct beneficiary.

It feels that we're on the edge of discovering something big. Wish we'd find it.

7439ea No.1063768


didnt see the original post but saw the pic

baker used it for new bread image



i am leaning to agree with you roth is good guy:)

132dbe No.1063891

File: f544e1d8ee093d6⋯.jpg (407.93 KB, 886x953, 886:953, f544e1d8ee093d6c21086322bd….jpg)


I baked, and put it as the new loaf image to see if anyone noticed. More fun that way, to find things rather than being told about it, kek. Figured the others would notice when they checked the research consol page. KeK.

I'm an anon, not an insider btw. I did a tineye on that image and there's not one the same. Hope Anon posts soon with more juice, even better, more clues, although we've not answered 80% of the others definitively yet. It's a big dig, fren.

7439ea No.1064001


yeah. still learning my way around the board…

im not too tech savvy lol

our vip perhaps…?

“i may have bought 666”

“not jk”

pretty sure not sumitomi (seems like they bought it mostly to do lobby renovations with their skilled designers)

not original tishman - he was one of them (was all involved with “the new school”)

not the cohens (they owned the property in the 70/80s before sumitomi)

132dbe No.1064029

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I agree anon. 5G appears to be the point of no return for humans. It's disturbing indeed.

Haven't heard the hum myself, but believe it's more than possible for there to be one in some places.

The giant ISIS guys, ha, yes I've seen it. Did you see this?

132dbe No.1064060


Funny also that all those videos were never once released by ISIS themselves but by one sole person whom the whole world apparently relied on for intel, Rita Katz of the Search International Terrorist Entities (SITE) Intelligence Group, the private intelligence firm based in Washington, DC. Figures. Worse than FauxQ, kek.

7439ea No.1064107


and this is where “confused-shock-face” turns into “kek-face”

if nothing else, we are being built up to handle the truth of the matrix

7439ea No.1064216


btw baker,

excellent job organizing the bread and comms!


7439ea No.1064423

File: b8c7a1ab0cc7570⋯.jpeg (289.3 KB, 1388x794, 694:397, B18CD816-F1FD-4351-9B25-A….jpeg)

btw. i did find the record of lot 25 being merged with lot 34

dec 13 not sure if it was 1955 or 1956-57

there was no new deed noted. i am assuming that it was tishman bought lot 25 in 1954…

dont know why it wasnt added to lot 34 sooner if it was intended to be part of the building design

i do remember them saying in the video that 666 took 3 years of planning before they even began construction. it took 18months to build. it was finished in 1957, so construction began in 1956?

f3ae57 No.1066194


But the human body isn't designed to withstand the effects of the matrix and 5G.

If anything, the disclosures are biblical and necessary but a 5G world is NOT being built for us. There will be no jobs for humans in the 5G world.

f3ae57 No.1066336


>- Is 666 connected to St Patrick's Cathedral underground?

YES. Everything in downtown NYC is connected via tunnels.

> Is that the connection to the Pope?

The catholic church is as dirty as it gets, YES.

>Is it connected to another building underground? YES. They are all connected. >Are 666 and St Patrick's both connected? YES.

>666 the only access point to the temple / building / underground place, and is there a clause that the owners must always allow access to this place and, uphold the 'no photographs inside' rule? For any of these clauses to be legal, the party making the demands would have to show cause and the only way I see cause for such is via an easement. LOOK FOR EASEMENT covenants in your docs.

> Is this why the new tower was denied, because it would revoke the access clause attached to the present 666? Only if there was an easement of record that affected other property.

> Is 666 the only ACCESS? I believe the original access was via the Vanderbilt Estate. Once that was sold and rebuilt, perhaps other access points were cut off.

7439ea No.1066604


not disagreeing with you

5g = very bad

was responding to learning about how the vids were never released from isis but from private intel firm in dc

i am no longer shocked by some of the things we are learning about.

some anon came in an called us a bunch of nutters in here (last bread)

i wear my tin foil hat proudly :)

7439ea No.1066781


satan has been trying to destroy men since the garden

did you know cancer was not very common before the industrial revolution?

https:// www.naturalnews.com/053890_causes_of_cancer_man-made_disease_ancient_Greece.html

5e1cdc No.1066917


BEWARE…Q and Trump are now operating for the Cabal. Their actions betray their words. No need for bombing ISIS under the chemical attack false flag….ALERT. ISIS already eradicated…something is wrong…

f3ae57 No.1067358

File: 2c36c1d8cb9c38f⋯.jpg (48.09 KB, 659x412, 659:412, NO CHEM.jpg)



Re: IS disclosures- every paramilitary org needs a good PR firm! <I'm joking. If only it was funny.

I've never been embarrassed by my shiny hat- even cost me a relationship with my son. Thing is, the folks that wanna lash out at these truths will be the ones standing drooling on themselves when it all becomes reality for them. That's sad. Some people just can't be saved/some folks just can't learn. A lot of that is this narcissistic society they've created; no one is wrong. Then, thru skool indoctrination, they've taught our kids that we are stoopid (misspellings are important). And all of it by design. Like cancer. I'm absolutely positive that what is sometimes diagnosed as "C" is not but that the medical community seizes on vulnerabilities and treats patients who are not necessarily inflicted. It's just good business to them/for them. The entire medical system is a for profit biz and that is a very slippery slope.

Did you know that after reaching some arbitrary age, that no lawyer will take your case because 'you have lived a full life'- I speak about the many commercials on "… have you or a loved one been hurt by <insert pharma/doc here>? Class action suits throw out the elder claims because a judge won't even hear them; your useful purpose does expire well before your body and mind do… it's the law now. And as such, there's little need for those pesky death panels.


You are correct. POTUS has boasted about IS being eradicated. Only plausible thought is that Assad/clowns/MI6 are behind the attacks or some other than an IS actor, like 'we don't say his name'. Then you have the UN Amb. to Syria (link above) saying that IS is still a thing; a GMO thing. So what gives POTUS? [I use "IS" b/c saying the msm name is actually summoning their god-ess].

It's the chemtrails persisting that gets me. We have radars, we have military. No way these planes can dump, run and hide. Why are they/he still spraying us? I thought stopping the population from daily poisoning was on the to-do list- way up on top, but obviously, it's not. Just as bad as it ever was. I'm a farmer. The plants and animals are being affected by the poisons too. I live it. I see it. Morgellons is real. And DJT does nothing. Nice photo op tho.

Regarding this dig, why are the questions that were directed by "I am the owner" Anon- why are they questions? Is there some sort of non-disclosure agreement or any other reason we have to dig at this so hard/long? Seems he could just tell us. That'd be G R E A T. And if there is a non-disclosure, how the hell are we supposed to find the info? For a non-disclosure to work, the info has to be secret and since these are public records, that isn't possible. I will say that despite these records being public, it's been a nut to find anything at all. Is there any way to access the contract JK signed to purchase? THAT document may be worth its weight. Course "I am the owner"Anon could supply a copy too. Why the freakin mystery? WHY ask us to dig when he knows all the answers?

f3ae57 No.1067558


You keep posting that; 147meters like Giza. I know that measurements are important. I know that exact measurements builds stuffs that work, but why is the height significant in comparison to Giza?

Is this how ley lines work? That one bldg. height transmits to another bldg. in a different location of the same height? Do you know? What more do you have to add about Giza's height? Tell us moar.

Wanted to refresh a thought someone posted here a while back; that the JK bldg. is built over the 'speaker' of nature- that the earth emanates its own (is it 432 Hz?) frequency and the 6 bldg. is built over top of it, muffling the frequency and making our world go mad? [denied from our source/hiding God] Crazy thoughts, I know, but is anything un-possible anymore?

7439ea No.1067658


yes. the deed for ownership is on the acris site. dated 1/11/2007

along with jk’s condo declaration dated 7/1/2008

i have been going thru acris again today. found some interesting stuff. still have to do some searching and dating… but seems like cohen brothers (mortimer, sherman, edward) reatly have actually owned the lot since 1959. tishman had lease with them. and in 1978 was also leased to a company called “the new york project” - based in chicago (building no longer exists)

in 1986 they made an “asst ground lease with assumption” to a company called Manhattan High Associates (via Rebahk Associates via GIVRAM Corp) cant find any info on these companies btw.

crazy thing is… the cohens owned 666 lot 34 AND lot 50 (which is now the library and the hotel). that asst ground lease that i just mentioned, was for lot 34 AND lot 50 together. at the same time

that special lease term means they could do whatever they wanted to the properties and the owner would keep all the changes…

cb169e No.1067855

I'm sick to death of the clowns and their fuckng masters!

Shit is deep and full of disease. (((They)))) must be irradiated. Running out of patience for just one BIG take down

cb169e No.1067884



132dbe No.1068149


Great collection anon. It's incredible to learn how much of NYC is built underground and to such a huge extent. The Roosevelt train and car elevator under the Waldorf Astoria is amazing. Imagine that. Loved the Secrets in Plain Sight series too. The autism is strong there.

f3ae57 No.1068265


The voids under NYC are amazing. I mean, we all imagine that there's space, with the subway and all, but there's an entire city down there! And the Roosevelt car… is it still loaded I wonder? Why is it all locked up? Pretty messed up that he hid his polio like that, doncha think?

Yes! The Secrets in Plain Sight series is amazing and so well done! Onstott is a genius- we sure could use his help here! He'd taken all the vids off his site and is now charging for book/dvd sets but I'm finding quite a few with some digging. Glad to see some of his stuff is still available for free!

"The autism is strong"; I'm of the mind-set that, at one point in time, autistic traits were very important. Back in the day of hunting/gathering societies, an autist would have been king, no? It's all just a matter of perspective. The fact that they say autistics use the opposite side of their brain than most doesn't say much except that, NONE of us are using our whole brain. DOH!



I dunno- eradicated is kinda vanilla… irradiating them might be fun to watch. kek

f3ae57 No.1068336



OK I messed up the copy/paste in post #*336, so the important info from that:

LOOK FOR EASEMENT COVENANTS IN YOUR DEEDS AND DOCS! That is the only way (that I know of) for a selling party to convey a property in pre-existing and 'never-to-be-tampered-with' form. EASEMENTS.

f3ae57 No.1068537


Ah- so the building is what JK purchased and the lot/land is still owned by someone else? That would make a huge difference- if the land is leased. Do I have that right?

Doesn't make sense to me tho- I mean, they dumped a ton of money on that bldg…. and to not own the land it sits on… crazy! However, since our goobermint lied and obfuscated with the division and ownership of lands and property since the Civil War, we all pay property taxes now, so none of us actually owns our property, even when the mortgage is paid in full.

The land does not belong to man- it belongs to God and HIS people. Even if it did belong to people, it wouldn't be the immigrants (us) but the natives that lived here prior to the immigrants arriving. Additionally, tangible property is conveyed in perpetuity to the new owner. Originally, owners were given land free and clear after service to their country as payment, so in its sale, there should be no taxes applied in perpetuity. Taxes are unconstitutional.

132dbe No.1068643


>our vip perhaps?

Could be? The odds are on from that message, with the image being an original.


kek-face. Kek. Nice work on the lots btw. Do you know if there's a deed which may mention an 'easement covenant' at all? >>1068336

>>1068336 <<<<<< Thanks Anon, excellent.

132dbe No.1068776


What you've found is insane anon and puts a whole new perspective on absolutely everything.

Pls ignore my request for the deeds. Should've caught up first. Will go look.

119083 No.1068924

File: 5e101337ec13342⋯.jpg (48.88 KB, 851x476, 851:476, ScreenShot_001.jpg)

File: fb7320493f1f466⋯.jpg (45.69 KB, 851x476, 851:476, ScreenShot_002.jpg)

File: fabd280fe38f8cd⋯.jpg (50.67 KB, 851x477, 851:477, ScreenShot_003.jpg)


Absolutely amazing. Took these caps to show some perspective. They're from 140ft underground from the The New Grand Central Station - East Side Access video you posted, as you say just down the street from 666 - https:// www.hooktube.com/watch?v=iuxsrWQY12g

And yes, why is that superbombproof Roosevelt train still all locked up and underground? What was it transporting to have needed to be so reinforced for weight? Cray cray that he went to that extent to hide his polio, imagine, creating an underground railway to take him from DC to NYC so no-one would see him walking. Incredible.

>Back in the day of hunting/gathering societies, an autist would have been king, no?


7439ea No.1069262


no. jk owns it. bought from tishman-speyer in 2007

cant find original deed of the lot from construction in 1954-57ish. the first mention of some sort of ownership is reference the cohens as “lessor” on aug 1,1958

there is no displayed record of sumitomo purchase… but there is a lease given by them in 1999

sumitomo sale to tishman speyer on 3/30/2000

sale to jk on 1/11/2007

tishman is all over the place tho- pretty much since the start. speyer was involved with the property in 1979 as well. im sure alot of it is all transfering from one company label to another…insurance and whatnot…

unless there was another hidden force behind them, the cohens owned lots 34 and 50.

7439ea No.1069596


found sumitomo purchase!

they bought from the cohens on 8/4/1987

119083 No.1069643


TJ anon, TJ. Are you taking screencaps at all? We can have an accurate and proven timeline from your work.

From Deeds:

sumitomo bought from the cohens on 8/4/1987

sumitomo sold to tishman speyer on 3/30/2000

tishman spayer sold to jk on 1/11/2007

f3ae57 No.1069682


You're sure- purchases are for the building AND the LAND?

No lease on the land/lots it sits on?

If there is no lease for the land/lot, the only way (that I am aware of) to forbid certain activities of an OWNED property is thru an easement. (re: being able to tear it down, taking photos, etc)

LOOK FOR EASEMENT covenants during your dig!!

There should be several as all utilities require easements and those should be part of the deed. You would be interested in other easements of record.

f3ae57 No.1069801


Nice screen caps! After seeing all that space, do you have any doubt that there's rooms/tunnels under the 6 bldg.? I have no doubts.

Re: Teddy's train- dude said that it was reinforced to carry that heavy limo- that he would have been put in to the limo at his embarkation point and that its reinforcement was not just for the weight of the limo but to accommodate Teddy with little to no sway while the car traveled down the tracks. If Teddy tipped, he was unable to erect himself on his own. Unimaginable secrecy and expense! What a lying thief he was!

Don't know if you caught an earlier post but, some say that artifacts/art can be placed in certain areas of these important 'ley line' buildings or in their original locations, and they take on magical qualities. The 'spell' MUST include these artifacts, which is why I think that the 6 bldg. right down the street from the Museum is key to allow underground 'borrowing' of art that can be taken to '6', the spell performed and the art replaced before anyone would even notice it gone.

Thought you'd like the kingly comment- hunt on, Anon! kek

119083 No.1069823


Both easements and covenants can be affirmative or negative. However, easements are typically affirmative, giving the holder the right to use the servient land, whereas covenants are typically negative, limiting what the burdened party can do on her own land. Distinguishing affirmative easements from negative covenants is therefore pretty easy.

The real trick is distinguishing between negative easements and negative covenants. Both restrain the use of the land they burden for the benefit of someone else. In fact, the two can be so alike that courts sometimes call implied covenants “reciprocal negative easements.”

http:// www.dummies.com/education/law/the-difference-between-easements-and-covenants/

f3ae57 No.1069905


Yep! And good luck with that! My experience… depends on a Judge hearing all sides. Judges overturn crap all the time, doesn't mean the original verbiage was bad, doesn't mean that the original agreement was faulty, only means that to this Judge on this day, one person wins. So many laws- some can be ignored or some of them applied; depends on who's in court that day as to which laws will apply to this case today. Sad, but true.

7439ea No.1069940

File: ac7b61f15567ad7⋯.jpeg (166.18 KB, 857x876, 857:876, E9837620-B1B8-4E1C-9B35-0….jpeg)


some of the actual documents are like 20-30 pages!

so far, all deed docs have this description of property (see pic)

7439ea No.1070003


there are also leases to the office spaces

i will do the document page for each deed - easier to see and date.

f3ae57 No.1070084


Looks very typical. Honestly, it's better than my deed which contains many more lines, markers, points, and intersections. Maddening trying to figure them out!

