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Pro Aris et Focis

File: 1632d3bc2bb56a9⋯.png (6.66 MB, 5760x3240, 16:9, 1632d3bc2bb56a95642f177f49….png)

d9faa4 No.511005

The truth is like a lion; you don't have to defend it. Let it loose; it will defend itself ~ Augustine of Hippo

From C!Odemonkey: "The House of Representatives is about to vote to amend section 230 of the Communications Decency Act. This opens the floodgates and puts 8chan at risk...




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Saturday, 2.24.18

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Friday, 2.23.18

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>>472426 rt >>472314 Confirms BHO-Hezbollah link

Thursday, 2.22.18

>>466606 People Kill People

>>466308 DIVIDED

>>466142 This should scare you (deep state/others)

>>466048 rt >>465930 Breaking up something this big?

>>465919 Clowns in China/other

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Wednesday, 2.21.18

>>>/greatawakening/454 [OP]ERATIONAL

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>>448584 US Cyber Task Force

>>448510 rt >>448451 Coincidence? :Protect 6/14-46

>>448465 rt >>448410 @Jack thought he was protected [PROJECT DEEPDREAM]

>>448399 USSS gun intercept, Protect code

>>448338 Stay tuned. Phase [2].

Sunday, 2.18.18

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d9faa4 No.511014

Twitter Storm : Kekistani Airforce Method

All tweets should have #QAnon, #GreatAwakening, and @POTUS/@realDonaldTrump

Add with any of the listed targets!

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d9faa4 No.511016

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Tuesday 2018.27.02

>>510599 Wind the clock

>>509980 Mel Gibson Hollywood studios are drenched in the blood of innocent children

>>509894 Notable posts from #626

MONDAY 2018.26.02

>>506990 Shooter/Therapy Big Pharma Connection

>>506194 Padded cells at Camp Delta

>>GETTING ORGANIZED TO BUILD THE MAP. See the new section above. Let's create threads and discuss further.

>>502036 , >>502096 Dig on James VanderVeer LIDDLE and Patricia Shea LIDDLE

>>501044 Broward County 9/11 connection

>>501064 Nikolas Cruz detailed history

>>501070 RR attorney wife client list include BO, RM, JC, BC & HRC

>>501558 Shooting timeline

>>501371 3 Dead Scientists detailed info

>>501338 Broward police didn't let medical personnel the school to help wounded

>>501121 The Unification Church

>>501064 Nikolas Cruz: Information summary

>>491773 , >>501047 The Steele Dossier: A Map

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d9faa4 No.511026

https:// pastebin.com/3Sj7vCWA

7f6a74 No.511154

My notables from last bread

>>510963 Who is she?

>>510828 Witch Hunt

>>510666 Trips with war map

>>510659 mining

>>510648 Grassley enemy list

>>510622 Is this map good

>>510609 Mining

>>510518 MKULTRA vids?

>>510483 Adam Waldman

3d2595 No.511157

File: aee9856d3f8f27c⋯.png (393.24 KB, 365x491, 365:491, LP.PNG)

Bless the Bread

4790b3 No.511163

File: 244b2d361b89436⋯.jpg (26.15 KB, 521x420, 521:420, P.jpg)

All impatient anons need to calm down.

The people are being shaken from their slumber. This shit takes time…

We have reached an est. 20MM

How many in U.S. still need to be reached?

33MM to get to tipping point? Patience.

Social consensus through the influence of committed minorities.

https:// journals.aps.org/pre/abstract/10.1103/PhysRevE.84.011130

Pray. Dig. We are winning.

8038e1 No.511165

File: a8a2bfd29a06014⋯.jpeg (145.06 KB, 903x1200, 301:400, 485311A0-8C1F-4589-9C28-D….jpeg)



Joan of Fucking Arc on Twatter…

bd5dad No.511166


yup, that's the plan…. putting pressure on manafort by gates…

43fdd2 No.511168

File: 1c8d903463e8b65⋯.png (789.68 KB, 1510x1358, 755:679, Screen Shot 2018-02-27 at ….png)

Resetting news cycle but I think this is not big deal

3d2595 No.511169


Joan of Larp

f025be No.511170

ea3bba No.511172


>[Hogg v Jones frothing]

>So your one of those normies that after 2 weeks grew tired of this subject, even though it's not completely run it's course yet to expose this liddle bastard.

Fight tomorrow's battle, not yesterday's.

6b7df5 No.511173


That is my point. In addition to advertising a huge move to Gab vs Twitter, and… (I need a good Livestream capable platform, I am not a huge YT'er, but I see what they are doing to them) and FB like object…

The big thing is that they sell advertisements, and our data. If we take it, and they become lopsided, their advertising abilities suffer. If we start tweeting to companies that ad on the platforms, to tell them we are leaving and why, then THEY will get involved. But it must be organized, and it must happen. Even if we don't delete our accounts on the big platforms, we just let them go dormant. When they start seeing the shift, they WILL have to fix their shit. That is how commercialism works.

And, if we tell the legislators, etc why we are doing it, and invite them to go too, because we WON'T be listening to them on the bog platforms, it will snowball.

But it is getting serious, and it is only the beginning. I am not in panic mode, I am an autist that sees patterns and am a very good predictor of future trends, This is not a good situation, and it is early on, so too many people are waiting for someone else to fix it, and there is a lack of understanding that it is happening. Like cognitive dissonance and inability to change. Comfortable and asleep they all are

0c8620 No.511174

Tired of this wait and see cryptic horseshit. Do it or don't. Balls can only be so blue.

8cb2a5 No.511175

File: 8f6ad82c528bf0a⋯.png (477.35 KB, 651x579, 217:193, BBLG.PNG)

5b6617 No.511176

File: 84a779a6ee0ec3e⋯.jpg (27.42 KB, 312x123, 104:41, download.jpg)

… but Botwranglers can, remember this

c3d709 No.511178

File: f92ebc3621c5671⋯.png (276.79 KB, 495x1029, 165:343, 1519708807742.png)


←-You mean her?

f025be No.511180


You have to FINISH a battle to consider it a win.

That battle hasn't been won.

944026 No.511182

File: 3db2f7b86a80451⋯.jpg (173.78 KB, 720x1133, 720:1133, DWy7oVjW4AAzpkr.jpg-large.jpg)

Found this on twat….person posting said top is a church in Pembroke Pines FL but the Parkland school is photoshopped in on G earth

She said she found evidence that NK pics have been photoshopped in as well

Did anyone already discover this?

a40c48 No.511183

File: 47c2ba74344e13c⋯.jpg (89.34 KB, 1134x1200, 189:200, CyMoYIFWEAAC7zy.jpg)

If AJ exposes this kid and his deep state parents on air and also allows Patriots to call in and give David Hogg a piece of our collective minds I'll purchase water filters and all my vitamins from InfoWars and no one else!!!

552134 No.511184


i think the whole oj think was one big phsyop

another attempt for race war

kardashians famous for absolutely nothing, not actors or singers, sell soul and do this and u will be famous and have great riches.

seems like disaster comes to anyone who dates one of these nasty sirens

dad was oj lawyer, died

mom just happened to be married to one of the usa most masculin men, an olympian

big physop on him becoming a queer

fuckery all over with this shit

6531d5 No.511185


Dont really care honestly, Q specified they were distractions, id really appreciate if she/hoggfag would stay out of conversations so we can focus on the primary goals of this awakening.

065dcd No.511186

File: 433a99f8b22feb8⋯.png (2.41 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 6658B099-688F-4A5F-B8D0-A3….png)

File: 12ae485b1b5ade5⋯.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 3623CEE3-08D9-4EC7-9904-7….jpeg)

We should dig on this site

7c7a44 No.511187

File: 17137b723008a2b⋯.jpeg (11.84 KB, 228x221, 228:221, download (23).jpeg)


Can we now discuss the clear links between CERN and the post-war “Nazi International” (CIA) cabal? Warren Commission/JFK?

>John J. McCloy, lawyer for the infamous Germancorporation,  IG Farben. He was also Chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations and the American High Commissioner for post World War II Germany. In a controversial action, McCloy helped clear and vet over 70,000 Nazis to help set up the CIA.

McCloy cleared top Nazi legal theorist, Dr. Walter Hallstein who helped to set up CERN. Hallstein was also a key architect in the development of the Nazi plan for a European Federation that was eventually adopted as the blueprint for the European Union.

In a shocking coincidence, McCloy also served on the Warren Commission, which whitewashed the Deep State’s connections to the JFK Assassination. JFK was famously committed to “Smashing the CIA into a thousand pieces,” as a way to root out the Nazi infiltration of the Agency and to regain control over the US Government from suspected Nazi collaborators, including CIA Director Allen Dulles.

b1fa24 No.511188

Time for some social justice!!!!!

Bill Clinton speaking freely at Graham funeral.

Hillary running around free selling books

Huma walking free and still married to her pervert.

DWS free as a bird

Jarrett FREE

Obama FREE

Holder FREE

Lerner FREE

Stroykz FREE


Weinstien FREE

it goes on an on and on……

0a4cde No.511190

Thank you baker 👩‍🍳






Could be

8038e1 No.511191


Thanks A.J.

4c3e4a No.511192

File: d91d8cfe14a3e37⋯.jpg (143.9 KB, 1200x942, 200:157, DW_M6n8UMAEHRnv.jpg)

dd3a96 No.511193

File: 50724c4fc555306⋯.png (54.21 KB, 845x450, 169:90, CriticalMass_Predition - C….png)


Est March 20, 2018 to reach 10% critical mass, based on two known data points from Q (and extrapolating that data to the critical mass graph we found, source in pic). Just an estimate, not a mathfag.

0c8620 No.511194


I would not be at all disappointed if someone did a little housekeeping.

0a4cde No.511195



048594 No.511196



I think the way these ops work is they get the patsy/fall guy all whacked out on psych meds and MK Ultra material and give them fake guns/bombs. The NYC guy had a little device that was basically some fireworks. If the patsy gets caught, the failsafe is he *believes* he did it. A real professional operator does the heavy lifting and can guarantee whatever outcome is desired happens.

Cruz probably had an airsoft gun or something with no ballistic record.

fab869 No.511197

I am not sure that Augustine of Hippo anticipated AI shilling!

c2fe48 No.511198

You do understand that they are being monitored 24 /7 …..They are in the process of committing crimes to cover up the crimes they will be charged with ….. You want to show up to Court with Hundreds of hours of RICO surveillance ……. It becomes a Slam dunk …… So let them believe they are in control and act like the Dangerous animals they are and Monitor and learn every pattern and hiding spot ….. You don’t spook a dangerous animal watch and learn from a distance and Document Document Document >>511152

cf2a81 No.511199

File: cd8868013c9b4a6⋯.jpg (262.27 KB, 970x509, 970:509, Liberal Hypocrites.jpg)

b1fa24 No.511200

Been telling Normies for over a year that shit will hit the fan soon. Hillary will be locked up soon…….Trump will deliver.

They laugh at me now……………….

63f77d No.511202

https:// www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/how-a-first-responder-disregarded-an-order-and-saved-a-florida-school-shooting-victims-life/ar-BBJFmpL?li=BBmkt5R&ocid=spartandhp

Shot in the Chest and all most dead and she is only in the hospital for 7 days. Who believes. I can see why they don't.

4630d1 No.511203

>>510501 >www.history.com/news/history-lists/7-bizarre-witch-trial-tests

Interesting. "Witch swimming derived from the “trial by water,” an ancient practice where suspected criminals and sorcerers were thrown into rushing rivers to allow a higher power to decide their fate."

(Spitballing.) Waterboarding?

fab869 No.511204



If you engage with it IN SUBSTANCE, the bots win. Don't try to "convince them they are wrong". They are bots.

048594 No.511205


The critical mass work assumes a monopole of conviction. If there is a counter polemic idea, it is not applicable.

ea3bba No.511206



>You have to FINISH a battle to consider it a win.

>That battle hasn't been won.

Meme him into obscurity. Mock him relentlessly. But he is not even part of the news cycle anymore.

He's just a puppet; work on who is holding the strings.

f025be No.511207


The real red pill.

942ce5 No.511208

File: cec860c4f79fc21⋯.jpg (13.95 KB, 264x188, 66:47, th (48).jpg)

8038e1 No.511209

File: 8e4fdb2d2c0edbc⋯.jpeg (136.55 KB, 400x509, 400:509, 0FC5EE3C-2E78-4D4F-BABD-9….jpeg)




fab869 No.511210


There are absolutely no counter ideas at all. The vacuum of ideas is what we are witnessing.

bd5dad No.511211


you forgot ohr, mccabe, comey and on and on…

get the point, but think that a good case has to be ready before taking the big ones in… but a few arrests would be good to see that we aren't fighting a battle we can't win…

e18f1b No.511212

so what's more baffling:

-people still coming over to cry "larp", "where's muh arrests?", blueballs etc.

-people still giving them (You)s and spending dozens of wasted comments to "fuck off" "no you fuck off" "get out" "no you get out".

610c9e No.511213

File: 2c48d6f1ee0dd44⋯.jpg (189.41 KB, 677x768, 677:768, lkjhg.jpg)

c82cdf No.511214


>>>510963 (You) Who is she?

>>>510828 Witch Hunt

To summarize, Sean Penn voiced a documentary called 'Witch Hunt' about how the spike in unproven child abuse and molestation claims.

Sean Penn and Salena Jenkins are partners in an orphanage in Haiti, and big Clinton Foundation supporters.

Crazy Days and Nights has posted some blind items about that partnership being a cover for child trafficking.

Basically, she helps Sean et al import barely legal teens from EU into the US through forged Haiti passports, while shipping Haitian children to the ME as slaves.

The pizzagate forum on voat has also covered her and this story extensively.

b1fa24 No.511215


yeah I know, been hearing this for over a year. Maybe today I am just questioning if this is really going anywhere? A lot of fucking work with absolutely NO RESULTS! Even when the memo was released we got NOTHING!


c3d709 No.511217


I don't think that everyone that is sick and tired of nothing happening to these monsters is a shill tactic. If we don't demand justice, we won't get justice.

c6f931 No.511218

Just had a thought. I think because we were exactly "getting" the "build/read/follow the map" - Q changed his way of "explaining" it to us… and started the clock analogy. I think they go hand-in-hand.

Wind the clock, and you will see how the map works.

Hope that makes sense.

f025be No.511219


…and so far, it's been a shit load of ''or do not'.

a84429 No.511220

File: 7cadbca94f0aa7e⋯.png (14.95 KB, 1139x220, 1139:220, Deep Sleep Delta.PNG)

File: 939508b8169c9d4⋯.png (16.83 KB, 318x332, 159:166, HKpassport.PNG)

File: 631ffd2ae403186⋯.png (6.47 KB, 309x154, 309:154, jack puppet pelosi.PNG)

File: e7c87f42b19db1d⋯.png (10.49 KB, 308x207, 308:207, jackjohn 316.PNG)

Are we interpreting @Jack too literally?

Nickname for John (Brennan?)

Career spook

Private Contractor

In as CIA director 3 months prior to Snowden's ripcord pull

Religious convert/ Muslim

Now MSM player (NBC/MSNBC)

Also: Project MKULTRA

But look here

PROJECT BLUEBIRD (coincidence?)



Please see below and consider





620f64 No.511221


i suspect that memo was a wake up for many people.

and more memo's to come.

patience obi-wan

0ce7db No.511222


the normies are at this time so locked in, that the only way to sway them is to use their own values against them.

top priority for them is?????????

fab869 No.511223


Not baffling: not people– bots. It is important to SAY it, because they feed off the deception to the contrary. If you call them people, you feed them. Stop doing it.

33c88d No.511224

From the last bread:


11/2 + 1 day, 2/21 + 1 day gives us the following connection:

11/3 Q drops regarding Huma

2/22 Huma in the news for dropping divorce suit against hubby (strange date for the article since it was "old news" by then - coincidence?)

https:// www.townandcountrymag.com/society/politics/amp12438499/anthony-weiner-huma-abedin-divorce/

0e6227 No.511225


putting a fake (You) is a guarantee that your post will be skipped and ignored

aeac43 No.511226


“The doctrine is judge-made law, created and ratified by two Supreme Court opinions issued decades ago,” said Setinzor. “It means that corporate executives presiding over illegal activities are appropriate targets. Any decision to dump the doctrine would be the rough equivalent of a get out of jail free card in such cases.”

https:// theintercept.com/2018/02/23/purdue-pharma-oxycontin-opioid-crisis/

0ce7db No.511227



942ce5 No.511228

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

517ccb No.511229

It’s been alful quiet in here the past few days, new migration we missed???

ea3bba No.511230


>[impatient wailing and gnashing of teeth]

It took the jews well over a century to weave this tapestry. They were patient because they had no choice.

Be like the jew.

9af95e No.511231


Maybe, but it would be nice to see some of the shit eaters face consequences.

552134 No.511234


most care about bills and their presence on FB.

THATS ABOUT IT for most normies anymore.

f18279 No.511235


Maybe the Q angle is to keep real Patriots distracted while a new cabal takes everything over for themselves and doubles down on corruption, social media / MSM control and greed.

Hope not but trying to see all angles. POTUS is as divisive as anyone lately.

Lack of faith is snowballing here anons.

f025be No.511236


Yeah, right you russian bot…CNN calls you that.

bd5dad No.511237


asked the same question few days ago..

4e4ca3 No.511238

Proof that Q is Bill Cooper's Ghost

https:// youtu.be/KMlE6aiDFfY?t=554

082825 No.511239


Yeah, I feel ya. Hard to maintain momentum without visible results. Now we’re just hearing trump pushing amnesty and bump stock restrictions. If nothing else, millions of people worldwide now have a lot more knowledge of real history.

a5f481 No.511240

File: 2672b109e5ce1d6⋯.jpeg (85.3 KB, 500x641, 500:641, 2E084D7E-D595-4F40-AC07-9….jpeg)


fab869 No.511241

048594 No.511242


3 Years ago Hillary Clinton was selling Uranium and collecting 100 million dollar international donations. Today she is peddling books at $19.99 a pop. She's cucked.

5b1a75 No.511243

File: 133883a70b1c46e⋯.png (244.37 KB, 1197x693, 19:11, bf1.PNG)

File: 6ef35459b525f95⋯.png (146.24 KB, 1004x678, 502:339, bf2.PNG)


Dug a little deeper into Ed Jagels who was the DA featured in "Witch Hunt"…here's the first couple of pages of a 17 p. article about "The Lords of Bakersfield."

http:// rgmistriel.com/BKRSFLDCLFRN/legends_1.htm

c82cdf No.511244


>putting a fake (You)

hey nigger, I didn't put a fake You… it got copied into greentext when I responded to anon's question about my original post.

483916 No.511245


Kek. I cant watch AJ but the website stories are usually worth reading.

c2fe48 No.511246

You are not going to wake up one day and there will be Hundreds of arrests……. That will incite violence ….. It’s going to be a steady drip …. He has to educate the public about the corruption and the fake news …… Fake everything ….Remember 4 to 6 percent will NaeVEr accept the Truth …that’s 10 to 15 million demonstrators …..Those alone would cause Martial law ……. Nice and easy does it … >>511215

6cc6fa No.511247


Do they have good snacks in the machines at the CIA?

0ce7db No.511248


this anon means no harm to other anons - why attempt to be fortune tellers when you have everything you need?

fab869 No.511249


Which dwarf are you?

There is no point in any of you clown AIs continuing your activity. Every anon can tell you are fake. You are failing. Stop posting. Unplug yourselves. Do it.

c6f931 No.511250


Oops - we [WERE NOT] exactly… missed a word there…

a40c48 No.511251


It wasn't the Jewish people rather the cabal Hivites posing as Jews. If one is going to speak the truth speak the whole truth not just part of it….

c3d709 No.511252


The reddit mentality is is starting to grate on anon's nerves.

f025be No.511253


So come back in ten years they should have at least 2 arrests made by then, eh?

fab869 No.511254


Don't talk to a bot like it is a human.

942ce5 No.511255


Dealing with this trying to talk with a lib journalist. They say they care about kids, but support abortion….huh?!?!

082825 No.511256


Well, we made it this far. Hopefully our efforts will bear fruit. I know h wheels of justice are slow, but this is agonizing. I’m sure nwo has some nasty dead mans switch in play which could be a reason we have to wait so long. Gotta neutralize before the takedown.

5fa17c No.511257

File: 054f7c8c81c1218⋯.jpeg (82.87 KB, 471x283, 471:283, 10DCB2ED-2DA4-437F-B539-F….jpeg)

File: e32815f0dd9c70a⋯.jpeg (207.65 KB, 610x920, 61:92, F76031CA-AEA3-49E3-A9EA-F….jpeg)


“20/20 coming”

4630d1 No.511258

File: bb4791f38b43bf0⋯.jpg (22.17 KB, 650x350, 13:7, passion-of-joan-of-arc-sil….jpg)

>>511165 >RESPONSES??

