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https:// pastebin.com/pvZVWbYN

269f0b No.698824

File: b42d6ea7033cf8b⋯.jpg (342.14 KB, 2269x1580, 2269:1580, i-had-no-choice-they-impla….jpg)

File: 05414d3059f9af3⋯.jpg (61.33 KB, 701x394, 701:394, lol-look-at-jim-how-are-we….jpg)

File: 0da423834f56c37⋯.jpg (36.78 KB, 602x399, 86:57, that-feeling-you-get-when-….jpg)

7779c2 No.698857

File: 6cb9cd2a6b1bf14⋯.jpg (111.2 KB, 750x488, 375:244, safe.jpg)

56e626 No.698875

Glad POTUS and Q aren't concerned about posturing from Comey et. al. as if it's some narrative war of who's point of view is correct.

This confirms again that PATRIOTS have the TRUTH and light will shine on America once again (really soon I hope).

God Bless all! Stay safe Q!

a1d5c1 No.698894

File: 30f57d2fbbc491f⋯.jpeg (1.03 MB, 1242x930, 207:155, 4F026AFD-7F4F-471C-AA10-C….jpeg)

File: 7a7f0d2d07589e0⋯.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1242x1243, 1242:1243, 2617C3B0-BD66-4C1D-9B03-4….jpeg)

File: f8d408306251400⋯.jpeg (1.53 MB, 1242x1575, 138:175, D42EAEEC-ABB0-4020-9F24-F….jpeg)

File: 1168a28720d7cfb⋯.jpeg (562.7 KB, 1242x854, 621:427, 39F65D0F-841D-4E69-85FA-5….jpeg)

Let it rain.

133ace No.698925

File: d67d19da2a3627e⋯.png (87.73 KB, 529x895, 529:895, ClipboardImage.png)


e3c6f8 No.698926

File: 43052ee671b6934⋯.jpg (44.83 KB, 450x693, 50:77, IMG_1092.JPG)

Cry because it is beautiful

f5b44b No.698927

How many here beleive the death of Russian Mickey Mouse and his daughter in the UK was a CIA hit job to blame Russia and keep the WW3 theme going?

1e9b2b No.698930

File: ef05451f7957042⋯.jpg (3.83 MB, 3600x3300, 12:11, epoch.jpg)

https:// www.theepochtimes.com/assets/uploads/2018/03/15/FISA_SPYING_INFOGRAPHIC.jpg

b66f10 No.698931

New Q

How bad is the corruption?

FBI (past/present)




+29 (16)

DOJ (past/present)





STATE (past/present)




Removal is the least of their problems.



Twitter Bots>GOOG operated (not Russia)/Narrative & Political SLANT








Who knows where the bodies are buried?



Election theft.

Last hope.

Congressional focus.


They think you are STUPID.

They think you will follow the STARS.

They openly call you SHEEP/CATTLE.






205117 No.698932

RR will be the next to go.

Take control of the top positions of DOJ, FBI, and State in order to prevent those below them from being protected.

1e9b2b No.698933


20 min later is NOT new

a48987 No.698934

File: ef0ea478eb1ffec⋯.png (13.72 KB, 307x418, 307:418, Q453.png)

File: 8bbdbddbffecd93⋯.png (3.72 KB, 308x110, 14:5, Q454.png)

File: 1c3ed28369d1a3d⋯.png (2.46 KB, 304x76, 4:1, Q456.png)

these were deleted by Q today after he posted


4a3ee8 No.698935

I didn't even know Q was on just now. I need more covfefe.

0d9112 No.698936


>INPEACH Foty-Fi1!!!

"impeach" 41? WTF?

0d9112 No.698938


a lot, I would imagine.

85a621 No.698939

File: 638e4e86e17b06d⋯.jpg (91.04 KB, 647x633, 647:633, hw bush.JPG)

So there might be some truth in this statement supposedly made by HW Bush.

713efd No.698940



But of course Anon. NK and U.S nuclear war is not going to happen. It's the Cabals plan B.

Russia and UK. We are aware, tis so obvious and quite insulting they think we are so stupid to believe it.

e3c6f8 No.698941

File: bd583234c8296c6⋯.jpg (55.36 KB, 684x513, 4:3, IMG_1149.JPG)

Promise delivered

1a382e No.698942

File: d35a51dc5e41139⋯.png (678.41 KB, 767x1013, 767:1013, HRCrew.png)

f3e064 No.698943

File: b55cbbe7fe1bbdb⋯.jpg (73.21 KB, 430x415, 86:83, swamp.jpg)


I had to fix it. Call me ocd.

ee0aee No.698944

Have we looked into or come across this

George Nader?

http:// www.miamiherald.com/news/nation-world/article205252829.html

8e7b13 No.698946


Seems like that happens before new posts

4c6230 No.698947


"There will come a time when these people won't even be able to walk down the street." - I fucking hope not since they are in Gitmo or Fed Prison. They eat fucking babies and feed us ground up dead humans in our food. Get it together. 100% TRUTH. Let the light in

ad1d10 No.698948

File: 36bf3ccd3a73e60⋯.png (663.96 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, ClipboardImage.png)

0d9112 No.698949


well it happened after the new post, so there's that.

2dbfeb No.698950

Brennan isn't even human. Gargoyle lookin motherfucker, probably need to kill him with a silver bullet or some shit.

b301f1 No.698951

Do you all realize that for all the trolling, hacking, and cucking you do on this chan, that Q actually gives you people something constructive to do for the next few hours…perhaps days?

7c55e6 No.698952



DOJ #1 - Holder

DOJ #1- Lynch

DOJ #2 - Rosenstein or Yates

4fa712 No.698953


Forty Five is what is mean here in Low IQ Maxine speak maybe? or the clear 1 there could mean 41 idk :(

98371b No.698954


Walk them down my street, I've got lamp posts

9d8fb8 No.698955

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

im going to post this one more time

it is a must watch for all

it shows how china was commissioned to set up the new world currancy

it also shows how they are digitizing all tangible assets.

600 acres was digitized in Texas and is for sale. to buy u must prove you are not a united states citizen. SCARY INDEED

0d9112 No.698956


"…I'm talkin' to you with a mouth full of food…"

39199d No.698957


Find all of this to be rather unlikely. This is 2018. We have a thing called a carrier strike group. The closest one to this proposed fray is in the Persian Gulf - CVN 71.

76 is at home in Yokuska and 70 is in the South China Sea with the 7th fleet.

Everything else is here at home. While our anphibs are pretty capable and we don't really need a carrier strike group to Operation Overlord Syria… It seems an incredibly odd move as we would be relaying over Iraq with Navy and Air Force CAS missions. That is what you do when you have no options… Not when you can sit back and plan.

Looks like stupid people with big mouths being given disinfo to out them as both stupid and leakers.

9cc9d1 No.698958

File: 9d45b7d2e715831⋯.jpg (451.5 KB, 1689x739, 1689:739, LAC5841_3.jpg)

LAC5841 is back on the scope, descending towards Atlanta.

ecb374 No.698959

"They openly call you SHEEP/CATTLE."

Q confirms we are Goy to them.

1772f7 No.698960


Posted on his own board. Not on here.

15880d No.698961


Tru Genius KEK!

b301f1 No.698962

File: 11a896f720c52a0⋯.png (12.38 KB, 470x319, 470:319, Screenshot_97.png)

This from Anon:

8e7b13 No.698963


The March 4 post?

7c55e6 No.698964


GA not on qresearch

f5b44b No.698965

How bad is the corruption?

FBI (past/present)

#1 Mueller

#1 Comey

#2 Mcabe

+29 (16)

DOJ (past/present)

#1 Holder

#1 Lynch

#2 RR


STATE (past/present)

#1 Clapper

#1 Rice


Removal is the least of their problems.

f336d0 No.698966

Election theft

Last hope

Congressional focus


They are stealing the elections to impeach POTUS?

a4d1dd No.698967


I am looking at 454 and 456 right now

cbc0aa No.698968

File: c95a93d31a4a589⋯.jpg (106.12 KB, 673x651, 673:651, CoverforAction.jpg)

Today's spy tradecraft phrase is "cover for action":

From @mattbracken48

"it's the outwardly innocent or plausible reason for being somewhere and doing something illegal that could cause suspicion to fall on the spy. Strzok's use of CFA is proof that he knew he was acting illegally."

8477c0 No.698969

4a3ee8 No.698970


I was thinking exactly this.

7c55e6 No.698971



a4d1dd No.698972


Rice was never #1 at state

0d9112 No.698973


the post today.

851fd0 No.698974

Thank you Q and Potus Best Birthday Ever🇺🇸🍀

b96d38 No.698975

There is a new drop at >>>/gamergatehq/331653

Rothschilds named.

b301f1 No.698976

Removal is the LEAST of their worries…DEATH!

7292e3 No.698977

File: 89ddefbaadd6c03⋯.png (381.13 KB, 1273x969, 67:51, doj-orgchart.png)

1772f7 No.698978


This seems correct

55b1b2 No.698979


Then you're seeing browser cache or stale content. Clear it and refresh.

dbe6c6 No.698980



98371b No.698981


Mete out Jusctice for Contreras… Hang Him!

06bc7c No.698982





Hungary repatriates Gold

https:// www.rt.com/business/421241-hungary-repatriates-gold-london/

Germany repatriates Gold

https:// www.ft.com/content/813c5460-87f9-11e7-bf50-e1c239b45787>>698892


Italy looks to repatriate Gold

https:// www.bullionstar.com/gold-university/central-bank-gold-policies-banca-ditalia

f0c167 No.698983


I can imagine HRC and Hussein walking in an almost empty gold storage vault in Fort Knox watching some people pick up a pallet of gold bars. HRC says "Are you serious Barry? This vault was full when you became President". "Yup", he replies. "We've got it all stashed in safe places now, and all of them are in the southern hemisphere for when you kick of the nuclear solution." Hillary cackles and says, "It will be GLORIOUS for us then won't it? Let the sheep roast, ha ha ha".

8076b6 No.698984



Their propaganda campaign is unfortunately working on normies and voters.

We’re losing elections in Red Districts ( OR they are being stolen )

We’re on the ground, we see who is red pilled and who is under the spell

You guys have 8 months to drain the swamp before “The Big Virtue Signal” wave of 2018 in November

Not trying to be a dick, just reporting from the ground…

ca25e7 No.698985

File: e20ba7b53bfc325⋯.png (51.06 KB, 528x313, 528:313, Screen Shot 2018-03-17 at ….png)


I like this list better than the others. My hunch (and my research) says that Tillerson was necessary in the first phase to unwind the cabal's Middle East presence. The man has a reputation for knowing the oil business very well.

I also think the "fired without warning" is necessary disinfo. He never wanted the job, but a sense of duty and his wife's support landed it anyway.

Those +41 at the state department are in Hillary's emails via wikileaks. Huma is at the top. Cheryl Mills. Indeed it's a long list. They never dreamed she would lose.

ad1d10 No.698987


Occam's Razor wins again

13df6a No.698988


Sheep/Cattle = CHATTEL

Definition of chattel

1 : an item of tangible movable or immovable property except real estate and things (such as buildings) connected with real property

2 : slave

a4d1dd No.698989


yep thanks

1d0f28 No.698990

On the subject of politicians and foundations that we were told to pay attention to:

The Finnish government wants to make it tax-free for foundations to own stock in companies, because it's that way elsewhere in the world too.

https:// yle.fi/uutiset/3-10121825 (link in Finnish)

It's worth mentioning that the prime minister Juha Sipilä has a foundation with millions of euros in it. This is the same government that a while ago pushed through a new law to allow obfuscation of corporate ownership despite certain shameful events in political drama that should have caused someone to resign, but these people apparently have no shame, so they withdrew the law only to push it through a year later when the attention had died down.

7c55e6 No.698991

File: 4912df5979f606f⋯.png (75.14 KB, 423x394, 423:394, #1,#2.png)


or this

e5fac4 No.698992


and it feels so good.

63417e No.698993


nice summary!

tldr: Everything Comey has done has helped potus. a lot. including pretending to be against him.

concernfags need to stop getting distracted by words and look at what he is actually DOING

a5772e No.698994


Thanks anon. Baker needs to add this to bread.

24aa2e No.698996

File: a7f889712f6ce92⋯.jpeg (341.47 KB, 750x789, 250:263, IMG_29A838F92057-1.jpeg)

2b54be No.698997

At The State Dept, 1&1 were Clinton and Kerry

fdd2ed No.698998

File: da08f8911466727⋯.png (879.76 KB, 500x1118, 250:559, Brennan.png)

Q, please take down THIS asshole, Muslim treasonous POS!!!

eef50c No.698999


You know what would have been impressive? If Q told us about Google before a Google guy already posted on 4chan. Very suspicious Q.

1772f7 No.699000


Its in the bread already.

b301f1 No.699001

>>698985 one of the +41 might be Sam McCabe who was Seth Rich's boss.

b0d0b6 No.699002


New enough…ignore the gaping asshat.

25c3b8 No.699003

File: a7a3257024ac16f⋯.png (694.04 KB, 559x613, 559:613, Alex Chapman.PNG)

They updated this article. Something seems off now about his 'natural causes' death.

"It is thought family members did not want to reveal the drug overdose for fear his death could be linked to many other suspicious deaths of those who have spoken out against Russian President Vladimir Putin. "

Revealed: British former husband of Russian secret agent Anna Chapman died of a DRUG OVERDOSE aged 36 despite his family insisting it was natural causes

Alex Chapman's family always insisted the 36-year-old died of natural causes

But his death certificate lists cause of death as multiple drug overdose

His wife is Russian spy sent back to Moscow in exchange for Sergei Skripal, 66

Ex-double agent is still critical in hospital after nerve agent attack in Salisbury

http:// www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5512593/British-husband-Russian-spy-Anna-Chapman-died-drug-overdose.html

a5772e No.699004


I think this was a UK hit job.

85a621 No.699005


how does stealing elections result in impeachment? stacking Congress with traitors to vote for impeachment? but does;t their need to be a CRIME for impeachment proceedings?

Election theft – par for the course.

Last hope – POTUS exposing and crushing.

Congressional focus – what the rats will be focussing on

Impeach – focussing their efforts to impeach POTUS.


17d2d7 No.699006

▶Q !UW.yye1fxo 03/17/18 (Sat) 15:03:41 No.458

How bad is the corruption?

FBI (past/present)




+29 (16)

DOJ (past/present)





STATE (past/present)




Removal is the least of their problems.



Twitter Bots>GOOG operated (not Russia)/Narrative & Political SLANT








Who knows where the bodies are buried?



Election theft.

Last hope.

Congressional focus.


They think you are STUPID.

They think you will follow the STARS.

They openly call you SHEEP/CATTLE.





cd0a62 No.699007


I think This

>FBI (past/present)

#1 Mueller

#1 Comey

#2 Mcabe

connects to This

Trump’s lawyer calls on Justice Dept. to immediately end Russia probe

Attorney John Dowd said in a statement that the investigation, now led by special counsel Robert S. Mueller III, was fatally flawed early on and “corrupted” by political bias. He called on Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who oversees that probe, to shut it down.


6bc2d1 No.699008

File: 8a6a5e1de8c731e⋯.jpg (185.81 KB, 1023x513, 341:171, DrainTheSwamp21Lerner.jpg)

File: 023935c5f3f3286⋯.jpg (172.88 KB, 1023x513, 341:171, DrainTheSwamp22Lynch.jpg)

File: 6d744647085f797⋯.jpg (194.02 KB, 1023x513, 341:171, DrainTheSwamp23Lynch.jpg)

File: e4c8bad70dee3e7⋯.jpg (188.89 KB, 1023x513, 341:171, DrainTheSwamp24Mook.jpg)

File: a7d78535222e6eb⋯.jpg (177.12 KB, 1023x513, 341:171, DrainTheSwamp25NellieOhr.jpg)


1772f7 No.699009


She died?! How did I miss this?

cbc0aa No.699010


Everything I see is starting to look like false flags. Everything. Raccoons get into the garbage cans? CIA.

c737ac No.699011


surprise! he's not actually muslim, just like they aren't really jews, and the pope isn't actually catholic.

2dbfeb No.699012


Look up goyim faggot. You boomers are so fucking dense.

a4d1dd No.699013


Rogue MI6 and Clowns together

6bc2d1 No.699014

File: 4688b58b8ac10ee⋯.jpg (135.33 KB, 1023x513, 341:171, DrainTheSwamp26Nuland.jpg)

File: ee170c0b627d2ab⋯.jpg (196.01 KB, 1023x513, 341:171, DrainTheSwamp27Page.jpg)

File: 2d50471c693115b⋯.jpg (216.28 KB, 1023x513, 341:171, DrainTheSwamp28Power.jpg)

File: 407f70dcce2549b⋯.jpg (187.41 KB, 1023x513, 341:171, DrainTheSwamp29Rice.jpg)

File: 76268e5dbf54fda⋯.jpg (195.78 KB, 1023x513, 341:171, DrainTheSwamp30Rosenstein.jpg)

e1f457 No.699015

>>698543 (last bread)

>short "Sozis

German use the i at the end to show an abbreviation/ or a cooloquial plural form of a term.

For example, Professional players are Profis. The old Est German car, the Trabant, is a Trabi

Ashkenaz is an older (at least middle ages) description of the people/merchants who settled along the middle Rhine Area. Could mean 'out there in the territories" or the barbarian regions in some mid-east dialect.

Ashkenazi genome studies point to a small number of individuals (c300) who have 50/50 mid-european/mideast DNA. There was an Ashkenaz people in upper Iraq (I think) and perhaps an Ashkenaz area in mid to west Turkey. Possible that emigrants from those areas relocated to mid-Rhine. They were known as good merchants because of connections back to mid-east for goods.

b79564 No.699016


I second that. he is so annoying on twitter, i hope he gets what he deserves

e5fac4 No.699017


I know the feeling.

6bc2d1 No.699018

File: d015d42deea8f6c⋯.jpg (164.74 KB, 1023x513, 341:171, DrainTheSwamp31Strzok.jpg)

File: 1c126d363b10aab⋯.jpg (202.51 KB, 1023x513, 341:171, DrainTheSwamp32TonyPodesta.jpg)

File: f93fe74c60277e3⋯.jpg (163.97 KB, 1023x513, 341:171, DrainTheSwamp33Yates.jpg)

File: 5a663b892140874⋯.jpg (61.39 KB, 1023x513, 341:171, DrainTheSwampTemplate.jpg)

e78368 No.699019


Did you read the article?