Easements should be easy to spot although they will not always be denoted with 'easement' or 'covenant' and the area involved would be smaller, typically. Taking the time to 'map' the area- that it's contiguous- is key.

I don't envy the dig you are on… stay with it!!!

f3ae57 No.1070143


I don't think that leases within the building itself would be helpful as, what I believe you are working on, is the land; that there isn't a lease/easement of record that would prevent a future owner from doing what they pleased with the property. Office space leases do have to be incorporated in most sales of these types of buildings but it would be extremely rare if a leasing tenant was given any type of perpetual agreement that followed the deed.

f3ae57 No.1070205


I think it's very interesting that Tishman owned the building on different occasions. It almost seems as if they sold knowing the property would fail under the new owner, they could snatch it back at a lower price later and forego the mortgage payments for a time. Makes me think the place was haunted… or did Tishman make certain that new owners would not be able to lease the spaces?

7439ea No.1070356

File: a7f16f0f14b4379⋯.jpeg (919.75 KB, 1536x1808, 96:113, D505A57C-30B7-47E6-86B9-B….jpeg)

File: 37a2139f42f3e61⋯.jpeg (928.88 KB, 1536x1807, 1536:1807, 0D12E509-C1A5-464B-AD80-F….jpeg)

File: fbf6ef01a2000b4⋯.jpeg (912.33 KB, 1536x1806, 256:301, 75A8A9E4-875C-42A9-915D-D….jpeg)

File: db28966249d5c26⋯.jpeg (953.23 KB, 1536x1810, 768:905, 73377B55-FF81-42EC-B22F-A….jpeg)

File: d59794e4bca2d78⋯.jpeg (975.01 KB, 1536x1810, 768:905, 2D3C44AA-F6BC-440F-A722-E….jpeg)

ok. these are the doc pages from acris for the deeds

working backwards (so jk is the first one)

you can see the easement rights info on these

7439ea No.1070481

File: fbf6ef01a2000b4⋯.jpeg (912.33 KB, 1536x1806, 256:301, B23F7A57-F6C6-4A8D-8EB9-C….jpeg)

File: a7f16f0f14b4379⋯.jpeg (919.75 KB, 1536x1808, 96:113, 230A875C-7A3A-4391-AC10-E….jpeg)

File: 086a916e7d70b1c⋯.jpeg (952.89 KB, 1536x1816, 192:227, 7C23E2A2-839C-4AEE-B8DA-9….jpeg)

File: db28966249d5c26⋯.jpeg (953.23 KB, 1536x1810, 768:905, F90F1FBE-7332-4EF6-B9B9-C….jpeg)

File: d59794e4bca2d78⋯.jpeg (975.01 KB, 1536x1810, 768:905, E1BF3920-A93A-4DC3-AF1F-E….jpeg)

let me do this again. somehow got doubles in there :/


party 1 is seller

party 2 is buyer

last one is paperwork with cohen as “lessor” from 1958

any older original docs have to be looked up on microfische - need reel # &pc # to do that

7439ea No.1070493

File: 60c7df93de47712⋯.jpeg (120.73 KB, 521x645, 521:645, ED72D655-3433-4327-BFC7-E….jpeg)


cohen as “lessor”

7439ea No.1070560


am realizing i can only post 5 pics at a time!


for the breads sake, can you delete my posts?




d570a5 No.1070627


"Cohen is the "lessor".

and all of the above great research.

Tie is together. It's not certain if you are throwing the name "Cohen" b/c that name is current in today's news or not.

Just trying to get you to tie is all together, or name another "Cohen".

7439ea No.1070689

File: a7f16f0f14b4379⋯.jpeg (919.75 KB, 1536x1808, 96:113, 558BD0C3-C730-420D-A869-5….jpeg)

File: b1d013668ec68fc⋯.jpeg (922.22 KB, 1536x1816, 192:227, B689B730-74BB-4A1F-93AB-F….jpeg)

File: fbf6ef01a2000b4⋯.jpeg (912.33 KB, 1536x1806, 256:301, 7F9F6FD2-8C3C-480D-8B1B-B….jpeg)

File: 086a916e7d70b1c⋯.jpeg (952.89 KB, 1536x1816, 192:227, B4CD05E7-688B-4FF9-84D9-F….jpeg)

party 1 is seller

party 2 is buyer

7439ea No.1070698

File: db28966249d5c26⋯.jpeg (953.23 KB, 1536x1810, 768:905, 6E0AC237-27E4-4989-A607-4….jpeg)

File: d59794e4bca2d78⋯.jpeg (975.01 KB, 1536x1810, 768:905, 08D2A879-9E68-41E8-9DBE-2….jpeg)

File: 34cfab6b2a7c65d⋯.jpeg (919.15 KB, 1536x1816, 192:227, 1E030C4D-CCD7-44E2-BF94-A….jpeg)

File: 60c7df93de47712⋯.jpeg (120.73 KB, 521x645, 521:645, 9EA17E12-A72F-4885-A3E9-D….jpeg)

part 2

119083 No.1070718


Anon, you're doing incredible work, making us proud. I'm seeing, with an untrained eye that there are no easements (N), and if (N) is negative, the owner has no subterranean rights. Would that be correct?

I can't delete your posts, however you can report them (arrow on the left before 'Anonymous'), and ask that the BO or BV delete them for you. It would be a pity to see them go though.

7439ea No.1070775


haha i know. “cohen”

cohen brothers realty started in 1958

there is a lot of transfering around of the property

crazy to try and make sense of it. i have the actual deed docs and will read over for any weirdness - altho there are some notations stating that agreements were not recorded in document form

7439ea No.1070807


they are doubles and unordered and me not knowing i could only do 5 pics



^^^^^^^are the good and ordered info

f3ae57 No.1070952


I know, right? When we ran out of bread yesterday, it wasn't that ez to get a Baker to want to bake for us. Took some flack, but whala- new breads! (they told me we should be able to do this… I'm thinkin … not! Least not me… we're a buncha low-techs but we are good diggers).

f3ae57 No.1071010


That's another 'glitchy' item; subterranean rights/mineral rights. Still, anything like that would follow the building and its deed. Mineral rights should not disallow an owner to rebuild, imo. Don't know anything about subterranean rights… for utilities, yes, otherwise, have no clue what that even means. Curious comment tho.

119083 No.1071037


NP, anons will figure it out if you didn't request a delete. Let me know if you need a hand. If it helps in ordering your images you can attach them one at a time and the first one will go on the lhs, the second one after that and so on.

7439ea No.1071121


thanks for the help :)

wish i could post from my mac but its got the new update…so stuck with the ipad for posting :(

119083 No.1071176

File: 0d1d6759c0a6a64⋯.jpg (144.12 KB, 577x624, 577:624, 0d1d6759c0a6a64c07c66620fe….jpg)


The baker was always there and the dough was in the oven, should've said I was baking though, my bad, there was a lot going on. Sorry 'bout that. New bread's /comfy/ though.

The caverns: No doubts here either, especially seeing the scope of what's there already. It's bigger than CERN bro. And ah, I missed the dude saying that it was Teddy's train. Welp. Nothing like using tax payers money right?

Believe you're right about the art and artifacts and good point about them being able to borrow art from the museum. Fine point that is. Hm…

71f1f3 No.1072247


We've all seen those voids under New York. The Illuminati always tell us what they are doing. Remember those post-apocalyptic movies set in vast underground spaces underneath New York City? Did you think that was fiction?

e06b58 No.1073250

Getting closer to home for an oldfag's daddy

LurQing since before the chan was a twinkle in the eye's of GLP and ATS

RFID background, well entrenched in the IND

waiting patiently on the white hats to kick ass


only trusting in GOD

not worried about muh doxx

Psalm 91

f3ae57 No.1074381


Sorry, man. Haven't had cable or tv for over a decade now. Personal/family choice and proud of it. Don't recall a movie cuz they don't matter to me and mine.

You're correct they have to tell us what they're doing so whatever the outcome, we express our own Free Will. Whatever movie you're referrencing, may reflect on what's going on in our world, maybe not. But this is real, not a movie, even tho it feels like one.

Come on in, put down your remote, and pray that your contributions to your fellow man will get your name in the credits of life someday.

f3ae57 No.1074419


What's the date on this? What Cohen does this refer to?

7dbb54 No.1075847

File: 34cfab6b2a7c65d⋯.jpeg (919.15 KB, 1536x1816, 192:227, PartD of 53.jpeg)

File: e239cc70f43c557⋯.jpg (43.55 KB, 1225x215, 245:43, ScreenShot_019.jpg)


Only part of Lot 53 Sold in Deed -

Noticing, that in the first doc here, the 'Entire Lot' of 53 is sold (Edward, Mortimer & Sherman Cohen selling to Estelle Cohen).

In the second doc we have a change in that under Remarks on Lot 53 we have 'D PART OF 53', noted as being part sold (Charlton Bldgs Assoc selling to the Cohens).

Do we have any information on where Lot 53 is? Was it indeed only part sold, indicating that Charlton Bldgs Assoc retained parts A,B & C of Lot 53? Is Lot 53 where we're trying to get a closer view of?

7dbb54 No.1076111

File: 7e0fc8354ef6855⋯.jpg (101.24 KB, 1005x641, 1005:641, ScreenShot_021.jpg)

File: 5d084187060062b⋯.jpg (58.91 KB, 1001x604, 1001:604, ScreenShot_022.jpg)

NYC Buildings Website -

gives information on building permits, violations and complaints received on 666. Nothing much to report from it however it may be useful -

http:// www1.nyc.gov/site/buildings/index.page

7439ea No.1076347

some links on 5g

they are older, but totally relevant here

watch video about what smart meter emf does to your blood cells:

https:// www.electricsense.com/6665/smart-meter-radiation-live-blood-analysis/

alcatel -lucent in this one:

http:// www.verizon.com/about/news/verizon-sets-roadmap-5g-technology-us-field-trials-start-2016

7439ea No.1076454

File: 640980366aeb64b⋯.jpeg (415.6 KB, 1359x1306, 1359:1306, 1ABFD82C-D610-4BCE-9374-A….jpeg)


that is block 809 - different location (see pic)

we are looking at block 1268

lot 34 is 666 property

lot 50 is the library/hotel property on 53rd (behind 666)

7439ea No.1076490


that is what i have been using


havent figured out how to get into it except with this link that was dropped

7439ea No.1076495

8db08c No.1076510



7439ea No.1076589

File: 4dc6d94d61ed2c4⋯.jpeg (352.6 KB, 1362x1012, 681:506, 61B97150-7772-4A9B-ACBE-6….jpeg)



this is the block and lots we are looking at

7439ea No.1076659


lol yeah

kinda ironic we are in a bread that is digging into crumbs about high tech! ;)

7dbb54 No.1076790

File: d08145178c083d5⋯.jpg (61.36 KB, 830x348, 415:174, # Introduction.jpg)

- Is 666 the only access point to the temple / building / underground place, and is there a clause that the owners must always allow access to this place and, uphold the 'no photographs inside' rule?

- Is this why the new tower was denied, because it would revoke the access clause attached to the present 666?

- Is 666 the only ACCESS?



There could very well be an easement or covenant on the 666 land which is not listed in the deeds and would give others the right of way / access. More to come, however these 2 pdfs give a good overview –

http:// c.ymcdn.com/sites/www.nysapls.org/resource/resmgr/handouts/Fall_Workshops/Easement_Law_2016_Fall_Works.pdf

Same information as above, same author, in slide presentation -

http:// c.ymcdn.com/sites/www.nysapls.org/resource/resmgr/handouts/Fall_Workshops/Fall_Workshop_-_Easements_(s.pdf

7439ea No.1076795


i pray psalm 91 out loud when things look scary… changing all the “you”s and “your”s to first person pronouns (i, me, my)

7439ea No.1076940

File: 5533e219f1e0cbc⋯.jpeg (378.75 KB, 949x1210, 949:1210, 606021AE-B211-4C96-940F-1….jpeg)

File: 48b371e3eada3b3⋯.jpeg (473.17 KB, 948x1218, 158:203, 7C1CF54A-723C-49EB-A913-7….jpeg)


i am not finding any easement rights for the 666 bldg

technichally the “secret bldg” is on 666 property

lot 50 had an easement right reguarding the vertical air space and light exposure. jk had it annulled and rewritten for his new construction

plans (12/15/2011)

7439ea No.1077172

File: 95ea0b9eb74b955⋯.jpeg (451.17 KB, 940x1196, 235:299, E5793416-0148-4BEF-807F-C….jpeg)

File: efb5e575da526e1⋯.jpeg (478.24 KB, 942x1217, 942:1217, AFA5EF30-955F-4306-B123-A….jpeg)

File: 96c0463639beb01⋯.jpeg (408.99 KB, 955x1210, 191:242, 6144EAB0-4079-4C86-92A6-0….jpeg)

File: c5807928e1a44f3⋯.jpeg (126.12 KB, 943x1204, 943:1204, FDDEC80E-716A-4D14-9610-9….jpeg)


pretty sure the library and hotel did some rebuilding around 2013 too

7dbb54 No.1077492

File: 2a574031586b355⋯.jpg (72.62 KB, 812x642, 406:321, ScreenShot_003.jpg)

File: bacbb13435a005b⋯.jpg (89.43 KB, 1040x607, 1040:607, ScreenShot_002.jpg)



Thanks anon, really helps. Admiring your digging skills here and not managing to be of much help either. Kek.


I thought at first that was the site you were using, but couldn't see how to access the deeds area you were in. I've found access from another door just now -

http:// www1.nyc.gov/nyc-resources/service/2266/property-deeds-and-other-documents

View records online through ACRIS >

http:// www1.nyc.gov/site/finance/taxes/acris.page

Begin Using ACRIS>

http:// a836-acris.nyc.gov/CP/

Which has these options (pic 1)

Search Property Records>

https:// a836-acris.nyc.gov/DS/DocumentSearch/Index

Which has these options (pic 2)

>Parcel Identifier (Borough, Block, Lot) brings you to the page with the link that was dropped, the one you're accessing -

https:// a836-acris.nyc.gov/DS/DocumentSearch/BBL

May be these will help to search other records.

7dbb54 No.1077551


Nice find! And so, do you think we're over searching for an easement? Did you find the easement doc by searching block 1268 in acris? Could there be others?

7439ea No.1077716


i found this one on lot 50’s documents

im reading over it, but not being a realty expert, i am getting the idea that its basically an agreement about the airspace over the library - which is only a few stories.

see #2. “grant of set back easement” in doc

7439ea No.1077731


not finding any inderground related easements

but i will keep an eye out

7439ea No.1077763


and thanks!

i bookmarked the acris link bc i was using it so much lol

7dbb54 No.1078437

File: 993faf22df397c3⋯.jpg (19.23 KB, 267x325, 267:325, 808989284ee7cfc18a3c8c89e7….jpg)

Repost from the General >>1071180


Blessings to you baker. In thanks I'll leave a few crumbs about Lucis Trust. I think a few anons have been digging into that. Just remember that Lucis/Lucifer appears in all kinds of religions/philosophy and he is only the bad guy in certain strands of Christianity. Plus, this is historical context. The Moravian's are just a little church now full of good people as far as I am aware. They always were. Just on the Gnostic side of Christianity.

Lucis Trust

Alice Bailey aka Alice LeTrobe-Bateman

Benjamin Henry Latrobe

Owls and Freemason symbols in DC


Bethlehem Steel

Temple Bar London - Middle Temple


William Blake


Hidden Seed

1st Christmas Tree/Pyramid in America

Knights of Malta

Rick Joyner

Plenty of fun digging there.

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Benjamin_Henry_Latrobe

https:// www.gracesguide.co.uk/John_Frederick_La_Trobe_Bateman

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moravian_Church

https:// www.bibliotecapleyades.net/cosmic_tree/christmastrees.htm

https:// www.morningstarministries.org/about/questions-and-answers/knights-malta-rick-joyner

7dbb54 No.1078465


Took a quick read too and that's also what I gathered, however will take a proper look.

