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Pro Aris et Focis

File: 1632d3bc2bb56a9⋯.png (6.66 MB, 5760x3240, 16:9, 1632d3bc2bb56a95642f177f49….png)

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Q's Current Tripcode: !UW.yye1fxo

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MONDAY 2018.26.02

We have more than we know. We are missing connections. We must build the map. We must leave no stone unturned. We must dig until we exhaust every possibility. We must focus. When light is focused, it can burn through anything. We are here to RESEARCH not to shitpost, when the Great Awakening happens, we must already have an encyclopedia of knowledge ready to redpill. The masses won't believe it unless we have massive evidence. That is why Q chose us, let's be the autists he knows we are.

Group ideas are to create dedicated research threads which will help us then build maps. Research threads will be listed in their own section of the dough. If you have information about a subject, please create a thread and request that it be added to this section of the dough. Here are some posts from the discussion. Please review and lets discuss more. WE WILL BUILD THE MAP!

>>501108 , >>501114 , >>501081

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If we missed an important topic relevant to Q Research post your idea and we can add.

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MONDAY 2018.26.02

>>GETTING ORGANIZED TO BUILD THE MAP. See the new section above. Let's create threads and discuss further.

>>502806 Imperator_Rex etc: Could it be that we are all on the same team?

>>502745 $1 million pizza party thrown for Hussein compliments of Denise Ilitch

>>502036 , >>502096 Dig on James VanderVeer LIDDLE and Patricia Shea LIDDLE

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0a6d7c No.503510

File: 158fa803db8b79f⋯.jpg (130.75 KB, 956x678, 478:339, Hogg.jpg)

Remember the guy who disappeared after talking about Paddocks luggage.

Does he look a bit like Boss Hogg?

653aed No.503523

File: df4a82f4e0a6e6f⋯.jpg (263.19 KB, 1242x1599, 414:533, 1519677839151.jpg)

be1a3a No.503551

File: fcfd6dfae612853⋯.jpg (49.1 KB, 202x308, 101:154, 2018-02-26 11.18.39.jpg)

cfb641 No.503554


Git me a rope for that nigger……

5b4115 No.503557

File: 4733dc44c7a9e16⋯.jpg (158.32 KB, 1024x693, 1024:693, WeKnowWhatYouDidLastSummer.jpg)

653aed No.503564

File: 33eec122a133286⋯.jpg (127.55 KB, 1250x600, 25:12, 1519680403739.jpg)

>Georgia's lieutenant governor on Monday attacked Delta Airlines for dropping a partnership with the National Rifle Association, pledging to block any legislation that includes tax benefits for the airline.

>Delta, which is headquartered in Atlanta, ended a discount program for NRA members on Saturday after public backlash following a recent high school shooting in Parkland, Florida.

>In response, Georgia Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle — who is running for governor as a Republican this year — tweeted that he would block any legislation until Delta renews the partnership.

>"I will kill any tax legislation that benefits @Delta unless the company changes its position and fully reinstates its relationship with @NRA," Cagle said Monday. "Corporations cannot attack conservatives and expect us not to fight back."

http:// www.businessinsider.com/delta-nra-georgia-casey-cagle-threatens-retaliation-2018-2

ebbca7 No.503565


I'd trade a Mexican immigrant for a nigger any day.

66c151 No.503569


now explain chicago

ebbca7 No.503570


That sounds like bribery to me.

b0a60a No.503572

POTUS, Mattis, Dunford, Rodgers, Spencer, Neller, Q team, etc. - these men are literally made out of stars and stripes.

Just like you and me anons.

God Bless all Patriots!

cfb641 No.503580


Me too. Mexicans have work ethic and family. Niggers have neither.

7c1278 No.503581


destroyed over water I assume? Land would be tough to cover

5a2a24 No.503583

File: 8f51ec86bc80761⋯.jpg (237.05 KB, 768x1164, 64:97, sessionsoldschool.jpg)


agree completely.... they can't entertain any radical theories because to do so would open them up to criticism and divergence of opinion among their followers. since nearly all of their points are rooted in solid logic and backed up by credible evidence it redpills the moderates hard... especially so when they try to return to places like the new york times and cnn. when you read a bunch of stealth jeff and imperator... then look at msm stuff... the spin and lack of logic is apparent. these guys are excellent redpillers for moderates and people who haven't explored the conspiracy realm. i absolutely support them wholeheartedly and have used them to turn a lot of moderates to the good side.

e8118f No.503584

File: 403f6226cabf580⋯.jpeg (305.69 KB, 1536x1830, 256:305, 51A8A80D-13DE-42CA-84C1-B….jpeg)

File: 3ff8fb8cce4a7ca⋯.jpeg (327.32 KB, 1536x1962, 256:327, FF5F5608-DDFE-4576-B1E9-E….jpeg)


Securities arbitration?

af3a8a No.503585

File: da2bbdd908d9d13⋯.jpeg (156.85 KB, 1242x1186, 621:593, CBF5F688-39D0-4113-8E0B-D….jpeg)

https:// www.inquisitr.


653aed No.503587

File: 33eec122a133286⋯.jpg (127.55 KB, 1250x600, 25:12, 1519680403739.jpg)

https:// trends.google.com/trends/explore?date=today%205-y&q=join%20nra

1ee8e0 No.503588


He only implied, but I would assume yes.

653aed No.503589

File: 092065f587c89b1⋯.jpg (45.01 KB, 1156x604, 289:151, 1519681294600.jpg)


Wrong pic

5a2a24 No.503591


i still think sundance has been by far the best researcher and writer in the trump era though.

cfb641 No.503592



Not bribery, that's extortion and blackmail.

f1c070 No.503593


He does resemble him (more like a relative) but the fact remains the guy vanished after giving intel that would have hurt ((them)) so it would be counterproductive for them to hire an actor to hurt their own flag. Besides, there are now 14 (confirmed) dead individuals who "survived" the LV event so I wouldn't be surprised if he is yet another they did away with.

1ee8e0 No.503594

File: bb6f8e8721299b5⋯.jpeg (143 KB, 750x300, 5:2, IMG_5967342FA053-1.jpeg)

Reminder, rophenal is bad for the kidneys.

8818c4 No.503597


Has Kunta Kinte ever heard of Chicago?

6e9e82 No.503598

A lot of anons have said things like:

"All those other shooters must have been on SSRI's and in therapy too". But nobody has ever posted a source that actually confirms that for any previous shooters or patsies.

So, if someone is looking for a focus to dig, I think this is a good one. If we can show a pattern of at least 3 shooters who were in therapy and/or treated with SSRI medication, then we have a solid lead.

db1170 No.503600

File: 0e555bf0644d7de⋯.jpg (14.16 KB, 500x260, 25:13, 666.JPG)

Q mentioned "Their need for symbolism will be their downfall."

I just saw the number of the Dutch embassy in New York. 666 Third Ave., New York City

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=zVb3LLOr7Bk

A former Secretary General of the Justice Department said that this issue will never be sorted out, because that would cause the whole Dutch Justice department to collapse.

https:// youtu.be/i6ICbAElTFI

6e71ba No.503602

File: 9e3a9bf7e4a9356⋯.jpg (182.97 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, HaskellHogg3.jpg)

>>503555 (last bread)

>help but think the Hogg kid looked like Eddie Munster or the kid from Lost Boys.

I got him pegged as the reincarnation of Eddie Haskell from the Leave it to Beaver TV show from back in the day.

Fits perfect if you know the Eddie Haskell character.

5a2a24 No.503603


terrible statement and a dangerous precedent to say. the guy is either a fucking moron… or willfully sabotaging our side.

969a11 No.503604


Oh, sweet Jesus. When does the stupid stop?

fda447 No.503605

File: 6ad713b40966156⋯.png (702.21 KB, 786x803, 786:803, 1519671689276.png)

a0aba1 No.503606



0e6ae8 No.503607

File: 8a1b70ca151aec7⋯.jpg (138.33 KB, 736x800, 23:25, CIA Crisis MONTRA.jpg)


Proving crisis actors is easy.

Proving THOSE individuals are crisis actors is not easy at all. They will never have a paper trail of proof. This is correct.

But common sense and observation speak volumes in the effort to redpill.

Even if we are wrong about 1 in 10 points that are presented to normies, it is a far better track record than the MSM. I wish to be accurate indeed, but undue numbers of coincidences are not acceptable to overlook. Planting the seed of doubt is also effective when redpilling...

Seeing the dual role played by the officer/day in sandy hook was one reason I investigated it and was redpilled about it, although to this day there is no solid proof of it being the same guy.

(pic related)

1ee8e0 No.503609


Bill Clinton signed HIPAA just for these occasions anon.

b0a60a No.503610


As soon as POTUS/Q give the order.

ba7289 No.503611


Poe's law in action: i can't even tell if you're a parody of dumb anons doing side-by-sides "resurch", or the real thing.

7e3bee No.503612


that dude was too old for liddle

abb176 No.503613

File: 008fbeb897cbdb2⋯.png (390.23 KB, 640x655, 128:131, ClipboardImage.png)


Posting again, was at end of last bread...

Think this is important!!!

1ee8e0 No.503614

File: c490bed9996e819⋯.jpg (341.49 KB, 750x555, 50:37, afteryou.jpg)

714d42 No.503615

Why are they giving a heads up?


7c1278 No.503616

Bush Jr and Laura at Grahams funeral….I guess no Gitmo yet

fda447 No.503617


>we are anonymous.

>we are legion.

>we do not forgive.

>we do not forget.

>expect us.

That was a decade ago.

6e9e82 No.503618


Please, don't post these types of pics. It clutters up the thread. Only post ones that expand into roughly full screen width so we can feast our eyes as we slowly scroll her up our screens. More big pictures please, not these little icons.

64bcaf No.503619


yup… been around a while have i

a0aba1 No.503620

ba7289 No.503622


>we are



5f13d5 No.503623

File: 00c86b2150114b2⋯.jpg (88.21 KB, 650x650, 1:1, WhyPay.jpg)

33bdfd No.503624


People can waive their hippa rights. If you use mental health as part of a criminal defense, your healthcare records become part of the public record unless you specifically request they are sealed.

dec82e No.503625

File: b9d8b8380795a3a⋯.jpg (70.34 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, hoggshit.jpg)



>In post 775 Q offered a clue:

> What [3] scientists were killed who were researching the SAT relay of mobile phone signals to end users?

> Why was the research deemed CLASSIFIED?

> Learn.

> Q

https:// spacepolicyonline.com/news/molly-macauley-renowned-space-economist-killed-while-walking-her-dogs/

killed in the same year as Seth Rich, and suspicious

Macauley was a valued member of the space policy community for decades and renowned for her expertise on the economics of satellites, especially in the earth observation arena. Her professional portfolio was much broader, however, including the use of economic incentives in environmental regulation, climate and earth science, and recycling and solid waste management. She testified before Congress many times and was the author of more than 80 journal articles, books, and book chapters.

She was Vice President for Research and a Senior Fellow at Resources for the Future, a Washington-based think tank that focuses on the economics of natural resources. She was a past member of the Space Studies Board (SSB) and of the Aeronautics and Space Engineering Board (ASEB) of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine and served on many of its study committees. She was a member of the steering committee for the ongoing Decadal Survey for Earth Science and Applications from Space at the time of her death.

there has been little on this but maybe she is one of the connections.

e008c6 No.503626


but eddie was just a smart arse, Hogg kid is evil…

To him that knoweth to right and does it not to him it is sin.

Hogg kid is Reprobate

edc8d3 No.503627

File: 41e71a574f9324f⋯.png (145.26 KB, 784x316, 196:79, sometimes.png)

sometimes 8chan ads just meme themselves

53ce27 No.503628

>>503549 (last bread)

Dedicated Research Thread Needed For Q's question on the 15th

Did any recent [shooters] receive treatment in the past

>This needs it's own dedicated research thread.

Thread Created: >>503608

f1c070 No.503629


sundance and mspionage are easily the best. if those two put their heads together I'm sure they could find out anything.

9e110f No.503630

Why was Marshall spelled instead of Martial?


In 1961, President John F. Kennedy appointed Marshall to United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit. Marshall retired during the administration of President George H. W. Bush, and was succeeded by Clarence Thomas.

Marshall once bluntly described his legal philosophy as this: "You do what you think is right and let the law catch up", a statement which his conservative detractors argued was a sign of his embracement of judicial activism.

In 1987, Marshall gave a controversial speech on the occasion of the bicentennial celebration of the Constitution of the United States.

Marshall stated:

"The government they devised was defective from the start, requiring several amendments, a civil war, and major social transformations to attain the system of constitutional government and its respect for the freedoms and individual rights, we hold as fundamental today."

Marshall died of heart failure at the National Naval Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland, at 2:58 pm on January 24, 1993, at the age of 84.

fda447 No.503631

File: 04835ee3324be5e⋯.png (60.06 KB, 622x767, 622:767, 1519678886501.png)

c13f08 No.503633

File: 3e2f45503dd9802⋯.jpeg (28.33 KB, 1200x516, 100:43, John_McCain-e151939798365….jpeg)

Report: McCain Associate Invokes The Fifth To Avoid Revealing Dossier Sources….fuck him….

b0e67c No.503634

File: b42aac785094a2b⋯.png (420.43 KB, 944x528, 59:33, Kevin - David Hogg CNN.png)






NOT the same guy that was on CNN

1ee8e0 No.503635


Talking out of my ass here but, I imagine if you're about to waive your HIPAA rights you'll get a very lovely offer from a representative of the medical industry offering you the best legal counsel, but only if you don't wave your HIPAA rights.

af3a8a No.503636

File: 622ae7352136269⋯.jpeg (1.1 MB, 1242x1716, 207:286, B4BA2EF5-1E19-4265-8779-6….jpeg)

https:// www.tn.


f1c070 No.503638


the NRA doesn't need ties to shit. it's the other companies that need them and not the other way around. the NRA is a superpower financially and could easily (alone) fuck up all of those companies combined if it came to a financial battle.

9521cb No.503639

File: fc0da2d88bbcbdb⋯.png (38.74 KB, 600x670, 60:67, fc0da2d88bbcbdb8d8d9c0091a….png)

Thanks baker.. Watching bakers school some shills last bread about… Bread… kek…

98144e No.503640

File: 79ec1b32abb3864⋯.png (37.51 KB, 178x263, 178:263, Screen Shot 2018-02-26 at ….png)

Been up since the 15th.

62c9f0 No.503641

File: f9c491446ac106e⋯.jpg (80.36 KB, 589x960, 589:960, IMG_1467.JPG)


>Please, don't post these types of pics. It clutters up the thread. Only post ones that expand into roughly full screen width so we can feast our eyes as we slowly scroll her up our screens. More big pictures please, not these little icons.

Thanks, baker!

83a6f8 No.503642


There are many med fraud posts today. What is happening, timing important?

fda447 No.503643

File: 709e364e505b01b⋯.png (489.38 KB, 747x777, 249:259, 1519682023468.png)

b1d5e3 No.503644

Snowden new tweet uses "not even once" phrase. A reference to meth anti-drug campaign, or to attempted NSA entrance by meth smokers? (Slow day here, lol)

https:// www.forbes.com/sites/thomasbrewster/2016/10/27/methamphetamine-shotgun-grenade-nsa-fort-meade/#7c3d0d6b31b0

6f4ec4 No.503645

I have not seen any…

But how much would it help to have designated anons become, "leaderfag/helperfag" for subject/specific diggs?

For example:

Today I see South Florida Broward County Lawyer Kim Picazio come into the picture. Her connections to everyone in Broward County and those involved in the school shooting needs digging. Right>

New info - more to dig.

Nothing new about that.

Lawyer Kim Picazio is just another layer to the Florida School Shooting onion that needs peeled back.


Visualize we already have an appointed "leaderfag/helperfag" for the Florida School Shooting digg?

Visualize all digging anons could readily reach out to a designated leaderfag/helperfag for the FL School Shooting for immediate feedback while they dig on Kim Picazio?

Visualize leaderfag/helperfag could offer assistance/guidance, answer questions to anons digging on Kim Picazio?

Visualize that this leaderfag is simply available to all anons on the digs they are assigned too like the (FL School Shooting).

Visualize leaderfag/helperfag is always making sure important info is not discarded, but saved as do the bread makers?

Visualize the FL School Shooting leaderfag/helperfag needs help, this anon could possibly appoint a "sub-leaderfag/helperfag" to digg and maintain the lead on the Kim Picazio digging should it branch off into something bigger, should the digg became big enough?

How many times do anons throw questions up into the air on the board and hope someone replies?

Not every expert can watch the board 24 hours a day.

Things get missed.

It’s impossible to even cover all threads properly.

In the midst of anons digging and researching, you have to follow all that’s going on.

Every day the pile gets bigger.

What FF will happen next week?

What event needs to be covered next week?

What still needs to be covered?

The "leaderfag" would be the "helper/expert/so called manager," but most certainly not the "boss" of their specific digg:

The word HELPER/EXPERT is key for leaderfags. NO bosses. Assist, help, encourage, guide, provide info, bounce ideas, provide feedback, become the expert.

Is the job ever done on a subject/dig?

Can we at least uncover as much as possible on each subject/dig until something else breaks?

How do we know a subject has been exhausted of all possibilities?

Leaderfags could simply be THE go-to anon for all other anons for feedback/questions while they digg.

Leaderfags can help distracted digging and help focus the digg if need be.

Leaderfags could help with:

What's really important?

What's really, REALLY important?

What's not important?

Dead ends.

New leads.

New connections.

What is not being covered?

Where to go to next?

Again, being THE go-to point of contact.

Bridging unseen connections between different diggs?

Being the anon for direct line for feedback between all sorts of fags, planefags/lawyerfags/codefags, etc.

EX; If a planefag is working on several different diggs and the FL School Shooting leaderfag needs help from a planefag, leaderfag can request help from planefags. Simple, but maybe super effective.

Helperfags/leadfags, whatever name.

There is so much to cover already and every day more goes onto the pile to cover and uncover.

Each anon must be thinking:

Where to go too next?

Who has it covered?

Who can give me a best answer?

The chaos of this board works well, it's unique and it's important it stays this way.

But maybe a designated leaderfag/helperfag on specific diggs could help?


Who appoints them.

Who approves them.

How would they be vetted from being a black hat and screwing up a dig?

001104 No.503646

deskfag here, missed the weekend

did CM ever come on here and reply to the Q post?

a114f6 No.503647

Lynch used an alias in her emails? Elizabeth Carlisle… Read through this gem from Judicial Watch and that caught my eye. Hadn't heard that before. Link below to the doc.

http:// www.judicialwatch.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/Lynchemails.pdf

a86d69 No.503648

Nice synchronicity:







6b54ba No.503649


Reminder, you don't even know the name of the drug, so why should we listen to you?

62c9f0 No.503650

File: 11b286063edbbcd⋯.jpg (134.68 KB, 678x768, 113:128, IMG_1466.JPG)

fda447 No.503651

File: 7bb2997b4206c1d⋯.jpg (283.95 KB, 1152x1330, 576:665, 1519679758151.jpg)

cde461 No.503652


CM or BO were tags enabled on board #613?

and could u remind me how to tag purple txt plz - oldanon wi poor memory

93c710 No.503653

File: 4e81c5a1b4bcf06⋯.png (123.41 KB, 1099x1280, 1099:1280, date 2 mirror.png)


10 31

Biggest advanced drop on Pol.

Oct 31 10 31 mirror 1 3 0 1 (1 seen in front of number sequences in the mirror timeline, I've posted a graphic several times, may have missed it)

Who controls the NG?

Why was the NG recently activated in select cities within the US?

Can the NG work in coordination w/ the marines?

Do conditions need to be satisfied to authorize?

What former President used the military to save the republic and what occurred exactly?

Biggest drop to ever be provided on Pol. Study and prepare. The masses tend to panic in such situations. No war. No civil unrest. Clean and swift.

Why 2 instead of 1

my theory has to do with israel time being ahead of US. Just a thought, nothing confirmed.


big next week/bigger next week

big drop/bigger drop/biggest drop

advanced drop

& so on. Posting part II of my "graphics" on this

86f52c No.503654


The Boston bombing took place in front of a building address of "666".