13df6a No.699020


I think it is you who is dense. It will come to you.

7b097e No.699022


Not to mention that CNN rigged the Presidential debates? Was CNN working with the Russians?

9cc9d1 No.699023

Message sent on the EAM system.







0d9112 No.699025


There's another one. WTF.

f9e2c6 No.699026


Glad to see the Great Awakening getting some use. ;)

feb967 No.699028

File: de3d834ac4480e8⋯.jpg (2.89 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, 20180317_144707.jpg)

98371b No.699030

File: d7ff2ec835b2641⋯.jpg (75.95 KB, 660x609, 220:203, Kill em All Pun.jpg)


Who cares…

a9832c No.699031


Rice and Clapper weren't SS .. wouldn't it be HRC then Kerry?

7c55e6 No.699032


ex-fed attny anon tells me every Fed. Judge has a "Recusal List" - for in-house use. The Judges list all Conflicts of Interest → could be law firms, attorneys, certain defendants, plaintiffs, parties → anything they have an automatic "do-not-assign-this-case-to-me" conflict.

It is OUTRAGEOUS and INEXCUSABLE that Contreras had not excluded himself from the Flynn case.

He should be kicked off the Fed. Bench ASAP and disbarred for life.

0d9112 No.699033


>gaping asshat

…for those with large skulls.

06bc7c No.699034



Reading Is Fundamental - LURK MORE

878f3f No.699035


WOW thanks…

b301f1 No.699036

Biden/China off of Breitbart: The private equity firm of former Vice President Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden inked a billion-dollar deal with a subsidiary of the Chinese government’s Bank of China just 10 days after the father and son flew to China in 2013.

The Biden bombshell is one of many revealed in a new investigative book Secret Empires: How the American Political Class Hides Corruption and Enriches Family and Friends by Government Accountability Institute President and Breitbart News Senior Editor-at-Large Peter Schweizer. Schweizer’s last book, Clinton Cash, sparked an FBI investigation into the Clinton Foundation.

According to an exclusive New York Post excerpt from the book, the Biden billion-dollar China deal occurred as follows. Hunter Biden was the principal of Rosemont Seneca Bohai.

In December of 2013, Vice President Biden and his son Hunter flew aboard Air Force Two to China. Ten days after the trip, a subsidiary of the Bank of China named Bohai Capital signed an exclusive deal with Hunter Biden’s firm to form a $1 billion joint-investment fund called Bohai Harvest RST. The deal was later increased to $1.5 billion.

Joe Biden has yet to comment on how the firm of a sitting vice president’s son was permitted to bag a billion-dollar deal with the Communist Chinese government—nor whether they had any knowledge or involvement in the deal.

Secret Empires is slated to hit bookstores nationwide on Tuesday, March 20.

Editor’s Note: This article has been updated to reflect that only Hunter Biden was a managing partner of Rosemont Seneca Partners. In addition, Heinz was not involved with Rosemont Seneca Bohai, which managed the Chinese funds.

http:// www.breitbart.com/big-government/2018/03/15/secret-empire-joe-biden-john-kerry-billion-dollar-deal-chinese-government/

3b8c8e No.699037



2dbfeb No.699038


Nigger, it's like you just fucking got here and most of us have been here for decades. Just kill yourself because you wont be able to handle the truth.

1772f7 No.699039


He died. Sorry. Coffee not working today.

7b097e No.699040


We have now learned the real reason the Judge recused himself because Strozk had a relationship with him.

aa2db0 No.699041


They think you will follow the STARS.

Q, are they preparing for the FF alien arrival? I know it's insane to some, but we've been warned repeatedly over decades that it's coming.

0e9ab2 No.699042


+41 = 41st President G.H.W. Bush

b79564 No.699043



john kerry?

7c55e6 No.699044


right – should be Clinton/Kerry

possibly Tillerson?

5ecc20 No.699045



#1 Mueller

#1 Comey

#2 McCabe


#1 Holder

#1 Lynch

#2 RR


#1 HRC

#1 Kerry

1772f7 No.699046


Covfefe not worky.

89e6dd No.699047


gold standard or bust

cc7fc8 No.699049


America has recently been working hard on renovations and maintenance at #GITMO to prepare for future VIP guests. All expenses paid. While enjoying their stay at #GITMO our guests will enjoy sub-par dining facilities and exquisite meals just barely fit for human consumption. Supervised bathing facilities and hard labor in brutal intense heat are just some of the fun-filled activities our VIPs will get to indulge in.

b301f1 No.699050

>>699042 That was my first inclination.

7a4d0c No.699051


http:// www.moonofalabama.org/2018/03/spy-posions-spy-and-the-anti-trump-campaign.html

13df6a No.699053

I like to watch the post #s.

It shows me that the morons who were filtered were filtered correctly.

Bread tastes so much better.

bc2eac No.699054

Q !UW.yye1fxo  03/17/18 (Sat) 14:03:41 No.458

How bad is the corruption? Pervasive at the highest levels of government.

FBI (past/present)

#1 Wray

#1 Mueller/Comey

#2 McCabe

+29 (16)

DOJ (past/present)

#1 Sessions

#1 Holder/Lynch

#2 Rosenstein


STATE (past/present)

#1 Tillerson/Pompeo

#1 Hillary/Kerry (Cohen)


Removal is the least of their problems. Impending prosecution

Projection. Pot to kettle black


Twitter Bots>GOOG operated (not Russia)/Narrative & Political SLANT

BIDEN / CHINA. $1b China Bank Deal

BIG DEVELOPMENT. Happened back in 2013

TRAITORS EVERYWHERE. "Secret Empires: How the American Political Class Hides.."

AMERICA FOR SALE. Bundy Ranch, Oregon Standoff, pay to play & choose your prize

FLYNN. Counter-terrorism expert

Targeted. Silence

Why? Knew too much

Who knows where the bodies are buried? Flynn

CLEARED OF ALL CHARGES. McCabe ordered 302's changed to implicate.

TRUMP ADMIN v2? As DJT takes out the never-Trumpers

Election theft. AL, PA

Last hope. Dems take House!

Congressional focus. Certain key districts in House & Senate races

Impeach. After securing Congress

They think you are STUPID. They can barely think for themselves.

They think you will follow the STARS. Hollywood is not Main St.

They openly call you SHEEP/CATTLE. Goys will be goys!


Pedos, sexual predators, and satanists.




85a621 No.699055

161e32 No.699056


It doesn't. The election theft(s) are Democrats last hope to impeach.

9d8fb8 No.699057


I PRAY!!!! gold and silver standard!

98371b No.699058


Clown Nazi killed JFK …?

925fd7 No.699059

What authority does POTUS have specifically over the Marines?

Why is this important?

What is Mueller's background? Military?

Was Trump asked to run for President w/ assurances made to prevent tampering?

How is POTUS always 5-steps ahead?

Who is helping POTUS?

Why did Mueller meet POTUS 1-day prior to FBI announcement if Mueller COULD NOT be offered director due to prev term limits rule?

dbe6c6 No.699060


There needs to be "A" crime. Mueller doesn't need to nail Trump on muh Russians. He can find some technicality to convict him on, and then Congress has their excuse.

1a382e No.699061

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


''I ain't got no gavel, I ain't tryna fight nobody battle

I just wanna be free, I ain't tryna be (Nobody chattel)''

bbb890 No.699062

File: 598b496c0f2e865⋯.png (50.16 KB, 338x325, 26:25, Screenshot-2018-3-16 Meme ….png)

9d1ce4 No.699063


Maybe they are going after the rumored "NK" underground base in Syria.

1772f7 No.699064

Has to be almost time to expose election fraud.

7b097e No.699065


Would be a good meme!!!!

What kind of relationship? video?

fdd2ed No.699066

File: f5913aa419cd75c⋯.png (8.51 KB, 483x85, 483:85, ClipboardImage.png)

72bd6a No.699067


sounds like currency reform is lingering. a buddy of mine who works as a Freeman public defender has mentioned a new credit currency system is coming into place, rather than the current debit/debt currency. on a new system thats not government owned, don't know if that's a good thing or not.

8076b6 No.699068


Yes, they are! And it's a huge problem…

This fact in particular takes a WHOLE LOT OF FAITH to trust the plan…

Watching elections being lost/stolen in real time in about as black-pilled as it gets…

cd0a62 No.699069


Patrick Kennedy needs to make this list

98371b No.699070


Now that's the Spirit

e0e783 No.699071

File: 62d40bd8adebe10⋯.png (33.45 KB, 463x635, 463:635, Give Q Credit.PNG)

File: c5996d531f55423⋯.png (25.77 KB, 652x236, 163:59, Comey Tweet Book Deal.png)

File: 5cec850ff591665⋯.png (69.83 KB, 508x293, 508:293, Trump Tweet McCabe.png)

File: b3a7d1a3d1952a9⋯.png (67.36 KB, 485x283, 485:283, Trump Tweet Corruption.png)

OK Q. Don't be humble. You can do an "I told you so" without gloating. Question, can Comey collect royalties on his book in prison, or will they be denied because it's the product of a crime?

56d0c4 No.699072

I am pretty sure Paul Reubens is Q. He has the clearance.

9cc9d1 No.699073

File: 268ca8cc68f005a⋯.jpg (466.53 KB, 1633x927, 1633:927, BRNCO71.jpg)

BRNCO71 over Naples at angels 25.

5af9d5 No.699074


I keep trying to tell you people: This is what THE BRIDGE is about: CHINA.

The United States is partnered with CHINA to change all our infrastructure to get rid of cars and replace them with electric bikes and self driving electric share cars.

Electric bikes are killing machines. They do all of this in the name of encouraging WALKING and protecting PEDESTRIANS. It is a LIE.

The PEDESTRIAN bridge in Florida was strictly for cyclists. This is happening at record pace in the San Francisco Bay Area. Jerry Brown is nothing but an oversized juvenile delinquent who has spent his entire life rebelling against his daddy, who was the DA of San Francisco when it was the Paris of the West. It was elegant and cosmopolitan. People had impeccable manners and a strict dress code.

Now it does look like mad max and they are fast tracking turning it into a third world city in communist China. The people here have no vote. The Chief of the Fire Department has protested the new bike lanes on Market Street. They prevent the ladders on the fire trucks from reaching a burning building and risk the lives of the fire fighters. The City of San Francisco told the Fire dept. to go screw themselves and built them anyway.

Now they are putting in shared electric bikes just as even Bloomberg has banned them in NYC because they are so dangerous. They have also been banned in Chinese cities as they cause an astronomical number of deaths.

There is no free speech here. Pedestrians will be threated with death, no exaggeration , if they speak up.

ab5e2c No.699075



7b6718 No.699076


And there are lots of CIA agents in the State Department. It's a common tactic for them to use diplomatic cover. I imagine this is a major reason why Pompeo was moved to the State Dept after heading the CIA

f9e2c6 No.699077


This is a forgery, fake and gay.

A genuine copy would have been soaked in tears.

9863bf No.699078


DOJ #2: Sally Yates

7292e3 No.699080




Could that be Bush Sr?

Although I hope it's 41 evil people

f67943 No.699081



No predictions.

No intel.


No shit Sherlock - they're going to be arrested.




Once I caught [a fish alive]


Patriots in full control.


You people are stupid.

And the mods are on vacation.


f0c167 No.699082


When I look at this new drop and I think, "What can anons do?", I come to this:



The biggest fear of the cabal is a public awakening. The more we can to to unveil and explain what the cabal has been doing, they more awake the public will be. This goes beyond mere red pilling. It is nice for people to be a bit awake and realize one or two things like "The media is fake". However that is not enough.

Red pilling is like catching their attention and now we have to get into education. We have to take the maps that we have prepared and explain as many of the scams and crimes and treasons as we can. Obviously, not all at once.

This is where drawing a MAP comes in handy. It naturally limits the amount of info that you can include and focuses the attention on just one key point and the essential CONNECTIONS that are related to it. Memes will catch people's attention but now we must move beyond memes to make more quality maps.

I think the anons using FreeMind, mindmapping tool are on a good track. One anon can organize some info and connections, another anon can load the mindmap and color code it better, organize it better and make better use of whitespace, i.e. enlarge the text. There may be other tools that also allow anons to pass files among multiple people to get different skillsets to improve a map. Please mention those tools here.

713efd No.699083



PA was the last test or gathering pure evidence.

Still in the works on bringing it out to the public.

POTUS at the rally did say" The World Is Watching" referring to the PA special election for congress.

e3c6f8 No.699084

File: 549e25835528a54⋯.jpg (56.43 KB, 628x628, 1:1, IMG_1150.JPG)

Some of those hobos are sentinels

7b097e No.699085



Would be a good meme in the meme wars

1772f7 No.699086

STATE (past/present)




+41 is 41 other people, not the 41st president. You need to read each section of a post in the context of the whole post.





b301f1 No.699087


1772f7 No.699088


That's what we said about AL election. Would we need even more evidence from another election?

b301f1 No.699089

>>699086 That's a whole SHIT TON of people in the DOJ!

4960d4 No.699090


Dude is here all day. I'm pretty sure he's getting paid. Don't bother responding to them.

894df4 No.699091


That's how I read it as well…

dd84ac No.699092

Q mentioned GOOGLE running Twitter bots.

A RELIABLE SOURCE recently told me that NK had set up CLICK FARMS via GOOGLE and was routing clicks via THAILAND to the US.

GOOGLE is making TONS of $$$ ripping off US companies with FAKE clicks and LIKELY using these farms as Twitter BOTS.

0d9112 No.699093


If he's at all involved in any organization that is also involved in systemic corruption or trafficking (likely YES), then his assets can be seized. *boom*

85a621 No.699094

▶Q !UW.yye1fxo 03/17/18 (Sat) 15:03:41 No.458



Twitter Bots>GOOG operated (not Russia)/Narrative & Political SLANT

(((THIS))) is so apparent in the MSM and the tweets of the opposition.

A couple pf Anons also posted that "confession" by a google bot employee…fits what Q is saying perfectly.

Last hope…how do we FIGHT the ELECTION THEFT?

c248a3 No.699096



What if the Q team is collecting data to show that the "Russian Bots" were patriots? With what is going on here and before. Would that bother you?

7b097e No.699097



Maybe the video is about their relationship and not HRC. Video release of the judge and Stroke in that special relationship

81be5e No.699098


Bye bye book money….

d4e848 No.699099

a1d5c1 No.699100

File: f4e7638bdb25172⋯.jpeg (494.61 KB, 1242x1249, 1242:1249, C65FE26F-2944-4BB4-A221-7….jpeg)

File: ac70696af3b4908⋯.jpeg (124.61 KB, 750x750, 1:1, C179C0F7-A5FB-46C9-80AE-E….jpeg)

a4d1dd No.699101


not tillerson

5af9d5 No.699102


What is the google employee confession?

5ecc20 No.699103


She blocked the IG but I don't know if she did anything illegal yet. I will reserve judgement.

13df6a No.699104

File: 08e55e0dcc24540⋯.jpeg (19.69 KB, 255x125, 51:25, image.jpeg)


First, realize that Swalwell thinks this is about POTUS gloating.

Second, see that Swalwell is beginning to drop small hints at co-opting or creating a cabal version of the GREAT AWAKENING.

They are very fearful of the public awakening.

c248a3 No.699105


Prove they used China steel

Then we will prove it to the world.

7c55e6 No.699106


filtered for trying to dox Q.

39199d No.699107


Relax. Full control.

Who is CIA and running? More good than bad. Sold out…. But unaware. Strings.

What happens when they learn they we're betrayed? When their values and virtues were betrayed? Who will be waiting for them?

Why do candidates regularly go from D to R? D game easy to play and be appointed. Rs have public process for determining nominees.

afa64c No.699108

File: b127ac037a91ae1⋯.png (154.48 KB, 589x523, 589:523, searchCOMEY.HSBC.opium.MS-….png)

File: 40ce64e8e39c5a8⋯.png (153.28 KB, 898x285, 898:285, HSBC-DirtyOldDrugMunnyLaun….png)

>>698856 From last bread.

>>698869 >[Comey] is Next Edition


> http:// www.bbc.com/news/business-18867054

HSBC used by 'drug kingpins', says US Senate

(((17 July 2012)))

HSBC provided a conduit for "drug kingpins and rogue nations", according to a US Senate committee investigating money laundering claims at the bank.

Its report said suspicious funds from countries including Mexico, Iran and Syria had passed through the bank.

The president and chief executive of HSBC Bank USA, Irene Dorner, apologised to the committee for the behaviour which she said deeply regretted.

Mr Levin said an audit had found that: "From 2001 to 2007, HSBC affiliates sent almost 25,000 transactions involving Iran worth over $19bn dollars through HBUS and other US accounts, while concealing any link with Iran in 85% of the transactions."

HSBC senior executives in London knew what was going on, he said, but allowed the "deceptive conduct" to continue. Key HBUS officials were also informed early on, he said.

According to the Senate committee, HSBC accepted more than $15bn in cash from subsidiaries in Mexico, Russia and other countries at high risk of money laundering but failed to conduct any monitoring of these bulk cash transactions between mid-2006 and mid-2009.

The report also found that HSBC knew of lax anti-money laundering practices at its Mexican subsidiary HBMX, which had dated back to its purchase in 2002.

f0c167 No.699109


The fire department can buy tough tires and crash bars for the front of the vehicles so that they can crash through any bike lane barriers when they need to.

56d0c4 No.699110


Hello Q are you Paul Reubens?

I met Paul Reubens three years ago at Universal Studios when I was on vacation with my mom. She had the walker with the tennis balls but one of them was orange. I don't know if you remember.

Anyways, you told me you were going to be playing your biggest role yet and it was political in nature, then you winked and made a motion with your hand. Was it a Q? I've been thinking about this for years.

Everything you say reminds me of Paul. You were really funny in Mystery Men.

Please write back.

– Henry

29b99c No.699111


This. MSM is dead. Kicking, screaming and crying. And sheep have had their chance to do it the easy way. But they scrolled to the next video of a dad getting bagged via a whiffle ball.

421bc7 No.699112


>Trust Wray


#1 ≠ Wray




7b097e No.699113


This relationship was hidden from Congress and the American people until it was discovered

85a621 No.699114


that easily?

trump up some charge and that's it…impeachment.

if so, nice system of justice we have.