Thank you for keeping an eye out for easements.

f3ae57 No.1078862

File: 30ff021259bd0bf⋯.jpg (46.64 KB, 475x700, 19:28, Vand-Floor.jpg)


What? How can one only sell a portion of a lot? Especially since there's 100% of a building on it? This makes no sense to me, but I completely expected something like this too. Just seems that if one plans to obfuscate, a good way is to make a mess of the deed so the history is difficult to track. You'd think the city would notice/catch on but these things do happen. When they do happen, it's called a 'defective deed'. The only way to truly correct it is to have the original grantor agree to changes, then draft and record the corrected deed. This isn't always possible as the grantor may be deceased, which I believe is what we have here.

That's the thing with old property and deeds; they can be messed up and it seems to be near impossible trying to remedy the situation. Tid Bit of info: This is where 'title insurance' is supposed to kick in; when there's a defect in the deed. If you've ever purchased a property, your closing company (the people that gather the party's together at the time of transfer for all party's to sign and exchange money), write a closing statement that describes all the costs/expenses involved. There are separate lines for all sorts of things like tax stamps, recording fees, deed prep, and title insurance which is a policy that states the title company exercised due diligence and performed an examination of the deed and found it to be sufficient and accurate. If, after a sale, the deed is found to be defective, title insurance is supposed to kick in and cover the buyers losses and to make matters right. SELDOM does this happen. Title insurance is the biggest scam to ever hit the realty market. It's a decent concept but it is completely ineffective. Several of my properties I've refused the charge for title insurance against my brokers wishes (they like to cover their butts too). It's simply a waste of money. They will never pay, they will never help. So it is possible to have a defective deed and it is possible that it's a huge mess that insurance won't rectify, but why a person would spend that kind of money on a bldg. like 6 and have a defective deed… that's just crazy. That kind of money, I'd think you'd spend the cash up-front and make sure the deed was correct.

Again, don't envy your dig- you are doing an amazing job! It's not interesting work necessarily, it's difficult to understand, and there are many caveats and obfuscations that make it maddening… you're doing great!

I expected any discrepancy to be connected with the old Vanderbilt Estate. Do you know/have you been able to determine what lot that estate occupied? Just a feeling I have that Vanderbilt's were the original 'gate-keepers'. (Vand. floor plan attached)

268480 No.1079039

I'm just putting this out here.

Is it possible that Jared is playing the good actor with Trump and his generals? As in the movie, an infiltrator, imbed-

Who better placed, and what great Intel it would reap.

After all the plans been made for years, and there's Trump, real estate expert.

I also question the Stormy, Cohen, Hannity distraction. A well planned and placed event, playboy judge, it's gotta be big screen showtime. Bet there's a lot of deep-state shitting their pants and chatter intercepted over Cohen Epstein HRC exposure. Trump not be the target.

Q is always 5 steps in front of the moves, and countermoves.

5b5ceb No.1079057

Guys.. Seriously.

The 5G and the AI is inevitable. be serious Anon. I'm very scared..

5b5ceb No.1079078


that is a question, not an answer.

268480 No.1079083

They can break down ownership. It's done all the time. It would be reflected in the title search, title insurance at closing, and the Real Estate Contract itself. This was a chess move.

268480 No.1079119


Title insurance is very necessary and effective. It protects a buyer and can be a legal remedy. It's not a scam, it's protection against scams and fraud.

268480 No.1079182


It would really be helpful for you to get some real estate education prior to posting all this disinformation. Title search has all the history of ownerships and transactions, that's how they determine if a seller actually had legal ownership of what's being sold, even if it is a portion of land or half interest or whatever interest, in the building sitting on that land.

268480 No.1079261


Defective Deed?

You are full of poop.

The main objective of a title search is to ensure the deed is good and the transaction has legal basis.

Who would make a multimillion dollar transaction without a title search & title insurance ?

Real estate 101: No one.

f3ae57 No.1079272


No. It most certainly is NOT. I've had many a go-around with title insurance. I am aware that your agent may have told you that is what title companies and title insurance is for, but it DOES NOT WORK that way. Have a claim and a defective deed? Go ahead, call your title insurer. They will make one excuse after another and NOT pay or be responsible for any of it. Personal experience; that's why I made the statement. Is it any surprise, given what you've learned on these boards, that the world doesn't really work the way it's been explained? WORD.

7f5106 No.1079289


The Hum is the CMB.

The hum you are talking about…..

just another piece of the puzzle

part of the reason for all the noise on this planet is to cover up the original hum.

They can't get rid of it so they drown it out.

268480 No.1079323


I've ordered many a title search and worked with many title companies for land, buildings and gas wells.

You do not know what you're talking about. It's really about consumer protection.

f3ae57 No.1079338

Whoever ID#268480, you are NOT speaking from experience. You cannot convince me of any of this you claim; I have lived it, experienced it on more than one occasion and KNOW. By all means tho- in your future real estate transactions, go ahead, waste your money.

I will agree that on a bldg. of this magnitude it would be foolish to not do a title search HOWEVER depending on a run-of-the-mill title insurer to do that discovery is not beneficial. Hiring one's own ATTORNEY to do the search, recommended. But don't tell me that title insurance works, because it does not!

268480 No.1079351


Many a go around, eh?

They were laughing their asses off at you! And doubt seriously if your deals involved complex or expensive properties.

268480 No.1079403


Da, the attorney verifies the title search.

Would be malpractice if they did not.

Done with you elstupido!

f3ae57 No.1079674



I've thought the same, that the earth does have its own harmonic frequency and to silence it would sever our connection to our 'source' and would contriubute to the downfall of humanity. I also thought that, the well of souls in Jerusalem would be the ying to the natural vibrations of the earth's yang. That the well of souls would emanate negative vibrations (souls moaning). So, if the well of souls was opened/exposed, the hellish moanings of the dead would vibrate over the planet. If the earth's natural vibrations were then cut-off, the earth would be enveloped in negative vibration. To go along with that, the Queen has what is called the coronation throne/chair. It is very, very old. Under this chair is a platform that holds a rock that I believe is from the well of souls; that the Queen (ancestry) took this rock from the well of souls allowing the negative to escape, she/they hold it- literally sit on it- taking possession over it for eternity- or until it is returned to 'cap' the moanings of the underworld. If bldg. 6 is covered in aluminum to insulate this source, sacrifices occur in the area to further 'silence' the natural vibrations, then evil would be the vibration affecting humanity.

So, I'm doing a dig on the River Styx. I've dabbled in this research years prior but answers are elusive. Anyone have any info on this?

Greek mythology tells us the River Styx originated in Greece and is the river that takes the dead across it to the underworld where they begin their journey- I assume to hades or to the path of reincarnation. Oddly, there are River Styx in other parts of the world, so perhaps the river runs throughout the underworld and does indeed flow under NYC and this building. (have you seen I Pet Goat II?- begins in NYC's underworld on a river)

I am aware that this may seem like a distant clue but what I know for certain is that (((they))) believe this stuff so it's imperative for us to understand it to know our enemy. All of this is dark and hard to swallow, but as I said above, the world does not work the way we've been taught, so down the River Styx I go.

#268480- filter; you are a divisionary idiot.

f3ae57 No.1079933

File: f874732df6263e6⋯.jpg (225.01 KB, 1440x455, 288:91, Viele2.jpg)

"Viele" Map. Cannot find a 'zoomable' version and my capabilities here suk. Can anyone blow this up/zoom to see the streets? Supposedly it shows the underground rivers in the city.

7439ea No.1080052

ok guys

been reading thru jk’s condo declaration. there’s A LOT of stuff in there… its 207 pages!

from what i am gathering from first pass thru of the docs is that the “vaults” are considered “common elements” - which means they belong to the building owner, not the company who is leasing the space. there are some exceptions tho, and i will look at those closer…

but for now, i will let you know something i found interesting…

there is NO 13th floor in the building

it goes from floor 12 to floor 12B to floor 14

f3ae57 No.1080420


Very typical. Most hi-rise bldgs. do not have a 13th floor.

7439ea No.1080432

File: 635f285c24aded4⋯.jpeg (426.69 KB, 1042x856, 521:428, 87B8EE1B-FDC3-4558-B543-F….jpeg)

File: bc502f4c2935a7a⋯.jpeg (142.34 KB, 1044x457, 1044:457, BA65D80B-B710-4CF8-9BE9-5….jpeg)

File: 863b7a0af3257f3⋯.jpeg (258.74 KB, 1212x623, 1212:623, F76CFED4-A5EC-4668-A499-5….jpeg)

File: f07f1db4c5cae69⋯.jpeg (363.8 KB, 1426x765, 1426:765, 2EFAC938-3DEC-4E7E-80EC-6….jpeg)

f3ae57 No.1080439

Errr… I kinda mis-spoke. Of course there's a 13th floor, it is just numbered to NOT include a 13th floor. This is typical and entirely based on superstition.

7439ea No.1080520

File: e5b2572f7e18c00⋯.jpeg (193 KB, 967x934, 967:934, F43E9BD5-7412-45FB-B6A7-7….jpeg)

File: c49a9443b46e3fd⋯.jpeg (21.36 KB, 975x188, 975:188, 2AF6C3C2-9114-490D-9F4A-4….jpeg)

just to make it clear… he wouldnt have been approved for the condo declaration if he didnt own it….

7439ea No.1080687

File: db585d045646184⋯.jpeg (208.78 KB, 915x633, 305:211, 04F05C8A-7876-42A6-91FC-7….jpeg)

File: 5306cd032defb74⋯.jpeg (338.55 KB, 910x1208, 455:604, 74E24600-14F8-4CE7-88B6-4….jpeg)

File: 7afc872028492fe⋯.jpeg (325.58 KB, 918x1201, 918:1201, E245D85B-2ABD-402A-A312-C….jpeg)

File: 4b5267d88433ab6⋯.jpeg (167.91 KB, 911x748, 911:748, B4325DEC-0375-49ED-8409-6….jpeg)

common elements

note the subway 8.4.1

and the corridors of cellar and subcellar 8.4.10

7dbb54 No.1081065

File: 03b875257fc1aa8⋯.jpg (421.33 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, 03b875257fc1aa8c3caea93282….jpg)


Gold you've struck anon, GOLD. What a significant find. Well, well done. KUDOS!

NovicePlanFag op only -

8.4.1 appears normal stating that the owner isn't responsible for the subway entrance.

8.4.10 however looks spicy. "The Common Corridors on the Sub-Cellar Floor and Cellar Floor". Could these be the maintenance vault corridors which the "City" have common access to, or something else? Pic related.

8.1.1 "Intentionally Omitted" looks interesting. What could this be?

f3ae57 No.1081526

File: 7bb9d15bb5068fb⋯.jpg (93.43 KB, 500x205, 100:41, Viele plaque.jpg)

File: c3c07a0fa74f183⋯.png (753.14 KB, 800x1035, 160:207, Viele_old.png)

Native Americans called it “Manette,” or Devil’s Water. Dutch settlers named it “Bestevaer’s Killetje,” or Grandfather’s Little Creek. Like many streets named after long-gone rivers and ponds (Water St and Spring St were so named because of their proximity to water), Minetta Street in the Village allegedly bends to follow the original path of Minetta Brook.

The structure at 2 Fifth Ave, just north of Washington Square Park featured, until recently, a circulating pipe of water. Some say that it doesn’t actually go down to the brook; that Minetta dried up in the 1800s, and that the tube was put in as a symbolic representation of the old stream.

A person comments: "I work in the NYU law school and have heard that in one of the buildings – Vanderbilt Hall I think – you can see the brook through a grate in part of the basement."

NOTE: Vanderbilt.^

Supposedly, Jimi Hendrix recording studio was located over this underground river and it's said that, "… being built right on top of Minetta Brook gives Electric Lady Studio A a weird, unique resonance."

Locals say the water smells. They call it "Devil's water".(Foo Fighters song “I Am a River”, supposedly references Devils Water- also the band Styx and their song "Boat on the River" and others)

Vid of underground stream flowing at 2 Fifth Ave.: https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z0bBbaQf98k

Tour of underground river: https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=h-DXAHr5x04

I Pet Goat II- revisited: https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=6n_xCI-peq0

Photo- b/w/map: What is the 'Middle Road' notation here? I was not aware that diagonal streets were incorporated in to modern Manhattan. Is this an old/forgotten street or is this what we call Broadway today?

f3ae57 No.1081647

File: 9ad34129d9c2342⋯.jpg (102.98 KB, 333x500, 333:500, Viele pipe.jpg)


See this?: >#268480- filter; you are a divisionary idiot.

Not seeing your posts and have no desire to. I do see that you have tagged numerous posts of mine and are commenting… talking to yourself? They say that's a sign… get help; you will not find it here.


Photo: The running water in lobby at 2 Fifth Ave.

7dbb54 No.1081706

File: 07e18e66e19410e⋯.jpg (50.78 KB, 607x529, 607:529, 06fc1242ad0b0713340aa3e794….jpg)

7dbb54 No.1081744

File: b00f37d802a26ee⋯.jpg (35.47 KB, 560x660, 28:33, b00f37d802a26eea3ab9686ef8….jpg)

File: bd8a268c49a969d⋯.jpg (193.04 KB, 1000x942, 500:471, bd8a268c49a969dee04ee16fda….jpg)

File: 6f5ccbe847d400b⋯.gif (4.84 MB, 480x360, 4:3, BUCKLEUP.gif)

7dbb54 No.1081815

File: 03f82f5ba2d139d⋯.jpg (8.78 KB, 182x277, 182:277, DIGON3.jpg)

7dbb54 No.1081970

File: 126ecec27ce7cbd⋯.png (462.86 KB, 1200x975, 16:13, #PepeWarfare.png)

anons, archive thread I offline now

Threadly reminder that research thead I is about to disappear from the catalog. Grab any images before they go.

We have an archive of the thread but full sized images won't be available on it. Grab what you need for your archive while you can.

Research Thread 1: >>841443 | https:// archive.is/q5VqK

24ce40 No.1082023


I thought this post was interesting. I found a related video to the Manett Creek. A walking tour. Vid starts with a nice old map of the water course.

7dbb54 No.1082042


Uh, post it then faggot.

24ce40 No.1082049


Sorry, hit a wrong button trying to edit. Related video walking tour of Manett Creek. Nice old map at beginning shows water course.

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=h-DXAHr5x04

7dbb54 No.1082086

File: 4631539c6220d93⋯.png (79.98 KB, 512x512, 1:1, 4631539c6220d93ba335487a94….png)


And, lose the name newfag. Where TF did you lot come from?

f3ae57 No.1082115


So the archived thread, will it be available to Anons researching here or archived in the bowels of 8chan with inability to access?

[I understand about the pics and attachments being lost]

7dbb54 No.1082146


The archived thread is here - https:// archive.is/q5VqK

You can also (before it goes), download a local copy by (save as). Both will give you the info (typed words), however neither will give you the full sized images. It's the images / caps you want to save, along with a local copy of the thread. The achive.is version may well disappear, so we can't rely on it.

7dbb54 No.1082165


The only way to save full sized images is directly from the thread when it's still in the catalog.

f3ae57 No.1082280


Very cool, isn't it? Saw that one, it's in the links in #1081526. Amazing how much and how fast that water's rippin by!

Like Anons deed dig above, there are missing pieces of the story (omitted intentionally?) which leads me to believe we are on to hidden secrets. Still have this gut feeling that Vanderbilt's Estate was the original ceremonial site. It's reported that the river could be seen ripping thru the grates in the Vanderbilt basement.

The victor writes the HIStory so the fact Vanders and their ilk were in charge, not surprising the info is hidden.

(pay no attention to angryAnon- don't let the tone distract you)

7dbb54 No.1082321


Do you have any sauce for

>It's reported that the river could be seen ripping thru the grates in the Vanderbilt basement.