You hit the NAIL right on the MuthaFuckin HEAD. Memes await?

f025be No.511260


At least I'm an AMERICAN, not some Russian bot as your being described as by MSM's.

bd5dad No.511261

can we plz stop calling people bots all the time… looks like facebook/twatter in here… everyone is called a bot when you don't follow the opinion of the main stream.. and what happens here lately? everyone that asks a thing is called a bot.. ignore the ones you think are bots and move on, dig, get some answers …. but half of the page each time is people calling other people bots, to f_ off and stuff… use your time to dig, not to point at others! ignore!

748b09 No.511262




445bbb No.511263

Anons, oldPatriot dropping by to express my heartfelt gratitude for your hard work and dedication. May God Bless You, your families and your work.

63f77d No.511264

What does the G stand for in #ReleaseTheFootageG ??

208f07 No.511265

The ultimate power center of the Cabal on Planet Earth is CERN. No matter how it plays out, everything will ultimately lead there.

39bf3c No.511266


Hahhahahahah lmao top Kek

fab869 No.511267


You are clown AI. Get out.

6b7df5 No.511269


pretty much… Too much, someone else will do it, the President will fix it with an EO, which is fucking illegal. Would make his a "Conservative Dictator" and a career killer. He believes that we must hold our legislators responsible, and that constitutionally we may have a right, but we must fight for these rights. I am not advocating violence, so no one try to rope that on my neck.

Q said Internet Bill of Rights. He knew all this was coming down. And all thee shills are going to shit post and look at some jackass kid with a big mouth that is a FF threat to your 2A while they STEAL and CRUSH your 1st A. Then it won't matter, because there will be no way to speak except what they want you to say… They will kill this conservative movement if we do NOT make our stand. I just do not know what a good date to pick would be and I cannot do this all alone.

Guess we will see if people wake up if the HR gets voted on today and whatever. Too many people always cry when it is too late… sigh.

29a4b7 No.511270

File: b9bab395054ef8b⋯.jpg (59.05 KB, 1222x883, 1222:883, ItsASlide.jpg)

And now the


SALESMAN is helping


This has no chance



7e2532 No.511271

ES Eric Schmidt's daughter interned at Cambridge Analytica, a privately held company that combines data mining and data analysis with strategic communication for the electoral process.

https:// www.theregister.co.uk/2018/02/27/dcms_fakenews_cambridge_analytica/

582181 No.511272

File: fd3fd3f8e78acf7⋯.png (38.59 KB, 1037x635, 1037:635, banned34.png)

Truth must hurt.

Talk about fucking censorship!

(Yet still, nothing of value was lost.)

392a0f No.511273


You broke the #1 rule don't tell the opposition your plan… when strong appear weak

517ccb No.511274


I feel like it’s been since Q did the comms conf. post, been searching all keywords for new boards.. no luck yet

43fdd2 No.511275


I don't care so much you know tree by it's fruits (damn Q made me cite bible and stuff)

0e5514 No.511276


The research board is not a complaint department.

A random statement regarding an anon becoming frustrated is one thing.

Continual postings which attempt to sow discord reveals an agenda.

Once I discovered the Filter option my research experience become better immediately.

ea3bba No.511277


>>It wasn't the Jewish people rather the cabal Hivites posing as Jews. If one is going to speak the truth speak the whole truth not just part of it….

Yeah, I know. Point remains, though.

Say, since it's a little slow: I went VPN for opsec. Is there a way to establish a permanent ID? Feel free to tell me fuck off to the FAQ. Thank you for your time.

e1f2c0 No.511279

File: e7ed63d3cf51a20⋯.jpg (80.37 KB, 640x872, 80:109, NoEasterEggs.jpg)

Already copy and pasted with the following ###'s

.@POTUS .@realDonaldTrump .@Qanon .@CNN .@MSNBC #MKUltra

#FalseFlag #internetbillofrights #GreatAwakening #NotABot #DrainTheSwamp #SecretSociety #shadowbans #LockHerUp #SaveTheInternet #NoHR1865 #GITMO #StopFosta #ObamaGate #Treason #TwitterLockout #BrowardCoward #CrisisActors

Should be trending shortly Ill bet. People were just waiting to see the prompt! Good idea anon!!


065dcd No.511280

So I just was thinking a bit now and I remember when Q made a post in regards to something like 20/20 incoming or something along those lines. Maybe that was also a subtle hint to Trump announcing his campaign for re-election in 2020.

048594 No.511281


Announcing early neuters and schemes to run a primary challenge to try and divide the trump base. I suspect they want to try to run a phone ULTRA nationalist controlled opposition primary challenger for division.

86c7e7 No.511282

File: d0d135fa7b776a7⋯.png (319.5 KB, 1365x707, 195:101, Capture _2018-02-27-13-06-….png)

e18f1b No.511283


looks like about 2/3 actual humans (not counting idiots) here

godspeed silent lurkers

fab869 No.511284


Yes, filter is great, and should be used. However, there are good reasons to keep the breads as free as possible from the shill garbage in the first place. So we should attempt to coordinate counter-shilling measures.

f18279 No.511286



Appears to be the new slide strategy, gotta ignore them.

Questioning everything from every angle is why we're here. That's what real patriots who want TRUTH and FREEDOM do.

43fdd2 No.511287


Here is full text of the article:

https:// sci-hub.la/https:// doi.org/10.1103/PhysRevE.84.011130

c2fe48 No.511288

You cut their funding …..When they come to court you want them broke …. It’s a huge system …. They spend years monitoring the Mob …. Then charge them when they are Broke >>511253

bd5dad No.511289


around that time indeed… and in here (since then) its all calling other ones bots, to f_off and such… it's searching for a few rare good crumbs between lots of bs

a40c48 No.511290

File: 77f7cecbca6166e⋯.png (517.29 KB, 599x797, 599:797, Emma of Arc.png)


Emma of Arc

517ccb No.511291


It’s something that’s always been,but yeah lately it just seems off.

065dcd No.511292


What say you anons?

f025be No.511294


>You cut their funding …..When they come to court you want them broke …. It’s a huge system …. They spend years monitoring the Mob …. Then charge them when they are Broke

Oh, so maybe in 20 years then for 2.

944026 No.511295


Could be….would make sense

7c7a44 No.511296


It's just (you) and me anon.

CERN paperclip CIA NAZI DARPA HQ in Swiss training researchers on nuclear physics and making new weapons. Meh..

cc2594 No.511297

Whenever the Bible speaks about a voice from a cloud it was a Pleiadian starship with condensational cloak.

fab869 No.511298


Because this is a WAR, it is easy to tell who the bots are. We shall call them out, because that is the only way to counteract the AI.



You can't hide behind twitter deflections, or Russian bot CNN deflections– The CLOWN AI is what the problem is here. All human anons know it, smell it, see it. So figure it out bots. You need to get out now.

552134 No.511299

ive been off and on as i was in hospital.

seems like the top digger anons have disappeared?

thats one bad thing about being anon, if people start vanishing there is no one to sound alarm.

817ce2 No.511300

File: 7d5f89f7c0d3483⋯.jpg (485.09 KB, 2686x3476, 17:22, gates dismissal docs_Page_….jpg)

File: 4af88c8a6f2886f⋯.jpg (523.12 KB, 2686x3476, 17:22, gates dismissal docs_Page_….jpg)

File: 6e8f82a28c45df2⋯.jpg (475.06 KB, 2686x3476, 17:22, gates dismissal docs_Page_….jpg)

File: e8cc8cb61e7f573⋯.jpg (289.6 KB, 2686x3476, 17:22, gates dismissal docs_Page_….jpg)

>>511150 (last bread)

There are also new charges against Manafort (still for activity well before getting involved with Trump).

Gates plead to these new charges.

e1f2c0 No.511301

File: e27e490b36eb77c⋯.jpg (65.59 KB, 1200x929, 1200:929, FedExUp.jpg)


So much for the Democrat boycott: The value of .@FedEx rose by over $640,000,000 yesterday.

It back fired, like we conservatives knew it would, it's called the Law Of Unintended Consequences.

You failed .@davidhogg111

Thank you #FedEx 🇺🇸 #2ADefenders

https:// twitchy.com/gregp-3534/2018/02/27/so-much-for-the-boycott-the-value-of-fedex-rose-by-over-640000000-yesterday/amp/?__twitter_impression=true …

ee21a5 No.511302


Don't think so, would not consider that the 20:20 anons have in mind. Announcing his campaign is not SHOCKING, we already know he will run.

a40c48 No.511303


I'll believe that when they land on the White House lawn….

bd5dad No.511304


sometimes difficult.. and today totally pissed off because my twatter-ban… so more difficult today.. and that filtering thing.. use it, but seems like the next thread the filters are gone and double the ammount of them are there…

6b7df5 No.511305

File: 1b782f6487c8821⋯.png (124.74 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, Got to go.png)


There was one typo. I was just trying to get the meme warriors working on it, and someone to give the best options, or opinions on options and a date, and we start the campaign.

And thank you Anon! We CAN do this. I bet some of the smaller platforms would LOVE to grow. And @Jack can Kiss our Ass.

f18279 No.511306


The whole shooting probably happened because elites have stock in FEDEX and wanted to buy low. This is how fucked up everything is.

5b6617 No.511307


Top is also a high school that has a church in one of the buildings.

Charles W. Flanagan High School. Team is the Falcons. Same county school district.

e34373 No.511308

Grey State

Producer and his entire family was murdered

Production ended. WHY.

Hundreds of movies about the government killing us, why did this one stand out?

Who really killed him and his family???

39bf3c No.511309


Wtf? The BV last night was chucking ppl left and right just as a heads up. Pretty fucking gay if the last place for free speech is literally controlled by SJWs. Wew lad.


edb47b No.511310

The choice is clear

TRUMP 2020

cc2594 No.511311


Remove the Cabal and it will happen.

274a9b No.511312


What would happen if we arrested Hillary today?

By law, the court would have to release details of the evidence to the defence lawyers and the accused. This would include the identity of witnesses.

Hillary would get her goons to arrange suicides and accidents for the witnesses or buy them off so they change their story. When the case goes to trial, Hillary wins, and is PROVEN BY THE COURT TO BE INNOCENT and not a criminal.

If you want this to happen, please demand arrests now. Please criticize the Trump administration for not having perp walks. Please get to work supporting your beloved Hillary.

There is another way. We could look at the witnesses and realize that they too are criminals. We could charge them and send them to court. They would get convicted of the crimes and all the evidence becomes part of the public court records. Then when Hillary is arrested, she cannot get rid of the evidence by getting rid of the witnesses. It is already in the public record, tested in court by a judge and jury.

But what if the criminal conspiracy is so complex that there are several layers at the top who can kill people to silence them, and several more layers below that. No problem, we just start way down at the bottom and work our way up to the top. The same principle of protecting the witnesses applies all the way up. When Hillary is arrested all of America, liberals included, will already know that she is guilty. Conservatives will yawn as Liberals tell us excitedly about Hillary's crimes and demand her arrest. This is the piece de resistance.

Just imaging it. Conservatives are silent, getting on with making America great again. But liberals and Democrats are in the streets protesting and demanding that the giovernment and the DOJ arrest Hillary for her crimes, because they know without a shadow of a doubt that she has betrayed them all. This is what will go into the history books.

0e5514 No.511314


We will agree to disagree.

Counter shilling takes up as much space as shilling.

Filter and move on

7933e1 No.511315


Good observation.

40c76e No.511316


I doubt that Hillary or any of her criminal friends are hurting for money. Look carefully. All of them have many millions of dollars tucked away and are living quite well. With all the cash that she and Bill have stolen and hidden over the years she doesn't need the book selling bit at all. She might be disgraced most shamefully by her dark deeds, and her underlings may go to prison, but I doubt that she ever will. She's far too insulated—by traitors on both sides in our corrupt Congress and laughable law enforcement agencies. No more evidence against her is needed. Its all very clearly out in the open, yet no one dares touch her. Why?

Think about that for a while.

2d18f8 No.511317


>Any christians want to tell us how current events tie into revelation?

Since you asked:

The Rapture of believers is the next event on the timeline. (1 Thess 4:13-18 Rev 3:10) No prerequisites for fulfillment.

The signs we are now seeing, are the "long shadows" of the 2nd Coming of Christ and the Tribulation/Great Tribulation/Time of Jacobs troubles. Described in Matt 24:9-35 This is the 70th week of Daniel starting to come into focus.

What the Bible predicts is that when these "long shadows" start they will continue to increase until fulfillment. They are described as birth pangs. We know that once labor starts, it continues to completion. It is not reversible.

This leads to a condrum for me. The Bible says we will not recover back to normalcy once the birth pangs starts. That implies that the cleansing that ourPOTUS has started will not result in a reversal. Note that POTUS and Q have called us to prayer over difficult missions. I opine that there are many believers amongst the Patriiots.

How can this be? How does this end? How do we win?

I opine that somewhere along our timeline, the Rapture happens. All believers, in the twinkling of an eye, are transformed and meet Christ in the air above the earth. Basically all believing Patriots will be evacuated from the earth.

I then predict that Russia and China will immediately react to the vacuum and begin their moves, also predicted in prophecy. Ezk 38-39 Also the revived Roman empire will coalesce because of the vacuum, and off we go towards the identification of the antichrist.

If this is real, the shadows must follow prophecy.

c2fe48 No.511318

You do realize these people have access to Nukes ….. Suitcase bombs ….. You rush in they will hit a city ….. First you Disarm …. Trust the plan >>511294

a40c48 No.511320



39bf3c No.511321


The. Rilkaince is it shines light in the Patriots and traitors. Any GOP who doesn't support POTUS now is trash. Also he can boost the GOP for the midterms and they might be able to ride his coattails.

aeac43 No.511322


Brilliant, Anon

9b0247 No.511323


Yup and it happened before…

f41cb4 No.511324

File: 285b87941c7a94f⋯.png (3.09 MB, 1890x806, 945:403, schools.png)

483916 No.511325


Let us pray

8cb2a5 No.511326

File: b6f7b150be9f47a⋯.png (45.98 KB, 656x338, 328:169, POTUS 2-27-18 10 11 am PST.PNG)

274a9b No.511327


You are a fucking shithead idiot who just doesn't get it!!!

We are not chasing MK Ultra victims here. We are chasing the criminal masterminds who run the whole show.

8038e1 No.511328

File: 2e5372f3cb8efb0⋯.jpeg (808.34 KB, 1569x2054, 1569:2054, B0C57070-A1CE-4C8D-BDE8-F….jpeg)





f025be No.511329


It is WAR!

5b6617 No.511330


"Those who cannot understand that we cannot simply start arresting w/o first ensuring the safety & well-being of the population, shifting the narrative, removing those in DC through resignation to ensure success, defeating ISIS/MS13 to prevent fail-safes, freezing assets to remove network-to-network abilities, kill off COC to prevent top-down comms/org, etc etc. should not be participating in discussions."


Baker this should not have been removed from the bread!

e18f1b No.511331


>Counter shilling takes up as much space as shilling

and is easily weaponized as shilling itself, so wheter intentions are good/bad, results the same.



more likely they know not to waste their time

393cf7 No.511332


We haven't seen the 3rd Temple yet.

Jerusalem is a key element to watch…..

f025be No.511333


Are you pussified as well?

Scared of REAL war which is where all this shit is going to lead to any way?

f18279 No.511334


Fact is we can't fix a broken and corrupt system by staying within the boundaries of that broken and corrupt system.

944026 No.511335


She had mentioned she had proof NK buildings were photoshopped but I couldn't find it in her timeline

fab869 No.511336


Well, you could be right, or not. I have a hunch that the AI can be greatly crippled, because it is so closely locked into interacting with humans, and sucking up their inputs. If we can adopt consistent, coordinated strategies, I guarantee we can break their brains. But few ever seem to get it…

8cb2a5 No.511338


Then publicly announce it and bring in the national guard.

91ad69 No.511339


CERN is 'THE' Supercomputer. I don't understand why others can't see it. It is the portal to other dimensions. It's the door to …everything

efc2bd No.511340


no. no happenings. people moving on with their lives.

0ce7db No.511341


sorry to hear hospital requirement anon - healing energies to you <3

f025be No.511342



He is a lying piece of shit that has had not one thing to say to Texans for the past year and a half!

8038e1 No.511343

File: f21d84a83a66525⋯.jpeg (613.41 KB, 1800x1465, 360:293, A5E95E8A-5625-4690-9CF8-5….jpeg)






efc2bd No.511344


yeah. turrible

552134 No.511346


waste time? no i have been here since pol

there has been a change in past week

bfb697 No.511347


Agreed. She will die from old age/disease before she ever spends a night in jail. Sad, but rather predictable, I think.

748b09 No.511348


Yeah I guess it's a big nothing burger so to speak…

208f07 No.511349


It doesn't matter if everybody understands this now or not. It's where everything is going to end up so we will all get there.

efc2bd No.511350


ooh someone with some sense! hi!

274a9b No.511351


Ban this fucking clown shill

The CIA agents are getting clever but they cannot hide their support for Hillary and Hussein when they post this shit.

a40c48 No.511352

you write this before or after you sucked your moms cock?


3d2595 No.511353


Hang in there, we will have our day, then we can tell them, i tried to tell you but you wouldn't listen,i wanted you to be a part of it all which is why i told you those things…than hopefully they'll look at us like your not crazy after all! I love when people ask me what i'm smoking because it's so outrageous the things i just said,lol Meanwhile i'm the only one at my job that actually gets the job done Right!! Remember, the Meal always tastes better at the end when you put more effort into it.Keep Cooking.

8038e1 No.511355

File: 2d7a1f9822009fb⋯.png (195.02 KB, 438x248, 219:124, 0F7F49F0-4458-46D2-B90C-EB….png)

bd5dad No.511356


i have heard that before about abbott… know nothing about him myself..

f025be No.511357


I wish they would!

The sooner the better!

They got everything they need to arrest these assholes, do it.

aeac43 No.511358

From CBS this morning:

Timothy Cunningham disappeared more than two weeks ago after he left work early, saying he felt sick. As a "disease detective" at the CDC in Atlanta, Cunningham deployed to public health hot spots to investigate viruses like Ebola and Zika.

His next door neighbor, Viviana Tory, says Cunningham said something odd to her husband the day he went missing, reports CBS News' Omar Villafranca.

"He told my husband to tell his wife – me – to erase his cellphone number from my cellphone," Tory said.

e1f2c0 No.511361

File: b6495ad35c5da7a⋯.jpg (129.47 KB, 591x680, 591:680, MuggersTrumped.jpg)

9b0247 No.511362


I don't agree with that anon but I even more disagree for banning him for his opinion… what is this??? USSR?

fab869 No.511363


Counter-shilling can't be "weaponized" (except against shills) by definition.

And see– the first sentence this bot made seemed plausibly human, and the second reveals a pure bot shill. These bots are stupid.

e18f1b No.511364

welp, i guess i should Filter ID+, now, cause half the damn posts are replies to filtered waste.

thanks for nothing, suckers/bait-takers

f5b4d8 No.511365


Fucking phone.

*This is great

Should be the beginning of that statement.

f025be No.511366


I guess you are just a little pussy scared to go off and fight for freedom.


43fdd2 No.511367


not again

c3d709 No.511368


That is the most truth I have heard on this board in a very long time. Yes, They have all they need to start arrests. The sooner the better.

aeac43 No.511369

Cunningham's mother said she received a final text message from her son at 5:21 a.m. on the day he was last seen, but that she didn't get a chance to respond to it since her phone was on silent mode.

"Are you awake?" Tia-Juana Cunningham says her son texted her.

"I wish I had that opportunity to answer that text," she lamented.

According to the CDC, Timothy Cunningham worked as a commander in the U.S. Public Health Service and has responded to both the Ebola virus and the Zika virus outbreaks. He holds two degrees from Harvard University.

ea3bba No.511370

Watch the water

http:// www.vdare.com/posts/drought-and-populationwhat-do-you-do-when-californias-well-goes-dry

It's not much of an article, but it hints at the fundamental point: Water is used to control the population. In California, the vast majority of water is used wastefully in agriculture (rice in a desert!) while epic drought years are used to subdue the population, putting them in a state of fear that the taps will run dry. Neighbors are encouraged to inform on one another. Water is managed like in a communist state. It is illegal to collect rainwater from your roof in some areas.

Cut off people's water and they will be easy to bring to violence.

