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File: 2945ed6e036d8ee⋯.png (6.67 MB, 5760x3240, 16:9, QR1316.png)

e0a1f6 No.1054902



Love yourself, and mean it. Think mirror.

War Room Update

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>>880021 How to Quickly Spot a Clownschill

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Saturday 04.14.18

>>1041555 ---------------------- Expand your thinking. The ‘date’ vs ‘actual’. Iran next.

Friday 04.13.18

>>1032326 -----------------------Trust POTUS. ... Intel good.

Thursday 04.12.18

>>1015665 ---------------------- Twitter down. Injection good.

>>1015438 rt >>1015398 --- Intel drops a delicate job.

>>1015262 ---------------------- RR Problems archive.fo/QR2tE

>>1015015 rt >>1015000 --- Misspellings matter.

>>1015000 ---------------------- Trumps MEMEmbers of Congress

>>1009048 rt >>1008970 --- We certainly have it all!

>>1008955 ---------------------- HONEYPOTS. archive.fo/uqayV

>>1008693 rt >>1008670 --- Alan (Derschowitz ed.). Welcome Aboard. Plane. 17.

>>1008560 rt >>1008534 --- Syria.

>>1008491 rt >>1008463 --- Facebook. Building 8. China.

>>1008463 ---------------------- Night [5]. archive.fo/5FfTx

Wednesday 04.11.18

>>1005902 ---------------------- #17

>>1004880 ---------------------- Freedom!

>>1004087 ---------------------- Learn Our Comms

>>1003596 rt >>1003248 --- @Snowden FB info drop

>>1003054 ---------------------- "There will be consequences."

>>1002918 rt >>1002786 --- House of Reps

>>1002729 rt >>1002693 --- Truth is like a Maypole

>>1002693 rt >>1002643 --- [H] in the Killbox

>>1002643 ---------------------- IT'S HAPPENING

Tuesday 04.10.18

>>985368 ----------------------- Fireworks.

>>982457 ----------------------- Bolton cleaning house!

>>979213 rt >>979093 ------ TRUST

>>979093 ----------------------- FBI burning midnight oil

>>978771 ----------------------- Tuesday (China). Cars

>>978383 rt >>978366 ------ Fake

>>978104 rt >>978080 ------ Chongqing

>>978017 rt >>977691 ------ China’s Embrace of Foreign Cars | https:// archive.is/IGTnw

Monday 04.09.18

>>977691 ----------------------- China/CQ cancel

>>974802 ----------------------- Read carefully. (Cohen) archive.fo/NfBjK

>>974537 rt >>974444 ------ The connection is simply chlorine

>>973651 rt >>973608 ------ Learn our comms

>>973468 rt >>973390 ------ They broke in during the fire

>>973341 rt >>973097 ------ Reason we are here MORE

>>972392 ----------------------- RR problems

>>969959 ----------------------- CA Targeted

>>968804 ----------------------- Like Clockwork (note the filename)

>>967875 rt >>967809 ------ SAT imagery + EITS are not definitive

>>967752 ----------------------- SYRIA. Hold until CONF

>>967390 ----------------------- CLASS ACTION LAWSUITS

>>967331 rt >>967224 ------ Think ‘Bridge’. GOOG. FB. TWITTER

>>967161 rt >>967123 ------ YOU are being TRACKED

>>967105 rt >>966637 ------ PEOPLE have POWER

>>966859 rt >>966637 ------ Follow the family (MZ)

>>966637 ----------------------- XMAS IN DC

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e0a1f6 No.1054904


OBAMA TIMELINE >>949587, >>926762, >>949333, >>949547


>>1054206 Watch Barbara's visitors

>>1054301 Nobody cares about (((your))) opinions

>>1054376 IRS Identity

>>1054775 Anon never ceases to be amazed.

>>1054766 Done in 30.

>>1054839 Trust the plan.


>>1053444 Treason Must Be Punished.

>>1053462 Amateur.

>>1053562 Annnnd technology advances.

>>1053761 Every corner of the internet, eh?

>>1053867 Why does this anon hate history AND technology?

>>1054001 "Frivolous" =/= "Not a scam"

>>1054061 The Sedona Forum (WDSHN-related)


>>1052655 Barbara Bush health failing

>>1052675 Time to set the stage (tarmac fiasco)

>>1052707 Alyssa Milano starting a revolution?

>>1052814 Bill Cooper 666 and 1776

>>1052920 NTI bombed in Syria?

>>1053021 Trump promises to protect states' rights

>>1053079 (You) may not believe in it, but (((they))) do

>>1053086 Pentagon claims 2,000% increase in Russian trolls after Syria strikes.


>>1051844 Contaminated with holdovers

>>1051941 Pace yourselves, lads.

>>1051994 More IG reports on Comey and McCabe

>>1052071 SJC WORST FBI

>>1052368 Stericycle's medical waste incinerator located in North Salt Lake

>>1052417 Welcome, newfags


>>1051048 POTUS: "(give us all a break)"

>>1051032 HUSSEIN v. Hussein

>>1051082 Google "Golden Dawn' (also "OTO")

>>1051121 Dank JK memes

>>1051141 Corbyn demand Royal Family GIVE UP control

>>1051192 Did you find your TO DO list yet?

>>1051349 What Mark Zuckerberg didn't say about what Facebook knows about you

>>1051360 What's wrong with Gina?

>>1051384 Saudi king announces $150 million donation for East Jerusalem (from twatter)

>>1051498 Set Stage for Lynch/Clinton Tarmac meeting.

>>1051552 SNAKES ON A PLANE (actual NY Post headline)


>>1050376 Red Orchestra Digg >>1050461

>>1050551 Air China Flight forced to land

>>1050541 Sky Harbor International Airport

>>1050745 Nunes, Gowdy & Goodlatte Demand Rosenstein Turn Over Comey Memos By Monday >>1049029 (#1308)

>>1050784 Trump Tweet Storm Continues >>1050263

>>1050834 RIP Mu'aumer Qaddaffi

>>1050842 Dank MbS memes


>>1049536 Sparrow Roth >>1049475 , >>1049560

>>1049546 , >>1049587 Sparrow anti-missile missile

>>1049607 Physicianfag about ZIKA mosquitos >>1049974 , >>1050083

>>1049618 Cabal Search Ideas

>>1049628 Nikki Haley pic, No Coincidences

>>1049635 MusicAnon National Enquirer article request >>1049667 Gemstone link

>>1049522 , >>1049788 ZIKA engineered by Roths?

>>1050108 Putin wont engage west over strikes

>>1050051 New POTUS Tweets

>>1050023 David Buckel suicide


>>1048674 Kish Island, Iran >>1048303

>>1048806 ATLAS V Rocket Launches From Cape Canaveral >>1049097

>>1048960 Review of High School History book

>>1048977 Proof That Obama Lied

>>1048774 Environmentalist Burns Himself in Protest


>>1047945 Planefags update Kish International

>>1048070 Human Leather Products Sold Online


>>1047173 Tony Blair call with Gaddafi >>1047699 Transcript

>>1047127 Iranian diplomat hosted at White House under Obama >>1047134

>>1047145 Baboons escape Texas Biomedical Research Institute >>1047339

>>1047379 Lawyers Inquiry into 9-11 released April 10, 2018 >>1047554

>>1047324 Look into GioForbice >>1047413

>>1047737 Planefags Alert


>>1046666 , >>1046688 HRC Video on darkweb claim

>>1046812 Activist drowned cont.

>>1046914 Gunfire at festival in Baltimore

>>1046927 , >>1046921 DoD Retweet just now

>>1046885 Risk Estimate Distance


>>1045717 Talking Points

>>1045640 BOOM!

>>1045978 , >>1046000 Anti-GMO activist dead in hotel pool.

>>1045723 , >>1045582 , >>1046096 Sparrow Red Theory.

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e0a1f6 No.1054910

Tweet Storm: THE WAVE: hit them with everything you got!


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87bed8 No.1054911

File: 8d6e980d853a175⋯.jpeg (538.44 KB, 1052x1589, 1052:1589, 51072446-66A8-4C2C-B91B-5….jpeg)

e0a1f6 No.1054916



25142a No.1054954

File: 739c2a8b195d387⋯.jpg (83.48 KB, 750x632, 375:316, 739c2a8b195d3878e0678c272c….jpg)

File: 81c119e6f3de110⋯.png (414.67 KB, 750x498, 125:83, p276.png)

File: 8d4b30d84330d62⋯.jpg (181.71 KB, 1200x945, 80:63, DXFGe5UVAAAnIa6.jpg)

File: b6672dea88ede0a⋯.png (433.18 KB, 750x420, 25:14, 72f9394e1a73bd2f68466e72f6….png)

7c1d06 No.1054966

File: 0926133809a7330⋯.jpg (36.15 KB, 289x400, 289:400, into_the_blue_01018.jpg)

Bless The Baker

331c20 No.1054969

Thank you Baker. You, my friend, are awesome.

b404f7 No.1054979

File: 1bfb0d9ae01e3af⋯.jpg (1.68 MB, 2000x2000, 1:1, hrcnodeal.jpg)


f5ed05 No.1054987


wat kind of reinforced gallows will they need for howdy comey, the stilt-legged, rat-faced, hyper phaggot?

67c525 No.1054988

File: acc3bd1482deb55⋯.png (279.01 KB, 594x560, 297:280, 1.PNG)



New Studies in Intel!

https:/ /www.cia.gov/library/center-for-the-study-of-intelligence/csi-publications/csi-studies/studies/vol-62-no-1/index.html

-Resist Disinformation, Think Like an Intel Analyst

-#WWI Military Intel

-Long-Term Deception: Rearmament of German Air Force

-Origin & Evolution of Joint Analysis Center @ RAF Molesworth

-Office of Strategic Research

c8cb31 No.1054989

>>1054974 (previous bread)

Yeah, especially since Q said Iran was next. Collapse their economy, that'll do it…

fd6ae8 No.1054990


Get it right, get it tight !





2c4d20 No.1054991



This map will be updated I'm sure when Sessions is done!

c24423 No.1054993

File: ff804aab9351aac⋯.png (477.43 KB, 701x576, 701:576, tin-foil-realize.png)

4bf115 No.1054994

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

The Wild Bill Show

c29cd5 No.1054995

File: b824ec07ae620a4⋯.jpg (73.89 KB, 500x600, 5:6, 28a7op.jpg)

8056d9 No.1054996

File: 7731ebb9b2cb5e6⋯.jpg (230.84 KB, 800x1036, 200:259, TZ2a.jpg)

From end of last bread. Re-posted because it's worth the read.


What a tangled web of lies and deceit!

Here is a great (long and detailed) thread about the OIG report on McCabe:

https:// threadreaderapp.com/thread/985570434841235456.html

And here is the thread he refers to at several points of the article:

https:// threadreaderapp.com/thread/985526771557814273.html

(I know,,, Beanz!, but she actually did a good job here)

I can't wait for the full OIG report and the indictments that follow.

These people are corrupt beyond belief.

fd6ae8 No.1054997

File: 668f06e09b27d49⋯.jpg (13.67 KB, 255x238, 15:14, 346deb1f0384cc669e378565d1….jpg)

9022ec No.1054998


Next false flag, right before the meeting w/ Kim, will make sure this is blamed on Kim and Assad and Putin.

173545 No.1054999

Where is the war nigger Q? Carrying water for McCain hahahahahaha!

6e406b No.1055000

File: 4c6d7a2825c6086⋯.jpg (72.43 KB, 887x499, 887:499, 28g134.jpg)

c24423 No.1055001

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Raiders of the Lost MAGA

518e78 No.1055002


nooo dont teach the newbs to bake

6c3a42 No.1055003

>>1054904 thanks Baker!

>>1054852 (prev)

Thank you, Anon!


>God I love your work (no homo)

Thanks, Anon! (no homo) :)


Thanks, Anon!

73cf3a No.1055004


You sound desperate Jew…your tricks dont work here. We see you.

Q came here. We already had a culture.

In fact the MI wrote war manuals from 2006 and 2007 talking about the importance of Meme warfare and how the future wars would involve the internet and Memes….

Imagine this kike and tremble……MI made the chans. The MI needed a meme making group that had freed itself from the dominate Jew mind and culture…namely PC culture.

Imagine Jew….that your not just sitting in a random website trying to spin for your tribe. Your sitting in the heart of the MI operation designed to remove your kinds control over our lives.

Think about that big brain boy. Think.

Shaking a little?

2c4d20 No.1055005

KEK and no PROJECT CASSANDRA yet again from last bread despite tying it into current events and Q posts!!

Ties to Obama

Ties to No Name

Ties to Sessions

Ties to Current Events

Cassandra…ignore…ignore…ignore. Shill baker.

67c525 No.1055006

File: 756041144a12b6f⋯.png (152.7 KB, 317x185, 317:185, 1.PNG)

ffceea No.1055007

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>>1054947 (from previous bread)

Play this and think of Nasim.

She will not be forgotten. I honor her with powerful memes.

0d39bc No.1055008

Notables (expanded)


>>1054217 Breakdown between HUSSEIN and Hussein

>>1054376 >>1054434 Income Taxes and the Law - William Cooper

>>1054392 Kathy Ruemmler Digworthies


>>1054511 Chinese Spies engaged in Massive Theft of U.S. Tech

>>1054557 >>1054765 NTI Not bombed - list of entities known to be associated with SSRC in Syria

>>1054493 Kish Island, Iran - Offshore banks/trafficking to circumvent sanctions

>>1054839 Trust the plan!


>>1053443 David Boren - Committee of 300 - Stroke

>>1053501 Nuclear Threat Initiative Digs

>>1053564 What do anons think this investigation that Q Team is working on would look like exactly?

>>1053613 >>1053653 >>1053743 Awans and the Q drops

>>1053669 >>1053975 Expand your thinking

>>1054113 Eric Holder wants liberals to shut up about impeaching POTUS

>>1054153 Follow the Wives (and those who visit them upon the death bed)

b404f7 No.1055009


gotta McNoName shill

c29cd5 No.1055010

File: 82a602c9993e116⋯.jpg (60.42 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 27wbk8.jpg)

4bf115 No.1055011

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


The Wild Bill Show - Episode 4 - Wild Bill and Gore Strike Back (2001 MadBlast.com Animation)

fd6ae8 No.1055012

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


How to surf properly video there too.

aeb200 No.1055013

Perhaps retarded. Going for it anyway as often Q has double meanings. Relooked at “This is not a game”. Appears in 8 drops, of which 1 is repeated.

“This Is Not A Game” is sci-fi by Walter Jon Williams 2008. His next book is “Deep State” 2010.

In TINAG it’s mostly about alternate-reality-games (ARG) puppet master Dagmar using the Group Mind to extract her from a real dangerous situation. Later, using the same group to look for a killer, track down bank information, collect water samples, and later send out a patch to destroy peer-to-peer bots farming gold. Along the way, uses a small subset of the Group Mind to help with her catching her would be murderer, tho they don’t know that.


a) We all have blind spots; Dagmar was blinded by past friendships and past love

b) One of the plots was about two guys that took down a game by becoming the monopolies of the basics in that game – wood, gold, minerals. Etc.

c) One of the developers than used what learned from b) to use a bot to harvest gold (Really don’t understand this part.) Then led to other peer-to-peer bots – all harvesting gold – sending money to a Cayman island account. $20k eventually turned into $14.3 Billion.

d) It really is about FOLLOW THE MONEY. How did some people of wealth acquire the outrageous amounts of money they have when their work doesn’t equate to what they have. How is the money laundered?

Excerpt at end of paperback is chapter in “Deep State” and from that derived:

a) Many contractors for CIA are actually CIA front companies, separate yet part

b) No CIA member is loyal to another group (in 1st chapter a contractor keeps something that belongs to another CIA team)

c) If mockingbird is to journalism than there must be _ to corporations.

Or not. Could all be stupid shit that has no meaning and is simply retarded.

Other “This is not a game”:

1) Skunk Anasie https:// www. youtube.com/watch?v=iMzCvIBxFJA

“Taken from their latest album Black Traffic Skunk Anansie have never been a band to shy away from political issues and "This Is Not A Game" is no exception. Inspired by the clusterf*ck that is the world's political and financial systems, Skin sings about the sadness of witnessing the unnecessary and inhumane suffering of the people at the hands of those in power.”

2) http:// creepypasta.wikia.com/wiki/This_Is_Not_a_Game

This is a disturbing story about a game that was reality and someone found via ARG and bad things happened, even murder. Or did it? What’s real? Only a story? Is it possible that people are being played in real time to do bad things, things that might not even appear to be bad?

3) https:// www. msn.com/en-us/entertainment/story/game-night-clip-this-is-not-a-game/vp-BBJ8Qm9

Have no idea.

4) http:// thisisnotagame.org/

In looking at their twatter not much happening since 2015.

5) https:// www. youtube.com/watch?v=CAgnJxxFtHY

There’s a song from “Hunger Games” called “This is not a game”? Never watched - know that sounds lame, never like the idea of people hunting each other for survival. Not sure if this has any relevance - since know 0 about book/movie/TV show https:// the-artifice.com/the-hunger-games-political-message/ Although, the R's hunting lodge stuff makes one sick to think about how much of Hollyweird is telling us to our faces what they do.

6) https:// www. argn.com/2005/04/this_is_not_a_game/

7806fd No.1055014

File: b620804fa632b71⋯.png (10.32 KB, 1320x145, 264:29, ClipboardImage.png)

NEVER EVER trust a hospital that has their own coroner on staff and does organ transplants!!!!!!


05fd0c No.1055015


As far as I am aware, Military executions are only carried out by lethal injection (currently). Shame really, I think a firing squad would be most appropriate … but then I'm just an old softy. KEK!

87bed8 No.1055016

File: 58292a52ac4d964⋯.jpg (114.92 KB, 614x767, 614:767, 1522406573914.jpg)

fd6ae8 No.1055017


Head crusher .

e0a1f6 No.1055018




b404f7 No.1055019


gotta muh joo shill

aab146 No.1055020

File: 39426afc528cc82⋯.jpg (72.87 KB, 590x350, 59:35, 28g182.jpg)

7c5ba2 No.1055021

Hey Anons, has there been a list of the shit eaters that have been researched and identified here compiled?

