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Pro Aris et Focis

File: 649fc34523f4e25⋯.jpg (232.81 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, # QResearch-496.jpg)

4ed521 No.402767

We have been chosen for a specific reason.

The mission: This board is building a parallel construction.


This board is being asked to assemble "proofs." Unassailable proofs, the truth of which cannot be dismissed.

This board is being asked to disseminate the proofs, the truth that's been uncovered - to penetrate the collective consciousness that has been lulled to sleep by omission, and deception.


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Q's Private Board


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Friday, 2.16.18


>>>/greatawakening/97 Future proves past

Thursday, 2.15.18


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>>388588 rt >>388528 Why is Big Pharma essential?

>>388363 rt >>388315 Science fiction?

>>388273 rt >>388211 What [3] scientists were killed?

>>388168 rt >>388119 Hive-mind

>>388119 rt >>388082 Specific reason

>>>/greatawakening/96 MK-Ultra.pdf

>>>/greatawakening/95 T-minus 12:34

>>387462 rt >>387356

>>>/greatawakening/94 "..LIBERTY and JUSTICE for ALL"

>>>/greatawakening/93 TRUTH always wins

>>382435 rt >>382197 Strong Patriot

>>382225 rt >>382122 APACHE!!!

>>382161 Watch the water

>>381944 Missing the Connections

>>381743 rt >>381653 Hussein's got mail

>>381653 rt >>381597 ALWAYS watching

>>>/greatawakening/92 Thanks Snowden!

>>381597 rt >>381564 Point proven

Wednesday, 2.14.18

>>378936 They will pay

>>>/greatawakening/91 SEPT 7, 1776. >>388710

>>>/greatawakening/90 EU Car Attack on chatter

>>>/greatawakening/89 Delta Stringer

>>>/greatawakening/88 Strap in boys >>377098

Tuesday, 2.13.18

>>360913 SEC_TEST

>>360885 Think image drop

>>360746 Hanoi is educational

>>360296 Operation Merlin

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Have any recent [shooters] received therapy in the past? >>388119

What [3] scientists were killed who were researching the SAT relay of mobile phone signals to end users?

Why was the research deemed CLASSIFIED? >>388273

Why is Big Pharma essential? Expand your thinking past cures. >>388588

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Q Task, Find Image & Video


>>279968 rt >>279898

Find raw source for image of Black Caucus center phone, unedited, high-res, enhanced & archived offline.Disseminate. It will go viral.

Updates: >>336170 , Most recent update from $100 anon >>372983, >>385440 & Number for the House: >>382980

Q Task, Carl Ghattas

>>284004 www.fbi.gov/about/leadership-and-structure/fbi-executives/carl-ghattas

Findings: >>289566, >>293165, >>293197, >>293203, >>293215, >>298462, >>293215

Clinton Email investigation time line >>291986, >>291104

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>>314348, >>336846 Justice Anton Scalia task complete ? Someone find a place to archive please.

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Big Pharma

>>402315 Dead Doctors Pastebin: pastebin.com/j7q0q0n7

>>401668 The need for vaccines BTFO

>>400535 Big pharma is needed because they spend millions on ads with the MSM

>>399919 Major players financing pharma research

>>399818 A collection of Big Pharma mega-maps

>>399032 How Big Pharma controls

>>397319 Pharma is essential because the public views them as GOD

>>397284 Fluoride is a neurotoxin

>>397597, >>397504 Doctors who rallied against Big Pharma died mysteriously

>>394862 BIG Pharma & Shooting Connections

>>393609, >>393676, >>397219 Why is Big Pharma essential?

>>399777 Fluorosilicic Acid: The silent killer in drinking water

>>400124 Database of articles documenting antidepressant induced violence and bizarre behavior


>>398196 Apache: Has Anon found direct dropboxes for each media outlet to be contacted directly?

>>394863 Send Apache some 'Good News'?

>>394634 TEAM Apache?????


>>402581 Delta States

>>402113 List of shooters who all heard voices

>>400960 MK Ultra and Modern Day Mind Control:

>>397061 MK-Ultra & the pharm/cell tech connection

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>>393637, >>394008 MK & MK pdf Cliff Notes >>393717

>>397207 Patents for Mind Control

>>397353 CIA, MK, Mind Control & Sodomy: Research

>>397349 Florida suspect heard voices telling him to carry out massacre

>>397491 Psychological and Chemical weapons that are LEGAL

Made in China

>>400655, >>400670, >>400684, >>400686, >>400759 QPost 'Made in China' theories

>>396402, >>396468 Cellphones made in China = No oversight, no whistleblowing

>>402500 Behold A Pale Horse

>>402345 You know you've been following Q for too long when...

>>402066 The Anatomy of Child Trafficking

>>401417 Get the popcorn!

>>401345, >>401537, >>401661 QPic: Just_Waiting.png - Taken at Mar-a-Lago? Waiting for POTUS?

>>400530 Yesterday Q said "Watch Water" Today, JK being sued by "WATER WATCH"!

>>400368 A search for the Russian names who were indicted by Muller bring up NADA

>>400143 FBI protocol not followed with tip made about Florida shooter 6 weeks ago

>>399686, >>399693, >>399750, >>399898 Alice Liddell and Lewis Carroll

>>399890 NO COLLUSION is trending

>>398739 Prominent Russians who died in 16 / 17

>>398499 Top UNICEF children's rights campaigner jailed for rape of 13 y/o boy

>>398053 Rosenstein announcing multiple indictments today. Russians? >>398293

>>397606 MEME ANONS: A request for your magic

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4ed521 No.402789

#496 Dough pastebin.com/ZhSnvUf4

00f5f6 No.402807

File: 4115c941db7e653⋯.jpg (188.09 KB, 800x655, 160:131, Q-Sent_Us.jpg)

8dcd9e No.402814


CIA is being hollowed out, the animal itself is being killed and all that is remaining is the shell, i.e. the name, the building and Pompeo

cdb79f No.402851

Nice bread baker, may the Lord keep you safe.

f4c889 No.402852

File: d9ff7826174d612⋯.png (3.86 MB, 1730x1364, 865:682, Screen Shot 2018-02-16 at ….png)

File: df29a46d6e83624⋯.png (101.4 KB, 344x198, 172:99, Screen Shot 2018-02-16 at ….png)

File: 735d50182a4064b⋯.png (277.12 KB, 278x454, 139:227, Screen Shot 2018-02-16 at ….png)





Polotskaya Street, 29к1, Moscow

Picture possibly taken from this or one of the surrounding buildings. (pics related)

c14d60 No.402853

http:// www.miamiherald.com/news/local/community/broward/article200564969.html

Lawmakers agree to destroy site of school carnage: ‘This building has to come down’

b008a2 No.402854

It is a modern day ritual to blow the “Pū” (conch) to say goodbye at sunset to end the day and to say Mahalo (thanks). Laura surprised me with a beautiful conch with an amazing sound so …

79769a No.402855

Thank you baker 👨‍🍳

235d69 No.402856

Ex Chicago Gang Member Says They Are Dropping Guns In The Hood

https:// youtu.be/mhPZ6Oel8uk

f34e48 No.402857


>asking everyone where they first met him as part of a 'game'

>totally not data mining

50e248 No.402858

Did the CIA secretly dose people with LSD?

https:// history.com/news/ask-history/did-the-cia-secretly-dose-people-with-lsd

The hippies and other counterculture movements weren’t the only groups to experiment with mind-altering substances. Starting in 1953, the Central Intelligence Agency conducted research on psychedelic drugs as part of a top-secret behavior modification program codenamed MK-ULTRA. This bizarre project saw the CIA undertake an extensive—and ethically dubious—series of psychological experiments involving hypnosis, shock therapy, interrogation and hallucinogens like LSD.

MK-ULTRA’s LSD experiments were initially done on willing volunteers—novelist Ken Kesey was a famous participant—but they later took a more sinister turn. The CIA believed that a tasteless, odorless compound like LSD might be used as a truth serum or psychological weapon in the cloak-and-dagger operations of the Cold War, and they even concocted schemes to dose Cuban leader Fidel Castro. To observe the effects of the drug on unwitting subjects, they secretly administered LSD to hundreds of mental patients, prisoners, foreign nationals and private American citizens without their consent. In one particularly audacious eight-year program called “Operation Midnight Climax,” the agency set up a string of brothels in San Francisco. Prostitutes would dose their unsuspecting clients, and CIA agents would then monitor the men’s behavior from behind two-way mirrors. These government acid tests would continue through most of the 1950s and early 1960s, but the mind-bending effects of LSD were ultimately deemed too unpredictable and unwieldy for use in the field. Many of the test subjects experienced adverse psychological reactions, and at least one—a biochemist named Frank Olson—died under mysterious circumstances only days after ingesting the drug.

660cd3 No.402859

File: 6e05e953ade3f74⋯.jpg (344.11 KB, 1359x825, 453:275, Q.jpg)


He's on the other side

79769a No.402861


That was BHO and clown agency

755752 No.402862


JFK's EO11110 ends the Fed.

254be5 No.402863



( • )( • )

3f529b No.402865

File: 4ba685489d14708⋯.png (92.89 KB, 1229x912, 1229:912, ClipboardImage.png)

>>402836 (last bread)

https:// www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-01-12/rogue-credit-suisse-banker-goes-on-trial-over-russian-shell-game

24c87c No.402866


Russian news…

are they going to accuse 8chan

of being Russian driven…

They are already trying

170b06 No.402867


Holy sheeiiit!

4f10d1 No.402868


>Is @Jack Jack Prosobec?

WTH are you even doing here? smh

b03db5 No.402869

File: 157e2b47a713b07⋯.png (226.07 KB, 644x467, 644:467, giveuptheguns.png)

This is for the normies , they think Russia is the spooky bad guy, hope you guys can see the play here….

0deadf No.402870

File: 87b8f86fb6bba86⋯.png (221.91 KB, 773x567, 773:567, bread_pepe.png)

178e98 No.402871



http:// www.prometheus-us.com/asi/sensors2005/papers/mcmillan.pdf

4a78f8 No.402872

File: 02f9c92f1fe2059⋯.png (447.9 KB, 591x448, 591:448, justwaiting3.png)

File: cc46fec2b685184⋯.png (414.79 KB, 591x448, 591:448, justwaiting2.png)

File: def091670953bbb⋯.png (1.48 MB, 1242x941, 1242:941, justwaiting.png)

5760fe No.402873


HolisticDoctorfag anon, is there a way to reverse the effects of vaccinations aside from silica + cilantro method and detoxing? Not only the metals but genetic damages as well...

Thank you.

71563d No.402874

The Wachowskis are both woman now?

I could care less…. It just seems like a very very strange coincidence that they both are now woman ! What is going on here?!

966e5f No.402875


turtle submarine > Turtle shell? Could it have to do with sneak attack?

58422e No.402876

Health officials say flu vaccine most effective for children

The CDC said Thursday that while the flu vaccine is only 25% effective in adults, it protects 59% of the children who are vaccinated.

https:// www.nbcnews.com/nightly-news/video/health-officials-say-flu-vaccine-most-effective-for-children-1162780739960

effective at killing them or putting them in the hospital maybe

c97c7f No.402877


Watch the water.


a2eccd No.402878

File: 4b87078f30b3c1d⋯.png (65.19 KB, 298x198, 149:99, ClipboardImage.png)

shells grow from the middle outwards until they spiral out of control

cdb79f No.402879


Suspicious as hell.

We have to dig on that.

8dcd9e No.402880


You're everywhere Q, good luck SIS!

d25095 No.402881

The book Q noted.

Just skimmed the first part on the silent weapon.

Great introduction about Rothschild scam and the economic mechanics of how control of central banks has meant they just fuck up the world and how it works by controlling the levers of currency.

Must read.

Then we kill those fuckers and straighten this shit out.

4ed521 No.402882

Apologies from the baker

There's 2 Q posts in Thursday instead of Friday. Will fix. Sorry guise & Q.

7181ea No.402883


They didn't destroy Columbine, and then rebuild it. Again lawmakers wasting our money.

083371 No.402885


Can't remember who, but someone said that Trump hollowed out the RNC and wore it like a skin.

c97c7f No.402886


Its from an NSA traffic cam.

89a3b0 No.402887


AnonBaker your still doing good work!

1b1cb9 No.402888

File: 2e30a279e4fbab6⋯.jpg (21.23 KB, 400x225, 16:9, tmnt-1280-1489702504827_40….jpg)

b008a2 No.402889

In Hawaii they blow the conch shell to signify the end and new beginning


7e606f No.402890


Pink pilled

239ea6 No.402891


NSA traffic cam. Hmmmm

4017ca No.402892


Think of a "Shell" in context with the post. The shell will collapse because its about control, there is nothing to it, the control is all a lie. When the lie is removed the shell collapses.

f1884d No.402893


I wouldnt worry good guys have all the data anyway

05be3b No.402894



67fec8 No.402895


I doubt that there is any significant changes in your genes from one lifetime of vaccines. The genetic change is long game over generations.These people are sick.

e6feb1 No.402896



Is that John Kusak? (or however you spell his last name)

02330c No.402897


Britbongs – stay frosty!

e14ea6 No.402898


To destroy evidence…?

5760fe No.402899


[We see all]

[We hear all]

Just the tip of the iceburg for /ourguys/

Fucking scum will pay. In BLOOD.

4a78f8 No.402900


No worries Baker. You're doing an excellent job!

855fb5 No.402901


We don't need Big Pharma AT ALL.

Our laws are shit in the US - they need to be changed.

We need Fed Gov research money to go into finding the NATURAL CURES.

You can't patent something NATURAL, and the human body is not designed to be actually helped by things that don't exist in NATURE.

The tests the US Government requires are extremely costly. And the only way the company (Big Pharma) can make the money back they spent on expensive test is if the thing they're tested is man-made, patentable, and can be sold at monopoly prices. They invent new molecules, that do something, they find out what they do, and then do with the tests, get FDA approval, charge a huge amount for them, and then get about the doctor bribery process.

Fed Gov does the test on natural things like garlic and ginger and onions, figure out what those things do, and then give those cheap things to people for free, and tell them to eat a lot of them. Knock out the diseases before they get out of hand. If there's one cancer cell there somewhere that you don't know about, and you start eating all the healthy cancer killing and preventative foods, often, you'll knock out the cancer and everything else before it gets out of hand.

We have a pretty good idea right now what a lot of those good foods are, but the FDA won't let onion farmers put "cancer cure" on onions because there is no "Big Onion" that can afford to do all the tests the FDA requires to let them put a "cancer cure" logo on bags of onions.

Things have gotten worse and worse, our food has gotten less and less healthy in the last 100 years.

We don't need any new pharmaceuticals. Get rid of the patents on all the existing pharmaceuticals, let anyone make them, and the price would drop to the cost of production.

Fuck Big Pharma, the US would be much better off without them.

71563d No.402902


Should add a face with an Italian flag over it…

The Italians are woke as fuck, and helping us in this war more than anyone could imagine!

e4076c No.402903


>Then why are they killing them?

some is THEM killing…some is competition killing…have you ever looked into how much MONEY is involved in alternative cancer cures? BIG money and BIG competition…from each other and Big Pharma…

8f541a No.402904

Together with MKultra, "Hive Mind" (yes it is a weaponised technology), "Voice to Skull" (V2K), and remote neural monitoring and control, Q's reference to "As The World Turns" might be alluding to TV conditioning (therapy) of human brains. As an example see:

http: // www.wakingtimes.com/2014/02/26/brain-washing-social-control-programming-kill-your-television/

a98dea No.402905

File: e95e0812e04d666⋯.png (2.62 MB, 1604x1500, 401:375, Prince_William_Coat_of_Arm….png)

File: 62349cb879be20c⋯.png (1.25 MB, 1132x848, 283:212, Emblem_of_St_James.png)


c90460 No.402906


Yes. All kinds of gov't. documents that prove it in the book "The Manchurian Candidate".

