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File: 0a2029f99fad1a0⋯.png (1.08 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, QR1726.png)

7e4abe No.1376609

Welcome To Q Research General

Do not fall victim to MSM/other fake/false narrative pushes.




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Friday 05.11.2018

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Wednesday 05.09.2018

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Tuesday 05.08.2018

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are not endorsements


>>1376152 The chief inspector UN nuke watchdog resigns suddenly...flees Finland?

>>1376182 Multiple meanings of "D5"?

>>1376340 Chessfag expands on "D5", >>1375553

>>1376348 Candace Owens on the "Tick-tock" train.

>>1376409 Notable Planefag posts.

>>1376425 Anon explains moar chess terms.

>>1376495 Halper hired by Obama, Clapper, Brennan


>>1375295 - Grassley Graham letter. - FLYNN DID NOT LIE!!

>>1375553 Q posts referencing chess game & explanation


>>1374159 Beijing again flexes military muscle, sending fighter jets, bombers around Taiwan

>>1374202 Ecuador 'bans Julian Assange from taking visitors and phone calls'

>>1374415 Chinese billionaire Ng Lap-seng gets four years in US prison for bribing UN officials US$1.7m to support plans for Macau conference centre

>>1374496 Q74 Graphic

>>1374513 Chinese top team to land in Washington for trade talks just before US decides which products to penalise

>>1374518 Movement at NK's Nuclear Test Site


>>1374712 Planefag Report


>>1372711 Andrew Ng

>>1372731 DEVELOPING: A Major New Front is Opening in the Political Espionage CScandal

>>1372750 The National Weather Service issued a 'Tsunami Warning' this morning, leaving Alaskans confused until the false alarm messages were sent out.

>>1372757 ; >>1372764 Planefag Report

>>1372517 (lb), >>1372749 A Spoopy On the Move Has Landed

>>1372933 F9 Connections, facebook surveillance, et al Graphic

>>1372905 Stefan Halper Dig

>>1372873 Another Clinton Cash Cow?

>>1372984 Quatari Gov't Plane on Approach to Geneva

>>1373014 Sources Say Israel and Russia Agreed on Having All Iran IRGC & Proxies Expelled From Syria

>>1373075 Cambridge Forum Severs Ties With Publisher Amid Russian Spying Allegations

>>1373361 Kilauea Could Soon Explode in Once-In-A-Century Eruption

>>1372895 German Company SICK software used by FACEBOOK to listen in - RFID Voice Recognition

>>1373274 Robert Mueller, the son of a DuPont executive, went to a Waspy New England prep school where he was John Kerry's lacrosse captain

>>1373586 ; >>1373163 Bronfman's and Their Ties - Twitter Thread

>>1373648 Q puts "Example" of pharma abuses in the killbox; future proves past.

>>1373831 US Imposes Sanctions To Squeeze Iran

>>1373830 Anon's Analysis of Q74


>>1372041 Extortion Plot: Schneiderman Didn't Go After Trump Until His Victims Turned to Trump For Help

>>1372009 AT&T Executive Who Oversaw Michael Cohen’s Contract Forced Out

>>1372021 School Shooting Palmdale California

>>1372043 KJU Makes Remarks on Summit With POTUS

>>1372086 House Dem Leader Compares Sessions to Putin for Prosecuting Human Traffickers

>>1372152 Hamas Gaza leader hints at mass breach of Israel border fence as he compares Palestinians to 'starving tiger'

>>1372164 No Name urges Senate not to confirm Gina Haspel as CIA director

>>1372185 UK's armed forces short of up to £21bn for equipment needed over next decade, MPs warn

>>1372316 FB BUILDING 8 - DARPA / ETC

>>1372351 U.N. nuclear watchdog's inspections chief quits suddenly

>>1372618 Kasumi - F9 Algorhythm


>>1371292, >>1371420, >>1371440 Australia Financials/Spying Sauce

>>1371529 Israel/Iran/JCPOA Sauce

>>1371384, >>1371629, >>1371634 Fagbook bldg 8 darpa china notes

>>1371592 - Q Proof – Chinese / DARPA surveillance


>>1370368 Metadata/Q Connections Graphic

>>1370733 NZ Spy Agency Fuckery with Parliament, Refusing to State Funding Sources

>>1370752 Pelosi Connected to West Coast Tunnels (continued tunnels sauce from prev bread)

>>1370762 Snowden Tweets about Secret-Keeping Tech Sunder

>>1370865 ESNET Sauce

>>1371017 Meadows Seeking Audit of Mueller Investigation

>>1371077 SEC Clearance Answer Graphic

>>1371134 Australian Gold Held in Bank of England


>>1369567, >>1369570, >>1369589 Alefantis/Hussein/Podesta Connection to DC Tunnels

>>1369665 Avenatti's Shady History Comes Out in the Wash

>>1369872 SpaceX/Q headlines Graphic

>>1369889 5:5 Connections Graphic

>>1369893 UK Banker CEO Fined for Conduct Breach, attempt to identify whistleblower

>>1369934 Arrested Global Leaders List

>>1369946 Iridium/Q connections Graphic

>>1369969 Facebook Announcement of Brain Scan Tech Testing (from 2017)

>>1370079 AI/Q possible connections for more digging


>>1368763 Anons meet the mole, Stefan Halper

>>1368847 Digital 5 hosted in NZ

>>1368877 GermanArchiveAnon Update

>>1368881 Facebook partnered with Eutelsat to lease space on the AMOS-6

>>1369112, >>1369161, >>1369168 Minerals Used in Tech, China/NK sauce

>>1369444 Falcon 9 Takes China Experiment to ISS

>>1369469 Exploded FB Satellite is Israeli

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28f838 No.1376638

File: 67c4de34bcec43f⋯.jpg (67.99 KB, 500x856, 125:214, 2a3wtf.jpg)

7e4abe No.1376651

before y'all get all pissed about the dough, the break numbers are incorrect and I lost my place…check the dough if you don't believe, KEK

cb1a58 No.1376658

File: a34fcda437e97ad⋯.png (920.8 KB, 1500x850, 30:17, GetYourSuperMaleVitalityBe….png)

<<pic related

4f2bfb No.1376661

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.



1490af No.1376662


1490af No.1376670

File: 875dc0c0f5320b8⋯.jpg (32.3 KB, 311x530, 311:530, Corsi Clown 3.JPG)


e3ec33 No.1376671

File: 820f25f702dcb58⋯.png (121.24 KB, 312x507, 8:13, this-is-us.png)


ty eat shit shill baker

fan of your work

4df1bc No.1376674

File: 9739fa24b861096⋯.png (362.75 KB, 637x241, 637:241, ClipboardImage.png)

Senator Chuck Grassley Drops Atomic Sledgehammer on FBI – Requests FBI Reports and Testimony From Special Agent Joe Pientk…

Posted on May 11, 2018 by sundance

Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley has just dropped a sunlight grenade into the prosecution of Michael Flynn with a jaw-dropping request letter (full pdf below) to FBI Director Christopher Wray. [Judiciary Link Here]

Within the letter Chairman Grassley outlines a prior briefing from fired FBI Director James Comey to the Senate Judiciary Committee, and contrasts the false presentations of Comey -regarding Michael Flynn- against recently known evidence.

Additionally, Grassley is requesting: ♦the transcription of the phone call(s) intercepted by the FBI between Flynn and Russian Ambassador Kislyak; ♦the FD 302’s written by the FBI in their interview with Michael Flynn; ♦and testimony from Special Agent Joe Pientk, likely the second FBI agent who was partnered with Peter Strzok for the Flynn interview.

The name of the second FBI agent was previously unknown, and it’s likely Chairman Grassley outed the name for a very specific reason. This is a BIG shot across the bow.

Previously the Justice Department was refusing to provide any information to the committee pertinent to Grassley’s requests, citing the ongoing investigation. However, the Senator is now outlining his request against the backdrop of the Judge in the Flynn case demanding the Special Counsel turn over all exculpatory information.


1a2164 No.1376683

Is This nothing?

https:// www.ic3.gov/default.aspx

617820 No.1376684

mention famefags and instant filter +


a736f6 No.1376685


Oh just shut the fuck up.

a7be01 No.1376686

File: b5ffbebb998e426⋯.jpg (15.36 KB, 228x309, 76:103, adolfmeinkek.jpg)


Just right baker. Thank you for your service.

bda9cc No.1376687

File: 2d60f90058456b1⋯.jpg (7.09 KB, 255x143, 255:143, 2d60f90058456b18613934497b….jpg)

Something Big is about to Drop !!!!

Panic Mode.

Attacks by people who do not want it to drop so they can control the situation. Some from people you would not suspect.

The Truth will set you FREE

Free indeed !!!

fb01ed No.1376688

File: 7b74cd4c799d6c5⋯.png (351.97 KB, 578x450, 289:225, AQ3.PNG)

Now we know where Nicole Wallace stands on Sara Sanders.

b52d82 No.1376689

from last bread



ok i have a graduate degree and read extensively - i enjoy history religion and politics - i read a lot - i am interested in everything. how can any rational anon compare a FE post to shill posts? If you would have asked me about FE a couple years ago i would have mocked and laughed just like many anons do now

but i was curious so i checked it out - does it all add up? are all questions ansered? No - not by a long shot - but there IS more than enough to cause any rational person to question what we have been taught - seriously quite a bit and more all the time.

When copernicus published his work it took 50 years to be generally accepted - then newton and galileo also offered math proofs and theories to cupport copernicus - NO ONE disputes math - but math is only as good as the assumptions it includes in the calculations. That is why the scientific method must validate with applied experiments and OBSERVATIONS.

So - like all science history, the best scientists of the day - very capable people went ot work to prove these theories with applied science experiments - guess what? they all failed. See eg Airy's failure and many related experiments from the 19th century. Failed. Its an eye opener

I cannot answer every question that established science has put out for 500 years - not at this time. But i can ask questions and if those questions are met with mockery - or with simple pointing to established dogma - then those questions will not have been answered.

Once again I will also remind anons that is was Q who caused this issue to appear on the board - 100% on Q and the cryptic posts have been set out over and over - no anon and certainly not Q have debunked this question - so why are anons so close minded? are they any better than the normies who laugh at Q? not to me.

you say >known slide tactic used by (((shills)))

consider that so is Q from others POV - but we investigated verified and believed

why does this not apply to all reasonable questions? esp ones that are related to the GA and suggested by Q posts?

and we dig lots of info that is NOT EXPRESSLY instructed by Q but implied or suggested

i am certain the answer is that FE is very difficult to debunk because there is some big lie in the nasa science community

maybe its not exactly FE - maybe just the sun or moon is not as said - maybe aliens maybe antarctica maybe some hidden fact or history or technology - but something very big that we are missing

just as Q says over and over - we all know we are missing something big

i am determined to learn what it is and not wait for others to tell me if ever - or lie again

3433aa No.1376690

TY Baker

0a7a28 No.1376691

File: e2bbae9bc909db3⋯.jpeg (689.34 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 2E515EBE-3AEF-4C00-AFC4-E….jpeg)

Another anon commented “SICK” as in the German company.

057397 No.1376692

May God direct each anon to the best place possible..

Бог с нами

Bog s nami

b61ed3 No.1376693

File: 032214f4b727621⋯.jpg (46.84 KB, 791x297, 791:297, cia britain readical left.JPG)

File: 31fb144cd70ba52⋯.jpg (45.73 KB, 814x260, 407:130, cia britain readical left_….JPG)

Thinking about the UK…I found this interesting from 1979.

But it is a study done b the CIA…so I havethe word PROJECTION in my mind as I read.


e9e390 No.1376694


Shut The Fuck Up

82d2fd No.1376695

File: cae9b55e7f07007⋯.png (396.96 KB, 744x468, 62:39, ClipboardImage.png)

85e1db No.1376696

File: 60e63c2f8289b50⋯.jpg (55.5 KB, 552x344, 69:43, obamafggot.jpg)


>>1376252 old

>>1376251 old

Correct, this is news de jour. Gone tomorrow.

Corsi screwed himself. Kept saying that Q posts endorsed his books. Qcalled him on it. Instead of correcting future onduct, he flambayed himself.

Imo he and AJ were told they were distracting. This is an Exercise in existing.

Itwas. After corsi and patriot utube and others that the shills really hit hard. Attention attracts the wrong crowd and causes dusfunction which is what we see here

Anyway back to memes

Remember who the really real enemies

0940f4 No.1376697

I repeat my question, sorry still do not understand whats going on.

Ok wasnt here for a day, come back to the total madness. Never liked Corsi, wasnt following what AJ since he apologized for pizzagate.

Hear me please, i do not understand what exactly will be accomplished even these 2 will be off air. How does it bring us closer to our goal? Throw shit at me if you will. I am totally confoozed with the latest developments. We have bigger fish to fry, these 2 are not that important. Why are we after them now full steam. Wouldnt it be better to ignore them for now? Maybe not? Any reasoning would be appreciated

6ca78b No.1376698

File: 3373b0157a7cac4⋯.png (997.79 KB, 1500x1100, 15:11, Document-1-page001.png)

Was a hard one to do I was an infowars fan..

Latest Q and used the images from the article.

Thank you anons and Q.

d7c02c No.1376699

Attn. Plane Fags

Can anyone tell me what just landed at Scottsdale Municipal Airpark (Arizona) at approx 3:15pm MST?

I saw two back to back landings (there may have been a third cause I heard another very loud landing before I witnessed these two) at approx. 3:15pm MST.

They looked military to me… it definitely wasn't the standard commuter jets normally seen coming/going.

Probably nothing… but thanks in advance for checking! Note - I do not know my aircraft well… but these didn't seem normal!

4c7c31 No.1376700

File: a2536bb4c1042ef⋯.png (581.97 KB, 1000x998, 500:499, c0f1ee6cfe192d94829a4f07cc….png)


031b8e No.1376701

Last bread


Covered yesterday but…

Andrew Keegan

Bronfam sisters


Schneiderman victim Cohen story is interesting. Hopefully info was discovered.

7fd4d9 No.1376702

>>1376649 (prev)

"HE" actually said he played golf with someone that was on the 'q team' but they told him 'they hadn't been involved for months'! LMAO what a lying POS! AND hey, BUY HIS PILLS!

1490af No.1376703



Let these fascists go back to FB and the destruction of free speech.

b4ec55 No.1376704

File: 6ff65f5f453c39c⋯.png (706.28 KB, 732x705, 244:235, ClipboardImage.png)

Top State Department Nuclear Expert Announces Resignation After Trump Iran Deal Exit

One of the State Department’s top experts on nuclear proliferation resigned this week after President Donald Trump announced the U.S. withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal, in what officials and analysts say is part of a worrying brain drain from public service generally over the past 18 months.

Richard Johnson, a career civil servant who served as acting assistant coordinator in State’s Office of Iran Nuclear Implementation, had been involved in talks with countries that sought to salvage the deal in recent weeks, including Britain, France, and Germany — an effort that ultimately failed.

He did not give a specific reason for his departure. But in a farewell email to colleagues and staff, Johnson stressed that the 2015 agreement Trump was ditching had successfully curbed Iran’s nuclear program.

“I am proud to have played a small part in this work, particularly the extraordinary achievement of implementing the [deal] with Iran, which has clearly been successful in preventing Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon,” he wrote.

Foreign Policy obtained a copy of the email.

Johnson’s departure leaves a growing void in the State Department’s stable of experts on Iran’s nuclear program and highlights a broader problem of high-level departures from government.

Officials say the trend is particularly evident at the State Department, where Trump sidelined career diplomats and morale plummeted under former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. The office Johnson led has gone from seven full-time staffers to none since Trump’s inauguration.

Tillerson last year shuttered the department’s sanctions coordination office and moved some sanctions experts into administrative roles.

One U.S. official who works on sanctions described Johnson’s resignation as a “big loss” for the department and reflective of a growing sense that the Trump administration is casting aside career experts and ignoring their input as it pushes through a bevy of controversial foreign-policy priorities.

Until the Trump administration moved to dismantle the nuclear pact, Johnson, 38, had planned to remain in government service, according to a former State Department official.

“He’s exactly the kind of person we want to keep in government,” says Brian O’Toole, a former Treasury official who is now a nonresident senior fellow at the Atlantic Council, a Washington-based think tank.


94c1b2 No.1376705

File: 3c55cd6ef3633f2⋯.png (4.13 MB, 1605x904, 1605:904, 83686782784589006.png)

c5201a No.1376706

File: c4a7e7c4113e6a2⋯.jpeg (716.29 KB, 1164x1177, 1164:1177, 1E01E4A1-E254-423F-BE65-1….jpeg)


617820 No.1376707


Niiice! Was digging them with some anons the “Wendy” weekend.

Traffic control devices as well.

a42ace No.1376708


GITMO for her ass

4b362d No.1376709

File: 65ecb3ca464ea79⋯.png (95.1 KB, 373x429, 373:429, meme-born.png)

e9e390 No.1376710


Relax…let the chips fall where they may

1a2164 No.1376711

The Satellite Tiangong-1 was a test?

e0893c No.1376712

File: 8a8730f06d81831⋯.png (85.87 KB, 850x400, 17:8, 1521509892761.png)

>Why are we here?

>What draws people here?

>We are a threat to profiteering.

>Information should flow freely w/o costs.



>(((Coincidence after Coincidence.)))

>Growth due to confirmations.

d3ce1d No.1376713


This baker has fucked with the dough for the last three weekends.

No more.

Who will bake the next bread?

I'll hand it off.

Here's a link to BO's dough: https://pastebin.com/Qad565mn

Post last edited at

16baf0 No.1376714


I don't know man. This looks odd.

Perhaps evidence plant? They went to someone that could protect them. That matches the cohen story exactly.

4df1bc No.1376715

File: a344231721d5da8⋯.png (530.3 KB, 998x539, 998:539, ClipboardImage.png)

The Syrian Army, backed by the wider coalition of government forces, has made sweeping gains in Damascus in recent months, liberating the entire East Ghouta region via operation Damascus Steel, and recovering chunks of territory in south Damascus, where the Daesh* terror organization maintains a presence.

Terrorists in the south Damascus towns of Babila, Yelda and Beit Sahem handed over their "medium and heavy weapons" to the Syrian Army on Friday, according to reports by the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA.) The militants will now be transported to the Idlib governorate as part of the agreed transfer deal.

An Israeli soldier stands next to signs pointing out distances to different cities, on Mount Bental, an observation post in the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights that overlooks the Syrian side of the Quneitra crossing, Israel May 10, 2018

© REUTERS / Ronen Zvulun

Iran Accuses Israel of Assisting Terrorists in Syria in UN Letter

A local SANA reporter said the militants handed over an array of armaments, including weapons produced by Israel. The list of relinquished weapons includes machine guns, sniper rifles, mortar launchers, improvised explosives and landmines.

Both Iran and Syria have accused Israel of aiding terrorists, including Daesh fanatics, in Syria, especially in Damascus and near the Golan Heights.

Tehran described the Israeli Defense Forces' (IDF) attack against Syria on May 10 as Tel Aviv’s latest attempt to assist terrorists in the country, who have suffered a string of defeats at the hands of Syrian government forces, backed by their Russian and Iranian allies.

The reporter said that some of these weapons had been used in recent attacks on civilian and military facilities in Damascus.

Earlier in the day, terrorists in another area of the south Damascus pocket fired rockets at a government-held neighborhood, injuring three civilians, SANA reported, citing an informed source in the Damascus Police Command.

*Daesh (also known as ISIS/ISIL/Islamic State) is a terrorist group banned in Russia.


bb2b15 No.1376716


you sound like a liberal leftist…….go ahead filter if u choose but let people decide on there own…….THINK FOR YOURSELVES…….hmm…thats wisdom..didnt Q say that ??

b61ed3 No.1376717



Wondering what illegalities he was invovled with regarding the deal AND what his $$$ take home amount was.

2ef567 No.1376718

File: ed8c1e3145fff14⋯.png (1.12 MB, 1137x500, 1137:500, M 361.png)

2eddcc No.1376719


are we throwing a temper tantrum b/c Q said we need the famefags as long as they are true patriots? Filter me. Wont change reality.

