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File: 2ca1bdf21b2af5b⋯.png (6.67 MB, 5760x3240, 16:9, 2ca1bdf21b2af5bdc6812f9b55….png)

ff2376  No.2927996

Welcome To Q Research General

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Q Research supports attacking terrible ideas with better ones. We believe the use of violence only proves a bad argument. We are researchers who deal in open-source information and informed opinion. We neither need nor condone the use of violence in our work here.




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Friday 09.07.18

>>2926144 rt >>2926085 ———----------——– If [RR] is dirty, Mueller must also be dirty.

>>2925937 rt >>2925844 ———----------——– What FISA is about to be DECLAS?

>>2925825 rt >>2925758 ———----------——– FISA warrant issued / approved>Papadopoulos

>>2925765 rt >>2925488 ———----------——– Specific timing rests w/ POTUS.

>>2925579 rt >>2925398 ———----------——– [Activated] If 'schedule' is known….

>>2925398 rt >>2925189 ———----------——– Month: Sept

>>2925189 rt >>2925016 ———----------——– NYT "Anon" source? "Sleeper Cells"

>>>/patriotsfight/202 ———--------—————- James Comey Tweet Translation: ( Cap:>>2924947, >>2924975)

>>>/patriotsfight/201 ———--------—————- Why did [RR] recommend the firing of [JC] to POTUS? ( Cap: >>2924650 )

>>>/patriotsfight/200 ———--------—————- Goodbye, Mr. Rosenstein ( Cap: >>2923781 )

>>>/patriotsfight/199 ———--------—————- #FLY[RR]FLY# ( Cap: >>2923668 )

>>>/patriotsfight/198 ———--------—————- Who signed? ( Caps: >>2922326 )

>>2919757 ———-----------------------------——– Their attempts will FAIL.

Thursday 09.06.18

>>>/patriotsfight/197 ———--------—————- VIP Patriots! We see you. ( Capped: >>2910329, >>2910510 )

>>2909917 rt >>2909503 ———----------——– Follow the picture.

>>>/patriotsfight/196 ———--------—————- This is called 'PANIC'. ( Capped: >>2909771, >>2909813 )

>>2909418 rt >>2908723 ———----------——– Control & Divide.

>>2908527 rt >>2908303 ———----------——– There is a lot more to this than you realize.

>>>/patriotsfight/195 ———--------—————- WHAT ARE THEY AFRAID OF? ( Caps: >>2907952 )

>>2907565 rt >>2907383 ———----------——– HEADS UP

>>2906399 rt >>2904064 ———----------——– 1/Billion Coincidence?

>>2906216 rt >>2905624 ———----------——– Read between the lines.

Wednesday 09.05.18

>>>/patriotsfight/194 ———--------—————- We knew this day would come. ( Caps: >>2893000, >>2903953, >>2905126 )

>>>/patriotsfight/193 ———--------—————- "TREASON?" Q+ ( Caps: >>2892732, >>2903863 )

>>>/patriotsfight/192 ———--------—————- Military Law v. Criminal Law ( Caps & Video: >>2892069, >>2903858, >>2903496, >>2904197 )

>>>/patriotsfight/191 rt >>>/patriotsfight/190 -- Sara Carter on DECLAS ( Caps: >>2890006, >>2903810 )

>>>/patriotsfight/190 ———--------—————- Do you believe in coincidences? ( Caps: >>2888992, >>2903773 )

>>>/patriotsfight/189 ———--------—————- C_rsi subpoena ( Caps: >>2890241, >>2903757 )

>>>/patriotsfight/188 rt >>>/patriotsfight/99 - 2 sec Stream (Cap: >>2888158, >>2888225 (99's Cap))

>>2887813 ———-----------------------------——– PREDICTABLE FAKE NEWS

>>>/patriotsfight/187 rt >>>/patriotsfight/177 - Being Afraid (Caps: >>2887245, >>2903743 )

>>>/patriotsfight/186 ———--------—————- Money Talks (Caps: >>2887174, >>2903717 )

Tuesday 09.04.18

Compiled here: >>2925504

Monday 09.03.18

Compiled here: >>2908626

Sunday 09.02.18

Compiled here: >>2874949

Saturday 09.01.18

Compiled here: >>2874931

Friday 08.31.18

Compiled here: >>2863818

Thursday 08.30.18

Compiled here: >>2817974

Wednesday 08.29.18

Compiled here: >>2805444

Tuesday 08.28.18

Compiled here: >>2783629

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>>2327065 How to filter gore spam >>2334211 (new: Add into [Options] -> Theme)


>>2883628 , >>2883698 , >>2889775, >>2900760, >>2900777 <-- MAKE THIS GO VIRAL <--


>>2927318 Notable Resignation: OPP Commissioner Vince Hawkes announces retirement

>>2927321 POTUS Schedule Update

>>2927347 The First Urban Case of Ebola in the Congo Is a ‘Game Changer’

>>2927362 Spreadsheet Updated

>>2927418 Sen. Dianne Feinstein Provides Fake Statistics on Maternal Deaths from Illegal Abortions

>>2927452 Flashback: Obama prosecuted staff leakers, gave lie-detector tests, ‘paranoid’

>>2927510 The List: Obama Lied Repeatedly During His Friday Speech and His Democrat Audience Applauded Like Monkeys

>>2927550 Projection Fail: Former CIA Chief Warns of 'Looming Disaster' Inside Trump White House

>>2927627 Dulles Airport Surprises Passengers with Facial-Recognition Boarding

>>2927645 Sleeper cells activated for Sept. 20

>>2927885 #3703


>>2926531, >>2926910 James Woods Tweet: This is nothing. Certainly not a “dry run” or anything of that nature...

>>2926586 "Brennan: ‘A Wounded Lion Is a Very Dangerous Animal — And I Think Donald Trump Is Wounded’"

>>2926605 New DHS proposed rule change regarding Apprehension, Processing, Care, and Custody of Alien Minors and Unaccompanied Alien Children

>>2926796 Nobama is back: "Refers to himself 102 times…"

>>2926900 How eight elite San Francisco families funded Gavin Newsom’s political ascent

>>2926941 Planefag Reports

>>2926962 Bexar County deputy arrested on DUI charge,17th deputy criminally charged in 2018

>>2927039 Trump adm. mole letter penned by USC student

>>2927183 The Secret Service put out a press release in regards to Russian hacking.

>>2927228 #3702


>>2925816 NORAD Confirms Another Dangerous US Intercept Of Russian Long-Range Bombers Near Alaska

>>2925830 5 minute delta between Q and POTUS = Today.

>>2925923 Andrew Cuomo uses taxpayer-funded aircrafts.. a lot

>>2925964, >>2926143 Planefag Reports

>>2926029 Michelle Obama was seen leaving with Bruce Springsteen

>>2926301 Trump Calls on Sessions to Investigate Anonymous NYT Op-Ed Author

>>2926344 #3701

#3700 Baker Change

>>2925010 RR Wrote an NYT Op Ed on Aug 27, 2018.

>>2925089 Japanese Government Admits First Fukushima Radiation Death

>>2925090 Lodestar, North Korean spy sattelite (Graphic)

>>2925185 Yahoo email caught secretly scanning user emails to build psych profiles to sell to advertisers

>>2925289 Turkish Filmmaker Gets 6-Year Prison Sentence For Depicting Execution Of Erdogan

>>2925351 New DJT - 14 days for $28 MILLION - $2 MILLION a day, No Collusion. A great day for America!

>>2925422 Qlockfag Update

>>2925455 364 Illegal Alien Arrests in Six-State ICE Raid, 187 Repeat Felons

>>2925626 #3700


>>2924259 Ex-Trump campaign aide Papadopoulos to be sentenced Friday for lying to FBI

>>2924286 Spreadsheet is updated to pf120


>>2924283 Federal Reform and Vacancies act in relation to RR

>>2924474 >>2924486 >>2924513 >>2924467 George Papadopopopolous only gets a 14 day sentence

>>2924549 DARPA’s New Brain Chip Enables Telepathic Control of Drone Swarms

>>2924762 US Arrmy AZAZ0909 callsign just arriving at Fort Bragg from Joint Base Andrews.

>>2924859 Here are the Trump officials denying they wrote anonymous New York Times op-ed

>>2924916 #3699

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ff2376  No.2928015

File: 3e54a7f3be2917e⋯.jpg (178.28 KB, 601x599, 601:599, a7318d9b44a4e63644148f3466….jpg)

Dough #3704



6af9f4  No.2928053

File: ea6b8eedec5a1c8⋯.jpeg (23.88 KB, 354x246, 59:41, DayBakerGiftFromNightCrew.jpeg)

Great work, Baker.

Keep in mind that your first dough post is getting long.

The next Q post may result in a time crunch to condense for space.

Recommending removal of a few of the compilation buns at your discretion such that you're not caught off-guard.

Keep up the excellent work, and God bless.

272d1d  No.2928057

File: 49898745501de78⋯.png (743.77 KB, 1111x741, 1111:741, Q_BiteCrumbs_20171124_TheC….png)

File: 0f0e4cc5a3fb71f⋯.png (372.88 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, important_to_understand.png)


just in case some of this concernfagging is legit, and/or gnawing at ye, member this:

part of the plan is that… we are bait.

sure, we play our part, learning, toughening up, lovening up, mastering the art of calm-through-chaos a liddle bit moar every day, getting better steps and bounds at a time.

but as far as direct contact with the derp state, we mostly are bait.

we stall them here, having them waste hours and hours of shills, and we mislead them, sometimes if not often being mislead ourselves…

do you see how it goes?

i do know and feel how frustrating it can get, to be unsure all the time, but that means you need to go deeper, either in the crumbs or yourself…

don't fight that wave, anons, ride it, and see how much more amazing and liberating it can be…

8f7304  No.2928058

So lynch didn't sign any of the FISA warrants?

f99778  No.2928059

File: 6a727d32277876c⋯.png (305.49 KB, 719x539, 719:539, ClipboardImage.png)

8236c4  No.2928060

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

318e8d  No.2928061

File: 135ad7574a0eb65⋯.jpeg (260.08 KB, 1440x1450, 144:145, 1527873666.jpeg)

Thank You Baker

fe6b76  No.2928062

File: b201182ca8673ac⋯.png (2.7 MB, 2000x1400, 10:7, TU.png)

3b6b9b  No.2928063

File: bcfaab0d3256179⋯.png (88.35 KB, 1310x734, 655:367, ClipboardImage.png)

not showing


e7b15c  No.2928064


When will the new diagnostic and curative medical technologies be made available? Is there any kind of rough ETA?

Patiently suffering.


ff2376  No.2928065


Heh I know, I've been waiting for the next Q post to compile the next day,

or might be time to cut down on compilations too maybe?

41039b  No.2928066

File: eec4328e2175b4a⋯.jpg (35.28 KB, 660x371, 660:371, trumq.jpg)


ThanQ baker!

Stop responding to shills anons

'''Only shills posts about things taking to long, or demanding truth about things,

how they are "so let down…and disappointed..", come on you can spot them out by their first sentence most the times'''

Trust the plan

Where we go one, we go all.

And thanQ anons you are fantastic

8f9813  No.2928067

(from lb)



There is probably more important stuff going on right now than this dumb kid's moment of fame on TV.

Here is his entire story about last night:


Knock yourself out. Live the dream.

Stop wasting the thread, though.

It is a pointless topic.

4a50d8  No.2928068



I was thinking of only including this week's crumbs, starting sunday

then each friday/saturday, remove some of it

didn't want to until I asked other bakers/anons

c7f24b  No.2928069

File: 3dc216ff177491e⋯.jpg (86.24 KB, 818x621, 818:621, v271.jpg)


db56be  No.2928070

File: c25dd28acc47950⋯.png (1.24 MB, 1402x876, 701:438, ClipboardImage.png)

“Sex is about power, more than anything else,” Gloria Feldt, former head of Planned Parenthood, told an auditorium of attendees on Thursday in a talk sponsored by Cornell Hillel.

“That’s why I am focused on gender parity, to change the power paradigm of our culture,” Feldt continued. “We need to change the way we think about power as not just a finite pie, but as something we can all utilize to improve the world.”

Feldt worked for Planned Parenthood, the world’s largest reproductive health organization, for 30 years. She served as the organization’s president from 1996 until her departure in 2005.

At Thursday’s talk, Feldt addressed both her role in reproductive rights and her Jewish identity.

“I am incredibly thankful for my Jewish heritage, because it taught me how to be an outsider,” Feldt said. “It showed me how to face adversity, and to wear my shirt with pride.”

Feldt said she titled the lecture “3 Truths About Sex, Power and Leadership” because “it is time we put all of these issues onto a bigger canvas.”

As part of this theme, Feldt discussed the societal progress in gender equality and women’s rights that occurred over the course of her career.

This included the passage of Roe v. Wade, a landmark court case that legalized abortion within the United States, and the creation and widespread adoption of new forms of contraception like the birth control pill.

“It’s about whether women will have an equal seat at life’s table,” Feldt said of these advancements. “If we can’t have control of our own bodies, we can’t have control of much else.”

Feldt is currently the co-founder and president of Take The Lead, an organization that aims to propel women into leadership positions, according to the its website. The organization provides training, mentoring and resources for women in the hopes of achieving gender parity in leadership roles.

Take the Lead’s goal is to develop and inspire women to earn their fair share of top positions across industries by 2025, through programs such as their signature “50 Women Can Change the World” program.

“Sustainable change occurs when you can create a new paradigm that includes everyone in the story,” Feldt said at the event.

“Power unused is power useless,” Feldt said.


d06b21  No.2928071

File: 1a4a844206d4fa6⋯.jpg (583.88 KB, 1500x1112, 375:278, IMG_705.jpg)

02c74f  No.2928072

File: 3c8a5ce3fc608ca⋯.jpg (9.91 KB, 255x187, 15:11, pepeexcellentbread.jpg)

Thanks Baker!

db6550  No.2928073

File: 7b5ebd524ddb59d⋯.png (24.13 KB, 157x194, 157:194, Screenshot 2018-09-07 at 3….png)

d23d53  No.2928074


It was an interesting moment. Tend to agree that it was blown out of proportion.

We were rescued immediately by the Rally Goddesses. Never forget.

71a48e  No.2928075

File: 864a54f912aea73⋯.jpg (556.62 KB, 1280x786, 640:393, 20180907_203330.jpg)

318e8d  No.2928076


Is that approved by the health inspector?

f99778  No.2928077

File: a9868f984ac9f51⋯.png (322.21 KB, 719x539, 719:539, ClipboardImage.png)

File: a9fd149a1f1c7b6⋯.png (308.67 KB, 719x539, 719:539, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 03e8778739b9a8b⋯.png (320.54 KB, 719x539, 719:539, ClipboardImage.png)

519e38  No.2928078

File: 3f9de0b5979437c⋯.jpg (134.74 KB, 1066x852, 533:426, 2a.JPG)

File: 35eaa59c88aef8a⋯.jpg (128.08 KB, 631x846, 631:846, 6.JPG)

Tesla shares reel as executives quit and CEO smokes pot on webcast


Resignations: Dave Morton, CAO; Gaby Toledano, Chief People Officer;

8ec60a  No.2928079


Wonder if she used the shit end of the roller to make the bread?

887b12  No.2928080

File: 802cbb4822b34cb⋯.jpg (33.56 KB, 430x323, 430:323, 4856667.jpg)

tanks baker. really neat ones.

705d5d  No.2928081

File: 8ac3f3edb6124ca⋯.jpg (35.62 KB, 597x319, 597:319, fatdog.jpg)

ff2376  No.2928082

>>2928053, >>2928065, >>2928068

I'll cut down on compilations as first suggested when I reread your post, kek. Good call bakers ;)

8b2e26  No.2928083

Dig request:

Start combing net for signs of any planned drills or any job ads for crisis actors.

If my theory is right, I believe these can predict some of the cities where this mass bio weapons attack is gonna strike.

Given the first Urban Ebola incident, I believe the pathogen used in this attack is going to be Ebola.

5f6aa0  No.2928084

Q Team waited for the right day. Think Mirror. Think country united.


06fd86  No.2928085


616628  No.2928086


any planefags on?

ad0392  No.2928087


This Is Qresearch Not Jewresearch

Take your Bullshit to the Anti Jew/ Pro Jew Boards

That Is All

519e38  No.2928088

File: b7bc4c8d57eb488⋯.jpg (108.3 KB, 767x917, 767:917, 1.JPG)

File: e07a090da9cdd60⋯.jpg (149.85 KB, 675x898, 675:898, 2.JPG)

Raid at illegal orphanage in Kathua, 20 kids rescued


12d2a6  No.2928089

Anons, I'm only posting once more because I put this in towards the end of the LB which went really fast. I won't shit/slide the bread by posting this again.