02330c No.402907


Cusack – yes.

d25095 No.402908

That's Westminster

77e5a5 No.402909


Now that Barry Soetoro and Clinton are gone, Russia is our best friend and ally!

e23405 No.402910


did Q team vouch for Silent W 4 Q W?

c5ae44 No.402911

File: 45a63e31266edb5⋯.png (994.69 KB, 1572x894, 262:149, 2018-02-16.png)

bca1e7 No.402912

Fresh Q!!!

f4c889 No.402913

this >>402852

from >>387884

170b06 No.402914


Yes, it's Cusack.

8dcd9e No.402915



Or he's in touch with British MI5 or MI6 or GCHQ

5ebc82 No.402916

File: fc0da2d88bbcbdb⋯.png (38.74 KB, 600x670, 60:67, ceeac15e1f6d2681ba67f23b5d….png)


All good baker, bread's still legit

82ee26 No.402917

File: 38076267fb91bd8⋯.jpg (30.8 KB, 375x199, 375:199, Shine the light on that da….JPG)



Mirror - watch the sky… Zoom…big.. watching .. waiting!

c4cd13 No.402918

Q just posted over on greatawaking! Warning for UK!

d25095 No.402919


That's Westminster near big ben

2d422c No.402920

I think what Q is saying is:

The Clowns ARE every agency.

They are in and own everything.

All the other agencies are just an illusion.

c15adb No.402921


exactly! Before all the electromagnetic noise that came with the modern era, we prolly had a much great capacity for nonverbal communication across distances

4ed521 No.402922

371c00 No.402923

New Q #99

4f10d1 No.402924

File: 7347857f379ca31⋯.png (56.23 KB, 846x470, 9:5, 2-16-18 c UK- Stay Alert.png)


4ca297 No.402925


Foliage on trees & scrubs - photo not UK

278382 No.402927


Embankment to Westminster.

c97c7f No.402928

Q has posted two photos.

One in FIJI (Watch the water)

And the other from UK NSA Traffic Cam.



58422e No.402929


What is the clock tower in the bg?

cc7272 No.402930


If George Bush Junior and Barack Obama both borrowed money from the federal reserve without congressional approval does that mean we don't owe that money?

And, why in the hell wasnt the entire debt refinanced at 1/2 of 1% when that was the going rate?

6818a9 No.402931

File: aeb534a485a3ea0⋯.png (196.32 KB, 590x393, 590:393, DJT201.png)

d25095 No.402932


Yep, looking West to big ben

66b05d No.402933


Lets hope it prevents it. …Remember nov 4 (famous lety day) where they chickened out?

Fawkes movement belongs to us now, but that's another story….

ce53bf No.402934

Go to YouTube @DUTCHSINCE For info on how this big 7.2/7.5 earthquake in Mexico will have an effect on the US. He is the best EarthquakeAnon I've ever discovered. He has discovered the EQ patterns and has weekly forecasts on what areas to watch for EQs. He forecasted only 75 miles away from this area in Mexico that it may be hit this week with a 5.9. He was close on area and magnitude. Already the pressure is transferring from this EQ and Utah just got hit with a 3.7.

Watch and Learn he's an EQ genius.

Nightly live updates 10pm Central US Timezone.

He has a live feed on his @Dutchsince YouTube Channel

Oh and per his website: no California will never break off and fall into the ocean. California coast is rising.

b0983a No.402935


Or he has access to the hive mind NSA global monitoring system

e4076c No.402936


>John Hinckley, then age 25, t

That was to put Bush in office…FAIL

6d3f7e No.402937


big ben

42884f No.402938


Maybe Q's trying to 1-up Comey and his moody preteen pics kek.


I thought this earlier…maybe it'll be the way to expose us to the public at large?

d25095 No.402939


Big Ben in bg

741bd8 No.402940




As Cooper moved away from the UFOlogy community and toward the militia and anti-government subculture in the late 1990s, he became convinced that he was being personally targeted by President Bill Clinton and the Internal Revenue Service. In July 1998 he was charged with tax evasion; an arrest warrant was issued, but Cooper eluded repeated attempts to serve it. In 2000, he was named a "major fugitive" by the United States Marshals Service.[6]

On November 5, 2001, Apache County sheriff's deputies attempted to arrest Cooper at his Eagar, Arizona home on charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and endangerment stemming from disputes with local residents. After an exchange of gunfire during which Cooper shot one of the deputies in the head, Cooper was fatally shot. Federal authorities reported that Cooper had spent years evading execution of the 1998 arrest warrant, and according to a spokesman for the Marshals Service, he vowed that "he would not be taken alive".[1]

1415df No.402941

https:/ /www.usatoday.com/story/news/world/2017/10/27/british-newspaper-got-anonymous-call-25-minutes-before-jfk-assassination/805893001/

8dcd9e No.402942


Big Ben plus cars on the left, be smarter

00f5f6 No.402944









In dough >>402775

the Meme Repository

Image Library: A giant collection of all our memes: mega.nz/#F!z1FCnaiA!4NS6tTnFmNs_yBZpKbCCgg

is not actually "all our memes". In only includes memes from Memes1-10. The content in Memes11 and 12 have not been archived.

MAIN IMAGE LIBRARY Over 11,800 images from Memes#1 thru Memes #10


There you can preview images, download single images, entire categories, or all.

The same images, transformed in shape for optimal display on Twitter:



If you're going to drop on Twitter, this format will be more effective.

9307ec No.402945


Find the missing [3]

99f8d9 No.402946

File: b45d5ed619d22f6⋯.png (36.36 KB, 575x306, 575:306, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 45a4db0dcc7ede1⋯.png (387.82 KB, 590x808, 295:404, ClipboardImage.png)

NEW Q!!!!

371c00 No.402947

File: f339696fe7a8e95⋯.png (6.97 MB, 2935x1375, 587:275, UK.png)

71563d No.402948


that photo looks a bit photoshopped to me. like the cloning tool or the smudging tool or maybe some layers? something just looks a little off.

maybe i'm just paranoid lol

75d95e No.402949


Jerome Corsi says it's were the attack was last year in London

b26279 No.402950


David Gilmour (Owner)

David and his first wife Anna, had a daughter named Erin who was found stabbed to death in her Toronto apartment, aged 22, on December 20, 1983. The murder remains unsolved as of 2012.[3][7][8]

71563d No.402951


Can anyone identify where in London this is?

4ca297 No.402952


Can't be live - foliage in FEB?

66b05d No.402953

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

237eeb No.402954


i have the cams page up, but its by addy. his says 2847…

c0b9e4 No.402955

File: ed0d31aeba30ac3⋯.jpg (69.77 KB, 1516x800, 379:200, bnuivhb90783yqh74908y47026….jpg)

File: 1f680e02e5b70be⋯.jpg (29.99 KB, 640x480, 4:3, cvijbh9p8ughq37804gtbl.jpg)

File: 7392c15b57e6234⋯.jpg (46.57 KB, 610x379, 610:379, mbnvm,navbsfp97 yh74h;ijb2….jpg)


Whoah whoah whoah, that's the MS-13 symbol. It pops up in their tattoos a LOT.

d25095 No.402956


Its an old photo by the look of the trees?

85cb6a No.402957

File: e92e339b1a4a31b⋯.png (10.41 KB, 255x189, 85:63, ec94b8f1128d5a9fc83a5f99b3….png)


I used to like eagles better, but now it is all about the frog!

5760fe No.402958


At this point not even sure (((shills))) are trying or this is just newfag teenage bull.

1b1cb9 No.402959


Watch for Tcells driving Volvo buses

71563d No.402960


David Gilmour always seemed like a really good guy….

Roger WATERS, not so much.

Love me some Pink Floyd!

b03db5 No.402961

I say it every night, but this is the most exciting place on the internet. God bless the anons.

fight fight fight

8dcd9e No.402962


Newfaggotry is fairly high

e6feb1 No.402963


It should be winter there still.

235d69 No.402964


Yes. Explains how all those gangbangers in Chicago are getting their their guns in a city & state with some of the most restrictive gun control laws in the country.

I wouldn't be a bit surprised to find out the Las Vegas shooter's guns came from them, too. That whole situation stinks like a rotting whale on a beach.

e4076c No.402965


>David Wilcock warns

TOP KEK…that shill has been shilling about this for years…his 2012 drama will go down in history…and yet he still has followers.

2c7882 No.402966


Extremely high

755752 No.402967


David is one of the most tasty guitarist to ever live.

71563d No.402968


They're known Satanists…. Their tattoos show this. They use machetes, and butcher victims… Do things to them post death. Almost ceremonially.. Disgusting humans of the worst order.

0deadf No.402969

File: 5ea60186bc4b94c⋯.gif (81.84 KB, 400x400, 1:1, COmfy-pepe.gif)

9eef30 No.402970



2 Different David Gilmours

e14ea6 No.402971


Future proves past more eyes here

67fec8 No.402972




Article 72

(ex Article 64(1) TEC and ex Article 33 TEU)

This Title shall not affect the exercise of the responsibilities incumbent upon Member States with regard to the maintenance of law and order and the safeguarding of internal security.

79769a No.402973

That looks like England!!! I watch a traffic cam on an app of same area!!! But closer to crosswalk!

f34e48 No.402974


CENTRAL = masons

4ca297 No.402975

Skykings squawking

https:// twitter.com/skykinginfo

75d95e No.402976


SHELL - Hallow earth?

5760fe No.402977


Correct - (((clowns))) = black hats.

State dept. DOJ, bureau, clown agency, you name it they are in it.

c51294 No.402978

Time must be almost up

▶Q !UW.yye1fxo 02/15/18 (Thu) 11:28:16 No.95


Civilian Puppet.

Player in the game?

We play for KEEPS.

Need help sleeping?

How was your meeting w/ Pelosi?

Protection offered?

Life Lesson: Be smarter than those controlling you.

T-minus [12:34]


791613 No.402979



https:// web.archive.org/web/20180217012725/https:// wrathoftheawakenedsaxon.files.wordpress.com/2016/09/behold-a-palehorse-william-cooper.pdf

77e5a5 No.402982

People seem way off on tangents, everything item uncovered as truth should be logically shown to be tied back to Barry Soetoro and Rothschilds.

1c1ebc No.402983


How to proceed .. how many willing to be involved???

Theme of game like { snakes n ladders} ??? or {down rabbit holes} …impending DOOM only to be 'saved by correct answer = TRUTH???

I have many thoughts but this needs to be collabrative = many invovled … needs to have 'BLESSING" of Q = OTHERS to see if fits within the/their PLAN???

But agree best way to get people " RED PILLED and involve "normies' …could even be over Internet???

So many ways to get people involed in discussing getting Knowledge.

Can others please advise thier interest affirmation?

1b1cb9 No.402984


79769a No.402985

b206c6 No.402986

File: c7c78f208aa54bf⋯.jpg (3.13 MB, 2738x7430, 1369:3715, Q_comp_correct_02.16.2018_….jpg)





Latest Q Map/Graphic

[UK] Stay Alert Edition

d85a1a No.402987

File: 156fbb16daa2741⋯.jpg (1.82 MB, 2400x1800, 4:3, theKey.jpg)

Anons, please consider this. If Q is around, ask him to deny it–he may not be able to confirm it, really not sure.

If you think it may be right, start torrenting & seeding Assange's drop. Also, MasterArchivist (link at top) has everything archived–make sure you get it for yourself, as per Q's order. About 700 MB as of yesterday.

237eeb No.402988

File: 81eee1844038756⋯.png (416.8 KB, 1123x543, 1123:543, ClipboardImage.png)



0deadf No.402989

9307ec No.402990


Bill Cooper was a true patriot, BAPH is a goldmine. Let’s get digging anons

4ed521 No.402991


Was looking for this anon! TY, added.

e14ea6 No.402992


Math behind that …..kek

d25095 No.402993



Looks like an incident in the left lane heading West?

58422e No.402994


One thing this pic proves is that pics posted by Q group, even if live, do not originate from the same phone.

They are gathered and ss with one phone or saved to one phone but he wasn't in FL earlier and in UK now.

So all you screaming that he couldn't be IN Shanghai and IN Hanoi on the same day meaning we had info about the pics incorrect, take note. "Q" isn't necessarily TAKING the images, he/she/they are retaking and sharing them.

d9b198 No.402995

File: a0769149f7b0609⋯.png (451.38 KB, 816x452, 204:113, ClipboardImage.png)

There is some strange stuff in that book Behold a Pale Horse..

9 – Aliens

The movie E.T. is a representation of an actual extraterrestrial visitation by Ebe, a chrolorphyll-based alien recovered from the infamous Roswell crash in 1949. Later, Close Encounters of the Third Kind was another representation of a real-life alien landing known as Project PLATO

Do we need to dig Project PLATO?

3 – Kennedy’s Assassination

President Kennedy was assassinated after he threatened the Majestic 12 with coming forward and telling the American people the truth. He was murdered by the Secret Service agent who drove his car in the motorcade. An unmanipulated version of the Zapruder film, known as Dallas Revisited, shows this.

http:// theghostdiaries.com/10-jaw-dropping-claims-made-by-william-cooper-in-behold-a-pale-horse/

1415df No.402996


Saudi Attack incoming?

182186 No.402997

File: ec8c483d00ecbb6⋯.jpeg (213.49 KB, 1600x1067, 1600:1067, 3C02B73A-48D2-42D1-8160-2….jpeg)

Think shell

71563d No.402998


I took this meaning that the triangle and it's leaders are a fragile shell that's holding us hostage, and that shell is cracking…

e6feb1 No.402999

File: 5f84b708188246d⋯.png (1.25 MB, 591x1280, 591:1280, BB.png)

Not a current picture. Foliage on trees. Should be winter there.

Not calling you out Q, just saying is all.

7a8f33 No.403000

Regarding "think shell." Conspiracies are inherently hollow. You can't spread it too far or it is revealed. Most of the rank in file in the CIA or other three letter agencies probably have no idea. Conspiracies being hollow shells is their weakness. Put a crack in it (like an eggshell) and it falls to pieces because of no internal support.

887dff No.403001

File: 2aaea614876fae7⋯.png (242.39 KB, 451x366, 451:366, map.png)

82c242 No.403002

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Q just redpilled the chan board bout William Cooper…

dig anond dig

c0b9e4 No.403003

File: 4bc49c934249ba6⋯.png (1.23 MB, 1500x688, 375:172, c69ddeceef653b9ad07bd9d09f….png)

File: c4bcb0477affebf⋯.jpg (168.08 KB, 640x480, 4:3, download (1).jpg)

File: 6e555ae4bffd986⋯.jpg (1.26 MB, 3500x2359, 500:337, download.jpg)


MS-13 link with cult? Sign showing who's in the club.

6c0459 No.403004

new Q

278382 No.403005


The attack was on the bridge to the left of Big Ben in picture (not seen).

8216c5 No.403006

Hey Q, if your still watching & really have access to the POTUS, tell him to get the fuck outta Syria & leave Assad the hell alone. Sen Richard Black & others have told us the truth about Syria, Bashar & Asma, & DoD. What we've done to that country should make any Christian with an ounce of integrity feel utterly SICK

e6feb1 No.403007

79769a No.403008

Q near abbey rd in London???