0d9112 No.699115


This actually supports the theory that Comey is going to use his book as a huge red-pill. Consider his alternative. At least this way he can get money for his family while he rots in prison.

77785f No.699116

>>698914 (previous bread)

RE AEFDFD unknown A/C

I caught it on the ground at Ft Benning before it turned off its transponder.

713efd No.699117


I honestly believe because POTUS went out of his way to head to PA for the rally and the words he used. That PA is the one to bring it all to light. I am sure that it was completely watched like a hawk and recorded.

Think of how fast the report bout the machines miscalculating came out.It was with in 24 hours that it hit the air ways that there were something off about the machines. I have faith it is the last straw and we finally will have it revealed.

98371b No.699118


Bombs Away!

f67943 No.699119


>Q mentioned GOOGLE running Twitter bots.

Incorrect anon.

It refers to a cuckchan post.

GOOG employee confessed to writing AI bots to swarm Twitter.

Influence conversations.

LARP Q reading the news again.


0d9112 No.699120

File: fbe5f7b0accf68d⋯.jpeg (1.15 MB, 1080x2220, 18:37, fbe5f7b0accf68d303d724335….jpeg)

4a3ee8 No.699121


They are trying to escalate the distraction with Russia…to provoke the war that president HRC was supposed to start with Russia.

Twitter Bots>GOOG operated (not Russia)/Narrative & Political SLANT

Twatter/Gaggle/Faceberg collectively involved in this. They accused us of doing exactly what they themselves have been doing—flooding the platforms with bots to promote their agenda.



Not sure what this is, but there was an article this week about Biden and China that could potentially blow up into something huge. MSM is completely ignoring it for now.



We know this. Q keeps saying there are more good than bad people. I wonder about that sometimes. They sold everything. All that was left was our sovereignty, and Hussein tried to sell that with the TPP and TISA. We dodged that bullet only by the grace of God.



We know.


Because he knows their plan and was going to expose it. Likely one of the reasons Hussein fired him.

Who knows where the bodies are buried?



Did Mueller REALLY make a mistake? Or did he purposefully screw up that part of the 'investigation' so that Flynn would later walk away?


As opposed to V1. New Cabinet in the works. More of the globalist traitors to be fired. General Flynn will be back. His firing by POTUS may have been part of the ruse all along.

Election theft.

We know. Please Team Q, do something about this. Stop George Soros and the fake voting machines and voter fraud. We lost 3 seats in 3 different states. Not a good way to enter the mid terms.

Last hope.

There is always hope.

Congressional focus.


This has been their focus all along.

They think you are STUPID.

They think you will follow the STARS.

Hollywood —Clown distraction …stars and fake scandals

They openly call you SHEEP/CATTLE.




Do it, Q. We need it.

161e32 No.699122


Probably the reason for the 'fake q' that's been here.

925fd7 No.699124


He, Comey, McCAbe and Brennan are all talking like "they" have the proof on Trump.

I wonder if they have forged documents.

But, then Trump would know that.

a9b12b No.699125

File: 0c980f0460523c7⋯.png (33.33 KB, 653x332, 653:332, S Power re Brennan re POTU….PNG)


This sounds like a not so veiled threat

85a621 No.699126


thx Anon for posting.

742284 No.699127

Hannity is responding to Comey on Twitter.. Comey is basically promoting his book, Hannity throwing these questions at Comey because we all know Comey will spin all of his guilt as that he's a hero being that he's a narcissist.

f336d0 No.699128


Fuck off

269f0b No.699129

File: 37f9af2888addbc⋯.jpg (96.84 KB, 480x360, 4:3, we-chose-to-commit-treason….jpg)

File: 81c119e6f3de110⋯.png (414.67 KB, 750x498, 125:83, p276.png)

File: 1c1d917ed4836c6⋯.jpg (19.78 KB, 236x295, 4:5, 652c9c97212114526a17bbcc2b….jpg)

File: ae3cd2318fa0bbf⋯.jpg (48.9 KB, 492x328, 3:2, they-placed-their-hands-on….jpg)

1a382e No.699130

File: 13a5577c0e261b8⋯.png (465.08 KB, 1836x2376, 17:22, ClipboardImage.png)

5ecc20 No.699131


He has money. He got millions from Lockheed Martin.

81be5e No.699132


Someone hasn't read the EO's :)

2dbfeb No.699133


don't take fake q seriously. don't be a newfag and think every 14yo troll is a paid shill. makes you sound like a faggot.

fdd2ed No.699134

File: 40b079c4a992822⋯.jpg (72.77 KB, 650x664, 325:332, America For $ale.jpg)





I need to add more faces!

Treasonous SOBs!


f3538c No.699135


Not after the "theater" incident

feb967 No.699136


Well met lol!

722d57 No.699137

Hey chessfags- has anyone looked at the possibility that Q is the "Queen" and what that may mean for the chess match?

Q has always been Q-clearance, but everything seems to have dual meanings and I believe Q might also been the Queen in chess.


b301f1 No.699138

File: 0cba433b1a30f08⋯.png (46.3 KB, 605x346, 605:346, Screenshot_98.png)

Here is a start on the first 29(16)…what does the (16) refer to?

0d9112 No.699139


They way late for being afraid of that. This was beyond the Rubicon in early February.

746284 No.699140

They think you are STUPID.

They think you will follow the STARS.

They openly call you SHEEP/CATTLE.





>>very clear message

cfe9f0 No.699141


>>699096 Wouldn't bother me. I'd give them my twatter handles if needed. They've cancelled at least five of my twatter accounts

f145b1 No.699142



a0ab3c No.699143

File: e3f51ce87c1eab8⋯.png (601.72 KB, 927x728, 927:728, Screen Shot 2018-03-17 at ….png)

56d0c4 No.699144


It wasn't that bad, it was a porno theater. What else you supposed to do there?

d457bc No.699147


I wonder if either still have TS clearance?

5d32c6 No.699149

File: 80efdd1c2aa392b⋯.png (42.91 KB, 1076x111, 1076:111, Screen Shot 2018-03-17 at ….png)


How bad is the corruption?

FBI (past/present)




+29 (16) 29th president warren g harding

DOJ (past/present)




+18 ulysses s grant 18th pres.. created DOJ

STATE (past/present)



+41 bush james baker was sos under bush1

so the 29/18/41 definitely refer to presidents

77785f No.699150


I caught it on the ground at Ft Benning

39199d No.699151


They do this out of a number of regions. Fake clicks and social media accounts. Big industry in China as well.

72bd6a No.699152

File: f6d878649511ef7⋯.jpg (65.39 KB, 535x711, 535:711, you-dont-know-the-way-but-….jpg)

i love how fake Q spends more time posting than patriot Q but keeps telling us it's a larp and a nothing burger, must be something good to come here day in day out. soon my friend, I hope they slap a few months jail time on you. EO is worded to reach deep down into corruption, not even you a blind,brainwashed, money hungry nigger is safe anymore. learn language fraud fake Q and gets some new pants ready for when you do learn.

6bda04 No.699153

fake Q = my new, personal target. i have help.

fake Q: enjoy the show.

the clock is activated (on you). #Goodbye#

7c55e6 No.699154


Q/POTUS Team has given the hornets' nest a good wack this time.


2cef7d No.699155




Who knows where the bodies are buried?



President Flynn 2024?

0d9112 No.699156

File: 9702c25f61f10e5⋯.jpg (11.23 KB, 200x200, 1:1, alice.jpg)

← yw

56d0c4 No.699157


Please watch your tone there are children around.

d99910 No.699158


+41 = GHWBush?

161e32 No.699159


Nah, I filtered the fake fag w/script after 1 post

0d9112 No.699160


fucked that right up.



2dbfeb No.699161


Ha, this looks like an invitation to troll tf out of Brennan and Power. They think their threats have any weight? bwahahahahahaha

b301f1 No.699162

>>699156 It's a Magical Kingdom! Last Boom!

b018b7 No.699165



f336d0 No.699166


Fuck off

f40da9 No.699167



How quickly YOU forget….YOU are on the losing side…with your false, wanna be, DEFEATED god….

The VICTORY has already been won -

Question: WHO has the keys? (I know, You know)….

Keep that in mind as you go down….

god speed

1e9b2b No.699168

File: 5c5c38863919dd4⋯.png (620.03 KB, 661x809, 661:809, googlebots.png)

c4a90e No.699169


Then why are u here?

f3538c No.699170


Not get caught

01763e No.699171


It would make things easier if there were a few clear wins for the good guys like us to talk about.

"Q says that things will be happening real soon" doesn't work all that well. "Q says that things have happened, but they can't talk about them yet" doesn't work all that well. In fact both of those talking points aren't really worth saying. To this point, there's really nothing to say.

When there are things to say, people will respond to the facts, I think, but so far, there isn't that.

I'm expecting to be able to say "you idiot, you've been supporting criminals all along. you were wrong and I was right. you should reconsider voting altogether, and even having opinions. you suck." but we can't say that yet. we can twiddle our thumbs, that's about it. or conspiracy theory memes, much like the conspiracy theory memes everyone has seen for the last 20 years of the internet.

0d9112 No.699172


Yes, but we don't know what the terms of his deal is. I'll spell it out for you: (a) all assets seized - family fucked, or (b) write a book and your family can live off of it for a while.

ad192d No.699173

File: 15a852755b8b7d4⋯.png (571.18 KB, 746x413, 746:413, HillaryJamesBaker.png)

File: 5922de5026a5eb2⋯.png (449.86 KB, 693x374, 63:34, HillaryJamesBaker2.png)


James Baker

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/James_Baker

d457bc No.699174


They embolden their followers. It's all about the public narrative.

ad1d10 No.699175


Correct. Where there is stink, there is CIA.

d5ed44 No.699176

File: 23a6d77d2fb8346⋯.png (1.12 MB, 1077x603, 359:201, Qanon Saudi Visit 1.png)

File: b84341f1aa29227⋯.png (92.42 KB, 1098x565, 1098:565, Qanon Saudi Visit 2.png)

Does anyone else wonder why we have heard nothing at all about Trumps meeting with Bill Gates on March 15th? Well….. so the Saudi Prince heir apparent is arriving Monday and will be meeting with Trump. He has recently been in London meeting with their leaders (pic relaped caption).

After leaving Washington DC he is expected to go to New York, visit MIT and Harvard, and THEN on the West coast “expected to meet Microsoft founder BILL GATES, Apple CEO Tim Cook, business leaders from Uber, Google, Facebook and other top companies (ie all the censorship and spying bad guys).

After that he is going to HOLLYWOOD to meet with moguls (ie heart of pedogate and spread of liberal agenda).

This could be interesting.

https:// www.thenational.ae/world/mena/exclusive-saudi-crown-prince-to-meet-pence-and-mcmaster-visit-us-film-industry-1.713882

f40fca No.699177


Homo Q wants to wear a dress




b301f1 No.699178

>>699168 is this being confirmed by Q?

1a382e No.699179



"Critics blasted Pompeo for favoring the preferences of powerful agribusinesses like Monsanto over the rights of consumers. Regardless, the bill passed by a 275-150 vote in the House in July 2015."

https:// www.biography.com/people/mike-pompeo-121317

812826 No.699180

File: 0562640a800f79c⋯.png (120.11 KB, 264x258, 44:43, debate.png)

1772f7 No.699181

These people are so arrogant.

649b43 No.699182

Don't EVER lose hope

You've seen proof, right?

Sealed indictments, sudden "coincidences"…

Bigger than anything.

ba30f7 No.699183

Without a doubt; Putin got rid of the Federal Reserve Bank in Russia, pissed off the banking cartel! (Roths, etc.)

9cc9d1 No.699184



c248a3 No.699185


Well it may be part of the process.

Part of the process will be breaking and destroying the Russian bot theory and proving it.

I am sure there were a few hundred, but we are lumped in there.

7b097e No.699186


Sally Yates video ?

Release the video

662b5c No.699187

File: 4d1cdb5fd6aec19⋯.jpg (106.38 KB, 967x544, 967:544, itsatrap.jpg)

Push the hell out of this "Resistance" GoFundMe page to the normies lads!

https:// www.gofundme.com/support-robert-mueller039s-resistance

Any info on how to make this look more authentic would be helpful!

Let's drive these liberals insane!

Pic related, for (((them)))

0d9112 No.699188


thus, why I keep posting Alice. We've all been in Wonderland.

d4e848 No.699189


No does not refer to presidents.

f67943 No.699190


Don't FOLLOW the SHEEP anon.

They THINK you are STUPID.



Don't analyze[many chances for liberal undo].


7b6718 No.699191


That's what it appears like

5af9d5 No.699192


It is much bigger than that. It is an ideology.

"Private sector participation is an integral part of the U.S. China cooperation through the Transportation Forum. Engaging industry and academia, enables the Forum to leverage their achievements in technology and innovation in transportation. To further encourage and expand private sector participation in U.S. China bilateral cooperation, a major focus of this year’s Forum was on Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) and their role in delivering infrastructure development projects and other components of transportation systems. A dedicated session on PPPs was held bringing together U.S. and Chinese policymakers, project developers, and industry experts, to share effective practices in this area. Topics of discussion included efforts by the U.S. and China to facilitate PPPs in the transportation sector in their domestic markets and their strategy and plans for the future development of PPPs as an integral funding solution for development of the transportation sector."

https:// www.transportation.gov/office-policy/international-policy-and-trade/us-china-transportation-forum

And they are worried that Trump will defund it all, so they are building furiously, using up the TIGER grants as fast as possible.

1e9b2b No.699193


yes… this provides the link between google and twitter.. Q confirms ( that was the takeaway i got from reading it 1st time)

4ba8e2 No.699194


Anon needs to read the bread -or if you prefer-

Anon should taste the bread before spitting it out.

f40fca No.699195

File: 59f4578bef424fc⋯.jpg (82.26 KB, 350x452, 175:226, IMG_1075.JPG)

Mah niggas

ad1d10 No.699196


Here's a growing set of clear wins and arrests

https:// 8ch.net/qresearch/res/693544.html

7b097e No.699197


They need to ask forgiveness from a rothchild the high priest of the cabal like Hilliary did with ldr

3de60b No.699198


I think what they are really fearful of is Trump explaining the depth of the swamp in all detail much like he did after Charlottesville. When he does it at a news conference, the public gets it unfiltered and the MSM has a much harder time spinning it.

1772f7 No.699199


Interesting. He suppose to be talking about Syria strategy too. They gave us $4B for assistance in Syria after talking to POTUS in Dec.

7292e3 No.699200

File: 29677b4c4c76136⋯.png (127.8 KB, 399x370, 399:370, gwbusg.png)

c248a3 No.699201


Flynn was targeted because he had a list of high level pedophiles that he was targeting.

d99910 No.699203


Does Flynn know where the bodies are buried?

Trump Admin Vol 2 = Flynn back after cleared of all charges?

56d0c4 No.699204

File: f8f8e801417e75c⋯.png (954.89 KB, 970x600, 97:60, ClipboardImage.png)

7b6718 No.699205


First, we don't know who you're responding to

Second, Russia still has a central bank

8199d9 No.699206


Great info anon. Thank you.

cfe9f0 No.699207


Nice write up anon….

33dff5 No.699208

Who knows where the bodies are buried?



Sorry if I'm late to the party.

b301f1 No.699209

>>699191 Fucking GOOGLE…but alas, I have to use my smartphone…

5ecc20 No.699210


What Video ??

74b6ea No.699211


We haven't seen the last of MBS. I'm digging and it's he's not clean

afa64c No.699212

File: 84fa148f23d52ae⋯.png (98.16 KB, 1110x376, 555:188, TandC-HusseinBunkerPhotos.png)

>>698545 Last bread.

>www.townandcountrymag.com/leisure/real-estate/news/ g2535/obama-new-house-photos/

Was earlier. Can always go to the homepage & search for pic.

39199d No.699213


We are the Queen. The piece with the most mobility and threat space. The Queen isn't necessarily 'the most powerful' because it takes pieces, but because it has a massive amount of territory it threatens.

If operating on dual meanings - then Q is responsible for the Queen. So to speak.

7e615b No.699214

Q said they think you will follow the stars.

That people will listen to celebrities.

We need to focus on the ones who scream the loudest,, and show their connections( to DNC, corrupt charites, Corporations, Marina Abramovic and cult, etc)

We need to start bringing them down a few pegs, start spreading truth,, so people know not to listen to them.

Last week i posted about how Hugh Jackman has 2 adpoted children, he was at creepy spirit cooking party with Marina and Gaga,, his wife runs/ involved with several charities/ adoption agencys/ they are from Australia.

And we need to dig further into Red( Aids charity) and celebrities connected to that.

Also the art world,, that seems to be directly tied to Hollywood, celebrities, their cult.

1772f7 No.699215


Version 2, not volume. And yes, I think Flynn will be back in the WH.

a9b12b No.699216

File: e8e3e166f92644a⋯.png (59.25 KB, 649x483, 649:483, 1 Hannity re Comey Comment….PNG)

File: f3a3d622abe98b1⋯.png (53.05 KB, 623x451, 623:451, 2 Hannity re Comey Comment….PNG)

File: f57bd103c220a6a⋯.png (58.53 KB, 651x492, 217:164, 3 Hannity re Comey Comment….PNG)

File: 654423b20bb8aca⋯.png (53.54 KB, 666x455, 666:455, 4 Hannity re Comey Comment….PNG)

ad192d No.699217


Don't have the link but cfr.org had a story about him buying into Hollywood. Having stock.

f3538c No.699218

FBI related to the 16th President Abraham Lincoln

“His story was clearly one of the most fascinating that I have ever heard,” said FBI director, James Corney. “Mr. Anderson not only claims to have killed President Lincoln, but also 32 others, including at least twelve are not even born yet. I know that conspiracy theorists will accuse us of covering up Lincoln’s murder and stuff like that, but the FBI isn’t going to open an investigation. I don’t think this man killed anyone, I think he just lost contact with reality.”

http:// worldnewsdailyreport.com/man-turns-himself-in-to-the-fbi-for-killing-abraham-lincoln-in-1865/

6bda04 No.699219

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


Take your last chance to stop being fake Q.

