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Pro Aris et Focis

File: 077ab1e7aaf2fbf⋯.jpg (521.4 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 077ab1e7aaf2fbfea054d57ecf….jpg)

7dabb7 No.723249

Brand New EO. 3.19.18

https:// www.whitehouse.gov/presidential-actions/executive-order-taking-additional-steps-address-situation-venezuela/


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Reminder SPECIAL TARGETS #InternetBillOfRights



* with personalized message and tweet.

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==> NRA members are THE best audience to ask for help!


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7dabb7 No.723293

https:// pastebin.com/gzcwUJYv

59601a No.723329

The Cambridge Analytica and Facebook story is a big deal. This has to be one of the BOOMs. Perhaps even the reason for the Bannon/Trump drama earlier.

This type of stuff goes back decades. Take a look at Vin Gupta. He is tight with the Clintons. He founded InfoUSA (later InfoGroup) and went on to found DatabaseUSA. Pre-internet/FB era the companies tracked everything about you. The biggest data compilers around are also the Credit Bureaus. How do you think they make their money?

Email is considered a unique identifier with FB. One company as an example, Constellation Media has database of over 1.3 Billion emails linked to their consumer data file. This file contains everything about you, over 200 different datapoints including behavioral data.

From any list, yours or theirs, they enhance with email identifier, which in turn matches to FB and even online cookies. Even if I know the behavior of a person or group, it can be expanded beyond to others all tracked with cookies.

98014d No.723334

Rush is all over this right now and tearing it apart.


325284 No.723343

File: 444b940b1fc28e2⋯.jpg (700.13 KB, 1296x2440, 162:305, 20180319_190713.jpg)

US (3) = FEMA Region III ?

0c82c0 No.723345

File: 283062b0bcdd794⋯.jpg (16.92 KB, 290x216, 145:108, brennan.jpg)


98014d No.723347


I'm thinking the same thing. Segway to exposing just more of their crimes.

b8a516 No.723350

QAnon terrorist shit pushed by google bots

Deepstate in panic. No sauce but do you believe in coincidences ?

c0f2d3 No.723354

New responses to Judicial Watch’s Freedom of Information requests proves that President Clinton’s contention that the meeting was purely accidental is a lie.

The FBI was fully aware of it days in advance as shown by the production of redacted emails which discuss the deployment of additional FBI SWAT resources which may have been covering the event.

Furthermore, the FBI attempted to cover up the tarmac meeting by targeting an FBI whistle blower.

The names of the authors of a flurry of emails in search of the whistle-blower have been redacted, and none of the newly-released emails show any concern about the meeting itself.

In other words, it was no secret to the FBI what was going on. In fact, top level officials may have been able to review the recordings of the event.

f11f5c No.723358

File: 70383c2f9befc81⋯.jpg (132.27 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, RussiaKitty.jpg)

59601a No.723359


Q asked what makes great actors around this time. I had a hard time believing then the Trump/Bannon Feud. Fire and Fury was just a setup. It's just a show.

88bdc9 No.723360


That's some out of the box thinking anon!

4f64be No.723361


that is good…. The stock market WILL crash and at the proper limit the currency will change to the gold standard

45c5a3 No.723362

Neo-liberal World Order?

7dabb7 No.723363

File: 20f024d98fa21ff⋯.png (727.91 KB, 806x459, 806:459, Capture.PNG)



f253b9 No.723364


Yep, knew it the whole time. Bannon is rock solid. He is probably Q team himself.

a55455 No.723365


of which the usa has none

f15726 No.723366


another cover up at the highest levels, I wonder how many corrupt situations will come to light in the future. I hope all of them.

59601a No.723367


Anyone else remember how Obama was celebrated with the "micro-targeting"? This is what my industry does. This goes back decades.

64867b No.723368

File: e4d19a65edcbe77⋯.png (385.35 KB, 1227x517, 1227:517, 1521482547602.png)


a3a9a6 No.723369


Fucking Incredible

Q did say that the board would get more attention and attacks inbound.

Keep the Pressure on, Anti-Trust

f11f5c No.723370

File: 781332666df79ef⋯.jpg (83.95 KB, 1025x512, 1025:512, FreeTheInternet.jpg)

File: 588d5895324009d⋯.jpg (101.89 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, FreeTheInternetNRA.jpg)

File: e3e71899d0172ce⋯.jpg (90.39 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, HelpUsHelpYou.jpg)

File: 10407a34a84a61c⋯.jpg (88.76 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, WeTookTheMoney.jpg)

File: 7438071c9591ee8⋯.jpg (99.57 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, SlippingIntoHerNew Role.JPG)

88bdc9 No.723371


These fuckers are going DOWN!

2c61e6 No.723372


ES hasn't made ref to #InternetBillOfRights

Just a ref to a #FreedomOfPress

Perhaps this is an attempt to water down #IBOR ?

b307a6 No.723373


fox analyst called this fag a "pink haired vegan"


cc1f70 No.723374

File: 2338e8815e5e51d⋯.png (151.43 KB, 1197x1559, 1197:1559, 2338e8815e5e51dd6198718f0f….png)

File: 5da8cbe4ef56eb4⋯.png (139.54 KB, 1166x971, 1166:971, 5da8cbe4ef56eb4e8ea0e3289d….png)

The thrills and schills of the general

Remember anons this is NOT a chat board.

Schillses are here to distract you. Stay on target.

Do NOT respond to schills

Do.NOT announce they are "filtered"

Anons recognize schillses by theor attacks and complaints

7d7999 No.723375

File: 9dfce616bac93ad⋯.png (186.95 KB, 2397x1797, 799:599, ClipboardImage.png)


Great mix of sweet kid, cute cat, and President Trump!

0c82c0 No.723376



Subgroups: Neoliberal and neoconservative

9624aa No.723378

File: b8a86d8c6ee77a3⋯.png (223.39 KB, 572x558, 286:279, screenshot_1226.png)

7c3dac No.723379


Holy shit!!

a55455 No.723380


enough to make you shit your pants huh

90db18 No.723381

There have been 4 explosions in Austin

Are we sure the booms aren't referring to them?

2df642 No.723382

Conaway walks back comment after saying House Intel didn't probe collusion

03/18/18 01:38 PM EDT

Chuck Todd:

"Do you now regret trying to draw conclusion about collusion?"

http:// thehill.com/homenews/sunday-talk-shows/379005-house-intel-republican-panel-did-not-investigate-collusion

7dabb7 No.723383

f11f5c No.723384


Nihilistic World Order

f253b9 No.723385


Twitter has me cock blocked like a mug. Facebook too very limited engagements. I am armed with memes and words of fire but nobody hears me. Its fucked. I am just praying for Qteam to win now. One blade of grass is all I feel like now I got the twitter blanket. 0 notifications in 2 days.

f15726 No.723386

This was quite a bit of the discussion yesterday.

4e8470 No.723387


Need stronger source than unverified twatter acct.

88bdc9 No.723388


Dear lord….

8829b9 No.723389

File: 7f70f701b413171⋯.jpg (8.04 KB, 300x168, 25:14, download-12.jpg)

File: ec26b9cbb0f448d⋯.jpg (217.97 KB, 800x1068, 200:267, Hillary-clinton-donal-trum….jpg)

File: 03599cbc8ce9890⋯.jpg (9.68 KB, 259x194, 259:194, images-22.jpg)

File: ae89c37132a4a37⋯.jpg (11.6 KB, 261x193, 261:193, images-25.jpg)


They have been good friends for YEARS.

d303ce No.723390


Run, biotch!

She's so homely, her parents had to tie a porkchop around her neck to get the dog to play with her.

88bdc9 No.723391


Certain. Re-read crumbs.

64867b No.723392

f253b9 No.723394


How does PANIC MODE feel Anon?

663133 No.723395


Looks like Trump might get a war after all, whether he wants it or not.

7f81d9 No.723396

Spend a few moments in the real world only to find that #894 contains the full plan.

Where are we in that plan? I think I get it, but wonder if anyone else sees it.

New E.O. has to be about cabal bunker control. Will go read it soon, but given where we are in the plan, that's gotta be it.

The next step will be scary, but you've got to trust the plan. Watching the market crash will be hard. Protect yourselves, but don't panic.

I can not believe how incredibly magical it is to be a part of this. Gracious and loving God, thank you for the leadership you've given us at this amazing point in human history.

c90144 No.723397


Just checked , not actually there on their twitter page.

5f9762 No.723398

File: d4292132ad49f66⋯.jpg (11.93 KB, 255x191, 255:191, b187152473f864a0f2f0ca478b….jpg)

a3a9a6 No.723399


Head to Gab.ai Plenty of us there, no stooped censorship.

Google play has the app blocked but I just use the website.

Joke them if they cannot take a fuck

6cc7c9 No.723400

8829b9 No.723401


Panic? About what?

0c82c0 No.723402


Nihilism is a tenant of neopolitical marxists

7d7999 No.723403


Don't see it on their feed, got a link?

https:// twitter.com/usairforce

14792a No.723404


at the disco, duh

b8a516 No.723405


My shit has gotten MAR 2018 SUMMARY Tweet impressions

379K with sub 200 followers.

Add that @POTUS and piggy back the trending hashtags and words.

7c3dac No.723406


I need that Q explain this.

3b6671 No.723407


we have a ton of antifaBytchFags here right now

8829b9 No.723408


You don't actually think I fell for the circus show, do you?

30e9bc No.723409


Another lesbian. Please NO!

5fda15 No.723410


Probably explains why after 13 months there have still been zero big arrests. ZERO! Not even one.

3baffe No.723411


Q predicted that

0c82c0 No.723412

8829b9 No.723413


Pretty much.

f253b9 No.723414


Don't care. Q wins , Clowns LOSE.

6cc7c9 No.723415

8829b9 No.723416


Then stop talking to me

4e8470 No.723417


Must be 8D Chess setup 25 years ago….they never thought she would lose! 25 years in the making! MAGA fellow Walmart shopper. MAGAAAAAA!!!!

a55455 No.723418


big arrests no.. just paltry fbi agents and other throw away personnel will get the headlines.. the big players always get away

e697b6 No.723419

2df642 No.723420


I don't see it either.

1c9ba8 No.723421


These findings concerning the clowns, the bots, and their ways are being re-posted more for new visitors, so they don't get suckered into wasting their time. Hardened anons should already know all this shit.

How to Quickly Spot a Clown:

– Attempting to get a divisive or emotional knee-jerk trigger response from (you) to derail research is a red flag.

– Concern trolling and copy/pasta spam shilling that contradicts confirmed findings is another red flag.

Employing faux debate tactics: Generalizations, gas-lighting, misdirection, false equivalences, confusing correlation with causality, appeal to authority, transference, false precepts, personal attacks, straw-men, red herrings, etc. are all yet another red flag.

Promoting social ethics that are disingenuous, such as doxxing anyone, "reverse psychology" ploys or ones based on lying to the American People; These are obvious red flags.

Promoting tactics that are unethical, illegal or involve violence outside the scope of the Law are huge red flags.

Employing Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt tactics for any reason is highly suspicious.

This is just a subset of the disinformation tactics employed. A complete write-up is available here: https:// vigilantcitizen.com/latestnews/the-25-rules-of-disinformation/

How to spot a Clown's bot

– NEVER KNOWINGLY ENGAGE A CLOWN OR BOT DIRECTLY. It just wastes bread with their responses, and hands them a target to lock on to. If you suspect a clown or bot is trying to engage (you), the countermeasures will force the wrangler to earn it, which usually outs them; They are lazy.

It seems that the easiest way to get a bot wrangler to give their (you) to you is to fuck with the bots by proxy, either by copy/pasting the user's ID as a quoted reference instead of tagging its actual post link in your response, or by answering it with text in an image (or both) until they start fucking up because they can't lock onto a target phrase correctly.. Doing this can also make the bots look artificially erratic, and easier for other anons to spot. It also makes it so the wranglers HAVE TO engage.

What we know about the cl0wnbots

Require a handler to watch for, target, and be in the thread

Can not enter threads themselves

Can pick up random or contradictory meme flags

Consist of multiple bots that respond to posts and each other, and can create posts

Appear to activate on lists of trigger words; these can change over time

Use a combination of legit pasta, pre-written points, or spam targeted at sliding the thread

Have unwittingly pasta'd supportive posts

Are employed mostly at night and on weekends (US time)

Add to bump limits

Can be filtered by ID once they are observed

Are not perfected and can be easily spotted

Were tested briefly prior to being deployed starting on the /CBTS/ boards

Have certain flaws that can cause them to misfire in sometimes comical ways

The handlers can make bogus clown threads, but also can be confused by accidental ones

Handlers, as of now, cannot access the servers

Have still not succeeded in their mission

Still can't meme

Still can't meme

562c14 No.723422


And her qualifications are? That she wants to turn the United States into China, too?

f253b9 No.723423


You're awesome Anon. I just started Twitter last month. Had a lot of action but now its like I am invisible. It just started yesterday to really be like I went dark. I will keep trying but its really strange ,like it changed just the last 24 hrs or so.

663133 No.723424


I can only guess that the desire to take Syria for ME/Israel oil concerns is still on the table, at least in the neocon deep state. Of course, it then leads to conflict with Russia (and maybe China), which I think is the real objective.

e20293 No.723425

File: 38d62fff6da2fcd⋯.png (67.88 KB, 1000x751, 1000:751, FLOTUSinpurplePOTUS-blessC….png)

FLOTUS please bless this humble bread.

2938b7 No.723426

>>723395. Don’t freak anon, we are here to calm

5182b0 No.723427

Gone a couple days and it seems the whole left is in massive meltdown mode. If I didn't know the truth I would be afraid for our POTUS. These vipers are bearing teeth, claws and wrath. That means their soft underbelly is exposed. WINNING!

c34f0a No.723428


Go home Montagraph, no one likes you.

6cc7c9 No.723429

4e8470 No.723430


Try checking the website to see it was bullshit before blindly believing and running to your wittle memes

df6ad5 No.723431


This is shite. Followed links to the USAF news page and nothing corresponds to this. The link isn't on Twatter either. Fake ass news.

fb89cd No.723432


did anyone archive it??

46b18a No.723433

File: 906be1cadb738eb⋯.png (35.89 KB, 631x261, 631:261, Dershowitz re Nixon.PNG)

ee6ba8 No.723434

1bd3ff No.723435


I agree. It was obvious yesterday that BO was making excuses for allowing fake Q to shit up the board. The fact is that the real work does not happen on this board. It is the digging, making connections and drawing the maps that is the real work. So having the board shitted up for a few days is no big deal. We all keep working.

But for Q, letting fake Q and the clowns run wild for a while provides lots of data to track them down. It's like the old fashioned movie telephone tracing where you have to keep the kidnappers talking. The clowns are using VPNs and TOR to protect their identity but the NSA data collection has enough info to track them down. It just takes time like hunting a needle in a haystack of data.

663133 No.723436


Not freaking at all, just stating an observation based on the information we have.

820190 No.723437


>I dont know that Q is a larp, I just dont hear no booms.

Really? I hear there were four booms heard in Austin in the past few days. Exact same number as Q posted … and now, there is apparently a suspect. Will the suspect have any connections with deep state? On psych. meds? Perhaps the four booms were meant literally this time?

