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Pro Aris et Focis

File: e1c02b43c5fc1b0⋯.jpg (493.89 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, qresearch.jpg)

333fb3 No.453820

There are currently no threads or posts on /greatawakening/. Relax. We have what we need. Build the map and TRUST THE PLAN. News will unlock further connections.

You will never reach your destination if you stop and throw stones at every dog that barks. -Winston Churchill

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Wednesday, 2.21.18

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>>448399 USSS gun intercept, Protect code

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Sunday, 2.18.18

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>>422626 rt >>422606 Gannett, McLean, VA, Just the Tip…

Friday, 2.16.18

>>402538 Pyramid will collapse

>>402380 rt >>402088 BIG!

Thursday, 2.15.18

>>388958 rt >>388822 Sen Warren

>>388822 rt >>388588 Why is everything 'really' made in China?

>>388588 rt >>388528 Why is Big Pharma essential?

>>388363 rt >>388315 Science fiction?

>>388273 rt >>388211 What [3] scientists were killed?

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>>381944 Missing the Connections

>>381743 rt >>381653 Hussein's got mail

>>381653 rt >>381597 ALWAYS watching

>>381597 rt >>381564 Point proven

Wednesday, 2.14.18

>>378936 They will pay

Tuesday, 2.13.18

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>>449158 Sessions memo

>>449178 Ashton Kutcher info

>>449198 Shooting survivor is CNN VIP

>>449204 New Q's for batter

>>449211 European oil

>>449290 Family behind opioid crisis

>>449324 Interesting tweets

>>449356 @jack tweets after school shooting

>>449358 Vatican vaults

>>449368 Underwater Fukushima pics

>>449383 RS-26 ballistic missile

>>449386 Snowden, educated in McLean

>>449464 Either Pindar-shill or Pindar-on-point) (User posted 60+ times, so…

>>449488 They took our mrmmmes!

>>449489 Officer shot dead, Alabama

>>449498 Pay for protest

>>449586 Voice of God cannibal

>>449651 Vatican p.2

>>449706 Netanyahu confidant to testify against him

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TUESDAY 2018.20.02

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>>447466 , >>447897 Q Post #51

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>>446465 VachelLindsay Thread

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>>445702 POTUS Memo on Bump Stocks

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>>443034 Gannett Resignation

>>437165 Trafficking at Saudi diplomatic compound in McLean

>>436758 Alefantis and Associates

>>437199 Is CNN "Clairvoyant"? (4am gannet drop?)

>>437293 Getty photo discrepancies?

>>437400 TIP = Trauma Inpatient Program

>>437425 Murdoch has a seat on the Strategic Advisory Board of Genie Oil and Gas … with Lord Rothschild

>>437465 just to see what they have to say….

>>437452 We have found ourselves a Tunnel in McLean !

>>437595 vacant since April 2016

>>437531 More about tunnels…

>>437546 MI intel is investigating Parkland

>>437574 This is one of the top headlines on Drudge.

>>437614 Whoops (((someone))) had a fat finger..

>>437648 why does Alefantis has so many properties in MCLean?

>>437795 Gannett is co-housed with USA Today.

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>>438152 Weiner laptop contacts leaked, ourguys?

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>>439209 Florida shooter on news in California months prior

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333fb3 No.453840

Current Dough


39598e No.453851

File: 32d00e08288bb37⋯.jpg (137.99 KB, 888x500, 222:125, 251d0n.jpg)

File: 1ca78d53d3a4eee⋯.jpg (79.56 KB, 515x436, 515:436, 251dny.jpg)

333fb3 No.453863


b10d96 No.453871

File: de7cde48871a305⋯.jpg (193.35 KB, 800x808, 100:101, obelisk.jpg)


c875a8 No.453876

Every war, every kind of suffering, every kind of poverty, division… all carried out by the satanic Cabal, their minions, some unknowing or unwilling to resist… these days we end this…

I can never watch another war or political movie with the same eyes ever again.

What a relief it will be. Unimaginable suffering has occured because of these entities. Humanity deserves no less than total and permanent obliteration of all kinds of evil.

962a35 No.453880


They're not going to stop

b4b16f No.453888

Local sheriffs are speaking out against Soros, the deep state, and the evil. Why is Trump promoting amnesty, illegal marijuana, and gun control?

http:// thehill.com/blogs/blog-briefing-room/news/374840-david-clarke-fla-students-gun-control-push-has-george-soros

b4b16f No.453894


I haven't been able to watch the history channel in years. I knew it was propaganda long before Q.

791f07 No.453896

Here's a great break - from THE VOICE

Rage and Outrage Are Waiting

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=pPWRKObWTl8

f91217 No.453900


Friendly reminder that there is a dedicated thread for FLA shooter / crisis actors.


930d96 No.453903

File: f4098d7b1122f33⋯.png (41.2 KB, 621x293, 621:293, ClipboardImage.png)

Wonder if this is something new to worry about.

https:// www.thesun.co.uk/news/5626441/girl-17-electrocuted-with-headphones-melted-in-her-ears-while-using-her-mobile-that-was-charging/

2fe8c4 No.453905

File: ad2f70eea3a6bba⋯.jpg (39.73 KB, 690x446, 345:223, SessionMEME.jpg)

eeceea No.453912



81474f No.453915


https:// www.justice.gov/opa/press-release/file/1035457/download

… "and the mass exploitation of computers, along with weaponizing of everyday consumer devices (as well as of the very architecture of the Internet itself) to launch attacks on American citizens and businesses."

7be4ee No.453916

File: 795edfca8ac05ed⋯.png (326.07 KB, 378x480, 63:80, NODEALS.png)

930d96 No.453917

File: 5c6b21a7f925cfc⋯.png (32.63 KB, 632x121, 632:121, ClipboardImage.png)

this should be interesting

e02897 No.453918

File: 6f7fbb8a061ef81⋯.png (109.52 KB, 674x363, 674:363, ClipboardImage.png)

Did some reading on Sessions Cyber Task Force…

I think he is talking about the Anons..? anyone get that feel?

http:// thehill.com/policy/cybersecurity/374705-sessions-creates-task-force-to-study-election-interference

f37cd8 No.453921


Any moment now…. any moment…. yessir just waiting on a moment. Tomorrow. Maybe. Or Friday. Maybe next week. Any moment. Or not. Whatever.

2fe8c4 No.453926

File: da3ce6b1c07c50e⋯.png (649.4 KB, 1000x614, 500:307, ClipboardImage.png)

770b76 No.453928

The school thing is on Dr Phil today, pt 1 of 2 day special!!! Rather Quick ???


a60aae No.453931


What's more interesting is that Hussein and HRC are visiting NZ soon. There is no extradition from NZ

8e0217 No.453932

File: ad37c883f6b5ee8⋯.png (706.12 KB, 1365x663, 35:17, SF.png)

wtf..?.., This Sorcha faal…

112e85 No.453933

3 hours ago DoD tweeted:

MT Turning darkness into light💡@USACEHQ-Task Force Power Restoration engineers inspire hope and wonder in #PuertoRico. #eWeek2018 #NationalEngineersWeek


>darkness into light

6cf165 No.453934


Maybe KDC will hire a hit on them…or do it himself

2de96c No.453935

File: cb19208c26ea27d⋯.png (478.82 KB, 427x688, 427:688, apalehorse.png)


pic related

8730f4 No.453937


>▶Q Research General #558: #CrisisActor Edition Anonymous  02/21/18 (Wed) 12:56:09 333fb3 No.453820

That is this thread. Looky up there ^^^^^^^


5fa94f No.453938


sounds more like he is talking about social media

criminals = @jack and zuckerfag collecting CP

terrorists - twitter majority owner AlWaleed Bin Talal

enemy governments = russia, china, etc

6b8a74 No.453939

@jack, you jerk

962a35 No.453941


People keep talking about extradition. As if the Trump admin has no other leverage to get people wherever the fuck they hide.

ba3dee No.453942

File: 416eba492e7d27a⋯.png (333.31 KB, 750x321, 250:107, IMG_3322.PNG)

File: 7fa9c5c4095a0c7⋯.jpg (121.24 KB, 750x501, 250:167, IMG_2959.JPG)

File: 3f04337a21b095d⋯.jpg (193.77 KB, 1000x666, 500:333, IMG_2968.JPG)

75f30b No.453944

https:// birthofanewearth.blogspot.ca/2018/02/florida-shooting-definite-false-flag.html?m=1

This is a great recap of FL shooting

8663e3 No.453945

File: 2f543bace5089fd⋯.jpg (113.2 KB, 736x1417, 736:1417, pepe popcorn.jpg)


Nice green screen



f70e54 No.453946

File: e04be3081e2a4b5⋯.jpg (303.6 KB, 1265x871, 1265:871, 2AUER_25.jpg)

Need some help from fellow planefags. I just looked at the Arrivals table at Chicago Dupage and oncovered this. This is the entry for 2-AUER and I've never seen an airline or operator entry for this before - it comes back as 'Fltpln.com 6429' and 'DOTCOM'.

WTH have I stumbled on to?

ba3dee No.453947

File: 39e2efeed9c5476⋯.jpg (151.5 KB, 1000x562, 500:281, IMG_3334.JPG)

File: 5a59100f2fa3ccd⋯.jpg (109.09 KB, 800x401, 800:401, IMG_3351.JPG)

5fa94f No.453948

File: b6220c931827c66⋯.png (124.98 KB, 585x665, 117:133, potus_twat_412.png)

fd3c8e No.453949

File: f4e001a07ecb253⋯.png (502.74 KB, 923x523, 923:523, Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at ….png)

File: f4e001a07ecb253⋯.png (502.74 KB, 923x523, 923:523, Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at ….png)


http:// abcnews.go.com/Politics/im-14-havent-driven-florida-shooting-survivor-lost/story?id=53170105

strange the mom said she got the text… but the name in the phone is kevin… which is her dad. who doesn't think of these things ahead of time before showing it on national tv? are they putting stupid shit out their for us to chase to keep us busy?

c8f6b2 No.453950

File: 4e4809ce8227205⋯.png (665.41 KB, 1080x1331, 1080:1331, Screenshot_20180221-151446….png)

Everyone should take the time to read these articles Assange posted to Twitter today. It gives soooooo much info and connects so much between Securedrop, FPF, Snowden, Barlow, Soros, CIA, FBI, HRC, Goldman Sachs, John Cusack, US govt, etc.

8e0217 No.453951


if they escape.., it will be considered traitors

8663e3 No.453952


Made in China.

7b5422 No.453953


There definitely is extradition to the US from NZ. The list of countries that do not extradite is a list of places you would not want to live.

93bcf0 No.453954


Anybody got a cow poker? Bet we could get him to open his eyes really quick then! Kek!

92f5af No.453955

File: d1cdd1b8c3b55a8⋯.png (651.5 KB, 733x1645, 733:1645, fraudpotus2_banned.PNG)

File: a54f199725291c8⋯.png (1.19 MB, 960x902, 480:451, fraud.png)

Maybe it's a sign it's true?

Push Harder?

e02897 No.453956


Yes, but what "new tools" do they have now, that they didn't have before??? I'm sure they had all the h4xing software CIA/NSA uses, some new code or EO's to work with? Maybe it is us- us doing all the digging….

39598e No.453957

File: c36334873a5fd18⋯.jpg (152.32 KB, 750x500, 3:2, 251f4z.jpg)

ef0e11 No.453958


"Big Drop"?

8e0217 No.453959


Kim Dotcom?

ba3dee No.453960

File: ea80ce8c479687a⋯.jpg (18.94 KB, 255x191, 255:191, IMG_3338.JPG)

File: 4e08b76618e997e⋯.png (568.14 KB, 2179x608, 2179:608, IMG_3339.PNG)

192a51 No.453961

File: e7d543c8fcf5022⋯.png (899.99 KB, 1633x865, 1633:865, ClipboardImage.png)



Don't you hate when you have to like keep your story together and ya know…stuff!! lol Sad!

eeceea No.453962

Friendly reminder that there is a dedicated thread for FLA shooter / crisis actors.>>453949

7b5422 No.453963


He's gone from clowns to heroes to the apocalypse.

f37cd8 No.453964


>tells anon to read something

>takes the time to screenshot the links

>doesn't bother to link it

17ebab No.453965

Blacksheep anon here

I wish people knew what is happening in the world.

The envelope is cracking.

It looks to me like POTUS administration is surveyling baddies.

The baddies either literally don't know (unlikely)

Or they think they are protected.

How can McCabe just take money? People found out immediately.

Putin's financials were exposed, and people found out how smart he really was, hiding his wealth under names of "friends" he controls.

Finance industry will start taking hits soon.

e02897 No.453966


might be a charter flight?

92f5af No.453967


Shall I change image to say "may" ultimately… ?

7aa9cc No.453968


And only 4 hrs. before the incident. HMMM

b21be5 No.453969


Looks like the same doctor that gave the CNN interview the day of the shooting. and she just looks to have a broken right arm/hand. No gunshot wounds.

c8f6b2 No.453970

File: a383083eb931026⋯.png (164.63 KB, 1080x694, 540:347, Screenshot_20180221-130257….png)


Shot heard around the world. But also just so much info all in these articles!

778ae2 No.453971


She went to Bermuda once and now twitters saying they moved all victims a fam there. It’s crap. Bermuda cannot allow Americans to stay over certain time. Only visit.

8ca268 No.453972


The charger is supposed to provide isolation, in her case it didn't and her head was literally plugged into a light socket.

Don't think it could be intentionally triggered until they make chargers that communicate two way with the phone "telling the charger" to go into "full lightning" mode.

Now I just realized, most chargers DO negotiate communications before charging starts…

But the charger designers must be in on it.

(made in china alright)

bd3ff6 No.453973


baker baker do not respond

we have another confirmed Corporate Exec departure

Ford North America President Raj Nair leaves company after behavior probe.

eeceea No.453974


Friendly reminder that there is a dedicated thread for FLA shooter / crisis actors.>>453949

930d96 No.453976


Doesn't say where the phone is from or the model coudn;'t find any other info.

e23a1c No.453977


the redirects to a rehab

http:// www.capecodrehab.com/

5fa94f No.453978

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

POTUS live with the kids at the WH

f37cd8 No.453979


Put a space before the >> symbols or your link won't work.

7a6865 No.453980


That's the message of Hussein's portrait: he really believes his slave garden of mentally enslaved (idiotized) sheeple protects him.

333fb3 No.453981


>Ford North America President Raj Nair leaves company after behavior probe

https:// www. bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-02-21/ford-s-north-american-chief-exits-after-inappropriate-behavior-jdxl09b1

c8f6b2 No.453982


Haha sorry.


https:// mobile.twitter.com/JulianAssange/status/965974173553217537

17ebab No.453983


Problem facing POTUS is the envelope breaking means disorder.

They should give Americans more credit.

Most blackmailed famous person will run against Don Jr in 2024.

Election will be rigged. Data about election rigging must be exposed before that, in Sr's second term.

52cf5c No.453984



It's on MagaPill on twitter. It's still there just have to scroll way down. Tweet starts with "Officers carry something out..."

0aa404 No.453985

Do they always pray like this before chilling with POTUS?

Amen lads.

7aa9cc No.453987


My bad. I was looking at current time. It looks like it was sent at either 1:27 or 2:27

192a51 No.453988


Is someone not getting enough attention….


00adea No.453989

File: 2b85e07a47cf773⋯.png (142.76 KB, 660x787, 660:787, POTUS 2-21-18 6 1 12 pm PS….PNG)

File: 07435113be072c7⋯.png (64.62 KB, 628x859, 628:859, POTUS Graham Statement.PNG)



f37cd8 No.453991


Well his supporters were murdering police officers a year ago so he's probably right.

92f5af No.453992

File: 619e021def808d9⋯.png (1.18 MB, 960x902, 480:451, fraud2.png)




Thanks, no further posts unless requested. However appears it's being shadow banned from Twatter.

Updated Meme

f37cd8 No.453993



d191f8 No.453994



reposting my own shit from previous bread because i dropped it at the end and I feel this is important.

dont want to cause a slide but this may be P.

well it is definitely a P she is wearing it on her triangle ring and not even hiding the fact she is illuminati. It's literally admitted in half the videos.

I reiterate proceed with caution i still feel sick from that 30 sec of sound.

930d96 No.453995

File: 4766a38b07314be⋯.png (36.56 KB, 671x318, 671:318, ClipboardImage.png)

https:// www.reuters.com/article/us-rbs-avatar/british-bank-rbs-hires-digital-human-cora-on-probation-idUSKCN1G523L

0aa404 No.453996


She's a product.

Not a conductor.

eb06d4 No.453997



https:// flightaware.com/resources/registration/2AUER


f05bf2 No.453999

The Mitre Corporation is a bad actor headquartered in McLean – they've got sticky fingers in tons of pies, from DARPA projects to high-altitude high-energy projects to "population health" projects. I'm looking into them on a number of levels, and I found one really peculiar thing:

https:// hedonometer.org/index.html

It claims to measure happiness based on Twitter keywords, and shows a labeled graph of the last few years. Just seems so out-of-place, yet could lead to clues of a deeper relationship with Twatter. Mitre's a heavy hitter techwise.And a look at their board of trustees and board of executives is informative:

https:// www.mitre.org/about/leadership/executive-team

https:// www.mitre.org/about/leadership/board-of-trustees

7a6865 No.454000


Darkest of Keks

Hopefully he WAS right, that's our job partly

8663e3 No.454001

File: a1a480450445910⋯.jpg (29 KB, 745x429, 745:429, parkl airsoft.jpg)

File: 3d57792e4c92d3c⋯.jpg (43.81 KB, 512x288, 16:9, gun control.jpg)

I was searching for meme pics….Looky looky

Isn't this an Airsoft gun? . Red tip at end of barrell that became mandatory for replica guns.

just sayin

2455f1 No.454002

File: 31d073b591091eb⋯.jpg (46.51 KB, 518x388, 259:194, earth.jpg)

File: f272119b8b9fdf1⋯.jpg (56.28 KB, 636x424, 3:2, earth2.jpg)

File: 06098b193329051⋯.jpg (119.18 KB, 768x432, 16:9, earth3.jpg)

eeceea No.454003

President on live with listening meeting with kids and parents.