85a621 No.699220

File: 7abc525ccabbec9⋯.jpg (10.76 KB, 128x64, 2:1, last gasp.JPG)

((THIS))) is their last gasp…HAIL MARY…

1a382e No.699221


Q My other question, Sarah, is on a completely different subject. Monsanto and Bayer — who are two giants in the seed industry — are prepared to — preparing to merge. Their CEOs have met with the President. And many fear that this is going to lead to a monopoly for them in the seed industry and raising the prices, which will hurt the farm community. Is the President in favor of the merger of Monsanto and Bayer?

MS. SANDERS: I haven’t spoken with him about that, John. I’ll have to get back to you.

https:// www.whitehouse.gov/briefings-statements/press-briefing-press-secretary-sarah-sanders-012218/

0d9112 No.699222


Loosely, but not 100%. Google is rotten to the core. There's nothing about that anon's post that surprises me.

13df6a No.699223


100% agree

1772f7 No.699224


He is a major ally to us.

56d0c4 No.699225

Sorry my last picture was Paul Giamatti not Paul Reubens.

Paul is that you?

81be5e No.699227


Trump is going to inform the Prince that all his partners in silicon Valley are screwed six ways to Sunday no matter how they try and stack the deck….

bc2eac No.699228


I think the bigger issue is MSM targeting patriots in general for the censorship of pro-American viewpoints in deference to the NWO objectives.

a9b12b No.699229

File: 60fd209ba43a454⋯.png (56.56 KB, 647x492, 647:492, 5 Hannity re Comey Comment….PNG)

File: e164f4db74d5473⋯.png (56.58 KB, 645x475, 129:95, 6 Hannity re Comey Comment….PNG)

File: a7e5917c54b4627⋯.png (54.81 KB, 664x484, 166:121, 7 Hannity re Comey Comment….PNG)

b301f1 No.699231

>>699222 Yes, agreed. That Anon posted and then Q seems to be confirming that that is indeed the case.

eef50c No.699232


Fuck no…. it wouldn't bother me. I want to shout from the rooftops about all this, but it still feels a bit precarious at times.

bbb890 No.699233


missing from QR

1. Logic

2. Reason

3. Sense of humor


cc7fc8 No.699234



""I'm certain the poll-directed insiders are sure things will default to policy as soon as the conventions are over, but I think not. And as I've mentioned, we've all been quite content to demean government, drop civics and in general conspire to produce an unaware and compliant citizenry. The unawareness remains strong but the compliance is obviously fading rapidly. This problem demands some serious, serious thinking - and not just poll driven, demographically-inspired messaging.""

BILL IVEY (former B. Clinton administration official) on March 13, 2016.

Bill Ivey was appointed Chairman of the National Endowment for the Arts during Bill Clinton's second term.

Podesta e-mail #3599

https:// www.wikileaks.org/podesta-emails/emailid/3599

f3538c No.699235


He claims that he was part a program called the Chronos Project

d457bc No.699236


It is about integtrating into American culture/economy. Once it reaches a tipping point, they figure no one could stop further integration.

It is the same with open borders. The greater the integration, the more difficult to retain the sovereignty of the nation.

b018b7 No.699238

File: 1aa25861a3bb3d4⋯.png (323.83 KB, 590x350, 59:35, 1aa25861a3bb3d4c24661b8f79….png)


Flynn 2024?

c26a99 No.699239



Names #1, #2 must refer to corrupt ones.

>How bad is the corruption?

#1 Past corrupt.

#2 Past corrupt.

2dbfeb No.699240


7b097e No.699241


Commies Book

What happened?

the What happened tour!!!

It was the release of the video of stroke and that judge. Whose the kid?

74b6ea No.699242


nope, He is an ally to himself. watch him

afa64c No.699243

File: af51d5d4dcbcf62⋯.jpg (36.93 KB, 460x276, 5:3, RED.BONO.NIKE.Devil.jpg)

b301f1 No.699244

>>699229 Hannity isn't letting up! Happy St.Paddies Day, Sean!

d99910 No.699245


If there are children around the parents of said children need to teach them about the real word.

Great lesson for them = life is not what is seems

c248a3 No.699247


I get that.

But …

Show it was China steel used on that bridge that collapsed

Confirms National Security and the deaths are China's fault


a0ab3c No.699248


recent ?

0d9112 No.699249


Yeah, (((their))) strategy is full of holes and they're being attacked directly on multiple Achille's heels.

bf8721 No.699250


Pence exposed for pedo stuff?

Flynn VP

Flynn 2024

56d0c4 No.699251


Okay well they can't read but please don't post those pictures of HIllary or the old men again ok?

909800 No.699252

There are 18 GoFundMe pages for McCabe totalling almost $22,000.

b301f1 No.699253

>>699247 Yep, CRAPPY CHINESE STEEL! POTUS got it right!

9cc9d1 No.699254

Regarding LAC5841 - could it be this?

Líneas Aéreas del Caribe - LAC Colombia.

5af9d5 No.699255


Thanks. I have some friends in tech, who are normal people. But they have to be incognito.

aaf13f No.699256

Prol put a crater in your head with a coffee cup>>699200

22b0ab No.699257

File: 2aa2c1020ec76c6⋯.jpg (84.21 KB, 477x359, 477:359, IMG_2036.JPG)



4462fb No.699258


It's Time to take out Brennan and Clapper to watch Comey squirm.

The Optics would be Perfect right Now!

0d9112 No.699260


Kek! Go Hannity!

a8fa8f No.699261


c2b7cd No.699262


John Brennan will soon hang from a tree and sway back and forth in the geoengineered wind. People will strike his corpse with rods like a pinata. He will never see the blue sky again if anything happens to Trump. Satan cannot protect him that far.

1a382e No.699263


http:// www.tmz.com

b0d0b6 No.699264


better that than a mouthful of lies. Perps can't be strolling about much longer. Already feeling the groundswell here in flyover country.

c64617 No.699265

File: 1223307597574ca⋯.gif (1.94 MB, 500x375, 4:3, Big O! SHOWTIME!.gif)


Exactly right, anon. McCabe's firing are making the guiltiest ones scream, and the sanctimonious virtue-signalers will try to brainwash the masses over the 2A and identity politics. All of it is as evidenced by the National School Walkout this week and the upcoming March for Women being co-opted by the typical Hollywood/music industry whores. We need to be adamant about point out the crimes of everyone pushing these agendas forward in a bid to derail Trump and demoralize patriots trying to bring down their whole house of cards.

Be ready. WWGO, WGA!

5af9d5 No.699266


Concrete medians?

f336d0 No.699267


Go fund me is a sneaky way to launder money it seems.

d5ed44 No.699268



Agreed. I think he is an ally, at least for part of our agenda, so I will be waiting to se what comes out of his visit. I think it is very significant that Trump met with Gates PRIOR to the visit.

e5fac4 No.699269



9cc9d1 No.699270

File: 362bc2d2b559064⋯.jpg (565.47 KB, 1907x905, 1907:905, BRNCO71_2.jpg)

Update on BRNCO71

c248a3 No.699271


That is the first part yes.

But to prove that?

Would you be willing to be doxed to prove they are censoring you and calling you a Russian bot?

f67943 No.699272


Incorrect anon.

I am Fake Fake Q.

Fake Q is who you all worship on here.

Despite his constant lies, spelling mistakes and lack of predictions.

Only 10 can confirm me.

Do your worst.

Which won't be much since you're not a mod.

And not even mods can see IPs.

I'll be waiting.


1e9b2b No.699273

File: 873bf35c911296a⋯.jpg (241.61 KB, 1200x1245, 80:83, googlebot.jpg)

72bd6a No.699274


makes you able to pay all your bad actors too without batting an eyelid. normies think people.are just super giving. idiots.

7b097e No.699275


Need to close down some offices. Way to many

living off the system

13df6a No.699276

File: 983b94d7e51e4b6⋯.jpeg (26.04 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, image.jpeg)

It's the slow knife that cuts the deepest.

The MSM is in agony

b301f1 No.699277

File: 2c051114238994c⋯.png (53 KB, 610x486, 305:243, Screenshot_99.png)

YES! YES! Go on Sean Hannity's Show, Jim! Let the American People decide!

2dbfeb No.699278

File: 273e4d30536282e⋯.png (423.53 KB, 748x561, 4:3, paganpatricksday.png)


a9b12b No.699279

File: 6205fbaa61051a2⋯.png (60.05 KB, 656x526, 328:263, 8 Hannity re Comey Comment….PNG)

f3e064 No.699280


Think about this in regards to, "projection."

The bad guys KNOW what they've done. So it follows that they know what charges, or what topics are going to come up when they assume that that the good guys know it all.

So now pay attention to what topics the bad guys use to attack Trump and the good guys with because it will be like a friggin laundry list of their own damn crimes.

990af8 No.699281


Pence?? I could see that happening to Biden…but where do you get Pence from? sauce or guess?

fd4e1d No.699282


The new-ish Oakland Bay Bridge was made entirely with Chinese steel. It has already had some failures. I won't drive across it.

cc7fc8 No.699284


>Pence exposed for pedo stuff?

Sauce or GTFO with that fake news shyt.

a346e5 No.699285

I think McCabe might get a taste of Arkancider soon ….

e1f457 No.699286

>>698478 (last bread)

>Samantha Power tweet in regards to Brennan tweet:

>"Not a good idea to piss off John Brennan."

Does this mean that Power made all her decisions as UN Ambassador with a qualifier going in that they shouldn't piss off John Brennan?

Is that why there were so many FISA requests through Power? Afraid of Johnny getting pissed?

What a stupid thing to say in public.

d99910 No.699287


Thanks. couldn't think of version. but I was thinking 2.0 which would be version 2.

4ba8e2 No.699288


This was CLINTON and then KERRY.

56d0c4 No.699289


Q are you Paul Reubens? Really need to know please.

6bda04 No.699290


you're mistaken. see you soon.

c248a3 No.699291


can you prove it was china steel? i have no insight in that field.

aaf13f No.699292

File: df39acde45af620⋯.jpg (37.73 KB, 278x530, 139:265, IMG_1129.JPG)



Plenty of shrimp

4462fb No.699293


This is how I see it.

FBI (past/present)

#1 Bob Mueller

#1 Jame Comey

#2 Andrew McCabe

DOJ (past/present)

#1 Eric Holder

#1 Loretta Lynch

#2 Rod Rosenstein

STATE (past/present)

#1 Hillary Clinton

#1 John Kerry

13df6a No.699294


Now that is what I call a curse!

5af9d5 No.699295


There is one thing that makes it different here. Streetcars. Not Cable Cars, streetcars. They have overhead wires. The fire trucks can't get the ladders under the wires above and up to the windows of the building at the same time. So their ladders would effectively be horizontal trying to put out a fire, endangering the fire fighters.

What do the cyclists want to do? Why, remove street cars, of course. The original electric mass transit vehicles here, that are part of what makes San Francisco San Francisco.

6c5440 No.699296

File: aa9610509b07fb1⋯.png (4.91 MB, 1125x2436, 375:812, 04AEE96E-BEC3-48F4-8C85-F9….png)


Manafort knows where the bodies are buried.

0d9112 No.699297


Help them understand how the cabal was structured because they've been living in a completely alternate reality. (You probably already know this.)

616746 No.699298

What happened to all those miracle drugs we were going to get?

Still no clue about the water.

No mention of the bridge.

I thought they were taking care of "these people". Now they won't be able to walk the streets? Assumes they'll sit in their mansions?

Enough of this bullshit already.

40b091 No.699299


I’m curious as to what this means

1772f7 No.699300


Are you trying to say that POTUS would let a Pedophile work this close to him or even in the WH at all. GTFO>

55b1b2 No.699301

File: a1df394c97cc0a9⋯.png (624.32 KB, 500x558, 250:279, ClipboardImage.png)

dbe6c6 No.699302


The Constitution states the specific crimes need to be "high crimes or misdemeanors" but doesn't state what exactly those crimes are. Federal judges have been impeached for tax evasion and making false statements.

81be5e No.699303


So does Bill Preistap

f67943 No.699304


Cannot confirm or deny.

Bad people watching.


f17432 No.699305


I think you give them too much credit, but you should know your enemy. These people are stupid!

0d9112 No.699306



568bd1 No.699307


Big traffic on sw/ne tradjs over se ma, not usual flight paths….odd

c4a90e No.699308

My wise father said it for 60 years, Russia isn't who we should worry aboutTaking us over… It's China and The United States will open their arms and just invite them in to do it.

They own us. They've been slowly figuring out ways to cripple us all along. We are being tested daily with poison. Think about the recalls… Flip-flops, cups with PBA, dog food and dog toys, toothpaste. The left wants you to look at Russia Russia Russia when it's been China all along.

3595b1 No.699309



Warren G. Harding had nothing to do with the FBI. Therefore your argument that 41 = H.W. Bush is invalid.

Those numbers represent the number of people (currently employed?) within each agency.

742284 No.699310

>>699216 Hannity is giving him the business… :)

616746 No.699311


Did Large Marge send you?

2dbfeb No.699312


I once despised Hannity for his pro-warmongering. He was such a little bitch for not getting waterboarded. Starting to redeem himself but he's still a shitbird.

bc2eac No.699313


>Names #1, #2 must refer to corrupt ones.

I think you might be right, as that is how I initially perceived it, but present office holders are Trump appointees and not necessarily corrupt, but have Deep State connections. Trump's cabinet V2.0 infers that all the pieces are not yet in place.

ba30f7 No.699314


Conversation is from emails between Strzok and girlfriend, discussing how he could avoid being seen by Contreras as a cause for recusal; I think Contreras recused himself as soon as he realized that Strzok had tried to use him . . .

bf8721 No.699315


Trump being involved with Flynn is when I really started to take trump seriously.


Research Tory Smith

8fc3ab No.699316

RT isn't out of white house until Mar 31 officially (thats what he stated at press briefing). He's preparing the transfer and handed on duties but he is still sec. State

b301f1 No.699317

>>699282 Dude! Do you think POTUS might try to squeeze money out of China for faulty steel? For infrastructure? That just crossed my mind. I am sure CHina will tell us to Fuck Off!

5af9d5 No.699318


And now they want to build another one. As I recall, the concrete on the Bay Bridge was not sufficiently water proof? Or there was rusting on the metal parts?

aaf13f No.699319

File: 50cb51752207aaf⋯.jpg (55.19 KB, 564x564, 1:1, IMG_1156.JPG)

Just offering a taste of valor

a9b12b No.699320

File: 9c8bcd340a39029⋯.png (527.68 KB, 676x820, 169:205, DoD 3-17-18 1 pm PST.PNG)

DoD is referencing pizza

"Hey guys, the pizza's here!"

a346e5 No.699321

IG report 2 million pages ….500 people under his supervision …18 k Sealed subpoenas ….Let that sink in …

662b5c No.699322

File: baa4765fd453cd1⋯.gif (723.71 KB, 200x200, 1:1, giphy-6.gif)


Time to hit the liberals with a smoke screen to bleed (((them))) dry.

Post this online to social so with hashtags the usual hashtags of NeverTrump blah blah bullcrap so they donate thinking they're helping Mueller:

https:// www.gofundme.com/support-robert-mueller039s-resistance

Let's bring some lightning to The Storm. I hope to god I get quads so Kek knows it's real.

161e32 No.699323

File: f74ffc29b84277f⋯.png (201.29 KB, 650x722, 325:361, mccabe-pepe.png)

4a3ee8 No.699324


We can be sure that Q-Team has far more important things to do. Brennan is nothing more than a toothless old sack of shit—a poodle barking at a lion. He can run his mouth and yell as loudly as he wants to. He has no power anymore, and that is the worst thing that can possibly happen to arrogant assholes like him. They think they're untouchable gods. Brennan's going to watch all his cronies get taken down one by one. Then he'll get the message and shut up. President Hillary was supposed to cement is tenure at the Clown agency. He's mad because he watched that dream go up in smoke. They're not finished with him though. Its what he's knows is coming that scares the shit out of him.

I have a feeling that Q's post about suicides is still an upcoming event. Most of these people will not allow themselves to be taken alive to go to prison.

bac642 No.699325


I noticed right before the Twatter lockout that a couple of the liberal circle jerks I found my way into trying to drop red pills were full of people complaining that Twatter used to be so much fun and the "Russian bots" are ruining it.

I even have a few screenshots from some larger accounts tagging Twatter support demanding that they do something because we are ruining their experience.

It must have been a real circle jerk prior to the whole release the memo stuff. Maybe our mission was to red pill and to disrupt their algorithm. I wonder what the stats are now. We're the memes pushed so that the bots had a harder time "reading" our conversation?

f336d0 No.699326


At every turn there is a new scam. I don't see how this can be fixed. Corruption literately everywhere. Good people have no chance.

4ba8e2 No.699327



We need a defined means of benching corrupt judges. Has to be part of the swamp process, to not directly regress when the Sun comes up.

c248a3 No.699329


Prove the collapse used China Steel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We will all get a citation and the person that does a cookie.

c5ccf6 No.699330

A few days ago I found an article about one of the reasons Fillets on got fired.

It had to do with how Trump wanted a new approach to dealing with Israel and the Palestinians.

Tillerson wanted to negotiate the same old way…..through the PLO.

Trump wanted to do it differently. Helping the people which he knew the PLO wasn't doing.

The article mentioned a water project that the Trump administration was developing for the people. Jared Kushner was involved on it.

Maybe someone can find it. I can't remember where I saw it and can't look right now.


cd0a62 No.699331


^^^^^^ THIS

1e9b2b No.699332

File: 131f7e6a0f19c77⋯.png (791.85 KB, 839x942, 839:942, GOP.png)

http:// www.philly.com/philly/news/18th-special-election-lamb-saccone-voting-irregularities-gop-impound-machines-20180314.html

aaf13f No.699333


Totes adorb

a8fa8f No.699334

+41 = strzok, page, all clinton cronies, judges, etc???

9cc9d1 No.699335

File: 4132c6a67b46c9a⋯.jpg (57.8 KB, 500x473, 500:473, Shoveler-Mystery-Men-Willi….jpg)


Anons be like

4462fb No.699336


>"Geo-Engineered wind"

Thats Hilarious.

7b6718 No.699337

File: 762ab91f3bb0c08⋯.jpg (43.16 KB, 524x400, 131:100, 762ab91f3bb0c0832cd304173a….jpg)

7b097e No.699338

McCabe has memos and top secret stuff at his home like comey?

