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File: 6268f09e9233453⋯.jpg (145.4 KB, 1795x1017, 1795:1017, # JPG.jpg)

16e4a5  No.2791268

Welcome To Q Research General

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Q Research supports attacking terrible ideas with better ones. We believe the use of violence only proves a bad argument. We are researchers who deal in open-source information and informed opinion. We neither need nor condone the use of violence in our work here.




Integrity, for in Truth lies Victory.

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Wednesday 08.29.18

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>>2789612 rt >>2789525 ------------------ Congratulations! (Video: >>2789935 )

>>2789382 ------------------------------------- Rep Louie Gohmert tweet (Link & Statement: >>2789461, >>2789423 )

>>2788780 ------------------------------------- Nothing to See Here (Video: >>2789219 )

>>2787658 ------------------------------------- Reconcile the stories

>>2786552 ------------------------------------- Shall we play a game?

>>2785418 ------------------------------------- [BO] Interview Dates

>>2784843 rt >>2784812 ------------------ Hannity YouTube Link

>>2784740 rt >>2784450 ------------------ Logical thinking!

>>2784281 rt >>2784197 ------------------ Notice those stated as “cooperating” are called before the House…

>>2784197 ------------------------------------- Do you notice a PATTERN?

>>2783836 ------------------------------------- Nothing to See Here. (GOOG “QAnon” yields 3.85M results)

>>2783126 rt >>2783116 ------------------ Error not intended. (re: missing “r” in “server” in >>2783065 )

>>2783065 rt >>2783014 ------------------ Think Server Access [granted]

>>2783014 ------------------------------------- (Articles on Chinese hacking and Nunes visiting UK)

>>2779677 rt >>2779165 ------------------ What if a paper-trail exists...

>>2779256 rt >>2779241 ------------------ Error made. Long Day

>>2779241 rt >>2779165 ------------------ 1 = 1? 1 = 0? Evidence of an ongoing investigation…..

>>2779165 rt >>2779059 ------------------ How might this OPEN THE DOOR to [WEINER] / [Huma] / [HRC]?

>>2779059 ------------------------------------- POTUS Tweet. BIG Statement. What's coming?

Tuesday 08.28.18

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are not endorsements


>>2653167 BO's reminder to ignore shills

>>2462073 1986 U.S. District Court Dost test sets guidelines for No CP images

>>2327065 How to filter gore spam >>2334211 (new: Add into [Options] -> Theme)


>>2790841 POTUS Has Changed How Teens View the News

>>2791122 Q's past 'Green' posts

>>2791115 'Department 5': Hussein, Benghazi & US Gov Sec Clearance Org Chart

>>2791072 Vatican whistle-blower renews attacks on Pope Francis

>>2790907 One of the Leo Payseur associates. Dig

>>2790858 FBI Refuses To Confirm Or Deny ICIG Warned Of Clinton Server Intrusion

>>2790761 China has been accessing Obama admin's mail since 2010

>>2790759 Irish Anon's sweetheart said 'YES'! Congratulations !

>>2790828 , >>2790850, >>2790854, >>2791039 FBI Questions to HRC

>>2790703 Tweet on Gohmert's twatter connects with Q post. Docs in notable above

>>2790694 , >>2790698, >>2790743 'Culture of Critique' summary

>>2790634 Outrage follows decision by judge in Muslim compound child abuse case

>>2790633 , >>2790640 Digging into Q's song pick: Dink, Green Mind

>>2790605 New POTIS tweet on Lanny Davis and CNN

>>2791265 #3526


>>2790464 2004 Study on the Changes in World History Textbooks

>>2790442 Q's 'Pain' posts

>>2790407 How South America became a Nazi haven

>>2790290 Lisa Blunt Rochester. Dig

>>2790236 Looking at Google's money-go-round

>>2790107 Q: “Shall we play a game?” theory

>>2790096 'Who audits where the money actually goes?'

>>2790077 , >>2790484 Update on 'Money Flow Chart for the Pope/Vatican' notables: >>2790424

>>2790067 Who started MOS?

>>2790050 , >>2790051 Q posts has 'pull the trigger' and then the next one is PAIN

>>2789973 Recap on past Google notables

>>2789900 More accurate Green Mind lyrics

>>2789857 'Huber Brings The Pain': In-depth Side-by-Side

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>>2789273 Quinton Figueroa's graphic history of NWO, including Payseur

>>2789219 Video POTUS tweeted today re Google's bias

>>2789213 NoName opposed finding POWs: Didn't want own role as enemy collaborator unearthed

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16e4a5  No.2791295

File: af1f5b806d07878⋯.jpg (19.41 KB, 255x230, 51:46, af1f5b806d07878d9589a6cac3….jpg)

#3527 Dough


a368b7  No.2791315

File: 42edcd5f7775cf7⋯.png (1.45 MB, 1277x771, 1277:771, Screen Shot 2018-08-29 at ….png)


TY Baker!

5c7b0b  No.2791328

File: aa240d79914ed49⋯.png (1.83 MB, 2405x884, 185:68, 01-NothingToSeeHere.png)

1edb58  No.2791329

File: 989d912d9ad51c7⋯.gif (422.35 KB, 380x275, 76:55, videotogif_2018.08.29_21.2….gif)

5c7b0b  No.2791334

File: 1f941a0fe41bb71⋯.png (2.2 MB, 2405x884, 185:68, 02-UnriggingTheElection.png)

5c7b0b  No.2791338

File: 4f66ebc8839eb50⋯.png (1.98 MB, 2405x884, 185:68, 03-ObamaSecretPardons.png)

5c7b0b  No.2791343

File: 92d460a5960be20⋯.png (2.16 MB, 2405x884, 185:68, 04-MilitaryTribunals.png)

5c7b0b  No.2791349

File: 17012580e30fa97⋯.png (1.02 MB, 2405x884, 185:68, 05-TheRealWitchHunt.png)

5c7b0b  No.2791352

File: cddd5c345bb1601⋯.png (2.35 MB, 2405x884, 185:68, 06-ThePyramidTakeover.png)

5c7b0b  No.2791355

File: b05d5df12929db7⋯.png (1.56 MB, 2405x884, 185:68, 07-EnemyOfThePeople.png)

5c7b0b  No.2791358

File: e39f334afce0811⋯.png (1.96 MB, 2405x884, 185:68, 08-ResignationNation.png)

5c7b0b  No.2791374

File: 344c8abda51c182⋯.png (5.87 MB, 1440x4144, 90:259, TrustThePLAN.png)

Trust the PLAN.

a24264  No.2791381

Hal Turner <3 Russia.

d3ceac  No.2791383

Since Monday I have read two science articles that left open that physics is wrong.

One was discovery of the decay of the Higgs Boson and the other on deep space gravity as I remember. In the end they said so far it is close enough that are theories fit but they may not and may be wrong was the conclusion in both articles.

IMO foreshadowing.

78acc2  No.2791384

File: 3e53f3cba7ca832⋯.jpeg (107.22 KB, 750x425, 30:17, 918C5DBE-CDE7-4575-8E5A-5….jpeg)

760c4d  No.2791385


Yeah, Hannity is letting BO lawyer make a fool of herself on National TV.

Meanwhile over at CNN they are talking about monkies.


Can it get better…..LMAO

b52f04  No.2791386

File: 726e0392c255aee⋯.png (254.84 KB, 793x655, 793:655, Screenshot (325).png)

Some of the more interesting of Leovani Payseur's Twitter followers:

Some dipshit satanist wants to make money by working for lucifer


Gnostic Forbidden Knowledge cultfag with 6899 tweets of Trump Hate. We know what that means!


This Quantum Kaballah cultfag is in deep:


This huckster thinks the Illuminati is a multi-level marketing scam. He's spamming (scamming?)Trump haters, telling them to call the Grand Master, and he gives a number! LOL


There are two competing Illuminati organizations, one claiming the other is a scam, but they look like clones? Illuminatiofficial.org and illiminati.am I ain't clicking that shit nigga! I'll let someone with 7 digital rubbers go stick his dick in it


By this point it obviously peters out into spammers, scammers, normies, New Age babblers, and attention whores. I realized Leovani can't help who follows him so let's dig into the 4813 people he follows. There are a bunch of powerful people in here. I saw Adam Schiff and David de Rothschild scroll by. Also a weird mix of atheists, satanists, globalist orgs, weed-related orgs, SJWs, occultists, UFO researchers, Quantum Mystery School adherents etc. I cannot dig all of this myself. Requires the Hive.

General Comments:

-We all know the real Illuminati like to use meme magic to mind control everyone but I have never heard about them blatantly evangelizing or pushing some book like the fucking Scientologists would do.

-I don't know how strong Payseur's connection to the book is or whether it is even real.

-So many black people supposedly in the Illuminati. They seem to be after money. Some of them are probably Nigerian scammers. They will never be given the keys to the kingdom but the Illuminati at least pretend to like them. Probably for the same reason the Jews pretend to like them.

-Scattered Masonic symbols Masonic organizations, people in Masonic aprons, black and white checkerboards…

-There is a suspicious lack of obvious Pizza People.

-Even the sincere followers look pleb tier and gauche. Not fitting of someone of Payseur's supposed rank and desire for secrecy. Something's fucky.

-When have the Illuminati ever come right out and talked to us before. Oh yeah… when it's time for a Karmic Disclosure! This would mean a few things: 1) They are going to make some big powergrab, and 2) The nature of their powergrab will be in that book they are flogging, and 3) We will need an occult symbologist to read between the lines. I wish they didn't kill Bill Cooper.

-From some of the comments, I am guessing that the book talks about needing 50% of the population to achieve a 'peaceful transfer of power' to the NWO. I don't know this for sure.

-From previous long-lost digs in the catacombs beneath the Intertubes, I found the germ of an idea: The good extra-dimensionals (i.e. Angels) have established a Prime Directive over this planet which is based on collective consent. If we collectively allow the evil ones to do something, then we are considered fair game. Free will is sacrosanct enough that mind control does not violate the Prime Directive! This is one reason why the Illuminati try so hard to manufacture collective consent. It might also be a reason for their Africa strategy: Feed them up into the billions, let them go hungry, tempt them with a worldwide vote for commie gibs, and after world government is established by collective consent, starve the Africans and send them all around over the world, then starve the entire planet and turn it into a global favela shithole where everyone backstabs each other for scraps while satanists do whatever the fuck they want. By that time, the global average IQ should be about 85, which is dumb enough for people to vote for Communism as a solution to the failings of Communism, thus maintaining collective consent forever. Essentially, humans willingly turn into domesticated cattle.

211f93  No.2791387

I'd like to know why we are being told one thing and yet both Sara Carter and Toensing go on Hannity and say a completely different thing. Please don't say 'disinfo' either. Tell it straight ffs.

1298d0  No.2791388

File: 44a87ab92bbc808⋯.png (481.71 KB, 995x509, 995:509, ClipboardImage.png)

too soon ?

01747c  No.2791389

601102  No.2791390


Very nice. Great job.

a24264  No.2791391


so apples don't really fall to the ground?

7faf93  No.2791392

File: 43791d6b2a819b4⋯.jpg (147.88 KB, 1367x733, 1367:733, dink3.JPG)

File: 81e869c499aba7c⋯.jpg (74.52 KB, 1172x714, 586:357, dink1.JPG)

File: 9fb00aaf83a7d92⋯.jpg (148.96 KB, 1328x674, 664:337, fear.JPG)

File: 5077fd7b995f690⋯.jpg (24.94 KB, 570x499, 570:499, pain.JPG)


Ok theory time:

Q posts a link to Dink "Green Mind" song

so shallow dig on the song results in the fact that this song was used in the 1996 film It stars Mark Wahlberg and Reese Witherspoon

Q is saying:

They are in tremendous FEAR and tremendous PAIN is comming…….soooooooon!!!! KEK!

62100f  No.2791393


maybe once he's dead it will be kek

fca372  No.2791394


Nah. Meme away

6c973b  No.2791395



Thanks anon it is important. These two go together and are tied into the 98% hospitalization Q talking about in IMO. Everybody is littered with this stuff and it is alive. We are the host.



06b1e4  No.2791396

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Great work, JazzBaker.


80455e  No.2791397

>John K

>Ren Hoek

>all these retarded theories

>and shitty song suggestions



>‘Ren & Stimpy’ Creator John Kricfalusi Accused Of Harassment And Underage Sexual Abuse

10e5e7  No.2791398

File: 1ca26fd80d8b806⋯.jpg (183.14 KB, 1000x669, 1000:669, 1ca26fd80d8b806c2c39b4d05a….jpg)

for you


i like your touch…

61d0cc  No.2791399

File: 89a4fb8560e18ed⋯.png (1.65 MB, 1444x1208, 361:302, Screen Shot 2018-08-29 at ….png)

trannies, trannies, trannies, trannies, trannies, trannies! we must have more tranny shit

Einhorn is Finkle, Finkle is Einhorn

1298d0  No.2791400



habent seen jazz or banjo in a while :)

b52f04  No.2791401


Forgot link to his page.


999a97  No.2791402

>>2791109 lb

Yep, or put in a Cage, either way works for me. Prolly never know though,Kek

f8bb00  No.2791403

Nightbread is the shiznit.


c3f022  No.2791404


all very nice

5b0353  No.2791405


Hal Turner is an FBI psyop.

cc9b51  No.2791406


Heads up, this global notable's kicked the bucket, BO's screencap is 404 from the post.

>>2462073 1986 U.S. District Court Dost…

d3ceac  No.2791407


Correct they fall down the deviation in space time.

83154f  No.2791408

File: 40fc736207d1789⋯.png (213.43 KB, 848x588, 212:147, coca-cola-nazi.png)

>>2791323 (lb)


36b851  No.2791409


Because SC and others don't know EVERYTHING. That's just what her sources are telling her.

cf0036  No.2791410

So I sure Hope Military has this because according to Hannity NO Interviews of KEY Witnesses by Muller & HUBER ? ? WTF ? ? They both fake court proceedings….?

b5802f  No.2791411

>>2791047 (old bread)

>A "plane" also "evaporated" in a field in PA!

And then federal eminent domain was illegally applied to that field (cannot seize lands in a state). What was really being hidden there?

34964c  No.2791412

File: 87f6aa1b756f16f⋯.png (100.08 KB, 1119x718, 1119:718, DMITRIALPEROVITCHCROWSTRIK….PNG)


I do believe that CROWDSTRIKE is nothing more than an extension of the FBI and GOOGLE.

pic from wiki on one of their Russian cofounders.

The FBI would be investigating themselves again if they investigated Crowdstrike.


75624b  No.2791413

Huber hasn't even interviewed the U1 witness!!

On Hannity.


eab50e  No.2791414


its being made painfully clear that many of you arent actually shills

youre nothing but fox news addicted zombies

go back to genuflecting to your neon god, the TV, and leave us in peace from your GONCERN

716024  No.2791415

File: 506499f446ce230⋯.jpg (373.21 KB, 736x837, 736:837, 506499f446ce230356842ac482….jpg)

File: 2628c633c4548c8⋯.png (376.49 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, 4878fa8a1e90033391a37c3ce3….png)

Was posted in 2 threads ago .

About as obvious as you can get as far as masonic ritual abuse symbolism goes.

62100f  No.2791416

File: 6d357141164b1af⋯.jpg (15.64 KB, 255x255, 1:1, mcnonamemccurrentlyded.jpg)

e4bf50  No.2791417

File: 7cd1dfa029df987⋯.jpg (407.37 KB, 853x936, 853:936, logs-show-intent.jpg)

File: 3958fca0270daaa⋯.jpg (708.61 KB, 853x2635, 853:2635, GWACG-beelined-GJAMM.jpg)

File: 3e4b99d8f6549ba⋯.jpg (315.74 KB, 660x672, 55:56, plane-crash-at-winchendon.jpg)

File: 234a7f353d26603⋯.jpg (835.94 KB, 1800x2520, 5:7, roths-flight-graphic.jpg)

for green.

this was requested again - it's old, i compiled most of it the day after the crash, but always happy to re-share.