1st time poster this bread because I have been catching up on Q's messages after workfagging all day. Please listen, and feel free to tell me if I'm playing Captain Obvious here…

I have been away from the breads all day, just came back and scanned all the Q posts from here and /PF/ and here's what muh almonds screamed…

(((They))) are scared as shit. Even though (((they))) are fighting like hell to maintain (((their))) grasp on the narrative, many many MANY are looking for Plan B outs. Q said be careful who you follow. I suggest hold your enemies close like friends - KNOW (((them))) well. I feel like what we are about to see is a shitload of anti0-Q shills who APPEAR so deeply embedded in the (((cabal's))) rhetoric are going to suddenly start to FLIP in an attempt to blend in with us like the shooter who escapes with the hostages leaving the building. Those motherfuckers are going to start displaying their Qanon expertise when a true convert would take forever to get up to speed with those of us who have been following for nearly a year.

WATCH FOR THE TELL. Watch for those who have appeared to be so deeply embedded in the belief system of the ((("LEFT"))) who suddenly look like dyed-in-the-wool Q Patriots who have "seen the light" and are now "I'm am goyim just like you!"

The rats only swim to sea if the sea is all there is. If there is a Q ship nearby, they are going to swim to /our ship/ in an effort to save (((their))) own necks. We possess the 3D glasses to see these MFs glow like we never imagined, we only need to be wearing our 3D glasses. WATCH EVERYTHING. This is a part of the sleeper cell strategy.

See something say something.

fad741  No.2928090

>>2924549 DARPA’s New Brain Chip Enables Telepathic Control of Drone Swarms

Please, Sputnik? From the Inventors of Disinformation?"

"It's in print so it must be true" is the same logic they use to promote the lies in the FISA document.

705d5d  No.2928091

>>2928069 She's doing it wrong!

d36080  No.2928092

File: 3ead77d40a5dd95⋯.jpg (185.14 KB, 1204x1896, 301:474, 41072503_1805425419522688_….jpg)

cfbafb  No.2928093



3d5a66  No.2928094

File: 3857b5a8a85fc3e⋯.png (156.06 KB, 754x588, 377:294, 3d3d857c68fe416efceba493cb….png)

ea32e8  No.2928095


The progressively scary part is that you either:

1) took the time to look for an image like this

2) took the time to actually make this image.

This is why you do not self-doxx, anons. Crazy motherfuckers are paid by Soros/Clowns/Mossad to lurk here.

5c61b2  No.2928096


too far-fetched?

52b103  No.2928097

File: 142e6b776d024e6⋯.png (269.62 KB, 446x348, 223:174, planefags.png)


We love our planefags!


705d5d  No.2928098

File: 4cf6105d3904fdb⋯.jpg (136.44 KB, 913x478, 913:478, deaddogs.jpg)

172913  No.2928099


so look for something weird in WV tomorrow?

ad0392  No.2928100



9843bf  No.2928102

File: 2647ebf5886cd52⋯.jpg (115.2 KB, 770x415, 154:83, 2647ebf5886cd52b683e60d69d….jpg)

Voluntary Human Extinction Movement Gathers Steam

Self-loathing is one of the symptoms of being a leftist. Specifically, a self-loathing that causes one to wish for the extinction of the human race. Case in point: the voluntary human extinction movement (VHEMT), an organization that, true to its name, calls for humans to voluntarily work toward our eventual extinction.

Most leftists don't come out and say that they long for the day when humanity will be wiped off the face of the earth. Many of their policies, however, reveal that longing: abortion, same-sex marriage, and economic policies that will cause society to revert back to the time when humans struggled to survive, to name just three. At least VHEMT has the intellectual honesty to be up front about their objective. Well, intellectually honest up to a point. The organization isn't calling for its members to get the ball rolling and off themselves. Instead, VHEMT wants humans to pledge to stop having babies.

[To be clear, they shouldn't call for their members to off themselves. In no way, shape, or form do I believe that humans should commit suicide, regardless of their idiotic beliefs.]

According to the group's website:

VHEMT (pronounced vehement) is a movement not an organization. It’s a movement advanced by people who care about life on planet Earth. We’re not just a bunch of misanthropes and anti-social, Malthusian misfits, taking morbid delight whenever disaster strikes humans. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Voluntary human extinction is the humanitarian alternative to human disasters.

We don’t carry on about how the human race has shown itself to be a greedy, amoral parasite on the once-healthy face of this planet. That type of negativity offers no solution to the inexorable horrors which human activity is causing.

Rather, The Movement presents an encouraging alternative to the callous exploitation and wholesale destruction of Earth’s ecology.

As VHEMT Volunteers know, the hopeful alternative to the extinction of millions of species of plants and animals is the voluntary extinction of one species: Homo sapiens… us.

Each time another one of us decides to not add another one of us to the burgeoning billions already squatting on this ravaged planet, another ray of hope shines through the gloom.


ba7f74  No.2928103


me thinking there is going to be a big ff but this is our mil. wtf

318e8d  No.2928104


Top Kek

fad741  No.2928105


Is this part of The Movie too, or is Musk a fucking lunatic, megalomaniacal fraud like I've been saying FOR YEARS?

4d5704  No.2928106

File: 55c20bc0c12e52f⋯.jpg (55.85 KB, 400x400, 1:1, you-littlejew.jpg)

172913  No.2928107

6448be  No.2928108

File: 0a668a7901b84f5⋯.jpg (38.29 KB, 437x483, 19:21, P1040845 (1).jpg)

b694d9  No.2928109

File: a5447900324571e⋯.jpg (1.53 MB, 2208x3327, 736:1109, gotrekt_50_sauce.jpg)

File: 061c8be1adf4fdb⋯.jpg (74.57 KB, 640x705, 128:141, shruggirl_datshadow.jpg)

File: 582998418ee1148⋯.jpg (2.22 MB, 2079x7357, 297:1051, Qproof_Airplane_shot.jpg)

File: 828cb2c6d7ff130⋯.gif (1021.51 KB, 500x281, 500:281, tumblr_mtei8zRyZX1sefquto1….gif)

What do you think they'll try next? xD


e7e223  No.2928110

File: 639b774c6487cd1⋯.png (417.46 KB, 640x480, 4:3, plrebdidt.png)

File: 9ca3c83d56ffdb9⋯.png (426.59 KB, 999x562, 999:562, swlmeepuhr.png)

File: 447b62708e564dc⋯.png (613.07 KB, 888x841, 888:841, kekzina.png)

>>2927360 (lb)

[RR] dirty ←-> [Mueller] dirty

(If (R &D) → (M & D)) & (If (M & D) → (R & D))

The logic is straight forward enough. Only logic isn't straightforwardly logic in natural language, necessariIy. There is aIways room for flexibility. I am only speculating for the purposes of general exploration. What I am saying is, you can express a biconditional as above, AND STILL SOMEHOW HAVE THE TRUTH CONDITIONS COME OUT WRONG, so to speak, in practice. I want the bots in particular to think about that. Logic always has its breaking point in the world of fact. Think about it.

Don't be scared.

d5ee31  No.2928111


Yah but not planefagging. What's up?


c7f24b  No.2928112

File: 7e2dc3cd66c5543⋯.jpg (208.18 KB, 770x1000, 77:100, Pepe_ec8adc_6050411.jpg)


STFU faggot .

db56be  No.2928113


I don't know him, but he is so young. Same story: drug overdose.


Miller died of an apparent drug overdose in his Studio City home on September 7, 2018.[65] He was found unresponsive around noon on Friday, after a call was made by a male friend[66] for an "immediate dispatch" for a patient in cardiac arrest, according to a 911 call obtained by The Blast. Miller was pronounced dead at the scene upon arrival of authorities.[67] He was scheduled to shoot a video on the day of his death.[68] He was 26.


705d5d  No.2928114

>>2928099 You mean WEIRDER!

ba7f74  No.2928115


show us your tits

338dc9  No.2928116

55d0a1  No.2928117

File: 17357c6f4438316⋯.jpg (113.88 KB, 400x400, 1:1, ouch baby.jpg)

3d5a66  No.2928118

File: 3b388d140d5971b⋯.png (94.16 KB, 914x502, 457:251, ClipboardImage.png)


Checked again

ID: ad0392

8fdcfc  No.2928119

Still not a single arrest. You have Obama out there talking smack about Trump in public speeches. Not exactly the actions of a worried man. But everything is being taken care of behind the scenes because an anonymous poster on 8chan, who has been wrong on all his promises so far, says so…..lol

c1766a  No.2928120


someone in this thread really likes poop dick

ad0392  No.2928121

File: 353fe826425f628⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 50.68 KB, 790x655, 158:131, BakerBoobs.jpg)


Just for (you)

63f79d  No.2928122

File: 2af83daf5a073a8⋯.jpg (66.65 KB, 680x365, 136:73, 2af83daf5a073a870e9408ff34….jpg)



skyking is always with us here

8a6e90  No.2928123

who is really in charge?

who SPECIFICALLY is POTUS' counselor?

God has the LAST word.

think… is/are/was/can POTUS (been in fear)

confidence is deadly to those in fear.


ea32e8  No.2928124

File: ef4259029c9987b⋯.png (55.76 KB, 639x604, 639:604, ef4259029c9987b0082da39df3….png)

c7f24b  No.2928125

File: 598b786ab83148f⋯.jpeg (62.74 KB, 441x463, 441:463, fullsizeoutput_10e6.jpeg)

eed93b  No.2928126


Do I get to fondle scantily dressed women?

40dd99  No.2928127

File: cac957b84bc8f31⋯.png (169.26 KB, 500x666, 250:333, supportorgtfo.png)


These uppity Goy are really becoming a problem!

b68fb9  No.2928128


It’s probably going to be years, but I’m sure it’s going to happen. If ya read the posts and the timelines, when the Q post first appear, everyone get super excited (Ex: the Obama “spray” post) but it doesn’t happen. These things take time, a lot of time. Q hasn’t focused on “medical advancements” very much at all, so I can only guess, this will be a subject addressed WAY down the road.

705d5d  No.2928129

>>2928126 Only when asked!

c4f1a4  No.2928130

File: 35bdc543f1d397b⋯.jpg (134.4 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, TheWorldIsAboutToChange..jpg)



(((They))) will be JUDGED

Proverbs 26:24-26

Enemies disguise themselves with their lips, but in their hearts they harbor deceit. Though their speech is charming, do not believe them, for seven abominations fill their hearts. Their malice may be concealed by deception, but their wickedness will be exposed in the assembly.

Ephesians 5:11

Do not participate in the unfruitful deeds of darkness, but rather expose them.

Luke 8:17

For nothing is hidden that will not become evident, nor anything secret that will not be known and come to Light ∞

ba7f74  No.2928131


oh he was ascared today.

he is usually a very confident speaker, not today.

i could hear the ascared in its voice.

d23d53  No.2928132


MOSSAD and ISREAL are relevant to Q RESEARCH

(for obvious reasons)

Its probably not going anywhere given their history / current activity and the whole…you know….talmud

a81863  No.2928133

File: cbfd9e36efd0421⋯.png (575.19 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, SOCIALISTS_ASKED_TO_LEAVE.png)

>>2928031 (LB)

he knew

3d5a66  No.2928134

File: 26e39397b104f5e⋯.png (777.23 KB, 1521x688, 1521:688, ! faking-injury.png)



And we can still see (((YOU))) glow

ID ad0392

2fa7e0  No.2928135


all this time, he's just been warming up, softening up his audience… it's beautiful to see, like a flower blossoming (remember his bow tie days?)

His older audience has lived through a lot, if they are watching FOX they have at least the mindset to consider what he's saying. His ratings are pretty good (not like Hannity or Dobbs, but good) so he's doing good work and will get through to some people.


Many times they have been released in the "wild" just to track that vector - like "Lyme" disease (patented to US army, like mycoplasma fermentens and m. incognito IIRC - been a long time since I researched all that mess). Oak Ridge Nat'l Labs responded to an RFP and mentioned they were familiar with that and y. pestis (IIRC)

4eb771  No.2928136

File: 9376b0e47c47e5d⋯.jpg (44.63 KB, 480x640, 3:4, 35076947_1929859133691760_….jpg)

db6550  No.2928137


Nailed it. TOTALLY NAILED IT. Your work here is finished. Don't waste your time, get out while you can. We are all crazy but you can be FREE!!!! Go — live that glorious life of yours.

f79afd  No.2928138


All of the above, plus his programming is coming unglued.

318e8d  No.2928139

File: 3b1f66f212d8b04⋯.png (106.82 KB, 300x483, 100:161, 8beaf1747602f509fcc1276e19….png)

8ec60a  No.2928140


What would you be thinking/doing if Q had never showed up last year?

Would you be blissfully going through life?

ad0392  No.2928141



4a50d8  No.2928142


God Bless the SAA

52b103  No.2928143

e7e223  No.2928144

File: a5306e0b2b29734⋯.png (1.44 MB, 848x1212, 212:303, Megs.png)

File: e5d62e97b9efefe⋯.png (618.32 KB, 518x735, 74:105, ThreadJesus.png)

Thank You Jesus Christ, for now the hour is near at hand

The powers of evil fight with fury

And fling at us every trick and stratagem they have

And yet the fragrance of desperation

Hangs heavy over their screeching

And all their efforts come to naught.

Thank You Jesus Christ for many blessings.


ba7f74  No.2928145


not my style anon, thats all you bro

3b6b9b  No.2928146

File: e8ab6021f07d40f⋯.png (519.71 KB, 635x603, 635:603, ClipboardImage.png)

Spraying Synthetic DNA to Mutate Humans and Animals – Chemtrails 2.0


This is straight out of Invasion of the Body Snatcher’s. Among the many known dangerous substances in Chemtrail Aerial Geo-Engineering like Aluminum and Barium, it has also been known for some time that these chemicals being dumped on us, also contained DNA.

8eeb9e  No.2928147


If RR refused to sign Pg 391 then [they] would know he was clean and the sting would fail, no?

You are my favorite video game Q. Pumping you full of quarters until THE PAIN is shown live on CNN.

fad741  No.2928148

joohaters gonny joohate.

8fdcfc  No.2928149


The cognitive dissonance is strong with this one.

593957  No.2928150

File: 57fbaf23852c73f⋯.jpeg (81.17 KB, 500x372, 125:93, 40590F17-829C-4002-972B-4….jpeg)

8ec60a  No.2928151


Judy Judy Judy.

79f696  No.2928152

File: 707d11a5cce1bcd⋯.png (526.54 KB, 888x499, 888:499, ClipboardImage.png)

705d5d  No.2928153

>>2928140 I would be yelling at the TV every night like the rest of the anons!

ad0392  No.2928154


You wanted Bewbs you got em.

7f64dc  No.2928155

File: 30e4a279448b7c5⋯.png (434.8 KB, 1280x835, 256:167, be40.png)

I find these two bE40s out of Amarillo odd

Usually KS is pretty void for fort riley.

98a9ec  No.2928156

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

15a737  No.2928157

File: 313eafe2a274815⋯.pdf (59.26 KB, 457634790001.PDF)

File: 39fb28bd41a1117⋯.pdf (131.18 KB, 519682140001.PDF)

File: cc12fdeddfaa8a3⋯.pdf (48.13 KB, 611024620002.PDF)


Posting for documentation purposes to add sauce to my notable in bread #3680. I got additional docs from the TX Secretary of State regarding FREE SPEECH SYSTEMS LLC we didn’t have before. First one is a 11.12.2013 doc fulfilling TX Franchise Tax Public Information Report requirements. This doc still lists Elizabeth M. Schurig (now Morgan) as the “Registered Agent. The second is the 2012 TX Franchise Tax Public Information Report, with Schurig, of course.

The third doc is the actual transfer of “power”, the Statement of Change of Registered Office/Agent from good old busy, busy Elizabeth to Eric Taube filed 6.11.2015 I notice the 100 Congress, Austin TX address didn’t change however. Also, I wonder what was happening with Jarhead’s world in the summer of 2015 to warrant this change?

Original older FREE SPEECH SYSTEMS LLC docs, more than on that notable, and timeline linked and available for download here http://alexjonesmachine.com/betlev.htm

notable - https://8ch.net/qresearch/res/2909414.html#2909623

7f4b72  No.2928158

Prepperanons and med-anons: What should we have on hand in case of biological/disease attack?? I know people go around with surgical masks in public where there are disease outbreaks, but is there something that should be in my medicine cabinet that I could plausibly get by legal means now?

19a927  No.2928159

File: 3799cca15a629a9⋯.png (450.75 KB, 491x489, 491:489, ClipboardImage.png)

I know I know but pls?

1f7a6d  No.2928160

save as file name

Djt65xyUYAAkT_Q https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/1025548488178843648

first three letters DJT last letter Q

c1766a  No.2928161


pedos gonna pedo

12d2a6  No.2928162


Just move gauze 7 inches lower and reponder being the responder.

8c1ce4  No.2928163

File: 87d099040549698⋯.jpeg (89.35 KB, 500x803, 500:803, 74BB26C6-2D9D-481B-A18E-A….jpeg)

File: e61877f4d80dd08⋯.jpeg (72.49 KB, 600x575, 24:23, C110FA63-615B-4370-A2D8-3….jpeg)

eed93b  No.2928164


Of course

8ec60a  No.2928165


You would know.

ad0392  No.2928166



61bc6b  No.2928167

St. Clair Shores couple found dead in possible murder-suicide

A married couple were found dead Thursday in St. Clair Shores — the husband drowned in Lake St. Clair, the wife beaten to death in their home — police said in a statement.