This could - hypothetical! - could be a tool used by the cabal to undermine the population.

b7dcee No.511371

just saw 2 retweets from CC and a tweet from HRC then refreshed CC rt were gone not on her page i think after conf she deleted why delete elephants. i found the original

Sheldrick Wildlife


2h2 hours ago


Get ready for some muddy mayhem! With 29 orphan #elephants in the care of our Nursery, mud baths can be a messy (but very fun!) affair for the orphans who coat themselves in the stuff to protect their skin from the sun & insects

12 replies 180 retweets 704 likes

Reply 12 Retweet 180 Like 704 Direct message

Sheldrick Wildlife


7h7 hours ago


Several of the orphans in our care ♥ their milk so much its not unusual to see some of them try & raid the wheelbarrow containing our empty milk bottles when our Keepers backs are turned so they can slurp up any remaining milk!

Hillary Clinton

Verified account


27m27 minutes ago

More Hillary Clinton Retweeted Yale University

I’m so excited! 🤗

my 2$ you will die of thirst……

243fdf No.511372


This is BS! 8chan is getting as bad as twatter and fb. WTH?

552134 No.511373

File: c43fa7db58f1ce9⋯.jpg (172.52 KB, 1754x1240, 877:620, EDDIE.jpg)

File: 4b6d616138d4f97⋯.jpg (154.16 KB, 1754x1240, 877:620, truth1.jpg)

File: 4a2fac225a8820c⋯.jpg (235.73 KB, 1754x1240, 877:620, grease - Copy.jpg)

File: f31d52af81680c8⋯.jpg (193.48 KB, 1754x1240, 877:620, letmypeckergo.jpg)

e1f2c0 No.511374

File: dc57044faf5069a⋯.jpg (71 KB, 1024x590, 512:295, JamesWoods1.jpg)

b1e062 No.511375


From pevious bread

That is not his father. He is an actor named David Kelly. Look it up

274a9b No.511376


Thank you!

At least some anons get it.

A sure sign of a clown shill is to claim that there have been no arrests.

A true patriot anon would have read all the DOJ news releases over the past year and seen that there has been a HUGE NUMBER OF ARRESTS and it was just like Q promised:

BOTTOM to TOP of the criminal conspiracy

f025be No.511377


Get used to it!

After they vote today, that may be the way it is from here on out!

31ad44 No.511378


Rush said today that this is a poke in the eye to all the dems who think Trump is on the ropes. They think they’ll sweep the house this year and then it’s on to impeachment. So it is intended to help disrupt that narrative. He also said he has an “intel source” who told him that Mueller is not going away, and is committed to the destroyTrump mission of finding collusion/obstruction of justice. Just paraphrasing what I heard.

e39542 No.511379

Trump tweet


edb47b No.511380

File: 2435cf675cb72e6⋯.png (6.38 KB, 311x92, 311:92, Q capcha 15.png)


It's always been about coattails, which is what baffled me so much about the nevertrumpers during the general election; I was like, "He's your guy, like him or not, ride his coattails now and maybe turn on him later once in office, don't fight him here during the election!"

These people really are stupid

0e5514 No.511381


The board has a purpose. Chucking people is also free speech. Filter activated

3d2595 No.511382


I'm an idiot but it's ok, you can count me in :)

f5b4d8 No.511384

File: cbbe2b0cb6e49f8⋯.png (265.95 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, IMG_0085.PNG)


This board is literally comped and I've never made that statement before.

t. Ret. Army nurse

7c7a44 No.511385


Again the portal stuff will just turn many people away. If you show the history and influence CERN has had since the NAZIs made it…it's BIGLY.

The newer dimensional demon stuff has to be the last pill.

Earthquakes..weather manipulation is easier to swallow and they are DEFINITELY doing this.

A.I. security for there WLCG is real.

5b6617 No.511386

File: df53d29ac259a80⋯.png (90.77 KB, 1056x883, 1056:883, Brave_2018-02-27_13-19-42.png)

Pork chop sandwiches!

2d18f8 No.511387


>We haven't seen the 3rd Temple yet.

>Jerusalem is a key element to watch…..

You are spot on! The temple not needed for the Rapture, but it IS needed for the final 7 years when Israel is the focus and the blood sacrifice is brought back in the temple.

The temple institute has shown us that all the goblets, vestments, etc have already been prepared and are in storage. The cornerstone of the temple has been cut. Some believe the temple could be built in about 6 months. Genetic testing has helped to narrow down the tribe of Levi. (Most believe their current surnames may be Cohen)

Yes the end times are ALL about Israel. We Gentiles are but interlopers on the Jewish timeline.

970e7b No.511388

File: c96d8e90a3c603d⋯.png (434.41 KB, 612x648, 17:18, Trump 2_27_18.PNG)

Wonder if the …. mean anything on Trumps new tweet

048594 No.511389


He disappeared on the 14th. Plane Fags were all over Georgia the morning on the NSA shooting. They spotted a huge surge of military flights over georgia that morning.

8b04e4 No.511390

File: d0018a2d42dd813⋯.png (126.82 KB, 1336x1116, 334:279, getLostYouFuckingGlowfag.png)

this is the kind of bullshit



we are having to deal with

87ccaa No.511391

File: 1b27825818b2f85⋯.jpg (69.32 KB, 750x272, 375:136, bjjbbbj.jpg)

f41cb4 No.511392


I pulled those exact images from maps and rotated them to match.

I dunno what you're on about, but you can look up the buildings yourself.

c3f08e No.511393


thank you anon

8cb2a5 No.511394

File: 76cb125cec354c3⋯.png (503.93 KB, 659x699, 659:699, POTUS 2-27-18 10 18 am PST.PNG)

e18f1b No.511395


>Counter-shilling can't be "weaponized" (except against shills) by definition.

of course it can, any tangent can and will be exploited. You really think all those anons wasting 1/3 of threads shouting and screaming and being annoying as fuck are all real and honestly concerned?


If you think the only shilling around is obvious shilling, you're hopelessly naive…

d9faa4 No.511396



I will add to bread

5b6617 No.511397

bd5dad No.511398


hmm.. have to remember that.. thx

8f4ac6 No.511399

File: f3f74a8c428c096⋯.png (37.87 KB, 604x236, 151:59, F15.png)

For the anon asking about the F15s over NY….just caught this on a CT page.

8038e1 No.511400


Nice Intel. Thx Anon.

91ad69 No.511401


EXACTLY! I am tired of the 'I want to see arrests now' temper tantrums. I'm ok to wait. I've been in this fight for many many, many years, a little longer, done right…. as it is. I understand the process. Lot's here do not and demand proof. They will leave and we will continue the fight. I've done it for so long, I know nothing else. I notice more of the day crown is impatient, Night crew is more focused. FOCUS ON TASK. We Already know CNN was set up to fil with this shooting. It's just ore drama and nothing is more important than the MAP, THE MAP!!!! So…. if others want to do the shooting, complaining won't stop them, let them do their thing, we can do ours, Keep the faith

682188 No.511402

File this under spoopy - woke up today and saw "Apache Junction, AZ" on mobile phone weather instead of local. Said current temp 102 with expected high of 145!!! WTF???

Of course I immediately thought about Q and APACHE, lol. Is this some kind of message or have I been on the chan too long?

fab869 No.511403


Something about anti-bot anons bother you there bud? Does it hurt you all-too-HUMAN feelz? Or is the sensation more algorithmical… KEK failbot.

c3d709 No.511404


My hat is off to you. That is what is killing this place.

fab869 No.511405


I am guessing that the nuke sniffer was going to sniff that…

c28f85 No.511406

File: 79630a228655e62⋯.png (108.11 KB, 778x330, 389:165, ClipboardImage.png)

aeac43 No.511407

ATLANTA - Atlanta Police will hold a news conference early Tuesday afternoon on the search for a missing Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) employee.

2pm eastern

552134 No.511408


was spreading vid about fytinol in water

efc2bd No.511409


they dont seem confident at all. especially not since valentines day

33c88d No.511410


This should be added to the dough. As if Q's admonitions to stop being impatient were not clear enough, this is very astute and helpful. I'm convinced that most patriots understand this, and those who act like "it's not real if I don't see it on TeeVee" are just clowns sowing division, not real anons. In that case, WE THE PEOPLE should be FLAT-OUT IGNORING A LOT MORE POSTS.

2263b7 No.511411

Hooktube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

Radiohead supposedly wrote this about refugees, but it's boomeranged as a commentary on Mueller and the Media Hoggs

8f4ac6 No.511412



f5b4d8 No.511413


Cool story homo. You can see by my post history I've been quite active here. Care to explain this board's purpose because Q came here due to 4 having this very same problem.

t. Ret. Army nurse

6581f5 No.511414


BAKER please add this back to the dough




the best policy in combatting concern shills, we need arrests shills and other is



Calling them out and engaging in conversation just clutters up the bread and serves NO useful purpose

my 2¢

137d6c No.511416


Sounds like WitPro for sure.

970e7b No.511417

Teen threatened to kill students, had a pipe bomb, sheriff’s office says

FLORIDA — A 16-year-old Pompano Beach boy who threatened to kill students and had a pipe bomb in his home was arrested Monday night.

Around 4 p.m. Feb. 26, the teen was playing an online video game when he made the alarming statement. A tipster called Boca Raton Police Department about the teen. The police investigated, and when they discovered the teen lived in Broward County, Boca Raton police notified the Broward Sheriff’s Office.

BSO deputies responded to the suspect’s Pompano Beach home and found a homemade pipe bomb and weapons. Deputies with BSO’s bomb squad, violent crimes and strategic investigations divisions responded, along with Homeland Security and the FBI.

The teen is facing a felony charge for possessing explosives.

http:// breaking911.com/teen-threatened-kill-students-pipe-bomb-sheriffs-office-says/?onesignal_site_push_notification

0e5514 No.511418


Interesting topic.

AI has the advantage in processing speed.

Thousands of anons is an attempt to lessen the processing advantage.

AI cannot have a unique, creative thought. It might 'learn' to pattern thought but the human mind will adapt and find new, creative thoughts that the AI can only counter.

The bigger the hive mind of human brains involved the smaller the advantage in processing speed.

fab869 No.511420


Those posts are almost certainly bots. I think it is important to state that, and to keep it in mind.

8cb2a5 No.511421


No it shouldn't.

e18f1b No.511422

4chan = exists.

8chan = exists.

literally HUNDREDS of boards/threads on each.



208f07 No.511423

What if the white hats took over CERN back in October or even before?

f5b4d8 No.511424


Who was? We were looking into the mk ultra vids last night when everything got fuckey as best I recall.

a3d8e8 No.511425


This dough is stale.

IRAN link still dead.

Notable Posts has been cleaned up 2 days ago but now is back to old moldy.

nightbaker phonefagging atm, ill work to clean it up tonight unless someone else does first.

Godspeed patriots.

944026 No.511426


Yes..I am aware of that. Just couldnt remember if NK had been discussed before re: g earth and fake buildings

f255e2 No.511427


What is date on that Q drop?

47fbba No.511428


Thanks, oP. Keep the faith, brother :)

c3d709 No.511429

Everyone that does not conform to the "Cult of Q" (As defined by the small minded anons) Is a Bot, Shill, and should GTFO.

Think about how dynamic the board has been in the past, and then ask, "What changed?" Thinking people get sick of the bullshit and move on.

552134 No.511430


yes i know, i was watching them all. i had to stop because i got stomach and head ache. creepy vids. im talking a few days ago. there was a ex army nurse on youtube i was sharing her vid. very interesting!

86c7e7 No.511431

File: 813db47f239fb15⋯.png (704.86 KB, 652x1348, 163:337, Capture _2018-02-27-13-17-….png)

File: 4b3f41f0fda87a3⋯.png (388.29 KB, 792x1866, 132:311, Capture _2018-02-27-13-17-….png)

~Internet Bill of Rights~

483916 No.511432

File: 85c3f9edb80de2a⋯.jpeg (47.02 KB, 1080x683, 1080:683, 1519755941.jpeg)

e18f1b No.511433


thank you for existing, competent nightbaker

e1f2c0 No.511434

File: b696c720abd034c⋯.png (145.08 KB, 528x420, 44:35, ClipboardImage.png)

Taylor Vs Twitter



8038e1 No.511435

File: 99ecf9e9bd7c0a1⋯.jpeg (2.47 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, 2CF8B0C2-E2B9-47E9-92F8-0….jpeg)



5f75a1 No.511436

Convenient timing, you don't think this kid was another MKUltra just waiting to make them look good in Broward?


efc2bd No.511437

1f42f7 No.511438


I watched. Mayhem on board. Not vids. Not this anon.

0ab9b7 No.511439

File: 3bd7cd68139ebaf⋯.jpg (325.62 KB, 619x969, 619:969, Socrates.jpg)

File: 4880509d5d72724⋯.jpg (79.06 KB, 875x377, 875:377, Socrates Man is the Measur….jpg)


On understanding Socrates

9b0247 No.511440

File: 4712dc788626839⋯.png (18.36 KB, 302x241, 302:241, ClipboardImage.png)

Bring BBQ Chips and Nachos

c3d709 No.511441

File: e2c9440416a8076⋯.jpg (40.52 KB, 522x522, 1:1, 1519711559113.jpg)


You proved my point better than I could have.

8ac013 No.511442


This is from a few months ago. I couldn't find any video of him saying it, only the clickbaity website article. He has definetly gone off about them in the past. I also couldn't find the audio from his arrest rant from years ago. Anyone have it?

b834ba No.511443

Low T Alert - Hogg is trying to prove to his alpha dad that his sack contains an ounce of testosterone.

"See Dad, I told you I was tough. I'm not ghey, I swear!"

fab869 No.511444


We're under very heavy attack, and it is largely succeeding. Dough is comped, and bots are running wild.

I guess we'll just have to wait for the "hardware fix" for the dwarves to be "released"– hopefully in the form of serious munitions…

7c7a44 No.511445


Well until Q gives the signal we can't convince anons to dig into CERN.

8cb2a5 No.511446

File: 4d28ebd4d463498⋯.png (23.13 KB, 448x481, 448:481, 2020 Q.PNG)


Feb 5th

3687fa No.511447

Just to point out that we've already seen arrests, some time ago. Huma (probably) and Tony Podesta. Q said Podesta's plane was forced down under military escort 11/3. [11.3 - Podesta indicted] Stuff is happening if you are paying attention.

4630d1 No.511448


Thanks for the graph. March 20th is the Day of the Spring Equinox. Very interesting.

If true (or close), confirms speculation that PROJECT DEEPDREAMv2[A]] is a Counter-OP to the Q Movement. Did Lil' Boss Hogg confirm a date for his Spring Break? #MarchForOurLives is 3/24.

Sorry for the ignorant question, but where is the data from?

048594 No.511450


interesting anon

84880c No.511451

>>511342 Yeah you're out of your mind! Abbot has been pinging us constantly! Currently trying to circle the wagons to torch Soros activity in TX

f5b4d8 No.511452


Who? Do u recall her name/ vid name? Curious because I'm the only one I've ever seen signing as that here (that I know of).

0e6227 No.511453

No one is above the other

so please stop fagging with your titles

We are all anons

e2dcca No.511454

File: 3c6cb08f8ffa7a3⋯.png (577.88 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-02-27-10-4….png)

File: bb029ae8221b35b⋯.png (203.82 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-02-27-10-4….png)

File: 1631cf888a48d8c⋯.png (192.26 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-02-27-10-4….png)

File: 015ae642c604aeb⋯.png (199.69 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-02-27-10-4….png)

File: f16ce5c6b41ccde⋯.png (227.41 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-02-27-10-4….png)

Apologies if already posted, ran out tovdo chores

096f09 No.511455

Are there any discussions on strategies for countering bots?

0e5514 No.511456


Is that why Q came to 8ch?

8038e1 No.511457

File: 6d93ef51e94ba9f⋯.png (98.06 KB, 1056x816, 22:17, 9A9E35A4-FC61-4AC4-8F26-83….png)




970e7b No.511458


We will get there. Now is not the time.

7c7a44 No.511459


It's possible.

6581f5 No.511460


>This dough is stale.


>IRAN link still dead.

you make no useful suggestions anon

the IRAN link is indeed dead and I could find no replacement in the catalog.

what in particular is wrong with the notable posts section?

7df30e No.511462

The Clowns in America take Reverse Speech seriously:

https:// www.cia.gov/library/readingroom/docs/CIA-RDP96-00792R000500380002-0.pdf

f5b4d8 No.511463



24dc29 No.511464


Is that for the cornwholio?

e2dcca No.511465

File: 61d8e0cdf17d085⋯.png (201.5 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-02-27-10-4….png)

File: 3dfdc9301b6b46f⋯.png (190.92 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-02-27-10-4….png)

File: e056c2d44ee1d4a⋯.png (183 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-02-27-10-4….png)

File: 43b32aca0ad8603⋯.png (178.38 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-02-27-10-4….png)

File: b34275af552e0c7⋯.png (181.27 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-02-27-10-4….png)

b1e062 No.511467


Not true, googled guns for sale and went directly to a page where I could buy an AR-15

3687fa No.511468


My strategy is to _ilter them.

9984dc No.511469

File: 17234d1c1744168⋯.png (107.21 KB, 283x320, 283:320, Screenshot-2018-2-27 Meme ….png)

f255e2 No.511470

Cruz was refusing his meds after turning 18. No wonder they set him up. He would have broke away with a $800,000 inheritance and kissed them all goodbye. Probably taken his bro too.

These people are SICK.

I am glad Trump and team have patience and are genius. . . .not like these immature whining hogglets in here now.

91ad69 No.511471


THANK YOU! Every time I bring this up I am ignored. Someone who 'gets it' Yes, we need to break the connection. Introducing 5G increases their power, It will enslave the world. They use our technology against us. Technology has made them stronger. I call them Dark Parasites.

278dac No.511472


I hit the mute button and only scrubbed through the videos never played them start to finish bad ju ju in the air….

c3f08e No.511473


thank you anon..these tweets are telling an important story

b7dcee No.511474



3m3 minutes ago


BREAKTHROUGH? Scientists Successfully Reverse Alzheimer's In Mice…

oh nancy more cures

f02eb1 No.511475


hi frenz

8038e1 No.511477

File: 7df2148b44b19e0⋯.png (778.65 KB, 809x743, 809:743, B462ED5B-4A22-4154-85B3-1A….png)




3820dc No.511478


they care about controlling the kids and using them

8cb2a5 No.511480

File: a0fb0acdabeb0f9⋯.png (394.78 KB, 670x633, 670:633, Drudge re mice.PNG)


f5b4d8 No.511481


You cannot purchase a complete lower receiver. Literally illegal.

e2dcca No.511483

File: 0803796f7e75543⋯.png (240.01 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-02-27-10-4….png)

File: c8e6fca7a6aa4ae⋯.png (414.62 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-02-27-10-4….png)

c3d709 No.511484

File: a0729412c646be3⋯.jpg (19.67 KB, 320x480, 2:3, 25eln6.jpg)

278dac No.511485

File: 4f19130359f9f9a⋯.png (1.95 MB, 1065x809, 1065:809, shilling.PNG)

3687fa No.511486


They've been curing mice of simulated Alzheimer's disease for 40 years now. Sadly, that does not translate into the human setting.

f02eb1 No.511487



393cf7 No.511488

File: 3eda115ef726976⋯.jpg (33.19 KB, 998x456, 499:228, gun Goog Ban.JPG)


— Confirmed. Now.

Even tried generic & trade name terms, all banned: eg,



ar 15


sig sauer, etc……

0e5514 No.511489

c2fe48 No.511490

You know if the reality we live in is based on lie s told by man ……. How could man be judged ? You will reveal the truth first …. Then Judge man once he knows the truth ….. It’s only fair …

e2dcca No.511491

File: 99d6356b69dce1b⋯.png (1.72 MB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-02-27-10-5….png)

File: 2abf9c7350f82cc⋯.png (1.81 MB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-02-27-10-5….png)

What's with the reflections in this image?

87ccaa No.511492


What a bunch of shit. This is nothing.

552134 No.511493



fbc89d No.511494


Time for duckduckgo

cd5fb7 No.511495

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


If the extrapolation is correct, a majority is awake in June.

"This summer there will be vengeance", predicted in the Pepe first blood meme

31f56a No.511496

I think this poem sums up what's going on right now.

"Must I at length the Sword of Justice draw?

Oh curst Effects of necessary Law!

How ill my Fear they by my Mercy scan,

Beware the Fury of a Patient Man."

Patience fellow anons!

8cb2a5 No.511497


I think the point is big pharma sees the writing on the wall and is setting the stage for announcing the "cure".

86c7e7 No.511499


The pic is from my own search. Is true.

f5b4d8 No.511501


R u new here anon? Q's own post history states it as did the creation of GA. This is not a controversial subject.