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=MdM1UD4mvAw

ec6f76 No.454004

looks like Hogg's sister is at WH

among those invited for gun talk.

on Fox now. She's in white top

maybe they'll introduce themselves

f70e54 No.454005


Huh? Fltpln.com appears to be a site where you can file a flight plan. Not sure where your link comes into it.

bd3ff6 No.454006

baker baker, do not respond

The CFO of Mellanox, Jacob Shulman, is stepping down

Mellanox Technologies is an Israeli-American supplier of computer networking products using InfiniBand and Ethernet technology. Mellanox offers adapters, switches, software, cables and silicon for markets including company data centers, cloud computing, computer data storage and financial services.

The company is listed on NASDAQ under the symbol "MLNX"

fd3c8e No.454007


STOP WITH THIS SHIT. can't you tell that the video they posted isn't sourced from fox. its video of a drill unrelated to the shooting. THEY PUT THIS SHIT OUT THERE TO DISCREDIT PEOPLE DOING REAL RESEARCH AND FINDING REAL CONNECTIONS. then they serve up the bad evidence and say… look at this nonsense they are theorizing on… its all debunked. meanwhile ignoring legitimate research. JESUS… VET YOUR MATERIAL

8a5bf8 No.454008

Something interesting, I just listened to a vid on the InTruthbyGrace youtube channel re the Florida shooting and she played a vid when the police officer (Israeal??) was being interviewed he said something about state level enforsement should be able to take someone in for mental diagnosis AND treatment if they find suspicious posts on their social media.

So, is this what Q wants us to focus on? It's not about our guns being taken away, it's about the local law enforcement taking us away - not just to be diagnosed, but to be treated as well. WTF??? POTUS can't let this happen, they would take us all in.

When you report that someone is making threats against you, the police will say we can't do anything until they have committed a crime. But now they want the authority to take you in and TREAT (i.e. PHARMA) you just for posting something they don't like. What if you're in a blue state and you post something pro-Trump or pro conservative or pro Christian??

75dc0b No.454009

File: c74d8b8b59f58f3⋯.jpg (95.33 KB, 653x482, 653:482, 932 vid Capture 3.jpg)

> > > Honest Question.

But does anyone know why this Fame Fag claim this recording @9:32 AM —- when the shooting doesn't start until end of day?

The interviewee Alex never corrects him on the audio…….

af97f4 No.454010

Think I might have something here. Q said no coincidences.

Two small plane crashes in southern california. The first I think was discussed here and quickly forgotten. There was another today.

https:// timesofsandiego.com/crime/2018/02/21/pilot-killed-in-light-plane-crash-in-kearny-mesa/

First crash was John Longhurst and his wife earlier this month. Here is his profile at UC Irvine. Lo and behold a medical teacher and researcher

"Research Interests: Cardiovascular Medicine, Autonomic Neuroscience, Neurophysiology, Acupuncture, Sensory Neurophysiology"

https:// www.faculty.uci.edu/profile.cfm?faculty_id=4903

The crash today has not identified a victim but the plane is owned by a doctor.

Maybe nothing, but all too coincidental based on what has been dropped.

d191f8 No.454011


Just wondering if the name is not her per say but rather the conductor's.

this is serious. My left hemisphere (cant fucking think of the right term atm) is fucking vibrating.

7695eb No.454012

Very strong background checks.. POTUS

ba3dee No.454013

File: d53680c9c7f7245⋯.png (121.6 KB, 255x351, 85:117, IMG_3374.PNG)

a412db No.454014

File: 8eda669c1cc3638⋯.jpg (72.22 KB, 432x768, 9:16, hogg twitter.jpg)

David Hogg is a senior in high school….

but he has a the "blue check" AND 83,600 followers???

192a51 No.454015

File: dd3653b04f55ac9⋯.jpg (4.14 MB, 7272x3000, 303:125, Florida Students.jpg)




Screen grabs of the video w/ the men carrying out the black bag in this graphic..

99e7d4 No.454017


fuck david icke

new age


that is what new age is


the religion of self

fuck david icke

gtfo with that shit

8e0217 No.454018


I don't know Where is showed up this source.., But Good source is..

d55fb0 No.454019


Welcome to East Germany 1975.

They already get some of this done with corrupt judges. No juries in cases such as these

62a51f No.454020

File: e95681e483020f8⋯.jpg (184.98 KB, 1444x1080, 361:270, DavidHogg.jpg)

75dc0b No.454021

File: 7fe418b06bcfdba⋯.jpg (91.13 KB, 1200x955, 240:191, DWlVd_ZUMAA8_Yl.jpg)

fd3c8e No.454022


STOP PROPAGATING "LOOKS LIKE NONSENSE" it is NOT evidence… and serves to discredit anyone asking real questions and finding real evidence. JUST STOP

42db05 No.454023

POTUS live!

4641ec No.454024


HOT ie Hammer of Thor

8663e3 No.454025


7/10 Sounds Holistic to me

962a35 No.454026


Doctors have money; buy planes.

Doesn't mean it's nothing, but the plane-buyer income bracket is filled with physicians. Nevertheless we should always keep an eye on crashes.

cf0ef3 No.454028

es.anr rompedia.wikia.com/wiki/Pindar (through google translate)


Osiris Pindar, or simply Pindar (also known as Pendragón, Marqués de Líbero or Marqués de Libeaux), according to Arizona Wilder and other sources, is the Supreme Leader of the Illuminati Golems on Earth, being the only one that is above the Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom in the Illuminati Hierarchy.

Pindar means "Dragon Phallus", implying that he is the Bearer of the Seed of the future Dragon King of Earth: the Antichrist of the future Illuminati World Government.

According to Arizona Wilder-former High Priestess Illuminati, a survivor of trauma-based Mind Control programs-Pindar physically resembles Prince Charles of Wales, and is very likely to be his real father, as well as the true father of Prince William. of Cambridge.

It is said that Pindar usually travels in a white limousine (a "White Code" is a code understood by judges, the police, the army, etc., and means that you must turn a blind eye or not prosecute that person).

192a51 No.454029

File: 5e2a1224161d1bf⋯.png (579.45 KB, 1013x1113, 1013:1113, ClipboardImage.png)

eeceea No.454030

First girl says she is a survivor but also was not near the shooting.

027506 No.454031




Extradition or other… the optics for them trying to hide/escape there would be horrible.

Though its partly why Trump has to change public opinion before he can act on them. Otherwise they would justify it as seeking asylum.

Though makes me a little curious why we would let BOTH of them go if they are on the verge of any kind of indictment.

99e7d4 No.454032


yeah a real fucking celebrity while those that deserve a blue check dont have one fuck twitter

17ebab No.454033


Obama is controlled, he does not send message. Portrait was message to him from big daddy .

fd3c8e No.454035


NOOO… that timestamp is probably the current time on the phone

292b38 No.454037


Did you see this giant Jeff Bezos clock story?

https:// www.cnbc.com/2018/02/20/amazons-jeff-bezos-is-building-a-giant-clock-inside-a-texas-mountain.html

d191f8 No.454038


meant to also tag


cfafe4 No.454039

File: 0d84176d67796bc⋯.png (47 KB, 600x670, 60:67, pepesbase.png)

K.. so we have sliding disinfo shills again.

Dear Clowns, here are your tactics so the new anons know, and some birds.

How to Spot a Clown:

-Attempting to get a divisive or emotional knee-jerk trigger response from (you) to derail research is a red flag.

-Concern trolling and copy/pasta spam shilling that contradicts confirmed findings is another red flag.

-Using faux debate tactics: Generalizations, gaslighting, misdirection, false equivalencies, confusing correlation with causality, appeal to authority, transference, false precepts, personal attacks, strawmen, red herrings, etc etc are all yet another red flag.

-Employing social ethics that are disingenuous, such as "reverse psychology" ploys or ones based on lying to the American People; These are obvious red flags.

-Promoting tactics that are unethical, illegal or involve violence outside the scope of the Law are huge red flags.

(((They))) are playing for keeps; This isn't a game.

God bless you anons, you know who you are.

eeceea No.454040

Second kid is just scared shitless

5bc375 No.454041

POTUS Live: I don't see Diddle Hawg.

42db05 No.454042


They are being respectful to him now. Way different than what they would say to him when they were being interviewed.

573d84 No.454043

But where the fuck are we on [LV]? Anyone seen what appear to be shots fired from the helicopters?

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=YcIo9I7UOE0

And who might have been poisoning Paddock? Lead, I can understand. But Selenium? Mercury? Arsenic? All of them at once?

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=V7MC1KETg0M

192a51 No.454044


link faggot! :)

44827e No.454045


my thoughts as well its to obvious

anons must be on something bigly

they want se down false rabbitholes

keep it up you wonderflfags

7be4ee No.454046

File: ac8388d8cd0b30a⋯.png (585.57 KB, 500x458, 250:229, Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at ….png)

eeceea No.454047

Mom talking is just heartbroken and is guilty for her kid has survived. wtf

962a35 No.454048


>why they go?

Because law enforcement 101. You watch 'em until it's time to place them under arrest. To do otherwise would be to violate all those amendments.

5fa94f No.454049

File: 4a41d23aebc9d92⋯.jpg (147.25 KB, 1200x955, 240:191, 7fe418b06bcfdba1abb4e919a8….jpg)


there's that 1234 number again.

and to the guy you posted to, they had a drill in the am

f8bec0 No.454050

File: 1fb26fbe16247b5⋯.jpeg (172.9 KB, 848x1422, 424:711, 8C9F0252-7BB9-4A7B-BD56-A….jpeg)

File: 9847332d2610c4a⋯.jpeg (199.9 KB, 1312x918, 656:459, 95E80635-AF2F-47B5-A3F3-6….jpeg)

David’s friend at school sure has a long commute from Cleveland Georgia.

f70e54 No.454051

POTUS mentioned background checks and mental illness twice. Will the checks extend to the signatures in the WH Visitors Book?

cf0ef3 No.454052


Search Pindar in google. Go to images. Click the first Ro thschild pic. That's how it was found

1aafa5 No.454053

File: 87b0b33904ba8d5⋯.jpg (309.83 KB, 1024x1280, 4:5, DoItSean.jpg)

File: bc9ddcb69a90354⋯.jpg (71.98 KB, 1025x743, 1025:743, doitsean.jpg)

pls anons, send this graph to @seanhannity and add #doitsean to it.

We MUST get him to talk about #QAnon.

just a few twats, only today. look at the graph, ppl r twatting bigly… out of nowhere..

help out, do a few. just today. ok?


War room fag

0aa404 No.454055

File: 26d2bda2230c488⋯.png (643.71 KB, 937x479, 937:479, ClipboardImage.png)



Its clear shes Masonic.

Titanic Sinclair

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mad_Decent

Produced her album

Music isn't our focus here. Clearly shes a bad actors product. We have bigger fish to fry than kids making music.

Want to do that? Make a thread. Make sure you have a foundation to work with before posting so people can help you.

027506 No.454056




According to the event timing, the shooter dropped the backpack in the stairwell before escaping.

So the video we see with them carrying out the bag could simply be them removing the weapons from the building?

3d70de No.454057


>that guy getting fired

you're not allowed to question the narrative at all, are you

342f62 No.454058

POTUS is winning them over

Jonathan Blank, student in 2nd classroom that was shot at, just said:

"it doesn't even seem real still…

everything seems fake"

2fe8c4 No.454059

File: 215da3cbd7d7152⋯.png (430.6 KB, 628x442, 314:221, ClipboardImage.png)

8663e3 No.454060


@Jack must have approved his dick pics

7a6865 No.454062


I've been thinking hard about the topic because I had an interesting conversation with a friend recently. We realized we were nearly on the same page regarding the fact that TPTB are having a really rough time. As I was informed by Q and him by Icke and Cobra and the like, the divergence was the whole aliens, stargates etc. shit.

My working hypothesis is that that whole thing was a clever psy-op by those sick fucks to keep anyone who got close to the truth afraid and inactive (hoping on alien white hats and good energy and that entire BS).

eeceea No.454064

Next girl is talking about the drills

8ca268 No.454065


She supports abortion and Planned Parenthood remember?

PERHAPS someone should meme her killing her own son?

(he is only about 200months - late term you know)

92f5af No.454066

File: 9bded84b28a6be4⋯.jpg (111.43 KB, 1424x542, 712:271, 9bded84b28a6be4183c7e199f5….jpg)

7695eb No.454067

Surprised how many have thanked him

ba3dee No.454068

File: 4176689ad9f0989⋯.jpg (120.27 KB, 750x624, 125:104, IMG_3341.JPG)

8e0217 No.454069


>The Reptilians are described as being between 5 and 12 feet tall. There are several types.

>The book of Genesis and Exodus and were based on The Levites (initiates of the Egyptian mysteries); based on Sumerian stories and accounts. Between 11,000 and 4000 BC catastrophes were visited upon the earth, destroying the advanced civilizations of the Golden Age. The Anunnaki are said to have arrived 450,000 years ago. Their leader was the winged

<albino-white Draco.

Good points.., in special with the Dracos.., it say that the Pine Grand comes for them.., Anton Parks talk about the Kingu (White Reptilian with the Third eye), The Chronicles of Girku.

b10d96 No.454070

File: 0b29bcfd39aaeff⋯.jpg (65.37 KB, 509x755, 509:755, IMG_0541.JPG)


0aa404 No.454071


Noticed that too.

ef0e11 No.454072


I pointed that out after the police released their "computer generated reinactment". The "official' goes against what the blonde interviewed on camera says, it'll be interesting to see how that pans out.

7a6865 No.454073


So what would the message be?

d191f8 No.454074


5362bb No.454075



<link if you're lucky

<no explanation

(…see how annoying that is? don't be lazy fucks, anons)

a412db No.454076

5bc375 No.454077


man that hurts.

00adea No.454078

File: 598f21e98422164⋯.png (343.11 KB, 660x702, 110:117, Hannity re U1 DOJ leak 2-2….PNG)

Uh oh


Attorney For FBI Informant Presses DOJ For Leak Investigation

Victoria Toensing says leaks against client were "illegal" and "false"


192a51 No.454079


It took 3 or 4 grown ass men to carry out a bag that a teenage boy brought inside alone? Okie dokie smokie

8e0217 No.454080


At least Do you know What is talking?..,

58684a No.454081


>Tasked [3] to remove followers in drip order and restrict.

[3] = 1of7 = AI


Drip = drip marketing = <picrelated



6a8b93 No.454082


maybe he's doing like he did with the dreamers.

wtf is up with DACA anyways? what a mess

8663e3 No.454083


It also helps my mom worked at CNN for 20 years and dad was at the FBI

This kid's kinda young to have a retired father.

a412db No.454084

David Hogg is like Benjamin Button…the dude gets younger every day

342f62 No.454085

where is Hogg?

wonder if he'll let him talk

962a35 No.454086


Yep. And it works too with normies. They hear "cabal" and they think "aliens"

00adea No.454087

File: 500601df52f6750⋯.png (45.78 KB, 575x602, 575:602, SCarter 1 2-21-18.PNG)

File: 7de663ff671dbce⋯.png (58.14 KB, 618x792, 103:132, SCarter 2 2-21-18.PNG)

File: 8b8db9a03e0a05b⋯.png (575.44 KB, 612x861, 204:287, SCarter 3 2-21-18.PNG)

File: 8fe933374845bcd⋯.png (59.25 KB, 604x866, 302:433, SCarter 4 2-21-18.PNG)

0aa404 No.454088


Stop pushing mom @ CNN 20 years w/. no source.

192a51 No.454089


We DON'T KNOW you didn't link that mfer, faggot! stfu

eeceea No.454090

They are really still in shock, but they are supportive of the President. A 15 year old is talking about his life of fear in growing up in America. I guess his dad wrote his speech

342f62 No.454091


the kid knows

ec6f76 No.454092

the one who looks like Hogg's sis

introduced herself as Klein.

58684a No.454093


Damn, I forgot the pic. :(

552daf No.454094

00adea No.454095

File: 28fff30025af235⋯.png (166.35 KB, 677x783, 677:783, VToensing letter to Sessio….PNG)

File: af0a40dd7aef23e⋯.png (207.46 KB, 669x858, 223:286, VToensing letter to Sessio….PNG)

File: 0de1e5072f19a7b⋯.png (221.88 KB, 671x870, 671:870, VToensing letter to Sessio….PNG)

File: 8c6596bb3af52fa⋯.png (106.41 KB, 674x872, 337:436, VToensing letter to Sessio….PNG)

a42a9a No.454096


yep, everything i can find mom is teacher turned realitor.

309f51 No.454099

File: a0e1bb08ea7b5d1⋯.png (627.03 KB, 1599x815, 1599:815, doj2.PNG)

17ebab No.454100


Don't forget who pulls the strings.

Farrakhan pic comes out → don't forget who pulls the strings.