9521cb No.503655


That happens when one's father has a known history of not bullshitting when they double down on shit…

And she's cute as a button.

f1bd21 No.503656

File: 9ee9124aeee3129⋯.jpg (30.55 KB, 435x612, 145:204, 106846228.jpg)

File: e95acee7b67ff64⋯.jpg (40.85 KB, 672x677, 672:677, BruceBale (1).jpg)

File: 62cbff62cf27a3c⋯.jpg (107.87 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, roberta-mccain-100th_hkbjg….jpg)


Looking at those, reminded me of some actors like seann william scott( stiffler)

Christian bale too.

And also add in John McCain's mother too,kek

7a627f No.503657







6b54ba No.503658


I take it back, found it in the Urban Dictionary. Alternative name.

1ee8e0 No.503659


o*, happy?

93c710 No.503660


ALSO remember Q said ALL News Sources.

c13f08 No.503661

FTC looking at breaking up Google…Twitter and Fedbook……Fresh out….lurking for sauce…..

2f30f3 No.503662



Got link?

ba7289 No.503663


it's fun playing alongside the grownups innit?

cute like a kid with his plastic hammer on a construction site

7a627f No.503664


Lets import to the new FF thread.

5b4115 No.503665

File: fd70d210ec15718⋯.jpg (149.01 KB, 1022x497, 146:71, WEKNOWWHATYOUDIDLASTSUMMER.jpg)

File: 4733dc44c7a9e16⋯.jpg (158.32 KB, 1024x693, 1024:693, WeKnowWhatYouDidLastSummer.jpg)

41d75e No.503666

File: 6a4d28e8168fdac⋯.png (377.86 KB, 530x385, 106:77, ClipboardImage.png)

meme away

d16ba0 No.503667


Threats by teenagers was extortion. The kind Lt. Governor is giving Delta a way out of being held hostage by leftwing haters.

I see nothing wrong with a politician standing up for his constituents who have clearly been labeled expendable by a corporation in that politician's state. He's standing up for them and sending the message that companies that choose sides lose.

855c18 No.503668

Show up Q, these anons are like chimps when you leave.

edbcdc No.503670

File: ad0919244f8b7f2⋯.png (514.08 KB, 807x515, 807:515, ClipboardImage.png)




e29646 No.503671


Muh crack muh gang muh wefare muh guns muh rap muh hoes muh bling muh air jordans muh dropped pants muh wife beater muh backwards cap muh grillz muh parole officuh mothuhfuckah

f6e617 No.503672


Guy in the suit has a straight nose, a tan, and doesn't look like a concentration camp victim.

e0c9d5 No.503673

File: 14279350c128ffd⋯.jpg (56.92 KB, 400x400, 1:1, hogg_fail.jpg)

File: 832f21f2855542b⋯.jpg (60.94 KB, 400x400, 1:1, hogg_star.jpg)

File: 9246539e2f912fd⋯.jpg (59.13 KB, 400x400, 1:1, hogg_tool.jpg)

File: af09613cfd92897⋯.jpg (59.71 KB, 400x400, 1:1, hogg_twerp.jpg)

File: 819fbc9ded6842c⋯.jpg (59.91 KB, 400x400, 1:1, hogg_used.jpg)

STEADY… … … … …FIRE!!!

af3a8a No.503674


Early today anon ask if someone would help dig on this topic. So I have been digging state to state

3e595a No.503675

File: 4db84b0b37a9788⋯.jpg (345.81 KB, 999x406, 999:406, grn.jpg)

Green shirts the new Brown shirts?

9521cb No.503676

File: fd2b3f583514d5f⋯.jpg (143.3 KB, 842x902, 421:451, Propaganda1.jpg)

292356 No.503677


MY two cents -

Cosby is innocent.

They assassinated his daughter to send him a msg to do what we tell you.

Mr. Cosby, if you're innocent - FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT

5b4115 No.503678


Excellent stuff anon!

af3a8a No.503679

http:// www.gazettetimes.


33bdfd No.503680


Potus needs to move some of the DC Federal Offices out of DC and into states that have struggling economies. Transplanting 50,000 high paying federal jobs and employees would kickstart economies. There is no reason all of the agencies need to be in DC, its too expensive to live and operate there.

f2050c No.503681

Oh fuck just made these connections…

>be me

>thinking i understand why gov wants to take americans guns

>i go on social media and im just scrolling along

>"apple uses googles cloud" interesting

>"apple moving cyber web/cloud/digital profiles en masse to china" weird

>"chinese leader says no more terms im here forever" laugh out loud

>american gov attacking itself

>i start to think..

>remove the guns they said

>false flags.PNG

>start thinking about china and superpowers

>china also has leverage over north korea

>well who owns china i wonder

>china owns people

>wondering who owned china?

>the british crown seized hong kong and turned it into a crown colony and during this time established banks and merchants

>doesnt hong kong has economic leverage over the rest of china I ask myself?

>back to social media

>nobody is too upset about the move

>apparently apple using google cloud was common knowledge.jpeg

>life moves on

>NWO happens

>nobody realizes

>shadow government once and for all

but then i realized

>they never thought she would lose

>a wildy Q team appears

>it's super effective!!!!!

e008c6 No.503682

File: 03f06b2c9d55984⋯.png (50.99 KB, 635x353, 635:353, ClipboardImage.png)

Anyone download that video?

just want to verify it wasn't some child porn or snuff film..

Don't play that game..

cde461 No.503683


Bread #613 soz

a114f6 No.503684

Q post from 10/31/17 This line:

What happens if mayors/ police comms/chiefs do not enforce the law?

Does not going into that school fall under this category? Just something that stuck with me.

f6e617 No.503686


Would bang.

Honestly could not blame Trump if the rumours are true.

be1a3a No.503687

File: bb4c3f1f8042c59⋯.jpeg (77.7 KB, 1080x572, 270:143, 1519682614.jpeg)

File: 1afa57c08cb7ce7⋯.png (112.71 KB, 800x420, 40:21, Broward-County-Sheriff-640….png)

This idiot actually said this.

Someone can be more creative with a meme that I

83a6f8 No.503688


Excellent work. Thanks. Any ties to indictments we’ve been waiting to be unsealed?

a114f6 No.503689


OR in regards to the that dipshit Mayor telling people NOT to comply with ICE agents coming to arrest illegals?

c7c51d No.503690


He abused his daughter, she was gonna tell

907e71 No.503691

File: fea369fda49c174⋯.png (222.19 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, 4ch.png)


Guys, Check out..

41d75e No.503692

File: 70c039885b39b5d⋯.png (31.07 KB, 610x212, 305:106, ClipboardImage.png)

https:// www.westernjournal.com/ex-air-marshal-comes-forward-fl-shooting-statement-democrats-hate

83a6f8 No.503693


So you choose to post here?

907e71 No.503694

File: fea369fda49c174⋯.png (222.19 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, 4ch.png)

Guys, Check Out..,

93d1fc No.503695

Anyone else know about this?

Press freedom

Schiff formed the bipartisan, bicameral Congressional Caucus for the Freedom of the Press in 2006[29] aimed at advancing press freedom around the world. The Caucus proposed the Daniel Pearl Freedom of the Press Act and it was originally introduced to Congress by Schiff and Rep. Mike Pence (R., Ind.) and by Sen. Christopher Dodd (D., Conn.) on October 1, 2009 in response to the murder of Daniel Pearl by terrorists in Pakistan.[30][31] The legislation requires the United States Department of State to expand its scrutiny of news media intimidation and freedom of the press restrictions during its annual report on human rights in each country.[32] After its introduction, the act passed through the House of Representatives with a vote of 403 to 12 and passed unanimously in the Senate; however, a provision requiring the Secretary of State (in coordination with the Department of State’s Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor, and in consultation with the Undersecretary for Public Affairs and Public Diplomacy) to establish a grant program aiming to promote freedom of the press worldwide was removed in the Senate.[31][33] On May 17, 2010 President Barack Obama, accompanied by the Pearl family, signed into law the Daniel Pearl Freedom of the Press Act.[34]

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adam_Schiff

Am I the only one that didn't know Mike Pence, Adam Schiff, and Diane Feinstein proposed legislation TOGETHER?

af3a8a No.503696


Have a list of names I’m going to dig on soon. Just been collecting so far. Man is it bad though… every state

93c710 No.503698

File: 59d1edf87add1c2⋯.png (280.25 KB, 640x655, 128:131, AF1.png)

Nov 01 - 01 11 mirror 1:110

11 1

POTUS will be well insulated/protected on AF1 and abroad (specific locations classified) while these operations are conducted due to the nature of the entrenchment. It is time to take back our country and make America great again. Let us salute and pray for the brave men and women in uniform who will undertake this assignment to bring forth peace, unity, and return power to the people.

It is our hope that this message reaches enough people to make a meaningful impact. We cannot yet telegraph this message through normal methods for reasons I’m sure everyone here can understand. Follow the questions from the previous thread(s) and remain calm, the primary targets are within DC and remain at the top (on both sides). The spill over in the streets will be quickly shut down. Look for more false flags – stay alert, be vigilant, and above all, please pray.

“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. Love is patient, love is kind.”

God bless my fellow Americans.


3e595a No.503699

File: ad1d627280bfcb4⋯.jpg (203.53 KB, 789x614, 789:614, checkout.jpg)

ce38ff No.503700


Lawfag here. Securities litigation to adoption law is one of the most bizarre shifts of practice area I can think of. Have never seen it before. Not inherently suspicious (I suppose there could be a reasonable explanation) but still highly unusual.

As someone who has worked in commercial litigation, to all of a sudden switch to, say, handling divorces exclusively would require learning a brand new set of skills, colleagues, a different court system filled with different judges and procedural rules, and I'd need to build a new book of business (clients) from scratch after working with exclusively business clients.

Nice catch, anon.

5b4115 No.503701



Isn't the youngest of the Cosby's, Trudy, taking him to court too? I think she implied it on The Apprentice show.

e008c6 No.503702


was from last loaf.. so yea why I ask here.

47dba6 No.503703


Todd was working with gallium nitride which is bio compatible:

http:// www.powerwaywafer.com/gallium-nitride-gan.html

Think implantable devices.

83a6f8 No.503706


Thank you anon. I learned something new.

28fd4f No.503707

Anyone have the list of the teenagers that died in the shooting in Parkland? Did the police give a list of names and birth certificates to id the dead?

93c710 No.503708


Stupid typos!

111 mirror 111

didn't mean to leave zero's in sorry to confuse

93d1fc No.503709


my appologies the Feinstein deal was a separate thing her and Shiff did re: Helicopter noise. Didn't mean to add her on this one.

c13f08 No.503710



3c7c0f No.503711

File: 1e19497a1c21403⋯.jpeg (623.45 KB, 750x1291, 750:1291, 8269D075-8DD5-4F1B-976C-D….jpeg)

7c9c06 No.503712

File: ebd1019a3f8c2f4⋯.jpg (618.08 KB, 1075x1699, 1075:1699, Screenshot_20180226-142642.jpg)

File: a4d78162b0d0f64⋯.jpg (135.59 KB, 978x677, 978:677, Screenshot_20180225-212750.jpg)

I wonder if this is the 12:34 reference.

f6e617 No.503713


Who is sending a message to Cosby and why? The guy is not exposing anything.

db1170 No.503714


i didn't know that.

However I think this number must be a coincidence in the case of the Dutch Embassy (there must be other entities in the same building, i Presume),

Mr Demmink apparently travels also under the name Joseph Stein'.

https:// twitter.com/TruthHitsEvery1/status/949261991264358402

If you keep an eye on that Twitter profile, you'll see all the dirt in the Netherlands. Too bad he writes in Dutch.

There's too much dirt here.

9521cb No.503715



>What happens if mayors/ police comms/chiefs do not enforce the law?

They open themselves up to prosecution. What happens after that is up to the community effected. Sowing complacency reaps inaction.

>Does not going into that school fall under this category? Just something that stuck with me.

It appears that it does. That they were sheriff's deputies makes it worse, because that makes them bound to the constitution, unlike policy officers. So they may face Feceral consequences for this, seeing as how MI is investigating.

83a6f8 No.503719


I’m Leary if opening that. HOwever, someone posted above a video that is probably same.

a28793 No.503720

Q said "moves and countermoves" a few times and its from famous quote The Hunger Games Catching Fire if you dont know yet :)

8b46f1 No.503722

was catching up lurking and found post

502927 missing?


33bdfd No.503723


1974-1991 he worked for a firm that specialized in corporate, securities, business, and adoption law. Odd combination. Abrams, Anton, Robbins, Resnick, and Schneider might be worth looking at.

6c1360 No.503724


These are Friday not Saturday

>>480458 Stanislav Lunev

>>480327 Comms Good

>>480311 Sec Test

Is this a time zone issue?

5b4115 No.503726


Jaysus dude, do you want screenshots? I'll do that if you really don't trust me. Just know that video is impossible to get now as far as i can tell. Mostly no talking, just video from chopper but really good.

b5d672 No.503727


People have taken their parents to court out of greed for their money.

d521b8 No.503728

File: 17883d1cf84d77c⋯.png (1.48 MB, 922x2049, 922:2049, facebook_false_flag_censor….png)

File: c2a8b42eb350ced⋯.png (3.97 MB, 2406x1438, 1203:719, Osama_died_way_earlier_and….png)

File: ecd69a6dda62ee6⋯.jpg (356.59 KB, 1200x1000, 6:5, ap511720987539.jpg)

File: da4390524eecbda⋯.png (715.92 KB, 769x404, 769:404, fakenewskills2.png)

File: e9fb3138a29b07c⋯.jpg (195.2 KB, 667x574, 667:574, jfk_meme.jpg)


Great interview for redpilling moderates.

9521cb No.503729


Feceral -→ Federal.. derp…

7c1278 No.503731

File: 8f8c71b99babaa8⋯.jpg (88.96 KB, 540x419, 540:419, 03 Tim Osman - Osama bin L….jpg)

14f72a No.503732

2 days from now, professional fraudster and NWO character assassin Michael Wolff will be attending a book event in Cologne, Germany.

Anon should deliver a message.

fda447 No.503733

File: ce25a7aa26106e0⋯.png (282.54 KB, 990x1286, 495:643, 1519683220490.png)

670dac No.503734


Many people don't realize that their states have a prescription drug monitoring program. All controlled substance prescriptions filled at pharmacy are reported to the controlled substance database. Any doctor can get access to the database and see what you have been prescribed.

We've busted several trying to use the ER to get pills.

944553 No.503735

File: cf0897f28cbec54⋯.jpg (114.74 KB, 915x610, 3:2, mohamed-hadid.jpg)

Has anyone ever researched Mohammed Hadid and his daughters Gigi and Bella?

His name has been in the news lately for rape accusations. Some interesting info here…

- Mohamed Anwar Hadid is a Palestinian born in Nazareth in November 1948, to a Muslim family. He is the son of Anwar Hadid (c. 1908 – 1979) and his wife Khairiah. Through his mother he claims descent from Daher Al Omer, Prince of Nazareth and the Sheik of Galilee. Hadid has two brothers and five sisters.

- His father, Anwar Hadid studied at a Jerusalem teachers' college and attended a university[which?] in Syria to study law, before working in land settlement for the British authorities and teaching English at a teachers' college in Mandatory Palestine. In 1948, he moved to Syria and joined the United States Information Agency and the Voice of America. He and his family lived in Damascus, Tunisia, and Greece before moving to Washington D.C., as Anwar had a job at the VOA headquarters there, when Mohamed was 14, and spent the rest of his career there with VOA and USIA as a writer, editor and translator.

- Hadid attended North Carolina State University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

- Among his early ventures was a company that exported equipment to the Middle East.[6][16] He started his career restoring and reselling classic cars in the Georgetown neighborhood of Washington, D.C., before moving to Greece where he opened a nightclub on an island, and with the profits, started developing real estate back in the United States.

- In the 1980s, much of his financial clout came from the SAAR Foundation, a Herndon-based foundation with Saudi roots. The foundation was a 50-50 partner in many of Hadid's ventures.

- He outmaneuvered Donald Trump, paid $42.9 million for several choice parcels in Aspen and announced plans for a 292-room Ritz resort.

- https:// pagesix.com/2018/02/14/model-mohamed-hadid-name-drops-daughters-to-lure-women-into-bed/

fc852d No.503736


If a woman mainly clothes offends you, you obviously missed the whole cock torture and gore period on half chan during November.

53ce27 No.503738


This kinda happens by default, from my observations.

83a6f8 No.503739


https:// 8ch.net/qresearch/res/503478.html#q


abb176 No.503740


Right! Also 3/2 is at exactly 31 days from 4/2/18.

NG - is POTUS mtg with them to discuss future events/plans?

Why are we being told this now?

Or is it really….well, maybe I shouldn't say. Ever get that feeling that you think you may be getting something but also thinking you shouldn't be broadcasting it yet. Hmmmm!!

POTUS/Q Team/Military - We have your back! Lifting you up to the Father for His perfect and mighty hedge of protection over you!

Godspeed in all your efforts! May God Himself guide your feet as hinds feet!!

Please PRAY!!

41d75e No.503741

File: a9bf813b2c2fc38⋯.png (120.98 KB, 521x486, 521:486, ClipboardImage.png)

https:// petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/release-fisa-warrants

abb176 No.503743

File: d8f8ded1cafa5e7⋯.png (14.67 KB, 583x172, 583:172, ClipboardImage.png)


And THIS…..

edbcdc No.503744

File: 3be622ed326b8d0⋯.png (1.12 MB, 788x1059, 788:1059, CIAOPERATIONAPACHE.png)


96706c No.503745

File: 81f3fb8320072f1⋯.jpg (26.09 KB, 209x269, 209:269, glowfag.jpg)

686ce3 No.503746

File: 8cb267d259c18ce⋯.png (160.41 KB, 1427x812, 1427:812, Penelope.png)

Owls, check.

Athena, check.

Software for mental health case management, check.

Is this how (((they))) are identifying candidates most receptive to [THERAPY]?

www.athenasoftware. net/what-we-do/industry-specific/

archive. is/ZUO1w

93d1fc No.503747


in the context of recent [shooters] receiving "therapy" Q may have been saying Florida had more than one shooter OR that Paddock also received "therapy". (which would coincide with him having a new Rx at his time of death)

092bba No.503748


> this issue will never be sorted out, because that would cause the whole Dutch Justice department to collapse.

This means it needs to collapse.

f6e617 No.503749


Looks like Alex Jones. Are those his daughters?

93c710 No.503750

File: 59d1edf87add1c2⋯.png (280.25 KB, 640x655, 128:131, AF1.png)


Since you can't edit reposting without errors

Nov 1 timestamps

11:10 timestamps

same number pattern 111 vs 111

also could be twins when mirror 111 mirror 111

>11 1 Q Post

>POTUS will be well insulated/protected on AF1 and abroad (specific locations classified) while these operations are conducted due to the nature of the entrenchment. It is time to take back our country and make America great again. Let us salute and pray for the brave men and women in uniform who will undertake this assignment to bring forth peace, unity, and return power to the people.

>It is our hope that this message reaches enough people to make a meaningful impact. We cannot yet telegraph this message through normal methods for reasons I’m sure everyone here can understand. Follow the questions from the previous thread(s) and remain calm, the primary targets are within DC and remain at the top (on both sides). The spill over in the streets will be quickly shut down. Look for more false flags – stay alert, be vigilant, and above all, please pray.

> “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. Love is patient, love is kind.”

>God bless my fellow Americans.


cde461 No.503751


is there such a thing as a progression list? i would appreciate one - save me diverting

b1ff16 No.503752


93d1fc No.503753

File: 414b95eca790e7f⋯.jpg (110.98 KB, 601x902, 601:902, Nobgoblin.jpg)

28fd4f No.503754


The Bridge in JFK 2nd shooter coverup.