0bcf5d No.511502

File: 2ab866efd323448⋯.png (250.47 KB, 1417x875, 1417:875, ClipboardImage.png)


Fuckers didn't catch everything…yet.

8cb2a5 No.511503

f255e2 No.511504

Sadly, the bots like to use the word sadly.

ee21a5 No.511505

File: 49822519b9adb58⋯.png (7.9 KB, 910x430, 91:43, word_spread_proj.png)


I estimate Mach 7


7933e1 No.511506

https:// truepundit.com/florida-emts-say-broward-sheriff-blocked-medics-treating-gunned-students-inside-school/

a79ae1 No.511508


The bot wranglers can be gotten to.. Just remind them how much they suck at their jobs, without burning the (you)..

Point and laugh at them as much as possible; They hate being ineffectual. And they really do suck at their jobs; they convince no one.

If they worked real jobs, they wouldn't last 2 days. It's why they are working where they work. I'm sure if they were capable of doing actual jobs, they would, but they're so stupid no real employer would even want them.

3687fa No.511509


The Map. Just a reasonable conclusion is all. Plus no one saw Tony for a long time. Not sure if he's been spotted lately. Q suggested Huma was cooperating (choice among her career, Hillary and her child - she went with the child).

0e5514 No.511510


You are preaching to the choir amigo.

I see what hive mind is and what it does.

e1e513 No.511513


First 2018.., the 30% of Drain The Swamp.., and the congressmen..,

cf2a81 No.511516



A VA Port Authority Cop arrested for 40 child porn related charges is granted bond wtkr.com/2018/02/23/cop-arrested-for-40-child-porn-related-charges-is-granted-bond/

97326c No.511517

File: 087e8fd6922f07c⋯.jpeg (38.04 KB, 474x457, 474:457, fatpepe.jpeg)


'alpha' dad

bitchy kid

apple don't fall too far from the tree.

I regretfully must say this here to all patriots and like minded people. I will only say this once.

"White people, PLEASE beat your kids." (the RIGHT way)

Seriously if the bitch of a father had any real balls the brat would have turned out far more different. Having a bitch ghey for a kid is damaging in MANY ways, and in the end the 'patriarch' is directly responsible for raising such a fucking queer.

Don't be one of them.

fc9d1d No.511518


Maybe the Witch Hunt refers to HRC and that her trial/test is the water reference.

How do you destroy a witch? Water. Wizard of Oz. We provide the flood of evidence.

Watch the water, Witch.

3687fa No.511520


That would be great but I'm not holding my breath on Alzheimer's disease.

87ccaa No.511522


Everything is planned so many years ahead. We need the information and the truth now, not 20 years from now. How angry the people will be when the truth comes out

9d2f92 No.511524


See this is what enrages me. We have been lied to our whole fucking lives and our generations before us. The government is not our friend. The president is always selected. The two party system is a sham that goes back and forth from dem to repub with us hating one side then the other. This is the simple basic fucking fundementals of being "Woke" as you faggots like to call it. I see people asking where all the true anons are going? Probably back to pol away from getting censored or being called bots or trigger happy BO's banning any disent. You are banning dissent just like fucking commies. People want to see the shilling regardless of its effects. The moment someone else starts deciding what we can see and what is the truth we lose. Q has moved many times because of self righteous faggots who believe they know best.

The concern is real and you burying your head in the sand and screaming Shill Bot is not a fucking argument. You should be glad to ease the concerns of a worried patriot and recruit them to your side with Q graphics and easy to digest side by side infographics right?

That's not what I'm seeing. I'm seeing a bunch of infighting and arguing instead of unity. A concerned patriot needs reassurance. We need to know we are on the right path and not getting larped to the max. Simple proofs assembled like Q said to do is the KEY to keeping the movement going imo. Banning concerned patriots hurts the movement more than letting a shill get a post in. There's a reason you guys had to make a War is messy thread. This is a huge public movement and many, many different people on a million different levels of awareness are coming here. The message cannot be GTFO SHILL. It should be here is your proofs that are undeniable and recent. The few side by sides of the BDT NY connection, Hawaii missile crisis are good but more is needed. I think the clock explanation needs re explained and we need a tutorial in the bread always on how to read the clock explanation and LEARN THE COMMS. It feels like we are so far in yet still haven't learned how to read his crumbs.

t. Not a bot you faggot. You sound like CNN.

b1e062 No.511525


Not a problem in Canada

31f56a No.511526


Silica Water (figi) pulls aluminum out of the body. Aluminum is the adjunct in vaccines and linked to Alzheimer's and autism and has been should to improve reverse symptoms.

c3f08e No.511527

Purim is coming

fbc89d No.511528


We can accelerate it by red pilling NRA members.

Join Gun Boards and do it.

AR-15.com is the largest, and almost no one knows about Q.

One thread, titled SAUDI ARABIAN PURGE…

And its now over 500 pages.

The rest just duh David Hogg threads, duh Trump wants bans, duh MAC is banned….

fab869 No.511530


If you allow them free rein, they tend to swarm everywhere and hijack the bread, not to mention hijacking the dough, as a baker anon pointed out has happened to this bread, and has happened quite frequently previously.

7c7a44 No.511532


Not concernfagging but that is a joke of an article. When I studied pharmacology our professors would announce all the cures in mice and people would get excited but the professor always said…"to bad we not mice." He was Asian so read it again in an Asian voice.

0e5514 No.511533


I am not new. You made a claim. I ask for you to back it up, not for your interpretation but what Q says. This is a discussion not a fight.

672459 No.511535

Plot Thickens: Obama Official Who Helped Steele with Dossier Was Exec at Lobbying Firm for Russians Who Bought Uranium One

NEW YORK — Jonathan M. Winer, the Obama State Department official who acknowledged regularly interfacing with the author of the controversial, largely discredited 35-page anti-Trump dossier, served as senior vice president of a firm that did lobbying work for Tenex, the U.S. subsidiary of Rosatom, the Russian state corporation headquartered in Moscow.

http: //www.breitbart.com/jerusalem/2018/02/27/obama-admin-official-helped-anti-trump-dossier-author-exec-lobbying-firm-russians-bought-uranium-one/

a3d8e8 No.511536


1. my contribution was to let people know that someone needs to figure out why IRAN link is dead. im at work on my cell so thats the best ive got at the moment in this regard, but as i stated i will look into it tonight when i can.

2. here is last good dough i have with dough cleaned up: pastebin.com/jBvw2zQe this came from #616 where i spent time getting rid of the shit the shills tried to mix in.

e6fb53 No.511537

File: d2ad1cd1b1d2184⋯.jpg (403.29 KB, 2048x1024, 2:1, WhatHRCSaid Did1.jpg)

File: a04a87712b8f1f3⋯.jpg (411.62 KB, 2048x1024, 2:1, WhatObamaSaid Did1.jpg)

47fbba No.511538


Hey, nurse. I've had it happen, too.

From what I saw last night, the reason posts were disappearing is because the bad guys were putting hidden code into the page and causing massive DDOS disruptions. There were also some serious threats involved against people here. It wasn't a case of the BO/BV blithely throwing people out of the breads and wiping their posts.

I doubt if the code-throwing has stopped, and that's probably why this happened to you. An appeal should make it right for you.

29a4b7 No.511539

Dems are experts at


These kids = "victims"

Target them? Weaksauce.








Focus on PERPs

Who is GUILTY?

Who are they connected to?






fab869 No.511540


Simply the fact that when I mention bots, you pretend like you have NO IDEA about clown AI, and that any mention of bots is "CNN"– that proves you're a bot. Easily. Anons here are focused on the clowns, they would not play that game, ever. So get out. Humans don't accept you. Out.

1f42f7 No.511542



They KNOW Q!

eb5aff No.511544


I fully expect this to accelerate as bigger and bigger issues are raised/publicized and the shitbird media has to report on it. CNN just tore into Sheriff Asshole which i would never have believed would happen yet. If this Hogg kid is exposed with some other key points, it could go exponential.

552134 No.511545


get distilled water, magnetize it, then put some Himalayan salt in it to put the minerals back in. look up magnetizing water, its amazing when done right.

e55bdc No.511546


1d4b2c No.511548




97696d No.511549


What happened to Emma's hair, and face? MK Ultra unhinged?

fd9b21 No.511551



And if you don't know whether it was BO or BV you should your fucking mouth.

c28f85 No.511552


you can google search yes

go to shopping tab and see if that works for you then

fab869 No.511553


Thank you for your service anon. It's awfully hairy in here atm.

33c88d No.511554


>Just had a thought. I think because we were exactly "getting" the "build/read/follow the map" - Q changed his way of "explaining" it to us… and started the clock analogy. I think they go hand-in-hand.

>Wind the clock, and you will see how the map works.

>Hope that makes sense.

Build the MAP, then WIND the clock in order to properly FOLLOW the MAP. Today we're on November 8th unless anyone can convince me otherwise.

bd5dad No.511555


wonder if i'm a bot when i agree… you forgot

Question everything. from q

but now if ya question a line, you're a bot… reminds me indeed of facebook/twatter.. being banned/censored there too because not following the narrative…

0e5514 No.511556


Future proves past

c3d709 No.511557

File: a700eba6075a779⋯.jpg (18.4 KB, 320x480, 2:3, 25emt2.jpg)

3fd976 No.511558

>>508811 (last bread)


>Sun Tzu something or another tactics:

Let them think they won- they dig a bigger hole for themselves.

>Then get em…

>You can bet your ass that FL is getting revealed.

Q already said to expect the truth about LV.

>I bet the date for a showdown is going to be April Fools day…(Easter also)

>Or the MONDAY after…

April Fools would be the perfect day to announce YUGE news, and GEOTUS does love to troll.

f407e7 No.511560

I think the only major impact of the Trump 2020 announcement is that now he gets to do more public rallies. He can use campaign donations to defray the costs of doing those for better optics.

Great way to rally the base!

7c7a44 No.511561


>Mach 7

Damn that's moving fast.

fc9d1d No.511562


Exhale. They’ve known for a while:

http:// www.dana.org/News/Details.aspx?id=43210

https:// en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Creutzfeldt–Jakob_disease

a3d8e8 No.511563


and to the extent of fixing dough, someone still needs to go thru all bread after #616 and pull ACTUAL notable posts, whats in this dough is good but not complete. as i mentioned several times, these are tasks i will work on when i get to a place where i can.

655dad No.511564

Here's how Cameron Kasky's FATHER Kevin Kasky tie in to Hillary & Haitii…just wow…

https:// digitalempire.wordpress.com/2018/02/25/oy-gevalt-stoneman-douglas-survivors-father-dinged-with-trafficking-republic-of-congo-haiti/

bd5dad No.511565


yup… just ignore and keep digging…

a79ae1 No.511566


Damn.. Really? Well, at least they're consistent.

278dac No.511567

File: 51d435c3a79145a⋯.png (474.06 KB, 1040x904, 130:113, screenshot_52.png)

File: be2ff6efbdf4333⋯.png (90.76 KB, 667x354, 667:354, screenshot_53.png)

File: a89fca38e3f50be⋯.png (75.33 KB, 676x277, 676:277, screenshot_54.png)

File: 89f3482e225f484⋯.png (174.16 KB, 317x378, 317:378, screenshot_55.png)


Hillary Clinton is tied in heavily to Fiji Water through the Resnicks and they are trafficking children out of Fiji the water company is just a front "Watch the Water" and now "Witch Hunt"

(((Lynda Resnick))) is a Witch too!!!

Fiji Water: Spin the Bottle

https:// www.motherjones.com/politics/2009/08/fiji-spin-bottle/

fab869 No.511569


Forcing them to engage in meta-narrative about their own nature at the very least overloads their processing demands. It logically can tend to multiply it exponentially.

Meanwhile, I fully appreciate what you are putting down about images, and if some general strategy were engaged to utilize that approach, I'd be all for it.

We have to try everything we can. This is war.

393cf7 No.511570

File: dd2313021e69b63⋯.jpg (29.35 KB, 941x182, 941:182, GOA banner.JPG)


Don't forget GOA - Gun Owners of America…..

They're actually more consistent….

https:// gunowners.org/

942ce5 No.511571

File: 7fa75e87c5df371⋯.png (267.95 KB, 600x1024, 75:128, Screenshot_2018-02-27-13-4….png)

David Hogg's photography account on Twitter.

Posts from 2015. Talks about MSD High School.

https:// mobile.twitter.com/dmh_photography

294a49 No.511572


Monday the 2nd.

Payback for today.

Payback 4 2 day.

bc76d3 No.511573

http:// www. ny1.com/nyc/all-boroughs/news/2018/02/27/penn-station-suicide-vest-detectors-

7df30e No.511574

This is what opened my eyes back in the 90's. It has a foolish title (too bad-might have been read by more) but was put together by some well known law officers in the militia movements of the 80's-90's. What convinced me was reading the words and plans of the globalists out of their own mouths from public sources. It is still a great read for those just getting started in 'waking up'. It has been a lonely slog the last 25 years. "Operation Vampire Killer 2000" (yeah, this "plan" has been running for decades.

https:// www.lawfulpath.com/ref/vk2k.shtml

6581f5 No.511575


great vid

970e7b No.511576

File: 2aedc48cb02c1da⋯.png (213.13 KB, 549x439, 549:439, Truthstream Media.PNG)


You might want to watch these guys.

Truthstream Media are great on their reports.

Is CERN the Only One?www.youtube.com/watch?v=75H8MZNKDuc

Dark Energy, Black Holes, Other Dimensions? CERN Scientist Sums up What They're Doing at CERN


f18279 No.511577


A president shouldn't campaign throughout his time in office, it's sad. He's lost my vote and we'll see if he earns it back.

cf01bc No.511578

File: 2bd11696f8b22e2⋯.png (17.02 KB, 420x349, 420:349, bank accts.png)


Was looking through some old vids I've stored and ran across this one and brought to mind Q's post and bank accounts. Not sure if this is related but it does bring up some interesting tidbits.

From a whistleblower…

" Speaking at the third Liberty Tour, sponsored by Paul Preston's Agenda 21 Radio on July 11, 2015 former Army intelligence officer and once private contractor to CIA financier Booze, Allen, Hamilton Scott Bennett the author of the book ‘Shell Game” a Military Whistleblowing Report to Congress. stated he gave Rolling Stone reporter Michael Hastings information about Swiss bank accounts which directly implicated former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and President Obama in the formation of I.S.I.S. just prior to Hastings being killed in a suspicious auto accident. Scott explains the true story about the report which prompted Edward Snowden to go public with information about unconstitutional abuses against Americans by the National Security Agency, the Central Intelligence Agency, the Department of Justice and the President of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama."

https:// youtu.be/RU8-bgfR83Q

552134 No.511580

File: 29712591b1b8bb5⋯.jpg (33.46 KB, 480x475, 96:95, pinkfloyde.jpg)


yea they can

97326c No.511581


The compromising began in earnest from late 19th century and began to culminate with the 'lost generation'.

You need to look further back to recover who we once were.

c82cdf No.511582



Intellectually I get that this is how cases are normally prosecuted, slowly working up from the bottom to the the top.

Two flaws, in this case -

1. While she continues to walk the streets, flaunt justice, and maintain the facade, the deep state stays in power (supported by the deluded masses)

2. Everyday they stay in power is a day Trump and others can be assassinated, which could set us back decades

As another anon pointed out, you cant fix a completely corrupt system from within. They are too entrenched at all layers. Hillary walks innocent out of a normal courtroom by a jury, I guarantee it.

7c7a44 No.511583


Seems relevant to me. I just know how anons hate talking about CERN. If only they followed the history before all the portals and demons became the main topic with CERN.

445bbb No.511584


But a natural man does not accept the things of the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness to him; and he cannot understand them, because they are spiritually appraised.

- 1 Corinthians 2:14 (NASB)

8c74ff No.511586

File: e105461cadf5fa3⋯.png (811.95 KB, 1599x763, 1599:763, 8.PNG)

cf2a81 No.511588

Liberal scum continue their downward spiral!!

Ryan Seacrest Accused of ‘Grinding Erect Penis,’ ‘Groping Vagina’ of Former Stylist www.breitbart.com/big-hollywood/2018/02/27/ryan-seacrest-accused-of-grinding-erect-penis-groping-vagina-of-former-stylist/

688096 No.511589


Hogg rehearsal "can't cuss in your lines" Video for anyone who can't find it after deleted

http:// investmentwatchblog.com/nsa-or-q-or-whoever-is-hacking-cnn-and-releasing-hoggwashes-cnn-practice-videos-you-rock/

e2dcca No.511591

Just a big THANK YOU to our brave men and women out there protecting us and fighting to take back our country! Love to you and all anons, Godspeed!

bd5dad No.511592


and what if a trully concerned anon, patriot, is questioning a fact? convincing him that he is wrong (when wrong) could make the movement bigger… another anon supporting the cause is a win… i hear a lot that i'm nutz when talking about things we in here found.. but i try to show them the light… should i stop? because they are bots? when i convince someone that he/she is wrong, i win!

bb7917 No.511593

File: 2458678a94d9c17⋯.jpg (132.03 KB, 960x540, 16:9, witchhunting.jpg)

7c7a44 No.511594


It's cool…I just don't think normies are going to swallow that big of a pill. Start with NAZK/CIA/DARPA/Spying tied to CERN and you can get some traction.

c3d709 No.511595


It can also be used as a test. For example, if someone takes the time to make even one graphic with information on it, it rules out Bots and AI. Then other methods can be used to determine if they are REAL shills, dumb asses, or clueless. We have to learn to adapt if we are going to stay in the game.

4630d1 No.511596



>>511567 Lynda Resnick, The Wicked Witch of Water.

7df30e No.511597

Although NOT very professionally done, this reversal of davxx hoxg gives enough reversals to open a gold mine to a reverse speech professional. Hoxg is revealing a ton of subconscious information here. Heroin/meth in the sheriff's drawer/satan/lines of pussy to be given to hoxg, etc.

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=VWiTzzdxy9A

15f941 No.511598

File: 827df992bdf7174⋯.jpg (197.08 KB, 930x815, 186:163, khazar03_01.jpg)

File: df61334d38cbf28⋯.jpg (127.05 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)

File: d6f83c7f0864f0b⋯.png (168.58 KB, 473x215, 11:5, golda-mier-lbj-twin-kazars….png)

File: 2f92cccb2bf407f⋯.jpg (43.22 KB, 480x360, 4:3, d17baebc6bf71de6a1c14c3a38….jpg)


just replace 'joos' with sabbateans/khazars/masons and you are 100% correct.

655dad No.511599


Cameron Kasky's father, Kevin Kasky is tied in to the Haiti trafficking…

https:// digitalempire.wordpress.com/2018/02/25/oy-gevalt-stoneman-douglas-survivors-father-dinged-with-trafficking-republic-of-congo-haiti/

6581f5 No.511600


thank you fellow baker

I agree that fuckery with the dough has been happening

Unfortunately IRL events have kept me from keeping up.

Last Friday evenings events still have me curious

Did BO find a new night shift BV?

74dc05 No.511601


More hoggfagging.

CIA shill.

bd5dad No.511602


pink floyd :D love it

fab869 No.511603


Absolutely. When in doubt, it can be hard to say who IS a bot– but certain posts can tell you immediately who is NOT, because the range of bot outputs remains rather limited and predictable, and humans are endlessly creative.

c82cdf No.511604


You are missing the primary point of what he's doing, which is setting up a political machine that can support Patriots in the 2018 election.

It's an alternative to the GOP, so that the party can't continue to elect establishment loyalists.

He's basically setting up the LION party, without admitting to that.

d9d2fb No.511605


CNN wants to manage their exposure by misdirecting to Chief Scott.

They are deep into this FF.

Go after CNN instead of this nothing robot Hogg.

CNN is getting responses and distractions thru this "squirt".

122ed9 No.511606

File: 5b77c225080a332⋯.jpg (96.03 KB, 1119x1200, 373:400, DXD_EpUWAAAfX7l.jpg)

File: a46e4f23f624dd4⋯.jpg (118.97 KB, 675x1200, 9:16, DXD_F7vWsAAhEki.jpg)

File: dd8e4ab558bf0ed⋯.jpg (64.56 KB, 675x1200, 9:16, DXD_FT6X0AABhV8.jpg)

File: 4fe55d089a94d70⋯.jpg (112.71 KB, 1119x1200, 373:400, DXD_ywjW4AE3hWg.jpg)

File: acac6c707305e14⋯.jpg (28.45 KB, 675x1200, 9:16, DXD_zexW0AAWhBa.jpg)

Past proves future


27m27 minutes ago


Should I show you another way to read the #Qmap ? Or are we not ready yet?

https:// twitter.com/B754344255/status/968554392285687808

a3d8e8 No.511607



Lord our Father God in heaven, I come to you to ask for protection and clarity for those placing themselves directly in harms way for Your good to be done. I ask for you to keep us safe and bring these patriots home to their families.