7dbb54 No.1082540



7dbb54 No.1082850


>I Pet Goat II- revisited: https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=6n_xCI-peq0

Life changing. TY anon for this post.

f3ae57 No.1082983


Waiting? For what? Could be days til the poster gets back, if at all. Why would you wait? Will you provide a tip after you have been served?

It was a comment contained in the link above; a random comment, which is what the info says above; #1081526.

And as I respond, I see you have done some work yourself and viewed I Pet Goat. Keep on digging and by all means, feel free to try to find more info on the Vanderbilt Estate, the river that runs beneath it or the location of tunnels from the estate.

43a7c9 No.1083344

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

This video should be helpful.


>have you seen I Pet Goat II?- begins in NYC's underworld on a river

I,Pet Goat is interpreted many ways depending on your viewpoint. I was wondering why you thought it was a river under NYC? I'm presuming because of the twin towers but I thought I'd check.

Rivers are important and there are ley-line (energy) points across the globe. Some cities are more obvious than others. Paris is really obvious as it was demolished and rebuilt by the Masons like with Washington DC. London and NY not so much as they are more dynamic cities and grew up organically despite the plans of the Masons (Great fire of London). I always point newbies to Secrets in Plain Sight as a starter for this.

New York

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=C1pYiPV3hHo

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=o5xN9uFFkGw

Full video

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ljAqdqNjgk&t=10783s

f3ae57 No.1083773

File: f2f7fae5f217548⋯.jpg (16.77 KB, 255x193, 255:193, Ley_6_pent.jpg)


Yes. There is abundant ley line info in this dig and you are correct; ley lines (in this application) are everything. If you haven't seen the entire Onstott series, it's highly recommended- very well done and fascinating.

The point we've reached with this is wrapping it all up/tying it all together. Familiar with the River Styx? Combine that info with tunnels, plus ley lines, how 5G will roll out with this building as its base, find the ceremonial space, and we've got something.

I Pet Goat is deep in esoteric meaning. But as it applies here, fake Jesus rides his Anubis boat in to the underground rivers of NYC. At some point, fake Jesus awakes and the city begins to crumble and the people die. THAT is where we are. Where's the river? Where's the ceremonial hall? Where are the bodies buried?

There are many videos that critique I Pet Goat- not all are created equal. Studying these may be enlightening. (((They))) made this video for a reason, and they spent quite a bit of money making it. It is the fulfillment of their plans for us.

2ef666 No.1083831


You are a special type of libtard Looney toon shit poster. Ruined a legitimate thread, shill.

Child of light

43a7c9 No.1084444

File: 082a91d28b18f94⋯.jpg (481.32 KB, 760x496, 95:62, Vanderbilt_Mausoleum.jpg)

File: 483a2c8dc53a344⋯.jpg (129.65 KB, 800x1068, 200:267, Cornelius_Vanderbilt.jpg)


This was my post anon. I'm living 777, or should that be 137, at the moment and It seems the father is shining a light on truth in the past and I'm just pulling connections out of the air. Cornelius Vanderbilt (the original Vanderbilt) was a Moravian from Utrecht, Netherlands.

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cornelius_Vanderbilt

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moravian_Cemetery

Hmmm, much to ponder. History is fascinating.

f3ae57 No.1085062

File: 8851ac72449e7ec⋯.jpg (203.97 KB, 1024x939, 1024:939, empty.jpg)


Vanderbilts had several estates in NYC and other places. The estate pertinent to our dig would be the one that was once located on the same block as 666 Fifth Street. Mrs. Vanderbilt was one of the initial purchasers of 'condo' areas in the 6 building but never moved in to it.

That old estate has been destroyed and other buildings erected on the site, however another Anon is digging on deeds and lots and not all lots seem to be documented correctly and/or there seems to be discrepancies. So we dig and try to find the connections; specifically, I'd like to find the connection of the old Vanderbilt property to this building… I know there's a tunnel there.

Just gotta comment that FILTER is a wonderful tool. Must be over that target! ThanQ third-party-validation shills!

43a7c9 No.1085458

File: 67fc6dab7fe57ce⋯.png (351.58 KB, 1102x686, 551:343, Willowbrook.png)

File: fa8ffa885bf3538⋯.jpg (95.21 KB, 900x505, 180:101, cropsey_wide.jpg)


Yes. I'll have to watch Cropsey again with fresh eyes considering the proximity between Willowbrook and the Vanderbilt Cemetery at Moravian Cemetery, Staten Island.

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Willowbrook_State_School

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Andre_Rand

https:// putlockers-free.top/watch-cropsey-full-movie-online-free-1-1880

2ef666 No.1086303


Could the water flow have been directed into that weird swimming pool of Vanderbilt's with the ropes, that looks the same as in that Podesta painting with children hanging torture? Meaning the water was used for sacrificial purposes? The bad smell, was it sulfur? Devil's water?

And Vanderbilt is one on the 13 Illuminate Bloodlines. Check out this book for exact history, with references:

Bloodlines of the Illuminati, 1995 by Fritz Sprinmeier. It's the most complete and accurate I've ever seen.

7439ea No.1090073

File: 11872dab022e578⋯.jpeg (201.96 KB, 949x663, 73:51, 67B88946-BEE9-484E-AB3F-2….jpeg)

File: 560ac5958083f28⋯.jpeg (192.05 KB, 984x685, 984:685, 5499B01A-8D05-451B-B82F-F….jpeg)

File: a0b6b5d85dbb7e6⋯.jpeg (190.55 KB, 1007x708, 1007:708, 6CC2FE63-85A9-4D5E-9642-C….jpeg)


yeah, not sure about the “intentionally omitted.” there are actually a few of them throughout the document

re the cellar and subcellar corridors…i'm thinking the common elements are all the corridors that are not blacked out in these pics that were in the condo declaration…

if thats the case, then the subcellar access to the “secret nook” belongs to the building and is not leased to anyone

7439ea No.1090595

File: 9d9632677329bea⋯.jpeg (1.15 MB, 1368x1418, 684:709, 84B15165-8249-4111-8CF4-8….jpeg)

5g news on breitbart today

http:// www.breitbart.com/national-security/2018/04/17/u-s-takes-third-place-race-5g-wireless-china-lead/

2ef666 No.1090989


There is the possibility that tunnels or corridors missing are actually under ownership of city or Burrough domains, related to utility or sewer easements.

If so, there are usually attachment exhibits or addendums in plat surveys indicating so.

58b782 No.1091055


It seems that a lot of these places are on the water. Look at the island, the Vanderbilt, and Bohemian Grove. When Q mentions Wonderland and Owl, I believe it is a reference to Bohemian Grove in CA.

7439ea No.1091365


see >>1080432


did a dig into vanderbilt building on last thread

2ef666 No.1093013


This is a source of fantastic information. Will post incerts best I can relevant to some above comments.

But please please check this out. Hope link works

Wouldn't let me unknown file extension. Get pdf online free no muss no fuss

Bloodlines of the Illuminati 1995.

2ef666 No.1093380


Background necessary.

13 families rule over Geographic areas for their own Bloodline. This is Independent of Illuminati hierarchy that is put together under councils, or Grand Druid, Council of 13(brotherhood of death), Council of 9, many branches/°s.

Druidism of British Isles derived from ancient Egyptian/Babylonian satanic witchcraft. Illuminati is a continuation of these religions. Egyptian word Makhaut is clan-family. Irish Maccu, Maccu of Donald's (clan of McDonalds), etc.


There was a secret keeper of clan stone in Arran- could this be under Queenie's throne? Great Britain is the mother country of satanism.

Clans came to settle American.

1626 Peter Minuit bought Manhattan Island for $24 in trinkets-for the Dutch.

New Netherlands, New Amsterdam (renamed New York)

Dutch families, Merovingians bloodline

8e7c51 No.1093452


Tom Horne has written several books about “super soldiers”. Very interesting, especially from a Christian perspective.

2ef666 No.1093524

Importance of Bloodlines

High level "magical powerful bloodlines"

Selective breeding programs

"66" satanic wives

Many children adopted out,

Parentage hidden (ie Patty Hurst, Merkel, HRC?father?)

Rothschilds have secret breeding

Hitler is a product of that, hid his Jewish roots, invaded Austria to destroy his records. Is said his seed is hidden in Ashkenazim, and his occult power was passed on by thrusting a knife in his chest, and the person receiving the last gulp of his breath (kiss of death)

Magical power is said to be anti-trust spirit passed on. Some high level Satanists do not have MPB & break emotionality under horrific blood rituals.

Castles in existence where a baby is sacrificed daily.

2ef666 No.1093917



The Satanists with their bloodlines are embodied in our country. Illuminati has been building temples in secret since our beginnings. Pyramids in SF (Trans-Am building, LV, Chicago, all over the world.

SF constructed by Rockefeller's guys. Just N and E of Bohemian Grove is Nappa Valley. Built Opus I for 35 mil. Anton LaVey head of Satanic church who settled HW moved to Nappa Valley. Hurst Castle even though owned by gov. entity, still has sacrificial rituals.

All of them, Vanderbilt bldgs and 666, are constructed on spiritual "ley"lines, themes with #3, #6 and 666. Capstones are often skylight views.

Often Satanists try to own their own cemeteries so they can dispose of human sacrifices that are buried in pieced below fresh dug graves. Coffin goes in on top. Magic powers associated with cemeteries. Specific boned, the skull and left hand are sought. The use the left hand to hold candles in ceremonies. Satanists can be tracked- they use the Enochian magic language and Alphabet in their ceremonies. (Letters in boxes).

Enochian the word is interesting to me because Enoch tells in the Book of Enoch of the evil watchers who came down to earth and taught us secret stuff that messed us - God's good creation- up, including magic spells, weaponry, medicinals, both for harm & cures, oaths. Which is why God brought the flood. After the flood, one of Noah's son found a rock with watcher teachings on it. The Book of Enoch is very very interesting. They tried to destroy it so we wouldn't know the truth Enoch shared for "a future generation."

I also believe Antarctica issues are told in his book. He out satan big time.

2ef666 No.1095683

Last tid bits,

Satanist buildings often have tunnels, secret rooms and hiding places.

As bloodlines go William Collins Whitney (Skull &Bones) had 2 sons, also S&B, and one married Gertrude Vanderbilt. Alfred Gweynn Vanderbilt (1899) was warned not to sail on the Lusitania, he died, didn't get the message and the elites sank it.

Cornelius Vanderbilt, first rich Vanderbilt, said to have made a large portion of his money by big blackmail.

Lindsey Russell worked for Vanderbilt's. He started Pilgrim Society (6° branch of Illuminati) was chairman of CFR (4° branch)

They serve in levels, some with no awareness whatsoever of who they serve. Tricked by desire to be elite.

Charles Russell - watchtower pub., Mormans- Mason - Started Russell Trust legal Corp that formed Skull & Bones, financed Wackenhut Intn. Security Services, handles ULTRA, Board of Directors CIA, FBI Div. 5, NDA, ISA & NRO officials.

Rockefeller created FBI arm of Illuminati and always have been involved in kidnapping children for satanic sacrificial material. MI6 involved in creation of CIA.

They believe the magical power passes on, the blood power. Sacrificial power. Location and history matter

These people are sick.

Babies gone for decades, centuries

2ef666 No.1095699

Haha funny, 666 today on 666 thread

43a7c9 No.1096911

File: 693e275da828611⋯.png (160.84 KB, 800x983, 800:983, Clan_Macleod_of_the_Lewes.png)

File: a99cb90d0c66de4⋯.png (331.09 KB, 602x617, 602:617, trump thor.png)

File: 2b34f0a4688b8d1⋯.jpg (42.12 KB, 620x310, 2:1, Highlander.jpg)

File: e46958ef8db3cd6⋯.jpg (388.85 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, diana.jpg)

Anons. I've really enjoyed this thread and it led me down a very deep rabbit hole. So, I thought I'd share my information here. It's pretty crazy. It will take me some time to write it all out. First of all, let me say that I've never believed the narrative that Donald Trump is a complete outsider. Some basic research leads you to his mother Mary Anne MacLeod (the film Highlander anyone) of the Clan MacLeod of the Hebrides. There are 2 branches of the MacLeods and there motto's are:

>Hold Fast and Luceo Non Uro, or i birn quhil i se in Scots Gaelic.

>I shine, not burn or

>I burn but am not consumed

>I burn while I see

>I burn, but an not burned.

From the Scotsman article linked below… Nevertheless, the MacLeods do not carry the M17 marker group. Theirs is a recently discovered sub-group labelled S68. It is found in Lewis, Harris and Skye, core Macleod territory, but also in Orkney, Shetland and Norway, with a few examples in Sweden. Despite extensive screening, S68 is very specifically located, showing up only once in the east of Scotland and once in England. This is a classic pattern for a Viking marker in Britain, but one much rarer than M17. MacLeods determinedly claim descent from a common name father, a Norse aristocrat called Ljot, a relative of Olaf, King of Man.

Yes, the meme about Trump being Thor isn't very far from the truth. He has noble Viking (probably Norwegian) blood.

The MacLeod's were also Jacobite's so I would not be surprised if Trump was a crypto Stuart. From the Royal House of Stuart like Princess Diana. Indeed, as we go further down this rabbit hole I think that I can show that both Diana and the Donald are moon children. We'll get back to that though.

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mary_Anne_MacLeod_Trump

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clan_MacLeod_of_Lewis

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clan_MacLeod

https:// www.scotsman.com/lifestyle/scotland-s-dna-who-do-you-think-you-are-part-4-1-1503458

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/House_of_Stuart

43a7c9 No.1097163

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Let's talk about Diana Princess of Wales. She was a Stuart. You can read about her pedigree at this website.

http:// www.princessdianaforever.com/the-ancestry-of-diana

Note the association with Queen Anne. The last Stuart Queen. Freemasons Grand Lodge is on Great Queen Street in London. The OTO (temple of Thelema) of Crowley isn't far away. Queen Anne died on 1 August 1714. 3 years later on St John's Day, 24 June 1717 the Freemasons were constituted. I think the Freemasons have a Stuart/Jacobite leaning.

Anyway, back to Diana. Here is a video from David Icke. Ignore the Reptilian shapeshifting for now and just take in the ritual assassination aspect. I think Diana was a moon goddess esoterically.

43a7c9 No.1097763

File: 2d2a3a17ab73193⋯.png (332.07 KB, 600x450, 4:3, 77.png)

File: e509743f8e7ac5e⋯.png (206.62 KB, 1295x540, 259:108, 77777777.png)

File: 9da1d5b896653f2⋯.jpg (41.9 KB, 400x395, 80:79, Seal of Babalon.jpg)

File: 1a2734029532639⋯.png (235.5 KB, 1517x900, 1517:900, Trump Babalon.png)

File: a2559c6af14d774⋯.png (110.56 KB, 1249x621, 1249:621, Wimpolemuse.png)

Which then leads us onto Donald Trump. This is where things get really freaky. I have been digging into an illuminati insider memoir from London in the 1950's and 60's called Wimpole Muse. There is a very interesting section about Alistair Crowley and an OTO magic ceremony called Babalon. How do I say this. It seems that Donald Trump is God Emperor Donald Trump. Trump has been conjured using Enochian magic. Hence all the 7's. It's on the great seal of Babalon. He was born exactly (and I mean exactly) 6 months after they pinged the moon during Project Diana in 1946. I'm just going to leave all the links and screenshots so you can make your own mind up. This is the craziest rabbit hole I've been down and I've been through some pretty crazy stuff these last few months.

https:// wimpolemuse.blogspot.co.uk/2016/09/chapter-7-teacher-and-oracle.html

https:// www.astro.com/astro-databank/Trump,_Donald

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Babalon_Working

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Project_Diana

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Babalon

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moonchild_(novel)

43a7c9 No.1097937

File: 4dcb5f0004e71b8⋯.jpg (18.52 KB, 300x227, 300:227, 102flashthun.jpg)

File: 06692d85a438c7a⋯.jpg (54.55 KB, 600x316, 150:79, Flash-Gordon-Reboot.jpg)

File: 37abc1462d6bd3c⋯.jpg (335.21 KB, 982x1426, 491:713, fm.jpg)

File: 2b34f0a4688b8d1⋯.jpg (42.12 KB, 620x310, 2:1, Highlander.jpg)

File: 9f879b1bb1ca432⋯.jpg (119.7 KB, 736x736, 1:1, stormy.jpg)

Please be calm. I understand that this may freak people out but I really do not feel that it's the end of the world or anything. My instinct is that we are about to enter a period of great change. A correcting time. Magic has come back to the world. I think a lot of people digging here have felt the changes. A new golden age with a few bumps along the way.