Love me some truthers on yt getting the GA message out to the normies. We each have a role.

fff981 No.1376720

>>1376591 (prev)

>>1376634 (prev)

You are not implying that team work and hive-mind are for idiots are you?

It took Anons approx 20 minutes to track down the exact airport in Viet Nam in one of Q's posts…

Pretty amazing when the group understands that…

…Where we go one, We go all.

c0d49e No.1376721




See here-


People are freaking out and taking things out of context on what I am trying to say. I am not writing about this anymore because it is derailing the research. Carry on.

a7be01 No.1376722


? How has he 'fucked with the dough'?

Or are you triggered by the eat shit (((shill))) title?

61db50 No.1376723


…”and announces to the World that the Mossad has had free run of all of our top secret and Deal-banned nuclear wahead design and production files for TWO YEARS! ….Oye Vey!!”

34769d No.1376724


Of all the MSM whores, she's the one that infuriates me the most!

fb01ed No.1376725


Is ot just me, or were some Q drops deleted? Been busy AF today so asking genuinley.

f0981d No.1376726

File: 391c1b4692f3d36⋯.png (24.77 KB, 519x519, 1:1, g2-ivn-hyperlink-error.png)

Oh shit son, The Smoking Gun and Gawker just got caught colluding with the Russia story

"Russian Fingerprints" were FAKED


e57dd1 No.1376727


Baker error in bread:


>>1376152 The chief inspector UN nuke watchdog resigns suddenly…flees Finland?

He is from Finland not fleeing Finland.

511704 No.1376728

Does anyone have music video of Trump meeting the North Korean hostages need it asap for a red pill Please saw on this board few days ago

c5201a No.1376729

File: 72a56997e7a0fa9⋯.jpeg (1.05 MB, 1536x844, 384:211, 613E6FE8-061E-4527-807A-E….jpeg)

File: f7ea4139aa3840d⋯.jpeg (272.92 KB, 1536x833, 1536:833, 047A99DD-545F-47F4-AF63-A….jpeg)


That face you make when you know you co anchor just fucked up

And one for you memefags

031b8e No.1376730


Yes. It would be better to ignore them.

Some anons feel betrayed because they followed JC.

Some simply feel defensive as JC/AJ et al spread their Q shade.

Some feel guilty and defensive because they may Be famefags themselves…

Restrain yourselves…

057397 No.1376731

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

So eeeezy to leave…

So hard to fight the fight…

Quitters never win and winners never quit. Limbardi

(interesting to get a Q captcha with this post)

535656 No.1376732

I have a question for you all. After and executive order is signed how long does it take if it has to do with releasing classified documents cause I'm wondering how long it will take for all that nunes stuff and the texts between strzock and page that are unredacted become public.

cd5829 No.1376733


89eb51 No.1376735

File: d4f51e4445a18d0⋯.jpg (367.2 KB, 1077x1195, 1077:1195, Screenshot_20180511-173257.jpg)

File: 0c40141977bc24d⋯.jpg (479.05 KB, 1067x1552, 11:16, Screenshot_20180511-173325.jpg)

File: 8721eb02989dca6⋯.jpg (544.65 KB, 1078x1837, 98:167, Screenshot_20180511-173339.jpg)

File: 58f38968a3ddd24⋯.jpg (283.37 KB, 1069x1050, 1069:1050, Screenshot_20180511-173400.jpg)

File: de5b6a9278f4dd7⋯.jpg (382.15 KB, 1059x1486, 1059:1486, Screenshot_20180511-173449.jpg)

The irony of the battle over the top secret source is their existence is known because of the Justice Department’s release of a letter revealing an individual was at the center of Nunes’ document request. The agency released a letter it sent on May 3 to Nunes regarding a subpoena for documents related to the source.

“This information was leaked, but it wasn’t by us. We didn’t even have the information yet. It clearly was leaked by someone within the Department of Justice or the FBI, and I believe they hoped they would be able to taint us with that leak,” Utah Rep. Chris Stewart, a Republican on the Intelligence panel, told Fox News on Friday.

Stewart also challenged the premise of the pushback from the Justice Department, Wittes and Comey. He disputed a Snowden-like scenario in which classified information about the source would be leaked to the public.

“This doesn’t have anything to do at all with national security. We certainly would protect that. We would protect the source. We would protect their identity,” Stewart said. “This has to do with them protecting the FBI and some of the actions, again, I don’t know how they can defend it in any way.”


Interesting he throws out that comparison.

20dfe5 No.1376736


a good defense of Q and our President

from BPEarthWatch

bb2b15 No.1376737


i agree……f…….lieing out his fat mouth ass…….i used to be a fan and trusted his news source……..thank q for setting me straight on that

3c8bad No.1376738

Q posted, "MISINFO from past reliable sources", on Jan 14 2018 14:49:27

Here's the entire post:


TG departure [HEC].

NOT to testify.

NOT needed to testify.

Think logically.

NO NEED to step down if needed to TESTIFY.


What ROLE might TG be walking into?

Who can WE TRUST?

RATS everywhere.

EVIL everywhere.

TRAITORS everywhere.






Boards changed due to statements re: private comms - FALSE. Boards changed due to failure to IDEN accurately.

Boards changed due to MISINFO.

Targeted approach to direct flow of info created.




MAJOR players here to distract, create doubt, and alter the direction.

SC: MISINFO everywhere.

SC: MISINFO from past reliable sources.

SC: AXIS OF EVIL can & will return FIRE [is].

SC: Seek immediate [F9-Sx_VB8239].



Trey Gowdy is also mentioned along with the statement "RATS everywhere" and that he didn't need to step down if the reason actually was his desire to testify.

The emphasis of this post clearly was "CONTROL of MESSAGE" is "VITAL" and do not fall for "MISINFO".

5a3221 No.1376739

Anons, anyone has the full name of that zach shill that frequently appears on infowars?

e0893c No.1376740

File: 9f76522badaa068⋯.jpg (93.04 KB, 900x720, 5:4, C8D9VGXXUAEMqbQ.jpg)


Oh, is the JIDF BV back?

How do you do fellow anons?

a831a7 No.1376741


Absolute horseshit 8bit. Get better sources next time.

627ae5 No.1376742

Wow, I just got through reading the Reddit article and watching all the clips. Really clear and concise analysis.

I never paid heed to Corsi much, I never liked how his “decodes” were done by him alone, rather than discussing what the Real Patriot Anons were finding and the dots they were connecting.

So I really had no idea Corsi had gone this far, my interaction with the Q movement is here and only here.

So simply put, What a piece of shit he is!

An unpatriotic, self serving liar and cretin.

Will he do a video about what Q has posted?

The line in the sand has been drawn.

Good luck Corsi.

Good luck AJ.

You went too far, and now you’re fucked by your own narcissism and unchecked greed.

Fuck you both!

471690 No.1376743

File: 10673f77542a59f⋯.jpeg (149.54 KB, 1500x844, 375:211, 03D908D0-D656-4856-9420-A….jpeg)


SHS is definitely not into that.

Now KAC looks like she knows her way around a sex swing.

031b8e No.1376744


Pretty solid on the blind anon.

On the Cohen deal…I can’t see that’s a bad thing. Best case is that it was a setup for /us/.

4a43aa No.1376745

File: 349750ed99abf46⋯.jpg (93.38 KB, 602x401, 602:401, AutistsNeedCastleLock.jpg)

Many Thanks Baker.

stickin with the chess theme

4b362d No.1376746


He got his unban an hour ago or so, asked to behave, not to right away jump in as (screwed up) baker

Well, that's my decode as observer.

057397 No.1376747

File: cd41ac549c4f147⋯.gif (1005 B, 30x29, 30:29, sigh.gif)



Check it out…

Use it…

So simple and descriptive!

d2f685 No.1376748





3433aa No.1376749

File: effbd3d43f2c77b⋯.jpg (29.7 KB, 360x504, 5:7, cameltoe.jpg)


Are you for real, you got the front to talk to me the way you did and then talk this shite.

Sorry no time for you - you are missing a lot

Talk shite to someone else who gives a fuck

just saying - shut your mouth

fb66fa No.1376750


Rats jumping ship, trying to swim for deserted island.

a7be01 No.1376751


This is important. Also, anons have reported that they have been getting censored and banned for 'muh antisemitism' increasingly on this board, while JIDF runs wild with AJ/corsi type tactics.

This is a serious issue. Who can you trust on this board if not BV or BO?

If some jidf BV was fucking with Patriots, it must be known.

e57dd1 No.1376752


Looks like it is connected to:


The chief inspector UN nuke watchdog resigns suddenly

e245ee No.1376753


Although both models are not correct, turn the heliocentristic model outside in and then the theory of fe begins to make sense on a certain level.

66f921 No.1376754

Sure are a lot of unexploded WW2 bombs being discovered (and causing evacuations of important areas) this year…

5/11 - Hong Kong - Russian consulate evacuated



4/20 - Berlin - central train station, Govt ministries and BND intelligence agency evacuated


2/12 - London City Airport evacuated


1/31 and 1/27- Hong Kong


94c1b2 No.1376755

File: ec2e78cfed53c45⋯.png (4.14 MB, 1605x904, 1605:904, 3248944578621389237.png)

b52d82 No.1376756


and who the fuck are you?

bb2b15 No.1376757


she needs to be arrested..thats a threat or inciting violence whatever not free speech

b4ec55 No.1376758

File: 622109a4da65b8e⋯.png (942.89 KB, 1075x610, 215:122, ClipboardImage.png)

SpaceX launches new rocket primed for future crewed missions

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (Reuters) - An updated version of the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket, tailored for eventual crewed missions for NASA, made its debut launch on Friday from Florida’s Cape Canaveral carrying a communications satellite for Bangladesh into orbit.

The newly minted Block-5 edition of the Falcon 9 - equipped with about 100 upgrades for greater power, safety and reusability than its Block-4 predecessor - lifted off at 4:14 p.m. EDT (2014 GMT) from the Kennedy Space Center.

Minutes later, the rocket’s main-stage booster flew itself back to Earth to achieve a safe return landing on an unmanned platform vessel floating in the Pacific Ocean.

The recoverable Block-5 booster is designed to be reused at least 10 times with minimal refurbishment between flights, allowing more frequent launches at lower cost - a key to the SpaceX business model.

Enhanced rocket reusability also is a core tenet of SpaceX owner and billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk’s broader objectives of making space travel commonplace and ultimately sending humans to Mars.

SpaceX has safely return-landed 24 of its boosters and reflown 11 of them.

Friday’s flight marked the ninth SpaceX launch so far this year, compared to five orbital-class missions the company had logged at the same point in 2017, according to Musk.

It came a day after the original launch countdown was halted one minute before blastoff time due to a technical problem detected by the rocket’s onboard computers. Friday’s second attempt by SpaceX, formally known as Space Exploration Technologies, appeared to have gone off without a hitch.

The rocket’s payload, the Bangladeshi government’s first communications satellite, Bangabandhu-1, was placed into Earth orbit at 4:47 p.m. EDT, just 33 minutes after launch, according to SpaceX.

The achievement was hailed by Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina in a livestream appearance from her country’s capital, Dhaka.

“Today is a very delightful and glorious day for our motherland, Bangladesh, and Bangalee nation,” she said. “With launching of Bangabandhu Satellite-1, we are hoisting our national flag in the space.”

The Block-5 also marks another milestone for Musk’s California-based company. It is expected to be the first SpaceX vehicle to satisfy NASA’s standards for its Commercial Crew Program to carry agency astronauts to the International Space Station. NASA requires seven successful flights before the new rocket receives final certification for a manned mission.

Besides missions to the space station, the new rocket will be used to launch U.S. Air Force global positioning satellites and other high-value, military and national security payloads.

Block-5 marks the final version of the Falcon 9 lineup before SpaceX introduces its super heavy-lift launch vehicle, dubbed the Big Falcon Rocket, or BFR, which will be designed to send manned missions to Mars.

SpaceX is one of two private companies hired by NASA to ferry astronaut crews to the space station. The other is Boeing Co.


a4bf9f No.1376759


"Vaccine"…maybe meant to trigger a controlled mutation to make it more contagious, virulent, and lethal.

057397 No.1376760

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Don't you hear me calling you?

031b8e No.1376761



I didn’t even know who she was. I’ll just add her to my list of shit that makes me shout at tv.

Damn, it’s long.

bb3dd9 No.1376762

Did anyone catch the sentence Q posted with the Reddit link? I feel like he chose that sentence for a reason and something is happening today.

“This is why we are here.”

Finish the sentence. In the same sentence in the Reddit post the next word is “today”

Or maybe he wanted to highlight the paragraph from that sentence on. Thank you POTUS. ThanQ. Thank you operators. Deepest condolences to the patriots sacrificing their lives for ALL OF OUR freedom.

4c7c31 No.1376764

File: b883111cf7eab36⋯.jpg (11.71 KB, 261x260, 261:260, 227a97dc69506a2916ef932a79….jpg)


Why did you IP switch?

7ce96b No.1376765

>>1376704 Top State Department Nuclear Expert Resigns


a7be01 No.1376766


How was this bread 'screwed up'? Everything seems to be in order. I also find it highly suspect a BV suddenly dumped on board on this baker and Patriots have been getting banned left and right while JIDF has free run to subvert a la Q drop today.

3433aa No.1376767


Who gives a fuck who we are

1a2164 No.1376768




82d2fd No.1376769

File: 3abd3b3f656e79c⋯.png (243.04 KB, 988x534, 494:267, ClipboardImage.png)

Not sure what these anons are discussing but fuck it.

bb3dd9 No.1376770

3da3da No.1376771



I'm home and have some time. I can take the oven for a while. Give me a good pastebin, and I'll take it, BV.

4b362d No.1376772


I don't judge, just observe

b2726f No.1376773


The additional 15 percent tariff “impacts our ability to compete with our competitors from Iran,” said Matoian. California and Iran over the years have traded the title of world’s top pistachio producer, he added. ……

The Chinese levy on U.S. almonds goes up from 10 percent to 25 percent, said Richard Waycott, president and chief executive of the Almond Board of California.

Nut producers and sellers including Blue Diamond Growers, the Wonderful Co and Emerald Nuts owner Campbell Soup Co (CPB.N) declined comment.

California wine is also taking a hit.

The latest import levy on wine will increase the total tariff and tax paid on a bottle of U.S. wine imported into China from 48.2 percent to 67.7 percent, according to the Wine Institute, which represents 1,000 wineries and affiliated businesses in California.

The United States, predominantly California, exported wine valued at nearly $79 million to China last year, according to the Wine Institute.

Australia could be set to benefit. As well as being geographically closer to China, in 2019 it will begin exporting almonds, wine and other products to China tariff-free.

Chile and New Zealand wines also enter China tariff-free and only pay a 30 percent combined tax rate, the Wine Institute said.

“U.S. producers were already at a disadvantage to many foreign competitors, and this will only exacerbate that problem,” said Robert Koch, president and CEO of Wine Institute.

[So Wonderful Co. are the pair that did all the damage to Fiji and the water supply there]



b52d82 No.1376774


who's on first?

4df1bc No.1376775

File: 9658c42b589cf91⋯.png (679.49 KB, 727x409, 727:409, ClipboardImage.png)

Former Obama Officials In NYT: European Countries Should Expel American Ambassadors, Sanction American Companies To Punish Trump Over Iran Deal

Try to remember just a few months back when former Trump National Security Advisor Michael Flynn was being accused by broad swaths of the Left of having undermined America’s foreign policy. His supposed sin? Discussing a United Nations vote regarding Israel with the Russian government after the election, and just before the inauguration. This, we were told, might have violated the dread Logan Act (second only to the Dread Pirate Roberts in the annals of dread).

Fast forward a few months.

On Friday, The New York Times printed a piece from Steven Simon, President Obama’s former National Security Council’s senior director for Middle East and North Africa, and Jonathan Stevenson, a director for political-military affairs in the Middle East and North Africa for the Obama NSC. That piece explicitly called on the Europeans to undercut President Trump. “Europe Doesn’t Have to Be Trump’s Doormat,” these two former Obama officials suggested.

This follows on former Obama Secretary of State John Kerry galumphing around the planet trying to gin up support for the Iran deal. So it’s not really a shock. Still, the spectacle of former Obama officials openly appealing to foreign countries to undermine Trumpian policy is rather amazing.

They begin by suggesting that Trump had somehow trampled on “European leaders, who urged Mr. Trump to exercise restraint in the interest of international security and multilateralism.” That’s odd, since President Obama trampled on America’s Congress, which didn’t approve the Iran deal, and America’s public, which hated it according to polls. But politics has its winners and its losers.

The authors then call on the Europeans to join the #Resistance.

Notwithstanding an abundance of kvetching, European powers have not yet shown Mr. Trump that he has anything to fear from ignoring their wishes. Since taking office, Mr. Trump has treated Europe like a doormat, questioning the value of NATO, ridiculing the mission of the European Union and dismissing European exhortations on policy matters.

Well, that’s a rather large exaggeration. In fact, Europe is not the European Union – there are a lot of countries with actual identities beyond Brussels. Trump has, for example, granted a hell of a lot more help to Russian-pressured Ukraine than President Obama ever did. And he’s reached out to Eastern European countries Obama left hanging in order to placate Vladimir Putin. He’s pulled out of some meaningless paper arrangements like the Paris Accords, but it’s hard to spot just what Trump has done practically to undermine the European position.

But the authors say that Europe must buck Trump nonetheless. How? Well, these European countries should continue to do business with the terrorist regime in Tehran. They must OWN TRUMP! by siding with the worst people on the planet.

Next, they should withdraw their ambassadors from the United States. Remember, these former Obama officials are now calling for foreign countries to withdraw their ambassadors from America and expel America’s ambassadors because we’re no longer going to funnel cash to the largest state sponsor of terrorism on the globe:

Isn’t this what states do when diplomatic partners breach solemn agreements, expose them to security risks and threaten to wreak havoc on their economies? That is, after all, what the administration is threatening to do by courting the risk of a Middle Eastern war and applying secondary sanctions to European companies. Depending on the American response, European capitals might even follow up with expulsion of American ambassadors.

So America wants to prevent Iran from gaining a bomb, and to protect its actual Middle Eastern allies from the predations of Iran’s non-nuclear aggression – and Obama’s team says Europe should throw America’s ambassadors out for this. Good luck with that one.

But then these Obama officials go further: they suggest that Europe should start sanctioning American companies. Yes, really:

If the administration’s next move were to impose secondary sanctions on Europe, the Europeans could slap its own penalties on American multinational corporations, which in turn would place additional pressure on the White House.

So we penalize companies doing business with one of the most evil regimes on the planet, and Team Obama wants Europe to stop doing business with America. Could we safely call this un-American? If not, perhaps this metaphor suggesting that America is the new King George III and the EU the new colonies would do it:



9a98a7 No.1376776



quick changaroo

>>1375295 should be


e0893c No.1376777


It's true. BV banned someone for simply saying "Amen" a week or so ago. Just labeled everything he didn't like as "spam," and there were a lot of decent anons blocked from contributing.

b0edb1 No.1376778


Quit posting young baker girls motherfucker.

MI has your IP.

b61ed3 No.1376779

File: 615b2266005f418⋯.jpg (34.26 KB, 617x316, 617:316, doj cia classified materia….JPG)

Former CIA Contractor Pleads Guilty to Illegally Retaining Classified Materials

Reynaldo B. Regis, 53, of Fort Washington, Maryland, and a former CIA contractor, pleaded guilty today to unauthorized removal and retention of classified materials, and making material false statements to federal law enforcement officers.


3433aa No.1376780


I told him to shut his mouth

7ce96b No.1376781


MSNBC should be banned from Press Briefings until further notice.

ca6fed No.1376782



Wow, with this level of cognitive dissonance among Patriots, can you imagine the fallout when snowflakes have to deal with the truth? They have a much longer journey. It will be painful.

eca8f3 No.1376783


Welp, I guess we're just gonna wait until something happens. Fuck this slow moving plan.

0b0668 No.1376784

Jones calling Q a "child" while mocking what he doesn't understand.

Do you think Jones knows what irony means?