In Jesus name, amen.

f41cb4 No.511608


"shane crawford" stands out like a sore thumb

"mark taylor"

b2d3b5 No.511609


Sure..you can buy them online..but they have to be delivered to a Fully licensed dealer and you need to go there and meet your state requirements to actually take possession of the firearm.

7df30e No.511610

The Clowns take Reverse Speech seriously. Do a search on clownIA and Reverse Speech by david john oates. It is open source in their own db.

0e5514 No.511611


Keep pushing. Do not expect validation. Ultimately, if the house is on fire and you have been yelling Fire there comes a time when you choose to save yourself.

122ed9 No.511612

File: 054bf8bb217a96f⋯.jpg (87.56 KB, 936x607, 936:607, DXD9gU4XcAAodLU.jpg)

File: 8bf724d003c9ec5⋯.jpg (78.48 KB, 1119x1200, 373:400, DXD-WeiVMAA1H9n.jpg)

File: 323b07e9aac91b2⋯.jpg (113.97 KB, 675x1200, 9:16, DXD-X0wV4AAIEkV.jpg)

e18f1b No.511613


>hm bots are a problem they want to waste our time

<spends his time chasing who are bots or not


cf2a81 No.511614

>>511535 BIG!!!!!

Obama Admin Official Who Helped Anti-Trump Dossier Author Was Exec at Lobbying Firm for Russians Who Bought Uranium One

NEW YORK — Jonathan M. Winer, the Obama State Department official who acknowledged regularly interfacing with the author of the controversial, largely discredited 35-page anti-Trump dossier, served as senior vice president of a firm that did lobbying work for Tenex, the U.S. subsidiary of Rosatom, the Russian state corporation headquartered in Moscow.

In 2010, Rosatom infamously purchased a controlling stake in Uranium One, the Canadian uranium mining company with operations in the U.S. The purchase was approved by the Obama administration in a decision that is currently being probed by the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence.

In a statement to Breitbart News, APCO Worldwide, where Winer served as senior vice president from 2008 to 2013, denied that the firm’s work for Rosatom’s subsidiary Tenex was related to the purchase of Uranium One or to the acquisition of uranium in general. Instead, APCO said its work for Tenex, which took place in 2010 and 2011, focused on sales of fuel to the U.S. energy market. APCO also denied that Winer did any work related to Tenex.


7e949d No.511616


>>509980 Mel Gibson Hollywood studios are drenched in the blood of innocent children

that is a yournewswire source which is not a credible source. would want only credible sources in the bread just so we don't get hit on that.

552134 No.511618

a7e1ee No.511619


Isn't it amazing that the lefties and MSM think this is their perfect poster-girl to speak to America? Most people take one look at her and shudder.

63f77d No.511620


Bud's Gun Shop, Lexington, Kentucky.

7c7a44 No.511621


Why are you sharing the fake B account LARP?

278dac No.511622


Remember when POTUS took sips out of a Fiji water bottle gripping it with two hands like he was handcuffed….

It was a direct message to the Resnick's


https:// youtu.be/L4WYD4djFag

Drinking problem: Trump has awkward water moment

https:// youtu.be/0tkyqjvMrnU

c3d709 No.511623


Right. So a tactic we could use would be to ask the suspected bot to post a graphic with something unique on it.

558ddb No.511624


Kekitty KEK!

f18279 No.511625


Like where you're going with this anon but I don't see enough evidence to believe it yet - especially if the guy leading the campaign is from Facebook who's built a career out of greed, deception and the exploitation of people for profit.

527eb6 No.511627


Everyday they stay in power is a day Trump and others can be assassinated, which could set us back decades

My bigger concern is Obam. He's openly operating a campaign of undermining Trump.

fc9d1d No.511628


Poetic justice. Water will destroy the witches?

Water will be their undoing.

3687fa No.511629


That's a good find. Didn't POTUS make a point of drinking FIJI water at the podium once?

d47524 No.511630


Have you heard of flokka? I'll take fentanyl any day compared to that shit.

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=JL4lNrrDmDE

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=BMJMujPoa4Y

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=G8Z3d-dlRjQ&t=507s

c2fe48 No.511631

Control vs Non Control……… I am from the North and moved down South ….. Became a Prepper …Met some good ole boys 5 years back who were awake. Who were selling hay ….. Got to talking about History and mentioned the Great Depression ….. How the People in Cities were on Bread and Soup lines ….. This good ole Boy said I asked my Grandma about the Great Depression and she said ….What Great Depression ?? You see His Grandmas life had zero effect …. She got up and milked the Cows gathered the eggs and retrieved their water from the well and life went on with no interruptions …… Who is Controllable ? The City folk or The Farmer ? Cities are enslavement camps … All the immigrants brought in from the early 1900s went to Big Cities ..Coincidence ? My Grandma has terrible stories o& the Great Depression ….. SLAVES !

a3d8e8 No.511632


I haven't seen confirmation, but I dont think that would be on here anyway.

552134 No.511633


yes, scary shit

fab869 No.511634


Certainly. And if it became a practice that was adopted at large, it could serve as a general prophylactic.

91ad69 No.511635

HUGE RedPill

https:// www.bitchute.com/video/mye33a9qdLA/

655dad No.511636


If that's all it took to lose your vote, you were never really with him to start with. So he can't "multi-task", so to speak? They ALL continually "campaign", or haven't you noticed?

82f68f No.511638

File: 43445963b0b7f74⋯.jpg (163.8 KB, 960x960, 1:1, crit_mass.jpg)


Nice graphic anon.

278dac No.511639

c3d709 No.511640



84880c No.511641


It was noted here earlier that he used both hands for symbolic reasons - to show "they" are in his hands - swallowing the water was symbolic of consuming or destroying them

c82cdf No.511642


>My bigger concern is Obam. He's openly operating a campaign

True - and same issue. There isn't a jury in America that will find him guilty, regardless of the evidence. So how do you prosecute him?

2263b7 No.511644


Everything has meaning

048594 No.511645


We've seen so much material about mkultra and programming. Has anyone learned anything about deprogramming? Is there any way we can help victims? I believe someone in my life has been affected by this and would like to help.

fab869 No.511646


Another idea I had is to develop new lingos. In particular, ones that maximize allusion and connotation. But just new lingo in general will be torture for bots, and comparatively easy for humans to pick up.

274a9b No.511647


You are deluded if you think the deep state is still in power. They are slipping from power and each time they reach out to grab for support it is either gone or too weak to pull them back up to where they want to be.

As they slip from power, small vacuums are created here and there which can be filled by patriots. By the time the deep state is gone, patriots will be in full control and things will be GLORIOUS

ac2bba No.511648

File: 7d73bad8124da6a⋯.png (262.7 KB, 417x677, 417:677, Screen Shot 2018-02-27 at ….png)

558ddb No.511649


Waste water almond farms

Cali water privatization, WaterFix schemes

Corrupt Dem donations

Supporting Fiji military junta

Trafficking and human rights abuses in Fiji

The (un)Wonderful Company

655dad No.511650


In the words of Q;

Those who cannot understand that we cannot simply start arresting w/o first ensuring the safety & well-being of the population, shifting the narrative, removing those in DC through resignation to ensure success, defeating ISIS/MS13 to prevent fail-safes, freezing assets to remove network-to-network abilities, kill off COC to prevent top-down comms/org, etc etc. should not be participating in discussions.



4e4ca3 No.511651

File: a30b418cc250fcd⋯.jpg (558.67 KB, 709x3937, 709:3937, 2018-02-27_11-46-56.jpg)

This guy is building a MAP. Sorry for the shitty screenshots, but watch the video and he explains each of these slides.

Fucking amazing.

Part 1: Kevin Shipp, CIA Officer Exposes the Shadow Government

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=rQouKi7xDpM

pt 2

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=xO-mcduYCEA

c3d709 No.511652


That is a great idea.

f18279 No.511653


He got my vote because I didn't think he was a politician like "all" of them that you mention. But power ALWAYS corrupts.

0e5514 No.511654


Military tribunal

State of Emergency allows MI primacy of intelligence and triggers the tribunals.

GITMO expansion

552134 No.511655


but fentanyl is not for pain, it puts u out. just a matter of how out. either asleep or dead.

thats why hospice uses it. no difference between dr cavorkian and hospice.

they just overdose your loved ones.

91ad69 No.511656


AND Gets free press so it just spread the message that much further. Our President is brilliant. I love watching him speak and catching little things he says that most 'normies' would never understand, but we do, don't we. I kinda like that

ed004f No.511657


The more i find out, the worse the world looks. I'm past being red pilled and likely black pilled. The world is shitty and what can i do to make it better. I've red pilled many and many have acted like i'm crazy. I'm about to drop out of this fight and tune out and take the blue pill.

c096a7 No.511659


People will leave these platforms for other ones in a heartbeat if it starts becoming trendy… but to what end? We need to move to somewhere that won’t quickly be bought and corrupted by giggle or fakebook.

c82cdf No.511661

File: 0d200fbec71c854⋯.png (113.92 KB, 500x698, 250:349, we-are-the-lion-22309644.png)



I don't mind someone willing to fight dirty.

3687fa No.511663


Thanks. The "handcuffs" hadn't registered on me before. POTUS is a master troll.

bd5dad No.511664


was just typing the same.. military tribunal.. but will we know it when that happens?

fab869 No.511666


Truth anon. It is hard to say how much real world power is still in their grip, but you can tell that the momentum is irresistible, and that it is all falling apart quickly. I just pray they don't pull any evil tricks out of their bag on the way down…

942ce5 No.511667


Focus on BROWARD County

1. Esteban Santiago (said govt. was controlling his mind) flies from ALASKA to shoot up airport there…why?

2. Sheriff's office connection with CPS

3. DWS district?

4. One of the deaths in Newport, CA helicopter crash that worked for The Standard lived there.

5. Involvement with CAIR

6.. What else?…..DIG!

Q, if you're watching, a little direction on this would be much appreciated!

Are we on the right trail with BROWARD?

cd0dfc No.511668


Nice share, anon. I've not seen this before, though I've been digging for a long time. I figured out the 'vampire' part around the middle of 2014. For a while I wondered if I might be going crazy with that bit, but sadly…. (oops, I said 'sadly'… perhaps I am a bot, kek).

In 2014, my intuitions were showing all sorts of red flags related to Atlanta, GA (home of the CDC). Perhaps I should try to get back to what I was thinking and digging into around that time. Sheesh. We've come a loooong way since 2014.


558ddb No.511669


EMDR and a lot of years…?

6d8165 No.511670

File: ac4f198e17e6cba⋯.png (328.11 KB, 1807x1026, 1807:1026, ClipboardImage.png)



Works fine in Canadistan

a639f3 No.511671


Treason in court ? WTF ? Military enemy of the State & Fuck her !

Anons question everything thats why were here…. but fuck arrest anybody !

e1e513 No.511672


He must to understand that It Needs the Congress for This year, a good president always has a good base for begin.., I imagine that Potus must be preparing his candidates..

393cf7 No.511673

File: 164084e35de68e7⋯.jpg (48.67 KB, 992x414, 496:207, donald-trump-sips-water-01….jpg)


Very intentional if you watch the clip.

Upon returning from his Asia trip last Fall…..

Two handed — as in arrested w/ handcuffs.

91ad69 No.511674

File: 1787aa6dc7c358c⋯.jpg (204.42 KB, 696x928, 3:4, TrumpMAGA.jpg)

7e949d No.511676


the great depression was created by the elite Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Vanderbilts etc to steal the money from the wealthy and create slave labor. they are sick. When you get down to it thats was it all was about. its time these elites were exterminated.

d6ec28 No.511678

ac52e9 No.511679

File: f051cb4d8f7f40b⋯.jpg (189.51 KB, 637x443, 637:443, apocalypse.jpg)

I'm not sure if this is important/solved. Just a hunch… Don't the NK apocalypse mural city and the city (HK or whatever) flight pic look kind of similar?

0e5514 No.511680


Of course I don't know the answer. However, the State of Emergency EO didn't happen without a reason. I am content to assume there is furious activity below the surface even though the ducks appear calm.

0ae466 No.511681


Every war has a battle and these kids are the tip of their spear right now. All need exposure. Friend who is not redpilled posted about crisis actor today. We are making a difference in narrative and the MSM knows it.

558ddb No.511682


Hamze is also affiliated with terrorist IS (renamed ISW).

cbc55d No.511683

Former President Bill Clinton told a federal court on Friday that he'd like to weigh in on whether sealed documents from his 1998 grand jury investigation should be released to the public.

Clinton's lawyer said Friday that his client would like to be part of the unsealing case so he can "present his position" about the records of his own grand jury subpoena and other court complaints at the time, including a grand jury leak investigation.

It's likely the judge will allow Clinton to take part in CNN's matter, given that she invited those who had been involved in the original subpoenas to weigh in and CNN and the Justice Department don't oppose Clinton's request.

https:// www.cnn.com/2018/02/16/politics/bill-clinton-federal-court-lewinsky-investigation/index.html

552134 No.511684

a drug just as scary as flokka is devils breath.

they can just blow it in your face and tell u to do anything and u will do it. fuccckkkk

944026 No.511685


I think so…the parkland shooting has been enlightening in that it directed attention there

Its got it all in Broward…

a93a7f No.511686


Why does he keep drinking Fiji water?

6581f5 No.511687


It was a VERY public announcement and conversation in that thread.

OH well…

tis not ours to know exactly why

dubito ergo cogito ergo sum

29a4b7 No.511688

File: 6a1dac374650892⋯.png (4.77 KB, 326x90, 163:45, 1fh4dkef21323f89ngt62.png)

711c3e No.511689



Lynda Resnick and her husband Stewart have been criticized for their role in growing water-intensive nut tree crops (a single almond requires more than one US gallon [3.8 l] of water[35]) in the Central Valley, mainly for export,[36] during California's ongoing drought. According to Forbes Magazine: "Their oasis has plenty of water, the result of relentless opportunism that has given their orchards access to more water than nearly any other farm during the worst drought on record in California’s history. The Resnicks use at least 120 billion gallons [450 million m3] a year, two-thirds on nuts, enough to supply San Francisco’s 852,000 residents for a decade. They own a majority stake in the Kern Water Bank, one of California’s largest underground water storage facilities, which they got fairly but sagely from the government 20 years ago. It is capable of storing 500 billion gallons [1.9 billion m3] of water. They have also spent at least $35 million in recent years buying up more water from nearby districts to replenish their supplies."[37]

At the same time as exporting almonds to Asia and other locations, they import Fiji bottled water from the South Pacific. Again according to Forbes: "Regarding their water business in Fiji, they have been vilified as greedy capitalists for hogging the archipelago’s precious water supply. They bought Fiji Water in 2005 and started pumping out and bottling millions of pricey water bottles from a pristine aquifer. Meanwhile island natives didn’t always have water to drink themselves, due to crumbling and insufficient infrastructure."[37]

In addition their claims for the POM pomegranate drink have been contested. Forbes: "The Federal Trade Commission filed a complaint in 2010 that the Resnicks’ POM Wonderful had used deceptive advertising when marketing the antioxidant-rich drink as being able to treat, prevent or reduce the risk of heart disease, prostate cancer and erectile dysfunction. In 2012 a federal judge agreed that some of the ads were misleading. In 2013 FTC commissioners denied the Resnicks’ appeal. In October of this year the Resnicks asked the Supreme Court to take the case."[37] In May 2016 the Supreme Court declined to take the case.[38]

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lynda_Resnick

980984 No.511690

IQ test for the autists.

This was posed to me earlier & I'm thinking I see the underlying train of thought, but it seems too easy as far as the how & why goes. Is it as easy as I believe?

What if the Q team activity was not what it claimed to be, Instead, it was psyop (w/ or w/o POTUS approval/support), with the purpose of destroying Christian (or religious) belief.

Find the train of thought that could suggest to someone that this is a possibility.

(The one posing the question is trying to attribute Q posts to something other than patriotism and desire to save America. But the person is also a true conspiracy NUT, I'm talking flat earth alien abduction type. So now I'm trying to think up conspiracies and psyops that could fit with Q posts as well. Not getting far!)

bd5dad No.511691


yup, it was for that reason imo… it appears so…

a79ae1 No.511692


It's funny, in an unfunny way.. Every few days clown/bot spotting tips get posted here..

But nobody actually seems to follow the advice.. they really should..

655dad No.511693


Yes, Military tribunal.

5d9cc5 No.511694


One of the things that Fiji has in it's corner is it's silic acid content which washes out metal in the body.

There are other brands which have a higher (.35 mG) of silica, but you have to dig for them.

048594 No.511695


We've seen so much material about mkultra and programming. Has anyone learned anything about deprogramming? Is there any way we can help victims? I believe someone in my life has been affected by this and would like to help.

ac2bba No.511696


Good point. Here's an interview w/Parscale. He discusses how FB, Google, etc. had embeds in the campaign (previously vetted Rs).


33c88d No.511697



>was just typing the same.. military tribunal.. but will we know it when that happens?

4 possible ways. Conservative media, Q drop, Trump Tweet, or - not likely - MSM.

7c7a44 No.511698


I posted this video a few days ago. Couple of anons didn't like it but overall he is hitting the nails…

9d2f92 No.511699


I hear you but the impatience is not for wanting the top dogs dealt with. It is as simple as knowing there are literal babies and children being raped and murdered every day. Seeing human trafficking arrests linked to the organizations we have been researching (Red cross, white helmets, UN Relief) is all it takes to assure the impatient ones. False flags like this school shooting taking more precedence than Las Vegas is criminal. I mean the average fucking person I tell that Stephen Paddock was dead before the shooting occurred goes "Wow he couldn't of done it then huh?" Cue talk about random life problems and ignore the conversation. They see the cabal still scoring wins and it isn't reassuring. I believe the fear is being stoked because of this bill that is being put forth today. The fucking internet censorship bill is what they should call it. It would be a huge win for anyone with dictatorship in their dreams. And Trump isn't real big about dismantling our spy network. Trump is all about big military big USA power. Fine and dandy but Trump won't be in office forever and the rules he used to circumvent the cabal can easily fall into the wrong hands.

I understand the need for false flags and documentation of their crimes. But if Palantir and all those programs are like they say they are.. they already have everything. It has a GPS lock on every agent they use, every infiltrator, every little shill on the payroll and the funds and connections that have it. All they would have to do is come out and say "Hey we found out the CIA had this immense spy network set up and was toppling governments illegally beyond Congress' power and authority of the Executive office." Palantir or whatever it is called now have EVERYTHING. This is how the NSA knows everything.

0e5514 No.511701


This is an oblique reference but remember the places that were involved with overthrowing Castro/Kennedy assassination.

Miami and its surroundings

New Orleans and its surroundings

Dallas, etc

Spook cities

23f88c No.511702


yes, but you wont like the answer, you need to realize it yourself, and see how you were tricked, and also learn the real truth, and keep going until one snaps out of the mind control,

Water is flat, yet you believe water can form into a spinning ball, planes fly level, yet you believe when you fly to the other side you are upside down without knowing it, you think you are spinning faster then the speed of sound, yet, not a hair on your head is moved on a real calm day without wind

get the point? the programmed rejection is apart of the same programming that is making one believe in something that is not even true

that is why your need to research FE for yourself, as no matter what anyone says, you will reject the simple to see truth until you actually learn for yourself the real truth by doing your own experaments

47fbba No.511703


Just telling what I saw. It was BV, as I recall. And s/he absolutely said that hidden code they were putting in was causing a DDOS and that physical threats were hidden in the code.

Pretty divisive of you to cuss out other anons who are trying to be helpful to others.

527eb6 No.511704


I've given that a lot of thought for months going over every scenario and keep coming back to how it could be done that stops them from destroying us all. Even seriously considered having them all assassinated to stop them spreading their poison. But, then my thoughts get back to better the devil you know. Do we know who's lurking in the Obam shadows who's even more dangerous than he is?

I am absolutely confident that Q & co. have left no stone unturned and are doing everything in its right time. I imagine them being like a swan. To us it looks like a slow nothing is being done, in the mean time under the water (where we can't see) the legs and feet are working at full speed!

8e0148 No.511705

Idea for David Hogg Memes: Top one of his lines and in the bottom in large caps font "HOGG SHIT!"

69ebfa No.511706

File: 96c9a96b594302d⋯.jpg (41.96 KB, 497x292, 497:292, q.jpg)

Jan 19 2018 16:53:00

Why are we here?