You will see this sort of public blackmail against Comey and Mueller soon. After Mueller goes in front of congress and offers up a couple of nobodies + "we recommend nothing is done", you will see something like this about him and Comey.

e46669 No.454101

http:// www.foxnews.com/tech/2018/02/21/youtube-apologizes-for-top-trending-conspiracy-video-that-claimed-parkland-survivor-is-actor.html

Trying to cover their asses of these crisis actors LOL screw you clowns in action

292b38 No.454102


https:// voat.co/v/pizzagate/1664079

She has been dug into here. At link.

58684a No.454103

File: ad401aff3f1e41e⋯.png (606.61 KB, 998x3049, 998:3049, Drip-Marketing-Infographic.png)


>Tasked [3] to remove followers in drip order and restrict.

[3] = 1of7 = AI


Drip = drip marketing = <picrelated




Control of Narrative

eeceea No.454104

A dad did make suggestions to make our regulations more like Israels, and the TV cut them off.

8e0217 No.454105


Both work together.., Cobra and the Alliance make his part from outside, Against the Cabal/MIC, Dracos, etc , While Q and the White Hats make his part from inside

fa02e0 No.454106

File: d88b3b1d6b15335⋯.png (38.8 KB, 825x285, 55:19, grauniad.png)

Guardian with their usual damage control

https:// www.theguardian .com/us-news/2018/feb/21/crisis-actors-deep-state-false-flag-the-rise-of-conspiracy-theory-code-words

There's no such things as false flags goy

6a8b93 No.454107


haven't been on a vacation in 10 years and i just stared at that man with the whale for a few minutes and almost cried….sigh…what were we talking about again?

oh yeah. the internet. our old pal internet. this task force is probably a few people analysing data from a fancy AI. theres really no other way with the amount of data flying around these days. we have no choice but to rely on algorithms. thats frightening.

104c63 No.454108

Anons…question… Have we determined yet what was on the phone screens during the SOTU? I don't recall seeing any more info other than we needed to get the roll from the congressional office or something, but has anyone actually gotten this information yet or has anyone determined what was on screen for this before the scrubbing occurred?

Thanks in advance….

8730f4 No.454109




>▶Q Research General #558: #CrisisActor Edition Anonymous  02/21/18 (Wed) 12:56:09 333fb3 No.453820

eeceea No.454111

The next kid is from DC, but wants counseling

c8f6b2 No.454112

File: 5dee07dc19ad624⋯.jpg (60.48 KB, 709x587, 709:587, 5dee07dc19ad62494c62da6228….jpg)

027506 No.454113


Either Sessions/Trump has enough evidence for an indictment, or he doesn't have the evidence (yet?).

Or option c… they figure they will never be able to get a grand jury indictment (or don't even want to run the risk), so they are going the military tribunal route.

Just curious where things might stand.

Have Obama or HRC left the country since Obama's Asia visit and HRC's aborted book tour?

c8f6b2 No.454114

File: b726d80f6873f39⋯.png (251.71 KB, 1080x1171, 1080:1171, Screenshot_20180221-153631….png)

89bdd1 No.454115


these people are insufferable. just reciting one catch-phrase after another. had to turn it off. it's agony

8663e3 No.454116



jewtube shouldn't have to aplogize. They should just fuck off and they are not a news source. Fuck censorship.

a412db No.454117


What was the message to him?

7a6865 No.454118


Going further it seems to me also that the "these people have been in control for 6,000 years and created all religions" meme is the same thing:

It makes them seem more powerful than they realy are.

They are just usurious merchants who got effectively organized and given clear worldwide purpose by Cecil Rhodes. Yes, they have achieved amazing (yet sick) things, but don't get carried away in giving them credit.

192a51 No.454119


unless you post a link PLEASE STFU!

fbf8f9 No.454120

File: 9a1ac535b11c63c⋯.png (225.08 KB, 960x826, 480:413, screenshot_323.png)



https:// media.ford.com/content/fordmedia/fna/us/en/news/2018/02/21/raj-nair–ford_s-president-of-north-america–exits-company.html

99e7d4 No.454121


is this plane going to puerto rico?

92f5af No.454122


We have not TMK, as Q said it would have gone Viral.

TBO I'm not sure its doable, it was removed from the Task List apparently.

3571e2 No.454123


bibi is deep state

342f62 No.454124


funny cause it's true


bab85e No.454125

File: ef4c801f6b6e4e1⋯.jpg (17.59 KB, 194x259, 194:259, 251hby.jpg)

5bc375 No.454126

309f51 No.454127


Yes san juan

00adea No.454128

File: f6992aecd0a676d⋯.png (46.48 KB, 663x421, 663:421, Nunes 2-21-18.PNG)

How The Media Enable Rep. Adam Schiff’s Russian Bot Conspiracy Theories


2932f5 No.454129


western spy squat

342f62 No.454130

POTUS is breaking the fucking libtard spell

bc1ee0 No.454131

File: b8ad43ea04b1753⋯.jpg (271.97 KB, 929x733, 929:733, 2018-02-21_14-39-55.jpg)

I wonder what NSPM 6 and NSPM 8 are??

NSPM 8 would have been signed around the time that Q appeared (between October 4th - Feb 7th)

https:// fas.org/irp/offdocs/nspm/index.html

cfafe4 No.454132


This will read as such, for the edification of future newfags:

Employing social ethics that are disingenuous, such as doxxing anyone without clear evidence of a crime, "reverse psychology" ploys or ones based on lying to the American People; These are obvious red flags.

0aa404 No.454133

Not a single Parent of dead kids here. All representatives.

9829b4 No.454135


Toss the weapon evidence in the back of a pickup truck? mhmm. Crime scene evidence like that does not get touched.

44827e No.454136


p=roths=pindar rumor he is dead tho

power vac happening now.

chaos, take down

just my thoughts having read since oct

eeceea No.454137


I did post the link, and I will STFU, just thought the anons might be interested in what Potus was hearing. The mayor is supportive.

89f220 No.454138

Bodies are barely in the ground and we have this media circus about gun control. Feel bad for POTUS having to deal with these demons.

Civil war is imminent.

a412db No.454139


Im following it too, and its like 3500ft over PR but still no final destination posted

651845 No.454140

I think Adam Schiff is trying to work against POTUS. Keep an eye on him, anons.

5bc375 No.454141


>Civil war is imminent.

Let's not get ahead of ourselves.

7695eb No.454142

Free speech becomes dangerous it gets restricted?

d191f8 No.454143


are u retarded? Ur POTUS is on TV. pay attention.

Fox News.

dd14f4 No.454144

So what's the consensus? Why do you think POTUS is having this open talk? So the world can hear…then will it be exposed these FF have been operated by the cabal? All of these heartbroken people will get to realize these shooting were inflicted by their own government? Where are we going here? Wow…

342f62 No.454145


good one

add this pedo to the list!

92f5af No.454146

File: 9bded84b28a6be4⋯.jpg (111.43 KB, 1424x542, 712:271, 9bded84b28a6be4183c7e199f5….jpg)


You read as such

65d266 No.454147

File: 9eeb3d3123d723c⋯.jpg (42.92 KB, 142x97, 142:97, insidepage2.jpg)



Probably already checked out ,I thought the header pic was telling.

2ffabb No.454148

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

For all the scumbags in DC Feeling HOT HOT HOT, here's some dancing music for you,hahaha

ef0e11 No.454149


Plus for preserving evidence, they would not have moved the weaps, they should have if anything left a leo to guard them while the rest continued searching. Question is, was the "shooter" in custody at that point? if so, they should have known that and not "disrupted" evidence or the crime scene.

0789b4 No.454151

File: ecdb87148ee938f⋯.jpg (30.05 KB, 615x424, 615:424, Little-girl-from-side-eye-….jpg)


You think…

99e7d4 No.454152


and you know he is a pedo why?

cfafe4 No.454153


KEK. k clowncar

a412db No.454154


Damage control until the real SHTF

eeceea No.454155


A dad is there speaking right now

9c255d No.454156

File: 23d95e651a46b40⋯.png (2.56 KB, 73x73, 1:1, IXXI-special.png)

ba3dee No.454157

File: 258e1ee3a718036⋯.jpg (83.29 KB, 628x442, 314:221, IMG_3377.JPG)

6a8b93 No.454158


have a link

https:// www.cchrint.org/psychiatric-disorders/psychiatristsphysicians-on-lack-of-any-medicalscientific-tests/

883e1c No.454159

File: 6eef2a3ff469f2f⋯.jpg (131.58 KB, 800x997, 800:997, tf1.jpg)

2de96c No.454160

read this and think about in context of POTUS tweet about Mika bleeding from the face

The New Testament indicates that Jesus underwent hematidrosis before the Crucifixion, during the Agony in the Garden (Luke 22:44).[5][12] These claims are plausible, given that the modern day dermatological research notes the presence of hematidrosis in people awaiting execution.[5] It has also been proposed as a possible explanation for claims associated with stigmata.[13][14]

Leonardo da Vinci described a soldier who sweated blood before battle. The phenomenon has also been observed in individuals condemned to execution, a case occurring during the London blitz, and a case of fear of a storm while sailing, etc.[13]

680e3b No.454161


Where is she again?

f70e54 No.454162

I went back #and checked. The girl in the white top says her name is Ariana Klein. She does look like his sister though. is she using an alias?

8730f4 No.454163


I don't get it. How?

fffbc1 No.454164

The MAIN reason for the FF shootings is the Gun Grab. It starts out as gun control and then escalates from there. The bills they want to pass will have a hidden agenda like the one they wanted to pass after the Vegas shooting:

"New Bipartisan Bump Stock Bill Would Actually Ban All Semi-Automatic Rifles"


Secondly they want to create chaos, discord, and CONFUSION.

The whole Hogg yearbook tweet reeks of a CNN "trick". In order to make the conspiracy theory look senseless they put out the California yearbook tweet and once they made that viral they put out the Florida yearbook video tweet debunking the Laguna Antifa tweet. It's purely psychological the way they try to play both sides.

5362bb No.454165



he's right tho.

you got any more of them lagunantifa crap for us?

9c255d No.454166

File: 0861230a5f015a7⋯.jpg (76.47 KB, 640x960, 2:3, mix.jpg)

342f62 No.454167

I hit filter

and it's like you don't exist

ba3dee No.454168

File: 07b5c9ae9552540⋯.jpg (220.63 KB, 1000x638, 500:319, IMG_3353.JPG)

201e55 No.454169

File: a3338dab88d59cf⋯.jpeg (675.32 KB, 1242x1773, 138:197, 766A6AB8-A3C5-4F3F-95EC-3….jpeg)


HighValueOperationsTarget pre determined

c8f6b2 No.454170


Wow, go Devin!

bab85e No.454171

File: 9f6bc43a5cbc641⋯.jpg (6.83 KB, 198x254, 99:127, pg.jpg)


>liberal soyboy Penn Gilette explains 2A

This is your home now.

17ebab No.454172

How to read the news.

B. Netanyahu buried in press → potus "we got something for moving embassy to Jerusalem."

- blacksheep anon

a60aae No.454173

File: 2ff805003bec104⋯.jpeg (573.76 KB, 2968x1302, 212:93, doj3.jpeg)


I was theorizing the 2nd GITMO is on Diego Garcia. The GITMO needs to be on a mil base in a remote location.

DOJ N640CS is landing in San Juan, PR

d55fb0 No.454174


I can't imagine why they think anyone would actually listen to a law like that. Who's gonna enforce it? If your a copanon, you wanna get shot cause Feindstein says turn em all in? You'd be better served throwing Feinstein in jail

GFL with that guys GFL

a44fb5 No.454175


inb4 Devin is accused of treason

cf58b2 No.454176

Seems like all the shit talking has stopped now that they are in front of POTUS

192a51 No.454177

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

President Trump Hosts a Listening Session with High School Students and Teachers

a01482 No.454178

What's the consensus on P = Pindar?

Are we pretty certain?

99e7d4 No.454179


yeah right

93bcf0 No.454180

b67fb0 No.454181

Wow they really lose their shit if you mention that the kids are crisis actors.

769196 No.454182


"Bodies are barely in the ground"

Yeah, like anybody cares.

Am only child of elderly parent. Father died and the ubiquitous "affairs", as the world puts it, were sure as hell not in order.

There was fucking NO ONE to help. Mother had a total nervous breakdown and was just completely fucked up after almost 60 years of marriage. Immediately apparent she couldn't live alone.

Anons, nobody gives a flea-flicking goddamn when someone dies, and they care even less about your grief. People die every day, all day long. Nobody cares.

I am so annoyed that the President of the United States is being forced to waste his, and thus OUR, time listening to these sniveling teenagers. Who gives a shit about their trauma? Fuck off, teenagers. Nobody cares what you or your annoying liberal parents think. Go get drunk with your friends and get over it.

2fe8c4 No.454183

File: 0005a2aa5152bf5⋯.jpg (88.27 KB, 709x438, 709:438, HillaryCrayzedButton.jpg)

5362bb No.454184


pretty sure the consensus on that is

"goddamn not this again"

bab85e No.454185



Alexa is 21.

1ad436 No.454186

your contribution is only limited by the space you occupy at the moment.

learn to work in mysterious ways by planting hidden seeds in plain sights.

the mind is a wonderful tool and will collect everything it is able to digest.

think about what you can do in your immidiate surrounding.

your working space, your living room, with your friends, family, even strangers.

do you use your capabilities to the fullest?

do you engage, but not to expose yourself and instead hint to the truth ?

do you strafe for the betterment of every soul ?

do you fear not time nor place ?

mo sign nor race?

then you are with me, into eternity

into the struggle,

be the calm enduring the storm

7be4ee No.454187

File: 14d1252e253ed34⋯.png (192.52 KB, 540x394, 270:197, truestart.png)

ba3dee No.454188

File: 8fd57682dab6e5b⋯.jpg (112.87 KB, 750x750, 1:1, IMG_3061.JPG)

eeceea No.454189


https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=MdM1UD4mvAw

99e7d4 No.454190


I am certain anyone mentioning some mysterious non existent lizard will get filtered

44827e No.454191


good to bring to parents att atleast

singledadanon here last shit post on this

also anything from teen nick has heavy (I) symbols going on

89bdd1 No.454192


how? sounded like the same ol' same ol'

92f5af No.454193


Not really prior bread has extensive related investigation.

I'm right

When you plaster your bitch ass mug all over the news, claim shit, lie and fuck over POTUS and the American People.

You are then a public figure

And your ass will be doxxed and investigated

His Daddy shoulda thought about that before he let his Son Expose himself to everyone in a fraud.

Sure hope no one tracks him down and hurts his family

6b8a74 No.454194


that's why I'm not watching it. The Left nauseates me.

c8f6b2 No.454196

File: 5dee07dc19ad624⋯.jpg (60.48 KB, 709x587, 709:587, 5dee07dc19ad62494c62da6228….jpg)


It's a million times better than the Russia reset button.

99e7d4 No.454197


you just made me smile

32d35b No.454198

Looking at the Meeting With Potus now. It just looks so fake, all the talkers. I dont know just someting odd With the pissed father, who dont know the name of the graveyard where his daughter is buried

d191f8 No.454199


It's not about the music. I was driving at P and the name Poppy. Bush's Grandpa was Poppy Bush so i was wondering if that was the connection.

It's straight MK ultra shit and it's impactful. The whole elsagate sort of shit. still trying to recover.

But i digress. didnt want to slide only to bring another name into the P discussion to save for later when we're digging P.

2ffabb No.454200


I said that last week, plus it's close to Gitmo

34d2b4 No.454201

File: a90b4314ebf8e09⋯.png (820.11 KB, 1802x978, 901:489, Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at ….png)



Why is this still in the batter? Twitter isn't blocking the memes. This happens all the time on my iphone - when the connection to wifi is bad! And then when the connection is good, the images all load.

3b0ec9 No.454202


Elaborate pls on a graveyard

52cf5c No.454203


It sure looks like a body in the video - looks like an arm swinging down. Maybe it's the actual mind controlled shooter? Dead? Cruz is the patsy as they can show "motive" for him and push gun control. Takes a plea deal bc they scare him with death penalty possibility. Plea ensures no trial, no investigation. Building already decided to be destroyed so again, no investigation.

6a52ca No.454204

Shitfire. These assholes just explained how to link to here and a whole bunch of Q related crap. Stand by, gooks in the wire.



89bdd1 No.454206



1 post by that anon

2b6acf No.454207


Not new. Also happens on laptops.

Don't charge while listening on headphones.

It's also a thing when

>power outlet is bad - ground-voltage short

>charger is bad - ground-voltage short

>WIRE is bad - usually the main cause ground-voltage short

>battery is bad - especially when built-in and feature fast charge, overvoltage, improper grounding

Phones kill these days, aside from their MK ULTRA crap they have built in.

Stay safe.

>Note 7 explosions

>IPhone 7

>Redmi Note 4x

https:// hooktube.com/embed/owpOU92bsk8

815561 No.454208


We are already in Civil War.

0aa404 No.454209


You just absolutely confirmed my thoughts about you. I assumed, you were shilling trying to say 'P' is Poppy. This stupid Celebrity project.

Here is the Final (You) 4 U big guy.

6a8b93 No.454210


the funniest part is the term reptilian came from people assumed to be psychic or having a sixth sense like a third eye pineal gland thing. you know like reptiles have a third eye that sense light on their head for real.

it never was intended to mean some reptile looking humanoid. that makes it even more highlarious to me that people think theres little lizard men living undergound eating babies hahahahaha

b67fb0 No.454211


P is for Pillow, now go bite on it.