601102  No.2791418


Meghan "No Tears" McCain.

46e21d  No.2791419

File: 61013090e664fd1⋯.jpg (71.97 KB, 940x627, 940:627, hill .jpg)

c7d6ba  No.2791420

Guys… apologies if this has already been addressed but I think I know the meaning of 5:5

It's Matthew 5:5

"Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth"

61d0cc  No.2791421


I love it that Q has been dropping crumbs all over the place to keep us occupied so we don't have to deal with WDSHN's funeral bullshit. Thank you Q team… has to be driving (((them))) crazy

f8bb00  No.2791422

File: 33cc84c864fc3fb⋯.jpg (32.51 KB, 600x337, 600:337, 5bf2ac81833cf13fc117792a45….jpg)

File: a6b9d915e97acdd⋯.jpg (7.59 KB, 250x201, 250:201, download (3).jpg)

File: 4a704188b3f5ca2⋯.jpg (5.47 KB, 252x200, 63:50, download (2).jpg)



b20ca9  No.2791423

File: 956430db20a0f75⋯.jpg (59.56 KB, 383x553, 383:553, IMG_9810.JPG)

File: 659d1fa570a28d9⋯.png (158.9 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, IMG_9820.PNG)

File: 225847717983146⋯.png (164.89 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, IMG_9822.PNG)

Repost from End of Bread-

For the "Thinking Night Shift Anons"- What say you on Satan currently roaming our Earth?

I believe that Satan is still on Earth & is very present in our War against Evil.

I believe he is literally walking Earth & has embodied a "human form" to do his bidding.

So, WHO is Satan? Is it Obama? Is it multiple people combined? Is it VJ?

"Satan has left the WH"- Q

We are literally fighting against An entity that is truly trying to separate us from GOD & enslave us all…this evil has infiltrated our government, elite, Hollywood, MSM, local politicians & has even been the TOP members of our 3 letter Agencies & the has been at the highest office of our land- POTUS.

I truly believe that GOD is with US, AMERICA, Q, POTUS & our MILITARY!

We will FIGHT to the end of eternity for OUR GOD GIVEN RIGHTS!

Satan's RULE ON EARTH IS OVER! WE are WAKING UP! WE are UNITING! Our Spirits & Resolve are combining! WE are a FORCE of which Satan NEVER saw coming!

Stay Strong Anons! Pray, Dig, Meme!

Learn about your true enemy but don't get lost upon the way. Satan I said the king of lies.

1b1c30  No.2791424

f1ce43  No.2791425


Why is She Crying over an empty BOX?

997938  No.2791426


What if it's an Illegal or MS-13 and they are also carrying straws?

f55ec5  No.2791427


Well now I knew there’s a reason he’s showing Diet Coke. This may be it.

93bab8  No.2791428

File: 39c03b33133f6d3⋯.jpg (74.54 KB, 691x487, 691:487, iu (5).jpg)


Sweet job, anon

c3499c  No.2791429


Q drops info, has it all.

They (reporters) drip info. They don't have it all.

Entirely different platforms.

3f52d3  No.2791430

File: b6fa88eeb56238a⋯.png (390.28 KB, 500x497, 500:497, ClipboardImage.png)

File: c1bcb76b3937160⋯.png (309.34 KB, 499x549, 499:549, ClipboardImage.png)


>Meanwhile over at CNN they are talking about monkies.

POTUS loves the gorilla channel remember?

c60648  No.2791431

File: cf0153ce1510cfe⋯.jpg (62.63 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 76bb940b3fded3596788e670e3….jpg)

noname last supper ?

e37179  No.2791432

ignorant concernfagging at high levels

reread crumbs concernfags

Huber has no need to interview people that he doesn't need to

but concernfag on!

1348d2  No.2791433



The unbanable CTA, whoever you are…))..?

You seem like a scrappy kid,

Best Wishes!

10e5e7  No.2791434


yea what a stage

760c4d  No.2791435


It is spin….you’ll get it, pay attention.

Huber does not need to interview BO.

Already has everything.

It’s all just spin your watching….LOL

eea3d4  No.2791436



0bbefa  No.2791437


If Huber HAD done so…would we know…about an ongoing investigation, about seditious activity?!

16e4a5  No.2791438

File: 84027a23fe516b1⋯.jpg (212.54 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 84027a23fe516b1b2cef1ecc81….jpg)


Top job anon, TJ

bcdd47  No.2791439


Male Pattern Baldness

Is a Bitch


62100f  No.2791440

File: 853eaf7e8cab847⋯.jpg (11.97 KB, 255x255, 1:1, japanesedavidhogg.jpg)

ty baker

c60648  No.2791441

File: 94af7d35bf7d6fc⋯.jpg (105.96 KB, 750x563, 750:563, 94af7d35bf7d6fcfc9fd00be52….jpg)

9a1b40  No.2791442


I'm sure "Reads Q News" will be the first mental illness listed as reason to sieze weapons.

fca372  No.2791443

File: 5bd8a28039db005⋯.jpeg (154.69 KB, 1440x1441, 1440:1441, 1532269848.jpeg)

d54f93  No.2791444

COMBO PLATE: Two Q Predictions – A Suicide *AND* A Notable Resignation – All Rolled Into One

New Jersey "Child Welfare" Worker Kills Herself In Her State Office





5. FOR WHOM, I WONDER, DID SHE VOTE IN 2016? My bet is she was a libtard.


I hope they have good painters in the State of New Jersey, and I hope they remember to bring extra scrapers and sanders to this job site.


https:// articles.nj.com/news/index.ssf/2018/08/nj_child_welfare_takes_own_life_at_state_office.amp?utm_campaign=njcom_sf&utm_content=nj_facebook_njcom&utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&__twitter_impression=true

31d39d  No.2791445



How you doing?

413e94  No.2791446



613c8a  No.2791447

Hello….McFly…Our guys have to bash Huber so the left will be ready to defend him.

0c4008  No.2791448


Doubtfire isn't pro-tranny, it's the opposite. The whole show is on the premise that men are men and women are women, therefor a man dressing up as a woman is fooling people and worthy of laughing at. Furthermore, that doing so is so extreme and unpleasant, one would only do so for something as important as their kids.

That movie literally came from the time when we were so pure, DIVORCE was still taboo and sad.

9b1155  No.2791449

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I'm surprised this video has never been scrubbed.

No Name goes off. Calling the woman a bitch whore at the end

f82e17  No.2791450

File: 1bbb3dcf5b13221⋯.png (1.32 MB, 1180x842, 590:421, ClipboardImage.png)

I ordered Rye Bread

9fc4e6  No.2791451

File: 3e46960eee5b755⋯.jpg (15.89 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 3e46960eee5b755a9ce8cbe47d….jpg)


>I'd like to hear that from Q themselves

Then they wouldn't be lurking, they'd be posting, wouldn't they?

Pro-tip: you can tell if Q is online on their own board by how many seconds it takes to autoupdate

530077  No.2791452

File: 0c2bf0a0e946448⋯.jpg (31.42 KB, 225x225, 1:1, IMG_2910.JPG)


Grab some covfefe an some cannafefe and chill bud

e37179  No.2791453


thank you

1ce3bc  No.2791454

File: 6994b11f99a8e47⋯.png (278.79 KB, 510x473, 510:473, screen-shot-2016-11-23-at-….png)




Youre a fucking retard.

f1ce43  No.2791455

File: bab36cda57b06be⋯.jpg (26.94 KB, 440x391, 440:391, 012317-panic-face.jpg)



You mean the View is an ACT?

36b851  No.2791456


No, we wouldn't. Nor should the public know. POTUS and team are re-establishing proper law, order, and discipline.

Way to think logically, Anon.

d144a3  No.2791457

Theory on Dink:

The time stamp (in eastern) = 9/11/12

12 more days to go through then it’s 9/11

Pain coming.

34964c  No.2791459


>"Satan has left the WH"- Q

I know some believe that satan leaving the WH referred to device hidden in wall, but since things have double meaning, it really could mean Satan.

a24264  No.2791460


>Hal Turner is an FBI psyop.

He's shilling for Russia. So perhaps that's what the FBI's about these days.

eea3d4  No.2791462


Canteen Cup Like CMC Gen A Grey would be Tippy Top

fb106a  No.2791463

File: 25bd771abddb8b7⋯.png (376.11 KB, 669x732, 223:244, USMC 8-29-18 5 am PDT.PNG)

File: 4b6a91edee7f105⋯.png (1.5 MB, 1453x717, 1453:717, USMC 8-29-18 5 am PDT pic.PNG)

File: 8fadd6c0eb2f339⋯.png (604.43 KB, 660x692, 165:173, USMC 8-29-18 5 pm PDT.PNG)

File: 8a02edf35090283⋯.png (3.02 MB, 1446x722, 723:361, USMC 8-29-18 5 pm PDT pic.PNG)


5 am PDT The Nation’s 911 Force

5 pm PDT War Paint

e7b2fb  No.2791464

I need to speak to the highest anon right now.

c60648  No.2791465

File: dae82ae549d2228⋯.jpeg (487.35 KB, 3264x3264, 1:1, dae82ae549d22289bd77425a3….jpeg)

530077  No.2791466


Clockwise.. Nazis.

0c4008  No.2791467


That was from the Paul Ryan "dark phase" when he acted out by not shaving a little.

ad8ee5  No.2791468

File: d3a5b8d8a0a5059⋯.png (1.12 MB, 1679x1141, 1679:1141, Screenshot_2018-06-28 Thi….png)


Agreed. So lets cover it up. Let's limit the hangout. My brain hurtz.


Fair point imo



Great stuff. Thanks!

08fc3d  No.2791469


As long as he remains dead we will remain happy.

0bbefa  No.2791470


Nation of laws. Let us make America great again. We must keep America great.

02403e  No.2791471


are you enjoying the show?

a5f1c4  No.2791472




e37179  No.2791473

File: 60d5c457cb2693a⋯.png (6.89 MB, 4138x4193, 4138:4193, HUBER1sidebyside.png)

for concernfags (1/4)

62dc53  No.2791474

613c8a  No.2791475

b37102  No.2791476

File: f3925f05212bb52⋯.jpg (93.51 KB, 513x646, 27:34, jochin boaz wtc.jpg)

File: f9e8b8f131980c2⋯.jpg (22.48 KB, 300x450, 2:3, the-new-world-trade-center.jpg)

>>2791091 (prev)


9/11 was a human sacrifice ritual

destruction of joachin and boaz replaced with Obilisk thingy

Las Vegas was too but went wrong

a24264  No.2791477


hunh, wow. darn sure looks like they fall down.

f55ec5  No.2791478


Or it could mean the agenda of Satan left the White House.

3c60be  No.2791479


You fucktard. There was no view of her that was close enough to determine that.

9a1b40  No.2791480


Sorry that's part of the 99% of information that must remain sealed to protect the citizens.

997938  No.2791481

File: 04490d93ea6ffcf⋯.jpg (80.96 KB, 933x524, 933:524, whoopi mad .jpg)

File: 44465decc5f97d7⋯.jpg (66.11 KB, 640x480, 4:3, apes mad max.jpg)

File: f4ec44c9a102ba2⋯.jpg (27.95 KB, 229x250, 229:250, serena male.jpg)

File: 5dad4ecb3a17339⋯.jpg (33.1 KB, 678x356, 339:178, vj.jpg)


Seen any of these on? there's really a gorilla channel?

62100f  No.2791482

File: d34e27a5795b471⋯.jpg (13.34 KB, 172x255, 172:255, highestrankinganon.jpg)

e37179  No.2791483

File: 788aadd5320b041⋯.png (5.19 MB, 4774x3405, 4774:3405, HUBER2sidebyside.png)

for concernfags (2/4)

d17a47  No.2791484

File: 7a7acf9a928e28c⋯.jpeg (297.68 KB, 1200x1254, 200:209, AJ.jpeg)

d03be8  No.2791485


[@Ensin17] Eliahi Priest: Contact Zero, InsigniaGate Information Drop Part One

1. americandigitalnews.com/2018/08/28/eliahi-priest-key-documents-accounts-files-swift-files-part-2/#.W4cCdmYpCpI

2. Read article or go to bottom of page and click on 'INTEL DROP here' https://t.co/wrt2rUcHmv


3. This brings you to DropBox and a bunch of Folders & Documents

4. Click on Folder 0.ID & Credentials - PRIEST / Click on InsigniaGate Mandate 12.8.2018.pdf

5. Document label: OFFICIAL MANDATE - 8CHAN DROP See the message?

"Dear Q, President Trump, NSA, WhiteHats ATTENTION Langley, ← STAND DOWN"

6. Random stuff I copied from document: www.contactzero.org [Bottom of doc]


#Operation-C-Z/Admin2/Tier3-2/arch.zo.ap.b.gk.et.al -

Leon Panetta via(M) - your assassination order of <WHITECAT> over the FST CIA collateral accounts is being published to al ANONS for the record. See: IG/10/CIAKillOrder9.6.2011

7. went to www.contactzero.org at the bottom of webpage a symbol lion/unicorn Military Intelligence Section 6 [MIS6]

Its a link which goes here: Dunino Parrish Church. / I took it apart when I saw the map coords. 2 sets

www .google.com.au/maps/place/Scotland,+UK/@56.2883824,-2.7437211,595m/data=


wwwgoogle.com au/ maps/ place/ Scotland, +UK/@ 56.2883824,-2.7437211 / 56.4906712!4d-4.2026458

595m/data= 3m 11e 34m 53m 41s 0x 4861e2c403f2a19f 0x e7c1fad809c30714 8m 23d / Scotland + UK =

56.2883824,-2.7437211 - Dunino Parish Church - St. Andrews, UK

56.4906712,-4.2026458 - Escape Rooms Scotland - Killin, UK THIS IS IN THE WATER

[Escape Rooms & Games Scotland] / https ://escaperoomsscotland.com

27 King St Stirling FK8 1DN, UK

FQRW+7W Camusurich Killin UK

8. Label on left SOS KES 1922 is a link to: https://youtu.be/F8lZHYSoiXc BURNING UFO!!! posted 31 AUG 2008

9. Above MIS6 symbol - CLASS 1 (CTS) COSMIC TOP SECRET ATOMAL link to: www.shape.nato.int AND

VIENNA CONVENTION link to http://legal.un.org/ilc/texts/instruments/english/conventions/1_1_1969.pdf

10. GO TO http://www.emperors-clothes.com/articles/jared/madein.htm -

Osama bin Laden: Made in USA by Jared Israel 28 August 1998 –20yrs ago

@Ensin17 - Source of MEGA download [Mirror of DropBox]

This is the current official Drop link for #InsigniaGate A private International Investigation into the criminal behavior of the Central Intelligence Agency @CIA & Former US President @GeorgeHWBush


a24264  No.2791486

File: 27794718ac9584d⋯.png (291.45 KB, 613x777, 613:777, minarets.png)

c60648  No.2791487

File: 24b3676ccc55859⋯.jpg (36.75 KB, 680x467, 680:467, DbVIB44VQAArwug.jpg)

8539e4  No.2791488


the only one that was in there with huge tits, and a huge cock was Michelle

therefore michelle is satan

c2a4e6  No.2791489

File: baef668304cf6ef⋯.jpg (1.84 MB, 2984x2078, 1492:1039, f91ac6505b205a6b2e0524d8c7….jpg)

6efbb4  No.2791490


Waiting until after the midterms

e37179  No.2791491

File: 27b72563b5ee4f9⋯.png (6.9 MB, 4347x3125, 4347:3125, HUBER3sidebyside.png)

for concernfags (3/4)

de5393  No.2791492

File: 9371d0684928c2f⋯.png (987.99 KB, 717x684, 239:228, Huberport.PNG)

888d6c  No.2791493


I bet all those fags still have their security clearance while working for GOOG

413e94  No.2791494



31d39d  No.2791495


A story I came across recently about Nuns burying children said that "satan" would come out and perform evil acts on children. The article said that there was a member of the convent, a man, whom during the rituals was referred to as "satan".

possible that there is someone in the BHO WH who has reached some level of status in the evils cult to have achieved the title of "satan"?