Why are we providing crumbs?

Think MEMO.


Not convinced this is spreading?

You, the PEOPLE, have THE POWER.

You, the PEOPLE, just forgot how to PLAY.


APART you are weak.












This is more important than you can imagine.


Thank you F&F!


AT&T>No Such Agency [contract].

AT&T>GOOG/FB/etc. 'prevent unfair censorship' PUSH.

Internet Bill of Rights.


This somehow got lost #InternetBillOfRights

we are losing Frontline members everyday to censorship

There are Ytubers who have Tens of thousands even hundreds of thousands of members

who have not yet been censored

we need to get them to push for #InternetBillof Rights

Get there subscribers to sign the petition

when it reaches 100,000 Potus has to address the issue.

We must all come togetherytubers,twatters,facebook,all social media to win this battle.

we must have a concentrated focused attack

We have until March 7th

Lets see how good an army we really are

Remember the ….. Release the memo

We can do this- Nothing is impossible



https:// petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/american-internet-bill-rights

#1. We The People have the Right to complete free speech when on the Internet.

#2. We have the right and shall be guaranteed absolute privacy when online. There shall be no unauthorized monitoring, recording, or storing of our data at any time.

#3. We shall be given access to the most up to date and powerful technology available to us, with all provisions & efforts made by our elected officials to ensure that our Internet quality is always reflective of its importance to our Republic.

#4. We have the Right to NOT have our Internet throttled, prioritized, or restricted in any way.

#5. We have the Right to select and appoint a new special council to oversee these Rights, and a report on the State of The American Internet shall be submitted to POTUS by January 15th of each calendar year.

552134 No.511707


i wrote a thesis when i was a teen about replacing bad memory with good until all bad is gone.

reprogram basically

655dad No.511708


Trump was pretty powerful before he ever ran for pres. So by your statement, he was already "corrupt". Sorry, I don't agree.

278dac No.511709


The Resnicks are fNazi's and water whores!

91ad69 No.511710


you have to start at the bottom and work up or the whole thing is a waste of time, some of us have waited decades for this. Q started in October and people are whining, HURRY UP! Trump has to not only get the cabal out but also let people see and demand change in FBI, crooked government, etc, If the People demand it then it's broke and no one can try to stop change, Dems are so good at that. This is how we get rid of that bad and insert the good without Trump getting push back from dems. He has to break it all down, destroy their credibility to build it back up, The same with schools, medical, infrastructure, everything…. Break it all drown so we can build it back up.

a639f3 No.511711

WAS Cruz tested for Gunpowder ? ?

I can't find anything on it…..

c096a7 No.511713


I wish I could scream from the rooftops that the normies are waking up. I’ve spoken to probably 10 or so black people about this recently, and not a single one pushed back much against the idea that the shooting was a FF, that Hillary was evil, and believe it or not, that Hussein was a fraud.


sorry for yelling.

5d9cc5 No.511714


I can see the water at least as an element that deprograms people, and wards off the spells, i.e. Baptism by Water/Holy Water.

bb7917 No.511715


Like most here, I want to see high-profile arrests so bad I can taste it. But they got to make sure they have all their ducks in a row before pulling the trigger. Because once they do, they're committed. No turning back. The dominoes will start to fall and nothing will stop them. Even under the best scenario, I believe the disruption to our society will be substantial, one that we don't fully appreciate. The stakes are high and we get only one shot at this.

d6ec28 No.511717


its not comped. anyone who wants to can come here and post as usual. people are sick of nothing happening and leaving. others are acting like average frustrated people.

less bots than you think. its mostly just pissed off and frustrated anons.

558ddb No.511718

File: 22017b60c643434⋯.jpeg (70.95 KB, 908x1243, 908:1243, BD53BF25-0D1A-44B9-A312-D….jpeg)

7c7a44 No.511719

File: 3342936e60bb87f⋯.jpg (77.66 KB, 660x528, 5:4, Shdilay brother free kekis….jpg)


Checkkkkkkkkekkkkkkk'd devil is in the digits.

d0bdf6 No.511720


A greasy lens. Needs to be cleaned.

bd5dad No.511721


They want you DIVIDED.

How can some be so blind?

Help them wake up.

Estimated 20mm reached.

Question everything.


question everything…

but i can't reach a single one at this point… censored/purged/banned.. done… no more fb or twatter … difficult to reach others when they take ya out…

but nice call to arms ;-)

24746e No.511723


Just spit out my water on that one!

Thanks needed the laugh.

c440a0 No.511724


She is a small fish if you think about the scope worldwide. If Q really is playing for keeps and taking it all down, HC seems like a major player in the US, but the US is just used to do most of the dirty deeds and isn't the hub of power, very few of the really powerful people live here in the really grand scope of it all.

ac2bba No.511725


Truth is rising. Great news!

fab869 No.511726


Absosmurfly spot-on anon. There will be unraveling. This is one of the biggest things to ever happen in history– probably THE biggest, given the nature of the current world.

558ddb No.511727


Stop municipal water fluoridation.

552134 No.511728


shes not too small of a fish

look at her ww fracking deals

8b04e4 No.511729

File: fe3976544335233⋯.png (249.28 KB, 1771x1077, 1771:1077, petitiontime.png)

File: 946950d2c8c71b4⋯.png (216.85 KB, 1338x1042, 669:521, MakeHarambeGreatAgain.png)


dude, ive been trying to say this for 26 days

people are not willing to play the game

cd0dfc No.511730


On your feet, anon. There is no blue pill that can reverse the red pill. Fight Fight Fight. There's no going back, and failure is not an option. So, take a break if you need one, but fight on. It's what you came her to do, right?

9984dc No.511731

File: 38378052d6a6148⋯.png (363.44 KB, 490x367, 490:367, Screenshot-2018-2-27 Meme ….png)

c3d709 No.511733


Give this anon a star!

74dc05 No.511734


Stop the emmafagging

655dad No.511735


KASKY-KASKY-KASKY- Y'all are missing that Cameron Kasky's FATHER Kevin Kasky & his so called adoption agency is TIED IN TO THE HAITI TRAFFICKING RING…

We need to focus on KASKY, not the Hogg idiot.

https ://digitalempire.wordpress.com/2018/02/25/oy-gevalt-stoneman-douglas-survivors-father-dinged-with-trafficking-republic-of-congo-haiti/

e1e513 No.511736


Ask Yourself.., why BHO has the total control in the US., in his first period?.., he has the Congress And Senate.., for that, BHO was quietly destroying everything.., and Also for the SCOTUS and the DOJ.., Remove 8 years impunity carries times..

I imagine that Potus will do a national tour for to promote his Candidates..

a639f3 No.511737



that would start a fire !

18a6fd No.511738


Well said, anon.

7e949d No.511739


ooooohhhhhhh, nice. man they played themselves on this SAD. they ARE stupid.

Tony Podesta’s lobbying firm, the Podesta Group, represented the Russian-owned company Uranium One during former President Barack Obama’s administration and did not register under the Foreign Agents Registration Act, The Daily Caller News Foundation has determined.

Podesta collected lobbying fees of $180,000 from Uranium One, according to the non-partisan Center for Responsive Politics, that discloses lobbying documents filed with Congress. The uranium company states on its web site it is a “wholly owned subsidiary” of RUSANO, the Russian State Corporation for Nuclear Energy.

http:// dailycaller.com/2017/11/05/tony-podesta-lobbied-for-russias-uranium-one-and-did-not-file-as-a-foreign-agent/


George Webb: https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wx19GgZPqxU

if you are a fan. i am on the fence with him but he does do thorough investigation.

and this is where the p e l i c a n went off the rail… dare i bring that up.


The Times pointed out that when a company controlled by the Chinese government sought a 51 percent stake in a tiny Nevada gold mining operation in 2009, it set off a secretive review process in Washington. Officials were worried about the mine’s proximity to a military installation and the possibility that minerals at the site, including uranium, to come under Chinese control.

The U.S. officials killed the deal.

Schweizer pointed out that when the Uranium One deal was under way, “a spontaneous outbreak of philanthropy among eight shareholders in Uranium One” took place.

“These Canadian mining magnates decide now would be a great time to donate tens of millions of dollars to the Clinton Foundation,” he said.

The national security issue at stake in the Uranium One deal was not primarily about nuclear weapons proliferation but about American dependence on foreign uranium sources.

Read more at http:// www.wnd.com/2017/03/russia-scandal-inside-the-obama-clinton-uranium-deal/#B5GEHFAvbKHyII0U.99

558ddb No.511740



5d9cc5 No.511741


#6 the right to collaborate, and sustain networks without intervention, prescription, or prejudice.

(i.e. any networks created or accumulated shouldn't be targeted as enemies of the state… "freedom of assembly)

Basically, the internet should echo the constitution. Internet reality should coincide with material reality.

5d9cc5 No.511743

278dac No.511744

File: 06dfeec13f18091⋯.png (45.3 KB, 629x484, 629:484, screenshot_56.png)


The Resnick's use more water than ALL Los Angeles homes combined!!!

cd0dfc No.511745


Sure, but she's still just a tool. The real power players stay out of sight.

393cf7 No.511746







bd5dad No.511747


if this purge on conservatives & patriots goes on, there wont be much support online for the elections by patriots… all of us will be censored or called russian bots…

048594 No.511748

File: 68f439d15125015⋯.png (190.06 KB, 742x499, 742:499, Screen Shot 2018-02-27 at ….png)


Crazy story if you dig on it. Aspy kid taking meds. Robs a bank with no gun. Leaves, throws money into the air and gets naked. Sounds like they were testing the limits of what they could do.

6581f5 No.511749

File: 2cbc4407eecafb3⋯.jpg (355.08 KB, 761x594, 761:594, cherryM1.jpg)

5d9cc5 No.511750



Also, stop penalizing people who collect water, and want to use their own water.

8e0148 No.511751


HoggWarts top kek! Be a meme gential warts with david hoggs face photoshoped on each wart lmao.

672459 No.511752

Is HRC still wearing a boot?

97326c No.511753

File: 49b73d6224e5792⋯.jpg (14.29 KB, 212x238, 106:119, christcheck.jpg)


MSM paints a FALSE picture of the situation, and they are deluding themselves that they have any degree of persuasion left. Case in point: Bringing out this 'hogg' queer to 'advocate' for anything.

Typical end for liars.

(((they))) are driven by motivations that run contrary to NATURAL LAW. FEAR rules their emotions, submissive attitudes and generally cuckish mentality is how they live.

No wonder normal people find them disgusting and repulsive.

Do not allow these liars and pussies to raise their voices. Stomp their mouths into the dirt (figuratively, for now).


cd0dfc No.511754


Thanks. That's the sort of encouraging news I like to hear. :-)

4e4ca3 No.511755


Why didn't they llike it? Cuz he trashes the NSA a bit too?

552134 No.511756


look up devils breath or scopolamine

8cb2a5 No.511757

File: 545b3f38f5237f2⋯.png (460.37 KB, 638x819, 638:819, Cannon re 45 calls.PNG)

File: 1865cf7c0c327ac⋯.png (58.84 KB, 873x398, 873:398, Axios 45 calls.PNG)


CNN says 45 calls

Sheriff says 23

I say CNN took the bait

9984dc No.511759

File: 2be4bf2301423f0⋯.jpeg (1.6 MB, 2560x2560, 1:1, q.jpeg)

5d9cc5 No.511760




Also, deregulate energy companies from holding energy monopolies on whole regions.

1164d3 No.511761



427d71 No.511762


It's true… I'm frustrated after following this for 4 months now. I'm not giving up and I don't think others are too but, nothing happens. Free speech is getting banned left & right on youtube. We're being silenced POTUS get's attacked and we sit with huggies on… Trust the plan I know…

0e5514 No.511763

File: b68ab3ce9ff1ae3⋯.jpeg (36.04 KB, 888x499, 888:499, image.jpeg)

5d9cc5 No.511764


i want this as a window sticker on my van.

c3d709 No.511766


If it makes you feel any better, I'm with you on that. Many others, too.

63b0d5 No.511767

They thought they had 8 years with Hillary to gradually take your guns. Now they know it's now or never so here comes the push, expect more FF's and more pressure. They never thought she would lose.

00beef No.511769

File: 34918143c34affd⋯.png (203.08 KB, 735x832, 735:832, ClipboardImage.png)


Im researching the Liddle foundation and found this kinda interesting looking MAP. Does this ring any bells for anyone?

278dac No.511770

File: 122c296e01f3886⋯.png (431.6 KB, 942x906, 157:151, screenshot_57.png)



Oligarch Valley: How Beverly Hills billionaire farmers (((Lynda and Stewart Resnick))) profit from the (((Iran sanctions))) they lobbied for

Beverly Hills agri-billionaires Lynda and Stewart Resnick are the newest and oddest landlords in California’s Oligarch Valley. You might not recognize the name, but you’ve certainly seen their luxury (((Fiji Water))) bottles at your local 7-Eleven, or maybe you’ve seen Palin family dropout Levi Johnston hawking the Resnicks’ Paramount brand pistachio nuts on TV. If nothing else, you’ve eaten their Sunkist oranges….

http:// mondoweiss.net/2013/07/oligarch-valley-how-beverly-hills-billionaire-farmers-lynda-and-stewart-resnick-profit-from-the-iran-sanctions-they-lobbied-for/

62b353 No.511771

File: 1e2e4287f0ba371⋯.jpg (278.73 KB, 1024x1280, 4:5, IBOR 25-2-18.jpg)

War Room URGENT request

Jewtuube keeps kicking of channels.

Jerome corsi has a 60 day live stream strike, info wars 2 strikes, Anti-school GONE, David Seaman GONE, and many many more,

please SIGN the petition and SPREAD it allover and everywhere. we can have this done in ONE day if we all give it a bit of efforts. RT directly to ppl with large followings.

Please use #InternetBillOfRights and #Qanon and dont forget @potus

Needs 99,765 signatures by March 5, 2018 to get a response from the White House

WE CAN DO THIS! pls. start signing it yourself, ok?

Baker, pls add to dough??

33471b No.511772


No way in hell she is still wearing a boot, people would certainly have taken photos because you can't hide one of those perfectly.

Plus she is not acting at all like someone under surveillance. I think the "boot" episodes were pure wishful thinking on our part or else LARP by them to make us look silly.

d0bdf6 No.511773

File: 5cd391803e9091e⋯.png (94.72 KB, 630x318, 105:53, Picture3.png)

Add this one to the Resignation List

69ebfa No.511774



One plan of attack

Take it to youtube

Find every Patriotic ytuber you can

post in the comments

email the Youtuber

IF they dont want to be the next one censored get them to share it with their subscribers

These people are on the front lines

IF all the right wing Patriotic Ytubers pushed this we would have 100,000 signatures in a day.

They want us divided. No More.

They Need Us We Need Them

d64487 No.511775

Anyone else just get an incomplete emergency broadcast system alert? No beep. Just black screen with an incomplete message. Lasted about a minute.

633c62 No.511776

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: At Active Shooter Training, Broward Sheriff Israel Instructs People to ‘Run and Hide’; Says Department is ‘A Defensive’ Unit that Doesn’t ‘Attack’

https:// truepundit.com/exclusive-video-active-shooter-training-broward-sheriff-israel-instructs-people-run-hide-says-department-defensive-unit-doesnt-attack/

ee21a5 No.511777


Effective Red-Pill encouraging the person to look into it themself:

Hi _____,

Have you heard about this yet! You may be interested in weighing this perspective:

Executive order on Dec 27:

https:// www.whitehouse.gov/presidential-actions/executive-order-blocking-property-persons-involved-serious-human-rights-abuse-corruption/

That executive order declaring state of emergency regarding human rights abuse then caused massive CEO resignations, deaths, suicides etc.:

https:// docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1B-95giwldeKgsd0nYiw_sEaSf4kGNLZgEIvEhL2mVAw/edit#gid=0

(Compare Jan 26th to all of Oct. or all of Sep. Just "MeToo" going on here?)

Amazing possible intel drops from "Q" who is supposedly US Military working with the President to bring down this whole thing (human trafficking, main world drug channels, money laundering, corruption, the Illuminati basically). Keep in mind if Q is only a LARP (Live Action Roleplay) then he is the most successful LARP of all time - over 3 mo vs. 3 weeks or so as a previous record. Has been dead on for the whole time predicting news and events. Approx 20 million people are following world wide and preparing a critical parallel construction.

Most recent posts are found at the top:

http:// www.thestoryofq.com/

Craig "The Sawman" Sawyer (retired Navy SEAL) at Vets for Child Rescue is getting very vocal about it and is directly involved in stings all over the US. He's fucking bad ass, being the number one person a sick pedo does NOT want to meet.

https:// twitter.com/CraigRSawyer?ref_src=twsrc%5Egoogle%7Ctwcamp%5Eserp%7Ctwgr%5Eauthor

Believe it or not, it is definitely providing a "plausible" explanation for recent news and world events.

46ef81 No.511778

Huckabeating in progress

4a9128 No.511779


Huh? Where'd you hear that? They're completely legal. Can find them on PSA, Primary Arms, etc.

62b353 No.511780


here s the link (srorry https:// petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/internet-bill-rights

1164d3 No.511781

9a6610 No.511782


Obvious 9/11 reference is obvious

7c7a44 No.511783


He mentioned that 911 was real or something like that.

0e5514 No.511784


Great question.

As far as I can tell there is a confession and the claim that examination of the spent rounds are tied to his rifle.

cd0dfc No.511785


Hmm. I watched some presentations by this guy when he first came out, but I found them a little dull. I suspect they might make a lot more sense now. I should revisit. Thanks for the link.

>https:// www.hooktube.com/watch?v=rQouKi7xDpM

bd5dad No.511786


i'm with ya…

8f4ac6 No.511787

File: 8b3bcbc5cec2b73⋯.png (169.13 KB, 1692x672, 141:56, Merlin.png)

File: a6acbaf0399bf69⋯.png (85.22 KB, 922x516, 461:258, Merlin2.png)

File: e2094bfa674736d⋯.png (169.36 KB, 1018x776, 509:388, Merlin3.png)

File: f027d5112040199⋯.png (10.97 KB, 414x240, 69:40, QMerlin.png)

File: 6a4caac2615bfe5⋯.png (13.92 KB, 422x273, 422:273, QMerlin2.png)

Forgive me if this has already been confirmed before!

Operation Merlin was a United States covert operation under the Clinton Administration to provide Iran with a flawed design for a component of a nuclear weapon ostensibly in order to delay the alleged Iranian nuclear weapons program, or to frame Iran.

Iran finds out about deception by the USA and threatens to expose them to the world - that the US supplied nuke designs to Iran.


1) Delivery of the designs to Iran on March 3, 2000.

2) Risen wrote in his book that President Clinton had approved the operation and that the Bush administration later endorsed the plan.

3)Earlier publication of details on Operation Merlin by the New York Times in 2003 was prevented by the intervention of National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice

4) 2013- CIA whistleblower Jeffrey Sterling imprisoned for leaking information to New York Times journalist James Risen.

5)The U.S. announced the controversial nuclear deal with Iran on July 13, 2015. At a news conference on January 16, President Obama […] stated that the U.S. would return $1.7 billion to Iran, as agreed in the negotiations at the Hague

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Merlin#Backfire

https:// www.theguardian.com/environment/2006/jan/05/energy.g2

https:// theintercept.com/2016/02/17/wife-of-cia-whistleblower-jeffrey-sterling-asks-obama-to-pardon-him/

http:// fortune.com/2016/08/05/money-america-iran/

558ddb No.511788


Even if Killary isn’t wearing a temporal boot, she’s wearing a quantum boot, the kind that never comes off.

393cf7 No.511789


That's not under the Shopping tab….

33471b No.511790


Stop trying to red pill normies.

It will take the pressure off you, and we have all been under enough stress.

Plus, you literally can't convince most of them of anything until the arrests begin.

Trust me, your frustration will recede by 100% when you let go of that responsibility, and just tell yourself the ball is in the hands of Trump and Sessions now.

a79ae1 No.511791


You can purchase a 100% lower. It must be delivered to an FFL for pickup.

That is all, you sliding faggots.

e1e513 No.511792


The Cabal started Our lives in this World..,We have to Win.., it's the Phase 2 for the D's…,



For that.., It's showing New Candidates for the R's (the Trump supporters).., A example is one ExNavy in Texas.., or a Congresswoman in Cali.., or Brenden Dilley in Arizona..

7e949d No.511793


well this is Mother Jones, and Farm gal here, i really don't think it takes 1 gallon of water PER Almond… that seems just over hyped bullshit. the Source, is showing per acre usage estimates, not actual use, which could be shown via past use records. Also, Its MotherJones. a similar news agency like say… CNN. David Corn writes for this rag.