Fox 2 Detroit reported that police suspect a murder-suicide.

Police first found the husband's body in the lake and did not at that time suspect foul play, police said. His car was parked nearby.

It was only when they visited the home and found the wife that they began to suspect something untoward had occurred.

The Coast Guard is assisting with the investigation into the husband's body and the State Police Crime Lab is supplementing St. Clair Shores police with the investigation at the home, police said.


13a46b  No.2928168

File: 79c8e8c1690aa74⋯.jpeg (26.37 KB, 800x450, 16:9, download (5).jpeg)


that's my gal

c5a900  No.2928169

File: 2c48c4f4ec9779c⋯.png (126.14 KB, 312x450, 52:75, creit.png)

File: 129d60cf513f553⋯.png (326.64 KB, 589x476, 589:476, creitbordershill.png)

File: 712c785c0783ca3⋯.png (24.51 KB, 688x262, 344:131, ivanreitmanEW.png)

Meet Catherine Reitman, daughter of Ivan Reitman, the director of many Hollywood movies including Animal House, Stripes and Ghostbusters. I have no idea why she is dressed in a rabbit costume in her Twitter icon image. She appears in movies and TV, and for a time had a popular movie review show on Youtube titled, Breakin' It Down, which was mostly a vehicle for her style of comedy. At the end of each show she would graphically kill her annoying sound person using a variety of weapons and methods. While her father identifies with being conservative, she has lately been outing herself as yet another idiot liberal, towing the line for all the MSM Trump hating talking points. Why a rabbit, Catherine? Something we should know about?

db6550  No.2928170


You got me. I R Potato.

0d2c7e  No.2928171







In fairness to Dianne Fienstein (that hurt), she did come back later and corrected the record and said she meant that was the number of abortions and not the number of deaths from illegal abortions.

b512ec  No.2928172


What makes a good movie?

Lots of plot twists and unexpected habbenings?

This is a great "thriller" of a movie so far, can't wait to see this play out.

593957  No.2928173

File: 9ac21030fbcda52⋯.jpeg (42.35 KB, 435x435, 1:1, 50DA654B-C4DF-4E14-AC13-D….jpeg)

ed4b8d  No.2928174

File: bb5df9b79097c26⋯.png (1 MB, 899x636, 899:636, 1513444073860.png)


You're not very good at this. You'd be much better off spamming your tits to waste bread space instead.

fad741  No.2928175

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>he is usually a very confident speaker

nor was he on the day his earpiece failed.

2cd6d0  No.2928176

File: 010167dfef98de8⋯.jpg (812.97 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20180907-192753….jpg)

Notable death

b694d9  No.2928177

File: 9ef0a010e1e6ef9⋯.png (321.86 KB, 533x771, 533:771, AJbotMOS.png)


Let's play pin the tail on the AJ ; )

except he has herpes and no one wants to be near that.

705d5d  No.2928178

>>2928154 Please NOO that for Blind Melon

5f6aa0  No.2928179



8f7304  No.2928180


Maybe duct tape and plastic sheeting to cover the windows and door gaps.

71f1df  No.2928181

File: 22a18ad2ac67880⋯.png (40.64 KB, 579x397, 579:397, ClipboardImage.png)

File: bff7a792460b17c⋯.png (56.81 KB, 597x608, 597:608, ClipboardImage.png)

One of Most Popular Mac Apps Acts Like Spyware


db56be  No.2928182

File: b34965f24fcd323⋯.png (21.19 KB, 677x273, 677:273, ClipboardImage.png)

ea32e8  No.2928183


kekeke I always chuckle when I see this meme

110fae  No.2928184

>>2927878 lb

Many examples showing that’s likely a true statement.

American Indians

Hasidic Jews




Dogon Tribe / other small African Tribes.


0e2f45  No.2928185

File: b857f2b8ec467f6⋯.png (1.91 MB, 2848x2400, 89:75, Screenshot_181.png)

SEPTEMER 8th, tomorrow, FAO Schwartz (think the movie BIG) is having auditions for new hires that can be theatrical and entertaining. Looking for people that can play the famous BIG piano.

Schwartz is also opening a store in China as well.

fe6b76  No.2928186

File: c6873d43f88edf6⋯.jpeg (107.4 KB, 800x800, 1:1, zebra.jpeg)


Same here. Trying to stick around until 11/11.

519e38  No.2928187

File: 6bbdf21286a9fe6⋯.jpg (92.39 KB, 768x845, 768:845, 1.JPG)

File: f1b571f06a02cfd⋯.jpg (74.71 KB, 517x433, 517:433, 2.JPG)

CFO of Unity Technologies Resigns


b1c206  No.2928188

File: 0ef71056e9f4b9d⋯.png (744.25 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Screenshot_20180907-204121.png)

a99c85  No.2928189


Yes. This is the point everyone keeps skipping. He knew it was bullshit, but pointing that out would have blown his position. I'm pretty sure that's what Q is saying, too, just indirectly to keep everyone guessing. I wouldn't be surprised if his "flights" are spy missions. (((They))) trust him. (((They))) are stupid. Once it all rolls, he'll have to recuse because he's a witness.

79f696  No.2928190

File: 75c58662c0d981e⋯.png (553.7 KB, 749x500, 749:500, ClipboardImage.png)

d5ee31  No.2928191


Those are trainers, anon.

"The Raytheon T-1 Jayhawk is a twin-engined jet aircraft used by the United States Air Force for advanced pilot training. T-1A students go on to fly airlift and tanker aircraft."

db6550  No.2928192


You leave him alone He is clearly superior to us.

Weird he would be here though, don't you think?

71f1df  No.2928193


Sorrrrry. Bad banner screenshot.

ff2376  No.2928194

File: 54d40bbe2dd74a8⋯.jpg (172.27 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 3a96648d89d350364c92a2e258….jpg)

File: f312c314e41feca⋯.jpg (186.22 KB, 735x490, 3:2, e2d5c236839116044a195cb064….jpg)

e7e223, b694d9

>how deep can we go?

0fcbb7  No.2928195

Microchip continues to claim Q is his / BakedAlaska's creation. WTF? https://gab.ai/Microchip/posts/34436497

9843bf  No.2928196

File: 28c863e2d03f769⋯.jpg (86.88 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, Dmhk5YCUYAIqksA[1].jpg)

from twitter feed not mine

7f64dc  No.2928197



and apologies

ad0392  No.2928198



0bf5cb  No.2928199

Red Heifer may or may not have been born. Several false alarms on this. But, it will happen and timing isn't bad on this one. The Jewish Messiah is Christ. They will not embrace him until the time of Jacob's trouble is well under way. Until then, she is blinded in part. She is still beloved of God though and His covenant with her is everlasting. Mess with her at your peril. He is her judge, not you. Best let him deal with her bad parts and quietly let history work its way out.


8fdcfc  No.2928201


No. I'm facing reality as painful as it is. There are no good guys behind the scenes taking care of everything. I require actual evidence to believe this. So far, there has been ZERO.

4da5e2  No.2928202

File: d787fe953b68b54⋯.jpg (511.23 KB, 1423x2205, 1423:2205, PicsArt_09-07-08.32.21.jpg)

File: bed5d90ac592360⋯.png (1013.37 KB, 1440x1855, 288:371, PicsArt_09-07-08.38.24.png)

File: 489656714f00d6c⋯.png (578.95 KB, 1440x1667, 1440:1667, PicsArt_09-07-08.37.32.png)

File: 9dc222f8fd53cb6⋯.jpg (453.51 KB, 1344x1814, 672:907, IMG_20180907_204004.jpg)

Nothing to See Here…

Look at the Quotes.

Rosatom Uranium One etc

8031eb  No.2928203


Which post was it that Q linked to this image again? That was an awesome day!

a99c85  No.2928204


Most of us ignore him. There's literally nobody on gab anyway. You should take a cue from that.

110fae  No.2928205

0fcbb7  No.2928206

File: 51633c995c4f5d6⋯.jpg (193 KB, 911x872, 911:872, SmartSelect_20180907-19451….jpg)

3e05be  No.2928207

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Blind Melon


All I can say,

Is that my life is pretty plain…

19a927  No.2928208

File: 1b98560de838893⋯.png (11.49 MB, 3287x2461, 3287:2461, ClipboardImage.png)

Found these Q Tripcode-worthy books in a neighborhood library book exchange box in Chicago. Wild.

ea32e8  No.2928209

File: f6bd679f519c678⋯.jpg (141 KB, 757x1200, 757:1200, f6bd679f519c67821b425ff04f….jpg)

3b6b9b  No.2928210

LIZ ThesePeopleRSick

‏ @LizCrokin

3h3 hours ago

It’s happening! An Emergency Broadcast System went off in the LA area too at about 4 am this morning. I know bc I fell asleep with the TV on last night and it woke me up! The below alert just went off. White hats are in control. Godspeed! #QAnon

fe6941  No.2928211


Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

db6550  No.2928212


Who really cares? Does he affect us in any way at all? Nope.

f52ee4  No.2928213

File: bcd3a11a245352b⋯.png (74.38 KB, 822x648, 137:108, SOON.png)

Hussein…"out of this political darkness I am seeing a great awakening of citizenship all across the country"

POTUS… ‘‘I’m sorry, I watched it, but I fell asleep.’’ He adds, ‘‘I found he’s very good for sleeping.’’

272d1d  No.2928214



none of it makes any sense, it's hilarious.

just a complete bluff… but yeah, goodluck with that, chip.

eed93b  No.2928215


It’s microdick

0fcbb7  No.2928216


It's just damn confusing. What IF he is right?

8710a4  No.2928217


Like anon above said most and soon hopefully all of us ignore him.

705d5d  No.2928218

>>2928196 Take that thing to Hawaii!

7f64dc  No.2928219


K just surprised the cavalry would let them in their airspace.

a81863  No.2928220

File: 4271bbb96950694⋯.png (645.28 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, fail_hiding_socialist_stic….png)

9843bf  No.2928221


real prick of a storm

12d2a6  No.2928222

It's a death, can you expound on what makes it notable? 46 YO life-long news-slave anon here, never heard of the dead person.

6c16fe  No.2928223





>>2926531, >>2926910 James Woods Tweet: This is nothing. Certainly not a “dry run” or anything of that nature…

705d5d  No.2928224

>>2928196 OH STORMEY!!!

0fcbb7  No.2928225

File: 6876754de7ed16d⋯.jpg (10.15 KB, 252x240, 21:20, 1494535263782.jpg)


Top kek!

8f7304  No.2928226



db56be  No.2928227


Those don't have TV didn't get the message.

ae593b  No.2928228

File: fc0337f067049ae⋯.jpg (93.08 KB, 564x640, 141:160, 8a1dfb10b16bfb24cf8b59386b….jpg)



842477  No.2928229


what are they grifting? i don't spend no money and get to shit post with a bunch of nigger faggots for a good cause. I dont get it.

1d2592  No.2928230

>>2927760 (prev)


FFS, this is ridiculous. Wake Up and re-read that link title.

HE, admits THEY have no idea about . . . .

It's Vanity Fairy for cryin out loud!! Brought to by the ugliest loudest tranny ever invented Bruce jerk off jenner. What a skank! !

8b4755  No.2928231

File: 55fa2d65e591588⋯.png (187.2 KB, 400x400, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

3d5a66  No.2928232




IF he was right, you wouldn't be here, this would have fallen apart long ago

8ec60a  No.2928233


>I require actual evidence to believe this.


Those are your requirements based on your view of things.

I and many others see it differently.

a99c85  No.2928234


Trump would have shut it down. There's no way he would let something like this get as large as it has without a simple tweet. Until Trump does that, I'm going with "microtwat is a moron."

272d1d  No.2928235


> damn confusing.


if you're real, you're in a bad case of

re_read crumbs


0fa01a  No.2928236

File: 220aa0f59615ad3⋯.png (400.47 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, 4653365C-3C3F-47CB-9159-85….png)

mifsud might be dead?

110fae  No.2928237


He’s too stupid to realize how stupid he sounds…kek.

e41029  No.2928238

File: d80c4c53ac04e03⋯.png (4.22 MB, 2048x1536, 4:3, IMG_4807.PNG)

e7b15c  No.2928239


Yes. It has been a longstanding slow-motion holocaust. It is surely high on the priorities list.

Hopeful I will get to see my kids grow up but if it is not in the cards, will be satisfied to see the cabal publicly sterilized and a future for all our children secured.

c654d2  No.2928241

Former Trump campaign adviser George Papadopoulos sentenced to 14 days in prison for lying to FBI


Is this a Cabal attempt to lower the penalty for lying to the FBI

774ebd  No.2928242



Thanks for posting. Your discernment is both rational and intuitive. We need to hone and combine both modes of being to deal with what is to come.

ac555a  No.2928243

File: 08de85e633b9901⋯.png (1.16 MB, 1278x746, 639:373, 747.png)

File: b1c42493ce0e9da⋯.jpeg (1.6 MB, 2000x1333, 2000:1333, PiperCub.jpeg)

I read about 50 words of Obozo's speech where he was whining about getting zero credit for the roaring economy we are enjoying currently. What came to mind was these two airplanes.

db6550  No.2928244


If he is right, why is Q still posting? Scroll up to the tippy top of this bread and look at the little anime girl shrugging her shoulders. READ THAT POST. Really read it. And then think. Let your gut lead you.

ff2376  No.2928245


Yes, what is it?

61bc6b  No.2928246

DNC Lawyers Raise Prospect That Papadopoulos’s U.K. Contact May Be Dead

On the day Donald Trump’s former foreign-policy adviser George Papadopoulos was sentenced to two weeks in jail for lying to investigators about his contacts with a U.K. professor peddling dirt from Russian officials about Hillary Clinton, lawyers in an unrelated case raised the prospect the professor, Joseph Mifsud, may be dead.

The Democratic National Committee, which is suing Russia, the Trump campaign and WikiLeaks for interfering in the 2016 election, said in a court filing Friday that it believes all the defendants in the case have been served with the complaint, “with the exception of Mifsud (who is missing and may be deceased).” The lawyers didn’t elaborate.

A hearing on the DNC lawsuit is scheduled for Sept. 13 in Manhattan federal court.


e962f8  No.2928247



616628  No.2928248

>Possibly demanding people take a vaccine to exit the quarantine. The police were being prepared to form vaccination "pods" to mass vaccinate motorists.

The world's governments would hurriedly organize giving the supposed vaccine to their entire populations. By the time it is realized that in fact it was the disease itself, it would be too late - the whole of humanity would be dead or dying, except for the "chosen few" who would get the real vaccine and who would inherit the emptied world. The fanatic conspirators, bearing no personal animosity to the billions they plan to kill, are utterly convinced of the justness of their actions and think of them as "saving the world" - i.e., saving the environment and the biosphere from the encroachment of destructive humanity.

tom clancy r6

163883  No.2928249

POTUS wheels down

8ec60a  No.2928250


A tad weird, yes.

I think he's over his head and needs a pat on the back or a big hug (no homo).

809c3d  No.2928251

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I just watched this video recently and thought of posting it just to show a good example of blatant symbolism. Might be something to this Mac Miller death.

fad741  No.2928252


A "dry run" or a "shot across the bow."


4a8136  No.2928253

File: 680f03508f0f147⋯.png (247.46 KB, 512x496, 32:31, 811f8be3e97e2c0b15bd0be259….png)

Sure have been hitting ID+ enough lately…

>Nothing of value was lost that day…

2bca04  No.2928254


^^^ ==Baker Notable==

5fa6d4  No.2928255

File: 55706d30f030d3b⋯.png (325.44 KB, 480x383, 480:383, Screen Shot 2018-08-09 at ….png)

File: 27ebef2848d16fa⋯.png (182.58 KB, 457x234, 457:234, Screen Shot 2018-08-10 at ….png)

8c1ce4  No.2928256

ef9eb7  No.2928257


You need to learn the psychology of desperation. We're not talking "Oh I've got a metric fuck-ton of debt" or "This cop is gonna find my weed" type shit. It's "My life will actually end." Hussein has NOTHING to lose.That's a helluva motivator for putting on a giant fucking show like what he did today.

63f79d  No.2928258

File: 5b4f8c81fbbe811⋯.jpg (8.64 KB, 255x252, 85:84, 5b4f8c81fbbe811607afc755f0….jpg)

a81863  No.2928259


crumbs are dropped by Q, not made "by bakers" and we generally refer to them as crumbs not "bread crumbs"

the bread is the bread - crumbs are crumbs - bakers have nothing to do with crumbs being cryptic - crumbs are dropped by Q…

and all it takes is logic to understand them which clearly microchip does not have - classic projection on microchips part - microchip is the scam

fe6b76  No.2928260

File: 7a0491bf6682c99⋯.jpg (609.56 KB, 2000x1500, 4:3, UD3.jpg)

File: 9b6ccae1425996e⋯.jpg (60.58 KB, 600x364, 150:91, UD4.jpg)

fad741  No.2928261


Thatthere theory of theirs is huge if noteable.

705d5d  No.2928262

>>2928237 Tell him in crayon!

