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6c9213  No.2383371


Heavy shill attacks here, please, know,

the ones who hate and divide, are likely to be not with us!

They use Memes as well!


Q+ post #1645 on Jun 30 2018:


Play LOUD.



FIGHT for what is RIGHT!


They will not win.

Divide they try.

Fail they will.








Everyone, don' t listen to fake [MSM] and to shills, research and THINK for yourselves.


8344cb  No.2383378

File: 9d5a502c4af1483⋯.jpg (141.2 KB, 596x759, 596:759, AllenDullesCIAHow.jpg)


How does one become the head of the CIA?

a3b664  No.2383386


are not endorsements


>>2349367, >>2351700 BO floats no-nudity policy, now under review

>>2327065 How to filter gore spam >>2334211 (new: Add into [Options] -> Theme)

>>2251030 , >>2261001 EXPLANATION of bread-archiving situation. Fix habbening

>>2355675 BV on nudity posts

>>2366140 Transcript of speech that got POTUS elected (!!!)


>>2383024 Snarky Charlie Kirk Twat (answer: absolutely nothing, not held to the same standards as US Citizens)

>>2382991 Q Post Related Dig (not new) on Tony Podesta

>>2382763 Mediaite Article - Qanon Conspiracy Theorists make Noticeable Appearance at Trump Rally

>>2382728 Laura Loomer Video Regarding Muslim Governer of Michigan with Linda Sarsour

>>2382486 Antonin Scalia actually died in his sleep and was discovered on the morning of 13-Feb-2016. So this White House meeting with Garland occurred less than 24 hours before the act was carried out.

>>2382687 Mexican Accused of Murdering Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry Extradited to Face Justice in U.S.

>>2383368 #3003


>>2381894, >>2381901 Text of Article From Latest Q Post & Copy of Original

#3001 New Baker Incoming

>>2381623 ClockFag Graphic

>>2381606 Fremont County Sheriff Jim Beicker resigns, effective Sept. 1

>>2381507 Rothschilds going into biotech.

>>2381501 Manafort trial day one: ‘Gates had his hand in the cookie jar’


>>2381473 CNN reporter Jim Acosta heckled at Trump rally (Video)

>>2381320, >>2381381 Departments of Justice and Labor Formalize New Partnership to Protect U.S. Workers From Discrimination and Combat Visa Abuse

>>2381172 Donald Trump to Supporters in Tampa: ‘My Only Special Interest Is You’

>>2381802 #3001


>>2380689 Plane crash in Mexico

>>2380619 , 2380860 NEW POTUS Signature Side-by-Sides. Spread

>>2380591 , >>2380880 Speaking of pens.... The JFK Desk (unverified, see >>2380823 )

>>2380567 Trump admin to impose 25% tariff on $200 billion in Chinese imports

>>2380565 Judge Mosman (CP FISA Fame) Vatican employer case (2012)

>>2380540 We've achieved critical mass

>>2380495 An update on >>2379365 and FB designating QProofs.Com as spam

>>2380436 Wall Street Mega-Banks are Buying up the World’s Water

>>2380445 Artist Jon McNaughton captures our times

>>2380420 Fugitive Extradited in Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry Murder Case


>>2380926 #3000


>>2379928 WE ARE Q

>>2379738 , >>2379779 100,000ft anon drops in

>>2379235 Q and his 1776 post


>>2379651 Don Jr. #1776 Connection To UK

>>2379844 , >>2379826 , >>2379839 , >>2379876 EPIC RALLY PHOTOS

>>2379735 , >>2379737, >>2379742, >>2379766, >>2379818 Moar Rally Photos, WHAT A NIGHT!

>>2379734 New Pens

>>2380211 #2999


>>2379365 FB reports www/qproofs.com as SPAM

>>2379202 , >>2379271 Obama's WH council Greg Craig and Tony Podesta referred to prosecutors by Mueller"

>>2379317 Is this what you're looking for, Q? (Rally Photo)

>>2379311 , >>2379382 Moar Rally Photos

>>2379059 111 Days Ago, Q: "#17"

>>2378953 Confirmations upon confirmations!

>>2378921 Moar POTUS signature sauce

>>2378908 The Hill (HUGE publication) calls out Q movement

>>2378752 POTUS: "17 TIMES"

>>2379492 #2998


>>2378582 An open letter to the MSM

>>2378251 , >>2378295 , >>2378334 Photos from the Tampa rally

>>2378236 Conservative pastor: ‘Marxist ideology that denies the existence of God’

>>2378222 "HIS NAME WAS SETH RICH" sign seen on Fox News

>>2378099 Dig on Manafort's companies

>>2378072 , >>2378154 , >>2378374 Q Pen Photos and Signatures

>>2378707 #2997

#2996 (new baker)

>>2377590 1776 & The Pen

>>2377334 Special Counsel refers Tony Podesta case to NY State prosecutors

>>2377008, >>2377054, >>2377108, >>2377127 More Iran protests - July 31

>>2377285 Are they starting to ask the Q?

>>2377306 Mueller has referred an inquiry involving lobbyists Tony Podesta to SDNY

>>2378008 #2996

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a3b664  No.2383412



2a107a  No.2383413

File: b6afcfa9994e697⋯.jpg (44.82 KB, 386x456, 193:228, (you.jpg)



wait til baker gets outta the kitchen before you start fucking shit up.

Take your honky tonk alerts to reddit where they are appreciated. Your getting in our way.

you too. no. thats not a notable


d86aca  No.2383414


ec7ad1  No.2383415

File: 84b2d888aa1f300⋯.png (315.86 KB, 307x445, 307:445, ClipboardImage.png)

a3b664  No.2383416

File: 30f42524a93cfa1⋯.jpeg (116.58 KB, 723x723, 1:1, ShittingUpBread.jpeg)

5a61fe  No.2383417

will anons be upset if the Podestas are put away (for a very long time to life) for financial crimes only (no pedo stuff)?

would that be acceptable justice for anons?

6ac8c0  No.2383418

>>2383345 (last bread)

now that is what I call a Super Elite Gold Star Patriot Q Proof!

311955  No.2383419

Hollywood Casting Couch Is Targeted in California Harassment Law

(Bloomberg) – California lawmakers are taking aim at the casting couch.

After a year of horror stories from women about alleged abuses at the hands of powerful men such as producer Harvey Weinstein and talk-show host Charlie Rose, California lawmakers are poised to revise a 1994 sexual harassment law to make clear it applies to producers and directors. The amendment would add regulatory oversight for the first time and make it easier for victims to file a complaint.


9fca84  No.2383420

File: a5718dcc9eea953⋯.png (40.69 KB, 689x408, 689:408, Screenshot_2018-08-01_04-2….png)


25d814  No.2383421

File: 23fcede46c3c66a⋯.jpg (89.52 KB, 736x1102, 368:551, 8478e8d808fe662f50024060d5….jpg)

79a6fc  No.2383422

One new element of this Trump rally was the widespread presence of people wearing T-shirts or carrying signs touting the fringe “QAnon” conspiracy theorist. Among other things QAnon promotes is the notion that leading political and Hollywood elites are involved in a pedophilia ring and that leaders of the federal government’s “deep state” have tried to kill President Trump.


Naturally, conspiracy theorists also came out of the woodwork.

A fan subreddit for the conspiracy theorist "QAnon," an anonymous purported government insider who claims to feed his followers information about the war between the "deep state" and President Trump, posted pictures of QAnon supporters at the Tampa rally.


Trump rally attendee holds up sign linked to conspiracy theory


ec7ad1  No.2383423

File: 1a12b0c9442c2f1⋯.png (838.62 KB, 640x756, 160:189, ClipboardImage.png)

2407f5  No.2383424

2886fc  No.2383425

Does anyone else hope that Q keeps dropping until the 2020 elections?

Knowing who Q is at this point would ruin the magic for all of us.

It's enough to know that the highest power in the land is talking to the least of men here on the chan.

2beccd  No.2383428

No rally here. In OH but I did wear my Q The Great Awakening shirt today. Already have hotels booked for parade!!


9d2bb3  No.2383429


Depends on how big their gay cell mates cock is!

d6e3cc  No.2383430


Three reasons we're still together:


>Too expensive to move out

>Jesus said "forever"

311955  No.2383431


No, but I'll take anything.

6ac8c0  No.2383432


No mercy.


3362c2  No.2383433

40k+ when

0f1e0c  No.2383434


Tony Podesta refered by Mueller…


e947da  No.2383435


Stop shouting like a lunatic.

758708  No.2383436

File: 0042fcd11960e68⋯.png (841.78 KB, 832x456, 104:57, TaxCuts.png)

File: 9b601dbc438ffe9⋯.png (817.95 KB, 782x429, 782:429, TaxCuts2.png)

File: 3690916a72dcfdc⋯.png (1.5 MB, 1102x585, 1102:585, TaxCuts1.png)

File: e7518c9d9475107⋯.png (1.14 MB, 942x515, 942:515, TaxCuts3.png)

Come the fuck on baker. Post my shit.

Here is the formula

Trump smartest person in the room

Dumbfuck question or statement

Normie gets it and adds new red pill

Everything is resolved MAGA


Reverse first two images…

Dumbfuck question

Trump smartest man in the room

Normie agreement gets/gives red pill

Everything is resolved MAGA

Get it? Good. Good meeting everyone.

7eb7f1  No.2383437

File: 13c1df50f89aa61⋯.png (95.78 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, ! ! ! Gatekeepers_ALL.png)



0a7c36  No.2383438


The only acceptable justice is the justice God brings.

We just need to help them get there faster

701322  No.2383439

Patriots instead of Heath Insurance looking into a Sharing Ministry

Everyone shares the bills of others rather than a for profit insurance company

baf737  No.2383440

File: 96f89a20b156935⋯.jpg (23.14 KB, 475x271, 475:271, Capture.JPG)


Event Schedule

Thu, August 02, 2018

Wilkes-Barre, PA

07:00 pm (EST)


Mohegan Sun Arena at Casey Plaza

255 Highland Park Boulevard

Wilkes-Barre Township, PA 18702


a30931  No.2383441

File: 7fcee9001be022b⋯.png (12.94 KB, 198x213, 66:71, tomorrow.png)

a3b664  No.2383442

Baker Requesting Handoff

Wow, what a night - if you accept handoff, please fasten seatbelt!!

I think it has slowed some…

ef7924  No.2383443


ohh i believe they'll hang for the pedo stuff

245719  No.2383444


Alternate Timeline. They have a totally different conspiracy theory. You see it in the comments everywhere. IT's amazing. One side is going to be severely disappointed. Scanners stuff.

Russian bots.

c219e8  No.2383445

The media will definitely get their 4AM talking points to ATTACK Q.

We have been training for months and working as a team. We ALL need to be ready to pitch in however we can.


68aa59  No.2383446


Successfully assassinated JFK.

6d1f2a  No.2383447

File: 19ff291dfbcf0c0⋯.jpg (199.27 KB, 800x500, 8:5, Studio_20180702_121729.jpg)

>>2383079 lb

The M over the heart represents something different than the M on the hip.

83b3e8  No.2383448

So Mueller is investigating Tony Podesta….anyone else’s head spinning on this info?!

2d8a6e  No.2383449


feels real soon..

27ac2c  No.2383450

File: 3c9cfdbd5fefb4e⋯.png (86.62 KB, 579x478, 579:478, Capture.PNG)

Mooch and Avenatti's romance is beginning to make sense.

Fuck Mooch. Never liked him. Thanks for the confirmation.

418d26  No.2383451

File: b6f3056e222654d⋯.jpg (85.27 KB, 500x590, 50:59, qcut.jpg)

File: f3ac289ba832c3b⋯.jpg (93.43 KB, 663x500, 663:500, winning2.jpg)

5c6cb1  No.2383452

File: af34476d092292a⋯.jpg (179.23 KB, 652x960, 163:240, pepederp.jpg)







you know you can still be prosecuted for other crimes right?

4db13d  No.2383454

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


God Bless USA

a20c11  No.2383455

File: bfb613024188a19⋯.png (431.79 KB, 717x800, 717:800, ClipboardImage.png)

i remember around 2090 was a dark time. for a moment we were divided. the shills

went after what we held most dear, titties. boobs. tatas. they had slid the board. hard. things looked bleak.

Grandpa, then what?

we perservered. we held strong with our brethren. we had great leadership and a will to settle our internal strife. around bread 3000 Q posted 1776 and real anons started posting real tits, nice, natural, real MAGA titties.

MAGA titties gramps?


fuckin sweet, juicy, MAGA

3b60c5  No.2383456


I’ll be there.

9e2bb7  No.2383457

File: a22f820622f3ee5⋯.jpg (75.75 KB, 743x628, 743:628, QAnon Conspiracy Appearanc….jpg)


53507b  No.2383458


You know what prisoners do with child rapists and child killers don't you?

They will get their karma just fine in prison.

c037cf  No.2383459


THINK before posting before the baker has finished.

Stupid cunt.

That does for you >>2383378 too.

a3b664  No.2383460

001aae  No.2383461


Harvey Weinstein’s goon squad

Ronan Farrow’s recent article in The New Yorker (November 6, 2017) reports on some clandestine operations by enforcers in the private security-intelligence business. Movie producer Harvey Weinstein, who stands accused of multiple incidents involving sexual harassment or assault, apparently employed – via his lawyers – an Israeli private investigations firm, Black Cube, which is run by former Mossad agents, to do his dirty work – namely, silencing his sex abuse victims through spying and intimidation.

Services offered by Black Cube include several forms of professional lying:

…“Avatar Operators” specifically hired to create fake identities on social media, as well as “operations experts with extensive experience in social engineering.”

(“Social engineering” refers to the psychological manipulation tactics used by undercover agents.)

More serious, though, is the psychological terrorism experienced by the victims, such as the three women Farrow refers to here:

Since the allegations against Weinstein became public, Lubell hasn’t slept well. She told me that, although she knew that Weinstein “was a bully and a cheater,” she “never thought he was a predator.” Lubell has wondered if she should have known more, sooner.

After a year of concerted effort, Weinstein’s campaign to track and silence his accusers crumbled. Several of the women targeted, however, said that Weinstein’s use of private security agencies deepened the challenge of speaking out. “It scared me,” Sciorra said, “because I knew what it meant to be threatened by Harvey. I was in fear of him finding me.” McGowan said that the agencies and law firms enabled Weinstein’s behavior. As she was targeted, she felt a growing sense of paranoia. “It was like the movie ‘Gaslight,’ ” she told me. “Everyone lied to me all the time.” For the past year, she said, “I’ve lived inside a mirrored fun house.”

One of the most important points raised by Harvey Weinstein’s case was expressed in this tweet by Emily Nussbaum. It concerns how reports – even legitimate reports – of illegal spying are usually viewed skeptically by people unfamiliar with the security-intelligence business:

726ca3  No.2383462

File: d8415fb19cbcc29⋯.webm (6.01 MB, 320x240, 4:3, SinsOfOmissionVIsmall.webm)

what do you anons think of this vid?

will it incite Quriosity?

larger version


4634eb  No.2383463

Jullian Assange is lurking here! JA, say something.

2a107a  No.2383464



if your the one who has been cookin up those redpill memes, great fuckin job.

I'm gunna start working on a few myself when I get a break.

0f1e0c  No.2383465


Our guy after all?

ef7924  No.2383466



57ae42  No.2383467


The entire media is compromised. We can't see what happens with our owns eyes and have to trust a source to give us facts. Right now NO ONE MEDIA outlet is to be trusted completely.

9d2bb3  No.2383468


Nice trips.

The lack of any factual basis for their position blows my mind. Facts don't matter1

ec7ad1  No.2383469

File: 4804c168703fd5a⋯.jpg (714.97 KB, 1207x1203, 1207:1203, hurry baker.jpg)


That was a fast rising dough baker

good job!

41dfb2  No.2383470

e947da  No.2383471


And after that, he was on the commission that covered it all up.

001aae  No.2383472



Criminality and deniability at the CIA

Author Douglas Valentine had some interesting things to say about the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in an interview published last month at CounterPunch. Valentine has written three books about the spy agency. The publisher’s webpage for the latest of these books – The CIA as Organized Crime – features this quote from former CIA officer and whistle-blower, John Kiriakou:

“Doug Valentine courageously takes us inside some of the CIA’s most shameful extralegal operations, exposing everything that is wrong with an intelligence service gone rogue. He is a sentinel of the public interest, and his book is a public service. I, for one, wouldn’t want to live in a country that didn’t have patriots like Doug Valentine.”

