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Pro Aris et Focis

File: e1c02b43c5fc1b0⋯.jpg (493.89 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, qresearch.jpg)

683728 No.455495

There are currently no threads or posts on /greatawakening/. Relax. We have what we need. Build the map and TRUST THE PLAN. News will unlock further connections.

You will never reach your destination if you stop and throw stones at every dog that barks. -Winston Churchill

Ignore the shills, we are winning.


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File: 70884319b9c31d5⋯.jpg (341.33 KB, 1024x1280, 4:5, 1519247411-1.jpg)

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683728 No.455541


Current Dough

4f1755 No.455547

>>453931 >last bread

Surely you have something better to worry about than the pair who re-wrote the book "Dumb Crook News", escaping the justice to be delivered by Q and Company.

Being concerned about nearly anything else would make more sense (IF you have to worry).

d3238e No.455553

I'm here as a back up baker if needed at some point

92de52 No.455554

File: 195a746bd239d94⋯.jpg (280.94 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 18449692_1559658964047038_….jpg)

File: c7842c1014095d8⋯.png (126.12 KB, 1019x850, 1019:850, drRDuncan_matrix.PNG)

File: e03bd8bb0666cd9⋯.png (750.75 KB, 719x904, 719:904, drRDuncan_whiterabbit.PNG)

I have some questions.

a99c44 No.455555

Dedicated crisis actor & FL shooter thread


If it tingles your almonds, research it to your heart's content.

In the dedicated thread…


dbb599 No.455558

File: cbffb87144ce973⋯.jpg (122.98 KB, 888x499, 888:499, 171013220058-anderson-coop….jpg)

File: 57bfd8cec14b60e⋯.jpg (13.73 KB, 466x390, 233:195, 1494389019679.jpg)

File: 3d6eac3c9b47f28⋯.jpg (117.06 KB, 1303x1859, 1303:1859, d2kpzfz2d1h01.jpg)

File: dca42df5f3845f3⋯.jpg (45.01 KB, 506x478, 253:239, DAjYUi0WAAAWKzc.jpg)

File: 9d969a57c169eac⋯.jpg (59.3 KB, 500x500, 1:1, DUuN19eVAAA9krU.jpg)

853855 No.455559

### Fellow Anons ###

Stupidfag here, do you think we should start a hashtag campaign on "release the videos" from the Parkland High School?

Not saying all the videos just the ones that show the alleged carrying the guns.

683728 No.455560


Ok thanks

dbb599 No.455561

File: eccafe735a559b8⋯.jpg (39.23 KB, 500x321, 500:321, 7135.jpg)

File: ded7d23d7410294⋯.jpg (97.86 KB, 888x499, 888:499, GTY_hillary_clinton_jef_14….jpg)

File: fafb37ca249ce8b⋯.jpg (41.2 KB, 400x400, 1:1, james e holmes mkultra cia….jpg)

File: 5279cbde0669081⋯.jpg (79.26 KB, 640x360, 16:9, james-holmes.jpg)

File: 95642eb6f802fcd⋯.jpg (136.86 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)

65ab12 No.455562


Recently saw an AR in .306 Wowsers

fba37f No.455563



>>455555 & check the digits

1529ba No.455564

File: 1320a0353176179⋯.jpg (138.6 KB, 1281x803, 1281:803, bugfuckery.JPG)

Is this a bug or some kind of fuckery going on?

These four windows were opened one after the other and have

been this way for thirty minutes. Top qanonposts numbering is off/

seems to be missing 3 posts. Bottom left qanonmap shows 5 new/pending.

Bottom center storyofq shows 10 pending. Bottom right qanonmap

show 15 pending.I opened this second one to compare to the first.

I know there are lots of 404's and 502's happening, but I started seeing this problem last night.

654a38 No.455565


They'd all cry foul - children.

683728 No.455566


Not stupid

446f4b No.455567

File: 63f47e7b3d8d24a⋯.jpg (54.35 KB, 508x468, 127:117, fbi_fl_2 21 18.JPG)

sober homes….used for prostitution

Anyone AMAZAED at how these psychopaths take such evil advantage of the innocent and down-and-out?

a154e9 No.455568

File: 1507fe84b65d618⋯.jpg (147.19 KB, 900x600, 3:2, 145a.jpg)

afaa04 No.455569

Consider the source.

2 days of unmarked US helos coming and going from prison grounds in Syria.

Is this Gitmo 2?


e1be64 No.455572

File: 5598a3854f3fde9⋯.jpg (788.59 KB, 1192x1868, 298:467, 1519260285699.jpg)

Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, where shooting happened Has an identical twin building

https:// www.google.com/maps/place/Pioneer+Community+Church/@26.0219498,-80.3245831,965m/data=!3m2!1e3!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x88d9a8a8b9cbfefb:0xbd4b4c1466416a8d!8m2!3d26.0219498!4d-80.3223944

https:// www.google.com/maps/place/Marjory+Stoneman+Douglas+High+School/@26.304503,-80.2716457,962m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x88d91a9916af4c2d:0x17c380826387652!8m2!3d26.304503!4d-80.269457

hmmmmmmm maybe it's nothing but interesting nonetheless

b80d03 No.455573

What's happening? Getting lots of 404s.

41efd9 No.455574

Good lord, I just got that 502 cloudflare error. The board's under attack, anons. I missed getting this posted to last thread:

>>454975 (last bread)

>>455041 (last)

Here's a fun one.

Merkel's mother's name is:

Herlind Jentszch

That's a fake name. I immediately recognize a couple of things… "Herr" as well as that ending in the last name: SZCH

Separate it and complete the words. Herlind?

Herr = Mr. (in German)

Linde = Lime (in German)

Now… Jentszch.

Remove the last four letters and discard them. Why? Easy. It's the number of the name of the beast. As per Revelation 13:18, the number of the name of the beast is CHI-XI-STIGMA (greek characters) which has been translated to "666" in pop culture (well, since KJV, so it's been a while.)

Let's look quickly at the Greek characters in play for CHI XI STIGMA.

Chi = χ (sound it makes is "ch" as in "Bach")

Xi = ξ (sound it makes is a "Z" sound ("zebra") or "xylophone" type "x" sound))

Stigma = Ϛ (or commonly ϛ) - (sound it makes is "st" as in "stain" and it is a ligature of the two letters S (sigma) and T (tau))

Okay so looking at "Jentzsch" and those final four characters:




hrmmmmmmmm…. XI-STIGMA-CHI

if you were a satanist, and you saw these letters in proximity to one another, would you care what order it was in or would you just understand that it's a "wink" to you?

So toss those final four characters, leaving "Jent" - and that's not a german word.

Expand thinking

Mr. Lime _

Expanding again

Mr. Green _


Mrs. Green Generation is what Merkel's mother's name kinda means. There's probably better substitutions for "jent" - I do not know German at all. Anyone wanna take a stab? They've put this name into the history book and it's a bullshit name. And with it, they have foretold the future in a way. Merkel is the offspring of the green generation. Or something along those lines.

683728 No.455575


heavy ddos it will pass

003c46 No.455576


kinda like facilitating child trafficking and employing pedophiles at Amber Alert?

0743d3 No.455577


Sorry, wrong name posted! *John Wheeler III

Anyone else having probs posting or seeing someone else posting as you??

c4f65e No.455578

File: 5746e6f2985e397⋯.png (2.96 KB, 306x90, 17:5, 6.png)

File: a01bd979e18a284⋯.png (6.74 KB, 973x102, 973:102, 4657.png)

File: 54651c3d0e5a525⋯.png (12.25 KB, 1266x134, 633:67, 4706.png)

File: fff5064de25717a⋯.png (153.32 KB, 1287x553, 1287:553, 154230.png)

File: db6d28f7e68da15⋯.png (3.77 KB, 441x90, 49:10, 11068694.png)

Qanonmap Admin

The Story of Q Admin

Here are 5 missing Q team posts to add to your collection. Any questions? Ask away! God bless.

PS - I still think there are 3 missing posts from your collections beyond these. Maybe you'd like to try and reconcile yourselves?


16560a No.455579


Same here past three hours.

e1be64 No.455580


me too, archiving just in case

594c32 No.455581


When did it occur?

8c7f33 No.455582


no. your pronunciation is horrible. nice thinking, but no

9d7610 No.455583


So effective they had to address it.

Keep at it.

74831e No.455584


Im forced to work and pay taxes for a house I already own. But ya, that dude is a cunt.

0428f6 No.455585


Great concept, but I can see the argument that you just want to see poor anti gun liberal children being scared and murderized by a mean terrible scary assault gun thingy.

A better idea might be to meme "Rage Against The Gun (Not the Shooter)"

Or something to point out they have ZERO HATE towards the "shooter" (ahem, if he actually even shot anything), but they are all SUPER ENRAGED toward the inanimate GUN.

7058e7 No.455586

d7754c No.455587

Child sex offender Ben Levin said himself that he was in charge of crafting Ontario sex-ed curriculum

https:// www.lifesitenews.com/news/child-sex-offender-ben-levin-said-himself-that-he-was-in-charge-of-crafting

3c5334 No.455588

Anons - the Clown News Network puppet actually used the words crisis actors - if you are a normie you have zero idea what they are, what must you be thinking?

Article also appeared in the failing NYT to the same effect outlining what we say is conspiracy theory.

www. nytimes.com/2018/02/20/business/media/parkland-shooting-media-conspiracy.html

Streisand effect in full flow.

41efd9 No.455590


expand your dismissal please

361348 No.455591

File: 8689b88fd8b91f7⋯.png (119.84 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, participants_not_aware.png)


The Florida shooter was most likely a victim of #SRA, #MKUltra Trauma Based #MindControl & is suffering from the mental INJURY of #TertiaryStructuralDissociation which was probably deliberately inflicted upon him as a child to be able to control his behavior - up to and including mass murder. The shooter is probably himself…. unaware that this was done to him… that's how mind control works.

63673e No.455592


What. A. Little Turd.


Weird. Civil and environmental engineering company huh? Republican. 65. Wonder what he was about to be busted for?

76f111 No.455593

The FBI is 'manufacturing terrorism cases' on a greater scale than ever before

Michael Steinbach, who leads the National Security Branch of the FBI, wasn't immediately available for comment.


But he told The Times that "we're not just going to wait for the person to mobilize on his own time line," adding that the FBI couldn't "just sit and wait knowing the individual is actively plotting."

http:// uk.businessinsider.com/fbi-is-manufacturing-terrorism-cases-2016-6?r=US&IR=T

594c32 No.455594


Good point, anon. Ty.

ee6168 No.455595


.308 AR weapons have been around for decades. The comments regarding .223 being an ineffective killing round in the context of someone shooting up a school or similar confined area is absolute horse shit.

dbb599 No.455596

File: 68e7ff6e9478e03⋯.jpg (53.03 KB, 899x476, 899:476, pll.jpg)

1c219d No.455597




Point them here:


And for (almost) all of his broadcasts:


So as not to kill the above website, I've uploaded a good portion of Bill's NWO/Swamp related broadcasts here:


c1ce93 No.455598

Tucker Carlson is on fire right now.

fba37f No.455599

File: 26fbbda09892ffe⋯.png (165.81 KB, 500x522, 250:261, a-student-said-his-master-….png)

0428f6 No.455600

File: 84cb6c0e2f76728⋯.jpg (64.02 KB, 267x189, 89:63, organ1.jpg)


Just fer keks

63673e No.455601


So how do we, as normal people, discern the difference, ro if it was use of meds period, etc?

faca56 No.455602


they could just say there were no videos…

better to get Tom Fitton on it with a FOIA request

77f47e No.455603


Klaus Eberwein, im having trouble finding out who exactly did the autopsy on him. Was it Craig Mallak?

Can any anons offer a hand?

d5d5cf No.455604

I was going to share a video about how the security cameras had just been removed from the building where the shooting occurred…..but the video has been removed

76f111 No.455605

File: a11fcb9e33cf6be⋯.jpg (38.3 KB, 627x292, 627:292, sexed.jpg)


>Ben Levin

af8e42 No.455606


Syd Barrett was an mk ultra victim. Lots of interesting 'coincidences' with Pink Floyds Dark Side Of The Moon Album. Released on March 1, 1973 under 'Harvest' record label. Pyramid prism on the album cover. Clear light turned into a Rainbow. 1973 is the same year Rockefeller started the Trilateral Commission…attempted Pyramid Harvest in Las Vegas…

54849b No.455607

File: c19913b64cc0f02⋯.png (8.8 KB, 144x55, 144:55, ClipboardImage.png)

File: cb9a282d4542230⋯.png (361.46 KB, 774x584, 387:292, ClipboardImage.png)

Hey faggots, I know this has been mentioned before without much response. Any thoughts?

https:// www.popsci.com/whats-falling-from-sky-in-harrison-michigan

d21e58 No.455608

From last bread:


Very true, but the point of my post was to point out that AR has adjusted points of aim. Ballistic arc is your friend when using these weapons. At close range point of aim is considerably lower than point of impact.

faca56 No.455609

board is wicked slow tonight

e2bd7b No.455610

File: f7f1ade760a7faa⋯.png (14.66 KB, 1210x157, 1210:157, 01.08.2018 22.27.41.png)

File: 7346010f14ef1a6⋯.png (8.53 KB, 1231x92, 1231:92, 01.08.2018 22.55.15.png)

File: 16d4d384b742daf⋯.png (13.32 KB, 1239x124, 1239:124, 12.19.2017 17.00.02.png)

>>455545 (last bread)

>Those 5 posts you replied to are genuine Q, so archive those. They're not on Qanonmap nor thestoryofQ. There are 3 more I have that they don't have that I haven't nailed down yet.

Is it these you're looking for?

d2aa4d No.455611


Right away I think of Oceans11 (or 12 idk) when they made a replica of the casino and rehearsed everything down to the second.

8c7f33 No.455612


>Separate it and complete the words.

>Herr = Mr. (in German) <(me, yes)

>Linde = Lime >me -no it's a type of tree

>Now… Jentszch. >you're thinking jetzt. no N

64fb70 No.455613

JFK after the assignation was brought to

"PARKLAND" hospital.

The shooting was at Parkland.

Is this a Coincidence?

0e85de No.455614


There were reports of one elusive post from 8pol from around the time of /cbts/ ego-shitstorm migration (NOT the two tagged with >>>/tg/). It was unimportant, something like SEC_TEST from what I've heard.

c1ce93 No.455615


Board is wicked under DDOS attack tonight.

d5d5cf No.455616



d55de4 No.455618

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

tucker on talking about parkland

6cc8cb No.455619

File: e00365e499149de⋯.jpeg (88.45 KB, 640x628, 160:157, AngelaHitler4.jpeg)

File: 271b48f6932007c⋯.jpeg (35.72 KB, 474x265, 474:265, AngelaHitler3.jpeg)

File: ca4b6c2c8ca5a6c⋯.jpeg (143.43 KB, 1280x853, 1280:853, AngelaHitler2.jpeg)

File: 1f9394b23293c40⋯.jpeg (301.37 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, AngelaHitler.jpeg)

0848af No.455620

Anyway BO or BV can see how many IPs are actively lurking? Maybe CM would only be able to see that.

It is super slow tonight taking almost 2 minutes to post 20:07:04

3cc0e2 No.455621


Yes, to both questions. Board is wacky today.


http:// freedomisknowledge.com/wheelerresearch.html

0428f6 No.455622



Likely the entire "group of fascist faggot kids" that were on tv preaching to us lately.