Throughout this adventure I've noticed amazing synchronicity with Trump in movies associated with Queen such as Highlander and Flash Gordon. I'll leave the links to some music to calm everyone down and to the 1936 film of Flash Gordon, which I now suspect is entirely based on what was to become Project Diana. Remember, with the help of Tesla, his Uncle, and Dale Arden (Valley garden - Eden - Earth) Flash beats Ming in the end!

Who wants to live forever

https:// youtu.be/BYOE_b4aYD0

It's a Kind of Magic

https:// youtu.be/0p_1QSUsbsM


https:// youtu.be/LfmrHTdXgK4

1936 version of Flash Gordon

https:// youtu.be/Jc3n7sMHsnM

Fat Bottomed Girls - for all the bakers and those who have thanked them

https:// youtu.be/VMnjF1O4eH0

7439ea No.1100110

i have a question - maybe an anon, who has been here longer than i have, can answer -

when was the temple on epstein island constructed?

7439ea No.1100185


nvm went to the island thread and found that it was in existance in 2005. crumbled my theory.

however, epstein still has connection to 666 via the havanna club. wonder if any of 666 video evidence is about the island in some way…?

6acfd8 No.1103413


Reading neon revolt`s article… wow

It seems the old men`s(Alex Jones, David Icke etc.) warnings did have a grain of truth to them after all. For

the first and primary target for chipping were actually the elite, which makes the scenario far more probable.

Remember you dont need to chip the whole population, just the elite is enough, chip 1 percent of the population,

the richest the smartest the most powerful and you control all of society. And that is beyond easy,

that type of people are already paranoid, afraid of being kidnapped for ransom, into modernity and transhumanist

trends like chipping etc. As for the bible reference, perhaps it is more of a self-fulfilling prophecy

used by satanists for legitimizing and glorifying their actions, rather than a real one.

The first thing that came to mind was a three-pronged implementation of the rfid chip plan.

1. Financial dependence of individuals guaranteed by the chip. All money transactions done

by using the chip, cut money off, control/starve individuals. Imagine a baby born, promptly chipped

with an "allowance" of say 1000 dollars, running out every single day, a tax of living so to speak,

to pay for the CO2 the child breathes out etc and what not. The perfect incentive for younf people

to join the system and serve the system - those dollars, ever trickling away. What is more, the economist cover

and other information suggests the reinstitution of gold backed currencies across the globe, what if that comes

after the chipping? Then it would not matter at all, it would make no difference if currencies were no longer fiat

if the population did their financial transations through the chips. But it will surely be a huge boost of popular

confidence in the world order and the perfect pretext to put conspiracy theorists to rest.

2. Technological dependence. Where the fingers dont go in the keyboard and thus your anonymity

is protected, here anonymity is gone, a chip that interfaces with technology, from your car, to phone to computer

you can always be identified, no matter the burner phone and you can be killed by using the chip

to control your car, pacemaker etc.

3 Total control. If the chip is of the currently existing sizes it can contain enough toxin to kill a thousand people.

Trigger the chip toxin container and the person is dead, no skin to protect you for it is inside you in constant

contact with your blood. All of the above is already existing technology, the following is hypothetical: thought control

through certain frequencies emanating from the chip, changing moods, all up to killing the chip bearer. This should be

possible given that the cabal possesses mind altering Tesla based frequency based technology and that it can be

contained within a chip.

f3ae57 No.1103493

File: e1ccb40f1faa92d⋯.jpg (21.86 KB, 267x199, 267:199, TT.jpg)


I agree! Came across third-party validation:

From Twitter:

Mike Cernovich 🇺🇸


Several high consciousness people I’ve spoken to independently told me about feeling a shift in energy. Something is going on. It happened 2-3 weeks ago. Not talking politics or elections. It’s much bigger. Energy shift.

2:41 AM · Apr 16, 2018"


Mike Cernovich 🇺🇸


Apr 16

The really nasty attacks I get when talking about energy confirm my observations. If people don’t like a tweet, scroll. But they all pounce. It’s like demonic forces are unleashed.

This is EXACTLY what I've experienced every time I talk here about ley lines here. They are scared! They do not want US to acquire that knowledge. If we have it, we are free and they no longer control us.

I know ley lines are key to this dig and the mysterious 6 building. Ley lines are key to our free energy and higher consciousness! Key to all of it.

Anon ID#2ef666 will undoubtedly make an appearance here; they are the most recent opposition to my talk on ley lines. Have no clue what they say as the filter tool works so well here, but know the rest of you can see the diatribe- again, it serves as third-party validation- to be attacked in such a way that has nothing to do with the person posting the info but rather the info itself.


Princess Diana? This research is about NYC and the building at 666 Fifth Ave. You won't get much traction posting Diana info here. You'll have better luck exposing others to this info in another thread.


Yes. I've been here since the beginning, however the poster I was responding to has not. Here: >>1084444 Turning a blind eye to someone who has a genuine interest in this subject matter and encouraging them to duplicate past digging- that is unproductive. That was the reasoning and purpose of the post.

6acfd8 No.1103609


Then as i went further the mass extinction event…

Pure genius, purest of genius. Axe a rofschild thread mention of population number = population power,

georgia guidestones, all the bunkers, and D.U.M.B.s, the concept of a coming harvest, not just as a spiritual

selection event of selfish vs altruistic people, but as literally cutting off the chaff - slaughter. All you need is

a satellite array(space program secrecy) + powerful battery tech to prepare and unleash the electromagnetic

wave holocaust, slaughtering billions, ironically derived from Tesla("the last great genius according to rofschild`s thread")`s

"peace" death ray. That might explain HAARP as a testing and or satellite charging station. Hit the brain and poof, billions

of souls gone. No nuclear radiation, no slow and chaotic war, no time for reaction, prevention. Thus the bunkers

and shelters are not for radation, they are to protect against the lethal frequencies projected by the satellites.

Also in an ingenious application of Kissinger`s shuttle diplomacy, even if you dont have the funds for such a plan, you

can fund it by threatening elites that it is coming, at which point they will give you all their money for chips which can

neuter the deadly waves for protection. Thus if you cant brainwash people to chip, if you cant force them to, you will

do the usual, make it so they beg for it. Some anons suggested incoming huge solar flares. That can be the justification

for the whole event, or asteroids, or aliens, or magnetic pole shift just pick a BS story. Of course, if you are sniffed out

you can always tone down the frequency bombardment to where you can slow kill whole generations until the desired

population is reached. For such a bold plant, even a Donald Trump would be considerd but a minor setback, because

the plan can be slowed down, stopped and then continued. Chips seem to fade in comparison to the extinction plan.

Easier than volcanoes, cleaner than nukes, easier to remain blameless than war and just about anything. All you need,

is control of space. Some money and the right tech too. Control of space is key.

What we need is to study the science behind such a possibility, plausibility, kind of waves, kind of satellite power system,

method of deployment, effects of outdoors exposure, effects indoors, to what level of buildings? What moves would

betray the preparation of such a plan?

6acfd8 No.1103620

i tell my eyes

to see no colours

i caress the spot

where my baby fell

but i cant reach

for what befell

burning bodies

shams and follies

was foretold

yet we never listened

never paid any heed

to the ancient prophecies

instead we embraced

on broken promises

i tell my ears

not to listen

screams and tears

flow down the gutter

grow down and flutter

mock freedom for the chosen

a future only for the frozen

for the rest

a shiny grave

the foolish

among the brave

tell my fingers

not to touch

books, triggers

bodies and such

yet the flames lick

her skin so pale

degenerate and slick

let me flail

my sinful back

as i wither and wail

trying to trick

destiny into going back

making me sick

of memories so nostalgic

missed chances

kisses so tragic

tell my skin not to seek

the warmth of the dead

so fragile so weak

piles of bodies of lead

so heavy lies the grasshopper

upon the conscience

soldiers in choppers

brave souls, no patience

tell my kid

not to take no lovers

remember to stop the showers

wrap her up to stop the shivers

her eyes wide

"out the window daddy"

a thousand suns

bloodied rivers

a house without guns

a daughter`s hand

above the postcard

writing of a land

where the stones are hard

under velvet grasses

not molten

in deadly gasses




hold my hand

it is my daughter`s i know

not mine

kiss my hand

it is my wife`s, god i know

not mine

replace black skies

with her bright eyes

no time to weep

gouge out mine

cut useless fingers

remove the ears

with them the fears too

tear out this skin

it is not mine

no time to weep

gotta prep her bag

for school

43a7c9 No.1103980

File: 4dcb5f0004e71b8⋯.jpg (18.52 KB, 300x227, 300:227, 102flashthun.jpg)

File: 5c438c51e78d429⋯.jpg (175.7 KB, 2000x1300, 20:13, 216473.jpg)

File: ca8d231b5469e16⋯.jpg (59.51 KB, 550x317, 550:317, alice-in-wonderland-statue.jpg)


>Princess Diana? This research is about NYC and the building at 666 Fifth Ave. You won't get much traction posting Diana info here.

Thanks Anon. Yeah I was reluctant to post the Diana stuff but it is linked to the ley lines and bloodlines that we mentioned in >>1093380 specifically. So I was addressing that as it is never mentioned. Nor the fact that Trumps mother and father married in the Carlyle Hotel. Also, interesting for this thread. I take your point though. I suppose I got a little bit carried away.

If you are interested in Tesla and Trump though I really really recommend the 1936 film of Flash Gordon. It's all there. The Trump Tesla meme recorded in the 1930's.

7439ea No.1104207

File: d15262ee4117fe1⋯.jpeg (1.83 MB, 2048x1485, 2048:1485, 89BBC6E2-40B6-4B1D-AC77-2….jpeg)

just doing a bit of research on 5G

i am finding that AT&T seems to be leading the way in setting up “5G” in the cities that have been selected for “trials” this year…

it’s got me thinking…

WHAT IF the lucent technologies split from AT&T - and the lucent merge with alcotel in france(EU) - was actually the cabal’s plan all along to disseminate 5G/rfid knowledge for “plan B”?

i mean, it “looks like normal business.”

what if carly fiorina drove lucent into the ground on purpose?

and then the alcotel-lucent merger with nokia?

btw, austin, texas was AT&T’s first test area.

http:// about.att.com/story/multigigabit_mobile_5g.html?CJPID=2942700&EI=20130822074250E&CI=CJ_AFFINITY&RI=CJ1&RD=37922

https:// www.fiercewireless.com/wireless/at-t-we-have-all-answers-to-deploy-a-mobile-5g-network

https:// www.lightreading.com/mobile/5g/atandt-5g-tests-go-gaga-for-gigabit/d/d-id/742165

f3ae57 No.1117376


Previous bread here dug in to the Nokia/Lucent/ATT mess. I recall that it was determined(?) that ATT was innocent… no way. ATT is the worst comm. co ever! But yes- I agree.

You might wanna re-read those earlier posts and see where it was left off. I think you're right in that all these companies seem to be shells of the bigger guys and at some point they sell the stock, lower its value and sell/merge it- after they've taken every last cent from investing Americans and their IRA's.

Also feel that 5G is being rolled out- maybe in areas like you mentioned; Austin. We can't have 5G. It's death.

Q had questions about the Lucent/Nokia merger. Dunno if we ever got to the bottom of it.

c287b8 No.1117481


got that same sky here in L.A…plus those trees

880fef No.1119027


Graham Bell invented telephone



AT&T -→ phone division



research division (Bell Labs), part of AT&T Technologies

During this term, Bell Labs developed many technologies that are crucial for today's computing. For instance, transistor, Unix, C, C++, AWK, Plan 9.

On September 30, 1996 Bell Labs was divested into…




>This same linguistic root also gives Lucifer, "the light bearer" (from lux, 'light', and ferre, 'to bear'[5]), who is also a character in Dante's epic poem Inferno. Shortly after the Lucent renaming in 1996, Lucent's Plan 9 project released a development of their work as the Inferno OS in 1997.[4][6] This extended the 'Lucifer' and Dante references as a series of punning names for the components of Inferno - Dis, Limbo, Charon and Styx (9P Protocol). When the rights to Inferno were sold in 2000, the company Vita Nuova Holdings was formed to represent them. This continues the Dante theme, although moving away from his Divine Comedy to the poem La Vita Nuova.

>In 1997, the smallest then-practical transistor (60 nanometers, 182 atoms wide) was built. In 1998, the first optical router was invented.

>2000 was an active year for the Laboratories, in which DNA machine prototypes were developed; progressive geometry compression algorithm made widespread 3-D communication practical; the first electrically powered organic laser invented; a large-scale map of cosmic dark matter was compiled, and the F-15 (material), an organic material that makes plastic transistors possible, was invented.

>Lucent was merged with Alcatel SA of France in a merger of equals on December 1, 2006, forming Alcatel-Lucent.[2]




>On 28 August 2008, Alcatel-Lucent announced it was pulling out of basic science, material physics, and semiconductor research, and it will instead focus on more immediately marketable areas, including networking, high-speed electronics, wireless networks, nanotechnology and software.[25]

Alcatel-Lucent was absorbed by Nokia in January 2016.



Nokia Bell Labs

7d838b No.1128614

File: 8809c5e082917ca⋯.png (408.55 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, lucist.png)

crossposting from https:// 8ch.net/qresearch/res/926084.html

tons more

f3ae57 No.1132689

File: 00ff5b1a01ecc99⋯.png (58.43 KB, 778x535, 778:535, NY_ley.png)

Re-posting from general research.

ESOPUS Island, Hyde Park (Hudson River), NY.


">https:// www.atlasobscura.com/articles/6-places-aleister-crowley-performed-his-particular-brand-of-magick

In another magickal retreat, Crowley spent 40 days and 40 nights (a la Jesus Christ) on a tiny island in the Hudson River.

Curious families watching the bald, robed man on the island from the banks of the Hudson began bringing him rations. He was also visited by fans and artists, who brought him food, drugs, and company.

Much later Crowley reported experiencing visions of his past lives during his stay on Esopus Island, all of which were somehow very influential figures. His former selves included legendary Taoist Ge Xuan, Renaissance Pope Alexander VI, alchemist Alessandro Cagliostro, and the magician Eliphas Levi.

>https:// hudsonvalleyone.com/2015/07/20/retrace-steps-of-famed-mystic-aleister-crowley-on-esopus-island/

I submit for your consideration a day or overnight trip to Esopus Island, situated at River Mile 84 near the eastern bank of the Hudson in the Town of Hyde Park, just southwest of Staatsburg’s Norrie Point.

About a mile long, rocky and partially wooded, Esopus Island lies directly across from the mouth of Black Creek. It was once known as Pell Island, when it constituted part of the large estate of a fruit magnate named Robert L. Pell, Esq.

They razed Pell’s mansion and in 1907 built the massive grey granite seminary known today as Mount St. Alphonsus. The facility has been turned into a retreat center in recent years and is in the process of changing ownership to the Hutterian Brethren of the Woodcrest Community and still dominates the blufftop.


Interesting question for me is why are all these esoteric sects so attracted to this particular area of NY?"

NY and ley lines AGAIN.