Some excerpts from the CounterPunch interview:

Douglas Valentine:

The CIA sets up proprietary arms, shipping, and banking companies to facilitate the criminal drug trafficking organizations that do its dirty work. Mafia money gets mixed up in offshore banks with CIA money, until the two are indistinguishable.

…The CIA doesn’t do anything it can’t deny. Tom Donohue, a retired senior CIA officer, told me about this.

Let me tell you a bit about my source. In 1984, former CIA Director William Colby agreed to help me write my book, The Phoenix Program. Colby introduced me to Donohue in 1985. Donohue had managed the CIA’s “covert action” branch in Vietnam from 1964-1966, and many of the programs he developed were incorporated in Phoenix. Because Colby had vouched for me, Donohue was very forthcoming and explained a lot about how the CIA works.

…Donohue said the CIA doesn’t do anything unless it meets two criteria. The first criterion is “intelligence potential.” The program must benefit the CIA; maybe it tells them how to overthrow a government, or how to blackmail an official, or where a report is hidden, or how to get an agent across a border. The term “intelligence potential” means it has some use for the CIA. The second criterion is that it can be denied. If they can’t find a way to structure the program or operation so they can deny it, they won’t do it.

…Everything the CIA does is deniable. It’s part of its Congressional mandate. Congress doesn’t want to be held accountable for the criminal things the CIA does.

…Most people have no idea what cops really do. They think cops give you a speeding ticket. They don’t see the cops associating with professional criminals and making money in the process. They believe that when a guy puts on a uniform, he or she becomes virtuous. But people who go into law enforcement do so for the trill [sic] of wielding power over other people, and in this sense, they relate more to the crooks they associate with than the citizens they’re supposed to protect and serve. They’re looking to bully someone and they’re corrupt. That’s law enforcement.

The CIA is populated with the same kind of people, but without any of the constraints. The CIA officer who created the Phoenix program, Nelson Brickham, told me this about his colleagues: “I have described the intelligence service as a socially acceptable way of expressing criminal tendencies. A guy who has strong criminal tendencies but is too much of a coward to be one, would wind up in a place like the CIA if he had the education.”Brickham described CIA officers as wannabe mercenaries “who found a socially acceptable way of doing these things and, I might add, getting very well paid for it.”

…The CIA dedicates a huge portion of its budget figuring how to select, control, and manage its own work force. It begins with instilling blind obedience. Most CIA officers consider themselves to be soldiers. The CIA is set up as a military organization with a sacred chain of command that cannot be violated. Somebody tells you what to do, and you salute and do it. Or you’re out.

…In exchange for signing away their legal rights, they benefit from reward systems – most importantly, CIA officers are immune from prosecution for their crimes. They consider themselves the Protected Few and, if they wholeheartedly embrace the culture of dominance and exploitation, they can look to cushy jobs in the private sector when they retire.

The CIA’s executive management staff compartments the various divisions and branches so that individual CIA officers can remain detached. Highly indoctrinated, they blindly obey on a “need to know” basis. This institutionalized system of self-imposed ignorance and self-deceit sustains, in their warped minds, the illusion of American righteousness, upon which their motivation to commit all manner of crimes in the name of national security depends. That and the fact that most are sociopaths. [Emphasis added.]

When asked whether he considers the CIA to be “an enemy of the American people,” Valentine said this:

Yes. It’s an instrument of the rich political elite, it does their dirty business.

3f6726  No.2383473

File: eca0ee33d368397⋯.jpg (161.87 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, eca0ee33d3683971ba1ee7aa15….jpg)

9808da  No.2383474


Tits or GTFO, JA

c1ccd7  No.2383475

File: 88fc044086b36b4⋯.png (39.07 KB, 566x394, 283:197, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 9c58593b41319ad⋯.png (522.84 KB, 810x867, 270:289, ClipboardImage.png)

>>2383170 lb

>>2383122 lb

>>2383161 lb


Could "show" in this case be referring to the rally tonight…?

Or the fact that Q just literally said "enjoy the show" like an hour ago…when he happened to post an article about Jimmy and his FBI's foul play…?

We see you, Comey kek!

fc67ac  No.2383476


Good info, but your delivery needs work. Quit fucking up the bread

bce23f  No.2383477

File: a252a8bf37ce01a⋯.png (22.15 KB, 1271x170, 1271:170, you2.png)

File: f118d3af972d156⋯.jpg (40.92 KB, 500x621, 500:621, 6d5dc8dfec0bc63b1745412f33….jpg)

>>2383128 (lb)

Just got my first (you) from Q.

Thanks for meme'ing me twice, PantiesAnon - not sure if you saw that lb.

I can now die happy.

Seriously so fucking honored to be a part of this movement. I love you all, but especially you, Q. Thank you so much for being here with us and giving so many hope.

5a61fe  No.2383478

sounds like the justice will be decentralized?

not coming directly from POTUS.

importance of installing his new judges and attorneys.

that in an of itself should allow a lot of things to be exposed while not being blamed on POTUS.

that takes time… i hope we still have the time.

7eb7f1  No.2383479

File: 37053fec7184a42⋯.png (1.55 MB, 2140x890, 214:89, ClipboardImage.png)


reposting for visibility, real time confirmation by Q & anons

>Look for more direct confirmations.

>It’s time.

2886fc  No.2383480

Does anyone else hope that Q keeps dropping until the 2020 elections?

Knowing who Q is at this point would ruin the magic for all of us.

It's enough to know that the highest power in the land is talking to the least of men here on the chan.

2407f5  No.2383481


The Anon 's questioned

included the word "only"

dah, the answer is no.

68aa59  No.2383482


my head is spinning on this. Meuller must see the writing on the wall.

a99ca4  No.2383483

File: 0bafe7c257bb711⋯.jpg (88.88 KB, 684x559, 684:559, 2018-07-31 21:26:20Z.jpg)

Still looking forward to this event:

Nail in many coffins

Liberal undo

Impossible to defend

Toxic to those connected

5c6cb1  No.2383484

dccfbf  No.2383485


I'll let the other baker take it, but in case StandbyBaker doesn't step up, you have relief.

d450af  No.2383486

File: 2af005ec37437ae⋯.png (267.02 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, 6E7651D4-4BD7-4FA9-A8D4-F8….png)

File: 3e82eafd3063e05⋯.jpeg (381.55 KB, 640x980, 32:49, 91087F16-8A99-446D-AE0E-C….jpeg)

>>2383267 lb


758708  No.2383487

File: ce98ae3896c9e08⋯.jpg (136.67 KB, 782x428, 391:214, Tarmac.jpg)

File: 99883e756d4f60c⋯.jpg (141.28 KB, 832x456, 104:57, Tarmac1.jpg)

File: 8db7257d922d38d⋯.jpg (186.85 KB, 941x500, 941:500, Tarmac2.jpg)

File: e28697a2a8e8520⋯.jpg (180.49 KB, 914x500, 457:250, tarmac3.jpg)


Example. You have it all. Do it. Do it now.

311955  No.2383488


and you know this how?

7e10c5  No.2383489


They really are going alllll in!

b84e8e  No.2383490


No idea, however you don’t get invited to whitehouse for nothing which happened same year. Looking for a connection.

79a6fc  No.2383491

Set up incoming?

CNN's Acosta: I'm worried Trump's rhetoric toward media 'will result in somebody getting hurt'

By Max Greenwood - 07/31/18 10:11 PM EDT

CNN senior White House correspondent Jim Acosta expressed concern on Tuesday with the way President Trump's supporters heckle members of the press, warning that the president's rhetoric could "result in somebody getting hurt."

Acosta posted a video from Trump's rally in Tampa, Fla., on Tuesday showing supporters shouting down members of the press. At one point, one man in the crowd looks into the camera and yells, "stop lying."

"Just a sample of the sad scene we faced at the Trump rally in Tampa," Acosta tweeted. "I’m very worried that the hostility whipped up by Trump and some in conservative media will result in somebody getting hurt. We should not treat our fellow Americans this way. The press is not the enemy."

Just a sample of the sad scene we faced at the Trump rally in Tampa. I’m very worried that the hostility whipped up by Trump and some in conservative media will result in somebody getting hurt. We should not treat our fellow Americans this way. The press is not the enemy. pic.twitter.com/IhSRw5Ui3R

— Jim Acosta (@Acosta) August 1, 2018

Trump has made his ongoing feud with media outlets that cover his administration critically a centerpiece of his brand of politics, often referring to coverage he deems unfavorable to him as "fake news."

He has also repeatedly called reporters the "enemy of the people." That particular accusation was the subject of a meeting earlier this month between Trump and A.G. Sulzberger, the publisher of The New York Times.

Trump revealed the existence of the off-the-record meeting in a tweet on Sunday, writing that the two "spent much time talking about the vast amounts of Fake News being put out by the media & how that Fake News has morphed into phrase, 'Enemy of the People.' "

That prompted a response from Sulzberger, who said in a statement that he had met with the president to urge him to tone town his attacks on the media at large.

"I told him that although the phrase 'fake news' is untrue and harmful, I am far more concerned about his labeling journalists 'the enemy of the people,' " Sulzberger said.

"I warned that this inflammatory language is contributing to a rise in threats against journalists and will lead to violence."


7a6b1e  No.2383492


I thought we were invited to the public hanging

0ffc7b  No.2383493

File: 11aae3a8ccf9592⋯.png (3.22 KB, 3x385, 3:385, Screen Shot 2018-07-31 at ….png)


Xi on his way out?

6840b7  No.2383494



ec7ad1  No.2383495


Al Capone was put away for taxes

851f82  No.2383496


Yes, IF that is clearly proven to be the extent of their crimes, and pedo stuff is proven false.

25d814  No.2383497


Fuck off Skippy!

fc67ac  No.2383498

File: d72e9ad0f236baa⋯.jpg (127 KB, 772x1033, 772:1033, IMG_0326.jpg)

e947da  No.2383499


It's now becoming conspicuous to all.

0ffc7b  No.2383500

File: cbea9a757c34ce9⋯.png (143.08 KB, 651x538, 651:538, Screen Shot 2018-07-31 at ….png)

fe8c27  No.2383501

File: 9973ba8d6f9b2b2⋯.jpeg (169.47 KB, 1600x1000, 8:5, 3748318F-66F7-48CE-9F7F-E….jpeg)

File: 5a47bc6ea6440a9⋯.jpeg (137.39 KB, 1200x630, 40:21, 46E0BAD4-DEBC-4806-91F7-C….jpeg)

File: 7eabb125bc89d47⋯.jpeg (331.23 KB, 2048x1365, 2048:1365, 4A0041B9-0ECB-4E51-A01F-5….jpeg)

File: 0e58b62a8190946⋯.jpeg (354.04 KB, 1200x783, 400:261, F981B6D2-0620-45B7-BA1C-7….jpeg)

File: 6193485cdc116eb⋯.jpeg (466.36 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, 679A878F-0503-42FC-932B-C….jpeg)

9c9adf  No.2383502


Nope prison justice will take over from there..

1bf392  No.2383503

File: b3ffaed00f288cc⋯.jpg (15.13 KB, 318x159, 2:1, memebetter.com-20180731222….jpg)

2a107a  No.2383504


we read it the first time…

we just didnt respond.

5504dc  No.2383505

File: 22ac0fe22f573d9⋯.png (610.03 KB, 857x451, 857:451, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh.png)

bce23f  No.2383506


Damn right.

6bf34c  No.2383507


All for show?

1c0079  No.2383508


cheers anon

6ac8c0  No.2383509


I don't care what they are prosecuted for as long they go away and never come back. Death penalty or multiple life sentences with no option of parole.

659a31  No.2383510


I for one hope this is all just a fond memory by 2020

8ecf02  No.2383511

Makes some interesting thoughts regarding the color of Mueller's hat.>>2383434

83b3e8  No.2383512


But but ..that would make my spouse right and me wrong nooo day it ain’t so lolllll (though that would be awesome huh)

5c6cb1  No.2383513



<fucking newfag

232bd1  No.2383514


Amazing job Baker in all seriousness thank you

0b0c05  No.2383515

So reporters call Qanons crazy and dangerous conspiracy theorists.

Yet they're allowed within feet of POTUS?

You'd think SS wouldn't have let them into the venue right?

fe8c27  No.2383516

File: a107948231d8590⋯.jpeg (49.42 KB, 620x273, 620:273, B16F8158-8320-487F-B8E7-A….jpeg)

File: 1215e91bbeea469⋯.jpeg (102.56 KB, 899x499, 899:499, D0BBA4F5-BCE9-4307-ABD0-3….jpeg)

File: b216a1418c92e73⋯.jpeg (110.39 KB, 899x499, 899:499, DA893DF3-911E-48BB-BE16-1….jpeg)

File: 3e5dd8a1a76479c⋯.jpeg (145.34 KB, 600x844, 150:211, 1A9E3E8B-8AEE-4AD1-9D44-7….jpeg)

File: fa6769f4b8df692⋯.jpeg (328.76 KB, 1501x1079, 1501:1079, 795854C9-AE88-4385-A18E-7….jpeg)

6079ee  No.2383517


Makes me wish I had someone to Q with.

No one knows.

e4878f  No.2383518


The pedo stuff is the most important. Realize what the other inmates will do to them.

758708  No.2383519


Yup. That is the point. Follow the formula.

Good luck.

4227ef  No.2383520

File: f49e8e1b7797d9c⋯.png (380.6 KB, 595x579, 595:579, PopcornPanties.png)


Will meme for panty pics.

(also popcorn)

bce23f  No.2383521


Baker, notable for your consideration

940bea  No.2383522


Do you know how much rape you can buy with a carton of ciggarettes in Prison? Put me down for 100 cartons on behalf of Skippy!

dd3b3e  No.2383523

Damn! Bread is flying like it's Briga's birthday!

851f82  No.2383524

File: 649ce1f3ee66ec0⋯.png (259.79 KB, 281x712, 281:712, Selection_357.png)

Stephen Miller for the next generation.

aa5cb2  No.2383525

File: 094a2598c8db7d3⋯.png (647.27 KB, 719x495, 719:495, DOTH.png)


Absolutely fuck not.

If it were me, I'd order DAY OF THE FUCKING HAMMER.

They better pray, to whatever it is they pray to. that Q isn't a LARP.

3362c2  No.2383526


patiently waiting

always searching

9d2bb3  No.2383527

As suspected they are going to try and target us as conspiracy theorists.

QAnon Conspiracy Theorists Make Very Noticeable Appearance at Trump’s Florida Rally


413b06  No.2383528


>They use Memes as well!

They use OUR memes. I've seen them use MY memes a couple of times. They can't make anything original

1780f9  No.2383529

File: c7ca733691d3508⋯.png (324.14 KB, 668x694, 334:347, anthraxmueller.png)


anons remember when mueller fucked up the 2011 ANTHRAX case


57ae42  No.2383530

More closed source please.

0efaea  No.2383531


Free beer will come out….Tomorrow…TOMORROW!

8ecf02  No.2383532


Oh yeah. They will do anything to avoid being caught. If they will frame POTUS, they will frame anyone.

2d8a6e  No.2383533


what if there is more land, more real estate - what aren't they telling you?

a2c410  No.2383534

File: 4b368f8c15da9bf⋯.jpeg (37.19 KB, 255x247, 255:247, A958210D-781A-41B0-8865-2….jpeg)

68aa59  No.2383535


MSM MSM MSM; take note, TAKE NOTE, take note. If you don't stop vomiting the mockingbird shit from CIA, then your asses will the next to come down.

ec7ad1  No.2383536

File: 0db0fd2df5e9cb6⋯.jpg (130.5 KB, 1658x912, 829:456, HeKnowsEverything.jpg)

16c9f2  No.2383537


Innocence isn't proved. Acquittal means that guilt wasn't proved, not that a person's innocence was proved.

d1494f  No.2383538

It is a GREAT day and a wonderful feeling to be, “We Are Q!”

For me personally, I knew I was 100 behind POTUS the first time I heard him say, “Drain The Swamp,” because I was Red-Pilled enough to know the Fed-Busting meaning of the mantra. I did not, however, know that POTUS was on a mission to awaken the whole world, to end the Cabal, and to un-chain is all. Much of the Q movement is no shock to me, but the brilliance of the plan and its execution is so overwhelming at times, that I literally choke back tears. I am no longer in fear of the world my children will live in.

Thank you POTUS, Q, Anons, Autists and Patriots!


c1ccd7  No.2383539

File: cf701909996f516⋯.jpg (46.41 KB, 530x413, 530:413, d75f0060e9002387847b79d5c6….jpg)

File: 577571b4512f86a⋯.jpg (8.44 KB, 255x173, 255:173, 515a86587be39dcb7af89bb311….jpg)


Nice, right?!