I have tried to find one and cannot. I believe that an extensive list of the compromised/evil/bloodline people must be made available in order to illustrate the connections that are in high places. I will try if one has not been made. It's gonna be a long list though, since it becomes generational criminal and depraved behavior.

Godspeed All.

c29cd5 No.1055022

File: 7df6ef639dd2272⋯.jpg (87.33 KB, 500x500, 1:1, dgefh.jpg)

fe608b No.1055024

>The ‘date’ vs ‘actual’.

Missile attack said to be 4/13 but actually happened a few days earlier?

2c4d20 No.1055025


ahhh….bless you


Some meat in the bread!!!!

ee1a3d No.1055026

File: 673cf52c1645950⋯.png (136.55 KB, 528x559, 528:559, Q1.png)

76f65d No.1055027


They want to teach us?

Thank you Pompeo?

83c18b No.1055028

File: 84f64d414602c63⋯.jpeg (14.68 KB, 255x231, 85:77, iamthemedianow.jpeg)

173545 No.1055029


You are pushing McCain deepstate foreign policy you stupid fucker. Just because Q does too doesn't mean you have to. You are a lightweight patriot you stupid fucker. NO WAR in the Middle East POTUS, you fucking coward!!

ef7b1d No.1055030

File: e6c5410f903f6d2⋯.png (39.15 KB, 861x255, 287:85, ClipboardImage.png)

Very Interdasting….I stumbled upon this when I was researching something else I found to be rather odd..

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/In-Q-Tel

99c7d5 No.1055031

File: 79da1eff7bdae25⋯.jpg (62.41 KB, 599x400, 599:400, fuckimoldforrememberingthi….jpg)


I know just the man for the job

49048f No.1055032

Anons we have the POTUS's ears. We must hold his feet to the fire when he goes sideways, or all the way toward the Globalists agenda. We must not blindly trust and throw out our own minds. Q never told us what the plan is. What if the plan is to do exactly what the Globalists want and they are using this board to collect info on patriots for when the round up takes place? Trust no flesh!

Someone once told me Trump is ((THEIR)) trump card. I thought they were wrong but now I am having serious doubts. We need to sound the alarm and let Q and POTUS know we don't want this. This is all being done for Israel and the Globalist agenda. We cannot let it happen. Thousands of Christians have been killed in the Syrian war. We have no right to be there, Syria did nothing to America. Nothing!!!!

e0a1f6 No.1055033




b727c3 No.1055034

File: 6367a8754a4cb16⋯.png (116.52 KB, 320x301, 320:301, poopbutton.png)


what happened to the other tough guy copy pasta?

so lame and gay

7c5ba2 No.1055035

File: 72b5ee8783320f7⋯.png (12.5 KB, 503x308, 503:308, YeeHaw.png)


Replying to myself cause this one is cool:

396958 No.1055036



Excellent work, Baker. Thank you.

aab146 No.1055037

File: 3b0d3ac9c053666⋯.jpg (70.22 KB, 590x350, 59:35, 28g1e3.jpg)

c29cd5 No.1055038

File: cc8a23e19920931⋯.png (14.5 KB, 255x170, 3:2, 230667368bc547575438c8a73d….png)

25fe13 No.1055039

File: 54666f7d47117c6⋯.jpg (492.04 KB, 1500x1000, 3:2, images.duckduckgo.jpg)

05fd0c No.1055040


I like the cut of your jib! … a cruel man … but fair!

f7297f No.1055041


When you are elected POTUS, you don’t have to bomb Syria.

Problem solved

0126fb No.1055042

Establish new rule, effective IMMEDIATELY:

From now on, ANYONE who engages a shill is to be permanently labeled/considered a shill.


93a66c No.1055043

File: 88bcab5aa22578f⋯.png (151.52 KB, 500x625, 4:5, step-up-nigga-step-up-nigg….png)

File: 9ba995668f71cbf⋯.jpeg (8.84 KB, 228x221, 228:221, images.jpeg)

ef1f91 No.1055044

File: fd51d310dbc8bf1⋯.jpg (248.07 KB, 2048x1246, 1024:623, bearvikinglarge.jpg)

ThankQ baker

bb6563 No.1055045

Q you need to get the hell on here, and warn people off this video.

We need to hear from you, so we can post the screenshot, and get folks on lamebook and twatter to back off.

I have a very strong feeling that we are being baited to discredit us.

Please say something. They hype is building.

f68fd1 No.1055046



ffceea No.1055047

File: 2c6509dac14555d⋯.jpg (34.53 KB, 500x284, 125:71, pepe-licence-to-meme.jpg)


Licence to meme. Digits confirm.

c24423 No.1055048

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Tanya Makes Anime Great Again

76f65d No.1055049


I said that Because Maduro could to win in May (Rigged Election) *Genius*.

436a56 No.1055050



05fd0c No.1055051


He bombed the Cabal, wake up!

fd6ae8 No.1055052


I would not hurt the tiniest of God's creatures on Earth but these vermin demons…. No feelz . Worst possible execution imaginable is fine with me il watch and just blink with no expression at all.

949cc1 No.1055053


This un-sourced conjecture about Barbara "Muh Beautiful Mind" Bush is interesting but does not belong in the "NOTABLE" section.


^^^THIS^^^, BAKERS. Opinions, while respectable, are not "notable." We need to please keep the "NOTABLE" section notable. In other words, "MAKE THE NOTABLES GREAT AGAIN." #MTNGA Thanks, lads.

08273c No.1055054


Sounds eerily familiar.

99c7d5 No.1055055

File: d43f8776328bd47⋯.jpg (260.18 KB, 1200x1234, 600:617, Nasim_f0996c_6568221.jpg)

Thank you baker.

1971f2 No.1055056


a true anon knows there is no video

a true anon knows to keep the hype building

8ec497 No.1055057



We need a clean up and due diligence. Notables are being filled with swill and nonsense. I appreciate theories but the shills and amateurs are getting highlighted while anons digging really crucial crumbs are overlooked.

2c4d20 No.1055058


^^^^NO NO NO


4bf115 No.1055059

File: 557088f22e2b680⋯.png (229.2 KB, 1112x614, 556:307, 3.PNG)


d7f124 No.1055060

File: 67526e17bb89823⋯.jpg (31.35 KB, 337x318, 337:318, PreetBharar.jpg)


NYPD seized the laptop.

The brass/ Fed Attorney in charge was Clinton's water boy and blocked it from being investigated.


6722ac No.1055061

>>1054700 (Last Bread)

Little blue pills, Bob Dole reference?

(BD was a spokesman for Viagra)

92aeee No.1055062


you believe the Video is a hoax?

fd6ae8 No.1055063



f8f35b No.1055065


There will be no video until Q says there's a video…. it will be obvious it was the one…

a7cd3d No.1055066

File: 6ad55d5d18af33b⋯.jpg (260.39 KB, 1536x768, 2:1, GreatAwakeningUnity14.jpg)

File: b8c6db07e3c1b7b⋯.jpg (256.84 KB, 1536x768, 2:1, GreatAwakeningUnity13.jpg)

File: b3a1fef23e26670⋯.jpg (383.62 KB, 1536x768, 2:1, GreatAwakeningUnity11.jpg)

File: ea5100e085db1fd⋯.jpg (396.59 KB, 1536x768, 2:1, GreatAwakeningUnity12.jpg)

File: b07601b593f1840⋯.jpg (266.07 KB, 1536x768, 2:1, GreatAwakeningUnity10.jpg)

bdb3f3 No.1055067


ya right

Trump came here cause he is a Jew hater

god, what a retard

b404f7 No.1055068

File: 52c989d4c7ddd06⋯.jpg (64.26 KB, 734x637, 734:637, REMEMBER.jpg)


thank you anon

6c3a42 No.1055069

File: 6cca07edc08c3ea⋯.png (728.7 KB, 1624x1352, 203:169, NTI ORG in Syria.png)


bb6563 No.1055070


You're preaching to the choir, faggot.

7c1d06 No.1055071

File: 84acac7c9a6795a⋯.jpeg (142.88 KB, 1440x821, 1440:821, 1523831907.jpeg)

ef1f91 No.1055072

File: 276cb83c12cea58⋯.png (890.42 KB, 1246x1300, 623:650, memewarfarewinning.png)

b404f7 No.1055073


don't give IT (you)'s

filter and keep digging

718c98 No.1055074

Q Is WWIII part of the plan?

bdb3f3 No.1055075



u hold his feet to the fire first

52ff10 No.1055076


Love your work anon!

4323e0 No.1055077

Would Anons here support a preemptive war with Iran?

Want honest opinions!

c24423 No.1055078

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Bigger, better, stronger - remix

94ff97 No.1055079


I'm having less and less confidence this will ever be the case.

436a56 No.1055080


Yes, now run along to your bunker.

fd6ae8 No.1055081


LEARN TO FUCKING BAKE IF YOU WANT BREAD BRAINIACS . Dont tell me you can figure it out . Sorry to yell this shit is insane . Eat gimme gimme dat. Gibsum me bread fuck you . You bake im having fun .

f9e16c No.1055082


but u didnt get a quest Q

93a66c No.1055083

File: 59a401ae5f5527f⋯.jpg (108.07 KB, 641x416, 641:416, z8m2N.jpg)

File: 7588b497d38edb1⋯.jpg (52.23 KB, 500x700, 5:7, 80810767.jpg)

File: 3dadb1c6e9fff17⋯.jpeg (5.67 KB, 305x165, 61:33, download.jpeg)





c43462 No.1055084


so who is baking?

7c1d06 No.1055085


That's a man who doesn't sleep well

a65b5b No.1055086

File: 035a3174779ee4c⋯.png (341.39 KB, 980x936, 245:234, bookofq.png)

964b07 No.1055087

Q team action update:

Cabal leaders arrested or killed: 0

Wall miles completed: 0

Voter ID implemented? No

Public disclosure of worldwide Santanic control? No

Public disclosure of anything? No

Fluoride and other xenoestrogens, pesticides still in water? Yes

Flynn pardoned? No

Zuckerberg, Bezos, Jack, Gates, still active and colluding with intelligence to destroy individual privacy? Yes

Federal reserve abolished? No

Next update: probably wont ever need one.

8b048b No.1055088



I'm not from US.

Let's be all UNITY for truth!!!!

3ec947 No.1055089

While researching material on tarmac meeting, I came across Judicial Watch video and they received an interesting FOIA document Benghazi linking arms shipments to Syria in late August 2012!!!

It was a warning from DIA to Obama stating the weapons being shipped to Al-Queda type militants (backed by the West) was going to create a crisis in Syria and Iraq. The document listed 500 sniper rifles, 100 RPG’s with 300 rounds and 400 125mm and 155mm Howitzer missiles.

Obama and Clinton lied about the video because otherwise it would expose the terrorists there (probably from Libya).

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=BkeN_kGF_HI&feature=youtu.be

Long video – 30:30 marker starts talk of Benghazi/Syria

e0a1f6 No.1055090


baker has the dough, faggot

76f65d No.1055091


Just to neutralize the Iranian Bases in Syria and Hezbollah. and leave that Iran collapse by itself

8ec497 No.1055092



Thank God!

Real notables!

35d8db No.1055093

File: cb351195ef9d721⋯.jpeg (686.09 KB, 1115x1454, 1115:1454, 37C356D7-7086-4288-981E-1….jpeg)

This looks like it needs digging into.

http:// www.foxnews.com/us/2018/04/15/david-buckel-prominent-gay-rights-lawyer-burns-himself-to-death-in-new-york-to-protest-global-warming.amp.html?__twitter_impression=true

da63f5 No.1055094


Take a deep breath and calm the hell down.

Q knows WHERE the tape is,

WHEN it will be released,

and HOW it will be released.

You are triggered because you feel you can't CONTROL something.

Q has got this. TRUST and quit freaking out.

49048f No.1055095


I did and all of you fucking fags cuss me out.

93a66c No.1055096


butt hurt b/c your step dad stopped using lube ?

6e406b No.1055097


Erik Prince would know what is on that laptop and if there is a disgusting video.

“There is all kinds of criminal culpability through all the emails they’ve seen of that 650,000, including money laundering, underage sex, pay-for-play, and, of course, plenty of proof of inappropriate handling, sending/receiving of classified information, up to SAP level Special Access Programs,” he stated.

http:// www.breitbart.com/radio/2016/11/04/erik-prince-nypd-ready-make-arrests-weiner-case/

5f9ac4 No.1055098

File: 6dc786ff072f54b⋯.png (10.36 KB, 421x268, 421:268, Q Clowns.PNG)


Or else what?

You'll screech more?

7c5ba2 No.1055099


D J T, just as good!

ffceea No.1055101

File: e126bf6dce57e91⋯.jpg (56.32 KB, 477x440, 477:440, Nasim 5.jpg)




Digits confirm you are a concernfag.

ef1f91 No.1055102

File: b5a783303bc8611⋯.png (213.05 KB, 509x381, 509:381, pepe007spectre.png)


das rite mang. sho dem di wey

5ef556 No.1055103

>>1055042 is a Retard

Shills are the best friends to Anons because they remind us of the primary mission of being able to provide provable facts, documents, photos, videos that cannot be disputed. That is why the progress is being delayed. This board is about doing research but little of that is being done.

9b6c13 No.1055104

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I usually don't do famefagging, but I think Jordan Sather sums it up pretty good in his latest vid. Understandable material for normies who slightly awaken.

49048f No.1055105


You are all blind, following the blind. You'll end up in the ditch and no one will feel sorry for you.

8b048b No.1055106



51eefe No.1055107



I put all the ones that were similar in a row, and then the other named differently are below.

>What do YOU see?




















































































962d17 No.1055108

File: cb77adcb1682a94⋯.gif (3.74 KB, 432x216, 2:1, greekcommunistparty.gif)

Check out this Greek Communist Party marches over air strikes in Syria. Burns American flag.

What did we hit over there?

Check out their flag …must be a (((Cohencidence)))


https:// youtu.be/VXQj9yoqpcE

0126fb No.1055109



Seriously guys, we need drastic measures.

From now on, ANYONE who engages a shill or even participates in host Italy with one another should be permanently considered to be a shill! For God, for love of country and for fellow patriots. STAY TOGETHER!

964b07 No.1055111


Maybe he is "triggered" because the HRC tape is another promised happening that didn't happen and never will.

98603b No.1055112


Fishing for kosher pork again? You insatiable faggot.

1971f2 No.1055113


yes as to the so called video on the dark web

I do however believe there is evidence to bring

the tarmac story to light

the same people who leaked the tarmac meeting

have all the evidence to prosecute

we won't can't find it

BUT if WE get everybody looking, chatting, memeing, directing the evidence

it will come to light

bdb3f3 No.1055114


well Romans1 says those who indulge in perverted sex will burn in their own lust

so kinda prophetic

d31d15 No.1055115


Peter Munk - dead

approx 3 miles of wall up

voter ID = states right

>turdburglar [1] = (((you)))

76f65d No.1055116

c29cd5 No.1055117


A few missiles shot into Syria and you are comparing it to a WW3??

52ff10 No.1055118



Sounds like a great hashtag to go with the memes.

2c4d20 No.1055119

File: 66fc3bd79744d1d⋯.png (398.37 KB, 908x532, 227:133, ClipboardImage.png)


sauce? yeah you have no sauce….


Q Team is cutting off GLOBALIST AGENDA by cutting finances top down and prosecuting bottom up. Mirroring PROJECT CASSANDRA which was one bank……current day 152 banks!

ef7b1d No.1055120

File: 2c837e0ff70fac4⋯.png (48.09 KB, 941x404, 941:404, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 16f42e180f4be3b⋯.png (102.98 KB, 856x536, 107:67, ClipboardImage.png)

File: d586da0bc9854e5⋯.png (46.25 KB, 890x475, 178:95, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 79b4b2df9644bf3⋯.png (62.31 KB, 897x530, 897:530, ClipboardImage.png)

File: b42e7e16972ca94⋯.png (117.52 KB, 909x396, 101:44, ClipboardImage.png)

So I was going through some WikiLeaks Podesta emails when I noticed this one lady Laura Nichols was complaining about some shit so I decided to look her up and she started out at PBS, then she was Motion Pictures Association of America then she started working for National Geographic and shes a pretty prominent figure in the film/dnc/'pro'gressive side of town

What struck me was when I started looking into the Motion Pictures Association of America I saw it was

1600 Eye Street NW, Washington DC 20006

But there is no MPAA on I St NW in DC

It's on K street!

So when you look up 1600 eye street in google maps you get some other office building

I found it to be very odd..

f249e4 No.1055121

File: 213ca779504da23⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 279.44 KB, 640x428, 160:107, Q.png)

8b048b No.1055122



8ec497 No.1055123


I was digging Labda Legal his law firm:

https:// www.lambdalegal.org

But then I needed a shower - not my cup of tea.

I’ll stick to Syria digs

a7cd3d No.1055124


Thank you. Instead of responding to shills, instead of refuting disinformation (and I lack the patience to be a good digger), I just want to keep pushing Q's message of unity.

Is there anything more important than this? To

→ Love God with all your heart

→ Love your neighbor as yourself

436a56 No.1055125


Not on face value. Diplomacy with the powers in Syria broke down and that is why we struck them to end the use of CWs. If diplomacy, sanctions, and tough talk don't work with Iran we probably have to hit them as well. They have said they can enrich Uranium in 4 days now so time will be an important factor.

Remember too that we are not fighting the people of Iran but actually the cabal who is using Iran as a base.

e0a1f6 No.1055126


She is sooooo pretty.

0126fb No.1055127



not host Italy LMFAO damn auto-correct.

d844fa No.1055128


That would be a know buy moonbeam is probably a little nervous right now. They are trying to split up CA or have their own country asap but its too late.

78b4bc No.1055129


The World, led by the US, against the Deep State.

It's Happening!

ef1f91 No.1055130

6ab0fa No.1055131


And yet here you are, in qresearch

f68fd1 No.1055132


shut up, that's from a year ago

f28573 No.1055133


Case numbers?

396958 No.1055134

File: 4347290984d8518⋯.png (191.02 KB, 360x264, 15:11, serveimage.png)

3c8f80 No.1055135


No, not Q. You can see his seating tag, "Mr. Kelly." Stop trying to dox him.