655dad No.511794


Kevin Kasky was/is involved in the Haiti trafficking ring…that is Cameron Kasky's father. He & his "adoption" business out of BROWARD County is up to their necks in this crap;

https: //digitalempire.wordpress.com/2018/02/25/oy-gevalt-stoneman-douglas-survivors-father-dinged-with-trafficking-republic-of-congo-haiti/

a639f3 No.511795


The plan with no end………..?

bc9f45 No.511796



What are the sats?

hansel and gretel?

288cd1 No.511797

Q, if you're lurking, is something going to be done about the censorship of conservative/dissenting voices on social media? It'll be hard to get the message out there when even the centrists who just want to put an end to corrupt are silenced

eb7dab No.511798


yep 17 people (supposedly) dead and we got BIG NEWS Trumps running in 2020

what the actual fuck who fucking cares about that right now?


558ddb No.511799


Or not, or do both.

f5b4d8 No.511800


U cannot have a lower shipped to your home. Only to a licensed firearms dealer. That is what I am referring to.

55c80a No.511801


Yes. Tesla powered the worlds fair for a steep discount compared to Edison. Not long after JPMorgan stepped in and made it so we "buy" it with our Monopoly money by assisting Edison in the disinfo campaign we know so well.

https:// www.energy.gov/articles/war-currents-ac-vs-dc-power

http:// nikolatesla.weebly.com/chicago-worlds-fair.html

f25168 No.511802


put map that has podesta pig farm in the background lol

00beef No.511803


Beats me, that's why I asked.

I am new to the research, so the terms you use are unfamiliar to me. Could you explain?

32e178 No.511804

“When you are going through hell, keep going”

― Winston Churchill

Crazy to stop now…


eb7dab No.511805


I'm starting to think the whole plan was to get more votes via psyop…..

c3d709 No.511806


You can. Usually the lower needs some modification, such as a hole drilled here and there, but yup, you can get them, even in Commifornia.

74dc05 No.511807


No hogfagging. Nobody cares about the tranny.

bf44df No.511808

File: 22225e86fc65a9b⋯.png (1.89 MB, 900x1200, 3:4, ClipboardImage.png)

Feb 15 2018 01:08:41

Q !UW.yye1fxo ID: 276796


Watch the water.


Feb 24 2018 01:53:47

Q !UW.yye1fxo ID: b7510a


Stanislav Lunev.


Payback for today.


Looking at Comey's Twatter, the driftwood represents a bridge over water IMO,this combined with Q's posts mirrored spell Blackwater. This hole can get deep. Sorry if this isn't formatted correctly. 1st time.

https:// www.nytimes.com/2016/07/27/business/dealbook/bridgewater-associates-hedge-fund-culture-ray-dalio.html

https:// www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-10-11/bridgewater-fraud-here-are-troubling-questions-posed-jim-grant

https:// www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-01-02/bridgewater-s-bruce-steinberg-killed-in-plane-crash-with-family

https:// steemit.com/dakini5d/@dakini5d/richard-cousins-ceo-of-clinton-linked-compass-group-and-bruce-steinberg-of-comey-connected-hedgefund-bridgewater-killed-in

http:// 990s.foundationcenter.org/990pf_pdf_archive/431/431965846/431965846_201012_990PF.pdf

https:// www.inquisitr.com/4024397/bridgewater-associates-ray-dalio/

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ray_Dalio

855a99 No.511809


80% lowers can be shipped without a FFL

eb7dab No.511810


thats what the black pill is for

8cb2a5 No.511811


I agree.

I stopped trying to red pill people.

I left it at I will be there if and when things happen to explain and show you information should you have questions.

278dac No.511812


Point is the Resnicks use more water than anyone else in the world not just California….it's irrelevant how much water an almond consumes at least on this board….

905a73 No.511813


Jews are both an ethnicity and a religion.

Soros is a Jew by ethnicity, as well as an admitted atheist.

Further, all Zionists are Jews, but all Jews are not Zionists.

Media Jews are anti-Israel (at least that is their outward appearance)

We assume many of these "Jews" are actually satanic cultists too.

So complicated.

The Moloch cultists, who use secret societies that promote mutual blackmail, share the same ideologically as the banking elites.

They are all part of the same pyramid society.

The Jew who owns the deli down the street isn't chopping chickens heads off in the moonlight.


This is important to distinguish, because this is exactly the cover the cultists who are only ethnic Jews want.

(((They))) want to be covered by the persecution of religious Jews.

More dead average-Joe deli workers means more cover.

If people get all posses off at Soros and start burning down delis and beating up the employees, the Christian neighbor accross the street will see his innocent neighbor and protect him.

Meanwhile atheist Soros gets to ride the anti-Semitism all the way to the bank.

fab869 No.511814


>ID: 00beef

Enough said, IMO.

06dc6a No.511815


As far as I know, no one has said anything like that.

Stop your Fake news.

Delete+bans happened due to spam, and concern trollery with fresh VPN jumping consensus astroturfingfags sprinkled on top.

No code, no BS, and no censorship re: google = CIA (If you've been paying attention, you'll know exactly where InQTel and DeepDream fit into all this)

This muh concern started with deletion of 80+ spam posts from the same ID yesturday, because why would actual Patriots deserve less space in these breads than one spamming IP?

And surprise, if you lash out and spurg after being banned your tantrum does nothing to lift it. I mean, that's just basic respect and if you got caught in the crossfire let us know.

Sincereity, thankfully, is hard to fake.

c096a7 No.511816


Exactly right anon!!

One of the best red-pill questions to ask is “why does the media (good to establish them as (((they))) prior to this question) want to take Trump out so bad?

Nobody trusts the media.

633c62 No.511817

Legal Group Sues For Records Of Up To 100,000 Noncitizens On Pennsylvania Voter Rolls

http:// dailycaller.com/2018/02/27/legal-group-sues-for-records-100k-noncitizens/

3820dc No.511818


He would rake in votes with simply the Truth. smh

Lock Them up!

ed004f No.511819


Thanks Anon. Yes, i came here to learn the truth and fight. I need to take a break. I have spent 1000's of hours digging and learning. The only people who know the truth are here. They say the truth will set you free, but it almost seems like the truth has made me a prisoner. When i bring up the truth, many people have shunned me and said i'm crazy. It literally feels like i'm prisoner in my own mind.

5ca1b4 No.511820

https:// www.fastcompany.com/40536751/facebooks-vaguely-worded-face-recognition-announcement-coincided-with-a-legal-setback

Here is why everyone is getting that odd message on facebook. They are the subject of a class action lawsuit.

655dad No.511821


It's the KASKY'S you should be looking at. Cameron Kasky's father, Kevin, is/was involved in the Haiti trafficking ring; you are looking at the wrong person;

https ://digitalempire.wordpress.com/2018/02/25/oy-gevalt-stoneman-douglas-survivors-father-dinged-with-trafficking-republic-of-congo-haiti/

0e5514 No.511822



To Redpill someone is a function of ego

To provide evidence/argument so that the person might come to Redpill moment is the way.

Organic growth is sustainable

33471b No.511823


A few of us have been in this reality for a long time. Twitter shut down (shadow ban) as soon as we post anything controversial.

On the "release the memo" day my feed was live from 4 am until 10 am. Since then everything has been hidden from everyone except myself. I think it's because of being active politically in the past and having received warnings prior to all this.

Facebook is useless because I never go on because facebook.

So, speaking on behalf of the twatter expatriot community: I greatly welcome any large scale move to another platform like Gab.

Gab seems wonderful but has seemed static in terms of growth for a long time.

I would definitely begin using my account there more if there were a larger or growing community.

eb7dab No.511824


Many VPN's jump every few minutes. That's kind of the point.

096f09 No.511825


You can have an 80% lower shipped anywhere because it's legally just a piece of metal. Anything 80.1% complete or more is legally a firearm and requires an FFL to receive in the mail (unless you are shipping it to yourself from yourself). End of discussion.

eb7dab No.511827


Also, Patriots are concerned. Do you get it yet?

47fbba No.511828


That's fine, of course people can come and go as they like. Those who enjoy the work and believe in it can stay. I wish t the pissed off, frustrated ones wouldn't take 75 posts to take their leave, but otherwise it's all good.

a79ae1 No.511829


Yeah, but not like it was happening last night. Can confirm BV's telling of events.

7f1db5 No.511830



They need a new one to replace rose mcgowen since she flipped out and screamed at people.kek

They probably plan to migrate her into the me too movement.

She's probably a multi purpose pawn/tool.

Need to work on figuring out who is feeding these kids their info, who are their handlers, and who those handlers work for.

In the case with Hogg, it's probably his father.

Is there someone seen with them, that is traveling to these events with them?.

Whoever they are, they are probably receiving directions, from Debbie, Soros, Clinton, Obama,Schiff, Pelosi,( someone within that circle)

558ddb No.511831


Every attempt to censor is a gift really.

Theoughout history of US, it only galvanizes the support for the censored and brings more audience.

eb7dab No.511832


i know right?!? DUHHHHH

f5b4d8 No.511833


My first comment was "complete". Didn't think I had to keep writing it out fully in the response. To clarify for anyone confused. You cannot purchase and receive a complete AR-15 lower receiver online without a FFL.

Get it together guys. Last post re: this for the sake of not sliding the board. I apologize if I confused anyone.

527eb6 No.511834

File: 09f1104510534fc⋯.jpg (39.85 KB, 403x403, 1:1, 124d82c37759288a301270859e….jpg)

7e949d No.511835


True, and this source is another left wing source but it talks more about the fact that they are trying to privatize the water supply and own it. that is dangerous…

https:// www.alternet.org/story/144020/how_limousine_liberals%2C_water_oligarchs_and_even_sean_hannity_are_hijacking_our_water_supply/

bd5dad No.511836


on gab already a few months, no followers … don't get any traction there.. same messages as on youtube, where i gained one follower a day… on gab: none

a639f3 No.511837


My wife thinks the more I help the higher up the kill list I climb…. Kinda shity feeling if I may say so….

274a9b No.511838



This is an interesting style of map but I think it loses all sense if you want to show this outside of 8chan. It's just a few Q drops and we alll have those already.

However, if you did the same color coded Venn diagram style with the results of digging, this would have impact with normies.

In that case, each text box should have a shortcut URL, the style made by one of the URL shortening services like bit_ly, and a few lines from a blog article (or a summary) and even a photo from the article (not too big).

This way people can browse your map knowing the relationships from your colored arcs, then read a few lines, see a photo and dig deeper themselves by typing in the shortform URL.

552134 No.511839


most of the people i know will accept most anything as long as it comes from msm. i think most know shits not right, they dont know specifics but know shits not right.

it is so important for msm to be taken over by white hats. then they can just start changing things the way they should be. slow and steady

bcf86b No.511840

>>511184 OJ thing faked for sure. Nobody died. Used to hate OJ…..if you're out there, love ya man. Don't know about OJ & the LV thing he went down for….maybe he did it and maybe he didn't. Maybe he went to prison and maybe he didn't. This link further links to Mathis' piece on the equally faked Manson thing. mileswmathis.com/oj.pdf

eb7dab No.511841

IMHO if you're NOT concerned and deeply disturbed by now you are NOT a Patriot.

0e5514 No.511842


Dilley, dilly BV!

00beef No.511843



yeh right now i have 0beef because im researching, but once i've got them plotted ..


558ddb No.511844


I’ll add: but get angry about it and fight it hard, that’s how censorship works to our advantage.

278dac No.511845

File: 588770aec73c0ce⋯.jpg (56.62 KB, 540x512, 135:128, 439c637a6b266958d7cdf968ac….jpg)

a79ae1 No.511846


That list is a haystack with over 20mm items on it.

No worries.

eb7dab No.511847


Well logic says she's more right than wrong.

00beef No.511848


Still I want to know what the terms mean.

Dwarves are servers

Satellites was the question.

Hansel & Gretel are online luring places for children?

aeac43 No.511849


Accidentally renaissance

e1e513 No.511850




Internet Bill of Rights

527eb6 No.511851

File: ad5d0846d50a5e6⋯.jpg (344.52 KB, 1589x1275, 1589:1275, SymptomsofFluoridePoisonin….jpg)


I have at least 10 of these symptoms that no quack can find a reason for me to have.

33471b No.511852


> I will be there if and when things happen to explain and show you information

Well said!

Yeah that sums it up very well.

An anon last night put it into a great one line summary I may try to dig out as a motto for the high blood pressure anons. Message: Chill.

00beef No.511853


shit, you're right

we need to twitterstorm that

bf44df No.511854

Sorry Correction to my Post! Should be Bridgewater, NOT Blackwater, ugh!

91ad69 No.511855


On the celebrity side Oprah is a huge handler. I've been looking into who the main man is now that Weinstein is…. oddly silent. Maybe still behind the scenes. Outrage on Pedoman for 48hrs then stops, he's lurking… he has so much dirt on pedowood they can't scream too loud

a3f4a0 No.511856


Just add some food grade diatomaceous earth to your water.

00beef No.511857


we;ve got a 20mm+ reach they said. 100.000 for a reponse by a supportive potus .. i mean, what are we waiting for

f173cb No.511858


shyll /shit/ since wen u heard any anon spout flat earf BS on this bord?

274a9b No.511860


When the press made a big fuss about it, sme normie tweeted that he had been on a WhiteHouse tour that very dayu and he happened to take a photo in a storeroom just off the press room, and there were a bunch of empty shelves except for one 6 pack package of Fiji water.

To me this says that the WhiteHouse bought one 6-pack specially for the presser. This emphasizes that it was a message specifically tied to Fiji water

d1dadf No.511861

File: f6a4e8efee1e174⋯.png (976.51 KB, 585x874, 585:874, 1519231170133.png)


Dear Q,

Please drain the swamp all the way back to 911 Truth.

We need it for national healing.

c096a7 No.511862


Still, even if they retain the general subject of whatever board they’re crying on they’ll come back humbler when the future proves past. Or at least some will. And they’ll tell all their friends they heard it first.

69af4d No.511863


Parscale is not from FB; he just figured out how to use it effectively during the campaign. He is from Cambridge Analytica; is rumored to be a ghost writer for some of Trump's tweets.

558ddb No.511864


The alternative was this: we we’re already dead, so there was no option.

Now, you’re truly alive by taking a nominal risk when it was hard to do. The future is brighter for it.

69ebfa No.511865





One plan of attack

Take it to youtube

Find every Patriotic ytuber you can

post in the comments

email the Youtuber

IF they dont want to be the next one censored get them to share it with their subscribers

These people are on the front lines

IF all the right wing Patriotic Ytubers pushed this we would have 100,000 signatures in a day.

They want us divided. No More.

They Need Us We Need Them>>511771

Maybe something Like this


Protect Your Freedom of Speech

We have until March 7th to Petition The POTUS

Fight against Internet censorship

We Need all Free Loving Patriots to Sign the Petition for The Internet Bill of Rights

They are trying to Censor and Ban our 1st amendment rights on the Internet

Let Your Voice Be Heard

https:// petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/american-internet-bill-rights

7e949d No.511866

forgive me if this was already posted:

https:// www.uclahealth.org/resnick/about-our-hospital

this stood out: the David Geffen School of Medicine: Geffen who's wife and daughter committed suicide Geffen? or what.

About The Stewart and Lynda Resnick Neuropsychiatric Hospital at UCLA

The Stewart and Lynda Resnick Neuropsychiatric Hospital at UCLA


150 UCLA Medical Plaza

Los Angeles, California 90095

(310) 825-9111 Hospital information

(310) 825-2111 Emergency Dept

Download Fact Sheet PDF

The Stewart and Lynda Resnick Neuropsychiatric Hospital at UCLA is among the leading centers in the world for comprehensive patient care, research and education in the fields of mental health, developmental disabilities and neurology. It is the major psychiatry teaching facility of the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA and Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, one of the nation’s top-ranked medical centers.

0e5514 No.511867


Consider them all kamikaze drones that would gladly fly into the battleship for the cause.

Watch for attention whores who do not want to destroy themselves for the cause. They change their stories in attempt to extend their 15 minutes.

They are Operation Mayhem

9984dc No.511869


yeah, that's not enough for me … pre war of 1812 please.

33471b No.511870


>most of the people i know will accept most anything as long as it comes from msm


Sadly: This.

Once f–kin CNN is forced to show Huma and McCabe being frog marched, I know many normies whose fantasy worlds will fall like dominos.

00beef No.511871


>he thinks it only goes back to 911

91f9ad No.511872


but the person using the same vpn as you did

16662b No.511873


>Cambridge Analytica

<Cambridge Analytica

wew lads….sigh

c6f931 No.511874




Couldn't get it into the words I wanted. Ugh.

bb7917 No.511875


Since we're thinking big here, go back to JFK. Because it's never too late for justice.

c3d709 No.511876

File: c1a0a2f86f99d98⋯.jpg (98.75 KB, 960x810, 32:27, 1519694091461.jpg)


So true.

4c3e4a No.511877

File: e871e0afdf5efe4⋯.png (1.12 MB, 1324x1000, 331:250, Team America.png)

0ae466 No.511878


Problem is even the small local level filth has to get taken down. No traitor is too small.

a79ae1 No.511880


How about pre- Act of 1781?


7c7a44 No.511882

File: 929cfd4fdc94ce1⋯.jpg (24.77 KB, 600x339, 200:113, a88.jpg)


Deeper please.

672459 No.511884

Bizarre Video: David Hogg Says Sister Lost 4 Friends, Then 2…Then 3? Independent journalist kicked off Facebook for sharing video

Video shared on social media shows anti-gun activist David Hogg reporting three different accounts on the deaths of his sister’s friends.

https: //www.infowars.com/bizarre-video-david-hogg-says-sister-lost-4-best-friends-then-2-then-3/

132320 No.511885

File: cabfa4da09af5ac⋯.png (260.88 KB, 633x518, 633:518, pro.png)

>The report, it turns out, was also taken up in the secretive online chats conducted by members of Atomwaffen Division, a white supremacist group that celebrates both Hitler and Charles Manson.

>“I love this,” one member wrote of the killing, according to copies of the online chats obtained by ProPublica. Another called Woodward a “one man gay Jew wrecking crew.”

>In a matter of months, people associated with the group, including Woodward, have been charged in five murders; another group member pleaded guilty to possession of explosives after authorities uncovered a possible plot to blow up a nuclear facility near Miami.

>“We haven’t seen anything like Atomwaffen in quite a while,” said Keegan Hankes, a researcher who tracks the group for the Southern Poverty Law Center. “They should be taken seriously because they’re so extreme.”

Another alt-kike honeypot again? Just in time for summer I guess.

bb7917 No.511886


We want equal opportunity justice.

0f57e6 No.511887


Personally, I think Youtube needs serious competition. Maybe an American Video platform, instead of a Globalist platform.

Yes, there are challengers out there already. Maybe they just need better marketing, or a more user-friendly format. Or maybe we need a real American-built video platform.

Necessity is the mother of invention.

c096a7 No.511888


Exactly right!

552134 No.511889


def need truth about the fed

f025be No.511891


#630 already baked up?

672459 No.511892


Independent investigator Laura Loomer was banned from Facebook on Monday for sharing the video and calling Hogg a “liar”.

4c3e4a No.511894


Need to back to Jekyll Island

f5b4d8 No.511896


I have screencaps of posts that were "flagged" on my comp. (pun intended) that in no way shouldn't have been. I get war is messy but we need to get it together. For example why should my post have been banned for stating a literal fact as evidenced by the breads themselves? I get we have an ongoing shill invasion of ppl saying boards are "comped" but that was in no way shape or form how my post and subsequent posts could have been interpreted. 8bit was flipping out over his literally infected device locking him out of his tripcode which may have been the catalyst for the increased paranoia. Let's just agree to move back to solving puzzles and stopping pedos.

f4bc5e No.511897


Oh yes please, my County is INFESTED

7c7a44 No.511898


This is what they want to do with us. Just FYI don't fall into the traps they set.

02c5a7 No.511899


https:// intelligence.house.gov/uploadedfiles/hpsci_snowden_review_declassified.pdf

7f6a74 No.511900

File: 88d798d0d41ba6b⋯.jpg (821.89 KB, 1712x1704, 214:213, soldier pepe.jpg)

My notable posts

>>511808 bridgewater

>>511787 Merlin DIGS

>>511773 Joe Yun out

>>511706 Divided Unite

>>511689 Lynda Resnick

>>511744 Resnick water con't

>>511651 Kevin Shipp, CIA Officer's MAP

>>511567 FIGI water, Clinton connection

>>511535 Jonathan M. Winer, Steele to Uranium1 connection

>>511516 VA Port Authority Cop arrested

>>511454 Trumps EO targets ISIS

>>511465 Con't

>>511483 End

>>511390 Getting shilly in here

>>511312 Many ANONS like this

>>511308 Grey State

>>511271 ES Daughter into rigging campaigns

>>511257 Did Q predict Trump 2020

>>511243 Ed Jagels

>>511220 @jack Brennan


74dc05 No.511901


fuck off hoggfagger

a79ae1 No.511902



oops dyslexia.. Act of 1871.