3d32ac  No.2383541


Is this John or Tony?

6bf34c  No.2383542


It's part of his plea deal…?

7e10c5  No.2383543


Mooch is a typical NY asshole. Wouldn't trust him as far as I could throw that midget. Exactly why Gen Kelly kicked his dumbass to the curb.

1ba21d  No.2383544


Long answer: Yes.

5c6cb1  No.2383545

File: d4c29166ba4354f⋯.png (292.66 KB, 500x499, 500:499, ClipboardImage.png)


welcome to the best shift on /qresearch/

(Q has been posting in dayshift, but Q likes us the most)

sarcasm, but kinda not

fd32ca  No.2383546

File: 1249a7f12c1245a⋯.jpg (15.6 KB, 255x211, 255:211, pepe_-_.jpg)

Amazon leads pack for Pentagon's 10-year, $10 billion cloud data contract

Retailer in 2016 claimed 44.2 percent of the market, three times more than Microsoft, Google, next two competitors combined

President Trump’s favorite corporate punching bag is on the verge of landing a breakthrough 10-year, $10 billion Pentagon contract that would transform how the military shares information.

Analysts and insiders say Amazon is the runaway favorite for the Defense Department’s Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure (JEDI) cloud project, which officially opened for bids last week and represents an ambitious effort to bring military data-sharing procedures into the 21st century.

The project has attracted interest across the technology sector, but Amazon seems poised to lap its competition and reportedly is the only company that meets all of the Pentagon’s stiff regulations on handling classified material. Amazon also has a significant edge after securing a prized cloud contract from the CIA in 2013, positioning the Seattle-based behemoth as a company that can be trusted with the most sensitive government information.


dd3b3e  No.2383547

3a18c3  No.2383548


also, when i first came here, was a anner w/ a caertoon girl, about porn.

You have to think outside the box.

In other contries, they , i f you scream for justice, weill find any site you enter, and to stop, screaming for justice, will use that as a porn underage …………….

you need to think bigger that your little home, turtle.

dccfbf  No.2383549

>>2383479 Q Cutout Anons Step up

Baker Notable

>>2383521 Thanks for pointing that out. Definitely what Q asked for.

1aa033  No.2383550


start with the financial stuff with tony and end with the pedo stuff for john

7a6b1e  No.2383551


Captain Q over here


1c0079  No.2383552


nah… he's stayin

5a61fe  No.2383553


do you think they call him skippy because he got his start doing beastiality and his special trick was the skippy jar?

a80ca2  No.2383554

File: 216d8286b27d68f⋯.png (395.41 KB, 1440x1441, 1440:1441, Screenshot_2018-07-31 r co….png)

File: a6c56adc905d511⋯.png (47.57 KB, 500x429, 500:429, trump-alert-trumpsalert-do….png)

File: 38d1a62580f5aec⋯.jpg (2.12 MB, 1319x7491, 1319:7491, Screenshot_2018-07-31 Mike….jpg)

File: b923c154ec6616e⋯.jpg (122.31 KB, 625x915, 125:183, photo-3.jpg)

File: de29ed19697b728⋯.jpg (33.87 KB, 824x406, 412:203, DikxhgnUwAAmF_g.jpeeg larg….jpg)

7eb7f1  No.2383555

File: e2578377b11d5fa⋯.png (75.31 KB, 1056x816, 22:17, newfag shilling tactic.png)


[ID: 6c9213]

Ok, this makes @ least 3 breads now with the copypasta. Bot or shill? Is it live, or Memorex?

56ba02  No.2383556

>>2379751 (PB)

Apparently you missed it. Go back to October and start over.

232bd1  No.2383557

File: 306c259540ff6c2⋯.jpg (590.37 KB, 1000x562, 500:281, fakest of the fake squad .jpg)


cries muh priestess of fuckery

d450af  No.2383558

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

3f0e9e  No.2383559

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

The voice of Q. How has nobody discovered this sick jam yet? Something to compliment shadilay.

667a0c  No.2383560

"Resign Rahm"

hell yessss

12f21b  No.2383561


Now's the time to remind people how many time us crazy conspiracy theorists were right and what the origin of the term was (to discredit those that questions the official story of the JFK assassination)

ba34bc  No.2383562

File: 452b1d120e08819⋯.jpg (190.53 KB, 1920x1075, 384:215, Kek Bier.jpg)

Cheers, fags!

5af37d  No.2383563


Trump hotel 2013

a30931  No.2383564

File: 9147ccd163f28d0⋯.png (526.43 KB, 625x770, 125:154, good.png)

7429b8  No.2383565

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

just catching up on tonight.

loved that sign



oops, wrong timeline

18baf2  No.2383566

File: 431ead1ac15f80c⋯.png (1.36 MB, 1413x1480, 1413:1480, Capture _2018-07-31-23-20-….png)

Is Jim Acosta making an indirect threat threat/warning to Q supporters?

Crazy he saying someone could get hurt when the clip just shows people booing at cnn while smiling and having a good time unlike Fox news hosts who get abused by psychotic liberals.

954fe6  No.2383567

File: 7f2542d79205433⋯.png (98.91 KB, 962x578, 481:289, Screen Shot 2018-07-31 at ….png)


we are all equal, anon


83b3e8  No.2383568


Everyone is new at some point! Be united

758708  No.2383569




What do you want?

Gayer/Cuckier or more Hardcore/Not gay?

b5113a  No.2383570


"Conspiracy Theorists" I love love love to be called that.

31c1cb  No.2383571


I agree….

Q needs no proof or justification. He lives in the hearts of us lowly folks.

MSM will call this movement a conspiracy. But we know better. We know they fear the unknown and the truth. Q embodies both.

The future looks bright. America rises from the ashes of the globalists.

Thank you Q and POTUS!

9808da  No.2383572




cf2220  No.2383573

File: f6fe6acde77a074⋯.png (29.75 KB, 250x200, 5:4, TipTopOvens.png)

Baker, absolutely Tippity Top Job. You did us proud.

a80ca2  No.2383574

File: 8ca2721e8a2302f⋯.jpg (90.69 KB, 474x479, 474:479, JFKlistenTruthers.jpg)

File: db04a16c762c488⋯.jpg (49.35 KB, 341x400, 341:400, 9 cerenovich-is-jewish.jpg)

File: df3087b330e8fc8⋯.png (1.27 MB, 1052x7605, 1052:7605, Screenshot_2018-07-31 Jews….png)

a3b664  No.2383575


I don't want to wait to late in the bread…

If you want the dough, i am ready to handoff…

14210a  No.2383576

File: 7f695d1cdd81501⋯.mp4 (3.57 MB, 1920x1032, 80:43, 2018-07-31_23-07-36fromred….mp4)


some fag was asking about this

bread is flying out the oven!

ec7ad1  No.2383577

File: 2b6422f2d4e1d36⋯.jpg (1.13 MB, 2440x1627, 2440:1627, af1balls.jpg)

80fde6  No.2383578

File: 0ee2a1a824a3bf9⋯.png (77.07 KB, 879x803, 879:803, 1.png)


i think much more

065de2  No.2383579

People are asking about Q after watching the rally! I just shared a Q proof and the qanon.pub link. Awesome!

fd32ca  No.2383580


He needs to start a go fund me.

Suspect many would contribute.

413b06  No.2383581

File: 8645e4375ef8a1c⋯.jpg (301.2 KB, 748x851, 748:851, reconnaissance.jpg)


I love Q's little bit of muscle there.


We would, too.

5c6cb1  No.2383582


its not derogatory

but to call anons newfags, and post before the dough, BLATANTLY, meh

6bf34c  No.2383583


No fears! It will be impossible to avoid pizza/pedogate.

311955  No.2383584

Republican Pete Flores to face Democrat Pete Gallego in runoff election for Texas Senate

Republican Pete Flores finished first in an eight-way special election for the Texas Senate — an unexpectedly strong showing that propelled him into a runoff against Democrat Pete Gallego because no single candidate emerged with more than half the votes.


3698e4  No.2383585

File: f302446e3933648⋯.jpg (58.85 KB, 500x645, 100:129, savage2.jpg)


Hittin' 'em with the claw-side. O_O

a30931  No.2383586

File: 3efda873f1fdd5a⋯.png (145.17 KB, 495x265, 99:53, freebeer1.png)

8344cb  No.2383587


Sorry baker. Thank you for your hard work. It must be especially hard tonight. Board is raging!

5f49f8  No.2383588

File: 392183a3c83c98e⋯.jpg (329.73 KB, 1100x828, 275:207, 36f33581e4f2b4f15c3731f5b3….jpg)

This is great! After todays rally all types of rats from both sides are popping up to denounce 'Qanon'. We need to put these people into a rabid frenzy. Moar Qs plz.


948a86  No.2383589


Have you seen what the allegations are?

7e10c5  No.2383590


The defense of the Fake News should be seen as suspect by whoever defends them bc they have absolutely tried to start WW3 and also whip up a psycho to kill POTUS. THEY ARE SICK. And yet Acucksta is acting like a damn victim.


a2c410  No.2383591


POTUS will Deep six this horseshit.

Bet you my rarest pepe.

d7813c  No.2383592



another abused Hollywood kid

this has been going on forever

458b0c  No.2383593

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


All night long

886b46  No.2383594

File: 706cf4020f6b8ab⋯.jpg (124.57 KB, 536x640, 67:80, allwehadtodo.jpg)

>>2383238 (Last bread)

Agree on everything you posted, anon.

Maybe by 2024 well have 1/4 of the corrupt fuckers out of gummint …. maybe.

dccfbf  No.2383595



Bread's moving too fast to wait longer.

BO/BV please czech me as baker

Handoff confirmed (pending no bounced czech)?

524734  No.2383596

>>2381994 (pb)

(Where is JA?)


NOT sand.

c1ccd7  No.2383597

File: 2e7adc255404ba6⋯.jpg (176.79 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, 2e7adc255404ba6182c61fc372….jpg)

File: 938671d6baee2e6⋯.jpg (15.6 KB, 255x254, 255:254, 938671d6baee2e6068f48b1a11….jpg)

File: 1f28c619b618aec⋯.png (1.18 MB, 947x563, 947:563, 1f28c619b618aec394140c2576….png)

7429b8  No.2383598


hallelujah anon

850821  No.2383599


THANK YOU!!! I was jamming this in the last bread and couldn't find it again. This is GREAT!!

e947da  No.2383600


Ha! So the guy know as Q who's been dropping crumbs her for 9 months is a theory!!!

d4f691  No.2383601


=Notable as fuck=

afda9e  No.2383602


No hes just projecting

its their only weapon and they suck at it

83b3e8  No.2383603


Oops sry was unaware of that ..but let’s still be kind …shills attack plenty , it’s not needed from patriots

064f10  No.2383604

File: 1729d029051f3ee⋯.jpg (16.75 KB, 255x246, 85:82, native kek.jpg)


Will there be chemtrails at the 11/11 Parade?

Asking for a fren

4fba7e  No.2383605


instead of 2 Chains its Q CHHAAAYYAAINNSSSS!!!! KEK!

6079ee  No.2383606


Thanks for that. I'd lost track of time.

7f52d5  No.2383607

File: 2f8667d208f3eaa⋯.jpg (50.52 KB, 531x229, 531:229, nope-meter.jpg)

ec7ad1  No.2383608

File: 3bd398859a2ef6d⋯.jpg (69.12 KB, 1243x840, 1243:840, beekernight.jpg)

5906e1  No.2383609

a99ca4  No.2383610

File: d9e241d0e59a0b7⋯.jpeg (474.93 KB, 2036x1352, 509:338, Trump Hair Force One.jpeg)

245719  No.2383611


Poppy Bush followed in his footsteps


I saw some earlier on the FBI/CIA article Q posted…still buy the Russian ads bullshit fervently telling new voters the election was on Wed (can't make this up).

Still got Impeach Trump signs up in my neighborhood. I think they had those made up on Nov 8 2016


Translation…He's Butthurt. Nobody's listening to my Fake news.

b09bec  No.2383612

File: 6519d4cdbd09910⋯.jpg (56.5 KB, 512x353, 512:353, 6519d4cdbd09910e3d6155e64e….jpg)

d450af  No.2383613

File: 2b8c352736b63f2⋯.png (1.35 MB, 1136x640, 71:40, 5DED3D95-AE06-4467-9EE9-23….png)


6ac8c0  No.2383614


one would think so seeing that Bezos is a clown.

a39a6f  No.2383615

File: 0dbe1c00288b38b⋯.jpeg (26.84 KB, 255x169, 255:169, 49BD2785-BDBB-418A-A87F-3….jpeg)

1aa033  No.2383616



Rhein, Kirk (Clyde) Jr. or Gray, Charles H. III ???

b5113a  No.2383617

File: a6d1f29008999ec⋯.jpg (129.78 KB, 864x482, 432:241, seal fag.jpg)

c24981  No.2383618

File: 98591165b1e8230⋯.jpg (3.5 KB, 125x125, 1:1, 1519019867174s.jpg)

3f6726  No.2383619

File: 6bc8812c1176b7e⋯.jpg (42.36 KB, 480x686, 240:343, 6bc8812c1176b7e5caf7eda51e….jpg)

a3b664  No.2383620


Go ahead and get ready - I will go back and grab notables up until this point & post them for you, that way you won't have to play catch up…

0ffc7b  No.2383621

Dear Iran, China, Turkey, EU, Russia,




2729e7  No.2383622


Not unless that somehow leads to the arrests of more pedos!!!!

fe8c27  No.2383623

File: b53a501af4852aa⋯.jpeg (75.75 KB, 500x527, 500:527, 904A4EA1-486C-4BD4-86C2-9….jpeg)

File: 0417c4ea08f51cd⋯.jpeg (105.31 KB, 725x500, 29:20, 6F5443CF-5607-4CD1-A2A6-5….jpeg)

File: 44e6f2092ef39d9⋯.jpeg (54.91 KB, 500x264, 125:66, 91585349-6DE6-41B0-A553-C….jpeg)

File: e0b28576a77df8d⋯.jpeg (30.91 KB, 360x256, 45:32, 18D1F618-FA29-4493-A9B7-0….jpeg)

File: 942a0f71ea53c93⋯.jpeg (33.61 KB, 360x256, 45:32, 931B02FC-C643-48A6-BA3A-8….jpeg)

12f21b  No.2383624


What is he saying?

56ba02  No.2383625


Blaming the hostility on Trump rather than accepting that it is the consequence of his own actions.

Hey Jim … see those people behind you? They are the Russian Bots you blamed for the defeat of your pathetic ideology.

851f82  No.2383626


Fair enough.

Once an honest and brilliant light is shone upon all pedo stuff, and fair and vigorous judgments are passed, this anon will most likely be satisfied.

d4ee4a  No.2383627

Acosta is too stupid to know that the cabal will use him as a FF to blame Trump supporters.

Jim…get a clue fast. Your life depends on it.

d18544  No.2383628


It matters to me more that we keep waking up our fellow countrymen, so [none of the satanic pedophile traitors] can never be in the position to touch the levers of power ever again.

If whether Q revealing themselves or not effects the above for you, maybe you should do some self examination.

d75b40  No.2383629


Involved in deaths.


Death penalty.

850821  No.2383630

File: dc8c6f32d51ab49⋯.png (193.62 KB, 568x372, 142:93, Screen Shot 2018-07-31 at ….png)

Hate me if you want.

6bf34c  No.2383631


Truth is never in danger. Only the error faces risk.

648c27  No.2383632

THANQ for that gift. Here is a gift for POTUS.

https:// youtu.be/FaEM7hXm5qI


e1b16b  No.2383633

File: 8ef0b6d5f468daf⋯.png (275.88 KB, 474x264, 79:44, ClipboardImage.png)

3b344a  No.2383634


see…that's just it…lots are listening to him…..but are they believing him??? kekkity

2886fc  No.2383635


>He lives in the hearts of us lowly folks.

I totally agree. I hope the magic never ends. POTUS may someday acknowledge Q… but I don't want to see Q stop posting.

It has united the lowly folks like nothing ever has before and we don't have to use social media to do any of it.

The magic is in the hunt for truth and the knowledge that someone very close to POTUS cares enough about the anonymous faces in the crowd to come here and post to recognize them.