93c3c4 No.455623


It's bird shit. Judging by the angle of spatter, he probably parked under a tree.

02bd4b No.455625


Give it an hour 🐸.

003c46 No.455626


Not sure if that was directed my way or not, but I was only speaking to the development of the round. .223 is designed to wound. even .22LR can be lethal in the right circumstances.

9a6676 No.455627

File: c2005ade6d76d89⋯.png (115.13 KB, 435x426, 145:142, ClipboardImage.png)

11607b No.455628


Do some research for as much of the answer as you can, then explain what you do not understand.

41efd9 No.455629


the .223 round is for maximum damage, not optimized for kill

put one to the dome and it does the same thing as a .22 caliber. pop. but to the other parts of the anatomy, the .223 is much more likely to maim than kill than, say, a .308 sniper rifle (designed to kill)

i thought it was widely known that the .223 aka 5.56mm round was engineered to inflict psychological wounds upon enemies of war as they watched their buddies with horrific, non life threatening injuries wail in pain.

it's not horse shit

put one to the dome, and it's a kill shot

put a .223 into a chest, you may not get a kill shot. diaphragm or bone might deflect the small projectile mass. it's math. it's physics… and common sense

d5d5cf No.455630

So was the anon posting the Q messages today a shill or nah? The ones with the weird comments?

594c32 No.455631


Judicial Watch could be quite effective in making the FOIA request while being respective to all parties involved.

9a6676 No.455632


welcome to 7 days ago - how was your nap?

b80d03 No.455633

The fake media is back to call us 'bots' again. @Jack is playing a serious game. WTF happened on Twitter today. These idiots are proving everything Q says to be true.

93c3c4 No.455635

I turned an 800 lb wild razorback pig off like a switch from almost 1500 yards away with a .22 LR about a week ago.

dbb599 No.455636

File: ecd0802759e3159⋯.jpg (105.26 KB, 500x574, 250:287, 24t02n.jpg)

File: a5ec87ef12d9551⋯.jpg (97.62 KB, 750x500, 3:2, 111223gvv4-5d1dadaf717340a….jpg)

File: a6dc3e90e72a4f3⋯.jpg (45.57 KB, 595x320, 119:64, 87698993.jpg)

File: 7e60a8f69beacce⋯.jpg (114.4 KB, 833x500, 833:500, 1438171400-marilyn-monroe.jpg)

File: 49d9a375b3232da⋯.jpg (130.83 KB, 775x500, 31:20, XCILYVFJR5DG7HCIGPQLZPCH2E.jpg)

93c3c4 No.455637

I turned an 800 lbs wild razorback pig off like a switch from almost 1500 yards away with a .22 LR about a week ago.

cf980b No.455638

File: 51d125a08a98dfd⋯.jpg (210.99 KB, 578x434, 289:217, mccoy.jpg)

"pimp with a firm hand."~Pai Mei


55eb5b No.455639

File: e690b92ecf5aecc⋯.jpg (56.81 KB, 576x1024, 9:16, DWmfxk2V4AIm-Tv.jpg)

Jeff Kasky seems like a peach.

8bbb6a No.455640

File: af2a199126f672e⋯.jpeg (8.59 KB, 200x150, 4:3, ds789af698df.jpeg)

0848af No.455641


I like this idea, but I’m not sure if it will go over well.

Does anyone know if they have internet connected or power?

f4b416 No.455642


They are stupid = they seriously underestimate their opponents.

It's what happens when you believe your own bullshit.

e2bd7b No.455643


Which anon, which "Q messages", and what comments exactly?

80314c No.455644

I can't remember if the "." goes in fromt of the @ symbol for POTUS's twit or the other side

someone…anon, plz

e024b3 No.455645

File: dc7d51e79de1c08⋯.png (284.1 KB, 887x583, 887:583, scary_black_rifle-1.png)


d2aa4d No.455646


Thank you anon

003c46 No.455647


Not sure if that was directed my way or not, but I was only speaking to the development of the round. .223 is designed to wound. even .22LR can be lethal in the right circumstances. >>455629

this guy gets it.

faca56 No.455648


yes - chances are he's already on it ;)

e78c9c No.455649

File: 1fbdc2af43119e0⋯.jpg (6.12 KB, 320x157, 320:157, 3D printed gun.jpg)


When you consider with today's 3D technology and the fact that you can print one out for yourself like the one shown here, how is it really do they expect to keep a gun from someone who wants one?

Police seize another batch of 3D printed guns as authorities deal with danger of downloadable firearms


9aa955 No.455650

Attack on Trump Tower Chicago??

7b9418 No.455651


>diaphragm or bone might deflect the small projectile mass. it's math. it's physics

At 3200 ft/sec, the energy transfered is more than enough to destroy the chest.

At that velocity, especially within 30 ft, the mass of the round isn't what will cause the trauma.


It's maht. It's physics.

361348 No.455652


I will let you know - if not this bread, the next - keep an eye out for the (-y-o-u-)

d3238e No.455653


Trying to discredit us but proving us right.

e24ddf No.455654

File: 0b5658c004acd7f⋯.jpg (131.75 KB, 1546x926, 773:463, wlsearchtk.JPG)

WLSEARCH.TK redirecting to a site requesting a DNS settings change to my computer.

Anybody know WTH?



64fb70 No.455655


Have not seen any ANONS talk about Parkland hospital the place where JFK was taken after the shooting.

The same name as the Florida shooting at Parkland. Is this a hit attempt on Potus after current drops..

0428f6 No.455656


"LIDDLE HITLER" would be more appropriate!

e1be64 No.455657



>the fire department says that the strange, oily, ashy substance is not flammable.

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tar

Tar is a dark brown or black viscous liquid of hydrocarbons and free carbon

>oily, ashy substance

oily, ashy substance

>oily, ashy substance

oily, ashy substance

9a6676 No.455658

anon that did the awesome 7 part roll up of Q posts - will we see the rest soon? The normies LOVE THAT SHIT

cf980b No.455660

i thought .22 was for marmots

6ea865 No.455661



65ab12 No.455662

>>455548 (last thread)

I agree Soros works with pope but I dont think he takes orders from. Pope is a figurehead. Current one is commie. Pindar is also known as the Devils or Dragons Penis. Currently Pindar is Jacob R. As it is a bad word they don't say it. We can agree to disagree until we know? Keep up the good fight Anon!

e2bd7b No.455663


Oh, if you meant the ones with the huge black borders and misspelled messages aimed a Q, it looked like a horrible attempt to bait a response from Q while at the same time trying to discredit Q. So, yeah, shill

37d692 No.455664


Someone asked and I replied that the name reminded me of JFK. No coincidences.

b2c492 No.455665


I think these FBI CIA blackhats breed for profit. They have children program them mkultra and later children become agents and do as their parents did to their children as well. Evil circle ofdeception and lies. Everyone of them compromised,now puppet millionaires.

74831e No.455666


That's not a 3d printed gun in the pic.. that's a PA Luty… er… so I'm told by a friend.

c4f65e No.455667


The 1st two, they have. The last is a new addition they're missing. Good find, anon!

c1ce93 No.455668


Full house of digits there.

41efd9 No.455669


so instead of saying "wrong" we could instead say "linde" = some type of tree - and we'll use "jetzt" instead of "jentz"

we get:

Mr. Tree of Life Now

Mr. Tree/Bush Now

Mr. Tree Now (Mystery, Now)

Mr. Lime Tree Now


thank you thank you

thank you

003c46 No.455670


JFK is the first thing that i thought of when they first said Parkland regarding the school.

9a6676 No.455671


You should go back to the 14th and start reading breads - many anons have commented on it - let me know when you get back.

1ac744 No.455672

File: 2dac2708cd3a0de⋯.jpg (36.52 KB, 634x357, 634:357, 160805-browartd-me-office.jpg)

File: 7bbc0270c670188⋯.jpg (31.71 KB, 650x425, 26:17, autopsy0_650-Mallak.jpg)


Ballistics - who's a world-renowned expert on ballistics and combat injuries?

Craig Mallak, J.D., M.D. Chief Medical Examiner for Broward County, covering the Parkland schoold district.

What a fortunate coincidence, someone with both the knowledge and the tools (their new scanners) to do a thorough forensic analysis.


Within an hour after the bodies arrive in their flag-draped coffins at Dover Air Force Base, they go through a process that has never been used on the dead from any other war.

“We’ve created a huge database that’s never existed before,” said Capt. Craig T. Mallak, 48, a Navy pathologist and lawyer who is chief of the Armed Forces Medical Examiner System, a division of the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology.

It was Captain Mallak who decided that autopsies should be performed on all troops killed in Afghanistan or Iraq. Federal law gives him that authority.

“Every day, families come back for more information,” Captain Mallak said. “The No. 1 question they want to know is, ‘Did my loved one suffer?’ If we can say, ‘No, it was instantaneous, he or she never knew what happened,’ they do get a great sense of relief out of that. But we don’t lie.”

“He was one of the most compassionate people throughout this whole process that I dealt with from the Department of Defense,” Mrs. Sweet said of Captain Mallak.

http:/ /www.nytimes.com/2009/05/26/health/26autopsy.html

dd6964 No.455673


This is why we fight

22ca13 No.455674

Who understands the "protect code"?

Is it the code the SS puts out to go on "full alert"?

So Q team planted the gun to put out the protect code and see if any blackhats had the code, and know they dont have it now?

6/14-66 means what?

b80d03 No.455675

I'm curious to know what the plan is for @Jack. That MoFo needs to go down…

038f4e No.455676


What in the fuck? Maybe whoever built the first one sold the blueprints to the second one? Maybe it was cheaper to buy already made blueprints from the architect?

d5d5cf No.455677


Thats what I figured…creepy

64fb70 No.455678


Deep state sending a message to POTUS?

5022a4 No.455679

I wouldn't meme Rage against the gun at all………..that's what they are doing…….they couldn't give two fucks about the shooter ……..they gave him up…….he's the patsy. Them stupid fucks would hijack that shit and all they would see is Rage against the gun. I like release the videos much better! >>455585

6075ac No.455680

BREAKING: Screaming Man Made Bomb Threat Outside Trump Tower (911 Audio)

http:// www.thegatewaypundit.com/2017/02/911-audio-screaming-man-made-bomb-threat-outside-trump-tower/

e78c9c No.455681


The article is posted with link. The gun is shown there.

3cc0e2 No.455682

Sandy Hook. Stories of volunteers moving classrooms so the “ new” school they moved to looked exactly like the old one.

ac16af No.455683

File: a50875f053140c9⋯.png (575.08 KB, 494x446, 247:223, Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at ….png)

11607b No.455684


The https:// qanonmap.github.io/ has the info. You might look there. Quit trying to find some kind secret happening faggot, or just got to CBTS and complain there.

7b9418 No.455685


This is the best graphic to be spreading right now.

The leftard media is counting on the public being stupid on guns.

This graphic tells the story thoroughly and simply.

03ef63 No.455686


Pure Satanism right there.

8591e6 No.455687

Finally the "Crisis actor" distraction is starting to disappear from the board. Pfw! What a relief.

4df753 No.455688

File: 1be648ef86fd887⋯.png (16.74 KB, 734x121, 734:121, ClipboardImage.png)

Sick bastards

http:// pittsburgh.cbslocal.com/2018/02/21/pittsburgh-lawyer-charged-with-dog-sex-abuse/

e1be64 No.455689




>>the fire department says that the strange, oily, ashy substance is not flammable.

>https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tar

>Tar is a dark brown or black viscous liquid of hydrocarbons and free carbon

>>oily, ashy substance

>oily, ashy substance

>>oily, ashy substance

>oily, ashy substance

0428f6 No.455690


I prefer .17mmr for varmints.

Try one, punches a hole clean thru plate steel.

VERY accurate…

(bolt single is all available tho)

Goes thru an ATM vault.. ←- should I mention that?

f10bea No.455691

Not sure if this is new news or old news just got off of a 16-hour shift. Did you guys know that they are deleting all the David Hogg blooper reels from YouTube?

c1ce93 No.455693


The fucking Mockingbird Media needs to come down, hard and fast. Talk about splintering them into a thousand pieces.

faca56 No.455694


no dude, false

e2bd7b No.455695


Here to help, so that we can all help ourselves..

I don't see any of these three @ http:// qanonposts.com/

These 3 are @ https:// qanonmap.github.io/

22ca13 No.455696


What is Jack guilty of? Beyond censoring the right and promoting white genocide behind the scenes. What do we know or think he did?.

e1be64 No.455697


sorry about this duplicated post. site is lagging too much

228225 No.455698


TY anon.

Good work.

4b9c36 No.455699

File: b616e5c44a12d4b⋯.jpg (412.3 KB, 886x953, 886:953, b616e5c44a12d4b659bd030c5c….jpg)

It seems to be an near impossible task to make sure corruption this far and this deep never infects like this again.

But we do it like it is, always.

6ea865 No.455700


that weird. you observant. bird poop doubtful. wtf

446f4b No.455701

‘We were told the police would do a fake code red, with fake guns’

https:// www.intellihub.com/student-who-survived-parkland-school-shooting-we-were-told-police-fake-code-red-fake-guns/

c6237f No.455702


Reading this I have in my mind the picture of Pepe with his two middle fingers up chanting "Ommmmmmmmm" KEKEKEK

41214a No.455703


You missed the time stamp aka 9:11

Feb 18 2018 21:11:55







683728 No.455704


more heavily only recently

d2aa4d No.455705


in front

cbb997 No.455706


Too close to same? Looks like 2 google earth pics years apart.

22ca13 No.455707


Archive them on hooktube, around the net and offline

5025e9 No.455708

Possible slider here but…

Just got disconnected with a 502, the graphic said the 8ch host was having problems. So I started to read up on today's fake news. This is a repost, but it's my first laugh of the day.

Fox is running with a news story about how YuTube has apologized for the trending Boss Hogg - the crisis actor - story, and have taken 'it' down (though Fox says there's still a million others online on YuTube.

The comment section will tear you up. NOBODY believes the official story and they all think there's something not right with the kid. As one commentator said "You can't unring the bell!"

http:// www.foxnews.com/tech/2018/02/21/youtube-apologizes-for-top-trending-conspiracy-video-that-claimed-parkland-survivor-is-actor.html

c39d3a No.455709


yeah but you need to know where to shoot the vault in order to get it to open. sorry…atmfag here.

bc588c No.455710


^—- Create a board for Crisis actor shit, and stop getting in the way of diggers like me, I have to trawl through 751 posts in each bread to find what I need.

On that note I still haven't found a printer friendly version of Q happenings to print and archive as requested. Has anyone seen something of the like? If not, I shall create one.

b2f10a No.455711

File: a9df0b753e91f39⋯.png (450.15 KB, 551x380, 29:20, screenshot_346.png)


Canadian Geese with a bad case of diarrhea….

0428f6 No.455712


I could see them turning it like that.

I still think a meme about "why no rage towards the killer" would be good tho.

Leaving the gun out of the argument entirely.

210af2 No.455713


P L O T T W I S T !!!


>>455484 Those experiencing twatter

b80d03 No.455714



6/14-46 is POTUS birthday. It means POTUS.

Protect code—buffer around POTUS…to protect from possible assassination attempt. That is why the SS was on full alert. On Monday, they find a gun….