0c82c0 No.723438

I feel like REAL anons should end their posts with something to indicate their not shills, clowns, or bots like:


c52d7a No.723439

It's becoming increasingly evident that the plan is in full motion and will very soon come to its peak.

i encourage everyone to dig and make the connections so that when the time comes and the public knows about the cabal and its evildoings we will be a place of comfort and understanding for the distraught people who will want to know.

Look past the shills and bots and discern the real info from the disinfo and make the connections so that you are ready to be a lightworker when called for.

If you need motivation just go to the /greatawakening/ and watch the clip Q has posted. Feel invigorated and come back here and trust the plan. Light the way for new people coming here by the hour.

And most of all ignore shills and bots crying about nothing happening. This is the deaththrows of the cabal lashing out in desperation and panic.

Lightworker out!

30e9bc No.723440

So once again the Germans and the Iranians are forging an alliance. Hmmmm. Where have we seen this before? The cabal is making inroads in Europe. Merkel is back.

2df642 No.723441


http:// wpafb.af.mil/News/Article-D

http:// www.wpafb.af.mil/News/


8829b9 No.723442


She looks disgusted LOL!

8a0e4a No.723443

File: b6e80df9d2a04b0⋯.png (960.41 KB, 1332x1306, 666:653, ClipboardImage.png)

https:// ijr.com/2018/03/1077083-ex-obama-campaign-director-fb/

https:// archive.is/ikqdo

b53a01 No.723444

There will never be a boom because it has yet to be defined

Anons have speculated from HRC falling to a fart in the woods

All are wrong

Q was deliberately vague because he knows he has people fully invested in the LARP

They'll eat it up

b086be No.723445


http:// www.pheasantry.cz/rothschilds/?lang=en

The Šilheřovice Forest, also known as the Black Forest, in which the Pheasantry is located, was in the past a part of the Šilheřovice country estate. Since the end of the 14th century until 1842, the estate was owned by several landlords.

In 1846, the estate was acquired by Schalomon Meyer of the Rothschild family. The arrival of the Rothschilds in Šilheřovice brought about a fundamental change in the management and use of the estate.

(Dig in, researchers)

0b3b16 No.723446

File: 72da5ed92f2dac5⋯.png (319.05 KB, 517x1073, 517:1073, ClipboardImage.png)

Say what????

afccec No.723447


At least now we know who replaced the Rockefeller family in the cabal thanks to the election.

4e8470 No.723448


Is your post as bad, bread littering and unfufillingly off-topic as the posts you're attacking? More 4D chess gunther?

7c3dac No.723449


Hmm, I saw the USAF twatter, doesn't appear.. or it's false or Twatter erased it.

5f9762 No.723450


was replying to verified … if shopped i am sorry anon . don't do twat .

ee6ba8 No.723451


Why do Jews attack people like this? Very venomous.

f253b9 No.723452

Big DAWG on FOX live !!!!

b8a516 No.723453


Would follow you to help out but "Don't doxx yourself" haha

May the winds of luck bring us together randomly

14792a No.723454


on it… verifying….

9624aa No.723455


Bill & Hillary shouldn't have pissed of The Donald by not inviting him to Chelsea's wedding after he so graciously invited them to his….

7c3dac No.723456


Next Holy War in Europe?

b7c09d No.723457

File: 2e210543927ea4c⋯.jpeg (1.37 MB, 999x14624, 999:14624, kikebook companies.jpeg)

If Facebook alone were to be broken up, for human rights abuse, the market would crash like a mofo. (((They))) have more purchasing power than most nations. Seems like a great show that would cause panic but not really "tank" the whole market. Just a thought anons.

https:// www.techwyse.com/blog/infographics/facebook-acquisitions-the-complete-list-infographic/

663133 No.723458


Could be a ruse. Thanks for checking.

8829b9 No.723459

c52d7a No.723460

File: 5424d102640e711⋯.png (1.5 MB, 897x900, 299:300, Screen-Shot-2018-03-03-at-….png)

The game is on. Tick tock motherfuckers!

f253b9 No.723461


I will not give up thank you for the advice ! I will defend our leader until my demise however it come. No more concern for self.

8829b9 No.723462


Grab the popcorn, it's one hellva show.

f11f5c No.723463

File: fde43fda021e693⋯.jpg (111.19 KB, 1179x589, 1179:589, KnowYour Enemy.jpg)

bab646 No.723464



Bannon is still pushing POTUS/Q agenda. His recent Davos speech is worth watching, where he said the future currency will be blockchain.

0b3b16 No.723465

File: 4491903e6856469⋯.png (57.82 KB, 521x553, 521:553, ClipboardImage.png)


Field McConnell's sister is KRISTINE MARCY, the woman who started SES under Carter!

e818db No.723466


You really think fake Q's get tracked down and arrested?

41f280 No.723467

Sessions in attendance, seated next to FLOTUS.



284716 No.723468

Trump Live Now

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=vmoF_upiVfs

820190 No.723469


>Lightworker out!

Thank you. VOTL!

59601a No.723470

File: 3bb40c0e194ca3b⋯.png (137.85 KB, 1181x905, 1181:905, c1 - Copy.PNG)

e818db No.723471



5b76f2 No.723472

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

potus live

30e9bc No.723473


Zuckerberg always looks at at Hussein as though he wants Hussein's dick in his mouth. Gross to watch the way that fucker always fawned over the traitorous POS. I so happy to see him losing billions of dollars today.

b307a6 No.723474

File: fbf8a7c9f1300f7⋯.png (710.11 KB, 674x1084, 337:542, ClipboardImage.png)



8829b9 No.723475


Hahahaha! Because I don't fall for the bullshit. Love it! TY!

2eb720 No.723476

>723256 (You)

The battles would start in the population centers where the majority are liberals and the gangs are well armed. They would then move out into the country sides as the supplies ran out. I am not stating it would be a victory from the liberal side what so ever, but the loss of innocent life unnecessarily would be real.

That is not to mention the terrorists imported into the country by omuslim and friends which would likely attack the power grids across the country. The hollow victory would likely be won by the patriots but at what cost and what would remain to claim as a prize? That is exactly what the satanists desires.

>> I saw the Berkeley PD alone shut down an Auntie Fag rally last year in 10 minutes, with overwhelming force. The demoncrats are weak and a tiny minority. All the elected officials are in by voting fraud, which is a huge issue. We have nothing to fear from these ignorant, leftists faggots.

e818db No.723477


Hi anon


7c3dac No.723478


Or a Bot, kek.

3b6671 No.723479



8829b9 No.723480


Please post next bread. Saves me from loading all the pics!

911451 No.723481


There's more you can do. Set up a blog or move to e-mails or old fashioned pamphlets. If they set up a wall, go around it.

e20293 No.723482

File: 112213771066b00⋯.png (46.43 KB, 586x553, 586:553, FLOTUS-PiP.png)



Epic Kek.

284716 No.723483


Didn't Zuck dump $400mm stock last week?

4e8470 No.723484


And you same people last week said the bridge was a boom.


b086be No.723485



Nov. 23


>Unclassified setting.

Monitored and analyzed in RT.

>Future answers past.

18 U.S. Code § 912 - Officer or employee of the United States

Whoever falsely assumes or pretends to be an officer or employee acting under the authority of the United States or any department, agency or officer thereof, and acts as such, or in such pretended character demands or obtains any money, paper, document, or thing of value, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.

(June 25, 1948, ch. 645, 62 Stat. 742; Pub. L. 103–322, title XXXIII, § 330016(1)(H), Sept. 13, 1994, 108 Stat. 2147.)

https:// www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/text/18/912

0c82c0 No.723486


See, not to hard


8829b9 No.723487


I'm neither. Never voted a day in my life. Don't fall for thr helgelian Dialect. They are all scum.

037b30 No.723488


We intercept their planes, they intercept ours. Same game we've been playing since the days of the Cold War.

d2557f No.723489

File: 203573c61215a28⋯.png (106.19 KB, 414x278, 207:139, Screen Shot 2018-03-19 at ….png)

Muh Moral Authority

232e35 No.723490



fce38d No.723491

File: b4831c731cbf3da⋯.png (412.55 KB, 596x379, 596:379, ldr-afraid.png)

f11f5c No.723492


Death Gasps of the Wicked!! They don't have book tours, the View and the Morning TV circuit in GITMO or HELL… LOL

0c82c0 No.723493

e20293 No.723494


Maybe because they're Royal Cookies, not humble bread?

1c9ba8 No.723495

File: 09c700bcaa4fda0⋯.png (63.87 KB, 792x700, 198:175, 09c700bcaa4fda0ca134c9be87….png)


>Is your post as bad, bread littering and unfufillingly off-topic as the posts you're attacking?

Pointing out the tactics of clowns that come here, for those unaware of what takes place here, is somehow off topic? kek.

>More 4D chess gunther?

>Making obvious statements to remind the unaware of what goes on here is 4D chess? kek.

Keep telling yourself whatever makes you sleep better.

232e35 No.723496


HOLY COW! I step away to make lunch and all hell breaks loose!

f15726 No.723497



06bfac No.723498

>>723357 <-Last post

Anon, I'm surrounded by brain dead liberals at my job. LUCKILY a majority of the patients are Trump supporters. When dealing with my miserable libtard coworkers I make it a point to be EXTRA cheerful and funny with them. I FORCE them to like me. I work very hard and take very good care of patients

It may seem obnoxious but I empathize with them. For some reason I have always been able to tell when i'm being lied to and I always knew we were living in a false reality.

But I know most people can not. They have no intuition at all. So I make sure I stay positive and upbeat and I laugh alot to show them "hey…the world is still fucking spinning and life goes on and youre not going to DIE because Donald Trump is the president."

libtards are pretty fucking retarded though but I see a slow change in attitude..the media cant lie about their paycheck and tax return. KEK.

8829b9 No.723499


What is with American and T.V stars for politicans?

They REALLY did think WE would Follow the stars.

Wait you are. Trump.



b7c09d No.723500


So why the fuck hasn't he?

Seems pretty fucking fishy if you ask me. Seems like he's just being a lazy armchair slacktivist.

He'd easily help fill up the signatures needed with one well placed tweet at a time like this.

7c3dac No.723501

Do you think that US can become a Multi-Language Country.

28793b No.723502


that has to be a boom 4 of them actually

2eb720 No.723503

On the last thread, I said there are no booms to report, and I was attacked about a dozen times as a socialist or something like that. Humorous, since I've been defending our country against demoncrats all my life and I lost everything I worked for for 30 years (a lot) directly because of demoncrat shills and the crooked Soetero Admin. You could machine gun all of them in my opinion.

I was attacked for being a socialist or something, but not one of these sheeptists offered an actual Boom!, sadly. Just bleating.

7c3dac No.723504

75ae39 No.723505


and as a conspirator, you take the hit for all of the conspiracy. in for a penny, in for a pound. not just your small part. get away drivers get death when the hold up guy kills the teller.

8a0e4a No.723506

File: d85c0baf51995da⋯.png (209.93 KB, 691x328, 691:328, ClipboardImage.png)

youtube removing (((conspiracy theories))) but it doesnt remove the pedophile content

59601a No.723507

File: d851398c42a86a4⋯.png (126.57 KB, 1166x897, 1166:897, c2 - Copy.PNG)


Anon Traffic to real people -> Check.

4e8470 No.723508


No. No one knows who or what Q is. Furthermore, it's the internet. No rules state you can't troll someone.That will be after the 100k IBOR gets signed

6fbd1e No.723509

232e35 No.723510


not what we need at the moment.

i hope it all an act, right? like Trump/Bannon right?


769849 No.723511

Why is trump coming out so vocally against mueller that if that investigation is just for show? More acting?

b7c09d No.723512


C_A plants will start running for government roles, remember?

We're seeing them in the works as we speak.

8a0e4a No.723513


why would you want that? just a huge burden

663133 No.723514


Unfortunately, it already is. The question is will we ever go back to being an official English-speaking nation.

14792a No.723515


GREAT actors.

1f1228 No.723516


Who the fuck is that in the picture?

2eb720 No.723517


A Boom! is not a maybe. EVERYBODY hears a Boom!

e818db No.723518


It's trivial for a bot operator to copy this, though. It won't actually wok.


318008 No.723519


They have not been friends but as an acquiescence. You have to be nice to other rich for networking when you are building your own fame/empire.

88bdc9 No.723520


Appreciate the embed anon.

0b3b16 No.723521

File: e4684105b9a1eae⋯.png (273.12 KB, 512x676, 128:169, SES statement.png)

SES Statement to Congress Dec 1, 2016…

03faa9 No.723522

he just mentioned the death penalty for dealers/traffickers

8829b9 No.723523


Imagine. A angel on the cover. They must be a conspricay theory.

For you anons that were here last night. The templar red pill drop.

This is the "evil" side sending a message to the "good" side. And fucking with propels minds. Total confusion.

Evil is good

Good is evil

8a0e4a No.723524



nigger detected

90a237 No.723526

File: ba90b0c2bb3ee00⋯.jpeg (180.85 KB, 1066x800, 533:400, EDD1E5B3-D686-47AE-B391-1….jpeg)

75ae39 No.723527


one of the oldest stories. Tower of babble. want to cripple a society, make them speak different languages. English only. maga.

17e0d0 No.723528


Hegelian Dialectic

would've been

choosing between

Jeb or Hillary.

Get informed.

Wake up and look

the facts.

Ignorance isn't bliss.

And it's nobody's

responsibility to inform you.

Get informed - in an age of

information, ignorance

is a poor choice.

Dig into everything.

Question everything.

Fact-check everything

yourself. Verify the

details and the sources.

Research. And wake up

your friends and family.

Doing nothing is a choice

to assist evil. Get up.

7c3dac No.723529



I said for Europe.., the things are very tangled in Europe, (Germans, French, British., as a refuge)

b3e2af No.723530


Plenty of booms in Austin

95cac9 No.723531


An Anon posted "David McGowan research shows strong connection between project paperclip, laurel canyon, Hollywood and musicians and the CIA MKultra project. He also connected serial killers to this group as well."

David McGowan wrote Finders Keepers in regards to child trafficking and abduction. In the 1980's it was called a 'Witch Hunt' which POTUS has been repeatedly stating in his tweets.

https:// wikispooks.com/wiki/Document:Finders_Keepers

2eb720 No.723532



48150f No.723533




Shills also say stupid shit when they are losing. McCabe's tweet proves perjury for him and implicates Comey = kek. Comey is blaming Trump for McCabes firing the FBI did, and D Roth admitted that obstruction is the best they have with the Russia Hoax.

8a0e4a No.723534


its just indoctrination

5f9762 No.723535

File: a5812ed64e1e7fd⋯.png (570.5 KB, 1599x825, 533:275, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzp8.PNG)

interesting location for a p-8

f32e50 No.723536

File: 588208be46264ea⋯.png (298.36 KB, 832x638, 416:319, hillarygaverussiahypersoni….png)

File: 0401da747e253b2⋯.png (78.98 KB, 641x539, 641:539, hillarygaverussiahypersoni….png)

File: 25f882aea2ee57c⋯.png (122.56 KB, 629x874, 629:874, hillarygaverussiahypersoni….png)

File: bd5f8b558f5acee⋯.png (78.65 KB, 620x615, 124:123, hillarygaverussiahypersoni….png)

"Stunning. Hillary Clinton Gave Russia the US Technology for Hypersonic Intercontinental Nuke Missile"

http:// www.thegatewaypundit.com/2018/03/stunning-hillary-clinton-gave-russia-us-technology-hypersonic-intercontinental-nuke-missiles/

"Emails show Clinton ties to Russian oligarch under investigation"

https:// www.washingtonexaminer.com/emails-show-clinton-ties-to-russian-oligarch-under-investigation/article/2601514

"Hillary Gave US Missle Technology to Russia? Treason! - David Harris Jr"

https:// hooktube.com/jSDUUULZGAI

284716 No.723537

File: f979fcaf858418b⋯.png (174.75 KB, 640x361, 640:361, BOOMBOOMBOOM.png)


8829b9 No.723538


Shut the fuck up and go lose to 2008 interviews, it comes from his own fucking mouth, several times.