5c6cb1  No.2383636


you might not understand the significance

the nightshift is cherished for the lack of shills and the abundance of digging/memes/side by sides

886b46  No.2383637

File: bae225f64a759b2⋯.png (874.68 KB, 944x473, 944:473, ClipboardImage.png)

Thank you Baker.

ec7ad1  No.2383638

File: 8d653bcd6f7b9ce⋯.jpg (272.68 KB, 1009x745, 1009:745, winning.jpg)

5af37d  No.2383639



9d2bb3  No.2383640


4m talking point "Attack Q Anon, claim conspiracy theory. Demand Trump disavow"

Articles everywhere attack attack attack.

MSM ask Trump, demand he disavow.

Trump says "What are they saying?"

Makes MSM say what we know.to be true.

Dark to light!


3d74b9  No.2383641


Thank you Anons. You did a great job representing us all! We love you (no homo) Kek!

3b60c5  No.2383642


Fucking saved. So comfy. TOP KEK FOREVER.

762541  No.2383643



wonder what the shills are trying to bury

0f100d  No.2383644

File: 941a9a229eb4f65⋯.jpg (134.15 KB, 869x488, 869:488, LP OATH.jpg)

d75b40  No.2383645


Opens many doors.

d18544  No.2383646


>so [none of the satanic pedophile traitors] can never

i meant ever ;p

dccfbf  No.2383647


==Baker Notables so far=

#3004 >>2383359

>>2383479 Q Cutout Anons Step up

>>2383576 President pointing at Q cutout anon

a3b664  No.2383648

File: b2a2b214cfe601d⋯.jpg (8.95 KB, 255x174, 85:58, HandoffConfirmed.jpg)


Handoff Confirmed

List of notables to come shortly.

b9250a  No.2383649


That's the difference between us and them. They beat on Trump supporters. We just have fun.

That's not to say things could turn if they get more aggressive.

5a61fe  No.2383650


maybe a very long shutdown with only select individuals getting retro pay will starve out some of them?

would a prolonged government shutdown provide any extra powers or privileges for POTUS?

886b46  No.2383651

File: df87c6d2923868a⋯.jpg (6.56 KB, 250x223, 250:223, thumbsup.jpg)


I'm with you anon.

Love that anon's buns and boobs.

50d459  No.2383652

Come on, MSM! Ask the Question!

Are journalists assumed to be the authority of reality, experts, psychic encyclopedias with no need to ask and verify? Are you so infallible in your infinite wisdom that to ask would damage the image you have projected onto the people, a projection of your perfect knowledge of reality? It's okay to ask. We'll hold your hand.

All your claims of conspiracy to our faces shows us pure deceit. The people will never, ever again trust you, so you may as well go all the way and just get the question over with.You are ball-less wonders who will not show one iota of journalistic integrity by asking Trump who Q is. You would rather suck up to your masters and sew division and stir riotous violence with the further spread of disinformation, painting patriots into the crazy racist corner, patriots being those who love America the most. Your legacies as individuals are garbage. You are deceivers of human kind. You shouldn't sleep at night; instead, you should spend every night reflecting on your misdeeds to the people you helped destroy. Your willingness to spread disinformation about this movement, to this movement's face, despite the people who are destroyed as a direct result of your lies, shows you cannot be trusted.

Do you not ask out of fear of bringing mass attention to Q and the information the Q team has inspired the public to research about you, about the deep state, about the traitors such as No Name, and the great, serious damage they have done to this country and the world? Where is this all-knowing wisdom coming from? Your asses? Where is this assumption that Q is a conspiracy theory? How do you know this if you won't ask? Why should anybody trust a journalist who doesn't ask?

a99ca4  No.2383653

File: 2ce34e04ee6e556⋯.jpg (646.07 KB, 1107x1475, 1107:1475, MysteryQ2.jpg)

File: 6d3a714b53b1f81⋯.jpg (243.11 KB, 1107x1475, 1107:1475, MysteryQ3.jpg)

File: 18b7d0db5a5c5c6⋯.jpg (220.65 KB, 1107x1475, 1107:1475, MysteryQ4.jpg)

File: 604ca41aa84a117⋯.jpg (460.85 KB, 1716x1144, 3:2, MysteryOfQ10.jpg)


Calling it a night anons.

What a wonderful day.

b2a90c  No.2383654

File: e93e92848c53879⋯.png (282.66 KB, 482x363, 482:363, ClipboardImage.png)


I was scrolling through twatter and found this meme…I did not create it and don't know if a fellow anon made it but it had me laughing for 10 minutes considering the whole MA posting Q pic on Sunday.


Its good to laugh at some of this crap, its just out of this world. They are stupid.

0baef7  No.2383655


Sounds like a real blast.

e4878f  No.2383656


No. This is code. He is asking sleeper agents to attack.

5a61fe  No.2383657


was probably picture from England?

they don't have much sand

1aa033  No.2383658

froggo - i don't think you understand what truth is

d75b40  No.2383659



But if RR goes down, so does the Mueller investigation.

HUBER job then (now).

7c8e27  No.2383660


Seriously this.




Is that all you are worth? A controlled narrative for one moment in time?

I don’t envy you Jim.

dff05c  No.2383661


Would be awesome, but not sure MSM has the balls to confront him.

6079ee  No.2383662


Oh. I know it well.

Might even hang in tonight.

3362c2  No.2383663

Good night sweet anons :)

dccfbf  No.2383664


New Baker in the house

Please put a title/label on any links and "baker notable" somewhere in your post to be found if you want to suggest notables.

ec7ad1  No.2383665

File: 59dd615c3c9675f⋯.png (719.17 KB, 729x456, 243:152, ClipboardImage.png)

659a31  No.2383666


I'm betting that Sarah or even Trump gets asked within a week

667a0c  No.2383667

File: 423de351aa47acb⋯.jpg (58.94 KB, 851x637, 851:637, 423de351aa47acbb71cb2abd0e….jpg)

851f82  No.2383668

File: e57ff09943a7c26⋯.jpg (101.98 KB, 501x768, 167:256, flavor-flav-clock03-1.jpg)



"Flavor Q"

0321e2  No.2383669

Had a friend denied work as he watched a Guatemalan get hired. Family man and it burns my ass, so…..

ICE: If you are here, the illegal immigrant problem is huge, off the chart, in New Bedford Ma.

Visit any of the fish houses processing seafood.

Bring many, many, many busses.

147b08  No.2383670


Are Tony Podesta's emails subject to discovery? Any Lawfags here?

2886fc  No.2383671


Of course… that is our current goal. However, even if we fulfill that goal POTUS can still use the Q movement going forward to drum up support for the 2020 election and keep the focus on truth, justice, and digging.

Someone said somewhere that the National Security Agencies could outsource much of their research to us.

34b66b  No.2383672


Is it just me or is it shilly in here..

79d193  No.2383673

File: 77c7d9a4ded5955⋯.jpg (7.33 KB, 168x158, 84:79, th.jpg)

a3b664  No.2383674

File: 1cb8ac413e39301⋯.png (447.2 KB, 493x583, 493:583, TrumpWWG1WGA.png)


Thank You Kind Anon - appreciate the help!


Somebody did it for me :) I fucking love Anons!!

>>>2383479 Q Cutout Anons Step up

>>>2383576 President pointing at Q cutout anon

aa5cb2  No.2383675

File: a02c0e08d6ad54f⋯.jpg (62.95 KB, 600x1147, 600:1147, a02c0e08d6ad54f72c5c4b746e….jpg)

What is this shit? Tits out for Q?

For (you)s?

0baef7  No.2383676



wearing a fake beard!

3f6726  No.2383677


Call ICE and let them know there may be illegals.

7eb7f1  No.2383678

File: dbdf28345426184⋯.png (1.18 MB, 2140x890, 214:89, 07.31.2018 QuProof Gatekee….png)


final version for muh archive

61fd3c  No.2383679

File: 5634f9a3c6f0940⋯.gif (5.03 MB, 410x302, 205:151, IMB_MNhOzw.GIF)

File: 1f6180797b1f0d7⋯.gif (3.09 MB, 480x314, 240:157, IMB_fXpgoE.GIF)

File: 1086172e4dcbde2⋯.gif (3.22 MB, 320x215, 64:43, IMB_HNpUhV.GIF)

File: 887f9f0c113be0b⋯.gif (229.61 KB, 300x134, 150:67, IMB_DHOIIe.GIF)

File: 556eaedd6ab2955⋯.gif (616.44 KB, 250x224, 125:112, IMB_NLAEE8.GIF)

a2c410  No.2383680

File: b41a8325943b343⋯.jpeg (35.95 KB, 303x400, 303:400, 9B8CF610-4B9D-4A66-AA4D-3….jpeg)

ba1bfb  No.2383681

File: b18ad9e277c2388⋯.jpeg (795.74 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, wwg1wga.jpeg)


It's like the MSM pepe attack of 2016.

They will never get it.

Trolling really is fun!

2886fc  No.2383682


kek…. Q dropped at midnight last night and I read that entire bread… it was like old times without shills.

524734  No.2383683


Be an awfully dangerous place if your JA. j/s

Think he has to be here for safety.

5c6cb1  No.2383684

File: 406beb85ecaf6f3⋯.png (719 KB, 1120x697, 1120:697, trollingstops.png)

b45ab9  No.2383685


they don't want to bring it up to the president because they fear the answer

a93db5  No.2383686

File: 37be3dd6ef770d6⋯.png (221.08 KB, 843x872, 843:872, ClipboardImage.png)

I'm not sure if anyone has seen this yet but it looks like Sarah Ruth Ashcraft was just silenced on the twatter!

d4ee4a  No.2383687

The C_A may not have gone through proper channels with UK , BUt the UK knew and approved. So what story does the MI6 tell?

001aae  No.2383688


Comprehensive Wantagate Links





Tehran, Iran

December 01 thru 06, 2013



Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei

Islamic Republic of Iran

There is an old Islamic saying with which I totally concur: "He who keeps his own counsel keeps his affairs in his own hands."

I have kept my affairs in my own hands for many years and the truth of that old Islamic saying represents success because otherwise I would not be alive to share my thoughts with you today. July 7, 2013, was the 20th anniversary of my unlawful arrest and imprisonment in Lausanne, Switzerland – but more about that later. I merely point out that for 20 years I have kept my own counsel and have not spoken publicly about what happened to me until today.

As …. said in his introduction, I was a Secret Agent who reported directly to United States President Ronald Wilson Reagan under the mandated provisions and directives of the Totten Doctrine (92 U.S. 105, 107 [1875]), Presidential Executive Order No. 12333, Rogers - Houston Memorandum, among other directives. The story I want to share with you today is one I have kept quiet about – keeping my affairs in my own hands – for many years. Other people have written about me and what I did for the United States Government, but this is the first time I have made a personal appearance to speak publicly about it.

758708  No.2383689


CNN must have been anti war for the past fifty years worrying about people getting hurt. Oh right they didn't. They marched our boys off to every fucking conflict imaginable. This Cuban needs to be turned into a bar of soap. Fictionally or realistically.

2ea217  No.2383690

File: 193e2b338905841⋯.jpg (840.09 KB, 1377x935, 81:55, july-2018-habbenings.jpg)

hot off the press

July habbenings

18aa71  No.2383691


Americans need to trust the government again in order to make our country strong. That means some tough but REAL disclosure.

8c0000  No.2383692


nevermind. dates wrong. my bad.

850821  No.2383693

File: 9cdb05f2e3f7c72⋯.jpg (22.77 KB, 600x600, 1:1, c353-68ed-435c-ab7d-e0e207….jpg)


I haven't been able to be in as much the past month, trying to catch up on 9 months of living on here, KEK, but I felt like it was about to ramp back up last Thursday and what a rush it's been.

Great to be here with you Anons.

659a31  No.2383694


oh shit….what have I done?

0f100d  No.2383695

File: 5616d910d588ccc⋯.png (498.04 KB, 663x495, 221:165, Capture.PNG)

Just catching up here…lined paper, right, so not an EO but a 1776 signed by Trump?

12f21b  No.2383696


She seems nice

954fe6  No.2383697


omg kek! anon thank you for your appreciation but anons are getting annoyed after 3 breads in a row now

love you though <3

e947da  No.2383698


Anything but the truth.

524734  No.2383699


You're on to it!

b5113a  No.2383700


Thank you very much, thank you

ec7ad1  No.2383701

File: 88f258200517812⋯.jpg (714.36 KB, 1658x1111, 1658:1111, trusttrump.jpg)

4227ef  No.2383702


CNN wasn't concerned about Trump supporters getting hurt during the 2016 campaign. Screw those guys.

2886fc  No.2383703


Trips confirm.

Trump basically said "within 2 weeks" at the rally.

e1b16b  No.2383704



5a61fe  No.2383705


perhaps the water was the first place he wanted to see, having been holed up in that london embassy for years.

948a86  No.2383706


Makes you wonder about people like Elizabeth Taylor, Judy Garland, Shirley Temple. They all grew up in Hwood.

a99ca4  No.2383707


Not a lawfag but I believe that depends if the prosecutors can establish probable cause and convince a judge to grant a search warrant for the emails.

I'd put a good chance on it.

d1494f  No.2383708


A “conspiracy theory,” is: Bush killed Kennedy, or, The Gov know aliens are real, etc.

QAnon/Q is not a “conspiracy theory.” It’s a movement of/by/for the People to take back our Liberty and provide Liberty to as many of our fellow man as possible. Q is all of us. Q is Patriotism. And Q is Freedom. It cannot even come close to fitting the definition of a conspiracy. These people are stupid. These people are scared. These people are finished.

56ba02  No.2383709


Or closes them. An incompetent prosecution closes the door to double jeopardy.

Do not trust Mueller.

6c9213  No.2383710


Leg me try against your trips…

Getting much critic for shitting up the top of the page. Sorry for that, happened twice actually.

Just a newfag engaged in this.

Saw that the WORLD is in HERE and tried to explain the many many shills here, for newnewfags. Especislly memes can be confusing.

Will continue doing so, as I am no autist unfortunately, but will not happen again in the bread.


95ce44  No.2383711

File: 7a59814e8f7d0ea⋯.jpg (721.9 KB, 1770x2633, 1770:2633, CombinedMeme 3107201822292….jpg)

2c835a  No.2383712


I think this is the part where we ignore them more until they start posting their buttholes.

1c0079  No.2383713

36b449  No.2383714

File: fa65fc649b8f5c5⋯.png (424.21 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, qproof1776.png)


correct.. compare with his signature at the end of the video pinned to his twatter

( • )( • )

b09bec  No.2383715


Totally Trump's style.

dccfbf  No.2383716


I would love a high-res version of that original graphic!

6079ee  No.2383717


Excellent observation.

443e9a  No.2383718




2886fc  No.2383719


Yes pretty much a just for the anons signature.

940bea  No.2383720

Jim Acosta you will not be saved by your Masters. In the end you will be fed to the Wolves to serve a purpose for them. Ask the Question and you may redeem yourself a tiny bit. It starts to one act! The decision is yours Jim. Do it or don't but understand the ramifications. This is not a threat it is a fact!

2729e7  No.2383721


You’re not on reddit shill. Not gonna work here.

21e795  No.2383722


Not with those tiny ears.

30589e  No.2383723

File: c788e9052a90fef⋯.jpg (30.48 KB, 562x446, 281:223, FB_IMG_1530143224864.jpg)

The media should fear us. BuT more importantly, the deep state should.


ec7ad1  No.2383724

File: 9e451ad6c0c8db0⋯.jpg (611.21 KB, 1657x1105, 1657:1105, 8.jpg)

147b08  No.2383725


mockingbird media will be interviewing anons.

6bf34c  No.2383726


We must be wary in Portland. It looks like antifa is gearing up for that one. I feel they're consolidating there.

4227ef  No.2383727

File: d38b0bc8322d516⋯.png (363.37 KB, 596x577, 596:577, Screen Shot 2018-07-25 at ….png)


Seconded for fucking notable

cbedba  No.2383728


Mooch is a CFR member.

919dbf  No.2383729


I have always seen 'victim' mentality as a sign of living a privileged or unchallenged life. Like a young kid that suddenly gets told 'no' that responds by pouting or throwing a fit or crying.

2a107a  No.2383730

File: b39459ec635f9af⋯.png (399.88 KB, 688x598, 344:299, remember1776.png)



7e61b0  No.2383731


This guy is my new hero!