997938  No.2791496

File: aee2fc46daadb2b⋯.jpg (88.56 KB, 534x768, 89:128, rockafeller.jpg)


Yes..THIS…this guy had a hand in the plan…check out the watch

62100f  No.2791497

File: 7abc03908b14f11⋯.jpg (6.84 KB, 255x144, 85:48, whitehatinaction.jpg)

3c60be  No.2791498

Um, could we get the hall monitor here to escort day shift morons out? Thanks.

601102  No.2791499


Blow me nigger.

Close enough to see no tears.


00270c  No.2791500

File: 3990637101c06cd⋯.png (160.57 KB, 375x293, 375:293, 7B7_Vx.png)

633e44  No.2791501

File: 8fa8de85a4954ab⋯.jpg (27.98 KB, 402x261, 134:87, thMP07C6CQ.jpg)

1e271f  No.2791502


How would they know whether Huber interviewed BO or not?

Huber wouldn't just give that info out.

e37179  No.2791503

File: 5e75536be2bbc4e⋯.png (6.69 MB, 6685x3013, 6685:3013, HUBER4sidebyside.png)

for concernfags (4/4)

ad0852  No.2791504

File: 5317f06c0beab2a⋯.png (2.58 MB, 2550x3300, 17:22, Qclock Google Logo copy.png)


[30] Exactly on Q Clock

eea3d4  No.2791505

File: 006e4a97a6540e6⋯.png (117.07 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, PostDetectorBlah.png)

b20ca9  No.2791506

File: a9c8e988586a0e3⋯.png (144.75 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, IMG_9829.PNG)

211f93  No.2791507


calm down bro and answer like a normal person not a fuckign spaz

f7e3d6  No.2791508

File: f80c38fd1b376ff⋯.jpg (84.53 KB, 736x489, 736:489, f80c38fd1b376ff4d92207bc2a….jpg)

5fea6b  No.2791509

File: b20ebab1f48c1a7⋯.jpeg (343.63 KB, 1038x539, 1038:539, nonamesgbviyfdlasuifd.jpeg)

42daf8  No.2791510

Kellyanne doesn't breath when she starts talking. Hannity can't even get a word in once she starts.

c60648  No.2791511

File: a3f936173f65273⋯.jpg (98.41 KB, 1020x692, 255:173, DbWWe9XWsAIDLKT.jpg)

74fda2  No.2791512


Should include how much she was paid for that access.

Like the 'priceless' ads

997938  No.2791513


Nice…been waiting for that! Need one with his ISIS friends around the casket

a5f0d6  No.2791514

File: a521dd776dfb2eb⋯.png (486.31 KB, 2312x702, 1156:351, Screen Shot 2018-08-29 at ….png)

File: 0f729f1456f91bd⋯.png (734.14 KB, 1110x1068, 185:178, Screen Shot 2018-08-29 at ….png)

something about these two posts, especially the reply…… hmm..

also this was not irish anon

see third post

irish anon said "we're getting married soon" and picking out wedding song, "she said yes" implies couple just got engaged

16e4a5  No.2791515




Cheers, Anons.


Gotcha, amended. Thx anon.

a368b7  No.2791516

File: 829d343e3392c6c⋯.png (581.96 KB, 636x632, 159:158, Screen Shot 2018-08-14 at ….png)

d3ceac  No.2791517


Perception is everything. Note there is a relationship of mass to gravity - but neither is fully defined just that our equations work up to a point.

88834c  No.2791518

File: d3e08ca81cbaa58⋯.png (99.23 KB, 618x458, 309:229, POTUS.png)

new POTUS tweet

211f93  No.2791519


then SC shouldn't run her mouth about that then.

But Toensing said that Huber never interviewed her client, the Uranium One whistleblower Campbell. So there's that.

80565a  No.2791520

File: 8c79663aa06eb39⋯.jpg (425.33 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, IMG_083.jpg)

e715a1  No.2791521

02403e  No.2791522


brings back High School memories man, So good

1e271f  No.2791523


Where's the tears?

eab50e  No.2791524


doin God's work anon

6c973b  No.2791525

File: 2a77d4b321db1e1⋯.jpg (147.92 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, bb tuck.jpg)


Yoooooou called……

5fea6b  No.2791526

File: e1fd2f9e0ca5020⋯.png (11.51 KB, 444x410, 222:205, Screenshot_2018-08-29 Q(1).png)


>PAIN is comming

76ba19  No.2791527

File: 67c705eefd6680f⋯.png (388.31 KB, 499x499, 1:1, 67c705eefd6680f098290e88ce….png)

18eec3  No.2791528

Example of suppression, censoring: Q's Dink YT link still at 182k views. Not a chance. Comments increased by 10 times. Guarantee views are now more than 350k.

dc8eb2  No.2791529

Did Conway say Peter Ohr?

e4bf50  No.2791530


'the choice will be yours to make' dings on that second one.

fed79b  No.2791531


Or setting the stage to have every person who knows the interviews HAVE HAPPENED shout from every social media soap box, then they have to release a statement apologizing for the mistake (which will draw major LEFT attention - Fox fucks up and eats crow) and then COVER ALL THE DETAILS of the interviews once they can release it all

9a1b40  No.2791532


Then its settled.

TRUMP is highest ranking anon.

Who is second highest ranking anon?

31d39d  No.2791533

File: 33fabf6b127afa9⋯.png (650.27 KB, 828x620, 207:155, Screen Shot 2018-08-16 at ….png)

eea3d4  No.2791534

File: 82b0bfb2338ee5d⋯.png (112.45 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, PostDetectorOBB.png)


For This Pic

83154f  No.2791535

File: 68fe9eac7ad3cdb⋯.png (22.79 KB, 527x383, 527:383, ford-nazi.png)


That is just a weird connection.

c3f022  No.2791536

File: d68feb554d9ff47⋯.png (524.68 KB, 755x527, 755:527, mcdoggy.png)


if he really is dead…

997938  No.2791537


There's a lot of HIGH anons here….but I assume you mean High Ranking…go ahead AMA

530077  No.2791538

File: e6e4abf27594520⋯.jpg (83.49 KB, 977x500, 977:500, IMG_5396.JPG)

b6cffa  No.2791539

>>2791382 (lb)

^ yup. God wouldn’t call them Jews, just like he told us prophetically in the bible - “these jews, which are not jews”. Read the bible, God Wins!

eb7b03  No.2791540

File: 63dec8575483c30⋯.png (74.25 KB, 1069x272, 1069:272, ClipboardImage.png)

760c4d  No.2791541



3f52d3  No.2791542


I hope it means tomorrow 45,000+ court docs are unsealed! This is literally killing me - I need my babies back!

e6cb0b  No.2791543

File: 824323a5fea5bb8⋯.png (149.85 KB, 957x704, 87:64, ClipboardImage.png)


e7b2fb  No.2791544


cliff hanger

633e44  No.2791545

File: 08b5ac9f3f98214⋯.jpg (35.26 KB, 474x451, 474:451, th57XHVGFI.jpg)

b38e48  No.2791546

ad8ee5  No.2791547

File: 56f7e7229ede9f1⋯.jpg (151.58 KB, 1200x627, 400:209, Mattis-In-Iraq.jpg)

cc9b51  No.2791548


Crocodi…lizardpeople… tears.

e7b2fb  No.2791549


demerits for no animation

1ce3bc  No.2791550


OMG you mean Germans used POW labor just like every military ever in the history of the world?


16e4a5  No.2791551

File: 5a83dba65bc1cb9⋯.jpg (18.01 KB, 600x375, 8:5, 5a83dba65bc1cb9f79e5ad6949….jpg)


Kek'd in reality


Good for a good few more, thanks baker!

9d616f  No.2791552


good shit. very good shit.

0c4008  No.2791553

I'm sorry, so do we think John McCain's not dead?

Can we get a tl;dr for the Anons who haven't been here? I check notables and the Subreddit as much as possible but stuff takes its place so quick.


861d88  No.2791554


00270c  No.2791555

File: 757066e29930b8b⋯.jpg (13.49 KB, 341x200, 341:200, th.jpg)


yep oprah winfrey network

because you know 12% of the american population warrants having your OWN tv network full of worthless jive niggers

e3d88a  No.2791556


>fair point

Thank you anon. There are too many fake muhjoo shills pushing for mindless accusations. We should expand our thinking and follow the truth. These actors dont want us to dig deeper and expose the truth, that these are occult ruling families. It is comfortable for them to push the "jews" angle and make us stop digging up the true enemy.

e37179  No.2791557

File: 53cd586cd48abf2⋯.png (78.99 KB, 1027x273, 79:21, ClipboardImage.png)





concernfags, read these, then reread crumbs

Huber doesn't need to interview either Ohr or the informant

He can get Ohr's testimony from the IG and Congress, and can get the informant's from congress

besides, Huber likely DOESN'T NEED THE TESTIMONY

won't slide moar on this concernfagging, carry on

44de47  No.2791558


No obituaries out for a search on 1961 or 1962 in New Jersey yet.

CPS personnel tend to be secretive fucks.

eeba5a  No.2791559


Closed casket funeral…. Why?

7bb63e  No.2791560


Nice dig! and AUTISM

a24264  No.2791561

File: a62c62ed9982bdd⋯.png (266.63 KB, 637x425, 637:425, Screen Shot 2018-08-29 at ….png)

944b36  No.2791562


How many people are working for Huber ?? Bet one of them handled the interview.

c60648  No.2791563

File: cce253d85bf4924⋯.png (360.38 KB, 608x702, 304:351, 08e283438a18905177cf2fd783….png)

62100f  No.2791564

File: 47c244a2af26f8b⋯.jpg (11.09 KB, 255x143, 255:143, whoa.jpg)


welcome, newfag…?

9d616f  No.2791565


it would be good to have one that connects the $240 billion fake treasuries to Bush, Iran-Contra, 9/11, Mena

e7b2fb  No.2791566


You are the winner. Finally, someone can read.

61d0cc  No.2791567

File: e61d7f58d17dd9e⋯.jpg (158.33 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault-21.jpg)

File: 94b5c20159f1b60⋯.png (507.42 KB, 600x600, 1:1, satanic-drag-queen-long-be….png)

File: a088348614c0045⋯.png (662.25 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, De_Blasio_Secret_Pizza_Par….png)


that's one way to look at it…. and then… I look at it more like pedophiles grooming young children…. slowly… they push their agenda on us… at first it's cool… innocuous…. and then it keeps getting worse and worse…. now we have this… Madonna used to be just "weird"… now we have the little skanky tramp Miley

d03be8  No.2791568











31d39d  No.2791569


Will be lurking.

fcfc7e  No.2791570


did they get that from huber, from the u1 witness?

26ab55  No.2791571



d144a3  No.2791572


I would agree.

633e44  No.2791573

Madonna wasn't know fucking man tho

cd5548  No.2791574

File: 30a249d0b53a63d⋯.jpeg (10.24 KB, 255x170, 3:2, EDC4B16C-5B69-4270-BB6B-A….jpeg)

File: 856bbe5e53530a9⋯.jpeg (306.07 KB, 550x526, 275:263, CA908B6D-33DF-45B7-ABD8-3….jpeg)


The Best

cf7ebd  No.2791575


NOW, you should dig into how Bush,Sr's father, Prescott Bush helped with that.

9190d8  No.2791576

Here's a kicker. Google "American Inventors". Interesting results.

1e271f  No.2791577


Do you NOT know how to click the image and enlarge?

No tears.

I hate these posed grief photos. Why is she facing the audience?

It's bullshit optics only.

She may have cried at home but this is just optic bullshit.

02403e  No.2791578


is that Anthony Bordaine?

7faf93  No.2791579




fear and pain coming to a theater near you

get your PAAAAAWWWWP Corn!

299ae5  No.2791580



mirror image

c60648  No.2791581

File: 0ec0742bccdc22e⋯.jpg (1.12 MB, 4032x2268, 16:9, 0ec0742bccdc22ec59c4888068….jpg)

f7464e  No.2791582




5fea6b  No.2791583

File: 5d020d35d9ca1c1⋯.jpg (13.21 KB, 225x225, 1:1, al gore.jpg)

9fc4e6  No.2791584


EVERYONE is infected with some form of mycoplasma - but micoplasma fermentens and mycoplasma incognitus are patented by our MIL. One of those (forget which) mimics the symptoms of Gulf War Syndrome


Not dissing our MIL, but there are some seriously demented, evil people in there (being cleansed by /ourguys/) who had no qualms about experimenting on our MIL and public.

530077  No.2791585

File: c9d5191ba9fe875⋯.png (811.73 KB, 602x455, 86:65, IMG_4219.PNG)

211f93  No.2791586


That probably is right… Then Sara Carter shouldn't be running her mouth and repeating fake news or stuff she has no info on.

Asking questions is not a fucking 'slide'. Go the fuck on with that shit dude.

16e4a5  No.2791587

File: 0c41f3ce3416a87⋯.jpg (62.95 KB, 512x512, 1:1, 0c41f3ce3416a87f878b605fab….jpg)


Appreciate the back up, baker. It might rock off gain. Cheers.

c3f022  No.2791588


there is speculation here, he may have suicided or GITMO…personally I think the former

e37179  No.2791589

>>2791374 Graphic: Anon's theory on The Show (Trust The Plan)

notable baker

great graphic anon

3c60be  No.2791590


Are you comparing Roseanne to an ape?

d54f93  No.2791591


This unconstitutional piece of garbage law will be overturned by the United States Supreme Court. It will happen, jus like President Trump's travel restrictions were deemed to be completely CON-stitutional.

We patriotic LawFags knew they would, and we know the law. With respect to this CA law, Sonia "Low-IQ" Sotomayor, Elena "No Prior Judicial Experience" Kagan, and Ruth "The Age of Consent Should Be Lowered to Age 12" Ginsburg will vote to uphold it. Because they suck.

Thank God, though, the patriotic, reasonable justices will uphold the Constitution and strike down this California piece of crap law.

I'm sure of it….

a5f0d6  No.2791592


yes! such strange wording?

and this guy happens to propose to someone RIGHT after the irish anon thing?

to me all of it sounds like a major operation happened tonight and it was a success..


9a1b40  No.2791593


Where do I send in my dues?

c60648  No.2791594

File: 223a87839b38a5d⋯.png (875.86 KB, 1111x721, 1111:721, 6b7cb5e251cb0f93140e226628….png)

b55738  No.2791595

File: 9d58168bc1cf607⋯.png (6.54 KB, 165x48, 55:16, IsisJews.png)





d10754  No.2791596

File: 0c42ad5edbcf5fb⋯.jpg (31.63 KB, 480x360, 4:3, 0.jpg)

cc9b51  No.2791597

File: 284f209ecf4989a⋯.png (32.91 KB, 600x600, 1:1, NWO Mirror mirror.png)

549b9f  No.2791598


newfag test

if you don't know

what that post is about

you must

re-read crumbs

861d88  No.2791599


I'm not going to this wedding just in case…

10e5e7  No.2791600

File: 56332abadfffdcb⋯.jpg (117.59 KB, 430x310, 43:31, brick.jpg)

02403e  No.2791601

44de47  No.2791602


Doesn't' look like she's crying. Just scrunched up her face like she's acting

a24264  No.2791603


let's don't monkey this up.