3f529b No.403009

File: eb22934b553d82e⋯.png (13.28 KB, 872x187, 872:187, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 9bdeb05475ed70d⋯.png (39.22 KB, 833x490, 17:10, ClipboardImage.png)

File: e48604e3416bd92⋯.png (137.41 KB, 1440x545, 288:109, ClipboardImage.png)

66b05d No.403010


>Hallow earth?

Q asked how far the most nearest star is.

The answer is beneath our feat (starlike chemistry going on there)

e6feb1 No.403011

Q !UW.yye1fxo 02/16/18 (Fri) 19:35:54 No.100








2c7882 No.403012

Lurk ffs

0ac09f No.403013

>>402583 (last bread)

>Clown Agency>No Such Agency.

see previous Q crumb for the meaning

Nov 9 2017 22:24:35

[C]los[I]ng [A]ct:


Impossible to clean.

Operations → [N]o [S]uch [A]gency

CIA's operations will be taken over by No Such Agency

7196d3 No.403014


d3d25a No.403015

File: 46c3f73a953ef3c⋯.png (376.96 KB, 874x761, 874:761, cam_map.PNG)

75d95e No.403016


expand your thinking

71563d No.403017


every heard of a screenshot? or a photo from a security camera?

22f844 No.403018


what's the purpose of posting these two photos?

I believe that the chained unicorn referring to the Israelites who are the heirs of the Blessing that are sleeping. Not sure what the other one would refer to. Thanks for any clarification.

0baeb5 No.403019




Behold a Pale Horse.pdf

https:// web.archive.org/web/20140730024615/https:// wikispooks.com/w/images/b/bc/Behold_a_Pale_Horse.pdf

will upload to anonfiles if this file goes missing.

170b06 No.403020


Eyes open lads!

67fec8 No.403021

File: e20687a2d7f971c⋯.jpg (62.33 KB, 548x376, 137:94, media-liberal-disinfo.jpg)

It's very likely that one phase of the disclosure we are witnessing will involve the unmasking of multiple corporations (CEOs etc.) from many industries.


>Pharma (food)







We will discover the clowns are running many of these companies to conduct everything from drugs, human trafficking, population control, you name it.

>The Matrix is the system of using msm psyops and propaganda to push is towards their long term goals. They don't control you like a robot they slowly twist your mind into believing or hating something/someone enough to harm them. The magic is being able to convince you that you are depressed and need meds to feel better. Growth hormones and high fructose /sugar etc in your food. Chemicals in the water from fluoride to LSD… technology to hypnotize and bombard you with words/images to "trigger" you. It's a stacked deck and goes on and on.

b206c6 No.403022

File: c91c08c3b6da820⋯.png (4.59 KB, 311x148, 311:148, ClipboardImage.png)

ccb911 No.403023



5fc006 No.403024



Isn't that Big Ben in London?

34b423 No.403025


Looks like austria

855fb5 No.403026



>So who actually owns/runs the Federal Reserve Bank?


>Why would we give a damn that we owe the Illuminati money?


>If we don't pay them back, that's a huge chunk out of their wealth.


>If every country who owes them does the same, what can they do about it?

That's the ROTHSCHILDS who largely own the banks.

Yes, we could easily not pay.

But we do pay.

We could kill the bankers and take their money.

We could set up an entirely different banking system. Bring Ron Paul in on this.

We could have Jubilee - where all of everyones debts are completely wiped out.

We could do all or any of these things. But we haven't yet, so it just gets shittier and shittier.

3b4d8c No.403027

File: d813b7fbe0ad4f5⋯.png (417.81 KB, 670x647, 670:647, Scavino45 2-16-18 FL.PNG)

f34e48 No.403028


Hatching a plot

e064d5 No.403029


corruption breeds ineptitude and incompetence.

c20892 No.403030

File: eafef125206d54a⋯.png (539.71 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, B59D3635-987D-429A-924E-C4….png)

Pushing it hard boys! We knew this was coming.

492308 No.403031


I think it is just low resolution. Perhaps, a still photo from a video feed.

e6feb1 No.403032


Winter there too.


I think so but I haven't been there before.

84d4ae No.403033



74ef4c No.403034


>Puma Punku is real

Yes, but everyone goes right to aliens did it.

How about, the human race is MUCH older then anyone knows?

It would only take about 100k years for all human structures to disappear.

Unless you built in some of the hardest stones in existence.

How about, "All of this has happened before, and all of this will happen again."?

eafbd6 No.403035


The Clowns are not the top of the pyramid. The Jesters (Jesuits) run the Clowns. The Sons of Darkness will not fall until the Jester Army of Sorcerers and Black Magicians is eradicated.

71563d No.403036


Very strange. Turn that into a pentagram. The London Dungeon would be one point as well…

I'd be scared of an attack around the London Eye, tons of harmless tourists there constantly..

89bbb2 No.403037

File: 1e765792406e865⋯.png (285.15 KB, 364x372, 91:93, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 21492ce6f6df79d⋯.png (422.81 KB, 627x448, 627:448, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 5cf6c38328027a6⋯.png (244.31 KB, 301x414, 301:414, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 7f12489533943f2⋯.png (151.51 KB, 315x425, 63:85, ClipboardImage.png)

67fec8 No.403038


Oh it was hours 72 → 24 hours…I'm a retard.

89a3b0 No.403039

d90927 No.403040

Feb 14 2018 17:59:04










explaining current graphic and warning RE: uk. PRAY that this will be stopped. WRWY Q GOD BLESS

210a65 No.403042


Possible in 24 hours postet before CAR_ATTACK_72 ->72h

954719 No.403043



561afa No.403044

UK anons - be safe -be smart

f34e48 No.403045


Moon worship, black witchcraft.

4ed521 No.403046


Thanks anon. Added.

27a403 No.403047

New Q post


c20892 No.403048


Chatter from the top of the pyramid?

Could ^^^^ be reference to that?

71563d No.403049





e6feb1 No.403050



Yes I believe so. Does it match up with his post with 72?

b03db5 No.403051

File: b054eb9bdccc7a3⋯.png (211.96 KB, 720x405, 16:9, LDRbitch.png)

be6739 No.403052

MANY new Q posts on

https:// qanonmap.github.io/

4a78f8 No.403053

File: df206643437e0ce⋯.jpg (213.66 KB, 1266x2027, 1266:2027, 8anons.jpg)

d9b198 No.403054


I just posted an infographic on him.


8216c5 No.403055

I hope POTUS is playing Go

c97c7f No.403056



Today is the new Lunar Year by the way.

UK_IMM = Immigration chatter?

XRAY_7 was the satellite that recieved the info? Cellphone calls etc?

241031 No.403057

Incoming terror attack…London again?

5e566d No.403058

Sheeettt….Q warning about the UK again?

453deb No.403059


Everybody's driving on the wrong side of the road!

xx to UK anons

1b1cb9 No.403060


OMG, tell them they are driving on the wrong side

544fd4 No.403061


I sure as hell hope this warning is heeded.

99f8d9 No.403062


Embankment river Thames, Big Ben in the background, London SW1

645b33 No.403063

File: 25ab302f9b48717⋯.jpg (259.48 KB, 844x1045, 844:1045, IMG_3032.JPG)

Fresh new MEME!!!

> it's hot Hot HOT!!!

(Pic related)

04aacd No.403064


Dang! I just pulled the WC book off of my spouse's bookshelf to read aloud to my spouse, and he had already that section highlighted in pen!

8b0275 No.403065


Just like Sandy Hook.

254be5 No.403066

http:// www.trafficdelays.co.uk/westminster-bridge-york-road-london-cctv-traffic-camera/

b206c6 No.403067

File: c160448c78a5e23⋯.jpg (3.14 MB, 2738x7430, 1369:3715, Q_comp_correct_02.16.2018_….jpg)






Latest Q Map (5 of 5)

Strike Package B-7V Warning UK! Edition

49e805 No.403068


thanks anon. That was exactly the point that I was making. Why do we still continue this farce when we know who's milking every country (bar 3) bone dry.

5760fe No.403069



Reminder that this is connected to break mechanism remote control via leaked no such agency electronic warfare method.

401984 No.403070


Does it really matter if these are not current pictures… its about the locations.

86651c No.403071


Agent Cooper. Bill Cooper

0db6a9 No.403072


It's 40 in London right now, look at the people on the street, jackets are clearly visable.

82c242 No.403073


not saying all anons…no harm intended…know some anons know their history…keep up great work anon

71563d No.403074


Everyone let's try and collectively pray / meditate and visualize London in peace and safe !

909290 No.403075


Hollow…..hallow- to make holy. Heaven in core?

No Hell below us. …above us, only sky. - John Lennon

855fb5 No.403076


Bush filled the RNC with homos. Really didn't help things at all.

d8d760 No.403077

Car bomb attack?

Mowing down pedestrian car attack?

Either is too horrible to think about.


d3d25a No.403078

File: 24d930e64004dd3⋯.png (1.08 MB, 703x757, 703:757, cam_map2.PNG)

File: 46c3f73a953ef3c⋯.png (376.96 KB, 874x761, 874:761, cam_map.PNG)

241031 No.403079

within 24 hours? Poor Brits.

278382 No.403080


Did anyone work out what IMM was ?

c51294 No.403081


This is where the attack happened last year in London

71563d No.403082


Oh how I love me some Agent Cooper.

02330c No.403083

File: 4281729c85d2457⋯.png (92.46 KB, 836x420, 209:105, Screen Shot 2018-02-16 at ….png)

22f844 No.403084


>That's the ROTHSCHILDS who largely own the banks.

They are going down

>Yes, we could easily not pay.

>But we do pay.

70 years… jubilee happening soon, look for after 4/20

>We could kill the bankers and take their money.

We are working on it

>We could set up an entirely different banking system. Bring Ron Paul in on this.

You betcha.

>We could have Jubilee - where all of everyones debts are completely wiped out.

Look at prophecy.

>We could do all or any of these things. But we haven't yet, so it just gets shittier and shittier.

They're all happening before too long. That is why we are on this board. Revelations 2:9 and 3:9- synougage of satan is going DOWN and look at Mark Taylor's Prophecies- America will get 7x what was stolen from her.


e1474a No.403085

Shell is the Vatican

3570ea No.403086

File: 666175f08dc13b0⋯.png (67.29 KB, 651x321, 217:107, Only the EU can break Face….png)

https:// www.theguardian.com/business/2018/feb/15/eu-facebook-google-dominance-george-soros

3e4e27 No.403087

TRUST WRAY =17 Americans dead.


99f8d9 No.403088

File: 9d4c46e814f41c5⋯.png (13.05 KB, 313x153, 313:153, ClipboardImage.png)

NEW Q!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

e6feb1 No.403089


No, just pointing it out.


Leaves on trees though. They shouldn't be there in winter.

4f10d1 No.403090

File: 887cddc0bf2412f⋯.jpg (765.79 KB, 1580x874, 790:437, Russian Influence.jpg)

320,000,000 Americans and Mueller expects us to believe THIRTEEN Russians influenced the 2016 election? No!

5e566d No.403091



cc7272 No.403092


Yep, our ships are still there…

241031 No.403093

IMM = imminent..immediate…

561afa No.403094

Why did Q write Delta after the warning of the UK bomb and one other post only

5ebc82 No.403095

Hooktube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


Be Fearless.

e52413 No.403096

File: 751e4cfb4b8cc68⋯.png (657.86 KB, 954x714, 159:119, ClipboardImage.png)

http:// www.groundzeromedia.org/616-fm-freakuency-modulation/

"In 1976, U.S. Intelligence was monitoring radar and electromagnetic signals from the Soviet Union. What had their attention was a pulsing signal that was being sent at 3.26 and 17.54 megahertz. The pulsing signal modulated at a rate of several times a second, resembling the sound of a woodpecker. It was soon traced to an enormous transmitter array near Kiev in the Ukraine."

b1bba3 No.403097


I have the original copy of this book. Unfortunately I will probably never get to it again.

4ed521 No.403098


Roger Mapanon, thank you!

4f10d1 No.403099

>>402929 Big Ben

71563d No.403100




c97c7f No.403101







The number is no longer 72 its now 24, does that mean within the next 24hours?


37c6b4 No.403102


what time is on the clocktower?

79769a No.403103

File: adb7d2fab9846a9⋯.png (2.13 MB, 2048x1536, 4:3, D656EC79-FB90-40D8-93B8-D8….png)

Abbey road London live!

e6feb1 No.403104


Which one? There were a few.

022213 No.403105

So while doing research on loop & shell companies…

I came across

United States Corporation Agents, Inc

There are 49 companies with that name all but 1 or 2 opened in 2010 and track back to John Suh of "legal zoom" any others come across legalzoom or John Suh in their research?

https ://www.bizapedia.com/us/united-states-corporation-agents-inc.html

74ef4c No.403106



I'm reminded of Sept 7, 1776

4b4e49 No.403107

Behold a Pale Horse book pdf

http:// www.stopthecrime.net/docs/William_Cooper-Behold_a_Pale_Horse1991.pdf

d25095 No.403108


Conventional and Radiological


544fd4 No.403109


Peter Gabriel's Solsbury Hill comes to mind…))

855fb5 No.403110


You can buy nonpoison Pizza Flour from Italy. All the flour in the US is poison.

0deadf No.403111


I will.

237eeb No.403112




Delay and a loop. hmmm… and not quite the same. we need others.

3e4e27 No.403113

Q, is the school shooting what you meant by "Next Week"?

e6feb1 No.403114


I stand corrected! Lots of leaves there.

Sorry Q!

7196d3 No.403115

File: 21c60c1bcfd3966⋯.png (30.12 KB, 242x152, 121:76, ClipboardImage.png)

eb3b9d No.403116


side effect of MkULTRA? It wouldn't be the first time.

401984 No.403117


Delta could mean wait for POTUS tweet to confirm?

083371 No.403118


One possibility is a pharmaceutical traded on the London Stock Exchange. Had very big movements recently. Ticker: IMM

c15adb No.403119

File: 860a60f7b8d1e08⋯.png (127.13 KB, 469x404, 469:404, Comment on doctors from 17….png)


Idealistically, I can't argue with you on this point.

From a historical perspective, everyone has always been weary of "doctors". Just search the literature on google books prior to 1900's and you will see what I mean.

For example, see attached page (216) from the 1739 book "Philosophical and Theological Works of the Late Truly Learned Man Volume 10"

The problem with NaCl use in modern western culture is that it has been stripped clean of the ~70+ micronutrients present in sea salt and brines that were once used in previous cultures. Detrimental effects of excess NaCl in modern times are compounded by dietary excesses in sodium, calcium, aluminum, fluoride, and bromine, whole being severely deficient in iodine, magnesium, and boron.

The claim by doctors that salt is bad for you is also very old (as depicted in the graphic), but is probably more true today than in the past for reasons outlined above.

The Truth About Salt - NYTimes.com

http:// www.nytimes.com/2012/06/03/opinion/sunday/we-only-think-we-know-the-truth-about-salt.html?pagewanted=all&_r=0

79769a No.403120

I have several web cam apps, I get bored I watch what’s happening all over the world…

08f728 No.403121



37c6b4 No.403122


When ur making the next loaf insert yourself into the oven.


Love u baker. No homo

945c0e No.403123


The issues Q is trying to shed light on will eventually be shown to have a significant extraterrestrial/interdimensional component, but Q is advising us to keep that knowledge to ourselves as it's higher than 40,000ft and thus an obstacle to enlightening the normies.