That fat pig-faced bastard Corsi really gave himself away on this one.

I've been on the bridge between Infowars and Q for a while, hoping this would all just blow over and Jones would actually give Q better coverage, but it seems it won't happen.

I've chosen my side of the bridge, I'm with Q.

I feel like I'm siding with the less popular kid in high school or something, but as Q says, this isn't a popularity contest, and I have to disregard my childish feelings.

Q has proven himself to me, and Jones being unable to see how Q proves himself time and time again is proof that, just like how the MSM doesn't give anyone the truth, Jones doesn't either.

Stay safe everyone.

9f9778 No.1376785

File: ec7d074ed5a2e81⋯.png (1.58 MB, 1720x1120, 43:28, Screen Shot 2018-05-11 at ….png)


854533 No.1376787


Just keep your eyes on the prize, anon. There is digging, meming and analyzing to be done while this nonsense eventually blows over.

d3ce1d No.1376788





bb3dd9 No.1376789


Or maybe to say they are here on 8 Chan because of the way we Anons and autists think which is always thought to be the case. Or both. Or all three. Hell who knows

d2f685 No.1376790





b52d82 No.1376791


im one of them and i have no idea either

anon just posted some bizarre inapt reply

fb01ed No.1376792


Praise to you workfag!

a04743 No.1376793


Self-employed fag here.

What dedication Workfag!


e0893c No.1376794

File: 3ce5b82711d5467⋯.jpg (3.67 MB, 4500x4602, 750:767, 76274af2c3c988905fb1418a7c….jpg)

Information should flow freely w/o costs.

>Information should flow freely w/o costs.

<Information should flow freely w/o costs.

oy vey, that would really hurt our bottom line!

9a98a7 No.1376795

File: cd4b63915845d45⋯.png (19.79 KB, 752x38, 376:19, Screen Shot 2018-05-11 at ….png)

File: b1cf5137ac17f30⋯.jpeg (14.02 KB, 187x270, 187:270, download (1).jpeg)

7ce96b No.1376796


Well, this is the eat shit shill baker -

didn't you ban this baker?

a4bf9f No.1376797


There's a fantastic documentary on Netflix about the water corruption in California, and the ties to the major Almond grower (Pom Wonderful) company. They are stealing millions and millions of gallons of the peoples water. Watch the Water.

We've been warned that water will be the new oil.

4df1bc No.1376798

File: f1cd8d850fb2834⋯.png (14.42 KB, 494x222, 247:111, ClipboardImage.png)

439823 No.1376799

If the patriots are in control then why is this little faggot getting away with this shit: http://www.breitbart.com/immigration/2018/05/11/speaker-ryan-splits-from-president-trump-over-amnesty/

Somebody please enlighten me, cuz this little faggot is getting on my last nerve.

5e46bf No.1376800


Thanks Baker. Doesn't everyone know that eat shit shills baker is a fucktarded shill?

2d8813 No.1376801

File: f7357cdda5e0fa7⋯.png (464.71 KB, 1277x694, 1277:694, Screen Shot 2018-05-11 at ….png)

another new york democrat goes down


7d2c0f No.1376802




b52d82 No.1376804

File: b9d7a892e169cb1⋯.jpg (7.03 KB, 268x188, 67:47, shoe2.jpg)

854533 No.1376805


Werewolves of London?

ffc107 No.1376806


BV making drama again

2ef567 No.1376807


“This is why we are here.” = (Q) Source vs shekel chasers (disinfo con artist)

79bc74 No.1376808

File: ca5b09b171451f4⋯.png (1.2 MB, 1460x941, 1460:941, ClipboardImage.png)

>>1376636 (lb)

Thanks anon

cd8838 No.1376809

File: b5b6d9ebeacbc9d⋯.png (245.27 KB, 486x627, 162:209, Grassley1.png)

File: ca4f984045392f8⋯.png (292.03 KB, 486x625, 486:625, Grassley2.png)


Special Agent Joseph M. Pientka, III, welcome to the show.

#joepientka is now trending. @tracybeanz did a thread on him around 2 this afternoon.


He was the other agent in the room when they interviewed Gen. Flynn, and Sen. Grassley wants to talk to him. NOW.

3847b9 No.1376810

Them: hey psst…hey you…guess what?…I am Qanon…

Me: i thought you said….No Outside Comms…

Them: Doh!

3da3da No.1376811


Got it, BV.


0191e1 No.1376812


Major distraction campaign. Best to ignore, imo.

b84d8a No.1376813


I had that guy filtered for a couple months now because of his shilly crap. Better with him ignored. BO and Codemonkey are good. BV is a shill.

bda9cc No.1376814


He is talking about the BO's of CBTS

beanz interviwed -> BO of CBTS

Beanz interviewd Corsi

beanz -> Corsi -> AJ

BO CBTS wanted to make money and thats why openly interviwed with Beanz and wanted to write a book. Now they are saying they made the whole thing up.

CBTS angry when new board was made Qresearch. So was beanz.

4c108e No.1376815

File: 8fb86cb06ac37dd⋯.mp4 (15.78 MB, 514x324, 257:162, 8fb86cb06ac37dd950f509ac18….mp4)

Repost–– Alex Jones Deep State Clown Confirmation!!!


a7be01 No.1376816


I heard the usual excuse is 'spamer' or 'shillfag' or something. This really calls for BO intervention. We know for a fact that israel first JIDF types are trying to corrupt this space. If a (((shill))) BV managed to worm its way through by jewing its ass off, that REALLY must be addressed.

Notice that in the same span of time, there were no shortages of JIDF cunts eating up 20% of the bread with muh great israel/CENSOR CENSOR/we hate you muhjooshills bullshit.

BO, your input?

f494b8 No.1376817

File: 2b8f0ac954a7fc3⋯.jpg (110.52 KB, 431x556, 431:556, ATTACKS WORSE.,..jpg)

File: e888f15e56a9ef2⋯.jpg (110.75 KB, 704x414, 352:207, THEY WANT YOU DIVIDED Q.jpg)

4a43aa No.1376818

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.



<(Writer(s): Raposo)

Here's to the winners, lift up the glasses

Here's to the glory still to be

Here's to the battle, whatever it's for

To ask the best of ourselves then give much more

Here's to the heroes, those who move mountains

Here's to the miracles, they make us see

Here's to all brothers, here's to all people

Here's to the winners all of us can be

bb3dd9 No.1376819


Question. What is it exactly what you do with the paste bin?

fb01ed No.1376820


Give it time, shilly bread. It might get moldy, might get tasty.

010a00 No.1376821

File: 8e9be8bdff41d29⋯.jpeg (1.2 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, D84C64F3-FDCD-4788-A430-3….jpeg)

In your face Satanism. Just wow.

4f2bfb No.1376823


knowing that science never can give us 100% truth,

from the 3 models actually discussed, Flat Earth,Hollow Earth, Normal (not really totally round) Earth, Flat Earth is so one exposed to the most practical problems,

If the Earth would be flat you could see all of it everywhere.

We wouldnt need Radar Mast´s/sattelites all over the place, 1 would suffice.

the Sun would be much smaller than we think atm, also moon and sun would follow weird movements over the "earth" , why ?

wich forces do apply then ?

so on and so on.

I can accept a second sun inside the earth or some weird magnetic forces, but i can´t see FE proven in reality.

Stay sceptic, but don´t believe FE more then NE or HE. thats the spirit

85e1db No.1376825


zachari klawonn

4d1d64 No.1376826

Any booms today? I thought something was imminent after Q's tease last night:

>Fellow Patriots:

>What you are about to learn should not only scare you, but intensify your resolve to take back control [Freedom].

>We knew this day would come.

>Conspiracy no more.

Q, what day is "this day" anyway? At the time you posted, it sounded like happenings were about to occur within the next 24 hours ("this day").

a4bf9f No.1376827


It's a shitty TV show with a really faggy actor playing Lucifer.

2ef567 No.1376828




5e46bf No.1376829

File: 404120cb83cab05⋯.jpg (104.08 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, mel5.jpg)

File: 9008e2c3cfa7ef9⋯.jpg (219.11 KB, 1024x651, 1024:651, mel4.jpg)

File: 7c541db718058b2⋯.jpg (135.06 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, mel3.jpg)

File: 370cd25fa814ab3⋯.jpg (181.25 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, mel2.jpg)

File: c671280914e0d88⋯.jpg (198.28 KB, 1024x759, 1024:759, mel1.jpg)

e9e390 No.1376830


My question is…how bad is it going to get when the truly damned start going beserk?

192a05 No.1376831

Looks like the (((shill BV))) is back at it again! Check the ban list!

cd8838 No.1376832

File: edbac3747538c1b⋯.jpg (17.08 KB, 260x300, 13:15, RonKlain.jpg)

File: d165f17356ee964⋯.jpg (47.41 KB, 565x334, 565:334, Kip&Amy.jpg)


"Former Obama advisers"

Ron Klain was Obama's "Ebola Czar"

Kip, as one might expect of someone named Kip, had a swell wedding announcement in the NYT (and his wife is Tim Kaine's comm dir)

617820 No.1376833


Thx for posting. I had seen similar in the last few breads and thought this was the same Agent who was busted at JFK a few months back. Different guy.

fb66fa No.1376834


Mirror - America has been the doormat and financing all these countries around the world. I want Obama to live a long life in Hell.

80cb00 No.1376835

File: 3c2b04400eb73cf⋯.png (458.58 KB, 573x673, 573:673, s5.11a.png)

Kurds are fighting ISIS inside a giant sandstorm right meow

battle videos and pics at this twatter thread:


bb2b15 No.1376836


i ve been banned twice for bs….nothing big……..by bv…….saying it was spam….now that i think about it…what the reasdon was…not sure but………..anyways all free speech needs protected especially, especially the unpopular…………filtering should be done only at the individual level……….censorship absolutely kills this boards reputation and is very unpatriotic………very unlike potus, unlike q, and unamerican

5fee01 No.1376837

I'm so fvckin bored abot this corset sh!t.

Better let's talk about ETs!!!!

66f921 No.1376838

File: 9b1a14c24dc6ca4⋯.png (1.34 MB, 1090x1328, 545:664, Screen Shot 20.png)

>Answer Q re: SR.

>SR June JA.

SR connect to DNC.



Why did the D’s push legal rep on family?

>June ETA.

9fab04 No.1376839

Remember anons, positive vibes only!

192a05 No.1376840


Trips of truth.

looks like you just got banned for pointing it out!


5e46bf No.1376841


Cry harder retard!

625c82 No.1376842

File: d852638c1556014⋯.png (10.33 KB, 371x266, 53:38, Screenshot-2018-5-11 Q(2).png)

I was looking in at the crumbs for references to 'bigger/more than you can imagine' and I saw this one. Mack. Snowball.

How does this relate to our recent snowball/D5 avalanche crumb? It's bigger than we can imagine, and some here have some great imaginations.

471690 No.1376843

File: 0ee8029548289e8⋯.jpeg (43.25 KB, 425x417, 425:417, 4C4EFEEA-4980-47DC-BE7E-5….jpeg)


More you’re speed?

a736f6 No.1376844


God damn it.

BO can you get the BV banbot under control plz?

a8231f No.1376845



627ae5 No.1376846



This guys a fucking idiot.

Potus doesn’t utilize disinformation?

Potus is like the best parts of SunTzu and Niccolò Machiavelli rolled into one.

What fucking planet is this guy on?

Potus redirect and misleads all the time, and for our greater good.

You don’t take down the cabal by being nice and honest, what a dumb fuck.

Jerome Corsi




Hey, #Qanon!!! @realDonaldTrump does not use disinformation. Never heard @Potus attack authors (like himself) for making a profit writing a book ("make USA WEALTHY again"). @Potus embraces prominent supporters, never demonizes supporters to divide Trump Train, as you do #1339-40

031b8e No.1376847


Which is exactly what Q said in >>1372205

It’s gonna get much worse.

So maybe we should consider this a practice run.

6d7264 No.1376848


you……….should………get banned again dot fag.

010a00 No.1376849

File: 7a4a8586f3a6c58⋯.png (541.58 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, AEA2D598-6784-453A-BCA0-4E….png)


61db50 No.1376850


Yep. Crowdstrike was running another special that month for its preferred acharacters almost only customer, the Deep State. Not only did they provide the kewl, scary blood-red “Cozy Bear” cartoon cover of the Intelligence Assessment, they threw in those “smoking gun” Cyrillic Code characters favored by (you guessed it) that crazy cat “Gucc 2.0” !!!

94c1b2 No.1376851

File: acb7883772e6938⋯.png (4.13 MB, 1605x904, 1605:904, 82743327890026113554.png)

5a3221 No.1376852

File: 8c8b1ed73512b34⋯.png (531 KB, 521x523, 521:523, DankyouVeryMuch.png)

bb2b15 No.1376853


there voices dont match at all

b61ed3 No.1376854


he was just careless…kek

5e46bf No.1376855

File: 4b4ad335e937f3e⋯.jpg (94.79 KB, 503x522, 503:522, WhoIsQanon44.jpg)

a7be01 No.1376856


Which ever BV it is, this one is specifically targeting pro-American, pro-white, pro-christian, Basically core MAGA crowd a la /pol/ while subverting this board into some kind of cucked israel first bullshit 2.0. Some are allowed to run free until it gets too far, then gradually banned etc.

We fucking see this shit. jewish act is fucking obvious. Not a joke. BO needs to look into this. We DO have enemies that are state sponsored and dedicated to pressuring Patriots and this board.

a4bf9f No.1376857


Was stationed in SA. That shit is no joke.

a42ace No.1376858


We get it, you have some 1980's prison artwork. Congratulations.

b4ec55 No.1376859

File: 118e812ae7a760c⋯.png (59.39 KB, 816x607, 816:607, ClipboardImage.png)

Apple is almost a $1 trillion company, but watch out for Amazon

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Apple is on the verge of becoming the first $1 trillion publicly listed U.S. company, but even if it gets there, it could soon be overtaken as Amazon.com surges from behind.

Started in the garage of co-founder Steve Jobs in 1976, the iPhone maker’s annual revenue has ballooned to $229 billion, greater than the gross domestic product of countries including Portugal and New Zealand.

Apple’s market capitalization on Thursday topped a record $934 billion, following its unveiling last week of a $100 billion buyback budget and news that Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway dramatically increased its stake in the company.

Thanks to a 12 percent rally since its quarterly report last Tuesday, the Cupertino, California company is just 8 percent short of hitting the $1 trillion valuation mark.

Pointing to Apple’s recent 31 percent jump in service revenue, including music streaming and online storage, CFRA analyst Angelo Zino on Wednesday upped his target price for the stock from $195 to $210, which would put Apple’s market capitalization at $1.03 trillion. Zino joins at least 12 other analysts with price targets putting Apple’s stock market value at 13 digits.

But Apple is in danger of being beaten to the $1 trillion mark - or passed soon after - by Amazon.com, the second largest listed U.S. company by market value, at $780 billion.

Saudi Arabian authorities, meanwhile, have said they expect a planned international initial public offering of Saudi Aramco that would value the national oil producer at about $2 trillion.

While $148 billion smaller than Apple on Friday, Amazon of late has expanded its stock price, and its sales, much more quickly than Apple. Amazon’s stock is red hot, trading recently at over 100 times expected earnings, compared to more-profitable - but slower growing - Apple’s valuation of 15 times earnings.


b61ed3 No.1376860

File: e12190bc8a4460f⋯.jpg (58.31 KB, 621x718, 621:718, dod eaglewrath 5 11 18.JPG)


b0edb1 No.1376861


that post may be intended for 111 days from now.

7ce96b No.1376862


Maybe I can give you a different perspective


Who locates exact locations with a simple cropped photo from Q?

Who locates planes real time?

Who discoverers detailed info from the simplest of clues?

Who gets Potus to drop Tippy Top?

Who spends hours upon hours researching?


The anons do freely.

The person we are speaking about JC would say "the board discovered this….." "the board found this" etc…..


010a00 No.1376863

File: fdf5433a9480bc5⋯.png (2.7 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, F89705B2-2E5E-4D6B-9FD8-F2….png)

File: fd0bdc21a9ad92d⋯.png (590.6 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, A8193D40-8334-4560-A35D-A8….png)

Operation Chess

bb2b15 No.1376864


whatever i type one hand faggot. my remote is in the other……………wtf

79bc74 No.1376865


>It’s gonna get much worse.

>So maybe we should consider this a practice run.


be5181 No.1376866

File: 6832a3d3e3049fe⋯.png (866.07 KB, 1419x663, 473:221, D5.png)

I don't know if it's been determined what the "D5" stood for in Q's post >>>/patriotsfight/74

Was digging on this and found that the D5 (UGM-133 or Trident II D5 missile) is the "most powerful, reliable weapon in the U.S. military arsenal – a system so potent that it is the centerpiece of U.S. efforts to prevent nuclear war."

It's carried on Ohio class and UK Vangard class submarines.

>The snowball has begun rolling - there is no stopping it now. D5.

Is Q telling us the Justice process has gone "nuclear" (so to speak), in the most powerful way?

http:// www.navy.mil/navydata/fact_display.asp?cid=2200&tid=1400&ct=2

df777a No.1376867

File: cd43f75106e7019⋯.png (21.41 KB, 484x352, 11:8, fancyq.PNG)

I refer to this type of writing as sophisticated…


>>>>> I


>thank U

89eb51 No.1376869


Great article. Great to see the Q drops from very early on start to become public knowledge.

16679a No.1376870

File: e003fa5e5eab43c⋯.jpg (295.98 KB, 1400x1212, 350:303, GA.jpg)

File: bad1f78aee0efae⋯.jpg (162.52 KB, 720x405, 16:9, art.jpg)

File: edb53e157e8beb1⋯.jpg (73.64 KB, 720x405, 16:9, crossers.jpg)

Has this pic and group been posted yet?

This is the GLOBAL ART and HERITAGE PROGRAM and the faces behind it.

John Kerry seems to be their leader.

These are the folks that decided shipping kids as art was a good idea.

Pic#2+3: From Salzburg Global Seminar- another 'art' program. The content here seems to be promoting border crossings to improve culture.

https:// www.salzburgglobal.org//calendar/2010-2019/2014/session-532.html

d3ce1d No.1376871


I did, after they "truncated" the bread last weekend.

Some bans have been lifted, but..

Some people are just evil. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

3da3da No.1376872


609c89 No.1376873

Looks like the staying undivided idea is working great…good job Q.

You all are a perfect example of useful idiots , my gosh. Whats a laser pointer for ? haha Show em anons!! I know I know , to keep the anons jumping all around as to not notice that a large % of what you have predicted haven't come true and the other half is open source articles that have all ready been written….and this idea that you are gonna red pill the "normies ," if the "Normies ," ever come here and see how low brow and uneducated the anons are and how much BS vulgarity they post it will immediately discredit the movement anyways ..this has turned into a cult…of socialist trash ..well IDk if "turned into," is the right verbiage, more like exposed .Good luck ladies

1a2164 No.1376874


Over the Target Again.

eca8f3 No.1376875



95875d No.1376876


This board is filled with people who can not entertain the possibility that they have been lied to all their lives. They don't even question WHY the elite are so obsessed with satanism and the occult. There is so much knowledge being hidden from us and pedophile rings/governmental corruption are only the tip of the iceberg. People are too afraid to dive deep into the true fucking evil.

80cb00 No.1376877


looks epic as fuck

b52d82 No.1376878



fe was vetted months ago

go review the bread it if you or anybody else wants to know the truth

The f**king earth is FLAT

4d1d64 No.1376879


I'm a moron. What is the 111 number reference to? Where did it come from?

010a00 No.1376880

File: 4ce8d5ded01bf15⋯.png (5.62 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 2A605658-FAD1-4A10-A67F-21….png)

423d9f No.1376881



Taking out defensive pawns.

9f77c5 No.1376882


As the saying goes; there is no such thing as bad publicity. Shhhh!, watch the movie…

440ad1 No.1376883

Slush funds dig- it's way worse than we thought…

This started while digging into The Asia Foundation. I read about it being created in 1951 as the Committee for Asia, a proprietary CIA undertaking for cultural/educational activities that lie outside of official US channels. CIA funding was under Project DTPILLAR.