83a6f8 No.503755



Is this typical notification?

edbcdc No.503756

save ofline!

c13f08 No.503757

Feb 10 2018 05:46:19





Mess with the best, die like the rest.

[2] highly classified clown ops exposed.

[44] remaining.

Wizards & Warlocks.

Save the best for last.



6f4ec4 No.503758


Blacks = 13% of US Population.

Blacks = 51% of US Gun Homicide.

And this fecking racist arsehole shows a pick of whitey at a gun show.

We have a problem alright.

96706c No.503759



Trademarked by Warner Brothers studios

db1170 No.503760


he already visited the Netherlands. I read he didn't want to speak with the press afterwards :P

https:// twitter.com/NTRcollegetour/status/966994305398329345

3e595a No.503761

File: 711cfc22532294f⋯.jpg (237.41 KB, 461x566, 461:566, are.jpg)


Motorists are advised to avoid the are if possible.

The typo adds to the suspense.

0e060a No.503762

File: c10a425c4879e07⋯.jpg (593.65 KB, 2452x1764, 613:441, 635990236274943104-AP-Peop….jpg)


whoah, does he look like a male Barbara Striesand or what!!

96706c No.503763




2 down- 44 to go lmao piece a cake

85c7c2 No.503765

For those looking into meds, mental health, not

sure if this popped up in a previous bread, a well researched article with footnotes for further research on shootings and drugs.

https:// www.cchrint.org/2018/02/20/school-shootings-mental-health-watchdog-says-psychotropic-drug-use-by-school-shooters-merits-federal-investigation/#_edn10

The site in general seems like a gold mine of what Q is asking us to research. A lot of it is already done for us. These guys seem legit, here is what they say about themselves.

Our Stance on Psychiatric Disorders: The psychiatric/pharmaceutical industry spends billions of dollars a year in order to convince the public, legislators and the press that psychiatric disorders such as Bi-Polar Disorder, Depression, Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD/ADHD), Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, etc., are medical diseases on par with verifiable medical conditions such as cancer, diabetes and heart disease. Though CCHR has been pointing out the lack of science to back these claims for decades, it is only recently that key high profile individuals within the mental health industry have backed what CCHR has said all long:

“‘Mental illness’ is terribly misleading because the ‘mental disorders’ we diagnose are no more than descriptions of what clinicians observe people do or say, not at all well established diseases” — Allen Frances, Psychiatrist and former DSM-IV Task Force Chairman, April 2015

4f3fba No.503766


Not again. When did Q say Marshall?

Don't know what you're up to, anon.

419e55 No.503767


62c3b8 No.503768


A nigger problem if anyone's honest.

fda447 No.503769

File: cc54cb02bafa9b8⋯.png (71.16 KB, 751x668, 751:668, 1519656279442.png)

SCOTUS declines to hear challenge to DACA, meaning that without a ruling, it will remain in place for the next year at least.

7c1278 No.503770

Thoughts: Soros in Gitmo yet, or still free?

891224 No.503771


I'm starting to believe that the files on Weiner's Lap Top was Major disinfo. Something would have been leaked by now. Too many people were talking about what was on the "Insurance File". Yet, not One officers has done or said anything since? It's just human nature. Something would have come out by now.

7e3bee No.503772


No but that looks clowny…

d26b88 No.503773


Here's an enticing little scenario:

School security dude was told to do nothing

We look at the sheriff to answer.

Sheriff says, fuck this, it's not my fault, the house rep. has to explain because I'm gonna get fed to the alligators if I say too much.

House rep says emphatically, your ass is grass and I'm telling the governor you're getting fired you coz I never agreed to be the patsy!

Governor waffles on about some important sounding government shit and says, but hey, it's not my fault, I was paid well to just turn a blind eye to what Ramen Noodle Hair told me was going down in her district.

Peanuts Wasserman Shits gets arrested.

93d1fc No.503774


Wow! nice find anon. and its cloud based. practically a remote control center for the clownz.

93c710 No.503775


I see two things in this tweet

mar 2 11:10

mar 11 sign?

& the other is dealing with timestamps

5a2a24 No.503776

File: eb41b49bbc82697⋯.png (105.08 KB, 963x376, 963:376, Screen Shot 2018-02-26 at ….png)


http:// www.ameborcam.com/1787/Nigerian_Man_Accused_of_Flying_from_JFK_to_LA_With_Invalid_Boarding_Pass

c871b2 No.503777



Plus, how many of the shooters actually lived to waive their rights? Do these records become public on death, or still private?

62c3b8 No.503778

File: 5e72ee0433e1877⋯.jpg (124.42 KB, 707x540, 707:540, yellowbellysheriff.jpg)

b6fa1b No.503779

File: 7c76984942963c2⋯.png (948.3 KB, 1396x954, 698:477, Screen Shot 2018-02-26 at ….png)


https:// therealdeal.com/2017/09/20/behind-kushners-record-deal-for-666-fifth-an-unusual-appraisal/

8ef557 No.503780

File: 49995a1b628eea8⋯.png (50.88 KB, 750x88, 375:44, Selection_057.png)


Coincidence, but check the filesize of the header image for this bread…

Pic related.

908f7c No.503782

Sorry, on my phone, don’t know how to link it.

The governor of Rhode Island sign a red flag gun control into executive order today. You may want to look it up

b1d5e3 No.503783



f1bd21 No.503785

File: 2c8dc30caa53041⋯.jpg (106.07 KB, 768x960, 4:5, DU-HRSzXUAAWvdQ.jpg)

File: 391a8283b2b018d⋯.jpg (42.77 KB, 401x500, 401:500, zJV12SN.jpg)

File: 489126dc08ac6c0⋯.jpg (50.74 KB, 1024x579, 1024:579, gettyimages-83190061-e1500….jpg)


yep, i even have my pullups.

They were discussing in last thread, political and other people who have similar looking eye brows( sockets), and odd eyes.

These actors match that similar bone structure.

And John MCCains mother looks like their queen,kek

c13f08 No.503786

Feb 5 2018 20:25:31





Find 1 of 4.

“Trump should be shot!”

You are now working against those monitoring.

Raw only.

No edits.

Save offline.


abb176 No.503787

File: b9f5cd13c151549⋯.png (3.25 KB, 583x40, 583:40, ClipboardImage.png)


Not very!

83710d No.503788


Nonsense. You have no basis for making assumptions about what should and should not have been offered for public consumption, on what timetable.

d1d040 No.503789

File: 85e02c185972e7b⋯.jpg (390.6 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20180226-142149.jpg)

File: be521fd8e47db20⋯.jpg (666.68 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20180226-145335.jpg)

File: be521fd8e47db20⋯.jpg (666.68 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20180226-145335.jpg)

Why did q's read only board ho away to be replaced with…

33bdfd No.503790


Private. I think family/next of kin has the right to release them.

9e110f No.503791


Nothing malicious.

There's just something about those posts yesterday. As indicates earlier by the other anon, who was also tagged in them.

With that said, I am abandoning that road for now and putting my efforts into confirmed Q areas of research.

See my next posts, coming in a few moments.

93c710 No.503792


keeping open to all options

the oct 30 hrc thing mirrors mar 1

multiple meanings, many may apply? only one that is the one.

db1170 No.503794


That's interesting!

83a6f8 No.503795


Thanks. Didn’t believe it to be typical. No social network.

9e110f No.503796

Should I keep digging into these?

Haven't seen them come up before.

The sections selected are admittedly out of context, so looking for other Anons opinions. Haven't checked the camp yet.

www. rothschildearlychildhoodcenter.org/

About Us\Mission:

• Encourage the child’s natural curiosity regarding the world around him/her

• Develop a sense of trust in peers and teachers

Toddler Program:

"Children are encouraged to try new things, attempt to do things for themselves, and to understand what their body needs."

Parent Information\Health and Safety

"The RECC has state-of-the-art video cameras that allow us to monitor entrances, hallways, and other areas in the building."

Parent Information\Enrichment

"Children are free to play and discover their surroundings while having fun and interacting with their friends and teachers through centers and long-term projects."

" This is achieved by reading books, utilizing American Sign Language, storytelling, ROLE PLAY, puppetry, speech games, and show-and-tell."

=Also linked to:=

 http:// www. camprothschild.org/

a28793 No.503797

Q said "moves and countermoves" a few times and its from famous quote The Hunger Games Catching Fire… in this scene black hat speaking elite that they must feed people in fear that they cant raising against elites. I think this quote means all so false flags,school shooting etc

ba7289 No.503798


>not One officers has done or said anything since?

how do you know they're not dead

e82ef9 No.503800


Who is Tim Osman ??

db1170 No.503801


Hmm.. but then again: we also have a comment in breads, with the number 666

05a139 No.503802


creepy AF

33bdfd No.503803


If its affiliated with "Athena Healthcare" its tied to Bushes.

83d242 No.503804


Interesting. Was just thinking the Murrah Building would be a good early FF to start with to get the dominoes falling.

0e060a No.503805


well if only a few saw it, would it make it easy to identify who leaked. just sayin maybe they are being wise not to leak if they want to 1. keep their jobs or 2. stay alive… but either way. we will one day find out. i think

05a139 No.503806


OSAMAs CIA codename .. unclassified docs..

686ce3 No.503807


Someone passed it to me not knowing what they found. Yeah it's like a directory of kids most easily programmed. I wonder if there's a way to connect this to any of the school shooters as a common theme or something.

c871b2 No.503808


If Congress passes an actual law to change DACA, that would seem to preempt an executive order AND a court decision on such order.

ba7289 No.503809


>I think this quote means

"moves and countermoves"

as in

>Game Theory.


>Why is this relevant?

>Moves and countermoves.

e78eeb No.503811

Probably nothing but something I noticed about the shooting victims: Alot of them had odd or unusual last names.

fda447 No.503812

File: a9b149ec083321d⋯.jpg (405.91 KB, 1241x1674, 1241:1674, 1519683361447.jpg)

d26b88 No.503813


His entire address book with everyone's personal addresses and telephone numbers was leaked. What is it that you want to see from his lap top? I don't want to see his porn pics and I am sure the the MI is dealing with the sensitive security stuff in the correct manner.

83a6f8 No.503814


Indoctrination play station?

908f7c No.503815


Sorry, on my phone, don’t know how to link it.

The governor of Rhode Island sign a red flag gun control into executive order today. You may want to look it up

0a6d7c No.503816


Yeah, as a Desert Storm vet, this shit makes me sick. Got weird bumps on my body, arthritis, mil lost my med records. etc.

84ed24 No.503817

File: e7c13bbb178d365⋯.png (212.02 KB, 398x266, 199:133, screenshot_01.png)

Which Barbie did Jeff Sessions snatch a pink Lambo from?

abb176 No.503818

File: f5cdfb8fec20406⋯.png (28.39 KB, 611x250, 611:250, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1318c1d94c598c9⋯.png (28.25 KB, 607x239, 607:239, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 73ada3b9b22a412⋯.png (44.01 KB, 605x418, 55:38, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 3e34feaa2984d97⋯.png (28 KB, 612x251, 612:251, ClipboardImage.png)


This is the fourth time this type of message has been posted…here are all four times…

Looks like it just started happening since 2/23 - last Friday.

85c7c2 No.503819

This article also looks good. Dots connected between Drug Companies, lobbying groups and advocacy groups. The research and findings on the people and groups is extensive and footnoted as well.

https:// www.cchrint.org/issues/psycho-pharmaceutical-front-groups/

ec710f No.503820


Thats because it cycles 000-999.

This is a choice.

4d3de6 No.503821


you need to learn the law anon

>South v. Maryland, 59 U.S. (How.) 396, 15 L.Ed.433 (1856) (the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that local law-enforcement had no duty to protect individuals, but only a general duty to enforce the laws.);

since 1856

look up sparf v US and you'll learn the judge has no specific duty to properly inform the jury of it's rights and duties

and people wonder why were in the fix we're in

f2050c No.503822



yo this is weird but in the game runescape like oldschool style 2003 runescape there was a character named "osman" and he was a spy during a quest where you are saving the "prince" and breaking him out of jail from a female blonde bandit rulers jail.. lol just some random info but who knows?

3e595a No.503823

File: 2f120e7a688443c⋯.jpg (581.83 KB, 727x963, 727:963, areupdate.jpg)



b1ff16 No.503824


??? tax benefits? no not bribery. tax bennies are not theirs to begin with. not a right in the constitution anywhere. fuck 'em.

2cae19 No.503825

File: 32afc8b67845e6d⋯.jpg (316.46 KB, 1800x1800, 1:1, Not Deleted NSA.jpg)

4bc8a2 No.503826


The Reps need to purge their ranks of those w/o balls. You probably need to find a pair.

419e55 No.503827


Problem is, there is no current law for it, so why are they wasting time sending something to courts without an actual law to be decided upon?

cfb641 No.503828


This scumbag took 2000 children from their parents. I'm willing to bet there a 4000 parents that would like a piece is this assholes hide.


6072 Via Venetia, Delray Beach, FL 33484-6403

Relative Birth Record

Relative (Possibly their Child) Jeffrey Alan Kasky was Born (approx. Mar. 1, 1968 - Mar. 31, 1968)

Relative Birth Record

Relative Jillian K Neiberg was Born (approx. Sep. 1, 1970 - Sep. 30, 1970)

Relative Birth Record

Relative Natalie Kasky Weiss was Born (approx. Jan. 1, 1972 - Jan. 31, 1972)

Email Record

Created Email Address robert@oneworldadoption.com

Email Record

Created Email Address robert@ediets.com


Robert Andrew Kasky




Mar. 26, 1946


Partner at One World Adoption Services

Robert Andrew Kasky's Relatives

Natalie Kasky Weiss

46 Years Old

Parkland, Florida


Jillian K Neiberg

47 Years Old

New York, New York

Robert A Kasky

Deerfield Beach, Florida


Nancy Cohen Kasky

72 Years Old

Delray Beach, Florida

Jeffrey Alan Kasky

49 Years Old

Delray Beach, Florida

Robert A Kasky

71 Years Old

Boca Raton, Florida


Vehicle Make & Model

Lexus ES 350

Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)


Vehicle Registration Name

Robert Kasky

Vehicle Registration Address

Ne Verde Circle, Boca Raton, FL 33487

Vehicle Make & Model

Honda Pilot

Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)


Vehicle Registration Name

Robert Kasky

Vehicle Registration Address

Fairway Drive, Deerfield Beach, FL 33441

Vehicle Make & Model

Lexus GS 430

Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)


Vehicle Registration Name

Robert Kasky

Vehicle Registration Address

Nw 23rd Way, Boca Raton, FL 33496

Vehicle Make & Model

Lexus LS 460

Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)


Vehicle Registration Name

Robert Kasky

Vehicle Registration Address

Ne Verde Circle, Boca Raton, FL 33487

d23785 No.503829

File: a2ba70bfb5b33cf⋯.jpeg (125.41 KB, 800x600, 4:3, IMG_1647.jpeg)

Q said, "You are in the army"

But what is our weapon?

St. Padre Pio said, "The Rosary is the 'weapon' for these times" ((NOW!!))

Why did David pick 5 smooth stones in his battle against evil?

The Holy Rosary begins with 5 smooth stones…

fda447 No.503831

InfoWars Receives YouTube Termination Warning Over "Crisis Actor" Video: https:// www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-02-25/infowars-receives-youtube-termination-warning-over-crisis-actor-video

8ef557 No.503832


Agreed. Meant to say that the image filesize is coincidence most likely…

908f7c No.503833


Everyone scoffed a liddle as well and look where that went. Follow your gut!!!!

8fd991 No.503835


I’ve always thought that at the time Wikileaks was blowing up after no one talked about WL or the server

ea3b90 No.503836

File: e86983f966ad524⋯.png (72.11 KB, 410x919, 410:919, 76kevinhoggus.png)


There are 76 Kevin Hogg's in the USA…

https:// www.namedat.com/kevin-hogg.html

9521cb No.503837


POTUS is in an undisclosed bunker. That's what that tells me.

The attempted hijacking of the bread into and through the weekend tells me something also.

The attempted hijacking of Q's comms this weekend told me something in addition to that.

"Victims" acting like it's field day at acting camp.. Talking about crisis acting with the immediate denial slant, even though no official accusation of poor ethics was made was a ridiculously big tell too…

The cabal narrative is on a precipice. They are cornered animals now.

Let's push them right off the cliff, anons.

c13f08 No.503838

Word is Finestien is out…

41d75e No.503839

File: fd41953f971752f⋯.png (232.07 KB, 516x366, 86:61, ClipboardImage.png)

5a2a24 No.503840


another airplane disturbance hogg was involved in http:// www.hawaiireporter.com/belligerent-maui-man-aboard-british-airways-flight-arrested-after-threatening-to-blow-up-plane/

abb176 No.503841

File: bad5f7259ab6f8f⋯.png (307.81 KB, 1051x240, 1051:240, ClipboardImage.png)


What happened Friday?

9e110f No.503842


Quick followup:

I can't get the Camp Rothschild site to come up, but if you duckduckgo it, it clearly is/was a site.

Going to continue down this road for a bit and see if anything comes up.

b78d79 No.503843

the man in this video references bread crumbs . The franklin scandal in the 80's huge pedo ring connected to alot of politicians, elite past proves future future proves past? https:// youtu.be/AztjLFw39JM?t=114

6f8388 No.503844


I agree, the white people are the problem. The problem being that we are overall too nice to the scum. Time for some rope?

0e060a No.503845



the more we keep our children away from this shit the better. omg. its getting obvious that a lot of this is to promote conformity and future mind control subjects. weeding them into categories for future use. who is put on drugs vs who would be easy to control without drugs etc…. its so creepy that they are making it sound like its a good thing. people fall for this shit including people i know

ff4ba2 No.503846

File: 94d2c1031ac015a⋯.png (111.63 KB, 768x648, 32:27, Capture.PNG)

File: f6d165a47df025c⋯.png (78.48 KB, 777x405, 259:135, Capture1.PNG)

File: f0fc0300b79d52c⋯.png (162.19 KB, 791x753, 791:753, Capture2.PNG)

File: 8f55999c69a18c3⋯.png (154.32 KB, 775x762, 775:762, Capture3.PNG)

File: 0ba9086b2359ae8⋯.png (17.02 KB, 455x338, 35:26, Capture4.PNG)

Just wanted to share some of my research. Not sure how fruitful it will be, but it helps to illustrate some of the power mechanisms work as far as shaping American reality.

Q linked the news article re: Sandy Hook. If you read the article, you find that a very large proportion of the money went to public relations firms. What do PR firms do? They shape the media narrative.

Q also mentioned that CNN had been "set up." Who would do that? Most likely a PR firm. In fact, if you read this article and do a little research into 42West, it's almost certain:

<http:// www.miamiherald.com/news/local/community/broward/article201464304.html

42West is Directed by a man named Allan Mayer. I'm currently digging on him, because his connections are pretty vast. 42West is owned by Dolphin Entertainment–a major producer of children's shows and movies. That's a separate line of inquiry.

Before moving to 42West, Allan Mayer worked for Sitrick and Company. I'm linking this article (pics related) because it provides tremendous insight into how these firms work:

< http:// www.lamag.com/culturefiles/mike-sitrick-harvey-weinstein/

When we look into Hollywood power, we usually think of rich producers and the like. But the deep state doesn't necessarily work like that, does it? What would be more powerful if you're Hollywood player–the lure of tens of millions of dollars, or the threat of having images of you diddling children leaked to the L.A. Times?

These PR firms have dirt on anybody that has ever come to get them out of a bind. That's a lot of leverage. Sure, they're probably contractually obligated to keep it a secret, but in order to keep the wheels greased with the press, it probably wouldn't hurt to give a little "guidance" now and again. If one guy is getting paid to spin positive, maybe another guy is dropping info.

Then there's guys like Pellicano, who simply have dirt on everyone and use it as leverage.

Allan Mayer is interesting because he seems to represent large-scale interests. I am positive that he was, in large part, one of the people that set up CNN.

If you haven't read the Miami Herald article, I recommend you do so.