4d21f1  No.2383732

File: 00fa299874a99b6⋯.png (868.24 KB, 2412x1092, 201:91, abilio.png)

Hey, anons… did we know that Jim Acosta IS THE CHILD OF A CUBAN REFUGEE AND WENT TO JAMES MADISON UNIVERSITY?! (The cufflinks are starting to make sense to me…)

c1ccd7  No.2383733

File: 97068ed65e367ee⋯.jpg (1.14 MB, 1400x932, 350:233, 5bb7f8357910603bd8005519d2….jpg)

1fe09a  No.2383734

File: 8a081d5e4a4caa2⋯.jpg (125.06 KB, 1098x520, 549:260, multrajt.jpg)

1 muh time for these crappy memes… maybe new baker uno and then i throw them in garbage :D

I do love all of you fags

3698e4  No.2383735

File: 39722e42911b27c⋯.png (51.11 KB, 673x373, 673:373, ClipboardImage.png)


Not a lawfag, but given the nature of the charges, I would think so.


524734  No.2383736


No shit!

In Iran of all places.


He's a TRUE Patriot and they have put that man thru hell!

b311e2  No.2383737


He is Projecting. Watch for a set up for them to blame the Anon as crazy and fringe. That’s what they do, deflect, divert and try to drive their narrative.

fd32ca  No.2383738

File: 74815ce41d2eda4⋯.jpg (132.66 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, ice.jpg)

3b344a  No.2383739


I'll bet the story doesn't end there kek…

97b851  No.2383740

The Hill twatter is slamming Q and conspiracy theorists.. If you have a twatter acct stop by and give'm hell..

232ac8  No.2383741

File: 6d7d326c44b3b3a⋯.png (299.79 KB, 485x340, 97:68, ClipboardImage.png)

Dems Expand Push to Blacklist Businesses Working on Trump’s Border Wall

Municipalities punishing businesses bidding on border wall

July 31, 2018

As President Donald Trump renews his battle with Congress to fund his multi-billion-dollar border wall with Mexico, Democratic lawmakers and liberal groups in California have stepped up their campaigns to blacklist businesses involved in building the border wall.

San Diego is the latest city poised to join the list of California municipalities demonstrating their opposition to Trump's promised border wall by punishing businesses involved in working or even bidding on the wall prototypes or other border-wall projects.

The majority Democratic San Diego City Council, in a 3 to 1 vote last week, directed city officials to draft an ordinance requiring contractors competing for city projects to disclose any past and present work, as well as planned bids, on parts of Trump's planned border wall.

"Trump's border wall does nothing to promote San Diego's robust economy and our positive international ties with Mexico," Council President Pro Tem Barbara Bry, a Democrat, said in a statement. "Our region is stronger because of our cross-border exchange with our neighbors to the south."


0f100d  No.2383742


I think I am going to get a 1776 tattoo.

afda9e  No.2383743

Just went back and watched the comey testimony. I find the congressmens behavior to be much more disturbing than COmey the Liar's behavior.

These people have GOT to go

249650  No.2383744

File: ada839a2e59eb7f⋯.png (556.67 KB, 667x837, 667:837, POTUS Schedule 7-31-18 8 3….PNG)

REMEMBER 1776 - Another turning point for America is upon us. Do not waste your most sacred right - VOTE - Republican.


245719  No.2383745

File: 93a80f3ada0a062⋯.png (322.39 KB, 672x687, 224:229, ciacnnfake.png)



CNN needs to assign him to a war zone and see real conflict and danger. Or cover Antifa and ICE protesters…there's your danger zone Fuckface

0e2e67  No.2383746

File: 289c8b6c2a5936a⋯.png (253.46 KB, 500x500, 1:1, You get a Gold Star Checke….png)


Thank you CalendarFag


919dbf  No.2383747


you hate that faggot seal meme too, huh?

b55739  No.2383748


Liar Jim

Jim Acosta.

Liar and Traitor

ec7ad1  No.2383749

File: 6de04a63bee1138⋯.jpg (532.41 KB, 1235x741, 5:3, GumbyPepeBoom.jpg)

9e6cf7  No.2383750

File: 16caba92b19c86f⋯.jpg (257.97 KB, 1280x954, 640:477, 8cf7117e35d4745f03098fc233….jpg)

It's been a great day. POTUS gave a fantastic speech at the TB rally and we anons got more Q conformations.."I've been to DC 17 times".. lol It looks like things will begin to roll faster and faster as we get closer to the day when these evil traitors will pay for their actions.

I have a question for Q that hasn't been mentioned much I think.. at least I have not found anything on it.

We know that some of the guilty were given deals.. I remember the SOTU address when POTUS gave the signal and many of the Republicans started applauding.. They were given a break.. I know it is the only way to make this work.. and some were blackmailed.. and SHOULD get a deal..The question is.. If these people were convinced somehow to break the law in the past, is there a chance, if they remain in power, for them to do so again.. or be blackmailed again.

Is there a safety net being built to make sure no further traitorous activity can reappear? I understand that as long as POTUS and Q are in control, we can rest assured they are working to keep America free and safe.. but what of Congress..They can be in power much longer than the Executive branch.. We DO need term limits.. but it could take years to push through.. and one thing we know about these NWO types is THEY ARE PATIENT.. and will go silent for many years and then raise back up.. We saw this in the creation of the Federal Reserve back at the turn of the century.. Jackson kicked them out as well.. and they reappeared later.. like a freaken virus..

I know it is up to the people in the long run.. but there is a lot of re-educating that needs to happen before I am confident that the people will consistently vote in good people..

2886fc  No.2383751


well it's gotta be obvious by now that practically no one on (their) side is a white European male……

5ffe5e  No.2383752

File: 49c980ee8171828⋯.jpeg (929.44 KB, 1235x1401, 1235:1401, E36BFD35-B2C6-47AB-A388-F….jpeg)

POTUS SCHEDULE just posted on Twatter .


311955  No.2383753

Think about it, this has been planned for years. They had to have put people in place, including journalists.

5f28c1  No.2383754



Friendly reminder that account is run by an anon, it isn't official.

232bd1  No.2383755



Departments of Justice and Labor Formalize New Partnership to Protect U.S. Workers From Discrimination and Combat Visa Abuse


30589e  No.2383756


Q proof

d4503b  No.2383757


Next rally is in PA!!!

Let's do this Q

Acosta panic


For now get it to PA bass player Jack Posobiec

5c6cb1  No.2383758




the pen is also very significant

Follow the pen

afda9e  No.2383759



c4de05  No.2383760


Are there are others who are getting ready to take the front line, like you have.

When will we have our AnonCandidate?

884f31  No.2383761

File: 1c8b35900a18058⋯.png (905.4 KB, 798x960, 133:160, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 31d7c2850820bd8⋯.png (871.02 KB, 851x960, 851:960, ClipboardImage.png)

Anons is this true? Sounds too good to be. Plus, can this happen to a sitting Premier?

79d193  No.2383762

File: a085c2f092298a4⋯.jpg (29.23 KB, 241x300, 241:300, th-2.jpg)



8c8066  No.2383763


Check out qmap.pub, look at the menu across the top. puts everything at a newfags fingertips.

dccfbf  No.2383764


Love you, anon. NoHomo

6d1f2a  No.2383765

File: b5482d89d622a9c⋯.jpg (102.53 KB, 900x506, 450:253, 5b60b011fc7e933a248b460c.jpg)

US Army prepares for Street Fighter battle to ‘develop overall tech fitness’

The US Army is going to war again. This time, soldiers will be slugging it out in the Street Fighter V video game, and the battle will be live-streamed to a global audience.

The championship began on Saturday and is open to all active-duty Army service members. Eight garrisons will host local tournaments, with four live-streamed on the Army’s Twitch channel.

The winner from each garrison will progress to the grand finals at PAX West in Seattle on September 1, with the overall winner receiving a goodie bag of merchandise, a two-night stay at the Mandalay Bay MGM resort in Las Vegas, and a $500 gift card, among other prizes

Army higher-ups have been quick to laud the championship as more than just a pointless game.

“The competition will develop Soldiers' outlook and overall fitness using current technology,” reads an Army statement. “Soldiers train for the competition by improving hand-eye coordination, mental focus and reaction time. These skills help improve a Soldier's overall readiness to help with normal job duties.”

Soldiers, veterans, and family members watching at home can enter an online draw to walk away with the same prizes as the winning soldier, minus the Twitch merchandise, and minus the risk of sprained thumbs affecting their combat readiness.

While the Army is a newcomer to the world of commercial e-sports, this is not its first foray into video gaming. The shooter and recruiting tool ‘America’s Army’ was developed in 2002. It was well-received and went on to spawn a host of sequels, and still has a dedicated online fanbase.


aa5cb2  No.2383766

File: e81d39f009134cd⋯.jpg (99.81 KB, 755x768, 755:768, L5lQ8tLxZph3UbiE7v2YZaHoIu….jpg)


Preferably with a sharpie in it.

245719  No.2383767


Maybe he's Ellion Gonzalez

524734  No.2383768


Can you imagine?

FREEDOM- after all that.

It's a tuff nut to be a Patriot, but that's all about to change!


ef7924  No.2383769


I interpret that as more confirmation of truth. Cannot have those facts out there of our beloved Hollyweird heros

850821  No.2383770

File: 85e9fcc472e19e8⋯.gif (2.31 MB, 1200x1200, 1:1, 85e9fcc472e19e8f9905676fc3….gif)


LOL!!! I like to get under Anons and shills skins sometimes. Not to mention, there is at least one Anon…


Who hadn't yet been blessed. KEK!!

But yes, I will retire that shot now so that clowns/losers (who can ever be sure??) don't start squealing like the byotches they are.

We need some tunes Anons. Have y'all checked out that "Voice of Q" track in this bread?? I love it.

71390b  No.2383771

Honest question:

For BO and Q

The media will have a field day with the Q smear, because of the filth on this board.

Alt right racist conspiracy, you name it, and they will have the proof to back it up.

We can’t blame it on the shills, right?

There are legitimate anons who actually enjoy looking at pornography every 5th post. There are actual anons who haven’t learned a thing from Q, don’t understand that pornography is part of their control system and that you’re feeding right into their hand.

I’ve tried to think of a defense, and I honestly have a hard time defending the culture here. We have the moral high ground as we are uncovering the worst crimes against humanity in all of history, but when the mockingbird attack machine starts firing ( as they already are), they’re going to have quite a bit of ammo.

So the best I could come up with, is this board was chosen for a reason. Freedom from cabal control, freedom from censorship, is a far better attribute than having to deal with lesser moral issues like lust and pornography.

The goal is to awaken the normies, if we don’t have complete moral high ground than our job will be more difficult.

53ab4f  No.2383772

File: fa722e0b8793152⋯.jpg (87.61 KB, 756x960, 63:80, hillaryowl.jpg)

File: a0bf893f6bd9a30⋯.jpg (121.42 KB, 488x848, 61:106, hillaryowl12640.jpg)

File: 1cc6105febc27ce⋯.jpg (285.44 KB, 640x1147, 640:1147, hillaryowl9640.jpg)

File: 1dbe80c1b211b30⋯.jpg (36.9 KB, 302x286, 151:143, hillaryowl11640.jpg)


I would say "blood lines" And in his case, look at the genealogy and family history. I believe they were English spies. It's obviously networks. cults, and ultimately the top 3 families who chose and move people into these positions. I believe some of the Dulles were psychopaths.

>>2383333 (pb)

No. Deserving.

It's a good meme.

That's why it got the quads.

Somebody smart wrote the text of the meme. And then it was put together really well.

7f4733  No.2383773

Thomas Jane played The Punisher in the 2004 movie

Thomas Paine, the author of some book related to what Q posted about John Adams is being talked about on reddit

I found this interesting his dad (Jane's) is a "biogenetic engineer… "

anyways just thought I'd throw that into the mix Thomas Paine/Jane and the whole Punisher thing that's been going on

6bf34c  No.2383774


Oh baby…

5c6cb1  No.2383775



they get physical, we ridicule them

ec7ad1  No.2383776


Please the children

2d8a6e  No.2383777

Can you imagine living in a world where people uniting and discussing information was a Conspiracy Theory?

But i love the new song on the radio - did you hear about that accident? also so and so in hollywood got married! u kno, the one with that underwear line really cheap!!

6079ee  No.2383778


Best you can do is remind everyone that you know: All politics are local.

Bottom up.

Recognize your target for influence and work from there.

e07bd5  No.2383779

File: b7f10c90e1f4396⋯.gif (21.12 KB, 256x108, 64:27, videotogif_2018.07.31_23.3….gif)

File: 4cf6045bbd05cc0⋯.gif (17.67 KB, 254x83, 254:83, videotogif_2018.07.31_23.2….gif)

fedb93  No.2383780


What's to stop a liberal president or judge from releasing him later, after trump?

2886fc  No.2383781


ah yes… use the lines on the paper to line up the pen with the clock…. that looks to be pointing at 4:30 or 5:00?

d450af  No.2383782

File: 2fd7f403ca0756b⋯.png (146.29 KB, 1136x640, 71:40, 518032C2-D6DD-44AC-996E-7E….png)

Anderson cooper report about promises by Susan pulled after he was called out for #ControlledMSM and His Bloodline

700c8e  No.2383783


They won't take the risk. They know they miised something and if they allow POTUS to troll them they will end up screwed as never before.

a2c410  No.2383784




7eb7f1  No.2383785


I remember you from few breads ago, gave some advice, your digits confirmed…you're still held to that…more advice…lurk moar = look before you leap

919dbf  No.2383786


Wish there was sauce on this badly!

7c8e27  No.2383787


You are wrong. It’s official.

33577e  No.2383788

File: 817417e16f71d87⋯.jpg (41.04 KB, 324x499, 324:499, 51nduyda9FL._SX322_BO1,204….jpg)

File: 171f72b1a415f36⋯.jpg (293.09 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, 20180731_233819.jpg)

The pen of the author of common sense

The pen of (thomas paine)

The pen of PAIN.

DJT is wielding the pen [of pain]

7e10c5  No.2383789


I'd love it if it was!!

dccfbf  No.2383790

Bread moving fast notable update from baker

#3004 >>2383359 Baker Change

>>2383479 Q Cutout Anons Step up

>>2383576, >>2383678 President pointing at Q cutout anon

>>2383690 For the MuhNothingInJuly shills

Remember to put "baker notable" not "fucking notable" if you want me to see it.

1aa033  No.2383791


we already live in that world, anon

2729e7  No.2383792

So POTUS said he likes odd numbers. In his ID or post #? Or is he referring to trips 111, 333, 555, 777, 999?

I bet you we will be able to go back and find Ivanka, Giuliani, POTUS, everyone, by their tweets and deltas and time stamps.

5af37d  No.2383793


What’s going on with her watch?

561fa4  No.2383794

Brace yourselves,

Red pilling is a process,

How fare are you ready to go?

This stuff gets shut down pretty quick on this board, and I can see why. There are several steps before these can come out to the normies, are you a normie? This ytube sums it up better than I can.


147b08  No.2383795


This is probably the most effective tool they have against us.

Problem is that most anons know its not just CNN.


7429b8  No.2383796

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


he's trying to mold the narrative again.

might be setting up a "self-fulfilling prophecy".

if so (and hope it isn't), marking the timestamp for future reference.

don't have twatter, but if someone could post this video on the comments, would appreciate it.

a little American history refresher never hurts anyone, Jim. least of all, the esteemed members of the press.


fd32ca  No.2383797

>>2383741 Dems Expand Push to Blacklist Businesses Working on Trump’s Border Wall


cuz it's all they got left,

that and starting fires in CA

56ba02  No.2383798


The coroner.

9c9adf  No.2383799


Unbelievable! What a night!

d02e13  No.2383800

File: ec38efd7c7c1548⋯.jpg (216.44 KB, 640x387, 640:387, seriously-your-post-might-….jpg)


salute anon .

d7813c  No.2383801


Jean Cretien was disgraced and left office so yeah it can happen

5ea59e  No.2383802


Have been studying POTUS Schedule Twatter account closely for weeks (have analyzed all 2k plus tweets). This is a legit Q proof/reference to the #1776 post, by an official Trump admin insider (yes FFS I know, no blue checkmark, but it is real nonetheless).

b9250a  No.2383803

File: ba588d3f13f4bf7⋯.png (502.93 KB, 672x587, 672:587, ClipboardImage.png)

Poor Jim Acosta:


fd2a14  No.2383804

Popodopolus was a plant by the F_I

a30931  No.2383805

File: d611c6e4ff91509⋯.png (21.86 KB, 474x386, 237:193, doppelkeks.png)



Punctuation MATTERS, Anon!

884f31  No.2383806


You and me both anon

12f21b  No.2383807


So what do we know? They've labeled Q and Pizzagate as conspiracy theories obviously to discredit them.

If they ask POTUS about Q and he says, yeah it's totally legit. It's no longer a conspiracy theory since it's something obviously closely related to POTUS.