525dda No.403124



Terror attack plan in UK


Possible vehicle attack withing next 24hrs


Will use Volvo bus as weapon


Imminent chatter in UK


No idea on this one???


Chatter has increased significantly


Q is with a UK team DELTA?

660cd3 No.403125

File: d871e5bb56e2089⋯.jpg (12.7 KB, 540x393, 180:131, Card.jpg)

File: efbfa72139d7b23⋯.jpg (14.94 KB, 216x404, 54:101, Electric Card.jpg)

File: 6e05e953ade3f74⋯.jpg (344.11 KB, 1359x825, 453:275, Q.jpg)

File: 06c828ce825aeb9⋯.png (456.6 KB, 591x441, 197:147, c1a98bb6fc1779c51b784311f8….png)

f34e48 No.403126


So [P] is the Pope. A Jesuit.

1b1cb9 No.403127


>Westminster Bridge

>Car attack

>Watch the water

River Thames??

79769a No.403128

8216c5 No.403129


I don't see anything Abbey-normal

67fec8 No.403130


Hmm…wonder if Vegas shooter had any FBI files?

35cca6 No.403131


down to 24 hours from the orig. 72. sigh

58422e No.403132


THAT was my point.

Other anons were trying to disprove locations based on the fact that he couldn't be in multiple locations on the same day.

7196d3 No.403133


check out new orleans

cats meow karaoke

b1bba3 No.403134


Where are the Beatles? We're supposed to see Beatles.

235d69 No.403135


Many don't know about this. I am only linking this particular story for the links contained in it.

http:// www.floppingaces.net/2013/09/02/george-w-bush-was-right-about-syria-and-obama-pelosi-kerry-and-clinton-were-all-wrong/

79769a No.403136


I do and LAUGH!!M

c51294 No.403137


I wonder if it will be a bus driving over people or a big bomb in a bus

66b05d No.403138

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Lets brake the chains, join the Trump Train.

453deb No.403139


Almost 2 am GMT

Oh, HELL naw, not near Parliament & Westminster Bridge again!!

GET 'em, UK cops!!

79769a No.403140

f34e48 No.403141


Show us some leg, dear.

8216c5 No.403142


Ahh. Too much YF

6c7a21 No.403143


It's counting down. 48 hours ago it was 72.

e39e39 No.403144

File: 9003fc6696490d2⋯.png (41.3 KB, 856x141, 856:141, Screen Shot 2018-02-16 at ….png)


IMM is this

there is chatter/trades proving foreknowledge of an attack

71563d No.403145


That or they made some sort of sick agreement in order to release the information they have…

170b06 No.403146


Nice connection, lad! Guys, can we get this checked?

645b33 No.403147

File: dc2752d54688797⋯.jpg (273.87 KB, 962x693, 962:693, IMG_2941.JPG)

File: 0f0313112aa5d8a⋯.jpg (154.43 KB, 750x420, 25:14, IMG_3008.JPG)

File: 168203c8ca5b4c5⋯.jpg (104.24 KB, 868x494, 434:247, IMG_3014.JPG)

dc803d No.403148


Trashing Trump so bad.. hate him

49e805 No.403149


Amen! So shall it be!!

37c6b4 No.403150

File: 5dedae2b052fa26⋯.jpg (168.12 KB, 1149x754, 1149:754, ukImm.JPG)

247a9c No.403151


Reverse Osmosis systems make the pH level of the water more acidic (below 7.0). The best water system is one from johnellis.com. The one below that is a distilled water maker/system or just go and buy distilled water from a store.

0deadf No.403152

bbfd99 No.403153

File: 046716b0dd7eb26⋯.jpeg (234.28 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, D6AAA592-6D25-4CDA-BC43-9….jpeg)


https:// www.independent.co.uk/news/world/middle-east/afghanistan-war-crimes-claims-victims-millions-submitted-court-isis-taliban-a8214301.html

c29ad4 No.403154

We're winning, Anons:

Cleaning the house is as bad for women's lungs as smoking up to 20 cigarettes a day due to the chemicals - but men suffer no side effects

http:// www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-5397199/Cleaning-bad-womens-lungs-20-cigarettes-day.html

We're forcing the truth out of (((them)))

I watched it on the BBC, today.

There was some guy from a big chemicals company looking very uncomfortable about having to admit that all we've ever needed to use to clean our homes is a cloth and water!


*fingers crossed for London*

755752 No.403155

DeNiro on Fox.

F that chump!

71563d No.403156


uhmmmmm please don't do this. it's so intrusive and is not right morally…..

d25095 No.403157


The first part tells you how they do it

492308 No.403158


I would say imminent chatter, and the 24 means within 24 hours.

924d81 No.403159


I thought I was going crazy. Have you noticed the insane amount of symbolism and other things surrounding this movement and Twin Peaks?

It's incredible, to say the least.

855fb5 No.403160


https:// healthimpactnews.com/2017/healthy-traditions-adds-glyphosate-tested-italian-pizza-flour-to-product-line/

Healthy Traditions Adds Glyphosate-tested Italian Pizza Flour to Product Line

In 2014 when we tested our USDA certified organic grains, we found that almost all of them had traces of the herbicide glyphosate at levels similar to non-organic wheat. (See: ALERT: Certified Organic Food Grown in U.S. Found Contaminated with Glyphosate Herbicide.)

Some scientists and researchers believe that the epidemic of gluten-sensitive diseases we are seeing today are related to glyphosate, and not necessarily the gluten.(See: Common Weedkiller Used in Modern Agriculture Could be Main Factor in Gluten Intolerance.)

67fec8 No.403161


This is good but the Volvo thing is a little far stretched.

71563d No.403162


De Niro the pedo !

Watch who screams the loudest.

He's donzo.

eb3b9d No.403163


So. Any traffic cam.

eafbd6 No.403164


The Curia Jesters dance for the Black P.

The White P is the front man who kisses babies.

The Gray P is about to stand up. He is the Son of Perdition.

ee6124 No.403165


Are you telling me I put the brain…

ca0546 No.403166

My goal for Langley… After this is over, turn it into a Museum for what the Cabal did to us. Stars for every hero, every MKUltra victim, every life taken for false means. All of it. Never forget and make sure it's never hidden in the closet.

4ca297 No.403167


278382 No.403168


Embankment would be the ideal place for a car attack in london, even during rush hour - wide road, wide pavements. All the way from Westminster to Blackfriars. They'd do it during the day for maximum kills - just like Nice.

27a403 No.403169


That's quite the rise in price in the last 6 months. More than triple at some point.

7181ea No.403170



89bbb2 No.403171

File: 8f0da9ce72cd5e5⋯.png (206.8 KB, 717x368, 717:368, ClipboardImage.png)



i got this

So according to the Quran, the heavens have land animals like our Earth (not just angels). Actually the Quran says that some of those extraterrestrial creatures will invade Earth one day: There is a wormhole right here on Earth that connects Earth with another planet. One day the creatures on that planet will use this wormhole to invade Earth:

Allah gave a method of transportation to his angels throughout the universe. The Quran calls them 'Ma'arej ' (Quran 70.3) and describes how angels use them for long distance travel. Today Moslems know that these 'Ma'arej' is what scientists call wormholes. This is a picture of a wormhole. See how angels can reach any place in the universe before you finish reading this sentence: Wormholes in Quran.

Moslems also believe that wormholes are not strictly for the use of angels. Their prophet used a wormhole once in the 'Israa & Me'raj' (Me'raj is singular of Ma'arej) (Quran 17.1). In another incident the Quran describes a clan of 'Yagog and Magog' using a Me'raj (wormhole):

This clan (who didn't understand human speech) were wreaking havoc on Earth. They came from BEYOND the two dams that a human called 'Thu Al-Karnein' built. He built two iron dams; one at each end of a Me'raj. The ends of this Me'raj look like two shells (exactly like modern science describes the doorways of a wormhole):

49e805 No.403173


Oh puleeeze. FBIanon told us all way back in October that this vile creature is senile.

453deb No.403174


>My goal for Langley… After this is over, turn it into a Museum for what the Cabal did to us. Stars for every hero, every MKUltra victim, every life taken for false means. All of it. Never forget and make sure it's never hidden in the closet.

It'd make a really nice camp or school for kids with autism. <3

e1474a No.403175


Yes, it’s basically glyphosate reaction

f34e48 No.403176


>the woodpecker

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Duga_radar

e14ea6 No.403177

File: 0dd0a34702a05d1⋯.jpg (33.62 KB, 500x497, 500:497, 0dd0a34702a05d12c759ebf8fc….jpg)

Twatter Ammo

79769a No.403178


They’re web cam apps, it’s all PUBLIC

7196d3 No.403179


ummm they advertise it and people who sing are well aware of the webcam that people watch

its not like a hacked webcam

58422e No.403180

BJP claims PNB scam began under UPA govt, CBI FIR says it happened in 2017

https:// theprint.in/2018/02/16/bjp-claims-pnb-scam-began-under-upa-govt-cbi-fir-says-it-happened-in-2017/

9f3c3c No.403181

File: 35a7143d62a92d9⋯.png (1.17 MB, 922x705, 922:705, post 99.png)




Upload file name (and likely camera, no?):


>pic related

7d6f70 No.403182



Alcohol leads to drunk driving as

Medication leads to School Shooting…

we need to address Medication / Mental Health

not ban guns…

time to review #bigpharma…

think this could work as a meme..

drunk driving analogy to school shooting..

89a3b0 No.403183


Agreed he is extremely loud.

87b47f No.403184


I think Q is telling us that they were also warned and sit back and let it happen anyways

4017ca No.403185


I will follow any book….except the Quran. Thanks though

791613 No.403186





Complete Cooper MP3 Collection

>Here are the Hour Of The Time audio broadcasts of Bill Cooper, in MP3 format.

https:// web.archive.org/web/20180208023005/http:// www.hourofthetime.com/wordpresstest/milton-william-bill-cooper-mp3-collection/

3f529b No.403187


& leaky gut & diverticulitis & allergies ad nauseaum

Glyphosate liquefies your insides in large doses

8a1125 No.403188


This book should be required reading for all Patriots.

RIP Bill Cooper

512d07 No.403189


http:// livetrafficuk.com/?from=ltl

71563d No.403190


David Lynch is of the light..

Today I was thinking about how much Mulholland Drive seems to align with all of this, and Hollywood.

I think Lynch's symbolism of reality being a "nightmare" may be alot closer to the truth than we know.

I know Lynch is of the light and working for good….. His "abstract" films and Twin Peaks may be attempting to show us something about the truth of our reality..

What are some connections between Q / Current Affairs and Twin Peaks ?! (i'm a superfan!)

4a78f8 No.403191

File: fd973dbe816e677⋯.jpg (98.96 KB, 852x480, 71:40, lordsprayerforliberty2.jpg)

File: 5343dc8dd71c29e⋯.jpg (160.87 KB, 1004x522, 502:261, lordsprayerforliberty.jpg)

aa9ea5 No.403192


well right there is one the suicides.. watch.

4ed521 No.403193

File: 91c427f301af88c⋯.jpg (9.77 KB, 255x143, 255:143, ad93ae70c880f5b9ab488a0328….jpg)


Kek, love you back anon. Thanks for the lelz.

20c9f7 No.403194


Live ops would mean he’s letting everyone see. That would never happen. Black hats watching here. Stop yelling

9b6b4b No.403195

File: ac7b188f280a2dd⋯.png (707.92 KB, 490x654, 245:327, Screenshot-2018-2-16 Meme ….png)

a0be17 No.403196


He could literally be anywhere in SoFlo. Power lines and palm trees are EVERYWHERE. Having been a resident of the area though, very easy to tell its a FL sky. No mistaking the color. Weird how that works.

99c7ea No.403197

File: ced88d02aa3dd48⋯.jpeg (1.05 MB, 1472x1248, 46:39, 6BAAFBA9-E39B-447D-AAB1-A….jpeg)



Deniro with Roman Polanski and spy, Israeli Arnon Milchan

1b1cb9 No.403198

Volvo bus (transit?)

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Volvo_B7R

33d6ec No.403199

http:// www.bbc.com/news/uk-39355108

this attack ?

8216c5 No.403200


Don't drink it, genius!

67fec8 No.403201


Trump was basically vindicated today. Now the story flips to show the real crimes during the last few elections. You really think Obama won the popular vote?

Money = power = matrix

c0b9e4 No.403202


Late to this. Is that Big Ben in the background?

c45174 No.403203


Dutch is awesome

71563d No.403204


Same. I knew instantly that photo was of South Florida.

d25095 No.403205

This is near that one

http:// www.trafficdelays.co.uk/westminster-bridge-york-road-london-cctv-traffic-camera/

79769a No.403206


True… signs everywhere some even wave at the cameras

a0be17 No.403207


Maybe so. Or possibly telling the plotters they are busted.

87b47f No.403208



gang of mk ultra programmed thugs for use by the cabal which is why Sessions and company have been rolling them up.

e6feb1 No.403209


Yeah, I'm not sure what we (the US) could do about it besides warn Khan….WHO WILL DO NOTHING TO STOP IT!

23027f No.403210


Who if Frank Muth?

Who is Douglas Haig? Where does he work in MESA ARIZONA?

What can you do with 3x AH-6i trainers?


8dcd9e No.403211

File: 6872a11c17a901d⋯.png (22.55 KB, 333x250, 333:250, 1518831446326.png)


Everyone involved in the Seth Rich cover-up has to be terrified with these indictments today. What will he find digging into the DNC, Crowdstrike, etc.? Can't wait

5ebc82 No.403212

Speaking of ancient tech…

Who wouldn't want a vimana?

IMO.. so-called UFOs = Modern vimana tech.

6c0459 No.403213


Q is here. It's disrespectful and slides the board. Please. Shut up unless Q related.

a0be17 No.403214


Something about the color blue!

855fb5 No.403215

▶Q !UW.yye1fxo 02/16/18 (Fri) 20:26:57 No.99

File (hide): b11915573723c99⋯.png (1.51 MB, 591x1280, 591:1280, NSA_Traf_CAM_LONDON2847.png) (h) (u)

[UK] - Stay Alert.


▶Q !UW.yye1fxo 02/16/18 (Fri) 20:35:54 No.100








c51294 No.403216


That is what I was thinking the other day

0deadf No.403217


Fan-fuckin-tastic Anon, Thank you!

71563d No.403218


Weird connection between Q revealing that info about self driving cars,

and this threat along a major highway in London……… !

a98dea No.403219

File: 03037661c5c287f⋯.jpg (12.76 KB, 282x179, 282:179, shell stamp.jpg)


The emblem of St James Church is the shell

Knights of the Order of Saint James had been formed to protect travellers on the pilgrimage to the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in Northern Spain. The Benedictines built monasteries and hostels to host the pilgrims along the main pilgrim routes.

Europe’s first tourist industry was from the pilgrim routes and many businesses were created to serve the pilgrims. The pilgrims wore shells so that others would know they were pilgrims, and the hostels and other places that served the pilgrims displayed shells to attract the pilgrims. The card below was what Pilgrims got on their journey.

Prince Williams coat of arms 4 pearls, 6 shells

254be5 No.403220

File: cc0e096f8953a8c⋯.png (175.11 KB, 294x591, 98:197, Screenshot-2018-2-16 Volvo….png)

3f529b No.403221


You don't need to; it's already in all processed foods that contain glucose/fructose instead of real cane sugar

e862d9 No.403222


My guess is delta is a UK equivalent group to the Q team using Q as the cure will take affect worldwide. It only makes sense that they would be on the same page.