It was renamed to The Asia Foundation in 1954 and became a "quasi-nongovernmental organization" so it would appear private but have its core budget funded by we the taxpayers.

The Asia Foundation isn't the only entity set up like this, but good luck finding them all- there is no list and only a very few admitted to in the CRS Report: The Quasi Government: Hybrid Organizations with Both Government and Private Sector Legal Characteristics (2011).

These entities have ties to the executive branch but are not "agencies" of the United States. They are

1) quasi official agencies;

2) government-sponsored enterprises (GSEs);

3) federally funded research and development corporations (FFRDCs);

4) agency-related non-profit organizations; (like The Asia Foundation)

5) venture capital funds; (Loop capital?)

6) congressionally chartered nonprofit organizations; and

7) instrumentalities of indeterminate character.

GSEs have no established criteria defining standards to be met prior to establishment. Basically, GSEs are defined by Congress in its enabling legislation.

GSEs that are listed in the report are: National Railroad Passenger Corporation (Amtrak), Legal Services Corporation, Smithsonian Institute, State Justice Institute, United States Institute of Peace, National Consumer Cooperative Bank, National Acadamy of Sciences, National Science Foundation, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Farmer Mac, Federal Home Loan Bank System, Farm Credit System, National Park Foundation, In-Q-Tel, Communications Satellite Corporation (COMSAT), Corporation for Public Broadcasting

FFRDCs listed in the report (much more interesting)

RAND (created by the Air Force in 1947), Mitre Corporation, Aerospace, Institute for Defense Analyses, National laboratories at Oak Ridge and Los Alamos (government-owned, contractor operated -GOCO- facilities) and the Federal Aviation Administration

The IRS established an FFRDC as well as the Dept. of Homeland Security but it is not listed what they were.

GSEs and FFRDCs can be located within the Omnibus by their label of "Government sponsored enterprise."

In FY2009, FFRDC annual federal obligations were roughly $9.5 billion and were ballooning rapidly with accelerated creation of more (GSEs and) FFRDCs.

The slush fund aspect comes into government officials naming themselves a board member of one or more of these entities and drawing whatever paycheck they think they can get away with.

There's much more in this report and could really use some more eyes as well as digging into the Omnibus to try and uncover all these entities.

192a05 No.1376884

b0edb1 No.1376885


Its 'your' you turbonigger

4a43aa No.1376886

File: 3d9052779337a42⋯.jpeg (49.16 KB, 600x450, 4:3, URgrASSleyMEMOFBISAJoeyPI….jpeg)



>Special Agent Joseph M. Pientka, III

6c7075 No.1376888


>>1376815 ← notable

7a5911 No.1376889

File: 069d94af04ce14e⋯.png (708.6 KB, 1398x997, 1398:997, a.png)

Leading the world in Almond Activations!!

89eb51 No.1376890



Both Notable posts. Great work connecting dots.

b52d82 No.1376891


actually stole this meme from a country music band

asshole he is

a4bf9f No.1376892


I was trying to make the connection between the D5 Missile, and the new USS Indiana submarine (POTUS speech was in Indiana). It is supposed to be a huge upgraded sub with badass surveillance tech and missile capability. Thought back to the We Have The Sub Q post….and thought it might be a thinly disguised threat to (((someone))).

The Indiana hasn't been officially commissioned, but that doesn't mean it isn't operational and running missions.

3319b2 No.1376893


Science does not find truth. It weeds out falsehoods.

Science weeded out re and all the rest of your bullshit.

Eat a bag of dicks

7fd4d9 No.1376894


>So was beanz.

Yes, and when Q wanted us to push IBOR she twatted "Sorry, Q, I'm a leader NOT a follower" Well wtf bitch, you was a follower until you built up your base! lmao

008a9a No.1376895


I'm always calling it autoincorrect

bb3dd9 No.1376897


Can you expand.

Are you saying Q is here because there’s no money to be made on the Chan’s rather than on fb/twitter/etc? Makes sense. Didn’t add that thought. But I’m assuming he said it word for word for a reason to highlight. Instead of making the same point worded even ever so slightly differently

1ca0ed No.1376898


if any anon was on the fence about AJ being cointel then his behavior should indicate exactly what and who he is. just a different colored curtain trying to hide the view.

0191e1 No.1376899

File: ba602438a9f746d⋯.jpeg (243.87 KB, 1532x598, 766:299, F4AEF646-3557-47C0-BE96-5….jpeg)

Two Hyattsville, Maryland men were both sentenced today to 26 years in prison for sex trafficking three minors throughout the East Coast from September through November 2016.

Acting Assistant Attorney General John P. Cronan of the Justice Department’s Criminal Division, Acting U.S. Attorney Tracy Doherty-McCormick for the Eastern District of Virginia, Assistant Director in Charge Nancy McNamara of the FBI’s Washington Field Office, Fairfax County Chief of Police Colonel Edwin C. Roessler Jr. and Chief Humberto I. Cardounel Jr. of Henrico County Police Division, made the announcement.

Dennis Davis Jr. aka Dee, 26, and Ivan Williams aka Lucci, 28, were sentenced by Senior U.S. District Judge T.S. Ellis III of the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia. Judge Ellis ordered Davis and Williams to serve 10 years of supervised release following their 312-month prison sentence. Both defendants were ordered to register as sex offenders. Davis and Williams were each found guilty by a federal jury on Jan. 10, 2018, of three counts of sex trafficking and one count of conspiracy to commit sex trafficking.


b52d82 No.1376900


will you ever shut the fuck up?

you are worse than a whiny shrew

94c1b2 No.1376901

File: 6b1f36cc56204b1⋯.png (4.13 MB, 1605x904, 1605:904, 0910180170`11010948752.png)

bda9cc No.1376902


CBTS wanted to monetize CBTS


https ://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H44PD7iIg_E

fa9ec0 No.1376903

just got out of work

anybody find that the latest bread is vanishing from the catalog?

7fd4d9 No.1376904


>Leading the world in Almond Activations!!


a736f6 No.1376905


"The only people that complain when someone is sharing the truth are the ones with something to hide. "

5e46bf No.1376906


>The snowball has begun rolling - there is no stopping it now. D5.

The most likely decode of D5 is Avalanche.

The snowball has begun rolling - there is no stopping it now. Avanche

d3ce1d No.1376907


God, I only wish I could stare at those kind of images most of the time..

Instead I'm stuck with gore and badly rehashed stale memes :\

2ef567 No.1376908

a7be01 No.1376909


Did a fucking flat earth bullshit (((shill))) just try to support a (((shill))) BV?

Fucking hell you obvious jidf nigger.

0940f4 No.1376910


Possible but thats manipulation by (shhhhh)

192a05 No.1376911

Why is the_donald moderating this board?

ec239d No.1376912


It's already ridiculous in the "background" and it is clearly bleeding over in physical ways now. (Hawaii volcano, earthquakes daily, completely abnormal behaviors in people you know, etc…) Steel your resolve anon, shield as required and pray. It will go full retard before the path can be righted for all to move forward on.

f0981d No.1376913


Blue wave?

Power at all costs?

Few have the facts.

Few know the plan.

Common denominator.

Everyone has an opinion.

Midterms [save & push]?

Why did Sessions pick RR?

Why is the WH backing up DOJ?

Swing voters to retake House/Senate?

If RR is dirty, Mueller must also be dirty.

If Mueller is dirty, RR must also be dirty.

What was RR's Senate confirmation vote?

Why are they slow walking doc disclosures?

Why are they slow walking unredacted data?

What was Sessions' Senate confirmation vote?

What does it mean if a grand jury is impanelled?

What would be the purpose of creating confusion?

Impeachment proceedings (open source) initiated?

What if the same data is being used by other investigators?

Why are confusing questions asked as to outcome re: Mueller?

Blue wave at all costs

RR backing up the DOJ House/Senate

Senate confirmation disclosures unredacted vote impaneled creating confusion by other investigators re:Mueller

fa9ec0 No.1376914


would say shes /ourgal/ but shes wearing an infowars shirt so…

3319b2 No.1376915


You are very funny. I almost thought you were sincere.

89eb51 No.1376916


Whoa. Setting the stage for clearing Flynn and revealing the traitors in deep state.

b60a09 No.1376917


HIS days are numbered….read a while ago, he's stepping down @ memorial day….


008a9a No.1376918


The book I want to read is what will be published after all this is over, not during the fact while ops are ongoing and while Trump is POTUS

5e46bf No.1376919


Duh typo.. Avalanche

3433aa No.1376920

b4ec55 No.1376921

File: cb3bea198e0cd7e⋯.png (289.38 KB, 840x798, 20:19, ClipboardImage.png)

Trump’s First Major Bipartisan Deal in Congress: $50 million Prison Reform Clears First Vote

President Donald Trump scored his first major bipartisan win in Congress when a House prison reform bill passed through the Judiciary Committee with a 25-5 vote on Wednesday, May 9.

The vote marks a major success for Trump’s senior White House adviser, and son-in-law, Jared Kushner, who negotiated it.

“The president and his administration are pleased the House Judiciary Committee has voted to pass prison reform legislation,” said White House deputy press secretary Hogan Gidley, Washington Examiner reported.

“This is a bipartisan issue with bipartisan support because studies show this bill will reduce crime and save taxpayer dollars. We are encouraged by the committee’s passage of the bill and look forward to a vote in the full House.”

While both Democrats and Republicans are interested in reforming federal prisons, Republicans usually want tough-on-crime measures, while Democrats tend to agree on reducing or removing mandatory minimum sentences. Kushner expended considerable effort to find common ground, striking a deal that doesn’t quite fit either template. Instead, it focuses on reducing recidivism while adding some measures to increase prison workers’ safety.

Passing the committee with a lopsided vote bodes well for the bill, called Formerly Incarcerated Reenter Society Transformed Safely Transitioning Every Person Act or “FIRST STEP Act.”

“The bipartisan support that is sending the FIRST STEP Act to the House floor reflects the resolve that I’ve seen among my colleagues to make positive strides toward restorative justice today and to use that progress to build a bridge toward additional reforms in the days ahead,” said Rep. Doug Collins (R-Ga.), a sponsor of the bill, in a statement.

The other sponsor, Rep. Hakeem Jeffries (D-N.Y.), called the bill “a significant step in the right direction.”

“The mass incarceration epidemic is 50 years in the making. Fixing our broken criminal justice system will take an all-hands-on-deck effort from my colleagues on both sides of the aisle,” he said.

The United States has over 2.1 million people in prisons and jails, down from 2.3 million a decade ago, but still making for the highest incarceration rate in the world.

The bill only deals with federal prisons, where some 184,000 prisoners are incarcerated.

The bill proposes $50 million to provide all prisoners with “recidivism reduction programs” and/or “productive activities” aimed at teaching them life skills and otherwise preparing them for a crime-free life.

It also sets up a system of ranking prisoners based on their risk of recidivism. Moderate- and high-risk prisoners get priority for the recidivism reduction programs, while low- and minimum-risk ones get the productive activities, which include helping their higher-risk fellow inmates.

The programs may include life skills courses, mentoring, classes on morals or ethics, academic classes, drug addiction treatment, community services, religious classes, or services, and prison jobs.

The warden of each federal prison would form partnerships with nonprofits, religious organizations, colleges, and companies that would get hired or invited as volunteers to help deliver the programs.

Prisoners could earn various privileges for participating in the programs, notably, for every 30 days in such programs, prisoners would earn 10 credits. Extra credit would go to those maintaining low-risk status. A prisoner who maintains low-risk status for a certain time could turn the credits into days spent in prerelease detention—such as home confinement, halfway houses, and community supervision—at the end of the prison term.

Certain prisoners would be excluded from the credit scheme, like those sentenced for murders and other serious felonies such as terrorism offenses, sex offenses, and other crimes resulting in death.

The bill would also provide corrections officers secure areas to store firearms outside of the secure perimeter of a prison, allow officers to store firearms in a lockbox inside their cars, and allow officers to carry concealed firearms outside of the secure area of a prison.

The bill also proposes more restrictions on when it’s permitted to put restraints on pregnant prisoners.



bb2b15 No.1376922


agreed about beanz

a7be01 No.1376923



6d53d7 No.1376924


unlike Pokémon

you can’t catch em all

5e46bf No.1376925

File: b66187487d59d77⋯.jpg (125.94 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, ShillTards.jpg)

fb7060 No.1376926

File: 193d4fa57c707b3⋯.png (993.26 KB, 994x1280, 497:640, IMG_2109.PNG)

Who needs homework from truncated textbooks of remedial English in college, financed by revolving federal loans …….

61b32c No.1376927

File: 9bb4aac205e0c3a⋯.jpg (89.27 KB, 630x630, 1:1, 1st recon.jpg)

File: 0f202902836da03⋯.png (943.97 KB, 940x2477, 940:2477, Opera Snapshot_2018-05-11_….png)

Spoopy aircrash

An anon requested info into aircraft landing at Scottsdale Arizona 15-15MST today. Unable to find the aircraft presumed to be military.

Did however find this recent news story spoopy air crash.

The plane was identified as a Piper PA24.

This type is a 4-seat aircraft however six people were on board.


311f5e No.1376928


Did Sessions pick RR? I thought RR was already there when Trump became potus… Maybe my ignorance is showing. ><

cd5829 No.1376929


definitely has a bell shaped.

1a33e1 No.1376930

File: eea39d32659b9a5⋯.jpg (109.94 KB, 750x750, 1:1, 1518225295307.jpg)

Purge in progress, Q.

You don't need to feed the trolls.

Anons got this one, no problem.

6c7075 No.1376931


Baker Notable

008a9a No.1376932


Flat Earth discussion is slider bait

That is all

ca6fed No.1376934

>>1376883 Slush Funds Dig (more digging requested)




014c58 No.1376935



Q working towards 9/11 for the First Responders/Firefighters.

3ec23c No.1376936



192a05 No.1376937

>Attacks will only get worse.

Including attacks on us from the cucked BV

3433aa No.1376939


Thanks Anon there all over the place right now

6dab9e No.1376940

Sorry to be a fag, but what program do you fellow mac people use to make the collage maps with arrows and boxes n' shit?

b52d82 No.1376941


just nothing better to do i guess

this is really scraping the bottom of the barrel

6be082 No.1376942


BDT Time?

89eb51 No.1376943


Lol all these guys revealing themselves. Nice tactic. BO BV doing a fantastic job.

312b68 No.1376944


I have just one question. Has anyone ever seen an original photo of a pear shaped earth or just perfect round CGI marbles?


7fa5b8 No.1376945

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Why the US and Israel Want Regime Change in Iran - China's Silk Road - This has to do with another temple & the Vatican too. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Aoa6sDUswQc

a06959 No.1376946


I know the making money part pisses some people off, me too. But I think the real damage they tried to cause was the purpose of it all - that's what really gets me. And yeah, they tried to make $$ off it at the same time.

Yeah, they are the scum in the swamp!!!!

950925 No.1376947


Maggie Nixon?

88e259 No.1376948


>Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Farmer Mac

Where do you get such weird names?

a42ace No.1376949


Cuz we're going to Mars

9a98a7 No.1376950




00b5f4 No.1376951


I set a trap wall at the top of bread and they splatted ALL over it, thankfully. So comfy.

5e46bf No.1376952


Yeah but they are sooooo stupid, that's what outs them first, next is the KYS/anger shills.

79bc74 No.1376953

File: e0939cb0cf48acc⋯.png (58.36 KB, 585x479, 585:479, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 4a409b7a93160f6⋯.png (118.1 KB, 588x723, 196:241, ClipboardImage.png)

>Less than 10 can confirm me.

>We are talking to you.

>No outside comms.

>Thought clear.

>Now crystal clear.

Should be crystal clear. We should know fake news when we see it by now. We've had a 111 day advantage the entire time.

54519b No.1376954

File: c99415452e68199⋯.jpeg (416.01 KB, 750x637, 750:637, IMG_3EA87460C645-1.jpeg)

Let's blame the Stormy/NXIVM hoax on infowars!


a97a18 No.1376955

File: 28aa2e4ec1e7973⋯.png (1.14 MB, 1163x689, 1163:689, rollingstone4chn43545.png)

File: e25cf579f9acf70⋯.png (121.1 KB, 346x336, 173:168, 1523957283255.png)

Break out the champagne guys were on Rolling Stone!!


5fee01 No.1376956


Take hitler's offsprings from EU and put'em in chains GITMO.

80ff44 No.1376957


Bullshit! WTF have we learned?! It’s all been about the fact that we’ve been lied to. Maybe you should consider you have been lied to about FE.

fb7060 No.1376958

File: 1a12c105a0c4fcf⋯.jpg (60.85 KB, 460x563, 460:563, IMG_2160.JPG)

Research scorched earth , gestapi, got rolled into planned obsolescence , got egregore , prol DuPont r-12 curse . Where that money obama

4a43aa No.1376959

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


kek, thanx, my thoughts exactly.

One golden glass of what should be…


057397 No.1376960


Seriously, do you think you are the only "awesome anon" that has been "swept up" or banned?

BO has a far more difficult job than almost all can comprehend.

Easy does it.

61b32c No.1376961


The victims have been identified as 26-year-old Erik Valente, 28-year-old James Louis Pedroza, 23-year-old Mariah Sunshine Coogan, 28-year-old Anand Anil Patel, 22-year-old Helena Lagos, and 23-year-old Iris Carolina Rodriguez Garcia.

d2f685 No.1376962





Did you ever stop to think that I might come right of the gate with

eat shit, (((shills)))

to trigger your dumb ass?


537ca0 No.1376963

Does this new Grassley letter mean they will get the 302, then interview Pientka about whether whats on the 302 is what he wrote? And possibly prove McCabe or someone altered 302. Hmm..

3319b2 No.1376964


You are not allowed to post graphics here if you use a Mac.

950925 No.1376965


>>Mariah Sunshine Coogan

ca6fed No.1376966


old news

e245ee No.1376967


We see what you are doing, clown.

5e46bf No.1376968


We are 8chan anon.

b2726f No.1376969


• Secret 5-Eyes document shows surveillance partners discussing what information they can pool about their citizens

• DSD indicated it could provide material without some privacy restraints imposed by other countries such as Canada

• Medical, legal or religious information 'not automatically limited'

• Concern that intelligence agency could be 'operating outside its legal mandate'

So the Aussies want to share the goods on their citizens.



thought I had seen Shari Yan before and yep…


The daughter of a celebrated Chinese artist and People's Liberation Army member, Yan is also known to have impeccable Communist Party connections.

And her payments to Ashe and then his weightlifting death…

e9e390 No.1376970

File: 747bff223b4f27c⋯.png (45.88 KB, 550x350, 11:7, based_mel_by_neetsfagging3….png)

The end is nigh

9231fd No.1376971

File: eb20925f79c19f8⋯.png (110.46 KB, 1366x1859, 1366:1859, HQ003416P0148 To Halper, S….png)



90b600 No.1376972


Yeah I also have noticed no problems with BV.

It would be easy for 2 or 4 guys with multiple IPs to stir up distrust by astroturf consensus building, hypothetically.

3433aa No.1376973


Well done


I'm ready

be5181 No.1376974

File: ccd6c7d516b8954⋯.png (467.88 KB, 722x542, 361:271, avalancheratingcodes.png)


Saw somebody say something about avalanche a few breads back but it was mixed in with the obnoxiously crazed shilling so I didn't pay it much mind. Guess I should have!

Looking at the context Q used it in, and your feedback, I have to believe your absolutely correct.


b4ec55 No.1376975

File: 96f206d5b51b38d⋯.png (801.38 KB, 1085x525, 31:15, ClipboardImage.png)

US Postal Service Lost $656 Million

Home > Video > US Postal Service Lost $656 Million

US Postal Service Lost $656 Million - Presented by: The Aol. On Network

Reuters The US Postal Service posted a controllable loss of $656 million in the second quarter, compared to income of $12 million for the same period a year ago. The loss is surprising when you consider package volume increased 5%. The USPS largely attributed its profitability shift to increased compensation costs, suggesting that the company is scrambling to keep up with competition at the peril of its own bottom line.

fb7060 No.1376976

File: f363b17a0891746⋯.png (396.07 KB, 400x535, 80:107, IMG_2139.PNG)

Translated from the old country

192a05 No.1376977


You're a retard.

