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File: d5055660dbbb0b7⋯.jpg (585.22 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, banner.jpg)

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d4c32a No.560845

Stay positive and loving. Hate only brings darkness.

3284b5 No.560860


Presumably it does not preclude killing our enemies or neutralizing them. This dichotomy is where the average citizen fails.

Not all, however.

God bless our soldiers and warriors in this fight.

20b221 No.560861

File: 84193b1123d9bfc⋯.png (853.04 KB, 1024x777, 1024:777, DeliciousBread28.png)


Delicious bread, Baker

f55b22 No.560862

>>560275 (last bread)

Anon asked

>On that same post, is it certain what the X stands for in the following?

>>>'THERAPY' takes [x] to break the mind

>Does it refer to MKULTRA in general, or a defined time period? per >>>/greatawakening/96

[x] could be anything that MKULTRA takes to break the mind. Could be a period of time like you suggested. Could be a drug. A predilection or susceptibility. A training regimen. An environmental factor. A trigger. A satellite passing overhead. A trauma. You see? Not necessarily a period of time. That's just one of many possibilities.

c867c5 No.560863

[Insert morale boosting post about psychological momentum here]

a10647 No.560864

File: 67403ab380173a9⋯.jpg (137.21 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, cobra 2.jpg)


c091d3 No.560865

File: 2a096ea0b40b7d4⋯.jpg (212.99 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, why-are-dems-silent-not-ou….jpg)

bc076e No.560866

File: 6e8f2c5972e8368⋯.png (224.25 KB, 497x433, 497:433, Screen Shot 2018-03-05 at ….png)


The new Clinton emails dropped by Wikileaks includes Benghazi.

414f6e No.560867

File: 1eee76b65481770⋯.jpg (26.53 KB, 360x206, 180:103, devalues.jpg)

File: c2801911fb23135⋯.png (493.95 KB, 611x598, 47:46, FixtheMoney.png)

File: 25897b2351c3566⋯.png (434.89 KB, 720x622, 360:311, robbingyou2.png)

07dcdd No.560868


This Powers cunt needs to be locked up, NOW.

f20991 No.560869


Great advice Anon. God bless you for saying what we needed to hear.

3284b5 No.560871


Do share link. Appreciated.

5d731a No.560872

IBOR2: 244/100.000

c091d3 No.560873

File: 56857de051442d6⋯.jpg (41.33 KB, 564x564, 1:1, 8cd3866d2cb09fec136fbe1eab….jpg)

768239 No.560874

File: b01780c212efcad⋯.png (2.2 MB, 1541x911, 1541:911, ClipboardImage.png)

Thank You Baker…

f55b22 No.560876

File: b5f793ef2ec890f⋯.jpg (460.36 KB, 1536x768, 2:1, TogetherStrong5.jpg)

File: df30dd13bb185c2⋯.jpg (334.96 KB, 1536x768, 2:1, TogetherStrong4.jpg)

File: 86389909e464470⋯.jpg (316.42 KB, 1536x768, 2:1, TogetherStrong3.jpg)

File: 362997d2bfae8b9⋯.jpg (279.52 KB, 1536x768, 2:1, TogetherStrong2.jpg)

File: 6f9dbd95592ef23⋯.jpg (338.41 KB, 1536x768, 2:1, TogetherStrong.jpg)

5e23c9 No.560877

File: cb32e1c78153bd3⋯.jpeg (36.55 KB, 300x225, 4:3, Explosion-Image-by-US-Dep….jpeg)

Uh guys…

repost for the night watch

https:// wikileaks.org/clinton-emails/emailid/18930

freaky hillary email!!!!!!!!!!

59938f No.560878

File: 38789a051934cea⋯.png (690.25 KB, 900x4422, 150:737, what is the MAP anon-min.png)

File: 1949486ea302117⋯.png (1.05 MB, 1200x8443, 1200:8443, THUNDERBOLT-min.png)

File: 6097066e0c027a0⋯.jpg (65.6 KB, 500x500, 1:1, trumppaul.jpg)

File: e47e343832b4b33⋯.png (377.36 KB, 2304x1296, 16:9, SOLVED Q RIDDLE.png)

For those of you who might be wondering, here are a couple of my earliest graphics… way before I knew what the hell I was doing. Can't beleive this was only a month and a half ago and I posted these when the board was under 50,000 posts.

My first post clip is a Q post at >>21153 and I've been here ever since.

And yes… those are my YOU as I was watching the Hawaii missile alert in real time.

Two of the graphics I just completed and were in the last bread.

c091d3 No.560880

File: 9f0186c2afb725d⋯.jpg (314.87 KB, 1024x1280, 4:5, 70884319b9c31d5b3d9a0e5000….jpg)

d4c32a No.560882

File: fcdaa6247474ec3⋯.jpg (145.33 KB, 697x539, 697:539, forceviolence.jpg)


Neutralizing a direct threat to your sovereignty is a form of Love.

Focusing on evil is not Love. The distinction has to be learned.

Creator be with those that directly oppose evil. They are true Heroes.

e9b274 No.560883

File: 2b0ef287e47cb30⋯.jpeg (147.18 KB, 1181x800, 1181:800, DXkQ5YzW0AEu3VK.jpeg)

New NK/SK pics out today.

01b2c4 No.560884

File: 456774fe1462707⋯.png (180.8 KB, 1043x4129, 1043:4129, e6c9b0b573d996e4fb142da280….png)



For the lazy

0c5c1f No.560885

Well said.

c091d3 No.560886

File: 2076ad80a2b5c4a⋯.jpg (174.26 KB, 800x1073, 800:1073, 1guiltyparty.jpg)

File: ff3656ecada8c60⋯.jpeg (279.23 KB, 686x385, 98:55, witch-trials_D1FMBX-E.jpeg)

953d27 No.560887

File: 6aab8983d2df047⋯.png (166.13 KB, 476x314, 238:157, ClipboardImage.png)

Now, when it says 'diamond' trafficking

are they really talking about 'diamonds' ?


377bf4 No.560888


I see 23X but not 1A…guess I am reaching…

Military Grid Reference System (MGRS)

http:// earth-info.nga.mil/GandG/coordsys/images/utm_mgrs_images/MGRS_GZD.pdf>>560734

c468e4 No.560889

File: 0266f5864fd9ca9⋯.jpg (121.32 KB, 401x560, 401:560, IMG_4757.JPG)

File: db98b88a5833d5e⋯.png (384.49 KB, 401x560, 401:560, IMG_4758.PNG)

File: 515e68c618e18d7⋯.png (318.45 KB, 401x560, 401:560, IMG_4759.PNG)

File: 5f89e82cb37ff21⋯.jpg (117.66 KB, 401x560, 401:560, IMG_4768.JPG)

File: ac24497b602f6c8⋯.jpg (103.82 KB, 401x560, 401:560, IMG_4769.JPG)

New Q Cards


(Pics related)

cd525e No.560890

File: 66409052469119b⋯.png (1.42 MB, 1533x591, 511:197, clownsToTheLeftJokersToThe….png)

Is it just me or were the antics of anon

ID 5574fe in the last bread rather obvious?

1. offered nothing constructive

2. ignored information that refuted his viewpoint

3. was in general an asshat, not in itself an indicator but when combined with the above…

I think it's a textbook example;

what say ye?

00f1f2 No.560891


Some good advice there already.

Other than that,

just ignore the shills and the clowns, the useless infighting and sliding (read the complete advice on top of the bread), pick your topic and start digging. You'll do just fine. Welcome aboard.

ea3996 No.560892

>>560703 <dumb fuck last bread

moral crusaders. ok goat fucker… carry on… we got this… you can die by impalement… no regrets? cool.

0c5c1f No.560893


Well said, anon.

8fb843 No.560894


TY copperplate!

59938f No.560896



Update to over 18,000 now.

03af87 No.560897

The water is calm. >>560883

953d27 No.560899


these are fuckin badass

59938f No.560900

YW… may I ask where does copperplate come from?

c091d3 No.560901

File: 4365e5902b994c1⋯.jpg (35.81 KB, 670x468, 335:234, that-feeling-you-get-when-….jpg)

bc076e No.560903


https:// wikileaks.org/clinton-emails/?q=date+added&mfrom=&mto=&title=&notitle=&date_from=&date_to=&nofrom=&noto=&count=50&sort=0&page=1&#searchresult

5d731a No.560904

IBOR2: 244/100.000 Petitions

07dcdd No.560905

File: a8bdf19971b9a96⋯.png (1014.57 KB, 623x893, 623:893, ClipboardImage.png)

Good tasty bread, Baker.

de428e No.560906

File: cad9b921b985396⋯.png (213.17 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, IMG_2244.PNG)


Well....lookie here...looks like BV is showing their true colors again, lads! Are you the one who was banning everyone and had to go in time out because Anons started making other boards and migrated out? We knew you couldn't stay quiet for too long. We have screenshots of all your bans & "mistakes" doesn't cut it.

Make sure to screenshot this post because I'm sure it will be deleted.

5e23c9 No.560907

79b477 No.560908


I always assumed she was a lesbian

79b477 No.560909

So.. all of a sudden, after decades of warning oscar winners not to talk about politics…. this year, they actually encouraged winners to speak from the heart with passion and also said if they wanted to say anything encouraging about Parkland student, they should

Why the sudden change of policy?

5bcd38 No.560910


https:// twitter.com/seanhannity/status/970736132492288001

378e23 No.560911

File: a6868fa9d626d51⋯.jpeg (114.65 KB, 1242x231, 414:77, 2B25770F-9C23-4DC5-97A7-2….jpeg)


Hey Qcard-was workfag lurking about 2 breads behind all day but I captured this nice tripsdubs props for ya!


bfa3fa No.560912


like i said before

we need to end both parties

they was created to divide

once someone is affiliate, its their team.

it don't matter to them if the candidate is a total f moron.

they vote for their team.


f1636d No.560913



X is Time

c468e4 No.560914


Oh really!

Do you have sauce? I will make new ones with new info… 18k INDICTMENTS will be next then!

8bbca9 No.560915


I am printing these and putting them in an album. Top KEK! Awesome is an understatement.

5d731a No.560916


A New Dawn is beginning.

a5a965 No.560917

Pope - Mary 3/5/2018

Mary Mag Release - 3/16/2018 [UK]


[PUSH]5 Power [Mars]

9 Foundation [Moon]

16 Hero(phant) [Taur.]

19 Strength [Leo]

27 "House of God" [Mars]

get em off the coast

66802c No.560918


Only one regret. But impalement? Really?

03af87 No.560919

perfect for business card printing…………….THANKS! >>560876

cd525e No.560920


godspeed anon

It's truly amazing what people can do once they find purpose

79b477 No.560921

File: 44c87a59d7cc5a4⋯.jpg (76.83 KB, 620x427, 620:427, 188gnl.jpg)

46acff No.560922

File: b1a587db6656cb1⋯.png (108.48 KB, 500x393, 500:393, ClipboardImage.png)


>Oh Sweety


d4c32a No.560923


Infighting will get us nowhere.

He merely sees things differently.

I think we need a strong moral ground to base our actions, else we're no different than those that unknowingly serve the Cabal. Remember, this is about LIGHT vs DARKNESS.

a5a965 No.560924


minus 9!!!

375648 No.560925

>>560378 (last bread)

Primary day

>>560847 (last bread)

Cass Sunstein, husband of Samantha Power

5e23c9 No.560926

File: 82f2137ee5906f4⋯.jpeg (9.3 KB, 259x194, 259:194, images-2.jpeg)

9005da No.560927

File: 5dcb14d03293bce⋯.png (838.29 KB, 1006x1772, 503:886, 867f5fa4f7d184dac942b45f0b….png)

Looks very much like you were right BV.

bfa3fa No.560928


LOL, they are paid puppets

look at the sports figures

dance mfer

or play your sport

i dont want your fucking opinion on politics

c468e4 No.560929


Sweet! Do they print out ok? I'm making them on my phone with apps not sure what print quality is like…

ea3996 No.560930


differently? wake up call. tough love. think.

9919f0 No.560931


>are they really talking about 'diamonds' ?

Sure. They could even literally be talking about blood diamonds.

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blood_diamond

450b72 No.560932

Twatted >>560873

c867c5 No.560933


Wonderful art.

c1c0be No.560934



Did I jus read

children as food? Sex? WTF

98c310 No.560935


If she could make a sammich my wife would be gone yesterday

8353ed No.560936



Hegelian dialectic. C'mon guys, get with it. R or D are just different sides of the same CFR coin.

Set up at the turn of the century to give an illusion.

Bring back the Bull Moose Party!

In an ideal republic, we'd have many parties with many points of view. Much harder to fuck with the law-making when you have real competition inside the congress.

968e14 No.560937

File: 88a574b85049543⋯.png (406.77 KB, 532x453, 532:453, texas2.PNG)

Anyone from Texas here? You might want to vote tomorrow.

ea3996 No.560938


Vlad was a Patriot… research that anon. Vlad KILED satanists.

a3f608 No.560939


>Well… that's an interesting change of background

5d731a No.560940


Oh Nice!, Thanks Anon

d9eb3c No.560941


these are real awesome,what a way to document the history the maga revolution!

632f4c No.560942

That fag senator from Miss is gone.

One less cock sucker in the swamp.

c091d3 No.560943

File: 034fddc3bfca3e6⋯.jpg (226.93 KB, 1024x748, 256:187, aaa233-1024x748.jpg)

File: 94208d3dc97541c⋯.jpg (553.08 KB, 1035x800, 207:160, hillary-gaslighting-rgb-be….jpg)

a5a965 No.560944

you all are in for an interesting week

bombs away


9005da No.560945

File: 6bda590500f7401⋯.jpg (323.47 KB, 1440x900, 8:5, not sure.jpg)

46fdff No.560946



The wife came up with this metaphor several years ago:

Dr. Ron Paul introduced the ideas of Austrian economics and individual liberty…the birthing doctor.

Dr. Rand Paul followed through with an obstinate presence in the Senate…the vision doctor.

Luv that woman.

80bb25 No.560947

File: 2ed5dd61cf4e6b2⋯.jpg (54.74 KB, 620x388, 155:97, 25t4ld.jpg)

File: 729c84cc8193a4e⋯.jpg (52.92 KB, 620x388, 155:97, 25t4lw.jpg)

Trying to make these as "lefty" as I can. Here are the latest markups that include suggestions from another anons. Thank you for your helpful and uplifting input.

79b477 No.560948

Where is Tucker? Did they get him?

c1c0be No.560949





3dc07b No.560950


water in dc is not/not potable??? wtf…

632f4c No.560951


Fake faggot news

09196a No.560952


Takes x amount of time.

The time varies depending on the person in question.

3284b5 No.560953

File: 21920f96051791f⋯.jpg (17.32 KB, 254x255, 254:255, hammerofthor.jpg)


Current conditioning has robbed an average man/woman the ability to not only distinguish between the two, but the general theme being pushed has given them (apparently) little choice but do violence/evil or perish.

Not to mention, constant conditioning where good = weak/effeminate, evil = cool/masculine.

Good = naive/weak, evil = wise/strong.

Left is right, black is white, up is down, right is wrong, wrong is right.

Society transformed (apparently) into a giant upside down lie.

We will/must rip away the veil of lies.

Restore the West. We, the People.

I aim to assist in any way possible - which cannot be done without being ready. I will help in any capacity along the way.

8cca6a No.560954


can you link to 21-25? not in notable posts

66802c No.560955


Tough love? Why you loving on me?

2965e8 No.560956

File: 122eaf710f04460⋯.png (1009.21 KB, 640x640, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


May I have your attention for a moment please.

We are getting hit very hard by shills tonight.

This can serve as a test for you to handle, emotionally and logistically.

First, do not freak out, and do not demand the BO or BV do anything. They are going to deal with this in the best manner possible, which sometimes means doing nothing.

Second, do NOT reply or converse with anyone who write anything outrageous or more inflammatory than usual.

Finally, filter, anons.

Filter like your life depends on it. Like you have never filtered before.

That is your assignment and charge for this evening.

c867c5 No.560957


He wants us Divided.

That's crystal clear.

c4d202 No.560958

New poster boy for "Absolutely No More Fucks To Give", Sam Nunberg, gets called out 30 minutes ago by Erin Burnett on the air.

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Q2pE1YWg-g

I ain't EVAH seen anything like this guy before. Sheeeeiiitt.

66d91f No.560959


Actually most all of what he is saying is the truth.


It's been slowly sliding this way for weeks, anon.

The fact that the mods have faggot nicknames (BV), that we refer to them as personalities, that "he needs a break, but he's coming back" etc….

This is all drifting slowly into /cbts/ land all over again.

This is way too big and too important to have the bottleneck of a couple of retards who are too young or too emotional to handle modding a fucking free speech board without getting carried away.

The fact that they were using their position to curate the content here and push certain theories they were fond of, including banning people who disagreed, is flagrant as fuck.