884f18 No.1055136



742801 No.1055137

Sound Money? How about GREENBACK STYLE? Kucinich's NEED ACT would have done that and better. Check out Steven Zarlenga at the American Monetary institute and his book, "The lost Science of Money".

f8f35b No.1055138


I see that we have more than we know…….

2f8c5e No.1055139

>>1054405 (You)

All these Catholics…and the world is still a stinking pile of shit

Appeal to Popularity is an example of a logical fallacy. A logical fallacy is using false logic to try to make a claim or argument. Appeal to popularity is making an argument that something is the right or correct thing to do because a lot of people agree with doing it. This type of fallacy is also called bandwagon.

> Post was in reply to an anon falsely referring to "the dwindling number of Catholics." WRONG!

Roman Catholic Church

Main article: Roman Catholicism by country

Church membership in 2007 was 1.147 billion people[53] (17% of the global population at the time), increasing from the 1950 figure of 437 million[54] and 654 million in 1970.[55][56] On 31 December 2008, membership was 1.166 billion, an increase of 11.54% over the same date in 2000,[57][57] and slightly greater than the rate of increase of the world population (10.77%). The increase was 33.02% in Africa,[57] but only 1.17% in Europe. It was 15.91% in Asia, 11.39% in Oceania, and 10.93% in Americas.[57] As a result, Catholics were 17.77% of the total population in Africa, 63.10% in Americas, 3.05% in Asia, 39.97% in Europe, 26.21% in Oceania, and 17.40% of the world population. Of the world's Catholics, the proportion living in Africa grew from 12.44% in 2000 to 14.84% in 2008, while those living in Europe fell from 26.81% to 24.31%.[58] Membership of the Catholic Church is attained through baptism,[59] and from 1983 to 2009, if someone formally left the Church, that fact was noted in the register of the person's baptism.

Monsignor Vittorio Formenti, who compiles the Vatican's yearbook, said in an interview with the Vatican newspaper L'Osservatore Romano that "For the first time in history, we are no longer at the top: Muslims have overtaken us." He said that Catholics accounted for 17.4 percent of the world population—a stable percentage—while Muslims were at 19.2 percent. "It is true that while Muslim families, as is well known, continue to make a lot of children, Christian ones on the contrary tend to have fewer and fewer," the monsignor said.[60] Muslims in 2010 represented as much as 23.4% of the total world population and this is expected to increase to 26.3% by 2030.[61]


474c80 No.1055140


We need to help the Iranians over throw their own goverment. Not fight their battles for them. I say we supply them with weapons.

b404f7 No.1055141




I agree case or serial numbers of some kind

7806fd No.1055142

File: e4963dac4811d4b⋯.png (1.55 MB, 880x695, 176:139, ClipboardImage.png)

kek….. how far back has Q been saving the world for?


Back in 1971 he was a simple trophy engraver.

Nothing to do with anything, but a tidbit nevertheless, as there are no coincidences… the Boston Bruins are now in the NHL Playoffs. In 1971 the Bruins won the Stanley Cup and their name is engraved on the trophy with a legendary misspelling:

99c7d5 No.1055143

File: f90bb8f75a58f11⋯.jpg (141.81 KB, 454x246, 227:123, iran-pre-post-1979.jpg)


The people of the Islamic Republic of Iran (Persia) are not our enemy, they are Persians who wish to be free.

Before 1979 the Islamic Republic of Iran was known as the little America in the middle east.

I don't support a war against Iran, but a dismantling of the powers that be so that the people can rise again. It needs to happen in many countries. No more wars. No more prolonged campaigns.

There is no instance of a nation benefitting from prolonged warfare. Sun Tzu

0126fb No.1055144



1971f2 No.1055145


our job is to keep the narrative going

bring as much interest in this going as possible

so when the evidence is released

everyone will be looking/listening

c24423 No.1055146

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Classic MAGA song

25142a No.1055147

File: 4365e5902b994c1⋯.jpg (35.81 KB, 670x468, 335:234, that-feeling-you-get-when-….jpg)

8f91b2 No.1055148

File: b3518e32a4f8a2c⋯.jpg (623.68 KB, 1031x768, 1031:768, Hellary.jpg)

>>1054938 (Previous Bread)

100%. And you have to post it a few times generally. I've watched it with myslef and many others. I've been busy digging and filing the past few days and I've read MAYBE 25% of the breads, so how much GREAT info have I missed?? A lot I'm sure, and I hate that. But there's no way I can keep up.

The fact that we have a high ranking MIL officer who leads a SATANIC Church that's listed on Wiki is a nice tool to have in the arsenal. THESE are the things I go to when people are like, "That sounds crazy."

93a66c No.1055149

http:// www.blogtalkradio.com/drakebailey/2018/04/14/first-punch

94ff97 No.1055150


Yeah I don't know what this board has come to. Back in October you could make a point like this and honestly debate it out but these people have become rabid ideologues. They won't have a real discussions like this. This is how the real clowns get us splintered and fractured. They can lead from behind and have their game pieces screeching at their newly identified enemies louder than the most GLARINGLY obvious ones

The maga movement isn't about Trump or q. It's about what's best FOR AMERICA. It's beyond q and Trump. But now all these people who used to be for THE truth are only for THEIR truth. If you have a different opinion you're a nigger clown faggot shill.

I don't think we're ever truly fucked though. Not until the nukes start falling. Pray for peace.

92aeee No.1055151


Really wish Q would confirm or deny this Pedovore video thats rumored to just refocus everyone. So much confusion

14b6e9 No.1055152

>>1055087 Maybe you should ask Q to get on your timeline then

436a56 No.1055153


Certain topics he is very very good on. I don't do the alien or other more sci-fi stuff but I have found his videos on other topics good.

964b07 No.1055154


Trump claimed fraud, floated voting integrity investigations and voter ID, got shot down, never brought it up again.

Peter Munk- who?

3 miles of wall? Actually reinforced fencing that anyone who isnt a paraplegic could breach.

But keep the faith. Faith is all you have.

2f8c5e No.1055155


Great team, I got to see them play.

49048f No.1055156


Anon, all of that was before they raided his lawyer's office. He has done an about face since…this Syria thing can't be allowed. Why would Assad go and gas his people if Trump said he'll take him out if he does it again? He's have to be the biggest asshole in the world and he is not.

8f3994 No.1055157

File: e43de948add349c⋯.png (176.7 KB, 570x335, 114:67, rip bushy.PNG)

cbs publishes bb's obit


bdb3f3 No.1055158


I betcha Trump has some clever ideas

ya know, Iran is next

da63f5 No.1055159

44669d No.1055160

Barbara Bush’s health is failing, she has denied any additional life extending treatments, and is now being assisted with ‘comfort care’ in her final hours. It am so proud that Poppy Bush and I were able to make those drugs so available for her…

c29cd5 No.1055161

File: 6f73cb7cf605c04⋯.jpg (52.96 KB, 640x480, 4:3, islam-means-piss.jpg)

d31d15 No.1055162

File: 92522630f55136f⋯.png (348.21 KB, 480x360, 4:3, sesamestreet.png)

f8f35b No.1055163


Patent #s

Case #s

Key codes to open a locked file

serial #s

08273c No.1055164


But.. but.. Q says… the plan. And y u acting as if REALITY MATTERS!

These people make the stupid look genius.

The willful ignorance & self-deluding parroting of Q has destroyed us.

0126fb No.1055165


Thank you for staying true.


f4b95a No.1055166


this isn't the 1st time that group of YouTubers have tried to fuck us. corsi/beanz/AIM, now ghost. they all fail anon. Why? because newfags can't meme. corsi couldn't even read the bread ffs. don't worry about these clowns. helps to drop the no comms out board meme on any post like theirs.

3a157d No.1055167

File: 15993ec809f57b9⋯.png (1.16 MB, 1024x1448, 128:181, capt.png)

a7cd3d No.1055168

File: c3f88c2e1da02eb⋯.jpeg (221.42 KB, 1024x640, 8:5, Covfefe.jpeg)

574a75 No.1055169

Why is the media outing our military who took part in the Syria raid?? http:// www.newscenter1.tv/story/37957615/ellsworth-b-1s-1stto-use-new-weaponsduring-syria-raid

d7f124 No.1055170

File: e41544600c2e078⋯.jpg (68.51 KB, 636x502, 318:251, crimescene.jpg)


Capital letters seem to spell GWB

George W. Bush.

Maybe it was to let W. know that they had him on tape? He's shown up drunk in public quite a few times. High as a kite.

5dcb50 No.1055171

File: 2de76b1f9755ecc⋯.png (149.63 KB, 612x590, 306:295, 6bgaun-d9yqbf0hrtxy.png)


Bobby Qrr

2671ee No.1055172


Maybe a possibility?

I have been thinking about this for some time.

There are allot of people around the world with owl tattoos around there neck, chest, back, as well as other areas of the body.

Could there be a connection? Could they be the eyes & ears around the world to build an initiation of trust to earn a membership with the bohemian grove, freemason, illuminati, skull and bones, bilderberg group, cabal, deep state.

ef7b1d No.1055173

File: 7516cabefbcb5d0⋯.png (527.95 KB, 901x464, 901:464, ClipboardImage.png)


I street NW, Washington CD

b404f7 No.1055174

File: 24bc99b4fec777d⋯.png (100.21 KB, 806x432, 403:216, ClipboardImage.png)




when searching the first code, then going to page three I get a DMCA complaint..


6e406b No.1055175


Not as pretty as Beanz

76f65d No.1055176


Ohhh. This is really information of an Agency of itnelligence, Saved.

f85d70 No.1055177

File: 15592f001ab2b5a⋯.jpg (82.62 KB, 720x720, 1:1, Anti_semitic_Trick.jpg)

File: f00bff1f33c536e⋯.png (1.63 MB, 603x7521, 201:2507, Mossad_Helpers_Sayanim_1.png)

File: 3d36bf12ae8ee97⋯.png (776.41 KB, 753x2529, 251:843, Mossad_Helpers_Sayanim_2.png)

File: 360473986728d69⋯.png (87.09 KB, 1450x527, 1450:527, Mossad_Helpers_Sayanim_3.png)

File: bb6a11c233289af⋯.png (97.78 KB, 994x574, 71:41, Mossad_Helpers_Sayanim_4.png)

All links are to past breads.


Legitimate criticism is not hate nor shilling.

Off course there are good jews, but there are a lot of subversive kikes (like you) that try to equate legitimate criticism of jews and Israel to:

1) nazism

2) islam

3) blind hate

4) anti-Trump

All are false. And the newfags can tell overtime because shills like you never make a point using sourced information, you just ad-hominem over and over again using those 4 labels as character assassination. Thank for being so dumb, you make my job of educating newfags easier :)


>Just blame it on the Jews, that's it, all their fault.

Never said that, I constantly say there are also good jews. You are not in that good jew club, you subversive kike. But thanks for showing the newfags what the "anti-semitic trick" looks like in real time :)

>Sounds like your craving that Jewish sausage to me. Lil kosher pork for ya huh? Take that Jewy schtick and cram it up yer arse.

HAHAHAHAHA it is you who is going to get a big ass rape in prison when you get RICOed, Douglas. Enjoy your ass virginity while it lasts :)


This. I love it. Their desperation makes me smile because I know we are winning BIG.


This. Subversive agents operating in this board are to be exposed and driven to suicide (just kidding about the suicide thing, I want them to get RICOed and ass raped in prison for protecting their pedo bosses).


It's useful to reply to them because newfags get confused, and the shills count on themselves calling others shills to try to get people to filter them. Think anon, think.


Cry more faggot :)

All my posts are filled with fully sourced truths, and you have nothing but lies and ad hominems. You lose, we win :)


When you redpill people 1 on 1, you can counter all the MSM bullshit if you ARCHIVE EVERYTHING and build a comprehensible MAP :D

f5ed05 No.1055178


this weirdo reminds me of a synthetic player done using CG. one of the suspected previous examples was anders brievik, who appeared to be created using some sort of face tracking and actor-driven facial animation. see the court entrances, camera flashes, compositing weirdness, etc..

i'm VERY curious to know if any of the big players we see in the media are currently done using computers. assad has always been a very odd human, indeed.

even NPR has done segments lately on the face replacement stuff, like they are priming the public with the explanation for any MOAB video that drops.

e0a1f6 No.1055179

File: 640e61d70259bad⋯.jpg (11.91 KB, 255x255, 1:1, f77347f73735a15698de038252….jpg)

76f65d No.1055180



7fc6dc No.1055181

What do ordinary Americans expecf?

Should that be part of the equation?

117977 No.1055182

File: ad636854dec8f2b⋯.jpg (64.84 KB, 852x480, 71:40, 1a.jpg)

da63f5 No.1055183



I posted this yesterday and here it is again as a reminder:


We are NOT attacking countries.

We are attacking Deep State inside of countries (including our own).

Clean, precise, with low or no civilian deaths.

Iran citizens will be freed from their Deep State controllers next.

This does NOT mean we are going to WAR with countries!

1971f2 No.1055184



49048f No.1055185


Thank you Anon

13b075 No.1055186

File: b8ab55c6eeedbdf⋯.png (132.33 KB, 1000x549, 1000:549, ClipboardImage.png)

Here goes. Please don't kill me. I'm a socialist/anarchist who until recently decided the best way forward was to burn it all down and hunt MAGAts like y'all.

I hate you with the fire of a thousand burning suns and will NEVER back down from fighting with justified violence for the downtrodden, the gays, the transgendered, the non-abled, the gender-fluid, the queers, all minorities and basically everyone who is not a dinosaur old white fuck. You deserve death and we're just waiting for you to die off. Congratulations on doing that. You are weak.

But. But. I have an open mind because obviously I'm not a fat flyover goober who believes in some old book of fairy tales. So when I was downtown recently I ran across someone who really caught my eye. I was masked up and ready to lay pipe on some MAGAt heads, but this person for some reason caused me to stop in my tracks. I forget her name, but 1) she was beautiful physically for a CIS-hetero, and 2) I can only describe her as "angelic", though I hate any concepts of god. Yet if I'm honest, the only way to express how I felt is that I was "touched by an angel". She was leading some stupid MAGAt march, but my hate subsumed and I just stopped. I approached her. We talked briefly. I doesn't matter what was said.

Long story short, she sent me here to her board. I hate your conspiracy theory bullshit but I can't explain why I trust this angel. So here I am. I've been reading your crumbs and honestly feel more stupid for doing so.

Yet, I'm starting to realize that you and I aren't really that different. I get that you too are seeking some sort of change through a fog of misplaced white entitlement and misgivings about "the other" (black, brown, undocumented workers) who you think are stealing your jobs, culture, and women (we are).

I'm willing to have a dialog here, but I'm really looking to speak to the owner of this board and speak to this "angel". Can anyone tell me her name? I looked through a couple of threads and didn't see her name listed, but everyone told me she's the "board owner" and has some YouTube channel. No fucking idea.

LMAO at your HRC "darkweb" video. Just wow. And remember, ALWAYS punch a Nazi. Peace out, racist frog people. Going to take a long shower now, I feel gross. Please help.

caa0cb No.1055187

File: 172cb8bbd58334d⋯.png (266.61 KB, 566x533, 566:533, No More Hotels.png)

4323e0 No.1055188





So just an attack like we did in Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan etc? Sounds reasonable, would any of you serve to go to Iran if possible?


964b07 No.1055189


I was once a believer. Now I know its all bullshit. At best a LARP, at worst a psyop designed to keep everyone placid and inactive while the people hope for a happening instead of vocally raising hell and demanding action and disclosure.

Just trying to get people to think and acknowledge to themselves that Q has delivered very little of what he promised. Until people break free from Q cult, they will never become active and demand from Trump what he promised.

93a66c No.1055190

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

http:// neilkeenan.com/neil-keenan-update-ben-who-thasja-come-home-indonesia-here-i-come-right-back-where-i-started-from/

ef1f91 No.1055191




A GUID is most commonly written in text as a sequence of hexadecimal digits separated into five groups, such as:


Why aren't GUID/UUID strings just random bytes encoded using hexadecimal of X length?

This text notation contains the following fields, separated by hyphens:

| Hex digits | Description
| 8 | Data1
| 4 | Data2
| 4 | Data3
| 4 | Initial two bytes from Data4
| 12 | Remaining six bytes from Data4

There are also several versions of the UUID standards.

Version 4 UUIDs are generally internally stored as a raw array of 128 bits, and typically displayed in a format something like:


This matches the data. Note the 4 is common in the 3rd group

5f9ac4 No.1055192

File: 7b9d370124ca0c7⋯.png (456.19 KB, 662x371, 662:371, Wrong.PNG)

0126fb No.1055193


Getz it!

6c3a42 No.1055194


If you have to ask…

just say NO!!!!!!!!!!

19b395 No.1055195


Already fucking did for WEEKS. Not going to keep blowing air into a trumpet when there's no fucking march. Stop wasting my time, anon.

ef7b1d No.1055196


No…I support war with the deepstate

I support a war to end all fucking wars

f8f35b No.1055197


search restricted… hmmm

b404f7 No.1055198

File: 0cb229401bed0c8⋯.png (70.83 KB, 897x503, 897:503, ClipboardImage.png)

I don;t think the codes are patents in the USA at least (pic related)

76f65d No.1055199



The DEA. Hmm. Drugs in Honduras or Colombia?. The Numbers are locations, right?

71ae22 No.1055200

4728fa No.1055201


Hits me where the lover hangs out..

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vsuj8yUTdMo

9ea14a No.1055202


In the top ten of the Arkancide list, that's why he doesn't sleep.

232c87 No.1055203


So you think the tarmac video was on Weiners computer labeled "insurance files" & when multiple NYPD officers viewed it it made them sick, cry & some have to have counseling? I'm not saying you are wrong, but there is more to this story than just a tarmac video (which I'm 99% sure they do have) but I think there is much more- whether we see the really bad stuff, I unfortunately doubt it. In my opinion it all needs to be revealed so people can WAKE THE HELL UP & really see how evil the people are that they give their unwavering support to.

c29cd5 No.1055204

So what really happened to Malaysia Flight in 2014?