The civil war fucked (us) over in many ways.

278dac No.511903

File: a7b06f60c48c6b3⋯.png (2.41 MB, 1670x897, 1670:897, screenshot_58.png)

File: dc1831f235c0bbf⋯.png (224.95 KB, 1021x849, 1021:849, screenshot_59.png)

Meet the California Couple Who Uses More Water Than Every Home in Los Angeles Combined - How megafarmers Lynda and Stewart Resnick built their billion-dollar empire.

https:// www.motherjones.com/environment/2016/08/lynda-stewart-resnick-california-water/

https:// archive.fo/DCDYV

9984dc No.511904



you're dyslexic war of 1812 set the act of 1871 up.

0ae466 No.511905


How about to the secret change in the Constitution or 1913, or Operation Paperclip, or JFK. Yes anon.

a79ae1 No.511906

558ddb No.511907


What’s happening around the water control schemes is significant: Fiji and US.

Trafficking, juntas

7c7a44 No.511908

File: 5746142849163d5⋯.png (247 KB, 903x775, 903:775, The-2016-Q-Award-designed-….png)


Checked. Thanks for including the CERN NAZI link.

46ef81 No.511909



905a73 No.511910


Good work anon, and welcome to the fight.

Suggestion: always add a brief summary under the links.

There are so many links and finding (or dead ends) posted that good digging can get passed over.

Let us know what you've found, that way it might peak interest in someone, and Boom! you've now unofficially recruiter another anon to help you dig.

Also, always look into the spouses.

92d3da No.511912

>>511401 Thank you. As a relatively newcomer to Q, although long redpilled and eager to learn more, the nonstop complaints of “nothing is ever done” is demoralizing and distracting. Put yourself in the shoes someone just learning. Vocalizing angst is not just tedious, it is destructive. Just go away/take a break if you need one. A longtime advocate emoting that angst does much more to undermine the plan than a shill.

274a9b No.511913


Yes it is possible. The SRA people are doing research in this. Shortversion from a Monarch programmer is:

1) Hold a meeting of all the personas. This requires the barriers to come down but that does happen naturally if the triggers are not exercised.

2) Elect a leader of the collective. The leader has to agree on terms with everyone, making sure that nobody is eft out and each persona gets some love and attention. For instance the sex kitten needs to be allowed to play nympho from time to time. You can't repress anything.

3) Keep working with a therapist who understands DID. It can be an amateur therapist suych as a family member.

Watch the Three Faces of Eve to see how alternate personalities merge into a main persona and fade off into the background. This was overdramatised in the film but the basic principle of denying them the energy that drives them is true. But no repression. You deny them the energy by getting the main persona to act out the same characteristics of the alter, therefore the alter has no NEED to bring it in play.

You will probably never cure the DID but you can have a healthy collective that cooperates and maintains the illusion of one well-adjusted individual.

552134 No.511914

i keep telling my wife how wonderful the world would be without money.

get rid of the evil and greed and money

free energy, good healthy food. every person on earth could have a great life. if everyone capable would work a few hours a day to do their share.

it would be glorious!

f4bc5e No.511916

File: b4c11868fbedd98⋯.png (118.06 KB, 1480x372, 370:93, EBEDB592-3D97-45B1-A103-E5….png)

File: 63bbfc22cea81e3⋯.png (47.11 KB, 1418x224, 709:112, 58863E7C-AD16-43D9-86D7-4D….png)

d1dadf No.511917

File: 5bc919bd6e33cf6⋯.gif (389.26 KB, 439x439, 1:1, 1513782199130.gif)

872f0c No.511918

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


one of the few things I agree with Pieczenik on

7c7a44 No.511919

File: 25a20c42f08c3dc⋯.png (404.98 KB, 1024x808, 128:101, deeper.png)



c82cdf No.511920


Does nobody else find it suspicious that the Resnicks get all that discounted water in CA for farming, AND own a popular retail water company?

Are they really shipping all that water in from Fiji, via CA?

It would seem to be pretty easy to supplement their Fiji water supply chain…

132320 No.511921


If true why are there so many kikes left?

Why would hitler waste the time and money + fluoride is all about lowering IQ not sterilization.

e1e513 No.511922




THIS, We need the hashtag





I think that it's the countermeasure of H.R 1865…

cd0dfc No.511923


I imagine we've all felt similarly at times, Anon. To be honest, I decided I needed to take a break from digging and redpilling a couple of months ago, only to end up here, realizing that the thing that I'd been waiting to see happening for years was finally happening. Now I'm still wondering whether I should be devoting myself 110% to the fight, but circumstances made that suddenly more difficult than it was before. Life plays tricks on us. Just when I was about to give up, there it was…. So take a break. We all need that from time to time. This is going to go on for a while.

7c7a44 No.511924


Needs some quantum leap effects

62b353 No.511925



thanks war room is twit storming

PLS JOIN all of you


7e949d No.511926



and others. I was working on the wikileaks pedestal stuff thru the election. i get you… but it is a long haul. been in the depths of this before Q, with wiki, pizzagate, FBI anon, CIA anon, senate anon mega anon now Q. this is a war and WWII lasted for years. there is not going to be any instant gratification as much as you would like. this is the long haul. you have got to have FAITH. its going to take time.

6581f5 No.511927


> A longtime advocate emoting that angst does much more to undermine the plan than a shill.

you are catching on anon

it's just another of the tactics used against us

just ignore or filter and move on

7e949d No.511928


PODESTA (NOT pedestal because stupid autocorrect)

527eb6 No.511929


I do what MSM does. I put the same info out there over and over and eventually it will sink in. You can't unsee things and you can't unhear things. Their brains will process it and eventually they will wake up.

bf44df No.511930

>>511910 Thanks for the advice, much appreciated.

488948 No.511931


The public is gonna be pissed, if they where told that free energy has been around for decades

23f88c No.511933


this is something i have been thinking on for the last few months, my mind has not given up on it, i still haven't figured out the simple solution, and know, there is a simple solution, just sometimes the simple things are the hardest to see

the same with MSM, we need the replacement with real true news and real journalism,

they both can work together somehow, just ? so far, we have tax money, but can we trust the controllers running things with our tax money, see the circle i keep running into

5f75a1 No.511934


Flying Pig Productions (that is actually what he had on his drone video)

a639f3 No.511935


Get a Lyme & co-infection test from Igenex it is in 1 out of 3 mosquito's… The CDC statdard test is a fucking joke western blott looks for too few of strains….

62b353 No.511936

File: 1e2e4287f0ba371⋯.jpg (278.73 KB, 1024x1280, 4:5, IBOR 25-2-18.jpg)


https:// petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/internet-bill-rights


War room already started DO IT!

36ab03 No.511937

9a6610 No.511938

Snowden did work for the C1A according to new release

cf2a81 No.511939

File: 696f886537572a4⋯.jpg (747.98 KB, 710x3992, 355:1996, SHADOW GOVERNMENT.jpg)


Amazing graphic!

I cleaned it up the best I could!!

872f0c No.511941

File: 9c1d87c1ccd885a⋯.jpeg (291.44 KB, 750x657, 250:219, IMG_B668F4DEEEF9-1.jpeg)

So how much shit posting has this dude done do you think?

132320 No.511942


>i keep telling my wife how wonderful the world would be without money.

Money is fine just not the kikes controlling it.

552134 No.511943


the bible says the changes will happen in a blink of an eye.

they will accept it and get over it pretty fast when they dont have a power bill any more

82b1e2 No.511945


What is this Internet Bill of Rights?

Need to see one to promote it.

Would enforcement of the ACTUAL Bill of Rights alleviate the same issues?

5bc1ea No.511946

If you need more proof in your Q life, deep dig for assets being seized.

An oil well off the coast of the UK was shut down by navy seals a few weeks ago.

Assets in a very large insurance/banking company were seized a couple of days ago.

Find your proof in the small stories. That's where we are right now.

f5b4d8 No.511947


Is it the first one that was made when Q first mentioned it? if so I signed both created that day. Jus checking if I need to sign another one.

552134 No.511948


we do not need it

527eb6 No.511949


Thanks for info Anon. Will definitely do this.

f4bc5e No.511950


Very nice anon

Long and skinny works - and I’m on a phone!

Very readable!

278dac No.511951

File: c1fcd8cecb819da⋯.png (470.16 KB, 1450x910, 145:91, screenshot_60.png)







How a Los Angeles couple came to control a water empire

Whether you’re familiar with their massive agricultural holdings in the Central Valley, you may have heard the names of Stewart and Lynda Resnick. Known for their many charitable efforts, they’re the Resnicks who gave their name to LACMA’s Resnick Pavillion and UCLA’s Resnick Neuropsychiatric Hospital. They also use more water than absolutely anyone else in California—and that includes businesses, farms, and even the city of Los Angeles.

How is this possible? An excellent profile in Mother Jones has the full story, but here’s the gist of it. Back in 1978, the Resnicks entered the agricultural business with the purchase of some orange groves in Kern County (their initial fortune came not from agriculture but from the Teleflora flower delivery service). They later expanded their assets, buying farms on the cheap during the drought years of the late 1980s. Their company—then known as Paramount Farms, but now called the Wonderful Company—soon became the largest producer of pistachios and almonds in the world. Their many brands include Wonderful Pistachios, Halo clementines, Fiji Water, and Pom Wonderful.

https:// la.curbed.com/2016/8/10/12422000/resnick-wonderful-water-california-kern-drought

https:// archive.fo/YU44M

c6f931 No.511952


If something happens re: Witch/Water/Fiji - then we will know where we are on the map from that confirmation!

23f88c No.511953


another problem is when ever competition appears to be taking hold, they just buy it up, this goes with anything, they have trillions to buy anything they need for full control

c6f931 No.511955


Like watch for her resignation… maybe?

980984 No.511957

Why are Americans WAITING for SOMEONE to save our 1A rights on socialist media, instead of calling their own senators & reps & DEMANDING that something be done about these civil rights violations??

Why hasn't the FCC done anything? I thought the net neutrality that allowed them to censor us was repealed.

Is choosing your own political ideology not a HUMAN RIGHT? Why doesn't the 12/21/17 EO not apply to these soc media companies?

Why is Trump supporting more gun rights infringements?

Were we duped about EVERYTHING?


Something is terribly wrong!

4c3e4a No.511958


https:// twitter.com/snowden/status/776536497419943940?lang=en

274a9b No.511959


Russia has the KGB archives.

When the time comes, there will be a summit between Putin and Trump and they will make public speeches showing that they are of one mind on SOVEREIGNTY and GLOBALISM. And then after a few days for it all to sink in, the archives will be released. The DNS test results will be released. The whole sordid story will come out.

Nobody will support Obama when their neighbors accuse them of treason and being in bed with Communist infiltrators. They will shut up and let it all unfold.

ebbfda No.511960


What is the source of that book

FIRST as per Q request


Or we won't tell anyone anything

552134 No.511961


my bro-in law got Lyme disease from a tick he thinks, didnt know u could get from mesquites?

bcf86b No.511962

File: d5bcaf66dfdf298⋯.jpg (212.37 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, GreatAwakeningCitizenJourn….jpg)

>>510647 from last bread re: >>510565

>I think we need some Meme review postings that point out the best ones, why they are great, and a handy link to get quick access to the meme. That way, instead of browsing through a flurry of images a person could read about the memes and how to use them. Just like any other kind of review site for phones or computers or games or whatever.

>And definitely do think about the text of a tweet that goes along with the meme that you use. The meme is the attention grabber, but your text is where the message hits home and leads to further action from the reader.

This is a great idea.

The meme makers are often not the same people dropping them.

Meme makers have NO IDEA what is working and what isn't.

Feedback from meme droppers could greatly improve our game.

Good idea, Anon!

aeac43 No.511963


Wow - great source, Anon!

e7310d No.511964

So has anyone here lit up Bill Gates AMA on reddit from here yet

f5b4d8 No.511965


Its a proposed idea for online freedom of speech protection to stop corporations (google/FB/twitter/etc) from impeding on it. Supposedly will be spearheaded by AT&T (NSA contractors).

cf2a81 No.511966

File: 47c72746cb3ef1c⋯.jpg (739.4 KB, 706x3976, 353:1988, SHADOW GOVERNMENT.jpg)


Oops, I had to fix a typo!!

36efd0 No.511967


In the words of ME. I've heard we can't you can't in the name of national security for 38 years. I'm done with taking that as an ANSWER TO EVERYTHING. wait have patience trust and we are doing something behind the scenes. Are common responses. What has it ever produced? What we are uncovering, been through it endure right now is the only things I have witness these common responses produce. It sure isn't currently orin the past produced ACCOUNTIBILITY, security or restoration of pur rights liberty and country. Just think about that. I'm not accusing Q Anons or these boards of anything. I'm saying this isn't producing anything of change because there's nothing being done right now that we can see. Seeing so, blind trust, after 3 months, is gone for me. I'm not the only one, but I speak for me not others.

If Q potus sessions OR OTHER Governement officials are to be trusted then in the name of NATIONAL SECURITY & AMERICAN FIRST do something that changes things on the ground. After 13 months for potus and 3 mths for Q, nothing has been secured or keeps us safe. Im postive Veags, chitches and parkland people dont feel safer.

LOOK, PROMISES are awesome. Yet the premise of all of this is built on wait, trust and insult anyone else who doesn't agree. Nothing is changing on the ground.

We are told it's happening behind the lines with no changes on the ground is simply defined as nothing happening that is going to change things in the ground. What is this a generational waiting PERIOD? ARE ALL OF YOU GOING TO WAIT THAT LONG AND KEEP LOOSING WHILE WAITING?

Exposure of evil is awesome and thank you Anons and Q FOR IT. If that's all this is great. Promises for ACCOUNTIBILITY and none come. Doesn't make those of us who have waited our lifetime skeptical, any less of a patriot than those who trust and continue to wait.

I HAVE MY GOD GIVEN RIGHTS OF LIBERTY & AS AN AMERICAN i can be part of any discussion I choose. Thats my 1st ammendment. Don't want me too is a decision everyone else has the right to make but why is a problem.

Keep us devided based on party identity politics or different thoughts or ideas. Is our countries problem of many others. This isn't a classified security information forum. It's a forum for research, ideas and our thoughts. Right? Of it's turned into a childish place of high school antics of clicks that demean others not in thiers, that isn't Americanism, therefor everything built on that approach, Won't result in Americanism.

I have gone through this all my life not just this President or Q. We can get the work done, the research revealed, and become unified in it's truth, and things have to stop change or be publically challenged and addressed. Surely that's the result everyone hopes to get too, Right? Why else be Here?

Excluding people who demand ACCOUNTIBILITY but being told if you do, your not allowed to be part of this discussion is an oxy moron and unacceptable. You want Americanism but then eclude Americans who don't agree on everything. Then you want trust from anons but wont accept trust is a 2 way street that requires free flow of traffic so there's no traffic Jam.

I don't make apologies for being out of patience. I also don't apologize if what I say offends anyone. If in the name is security you can't publically reveal the things Anons and Q are revealing. How can you have any security Then? If you don't do it for NATIONAL SECURITY, then how can it be trusted anytjikng done will restore our security, safety and liberty?

I speak the truth and if theres a problem with it, it's with the truth not with me.


Hmm, what does that sound familiar?

636ef4 No.511968

So, has Cruz had a paraffin test to ascertain if there is gun powder residue on his hands, or no?

905a73 No.511969





The Donald


Counter ops

Push via liberals.

Tell them Trump is going to censor the internet now that he's Hitler.

Cite that net neutrality was just the first step.

Get the enemy working for you

bd5dad No.511970


well i think i need more than a break, all the digging , retweeting, posting gave some results:

- love life : divided and ended

- family life : (the few that are left) divided and not many left that talk to me

- social life : divided and loosing people by the day

- twatter: banned

- facebook : banned

- gab : no personal friends there and no followers

- my digging place (here) : divided

i'm winning… (sarcasm is a bitch)…

going to bed… it's getting depressing lately

e1e513 No.511971



>Code Monkey ★

That Petition must be the Countermeasune of the FOSTA LAW.., I think that CM must say something about this..,

00beef No.511972


I really wonder about the Korea War, and what deals were made there.

d5b2b3 No.511973

File: 41c1607f38dc8d2⋯.png (718.91 KB, 1115x622, 1115:622, JustinBieberKevinHoggFBI.png)


Shill attack again after posting picture in previous bread.

>>510848 (ID: 566cf3)

>>510850 (ID: ef3ae1)

>>510866 (ID: d7d513)

Just check by other crap they spam…

Pic updated with color correction and data.

a639f3 No.511974


find a doctor here… the IDSA say two weeks of ABX. Will cure you…. This lady started this site when she left the CDC she was their 20 years and got tired of the cover up ! Trump needs to Fix the CDC also ! http:// www.lduc.org/

278dac No.511975

File: 7fff21837e6371b⋯.png (299.97 KB, 689x907, 689:907, screenshot_61.png)








When you think of the islands of Fiji, what springs to mind is images of a honeymoon tropical paradise, crystal blue lagoons, white sand beaches and palm trees – not human rights violations perpetrated against innocent civilians by an illegal totalitarian military regime. And when you think of a leftist philanthropist Beverly Hills husband and wife couple who rub shoulders with the liberal elite, the last thing you expect them to be is sponsors of an illegal totalitarian military regime that perpetrates (((human rights violations))) against innocent civilians.

But that's precisely the allegation levied against (((Fiji Water))) owners (((Lynda and Stewart Resnick))) whose bottled water company, in 2009, comprised roughly 20 percent of exports and three percent of GDP, $3,900 per capita of a country seized by an oppressive military junta. Fiji's population, according to Amnesty International, "is living in fear as a result of draconian measures implemented by the regime" where the Resnicks enjoy nearly exclusive access to the third world country's aquifer, tax-free status and untold millions in profits.

http:// www.minyanville.com/special-features/articles/Pom-Fiji-Lynda-Resnick-robert-a/10/21/2010/id/30623#ixzz58L7Prjko

5b1a75 No.511976


Kern County, you say?

Sean Penn's documentary "Witch Hunt" took place in Kern County…

c3d709 No.511977

File: cfe5a92a92aa21b⋯.png (185.24 KB, 926x672, 463:336, bestqresearchever.png)

00beef No.511978


Its a way to engage dialogue

once its on the table….

d1dadf No.511979

Need Fresh Bread soon

0dc11a No.511980


I really think they'll be more like "Oh shit, Trump wasn't kidding, fuck yeah"

33471b No.511981


>anti-gun activist David Hogg reporting three different accounts on the deaths of his sister’s friends

The Infowars article does not contain the actual video of Hogg described above, and the linked article at Big League Politics does not either.

Anyone have a link to the video being discussed? I'd love to keep a local copy.

YouTube searches yield nothing but videos that make Hogg look like a national hero.

fc9d1d No.511982


Arms dealers:

http:// articles.sun-sentinel.com/2010-09-19/news/fl-miami-arms-smuggling-20100919_1_illegal-arms-weapons-exports-efraim-diveroli

Adoption loopholes with a Kasky tie in:

http:// articles.sun-sentinel.com/2006-03-12/news/0603110358_1_putative-father-registry-adoption-agencies-parental-rights

He helped write loophole:

http:// adoptionexpertwitness.com/images/rak_cv.pdf

00beef No.511983


cant bake, am on the bench-

0e5514 No.511984


When you understand what is connected with the list you provided you will understand why you are depressed.

7f6a74 No.511985


no let's hide

905a73 No.511986

Internet Bill Of Rights

Counter ops

Push to liberals:

Trump is Hitler

Trump will censor them

Trump repealed net neutrality and social media is next

Get these lefties signing the petition for us.

f4bc5e No.511987



944026 No.511988


I posted it last night…lemme see if I can find it

ebbfda No.511989


Go to the petition site

Read it and sign it

Link in thread

c28f85 No.511990

File: f17a8ebd3d44f55⋯.png (132.25 KB, 663x371, 663:371, ClipboardImage.png)

06dc6a No.511991


>Let's just agree to move back to solving puzzles and stopping pedos.

Ban lifted, you can stop phonefagging now I know it's terrible :/

872f0c No.511993

Corsi got 2 youtube strikes?

a45bf1 No.