That isn't "aw jeez guys, sorry, I got carried away!"

The fact that BO is keeping him around shows that he is fucking soft and doesn't take this very seriously. He probably gets a weird little ego kick from his lame ass responsibility, which is revealed in the camaraderie he's showing for his little buddy.

Obviously that other faggot BV does, because why the fuck would you post using a trip otherwise?

How fucking sad is it to have an ego stake in an anonymous string of characters on an image board?

How fucking soft has this board gotten where you let this shit slide for the sake of "muh unity, muh no divide and conquer"

If you are weak minded enough to need constant filtering or moderation to protect you from shilling or clown tactics, then you don't belong here. You are a liability, and you should leave.

The amount of triggered fucking faggots that get 2 comments into an argument and reply with "filtered shill" is sad. Who the fuck filters someone? Unless a shill is literally spamming the board, I never filter anyone here. Why would you? Just in case they post something you disagree with?

Seriously, ask yourself the question. Is your brain that fucking feeble that you can't stay on task in between random noise? Are you just trying to carefully set up an echo chamber a la Reddit so you feel more at home? Emotionally a bit fragile?

The board now is a pathetic fucking shadow of how we started, and all of the "work" that's going on now is a direct reflection of that.

>t. salty and bitter oldfag

8bbca9 No.560960


I will have to let you know in the morning. Going to use the work printer. The print preview looks good. I want to keep them baseball card size so I'm sure they will come out fine. That is some talent you have. Doing this on a phone must be a challenge, which raises the props to your skillz.

c1c0be No.560961


Straight up.

Servants don’t

Survive that long

968e14 No.560962


I hope so. Demographic shift is getting serious. Lots of illegals voting I'm sure.

c468e4 No.560963



Digits confirmed!

Thanks Anon nice catch! I haven't been lurking as much lately and missed that post! Been busy making theses as fast as I can…. I have tons of them planned maybe a 100+ now… coming up with the text takes me the longest.

d4c32a No.560964


There is a picture describing "tough love" more clearly.


Truth must be uncovered and internalized organically, else it's just another belief. Everyone has to see Truth for himself, it cannot be forced.

ec6679 No.560966


thanks- I adore Garrison's work

8353ed No.560967


The state of texas locked me up without charges for 8 days. I'm not voting.

ea3996 No.560968


tough. sin-u.

1f3d43 No.560969


Damn thats the very very BEST BEST !!

Phenomenal job anon!

a1fbd3 No.560970


Nova corps










378e23 No.560971


Misspellings matter: i tried searching “chidlren” over the weekend and got no his but it looks like they fixed something with JA’s latest post. Maybe something there

3284b5 No.560972


Setting sun. tranquil waters.

Peaceable end to the tragic era of the peninsula.

Very much a possibility?

ba3997 No.560973

File: 95e02145c0aa418⋯.png (462.34 KB, 490x497, 70:71, Screenshot-2018-3-5 Deadpo….png)

f20991 No.560974


Some people on the inside are willing to reveal some info about what they do, but when it comes to the highly illegal and brutal kidnap, torture and rape used to SHATTER the mind of a MKUltra or Monarch mind control slave, lots of these people clam up, because they are accessories to crime.

Not all mind control slaves end up like Ariana Grande. Many can't cope and end up in the porn industry. Others commit suicide or overdose on drugs and alcohol. And then there are the ones specifically programmed to murder and commit suicide.

Shattering the mind only takes a few days including the befriending and betrayal stage which is essentially, psychological torture. Most of the time is taken up by programming alters and triggers. Of course the throwaways are done much more quickly because they have less value.

You can get dissociation from a single traumatic event. Some people are predisposed genetically and it only takes a mildly traumatic event. This is why the Illuminati manage bloodlines so closely. They build the most complex inner worlds to ensure that all are serving the will of the Grande Dame. They program alters that are capable of invoking REAL DEMON spirits and giving control of their bodies to these demons.

cd525e No.560975


added to notables

4de6e5 No.560976


Why are you using a trip, faggot?

Seems like something a shill would do to divide anons.

Seems like something you'd do if you didn't have any ideas worth noticing, so you had to rely on fucking namefagging to get attention.

099738 No.560977

File: b985e07c6f7bad9⋯.png (468.02 KB, 403x584, 403:584, image.png)


After I left my post w/ the REM track, I thought of John Hinkley, Jr., who shot at Reagan (while George Herbert Walker Bush was his Vice-President).

Most people know the official story: that he did it to impress the actress Jodi Foster. What most people DON'T know, is that a member of the Hinkley family (Scott Hinkley, John's brother) was scheduled to have dinner with Neil Bush (one of GHWB's sons) the night before. We feel, and I think Q has eluded to, GHWB being connected to JFK, but we should start digging more into Poppy-Bush over this incident.

A dedicated website on the topic, with a page reproduced from an AP report in 1991 about said dinner.

http:// www.voxfux.com/features/hinckley_bush_connection.html

9005da No.560978


4d3117 was a consensus builder; likely a bot.

5d731a No.560979

Hmmm.., The Populism/Nationalism won in Italy…, if the Euromachines is programmed for the fraud.., so., the White Hats in Italy did a good job

a3f608 No.560980


maybe one day these will go live!! historical. ;-) these are great.

6b4226 No.560981


You needlessly banned people and pushed your agenda. Many of us noticed. We are not shills or clowns just patriots who have been here since day one and are concerned at your censorship. Own what you did - you started the division.

be2760 No.560982


No, because i copy pasted it from a thread back, because it seemed worth considering.

Because cultrally psycho generative.

I will check out book.

59938f No.560983


all over twatter at the moment…. I don't know the name of who's hunting them down but I hope someone else will give you sauce.

c091d3 No.560984

File: bb4cb2371daab93⋯.jpg (27.51 KB, 300x277, 300:277, no-matter-what-i-do-or-wha….jpg)

File: b255a710c77a3d0⋯.jpg (33.41 KB, 320x310, 32:31, idiot-you-thought-cnn-woul….jpg)

File: edbe6e315a0c9d0⋯.jpg (74.81 KB, 460x430, 46:43, 2566mo.jpg)

File: 97c87964ace0fad⋯.jpg (96.05 KB, 570x864, 95:144, my-fellow-democratswhy-are….jpg)

3284b5 No.560985


thank you.

79b477 No.560986


funny… same eyes

7c73c6 No.560987

File: 02c25d07bb04fb8⋯.png (47.1 KB, 649x455, 649:455, ClipboardImage.png)

File: bc4c8147b19d54b⋯.png (343.55 KB, 699x541, 699:541, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 9bd9db78009d369⋯.png (338.21 KB, 488x540, 122:135, ClipboardImage.png)

Interesting article on zerohedge.com on Nunberg.

What an idiot! Sounds like he's got something he doesn't want coming out re his relationship/communications with Roger Stone. Hmmmmm!

What a joke this guy is! He keeps contradicting himself! WHAT????

f20991 No.560988


Are you saying that Texas state prison lets you post on 8chan?

099738 No.560989


Same as who?

c468e4 No.560990


Looking Great MemeFolderAnon!

I like these! Colors and text placement great!

9005da No.560991

File: 84a779a6ee0ec3e⋯.jpg (27.42 KB, 312x123, 104:41, download.jpg)

79b477 No.560992


all the rest of them

48dc56 No.560993


Only Kim doesn't look relaxed. He's the only one not smiling for the photo.

7fa713 No.560994


i just filter that guy, like all the other namefags

be anonymous or btfo

c867c5 No.560995


Crying over the very chaos they created.

Such a clown thing to do ; )

07dcdd No.560996


Watch the water.

01a8d3 No.560997


It depends on where the hate is directed.

Ecclesiastes 3:8

A time to love, and a time to hate; a time of war, and a time of peace.

Romans 9:13 As it is written, “Jacob I loved, but Esau I hated.”

79b477 No.560998

File: a5595163a6f22d4⋯.jpg (43.47 KB, 576x504, 8:7, 52ngdu433yj01.jpg)

357260 No.560999

File: 93783a15cfbb599⋯.jpeg (185.79 KB, 700x1074, 350:537, CF58F47F-1EDF-4757-9ADE-0….jpeg)





https:// . www.realclearpolitics.com/video/2018/03/05/sam_nunberg_mueller_thinks_trump_is_a_manchurian_candidate.html

1f3d43 No.561000


Even more reason to vote

632f4c No.561001


We're still talking about WATER.

Men. Trannies. Faggots.

Sometimes things are so vague, you let it roll. The amount of time wasted on water is second only to the amount of hoggfagging.

We learn from Q.

Q LEARNS FROM US. Watch the water is too vague. Teach Q its too vague.

Or run around waterfagging.

3ac8cd No.561002

File: cacb9fb6bb06aec⋯.png (324.41 KB, 659x348, 659:348, flag.invincible.png)

9919f0 No.561004


>children as food? Sex? WTF

probably as handbags or wallets, too. Not kidding, sauce below.

This site has since been taken offline, but as late as December 2017, it look like this:

https:// web.archive.org/web/20171225231403/http:// www.humanleather.co.uk/humanleatherproducts.html

450b72 No.561005

Agreed. I don’t filter I just ignore. We all have a lot of work to do! >>560956

099738 No.561006


Got it…that dead zonked out stare.

cd525e No.561007




anon from last bread was textbook example

even had a helper or two

79b477 No.561008


We have got to be living in a simulation… this shit gets weirder by the day

ea3996 No.561009


i'm getting buzzed. bb in a minute to tell Gods new word. truth in other words. Q is a park place. very important.

59938f No.561010



finally became crystal clear to me…..


They're on their way to NK to put the CIA there permanently out of business!!!!!

07dcdd No.561011


Her "husband" is that commie Cass Sunstein.

She is a lesbian.

418dad No.561012


Don't forget "think mirror"

8353ed No.561013


I was arrested and held in a "mental health facility" which is Texan for Jail.

e9b274 No.561014

File: 82e143f59133475⋯.png (388.71 KB, 1080x1122, 180:187, Screenshot_20180305-191747….png)

More Korea news

3284b5 No.561015


(((clown))). Must be active today over at the fag hole.

768239 No.561016

File: 43d3a80ef3cac73⋯.png (2.21 MB, 1545x911, 1545:911, ClipboardImage.png)

7e1135 No.561017

>>560892 Yes impalement Vlad that ass

d0176b No.561018

File: 5cc5fdfafecdeac⋯.png (17.52 KB, 780x66, 130:11, Screen Shot 2018-03-05 at ….png)

48dc56 No.561019



eb7e7f No.561020


Perhaps not. Maybe the Soros/Rothschild operatives they didn't bother because they didn't expect the vote to go that way in Italy.

The Italians are tired of the bullshit too. They want out of the EU and they want the migrants removed from their country.

ba3997 No.561021


pre filtered

79b477 No.561022

File: f0a0e3c060646fc⋯.jpg (45.02 KB, 400x305, 80:61, 1.jpg)

d1d793 No.561023

2018 is now in its third month , Just when does it become Glorious?

Mueller is showing no sign of looking into Real Corruption and Q keeps telling us we need to be organised to utilise the power the Autists hold.

Maybe it’s time to start a combined campaign for Corruption to Addressed now .

7d7529 No.561025


Can you post them ??

I don't have Tor.

e9b274 No.561026


Don't forget.


bc68a6 No.561027


Thanks for the details.

When you said "the throwaways" it made me think of Q's intentional misspelling:

>Target subjects are pre disposable

c89238 No.561028

>>560922 *flush, my wife has the t-shirt

8353ed No.561029


It's all corrupt. Just vote for more corruption. All about taking people for their insurance money.

I had a depressed tweet. Locked up for 8 days which is the max my insurance would pay for "observation."

Tell me how voting will change that?

ca2eaf No.561030

I have no idea what Robert Muellers voice sounds like. I'm going to have to check it out.

01b2c4 No.561031


Which ones are the new ones?

79b477 No.561032

File: eccafe735a559b8⋯.jpg (39.23 KB, 500x321, 500:321, 7135.jpg)

File: 5279cbde0669081⋯.jpg (79.26 KB, 640x360, 16:9, james-holmes.jpg)

File: 95642eb6f802fcd⋯.jpg (136.86 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)

e9b274 No.561033

dec576 No.561034

What was the process for vetting BO? Can anyone give me a quick rundown?

f55b22 No.561035

"Make it rain" a likely reference to Dustin Hoffman's autistic savant character "Ray" in Rain Man.

3dc07b No.561036



although it has been typed about ad naseum these last couple of weeks, that's not why I posted. I genuinely thought it strange that this wiki email said dc water wasn't potable.

66802c No.561037


Me no like your love. Stop loving me.

c468e4 No.561038

File: edb2039cb4d861c⋯.jpg (90.39 KB, 401x560, 401:560, IMG_4716.JPG)

File: dddf9fe72bd5125⋯.png (408.38 KB, 401x560, 401:560, IMG_4728.PNG)

File: d235d4948ad47ed⋯.png (306.49 KB, 401x560, 401:560, IMG_4729.PNG)

File: 20999f6aa86fc6a⋯.jpg (109.93 KB, 401x560, 401:560, IMG_4730.JPG)

File: c0e617635187efa⋯.png (288.91 KB, 401x560, 401:560, IMG_4740.PNG)

Q Cards


I posted these earlier this morning also.

c867c5 No.561039


Keen anon is keen.

953d27 No.561040

File: 2645785fe830fdb⋯.png (74.18 KB, 993x229, 993:229, ClipboardImage.png)

1f3d43 No.561041


I would be honored to purchase a deck if you ever go that far, yes this is actually a pretty historical move.

3ac8cd No.561042


nice, anon!

cd525e No.561043


anon in last bread dropped a link to an english version of a regional news source for the area

seems the people over there are excited about a peaceful re-unification of the peninsula

credit POTUS

interesting read

>>560472 reunification of the Korean penisula? english version of regional news

8353ed No.561044

http:// www.foxnews.com/us/2018/03/05/outrage-grows-over-oklahoma-judge-who-reportedly-let-several-child-rapists-off-without-prison-time.html

6b9e76 No.561045

File: c6c0ffe75e1012b⋯.png (394.13 KB, 533x413, 533:413, oscars-1.png)

File: eafc036ccee2ba2⋯.png (622.42 KB, 650x515, 130:103, Minneapolis-Fed-.png)

File: a51886b56ad6428⋯.png (387.36 KB, 746x464, 373:232, sculptures-federal-1.png)

07dcdd No.561046


When you cross the Rio Grande you are committing a crime, you illegal invading asshole.

You deserved more than 8 days.

Go back to fucking Mejico!

0b7863 No.561047

File: f5da6698776719f⋯.png (197.78 KB, 1166x971, 1166:971, 1556598480udf0hu5336366315….png)

File: e3b0a5274ccc3dc⋯.png (631.77 KB, 932x700, 233:175, 1518073809491.png)

File: 0d2c8cfb6b53509⋯.jpg (84.91 KB, 712x539, 712:539, 16q66q6664hj515634276750.jpg)

File: 847cff5a0838b28⋯.png (318.39 KB, 1197x1559, 1197:1559, 1515624669306328709ugodhu8….png)


Indeed we seem to have attracted more unwanted attention than normal. Here are some tips for new people.

c091d3 No.561048

File: 76ee9b20f81d150⋯.jpg (24.52 KB, 250x292, 125:146, let-me-get-this-straight-w….jpg)

79b477 No.561050


This whole thing will be a board game someday

e221cc No.561051


I like the self-awareness, truly 4th wall breaking.

cd525e No.561052


added to notables

42692f No.561054

Television audience for Oscars on ABC falls 19% to 26.5 million


Just to put the 20 million we have reached in perspective.

3ac8cd No.561055


amazing they were ever allowed online in the first place.

418dad No.561056



Thanks for all of your hard work.

48dc56 No.561058


She called HRC "a monster".

Why does Power hate the election outcome in Italy? Why does she blame Russia?

Do they fear at the UN that their NWO

fantasy, the EU might be in danger to break apart and be gone?

8353ed No.561059


I'm from Indiana

ed2fff No.561060


Stunning as always! Thank you

ea3996 No.561061


Q gives us a place to go forward. most of us know this shit Q drops already. but… normies? not so much. bummer is… WE need normies to win this. but… we can do this… we are autists. peace patriots.

a0a44d No.561062


No flowers on the floor, calm waters…Shit's habbening.

59938f No.561063

Just a thought….

The POTUS was making so much noise over DACA because that was THEIR WARNING. When it runs out, it runs out… and they're all subject to arrest after that date.

9919f0 No.561064


yeah.. it's ok.. every time they do it they show more of their hand anyways.. Then it's just a matter of reminding new people what this place is from time to time..

83d295 No.561065



>Not kidding, sauce below.

Believe. Unnecessary.