7c1278 No.503848

Maxine Waters calling for impeachment today. Can someone explain to these libtards that a president has to commit an impeachable offense to get impeached?!

c76565 No.503850

File: a03149adc4bbad6⋯.png (42.42 KB, 446x373, 446:373, furious.png)

File: 1cd4c9f4afb103b⋯.jpg (15.29 KB, 600x581, 600:581, notsilva.jpg)

File: 12f1ee53fad1831⋯.jpg (20.75 KB, 620x592, 155:148, notsilva2.jpg)


62c3b8 No.503851


Time to call a spade a spade.

fda447 No.503852

File: 7a636a7f7da7c35⋯.png (30.88 KB, 571x284, 571:284, 1519683445297.png)

http:// www.businessinsider.com/fedex-refuses-to-cut-ties-with-nra-2018-2

86f52c No.503853


The 'country' known as DC needs to be totally dissolved and a 51st state put in it's place. It is the 'secondary headquarters (operational)' of the corporate United States, Inc.

ef7b94 No.503854


I pray it every day, Anon. My latest is a WWI replica combat Rosary. Padre Pio, pray for us!

62c3b8 No.503855


Can't reason with a chimp.

9e110f No.503856


That's kind of what I was thinking.

In short, "grooming".

a28793 No.503857


President Snow: “She’s not who they think she is. She’s not a leader. She just wants to save her own skin. It’s as simple as that.”

Plutarch Heavensbee: “I think that’s true.”

Snow: “She’s become a beacon of hope for the rebellion and she has to be eliminated.”

Heavensbee: “I agree she should die, but in the right way. The right time. Moves and countermoves that’s all we’ve got to look at. Katniss Everdeen is a symbol. Their Mockingjay. They think she’s one of them. We need to show she’s one of us… They’re gonna hate her so much they might just kill her for you

fda447 No.503858


>not trusting the plan

>expecting to have a job


9a689c No.503860



you guys dont seem to get how prolific the brainwashing is. the kid doesnt have a genuine thought of his own at this point. hes a bot.

ec710f No.503861



>>492855 (Past Bread, same file name same size)

>>492135 (Past Bread, same size) (Baker Hand Off? >>492195 - Different ID makes bread? - >>492981 ) ?

3d7c57 No.503862


Not a bit.

Quit making false comparisons. Either you are blind or you are intentionally trying to make any real investigation look foolish.

Hogg boy is younger, has a tilted set of eyes, a skinnier jaw and chin, different forehead, ears are at different elevation in relation to eyes, and from the way you obscured the ear view you cannot compare the ears very well but the top looks different also.

The only close similarity is the crooked nose, and even that is different.

db1170 No.503863


I didn't have a good look, indeed!

9e110f No.503864


Trump is doing his part.

Are you doing yours?

b33db9 No.503865


Note that each one could be seen as containing markers. First image has a [14] minute delta Between status check at 17:00 and the tweet itself.

e78eeb No.503867

File: f6ec14e64849757⋯.png (395.23 KB, 800x685, 160:137, photostudio_1519684262651.png)


85c7c2 No.503868

Baker, please add to the bread. Here is what Q asked for. This page unfortunately is not sourced, but looks like someone already did the work.

"Have any recent [shooters] received therapy in the past?"

https:// www.cchrint.org/school-shooters/

b62914 No.503870

File: 33b6db4212c184b⋯.png (185.03 KB, 977x475, 977:475, Screen Shot 2018-02-26 at ….png)

86bb3a No.503873

6f8388 No.503874


thats a bad deal…..for mexico lol

1e7bfb No.503875


Why is Big Pharma essential?

Expand your thinking past cures.

Think Google [new Pixel phone].

Think Apple [vs. Samsung].

Why was Blackberry destroyed?

We can guide but you must organically uncover the TRUTH.

THEY are watching.




Discoveries must be ORIG organically.



Q uses the word(s) organic and organically in posts 777 and 774. If we are thinking smartphones and relays could that have something to do with people being able to create their own cell towers? Their own 'organic' relay tower?

3e595a No.503876


Who is C.P.?

0911b4 No.503877

File: d74ba18013ee4fa⋯.jpg (207.78 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, ReleaseTheFiles2.jpg)

File: e11fb0d35b080eb⋯.jpg (113.3 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, ReleaseTheFiles1.jpg)


Almost doesn't matter.

What matters is that people believe

Huma archived state department confidential

& probably Clinton Foundation

data as well as risque videos

on Weiner's laptop, and that

this data COULD be released.

It gets them thinking.

Considering possibilities.

Understanding that the reality is different

from what the MSM has been telling them.

So yeah, I hope the Weiner laptop files do get released. But if they don't, memes like this still work IMO.

93c710 No.503878


Also the Jer 29:11

mirroring q post dates relating to the content in those posts,

reference & time difference USA/Israel

mar 1 here at one point will be mar 2 there

from Q

Think mirror.

Look there, or [here], or there, truth is behind you.

Also used above Q post for markers reference in the graphic showing 1950s mirror shot

could be 1,2 things, all the above or none.

03faa2 No.503879


https:// www.nytimes.com/2001/06/08/us/jury-awards-6.4-million-in-killings-tied-to-drug.html

But researchers who have testified in the cases have said that, even though the drugs are effective in most cases, in some patients the drugs cause agitation and violence.

Lawyers in the Wyoming case, tried in Federal District Court in Cheyenne, said Donald Schell, 60, visited an internist on Feb. 12, 1998, and received a prescription for Paxil to treat depression. The lawyers said Mr. Schell took two pills the next day before fatally shooting his wife, Rita; their daughter, Deborah Tobin; and their 9-month-old granddaughter, Alyssa; and himself.

Ms. Tobin's husband and Mr. Schell's sister filed a wrongful death suit against SmithKline Beecham, which merged last year with Glaxo Wellcome to form GlaxoSmithKline.

During the trial, the eight jurors heard that Mr. Schell had taken Prozac years earlier for depression, but that he had stopped taking the drug because he became agitated and experienced hallucinations.

The family's lawyers, James E. Fitzgerald of Cheyenne and Andy Vickery of Houston, told the jury that the fault was not so much in the drug itself but in the company's failure to sufficiently warn doctors and patients that the effects of the drug could include agitation and violence.


Mr. Vickery said in a telephone interview that in Germany, warnings are included on the packages of at least two drugs in this class, Prozac and Paxil. The Prozac package warns that the drugs could lead to suicide attempts. The Paxil package says a sedative should be taken with the drug.

Those warnings are not on packages in the United States, but the insert for doctors says, under the heading suicide, that ''close supervision of high-risk patients should accompany initial drug therapy.'

… paxil is a ssri like prozac e.a. ….

41d75e No.503880


google mesh networks

e42109 No.503881


I concur with subtle signs of seditious fuckery afoot from Friday until now.

fda447 No.503882

File: f3323b4def952f3⋯.png (494.82 KB, 983x730, 983:730, 1519682680824.png)

ba7289 No.503883


sorry, have no interest for that teen-propaganda masquerading as "rebellion litt" while brainwashing people to believe in a single-person-chosen-one LEADER.

fuck that shit

we are anon

we don't wait

for a savior

that will get offed


c13f08 No.503884

File: 1ad605b2f7f7ad6⋯.jpg (192 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 10329848_758575527531089_2….jpg)

See 2A isn't about protecting a "privilege" bestowed on me by government. It isn't about hunting or sport. 2A is about protecting my Go-given right to protect my family, my person and my constitutional rights. My gun should be the same size as the one my government owns.

9521cb No.503885


>you need to learn the law anon


>>South v. Maryland, 59 U.S. (How.) 396, 15 L.Ed.433 (1856) (the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that local law-enforcement had no duty to protect individuals, but only a general duty to enforce the laws.);


You need to learn the value of words, anon. And you need to learn that before you tell anyone to learn anything again.

Policy officers (police) do in fact operate as you state.

Elected Sheriffs and their deputies, on the other hand, are bound to the constitution.

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sheriffs_in_the_United_States

As far as inside the courtroom goes, this has already been discussed in previous breads; Sheriffs are the enforcers in courts of law.

abb176 No.503886

File: 932b5edcff3c6cb⋯.png (24 KB, 1012x570, 506:285, ClipboardImage.png)




Add it all up! Also, no Q since Sat., Friday comms attacked!

Ties ALL together!!

The Sat post, imo, is VERY important!

fda447 No.503888


>we don't wait

>for a savior

>that will get offed


You're an actual anon. Most people here are not. That's the entire problem.

2f30f3 No.503890


Desperately trying to justify their Lambos tonight

abb176 No.503891


Why he did the Judge Jeneane interview by phone only - no video!! They keep trying so hard to silence us and POTUS and Q!!

ff4ba2 No.503892


>https:// www.cchrint.org/school-shooters/

That's an excellent link. I think I posted it before, but it never seems to stick. It really should be kept in the bread, because it answers some of Q's inquiries thoroughly.

ea3b90 No.503893


The whole Bill Cosby thing was blackmail and to discredit him. He probably was about to spill the beans. He knows everything.

Bill should make truth statements right away. Expose them. There's a lot at stake. The only thing left to lose is his own life.

605ea3 No.503894

>>503818 noticed and noted. They are after him. Just like a domestic abuser, they escalate. I have been praying so hard for his safety. He is amazingly fearless, but they are dangerous.

53ce27 No.503896


did you check other threads for the missing post numbers?


per >>448399

>We are moving up the timetable.

We could be off the mark with dates at this point


>Thoughts: Soros in Gitmo yet, or still free?


3417b6 No.503898


That fits with POTUS's speech when he said "Interpreting the Laws as they are written". I gotta say nice catch on that one.

93c710 No.503900



Again with Q post

Think mirror.

Look there, or [here], or there, truth is behind you.

If you look at a globe as in Remember Q Think circle with Time or clock,

this happens

Think mirror.

Look there, or [here], or there, truth is behind you.

keep digging….

714d42 No.503901


Whoa…didnt notice that

1a8079 No.503902


beware the ides of march

it is still february

d95380 No.503903

File: 56f112f1df7a09c⋯.jpg (124.52 KB, 768x549, 256:183, 1519684372258.jpg)

db1170 No.503905

File: be7fe0dfbb7d9b5⋯.jpg (82.02 KB, 550x670, 55:67, Comittee for prevention of….JPG)

File: d1e006f8c8a78d5⋯.jpg (94.67 KB, 695x673, 695:673, Global Commission on Inter….JPG)

File: 8a9325ccadfb6bd⋯.jpg (69.64 KB, 573x666, 191:222, Schreinemacher - Demmink -….JPG)

All Demmink related doc's

8334d1 No.503906

File: 08b892e24497a2e⋯.jpg (51.51 KB, 640x707, 640:707, 28167848_1966687493346299_….jpg)



could be related,

c7c51d No.503907

File: 1b27825818b2f85⋯.jpg (69.32 KB, 750x272, 375:136, bjjbbbj.jpg)

c76565 No.503908



how would you feel when your job is threatened by this fucking endless cycle of anti gun brainwashing?

i can't handle this shit anymore. how can we allow this to go on continuously.

it was a fucking kid, not a fucking rifle.


NOBODY WANTS TO LISTEN. not one thing you can say about guns isn't laughed at like they're a joke…

ive memed myself out of friends and family. my livelyhood is all i have left.

im a poor fuck who lives in a shitty trailer and all i want is my god damned job.

ba7289 No.503909


Thanks. So annoying to see how deep this trope has been implanted: NEO, the chosen one… from Matrix to recent movies, passing through every single goddamned superhero comic/movie: it's always about this one special person who changes everything.

Meanwhile, in the real word, anyone whose head get slightly above the fray gets 187'd, those who aren't are controlled opposition, and since everybody's waitin' on messiahs nothing ever gets done.

5b4115 No.503910

File: dbcec02b14e09fe⋯.png (413.14 KB, 896x504, 16:9, HOGGBOY3.PNG)

File: c05a01d7c64fed7⋯.jpg (140.79 KB, 800x800, 1:1, HOGGBOY2.jpg)

File: 1dd9286851dd9ee⋯.jpg (129.89 KB, 1096x616, 137:77, HOGGBOY1.jpg)

96706c No.503912


Dana Loesch said it perfectly

"The government has proven time and time again that it can not protect us.."

b1ff16 No.503913


shill. ignore. knows nothing about our side. obvious retardocrat.

62c3b8 No.503914


Trump is staying well withing the law.

Moving methodically.

Gradually cranking up the heat.

Walking a fine line, because:

1) on the Right: getting criticized for doing nothing or going too damn slow.

2) on the Left: going too fast with large scale chimp-out with a massive disputation to society.

Frankly, I'm in awe as to how well he's pulling it all off.

We are witnessing genius, people.

42160b No.503915


It's about being able to protect you, your family, and your property from the dangers of an evil person(s) or tyrannical government looking to infringe on your God given rights.

People think that a great government like ours would never do that, but this board has proven that no government is safe from the evil-doers.

Thankfully, like Q has said…there are more good then bad…and .223 and alcohol will be the new currency, should shit ever go down…

96706c No.503918

File: e90a8536f44a0f9⋯.gif (2.42 MB, 248x221, 248:221, widdlemad.gif)

41d75e No.503919

File: 0c506a8e72054e8⋯.png (268.52 KB, 507x609, 169:203, ClipboardImage.png)

http:// www.cbc.ca/beta/news/world/china-xi-constitution-proposals-1.4551062

a28793 No.503920


you didnt get a point, bad hats trying to kill their leader and feed people same time in fear that they cannot resist elites anymore

4d3de6 No.503921


ease up there lad and learn

>Westbrooks v. State, 173 Cal.App.3d 1203, 219 Cal.Rtr. 674 (1985)

>(1) the county deputy sheriff had no duty to warn drivers that the state highway bridge had collapsed during the storm,

>county deputy sheriff had no duty

>deputy sheriff

783c4d No.503922

File: b1f8d1c4d0873fc⋯.jpg (68.17 KB, 800x420, 40:21, op.jpg)

292356 No.503923


Here's one of the comments:

Novocastrian Winter

1 day ago

Watching from Europe and that I have to say is all too familiar, buckle up chaps!

0a6d7c No.503925

File: d533dd8d5965e02⋯.png (644.23 KB, 969x645, 323:215, ClipboardImage.png)

File: df4d2c10e5491e6⋯.png (1 MB, 1070x647, 1070:647, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 55f9af77456303d⋯.png (642.78 KB, 777x636, 259:212, ClipboardImage.png)

11066e No.503926


For some reason all/most of Florida's County Sheriff's Departments use that ugly green uniform, some don't like JSO which is a hybrid SO/PO force…

3e595a No.503927


Stolen vehicle must've been better than a Lam. Surely it was confiscated and will endure a nice new coat of shiny green and white paint.

e42109 No.503928


Four consecutive days. Anything I’m missing?

abb176 No.503929


Thank you Anon for your prayers!! I've asked a friend if we can hold a 24 or 48 hour prayer vigil for our POTUS! Trying to get that together! But we all can do that in our own privacy and homes and with family - please pray! POTUS is clearly under attack and we need God's help in protecting him every moment of every day!! Please know that we are fighting a war on so many levels, including a spiritual level. Those of you who believe, please pray! Thank you again!!! Love and blessings!!

05a139 No.503930


dont forget this one… drugawareness.org/ssri-nightmares/school-shootings/

FB wont let me post it..

62c3b8 No.503931



f5be32 No.503932


Not happy that Delta caved to the opposition, but the lt. Gov is way out of line.

Delta is a private entity and has the right to contract whom whom they choose.

This rant by the Lt Gv tells me he either is not a conservative or he is just a moron.

96706c No.503933


hes a dirty scum fuck and he will get his soon

469860 No.503935


pay attention

the kid didn't shoot anyone


look at the known details

shooter(s) were dressed in

full police riot gear.

what was the kid wearing when

they caught him while eating

a burger at Mc Ds?

wake the fuck up

deep state swat force did this shooting

86bb3a No.503936


>Margaret T. Snider, co-founder of Adoption Agency with Kasky.

I searched on her and this business came up

. . a surrogacy.

Jeff Kasky is here too.

Life Through Surrogacy, Inc. is a surrogacy agency dedicated to helping prospective intended parents connect with prospective gestational carriers, and walking them through the process that will hopefully lead to the birth of the child(ren) of the prospective intended family. We are well-versed in all aspects of Florida Surrogacy Law and offer our services throughout the State of Florida.

We are run by an Executive Director with personal experience in the world of surrogacy, Jeannette Ziobro. Jeannette’s compassion and love for people and the surrogacy process are unmatched. Jeannette is primarily responsible for running the show, and for making sure that the prospective gestational surrogate receives the guidance and attention she needs to remain happy and healthy throughout the process and beyond. Click here to read Jeannette’s journey through surrogacy.

Our Staff Attorney, Jeffrey A. Kasky, Esq., has been working full time in the field of adoption since 1995, when he and his father, Robert A. Kasky, Esq., along with legendary adoption social worker Margaret T. Snider, MSW, started One World Adoption Services, Inc., a Florida licensed, not for profit child placing agency. In the course of his career, Jeff has worked on dozens of surrogacies, representing both gestational carriers and commissioning families throughout Ft. Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Miami, Orlando, and all areas in between. Jeff has completed well over 1,000 adoptions in his career.

While there can never be a guarantee of outcome in a surrogacy attempt, our leadership and staff are committed to working towards a positive experience for all parties involved.

http:// www.lifethroughsurrogacy.com/about-us/

b41b07 No.503937


Great Dig. There are no coincidences. Could this be a future proves past?

Join the NRA. Boycott Traitors. Follow the money. Vote with your wallet.

41d75e No.503939

File: 3669b6267f9cb55⋯.png (242.17 KB, 617x506, 617:506, ClipboardImage.png)

http:// www.foxnews.com/tech/2018/02/26/this-literally-reads-your-mind-to-re-create-images-faces-see.html

53ce27 No.503940

File: 2f7370dde90441a⋯.jpg (1.42 MB, 1280x1024, 5:4, I! MG_3063.JPG)

1e7bfb No.503941


From Wiki

In the mid-20th century, the administration of President Dwight D. Eisenhower used an exception to the Posse Comitatus Act, derived from the Enforcement Acts, to send federal troops into Little Rock, Arkansas, during the 1957 school desegregation crisis. The Arkansas governor had opposed desegregation after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in 1954 in the Brown v. Board of Education that segregated public schools were unconstitutional. The Enforcement Acts, among other powers, allow the President to call up military forces when state authorities are either unable or unwilling to suppress violence that is in opposition to the constitutional rights of the people.

b98e22 No.503943


He has 3 children left. He'll never talk…maybe his children will. That's if they don't get (((Jew))) screwed like the Jackson kid's inheritance. Slim chance the wife talks.

84ed24 No.503946

File: 52fa7c77d24d63c⋯.png (235.39 KB, 792x795, 264:265, screenshot_02.png)

https:// www.cnet.com/news/google-and-facebook-could-be-in-ftc-crosshairs-over-anti-trust-concerns/

e42109 No.503947


Praying daily. POTUS and family. WhiTe hats. Operators.

85c7c2 No.503948


Excellent link as well. Baker, please get these links added to the bread. No need for board to waste time duplicating. We can add if more info is found.

c2e4c9 No.503949

BHO's Ensuring Patient Access & Effective Drug Enforcement Act of 2016

Opioid Crisis = Wider Version of MK Ultra (relevant articles below)

1. withhold cures to diseases >

2. illegally increase opioid prescriptions for

pain inducing diseases/conditions >

3. Big pharma/investors/drs guaranteed

profits due to nature of opioids

(addictive, dosage increase = more

profits) >

4. Donations to political campaigns made

by Big Pharma & non-profit advocacy

groups that lobby for them >

5. Big Pharma shapes drug policy @

state/fed level >

6. DEA & Justice Dept agree to Ensuring

Patient Access and Effective Drug

Enforcement Act of 2016 - a law that

"weaken(s) aggressive DEA

enforcement efforts against drug

distribution companies that were

supplying corrupt doctors and

pharmacists who peddled narcotics to

the black market." >

7. Opioid crisis = the new MK Ultra

"Roughly 10 years into its MKULTRA

mind control program (circa 1960), the

C_A discovered the following: drugs like

LSD and more powerful spinoffs were

not reliable for controlling minds. The

effort to program people to commit

certain acts (e.g., thefts and

assassinations) and then forget what

they had done was unpredictable. There

might be some successes, but there

were many failures. However, a

different picture emerged. The drugs

were effective in creating mind CHAOS.