So they need him to pretend it doesn't exist so they can say that Q and all the red-pilled masses are wrong.

886b46  No.2383808


>maybe a very long shutdown with only select individuals getting retro pay will starve out some of them?

Except that hose crooked fucks have all made themselves rich af by selling out America. Couldn't starve them out. Jail time or rope is needed.

>would a prolonged government shutdown provide any extra powers or privileges for POTUS?

I don't think a shutdown gives POTUS any special powers.

6d1f2a  No.2383809

File: 1e883d0f92ce99f⋯.jpg (284.17 KB, 473x600, 473:600, 2599507-l.jpg)

2729e7  No.2383810


Hahahaha!!! How many do we neeeeed????

fd32ca  No.2383811


We need to up our support for these businesses

d18544  No.2383812


>However, even if we fulfill that goal POTUS can still use the Q movement going forward to drum up support for the 2020 …

i think we should start looking further down the road; The idea of "truth, justice, and digging" needs to become a permanent part of the national discourse re: our own governance.

Q has given us a starting point. We need to take the next step, if we expect to keep this Republic hat the first gen Patriots, and now the present day ones are fighting so hard to save.

If not we will be doing this again in 50-100 years.

7f4733  No.2383813


>I honestly have a hard time defending the culture here.

don't have to defend shit, the information will stand on it's own

7eb7f1  No.2383814


as for shills, leave them be. they make themselves obvious to those who lurk. ignore them & focus on what you can add to the board.

afda9e  No.2383815

File: b362bd4ca6d2a90⋯.png (254.39 KB, 608x336, 38:21, ClipboardImage.png)



9fa23e  No.2383816


>pinned to his twatter

That's an underrated signal, too. POTUS rarely pins anything.

1c0079  No.2383817


there has been much talk that he won't last his full term… his handlers are realizing that he is what he is…. a drama teacher.

2886fc  No.2383818


sauce? I see it both ways…. think they did post something that indicated that they are official and very close to the POTUS

56ba02  No.2383819


"This video is unavailable"

6079ee  No.2383820


Shouldn't be here.

27ac2c  No.2383821


Conspiracy theorists. Again, and again, and again.

The truth of it is, the majority of people holding up Q signs at tonight’s rally probably aren't 8chan autists.

They're the same patriotic, salt of the earth, working-class Americans that voted for Trump and saved us from catastrophe.

They're drawn to Q for the same reason they were drawn to Trump. They feel it in their bones. They know it’s right. They know the alternative is wrong.

I have a theory that "conspiracy theorists" are inherently tied to the working and middle classes. The soy-latte drinking elitists would agree. But they think it's because these people are stupid, because they weren't educated at (insert Ivy league U).

In fact, it's just the opposite.

These people are smart ABOUT THE WORLD. Because they weren't raised in a cosmopolitan bubble. Because they weren’t raised to ignore blatant truth. They see how things really are.

They are the ones that send their children to die in wars. They are the ones that see their jobs go overseas. They are the ones that see the elite escape justice. Time and time again.

Not anymore.

They’re sick of it. We’re sick of it. I’m sick of it.

You can call them whatever you want. But you won’t stop them. They’ve moved beyond the message and arrived at truth.

The world is about to change…

And it’s about damn time.

249650  No.2383822


Friendly reminder, you say that often and we really don't care

Your rational is that @jack hasn't verified

Many of us like the account, be it Q team, POTUS team or random person

So give it up already

15914d  No.2383823


The media will try and smear Trump with this Q group. But then they will find out its real.

5c6cb1  No.2383824


shit, pretty sure a clockfag did that:

>>2381623 (#3001) ClockFag Graphic

there might be others, making a side by side, don't feel like checking rn, kek!

726ca3  No.2383825

File: 873fd72d8e956f8⋯.pdf (1.52 MB, NotablesArchive740-2992.pdf)

posting this again for the night shift


This is the RAW notables archive. It contains notables collected from breads 740 ~ 2992

It also includes archive.fo links for #2628 to 2992

It is missing notables collected for breads;

#1 ~ #739

#1269 ~ #1409

#1702 ~ #1704

This is the raw archive and I apologize for the rough form and any garbage included


updated 7.31.18



00fd28  No.2383826

(((they))) are really pushing the new age hard these days

my god

2aadcf  No.2383827

0f100d  No.2383828

File: f4c9b41537ef2e8⋯.png (523.76 KB, 939x515, 939:515, Capture.PNG)

File: c47c4ae77414964⋯.jpg (11.09 KB, 243x255, 81:85, kansas kek.jpg)

lulz :-)

2c835a  No.2383829


If nipples mean child pornography, then by the laws of BV logic, the lack of nipples makes it wholesome and patriotic.

dccfbf  No.2383830


And he says, "We aren't the enemy!"

Yeah, Jim. You're the mouthpiece for the enemy. Goebbels wasn't the enemy, either. He just worked for them. Just like CNN!

536adc  No.2383831

File: 50987df76da7787⋯.jpg (216.2 KB, 490x652, 245:326, kekistan1.jpg)

File: 9c10a99a6321792⋯.jpg (93.6 KB, 600x450, 4:3, mockingbirdkiller2.jpg)

File: 1c0d0073f2716a2⋯.jpg (81.35 KB, 304x500, 76:125, mockingbirdkiller1.jpg)


Killing the Mockingbirds !


1aa033  No.2383832


it's called heart

9d2bb3  No.2383833


Nice kick in the stones to the Muh nothings habbeningfags BAKER!


16c9f2  No.2383834


Discovery is the process where the defense learns about the evidence the prosecution has against the defendant. If those emails are part of the prosecution's evidence, yes.

886b46  No.2383835

File: 201fc013a9e9392⋯.jpg (123.25 KB, 962x725, 962:725, antifa and dog.jpg)


>I'm betting that Sarah or even Trump gets asked within a week

More interesting than them being asked is what their answer will be …. confirm or deny?

5c6cb1  No.2383836


>For the MuhNothingInJuly shills


nice baker

they're been at it for… a month

884f31  No.2383837


Damn anon, your mouth to God's ear - or whoever's ear it is that is doing the arresting. kek

Can't wait to be rid of this scourge on our society.

7f4733  No.2383838


Thomas Paine rhymes with Thomas Jane who played The Punisher in a movie

6079ee  No.2383839

954fe6  No.2383840


humble request for a customized panty pepe meme*

>>2383770 i love it anon!! did an an anon make this?????

413b06  No.2383841



oh. wait.

comments say 'This was published the same time Assange lost communications.'

Mar 21, 2018

The zip code on the CD label?



b6db74  No.2383842

File: 3fc6d5bc775cc1d⋯.jpg (22.88 KB, 800x451, 800:451, president-donald-trump-off….jpg)

Anons All.

POTUS is Truly showing U.S. What it Takes to WIN.

A constant Workhorse Effort!

The 2 D's Philosophy.


Let Nothing Stand in YOUR Way!



7e10c5  No.2383843


You don't have to defend real, actual, FREE speech. It is what it is.

4227ef  No.2383844

File: 49cd9e76045755a⋯.jpg (76.58 KB, 921x800, 921:800, 49cd9e76045755aecddbca5d67….jpg)

ec7ad1  No.2383845


Follow the pen…

727112  No.2383846


Lying fucker

100's of Patriots were within 2 feet of that bastard and no one laid a hand on him.

b09bec  No.2383847


Even fucking better!!!

One of the heckler's has a qanon shirt on!

Truly the best timeline ever!

25d814  No.2383848


Follow the pen! kek

4d21f1  No.2383849

File: 965e8d47a6555ad⋯.png (105.66 KB, 1296x388, 324:97, mediaitis.png)


Ha ha this is great. "Countless crazed activists wore “Q” themed gear and flashed signs pushing the baseless idea tonight."

A delicious kek.

5c6cb1  No.2383850

>>2383825 RAW notables archive collected from breads 740 ~ 2992

NOTABLE (might've been there, but still think)

57ae42  No.2383851


Bullshit! Q needs to come out before 2020. We need to.move forward as a republic. So we have a president right now, which is probably you know Qou that is , and he's been elected, she lost a rigged election, but now he is POTUS. We need to vote everytime we need representation and choose a GOOD honest person.

2886fc  No.2383852


>i think we should start looking further down the road; The idea of "truth, justice, and digging" needs to become a permanent part of the national discourse re: our own governance.

Absolutely!!!! We can never let this get this bad again! We have no excuse not to keep this going as long as we have the internet!

851f82  No.2383853


Who would get more reeee's

A) anons posting their boob pics

B) anons posting their penis pics

A good reason for not declaring gender here perhaps?

dd3b3e  No.2383854


Lurk moar. Like, a lot.

311955  No.2383855


Eric Trump, Jim Acosta engage in Twitter spat over 'CNN sucks' chant

President Trump’s son Eric Trump and CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta engaged in a Twitter spat Tuesday night following the campaign rally in Florida.

During the rally, where Trump was campaigning for gubernatorial candidate Rep. Ron DeSantis, R-Fla., the crowd began changing, “CNN Sucks,” while Acosta was filming live.


659a31  No.2383856


my guess is neither

e4b5e7  No.2383857

886b46  No.2383858


Twatter is sinking …. fast.

e1b16b  No.2383859

File: 6346b21dc6bb5cc⋯.png (642.44 KB, 830x1179, 830:1179, Untitled.png)



5c6cb1  No.2383860


children shouldn't be here


524734  No.2383861


Honorable, Anon.

Social media/societal manipulation has made the tattoo acceptable.

BUT- God tells us that tattoos desicrate the temple.

I have a tat too- wish I didn't, not a lecture just a few cents.

4227ef  No.2383862


Post 'em

884f31  No.2383863


He is a basket case, his programming is falling apart. No amount of tuneups can salvage him. He needs to go like yesterday.

3594bb  No.2383864

>>2383648, >>2383664, >>2383609

Ty bakers, BO

==Backup baker coming on in half-hour=

Will lurk unless called to assist/bake.

Will czech in again next bake for BO/BV conf

3a18c3  No.2383865


You talk about honesty……

There are thousands of videos about ETs.

Here one, when they came over that unit and disarmet all nukes, 9 or 10, don't recall exactly, and military called boeing, to verify how is this possible, and found nothing wrong, and you have pictures of orbs over that unit, also jets were lauched in order to take down orbs, and they played cat and mouse w/ jets, and when jets decided to fire, they just vanished in a speed, that only i can understand, and not cos they were scared, but to not harm others.


a2c410  No.2383866


2nd that kek

Nice twist on that


249650  No.2383867


>Poor Jim Acosta

Yes, the CNN sucks was loud

But really, he was upstaged by the man to his right in the QAnon t-shirt

c1ccd7  No.2383868

File: 57947b33340c1ae⋯.jpg (446.89 KB, 2508x2255, 228:205, 57947b33340c1ae3a8634168ad….jpg)

919dbf  No.2383869


Children shouldn't be here unless parents are negligent af.

We have seen a lot of evil exposed, done in the name of 'saving' the children

c037cf  No.2383870

File: 40afc5711cb2ac5⋯.png (612.07 KB, 694x500, 347:250, fuckyoucunts.png)

30589e  No.2383871


There is no putting the genie back in the bottle.

The media have their proof that chans are fucked.

Q proofs are all we need.

Shitpost away

9d2bb3  No.2383872


Have you seen one, in front of you in the flesh?

fcb451  No.2383873

File: b89e5b1ec63ac3a⋯.jpeg (456.06 KB, 1230x1361, 1230:1361, 59727E16-3DAF-4CB8-AFA5-4….jpeg)


cee7ff  No.2383874

File: ece211f8c021d93⋯.jpg (69.77 KB, 660x639, 220:213, IMG_20180801_091755.jpg)

dd3b3e  No.2383875


Confirmations galore.

5c6cb1  No.2383876

FFS if a child saw the fucking gore piece of shit post…

don't bring your children here anons, goddamn

show them shit, but I'd advise not bringing them here

25d814  No.2383877


Not in EU

2886fc  No.2383878


I totally agree. I won't get them for anything.

fd2a14  No.2383879

Thank you Mr. President for all your hard work on behalf of the American people. Maga wwg1wga

6d1f2a  No.2383880



dccfbf  No.2383881


Please! The Children!

Punctuation is your friend.

cee7ff  No.2383882

File: 634bf17a3c307fa⋯.jpg (59.62 KB, 720x803, 720:803, IMG_20180801_091750.jpg)

5a61fe  No.2383883


just because they unidentified don't necessarily make them space aliens

ef386c  No.2383884


You can place all your memes in the memes folder in catalog also.


954fe6  No.2383885


see this a few breads ago


a80ca2  No.2383886

File: 276aa38be607034⋯.png (1.08 MB, 1291x6500, 1291:6500, Screenshot_2018-07-31 Gun ….png)

File: 448523e32591ae5⋯.png (1.52 MB, 1291x5492, 1291:5492, Screenshot_2018-07-31 Poli….png)

Why is it a good idea for Floridians to send Rick Scott to DC, a man that tells lies about Parkland like Charlie Baker tells lies about the Boston Bombing and everyone lies about Vegas?

You can keep you second amendment except when you cant?

Its the same revolving fucking door as it ever was Mr President.

561fa4  No.2383887




919dbf  No.2383888


where is that canook tranny when you need him to dig?

2c835a  No.2383889


I think it's the comped as fuck reddit mods trying to get their traffic back.

b5113a  No.2383890

File: db8113e5f23e7df⋯.png (207 KB, 348x507, 116:169, Screenshot_2018-08-01 POTU….png)


says official?

0f100d  No.2383891

File: 9f72c958be8a796⋯.png (72.84 KB, 669x560, 669:560, 1.PNG)

File: 4b646adb7dca432⋯.png (98.05 KB, 667x647, 667:647, 2.PNG)

File: d51d43da610dc45⋯.png (92.7 KB, 657x610, 657:610, 3.PNG)

File: 00a61f3d51af8c5⋯.png (117.61 KB, 671x662, 671:662, 4.PNG)



3b06f3  No.2383892


I wonder if they will get as hype as the regular FGC does. Been a very long time since I tuned into one of those things though.

Is there any symbolism here?

1b3b2c  No.2383893

File: a959e932492e15e⋯.jpg (343.17 KB, 711x2525, 711:2525, Luzzatto, Tamera.jpg)


Luzzatto/ HRC / Rockefeller connections

d450af  No.2383894

File: 9b1eaea0a9aae4d⋯.jpeg (104.31 KB, 640x442, 320:221, F63615CA-0F88-4EA6-BC52-D….jpeg)

3b344a  No.2383895


welcome to the chans, we love logic here

413b06  No.2383896

File: 84cd3cba9c5a1cb⋯.png (97.15 KB, 813x858, 271:286, welcome.PNG)


>I have a hard time defending the culture here

JUST in case you're not a shill-douche, you don't have to DEFEND IT

Just explain it

It is the natural chaos of unfettered free speech

61fd3c  No.2383897

File: ab54043a3f527e2⋯.jpg (223.79 KB, 1208x794, 604:397, IMG_4701.JPG)

3a18c3  No.2383898


ET? orb?

ET, no.

But walk in. still…..

954fe6  No.2383899



oops nvm 1982 lol .. fucking love it though

948a86  No.2383900


You're one of those who has to push it to the line every fucking time. Grow up and stop being such an immature ass. I say this hoping it will help you.

524734  No.2383901


NIPPLES = Napolitano (Janet), her nick-name.

There. That should ruin it for ya.

ec7ad1  No.2383902


got it

computer short hand let me down

1fe09a  No.2383903



436c96  No.2383904

Welp, looks like July is almost over. What'll it be now, Q?

August, 2019, the world will know the truth?

Or you just gonna lean on "The choice to know will ultimately be yours"? Nice copout by the way.

7e10c5  No.2383905


This is so great. I love Bolton's stash and secret Gen K.

1b7879  No.2383906


We are the wild card

3eb9c7  No.2383907



Fucking lol!

Oh noes, these people don't think like we do and don't agree on all the ideas that we think are cool, they must be into wacky conspiracies n stuff.

Imagine people giving you shit and calling you a wackjob or a crazy lunatic because you prefer McDonalds to Chik-Fil-A or Dominos pizza to Papa Johns pizza. Sorry MSM, just cause people are no longer buying into the lies and manipulated news stories that you are all trying to shove down our throats doesn't make anyone a crazy person or a conspiracy theorist.

3d74b9  No.2383908

Will everyone hear about the 16-year plan?