0b7863 No.561066

File: 6c07e239fb40fc0⋯.jpg (197.84 KB, 600x600, 1:1, pepepo8g89sdg60s9g760872t0….jpg)


Fucking awesome im stealing these. Heres a rare pepe as exchange fren.

80bb25 No.561067

Anyone here familiar with the idea of "predictive programming"? Maybe we should consider taking statements such as "My fellow Americans, the STORM is upon us." and putting that idea into the popular consciousness? Just a thought.

632f4c No.561068



Theory 12,005 on the meaning of WATCH THE WATER.

This is the definition of waterfagging.

ba3997 No.561069

File: 841760248df726b⋯.jpg (57.65 KB, 384x480, 4:5, 2ndAmend1.jpg)

inspiration for people taking about rights

9919f0 No.561070


They thought she would never lose.

294050 No.561071



I early voted…I think its all being blown up. I hope so. North Tx is largely conservative, but it has literally poured rain here every day for 2 weeks. South Tx is democrat…wonder why…and the numbers are based off them

968e14 No.561072

File: 22ae3f1c4e886fd⋯.jpg (43.13 KB, 545x610, 109:122, jesuit jones.jpg)


I'm trying to hang in there buddy. We need a win and by win I mean I want these fuckers to hang! String these sons a bitches up and leave their bodies to fall to the ground piece by piece as they rot as a warning to all other traitors!

01b2c4 No.561073

File: 0af505bb72034ff⋯.png (63.98 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 0af505bb72034ff2354d861172….png)

f22736 No.561074


Here's a couple more observations from the 13 Hours movie of Benghazi:

- The SCIF room was more than just one room. There were a couple of small offices and a room with the monitors for the security system. The entrance was a large metal door, clearly marked, with a badge reader.

- There was a young IT guy setting up the wifi for the Ambassador, and he said he had security clearance. I thought it was Imran Awan.

7e1135 No.561075

>>561069 Nice one

632f4c No.561076



Seriously guys. Vague things are vague.

8cc35d No.561077

File: 57bafa28f93b260⋯.jpg (168.68 KB, 1097x525, 1097:525, liddleliddleliddle.jpg)

e8c827 No.561078

File: dae060d77ac2c81⋯.jpg (18.09 KB, 420x315, 4:3, xi-jinping-applauds-420x31….jpg)

e04f42 No.561079


Red Pill…..BIGLY !

59938f No.561080


FUTURE PROVES PAST…. see my earlier graphic on how to unlock the map!!!!!

a0a44d No.561081


An anon pointed out last night his thoughts were 23 counts of 1A violations, which makes sense to me. Like Q said watch the news this week

3dc07b No.561082


>Mueller is showing no sign of looking into Real Corruption

What do you mean no sign? What kind of sign do you need? 13 Russians indicted 2 wks ago, 1 low level atty with extremely high contacts into the Clinton crime family, indicted last week…watch where that goes! manafort/podesta have been the target for months, and will lead upward toward HRC herself

c091d3 No.561083

File: b0b2ff19b902dc7⋯.jpg (58.26 KB, 345x565, 69:113, too-many-people-for-too-lo….jpg)

File: a085af7b4cb0245⋯.jpg (24.11 KB, 307x270, 307:270, when-i-was-younger-i-wante….jpg)

File: 1d8fdfb53b5d67b⋯.jpg (50.9 KB, 480x360, 4:3, when-civilian-lawmakers-an….jpg)

File: c82c119c4913dda⋯.png (406.98 KB, 389x543, 389:543, USA_-_Army_MP_Badge.png)

450b72 No.561084

I’d say that background symbolizes a new day in NK >>561062

537ba7 No.561085

File: def863b57f84d77⋯.jpg (366.02 KB, 1151x768, 1151:768, OSCARNIGHT-Minus1.jpg)

File: 54e4b04067d98cc⋯.png (489.42 KB, 1111x695, 1111:695, bettahad.png)

minus 1

watch them all bow down

None Can Deny

cd525e No.561086


>Indeed we seem to have attracted more unwanted attention than normal. Here are some tips for new people.

Plus BO has taken the training wheels off

The deletion of bad posts led to a division wedge

It allowed bad actors to foment paranoia against BV & BO


>>559353 Explanation of the BV situation

BO has decided not to delete any but the most seriously egregious posts

Thus allowing anons to see what is what and learn how the clowns operate.

838d4e No.561087


I did a whole report on this I think in Jan. Was tracking the As the World Turns. Connected JFK, Reagan assassination to Trump attempted assassinations. Came up with Pence as it all fell to the VP being in on all of them. Pence does or doesn't know about the pedeo trafficking going on when he was Gov of Indiana. Was waiting to see what the Indiana indictments said when opened. If Pence is involved it will be in the indictments. If this turns out true then it would be no surprise he has knowledge of any/all assassination attempts on Trump. I know this is far fetched but I had to finished following the leads.

1f3d43 No.561088


Garrison is incredibly talented, love his stuff

03af87 No.561089

Can anyone do a pic of the "magic 8 ball" with Q as the magic answer?

639bf0 No.561091


He's protecting Roger Stone. I'm not so sure that Stone has really been "for" Trump all this time. Stone is only for Stone.

c468e4 No.561092


Maybe one day… after we M.A.G.A.!

Not sure about print quality on these… making them as fast as I can to redpill a.s.a.p.!

I have the files on my phone and maybe one day I can get my Desktop working and make them for real print use.

So much new news and old news to make into Cards!

62a7d7 No.561093


Can someone re-post 22-25 or have they not been posted yet?

f20991 No.561094


This seems to be some kind of code. It seems to imply a lesbian sexual relationship between Hillary and Cath Ashton. And all the talk about the Air Force obsession with Tilapia might be code for giving blow jobs (with deep throat) to Air Force officers.

17 restaurants booked could be 17 places (hotel rooms) for eating (deep throat).

It would also be interesting to investigate if the Sec ever took a whole entourage to Morocco or similar destination. If so, what did they actually do there? It is certain that a junket to a foreign country (with nice beaches) would require some Air Force crew to fly them there so are they having a day of sex to pay them back for missing out on the beach orgy originally planned?

3ac8cd No.561095



84be38 No.561096


Storm watcher on twatter is where it originates from.

https:// mobile.twitter.com/damartin32

dec576 No.561097


Pardon me BV, would you know, by any chance, how this board came to be? How did BO get vetted? Just curious. Thanks.

377bf4 No.561098




ca2eaf No.561099

slow and steady wins the RACE



for Hillary to——————–FACE

her crimes.

838d4e No.561100


forgot to put the word attempt after Reagan's name.

d99fdc No.561101

File: 75d7d3ec53d6cb9⋯.jpg (550.71 KB, 1242x837, 46:31, Tiger_Shill_Chase.jpg)

f1d660 No.561102


what attorney had high level into Clinton crime?

f55b22 No.561103

File: c72f95769051cf0⋯.jpg (119.89 KB, 1536x768, 2:1, DoYouTrustTechGiants2.jpg)


I hope it's the good kind of interesting.

What do you know

5d731a No.561104


except on the right.

7c73c6 No.561105


Please post them here!!!

2c146f No.561106


Kneads moar sauce. https:// wikileaks.com/clinton-emails/

"More PDFs were made available on February 29, 2016, and a set of additional 995 emails was imported up to February 2, 2018."

377bf4 No.561107


Miley Cyrus is another…

She's G.O.N.E.

ba3997 No.561109

632f4c No.561110




I don't doubt you anon. I can go look at my local river and find a Q shape between water flow in a few rocks, and come here and post that I solved the world.

WATCH THE WATER is so vague that it would require something so obvious to substantiate it.

c091d3 No.561111

File: dfa6a9263aac32c⋯.jpg (363.66 KB, 1027x800, 1027:800, dfa.jpg)

File: 6d7d9dafa9a54a1⋯.jpg (180.36 KB, 1024x746, 512:373, 6d7.jpg)

48dc56 No.561112


Your cards are the topkek bestest in the universe, Anon!

79b477 No.561113

File: 6e768c01254473a⋯.jpg (53.95 KB, 384x576, 2:3, 25t5z8.jpg)

a3f608 No.561114


SR…. the highest valued collectable. love that one.

be2760 No.561115




Lots of people here with high end jobs on the chans.

Those people are stupid.

ca2eaf No.561116


From: Hillary Clinton

To: Tomicah Tillemann

Date: 2010-03-20 08:53


UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department of State Case No. F-2014-20439 Doc No. C05775141 Date: 08/31/2015


From: H <hrod17@clintonemail.com>

Sent: Sunday, March 21, 2010 3:53 PM

To: 'TillemannTS@state.gov '; 'muscatinel@state.gov '

Cc: 'sullivanjj@state.gov'

Subject: Water speech

Will I get a draft later today?

3ac8cd No.561117

File: 3489e999ffb5e7b⋯.png (107.67 KB, 410x138, 205:69, typo.png)

typo in #22: upon not "apon"

f1d660 No.561118


Seriously, Make packs of these cards. they will be collectors items.

f75410 No.561119


these ppl are unbelievable

537ba7 No.561120

File: 05fe488e32770c4⋯.jpg (797 KB, 2000x2000, 1:1, !!AP-Monogram1.jpg)


slower than you look

09196a No.561121

File: 23a5bfa8c53855c⋯.jpeg (11.01 KB, 200x202, 100:101, !!!this.jpeg)

632f4c No.561122


Oh god. Hoggfags are back.

Fuck off shill.

c468e4 No.561123


KEK one day maybe!

That was the idea I had… like the illuminati cards , but for Anons!

I was thinking of powers and card abilities and realized it would take a week to make one…( one day maybe!)

For now the are info cards like que cards!

450b72 No.561124

Great work. Twatted >>561085

b24b31 No.561125

File: a778e0ab07372fc⋯.png (11.43 KB, 161x255, 161:255, 3eb9269b923bc97665e0c71a06….png)

File: c49e60fd8b2ebe3⋯.png (123.3 KB, 663x329, 663:329, 09f28e442a81e6fe25e89518c1….png)


Can someone Twatter these to Greg Abbot?

7e1135 No.561126

File: 1e1bb7c565ef5e1⋯.jpg (61.2 KB, 600x779, 600:779, adam-schiff-5a9dee.jpg)

a0a44d No.561127


There's another watch the water for us

bfa3fa No.561128


your loved ones must of called

was u in jail or hospital?

dec576 No.561129


Thanks for looking. Could you give me a quick rundown by any chance?

c867c5 No.561130


Just look at that shift in demeanour.

From asshat to kindfag.


b40c7d No.561131


Thank you anon.

3ac8cd No.561132


*upon (not apon) in card #22

bc68a6 No.561133



Also, if it turns into a paid project, some of the proceeds could go towards a good cause that we vote for. Such as supporting 8chan, and supporting anons who pay their own hosting to make the list of Q posts public and searchable. Even if we don't do that with the cards, we should probably start some donation fund to help each other out.

8bbca9 No.561134


QCardAnon, I will let you know how they print in the morning, EST. I am going to use a color laser printer and go with baseball card size. When I post, I will ask the baker to add it to the bread.

ca2eaf No.561135



From: Hillary Clinton

To: Maria Otero

Date: 2010-01-18 03:05

Subject: WATER

UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department of State Case No. F-2014-20439 Doc No. C05772892 Date: 08/31/2015


From: H <hrod17@clintonemail.com >

Sent: Monday, January 18, 2010 10:05 AM

To: 'oterom2@state.gov '; 'slaughtera@state.gov'; 'cheryl.mill

Cc: 'FuchsMH@state.gov '; 'MauldinCP@state.gov'; 'SchonanderCE@state.gov';

'JonesK@state.gov'; 'ValmoroU@state.gov'

Subject: Re: Water

Lona–pls pull together a meeting after Maria gets back on Feb 2 for us to review where we are. Thx.

Original Message

From: Otero, Maria <OteroM2@state.gov >

To: H; Slaughter, Anne-Marie <SlaughterA@state.gov >; cheryl.mills <cheryl.mills

Cc: Fuchs, Michael H <FuchsMH@state.gov >; Mauldin, Caroline P <MauldinCP@state.gov >; Schonander, Carl E

<SchonanderCE@state.gov >; Jones, Kern-Ann <JonesK@state.gov>

Sent: Mon Jan 18 09:41:13 2010

Subject: Re: Water

Dear all:

To update you, at G we have been working on water and World Water Day (the event planned takes place at the

National Geographic Building), since I am taking on water as the key issue I am/will working on. I sent S a memo on

water in December outlining our plans. Note that we are mandated to report to Congress annually as part of the "Water

for the Poor" Act.

I have met with Kern-Ann, with OES "water" staff in the last weeks to address this and also with several regional bureau

A/S (Carson, Feltman, Blake so far) on water in the respective regions.

There is a great deal of interest on their part and we have started outlining specific initiatives that we could focus on.

We've also met on the Nile Basin Initiative, with World Bank "experts" leading NG0s, McKinsey, etc. I've also spoken to

Raj (USAID allocated about $480 million in FY 2009 to water, and MCC about $500 million) but of course he has been

unable to focus on this. And Cheryl and I haven't spoken yet about Food Security/water.



Original Message

From: H <HDR22@clintonemail.com >

To: Otero, Maria; Slaughter, Anne-Marie; 'cheryl.mills <cheryl.mills

Cc: Fuchs, Michael H

Sent: Sun Jan 17 21:53:19 2010

Subject: Water

UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department of State Case No. F-2014-20439 Doc No. C05772892 Date: 08/31/2015

Maria, Anne-Marie and Cheryl,

March 22 is World Water Day (who knew?) Could we have a policy ready to announce by then? I have some ideas so

when we all get a chance to breathe, let's discuss. Here's to H20.

7a6062 No.561136


Great reminder. We chewed that one a bit

=always more connections, its endless==

537ba7 No.561137


i know that meme is on point…

i also know to watch the way the world turns


watch cali

also watch the gulf area through May

07dcdd No.561138


>He keeps contradicting himself! WHAT????

"Enjoy the show"

This Nunberg sounds like a nutjob. A perfect character to keep Mueller's nuthingberger investigation in the news.

I seriously think Trump wants Mueller's name on every news show, every night.

Think about it: whenever it gets quiet, Trump twats some criticism of Mueller and his "witch hunt".

Now this nut job talks jibberish about talking to or not talking to Mueller's grand jury.

This is a fucking show.

I'm laughing my ass off at the god-tier trolling that Trump is doing on muh Mueller.

5d731a No.561139


That is the Symbol of the Koreans. lol

c468e4 No.561140


Doh good catch… edit incoming

48dc56 No.561141



dec576 No.561142


I don't particularly give a fuck how we get there, but we ought to have some transparency on BO. Because what in the actual fuck is this shit?

890eb4 No.561143


The midterms are going to flip the House, perhaps in the Senate Reps hold or slightly gain if they are fortunate. Trump needs to get things rolling in the right direction because TPTB want him neutered and gone by 2020. Things are not looking so good right now. I've been hanging around since half chan, but I don't need to 'prove' Q's legitimacy. Sickens me to see our President trashed every God damn day. Perhaps the President can drain the swamp, but if not God Almighty sure as hell will.

ca2eaf No.561144

From: Hillary Clinton

To: Esther Brimmer

Date: 2010-01-14 10:19


UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department of State Case No. F-2014-20439 Doc No. C05772596 Date: 08/31/2015


From: H <hrod17@clintonemail.com >

Sent: Thursday, January 14, 2010 5:19 PM

To: 'brimmere@state.gov'

Subject: Re: Law of the Seas


Original Message

From: Brimmer, Esther D <BrimmerE@state.gov>

To: H

Sent: Thu Jan 14 17:17:47 2010

Subject: RE: Law of the Seas

Yes, Ma'am, China ratified in 1996.

Original Message

From: H [mailto:HDR22@clintonemail.com]

Sent: Thursday, January 14, 2010 4:06 PM

To: Brim mer, Esther D

Subject: Law of the Seas

Esther–Can you tell me if China has signed this treaty?

fab0d5 No.561145


Hmmm…then why did you get placed in timeout BV? Why are you namefagging right now? Are you the "division fag" causing hyjacking of the "psychological momentum" who is breaking the "golden rule"? All which you accused Anons of.

If you are truly here for this country and for our mission drop the namefagging & ego.

We are all the same….we are all Patriot Anons…and nobody is better than the next!

79b477 No.561146

File: 1aa7c71fd826c8c⋯.png (288.93 KB, 384x576, 2:3, mm8fjyuzo1k01.png)

3284b5 No.561148

File: 24c0a41e85d5801⋯.jpeg (34.74 KB, 474x474, 1:1, 9000PLUSKEKS.jpeg)



Are they still burning through whole subnet pack of ips to try and get to us.

Literally not ((wholey state actor))nigga batman.