Yes, the drugs could make the brain

resemble scrambled eggs. That was no major technical feat. It was easily accomplished. "Control” the mind in the sense of rendering it hopelessly confused, and making it a broadcaster of errant and useless signals. Making it, in later stages, deeply passive. Enter what we call Globalism today. In essence, this international Rockefeller movement (Rockefeller interests held huge power in the pharmaceutical arena) was aiming for governance of the global population. What was needed, to accomplish this goal, was a way to repress, derail, confuse, debilitate, and cancel the clarity of minds on a mass basis, in every country of the world. A silent war. A long-term successful war, in order to erase resistance to a takeover. Mind control in the sense of mind chaos."

https:// www.justice.gov/usao-ma/pr/pharmaceutical-executives-charged-racketeering-scheme









https:// www.infowars.com/opioids-are-mind-control-drugs-mkultra-is-alive-and-well/

96706c No.503950


a fucking YACHT?

ba615e No.503951

Q, the Supreme Court decision today regarding reviewing DACA was not welcome news. I'm a DACA (came here legally, corrupt immigration lawyer screwed case up). I stand ready and willing to help counter their narrative. Please see my open letter below.

https:// docs.google.com/document/d/11paWHsaO2a85uHj-HEDWlTwZf_eKtlsNTnSHK0ImPqo/edit

9521cb No.503952


Bought judges happen, anon. We were warned about this specifically, state and county level corruption. Ignoring their constitutional oath =/= Valid rulings.

My statements still stand.

007925 No.503953


Remember when they use to act like he was a big hero, what a fucking traitor this piece of shit is.

419e55 No.503954


No worse than an NFL comissioner forcing a major city to name a street after MLK or they can not host the Super Bowl.

d95380 No.503955


I wish it was that fucking simple.

783c4d No.503957

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Da' Manning Moment

7a627f No.503958




Lets be careful not to make too many OFFICIAL dedicated Sub-threads, especially if they're similar in scope as the ones created today. These threads were purposely designed to be focused but broad. If we made a dedicated thread for every single Q post, we'll have hundreds of them and it'll defeat the purpose of organising our data.

Sometimes your data might qualify as appropriate in multiple sub-threads. For example, MKUltra is relevant in FALSE FLAGS/BIG HEALTH/INTELLIGENCE COMMUNITIES

So which one should you use? Any of them is fine, or all three. But if you're analysing what drugs a FF killer took, it might be best to go in BIG HEALTH. If you're just listing out suspected MKUltra patsy's in a FF, then False Flag. If you're just talking about MKUltra in general, then INTELLIGENCE COMMUNITIES.

Usually it won't be complicated like that.

But doing it this way is going to be FAR MORE SIMPLER than adding a dedicated thread for every micro-topic you can think of. Because there are HUNDREDS of them.

83710d No.503959


The battle between fake and gay rages on… Don't even pause to wonder if this isn't propaganda anons, because it certainly is.

d95380 No.503960


Manning is a treasure.

3e595a No.503961


Good info. That black guy is one of HRC's private security goons on her book tour ICYDK.

62c3b8 No.503962


Two can play this fucking game.

b1ff16 No.503963


What's like to go from the Boss to a CIA "liability"?

words for his twat memes. just him no news flash above

fcfd03 No.503965

092bba No.503966


Drug Dealer Barbie.

Why doesn't Barbie drive a more sensible car?

a22fbc No.503967


The globalists are into transhumanism, which mean a merging with machines.

Big tech is one half of that, big pharma must be the other.

d95380 No.503968


To be fair 99% of everything posted here qualifies as propaganda.

f036c4 No.503969



edc8d3 No.503970


legally it has to go through a circus court first before supreme court.. so off it goes to the 9th circus for a quick kill.. which will then lead to a supreme court necessity. dont make false assumptions about today

86bb3a No.503973


Jeannette Ziobro from life through surrogacy seems to a shady character,

her reputation rating is POOR

Jeannette Ziobro is 45 years old and was born on 08/12/1972. Currently, she lives in Delray Beach, FL; and previously lived in chicago, IL , boca raton, FL and davie, FL. Sometimes Jeannette goes by various nicknames including Geanette Ziobro, Jeanette Ziobro,. Her ethnicity is Caucasian, who

https:// www.mylife.com/jeannette-ziobro/e962223681186

9e110f No.503975


At a quick glance this is an excellent find.

I'm digging on Camp Rothschild still and have to eat soon, but I'll assist later.

Good work anon!

b8f2d4 No.503977


Strangely enough, Pelosi's opponent for Minority Leader, Rep Tim Ryan from Ohio, has proposed doing exactly that. I may not agree with…pretty much anything he says but I believe he's an economist (or at least holds a degree in economics) and he's spot on with this. Wanna spread the wealth without taking anyone's money? Spread out government jobs across the country instead of concentrating them in a tiny area.

1867da No.503980

File: 2b8ae54a771a617⋯.jpeg (229.23 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, E38A7818-5926-48A1-87C2-5….jpeg)

File: 728c304603c4e94⋯.jpeg (318.51 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, CA59FE5D-F6C7-4D6A-A757-E….jpeg)

File: ae04ecfacaedb85⋯.jpeg (242.57 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, FB5B049B-AC4C-447A-81A5-2….jpeg)

83710d No.503981


False. Get out.

c13f08 No.503982

File: 13069c5c431904e⋯.jpg (110.06 KB, 557x751, 557:751, 1013763_640150972771788_91….jpg)

The guy don't stop at Miki Dees and put on full armored gear then take it off and walk out with a crowed of stunts then get caught blocks from his home…..

310fd1 No.503983

File: 6845c41e77e816e⋯.jpg (93.17 KB, 608x705, 608:705, maddy.jpg)

maddy wilford miraculous recovery

this is the girl that "looked like" hoggs sister.

why was visited by Geotus.

just leaving this here ok?

ea3b90 No.503984


(((They))) wouldn't hesitate to 187 the other 3, so in fact… nothing to lose. They will do it anyway. This daughter was a very direct warning.

They always work the same. You comply with them, you got protection. You go against them, they throw you under the bus. Or worse.

907e71 No.503985


Enjoy the Show?

9521cb No.503986


>The globalists are into transhumanism, which mean a merging with machines.

I read it as "which means turning humans into anything that is not og Universe sourced human."

419e55 No.503987


There is no law. Show me the actual law!

There's not on, so how in the fuck can ANY court take an action on something that was not written into law by congress or EO?

There's no EO for it either, Obumer wrote a memo and that's all as far as DACA is concerned.

86f52c No.503988


Part of the recent past problem is the SC whose duty it is to intemperate the laws made by the Legislature, instead it has over stepped its bounds and began to 'make law"…of course with the blessing of the Deep State.

844731 No.503989






Just shows to go ya – this maps to Q

d95380 No.503990

File: c38641f118d91c6⋯.jpg (6.14 KB, 259x194, 259:194, download-8.jpg)

53ce27 No.503991


It. Is. That. Fucking. Simple. Who is more responsible for your life than you?

6b54ba No.503992



83710d No.503993


Get out. Not the relevant sense of the term. Your shilling is obvious. Depart.

4d3de6 No.503994


>My statements still stand.

believe what you want

I wouldn't bet my life on it

just my 2¢

d95380 No.503996


It takes 20 years of meditation, at a minimum. It is not that fycking simple.

9e110f No.503997


Yea I disagree with all the thread splitting but am waiting to see how it plays out.

Imo, we needs as many EYES ON everything as we can. That's our strength.

Wouldn't argue with less shit posts though (i dont meant you).

3e595a No.503998

File: a611439435e469f⋯.png (289.04 KB, 400x574, 200:287, ClipboardImage.png)

9521cb No.503999


I wish it was that fucking simple….

For normie norms to pick the fuck up on!!

6f4ec4 No.504000


Yes it does (no doubt), as the chaos of the board works "somehow" very well.

Only offering up something that could increase speed of diggs and maybe a way to make sure things are not dropped/missed/overlooked.

Simply some sort of safety net for info and info digging.

Anons having a go-to person for diggs if need be could be helpful.

42160b No.504001




SOOOOO, it looks like Hogg did graduate from Redondo HS then????? Confirm???

419e55 No.504002



A major company can hold a city hostage, why can't a state hold a private company hostage as well?

Come to think about it, POTUS is doing it as well, but through an EO.

ba7289 No.504003




as another example.

Soviets were nothing without the people, they were the ones who made the revolution. Got so, so screwed over…

Castro? Mao? …always the same play.

Always the same fault: the idea that one person can do it all for us

8334d1 No.504005





this , friday 2nd


d95380 No.504007


Its not my fault you dont know the definitions of common words

53ce27 No.504009


That wasn't my question, nobody's talking about becoming a fucking superhero. Feet on the ground, head out the clouds. I'll repeat the question:

Who is more responsible for your life than you?

25cbae No.504011


Just read this today too!

https:// aclj.org/government-corruption/aclj-foia-unmasks-former-obama-attorney-general-loretta-lynchs-alias-email-account-elizabeth-carlisle

Also from ACLJ:

https:// aclj.org/government-corruption/aclj-files-2-new-lawsuits-against-deep-state-doj-and-fbi-over-comeys-sham-investigation-and-uranium-one-scandal

b65e46 No.504012


Actually, someone did. Have to find it.

83710d No.504013



Stop all this fake "debating" about this nonsense.

9521cb No.504014


>I wouldn't bet my life on it

I'm not betting anything.

I'm reading constitutional law, not edicts from a civil magistrate.

419e55 No.504015


Where is this law?

Where is this EO?

Links please.

b98e22 No.504016


The severity of the crime committed by X is proportional to the punishment of X, unless X knows Y has a greater crime and X can expose Y. Sound about right?

c13f08 No.504017

Jan 31 2018 21:53:33





“I call on the Congress to empower every Cabinet secretary with the authority to reward good workers and to remove federal employees who undermine the public trust or fail the American people.”


Jan 31 2018 21:54:16








53ce27 No.504018


It's not that complicated.

Who is more responsible for your life than you?

292356 No.504019


It works very well and the have all ready signed the paperwork making it a controlled substance. (((Their))) reign is almost over. Regardless of when q and co. do their thing I'll know that I did what I could before I went. But I don't have a nice gene left in my body anymore.

d95380 No.504020


Stop babbling nonsense at me. Point is its fucking difficult to be a morpheus, neo or oracle. Eat shit.

cde461 No.504021

This Board is definitely COMPED!!! Personal info revealed on this BOARD!! I BEEN DOXED!!!

83710d No.504022






All shills need to

stop posting and get out of the thread. That is all.

092bba No.504023

File: 0fb8e06c2d26ea5⋯.jpg (162.79 KB, 1173x864, 391:288, .jpg)

d95380 No.504024

22da1a No.504025

File: 57dd2cb5afd3d36⋯.png (282.3 KB, 1389x2222, 1389:2222, Capture _2018-02-26-17-51-….png)

ddedaf No.504026


can you imagine all the dirt on hillary/clintonfoundation/pay4play etc?

1a8079 No.504027


no he did not

0a6d7c No.504028

File: c43ef0ac09e794f⋯.png (475.15 KB, 789x580, 789:580, ClipboardImage.png)


Yeah, the Newvida

1ee8e0 No.504030


Agent Smith was The One, everyone else was stuck in a loop.

419e55 No.504031


Simply the truth right there, anon!

c13f08 No.504032

File: 91b069794dedb49⋯.jpg (23.64 KB, 400x300, 4:3, 1001362_550646928332828_57….jpg)

Gun smith here….He couldn't have killed 17 with an AR….

53ce27 No.504033



Demoralization shill^: confirmed. Thanks for taking the bait.

9521cb No.504034

File: 3abe01819930e8d⋯.png (55.17 KB, 600x510, 20:17, 3abe01819930e8d0ce816b954c….png)

>cde461 No.504021


Hi clown. fuck you.

c0088a No.504035



No it is not a time zone issue, it is a correction not yet made issue.

I posted the same comment/request a couple threads ago.

Last three Q posts were on 02/24/28 (Sat)

1ee8e0 No.504036


…go on

310fd1 No.504037


THATS hogg.

MIRROR image!

edc8d3 No.504038

File: cb85d5a718055e1⋯.png (614.32 KB, 797x709, 797:709, hereyouglowniggerfaggot.png)


https:// legalinsurrection.com/2018/02/us-supreme-court-will-not-allow-trump-to-bypass-9th-circuit-in-daca-case/

>title of image specifically for (((you)))

ef7b94 No.504039

>>504035 ←Correct

3afa4b No.504040


Another DISGUSTING FALSE NARRATIVE that deifies reality.

cfb641 No.504041


I just blasted nigger boy with this one on twatter…


Replying to @VerySmartBros

@damonyoung is clearly a racist fool. The truth is that Blacks = 13% of US Population and Blacks = 51% of US Gun Homicide. Take a look at Chicago that then tell us that whites are the problem. If you don't like America, go back to Nigeria. #GreatAwakening #WeThePeople

He'll probably complain to twatter and they'll cancel my account…. Fuck'em

https:// twitter.com/Kunte_Kinte45/status/968257487106224128

cde461 No.504042




092bba No.504043


Well, I've done both tax and immigration. Not completely unheard of but still odd,

1a8079 No.504044

File: e2230b723ec1093⋯.png (216.4 KB, 417x319, 417:319, Opera Snapshot_2018-02-12_….png)

419e55 No.504045


Anon, they refuse to accept ANY responsibility for themselves apparently.

2f30f3 No.504046

File: c8cd384a140f02f⋯.jpg (74.95 KB, 500x500, 1:1, run.jpg)

310fd1 No.504047

File: 512b977e8714af2⋯.jpg (110.42 KB, 956x678, 478:339, DAMN 2.jpg)


Look at that hair strand on his forehead.

f8418e No.504048

File: 0c5318790a4a572⋯.png (662.34 KB, 820x656, 5:4, Screenshot-2018-2-26 (5) B….png)

>>503027 (last bread)

Last image is a slide. Not Hogg's mother. The woman with Paddock is Lisa Crawford, his property manage, who lives in Dallas.

f5be32 No.504050


There was an infographic type list someone posted shortly after the event.

8ef557 No.504051


How do you figure?

Someone "could" bludgeon to death 17 with an UNloaded AR…

c13f08 No.504053


Doors were lock after the first shots He had a 10 round clip. Fire alarm will not hide rapid fire.

18456c No.504054

File: 659093928bc813d⋯.jpg (156.61 KB, 750x789, 250:263, 1519685440206.jpg)

83710d No.504055

Heavy heavy botstorm going on right now.

b8f2d4 No.504056


The Court is comped. Seems like Justice Thomas is the only one who gives a shit about the Second Amendment as the Court has declined every major 2A case since 2010. Caetano was the only one they took and it wasn't published. Just a GVR order. Thomas dissented from denial in Sylvester v. Becerra (alone, last week), Peruta v. Gore (with Gorsuch), Friedman v. City of Highland Park (with Scalia) and Jackson v. City of San Francisco (with Scalia). I recall reading something about Roberts leaving in tears after casting the deciding vote for the ObamaCare mandate. Obama packed the circuit courts with a bunch of MKULTRA'd ideologues. Sotomayor's career was unremarkable when nominated for SCOTUS. In fact, it still is. All I gotta say is it takes a serious stretch to confer constitutional rights on some guy sitting in a cave in Afghanistan who has no desire to come to America but the Ninth Circuit managed to do it.

855c18 No.504057


Degenerate criminal here….yes you can. If i can kill 40 with a pencil, a rifle will suffice.

ae8aa1 No.504058

CIA Niggers can't even hack this board they can only spam it with bots.

e78eeb No.504059

Actually I was referring to the fact that they didnt understand to what the word "nigger" referred to on this board, and not in the traditional sense. You folks get so bent out of shape over the least little thing and then cuss people a blue streak when you dont like what someone else says. Hypocrisy.

1ee8e0 No.504060



>uses the term "clip"

e008c6 No.504061

File: 911fb6d5ec8ca2a⋯.png (254.04 KB, 473x574, 473:574, ClipboardImage.png)

was looking to create a gun meme and came across this.. so yep had to share…

419e55 No.504062

I don't see a law, or EO…

All I see are the SC members with a headline about something called DACA.

So where is this DACA law paperwork?

1eaefc No.504063


shouldn't she be able to describe the shooter?

9521cb No.504064

File: db1cddca05fad16⋯.png (45.15 KB, 600x518, 300:259, db1cddca05fad160814eabdd64….png)


kek. Give the clown niggers birds… they love birds…

Dear clowns: We know you fuck dead goats for sport.. KYS…

e78eeb No.504065


he actually does look similar

b60004 No.504066


Let the REEEEE in the media begin.

419e55 No.504067


>I don't see a law, or EO…

>All I see are the SC members with a headline about something called DACA.

>So where is this DACA law paperwork?

1a8079 No.504068


holy shit you are right

both men have two ears

a nose

some teeth

by george it MUST be him

start a big thread on twatter and get people talking about it



cde461 No.504069



f1bd21 No.504070

BREAKING NEWS: Heartbreak as bride who was critically injured in Grand Canyon honeymoon helicopter crash that killed her groom and three friends dies in hospital from her injuries .

Heartbreak as bride who was critically injured in Grand Canyon honeymoon helicopter crash that killed her groom and three friends dies in hospital from her injuries

Ellie Udall, 29, had been in critical condition since the crash happened 16 days ago but has now passed away

She had staggered away from the wreckage after being trapped for eight hours and was taken to hospital

The tour helicopter they were in plummeted 600ft into the Grand Canyon just before sunset on February 10

Five British passengers have been confirmed dead, while one more and the pilot are still critically ill in hospital

Her husband dies 4 days ago in the hospital.

She was the one that was pictured stumbling around crash site.

Maybe they were supposed to die in crash( cabal 7/10) And now they are finishing it?

Just crash seemed suspicious, the entire circumstances, like flying at all in such windy weather.

Did anyone did on their connections in UK?

I remember one of the people on board worked for the British Museum.

http:// www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5437621/Grand-Canyon-helicopter-crash-bride-tragically-dies.html

3afa4b No.504071



This kid just can't say his lines correctly…

That makes no sense.

41d75e No.504073

File: 09050498a85dae7⋯.png (14.44 KB, 582x113, 582:113, ClipboardImage.png)

https:// www.reuters.com/article/sridevi-death-drowning/actress-sridevi-drowned-in-hotel-bathtub-dubai-police-say-idUSKCN1GA1SU

c13f08 No.504075

File: cf476f513474d4f⋯.jpg (42.82 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 12301490_562874453860892_4….jpg)

Maybe this but not an A/R

f5a074 No.504076


Yup, my gunsmith called a magazine a clip I'd never go back.

f036c4 No.504077

File: 771c5e4a23dd986⋯.jpg (8.09 KB, 293x172, 293:172, index.jpg)

53ce27 No.504078


Shills don't ask common sense questions to geta anons thinking (Socratic method)

Follow IDs, threads, & rethink >>504009 & >>504018 before throwing around accusations.

tl;dr Lurk Moar before making accusations. You don't like a topic, ignore it.

93c710 No.504079

File: 7e86018c99d82a8⋯.jpg (43.25 KB, 480x388, 120:97, victory.jpg)



If there is a consensus, meme time? We don't have to put March 2 or any date, wouldn't think.

b65e46 No.504080



>>502703 With a list of shooters who heard voices.

007925 No.504081

File: 4d882a86d4800f3⋯.png (388.73 KB, 741x744, 247:248, 3d.PNG)

File: f7bdf83996d1007⋯.png (387.16 KB, 739x747, 739:747, 3e.PNG)

I saved every one this thing follows, a lot of rogue ops in there,here are just 2 pages,you'll see what I mean>>503743

3afa4b No.504084


or use the gun he conceals on his person.

a little safer.