819f86 No.403223

I wonder if all those Muslim knife attacked were MK ultra or just jihad

fd5cf3 No.403224


Ready for handover?

d74acd No.403225

File: 8e14c9880e12acf⋯.png (206.86 KB, 670x1184, 335:592, Psychotropic_Drugs.png)


Now they do it in the open hand have doctors prescribing it to children and adults.

How many shooters have been prescribed one of these medications?

c1970a No.403226

File: 01fc4adbe343830⋯.jpg (22.79 KB, 985x176, 985:176, UK.JPG)

New Q - Chatter and 8 carats new plus now _24

ca0546 No.403227

File: cbd1f750d963be2⋯.png (113.56 KB, 500x414, 250:207, he-results-are-in-again-hi….png)

Can't wait for the election data to come out…

e6feb1 No.403228



d3d25a No.403229

File: 1a0f7e5f3c594a3⋯.png (1.53 MB, 1465x550, 293:110, cam.PNG)

966e5f No.403230

File: ccd52695de3758a⋯.jpg (128.94 KB, 750x526, 375:263, 750px-Sleep_EEG_Stage_4.jpg)

DELTA WAVE > UK could be looking at mind control/vehicle control terror type attack

A delta wave is a high amplitude brain wave with a frequency of oscillation between 0.5–4 hertz. Delta waves, like other brain waves, are recorded with an electroencephalogram[1] (EEG) and are usually associated with the deep stage 3 of NREM sleep, also known as slow-wave sleep (SWS), and aid in characterizing the depth of sleep.

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Delta_wave





d25095 No.403231


This is a can near that one


49eeae No.403232

File: e24db0d9bedeabe⋯.png (36.25 KB, 943x582, 943:582, DREAMLAND.png)




79769a No.403233



39379d No.403234




This is the pattern to raise: corruption (by clowns) and collusion with dark agendas




73cbcb No.403235


Got something

Just spell it out man

At some point - you need to realize we have the library of congress on all conspiracy theories now

You can't just expect everyone to drop it all and run over to look at the page in your book.

So just spit it out.

793139 No.403236

File: ffcb0f68c8079e4⋯.jpg (861.67 KB, 3500x2680, 175:134, obamabowed.jpg)


>Working on a new meme and need help finding a decent resolution photo of HUSSEIN

>leaning over, smiling, and pointing. Seen that photo used in a meme with him pointing

>at Michael's junk, but all the ones were low res.

https:// timeswampland.files.wordpress.com/2013/12/93044746.jpg

For the Anon who wanted HI RES Obama bowing

Happy memeing bro!

t.meme general

67fec8 No.403237


Can't wait to show my grandkids someday.

>This is when we shit posted the cabal with memes.

>This is KEK, he was with us son.

>Future Proves Past Museum

278382 No.403238

a0be17 No.403239


Did you watch the summary video from CSTT last night? I believe the helos were military from the Saudi Natl Guard training camp.

4f10d1 No.403240

File: 88f717169550910⋯.jpg (66.97 KB, 578x490, 289:245, LdR We Can Hear You Breath….jpg)

d25095 No.403241


Meant this one

http:// www.trafficdelays.co.uk/westminster-bridge-york-road-london-cctv-traffic-camera/

27a403 No.403242


Plus side, I just checked my water delivery it's cheaper to get distilled. I'm getting me like 10 bottles.

f8e2be No.403243



Dec 22 2017 01:36:43



ID: 5902e7


We are moving fast.

Remember, not all within the C-A, D-J, F-I are bad apples.

House cleaning (TOP).

Restructuring (1 to 2). ←- THIS!!?

Operations 24/7.



237eeb No.403244

Victoria Embankment Camera. It's still a loop though. \



170b06 No.403245


Q's other post had a 17:59:04 (5:59 PM) Timestamp. Could this be the appointed time of the attack?

89b9c3 No.403246

Q's pic looks like it's near Buckingham palace - it'd be slightly behind and to the left the way the camera is pointing. I -think- where the palace guards barracks would be off to the right, but I'm less sure on that.

5ebc82 No.403247


The Michael Hastings murder provided more of a window into how (((they))) operate than most normies that read Rolling Stone would be comfortable looking into.

a64160 No.403248

File: 9e5abcc635244c4⋯.png (600.12 KB, 871x499, 871:499, screenshot_1379.png)

Rob Reiner ←—– Yutz

ee6124 No.403249



Brake tampering

05be3b No.403250


Don't know how you came up with that bullshit but please spell "Muslims" correctly.

e6feb1 No.403251


Yes, one that is more military one that is more how we see it now.

5f298a No.403252

Q !UW.yye1fxo 02/14/18 (Wed) 18:59:04 No.90


Q !UW.yye1fxo 02/16/18 (Fri) 20:35:54 No.100


_72 and _24 are apparently T-minus.. event could be tonight or tormorrow

6818a9 No.403253


did you actually get the link?

it showed nothing when i went

645b33 No.403254

File: 42233f6ce35ee52⋯.jpg (103.88 KB, 750x414, 125:69, IMG_2958.JPG)

File: 7eca76372a4a058⋯.jpg (183.88 KB, 750x593, 750:593, IMG_2967.JPG)

c51294 No.403255

File: d91cbefc4a08d61⋯.jpg (198.76 KB, 1248x832, 3:2, Volvo B7.jpg)

e2678c No.403256


Justly I remembered of UK..,ugh..

50e248 No.403257

Long but interesting article from 2010…

Bombshell: Barack Obama conclusively outed as CIA creation

Wayne Madsen Report

https:// infowars.com/bombshell-barack-obama-conclusively-outed-as-cia-creation/

71563d No.403258


You think they are all MKUltra…

I know many of them are teenagers, and start their incitation at like 12-13…

Has anyone else read multiple times that MKUltra mind control wear off after 20 years? Thus why so many celebrities like Shia LaBeouf, Kanye, Brittany Spears, Mariah Carrey, fuck the list is endless have these meltdowns (usually in their early 30s, meaning they began programming around 10… child stars? Disney Channel kids, Timberlake, Gosling, Spears, etc? Ryan Gosling trying to tell us something via the new Blade Runner?

f34e48 No.403259


Genetically modified zombie attack chickens.

e6feb1 No.403260


Said could not be found when I plugged it in.

e24d81 No.403261


Nobody is retard. Now we know its hours till day/event.

855fb5 No.403262


Is MS-13 all "mk ultra programmed"

Aren't they a murderous gang who, instead of extensive psychologial torture, would respond to an influx of simple cash money?

In other words, they're simple hit men?

c1970a No.403263


EU is now LONDON

0deadf No.403264











Thank you William. You are among us. God Bless your Soul.

241031 No.403265

Is there a Team Delta in the UK secret service?

c97c7f No.403266


Victoria Embankment 100m from Big Ben is where this Camera is placed.

Watch this road anons !

82c242 No.403267

File: 51f6e6e46160466⋯.jpg (121.48 KB, 720x720, 1:1, corporategeometry.jpg)

4a78f8 No.403268

File: d14e28379a5feee⋯.jpg (318.96 KB, 1000x667, 1000:667, UKWARNING.jpg)

887dff No.403269

File: b7bbff372af4c38⋯.jpg (139.11 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, 30888163.jpg)

a2eccd No.403270

File: 8250dd2a431be9b⋯.png (20.22 KB, 760x227, 760:227, updatedQ.png)

f71757 No.403271


He's walking it back a lot from last time he was on?

79769a No.403272

https:// patriotbeat.com/2018/02/16/official-sessions-finally-taking-action-fbi/

9aeccc No.403273


Please be certain these stupid, evil creatures are publicly humiliated. Please. Thanks.

ca0546 No.403274


No, we got 72 hours other night. It's 24 hours now. Delta is the threat level. It means threat of terrorist attack in that area.

e52413 No.403275

File: ff578b75ebd40a9⋯.png (845.56 KB, 720x1185, 48:79, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 972dfdaf0878f9e⋯.png (3.61 MB, 1157x1600, 1157:1600, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 86e4280980a0ce9⋯.png (1.97 MB, 1800x1180, 90:59, ClipboardImage.png)

File: fc3f0829723276d⋯.png (4.81 MB, 1288x1729, 184:247, ClipboardImage.png)

File: dac42723e35dae3⋯.png (1.5 MB, 1198x1200, 599:600, ClipboardImage.png)

71563d No.403276


Another one bites the dust.

He has been screaming, bigely, for a long time as of recent…… He's toast and he knows it.

2ac8dc No.403277


qanonmap.github.io is soon to be defunct.

Replacement site: http:// qanonposts.com/

f4d44b No.403278

File: e7b1f21fd81f4fd⋯.png (201.33 KB, 496x567, 496:567, ClipboardImage.png)


money marries money, not love…

This Hilton bimbo married into Rothschilds and in the future we will have another empty headed full of itself Lynn II talking to us minions…

e14ea6 No.403279


8ch better than FBI

03195a No.403280


Pic is definitely at least a year old.

There are 3 oncoming lanes of traffic in the pic. Now there are only 2 lanes on that side of the road.

Check out Google Street View.

Sometime between July 2015 and April 2017 the road layout was changed.

2015: https:// www.google.ca/maps/@51.5063957,-0.1225076,3a,75y,217.74h,71.56t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sQET18IgC6Af1es85lQFBHQ!2e0!7i13312!8i6656

2017: https:// www.google.ca/maps/@51.5063867,-0.1225165,3a,75y,217.74h,71.56t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sN1yUmxBIuTNZHAEJ3CCndg!2e0!7i13312!8i6656

720b6f No.403281


I remember hearing something about FBI knew about him selling weapons.. also something about possible connections to the ATF Phoenix office that was involved with fast and furious.. his father was also on the top 10 fbi most wanted list.

5f298a No.403282

File: 503b55fa5ef8efd⋯.png (13.5 KB, 329x251, 329:251, 1518832514238.png)

d3d25a No.403283

File: ba91e1ce74554ae⋯.jpg (160.56 KB, 1024x879, 1024:879, First_Wright_Eclipse_Gemin….jpg)


https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Volvo_B7TL

67fec8 No.403284


Try during off hours. Q posts habbening so no derails will be discussed. I learned this multiple times.

083371 No.403285

File: 76199492316c5f2⋯.jpg (16.8 KB, 297x136, 297:136, eu.JPG)

File: 777c5c90b94d0da⋯.jpg (17.99 KB, 321x151, 321:151, lon.JPG)



e862d9 No.403286

I get it now. MKULTRA and the orion project will be made public by the public itself, brought to the attention of the president. An internal investigation will be handled which will lead to the decision to kill of the agency as a whole, the operations will then be handed to the NSA. The CIA was never intended for the US goverment anyways. It was always the cabal's spying agency paid for by the US tax payers.



a0be17 No.403287


Sadly it's not difficult.

3d8fc2 No.403288


Or better yet, how many kids are on high dose psychotropic's, in school and what's their social profile like ? Building and monitoring profiles like this can help stem the incidents ? Not sure how legal that is though ?

37c6b4 No.403289


>no live ops

Guess u missed the great shanghai in Shanghai.

241031 No.403290


They're either going to crash one into people somewhere or blow one up. Are there any big events going on in any big cities in the UK within the next 24 hours?

6818a9 No.403291


me too

guess I will be reading while on the road next week.

924d81 No.403292


Some things off the top of my head (but there's way more, just re-watch the series):

owls are not what they seem

pale horse/white horse

importance of the ring

a LOT of talk about cia/fbi/illuminati/freemasonry in the book

aleister crowley

Fuck, there's a lot more. But I'm a bit inebriated at the moment. But if you're really a fan, you should read The Secret History of Twin Peaks. It's laced with this stuff.

887dff No.403293

71563d No.403294






f71757 No.403295


She would look hot in antlers.

fd5cf3 No.403296


They're too late. We got to the people first.

ba3330 No.403297


>Pyramid will collapse.

>Think shell.

Pyramid is like a shell.

Meaning once the sides fall there is nothing else left holding up the pyramid/trifecta.

Its game over.


Referring to Royal Dutch Shell the oil company.

Globalist controlled and used to further their goals for decades.

WW2 for example:

- http:// royaldutchshellplc.com/2009/08/07/evidence-of-how-royal-dutch-shell-saved-hitler-and-the-nazi-party/

645b33 No.403298

File: 6816907714ec95b⋯.jpg (468.03 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, IMG_2195.JPG)

a98dea No.403299


very very nice anon top kek

67fec8 No.403300


They knew him! Every casino knew him and he was like Barry Seal back in the day. CIA pilot

9919fd No.403301

File: 1d16bddbee2705a⋯.jpg (21.57 KB, 275x183, 275:183, MeccaFarted.jpg)


The worm hole opens every time someone bends over and faces Mecca.

6818a9 No.403302


the link didn't work

0deadf No.403303

File: af0c4724685a395⋯.png (347.68 KB, 650x434, 325:217, __LdR.png)

File: dc48b22fb492cf1⋯.jpg (435.3 KB, 565x692, 565:692, __LdR Artwork.jpg)

File: 73d03fdf2395cb3⋯.jpg (456.67 KB, 565x692, 565:692, __LdR Artwork2.jpg)

741bd8 No.403304



As Cooper moved away from the UFOlogy community and toward the militia and anti-government subculture in the late 1990s, he became convinced that he was being personally targeted by President Bill Clinton and the Internal Revenue Service. In July 1998 he was charged with tax evasion; an arrest warrant was issued, but Cooper eluded repeated attempts to serve it. In 2000, he was named a "major fugitive" by the United States Marshals Service.[6]

On November 5, 2001, Apache County sheriff's deputies attempted to arrest Cooper at his Eagar, Arizona home on charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and endangerment stemming from disputes with local residents. After an exchange of gunfire during which Cooper shot one of the deputies in the head, Cooper was fatally shot. Federal authorities reported that Cooper had spent years evading execution of the 1998 arrest warrant, and according to a spokesman for the Marshals Service, he vowed that "he would not be taken alive".[1]

d25095 No.403305


No, it's north east of big Ben near whitehall gardens

261cf2 No.403306


one ATTACK_72 the other ATTACK_24

Any idea what it means?

c51294 No.403307


I got mine where they named my bus B7

67fec8 No.403308


You are getting better and better.

3570ea No.403309

Theresa May is in Germany for Brexit talks with Merkel. She arrived today and is trying to setup a security pact with the E.U.

https:// news.sky.com/story/angela-merkel-boosts-theresa-mays-hopes-of-a-bespoke-brexit-deal-11253457

71563d No.403310


Hell yes.

Do you agree Lynch is a good person and working for the good/the light?

I believe this deeply. He may be aware of alot of the shit regarding the OTO (Crowley) that is so prominent in LA as he has lived there for decades…..

6d3f7e No.403311



67fec8 No.403312


Hours anon.

f71757 No.403313


Royal Dutch Shell was my thought too. Dutch, Orange, Prince who died. They've been in the news more recently.

89bbb2 No.403314

File: b676ce1d3993f5b⋯.png (532.62 KB, 548x391, 548:391, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 00e98ca2004119d⋯.png (296.21 KB, 270x440, 27:44, ClipboardImage.png)

File: df0e8f8e227c9fd⋯.png (384.46 KB, 605x379, 605:379, ClipboardImage.png)



ex machina

82ee26 No.403315

File: 0a907124d882077⋯.jpg (44.94 KB, 375x199, 375:199, Shine the light on that da….JPG)



All I did from original photo Q posted… was zoom and play with the contrast…etc.. basic edit tools.