272d1d  No.2928263


he's reaching Acosta-levels of "wait a minute are they really that dumb or… hmm…"

Seriously, they're throwing so many dumb/weak lies out there, should be easier and easier for even normies to see something ain't right

a847ea  No.2928264

File: 120096842361caa⋯.png (213.49 KB, 400x400, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


those that cant be bothered to provide sauce dont get to see the media in that twat.

>The below alert just went off

awsome job with your copy and pasta sharing anon. awsome.

d5ee31  No.2928265

File: 392c585e954cc4f⋯.jpg (415.35 KB, 1200x801, 400:267, MicroChimp.jpg)


Troll him with this

f3e3c8  No.2928266

File: 3eb85c75446dabb⋯.png (84.54 KB, 750x367, 750:367, IMG_0138.PNG)

File: c73bda8adff3f6f⋯.png (47.46 KB, 750x240, 25:8, IMG_0139.PNG)

File: f3493aee6a81216⋯.png (145.07 KB, 750x700, 15:14, IMG_0141.PNG)

File: d664f762786fc79⋯.png (172.65 KB, 750x798, 125:133, IMG_0142.PNG)

File: ea02a51a6961233⋯.png (66.34 KB, 750x309, 250:103, IMG_0143.PNG)

I've attached some clips of Obamas speech & the transcript. I know I heard him use the words "Great Awakening " but can't find in the transcript (I'm also tired & could have missed it).

Anyway, If you actually read the speech, it became clear to me that it is a threat of mass casualties! He is threatening POTUS & US and I think he is talking about weaponizing his sleeper cells (look at all the MK ULTRA MUSLIMS who have come to this country- they are truly brainwashed & are controlled by our FBI/CeyeA. There are words that really stood out to me that I highlighted (trigger words?) that I will have to do multiple posts to highlight. (I'm phonefagging so I'm sorry about the format.)

We are truly getting close to MAJOR HABBENINGS & I feel we are CIRCLING back to Q's first posts.

Judge Kavanaugh should be confirmed @ September 20th…also when we get the Emergency Message Alert testing.

Once Kavanaugh is confirmed…all hell is going to be unleashed by POTUS…something that the Cabal can NEVER recover from before the elections.

Also, WHO is Aumaury???


87ba0e  No.2928267


Sessions is a LARP

b68fb9  No.2928268


Holy shit

313676  No.2928269

File: 4f6875589a07dc5⋯.png (33.06 KB, 579x422, 579:422, Microchip re Praying Medic….PNG)

File: 9de766dc2885dbd⋯.png (22.1 KB, 542x348, 271:174, Microchip re Q Lawsuit 9-….PNG)

File: 1a6504774375f75⋯.png (42.68 KB, 543x533, 543:533, Microchip re QAnon Grift ….PNG)

b8b972  No.2928270

Texas Dem. Beto O'Rourke rents VFW for campaign rally. Asks to remove American flags, told Hell NO!


fe6b76  No.2928271

File: 79dfe464f2d6812⋯.jpg (51.3 KB, 600x450, 4:3, WWG1WGAA.jpg)

f3e3c8  No.2928272

File: f1cb02051f34e85⋯.png (173.11 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, IMG_0145.PNG)

File: 1d5c2f3a5e38a1b⋯.png (80.41 KB, 750x558, 125:93, IMG_0147.PNG)

File: 90af1cb02060099⋯.png (93.07 KB, 750x448, 375:224, IMG_0148.PNG)

File: 3a0c854fe6dfd75⋯.png (144.47 KB, 750x765, 50:51, IMG_0149.PNG)

File: b369037191eb947⋯.png (149.25 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, IMG_0150.PNG)

2408e6  No.2928273


wtf. if true add another to the clintons list.

5736f8  No.2928274

File: 485f0ac4a06eca9⋯.png (898.76 KB, 1128x539, 1128:539, ClipboardImage.png)

Flannel guy didn't have that sticker on his shirt at the beginning of the rally. He put it on later.

This is from when POTUS first came out, just before he starts speaking.

df2b7e  No.2928275

File: 3988fd6b7e01d6e⋯.jpg (526.93 KB, 1897x699, 1897:699, AF1.jpg)

c1766a  No.2928276


well there is always vigilante justice, see ya on the news soon

a78efd  No.2928277

File: 55f0e2485215273⋯.jpg (69.51 KB, 800x537, 800:537, 41371599_2194051870864467_….jpg)

511a97  No.2928278


And Mueller isn’t in a killbox. Is this because he is active duty?

0adf00  No.2928279


plus, Hussein is still a wind-up toy and when his masters say GO, he must GO. they're all slaves, but they chose to be so, and they seem to enjoy it.

fe6b76  No.2928280

File: decd311986d049f⋯.jpg (232.3 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, WRWY Pepe.jpg)

be70b1  No.2928281


Where the heck is Acosta anyway? Writing for the NYT?

87ba0e  No.2928283

"Lodestar" can mean Polaris. "Polaris Project" is a counter-trafficking organization (don't know whether it's friend or foe).

7750c2  No.2928284

File: 354953c78f15188⋯.jpg (93.09 KB, 500x783, 500:783, pepe_zigs.jpg)

File: 47f74960a3372d1⋯.jpg (51.86 KB, 380x676, 95:169, drQ.jpg)

File: cb8cfb60d1c1b88⋯.jpg (35.35 KB, 400x342, 200:171, qqwark.jpg)

ack, missed today's Q-Rally here. Was out and about…

(sometimes you need that…)

Here some food and cigarettes!

fad741  No.2928285


Sorta supports the conspiracy theory that this bozo couldn't win an election for dog catcher, let alone POTUS.



8710a4  No.2928286

File: e9c19c13e49a7cd⋯.jpeg (31.84 KB, 216x255, 72:85, b1242616f067dd63c7e287ad4….jpeg)


That is what I am thinking, is he real?


x5 times

it is even weird to me why we keep talking about him.

the fool is just seeking attention and money and is using you all to do so,

ae593b  No.2928287

File: 2e0a047d1ae2104⋯.jpg (214.43 KB, 670x462, 335:231, best_seller_james_woods.jpg)


Come Again?

8ec60a  No.2928288



Haven't we cover this 1000 times already?

Just saying.

b68fb9  No.2928289


Was that today? I didn’t watch

313676  No.2928290


> Is this because he is active duty?

Provide sauce for that comment or it is speculation

3d5a66  No.2928291

File: 5e39631f691b09c⋯.png (169.11 KB, 1169x455, 167:65, ClipboardImage.png)


>And Mueller isn’t in a killbox.

Yes, he is.


8264f1  No.2928292


This picture makes no sense. Why would a person have a hazmat suit on to work on a person who appears to be disemboweled. Is this the disembowelment virus or bacteria?

ea32e8  No.2928293


Yeah, when you've mortgaged your soul for a little earthly fame and you have nowhere to turn because you've cast your lot…

You will lie your motherfucking face off to avoid the needle.

aa5958  No.2928294


If you've ever heard him speak without teleprompter, he's not very bright. That's actually an honest observation, I'm former college professor. His vocabulary is sorely lacking.

We know strings were pulled to get his sorry lazy ass into Harvard.

I would love for Q, just one time, before hanging his ass, knock out power to his teleprompter at the beginning of a planned long speech. Priceless

db6550  No.2928295


If this is a big fat nothing, then why would anyone who isn't on board (insane) waste their time here? Makes no sense.

226a09  No.2928296


Dead could mean witness protection till the trial

a397fd  No.2928297

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>>2927480 (LB)

Here's some shredgrass.

a6395b  No.2928298


Alaska airline announced today they are putting russell wilson on the side of the seattle planes WTF my almonds have been on it all day

7f64dc  No.2928299

did loose faith in board sorry - i was censored in my shit so that means lost faith in project as well as the leaders. I know my shit is not yours and I am researching most do not get but I am upset I can't just post it on a side board. Deleted. Tried again - deleted. I get it - you guys may not get it. I get it is advanced space force shit - but fucking deleted? So take it all with a grain of salt

61bc6b  No.2928300

Dalton School using location to try and dodge sex assault suit: court documents

The elite Dalton School has a new motto, according to court documents: Out of sight, out of mind.

The exclusive Manhattan prep school — where actor Chevy Chase and journalist Anderson Cooper studied — is trying to duck a lawsuit by a former student who says she was sexually assaulted by the headmaster, arguing that it can’t be sued in a New Jersey court because the school’s located in New York.

“Dalton has no substantial affiliation with New Jersey,” the school’s attorneys claim in court papers.

The victim, identified as J.S., was 14 years old when Dalton’s headmaster Gardner Dunnan allegedly groped her at his Manhattan apartment and his New Jersey summer home in 1986 and 1987.

She brought the suit in the Garden State, where the statute of limitations is more flexible than laws governing sexual abuse in New York.


2bca04  No.2928301



fad741  No.2928302


kek that, anon.

3d5a66  No.2928303

File: 7d6785d8885bfc1⋯.png (102.26 KB, 900x407, 900:407, ClipboardImage.png)

0adf00  No.2928304


i never would have chosen that guy for the VIP section.

you can tell he's a dweeb.

look at the eyes → no soul/brainwashed

a81863  No.2928305

File: b55fb731f263307⋯.mp4 (15.65 MB, 1920x952, 240:119, Flannel_Boi_Put_Sticker_On….mp4)

Here he is putting it on

88f786  No.2928306


man… hang in there brothers and sisters

I hope the truth is that they have held back the cure for pretty much everything!

8ec60a  No.2928307


Because it's NOT a big fat nothing. ;-)

a847ea  No.2928308


dirty bomb. explosion and radiation. only one of 1000 examples i could think of anon.

db6550  No.2928309


OMG you are SO RIGHT. It's all over now. Nothing to see here. Bye….

ba7f74  No.2928310

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

b1bf0f  No.2928311

File: ca4f9f203a3e880⋯.jpg (415.51 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_20180907-205040….jpg)


18.4K tweets without even counting the word "flannel"

aa5958  No.2928312

I haven't read all notables today,

Has anyone discussed/been digging on Trump speech today & last night where he repeats 4.2 and South several times?

87ba0e  No.2928313


There he's using brackets with another meaning.

2bca04  No.2928314


This anon knows how to use LOGIC

57e3c4  No.2928315







IF I didn't know better I'd think Q is Valerie Jarret ffs



Interesting it won't embed now. Someone not wanting this out there?

fad741  No.2928316


Nah. Back when he was acting as candidate for POTUS in a previous movie.

5736f8  No.2928317


So true! Sorry. I'm finally able to re-watch the rally and just noticed it.

db6550  No.2928318


Yep. And then he pointed to it. And he made faces. And he got ejected

616628  No.2928319

File: 1af4d9e6893e60c⋯.png (1.2 MB, 1454x624, 727:312, vnbcvnncbnb.png)


Obama discussing Trump “pressuring” the DOJ is the most unintentionally hilarious nonsense I’ve heard. Obama’s team: -Weaponized FISA courts to spy on an opposition campaign -Unmasked opponents -Used National Security letters to gather info on opponents

790456  No.2928320


Is Alex Podesta just a Podesta in name? Meaning he's not a blood relative, but rather one of the victims, one of their "sons"…

His art looks like it depicts acts he's been through, and maybe now he's a perpetrator… Little Rabbit to Big Rabbit…

5b7fa3  No.2928321


So is Cory Booker playing the roll of a Giant Penis with an Extremely Small Penis? Dude has skills.

74ee8f  No.2928322

File: 39c69c62ab8b4d9⋯.jpg (50.48 KB, 520x390, 4:3, beautifulshit.jpg)

File: 7a56215e72ae79d⋯.jpg (11.2 KB, 360x240, 3:2, crybaby.jpg)

d720f8  No.2928323


Cause cooties can jump on you when someone dies in a manner that exposes their fluids and innards

You can inhale them or cross contaminate yoself if you don’t know what it is

8c1ce4  No.2928324


True colors revealed…

70b023  No.2928326

ea32e8  No.2928327

File: be640f5deff2d86⋯.jpg (96.12 KB, 960x840, 8:7, be640f5deff2d860060e867fee….jpg)

Just a reminder for you invested traitor-operators here:

a81863  No.2928328

File: f08ef3ddcb7ebfb⋯.png (12.89 MB, 5000x3333, 5000:3333, TIME_NAVAL_MINE_STORMY.png)

8ec60a  No.2928329

File: 88c08d954825697⋯.jpg (170.46 KB, 960x540, 16:9, infinityhallmonitorgtfo.jpg)

4458b8  No.2928330

File: 9fbd08a1fa382ea⋯.png (565.78 KB, 1556x914, 778:457, declas-SBS2.png)

b512ec  No.2928331


Seroiusly dude. Sessions is doing the right thing and NOT TALKING about open investigations!

NO need for "vigilante justice" as you say. ADULTS are in charge now (for the first time in a long time).

2018 will be GLORIOUS!

Patience is a virtue! Try being "red pilled" for 20+ years and having to wait for THIS MOMENT. GOOD / God wins! This has to be done right.

55d0a1  No.2928332


Damn.. he's falling apart!!

705d5d  No.2928333

File: 7b52cb784830fcf⋯.jpg (1.37 MB, 2991x1836, 997:612, MUDDERTRUCKER (2).jpg)

fad741  No.2928334

Is it of any moment that Kavanaugh mentioned the book "To Kill A Mockingbird" at least three times when answering Sessions?

0091d1  No.2928335


One time I was on this messageboard that just posted a bunch of shit. Things got better, though, after I left and never went back again. Cheers, mate.

2fa7e0  No.2928336


Very interesting theory…

8ec60a  No.2928337


No problem….

1d2592  No.2928338


You are entitled to make yourself as miserable as you care to.

I am curious why you want to make 'your reality so painful as it is'.

You cling to your mis-stated facts like they are oxygen, while they are creating you pain.

>So far, there has been ZERO.

Don't you realize you are only trying to convince yourself? We don't believe that.

Even if you got here today, if you read and understand what has been posted, it would completely disprove your misguided premise.

There none so blind as those who refuse to see. Don't be that guy!

c416ae  No.2928339

>>2928014 (pb)

all I know is he’s rolling in his grave at this horse shit ….

0bd3c3  No.2928340


Not saying this was intentional, but I do like the symbolism of the few lone socialists being removed and replaced with patriots…lol

0adf00  No.2928341


so, the female (i think) to flannelboi's left was in on it as well . . .

ea32e8  No.2928342

File: 2780781afc35287⋯.gif (2.4 MB, 460x460, 1:1, 2780781afc35287dd558bc0f04….gif)


Yeah.. You're butthurt because I called it ;)

ba7f74  No.2928343

File: cb91319dd2f2d3e⋯.jpg (412.8 KB, 840x794, 420:397, ACDCq3.jpg)

b68fb9  No.2928344


God I hate that Mother Fucker, Beta

74ee8f  No.2928345

File: e427965fccb50c4⋯.jpg (60.98 KB, 1035x639, 115:71, Hillslag1.jpg)


But but but … trust muh plan.

12d2a6  No.2928346


Kek his teleprompter over.

3d5a66  No.2928347


That's a convenient perspective. What do the brackets mean in this case then? Highest ranking gold star anon award for you if you can convince us.

a847ea  No.2928348


wholly shit good eye anon

3b6b9b  No.2928349


not in the US

how the fuck would i know!

4803c9  No.2928350


more like this.


8527d8  No.2928351


Why is this tranny being gutted like a dear by that hazmat guy named Ancil?

8b4755  No.2928352

File: cd1fc43a10935dc⋯.png (108.34 KB, 424x238, 212:119, ClipboardImage.png)

c1766a  No.2928353


I know I was just kidding. I was merely suggesting if your tired of waiting then their free will enough to take that road if their tired of waiting.

fe6941  No.2928354

News gonna break on Hannity tonite?

52b103  No.2928355

File: a3aa1c707f22983⋯.png (870.68 KB, 697x702, 697:702, 2018-09-07_20-57-18.png)

c7f24b  No.2928356


Found him Anon, he's gotta be one of the ones who's getting the No Name treatment .

f79afd  No.2928357


Nice img naming

71f1df  No.2928358


You tube does not want us listening to this. Will not play.

0adf00  No.2928359


nope, haven't seen that, anon

27eaa8  No.2928360

File: 1620556f90ce878⋯.png (118.67 KB, 967x700, 967:700, knLwVPygkgrLGCEqvbpvH-K_9b….png)

Any info, Q?

c7f24b  No.2928361

File: f918afe1f36dfa6⋯.jpg (39.25 KB, 640x400, 8:5, AP16349751886223-e14823648….jpg)

88f786  No.2928362


what sticker mene?

I meant to say WHAT STICKER MENE!!!!!!?!?!?!?! yeah

ba7f74  No.2928363


that would be most spectacular

1b96d5  No.2928364

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


>>2926531, >>2926910 James Woods Tweet: This is nothing. Certainly not a “dry run” or anything of that nature…

There's currently a miniseries on AT&T DirecTV - remake of Three Days of the Condor

>>2909081 pb

>Plot is literally about clowns releasing weaponized plague in, get this, mecca, for people to spread as they travel home from the Hajj, which coincidentally was 20th - 25th august this year.