Getting rid of subversive BV would make BO's job much easier.


b52d82 No.1376978


they are all transliterations of agency names Federal Natl Mortgage Corp (FNMC = freddiemac)


3b4a33 No.1376979


The importance of EMPATHY when in a Red-Pilling relationship…

• WifeAnon figured out the nasty truth of 9/11 very quickly. So did her “tin foil hat wearing” friends.

• I was in my late thirties when two planes took down three buildings in perfect free fall. Oh, lest I forget, a 757 also penetrated a 9-foot thick concrete wall and then blew up the exact part of the Pentagon that contained the materials and people that were investigating the $2.3 TRILLION that Rumsfeld announced was missing the day prior (YT this). More amazingly, that same “jet” somehow avoided being video captured by the building that has more video surveillance than any other building in the world.

• It took me YEARS to Red Pill myself, even though I was surrounded by Woke Folks.


• Because I volunteered to serve in Army Intelligence at the age of 18. Mr. Reagan was my Commander-in-Chief. I would have died for this country. I served with honor and distinction.

• In short, I bought the Apple Pie story. All of it.

• I was indoctrinated from the time I went to kindergarten by teachers, books, mainstream media, parents, etc.

• On a rainy Friday, WifeAnon and the Tin Foil brigade had gone camping. Not one to hang out in the rain, I stayed home and had ALL DAY for fuckery on the old Interwebs.

• Ran across “Loose Change” and wound up spending about 14 hours learning about 9/11 and how the rest of the world thought we were fucking idiots.

• Once reality set in, I grabbed a bottle of whiskey, drank half of it and cried—nonstop—for two hours.


• Because ALL of my values, education and beliefs were stripped clean from me, and nothing was left to replace them!

• I was mentally fucked up for a few months as I had to install a brand new operating system to replace the old one.

• Now, fellow Anons, consider this: Q is patiently helping us “build the map” and we are faithfully doing so. As we see the bigger picture, it’s kinda like 9/11 is but a single piece in a 5,000 piece jigsaw puzzle.

• Bears worth repeating: 9/11 IS BUT A SINGLE PIECE IN A 5,000 PIECE JIGSAW PUZZLE!

• Now, consider the massive amount of cognitive dissonance the average Normie will have to endure.

• He/she is where I was ten years ago. “Life is good, Trump is a douche (but thanks for the tax break) and you fuckers are dumbed-down conspiracy theorists.”

• It’s going to take a LONG, slow, drip-by-drip process to bring them out of their happy comas into a new reality where EVERYTHING THEY EVERY KNEW OR BELIEVED IS WRONG (AND GONE)!

• It’s not fun to “wake up”. In fact, it’s the most painful thing I’ve ever endured.

• Have empathy for blue-pillers.

• Have kindness. Have patience. Have love and be nonjudgmental.

• Learn how to make people curious without making them defensive.

• Yes, I’m the same Anon that wrote the Socratic Red-Pilling Guide you’ve likely found here.

• I just forgot to also write about the importance of walking a mile in other people’s shoes.

• Pray. Be the light that attracts other people. Ask open-ended questions. Be patient. Let other people wake up at their own pace. Let other people “be the expert” and let them “sell themselves”.

• I love you fuckers in a sincerely non-homo way!

• p.s.: Beer at the parade, ma bitches.

cd5829 No.1376980

history of EU - wiki

During the centuries following the fall of Rome in 476, several European States viewed themselves as translatio imperii of the defunct Roman Empire: the Frankish Empire (481–843) and the Holy Roman Empire (962–1806) were attempts to resurrect Rome in the West.[h] The Russian Tsardom, and ultimately the Empire (1547–1917), declared Moscow to be Third Rome and inheritor of the Eastern tradition after the fall of Constantinople in 1453.[24] The gap between Greek East and Latin West had already been widened by the political scission of the Roman Empire in the 4th century and the Great Schism of 1054; and would be eventually widened again by the Iron Curtain (1945–91).[25] The Medieval Christendom[26][27] and political power of the Papacy[28][29] are also often cited as premisses to European integration and unity.

another point of interest

Through successive enlargements, the European Union has grown from the six founding states (Belgium, France, West Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands) to the current 28.


EU ECHO program

The Directorate-General for European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations (ECHO), formerly known as the European Community Humanitarian Aid Office, is the European Commission's department for overseas humanitarian aid and for civil protection. It aims to save and preserve life, prevent and alleviate human suffering and safeguard the integrity and dignity of populations affected by natural disasters and man-made crises.[1]

In 2013 it provided €1.35 billion for emergency relief.[2] The European Union has been the second largest donor of humanitarian assistance since 2000. Together with its Member States, it is the world's biggest donor of humanitarian aid, providing over 50% of the total humanitarian aid in 2009.[3] ECHO-funded projects affect over 120 million people in 90 countries annually.


2acad2 No.1376981

Sucks to hear about AJ. Corsi I never cared for but AJ shot himself in the foot big time. It's not a hard decision for me what side I'm on, team Trump and Q all the way. I wouldn't give up you faggots for all the water filters in the world

ae99ec No.1376982


Either extremely cucked or simply flat out JIDF at this point. The usual JIDF (((shill))) suspects are doing the predictable routine of playing poker face and are actively supporting this (((shill BV))), while promoting bullshit flat earth or some other slide distraction tactic.


BO, this BV just banned anons again for mention jidf and (((shills)))

We have an active infiltrator on this board, their aim being to worm your way into your confidence.

Please advise.

008a9a No.1376983

82d2fd No.1376984

7fa5b8 No.1376986

File: e9c2ef5f3357f16⋯.jpg (85.2 KB, 750x488, 375:244, silk.jpg)

Silk Road - Get Iran out of the way for the trade routes. https://www.ancient.eu/Silk_Road/ also https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Silk_Road

440ad1 No.1376987


Easier than righting the full (and less known names) of the organizations- Federal National Mortgage Association = Fannie Mae

6c7075 No.1376988


Trump's Right About This: The Post Office Needs Reform


New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand Introduces Legislation to Turn Post Offices Into Banks


Yes, People Would Bank At The Post Office


b52d82 No.1376989



not just mars we are going to inhabit allll the planets in the solar system. and not just that there are hundreds of other galaxies out there and we are going to inhabit all of them as well!

won't that be GREAT

50d2fa No.1376990

File: 864cbdc9bd6acc9⋯.png (797.8 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, Screenshot (59).png)

I am late to the party and already posted this quite some time ago but it got missed. Also, cannot copy and paste from this site.


61b32c No.1376991


Yeah, wasn't sure if it had been checked out 6 people in a four-seater is odd though.

a42ace No.1376992


Sure, can't wait

ae99ec No.1376993


The more you talk, and the more this BV acts, we can see the pattern clear. Do you not know this board is monitored?

You are dreaming if you can fool us in the business.

7fd4d9 No.1376994


I've been here since Sept 2017, lurked for 6 weeks before I ever posted cuz you fuckers are scary at first! :) I've called a mofo out, I've posted shit, I've memed, made graphics and reasearch and posted finding and have NEVER once been banned! NOT. ONE. TIME. Even when I have questioned my own post and thought maybe I went too far! So… I have little to no sympathy for Anons whining about BV/BO being "ban happy"! Sorry, not sorry, maybe YOU need to check your "shit posting"! just saying…¯\_(ツ)_/¯

cd5829 No.1376995


>Through successive enlargements, the European Union has grown from the six founding states (Belgium, France, West Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, and the


My guess in the head of the NWO is in one of those 6 countries.

fb7060 No.1376996

File: b19160af0078b22⋯.png (449.61 KB, 768x543, 256:181, IMG_2120.PNG)

How/why did kamikazee pilots get German amphetamine for the Pearl Harbor ……………………

1a2164 No.1376997


First defeat the DS and Big/Bio Tech

After Mars.

51cf2f No.1376998


Sessions and RR both nominated by Potus.

c5201a No.1376999



d7c02c No.1377000


Thanks for looking. I had a look as well - saw nothing in logs like what I saw landing back to back. Weird. Would be weird to see them land there since there is AFB nearby. Dont know WTF I saw - cause it sure seemed military.

008a9a No.1377001


w/GM Boris Gelfand as a primary advisor, no doubt

Much chess being played on the world stage in the last several months

6d9454 No.1377002


I love Sarah Sanders

and would defend he from being choked if near

I also will defend this bitch's right to speak as she will

Freedom of speech must be defended

7fa5b8 No.1377003

File: ce97c613da81396⋯.jpg (119.64 KB, 690x388, 345:194, silk.jpg)

Why get rid of Iran?? Russia, China agree to integrate Eurasian Union, Silk Road, sign deals https://www.rt.com/business/256877-russia-china-deals-cooperation/

3319b2 No.1377004


In context, that makes so much sense.

Q must be a skier!

00b5f4 No.1377005


You will find the Biden/Kerry spawn and their investment canard all over those routes with their Chinese partners

311f5e No.1377006


Was he in the same position under Obama?

ae99ec No.1377007


The board is in play. Question is, do (((they))) know their role?

I doubt it.

ca6fed No.1377008

File: f53e1c9df4f80d1⋯.jpg (132.96 KB, 890x501, 890:501, MW-GJ064_PostOf_2018051110….jpg)


Post office blames U.S. government — not Amazon — for billion-dollar loss

The U.S. Postal Service placed most of the blame for the $1.3 billion it lost in its second fiscal quarter on “inflexible” government policy, and some of it on inflation and a decline in first-class mail, but it did not blame any of it on delivery deals made with customers, including, notably, Amazon.com Inc.

The net loss for the quarter ended March 31 widened from $562 million in the same period a year ago. The “controllable” loss, which excludes items that are not recurring and outside of management’s control, was $656 million, after a profit of $12 million last year.


008a9a No.1377009


Liberal dems are always projecting their own weird sexual fetishes

ebebe4 No.1377010

(Bread #1725)


>…Bill Gates….

His father was head of Planned Parenthood, originally called the American Eugenics Society. I saw even more about pater's involvement in eugenics years ago, but I can't go look for it now.

9a98a7 No.1377011

File: c98a0760fcea7bd⋯.png (622.81 KB, 1113x695, 1113:695, Screen Shot 2018-05-11 at ….png)

File: b53a830b50878de⋯.png (666.85 KB, 1129x642, 1129:642, Screen Shot 2018-05-11 at ….png)



bb2b15 No.1377012


ya no shit bezos and usps take away pkg flow from UPS….whose management are NWO mf sob's…but they employ teamsters with solid good paying jobs…not bc they want too trust me……the teamster employees are very hard working patriots……these types of jobs very hard to find anymore if not impossible

155c87 No.1377013

Well, now that i'm sure AJ is truly a bad actor, I believe AJ was involved in even darker plan….

Remember how hardcore Jones was on ANTIFA last year, especially with the "Antifa Civil War" stuff? He basically called for everything but outright killing. At this same time, Q was very adamant that Antifa was nothing more than show, and fake news…

I believe AJ was being used in an attempt to cause the 'right wing' to take up arms FIRST, so that we could be attacked as the 'trouble makers', and the left shown as the poor victims. Q, on the other hand, has fought these tactics since the beginning, having advanced knowledge of 'Psyops'..

fb7060 No.1377014

File: 9d82b3e6112e1e9⋯.jpg (100.77 KB, 791x960, 791:960, IMG_1421.JPG)

File: 1447a93679411a8⋯.jpg (64 KB, 500x543, 500:543, IMG_1468.JPG)

File: 26ae4e359f3b68b⋯.jpg (79.57 KB, 772x960, 193:240, IMG_1489.JPG)

3da3da No.1377015


b52d82 No.1377016


>MSNBC should be banned from Press Briefings until further notice.

seconded and thirded

they have crossed the line

09c1be No.1377017


Its about the tv show. But still. Wow

b4ec55 No.1377018

File: 89d6e80b3c9b1ca⋯.mp4 (1.19 MB, 720x404, 180:101, Iran Prepares to Restart N….mp4)

Iran Prepares to Restart Nuclear Program, Blasts Israel and U.S. Over Attacks in Syria

The Iranian government said Friday that the country was planning to restart its nuclear program if a multilateral nuclear agreement collapsed in the wake of a controversial U.S. exit.

Iran has condemned President Donald Trump's efforts to dismantle a 2015 nuclear accord reached under the administration of former President Barack Obama. Under the terms of the agreement, Iran extensively curbed its nuclear activities in exchange for billions of dollars in sanctions relief. Trump felt the deal did not go far enough and did not address other foreign policy quarrels between Washington and Tehran. On Tuesday, he officially reinstated sanctions, upsetting European allies and angering Iran.

As fellow signatories China, France, Germany, Russia and the U.K. scrambled to save the landmark deal, the Iranian government said in a statement Thursday that "the President of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran has been tasked with taking all necessary steps in preparation for Iran to pursue industrial-scale enrichment without any restrictions, using the results of the latest research and development of Iran’s brave nuclear scientists."

"The people of Iran will with calm and confidence continue their path towards progress and development and the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran has foreseen all necessary measures to facilitate this under any circumstance," the statement added.


61b32c No.1377019


Military stuff is tough to track can give explanation of what it might've been. Possibly a diversion if runway at nearby military base was obstructed.

54519b No.1377020

File: df8c1d683a6b586⋯.jpg (530.83 KB, 1125x844, 1125:844, bf86402415383ece74e941b571….jpg)

Posted earlier, but no one noticed. I think it's important.

Apple not reporting any cash in foreign countries.

Maybe because they no longer have cash in foreign countries?

79bc74 No.1377021

File: 99c06c433db28c9⋯.png (821.28 KB, 2402x533, 2402:533, ClipboardImage.png)

>>1373648 Q puts "Example" of pharma abuses in the killbox; future proves past.

(notable, past bread)

bda9cc No.1377022


CBTS made up Q ? Seems CBTS is upset ?


https ://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H44PD7iIg_E

9a98a7 No.1377023

File: 4d92bf5cb449c11⋯.png (39.99 KB, 194x261, 194:261, Screen Shot 2018-05-11 at ….png)


54519b No.1377024

File: 197c9bf441c43b9⋯.jpg (275.87 KB, 750x968, 375:484, IMG_9433.jpg)


forgot pic,

d3ce1d No.1377025


Except every time I come across your post history you sound like the same broken record.

Maybe it's not the content that's being banned?

Maybe it's not the content that's being banned.

ee49f0 No.1377026



>Did you catch what ==Roger Stone== is implying? This is the first info-war technique I want to show you. Stone is an old fox, he knows all the subtle communication techniques used in information warfare to swing people’s opinion and spread confusion. He knows how the subconscious mind works and how it makes an association between a skillfully asked question and its implied response. For clarity, here is Roger Stone’s question: Img1


Somebody gets it.

50d2fa No.1377027

File: ee59dc1a822ceda⋯.png (324.11 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, Screenshot (51).png)

and this is how we can get the info out to more people.

192a05 No.1377028

Imagine being such a pussy BV that you ban people because they hurt your feelings. /notourbv/

0de020 No.1377029


I think you may be the only mac person here. Time to up your game a bit.

89eb51 No.1377030


Bingo. They all seem to have a common theme. Very easy to see and for the most part just ignore. Wonder if these guys work for Farrakhan kek

94c1b2 No.1377031

File: 9d3de76124a64e0⋯.png (4.13 MB, 1605x904, 1605:904, 0909098975763546781236333.png)

a06300 No.1377032



537ca0 No.1377033


i would hate to be the insurance company for a planeload of billions of dollars

4b362d No.1377034


Reversed psychology attempt

1ca0ed No.1377035

does anybody know the time between the pen pics and when the EO's were signed? 24 hours? 48 hours?

cd8838 No.1377036

File: f9076c8c760e037⋯.png (797.68 KB, 886x953, 886:953, PepeInvestigator.png)


Wow. Look where his wife Melissa works:


"Special Assistant United States Attorney Melissa Pientka"

192a05 No.1377037


lol look at that butthurt

Someone's very upset about the free flow of information

9a98a7 No.1377038


real time what do i say

ae99ec No.1377039


I have been banned a few times for posts I never made, which I attributed to being swept up in someone's vpn usage. You obviously have an agenda here, and it's not about being a Patriot. Get the message? Keep talking.

423d9f No.1377040


Special Agent Joseph M. Pientka

Follow the wives? OK…

Married to Melissa Anne Pientka

United States Navy, Surface Warfare Officer

Lawyer at Gibson Dunn & Crutcher Llp

She currently practices in the firm’s Litigation Department.

The firm is representing Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, in a $17 billion contract dispute with purported seed money financier Paul Ceglia.

Notable prior attorneys include Preet Bharara

54519b No.1377041

File: 2f7274dd1288887⋯.jpg (81.28 KB, 640x360, 16:9, IMG_9330.jpg)


I would assume transporting that amount of cash would be a military operation, perhaps utilizing a C-130…

b61ed3 No.1377042

File: b476d0ad79b9b79⋯.jpg (79.31 KB, 670x756, 335:378, dod return to combat 5 11 ….JPG)

File: bf5c505be394379⋯.jpg (72.01 KB, 672x721, 96:103, army limited notice 5 11 1….JPG)


627ae5 No.1377043

Just watched a bit of Corsi’s response video to Q’s posts.

Just like all idiots who get caught, he only focuses on certain points that he can make sound strong and completely avoids the tough realities.

No mention of the Reddit article, or any attempt to pick it apart or defend against it, which is of course a detailed, well thought out piece that deals in facts we can all see and hear.

Instead its all about how Q doesn’t want him to write a book. And that in writing a book he is seen by Q as profiteering.

That’s not what Q is saying at all.

You’re a shill, who moled his way into the movement so that you could help sustain the vadt profits of your greedy overseer, Alex Jones.

And he is just constantly blabbering about how unintelligent 5he anons are acting now. How petty we are being and we’re all just cult members.

I saw interviews with Corsi early on where he praised to high heaven how resourceful and intelligent the anons were.

Well here is one of many snakes anons.

Defending the warchest of Alex Jones.

Follow the money indeed.

4a43aa No.1377044

File: 0283eb92d8fbdff⋯.jpeg (300.41 KB, 750x523, 750:523, 34F0AD5D-8FDB-4E8D-A404-C….jpeg)

File: bc2cd7f393b0cfb⋯.png (52.59 KB, 496x360, 62:45, deletedQs-05.11.18.png)

didn't make notables, but so it goes…

>>1366666 #1714 Castle Lock (repost)

< ^^^^^^^ 13 + Quint6's


The Charmed Life of a Traitor

>https:// www.thedailybeast.com/the-charmed-life-of-a-traitor

ca6fed No.1377045

BAKER notable

>>1376979 The importance of EMPATHY when in a Red-Pilling relationship…

79bc74 No.1377046

>>1377023 They need to try harder.

a06300 No.1377047


He said a lot of nice things about Trump. It felt good to hear those things. But he's a snake in the grass, unfortunately. More dangerous than CNN/NYT/ETC because he pretends to be one of us. He's a real Trojan horse.

51558c No.1377048

For the Q movement to maintain its "grass roots" status, it cant be associated with people who are using it to make money.

If people are making money, then theres always the opportunity for corruption.

Association with corrupt people will kill the movement.

192a05 No.1377049

bb2b15 No.1377050


agreed censorship………is the worst thing in media……very unpatriotic……very natzi like…it always precedes fascism ..and will bring this board down to youtube status…….free speech needs to be respected and protected….no matter how unpopular……let individuals choose and filter as they see fit

310c7c No.1377051

79bc74 No.1377052


Ask him what he's doing to MAGA.

fb7060 No.1377053


Tautology of modus

50d2fa No.1377054


Times are changing. The Post Office needs to get in step with what is happening now and future instead of whining.

b52d82 No.1377055

A significant manufacturing error on the U.S. Navy’s newest multi-billion dollar nuclear-powered aircraft carrier abruptly ended the vessel’s shakedown cruise at the beginning of this year, Bloomberg reports.