0a7ffd  No.2791604

File: 5bf8d760a560929⋯.jpg (45.22 KB, 631x429, 631:429, inserted.JPG)


These "rebuttals" were injected less than a minute ago.

716024  No.2791605

File: a9f20f6bc6e17bd⋯.jpeg (10.33 KB, 284x177, 284:177, images (1).jpeg)





29eafd  No.2791606


The Cali cabal is egging the POTUS on…(stick in the eye), to do something, by passing all these unconstitutional laws.

211f93  No.2791607


that congressanon on half chan said that everyone in congress knows he didn't go naturally and they were freaking out about it.

93bab8  No.2791608

File: 3e74d6abcf78cb4⋯.jpg (182.68 KB, 899x591, 899:591, Screen Shot 2018-08-13 at ….jpg)

633e44  No.2791609

All fucking negro inventors… pretty incredible

a5f0d6  No.2791610



"JOHN" in the comic

"JOHN" in the song Q posted???????

8539e4  No.2791611

File: cb429359d5f023e⋯.jpeg (246.74 KB, 1800x1800, 1:1, 0F5DA49E-82FF-4AE3-AE52-9….jpeg)

File: 0394203c8397202⋯.jpeg (68.74 KB, 313x475, 313:475, 4D9E21D2-1D5B-47F2-A090-8….jpeg)


does the book pic related seem too coinkydink to anyone else?

stacey schiff? witches? pulitzer prize?


1a26e9  No.2791612

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.







You're right.

Also, BBC wouldn't announce the collapse of a heavily reinforced skyscraper (WTC7), not hit by a plane, about an hour before it actually fell. Up until that day (or ever since), no steel skyscraper had ever collapsed due to fire... anywhere in the world. Engineers actually design for this possibility.

Probably just an honest mistake.


34734d  No.2791613

File: 7c370dd17a8215c⋯.png (264.48 KB, 397x368, 397:368, dink.png)

this is great

e14eb5  No.2791614

File: 8507fe2709e5108⋯.jpg (723.96 KB, 1800x1800, 1:1, 25.jpg)

File: 4cb33ce88c78bf4⋯.jpg (604.5 KB, 1798x1356, 899:678, 55.jpg)

File: 3e71207e554ff3f⋯.jpg (520.35 KB, 1797x1365, 599:455, 26 mirror of 24.jpg)

File: 87ed6697288901e⋯.jpg (1.26 MB, 3597x1520, 3597:1520, 24 mirror of 26.jpg)


Today's Q Clock

Pic 1

Divide they try.

Fail they will.


Think logically.

Think SC vote to confirm (coming).

Today's Q Clock Mirror

Pic 2

[D]ay [Of] [D]ays



Think FISA.

Think NO NAME.

Tomorrow's Q Clock

Pic 3

What you SEE is 2%.

HRC open source.

MSM staging narrative.


VJ phone call w/ AS.

42m 13s.

These people are LITERALLY MORONS.

Tomorrow's Q Clock Mirror

Pic 4

We love good singers.

POTUS deCLAS Syria/Iran + U1 connection.

We are waiting for a reporter to ask the ultimate question.

What are they waiting for?

How do you remove evil in power unless you reveal the ultimate truth?

It must be compelling to avoid a divide (political attack/optics).

We are the majority (growing).


4652a0  No.2791615


my mind simply boggles at the number of retorts I am coming up with… I simply can't do it.

944fa9  No.2791616

File: 965283d4ee971ec⋯.jpg (82.81 KB, 1031x714, 1031:714, melodramwarpepe.jpg)


baker notable

Clockfag links Q post and DJT to [30] delta on Google Bias

Nice work clockfag

65e694  No.2791617


>>2791535 EXACTLY. And they were paid. And it was a lot more than the civilians who were later coopted/forced (and paid) to work.

And this was 1940-41 also.

The book author Wallace work(s)/worked for the Shoah Foundation at the time.

c60648  No.2791618

File: ea33a6fa1e9240e⋯.jpg (137.9 KB, 365x650, 73:130, 12ebd78ae43cd59c59f32a6fe3….jpg)

997938  No.2791619



Doesn't she know NJ is not a carry state?

52de3e  No.2791620

2018…will end in 4 months.

How long before the ole "timelines change" double Q switcheroo makes it into a post?

2bfac5  No.2791621

File: a50d13564946f17⋯.png (155.1 KB, 876x846, 146:141, Screen Shot 2018-08-29 at ….png)

File: 8ed2395206264eb⋯.png (147.38 KB, 1810x572, 905:286, Screen Shot 2018-08-29 at ….png)

File: 2a95c28c1d4b890⋯.png (71.8 KB, 904x864, 113:108, Screen Shot 2018-08-29 at ….png)

File: 2552e2d50e1c5bf⋯.png (118.87 KB, 926x598, 463:299, Screen Shot 2018-08-29 at ….png)

Pain tomorrow Q?


NYPD Laptop


Shadow Government




111 was close but at least lead to the pain time line?

83154f  No.2791622

File: 2535ec32eeab433⋯.png (24.67 KB, 527x448, 527:448, alied-nazi-suply.png)


Indeed, connected to standard oil


a24264  No.2791623


"Let's get a shot of Meghan by the casket!"

0a7ffd  No.2791624


Mason in the police are racketeers.


8b1889  No.2791625

File: 891c04fb1bde416⋯.jpg (107.97 KB, 441x570, 147:190, pepe mcthistle.jpg)


Night Crew Stands out!! Aces!

10e5e7  No.2791626

File: a2f2233f829337c⋯.jpg (176.06 KB, 400x399, 400:399, congrats.jpg)

44de47  No.2791627


That's why they confirmed 60 judges in one day.

They know their name is on the list next if they don't' fucking cooperate.


He suicided in the presence of military people OR he was injected. IDK and IDC the bastard is DEAD.

Sauce? Why the hell do you have a hearse and five black SUV's escorting the body to the funeral home???!??!!

601102  No.2791628


The jews were the first to jump all over Trump, in spite of all that he has done for the filthy cunts.

c60648  No.2791629

File: 80fe32143ee7b5a⋯.jpg (1.45 MB, 3605x4437, 3605:4437, 24eb002d6463255242f5b7059b….jpg)

cbadbb  No.2791630

File: 52d8498bf10114e⋯.png (976.75 KB, 860x544, 215:136, DQ - Copy.PNG)

633e44  No.2791631

you have to scroll to find fucking Tesla, Morse…wow just wow Google is fuckin Orwell in disguise

a368b7  No.2791632

File: 5def30ae11cbc28⋯.png (417.88 KB, 600x401, 600:401, Screen Shot 2018-08-28 at ….png)


Nice fuckin' work, Anon!

b55738  No.2791633


Lets make a deal…

You real jews can live in Israel with all the other real jews. In exchange all of the real and fake jews are no longer allowed to rule white countries.

You get to live.

You also get to fuck off.


e37179  No.2791634


>Go the fuck on with that shit dude

kek what does 'go the fuck on' mean? do you mean elaborate?

I mean I'm not going to slide on it with people who are claiming Q is a larp and blah blah blah muh concern

ask a question if needed, never said questions are a slide, but slides are slides

what I posted (especially the sides by sides) are basically all I have to say on Huber

waiting on Huber → ]Huber[

thanks fren

75b61c  No.2791635

File: 3d89363c83ca09e⋯.png (405.55 KB, 995x509, 995:509, 44a87ab92bbc80814e7666244d….png)

File: c13284f9c9b0a50⋯.jpg (61.76 KB, 520x330, 52:33, dubbadigits.jpg)

34734d  No.2791636

File: 7e7c3fff9e03dc5⋯.png (956 KB, 887x495, 887:495, oldguard.png)

b99bdc  No.2791637

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

b6cffa  No.2791638


Q team should make him get dna tested post conviction for the sake of that guy

d10754  No.2791639

File: 4e54c9ca4d90cd8⋯.jpg (93.82 KB, 1305x727, 1305:727, 4e54c9ca4d90cd846d73b61e60….jpg)

453be9  No.2791640

File: bc7c1a86833a6e3⋯.png (36.73 KB, 635x361, 635:361, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 7962b7f493ad17c⋯.png (37.22 KB, 636x362, 318:181, ClipboardImage.png)



5dcbf4  No.2791641


Loud and clear, however, we're into multiple meanings around here.

44de47  No.2791642


would you get rid of the fucking name? you're auto filtered.

88834c  No.2791643

File: 54763615d550e15⋯.png (43.72 KB, 588x151, 588:151, POTUS2.png)




second part of cliffhanger

997938  No.2791644


I actually had an argument (discussion) with someone who used that very argument.

"Those buildings are designed to fall like that"


9190d8  No.2791645


You can almost feel the white genocide.

c60648  No.2791646

File: 25bc2e116e9d8e7⋯.jpg (100.98 KB, 1024x991, 1024:991, 25bc2e116e9d8e707b2a41f024….jpg)

077ae1  No.2791647

File: e1aab4b9eeef89c⋯.png (553.2 KB, 660x343, 660:343, ClipboardImage.png)

211f93  No.2791648


I hear u, its all good man

e6cb0b  No.2791649

File: 1a180ae0a2618bf⋯.png (151.43 KB, 957x701, 957:701, ClipboardImage.png)


75624b  No.2791650


sry anons

got caught up listening to haggity

thx for the rehash

1ce3bc  No.2791651


No no no. The Nazis control the world. Not the jews though. And it's not like people with malicious intent have ever profited off a noble cause. No way. They're are guilty by association.

c3f022  No.2791652


whoa, did not hear that..work sorta gets in the way of being here at home on the full chan

34964c  No.2791653

MSM has done nothing but call Trump a 'performer' and 'joke'.

DeSantis needs to tell fake news to take a hike.

530077  No.2791654

File: aeafc44380ded1b⋯.png (135.29 KB, 460x297, 460:297, IMG_3626.PNG)


Think he is

a.) swiss cheese and or smoking pile of BBQ..


b.) spending out his last days at gitmo

a24264  No.2791655


I feel clean now.

d10754  No.2791656

File: 5a37ac93cd81294⋯.jpg (134.01 KB, 1080x835, 216:167, 6aadc8db-e0bb-441c-a27a-99….jpg)

b82ef7  No.2791657

File: 6c9de1d682de26c⋯.gif (7.36 MB, 356x200, 89:50, monkey-buttons.gif)

Come back one more time Q and give us monkeys something to do besides dink around.

179349  No.2791658


you should leave the indians alone

944b36  No.2791659


So they can drape the flag over your coffin. They do that for all government funerals. I am surprised Barbara Bush didn't have an open casket. That one makes me suspect that no one was in it.

00270c  No.2791660


wrong and wrong saudi prince was the reason for vegas someone wanted to take him out in vegas he was at another casino in disquise and was escortecd to safety by armed law enforcement shoving guns in american citizens faces all to protect a worthless desert rat. all those innocent american WHITE folks slaughtered because the could not get their target

5fea6b  No.2791661

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


start @:48 they almost drop him, they make it look heavy AF.

d54f93  No.2791662


Yup, Anon. Given how many CPS offices are involved with funneling innocent children into the globalist, Satanic system, it's no wonder they're so secretive. I know someone who knows the name. Just have to be careful about eliciting that name, if necessary .

a873c1  No.2791663

Payseur- One of the most secret and powerful families in North America that they could hide their wealth and power.

Apart of 13 illuminati bloodlines families

Andrew Carnegie, J.P. Morgan, the Vanderbilts, Giftord Pinnchot, and John D Rockefeller. These men were selected to run Payseur companies because they belonged to the satanic elite.

The list of companies owned by Pasteur family is immense.

Trying to find ties to Illuminati bloodline families and funding of the Vatican. I have a feeling there is definitely a connection.

Need help digging into this..

787542  No.2791664

>>2791565 Kevin Freeman wrote a book "Secret Weapon" tracked a bunch of trades prior to 9/11

worked as an annalist for the NSA

e7b2fb  No.2791665




b6cffa  No.2791666


Has America ever done that though? I’m asking because don’t know for sure, I can’t think of any examples and you’d think we would have heard about that in history class.

6a633a  No.2791667


And then their usa friends covered the whole thing …

c60648  No.2791668

File: 57e1286140c6866⋯.png (4.58 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 57e1286140c686633b5dc8dfae….png)

633e44  No.2791669

im new I dunno how to reply.. but yea man white genocide seriously..this shit has to stop

af70b8  No.2791670

Fear and Double Dragon Movies both used that sound track Green Mind.

Alyssa Milano Starred in both of those Movies

6c9af1  No.2791671

LONG ISLAND, N.Y. — "The body of a teenage boy who was likely killed more than a year ago by members of the MS-13 gang was found Wednesday, Nassau County police said.

At least 25 bodies have been found on Long Island since January 2016, the Associated Press reported Tuesday. MS-13 has been blamed for all of the deaths."


6c973b  No.2791672


They did not want our military guys strong and on point. There goal was to kill us and the last thing they wanted was ex-military to be ready to fight them. They shot them up with all kinds of crap, and called it Gulf War Syndrome and tacked on the mental aspect PTSD so they could take guns away. These scumbag believed the boys were expendable trash.

b37102  No.2791673

File: 8e8d8ac9016df8a⋯.jpg (30.9 KB, 592x513, 592:513, watch911.jpg)


wew! first Bill dog pic. now this!

4652a0  No.2791674


if it were me I would choose gitmo and hope for a change in 2020.

just saying

0eb954  No.2791675

File: 5b3222e387db3d3⋯.png (166.65 KB, 720x709, 720:709, 20180829_205047.png)

I can only imagine wictor dancing when the twin towers came down. A trashy jew celebrating any and all death. A genetic schizophrenic loner, who can't tell a story without talking about mommy and daddy. The liar has more than mental issues, his soul is missing.

34964c  No.2791676


>We love good singers.

That relates to video song Q linked to.

plus no name will still be in news

760c4d  No.2791677


And people wonder why he’s dead

adf409  No.2791678


I'm pretty fuckin' high, dude. Whatcha need?

1298d0  No.2791679

File: 85fcaf77b2507fd⋯.jpg (39.38 KB, 284x513, 284:513, chicago eagle 1889-19xx.jpg)

File: 516bf5524350b43⋯.jpg (159.79 KB, 1196x922, 598:461, fed dallas.JPG)

File: 0a64629d162eee6⋯.jpg (44.69 KB, 550x537, 550:537, NY Chase 1931.jpg)

File: a28c70a8f10f473⋯.jpg (222.06 KB, 1055x1383, 1055:1383, chicago fed old bldg.jpg)

File: 5b91578c0b8582a⋯.jpeg (15.92 KB, 225x225, 1:1, federal reserve.jpeg)

trying NOT to project here. eagles are everywhere. however here are some banking ones


Q post

Iron Eagle


was on

august 8 2018


93bab8  No.2791680

File: 6565325d9b4915b⋯.jpg (48.8 KB, 320x471, 320:471, ChuckPalahniuk.jpg)

44de47  No.2791681


If you know the name, then google the name. If the name comes up in a Google search and there's a professional profile, then post the link on the chan. Otherwise, it's pointless for us to know the name. Has the obituary come out yet?

fca372  No.2791682

5b0352  No.2791683


Why nobody wants to come clean on LV?