"We are really great FRIENDS".


14792a No.723539

"7 years" ::water sip::

0b3b16 No.723540

>>723502 I agree, if we can confirm Podesta was arrested! Big booms!!!!




663133 No.723541


Me, too. Mattis is supposed to clean up the mess already started by Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama, not get more involved in petro-political war..

2df642 No.723542

b086be No.723543


This is true. The fake Q admirers, if they were in on it too, are just as guilty.



f15726 No.723544


Yes he did and he is dead serious. Love it

a51fdc No.723545


Yeah, gee whiz, this mainstream story that's promoting the idea that CAMBRIDGE ANALYTICA (lol) is what America's anti-propaganda and internet fuckery attention should be on is real big, oh wow. It's the big mainstream story this board was designed to agree with the mainstream consensus on.

Nice board. Glad we have freedom of AI speech.




4e8470 No.723546


"Drugs, accountable" "Child rape and satanic worship? Blind eye"

c3aeca No.723547


That was a Soros funded paid demonstration with fake outrage. It basically included a lot of young soy boys with no idea on how to carry out a revolution and no conviction to their ideology. It is a completely different animal if the liberals in mass decide to attack and riot various targets across a vast swath of the states or counties with real outrage. Pick up the magic muslim man and see what happens at that point to the minority centers.

8829b9 No.723548


Fuck off. And shove your soap box up your ass.

f11f5c No.723549

File: 017288450cd0208⋯.jpg (189.71 KB, 1650x825, 2:1, DnNotFeedSHILLS.jpg)

30e9bc No.723550


It already is. Where I live it is VERY difficult to get a job if you don't speak Spanish. They hire Hispanic immigrants as preference. If you are American you are looked down on.

03faa9 No.723551

Oooo he is also targeting big pharma as the path to addiction!!

88bdc9 No.723552


Said they have their little luncheons and get their blue ribbons and NEVER DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT.

Allso said he doesn't want to leave office in 7 YEARS and it still be a problem. KEK!

06bfac No.723553



b3e2af No.723554


Are you saying Satan is good?

f15726 No.723555


Some body funds it. Taxpayers?

fd60b5 No.723556

File: edfa73282611720⋯.jpg (278.12 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, are we fuqed or nah.jpg)


Not just Montagraph (though never was big watcher; shit too weird for me); G Webb just went there about Horowitz. In comments only but says OIG has NADA for all his efforts/employees. Someone argued; Webb argued back. Hard to believe he'd put out thousands of vids just to buy a little time when it's boom or bust.

> Someone else in those comments pointed out Dec 23 EO for seizure of assets runs out tomorrow I think? Boom or bust? Possible we got assets and don't know it yet? IDK asking for realz.

6e528d No.723557


A while back we tried images with text, some wrote/drew on their phones.

Some thought it was a great idea, others thought it completely retarded. It would at least slow the bots down for a while imo.

8829b9 No.723558


He's dead. And your a a idiot.

9624aa No.723559


they should have invited him to the wedding….

2eb720 No.723560


The Clintons would be nobodies without their crooked politics, and their offices is why Trump knows them. Crooked was a NY Senator when Trump was building up - wait for it - New York.

7c3dac No.723561


Don't the spanish, it's for the Europeans.

fce38d No.723562

File: 8309a3c097c601d⋯.png (494.08 KB, 441x457, 441:457, swamp-rat.png)

8a0e4a No.723563


youre dumb as fuck, countries and wars are fought because of differences in culture/language/racial identity, the want of people wanting to be governed by their own kind leads to war, why you want people to die?

fb89cd No.723564

so Trump mentions physicians charged for opioid trafficking, and feed gets cut??

4e8470 No.723565


No, he's saying evil is disguising itself as good

30d8d6 No.723566

File: 5946bddb096d1c4⋯.png (210.81 KB, 500x558, 250:279, 109-times-counting-that-je….png)



If you’ve never met or dealt with (((one))) (primarily ya’ll Southern State natives) this is EXXXAAACTLY what (((they’re))) like. And now you know why (((they’ve))) been licked out of 109 countries and why anyone who’s lived in New York, waited tables, driven a taxi or held any service job, including civil service – HAAAAATE (((THEM))).

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=dhZpDPvCuNU ← If Susan Wojcicki takes this one down for a violation of jewmunity standards - - - there’s this link below, with no editorial comments or post comments

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=ffaTOD8O-Qs

Oh, and notice comments have been disabled - - - I wonder why????

59601a No.723567


Cambridge Analytica was just a way of exposing what FB does. Q warned these groups would collapse under their own weight. Anyone who looks will find what goes on doesn't even hold a candle to this.

8829b9 No.723568


Did Google tell you that? Or MSM?

17e0d0 No.723569


Why would you blame him

when it was Obama who

specifically requested to

purchase faulty steel.

You can't blame the chef

for making a burger

when that's what the

customer ordered.

Blame the customer.

Blame Obummer.

9dfce5 No.723570


Yep he also said non-addictive pain killers are not far off that’s a call out to big pharma he knows they have them

b086be No.723571


Shills gonna shill, I have no problem reminding them that there's a price, no matter how panicked they and their bosses are to derail the board & discredit Q, there's no excuses.

All of the signs around us make the trajectory obvious, they are losing publicly and privately, and there nothing they can do about it except to cover it up with lies. Digging their graves even deeper…

42b980 No.723572


the best part is that it sets up a primary run against cuomo. Should be fun

4f141b No.723573

Commentary: What if Trump is right and there is no collusion?

https:// www.cbsnews.com/news/commentary-what-if-trump-is-right-and-there-is-no-collusion/

Trump appears to be acting on assumption that collusion is his silver bullet. Keep everyone focused on that question, so that when the verdict comes back "innocent of collusion," Trump can declare himself "not guilty" of any other charge by default. After all, if the collusion allegation was bogus, isn't the entire investigation?

Cognitive Dissonance is going to cause Civil War 2.0

64bd40 No.723574

8a0e4a No.723575


how can a form of energy die? wtf kys

4e8470 No.723576

Just so I have this right.

Dems are all corrupt and Fox news is the only legit source for untampered information?

And this sounds perfectly plausible?

88bdc9 No.723577



I love it that POTUS allows everyday Americans to take the spotlight and tell their own stories. Then he tells us how he's going to work to fix whatever it is.

17e0d0 No.723578


Truth only hurts if

you're living a lie.

You can lie to yourself

if you want to.

That's just a stupid

thing to do.

But go ahead.

06bfac No.723579

File: f48fbd1480d78a7⋯.png (294.11 KB, 710x568, 5:4, ClipboardImage.png)

Judge resigns after getting caught taking $100K in bribes



8829b9 No.723580


Because YOU have NO idea what you are talking about. Jesus they aren't even your own thoughts. Brainwashed much?

2eb720 No.723581


So, she wouldnt be a good Governor of Israel? Um-kay. Ive never been there actually, hear it's nice.

d2557f No.723582

File: e923413f414f46c⋯.png (73.59 KB, 454x579, 454:579, Screen Shot 2018-03-18 at ….png)

7dabb7 No.723583


My livestream must be behind yours. He just now said that on mine.

4a2cdc No.723584

File: 57c1ee5851350e1⋯.jpg (82.46 KB, 575x529, 25:23, 3WhlzjoMTh8HIq5I7dIEAwAB17….jpg)

File: fcfdc7aea6e3087⋯.jpg (41.35 KB, 759x422, 759:422, serveimage.jpg)

>trying to look presidential

4f141b No.723585


Fox is the only one asking the right questions

232e35 No.723586


yep… fake ass hat post.

1bd3ff No.723587



The estate, not the office in Ostrava, is in Czech near the Polish border. It is in a long valley that runs southwest to Austria, and in Langau, not far from the Austrian border is another Rothschild estate. I wonder if cross border smuggling of some sort was the historical reason for these locations near a border. There are other Rothschild estates near borders like in Belgium near the French border. And Germany used to be carved up into smaller "lands" so perhaps looking at those old borders will show something too.

Now that we know the Satanic Pedophile Cult is really a cult of con-artists, a smuggling connection seems reasonable. This may have been a major international smuggling route before the invention of trains, trucks and planes. Back then, people needed a place to lay up and hide for the day before continuing their travels at dusk.

0b3b16 No.723588


>Some body funds it. Taxpayers?


Starting salary $250,000 a year

Bonuses and raises voted on by their peers.

ALL 8000+ have the HIGHEST Security Clearance AND No background checks!!

284716 No.723590

File: 3825e3c6139d7fb⋯.jpg (581.5 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, DP3.jpg)

File: 5d9360cc9980392⋯.jpg (991.75 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, DP5.jpg)

File: be476bf18a4deb5⋯.jpg (606.56 KB, 1024x692, 256:173, DP8.jpg)

File: 66edbab2f42a57d⋯.jpg (1.37 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, DP9.jpg)

File: cd03875d51fbeaf⋯.jpg (1.02 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, DP10.jpg)

7c3dac No.723591

File: b0b310d35aa60ef⋯.png (17.37 KB, 502x344, 251:172, SICK!!.png)


My bad.

b346ef No.723592


So does that mean Jesus is evil in a disguise?

03faa9 No.723593


watching on Fox News

318008 No.723594


Of course he has asshole. Trump always says everyone is his friend or are you to much of a moron to have noticed.

df6ad5 No.723595

File: 4671cf397a387d1⋯.jpg (12.31 KB, 206x244, 103:122, b1.jpg)

File: c1e6056ac408e80⋯.png (6.76 KB, 300x168, 25:14, b2.png)

File: e538d2893dea8e6⋯.jpg (22.73 KB, 239x211, 239:211, b3.jpg)

Everything is a fucking BOOM.

My cat just shit…BOOM

Mail just came…BOOM

Screw March Madness, 8Chan is infected with BOOM Madness

c3aeca No.723596


Hillary KEK!

0b3b16 No.723597



good one Anon!

9624aa No.723598


Be sure this gets into the resignations thread too….

2a9162 No.723599




8829b9 No.723600


Lol. You will see. Not too much longer.

7d7999 No.723601

File: f7bdf5d036b220e⋯.png (105.62 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

663133 No.723602


Arkansas. I thought Huckabee cleaned that state up after Clinton.

8492fc No.723603


Same here. Twatter blackout for weeks now. I can post all I want but nobody except me can see the posts.

I never even posted any edgy memes …. but I'm a nobody with 1400 followers so they know there's nothing I can do.

President Trump: Twitter is a de facto monopoly communications service.

Would the electric or gas or telephone companies be able to restrict access to people who support their political agendas?

Could Microsoft block updates to users who support Republican candidates?

There would seem to be room for federal action, pronto.

2eb720 No.723604


So, the Admin is allowing bombs to kill random people? That's so cool, that's the same stuff Bushbama did for 16 years. Go Murica!

f8f02e No.723605

youtube is shutting down fox live streams

284716 No.723606

File: 5e7fa9fa05d03fa⋯.jpg (500.19 KB, 736x1047, 736:1047, DP11.jpg)

f8477a No.723607


Shittest memes ever posted

75ae39 No.723608


you cant be a dem unless you agree to buy into the corrupt plan. some on fox still resist. some have sold out like shep.

0b9d13 No.723609

>>722737 (last bread)

Unofficial comm from teamQ?

30e9bc No.723610


I'm surprised that this shocks anybody. FB, Google, and Twatter have not been hiding the fact that they are helping the Dems while censoring conservatives. They've gotten more and more aggressive about it in recent weeks.

Susan Sucksomecocksie, @Jack, Fuckerberg…all of them are commie pieces of shit who did their BEST to help Hillary Clinton win the election.

Seriously, who didn't know this?

dc1275 No.723611

POTUS: Federal lawsuits against pharmaceutical companies with bad marketing practices supporting the opioid epidemic.

8829b9 No.723612


Omg. You are thick. Ssshhh. Talk to your Trump lovers and you can all stroke each other's cock over his picture. I don't have patience for stupid.

b7c09d No.723613

Trump's power level at an ATH right now, lads.

Let's gooooo!

8e644f No.723614



It wasn't smart enough to recognize the difference between TV Stars and Trump. It's interesting to learn if the reason is due to stupidity, ignorance, willful dishonesty or a combination thereof.

2eb720 No.723615


Booms dont have ?? they have !! No questions, just Boom!

f253b9 No.723616

report ..Gramp's house fox news live stream CUT mid sentance. This is the second speech 45 was doing they got cut off.

a81d67 No.723617


POTUS announced new website:

https:// www.crisisnextdoor.gov/

4e8470 No.723618


No, I think Q is. Is what he's saying.

bdd6b6 No.723619


That's right.

6fbd1e No.723620

0c82c0 No.723621

"soon the democrats will agree with us and we will build the wall to keep the damn drugs out"

And FYI anons, he's not talking about weed (so many people are saying he wants the death penalty for weed dealers which is FAKE NEWS)

1bd3ff No.723622


Tracked down and visited, yes 100%. They may not get arrested but they will certainly be questioned and watched closely.

Counterintelligence is real. This is not a game.

2e3ad8 No.723623

AHAHAHA @Sessions looking like the keebler elf in Manchester. I love these people! They are ready to drop some shit!

2eb720 No.723624


Yeah real shocking bombshell.

afccec No.723625

Does POTUS really think the drugs come from Mexico and not our own doctors and kike pharma companies?

df6ad5 No.723626


They aren't memes asshat. Just images showing the over use of BOOM in these fucking breads.

b97f78 No.723627


Go to fox biz it’s on

fb89cd No.723628


yeah.. just as trump mentions arresting a physician for opiod trafficking

8829b9 No.723629


Ummm. He was a reality T.V star. I am surrounded by stupid. Amazing. Is this why America is such a shit hole?

17e0d0 No.723630

File: dc51198b7a40328⋯.png (264.13 KB, 605x539, 55:49, aahnotymfodat.png)


Not interested in conversing

down on your IQ level.

Try someone else.

2a9162 No.723631


Good speech by Trump tho…

4e8470 No.723632


Exactly. Bridges crush people, schools get shot up, but for crying out fucking loud ENJOY THE SHOW, THIS IS NOT A GAME, WANT TO PLAY A GAME? Smh.

0b3b16 No.723633

File: 9f10540bcd908fe⋯.png (614.54 KB, 682x694, 341:347, Field McConnell.png)


70cfbb No.723634


You have a very active imagination.

8829b9 No.723635


Perfect! Filter me to please! TY!

3b6671 No.723636


he's trying to alinskiFag

failing miserably

dc1275 No.723637


I wonder what the discover phase in a potential pharmaceutical lawsuit would turn up

4e8470 No.723638


It was just always my impression and what I have read, that both sides were corrupt and in bed with each other, having the same owners at the top.

2eb720 No.723639


No, that was later. This one was hardly reported because the cops shut it down. I was there.