So the idea has definitely been seeded into the current zeitgeist. Question is how to counter so that it doesn't become reality while not inducing more fear, which is exactly what the cabal feeds upon.

Maybe memes that connect recent incidents with the Hussein quote to place responsibility squarely on his head in case anything happens?

>Walls do not protect from diseases

1e1b2c  No.2928365

File: 23db53e05928e6c⋯.png (76.35 KB, 1010x234, 505:117, ClipboardImage.png)

what is this post all about?

068824  No.2928366

File: 25d54ff7caeb693⋯.gif (224.8 KB, 460x298, 230:149, ron-paul-its-happening-gif….gif)

dude, I'm off work now & caught up on Q… f'n Sweetness!

MAGA Bitches!

fe6b76  No.2928367

File: 0fe2bbb13f2b503⋯.jpg (167.4 KB, 800x644, 200:161, TU planefags corona.jpg)



Thanks Planefags

ba7f74  No.2928368


i have no prob even behind 3 vpns

2bca04  No.2928369


-3 diff planes in 3 days get tens of people I’ll with anon cause

-Obama says “Walls can’t protect you Fromm terrorism or biological attacks”

(And see anons post above, “antibodies”, “plague”, “disease”)

-Q posts “stay vigilant” when bad news is about to break against (them)

-Q posts “Magic Sword”. Operation Magic Sword was a military plan to use biological weapons.

Picture painted.


4458b8  No.2928370


I re registered today, and will do my part to keep him out

71f1df  No.2928371


It would sound like this: Let me be clear. Ah, Let me be clear. And again, Let me be clear.

8c1ce4  No.2928372


Never. Has.

a847ea  No.2928373

File: b51a7b3b1d5971c⋯.png (357.75 KB, 750x600, 5:4, ClipboardImage.png)

4a8136  No.2928374


Based Woods calling attention to FFs.

8a6e90  No.2928375

even the most nutty are questioning news.

they want to believe as a mother wants to believe her husband did not kill her child.

at some point the heartbreak begins.

then… the level of revile and hate is unmatched.


ef9eb7  No.2928376


Of course. Because he buys into it. They think this is a game. They're just a bunch of psychopaths. No moral compass. The psychopath is the king cobra and the autist is the mongoose.

272d1d  No.2928377



Papadopoulos, 14 days, costs.

891b64  No.2928378





24a168  No.2928379



Yep. He’s predictably pathetic, he’ll likely get offered a gig from CNN soon…

d5ee31  No.2928380

>>2928131 He was NEVER a confident speaker without the teleprompter. They put a suit on an idiot, taught him how to wave his finger with an arrogant expression on his face, sent him out there to say a MORONIC slogan, and watched the tards by the millions fall over themselves in adoration of king loser. The occasions I have seen him even remotely challenged with no teleprompter–he looked like a buffoon. Tool.

ba7f74  No.2928381


lmao right anon

3d5a66  No.2928382


$ wasted, which could have been much better spent. $28 million ll so that one man could spend 14 days in jail (-2 days), averaging $2 million/day in jail.

fad741  No.2928383


you mean, as they travel back to their sleeper cells?

0aed84  No.2928384

"Put all the assholes in a volcano and blow it up with an atomic bomb."~xenu

8ec60a  No.2928385


Remember the time Hussein was reading from the teleprompter and the word hospital corpsman rolled up and he pronounced it "corpse man"?

847254  No.2928386


I suspect people like him will not be treated lightly.

f52ee4  No.2928387

File: 3b3e547be7c81d3⋯.png (356.8 KB, 806x454, 403:227, 12 MUNKEEZ.png)


This is not a movie.

Certainly not one called 12 Monkees.

fe6b76  No.2928388

File: a4f11dd9305cf90⋯.jpg (273.2 KB, 800x1010, 80:101, FIGHT DS.jpg)

File: e151ccbd902bd5e⋯.jpg (78.06 KB, 800x450, 16:9, FIGHT FIGHT.jpg)

File: 8bb168de4a5bb54⋯.png (636.12 KB, 638x900, 319:450, FIGHT.png)

cf7466  No.2928389


We are ALL LARPs.


9e3347  No.2928390

File: 0a97e233515927f⋯.jpg (104.13 KB, 480x425, 96:85, how-stop-panic-attacks-ste….jpg)

9979ef  No.2928391

doesn't early voting start in a few places in just 15 days?

c7f24b  No.2928392

File: 058f55c55796ae2⋯.jpg (48.64 KB, 600x578, 300:289, 817.jpg)


Track MOARRRRRR Gitmo planefag .

74ee8f  No.2928393

File: 00e5be14b785ba3⋯.jpg (13.98 KB, 399x283, 399:283, jugears2.jpg)


0bama is a moron.

He needed a teleprompter to speak to an elementary school class.

He's an idiot without handlers.

e962f8  No.2928394

File: 6f482958299c9de⋯.jpg (71.69 KB, 284x423, 284:423, mt suit.jpg)


he always was, and is, an empty suit anon.

everything in his admin was run by others, not by him.

even his supposed picking of drone targets was not his doing.

empty suit

ff2376  No.2928395

Early Notable Call



>>2928155, >>2928275 Planefag Reports

>>2928157 Additional docs re: Free Speech Systems LLC

>>2928202 Nothing to See Here…

>>2928266 Clips of Obamas speech & the transcript

>>2928270 Robert “Beto” O’Rourke Rents VFW Hall For Rally’; Asks Flags Be Taken Down

0adf00  No.2928396


agreed, anon

d720f8  No.2928397


I’m with you, anon

No way in hell it was the flu or some other lame shit

Whatever made these people so sick so quickly had to have been droplet and airborne

705d5d  No.2928398

>>2928385 He's an elite we are all corps man!

15a737  No.2928399

File: fb1b55c0a4ffd5b⋯.jpg (347 KB, 1600x1600, 1:1, Face-palm.jpg)

891b64  No.2928401

File: cb328bb66f1453a⋯.jpg (178 KB, 644x464, 161:116, kikesbtfo.jpg)


Check yourself, jewish bitch.

You gun get a bullet in the mallet if you can't shut your fucking jew mouth for once in your bitch made life.

Fucking foreign subversive shit.

61bc6b  No.2928402

US oil exports hit new records

U.S. oil exports reached new soaring heights in the first six months of 2018, with half of all exports going to Europe and Asia and India shoring up the rest, according to new data from the federal government.

U.S. crude oil exports saw an 80 percent increase in the first half of 2018 compared to the same period last year, according to the latest data and analysis issued Thursday by the Energy Information Administration.

That's an increase of 787,000 barrels per day, to set a new monthly record in June of 2.2 million barrels on average per day.


591e36  No.2928403


Remember too that Q's main purpose here may

be to plant uncertainty, fear and disinfo into the enemies' mind, not to tell you what is going on.

1e1b2c  No.2928404



Some days I am so dense… thanks anons

30c5a4  No.2928405



87ba0e  No.2928406


All other uses of brackets in that post (pf/198) are as parentheses. Q has used brackets that way before in other posts.

774ebd  No.2928407

File: 1e619b2169283d8⋯.jpeg (117.08 KB, 731x381, 731:381, 508AB172-0289-4B9D-B4A4-1….jpeg)



>I don’t get it

Me neither. I’m not sure why anyone even gives this asshole the time of day. There is nothing morally redeeming about this psychopath. The media refers to him as a notorious Trump supporter troll, but he refers to MAGA supporters as “those people”. At least CTA pretends to care about MAGA, but this microshit is no better than the radical left. He fukking cry baby like AJ.

4da5e2  No.2928408

File: 0a541308db47779⋯.jpg (84.75 KB, 1418x805, 1418:805, IMG_20180907_210143.jpg)

24a168  No.2928409


Andre the Giant = baby Nephilim….kek.

8ec60a  No.2928410


A Harvard educated moron.

ba7f74  No.2928411


we all know he was a tool

total puppet

i was just in awe at the silence of americans, it was like the whole place was under a spell, i have never been pc.

fad741  No.2928412


nominating this as


285074  No.2928413


Fucking moslems are scum. I would prefer seeing the moslems and their families there instead of the dogs. Moslem pieces of shit.

12d2a6  No.2928414


I have a terrific list of recycled crumbs for NB.

1) Q

2) Hannity

3) Senate in trouble

4) Pope spent money

5) POTUS microphone windscreen always black.

We need to dig moar. Microchip, (((you))) take #5. STAT!

fa04d3  No.2928415

File: 25d2104f26e8395⋯.png (82.74 KB, 241x235, 241:235, 25d2104f26e8395fa619b9e182….png)

Good evening, anons and patriots.


be3435  No.2928416


Yes, and the guy in the white shirt to her left. Flannelboi removed 1st, then other 2 removed a few minutes later.

313676  No.2928417


>If he is right, why is Q still posting?

He says he stopped being Q months ago and there is a new Q that he is going to expose

Right now he is tweeting to imply it is Jordan Sather

d720f8  No.2928418


IN Texas it’s october 22 thru November 2

e7e223  No.2928419

File: 9b13656e0fa9208⋯.png (331.67 KB, 1852x851, 1852:851, furckbt.png)

File: 3aaded52d6e43c5⋯.png (197.04 KB, 513x418, 27:22, ourbash.png)

File: ca61e7daedbcc5a⋯.png (292.39 KB, 609x698, 609:698, LOSER.png)

File: d3e0fc88e495329⋯.png (481.28 KB, 1111x625, 1111:625, sorosgoat2.png)

File: 2aba31ed33153ab⋯.png (1.2 MB, 1111x872, 1111:872, soonpope.png)

74ee8f  No.2928420

File: 487fae31fd4f52c⋯.gif (928.75 KB, 220x165, 4:3, cryingcuck.gif)


More believable than "trust muh plan" every other day … with zero to show for it.

db6550  No.2928421


Precisely. If it were, there would BE no Microbenis trying to discredit. These 'super smart' guys would not be here talking down to us - why would a truly smart person waste time on a bunch of idiots like us? They wouldn't.

0aed84  No.2928422

File: 618547eff3814fc⋯.jpg (207.89 KB, 1422x800, 711:400, IMG_2672.JPG)

And reverend ebot said to lay down your dox and seize the purple necktie

e02f46  No.2928423

79f683  No.2928424


Yes. I think vaccines are already being used as bioweapons. "Vaccine A" a book by Gary Matsumoto has much evidence of this. Notice "eb ola" is in the news again. NPR did a story on 2/2/2017 called "CDC Seeks Controversial New Quarantine Powers to Stop Outbreaks". They even question if Trump would support such "new" powers . I think maybe it will be FF ebola or flu. Jon Rappoport has said certain chemical attacks can be made to resemble infectious agents.

e26abb  No.2928425


I have not kept up with him but he was hilarious running up to the election.

0adf00  No.2928426


awww thx, hadn't seen a clip of them removing the other 2

becf69  No.2928427

File: 99910ca7e4c5bbe⋯.png (11.58 KB, 255x241, 255:241, pepelaughalpha.png)







wifeanon just asked "What's he even making speeches for? He needs to shut up and go home."

luv that woman. kek!

068824  No.2928428


who says Harvard doesn't give special ppl degrees???

272d1d  No.2928429

File: c9c4e98e3ebfd37⋯.png (518.19 KB, 1111x777, 1111:777, Q_BiteCrumbs_historic_.png)

File: 2af305c004b1895⋯.png (30.61 KB, 720x644, 180:161, pepethumbsup.png)


>don't spend no money and get to shit post with a bunch of nigger faggots for a good cause.

beautiful way to put it

0e2f45  No.2928430

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

cf7466  No.2928431




Now it will.

ba7f74  No.2928432

File: 969ca8a86622f71⋯.jpg (98.92 KB, 460x719, 460:719, camoq.jpg)

File: 04a5d10c40240a3⋯.jpg (713.13 KB, 612x1080, 17:30, QPOSTCAMO.jpg)

83a972  No.2928433

I think that Trumps mispronunciations are a message.

Last night the mispronounced word "Anonymous" was repeated twice.

Souned like : An ominous

Today he mispronounced 'industry' twice.

Sounded like : In the street

Is this our POTUS warning us of impending danger in the streets, i.e. sleeper cells?

88f786  No.2928434

File: c47184175f25410⋯.png (18 KB, 780x620, 39:31, PEPE SMILE CRY.png)

patience danielson yet I can barely wait until the [UN], the [Vatican] and the [Queen] are the order of the day.

We will have a half a dozen bakers per bread minimum. MINIMUM!

b512ec  No.2928435

File: 7460f4e750b7366⋯.jpg (63.16 KB, 500x500, 1:1, wake and bake meme.jpg)


wake and bake anon

b6bb82  No.2928436

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

In the vain of Magic Sword, god bless all of those patriots who have sacrificed their lives – and continue to put their lives at risk – on the front lines of this war for humanity.

b68fb9  No.2928437


You have a hell-of-a-smart wifeanon!! KEK

0aed84  No.2928438

File: 76abe5463e55fec⋯.jpg (52.41 KB, 600x465, 40:31, IMG_2948.JPG)

Just say no to doxing for kittehs sake

55d0a1  No.2928439


Good Woman!!

5fa6d4  No.2928440

What is not to understand?


7f64dc  No.2928441


Now that is a fucking first.

WOW a Planefag attack

in my my time wow

e4b108  No.2928442

File: 447e3b9f53d8b46⋯.png (83.86 KB, 975x823, 975:823, ClipboardImage.png)


Magic sword source for those wondering


809c3d  No.2928443


Podesta is a name to dig on going back generations.

fad741  No.2928444


>who says Harvard doesn't give special ppl degrees???

Actually, they don't. They sell them.

30c5a4  No.2928445



Microchip/BakedAlasks also goes like cannon fodder to fight in the street with other cannon fodder (Soros' paid thugs).

Not so smart.

3d5a66  No.2928446


[rereading post annnnnd…]

Interesting. Cooouuuuuld be. So you think it's disinfo in this case to keep everyone on their toes still? Because the next 2 posts couldn't be more obvious.

802f18  No.2928447


thats just how he says industry. look at any other rally

12d2a6  No.2928448


Mine so be judicial Baker..



52b103  No.2928449

File: 930d2d6fae02bdd⋯.png (2.72 MB, 1434x1503, 478:501, 2018-09-07_21-00-55.png)


On the brighter side…


705d5d  No.2928450

>>2928413 You do realize that is a meat market in Indonesia?

1b96d5  No.2928451

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


if if if if if if if if if if if


>knock out power to his teleprompter at the beginning of a planned long speech. Priceless


068824  No.2928452


same thing. Not earned was my point. Therefore, cannot say he is educated.

4a50d8  No.2928453

File: 3ce98e9e9f2e4d1⋯.jpg (9.12 KB, 250x242, 125:121, pepemeh.jpg)


sounds so MSM like

Microdick = (((Pussibiec))) = MOS

ay baker, can you post as Q?

7f64dc  No.2928454


also not the planes went silent on abs

74ee8f  No.2928455


That's hot.

6455a4  No.2928456

File: 99f0eec0aefc8cf⋯.png (118.31 KB, 580x518, 290:259, ClipboardImage.png)

Attorney representing Tesla Whistleblowers seems to think the anon Op Ed in NY Times has ties to Tesla…SEE PIC

11b96b  No.2928457


DHS called; they want their 2001/2002 bullshit prep advice back!

Just kidding though, probably not a bad idea.

0aed84  No.2928458

File: 15b2432fafcca27⋯.jpg (296.89 KB, 1024x1236, 256:309, IMG_2987.JPG)

Santo micheal de Blanca

2fefa1  No.2928459

Just like any movie

Microchip is just another player in that movie.

just got to figure out is he a good guy or bad guy.

you may never know until end of movie.

db6550  No.2928460


Yeah, the first sign about that guy is that his real name is Robert Frances Orourke. And he is going by Beto. Big nope - fake Latino to get votes. (Texan here)

21b175  No.2928461


that's funny that is a pretty cool digits for a Tesla post

ea7256  No.2928462



74ee8f  No.2928463


>Beto O'Rourke rents VFW for campaign rally. Asks to remove American flags

Can he really be that stupid?

346efa  No.2928464


that's a tricky one. usually Killarys associates are found dead. not presumed.

24a168  No.2928465


Cool. Haven’t s n that one b4. Thx!

b1c206  No.2928466

File: 5e4f5dbb1cab651⋯.png (852.33 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Screenshot_20180907-210027.png)

eed93b  No.2928467


People leading the effort to fight antifa in the streets are working to further antifa goals

f79afd  No.2928468


Without his teleprompter his “muh oratory” becomes a curious amalgam of folksiness and Ebonics. His vaunted intellect is just another dimension of the essential fraud that is the man.