When will the swat team or marines raid their homes like Mueller investigation raided manaforts.

How are they hiding top secret information at their homes? Are they insurance files?

a412f9 No.699339

>Q 03/17/18 (Sat) 14:03:41 No.458

How bad is the corruption?

FBI (past/present)


#1 {Comey}

#2 {McCabe}

+29 (16)

DOJ (past/present)

#1 {Holder}

#1 {Lynch}

#2 {Rosenstein}


STATE (past/present)

#1 {Clinton/Kerry}

#1 {Tillerson}


Removal is the least of their problems.



Twitter Bots>GOOG operated (not Russia)/Narrative & Political SLANT








Who knows where the bodies are buried?



Election theft.

Last hope.

Congressional focus.


Why aren't the Clowns on that list?

Everyone knows the C_A has their fingers in most pies.

I don't trust Comey for a second, I in no way think he's working with Trump.

I don't think Assad would use chemicals on his own people, I know this has nothing to do with the Q post, but I think it would be wrong to go to war with Syria and Russia without hard facts that are shown to (us) we've been lied to too many times before. Show us evidence!

81be5e No.699340


Interesting "the Pizza's in Israel" and we are saving them for last….

8199d9 No.699341

File: 8d6d9abbac8b7f1⋯.jpg (509.52 KB, 1024x614, 512:307, LaceUp.jpg)

13df6a No.699342


I did not say they would succeed.

I recognize that is what is being attempted.

They are stupid

40b091 No.699343


Yeah this really pissed me off. She is so arrogant.

d4e848 No.699344


IG Report is not 2 mil pages. That is the amount of documents they had access to go through.

b018b7 No.699345


>Plenty of shrimp


1e9b2b No.699346


thats why its important to keep fighting = )

7292e3 No.699347


Doesn't anybody re-read the crumbs anymore?

56d0c4 No.699349


Just answer this then:

Did Cowboy Curtis have anything to do with giving your the red pill?

95b418 No.699350




>Who knows where the bodies are buried?



I wish Flynn would come back as NS advisor. Congress prob wouldn't allow it though.

3bfb55 No.699351


So far, they seem to be correct in that belief.I'm having very limited success in converting the natives.

8076b6 No.699352


Obviously we're not sheep or following the stars b/c we're on f@cking 8chan.

But does anyone seriously think we're making big dents with normies? ( honest question, maybe my experience is different )

95% of normies I see are voraciously collecting "muh Russiagate" theories and waiting for the mid-terms.

Gotta come up with some better/easier redpilling strategies IMO, otherwise we're just praying to the heavens for Q Team to drop irrefutable evidence

aaf13f No.699353

File: 0f56a6dfecebba3⋯.jpg (120.38 KB, 2048x1152, 16:9, IMG_0929.JPG)

Back hoe on standby

9cc9d1 No.699354


That one landed at Atlanta.

ad1d10 No.699355


Either Stars = Horoscope, which is insane and unlikely, or

Stars = Celebrities, which means the Derp State still hasn't learned any new tricks and is thus still destined to fail, or

Stars = Alien invasion as you suggest. (((They))) were going to save this one for close to the end of a one world takeover, to prove the "need" for central command and control. But instead maybe they use it for a Decidedly Desperate Defensive move. Awesome!

b018b7 No.699356



f67943 No.699357


You will need:

Money for the flight.

Money for the ferry

Money for the SUV.

See you soon.


e86a9e No.699358

Q, if there is election theft, why hasn’t anything been done about AL or PA? It seems like the Dems are getting away with it, and no one has the balls to stand up for justice.

616746 No.699359


This recent drop looks like a collective copy and paste of the best previous drops.

722d57 No.699360

I anticipate that over the next 3 years we will see a massive "breakthroughs" in medical treatments of numerous ailments including cancers, infectious diseases, autoimmune diseases, etc.

These will be rolled out by Big Pharma at the pressure of the Trump Admin v2. They exist already.

This would be, by far, one of the greatest achievements of any government in WORLD history. Let it be so.

56d0c4 No.699361


Crumbs are bread and we throw those away in our house. What are you talking about?

7e615b No.699362

File: a677a1bb4b06dbc⋯.png (26.72 KB, 710x344, 355:172, Dr. Dena Comey Tweet.png)


I was looking through replies on comeys tweet and found this one.

Wonder who she is connected to?

And what she said is so fucking funny,,, because it's the opposite. Trump is the master at chess,, and they are all screwed.

b301f1 No.699363

File: b203d73e6cdf1f1⋯.png (381.65 KB, 615x757, 615:757, Screenshot_100.png)

Uh…a joke right? Nothing to read into this?

bbb890 No.699364

File: 6d19df24abeab9c⋯.png (661.44 KB, 438x536, 219:268, Screenshot-2018-3-17 Meme ….png)

32a0b9 No.699365

Mueller indicted Donald JR? Sauce

f67943 No.699366



Patriots in FULL CONTROL.


7c55e6 No.699367

File: 0f9418a7434d3ca⋯.png (400.92 KB, 660x349, 660:349, wethepeople.png)

5af9d5 No.699368


I think you would have to find out who the subcontractors and suppliers are. It would take some digging. A contractors daily newspaper might have the specs. And the results of the bidding. A contractor with a subscription to a "put out the bid" news service might have access to that.

0d9112 No.699369

File: a2f5c2cf638c867⋯.png (353.27 KB, 399x500, 399:500, ClipboardImage.png)

338ae7 No.699370


That Is Meaty… is it served in the bread?

7292e3 No.699371


If you read Q's posts you wouldn't be saying that shit

feb81a No.699372

I think one of the biggest successes that this board has had, was the release the memo drive. Q keeps saying that we have the power. We have more than we know. Between Trump and Q, the idea is to imprint certain things into the minds of the public. It is like the counter narrative to the control of the MSM by the left. What is needed now is a combined, and powerful effort to do this again. An example would be to start hashtagging certain things. People that WE KNOW are dirty should be labeled something like #swampcreature for people like Schiff, Swallwell, Watters, Pelosi, Comey, Clinton, and even Obama. Also - any member of the media should be something like #liarmedia or #DNCcontrolledmedia. I think these are the things that Q wants people to do. But it has to sweep all over the twitter of conservatives and anti-globalists. IT has to be powerful. The left is SOOOO much better at organizing than the right is.

99c930 No.699373

Hyksos Pharaohs were Armenian, at that time it was called "Urartu", they were kicked out of Egypt, evil tribe

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Urartu

The last Babelonean King was Armanian

It is suggested that Armenians of Soducena became the Sadducees, foreign rulers/priests in Jerusalem, the israelites did not like them at all.

Their sect is believed to have become extinct some time after the destruction of Herod's Temple in Jerusalem in 70 CE, but it has been speculated that the later Karaites may have had some roots in—or connections with—Sadducaic views.

Karaites tried to persuade the Khazar King to adopt Karaite Judaism

Later they spread to Eastern Europe, Russia, all the way up to Sweden (found khazarian coins suggest that)

Karaylar-Karaites were a later formed subgroup, they were exempt from prosecutions in Nazi germany, special status.

Rothschild = Ananite, closely related to Karaylar-Karaites

Interesting thing symbology wise is that both the 6 pointed star of David as the Swastika originate from Armenia (Urartu)

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=lRKdSruWAKg

https:// www.peopleofar.com/2012/01/14/the-six-pointed-star-of-armenia/

d457e4 No.699374


What I keep wondering

Is Horowitz SES?

Can we get a list?

876b98 No.699375


The Best of Bread

662b5c No.699376

File: b7270e58c19eb2a⋯.gif (810.03 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, C5X6bis.gif)


So why not fuck with them? I made a GoFundMe page to get some dumbasses to through their shekels my way…I mean (((Mueller's))) way.

https:// www.gofundme.com/support-robert-mueller039s-resistance

God almighty, I hope this works. Since I can't get a job in liberal commiefornia, what better way to get paid and donate to veterans after I get my truck ;)

FUCK MCCABE. My power level is literally over 9000. I'm gonna to put a Trump decal on my truck if this works out. NOTICE ME SENPAI!

If you guys help me out, I'll give you the March Madness winner. Gematriafag here. Called Nascar last week. Let's goooooo!

c248a3 No.699377

Can I Mute fake Q and still see the real Q if he posts?

56d0c4 No.699378


Jambi thinks otherwise.

32a0b9 No.699379


I like 'Alternative" Q better.

bc2eac No.699381


>Nice write up anon….

Thanks, Anon. I'm sure it could be tweaked a bit. Q-Team really dropped a bomb with that post and with the fake Q around here I'm glad to see it in Q's own board.

Perhaps 'they never thought Sessions would fire McCabe.' Major turning point.

4ba8e2 No.699382


Did it not occur to you that he did that for a reason?

They are already archived all over the place,

Take a chill pill and follow the plan.

a6e766 No.699383

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

For you, Q team. No homo.

9cc9d1 No.699384


McCabe are you not.

32a0b9 No.699385


That IS the REAL Q

6cd047 No.699386


Don't feed the trolls

Don't feed the trolls

Don't feed the trolls

8076b6 No.699387

File: 9554328bb64d341⋯.jpg (61.32 KB, 900x900, 1:1, angry_pepe.jpg)


my face when elections are stolen

5fe481 No.699388


go into your moms basement again bud

f3538c No.699390

Who is number 16 on the list and are they the one who brought the rest of the FBI down?


da16e3 No.699391

File: 07f973e74f44ace⋯.jpg (249.17 KB, 799x720, 799:720, 1b9b004aa0814c83a6f9c260b8….jpg)

5af9d5 No.699392


I think you would have to find out who the subcontractors and suppliers are. It would take some digging. A contractors daily newspaper might have the specs. And the results of the bidding. A contractor with a subscription to a "put out the bid" news service might have access to that.

Repeat of a post, for your benefit.

b018b7 No.699393


Wait a Moment?, Cobra?. G.I Joe?

877f7f No.699394


http:// www.lyricsreg.com/lyrics/heavy+d.+and+the+boyz/In+Living+Color/

e5fac4 No.699395


redpilling not going well for me…entrenchment. ehhh

f5b44b No.699396


Peter Sweitzer author of Clinton cash came out with a new book, thats how the focus turned to Biden's pay to play i believe.

39199d No.699397


So far, HRC has not been shown to have TS:SCI on her server… 'just' confidential.

However… If she did have S and TS with SCI on her server… That is terribad. Which means Hannity likely has a bird or two who know a bit more about what was deleted than has been reported.

a8fa8f No.699398


(16) + 3 = 19!

[19] = corrupt FBI agents

Anons, in total its +88!

c248a3 No.699399




What I am saying!!!!

I do not understand the industry - someone will.

aaf13f No.699400

File: dd02daf51f66bf6⋯.jpg (55.12 KB, 600x520, 15:13, IMG_1098.JPG)


662b5c No.699401


My almonds are too activated.


Jesus Christ I'm ashamed of my grammar fuck up. Seppuku in 3…2…

1e9b2b No.699402

File: a672926e5fadb0a⋯.png (253.91 KB, 563x678, 563:678, ff.png)

false flag..

bf8721 No.699403


Keep your…

If Pence were corrupted it would be the perfect play tbh. DJT can say “look, this isn’t a partisan issue.” Shakespearean. Time will tell. I hope pence is on the up and up, but I always got a weird vibe from him. Plus wasn’t he the RNC pick?

32a0b9 No.699404

File: ae60997dcd2bf8c⋯.jpg (43.52 KB, 306x407, 306:407, 26der2.jpg)

File: ddc420bbe405c4a⋯.jpg (157.57 KB, 758x499, 758:499, 26df2f.jpg)

File: 3b3f6e9fb9e5d58⋯.jpg (123.78 KB, 501x500, 501:500, download (3).jpg)

File: 143a34a30898719⋯.jpg (93.93 KB, 732x499, 732:499, download (5).jpg)

File: f3b02226b762557⋯.jpg (10.47 KB, 297x170, 297:170, download (6).jpg)

Q, get your ass out here and resolve this. I’m calling you out as a LARP. Come at me.

Remaining silent while anons are jumping ship is an admission of LARP. Been here since OCT fighting for you EVERY step of the way until Hillary leaving the country.





The LARP is researching POTUS schedule and making cryptic comments too vague to be believed one way or another.

Here’ s an example:

Q says stuff like: "Watch the water", "Watch the news". "Disinfo is necessary". Then Q will posts numbers and letters that make no sense to manipulate us into thinking it is a code.Q tells us to "build the map" Where is it? Best case scenario: Q accidently let anons believe something that wasn’t true and neglected to correct us. Worst case scenario: Q is purposefully telling us things that are not true. Either disinfo is necessary or Q is a larping liar.

See how vague this is? Not to mention the stuff that Q HAS claimed never came true.

Boot theory debunked, Atlanta airport debunked

John Legend and Tiegen debunked, Huma indicted debunked, Podesta indicted debunked

Hillary arrested debunked, Snowden changing sides debunked "Trump should be shot!" debunked. Loop Capital? GANNETT? The list goes on…Wake up anons

<<The best way to debunk Q is to read Q's posts.>>

Q is a brilliant strategy to get free high quality pro Trump memes, research and social media support for free.

Corporations pay millions for the combined work we do for free.

Not all is lost. At least Q brought us together. We should continue to dig and find a way to save our country.

Just don’t be afraid of using critical thinking and common sense.

I know you’ve seen this, Q.

Did you hear me?

Your anons are leaving.

I’m calling you out as a fake.

▶Anonymous 03/16/18 (Fri) 11:08:59 30861d No.685806>>685852


The only thing I disagree with here is "At least Q brought us together". I don't find this true, just look at the responses to your comment. You're not yelling at people on this board, you're looking out for them, yet they'll ridicule you for not thinking exactly like them. (Yet they claim normies are brain washed).

What happened to critical thinking?

To add to your issues, I will add my own.

Q has stated "we see all, we hear all" yet many lives have been lost in false flags, just as recently as yesterday (supposedly).

Q claims, "this is not a game", then asks, if "you'd like to play a game". I feel like we have been playing one already.

"Enjoy the show, we are winning". Loss of innocents lives is winning and a show I should be enjoying? If they knew about this bridge, why not prevent it? Or the trains that crashed a few months ago, or the powder that got sent to Don Jr, etc.

People completely ignore all the wrong and put a HUGE spotlight on the one vague, generalization that could be explained as a Q prediction (or 100 other things) and that's what they grasp to and attack you like a vicious bear, hungry and starving, if you even Question things. You can be polite to the users, polite about Q, but the minute you question this all, look out, Cult Q will be on your ass in a heartbeat.

I also find it pretty pathetic a lot of these guys dish bullshit and then hide behind a filtered button the minute they get done saying what they need to.

8ch really is starting to seem like a group of high schoolers, unemployed pill poppers and all-knowing information givers. AKA, complete bullshit.

Anonymous 03/16/18 (Fri) 11:12:34 30861d No.685840>>685868 >>685973 >>685976 >>685989


…Also, don't forget the Memo was supposed to change EVERYTHING. Obama was supposed to be caught spying, Hillary, too. So much was supposed to come from the Memo.

And then BOOM!!!!! Nothing.

Now it's the IG report, new hype, new hope and after it's release, same old shit. Q will mention something new and these a.d.d types will run where pointed toward, never once looking back at the pile of bullshit they've been run through.

Anonymous 03/16/18 (Fri) 11:24:10 469017 No.685973>>685989


You're so right. The memo was suppose to bring about yuge changes. RR gone, Sessions in-recused, end to Mueller, charges filed against the FB criminals, on and on.

What a joke that was. So, now we are suppose to believe that something might actually happen when the OIG report comes out? If the general public knows of the crimes committed by the 7th floor, you know damn good and well the Congress/DOJ know about it. Yet, every single one of them are still employed!!!! Including McCabe. Yet a lowly sailor took a pic of a submarine console and was immediately thrown in the brig. Yeah, sure there is equal justice under the law.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.


Critical Thinking Anons

f40da9 No.699405


Definition of STUPID:

Aligning yourself with an entity that has ALREADY BEEN DEFEATED…

Yeah….that's STUPID!

faf14f No.699406

File: 078a6ed71413a55⋯.webm (1.17 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, impressive_most_impressiv….webm)

Thanks to all the anons doing the digging. For everyone else on the side lines, maybe this will motivate you?

616746 No.699408


Thanks, forgot to include that.

8e7b13 No.699409

File: 628f497556442ce⋯.jpeg (958.98 KB, 2560x2560, 1:1, E70807EB-DB6F-4FD1-A46B-4….jpeg)

4c6230 No.699410


Satanic Bohemian Grove cancelled this year?? Lololol

56d0c4 No.699411


Why is Ellen doing that

9cc9d1 No.699412


Real Q doesn't have his trip code in bold. Fake Q uses the e-mail name field, hence it's bold.

Faker than a fake thing with fake things sprinkled all over it.

7f9579 No.699413

File: fdbb09e09b3b009⋯.jpg (87.9 KB, 750x741, 250:247, DYgt8WzUMAEZue_.jpg)

568bd1 No.699414


English Royals refer to The People as "The Herd"


4462fb No.699415

How bad is the corruption?

FBI (past/present)


#1 {Comey}

#2 {McCabe}

da16e3 No.699416


Anybody smell onions?

e0e783 No.699417

File: 820deaec25f64cc⋯.png (5.35 KB, 247x247, 1:1, Q's Takedown List.PNG)

Q's Takedown list:

FBI past and present

1. McCabe (temp?)

1. Comey

1. Mueller

2. McCabe


1. Lynch

1. Holder

2. Yates

State P&P

1. Clinton

1. Kerry


1. Brennan

1. Panetta

1. Clapper

a8fa8f No.699418



(16) + 3 = [19]

bf8721 No.699419


Sorry demoralization fag, Friday is FUD day. And now we are seeing Brennan have a public freak out and feeling the plan comfy style.

0d9112 No.699420


Maker her famous!

32a0b9 No.699421


Sheeple here reporting for duty.



bac642 No.699422


Are you suggesting we scam them? Where is that money going? If that is the case, WE ABSOLUTELY CANNOT DO THAT. These people are lost and clearly have a hard time thinking for themselves. They are still our brothers and sisters. They are still Americans and we must take care of them, not exploit them.