6ad7ce  No.2791684

File: 7960acc9454e7a7⋯.gif (4.78 MB, 480x264, 20:11, Hertzel.gif)

83154f  No.2791685

File: 7da8827cb1843e2⋯.png (164.25 KB, 611x588, 611:588, councel-9-13.png)


Nazism and communism are all concepts from the councel of 13 and above that the councel of 9

7e204b  No.2791686

File: bb0a7c7dfb2ad91⋯.jpeg (101.57 KB, 622x134, 311:67, fuckin-sand-niggers.jpeg)


it's happening… time to boot the un!

e37179  No.2791687

File: 8641db467030ec2⋯.jpg (163.88 KB, 693x875, 99:125, huber2.jpg)

File: 97202e810660ef5⋯.png (28.82 KB, 1070x208, 535:104, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 45f3f9463dce484⋯.png (69.74 KB, 384x392, 48:49, ClipboardImage.png)


check this shit out (kek pic 2)

interdasting… POTUS hasn't twatted about it

but (pic3) indicated (and clearly) HE KNOWS


3c60be  No.2791688


Stop it, anon. She faced the audience just like everh other person did.

I'm not convinced she didnt cry.

We've really got to stop this hate.

3f52d3  No.2791689

File: 2c055ee0cafee5f⋯.png (85.58 KB, 356x224, 89:56, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 4ab2d506185a999⋯.png (29.32 KB, 404x291, 404:291, ClipboardImage.png)




1ce3bc  No.2791690


lmfao YES! Japanese internment camps off the top my head. You best believe captured British in the Revolution were assigned duties.

5c30ad  No.2791691

File: 37756c7e3e3d11f⋯.png (200.76 KB, 720x1107, 80:123, Screenshot_20180829-205437….png)


a873c1  No.2791692


correction Payseur* family

eea3d4  No.2791693

File: 4f3b142e60a92b1⋯.png (166.24 KB, 640x432, 40:27, FireHose.png)

Q Feisty is on the Soapbox. Bombs Away. Nothing like a little Pressure

65e694  No.2791694


Try harder, TryHard.

It's the aliens.

44de47  No.2791695

File: edb36eb78cd5f20⋯.png (427.89 KB, 425x637, 425:637, TRAITOR GOT A RAG.png)


Do you notice something real interesting about the flag on the coffin?

9fc4e6  No.2791696



Fraud upon the court is no laughing or trivial matter. That phrase is very, very powerful.

PAIN incoming!!

8ad9a2  No.2791697

Watch a documentary called Gasland…

Then watch Fracnation…






077ae1  No.2791698

File: d977f79dd265af1⋯.png (20.72 KB, 502x294, 251:147, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 540b4c9ae541d40⋯.png (21.62 KB, 507x367, 507:367, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 5516506570a79e3⋯.png (147.03 KB, 465x241, 465:241, ClipboardImage.png)

Triggered! CNN Lashes Out at President Trump ‘We Don’t Lie!’

President Trump dunked on CNN and their in-house crank Carl Bernstein Wednesday evening after another botched ‘bombshell’ story fell apart.

TRUMP: CNN is being torn apart from within based on their being caught in a major lie and refusing to admit the mistake. Sloppy @carlbernstein, a man who lives in the past and thinks like a degenerate fool, making up story after story, is being laughed at all over the country! Fake News

CNN PR lashed out at President Trump in response claiming they ‘don’t lie’ — even though they were caught in a huge lie after Lanny Davis outed himself as the anonymous source in their ‘bombshell’ Trump Tower story and admitted he lied.

CNN PR: Make no mistake, Mr. President, CNN does not lie. We report the news. And we report when people in power tell lies. CNN stands by our reporting and our reporters. There may be many fools in this story but @carlbernstein is not one of them.


fc3677  No.2791699

File: 536c67a80edae0f⋯.jpeg (381.93 KB, 1322x724, 661:362, B93D48FA-8B8E-4AC1-B23D-0….jpeg)

File: 04f54a92ba107b9⋯.jpeg (337.13 KB, 1228x912, 307:228, 6FDF0F62-7E9C-41E2-AE03-A….jpeg)

File: dbbf4091f34fdc8⋯.jpeg (587.52 KB, 1315x835, 263:167, 50D2B1A3-5399-429F-B3B3-0….jpeg)

There is a high probability that Trump participated in an FBI “sting” in 2014 that later was deceptively repurposed by McCabe & co. to support the Russia collusion narrative they wanted to push.

Michael Cohen, Felix Sater and Carter Page all played their part in the sting, and the whole operation was overseen by Bill Priestap, the last man standing at the FBI along with Wray.

Who else would fit the description Confidential Source 1 (CS-1) : a Manhattan based casino developer with an Atlantic City casino property? It had to have been Trump, helping out the FBI by feigning interest in building a casino in Moscow.

a24264  No.2791700


wait, 81118 <> 80818 does it?

e3d88a  No.2791701

File: f3f6c9f7fec83b3⋯.png (9.55 KB, 255x167, 255:167, bf4e5c7bac04cdd99955f03a0d….png)



>The survey, conducted for Haaretz newspaper to coincide with US Independence Day, found that almost half of Israelis — 49 percent — strongly approved of Trump (and 23% slightly approved), while only 22% disapproved of the US president.


>new survey found that an overwhelming percentage of Orthodox Jews support President Donald Trump.

>According to the poll, which was commissioned by the US-based haredi Ami Magazine, 91% of American Orthodox Jews gave Trump a "Satisfactory" or "Very Satisfactory" rating. Only 8.4% said that they were unhappy with the president's performance


Oh and dont forget to tell ivanka that she is a filthy cunt too. Gtfo retard

44de47  No.2791702


Do you seriously think that we'd take prisioners in war and then treat them like kings?


a5f0d6  No.2791703


click the post number, quick reply box will appear,

type, hit new reply

126bdb  No.2791704

File: f34ebb3bae67b85⋯.jpg (32.73 KB, 714x403, 714:403, 10GUY.jpg)

f82e17  No.2791705

Vibrations going on in my mind,* chans flowing thru my Eye's. To All the Baker's that Take A Slice.

997938  No.2791706

File: be930f9cfaa8162⋯.jpeg (232.55 KB, 1252x1252, 1:1, ape ablino.jpeg)

File: e90d9a27b46daaa⋯.jpg (1.21 MB, 1896x801, 632:267, apes.jpg)


Never heard of Albino apes?

787542  No.2791707

>>2791599 Oh great another special day POTUS wasn't invited to!

cf7ebd  No.2791708


got a link to that?

9a1b40  No.2791709


The POTUS should come do a rally in California. Mojave, California. Right in the middle of the conservative heart of California. EAFB, CLNAS, farming, oil, mining, space exploration. This is TRUMP country.

29eafd  No.2791710



pepe and blotter acid

601102  No.2791711


Some guy writes one book with zero sources to substantiate his claims, and we are supposed to take his word for it?

65e694  No.2791712


Highest anon is too high to speak to you now.

Take a number and sit down, and we'll get back yo you next week, maybe.

c8a2e8  No.2791713

File: 791713e701a836a⋯.jpg (88.19 KB, 657x509, 657:509, trump twitter shotgun.jpg)

POTUS reloading…

adf409  No.2791714


If you wanna get really wild . . .

. . . 9/11 released the 3000 djinn that Mohammed bound up while he was alive with human sacrifice.

So there.

16e4a5  No.2791715

Early notes

Anything missed just let me know…

>>2791679 Eagles are everywhere: Some banking examples

>>2791640 POTUS tweets some pain

>>2791614 Clockfag Update

>>2791417 Research, and respects paid to Capt. Green, RIP Patriot

>>2791616 Clockfag links Q post and DJT to [30] delta on Google Bias

>>2791386 , >>2791401 Leovani Payseur's Twitter followers dig

>>2791374 Graphic: Anon's theory on The Show (Trust The Plan)

e7b2fb  No.2791716


Who in hell predicted this tactic by Trump???

3c60be  No.2791717


Whats your beef?

b55738  No.2791718

File: c609dd5f5d53bcf⋯.png (318.15 KB, 503x829, 503:829, JewsRule1.png)

File: f8fbe65ec9e142f⋯.png (685.98 KB, 303x946, 303:946, JewsRule2.png)

File: 3e0fb6c853a2dfc⋯.png (373.09 KB, 495x727, 495:727, JewsRule3.png)

File: e3a983ccbd9bcd1⋯.png (119.07 KB, 416x922, 208:461, JewsRule4.png)

File: 02208b28adb9538⋯.png (47.91 KB, 404x929, 404:929, JewsRule5.png)

5f3dc3  No.2791719

File: 167de548077b4ea⋯.png (871.14 KB, 1010x542, 505:271, ClipboardImage.png)

409adf  No.2791720


it's backwards

f9273e  No.2791721

WTF was the code with the "wedding music?"

HOLY SHIT I got goosebumps

10e5e7  No.2791722

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

jammin one more f time

05ca0d  No.2791723

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between Grandmothers and Grandfathers:

Well, here it is:

There was this loving grandfather who always made a special effort to spend time with his son's family on weekends.

Every Saturday morning he would take his 5-year-old granddaughter out for a drive in the car for some quality time – pancakes, ice cream, candy– just him and his granddaughter.

One particular Saturday, however, he had a terrible cold and could not get out of bed. He knew his granddaughter always looked forward to their drives andwould be very disappointed.

Luckily, his wife came to the rescue and said that she would take their granddaughter for her weekly drive and breakfast. When they returned, the little girl anxiously ran upstairs to see her grandfather who was still in bed.

"Well, did you enjoy your ride with grandma?" he asked.

"Not really, papa, it was boring. We didn't see a single arsehole, poofta, dole-bludging piece of shit, horse's arse, tree hugging socialist left wing green prick, blind bastard, dipshit, rag-headed Muslim camel humper or son of a bitch anywhere we went! We just drove around and Grandma smiled at everyone she saw. I really didn't have any fun."

9a1b40  No.2791724


Valeri, Is that your grampa?

dc8eb2  No.2791725

>Interesting wording in the OPEC org statute

ac18fc  No.2791726

File: 969b4c0f11ae0be⋯.jpg (436.17 KB, 1600x1495, 320:299, 969b4c0f11ae0be9084d06280b….jpg)


Their ship is burning and they'll rightly go down with it.

c3f022  No.2791727

File: 21fcd97aad385fb⋯.png (323.06 KB, 722x414, 361:207, mostinterjoint.png)


someone say highest anon?

b55738  No.2791728

File: 4b09bbfcf7ff4f4⋯.png (269.95 KB, 416x789, 416:789, JewsRule6.png)

File: 5f57e5d4836112f⋯.png (182.66 KB, 417x929, 417:929, JewsRule7.png)

File: a447d06723b8595⋯.png (611.92 KB, 423x931, 423:931, JewsRule8.png)

File: 295005fcc1a47dc⋯.png (573.73 KB, 504x763, 72:109, JewsRule9.png)

File: 9d58168bc1cf607⋯.png (6.54 KB, 165x48, 55:16, IsisJews.png)

5128b0  No.2791729

I have to take a break from everything anons. Seeing those scuzzlum fucks getting off has made me so mad I can't think straight. turning it all off for a while. Godspeed anons, may your digging be fruitful.

d77a0b  No.2791730

File: 3854b876f8c0708⋯.png (33.56 KB, 671x124, 671:124, ClipboardImage.png)


President Trump

012201  No.2791731

File: 561c019b5bd15aa⋯.png (117.61 KB, 1138x645, 1138:645, Screen Shot 2018-08-29 at ….png)

File: fbffdf28c92ae24⋯.png (237.5 KB, 580x455, 116:91, Screen Shot 2018-08-29 at ….png)

File: 6741a99c09934e0⋯.png (120.79 KB, 769x641, 769:641, Screen Shot 2018-08-29 at ….png)


Not sure if posted, but this song was used in the movie Fear, with Alyssa Milano, Reese Witherspoon, Mark Wahlberg.


Newbs would be well served to DIG on Alyssa Milanos husband David Bugliari. He is a CAA Agent with an interesting client list.

b82ef7  No.2791732

File: e46c6c731425fd5⋯.gif (1.49 MB, 500x358, 250:179, gunning.gif)

10ed04  No.2791733


Guys, promise me if they ever start knocking for our guns we stand our ground together

0eb954  No.2791734


Got anymore of them jew cartoons?

716024  No.2791735

File: 3512614e4217d92⋯.png (48.32 KB, 200x215, 40:43, reginos_1.png)


oh shit

dc8eb2  No.2791736

File: 8d05a0fb25548a1⋯.png (473.54 KB, 685x1208, 685:1208, Screen Shot 2018-08-29 at ….png)



34734d  No.2791737

File: fcf94c70c77ee22⋯.png (95.24 KB, 422x269, 422:269, hussein1.png)

cbadbb  No.2791738

File: 5d4080bbd93c0ec⋯.png (585.35 KB, 740x492, 185:123, DE - Copy.PNG)

997938  No.2791739


Muh Babies Taken from incubators



Gold Fringe would be more appropriate for Deep State cunts

1ce3bc  No.2791740

File: ca30ae0ccdd1088⋯.jpg (10.54 KB, 300x300, 1:1, 87817236.jpg)


Just the lightest of reading into the James Pool character shows he's a fucking hack. Get your bullshit out of my face and go back to reddit.

75b61c  No.2791741


Grandpa has a dick. Grandma doesnt.

62100f  No.2791742


Could there be some sort of Papal bloodline? Controlled by the Payseurs? Digging rn but a lot of unverifiable things coming up.

65e694  No.2791743

File: 03e92cea54b0dd5⋯.png (466.04 KB, 633x876, 211:292, Weirdo- YT- It's OKAY to b….png)

83154f  No.2791744

File: 586411e9c17a15f⋯.png (606.84 KB, 1151x928, 1151:928, collin-family-a1.png)


Ok some biography on the collins family, the head of that family is in the Council of 13

44de47  No.2791745


kek No Name's flag is? kek I just noticed that.

eea3d4  No.2791746

File: bb8d9d1d13e9bc2⋯.jpg (94.54 KB, 1362x1016, 681:508, TRUMP_M2_Twitter_50Cal.jpg)

3c60be  No.2791747




So is OC and the weather is better. Kek

b815d1  No.2791748


…..my office.

9e0ef8  No.2791749


No table!

34964c  No.2791750


Johann Georg Boshaar (1694 Zweibrücken, Rhineland-Palatinate,Germany – 1734 PA)

Father of >

Johan "John" George Bashore (Pasour), I (1720 PA-1818 PA) >

Father of>

George Pasour, II (1764 MD -1851 NC)

Father of>

Daniel Payseur (Paysour) aka : "adopted" (1765 ?– 1860 NC) >

Father of >

Jonas W Payseur (Paysour) (1813 NC -1884 NC)

Father of>

Lewis Cass Payseur (NC 1850 – 1939 AL)

Father of>

Iola Madelyn Payseur (1877 SC -1972 AL)


179349  No.2791751


dont be afraid to take breaks

c60648  No.2791752

File: 730e98ee173256f⋯.jpg (123.96 KB, 500x625, 4:5, 730e98ee173256f5fd41ce32a6….jpg)

cf7ebd  No.2791753



10e5e7  No.2791754

File: 126f1b118568edc⋯.jpg (47.53 KB, 511x450, 511:450, notable.jpg)

211f93  No.2791755

File: 6a427ec63eeeac6⋯.jpg (2.12 MB, 4020x4760, 201:238, OhrHearingAnon153549948128….jpg)


its one of the first posts at t he top left. Could be a LARP but he came out and said stuff before Gaetz came out and said it on tv.