5362bb No.454213


ya, you lost your benefit of the doubt, there.

thou doth accuse of glow too much

7e88bf No.454214

I’d like to hear what Q has to say about the Florida School shooting, as listening to President Trump hear from students involved in the shooting today in the WhiteHouse, it sounds as if more gun control laws are on the way in the States. Isn’t gun control what the global cabal want, so that all people are subservient to their totalitarian one world new order?

Q needs to address this urgently. The narrative in the MSM and in social media is changing, in favor of the global cabal.

What’s going on Q? What is Trump thinking?!

cf58b2 No.454215


I have never seen so many crybabies in one place. Its ridiculous

2fe8c4 No.454217

File: c56b901b312013a⋯.png (391.15 KB, 626x349, 626:349, ClipboardImage.png)


67b6e2 No.454218

the posts here are designed to remove the conspiracy theorists from the narratives being presented. quite the trap for the anon's

bab85e No.454219


>main players each had a cyanide pill to use in case of capture

Self deportation. Sucks for investigative purposes, but...

92f5af No.454220


Perhaps, war is messy.

192a51 No.454221

Twatter getting sued…again!

Twitter Censorship Should TERRIFY Everyone

"Our lawsuit is not about whether Taylor is right or wrong. It’s about whether Twitter and other technology companies have the right to ban individuals from using their services based on their perceived viewpoints and affiliations. If Twitter wins this battle, there is nothing stopping tech behemoths from searching through users’ social media posts or emails, or investigating their off-platform speech, and banning people whose views it dislikes."


b67fb0 No.454222


42a57f No.454223


I remember Bobby Fischer "hiding" out in Japan, and it seemed we could not extradite him. Obviously we shouldn't have been trying to get him, but we were, because he played a chess match in Yugoslavia that we were embargoing. But anyway, we seemed not to be able to extradite from Japan.

And that plane that got turned around 4 hours out of LAX, with Crissy Teigen on it, was headed to Japan.

cf58b2 No.454224


I noticed that too. He didnt remember where his kid is buried.

8d0caf No.454225






talking about (((SANDY HOOK)))

8663e3 No.454226

File: 77e2b316e815874⋯.jpg (41.28 KB, 512x383, 512:383, parkland lolz.jpg)

File: 276181909db7656⋯.jpg (50.08 KB, 512x285, 512:285, park cnn ot.jpg)

These people never have time for their families…just nonstop interviews, no tears or grieving..same old same old

342f62 No.454227

Did that kid just make the zero sign aka satanic symbol with this hand

8e0217 No.454228


At least a medium say something..

9829b4 No.454229


Many nations will not extradite their own citizens but will extradite foreign nationals.

d191f8 No.454230


look at my post history and then go fuck yourself u dumb piece of shit.

t. Ret Army nurse

ec6f76 No.454231


Asian kid on Dr. Phil today very good

friends with Cruz. knew him for years.

he said he and Cruz WALKED OUT OF

SCHOOL TOGETHER. he said he was

shocked to find out it was Cruz.

7d5267 No.454232

Some pretty good acting in this meeting

4daf2e No.454233

Hooktube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


NBC Houston KPRC 2 interview: multiple shooters blocked both exits taunting students to come out.

962a35 No.454234


What about the serpent references in the OT? What about the caduceus? What about the dragon eating its own tail symbol seen worldwide?

I'm not onboard with the internet theories, I'm just pointing out stuff in the historical record.

7a6865 No.454235

6a8b93 No.454236


well…uh…you're not entirely wrong. this reminds me again of that Rothschild thread. basically dude said look, the only real laws are the laws of nature.

laws of nature in the animal kindgdom don't care about your feels.

…it was a really insightful thread idgaf who wrote it i learned a bunch guus.

58684a No.454237


It's only going to get worse.

The NWO MUST strip the 2A from the US.

It's the ONLY barrier to their success.

It's NOT about an INDIVIDUAL right to keep and bear arms.

It IS ALL about a MILITIA's right to keep and bear arms.

Don't get me wrong, I'm all for the 2A.

It's just that most people, (gun enthusiasts included), don't really understand it.

YET AGAIN, Bill Cooper is dead-on-target…

You MUST be in a MILITIA if you TRULY wish to exercise your 2A right.

As for civil war, IDK.

I'd like to think that most already in a militia actually understand the above and also understand their oath to the constitution.

I guess what I'm getting at is; WE won't be firing first if it comes to actually slinging lead downrange.

309f51 No.454238


the planes will tell us , unless they all go dark .

94189c No.454239

File: fec85703fc94775⋯.jpeg (108.65 KB, 1242x803, 1242:803, 11887AC0-D344-4BA2-97A1-8….jpeg)

342f62 No.454240


that's what I'm thinking

bab85e No.454241


> Because, like Hitler, he is NOT playing their game. I promise that's the first and last time I'll compare him to Hitler again (as I'm actually a huge Trump fan and absolutely hate Hitler–sad that this needs to be said).

They're lying about Trump.

Maybe they lied about Hitler too?

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Madagascar_Plan

The "holocaust" was a sacrifice of Bolshevik jews by Zionist jews, blamed on the Germans with years of propaganda.



bd3ff6 No.454242


The Mellanox one is bigger. Look at what they do

Mellanox Technologies is an Israeli-American supplier of computer networking products using InfiniBand and Ethernet technology. Mellanox offers adapters, switches, software, cables and silicon for markets including company data centers, cloud computing, computer data storage and financial services.

The company is listed on NASDAQ under the symbol "MLNX".[citation needed]

f70e54 No.454243


Playing out rope. If 'Ariana Klein' has signed the guest book at the WH with that name and she ends up being found our to be, let's say 'someone else', then her and her Daddy are history, along with the son.

8b08e2 No.454244

It shit on Fox is a Bash session on our President…….. you don't want to be me sounds like a threat to Trump ?

027506 No.454245

File: 9cf96a9faad15a7⋯.jpg (213.34 KB, 1001x1024, 1001:1024, 1478708711043.jpg)


Ahh, the good ole days.

b2554f No.454246

Yikes somebody should have counseled those girls to keep their legs down. No one wants to see their under thighs,

6cf165 No.454247


You mean the 666 hand sign?

da087b No.454248


I feel like Betsy wants to laugh these actors off. lol

8663e3 No.454249

File: fc6435e87ed9e95⋯.jpg (51.23 KB, 512x285, 512:285, parkland OT.jpg)

5ba786 No.454250


This would be even funnier with P = Mr. Potatohead

342f62 No.454251

there's no Hogg in that circle

769196 No.454252


>you just made me smile

Well, I'm glad.

Yeah, grief is why some genius in the past invented whiskey.

I felt like total shit, sure. It was hell.

I didn't bother ANYONE. Just sat in the dark night after night downing scotch and crying, until pretty soon I didn't need to because I was OVER IT.

These fucking teenagers. Teenagers cry about SOME damn perceived slight every day, because they have fucking hormone poisoning, every one of them. All they know is, they WANT.

They want a PUPPY! They want a TATTOO! They want to have a SLEEPOVER! They want a COOL CAR!

They don't even know where their goddamn shoes are, and can't keep up with a single fucking thing they own.

Teenagers make every single decision with their amygdala, and it shows to high hell. That prefrontal cortex is ten years from being complete. They're a danger to themselves.

32d35b No.454253


He looked like an agent. The other father called Potus Trump not mr president, and why is not any of the previous intervieved kids there, hogg? Looks so odd, the hole thing

ed8099 No.454254


You have absolutely no basis for deciding which other forms of life are funny or not. Wait until you know what's out there before striking a mocking pose. Otherwise, how can you possibly pretend you are objective?

As a rule, ridicule is MUCH more useful for obscuring truths than it is for establishing them. Hence, it is stock in trade for shills.

680e3b No.454255


The Cadet was red pilled prior.

8d0caf No.454256


>18 yr old kid with a 25-year old goatee


i …. never believed it until i saw the killing fields myself

342f62 No.454257

dd14f4 No.454258

File: 0ce3c827334976e⋯.jpg (217.75 KB, 1174x324, 587:162, 3.14.17.jpg)

Have this saved. No date on screenshot however it is from 3.14.17 I believe. I capped it b/c I remember going…"Whoa!"


16e2d3 No.454260


Many people are in militias. They just have to stay on the down low in order to avoid being targeted and infiltrated by alphabet soup.

c8f6b2 No.454261

File: 51a90cf84819430⋯.png (313.05 KB, 1080x1353, 360:451, Screenshot_20180221-155755….png)

eeceea No.454262


However, both father and sons were supportive of Potus and said they were certain Potus would solve it.

4daf2e No.454263



Much to be found taking that route, see Dendera "lightbulb" as one example (snake in the tube).

Could be use to heal, transmogrify, perhaps even create. Kept hidden by 'evil evil, look away'.

342f62 No.454264


you know she knows what's up

cfafe4 No.454265

History is written by the victors. (We) must deliver the Truth as the narrative, not bullshit on a hunch.

We've been warned this would happen anons. Discern!

d191f8 No.454266


roger. TY anon. didn't hear about her till today hence why i asked.

58684a No.454267


Annnd I rt'd the wrong post… :(

Was meant for:


2932f5 No.454268


blue checkmark just a tribal tatoo

a42a9a No.454269

File: a8c4dd365db9d85⋯.jpg (154.25 KB, 1500x1108, 375:277, actually.jpg)

File: 38c4671034d237a⋯.png (285.57 KB, 307x380, 307:380, Screenshot-2018-2-21 sumar….png)

File: d4afc6591637db6⋯.png (302.49 KB, 445x380, 89:76, Screenshot-2018-2-21 sumar….png)

File: 878a179fc565272⋯.png (196.46 KB, 222x380, 111:190, Screenshot-2018-2-21 sumar….png)


Sumer … archeology

2e1690 No.454270


He and his buddies are doing a townhall with Jake Tapper later today on CNN. They were invited by POTUS but said they'd already committed to CNN. THAT is THEIR priority. Says it all.

d55fb0 No.454271


We don't 'have' militias anymore per say. those were rolled up into state NG units, and the NG units have been federalized.

It is said that every able bodied man is part of the unorgainized militia.

If we're going down that road, then we better apply the same truth to everything else. The fed has to go and gold must be coined as money, nothing else.

3654d7 No.454272


Oh BAKER- Baker Baker Baker plz add

ec6f76 No.454274


Boss Hogg was invited but wanted

to attend rally instead according to

John Roberts, Fox

5bc375 No.454275


all I see is you trying to get others ready to go fight a kinetic war.


Let's not get ahead of ourselves.

4daf2e No.454276


Another girl described same thing, conversation with Cruz, think while shots still being heard.

https:/ /hooktube.com/watch?v=pnJViXJMdKk

93bcf0 No.454277

5bc375 No.454279


>CNN. THAT is THEIR priority. Says it all.

agreed. Red October, methinks.

1aafa5 No.454280


love it.

sending him that one too. thankx

8d0caf No.454281

trump looks good!


883e1c No.454282

Woman who cared for Florida shooter wants control of his inheritance


what if was not him and this is why he got blamed? fek knows anymore….

58de87 No.454284

File: 5c850449c73f90e⋯.jpg (142.25 KB, 867x490, 867:490, eyh.jpg)

2edc00 No.454286

File: 8689b88fd8b91f7⋯.png (119.84 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, participants_not_aware.png)

The Florida shooter is most likely a victim of #SRA, #MKUltra Trauma Based #MindControl & is suffering from the mental INJURY of #TertiaryStructuralDissociation which was mostly likely deliberately inflicted on him as a child.

42db05 No.454287


Like a very stable genius

c8f6b2 No.454288

File: c2a055142cca7e9⋯.png (65.4 KB, 1080x349, 1080:349, Screenshot_20180221-160232….png)

7a6865 No.454289

>>452718 (old thread)


For me the real red-pill here is E Micheal Jones:

Hitler and WW2 are inevitable consequences of WW1 and Versailles. WW1 was a plot to crush Germany for having gotten so succesful via the benedictian "ora et labora" (labour) instead of the jewish-anglo-american way (usury). Trump possesses a truly biblical key in this sense.

0aa404 No.454291

I am sincerely sorry for assuming you're shilling for P = Poppy to mislead in a malicious manner. God bless ya


Ight went to the other thread. I'm guessing this is your introduction to this type of thing? Just review all the god damn artists putting out popular music. There's 3 Mars Argo videos I just watched after seeing her in related to a Poppy video, because i wanted to refresh myself on 1 of the videos symbolism.

You want another rabbit hole?


Mars Argo - Using You. Crystal Clear message about using the music industry.

Another clear MK images is Mars Argo - Runaway Runaway

342f62 No.454292


Hogg and the bald girl said in a video that they would go back to school on Monday if that's when it reopened…unless they have interviews.

ba4e44 No.454293


Anon, has this been added to the ongoing list?



58684a No.454294


This is true.

Just look what happened in WACO and RUBY RIDGE back in the 90's…

It is also true, and I've seen this first hand at many -a-gun range, that MANY MORE DO NOT participate in a militia.

It's just another example of the fucking CLOWNS distorting and perverting our understanding of things to suit their agenda.

2b6acf No.454295


proofs or shut up

>it never was intended to mean some reptile looking humanoid. that makes it even more highlarious to me that people think theres little lizard men living undergound eating babies hahahahaha

Even wild boars eat humans. Go elsewhere.

Know-nothing eloquent bitching with positive assurance.

99e7d4 No.454296


you need to make some videos and share that wisdom seriously

44827e No.454298


"you kids all are taking lie detector test right after this talk is over you know right?"

look at the guy("kid") in the ties face

92f5af No.454300

File: de46b1c95238899⋯.png (119.83 KB, 738x375, 246:125, podesta.PNG)


They killed Seth Rich on a hunch. I don't think there is anything wrong with posting hunches, its not like we're killing people based on it.

Hunches light the way to investigation and truth. If you are here to sweep shit under the rug GTFO.

2ce1e8 No.454301

File: dabcc77d60fc33e⋯.jpg (19.93 KB, 213x320, 213:320, 122699.jpg)




62a51f No.454302

File: 03f83bcab8f9211⋯.jpg (306.66 KB, 1447x1080, 1447:1080, DavidHogg2.jpg)

8e0217 No.454303


Interesting.., already seems that The chessboard is similar to the Reality..

309f51 No.454308


Bring back the expos

3f4498 No.454309

Don't know if this was mentioned yet. Was just watching a Bill Cooper video. Cooper said the person who killed JFK was actually his driver… then we get the Trump motorcade driver with a gun news, along with Q's posts.

Unsettling stuff.

6905f0 No.454311

Just like in a domestic violence situation, the abuser will escalate. They flaunt their deeds and freedom, punishing us and laughing. I will celebrate when the hammer finally drops. No Deals. Please protect our great and undaunted POTUS.

93bcf0 No.454313


c8f6b2 No.454314

File: 0c511e0cfc95924⋯.png (46.34 KB, 1080x188, 270:47, Screenshot_20180221-160610….png)

5362bb No.454315

File: 93fccb359034195⋯.png (632.61 KB, 555x780, 37:52, MontrealPepe.png)

a412db No.454316

Holy shit, is that FBI (Vegas cover-up) agent Aaron Rouse speaking right now???

333fb3 No.454317


You must be able to walk around in public and not look like a 'Trumper'

cfafe4 No.454319


I agree.

What I don't agree with is randomly following slides against innocent people. It makes us look bad and I think there's actors in here posting bullshit to trick people in that fashion. Discern!

2ce1e8 No.454320


Connected to marijuana growers.

f70e54 No.454321


Much fuckery is afoot on ADS-B at the moment.

b67fb0 No.454322


haha, it's blowing up.. Seeing it everywhere.


a42a9a No.454323

WOW … ARMED teachers and school employees just suggested on FOX

192a51 No.454324

Question for the Liberals/Democrats: Why is violence against children in schools worse than the violence they have to live through day in and day out in their lives in shitty neighborhoods filled with illegals and MS13 gangbangers? Hypocrites! Illegals are killing Americans every freaking day in this country! What about Jamel Shaw, Jr.? His life mattered too! Angel families grieve just as much as these families are suffering but Liberals don't give a fuck!

92f5af No.454326


>What I don't agree with is randomly following slides against innocent people


7be4ee No.454327

File: a1d9bd4a2e790b4⋯.png (448.89 KB, 558x600, 93:100, twigarms.png)

792bb2 No.454328


when speaking of Rouse, please always mention that he's John Podesta's son-in-law… Some people don't know that he's married to John's daughter.

5362bb No.454329


last 3 days

e232ea No.454330

I remember some years back I learned of how T Boone Pickens bought Property upstream from The Great Lakes and was Fracking Water and selling it to China ….. They can buy adjoining property and Frack miles away from it Underground and steal water ….Who monitors it ? You ever wonder why so many sink holes ? China has no fresh water …. Check this site ……….https:// www.globalresearch.ca/the-new-water-barons-wall-street-mega-banks-are-buying-up-the-worlds-water/5383274

58684a No.454331


Militias, by definition, are NOT part of a standing military force.

Federalized implies that this force works FOR the Federal Gov't.

Federalized just means that it's now a gov't police force.

A militia does NOT work for anyone except their fellow countrymen and it's certainly NOT a policing force.

cfafe4 No.454332


pff. pick a bread.

93bcf0 No.454333

Can anybody view this page? It's goes white out for me.