In January, the $12.9 billion USS Gerald R. Ford (CVN-78) aircraft carrier experienced a propulsion system failure, during a period of intense performance tests. The shakedown cruise simulates working conditions for the vessel, which is typical for new ships. According to an internal Navy memo obtained by Bloomberg, the ship’s crew noticed a temperature increase of “92 degrees Fahrenheit above the trust bearing temperature setpoint.”


627ae5 No.1377056


Saw this too anon.

Made me think of those pallets right away also.

854533 No.1377057


Previous baker ebaked, and said the breaks were incorrect. Probably the gym is a good idea for you right now. Don't sprain anything, work off the pissyshitty.

You yell like Alex Jones, dude. Not a good look on a baker.

1bc169 No.1377058

What if….

What if the Corsi/aj goal was to distract anons….who have now spent 3/4 time on them?

Would it be reasonable to suggest that their plan was working?

537ca0 No.1377059


You'd still have to insure the cash. It would probably be cheaper to put it on 24 different planes with no insurance then send billions at once with insurance.

1f9812 No.1377060

File: a7c9c07c82f8456⋯.jpg (36.82 KB, 587x182, 587:182, don.jpg)

Pic related

014c58 No.1377061



00b5f4 No.1377062


All over last nights bread and notable. Go to /patriots fight or top of bread and launch from there

79bc74 No.1377063


>For the Q movement to maintain its "grass roots" status, it cant be associated with people who are using it to make money.

>If people are making money, then theres always the opportunity for corruption.

>Association with corrupt people will kill the movement.


a736f6 No.1377064


"The only people that complain when someone is sharing the truth are the ones with something to hide. "

1a2164 No.1377065


And How know that?

this is psychological warfare.

6cc71a No.1377066

File: 145cf6cc7769930⋯.png (997.13 KB, 1440x987, 480:329, 145cf6cc7769930b1817bf04eb….png)

Good Evening Anons!!

Why are Patriots pissing their pants tonight? lol

4cc7ba No.1377067



>>1376717 >>1376750 >>1376752 >>1376765 >>1376768

You have this Varjorantas guy pulling out today and the guy Johnson in our States Office in charge of the Iran Nuclear Implementation also pulling out today.

Both inspectors who stayed until they realized they could not salvage the existing deal. The existing deal which had no real checks and balances on it that I can determine , other then Iran saying, no we are not building or pursuing a nuke weapon.

These guys are hiding something big. I think they think those bombings Isreal did in Syria blowing up just about any Iranian operation or secret program may be what is giving them the confidence to get while the getting is good since all evidence of their role actually making it possible for Iran to develop a nuke on these opt sites, may have been wiped out during the bombing.

021b94 No.1377068


I don't know..

anyone who puts "sigh"

in a post is suspect.

3b4a33 No.1377069


Mac user here. At least 25 of my memes appear here on a regular basis and are all over twatter.

Good to be both PC and Mac literate, IMHO.

51cf2f No.1377070


Sessions was a Senator from AL.

Don't rememner about RR. A quick DDG search will tell you.

90b600 No.1377071


Knowing the name won't help if you dont know it already as the learning curve will be too steep.

Search for "vector graphics program " and buy one within your price range, and learn it. Top of line is Illustrator but get something cheaper.

Also can be done with a paint/Photoshop program like Gimp but a lot harder than with a vector graphic program. Good luck.

6d9454 No.1377072


the act of banning

needs to be banned

537ca0 No.1377073


I think he's the one who is going to testify that someone else altered what he put on his 302. He is good I believe.

bb2b15 No.1377074


your clearly a pencil neck faggot!

3433aa No.1377075


He should be bombarded with the Reddit link

I think he will

Did you you see what happened to the tweet that Q linked that guy shat himself

ae99ec No.1377076


The posting structure is also familiar. Very jidf like. This is pretty obvious now. Q drops meant some of the more 'dormant' infiltrators are going live on this board. There have been many anons who posted about this.

Remember, we are up against state actors and their sponsored pawns.

3b4a33 No.1377077


SnagIt by TechSmith. Only about fifty bucks.

192a05 No.1377078

How can you not be divided when people in your country have more loyalty to their (((tribe))) and more loyalty to (((Israel))) than they do the US?

fb01ed No.1377079




fb7060 No.1377080

File: dbf969b05c498d7⋯.png (410.86 KB, 610x305, 2:1, IMG_2150.PNG)


854533 No.1377081


Maybe he's just too dumb to bake? I'm afraid to try it, myself, worry about doing something stupid. Still plan on learning if I can, soon. Mebbe.

ca6fed No.1377082


very sad

a736f6 No.1377083

BV acting like a gatekeeper.

031b8e No.1377084

File: 642d47941d92d5f⋯.jpeg (361.76 KB, 1430x1052, 715:526, 49183C46-9B55-4367-B637-5….jpeg)


The part about “we know it was Russians because they left Cyrillic characters in code” was about as smart as saying they found a note…

Pic related

609c89 No.1377085


Select news members / journalists are vital to delivering the message (as are YOU).

Imagine if these people were removed.

Total control re: MSM.

They represent a clear and present danger to the enemy.

Re-read past crumbs re: security.

Where is JS?

How do we truly protect those important to us?

[19] immediates [no longer with us].

Self-suicide if actioned.

Real life.


Can't be true…those people make money …mouth breathing Q cult

537ca0 No.1377087


I don't know if its notable. My immediate thought after reading his name in Grassley letter is that he is going to testify what he put on his 302, after they've seen his 302. Then he will say someone else altered it.

2acad2 No.1377088


unsubbed from his channel. Reading his comments on a corsi video titled "Counterfeit Qanon Attacks Infowars" from toda are mostly pro Q. People are not just woke to MSM but the fake patriots.


I have always considered myself to be eyes open, but I am certainly not opposed to opening them more

4f2bfb No.1377089


I know your around here too,

i wrote the communication guide!

-combined with empathy,communication master-class can be deadly.

for personal reasons i had to build my "operating system" on my own, and i never relied on books or "outside knowlegde".

Because of that i know that everyone has the power to do this.

Some are afraid, confused, occupied, and so on.

Really if you want to communicate, listen first.

Talk later. Lurk moar, also complies to real life.

You will start to learn more and more, what other ppl deem nessesary and important atm.

If you pick your engagedments carefully, you will be more effective, and ignore thoose not receptive.

Plant the seeds, show them examples they can´t ignore, guide them, take them by the hand, slap them in the face.

Use what resonates.

1a2164 No.1377090

a06300 No.1377091


You know, I have no problem with some schmuck making a few shekels on a personal Youtube channel. The problem is that people like Corsi are not just "schmucks" - they are IC assets and it's not just about money for them - it's about STOPPING THE Q TRAIN. I don't care about the money they make, per se, it's their more malicious intent that drives me to fight them for all I'm worth…

9a98a7 No.1377092

File: f9b46cbb3fc539b⋯.png (22.05 KB, 192x151, 192:151, Screen Shot 2018-05-11 at ….png)

File: f7b65e8353de19e⋯.png (19.76 KB, 204x132, 17:11, Screen Shot 2018-05-11 at ….png)

File: 9b627e4a1981a57⋯.png (20.45 KB, 202x137, 202:137, Screen Shot 2018-05-11 at ….png)

4b362d No.1377093


The money is just an indicator, there are proven clowns (like Potter) who don't ask for money

There are righteous youtube patriots, who supported twatstorms/memewars, who could use some more money

192a05 No.1377094


I saw it happen on /r/the_zionald when it was created. Started out completely red pilled, then slowly cucked to the Israel First shitshow it is now.

627ae5 No.1377095



Great work anon!

6d9454 No.1377096

True Patriots

know the importance of free speech

if the banning and calls for banning


True Patriots will leave this board or fight for it ?

bb2b15 No.1377097


WTF…..is your little symbol…….wtf is that, what happened to being anonymous you fame faggot……..your like the lady anon who always post this (-)(-) after each post……

ae99ec No.1377098


You see one (((shill))) tact, you can connect the dots. The actions of (((clowns))) on this board are a mirror image of it, and those of us who are fighting back need to know if hostile actors are trying to manipulate this board.

b52d82 No.1377099


We ALL hear you Mr. President

God Bless

782623 No.1377100

So far we have no story about POTUS declassifying DOJ documents for congress viewing.

4a43aa No.1377101

File: e5ca7509e3266ca⋯.jpg (20.31 KB, 220x330, 2:3, StepfordWifeRosemaryBaby.jpg)



Holy Stepford Wife, QEpepe

5e46bf No.1377102


Not at all. Real diggers rarely post here.

192a05 No.1377103


Not acting.

fb7060 No.1377104

File: 5cdb3d544bbc93d⋯.jpg (19.11 KB, 200x225, 8:9, IMG_1352.JPG)

Nintendo figured out Cthulhu to bring ramen to the people

61b32c No.1377105


Yeah strange that people are not bothered by the fact that there were 6 people in a plane designed for only four people.

bb2b15 No.1377106


agreed…..i was talking about that natzi reporter

cd8838 No.1377107

File: 167379897582902⋯.jpeg (75.64 KB, 612x440, 153:110, scrooge.jpeg)


Oh god. International bankingfag from way back in the dirty 80's.

Trump has been all about repatriating money to the US.

Repatriated money, reported according to the law, will be taxed all to smithereens the minute it hits a routing number based in the USA.

So– they can't just transfer it back via the usual channels.

Damn Obama and his stupid idea to ship pallets of cash around the world; now EVERYBODY wants to do it.

Ah geez, this just gives me a headache and I'm retiredfag now.

Then, once you get your pallets o'cash back on American soil, how do you launder it? The amounts involved would be enormous.

People are shitting bricks right now, guaranteed.

537ca0 No.1377108


So you are a newb acting like you know rules better than others? 2017 is nothing.

51558c No.1377109


"These people" are not pretending to be part of the Q phenomenon. They are journalists working to progress Trumps agenda. Apples and oranges…

031b8e No.1377110



Same fam?

I’ll have to check that out…

b4ec55 No.1377111

File: 9977fc39c03c504⋯.png (175.23 KB, 872x593, 872:593, ClipboardImage.png)

Parents arrested after 10-month-old was 'repeatedly abused,' had dozens of rib fractures, Griffith police say

Two Griffith parents were arrested after a 10-month-old boy was “repeatedly abused” and had nearly three dozen rib fractures and hemorrhaging, police said.

Rebekah Davis, 31, and Cashmere Mack Jones, 24, were each charged Friday in Lake Superior Court with neglect of a dependent resulting in serious bodily injury, court records show.

Griffith police and Indiana Department of Child Services were called Monday to Community Hospital in Munster after a baby was brought in with “multiple injuries in which child abuse was suspected,” a probable cause affidavit states.

Due to the extent of the juries, the baby was taken to the trauma unit at Comer Children’s Hospital in Chicago, court records state.

The boy had 35 rib fractures “of varying ages,” significant brain injuries, upper leg fractures, extensive bruising, blunt abdominal trauma and extensive retinal hemorrhages, the affidavit states.

The injuries were indicative of Shaken Baby Syndrome and with being grabbed, Commander Keith Martin, Griffith police spokesman, said. The fractured ribs “are healing and could be weeks old,” according to the affidavit.

“There is no question of his diagnosis, he is a victim of repetitive abuse involving numerous mechanisms,” the affidavit states, and “this poor child was horrifically abused over a period of time.”

“Sadly, his prognosis is very grim,” the affidavit states.

The child remains in the hospital in “critical condition with serious internal and external injuries,” Martin said.

Jones and Davis were arrested Thursday at their Griffith home, Martin said.

“Neither parent admitted to any abuse of the child or to noticing any significant bruising or marking of the child,” Martin said.

The parents claimed “an obvious bruise on the child’s jaw was due to striking himself with a rattle,” police said. They also said “the child may have suffered an injury months ago when falling off of a bed, or by sleeping on his bottle,” according to Martin.

“When speaking of the episode which cause them to bring the baby to the hospital, Jones never attempted to call 911 but was administering CPR for appriximately 45 minutes,” Martin said.

Jones called Davis “who told him to take the baby to the baby’s grandfather who was present in the home and the decision was ultimately made to take the baby to the hospital,” police said.

“Doctors specializing in child abuse indicated that the statements made by the parents are inconsistent with the injuries of which they have observed on the child,” Martin said.

There was “no known medical care sought to treat the injuries which could have been life threatening,” he said.

Jones would take care of the child while Davis worked, court records state. Family members said Jones would tell the child to “shut the (expletive) up” and “would get angry when the child would wake him,” the affidavit states.

Four other children who have a different father were living at the home at the time and have since been removed by Child Protective Services, Martin said.

“There is no indication of abuse or neglect in the other children,” he said.


9a98a7 No.1377112

File: d769850a19560e0⋯.png (27.85 KB, 197x217, 197:217, Screen Shot 2018-05-11 at ….png)

File: b8569d3be295578⋯.png (22.31 KB, 195x157, 195:157, Screen Shot 2018-05-11 at ….png)

File: 6a416f25d057bfc⋯.png (18.23 KB, 199x117, 199:117, Screen Shot 2018-05-11 at ….png)

1f1882 No.1377113

File: 01384bdd6f0e271⋯.jpeg (438.84 KB, 750x1007, 750:1007, 080B080B-EE96-4366-9CE7-A….jpeg)

File: 48b4338659e7db3⋯.jpeg (155.26 KB, 750x646, 375:323, 3AC42367-3EC5-4059-9413-9….jpeg)

Interesting timing of these two…

80ae12 No.1377114

File: e4eaa7720c52012⋯.png (428.17 KB, 1515x879, 505:293, nxivm_luciferian_screening.png)

It appears that NXIVM is screening for Luciferians according to the founder's patent filing and the corresponding behavior of their medical staff. Luciferian's make up the deep state. Is NXIVM the recruiting center to find suitable Luciferian hostesses for the NWO sex trafficking operations?

This looks like some sick stuff.

Pic related, I put pasted snip-its from the patent filing against the news articles.



fb7060 No.1377115

File: 7f879c87c293e8b⋯.jpg (46.06 KB, 500x529, 500:529, IMG_2055.JPG)


89eb51 No.1377116

File: 4eda51cd16cfc91⋯.jpg (592.57 KB, 1065x1746, 355:582, Screenshot_20180511-181236.jpg)

File: 7c482c7fdc79653⋯.jpg (477.2 KB, 1049x1484, 1049:1484, Screenshot_20180511-181220.jpg)

File: fea25d08b54eea7⋯.jpg (459.47 KB, 1058x1503, 1058:1503, Screenshot_20180511-181311.jpg)

File: b85201f60a045b3⋯.jpg (515.17 KB, 1067x1705, 97:155, Screenshot_20180511-181323.jpg)



>Since 2009, the Gates Foundation’s primary U.S. activity has focused on establishing and implementing Common Core, a set of centrally mandated curriculum rules and tests for what children are to learn in each K-12 grade, with the results linked to school and teacher ratings and punitive measures for low performers. The Gates Foundation has spent more than $400 million itself and influenced $4 trillion in U.S. taxpayer funds towards this goal.

Think of why they attack Betsy Desvos so much. This is what she's battling. Along with the Teachers Unions And NEA. Think how fast education at all levels has gotten completely fucked up over recent years. Bill Gates is a full on Socialist. Warping the minds of the young. All that gender shit is like eugenics without pulling the trigger themselves.

537ca0 No.1377117


Not strange to expect stupid people with money to do stupid things….. Why so many Ferrari crashes?

1a2164 No.1377118


that seems a fangirls of Jones.

What is Broski?

0f837c No.1377119

File: 4af038db934e973⋯.jpg (373.77 KB, 753x861, 251:287, Chan Archive Service.jpg)

Spreadsheet is updated

Archives (supplemental to MA) are updated

Screenshots in offsite gallery updated

getting hot in here, lads wew

b2726f No.1377120


You can put six people in it in the right model. You won't carry much luggage or gas, but yes 6.

7fd4d9 No.1377121



>WTF…..is your little symbol

rofl you should ask BO because he just used it too, you fucking asshat!

d2f685 No.1377122

not interested in your fashion advice (((faggot)))

and i dont always catch every post in every bread.


9a98a7 No.1377123


2 Degrees from Edgar

His Lawyer is a Bronfman

AJ might as well be a BRONFMAN

18c8b0 No.1377124

File: ce1a3cc5b04ad06⋯.jpg (124.17 KB, 960x720, 4:3, savages_at_the_capitol.jpg)


Q has got to be Melania

ca6fed No.1377125


"Trump said the USPS was losing “billions of dollars” because of a “Delivery Boy” deal with Amazon AMZN, +0.01% , under which, he said, the post office lost an average of $1.50 on each package delivered for the e-commerce giant.

At that time, the post office told MarketWatch it had no comment on the matter.

After many contradicted the president’s claims, including former Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe, Trump issued an executive order on April 12 calling for an evaluation of the post office’s finances."



E.O. to audit the Post Office's finances.

Take that bitches!!

ae99ec No.1377126


Connect the dots to how this board has slowly but surely being subverted since mid dec or so.

There are many of us still here, including BO - but I believe anyone can see the degree of subversion.

This has much to do with simply neutering and taking away power from actual people, distorting their thought patterns and mentality until it aligns with (((their))) agenda.

031b8e No.1377127


Halfchan’s creepier brother.

94c1b2 No.1377128

File: 874249c339c68b1⋯.png (4.13 MB, 1605x904, 1605:904, 55787871221389984090575600….png)

155c87 No.1377129


AJ must be in full on panic mode right now. Watch for a full Infowars special broadcast this weekend, in which he sucks Q's nuts dry for damage control.

a04743 No.1377130



I actually like it.


82d2fd No.1377131


Constitution fuckery of some sort. We gotta keep an eye on this.

782623 No.1377132


Melania is smarter than Q

00b5f4 No.1377133


Much love and many props, anon!

5e46bf No.1377134


Oh my Lord!

I would happily grab a rusty handsaw and saw their heads off slowly. I offer my time.

9a98a7 No.1377135


yeah its like a boomer fag when he is trying to get on the same level as a millenialfag

Me: "here, have some more rope"

79bc74 No.1377136


False equivalence

ae99ec No.1377137


I am surprised by how anons actually seem to care about these 'individuals'. No one really gives a shit tbh.

ffc107 No.1377138

File: c924c304edd081d⋯.png (204.23 KB, 630x334, 315:167, ClipboardImage.png)


You'd PAY to know what you REALLY think.


61b32c No.1377139


Odd how spoopy coincidences occur. Anon asks about a flight I check & one of the first things that pops up is a possibly suspicious crash near the location of the flight I was checking.

ca6fed No.1377140


Practicing our EMPATHY when dealing with cognitive dissonance.


18c8b0 No.1377142


our first lady is looking like a snacc, daily

155c87 No.1377143


She's got that Eastern European female guerrilla fighter look there.

b52d82 No.1377144


kek kek

4a43aa No.1377145


Sauce trumps speculation every time.


>>1377040 + >>1377036 Grassley letter FBI Agent's Wife working for Facebook's litigation firm + more.

a04743 No.1377146



273ba1 No.1377147

I can't understand why anyone would watch Alex Jobes or Corsi, they immediately repelled me the first time I experienced them. Hokey and phoney.

9a98a7 No.1377148


whaddup M

cd8838 No.1377149

File: a71c5084fc08e25⋯.jpg (52.48 KB, 780x688, 195:172, PepeBurnout.jpg)


Letting this sink in.

Some girl named Melissa Anne first became a Naval Surface Warfare officer, then went to Georgetown Law. And married a fed whose career led him to be in the room during a world-history-changing interview with the National Security Adviser to the President of the United States of America.

Am pondering how the cowboy of fate that rounded up all that factual cattle.

031b8e No.1377150


The ladyanon is granny rose.


7fd4d9 No.1377151


me too!!! :)

bb2b15 No.1377152


"used to" big difference

3b4a33 No.1377153


I know I'm stoned, but this is funny as fuck!