58422e No.403316


Not posted exactly 48 hours apart so DELTA is not a time marker.

What else can DELTA mean?

b26279 No.403317



uhhhh why????????

4a78f8 No.403318


If we can get this spread it might just foil their plans!

ca0546 No.403319


72 hours 2 days ago.. 24 hours now. Meaning within that time range is what chatter is revealing.

7196d3 No.403320

File: 0bcadc01c4d4168⋯.png (702.88 KB, 794x523, 794:523, ClipboardImage.png)

4ca297 No.403321

Sky News is Live

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=U2HvpnStNQo

a98dea No.403322

File: 129983fd733dac4⋯.jpg (405.83 KB, 565x692, 565:692, LDR_art_Soros.jpg)

File: 07a3b377c43cabd⋯.jpg (123.61 KB, 685x456, 685:456, LDR_couch_boot.jpg)

0deadf No.403323


Did you remove the spaces? There are 2

c29ad4 No.403324


The "72" could have meant within 72 hours (3 days)

The "24", dropped 2 days later, thus could mean within the next 24 hours (1 day)

6d3f7e No.403325


I believe DELTA is a "Q" stationed in the UK

5f298a No.403326


I take it to mean event likely in next 24 hours

083371 No.403327


I think it's the same attack. As time got closer, Q team narrowed down the location

c15adb No.403328


East Coast prolly NE FL area

170b06 No.403329


the first one was posted two days ago, the other one today. 72 hours - 48 hours = 24 hours.

23027f No.403330


OK, saudi air national guard that has 3 ah6i trainers in mesa arizona, where douglas haig (the guy who supposedly sold paddock ammo) works. The people that did 1oct are already locked up. Combo revenge for POTUS callout in SA and assassination attempt on MBS. There's a reason we never saw muzzle flashes from the hotel room. Paddock is a distraction.

0a8f82 No.403331


Invisible spaceships up there watching.

58422e No.403332


too much traffic, they're going to shut it down

a1d755 No.403333


Twin peaks is our show. Liberals like it but it belongs to us.

ee6124 No.403334



c0da00 No.403335


>IMM = imminent..immediate…


Shtap it with the "immigrant" chatter, you're revealing your limited perspectives. Could be foreign (immigrants), could be domestic, we'll see if it happens.

247a9c No.403336


reversingvaccineinduceddiseases.com/about.html - Dr Calrey.

matrixfiles.com/hgnb/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=45&sid=be2ae8183cf1eb47ae41c403c8b97d7a - radio show with Dr Carley.

https:// groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/Vaccinations/info - run by a nurse. She uses Homeopathy, as does Dr Carley, to reverse vaccine injury.

jimhumble.is - has a cheap protocol to use to also reverse vaccine injury.

67fec8 No.403337

Wasnt there some kind of countdown from 72 hours from some anon a few weeks ago? It may be a coincidence but I remember some anons talked about it

e6feb1 No.403338

I don't think the attack will be in London. Somewhere else in the UK though.

ba3330 No.403339

DELTA is a threat level aka imminent/known location.

>THREATCON DELTA: (Threat level critical) This condition applies in the immediate area where a terrorist attack has occurred or when intelligence has been >received that terrorist action against a specific location or person is likely. Normally, this THREATCON is declared as a localized condition.

ce07c5 No.403340


Photo was taken from one of the 2 Golden Jubilee Bridges.

Geo coordinates 51.506597, -0.122390

9a7757 No.403341

File: f2b18d1253c4251⋯.png (125.22 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20180216-204756.png)

File: 82e926da367ebb8⋯.jpg (232.6 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20180216-204857.jpg)

File: efc67f4609d58df⋯.png (789.44 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20180216-205549.png)

File: f0c08c555a15014⋯.png (321.62 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20180216-205623.png)

Rocxanne deschamps some criminal records on fraud

i saw this post fb in her comments where someone mentioned that she took the kids money or something so heres some stuff i found

https:// m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10216081297332163&id=1441629009

71563d No.403342


two separate attacks?

I have a feeling one will be pedestrian, one will be on the road via the hacked self driving system Q mentioned recently… Probably a Volvo truck smashing into pedestrians in a hugely densely tourist area.

It's very strange, almost all the companies CEO's that were invited to Trump's dinner in DAVOS were leaders of known Cabal companies…

7cad30 No.403343



1b1cb9 No.403344


DELTA is Delta Force. Pain.

e4076c No.403345

File: 0dcce426820e738⋯.png (560.77 KB, 2285x1714, 2285:1714, short trees.png)

Just sayin'

http:// www.andyworthington.co.uk/2008/08/01/secret-prison-on-diego-garcia-confirmed-six-high-value-guantanamo-prisoners-held-plus-ghost-prisoner-mustafa-setmariam-nasar/

241031 No.403346


"Delta" is not a part of the message. It follows a comma after Q's signature, so in my mind it means that there is somebody or a group named Delta that Q is working with who is monitoring the situation there.

720b6f No.403347





Operation artichoke

Operation mosquito

Project Bluebird

Project chatter

It’s all connected

e52413 No.403348

File: 682eb11946e469c⋯.png (62.48 KB, 800x600, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 29ceebfe5f5f8d0⋯.png (172.14 KB, 590x350, 59:35, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 3cd6cf4cceee07f⋯.png (342.02 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

6818a9 No.403349

c0b9e4 No.403350


There's an ms-13 thread where some of us started outlining connections . Could definitely use help.

d25095 No.403351

Anons, I can go to that spot tomorrow. Shall I check it out?

819f86 No.403352

However Russians discovered which ELF frequencies did what to the human brain and began zapping the US Embassy in Moscow on 4 July 1976 with electromagnetic-waves, varying the signal, including focusing on 10 Hz. (10 Hz puts people into a hypnotic state, Russians and North Koreans use this in portable mind-control machines to extract confessions.

http:// www.haarp.net/mindcontrol.htm

0f33f7 No.403353


same attack dumb fag, narrowed down location and time, now 24 hrs away not 72.

e2678c No.403354


London Bridge?. oh shit?

a64160 No.403355


www.instagram. com/p/Baz9xT7l2-n - dominos

www.instagram. com/p/Bbm4tnVFgYv - panda ice cream

www.instagram. com/p/BZtZ2tClAej - pink unicorn

www.instagram. com/p/BZnBFhdFyT3 - red dress

www.instagram. com/p/BZm4LKZFLxC - red dress

www.instagram. com/p/BZl8at9lSAz - hugh heffner

www.instagram. com/p/BZhsv20Fs70 - red shoes

www.instagram. com/p/BZbptsaF7mv - blow up unicorns

www.instagram. com/p/BYCXhjmF0Dr - cheese pizza

www.instagram. com/p/BVvUsPtlSrn - baby bunny doll

www.instagram. com/p/BVIi4Rxl5EG - butterfly

www.instagram. com/p/BVDFIicl7pM - beta kitten

www.instagram. com/p/BS7Bh62loKl - red shoes

www.instagram. com/p/BQbHwj7D2ZN - red shoes

www.instagram. com/p/BP3Z78aDPcO - beta kitten pizza

www.instagram. com/p/BMkHP3vD0lq - red shoes

www.instagram. com/p/BLyoojfjiq7 - red shoes

www.instagram. com/p/BLUNg_9jCpN - doll w/red shoes

www.instagram. com/p/BKoIBVzDF20 - Lyn & Nikki red shoes on table

www.instagram. com/p/BDOK-FXjXSk - beta kitten

www.instagram. com/p/BC_WGAADXf_ - pasta

www.instagram. com/p/BC0YEisDXcq - beta kitten

www.instagram. com/p/__U3gNjXUP - owl sign

www.instagram. com/p/8-9ya3jXTt - red shoes

www.instagram. com/p/71I216jXed - pasta

www.instagram. com/p/7l0T0bDXS- - pasta

www.instagram. com/p/4IigSojXTJ - fresh hot pizza

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www.instagram. com/p/un-JFtDXRY - pizza red clothing

www.instagram. com/p/ucS7hUjXUF - affiliation to Beyonce'

www.instagram. com/p/sGl-AMjXTI - weird bunny paintings

www.instagram. com/p/rt1rAXDXb0 - naked dolls

www.instagram. com/p/qCEQWRDXWJ - Nikki & Obama

www.instagram. com/p/pcHoL3DXfU - beta kitten

www.instagram. com/p/oSKtjwDXUv - red shoes beta kitten

www.instagram. com/p/oODvoMDXSo - beta kitten

www.instagram. com/p/mEqTCqDXUM - red sole shoe

www.instagram. com/p/kLRB6QjXVq - heart shaped cheese pizza

www.instagram. com/p/hmkuLhjXdJ - weird ring

www.instagram. com/p/hG8AZPDXRm - cheese pizza

www.instagram. com/p/XXk4oKDXVS - Obama White House Visit

3f529b No.403356

File: 57e55551731fe20⋯.png (469.31 KB, 476x743, 476:743, ClipboardImage.png)

8a1125 No.403357


We need a library here. A lot of (younger?) Anons don’t know about some very interesting and old school white hats. Books like these line the shelves for many of us - it wasn’t always about Goog and Duck2Go;)

6fd09d No.403358


Also, fibonacci…(phi) the golden ratio


237eeb No.403359

British folks in chans or listening, I don't know the streets leading in well enough, but I got that one with the Thames on the left and Victoria Embankment. If there is another closer to the clock so that we could see it, and match it better, It's a long list by street and location.

That loop is ghey and too short. too much to miss. Looking for other sources.

15469a No.403360

File: 68f228b26f5f441⋯.jpeg (106.29 KB, 1080x613, 1080:613, 1518832765.jpeg)

ee6124 No.403361

9a7757 No.403362


Holy shit!

5f298a No.403363

Wasn't there a planefag tracking a curious aircraft in the UK earlier today?

Can any planefags report?

b03db5 No.403364

File: 5dbc079ea9ba605⋯.png (517.6 KB, 720x480, 3:2, hmmmmm.png)

for the boyz

14d3c5 No.403365

e23405 No.403366



ALOT of sauce. Hundreds of books that will help us build the map.

http s://me ga.nz/#F!k n5lQJ5I


c51294 No.403367

Hannity on

71563d No.403368


I'd agree. I'm surprised.

The majority of huge Lynch fans I am friends with are also "Truthers" and are extremely open minded/ not your average sheep…… I guess it makes sense, it takes an extremely open mind to truly enjoy Lynch's beautiful works.

a0be17 No.403369


West Palm Beach and south. East coast.

6818a9 No.403370


did it the 4th time- got it..

512d07 No.403371


sauce? link?

I have been checking all the traffic cams around big ben here

http:// livetrafficuk.com/?from=ltl

and none of them appear to match this view

89bbb2 No.403372


its a cut and paste job. im not muslim. i do study theology tho and they believe in aliens and wormholes and stuff. its in the quran. all abrahamic religions believe in aliens. hindu too.

thats all i have to say about that.

9919fd No.403373


What's this?

254be5 No.403374

File: 47fce589edad6d2⋯.jpg (6.38 KB, 215x249, 215:249, kek.jpg)

e862d9 No.403375


Will absolutely do once I am done with my job. Just taking a peak of this on a break right now.

237eeb No.403376


No idea, but I don't think so, or who knows. that camera is not that bridge. It isn't even a bridge… the map they have for cams doesn't allow me to pick by location, which is dumb. LOL

f6296c No.403377


Then tagged the RNC leader to be his taskmaster.

Quite the show.

67fec8 No.403378


London anon.

4a78f8 No.403379

File: ce7b135cd6642ea⋯.jpg (324.28 KB, 1000x667, 1000:667, UKWARNING2.jpg)

File: d14e28379a5feee⋯.jpg (318.96 KB, 1000x667, 1000:667, UKWARNING.jpg)

743282 No.403380


Another factor to consider with cancer is that as the diagnostic procedures become more sensitive, cancers are being detected at earlier stages, which lengthens the overall survival times. This is used as "proof" that the allopathic treatment strategies are appropriate when it's merely a result of earlier diagnoses.

9a05a4 No.403381


This is where else we might find the Y

c15adb No.403382


how do we know this street picture is from Q?

e6feb1 No.403383

File: f9e2f4491ccf2df⋯.png (952.5 KB, 911x430, 911:430, uk.PNG)



No foliage on trees here.

ca14c3 No.403384


Attack on bridge last year.

aa0836 No.403385

File: f69ba4ff9802603⋯.jpg (7.88 KB, 255x117, 85:39, 72.jpg)

File: d0ab64a1854860f⋯.jpg (7.91 KB, 255x120, 17:8, 24.jpg)

Quys looks loke we have a countdown

Was _72

Now _24

So we are looking at tomorrow Night.

371c00 No.403386

File: 8542b48ea8226e9⋯.jpg (98.13 KB, 850x681, 850:681, shoephone.jpg)

Would you believe?

804970 No.403387

File: c3d484614d5e749⋯.png (250.23 KB, 1090x522, 545:261, b7v.png)


http:// www.maxcessintl.com/magnetic-particle-clutches-and-brakes/magpowr-b-7v-and-b-20v-vertical-magnetic-particle-brakes

d25095 No.403388


Will do. I know exactly where it is.

72 hours was 50 hours ago

0803b2 No.403389


How about a meme suggesting cars be banned? 50,000 a year die in the US in auto accidents!

7196d3 No.403390

File: f8e2c3ecce4ee20⋯.png (108.28 KB, 759x582, 253:194, ClipboardImage.png)


http:// canadafreepress.com/article/cia-mind-control-mass-shootings-is-there-a-correlation

71563d No.403391


who's instagram?

I am very careful what I look at online.

I don't want to be recorded looking at anything involved with Pedo shit….

617c4d No.403392

File: 9aa49fae0a62bfc⋯.jpeg (276.01 KB, 862x1469, 862:1469, F33B6244-90BF-4ECF-B0BF-B….jpeg)

02330c No.403393

File: b5e76d9c2cc3fc0⋯.png (96.58 KB, 616x409, 616:409, Screen Shot 2018-02-16 at ….png)


b26279 No.403394



ok makes sense. How do we verify if everything is 100% the same

cd22fe No.403395


90 EU ,EU 72

100 UK, LONDON 24, CHATTER^^^^^^^^

e6feb1 No.403396



f71757 No.403398

Pyramid Scheme? CIA? Bit Coin?


c6bb80 No.403399


Delta is the threat level

b03db5 No.403400











e2678c No.403401


London Bridge!?.., Shit??

dc803d No.403402


I think Q is waiting for the sunlight to come out of the clouds. I think he's waiting for us to put something together and shine the light in the public

69b911 No.403403

That's victoria embankment in the new pic q posted.

e52413 No.403404

Hooktube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

Brzezinski's Option Kill vs Control

Berezinsky on the state of modern political awareness, and the final solution.

05b8ba No.403405


Is it wrong to say that the LSD being sold on the street

was made in a professional laboratory?

and what lab would that be?

5ebc82 No.403406

File: 6d30504cb485996⋯.png (39.64 KB, 534x510, 89:85, 6d30504cb485996f87b7fa5877….png)


Being a Patriot, yo

89bbb2 No.403407


yep all i use is dish soap or vinegar to clean basically the whole house.

791613 No.403408



Try this link:


cae8a8 No.403409

Link to London traffic cams http://


791613 No.403410


trying again


73cbcb No.403411

>>403386 Next time Q says Pick up the Phone - this gets posted

74ef4c No.403412

File: f8ab4d15a9648af⋯.png (139.87 KB, 831x851, 831:851, strange.png)


So, I found this on DDG whilst searching for:

>"john suh" "committee of 300"

Here's the 5 results it yields:






Oh look, we've got another STRANGE YT ACCOUNT!!