047712 No.723640

File: 7fe7c560b0c3c81⋯.jpeg (90.6 KB, 733x1071, 733:1071, 49BD0501-1C41-46B3-9BD1-3….jpeg)

318008 No.723641

YT just took out the Fox live streams while Trump was talking

fd60b5 No.723642


Oh please be right. (Not for me; seeing these fuqin addiqs on streets… yeah I give em a little of my legal stash

> yeah I know that's illegal

and tell em to get the FUQ OFF and read a damned book. Try to get to em before harry reid krishas do but you know end ain't good. They gottta go on some shit called suboxone (?) anyone know if suboxone is legit or nah? IDK it's pricey so I'm assuming nah. Just something else to get addicted to probably. They need barbies and hospital bad.

c3aeca No.723643


Baker, might want to add these to the notable posts in the batter. Please consider.





afccec No.723644


It is when you're untouchable and can manipulate and control everyone as you please!

3b6671 No.723645



c5202b No.723646


Thats a minimum of $2 billion per year for those 8,000 people to put it into perspective. That may help normies wake up a little more.

2eb720 No.723647


You have to remember that all their leaders are locked up and the money is cut off at this point. Nobody follows a locked up loser.

4e8470 No.723648


It's next to the OIG report that's gonna do everything the Memo was claimed it would do but didn't.

663133 No.723649


I don't want to see a lawsuit, I want to see prosecution.

bdd6b6 No.723650


Do you think as you grow up that you will be the same person you are right now?

You are so blind… go back to the whole you climbed out of. This childish shit isn't working.

8829b9 No.723651


Me or you? Who are you trying to convince?

c52d7a No.723652


Drugtrafficking from mexico is big money for CIA. Shut it off and cripple CIA even more

aa3eed No.723653

http:// www.dinarchronicles.com/intel.html

Underground Bunkers

30e9bc No.723654

POTUS now hiring new attorney? Hmmmmm.

2eb720 No.723655


Leftists are ignorant sheep. No shepherd around, you just shear or slaughter them.

05d904 No.723656

File: 6ef9810e5c942bf⋯.png (372.56 KB, 600x315, 40:21, ClipboardImage.png)

Andrew McCabe Was Under Investigation Before Donald Trump Became President

http:// www.thegatewaypundit.com/2018/03/andrew-mccabe-investigation-donald-trump-became-president-video/

2df642 No.723657



8829b9 No.723658


You responded and reacted.

What were you saying?

1bd3ff No.723659


I am caucasian but I do speak Spanish reasonably well. I like to go into businesses with Hispanic employees and speak Spanish to them. They sometimes try to use English to me, maybe because the boss says to, but I stick with Spanish.

It's my way of showing that language has nothing to do with race.

And race is fake and gay anyway.

4e8470 No.723660


Scary seeing how easy it is to manipulate.

f253b9 No.723661


All streams down. Clear attack on Potus by YT

7c3dac No.723662


That is called Desperate.

663133 No.723663


So Clinton and Obama are not leaders? Don't speculate on things you can not know for sure.

9624aa No.723664

anyone got a Fox News Live stream?

318008 No.723665


Found one up

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=aMmrSD_fsyM

70cfbb No.723666

318008 No.723667


https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=aMmrSD_fsyM

3b6671 No.723668


these idiot socialist shills really are entertainment at it's finest

7c3dac No.723669


Cool site.

2eb720 No.723670


Find me one NY politician that Trump wasnt cozy with from 1975-2015. I'll wait here.

Do you even know what "building" means in America?

0b3b16 No.723671

File: a99c2f8e3569aaf⋯.png (16.15 KB, 364x366, 182:183, ClipboardImage.png)

Senior Executive Service members…

8e8102 No.723672

Remember when Mark Zuckerberg was taking a tour of America and talking about making a run for President?

I don't think that is going to work out so well now.

Was Hilary going to be a 1 Term president and step down for medical reasons? Was MZ supposed to be our 2020 POTUS?

Well, looks like MZ will get his chance to address the american people trying to defend his practices while getting publicly humiliated by a Grassley spanking.

4e8470 No.723673

Does anyone think one of the BOOMS could be for a returning NFL player, Boomer Esiason?

c3aeca No.723674


If Soros is taken out I agree about antifag. Arrest the magic muslim though and the real racial outrage begins.

2a9162 No.723675


Let's hope so.

537be6 No.723676






https:// ellacruz.org/2018/03/07/cuaght-hold-your-breath/

14d1cf No.723677

latest hit piece:

http:// amp.dailydot.com/layer8/qanon-the-storm/

0c82c0 No.723678


They usually don't show up when you search for it. What I do is apply the "live feature filter" when searching, usually works

f253b9 No.723679


TY Anon amazing .

0ebf49 No.723680

File: 6aba002ea2eaa89⋯.jpg (140.84 KB, 800x563, 800:563, image.jpg)


Not necessarily.. you have to understand the social culture. They invited him and hung out with him because they felt he had something to offer them.. (money).. same with Jessie Jackson, Sharpton etc.. going to a wedding or party doesn't mean you share the same views and are friends.. Trump also helped fund Romney's campaign.. your last meme was a golf charity classic held at Trump's course.. why wouldn't he show up for it? you conveniently cut off Joe Torre and Billy Crystal who were also there to raise money for Torre's Safe at Home foundation. Socializing doesn't mean they're good friends.. if that was the case you would be my friend which is bs.

318008 No.723681

Not only did they take down Fox live streams but we are getting some angry shills here. Have you noticed?

b97f78 No.723682

Turn on fox business it’s on !

70cfbb No.723683



b7c09d No.723684

A lot of these YouTube channels are "signing out" from the stream?

Seems like they got word from above aka Deep State to cut and run or claim "technical difficulties"

Yeah we need an EBS more than ever. This is bullcrap.

2eb720 No.723685


Wars are fought because of Central banks, and companies like Halliburton and Raytheon. Get a clue. Only civil wars are political.

0b3b16 No.723686

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

President Trump Delivers Remarks on Combatting the Opioid Crisis

1bd3ff No.723687


If the SES positions are appointed by the President then that provision may not be legally valid.

In any case, if Repubs get a few more seats, the law can be changed, or the Congress/Senate could simply fire them all.

f253b9 No.723688


Panic Mode.

b97f78 No.723689


Ignoring ugly shills ..it’s a beautiful day

aa3eed No.723690

http:// m.beforeitsnews.com/contributor/pages/243/590/stories.html

318008 No.723691


HAHAHA I think so

30e9bc No.723692


My point is that this is America. American citizens should not be treated like less than in their own country. That's become common everywhere now. THEY should be conforming to our culture when they come here not the other way around. Years ago you had to prove that you could understand and speak English to become a US citizen. Hussein did away with that. That's why we are now becoming a multi-culti shithole like Europe.

b7c09d No.723693

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=d2EmVzK4Zr0

LIVE STREAM that's still up.

7c3dac No.723694


You don't understand the Point.

9624aa No.723695

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

1f1228 No.723696


Ironic thing is that what they'd be doing is bringing the drugs in and then handing them to ms-13 they brought in for distribution. So they are in fact supplying the country with "mexican" drugs and "mexican" drug dealers.

e20293 No.723697

>>723154 >XI

>>722936 (last bread)

Great catch, anon.

0b3b16 No.723698


100% Unconstitutional

2eb720 No.723699

0b9d13 No.723700



b16163 No.723701


phantom blackberry ceo arrested is a big one u fucking faggot - if only u knew how to draw fucking connections

saudis kkikes all locked and turned upside down

u have to cut the strings first before u get the fucking puppets u fucking bozo

663133 No.723702




8829b9 No.723703


Why are you still talking to me? Trump is a globalist like the rest. Period.

You will never believe until it slaps you in the face.

I will continue to think you want to believe so desperately you lost all common sense.

Just remember this conversation.

Good chat. Fuck off.

b7c09d No.723704


Let's get ready for any signs we get from GEOTUS or Q after this stream. We've got work to do. Man, I hate these damn shills.

b97f78 No.723705


High five !! 🇺🇸

b3c83b No.723706


They are getting desperate.

aa3eed No.723707


http:// m.beforeitsnews.com/contributor/pages/243/590/stories.html

f11f5c No.723708

File: 84bb292f5d66f0a⋯.jpg (100.01 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, BOOM BOOM BOOM.jpg)

b086be No.723709


Good jesters for comic relief, I'll admit. Some com here to be entertained, which is why they flock to it. They all get filtered when i bore of them, I prefer to keep the evidence of their fuckery in my archive though.

9624aa No.723710

File: b35c86673c4bec4⋯.png (517.64 KB, 1321x585, 1321:585, screenshot_1229.png)

66da6c No.723711


True Good and True Evil represented in these siblings.

2eb720 No.723712


Typical. Judges are a yuge national problem. Little secret crooks.

8e8102 No.723713


The trump campaign website is building out its own streaming feed if things get cut, check there. Also get an antenna that can pickup digital over the air signals. I have 5 of them to give out incase the internet goes down.

c52d7a No.723714



0c82c0 No.723715


Globalists HATE Trump

Rewatch this anon:

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=G2qIXXafxCQ

Listen carefully.





b16163 No.723716





7c3dac No.723717


Good site.

b7c09d No.723718


Life saving drugs? Hmmm like the ones that Deep State have to save themselves to live for years longer? Good stuff. Get those med-beds online immediately!


232e35 No.723719


no way hamburger patties with onion, cheese, mustard on lettuce instead of a bun

a55455 No.723720


run for the hills - the gov is comin.. hahaha

2eb720 No.723721


Trust the Plan, you Parkland parents!

8829b9 No.723722

File: 8d201ab7ff7317a⋯.jpg (95.46 KB, 900x506, 450:253, 5a99715adda4c8ca5f8b4567.jpg)


FEEL the hate.

Do you feel it?


e78490 No.723723


well done!

c66236 No.723724


Ted Cruz used Cambridge Analytica and lost. Obama & HRC also used hundreds of data scientists.

Media is using it because the know their followers are clueless and see it as an easy bait story.

b7c09d No.723725


Fam! HOW THE HELL DO I DO THAT? I'd like to have access to digital over air. Help a lad out. Thank you!

0b3b16 No.723726

File: f820c6c29de635d⋯.png (478.89 KB, 500x722, 250:361, Top 10 University Endowmen….png)


>$2 billion per year for those 8,000 people

Peanuts compared to wth tax payers are forced to give to Universities to indoctrinate teenagers!

$140,000,000,000 a YEAR just to the top 10!!!

2eb720 No.723727


How do you impersonate a letter?

3b6671 No.723728




28793b No.723729

File: 0f0263d1fa5ea15⋯.png (25.03 KB, 1195x359, 1195:359, ClipboardImage.png)


https:// www.fbi.gov/news/pressrel/press-releases/fbi-announces-results-of-operation-cross-country-xi

f85ecf No.723730

Well, now that we know that the terrible dictator, Trump tried to use Facebook, we see the need for an Internet Bill of Rights!

Meme liberals an IBOR to stop Trump!

64bd40 No.723731


Priming the mushy minds of the masses to ignore facts and stay dedicated to the narrative… Whatever they decide to change it to.

“A Foolish Faith In Authority Is The Worst Enemy Of The Truth”

~ Einstein

7c3dac No.723732


Just a Reminder. The Dark Web and Tor are source for the Drugs, Human Traffic, etc. (And Bitcoin)

0b3b16 No.723733



https:// petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/remove-unconstitutional-9000-senior-executive-services-ses-members-httpsyoutubeiffnt9jag2g …

6fbd1e No.723734

Look at Sessions beaming at Trump during this speech. Anyone who thinks they arent tight as can be is clearly an idiot or a shill (same thing)

4e8470 No.723735


Anyone in Floridia aka the sunshine state at this point.

8e644f No.723736


It's your "way of showing that language has nothing to do with race," or your way of showing you look down on them and don't think they are up to the level of speaking English?

1c9ba8 No.723737


> www.youtube.com/watch?v=aMmrSD_fsyM

TOR = DARPA = Huge fucking honeypot

4872b0 No.723738

“There is no allegation in this indictment that any American was a knowing participant in this illegal activity,” Rosenstein said. “There is no allegation in the indictment that the charged conduct altered the outcome of the 2016 election.”

Future proves past:

In an effort to preserve the integrity of all U.S. elections, as ordered by the President of the United States, after an extensive investigation in select counties (the ‘sampling’), the DHS has concluded that while Russian entities (as outlined within SC Mueller’s investigation were complicit in attempting to undermine the presidential election of 2016) had no direct impact or bearing on the outcome of the presidential election, nor were any U.S. person(s) knowingly part of such an attempt to sabotage as it relates to the Russian investigation, U.S. and other foreign entities (as further described within DHS[XXXX]), acting outside of Russian agents, did attempt on numerous occasions, and were successful, in interfering w/ the presidential election of 2016, senate elections of [x, y, z], [x] elections, whereby several million of illegal, non-resident ballots (the “irregularities”) were counted, while legal ballots were improperly tabulated and/or intentionally mishandled. We believe these actions were a coordinated attack against the democracy of our country.

The DHS will be submitting a final report to the WH/DOJ/other state and local agencies outlining our findings as early as March [ ], 2018. While this report only encompasses a sampling of twenty-two (22) counties across the U.S., it is strongly suggested, based on the evidence provided, that a mandated countrywide investigation begin under the recommended US50-EIC guidelines as set forth in Section VII of the final report. Furthermore, based on our immediate findings, we recommend the adoption of 8(E)(F)(G)(H) be made immediately to combat sources & methods currently being deployed to …………………………..

The remainder of this page is intentionally left blank.

7d7999 No.723739

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

4f141b No.723740

Trump hire's Joe DiGenova to his legal team, who pushed 'conspiracy theory' DOJ framed Trump

https:// www.cnn.com/2018/03/19/politics/trump-new-lawyer-digenova/index.html

64bd40 No.723741

File: 26656d6aab2d78f⋯.jpg (57.63 KB, 565x640, 113:128, 1.jpg)

0f8d6b No.723742


Saw him do that to McCabe at a speech as well…so what.

4872b0 No.723743


Will this be one of the booms?

2eb720 No.723744


You lock them up as a perquisite to the supposed riots by the Auntie Fags et al. That happens first.

663133 No.723746


Does it seem the least bit interesting that postal workers no longer go 'postal' and shoot up post offices.

Now, mental patients shoot up schools.

It seems the deep state has changed their targets. Remember that about the time 'postal' stopped hitting the headlines, 1st lady HRC and the dems were all spreading the 'think of the children' agenda. It seems the deep state listened.

df6ad5 No.723747

BOOMfags everywhere….

30e9bc No.723749

Interesting article from ZeroHedge:

"74% Of Americans Believe The "Deep State" Is Running The Country"

People know that the USA is not really being run by the grossly corrupt losers in Congress but by the wealthy Jews who have always controlled everything. These fuckers are the dark overloads of the Deep State. Its always been them. Look to the left, to the right, behind, above, and ahead…its ALWAYS them!

https:// www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-03-19/74-americans-believe-deep-state-running-country

7c3dac No.723750


Yep. a Swamp of Swamps.

8e644f No.723751


Would like to actually see more panic. That would be a nice little reward.

638d39 No.723752


Heard Rush do a story on the radio this AM. Obama was praised by MSM far and wide for his "brilliant data mining". But if it's Trump, it's evil.