537ca0 No.1377154


Well we will find out whether my post about him was more relevant than his wife being an attorney.

d7b74e No.1377155

File: 38e2652a96a2fca⋯.png (230.18 KB, 557x688, 557:688, Screen Shot 2018-05-11 at ….png)


0468ca No.1377156



5e46bf No.1377157

File: e9e9845c062aa44⋯.jpg (118.49 KB, 860x280, 43:14, SkyEventsQ.jpg)

91bdda No.1377158


Stormy Ebola Daniels will make for great memes

What kind of porn star wants her moneymaker to be associated with Ebola?

85264b No.1377159

File: f7719069e3a93fa⋯.png (164.17 KB, 1570x920, 157:92, ClipboardImage.png)

This has probably been posted a few breads back but incase not, Keith Raniere's patents …


350514 No.1377160


Here, we are Anonymous.

ede918 No.1377161


>Too much info.

What the fuck.

7fd4d9 No.1377162


you're an idiot

bb2b15 No.1377163


geez howabout posting puppies, kittens smiley faces and unicorns…..obviously females abounding today

b2f19c No.1377164


Transfer pricing. KPMG? Virgin Islands Companies. BOOM.

39813a No.1377165

File: 9f6a42ed3bfd1d2⋯.jpg (283.62 KB, 1358x863, 1358:863, SnowdenWikiLeaksIdeas.jpg)

Here are some ideas on the older Snowden drops that got missed in the earlier bread. Anyone heard of L-6group.com (as in "JA - have you learned and eliminated L-6?").

3f09a3 No.1377166

File: 27554b0dee9f652⋯.png (1.25 MB, 945x531, 105:59, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1758dd62ae76ca6⋯.png (709.25 KB, 660x385, 12:7, ClipboardImage.png)

Chinese investors and the annual pilgrimage to see Warren Buffett in Omaha, Nebraska

Thousands of Chinese journey to the Berkshire Hathaway annual meeting; many of them are not shareholders.

On his first pilgrimage to the annual meeting of Berkshire Hathaway shareholders along with 42,000 others, entrepreneur John Li wanted to sample all things Warren Buffett.

At the Omaha, Nebraska exhibit hall, he took selfies with cardboard cut-outs of Buffett, bought some See’s Candies (a Berkshire company) and ran in the 5k race sponsored by Brooks (also a Berkshire company), choosing number 1999 “because 9 means ‘long life’ in Chinese”.

He visited Buffett’s favourite steakhouse, Gorat’s, trying a T-bone and sipping a root beer float. A pained expression revealed his feelings about the sugary drink. But it did not spoil his appetite for Omaha – or his enthusiasm for Buffett.

“People want to see Warren Buffett. He is a genius of the investment world,” said Li, a compact, energetic 48-year-old who drove a minivan from Naperville, Illinois, bringing an employee from his marketing firm that helps wealthy Chinese make investments and immigrate to the United States.

Many Chinese visitors to the shareholders meeting suggest that Buffett, Omaha and Berkshire are symbols of friendly, longer-term, Sino-American economic and political relations.

The current relationship between the United States and China is not idyllic: pending trade policies may limit Chinese imports, government interventions could stop acquisition deals, a State Department employee was arrested last year for aiding Chinese spies, and some Americans are not welcoming of immigrants.

Despite these and other tensions, thousands of Chinese visitors still journeyed to the Coachella of capitalism, a corporate powwow unlike any other on Earth.

They came to network with other investors at breakfasts, lunches, dinners, receptions and mini-investing conferences.

They came to listen to six hours of entertaining, folksy banter and financial insight from the resident wizards of Berkshire Hathaway: chairman and chief executive Buffett and vice-chairman Charlie Munger.

News reports indicate that the Chinese contingent at the Berkshire Hathaway meeting has grown toward 5,000 this year, up from roughly 1,000 in 2014.

Many are not Berkshire shareholders. They come for the spectacle, the networking and the learning.

Yahoo Finance live-streamed the annual meeting to 3 million people worldwide on Saturday in two languages: English and Mandarin.

In China, Buffett’s visage has adorned Cherry Coke bottles, mouse pads and phone cases. Two separate Chinese executives gave more than US$2 million to a charity to have lunch with Buffett in 2008 and 2015.

Buffett’s long-term view, his humility to admit mistakes and his traditional demeanour aligns with Chinese values. His story of growing wealthy through intelligence rather than inheritance inspires many Chinese.

Half the presentations are in English and half are in Chinese.

Started by New York-based investment manager Ming Zhong and now managed by a Chinese event planner in Chicago, the summit has featured Nobel Prize winning economist Robert Shiller, Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts and Wall Street veteran Harry Edelson alongside Chinese tycoons.


“The United States and China are going to be the two superpowers of the world economically and in other ways over time,” Buffett said.

“We have a lot of common interests and, like two big economic entities, there are times there will be tensions. It is a win-win situation when the world trades basically. And China and the US are the two big factors in that.”

Walking through downtown Omaha, Li said he plans to re-listen to the five hours of investor questions and answers when he gets home.

He is a sales representative for Tencent’s new payment platform and is thinking of focusing on that more than his immigration and investment business, which faces some political risk.

If Li ends up with spare cash, he would like to invest in Berkshire shares. Meanwhile, as a US citizen of two decades, he says he is not worried about the future.

“I still feel comfortable with the two countries,” Li said. “They rely on each other. If they fight, there is no benefit for each other. Eventually, they have to sit down and resolve it. I feel Chinese people always have a method and willingness to solve the problem. We are very flexible. ”

http:// www.scmp.com/news/world/united-states-canada/article/2145822/chinese-investors-and-annual-pilgrimage-see-warren

55e8b3 No.1377167

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Omg teh mk'd bomb videos gonna starts memefagging all over teh worldz

Send kittehs

9a98a7 No.1377168


i know right ? MASSIVE KEK!

bb2b15 No.1377169


f……. i knew it was you

b61ed3 No.1377170


I think it is Bro (long o sound) - skee

Brothers…kinda lame

6be082 No.1377171

File: 0c467bcc6a8edbe⋯.jpg (90.2 KB, 1024x640, 8:5, 0c4.jpg)

a04743 No.1377172

File: 3c9594127e2de69⋯.jpg (34.97 KB, 600x338, 300:169, titsorgtfo.jpg)

bb2b15 No.1377173


your fag or a female…is nothing sacred f………..geez

79bc74 No.1377174


Sounds like there's nothing else to say to this one.


5a8517 No.1377175

Can an anon post Antartica infographics please

3da3da No.1377176



ece5ad No.1377177

File: e37681896dfb1ac⋯.jpg (26.84 KB, 480x270, 16:9, giphy-facebook_s.jpg)

Is Q saying Corsi and AJ are dirty or just greedy but still white hats.

Im so damn confused Im about to go live in a cave until all this blows over or UP !!!

bb2b15 No.1377178


very nice thank you!

de50d9 No.1377179


>https:// www.ic3.gov/default.aspx

Researched this way back when. All I could find was reference to Dark Web. Govt (I think) operates the L-5, he was being warned about L6

ee49f0 No.1377180


In light of Stormy's cult tattoo, where does she fit in?

RIchard Branson is A list and was a "client" of the cult. Bill and or Hillary (given their proclivities) could also be the A listers that everyone knows.

Was Stormy ordered to compromise Trump? She joined A cult in 2010 as per her twatter…the brand she's tried to cover up with a tattoo…

273ba1 No.1377181

File: 8bcc33adf2a7ef3⋯.jpg (85.01 KB, 797x1200, 797:1200, IMG_1143.JPG)

Camel toe break

854533 No.1377182


>>1376785 Leaks of Planned Regime Change by US in Iran

>>1376779 Another Former CIA Contractor Caught with Classified Materials

>>1376775 Former Obama Officials say EU Should Sanction US over Iran Deal

>>1376758 SpaceX Launch Today

>>1376754 WWII Bombs Discovered WW This Year

>>1376733 Ebola Vaccine to Congo Outbreak

>>1376704 Top State Department Nuclear Expert Resigns After Iran Deal Exit

From first part of bread.

ffc107 No.1377183


Speaking of profiteers…

4a43aa No.1377184


true, "future proves past" always, but wife's not just "an attorney".

her job history is relevant on many levels.

9231fd No.1377185

File: ad0b2e9591d5020⋯.png (13.38 KB, 805x146, 805:146, Trump Deals Painful Blow t….png)


155c87 No.1377186


I totally fapped to this as a kid… Probably still would…

ae99ec No.1377187


Useful idiots in the end.

6d9454 No.1377188


Q is saying neither

just telling us to be careful

80ae12 No.1377189


Check out >>1377114

But no one found my infographic as notable. :(

Maybe the connection was made earlier.

50d2fa No.1377190


I would say the USPS is only 1 of many that should be audited. What kills me is these people don't understand it's the taxpayer who foots the bill. The government only hands out the cheque.

9a98a7 No.1377191

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



72436e No.1377192


"God with us"

Amen, RussAnon.

15af38 No.1377193


Go Don.

09d9a5 No.1377194

Check this out…



7a5911 No.1377195


kek, you rock, i agree

7fd4d9 No.1377196


>is nothing sacred f………..geez

do you know where the fuck you are, idiotfag? this ain't fuckbook or twatter! gtfoh

782623 No.1377197

Sky Event

It would take 135 days or so for an asteroid from asteroid belt to reach earth.

The first spacecraft to make a journey through the asteroid belt was the Pioneer 10 spacecraft, which entered the region on July 16th, 1972 (a journey of 135 days). As part of its mission to Jupiter, the craft successfully navigated through the Belt and conducted a flyby of Jupiter (in December of 1973) before becoming the first spacecraft to achieve escape velocity from the Solar System.

59aedb No.1377198


I wouldn't touch either with a 10 foot pole.

8b29d9 No.1377199

File: 563a2844ee592c7⋯.jpg (189.88 KB, 516x516, 1:1, 20180511_162448.jpg)

a04743 No.1377200

File: 4217a17d690b049⋯.png (153.44 KB, 900x1080, 5:6, peppee.png)


Just trolling your mind.

85264b No.1377201

File: 10d3dcae7c93370⋯.jpg (130.62 KB, 895x664, 895:664, 80 tabs-post.JPG)


Burnt myslef out on reaserch, been there, stay the course anon, WWG1WGA

b52d82 No.1377202


>There are many of (((us))) still here, including BO

BO? is that so?

prove it

6ac2bc No.1377203


You know what? That is a brilliant deduction & it make so much sense. Sounds like exactly what is fixing to happen. Like once the dominos start falling, just stand back & enjoy the show.

ca6fed No.1377204


Perhaps the plane went down because someone wanted it to go down. 7/10

157d50 No.1377205




It's a 'shrugging' emoticon, not a symbol.


I've never used it before.


I've just talked to the BV and got him up to speed on things. There's nothing wrong with questioning how we do things here.

BV doesn't take any stance on the 'Muh joos' stuff. His only aim is to keep the board comfy by trying to keep the threads chill by getting rid of the crazy spammers who do nothing but start dumpster fires in every thread. BV always checks post histories and looks for broken records to determine who is spamming.

BV will go easier on the bans.

456a0d No.1377206

guys..mccallum just talked to a guy about POTUS could order to RELEASE..we'll have a new side by side..which we knew already..BUT they also talked about the FBI mole in the campaign and i thought to myself..wasn't Carter Page a fuckin mole for them since at least 2013 anyway??



HE WAS ON EVERY NETWORK AND HE WAS SAYING BASICALLY NOTHING BUT: Isn't it ridicouless for them to spy ON MEEE? I'm just a dumb guy with a hat..nothing to see here anyway..

IF IT'S CARTER PAFE YOU ALL OWE ME A BEER..(i don't drink, so don't send..)


sry for all the CAPS..


90b600 No.1377207

Multiple stoner shills in the House.

<Subgenius - dickheads who put Q codes in name field of their MK Ultra videos on YT a couple months ago

<Multiple asterisk name * guy. Nuff said.

<Anyone who converses with the 2 above

bb2b15 No.1377208



e245ee No.1377209


"23 years of jones risking his life"

Preposterous. He has never been in danger. Not a single moment.

Explain how he could do this for 23 years if he was the real deal. Because he's so smart? Laughable.

His job is to divert and distract truthseekers from the real perpetraitors.

He is a another well paid agent. We all know paid by who.

192a05 No.1377210

jewish media is turning on mueller slowly atm because they know whats in that report and it's going to destroy them.

the jewish judges are going to impede him because they know what comes next.

3f9202 No.1377211


USPS is in trouble because Congress threw them under the bus with crazy pension requirements to prop up Wall Street.

EO to audit their finances is the first step to fixing the corruption.

82d2fd No.1377212

File: 0f9582cfc64a277⋯.png (2.06 MB, 2062x1114, 1031:557, ClipboardImage.png)

VOODOO1 on the prowl near White Sands, NM

ca6fed No.1377213


Perhaps someone wanted the Ferrari to crash.

c5201a No.1377214

f7c74e No.1377215

File: d037e6c1bf72e4b⋯.jpg (2.23 MB, 3000x2860, 150:143, c5eb1c56df8e8eb71f4c043490….jpg)


If that's what it takes to get this bread back on track.

91bdda No.1377216


Fake and turning frogs gay

5a3ffa No.1377217

To those who think Q is promoting Maxism for media lack understanding in what has been posted.

The reddit article points out that there are those we trusted who want to control the flow of information for their own profit.

Nothing wrong with being paid for your efforts, but to withold to satisfy the sponsors is why we're here.

Yes look at Fox someone said, Fox withheld valuable info that was proTrump

Pray. Bend your knees anons

God Bless America.

1de228 No.1377218


Why the fuck would Roseanne post in here with all the Jew bashing that goes on?

I suspects she lurks, but she would be a masochist to engage witb some of you assholes.

bb2b15 No.1377219


i agree………..neutered is a great euphemism

c40821 No.1377220


DyslexiaFag is that you?

59aedb No.1377221


Or back in the groove.

7fd4d9 No.1377222




61b32c No.1377223


Is that Eccentrica Gallumbits the triple breasted whore from HHGTTG?

6d9454 No.1377224


we all have the individual ability to filter

no need for bv

just adds to the discourse




260988 No.1377225


thank you anon, i just spit my diet coke everywhere. The Q as Jesus and Corsi as pharisees memes are FUCKING BASED

975667 No.1377226


No white hat is greedy.

No white hat attacks POTUS.

No white hat attacks free information that helps wake the masses.

No white hat forgets that FREEDOM is our PRIZE.

What we have here is AJ and Corsi hoping the world doesn't actually wake up, because if so they are no longer needed. Because their "inside knowledge" "inside sources" are no longer relevant because we are already in the "know"

I'm sure about one thing


0f837c No.1377227


This is from FB? Who posted it and why is it relevant (is that person important? someone in gov't?) What is the context? Did I miss something today that this is connected to?

Ahm lost here…

192a05 No.1377228


Gotta call BS - BV really only bans "muh joos" shit, and why would you even repeat the obvious jidf muh joos line anyway? Why not unban the people dropping red pills and fix this mess?

4bf40a No.1377229


lurk more, read the info at the reddit link Q posted last.

makes it pertty clear corsi and alex are dirty blackhats.>>1377177

55e8b3 No.1377230

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Middle children of history in scorched earth paradigm

Watching sacks of shit fight for themselves whilst being flushed by a system of tubes


031b8e No.1377231


>US education has made little improvement since Common Core…

Improvement HELL. It’s gotten much much worse.

I had to write a note to my kids 3rd grade teacher because I couldn’t help him with his math homework. Fucking college calculus, p chem, diff eq, statistics I took got me nowhere towards figuring out what the questions meant.

Now they are in HS..,finished with their standard test for year…and doing nothing in class. Nothing…but they are still required to be there.

bb2b15 No.1377232


thx i needed a good laugh….seriously thx

456a0d No.1377233

79bc74 No.1377234

>>1377207 Great observation

b7f377 No.1377235

File: 51de3f172c6d71f⋯.jpg (84.33 KB, 780x765, 52:51, 1501778559982.jpg)


/ptg/, r/greatawakening, /qresearch

best allies

782623 No.1377236

Sky event

If an object came from outside the solar system it would take years to reach earth.

Voyager took:

Launched in 1977, it was confirmed to have left the heliosphere by the decreased rate of charged particle detection in about 2012–2013. That’s approx 36 years after its launch

3433aa No.1377237

File: effbd3d43f2c77b⋯.jpg (29.7 KB, 360x504, 5:7, cameltoe.jpg)


I'm in

ffc107 No.1377238




17 Fun Text Emoticons So You Can Stop Shrugging All the Time



5b9952 No.1377239

f7c74e No.1377240

File: 94f18ec74d1aada⋯.jpg (1.08 MB, 4248x2832, 3:2, F-35_Kekistan1.jpg)



You've earned this, Anon.

6ac2bc No.1377241


Beautifully said, anon.

4b362d No.1377242


It seems that the mystery of the "Camel Toe" is solved.

609c89 No.1377243

No its not you Insolent….re read Q's post .Info should flow freely, through those outlets it does not, therefore not false equivalency see I am equating Q's new post to an old post = there and then I am comparing sean hannity as an example of one who was said to be important for the info they will put out and he profits from that so no false equivalency there either ( although I know you just learned the logistics of arguments and are dying to use it) ..Q's message is more and more ridiculous and schizo cult like…Whats better than people exposing the NXIM cult? those exposing it being in one too

85264b No.1377244

273ba1 No.1377245


We interrupt this program for an important message about 🐫 toe

b2f19c No.1377246


Down and to the left.

39f410 No.1377247



312b68 No.1377248


Correct me if I'm wrong anon, but doesn't mail and the French Revolution war had something in common? Was it then Rothschilds manipulated the info to cause people to sell their bonds cheap and he snapped them up? Should we go back to that system when the mailbag had the info you need to fix the market? Why merge PO with Banks and not, say, insurance cos or car rental or something?

3da3da No.1377249



>>1376674 ; >>1376809 Special Agent Joseph M. Pientka, III, welcome to the show.

>>1376815 AJ is a Deep State Shill

>>1376779 Former CIA Contractor Pleads Guilty to Illegally Retaining Classified Materials

>>1376921 Trump’s First Major Bipartisan Deal in Congress: $50 million Prison Reform Clears First Vote

>>1376883 Slush Funds Dig (more digging requested)

>>1377040 ; >>1377036 Grassley letter FBI Agent's Wife working for Facebook's litigation firm + more.


ae99ec No.1377250


The picture is getting clearer - but appreciate the input BO. This is an operational theater at this point in time (for the last 7 months really).


Enough out of you, JIDF pawn. If you got a (((shill))) anywhere we see em. Your tactics are weak.

1a2164 No.1377251








And Pro Cabal


61b32c No.1377252


Quite possibly. The names mean nothing to me though seeing as I come from across the pond.

ece5ad No.1377253

File: bcfcf4bd8bb3dee⋯.jpg (10.54 KB, 202x249, 202:249, jduskdjfsahdgsds.jpg)


I understand.. But the cave option is sounding better by the hour. I just spent an hour on the phone with tech support only to find out they were scammers too. Tried to charge me $400.00 to remotely repair my PC issue…They thought they were dealing with a NOB… Incorrect…. Don't know who to trust.

39f410 No.1377254


KEK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ANON !!!!!!!!!!!

5b9952 No.1377255



lysdexia is nothing lo laugh ta!

133276 No.1377256

File: 42ee5105b53087a⋯.jpeg (6.76 KB, 255x145, 51:29, eb0ce13639616316b99e29134….jpeg)

be5181 No.1377257


Sorry if not the best. Had to move quick cause I gotta run!

>>1375905 OIG report next week all but confirmed?

>>1375946 Missed notable from last bread (1724) - Q posts referencing chess game & explanation

>>1375949 >>1376048 >>1376305 >>1376381 Planefag notables

>>1376495 Halper hired by Obama, Clapper, Brennan

>>1376630 UN nuclear watchdog's chief inspector resigned.

031b8e No.1377258


Don’t stem talk me in red.

Giving whineranon a headsup.

It’s no fucking secret asswipe.

b60a09 No.1377259



Wonder if it's a potential "cover" for HUSSEIN'S PICKS to "decide" to retire….instead of being BOOTED OUT because they were "appointed" by someone who was not a LEGIT PRESIDENT????