8f91b2 No.1055205

File: 32975e8fa296276⋯.jpg (21.65 KB, 204x255, 4:5, 96b4c5390262d835a58598d96a….jpg)

File: c571f7b017a02da⋯.jpg (51.96 KB, 526x578, 263:289, heaven-sent-hell-bound.jpg)

File: 9f2a4b527660d00⋯.png (1.8 MB, 2000x2000, 1:1, 9f2a4b527660d00a00f2d206f8….png)

File: bf085e66b729580⋯.png (551.5 KB, 500x500, 1:1, M_0230.png)


Fact. Sell the sizzle. The people that NEED to be touched buy the sizzle. If they were people of reason, they would be here.

17730e No.1055206

File: a328a1624546098⋯.png (331.25 KB, 490x703, 490:703, ClipboardImage.png)

f5ed05 No.1055207


uhh, because ass-ad is an ass-et for the C_A and attacking his people would keep our conflict going?

e8d9d9 No.1055208


No Anon. It's talking about Dubya. [G][W][B] Texas.

d844fa No.1055209


If clown ties are totally cut, and they are getting close, the people can do the job on their own. WIthout CIA weapons, money, spy network and the implied power they will crumple. Not gonna need to destroy another country. No more human trafficking ops and not gonna put money into Brown and Roots hands.

19b395 No.1055210


Bullshit. Hollywood throws TONS of gifting lounges in hotels where whole floors are bought out for said "meetings"

Normies on the outside don't know how it goes so down in Pedo-wood so any PR newsletter is just for an image.

76f65d No.1055211


Nope. Leave that The White hats change of the Regime.

d115d4 No.1055212


No fucking way.

Let Israel do it itself.

caa0cb No.1055213


I support a preemptive war on Hezbollah grab them by the Jihads!!!

6e406b No.1055214



Copyrighted works:

https:// www.realitykings.com/

ef7b1d No.1055215


ok hillary thanks for you input

7fc6dc No.1055216

Do “autists”focus too much on their own world and own belief(s)…And/or……should the real world, reality….and others perceptions be considered as part of those beliefs?

2c4d20 No.1055217


Just one question for you…what are the 25,000 sealed court documents? Things are going as planned. The air strike was announced by Q December 7th. The air strike was to take out Deep State assets.

You are welcome to your opinion but you have no sauce just an opinion.

December 7th:


As The World Turns.


63baad No.1055218


links to a pdf…god..any other day i wouldn't be nervous about it. Anyone check it out yet?

22eae4 No.1055219


Pattern 8 4 4 4 (1-2)

except for two notables with a long string

The 8 4 4 4 x pattern is probably mil-spec, and the end section may provide clues for digging.

f85d70 No.1055220

File: b3208f2ac719d5a⋯.jpg (85.04 KB, 660x517, 60:47, Shills_Failed_To_Infiltrat….jpg)

File: 39b65e60de82056⋯.jpg (356.07 KB, 809x743, 809:743, Shills_Feels_KEK.jpg)


The more they act, the more easily the newfags learn that the favorite tricks of shills are:

1) call them nazis or white supremacists;

2) call them muslim;

3) say they are being hateful;

4) say they are anti-Trump.

The more they act, the more they help me redpill newfags because my pasta is always pertinent, fully sourced and high density on the pics, and introduces various concepts and historical facts to them.

Of course people who have already seen them find it kinda autistic, but this is a war of repetition, repetition works, repetition works.

And the shills know it.

But so do I :)

964b07 No.1055221


Would be nice. My timeline acknowledges the reality of midterm elections in 6 months, and the reality that Trump's term is 37% finished.

aab146 No.1055222


no and no.

51eefe No.1055223

File: dcff7c072d54eaa⋯.png (22.24 KB, 830x44, 415:22, Screen Shot 2018-04-15 at ….png)



http:// blogdogcicle.blogspot.ca/2015/10/russian-civilian-airliner-with-224.html

224 russians crash over egypt 2015

9b6c13 No.1055224

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.





← New vid.

Indeed the previous vid I posted is from exactly one year ago, but in fact this second attack on Syria is done in the same way as last years.

d4b491 No.1055225


While I won't even venture to guess these codes, I do know there've been series of photos in non-signed drops that tell a story. I caught it once. Really cool.

8ec497 No.1055226


I was thinking the same anon. We have a list of Q abbreviations but a cast of characters list would be helpful. At least as a running list so we stop digging the same people over again.

7c1d06 No.1055227

File: 9cb38a1218f00a8⋯.jpg (124.07 KB, 1345x652, 1345:652, IMG_20180412_190029.jpg)

195702 No.1055228


Baker notable

4323e0 No.1055229

Anyone have legit source/proof of Iranian deepstate/ties? A lot of votes mentioned this, have not seen evidence myself. Open to arguments.

d844fa No.1055230


No more baby blood for her?!

f8f35b No.1055231


What about ID's for owners to Websites… thru WHOIS…

da63f5 No.1055232


Here's a idea for you…..

Print up about 100 poster size photos of her and wallpaper your wall at home.

We are so sick of her, you are usually automatically filtered when she shows up.

17649e No.1055233

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

(Bread #1315)


Watch at least up to where his kid gets killed.

c24423 No.1055234

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

AWOO - Anime MAGA song

d844fa No.1055235


Palate of Cash from Hussein.

f8f35b No.1055236


and ONLY A B C E D F

f85d70 No.1055237



8f3994 No.1055238

File: 11616807249054a⋯.jpg (74.5 KB, 862x500, 431:250, maga55.jpg)

caa0cb No.1055239


I see default iPad/iPhone naming….

65111d No.1055240


These are worth the bake? just saying














2c4d20 No.1055241


Q has delivered everything Q promised to me so far. The plan is going quite nicely. If you don't like it LEAVE.

d4b491 No.1055242


Go away. Crawling into this world is the best relief I get in a day. My reality is what I make it, so I'll just pretend you aren't here.

34387c No.1055243


bank accounts?

76f65d No.1055244


We need a Tutorial for UUID/ GUIDs for to Decipher those codes?

6e406b No.1055245



118539 No.1055246


the person you seek is

www.tubgirl. com

b404f7 No.1055247

do they look like torrent hashes to anyone?

I don't have an example but they look familiarly formatted

1971f2 No.1055248


I personally do not care what it takes to take some of these evil bastards out

Once on trial all this "other" evidence will be revealed point by point with hard evidence that cannot be defended or denied

a76565 No.1055249

is anybody else having security certificate issues?

9ea14a No.1055250


People who pray asking for Gods intervention but demand he answers the way they demand are very similar to those who voted for Trump and then abandon support when he does something they don't like. Or abandon Q when they don't show up with answers upon demand.

3ad57c No.1055251

File: 7bf75982077fe72⋯.jpg (147.29 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 12709737fbfd8dec1fb8432ee3….jpg)

https:// file.wikileaks.org/file/

8b048b No.1055252

6e406b No.1055253


Is that Beanz?

ef1f91 No.1055254









See >>1055191







017a52 No.1055255


> The Return To Sound Money Edition

It is important that our new money retain the old motto "In God We Trust".

The satanist's greatest desire is for us to renounce our God. They don't care if their infrastructure is destroyed if they can achieve their goal. Don't destroy their empire and then sacrifice our own.

If we remove God's name from our money, God will remove His protection from our nation.

f8f35b No.1055256


YES.. perhaps serial numbers of phones or devices?

d115d4 No.1055257


What about post #1

d31d15 No.1055258

File: 41a9abf0d5314f6⋯.png (216.78 KB, 469x489, 469:489, iran-you-ask.png)


you really have to ask?


e1dacc No.1055259


It's right in front of our faces:

[H]igher (occult power) Loyalty (oath)

0e1764 No.1055260

File: 0330a0032d87329⋯.jpg (95.06 KB, 750x500, 3:2, lynch.jpg)

b727c3 No.1055261


for all you anons who have been on the boards forever

please consider that the situation is different now

we have to shoulder our responsibilty Q and POTUS have given us

we cannot ignore enemies in our midst - they are behind enemy lines and butt fucking us

we have to confront and drive them out

i know this is not chan culture but the only thing for sure is change and we have to change too or we will fail

if you want to go back to the way things were before potus and Q then dont change

you will get there soon

6722ac No.1055262


Where is the sauce on NTI owning the building? Can't find anything.

e0a1f6 No.1055263



9a33b4 No.1055264

File: 9574673de0cc23a⋯.jpg (135.82 KB, 902x461, 902:461, 1965-11-01 Leader of KKK a….jpg)


preach it brother

4323e0 No.1055265


Is interesting and possible, not damning. Could be a bribe etc. I'm talking about proof that deepstate assets control Iran (as they did NK)

474c80 No.1055266


Think Afghanistan when we supplied them with weapons to go up against the Russians during the late 1979-1980.

f9e16c No.1055267


could be keys to op systems

5dcb50 No.1055268

File: 10d08eda6bc6d0e⋯.jpg (25.89 KB, 320x240, 4:3, 10d08eda6bc6d0e7325a6c4a98….jpg)

f85d70 No.1055269


Interesting post.

Notable IMHO.

caa0cb No.1055270

File: 73fa75109a3a2a7⋯.png (502.6 KB, 549x549, 1:1, Rut Roh.png)

File: fdf247164f5d934⋯.png (307.45 KB, 641x542, 641:542, Absolutely Comped.png)

1971f2 No.1055271


yes fellow anon, thank you~

5f9ac4 No.1055272

File: bb862dcf653bc91⋯.png (101.04 KB, 1602x452, 801:226, WL Saudi Cables.PNG)


Chose a number from the list randomly

This is what came up on Duck


[partial snip of info]

51eefe No.1055274



Can you give us, the anons, a more plain text explaination?

964b07 No.1055275


Nothing will be revealed. Too "destabilizing." Trump thinks the common man isn't worthy of the truth. That or he is just compromised.

949cc1 No.1055276


Amazing find, Anon. I had no idea that a placque commemorating the 1971-1972 Boston Bruins misspelled "Boston" with two letters "Q," rather than with two letters "O." Pretty cool. CORRECTION: Pretty CQQL.

487a7e No.1055277

https:// youtu.be/QApeYpw7KQQ

58272d No.1055278

File: e7ce7f97305c4ce⋯.jpg (25.64 KB, 474x373, 474:373, trogdor.jpg)



7806fd No.1055279


>Are we going to be derailed by boomers talking about their old computers now?


Look at this ridiculous thread in tree.

Start here: >>1053433 with the thread in TREE mode. 20 page downs later until it's done. Somewhere around 130 posts.


The sad part was that the first comment wasn't even about old computers in the first place.


f85d70 No.1055280


Only retards and shills try to get others to filter others.

2c4d20 No.1055281


Thanks, anon. Getting tired….been pounding the PROJECT CASSANDRA drum all day. I don't need to be convinced…I KNOW it is what is happening…just trying to wake up the board. FUTURE WILL PROVE PAST. Just would be nice to get anons to start helping draw the parallels with me because it will make great red pills. I know - have been red pilling with PROJECT CASSANDRA for a month now. People are intrigued and excited.

964b07 No.1055282


The fact that you equate Q, an anonymous poster on an image board, with God, pretty much says it all.

4323e0 No.1055283


Suspicious and oblivious connections, not proof deepstate CONTROLS Iran. Been here since the beginning, so not divisionfagging. But a lot on here has become an echo chamber as opposed to critical thinking

c5bbfc No.1055284


I opened it without trouble.. it's only a 2 page article.

949cc1 No.1055285


Spell it out, DoubtingThomasAnon. What the fuck are you trying to say?

487a7e No.1055286

derka derka leroy jenkins

https:// youtu.be/DIlG9aSMCpg

b404f7 No.1055287


exactly, Q doesn't say "I bless you"


98603b No.1055288

File: 30760ff5c46aa19⋯.jpg (117.96 KB, 1080x1221, 360:407, KosherSausage.jpg)


Wow. I guess you showed him. How many anons are you this time?

Got a lil something on your chin. go get cleaned up.

f85d70 No.1055289


Pro tip:

Keep your best posts that you know ARE notable in a text editor, then repost on every bread until people wake up to them. It's the only way, and there is nothing wrong with it, chans are chaotic like that :)

6c3a42 No.1055290

rut rowwww!!!!!

Weiner’s Alleged Child Pornography Victim Turns Nasty Against FBI: Comey “Victimized Me” and “Helped Abuse to Continue” https:// truepundit.com/weiners-alleged-child-pornography-victim-turns-nasty-against-fbi-comey-victimized-me-and-helped-abuse-to-continue/

8b048b No.1055291

2 many yt links.


Clowns on the job - tracking.

caa0cb No.1055292




7c1d06 No.1055293

File: e91d41cd70b7c6f⋯.jpeg (266.31 KB, 1440x1440, 1:1, 1523833275.jpeg)

188141 No.1055295


That worked out fucking perfect

4323e0 No.1055296


a fair argument (most others is repeating things Q said without thinking about it)

725fde No.1055297


If Iran's leadership are cabal asset clowns, it wouldn't be preemptive, but retaliatory.

ef7b1d No.1055298


I'd rather live in our 'own' world

than your false reality

because our world is the real world.

the world where Hillary is a fucking criminal

9/11 was an Israeli Mossad job

the CIA starts proxy wars and works on behalf of the global bankers who have sunk their claws deep into every country on the planet

and Donald Trump the liberator. Who gets his guidance from highly respected military personnel and more importantly, God.

Together he is helping other countries take back what is rightfully theres from the stranglehold of the deepstate and we will purge it from the world.

Watch and see. Enjoy the show.

232c87 No.1055299


Unfortunately we have Cabal sitting as judges…those must be replaced as well, which I think POTUS is working on.

If there is a video of HRC & Huma raping a child, filleting her face, drinking her blood & killing her then there would be no need for the court system bc 60+ Million Americans would find their asses and pull justice out of their asses for all to see!

There MUST BE CONSEQUENCES for the actions of these evil bastards because if not, then more will do the same! Examples must be made!

d692a2 No.1055300


It gets more obvious as time goes on and slowly people are awakening. One by one…What a blessing to see Iranian people free again.

8ca037 No.1055301


This Scum plays Good Cop.

He's as Dirty as they come

d4b491 No.1055302


Transactions? I don't use crypto, but can you see transactions by this type of code without knowing to and from? Transactions would be a big deal.

a7cd3d No.1055303

File: 5a8b01c46ead226⋯.jpg (439.75 KB, 1764x1076, 441:269, CleanHouse2.jpg)

File: 1e897c57956e7e5⋯.jpg (232.2 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, CleanHouse1.jpg)

949cc1 No.1055304


How can we help, WorkaholicAnon? Sounds like you've been busting your hump on PROJECT CASSANDRA. Take a break. How can we help you? Thanks

6e406b No.1055305


Also look up the "Phoenix Program"

a29edf No.1055306

File: 47d8190066a49a9⋯.jpg (149.09 KB, 1199x547, 1199:547, Da29oq_VQAAuWqR.jpg)

Den of thieves. Let the backstabbing begin. Loretta lynch letter released today!

1971f2 No.1055307


filter and ignore all shills

nuff said

f9e16c No.1055308


all the back and forth, shill, bla bla jooooo, bla concern

your a shill, bla bla, ur a hater, retard, bla bs get a bit mundane…

i say instead start old skool crackin on each other

atleast to break up the monotony. example:

my momma and your momma was talkin a little shit


my mom called your momma a bulldigen ass bitch


i know your sister and the bitch aint shit


she slayed my and all the boys and even sucked our d___s

just a suggestion : )

487a7e No.1055309

https:// youtu.be/vvXRcwcIJh4

leroy jenkins derpa derpa

58272d No.1055310

File: 487819a370cad14⋯.jpg (40.16 KB, 474x675, 158:225, grapes.jpg)



b727c3 No.1055311


jesus was wise indeed

f85d70 No.1055312

File: f5e9f2645353e46⋯.png (262.5 KB, 596x756, 149:189, Shill_Kike.png)

File: 4edcc7495beb291⋯.jpg (310.06 KB, 1524x1194, 254:199, Shills.jpg)

File: 084c9dfba21d272⋯.png (391.06 KB, 1000x1080, 25:27, Shills.png)

File: 026807b1d54e329⋯.jpg (137.81 KB, 750x736, 375:368, Shills_AntiTrump.jpg)

File: 6555be3de8cc96d⋯.jpg (1.28 MB, 2558x2548, 1279:1274, Shills_Anti_Trump.jpg)


Nice try consensus crack shill.

Trump knows better, faggot.

f35a13 No.1055313

File: 343e5ece530af25⋯.png (879.47 KB, 2048x934, 1024:467, ClipboardImage.png)


Left eating its own

a65b5b No.1055314


i agree… Q is a phonefag

b5d62b No.1055315

File: 6d9c20e7483d49c⋯.jpg (59.32 KB, 702x350, 351:175, saddam1.jpg)

File: 5ecc7202f2be5ce⋯.jpg (83.53 KB, 740x564, 185:141, saddam_02.jpg)

File: 0ea6284726996c7⋯.jpg (94.55 KB, 500x617, 500:617, saddam_imag3.jpg)

File: 85d1038ed06bc35⋯.jpg (131.66 KB, 800x600, 4:3, saddam4.jpg)

File: 7b08838731b9903⋯.jpg (20.36 KB, 400x231, 400:231, Saddam5.jpg)

>>1054217 (prev)

Regarding Hussein…it it possible that you all don't know this?

Pics related.

The man who was hung and the man who was in court, the man captured in a hidey hole in the country…had nasty crooked teeth. It's well-known Saddam Hussein used body doubles.

Please study the pics and add your vote..which witch is which…and if the snaggle toothed old man that was hung…was Saddam Hussein….

2c4d20 No.1055316


Thanks, anon! :-)

c24423 No.1055317


Keys to vaults.

d115d4 No.1055318


read the fucking crumbs

c5bbfc No.1055319


My bad, it's various pdf's but they're all ok

a29edf No.1055320


I never thought I'd see a fucking trogdor reference on this board. Kek

474c80 No.1055321


OBL didn't do 911. The Bushes wanted the opium trade in Afghanistan.

aeb200 No.1055322



This isn't about blind ideology. WTF you know more than MI? More than POTUS? Then run for office.