2eb720 No.723753


How many white guys do you think will defend that no-good piece of shit foreign nigger?

0b3b16 No.723754


I think so too! :)

b16163 No.723755





1f1228 No.723756


A BOOM is a BOOM. Not a really good Ronald Reagan impersonation or whatever. I trust Q to deliver real BOOMs..

8829b9 No.723757

File: 6a09bc9f2b0932e⋯.jpg (319.97 KB, 722x1024, 361:512, 464282110.jpg)


Is that your counter? Fucking hell anon.

afccec No.723758

Kike pharma guy is going to reform drug laws and pricing?

Now I know we're fucked!

8e8102 No.723759

The Opiate issue is so huge for Trump's reach. Republican or Democrat, so many people have had their lives affected by this. I would guess 80% of America loves someone who was hurt by Opiate addiction. Families keep these things secret, but they all know. Its happened in my family, but we do not talk about it outside of whispers. No one wants to shame their loved ones memory.

Donald Trump is owning this issue and even if it doesn't poll big numbers, voters will not forget that he is doing something to fight a problem that killed a brother, child, parent, cousin, spouse, or neighbor.

The opioid crisis matters to 100 times as many people as there are willing to discuss it.

dd3524 No.723760


Have you seen the video of the FBI covering up the bullet holes in the parking area? Since when does the FBI perform repairs on asphalt? Answer: Since they began covering up crimes.

The bullet holes in the parking lot probably provide proof that there was more than one shooter firing from more than one location…..

This video is part one of four.


Nov 5 2017 01:55:46 (EDT) Anonymous ID: cS8cMPVQ 148031295

Seth Rich only mentioned because it directly relates to SA.

Las Vegas.

What hotel did the 'reported' gunfire occur from?

What floors specifically?

Who owns the top floors?

Top floors only.

Why is that relevant?

What was the shooter's name?

What was his net worth?

How do you identify a spook?

What can historical data collection reveal?

Was there any eye witnesses?


Was he registered as a security guard?

Why is MS13 important?

What doesn't add up?

Was there only one shooter?

Why was JFK released?

What do the JFK files infer?

Was there only one shooter?

Who was in LV during this time?

What was the real mission?


Why are survivors dying randomly?

What do each of these survivors have in common?

Did they talk on social media?

What did they say?

Were they going to form a group?

Why is this relevant?

How did they die?

What CIA report was released by WK?

What can control a car?

How did the (2) of the survivors die?

Car crash?

How does this connect to SA?

What just happened in SA?

Who owns the top floors of the hotel?

What happened today in SA?

To who specifically?

Was POTUS in LV that night?


Why was he there?

Who did he have a classified meeting with?

Did AF1 land at McCarran?

What unmarked tail numbers flew into McCarren that night?

Trace AF1 that entire day.

What do you notice?



e78490 No.723761


Why are they allowed to resign and not thrown in prison?

3b6671 No.723762


I love how these socialistFags react once they get called out and can't hidefag and attempt to steer the "Narrative" they all get triggered, overly emotional and fall back on their failed bolshevik propaganda echo chamber speeches….. just like clockwork….tick, tock

8829b9 No.723763


Must imply they are legit good people huh?>>723757

2eb720 No.723764


I used to live in the same neighborhood as Trump and I personally witnessed what he did all around us. All before you were born, nigger libtard glowfag loser.

e01b00 No.723765

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

About MegaAnon In relation to Q and future proves past.

0c82c0 No.723766

File: af6890dc54b00c2⋯.jpg (56.11 KB, 616x492, 154:123, 269ow2.jpg)

b16163 No.723767


thats called money laundering via colleges

harvard and the other colleges have board members along with financial firms to launder their proceeds

8829b9 No.723768


YOUR narrative. I don't FOLLOW YOUR NARRATIVE. I am not a idiot lol


c52d7a No.723769


This is not about religion. Its bigger then that.

8722c0 No.723770

Right to try…

they need to release all the fucking cures now

663133 No.723771


you're still speculating about things you do not know. Such speculations raises expectations only to be smashed once something happens that contradicts what you say.

For instance, much speculation about HRC and her boot/tracking anklet. Now we see her in India, sans boot and it caused a lot of heartache on this board.

7e50e1 No.723772

SES snakes.

https:// www. techwyse.com/blog/infographics/facebook-acquisitions-the-complete-list-infographic/

2eb720 No.723774


Btw, You didnt name one. Why dont you go suck QueerBarry's dick now and after that, Moochelle's.

7d7999 No.723775

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Fucking hell

Listen to an American patriot

aa3eed No.723776

http:// murderbydecree.com/

Sick sick sick

c06f45 No.723777

wanna collateral damage a cult

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sleights_of_Mind

8e644f No.723778


https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=eIA1lQBqH1s

Maxine Waters…

6fbd1e No.723779

File: 912cd843247c696⋯.jpeg (87.04 KB, 1080x620, 54:31, 1517357191.jpeg)

c66236 No.723780

Yes, and honestly I think that the sheep are to slow to figure it out. They will just rely on outlets like WaPo and CNN to tell them what's going on instead of reading up a little on data science/companies and how the work.

e2fad0 No.723781



7c3dac No.723782


And lack the BRAIN Project.

aa3eed No.723783


http:// murderbydecree.com/

2eb720 No.723784


They eat lunch together 2-3 x a week.

0d7f4e No.723785


What do you mean when you say "8chan SHILLS pretend to be FRUSTRATED and ANGRY by My other FRIEND Q"?

You say Q is your 'other' friend. Other than who? To what other friend are you referring?

What does RussiaKitty have to do with your relationship to GOD?

8e644f No.723786


Where do you get your "80%" guess? On what do you base that claim?

8829b9 No.723787


Oh I love my cousins aunty's boyfriends sisters mothers cousin was there. They saw!

Get lot geezer

28793b No.723788


is my comment you referenced accurate?

That's what i'm looking for.

c66236 No.723789

8bb92c No.723790

I am wondering, does 19 refer to the 19 offices, council's etc of the executive office of the president

0f8d6b No.723791


4chan BO?

He's still pissed Q moved us all.

c06f45 No.723792

File: 091a039766ec1cc⋯.jpg (186.63 KB, 2000x3012, 500:753, tardcalm.jpg)

herpa herpa herpa

d3rpa d3rpa d3rps


0b3b16 No.723793


POTUS" "We have to get really tough. I don't want to leave in SEVEN years and still have this problem." :)

2eb720 No.723794



8829b9 No.723795


No. I don't listen to anybody promoting shit. I listen to myself, follow my own judgement and not that of others. Thanks.

f27594 No.723796

File: 8f69adc932ddf5b⋯.png (89.03 KB, 797x775, 797:775, ObamaFacebook.png)

File: 2b8dc89b669d81a⋯.png (218.28 KB, 642x703, 642:703, ObamaFacebook2.png)


Nothing new under the sun.

9e2a9c No.723797


Nice find related to those POTUS tweets with XI!

c3aeca No.723798


Oh, there will be lots of wanna be's grouped in with the minorities lashing out. Think Baltimore on steroids. Not saying they would stand any chance of winning, but the media has them on the edge at the moment and it would not take much of a match to set the blaze going. The cities would face devastation as they are liberal gathering points due to housing and planning. Many innocents killed if this happens.

0b9d13 No.723799


Doesn't look much like Pope Francis

7f81d9 No.723800


That's what Right to Try does. It circumvents the FDA approvals and gives access to the cures that are in the pipeline but the Rothschilds have kept from coming to market.

It's incredibly important.

8e644f No.723801


SES is more than what is being suggested. That is, at each military base they have the CO AND a civilian counter-part who is part of SES.

3908b4 No.723802


BTW Anons!! (posted previously, not sure if seen)

It hit me last night that J. Christopher Stevens (Amb to Libya that was killed 2012)

Prior to his appointment as ambassador he was


http:// www.allgov.com/news/appointments-and-resignations/ambassador-to-libya-who-is-chris-stevens?news=844191

Uranium One was approved 2010.

So, my thought is, Libya was not only a route for ARMS running, it was a route for URANIUM running possibly??? thoughts

https:// theconservativetreehouse.com/2017/11/03/uranium-one-previously-undiscovered-foia-documents-could-be-game-changer-in-investigation/

155e77 No.723803


I have been watching this narrative closely, since the beginning.

one of Q's first questions,

who asked him to run?

podesta leaks confirmed DNC HRC camp chose DJT as a straw man.

While It would be the greatest lie of all time.

it will remain a possibility for me until the true arrest are made. thus I sit on the side line.

b16163 No.723804
















2eb720 No.723805


Pills and powders are bad, um-kay?

64bd40 No.723806



e20293 No.723807

File: b101efa40797e0c⋯.png (23.78 KB, 166x384, 83:192, 888anon895.png)

File: 694921c5731f52e⋯.png (796.49 KB, 2000x3000, 2:3, GUCCI-wetiko.png)






28f59e No.723808

YouTube busy blocking POTUS' stream talking about drugs. He's calling for the death penalty for large dealers.

8829b9 No.723809


Observing. Best place to be.

8e8102 No.723810


As I described it, "I would guess". Clearly not trying to express a statistic.

30e9bc No.723811


This will not gain any traction because it doesn't cause as much hysteria as the other story. People see what they want to see.

b7c09d No.723812


How do people not know that all tech companies mine data?

Even ISP companies. I guess the masses need this to happen to wake up. If they don't get it, fuck it. Those awake don't need this kikery crap.

#IBOR since Snowden is being a little bitch and pretending the hashtag and links don't exist.

e133a8 No.723813

File: e80ea06f8624770⋯.jpg (96.96 KB, 551x550, 551:550, Red Arrow.jpg)

Euro Planefag Sitrep report - 19th March.

08.00GMT - 2-LIVE left Guernsey headed N. Flow up the UK through Snowdonia at angels 15 and eventually landed at Hawarden (Airbus wing factory) at 09.00GMT approx. F-RAFQ left Paris, crossing the Swiss border at angels 4 and landed at Basel. USAF Duke39 left Wiesbaden headed E.

09.00GMT - GAF634 (54+10) over Le mans at angels 18 before vanishing off ADS-B. USAF HKY65 (C-130) left Wiesbaden, crossing the Austrian border at angels 27 headed SSE.Saudi AF HZ101 headed up the Adriatic, through Italy and Swotzerland before heading for paris at angels 36.Austrian AF ASFMED1 (8T-CA) flew through croatia into Bosnia (Derventa) at angels 20 headed SE. Dutch AF NAF61 over North dsanish coast at angels 12headed N towards Oslo. Oman AF MJN515 S of Moscow headed E at angels 35.

09.30GMT - F-RAFP over the W coast of Ireland headed NW - no altitude showing. USAF Duke67 over the Greek coast near patras at angels 38 headed SSE.

10.00GMT - Magma30 in Italy at angels 37 over Saragiolo headed S towards Catania. Duke97 leaving the Greek coast heade Se at angels 21, N of Crete. Oman MJN515 near Rostov on Don headed SSE towards Georgia /Azerbaijan. French Air Farce F-RARF (CTM1275) left Paris currently over the Cornish coast at angels 38 headed NW.

11.30GMT - 2-JSEG over the North Sea between Uk / Norway at angels 41 headed NE. Magma30 at Catania AB. Israeli AF GLF5 tail No. 670 over Southern Greece at angels 14 headed W. Italian I-NEMO (CPI192) left Rome headed SE at angels 9 over Campaleone. Turned W.

12.00GMT - 2-GOLF flew from Newcastle to jersey, arrived 12.15GMT. FAF CTM1034 off the Italian coast (Rome) at angels 33 headed SE. USAF C-40 Clipper CNV6346 leaving the Aegean at angels 37 heade SE, just off the coast of Bodrum. USAF Globemaster RCH114 off the coast of Tangiers at angels 24 headed W. Duke08 left Wiesbaden at angels 7 over Mannheim headed S. Gold42 and Gold41 (KC-10s) and aircraft Mazda82 (no flag or ident) were over Perth, Scotland at angels 25/27 headed W. RCH845 (another C-130 - USMC) was spotted over Japan headed E from Nagoya at angels 41. FAF F-RAFP at angels 12 over Orleans headed SE.

12.40GMT - Duke08 landed at stuttgart. USMC BRNCO71 leaving Chania, heading W at angels 20. C-130 HKY868 off Patras coast at angels 29 headed SSE. F-RARF now SE of Greenland at angels 40. RCH114 left Tallinn, Estonia headed towards S#weden / Norway at angels 34 headed NW.

13.00GMT Magma13 leaving Lebanese airspace at angels 14 heading W. HKY868 approaching Lindos heading E at angels 29. F-RADB (CTM1034) S of Chania at angels 35 headed SE towards Alexandria. HKY869 now off the coast of Patras at angels 27 headed SE.

14.00GMT - RAf ALBRT02 left Jordan at angels 22 headed NW. HKY869 approaching Adamantas at angels 27 headed ESE. Duke21 flew from Wiesbaden to Stuttgart. 2-MSTG over Germany (Kaiserslauten) vectored from Kempten headed NW at angels 26 (unable to determine take off point).Norwegian AF C-130 headed NE over Freiburg at angels 27.

14.30 Duke21 landing at Stuttgart. Magma13 was headed towards Cyprus (Larnaca) at angels 7 when it turned around and headed SE, climbing away towards Israel/Jordan.

15.00GMT - Magma13 at angels 25, 300km from Israeli coast.

15.10GMT - Magma13 flew over Israel at angels 11 before turning towards Amman, Jordan.

15.20GMT - Magma13 landed at Amman, Jordan. UAE flight UAF1301 flew from Singapore towards USE at angels 38. Duke20 leaving Turkish airspace headed for Greece at angels 22. Duke97 headed NW from Chania at angels 26.

16.00GMT - BRNCO71 left Catania at angels 24 headed NNE. Duke87 over Pyrgos at angels 30 headed NW. CNV6436 (C-40) over Chania at angels 38 headed W.

16.30GMT Magma13 leaving Jordan headed E at angels 23. RAF C-130 RRR5706 in Jordan heade SSW at angels 10. RAF Voyager ZZ343 (RRR9922) entering Jordan at angels 23 headed E.

2df642 No.723814

Melania speech on opioids today into DJT intro was superb.

Does she read cue cards?

0f8d6b No.723815


My son-in-law will love that.

He's been tracking a drug being used in canada to help treat MS.

The FDA will not approve it here for another 10 years or so.

b16163 No.723816





e3e07b No.723817


Govt info on Senior Executive Service –

Overview and history:

https:// www.opm.gov/policy-data-oversight/senior-executive-service/overview-history/#url=History

Adverse Actions (suspension and removal):

https:// www.opm.gov/policy-data-oversight/senior-executive-service/adverse-actions/#url=Suspension-and-Removal

d6f0fe No.723818





c06f45 No.723819

File: 8d62ec334eda822⋯.jpg (166.61 KB, 800x1128, 100:141, cRQHabm.jpg)

46b18a No.723820

File: f89b84d1bfa824d⋯.png (17.6 KB, 628x169, 628:169, 2 Death Penalty.PNG)

File: bf37c2a7dbb16f5⋯.png (301.34 KB, 636x468, 53:39, Death Penalty.PNG)

c6713c No.723821

>>721698 (previous bread)

Obama doesn't want anyone to know what a terrible and boring speaker he is (without teleprompters) & won't get his asking price.

e78490 No.723822


Wow, what a waste!