7c22c8  No.2791756


I told them they better watch out for that bust of MLK

And you know they pitched a fit about it being moved.

Cause it was a device of some sort

I just feels it in me bones!


7f4153  No.2791757

Watergate 2.0 Boomerang Effect

Trump heightens attacks against CNN, Watergate reporter Carl Bernstein over Trump Tower story


adf409  No.2791758

File: 01ac01e9c7bdb7f⋯.jpg (144.92 KB, 957x1000, 957:1000, 7b3e0125b119c0fc7271440a49….jpg)


A grateful nation thanks you for your service. With boobs.

c3499c  No.2791759


Ok, is this an actual site or….?

If an actual site, Llnk?

b55738  No.2791760


What about the anti freemason cartoons?

Or the anti catholic church cartoons?

What about the anti swiss cartoons?

Would you rather see those jew?

10ed04  No.2791761


Wrong. The difference between a grandmother and grandfather is a penis ya fuckin libtard

b37102  No.2791762


was POTUS there? IE: the target

00270c  No.2791763


negroes invent excuses for not inventing shit

208751  No.2791764

File: 4621b88b615fbf2⋯.png (14.26 KB, 611x164, 611:164, ThePunisher17.PNG)

With regards to Q's latest post:

>>2789791 rt >>2789612 —————— Pain.png

It's interesting to note that the TV Series for The Punisher was released on November 17 2017.

I couldn't help but notice, yet another reference to the number '17'.

02403e  No.2791765


ive carried one. not that heavy with other dudes. these morons were half jogging. what t fuck.

e7b2fb  No.2791766

File: b8e90f76ffd6386⋯.jpg (152.99 KB, 1400x700, 2:1, Dazed-and-Confused[1].jpg)


“George Washington was in a cult, and that cult was into aliens, man.” — Slater

e3d88a  No.2791767


You seem to be fixated over your jew fear, while you are being ruled by gold covered, y head wearing, spirit cooking, eye of ra worshiping, child sacrificing occultists. But hey its only the jews right?

cf7ebd  No.2791768



e37179  No.2791769

File: 5f3ebbdb509009d⋯.png (2.46 MB, 3435x2019, 1145:673, HRCplansidebyside.png)

34734d  No.2791770


the ones in egypt eh

633e44  No.2791771

thanks for digging on Milano.. I new Q lead us there for a reason. I thought the Milano Mom was interesting also. what she advocates

80565a  No.2791772

File: 726351460dfa41e⋯.jpg (438.69 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, IMG_096.jpg)

beb9fb  No.2791773

Quite an amazing write-up of part of Q post >>2768429 (the bit where it talks about Snowden) from here:


9e0ef8  No.2791774


The ones who divide are not of help.

c60648  No.2791775

File: 04413a08afdd650⋯.png (650.86 KB, 1646x918, 823:459, 99b19e1da831950c7fea7af6bd….png)

29eafd  No.2791776


Upside down US flag=Distress call

c04da2  No.2791777


Look up "Merovingians"

02403e  No.2791778

File: 1d69624ec2e86a0⋯.png (460.39 KB, 474x632, 3:4, ClipboardImage.png)

dont forget this you nigger faggots!

787542  No.2791779

>>2791661 double time NO-HONOR!

179349  No.2791780


yea there the same

10e5e7  No.2791781


its the ones that call themselves j e ws but are not

5fea6b  No.2791782


don't eat there anon

e37179  No.2791783


I propose IMGanon has the Highest Ranking Anon

He's a champ

and if you're a she, you're even moar of a champ

eea3d4  No.2791784


This is Qresearch…NOT Jewresearch…GTFO

7c22c8  No.2791785

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Just because

b82ef7  No.2791786

File: 08e78d096344838⋯.gif (7.18 MB, 504x283, 504:283, flamethrower.gif)


Kill it with fire

c60648  No.2791787

File: ab8cccbc30c4b54⋯.jpg (91.7 KB, 640x480, 4:3, ab8cccbc30c4b54095f63c1fcd….jpg)

660bc8  No.2791788

File: fd6488a5adbf53b⋯.png (116.76 KB, 236x437, 236:437, ClipboardImage.png)

File: b68ef3e64d3a5a7⋯.png (351.57 KB, 468x493, 468:493, ClipboardImage.png)

>>2790585 (pb)

dude if this is even close to what Q is trying to tell us you will be the highest ranking anon for all time.

It would make you GEOANON

But something is up, and your theory has some meat on the bone

-mobile HQ & satellites for terrorists

-fake bands (and TBH, this band looks clowned up to me)

-Segal.. I mean he's been in the news

-Capitol Records (cabal)

8539e4  No.2791789


try to explain to the same guy that fires need an ignition source

aka "wildfire" does not mean "occurs for no reason in the wild"

these people cannot even be convinced of basic concepts

1ce3bc  No.2791790


>just let retards spread disinfo

Nah. You can fuck off too.

d38d3a  No.2791791

File: 43620cbba3d7272⋯.png (93.05 KB, 711x481, 711:481, daymwut.png)



b55738  No.2791792


They can get fucked too.

Marina is a jew no?

(((Abromovich))) no?

How come you are not so "spike the football" tonight jew?

Is it because a blogger btfo'd Q? Is that it?

Calling him a boomerposting fag?

3c60be  No.2791793


It's much more than that, retard.

a5f1c4  No.2791794


An Iron Eagle is an American military officer who has attained the rank of Colonel but will not be promoted to the rank of General. The term refers to the rank insignia a colonel wears, which resembles an eagle. There are several reasons an officer may become an Iron Eagle

Are there any individuals "of interest" that fit this profile

75624b  No.2791795


you should stop posting commie trash propaganda

fcfc7e  No.2791796


POTUS assassination plot

still being investigated

LVPD investigative report had no answers, but was 187 pages


f8bb00  No.2791797




057229  No.2791798

File: 24371ff5dee3b4e⋯.jpeg (122.46 KB, 640x706, 320:353, 9A29553D-3787-4225-B97B-8….jpeg)

299ae5  No.2791799

File: 1393bc9f16597f9⋯.jpg (497.5 KB, 1280x1279, 1280:1279, SingComfy.jpg)


Comfy, anons?

e0503a  No.2791800

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

c60648  No.2791801

File: a6de202a06f3ad2⋯.jpg (90.7 KB, 799x534, 799:534, a0c4ffcb1b471600cd495a9c36….jpg)

65f957  No.2791802


Great job. This will be useful.

fb106a  No.2791803

File: 6833637086f99ad⋯.png (53.68 KB, 662x384, 331:192, POTUS 8-29-18 7 56 am PDT ….PNG)

File: 1b34e715994f9e7⋯.png (37.8 KB, 625x292, 625:292, Ed Krassenstein to POTUS 8….PNG)



I saved some of his ridiculous responses to POTUS Consumer Confidence tweet this morning

He / they are recycling talking points

It is actually funny someone is paying this troll to state the same things over and over

I am pretty sure most are aware of who they are and just laugh

b55738  No.2791804


If Q acts like a jew what is the difference?

8ac15f  No.2791805

Q picked the song for a reason. they could have picked anything but they chose a song by Dink.

So is it a coincidence that the main character of the book STOVER AT YALE is DINK STOVER and the first several chapters detail the initiation into SKULL AND BONES? From Wikipedia-

The story opens with a picture of Stover seating himself on a train bound for New Haven. A short account is given of Stover's background from his Lawrenceville School days (recounted in The Varmint). He overcame a poor start at the prep school and gained a reputation in football and as a class leader. While Stover is poised in dress and bearing, his classmates appear more eager and juvenile. Stover listens to them talk and learns of the secret society system, which will be the main drama of the plot. Later, the tap ceremony for the Yale senior society Skull and Bones is vividly described.


No coincidences right Q?

bab7ea  No.2791806

File: dcfdb4dd216b997⋯.jpg (28.87 KB, 604x443, 604:443, bio8[1].jpg)

File: 388de63cfbda896⋯.jpg (31.42 KB, 604x451, 604:451, bio6[1].jpg)

File: ed6f29cc1e89013⋯.jpg (30.67 KB, 604x442, 302:221, bio7[1].jpg)

File: c69546d3e517e9e⋯.jpg (30.78 KB, 604x444, 151:111, bio10[1].jpg)

File: d863ebf3ddc45c9⋯.jpg (30.33 KB, 604x438, 302:219, bio9[1].jpg)

MUST SEE: Fox News Reports on FEMA Concentration Camps Being Used to Create Bioterror Epidemics Across Country


Posted by supportusabantsa

Obama Using FEMA Camps to Destroy America

OBAMA: The Plague Generator

After unlawfully kidnapping thousands of foreigners, locking them in Nazi FEMA camps with his Brown Shirt Army (that is literally what they are calling themselves), Obama then injects them with previously-eradicated diseases and ships them off to all of our major cities in the U.S. We now have outbreaks and epidemics of all of these terrible plagues.


93bab8  No.2791807

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Six degrees of separation is the idea that all living things and everything else in the world are six or fewer steps away from each other so that a chain of "a friend of a friend" statements can be made to connect any two people in a maximum of six steps. It was originally set out by Frigyes Karinthy in 1929 and popularized in an eponymous 1990 play written by John Guare…

In 2001, Duncan Watts, a professor at Columbia University, attempted to recreate Milgram's experiment on the Internet, using an e-mail message as the "package" that needed to be delivered, with 48,000 senders and 19 targets (in 157 countries). Watts found that the average (though not maximum) number of intermediaries was around six.[17] A 2007 study by Jure Leskovec and Eric Horvitz examined a data set of instant messages composed of 30 billion conversations among 240 million people. They found the average path length among Microsoft Messenger users to be 6.[18]

It has been suggested by some commentators[19] that interlocking networks of computer mediated lateral communication could diffuse single messages to all interested users worldwide as per the 6 degrees of separation principle via Information Routing Groups, which are networks specifically designed to exploit this principle and lateral diffusion…

A Facebook platform application named "Six Degrees" was developed by Karl Bunyan, which calculates the degrees of separation between different people. It had over 5.8 million users, as seen from the group's page. The average separation for all users of the application is 5.73 degrees, whereas the maximum degree of separation is 12…

Users on Twitter can follow other users creating a network. According to a study of 5.2 billion such relationships by social media monitoring firm Sysomos, the average distance on Twitter is 4.67. On average, about 50% of people on Twitter are only four steps away from each other, while nearly everyone is five steps or less away… (wikipedia)

6ec2ba  No.2791808


Page 556, attachment E…


James Blomey

a368b7  No.2791809

File: cb52fd4bd49268e⋯.png (1.4 MB, 1478x737, 1478:737, Screen Shot 2018-08-29 at ….png)

c5f35e  No.2791810


Excellent work Anon

Thanks so much!!

5fea6b  No.2791811

File: b388e3f8761a1be⋯.png (597.58 KB, 1366x593, 1366:593, Screenshot_2018-08-29 Abou….png)


REAL Specials?

077ae1  No.2791812

File: 2596910622b0e9f⋯.png (467.28 KB, 590x801, 590:801, ClipboardImage.png)

File: f42658e3d166fd5⋯.png (52.49 KB, 587x719, 587:719, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 69167b45955883b⋯.png (312.23 KB, 589x893, 31:47, ClipboardImage.png)

Iran to leave nuclear deal if it fails to serve national interests, says Ayatollah Khamenei

Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei has warned that Iran will leave the 2015 nuclear deal it signed with six world powers if it fails to serve its interests.

"The JCPOA (the nuclear deal, officially known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action) is a means, not the goal, and if we come to this conclusion that it cannot serve [our] national interests, we will leave it," the Leader in a meeting with President Hassan Rouhani and members of his cabinet in Tehran on Wednesday.

Ayatollah Khamenei also said Iran would not negotiate with the current “brazen and irreverent” US officials at any level to reach a new agreement on its nuclear program.

“The result of negotiations with previous US officials who at least saved faces was this. Now what negotiation can we have with the current brazen and irreverent US officials who are openly threatening the Iranians? Therefore, no negotiation at any level will be held with the Americans.” The Leader pointed out.


NOTE: Strings cut yesterday, this today YUGE!

61d0cc  No.2791813


love that one

c3f022  No.2791814

File: 315ca718d6d03de⋯.png (207.37 KB, 666x614, 333:307, 0swing.png)

1298d0  No.2791815

File: 0069c006ad643e7⋯.png (11.2 KB, 236x255, 236:255, kap.png)


meme not my best attribute

can anyone (pic related)

299ae5  No.2791816

File: 7a13f44de0d85ae⋯.jpg (135.1 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Maganomics120.jpg)


I've gotta update this one

2bfac5  No.2791817


there is for sure a "pain timeline" i just cant figure it out yet

need to expand my thinking

f7e3d6  No.2791818

File: de2e473c2fbc647⋯.jpg (137.26 KB, 612x450, 34:25, 1535453717342.jpg)

633e44  No.2791819

File: f86905a061384b3⋯.jpg (67.08 KB, 468x594, 26:33, th4V001KG4.jpg)

d54f93  No.2791820


If I knew the dead worker's name I would blast it, Anon. I saw the article linked on a colleague's Face-pooh page with a cryptic, "farewell" message. I'll pick colleague gently for the name. Once I get it, then I'll return and blast that name here, I promise.

944fa9  No.2791821


>>2791715 should be >>2791504 Clockfag Links DJT Tweet to Q post on Google Bias and [30] marker (or something like that)

62100f  No.2791822

File: bbaaa8360c9af9d⋯.png (3.03 MB, 3016x2088, 13:9, catholicchurchdigs.png)

Been studying this graphic a frenlyanon shared, and based on what I've been able to connect…things are not looking good for the Jesuits. Did he wear those black shoes for a reason?

3426f9  No.2791823


google.. white couple

499f17  No.2791824


German POWs worked on farms in the Midwest. Nothing wrong with keeping prisoners busy.

cd5548  No.2791825

File: dac4b5d51a21e54⋯.png (2.85 MB, 1868x1240, 467:310, BB8BEBAA-C334-4789-8445-78….png)

File: ca73b273f8a71c4⋯.gif (2.03 MB, 320x213, 320:213, 7F54EABB-4D33-44A0-9372-CC….gif)

Faggots are high AF tonight.


Night Frenz

b99bdc  No.2791826

"Through the Red Door"


Adam Epstein doesn't seem immediately related to Jeffrey.

b37102  No.2791827


Not sure I'm ready for djinn yet. Gin maybe,

are they real?

299ae5  No.2791828

>>2791803 And Cryinstein just can't hold in the ignorant hatred.

a5f0d6  No.2791829

what happened to the homegrown bewbies

e3d88a  No.2791830

File: 4e8e89dd72ef628⋯.jpg (17.8 KB, 255x170, 3:2, 24b5301144e3b98286dc494e02….jpg)




Shills and retards. Wow

Marina abramovic is serbian of eastern orthodox christian ancestry. Her relative was the corrupt "patriarch" Varnava.


e37179  No.2791831


anon, what site is that?

a5f1c4  No.2791832


Been following Q long?

Guess not…

You still "Obama's Mossad Butt boy"?

d03be8  No.2791833


This is the current official Drop link for #InsigniaGate A private International Investigation into the criminal behavior of the Central Intelligence Agency @CIA & Former US President @GeorgeHWBush

FIVESTARTRUST is where CIA Clowns have been hoarding trillions of $$$$$$$$$$

PART 1 Eliahi Priest: Contact Zero, InsigniaGate Information Drop




PART 3 next – Key Documents / Barry Seal / Crimes of Mena

75624b  No.2791834


>Q picked the song for a reason. they could have picked anything but they chose a song by Dink.