Wish we could pin-point the center of this energy in NYC. My gut tells me it's the Kushner building. Need digging to prove it!!! I'm not of a sacred geometry or geographical mindset so this is a challenge for me. Any geometry fags amongst us? I'm certain that any research into this would yield many results that would not only be enlightening to the researcher but connect many dots in this NYC dig.

f3ae57 No.1132904

File: 2c36c1d8cb9c38f⋯.jpg (48.09 KB, 659x412, 659:412, NO CHEM.jpg)

File: 874c5243a467075⋯.jpg (503.01 KB, 1240x841, 1240:841, 666-Fifth-clouds.jpg)


Keep digging and posting it here! Lucis Trust was one of the initial questions Q had for us in this dig- https:// archive.is/q5VqK. The links no longer work for me, maybe it's just me, but there were a few notable questions regarding Lucis, its board, how those board members were related, and its connection to this building. (you might want to re-read the previous threads for research already available/done)


It's WW! Check this site: https:// www.aircrap.org/

Just can't wrap my head around why this continues. POTUS could stop this at any time… why isn't he?

Photo 2 was taken in the lobby at 666 Fifth Ave. The ceiling art is called 'Clouds'.

f3ae57 No.1133134


https:// pastebin.com/QyPFnYmq


"Are any of the women involved with the masons there, connected to Lucis?" >>879447 rt >>876119

"How?" >>879447 rt >>876119

"Are you ready to see Wonderland?" >>879447 rt >>876119


"What is NFC pay?" >>837637 rt >>837535

"Who created it?" (NFC pay) >>837637 rt >>837535

"What network does it use?" (NFC pay) >>837637 rt >>837535

"How is it related to the RFID chip?" (NFC pay) >>837637 rt >>837535

"Can they link the two together?" (NFC pay and the RFID chip) >>837637 rt >>837535

"Why did AT&T SELL Lucent?" >>837637 rt >>837535 ( corrected from 'buy' to 'sell' in >>837923 rt >>837805 )

"To stay clean?" (re the question above) >>837637 rt >>837535

f3ae57 No.1146604

File: 226313ba982eaac⋯.jpg (2.32 MB, 3024x4032, 3:4, ATT_pep.jpg)

Repost from general. Pepsi/ATT connection.

a36189 No.1154093

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




https:// www.pcmag.com/article/360533/what-is-6g

853295 No.1158175


Lucis Trust New Age connection.

Someone's opinion here.

http:// inplainsite.org/html/alice_bailey_and_lucis_trust.html

I've been here many times.

Basically just a bunch of older affluent new age hippies mediating for world peace.

https:// meditationmount.org/

Seems positive and innocent.

Wolf in sheep's clothing?

Who knows.

I will say this… it's about a mile from D.d.R's new ranch.


9185e0 No.1160983

880fef No.1161848


It's just an ISP with a name "6G".

7439ea No.1163331


are you talking about the first video in the article?

another link from that article:

https:// www.pcmag.com/article/354624/how-a-small-city-in-finland-turned-into-a-5g-pioneer

ya know, nokia is based in finland…

6d9eb3 No.1163341


I think this is relevant to bring up with Diana coming into some of this.

An issue sometimes arises in these Bloodlines, where they try to breed for evil, and a child has such a strong spirit of Christ in them, that that is the spirit they invoke and follow.

I think this is true of Diana, and the spirit also seems to shine in her eldest son, William. Rumor has it the boys have different dads, and that Harry is involved in the occult, with specific duties.

This is why some blood family members break away, hide, denounce and become followers of Jeshua the Christ.

God says the spirit is in the blood

He is emphatic that we do not drink blood, or spill blood, and says so in many scriptures, including The Book of Enocj, The Book of Jubilees and dozens of places in the Bible. Blood drinking brings Judgement on a people and God roots them out. We are warmed over and over and over.

This is left out of the main bible. When Ham discovered Noah naked from drinking, he put a curse on Kena'an, Ham's son. He wouldn't curse Ham because God has blessed him. During this time Noah, in the presence of God's angel, divided the earth between his three sons families. God gave Shem the "Holy" land, Ham's land was south, Egypt for ex. Yefet's was north. (Exact boundaries are in the Book of Jubilees). Noah put a curse on anyone who went After and settled anyone elses land. They all swore an oath. Kena'an, even against Ham's warning did just that. He settled the land of Kena'an, that was Shem's. Thus came the Canaanites, cursed from God. These evil bloodlines boast about having Canaan's blood.

So after Exodus from Egyptian enslavement, God was retuning them to their own land promised to them since the get go by God. Evil misinforms us regarding these details.

Kean'an is Hebrew for Canaan

f3ae57 No.1163781

File: 5fe58292f5cee22⋯.png (70.84 KB, 300x224, 75:56, Zone.png)


5G - 6G creepy, but almost as creepy is this very young Beiber. So how many years ago was that commercial even made?

9185e0 No.1164834


See the final of the video

Read the article of PcMag. (And maybe see the video of PcMag)

Sorry for the confusion

6d9eb3 No.1166221

File: 03f053f2081b6d7⋯.gif (28.66 KB, 344x266, 172:133, seaboard.gif)

File: c4a3bf104f704a5⋯.gif (35.18 KB, 361x282, 361:282, seaglobex.gif)

File: bba84d88bfe96bc⋯.jpg (33.36 KB, 480x304, 30:19, hqdefault-31.jpg)

Found some good let line information.


Believe the Teotihuaca-Stonehenge-Baabek leyline is involved. Passes through 5 major largest and oldest northeastern US cities. All have temples.

Lots of attacks along line (more info below)

6d9eb3 No.1166268

File: b4aeeae094d330e⋯.jpg (66.52 KB, 501x480, 167:160, brooklyn.jpg)

1) Brooklyn Masonic Temple. 1907 exact replica of King county Solomon's Temple. Line also goes through NY Masonic Grand Lodge.

6d9eb3 No.1166338

File: e436def8b9c67bb⋯.jpg (48.91 KB, 500x375, 4:3, baltimore3.jpg)

File: b14da9dcd20759c⋯.jpg (20.55 KB, 267x267, 1:1, philadelphia.jpg)

File: 385353364c5a36d⋯.jpg (15.22 KB, 250x166, 125:83, 250px-Grand_Lodge_of_Mason….JPG)

File: 238ca6d60fd4e39⋯.jpg (15.68 KB, 198x265, 198:265, d9baa-masonic-lodge-boylst….jpg)

2) Scottish Rite Temple of Freemasonry, Baltimore. Vanderbilt's have property here also.

3) Masonic Temple of Philadelphia &

Grand Lodge Headquarters

4) Grand Lodge of Massachusetts, Boston (same street as Boston Marathon Bombing)

6d9eb3 No.1166399

File: f8c8cb52c46a415⋯.jpg (57.2 KB, 600x450, 4:3, atlanta.jpg)

File: 02b241458d169ea⋯.jpg (46.19 KB, 480x480, 1:1, atlanta-obelisk.jpg)

File: a32965ac68f7bf1⋯.jpg (54.48 KB, 600x432, 25:18, washington.jpg)

File: 0cfd6af4f819a2e⋯.jpg (18.27 KB, 460x228, 115:57, sun-moon-masonic-ring.jpg)

5) DC House of The Temple Headquarters Scottish Rite; Home of The Supreme Council 33°

1 mile N. Of WH. Has two Egyptian Sphinx

6) Masonic Temple of Atlanta

7) Masonic finger ring, same as Baal Temple triad, lunar god, sun god & Bel, the "master"

6d9eb3 No.1166489

File: 6929c75c89640fd⋯.jpg (69 KB, 676x362, 338:181, washington4.jpg)

File: bf1881aafaec23e⋯.jpg (66.85 KB, 676x368, 169:92, vatican1.jpg)

File: 860b1ab343d6aa0⋯.jpg (57.88 KB, 670x530, 67:53, 291721_2372907846995_13794….jpg)

File: c50cb9e4c0f4696⋯.gif (60.42 KB, 550x626, 275:313, pentagram-phi-relationship….gif)

Ley lines DC Vatican

Ley lines based on Phi & Pi math encoded into structures.

That's why pyramid height was matched.

DNA according to Phi -The Golden Ratio-

12 sided dodecahedral framework

Looks like a Pentagram from above.

Tesla had this knowledge. Interestingly, JP Morgan & Westinghouse (Illuminati) pulled his funding, kept him broke & isolated

6d9eb3 No.1166546

File: 48192effd923d43⋯.jpg (19.65 KB, 423x359, 423:359, pentagram.jpg)

Sacrifices to serpents, Horus, (eye of), Baal, &"master"

List of Attacks Along Ley Line

Pentagon 2001

DC Sniper

WTC Bombing 1993

WTC Attack 2001

Boston Marathon 2013

Atlanta Olympic Bombing 1996

Virginia Tech massacre 2007

Sandy Hook 2012 (1 block from Temple)

JFK, Jr. plane crash 1999

Hurricane Katrina

Ghosts Chemical attacks 2013

Info & pictures from


6d9eb3 No.1166628

File: 1f2ab2607c1fce9⋯.jpg (59.73 KB, 558x517, 558:517, phys4.jpg)

File: 0e58f83c2dac8ba⋯.gif (72.55 KB, 415x331, 415:331, pipih-ratio2.gif)

File: 65d792b0819b7cf⋯.jpg (63.12 KB, 671x720, 671:720, e2809cif-you-wish-to-under….jpg)

DNA, phi math & The Golden Ratio- seems especially important.

Trump through his uncle & Tesla himself, knew the Illuminati screwed Tesla & humanity.

6d9eb3 No.1166972

File: 79df307b3ca861a⋯.jpg (15.16 KB, 248x203, 248:203, images.jpg)

Another perspective

b7cc1e No.1167680

"Kushner paid a prostitute $10,000 to lure his brother-in-law to a motel room at the Red Bull Inn in Bridgewater to have sex with him. A hidden camera recorded the activity, and Kushner sent the lurid tape to his sister, making sure the tape arrived on the day of a family party."

http:// nymag.com/nymetro/news/people/features/9874/

b7cc1e No.1167684

https:// archive.is/vT0FQ 1

https:// archive.fo/nfZvW

https:// archive.fo/dzjll

https:// archive.fo/FhXL5 4

https:// www.reddit.com/r/conspiracy/comments/64b2tr/a_mysterious_poster_on_an_online_forum_claimed/

e1c7a8 No.1167737





Q, What is JTRIG?

is this an offshoot agency?

b202a9 No.1169825


Specifically, are you referring to Joint Threat Research Intelligence, JTRIG? If so I have lots of research. Long history in NYC. They are a unit of GCHQ, that is MI6, runs MKULTRA and other evilness. Global connections. A security branch of Illuminati.

Sorry but Who are you talking about?

b202a9 No.1169955


Maybe you should have clarified that this was Charles Kushner. Else wise it has a stinky appearance of misinformation, given who Jared Kushner is.

b202a9 No.1170118





The Giza measurement is very very important. Many temples they make we do not recognize, but they are built on Phi and model after Giza or Temple of Solomon, etc.

They use phi math in all their structures and build on powerful ancient leys. Underground areas and rooms are made for specific reasons to receive energy forces, such as from certain stars or planets, like Giza. They connect all over earth. 666 building reeks of these intention satanic considerations.

b202a9 No.1170502

I think you should consider that a certain number of persons know the true intentions of this building, and NYC, and that some of the certain persons have intentionally put stumbling blocks in the way of its ultimate uses, such as sabotaging through ownership interests.

NYC watch the water wave tidal wave event has been flaunted in ourIlluminas an event coming to a theater near you through symbolism, etc, as is Illuminati custom. Remember WTC was wired with explosives inside the building. This is a sacrificial ley line.

Clearly, we are being protected here, there are two sides of players . Research Halliburton drilling early years, Bush, developing technology to drill underwater into fault lines, crevices, canyons, etc. and their own industry thought it was ludicrous. Research continued switched to secret military such as US Defense facility at North West Cape, simulation techniques in space and underwater. Underwater vibration systems, why do we need that?

Why do we need to control floods, hurricanes, drought, earthquakes for specific targets? Look at the ley line and look at sacrificial events. 666 building is a keg of dynamite

Baker Baker thread maker please start a thread on origins of global surveillance, BRUSA, TTPA (the technical cooperation program) ABCA (linked global military) and secret treaty of 1947 + so much more I won't go into here. See the Aussie base stations tied in. 5 eyes is an understatement. These are all Illuminati created programs to carry out agendas.

Watch the water. Even Pepsi commercials. Lots on YouTube about tidal waves with supporting evidence of advertising same.

b202a9 No.1170746

File: 6ca152f160a5a93⋯.jpg (50.99 KB, 601x416, 601:416, isis-star.jpg)

7439ea No.1172964

File: ad72cafa687868d⋯.png (170.67 KB, 639x872, 639:872, Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at ….png)

File: d7beacd6f8c2873⋯.png (117.2 KB, 926x822, 463:411, Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at ….png)

found some interesting stuff on pepsi


https:// www.newsmax.com/TheWire/coke-pepsi/2014/01/30/id/550073/

i couldnt find the usa today article about the pepsi surveillance commercial rehash, but in 2006 apparently some coca-cola employees stole the secret recipe for coke and tried to sell it to pepsi

http:// www.foxnews.com/story/2006/07/06/pepsi-alerted-coca-cola-to-stolen-coke-secrets-offer.html

and wow!

gravity and geometry went into the pepsi design 2008

http:// adage.com/article/agency-news/breathtaking-word-purported-arnell-pepsi-doc/134552/

http:// adage.com/images/random/0209/pepsi-arnell021109.pdf

7439ea No.1173193

File: 91f8e93b8121a1b⋯.png (229.38 KB, 1092x860, 273:215, Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at ….png)


wonder if that ley line passes through this area on the 666 property??

7439ea No.1173299

File: e2714657e2716c9⋯.png (355.94 KB, 633x847, 633:847, Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at ….png)

File: 9754d9f96bd480d⋯.png (126.18 KB, 635x848, 635:848, Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at ….png)

File: 551f7bbbf716767⋯.png (137.82 KB, 636x849, 212:283, Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at ….png)

File: 9fcc3f3be41a79d⋯.png (194.04 KB, 633x847, 633:847, Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at ….png)


some more from this pdf

http:// adage.com/images/random/0209/pepsi-arnell021109.pdf

f3ae57 No.1175506

File: ce22ee2f86d7d46⋯.jpg (314.35 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, LEY_forbid.jpg)


Good stuff! I agree with you completely that ley lines and this building go together and are HUGE and there's so much more to it that we cannot locate!!

BAKER BAKER will likely not see you request- they don't actively monitor this bread. Maybe a post on General might get it done?

I know there's a key here- somewhere. CAN THEY MAGNIFY 5G on these ley lines?

I believe they can and what makes this building KEY. Can't prove it. Help me prove it!

At one point, had a clue dropped here that included the Pyongyang Hotel in NK. Probably also on a ley line and obviously a 5g antenna- or something like it. Surround the world with debilitating waves of EMF, I'm thinking. We've gotta find the KEY/link!

[this stuff is fascinating, eh?]

f3ae57 No.1213112


https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=NCc5r3QNjqQ

Old commercial about the FED and theft of cola recipe.

43531d No.1220314

>>1081526 Its the power of the leylines and water energy. Many sacred areas were built in these places. Its the land itself that holds the power. Crossing leylines make it even more powerful, like one crossing over another. Plus being near rivers and the ocean, make that area very special to the occult followers. NY has negative energies. Its natural http://ofspiritandsoul.com/earth%20vortices/vortices.html



eb0c18 No.1227324

File: 88d6ecdcdf13de6⋯.png (340.75 KB, 769x941, 769:941, Screen Shot 2018-04-28 at ….png)

File: 65cdbda7dbac1af⋯.png (377.92 KB, 864x928, 27:29, Screen Shot 2018-04-28 at ….png)


>https:// meditationmount.org/

it is TOTALLY UN/lucis trust/arcane school teaching…a quick dig through the "about us" section and i found the "great invocation" in their study booklets!