2eb720 No.723823


Still waiting for you to name that one NY politician Trump doesnt know. I heard he also fucked your mother but dumped her fast because her pussy smells like cabbage, farts and urine.

2cc952 No.723824


And if FOI knows it, Trump team knows it (and has the proof)

3908b4 No.723825




85cd0e No.723826


Ty Anon

aa3eed No.723827

https:// aim4truth.org/2018/03/18/truth-news-headlines-evening-march-18-2018/

8e644f No.723828


You had to have used something for your basis, or did you just pick a number out of thin air and use it as your claim?

28f59e No.723829



2eb720 No.723830



It is a demoncrat govt indenture scam.

b16163 No.723831


lel at u thinking presidents go to foreign nations to ONLY get paid for speaking

wht else is obongooo doing/

f11f5c No.723832

File: 0323e44c8a20fbb⋯.jpg (83.66 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, ResistSocialMedia.jpg)

File: 833a37af44875b9⋯.jpg (155.17 KB, 1650x825, 2:1, NoName.jpg)

562c14 No.723833


Or they set him up in Libya because he knew too much about Uranium 1. This is how these people operate. Dirt is the most valuable commodity. It doesn't matter that Stevens had no intention of blowing the whistle. They will take him out just because he could, because he had the dirt on them.

7f81d9 No.723834


I'm betting it's legislation in three months. Ryan (wi) used to fight this tooth and nail as his wife's family is Rothschild and he was on the payroll. He's reportedly been cut loose, but it might be too late for him personally.

However, Ron Johnson (Senator, WI) put forward Right to Try with Trump's blessing.

Wisconsin is a strange center of the universe, but it is, nonetheless.

d6f0fe No.723835

==anybody watching oann right now





28f59e No.723836


How about, make tuition reasonable again?

30e9bc No.723837


This will sound bad, but its because most people actually ARE stupid. They have the attention span of a 4 year old, and believe everything they see on the 'news'. All that they care about is what's on their cell phone screens. Everything else is out of mind.

Besides, who ever actually takes the time to read the TOS of Faceberg and Gaggle? I'd bet that no one does. If people actually read these things then they would know that none of it is 'free'. The price paid for using these platforms is that you give them permission to spy on your every move and to sell your information to marketing companies. Thats how Fuckerberg makes his billions.

2eb720 No.723838


I live right in the middle of it. I'm not scared. That's what machine guns are for.

0f8d6b No.723839


Trying to drum up support for his UN secretary general run.

f15726 No.723840


The White house stream lasted throughput, it just ended

f5aada No.723841


Just an allegation. Not charged yet. Gathering evidence, etc I assume.

87cdbd No.723842

File: 442ef8cbe3e09b5⋯.png (583.73 KB, 1080x1153, 1080:1153, Screenshot_20180319-141353….png)

Workfag. Might be late on this.

>Flamethrower Flynn

>Bombs away

cb895c No.723843


also recording their encounters for their own benefit because their getting recorded by patriots at the same time. or maybe huma was told to hold it to show whitehats/blackhats she's monitored.

f8477a No.723844


Kek, I miss sleepy shill.

8e644f No.723845


Removing the student loan program and getting government out of it would accomplish that.

d6f0fe No.723846

listing the fucking October 29th attendees right now on oann



they are at the bagley home on film

2fd333 No.723847


Shill and Clown Job Requirements:

-you suck off other dudes

-you were raped by your rabbi

-you have to pay for sex

-you traded money for eternal damnation in hell

-you’re losing, BIGLY

2eb720 No.723848


Would also clear out some libtardland, then more Americans can move it.

8829b9 No.723849


I forgot about you. It was easy lol. But your keep chasing my tail. Whatcha want? Me to prove to yiu trump is a globalist ass hat. Dude. Just watch. He will show you himself.

He already has. You are just blinded. Good luck with another warmonger. He just might bring to your soil. No crying like a little bitch when he does. You wanted it.

f27594 No.723850


And with facial recognition data…..the chip is coming, the chip is coming….who is prepared to say no to the chip?

b16163 No.723851


withdrawiing money from bank is correct answer

00331c No.723852


ty anon

dd3524 No.723854



Based on the True Pundit article below it looks as though you are correct. Check it out….


0b3b16 No.723855

e20293 No.723856


> #895: Dead Cat Bounce Edition

For twatteranons, consider following @DowdEdward for inside scoops on dead cat bounces & other things finance.

Ex-Blackrock. Knows The Score. Way more than Tyler Durden.

aa3eed No.723857


Some of us were not born into the computer age. Some of us were here decades before the first ones came out.

Lucky you to be so smart.

0f8d6b No.723858


We'll see…eventually! Kek!

f27594 No.723859


Sure…convince professors and administrators to take lower salaries…then you'll see tuition go down.

2eb720 No.723860


Libya was a point for Syrian arms running. Stevens and crew got off plan. Stevens was killed.

8e8102 No.723861


In my anecdotal case, the 1 person who died(white, professional class), about 30 people who were closest knew exactly what happened and are wounded by it. We all tried at various times to intervene but the addiction was too powerful. No street drugs involved.

90dd23 No.723862


worth diggin^^^^^

318008 No.723863

UPDATED: I think I am done with this one

FBI (past/present)

#1 Robert S. Mueller lll

#1 James Comey

#2 Andrew McCabe

+29 (16)

>(16) already gone or indicted or singing

>29 more to go

DOJ (past/present)

#1 Eric Holder 82nd AG

#1 Loretta Lynch 83rd AG

#2 Rod Rosenstein 37th Deputy Attorney General


>18 more to go

STATE (past/present)

#1 Sec of State HRC

#1 Sec of State John Kerry


>41 more to go

Removal is the least of their problems.

>Death by Treason is not even enough for the lot of them.


>What ever they are guilty of they blame others for it instead. Case in point-Russian collusion


>U1 Russian collusion is in HRC lap not Trump's.

Twitter Bots>GOOG operated (not Russia)/Narrative & Political SLANT

>Google didn't like our push of memes so had Google employees work on knocking us out of Twitter and then blamed it on Russian bots.

>Shadow banning and banning anyone who talks against the Dems/left/Cabal . They don't want us to get the truth out.


>Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden made billion-dollar deal with a subsidiary of the Chinese government’s Bank of China just 10 days after they flew to China in 2013.

>A subsidiary Bank of China named Bohai Capital signed an exclusive deal with Chris Heinz (stepson of John Kerry) and Hunter Biden's private equity firm Rosemont Seneca Partners. It was to form a $1 billion joint-investment fund called Bohai Harvest RST. The deal was later increased to $1.5 billion.




>Pay to play more then anything.

>China buying up our national dept, land, factories and especially the entertainment industry. China owns most of the movie companies and have great sway on what is in Hollywood movies.


>He knows where the bodies are buried.

>Counter-terrorism expert



>Flynn knew to much and had to be silenced. Thank God they didn't suicide him.

Who knows where the bodies are buried?

>Pompeo does

>Flynn does


>Flynn will be cleared of all charges


>Trump can now get rid of the swamp creatures. They have shown their true colors.

>Bet Flynn comes back

Election theft.

>Trump has proof of several election thefts now.

>Dems tried to push Trump didn't get the popular vote.

>Then they tried the Russian interference to help Trump win the election.

Last hope.

>Taking over the voting was their last hope. Voter fraud. Busted.

>Impeaching Trump

Congressional focus.

>They tried to evoked the 23 amendment saying Trump was crazy.

>They tried to impeach Trump for this


>They will continue to focus on Impeachment. It's all they have.

>Getting tired of hearing “IMPEACH 45!”

They think you are STUPID.

They think you will follow the STARS.

>They didn't think we would wake either. Fooled them.

>13 constellations = 13 bloodlines.

They openly call you SHEEP/CATTLE.

>…and here it's Hollywood that yells out 'CATTLE CALL' for the actors to come in for their auditions.


>Everyone will know who are the satanist, pedos or sexual predators. By this time maybe the left will be woke enough to know how bad they were as actors/singers anyway.

>Our children watch child stars grow up and turn into satanist. It's how they are brainwashing our children. Example: Disney kids then and now. Cute to Satanist.



>Losing their money


>We are waking millions and the Cabal are not liking it.


b16163 No.723865


nobody is going to read diis shytttttt

2eb720 No.723866


Stevens was a faggy statist Klinton Soetero shill who got off plan and was arkancided.

98014d No.723867

The clowns musta doubled their shill force.

b2defa No.723868

File: 62a359832754bc3⋯.png (155.57 KB, 576x428, 144:107, ClipboardImage.png)

#internetbillofrights #ibor https:// petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/internet-bill-rights-2

663133 No.723869


I think Stevens was sacrificed to cover it up. He was balls deep in the whole thing, IMHO.

f8477a No.723870


Imagine sending all your mail with no envelopes and no laws against reading your letters. What is the mail company going to do?

318008 No.723872


Your lose then

0d7f4e No.723873


Neoconservatives a/k/a Trotskyites

https:// www.veteranstoday.com/2013/01/22/the-neoconservative-movement-is-trotskyism/

Elliott Abrams/Rex Tillerson

https:// www.nytimes.com/2017/02/10/us/politics/trump-wall-21-billion-dollars.html

Trump rejects Abrams as deputy secretary of state

Mr. Trump overruled his newly minted secretary of state, Rex W. Tillerson, and rejected the secretary’s choice for his deputy at the department, two people briefed on the decision said Friday.

The deputy’s job was denied for Elliott Abrams, a conservative who had served under President Ronald Reagan and President George W. Bush, deals a blow to Mr. Tillerson in his first week on the job. The rejection of Mr. Abrams leaves Mr. Tillerson without a sherpa to help guide the first-time government official around the State Department headquarters.

Mr. Trump had a productive meeting with Mr. Abrams on Tuesday, according to a White House official and a person close to Mr. Abrams. But after it took place, Mr. Trump learned of Mr. Abrams’s pointed criticisms of the president when he was running for president, the administration official said. Among those criticisms was a column headlined “When You Can’t Stand Your Candidate,” which appeared in May 2016 in The Weekly Standard.

7c3dac No.723874


Good Analysis.

7f81d9 No.723875


Yes. My research shows that HRC spent time appointing Stevens because of the way he had helped her career. That she was able to easily kill him in the end was just a bonus.

I have reams of research on Benghazi. I've put a lot of it here, but no one cares. Odd, I think, that the one sure way to put HRC in GITMO is of so little interest to daily anons.

705e40 No.723876

https:// twitter.com/Grimreaper4109/status/975585535921197056


46b18a No.723877


Those that are not illiterate will.

0b3b16 No.723878


Nice work Anon

232e35 No.723879


most excellent. easy read. thank you!

6fbd1e No.723882


Dead cat bounce

663133 No.723884


I agree. Stevens became no longer useful and he knew too much.

3908b4 No.723885


i know that.

i get it. (my post even states it)

but how many people talk about WHAT HE DID BEFORE HE WENT TO LIBYA (my point)

Office of Multilateral NUCLEAR and Security Affairs….i mean, wtf is that anyway???? anyone heard of it? function?


5f9762 No.723886

File: b7308be28ee43b5⋯.png (103.36 KB, 369x540, 41:60, 7bqq3h-qb33e2njcvwz.png)


good read , thank you anon .

28793b No.723887


that article is depressing. /ourguy/ ran out on a rail again.

Trust Wray eh.

This kinda shit doesn't help Q's cause at all.

f27594 No.723888


Excellent analysis….

3b6671 No.723889


well done….

way to piss off the shills

88bdc9 No.723890


Except this:

>13 constellations = 13 bloodlines

Great read. I think Q meant Hollywood.

9e2a9c No.723892


Yeah, I'm glad he's got 7 years to fix this whole mess.

232b95 No.723893

Have a source that says the hospital HC is staying in right now is a prison hospital.

I dug some but not my strong point, so no sauce.

This person has written several books and been to the WH several times.

So if someone could dig on this it may be something good.

b16163 No.723895


this is how u get bitch slapped in real life anon

dont speak abt Heroes that way

u should watch ur surroundings . careful .

5f9762 No.723896

File: 46b6a31e9498ec1⋯.jpg (9.97 KB, 255x185, 51:37, 0d84260de976a6628e8e2372be….jpg)

2eb720 No.723897


You can do all that but not name 1 NY politician Trump wasnt friendly with? Youre an amazing kind of amateur little shill glowfaggot arent you? People with your lack of incompetence do harm to the communist cause, Komrade. I'm going to have to recommend that you are eliminated. Your work camp service is disgraceful.

8eb617 No.723898


and many have slush funds too

3908b4 No.723899


i get it.

i get it. NOT denying any of that. geez

merely pointing out stevens usefulness most likely went beyond "point man" for arms running

f8e13e No.723900


Wray wasn't appointed til January 2018. Cleanups take a longer time than coverups.

b0e10c No.723901

b16163 No.723902


y dont u dig it faggit

ask the faggit that told u abt that to get the info

lazy faggot

1263a3 No.723904


Nice analysis Anon!

7f81d9 No.723905


He had unusual sexual tendencies that made him very easy to bribe. He was a risk.

f27594 No.723906


Obviously never really lived in the Big Apple ;-)

b6cd2d No.723907


Amen on that

87cdbd No.723908


>Three booms = three Austin explosions??

>Fucked up hashtag #Qanonisaterrorist?

>Clowns last ditch to suggest Anons / board / q behind them as suggested in last bread?

Probably paranoid

8829b9 No.723909


You love me. Can't stop huh? Lol. You feel it. Just keep denying it. Why you wanna argue about it. Convincing yourself. Have fun with that.

318008 No.723910


haha reason why I just posted it. We do have a lot more then the shills know

7c3dac No.723911


And Why Q did that?

2eb720 No.723912


Same problem. See a chart on student loans/astronomical costs of college. Directly related. Cant charge students for money they dont have! Unless gubt cheese. Many colleges will go out of business immediately. And that's a good thing.

9624aa No.723914

File: 8b0f35c7c633465⋯.png (91.03 KB, 933x532, 933:532, screenshot_1234.png)

Faceberg continuing it's free fall

318008 No.723915


This is the truth in their belief system.

f11f5c No.723916


Imagine writing a letter and erasing a line before you send it - and somebody already read that line anyway(key logging)as you wrote it…

IGNORE THE CHILDREN, they are either clowns, shills, or off of their med's and probably usually helpful…

98014d No.723917

File: ff71fcaad56c316⋯.png (66.89 KB, 800x289, 800:289, Screenshot_2018-03-19-14-2….png)

oh goody

638d39 No.723918


IMO, Benghazi is the reason Gowdy is leaving Congress. He invested so much in proving she was criminal and then Congress wouldn't do anything about it.

30e9bc No.723919


This is why they want the guns. They want us defenseless and scared. Get armed and be prepared. The leftists are pushing chaos to pitch us into a political war. People are actually dying out there. Eventually, it will all get closer and closer to you and your family.

This is not going to be peacefully resolved peacefully. That should be obvious to everyone by now. The fake media and the leftists who control the narrative have people on the edge. Anyone who thinks otherwise is being naive.

bdd6b6 No.723920


. I am saying people don't stay the same through out their lives.. We all start out with good intentions but some of us become

corrupted , have no humility, become greedy trying to fill in the empty hole, like HRC.

Some of us can fail ,some of us can lose,

but still have humility, can give, can have hope,

like POTUS.