84ed24 No.504085


Can only go by the ears they are like fingerprints do they match I can't tell?

42160b No.504086



I looked up 2016 Redondo Union High School graduation and the pictures that were posted by that anon look the same as videos on YouTube…

I thought that was a dead end too, but now I'm not sure….

c13f08 No.504087

I meant a mag Bro….

b98e22 No.504088


There's still the question of identifying the listed Obituary victims. They need to be cross referenced to find out if they were actually students, if they had birth certificates and if they have death certificates. Then there's the teacher on video saying gunman wore full body gear which hasn't been found yet. The "gun she never seen before" and the 4 men on video removing something from the school immediately after the shooting.

8ef557 No.504089


>Degenerate criminal here…


310fd1 No.504090

File: 416a4263dbf0f45⋯.jpg (109.33 KB, 956x678, 478:339, DAMN 3.jpg)


another mirrored version for comparison


b7fa82 No.504091


What fuckin gunsmith call a a magazine a “clip”? Fuck off, liar

092bba No.504092

File: 82f60caa75fac57⋯.png (86.76 KB, 992x644, 248:161, f03511b632c17f3b85febc9184….png)


Mar 5 is the first day of the first batch of DACA expiration(no vote necessary). The injunction up until now (if doesn't get squashed in time) will allow for requests for extension to get accepted (but not necessarily granted, they can be denied on a case by case basis).

For those who missed here is the actual scope of the injunction [1]


> For the foregoing reasons, defendants ARE HEREBY ORDERED AND ENJOINED, pending final judgment herein or other order, to maintain the DACA program on a nationwide basis on the same terms and conditions as were in effect before the rescission on September 5, 2017, including allowing DACA enrollees to renew their enrollments, with the exceptions

> (1) that new applications from applicants who have never before received deferred action need not be processed;

> (2) that the advance parole feature need not be continued for the time being for anyone; and

> (3) that defendants may take administrative steps to make sure fair discretion is exercised on an individualized basis for each renewal application.

That means:

1) no new applications, renewals only

2) no "advance parole" meaning they lost that loophole where they asked for an authorization to leave the country (advance parole) and applied for a green card or citizenship while outside.

3) The executive maintains the discretion to accept or deny any renewal application

It continues

> Nothing in this order prohibits the agency from proceeding to remove any individual, including any DACA enrollee, who it determines poses a risk to national security or public safety, or otherwise deserves, in its judgment, to be removed.

> Nor does this order bar the agency from granting advance parole in individual cases it finds deserving, or from granting deferred action to new individuals on an ad hoc basis.

[1] https:// assets.documentcloud.org/documents/4345906/1-9-18-DACA-Opinion.pdf

TLDR: It's quite literally nothing.

86f52c No.504093


If all else fails run…run…run… to California's Libtard (th.

653f8f No.504094

File: f3921dd7d85b2e5⋯.jpg (51.02 KB, 500x625, 4:5, DV6s-AzWkAAyUk_.jpg)



This battle is a major Spiritual one…for sure….but DJT has been called "For Such A Time As This" and God is using him big time to restore America back to His plan….

for what it's worth, and I've said this a few times before, God has allowed me to see the Angelic realm working around him…. And trust me there is a lot of movement going on and he is well insulated and protected!!

If God be for us… Who can stand against us? Not the gates of hell that's for sure!

86f52c No.504095

53ce27 No.504097


Simple and plain. Salvation in any form requires participation.

e78eeb No.504098


the date says June 2014. That would make David about 23-24 y/o

18456c No.504099

File: e58e70748397301⋯.png (40.86 KB, 657x392, 657:392, 1519685346293.png)

>Tahera Rahman, 27, has become an on-air reporter for WHBF-TV, a CBS affiliate based in Rock Island, Illinois, and serving the Quad cities

http:// www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-5436881/Woman-Americas-hijabi-reporter.html

d521b8 No.504100

File: 8d2f72821485dfa⋯.jpg (55.92 KB, 526x500, 263:250, download-10.jpg)


^ Can someone turn this into a meme or something?

Hogg looks like a happy average high school grad in this pic. Sad what he's become.

bc5c54 No.504101


very good

b0e67c No.504102

File: 7c29128a00445c6⋯.jpg (110.08 KB, 609x484, 609:484, Sheriff Israel.jpg)

8dd150 No.504103


Do you really think with a stroke of a pen that we are just going to turn over our fucking guns to these communists giving away the last thing we have that is keeping us free? Won't happen anon, calm down. If they really want our guns they are going to have to kill a whole damn lot of us and to be honest I doubt they posses the constitution to see that fight through because I assure you they will take more casualties than we will. The police are not going to enforce any gun confiscation law and neither will the military.

e008c6 No.504105


Got an SKS sitting in mine.

Bought it years ago when they was under $100..

0e060a No.504106


yeah that story sort of disappeared and i had never heard anything else about it.

so weird.

ae8aa1 No.504107


That's the face one makes just after traking a wad in the mouth from his FBI Pedo Dad.

3afa4b No.504108



Flouride Stare.

c0088a No.504109


and NONE of them admit to siring this little bastard.

3e595a No.504110


Supreme Court could weaken unions by eliminating key source of their power – forced fees from government workers who don't want to join

Government worker unions are permitted to collect fees from non-members, according to a 1997 Supreme Court case that conservatives want overturned

High court heard a challenge to that practice Monday, fueled by 'right to work' activists who say Americans shouldn't have to pay a union they don't belong to

Public-sector unions spend millions to endorse candidates and run campaign ads, effectively lobbying voter to elect leaders who will raise their wages

But many non-members chafe at paying a union to support politicians whose policies they oppose

Supreme Court was set to overturn the law in 2016 but Justice Antonin Scalia died, leaving a 4-4 deadlock that left a lower court's pro-union ruling stand

Now conservatives hope newly minted justice Neil Gorsuch will end the debate and side with them

http:// www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5434757/Justices-critical-challenge-public-sector-unions.html

"The Trump administration is supporting Janus in his effort to persuade the court to overturn its 1977 ruling allowing states to require fair share fees for government employees."

5b4115 No.504111

File: 83e6d63cf1ba2d2⋯.jpg (160.78 KB, 720x720, 1:1, LTHOGG.jpg)

b60004 No.504112

File: d52ef49d9da50f5⋯.jpg (59.66 KB, 379x550, 379:550, 25cpj5.jpg)

53ce27 No.504114


It's sad, really. George Carlin called it the pussification of America. I thought that we were here to reverse that trend.

c13f08 No.504115

Did anyone see Alex Jone vid of cops loading a body bag in a pickup truck before the scene was secured? Tampering with evidence before the scene was secured filmed by a chopper?

e78eeb No.504116


correction 21-22 y/o

c2907f No.504117

d521b8 No.504118


>the date says June 2014. That would make David about 23-24 more like 21-23 y/o.

ae8aa1 No.504119


I got a Tula Star SKS

1ee8e0 No.504121


STFU Donny

f2050c No.504122

File: 72ccb2034d9ceaa⋯.png (847.31 KB, 1996x868, 499:217, Screen Shot 2018-02-26 at ….png)

File: d65bacad6f62005⋯.png (517.85 KB, 1280x994, 640:497, Screen Shot 2018-02-26 at ….png)




hey anons some real helpful anon posted this to my post yesterday, wanna help me dig into it?

after you posted this yacht post it got me thinking so i went back to grab it

it was in response to this photo I posted of adam schiff

ea3b90 No.504123


Definately not him!

Hogg has a pointy chin, weird blob nose and his face is lopsided.

33bdfd No.504124


2014 is consistent with when the family moved to florida. The father bought *2* houses when they moved there for 700k each. Sold one in 2017 to the Azerbai guy.

419e55 No.504125


Without there being a law for DACA, there is nothing to take to court.

There's not even an EO for it.

This is why POTUS killed the DACA theory and gave it until the 5th of March.

cde461 No.504126


Who the fuck in theiir right mind would want to be an oracle!!! FUCK THE LOT OF YOU!

7be5a2 No.504128

Dems introduce bill banning assault weapons



2f30f3 No.504129

File: b05f2983940a585⋯.png (238.11 KB, 658x788, 329:394, BossBully.png)

546323 No.504130

File: 55e1b838a5ea06e⋯.jpg (116.52 KB, 699x400, 699:400, warrior j.jpg)

18456c No.504132


What a silly thing to be upset about

19a426 No.504133


very true, reason passport photos show a ear, that being said, this day and age with plastic surgery, along with Photoshop these days, i doubt ears can even be used anymore when it comes to real high profile rich people and their family tree

6b54ba No.504134


There is no law. The executive order in 2014 did two things (i) established DAPA, which has already been overturned, (ii) expanded DACA, which had only been implemented in 2012 as a policy, for a CASE-BY-CASE consideration of deferral of action on deportation, never as an executive order or law.

d26b88 No.504135



33bdfd No.504136


That picture is…hard to argue with.

c0088a No.504137


Why does this little bitch always look like he is holding a mouthful of cesspool syrup that he wants to spew at the camera?

He must think it makes him look like a tough guy.

419e55 No.504138


It is funny isn't it.

They thought killery would win, we changed that.

They think they'll take our 2A, we'll change them on that as well.

5b4115 No.504139


https:// anonfile.com/B3x5F4d3b0/AERIAL_LIVE_Police_respond_to_school_shooting_in_Florida__at_least_20_reportedly_injured.mp4

This footage captures it and about 20 minutes before it, no narrative, just live footage.

53ce27 No.504140


>These people are STUPID!

Lazy usually goes along with that

c13f08 No.504141

https:// www.infowars.com/strange-florida-shooting-responders-throw-body-bag-in-back-of-truck/

84ed24 No.504142

File: 1215fd68b8a277b⋯.png (557.93 KB, 587x482, 587:482, screenshot_04.png)


Keep in mind Michael J. Fox was cast to play a 10 year old at the age of 15 –– looks can be deceiving. The only way to tell for sure is by the ears….

092bba No.504144


Zoe Quinn was just laundering drug money through her shit "video game" and m00t went full cuck, along with Reddit. But m00t never shut down entire IP blocks from posting before.

Something is up.

cde461 No.504145

File: c12b578528b3218⋯.png (481.81 KB, 1224x959, 1224:959, evidence.png)

c13f08 No.504146

File: 27aee532ebc5404⋯.jpg (27.04 KB, 640x409, 640:409, DW7e8JlX4AEhseA.jpg)

9521cb No.504147


>What fuckin gunsmith call a a magazine a “clip”?

Well, an actual gunsmith might laugh and shake their head, sure.

An actor playing the role of a gunsmith may not pick up on that detail though. Shitty actors make mistakes like that…

3417b6 No.504150


Great catch, at this point just like most other information, multiple meanings. "Shooter last shot into room 1234", and I know other anons have made other connections to that. This would probably put a damper on the shenanigans going on with the kids famewhoring down there if it were to pass.

1867da No.504151


These pics sure seem to prove it.

19a426 No.504152

File: e030254dc93ffff⋯.jpg (145.1 KB, 1280x738, 640:369, vlcsnap-2017-11-09-01h12m5….jpg)


hey, what about this texas shooter's ears? what does this tell you about who he really is? lol

ae8aa1 No.504153


Fuck Yeah now youre talkin.

e06daf No.504154

File: d318288a7818831⋯.png (167.55 KB, 863x748, 863:748, 45l1nkm3nmi01[1].png)

33bdfd No.504155


There is no reason most of the massive bureaucratic agencies need to be in DC. Heck, you could keep an office there for senior most staff who needs access to congress etc, just move the bulk of the jobs.

cde461 No.504156

my nicname and my birthday and on the same fuckin image alongside hildafkface!!

419e55 No.504158


We would have to take out about 75% of a whole generation to do that.

edbcdc No.504159

File: 3be622ed326b8d0⋯.png (1.12 MB, 788x1059, 788:1059, CIAOPERATIONAPACHE.png)




45d4e4 No.504160

Good interview here with Joe DiGenova today.

Always nice to get a good legal perspective.

Check it out anons.

http:// www.wmal.com/2018/02/26/listen-joe-digenova-according-to-the-memo-the-fbi-and-the-justice-department-never-told-the-court-that-the-source-of-the-steele-dossier-was-the-clinton-campaign/

0e060a No.504161


wow i had not noticed that!! really? is this for real?

93c710 No.504162

File: 59d1edf87add1c2⋯.png (280.25 KB, 640x655, 128:131, AF1.png)


Never stop digging

Also, another Q Post

this time

Nov 10

POTUS NAT SEC E briefing 3:02am.

Please stand by.


That confirms both ways? timestamps

11 10 11:10

3:02 3 02

b315d8 No.504163

File: aa24db4a06d0853⋯.jpg (294.86 KB, 1181x625, 1181:625, suspect1.jpg)



>Parkland Shooting: Emergency Responders Were Told to Wait Outside as Students Were Dying inside School

The Police were also casually standing around with their hands in their pockets at least 25 minutes before their 1st suspect (Cruz) was apprehended. I say first because if they had been listening to witnesses reporting multiple shooters, then they should have at least "acted" like they were concerned about getting shot. NOPE

f0c43a No.504164


I think you should add "Follow the wives" dedicated thread as well since that is something Q told us to research.

Than you to all Anons who are working so hard to rid our country (world) of this evil Cabal! God bless you all!

007925 No.504165


I'll take 2,do they come in camo? :)

092bba No.504166


Too many FedEx drivers are members.

b8f2d4 No.504167


I also don't get why people think that gun confiscation will EVER happen here. How many dead cops do they want? No one is dumb enough to volunteer to go seize someone's firearms "just because." Not only that, most LEOs and military (NCOs and commissioned officers) will tell whoever is giving the orders to go to hell. Not gonna happen. But hypothetically speaking, if it does then they can have my bullets first.

4ea969 No.504168

Q web database project seems to be working reasonably well.

907e71 No.504170


Apache, C_A (Faction 2) Command?

33bdfd No.504171


I love Joe. Guy is wicked smart and experienced.

83d242 No.504172


Caught that as well.

Plus the satellite chip tech BEAST (Battle Engagement Area Simulation and Tracking) using microchips injected into soldiers via a shot.

4ea969 No.504173

Bill is looking at adding the Twatter API to get DJT tweets to align with q posts automagically.

41d75e No.504174

File: 5909892343c1a71⋯.png (267.23 KB, 719x427, 719:427, ClipboardImage.png)

https:// www.washingtontimes.com/news/2018/feb/26/lawsuit-100000-noncitizens-registered-vote-pa/

c871b2 No.504175

File: 0263eb663cbfd3d⋯.jpg (123.43 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, hogg_grad.jpg)

File: e7a8fdd2a30c64e⋯.jpg (173.15 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, hogg_grad2.jpg)

Apologies if posted already.

Was the hoax Redondo yearbook photo a limited hangout to preempt a real connection?

This looks like him and his mom, no?

4bd829 No.504176

You know, that graduation gown is a rental. Records exist? >>504001

c13f08 No.504177

A mag is a mag….you hear people fuck up every day say'n clip…..my apologizes…..

19a426 No.504178


yep, that is a official photo of the texas shooter they released

419e55 No.504179


I can't find the EO for DACA.

Do you have a link for it?

b0e67c No.504180


POTUS did address it in his CPAC speech, Anon…

"Don’t be complacent. If they get in, they will repeal your tax cuts, they will put judges in that you wouldn’t believe, they’ll take away your Second Amendment, which WE WILL NEVER ALLOW TO HAPPEN…"

842a51 No.504181

File: e03f0b7a2d6555f⋯.png (368.55 KB, 640x400, 8:5, ClipboardImage.png)


http:// humansarefree.com/2011/05/proof-that-osama-bin-laden-was-cia-and.html

842a51 No.504182

File: e03f0b7a2d6555f⋯.png (368.55 KB, 640x400, 8:5, ClipboardImage.png)


http:// humansarefree.com/2011/05/proof-that-osama-bin-laden-was-cia-and.html

83710d No.504183


Get out.

a133ae No.504184


I saw this in AM tweet. If this were true, it would have been absolutely viral by now. Need further confirmation from the actual school that he did graduate from there. Here's hoping.

b315d8 No.504185

File: ab518c052da0cb2⋯.jpg (215.68 KB, 1476x952, 369:238, pick up what.jpg)

File: acf28c1cb8e5e03⋯.jpg (215.33 KB, 1568x972, 392:243, hands in pocket.jpg)

File: 7a839a926636d67⋯.jpg (203 KB, 1574x975, 1574:975, hands in pocket 2 14 Parkl….jpg)


>Police were also casually standing around with their hands in their pockets at least 25 minutes

Here are the other graphics with hands in pocket.

c7bc7e No.504186


Deep fake him as Jim Carrey singing the Mocking Bird song from Dumb and Dumber. Please!

b3fa64 No.504187



Not the same. At all. Look closer.

844731 No.504188

File: fe3c56ddb9bf364⋯.jpg (278.23 KB, 1160x629, 1160:629, ny mil acc 1.jpg)

File: ef9beed85450d8c⋯.jpg (181.88 KB, 634x631, 634:631, ny mil acc 2.jpg)


3417b6 No.504189


http:// humansarefree.com/2011/05/proof-that-osama-bin-laden-was-cia-and.html

83710d No.504190

01022a No.504191

File: aee3690c5bc9913⋯.jpg (72.86 KB, 780x438, 130:73, broward simple.jpg)

File: b7ddc62fa3bde52⋯.jpg (132.87 KB, 628x480, 157:120, Alinsky's 8 rules copy.jpg)

File: 62d82381eb3c8d0⋯.jpg (128.52 KB, 560x480, 7:6, commie rules.jpg)

33bdfd No.504192


If this photo pans out…jesus. POTUS let this kid dig the MSMs own grave.

1ee8e0 No.504193


Do you know how to read a sun dial anon?

c13f08 No.504194

File: a51cd431fa9fbf6⋯.jpg (19.16 KB, 300x300, 1:1, DWPclgxU8AAmUY_.jpg)

I said clip…..sorry….

f036c4 No.504195


Man with hold in pocket feel cocky all day!

86f52c No.504196


It's not just the overall 'pussification of America. They have succeeded in the long term of castrating the men of this nation mentally, physically, spiritually, while hormonally emasculating the women. (geeze….look at Mad Cow)

Thank God anons…we are but a few of the lucky ones that for some odd possibly genetic reason have escaped becoming pussies or dykes. If you notice…it is the "women" now taking the male gender roles and it is they who are pushing the narratives. The men/boys are just tag-alongs.

007925 No.504197

File: cae12b34d4a6c91⋯.png (322.16 KB, 762x230, 381:115, sure.PNG)

I don't believe anything anymore.

97baa5 No.504198

File: 96fe12e42a34511⋯.jpeg (1.01 MB, 886x2013, 886:2013, 3DB93489-9515-4F4D-8CBE-8….jpeg)

File: 320f8ec4b1ddd64⋯.jpeg (631.9 KB, 544x2020, 136:505, F5ED1158-4BEC-45A3-A6D7-3….jpeg)


More yacht stuff.

83d242 No.504199


Makes sense, seemed too easy to ID the fake, too poorly done.

eb6f1e No.504200


A belated 'thank you' (was at work). Much appreciated. I will be working on myself too. Thanks for the heartfelt words, they read like a beautiful haiku and the sentiment means a lot. Cheers anon!

257aaf No.504201




I made a frame by frame study of this movie in 1996 because I suspected a strong occultic influence. One major clue was the opening sunrise over the city. Another clue is that it was one of a trilogy of Die Hard films.

I already knew that the numbers 3,6, and 9 were important to the Illuminists and was also aware that both Nikola Tesla and his equally brilliant friend John Keely agreed that if the importance of these numbers was truly understood, there would be a revolution in human history.

The numbers are not good or bad, of course. It depends upon how one uses them. Tesla and Keely wanted to use them to advance human civilization. The "evil ones" use them to advance themselves and keep us controlled.