If I have misunderstood, feel free to call me a faggot but please explain what you mean.

e0efa7 No.699423

File: abda9fdcb2d3a11⋯.jpg (57.4 KB, 646x597, 646:597, herecomethebooms.JPG)


Booms they are a coming! KEK

c8370c No.699424


Straight to "Go to bottom" link!

2dbfeb No.699425



cd0a62 No.699426


excellent - love this plan

2b54be No.699427

Filter several times but seemingly keeps IP jumping.

7848c3 No.699428


I don't understand the past/present thing, is Q saying Wray is corrupt?

616746 No.699429


Avoidance and silence is the ultimate larp.I wouldn't expect answers to legit questions.

b018b7 No.699430



a5b51a No.699431


Yes, just filter fake Q. They have different user IDs. You can tell fake Q because the real Q is bold with a non bold tripcode. You click the little arrow next to the post to open the filter menu. See the FAQ for more instructions on how to use 8chan.

32a0b9 No.699433


I get that,


Fake Q is realer than "real" Q.


ad1d10 No.699434


No need for concern, fag, there's this:


c64617 No.699435


All very concise. Good job piecing it all together!

On a related note, something is on the back of my mind in regards to Tillerson/Pompeo. Note that Q has told us time and again to "TRUST SESSIONS" and "TRUST WRAY" - Though with Tillerson now out of the State Department and Mike Pompeo taking his place, I think of Q's "TRUST KANSAS" and how some anons hint that it isn't a direct addressing of Pompeo.

I theorize that Pompeo will only remain in the State Department for an extended period just like Tillerson, much like how he was only head of the CIA for a very brief time. It would reinforce the idea that Pompeo is playing hatchet man with the corrupt ones still residing in these departments. Anyone else think this might be plausible?

95b418 No.699436

> Removal is the least of their problems.

I very much like reading that.

4462fb No.699437

fa5c8e No.699438


No, the last two #1's and the current #2

662b5c No.699439

File: a1d1627954e157f⋯.gif (220.8 KB, 500x375, 4:3, homer_lurking.gif)

3bfb55 No.699440


Don't filter fakeq.

Ignore and filter those who reply. Your life will get much easier

9d8fb8 No.699441


what does it mean?

aaf13f No.699442

File: ef6bcac2adfb92a⋯.jpg (16.56 KB, 480x480, 1:1, IMG_1145.JPG)


Do a wiggle for the normies

a89842 No.699444


Does Five Eyes fit in here somewhere?

7f9579 No.699446

File: bd5030c0c58faf1⋯.png (236.39 KB, 960x531, 320:177, BOOM.png)

c248a3 No.699447


Thought so just wanted everyone to know.

also I see the clowns have arrived in the last few min

fc9f69 No.699448


Bush said that? And Hillary said if he wins we will all be hanged.

Pretty obvious admissions of guilt

bbb890 No.699449


I'd rather read fake Q that the concerfags complaining about fake Q

1e9b2b No.699450


Dallas tomorrow

feb81a No.699451

4ba8e2 No.699452



>600 acres was digitized in Texas and is for sale. to buy u must prove you are not a united states citizen. SCARY INDEED

For all pissing and moaning about discrimination that is done by the flaming liberals, they see no problem with this.

That can't be legal, we need a bored lawyer to there to kick them in the balls.

Better prove they ain't on a DACA list too.

afddd9 No.699453


Great work!

662b5c No.699454



5af9d5 No.699455


It is a government project. Normally, the process is that the government puts out public bids for each stage of the project. Asks for bids from architects for the plans. Selects an architect from the bidders. Architects and contractors subscribe to things like McGraw Hills "Daily Pacific Builder." When the plans are done, they put out a call for bids for a general contractor. The general contractor bases his bids on the specs and plans provided by the news service. They base the price on what the subcontractors and material suppliers tell them it will cost.

So all of that is decided before they make the bid. Lowest bidder is supposed to get the contract, but not until the government goes over all their details to make sure it will work. in practice, it is theatre. They always select their favorite contractor.

bc2eac No.699456


>So now pay attention to what topics the bad guys use to attack Trump and the good guys with because it will be like a friggin laundry list of their own damn crimes.

That ex-hit man for the Clintons, Larry Nichols, warned us a long time ago about how they operate. That Brennon dude has a lot of nerve. Wonder what Clapper and BathHouse Barry are up to these days? Not to mention, Holder, Lynch, Rice, Power and a few others…

e86a9e No.699458


We are not loud enough. Too many are afraid to say the truth. We need to make more progress. We have to be vocal and organized.

7848c3 No.699459


it isn't exactly clear

ed10e3 No.699460


Can you give us a hint of when the IG report will be dropping?

f67943 No.699461

MEMO will change EVERYTHING.














9d1ce4 No.699462


Yup … maybe Yates but I think RR

009c36 No.699463


Uhhh… Pizza and Israel… isn't that the whole premise of pedogate… ((())) blackmailing our politicians for control? very interesting tweet

b0d0b6 No.699464


As one famous lady once said, "let them eat cake." She lost her head. Past proves future.

12ba0d No.699465

Q cleaning up greatawakening. Only 3 posts now.

133ace No.699466

File: 6f815adb9e0fd02⋯.png (286.99 KB, 700x1100, 7:11, QGA3-17-2018-page001.png)

fa5c8e No.699467




c248a3 No.699468



in Texas?

8076b6 No.699469


Fuck off, Swalwell, I'm talking to Patriots

f0c167 No.699470


You will never understand the A-list celebrities until you accept that they are all mind-control slaves owned by Hollywood moguls. You have to identify the mogul that owns a slave to understand what that slave is doing, i.e. who is the slave working for.

Yes, there are a few slaves who have joined the business so to speak such as Madonna. And there are a few who are bloodline family members so they are not the same kind of mind-control slaves.

Bloodline family members do get their minds shattered and programmed but the matriarch programs them for specific tasks in the Illuminati plans. They all serve the Grande Dame while the A-listers serve the moguls.

56d0c4 No.699471


Do you know Cowboy Curtis? At least tell me that.

f67943 No.699472




Patriots in full control.

But need a better quarterback.


616746 No.699474


No. I see the same 100 entitled chans memeing each other and making fun of everyone else.

b018b7 No.699475



9d8fb8 No.699476


watch the vid

feb81a No.699477

616746 No.699478


Is the plan to bring back Romo?

1e9b2b No.699479


not specific yet in to whom the data went..

5d32c6 No.699480

File: b60ffe15f255d5f⋯.png (175.32 KB, 691x514, 691:514, Screen Shot 2018-03-17 at ….png)


harding affair with a potential german spy, investigated by the fbi

thats significant i'd say

8199d9 No.699481


It's the practice of putting inferior products into a drug to maximize profits. Another meaning is to put a product in for malicious reasons.

1772f7 No.699482

Q, your GA is up and down as much as my twitter. Watchya doing?

7b097e No.699483


bidens son made money in the Ukraine


662b5c No.699485

File: f2c8e07aa4d129c⋯.gif (999 KB, 500x250, 2:1, giphy-7.gif)


Let's make it happen, cap'n.

fe5e69 No.699487


Well she's married to a Dem Congressman (former) for one..

https:// twitter.com/AlanGrayson

d5ed44 No.699488


Are you by chance the "one of 11" who deleted one of their twitter accounts last night at approximately 11:40 pm EST?

"Tu ne cede malis, sed contra audentior ito."

9cc9d1 No.699489

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

This is why we are doing this. Sacrifices will not have been made in vain.

229b41 No.699490

Peter Duke is photo profiling George Webb.

"Public will know soon."

8199d9 No.699491

File: f688499c85a432b⋯.jpg (524.23 KB, 1024x614, 512:307, BuckleUp.jpg)

c248a3 No.699492


Ok Then hard

Q may have to do. As it is private company that buys the material. We might be able to track the manifests to the location but not who purchased the steel and from where.

a89842 No.699493


Does Five Eyes fit in here somewhere?>>699479


bf8721 No.699494


It’s not always that complex. These people are whores for money and fame. They will literally sell their own children off of the price is right. Plus do not underestimate the power of the echo chamber and the fear of being blacklisted.

1772f7 No.699495

Biden is a really easy target to take down. Not sure why he would think he is going to run for president…

aaf13f No.699496

File: a8be25a296b2e9f⋯.jpg (36.02 KB, 379x388, 379:388, IMG_0975.JPG)


SOviet fag sez no Russian hooker collusion

95b418 No.699497


Q said to trust Wray, unless that was disinfo meant to make McCabe and others comfy.

If sincere, that means Mueller is likely the other #1, which answers the question about whether he has been working for Trump all this time.

161ac2 No.699498


how many here think it was Brits trying to deflect from kiddie sex scandal?

how many here think if you are gonna be a double agent you should expect to be murdered at any given time?

7e615b No.699499

File: fbd2a3ae145a511⋯.png (698.38 KB, 1281x510, 427:170, Dr Dena TW Background pic.png)

File: f38fa4452001843⋯.png (932.54 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, Grayson-and-Minning-1024x1….png)


Oh shit, she's one of the wives.

She's married to that Creep Grayson in congress, from Florida.

Look at her eyes,, she's got the creepy eyes we have noticed.

Dr. Dena GraysonVerified account


Spouse of Rep. @AlanGrayson. #Progressive. Former candidate for US #Congress. Medical #Doctor (MD) and #Scientist (PhD). "Brain dead moron" per Trump trolls.

https:// twitter.com/DrDenaGrayson

f3e064 No.699500

File: dbfc6fad623b5ad⋯.jpg (77.12 KB, 500x504, 125:126, vastevil.jpg)

b018b7 No.699501



Civil War?

c248a3 No.699502


Thanks Fake

bbb890 No.699503

File: 998ec280b14ebc4⋯.png (664.41 KB, 679x518, 97:74, Screenshot-2018-3-14 Satur….png)

ed10e3 No.699504

Breitbart editor: Biden's and Kerry’s sons inked deal with Chinese government after vice president’s trip

By John Bowden - 03/15/18 02:49 PM EDT

http:// thehill.com/blogs/blog-briefing-room/news/378629-breitbart-editor-biden-and-kerrys-sons-inked-deal-with-chinese

A private equity firm managed by the sons of former Vice President Joe Biden and former Secretary of State John Kerry struck a deal with China's state-owned bank in 2013 at the same time that Biden was in the country to meet with Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Hunter Biden, who arrived in China aboard Air Force Two alongside the vice president and the rest of the U.S. delegation, was at the time in control of Rosemont Seneca Partners LLC., a private equity firm that would go on to strike a deal with the state-owned Bank of China to create a $1 billion joint investment fund.

In excerpts from his upcoming book, “Secret Empires: How the American Political Class Hides Corruption and Enriches Family and Friends,” Breitbart News senior editor-at-large Peter Schweizer writes that the China deal was part of a trend of high-stakes deals between the sons' investment firm — under the Rosemont entities umbrella — and foreign governments that were also in the middle of striking deals with the Obama administration.

Hunter Biden, along with Kerry's son by marriage Chris Heinz, control the Rosemont entities, which describes itself as “a $2.4 billion private equity firm."

In 2011, Hunter Biden met with top Chinese government fund leaders alongside managing partner Devon Archer and James Bulger, the nephew of notorious mobster Whitey Bulger, who controls a Massachusetts-based consultancy firm. The meeting took place just hours before the vice president would meet with Hu Jintao, then China's president, in Washington as part of a nuclear security summit.

A second meeting that year between Hunter Biden and other top Chinese officials would occur in Taiwan, just two weeks after the vice president opened up strategic talks with China in Washington.


In 2013, the younger Biden would be part of an official U.S. delegation to the country. Ten days later, Rosemont entities inked a $1 billion deal with the bank of China. The deal was eventually increased to $1.5 billion.

Deals made by the firm — co-owned by the government of China and the two sons of top American officials — would go on to have serious national security implications for the United States. One such deal was with the automotive subsidiary of Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC), a major Chinese military contractor accused of frequently stealing U.S. military technology.

In late 2015, AVIC would go on to purchase 51 percent of American precision-parts manufacturer Henniges. Joe Biden's and John Kerry's sons bought the other 49 percent in a deal that was approved by the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States, which includes members of numerous government agencies including the State Department.

In an email, a spokesman for Heinz told The Hill that Heinz had "no operating role" in Rosemont Seneca, and was not involved in any of the firm's dealings in China.

“Rosemont Capital is not, and never was, a part of the Heinz Family Office and was a fully independent alternative investment fund manager," said Heinz spokesman Chris Bastardi.

"Chris Heinz was involved in Rosemont Capital. Rosemont Seneca was established under the same GP as Rosemont Capital, but Chris Heinz had no operating role in it. Chris and his family have no financial interest or investment in Bohai Harvest RST, he has never traveled to China, and he has never met with the firm’s Chinese management team or investors."

Joe Biden is considered by many Democrats as a top contender in 2020 to challenge President Trump, whose own sons have been involved in foreign business dealings that raise questions about foreign officials using the Trump Organization to influence the White House.

Last week, the Trump organization donated $151,470 in profits earned from foreign government patronage at its hotels and other businesses in 2017 to the U.S. Treasury, a move not required by law.

a5bbe7 No.699505


>not understanding trips


7292e3 No.699506

File: 259456e79f755e5⋯.png (1.25 MB, 1100x799, 1100:799, hrc-fallen.png)

9d1ce4 No.699507


Fake Q can't post on Greatawakening.

56e626 No.699508


Libtards and sheep love that guy for some reason

e0efa7 No.699509


Flynn will be back as part of GEOTUS admin.

Trump Admin V2

8199d9 No.699510


It was the brits yes.. I think they're trying to get May ousted.

7c55e6 No.699511

File: 4b3d3c1fbbd57ef⋯.png (241.52 KB, 602x509, 602:509, ooh.png)

2b54be No.699512

Copy that, Thanks>>699427

1a382e No.699513

File: e5240afcfb5a913⋯.jpg (602.68 KB, 773x932, 773:932, RMf.jpg)

True or False?

c8370c No.699514


I agree nothing but truth should come from this glorious cesspool. Anons have integrity!

But I'll still call you a fag cause hey, It's 8chan!

c2faf5 No.699515


maybe 41 is George H Bush?

5fe322 No.699516


yates for sure

rosenstein is on the same footing as mueller

39199d No.699517


These are CIA agents in the Dem ranks, yes?

Relax. People in the CIA may be a sort of predator, but they are not evil. There are a bunch of them who are willing to do the unsavory to fulfill a higher goal. They believe they are protecting the nation and people.

What happens when they are shown the truth of what has been going on? Of what their sacrifices and unsavory actions have gone toward?

It doesn't matter if they win the elections or not - they become ours. We aren't playing Chess. We are playing Shogi. Captured pieces can be returned to play as your own when the conditions are right.

133ace No.699518

File: badde62f378651e⋯.png (78.75 KB, 695x496, 695:496, ClipboardImage.png)


Maybe but this is China related.. .

Heard it on the radio yesterday or day before.

http:// www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5507429/Bidens-son-Hunter-deal-Bank-China-fathers-trip.html

722d57 No.699519



161ac2 No.699520


you all need to remember that the 1% do not consider you human. they don't care if you live or die.

1dfded No.699521


Wasn't that supposed to be the case in Alabama too?

8199d9 No.699522

File: 0fd4113d2d5a59e⋯.png (30.71 KB, 600x364, 150:91, filters.png)

File: 44b09b53b6fc0f0⋯.png (26.7 KB, 598x362, 299:181, filters2.png)

89e6dd No.699523


no im a newfag and the analysis from this board is spreading out into fb and twatter etc

7c55e6 No.699524

File: 0f9418a7434d3ca⋯.png (400.92 KB, 660x349, 660:349, wethepeople.png)

b018b7 No.699525

File: 2460365b052f1e3⋯.jpg (86.28 KB, 780x440, 39:22, 2460365b052f1e3ca908914650….jpg)


Uncle Joe….

568bd1 No.699526


which isle?

2b54be No.699528


Messed it up the first time,

Copy that thanks anon.

15880d No.699529


That would make Meganon Judy Tenuta.

Works for me!


1e9b2b No.699530



YES! and ULYSSES GRANT = +18 !! dumbass….

a1d5c1 No.699531


God refers to us as his flock. For we will rise against these false shepherds. God is raining wonderful waters as we eat off his lovely loads of loaves of bread. Bake it up anons! Keep up the good work.

8ae76f No.699532

File: 1647734fbdefd4f⋯.png (25.28 KB, 672x720, 14:15, 2018-03-17 13_18_40-_great….png)

Did everyone see this Q post already?

1a382e No.699533


Why you should be involved:

First of all it is fun!… etc.

713efd No.699534


Q took away the"Delta (6) & "Boom" post away.

bc2eac No.699535


>IG report

Obama neutered Horowitz until Grassley finally got a bill passed restoring IG's proper authority, shortly after DJT was elected. Horowitz no doubt was mightily pissed off and now the payback is coming to pass.

Obama has yet to be mentioned in much of any of this, sooner or later he & Jarrett will come into play.

e0e783 No.699536


>I have a feeling that Q's post about suicides is still an upcoming event

This. Either suicide or Arkancide.

9d1ce4 No.699538


I have Fake Q filtered, along with fake earth and a few other shill favorites. But newbies can be confused, which may be why Q is back posting on GA.

5fe322 No.699539


it seems you are about 20 breads behind

f3538c No.699541


Nope, is it new? </snark>

161ac2 No.699542


it would be even more impressive if people used some common sense. of course it was sophisticated bot tech. extremely sophisticated. sophisticated enough to brainwash thousands of people to march wearing pussy hats.

yep that was google too.

aaf13f No.699543

File: ce42c1f415249ce⋯.jpg (112.03 KB, 802x996, 401:498, IMG_0766.JPG)

I can haz wack dragons over sushi

6bda04 No.699544


12/19 01:11:33 - 19 OPs [now].

12/19 01:02:51 - Term_[#2]19_y

01/27 02:06:14 - [19] immediates [no longer with us].

01/27 02:26:27 - [19] would cease to exist immediately upon the harm of select individuals.

03/15 22:41:56 - @[19][1st]

1e9b2b No.699545


and must sign a HOLD HARMLESS waiver.. its fun when we kill you and your family cant sue us

371a74 No.699546

File: 530c22842a03f5d⋯.jpg (57.96 KB, 980x490, 2:1, gotcha.jpg)

> George Herbert Walker Bush: “Sarah, if the American people ever find out what we have done, they would chase us down the street and lynch us.”