537ba7 No.561149




it's not

happy coincidence?

google adamic productions asshat

dec576 No.561150


Why are you letting the threads be flooded with crap? Why do you have this bullshit BV. Give me a fucking break.

d0176b No.561151

shills be usin same tactic as the beginning

just a different cover on it

450b72 No.561152

Twatted. Great work Anon >>561111

7e1135 No.561154

File: e18944771173ebe⋯.jpg (47.57 KB, 600x488, 75:61, dc-its-time.jpg)

537ba7 No.561155

the whole world is chanting one word right now

and you're in here chasing your assholes

8cc35d No.561156

File: b496032a0160a0e⋯.jpg (488.13 KB, 1024x769, 1024:769, BillWithers.jpg)

c4d202 No.561157


Projection again! Eh, they're nothing if not predictable.

Please collect your personal belongings and take small children by the hand as you exit the ride, Democrats. Buh bye, buh bye, buh bye

cd525e No.561158


>should start digging more into Poppy-Bush

did you know smedly butler foiled a coup attempt that prescot bush was part of?

03af87 No.561159

File: 2862fa8ebe5b2af⋯.jpg (41.58 KB, 473x473, 1:1, 8 ball.jpg)

bfa3fa No.561160


it was bad today, there was like 7 namefags posting shit

557032 No.561161


I called this guy out yesterday, got shouted down for shining the light on a clown.

Keep up the Good Work BV & BO

5a66ef No.561162

File: 22b8f15f83be1c3⋯.jpg (171.61 KB, 1037x751, 1037:751, Screenshot_20180305-193214.jpg)

File: 138ceb8df6f4a6b⋯.jpg (9.51 KB, 564x121, 564:121, zebra.jpg)

07dcdd No.561163


Your concern is noted.


eb7e7f No.561164


They are all puppets, Anon. They all a part of the same machinery. Hollywood and all the people in it are part of the Clown operations. They have to do what they are told or they will not continue to get parts in movies or on TV or to get recording contracts. They prostituted themselves to the Devil, and now he owns them. Hollywood was always a lefty institution, they just used to hide it more in the past.

ca2eaf No.561165


From: Betsy Ebeling

To: Hillary Clinton

Date: 2010-10-30 06:18


UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department of State Case No. F-2014-20439 Doc No. C05775572 Date: 08/31/2015



From: Ebeling, Betsy

Sent: Sunday, October 31, 2010 1:18 PM


Subject: RE: Very scare sign of the times

Just read in the Sunday paper that the library was given a reprieve and will last until the end of the Des Plaines fiscal

year. Tuesday will be such a telling day. On paper there is a co-ordinated Democratic campaign in Illinois–however, it

is ghostlike—sort of shimmering in the distance. When WJC was here the other day, they all turned out: Dubrin and "the

other guy", Speaker Madigan, President Cullerton, many electeds and all gathered to have their photos taken with

him. What an assembly of power going nowhere—just finger pointing and hiding. Of course, they all smiled for WJC and

said they were working hard for the party Is WJC the only one trying? Must be exhausting for him,„and you. Safe

travels. Awaiting the trick or treaters. It's a beautiful day for it. Love you, B

From: H [mailto:HDR22@clintonemail.com]

Sent: Sat 10/30/2010 8:44 PM

To: Ebeling, Betsy

Subject: Re: Very scare sign of the times

That is a sad sign and I'm afraid more to come.

Happy Halloween from Angkor Wat!

Original Message

From: Ebeling, Betsy

To: H

Sent: Thu Oct 28 11:24:102010

Subject: Very scare sign of the times

The Des Plaines Public Library Board Tuesday approved closing the library on Dec. 5 if the city of Des Plaines does not cosign a bank

loan of up to $1.5 million and Cook County property tax receipts are delayed.

kind of scary when you find emails in the NEW WIKILEAKS CLINTON EMAIL and they talk about your former hometown….


f362b9 No.561166


You can vote as long as you’re not a felon

c468e4 No.561167

File: da3655a9cb1277d⋯.png (408.36 KB, 401x560, 401:560, IMG_4770.PNG)



#022 fixed spelling error

(Pic related)

c867c5 No.561168

0b7863 No.561169

File: 8048b5e53bc99fa⋯.jpg (570.42 KB, 1023x768, 341:256, 1519435974413.jpg)


This has always been the chan way. Policing starts with anons not taking the bait in the first place. Mods are only there to clean up people absolutely shitting board up.

Anon Lives Matter. Shitposting is good for morale sometimes. Hitler did nothing wrong.

When someone post something retarded beyond comprehension best defense is not to give (yous).

f75410 No.561170


this is excellent

1f3d43 No.561171

File: 3d482365931c1e7⋯.png (70.28 KB, 894x565, 894:565, ClipboardImage.png)

Hey anons, if you don't follow GovTracks its probably about time you should - I just got an alert about this

Congressional Misconduct Database here:

https:// www.govtrack.us/misconduct

You can get alerts and quick access to your reps, etc.

Plus tonight it posted an alert via twitter that Sen. Thad Cochran, a Republican from Mississippi, says he will resign April 1.

3284b5 No.561172

File: 10e150ef57c8744⋯.png (185.95 KB, 500x579, 500:579, deadgoatfuckers.png)


DC is a fucking shithole. Disgusting cesspit of degeneracy. Bitches here actually believe the pc bullshit and cuck left and right.

ALL ages/races/economic backgrounds. Literally cuck kingdom.

Bitch of a town to be honest in.

We will clean up this fag town.

09196a No.561173


had the same idea @ some point within the last 2 weeks, so I have to agree!

My fellow Americans, the Storm is upon us…….

3ac8cd No.561174

File: e74149c298f23f1⋯.png (136.54 KB, 406x227, 406:227, boom.png)

File: edcace35c9042d5⋯.png (29.88 KB, 268x227, 268:227, :.png)


this has got to be the destruction of the right side of the pyramid.

any anon know if soros or the R's were the right side?

65c79d No.561175

File: 5efcf0215d66001⋯.png (595.1 KB, 1061x769, 1061:769, ClipboardImage.png)

Can anyone link the 111 research posts? I couldn't find them. Guess I don't know how to search 8ch. Lookie what Netflix is showing today. Kinda interesting timing for an interesting number

48dc56 No.561176



9919f0 No.561177


BAKER: This should be in the bread along with the other clown related posts.

59938f No.561178

File: 26aeaede19b7362⋯.png (378.61 KB, 600x451, 600:451, bundle of faggots.png)

Just a friendly reminder of why we are all on the chans.

Now, clowns, if you don't want to be in the bundle, please GTFO

f7b053 No.561179


grid coordinates are usually 8 or 10 digits (depending on accuracy/detail)


Russia is the new Sam Hyde

e04f42 No.561180


History shows when a subject gets major push back the target is below…. just sayin

c71e20 No.561181

File: 7708331a409627a⋯.png (321.39 KB, 381x367, 381:367, ThorsHelmet.png)


This anon (from last bread)

remembers now…

Some of sauce on NK from B. Fulford

(anon knows your thoughts on him)

So take "reunification" with salt

But peace talks well underway


Dept of st. twt… spoopy


anon taking a break

*Carry on lads**

dec576 No.561182


How is it possible we have such a comped BO?

07dcdd No.561183




New shariablew tactic: The FUD shill.

Obvious shills are obvious.

7ad228 No.561184


That quarter meme is great in my observaion.

Maybe the great lie of inflation.

Just a suggestion.

c867c5 No.561185


It's up to (You) now.

I was a fool for not trusting you anons more.

You magnificent bastards.


0cefa3 No.561186

File: b185d6b74a2cf3a⋯.jpg (160.58 KB, 640x624, 40:39, bush hinkley connection.jpg)

537ba7 No.561187

Watch the Water = trade routes


EU to US and others

cd525e No.561188


>This has always been the chan way.

I know anon, been watching since mootykins screwed the pooch

watched hotwheels and his stuggles

BO & crew are still learning and doing a pretty good job from where I sit

my 2¢

8dbb96 No.561189


All ready for business. Art of the Deal in effect

48dc56 No.561190


Russia is the new blame-old, blame-old

3284b5 No.561191

File: 588770aec73c0ce⋯.jpg (56.62 KB, 540x512, 135:128, jesusvsshills.jpg)


What a very typical semitic behavior.

ME is a fucking lying cesspit of filth btw. All are advised to take extra care when dealing with deceptive scum.

What a surprise, DC metro area is FULL of semitic/useful puppet per capita by demographic.


450b72 No.561192



5f91f5 No.561193

>They want you DIVIDED.





Q keeps saying the above and I think there is more than one meaning. He is giving us a formula:






Make of it what you will.

94d226 No.561194


satanist workn for the opposition

2e1084 No.561195


These are so fabulous! Each one a nugget. Actually makes one want to collect! Some day kids will collect these and learn their history from 'em. You are a gem, QcardsAnon.


Good meme. Anon likes.

b8f918 No.561196


Where can I get copy of these Cards?

These are Great!

6b4226 No.561197

File: ffbc2b299b5f956⋯.png (68.99 KB, 1553x781, 1553:781, Q post answers 1 3-4-18.PNG)


Not a bot.

cf1f67 No.561198


There should not be an apostrophe in "Dems". Do it over.

80bb25 No.561199

File: cdc208398e35332⋯.jpg (28.4 KB, 420x294, 10:7, 18377314715_09cc71848d.jpg)

07dcdd No.561200


Looks a little like Jeb!

Are we sure this assassin wasn't a Bush?

f362b9 No.561201


Bingo! Lots of voter fraud too.

09196a No.561202


Poor me, can't see it, filtered long ago

9f7dcf No.561203



Hey, speaking of this: what exactly will this signify if going down when he tweets this?

7e1135 No.561204

>>561199 lol anon

67b4a8 No.561205


Amazingly incredible work!

Can you/have you considered trademarking these or whatever you do to protect yourself? They are going to become a part of Q/8chan history!

9005da No.561206

File: e05267b05beff45⋯.jpg (58.47 KB, 520x398, 260:199, images.duckduckgo.jpg)



You forgot shoes anon. Human shoes!

59938f No.561207


I, of course, can't read the whole article… would love to read it all before Thursday.

03af87 No.561208

File: 34029f437126052⋯.jpg (41.15 KB, 345x413, 345:413, NAZINEWS.jpg)

Regardless, I like it. >>561146

79b477 No.561209

File: 1e0f48c13fea9e3⋯.jpg (77.3 KB, 693x896, 99:128, gvp6yaulf0j01.jpg)

File: 345bae1abdf2089⋯.jpg (36.5 KB, 480x348, 40:29, hj48spob8lj01.jpg)

File: c275169fa66deb7⋯.jpg (911.81 KB, 1200x820, 60:41, InkedDUxtAnvU8AIZ7bO_LI.jpg)

cd525e No.561210

>>561177 (CheKeKed) dub dubs


b24b31 No.561211

File: 6f03485179c9346⋯.jpeg (12.58 KB, 255x167, 255:167, b6cef57d306812fbb89313812….jpeg)


Always remember the globalist totalitarians project what THEY are guilty of onto their targets.

I guess that maybe Hussein's sealed records have been found and are about to be made public.

Personally, after all the shit we've put up with out of these people, every single one of them needs to hang until the buzzards pick their bodies clean.

dec576 No.561212


This is laughable. Pure nonsense is flooding threads. BV is a clown, and BO must be too, because he is openly supporting him. Open your eyes anons. We need to take action.

6b9e76 No.561213

File: 2c9e045bc3c5907⋯.png (203.71 KB, 502x311, 502:311, trump-navy-flag.png)

watch the water

eb18a9 No.561214


You'd think anons would stop needed to be taught the same lessons over and over.

The boot-licking faggots tripping over themselves to defend current BO and this other namefag sound identical to the anons that were swinging off baruch and crew's nuts right up to the end.

537ba7 No.561215


good thing your race is almost extinct

450b72 No.561216

Anons be slow to react with douchery. Lots of work being done. Don’t let the shills interrupt our imperative work. >>561185

f7b053 No.561217


yeah i was wondering about that because ive been DL'ing them all.

294050 No.561218


Yea…they arrested 5 more ppl in Dallas last week for fraud. Ridiculous

9919f0 No.561219


Thank you, fine baker!

f7b053 No.561220

ee3b0d No.561221


Whoa. There are 3 billion of us left

a0a44d No.561222


Nothing like a field of heads on pikes to deter the enemy…

5d731a No.561223


Triangle Symbol.., Navy.., hmmm…

8cc35d No.561224

File: ca01797fd14c8bf⋯.jpg (884.43 KB, 1024x1450, 512:725, RoyalSlut2.jpg)

File: 0d382b8a11a554b⋯.jpg (891.2 KB, 1024x1445, 1024:1445, RoyalSlut3.jpg)

File: fe1133bb8833078⋯.jpg (959.01 KB, 1024x1536, 2:3, RoyalSlut4.jpg)

File: c50f641a88a0598⋯.jpg (367.31 KB, 1024x589, 1024:589, RoyalSlut5.jpg)

File: 507de05e385b355⋯.jpg (697.69 KB, 1024x1229, 1024:1229, RoyalSlut6.jpg)

450b72 No.561225


Need something to dig on anon? There’s plenty! Fight Fight Fight.

7e1135 No.561226

Ok going to bed I wanted to jump on before the friggin flat earthers got crunk up

099738 No.561227


At one time I did. Butler was the one who exposed it all. He was up against the strongest people of his era, but the mistake they made was asking Smedley to be a part of it. He is a national hero and his life's story should be taught to kids in all our schools!

09196a No.561228



Re_read crumbs

5a66ef No.561229

File: 33e1c1f5d94729b⋯.jpg (47.58 KB, 1030x284, 515:142, Screenshot_20180305-193717.jpg)

ee3b0d No.561230


Cause we both know the population isn't really 7.5 billion like we are told. Right?

e26269 No.561231


The Anti-Illuminati Card deck! What a great idea to redpill the uninformed!!! Bravo Anon!!!

e948e3 No.561232


Fat boy in handcuffs? He looks tense.

c2ae04 No.561233

Holy fuk, I just saw Rand Paul’s going to introduce an audit the Fed bill this week… (has he done this before?)

Obviously this is a massive thing in the context of everything happened.

I knew this was real, but I didn’t actually think they were going to actually go back to an asset back currency, holyyyy fukkkk.

As Q said, it’s getting HOT and humid from this storm.

This is it.

ca2eaf No.561234

File: f30f06b9dbb8f9f⋯.png (299.64 KB, 1205x1309, 1205:1309, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 944c466627609b5⋯.png (410.2 KB, 681x790, 681:790, ClipboardImage.png)


it's got to be..you see Q shows the present status of the pyramid. We see it's the right side.

Q post in a right down formation indicating the right side of th pyramid about to go boom boom..

according to Q the right side of the triangle represents


since that's the last part of the plan? anyone have sauce on if Q posted who is on what side of the pyramid?

557032 No.561235


No reply PicturePost as Bait


Faked outrage with Namefagging to spark division.

Comon guys, Filter and Ignore. Get back on TASK

dec576 No.561236

The argument now seems to be "nobody can be banned, because that 'drives a wedge'"– but that means that an unlimited amount of garbage can be let into threads, and that is what is happening. Badly torpedoing the quality of threads, and allowing a lot of clown control.

Again: BV was the one who brought attention to the whole "mirror" nonsense that filled up numerous threads. That is precisely where his clown functioning was most effective. Look around anons. Come on.

3cdc79 No.561237


308588 No.561238

Jack Burkman Lawfag

Seth Rich

Putin ordered 187

Rick Gates 187 Afghanistan

DNC Hack/leak

Steele Page Missing

79b477 No.561239

File: 790331f251dd046⋯.jpg (162.68 KB, 1256x989, 1256:989, j9urwulxr1k01.jpg)

7e1135 No.561240

>>561237 Ramble BS

80bb25 No.561241

File: 8603a0856d5bfc0⋯.png (341.3 KB, 481x735, 481:735, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz59f8c296dcb….png)

Someone is not getting any attention. Poor dear.

557032 No.561242


dont dox yourself, lose the email field.

8f310b No.561243


A question about the suicide weekend graphic:

Why does it have the Freemason symbol on it?

dec576 No.561244


Well, they are probably all bots, so it is really easy to get them mobilized…

7d333d No.561245


These are Bizarre js but then again HRC and crew have always been Bizarre.

c89739 No.561246

Lots of true anons here lurking digging and writing without posting regularly, I have a large post in the works atm with some good findings, supporting BO and BV they are doing a great job it's no coincidence this one has lasted longer than all our other spots before. Keep up the strong work those who are putting it in and all clowns and shills can eat a dick

0b873d No.561247

59938f No.561248

File: 67487bc704d7605⋯.png (5.16 MB, 1176x11872, 21:212, victory parade graphic.png)

Get ready for a celebration….. November 11, 2018!!!!