99c854 No.1232972

Statement of a German tech news publisher:

Nokia believes to open up the first 5G sites in 2018 already. "On the basis of strong relationships with our customers and a growing demand on 5G, especially in North America, we look forward to building our first 5G sites already in 2018."

Moar: The chinese telecommunication suppliers Huawei and ZTE are not considered to provide the technology. A US law to forbid the use of these suppliers does not exist, but there are veiled threats from government that cofinancing by the gov't will be stopped if chinese tech will be used and that there are image-consquences because ZTE for example is partly govt-owned (Chinese). The people are not willing anymore to provide their data to companies outside their country.

//Comment of the news-mag: Huawei is an approved dealer for such technology in Germany for the Telekom (US: T-Mobile /same head company).

Nokia's growing loss and sales slowdown:

In their first quartile in 2018, Nokia had a breakdown of 9 %, to 4,93 bln € (5.98 bln US $).The loss was exactly 188 million €, a marked decline. The year before in the same quartile they had a loss of 488 million. The laundered effort had a 30% breakdown to 239 mln €. The company says, they want to lower their expenses even further by 1.2 billion €. To get more publicity, they are forced to spend 100-200 million € for further test runs of the technology.

Here is their "Nokia Corporation Interim Report for Q1 2018" folks:

https:// www.nokia.com/en_int/news/releases/2018/04/26/nokia-corporation-interim-report-for-q1-2018

They are making pure loss.

Someone is spending his whole money and we know who he is. Trump already made a clear statement to use US technology only, which will be a high expense, compared to using chinese equipment! Thank you Donny!

Here is the financial report of the first quartile:

https:// www.nokia.com/sites/default/files/files/nokia_q1_2018_slides_1.pdf

EUAnon provided this for you. Consider one thing: Nokia had been sucked blood dry. They've had millions of loss and went almost bankrupt. S&F (Soros and friends) come along invest BILLIONS of dollars to get the next level monopoly on information technology. This can't be considered as good intervention of him. These people are information thirsty and I am sure he is closely cooperating with the Clowns, he might even get cofunded by them, so both of these players have the key for the communication of tomorrow.

Fight fight fight anons!

d71193 No.1237181

File: e879b1a148e029a⋯.jpg (1.1 MB, 2000x1285, 400:257, Wardenclyffe.jpg)

File: d62c2322b791759⋯.jpg (147.27 KB, 553x563, 553:563, wardenclyffe_tower1.jpg)

File: d62c2322b791759⋯.jpg (147.27 KB, 553x563, 553:563, wardenclyffe_tower1.jpg)



>At one point, had a clue dropped here that included the Pyongyang Hotel in NK. Probably also on a ley line and obviously a 5g antenna- or something like it

Maybe. Tesla's idea for Wardenclyffe was to transmute the energy into the earth using the planet as a conductor rather than the air. He thought Hertzian waves were a waste of energy and that most Hertz waves went into space. This is somewhat backed up by 4G and 5G. You need the antenna's everywhere because they are wasteful. I'm working on a theory that there is something about ley lines and the ground rock of certain places that acts as a natural conductor for Tesla waves. Long Island has a lot of magnetite in the rock and the sands there are very fine (makes great concrete) with radioactive elements. So much so masons/builders in the olden days described the sands of Long Island as 'alive.'

Of course, it could also be that the land was cheap and it's close to New York!

So, I would guess that the Pyongyang hotel is taking energy from the air and transmitting it into the ground like a capacitor in electronics. My theory is that these towers/buildings need to be in specific places to feed the energy into the earth but that receiving it should be a lot easier and done from anywhere.

99c854 No.1237356

Yes, it was grounded by the ground water. But the transmitting was by air.

That has been described in many books and documentations so far. Why do you think it is important? Every electrician is aware of that

cab6d9 No.1238155

File: 365d169c24344c5⋯.jpg (141.07 KB, 500x333, 500:333, 6tunnel.jpg)

Since the beginning of this dig, we have been trying to answer questions that were provided to us by "I may have purchased this property"Anon. One of his first comments was : "Do I look stout to you?"

"I wonder who started it?"

He then references Daniel 7:20. Daniel 7:20 talks about the ten horns on the beasts head where previous verses speak of being 'stout'. So there's inconsistency of bible verse and the Anons post.

I interpreted the 'stout' reference to be a doorway that was large- for one to pass, and why PurchaseAnon asked the stout question. But when one attempts to compare Daniel 7:20 to the question, it doesn't seem to fit.

So, what if the buildings themselves are being referred to in Daniel- buildings are the 'horns'? The 6 building is shorter/fatter than the rest (stout)? Is JK's building the 'large/stout gate' that leads to destruction?

Are there 10 buildings/skyscrapers that signify 'the crown/horns' on its head'?

THIS ^^^ then leads us to the 3 horns that fell away; WTC#1, WTC#2 and WTC#7? That these buildings/horns 'fell away'? That the destruction of 3 buildings on 9-11 was a ritual sacrifice of buildings/biblical 'horns' to force bible prophecy and reign in the End of Times?

The verse goes on to tell of a larger horn- the 11th horn- that grew out of it after the 3 horns fell; Freedom Tower? Does Freedom Tower appear 'stout' in comparison to its neighbors?

The tower ascends 69 stories,— its edges chamfered back to form 8 isosceles triangles, a perfect octagon at center. It culminates in a square, glass parapet at the crown, its crystalline form creating a vibrant effect, as light refracts like a kaleidoscope, changing throughout the day.

Regardless of its stoutness, Freedom Tower fulfills the prophesy of Daniel and that Freedom Tower "… outgrew in size all the others until it became the most prominent."; the 11th horn.

This leads me to conclude that the JK building is the "head' of this beast and that the 'horns' are other skyscrapers around it.

I have faith this is a correct analogy but doesn't answer the question as to why this building was purchased by Kushner, other than it is 'the head of the beast'; the large gate that leads to destruction.

[Matthew 7:13-14 13"Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. 14But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.

Daniel 7:20

and the meaning of the ten horns that were on its head and the other horn which came up, and before which three of them fell, namely, that horn which had eyes and a mouth uttering great boasts and which was larger in appearance than its associates.]

Photo: Marked entrances to the underground tunnels of Fifth St. and this exact location.


Are you saying that, by using US tech, 5G will be safer for us and that POTUS is behind the money for this US 5G?


It's amazing all the work that goes in to designing logos. Creepy that cabal companies incorporate so much sacred geometry in them. Not sure what else to make of it tho~ other than it's their symbology. Obviously has meaning, but what?

d71193 No.1239000

File: 20173e23e3e6d11⋯.png (48.12 KB, 629x683, 629:683, Geology of 5th avenue.png)

File: cbd73af159ba62e⋯.jpg (278.66 KB, 1080x808, 135:101, liaquifer.jpg)

File: 63f90a743804379⋯.png (52.52 KB, 698x672, 349:336, Tesla Quote.png)


Well, I guess it was a circuit so air/ground both make up the circuit. I've linked to Tesla's own explanation of what he was doing below and put it in an attached image as it's a big quote.


Tesla definitely picked Long Island for the ground water. The whole island is a huge aquifer so that makes sense.


However, I also think that on top of this he also picked Long Island, especially the north shore at Shoreham (Montauk and Brookhaven Labs) because of the sand there. It's very unique.

>The sands at Montauk Point were especially mineral-heavy. A sample of magnetite, a naturally occurring iron oxide, tested at 25 per cent in a sample taken there.

Gilbert Hanson, a professor at Stony Brook University who studies the geology of Long Island, guessed the sand Mr. Kalfaian found was made of monazite, a rare-earth mineral laced with garnet, magnetite, and other dark minerals, all of which Mr. Kalfaian had surmised as well.



It make sense that the black sand on the beach also penetrates deeply into the Long Island Aquifers as well considering that the whole island and most of Staten Island are just glacial run off from the ice age.


In short, Long Island and Staten Island are huge conductors for electrical and (apologies for going woo woo) spiritual energies as well.

Before everyone has a go at me for banging on about rocks I will just add this article (also screenshot) that talks about the famous pink marble in Trump towers. In short, POTUS approved post. Kek.


eb0c18 No.1240960

File: f92aa55a34007dc⋯.png (1.07 MB, 1001x685, 1001:685, Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at ….png)

File: c92476ff8964bae⋯.png (339.43 KB, 896x1067, 896:1067, IMG_1426.png)

File: 5941fb8a0b65a1c⋯.jpg (8.01 KB, 138x191, 138:191, hospitaller queen.jpg)


going with your building/horn theory:

one wtc is 1,792 ft (546.2 m) to the tip of the spire-

but only 1,368 ft (417.0 m) to the top of its roof

the plans for the zaha hadid concept would have made the new kushner bldg 1,400 feet (427 m) tall. (that doesnt include any spire - there isn't one in the concept art)

without the spire, technically the new kushner building would be taller than one wtc. standing on the top floor of the the kushner building would make a person higher up than if they were standing on the top floor of one wtc.

i am still convinced that there is a hidden 'temple"

at ground level in the 15x15 area that is in the sub and cellar floor plans, but is not part of the main building… it has a pattee cross on the top of it - used by rosicrucians. templars, and hospitallers (order of st john - and queen elizabeth 2 is the head of it)

(i am also thinking that this is one part of the cross that marina wears )

i did some research and discovered that the "temple of understanding" - worked hand in hand with lucis trust - the cathedral of st john the divine in new york actually became the temple of understanding's headquarters

both lucis trust and the temple of understanding are mentioned with ties to the c_a in the doc dropped by our vip

http:// www.exposingsatanism.org/lucis-lucifer-trust/

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Order_of_Saint_John_(chartered_1888)

https:// www.dezeen.com/2017/03/23/zaha-hadid-architects-666-fifth-avenue-skyscraper-compared-glass-dildo-architecture-offices/

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/One_World_Trade_Center

eb0c18 No.1241101



>other than it is 'the head of the beast'; the large gate that leads to destruction.

and wow! i found st johns gate!

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/St_John%27s_Gate,_Clerkenwell

it was the headquarters of the order of st john and it is now the museum of the order of st john

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Museum_of_the_Order_of_St_John

maybe needs some more digging…?

eb0c18 No.1246591

File: d54176e94f07060⋯.jpg (287.79 KB, 500x800, 5:8, Prophetic-Pillars-On-St.-J….jpg)

File: e7053e205e77112⋯.jpg (361.85 KB, 500x800, 5:8, Prophetic-Pillars-On-St.-J….jpg)

File: 9369c509a6488c9⋯.jpg (366.12 KB, 500x800, 5:8, Prophetic-Pillars-On-St.-J….jpg)

File: 16ba6cbec8f94b0⋯.jpg (124.61 KB, 480x640, 3:4, Prophetic-Pillars-On-St.-J….jpg)

File: 04dd04c31b6b6ac⋯.jpg (85.24 KB, 375x500, 3:4, Prophetic-Pillars-On-St.-J….jpg)

yeah. so this st. john the divine chapel is pretty freaky….

these are pictures of the pillars on the building

http:// www.bibliotecapleyades.net/sociopolitica/sociopol_masonsknightstemplar11.htm

http:// www.infiniteunknown.net/2012/10/29/prophetic-pillars-on-st-john-the-divine-cathedral-depict-apocalyptic-new-york/

2c29e9 No.1251017


4th image is the Kabbalistic Tree. Each circle are called "sephiroth". Essentially supposed to represent the different words spoken by God to create creation. usually rituals involve traveling from sephiroth to sephiroth along a specific path. Very interesting ceremonies. When you see freemasons post a man inside of 2 columns this is what they are showing you, the Kabbalistic Tree.

cab6d9 No.1264572

File: b1f725266350b20⋯.jpg (5.74 KB, 289x161, 289:161, I Pet.jpg)



This makes so much sense! By air, the waves dissipate quickly with distance- do they also in the water or does the water allow waves to run continuously in a 'stream'? Not sure how we put this all together tho.

The characteristics of the composition of rock is also interesting and do believe that certain rocks/crystals do magnify/conduct energy.

Oddly, the River Styx begins in marshland- like the 'land' Manhattan and much of NYC is built upon. Obviously, there's a lot of bedrock to create all those tunnels but the underground rivers exist there too.

I've watched I Pet Goat II so many times and believe it is a crude synopsis of what (((they))) have planned. I do believe fake Jesus rides thru the underground tunnels on the River Styx and that the scene is of NYC. What it all means and how we tie it all together… stumped here! Anyone care to take a shot at tying all of this together? Maybe provide a clearer picture for clarity?

This is an important dig but feel we have hit a wall as far as understanding the big picture of how it fits together.

All I come up with is that 5G+bldg.6+river styx=continual grid-like prison of EMF/5G waves which can either encompass the area of NYC/this building or expand to other 'transmitters' linked across the globe, enveloping all of humanity. Maybe. But still leaves us with a big ? on tying it all with the purchase of this building. There has to be some evidence we are not finding that links it all.


^^^This dig: was there a conclusion? Anything found?

cab6d9 No.1310535

File: e49c7955b82aebd⋯.png (73.31 KB, 300x198, 50:33, 432Hz.png)

File: 258fc45ce620a7f⋯.jpg (12.68 KB, 283x212, 283:212, MagRes.jpg)

Posted this in General but has much to do with our dig here. I wonder if the horrid design JK wanted to implement was intended to broadcast 432 Hz and negate the resonance that exists in NYC.

The difference between 440 and 741 Hz is known in musicology as the Devil’s Interval. Down the rabbit hole:

In modern history in particular, there has been what Dr. Len Horowitz has referred to as the strategic “militarization” of music. This happened in 1939 when the tuning of the note ‘A above Middle C’ to 440 Hz was adopted in the world of music. In 1910 an earlier push to effect the same change was met with limited success. Three decades later, the British Standards Institute (BSI) adopted the A=440Hz standard following staunch promotion by the Rockefeller-Nazi consortium—“at the precise time WWII preparations were being finalized by the petrochemical-pharmaceutical war financiers.”[i] This was the year that A=440 became the international standard.

The American Federation of Musicians had already accepted the A440 as standard pitch in 1917, and the U.S. government followed suit in 1920.[ii] One must surely ask why Nazi propaganda minister, Joseph Goebbels, argued for this odd intrusion into musical creativity, persuading Hitler’s supposed enemies in Britain to adopt this “superior” standard tuning for the “Aryan/Master Race.” What did the Nazis (and their secretive by well-documented US financiers) have to gain from this?

It is interesting, also, to note that in October 1953, despite the British and Nazi push for the arbitrary A=440 standard (which is “disharmonic” vis à vis the physico-acoustic laws of creation governing reality), a referendum of 23,000 French musicians voted overwhelmingly in favour of A=432Hz.[iii] Many, many musicians, through recent centuries have expressed their strong preference for the A=432 reference pitch.

According to preliminary research, analysis, and professional discussions by Walton, Koehler, Reid, et al., on the web, A=440Hz frequency music conflicts with human energy centers (i.e., chakras) from the heart to the base of the spine [the lower four]. Alternatively, chakras above the heart are stimulated. Theoretically, the vibration stimulates ego and left-brain function, suppressing the “heart-mind,” intuition and creative inspiration.

For maximum suppression of human consciousness, the frequencies we naturally resonate with, and which are the most biologically and psycho-spiritually enhancing, must be maximally suppressed. Ancient Egyptian and Greek instruments have reportedly been found to be tuned to 432 Hz. As far as many guitarists are concerned, A=432 Hz seems to be the most practical, optimal, and most bio-friendly resonant tuning we have, although many musicians have also favoured A=444. (A=444 Hz belongs to a different scale, where C=528 Hz.)

This has everything to do with sacred geometry and the design of our inner ear, the Cochlear which correspond to the Fibonacci curve and Pi.