9843bf  No.2928469

File: 22745597637ced1⋯.png (157.34 KB, 1478x768, 739:384, Q PANOPTICON THE IDEA OF C….PNG)

File: 42fe87048b91149⋯.jpg (175.25 KB, 1280x857, 1280:857, 1280px-Presidio_Modelo[1].JPG)

File: 96fc0be710b8c9b⋯.jpg (362.69 KB, 1280x857, 1280:857, 1280px-Presidio-modelo2[1].JPG)

File: 50c10a22f9827d3⋯.jpg (307.35 KB, 1280x840, 32:21, 1280px-Pentridge_Prison_Pa….jpg)

File: 50824acae0ff880⋯.jpg (193.61 KB, 800x1145, 160:229, 800px-Contrasted_Residence….jpg)


The Panopticon is a type of institutional building and a system of control designed by the English philosopher and social theorist Jeremy Bentham in the late 18th century. The scheme of the design is to allow all (pan-) inmates of an institution to be observed (-opticon) by a single watchman without the inmates being able to tell whether or not they are being watched. Although it is physically impossible for the single watchman to observe all the inmates' cells at once, the fact that the inmates cannot know when they are being watched means that they are motivated to act as though they are being watched at all times. Thus, they are effectively compelled to regulate their own behaviour. The name may also allude to the many-eyed giant Panoptes in Greek mythology, some of whose eyes were always awake, making him a highly effective watchman.

The design consists of a circular structure with an "inspection house" at its centre, from which the manager or staff of the institution is able to watch the inmates. The inmates, who are stationed around the perimeter of the structure, are unable to see into the inspection house. Bentham conceived the basic plan as being equally applicable to hospitals, schools, sanatoriums, and asylums, but he devoted most of his efforts to developing a design for a Panopticon prison. It is his prison that is now most widely meant by the term "panopticon".

Bentham described the Panopticon as "a new mode of obtaining power of mind over mind, in a quantity hitherto without example".[1] Elsewhere, in a letter, he described the Panopticon prison as "a mill for grinding rogues honest".[2]


Interesting structure…. thought of pics dropped on the board of dungeons with naked people eating dead people waaaaay down at the bottom of structure seemingly with balconies on # of floors looking down into the pit

fad741  No.2928470

Soundcloud embed. Click thumbnail to play.


turn it up, anons.


0aed84  No.2928471

File: e503bb1f27f6550⋯.jpg (155.79 KB, 1248x1000, 156:125, IMG_2986.JPG)

El archangel erhmantraut

8ec60a  No.2928472


My grandson thinks he looks like Curious George.

Why? They both don't have a tail.

And I'm guessing also because he medium brown and usually smiling.

65f4da  No.2928473


Because he's a phony

0adf00  No.2928474


possibly notable, baker

ee31fa  No.2928475


Microchip is just a tool to debunk our work in the msm…attacks from all sides

b1c206  No.2928476

File: 2c25c772240baaf⋯.png (687.66 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Screenshot_20180907-210543.png)

226a09  No.2928477


Back to the Titanic, a Podesta survived that

71f1df  No.2928478


Not concernfagging but hell, this shit is frightening.

774ebd  No.2928479


>I have not kept up with him but he was hilarious running up to the election.

Well I know zero about him. Mark Dice is hilarious when he makes fun of the Left, but it doesn’t necessarily follow that he is moral.

705d5d  No.2928481

>>2928455 I'm still pixilated!

c7f24b  No.2928482

File: 44e973e28266d30⋯.jpeg (3.44 KB, 205x199, 205:199, images.jpeg)


They are trying to Scare POTUS, but we don't give a fuck, they will have to kill us all before we give up our Republic, they already did on 9/11 and they tried with Hawaii, we all will fight till our last breath anons until we go to Anon heaven .

74ee8f  No.2928483


>IF I didn't know better I'd think Q is Valerie Jarret ffs

^ I think you are very close.

b8b972  No.2928484


Same, but I have Castro down here.

8ec5e8  No.2928485

File: b033de84494fb02⋯.jpg (71.13 KB, 312x373, 312:373, highest_anon.jpg)

8b8613  No.2928486


His vaunted intellect is fixing to hang your heroes by the neck until dead.

7f64dc  No.2928487

at this point I would put Jed Clampett Ellie and Granny behind Potus just as a fucking joke

87ba0e  No.2928488


The [RR] vs. Mueller post could mean Mueller is not currently the good guys' target, or it could mean Mueller was turned. I don't know, and Q isn't going to tell us until after Sessions quits LARPing as a pussy.

0aed84  No.2928489

File: b2299397187d92d⋯.jpg (145.53 KB, 1280x906, 640:453, IMG_2766.JPG)

File: 79050280d0b70ed⋯.jpg (194.74 KB, 640x480, 4:3, IMG_2928.JPG)

EL bronies loco por vida

272d1d  No.2928490


not as amused as mad i never saw this clip before… (saw the IF IF IF IF IF though)…

it's so glaring… thought he was at least a good actor but can't even riff properly

453d3c  No.2928492


I’ve been thinking about that movie after these plane illnesses and operation magic sword…Definitely a cabal last ditch “insurance” plan…

db6550  No.2928493

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

74792b  No.2928494


Makes complete sense. I am wondering where I missed the connection earlier.

a81863  No.2928495

File: 6c1ef163ce0b5c4⋯.png (2.07 MB, 1650x1275, 22:17, montana_flannel_boiys_scho….png)


that's a dude

925127  No.2928496









e48ed0  No.2928498

Apparently Flannelboi goes to one of my child's schools.

He got tickets for the other two.

No idea how they got into VIP.

He is in the speech and debate club.

And it was a Democratic Socialist paper cutout that he hung on his pocket.

af0ef5  No.2928499


bottom line, as you may know, pharma knows that we know. Keep pounding at release the cures. I am not sure they have something for Multiple Sclerosis, but we just saw something for leukemia come out recently.. POTUS says US is subsidizing the worlds medications, that shit is going to end. There will be a deal. But that not going to happen this year IMHO.

15a737  No.2928500


>More believable than "trust muh plan" every other day … with zero to show for it.

Nah. These people are stupid, I've watched them make this same mistake for decades. They call someone out like praying medic, someone most people have never heard of, and that just drives a whole bunch of new people to the "new" name to check it out. Like a year or so ago when they came out with that "warning" list of alternative news sites to avoid. Drove thousands to them LOL prayingmedic will see an uptick in his subscribers thanks to that post. Dumb asses.

ac559a  No.2928501


Hussein done lost his mind. Every single thing he did as president actually hurt the USA in some way, and according to Q, most of this was done deliberately. I distinctly recall him saying that most of the jobs that left the USA would never come back.And his 'green' policies caused many businesses to close. He also supported globalist trade deals that were constructed specifically to destroy the US middle class and strip the country of its wealth. He tried to convince us that this is the way forward while hiding the language of trade bills like TiSA and TPP from the public. Then he tried to hang the Paris Accord millstone around our necks. This man has no love for us or for this country.

So Trump gets elected and kills the trade deals and is creating a more business friendly environment. And jobs are coming back. Now Jug Ears is trying to take credit for Trump's successes — definitely the best comedy act I've seen in a very long time. Fucker is so arrogant and so evil. But he will get his comeuppance in due time.

ba7f74  No.2928502


the plane shit is def spoofy

9979ef  No.2928503


back holer

0aed84  No.2928504

File: cab1ec38644d561⋯.jpg (244.84 KB, 1017x786, 339:262, IMG_2943.JPG)

8c1ce4  No.2928505



Good dump day

346efa  No.2928506


Next Dems to run for president will be outright anti America. like destroying the constitution campaign. oh and kill the White man.. platform.

don't doubt it.

e26abb  No.2928507


Oh no, microchip is amoral for sure.

c08483  No.2928508

File: d2847df0a44204e⋯.png (78.99 KB, 1526x608, 763:304, flannelbaker.PNG)

File: 4e154cc43c96ed6⋯.png (1 MB, 1644x682, 822:341, flannel111.PNG)

File: d2847df0a44204e⋯.png (78.99 KB, 1526x608, 763:304, flannelbaker.PNG)

File: b91d2e09c2fe3bf⋯.png (327.39 KB, 1657x496, 1657:496, flannelll2.PNG)

File: ec17108aba7d60c⋯.png (915.41 KB, 1465x814, 1465:814, flannell3333.PNG)

>>2928067 Thanks Anon, (You) definately answered my question!

So yesterday, I found a bunch of stuff right out the gate on FLANNEL BOI, Tyler Linfesty. There were A LOT of people talking about it and over the coarse of three different breads, I couldn't get the Baker to add it to the other Flannel Boi Digz Notes. Pic Related. I also kept getting pushed away with a link to the Billings Gazette, like the one here: >>2928067, >>2928067 Nothing to see here!

Now when someone keeps telling me not to do something, not only does it make me want to JUST DO IT, it makes me want to know why!

Do you know that Tyler is a FRKN genius? Like Elon Musk type genius! Do you know that as a young teen, Tyler can design and build Electric Cars?Do you know that Tyler has been on the Regional and National WINNING Teams for the Department of Energy DOE Science Bowl like every year since 2012? Yes, DOE. You know, like Q Team! Do you know that his Dad is a Doctor? a pathologist who trained in the Navy? Do you know that his step-Mom is pretty hot at 39 y/o. I don't know about you, but that's a lot of interdasting stuff, almost….spoopy! Combine that with the degree of antiTylerness makes ME think there is a whole lot moar to this …IJS!

By the way, he's also a very driven Bern[ie]out, as is his Dad and brothers, the sure did a number on his head. Why is it that the Doctors and Lawyers are the one that want to give away OTHER PEOPLES money?

Sometimes the Levels of Shillery on this Board get REALLY Amplified. Still got to keep pressing on! They want you divided!!! Time for Covfefe…

4a50d8  No.2928509

Hannity saying 'sleeper cells'

2bca04  No.2928510


Fish anti-biotics. They are essentially the same as the ones for humans. do ur research.

685f83  No.2928511

File: 542a774a5ce6445⋯.png (238.11 KB, 680x419, 680:419, TRAITOR POST.png)


I'm sure most of you know this seeming TRAITOR

linked to Q post today.





2cd6d0  No.2928512

Trust Sessions.. who empaneled the grand jury on McCabe??? Sessions?

8031eb  No.2928513


One less Jew. Rejoice!

661dc9  No.2928514


i like that… two FRIDAYS from this FRIDAY

6448be  No.2928515

File: 062e735379dcf3d⋯.jpg (188.58 KB, 637x886, 637:886, iu (7).jpg)

8ec5e8  No.2928516


That's not what that says.

b58e7a  No.2928517


Q has told us for months now that disinformation is necessary. The Plan has been many years in the making. There is absolutely zero chance in hell that Q would give away moves at such a crucial time in the game. Every player is exactly where their supposed to be. WE HAVE BEEN TOLD TO TRUST THE PLAN!!!!

Q Research is no longer meant for just us. We've done our work brilliantly. We've gotten this movement to the point where deep state, the msm, and the traitors are all paying attention to all Q drops. They monitor the board daily.

So for everyone who is bitching, complaining, and being concernfags…shut the hell up re-read past crumbs like Q has instructed you to do. We know who are patriots and who are not.

Play the fucking game like Sara Carter, Gregg Jarrett, Sean Hannity, and Dan Bongino do.

Choose your targets wisely based on past crumbs and then attack. Whoever you attack and accuse of going after POTUS, the stupid leftists will then flock to their defense. Learn to play the game!!!!!!


be3435  No.2928518

fad741  No.2928519


almost seems as if the Mediocracy suppressed it.

eed93b  No.2928520

There is a whole host of these people like microdick, Kessler, Alex Jones, etc, that are used to infiltrate and sobotage the right.

19648c  No.2928521

File: 9a99f080ff79003⋯.jpg (67.21 KB, 1063x696, 1063:696, 9a99f080ff79003caed70c27d0….jpg)

ea32e8  No.2928522

File: 1dc2dd520b03535⋯.jpg (46.59 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 8b8cc722fe0c23e7b1d4b05203….jpg)

74ee8f  No.2928523

File: 95ca19150441382⋯.jpg (48.84 KB, 482x346, 241:173, seal2.jpg)


>Any info, Q?

Q doesn't know jack shit about it.

bc417a  No.2928524

File: 623b7d64f136c3c⋯.png (13.85 KB, 330x103, 330:103, closeenoughforme.png)

0bc362  No.2928525

Fake or Plausible ?…>>

Jon Huntsman…..https://slate.com/news-and-politics/2018/09/new-york-times-op-ed-anonymous-writer-trump.html

ff2376  No.2928526

File: 84dfd2f20bedd16⋯.jpg (124.31 KB, 759x474, 253:158, 93154bc489b4c8bf19b5304e31….jpg)

>>2928089, >>2928448

Pretty on point theory. Not really new tho tbh.

To me it reads similary to the "Movie Plot" posts we've had several of the last month, but could just be me.

Any anons chime in if you want the post in notes?

47007b  No.2928527


That's a badass meme KEK

1b96d5  No.2928528

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


13 Angry Democrats breed 12 Monkeys

ef4b3f  No.2928529

Hannity just mentioned "Sleeper Cells" quite a few times kek!

c08483  No.2928530

File: 52073e84b9f878d⋯.png (692.33 KB, 1162x706, 581:353, flannel4.PNG)


Missed the sppoopy Anderson Cooper one.

4a50d8  No.2928531


I'm not sure

Sessions oversaw it clearly, not sure who actually is prosecuting though (Session/IG overseeing)

becf69  No.2928532

File: 609861b47559026⋯.png (217.27 KB, 495x399, 165:133, curious george2.png)

0aed84  No.2928533

File: 927d1b4c6f9f2c9⋯.jpg (236.96 KB, 755x1059, 755:1059, IMG_2945.JPG)

Y these fake Jews need so much sympathy


8031eb  No.2928534


Who fucking cares. U know how many empty threats to Q there has been since the this all started? We have it all. God wins. They can do nothing!

061828  No.2928535

File: 6aead64f41bcbea⋯.jpg (299.2 KB, 1500x1014, 250:169, terroristhuntpermit.jpg)


>-Obama says “Walls can’t protect you Fromm terrorism or biological attacks”

This bitch better watch what it says. Like seeing the fucking half-breed whatever hanging itself like this (projection all over the place), but really if civil war hits like it thinks it can win it, the amount of brothas on the other side of the isle is going to be hell of a lot more because nobody likes a fucking FAKE ASS FAGGOT BITCH NIGGA WANNABE PUNK who only appeals to fag ass suburban gated community democrat pussies.

a81863  No.2928536

File: 027b4af117bcb89⋯.png (1.18 MB, 1500x1000, 3:2, Obama_Scuttle_Shuttle_Elon….png)

f37e35  No.2928537



88f786  No.2928538

File: 222b9f994dcd431⋯.jpg (193.08 KB, 1197x592, 1197:592, pepe soon.jpg)

8ec60a  No.2928539


All dirty or all clean. Which?

2cd6d0  No.2928540


Clear and Present Danger.. too

7f64dc  No.2928541

meme a plant cell in a sleeping bag

7f64dc  No.2928542

The mitochondria rise against the sleeper cell LOL

e962f8  No.2928543


Meuller has been dirty af for a looong time.

review digs on him anon.

18fe70  No.2928544

If [RR] is dirty then [Mueller] is dirty.

That means that everyone who worked with either of these men are working hand in hand with the other.

That also means if they are Deep Cover White Hats.

ALOT of ppl are FUCKED!


d2fdbe  No.2928545

Mifsud dead ????

685f83  No.2928546


So, to simplify your answer… no.

You have no idea.

ok. Thanks.

moving on.

f37e35  No.2928547

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

4ff368  No.2928548

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

i was just talking with a family member, about those people who were removed from the Trump Rally. He pointed out the girl with the flag wrapped around her neck.

Said they think they remember FlannelBoy was helping her hold out the flag early in the speech. ( have to go back and scan speech to check)

Look at her face change from a smile to utter dismay, when the secret service lady comes up to take flannel boy out.

Family member said she looked red faced and uncomfortable rest of speech, like she no longer wanted to be there.

( we had watched rally at different times, ) why we did not discuss her last night, kek

Look at her on this video.

2f37fc  No.2928549

File: 72e04a939741b40⋯.jpg (44.6 KB, 275x183, 275:183, kekked.jpg)

db6550  No.2928550


Hijacked pic that had been posted before, got attached to this message - which was generated by CTA. He is trying anything he can to be relevant, but he isn't even in the ballpark. IF you see him post, just ignore. He keeps trying to expose Q as a 'LARP' – all he wants is attention. He hates that he can't get it, not in any real way. Newbs respond to him. The rest of us know better.

523586  No.2928551


Well, yes. We've been saying that since we saw him behind POTUS.

79f683  No.2928552


Yes. When I realized the vaccines hurt my children I uttered things I did not know I was capably of saying

272d1d  No.2928553


>Mark Dice is hilarious when he makes fun of the Left, but it doesn’t necessarily follow that he is moral.

i find him to be transparently a paytriot - and i mean this in a good way. often entertaining, but gets tiring fast. Thing is, he shills for himself but it's out there and obvious, selling books and t-shirts, having fun along the way, and somehow he does it in a way that's just fine by me.

wouldn't be the case if he got the call and turned to attacks, but haven't seen him do anything like that

ef4b3f  No.2928554


Hell yeah Anon this is a great show tonite vindicating I must say kek!

e5ec2d  No.2928555


I’m a little worried about Brave- found that it creates an online storage device when I connect to internet with over 400MB which lists my files and applications. It shows as a separate disk image drive.