> That is a famous 1992 quote by George Herbert Walker Bush to Sarah McLendon, a Texas journalist who Bush had known for years and who was the grand dame of the White House press corps at the time. McLendon had asked Bush: “What will the people do if they ever find out the truth about Iraq-gate and Iran contra?”

… comes into mind. and this is only about the Iraq/Iran/Contra affair?!

1772f7 No.699547


Wasn't saying it was.

c64617 No.699548


The Clowns are not like the FBI. The FBI are full of good people at the bottom, but the Clowns have been a reprehensible organization since their inception. If there is ANY in their organization that feel remorse of any kind, the rest would skin them alive if they attempt to back out or whistleblow. Once a clown, ALWAYS a clown.

647315 No.699549

File: 1dcf385811e352d⋯.png (172.12 KB, 750x403, 750:403, WWGT.png)

>#866: Good Afternoon Q

Crew -> Dr.FeelGoodMix4U

<< NU - SAGA Chapter One Published by Gaga Got

Enjoy. Thanks for the Ticket.

72bd6a No.699550


trumps next target is Mueller, he knows he's going. suggests that he's running some investigation on trump personally so when he's fired he can cry that he got too close to the truth and got fired. normies don't care about Russia anymore.

662b5c No.699551

File: ad0c069e7d583d5⋯.png (310.95 KB, 800x535, 160:107, Screen Shot 2018-03-17 at ….png)


How are my larping skills, lads?

Do I sound like (((them)))?

https:// www.gofundme.com/support-robert-mueller039s-resistance

81be5e No.699552


They eyes are the window to the soul, she's definitely got the creepy look going on….

c8370c No.699553


Welcome Anon.

662b5c No.699554


Oh, I'm more than ready ;)

Check me out, famalam:


cc7fc8 No.699555


Are you doing it the right way??

If you were them, would that

way of red-pilling help you??

Do it the right way, and you

can help a lot of people.

f9e2c6 No.699556

▶Q !UW.yye1fxo 03/17/18 (Sat) 12:03:41 No.458

How bad is the corruption? *Requires extensive surgery.

FBI (past/present)




+29 (16) = 464

DOJ (past/present)





STATE (past/present)




Removal is the least of their problems.



Twitter Bots>GOOG operated (not Russia)/Narrative & Political SLANT







Why? *Ours is not to wonder why, ours it but to do or die.

Who knows where the bodies are buried? *The guilty, the Dead, and the great.



Election theft.

Last hope.

Congressional focus.

Impeach. *Physically remove threats to POTUS instead. By any means necessary.

They think you are STUPID. *Not as dumb as they are.

They think you will follow the STARS. *We realize how dumb most stars are. Follow the harlots, right.

They openly call you SHEEP/CATTLE. *They’ve unwittingly been Satan’s sheep also. Fools.


BIGGEST FEAR. *TruthO’phobe’s exposure.

PUBLIC AWAKENING. *Already happening.


bc2eac No.699557


The Russian Bot hoax has already doxxed themselves.

bac642 No.699558


I agree with you 100%. Set up one for vets.

Now is the time we need to be there to help unite our country. We cannot take advantage of them.

fd7abb No.699559


Yea, no new news in here. I suspect the Anon's of this board knew all of this prior to Q's posting. Common knowledge.

This is baby milk, where's the beef?

f0c167 No.699560


If I were you I would monitor the OIG twitter feed and then you will be the first to know.

https:// twitter.com/justiceoig?lang=en

And you might want to have a look at some of the reports already released in the past few weeks because I think they are part of the dump but they are leading up to the bigger fish.

If there are 1.2 million documents that will accompany the OIG report they simply cannot do this with only one report. Sara Carter has already said there will be multiple reports.

Well, there are already lots and lots of OIG reports. Has anyone analyzed the twitter feed to compare the volume of reports after Trump's inauguration versus before it? Find a geek who likes writing code. This is just the sort of analysis that they can do.

aaf13f No.699561

File: b06c3ef51a61c77⋯.jpg (38.89 KB, 558x311, 558:311, IMG_1159.JPG)

The good both is rewarding

That evil path though ffs …

f145b1 No.699562



Definitely needs an answer

7e615b No.699563


No wonder she is so bitter,, she ran for congress in Florida and lost in 2016, just like hillary, LMAO( BEST NIGHT EVER)

Trump wave drove people to the polls , people who did not vote for her,kek,, ( Trump is part of why she lost), kek

She's a bitter bug eyed bitch, who's screaming quite loud.

ad1d10 No.699564


That money could have been better spent feeding hungry children. Shame on Dems!

ec34f2 No.699565


Their last chance is election theft but it’ll be exposed

cd0a62 No.699566

hohoho- "holding data"

this is heating up and will get interesting in terms of Who is 'holding data'

Cambridge Analytica, a data analytics firm used by the Trump campaign during the 2016 elections, insisted on Saturday that it did not misuse or hold data obtained from Facebook users, despite having been sanctioned by the platform for doing so.

On Friday, Facebook announced that it had suspended Cambridge Analytica, suggesting the firm had not been honest about deleting user data sent to it by the makers of a popular psychology test app.

That particular app, called "thisisyourdigitallife," was itself banned by Facebook back in 2015. However, the social network has accused Cambridge Analytica of holding that data, despite assurances to the contrary.


1772f7 No.699568

WHY are you all reposting the same Q post?

We SEEN it.

742284 No.699569

The concerns about the election fraud, that there is nothing is being done? I see them digging a deeper hole for themselves, each election in the future , I believe it will become more and more obvious.

4a3ee8 No.699570

Day of reckoning is coming. The next BOOM will be when Sessions fires Rosenstein. Mueller has been tacitly put on notice that its time to wrap up. MSM and Deep State will totally melt down with hysteria.

https:// www.thedailybeast.com/trumps-lawyer-its-time-to-fire-robert-mueller

b0d0b6 No.699571

>>699010 We currently live in a worst case scenario world. It's getting biblical.

9d1ce4 No.699572


Wasn't saying you were saying that. Just proposing a reason why Q is back posting on GA.

7031a4 No.699573


I Bet it was Bill Priestap

ad1d10 No.699574


If not geo-engineered wind, maybe bio-generated "aromatic" wind?

264e4d No.699575

I do not understand the plan & why we are going to sit back and watch an impeachment trial over stupid things… Is it some sort of power show? After they fail to win the impeachment, then we lock them up? Or is it just nothing at all is going to happen except tarnish their names? It's frustrating and harder to trust the plan that some think. I do, I will, and I hang on, Q. Whatever it takes, WRWY, but please know this is very frustrating.

f67943 No.699576


Some of us are here to drop crumbs.

Only crumbs.

Anyone can predict the future if they're vague enough.

But it's the outright lies about the present that are a problem.

Black Forest - lie.

EU car bomb - lie.

UK car bomb - lie.

Podesta email re voting machines - fake.

Chinese hotel - lies from top to bottom.

Russian air crash - lie.

Memo - lie.

Fake news awards - lie.

Hawaii - lie (it was a real attack).

Loop Capital - lie.

Mueller recused - lie.

Not knowing Marina Abramovic's name - suspicious.

Spelling, grammar errors - suspicious.

Endless excuses for said mistakes - suspicious.

Has this all been carefully tooled prior to release?

Or is it some assholes with the tripcode password?

Use logic.


1a382e No.699577


If this goes down tomorrow, I'll be a Chuck Todd.

56d0c4 No.699579

File: c7d9aa4b9c9e527⋯.png (187.49 KB, 476x300, 119:75, ClipboardImage.png)

4ba8e2 No.699580


Long known truth. Used to have that on video a few computers ago. Daddy Bush makes all these stupid fuckers look like amateurs, he did and laid out more than they dream about, and he didn't get caught when he did it . . . . till now.

0d9112 No.699581


Also, I don't know if anyone else noticed this, but there was a prominent announcement after the Arkansas election that the election probe had been shut down. However, under the EOs, those guys were probably still going in full force because election fraud would be systemic corruption. So there's just no hope for any of the vote rigging.

fd4e1d No.699583


Sauce for Oakland Bay Bridge (California) Chinese steel/defects

http:// www.nytimes.com/2011/06/26/business/global/26bridge.html

http:// www.americanmanufacturing.org/blog/entry/dang-the-chinese-made-bay-bridge-continues-to-fall-


http:// www.sacbee.com/news/investigations/bay-bridge/article2589402.html

f0c167 No.699584


You have missed the fundamental lesson of Q. The future proves the past. You will learn nothing new from the drops. But when you watch the news afterwards, then amny new things come into focus.

9cc9d1 No.699585

File: 4b389743b3975d8⋯.jpg (464.96 KB, 1723x775, 1723:775, RCH175.jpg)

Another Globemaster in Germany - this is not the usual traffic.

848b1c No.699586

File: bc6d1238e90288f⋯.png (871.45 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, Seal_of_the_Central_Intell….png)

c64617 No.699587


I've tried to penetrate through family members and co-workers in as reasonable of a fashion as I can, but I live in a deeply blue state and the conditioning is hard. It sucks too because my family and people I work with are all genuinely good people, but they've fallen so deep into the media's claptrap about the POTUS being a sexist racist foul-mouthed brute unfit for the position. If they only KNEW what the previous presidents had been doing to our country, they'd snap right out of the delusion instead of turning 4-6% unsalvageable.

aaf13f No.699588

File: 344152596f24f67⋯.jpg (79.09 KB, 812x1147, 812:1147, IMG_1073.JPG)


6cd74d No.699589


And that folks is the dirty little secret in Silicon Valley. Most of the click are fake and the advertising most companies are doing via Google is worthless even considering actual clicks.

c248a3 No.699590

File: a71a833cf140349⋯.jpg (187.47 KB, 486x426, 81:71, STRDVD.jpg)

But if you can prove China steel cam into port within one week of a project then you have a lead.

0d9112 No.699591

8199d9 No.699592

File: 541bfc1690bea31⋯.jpg (1.05 MB, 1024x654, 512:327, Sheeple.jpg)

bbb890 No.699594


you must be new

4462fb No.699595


They Will Remember everything We told them Soon.

cbc0aa No.699597


That's Peter Schweikart's new book, right?

Schweikart was on the bleeding edge with Clinton Cash. That really was the first shoe to drop; saw the documentary, then started listening to Charles Ortel, the Obi Wan Kenobi of all the Clinton corruption, which led me to a small group of websites, which led me here.

15880d No.699598

File: c9fae0aa6224115⋯.jpg (65.95 KB, 850x683, 850:683, c9fae0aa62241151c6c52a8a68….jpg)

0d9112 No.699600


you are the only one who feels this way. go away.

23654c No.699603

Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth.

I have heard this my entire life but could never place it in reality or modern times……until now.

d457bc No.699604


SOP for DC denizens. Nobody will do anything because everyone does it.

aaf13f No.699605

File: 1e70528798d5d02⋯.jpg (41.07 KB, 640x702, 320:351, IMG_1094.JPG)

VIolets are bigly

a8fa8f No.699606

Summary for anons:

How bad is the corruption?


FBI (past/present)


> Mueller


> Comey


> McCabe

+29 (16)

> +29 others, (16) high level

DOJ (past/present)


> Holder


> Lynch


> Rosenstein


> +18 others

STATE (past/present)




> Kerry


> +41 others

Removal is the least of their problems.



> What they are doing the say the other side is doing


> Focused on "Russia Collusion" over HRC's collusion to obtain dossier

Twitter Bots>GOOG operated (not Russia)/Narrative & Political SLANT

> Focused on Russian bots over GOOGLE/CIA bots


> Business deals?? (DIG!)







> Former DNI??

Who knows where the bodies are buried?




> Changing department heads to suit POTUS better

Election theft.

> Voter fraud with illegals and vote cheating/changing

Last hope.

> Dems can't win without it

Congressional focus.


> Desperation

They think you are STUPID.


They think you will follow the STARS.

> Celebs/ Hollywood/ Elites

They openly call you SHEEP/CATTLE.

> Can be influenced by false flags/ social pressure




> God Bless Q, POTUS, and the USA


56d0c4 No.699608


Yes thank you how are you? I am Henry. What's your Facebook?

446e3f No.699609

Q posted this on the great awakening

Code Removed 03/17/18 (Sat) 14:03:41 No.458

How bad is the corruption?

FBI (past/present)




+29 (16)

DOJ (past/present)





STATE (past/present)




Removal is the least of their problems.



Twitter Bots>GOOG operated (not Russia)/Narrative & Political SLANT








Who knows where the bodies are buried?



Election theft.

Last hope.

Congressional focus.


They think you are STUPID.

They think you will follow the STARS.

They openly call you SHEEP/CATTLE.





fe233b No.699610

File: df409494f0379b6⋯.jpg (148.38 KB, 1190x667, 1190:667, sheep2.jpg)

cbc0aa No.699611


I've seen a bunch of Fagbook friends refer to "TDS". It's a pretty reliable tell.

feb81a No.699612


I think this is what Q wants us to do

5af9d5 No.699613


Unless someone knows a general contractor or architect with a subscription and access to the plans and specs.

5fe322 No.699614


lawfag here

SECTION 4. The President, Vice President and all civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.

no crime is required for impeachment - and it is so far 100% non-justiciable - courts have not touched it as political matter-separation of powers doctrine

but if this occurs there will be another case to scotus

but i believe THE PLAN will short circuit all this nonsense

ed10e3 No.699615






b301f1 No.699616


https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=3fQJCXkSqbY

c248a3 No.699618


At this point in time only if they have people with guns protecting them - Free will has taken us that far into darkness.

0d9112 No.699619


too bad that's fake.

4ba8e2 No.699620


I'll never forget the first time he said "New World Order" on TV. I was like "What the fuck did he just say? and what the fuck did he mean by that?"

Was much different digging back then, nevertheless it became apparent over time. I'd liked him before that, but that was my own ignorance due to lack of information, Thisngs were WAY different back then.

f3538c No.699621


And what hashtag did Trump use today?

c64617 No.699622


And all our lives we'd been conditioned to think that "Nice guys finish last." I'm glad I rejected that notion, because the cabal are about to finish DEAD LAST.

9d1ce4 No.699623


The election probe wasn't shut down. It was transferred to DHS. Stay tuned.

4462fb No.699624



These people Are Stupid.

Dr. Dena Grayson do you believe this sh$t?

by the way 4-D chess is OUR meme

7b097e No.699625


SECRET EMPIRES: Joe Biden’s Son’s Firm Struck Billion-Dollar Deal With Chinese Govt 10 Days After Biden Visited China

March 15, 2018

A new book, Secret Empires: How the American Political Class Hides Corruption and Enriches Family and Friends reveals how the Biden family secured a billion-dollar China deal just days after former Vice President Joe Biden visited China in 2013.

http: //www.thegatewaypundit.com/2018/03/secret-empires-joe-bidens-sons-firm-strikes-billion-dollar-deal-chinese-govt-10-days-biden-visited-china/

662b5c No.699626


The truck I need is only $1600 and I'm sure I can bring the price down so I'll be giving the other $3400+ to veterans a few cities down and I'll post clips of the cashier's check I'll put in an envelop to give to them. It's time for an all out battle with these brainless drones. They care more about the Oscars and Coachella than actually helping people.

Faggot RuPaul got a Hollywood star the other day (they all pay into them) and police kicked homeless people off the sidewalks to glorify a liberal queer. I'm going for Robin Hood status.

Let's make this shit happen! It's up to us to help our own. And these people fought for the normies who are pissing on them right now. It never sat right with me. The only way we can speak the truth is by wearing a mask as an anon. I'm not here for glory. Just here to help. Like I said, I've got the winning picks for March Madness like I did for NASCAR's race last week. I'll be sharing it with you lads and all I ask is that you pay it forward and help those in need.

a8fa8f No.699627


Sorry forgot:

They think you are STUPID.

> Easily manipulated

ed10e3 No.699628

Did we ever figure out what buried bodies Flynn knows about??

1e9b2b No.699629


me too brother… no one else got it…

aaf13f No.699630


Homo ghost troll

Not the first

c2faf5 No.699631


lol ok

a46e94 No.699632



39199d No.699633


Probably true.

Not really worried about it. A number of people around and close to POTUS campaign and businesses were involved in counter-intelligence operations. The FBI and others often use existing businesses as informants on the operations of foreign nations. Just like phone companies will often let authorities know when they encounter shady stuff, companies that operate internationally are often used knowingly and unknowingly as intelligence sources.

The subpoena is for the public flare. Makes it look like Mueller is closing in for the kill.

The IG report, if I am correct, should first outline the context of why Trump's affiliates were talking with Russians - they were part of a counter intelligence operation. That is why Schiff's memo is mostly black space. Anything that has to do with what Page actually did is blacked out because it reveals sources and methods.

Then Mueller drops with what his investigation found… Which is basically a re-hashing of and continuation of the FBI's operation detailing Russian attempts to buy influence - which leads back to U1 and Sessions torpedoing the whole fucking mess.

25c3b8 No.699634

FBI (past/present)

#1 Robert S. Mueller lll

#1 James Comey

#2 Andrew McCabe

+29 (16)

DOJ (past/present)

#1 Eric Holder 82nd AG

#1 Loretta Lynch 83rd AG

#2 Rod Rosenstein 37th Deputy Attorney Genera


STATE (past/present)

#1 Sec of State HRC

#1 Sec of State John Kerry

d457bc No.699635


I agree. But once that rock is turned over, it exposes most of them.

Don't misunderstand, I want that rock to be turned over, but don't expect Congress to do it.

5af9d5 No.699637


https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=b-Gcy2rUmwc

Historic Market Street Street Cars.

bbf5eb No.699638

The sum of all fears

Story line goes

1. Novichok attack staged and blamed on the Russians

2. Followed by a hidden nuke going off in Baltimore also blamed on the Russians but turns out to be made from US materials by 'deep state'.

3. Full nuke War was pushed.

4. War averted due to the truth (chemical proof) and back channels with Russians.

Which part of the timeline above are we in?

f0c167 No.699639


I said tough tires. Drive right over them.

12f2e5 No.699640


Know what would have been impressive? If you would have been paying attention since we have been talking about this for months retard

b301f1 No.699641

File: f6c43d1693e7164⋯.png (108.67 KB, 244x210, 122:105, Screenshot_101.png)

Does anybody else think that this guy looks like Hank from Breaking Bad?