4634eb  No.2383909

Anyone have those pics of Assange on the beach?

a3b664  No.2383910

File: e2be24b40a413e4⋯.png (2.35 MB, 2560x2560, 1:1, QDreamcatcher.png)




Was a pleasure & my honor to Bake for you Fags tonight!! It was a memorable one, so many things happening all at once!! WWG1WGA

Love all of You (nohomo)

583bc2  No.2383911



25d814  No.2383912

File: aa48ba26808190e⋯.png (829.09 KB, 2064x1071, 688:357, Untitled.png)

413112  No.2383913


No SDNY is, Mueller passed it off, which is fine, Trump appointed US attorney who shouldn't be recused from this

53507b  No.2383914


When reports tweet about Qanon "Conspiracy" - Tweet and ask them:

Why haven't you asked the President if it is a "conspiracy"?????

6079ee  No.2383915


You know Trudeau and Clinton are cousing through the Sinclair (St. Clair) line, right?

dccfbf  No.2383916

Baker 500ish update

#3004 >>2383359 Baker Change

>>2383479 Q Cutout Anons Step up

>>2383576, >>2383678 President pointing at Q cutout anon

>>2383690 For the MuhNothingInJuly shills

>>2383741 Dems Expand Push to Blacklist Businesses Working on Trump’s Border Wall

>>2383825 Notables compilation in pdf format (repost)

>>2383891 Screen Cap of Q's WSJ article

I will be baking early. Bread is flying and I don't like eBakes.

1b3b2c  No.2383917


However, I'd give Mattis a rifle, not an oar

e1b16b  No.2383918


the schedule is official. not the account. still a good follow.

c037cf  No.2383919

File: 830fc4a9b86e453⋯.png (188.33 KB, 600x456, 25:19, fixedforyou.png)


Since (((they))) lost their BV, they have been doing everything they can to censor the board.

c219e8  No.2383921

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Ron Desantis is going to make a great governor! If you haven't seen, his campaign ad is awesome!

It's obvious he is a good man and ready to MAGA.

79d193  No.2383922

File: 8682d7a27645f47⋯.jpg (150.61 KB, 701x513, 701:513, 8682d7a27645f479b79e6a915a….jpg)

>It is the natural chaos of

unfettered free speech

3698e4  No.2383923

File: f42e1eb7d81f8c5⋯.png (25.4 KB, 606x485, 606:485, pepewww.png)


>NIPPLES = Napolitano (Janet), her nick-name.

3b60c5  No.2383924

File: a4788f48eff8cfd⋯.jpeg (43.38 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, 67ACCF3B-1F52-46B8-BBAC-1….jpeg)

File: c7a11b51cff4dd2⋯.jpeg (67.08 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, 3C32714A-8933-4519-80EB-9….jpeg)


These still need to be confirmed

0e2e67  No.2383925

File: 9f8206ea2a4efd4⋯.jpg (99.41 KB, 500x532, 125:133, Operation Mockingbird meme….jpg)

File: 74819968051191d⋯.jpg (158.66 KB, 888x499, 888:499, Operation Mockingbird meme….jpg)

File: 55a27d4392e7726⋯.jpg (152.4 KB, 481x957, 481:957, Operation Mockingbird proo….jpg)

File: e38b18f5e8a346d⋯.jpg (193.34 KB, 500x842, 250:421, Operation Mockingbird proo….jpg)

2beccd  No.2383926

Should we blast Jimbos Twatter with side by sides of their version of truth and the real truth?

34eadf  No.2383927


Makes me laugh. Confirmation screws MSM any way you look at it.

Trump says sure, I go around you because you are fake new. They have to dig through 9 months of obscure posts.

They sound crazy as hell trying to explain Alice in Wonderland. God that would be funny.

7eb7f1  No.2383928



for more than one reason, anon

0f100d  No.2383929


If they read crumbs they will.

5a61fe  No.2383930


did any reporter ask Bush about the 9/11 conspiracy?

3a18c3  No.2383931



948a86  No.2383932

2886fc  No.2383933


awesome if it happens

has been discussed here at length on the boards, Jan-April timeframe

Trudeau, Macron, and Merkel are all facing the same fate.

Remember, US Military is the most powerful military in the world.

They are fucked.

aacfb8  No.2383934

File: 76debd128b19a48⋯.jpg (524.57 KB, 3264x2448, 4:3, Q Cutout.jpg)

File: 7707d33a769dfff⋯.jpg (93.94 KB, 650x768, 325:384, KwqfG98BDQFUr6-Tb4pi-15vfF….jpg)

Hey guys my son was holding the Q cut out


4634eb  No.2383935


Thanks, bro

850821  No.2383936

File: 33c6003b7f4f496⋯.jpg (317.18 KB, 1202x1655, 1202:1655, IMG_20180707_001417.jpg)


I don't think so. It was in my vast collection. I've never seen it here, and I have lived here since day 1, but out of the lineup, that was the one that seemed most like your vibe. I will retire it from use in your honor and if an Anon DID make that, please step up.

Shadilay One & All!!

3b06f3  No.2383937


As long as it was made clear why.

Logical reason behind it is sound then yes.

e947da  No.2383938


Miserable? Lonely? Looking for attention?

dd3b3e  No.2383939


There are no children here. Only Anons.

38f11c  No.2383940


They were in the last bread, maybe the one before. FYI.

dccfbf  No.2383941


Anons? Notable? (Baker asking)

886b46  No.2383942

File: fa04037fd738758⋯.jpg (100.29 KB, 491x540, 491:540, booboo.jpg)


I have these. From Aldi.

Had to try them.

Unfortunately, they taste like cardboard. Very bland.

1aa033  No.2383943

so annoying when the board freezes as you're trying to hide a post

5c6cb1  No.2383944



some anon said "please, for the children"

just had to say that

I don't have any (too young for that shit imo)

just was saying for the newfags that have joined us tonight due to the habbeings



I don't see any of your faggot posts anymoar, eat shit

5a61fe  No.2383945


Russia, Nazi's, us, private…

2886fc  No.2383946



I thought you said you didn't know how to post here on the chan kek

c77cbc  No.2383947



c5c48d  No.2383948

thought this theory deserved a repost for the "nothing is happening" faggots:

Mueller has not been after Trump

That is the hoax, hilary is the witch and Mueller is on the hunt. Trump has been trolling everyone from the beginning in order to get hilary/obama people to rally behind Mueller because, surprise! Mueller is indeed investigating hilary, not Trump. Never was. This has all been leading up to this day of truth coming to light for the sake of unity. No civil war. Soon everyone will be calling for hilary and obamas heads. Trump said the mission go code: 17 x 3 then Q posts the world is about to change. THEN Q posts about Mueller referring Podesta. Podesta is the first domino that will lead through hilary and up to obama himself. They are all going down. This is checkmate.

Now the media has two choices. 1 continue to dismiss Q giving us more evidence of their lies. 2 investigate Q. Investigating Q vindicates Trump 100% and exposes media as complicit in treason. Dismissing Q exposes media as complicit in treason. Media is in check and they are 100% going to lose either way. Trump wins the game. Thats whats up people. For those that didnt hear the BOOM. That was it.

25d814  No.2383949


U da real MVP!

3b06f3  No.2383950


Did you guys manage to take a photo when Trump came and pointed?

5c6cb1  No.2383951

ec7ad1  No.2383953


still cant figure if this crap is real

83b3e8  No.2383954



Read your bible…

50d459  No.2383955


There he is, boys!

2729e7  No.2383956

fd32ca  No.2383957

File: dbb47dac2136c53⋯.png (12.73 KB, 255x253, 255:253, pepetrumpwall.png)

af1b58  No.2383958



38f11c  No.2383959

Any hidden messages in these? :)

3b344a  No.2383960


kek…as was aye

12f21b  No.2383961


nono, he's saying thankQ

6d1f2a  No.2383962


Are you asking me or testing me. :)

1aa033  No.2383963


why does q keep telling us to do that anyway

e219e0  No.2383964

File: 3ee882d71b38579⋯.png (1.62 MB, 873x892, 873:892, 2137678432-2032877931.png)

232bd1  No.2383965

DOJ cuts off Swiss Bank Account tax evasion


46fdc4  No.2383966

File: b70b2ccb49aef2f⋯.jpg (820.3 KB, 3264x2448, 4:3, IMG_4249.JPG)

Besides seeing 111 a lot over the last two weeks and a bunch of dragonflies, the matrix served this up to me while I was on vacation in FL. Dragon energy to POTUS, Q and all those on the front lines. No words exist to express my thanks.

d8431f  No.2383967


>What'll it be now, Q?

read the articles and understand that the cat is now out of the bag so to speak, in the public record, out there for people to read and think about…

TL;DR kys

884f31  No.2383968


I know Trudeau is bloodlined through his mother, Sinclair but don't know if and which Clinton is connected thru the Sinclair bloodline.

dccfbf  No.2383969


Nunes says he thinks there are grounds for RR impeachment. If RR is dirty, RM is dirty.

Above straight from Q posts and Q drops.

2729e7  No.2383970


Of course! Q confirmation!

But give it to the gent who posted it first.

2ea217  No.2383971

File: 6b56bac2d3c94fd⋯.png (56.44 KB, 350x343, 50:49, think-mirror-8118.png)

850821  No.2383972

File: 1b219c670253d82⋯.jpg (29.94 KB, 439x363, 439:363, 1b219c670253d825eefb3637ac….jpg)

File: 2fd29f2614f1c9d⋯.png (493.64 KB, 545x523, 545:523, maga-peeps.png)


KEK!! I Thought you meant the meme. The song!! I don't know. I don't think so, like you said, 1982. But…What it says in the background is interesting as well.

Sorry for the confusion.

524734  No.2383973


REGRET mine.

Had been doing nfl/sports photography for years, and MY team was heading to the Super Bowel, so I got a sports tat… DUMB.

All those years of being on the field- loving the NFL and I absolutely HATE the NFL today.

3431d9  No.2383974


Where is that POTUS tweet? Did he delete it?

3b06f3  No.2383975


I'm asking.

009ab6  No.2383976

File: 67fa2f4cd19ec4a⋯.gif (191.52 KB, 239x300, 239:300, EnjoyingTheShow.gif)


The World is about to change.



5ea59e  No.2383977


I am convinced it is official, having studied all of its tweets and its behavior, the uniqueness and unforgeability of much of its content, and the WH’s silence as to its origins and veracity.

My guess would be Scavino or Parscale run it or supervise it.

4d21f1  No.2383978

>>2377444 (Q/Geotus's 1776)

I'd been waiting all day and I ended up having to be in public when this was posted… and seriously I kind of screamed out loud. It was awkward.

But, man, I'm so happy. Be a doll, anon (any (you)), and please post an appropriate Pepe for this feeling.

4db13d  No.2383979

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


THE ANSWER TO 1984 IS 1776

886b46  No.2383980


>my guess is neither

Agree. "We have no comment at this time."

That would be a cop-out, imo.

And it would piss off a LOT of anons.

But it would be consistent with the rest of this psyop.

57ae42  No.2383981


Ah yeah! Potus confirm


What are the odds of that!

2c835a  No.2383982


I didn't even post any girls. You don't even know what you're fighting about anymore. Fucking tard.

dd3b3e  No.2383983


Fuck. Off. Not the time or place.

aa5cb2  No.2383984

>>2383752 notable

1776 on the 1776 post

ec7ad1  No.2383985


go to reddit and tell everyone there not to let children come to 8chan

8chan is all over reddit tonight good luck keeping the kids out tonight

c5c48d  No.2383986


fair point anon, forgot about that.

27ac2c  No.2383987


Damn good post, Anon. Spot on.

55d3a0  No.2383988

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

The British Empire.

Step by step of how we infested the world with the research to prove it, hope it helps connect some dots

7eb7f1  No.2383989


shills BTFO by EOM, they worked a whole month for nothing

2cf839  No.2383990

File: ba1080dba6983ee⋯.png (18.38 KB, 470x130, 47:13, Screen Shot 2018-07-31 at ….png)


she has a backup account… look for her here

3f0e9e  No.2383991


Try harder Acosta.

436c96  No.2383992

2d8a6e  No.2383994

File: fc44703b70bac4b⋯.jpg (205.44 KB, 800x600, 4:3, wwwtttfffff.jpg)


my hopes are trying to not be high for the morning light anon - just another rise with the sun, smoke and a coffee but this post gives me hope haha

53507b  No.2383995


You may have to make the squares bigger on your calendar very soon! Much habbening.

2886fc  No.2383996


Just one?

My father told me not to play football. Said it wasn't worth it. I never played any sports in high school, played soccer in elementary and jr high. Now I can't stand sports.

a30931  No.2383997


Now that's what I call a [MARKER]!



63e198  No.2383998

File: ad3192dac1d6013⋯.jpg (33.9 KB, 300x168, 25:14, 2018-07-31 22.51.34.jpg)

File: 7d78b47a12adb97⋯.jpg (32.14 KB, 299x168, 299:168, 2018-07-31 21.11.14.jpg)

File: d491829fe1539ba⋯.jpg (364.25 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 2018-07-30 22.28.39.jpg)

by the PEOPLE

for the PEOPLE


6079ee  No.2383999



9f0e10  No.2384000

help find Molly Tibbetts


851f82  No.2384001


love that pic.

"Walk softly, build a big wall."

c4de05  No.2384002


good point and a long road for our patriotic journalists.

Those "pushed" out of every place in society have also directed ourselves here purposefully.

c1ccd7  No.2384003

File: 5205e889d1137ff⋯.png (18.45 KB, 1198x163, 1198:163, Q No.80.png)



311955  No.2384004

Paul Manafort Fraud Case Is Laid Out Before Jurors

ALEXANDRIA, Va.—Paul Manafort’s lawyer told jurors that the former Trump campaign chairman was innocent of tax and bank-fraud charges but had made the mistake of trusting his business associate, bookkeeper and accountants, as the closely watched criminal trial got under way Tuesday.

“This case is about taxes and trust…and Mr. Manafort placing his trust in the wrong person—Rick Gates,” Mr. Manafort’s lawyer Thomas Zehnle told the jury in his opening statement. Mr. Manafort was charged last year by special counsel Robert Mueller,…


9d2bb3  No.2384005

File: 52eef64bb87c0ed⋯.png (58.49 KB, 1032x901, 1032:901, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 7fd7b42d89029a2⋯.png (175.12 KB, 1043x890, 1043:890, ClipboardImage.png)

File: a1a7f00310f4bf0⋯.png (72.58 KB, 1020x882, 170:147, ClipboardImage.png)

File: d1e86531fa946f9⋯.png (20.43 KB, 1023x331, 1023:331, ClipboardImage.png)

A Group of Top Government Spooks & Hackers on the FBI’s Payroll Just Tore Mueller’s Russian Indictments to Shreds; “Piles” of Fabricated Evidence Detailed Here

We asked a number of government spooks and hackers and contractors who have worked for the FBI and other spooky federal agencies to examine Robert Mueller’s latest indictments of 12 alleged Russian “operatives.”

Their conclusion? HOAX. Mueller’s team fabricated evidence.

And a whole lot of evidence.

What kind of evidence? It’s all right here. Whether you understand IT or not, the evidence Mueller claims points to Russia actually also points to India, Pakistan and of course China. Funny though, Mueller never mentions that in his indictment.

Wonder why?

President Trump has called it a witch hunt. And a number of spooks now are backing that claim. The evidence in Mueller’s indictment DOES NOT check our. Any defense attorney will have a field day with this. If they even care to counter the charges since the defendants are in Russia.

Here is a collective breakdown we orchestrated and pieced together proving Mueller’s case is a fabricated hoax.


232ac8  No.2384006

File: 83325b8a5fe170a⋯.png (555.28 KB, 724x407, 724:407, ClipboardImage.png)


From website by Lara Poitras. I believe she is the photographer.


Julian Assange in Laura Poitras, Risk, 2017, film still. Courtesy: Praxis Films

dccfbf  No.2384007


That is just some Anon…. Not going in notables. That is not an official Twatter account.

37481a  No.2384008

File: 24b6417673b7426⋯.jpg (67.12 KB, 398x393, 398:393, GeorgeAcosta.jpg)

886b46  No.2384009


^ Wise anon.

e947da  No.2384010


He doesn't really want to know jack. He's a whiny nag.