1a0969 No.561249

File: 96866abe95e1264⋯.png (202.43 KB, 1179x474, 393:158, AOSulzbergerJr.png)


great find anon on the roasted crumb

It helped me find another connection


Pilgrims Society Members: Arthur Hays Sulzberger + Adolph Simon Ochs (father-in-law)

Offspring:Arthur Ochs Sulzberger Jr.>grandson

Pilgrims Society Member:Zbigniew Brzezinski

Offspring: Mika Brzezinski, Mark Brzezinski, Ian Joseph Brzezinski

Pilgrims Society Member:John Sidney McCain Jr.

Offspring:John Sidney McCain III

Pilgrims Society Member:Cornelius Vanderbilt III

Offspring:Anderson Cooper>great-grandson

Pilgrims Society Member: Peter G. Peterson

Offspring: Holly Peterson, Michael A. Peterson

Pilgrims Society Member & Former President: Henry Luce III

Offspring: H. Christopher Luce

Pilgrims Member: Louis, John Jeffry, Jr.

Offspring: John Jeffry Louis III (Gannett)


3dc07b No.561250


>http:// bwcentral.org/2018/02/unrolled-thread-from-_vachellindsay_/

Alex Van Der Zwaan

1. Mueller indicts lawyer Alex van der Zwaan. MSM scream: the evil Drumpf is about to fall!

They’re embarrassingly WRONG, of course. And they are MISLEADING you, by not mentioning OTHER names (bombshells incoming). Let me explain.

2. The indictment is linked to Manafort & Gates illegal lobbying for the pro-Putin Ukrainian strongman Viktor Yanukovych between 2007-2013.

Van der Zwaan, who looks like Clark Kent, has lied to the FBI about his contact with Gates & another person (anon).

3. Some background: Skadden Arps, a global law firm, was hired in 2012 by the Ukraine Ministry of Justice to prepare a report on the trial of former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko, a political rival to Viktor Yanukovych.

4. Viktor Yanukovych was elected as President of Ukraine on 7 February 2010. While he portrayed himself as a centrist, in reality he was a Kremlin-backed stooge. Tymoshenko was anti-Putin, so the inevitable occurred and she was arrested after Yanukovych’s election.

5. On 11 October 2011, she was convicted of embezzlement and abuse of power, and sentenced to seven years in prison and ordered to pay the state $188 million.

This caused outrage and condemnation across the world.

6. The Yanukovych government then hired Skadden (the law firm) to write a report on the prosecution of Tymoshenko, assessing whether or not her imprisonment adhered to international legal standards.

7. Surprise, surprise: the Skadden report found that Yanukovych-era legal officials did not deprive Tymoshenko of her right to due process during the trial. In effect, the report was funded by the pro-Russian Ukrainian President to legitimize her prosecution.

8. IMPORTANT (bombshells incoming!) : Alex van der Zwaan was involved in producing the report, BUT he was not the person engaged by the Ukrainian government. That was Greg Craig, a partner of the firm. And Clifford Sloan, another partner.

What are you NOT being told?

10. Even more significantly (IMO), Craig had served as assistant to the President and special counsel in the White House of (drum roll)…

President Bill Clinton.

There’s more:

11. Craig directed the team defending Clinton against impeachment. Working with Clinton’s COS, one John Podesta.

Yes you can get up off the floor. Actually, wait a sec, stay there. The other partner at Skadden responsible for producing the report? Clifford Sloan?

12. Well, how about that?

Clifford Sloan was Associate White House Counsel to President Bill Clinton. At the same time as Greg Craig.

These two guys are CLINTON people.


Ain’t it funny what the media won’t tell you? Anyway, let’s move on.

15. July 2, 2010 – Clinton visited Ukraine to meet with Yanukovych & other leaders of the Putin-backed team. Consistent with the re-set but also disappointing for anti-Putin crowd, her tone was surprisingly positive about Yanukovych:

18. Oh – also, in 2008 Pinchuk, who had made a fortune in the pipe-building business, had pledged a five-year, $29-million commitment to the Clinton Global Initiative.

19. Many aren’t aware, but Ukrainians (read ‘Pinchuk’) were the single-largest donors to the Clinton Foundation:

21. He was a solid backer of Yanukovych, which continued until the winds started turning against the Kremlin-backed President in 2013:

22. Of course, this involved lobbying Hillary Clinton as SOS, via the Clinton Foundation. Here’s an email from September 2011 revealing Pinchuk’s ties to Yanukovych:


23. When the winds shifted against Yanukovych, he simply switched sides to protect his business interests. The Clintons did the same thing when needed.

They took money from him the whole time.

24. This included Clinton turning a blind eye while Punchik’s company, Interpipe, screwed US manufacturers of lead piping by pricing them out of the US market. All while under international sanctions, too. More on that here:

25. Did Clinton disclose what was going on with Pinchuk? Hell no. She deliberately LIED about even meeting him.

31. However, don’t forget that Podesta was ALSO extensive connected with Russia/Putin. By 2012, he had already lobbied for Russia, as well as a list of the world’s worst regimes:

32. For the Yanukovych project, Podesta worked the Dem side of the aisle, but was also the go-between with Clinton at State. For example, he didn’t disclose at least 32 meetings, emails and other communications between the Podesta Group & State:

35. There’s another person who I am certain never knew about all this – Donald Trump. I’ve long argued that Manafort’s presence on the Trump campaign was suspicious. The above, plus his association with Podesta, backs me up. More here:

45. And it wasn’t good for the USA.

But it was most certainly good for business.

CLINTON business.

The end.

3ac8cd No.561251


QcardAnon - typo in card #22


(not apon)

eb18a9 No.561252


The problem is current BO is openly supporting this other faggot, so we either need to have no banning of any kind for virtually anything other than extreme spamming, or it's time to jump ship.

a70009 No.561253


How does wind blowing her dresses up make her a slut exactly?

e9b274 No.561254


He's trying to look like an adult.

5d731a No.561255


be careful anon..

7e1135 No.561256

>>561250 Dont write a book newfag

dec576 No.561257


The ship is FUCKED. I can tell you that.

be2760 No.561258

A lot of anons feel sort of selected for their roles in the Great Awakening. If you've been around for a while you know BV our board volunteer has too. He actually worked his ass off, recovered his ass, and is back contrubing as much as anyone here.

To day otherwise is an attempt to.exploit the ignorance of sincere recently awakened anons.

BV could ban and doesnt because people proxy or VPN in here and every clown banned my B+ 26 honest anons.

But mark how their worm tongues whiste as they insinute themselves.

Be wise as serpents is good advice and the title of a book you can find a link to nearabouts.

9005da No.561259


Then get the fuck out. You are participating in a clown attack on the people running this board and we are seeing you fucking glowing.

If you're a normal person take a chill pill and come back in an hour.

65c79d No.561260

File: 96163505c4d5d31⋯.png (1.08 MB, 640x946, 320:473, ClipboardImage.png)

Watch the water?

8d6c90 No.561261



It does a body good.


ee3b0d No.561262


Hydra reps. Interesting

48dc56 No.561263

I wouldn't call her that. But it isn't very professional to not wear an underskirt to prevent such pictures.


bfa3fa No.561264


i say we ban anti qfags, pornfags, namefags

them 3 should be a given

01b2c4 No.561265


How do you know which emails are the new ones?

94d226 No.561266


projecting self image

9919f0 No.561267

File: c03889c5cd4fd36⋯.png (47.75 KB, 600x670, 60:67, fakandgayclowns.png)

I think it's funny that before all this drama, it was "muh too much baaaaan"

That failed so now it's "muhhh too much shiiit"

Wtf clowns, make up your mind about a strat and fail at it already ffs.. It's obvious you're good at that, so just get it over with!

Or get another job, one that you are capable of.. Cause you suck real bad at this one… Damn…

dfc0f5 No.561268


Intracoastal Waterway ?

450b72 No.561269


Twatted. Good stuff

3dc07b No.561270


i got blasted the other day for being a little too vague on my thoughs on the constitutional convention.

dec576 No.561272

Comped BV banning, comped BV not banning → ALL SHIT.

The issue is ==THE FUCKING COMPED BV==

79b477 No.561273

File: 4b1826c584501cf⋯.jpg (48.76 KB, 750x574, 375:287, WgXWclG.jpg)

File: 9d969a57c169eac⋯.jpg (59.3 KB, 500x500, 1:1, DUuN19eVAAA9krU.jpg)

File: cbffb87144ce973⋯.jpg (122.98 KB, 888x499, 888:499, 171013220058-anderson-coop….jpg)

File: f22b17355f74ec7⋯.jpg (66.94 KB, 908x1243, 908:1243, 0chor948y5i01.jpg)

721261 No.561274

BOOM = (NASDAQ ticket symbol) DMC Global Inc.

BOULDER, Colo., March 05, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – DMC Global Inc. (BOOM) today announced Gerard Munera, chairman of the board of directors, has notified the Company he will not stand for re-election at the Company’s 2018 annual meeting of stockholders in May. Mr. Munera, 82, has served as a DMC director since 2000, and as chairman since 2013.

Kevin Longe, CEO and director, said, “On behalf of the board and the employees of DMC, I want to thank Gerard for his 18 years of dedication, wisdom and unwavering support of the Company. He has had a profound, positive influence on the success of DMC.”

Independent director David Aldous will assume the role of chairman following the Company’s May annual meeting. Mr. Aldous, 61, has served as a DMC director since 2013.

About DMC

Based in Boulder, Colorado, DMC operates in two sectors: industrial infrastructure and oilfield products and services. The industrial infrastructure sector is served by DMC’s NobelClad business, the world’s largest manufacturer of explosion-welded clad metal plates, which are used to fabricate capital equipment utilized within various process industries and other industrial sectors. The oilfield products and services sector is served by DynaEnergetics, an international developer, manufacturer and marketer of advanced explosive components and systems used to perforate oil and gas wells.

bc68a6 No.561275

File: 986b27ba737f786⋯.png (101.17 KB, 331x104, 331:104, Nov11-149063235.png)


Good theory. Very good.

In the attached Q post from Nov 11, he lists them in the order Saud, Roths, Soros. In case that is the order of Left, Right, Bottom.

ca2eaf No.561276


https:// wikileaks.org/clinton-emails/emailid/33723

486065 No.561277

File: 027be727618b656⋯.png (15.13 KB, 502x299, 502:299, chrome_2018-03-05_17-45-43….png)


David Kendall knows all.

ca2eaf No.561278


https:// wikileaks.org/clinton-emails/?q=&mfrom=&mto=&title=&notitle=&date_from=&date_to=&nofrom=&noto=&count=50&sort=0&page=674&#searchresult

099738 No.561279


Cheers anon. Thanks for the pic.

8dbb96 No.561280


Mueller is a brainwashed Manchurian Prosecutor in a political movie production for Russia.

46fdff No.561281


"Q: This Is Not a Game"

9d2cb2 No.561282


FE fags as well

cd525e No.561283


I love the smell of victory in the bread

eb7e7f No.561284

File: 587777d9b885d44⋯.jpg (98.42 KB, 1023x679, 1023:679, amanda.jpg)


Amanda Bynes too. She was definitely MK-ultra.

450b72 No.561285


Good advice. Come on Anons! Ignore the BS and dig meme pray

01b2c4 No.561286


You sure?

350adb No.561287

Search for (((blood))) and count the hits.

https:// wikileaks.org/clinton-emails/

450b72 No.561288


Like the concept. Let’s drop the slut.

8cc35d No.561289


It doesn't obviously. I just get a kick out of posting it.

bfa3fa No.561290

File: 891d38bf6c94de5⋯.jpg (147.61 KB, 1754x1240, 877:620, 2013.jpg)


i knew the second they said pope was retiring

last pope prophecy of black pope

we got the first black/jesuit pope

then new q post

f6dd35 No.561292

File: 41ac0b6af1b94ce⋯.png (431.41 KB, 671x500, 671:500, C7742F99-E9C7-475F-9746-25….png)

File: ba6dfce8beb1446⋯.jpeg (664.69 KB, 1242x1988, 621:994, 38029A66-8730-472A-AEB9-D….jpeg)

File: 87388665d932dc7⋯.jpeg (626.68 KB, 1242x1882, 621:941, 04F7E54D-520F-49C6-9A03-4….jpeg)


Our Work Anons

Who controls the narrative?

reality feels split right now.

One world in here.

Another out there.

We change the world

with search engines

pushing results

with memes

pushing clarity

with fierce love

for what is right

We can

e2fa58 No.561293

Many will become Goldfags to afford the internet bill to follow q.

[Fed audit]

01b2c4 No.561294


She got fuuucked up. Pedowood stole soul and destroyed her mind. Just a muscle memory operated shell now.

721261 No.561295


Also might fit considering "dead cat bounce" is a stock term. But if up is down, and left is right, the "dead cat bounce" could also be a hiccup in the stock market. referencing the 10% correction experienced last month when all the market indicators are strong and showing no signs of weakness.

2e1084 No.561296


Yes. I can do that. Just a minute…

eb18a9 No.561297


Calling out comped BOs doesn't make you a clown, faggot.

Oldfags can smell this retards a mile away, I had to listen to middling-IQ boot licking anons like you defend baruch last round too.

Stop looking for a fucking mommy duck wing to huddle under.

cd525e No.561298


We are the change we've been waiting for

59938f No.561299



thank you for sauce anon.

3ac8cd No.561300


thx anon.


bc076e No.561302

>>560866 This is the link. There are over 900 new emails.

>https:// wikileaks.org/clinton-emails/?q=date+added&mfrom=&mto=&title=&notitle=&date_from=&date_to=&nofrom=&noto=&count=50&sort=0&page=1&#searchresult

9919f0 No.561304

Heh someone got sand in their snatch. kekekek

1a150e No.561305


This. The water has calmed.

a70009 No.561306


She is also shamelessly followed by photogs who after the first time it accidentally happened are most likely crouching down or laying on the ground trying to get upskirt shots. My GF wears Summer dresses without a slip. I don't think women even wear them anymore. Except maybe elderly woman. She is also a Victim of Windsor Crime Family…

ba3997 No.561307

File: 1a8d3bc956a0964⋯.png (1019.27 KB, 700x523, 700:523, Screenshot-2018-3-4 Result….png)

File: 63eb94c7c9e0d74⋯.png (361.22 KB, 728x500, 182:125, Screenshot-2018-3-4 Result….png)

03af87 No.561308

most perfect! >>561296

bfa3fa No.561309

does any anon have the post today about the second from pope in court?

07dcdd No.561310


>How does wind blowing her dresses up make her a slut exactly?

Hey, it's my fap. She's a slut if I want her to be a slut.

And when I see her teasing me with that skirt showing that tight ass, she's a slut.

I'll be in my bunk ….

00f1f2 No.561311

7c73c6 No.561312


It's a total demise of their party on a political perspective. They're dead now! I saw some pics of Pelosi and a bunch of illegals - you can see the anger and almost hatred in their faces as they demand amnesty from their Dems that had promised it to them. Pelosi looked very nervous as did her security.

375648 No.561313


I enjoy your graphics. Very informative. Do you also go by village idiot anon?

c867c5 No.561314


I'm honoured.


59938f No.561315


You got it anon….. KEK!!!!!!

f02cc1 No.561316

1st MAGA

then for our international Bretheren

MEGA - Make Earth Great Again

b40c7d No.561318


Why are you not filtering? Have you read the past few breads? The shills will just hop over to different IP's. Anons do not deletions being thrown around everywhere.

5a66ef No.561319


This!!! The indictments are getting dangerously close to the Clintons and their collusion with Russia. It's coming anons. Amazing

862151 No.561321


That or the final briefing before Phase II

01a8d3 No.561322







Baker here are the HRC emails that have been dropped in this bread (so far)

eb18a9 No.561323


To be fair, that order could just as easily read left, bottom, right.

It makes more sense to me for there to have been a victory against Soros before R, but that's just a guess.

2c146f No.561324


Clearly illustrating their need to be removed from the planet.

e3c828 No.561325

I have this friend. He is so asleep, he might be in a coma . Def in the 4-6%.. on FB, he is for POTUS taking guns away and in the same breath he thinks POTUS is a fascist and a dictator… Pick one or the other ,stupid. !!Even though both are false!!. If POTUS is literally Hitler, why would you give him your guns?. .. I can't. I'm sorry, I gave up on a fellow American. I can't red pill this one. It's above my pay grade. … What did these fuckers do to our people? I'm surrounded by idiots… I feel so sorry for them. I pray anons day went smoother than mine

d9eb3c No.561327


holy shit, is that really the same person?

wow, i wonder what it takes to deprogram this type of mind control? almost seams to far gone to help, what a shame, so sad

9005da No.561328

File: 168be78499f1334⋯.png (976.58 KB, 1006x2500, 503:1250, 867f5fa4f7d184dac942b45f0b….png)



3284b5 No.561329

File: 190741d65133b91⋯.jpg (2.83 MB, 1350x1826, 675:913, bloodlines.jpg)


saud = cut.

roths = under direct conflict

soros = judging by the demeanor, on the ropes.