>So is it a coincidence that the main character of the book STOVER AT YALE is DINK STOVER and the first several chapters detail the initiation into SKULL AND BONES? From Wikipedia

notable connected to green mind/dink

c5f35e  No.2791835


do you have a link if this is a site? would like to share

adf409  No.2791836


Low hanging fruit. Save it for later.

9fc4e6  No.2791837


Who didn't see it coming? POTUS/Q team have been working with us to build up to this for quite a while now.

>Present fraudulent "evidence" to court to get warrant to spy

>Drops to anons/autsts to research, open-source evidence it's not true

< who didn't remember the origin of the "pee dossier" from cuckchan, really?!?

>Feed bits to /ourreporters/ to drop their own crumbs

>force FAKE NEWS to chase their tails and show their asses

>force bad actors to coordinate their stories

<naturally, comms caught/recorded by /ourguys/ as evidence

Case builds, concernfags concernfag

Little bit by little bit

>You have more than you know

POTUS drops hammer of Thor with the magical legal phrase FRAUD UPON THE COURT

and you're surprised?

The Plan is not a joke, it's a critical path - both event- and date-driven. There are many moving parts, many players, and some disinfo. Pay attention, absorb info, don't believe Fake News caca, look below the surface, zoom out, see the bigger picture.

This was inevitable, this is where it was always going.

601102  No.2791838


While it is interesting, it proves nothing, really.

If the claims being made are true, there would be tons of supporting documentation to point to that would at least corroborate his claims.

For all we know, it is more propaganda and/or predictive programming techniques being employed here.

They are evil bastards, after all.

0d2162  No.2791839

44de47  No.2791840


kek awesome

d3ceac  No.2791841


This is also what Gaggle and Twatter are now trying to block. It fits time wave analysis of Q clock as well as each day is separated by 6 degrees..

c81b2b  No.2791842

Q, my fellow Patriots, lurkers, diggers, and the like, et al,

Greetings. We have been admonished to take back our republic. We have been exhorted to make our voices heard. We have been told that Q team, the Oval Office, and the Nation are searching for signs of the Great Awakening. If you feel that the proofs, crumbs, and plan are sufficient, look at this and other White House petitions. Gather to petition a redress of grievances, whether online or off.

Give it the courtesy of looking it up.

-A thankful citizen, soldier, and patriot.


1ce3bc  No.2791843

File: f2944afccf28ed8⋯.gif (2.34 MB, 320x240, 4:3, 12734890132.gif)


Kill yourself nigger.

1bd49e  No.2791844

File: ef0e4fb2089b032⋯.png (870.22 KB, 1068x826, 534:413, ClipboardImage.png)


0eb954  No.2791845

File: e814d9ccc5a1640⋯.png (498.41 KB, 720x804, 60:67, 20180817_183205.png)

Everyone anon here, is a patriot, just like an army man

dc97ec  No.2791846

File: 4319c0c8ccedd82⋯.jpg (36.55 KB, 600x327, 200:109, Stupid-ass-niggers.jpg)

Is evevyone on this whole board comp'ed?

You dumbass faggots can't even pay attention.

You're not autists, you all just fag((fags))

Fucking READ and use your fucking brains dumbasses.


- Irishanons says soon to be married and picking out song.

- Q posts cryptic song with obvious Q references

>>2790759 Irish Anon's sweetheart said 'YES'! Congratulations !

Said Yes to what??? To playing the song in the wedding??

And rest of the board is like, oh, nothing to see here…


Let's spend 100 posts every thread talking about comfy night bread is tho. Cuz you know. Stuff.

16e4a5  No.2791847


Changed. TY, Anon

44de47  No.2791848


Algona, Iowa Nativity Scene is one of the things that they left.

Absolutely chilling.

5b0352  No.2791849

The more i know the more

I want to puke, barf, or vomit whichevar comes first

Good night

Night patrol

Happy hunting

c218d2  No.2791850

File: 0747242350b51ab⋯.jpg (91.43 KB, 500x370, 50:37, night shift .jpg)

0d9a5e  No.2791851

File: 6ace0b901c803d4⋯.png (216.49 KB, 382x760, 191:380, chief_just.PNG)


So if this guy picks the FISA court justices, and is potentially comped, this is just good evidence for Mil tribunals no?

de9cf9  No.2791852


She's pretty.

e6cb0b  No.2791853


It requires Maximum Effort not to go off on some of them.

I usually just post support for POTUS and ignore them.

Sometimes I like to drop some facts on their stupid comments with links they can't argue.

f1ce43  No.2791854

File: 98b91a1ae1761f6⋯.jpg (88.68 KB, 750x430, 75:43, Jackie-Slater.jpg)


You call Me Mutha Fuka?

299ae5  No.2791855

File: d60c9604a0d58a1⋯.jpg (135.44 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Maganomics120.jpg)

>>2791816 updated with latest stat

e3d88a  No.2791856

File: dafea7aa38733e7⋯.jpeg (14.34 KB, 255x245, 51:49, c9fc084f9177f41bf27cd5075….jpeg)


Oy vey… Out of arguments. Here have a coke retard.

997938  No.2791857

File: c2390244b08153c⋯.jpg (66.12 KB, 720x529, 720:529, putin trump.jpg)

File: 704bf03aa6a3648⋯.jpg (129.9 KB, 1424x1424, 1:1, utah pain.jpg)

eea3d4  No.2791858

File: 03d34e57f1bdedc⋯.png (119.96 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, PostDetectorGFOBB.png)



e37179  No.2791859

File: 1b8a6dc3844f9e6⋯.png (400.14 KB, 465x584, 465:584, trumpFU.png)


you mad?

1ce3bc  No.2791860

File: d34ee648a0377fa⋯.png (354.34 KB, 728x403, 56:31, 123789012.PNG)

fb106a  No.2791861

File: cd6c2de20434b91⋯.png (793.39 KB, 651x800, 651:800, DoD 8-29-18 7 pm PDT.PNG)

File: 1c001fd51218405⋯.png (328.09 KB, 632x887, 632:887, 1 DoD Performance Bar 8-26….PNG)

File: edd51f344e9198a⋯.png (362.66 KB, 642x852, 107:142, 2 DoD Performance Bar 8-26….PNG)

File: 1b3fe94319e6517⋯.png (29.44 KB, 634x443, 634:443, 3 DoD Performance Bar 8-26….PNG)

Can’t fight when you’re #hangry!

Army Researchers Develop Tasty & Healthy Performance Bar


6be2a1  No.2791862


He wasn't at the top when I saw it. Weird shit by @Jack.

e7b2fb  No.2791863


So, you're telling me that you predicted Trump to use the Supreme Court this way?

29a816  No.2791864

File: 37f04603d322d99⋯.jpg (147.72 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, maxresdefault-1.jpg)

93bab8  No.2791865

File: e5c472d4ceb12f8⋯.jpg (20.23 KB, 217x255, 217:255, 858c903c04069fc09087797cb1….jpg)

077ae1  No.2791866


Top KEK!

787542  No.2791867

File: 955952afa2d75dc⋯.jpg (43.17 KB, 600x800, 3:4, Freedom on watch.jpg)

>>2791732 Busy! Stand Fast!

61d0cc  No.2791868

File: 391166c8fbf93cf⋯.jpg (58.95 KB, 800x1000, 4:5, the_vvitch_a_conjuring_fol….jpg)

File: 5891394d980a534⋯.jpg (38.01 KB, 350x514, 175:257, Witch_V_V_W.jpg)

File: 12cf4ad012c6efd⋯.png (424.77 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, V_V_W_Evil_Takes_Many_Form….png)


2 Vs making a W is a thing

b55738  No.2791869

File: f9719283643d4a0⋯.png (369.19 KB, 480x295, 96:59, BearmanKike.png)

File: a7f8508192eb952⋯.png (219.73 KB, 441x584, 441:584, Beria.png)

File: 76b7c1b3f30fe01⋯.png (376.01 KB, 641x716, 641:716, Beria1.png)

File: 9e3de5ab5dc4f3a⋯.png (1.09 MB, 956x582, 478:291, AntifaTerrorist.png)

File: eda8383bcabe158⋯.png (513.53 KB, 467x528, 467:528, AntifaTerrorist1.png)


She has a nose like Stalin

But there is no reaching you kikes

You think this child rapist is not a jew either

Not (((Bearman))) but (((Beria)))

Lets be honest though (((Bearman))) probably fucking is

860f88  No.2791870







Baqer! Baqer baqer! We need to give you so many post baqqqer thanQ! Post after post, baqer, baqer, hi baqer, thank you baker, God bless the baqers! The baqers and BO! Post after post after post, so important! Oh thanQQ baqers! So much, so much! We all just fall to our knees for the baqers and BO, thanQQ!! We are so (((grateful))) for the BaqersQ!!

057229  No.2791871

File: e3205e2c67c972e⋯.png (505.28 KB, 527x718, 527:718, 9C306C89-7718-47BA-981F-71….png)

a368b7  No.2791872

File: f4bab6043b23df0⋯.png (307.07 KB, 647x372, 647:372, Screen Shot 2018-08-29 at ….png)

2bfac5  No.2791873


Two very familiar names and no coincidence with the learning of cain and abel but what do you see? there is stuff here

45b246  No.2791874

POTUS' threat to take action against Google, T, Fb must have been taken seriously by Twitter. I haven't been able to see his tweets on my home page for days but as of about 20 mins ago, they are now coming through.

10e5e7  No.2791875

File: 73c1f999f088e89⋯.jpg (178.95 KB, 1240x1754, 620:877, goback.jpg)

5dcbf4  No.2791876


Wedding song…are we about to Tango? Waltz?

8ac15f  No.2791877


Just thought of this after I posted re: Dink and Yale / Skull and Bones. Did Q just put the Bush's on notice a la NoName?

34460e  No.2791878

>>2791223 (lb)

Here you go:

"The Payseur Family in the United States is the secret descendants of the French Monarchy.

Daniel Payseur is AKA Crown Prince Louis who was Queen Marie Antoinette’s son.

Daniel Payseur (Crown Prince Louis aka Louis XVII of France) was smuggled out of France to North Carolina in the United States after his mother was executed.

The Payseurs have gone to extreme lengths to corrupt government documents, such as courthouse records. They have hidden the births of many of their descendants, and have covered over with extreme secrecy most of their monetary holdings.

They have been so powerful that they could hide their wealth and power. It started with Daniel Payseur 1785 – 1860… Then Lewis Cass Payseur or L.C. Payseur 1850 – 1939"


BUT — you don't need to waste your time on this dig. It is complicated, and it is lengthy,and it is already over on neonrevolt:


ad8ee5  No.2791879

File: 6129d1c949ae7b2⋯.png (411.4 KB, 608x702, 304:351, cce253d85bf49249938d54380b….png)

0c4008  No.2791880


Maybe (((YOU))) didn't seem to notice "Culture of Critique" in the notables?

No matter how many times they try to pretend like this isn't a place for and by the enemies of the Jews, it still doesn't work.

34734d  No.2791881

File: 13cffece690795b⋯.png (239.09 KB, 395x365, 79:73, pain.png)

a368b7  No.2791882

File: a149e51c619cacd⋯.png (326.07 KB, 793x526, 793:526, Screen Shot 2018-08-26 at ….png)

eea3d4  No.2791883

File: 0e9e8ec2fbb1014⋯.png (108.01 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 8ChanPostFTpng.png)


Oh We Know all about CIA Drop Box…Where the Fuck have you been???

299ae5  No.2791884

File: 7dcec58cca0070b⋯.jpg (40.38 KB, 349x314, 349:314, Hot.jpg)

dc97ec  No.2791885


I'll never be as mad as you are dumb so there's that….

beb9fb  No.2791886

File: 7271ec1443592d9⋯.jpg (63.79 KB, 1000x625, 8:5, midget-c.jpg)

749bb9  No.2791887

File: 320382bf5571fa6⋯.png (1.07 MB, 1024x826, 512:413, 20180829_200919.png)

44de47  No.2791888


sophia is the name of some fucking machine (they) have

b55738  No.2791889



Whites + 1

Jews - 6 million

716024  No.2791890

File: c821489958c665b⋯.png (795.13 KB, 1312x875, 1312:875, 9944e4b5-88ab-4fa4-9c70-57….png)

File: 191c97d1e8ad675⋯.png (556.81 KB, 1312x875, 1312:875, 87fc6aae-79f0-493a-b2dd-40….png)



02403e  No.2791891

File: 2c13430e52df1b7⋯.png (260.38 KB, 473x263, 473:263, knightshit.png)

best shift.

e37179  No.2791892


wasn't even there for that bread, got back on at the end of it

so shill on shillfag!

760c4d  No.2791893



0b135b  No.2791894

File: b312efe56901af2⋯.jpg (76.17 KB, 560x444, 140:111, Means.jpg)

a5f1c4  No.2791895


Oh I'm so scared of your projecting Kike.

So original- that same recycled graphic for a week now…

SUB retard…

GTFO and make your life and ours better..

(for the little time you have left until you get your new home in GITMO)

633e44  No.2791896

We need Soros and these oligarchs gone.

fea3c0  No.2791897

Q, you ain't mentioned the mafia aka the mob once.

What gives?

8539e4  No.2791898


order of leopold

0eb954  No.2791900


944fa9  No.2791901

File: d8b1e31cf8d6438⋯.png (64.38 KB, 480x360, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)



c60648  No.2791902

File: bac2d3ee6f09917⋯.jpeg (46.44 KB, 610x380, 61:38, b747a991daf10cb5c356125f7….jpeg)

860f88  No.2791903


She has a (((nose))) like Stalin

But there is no reaching you (((kikes)))

You think this child rapist is not a jew either

Not (((Bearman))) but (((Beria)))

Lets be [honest] though (((Bearman))) (((probably))) fucking is (((a Jew)))

61d0cc  No.2791904

File: 186d5efc0e5ca5c⋯.png (1.05 MB, 1372x1006, 686:503, Podesta_guy_with_fork_tabl….png)

179349  No.2791905


post a bounty on their heads, see how fast they get brought down

16e4a5  No.2791906

File: b821d008a2ade5d⋯.jpg (69.48 KB, 500x500, 1:1, b821d008a2ade5dee2448f3777….jpg)

749bb9  No.2791907

File: 0bd97a6853c1ff6⋯.jpg (9.04 KB, 172x294, 86:147, Wtf.jpg)

And just cuz I think it's fucking weird.

c218d2  No.2791908

File: 589b8c00312f393⋯.jpg (67.24 KB, 505x407, 505:407, night shift.jpg)

adf409  No.2791909



Nothing unreal exists.

749bb9  No.2791910

2bfac5  No.2791911


We keep asking about when the pain is coming but we never ask… Who is receiving said pain which is talked so much about?

a5f0d6  No.2791912



see my posts in this bread

irish anon is not the same as engaged anon

also look at this weird response


+ "john" in the comic and "john" in the song Q posted...

eea3d4  No.2791913

File: 639526864a70c55⋯.png (109.56 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, PostDetectorBH.png)

c60648  No.2791914


Chief Projectionist for BC on Epsteins airplane

flying toward the island

8c1179  No.2791915

holy shit dude like what if BRUCE OHR = BARAK OBAMA = BOARD OWNER omg like wtf my mind is melting

just kidding MAGA (please don't filter me…)

ad8ee5  No.2791916

File: 7c40bb977e6dbeb⋯.jpg (52.76 KB, 640x370, 64:37, 10183164866.jpg)


and there's the truth they don't want to hear

9e0ef8  No.2791917


Division on purpose = shill


61d0cc  No.2791918


yes, V W is a thing….like the car

like Vampire Wars


V + W (2vs) is 22+22+22 = 666 twice

two sixes or 36

f9273e  No.2791919

File: 9a34b87849462a1⋯.png (367.2 KB, 866x856, 433:428, Screen Shot 2018-08-29 at ….png)

Was trying to figure out the "wedding song" / "first dance" code which clearly wasn't what it appears to be. (My guess is it was an operator reporting-in or requesting advice)

So while looking for cryptonyms or assassins codewords I found this!