"Slings and arrows for you" means nothing to you? GFY

d3b05a No.1055323

File: ba38fcad808be8b⋯.png (657.11 KB, 612x918, 2:3, HitlerSin.png)

File: 3e6013e3258d2f1⋯.png (43.81 KB, 585x435, 39:29, HitlerSin1.png)

File: 6a7578a63e97504⋯.png (91.78 KB, 602x849, 602:849, HitlerSin2.png)

File: 06adb787e2b4426⋯.png (38.27 KB, 593x346, 593:346, HitlerSin3.png)

File: ab4d69b09246955⋯.png (87.6 KB, 598x843, 598:843, HitlerSin4.png)

The Fed. Banking. Debt free currency. Hitler.

f85d70 No.1055324


Shill detected.

Shills need to be replied to because they count on newfags to grow disinfo.

KYS, subversive faggot.

abe768 No.1055325

File: 8df4ec726e0c1d9⋯.png (492.8 KB, 591x734, 591:734, gunny dead.png)

https:// twitter.com/RLeeErmey?ref_src=twsrc%5Egoogle%7Ctwcamp%5Eserp%7Ctwgr%5Eauthor


396958 No.1055326

File: 7e82ae5ce14fe01⋯.png (72.98 KB, 303x473, 303:473, Q1102.png)

File: 9b2ce2f9733a9c2⋯.png (54.73 KB, 490x401, 490:401, Q10341032.png)

File: 9de21775b0f1417⋯.png (31.24 KB, 488x160, 61:20, Q245.png)

File: cb2028beec60793⋯.png (84.75 KB, 489x504, 163:168, Q236.png)

53a748 No.1055327


his great speech in the court trial convinced me that it was him

f9e16c No.1055328


there was multiple people and reasons

but the biggest was a sacrafice

867bdd No.1055329


He's butt hurt because mom's strap-on was bigger than dad.

b727c3 No.1055330


the early church perverted and censored jesus teaching and these lies have persisted to this day in every so called christian church

487a7e No.1055331

File: be807cee8c64b1f⋯.png (1.51 MB, 680x515, 136:103, b12.png)

https:// youtu.be/U0MOVRbmlmE

caa0cb No.1055332


A boomer saving the world from his mobile device, maybe :)

f8f35b No.1055333


oK….. I found something odd…. but interesting..

iDigiBio Portal? Someone else take a look at this… scroll all the way to the bottom… says FB and Twitter uses this service???

https:// www.idigbio.org/portal/list/page00906.html

da63f5 No.1055334


You are assuming there is only ONE video…..

e0a1f6 No.1055335

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Oh no, you di'unt

d4b491 No.1055336

File: 96b444d2007a3de⋯.gif (27.58 KB, 268x157, 268:157, clean sweep.gif)


Kek. That's second one is funny given David Boren's gubernatorial campaign in Oklahoma.

https:// www.washingtonpost.com /news/the-fix/wp/2015/03/11/a-short-guide-to-the-long-political-legacy-of-oklahoma-university-president-david-boren/?utm_term=.49f776f52b96

33 and no one blinked.

17730e No.1055337

File: 9b28e92d3e299c9⋯.png (888.34 KB, 724x664, 181:166, ClipboardImage.png)

58272d No.1055338


Nice timestamp. I'm not a boomer.

I have a calculator with nixie tubes.

19b395 No.1055339


They'll get more shekels come Tuesday (tax day). So expect more false flags.

4323e0 No.1055340



aec65c No.1055341


Hey anon, look at this…

http:// www.playthepast.org/?p=1421

This is not a game..but this is a game.

4727d5 No.1055342


This one kind of hurts

ef1f91 No.1055343

File: 8b24e719c88635e⋯.png (246.31 KB, 600x450, 4:3, PRISM.png)


It is a way of uniquely identifying a file.

This means there shouldn't be any conflicts over the name when saving a file to disk.

If many people are using a computer system and all save a file, no file name should not conflict with another.

Basically Apple use this because everything picture the user takes can be recorded by Apple (on the Cloud).

e0a1f6 No.1055344


You're dead kiddo!

ef7b1d No.1055345

File: 0a9653562a8100f⋯.png (104.44 KB, 400x400, 1:1, pepemarine.png)

487a7e No.1055346

File: ac2b4f484aa7e6b⋯.jpg (130.97 KB, 530x650, 53:65, donotpokebears.jpg)


https:// youtu.be/9AFk9ahNw2E

true story

0c39f9 No.1055347

File: f60039245930f1c⋯.jpg (91.41 KB, 500x500, 1:1, artworks-000070200370-agp2….jpg)

da63f5 No.1055348


One thing you will learn is that we are AGAINST and FIGHTING CORRUPTION no matter what party.

390af7 No.1055349


Funny how the youngsters do not see what they present and project…and in the process, identify themselves as youngsters.

5dcb50 No.1055350

File: 655bcc1b3a1003f⋯.png (472.39 KB, 1639x1080, 1639:1080, 6nlt8d-q6sijz2gzx9z.png)


kek , grapes with the porn stache

b5d62b No.1055351


Really? That easy? His wife disagrees with you. So a super wealthy man goes about with nasty peasant teeth while his body doubles are impeccably groomed and had perfect white teeth.


76f65d No.1055352


Hmmm. Also could be codes for Smarphones. but of Who?

f85d70 No.1055353



Connection between Harvey Weinstein and Bill Clinton.

415145 No.1055355

File: 7756173632e916d⋯.png (67.56 KB, 437x592, 437:592, 437px-Wappen_Hohenzollern.….png)

suck it up, cupcakes

d844fa No.1055356


John Kerry is prototypical deep state scum so here is more. Clowns control the mullahs, mullahas control the country.

However, the appointment of Senator John Kerry as Secretary of State dashed all hopes that the second term of President Obama may bring a policy change leaning towards the people of Iran, whose uprising for freedom and democracy was willfully ignored by the United States in 2009.

Senator Kerry's controversial background on Iran has raised serious concerns among Iranian-Americans. Considering Kerry's long relations with known proxies and brokers of the Khomeinist regime, Iranian-Americans have come to wonder whether Kerry's ideological disposition would lend itself to making the appropriate decisions and executing the effective actions.

https:// www.americanthinker.com/articles/2013/02/will_john_kerry_stand_with_the_mullahs_of_iran.html

71ae22 No.1055357

File: 53d53fe9b26467a⋯.jpg (218.22 KB, 800x388, 200:97, 345hg4h6r5j787e67he4.jpg)

81a2fe No.1055358


These look like Snag-It file names.

ddc72e No.1055359


They are UUID's.

When did they change from normal names to UUID's?

5f9ac4 No.1055360

File: 67fe3df9253cbc9⋯.png (445.8 KB, 632x701, 632:701, DoD @ ACMA.PNG)

c24423 No.1055361

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Trump's Bizarre Presidency: Kekistani Crusaders

2c4d20 No.1055362


Thanks, anon. I'm just trying to take Q posts and draw the parallels for starters.

Like Sessions announced 1/11/18 INVESTIGATING PROJECT CASSANDRA.

https:// www.justice.gov/opa/pr/attorney-general-sessions-announces-hezbollah-financing-and-narcoterrorism-team

Q told us when INVESTIGATIONS are announced and Sessions is announcing this because it is a NAT SEC issue:

https:// www.justice.gov/usam/usam-1-7000-media-relations

The article that spurred Sessions REVIEWING PROJECT CASSANDRA in December:

https:// www.politico.com/interactives/2017/obama-hezbollah-drug-trafficking-investigation/

9ea14a No.1055363


Well you certainly zoomed past the entire point on that one.

I don't equate God/Trump/Q… I equate your childish demands for rapid fire answers from all three. The fault, dear doubtfag, is in you. Not Trump, not Q, and not God. They don't NEED you, or your demands.

I equate you with Alex Jones. I want, I want, I want.

Stay the course. Or don't .. .

0c39f9 No.1055364

File: c0cc35e5fbb3746⋯.png (446.31 KB, 720x960, 3:4, 04a337f1c85d6892cf2bf6bbd1….png)

a6f702 No.1055365

File: 2a7219dcabd7c86⋯.png (85.43 KB, 216x234, 12:13, Jimmy2.png)


Jimmy struck a nerve. Good job, Jimmy!

58272d No.1055366

487a7e No.1055367

https:// youtu.be/km5FAAQLUT8

f85d70 No.1055368


I trust Mr. Trump will do the best there is to be done and support 100%.

He knows better.

d692a2 No.1055369


Everyone of these guys need to be indicted; Loretta Lynch, Comey, McCabe, Strokz and his so called girly friend, Clinton, just to name a few. Every one of them. All their public outcries have shown their lies and they need to be reigned in for questioning…publicly.

76f65d No.1055370


Hmm. As the MAC code for the computers.. Q use an Apple?. hmm.. this must be something more..,maybe Geo-Locations in the map.

a65b5b No.1055371

File: 3d6b3a9239f450b⋯.png (484.1 KB, 500x756, 125:189, shithead.png)

53a748 No.1055373


are you trying to say hes still alive?

964b07 No.1055374


And God helps those who help themselves. He has nothing but contempt for cowards who sit around and pray and accept whatever shit they are given.

ef7b1d No.1055376


They probably made him suffer so bad

they probably drank his blood

they probably made him watch his own hanging

2671ee No.1055377


Aw man Marine corps Gunny R. Lee Ermey is one of the best ones

He will always be remembered

6c3a42 No.1055378


Gotta love it when two corrpt liars go after each other!

718c98 No.1055379


Question is for Q

caa0cb No.1055380


You obviously don't own any Apple products….

f85d70 No.1055381

File: f5e9f2645353e46⋯.png (262.5 KB, 596x756, 149:189, Shill_Kike.png)

File: 4edcc7495beb291⋯.jpg (310.06 KB, 1524x1194, 254:199, Shills.jpg)

File: 084c9dfba21d272⋯.png (391.06 KB, 1000x1080, 25:27, Shills.png)

File: 026807b1d54e329⋯.jpg (137.81 KB, 750x736, 375:368, Shills_AntiTrump.jpg)

File: 6555be3de8cc96d⋯.jpg (1.28 MB, 2558x2548, 1279:1274, Shills_Anti_Trump.jpg)


KYS shill kike.

f2e730 No.1055382


thx for reposting. i can ignore it twice.

f8f35b No.1055383

File: 45b741f205d15f7⋯.jpg (60.61 KB, 1597x201, 1597:201, digi.JPG)


So.. on this idigibio portal.. if you click on one of the UIDs…. most are specimens???? scroll to the bottom of the specimen page.. and you get this..

are we being listed as specimens?

1971f2 No.1055384


replacing the judges is part of

Setting the Stage

Trust the Plan

51eefe No.1055385


im fuckin lost


Yay, we have a Hash……. The F that does do for us? password for something? or some crap? probably these cicada peoples like to do that kinda stuff.

I thought about it and it doesn't make sense to go from base32 to base64 since they are the same style of encoding I guess. I noticed that if we add a base32 to Hex, then covert the Hex to Base64 we get a different MD5 hash. It also is interesting be that would have made 7 layers or actions to get to the final hash. No idea what it's for and I'm not sure I have seen this before.






01001010 01011010 01010110 01000101 01010011 00110101 00110010 01011010 01010000 01001010 01000010 01000111 01011001 01010100 01010011 01000101 01001100 01000101 00110010 01000101 00110010 00110110 01010100 01000101 01001110 01001010 01000111 01010111 01010101 01010100 01001010 01010011 01001010 01010110 00110101 01000111 01000111 01001101 00110010 01011010 01010000 01001010 01010101 01000111 01010011 01010111 01010100 01001011 01001011 01000101 01011010 01000101 00110010 00110010 01010011 01010010 01010000 01001010 01001000 01000101 01001111 01010110 01001010 01010011 01001100 01000110 01010111 01010110 01000011 01010000 01001001 00111101









7 layers of Encoding it seems.

Found this

da63f5 No.1055386



^^ I agree. Opinions and just photos or memes are not Notable.

6e406b No.1055387


WOW!!! She is trying to throw the people under her, under the bus.

d9d442 No.1055388


dude the NTI website has an analysis of the building where it specifically states that US persons are blocked from interacting with it due to an executive order from george bush. SO OBVIOUSLY they don't own it


53ecc2 No.1055389



188141 No.1055390


Never mentioned OBL. We armed them and they ended up killing Americans with some of our weapons and training. Yes, we wanted the opium (and got it). Just a very messy business. I’m liking the idea of hitting the deep state where ever they are. NOT Nations. Locations.

232c87 No.1055391

File: abaee6f3f43586a⋯.png (142.19 KB, 765x690, 51:46, IMG_4398.PNG)

File: 1f53125d6756bae⋯.png (510.32 KB, 1226x691, 1226:691, IMG_4399.PNG)

File: da4309184c93a16⋯.png (92.13 KB, 600x177, 200:59, IMG_4400.PNG)

File: c165e509b72a2ab⋯.jpg (66.26 KB, 586x403, 586:403, IMG_4401.JPG)

File: 1df582ce017859c⋯.jpg (126.14 KB, 1024x693, 1024:693, IMG_4402.JPG)






https:// file.wikileaks.org/file/

487a7e No.1055392

https:// youtu.be/Rj22DbRoAPM

recycle soda pop cans

got a tango

93a66c No.1055393

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

bf3056 No.1055395



964b07 No.1055396


Your idea of "staying the course" is waiting for Q to save you. Alex Jones is holding Trump accountable, and has fought and sacrificed his whole life for what he believes. He has accomplished real world things, he works hard, and he gets angry when those that we voted into power aren't doing what they promised. He is a man. You are a child, trusting daddy.

117977 No.1055397


There are no angels here. Only devils like yourself.

8ec497 No.1055398


No it’s not

Shill again shitting up bread

195702 No.1055399

>>1055387. Sounds like it to me but I think maybe she should start blaming her boss!

f85d70 No.1055400



What is the pic that is called "learn-some-history-13th-am"?

It's said that the illuminati is made up of 13 bloodlines.

2c4d20 No.1055401


Thanks, anon - looking.

e8d9d9 No.1055402

File: 7851e8af37a815b⋯.png (324.21 KB, 748x663, 44:39, LL_OD_Snip.PNG)





This message is clearly about George W Bush and Laura Lane. The [O][D] is throwing me off a little - Could be overdose. In light of Barbara's failing health.

574a75 No.1055403

File: e76feea3048420c⋯.jpg (91.58 KB, 793x698, 793:698, Capture1.JPG)

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman received a phone call from British Prime Minister Theresa May on Sunday.

During the phone call they discussed bilateral relations between both countries, as well as developments in the region and possible combined efforts to solve them.

http:// english.alarabiya.net/en/News/gulf/2018/04/15/Saudi-Crown-Prince-receives-phone-call-from-UK-PM-Theresa-May.html

474c80 No.1055404


Well instead of pushing 40/60 truth, we need to be pushing 60/40. Might be a good time to Meme it. #60/40WeWantTheTruth. Q already listened to use once, we can change his mind with a powerful voice.

c5e2d4 No.1055405

File: 0d3912ca9aa329c⋯.png (541.8 KB, 906x681, 302:227, dc5a817cb85fc11e2a48a3a5d6….png)

173545 No.1055406


Q post Number 1, October 28th 2017.

Oct 28 2017 14:33:50 (EST) Anonymous ID: gb953qGI 147005381


Hillary Clinton will be arrested between 7:45 AM - 8:30 AM EST on Monday - the morning on Oct 30, 2017.

Oct 28 2017 15:44:28 (EST) Anonymous ID: BQ7V3bcW 147012719


HRC extradition already in motion effective yesterday with several countries in case of cross border run. Passport approved to be flagged effective 10/30 @ 12:01am. Expect massive riots organized in defiance and others fleeing the US to occur. US M’s will conduct the operation while NG activated. Proof check: Locate a NG member and ask if activated for duty 10/30 across most major cities.

Fuck you Q, you don't know shit!

71ae22 No.1055407

f85d70 No.1055408


Only misses an i.


b727c3 No.1055409


perhaps if you told us why you are posting this you might attain some nugget of cred

9a33b4 No.1055410

File: fbe049ca74393c9⋯.gif (2.03 MB, 720x404, 180:101, let them fight.gif)

09bd15 No.1055411


Exactly, so you admit you create you own creepy crawly world and ignore the facts and realities of life.

Thank you.

You performed your low-life Service. You are a good chug.

41b8f0 No.1055412


also served as a large scale MK Ultra project much like the JFK assassination.

71ae22 No.1055413

File: fb6094143934d4f⋯.jpg (198.07 KB, 630x630, 1:1, eynrn764j578k64j7.jpg)


Yeah about Alex Jones…

4323e0 No.1055414


Def better, fair argument. If true, and more information was released (about DS ties there) then i may support. Freeing people or bringing democracy is not a sufficient reason tho.

The biggest tell would be who supports it. If the media blitz, Neocons, Libs, businesses are against it. I will likely be for it. Shows the opposite for Syria, the above support it. So you kno it's a terrible idea. If you trust the media coverage about Assad, then you should trust it about Trump and vice versa.

(i know i changed lanes at the end, just making the distinction)

6c3a42 No.1055415


Don't be jealous, asshat!


May want to exchange


with → >>1055069

63baad No.1055416


We don't know enough about the risk assessment or the internal politics of Iran. At this point, I'm willing to trust the judgement of the president and general mattis, but it will be difficult to defend unless the public is provided with a compelling reason for going to war.

d844fa No.1055418


A lot on this blog, worth a look,

From Israel Times:

US intelligence agencies have given Israel the green light to assassinate the senior Iranian responsible for coordinating military activity on behalf of the Islamic Republic in Lebanon, Syria and Iraq, according to the Kuwaiti newspaper al-Jarida.

For the past 20 years or so, Qassem Soleimani has commanded the Quds Force — the branch of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards responsible for military and clandestine operations outside of the Islamic Republic. (…)

Three years ago, Israel came close to assassinating Soleimani near Damascus, al-Jarida quoted unnamed source as saying, but the Americans [meaning President Obama] tipped off the Iranians against the background of intense disagreement between Washington and Jerusalem.

http:// datechguyblog.com/2017/12/30/obama-and-irans-mullahs-a-love-story/

c24423 No.1055419

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Latest memewar battleground footage

f35a13 No.1055420

File: cdabc655f6fa3af⋯.jpg (254.85 KB, 1500x1434, 250:239, cdabc655f6fa3af32074c16087….jpg)

9d9edb No.1055421

File: b0513b13031f3cd⋯.jpg (90.46 KB, 724x1086, 2:3, Da29LUSVQAA8PHw.jpg)

RIP R Lee Ermey

17730e No.1055422

File: d7e9a24f66a236d⋯.png (861.15 KB, 664x780, 166:195, ClipboardImage.png)

f85d70 No.1055423



Love everyone, but expose your enemies, no matter who they are and how they try to silence you.