32d35b No.454335

Its amazing how what we do here, takes effect all over the place

7d5267 No.454336


I think we found out who was not informed of the plan before walking in kek

f3aa2e No.454337


wait wut? sauce?

d6f97c No.454338

File: d88bcb34a7b7d02⋯.png (109.25 KB, 342x258, 57:43, screenshot_324.png)


Love the idea of ARMED teachers!!!

adce06 No.454340


Anons throwing out hunches and other anons running with it to see if it goes anywhere is basically the totality of our investigative power. It's how our collective consciousness works.

However, it has to go hand in hand with the ability to call bullshit and play devil's advocate against those positions, to test them and see if they hold up to scrutiny enough to be considered truth.

The problem is when you have a bunch of plebbit refugees coming in expecting the familiar comfort of groupspeak, and are constantly trying to find dogmatic lines to draw boundaries of what is allowed inquiry and what isn't. They don't attack the ideas presented on their merits, just screech SHILL and filter.

We need to be adaptable enough to entertain any thought, for as long as possible, no matter how unlikely, but discerning enough to accept valid criticisms and alter our theories accordingly.

44827e No.454341

File: c7fc3e480bdb1f5⋯.jpg (66.4 KB, 800x452, 200:113, all-you-kids-5a8dee.jpg)

914f44 No.454342

Give all the evidence reports/memos on Rothschilds, Barry Soetoro, and Clinton. Such an evidence based non-fiction narrative must be written in the form of a report/memo. It should clearly and concisely trace out a logical fact based sequence of events tying in concrete evidence.

Such a report should be presented in .pdf format for everyone to download and read.

a412db No.454343


Ok but more importantly, lets focus on WTF he is doing at the White House talking about gun control, when he works the Vegas/Nevada jurisdiction and held Lombardo by the balls to help coverup Vegas

93bcf0 No.454344


Well said!

75dc0b No.454345

File: c74d8b8b59f58f3⋯.jpg (95.33 KB, 653x482, 653:482, 932 vid Capture 3.jpg)


If there was a "Shooter's Drill" in the AM, where is the official statement bulletin or memo? Who made this official, &/or corroborated after event?? There was supposedly a Fire Drill.

Compare vids….. Is it possible both Hogg & interviewee Alex were wrong about the time?? — Alex sounds pretty convinced she's changing her gun views…. because of the shooting, not a drill. Something is off…… That's 5 hrs difference.

First vid, towards the middle, he states the time as he begins recording Alex.

https:// twitter.com/RealWednesdayy/status/966373501505449984

Nex vid, from the LA Times, but same middle section omits his line…….

http:// www.latimes.com/visuals/video/95939817-132.html

ed8099 No.454347


Has there been some kerfluffle going on in the northwest last couple days, or am I crazy?

027506 No.454348



Different Rouse

d191f8 No.454349


All good anon. War is messy. I didn't want to bring it up specifically b/c of this reaction (always happens re P). God bless you and ur family as well anon.

It wasn't even music just a hypnotic sound for 30 secs while she said "I am Poppy" and it literally affected my brain.

Only dug a few Elsagate things b/c i fear my own vulnerability (now confirmed).

Im dropping this for the sake of the board. Just wanted to explain myself.

Now let's get back to important shit. ;^)

7a6865 No.454351


Top Kek, too stupid. This inbreeding thing is getting to the level of hillarity of McInnes redpilling Joe Rogan about it regarding muslims. e.g. Hogg with FBI father and CNN mother

3b0ec9 No.454352

So there was a post citing whatdoesitmean which we do not trust but another source just pointed the same direction thats about RR reopening murder investigation from 2001

http:// amp.kiro7.com/news/local/fbi-seattle-federal-prosecutor-tom-wales-may-have-been-killed-by-hitman/704291162?

2ce1e8 No.454353


Who do you think the FEMA camps are really for?

6a8b93 No.454354


those were referring to celestial events. comets and stars and planets.

84460e No.454355

File: 27c7033f3ad3a85⋯.jpg (5.51 MB, 2208x3928, 276:491, P_20180221_115951_vHDR_Aut….jpg)

An anon writes of history, which we need to first disassemble examine for booby traps and put back together.


Photo: is that a dick?

http:// redefininggod.com/2018/01/globalist-agenda-watch-2018/

“Syria is not just another part of the world of Islam. From an Islamic eschatological perspective, Syria is at the heart – the very heart – of the end of history. There are three main actors at the end of history in Islamic eschatology:

The most important of them all is the return of Jesus, the son of Mary, the true messiah.

And then there is another figure in the end of history who seeks to impersonate the true messiah, and he is the false messiah. The Christians call him the Antichrist, and …Muhammad… called him Al-Masih ad-Dajjal, or Dajjal the false messiah.

And the third important figure in Islamic eschatology at the end of history is the Imam, or the Prince – in Christian theology he’s known as the Prince, or Imam al-Mahdi.

And these three main actors of the end of history are all going to be simultaneously present in Damascus. Imam al-Mahdi will already be there. Dajjal will come to attack him. And at that time when Dajjal is ready for the confrontation with the Imam, the Son of Mary returns.”

Once I saw that Soleimani was in Damascus before the Dajjal character (Erdogan) entered Syria in August of 2016 (a month before the 2016 prophecy fulfillment show was scheduled to take place), I started looking even more deeply at him. And as I did so, I saw that the media had done an excellent job of setting him up to play the Mahdi role for the globalists.

This Reuters article is particularly important because it establishes that the Mahdi went to the “Son of Mary” (Putin) to seek help for saving Syria. The globalist prophecy fulfillment script calls for the Jewish/Christian Messiah, Putin, to work with the Mahdi in defeating the “Satanic forces of the West,” with Putin playing the senior role.

I don't know if I buy all his proposals but it does seem that many of the pieces are lining up. I'm especially intrigued by the

"redemption" of Putin. Seeing lots of positive press about him lately in contrast to the hugely negative pieces a year or so


9ac1ef No.454356


Look up the Miednik chicks dad, Ben Miednik. Liens and lawsuits. Why is she hanging around the school at night, hours after the event? Hmm…..

5362bb No.454357


please don't encourage the "let's throw anything out there and see if anything sticks" method, tho.

too much lazy af anons


that most of the time


just leaves you in a hole

9829b4 No.454358

File: 6876a836b95a3e8⋯.webm (12.57 MB, 640x360, 16:9, 6876a836b95a3e8720ff8572e….webm)



What time is it hogg? 9:42 you say?

3654d7 No.454359


Obama was cucked and wrecked with that swimmer in his temple decked in gold. Totally owned. In the Smithsonian no less. Awesome.

0aa404 No.454362


Word the power of some of these fucked videos when you allow yourself to be absorbed into them is spooky business. Back to business, speaking of which.

2af6fa No.454363

File: a143ed01552abaf⋯.png (1.27 MB, 751x656, 751:656, bushobotrump.PNG)

792bb2 No.454364


there are many sources. google it… here's one:

https:// steemit.com/news/@zen12/wikileaks-podesta-s-daughter-megan-rouse-received-his-shares-in-putin-linked-company


stop that, judy.

89bdd1 No.454365


the girl on the right said she chit chatted with the shooter after the shooting and he was totally normal. hmmm, MK-anmesia?

and said there was shooting going on somewhere else while they were talking

16e2d3 No.454366


Militias have dropped the name militia due to being labeled as t-rrorists. III% is an example. The Bundy’s have had support from many different militias. Some may actually use the word militia, but most don’t.

58684a No.454367


Then you miss the point of what I said entirely.

Expand your thinking.

930d96 No.454369




direct link

https:// video.twimg.com/ext_tw_video/966372711713746945/pu/vid/1280x720/wzcazvj_zYC9Z3Yn.mp4

f70e54 No.454370


Dunno - ADS-B has been flickering on and off like a dodgy neon sign at my end for at least a week and a bit.

c47294 No.454371

File: fbf43128db6170a⋯.jpg (99.26 KB, 431x960, 431:960, Alice Vanderbilt.jpg)

The Illuminate hiding in plain sight for a long time. Anderson Cooper's grandmother, Alice, attending an 1873 ball dressed as the new invention “The electric light."

92f5af No.454372

File: ebe3601c9ff134a⋯.png (29.6 KB, 643x268, 643:268, noone.PNG)



I'm not aware of anyone called my those names. Hey you faggots are starting to glow, don't forget what Q said:

NOBODY means you motherfuckers too, hope the money is worth it in the end

5bc375 No.454373


Or maybe you missed what I said: Let's not get ahead of ourselves.

769196 No.454374


Armed teachers!

I can't wait to see a bunch of overweight SJW elementary school teachers, waddling around in their ugly print leggings from that pyramid scheme company, adjusting their ugly hornrim glasses and trying to find their favorite monogrammed tote bags and water bottles while handling a gun to protect a bunch of 7 year olds who are picking their noses and peeing on their shoelaces.

adce06 No.454375


The point is, if someone throws out some stupid idea, then it should be immediately shit on and shot down.

With constant shilling and newfags, you are fighting a losing battle otherwise. This is how it has to be.

cfafe4 No.454376

File: 3abe01819930e8d⋯.png (55.17 KB, 600x510, 20:17, 3abe01819930e8d0ce816b954c….png)

>adce06 No.454340

Hm. that's all fine and well, but I'm talking about something that you are not talking about.

792bb2 No.454377


>when your parents make great sacrifices to baalim

342f62 No.454378


kid's gotta earn a living I guess

d6f97c No.454379

File: d9418d80b46aed7⋯.png (665.94 KB, 870x543, 290:181, screenshot_326.png)

LOL their narrative just backfired on them –– instead of taking guns away now we get concealed carry for teachers :)

1ffc15 No.454380


POTUS and his team really knocked this whole format out of the park with this. This is how politics should be done… live TV, talk out the issues realistically by sharing ideas in an open forum. No rhetoric, no shouting matches.

027506 No.454382




Gordon Rouse - Megan's husband

Aaron Rouse - FBI agent

It's not that hard

pics at rense.com/general96/rousefbi.html

a2c5e3 No.454383


4-6 percenters when they completely losin' it.

Cool down and re-education program.

58684a No.454385



I'll pass on debating them, thanks.

5362bb No.454386


i agree in theory, completely, but in practice the shills just start doing the same, to the actual good ideas.

342f62 No.454389

DJT is a fucking warrior

02c636 No.454391


watching… POTUS is awesome

801fa3 No.454392

File: 84378de45d34f34⋯.jpg (97.03 KB, 1200x578, 600:289, 1234.jpg)


I was just posting the same thing

58684a No.454393


Oh, I got it.

Again, see:


>Expand your thinking.

342f62 No.454395


just brilliant

high, high energy

292b38 No.454396


https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=JC6EEDVqbT8

Mars Argo…Beauty is empty.

The title alone is an MK trigger. So is most everything in the video.

ed8099 No.454397


Miednik has flawlessly honest body language. For example, her eyes fleetingly open very wide when she mentions the gunshot; she has an irrepressible smile when discussing what she said to Cruz, because she was obviously trolling him, etc…. Fuck off shill. I can put up with a lot, but no one is bad-mouthing Miednik while I'm on duty.

cfafe4 No.454398

>92f5af No.454372


Transfer elsewhere ;)

06d854 No.454399

File: dd7cbc340543bdc⋯.jpg (72.83 KB, 897x564, 299:188, Qmapupdate1.JPG)

File: 1035732ca3b57b8⋯.jpg (69.23 KB, 894x567, 298:189, Qmapupdate2.JPG)

Anybody else having trouble with qanonmap or thestoryofq updating with the latest posts? Checking to see if it's on my end.

a412db No.454401

So, I'm really the only person who caught that the FBI agent - Aaron Rouse - who covered up Vegas is also conveniently at the White House in DC participating in and speaking out about this deep state circus about gun control?

5362bb No.454402


and what makes you so sure you know

who's playing


who's played?

2932f5 No.454405


go watch the big chill and get on with living

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=o5qcmwjvbwk

e78c69 No.454406

a little vent…thanks to Q this Anon is learning so much thru digging but does get lost for days and when back here …info doesn't fit in or match up or can't find a place to drop it in which ofc cud mean found info was meaningless but sometimes believe that is not the case and it is worrying. Always read the notable posts but miss a lot this Anon found notable (not the flat earth ones ahahaha) any suggestions?

9075dd No.454407

Teachers with guns. A great idea, not unlike corrections officers who have training with guns. Anyone opposed to this idea only want our second amendment taken from us! They do not really want safety at schools because bad people will still use guns if they were outlawed!

32d35b No.454408

What is Next, hand out guns to all kids at start of the day, and collect them in the afternoon

c8f6b2 No.454409


Amen to that!

9ac1ef No.454410


She isn't gonna suck your dick dude.

2af6fa No.454411



Bet ya he sniffed the brush & fapped

3b0ec9 No.454413


You are the winner

333fb3 No.454414


Body scanners in High School ! Thatll end well!

883e1c No.454415

these kids should be fken locked up ugh…with their handlers and HRC

2ce1e8 No.454416

File: 23b8b8161c521a6⋯.jpg (149.92 KB, 512x768, 2:3, 1135443-ewok1.jpg)


>Witch of Endor

42db05 No.454417


Cant remember any other president doing this

5362bb No.454418


>any suggestions?

english lessons?

really great to have worldwide supprort/anons, but wew some of ya could really learn to write more clearly

1ad436 No.454419


start a thread or drop the info, it will survive

cc0661 No.454420



420f89 No.454421

File: 0868a9a6fffafc8⋯.jpeg (114.78 KB, 540x960, 9:16, 4DB3D6F2-05C6-454D-AD12-5….jpeg)

File: 1457d428f00bd83⋯.png (798.52 KB, 731x648, 731:648, EFB1B042-712F-4A63-B121-4D….png)

Strange no ventilation unit in room… no wires, no meters, heart monitor… nothing…..

cc0661 No.454422



3b0ec9 No.454423


And pedophiles employed for strip search

c8f6b2 No.454424


The left orchestrates a shooting/fails to prevent a shooting in order to take away our guns and instead they end up with armed teachers!!

Bwahahahahahahahaha! It's brilliant!!!!

420f89 No.454425

c42274 No.454426


Your qanonmap page has a notification, 5 new posts waiting, look at the tab. Refresh the page.

ba4e44 No.454427


Story of Q was not updated last time I checked. I don't think it is auto updated. the other one is working.

ed8099 No.454428


Grow up with that nonsense.

Moreover, Miednik is one of two sources we have giving evidence of other shooters, an absolutely critical issue. She is highly believable compared to the MSM mouthpieces. She is very important.

2ce1e8 No.454430


This is the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

Which implies jews can agree.

802815 No.454432


That is Hillary double #1

cfafe4 No.454433

Hooktube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


Archie Bunker would approve. Vid related. kek worth a repoast in light of the MK fuckery that's gone through here. If you think they are running heavy ops on this board, well.. Good Morning.

39598e No.454434

File: c8dc23dba93cf05⋯.jpg (62.59 KB, 500x593, 500:593, hmm.jpg)

fc9a68 No.454435


loved it… loved it

9075dd No.454436

>>454424 it definitely backfired

3b0ec9 No.454437


She needs protective custody like yesterday

e80eba No.454438

http:// theweek.com/speedreads/756701/devin-nunes-begs-russian-bots-make-tweet-viral

Interesting article.

God Bless Patriots

7d5267 No.454439


I just spit my water out a Hahahah

32d35b No.454440


A crazy teacher running around With a gun, i dont know:-)

cfafe4 No.454441



I mean *aren't

769196 No.454442


Anon, I really have, that's just it

Bad things happen in life. The bad thing that just happened in all these kids' lives is getting exploited into perverted advertising for the "Resist" movement. It seems obscene to me that their trauma is being made into some kind of entertainment propaganda. It's not right.

I'm not a total bastard, and I have a good reasonably happy life. Got here because I had privacy to get over it in my own way.

Those people need to be left alone to handle this trauma in their own way in privacy.

Who knows what any of us would say into a microphone if somebody put one under our nose immediately after a horrible event.

a42a9a No.454443

File: a4b9a106ed9fb59⋯.png (277.12 KB, 509x372, 509:372, Screenshot-2018-2-21 shoot….png)


Rifle Team…

92f5af No.454444

File: 0ba98bc5212e021⋯.jpg (19.62 KB, 337x400, 337:400, sucker.jpg)

File: 71e8b56b299181b⋯.jpg (23.31 KB, 400x400, 1:1, target2.jpg)

efccad No.454445


https:// hooktube.com/watch?v=dUUhtRJ9SmY>>453859

35f117 No.454448

Simple… lady…. I'll use my Crystal Ball…..Next…….

This Punk in Blue checkers is an ass

8e0217 No.454449


How will be Orwell right now…

792bb2 No.454450


>muh libertas pose

nice find

883e1c No.454451

File: 587dce5db0bcfca⋯.jpg (30 KB, 677x191, 677:191, pedo1.JPG)


wtf?? really??

b908bd No.454452

better that 8 out of 10 posts in the last 7 threads were not related at all to Q research… oldfag here, been doing this since the 1960s. if you think you will restore the republic with circle jerk chat room echo chambers, let us know how that works out for you. And fuck you up front if you think this is concernfagging. I truly cannot give less of a fuck about your tired ass sniping. mostly shilldren in here. remember what Kruschev said, you are living within his prediction. clean your weapons soldiers, you will need them. MKULTRA sub-projects and derivations created most of what you think and feel, through icon worship and ad verecundiam programming What have the power elites spent their vast resources controlling? EVERY single input to humanity. THAT is how much they fear truthful information. THAT is how much they fear a populus that remembers who and what they really are.