Not tech savvy enough to know if I’m over reacting by wiping my computer, but still doing it and kissed Brave goodbye…

809c3d  No.2928556


Crazy. When I see him in the NK pic it puts into context what kind of damage these people have done to this country. There’s not that many of em, and even less of them brave in any way. Symbolism, that’s what we have to show people. Then they’re done. Too much out there they can’t erase.

1b96d5  No.2928557


Did you hear the snippet of the Hussein speech he played?

>"I've come here to deliver a simple message."

That's all he's ever been - an errand boy sent by a grocery clerk.

2caba9  No.2928558


Q+ …. fake Q

7f64dc  No.2928559

if you are public school educated you may have to look up mitochondria

d5ee31  No.2928560

File: 9ec7adba439166d⋯.jpg (168.98 KB, 1487x725, 1487:725, 2018-09-08 01:11:10Z.jpg)

File: 1d05815e3ae9a0c⋯.png (233.22 KB, 439x441, 439:441, planefag-pepe.png)


Woah. I'm sorry sir. Here are the NBW recent arrivals and departures. The mainland airports are the same ones we logged before. Presumably if prisoners are being transported, they are first transshipped to Jacksonville, Norfolk Chambers field, Ft. Lauderdale, etc.

Bear in mind though, we believe from reading DoD bids that there is a lot of construction taking place at Gitmo. Don't know if personnel and cargo would all come by plane; I presume some by ship.

Query does not show any additional info on other flights that may be scheduled.

272d1d  No.2928561



>almost seems as if the Mediocracy suppressed it.

and how

3d5a66  No.2928562

File: c3b89106661d6ef⋯.gif (890.95 KB, 500x375, 4:3, Logical.gif)

File: e5d373436c03097⋯.jpg (54.52 KB, 777x580, 777:580, laughs in due process Unch….jpg)


I concur. YOU are the highest ranking anon this evening, or this bread, or however long you want to hold the title.

9942e5  No.2928563

File: e71f57111529c15⋯.jpg (1.62 MB, 3264x1836, 16:9, 20180907_144808.jpg)

Plan is working as intended sir.

ba7f74  No.2928564

File: 21d7d14af01b1b4⋯.jpg (269.68 KB, 797x820, 797:820, smellhillbillies.jpg)

74ee8f  No.2928565

File: 2c5ee721c8c433d⋯.jpg (53.29 KB, 400x600, 2:3, bieber1.jpg)


There is no proof of this.

Not even his Harvard classmates remember him.

And no girlfriends.

He won't release his college transcripts.

Nobody in today's world woud be hired if they refused to release their college transcripts.

Yet Jugears became President …

You're a fucking moron like your sissy messiah.

e41029  No.2928566

File: 7c42b0bdb609231⋯.png (4.21 MB, 2048x1536, 4:3, IMG_4809.PNG)

d720f8  No.2928567


I hate that fucker

My city is covered in his yard signs

I ordered a Cruz one today. I think Robert is giving them away

Fucking commie….I gave my neighbor the shit eye while ago cause she has a Beto sign out front. Fuck her

705d5d  No.2928568

>>2928544 They are handled! Any thing they do goes thru UTAH!

0aed84  No.2928569

File: d7706580dc8b787⋯.png (2.23 MB, 994x1280, 497:640, IMG_2995.PNG)

a0dd86  No.2928570


Well said Anon

After being disappointed that no DECLAS this week

Realized We are just part of the Show

Drops are to keep DS panicked

It will happen when it happens

e48ed0  No.2928571



I don't think she was part of their "group"

8ec60a  No.2928572


Aware of the crumbs/digs. I've swung both ways on this.

Just restating the musical question because I'd like to see confirmation soon.

061828  No.2928573

File: 5a5712ad6892092⋯.png (1.07 MB, 997x850, 997:850, kikefilter.png)

File: 4df7a2c6cf46007⋯.png (287.86 KB, 499x583, 499:583, kikeynolikey.png)





Sit yo faggy bitch jew ass down before we put you there, pussy ass bitch.

809c3d  No.2928575


Agenda 21?

fad741  No.2928576

File: 4abc625f1a251c2⋯.png (87.33 KB, 1233x868, 1233:868, Screen Shot 2018-09-07 at ….png)



Most interested subregion: Washington, DC.

8ed66b  No.2928577

Is this a proof?

Before MT rally, Q says 1/Billion, enjoy the show *tonight*

At MT rally, Trump says anominous, anominous [an ominous] instead of anonymous (i.e. Q Anon/Q Anonymous)

This is like Trump writing the letter Q with his hand, while saying "set the stage", right?

Trump mispronounced the word as a confirmation to anons. Proof or paranoia?

4a50d8  No.2928578


Drinking Age is 21?

88f786  No.2928579

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I like your comment

3d5a66  No.2928580

File: e15d5877c336bce⋯.png (199.79 KB, 491x433, 491:433, ClipboardImage.png)



There's always this, we'll see which side they each land on

e962f8  No.2928581


his history convinced me he was a shitbag for most of his career.

f5a089  No.2928582

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I've been pondering this, and wanted to share my thoughts.

If Q and Trump are really doing a Great Awakening, it wouldn't just be this board. It would be TV/Music/Movies. I don't think the release of this song, by this exact band is a coincidence. Thoughts?

0aed84  No.2928583

File: f4bc4d663cf0895⋯.jpg (107.92 KB, 640x639, 640:639, IMG_2990.JPG)

soft taco pr0n

4a50d8  No.2928584


the card game 21?

272d1d  No.2928585


maybe Tyler was targeted for the usual, um, THERAPY, and the whole "enjoy the show" wasn't so much for us, who didn't get what was going on in real time, but for those who were expecting him to be activated…

d5ee31  No.2928586

>>2928548 I noticed. She stopped holding up the flag (it was too big and blocked people behind her from seeing) and draped the flag around her neck. Yes her cheeks flushed and stayed flushed, like from being too hot or embarrassment or emotional discomfort.

It must be uncomfortable to stay on your feet for hours though. I didn't exactly notice flannelboi until after he was gone and anons started mentioning about him.

ee1d4e  No.2928587


That’s Washington State lol

1e1b2c  No.2928588


Agenda 21 has been open source for over 25 yrs. They're working on Agenda 2030 now.

cce40b  No.2928589

No coincidences niggas

>muh vidya

8ec60a  No.2928590


His transcripts are a fraud

His birth certificate is a fraud

He's a fraud

705d5d  No.2928591

>>2928565 She's Hot!

c631cc  No.2928592


She was young and didnt really want to be there. Had nothing to do with the commie rats. Probably just had enough of standing around for hours.

c1766a  No.2928593


this country is a nuthouse

7f64dc  No.2928594

Talk talk talk


that are not resonant to stimulate a response.


the music in a rally is fucking better.

Action is what makes a difference. Talk is soundwaves.

272d1d  No.2928595

fad741  No.2928596


my bad.


2cd6d0  No.2928597

File: d1e659f0a835d52⋯.jpg (45.61 KB, 1365x552, 455:184, IMG_20180907_201533.jpg)

File: dd680231c430a7b⋯.jpg (199.8 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, IMG_20180907_195729.jpg)

File: 9b88ff0b123aa43⋯.jpg (142.04 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, IMG_20180907_195718.jpg)

File: 640da4bfa60edbb⋯.jpg (893.25 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20180907-195748….jpg)

New USSS twitter background

KANSAS photos with POTUS in background

8ec60a  No.2928598


you may be right.

we'll find out soon

ea32e8  No.2928599


she's 12.

0aed84  No.2928600

File: 5491714a7e02fde⋯.jpg (78.96 KB, 736x414, 16:9, IMG_2989.JPG)

Soft core taco tools

809c3d  No.2928601


Fair enough.

4a130e  No.2928602


Honestly I thought she was USSS. Look how much she covers her mouth.

3d5a66  No.2928603


>If Q and Trump are really doing a Great Awakening

All things considered, I'd say it's bigger than both Q and Trump

23389f  No.2928604

*From:* Linda Feldmann <xxx@csps.com>

*Date:* September 7, 2018 at 9:02:18 PM EDT

*Subject:**Travel pool #17 - bad weather call *

POTUS exited AF1 and got into motorcade at 9:00, which immediately left.

Thank you to co-pooler Josh Dawsey of the Washington Post for his help- especially the quick transcription of POTUS comments in gaggle.

Handing over to in-town pool.



eed93b  No.2928605


Hairy tacos

b1c206  No.2928606

File: 996850860c5bfb5⋯.png (564.4 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Screenshot_20180907-211755.png)

4ff368  No.2928607


checked video, it was the girl behind flannel boy that was helping hold flag. But she looked uncomfortable the rest of the time, after they removed those other people.

a8b67c  No.2928608


CLASSIC puppet. Nothing more.

445fab  No.2928609

File: 19aec820cedde73⋯.jpg (791.04 KB, 1836x3061, 1836:3061, 20180907_191445.jpg)

File: d1dec2ac5d095c3⋯.jpeg (61.82 KB, 258x300, 43:50, d1dec2ac5d095c3aa511631a9….jpeg)

52b103  No.2928610

File: 51429ee949f848d⋯.png (739.62 KB, 639x752, 639:752, 2018-09-04_23-30-30.png)

f106e8  No.2928611

File: 46fb563f94cc8df⋯.png (205.99 KB, 900x979, 900:979, pyram5.png)

d5ee31  No.2928612


I def noticed the 2x mispronunciation of anonymous by POTUS. It was weird. There are no coincidences. He is a master of words and of controlling his body and expression to portray what he wants to express. Therefore I assume it was on purpose.

c07eb2  No.2928613


what can be used for the metal to make these cookers? not thinking of what the disc could be made from.

705d5d  No.2928615

>>2928583 MOAR!!

15a737  No.2928616

File: cd7c46a45022a80⋯.jpg (245.64 KB, 1588x878, 794:439, sleeper.jpg)

5d38ee  No.2928617

File: 5608e2d9355d279⋯.jpg (107.42 KB, 1280x898, 640:449, 108794174-lay.jpg)

File: 49db4e703809268⋯.jpg (287.34 KB, 1365x729, 455:243, e05769c17593a5986a4f4e2df8….jpg)

If you haven't noticed already. Obama..

… I Pet Goat 2 symbolism.

cce40b  No.2928618

File: a7b4fa4277d7999⋯.jpg (4.48 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, image.jpg)


Shit forgot pic

802f18  No.2928619

the site is up


db6550  No.2928620


I want to add to this. An anon recently posted good info (it's friday and I am not going to go dig it up to spoon feed it to you) that Trump has been an FBI asset since the early 80s. Think about that. This plan is literally years in the making.

WE have been given the privelege to WATCH it unfold. That's all. Messages to Q to cure your goiter or whatever are a waste of time. This thing will unfold how it unfolds and you can watch and be grateful to finally know what is going on in your world, or you can go to Wal Mart and buy some ice cream. It is going to happen WITH or WITHOUT you - how it happens.

5ae755  No.2928621

File: 565c03876222feb⋯.jpeg (75.3 KB, 441x555, 147:185, BCBA3635-B9EB-4861-87B7-2….jpeg)

File: 4d782a5709d8b4f⋯.jpeg (102.25 KB, 441x555, 147:185, B85DC01A-3128-4B11-9CD0-5….jpeg)

File: 488b93060273402⋯.jpeg (105.21 KB, 441x555, 147:185, 8DD9525C-1593-476D-86FD-6….jpeg)

File: f09580d87f37ec8⋯.jpeg (107.36 KB, 441x555, 147:185, 40292D3F-4E15-4D51-8C20-B….jpeg)

ea7256  No.2928622

File: aa429eb03c7db56⋯.jpg (98.98 KB, 500x635, 100:127, hedy gold star mem.jpg)

0aed84  No.2928623

File: 9769ee87be970ff⋯.jpg (262.47 KB, 450x600, 3:4, IMG_2940.JPG)

Lord of the tacos

685f83  No.2928624


So anons are CERTAIN that this pic was associated with CTA?

A generic pic? Maybe that part you don't know?

Or do you?

Last question.


thanks (I'm just concerned. Want to make sure no way legit).

8f7304  No.2928625


That looks disgusting, more likea stew than a taco filling.

c0a28f  No.2928626

ba7f74  No.2928627

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


bad (_v_) song

fad741  No.2928628

File: 318dc8a1f3bcc7e⋯.png (97.75 KB, 1216x867, 1216:867, Screen Shot 2018-09-07 at ….png)


in other news…

e962f8  No.2928629


even if he comes out as helping upend the DS, his actions and decisions have been spiteful and controlling.

he will still be a shitbag, as will those who get to slide out from under prison yet are still traitors.

7f64dc  No.2928631


connect and figure angles

47007b  No.2928632

File: c53975b993ee5c7⋯.png (201.05 KB, 496x279, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

Iran, Russia, Turkey Leaders Urge "Negotiated Political Process" On Idlib As Putin And Erdogan Clash

Amidst extreme tensions ratcheting up over the past days as Russian and Syrian forces have initiated their final assault on al-Qaeda held Idlib, the presidents of Iran, Russia, and Turkey are meeting in what's broadly described as a "high stakes summit" in Tehran on Friday.

Pressure is high after Thursday evening statements by a top State Department envoy on Syria, who told reporters, "There is lots of evidence that chemical weapons are being prepared." The envoy, Jim Jeffrey, doubled down on prior promises that "Assad would be guilty" for any future chemical attack in Syria.

But it seems what appears to be a coordinated White House effort at calculated pressure to deter the Syria-Russia operation in Idlib is having an effect. An early statement from the summit carried in Iran state media says Iran, Russia, and Turkey have agreed that the Syria conflict can only end through "negotiated political process" and not through military means.

Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan reportedly pushed for a cease-fire plan at the summit, warning that the massive Idlib battle would be "a bloodbath" and will be a serious national security threat to his country, and further warned of a "humanitarian catastrophe" unfolding.

However Russian President Vladimir Putin underscored Syrian sovereignty and Assad's "right" to regian control over territory currently held by terrorists. This, in line with President Assad's prior promises to "regain every inch" of Syrian national territory before the war.

"Idlib isn't just important for Syria's future, it is of importance for our national security and for the future of the region," Erdogan said during formal statements at the Friday summit. "Any attack on Idlib would result in a catastrophe. Any fight against terrorists requires methods based on time and patience," he added, saying "we don't want Idlib to turn into a bloodbath." He concluded "We must find a reasonable way out for Idlib."

Putin responded, "We should think together over all aspects of this complicated issue," while asserting, "We should solve this issue together and (we should) all realize that the legitimate Syrian government has the right and eventually should be able to regain control of all of its territory."

Putin hinted at being open to a ceasefire, nothing "a cease-fire would be good" but suggested that it ultimately wouldn't hold. He also warned that according to Russian intelligence insurgents in Idlib are planning "provocations," possibly including chemical weapons.

Iran's president Hassan Rouhani demanded an immediate withdrawal of US troops, telling his Russian and Turkish counterparts, "we have to force the United States to leave," but didn't detail exactly how this would be done.

"The fires of war and bloodshed in Syria are reaching their end," Rouhani said, and reaffirmed alongside Putin that terrorism must "be uprooted in Syria, particularly in Idlib."


272d1d  No.2928633




0db98b  No.2928634

Q !UW.yye1fxo ID: c9daa0 No.7930 📁

Jan 6 2018 15:49:41 (EST)

Marker missed?


POTUS Tweet - RR/out.

Why is this relevant?


8 Months and a day. What a fucking wild ride

db6550  No.2928635


Nope. You're SO right. So…..with that superior intelligence of yours why are you not out doing REAL work instead of wasting your time on a bunch of low-IQ losers like us? What does that really say about you?

fad741  No.2928636


they all use The Finger.

705d5d  No.2928637

>>2928591 She's wearing shorts and short sleeves and looks like Justin BeBBber!

8ec60a  No.2928638


agree with that 100%

c631cc  No.2928639

File: 213c65b8e9e994e⋯.jpeg (215.32 KB, 766x1024, 383:512, 213c65b8e9e994e0c0eee0e92….jpeg)


He was struggling to mispronounce it instead of the other way around. It was weird.

068824  No.2928640

File: 1bdb8881e1aef3f⋯.jpg (208.45 KB, 1078x841, 1078:841, 20180907_181925.jpg)


Hey Spooks & Blackedmailed peeps…. this could be u - soon.

Why not join us?

God will forgive your sins, maj of ppl may not but many ppl will understand the pressure u were under, the force that was on you & your family to comply.. to submit.


For Humanity

The azzhats only have one solution. Death to anyone with Intel…. we provide a different alternative. A new life. Salvation. Live to see these assholes who have tormented u go down. Give yourself, your family, your kids Freedom from these Fuks. Allow them the Opportunity to Choose their path & not be manipulated.

The choice is yours. The Reward is Great.

Regret does not end at death, it is an eternity of Hell.

Step out of the Dark & Walk into the Light

4d5704  No.2928641


DC area has top requests for search.

Fuckin Kek in a scary way.