((roths)) are the primary target.

2 trillion+ <- more like influence wise 30?

sons of bitches.

pic related. accurate? Would like some confirmation…

3ac8cd No.561330

File: bccc8e406c1f5e4⋯.png (419.54 KB, 1806x824, 903:412, 1.png)


taking out the Roths would be compatible w/ this post (insider?) from a few days ago → (pic related)

bfa3fa No.561332


yep, just another disney kid mk meltdown, poor kids

ed7526 No.561333


Kimmy doesn't show his hands.

9919f0 No.561334


Sounds like Korea is gonna go back to being Korea again. Hashtag checked..

2c146f No.561335


Don't throw your pearls before swine. Move on to somebody else.

1a150e No.561336


True. But anon is right, possibly a very good red-pilling method. Show a card, explain it. Repeat.

f20991 No.561337


Very week memes

Anybody who sees this will ask, WHO?

Who wants us divided?

Who is us?

What on earth does it mean?

This masquerades as UNITY but in reality is is CONFUSION

a3f608 No.561338

File: adba95bdae1e8e1⋯.jpg (206.47 KB, 1614x820, 807:410, wwd.JPG)


https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/World_Water_Day

d30b59 No.561340

Susan Rice >>393356

father >>393151


mother >>393011 friends with >>392910

^^^^ mother of >>392956 whose father is >>392647

ee3b0d No.561341


Well done. Very well done.

357260 No.561342

File: a2b42d97059e41b⋯.png (2.36 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 8DA954F5-F981-40F7-AABE-F3….png)

e9b274 No.561343


He borrowed his pants suit from Hillary.

d1b2ad No.561344


boom flipped poow

So looking at BOOM, BOOM, BOOM, BOOM and in lower case it is boom boom boom boom or "POOW"….

I searched "POOW" found the navy use of the term…

Then I found a company poow-i .com

Remember we had the missing "i" in missile.

This company does freaky eye tracking stuff. I haven't dug very deep wanted to get it out here for anons.

Founder is ….

Dr. Daphna Palti-Wasserman

look up the patents she has done as well!


https:// www.poow-i.com/

52f5e1 No.561345

XKeyscore presentation from 2008 – read in full

Training materials for the XKeyscore program detail how analysts can use it and other systems to mine enormous agency databases and develop intelligence from the web

• Revealed: NSA program that collects 'nearly everything a user does on the internet'

https:// www.theguardian.com/world/interactive/2013/jul/31/nsa-xkeyscore-program-full-presentation

c74b50 No.561346


Nancy Pelosi had nomination wording changed, the press never vetted him.

450b72 No.561347

Normies will love the cards. >>561336

3ac8cd No.561348


agreed, it's the R's turn next.

you put that pic together, anon? if not, where's it from?

05a1c4 No.561349


This is the basis of/explanation of social media control and its outages. These companies are NOT private corporations, and the rightful creators have received NO compensation.

Their hard work has been stolen and weaponized against the world. Zuckerberg is a fraud.

http:// www.fbcoverup.com/docs/cyberhijack/cyber-hijack-findings.html#timeline

375648 No.561350


I thought that might be you. Let me ask you this. Was the distant cousin you mentioned a few nights ago a 19th cousin?

cd525e No.561351

File: 38356774051a19f⋯.webm (2.9 MB, 320x240, 4:3, StrangeloveWaterFluoridat….webm)

In regards water

A way to make some noise

The floodgates have opened on lawsuits over the fluoridation of water

A recent Harvard study shows

Too much fluoride lowers the IQ of children

41% of US children suffer from too much fluoride

>>545954 End of water fluoridation???

>>546318 Harvard study on fluoridated water


here is a topic, once a tinfoil conspiracy theory, now being proven to be correct all along

watch the water

if nothing else it will excite the nuts and get them making anti-establishment noise

bfa3fa No.561352


i wrote a paper when i was a teen about reprogramming the mind using pure good happy thoughts and experiences til the bad is gone.

just a theory i had

486065 No.561353


Kim's hands are tied, so to speak.

e3c828 No.561354


Thank you anon. Noted! It's just so frustrating ,. I don't understand how they don't understand. Kek. ….

be3bca No.561355


For the life of me, I can't understand the 4-6%. Seems waaay too low. I'm thinking 25% at least.

Tough day for you. We all will have to decide how valuable some of our friendships really are before this is over.

450b72 No.561356


Thanks Anon. Good work. Digging

ee3b0d No.561357


Archived. Should be added to bread.

7538c4 No.561358


having difficulty posting. THESE ARE PRIMARIES. If you vote Dem you get the dem ballot. If you vot republ, you get repub. Example- on TX repub ballot several major state officers are unopposed. This ballot does determine direction, judges, etc. For that it's important. There is alot of noise in TX fro mdems about turning it blue, and Soros is spending money here and we are getting californians here sadly, who are still liberal.

3284b5 No.561359


I did not. It was picked up from this board.

Roths must perish for us to live.

01b2c4 No.561360


Wish I could go through something like that.

9005da No.561361


Don't pay attention to fear/uncertainty/doubt shilling.

d30b59 No.561362


>>>392647 ←wrong link

should be

>whose father is

Josef Korbel

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Josef_Korbel

20 September 1909 – 18 July 1977

Czech-American diplomat and political scientistof Jewish descent

served as Czechoslovakia's ambassador to Yugoslavia, the chair of the United Nations

Commission for India and Pakistan, and then as a professor of international politics at the

University of Denver, where he founded the Josef Korbel School of International Studies.

press-attaché at the Czechoslovak Embassy in Belgrade

Though he served as a diplomat in the government of Czechoslovakia, Korbel's politics and

Judaism forced him to flee with his wife and baby Madeleine after the Nazi invasion in 1939

and move to London. Korbel served as an advisor to Edvard Beneš, in the Czech

government in exile

His daughter Madeleine Albright served as Secretary of State under President Bill Clinton,

and he was the mentor of George W. Bush's Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice.

During their time in England the Korbels converted to Catholicism

Korbel returned to Czechoslovakia after the war, receiving a luxurious Prague apartment

expropriated from Karl Nebrich, a Bohemian German industrialist expelled under the

Beneš decrees

appointed as the Czechoslovak ambassador to Yugoslavia, where he remained until the

Communist coup in May 1948

named a delegate to the United Nations Commission for India and Pakistan to mediate on

the Kashmir dispute

1949 Korbel applied for political asylum in the United States stating that he would be arrested

in Czechoslovakia for his "faithful adherence to the ideals of democracy." He received

asylum and also a grant from the Rockefeller Foundation to teach international politics at the

University of Denver

1964, with the benefaction of Ben Cherrington, Korbel established the Graduate School of

International Studies and became its founding Dean

>>> One of his students was Condoleezza Rice, the first woman appointed National Security Advisor

(2001) and the first African-American woman appointed Secretary of State (2005). Korbel's daughter

Madeleine became the first female Secretary of State in 1997. Both of them have testified to his

substantial influence on their careers in foreign policy and international relations.

450b72 No.561364


Wrong. Hashtags take care of your concerns. Good work memeanon

09196a No.561365

File: 97c9e0a2abbc215⋯.png (643.03 KB, 605x600, 121:120, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 0397979adc490b8⋯.png (601.46 KB, 605x605, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


Full text. Idk if it's from the Dinarians or the Nesarians/Gesarians or not. Here's the full context nonetheless

ba3997 No.561366

File: 2db40cd3e31ada1⋯.png (442.18 KB, 490x428, 245:214, Screenshot-2017-12-25 Meme….png)

File: f203edb37e64e4e⋯.jpg (145.47 KB, 576x638, 288:319, 8chanterm.jpg)



screw both of you clowns … i've been around forever.

bfa3fa No.561367


hopefully one day soon we all can anon

f7b053 No.561368


i literally cant take the projection anymore. is this fucking 3rd grade or what? these are grow ass adults pulling this stupid faggot ass shit. what in the ever living fuck.

dec576 No.561369

Dark, crazy times. /pol/ is completely controlled. This board is controlled. It can't get much worse than this, as far as propaganda goes.

The good news is, it won't really matter, because we're winning where it counts. :)

But still, it's amazing to witness.

3284b5 No.561370


Work the numbers, anon. You will see that 4-6% actually PERFECTLY captures the 'real bad apple/unsalvagable' demographic number.

Start with the minority pop and narrow it down via age/gender.

That was when I realized Q and POTUS were serious and confirmed absolutely capable.

Those number are right on target.

cd525e No.561371



>>559267 interesting information (worth the read)

1f3d43 No.561372

Info from GovTracks on proposed Gun legislation in 17 states.

https:// govtrackinsider.com/gun-violence-restraining-order-act-would-encourage-states-to-legalize-weapons-seizures-from-those-c8720d094ea2

862151 No.561373

File: 74108d26f2d70f7⋯.png (764.19 KB, 696x445, 696:445, republic.PNG)


I just want to say that I think the time and effort you are putting into these will pay off. As the world turns upside down the thoughtfulness you put into these will show people stability is present on our side.

f20991 No.561374


This is just bullshit from a famefag who is guessing.

He wants bragging rights so he can say, I told you so.

None of this is true.

The only truth is Senator Rand Paul's bill to Audit the Fed.

Show me where this bullshitter mentions an audit. You can't.

This asshole is lying about a secret EO which does not exist.

Anons have to get better bullshit detectors so we do our work based in VERIFIED FACTS. Two independent sources or more. Anything else is bullshit or rumor.

d1b2ad No.561375


boom = poow

Since 2004 POOW-i company:

Eye-Tech Technology

Eye-based core technology for acquisition, eye-tracking and analysis of eye-dynamics, including system & algorithms.

Eye Based Biometrics Technology

A system for biometrics identification and authentication based on eye-dynamics. Spin-off 2006

World Leader in Eye-Dynamics

Cutting edge R&D, IP for eye based applications, a unique eye-dynamic database, outsourcing/consulting/joint R&D of eye technologies.

International Recognition

Winning the title of Best Security Start-Up in the Global Security Challenge Competition, articles in prestigious magazines and papers, invited presentations in international leading conferences,

External Tests

EyeLie™ has successfully completed a blind test. The tests were designed and conducted by the Israeli Prime Minister Office (Israel State Security) at his facilities. The tests prove that EyeLie™ is an excellent tool for lie detection

Outsourcing, Consulting & Joint R&D Ventures

Joint R&D of optical & medical devices, including medical modules for consumer products and for cell phones (SPO2, ECG, body-fat).

2e1084 No.561376

File: 85e0b691fa91d5e⋯.jpg (141.64 KB, 867x691, 867:691, 8ballQ.jpg)

450b72 No.561377

Likey terminator >>561366

cd525e No.561378

warming up the oven

46fdff No.561379




Make the cards active with a vid player in the graphic section…tell a story via a game..a graphic novel card game.

a0a44d No.561380


They are not standing on flowers. Symbolism. Other previous photos had the "power figures" standing or sitting with chairs atop flowers on the floor.

8dbb96 No.561381


Swamp drain ←- Watch the water

d7fe10 No.561382



A few years ago I had an idea about making a troll MTG story arc, with three complete card sets, describing the corruption, revolution, and rebirth of America. Kind of a "battle of the hive minds: The Internet vs. lucifer". It would have started out with the colors of mana themselves being corrupted, i.e. white would have been a sheep with a $ on it, green would have been a tree stump with a $ on it, red would have been a bomb with a $ on it, black would have been a pentagram with a $ in it, blue would have been a pyramid eye with a $ in it. In the end, the balance of the Force would be restored. Corporations would have been large creatures. There would have been sheeple who were up for grabs but other players could level them up by putting anger counters on them. Had a bunch of card ideas too.

In the end I realized I was not autistic enough to make what would essentially be ~750 memes. Those would be the cards.

Since your memes have such a good reception, maybe I'll make a few more, see if the Hive runs with it…

59938f No.561383


No, not that distant. Made me go look up a cousin list.

I will say that the reason why I changed my tag to village idiot anon and went to the graphic stamp was I didn't want to dox myself. Although they're all homage to someone who is close to my heart.

e3c828 No.561384


That number might be higher than the 4-6%. … I might keep him around though. I've been able to red pill a few on his friends, that otherwise wouldn't be on my radar. It's a tough gig I tell ya! But if we don't do it, who will? We have our marching orders, so we March , damn it! Tomorrow is another day! WWG1WGA

01b2c4 No.561385

Hannity is on.

fec8c4 No.561386

HANNITY: Four major stories tonight. BOOM ^ 4?

03af87 No.561387

Freaking perfect! Great Job Anon! >>561376

fec8c4 No.561388

They're shifting the narrative toward CFI. It is heating up in here…

01b2c4 No.561389


Said he has a MAP about HRC

52f5e1 No.561390

Weeping Angel

21 April, 2017

Today, April 21st 2017, WikiLeaks publishes the User Guide for CIA's "Weeping Angel" tool - an implant designed for Samsung F Series Smart Televisions. Based on the "Extending" tool from the MI5/BTSS, the implant is designed to record audio from the built-in microphone and egress or store the data.

The classification marks of the User Guide document hint that is was originally written by the british MI5/BTSS and later shared with the CIA. Both agencies collaborated on the further development of the malware and coordinated their work in Joint Development Workshops.

https:// wikileaks.org/vault7/document/EXTENDING_User_Guide/EXTENDING_User_Guide.pdf

5ae52c No.561391


bc68a6 No.561392

File: 1e4fed0a516f9ef⋯.png (164.77 KB, 315x178, 315:178, 402538.png)


I just personally wouldn't naturally order the sides from left, to bottom, to right.

But that may indeed be the way of it, per Q's statement that the pyramid will collapse.

If the left & right sides are taken down, would you then call the bottom one "collapsing?" Probably not. But if you took out the left side and base, the right side would collapse.

01b2c4 No.561393

*Deep State Gate*

862151 No.561394


That would be ideal, well need our troops here at home to clean out the CIA niggers.

2c146f No.561397


Me either.

I got stumped the other day when a family member complained about Trump cutting funding for the EPA. I told him that most government programs do the exact opposite of their said purpose. But I had no sauce to offer. Later I found out that EPA is fighting to keep us fluoridated.

ee3b0d No.561398


You betcha. Archived that too when it was posted. Tyvm! Very well done. The only two posts worth reading in 10 breads lol

d1b2ad No.561399

File: 4b619116dec5195⋯.png (14.79 KB, 279x192, 93:64, ClipboardImage.png)



boom = woop

pic related

Company that needs diggin POOW-I

01b2c4 No.561400

Meryl Streep is a fucking pedo advocate

7df130 No.561401



Moar please!

2c146f No.561402


Umm, yeah, OK. Maybe?

I gotta say I am doubting this one, but I am often wrong.

862151 No.561403


Ha! She was the Obrah of her time. Steering all those new victims to Polanski where now Oprah fed Weinstein.

f362b9 No.561404


Very true anon but specifically Austin and major cities are blue.

fec8c4 No.561405


>Meryl Streep is a fucking pedo advocate

The cult is brutal. "You can check out any time you want but you can never leave."

99fca5 No.561406






bc68a6 No.561407

File: 6d636ef27e0df1b⋯.png (96.65 KB, 378x87, 126:29, Feb5-275544.png)


Here's a recent Q post that mentions them both, first Roths then Soros.

(I don't really care which is first, just providing more context.)

c867c5 No.561408

The BOOM's and misspelt words between White Hats are signs of being on the same page of tactics.

They're plausible deniability to the rest of the world while being perfect conformations for us.

It means enjoy the show, and to help push open the overton window.

Suit up lads. >: )

30df0a No.561409


Error cards are more rare.

e3c828 No.561410


We can't save them all, anon. I just learned this lesson. I guess we just move on to the next sleeper and keep waking mofos up. For God and Country!

09196a No.561411


You may be right, sounding good so far!

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=zRMbllRrPAU

01b2c4 No.561412



This is all new to me, mind boggling.

7c2693 No.561413


"oh sweetie"?


dec576 No.561415


That would make a heck of a lot of sense. The one association that came to my mind with 'boom' was Hannity's previous use of it.

f6994c No.561416

File: 0bb86ab3f2e28f6⋯.jpg (49.23 KB, 683x1024, 683:1024, wholesomeyum_img_0526_2.jpg)


>warming up the oven

Is there enough room for bacon?

eb18a9 No.561417


Hey look it's a namefag

Why are you namfagging, namefag?

aebfcb No.561418

File: c687ccad7d4324a⋯.png (165.79 KB, 720x369, 80:41, 3_5_tweet_paper_ad.png)

https:// twitter.com/Louis_Allday/status/970733446720081925

fbc325 No.561419


Night off. Mark said he will be back tomorrow.

09196a No.561420


Enjoying Hannity's show right now

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=zRMbllRrPAU

3284b5 No.561421


Some will just have to be cornered away and made not to interfere. It's unfortunate but there are more receptive ears than bad.