As long as the Babylonian Woe (system of commerce) exists, it is best to 'be your own central bank', and resume your place as a co-creator of reality. If neither out those concepts make sense, you help to prove the point. You are the cavalry you await. The Q entity is trying to get you to create brain paths that might not have been developing [in you] due to the mind fuck. Some of you have brilliance that is apparent in your outputs and your innate abilities to connect dots that are obscured on purpose. The rest, well…farewell in hell. end of line

f3aa2e No.454453


thanks anon, added to my map.

44827e No.454454


and how tf does a "kid" have 80k followers?

everything about this event is so fishy.

i think we need to move on and keep digging memeing and praying. sure im not alone

342f62 No.454455



guess you don't know any teachers.

cfafe4 No.454456


"A strong body makes the mind strong. As to the species of exercises, I advise the gun. While this gives moderate exercise to the body, it gives boldness, enterprise and independence to the mind. Games played with the ball, and others of that nature, are too violent for the body and stamp no character on the mind. Let your gun therefore be your constant companion of your walks." - Thomas Jefferson, letter to Peter Carr, August 19, 1785

9829b4 No.454457


Airsoft until 3rd grade unless you have a rural/farm permit IMO.

342f62 No.454458


meaning they are some of the most caring people in the world

ed8099 No.454459


She looks likes she has bounced back into really a quite healthy looking state. Not haggard, bruised up, haunted looking… none of that. Incredible western medicine. Probably the miracles of big pharma are behind this.

a2c5e3 No.454460


If you're not able to see through the mask, you cannot see their ugliness. They are filth, no matter the looks.

If you fall for this illusion, you're not a true anon, you do not belong here.

ed8099 No.454461


Indeed. Keep her in the prayers.

8ca268 No.454462


Any of these shooting survivors the least bit mad at the shooter?

He is still alive in case they forgot…

But they are mad a "particular type" of weapon…

This is a good meme idea if put together wittingly.

But seriously, has any one of these assholes shown the slightest bit of anger towards Cruz, or just towards the gun and Trump?

ed8099 No.454463


Hi bot.

9829b4 No.454464


POTUS is a faith healer.

7be4ee No.454465

File: eeeda0e4e6cc8ba⋯.png (326.09 KB, 394x500, 197:250, 2idiots.png)

a412db No.454466

Simple fix to stop school shootings:

1) Drain the swamp, so the government stops planning them

2) Build schools so they only have ONE point of entrance/exit

3) For the sole point of entrance/exit, have a place all visitors and guests have to check-in, to where then they enter through a second door to the main halls of the school - sort of like a Doctors office, dentist office, etc

*4) maybe add a metal detector to the very front entrance like for a department store or Best Buy

2af6fa No.454467


Holy sheeeit When I was in grade school we feared the teachers & principal cuz we' could get the "strap"; if they get ccw that's the end of diagnosing them with ADHD & drugging them. I don't know of one kid who won't listen when the teacher is packing heat. 4D chess move if this goes thru..

192a51 No.454468

File: 92dcd884fca035c⋯.png (574.74 KB, 1073x1129, 1073:1129, ClipboardImage.png)

92f5af No.454469

File: 0ba98bc5212e021⋯.jpg (19.62 KB, 337x400, 337:400, sucker.jpg)


KeK, I'm a bit disappointed that POTUS was playable as a (image related)

f8bec0 No.454470


They probably bullied the fuck out of him and feel a little guilty

06d854 No.454471



ty. I saw the notification. It took far longer than normal for the one to update while the other one still hasn't.

309f51 No.454472


because its what the alt left does .

cfafe4 No.454473


I think all able-minded adults should be armed, but that's just me.

2b6acf No.454474

I guess it's not the right time

8e0217 No.454475


<*4) maybe add a metal detector

Hmm., The Simpson?

6d07cf No.454476


This is retarded

d191f8 No.454478

File: fb1e2a9e001dbec⋯.jpg (249.66 KB, 1364x880, 31:20, sandy hook7.jpg)

The pic the Sandy hook dad showed as Daniel is not the kid from sandy hook.

(POTUS interview on fox news)

f5549c No.454479

Who is the fucktard kid in the blue/white checkered shirt? It's like he's trying to remember his script against ARs and the 2nd amendment.

8ca268 No.454480

File: 62945bb04f19487⋯.jpg (87.74 KB, 712x513, 712:513, Gun Argyle.jpg)


Here is a one-step solution.

(Pic Related)

f05bf2 No.454481


Chinese cargo ship captains and their vessels' owners get warned about dropping their ballast and filling up with freshwater in the Great Lakes fairly often.

0ef789 No.454482


His paintings always were just short of Kindergarden-grade but this is too much.


5decde No.454483


Anon, teachers would protect their students with everything they've got. I know plenty who end up at the shooting range, gun shows and carry on the weekends . Think about it, now our teachers are forced to stuff children in closets or shield them with their own body…. They would love to have a gun in their hand in the most critical moments!

d5f572 No.454484


I call BS!

NO proof this was taken at 9:32 AM on 2/14

Shills and Clowns abound in here today.

Don't play into their trap and spread dis-info

Do you own due diligence and THINK, before acting

cc0661 No.454485


make Schools Great Again.

System Overhaul.

>Anti-Common Core // Vocation + skill tree building from early age

a42a9a No.454486

File: 4ac97527a4fc084⋯.png (278.75 KB, 490x358, 245:179, Screenshot-2018-2-21 Meme ….png)

b2554f No.454487

KEK Offer teachers a $1K bonus for training and licensing to carry. They'll do it.

3654d7 No.454488

File: 949624826c7eeae⋯.jpeg (593.68 KB, 1242x1694, 621:847, A2964EE4-E7E2-4EA2-8CC8-5….jpeg)


Baker no need to respond

Please consider adding:

HOT- High value Operations Target

pre_D - pre determined

2622bc No.454489

File: 2e4c0617ad4bec4⋯.png (976.52 KB, 1363x771, 1363:771, cunt.png)

who's she..seen her somewhere before

914f44 No.454490

Extinguish the government!

2ce1e8 No.454491


>a "White Code" is a code understood by judges, the police, the army, etc., and means that you must turn a blind eye or not prosecute that person

Which is why gangs (MS-13 etc.) all buy white pickups.

a412db No.454492


Haha. As soon as I posted that I realized the plan would never work because of fires and fire drills. Cant have one entrance/exit. But for the Simpson, we COULD pay the janitor to walk around with a metal detector and scan random people :D :D

8ca268 No.454493


Move to Texas, it's like that already.

"all able minded adults" excludes liberal retards.

8e0217 No.454494


Fuck!, that is the same strategy that Las Vegas, to militarize the Schools!….

32d35b No.454495

File: 1e38a779805214f⋯.jpg (92.35 KB, 503x429, 503:429, 878.jpg)

39598e No.454496




These people are sick!

ba4e44 No.454497

289067 No.454498

I spent the day recruiting a patriot w a very large twitter following. He's successfully been Q pilled. He knows the rules. Will not contribute until reads all of the posts and has given me the honor of using his platform when we discover prescient things here. Took some time but as you can see was worth it.

a412db No.454499

It gets old watching this shit considering your odds of getting killed by a train are higher than getting killed via a school shooting

5deb4a No.454500

"Raj Nair, Ford's president of North America, is out after an internal investigation into reports of inappropriate behavior."

94189c No.454502

File: 574968adc622611⋯.png (2.72 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, E2793434-BAC4-4700-9D4D-7D….png)

192a51 No.454503


Its a screen grab from a fucking video of the kid interviewing students while 'hiding in the closet', faggot! I watched the fucking video, if you don't believe David Hogg take it up with him for fucking lying, asshat!

9ac1ef No.454504


You guys are funny. The main point is, why is she there? The sun is down, which equates to hours later. She may be legit and only looking to get herself on TV, or she could be there for a reason. Question everything, believe nothing without factual evidence. I lean towards the theory she is looking for her Kardashian moment, but the timing is what I am questioning. Look at her twitter, if it is still there, she is a party girl. And, with her pops shit there are questions about authenticity. That is all.

914f44 No.454506


5362bb No.454507


is there a point/conclusion to this beside being a Q drop? not seeing it

a412db No.454508

David Hogg is up for an Oscar next month

ef0e11 No.454510

http:// breaking911.com/federal-agents-search-victims-assistant-principal-child-exploitation-case/

School asst. principal child exploitation nother name for the list

2ce1e8 No.454511



Something very odd about her. Trying to be the next Gaga.

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Poppy_(singer)

Moriah Rose Pereira (born January 1, 1995), known professionally as Poppy, is an American singer, songwriter, actress, dancer, and YouTuber. She moved to Los Angeles in 2014 to pursue a musical career, where she signed with Island Records and in 2016 released her debut extended play, Bubblebath.

e78c69 No.454512

File: bb1ec60bdf3f17c⋯.jpg (93.23 KB, 956x638, 478:319, mrs Duck j.jpg)

Keep the knickers on

Am appalled to find out chem trails have been going on seriously since Vietnam. This fine duck thinks human are stupid. Anon agrees

d37070 No.454513


You think we are on course to eradicate evil? We can't even stop calling each other fags.

333fb3 No.454514


possible definitions of terms

HOT and pre_D

8e0217 No.454515


The FF in Las Vegas is the Experiment.., The Florida Shooting is the same.., for more control.., someone in Las Vegas talked about that..

ece114 No.454516

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Chris Rock on Gun Control

cc0661 No.454517

File: 660db8ff50d1ece⋯.jpg (55.86 KB, 667x518, 667:518, pickup-trucks-people-sleep….jpg)

8ca268 No.454518


Also the film was assembled by assmasters Newsweek to give full credibility to the agenda.

2af6fa No.454519


That's Heidi Fleiss- meth is one hell of a drug!

d6f97c No.454520


Betsy DeVoss

9abca4 No.454521

Steve Pieczenik Retweeted

Vickie Lee Buback‏ @LeeBuback · 12h12 hours ago

 More

Benjamin Kelly was correct! David Hogg graduated 2015..see yearbook below.

http:// www.washingtonexaminer.com/florida-state-lawmaker-aide-fired-after-claiming-school-shooting-survivors-were-actors/article/2649578 …

32d35b No.454522


What about the police, would they protect People With all they got? Lots of People being shot by the police. When can the teacher fire the gun?

a42a9a No.454523


wTf is that thing???? grenade launcher 50cal ammo????

5362bb No.454524


meh ok

not really breadworthy

stop harrassing baker over it

f8bec0 No.454525


I heard getting bitten by a shark TWICE in your lifetime

ab7c66 No.454526

ba4e44 No.454527


He literally SAYS in the video "it's 9:32 AM". Watch the video.

https:// gopreload.org/huge-video-evidence-must-watch-david-hogg-son-fbi-agent-caught-video-interviewing-student-shooting-4-hours-ahead-actual-shooting

a412db No.454528


Aaron Rouse was literally just at the White House part of the gun control convo

eeceea No.454529


You got it

ec6f76 No.454530

Our Man!~ talking about concealed carry for

teachers and getting rid of gun free zones. common sense. talking about retired Marines. he said when it's known teachers are carrying they'll think different. Then he asked who thinks this is good idea. about 5 out of 50 raised their hands. He did this on purpose to show their mindset. They're conflicted on what is more important – their anti-gun stance or lives. protecting lives lost. The mother who just lost her son at Prklnd took mike and said rather than arming the teachers, arm them with knowledge. unfuckingbelievable. A Sandy Hook Dad took mike and "doesn't think it's right to ask teachers to have a gun battle". He was a bit riled up. He said "the Sandy Hook Promise works. We stopped people from bullying and cutting themselves." Didn't even look at POTUS. He seems like a real asshole.

c8f6b2 No.454531

File: 0404f17a47c7a6c⋯.png (270.81 KB, 1080x1257, 360:419, Screenshot_20180221-163450….png)

So Barlow was connected to Soros! Solves the question of good or bad pretty fking quick.

65d266 No.454532

Anyone listen to the "session?

b2554f No.454533


KEK Offer teachers a $1K bonus for training and licensing to carry. They'll do it.

333fb3 No.454534


I am the baker

ed8099 No.454536


But really, 1 is all we need.

deee61 No.454537

Q was all the misfo that was strategically used coming out about the shooter and Hogg's Highschool background was a campaign to discredit us and you? This Luguna Beach Antifa seems to be the tool used to spread disinfo

d37070 No.454538


Kim is going to sit on them

He was planning on eating them, but, you know, kuru

ba3dee No.454539

File: dd822a003925117⋯.jpg (174.63 KB, 870x543, 290:181, IMG_3381.JPG)

9abca4 No.454540

I bet the kid with goatee had practiced being

McMatthew McConaughey

8624e1 No.454541


Now this is a crime someone might hang for because Washington is one of two states in which capital punishment is by hanging. The other is New Hampshire.

c8f6b2 No.454543

File: 4e4809ce8227205⋯.png (665.41 KB, 1080x1331, 1080:1331, Screenshot_20180221-151446….png)


Julian just gave us a shit ton of very very good info on Snowden and the whole group including Barlow.

https:// mobile.twitter.com/JulianAssange/status/965974173553217537

5bc375 No.454544


hahaha….Looks like Pieczenik isn't the great intelligence guy he thinks he is.

5decde No.454545



They sure would anon! Hell yeah!

c8f6b2 No.454546


Which session are you talking about?

44f816 No.454547

File: 7a56a7c1c24c6ab⋯.jpg (158.79 KB, 744x638, 372:319, DOJ1.jpg)

File: 1359ac3da2d178d⋯.jpg (231.27 KB, 740x796, 185:199, DOJ2.jpg)


Could be big.

See also this:

https:// www.justice.gov/opa/speech/deputy-attorney-general-rosenstein-delivers-remarks-american-academy-forensic-sciences

First page for context, good stuff is at bottom of second page. Full speech not excerpted.

02c636 No.454548


ego kills… brain cells

3ff4e2 No.454549

I don't believe any of these Q posts past Thursday 02/15 are real. They don't sound like Q and the dedicated board is empty. What really happened?

2fe8c4 No.454550

File: a1a20c5f68f6449⋯.jpg (146.68 KB, 1000x600, 5:3, SessionsPaleHorse.jpg)

Behold, a pale horse

8624e1 No.454551


It doesn't matter. Either a seal team can take them out via rendition, or a hitman can take them out, pop, pop.

Either way Americans will dance in the streets.

ceb417 No.454552


Do you have a link? I can’t open the embedded one another anon posted

94189c No.454553

File: 52d98e697cbba6c⋯.jpeg (197.99 KB, 872x544, 109:68, 9E708B83-BF2A-4FD0-988A-3….jpeg)

20462e No.454554

File: e015edb2885dee4⋯.png (456.11 KB, 2880x1800, 8:5, Vox Article.png)

File: eb37b39fe770239⋯.png (2.5 MB, 1988x1654, 994:827, Rep Deutch Visits SD High.png)

File: 9853c158973de3f⋯.png (5.18 MB, 2880x1800, 8:5, Delaney Tarr Bookcase.png)

File: e35512689ef3013⋯.png (4.86 MB, 2880x1800, 8:5, Bald Student.png)

File: 2c0d8a23760e320⋯.png (1.4 MB, 1488x1594, 744:797, Sandy Hook Promise Org-Ant….png)

We don't have a smoking gun on the potential crisis actors though the reporting timeline/living whereabouts for CNN/FBI son looks sketchy and some of Delaney Tarr's pics were disturbing.

While this is still the Crisis Actor Edition here's a link for a Vox interview with Delaney, where she discusses preparation for activism ahead of time with D-Rep Ted Deuch visiting SD High.

A look at Ted's twitter shows his visit and appears to show Delaney and the Bald Headed Student Activists at that meeting. At the least, these students took the message of the meeting about anti gun laws and school violence very seriously. The meeting was also attended by a couple of other local officials, per the twitter post.

More info on Ted Deutch reveals involvement in anti-gun legislation, Pro Dreamer legislation, and regular spots on CNN, NBC denouncing Trump. Typical Dem rep behavior. So far that's all I could dig up on Ted the coincidental narrative preparer, if that is all he is.

https: //www.vox.com/policy-and-politics/2018/2/20/17031050/florida-shooting-parkland-advocacy-gun-control-delaney-tarr

ba4e44 No.454555


>Raj Nair, Ford's president of North America

http:// money.cnn.com/2018/02/21/news/companies/raj-nair-exits-ford/index.html

ADD another to the list

342f62 No.454557


ok now it's just a matter of time

before they shutter his account

I took a screenshot

9abca4 No.454558


you still on the 4am talking point?

32d35b No.454559

File: 908c7ee76a72eb1⋯.jpg (198.58 KB, 1239x826, 3:2, 14812.jpg)

753879 No.454560

File: fef809b381a32fb⋯.png (113.49 KB, 422x266, 211:133, Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at ….png)


>Jodie Woodward

Time to Dig

http:// www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5417407/Blonde-British-lawyer-center-Florida-school-shooting.html

5362bb No.454561

File: 357beae49d375e5⋯.png (277.51 KB, 444x444, 1:1, JEROME.png)


not again, Jerome…

won't work twice (didn't really work the 1st time, but youknow)

914f44 No.454562

The motives / evidences / facts we locate or uncover must be delivered to the masses in a way that they can grasp without having to read the 500+ threads. Think memo. Write memo.

b21be5 No.454563

Weird how the Sandy Hook parents keep pushing down the armed teachers approach.