0aed84  No.2928642

File: 242d659351b10fa⋯.jpg (45.32 KB, 598x803, 598:803, IMG_0007.JPG)


9598ab  No.2928643

File: f6b5ab3ecf49a61⋯.jpg (89.78 KB, 1117x800, 1117:800, 911perpsareabiggang.jpg)


Both are dirty.

>>2927193 pb

>>2927224 pb

Mueller covered for 9/11

The quarrel the American people have with this man will not go away easy.

He was put in charge of the FBI to cover for 9/11

If Mueller YES, then RR.

e7e223  No.2928644

File: 28f9a8f933f4462⋯.jpg (48.05 KB, 533x639, 533:639, sleepybot33.jpg)

285074  No.2928645


Ok but my statement on moslems stands lol

ed4b8d  No.2928646

File: 5a6b29c9b39cf47⋯.gif (3.97 MB, 7000x5893, 7000:5893, 9967aff5a738d3c7783bac8245….gif)

File: 728b0945c94c49c⋯.png (3.44 MB, 2992x3524, 748:881, 728b0945c94c49c7800e290214….png)

File: be39857ac9b34a6⋯.jpg (210.56 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, 17fe8b7a76448c1ee1210ad8b7….jpg)

File: d46dddb45078713⋯.jpg (308.16 KB, 960x1033, 960:1033, oGyxl5Do7tyZFz372UUB4vCQ_m….jpg)

File: 5e7f88f651fc33a⋯.png (262.56 KB, 733x715, 733:715, 1525808399536.png)


Impressive, ebot. That looks good as fuck.

8031eb  No.2928647


Such lovely handwriting. TOGTFO?

be00bb  No.2928648

File: 0c50c650ded7bdc⋯.jpg (183.01 KB, 1792x1220, 448:305, CTA?.jpg)

File: 885b89213e38d6e⋯.png (157.6 KB, 1792x1220, 448:305, Screen Shot 2018-08-30 at ….png)

File: 5ba2315b8078784⋯.png (17.47 KB, 314x204, 157:102, Screen Shot 2018-08-30 at ….png)


I have an uncorroborated idea but found this a few days ago digging.

f3e3c8  No.2928649

File: 775e9cddf182302⋯.png (291.44 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, IMG_0161.PNG)


I have a feeling that "NAZI" is going to play a YUGE part of the reveal of the TRUTH in the Great Awakening….Pic related- DJT retweet.

30c5a4  No.2928650


Or hack it and put up some double speak I'm an idiot and we did this terrible thing and push a Trump policy. He prob wouldn't even know speech was off if it was done well.

b1c206  No.2928651

File: d07677c7dda3deb⋯.png (734.35 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Screenshot_20180907-212058.png)

50f296  No.2928652

File: 21fcd97aad385fb⋯.png (323.06 KB, 722x414, 361:207, mostinterjoint.png)


got' em so smokin' em

0db98b  No.2928653

Max Res I thought I told you yesterday to fuck a toaster GTFO

0713da  No.2928654

File: f3ed742f675fbb1⋯.jpg (78.17 KB, 634x536, 317:268, DualCitizenshipDualLoyalty….jpg)


Qresearch = Jewresearch

bc Q is about outing subversion,

and the subversives are ethnic Jews

or ppl paid/blackmailed by them.

Any honest research leads to that fact.

Jews are a distinct ppl who do not view us

as teammates, but competitors.

And they've been playing real dirty.

We either take our own side,

or we forfeit the match.

Q knows this.

So do we.

ef4b3f  No.2928655


Oh yeah it was awesome!

5fa6d4  No.2928656

File: a43ed07c4e88ee0⋯.png (144.86 KB, 253x323, 253:323, Screen Shot 2018-09-07 at ….png)


What do you need clarified?

519e38  No.2928657


Dice has been doing that since before Q. In fact, he's been doing it since before POTUS announced that he was even running. No problem with people that didn't surface just to make $ off of Q.

0aed84  No.2928658

File: f18fac1ae11151b⋯.png (646.45 KB, 1202x801, 1202:801, IMG_2828.PNG)

File: 4f71e1b1ea23224⋯.jpg (242.78 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, IMG_2829.JPG)

File: 07bc4448037f0ca⋯.jpeg (58.76 KB, 800x1066, 400:533, 209CA069-6200-4407-B601-0….jpeg)

polka dot cia TRIGGER

a0d437  No.2928659

File: f22a8e80e29e225⋯.png (249.71 KB, 500x261, 500:261, ClipboardImage.png)

College Removes All Uniforms With Nike Logo To Protest Kaepernick Ad

Following Nike's controversial endorsement deal with former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick, a private Missouri college is removing all uniforms bought from Nike that contain the brand's logo. "If Nike is ashamed of America, we are ashamed of them" said College of the Ozarks President Jerry C. Davis, adding "We also believe that those who know what sacrifice is all about are more likely to be wearing a military uniform than an athletic uniform."

Kaepernick, who began kneeling during the National Anthem in 2016, has become a divisive figure; representing a resistance icon to some, and an unpatriotic anti-American to others. "I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color," said the former QB - whose kneeling movement which began under the Obama administration has become a thorn in President Trump's side. In May, Trump told Fox & Friends "You have to stand proudly for the national anthem or you shouldn’t be playing, you shouldn’t be there. Maybe you shouldn’t be in the country." And in a Wednesday tweet in response to the Nike deal, Trump wrote: "Nike is getting absolutely killed with anger and boycotts," adding "I wonder if they had any idea that it would be this way? As far as the NFL is concerned, I just find it hard to watch, and always will, until they stand for the FLAG!"

Nike's ad featuring Kaepernick sparked outrage from the right, with several social media users posting videos of burning shoes and other Nike apparel. And on Wednesday we reported that legendary Green Beret sniper and ex-UFC star Tim Kennedy says he's boycotting Nike following their decision to spotlight former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick - as many in law enforcement and the military have taken offense to the ad's tag-line of "Believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything." Kennedy - who is currently participating in a military school course at Fort Bragg in North Carolina, told TMZ that Nike's ad is disrespectful to the US flag as well as to the men and women of the U.S. Armed Forces. Kennedy says that every member of the special forces in his team room had lost at least 10 friends who had "sacrificed everything." "You can’t go around that room [in Fort Bragg] and not ask a guy if he could list on his two hands friends that have died from Special Forces," said Kennedy, adding "I'm talking about REAL heroes and I'm surrounded by a bunch of them right now."

Meanwhile, the National Fraternal Order of Police issued a press release in response to Nike, which reads in part: "Since 2016, 381 cops have been killed in the line of duty. They believed in something and sacrificed everything as did the families they left behind. All of the men and women in law enforcement believe in something and are prepared to sacrifice everything.


eed93b  No.2928660

File: c64abc2d3191be5⋯.jpeg (719.51 KB, 901x1097, 901:1097, B0F6ACDF-E37F-48CB-BEE3-B….jpeg)

Hairy taco

3e05be  No.2928661


Bless ya both.

She have a sister?

d720f8  No.2928662


potus has always pronounced industry weird. If you go back and look at vids you’ll see

It’s always bugged the shit out of me for no particular reason

226a09  No.2928663


Very telling, as soon as the girl see's they're on to them she makes the mistake of biting her lip slightly, if I were to guess the 5 of them were together, the girl looks at the women on her left at the end, look at them closely, they know the gig is up. Also last night an anon posted a pic of the girl with the hat that makes "her" really look like a guy, same width of shoulders as the white shirt guy next to her/him/it

812590  No.2928664

File: 754d6e45aec791d⋯.jpeg (981.1 KB, 1530x1634, 765:817, 1DAF1C1D-FAB1-4D43-882D-0….jpeg)

Where is Joseph Mifsud


8fa90d  No.2928665

File: f3c4f5cb040d754⋯.png (1.54 MB, 1911x807, 637:269, 32787832980459054787632764….png)

File: 50f9f6541af58ad⋯.png (408.46 KB, 1669x893, 1669:893, 34784378138989320365631636….png)

File: c129d39bf451034⋯.png (1.55 MB, 1911x807, 637:269, 21873278003786456446587932….png)

be00bb  No.2928666

File: 5ba2315b8078784⋯.png (17.47 KB, 314x204, 157:102, Screen Shot 2018-08-30 at ….png)

File: 840720f2d30e7a4⋯.jpeg (132.32 KB, 562x464, 281:232, fullsizeoutput_cae.jpeg)

File: 0c50c650ded7bdc⋯.jpg (183.01 KB, 1792x1220, 448:305, CTA?.jpg)

File: 885b89213e38d6e⋯.png (157.6 KB, 1792x1220, 448:305, Screen Shot 2018-08-30 at ….png)


forgot the 4th pic

3d5a66  No.2928667


Thing about anons is, we can say directly what Q won't say directly (((yet)))

ba7f74  No.2928668



db6550  No.2928669


I am here a LOT. I know CTA's tells. If I am wrong, then THIS VERSION was posted by someone who is up to the same BS that CTA is.

The original version was posted by a regular old anon who dug it up and thinks she is pretty. Original post was something about it's okay to be white.

Chill, dude. This isn't as nefarious as you want it to be. I promise.

f99778  No.2928670

File: 0cf474c5a8f9628⋯.png (511.17 KB, 719x539, 719:539, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 0cf474c5a8f9628⋯.png (511.17 KB, 719x539, 719:539, ClipboardImage.png)

5fa6d4  No.2928671


Anyone BREATHING and legitimately covering the truth with any platform is CONTROLLED.

346efa  No.2928672

File: 7dce25fb3ec0245⋯.jpg (9.54 KB, 249x160, 249:160, plais.jpg)

“I am part of the Democratic Socialists of America,” Linfesty said, “but I identify as a social democrat, like Bernie Sanders or Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.”


Guy is a communist.

5e1dbf  No.2928673


applications for this school will go through the roof

9bfd30  No.2928674


Is that Justin Bieber?

1e1b2c  No.2928675


Agree… Q members said they would gladly end their lives to save POTUS. POTUS is the mechanism for the Great Awakening.

7b66df  No.2928676


THAT just caught me up on a TON of things I was wondering about.

Man, almost made me comfyfe

18fe70  No.2928677

It seems to me that [RR] and [Mueller] have enough dirt on their hands to:

1 Be able to recruit traitors and co-conspirators

2 Desperately want revenge on HRC

Like Q said Disinfo is necessary

f106e8  No.2928678

File: ffbbce979c24705⋯.png (24.57 KB, 640x400, 8:5, purple_sat.png)

705d5d  No.2928679

>>2928645 carry Bacon!

f5a089  No.2928680


Well yeah, it's world wide implications with game changing details effecting every single aspect of our lives and potentially deaths as well. It's the most important game in the history of the world.

But listening through all of disturbed they accurately describe the situation today. Listening to the lyrics and keeping in mind that the plan is years in the making, you can see the white hats building their army. It's interesting. Of course not just Disturbed, they're just the easiest to see. Can see the same trend in Megadeth and others. Can only assume it would be the same for Rap/Hiphop ect

c1766a  No.2928681


this. none of this would have started if jews didn't subvert the constitution by using hollywood actors to subvert the 2nd amendment while using the media to attack americans

88f786  No.2928682

File: a992f4ebc491882⋯.jpg (54.38 KB, 800x514, 400:257, q braveheart.jpg)

the really big fuckers, you know?

I just want to cut a little "V" in their forehead…

"to Brussels, to the Vatican, to the Crown"

a0d437  No.2928683



About time isn't it !

74ee8f  No.2928684

File: ee3ee7e3c52e032⋯.jpg (222.52 KB, 900x675, 4:3, retardbaby.jpg)


>low-IQ losers like us

Speak for yourself, fucktard.

Lots of good smart autists are getting duped byt this cunt Q.

And don't worry about why I'm here.

ae593b  No.2928685

File: 955548b7825c8e9⋯.jpg (30.24 KB, 760x428, 190:107, a_ov_Pepe_160928.760;428;7….jpg)


So, you're a Nigger Clown!


f37e35  No.2928686

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

e962f8  No.2928688

File: 3529749f67e251f⋯.jpg (32.12 KB, 640x360, 16:9, latmin.jpg)

3d5a66  No.2928689

File: c069db852d0acfe⋯.png (230.88 KB, 514x503, 514:503, ! ! ! ! ! (You) 5;5___POTU….png)

ff2376  No.2928690


Last call for updates?


>>2928155, >>2928275 Planefag Reports

>>2928157 Additional docs re: Free Speech Systems LLC

>>2928202 Nothing to See Here…

>>2928266 Clips of Obamas speech & the transcript

>>2928270 Robert “Beto” O’Rourke Rents VFW Hall For Rally’; Asks Flags Be Taken Down

>>2928402 US oil exports hit new records

>>2928632 Iran, Russia, Turkey Leaders Urge "Negotiated Political Process" On Idlib As Putin And Erdogan Clash

>>2928659 College Removes All Uniforms With Nike Logo To Protest Kaepernick Ad

>>2928664 Where is Joseph Mifsud

c76fad  No.2928691

File: e1fccbf8d394d92⋯.jpg (849.33 KB, 1974x1433, 1974:1433, light.jpg)

cf7466  No.2928692

File: 820a429223d964b⋯.png (107.54 KB, 800x533, 800:533, tyler1.png)

File: 4a656caa007a9fd⋯.png (36.7 KB, 474x319, 474:319, tyler2.png)


>Tyler Linfesty


>Hangin' with AstroNOTs

His FagBook page references San Diego.

Does he know HoggBoi?

Who's his therapist?

b1bf0f  No.2928693

File: 2d10b9944666d50⋯.jpg (300.47 KB, 725x450, 29:18, images_Jihawg Ammo.jpg)

db6550  No.2928694


What, no comeback? Come on, brainiac. School me. I am a stupid Trump zombie. PLEASE HELP ME.

e7e223  No.2928696

File: c143d3b854d1861⋯.png (417.88 KB, 999x562, 999:562, pdst1.png)

File: 1618b14afd4d783⋯.png (778.7 KB, 1111x641, 1111:641, feinLAW.png)

File: 95614c5f66ea305⋯.png (485.07 KB, 1012x500, 253:125, Philosoblumtor.png)

File: 7318a46aed1dec4⋯.png (389.28 KB, 875x871, 875:871, FAKE.png)

0aed84  No.2928697

File: da5ce06a686fbf3⋯.jpg (118.58 KB, 914x875, 914:875, IMG_2933.JPG)

File: f138bc9e73592c0⋯.jpg (241.12 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, IMG_2935.JPG)

File: 7c0d509a85490f0⋯.jpg (137.98 KB, 774x1032, 3:4, IMG_2946.JPG)


473bb4  No.2928698

File: f4a4b9174e9466a⋯.png (2.25 MB, 1128x1600, 141:200, f4a4b9174e9466a1128f17058e….png)


Bacon is the second best thing in the world.

705d5d  No.2928699

>>2928653 Did! Like it so much, got a date with the microwave!

30c5a4  No.2928700


Well. Baked Alaska does that. I think it is pointless to fight replaceable muscle. Clandestine and elitists IF (and only if) AR2.0 happens.

4da91f  No.2928701

The Senate unanimously confirmed Mueller as FBI director on August 2, 2001, but Mueller did not show up for his swearing in for another 33 days. It was an ill-timed sabbatical. When the tragedy of 9/11 struck, Mueller surely recognized his absence would be noticed. Mueller tried to preempt those questions. Three days after 9/11, he claimed: “There were no warning signs that I’m aware of that would indicate this type of operation in the country.”

33 days? What the fuck, Mueller?

ba7f74  No.2928702


yes good people standing the f up!

685f83  No.2928703


I am HAPPY to hear it. I DO NOT want it to be nefarious. I want it

to be harmless. We have enough nefarious things

to worry about, that's for sure.

Thanks anon

8ec60a  No.2928704


He likes it…Mikey likes it!

5cbf40  No.2928705

"Homegrown terror events"

a81863  No.2928706


how about the Schiff-eyes- the one in the back with the glasses…..

9979ef  No.2928707


I stand corrected from yesterday then, guess he wasn't just some awkward kid but was a douchebag faggot. I still don't see what the big deal was, he barely 'trolled' or did anything. It was major weak sauce on his part. Most of the time he was stone faced. I guess I just don't get the point of all the commotion.

47007b  No.2928708

South Korea Refuses to Receive Israel President

South Korea has recently refused an official request by Israeli President Reuven Rivlin to visit Seoul over the coming months, Israeli media reported.

Israel’s Ynet news site reported that Tel Aviv’s Ambassador in South Korea, Chaim Choshen, had proposed the visit on behalf of the Foreign Ministry and in coordination with the president’s office”.

The site added that South Korea did not disclose why it refused the visit, but its refusal was clear.

According to the site, some Israeli circles believe that Seoul’s refusal stems from a growing frustration with Israel’s continued refusal to purchase military equipments from Korea.

Others have said that the decision was made because Israel did not congratulate the country following the historic meeting held between South Korean President Moon Jae-in and North Korean ruler Kim Jong-un in April this year.

It has also been suggested that South Korea has been evading signing a free trade agreement with Israel although the deal has been approved and has been awaiting Korea’s signature for over a year.