2eb720 No.723921


Ryan and McConnell gotta go period

2de059 No.723922


Trust all the things Anon.

85cd0e No.723923


I like it

b2defa No.723924

File: 521981eff8a33d5⋯.png (263.25 KB, 575x401, 575:401, ClipboardImage.png)

28793b No.723925

File: 19c509d350aa8c2⋯.png (153.41 KB, 699x558, 233:186, ClipboardImage.png)



http:// www.militarycorruption.com/genham.htm

f3973c No.723926


Wow, they are really scrubbing this shit.

7f81d9 No.723927


Then Mr. Gowdy and I have something in common.

f11f5c No.723929

File: 0f8ff667fb7aef2⋯.jpg (146.31 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, NotMyFuture.jpg)

663133 No.723930


Oh, no question in my mind. He was a lot more than the public face of operations in Libya. And arms running was what the public was allowed to know. To be sure there was more to it.

2eb720 No.723931


Why you made youre post so long

4e8470 No.723932


74% believe in Depp State. 100% do nothing.

5% sit on chan waiting for stranger to do everything.

232b95 No.723933


Also my person says there is a Jan., 17 DOJ appointed a PROSECUTOR for the Little Rock FBI investigation of the Clinton Crime Family Foundation. Which means there must be a GJ

85cd0e No.723934

File: c1901c08a1c775a⋯.jpeg (262.28 KB, 1184x1214, 592:607, 23CE542C-D5AD-4FEC-B0DB-F….jpeg)

56e3d5 No.723935


Very interesting Anon.

acc0d5 No.723936


looks like short hotel hillary

7c3dac No.723937


Now to wait..

3dea48 No.723938

File: 4c306da78e6d176⋯.jpg (67.56 KB, 640x499, 640:499, meat-grinder-on-wooden-tab….jpg)


Jail time is too good for these criminals. Neither is quick easy death sentence nonsense. Lessons need to be learned, new laws written and more constrictive oversight. Pic related.

e2fad0 No.723939

b086be No.723940



53d899 No.723941

File: 92007d770739e99⋯.png (80.64 KB, 1536x768, 2:1, ClipboardImage.png)

Feedback on POTUS NH Opoiod Crisis speech.

He has fine-tuned the message. Excellent. This audience far more was receptive to this carefully-honed message.

Yes drug dealers who KILL LOTS OF PEOPLE should be targeted, swiftly prosecuted, STOPPED from killing people, and yes possibly receive the death penalty since they have KILLED LOTS OF PEOPLE.

He subtly mentioned that the DoJ is working at targeting COMPANIES. That would be pharmaceutical companies but that is a big step so we are just calling them companies at the moment. OK.

We will BUILD THE DAMN WALL and keep heroin out. 90% of the heroin comes over the southern border. That got a very strong positive response.

We should block funds for sanctuary cities that harbor dangerous criminals. Strong positive response.

Right to Try - currently focused on allowing people who are terminally ill to try drugs that show promise. I want to see this Right to Try greatly expanded. I want this first step to be just the camel's nose under the tent. I want the whole damn camel to come into the room right now. We the people have the RIGHT to MEDICATE and NOURISH our own bodies with WHATEVER WE DEEM DESIRABLE. The pharmaceutical/medical cartel should not have the right to tell us we cannot use herbs, nutrients, drugs, etc. if we the people on our own research decide these items may benefit us. Sure this is about cannabis but also any kind of herbs, natural products, plants, botanicals, anything else that is not harming society but might be useful. This stance is similar – but more moral – than the stance of women who assert they have a right of control over their own bodies. While they do NOT have the right to terminate the life of another human being, a viable fetus, we all DO have the right to decide on our own nutrition and health. THIS RIGHT IS NOT NEGOTIABLE. I'd like to see a strong push to get rid of the vile Codex Alimentarius. They can't tell us what we can and cannot consume for health!

Overall I rate POTUS speech as very positive and moving in the right direction. I know he has to take it gradual but I needed to make my feedback known.

8829b9 No.723942


False hope. It sucks. We all want change. It ain't coming from Trump. Remember me. I tried to warn you.

56e3d5 No.723943


Another Psyop?

2eb720 No.723944


-dont Kek

-Pepe unapproved

b086be No.723945


So they're up to 24 now? was 12 last count

98014d No.723946


good stuff, anon

c1d938 No.723947

3b6671 No.723948


the Pedo/Whore ticket

Nothings better than that

6fb76b No.723949

Highlights of New Hampshire Speech re Drug Addiction 3/19/18

Scourge of drug addiction will stop. 116 die a day from opioids. 100's of years and never been like this. 40,000 people died in 2016. 6 billion add'l in new funding to combat crisis going into 2019. Nat'l Prescrip Take Back - 900,000 lbs. of unused scripts. l,500 lbs. of fentanyl. Told China and Mexico don't send it! don't send it! don't send it!

Prosecuted 3000 drug crime offenders, including pharmacists, physician assist. Operation Granite Shield. 151 drugs traffickers arrested in NH. If we don't get rid of drug dealers we're wasting our time. have to get tough! Toughness includes death penalty for big pushers. we will find you. we will get you. and we will arrest you. standing ovation. Maybe our country is not ready for death penalty. I'm ready for death penalty. audience laughs.

Addl'l steps: non addictive pain killers; major fed'l litigation against over-prescribing; spending a lot of money on large scale roll outs of comm'ls showing how bad drug addiction is (POTUS likes this). scare them. Crisisnextdoor.gov new website.

90% of drugs come from southern border where eventually democrats will agree with us to keep the DAMN DRUGS OUT! standing ovation. Ending sanctuary cities is crucial to stopping drug addiction crisis. He's calling on Congress to block funds for sanc cities. Lawrence,MA is primary source of fentanyl. major drug smuggling operation busted there. MS-13 arrested. Invites cop who busted them on stage. get up here tough guy! I love tough guys! audience laughs and claps. We will win this fight!. We will win!

663133 No.723951


Memefags will have a ton of low-hanging fruit to work with this ticket. It will be amazing.

1bd3ff No.723952


Not the BRIDGE. That was Obama's biography

You found BRIDGE-2

A.K.A. American Bridge a project of ShareBlue

f8477a No.723954


Right on, summed it up for me too

b086be No.723955


Guess that makes me nobody, and makes you no one

3908b4 No.723956


totally AGREE.

I have been here doing research since the beginning, got so frustrated that the new peeps would come and REDO stuff that was already "solved"/theorized from Q. now when i review the "notable" breads daily, there is stuff on there THAT WAS SOLVED MONTHS AGO, like it is a news flash.

and when new info is posted, the arrogance and closed-mindedness of some on here (not all) is baffling.

I agree with what you say, was just presenting an additional "angle" that he was used by HRC (cabal) prior to "throwing him away".

c1a461 No.723957


one can only hope

f3973c No.723958

File: 935beaea139c77e⋯.png (193.45 KB, 988x364, 19:7, ClipboardImage.png)

Funny that….can't convert offline with clipconverter.cc

53d899 No.723959

File: 1b58a37b0d93971⋯.png (996.24 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot from 2018-03-19….png)

File: 8a9f3746a2ed334⋯.png (1.03 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot from 2018-03-19….png)

File: d52f9a588fdd560⋯.png (972.4 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot from 2018-03-19….png)

File: 9127fc644947f56⋯.png (1.45 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot from 2018-03-19….png)

File: 7c4c40c64fa1015⋯.png (1.43 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot from 2018-03-19….png)


Here are some screen grabs that can be used for memes. I have to step out for a little while.

8829b9 No.723960


>>723924 start paying attention. You haVe no idea what is going on.

663133 No.723961


Antifa, the political left, the deep state. Who can't make those connections?

c06f45 No.723962

File: 389357c4cfa7788⋯.png (1.46 MB, 1440x2096, 90:131, ron1.png)

easy in easy out

30e9bc No.723963


> I've put a lot of it here, but no one cares

I understand that very well.

28f59e No.723964


Concur with almost all of that. I think "Last hope, congressional focus, impeach" belong together. In other words, impeachment is their last hope. I also think "follow the STARS" refers to Hollywood stars. They thought we would emulate them, so they programmed them to behave in certain (harmful) ways.

f11f5c No.723965

2dda58 No.723966


Oh wow a blast from the past. I remember this clown shill from Voat Pizza gate forum last year. Dude gets around.

Looks like I'm going to filter a bunch of sleepy shill posts

acc0d5 No.723967


loop hole

ie fruit loop hole

7c3dac No.723968


I Think that it's to avoid the Communism in Southamerica Again.

e2fad0 No.723969


Arranged couple

2eb720 No.723970


Possibly Yates not RR? Both prob. but that would be #2 #2? Maybe just Yates coz her for sure. RR may have a deal.

dd3524 No.723971


Trump will crush those assholes.

f8477a No.723972


His mother must have had the fright of her life when he popped out

51a271 No.723973


hahaha :D you think liberals would bite to it?

3b6671 No.723974


your bolshevikisms are falling on filtered ears…

there are only about 5 of us left who are merely laughing at (you)

f11f5c No.723975

File: 2f7c80e02004428⋯.jpg (5.16 KB, 275x183, 275:183, Salute.jpg)



Forgot this, Patriot

7c3dac No.723976


[VEN] is connected to the FARC and Cuba.

c06f45 No.723977

File: eab6861190c555c⋯.jpg (73.09 KB, 600x803, 600:803, dues.jpg)

there is no architecture for a castle in the sky

4e8470 No.723978


Whoever he or she is, to be fair, they're not wrong. No one here does anything but bitch behind a keyboard.

f8477a No.723979

0b9d13 No.723980


Bring it!

f74034 No.723981

Watching CNN fake news so you won’t have to.

General kvetching about the death penalty for drug dealers by Van Jones, and torquing the hiring of Joe dIGenova (implying doom and gloom and muh Saturday Night Massacre with Muller) without mentioning his wife represents the Uranium One whistleblower.

But at least Brooke Baldwin is cute.

f15726 No.723982


Yates should be listed, she is a big part of the corruption.

c06f45 No.723983

File: 426ca016ab464da⋯.jpg (61.9 KB, 486x469, 486:469, diet.jpg)

the milk is fishy

f74034 No.723984


>Willie Brown's mistress and Creepy Uncle Joe


9a1850 No.723985


Anyone notice the print on the potato ?

59dee2 No.723986

To bring about currency reset Trump must get rid of corruption first.

98014d No.723987


Arkansas Grand Jury Convened To Indict Bill and Hillary Clinton


28f59e No.723988


Wrong. We dig and meme and distribute those memes broadly to the public.

2e3ad8 No.723989

File: 997f6138a7e1c56⋯.jpg (23.01 KB, 400x254, 200:127, CwN1LYeWYAEc8Fh.jpg)

File: 8691838b0a6de6a⋯.jpg (72.66 KB, 736x748, 184:187, snake-charmer.jpg)

Trump is a modern day mother cucking St. Patrick. Driving the snakes not just out of America, but the WORLD. It started with Saudi Arabia and will end with Israel!

Today alone you can see the narrative shifting in our favor.

Look at the news- Hillary going down https:// canadafreepress.com/article/is-hillary-clinton-using-falling-videos-to-escape-uranium-1-and-clinton-fou

http:// money.cnn.com/2018/03/19/news/companies/zuckerberg-net-worth/index.html Facebook is fucked.

http:// www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-43460263- Rothschilds controlling the weather from Law Maker Councilman Trayon White Sr

318008 No.723990


Of course follow the stars means Hollywood but everything has double meaning. They believe in the STARs too. Reason why I stated both

30e9bc No.723991


I wouldn't be so sure about that. The Soros machines play a huge role in the outcomes of elections. Think Virginia, Alabama, and Pennsylvania. They are obviously going to cheat to win, and I don't see anything happening that will stop them from doing it again on an even bigger scale.

b7c09d No.723992



It's stupidity like this that caused a lot of kids to be trafficked because your dumbass took them to Disneyland to get MKUltra fucked hard. It's US, sons of liberty/children of war that raised ourselves while you had a bullshit Hank Hill life and kept your head in the sand or up your ass pretending everything is fine.

How many "children" tried to wake you up while you told them to respect the elders who do nothing?

Shut the fuck up and get informed. Respect the youth, you'll need us to wipe your ass sooner or later.

2eb720 No.723993


He's no hero dumbass he was a govt shill and an actual known faggot. The whole op was illegal and Libya had no "Ambassador." Lookup your own shit, I knew this at the time.

f74034 No.723994



I wonder if the Shermans in Toronto had a U1 connection…

2eb720 No.723996


And dont threaten me asshole.

f11f5c No.723997

File: aab10c43d5d92b7⋯.jpg (70.86 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, We DIDt.jpg)


If you roll it in piss, crap and throw in dirty needle they will feel right home with it in LA or SF, here on the LeftCoast!!!

c06f45 No.723998

File: 9ec7d8a60ddbf8c⋯.jpg (55.81 KB, 600x613, 600:613, eons.jpg)


b2defa No.723999

File: 6193240d1ece37e⋯.png (216.67 KB, 578x432, 289:216, ClipboardImage.png)

b307a6 No.724000


cant read it too small

can you?

4e8470 No.724001


How is that doing anything? From what I see, you guys meme, but those meme's just stay between you and the other 50 people on here. No one takes them seriously anywhere else because they're all fruit looped up and too crazy sounding.

8829b9 No.724002


Of course you would think that.

Time to learn about the Students of Venezuela. Great video on YT by them. Truth bombs.

https:// youtu.be/vnRjGYaqvIM

Wakey wakey

515de0 No.724003


It was just before the 2012 election. It took significant perjury by the Obama to team deflect. I'm not sure they are that stupid.

aa3eed No.724004

Q did say this board would have all eyes on it and come under attack.

Ya Think?

Q also said dis-info was necessary!

Also……Enjoy The Show….

7c3dac No.724005

Stupid/Quick question.

Do you think that The US will conquer SouthAmerica?

e20293 No.724006

File: 088c942449edb9d⋯.png (68.56 KB, 626x423, 626:423, @DowdEdTSLAMadmanJerusalem.png)

File: f11d79d5f4f181f⋯.png (56.96 KB, 599x278, 599:278, @Trader_Moe-ComeyHolderClo….png)


2 recent examples. Moe also great follow. Ex-pro poker player. Also Knows The Score.

BTW, is the TSLA Madman signalling Something in that twat?

5f9762 No.724007

you never know , but i think they were all the fake drugs apotx .

318008 No.724008


I just noticed I put this under the wrong statement. Moved it.

>Our children watch child stars grow up and turn into satanist. It's how they are brainwashing our children. Example: Disney kids then and now. Cute to Satanist.

8829b9 No.724009


Yes I know.

https:// youtu.be/vnRjGYaqvIM

45c186 No.724011

>>723999 (be gone satan)

>want to violate people's privacy

>stage a crime or fuck even a drill passed off as a crime in vicinity of target

That would never happen, ever.

562c14 No.724012


Elon Musk is crazy. He thinks we are living in a simulation. Nothing is real.

f74034 No.724013


There is much less sympathy for drug dealers now that the economy is roaring. Duing Hussein's days, many people were selling extra pills to make ends meet.

Now sure if the PDFA ads will make much of a difference. A talking point the drug libertines used (I was once one of them) was that these anti-drug ads were a slush fund for Madison Avenue ad firms.

c06f45 No.724014

File: 3500d8df1528621⋯.jpg (41.38 KB, 600x327, 200:109, its-called-gossip.jpg)

2eb720 No.724015


You may have but I actually did, Glowfaggot.