4323e0 No.1055424



9ea14a No.1055425


The fact that you think you can dictate to Q team says more.

407734 No.1055426


It's part of the cabals plan…Potus is preventing ww3

76f65d No.1055427


Sergei Brin and his project of Human Cloning…, Also in the Majestic-12 an some movies (steven spielberg) talked about the exchange of Human Being to ET's in exchange of Exotic Tech.

We're a laboratory planet and supermarkel for them.

b727c3 No.1055428


>repetition, repetition works, repetition works.

now we know why you shitpost this same crap over and over

anons dont give a shit for your ideas

caa0cb No.1055429

File: a1fb1f19be02a01⋯.jpg (30.08 KB, 300x226, 150:113, alex-jones-is-stratfor1.jpg)

ef1f91 No.1055430





A way of uniquely naming a file - as used by Apple.



The RFC (specification) can be seen here, with relevant part quoted below:

https:// www.ietf.org/rfc/rfc4122.txt

4.1.2. Layout and Byte Order

To minimize confusion about bit assignments within octets, the UUID
record definition is defined only in terms of fields that are
integral numbers of octets. The fields are presented with the most
significant one first.

Field Data Type Octet Note

time_low unsigned 32 0-3 The low field of the
bit integer timestamp

time_mid unsigned 16 4-5 The middle field of the
bit integer timestamp

time_hi_and_version unsigned 16 6-7 The high field of the
bit integer timestamp multiplexed
with the version number

Leach, et al. Standards Track [Page 6]

RFC 4122 A UUID URN Namespace July 2005

clock_seq_hi_and_rese unsigned 8 8 The high field of the
rved bit integer clock sequence
multiplexed with the

clock_seq_low unsigned 8 9 The low field of the
bit integer clock sequence

node unsigned 48 10-15 The spatially unique
bit integer node identifier

8853d8 No.1055431


pre-written news from last week?

f5f3c8 No.1055432


You're right, now that you have some free time. Might I suggest you take up smoking. Unfiltered are the best.

173545 No.1055433


Q post Number 1, October 28th 2017.

Oct 28 2017 14:33:50 (EST) Anonymous ID: gb953qGI 147005381


Hillary Clinton will be arrested between 7:45 AM - 8:30 AM EST on Monday - the morning on Oct 30, 2017.

Oct 28 2017 15:44:28 (EST) Anonymous ID: BQ7V3bcW 147012719


HRC extradition already in motion effective yesterday with several countries in case of cross border run. Passport approved to be flagged effective 10/30 @ 12:01am. Expect massive riots organized in defiance and others fleeing the US to occur. US M’s will conduct the operation while NG activated. Proof check: Locate a NG member and ask if activated for duty 10/30 across most major cities.

Fuck you Q, you don't know shit!

117977 No.1055434


The owner of this board is a dude. He's an ex Navy Seal.

d4b491 No.1055435


For a couple of hours a day, you bet your sweet ass.

858347 No.1055436

File: 93e6d07099d5f34⋯.png (123.74 KB, 711x705, 237:235, ClipboardImage.png)



This one led me to Saudi Cables on Wikileaks.

a6f702 No.1055437


G in good is capitalized in the middle of a sentence. GOD? OD kinda fits too though.

d3b05a No.1055438

File: f996fd1c631aa00⋯.png (3.56 KB, 581x68, 581:68, KYSANTIFACOMMIE.png)

a7cd3d No.1055439

File: a9ecdcd25cc852e⋯.jpg (356.67 KB, 1536x768, 2:1, LynchComeyNeverDid.jpg)

8ca037 No.1055440



Is America going to Surrender to Syria?

b404f7 No.1055441





so no messages or decoding should be done???

f8f35b No.1055442

File: 2a2c4dae6c117e2⋯.jpg (198.53 KB, 1493x883, 1493:883, idigibio.JPG)


Huh… this is looking suspect

90d1dd No.1055443

File: 550db3889c76a10⋯.png (578.05 KB, 720x1166, 360:583, 20180416_001433.png)

http:// www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5618759/Two-killed-two-light-aircraft-collide-mid-air-smash-German-airfield.html

Two pilots died after a hobby aircraft and an microlight plane hit each other

Initial reports said they were trying to land when they smashed into each other

It occurred above Schwäbisch Hall in the southern state of Baden-Württemberg

4323e0 No.1055444



Proof needed

f35a13 No.1055445

File: 76f84fb119d5250⋯.png (187.11 KB, 465x416, 465:416, ClipboardImage.png)


Everyone just hug it out.

51eefe No.1055446

File: 8799456fde720d4⋯.png (446.87 KB, 1482x1098, 247:183, Screen Shot 2018-04-15 at ….png)

File: 55bf1aed0b40910⋯.png (442.93 KB, 1378x1140, 689:570, Screen Shot 2018-04-15 at ….png)

File: bd64cf1ab1784f8⋯.png (444.26 KB, 1048x1188, 262:297, Screen Shot 2018-04-15 at ….png)

File: 1ecae3a00723cff⋯.png (528.98 KB, 1524x1334, 762:667, Screen Shot 2018-04-15 at ….png)



https:// www.idigbio.org/portal/list/page00906.html

09d701 No.1055447

Cambridge House, Knowl View and Rochdale: Investigation Report, April 2018

https:// www.iicsa.org.uk/key-documents/5322/view/Cambridge%20House%2C%20Knowl%20View%20and%20Rochdale%20Investigation%20Report%20April%202018.pdf

7d7958 No.1055448

>>1054301 Nobody cares about (((your))) opinions

^^^^^^^^^ This is an opinion that baker agreed with

Notables should list anything notable. Period. Facts, sources, analysis (putting 2 and 2 together), and, yes opinion when that opinion is notable.

ef1f91 No.1055449


Sauce & archive? Or GTFO.

That is not on their website.

436a56 No.1055450



aab146 No.1055451


Scalia was in TX when the overdosed him = OD

09bd15 No.1055452


Funny how you admit you wish to create and live in your own world as opposed to accepting reality and the world that exists outside Your described beliefs.

Unfortunately, that is a problem….individual idiots determining they have the power, authority and capability to determine, establish and set their own reality that (under their idiotic beliefs) applies to others.

Feel free to try again, moron.

(Youngsters are sooooooo….. stupid…..just like the idiots “Q” suggests. 😂)

74077b No.1055453

File: d05803accc82cf7⋯.jpg (72.58 KB, 1080x540, 2:1, r-lee-ermey-interview-1088….jpg)

> Patriot?

< What did he know?

> Pedo?

< Did he know too much?

I personally think he was a good Patriot but with an untimely death, we as anons need to ask these questions.

caa0cb No.1055454

File: 8be71f96e85316d⋯.png (252.93 KB, 637x622, 637:622, R Lee Ermy Death Hoax.png)


“R. Lee Ermey dead 2018” : Actor killed by internet death (((hoax)))

https:// en.mediamass.net/people/r-lee-ermey/deathhoax.html

173545 No.1055455


Q post Number 1, October 28th 2017.

Oct 28 2017 14:33:50 (EST) Anonymous ID: gb953qGI 147005381


Hillary Clinton will be arrested between 7:45 AM - 8:30 AM EST on Monday - the morning on Oct 30, 2017.

Oct 28 2017 15:44:28 (EST) Anonymous ID: BQ7V3bcW 147012719


HRC extradition already in motion effective yesterday with several countries in case of cross border run. Passport approved to be flagged effective 10/30 @ 12:01am. Expect massive riots organized in defiance and others fleeing the US to occur. US M’s will conduct the operation while NG activated. Proof check: Locate a NG member and ask if activated for duty 10/30 across most major cities.

Fuck you Q, you don't know shit!

4323e0 No.1055456


I do too. And will continue too. doesnt mean i agree with everything he does.

ddc72e No.1055458

You can tell Q posts from his phone. All of the twitter links he posts are mobile links.

f9e16c No.1055459


ok so they are just an id number on the phone pics was sent from in layman's terms

a7cd3d No.1055460


ThankQ codefag.

I was going to say something but was too busy making memes.

Obviously, you are right.

The RFC (internet standard, for those unaware) plainly lays out the format of a UUID.

It is assigned by software in order to have unique identifier for a file name.


That's right, no decoding should be done.

It's not a 'secret message'.

487a7e No.1055461

File: 92ef4e96566faca⋯.jpg (12.72 KB, 194x255, 194:255, almost.jpg)

all the way to denver

ffceea No.1055462

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I'm giving Alex Jones one chance to redeem himself. He better represent.

63baad No.1055463


I would serve my country if called upon.

239889 No.1055464

File: d871d85d7f09ded⋯.jpg (57.67 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1280x720-S7Z.jpg)

File: 14b87ca99cf2170⋯.gif (162.03 KB, 360x483, 120:161, young_hicks.gif)


sure looks like same guy

f8f35b No.1055465

File: 45b741f205d15f7⋯.jpg (60.61 KB, 1597x201, 1597:201, digi.JPG)


My biggest question… is WTF does FB and Twitter USE Digital Biological data bank for????

f85d70 No.1055466

File: 62f01177ecf01c6⋯.jpg (164.39 KB, 531x702, 59:78, Bait_Rabbi_Watcha_Doin.jpg)

File: 99ef1b448806cc9⋯.jpg (222.53 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Bait_Rabbi_Watch_Doin_2.jpg)

File: d20f5f6944738f8⋯.jpg (62.55 KB, 484x442, 242:221, Jews_FalseFlag_1.jpg)

File: 0ce03a26a9b3f34⋯.png (940.34 KB, 1372x1999, 1372:1999, Jews_FalseFlags_AgainstJew….png)



KKK leader was a jew. Not even surprised.

09bd15 No.1055467


And that works as long as you acknowledge it to yourself….

Props, dude.

b404f7 No.1055468


gotcha, was worth a look


c24423 No.1055469


Great work anon. Asymmetrical approach vs liberal larpers, KEK

dd6583 No.1055470

File: bccd8575bdad668⋯.jpg (112.68 KB, 735x412, 735:412, bccd8575bdad66821a2ff47d5a….jpg)


I disagree.

Nobody *likes* hate posts, but they teach many valuable lessons.

For example if you become angry at views which challange your own it's a sign of uncertainty; you need to do some research.

Words make us angry as a result of conditioning. We must overcome not to replace those conditioned responses not with new set of predjudices but with an understanding where mind is recognized as a dynamic, interactive evolutionary information based process - called consciousness.

Our minds interactions with material and abstract phenomena, our perceptual environment are limited by the accuracy.and integrity of information circulated in our common information supply. Our contaminated and manipulated news, "entertainment" and educational system is (((their))) means of control.

That's why we need a secure networking infrastructure - the international information system of the future;

secure for all because it is secure *from* all.

GHI scientists have already designed such a system and two nodes of a prototype testbed framework are now active.

This is not a small project. The information system of the future must be trusted by the world and the only way to do that is by making it international, which president Putin appears to favor.

If we want to use VR and MR we have to understand the digital frontier is a frontier to us - not necesarily to others whoalready inhabit the environmental.

Facebook's.bldg 8 represents FB's bid to control this space and with it, the future development of consciousness.

Google, FB MS, the whole crooked cabal are spending billions battling to control the virtual frontier. If (((they))) suceed in controlling VR and MR (((their))) hold on our mind will unbreakable.

That's why we need a new kind of netork.

https:// www.ft.com/content/8a978ca2-6d53-11e7-b9c7-15af748b60d0

93a66c No.1055471

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

b727c3 No.1055473

File: c2ed7c24e58fc9a⋯.jpg (4.99 KB, 245x205, 49:41, faggot.jpg)


i wub u

55d421 No.1055474

Alyssa Milano is an idiot.

f5f3c8 No.1055475


He won't redpill anyone his Twatter bio says "Galactic Security Reporter". Talk about a way to make 'em run.

aab146 No.1055476


GWB = Bush

LL = Loretta Lynch

OD = overdose by little blue pill

Scalia was overdosed by a little blue pill in Texas near GWB so LL could be bribed with a SCJ seat.

d4b491 No.1055477


I saw this live. Creepy. Thought it meant that W's been here before, but not recently.

It was right after the Twitter "injection."

Little blue pills and erection are obvious.

76f65d No.1055478


This in theory should have relationship with the RFID Chips of Regina Dugan, The 5th Ave of Kushner.

IDigBio. Save that Shit Now.

51eefe No.1055479


Good fucking question

c29cd5 No.1055480

Does Brenden Dilley still give his drops?

0c39f9 No.1055481


Its what they jo

487a7e No.1055482

File: ac79aac8e071017⋯.jpg (76.21 KB, 600x826, 300:413, onhold.jpg)

namefagging before alex jones show

weak sauce

7c1d06 No.1055483

File: c1b3bdf4330a95f⋯.jpeg (231.72 KB, 1440x915, 96:61, 1523831653.jpeg)

8b048b No.1055484


I just saw Elvis.

65111d No.1055485

20 minutes ago

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=dg6vE66zK_Q

09bd15 No.1055486


Your point is……..????????

15dfb0 No.1055487

File: 45587f9f43502e3⋯.jpg (38.4 KB, 577x334, 577:334, Da3AHtCW4AA5mBG.jpg)




173545 No.1055488


Q post Number 1, October 28th 2017.

Oct 28 2017 14:33:50 (EST) Anonymous ID: gb953qGI 147005381


Hillary Clinton will be arrested between 7:45 AM - 8:30 AM EST on Monday - the morning on Oct 30, 2017.

Oct 28 2017 15:44:28 (EST) Anonymous ID: BQ7V3bcW 147012719


HRC extradition already in motion effective yesterday with several countries in case of cross border run. Passport approved to be flagged effective 10/30 @ 12:01am. Expect massive riots organized in defiance and others fleeing the US to occur. US M’s will conduct the operation while NG activated. Proof check: Locate a NG member and ask if activated for duty 10/30 across most major cities.

Fuck you Q, you don't know shit!

962d17 No.1055489


Shes in the club…now has to pay the price.

1971f2 No.1055490


this won't age well

a65b5b No.1055491

File: 2f963a45ba4f2ac⋯.jpeg (24.32 KB, 255x240, 17:16, 174ee583a39e8a52c95e87677….jpeg)

d4b491 No.1055492


Nice work anon! So much for the theory that all Q is signed…

f8f35b No.1055493


My thoughts Exactly!

c24423 No.1055494

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Meme about that line.

caa0cb No.1055495

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Alex Jones is Stratford CIA

<<vid definitely related!

8ec497 No.1055496


Mind control mass ritual of fear

https:// www.goodreads.com/book/show/15850477-the-most-dangerous-book-in-the-world

b727c3 No.1055497



This is my Board. There are many like it, but this one is mine.

My Board is my best friend. It is my life. I must master it as I must master my life.

Without me, my Board is useless. Without my Board, I am useless. I must post my Board true. I must meme straighter than my enemy who is trying to kill me. I must crush him before he crushes me. I will.

My Board and fellow Anons know that what counts in war is not the porn that is filed, the noise of of concernfags and naughty children, nor the false hatred and division seeded on our Board. We know that it is the hits that count. We will hit.

My Board is human, even as I, because it is my life. Thus, I will learn it as a brother. I will learn its weaknesses, its strength, its parts, its accessories, its rules and its best purposes. I will keep my Board clean from clowns and shills, and ready, even as I am clean and ready. We will become part of each other. We will.

Before God, I swear this creed. My Board and I are the defenders of my country. We are the masters of our enemy. We are the saviors of my life.

So be it, until victory is America's and there is no enemy, but peace!

a7cd3d No.1055498


Well something was learned

and that is always valuable.

44be4f No.1055499


Is there two different NITs? This one is in Washington DC.

76f65d No.1055500


The DNA is the Key.

20dbb0 No.1055501


HEX bro

Anywayz, been solved.



aab146 No.1055502


for you to go FUCK YOURSELF

9d9edb No.1055503

Its actually true….unfortunately


caa0cb No.1055504


Stratfor not Stratford

4323e0 No.1055505


yes but Israel's national interest and ours are sometimes overlapping but not the same. Look up "Greater Israel"

484b45 No.1055506


Not all crumbs come from the same loaf.

caa0cb No.1055507


Really? Dammit!!!

8ca037 No.1055508



I was just kidding over some of the Stupid questions people ask Q.


94101a No.1055509

File: 1220ccaa0ec3445⋯.png (511.79 KB, 520x682, 260:341, IMG_2424.PNG)

We should hold law enforcement and politicians to a HIGHER standard, but at the very minimum we should hold them to the SAME standard.

All of these people are participating in organized crime.

Some of these people have committed treason.

NONE of these people have been held accountable.

"Let not any one pacify his conscience by the delusion that he can do no harm if he takes no part, and forms no opinion. Bad men need nothing more to compass their ends, than that good men should look on and do nothing."

b404f7 No.1055510

File: 6f25e12ca5f8280⋯.jpg (204.19 KB, 756x839, 756:839, migration.jpg)

58272d No.1055511

File: bb7802068698ed9⋯.jpg (57.59 KB, 472x336, 59:42, muh booooks.jpg)


I still have dreams about you.

ef1f91 No.1055512





Anyone saying there is some mystery is either a Clown In America (CIA) disinfo agent, or is a sperging anon having an autism attack (and probably from cuckchan - I recognize the style of sperging)

a8fb88 No.1055513


Patriots Day

d4b491 No.1055514


And now we're fuckbook - not even reddit.

d3b05a No.1055515


http:// judicial-inc-archive.blogspot.com/2010/07/jews-in-kkk.html

http:// judicial-inc-archive.blogspot.com/2010/07/das-fuhrer-is-juden.html

b727c3 No.1055516

File: c73ec2be0129725⋯.jpg (5.43 KB, 299x168, 299:168, ob1.jpg)


but i wub u

6e406b No.1055517

All the clues are telling me we are getting really close to the dam breaking.

aab146 No.1055518

c29cd5 No.1055519

Anons, Stormy Daniels is gone now. Was her little 15 minutes of fame intended to do more damage to Trump than it did….or is there still more to it? Thoughts?

b404f7 No.1055520


exactly anon



c29cd5 No.1055521


Same here. So many topics being thrown into the Overton Window daily

99c7d5 No.1055522

File: 4b4e03d094f19c5⋯.jpg (9.49 KB, 189x266, 27:38, 144990.jpg)


It's an insult to Bill Hicks and a compliment to Alex Jones that people think they are the same person. Alex jones uses fear to get your attention and sell his products, Bill Hicks promoted the idea of a life without fear no matter how dark it gets.