8ecf02 No.1377260


4619b4 No.1377261

File: 9e7d9b9ed5b195b⋯.png (689 KB, 667x500, 667:500, ClipboardImage.png)

bb2b15 No.1377262


yes what a breather……thx

c22463 No.1377263

>>1376928 RR was already there, but because the Kenyan never should have been able to appoint him, DJT had to appoint him to make RR legal.

8ecf02 No.1377264


Thank you BO

55e8b3 No.1377266

File: 766f3ce0308382b⋯.jpg (65.45 KB, 600x471, 200:157, IMG_1974.JPG)

4a43aa No.1377267

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.



Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit smoking…

94c1b2 No.1377268

File: ac6bcc92e29c982⋯.png (4.13 MB, 1605x904, 1605:904, 09982830891075489398291819….png)

d2f685 No.1377269


>afraid to try it

Prolly why you never get laid…and no, fleshlights don't count. KEK.

609c89 No.1377270


HAHA you would be a great Nazi recruit …easily manipulated and not bright and I'm sure not a lot going for you in life outside of the free work you do here , oh and by work I mean finding articles that have already been written and making bread no one will ever see again …go get em …for not wanting followers Q sure has some stupid ones

61b32c No.1377271

File: 01972632777ea88⋯.png (778.64 KB, 1880x934, 940:467, Opera Snapshot_2018-05-12_….png)

GAF625 14+03 now heading across the Atlantic. Can't follow it for much longer.

c4b871 No.1377272

File: 7b0c02ded34ea53⋯.jpg (82.65 KB, 960x960, 1:1, IMG_20180428_173404.jpg)





Alex Jones on JRE talking about a Q 6 months before posts.

82d2fd No.1377273

File: 366eb8558d0815a⋯.png (483.1 KB, 1549x1222, 1549:1222, ClipboardImage.png)


3da3da No.1377274


You rock anon!

c40821 No.1377275


I see waht you did there!

456a0d No.1377276

72436e No.1377277


This reasoning is not sound.

Time of approach depends entirely on trajectory and speed.

Kepler's law: An object in a very elongated oblique elliptical orbit can whip around the sun very rapidly. If you care to learn Kepler's 2nd law, read the paragraph titled Equal Areas here:


"Kepler's second law - sometimes referred to as the law of equal areas - describes the speed at which any given planet will move while orbiting the sun. The speed at which any planet moves through space is constantly changing. A planet moves fastest when it is closest to the sun and slowest when it is furthest from the sun. Yet, if an imaginary line were drawn from the center of the planet to the center of the sun, that line would sweep out the same area in equal periods of time."

cbdf65 No.1377278

Well so - apparently the snowball didn't pick up a lot of speed today, eh?

b98a07 No.1377279

>>1377249 (ten year old walk the dog voice)

Oh all right. I'll go. BRB

25ef4d No.1377280


I believe what Q is saying is that business and ego has gotten in the way of the mission they began. For example, a news piece hits, you could go two ways, tell the entire truth of what you know, or, keep some secret from audience and claim high-level sources and spin the truth that way.

fab195 No.1377281

File: b3204eabb4f746a⋯.jpg (315.09 KB, 2499x1724, 2499:1724, b42c150ff9d4422407b3640016….jpg)

f0981d No.1377283


Post digs once, if they don't get picked up then oh well anons loss. Place is basically a chat room .

0f837c No.1377284


>no one found my infographic as notable. :(

It happens to me all the time, bro. It has to do with the time of day, day of the week, mood of the board, and the particular anons present & paying attention. Not that the info is not good or worthy of notice, it's just some don't notice. I am reading the thread backwards, but I like your graphic!

a736f6 No.1377285

Knowing the truth about the Jew does NOT make anyone a Nazi! It only makes you informed!

0de020 No.1377286


I think she's quit Q. Saw a tweet from her saying that Q anons have turned antisemitic.

218eb1 No.1377288

Q didn't come to 8chan because it is anti-semitic but because it is the last and safest bastion of free speech. So, free that even anti-semites are free to mouth off. It is in spite of the antisemites and the racists and the flat earth, and …..

ca6fed No.1377289

File: ea7cb827f15e44f⋯.jpg (60.9 KB, 662x800, 331:400, broccoli-drawing-56.jpg)


Pepe needs some broccoli

3da3da No.1377290


kek!! I've heard that voice more times than you know!

b5af7c No.1377292

File: 1db551fb82ff274⋯.jpg (57.01 KB, 687x353, 687:353, Email_to_Lift_the_Veil.JPG)

Lift The Veil took the bait

claiming one of our


emailed him with an EXPOSE ALL


Joke's on you, Snowflake

a04743 No.1377293


<thx i needed a good laugh….seriously thx

Perhaps it's because you post too fucking often.

Ease up, it'll do you a world of good.

Unless you're a shill. If so, carry on.

79bc74 No.1377294



Using logic, Anon. ignore the shills.

ece5ad No.1377295

File: dd498e129435e62⋯.jpg (30.75 KB, 400x400, 1:1, ufo_400x400.jpg)


I get it now.. The same way MUFON never really exposes the existence of extraterrestrials. They always keep it in an endless search for the truth. They wouldn't be needed if the real story came out..

Thanks Bromego.

782623 No.1377296


I know. But that was the only sauce I could find. I just want to exclude the possibility that Sky event is a major impact. And I am having trouble finding much sauce.

8ecf02 No.1377297

Just got to thinking about AJ and MK ruse. If AJ is a disinfo shill, the MK ruse was intended to boost his street cred with anons and try to put him fully aligned with Potus. Now they have burned that bridge

b52d82 No.1377298


i see BO declined to offer proof of your spurious claims

good thing too

it would have been very bad for Q and potus

just like you

d2f685 No.1377299




#1725 Notables

4b362d No.1377300


Since when are all jews satanic globalists?

6c7075 No.1377301

File: 9f0c0f435751323⋯.png (479.44 KB, 677x799, 677:799, Treatment for Veterans.png)

File: 37dacfe80cc1406⋯.png (187.74 KB, 676x763, 676:763, clip002.png)

Congress to Vote on Allowing Cannabis Research and Treatment for Veterans


ee49f0 No.1377302


>JIDF runs wild with AJ/corsi type tactics.

JIDF is here in SPADES…muh jew shills are the ones that need to be banned. There is a difference between Zionist JIDF vile pieces of human excrement, and joe jew.

I find it difficult to believe

Israel is last" …maybe putting Trump's face on their money is a zionist last ditch effort to bribe Trump into staying "in line".

ae9e3d No.1377303


LL out

Acting AG was YATES (who was LL asst. AG)

Sessions confirmed

Yates fired (defying lawful EO)

RR to Asst AG

RR recommends Comey firing

Comey fired

Sessions recused from Russia

RR appoints Mueller

(am I missing anything anons?

192a05 No.1377304


I don't know. If the BO says blue pill shit like "muh joos", and enforces the permanent bans to red pilled anons, then the board is no longer anon friendly, nor does it adhere to Q's message:

>Why are we here?

>Free information.

>What draws people here?

>Information should flow freely w/o costs.


>Control the information (THEY).

>Harness followers / profiteering (THEY).

The mods are basically acting like (THEY), controlling the information.

ca6fed No.1377305


That's kinda bizarre

1de228 No.1377306


Not sure that she's quit Q. Maybe just here. Idk

90b600 No.1377307


Read the Reddit piece Q linked.

Sounds like at least 3 of these guys were just bad actors from the get go.

a736f6 No.1377308


Since the Talmud.

33563a No.1377309


i saw one more baker.

>>137273 NRA sues Gov. Cuomo over blacklisting campaign

1a2164 No.1377310


Hmm. The Cabal is removing trees around the World.

PS: Good flag.

021b94 No.1377311


it's working. IQ level rising.

1ca0ed No.1377312


Ducktales, an old favorite

7ce96b No.1377313


I think the Avalanche got downgraded to a D1 today.

312b68 No.1377314


Since they all defend Zionist Israel and the holocaust

2acad2 No.1377315


>. The same way MUFON never really exposes the existence of extraterrestrials. They always keep it in an endless search for the truth. They wouldn't be needed if the real story came out..

The same way the cure for cancer is never released, much more profit in the treatments.

031b8e No.1377316



She didn’t tweet about Q.

Hasn’t tweeted about anons. Hasn’t tweeted about chans, threads, anons or Q being anti Semitic.

She was here yesterday.

9a98a7 No.1377317

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

0468ca No.1377318


And no white hat flips the fuck out over syria, cries, throws a fit, slams shit around and says "fuck Trumnp and his Kids".

Sorry just wanted to complete your list.

ae99ec No.1377319


/ourguys/ know better. Trust the plan.


Trust the plan, we won't miss you.

bb2b15 No.1377320

File: 89737a5552c8cc1⋯.jpg (249.93 KB, 1189x1261, 1189:1261, FireShot Capture 028 - Com….jpg)

Companies Stop Reporting on Overseas Cash

Impact of the Trump tax law remains murky, as Apple, Oracle, Microsoft, and others have stopped reporting on their overseas cash.


d3ce1d No.1377321


Thanks anon


a736f6 No.1377322

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


The Protocols of Zion

9231fd No.1377323

File: f826b9d6664eb38⋯.jpg (120.21 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, Ayatollah Khamenei reading….jpg)

The Supreme Leader of Iran, Ayatollah Khamenei, posted a photo of himself reading a copy of Fire & Fury on his official Instagram. Likely a suggestion from one of his advisors or someone in the intelligence directorate in an attempt to piss Trump off. Ridiculous.


7325dd No.1377324


I failed the class twice but then again I use my tongue to see if the oven is up to temp

f0981d No.1377325



Define IG.

Already is?

Think logically.

Who is HUBER?

Think Offshore.

State/C_A next?

No outside comms.

Timing is everything.

Define single shooter.

They are deeply connected.

Why did SESSIONS reveal HUBER?

When does SESSIONS step back in?

Why did SESSIONS secretly engage HUBER?

MIL INTEL providing support during this time?

What about the active investigation into leaks?

Why did MP step into the C_A prior to Sec of State?

Why are select EO's aggressively being written and put into law?

Department of Justice does not discuss ongoing investigations or confirm specific matters,

"Horowitz oversees a nationwide workforce of more than 450 special agents, auditors, inspectors, attorneys, and support staff whose mission is to detect and deter waste, fraud, abuse, and misconduct in DOJ programs and personnel, and to promote economy and efficiency in Department operations."

ca6fed No.1377326



yell a little louder fuckwad

478187 No.1377327

File: d97ddb69d832c53⋯.png (280.76 KB, 805x621, 35:27, Screen Shot 2018-05-11 at ….png)

f7c74e No.1377328

>>1377311 ← Correct

Nice dubz, Anon.

I don't know why, but you're right.

b166f0 No.1377329




90b600 No.1377330

File: 7b87cc0c1879bf6⋯.jpg (65.81 KB, 879x715, 879:715, momanon.jpg)

ee49f0 No.1377331


>Did anyone catch the sentence Q posted with the Reddit link? I feel like he chose that sentence for a reason and something is happening today.


> “This is why we are here.”

probably because this is the least JIDF censored place on the Interbutz? (((THEY'RE))) here but they haven't managed to gain full control yet..but not for the lack of trying.

6d9454 No.1377332

each post here

is a "seed"

be careful where

YOU let it


9a98a7 No.1377333


Whaddup Roseanne!!!

0de020 No.1377334


Sure hope I'm wrong. Saw the tweet cuz Corsi retweeted it during one of his recent tirades. I'll see if I can find it.

854533 No.1377335


>>1376809 Special Agent Pientka III Named in Grassley Letter to DOJ

>>1376860 Welcome to Operation #EagleWrath

>>1376880 Forget Rosanne, Pepe was at the Indiana Trump Rally

>>1376899 MD Sex Trafficking Arrests

>>1376921 Bipartisan Deal in Congress: Prison Reform Clears First Vote

Have to go do chores now.

7ce96b No.1377336


Quit your gossipfagging - sauce or STFU

3da3da No.1377337



>>1376674 ; >>1376809 Special Agent Joseph M. Pientka, III, welcome to the show.

>>1376815 AJ is a Deep State Shill

>>1376779 Former CIA Contractor Pleads Guilty to Illegally Retaining Classified Materials

>>1376921 Trump’s First Major Bipartisan Deal in Congress: $50 million Prison Reform Clears First Vote

>>1376883 Slush Funds Dig (more digging requested)

>>1377040 ; >>1377036 Grassley letter FBI Agent's Wife working for Facebook's litigation firm + more.


>>1375905 OIG report next week all but confirmed?

>>1375946 Missed notable from last bread (1724) - Q posts referencing chess game & explanation

>>1375949 ; >>1376048 ; >>1376305 ; >>1376381 Planefag notables

>>1376495 Halper hired by Obama, Clapper, Brennan

>>1376630 UN nuclear watchdog's chief inspector resigned.

Look alright anons?


3433aa No.1377338

Defango just posted on YT

Echo Chamber Qanon Broken, Alex Jones + Corsi Divide | Greatawakening Reddit

010a00 No.1377339

File: b69667227f6d432⋯.png (2.05 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 5B4C84FF-4B2B-408D-8B02-24….png)

What think?

192a05 No.1377340

BV is /ourjew/

89eb51 No.1377341

File: 0e12f3a28dd8917⋯.jpg (158.64 KB, 1078x696, 539:348, Screenshot_20180511-184213.jpg)

New POTUS tweet

470dde No.1377342

File: 44dc199b79339e0⋯.png (81.28 KB, 795x425, 159:85, Screen Shot 2018-05-11 at ….png)

POTUS tweet

e0893c No.1377343

ban happy faggot

b166f0 No.1377344

File: d31a5c44ee33a37⋯.png (515.4 KB, 1113x1742, 1113:1742, ClipboardImage.png)


here it is . debunk this…

ooo you can't?

4a4c9e No.1377345

>>1376618 (previous)

Were people born after 1957 forced to get unnecessary vaccines like MMR to protect certain "bloodlines" that are endangered by such common childhood illnesses?

Any time politicians talk about "protecting" anything, it's always harmful to me and no protection at all for me. "Duty to Protect" started being used by mis-president GWB as an excuse for a lot of crap. Governments aren't supposed to "protect". And I guess that means I think "civil rights" is a big government racket, yeah I do.

85264b No.1377346


Who will get >>1377731?

780985 No.1377347

File: 1edc188979f2593⋯.png (138.65 KB, 1080x514, 540:257, Screenshot_20180511-184038….png)

One more step closer to world peace. Thank you POTUS.

1a2164 No.1377348



6be082 No.1377349


Pretty sure POTUS could give a fuck about this camel jockey

e9e390 No.1377350


No such thing


Likely be banned for this

6d53d7 No.1377351


op concludes rr white hat…?

82d2fd No.1377352

File: 92ba45235545df7⋯.png (883.48 KB, 1599x958, 1599:958, ClipboardImage.png)

Warlock7 - Low pass over NW Boston and now nearing DC.

9231fd No.1377353



3c5650 No.1377354

File: 78cb3dde0610455⋯.png (217.22 KB, 362x259, 362:259, ClipboardImage.png)

9a98a7 No.1377355

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

f7c74e No.1377356

File: 42038c0cc1d6580⋯.png (898.46 KB, 1024x777, 1024:777, Patriots93.png)


Bring it, Baker.

afa717 No.1377357

File: 511a793616189f0⋯.jpg (145.25 KB, 805x899, 805:899, Khamenei2.jpg)


They got completely spanked silly.

c22463 No.1377358


She was here this morning, and again around 5-ish. She just doesn't call herself momanon anymore.

456a0d No.1377359


200.000$ car

60.000$ bag of coke

20.000$ for hookkers and motels

2.000$ for McDonalds

90§ for diapers

5$ frozen yogurt when everything is done..

25ef4d No.1377360


I remember Alex Jones worked at Stratfor prior to broadcasting, if true, that would reinforce that

a04743 No.1377361



bb2b15 No.1377362


This article ties directly into Q's apple Cupertina / Hong Kong money pics, or should I say ties it all together

51cf2f No.1377363


Thanks for checking BO and responding to concerns. While I am very much against banning of any sort, I do think the limited banning on shills has kept the board fairly comfy. Allowing shill to run wild only encourages them more. It never fails, at least one anon will respond to it every. single. time.

Thanks again for you hard work, BO/BV

1a2164 No.1377364


Why seems tranny?

560e74 No.1377365


What happened to momanon?

b4ec55 No.1377366

File: 26be55d0c2845d4⋯.png (336.67 KB, 864x783, 32:29, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 5cbbb890981ec00⋯.jpg (117.83 KB, 675x1200, 9:16, Dc7LWIHUwAArQQz.jpg)

File: d928a5e60a0a273⋯.jpg (105.79 KB, 750x1054, 375:527, Dc7LWIJVQAAY6TB.jpg)

File: 4c02a3a06190b40⋯.png (78.15 KB, 872x750, 436:375, ClipboardImage.png)

File: c67f64e16126e1a⋯.png (82.39 KB, 830x774, 415:387, ClipboardImage.png)

EXTORTION PLOT: Women Sexually Assaulted by Schneiderman Turned to Trump & Cohen in 2013; Then Schneiderman Targeted Trump

Disgraced former New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman may have wanted to unseat President Trump from the White House to help keep his alleged sexual assault of women a secret, according to new shocking court documents.

The lawyer for two unidentified women — who claim they were sexually assaulted by Schneiderman — said in recent court documents he reached out to Trump and his attorney Michael Cohen for help in 2013, long before Trump announced his presidential aspirations.

Whether or not Schneiderman knew these women turned to Trump and Cohen for help, via attorney Peter Gleason, the New York attorney general did start waging his own personal war with Trump and his companies during the identical time frame.

Nothing in high-level politics is a coincidence.

And Trump fought back.


e8c369 No.1377367

File: 61912de5a3458ea⋯.jpg (25.02 KB, 640x360, 16:9, 8343429_01_tarus_raging_bu….jpg)

Go big or go home.

a2c7f3 No.1377368

cd8838 No.1377369

File: 195e5f5accfb07f⋯.jpg (69.61 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Ortel.jpg)

Every anon here, including lurkers, would have to drop everything and work 24/7 on foundations to thoroughly dig on slush funds.

The numbers are staggering, people.

As of 2014 (report PDF link below) there were 86, 192 foundations in the US.

Total assets were $715 billion.


The report is a helpful quick graphic, but the main takeaway is that it would be a piece of cake to camouflage some millions here and there under the enormous hiding place of $715 billion. Add offshore banks to the formula, and federal law enforcement (weaponized by Obama) ignoring the shenanigans, and it's practically perfect.

Especially if you commit as much wire, mail and tax fraud as the Clintons.

Refer to Charles Ortel for the utmost word on financial miscreance.

782623 No.1377372

Putin dropped his military budget and….


are we missing a clue?

1a2164 No.1377373


Israel-Palestine in peace coming soon?

b166f0 No.1377374

File: 83daf7e18513892⋯.png (66.97 KB, 507x312, 13:8, ClipboardImage.png)

File: a1c82ce8832ffc2⋯.png (558.79 KB, 1241x982, 1241:982, ClipboardImage.png)


and again double digit in the end !!!

0940f4 No.1377376


I dont think its the same person

ca6fed No.1377377



25ef4d No.1377378

File: 5bbe88453d675b0⋯.jpg (57.08 KB, 556x419, 556:419, strafor.jpg)

456a0d No.1377379

File: 6edb188f5fd17c2⋯.png (34.33 KB, 728x370, 364:185, ClipboardImage.png)

61b32c No.1377380


That guy has been getting around a bit lately.

Can you take over track on GAF625 he's heading north from Brazil.

I need some ZZZs.

a736f6 No.1377381


One way or another.

e0893c No.1377382


He put it into his new map making program. They're going to correct the geographical history that was altered by (((them))).

423d9f No.1377383


SHIT I might be gay then

625c82 No.1377384

File: 58166975e3dd244⋯.jpg (150.49 KB, 516x516, 1:1, Pharacorsiees.jpg)



creative liberties..

e9e390 No.1377385


Are you kidding…now Israel will try to genocide them for sure