Down the rabbit hole we go!

b008a2 No.403413

File: 548b523b6197527⋯.png (1.53 MB, 750x1334, 375:667, DDE22588-1E30-47B5-B387-1E….png)

What’s this cut out in the picture

241031 No.403414

Why would Q put the threat level AFTER his signature?

e6feb1 No.403415


Its not, its from a webcam.

311dac No.403416

Need help. I was in El Paso early 2011. Before fast furious was big. DEA agent made stop of 3 cars coming into US from Mexico loaded with firearms. ATF was contacted to make sure stop was by the book. ATF relayed back to release all vehicles. Agent was not ok with release, but was forced by superiors. Tried taking this to media, of course no one would take the story. How to prove?

b6f3e9 No.403417


There's nothing like a FL sky.

89bbb2 No.403418


yesterday the chatter was 12:34 was referring to something in london.

d25095 No.403419


I will leave before dark.

It's busiest during the day.

I'll be there from 11:00 to 13:00 just to post some shots.

e52413 No.403420

Hooktube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


One on One - Zbigniew Brzezinski

Published by Al Jazeera English on Sat, 11 Dec 2010 09:41:45 GMT

The former US national security adviser and geostrategist shares his experiences and views with Riz Khan.

f71757 No.403421

041775 No.403422


baking soda, too - works great

c20892 No.403423

File: b91156a4b55aca9⋯.png (970.53 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 1F0FCCDF-3D31-4246-A328-7B….png)

Figures. They should be held accountable. Not right.

05b8ba No.403424

File: 731bb7e65dc8a93⋯.png (191.74 KB, 482x329, 482:329, Truth-Washington-2.png)

File: 37b5e8e08435ce9⋯.png (209.03 KB, 482x329, 482:329, Truth-Washington-1.png)

a2eccd No.403425


also location now specific

855fb5 No.403426


Has Q mentioned them ever?

The majority conspiracy theory has Rothschild/Bankers at the top.

Catholicism has been relentlessly bashed for the last 50 years. Forced to change their traditional / Mel Gibson "Jews killed Jesus" doctrine. If Catholics or Jesuits were at the top, you'd think that they'd want wins and not a long losing streak.

Rothschilds / Bankers / Jews is the answer. Put Clowns in there as well.

7cad30 No.403427



237eeb No.403428


look near Downing street ending at 3211… That would be about right. headed to your link now.

453deb No.403429


>personally targeted by President Bill Clinton and the Internal Revenue Service. In July 1998 he was charged with tax evasion

Boys and girls, the IRS was weaponized by the Cabal in the 90's, confirmed. No surprise.

Same IRS that has been criminally IGNORING the Clinton Foundation and its many tentacles, AND the tax fraud committed by every rich muckety-muck who's contributed to it.

I want to see every Clinton Foundation principal, trustee, employee, and donor writing giant checks to the United States of America, paying the back taxes, fines, interest and penalties they owe. After they've busted their bank accounts, we can lock them up.

If you don't know Charles Ortel, find him on YouTube! The man has had ALL the financial & tax facts for over two years now!

ee6124 No.403430


Stay safe anon

71563d No.403431

File: d36536276cd762c⋯.jpg (137.28 KB, 1000x668, 250:167, Girl05_black-1.jpg)

https:// www.light-mandalas.com/

supposedly by far the best for helping us heal against these MKUltra / mind control systems…

from an extremely reliable and source who is extremely intelligent and knows exactly what the fuck is going on to us.

c97c7f No.403432


Big Ben is on the right hand side of the street where the camera is viewing,

Go on Google Maps, look for a road near Big Ben that curves the same way as in the Camera.

You'll conclude the camera is placed on Victoria Embankment, the street intersects near the bridge by Big Ben.

e52413 No.403433


https:// www.express.co.uk/news/weird/918811/End-of-the-world-fears-as-sky-turns-purple-Philippines

5760fe No.403434


Thank you.

ca14c3 No.403435


South Florida.

0ae692 No.403436


Any idea how "Inland Empire" might be related to this?

I would also recommend the movie "Timebomb" from 1991 (MkUltra related).

7196d3 No.403437

File: 44351f87bcd1119⋯.png (120.41 KB, 980x532, 35:19, ClipboardImage.png)

http:// www.homelandsecurityus.com/PDF/alexisreport.pdf

22f844 No.403438


Thank you anon!!!!!


If you look back at 1917 and the Liberation of Jerusalem, you will see that there was a 40 day period in which they conquered the Ottomans and retook the Holy City without firing a shot. It has been determined that 40 day period was exactly (I think, use for example until confirmed) 1280 years after another significant event, possibly something to do with the Roman Empire.

Now, I am aware of 4/20 being the date of the founding of Israel, fulfilling the prophecy of Isaiah 66:7-9: 7 “Before she laboured, she gave birth; before a pain came to her, she was delivered of a male child. 8 “Who has heard the like of this? Who has seen the like of these? Is a land brought forth in one day? Is a nation born at once? For as soon as Tsiyon laboured, she gave birth to her children. 9 “Shall I bring to birth, and not give delivery?” says יהוה. “Shall I who give delivery restrain birth?” said your Elohim.

I believe that we are looking at significant dates coming up. Assuming that prophecy will be fulfilled right on time, 4/20 minus 40 days would be 3/11. That puts us right before the Ides of March. Anyone notice that 4/20 is the "national day of weed"? What if- (they) knew that something significant would happen on that date in the future and they hijacked the date?

Lets look a little deeper. The SAME THING happened to MARCH 11!!!! Does that sound familiar? It is THE DAY of the bombing of the nuclear reactors in Japan in 2011!!!!! Yes, THAT "earthquake" and "meltdown" was a NUCLEAR BOMB BLAST that blew up at least 3 reactors, including one reactor that was DOWN FOR MAINTENANCE. If you UNDERSTAND NUCLEAR DESIGN and understand mechanical things, you will realize what REALLY HAPPENED on 3/11/11. ((((THEY LOVE THEIR DATES))))

According to Shocked By the Bible Friday the 13th is the date of the Devil's Death. Then you wonder why Friday the 13th is "unlucky".

X marks the spot, no? X of eclipses confirms the United States as THE SPOT and THE SAFE PLACE in the Tribulation. Look up the Seven Salems of the Eclipse.

c51294 No.403440


The real London Bridge is in Arizona. Go figure

8b6112 No.403441

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Saw this in a movie once.

720b6f No.403442


Only 4?? ;)

e6feb1 No.403443






Delta is who Q is working with.

d25095 No.403444


Maybe should watch on traffic cams and news?

5fc006 No.403445

File: b7d8bdb3fe7f77c⋯.jpg (98.23 KB, 640x853, 640:853, f80486de362015244ac1b04d68….jpg)

cd22fe No.403446


Plus CHATTER^^^^^^^^ Ideas???

f4d44b No.403447

File: decdb1b2d3f1cad⋯.png (275.41 KB, 807x1067, 807:1067, ClipboardImage.png)


2nd is fake, if not obvious

search with Tineye

https:// tineye.com/search/b386932cf31b04d08d637a688632f5997d8281ac/?

924d81 No.403448


I'm fairly certain he is. Though his imagery, whilst absolutely genius, can be really fucking disturbing. But I really believe him, and Mark Frost, have slowly been teaching us about all sorts of things. All relating to what is being discussed here. It's no coincidence at this point.

I'm going to re-watch Twin Peaks I guess. Season 3 was the best season of television in the history of mankind.

>is it future, or is it past?

a98dea No.403449


When I saw "shell" I immediately thought of this and that Epstein's island is "Little" St. James

Shell the symbol of the camino de Santiago pilgrimage

The Scallop Shell and St James

https:// www.followthecamino.com/blog/scallop-shell-camino-de-santiago

http:// wanderlustandlipstick.com/blogs/debbysdepartures/2012/08/20/the-scallop-shell-the-symbol-of-the-camino-de-santiago-pilgrimage/

0deadf No.403450

File: e21c21b2fc3c5af⋯.jpg (67.53 KB, 540x540, 1:1, cc64ebc04673ca5f8561eb566c….jpg)

File: 1bdbff482c865e5⋯.jpg (110.53 KB, 960x720, 4:3, 1bdbff482c865e5aaabb7ca73d….jpg)

File: 2c42de2da2503f2⋯.jpg (59.66 KB, 800x466, 400:233, 2c42de2da2503f2a262c462c67….jpg)

File: b2a6b836195830b⋯.png (43.52 KB, 2113x1709, 2113:1709, b2a6b836195830b06908cec560….png)

f4d44b No.403451


chatter through the ROOF

00c4aa No.403452

To all my fellow species on the side of light, stay vigilant, stay determined, and forever, stay free in mind, body, and soul. The future is ours one way or another, and sharing that future amongst all who have been deceived and harvested with full understanding that the methodology used to keep them asleep and did not affect those of you whom are fighting this battle for all is the reason behind their apparent ignorance and defiance in that which is true freedom of thought…true freedom of existence, and true patriotism not of country, but of life itself. The sleepers are not at fault. Your "normies" are nothing more than the same minds more susceptible to being led because generations upon generations of manipulative tactics were used and ALL were subjected to them.

I was "fortunate" enough to have been singled out due to disability at a very early age, and this allowed me the capacity to weather the storm that was my childhood and see social interaction for exactly what it was…a coordinated show controlled by fear of judgement and/or exclusion/segregation from "society"

There is not a doubt in my mind my "disability" was purposefully inflicted upon me for agenda associated with MK Ultra, and it is my belief that because I could not be "broken" I had to be fixed so as not to allow the powers which I have to be realized at full potential. I actually have proof of this, and have defiantly fought against (((them))) all of my life and have made sure (((they))) know I hold no fear nor prejudice against the attempts made to destroy my mind. What I see here is no different…and while I could very well be a top asset to either side, my reluctance to speak and participate is only due to the fact if you all fail….I WILL NOT….

Thank you all so much, and I PRAY one day in the near future we can share this whole event with our friends and relatives without the display of judgement which the world right now harbors as "mandatory social perspective." We all deserve to be heard, and we all deserve to listen, we all deserve the best each other has to offer regarding unconditional understanding of difference and celebration of that very difference as the variety of life. Without those differences, imagine what "society" would be like……I learned early to embrace and study differences, not judge and pass sentence upon. Thank you all for doing the same after all these centuries of programmed hatred based on false narrative. It will be up to those like us to teach others in the future, just as it is up to us right now to tear down the indoctrinated teachings of "society" as it were.

Above all else, while keeping the world's citizens safe, keep each other safe and always allow benefit of doubt, even if deemed undeserving of it by "majority"……we are not here to all have the same thoughts and feelings. <3

71563d No.403453


I love it here. After moving to NYC for 5 years, it's been beautiful being back HOME!

c29ad4 No.403454






Anyone able to make a meme of this^^^

c97c7f No.403455


UK Brexit Immigration Chatter I believe.

660cd3 No.403456


Do you notice the electrical tag?


e6feb1 No.403457


Is that big enough to be Big Ben?

909290 No.403458


Does it work on the mildew in the grout in the shower?

b133a0 No.403459


The chatter/planning has increased?

855fb5 No.403460


>That was to put Bush in office…FAIL

It was to bring Reagan to heel (I think Q used

c51294 No.403461


See through basketball hoop with back

e862d9 No.403462


B_7V a city bus. The target will be a buss, either a hijacking to turn it into a weapon or a bomb. Stay indoors.

71563d No.403463


In my research Nikola Tessla is more important than any of us could ever imagine……

0deadf No.403464

69b911 No.403465


The camera is on victoria embankment facing houses of parliament (running parralel to the river). Out of shot behind the camera the road continues past waterloo, southwark then london bridge. The area London bridge refers to the south side Which is also on the other side of the the river

a98dea No.403466


its a stretch, but your pictures remind me of the constant ringing in my ears like the "whoosh" sound when you hold a sea shell to your ear

71563d No.403467


Who the fuck is chattering ? The god damn Cabal?!

8b71c7 No.403468




“March [ ], 2018”

It’s going to be on March 7th, 2018.

ee6124 No.403469



Know your surroundings

c0da00 No.403470


How about we handle the problems on the ground right in front of us, instead of doing the opposite-ostrich thing (head in the clouds)?

Nov 21 2017 22:52:02

?40,000ft. v. (again) and need to decrease altitude to avoid ‘conspiracy’ label.

66b05d No.403471


You filled in a fake email, better not fill in any tho.

e24d81 No.403472


Clown will loose all control. No Such Agency will take over.

9a05a4 No.403473


Imminent would be my guess

e6feb1 No.403474


The people planning the attack.

22f844 No.403475


this post looks huge.. what do you have for proof? Please repost this until it gets attention- might have to wait until am breads or after midnight when fewer people are shitposting.

241031 No.403476

Probably will be London again. So sad, that place. Doesn't even look like a part of Europe anymore. Terror happens there all the time now. Sadiq Kahn says its the new norm, and the people just accept it. If ever there was a shithole…

b26279 No.403477


He is on the board for Freedom of Press Foundation

f54495 No.403478

File: ac7a490fa37ea8f⋯.png (81.02 KB, 225x225, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


God Bless you Sir

e23405 No.403479



i posted a mega link earlier in the bread, you should check out. Will be even better within 24 hours. Uploading a shitton of books collected over years. Bill Cooper would love the library, put it that way.

4fb8af No.403480


>A Central Intelligence Agency Project Artichoke document reads: "Not all viruses have to be lethal…the objective includes those that act as short-term and long-term incapacitating agents."

The project studied hypnosis, forced morphine addiction (and subsequent forced withdrawal), and the use of other chemicals including LSD, to produce amnesia and other vulnerable states in subjects

e4076c No.403482



breaking out of…


hiding behind

meh word association

accf4b No.403483

File: a8fb7c0261e12ef⋯.png (333.21 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-02-14-22-1….png)


I took a scrren of this when Q posted the 72H warning, thought it was relevant...

9de7cf No.403484


JFK said he would destroy the CIA, so they killed him. The CIA is the cabal's army embedded within the U.S. government.

15469a No.403487

File: b42c5f534452d30⋯.jpeg (93.18 KB, 1056x959, 1056:959, 1518833258.jpeg)

08f728 No.403489


We already have a time reference - 24. Why 2?

e52413 No.403490

File: 7e70ddf542d4981⋯.png (236 KB, 346x400, 173:200, ClipboardImage.png)

645b33 No.403491

File: 18ecacc0b45a5f2⋯.jpg (509.41 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, IMG_3035.JPG)

67fec8 No.403493


http:// dev.nrt24.ru/london-bridge-attack-8-minutes-horror-terrorists-strike-7-people-dead-50-wounded-photos/

e6feb1 No.403494



That's a pip, technically.

4f10d1 No.403495


Love Dan…no homo tho! lol

ee6124 No.403496


Minions of cabal several times removed

My guess


8118a1 No.403497


Nice anon

f71757 No.403498

Q gave us a perfectly falsifiable post. If there is a huge election take down in march, no one can dispute its accuracy. If there isn't, we can draw our own conclusions.

e4076c No.403500


>William Cooper…

(((THEY))) killed him too.

31e90e No.403502

File: 7f5913bd6706296⋯.png (71.13 KB, 802x245, 802:245, waiting.PNG)

f4d44b No.403503


I think it can be signature by two parties. Q&DELTA.