WORLDWIDE HUM: http:/ /thehum.info/

https:// wakeup-world.com/2015/08/26/the-a432-hz-frequency-dna-tuning-and-the-bastardization-music/

Related to "Do I look stout to you?" The Narrow Gate: https:// thenarrowgateweb.com/2016/06/22/cymatics/

cab6d9 No.1364284

File: 07d5ca38ac6b839⋯.jpg (11.42 KB, 239x160, 239:160, traitor.jpg)


It has been revealed that 5th Ave Anon was an 'agent' and was misdirecting our research here. Personally, I saw our direction of research being hijacked on a daily basis.

That Anon shared our info with a site called unirock who then made numerous youtubes about our research and made money from those vids. This reveal can be seen in general # >>1363033.

It has been suggested that these Anons directed research in an attempt to post info that could damage the reputation of our research!

Going forward, anything re:5th Ave Anon should be scrutinized!

cab6d9 No.1366246

File: 2141645771d261d⋯.jpg (20.14 KB, 255x252, 85:84, sigma.jpg)


Hope you'll see this post:

Nearly a month later and I finally had time to review your research… and it is BIG! Not all the way thru Wimpole but cheated and got to the Crawley part… he just mentions that DJT birth is around the same time. Can ya help an Anon out and provide more cliff notes? I'd really like to understand what you have here, but time is not on my side.

Interesting digging you've done, that's for sure! Wimpole will provide many footnotes to future digs.

81b950 No.1421105


Recently there were so many trails very high than later massive storms. So, many chemicals came down. You could see it in the air before it came particles everywhere. Than the storm smelt very heavy like metal.

When is trump going to stop this? I mean, theyre not following the EO. Do more about it trump.

0a9597 No.1422073



Sure. There is quite a lot in there. I'll do my best. The guy who wrote the book was a young teenager from a semi aristocratic background. He got involved with a spook called Dr. Stephen Ward who was a pimp for famous and rich people and also used that to bribe people. It's exactly the same playbook that happened on Epstein island but in the 1960's. It came out as The Profumo Scandal, almost took down the British Government of the day. Stephen Ward took the fall.

Stephen Ward and his associates were all trained in mind control. This guys states that mind control goes back further than WW2 and MK Ultra. He says the Tavistock Institute started it after WW1 to help soldiers with shell shock. At that time it was benevolent as the alternative was electro shock therapy. However, it soon became corrupted by spy agencies and the illuminati around the world.

0a9597 No.1422189


There are locations set up for stings all over the world like Epstien Island. The Playboy mansion would be another example. It was rigged with hidden cameras that Hugh Hefner would then use to bribe his victims. In London this location was Dolphin Square, a block of flats near to the Houses of Parliament. It is where some people allege that the Prime MInsister in the 1970's, Edward Heath raped young boys. If you believe this book it is quite likely.

So, intelligence operatives worked with the police and the criminal gangs of London, The Krays, to seduce important people, video tape them and then bribe them. Standard stuff we know. He also states that some of these rich people, criminals and establishment figures were satanists, murders who liked snuff films and raping children. It doesn't sound systematic and in huge numbers like the modern day Piz.Gate stuff. However, he suggests that when a prostitute found out too much they knew they would have to kill them so they would use the opportunity to make a snuff film. Evil shit all round.

0a9597 No.1422232


The picture he paints suggests that bloodlines / clans and family ties are more important for the illuminati then country in many respects. So, The aforementioned Krays were actually working for Mossad and the British Government. There were Russian spies passing nuclear secrets to the Soviets from UK and USA and all the intelligence services, KGB, MI5, Mossad and CIA knew about this and let it happen as from their view it balanced the world out to let Russia get the bomb.

38e8d4 No.1422246


Should go at the tippy top BO.

My humble suggestion

0a9597 No.1422283


Bloodline. Worth reading directly:

they believe that if you can trace your ancestry back through this Stuart/Plantagenet/Merovingian line back through the ages then you may still possess the psychic gene.

This is why the Royals control their breeding like they’re some pedigree, prize-winning champion wonder-horse. They arrogantly assumed that with their ‘blue-blood’ they would have the gene; they don’t.

Of course, those that do, Ward’s people, they’ve been sleeping with all-sorts and, as a result, have diluted the gene, possibly to the point of extinction.

Perhaps a little historical diversion is called for at this point.

I was told that it all dates back to the Battle of Crecy in 1346 during the Hundred Years’ War. Up until then very few nobles were killed. They used to just take each other hostage, no big deal, the money and property was merely moved from one branch of the family to another. Nobody really took it that seriously, it was just a game to them and it meant nothing that the peasants were slaughtered; they would soon breed more sons, stupid fools, was their attitude.

But the terrain at Crecy, and the weather, meant the nobles in the British Army couldn’t get up front in time to call off the dogs, so to speak. The English archers had the time to take out their knives and axes and slaughter all the French nobles to a man. French casualties are said to have numbered 30,000, including the Kings of Bohemia and Majorca, the Duke of Lorraine, the Count of Flanders, the Count of Blois, eight other counts and three archbishops. Utter carnage. When the nobles fell off their horses their armour stuck to the mud, making them helpless, they couldn’t get up.

Crecy caused ripples that are still being felt today. Crecy and the French Revolution frightened the Establishment rigid; it was not meant to be them that got killed! Their wives could only produce so many children and only a few of these survived to reach maturity, let alone those that are born thick-as-shit, or mad, or with six fingers, or with webbed feet, or all of the above; so they began to father illegitimate children to make up the numbers.

These they kept secret, of course, but they were discretely looked after and, if they showed signs of something that could be of use, they were further helped in their careers and married into the family etc. But they mainly bred ‘extra’ children to ensure the line continued despite war and pestilence, and because inbreeding can cause impotence.

Sex is something they just do to produce heirs, to keep the bloodline going. Anything went. Hence these sex-orgies, they were to get people used to just doing it with anybody available, without flinching. This is why I know they haven’t found anybody powerful-enough to master the psychic gene, they would have used it to protect themselves from war and disease otherwise, but without it they had to just hunker-down and survive.

7537d2 No.1422463


Start video at :33. Has anyone ever noticed this? i just happened to stumble over this clip….POTUS specifically calls out 5th avenue, knowing it doesnt exist….YET

0a9597 No.1422618


Why is this important?

If true, if confirms the existence of chi / psychic energy / The Noosphere. Or their belief in it at least.

The illuminated families believe that there is a psychic gene and that some people are more powerful than others. That would be very advantageous as your family could then manipulate financial markets, control people and so on.

They also clearly believe in sacred geometry and the fractal nature of the universe, which is why they build all these structures and why there is a huge rock of magnetite in the UN prayer room. Kek. I think that is where the lunar ceremonies come from. It's very old school but they probably believe that sacrificing children on a full moon and then having orgies will mean the offspring of those orgies may have psychic powers.

And that brings us full circle to Trump and the ceremony that Crowley and Parsons did. They sent radio waves to the moon and Donald Trump, who has the bloodline clearly, was born at the same time. Trump is supported by the military, which is masonic in all countries. That's why officers don't harm each other. So, what we are seeing now with Qanon is all theater basically. It's already been decided. They sacrifice a few characters for the public like Comey or Hilary Clinton or Obama. It doesn't matter in the scheme of things to these families as they have a lot of offspring. Also, they can fake deaths. They do it all the time.

The Royal family in the UK will stay and I think

and pass directly to William, who has Diana's Stuart blood. He also married Kate Middleton who comes from French Hugenot, Martineu line (The Unitarian bloodline very common in USA with the Pilgrim fathers). So, a bit of breeding has happened and everything is cool.

So, here we are at the start of a golden age. They will kill off all the weirdos, pedophiles and savages from their ranks and it will appear to be a bountiful and more egalitarian age. A new renaissance. Judging from Qanon I think they will unveil the hidden knowledge as well. It will be over time though. I think this whole thing got a bit bigger than anyone expected.


cab6d9 No.1422746



Cute little segment. 5th Ave. must certainly be a big deal to POTUS! Wish we knew what he knows! Thx for that vid.

I find it sickening that, prior to his election, these talking heads treated him well, in comparison to what's being done now.


These traitors were highlighted in Notables on the 10th in genral research, but no mention of their presence in this bread; same peeps tho.

If you notice at the top of this bread, there's something called 'essential reading'. <That is (((them)))- that's what it's about.


I'd also suggest new eyes on our digs as we were being mis-directed continually. Archived pages are linked at top.

8a739a No.1422994

>>1310535 Great post.thx

95e342 No.1423101


Gentlemen, we are being shadow-banned, en masse, on Twitter. As we speak.

eb0c18 No.1423173


idk. i was thinking that maybe some of the stuff we have dug up here will actually be used when its time to go "deeper" and "higher altitude"

ea8e79 No.1452860

Heads up to you 5th Ave guys.


96c33e No.1453937

File: ef5a1af5574f90b⋯.jpg (753.96 KB, 1024x684, 256:171, 474783790.jpg)

File: bc37eb69827afc4⋯.jpg (116.49 KB, 600x379, 600:379, Nile-Niami-House-600x379.jpg)

File: b0bb6a26d87c493⋯.jpg (123.38 KB, 636x382, 318:191, 2E7186D700000578-0-image-a….jpg)

Found something on the other coast: in L.A. some "producer" turned developer is building a $500 million mansion.


What struck me is the picture of the guy (couldn't grab it from the above article) is wearing red shoes.

Can someone s copy that pic (on phone so can't do). Red shoes only show in pic when viewing in mobile.

Podesta the perv had red shoes. Coincidence? Maybe. But all these mega-ultra residences may be built on or conceal more than just wealth.

"Once, the rich built their own dream houses. In the second Gilded Age, however, developers such as Nile Niami, a former B-movie producer, will do it for them.

Niami is the builder of The One, the USS Enterprise of the new class of spec houses. It sits on a 4-acre hilltop lot with 360-degree views, including the downtown skyline and the Pacific.

The One has 20 bedrooms, seven pools (including a moat) and five elevators. It has a nightclub, casino, flower room, spa, gym, beauty salon, 45-seat theater, four-lane bowling alley and a four-oven commercial kitchen. There is a lounge whose walls are glass tanks filled with iridescent jellyfish. There is parking for 30 vehicles.

The master bedroom suite — 5,500 square feet, more than twice the average house — has its own office, kitchen and pool."

L.A. is a perv magnet, maybe one of Soros' spawn will bug it.

3218f9 No.1454663

File: ba13c0fb10af8d8⋯.png (144.8 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, orgonite 2.png)

File: 108113de0079c50⋯.png (975.76 KB, 1014x706, 507:353, orgonite pieces.png)

File: f68ba42fd379c46⋯.png (494.6 KB, 620x471, 620:471, orgonite pyramid.png)


Consider using orgonite. I don't know how or why, but it seriously fucks up the trails to the point where they can't spread. They'll continue to spray, but it won't work like it did before you built the devices. Sorry for the off topic post. I won't derail this very interesting thread any more after this post. Consider building some though. The time and money investment is almost nothing, and it will almost certainly improve your quality of life.

f2af40 No.1459521


Well, they may be dying off. Anyone heard anything out of Lynn de Rothschild lately? Or any of them? Her twitter has been deactivated, it seems. Since mid-February, I believe. No more #FlyEaglesFly#.

cab6d9 No.1470630

File: 86f0da45f6045cd⋯.jpg (125.36 KB, 735x723, 245:241, EREBOS.jpg)



Nice catch, Anon!

From that article: "(JK) shed some of the assets — including his stake in 666 Fifth Avenue — by selling them to a trust controlled by his mother.”

Still digging on the River Styx. Putting this link here for safe keeping. This site archives crossword puzzle clues and answers- this collection about underworld rivers. http:// crosswordtracker.com/clue/underworld-river/

Also, drawing of EREBOS. Akin to the AGARTHA 'map' which shows places in the underworld, EREBOS depicts the underground rivers.

cab6d9 No.1473871

File: 0efcd86ce193693⋯.jpg (48.95 KB, 474x355, 474:355, STOUT.jpg)

File: ae6bd2c7333ae75⋯.jpg (19.61 KB, 300x187, 300:187, Stat.Lib..jpg)

Notes from today's STYX dig:

Scott Onstott- the Hermetic Code of NYC. Hermetic def.: relating to an ancient occult tradition encompassing alchemy, astrology, and theosophy.

The Statue of Liberty has the same geometry of the GA Guidestones.

Cleopatra's Needle is an authentic Egyptian obelisk that was transported to New York City in 1881, where it was erected in Central Park. Heliopolis: an ancient Egyptian city located near the apex of the Nile delta at what is now Cairo. It was the original site of the obelisks known as Cleopatra's Needles.

Gargle maps shows 2 of the three needles located in NYC, 2485 Broadway, New York and Upper East Side At 81st Street, Central Park, New York City although other sources indicate the original 3 needles were erected in Paris, London and NY.

The obelisk is a pagan symbol representing a phallus. Many obelisks place a cross on top to hide it's pagan roots but in so doing, create the symbol for Heliopolis. NYC is the modern day Heliopolis?

Statue of Liberty base contains 11 points in the 'star, she sits upon. The 11 horns???

There is a video game, perhaps 'GhostBusters Machine?' that players report that when they get to 'spook central mode' level of the game, screeching voices play at loud levels and the volume cannot be controlled.

Re: the anti-podal point I was given: "Solomon's Temple was at the center, the "navel of the earth" (Ezek.5:5; 38:12)"

Question: Why is it that the bible historically puts mankind in the ME/Jerusalem when all supporting mythology is from Greece?

Lady Liberty or Liberitus in Greek translates to Isis and her 7 stars of Isis and her 'magic' number 7 derived from the 'seven rays of the cult of Isis' (as in Liberty's [crown] rays).

The 188th ley line runs thru NYC from Stonehenge to the GA Guidestones and on to the Temple of the Sun Teotihuacan in Mexico. It is said to be the line of death.

Early in in this thread, an Anon continued to post the height of Giza (Giza said to be the beginning point of all ley lines). I believe our bldg. and Giza are the same height. Do ley lines operate in this way; that Giza sends its natural energy to the next monument that is also of the same height and located on the same ley line?

Sixtus V, Roman Pope in 1585 chose this name representative of the 6&5 or macro&micro, or the marriage of the pentagon and hexagon; Tesla's secret numbers. This Pope spent his 5 year term moving monuments and obelisks around Rome. Do the Pope's serve as manipulators of magic spells? [note: the building blocks of biology- acids- all contain hexagon/pentagon molecular structure]

Other: "On 8/8/11 the S&P dropped by 6.66% and the DOW dropped by 5.55%

The exact distance between the center of the Kaaba in Mecca and the center of the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem is 665.65 nautical miles

The matrix is playing games with us, trying to teach us about 6 and 5"- Onstott

[SLOSH maps]

That concludes today's dig for me. Hours of research and still no answers. Please feel free to add to this research or better yet, share the epiphany(Pi) this information brings you!

2aa3ee No.1504939


Isn't there 5G Internet access already?

cab6d9 No.1510241

I'm sure this has nothing todo with anything- but ya never know.

River Styx is an unincorporated community in Medina County, Ohio, United States.[1] River Styx is located 4.5 miles from Wadsworth and 6.5 miles from Medina.

A post office called River Styx was established in 1828, and remained in operation until it was discontinued in 1905.[2] The community and the nearby Styx River derive their names from the Styx, a river in Greek mythology.[3] The gloomy character of a nearby swamp caused the name to be selected.[4] River Styx has been noted for its unusual place name.[5]

There is a cemetery that was established as a pioneer homestead graveyard in 1821

cab6d9 No.1510596

File: 56cecda3079bed7⋯.jpg (22.6 KB, 177x255, 59:85, Agartha.jpg)


And this:

The River Styx is actually the underground segment of Cave Creek as it flows through Oregon Caves National Monument. This designation is unique within the National Wild and Scenic Rivers System as it is the first—and only—underground river in the National System.


Mammoth Cave is said to be one entrance to 'Agartha'.

Th River Styx is discussed briefly on the Historic Tour, which is the popular tour that travels closest to the underground river, when it reaches River Hall. During periods of heavy rain, River Hall has been known to flood from the water running through the cave system to the River Styx.

River Styx is everywhere?

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