Q asks if we think its all a coincidence.

Q: "This is not a game."

It really isn't.

6ea865 No.455715


is this related the Orion Township place where that light beam was after the explosion?

can't help but notice how often Orion comes up in these threads. Spoopy

41214a No.455716


I think we have brought attention to it enough. We should get back to the Q posts.

0428f6 No.455717


First glance = Pelican!


827539 No.455718

Someone posted earlier today about a high security facility outside of Philadelphia that has been given orders to prep for some "very high level people" that will be sent here soon. Anyone remember, or know, the facility?

54849b No.455719


Yup! It's designed to tumble when it hits.Takes more resources to deal with wounded than dead.

80314c No.455720


TY most honorable anon…for helping this twatting noob

071ac2 No.455721



4719ed No.455722


i hate those fucking birds

fbd9f5 No.455723


I was getting a site similar to this when trying to pull up /qresearch/ about an hour ago

41efd9 No.455724


reminds me of the california fires and how they only took out houses, leaving many trees alone

that aerial footage was surreal

all i could think was they were committing mass insurance fraud


God was doing it

i actually settled on the latter.

we know what goes on in CA.

what is going on in Harrison, MI???

is it a sodom/gomorrah type of place? did they do something to piss off the Good Lord?

e2bd7b No.455725


1. code was sent out due to chatter intercepted re: an attempt to get a gun close to POTUS

2. message was received by whoever should have received it

3. Intercept of person with gun was successful

4. 6/14-46 (not 66) is POTUS birthday

5. Don't misquote Q posts, or complicate things, sometimes it's just common sense applied that answers the question

f4b416 No.455726


Doesn't Clowns have a backdoor to read private messages? Co-conspirator.

bae4f7 No.455727


>"You can't unring the bell!"

Damn, that's a great line for a lot of different memes.

eb5e57 No.455728


National Press Club- RFK Jr. discussing vaccinations/autism.

Go to minute 54 and you will hear directly from RFK Jr what POTUS has said to him about Nig Pharma and his thoughts on vaccine injury.

https:// youtu.be/uEkbXGAfMyY

b2f10a No.455729


In Michigan a lot of the Canadian Geese stay for the winter as opposed to traveling south. They ate something strange and took it out of the locals LOL

7b9418 No.455730


>Canadian Geese with a bad case of diarrhea….

If you've ever seen enough Canadian geese in person, you'd know that this is nothing unusual.

Shit machines, is what they are.

45e4be No.455731


Calling bullshit

Maybe with a .223 or .308. A .22 bullet is traveling subsonic and tumbling way before 1500yds

0428f6 No.455732


Kek! I work em too.

Got spare vaults from deinstalls!

(drilling is easier, but not faster!)

85600b No.455733

File: 6fdb64f6ec8cce3⋯.jpg (16.71 KB, 163x212, 163:212, Capture.JPG)

holy shit new Q

6075ac No.455734


>What is Jack guilty of?

Besides providing a platform for and protecting terrorist and pedophiles?

6cc8cb No.455736


looks like a phishing attempt to me

74831e No.455737


Ya, that round's FPS is off the chart. It's a nasty little bugger.

e2bd7b No.455738


very creepy, wasn't of the light, was just pretending to be by posting Q posts. Microcosm of future proving past

5022a4 No.455739

Per Q

Have any recent [shooters] received therapy in the past?

Be the autists we know you are.

You were chosen for a specific reason.

That's how you discern >>455601

ac05ce No.455740


been in war. seen men get shot multiple times in the torso with 5.56mm fired from an m4. real up close and personal. trust me, it's no manstopper. does it kill? sure, but so can a pencil.

91399d No.455741

File: 0d32e4869987f18⋯.jpg (107.1 KB, 700x900, 7:9, aeea81fc3c5f37d7c853aed8c5….jpg)

0428f6 No.455744


POSSESSION AND DISTRIBUTION of Child Pornography is just starters.

54849b No.455745


Read the article, was the whole neighborhood. Was also within 3 miles of the epicenter of the meteor earthquake (rods from god?) was reported last month, and next to a military base

41efd9 No.455746



concur with the BS call. if you're shooting a hog at 1500 yards, where the FUCK are you? afghanistan? You aren't around these parts where the hogs actually stay…

6cc8cb No.455747



ea9648 No.455748

85600b No.455749

File: 9c76a58915d0048⋯.jpg (49.2 KB, 1141x205, 1141:205, Capture123.JPG)

get some patriots!

8591e6 No.455750


https:// 8ch.net/greatawakening/index.html

eb5e57 No.455751


Ruh roh. Traitors BTFO.

afaa04 No.455752

Another Russian Wagnor KIA number.

One of Wagner's suspected leaders, Andrei Troshev, says 14 Wagner killed in Deir Ezzor, Syria on Feb 7-8. Has some choice quotes for the journalists who contacted him: "write it on your f***ing forehead: 14 dead. I'm sick of your bullshit investigations."

Sauce: www.pravda.ru/amp/news/world/17-02-2018/1371126-troshev-0/?

Ex-deputy of the State Duma Alksnis wrote a FB post breaking down unofficial number of the dead (334 people in total):

217 people - 5th Company

10 people - 2nd Company

94 people - Vesna/Karpaty [Spring/Carpathians] assault detachment

13 people - artillery battalion

2-19-18 334 Wagner mercenaries KIA via Russian sources. pbs.twimg.com/media/DWMQigFWkAECPHD?format=jpg&name=medium

c4f65e No.455753


I see them at qanonmap.github.io now. The fact of the matter is that I've collected 806 posts. No one matches that number that has a searchable index.

Once MasterArchivist gets back to work, his stuff will match. I haven't checked SpreadsheetAnon recently, but I'm sure his will match too. The three of us were in sync, as well as another textAnon.

faca56 No.455754


that's great

there are a lot more of us than there are of them

1112f0 No.455755

Phase [2]!

6cc8cb No.455756

File: 9f735d7a9c2acbc⋯.png (49.12 KB, 1337x197, 1337:197, Qlatest.png)

cbb997 No.455757

1ac744 No.455758

File: b1e2cebb0b52eac⋯.jpg (1.2 MB, 1440x1440, 1:1, Military helicopters now p….jpg)


Fallout from a Rod of God dropped in? Just a little one perhaps?

They did just fill the quiver with the last heavy lift rocket, along with Elon's car…

74831e No.455759


Green shit. All over the damn parking lots. And a bad attitude to boot.

fbd9f5 No.455760


Thx anon

e2bd7b No.455761


My capture is CST (no dox), I just add an hr for DC

9d480e No.455762


Love these, anon!

Wew still must be a whole lotta lurkers

7058e7 No.455763

File: e4c1a118df64009⋯.jpg (59.22 KB, 500x357, 500:357, ldflj djflsjd fljsdf j.jpg)


@Jack has loads of underage nude photos of Twitter users and pays people to look at dic pics. Servers full of child porn

1ccf1c No.455764


Or we can dig and unload every bit of info we have on pedo politicians in Florida to take the Dems new toy (teen voters) right the fuck away from them.

Teens trust Dems right now in their time of pain. That is dangerous. Remember Haiti !!!!!!!!

41efd9 No.455765


Yep. Definitely one to consider. Goes to the whole greenery / flower / deflower thing.

Kinda like the obama painting

call him Mr. Bush (Part 2)

0428f6 No.455766


>https:// 8ch.net/greatawakening/index.html

Hope he starts with SEC_TEST!

9a6676 No.455767


storing lots of dick pics on his servers

most likely selling those pics to the highest bidder

they admitted they have a team of people sorting dick pics on the judicial watch videos

85600b No.455768




7a7eaf No.455769


A lot of potential cyberattack vectors are opened up if the DNS is compromised.

I wouldn't do it.

eb5e57 No.455770


We need to connect the Drs/clinics of these past shooters. Dr's going to same schools? Apart of some kind of professional org?

dd6964 No.455771


CFCF is one of many jails on State Rd. Let them philly inmates go to town on em!

e81593 No.455772

File: bdd11c47107a634⋯.png (70.8 KB, 556x484, 139:121, Pindar.png)

File: 71688512252518a⋯.png (2.67 MB, 1485x1980, 3:4, Rothschild_Vatican_Cabal.png)

File: 400a65d870ff8e0⋯.png (43.7 KB, 697x218, 697:218, P=Pindar?.png)

File: d8682121f09041e⋯.png (1.01 MB, 947x750, 947:750, Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at ….png)


I hate to be an Ayy lmao fag up in here, but I've heard first hand reports of humanoid reptilian beings from at least a half a dozen credible (imo) witnesses out there. It also makes sense in a weird way, that the reptilian looking/seeming/acting elite would worship an actual reptilian royal.

http:// www.bibliotecapleyades.net/sumer_anunnaki/reptiles/reptiles01.htm

I've also wondered, what keeps these elite bloodline families from murdering each other? There must be some power structure in place to prevent them from turning on each other… And because they're all about hierarchy, it does sort of make sense that there'd be one entity/patriarch to keep them all in line.

So, P = Pindar?

4b9c36 No.455773

File: bb777ade42e02cb⋯.jpg (42.03 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, df78s987aa9sd7f09sd8.jpg)

f1a35d No.455774

oooooooooo, q is glorious

11607b No.455775


Got lumber on the brain…

2311d5 No.455776

File: 5676ac907c5bec4⋯.png (296.11 KB, 701x559, 701:559, Screenshot-2018-2-21 CNN o….png)

Got something for you guys. CNN interview notice he says set instead of school.,

15d3f3 No.455777


Eric Schmidt also sits on the Mayo Clinic BOD. Q posted about that a while ago in the context of McShame’s poss. phony surgery.


Those posts are consecutive and adjacent(at least, atm). Either way, it spells C-I-A. :-)

210af2 No.455778



Those experiencing twatter lockout may not be able to use that hashtag....DOH!

54849b No.455779

File: 393daf03d1b6910⋯.png (209.5 KB, 636x306, 106:51, blackshitQ.PNG)

d3238e No.455780

File: a12db404d4533af⋯.png (14.99 KB, 240x304, 15:19, a12db404d4533af13ab4165491….png)

Glad to 'see' you Q!!!

6075ac No.455781

File: 3ec87387a071af7⋯.png (80.72 KB, 1520x328, 190:41, 2-21-18 a.png)

e024b3 No.455782

File: 14e093f245adfe3⋯.png (282.88 KB, 887x583, 887:583, scary_black_rifle-2.png)



Sorry for the typo. Long day.

446f4b No.455783

File: ef171b6bf26ee5b⋯.jpg (49.76 KB, 1255x217, 1255:217, Q_452.JPG)


>https:// 8ch.net/greatawakening/index.html

Thanks Anon.

8591e6 No.455784


That is some scary shit right there!

66bd81 No.455785

File: 107eefdaddcf520⋯.jpeg (82.16 KB, 1480x832, 185:104, sotu.jpeg)


wondermous !!!!!

f1a35d No.455786


[2] wonder thats a marker of some sort.

1112f0 No.455787

8bbb6a No.455788

File: 6e3cf41cc1016d3⋯.jpg (227.54 KB, 1094x708, 547:354, SPACE-MADNESS-3.jpg)

faca56 No.455789


are we there yet?

0428f6 No.455790



MMR is Mental heath Mental Retardation…


Funny typo tho!

003c46 No.455791


The Prodigal Son Returns, Locked and Loaded.

6609d6 No.455792


No worries.

Look at them and their

blind followers.

Either gay or aborting

their children.

That's why they've had

to import their voters

and search for obits.

eb5e57 No.455794


Mayo clinic BOD is like a who's who of evil demonic globalist scumbags.

f1a35d No.455795


Stay tuned.

Everything has meaning or a purpose.

@Jack - getting nervous?

Phase [2].


7b9418 No.455796


^ Q posts and the Ayylmao tools shoot out of the asshole of the internet.

Like fucking clockwork … smh.

bc588c No.455797


There have been several glowing clowns uploading files to anonfile and sharing them here. Even .JPG's and .PDF's can be used as vehicles for malicious software. Websites can also be used to perform what are called Drive by attacks.

Ensure you know what you're doing before you download anything you can't verify as trusted. I find it best to run things in Sandboxie if I don't trust it.

ea9648 No.455798



5263c9 No.455799


strange , simple , unQish

71d126 No.455800

ddos Attack.., fuck..

e2bd7b No.455801

File: 13094e78c84614b⋯.png (51.14 KB, 1279x155, 1279:155, ClipboardImage.png)

d38c98 No.455802

File: 9b050097c8b9e7b⋯.png (559.68 KB, 3633x923, 3633:923, Brave_2018-02-21_20-28-05.png)

Saw so much hammering I thought, Q must have posted. Yes he is posting.

15d3f3 No.455803

What a hell of a day for Billy Graham to die. Is Someone trying to tell US something???


91399d No.455804


They're scared for their lives.

1112f0 No.455805


Phase [2], operational phase? Let's go! Salvage, now savage, DRAIN THE SWAMP Q!

0c9505 No.455806


Only about 26 mi apart. Hmm

54849b No.455807

The phrase "shitting like a goose" is common where I'm from. But this substance is not from them


b322b5 No.455808


Top of the food chain, Pindar

41efd9 No.455809


mr. woodie pecker (they love dick jokes with the names)


new Q from 7m ago

683728 No.455810

f4b416 No.455811


Could be Mercury Mental Retardation

f1a35d No.455812

































ACTIVATE CODE: [0 0000 018739 7-ZjG]


9d480e No.455813

File: ba366a5cdd82699⋯.jpeg (900.25 KB, 1242x1237, 1242:1237, 02984981-8DC3-47C8-B239-B….jpeg)


Love these, anon!

Wew still must be a whole lotta lurkers

Posting photo for the wads to know that all their emails are belong to US>>>>repent now!!!

804545 No.455814


Can u provide link? Dumpfag here cannot find the patriots 8ch!!

210af2 No.455815


KEK! One has to wonder!

361348 No.455816

File: 5073b225b84fe64⋯.png (262.34 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Handler_Cult_Orders.png)

e2bd7b No.455817

Phase [2] has officially begun!


80314c No.455818

West coast still getting 502'd

Board response is shat…(uber slow)

26d453 No.455819

Almost time to hang traitors from the neck until dead.

Set an example that will thunder through the ages and no tyrant will ever dare attempt treason against this great country and its citizens again.

No Mercy

b2c492 No.455820


I think we need to look into Child Potective Service and adoption or even more likely foster parents! I notice a trend with foster homes worse than home child removed from. Are these foster parents taking foster children to special treatment/programming facilities?

54849b No.455821

An apparently important mil base, and a suspected rods from god strike location


e81593 No.455822

File: 8c2cbc50aa34a65⋯.png (582.7 KB, 713x802, 713:802, Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at ….png)

File: 01b3fc38cbc736e⋯.png (614.06 KB, 787x795, 787:795, Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at ….png)

File: 746cd5c1cd344e2⋯.png (204.68 KB, 532x734, 266:367, Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at ….png)




The number of shitpost/shillpost replies within only a minute or two of posting makes think there may be something here... Just sayin.