“The world is like a ride in an amusement park, and when you choose to go on it you think it's real because that's how powerful our minds are. The ride goes up and down, around and around, it has thrills and chills, and it's very brightly colored, and it's very loud, and it's fun for a while. Many people have been on the ride a long time, and they begin to wonder, "Hey, is this real, or is this just a ride?" And other people have remembered, and they come back to us and say, "Hey, don't worry; don't be afraid, ever, because this is just a ride." And we … kill those people. "Shut him up! I've got a lot invested in this ride, shut him up! Look at my furrows of worry, look at my big bank account, and my family. This has to be real." It's just a ride. But we always kill the good guys who try and tell us that, you ever notice that? And let the demons run amok … But it doesn't matter, because it's just a ride. And we can change it any time we want. It's only a choice. No effort, no work, no job, no savings of money. Just a simple choice, right now, between fear and love. The eyes of fear want you to put bigger locks on your doors, buy guns, close yourself off. The eyes of love instead see all of us as one. Here's what we can do to change the world, right now, to a better ride. Take all that money we spend on weapons and defenses each year and instead spend it feeding and clothing and educating the poor of the world, which it would pay for many times over, not one human being excluded, and we could explore space, together, both inner and outer, forever, in peace.”

Bill Hicks

93a66c No.1055523



98603b No.1055524


We are all specimens. They know more about you than you do. Full spectrum control.

6c3a42 No.1055525


>RIP R Lee Ermey

"Internet death hoax"??

62a6ae No.1055526

File: 9d0b779c3b8e1cc⋯.png (541.04 KB, 1341x721, 1341:721, 39874ht98430fh4t98j037ht08….png)

6ab0fa No.1055528

File: c31fccbedfeba82⋯.png (1.82 MB, 998x801, 998:801, ClipboardImage.png)


Awww, you're here out of the goodness of your heart trying to save us all from Q. So very selfless of you.

caa0cb No.1055529

File: 813b463375222d1⋯.png (643.38 KB, 1046x895, 1046:895, R Lee Ermey Dead.png)


Hollywood Reporter says he's really dead???

R. Lee Ermey, Golden Globe Nominee for 'Full Metal Jacket,' Dies at 74

https:// www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/r-lee-ermey-dead-golden-globe-nominee-full-metal-jacket-was-74-1102863

173545 No.1055530


Q post Number 1, October 28th 2017.

Oct 28 2017 14:33:50 (EST) Anonymous ID: gb953qGI 147005381


Hillary Clinton will be arrested between 7:45 AM - 8:30 AM EST on Monday - the morning on Oct 30, 2017.

Oct 28 2017 15:44:28 (EST) Anonymous ID: BQ7V3bcW 147012719


HRC extradition already in motion effective yesterday with several countries in case of cross border run. Passport approved to be flagged effective 10/30 @ 12:01am. Expect massive riots organized in defiance and others fleeing the US to occur. US M’s will conduct the operation while NG activated. Proof check: Locate a NG member and ask if activated for duty 10/30 across most major cities.

Fuck you Q, you don't know shit!

9d9edb No.1055531


http:// www.foxnews.com/entertainment/2018/04/15/full-metal-jacket-actor-r-lee-ermey-dies-at-age-74.html?cq_ck=1523834305017

7c1d06 No.1055532

File: 9a9c4382db0aa26⋯.jpeg (97.14 KB, 1440x816, 30:17, 1523834328.jpeg)

Levity in the face of barbarism

ca1c45 No.1055533


AWAN iPads/iPhones

858347 No.1055534


Primary question here: Why are these important? They're just making assertions/allegations of shit we already know/want proven. They're not providing viable sources or information that we need to hold people accountable. Q's posts point us in a direction we need to dig on, this guy just posts things that we've already dug on.

65111d No.1055535


you want shit in the notables - have at it your way.

c24423 No.1055537

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

93a66c No.1055538

File: 22e940fcca277d7⋯.png (43.65 KB, 371x256, 371:256, Screen Shot 2018-04-15 at ….png)

3a157d No.1055539

File: deaa22e4ad2b10c⋯.png (123.4 KB, 250x255, 50:51, shit.png)

4323e0 No.1055540

did Assad use the chemical weapon "white phosphorus" on civilians???

15dfb0 No.1055541


Body double he lives like adolph hitler and barb bush

6e3fc3 No.1055542

side bets

https:// youtu.be/wCDIYvFmgW8

f8f35b No.1055543

File: 507df84edcbcd1d⋯.jpg (78.09 KB, 1251x719, 1251:719, records stored.JPG)


Hmmm… look at the number of digital Media Records Stored.

fe152e No.1055545





No, newfag, Q ALWAYS signs. This person was not Q. At best, it was a LARPER (because the manner in which S died (heart attack) was always known. It's also been widely known here even before Q that S was likely assassinated via an induced heart attack.

It's not a goddamn leap at all to put Viagra there. All of you need to read up on old stuff.

6c8a12 No.1055546

File: 32b75c35e353c28⋯.png (173 KB, 647x483, 647:483, FireShot Capture 160 - (6)….png)

Do you guys think that the plan is to hit Syria again?

To blame the attacks from the deep state that will occur after that on Russia?So that after everything is done Trump is the hero when he gets peace with Russia?

GOOD movie?

GREAT actor?

all part of the plan?

76f65d No.1055547


Talking of the DNA. China already has his DNA library??

https:// www.ucanews.com/news/chinas-dna-bank-for-minorities-should-be-viewed-with-alarm/81872

edcb6f No.1055548

File: 45587f9f43502e3⋯.jpg (38.4 KB, 577x334, 577:334, Da3AHtCW4AA5mBG.jpg)

File: 92608473f1c2247⋯.png (18.38 KB, 534x149, 534:149, Screenshot 2018-04-15 at 7….png)

bf1d86 No.1055549

File: ded8ca2ea221192⋯.png (163.7 KB, 1248x678, 208:113, Screen Shot 2018-04-15 at ….png)

Kanye West is back on Twitter. He went on a pro-Trump rant then cancelled his tour before he deactivated Twitter. He's back today. Pic related. Is he with @jack or is he a patriot?

6c3a42 No.1055550



"News of actor R. Lee Ermey’s death spread quickly earlier this week causing concern among fans across the world. However the April 2018 report has now been confirmed as a complete hoax and just the latest in a string of fake celebrity death reports. Thankfully, the actor best known for his role in Full Metal Jacket is alive and well."

https:// en.mediamass.net/people/r-lee-ermey/deathhoax.html

8faad9 No.1055551

File: 706192cdd95a11a⋯.jpg (567.89 KB, 2048x1024, 2:1, QCard2.jpg)

Trust is important <3

caa0cb No.1055552

File: aeb582c366fa913⋯.png (363.72 KB, 406x847, 58:121, Man Down!!! RIP.png)


RIP Gunny!!!

ef1f91 No.1055553


>WTF does FB and Twitter USE Digital Biological data bank for????

Facebook & Twitter are free for you - BECAUSE YOU ARE THE PRODUCT.

They take your (now digitized medical records) and cross reference them with what they have on genes. Then they can sell the dataset on to health insurance, etc as it is more valuable.

d844fa No.1055554


Totally agreed. Have a look at the blog. The point being that Obama tipped off Iranians. Deep state connections. If Obama was mullahs buddy and Kerry was there buddy and the Iranian people want freedom from Mullahs and Revolutionary Guard than it is safe to assume deep state and mullahs are in bed together. Mullahs are Clown assets.

8ec497 No.1055555


That shill keeps sliding the board:

I dug NTI and SSRC and they are not linked as he is claiming:




436a56 No.1055556


Future AI program.

7c1d06 No.1055557


I still vote she is part of the plan. For the white hats

ae871f No.1055558

File: a9538826ff7aa03⋯.jpg (114.18 KB, 480x579, 160:193, Date vs actual.jpg)


Hard to imagine but it has been suggested.

This kind of hints at it.

Keyword being "between"

5f9ac4 No.1055559

File: 5a9c850d8e4872c⋯.png (211.57 KB, 656x638, 328:319, Drudge re CBS obit.PNG)

File: 141ea18a354fcd0⋯.png (205.21 KB, 529x907, 529:907, SBee re Bush 1.PNG)

File: 201d9a697faba60⋯.png (321.97 KB, 501x466, 501:466, SBee re Bush 2.PNG)


Are you completely incapable of looking something up?

I saw this tweet earlier.

CBS erroneously publishes obituary for former first lady Barbara Bush


abe768 No.1055560

6c3a42 No.1055561

f85d70 No.1055562



Douglas, you seem to be subconsciously come to terms that you're going to have to suck a lot of cock once you get RICOed and that sweet old man ass gets landed in prison :)

Cry more faggot, I love it that you're this panicked.


I'll explain why the repetitive autism is needed:


Shills count on misguiding the newfags, because the experienced anons get sick of repeating themselves and tend to ignore the shills


When shills misguide enough newfags, the overton window shifts to their favour and disinfo and chaos increase exponentially


Given that Q is going mainstream and we are alwys getting an influx of newfags, the shills must be constantly countered, or they'll be successful. Good thing they are dumb as shit thou :)


No preblem, my pleasure :)


Interesting. I don't like authoritarian govs, and I believe that Rothschild did finance Hilter and used him as a puppet, but interesting nonetheless.

ef1f91 No.1055563




66cf84 No.1055564


we'll SEE what happens.

f8f35b No.1055565


Yea… I see that. but ironically it has led me down another rabbit hole.

As always. idigibio portal. very interesting

633137 No.1055566


I tend to agree!

if it would start ww because foreign actors cant comprehend that USA has been comped for some time. then so be it.

wouldnt they rather unite against the globalist?

without there sheep the globalist have no power.

what is money really?

what is gold really?

what is the American dream?

why is it important?

0126fb No.1055567



Welcome to 8ch.

You cracked me the fuck up!

eed54a No.1055568


RIP to one of the greatest standups ever

ffceea No.1055569

File: a20c9280f3c62a6⋯.jpg (288.44 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, Daxwf9aWsAAGm-V.jpg)

Activist lawyer burned himself to death to protest global warming.

This was not a “global warming” issue. It was a mental illness issue.

http:// www.foxnews.com/us/2018/04/15/david-buckel-prominent-gay-rights-lawyer-burns-himself-to-death-in-new-york-to-protest-global-warming.html

76f65d No.1055570




41b8f0 No.1055571


makes you wonder

ef7b1d No.1055572

File: afcf79e7ab9ee0b⋯.png (34.61 KB, 877x276, 877:276, ClipboardImage.png)

File: d3689894724bda3⋯.png (171.68 KB, 757x353, 757:353, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 5177554923af637⋯.png (87.19 KB, 796x516, 199:129, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 0c5d45d672c39f5⋯.png (53.79 KB, 529x317, 529:317, ClipboardImage.png)

https:// www.iqt.org/

The bridge

436a56 No.1055573


Not this time.

19b395 No.1055574


Coincidence that a military chap dies when we're at war. RIIIIIGHT. Trust the plan? WHAT FUCKING PLAN?

396958 No.1055575


This is a research board, not an opinion board.

If you want /qopinions/, go to twatter.

6e3fc3 No.1055576

File: 64458ac8dc374cb⋯.jpg (249.82 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, doublerainbow.jpg)

https:// youtu.be/4JkIs37a2JE

9a33b4 No.1055577

File: af08a948f1e59a8⋯.jpg (39.04 KB, 400x320, 5:4, Feel Team Six.jpg)

d4b491 No.1055578


IMHO anon it's skipping down the road to find layers of meaning that we've missed. We have more than we know, but we bang our heads against locked doors everyday.

Consider it the leave-no-stone-unturned approach. Maybe we get lucky one day.

6e406b No.1055579


They should do that for Jim Carrey since he is already dead inside.

9de78e No.1055580

File: 0b062fdb345f71d⋯.jpg (98.48 KB, 584x651, 584:651, i.jpg)



239889 No.1055582


said looks like him….chill

ddc72e No.1055583


Not dead. Hoax.

aab146 No.1055584

but what if the heart attack pill is little and blue?


f85d70 No.1055585

58272d No.1055586

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


>In this shocking exposé, investigative researcher and author S. K. Bain

41b8f0 No.1055587


ha…he's cointel, always has been

76f65d No.1055588




396958 No.1055589

File: 0ed24416d7d53ee⋯.png (83.44 KB, 489x475, 489:475, Q50.png)


>Open to arguments.




Then dig it. See


19b395 No.1055590


Predictive programming when suicides go down. Fucking fake ass media. Fuck this.

f8f35b No.1055591


sorry.. wrong pie graph.. my bad..

15dfb0 No.1055592

File: b6e532fbc9bfe25⋯.png (1.32 MB, 2086x1617, 298:231, b6e532fbc9bfe25f3cae6cebbe….png)


Godspeed Patriots

Let the meming bombardment continue

89f451 No.1055593

File: c96ba90f81115c0⋯.jpeg (590.55 KB, 1536x1904, 96:119, E9CA56A4-DAD5-4463-AA4A-C….jpeg)

Related to post >>1054493 previous bread

More banks in Kish Island, Iran. Circumventing sanctions and laundering money. https:// financialtribune.com/articles/economy-business-and-markets/65918/5-foreign-banks-licensed-by-iran

fe152e No.1055594


Except he's not. They're all roleplayers, famefags, and shills trying to seem cool while others do WORK.

13d736 No.1055595

File: 4b45fcc9b1b0d1b⋯.jpg (49.22 KB, 400x400, 1:1, ChUDHq1N_400x400.jpg)

If we lose California

Soros has won his battle

Soros' goal wasn't the whole USA just yet.

It is one part at a time.

California is Keystone to battle for Soros & Cabal

Lose California - Lose ports - Lose Agriculture

Then they will spread.

Focus on the big game

Stop getting caught up in the little details.

Border is Key

California Government is Key

Radicals in Government Positions now

Rigged elections

Resistance begins with the MIND!

Wake up California!

This is a war Anons must fight fight fight in.

09bd15 No.1055596


The obviousmwuewtion would,be…

What is the definition or understanding of that statement?


Be the geniuses we know you are….

Be the idiots we know you are…

Be the common thinkers we know you are…

Be the “other than Standard or ordinary”. We know you are…

….or other….that we believe is the situation…

b727c3 No.1055597


you are very wrong

one year ago you would have been very correct

we cannot afford to have traitors and enemies in our midst

their words are not empty

they motivate and produce action in the real world

we cannot afford that now

do you believe POTUS allows those who disagree with his to stay on his team?

7c1d06 No.1055598


I think she is almost gone. Running out of child's blood can have adverse effects

99c7d5 No.1055599


Global warming.. Where I live we were just hit by snow after we haven't seen it since February. This never happens. It's like the middle of fucking winter here and it's almost May

caa0cb No.1055600

File: aeb582c366fa913⋯.png (363.72 KB, 406x847, 58:121, RIP Gunny.png)

It's been confirmed by his longtime manager R. Lee Ermey is dead….this is the official tweet….

76f65d No.1055601


6e3fc3 No.1055602

File: 87df5f190fd9ffb⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 194.53 KB, 1064x1600, 133:200, beverageandsocks.jpg)

https:// youtu.be/l7ZlSHGFfdc

agnar get gunny some top floor and some squirrel

4323e0 No.1055603


I will take a look. thanks anon

c43462 No.1055604

Project/Operation Cassandra

Drugs to finance terrorism; Virginia

Sessions investigation





5dcb50 No.1055605

File: 15756906789a084⋯.png (150.47 KB, 616x725, 616:725, 7br9ai-8mk9f057vvwz.png)


over and over again i get the feeling that things we are reading about have already happened . i guess that is the movie we are watching … yeah im slow .

f35a13 No.1055606

File: 1f6fea2796a70a6⋯.png (48.18 KB, 700x700, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


>No, newfag, Q ALWAYS signs.

Q didn't start tripfagging until Nov 9 and he certainly doesn't always sign off with "Q"

>All of you need to read up on old stuff.


f9e16c No.1055607


yes i know anon, was just a joke

52ff10 No.1055608

File: 804e3b85fdd7055⋯.jpeg (356.83 KB, 1410x1735, 282:347, 76DD6B39-3B5B-49E9-A7DF-0….jpeg)


The Marines just retweeted this at 19:24 est

c24423 No.1055609

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Song for the feels

fe152e No.1055610


Uh. Congrats? They might have killed him with Viagra. They might have also killed him with a heart attack gun.

How they killed him is likely largely unimportant to why (we already know), when (we already know), and who (we already have a very good idea who set it up).

Literally, the only thing we're waiting for is PROOF.

You are so late to the fucking game and acting like you're not, it's embarrassing.

d4b491 No.1055611


Are you going to put me in the corner now?

Just like we can't agree on a clock, and no one is sure about the caps and spaces and missing punctuation in the tweets, I'm going to bounce up and down on this limb and remind you that there's a very good chance you've missed shit.

63baad No.1055612


look at his eyebrows….what is going on with that?

15dfb0 No.1055613


All about the break

was in the past also

night of a Patriots game

also a video on Pelosi saying that anyone could get WMDs

13d736 No.1055614

File: f1488b305eb27ac⋯.jpg (19.12 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault.jpg)

https ://www.nytimes.com/2018/04/03/us/california-governor-villaraigosa-newsom-trump.html

As Trump Leads a ‘War’ on California, Who Will Lead California?

a65b5b No.1055615

File: 81311c5ad0d4174⋯.png (161.58 KB, 250x255, 50:51, shit.png)

17730e No.1055616

File: 5246b5bfb155f34⋯.png (350.85 KB, 386x478, 193:239, ClipboardImage.png)


Little more effort into it Anon

76f65d No.1055617

This is being very interesting with Bio-Tech tonight..

c43462 No.1055618

Parallel Baker here

my notables

>>1055069 NIT; who's asking questions?