8a5bf8 No.454564



Thank you Anons!! You never cease to AMAZE me!! :))

Neither does my POTUS!! I feel so much more confident in him after watching the listening session he just held. Wow!!! We have the best POTUS EVER!!!!

We love you POTUS!!! I know you/Q are reading this!

God Bless you with all spiritual blessings in Heavenly places in Christ!!

May God's face continue to shine upon you all the days of your life!!

If you and your administration can once and for all solve these heinous attacks on our children, I will forever love you!

We need to hear more from you on a daily basis almost - I really miss your rallies, but I know they take a lot of time and energy that you need to drain the swamp, so I won't ask for that. But this listening session was really great - I love when you televise these events for us live outside of msm so we can really see and hear what's going on first hand. I love watching you work with the people! Thank you for opening "The Peoples' House" up again for We the People!

Love you!!


50448f No.454565

File: de7dcb05b15110f⋯.png (142.22 KB, 707x743, 707:743, Feb 21 maga like this.png)

ee42db No.454566

File: 0876bc24164d4b0⋯.jpg (321.63 KB, 750x687, 250:229, IMG_8567.jpg)

File: e714a7eb18af34a⋯.jpg (267.44 KB, 750x687, 250:229, IMG_8566.jpg)

So between banning 1,000's of twitter users and pushing CNN/FBI gun control shills, @jack "liked" these two pictures…

c3775f No.454567



It is the lifes work of our species.

c8f6b2 No.454568



Oh fuck off already.

192a51 No.454569


President Trump Hosts a Listening Session with High School Students and Teachers

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=MdM1UD4mvAw

8e0217 No.454570


it say that it's for 2018.., or more..

92f5af No.454571


I don't have a lot of fuzzies for Steve P.

I will say, however, that between Hogg being pictured taking shots (Likely older) and all the shots from L.A. / Redondo. I believe he gradudated somewhere else likely there.

A very smart Cointel enemy will feed you truth from a known bad source to cover it up.

3d chess.

e78c69 No.454572


We will likely never know and certainly don't care so go and fidget elsewhere

d37070 No.454573


Folks, you can't just wait years to expose massive election fraud. If that is their timeline why waste your time? Economic events move faster than that.

6905f0 No.454574

Llama is one of my most favorite people on the planet . She wrote great stuff about the Boston bombing and Browder. She's the real deal

67c059 No.454575


I've posted about this more than once. Nobody seems to care. Its crisis actor mania!

0fc88f No.454576


You made me crave a like button in here. Imagine how beautiful the world would be without them.

ece114 No.454577

The Malicious Use of Artificial Intelligence: Forecasting, Prevention, and Mitigation

In the coming decades, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technologies are going to transform many aspects of our world. Much of this change will be positive; the potential for benefits in areas as diverse as health, transportation and urban planning, art, science, and cross-cultural understanding are enormous. We've already seen things go horribly wrong with simple machine learning systems; but increasingly sophisticated AI will usher in a world that is strange and different from the one we're used to, and there are serious risks if this technology is used for the wrong ends.

https:// www.eff.org/deeplinks/2018/02/malicious-use-artificial-intelligence-forecasting-prevention-and-mitigation

5362bb No.454578


please put your message for the Qteam in the suggestion box


883e1c No.454579



ab8831 No.454580


a type of executive action issued by the President of the United States to manage and govern the actions, practices, and policies of the various departments and agencies found under the executive branch of the United States government.

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Presidential_memorandum

a42a9a No.454581

File: ca12c98346c9e90⋯.png (160.54 KB, 490x321, 490:321, Screenshot-2017-12-22 Meme….png)

5bc375 No.454582

File: c9c8e28d31f79be⋯.png (668.75 KB, 841x1777, 841:1777, pieczenik.png)


>you still on the 4am talking point?


← pic related.

Pieczenik touts himself as a hnow-it-all in the cloak and dagger spy world. This is from his bio on his website.

Clearly, he's easily fooled by the photo of the yearbook. The group here found evidence it is fake…perhaps he should have looked harder before passing it as fact in public.

I have no idea what you're talking about with the 4am talking point thing.

1499db No.454583


Oh but trust him, they've stopped school shootings with their passive teaching and notice the red flags while the MK drugged kid points a barrel down your throat.

No need for armed teachers when we're all armed with knowledge! … Idiots.

b2554f No.454584

8ca268 No.454585


^^ ^^ ^^ This!

EFF & JohnBarlow

P_Papers = looks right anon.

Soros is a fucky horned satan knobbing looser.

792bb2 No.454586


daaamn! nice work anon.

5362bb No.454587



>Imagine how beautiful the world would be without

like buttons & namefags

c8f6b2 No.454588


Yes, archiving like crazy. Im going to try to mind map the connections tonight.

5decde No.454589


There are bad people in every profession . There are bad teachers, doctors, police, lawyers, fast food workers and so on and on and on. What's your point?.. and they would shoot BACK! Right now, everyone on a school campus is a sitting duck for every sick fucker out there… Funny you don't ever hear of mass shootings at locations with armed personnel.

75f30b No.454590


the kids said they had a the morning… double filming …

e78c69 No.454591


Not sure but I think Q said mid March the election fraud wud be exposed

44f816 No.454592


Should be volunteer basis, with rigorous background checks. Crazy SJW types need not apply. Instead they will be directed to a real teacher's room in the event the school gets MKUltra'd.

5bc375 No.454593


agree. i would guess that Steve P. may have been passing that off so he could claim it was pushed as fact from here later on in a desperate attempt to discredit us.

44827e No.454594

i really like demolishing liberal dip sh!ts on social media with truth bombs. the 4-6% are like little kids putting fingers in their ears like "lalalalalalal"

i bet i get blocked by dozens every time i call bs on their mockingbird narratives. thank you potus q and all you anons god bless. truth honor and justice are in the air

9829b4 No.454595


It sounds like they actually did have a shooter drill in the AM. It was probably the dry run for the real shooting in the afternoon. They would know exactly where the kids and teachers would be routed. Newsweek fucked up bad publishing the wrong interview.

d37070 No.454596


this guy looks really low energy. I just don't see him running into a school AR-15 a-blazin'

cd3ae2 No.454597

File: ec5dcfd38ace14b⋯.jpg (191.61 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, GreatAwakeningProtect1.jpg)

File: 826f848f0f6108c⋯.jpg (323.72 KB, 1024x515, 1024:515, GreatAwakeningProtect2.jpg)

e02e64 No.454598

File: e03231dd455871f⋯.png (291.98 KB, 608x1000, 76:125, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1479ffa9cdb146b⋯.png (275.45 KB, 609x943, 609:943, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 2d93689b688b1df⋯.png (106.23 KB, 619x775, 619:775, ClipboardImage.png)

How Twitter is connected to pedorings? in 2016 Twitter banned users for reporting posts/accounts promoting suspicious materials.

Twitter had saudi Alwaleed as main investor. Are they using/benefiting from pedo materials in Twitter? Is that part why @jack is nervous?

"Twitter Suspends User For Reporting Pedophilia Rings; #TwitterGate Erupts"

https:// www.oneangrygamer.net/2016/11/twitter-suspends-user-for-reporting-pedophilia-rings-twittergate-erupts/17128/

8a5bf8 No.454600


ARCHIVE those files!!

ee42db No.454601


Persistent fugue state as a result of deep dream?

c8f6b2 No.454602


My theory was that he was a good guy and turned against Snowden and Snowden had him killed. Guess not. So who heart attacked him and why?

58684a No.454603


1) = Yes, drain the swamp.

2) = NO, ONE point of egress is blatantly UNSAFE.

3)Check-in/out for all = Yes, but at perimeter.

4) = See 3.

THIS will work much better: >>454480

cc0661 No.454604


f37cd8 No.454605


Learn how to fucking reply properly, no one is going to scroll to figure out who you're talking to so you're ust babbling to no one.

fc9a68 No.454606


Might be my 2nd grade teacher Ms. Smith. oh man.. oh man. better fly straight in that class. was a painful year for this Anon. lol

e2bf2b No.454607

File: 58ea3fdb3e1ac1a⋯.png (26.62 KB, 1166x167, 1166:167, 148453749.png)

This Q team post is missing from qanonmap. I'm looking for the 7 other missing posts.

192a51 No.454608


Love these, Anon!

9abca4 No.454609


Some here found it not to be fake

753879 No.454610

File: 580b7354ea190f3⋯.png (108.96 KB, 405x281, 405:281, Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at ….png)

b21be5 No.454611

File: e6f13426f832e86⋯.png (1.43 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, f669d4ee-ad45-48a9-8026-52….png)

At the end of the talks, these two shills, the Sandy Hook parents, stood there and hugged for a creepily long time for all the cameras.

4ecb2c No.454612

File: 726b5f25b5566d9⋯.png (500.35 KB, 875x542, 875:542, screenshot_334.png)

On Now

https:// youtu.be/suNvPOykm6k

0beaa0 No.454614

File: 0a40b15ebbeb779⋯.png (128.51 KB, 724x611, 724:611, 1510885387847.png)

It's unfortunate these "Broward County" kids are so brainwashed.

Must've gotten fucked in the ass pretty hard…

d191f8 No.454615


she has a chest tube and SCD's on but other then that she's a walkie talkie.

981d11 No.454616


Pedo projection: Only a pedo would dismiss evidence in Podesta's emails and try to shame those who point out its there.

fb9c86 No.454617

File: e1aad04441e6f60⋯.jpg (183.31 KB, 1300x1000, 13:10, 3f693b069164dbd1cfb219762f….jpg)

posted in here last night, but again for visibility

Dont be distracted by crisis actors

Red herring

Focus on real issues

Focus on the mission

Shift media attention away from guns and on to meds

Zoloft, Valium, Lexapro, Fluvox, Prozac

MKULTRA years program ran?

When were these drugs invented?

Subproject 35

ceb417 No.454618


There was a black kid doing an interview with Alex Jones the day after the shooting.

I remember him saying for the drilled they have a set plan of evacuation and that is to exit the building to the quad I think it was.

In this video I’m trying to listen for any shots fired in the back ground or any sirens. I can’t hear either.

Any movie/editing anons that can edit their voices so we can hear the background?

027506 No.454619


No, there have not been 18 school shootings already this year


In eight of the 18 cases no one was injured or killed. Two were suicides.

Including - On Jan. 10, according to The Desert Sun, “a gun was fired from off campus and a bullet struck the Visual Arts Building” at California State University-San Bernardino. No one was killed or injured.

58684a No.454620


And love.

Love is all ya need. ;)

a412db No.454621

I was hoping Deep Dream was Facebook so Mark SUCKerberg would go down, but I think its coming for him too

e2bf2b No.454622


Weird, it just appeared after I reported it.

192a51 No.454623


Sandy Hook mom doesn't want armed teachers, she wants prevention! Yeah, well no shit Lady! But if prevention doesn't flipping happen guess what? An armed teacher can! smdh

cfafe4 No.454624

File: 3abe01819930e8d⋯.png (55.17 KB, 600x510, 20:17, 3abe01819930e8d0ce816b954c….png)

>f37cd8 No.454605

No (you) for you, either.

c875a8 No.454625

File: 210b9f8e6d1af54⋯.jpg (125.05 KB, 1793x237, 1793:237, end.jpg)



Might wannna re-think that.

The truth would put 99% of people in the hospital.

As followers of Q, Icke, Cobra, Alaje, Fulford etc. can all triangulate - there is nothing to fear, but everything to LOVE.

00adea No.454626

File: 671616356f4907e⋯.png (612.07 KB, 624x700, 156:175, spd Wales.PNG)

File: b77bf207f07cb4d⋯.png (1.18 MB, 794x818, 397:409, Wales.PNG)

cf58b2 No.454627

5bc375 No.454629


Look for the video of the 2017 yearbook showing Hogg as a junior.. Pretty difficult to fake that. Whoever posted the still(s) online and said it was from CA is a troll.

5c55aa No.454631



Similar symbols to Barry's red video in the white orchid one

9abca4 No.454632


Trump hit the background check very very hard today,

Tells me he is looking into the deep state background of these shooters.

8a5bf8 No.454633


No, actually most here did find him to be a fake.


He is psycho! He also was tied to G Webb & J Goodman and all that nonsense, he supposedly swindled them out of money, also went on AJ and talked about populating some planet or something?? I don't watch AJ, but it was posted here.

3ff4e2 No.454634


how about clogging this board with FL shooting posts where there is a dedicated thread to it? they won't cooperate and let us work here. much fuckery afoot

8ca268 No.454635

File: c221efe6700644a⋯.jpg (185.45 KB, 727x563, 727:563, feelz.jpg)


Right on.

420f89 No.454636


The military investigation may take a whole new spin on things

7e88bf No.454637

File: ae6fab1e51034e0⋯.png (1.28 MB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 42BAA8F3-18D4-4BBA-89F9-18….png)

File: 6cd68627ad0bf9a⋯.png (1.47 MB, 2048x1536, 4:3, D2D5DC9F-52C9-4221-8538-7B….png)

File: 4aa7ea6a3d7b86e⋯.png (182.66 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, AE20F9A9-7012-4F26-BF56-59….png)

File: e825f2147b11dd8⋯.png (241.28 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, D5CFE03C-F981-4D48-9C02-C8….png)

File: 6179a3c73691f3d⋯.png (567.39 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, DE99BB00-65E3-4E32-B7AA-CA….png)

The first thing David Hogg (re)tweets on his Twitter account in 2015 is about an anti-sexual assault organization called It’s On Us. That group is funded by Center for American Progress founded by John Podesta which in turn is funded by George Soros.

a412db No.454638


That was my thought too. I'm sure Trump is wanting so bad to tell these kids/parents to relax and calm the fuck down because once the swamp is drained, no more school shootings

8a5bf8 No.454639


Look where they're growing up! Brainwash central!

c8f6b2 No.454640



f70e54 No.454641


Can you please add Seroxat/ Paxil to that list? That is some nasty shit that led to a lot of suicides. Chemically it's Paroxetine. Thanks.

ee42db No.454642

File: 1c09a76a38fdf48⋯.png (1.05 MB, 892x1342, 446:671, IMG_8220.PNG)

8e0217 No.454643


what?, McNothing?

a42a9a No.454644


so, post something else that inspires me to make a meme.

8a5bf8 No.454645


He's gonna do one better, he's gonna show them!

ec6f76 No.454646


recntly saw ben shapiro talking about

this. he had all the facts. 3 school


efc135 No.454647


I keep a Word doc going with things I am researching that I want to post on QResearch, then when an appropriate post or thread comes up to link to I "cut and paste" my research into a comment.

If you try to post something that is to far from what is currently the topic it will probably get lost.

If it is REALLY groundbreaking it should be able to get the attention of everyone and stand on its own.

5bc375 No.454648


>No, actually most here did find him to be a fake.

Hogg is an actor - that's clear. What's fake was that yearbook page that people claim was from Glendale high in 2015. Turned out to be a page someone misattributed. The actual page is from the Parkland high school in 2017, when he was a junior.

So yeah, fake actor, but fake evidence about him having already graduated in CA.

Smells to me like tricky double-cross evidence to poison our well so cianiggers can discredit us.

dc5b9d No.454649


Close all the propaganda centers. Two birds, one stone.

883e1c No.454650


9abca4 No.454653


That is exactly what I was thinking.

You stated it very well.

Shills will be shilling strong after this meeting.

4ecb2c No.454654


Talking about putting bases on the moon by 2020

cd3ae2 No.454655

File: 672f4a25fab1544⋯.jpg (153.88 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, GreatAwakeningProtect3.jpg)

File: d17b22826fd59d1⋯.jpg (133.88 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, GreatAwakeningProtect4.jpg)


Thank you.

192a51 No.454656

Freaking shocking that the ones against arming teachers are the two parents that 'lost a kid in Sandy Hook'! Hmmmm Yeah, okay…

20462e No.454657


Respectfully, as another anon pointed out, this is the Crisis Actor Edition bread.

94189c No.454658

File: 520f673bbffb7d7⋯.jpg (40.06 KB, 650x509, 650:509, WHEELS-UP-PARTY.jpg)


John Perry Barlow hung out with Bob Weir a shit ton.

8ca268 No.454659


But…But… But… A school was shot!

Bloomberg funded that method of counting every bullet that gets tossed into the air on or nearby any campus of any kind.

Total fuckery.

d191f8 No.454660


Anon's this is beautiful. They told us what to meme at them. Leftists and their pedo ways.

a412db No.454662


For sure. and also the DOJ will now start posting the correct stats, and we will see that gun deaths are on a decline for the past 20 years. But most importantly, like you said, without the MSM and liberal FB pages fanning the flames, alot of the circus will go away

c8f6b2 No.454663


This is what collusion looks like.

2932f5 No.454664

sorry I don't always use the right words… I was agreeing with you and echoing what I understood your sentiments to be. I get it I wasn't trying to be obnoxious. We have all been through stuff.

342f62 No.454665

File: 526c0007cdc377a⋯.jpg (119.56 KB, 952x678, 476:339, accuse.jpg)



from the playbook

0b585f No.454666



Very Big if accurate.

Settled on HOT meaning MILBase/Cell. But that meaning makes more sense, and changes them from ourguy to badguy. Your interpretation reinforces why that 'glitch' on the running app would be exposed.

And it would mean i was wrong in reverse. Im OK with that. Good work @Anon_X

58684a No.454667


Just remind these libtards that;

When seconds count, police are only minutes away.

3ff4e2 No.454668


For you, it means pfiltered

6a8b93 No.454669


he's not!