8bbb6a No.455823

File: e0cfbda89a095fd⋯.jpg (67.19 KB, 750x549, 250:183, g7s8f6g8s7g687fds6g8d7g6s8….jpg)

820340 No.455824


Yeah, they look like different photos of the same building but the parking lots and roads are completely different.

b2f10a No.455825

6df09b No.455826

scarlac on Jan 13, 2017 [-]

It'd be interesting to know what their business model is. Traffic isn't free and neither are world-wide servers. They are not run by ads, they are not a paid service, so how do they cover their expenses?

raphman on Jan 13, 2017 [-]

As wila pointed out in this thread, Freenom has been connected to cybersquatting [1]. Operating a widely used DNS server might allow them to register commonly mistyped domains (?). Not sure whether this is indeed sensible.

[1] http:// domainincite.com/18797-freenom-suspended-for-cybersqu…

wheelerwj on Jan 13, 2017 [-]

clever. shady, but clever.


ea9648 No.455827


That's a HRC target.

Check the image? No skills have I.

e81593 No.455828

File: 8c2cbc50aa34a65⋯.png (582.7 KB, 713x802, 713:802, Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at ….png)

File: 01b3fc38cbc736e⋯.png (614.06 KB, 787x795, 787:795, Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at ….png)

File: 746cd5c1cd344e2⋯.png (204.68 KB, 532x734, 266:367, Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at ….png)




The number of shitpost/shillpost replies within only a minute or two of posting makes me think there may be something here... Just sayin.

07c61f No.455829

File: a0e1bb08ea7b5d1⋯.png (627.03 KB, 1599x815, 1599:815, doj2.PNG)

Q can you comment on this ?

7a7eaf No.455830


Try >>>/greatawakening/index.html

93c3c4 No.455831

Are we under a DOS attack? Clowns being bitches today? Just got here, had sever 404's and slower than Lynn's tongue licking the blow of a Benny Franklin.

ca41c5 No.455832

File: 1eda5b2e9fe0797⋯.png (3.47 MB, 3352x3128, 419:391, blackforest.png)




1. a person who loves, supports, and defends his or her country and its interests with devotion.

2. a person who regards himself or herself as a defender, especially of individual rights, against presumed interference by the federal government.


1. a person who betrays another, a cause, or any trust.

2. a person who commits treason by betraying his or her country.

'betrayal' here can have many meanings. Plenty of such actors around. I wonder if 4-6% is realistic? 8-9% would be more likely….

It is my greatest honor to be considered a Patriot, Q team. I thank you all for the efforts you make for our GREAT nation and for all decent people around the world.

(((they))) will FALL.

9a6676 No.455833


Yes - to your point anon Pindar exists - I just got back from dropping him off in my downstairs toilet - I flushed and now thank GOD we dont have to worry about the evil Pindar anymore.

Do us all a favor and tell David Icke that he can stop talking now. The world is safe from evil.

003c46 No.455835


Yep… Missed a /

Thanks SyntaxNaziFagBro kek

ac05ce No.455836

I believe you are both correct, it appears to be a P.A. luty design, but the housing is printed polymer instead of weilded steel. of course the barrel would steel be steel pipe as per original design.

e81593 No.455837



Didn't mean to post twice. Insane lag…

820340 No.455838


Hogg's bacon is cooked and they know it.

6ea865 No.455839

File: 96f2b84e2e91065⋯.png (1.03 MB, 1213x751, 1213:751, ClipboardImage.png)


you. i like you. im filing this away in the most likely something really fucky going on in michigan folder. but what? bird poo is too easy and this doesn't look like bird poo.

7a7eaf No.455840

File: c8513dec9dee138⋯.png (672.39 KB, 1873x890, 1873:890, ClipboardImage.png)

3cc0e2 No.455841



I posted earlier that this is like real life “Liar Liar” the movie. It’s fascinating to watch but reality is fracturing and we seem to be entering a period of unmuffled truth. It’s a giant gang bang of self reporting sinners and snitches.

91399d No.455842

File: 35f3adc5fad6c5d⋯.jpg (91.7 KB, 920x589, 920:589, i'm pissed off.jpg)


>Child sex offender Ben Levin said himself that he was in charge of crafting Ontario sex-ed curriculum

340a23 No.455843

Good Evening Q, Sirs. :-)

4f203c No.455844


everyone is posting it

https:/ /8ch.net/greatawakening/index.html

2c667b No.455845

getting a 404.

e024b3 No.455846



b2c492 No.455847


The UK uses the CPS system to obtain children for human sacrifice!

e3d21b No.455848

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=mo0l8A66ILc

>Is the day of reckoning coming?

been seeing terms like this a lot in the last few days

d38c98 No.455849


cloudflare getting hammered.

22ca13 No.455850



For sure but what is Jack specifically up to, that other guys aren't?

Has to be related to Dopey, could be related to Jack's payment company Square.

6ea865 No.455851

File: 96f2b84e2e91065⋯.png (1.03 MB, 1213x751, 1213:751, ClipboardImage.png)


you. i like you. im filing this away in the most likely something really fucky going on in michigan folder. but what? bird poo is too easy and this doesn't look like bird poo.

weird error msg Could not write to alacrity daemonAlacrity HTTP post error

a5cbfb No.455852

d36fff No.455855


bfe5ce No.455856

Anons notice the kill box [_]

38dc5a No.455857


0428f6 No.455858


Like in the days of lincoln, in the public square.

So that history will record the moment and the public will be set forth an example of punishment for traitors.

Must be public to be effective.

827539 No.455861


They would last a week :D

8591e6 No.455862

File: ab95e09ac4fce79⋯.jpg (165.9 KB, 625x625, 1:1, 91a5b8e9fbbf7.jpg)

9a1bb9 No.455863

File: bc6245fb04721fb⋯.png (49.84 KB, 1191x224, 1191:224, Capture.PNG)

20 20

5022a4 No.455864

File: 57e9e28a6e6b58b⋯.jpg (49.77 KB, 450x311, 450:311, KNOTZEES.jpg)

66bd81 No.455865


Very Q ish, he did not give us a God Speed , so there will be more, learnz the commz Bro

b80d03 No.455866


The Clowns are trying to crash the website.

2c667b No.455867



502 bad gateway

bae4f7 No.455868


Oh yeah.

faca56 No.455869


yeah but don't click on the cancer button

fuck I wish I didn't do that

3a9347 No.455870

Great Awakening back up

File (hide): a7ffb193423f0a5⋯.png (2.65 KB, 310x163, 310:163, [2].png) (h) (u)


▶Q !UW.yye1fxo 02/21/18 (Wed) 17:20:23 No.452[Reply][Watch Thread][Show All Posts]



1. a person who loves, supports, and defends his or her country and its interests with devotion.

2. a person who regards himself or herself as a defender, especially of individual rights, against presumed interference by the federal government.


1. a person who betrays another, a cause, or any trust.

2. a person who commits treason by betraying his or her country.


https:// 8ch.net/greatawakening/index.html

93c3c4 No.455871



b80d03 No.455872


Anon, WTH is this?

80314c No.455873


West coast here and have gotten five 503's so far. Reset router, cleared cash, cold booted…nothing helps.

16560a No.455874


Anon faces this issue EVERYTIME Q is about to post or is posting. Frustrating.

38dc5a No.455875


3a9347 No.455876

Great Awakening back up

File (hide): a7ffb193423f0a5⋯.png (2.65 KB, 310x163, 310:163, [2].png) (h) (u)


▶Q !UW.yye1fxo 02/21/18 (Wed) 17:20:23 No.452[Reply][Watch Thread][Show All Posts]



1. a person who loves, supports, and defends his or her country and its interests with devotion.

2. a person who regards himself or herself as a defender, especially of individual rights, against presumed interference by the federal government.


1. a person who betrays another, a cause, or any trust.

2. a person who commits treason by betraying his or her country.


https:// 8ch.net/greatawakening/index.html


7a7eaf No.455877

File: c8513dec9dee138⋯.png (672.39 KB, 1873x890, 1873:890, ClipboardImage.png)


Site is under a bad DDos attack it seems.

d38c98 No.455878

https:// 8ch.net/greatawakening/res/452.html#q453

f1a35d No.455879

another new post in GA from Q

8d85a4 No.455880

@Jack if you see this, don't kys. There's rope waiting.

d36fff No.455881

▶Q !UW.yye1fxo










[ ]


683728 No.455882

79b9d0 No.455883

File: cb32e1c78153bd3⋯.jpeg (36.55 KB, 300x225, 4:3, Explosion-Image-by-US-Dep….jpeg)

b1b47e No.455884


As the saying goes: if you are explaining, you are losing.

340a23 No.455885


I'm capturing.


3a9347 No.455886

Great Awakening back up

File (hide): a7ffb193423f0a5⋯.png (2.65 KB, 310x163, 310:163, [2].png) (h) (u)


▶Q !UW.yye1fxo 02/21/18 (Wed) 17:20:23 No.452[Reply][Watch Thread][Show All Posts]



1. a person who loves, supports, and defends his or her country and its interests with devotion.

2. a person who regards himself or herself as a defender, especially of individual rights, against presumed interference by the federal government.


1. a person who betrays another, a cause, or any trust.

2. a person who commits treason by betraying his or her country.


https:// 8ch.net/greatawakening/index.html


41214a No.455887


Mind just went blank. Can't remember which one volcano it was but it had a huge plume. It was said this ash was going around the globe. Could have hit a cloud heavy with water, mixed with it and then rained wet ash.

a3903f No.455888

Hooah, Q! Patriot here, at your service. My oath has no expiration date.

e81593 No.455889


Only further proving the point.

63673e No.455890


Yup. Looking at the blanks now

f4b416 No.455891


Serves you right califag

9d480e No.455892


Lots in the threads from last weekend. Go back and check the notable posts maybe?

d36fff No.455893

New Q

Fuck im Hornyyy!

446f4b No.455894

File: a7ffb193423f0a5⋯.png (2.65 KB, 310x163, 310:163, [2].png)

18 U.S. Code § 2381 - Treason

Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason and shall suffer death, or shall be imprisoned not less than five years and fined under this title but not less than $10,000; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States.

(June 25, 1948, ch. 645, 62 Stat. 807; Pub. L. 103–322, title XXXIII, § 330016(2)(J), Sept. 13, 1994, 108 Stat. 2148.)

https:// www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/text/18/2381

b1a533 No.455895

File: 18e237e69c62684⋯.jpg (413.41 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, 223-308.jpg)


A quality rifle, the m1a. And no bullet button required in CA

A perfect rifle for a patriot, and with a great history behind it as well.

The kill really boils down to shot placement. If you hit an animal in the throat, its probably a short amount of time till they bleed out, or suffocate on their own blood. But that .308 will make it real easy to shoot the torso and end it the

e2bd7b No.455896

File: e1ddf299315b562⋯.png (11.81 KB, 342x198, 19:11, ClipboardImage.png)


Good to know that anons are keeping track, we're gonna need that more & more as we GO!


b8550f No.455897


My friends on soc media all know it too.

They don’t post publicly, but privately.

I red pilled many with sane discussions.

Thank to anons here with more experience.

38dc5a No.455898


576733 No.455899

07c61f No.455900

hahaha fucking top kek

7a7eaf No.455901

File: 976b35afdfa2cbc⋯.png (109.77 KB, 491x313, 491:313, ClipboardImage.png)

4f203c No.455902


DDoS attacks slowing everything down. Just keep refreshing

9a6676 No.455903

File: 48ce8c656d8a12f⋯.png (33.23 KB, 282x115, 282:115, ClipboardImage.png)

41214a No.455904


Nm Old article

91399d No.455905

File: b4af25a96d29631⋯.png (19.89 KB, 300x311, 300:311, Freemasonry.gif.png)


>Parkland - JFK hospital

>45th day of the year (Trump is 45th prez)

>Stoneman Douglas was committed to saving swamps

Tons of symbolism. Tons more in news coverage saying "masons and fellow travellers, this is our operation, pay no attention to our obvious lies."

afaa04 No.455906


0428f6 No.455907


Not to dox.

But I cannot adopt a child because of living off grid.

(Or a DOG from the humane society)

I can get a dog from craigslist or a friend. But would like to foster a child being as myself and wife are able and have means to raise proper moral person.

Living off grid in a 5000sf home with 4 full baths and 3ac zones, and private well with acreage.

This is not considered livable conditions.

(not even by the SPCA standards…)

It is not so much because I am off grid and self supportive, it is more because I am CONSERVATIVE.

Bibles and guns must never become part of a foster child's life or you are unfit.

bae4f7 No.455908


I'd get a boner if Mattis were to send a few hellfire missiles into he Langley CIA complex to get their fucking attention.

804545 No.455909


Can we send these Media folks a welcome email to their "Tor Hidden Service Address" or should it be made available for others?

a38cfa No.455910


Something about a women's prison that had all the top brass replaced about a month ago. Anons were guessing it was to prep for high level females incoming. Maybe Muncy?

6ea865 No.455911

File: 0b29952fff6c23c⋯.png (367.59 KB, 784x425, 784:425, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 17e4030094802f7⋯.png (178.86 KB, 440x430, 44:43, ClipboardImage.png)


weird it also says sky beam

pics from the meteor/eathquake



d36fff No.455912


How can you do so many security tests on different devices in one post? It doesnt work

Find signature 5:%

c4f65e No.455913


58 spaces

6075ac No.455914



>[2] wonder thats a marker of some sort.

phase 2?

1112f0 No.455915

38dc5a No.455916

Attacking 2 nights in a row! We are winning bigly!

fd4d7a No.455917

https:/ /www.youtube.com/watch?v=bGYSuULFzt0

bill binney on dore 2/20/18 good shit

ac05ce No.455919

i agree

d38c98 No.455920

58 spaces

41214a No.455921


The Pope is a puppet.

63673e No.455922


Yup. Looking at the blanks now

Hope Q resets their board to allow more than 450 posts. So they can stay in same thread. LOL

a712db No.455923

Crap, big DDOS attack, I can hardly get to any pages in the last hour

6609d6 No.455924


Is your GLOWING little

puckered ass having

a rough day?

I've got a "safe space"

for you.

9a1bb9 No.455925

File: 2615e43cf9c6290⋯.png (14.87 KB, 550x200, 11:4, 58.PNG)

New post, we are looking for something that is 58 spaces long.

Look at recent or upcoming POTUS tweets.

9d480e No.455926

Perhaps a server problem again? Is Codemonkey. Around or BO?

340a23 No.455927

d72b04 No.455928

File: a2a2aaa205d5647⋯.jpg (45.78 KB, 862x350, 431:175, JACK DORSEYINSOMNIAC.jpg)

Poor little @Jack

just cant go to sleep

thought he was protected

and now hes in too deep

our accounts got restricted

but now twitters on fire

they called us all bots

but they were just liars

the stakes are now high

he might go bye bye

its hot in DC

No sleep tonight

the end.

(ps- I suck at memes)

5c0619 No.455929


2nd amendment

cd0cc5 No.455930

May the soul of Billy Graham bestow extra mercies and coverage on our POTUS and the team. Intervene for us, Billy Graham in our time of need.

964022 No.455932

File: 7dac8bae7e47cfb⋯.png (15.38 KB, 369x245, 369:245, ClipboardImage.png)

e81593 No.455933

File: dabfc3a1bca8240⋯.jpg (888.83 KB, 1590x1470, 53:49, 1511641657542.jpg)

0428f6 No.455934


This shit has:


Written all over it…

dd6964 No.455935


Trips of truth checked

b80d03 No.455936


No server problem. They are pushing back…hard. They want to take us offline.

eb5d5b No.455937

This was dropped in Thread 555 ->

one of David Hoggs' handles is Davisgreen111

did a quick web search and got this:



has this been discussed?

e3d21b No.455938


phase [2] thread begins

5765fe No.455939


antifa violence, domestic terrorism, treason?