Q code

adf409  No.2791920

File: 1b6c55d9690cfa0⋯.jpg (30.28 KB, 435x580, 3:4, 001BA91.jpg)


Substitute boobs.

211f93  No.2791921


that guy's just being a dumbfuck he thinks hes funny, kid aint funny

de9cf9  No.2791922


Well said, Anon.

16e4a5  No.2791923

Notables Update

All good?

>>2791812 Iran to leave nuclear deal if it fails to serve national interests

>>2791806 Fox News Reports on FEMA Concentration Camps

>>2791805 Dink and S&B connection

>>2791744 The Collins family & The Council of 13. Dig

>>2791698 CNN Lashes Out at President Trump ‘We Don’t Lie!’

>>2791679 Eagles are everywhere: Some banking examples


>>2791614 Clockfag Update

>>2791417 Research, and respects paid to Capt. Green, RIP Patriot

>>2791504 Clockfag links Q post and DJT to [30] delta on Google Bias

>>2791386 , >>2791401 Leovani Payseur's Twitter followers dig

>>2791374 Graphic: Anon's theory on The Show (Trust The Plan)

f1ce43  No.2791924

File: 955548b7825c8e9⋯.jpg (30.24 KB, 760x428, 190:107, a_ov_Pepe_160928.760;428;7….jpg)


Anon funeral procession!

34734d  No.2791925

File: b791100a167b945⋯.png (450.32 KB, 541x400, 541:400, sandb.png)

6efbb4  No.2791926


Nice work anon!!

c60648  No.2791927

File: 5dcbf8b2f95d0e8⋯.jpg (137.73 KB, 832x456, 104:57, bce5c8fe11914e395e7b9c5951….jpg)

860f88  No.2791928

File: 00aaf7d3ed4f784⋯.png (2.14 MB, 896x5920, 28:185, WeAreQueueanon.png)



Whites + (((1-2n)))

(((Jews))) - 6 million

b55738  No.2791929

File: b9c2580811be17f⋯.jpg (30.35 KB, 640x416, 20:13, 911Shanksville.jpg)

File: f096f9ef86542d1⋯.gif (212 KB, 501x585, 167:195, IntenseJews.gif)

File: 25e96fb770a6e5e⋯.gif (365.09 KB, 2000x1153, 2000:1153, DamageIntensifies.gif)

File: 09c189b6d2a4df1⋯.gif (150.17 KB, 680x453, 680:453, FaggotID.gif)

9fc4e6  No.2791930


>FEMA Concentration Camps

TBQH that is where we should be housing all the illegals and "refugees" prior to mass repatriation. We have them, they are ready, we might as well use them.

c0c33f  No.2791931

Remember Anons, if the "eagle" has a tuft at the back of its head, it is actually a Phoenix.

5b0352  No.2791932

File: 44cfb88e75559bc⋯.png (174.93 KB, 500x675, 20:27, FDC36183-968C-4D14-8764-D9….png)



Is it the same girl??????

860f88  No.2791933

>>2779059 (Q)

> POTUS Tweet. BIG Statement. What's coming?

What Q alluded to from the beginning:

MI take-over of FBI investigations,

Military Tribunals for all the Clown;

And Dems can eat shit as POTUS is 100% autonomous wrt Navy/Marines.

God DAMN, its an exciting time to be alive!

29eafd  No.2791934


Does that woman ever look in the mirror before she leaves the house?…..never mind.

74fda2  No.2791935


Couple things I noticed:

- noname was Navy….this was all Army guard. Maybe that's standard for the Capital but found that interesting. Might be a snub.

- noname spawn is (((OBVIOUSLY))) making a show of it at the end and look at Cindy (((I've been here before))) with that ho hum face

cf7ebd  No.2791936



dc97ec  No.2791937


I've seen you trueanon, keep it up.

Night shift is "comfy" cause it's the most comped.

Keep on!

0a7ffd  No.2791938

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>CNN does not lie

c60648  No.2791939

File: d5139efb23be4ec⋯.png (393.21 KB, 1000x586, 500:293, bb07738df225ceee6bccc39ff6….png)

077ae1  No.2791940


Definitely needs to be trending for home bewbs to be posted for the Anon's!

And I'd just like to second that!

aa25db  No.2791941

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Night Shift Jazz Classic

860f88  No.2791942


Division on (((purpose))) = shill


Do you notice something…?

6be2a1  No.2791943


There needs to be a sequence.

POTUS just lit the fuse on it.

a5f1c4  No.2791944


Not sure.

Seemingly the same in my opinion as well.

b82ef7  No.2791945

File: 5d3dacb1a6dee35⋯.png (106.78 KB, 364x420, 13:15, nokneel.png)

787542  No.2791946

>>2791854 Niggers on their Knees fo Massa

057229  No.2791947

File: 1ca7ad6ca0f0413⋯.jpeg (143.59 KB, 720x906, 120:151, 6148D6EA-A905-4404-9ED3-1….jpeg)

633e44  No.2791948

it is the same girl… dam.. that's scary..

2b8488  No.2791949


Great work! Thanx!

184f75  No.2791950

File: 54139845488dfb6⋯.png (105.37 KB, 848x1038, 424:519, ClipboardImage.png)

Q - is Huber = Pain?

We need to see some of these bastards answer for their crimes.

10e5e7  No.2791951


look at where that sic fucks eyes are

eea3d4  No.2791952

File: bab4a162c5979d1⋯.png (110.01 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, PostDetectorFR.png)


Don't Go Away Mad…Just Go Away

b52f04  No.2791953



Keep the patriotic fighting men out of the gene pool but don't kill them outright, because it would make too much of a stink.

Look what a few internecine wars did to Europe. They're all a bunch of faggots now. They can't stop an invasion from fucking Somalia. Half of them can't even call it what it is.

f9273e  No.2791954



855442  No.2791955

File: ce207b5273bc7ed⋯.jpg (37.5 KB, 500x303, 500:303, 3holes.jpg)

beb9fb  No.2791956


Geez! What a pervert!!! Look where he is looking. Right at the girls (non-existent) chest.

7ed1b4  No.2791957


I take all my tracking monitor err I mean ankle brace… photos while looking like I just ate a mouthful of turds. Heck I don't even know how to use a cane properly! (Staged photos)

5c30ad  No.2791958

File: d0b40b7cda1201b⋯.jpg (290.24 KB, 1254x1520, 33:40, IMG_20180829_211518.jpg)

10e5e7  No.2791959

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

633e44  No.2791960

File: 5f6edaa5a70113c⋯.jpg (15.23 KB, 475x236, 475:236, th6LL243HP.jpg)

c60648  No.2791961


divided staff into food groups


0a7ffd  No.2791962


Checked. And Trump has a history of cooperating with the FBI.

a5f0d6  No.2791963


not the same man

9e0ef8  No.2791964


Dividing memes, with no real Q message

→ Shill


184f75  No.2791965


Steyer = deep deep state

c218d2  No.2791966

File: 04b561b910b4eb6⋯.mp4 (12.91 MB, 480x360, 4:3, Commodores - Nightshift.mp4)

a5f1c4  No.2791967

File: cef03a656cf8e9c⋯.jpg (160.62 KB, 1006x673, 1006:673, bringtokneel.jpg)

dc9b55  No.2791968

File: b3ae706cc0eddd9⋯.png (567.21 KB, 775x491, 775:491, ClipboardImage.png)

997938  No.2791969

File: 247296286f824c1⋯.jpg (389.27 KB, 2000x1238, 1000:619, US Utah visitors.jpg)



Found this on the Chamber of Commerce website


d144a3  No.2791971


The fake news people for one, I would say.

Who are the fake news people?

And who’s backing them?

”Be careful who you follow”

5c30ad  No.2791972

File: 8fae5700b2802d0⋯.jpg (59.82 KB, 790x444, 395:222, IMG_20180829_203226.jpg)

Louise Mensch & NoName

a2e2d5  No.2791973

File: ef1edefe4029da8⋯.jpg (795.22 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot_20180816-155042….jpg)


Does Jim Watkins still hold the annual cookout for anons?

f9273e  No.2791974

File: 0ce3b3ed665860a⋯.jpg (74.8 KB, 547x370, 547:370, q-codes.jpg)

d3ceac  No.2791975

File: d65cf9a4b8bf490⋯.png (139.17 KB, 1280x917, 1280:917, tetrahedrontimelinewave.png)

File: b5be07815a3bbda⋯.png (228.99 KB, 1280x915, 256:183, tetratimelinearray12intoz.png)

File: c46e91597924227⋯.png (175.02 KB, 1280x908, 320:227, iteration2array12.png)

File: 8a28f9013c41989⋯.png (190.95 KB, 1280x898, 640:449, innercircle15degreearray.png)

File: d3e333e6d6f6ab2⋯.png (95.47 KB, 1280x956, 320:239, goldenratio45degreeplanesh….png)

c60648  No.2791976

File: 83111d68720f4e9⋯.jpeg (162.45 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, cab37d333ec0aae32841c9111….jpeg)

0bdb77  No.2791977


ya dont think the three letters arent part of the mob?? ?

944b36  No.2791978


If all these movies show us the truth, then where is my Transformer car ??? !!!

52de3e  No.2791979

10e5e7  No.2791980

0a7ffd  No.2791981


I made the mistake of reading the replies. They're lunatic brainwashed zombies.

6e9be2  No.2791982


of course it is.. it just works most the time.

eea3d4  No.2791983


Oh Great…Another Goat Fucker…GTFO

418895  No.2791984

normie central right wing tv ingraham is going on 10 minutes now on the BBC(((billionaire boys club))) Soros and Steyer, never thought i'd see the day…until Q arrived, then I knew these days would come. Comfefe.

1ff364  No.2791985


There are problems with REDSHIFT too.

29eafd  No.2791986


put a golden globe in pepe's hand


75b61c  No.2791987


They all crack. So no..

787542  No.2791988

>>2791882 The new Forrest, Forrest Gump!

61d0cc  No.2791989

File: d0a28095027db81⋯.jpg (39.99 KB, 476x368, 119:92, Muh_Security_Clearance_Bre….jpg)


not racist

299ae5  No.2791990

File: dd668f247213ce0⋯.jpg (231.19 KB, 1109x985, 1109:985, BidenObamaKidEscaped.jpg)

File: 2bc77821b582d5e⋯.jpg (113.5 KB, 528x408, 22:17, theres_no_hidin_from_joe_b….JPG)

File: 8079c578eab2927⋯.jpg (68 KB, 666x500, 333:250, BidenHunt.jpg)

File: 2bff5082bd3b69d⋯.jpg (327.19 KB, 1536x768, 2:1, BidenPedoTour.jpg)

File: 3356314ad82f53d⋯.jpg (47.43 KB, 800x418, 400:209, Biden horny kids.jpg)

057229  No.2791991

File: 8bbca436cebe5d2⋯.jpeg (120.6 KB, 690x782, 15:17, 9A11FD42-CF02-4BEA-BBD2-C….jpeg)

a2e2d5  No.2791992



0c4008  No.2791993


Bro, of course this boards COMPD.

Q doesn't help things though, enough is fucking enough.

What are you getting at with the Irish Anon thing though, you think it's something with JRK Jr?

Who is wife, what is the "yes" supposed to be then?

b55738  No.2791994


Holohoax denial laws and anti hate speech aka anti truth about race laws made that happen.

Keep it in perspective and name the real enemy.

None of this happened organically.

Its the ___.

5fea6b  No.2791995

File: 5f348cabb99ce67⋯.png (31.45 KB, 665x235, 133:47, Screenshot_2018-08-29 Regi….png)


Dude it gets really weird when you read the comments on their fb too

7701c5  No.2791996

File: da4602e2b0c4b27⋯.png (89.17 KB, 847x1211, 121:173, IMG_5030.PNG)

File: 915c71e8ae73aa9⋯.png (130.37 KB, 1242x455, 1242:455, IMG_5490.PNG)

File: 5208449b66c04bf⋯.png (220.84 KB, 1661x1067, 151:97, IMG_5497.PNG)

File: 62d3002b4000c8f⋯.jpg (40.31 KB, 474x379, 474:379, IMG_5499.JPG)

633e44  No.2791997

we need to out these big money donors

f71db3  No.2791998


INSKEEP: Do we construct our future by selecting which history we want to follow?

Prof. WARD: I definitely think so. I think history is one of the best tools you can use if you want to try to make your point at any point in time by saying, you know, look back. This is what we've done. This is who we are, or maybe who we think we are.

INSKEEP: Is it also a dangerous tool?

Prof. WARD: It definitely can be. We were in Germany doing some research, and we discovered over there that was one of the first things that the Nazis did, is they went into the high school history classes and wanted the history textbooks rewritten. They wanted to show a specific course in history that made more sense with their ideology at the time.

e37179  No.2791999


see: >>2791557 , read the links

imo, YES

184f75  No.2792000

File: 8b31c1fb7c0ae9c⋯.png (507.14 KB, 1212x1374, 202:229, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 8b31c1fb7c0ae9c⋯.png (507.14 KB, 1212x1374, 202:229, ClipboardImage.png)

Q, sir, respectfully, one day we would like to get a decode on some of the posts. If below is true, and linking to trigger puller, wow, wow wow!

"15. Was that song by Dink, "Green Mind", a ref to Captain Mike Green, the 30-year veteran helo pilot killed [187] in a mid-air collision near Rothschild's Buckinghamshire Estate?"

b815d1  No.2792001


He is helping the Republicans, bigly.

75b61c  No.2792002


Cause you cant stick your dick in the pee hole.

ad8ee5  No.2792003


(((meers))) & ((((krassenstein)))


as designers / architects these masons…they fukken suck rancid goat cock

god you people build SHITE.

34734d  No.2792004


another Moloch at the stock exchange?

299ae5  No.2792006

File: 651147edc7500e2⋯.jpeg (237.48 KB, 606x426, 101:71, BidenPizzaAward.jpeg)

File: 0061fce272b1943⋯.jpg (49.25 KB, 419x510, 419:510, Biden - would bang little ….jpg)

File: c997d50626dc011⋯.jpg (80.85 KB, 705x1200, 47:80, CREEEPYBiden.jpg)

File: a8634acd8ac3e3d⋯.jpg (82.95 KB, 720x512, 45:32, CreepyBidenHands.jpg)

File: cad80e0af5acd95⋯.jpg (38.54 KB, 558x362, 279:181, CreepyBidenNothingtoSeeHer….jpg)

760c4d  No.2792007


It’s a cryo-

16e4a5  No.2792008


>>2791812 Iran to leave nuclear deal if it fails to serve national interests

>>2791806 Fox News Reports on FEMA Concentration Camps

>>2791805 Dink and S&B connection

>>2791744 The Collins family & The Council of 13. Dig

>>2791698 CNN Lashes Out at President Trump ‘We Don’t Lie!’

>>2791679 Eagles are everywhere: Some banking examples


>>2791614 Clockfag Update

>>2791417 Research, and respects paid to Capt. Green, RIP Patriot

>>2791504 Clockfag links Q post and DJT to [30] delta on Google Bias

>>2791386 , >>2791401 Leovani Payseur's Twitter followers dig

>>2791374 Graphic: Anon's theory on The Show (Trust The Plan)

a2e2d5  No.