Anyway, being an amateur statistician, I decided to make a record of every number that could be seen or heard in the entire film. I used a common occultic method of reducing sequences of numbers to a single digit. For example, the police badge number 6991 reduces to 7 (6+9+9+1=25, 2+5=7). Interestingly, using Q’s MIRROR clue, this number becomes 1996, the year of the film’s release.

My reasoning in using this approach was that if there was indeed an occultic element in the Die Hard trilogy, then the occult’s obsession with numbers and symbols might be accessible to being quantified with the use of a simple statistical examination of the numbers embedded within them. It should also be noted that it is unnecessary for an entire cast and crew to be involved in the occult “contamination” of a film. A director, producer, and someone in the editing room would probably suffice. I add this caveat because I don’t want Bruce Willis coming after me… as we all know, he always gets his man.

Now, let’s say that we generate a hundred 7-digit numbers with a random number generator and reduce them all to a single digit. The laws of probability are that the numbers 3, 6, and 9 (1/3 of the cardinal numbers 1-9) should equal 33% of the total, +/- a small standard deviation.

Results of my painstaking efforts: 237 numbers in total with 3, 6, and 9 = 118 = 49.8%. Needless to say, this is a statistically significant deviation from what is expected by the laws of probability.

But it doesn’t stop there. There are also a significant number of elements in this film which mock Christianity. The 30 pieces of silver are one. Another is the scene where the female antagonist attacks the outside wall of the bank vault with a jackhammer. There is a painted red cross on the wall and she starts her demolition at a spot roughly equivalent to where we’re told Jesus was pierced by the spear. How nice!

Two more points should be noted:

First, there is a countdown on the binary bomb which is eventually located and disarmed. Interestingly, there is a missing second at the one-minute-to-go mark. The countdown moves from 1:01 to :59, completely bypassing the 1:00 mark. Meaning? Beats me, but clearly that wouldn’t happen if you were a film maker and used a normal timer as a prop. My conclusion: it was edited out for some reason which still baffles me.

Second, there is a long camera pause on the bottom of the aspirin bottle in the phone booth scene at the end of this film. The inscription reads 93 S 104. Rearranging the numbers and looking at them for clues led to a possibility which is worth considering. 41930 could well be John:19-30 which includes Jesus’ final words “it is finished”.

I can hear all of the groans out there. “You’re reaching, anon.” “That’s a stretch, dude!” Maybe, but follow me here. Perhaps for the Illuminists the film DOES end in that phone booth after good guy John McClane has failed to get the bad guys. Triumph of evil over good, right? However, for the dumb masses who demand a proper ending we are given a fairly yawn-evoking few minutes of action where the white hats win the day and our hero emerges triumphant.

There’s much more in this film which proves the case of occult involvement but I’ve said enough to pique some interest by those who wish to watch what was otherwise a pretty entertaining movie again… or for the first time. We all know Hollywood is a cesspool of propaganda and excesses of every description. This anecdote just adds to the archived evidence of what the Illuminists refer to as “revelation of the method”, a sick part of their perverted ethic but a very useful one for those who are awake or awakening.

I would also recommend Michael Hoffman’s book “Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare”. Fascinating read…

9e110f No.504203



I have to eat, but will return.

Here's what I found quickly for Camp Rothschild.

Camp Rothschild

camprothschild.org (site appears to be down right now)

 https:// www. zoominfo.com/p/Cheryl-Livshin/216723941

Cheryl Livshin

Executive Director at Camp Rothschild


450 Kimber Road, Syracuse, New York, United States


Camp Rothschild

HQ Phone:

(315) 445-0049


Executive Director  - Rothschild Early Childhood Center

Director  - Dewitt CDC


degree  - Elementary Education , SUNY Oswego


Member  - NAEYC and Child Care Solutions

Other Employees:

 https:// www. zoominfo.com/pic/camp-rothschild/347034862?pid=216723941

Jeannine Johnson

Administrative Assistant


Administrative Assistant  - Temple Adath Yeshurun


Administrative Assistant  - Rothschild Early Childhood Center

Joan Devendorf



Assistant  - Temple Adath Yeshurun


BA  - education , St. Leo University


Assistant  - Rothschild Early Childhood Center

Member of Teaching Staff  - Camp Rothschild

Alisandra Bertram



Master's degree  - SUNY Cortland

bachelor's degree  - Childhood Education , SUNY Oneonta


Assistant Director  - Rothschild Early Childhood Center

Alicia Gross



Director of RECC and Children's Program Coordinator  - Temple Adath Yeshurun

Director  - Rothschild Early Childhood Center


B.A.  - Psychology , Syracuse University

Susan Eaton

Program Coordinator

Syracuse,  New York


Program Coordinator  - Rothschild Early Childhood Center


Member  - National Association for the Education of Young Children

Paul Axthelm

Camp Director

Syracuse,  New York


Physical Education Director  - Rothschild Early Childhood Center

Temple Adath Yeshurun



53ce27 No.504204


Fuqq. Well, they don't reproduce, that helps. Redpill em for the votes?

4bd829 No.504205

www. jostens.com/apps/store/customer/1006337/Redondo-Union-High-School/ >>504001

c13f08 No.504206

File: cf476f513474d4f⋯.jpg (42.82 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 12301490_562874453860892_4….jpg)

I do know the difference…..

2e2bcf No.504207


Berry interdasting.

83c5c9 No.504209


Wait a minute… that must be a bug… I posted only one time….. It's really a thing everybody calling everybody bots these days kek

390b68 No.504210

File: 76b526260183443⋯.png (117.96 KB, 800x1280, 5:8, Screenshot_20180226-181152.png)


I like this one showing last month and 14th day of shooting noted, interest started rising only after Al the NRA bashing!!!

355c77 No.504211

good evening anons

anything of interest today?

090752 No.504213

File: 01663825a44de66⋯.png (390.21 KB, 490x367, 490:367, Screenshot-2018-2-26 Meme ….png)

18456c No.504214

f5be32 No.504215


if you want to get technical, congress is required to meet only once a year, not all year.

At this point, I am almost happy to pay them that much to be there for only a month to pass the appropriations bills.

Damage control.

c871b2 No.504217



>You know, that graduation gown is a rental.

What exactly is your theory anon? That he rented a gown to take a fake pic of himself graduating from Redondo high in 2016?

57559c No.504218


nice pic of sandy hook crisis actors

83c5c9 No.504219


Yeah apparently I'm a bot…

53ce27 No.504220



ea3b90 No.504221

File: c1d776280206824⋯.gif (61.15 KB, 176x220, 4:5, felix.gif)


Nice clip!

419e55 No.504222


You DID see what happen after the last elections, right?

b315d8 No.504223

File: 9492075a29b0284⋯.jpg (119.77 KB, 1179x332, 1179:332, the sun.jpg)


>Do you know how to read a sun dial anon?

your point?

c13f08 No.504224

A Mag…..

18456c No.504225


Beep boop

007925 No.504226


Yachts,Lamborghini's,vettes,wtf ,Oh these swamp fr's need a beating soooo bad.

355c77 No.504228


hello bot, im a russian bot in a cult dont ya know

1ee8e0 No.504229

File: 7a9a28b036af1a1⋯.png (316.55 KB, 500x264, 125:66, IMG_8618.PNG)

c13f08 No.504230

File: 536aad70099504e⋯.jpg (218.28 KB, 1366x692, 683:346, DSC00774 (Medium).JPG)


33bdfd No.504231

File: f4d6113f412f203⋯.png (449.38 KB, 963x702, 107:78, Screen Shot 2018-02-24 at ….png)


They were clearly from redondo.

83c5c9 No.504232


Drinng Driink Hic! poop!

e008c6 No.504233

File: a702e953d092131⋯.png (779.49 KB, 1141x482, 1141:482, ClipboardImage.png)

18456c No.504235

>>504224 ←– this is a post number. If you want to reply to a post, type >> then the post number, otherwise you are just talking to yourself.

83710d No.504236





Bots, get out. You don't have permission to be here. You are deceptive. Out.

151daf No.504238


Wait, what is happening???

907e71 No.504239

File: 0dce84c6112f300⋯.png (1.16 MB, 1366x768, 683:384, FutureProvesPast.png)


Feb 15 2018 15:01:43


ID: 477b1d


James Dolan. Dead suicide

Aaron swartz. Dead suicide

Kevin Paulson. Turned over securedrop to Freedom of the Press

Securedrop freedom of the press

Freedom of the press. John Barlow/Snowden/assange/John Cusack/Daniel Ellsberg/Glenn Greenwald/Laura Poitras

Snowden/Cusack. Things that can and cannot be said

Daniel Ellsberg Pentagon papers

Glenn Greenwald/Snowden The Guardian

Laura Poitras/ Snowden. The Program. William Binney

John Barlow VP Algae Systems treating waste water

Barlow/Clark burning man

Gen Clark anti Trump. WestPAC supports Clintons

I think the KEY is the media changing the narrative using securedrop. Which is dictated heavily by Snowden

The big question who controls Snowden

Feb 15 2018 15:12:42



ID: 0f16d4



>James Dolan. Dead suicide

>Aaron swartz. Dead suicide

>Kevin Paulson. Turned over securedrop to Freedom of the Press

John Perry Barlow - 187 post name [DROP].


<You are now a liability?



47dba6 No.504241


Kasky is quoted in this article about Florida’s Putative Father Registry:

http:// articles.sun-sentinel.com/2006-03-12/news/0603110358_1_putative-father-registry-adoption-agencies-parental-rights

This is the loophole that allows adoption agencies to get kids from single mothers.

Here is the law link for 2003 when Kasky may have helped amend it:

https:// www.floridabar.org/news/tfb-journal/?durl=/DIVCOM%2fJN%2fJNJournal01%2ensf%2fArticles%2f93A3FB44DE15C88F852573B50054383C

The adoption agencies are legal kidnappers.

3d7c57 No.504242


The Matrix has always been a favorite movie of mine because of the philosophy in the story.

As to your meme:


I am none of that.

Just a guy excited about the truth coming to light. Hopeful that Q has more power and influence than we do and that something will be done very soon to change course, and destroy the enemy.

Without that, I can only hope things are better in death.

83c5c9 No.504243


Ahhh awesome! When did you go for the operation?

419e55 No.504244



b3fa64 No.504245


Raw WHOIS Record


Registry Domain ID: D156345414-LROR

Registrar WHOIS Server: whois.godaddy.com

Registrar URL: http:// www.godaddy.com

Updated Date: 2017-04-13T20:11:43Z

Creation Date: 2009-06-10T14:02:09Z

Registry Expiry Date: 2019-06-10T14:02:09Z

Registrar Registration Expiration Date:

Registrar: GoDaddy.com, LLC

Registrar IANA ID: 146

Registrar Abuse Contact Email: abuse@godaddy.com

Registrar Abuse Contact Phone: +1.4806242505


Domain Status: clientDeleteProhibited

Registry Registrant ID: C64994000-LROR

Registrant Name: Debbie Boccardo

Registrant Organization: Temple Adath Yeshurun

Registrant Street: 450 Kimber Road

Registrant City: Syracuse

Registrant State/Province: New York

Registrant Postal Code: 13224

Registrant Country: US

Registrant Phone: +1.3154450002

Registrant Phone Ext:

Registrant Fax:

Registrant Fax Ext:

Registrant Email: dboccardo@adath.org

Registry Admin ID: C64994008-LROR

Admin Name: Debbie Boccardo

Admin Organization: Temple Adath Yeshurun

Admin Street: 450 Kimber Road

Admin City: Syracuse

Admin State/Province: New York

Admin Postal Code: 13224

Admin Country: US

Admin Phone: +1.3154450002

Admin Phone Ext:

Admin Fax:

Admin Fax Ext:

Admin Email: dboccardo@adath.org

Registry Tech ID: C64994005-LROR

Tech Name: Debbie Boccardo

Tech Organization: Temple Adath Yeshurun

Tech Street: 450 Kimber Road

Tech City: Syracuse

Tech State/Province: New York

Tech Postal Code: 13224

Tech Country: US

Tech Phone: +1.3154450002

Tech Phone Ext:

Tech Fax:

Tech Fax Ext:

Tech Email: dboccardo@adath.org



DNSSEC: unsigned

b0e67c No.504247

File: f98b6c20a48d4f1⋯.jpg (114.13 KB, 706x358, 353:179, Kevin Hogg's sow & piglet.jpg)


Yeah, it is Hogg and his mom but how do you confirm it's at a Redondo Graduation?

6f4ec4 No.504248


Maybe a stretch, but throwing it out there.

Bill Clinton's have brother, his son graduated from Rodondo Beach High in 2012. Bill gave commencement address to class.

https:// article.wn. com/view/2012/06/17/bill_clinton_speaks_at_nephew_s_redondo_beach_high_school_gr

93d1fc No.504249

Well this sure became interesting.

Daniel Pearl (October 10, 1963 – February 1, 2002) was a journalist for The Wall Street Journal with American and Israeli citizenship. He was kidnapped by terrorists and later murdered in Pakistan.[1][2][3]

Pearl was kidnapped while working as the South Asia Bureau Chief of The Wall Street Journal, based in Mumbai, India. He had gone to Pakistan as part of an investigation into the alleged links between British citizen Richard Reid (known as the "shoe bomber") and Al-Qaeda. Pearl was killed by his captors.[4][5]

In July 2002, Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh, a British national of Pakistani origin, was sentenced to death by hanging for Pearl's abduction and murder.[1][6] In March 2007, at a closed military hearing in Guantánamo Bay, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, a member of Al-Qaeda, claimed that he had personally beheaded Pearl.[2][7][8] Researchers have also connected Al-Qaeda member Saif al-Adel with the kidnapping.[3] The Daniel Pearl Foundation was formed in 2002 in memory of Pearl, to promote the ideals that inspired his life and work. The Foundation works domestically and internationally to promote cross-cultural dialogue and understanding, to counter cultural and religious intolerance, to cultivate responsible and balanced journalism, and to inspire unity and friendship through music.[9]

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Daniel_Pearl

Richard Colvin Reid (born 12 August 1973), also known as the Shoe Bomber, is a British terrorist arrested as the prime suspect who attempted to detonate an explosive device packed into his shoes he was wearing, while on American Airlines Flight 63 from Paris to Miami on December 22, 2001. Born to a father who was a career criminal, Reid converted to Islam as a young man in prison after years as a petty criminal. Later he became radicalised and went to Pakistan and Afghanistan, where he trained and became a member of al-Qaeda.


Main article: Saajid Badat

Although Reid had insisted that he had acted alone and had built the bombs himself, forensic evidence included material from another person.[23] In 2005, a British man, Saajid Badat from Gloucester, England, admitted that he had conspired with Richard Reid and a Tunisian man (Nizar Trabelsi, who is in jail in Belgium), in a plot to blow up two airliners bound for the United States, using their shoe bombs.[28] Badat has said that he had been instructed to board a flight from Amsterdam to the United States. Badat never boarded and withdrew from his part of the conspiracy. Badat did not warn criminal or aviation authorities about Reid.

Badat confessed immediately after being arrested by the British police. The detonator cord in Badat's bomb was found by experts to be an exact match for the cord on Reid's bomb,[29] and their explosive chemicals were essentially identical.[28] He had received the bomb-making materials from an Arab in Afghanistan. Badat was sentenced to 13 years in prison by a British judge and has since been released.[29]

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Richard_Reid

Badat gave the shoe bomb to Malaysian terrorist group

Saajid Badat also gave evidence (via video-link from his hiding secret place in UK) in March 2014 at the trial in New York of Sulaiman Abu Ghaith (Osama bin Laden's son-in-law), during which he testified that instructions were given to him during his time in Afghanistan (2001) to give shoe bomb to a group of 4 to 5 Malaysian terrorists, one of them the pilot. And Badat provided them one of his own shoe bomb.[7] Badat and Malaysian terrorists discussed the possibility that the cockpit door in airliner might be locked: "So I said: 'How about I give you one of my bombs to open a cockpit door?'"

One possible target of Malaysian terrorist plot (masterminded by Khalid Sheikh Mohammed) would be the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur, the world's tallest buildings from 1998 until 2004. These Malaysian Islamist's connections with Badat and Al-Qaeda were uncovered just a few days after MH370 disappearance. The link was spotted by British media on 15 March 2014.[7] This idea were discussed later in a few newspaper but only until 19 March 2014.[8][9][10][11]

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saajid_Badat

(Part 1 of 2)

0ddfee No.504250


The Supreme Court is as political as the rest of the country. I believe the reason the SC punted is because they, like everyone else, appear to be saying that the Trump agenda is illegitimate. They punted because the election are coming in November and if the Dems win the House and/or the Senate the agenda is dead. The SC is delaying Trump just like the Republican House and Senate.

To your point, you are right, DACA is not law. The SC is in effect legislating from the bench again (like the ACA). The precedent they are setting is to make the DACA EO law. Horrible

abb176 No.504251


Sick and uncalled for!!!! :[

090752 No.504252

File: 5b0f0c79c96f1fd⋯.png (465 KB, 464x380, 116:95, Screenshot-2018-2-17 Meme ….png)

3afa4b No.504253

Minneapolis: Somali refugee takes oath of office…on gigantic Koran

Hassan was elected to the District 3 seat on the Minneapolis Park Board in the November 2016 elections, and took his oath of office on January 2…

After he took his oath, promising to uphold the Constitution of the United States, Hassan then opened his Koran and declared, “In the name of the Allah….” and said “Allah has honored me…so be careful to serve all the needs of all the creation of Allah.”

https:// creepingsharia.wordpress.com/2018/02/26/somali-refugee-takes-oath-on-huge-koran/

3e595a No.504254

File: be853cd6c2f6805⋯.jpg (57.17 KB, 246x407, 246:407, SSPW.jpg)


Will read. Thanks.

83c5c9 No.504255


This poor anon is delirious! He thinks everybody is a bot! CNN GET OUT OF THIS BODY!

93d1fc No.504256


These two men were trained by this man:

Abu Hamza al-Masri

Mustafa Kamel Mustafa (Arabic: ????? ???? ??????; born 15 April 1958), also known as Abu Hamza al-Masri (/??bu? 'h?mz? ??l 'm??s?ri?/ (About this sound listen) ??? ???? ??????, Abu ?amzah al-Ma?ri – literally, the Egyptian father of Hamza), the Hook Hand or simply Abu Hamza, is an Egyptian cleric who was the imam of Finsbury Park Mosque in London, England, where he preached Islamic fundamentalism and militant Islamism.

On 14 April 2014, his trial opened with jury selection.[6] His lawyer, Joshua Dratel, claimed Abu Hamza cooperated with MI5 and the police to help interact with the British Muslim community.[64] On 19 May 2014, he was found guilty of the terror charges. British Home Secretary Theresa May said that she was "pleased" that Abu Hamza had "finally faced justice".[65] [66] On 9 January 2015, Hamza was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole, and the entire sentence would be served at ADX Florence in Colorado.[7][67] In U.S. confinement, his hook devices were confiscated and replaced with a prosthetic spork.[68][69]

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abu_Hamza_al-Masri

::::Anon friendly Summary::::

Now here's why this is interesting. Pearl was murdered in Pakistan following up on a lead about Richard Reid (the shoe bomber) and his ties to Al- Qaeda. The shoe bomber was a co-conspirator with Saajid Badat (another wanna be shoe bomber). Saajid Badat provided a bomb to the terrorists who hijacked MH370. Both of these men were British citizens and were radicalized there (as well as received further training in terror cells in Afghanistan/Pakistan). Why does this mean anything? The Daniel Pearl Freedom of the Press Act mandated grant money be given to the State Dept (run by one Hillary "Rottingham" Clinton) and signed into law in May 2010 by one (Barrack "I killed all my family" Hussein Obama). I have a feeling this is the beginning of tracking journalists that get too close to uncovering the truth because in hindsight we know the deepstate has been the primary funder/trainer of all said "terror cells" as well as the false flag that precipitated all of this, 9/11, and per "Muhammed allahu Cpt. Spork " he was working with British MI-5 to engage the mudslime community.