7058e7 No.455940

/liberty/ - Physical removal time, communist swine.

at the top of Qs board

63673e No.455941



Have you contacted a faith based organization that might help with that? Sometimes people will go to the church before they go to the State.

d38c98 No.455943


He has 6 devices.

Over the internet you can force different routes if you know what you are doing. He is probably using the old method manual routing method he spoke about way at the beginning.

6b7502 No.455944

File: a7181cec0d1b2e4⋯.jpg (1.98 KB, 125x93, 125:93, 1510643024206s.jpg)


you mean this one?

6cc8cb No.455945


58 blanks between brackets.

71d126 No.455946


BOOM!!!!, Disney!!!!

6075ac No.455947

File: 80d37b78e198790⋯.png (100.01 KB, 1572x700, 393:175, 2-21-18 a.png)




173a4d No.455948


Every ballistics table says you lie. Every one.

t. retired gunsmith

4b9c36 No.455949

File: 1392ce060cb75dc⋯.jpg (48.36 KB, 506x465, 506:465, hogg.jpg)


Not muh bacon!

b2f10a No.455950

File: 2e9a2edd66ba8a7⋯.png (16.1 KB, 298x190, 149:95, screenshot_348.png)

Haha clown fag shills….

dc46a6 No.455951


"Crisis Actor" is part of the Fake News and Mockbird aspects of /qresearch/ i feel like it has merit here in that context.

e81593 No.455952


A depiction of what's alleged to be a reptilian royal.

e2bd7b No.455953

Q 02/21/18 (Wed)









[ ]

^^^59 characters

glad that Q's SEC_TESTs are working,I'm still refreshing after every post & getting 502 errors

3c5334 No.455954

GEOTUS just tweeted

6ea865 No.455955


That's pretty straightforward as far as laws go.

Wew. Some folks got some splainin to do. eh?

41efd9 No.455956


i saw this and i'm like "what did you just call me??!"

kyle busch has nothing to do with this!


Mr. Shrubbery Now

1f08a1 No.455957

File: 8d085fcfc578e80⋯.png (495.86 KB, 811x459, 811:459, Good_and_Evil.png)

The parallel of two faces

A brighter future. A happier tomorrow. A place of peace without sorrow.

A place without plenty and never enough. What is compassion? What is Love?

For me and you. For you and I. Where we can live. Where we can die.

I need not share. I want what's mine. I have it all. All is mine.

Respect for all, that live and breathe. Respect thy maker. We hold true to truth.

Feed off their hate. Attracted to fear. A thief of innocence. Love for deceit.

The day of night. It's plain to see. Which one are you? What shall it be? The twisted and turning. Who will overcome? It's up to you to choose. There can only be one.

Evil or Good?

verb /vərb/

1. 1.

a word used to describe an action, state, or occurrence, and forming the main part of the predicate of a sentence, such as hear, become, happen.


It is time to see that we are all at a crossroad. A crossroad with only but two choices to make in life, FIGHT for what is our God given right or accept defeat and give in to what many think we deserve.

Freedom has never come cheap!

For centuries immoral malevolence has been plotting against us all in secret. For centuries a plan has been in place to overrule us all. We can continue to remain blind and deaf to it all, as many of us had been and like many more of us still are, or we can choose to unveil the illusion of what has been lying in wake for more than a millennia. We can no longer afford to be a flock of sheep amongst wolves in sheep's clothing. We should NEVER ACCEPT our innocent to have their innocence stolen from them. We should never tolerate those that feed off the belly of the beast which is named EVIL, because when we do, even when all hope and faith is lost and with no other options, we have then become that which is so impure, unfit, or worthy of the liberties that many in history had fought for us to have, and shall then be forever doomed to the misfortune, deceit, and misery that has plagued not just our beautiful country, but that has plagued our amazing world for which they want to plunder.

It is time for action! It is time to set all our differences aside! It is time to see the value in each and everyone of us for something that is greater than each and every one of us. Today is that time! Fight or run, but choose one!

God Bless America!

0428f6 No.455958


Tweet out the onion addresses!

Let the world do our handywork..

Plausible deniability.

They leak shit all the time.

Is it a secret punishable by????? don't think so.

54ca9e No.455959

File: 3eadf7e007f2a5c⋯.png (226.67 KB, 1772x822, 886:411, Screenshot 2018-02-21 17.4….png)

4b330f No.455960


I will always remember the time I spent today with courageous students, teachers and families. So much love in the midst of so much pain. We must not let them down. We must keep our children safe!!

64fb70 No.455961


FF including Crisis actors and MSM in past actions.

827539 No.455962


They would last a week :D

6cc8cb No.455964


58 blank spaces

41214a No.455965

Working with NK.


dd6964 No.455966

db9649 No.455967


>Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School

How the heck you find this, or whoever found it? They turn up at different angles on google maps.

003c46 No.455968


Seemed a bit much for me too… but I've seen some miracle shots before, so wasn't gonna say anything.

0fffb6 No.455969


ET involvement with the cabal is the next level redpill.

f4b416 No.455970


What's the delta with the Q posts…

827539 No.455971

Is it eyebrow raise worthy that Oprah hasnt responded to Trumps "insecure" twat? Or is that just Oprah taking the high road?

faca56 No.455972


Q posted tonight at 20:20

830c93 No.455973

So if a person is born in a certain country, might i add they didnt make the choice to be born, they automatically must pay homage to that country, like property? So one cannot think differently than the standard order of that country, like property? This sounds alot like slavery. Thought police?

8591e6 No.455974


Sure, but c'mon! I take anything but that shit. Jesus! Bring the…the aliens guys…or the flat earth lunatics.

bae4f7 No.455975


Another "Magic Bullet Theory."

af8e42 No.455976


Dark Side Of The Moon

71d126 No.455977


20/20 Coming??

9aa955 No.455978

Google searched area in between brackets:

https:// www.google.com/search?q=++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&client=firefox-b-1

8a5809 No.455979

Do parties know which communications are monitored?

Do secret societies know which electronic communications are monitored?

How do the heads of these societies communication?

Do they hide in plain site?

Do they use symbols in meetings?

Can the controlled give up their secrets?

Do they plant articles in newspapers?

With code words?

What message was sent when Trump met at Davos?

Where was the message?

What is shoulder to shoulder?

ff7961 No.455980


Be prepared :) It is crazy stuff:

That anon took it from latest Corey Goode report.

It is depicting of some killed alien, allegedly escaped from some African city recently. Corey is used to have this being killed. Expect article soon here:

https:// spherebeingalliance.com/blog/all.html

9a6676 No.455981

File: cb0ca7f0cdb730d⋯.png (31.95 KB, 412x541, 412:541, ClipboardImage.png)

38dc5a No.455982



6 minutes apart. With Q posting first!

576733 No.455983



Old G



e9f0da No.455984

Seeing that flag on GA makes me happy.

I've been a mess since being laid off last October and should probably find actual friends in life, and a job would be nice - but I like it here.

Q might just be the love of my life!

148aa5 No.455985

File: 1a7f41c9af5491b⋯.png (83.37 KB, 1880x532, 470:133, Screenshot from 2018-02-21….png)

Updated 453

9deff3 No.455986

File: 9244d1d2d164d30⋯.png (488.96 KB, 658x770, 47:55, POTUS 2-21-18 5 40 pm PST.PNG)


eb5d5b No.455987

File: a59e7fabebdb7a8⋯.png (827.09 KB, 526x851, 526:851, dh.png)


sure looks like David Hogg

posting under "Davisgreen111"



dbbba8 No.455988

Where is post 451 on GA?

afaa04 No.455989

Q also said 5-by-5

0428f6 No.455990


Good idea.

was considering adopting from Vietnam tho.

Wife is viet also, would be from a friend of family abroad. Not to sound like a trafficker, but dont need papers to help out a family that lost a supporting parent.

We are highly skilled and make plenty of money and own businesses, but also have increasingly more spare time.

And are young enough to do it.

So it would be a waste not to pass the blessings to a child or two.

19e5c4 No.455991

Q, are we under attack right now?

a38cfa No.455992

453 edited.

725b48 No.455993


Syd had nothing to do with DSOTM, his brain was well fried by then. And I've never seen any evidence of MKULTRA with him. He was just a kid who did way too many drugs. WYWH

ff5fac No.455994


Sorry, you counted wrong.

58 characters. Not 59

b80d03 No.455995


Q is busy posting on his board.

6ea865 No.455996

(2) the term “enemy” means any country, government, group, or person that has been engaged in hostilities, whether or not lawfully authorized, with the United States;

(3) the term “person” means—

(A) any natural person;

(B) any corporation, partnership, or other legal entity; and

(C) any organization, association, or group;


faca56 No.455997

File: 6275da78cf73eac⋯.png (97.07 KB, 1464x798, 244:133, qpost-022218-GA.png)

8591e6 No.455998


Filtered for life!

e2bd7b No.455999


i definitely took notice


that was my thought too

0428f6 No.456000


Not after he finishes cleaning up from the SEC_TESTing.

Board will be normal soon.

269a9f No.456001

File: 32031116cf51e3c⋯.png (95.44 KB, 455x623, 65:89, Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at ….png)

71d126 No.456002

File: f727f1f8b0039ea⋯.png (13.69 KB, 305x419, 305:419, SEC-TESTT2.png)

38dc5a No.456003


Are they using satellite comms to post between the devices?

23033f No.456004


Phase 2 coming up

d1c355 No.456005


There was a q post about 20/20

b322b5 No.456006

File: ce8c21ed2030edc⋯.png (333.45 KB, 822x702, 137:117, heli.PNG)

Must be Helicopter Night

e3b349 No.456007

Where is post 451 on GreatAwakening?

5c0619 No.456008


trips of truth

6cc8cb No.456009

File: cc46fec2b685184⋯.png (414.79 KB, 591x448, 591:448, justwaiting2.png)

a712db No.456010



That was the point, maim and make the enemy go back and save their guy, just like the 9mm, the old 1911 .45 would blow you the fk up. The main thing with a .223 is the velocity compared to a .22 it's going a lot faster and blenderizes a lot on the way though.

bae4f7 No.456011


I got 58 too.

e2bd7b No.456012


POTUS' tweet was

20 Minutes after 451

6 minutes after 452

cf980b No.456013

File: 6eeae6f4bd2fd2b⋯.png (317.1 KB, 500x727, 500:727, 22279751_1829867720360224_….png)


The Hague Protocol has a lot beef


ff5fac No.456014



That's David Hogg for sure.

6075ac No.456015

File: 752fb1b126d09ca⋯.png (141.77 KB, 1600x1424, 100:89, 2-21-18 a.png)



483639 No.456016


Yes it is. Eventually the >40,000ft topics will be appropriate for redpilling. I'm thinking around 2025 at the rate society is waking up.

41214a No.456017


How many spaces between the [ ] I see it far apart on Q's board but when I c&p there are no spaces.

cbb997 No.456018

Post last edited at 02/21/18 (Wed) 20:43:37


dd6964 No.456019

Now we know why the board is all fucked, prepare for incoming Q on GA anons

1ac744 No.456020

File: a64b66b098cb6d5⋯.jpg (29.08 KB, 700x394, 350:197, video-emerges-of-horrific-….jpg)

File: 5e1cd95035e7a23⋯.jpg (323.11 KB, 800x526, 400:263, china_tianjin_explosion_03….jpg)

File: 878084d9351cdaa⋯.jpg (184.01 KB, 670x409, 670:409, tianjin.jpg)

File: 4279fc9166f8b31⋯.jpg (587.32 KB, 960x639, 320:213, china_tianjin_explosion_03….jpg)


Indeed, Rods of God are no joke.

Hence the importance of SPACE for our future! And why Elon/SpaceX is some critical part of Q-drops.

How did the launch go today?

faca56 No.456021


looks like that's the message

6ea865 No.456022


they're probably using only satellite comms to post anywhere online. i don't think they are connected to att or verizon….thats for sure.

576733 No.456023

File: 3ecd018c4170cf0⋯.png (24.39 KB, 423x360, 47:40, q.PNG)

4f1755 No.456024


GPS co-ordinates are NOT close to same.

Keep digging this . . . not a coincidence.

Copied this to the shooting thread?

b80d03 No.456026

Q's board under DDOS attack too.

9960c2 No.456027

File: 24e0f2fab649dbc⋯.png (179.44 KB, 907x759, 907:759, Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at ….png)

Q edited post #2

4f203c No.456029


Correction. Q posts 452 and 453

63673e No.456030

File: 82087facec4cea0⋯.png (20.29 KB, 526x211, 526:211, ClipboardImage.png)

38dc5a No.456031

6 delta between Q and POTUS tweet.





f1a35d No.456032





bbc4b4 No.456033



I have been fighting these pedo cunts for over 2 years. Pedo accts stay, hunters get b&…. fuck twatter

003c46 No.456034

Delta [6] Conf?


ea9648 No.456035


Will anyone listen this time?

210af2 No.456036



bae4f7 No.456037

File: a0e85a8a1a849df⋯.jpg (89.47 KB, 960x540, 16:9, jackeos.jpg)

e9f0da No.456038


All of infitechan is

8591e6 No.456039


No shit Sherlock.

1112f0 No.456040

b322b5 No.456041

Yes Operational, LIGHT EM UP Q!!!!!

4b330f No.456042

File: eee4adcf53ec647⋯.png (167.72 KB, 1889x804, 1889:804, 1519264212599.png)

cafdb8 No.456043


where does the magazine attach to the first two rifles ?

what types of rifles are all three ?

3518ee No.456044


Secure drop misinfo they'll jump on.

An expected EO banning SSRIs for people under 20 would make the media lose their shit and bring big pharma into the conversation.

e2bd7b No.456045


the emphasis is on


1. a person who betrays another, a cause, or any trust.

2. a person who commits treason by betraying his or her country.

No, one doesn't make the (conscious) choice where to be born. Also not who they are born from, but do you betray your parents just because you didn't ask to be born from them?

f1a35d No.456046


i think we are all under attack on these boards. heavy lag right now for me.

71d126 No.456047


Wait a moment?.., that was Today?

269a9f No.456048

File: 30fe1952ce5ff6f⋯.png (26.21 KB, 460x163, 460:163, Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at ….png)

c4f65e No.456049


Great catch, anon!

210af2 No.456050


https:// qanonmap.github.io/

d3ddda No.456051

File: 6b5f670ebe8ba6e⋯.png (8.71 KB, 309x110, 309:110, ClipboardImage.png)


6075ac No.456052


good for you, Anon!

f85c8b No.456053

faca56 No.456054

File: d91f8bc4c7e8f54⋯.png (105.14 KB, 1458x896, 729:448, Qpost452-454.png)

e2bd7b No.456055




Q REAL 02/21/18 (Wed) 19:49:10 No.454





38dc5a No.456057

361348 No.456058

File: b15f5d4b1957beb⋯.png (169.9 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Mind_Control_Families.png)

dbbba8 No.456059


Yes, where is 451???