333fb3 No.454670


9188c9 No.454671


9ac1ef No.454672


Look up Dave Mcgowan and Laurel Canyon.


883e1c No.454673


yes thank fek

9abca4 No.454674


And their reasoning was insane.

You don't want armed guards at the school because they would kill the shooter and that would be doing what the shooting wanted . . suicide by cop.

So it is best to let more kids die so the shooter doesn't get suicided.


d37070 No.454675


next on CNN we have David Hogg talkin to us from the crib about gun control

2af6fa No.454677


Shill? That was Robert David Steele not Pieczenik

32d35b No.454678

File: e3c47b542f167bf⋯.jpg (102.58 KB, 860x460, 43:23, 062317_ay_guns_free.jpg)

2932f5 No.454679


>sorry I don't always use the right words… I was agreeing with you and echoing what I understood your sentiments to be. I get it I wasn't trying to be obnoxious. We have all been through stuff.


was meant for >>454442

8ca268 No.454680


No one lost a kid at sandy hook…

"No one died at sandy hook" ←- a book.

"We need to talk about sandy hook" ←- video

c5d292 No.454681

"The more we do to you, the less you seem to believe we're doing it." –Josef Mengele

192a51 No.454682

Looks like we need a ban on freaking Doctors!!!

An updated estimate says it could be at least 210,000 patients a year, more than twice the number in a frequently quoted Institute of Medicine report https:// www.scientificamerican.com/article/how-many-die-from-medical-mistakes-in-us-hospitals/

cfafe4 No.454683



If people would look up the actual definition of doxxing, and then think about it in reference of a ' ' ' minor ' ' ' (ie- publicly revealing some minor's home address, telephone, etc.), that looks exceedingly bad, no matter what the adults are up to. use your fucking heads!


dc5b9d No.454684


Shut down MSM for sure, but I think you misunderstood my metaphor; i was referring to public schools. Get the government out of the business of indoctrination, aka education.

a42a9a No.454686

File: 1ea48905a32545c⋯.png (362.84 KB, 490x488, 245:244, Screenshot-2018-2-21 Meme ….png)

6a8b93 No.454688


just like Israel yay!

I would push for metal detectors before arming teachers.

this is fucked up on so many levels.

5451ec No.454689

File: 5d4beea2640b728⋯.png (6.1 KB, 326x76, 163:38, lol.png)


I see they sent the low rate shills tonight guise.

Free lessons for shills:

Buy a compass, It teaches you the difference between N, E, S & W.

Then read a history book.

192a51 No.454690



5decde No.454692



How about something like, Help us ( teachers) protect your child. I don't want to have to use my body to shield them from bullets. I want to go home too. Maybey??

883e1c No.454693

8e0217 No.454694

File: 5bb577054427e08⋯.png (464.45 KB, 1019x768, 1019:768, NIoxh.png)


Geotus talked about that "New Mission" to the moon in October.., although…, a mission to the moon in this times is dangerous.., The Moon is the True "Death Star".., The Customs of the Solar System.., from there.., The Dracos, Zetas, etc monitor the Earth..

89ee68 No.454696

File: e78ea93885a178c⋯.png (1.56 MB, 1207x1756, 1207:1756, Imagetwat.png)

Tried to post this morning, but ran up against full 🥖 .

Reply after USSS alert.

6a8b93 No.454697

58684a No.454698

>> 454678

This anon should be banned for posting shit like this!

No responsible gun owner would do this. EVER.

b84297 No.454699


Top Kek

94189c No.454700

File: 9ef6cfde2044e4b⋯.png (235.53 KB, 400x266, 200:133, ClipboardImage.png)

Keynote Essay for the 1994 Computerworld College Edition

by John Perry Barlow PART 1

I'm entering these characters aboard the M.V. Matanuska, an Alaskan ferry headed up the Inside Passage, south of Juneau. The fog is so dense that the bow is not visible from the bridge. Morning sunlight pouring in from the top of it illuminates the whole into a blazing haze of featureless glory and peril. The Future.

Almost exactly a century ago, such fog banks were stuffed with stampeders of the last great gold rush on this continent. The flood of raw hopefuls who headed to the Yukon in 1898 were nearly the last Americans to heed the advice of the great newspaper publisher and windbag Horace Greeley, who proclaimed what was probably the motto of the 19th Century when he exhorted: "Go west, young man!"

By that time, the Yukon and Alaska were about as far west as they could go. Already every other North American frontier had been scribbled over with the graffiti of civilization.

Only a few years before, in 1875, my own family…a restless gene which had been farming recently cleared ground since the 1600's…moved into the upper reaches of the Green River Basin of Wyoming and thus deflowered the only frontier available to them without doing something as crazy as heading for the Arctic. There they came to a bewildered halt.

So I grew up resenting that the noble, essentially human, act of plunging off into unassayed wilderness, driven by nothing more rational than vague dissatisfaction and aspiration, would not be mine to undertake. It was the critical part of my inheritance which my forbears had spent.

It turns out I was not quite right about that. Today another frontier yawns before us, far more fog-obscured and inscrutable in its opportunities than the Yukon. It consists not of unmapped physical space in which to assert one's ambitious body, but unmappable, infinitely expansible cerebral space. Cyberspace. And we are all going there whether we want to or not.

We must seek our future in the virtual world because there is no economic room left in the physical one. Not only has all the good farmland been homesteaded long since, but nearly all the work one might do with his or her hands is now being done either by machines or by people from parts of the world where what's considered a living wage is a lot less than you'd likely accept.

John Barlow @ the Electronic Frontier Foundation

44f816 No.454701


That's easy to misconstrue. Kinda cuts both ways.

ef0e11 No.454702


I would love nothing more than for him to blow the lid off all these FF's and Hoaxes, and make the players do a televised walk of shame

0b585f No.454703





(…)Im sold. for reasons listed above. Pieces make sense. HOT = 'HighValue(?) Operations Target +predetermined. High confidence on OT

Baker should take note._X

fb9c86 No.454704

File: 1319d751878d24c⋯.jpg (33.96 KB, 384x516, 32:43, download.jpg)

7342c7 No.454705




a42a9a No.454706


umm, that would be the opposite of what i asked for.

333fb3 No.454707

94189c No.454708



So the engines of history have other plans for us. Save a few Amish and survivalists, we have all been swallowed by the cultural superorganism of digital technology, a beast now well beyond anyone's control, and it is slouching off to Cyberspace with us in its belly. Since it's inevitable, I would suggest we make peace with our fate, rather as though we were Jonah setting up a permanent settlement inside the whale.

I did try my personal best to resist conscription as a Knowledge Worker. I spent 17 years running the family ranch in Wyoming before I came to this. I fed cattle every winter morning from a hay sled drawn by four Belgian workhorses. I lived horseback, without lawyers or locks. I made my living from things I could touch, and far too usually smell, very much a creature of the physical world.

But I was as culturally doomed as the Tasaday of New Guinea. Technology had so empowered my competitors with fertilizer, growth hormones, and computerized futures hedging programs, that only a few of us were necessary to feed those remaining Americans who still eat beef. Such atavistic practices as mine were like stone axes against smart bombs.

Yanked from the 19th Century, I found myself, like you, tossed unceremoniously onto the doorstep of the 21st.

So here we are, plunging through the fog, unsure of where we're headed but making excellent time. While I may have serious doubts about being forced to emigrate to a place where I can't even bring my body, I can no longer complain about belonging to the first generation in the recorded history of my family to be done out of a frontier to fling itself into.

This frontier, the Virtual World, offers opportunities and perils like no other before it. Entering it, we are engaging what will likely prove the most transforming technological event since the capture of fire. I have a terrible feeling that your children, by the time they are my age, would be barely recognizable to me as human, so permanently jacked in to The Great Mind will they be.

I could be wrong about this, of course. Sweeping predictions about the future have a way of turning their authors into fools after a few decades. Our envisioned trajectories usually turn out to be a lot more fractal than plotted. The Big Events are never seen in advance.

A few days ago, I passed through Seattle, a place I first visited on the occasion of the 1961 Seattle World's Fair, which also called itself the Century 21 Expo. The Fair was filled with depictions of Seattle at the Millennium, a place where the Space Needle would be more the architectural norm than the quaint artifact it seems today. The chief feature of these projections was a glistening transportation web from Vancouver to Portland around which the citizens would be whisked in 200 mph automatic pods. The only prediction of these which came true was that the Burbs would metastasize the full circumference of Puget Sound.

Absolutely nobody predicted the extent to which little beige bit-spitting boxes would become the substrate of civilization in the 90's. Certainly no one foresaw that the mysterious stuff which lived in those boxes and made them spit their bits would become the economic staple of SeattlePlex. And, even in an event which Bill Gates' prominent Seattle parents surely must have taken a hand in, no one came close to predicting such a thing as Bill Gates.

So, although we should be humble in our projections, and while the present moment is probably weirder than any previous, there are a few things which we can learn from previous frontier settlement.

At the moment it seems that the most important of these is that government will come. Such combinations of unpredictability, massive change, peril, and opportunity as are found on any frontier are to government like blood to a great white shark. This is because government lives in part to diminish unpredictability. The kind of economic free-for-all which smells like opportunity to the freebooter represents another kind of opportunity for the bureaucrat. And over the long run, it has traditionally been the bureaucrat who prevailed.

d37070 No.454709


You know the military might have more credibility these days than the justice system or congressional oversight……tribunals might work IF televised

ba3dee No.454710

File: 6fbaa27e321a370⋯.png (257.91 KB, 700x281, 700:281, IMG_3383.PNG)

6a8b93 No.454711


who said they will be responsible? people sre idiots. look how many teachers int he news every day for fucking a students. they aren't gods! they can't keep their clothes on around the kids and u expect them to be responsible with a gun?

hell no not me.

b96574 No.454712


made me laugh

8ca268 No.454713

File: 3fdd30f873838ce⋯.jpg (28.54 KB, 346x346, 1:1, libtards blow brains out- ….jpg)

For Keks.

5decde No.454714


Sorry anon

7b5422 No.454715


Here's a suggestion: "Why does the left want to sexualize children?"

2ce1e8 No.454716


Hey fashion plate, how about some context?

2af6fa No.454717




Number correlates directly to when organs began being retrieved for the elites for transplant. AMA & Big Pharma work hand in hand to keep the 1000 year old oligarchs well supplied with organs from young fresh oD & shooting victims.

94189c No.454719




Thus, if one goes to the Yukon today, he finds very few gold miners (or, for that matter, entrepreneurs of any sort). About seventy percent of the people who are in that economically stagnant region work for some form of government. Most of them are the spiritual descendents of Sgt. Preston, whose real-life Mounty counterparts were dispatched into the economic wilds of Dawson and Skagway to impose social decency on the stampeders.

There is a cycle of frontier inhabitation which has usually gone like this: Misfits and dreamers, rejected by or rejecting society, are pushed out into the margins. There they set up camp and maintain what little order they want in it by unwritten codes, the honor of thieves, the Code of the West.

Despite their usual haplessness, they discover resources and start exploiting them. Burghers and boosters back in the civilized regions hear of these discoveries. Settlers, a milder sort, come in with their women and children and are repelled by the savagery and license of their predecessors, whether mountain men, prospectors, or Indians. They send for troops to secure the frontier for the Rotary Club and the PTA. They elect representatives, pass laws, and, pretty soon, they've created another place which is boring but which at least appears predictable.

Already we can find the usual Christian soldiers massing at the borders of Cyberspace. Whether their instruments of entry are the FBI's Digital Telephony proposal (which proposes to hard-wire the Net for automated surveillance) or the NSA's Clipper Chip (which would allow you to lock your digital door, but only if the government kept a key) or well-meaning legislative efforts ensure equal access to the Net, or increasingly punitive props in the collapsing structure of copyright law, or pure, blue-nosed priggishness, the government is preparing to place this new frontier under the rule of law. Whether the pioneers already there want it or not.

There are, however, some critical differences between this frontier and its predecessors. For one thing, while there was no question that the government in Ottawa had legitimate jurisdiction over the Yukon, the same could not be said of the relationship between Washington and Cyberspace.

Cyberspace, being a region of mind rather than geography, is simultaneously everywhere and nowhere. There are no national borders. The only boundaries which are significant are those which one crosses by entering a password. The location of those systems is irrelevant.

What difference does it make that the actual whereabouts of a hard disk is, say, California, when one may as easily actuate its heads from a keyboard in Berlin as from the desk it sits on? The Internet is essentially one great machine (or, better, organism) all elements of which are continuous if wide-flung.

8ca268 No.454720


They will say it is for the "Right;s" pleasure.

b4ab7b No.454722


no IV tubing.

I wonder if POTUS didn't go to see for himself if this was phony…He called for a Mil investigation right after that, didn't he.

94189c No.454723





Nevertheless, the American government maintains the conceit that someone moving encryption software from a hard disk in California region of that great digital Critter to another in the Berlin region would be engaged in the illegal international shipment of embargoed arms.

Or take the case of a Cupertino, California couple who were recently convicted on federal charges of distributing materials deemed pornographic according to the community standards of Memphis, Tennessee.

In both of these case, a local government is trying to apply its ordinances upon all of Cyberspace, and thus the entire planet. This might work for a time. Because of the American origins of the Internet, Cyberspace seems "ours," rather as Panama once did. This won't last long. As increasing numbers of non-Americans jack in, even such little willingness to submit to Washington as now exists will cease.

And it's unlikely that any new external power will arise in Washington's place. The Internet was designed to survive nuclear ordnance raining down all over it. This required that it be headless and self-organizing. It is thereby as resistant to Washington's efforts to control it as it would have been to Soviet efforts to decapitate it. It is the largest functional anarchy the world has ever known and is likely to stay that way.

Thus, the electronic frontier also differs from its predecessors in that setting up reservations is not likely to suffice for corralling the natives. As digital pioneer John Gilmore said, "The Internet deals with censorship as though it were a malfunction. It routes around it."Furthermore, unreal estate is unlimited. Unlike land, they are making more of this stuff. If you don't like the politics of the system you're on, you can set up your own for the price of a clone and increasingly cheap Internet connection.

There is, in addition, an irresolvable mismatch between the accelerating pace of technology and the changes it will enact upon the terrain of Cyberspace and the geological ponderousness with which the conventional legal structure of any jurisdiction, physical or virtual, can adapt to those changes.

Unfortunately, while governments have been good at imposing limitations, they show little capacity for accepting their own. Personally, I don't believe that government as we've known it as a promising future. I think the terrestrial powers will pursue us into Cyberspace and die of confusion there, thrashing arbitrarily and crushing miscellaneous unfortunates as they do. Like rabid dinosaurs, the fact that they're doomed will not make them any less dangerous.

And while I have some faith that the netizens will eventually find appropriate and effective means for securing as much order as they want, I also expect that various sorts of bad craziness will afflict them for some time to come. Skagway, 1900 might look like a nice place to raise a family compared to Cyberspace, 2000.

It is because of these twin co-evolving perilous opportunities that Mitch Kapor and I founded the Electronic Frontier Foundation back in 1994. At the time, we perceived our narrow purpose as being the protection of digital expression and the enhancement of digital community.

Now EFF's expanding charter extends to resisting the last ditch efforts of the old Industrial Age powers to colonize and subdue Cyberspace, while helping the folks who pass much of their lives there to find practical means for ordering their own affairs. I hope you will join that effort, either with us or by independently struggling toward your own approaches to these problems.

And don't be dismayed. Jack in. Go to Cyberspace, and go with all the adrenaline and goofy optimism which ought to accompany frontier enterprise. As I say, I don't think you have much choice, so you might as well make the best of it.

But don't come to this wild place expecting to civilize it, as I once did. This frontier may well be permanent And, finding bedlam, please don't send for your troops. They will only get in the way of a future which you will have to invent yourselves.

The Inside Passage Thursday, August 11, 1994

John Barlow @ the Electronic Frontier Foundation

6a8b93 No.454724


its me. got it at goodwill

a42a9a No.454725


yea noticed that after i posted it.

58684a No.454727


What part of DRAIN THE SWAMP do you NOT understand.

Filtered for being fucking retarded…

4ecb2c No.454728


Interesting what is this?

2af6fa No.454729



Post was sent to wrong comment Beg muh pard

342f62 No.454731


excellent anon thx

2ce1e8 No.454732

File: 5efaadad195ad43⋯.jpg (77.81 KB, 634x571, 634:571, 48dd69c0cb0e9dc6cc748ede7f….jpg)

1c06a8 No.454733


Anderson Cooper, born in 1967, has a Grandmother who is an adult in 1873?

cd3ae2 No.454734

File: 0f254aa99f706e4⋯.jpg (167.23 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, GreatAwakeningProtect5.jpg)

File: ef43219242bf88e⋯.jpg (277.98 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, GreatAwakeningProtect6.jpg)

File: a969b42b0b1b647⋯.jpg (229.54 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, GreatAwakeningProtect7.jpg)

44827e No.454735


so using this one ty anon

keep them coming

192a51 No.454736


And you think that's a real Roth account? *eyeroll!

778ae2 No.454737


Shut up

cfafe4 No.454739

>2af6fa No.454717

>3ff4e2 (3) No.454634

Hm. Somehow I got these bots to malfunction.. Weird.

6a8b93 No.454740


u again?

d37070 No.454741


Will do VigilenceAnon

2ce1e8 No.454747


They lose their safe harbor status and can be liable for facilitating child porn if when they shadowban or cancel accounts for political reasons.

THAT'S why they should be worried.

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