Does this confirm that MI-5 trained the shoe bomber and were involved with the disappearance of MH370? I don't know but I'm throwing this laptop away and moving to the mountains now, It's been fun knowing y'all. Toodles

(Part 2 of 2)

86bb3a No.504257

Jeff Kasky married a surrogate mother?

look here at this Life Through Surrogacy Broward County Agency

http:// www.lifethroughsurrogacy.com/about-us/

Jeff is the surrogacy lawyer and

Jeannette Ziobro is Executive Director

Jeannette wrote about being a surrogate mother and marrying Jeff.

Being a surrogate wasn’t something I had ever considered doing; it wasn’t ever on my radar at all. Jeff, my soon-to-be husband, is a lawyer with an adoption agency, and he had been working on surrogacies here and there for a decade or more. After he and I became friends, he told me about it. At first I thought it sounded great, but I didn’t think it was for me. Eventually, though, after thinking about it for a while, I realized that I was a great candidate for it, so I took the steps to get involved, and Jeff was my lawyer during the process.

http:// dailyparent.com/articles/my-story-im-a-surrogate-mom/

f30638 No.504258


year matches up with a middle school graduation. this is nothing. Easy to find on FB too

cbc688 No.504259



35369c No.504260


The R on the football field?

53ce27 No.504262


And the days that followed. Which among other things, is why we're here. Some folks are redeemable, the rest, well, what they think doesn't matter. They never thought that she would lose, they were wrong aobut that too.

18456c No.504263


You are all that and much more. You just havent tapped into it. Most people don't know how.

c871b2 No.504264


>Yeah, it is Hogg and his mom but how do you confirm it's at a Redondo Graduation?

The caption on the second picture. And the big R in the background behind the football end zone.

419e55 No.504265


You do not create law by the bench!

355c77 No.504266


got me a cult chip implant and a russian bott voice module #7 installed in october so i was ready for the storm and great awakening, duh

092bba No.504267

File: f6ef5ff1e1c3fb9⋯.jpg (33.73 KB, 474x358, 237:179, garlic bread (2).jpg)


Only vampires come out at night.

7be5a2 No.504268

File: 696035e6ea84be5⋯.jpg (7.96 KB, 291x173, 291:173, images.jpg)

What a real sexy ass real woman looks like!!!!

93c710 No.504269


With Q saying all news sources


news unlocks map

maybe be more vigilant w/timestamps

the clock /time timestamp in the news source, here it was in the time, goes with the Q post date and think circle as in Q post the time listed goes to date in this example with POTUS schedule tweet

Nov 10

POTUS NAT SEC E briefing 3:02am.

Please stand by.


That confirms both ways? timestamps

11 10 11:10

3:02 3 02

Q post

Think mirror.

Look there, or [here], or there, truth is behind you.

2e2bcf No.504270


Agreed. It's a shame, but it's what we got. And we got a lot. Tweeters, Facebookers, Instagrammers, Redditors, and many, many more. If we've already reached approximately twenty million, we're almost there. Keep pushing, keep digging, keep posting. It's obviously working.

And most of all, KEEP PRAYING!!!

4bd829 No.504271

photos. dailybreeze.com/2016/06/photos-redondo-union-hs-commencement-2016/#1 More Pics of that day Same goal post, Girls in White robes guys in red >>504086

83710d No.504272


Of course I am not talking about the CNN fake Russian bot narrative– talking about the real AI problem we all know about. We know who is the master of the bots here, and it's all glowy shit. Now get out. No human has given you permission to post without your tricking them. Out.

c871b2 No.504273


Agree it could be middle school. Trying to find middle schools in Redondo, that would have had the same colors and used the Redondo football field for 8th grade graduation. Still looking.

33bdfd No.504275


It needs to tie the uniform from the other picture to that high school.

355c77 No.504276


shes cute, not as feminine as i prefer but cute non the less

f30638 No.504277


The photo is on facebook from 2014, which would match up with a middle school graduation. Hogg is scum, but this whole he graduated high school in cali thing isnt going to work

85c7c2 No.504278


My thought as well, but kids in CA do not "graduate" from middle school. They get promoted to HS, without the pomp and circumstance of a graduation like other states do.

Its possible his Jr High/Middle school graduated kids, but it would be unusual.

45d4e4 No.504279


Yeah he puts me at ease when I’m concernfagging

b98e22 No.504280


You made me crave some Garlic Bread….gonna do mine Cajun Style though!

83c5c9 No.504281


Cool! Say hi to Bot Parano Anon for me, will ya?

b0a60a No.504282

Heading into month five this week and there's never been more lies or divisiveness in this country than right now. Or maybe that's just because we can see it better than ever.

We have been patient but need some TRUTH out in the world because I'm really fucking sick of reading about this Hogg kid.

57559c No.504283

File: 75b354432c9267f⋯.png (48.61 KB, 795x407, 795:407, ClipboardImage.png)

Did anyone else make the mistake of reading this Q posts so that you were thinking the target to be a human?

Now when I read it, I'm sure that the target to be manipulated is THE CAR!

Remove code/program update, flash prom etc… then trigger the operation!

OPerations in the US, ORIGinated/controlled from a foreign country!

c13f08 No.504284


Good shooter

8ee1a6 No.504285


Another Q confirmation from POTUS

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=bXytZxQ67BM

355c77 No.504286


loose the name

df5403 No.504287

File: 0171a96b4b3b6b5⋯.jpg (586.38 KB, 1388x1080, 347:270, IMG_2792.JPG)

File: e48305bb0870169⋯.jpg (232.86 KB, 791x592, 791:592, IMG_3304.JPG)

File: bdc38db97554b88⋯.png (1.76 MB, 1019x1024, 1019:1024, IMG_3305.PNG)

File: 6ba00f644995bbd⋯.png (1.01 MB, 849x984, 283:328, IMG_3278.PNG)

File: 09030b217fa5914⋯.png (979.4 KB, 1119x837, 373:279, IMG_3457.PNG)

a133ae No.504288


Photo of Mom and David dated 2014, middle photo dated 2016, name Brad Graverson - photographer in Torrance CA - joined twitter 2011, no tweets since Jan 1st, appears to be Trump supported by tweet responses.

f0c43a No.504289


Yes. CM worked out the issue

83c5c9 No.504290


You sir, are an idiot.

b0a60a No.504291


You still think Reps give a shit what their constituents want?

b66caf No.504292


*inside* (sp)

93d1fc No.504293

File: 37fae7fda1a2f02⋯.jpg (287.65 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Interesting Part 1.jpg)

File: ca9a9acd32cafe8⋯.jpg (128.98 KB, 1583x503, 1583:503, Interesting Part 2.jpg)


condensed into 2 images for ease of reading

8d4adc No.504294



3e595a No.504295

File: fb2cf01ae367c93⋯.gif (969.92 KB, 500x204, 125:51, Johnny-5.gif)

83710d No.504296

File: 28f9a8f933f4462⋯.jpg (48.05 KB, 533x639, 533:639, sleepybot33.jpg)


Shh. Time for you to shut down.

df5403 No.504297

File: c3d72a7d81b671b⋯.jpg (117.54 KB, 670x948, 335:474, IMG_3542.JPG)



c13f08 No.504298

File: e300798ba64b52d⋯.jpg (77.56 KB, 720x540, 4:3, 14435253_695451220603214_8….jpg)

Muh Baby……

33bdfd No.504299


He looks young, but I can't imagine he is a 13 year old at a middle school graduation. Do we have any age dated pictures to seal this up?

9bb0df No.504300


I wish this would happen where I live, gives some incentive to prop up private schools and vouchers. Get rid of public schools completely, it's a waste of money for a terrible education in a system that is designed only to perpetuate failure

83c5c9 No.504301

83710d 11 posts telling people to get out… who's the bot I wonder?

844731 No.504302



That’s Chris Cuomo’s dad, NY Governor Mario Cuomo on the cover - nice

ae8aa1 No.504303


That's a nice fuckin iron bro.

45d4e4 No.504304

Are there any Clif_High fags in here?

I really recomend checking him out.

He does future predictions by analysingbthe emotional content of human speech on the internet.

Really interesting stuff and a lot of it aligns with what we’re digging here.

9c7571 No.504305

File: 9e38148768791b2⋯.png (8.46 KB, 411x176, 411:176, 48.PNG)

Fox News about 10 min ago… Jeff Bezos JB… "made 1.7 billion dollars today alone", with the rise in Amazon stock today alone. He is worth 120 Billion now.

ea3b90 No.504306


Hey David, you're going to jail! Together with daddy Kevin. Say hi to Bieber, idiot.

092bba No.504307


>Hollywood celebrities Oprah Winfrey, Steven Spielberg, Jeffrey Katzenberg and George Clooney committed a half-million dollars. Each.

Remember that Weinstein said he was quitting Hollywood to "take on the NRA."

a5a355 No.504308

File: c1bc107f06a6f71⋯.jpg (42.74 KB, 480x360, 4:3, 1519686957369.jpg)

007925 No.504309

File: 8bd279f8f579a05⋯.png (806.58 KB, 595x636, 595:636, Mockingbird U.PNG)

I believe some of these students are with us right now,as always. Gonna be a very shilly night.

83710d No.504310


I tell *bots* to get out. Any actual humans are welcome to stay.

53ce27 No.504311


Smoke a better grade, it keeps the paranoia down


You ARE that, minus the theatrics. Presuming tht you don't have a hidden agenda, I don't think you'd be here if you WEREN'T "chosen" for this mission. The chosen choose themselves.

ec68a1 No.504312

So now we have two patsies?

https:// www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-02-26/florida-deputy-who-didnt-confront-shooter-insists-hes-no-coward

cde461 No.504313



c871b2 No.504314



Middle schools in Redondo



Both use different colors, while Redondo is clearly red. www.redondounion.org

And, does he look like an 8th grader in that pic? That looks like a HS graduation.

93d9da No.504315

Have we considered that maybe Hogg is undercover?

ae8aa1 No.504316


Sorry to double post but thats an awesome iron. I like to call the revolver the good ole death clock.

c13f08 No.504317

File: cd835d9913847fe⋯.jpg (168.99 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Desktop_2016_06_17_21_09_2….jpg)

44 mag….

b0a60a No.504318


Won't save him from the fire that's coming!

ef7b94 No.504319

File: 9d9889bc45ebc4b⋯.png (820.79 KB, 1024x777, 1024:777, LAYB84.png)

Looking at you, Baker

45d4e4 No.504320

A little Clif High for y’all.

https:// m.youtube.com/watch?v=wrn9IKV5HJo

355c77 No.504321


nice, have you seen the cap and ball 1851? i been thinkin of piking one up, love the smoke as they fire

b98e22 No.504322


Theory doesn't hold up.

cde461 No.504323



33bdfd No.504324


No he doesn't. The family lived in torrance(redondo is part of it). Usually 3-5 middle schools funnel into each high school.

007925 No.504325


Long 44?

3417b6 No.504326



3e595a No.504329


I did not know this and I don't know much about Cuomos.

3a88a7 No.504330

028390 No.504332

File: 503435fa9d911ca⋯.jpg (66.97 KB, 713x280, 713:280, suntzu.jpg)

File: d1480aab7064152⋯.jpg (141.41 KB, 788x545, 788:545, DVXHOqDVAAEFNzE.jpg)

https:// web.archive.org/web/20180220140551/https:// revolutionarystudentfrontatx.wordpress.com/2018/02/06/stumble-fall-stand-tall-summation-of-the-revolutionary-student-fronts-revolutionary-mental-health-program/

a5592b No.504333

File: 65df05dcf86a40b⋯.jpeg (4.88 KB, 200x202, 100:101, 23a5bfa8c53855c6548a3bcab….jpeg)

0ddfee No.504334


Unless Congress sits back and allows it to happen.

df5403 No.504336

File: 7899b91c03b0dba⋯.jpg (54.89 KB, 510x680, 3:4, IMG_1833.JPG)

File: 2672ddc67facfb9⋯.jpg (51.72 KB, 500x500, 1:1, IMG_2615.JPG)

33bdfd No.504337

Remember he used that "Davis Green" name on reddit. He might have used a different name in torrance/redondo.

c13f08 No.504339


7 & 1/2 yes….

092bba No.504340


Prozac and Paxil are first generation SSRIs. Paxil especially fucks up your sex drive.

I took Cipralex, a second gen, for about two years. It still sucks (made me a zombie really) but it helped me identify the cause of the depression. That's what these drugs should be used for. They're a band-aid. You still have to do the work.

ef4982 No.504341


A more truthful statistic is:

Over 40% of all violent crime in the United States is commited by Black males ages 15-35. Some 3-6% of the US population!!!!

9521cb No.504342

File: d28c179a0bc96dc⋯.png (49.45 KB, 600x670, 60:67, d28c179a0bc96dc58c0fb2344f….png)


Hmm. how about that. A bread delivery man saved Trump's mom from getting mugged.

Interdasting… Respect anons who bear good bread :)

7b2ffc No.504343


Both of these woman are amazing!


80722e No.504344


Middle School graduation? I know he doesn't look 22 now, do you?

0ddfee No.504345

File: 97dcc6c461ff61a⋯.jpeg (155.88 KB, 888x499, 888:499, image.jpeg)

53ce27 No.504346


you with the caps and email addys again? Have you reached out to your rep?

af3a8a No.504347

File: 07caf811fa057b6⋯.jpeg (314.49 KB, 1242x1272, 207:212, DFBC1BB6-FE32-48ED-B56C-C….jpeg)

https:// www.cnn.


c871b2 No.504348


There are two middle schools that funnel into Redondo.



>The photo is on facebook from 2014

Source? He doesn't look like an 8th grader in the pic, and its clearly the same gown and decorations from this 2016 graduation pic.

What if the pic is dated wrong?

a86d69 No.504349

File: b454a87be4460e2⋯.png (1012.43 KB, 1114x1448, 557:724, Screen Shot 1.png)

JA using []

85d719 No.504351

File: 5ee93ede26502bf⋯.png (89.05 KB, 811x777, 811:777, skancestors.png)

File: d44f9cd7a278891⋯.png (81.62 KB, 872x796, 218:199, skancestors2.png)

File: 4b7476d2404eb08⋯.png (155.75 KB, 723x903, 241:301, skancestors3.png)

File: 3183ee92fb1550c⋯.png (233 KB, 364x485, 364:485, Selection_999(1544).png)


What is up with the most vocal Anti-Trump critic Stephen King? This guy is obsessed…why? What does King have to hide?

Kings book are more of a documentary on Illuminati practices than "fiction". The book "IT" as the centerpiece where characters and stories of all his other books are based upon. King has often stated he "blacks out" during the writing of his books. He is written over 50 books with the central themes of psychic abilities, mind control, time travel, vampires, the occult, child killing, pedophilia, aliens, cities attacked by bio warfare and mind control. His eight series books "The Dark Tower" involve the "Crimson King". In addition, Stephen King wrote a book 11-23-1963 which is about what the world would be like if JFK had not been killed.

Stephen King has ties to the Pillsbury Illuminati family which is one of the 7 families that has dominated Skull and Bones since 1933, which is the innermost circle of The Council on Foreign Relations. Kings mother, Nellie Ruth Pillsbury of the Pillsbury Dynasty. He is the 5th cousin 3 times removed to Pillsbury co-founder John Sargent Pillsbury and 6th cousin 3 times removed of Pillsbury Cofounder Charles A Pillsbury.

The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) was established in 1921 by the Round Table group and is also known as the Establishment, the Invisible Government, or the Rockefeller Ministry for Foreign Relations. This semi-secret organization is today one of the most influential societies in the U.S. and its members are without exception U.S. citizens. Today the CFR exercises a tight control over the nations of the western world, be it directly through links to similar organizations or through institutions like the World Bank in which it holds the chair.

The innermost circle of the CFR: Order of Skull & Bones.

Among other things the order forms the inner circle, the elite, of the CFR. The inner circle of the Skull & Bones in turn is the Jason Society.

Skull & Bones has been dominated since 1833 by the following family empires:

Rockefeller (Standard Oil)

Harriman (Railroad)

Weyerhauser (Timber)

Sloane (Retail Trade)

Pillsbury (Flour Mills)

Davison (J.P. Morgan)

Payne (Standard Oil)

http:// www.bibliotecapleyades.net/sociopolitica/secretsoc_20century/secretsoc_20century10.htm

http:// www.bibliotecapleyades.net/esp_sociopol_skullbones.htm

http:// www.wadsworthfamily.net/2012/03/05/skull-and-bones-americas-most-secret-society/

9c7571 No.504352


So if he is corrupt, his assets are seized, he just built us a nice WALL.

007925 No.504353


Canon,lol, those are loud as shit.Double ear protection.

1ee8e0 No.504354

Has Leidos come up in anyones research yet?

c2907f No.504355


ranges blocking most vpns

4chan/pol/ + no vpn smh

907e71 No.504357


John Dee and Edward Kelly, The Enochian language.., That is Pure Evil..,goodness, that Religion hasn't success..

0ddfee No.504358


Very interesting. Kill box? Literal or political?

f036c4 No.504359


DNC wants to run a mexican horse cause of all the illegals. Old white people are not the winning demographic to them.

e28fc8 No.504360


Is there any evidence he's graduating or was he just there?

67d116 No.504362


>JA using []

And he put 58 characters between the brackets

3e595a No.504363

File: 50da716cb19a424⋯.png (608.08 KB, 570x570, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

092bba No.504364


Now where is the original?

c13f08 No.504365

File: 14403f2cb9c50db⋯.jpg (62.11 KB, 682x960, 341:480, 28168446_2084190398485407_….jpg)

Time to Bake Baker…..

714d42 No.504367


Oh ffs….now we find that Israel's sister in law was at the airport in the Ft Lauderdale shooting

He also got in big trouble bcs his donors threw his triplets a graduation party…looking for the sauce

http:// www.miamiherald.com/news/local/community/broward/article125938829.html

af3a8a No.504368


A little paranoia will destroy ya

85c7c2 No.504369


Looked it up both have 8th grade promotions. They would not be in cap and gown if they followed what the typical public schools do in CA.

b98e22 No.504370


This explains why his movies are all over the place now.

355c77 No.504371


he he he, i was a kid, my buddy brought one out on new years… 44 mag, i was trying to cut the telephone pole down til he took from me, lol

77ccf7 No.504372


Are you the quaderno guy

abb176 No.504373

File: edecd2d1b75e7c7⋯.png (56.11 KB, 924x642, 154:107, ClipboardImage.png)

File: de41141b9168b30⋯.png (52.4 KB, 809x683, 809:683, ClipboardImage.png)

ef7b94 No.504374

>>504362 ← Correct, confirmed.

419e55 No.504375


…or the DOJ and POTUS do something about it.

ea3b90 No.504376


Followed Clif for some years. Very interesting stuff, talks a lot of sense about earth changes et al, though doesn't know much of the reality of what earth is. Many of his 'predictions' never come to fruition or are way out of the timeline. And unfortunately he is very much promoting bitcoin, so I was done for now.

7f493e No.504377

File: 065790c229de34b⋯.png (21.8 KB, 1186x166, 593:83, Screenshot-2018-2-24 Q Res….png)

File: 01160a0a5e8471c⋯.png (30.11 KB, 1200x179, 1200:179, Screenshot-2018-2-24 Q Res….png)

b98e22 No.504378



4bd829 No.504379

No dumb-ass. If he actually did graduate from there he would have rented a robe. Unless his mommy made it for him. >>504217

df5403 No.504380

File: 818d0ca5c5089e1⋯.png (288.68 KB, 513x887, 513:887, IMG_3705.PNG)

cba0a8 No.504381

This guy is my hero

http:// www.thegatewaypundit.com/2018/02/will-die-fighting-sheriff-clarke-reveals-special-meaning-behind-second-amendment-video/

ef7b94 No.504382

File: 8cf8a5eca04ea39⋯.png (1.46 MB, 1024x777, 1024:777, Patriots101.png)

Patriots make the dough rise

a7a18b No.