6df09b No.456060

File: d5377d84ec0ffec⋯.png (382.45 KB, 445x341, 445:341, Screenshot-2017-12-26 Meme….png)

93c3c4 No.456061


Sorry bro, all fake. My fault. Never knew it would go viral like it did.

d5303c No.456062

Timing of the attack and the shills here today means the CIA is trying to steer us off the Florida shooting, this we know we are on the right path, therefore, investigate, investigate, investigate the Florida shooting, go, go, go !!!

0428f6 No.456063


I hope it includes disrespectfully desecrating our flag in public areas.

No patriot should be forced to witness it, do it at home or go to jail…

cafdb8 No.456064



> where does the magazine attach to the first two rifles ?

>what types of rifles are all three ?

f1a35d No.456065

File: 83e32b33f5f9ac5⋯.png (1.9 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 520D5403-9502-474A-BCAA-65….png)

POTUS tweet at 740pm

8591e6 No.456066


Nah. Some 5 years ago.

b2c492 No.456067

Shine the light on the dark Q!

2311d5 No.456068

File: 5676ac907c5bec4⋯.png (296.11 KB, 701x559, 701:559, Screenshot-2018-2-21 CNN o….png)


posted earlier a video on CNN has a kid saying set not school Don't know how to capture it from twitter

d38c98 No.456069


scroll the fuck up to the link.

7a7eaf No.456070

File: 259e39357634cba⋯.png (669.72 KB, 701x830, 701:830, ClipboardImage.png)

90126c No.456071


If that's your biggest problem in life, you don't have any problems.

6075ac No.456073

File: 5e4fe85dfdc9baa⋯.png (6.52 KB, 512x196, 128:49, 2-21-18 e.png)


41efd9 No.456074


In my best Bruce Buffer voice:


361348 No.456075


pretty much… it's all one big 'family'


483639 No.456076


The existence of reptilian ETs is a fact, but Corey Goode is a disinformation artist sponsored by clowns.

There was speculation in Veterans Today a few years ago that South Sudan has an ET base where some cabal factions are working with these visitors. The idea was the the political instability in that country was engineered in order to keep prying eyes away and also to provide cover for shipping military hardware in as part of the "peacekeeping" effort.

ef3d01 No.456077


That isn't Ben Levin, former Deputy Minister of Education Manitoba/Ontario. In case there is any confusion.

It is a small world, after all.

d5d5cf No.456078

mine looks different


b8550f No.456079


That got hairy.

Thanks Q!

148aa5 No.456080

File: 7bfe599a926b084⋯.png (25.79 KB, 324x491, 324:491, Screenshot from 2018-02-21….png)

Is this a Q+ comm check?

Going operational.

Posted as a morale boost for the anons?

Hoo Yah!

29685f No.456081

File: 8e587eb81eba676⋯.png (13.36 KB, 397x129, 397:129, Screenshot from 2018-02-21….png)

361348 No.456082


pretty much… it's all one big 'family'


1529ba No.456083

File: 77396d4dea0c4aa⋯.jpg (118.95 KB, 941x760, 941:760, WTF.JPG)

Anybody else seeing this?

003c46 No.456084

Getting Lag like a Fag

But We're still On It like a Bonnet

Then we will fight in the Shade ANONS!!

1112f0 No.456085

File: 969c09692ca1258⋯.jpg (343.21 KB, 990x1636, 495:818, Screenshot_20180221-195140.jpg)

File: 638f78a5615d3fd⋯.jpg (511.87 KB, 1080x1679, 1080:1679, Screenshot_20180221-195218.jpg)



We have [6] between Q and POTUS confirmed

683728 No.456086


Its a call to attention

cfea05 No.456087

In mid-October, an anon posted on 4chan or reddit claiming to have insider info and access to POTUS. He was promptly challenged to have POTUS tweet a particular word or phrase. He did. This was shortly before Q. I have looked but cannot find that post. Does anyone have it saved or could you point me to an archive?

4f203c No.456088


Read top of bread. Q hid all of the other posts this weekend. Clean board now.

77f47e No.456089

I typed this out for those who aren't familiar with all the corruption. (I know you guys are so don't be offended that the connections are patronizing)

Lets talk about the Medical Examiner for the Parkland School District, Craig Mallak.

Craig Mallak has had a prolific career of high profile autopsies, including the identification of Sadam Hussein and his sons in Iraq.

Mallak also did the the autopsy for Beranton Whisenant, father of 3 who was a new miami prosecuter investing major case immigration fraud (Remember Imran Awan and Debbie Wasserman Schultz?) Whisenant calls his wife, tells her that he loves her, hasn't given up but their marriage is off because "it doesn't matter any more.". Then he proceeds to shoot himself in the head, and completely discards his gun (never found).

http:// www.miamiherald.com/…/crime/article158305419.html

Imran Awan was with Seth Rich the night of his murder.

(Seth Rich being the guy who outted that the DNC rigged the primary - was murdered for it)

Why was Imran Awan arrested as he tried to flee the country?

What tipped off those that arrested him?

What immigration scandal surround Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Imran Awan?

Going back to Mallak, lets mention Klaus Eberwein. Klaus was a former Haitian government official set to testify against the Clinton Foundation for stealing almost 50 million in donations for them to rebuild and hijacking an oil deal that would have greatly benefitted both Haiti and Venezuela (petro dollar). Klaus Eberwein apparently shot himself before testifying against the Clintons. Who did the autopsy?

https:// www.zerohedge.com/…/haiti-official-who-exposed…

Moving on lets talk about Miami Medical Chief Executive El Sanadi. El Sanadi was so concerned with corruption he hired a private investigator to look into his 'conspiracies' after finding a tracking device on his car. El Sanadi shot himself in a lobby bathroom. He also managed to tuck his gun into his pocket after shooting himself. Craig Mallak did the autopsy and determined it to be a suicide.

http:// www.sun-sentinel.com/…/fl-di-pietro-tracking…

http:// www.sun-sentinel.com/…/fl-el-sanadi-motives…

38dc5a No.456090

File: c7075e215556a6e⋯.png (258.1 KB, 690x445, 138:89, 6 delta.PNG)

361348 No.456091

File: 522ba31d840d49e⋯.png (24.09 KB, 1246x178, 7:1, Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at ….png)

anyone ever seen this error?

dee4e3 No.456092

Q is in the House…!!!

Repeat, Q is in the House…!!!

Looks like Q is going to catch US up to speed…))

3b384a No.456093

CNN are traitors.

Time to make a move?

5c0619 No.456094

Sessions is on fire.

To increase transparency, Department forensic laboratories supporting criminal investigations and prosecutions will begin publicly posting current quality management system documents and summaries of internal validation studies online;

https:// www.justice.gov/opa/pr/justice-department-announces-plans-advance-forensic-science-0

8591e6 No.456095


No. We are all blind. Dumb question.

af8e42 No.456096


Syd took Timothy Learys LSD. Had the breakdown close to 30. Shaved his head and eyebrows. DSOTM/Wizard of OZ/Tavistock/Rockefeller…it's all connected.

92de52 No.456098

File: 9302894efdf1ddc⋯.png (64.22 KB, 1274x727, 1274:727, Capture.PNG)

latest posts on /greatawakening

d5d5cf No.456099

4f203c No.456100


Lurk moar. it's all over the bread Anon. Geesh

dcfa55 No.456101


Damn! What’s up with that?

8bbb6a No.456102


Shit - been offline for a week - wth is phase 2? thanks, anon…

1ac744 No.456103


No, China wasn't.

I was asking about SpaceX launch today:

SpaceX scrubs Wednesday launch attempt due to high upper-level winds

The company has new payload fairings and a new boat. Better luck this time with recovery?

Eric Berger - 2/20/2018, 7:00 PM

(first sauce I saw, not sure of new schedule). I'm sure Q team has some new gear to get up there!

41efd9 No.456104


he edited it and the ajax page update thing doesn't show the edit. had to refresh entirely to see the SAT_SEC portion that was edited into the #453 post

9960c2 No.456105


Q edited #453. Give it time to catch up.

faca56 No.456106


can you put it up, let's see

faca56 No.456107

and the GA board is 502'd

3fde39 No.456108

Hey Anons

I posted this topic early today and want to post it again. I just finished watching a Netflix original called Paranoid. It is 8 part, European series of one season. It is all about what we've been discussing on the boards since the shootings. The plot is about police officers investigating a murder, which the rabbit hole leads to Big Pharma, tainted studies, deaths, and it shows just how the SRRI's work and how quickly one becomes addicted to them, and the behaviors assoiciated with them.

I recommend.

ee6168 No.456109


And again, in the context of a school shooting (as clearly stated in my reply) be it real or fake, the design of a 223 round means absolutely fuck-all to anyone except you mentats sucking each other off on the board.

Making a meme that it's not designed kill isn't helpful. It can, does and will kill.

804545 No.456110


I see your perspective which is strange. How can that be?

f1a35d No.456112

File: d49853fb1d49bed⋯.png (1.9 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 9BAF77DC-1527-4986-8618-53….png)

File: 8dcb691e06dcc2c⋯.png (2.65 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, FEE980D0-9640-47DB-8313-62….png)

I love Candance Owens. So much<3

3c5334 No.456113


Yes I remember what I think you are on about- he said POTUS would win election and post on a specific day in 2017 with a specific phrase

1f08a1 No.456114



446f4b No.456115

File: e07552fee24b552⋯.jpg (64.65 KB, 611x402, 611:402, nk_feb 8 201`8_missile.JPG)

New N.Korean Missile Poses Fresh Threat

February 22, 2018 10:38

http:// english.chosun.com/site/data/html_dir/2018/02/22/2018022201107.html

91399d No.456116


Yes, that's Doug Ford, the next premier of Ontario.

Patrick Brown was deposed for looking into Karla Homolka's special deal because she was a cult member. Ford is going to expose it.

0428f6 No.456117


Good God! that is a highly Autistic thing to find!

This is a poster child for the unmatched crazy autists that reside on this fuckin chan!

Kudos for even thinking to look, nevermind how the fuck you did…

b322b5 No.456118


I see you're missing a post in between 2 and 3

b2c492 No.456119


When I found out Bush Sr and Jr CIA I noticed a pattern

1112f0 No.456120




Comms are up, we operational, get the graphics rolling

4f1d01 No.456121

File: 13dd80833b9ad4c⋯.png (623.39 KB, 1800x900, 2:1, map1.png)


Being listed as School Board and Teacher? Yawn

Television Production Teacher? pssh

Saving "54" kids,and published on the newspaper hoggs writes for? Priceless.

hope you guys can read this, I tried. He's deep in the media. They picked a good name, you try searching "eric garner florida".

38dc5a No.456122

339026 No.456123


2nd time for error msg

Error 502 Ray ID: 3f0e53a718cc7a23 • 2018-02-22 01:56:11 UTC

Bad gateway

6ea865 No.456124

dee4e3 No.456125


2nd post was edited, wonder what changed?

c248b0 No.456126

File: a85304166cf5227⋯.jpg (114.04 KB, 1175x875, 47:35, Original 13.jpg)


Bring back the original 13th amendment!

https:// www.nationallibertyalliance.org/files/docs/foundingdocs/13th%20Amendment.pdf

e3d21b No.456127


i wasn't buying this guy's story during the trump thing earlier

especially with the shifty dude behind him that kept interacting with him and glancing at the camera

eb5e57 No.456128


So sick of this shit.

fe5724 No.456129

File: de14c0a2a07d119⋯.png (201.01 KB, 1920x966, 320:161, wont let me post.png)

Won't let me post, just says OK at top. No captcha even showed up.

16560a No.456130


Accountability in government? Novel approach.

541d3b No.456131

Noting that both this board and Q's are seeing a lot of bad gateway errors loading and updating. I'm hoping this is just because of increased traffic. spaceweather web site says no appreciable Solar activity so it isn't that.

ae8620 No.456132

34becd No.456133


Equal justice is coming back strong…

c0d34b No.456134

File: d28c179a0bc96dc⋯.png (49.45 KB, 600x670, 60:67, d28c179a0bc96dc58c0fb2344f….png)



Glorious! Godspeed,bakers..

1112f0 No.456135



38dc5a No.456136

File: ab7659c3823de06⋯.png (288.54 KB, 845x464, 845:464, cyber.PNG)

File: 676bf707366d938⋯.png (324.08 KB, 863x523, 863:523, Jack.PNG)

File: 131ee91be352382⋯.jpg (639.29 KB, 774x456, 129:76, phase 2.jpg)


They added the second part of the comms check.

eb5d5b No.456137

File: c0d2e265a756449⋯.png (851.88 KB, 778x733, 778:733, Sing. Airlines.png)



it's David Hogg's handle, anons – this pic of Singapore Airlines is also on the davisgreen111 site (anons discussed similar SA airplane shots this morning)



fe5724 No.456138


had to change my IP to get this to go through

8591e6 No.456140


Filter and move on.

f1a35d No.456141


I'm just as angry anon. I'm absolutely sick of this shit.

93c3c4 No.456142

Chatter on the rise…

Shill surge…


22ca13 No.456143

File: b9be44d42d5649a⋯.png (241.05 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, Screenshot (58).png)

Replying to post i another thread I lost the number to, heres the green text

>We're getting close to the end. This school shooting gambit was a colossal failure. My 65 year old mother just called tell me David Hogg was "fake". It was all the talk of her Bible Study today. They were really concerned about whether or not children were really killed.

>They bet the farm on a shitty child actor and failed.

>How would you like to be Kevin Hogg's former boss at the FBI about now? >Sessions probably has 5 hotlines going right now with people begging to make a deal.

Wanted to point out that hoax is the number one search term in Merriam Webster right now.

It's happening, guys.

d38c98 No.456144


Its caused by FREEDOM!

5d6f32 No.456145




New Q Posts on Great Awakening

Be Sure to Add


0fd3bc No.456147


Heavy DDOS right now. Everyone is dealing with it.

3c5334 No.456148


Found it -original tweet was 08/7/16 that HRC WILL be defeated and 9/11 2017 will be declared Peace and Prosperity Day.

9/11 was the day POTUS welcomed Amir of Kuwait - "Together we will show the world that the forces of destruction and extremism are NO MATCH for the BLESSINGS of PROSPERITY and PEACE!'

can't upload but looking at it now

9aff42 No.456149


Nothing anyone can say can truly lighten your burden, not yet. But you're strong, stronger than you know. For now, let us help carry you through. You're not alone – "where we go one, we go all" is more than a motto. Let us help carry you for a while, until your strength returns. Please give us that honor – it's what you'd do for any one of us. Much love.

bfe5ce No.456150

Remember POTUS notes 5 I Here you?

afaa04 No.456151

Russian agenda: tying Ukraine-HRC-Emails-Syria-election-Trump

2010 Russia’s lease of Black Sea Naval base at Sevastopo due to expire, essentially kicking Putin out of Crimea. Pro-Putin Ukrainian President Yanukovych renewed lease, which pissed of Ukrainians.

2013 Yanukovych jails political opponent under false charges, is re-elected, and draws backlash from citizens. Enter Manafort, van der Zwann, Podesta- (see threadreaderapp.com/thread/966121512825585664.html?refreshed=yes )

Victoria Nuland, HRC State Dept spokesperson (2011) & Asst Secretary of State for European and Eurasian (2013), was organizer for 2014 Ukrainian coup against Yanukovych. (Nuland enters state dept scene during Bill Clinton years. Unclear why HRC appointed her. Nuland highly praised by Sen We don’t say his name. She stayed on with Kerry). www.whirledview.typepad.com/whirledview/2011/05/the-strange-appointment-of-victoria-nuland-as-states-spokesperson.html side note Clinton’s SoS Talbott got Nuland’s hubby a job with The Brookings.