28793b No.724016


welll thats great NK is fixed. Held together with baling wire and some chinese duct tape. how long will that last.

Brexit scattered parts all over and quit running, now we have to go fix that again. We can't be fixing shit we already fixed before, don't have time for that.

7c3dac No.724017


I said that Because I'm Venecofag. Waiting..

dd3524 No.724018


BAKER: This info regarding Christopher Stevens, Benghazi and Stevens role as Director of the Office of Multilateral Nuclear and Security Affairs should be in the notables. Stevens oversight of the Uranium One deal is yet another reason Hillary placed him in Benghazi and refused to provide adequate security so he would be killed. Stevens knew too much about Crooked Hillary to be allowed to live.

acc0d5 No.724019



>SLEEPER 1973 Hydrovac Suit

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=FKr5LKsn428

663133 No.724020


Using a climate change scammer, anti-Trump actor for your meme seems a bit contradictory for this board, don't you think?

66da6c No.724022


I would think they were killed because of their pharma business, and what they knew.

963229 No.724023

File: 9e11a580d62608f⋯.jpg (9.79 KB, 300x168, 25:14, fakenews.jpg)

deep state going all out on projection mirror narrative vs CA - because fixing elections is what THEY do - a signal its all coming out soon

https:// www.channel4.com/news/cambridge-analytica-revealed-trumps-election-consultants-filmed-saying-they-use-bribes-and-sex-workers-to-entrap-politicians-investigation

8829b9 No.724024


Why are you talking to me? Go suck trumps dick.

318008 No.724026


Yates was only in for 10 days. RR is the one that has done more damage and there is only one #2 listed or I would have put Yates in

45c186 No.724027


They pull from scripts. Has anyone thought to take full news articles and social data dumps, per person, and do sub text matching across the entire body of text to find exact matches?

7c3dac No.724028


Destroy and Coquest [VEN] and Cuba is historic.

e20293 No.724030


Or so he wants you to Believe.

4e8470 No.724031


He left Trumps adviser role because of Trump refusing to join the climate BS.

Musk took a stand for the environment, yet musk thinks the environment is simulated.

Musk is an idiot.

7f81d9 No.724032


Who are the Shermans in Toronto?

c06f45 No.724033

File: 438ca6456b51a25⋯.jpg (72.53 KB, 630x930, 21:31, hoorah.jpg)

donde esta muh kraken pendejos

801e2d No.724034


Definitely not alone. I don't drink or do drugs and yet wound up with have to help 2 family members get straightened out. I am broke now but the family is headed in the right direction and everyone seems to be doing their part. Hope all goes well your way.

2eb720 No.724035


You are an amateur in need of a better job. Because the person who pays you is going to jail soon. Think I'm lying? Ask for an advance on your next check. It aint coming.

f74034 No.724036


I think it's probably more than just that, given what I know about the drug and pharma world.

8829b9 No.724037


Chavez " I am a human man".

c06f45 No.724038


must need moar research who went also

710f29 No.724039


2eb720 No.724040


So no "brains of the operation" applies?

f74034 No.724041


You sound like that Jester pedophile I used to know. He had the same kind of mindfucking techniques.

30e9bc No.724042


So both Mueller and RR got deals then? I thought that there were no deals? This gets confusing.

0f8d6b No.724043


>Duing Hussein's days, many people were selling extra pills to make ends meet.

Not really, they were making a fortune off those who wanted something to make them forget what is going on around them during Obutma's reich.

7f81d9 No.724044


Yes. Every time we try to organize a flow to the bread we get a shill baker who undoes it all. Guess we are still stuck with hoarding our own caches.

8eb617 No.724045


which is stupid af

562c14 No.724046


Climate change is the new religion. It is very scary on the ground because they have decided it is okay for people to die in the name of saving the planet.

f11f5c No.724047

File: ee6f41f5183d9df⋯.jpg (393.27 KB, 916x960, 229:240, Deer Protection.jpg)


Apparently, you have not come out of the ANONcloset… Most of us are getting results, following the plan. Go to the WarRoom or MEMES link. Nobody asked to be micromanaged here. WE FOLLOW ORDERS AND I'M MAKING IT RAIN. For every one person that engages, there are 100+ that lurk, learn, get red pilled, but are afraid to like/reply/retweet…

c06f45 No.724049

File: f13aecbb298fc15⋯.jpg (106.55 KB, 600x610, 60:61, master.jpg)

ty leon

4e8470 No.724050


Gets confusing because it's being made up as it goes along at this point. I don't think even the Larp Q thought this would go on as long as it has.

f74034 No.724051


Barry and Honey Sherman. Apotex. Killed in a professional hit at their home. Toronto Police 33 Division (LOL, look into the Prince Hotel) first said it was murder suicide.

2eb720 No.724052


Gowdy is a do-nothing blowhard who praises Mueller in the press every fucking day. He's been pushed out just like the other 40 retirees.

05578f No.724054


Then isn't it lovely that you get another chance to post those graphics again?

More eyes on the target.

66da6c No.724055


I'm listening…

8829b9 No.724056


It's cheque. You think I'm being paid! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 holy fuck you people are dillusional. It's probaby you getting paid to push trump bullshit 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

afccec No.724057


Has anyone clearly not gotten a deal yet? Because all I see is deals and the same traitors making more money than ever before.

2eb720 No.724058


Im sure Merkel will get right on it.

5f9762 No.724059

File: d88ab464dedc293⋯.png (1.38 MB, 1291x811, 1291:811, zzzxxxxxxxv.PNG)

b7c09d No.724060


“Accuse the other side of that which you are guilty”

The kikes are in panic mode for sure. My head fucking hurts just reading the level of spin they're trying to put on this shit. WOW. Seems like we're getting close to the finish line if this is all they've got mixed in with some bombings.

7c3dac No.724061


He was betrayed (I'm not Chavista)., he begin to say things about the King Felipe VI of Spain and George W. Bush.

f11f5c No.724064


Save the planet - RESIST - KILL YOURSELF, all the kids are doing it!!!

c55cc1 No.724065


Who, exactly, was so stupid that this is a bombshell?

2eb720 No.724066

File: 2dcb81f7686de16⋯.png (415.33 KB, 600x427, 600:427, clint barry.png)

File: 63a6f92251d2d4a⋯.png (659.55 KB, 800x500, 8:5, roy bean bair meme.png)

c06f45 No.724067

File: ee341b0fbe175ce⋯.jpg (18.55 KB, 197x255, 197:255, patriot.jpg)

from ol bread

b7c09d No.724068


Purple Revolution eh?

Was this cunt one of (((them)))?

3b6671 No.724069

File: 59ac8bbd4afe8a6⋯.gif (825.55 KB, 500x281, 500:281, giphy.gif)

3fc05d No.724070


they only say "cheque" in rock-biter faggotville. You have to go back to little Iran, where you live, this place is for the US

4e8470 No.724071


I've been accused of being paid to post here more times than I care to remember. Probably as many times as Q has made up a bullshit prediction or contradicted himself.

Enjoy the show (Especially Parkland parents).

de36c7 No.724072

Love the MEME Fags. Our opponets are using these faulty algorithms to target and harass the truthers. This is another form of censorship. Thank you for considering it.

8b7f15 No.724073


The police done fucked up and exposed a BND operation most likely.

7f81d9 No.724074


Thank you. I can work with that info.

I guess the reason stuff comes up over and over again is because it's all so easy to miss. One good bathroom break and you can be lost for hours.

8829b9 No.724075


You again. LOL! Can't let it go huh? Still trying to convince yourself. Well I wish you the best with your inner struggle.

85cd0e No.724076

File: 7b2ec1f3207d2de⋯.jpeg (502.02 KB, 1240x1947, 1240:1947, C0CA8466-91BB-439F-AAD1-6….jpeg)

MSM debunking illuminati symbols

http:// www


7c3dac No.724077

The Operation Condor 2.0 will be soon.

2cfb91 No.724078


Connects back to Clinton/Haiti through CGI.

Frank Guistra, poison dwarf, had them offed.

Easily discovered if…well, it’s Canada so…

5f9762 No.724079

File: 6183e13913f4e2e⋯.png (188.28 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 6mboeo-21501yateo8z.png)


wierd time to sport purple .. it's not like they are clueless .

c06f45 No.724080

File: ac79aac8e071017⋯.jpg (76.21 KB, 600x826, 300:413, onhold.jpg)

48150f No.724081



Sometime a dress is just a dress

2eb720 No.724082


What's "In peech foty-fi!" mean anyway?

8829b9 No.724083


No really it's cheque. Lol. Wow.

2a9162 No.724084

b2defa No.724085

File: 9aca0f40db50761⋯.png (64.06 KB, 579x258, 193:86, ClipboardImage.png)

8b7f15 No.724086


*fucked up in a good way

de36c7 No.724087

This is one of the sites they use against us

2eb720 No.724088


Chuck Todd, is that you?

ef1805 No.724089


Can someone Meme this to put on Twitter?

3fc05d No.724090


you don't have any evidence of anyone making a single penny, just speculation about them hoping to make money. Filterfaggot is schill filtered faggot

562c14 No.724091


They are not saving the planet. They are making human live worthless. And they are raking in boatloads of money in this scam.

2cfb91 No.724092


We are TAKING purple back.

dd3524 No.724093


I will be the same thing that stopped them last time. They underestimate Trump and the undying spirit of America's patriots. It will be a fight but we will prevail…

45c186 No.724094



5f9762 No.724095


there is 2 sides of that coin . im not saying she is , just passing it on .

8829b9 No.724096


First time for me lol!

e15e3d No.724097


Hey, didn't zuck dump half a billion in facebook a week or so ago? Insider trading, maybe? Add it to the charges.

2eb720 No.724098


I think theyre both rats.

e01c9a No.724099

File: 21133b6d32b975d⋯.jpeg (969.61 KB, 2560x2560, 1:1, 407CAC58-4158-4810-B818-B….jpeg)

#HeKnew ;))))

2eb720 No.724100



4e8470 No.724101


Sexy was already taken by JT, purple is all that's left.

710f29 No.724102

File: d40576528fcfc6e⋯.jpeg (157.5 KB, 990x1024, 495:512, DWvRQJPXcAArxrG.jpeg)



45c186 No.724103


Perfect time to turn the True Believers against Cuckerberg.

7f81d9 No.724105


I'll keep saying it until I'm blue in the face: HRC and Trudeau are cousins through the Sinclair line.

2a9162 No.724106


Q is a LARP

30e9bc No.724107


Yes, James. That's what everyone here keeps saying. I hope that it really is so. This 'show' is not for anyone who has a heart condition.

232b95 No.724109

Public Troubled by ===‘Deep State’

Monday, March 19, 2018

Bi-partisan concern that government is tracking U.S. citizens===

West Long Branch, NJ – A majority of the American public believe that the U.S. government engages in widespread monitoring of its own citizens and worry that the U.S. government could be invading their own privacy. The Monmouth University Poll also finds a large bipartisan majority who feel that national policy is being manipulated or directed by a “Deep State” of unelected government officials. Americans of color on the center and left and NRA members on the right are among those most worried about the reach of government prying into average citizens’ lives.

Just over half of the public is either very worried (23%) or somewhat worried (30%) about the U.S. government monitoring their activities and invading their privacy. There are no significant partisan differences – 57% of independents, 51% of Republicans, and 50% of Democrats are at least somewhat worried the federal government is monitoring their activities. Another 24% of the American public are not too worried and 22% are not at all worried.

Fully 8-in-10 believe that the U.S. government currently monitors or spies on the activities of American citizens, including a majority (53%) who say this activity is widespread and another 29% who say such monitoring happens but is not widespread. Just 14% say this monitoring does not happen at all. There are no substantial partisan differences in these results.

“This is a worrisome finding. The strength of our government relies on public faith in protecting our freedoms, which is not particularly robust. And it’s not a Democratic or Republican issue. These concerns span the political spectrum,” said Patrick Murray, director of the independent Monmouth University Polling Institute.

Few Americans (18%) say government monitoring or spying on U.S. citizens is usually justified, with most (53%) saying it is only sometimes justified. Another 28% say this activity is rarely or never justified. Democrats (30%) and independents (31%) are somewhat more likely than Republicans (21%) to say government monitoring of U.S. citizens is rarely or never justified.

Turning to the Washington political infrastructure as a whole, 6-in-10 Americans (60%) feel that unelected or appointed government officials have too much influence in determining federal policy. Just 26% say the right balance of power exists between elected and unelected officials in determining policy. Democrats (59%), Republicans (59%) and independents (62%) agree that appointed officials hold too much sway in the federal government.

“We usually expect opinions on the operation of government to shift depending on which party is in charge. But there’s an ominous feeling by Democrats and Republicans alike that a ‘Deep State’ of unelected operatives are pulling the levers of power,” said Murray.

Few Americans (13%) are very familiar with the term “Deep State;” another 24% are somewhat familiar, while 63% say they are not familiar with this term. However, when the term is described as a group of unelected government and military officials who secretly manipulate or direct national policy, nearly 3-in-4 (74%) say they believe this type of apparatus exists in Washington. This includes 27% who say it definitely exists and 47% who say it probably exists. Only 1-in-5 say it does not exist (16% probably not and 5% definitely not). Belief in the probable existence of a Deep State comes from more than 7-in-10 Americans in each partisan group, although Republicans (31%) and independents (33%) are somewhat more likely than Democrats (19%) to say that the Deep State definitely exists.

While there is general partisan agreement on concerns about government overreach, there are some notable differences in the level of concern by two very different demographic metrics: race and membership in the National Rifle Association.

Americans of black, Latino and Asian backgrounds (35%) are more likely than non-Hispanic whites (23%) to say that the Deep State definitely exists. Non-whites (60%) are also somewhat more likely than whites (50%) to worry about the government monitoring them and similarly more likely to believe there is already widespread government monitoring of U.S. citizens (60% and 49%, respectively). More non-whites (35%) than whites (23%) say that such monitoring is rarely or never justified.

The Monmouth University Poll also finds that NRA members (43%) are significantly more likely than other Americans (25%) to definitely believe in the existence of a Deep State operation in DC. In a Monmouth poll released earlier this month, NRA members voiced opposition to the establishment of a national gun registry database in part because of their fear it would be used to track other activities of gun owners.

https:// www.monmouth.edu/polling-institute/reports/monmouthpoll_us_031918/

64bd40 No.724111



Send it!

3d152c No.724112


corporate media is all shit, just happens that Hannity is following down the path that we all are here. the liberal media dismisses all of this as conspiracy or outright ignores it

2eb720 No.724113


Vote fraud is a bigger issue than who runs. Apparently, Mickey Mouse (D) can be easily elected anywhere at present.

b2defa No.724114



7f81d9 No.724115


That "I'm listening" means you might need to make a very clear statement.

2a9162 No.724117

Fox news goin after Fuckerberg.


e01c9a No.724118


Already have… ;-)

afccec No.724119


Love the retard level IQs here today!

b16163 No.724120


damn , this is so true

c06f45 No.724121

File: bc30deda2de8849⋯.jpg (77.98 KB, 490x735, 2:3, waitsquirrel.jpg)

2eb720 No.724122


Stevens was no Marine, he was a gay demoncrat lawyer.

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