If those threat information come from DELTA group, or are confirmed, followed, actioned by DELTA group. ?

a98dea No.403504

I believe that the real reason big Pharma is around is to produce drugs to brainwash us, as detail in the post below by Mary Pinchot Meyers




e3268e No.403505


They obviously want a war, which makes me very suspicious of defense stocks, which are still up.

I expect that this FF bull shit will just get worse until we see defense stocks start to fall as they give up and dump them.

Just a thought …

99c7ea No.403506


Gotta love Dan

022213 No.403507


Nice thank you anon!

0deadf No.403508


Yes, I know - I memed it. KEK!

887dff No.403509

File: 9d04ee0e9c91690⋯.png (973.07 KB, 602x1200, 301:600, location.png)

645b33 No.403511

File: 74add94ec8df310⋯.jpg (148.88 KB, 620x750, 62:75, IMG_2930.JPG)

File: 25ab302f9b48717⋯.jpg (259.48 KB, 844x1045, 844:1045, IMG_3032.JPG)

22f844 No.403512



Thank you both

a98dea No.403513


they killed him and they killed this woman too


02fda6 No.403514

File: b344fa263e3999f⋯.png (103.51 KB, 590x625, 118:125, ClipboardImage.png)


Wow! Anons finding that one truth that is on top of decades of mountains - one mountain at a time!

9919fd No.403516



Only pussies are scared of cleaning chemicals.

19b742 No.403517

in Q post, we have 8 ^^^^^^^^


almost looks like tread on a tire..

855fb5 No.403518


Not Barry - Hillary Clinton.

There's a long line of dead bodies associated with the Clintons. The Clinton Body Count. We never saw that with Obama.

You have the Vince Foster murder to solve, and Whitewater could be opened up again.

Yes, Rothschild too.

But the target is more Hillary Clinton than it is Obama. But yeah, get both, of course.

Trump didn't say "lock him up" he did say, referring to Hillary "lock her up." Jailing Hillary is right on message.

89bbb2 No.403519


Q said before the posts refer to something that has already happened

9cde17 No.403520


>Why 2?

Not sure what you're asking here

241031 No.403521


Seems plausible. So glad I got to visit London years ago—when it was still a British city. And before all the people who are causing the problems there now came.

cb8b4f No.403522



Yup…that's what I meant….I've been going over old drops and I now have the Bigger pic!!!! NSA good guys now!!!

c29ad4 No.403523


Great work, Anon.

I think it's relevant!

645b33 No.403524

File: dba8a7d1f31987c⋯.jpg (434.71 KB, 1232x822, 616:411, IMG_2921.JPG)

e4076c No.403525


>"All of this has happened before, and all of this will happen again."?

DING DING DING…life is circular.

5ebc82 No.403526


Most advertising is produced with the express intent of inducing (you) to buy shit through hypnotism.

71563d No.403527


Free Will TRUMPS all I really believe this is Natural Law. And alot of the victims break and allow their free will to be broken into them accepting their terms.

In my research, there is nothing they can do to fight against people on a higher vibrational frequency and hate nothing more than awake people full of the LIGHT and who are working to help humanity at large. They also detest love as it creates even higher energy for those involved……

I truly believe the internet saved us. They never expected to lose, and for us to awaken from the slumber.

4f10d1 No.403528


The bastards! Bill Cooper's story just breaks my heart! Phil Schneider and so many others…

I hope "they" burn in hell!

68f5e7 No.403529


I’ve been following this board since November and have been concerned since day one about the fulfillment of Biblical project. In the Bible the first white horse also known as the false messiah arrives in victory accompanied by a prophet/religious leader.

Are we replacing one evil with another?

0bdd5d No.403530


This is sort of refreshing in a weird way– a shill that is promoting a product, rather than promoting the destruction of humanity :D

69b911 No.403532

(Q PIC RELATED) Victoria embankment doesn't have many London buses going down it but it does have a tonne of tourist buses and a few coaches.

b34dc9 No.403533


Spike strips

22f844 No.403534


Defense stocks? The whole world will soon be coming here for their weapons to fight Armageddon…..!

b26279 No.403535



819f86 No.403536

Out of 751 posts maybe 15 that are worth digging into?

e6feb1 No.403537




20c9f7 No.403538

You really think our white hats would allow something bad to happen and include us to watch? WTF. You are all forgetting what Q asked. Get over your drama crave and look at news.

261cf2 No.403539










Thanks. Just realized when I shared the Meme on social media that it was probably 24 hours. I think that Q's warning about the EU is the same as this one … hoping that is the case

1b1cb9 No.403540

Could a rogue sub make it up the Thames near the bridge?

716662 No.403541


He has stated distraction. We have plenty to focus on here on surface level. We can tackle space once everyone is locked up. Especially in 10years when we see tech they have had hidden the entire time.

512d07 No.403542

File: d7e1d19be202f85⋯.jpeg (18.8 KB, 208x242, 104:121, 2C3C58C8-DD16-48F7-A208-D….jpeg)


not doubting you on location I just can’t find *that* traffic cam

appears to be one that’s not on the traffic cam site.

it’s definitely Big Ben at night.

237eeb No.403543


Yes, but I have checked two sites including the London official one, and it is not right angle and too far from BB. It seems to be farther north (the official camera. What about one from the corner of that street Downing turns into after it crosses (around the top of Whitehall gardens) and then ends at 3211? Is here another one from there or… One of these webcam broadcasters like mentioned above?

f54495 No.403544

File: 13005effaca0718⋯.png (358.79 KB, 650x366, 325:183, ClipboardImage.png)


crumbs are good but bake that bread anon bite size it for the new faces

8b6112 No.403545

File: 78150707ce84157⋯.jpg (675.67 KB, 2000x1333, 2000:1333, jodie_foster_-left-_as_iri….jpg)

22f844 No.403546


Digging… yeah… sadly.

Chatter? Just that time of night, I like seeing what's going on.

19b742 No.403547


even better, I first thought it meant chatter coming from the top, very top of pyramid.

9cde17 No.403548


I'm not sure that there was a time when the NSA were black hats. The collecting of data is neutral, who USES that data, and for what is what makes it + or -

e4076c No.403549


Excellent…very pointed. Makes people THINK….

48c631 No.403550

File: 5612206c11c6490⋯.png (2.37 KB, 1008x59, 1008:59, 00.PNG)


0bdd5d No.403551


Not even close. If there are any religious overtones here, it is just a flavoring from the spirit of the times. There will be prophets, and you will know when there are– it won't be a stretched interpretation.

71563d No.403552


I truly believe that some of these Aliens are really Humans from the past that escaped their downfall by going underground/ using advanced tech to protect themselves.

These "ETs" who could be helping us may truly be our brothers and sisters.. Maybe on a Cosmic level…

038add No.403553


Eiffel Tower

08f728 No.403554


Imminent and immediate would be redundant time crumbs since we already have the 24 crumb.

924d81 No.403555



15469a No.403556

I tell myseelf everytime

954719 No.403557



WHOA wasnt it the Anti defamation league made the claim???

79769a No.403558


Cool ty

4e9482 No.403559


>Project MKOFTEN was a covert Department of Defense program developed in conjunction with the CIA. A partner program to MKSEARCH, the goal of MKOFTEN was to "test the behavioral and toxicological effects of certain drugs on animals and humans".[1]

>According to author Gordon Thomas' 2007 book, Secrets and Lies, the CIA's Operation Often was also initiated by the chief of the CIA's Technical Services Branch, Dr. Sidney Gottlieb, to "explore the world of black magic" and "harness the forces of darkness and challenge the concept that the inner reaches of the mind are beyond reach". As part of Operation Often, Dr. Gottlieb and other CIA employees visited with and recruited fortune-tellers, palm-readers, clairvoyants, astrologists, mediums, psychics, specialists in demonology, witches and warlocks, Satanists, other occult practitioners, and more.[2]

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Project_MKOFTEN

6d3f7e No.403560


Wrong country, faggot.

b51d08 No.403561

Can we just stop w muh opsec… if you think muh vpn or don’t enter email blah blah blah protects anybody, at this point you are sadly mistaken. Everybody is on a list

e3191c No.403562


3 people dead was their 9/11? Pppfft

e6feb1 No.403563

05b8ba No.403564

File: 8c7dfbae3cb9445⋯.png (155.14 KB, 438x249, 146:83, putin-1.png)

b34dc9 No.403565


aka the Pro Cabal League

71563d No.403566

It would take alot more than a few men to take down this Cabal which has ruled for as long as we can remember historically.

I honestly think we may be getting some sort of help from "Guardian Angels" of sorts…

I'm sure I'll be called a "fag" for even saying this.

855fb5 No.403567


>3 – Kennedy’s Assassination


>President Kennedy was assassinated

George Bush was in Dallas that day

c4cd13 No.403568


Verified account



33 minutes ago


BREAKING: White nationalist appears to have lied to the AP, other news outlets when he claimed that Florida school-shooting suspect was a member of his group

99f8d9 No.403569

File: f54a07466c833ac⋯.jpg (14.84 KB, 236x230, 118:115, 872b6c5dfa8dfd0f4b3ad9d3e2….jpg)


I thought it was Pisa.

66b05d No.403570


Trump raised military budged …would he do that if military is not behind him?

Could that be an underlying part of the market reaction?

Just some of my thoughts, not dismissing yours

7196d3 No.403572



FBI went to his house because he hacked a government website!! They let him off the hook but this is no coincidence!

f4d44b No.403573


the horns grow so quickly, adorable.

You just need the right chems!! :)

701488 No.403574



I use eucalyptus oil to clean everything, mirrors included. It's antibacterial, antifungal. You can get it at GNC. Mix 10 drops per spray bottle… For showers, tubs , use baking soda. If you have a defuser, use eucalyptus oil to kill bacteria in the air. Look into it. You're welcome. Stay healthy

0deadf No.403575


His research was stolen and silenced by (((them))). It is time his free energy, and all his other marvelous research, be given back to those whom he intended it for - Humanity… for their GOOD.

e6feb1 No.403576


haha true though.

71563d No.403577


Brings ELSAGATE to mind to me immediately….. Just my opinon.

5ebc82 No.403578


Why give (((them))) free beer? Fuck em. Make em work for it.

d8d760 No.403579

Board currently under attack. Almost impossible to navigate and post.

We're over the target Chaps!

Flack away glowing CIA shills!

655159 No.403580


I'm thinking this too.

c6bb80 No.403581


>JFK said he would destroy the CIA, so they killed him. The CIA is the cabal's army embedded within the U.S. government.

Not just the US.

f71757 No.403582

Do any francophilefags know why France/Paris is always the target of islamic terrorist attacks? They never seem to target other places in europe.

716662 No.403583


You missed one and since you have 11 in your number its appropriate. 9.11

b206c6 No.403584

File: ec848cde3f0e785⋯.png (418.45 KB, 603x523, 603:523, ClipboardImage.png)

This is also how we know this is a false flag.

Criminals trying to destroy the evidence.

ee6124 No.403585


Tourist buses targeted


More msm attention

Sympathetic worldwide attention

22f844 No.403586


Truth anon, Truth.

Revelations 12:1 fufilled 9/23/17

Currently seeing Rev 2:9 and 3:9 fulfilled.

67fec8 No.403587

File: bdd79b66180e2be⋯.jpg (96.99 KB, 600x450, 4:3, Victoria_embankment_london.jpg)

File: fe07fb1df4f0e9b⋯.jpg (80.26 KB, 390x540, 13:18, traffic-on-the-victoria-em….jpg)

fd5cf3 No.403588

Do we have a baker baking?

3b4d8c No.403589

File: f1a7202781c4443⋯.png (712.58 KB, 656x746, 328:373, Scavino45 2-16-18 FL 2.PNG)

68f5e7 No.403590

Is this the season before the opening of the seals when the Holy Spirit is poured out on the earth and the gospel reaches all the earth?

74ef4c No.403591


Any time, friend! ;)

WOW, this shit is really starting to make me giddy!

c29ad4 No.403592


Haven't you learned anything?

Lurk moar!

0deadf No.403593


Interesting anon…

241031 No.403594

File: a43dbcaf459f97a⋯.jpg (76.52 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 24qhzi.jpg)

24 hours…

4ed521 No.403595

File: e9dfd4953026c7e⋯.jpg (78.42 KB, 633x531, 211:177, e9dfd4953026c7e529cb4267b3….jpg)

Fresh MAGA Bread




One for Sarah with Love from US!

e52413 No.403597

File: b4be2462320cc1d⋯.jpg (674.88 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, M 5.1 - North of Severnaya….jpg)

Strange place for a 5.1 today.

7df387 No.403598

Easy to read article for those trying to red pill on secret societies….

Sku;; and b0nes = craddle for Clowns In Acid


dcf51c No.403599


dude I ain't looking at that stuff - I know pedo happens I don't need to see it.

98e760 No.403600

For those not familiar, William Cooper wrote Behold, A Pale Horse. Free PDF

http:// whale.to/b/cooper.pdf

ee6124 No.403601


Agreed anon

Sadly agreed

fac7d4 No.403602


what #hashtag are you proposing?


The memes about a 24 hour warning of an attack should have a date/time in them.

Warning from

now until 2:15 AM 17 February 2018.

Because if the memes are still floating around in the twittersphere a few days from now, they will just be alarming junk "crying wolf".

They need to have an expiration date/


755752 No.403603


I think his EO #11110 had more to do with it.

e6feb1 No.403604


The number of people in those cities is what attracts them.

41cffc No.403605

Why do we really not say his name? Is there a deeper meaning to that?

909290 No.403606


Thanks anon. Ill check it out

e4076c No.403607



(((THEY))) must go back…this shit…Londistan is a nightmare now.

655159 No.403609


They have a ton of them!

e3191c No.403610


Makes sense those 2 Q posts were signed by Q AND Delta. Neat. People working together to save the world. Niiice

716662 No.403611


We talked Elsagate so much yesterday. Might have been a bit of too much focus. But it is very curious as to him having followed so many of those kids accounts that had the videos. Did we ever discover what type of phone he had?

22f844 No.403612


There's a fryer fried.

87b47f No.403613

00c4aa No.403614


you are correct…I tried telling people the internet has always been there, it was only "released" to the public for utilization once it served their agenda……the downfall of the strong is usually due to the weakness of having that strength and not using it to benefit all.

e2678c No.403615



278382 No.403616

File: 9563c30740e41af⋯.jpg (62.09 KB, 474x522, 79:87, Feed me Sheeple.jpg)

Embankment has its own obelisk.

e862d9 No.403617


Fucking sandy hook all over again!

4e9482 No.403618


>In 1964, MKSEARCH was the name given to the continuation of the MKULTRA program. The MKSEARCH program was divided into two projects dubbed MKOFTEN/CHICKWIT. Funding for MKSEARCH commenced in 1965, and ended in 1971.[36] The project was a joint project between The U.S. Army Chemical Corps and the Central Intelligence Agency's Office of Research and Development to find new offensive-use agents with a focus on incapacitating agents. The purpose of the project was to develop, test, and evaluate capabilities in the covert use of biological, chemical, and radioactive material systems and techniques for producing predictable human behavioral and/or physiological changes in support of highly sensitive operational requirements.[36]

>By March 1971 over 26,000 potential agents had been acquired for future screening.[37] The CIA were interested in bird migration patterns for CBW research under MK/ULTRA where, a Subproject 139 designated "Bird Disease Studies" at Penn State.[38]

https:// en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Project_MKUltra#MKSEARCH

512d07 No.403619


just FYI the jumbo bottles from NOW brands on amazon are bigly cheap

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