Feb 2014 Yanukovych is removed from power by Ukraine’s Parliament. Yanukovych flees to Russia.

Almost immediately Russian special forces take over key ports in Crimea, blocking trade. In April Ukrainian Parliament declares Crimea annexed by Russia. Timetable: en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Timeline_of_the_annexation_of_Crimea_by_the_Russian_Federation

Obama’s (non) response www.france24.com/en/20140325-ukraine-obama-russia-crimea-lost-russia/


Recall Obama Romney debate - who’s largest threat to US? 1980s called they want their foreign policy back. www.slate.com/blogs/weigel/2014/03/03/why_obama_got_russia_wrong_and_romney_got_it_right.html

By end of 2014, several news sources report Russian nuclear weapons and troops in Crimea.

2016 Ukraine hacks Russia www.nbcnews.com/storyline/ukraine-crisis/payback-russia-gets-hacked-revealing-putin-aide-s-secrets-n673956

2016 Russia’s Black Sea Fleet, based in Crimea, launched a three-day “anti-sabotage” exercise in the wake of the alleged Crimea incursion. Did the raid even happen?

2016 Putin pushes towards Ukraine borders www.understandingwar.org/backgrounder/russian-build-and-around-ukraine-august-12-2016

During US election cycle, Russian doing normal interference jam. Obama not concerned because Madame President and all. Then the emails Russia hacked, Russian attacks against HRC campaigns, DNC, etc.

Around this time war in Syria really heats up. Russian puts serious assets in Syria. Was he planning to draw US into war with Iran, while he takes over Ukraine? YPG, PKK, SAA, SDF, and splinter groups make in impossible to tell which side Russia takes on a weekly basis. It is clear Putin intends to use Syria to distract US/NATO.

What was trigger that sent Putin into Anti Clinton hyperdrive?

Speculation: HRC promise Secretary of State appointment to Nuland.

Did Putin read HRC Cabinet list in a missing email?

How pissed would Putin be if the person that thwarted his expand into Ukraine plan became Secretary of State under HRC presidency? Nuland would have been easily confirmed.

Since the election, media spins the “he loves me, he loves me not” petal picking Trump-Putin foreign policy. IMO, Putin was unprepared for a Trump presidency. He’s made a few jabs which Trump has returned, but so far stayed in his corner.

2017 Trump sending defense weapons to Ukraine. www.reuters.com/article/us-ukraine-crisis-putin/putin-warns-u-s-not-to-supply-ukraine-with-defensive-weapons-idUSKCN1BG16X

This feeds into the Russian Wagner mercenaries attack on US protected base in Syria I’ve been posting about for weeks. Russia did attack US troops. MSM crickets. US responded with massive air strike Feb 7-8. Word got to Putin that either mercs acted alone funded by Iran, or Putin approved attack, then got intel and diverted air support to leave ground troops exposed. Either would be slap to Putin’s face, just like the Yanukovych exile.

Some analysts and war historians are blogging that US was blindsided by initial attack and would have lost if not for quick, scramble and executed air strike.

Added speculation: what if someone (Alwaleed) gave Iran money to pay Russian mercenaries to attack base? What if Putin thought US was attacking his mercs instead and put birds in air, then gets word from Trump’s generals intel bad and to back off. Putin and Trump have been dancing around each other in Syria. Neither would launch attack against the other because of NK, Iran, Pakistan, SA.

ea9648 No.456152

Merkel or HRC/Apache corp/Lynn?

bae4f7 No.456153

File: b119927e23219d4⋯.jpg (107.34 KB, 463x472, 463:472, gltytrsn.jpg)

8de2e5 No.456154

Good evening Anon's.

I saw a couple of military jets today fly over my home in Maryland. Hoping for escalated activity soon. Prayers for Parkland Florida victims.

41214a No.456155


It helps to put the link where these came from and what it is otherwise it didn't happen

9a78a7 No.456156



0428f6 No.456157


Good God! that is a highly Autistic thing to find!

This is a poster child for the unmatched crazy autists that reside on this fuckin chan!

Kudos for even thinking to look, nevermind how the fuck you did…

6ea865 No.456158


It was around Thanksgiving and had the word

and he asked for him to tweet 'wonderful day' and he tweeted something where you could sequentially get wonderful day out of it.

576733 No.456159


No duel citizenship either

c4b414 No.456160


While is is all correct, I'm always reluctant to make this argument, for fear they'll say "Good point! Ban those too! BAN ALL THE THINGS!"

6564ad No.456161


Executive Order – Assignment of National Security and Emergency Preparedness Communications Functions



Sec. 5.5. With respect to the Intelligence Community, the DNI, after consultation with the heads of affected agencies, may issue such policy directives and guidance as the DNI deems necessary to implement this order. Procedures or other guidance issued by the heads of elements of the Intelligence Community shall be in accordance with such policy directives or guidelines issued by the DNI.

c3755c No.456162

If 8ch goes down for an extended period of time where is our muster point?

210af2 No.456163


https:// 8ch.net/greatawakening/index.html

fac7c7 No.456164

Watch the water. Chemtrails contain aluminum. City water has floride. The mix is dangerous to our brain!

https:// www.naturalnews.com/044366_fluoride_aluminum_brain_damage.html

eb5e57 No.456165


No not the anon. I meant the Twatter @jack bullshit censorship.

8d85a4 No.456166

File: 18b3ccda66ee2fd⋯.png (540.66 KB, 590x445, 118:89, metoo.png)

1ccf1c No.456167


>Re Airlines

Im dyin. This shit writes itself.

Top kek

c07548 No.456168

can anon place this video in time?

is q working through bb?

https ://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bGYSuULFzt0#t=301

7058e7 No.456169

Hannity CPAC

Q, is there any point of interest in your

(5) I hear you


9a1bb9 No.456170

File: 0af6afe57b3f836⋯.png (543.93 KB, 2318x1426, 1159:713, 20-20_[6].png)

9aa955 No.456171

Abby Normal asking for hashtags and directly addressing Q? Whats up with this chic?

1bee76 No.456172

File: daf99ad64485e85⋯.jpeg (165.4 KB, 900x553, 900:553, 9F9BBDCE-9C6A-4BB7-B873-E….jpeg)

File: 9156c7d8d04ab0a⋯.jpeg (196.03 KB, 900x484, 225:121, 0C375DE5-F989-4B47-88C1-8….jpeg)


Also today in NK.

Notice the seats are green screen green.

28dda9 No.456173


As of now, qanonmap.github.io is up to date.

Status: on standby.

0fffb6 No.456175


Good question, Anon!

41efd9 No.456176


hey what did you call me

mentat? new word created by a non-shitlord?

i wasn't saying we should meme the .223 round at all or suggest anything different be done.

you're dealing with folks who think logically here. if you want to get your panties in a wad that's fine, just don't post.

you're going to get accurate answers from this group. we will think through it (most of the time) to be accurate.

if someone told me that a ".223 is a killing machine!" then my response is likely "so is a 30-06!"

did you bring your lunch today or did you fall off a train?

34becd No.456177


Nobel prize winners too…

6ea865 No.456178


yea i got it too

cf980b No.456179

the hood is a mysterious place


e024b3 No.456180

File: 1ef7c69a6ab3e20⋯.jpg (2.04 MB, 1950x1771, 1950:1771, 2018-02-21 20.55.25.jpg)

Graphic to inform firearm idiots.

a5cbfb No.456181

IQ79Anon here…what does the 6 min delta between Q and GEOTUS actually mean?


3cef08 No.456182

Hannity "phase 2"

804545 No.456184


Your house!!!

e8bdd5 No.456185


3d printers cannot make material as strong as pressed/ rolled steel machined from bar stock.

4f203c No.456187


But no verification for Julian or O'Keefe. @Jack needs his d*** wacked!

162645 No.456188

I watched the entire sit down POTUS had with students and teachers today and was surprised.

I expected loud, screaming, teenagers calling for gun control but it was totally the opposite.

It's also telling that that kid chose not to go to the sit down, or any of the Parkland CAs screaming on every news medium.

I feel like we've reached much more than we can imagine or count. Without doubt, the MSM still has a grab on maybe a few thousand. But it is most likely a small drop compared to the wave of support for POTUS.

God bless!

e24ddf No.456189

Odds of an EAS Broadcast tonight?

CNN Town Hall just started.

Hannity live from CPAC.

Coverage Bigly

90126c No.456190


Netflix is an enemy. Stop giving them money. You're feeding the Beast.

dbbba8 No.456191


No shit. It stopped at 450 started tonight at 452. No 451.

c4f65e No.456193

All Q team post lines of exactly 58 characters in length. This will look pretty awesome to anyone using fixed-width fonts. I don't know what to make of it or if it even relates.

Why was the deal sealed under a top secret classification?

What must be reported even if filed under 'State Secrets'?

Re-review all my crumbs including today/yesterday/weekend.

Why is AG Sessions / POTUS prioritizing building the wall?

What family was permitted to leave immediately after 9-11?

Côte d’Ivoire: Central Bank of West African States (BCEAO)

Dominican Republic: Central Bank of the Dominican Republic

Guinea Bissau: Central Bank of West African States (BCEAO)

United Arab Emirates: Central Bank of United Arab Emirates

Perhaps he could not in good conscious see the world burn.

Why, again, were the arrests made in SA so very important?

Which performers/celebs supported HRC during the election?

What events re: Peter recently occurred that you now know?

Remember, not all within the C-A, D-J, F-I are bad apples.

How do you destroy the most POWERFUL country in the world?

BDT/False Flag posts vs actual news of bomb attempt (NYC)_

Tactics shift to threats and hostages to obtain rogue_ops.

Did you miss the most important line of the entire speech?

What airline check-in counter @ PVG [T2] is located @ [E]?

Tasked [3] to remove followers in drip order and restrict.

003c46 No.456194


for the meme war ops, we designated halfchan/pol as a rally point. should still be fine.

eb5e57 No.456195


They can't win an actual argument. They HAVE to censor or they'd never win another campaign ever.

aea1fd No.456196

Didn't Dilley say they had finished installing secure comms at Gitmo for the military tribunals? Could this be Q telling us that they are testing the video/sat comms for the judges that will preside over the tribunals?

▶Q !UW.yye1fxo 02/21/18 (Wed) 17:34:05 No.453









[ ]














Post last edited at 02/21/18 (Wed) 17:43:37

▶Q !UW.yye1fxo 02/21/18 (Wed) 17:49:10 No.454





9a1bb9 No.456197

024dfd No.456198


Dough this shit!!

afaa04 No.456201

Twatter making fun of Trump’s notes during listening session. Really?

When dealing with survivors of any horrific event, people need to use words that will not cause victim more pain. Because Trump is not a psychologist, it would be irresponsible for him to talk off the cuff.

38dc5a No.456202




9a6676 No.456203


i have a blank page there


74831e No.456204


"Projectile" "Casing" Together, make a bullet, or round.

dee4e3 No.456205


>They added the second part of the comms check

Thanks, Anon.

I was surprised Q showed up last night, and with all that shooter shite it took me hours to find out that Q had indeed posted late last night.

Q is going to accelerate the pace as needed.

We need it!

97f54d No.456207

Getting in late Anons so please forgive if already discussed. Is Phase 2 the the second Nunes memo? Hannity just used the same terminology for the memo.

Stay tuned.

Everything has meaning or a purpose.

@Jack - getting nervous?

Phase [2].


0428f6 No.456208


I suppose we should keep the other 13th also.

Lets call it 13a and 13b!

Convention of states, if Potus does not do it in 7.

8c5f02 No.456209


Pioneer Pines Community Church meets in the Charles W Flanagan High School. MSD and CWF schools are both located in the same area (30 miles apart). Not surprising to find two high schools in an area that have the same layout.

c0d34b No.456210


The only thing that cannot be 3d printed at this time are the barrel, the chamber and the bolt/trigger group/springs. everything else (including the receiver) can be 3d printed from plastic.

162645 No.456211


Patriots working overtime.

3f9460 No.456212



28dda9 No.456214



Then let it resume cruise control. (⌐■_■)

79b9d0 No.456215





No more innocent bystanders:

Hammer Of Thor

7eebcb No.456216


Can I use this on twat?

d38c98 No.456217



Title 50 › Chapter 39 › § 2204

https:// www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/text/50/2204

90126c No.456218


No one knows who that is.

71d126 No.456219


Oh shit!!..,

38dc5a No.456220



Up fine for me.


Yea, no kidding. I hopped on this morning and didn't even check for Q posts because they were the last thing I was expecting to see!

1112f0 No.456221

Let's go 80/20!

e0f585 No.456222



>4th dimensional negative entities

0e7dcb No.456223

93c3c4 No.456224


Did anyone else see this post? Wtf is this?

1ac744 No.456225


old VQC question: What happens when you use facial recognition on a crowd generated with CGI?

6ea865 No.456226




it was Wonderful Day

97f54d No.456227

Getting in late Anons so please forgive if already discussed. Is Phase 2 the the second Nunes memo? Hannity just used the same terminology for the memo.

0428f6 No.456228


Better explain why it's actually round, and not just called a round! Libtards shills are lurking…

d94932 No.456229


What does your discovery mean?

c4f65e No.456230

File: 5746e6f2985e397⋯.png (2.96 KB, 306x90, 17:5, 6.png)

File: a01bd979e18a284⋯.png (6.74 KB, 973x102, 973:102, 4657.png)

File: 54651c3d0e5a525⋯.png (12.25 KB, 1266x134, 633:67, 4706.png)

File: fff5064de25717a⋯.png (153.32 KB, 1287x553, 1287:553, 154230.png)

File: db6d28f7e68da15⋯.png (3.77 KB, 441x90, 49:10, 11068694.png)


Did you see that you're missing these Q team posts?

361348 No.456231

File: 4f094d5995ae790⋯.png (200.7 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Unmasking_the_Cults.png)

eb5d5b No.456232

File: 46db7c49d570676⋯.png (1.19 MB, 1917x647, 1917:647, hogg.reddit.png)



David Hogg has a reddit acct under the handle Davisgreen111

0a3b30 No.456233

File: f1161dec0e6ae4a⋯.jpeg (615.1 KB, 2048x2048, 1:1, 2356E658-7EDF-4236-92CC-D….jpeg)

File: 2946249884569c2⋯.jpeg (216.77 KB, 731x611, 731:611, E3E2C7F6-2D70-49BF-A4C9-8….jpeg)

File: 5842abff27c29f4⋯.jpeg (191.7 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, FC3B4A29-CD45-4ACD-A8CE-3….jpeg)

BV this guy always seems to be around when fuckery is going down.

4a948d No.456234


Please advise idiots this is not a game.

Lots of "Truthers" are beginning to publicly doubt you & don't appreciate that a cult that has been in operation for millennia does not come down in 13 months.

Please re-affirm this to them

Thank you, Patriots await your next comms patiently.

8bbb6a No.456235

File: c6d5cdba5e3b5ab⋯.jpg (30.88 KB, 620x473, 620:473, s9780gfd098g7df9g87dfg7.jpg)

a5cbfb No.456236

im sorry i still don't get it. i understand they were 6 minutes apart, but what does that mean? What does it confirm? >>456197

1ccf1c No.456237

File: c6b3981a5e9185e⋯.jpg (134.54 KB, 1280x800, 8:5, Q 454.jpg)

97f54d No.456238

Has Phase 2 been figured out yet?