>>1055060 Preet Bharara, Bill's water boy

>>1055313 Loretta Lynch: she mad

>>1055325 We salute you Gunny :'(

>>1055326 Hussein/HUSSEIN = Obama. Got it?

>>1055059 B. Clinton, Weinstein connection

>>1055604 Project Cassandra; drugs for guns dig

2cfb28 No.1055619




Seriously, name a moment we have not been at war in the last say 50-60 years?

d4b491 No.1055620


Needs to be pepe. But I kek'd.

a7cd3d No.1055621

File: 9256f41c5e026bf⋯.jpg (195.92 KB, 1023x513, 341:171, DrainTheSwamp16Becerra.jpg)


Looks like Xavier Becerra.

Most non-Californians probably don't recognize the face or have any idea what he stands for. I don't either.

If you want a meme campaign against this guy, a short list of bullet points stating your case would really help the memeanons to help you.

6e406b No.1055622


Remember JFK was killed and exactly ONE MONTH later, Bill and Hillary were looking for a NY residence so she could run for Senate there.

fe152e No.1055623


Ever since Q started tripfagging, he has always used a trip.

A Q post without a trip is ALWAYS a larper or a shill.

Else, how would we know if we're actually supposed to be digging there?

6e3fc3 No.1055624

File: b7a4e1f68bffd1a⋯.jpg (105.19 KB, 614x768, 307:384, batmansocks.jpg)


do it for the memefagging agnar for fuck sake

white russians

kaiju needs you

7c1d06 No.1055625


I get that same feeling Anon.

God Bless

4323e0 No.1055626



did Israel? Look it up

bf1d86 No.1055627

>Red Sparrow is a 2018 American spy thriller film directed by Francis Lawrence and written by Justin Haythe, based on the 2013 novel of the same name by Jason Matthews. The film stars Jennifer Lawrence, Joel Edgerton, Matthias Schoenaerts, Charlotte Rampling, Mary-Louise Parker, and Jeremy Irons. It tells the story of a Russian intelligence officer who is sent to make contact with a CIA agent in the hope of discovering the identity of a mole.

Sparrow Red is reverse order. Reverse the roles. Is there a CIA agent going to seek contact with a Russian mole??

09bd15 No.1055628




Didn’t think he would ever die. Just believed that when death approached, he would kick its ass as usual.

aab146 No.1055629


Late to the game? This is in direct reference to TODAY"S tweets. Fuck you nigger. Your an Idiot.

f9e16c No.1055630


RIP, Will always remember and laugh..

only steers and queers,

now choke yourself

381579 No.1055631


daj smiri

ef1f91 No.1055632


>Are you completely incapable of looking something up?

What part of

Save & archive everything!

did you not get about this board?


https:// archive.fo/cIywY

13d736 No.1055633

File: 255d9ba7a98b349⋯.jpg (7.71 KB, 252x195, 84:65, drill sarg.jpg)

Don't let twinkle toed commie bastards take down California

- Gunny

fe152e No.1055634


JFK Jr and that's already a wildly accepted part of the Clinton Body Count. You are way too green behind the ears to be leading anyone else along, even for a roleplay. That's dangerous.

9a33b4 No.1055635

File: b7c4a30485575e1⋯.gif (1.8 MB, 320x210, 32:21, jim carrey ace ventura.gif)

58272d No.1055636

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


A man dies twice.

8056d9 No.1055637


> i can ignore it twice.

Why would you ignore it? Or are you just being a snarky dick?

Did you read the IG report yourself? Have you taken the time to do a comprehensive write-up to share with the public?

It's long and involved but the guy does a great job of breaking down the facts and exposing the corruption.

f35a13 No.1055638


Real anons knew it then. Real anons would know it now.

5f9ac4 No.1055640


I actually agree with you.

I have seen stories for HW actors that drop to disrupt

the news cycle, but there is no actual date of death,

and no specific information.

6c3a42 No.1055641


Needs a step to get into an SUV, wants to be leader of the free world! smfh

f85d70 No.1055642

File: b6cdeb866530469⋯.jpg (2.82 MB, 2816x4472, 352:559, antifa_are_commies.jpg)

File: 4cc07d00ceeb825⋯.png (1.77 MB, 756x1200, 63:100, Antifa_Are_Commies2.png)

File: 2fd6dc3f894c9a5⋯.png (83.3 KB, 594x476, 297:238, Antifa_BTFO.png)

File: 7d7370dd70aff3c⋯.jpg (153.75 KB, 777x768, 259:256, Antifa_ISIS.jpg)

File: b36a0ae9e8c300e⋯.jpg (81.09 KB, 700x773, 700:773, Antifa_Only_200_Million.jpg)


Noice. I liek it.


>will NEVER back down from fighting with justified violence for the downtrodden, the gays, the transgendered, the non-abled, the gender-fluid, the queers, all minorities

Lol, you better start hunting muslims then retard. Pics related for u, globalist useful idiot faggot.

a79344 No.1055643

>>1055325 , >>1055600 We salute you Gunny :'(

>>1055618 Use above for the Gunny link. Contains sauce as well.

ef7b1d No.1055644

File: b1fdf6882ae7354⋯.png (680.71 KB, 1352x3324, 338:831, ClipboardImage.png)


holy shit look at their investments…

5df065 No.1055645


She just threw Comey under the bus hehe

3ec947 No.1055646

Loretta Lynch will be a big topic this week. I have been reviewing the FOIA documents regarding the tarmac meeting. For the most part, all the players names are redacted from the DOJ emails and some names included initially in FBI emails.

It’s interesting how all these DOJ employees seem to be responding immediately to the tarmac meeting problem, all just days before Hillary Clinton’s interview with FBI. DOJ even suspected the FBI agents of leaking the meeting.

http:// www.judicialwatch.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/JW-v-DOJ-02046-Clinton-%E2%80%93-Lynch-Tarmac-Records-1.pdf?V=1

One thing stood out to me. Something that took the DOJ by surprise: an article written by Larry O’Connor that posted 7:21 AM on July 1, 2016. He noticed something the DOJ did.

The day after the tarmac meeting, Lynch’s Justice Dept. told a judge they were going to drag their feet on the release of emails connecting the Clinton Foundation to the State Dept. They filed a motion in Federal court seeking a 27-month delay (Oct 2018) in producing correspondence between Hillary’s 4 top aides including Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Michael Fuchs, Ambassodor-at-Large Melanne Verveer, Chief of Staff Cheryl Mills and Deputy Chief of Staff Huma Abedin and the Clinton Foundation and Teneo Holdings.

That tarmac meeting must have been REALLY INTERESTING. They couldn’t let those emails be released. I AM NOT SURE IF THEY HAVE BEEN RELEASED YET. I don’t think so.


https:// bigleaguepolitics.com/exclusive-trump-knows-bill-clinton-offered-loretta-lynch-attorney-general-job-tarmac/

http:// sst.ws/what-is-tempest.php

THIS IS HOW THEY KNOW WHAT WAS SAID ON THE PLANE!!!!! The tempest protects and secures communications on board. It's on all government planes (civilian?). Loretta Lynch couldn't have it removed if she wanted to!!!!!! She may not have even known it existed.

2b2661 No.1055648

File: aadea7ce052603f⋯.jpg (227.01 KB, 600x900, 2:3, BigGunsSocks.jpg)

confirm dubs with russian plz

4 teh feels

https:// youtu.be/NxB4mcaLlfo

64f1c8 No.1055649




53ecc2 No.1055650

File: 82ed945c0efcb37⋯.png (17.53 KB, 584x143, 584:143, ClipboardImage.png)


Not sure, but I am unable to see that tweet as well.

3ad57c No.1055651

https:// file.wikileaks.org/file/xe-blackwater-employee-declaration-2009.pdf

fa7fba No.1055652


Eventually, honest money must return in order to have global peace. Neuter the Roths who have started and profited in all wars, and we all have a chance. So if the third world war accomplished the same, then fuck yes, get after it!

fe152e No.1055653


Yeah, and you don't even know that he's not telling us stuff we already know.

He's telling us to prepare for PROOF.

Have you checked the meme general to see if there's some memes about this?

There should be, because this was a point since the wikileaks.

4323e0 No.1055654


I will look it up. Thanks anon!

a7cd3d No.1055655

File: 4a9961cef7811b5⋯.png (889.69 KB, 1300x1390, 130:139, In-Q-Tel spying on you.png)

6e406b No.1055656


Obama And Lynch "Jeopardized" Clinton Email Investigation: Comey

“The attorney general seemed to be directing me to align with the Clinton campaign strategy. Her “just do it” response to my question indicated that she had no legal or procedural justification for her request, at least not one grounded in our practices or traditions. Otherwise, I assume, she would have said so.

https:// www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-04-15/obama-and-lynch-jeopardized-clinton-email-investigation-comey

d4b491 No.1055657


None of us are doing the work. But then we're all doing the work. Hive mind is, apparently, efficiently inefficient. Q is the queen bee. So to speak (but Q is a she in my head half the time anyway) and will let us know when we've become derelict in our duties.

Who's digging what right now? Near war in the Middle East. Granny ScherrBUSH on her deathbed. Prince Philip has gone missing.

And we're flicking boogies at each other.

caa0cb No.1055658

File: a617ba8155a2576⋯.png (279.49 KB, 512x512, 1:1, Michael Aquino.png)


As much as I liked Ermey and his acting those eyebrows are speaking volumes and he was good friends with with Stanley (cabal) Kubrick. the attached picture is of Michael Aquino (same Owl eyebrows) the founder of the Temple of Set. Wouldn't be surprised if there are connections….

e0ace5 No.1055659


We voted for Donald J Trump. I did see you on the ballot. And if I had, I would have laughed..

76f65d No.1055660


Cali is a One Head of Big/Bio Tech. They must be stopped.

ef7b1d No.1055661

File: 1f12cee4e5eb3f0⋯.png (65.16 KB, 885x363, 295:121, ClipboardImage.png)

f8f35b No.1055662

File: fc130c0bb0edf52⋯.jpg (172.16 KB, 1865x790, 373:158, search iDigiBio - HUMAN.JPG)

Well.. lookie here…!

I searched the database for HUMAN!


8ec497 No.1055663


Moloch awaits her. They need the dates to jive for bonus points

http:// tapnewswire.com/2016/04/be-ye-warned-april-19-may-1/

fe152e No.1055664




Was Bill Clinton officially part of the campaign?

19b395 No.1055665


Not a hoax, anon. These "hoaxes" are just predictive programming to test the water. They killed him.


Trust the murderous, distracting "plan"

89f451 No.1055666


Didn’t Q ask where the other plane of Obama cash landed?

6d6d6b No.1055667



Ernest Jeffrey Moniz, GCIH[1]

U.S. Secretary of Energy (2013–2017)

On May 16, 2013, his appointment was confirmed on a 97–0 vote by the Senate.[5] He succeeded Steven Chu as Secretary of Energy. Moniz was sworn in as Energy Secretary on May 21, 2013 by Deputy Energy Secretary Daniel Poneman.

Secretary Moniz played a crucial role in negotiations toward a comprehensive agreement on the Iranian nuclear program, directly negotiating technical details with the Iranian atomic energy minister Ali Akbar Salehi, an MIT graduate, and reassuring President Obama that concessions important to the Iranians would not pose a major threat.[14] The comprehensive agreement between Iran and the so-called "P5+1" (which includes the 5 permanent members of the UN Security Council, plus Germany and a representative from the European Union) was finalized on July 14, 2015, to much fanfare and criticism.[15]


f85d70 No.1055668

File: e12bac4015915df⋯.png (918.56 KB, 1122x1222, 561:611, March_For_Our_Lives_Kasky3….png)

File: b422b7ab4238526⋯.png (1.23 MB, 1044x944, 261:236, March_For_Our_Lives_Pedos.png)

File: 47aded3adeff54f⋯.jpg (2.36 MB, 2786x2633, 2786:2633, March_For_Our_Lives_Podest….jpg)

File: 4ee429edd6a94a4⋯.png (3.41 MB, 2244x1700, 33:25, Jeff_Kasky_Laura_S_Human_T….png)

File: 207fe4c7bd8df6b⋯.jpg (74.85 KB, 427x419, 427:419, Jeffrey_Kasky.jpg)


Reminder Hogg works for pedos.

Autismos never forget.

41b8f0 No.1055669


Is it suicede weekend

5f9ac4 No.1055670


I get that you were to lazy to look up something

we all discussed several breads ago.

caa0cb No.1055671

File: 43dd9ff70e45716⋯.png (55.6 KB, 273x120, 91:40, Own Brows.png)


Owl Brows….

9d9edb No.1055672

Take it up with Fox News and his publicist

They are reporting his death from pneumonia


1fcc18 No.1055673


Not proof, but a consideration

The "argument" given was a return of money the US held after the overthrow of the Shah.

That has been close to 40 years now…and has played out in odd, quiet ways over the years.

However it played out precisely, the time frame involved suggests 'depth'

2b2661 No.1055674

File: 798cf800112322f⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 40.9 KB, 587x768, 587:768, brightsocks.jpg)

https:// youtu.be/yftOy8kz7aE

09bd15 No.1055675


Gunny dies…

And Soros, Hillary. Bill, Chelsea, Valerie, McLain, Boehner, Ryan, mcconnell, Reid, Pelosi……

And so many other disgusting excuses doe human beings ……Continue to live…

436a56 No.1055676

Do we have a theory on when the CIA became involved in NK? Was it during the development of the country after WW2 or was it infiltrated afterward?

381579 No.1055677


>there's a very good chance you've missed shit

There are few EXTREMELY important, society-shattering Q crumbs that get regularly ignored. Few can put a picture together; fewer can make it close to reality.

Usually the mistake is focusing on small details and going nowhere, instead of building something that fits nicely into the picture.

c0917f No.1055678

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

The Q anon research board has been covering Q for about a year now . So how do yall claim to cast off AJ as a shill, who has been covering the whole NWO not just Q for more than 20 yrs, and more than likely one of first do so in this manner. AJ also employs JC who was asked directly by the White House, to cover Q to get Q's message out to the mainstreamers. Seems like yall only wanna keep Q in a little box. Believe me Q doesn't like to live in a little box. Seems rather irresponsible and ignorant of yall to act in this manner. Yall need to step back and examine your ways. Also your censorship is not what creator of 8chan had envisioned for it….far from it. Learn!

ee1a3d No.1055679

Russian Fleet, full of troops, tanks and anti-air heading to middle east.

76f65d No.1055680


This must be what Q was Talking.., This is very serious..

673ee5 No.1055682


Well that's not helping. Kek. Thanks for the added carbon footprint asshole!. Kek..

The left is counterproductive.

99c7d5 No.1055683




This is a new low for the shills.

53a748 No.1055684


aj never names the jew

4323e0 No.1055685

is Comey white hat (leveraged, not necessarily a good person) that's part of the show. To get libs on board. Q said that people still in the government positions would not be as effective as a witness.

2c7995 No.1055686

Barbara Bush visitors…

"She is surrounded by a family she adores, and appreciates the many kind messages and especially the prayers she is receiving."

She’s into dynasty. If she passes the mantle in her tradition, it’ll most likely be a family member.


643a00 No.1055687

f9e16c No.1055688


i remember when bummer was in, there was something going

around where they was trying to map the brain

through some online program. i cant remember what it was now.

2b2661 No.1055689

grizzly feels

https:// youtu.be/yL0RzgUpGjk

fe152e No.1055690


…You literally just waxed poetic about absolutely nothing.

You have no understanding what's happening.

Lurk more.

13d736 No.1055691

File: 5901c58ccf89ff3⋯.jpg (111.8 KB, 800x599, 800:599, ap_17356730562580-e7c4f690….jpg)


This guy was in charge of the server that was stolen by the Awan Brothers

This guy was in charge of the DNC server and he KNEW the Awan Brothers were stealing information and yet he let them keep their contract and positions.

This guy KNEW Awan brothers were Pakistan Nationals

This guy KNEW and Colluded with Awan brothers to allow them to IMAGE A CLASSIFIED SERVER. The whole damn server.

This guy provided the FBI with a fake server when he was told to turn the server over.

This guy was then made A.G. of California in turn for his obedience to Cabal.

This guy broke the law. Lied to FBI.

That means at minimum should be prosecuted just like General Flynn.

For starters.

Then there is his affiliations ect. That we've yet to dig up on.

They are going to keep border open

They are going to fake votes

They are NOT Americans

They are Enemies of the United States of America and they are standing in OFFICE!

Xavier Becerra = Enemy of the State

0d39bc No.1055692


>for about a year now


9022ec No.1055693

File: cff4db8a0b0d1c6⋯.jpg (125.92 KB, 728x977, 728:977, ISIS HARVEST.JPG)

We have to win.

ISIS farming organs

https:// friendsofsyria.wordpress.com/2018/04/04/18-000-syrian-children-have-had-their-organs-harvested-over-the-last-6-years/

f35a13 No.1055695


>the Q anon research board has been covering Q for about a year now

Wat? Six months bro. I guess that's about year?

d3b05a No.1055697


Nope. Just married one and gets paid by a bunch of them.

9a33b4 No.1055698

File: 73fd060aeb7de61⋯.png (358.09 KB, 610x343, 610:343, drop your socks.png)

caa0cb No.1055699


If the show fits….

d4b491 No.1055700


I disagree. And it's moar.

c29cd5 No.1055702


You are trying to convince us that a Q drop 128s before a random Trump tweet are correlated?

643a00 No.1055703


He's not a white hat, but he'll probably turn on anyone in a second. That means you Loretta

6e406b No.1055704

according to Comey - it was Obama and Lynch who complicated "matters" with the investigation.

b4ac0f No.1055705

53a748 No.1055706


imagine that…

99c7d5 No.1055707

File: 60880b7bfa313f0⋯.jpg (67.19 KB, 709x765, 709:765, 608.jpg)


>The Q anon research board has been covering Q for about a year now

2c4d20 No.1055708

File: 64dd239aa11d8e5⋯.png (397.02 KB, 903x531, 301:177, ClipboardImage.png)

It’s Happening!

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