That is the truth.

f20991 No.561422


On this board there are anons who are doing real work, but not posting anything to the board because it is full of self-important assholes who are unemployed high school dropouts living in mommy's basement.

They spend countless hours drawing stupid fucking pointless pictures of this green froggy guy anmd cannot even write a proper English sentence without fag and kek and god knows what jerk-off shit they dream up in their fantasy worlds.

The real workers are creating great memes and posting them on social media. Doing real work and ignoring the asshole green guy lovers.

If you want guidance, watch these fag green guy lovers and do the opposite of what they say. Same with the Q worshipers. You see them all over social media posting Q drops verbatim and everybody ignores them because none of it makes any goddam sense out of context.

If you love Q then you are a fucking asshole dripping from Hillary's cunt.

The revolution does not want you and does not need you, until you grow up, get a job and move out of mom's basement. GET REAL!!!

9919f0 No.561423

>eb18a9 No.561417

Seriously? kek

9500b3 No.561424


>This board is controlled

I don't see anyone getting banned, and I haven't for a day or two now.

f22736 No.561425


Good point.

cd525e No.561426


>Is there enough room for bacon?


.mfw never cook bacon while nekid

eb7e7f No.561427


Mind control/social engineering. Its how Hollywood and the fake media has been destroying our culture and society for decades. And social media has added to the mental sloth. People care only about what they see on their cell phone screens, and 99.9% of it is pure bullshit. The masses are brainwashed into accepting the abnormal as normal and they are gently lulled asleep. Its a real fucking Truman Show!

ce4e11 No.561428


These are incredible, you are very talented and inventive anon …. seriously great idea for grabbing people's attention.

dec576 No.561429


If we had a real board, we would ban shit like this.

03af87 No.561430

This company is freaking in my sights some shit here >>561399

bfa3fa No.561431

Madonna is one of the high witches

remember when rodman was with her for them few months… then he started acting f weird, wearing dresses and all that shit.

then she did that ritual with christina agulara and spears.

then spears was suppose to pass it to gaga and refused to kiss her.

they had to reprogram spears after her breakdown.. thats why shes in vegas now so they can keep close tabs on her.

too much of a cash cow.

anyways im rambling, post earlier reminded me.

then rodman used to act as go between with nk. all strange.

099738 No.561432

File: dae1b94c47a6d7e⋯.jpeg (74.61 KB, 750x500, 3:2, image.jpeg)


Nice job anon. The list is endless really.

fec8c4 No.561433

File: bf1cbf61361eeca⋯.png (776.84 KB, 852x479, 852:479, ClipboardImage.png)

All roads lead to Hillary - on Hannity now.

That's a pretty damn hard-core message shift!

e3c828 No.561434


Absolutely anon. We can't save them all. Tons of work to be done, can't get hung up on every single sleeper.. keep it moving. We have the world to save

c74b50 No.561435


That hag has zero humility, same hubris as BHO. I can't stand her smug condescension, so unlikable

c867c5 No.561436


He seems to be doing a lot to open the window.

I can't watch it now but I'm very curious about what 4 stories or 'BOOMS' he talks about.

862151 No.561437

File: 05a492edc32ae06⋯.png (859.33 KB, 641x637, 641:637, serve.PNG)


Ill let you figure out the serve part. Better to learn now than with the rest of the nation in the next few months.

01b2c4 No.561438

Hannity going HAM

09196a No.561439

"All roads in the Russia investigation are leading back to ONE person, Hillary Clinton"

~ Sean Hannity = ON FIRE

7c2693 No.561440


We can hear you.

Are you getting any sleep?

f20991 No.561441




and look for clues in the misspelling in POTUS or military tweets. Sometimes there is stuff worth digging.


3ac8cd No.561442


yep, and it looks like it's the Roths!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ba3997 No.561443

File: 2d740d693777df6⋯.png (461.31 KB, 490x367, 490:367, Screenshot-2018-3-5 Deadpo….png)

dec576 No.561444


Correct, because we currently have an inane policy of letting everything go– which creates a condition that makes the board very easy to control.

be3bca No.561445


Time will tell. I hope you're right.

8cc35d No.561446

File: 70928b43d9a4057⋯.png (649.11 KB, 1024x1326, 512:663, LdRMilkCarton.png)

1f3d43 No.561447


This is going to be A GREAT Tool for Redpilling!!

Probably one of the best

I hope Q will see these!!

bfa3fa No.561448


anyone keeping up on ldrs twats?

890eb4 No.561449


"The business of Government is more Government."

5d731a No.561451


I saw the photo.., With this reunion.., the panorama is a few better.., remember.., the flowers are symbolic., maybe in Korea is decreasing.., I'm not Sure., Those Koreans are (50 MK'ded)

dec576 No.561452

You can control from two ends by banning on the one hand, and flooding with bots on the other. The people we're up against aren't fucking around, and they have a lot of powerful tools.

9005da No.561453

File: 67a5ff34dd40ee2⋯.png (114.6 KB, 945x832, 945:832, Brave_2018-03-05_21-08-53.png)

File: a32a7222058e756⋯.png (223.94 KB, 1664x1298, 832:649, Brave_2018-03-05_21-10-03.png)


ce4e11 No.561454

File: 8bb3fe22b1e9bd1⋯.jpg (307.04 KB, 792x714, 132:119, did-someone-say.jpg)

cd525e No.561455


Title suggestions for #692?

8cc35d No.561456


Still radio silence

ee3b0d No.561457

They lost Russia.

f20991 No.561458



Not too much text.

Simple message

non-partisan so liberals are drawn into the message and start to QUESTION

9500b3 No.561459


>stupid fucking pointless pictures of this green froggy guy

Your seething frustration sustains me.

09196a No.561460


Wife has TV (channel zero) so i have the tube kek

1. Oscar pedo hypocrisy has been covered so far,

2. HRC is the current topic (Russian connections, dossier funding, FISA, etc)

9005da No.561461


How about

42 U.S. Code § 1983 - Civil action for deprivation of rights

9fc716 No.561463

Italexit: BOOM

3ac8cd No.561464


meme worthy at this time or not?

62a7d7 No.561465

File: efce49a23546b1f⋯.png (503.73 KB, 867x492, 289:164, screenshot_53.png)

e3c828 No.561466


That might work. Any lawyerfags that can confirm? Would this work for our class action?

fec8c4 No.561467


Hm….class action from citizens against elites? Compensation for deprivation of rights. Interdasting.

47000e No.561468


Thanks for sharing. Is it from a thread on 4ch/pol?

I'm aware that it could be a larp, but want to keep an eye on it anyway.

5d731a No.561469


And this?

9919f0 No.561470


They've already been digested. Every truth we uncover, makes it so /ourguys/ know it's become public knowledge.

That allows them to do their part. This is gonna be good.

be3bca No.561471


You're right of course. All we can do is keep moving forward. The numbers will be what the numbers will be. I'd rather prepare for the worst-case scenario. Better to be pleasantly surprised than caught with our pants down.

79b477 No.561472


WOW… it's true… nothing since Feb 24

ee3b0d No.561473

The biggest currency on Earth is


9500b3 No.561474


It's called freedom of speech and it's fine, thanks.

c45de7 No.561475


Guess which one of these men comes from a starving country.

6b4226 No.561476

File: a0b22a3a5ab7e17⋯.png (198.78 KB, 542x884, 271:442, 1 Class Action.PNG)

File: 71b0aa7863a2ec4⋯.png (117.86 KB, 549x919, 549:919, 2 Class Action.PNG)

File: 55a968f351f28df⋯.png (95.39 KB, 536x924, 134:231, 3 Class Action.PNG)

File: b8f6a4561351051⋯.png (82.03 KB, 546x714, 13:17, 4 Class Action.PNG)


>When is it effective?

1. When the lawsuit effects change

2. When the lawsuit provides worthwhile discovery


What are the public policy reasons supporting class action suits?

1. Class action lawsuits are designed to advance several important public policy goals. A class action is often the sole means of enabling persons, even those with serious injuries, to remedy injustices committed by powerful, multi-million dollar corporations and institutions. As stated by former United States Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas, “The class action is one of the few legal remedies the small claimant has against those who command the status quo.”

2. In other situations, each person within a large group may have suffered only limited damages and the cost of individual lawsuits would be far greater than the value of each claim. The total damages, however, to the class could be quite large. The wrongdoer would have the incentive to continue its fraudulent conduct but for a class action.

3. In the age of mass production and mass marketing, class actions are necessary to allow individuals to take on multi-national corporations, where expenses of litigating would be otherwise prohibitive. The class becomes a de facto corporation for the purposes of suit, allowing individuals to band together and be equally matched against corporate defendants,” Lieff Cabraser partner and class action attorney Elizabeth Cabraser has observed.

4. Finally, where the defendant has engaged in a pattern of wrongdoing, a class action can provide an effective remedy for the group without incurring the costs of thousands of separate lawsuits and risking inconsistent decisions by the courts.


9005da No.561477


This is what we need to petition for….

e3c828 No.561478


Amen anon. Amen!

79b477 No.561479

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

we found your emails podesta

fec8c4 No.561480

Hannity is ON FIRE tonight. They really ratched this shit up!

8fb843 No.561481

File: a9deeeaab41037b⋯.jpg (3.63 MB, 2475x3300, 3:4, Q WEB 1.20 LETTER.jpg)

File: a355bb508189795⋯.jpg (11.63 MB, 5400x7200, 3:4, Q WEB CHRONO-01.jpg)



Here's the sauce anon. Enjoy.

https:// throughthelookingglassnews.wordpress.com/2017/11/24/q-anon-learn-to-read-the-map/

cd525e No.561482


>The biggest currency on Earth is


All US citizens are hypothecated chattel in the agreement between the government and the FED

5d731a No.561484



c3a438 No.561485


Now we're talking!!



80bb25 No.561486


Boom Boom Boom Boom Room. Was it done yet?

09196a No.561487

File: bf3137385bfcebf⋯.png (297.64 KB, 643x353, 643:353, ClipboardImage.png)

62a7d7 No.561488

File: 9d87714604d393e⋯.png (559.95 KB, 863x490, 863:490, screenshot_55.png)

File: 065fd3c86cb017d⋯.png (515.37 KB, 863x489, 863:489, screenshot_57.png)

Kim Dotcom & Seth Rich :)

260589 No.561489


If it was taken in South Korea that would explain the backdrop difference.

f362b9 No.561490


You may be on to something there with Rodman.

9919f0 No.561491


Yeah well after what they pulled on him.. I'd be full of piss and vinegar too..

79b477 No.561492


samantha power

968e14 No.561493

File: b19010924d56b0c⋯.jpg (52.05 KB, 613x617, 613:617, hmmpepe.jpg)

Nunberg is just a reeeeeeee! away from Nuremberg!

e3c828 No.561494


That's so fucken scary. True, but scary as hell

756d19 No.561495


Scott Hinkley and Neil Bush are both oil men in Denver and they’ve only met once? Color me suspicious

3284b5 No.561496

File: 0777b3613804e1a⋯.jpg (66.99 KB, 334x278, 167:139, Blesspotus.jpg)


Also remember, 4-6% has 'dependents'.

This plan will put us back on track demographically as well.

Q addressed 'migrants'. Q addressed 'assets'.

We are not dealing with cucks.

All steps must be taken to re-establish the necessary safeguards in place before moves can happen street level wise. Otherwise, we risk not only civil war but complete collapse and destruction of our civilizations.

This obviously cannot be made to happen. It is what ((they)) want.

Our guys know. We are in good hands.

Amazing. Our warriors are truly blessed.

God is with us.

737945 No.561497

Quick synopsis of Benghazi research today:

Qahdafi threatened to blow up the oil and gas fields in his country if his power was challenged.

Apache Corp had oil fields there and Noble Energy had gas they wanted to get to offshore. In addition Genie Energy, a Rotschild company, had found gas in the Golan Heights and didn't want Qahdafi blocking their drilling efforts. Plus, Assad needed to go out of Syria. So…

HRC ran weapons through the actual fucking embassy as a "mission" set up for Chris Stevens. Qahdafi eventually lost control when tribes who had supported him for years - and also protected the oilfields - were suddenly loyal to others. I suspect a few oil companies with cash made that happen.

All that remained was to cover tracks by cutting Chris Stevens loose. And so she did.

Tomorrow I will trace money to both the Clinton Foundation and the Clinton campaign (already know that her biggest bundler is a lobbyist for one of the oil companies mentioned) and see where that leads.

Please, if you make a connection I've missed, say so. This shit is hard. I don't pretend to be a one man wonder.

bfa3fa No.561498


used to be able to find my birth cert on the stock exchange

after people started finding out they was hid

e9b274 No.561499

File: a12db404d4533af⋯.png (14.99 KB, 240x304, 15:19, a12db404d4533af13ab4165491….png)

01b2c4 No.561500


She said she was deleting her Twitter app, and weekly so, she did.

79b477 No.561501


They go for him and he just gets tougher

302206 No.561502

File: 4b520485ca8651c⋯.png (9.83 KB, 554x236, 277:118, torture.png)


>>'THERAPY' takes [x] to break the mind - Q

According to many sources (eg. Cathy O'brien) breaking a mind takes torture.

The brain has a self protection mechanism where the memory of the suffering is disconnected from the rest of consciousness. This disconnect, when exploited, allows the development/programming of separate identities in the one brain.

46fdff No.561503


>>560889 Q: This Is Not a Game Game

150afd No.561504

Odd, I see some very dull shit created from time to time in here and right away, one other will just jump right in, complimenting on talent and how awesome these things are. I have a suspicion it's the same person, glory fagging on his mom's laptop and a mobile phone.

00f1f2 No.561505


TY anon, really appreciated now the channel went MIA. (Too bad the filenames got lost in translation though.) Good work!

350adb No.561506

"Sec. Clinton once and for all established the fact that free speech and free enterprise can no longer be achieved unless we have Internet freedom," Andrew Rasiej, founder of the Personal Democracy Forum, an annual conference on technology's impact on politics and policy, told me shortly after Clinton's remarks. He called her speech nothing short of a "milestone" in the future of American foreign policy."

https:// wikileaks.org/clinton-emails/emailid/3796

9fc716 No.561507


There’s not much compensation in class actions, unless you’re a class representative (few per class).

What they’re really great for: curbing behavior by the defendants - ending predatory or unlawful practices. Defendants change behavior, incentivized by financial losses and bad press.

c4d202 No.561508

"Follow the Foundation", FBI Anon said. It all boils back down to one very low common denominator: Hillary.

That guy who fired her from the Watergate investigation had her figured out decades ago.

White hats had this shit figured out at least two years ago. Charles Ortel has apparently already run ALL the numbers, all the research and documentation (he is a five-star steely-eyed autist) to the point where he's done supplying info to US reps & is already talking to govts in other countries.

If you consider a ton of RICO charges, I think they've been lining up ducks since the election. Plenty of time for them to be ready to drop the hammer anytime now.

Check out that Nunes interview with Mark Levin last night. Good stuff.

Hopefully some shoes will start dropping soon. Will probably be a few surprises, as far as who's flipped and who looks good/is bad, or looks bad/is good.

At this point, am only curious about how the characters will play out, and the timing of it all, although probably safe to assume it will be timed for the midterms this fall.

ca7cb6 No.561509


You seem to have special knowledge about this.

Wondering how many of these poor souls we see every day and have no clue they dissociate. I suspect Q's comment about the 2% we see means we have no clue about the other 98%.

Question (not trying to slide but curious medicalfag) - how do these people ever heal? I've read about EMDR being used with dissociative victims. Do you know if that works?

79b477 No.561511


I wonder if she was told to do so

5d731a No.561512

What Happened in SA??

c867c5 No.561513



Ohhhhhh this gunna' be gooood.


Take note - these may very well be the BOOM topics we shall meme into a storm lads.

The timing seems ripe.

3284b5 No.561514

File: db5193c65c2c7b0⋯.jpg (215.06 KB, 937x960, 937:960, alinsky.jpg)


Hubby evelyn told the bitch to shut the fuck up on twatter lest she embarrass the bloodline any further by being verbally gangbanged on it every night.

Sides, anon. My sides.

01b2c4 No.561515



fec8c4 No.561516


Given the wealth of the Rothschilds, even a small amount may be much more than any tax breaks we could expect.

cf2f93 No.561517


We can only sue the government for deprivation of civil liberties under the color of law. And I'm not aware of any class action 1983 action. Ever. Multiple plaintiffs and defendants, but no class certification. We can't use 42 USC 1983 to sue Twitter UNLESS they are acting on behalf of the government. Even then, getting a court to hold that Article III standing exists would be a stretch unless we have hard evidence (emails, whatever) that Twitter, FB, and the like are de facto government entities.

bfa3fa No.561518



20b221 No.561519

File: 5cc6d70ce9a75d5⋯.png (1.1 MB, 1024x777, 1024:777, LAYB57.png)

Looking at you, Baker


Hannity even brought up CrowdStrike!