654a38 No.456239


The FLA senator called this a high caliber round.

It's actually one of the lowest.

e2bd7b No.456240


>If 8ch goes down for an extended period of time where is our muster point?


>for the meme war ops, we designated halfchan/pol as a rally point. should still be fine.

Just for the sake of repeating ^^^^^

28dda9 No.456241


Would be happy to add. Do you have zulu timestamp?

38dc5a No.456242

File: 131ee91be352382⋯.jpg (639.29 KB, 774x456, 129:76, phase 2.jpg)

9aa955 No.456246

Thanks Anon

64fb70 No.456247

The year if the dog. Welcome to the theater.

Do you have your popcorn? The dog pulls back the red curtain and reveals the man behind the machine.

Let the games begin.

bae4f7 No.456248


>Didn't Dilley say they had finished installing secure comms at Gitmo for the military tribunals? Could this be Q telling us that they are testing the video/sat comms for the judges that will preside over the tribunals?

Dilley Drop 2/2018

12 military panelists can sit in their secret locations

Direct GITMO communications now up and running

Enemy combatants trial pen almost complete

Almost showtime

God and Country

Q silence is a marker in the map

9/11 perpetrators won’t be sleeping when patriots roll

37d692 No.456249


Looks like a bad B movie set.

8bbb6a No.456250

File: c6d5cdba5e3b5ab⋯.jpg (30.88 KB, 620x473, 620:473, s9780gfd098g7df9g87dfg7.jpg)

3f9460 No.456251

New Q's post number go from No.452 to No. 454

c230f3 No.456252

File: 64e0e2e3ca54d08⋯.png (468.74 KB, 2065x583, 2065:583, ClipboardImage.png)

delta 6 min

38dc5a No.456253

6075ac No.456254


>Hannity CPAC

Sean says…"PHASE 2"!!! hahahaha

ff5fac No.456255

File: c069539b0a912f6⋯.jpg (61.46 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, zFJJHSjh.jpg)

File: dd93460b770e2aa⋯.jpg (63.4 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, XLvVKLGh.jpg)

davidgreen111 (username for David Hogg) on imgur 7 months ago

b2b1aa No.456256

File: 9c8133455ca24ec⋯.jpg (64.64 KB, 220x250, 22:25, rg13.jpg)


No coincidences.

162645 No.456257

Phase 2 is the Trump dossier.

6537c4 No.456258


It seems like #neveragain should be the slogan for everything

78a64c No.456259

File: ea6bd4ded79b0c9⋯.png (548.13 KB, 871x498, 871:498, screenshot_351.png)

Hannity in front of a live audience :D

8bbb6a No.456260

Shit - sorry for the double post anons - bad lagggggg

9f7cb6 No.456261


Chip Simodevilla was the photographer who took those shots, he was the man who we all contacted after the SOTU because he blocked the phooto he took of a democrats phone which showed a message on screen of "Trump should be shot!" , i now know why he is going after Trump/

SAD! He will share Trumps info shots but will block the public from seeing the death threats by the Dems WHILST in same room as Trump at SOTU! DISGRACEFUL

af8e42 No.456262

File: 7cf529b4f56168c⋯.png (1.3 MB, 967x754, 967:754, Water.png)

9a6676 No.456263

if a meme is posted here it is free for distro that is the rule


a38cfa No.456264


Mentat was the name given in Frank Hebert's "Dune" to people trained to memorize things

instead of writing them down. Their loyalty was complete above reproach. A mentat had his

programming overridden and the mentat killed the Duke Artreides whom he was supposed to be

completely loyal to. Same mentat saved the son, who became the original hero of the series

of books.

64fb70 No.456265


Welcome to Phase II

4df753 No.456266


look at the post numbers for 110

6075ac No.456267




015bfe No.456269


So is Israel ya nimrod.

78a64c No.456270

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


https:// youtu.be/HICvc94tUKM

4d1381 No.456271

File: 5b9b01cb68eeba0⋯.png (53.92 KB, 925x732, 925:732, ClipboardImage.png)


No they don't.

0428f6 No.456272

What a dumbass senator… as far as averages, its even pretty low in the velocity category.

Where did he get his data? Soros or Bloomberg…


e024b3 No.456273


"A bullet is a component of firearm ammuntion and is the projectile expelled from the firearm's barrell" -wikipedia

38dc5a No.456274





bae4f7 No.456275


Of course. Knock yourself out, anon.

1112f0 No.456276

IG report end of this month or early next month!!!!!!!

74831e No.456277


"High Capacity Magazine" Is the one that bugs me. No, it's a standard 30 rounder. (or 28 if civies want less wear on the springs)

c4f65e No.456278


All are confirmed EST.

9aa955 No.456279

Hannity says Tick Tock

9a78a7 No.456280


He's at CPAC

afaa04 No.456281


Russia is only looking after its own interests. When it suit Putin, he agrees with US.

210af2 No.456283


What causes that? Where does it come from ?

41efd9 No.456284

my dudes

look at this shit

i was checking out google trends to check for a bump in the term "crisis actor" but i know better than to look right away… data will be delayed by two days or so.

anyway one of the auto completes was "David Hogg (US Representative)"

oh really? that name?

taking a look at that guy, he was a congressman from Indiana (Republican) in the 1920's and 30's.

wikipedia doesn't show anything important about him


he served at the time of the 1929 market crash

there's probably something to the name 'david hogg' being used, and it may be related to this guy

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Hogg_(U.S._politician)

dee4e3 No.456286


Ukraine not wanting to join the EU is not mentioned here?

What part of gold confiscation is missing?

Decent recollection of some events, but motivations make all the difference…)

ca41c5 No.456287

File: e9e52a851d34211⋯.png (1.52 MB, 935x936, 935:936, THIS.png)


Phase [2]:

Jan 23 2018 17:36:34

Q ID: 384dbe


The light will reveal those on the team and those pretending to be.

This is not a game.

They want us divided.

Last posts [self destruction] will immediately show the world the TRUTH.

Instructions will be sent on how to preserve offline.

You didn’t think this was simply about words did you?

We have it all.

Coming soon to a theater near you.


>The light will reveal those on the team and those pretending to be.



1. a person who loves, supports, and defends his or her country and its interests with devotion.

2. a person who regards himself or herself as a defender, especially of individual rights, against presumed interference by the federal government.


1. a person who betrays another, a cause, or any trust.

2. a person who commits treason by betraying his or her country.



We will see some interesting resignations, indictments, arrests, etc.


Pic related. HEAR HEAR.

28dda9 No.456288

cf980b No.456289

File: 11606047530a98c⋯.jpg (100.58 KB, 863x1277, 863:1277, IMG_0607.JPG)

683728 No.456290

c39d3a No.456292


convention of states if we can ever get that off the ground will be where that needs to be introduced

15d3f3 No.456294

File: 935bc85bc03e6be⋯.png (265.78 KB, 1360x768, 85:48, ClipboardImage.png)

74831e No.456295


He totally lurks.

6609d6 No.456296


Yes. And more found here

https:// 8ch.net/qresearch/res/366408.html

90126c No.456297


USS Liberty says otherwise

f85c8b No.456298


10 days of silence? Is that why we haven’t heard from Q?

4b2096 No.456299

So Hogg hid and filmed in the first

drill thinking it was the real shooting.

But something got screwed up so they

had to do another drill ?

003db4 No.456300


This is probably phase 2

1951b2 No.456301


old VQC question: What happens when you use facial recognition on a crowd generated with CGI?

6075ac No.456303


>[ ]

I count 58 spaces in the kill box

41efd9 No.456304


>ur pic related

Come on man.

It's a fun joke but you made the graphic so well that someone might end up using it

015bfe No.456305



engaged in hostilities

whether or not lawfully authorized

I found this breddy interdasting guise

9aa955 No.456306

c4f65e No.456307

File: 8818f57582e8918⋯.png (741.72 KB, 1024x777, 1024:777, Patriots42.png)

Patriots make the dough rise

b67573 No.456308


But he called the delta after the potus tweet. It's much more impressive (and meaningful?) when it is before.

7a7eaf No.456312


In the image archives we have

--> 199 Treason - Traitors - Corrupt memes

--> 241 Patriots memes in Patriots 1 and Patriots 2 folders.

MEGA IMAGE CATALOG 1. 11,800+ images from /cbts, /thestorm, and qresearch Memes#1-#10

There you can preview images, download single images, entire topics, or all.


MEGA IMAGE CATALOG 2. The same 11,800 images scaled for Twitter 1024 x 512


In addition current memes can be found in

Memes13 >>366408 Self-service

Memes12 >>247769 Self-service (full)

3f9460 No.456313


Look next to the time!!!!!!!

0848af No.456316


e24ddf No.456319

File: a04585ae3883f78⋯.png (316.1 KB, 588x748, 147:187, DH1.png)

File: 0ca9f71cb9f0126⋯.png (501.2 KB, 553x804, 553:804, DH2.png)

File: dcb01e5f3e5a14c⋯.png (605.99 KB, 939x603, 313:201, DH3.png)

File: 701db7eb1ea4f44⋯.png (252.69 KB, 965x431, 965:431, DH4.png)

File: 73aea135811d4f5⋯.png (576.02 KB, 938x599, 938:599, DH5.png)


All of this has been covered; compiling the data points I've seen to simplify:

1. An aide to a Florida Representative did send an email to a member of the press that there were non-student crisis actors. That staffer was immediately fired and the representative dismissed the claim.

2. Laguna Beach Antifa account alleges he went to Redondo Shores HS and graduated 2015, with an alleged yearbook picture. In the top frame, another student is wearing an "Eagles" jersey - which is the mascot for Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. Note he did not attend Parkland HS since Parkland HS is not the High School involved in the shooting. This appears to be intentional plant to discredit any claims that he is a "crisis actor."

3. There are pictures posted on Reddit with him at Casa Playa in Redondo Beach, CA. Note his father used to work for FBI in LA. Could very well just be there on vacation (or might have moved?).

4. Video surfaces of him in California after having recorded an encounter with an unpleasant lifeguard. It appears this was just vacation with a friend. MSD HS in Florida posted an article regarding this encounter by a student over summer break (https:// eagleeye.news/feature/msd-senior-david-hogg-goes-viral-youtube/).

5. There appear to be a lot of ties to California (dating back to 2009 trips to Disneyland, his dad at LAX, and 2015 LAX runway photos.

6. Apparently, in the video interview that he conducted during the shooting, he stated the time was 9:32. The shooting, however, took place after 2pm (4 hours later). Could just be that he misspoke. (https:// gopreload.org/huge-video-evidence-must-watch-david-hogg-son-fbi-agent-caught-video-interviewing-student-shooting-4-hours-ahead-actual-shooting)

The three accounts I've seen that appear to be linked to him are:

d_m_h_photography, davidhobbs111, and davisgreen111

Regardless of how you look at it, people were murdered. If he is a "crisis actor", then he would need to be playing the long game for at least 2 years…and would have had to have known in advance and done nothing to stop it. That is an incredibly hard notion to swallow - although not an impossible one.

I am definitely skeptical.

9fd223 No.456320


OFF WITH YOUR HEAD… THE FIRST step of a ConCon is to DESTROY the original Constitution. Dumbass… NO

38dc5a No.456323


Didn't mean to doubt you, just making sure since bread was going fast.


That is correct.


Q was gone for 48-ish hours. That is a normal amount of time for Q to be gone.


Been confirmed

1951b2 No.456324

File: 2e01a3b0b40a2b8⋯.png (216.9 KB, 1016x792, 127:99, Q-58CharLines.png)


Why not anon - attached.

162645 No.456325

If any international whitehats are lurking, we know you are, let this be a testimony that we the people will support you if you embark on a journey to make your country great, again.

Darkness > Light

Lies > Truth

446f4b No.456326


TY Anon…like

8bbb6a No.456328

File: 008cef790ca5e36⋯.jpg (70 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 7a8df6s87df6sd87fs6fds.jpg)

90126c No.456329


VQC also said he would teach us to build a quantum computer, then didn't. He's a crank.

4f1d01 No.456330


which is his reddit name yup yup

ea9648 No.456332

TEAMq. I know there are people here who do not care for "marching orders." If we are an ARMYofANONS we need to accept them.

We just received some.

q post with flag in great awakening.

team post with flag at >>455894.

It was posted before, sans flag in a response to another anon's question.

We have marching orders. More on the next bread.

0428f6 No.456333


I have no idea..

But Q mentioned SKY TAR.

And there you have it…


Probably a weapon grade sludge that got neutralized by the good guys? Far stretch guess? How the hell did Q know about it beforehand? HAS to be something "manmade" and probably CABAL related.

So that's my guess.

d27111 No.456334

List of Puppet Masters and Puppets from November Q drops. The 43 connections are between these people and organizations:

https:// pastebin.com/Ad06NFYC

340a23 No.456335

File: 3efdeff979532a8⋯.jpg (143.5 KB, 1440x987, 480:329, 3efdeff979532a89db03d604ea….jpg)

My Favorite!! for you Patriots!!

4b2096 No.456337

Holy Shit these liberals heads are

exploding on CNN town hall.

Shouting at Rubio.

4d1381 No.456339


I think you were trying to point out that post numbers jumped from to 452 from the 110 where they were previously (when in actually the 110 thread ended at 450), but your msg came off sounding like you said they skipped 453 (which I was responding saying no they don't).

964022 No.456340

File: 7dac8bae7e47cfb⋯.png (15.38 KB, 369x245, 369:245, ClipboardImage.png)

https:// www.fbi.gov/wanted/kidnap/robert-a-levinson

015bfe No.456341


any more context? what is this fucking timeline?

b322b5 No.456342

Bongino dropping some future bombs

340a23 No.456346

File: 0dccfbf190bdc41⋯.jpg (10.59 KB, 255x176, 255:176, 862ff44be00d9528c3eb8ddb3a….jpg)

Best for last!!

fba37f No.456347



https:// 8ch.net/qresearch/res/451184.html#451184

e2bd7b No.456349


Start here:

>Phase I.

>Easy to swallow.

>Loss of power/influence.

>Good time to prosecute.

What naturally comes next?

dee4e3 No.456351


>Yea, no kidding. I hopped on this morning and didn't even check for Q posts because they were the last thing I was expecting to see!

Q-Team is about ready to drop Thor's Hammer on the Lucy Scum. We've had to tolerate so much as it is, OUR TURN NOW!!

5c0619 No.456352

Steele / Russia connections

6df09b No.456354

File: 4fbd489c9bd37fc⋯.png (156.13 KB, 490x266, 35:19, mentatlazlo.png)


KeK purple stains added for effect.

8bbb6a No.456355

File: f7b7732c0f8f212⋯.jpg (70.49 KB, 700x699, 700:699, s7f8g6s897g6sdf87g6d78sg67….jpg)

003db4 No.456356

Think Bongino follows Q?

36142d No.457209


yes, yes, yes please do

3a37ff No.457306


Poo balloons?

be5b62 No.457814


CNN visiting the FB lady and calling her a Traitor. WTP know she isn't.

f5f454 No.457917

http:// www.active-rerum.com

The cure for all????

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