66e923  No.2384011

File: df726fef2ecca47⋯.png (57.21 KB, 1306x498, 653:249, tracker.png)

File: 77f4b5f4b0a5f35⋯.png (50.63 KB, 1295x500, 259:100, tracker2.png)

413b06  No.2384012


jesus christ anon, this is the FIRST LAYER OF THE DEEP WEB

no children. Period. We aren't going to change our free speech so you can let your little ones wander in the deep web epidermis. BE A FUCKING RESPONSIBLE PARENT

7e10c5  No.2384013


I'm an idiot who once got a small Chinese word years ago. I was intelligent enough to make sure it said "truth". Still relevant! Kek

ec7ad1  No.2384014

I cant believe how additive this place is

e1b16b  No.2384015


talented if she can sign her name on your stomach.

d75b40  No.2384016

File: 68fc5f16112e4be⋯.jpg (717.95 KB, 2040x1501, 2040:1501, DjXNWaIVsAEUtsF.jpg large.jpg)

2886fc  No.2384017


kek thank you for your analysis.

I saw it a few weeks ago they had posted a pic of something that could have only been posted by an insider… thus when I realized it was likely official.

5c6cb1  No.2384018


no it isn't


I'd advise this baker:

>>2383752 POTUS_Schedule posts about 1776

its the "official" schedule, and Q has referenced it, but no confirmations its tied to Q

so its not a Qproof, but I think notable (no coincidences)

0e2e67  No.2384019

File: 6c1e13dd0136634⋯.jpg (215.53 KB, 894x671, 894:671, 6c1e13dd013663435826f5f0bc….jpg)

File: cbbef2d374c31ef⋯.jpg (70.8 KB, 818x500, 409:250, 22phsg.jpg)

File: 879d8fca6eadc73⋯.jpg (169.9 KB, 1052x500, 263:125, 25yp9z.jpg)

File: 39f8ef1e6280ebe⋯.jpg (1.03 MB, 1944x1780, 486:445, 39f8ef1e6280ebe783fb0d914c….jpg)




4beb14  No.2384020



Sitting Prime Minister. A Premier is a leader of a province, like a state governor. And yeah, this would be wild if true, if not, good LARP

8344cb  No.2384021


The media narrative is so heavy handed with Trump. If they come out in force against Q, all are on board!

25d814  No.2384022


good… now GTHO fag

884f31  No.2384023


OMG anons I just remember, wasn't it Brennan that came out in defense of boy Trudeau when Trump and Trudeau had the tit for tat over tariffs? Now it is making sense.

3f6726  No.2384024

File: 9f520a43f6082db⋯.jpg (11.99 KB, 255x159, 85:53, 9f520a43f6082db50f9e837926….jpg)

If any anons have a better version of this, it would be BIGLY appreciated.

851f82  No.2384025



You KNOW he thinks he's hot cuz he looks a bit like george.

Horrible role model.

ff4aac  No.2384026

3 Minutes left EST

0f100d  No.2384027

File: 776dd6702e019b7⋯.png (729.92 KB, 1159x672, 1159:672, Capture.PNG)

According to imagur these were uploaded Jan 12. I have seen them floating around the board before a few months ago. They are not new.

850821  No.2384028


Been following that for a long time, and it's air tight.

Remember 1776

What a coincidence.

14210a  No.2384029


thats a mean eye of ra for teh pedo

7e10c5  No.2384030


Are we supposed to take this seriously? Seems like an epic troll.

2886fc  No.2384031


fuck off fake Q

50d459  No.2384032


Trying to hide that dog whistle in plain sight, eh?

6079ee  No.2384033


It's a great sign. Means Q can no longer be ignored.

58ad1d  No.2384034


Can you help by archiving these (and others that you find)?


archive.org (wayback machine)

8ecf02  No.2384035


RR or RM may be clean. Q said "IF" not since. Remember, you are watching a movie with a lot of great actors.

dd3b3e  No.2384036


Someone's feelings are hurt.

7dc79c  No.2384037


2017, you say…

dun dun duuuuuuun

954fe6  No.2384038



no worries, both song and meme are very me actually! and yess "this is the voice of Q…" no coincidences

shadilay, friend

night shift is best shift

ec7ad1  No.2384039

File: 22bf9afb819e828⋯.jpg (206.08 KB, 1333x1031, 1333:1031, RomperRoom.jpg)

fe2b08  No.2384040

File: 5eb253f4760e35f⋯.png (440.65 KB, 659x351, 659:351, Angel.png)

a53773  No.2384041

File: 9afa96c526126a9⋯.png (768.16 KB, 1024x627, 1024:627, incuscud.png)


Jimmy just goes to prove just how fake his employers' productions are, and what a great performer he is. Funny all the footage of him nicely chatting & taking selfies with MAGAs – until those cameras start rolling. It's all a show. Jimmy gets top spot cause he's "cute" and talks so well.

Did even Fox Business mention Zucker "taking a break" for health? People that watch faithfully seem to have no clue and rolled their eyes when it was brought up.

9d5b35  No.2384042

File: dfa0daf00aa7034⋯.jpg (157.79 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, Brrrrt_2.jpg)

File: beffdf640e2385e⋯.jpg (90.22 KB, 1061x483, 1061:483, Ask the Q graph results.jpg)

File: cd27730a92c4c62⋯.jpg (91.11 KB, 1057x479, 1057:479, try harder msm.jpg)

File: 2861056a5ed625c⋯.jpg (121.33 KB, 933x697, 933:697, 8 years 20 trillion down.jpg)

File: 0e59e3304615f08⋯.jpg (196.55 KB, 905x989, 905:989, Censored border2.jpg)

5c6cb1  No.2384043


they're old (~January)


kek baker this actually (forgot it was a twatt):

>>2383752 POTUS_Schedule tweets about 1776

001aae  No.2384044

File: 6873eed3e2404f8⋯.jpg (24.22 KB, 400x312, 50:39, anything-obama-says-is-pro….jpg)


Blueprint for Obama Tyranny

January 14, 2014 By Alan Caruba

There are lots of Americans who, after the first five years of living under the governance of Barack Hussein Obama, have concluded that, among his most notable characteristics, he is incompetent, a pathological liar, a Marxist, and, fearful as the prospect is, a potential dictator who will not leave office when a new President is due to be sworn in.

The fears are largely based on the astonishingly lax Congress that, with the exception of Rep. Darrell Issa and the House Oversight and Reform Committee, has done little to investigate the many scandals that litter the Obama administration.

It doesn’t help that the Department of Justice and possibly the FBI have been politically corrupted.



VIDEO Growing Number of Muslims Convert to Christianity – Visions of Jesus in Their Dreams – Allah Not God of the Bible

3a18c3  No.2384045


But when??

e4878f  No.2384046

File: ed077417255adcd⋯.jpg (124.94 KB, 427x647, 427:647, ClassicalJapanesePepe.jpg)


Classical Japanese Pepe gropes approvingly.

001aae  No.2384047


How Many Times Did Barack Obama Meddle In Other Nations’ Elections? Answer: A LOT

Posted on July 22, 2018 by ror1774

July 21, 2018 by DCWhispers

Muslim Brotherhood member Barack Obama was the meddler-in-chief – a U.S. president who attempted to shape the elections of foreign nations multiple times during his eight years in the White House. The media knew of it, downplayed it, and since 2016, has all but ignored it. The fact is, when it comes to election meddling, the Russians have nothing on one Barack Hussein Obama:

Via Via The American Spectator:

“…So let’s get this straight. The media is hysterical about a flimsy conspiracy theory that Russia colluded with Trump to steal the 2016 election but was mostly silent about Obama’s efforts to control the outcome of elections in at least six countries during his tenure. Media bias, anyone? Let’s review the examples we know about:

Kenya: “…Obama’s cheerleading for anti-American Odinga (who named his son after Fidel Castro) “was more than reckless,” wrote former U.S. attorney Andrew McCarthy, “it was borderline criminal (and that’s being generous).” McCarthy also said Obama’s intervention was an “outrageous contravention of U.S. policy and, [referring to the Logan Act] probably, federal law.”

By 2010, this tribal connection resulted in President Obama quietly transferring millions of U.S. tax dollars to Odinga’s government, including $2 million to convince Kenyan voters to vote for a new constitution. According to the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, the new constitution would force Kenyans to be “subjected to these [Islamic] tribunals merely by virtue of what religious community they were born into…” Some members of Congress actually called for an investigation but, typically, nothing ever came of it. By the end of 2010, hundreds of millions of dollars flowed to Kenya from a myriad of U.S. agencies such as USAID, all with the likely intent of boosting the popularity of the Odinga regime.”

Israel: “During Israel’s 2015 elections, the Obama administration — led by Secretary of State John Kerry — illegally intervened when they attempted to defeat the reelection of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu by covertly funneling State Department grants to opposition groups. The Obama administration detested Netanyahu due to his refusal to cave into Palestinian demands, a group that even refused to recognize the existence of Israel.

Obama’s State Department gave $350,000 to a group called the “One Voice Movement (OVM),” for supporting “peace negotiations between Israel and Palestine.” However, the State Department then used leftover funds to organize an effort against Netanyahu’s

518a00  No.2384048

File: 1e0f190b45cfe15⋯.png (976.41 KB, 640x756, 160:189, VIPs3ea28aa.png)

56ba02  No.2384049


I suspect that a case each (keep the change) would more than suffice. Beyond that, flip the dudes a few bucks for some down-loadable tunes.

fe8c27  No.2384050

File: c6d111f3bd35fb7⋯.jpeg (128.65 KB, 653x500, 653:500, 22FBDB73-AE25-4275-B142-2….jpeg)

File: 5c1fb0cf7d20ec6⋯.jpeg (61.56 KB, 696x468, 58:39, A733746E-92A1-40C3-B631-E….jpeg)

File: e5254c6a58b8bd6⋯.jpeg (85.02 KB, 636x382, 318:191, 64C38826-E235-4F39-BCBB-F….jpeg)

File: cd7ebaaec8e9163⋯.jpeg (42.67 KB, 341x413, 341:413, 4CAFF6B9-0573-4BDE-97A5-3….jpeg)

File: c8a87c5ed13c3d4⋯.jpeg (109.92 KB, 509x500, 509:500, 8CA5DCAF-2AEE-467B-B9E2-3….jpeg)

db4781  No.2384051


The Fantasies become reality.

83cae4  No.2384052

File: 5d9ce2471ae6b7f⋯.jpg (59.29 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, 5d9ce2471ae6b7f6726ddfe2ad….jpg)

File: cff3d5032e43144⋯.jpeg (37.9 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, cff3d5032e431445b0fb0583e….jpeg)



Beep Beep Beep… . .. ….. . . . ..

Are we learning Yet Patriots

Why is there Morse Code Beeps embedded in the MIA song?

Head Phones Help but Autists can Hear All.

Listen Closely.

Work together and Figure it out.

2c835a  No.2384053



Did that happen? It needs to be announced widely if it did.

8344cb  No.2384054


I want it to be true. If Assange is ok, then I am ready to die for Q.

a30931  No.2384055

File: a0cf0769009ec61⋯.png (140.99 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, whysoserious.png)


Lighten up, fucktard.

2aadcf  No.2384056


That's exactly what is going on. 100% exactly. If you read Q's posts carefully, they've said the same thing. Good actors.

ec7ad1  No.2384057

File: 9d77ca2d0f6a360⋯.jpg (1.12 MB, 2159x1340, 2159:1340, stupidis.jpg)


are you really that stupid

1aa033  No.2384058


god i wish that was me

9f4f8c  No.2384059

File: d9e98df3417500d⋯.png (83.23 KB, 240x160, 3:2, flag.png)

Meme makers please remember to make side by side proofs like Q requested. In particular thinking post 1776 and POTUS schedule referencing 1776.

27ac2c  No.2384060

File: 41f3675a2319913⋯.png (1.32 MB, 1228x974, 614:487, Screen Shot 2018-07-31 at ….png)

Conservative Treehouse seems ti think the Podesta news is a fake story meant to make Mueller look unbiased.


ba1bfb  No.2384061

File: 123bf698037663e⋯.png (4.46 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Large.png)

1920x1080 cropped is largest I have

940bea  No.2384062

Imagine for one second if you are a true patriot this evil going on for decades. You work for the Gov't see it all know it all. How many times have they been lied to by (((them))). They probably are cautious. Once they heard about Q they were probably suspicious. Once the dominoes stop to drop. The patriots will come out of the wood work and they too will have information and evidence. In sure it's matter of time!

2886fc  No.2384063


kek you learned how to do bold text too


I've been here since January as much as I can usually 40+ hours a week

799d07  No.2384064

>>2383218 What is POTUS holding? Appears to be a previously signed Memorandum or Executive Order? Anyone?

The photo is named "Screen Shot 2018-07-31, so must have been taken at rally.

3f6726  No.2384065

File: 6f3d523d657c954⋯.png (9.85 KB, 210x161, 30:23, 6f3d523d657c95485c8fcd80da….png)

3a18c3  No.2384066


tell me a year, so I will comeback and talk.

788269  No.2384067

Has the world learned the truth?

7e10c5  No.2384068


Hmmmmmm….maybe that's another reason POTUS bitch slapped Justin for getting mouthy…

57ae42  No.2384069


Look again at the twat acct

30589e  No.2384070

Baker. Tell the normies how to spot fake Q. He's on now.

d450af  No.2384071


Can we get a frog here

3b60c5  No.2384072



Dammit. Thank you for closing the case.

Risk was filmed over 6 years. These are screen grabs from old footage.

ef386c  No.2384073


For the rest of our lives. This is yuge.

11603d  No.2384074


it's in Norfolk from when he was under house arrest for night hours only

d3876d  No.2384075


I don't give a damn what all these traitorous Bastards are convicted of, as long as they get convicted. Al Capone got convicted of tax evasion. Whatever….. As long as there is one system of justice for all….

6d1f2a  No.2384076


There is.


This one says more though.

c935d0  No.2384077

File: 4d9ed9ea196776f⋯.png (37.21 KB, 720x348, 60:29, ClipboardImage.png)

a70173  No.2384078

Anyone else not able to click videos/pics on twitter?

e947da  No.2384079

0e2e67  No.2384080

File: 6b628981feeaa6b⋯.png (149.24 KB, 500x500, 1:1, Q it's popcorn time trip c….png)

dccfbf  No.2384081


I compromised. See the bun when posted.

ff4aac  No.2384082

File: 143b7814b7c058f⋯.jpg (338.26 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, ng.jpg)

16c930  No.2384083


In tonights speech, between 1:15:45 - 1:17:45, POTUS gave us a lot of clues.

Here’s what I picked up on: The number 17, Pennsylvania Ave, Good and Bad Cabinet, a place that he has never slept, and telling Melania that “He is now the President”.

A place that he has never slept could mean someplace that he would be during the daytime = Office

By him telling Melania that “He is now the President” means that its sometime around Inauguration.

Now add his Good and Bad Cabinet to these other clues and you get his Transition Office.

Where was his transition office?

It was 1717 Pennsylvania Ave.


So what was he telling us about his Transition Office? What happened there? Was his office broken into? Was something stolen? Was something planted there?

63cb15  No.2384084

File: e383255a0c4fead⋯.png (57.91 KB, 677x597, 677:597, Clipboard01.png)


Googled Hivites. Look what came up

af1b58  No.2384085

File: a002b88e07036f5⋯.jpg (88.39 KB, 400x540, 20:27, SFVQ.jpg)



e4878f  No.2384086


He does what his handlers make him do so they don't kill his dog, his kids, his family and his parents. Assuming any of the above are still alive at this point since he fucks up so much.

2886fc  No.2384087


if you phonefag you can't tell the difference between that and a regular Q post so someone has to tell the phone fags that Q is fake.

c037cf  No.2384088


Most anons know.

It was an ongoing battle for several months.

BO did the right thing and got rid of AFLB.

dccfbf  No.2384089

#3004 >>2383359 Baker Change

>>2383479 Q Cutout Anons Step up

>>2383576, >>2383678 President pointing at Q cutout anon

>>2383690 For the MuhNothingInJuly shills

>>2383741 Dems Expand Push to Blacklist Businesses Working on Trump’s Border Wall

>>2383825 Notables compilation in pdf format (repost)

>>2383891 Screen Cap of Q's WSJ article

>>2383965 More funds cut off from the cabal?

>>2383752, >>2384018 POTUS_Schedule tweets about 1776, with anon saying why notable

fdadc5  No.2384090

File: 6c62f44b32c28b0⋯.jpg (271.81 KB, 788x622, 394:311, Beware the false truth pla….jpg)

413b06  No.2384091

Do you know how brilliant 'Generation Q" is, from a marketing standpoint?

Generation Question? Replacing the entitlement of the millenials? And how COOL IT WILL SOUND TO young PEOPLE? You need to meme the Fucking SHIT out of that.