4d5bac No.561520

File: c7fc01bf7f8cfa4⋯.jpg (71.24 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, quiet.jpg)

File: f9e42a166ecee8e⋯.jpg (52.19 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, sheepZone.jpg)

File: f273b9dc896f156⋯.jpg (97.27 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, thoughtPolice.jpg)

File: fe16ba98e27de73⋯.jpg (100.52 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, thoughtPolice2.jpg)

e9b274 No.561521



Regime change.

9005da No.561522


Shills will attack the message with fear,uncertainty and doubt anons

We the People demand the restoration of our Internet liberties taken from us by the corporate ogliarchs!

Our privacy, right to free speech, expression and association have been infringed at every possible opportunity.

Furthermore these same companies have applied foreign laws to further erode our rights where they could not otherwise


Rights given to us by the constitution cannot be taken away service providers in exchange for service or product.

We call upon the President and Congress for Civil action for the deprivation of our rights!

946957 No.561524

File: b9498ebed725e9d⋯.jpeg (772.13 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 0DD29794-E847-4126-89EB-B….jpeg)


9919f0 No.561525


His name was Seth Rich..

09196a No.561526


>Watch the news this week.

>Timing is everything

80bb25 No.561527


These are very good.

ee3b0d No.561528


All countries. All humans.


See the fear. Respect the fear. Acknowledge the fear. We have something to be afraid of.

Then learn to deal with the fear.

9005da No.561529


*yes I forgot "unalienable rights", will errata.

f20991 No.561530


Consider publishing your work via TruePundit or Breitbart

c3a438 No.561531





79b477 No.561532

Carter Page says he thinks alot of people have been intoxicated for a year and a hald

4d5bac No.561533


cheers. :o) enjoy

09196a No.561534

File: bf3137385bfcebf⋯.png (297.64 KB, 643x353, 643:353, ClipboardImage.png)

737945 No.561535


You are welcome to say it's yours and do it.

46fdff No.561536

450b72 No.561537


Outstanding Anon

1f3d43 No.561538

Here is a recent posts from Assange

"CIA hackers used this gif animation to describe the nature of their secret project "Rainmaker" ……..

https:// twitter.com/twitter/statuses/970637045180911617

It's got HUssein in it check it out

c867c5 No.561539




cd525e No.561540


>All countries. All humans.

we are sheep to them, literally a flock to be shorn

79b477 No.561542


I mean… Lynn doesn't make her own decisions. If told to lower her profile it could have been from roths going further underground or from ourguys getting closer

ee3b0d No.561543


Pigs. We are pigs. And the pig is fat.

5d731a No.561544



f02cc1 No.561545


she's talking to

hrc in da "chair"

65d87e No.561546


Bushes and Hinkleys were very close friends.

fec8c4 No.561547

I find it interesting that the shill presence in here tonight appears to be almost nil.

3a501f No.561548


GO AWAY! ur annoying and lame

gosh darnit

8fb843 No.561549


ffs where have you been?

46fdff No.561550

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


eb18a9 No.561551

File: 60880b7bfa313f0⋯.jpg (67.19 KB, 709x765, 709:765, muhlang.jpg)



Why are you still namefagging?

80bb25 No.561552


So close, they would kill for each other.

d1b2ad No.561553

File: 527cc901d41efcd⋯.png (123.26 KB, 1074x574, 537:287, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 6de65943f891a62⋯.png (14.45 KB, 250x190, 25:19, ClipboardImage.png)

POOW-i Company Founder Daphna Palti - Wasserman

Check out the freaky patent!

Dynamic icons


There is provided herein a system for identifying a selected icon, the system comprising at least one controller configured to obtain from a sensor a signal indicative of an eye-response of a user, said eye-response is responsive to at least one dynamic property of a dynamic icon selected by the user by watching said selected dynamic icon, analyze said eye-response of said user, identify said selected dynamic icon based on said analysis, and produce a signal indicative of said selected dynamic icon.


G06F3/04817 Interaction techniques based on graphical user interfaces [GUI] based on specific properties of the displayed interaction object or a metaphor-based environment, e.g. interaction with desktop elements like windows or icons, or assisted by a cursor's changing behaviour or appearance using icons

G06F3/013 Eye tracking input arrangements

G06F3/017 Gesture based interaction, e.g. based on a set of recognized hand gestures

G06F3/04842 Selection of a displayed object


f20991 No.561554


Why can't you write a petition in PLAIN ENGLISH without all this goddam TEENAGER LANGUAGE. This is NOT a video game. It is NOT a fantasy warrior movie. This is REAL LIFE.

If you want to ask real people to sign your petition then don't make it sound like it was written by a LARPer crew!!!!!

1ebdce No.561556


put the scumbag steve hat on the fed building

a0a44d No.561557


look up hand steepling. nothing more than body language. http:// bodylanguageproject.com/the-only-book-on-body-language-that-everybody-needs-to-read/hand-steepling/

cd525e No.561558


to be, or not to be

that is the question

6e6c15 No.561560

File: 9d924ced719f1fb⋯.png (264.43 KB, 534x332, 267:166, Snip20180305_10.png)

b5fb62 No.561561

File: fed213615447cb6⋯.jpg (17.49 KB, 430x287, 430:287, river_tam_psychic.jpg)



3cdc79 No.561562






d3261f No.561563


You want to talk about it?

09196a No.561564


relatively low (or maybe i filtered most already) the ones that have been around today were/are pretty ineffective

e9b274 No.561566


Happened last November after the LV shooting.

c867c5 No.561567

3284b5 No.561568


Push via internet and public once news drops?





four news items?

We might have a new one coming now.

eb7e7f No.561569


Salvini will link up with Forza Italia…still what we in the US might call kinda sorta socialist (to an extent) but it is their version of conservatism. That's just the way European politics go. Its pretty much a type of populism that is more Nationalist in nature and scares the shit out of the EU elites, Merkel, and Soros. The dude had said that if he won at least 500,000 of the migrants would be deported from Italy within the first year.

Watch for the shit show when he starts deporting them, and then trigger Article 50 to exit the EU. The fake media in Europe is even worse than MSNBC and CNN here in the USA. They will call the new Italian government fascist and start running clips of Mussolini and Hitler in all their "news" stories from now on to scare people. But this might be the beginning of better days for all of Western Europe.

ea85ec No.561570

Carter Page on Hannity can't keep the smile off his face! Doesn't look like a worried man. Love watching this play out

f22736 No.561572

File: f7f47fa618de9c8⋯.jpg (1.81 MB, 1483x2366, 1483:2366, HRC timeline partial.jpg)


Here, this might help. This is just part of a larger timeline I posted a few weeks back.

45b698 No.561573



9fc716 No.561574


Yes they’re VERY incentivizing, generally (insurance exchange underwriters) pay some portion of the millions - everyone externally is motivayed to hring in controls to curn the choices that brought the action/losses/reduction in reputations.

Lawyers, usually on contingency, make a lot. Class reps are made somewhat whole. Also, the company practices change. And, mergers are affected (like Square and other - deals are not completed with class actions on the horizon).

375648 No.561575


So what are the odds of Rands audit the fed amendment getting passed?

c867c5 No.561577


What better time to ride the wave?

deac84 No.561578

another mind control attempt at bring down a plane today.

https:// www.cbsnews.com/news/flight-scare-woman-tries-opening-door-united-express-flight-5449-today-2018-03-05/

cd525e No.561579


whether tis nobler to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune

09196a No.561580



Has anyone considered asking a lurking lawyer to write this?

fec8c4 No.561582


It is a nice change. I've been here for some horrible shill storms like the whole Gannett thing. This is the life! :-)

9fc716 No.561583


typos, kek

3284b5 No.561584


Strike while the iron is hot. Understood.

01b2c4 No.561585


Yeah no shit.

That other fat fuck is going bonkers cause he knows he's done.

bfa3fa No.561586


remember super bowl

8e9e7b No.561587


Regarding Nunberg, now known as AllegedlyDrunkNunberg: 'Memba how Q told us that there are no coincidences? 'Memba how Q also told us to watch the news this week, even though Q has told us that the MSM is fake? Well, in my mind I'm thinking perhaps AllegedlyDrunkNunberg is serving a specified purpose for the President's team (i.e., for Q and the gang). Perhaps today's meltdown by DrunkBerg was completely planned, and it's been done for a reason of which Q has not yet made us award.

Q, Q, can you please give us a Q-lue? Thank Q.

8fe9c3 No.561589


All European countries are heavily socialist

65d87e No.561591


CIA uses a lot of different types of assets. Mentioned Rodman many breads ago. He is buddies with Eddie Vedder. Not ourguys.

9005da No.561593


Yes, multiple times. There aren't any responding.

01b2c4 No.561595

Hannity going HARD on CF/HRC

3ac8cd No.561596

File: ebeec88a91989d9⋯.png (334.56 KB, 661x349, 661:349, flag.challenge.png)

d5f2f7 No.561598


Great work anon! Trademark them! One day we’ll look back and say “I remember when..”

09196a No.561599


Great contrast to current IRL surroundings! Dropped out early last night & missed the Q post by minutes. Won't let them drive me out this time!

fec8c4 No.561600


I'm sure given the extent of such a large class action lawsuit, the attorneys' fees wouldn't be nearly as high of a percentage as other suits. Even a very small percentage would be massive. Also, lawyers would be competing heavily just to be on the roster for that case because it would seal the rest of their career success.

737945 No.561602



7fa713 No.561603


nice work


c867c5 No.561604


When else can my soul be shaped?

Every shot not taken is a miss, eh?

7c2693 No.561605


march 22, release the Horowitz IG report?

b4e8e8 No.561607

Didnt Q Say Something About Making It Rain?

https:// twitter.com/JulianAssange/status/970637045180911617?s=20

d58df7 No.561608



This was put out today by InfaWors. This is a lot of water to watch. Also, over the weekend there has been significant earthquake activity in smaller southern Islands in Japan, not normal. HAArp and or CERn are the first things that come to mind for me.

https:// www.infowars.com/ring-of-fire-activity-warns-of-the-big-one/

20b221 No.561609

File: c3a7cf8530d8bf0⋯.png (1012.57 KB, 1024x777, 1024:777, Patriots50.png)

Patriots make the dough rise

cc513f No.561610


Because he's a terrible actor haha. Mueller, Rosenstein, and Sessions are all working for Trump now. I'm hearing there are around 18,000 sealed indictments now. I think they are just waiting for the right time to drop the hammer.

09196a No.561611


the g_y pron, that was horrible!

ee3b0d No.561612

File: ad97a89294b1621⋯.jpg (9.36 KB, 305x165, 61:33, download.jpg)

File: 943af07c1841d64⋯.png (1.27 MB, 2560x1600, 8:5, Screenshot_2018-03-05-19-2….png)

Lightening before



80bb25 No.561613


Or, conversely, maybe they knew he was going to have a meltdown, because they were behind it? Time will tell, I suppose.

9005da No.561614


You don't want teenagers signing this from the kneejerk response of giving a fuck you to corporations? Seriously?! Think for a minute.

01b2c4 No.561615


POTUS fired Nunberg.

He wants nothing to do with that piece of shit.

1ebdce No.561616


cmon baby gimmie more than just the tip

8f310b No.561617

Poppy may be Godfather III.




94788a No.561618


Australia, aids, FISA

Big big - Nunez just tweeted

http:// thehill .com/376858-australian-diplomat-whose-tip-prompted-fbis-russia-probe-has-tie-to-clintons

bfa3fa No.561620


hurt me eyes

02293d No.561621


Besides proving you have no fucking clue what the chans are about and never will I'm not sure what your point is. It sounds like you sre really longing to go to http:// www.reddit.com

7c2693 No.561622


LdR - try to get some sleep.

8cc35d No.561623

File: 4a0a2f0ed94b0d3⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 2.42 MB, 750x1334, 375:667, drake.png)


i see Drake is doing it now too.

01b2c4 No.561624


Just the tip

fec8c4 No.561625


that was a sad day.

e9b274 No.561626

File: 53a1f998bfdebb4⋯.png (1.16 MB, 1080x1562, 540:781, Screenshot_20180305-203005….png)

Interesting timing.

9fc716 No.561628


We should get a lawyer to draft the petition.

09196a No.561629


Sux, They may be in the petition threads? Well, keep the templates coming, never know who may take it up on their own time.

c4d202 No.561630


Funny you should say that; I thought the same thing. He had the same effect as when somebody gets pushed into the swimming pool during a party. "Distraction, woooo!"

What happened today that was allowed to happen with no one noticing?

66802c No.561631

What does it mean to teach a criminal tough love?

7c79a7 No.561632


I'm guessing someone has some shit hanging over his head, he is getting drunk off his ass because he knows they do so he is looking for a handler but they smell his drunk ass breath

01b2c4 No.561633

File: a304ff43513a603⋯.png (5.79 KB, 308x339, 308:339, a304ff43513a603fbce3d4a888….png)

e8734d No.561634

3/5/18 now no Russians attacked US led coalition Feb 7-8. www.spiegel.de/international/world/american-fury-the-truth-about-the-russian-deaths-in-syria-a-1196074-amp.html?__twitter_impression=true

Got permission to attack US troops from Russian ministry.


Russian mercenary boss 'spoke to Kremlin' before attack on US allies in Syria


Russian wagner mercs confirmed KIAs via alternative sources. kyivPost. http:// archive.is/k2Hqt

fe150f No.561635

File: 6439946ff5a6548⋯.png (98.99 KB, 639x825, 213:275, IMG_5815.PNG)


They aren't standing on flowers ne more .. water bhnd em also.

2e1084 No.561636

File: 40c249bfd515616⋯.png (376.65 KB, 1186x787, 1186:787, ClipboardImage.png)



the word blood appears 164 times

according to Wikileaks archive search algo

8e9e7b No.561637


Time will tell about Nunberg, for sure. The guy's off the rails. At first it hit me that perhaps the guy will be suicided by the end of the week, but then I remembered that our guy – President Trump – doesn't kill people, unlike CrookedHillary. So yeah, if Nunberg survives this, perhaps we'll get to the bottom of it. Last I knew some bitch on CNN told Nunberg she smelled alcohol on his breath, and then he denied drinking. Time will tell. What a mess. I have to think Q somehow knew and, yeah, I'm damned glad President Trump fired this bastard, Nunberg.

e6c8ba No.561638

File: f95badfa61e3eb3⋯.jpg (26.84 KB, 280x355, 56:71, GAGA.jpg)

File: 88bb71289868c6d⋯.jpg (16.55 KB, 480x360, 4:3, DEPROGRAMMERS.jpg)

cd525e No.561639






e9b274 No.561640


Give no leniency.

ea85ec No.561641

File: 36a875ada13f67d⋯.jpeg (47.18 KB, 1020x512, 255:128, 1520303516.jpeg)

6e6c15 No.561642


I want a set for the future lil' shits who ask what we did during the great MEME war..

I'll pay!

f91f5c No.561643



Anon's: video ref contains the following:

Indian head test pattern, Horribly sad music.

Video frame by frame.

Crippled naked boy on all 4s

Dozen men hanging.

Woman giving head subscribe.

missile blueprints instructions.

multi pics starving ZOMBIE figure.

Russian symbols, Man in Gulag.

Giant Dick - Little Pussy.

Video SCRUBED from YT.

Any anon's see this?

79b477 No.561644


saw podesta being interviewed on cnn and he looked very agitated and tired

46fdff No.561645


i bet she's an angry drunk.

5f1ac8 No.561646

File: 516cd73e41be54d⋯.jpg (1.27 MB, 4834x3222, 2417:1611, 1517368068444.jpg)


Are you ready for outages? Are you ready to calm your crying friends and family? Are you ready to explain what's going on? Are you ready to TAKE THE STREETS?

Q is trying to tell us something. ARCHIVE OFFLINE and to learn Comms before DISASTER.

See: >>560621

20b221 No.561647

Fill this bread, anons

cd525e No.561648


That which does not kill us

20b221 No.561649

Fill 'er up

20b221 No.561650

Fresh bread ahead

fec8c4 No.561651

My analysis watching Hannity: Everything about this screams out that they're lining up the narrative to introduce Dr. Doom (Michael Horowitz.) Not sure about the timeline for the introduction, but I would guess within the next week or two.

450b72 No.561652

Do it!! >>561560

20b221 No.561653

Smells good, Baker

ec6679 No.561654

File: a8ba7f0545a8bd5⋯.png (186.48 KB, 590x393, 590:393, DJT11.png)

968e14 No.561655

File: b3dd174c7e91c5d⋯.jpg (58.3 KB, 960x720, 4:3, dogshit.jpg)

Dog shit.

79b477 No.561656

Hannity predicts "Carter Page will be a rich man at the end of this"

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