0d9112 No.699642


I'd already concluded that, but I'm assuming you know something. Godspeed, patriot.

15880d No.699643


Mekka lekka hi mekka hiney ho

1a382e No.699644

File: 7c2fc32eb3cbe2e⋯.jpg (515.52 KB, 637x831, 637:831, NicolleWallace.jpg)

2dbfeb No.699645


We had 8ch back then, but it was called FidoNet

fc9f69 No.699646


>What happens when they are shown the truth of what has been going on? Of what their sacrifices and unsavory actions have gone toward?

Are you really going to pretend that they do not know the truth of what is going on and the desired outcome of their actions?

They sure would not be a much of an asset to and intelligence agency if they are not bright enough to see the truth from the lies. Most of us here can do that.

7e615b No.699647


Shes been involved in Blood research, Cancer, diseases like Ebola.

Dena Minning Grayson was born on January 5, 1971 in Melbourne, FL. Grayson graduated from Melbourne High School in 1988 where she was a member of the varsity soccer team that captured the Florida High School State Championship in 1987. She earned her Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Florida in 1992. After graduating from college, Grayson enrolled in the Medical Scientist Training Program at Washington University School of Medicine,where she earned an MD and a PhD in biochemistry and molecular cell biology. In 1999, The New York Times, Science Daily and the Duke Chronicle[8] covered research on Ascaris hemoglobin that Grayson had published in Nature, and stated, "The discovery may yield new therapies for diseases such as cancer, in which starving tumors of oxygen is a major therapeutic focus. Grayson completed her internship in internal medicine at the University of California, San Francisco.


Grayson has a Medical Degree (M.D.). In the early 2000s, she shifted her focus to medical research as a way of treating multiple patients by finding cures. She worked as a biotechnology consultant at MEDACorp from 2002-2003.[14] From 2003 to 2008, Grayson served as an Associate Director of Licensing and Director of Medical Sciences at Amgen, and worked on developing treatments for cancers, asthma, anemia, hypercholesterolemia, heart failure, and pain. While at Amgen, she was selected as a Henry Crown Fellow at the Aspen Institute in 2006.Grayson then served as Vice President of Translational Sciences at 3-V Biosciences from 2008 to 2010, where she oversaw the development of broad-spectrum antiviral drugs active against deadly viruses. She served as the Vice President of Translational Sciences for AlloCure from 2011 to 2014, where she led research on a mesenchymal stem cell therapy for acute kidney injury. In 2010, Grayson founded MedExpert Consulting, a biotechnology consulting company, where she helped research and develop BCX4430, a broad-spectrum antiviral drug that is active against Ebola, Marburg, Yellow Fever, Zika, and other deadly viral diseases. Grayson briefly lobbied for BioCryst Pharmaceuticals for 3 months in 2013 and for 1 month in 2014 to fund research of a treatment for Ebola and other deadly viruses. In 2014, she was co-author of an article published in Nature on the efficacy of BCX4430 against Marburg virus and of a paper on the activity of BCX4430 against Yellow Fever.

aaf13f No.699648

File: 85fae62e173bd9e⋯.jpg (78.64 KB, 480x1001, 480:1001, IMG_1164.JPG)


7b097e No.699649


John Kerry’s stepson Chris Heinz joined forces with Hunter Biden and Devon Archer a longtime Heinz and Kerry family friend, reports the New York Post.

The three friends established a series of related LLCs. The trunk of the tree was Rosemont Capital, the alternative investment fund of the Heinz Family Office. Rosemont Farm is the name of the Heinz family’s 90-acre estate outside Fox Chapel, Pennsylvania.

The small fund grew quickly. According to an email revealed as part of a Securities and Exchange Commission investigation, Rosemont described themselves as “a $2.4 billion private equity firm co-owned by Hunter Biden and Chris Heinz,” with Devon Archer as “Managing Partner.”

The partners attached several branches to the Rosemont Capital trunk, including Rosemont Seneca Partners, LLC, Rosemont Seneca Technology Partners, and Rosemont Realty.

a9b12b No.699650

File: ec82967529bd50d⋯.png (524.34 KB, 593x785, 593:785, 1 BB re Biden.PNG)

File: c8a156abb4e6ea3⋯.png (46.85 KB, 581x539, 83:77, 2 BB re Biden.PNG)


Re Biden

feb81a No.699651


we also need to target that actual swampCREATURES… label their asses

5a5607 No.699652

File: edf0dfda084182e⋯.jpg (235.4 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, MAGA.jpg)

98371b No.699653


I wonder about the "Law of the Jungle" statement, we had a constitution and rule of law, what was he saying

32a0b9 No.699654


Disinfo is necessary?

Trust the plan?

371a74 No.699655


lurk before post pls

6bc2d1 No.699656

File: 120922c8b328a9f⋯.jpg (170.33 KB, 1023x513, 341:171, DrainTheSwamp40McCabe.jpg)

File: c361701a53d6697⋯.jpg (191.9 KB, 1023x512, 1023:512, DrainTheSwamp41Comey.jpg)

File: c6ef6264891e5a6⋯.jpg (170.85 KB, 1023x512, 1023:512, DrainTheSwamp42Comey.jpg)

File: 94afc23e9b7a0f0⋯.jpg (176.35 KB, 1023x512, 1023:512, DrainTheSwamp43Comey.jpg)

File: 4b4263500126b13⋯.jpg (191.19 KB, 1023x512, 1023:512, DrainTheSwamp44Rosenstein.jpg)



We the people demand answers.

We the people demand justice.


a8fa8f No.699657

No coincidence:

POTUS tweets about corruption in FBI, DOJ, and STATE -→ then Q posts about same agencies.

12f2e5 No.699658


sure but he was a #2

264e4d No.699659


Oh please spare me your diaper shitting, cocksucking shill motivated comments. Not one person here has ever given a damn what you think or say. Not one ever will. You've been logged here less than 30 mins and already trying to qualify yourself as "Somebody" but replying with classic newfag baby 8chan linguistic responses. Grow the hell up and get yourself a paper route or something. Stop burdening your parents and living in their basement. There's an entire world out there to explore, put down your iPad, and your Tampax pads and do something with your sorry, worthless, parasitic life.

6cd74d No.699660


Q is Bobby Fisher (or insert your favorite chess master) moving the pieces. A small team with that much intelligence you don't risk on the battlefield.

e817d7 No.699661


Maybe we should post the Fake Q and shill game we play at seeing how fast we can Filter them before they realize they are talking to themselves each bread. Newbies would like knowing about a game like that to help get them up to speed, I think.

7becae No.699663

File: 20b3d0c35bce3ff⋯.jpg (67.41 KB, 546x714, 13:17, usbases.JPG)


Many US operations are coordinatred in Germany. E.g. the drone killings.

http:// www.spiegel.de/international/germany/ramstein-base-in-germany-a-key-center-in-us-drone-war-a-1029279.html

f3538c No.699664

Ever think that Q is pointing out who is corrupt/not corrupt (past/present)?

How bad is the corruption?

FBI (past/present)




+29 (16)

DOJ (past/present)





STATE (past/present)




Removal is the least of their problems.

1e9b2b No.699665


natural law

23368a No.699666

6bc2d1 No.699667

File: 3f42a8815a7ae69⋯.jpg (208.33 KB, 1023x512, 1023:512, DrainTheSwamp45BillClinton.jpg)

File: c8168438e42c461⋯.jpg (204 KB, 1023x512, 1023:512, DrainTheSwamp46ChelseaClin….jpg)

File: 4a2563fe54ed8dc⋯.jpg (187.69 KB, 1023x512, 1023:512, DrainTheSwamp46LorettaLync….jpg)

File: ce5c8a881b3319c⋯.jpg (188.43 KB, 1023x512, 1023:512, DrainTheSwamp47HillaryClin….jpg)

9c01a9 No.699668

Something big is going on! In the past 3-4 days we’ve had twits from Barry, Hill, Brennan, Comey, Bush jr, Bush Sr and more. It seemed they were all trying to send a message. To who? Idk.

8076b6 No.699669


Oh ok. Yeah the CBTS Stream on youtube is discussing it a lot today…Probably need another board specifically for:

>>>> REDPILL tales ( not "strategies", but actual real-life tales…we've all read Dale Carnegie or 'Pre-suasion' or whatever the fuck…need some actual stories of ppl who've done some mild-to-full converting )

>>>>> Reports "from the ground"… neighborhood, workplace reports so people can gauge what % of the public is still under the spell ( seems like A LOT to me )

>>>>> Reports on which SPECIFIC DATA / MEMES / STORIES people are responding to…i.e. obviously normies don't like Hillary, but we need to start making big dents in Fuckboy Barry's armor, in Biden's armor…right now, normies still aren't very suspicious of anyone except the Clinton's…it'd be great to find out which dirt is 'sticking' to the Obama's, to Biden, to Comey, etc

>>>>> Also, final point, we do need to recognize that a certain percentage of people have a VISCERAL DISLIKE of Trump purely based on Style Points alone… like ppl who viscerally dislike "Acid Jazz" or dislike "long hair on men"…we DON'T need to fix their dislike of Trump b/c that's based on personal taste and will never happen…but we DO need to get Normies to VISCERALLY DISLIKE the other Swamp Rats

Anyway, end of rant, my two cents…

a5b51a No.699672


Keep redpilling. It is hard, a spiritual problem really. Fortunately the news is starting to make it much harder for normies to hate Trump. Use the progress with North Korea to prove your point. I had a good conversation with some normies this week. I blew their minds by explaining the brilliance of Trumps communication style with regards to DACA. Then I told them to look up Trump at Davos for a lesson in what being Alpha looks like. You have got to try get them living in the real world, actually watching Trump's speeches, not just listening to secondary sources. Keep fighting, and keep praying!

7b097e No.699673


In December of that year, Vice President Biden and his son Hunter flew aboard Air Force Two to China. Ten days after the trip, a subsidiary of the Bank of China named Bohai Capital signed an exclusive deal with Hunter Biden and Chris Heinz’s Rosemont to form a $1 billion joint-investment fund called Bohai Harvest RST. The deal was later increased to $1.5 billion.

“The Chinese government was literally funding a business that they co-owned along with the sons of two of America’s most powerful decision makers,” writes Schweizer in Secret Empires.

264e4d No.699674

>>699600 ( sorry, this was meant for you, not me )

>Oh please spare me your diaper shitting, cocksucking shill motivated comments. Not one person here has ever given a damn what you think or say. Not one ever will. You've been logged here less than 30 mins and already trying to qualify yourself as "Somebody" but replying with classic newfag baby 8chan linguistic responses. Grow the hell up and get yourself a paper route or something. Stop burdening your parents and living in their basement. There's an entire world out there to explore, put down your iPad, and your Tampax pads and do something with your sorry, worthless, parasitic life.

bf8721 No.699675


Ops. Poison. Water.

c3af0f No.699676



They used to pay people. No money?

e5fac4 No.699677

5af9d5 No.699678


Street Cars. Overhead cables. That is the problem.

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=b-Gcy2rUmwc

91dbf3 No.699679

File: 4b3b864945308ff⋯.jpg (40.57 KB, 300x300, 1:1, f354581b0bb8f61d6f2805aaa3….jpg)

I can't figure out how to make hashtags, sorry, i'm so new here. Please use lube.

What I'm reading…

How bad is the corruption?

FBI (past/present)

#1 Head

#1 Head

#2 Assistant

+29 (16) Assclowns, 16 of which are already publicly handled.

cb36e5 No.699680


Your shit is stale, fucking copy pasta almost every bread…Hope the shekels you get from my reply is worth it. The well will be dry soon

f0c167 No.699681


You don't understand. The A-listers no longer have the freedom to make decisions for themselves. The mogul tells them who to date or marry, when to divorce, what kind of songs or movies to be in, which brands to promote, which events to attend, how to dress, when to throw a tantrum. They are OWNED by the moguls

e41b44 No.699682

Greg Roman, an intelligence analyst in the FBI’s Kansas City field office, said Comey’s handling of the email probe and his public explanations for not filing charges “politicized the FBI, and it shook my confidence in his leadership abilities.”

In an internal FBI employee survey in March 2017 that he provided to POLITICO, Roman wrote, “To say I was and am disappointed in Director Comey is an understatement, and I doubt I am hardly alone [in] saying this. … I hope Director Comey can ‘right the ship,’ and I pray that he can do so.”

>Trust Kansas?

https:// www.politico.com/story/2017/05/10/comey-firing-fbi-trump-238247

7b097e No.699683


Some of the deals they secured may remain hidden. These Rosemont entities are, after all, within a private equity firm and as such are not required to report or disclose their financial dealings publicly.

Some of their transactions are nevertheless traceable by investigating world capital markets. A troubling pattern emerges from this research, showing how profitable deals were struck with foreign governments on the heels of crucial diplomatic missions carried out by their powerful fathers. Often those foreign entities gained favorable policy actions from the United States government just as the sons were securing favorable financial deals from those same entities.

Nowhere is that more true than in their commercial dealings with Chinese government-backed enterprises.

a46e94 No.699684


It's a possibility.

1c5486 No.699685

File: 9bd3cdd874b8483⋯.jpg (200.73 KB, 1000x735, 200:147, DYc47OsWkAE2WJR.jpg)


1772f7 No.699686

File: d05c34d158651d4⋯.png (68.8 KB, 713x309, 713:309, Capture.PNG)


https:// psychologistmimi.com/2012/12/03/knowing-where-the-bodies-are-buried-the-psychology-of-institutional-memory/

55b1b2 No.699687


Maybe to each other, since their previously secure channels are not secure any more now with the new sheriff in town. They're having to resort to coded messages via social media (ie March Madness brackets).

bc2eac No.699689


Sure as hell does, Anon. US has no real overseas agricultural markets due to GMO'd plants and animals. Trump Cabinet V2.0 perhaps, but for the time being we've got a bit of a foothold.

ee0235 No.699690


Kek The Rodman part makes their eyes buldge.

32a0b9 No.699692


What about the Booms?

That makes sense, right?

Boooom. BOOM. Booooooom. Boom.

0d9112 No.699693

File: 4574d782548e4f3⋯.png (468.08 KB, 600x320, 15:8, ClipboardImage.png)

243185 No.699694

File: 25e6b9ae5f70392⋯.gif (137.04 KB, 800x857, 800:857, 800px-153_Triangular.gif)

Guys check this out

153 are numbers used by Q quite a bit

this last post is no exception

>Q !UW.yye1fxo 03/17/18 (Sat) 15:03:41 No.458

post time was 15:03 (3:03pm EDT)

the number 153 is the sum of all numbers leading up to the number 17

17th letter = Q


it gets even better

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/153_(number)

The number 153 has several mathematical properties. It is the sum of the first 17 integers and is also the sum of the first five positive factorials, 1! + 2! + 3! + 4! + 5!. The number 153 is associated with the geometric shape known as the Vesica Piscis


It has been noted that the Tetragrammaton occurs 153 times in the Book of Genesis.[6]

there is even more than this, too

7b097e No.699695


The Clintons aren’t the only ones securing huge contracts with foreign governments off their political status.

7e615b No.699696


Dr Grayson worked for this company for several years.

Amgen Inc. (formerly Applied Molecular Genetics Inc.is an American multinational biopharmaceutical company headquartered in Thousand Oaks, California. Located in the Conejo Valley, Amgen is the world's largest independent biotechnology firm. In 2013, the company's largest selling product lines were Neulasta/Neupogen, two closely related drugs used to prevent infections in patients undergoing cancer chemotherapy; and Enbrel, a tumor necrosis factor blocker used in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis and other autoimmune diseases. Other products include Epogen, Aranesp, Sensipar/Mimpara, Nplate, Vectibix, Prolia and XGEVA.

Formerly called

Applied Molecular Genetics




Traded as NASDAQ: AMGN

NASDAQ-100 Component

S&P 100 Component

S&P 500 Component

SEHK: 4332

Industry Biotechnology

Founded 1980

Headquarters Thousand Oaks, California, U.S.

Key people

Robert A. Bradway

(Chairman, President, and CEO)

Products Epogen, Aranesp, Kineret, Enbrel, Neulasta, Neupogen, Nplate, Vectibix, Prolia, Xgeva, and Sensipar/Mimpara.

Revenue Increase US$22.99 billion (2016)

Operating income

Increase US$9.79 billion (2016)

Net income

Increase US$7.72 billion (2016)

Total assets Increase US$77.63 billion (2016)

Total equity Increase US$29.88 billion (2016)

Number of employees

19,200 (December 2016)

Website www. amgen.com

133ace No.699697

File: 26f0a67fb68f3b5⋯.png (18.47 KB, 370x126, 185:63, ClipboardImage.png)

anons help me out.

+41 think its Daddy Bush or think its 2001 sec state Colin Powell?

77785f No.699698


Hail Eris!

Got flax?

371a74 No.699699



with ZyXEL-U-1496

ad1d10 No.699700


It would be tragic if one of those tungsten rods from god fell on the bohemian grove owl a few days before their big event.

95b418 No.699701


I think generals need Senate approval for nat sec advisor. The senate isn't going to allow it,

but there must be ways around this.

bf8721 No.699702


Pretty sure I have a better idea than you. NOT saying that A listers aren’t puppets. That is totally true. They are comped big time. HOWEVER read the entirety of my post.

5af9d5 No.699703


The elder Bush is the one who signed us onto a partnership with

China for changing the infrastructure. However, the wording was different at the time.

c4a90e No.699704


You're on to something.

32a0b9 No.699705

19f3d0 No.699706


I drank Jaegermeister with airforce guys at Spangdahlem when I was 16

f3538c No.699708


I think it is 41 others

f40da9 No.699709


Worship….let's talk about that….

YOU worship a false, DEFEATED, wanna be god….(definition of STUPIDITY)….


Those are the FACTS….

YOU know it….I know it….

Have fun sinking into your abyss….god speed

5d32c6 No.699710


didn't someone say something about a dilley drop that say if/when trump uses the draintheswamp hashtag, that it was ON! haven't been a dilley fan but… anyone have that sauce?

9d1ce4 No.699711

78e594 No.699712


I think you're on to something. This is pure genius. Should be (op)'ed

1772f7 No.699714



+41 people

9c1313 No.699715



Request for meme please:

Put GHWB and HRC side by side with these quotes

c64617 No.699716


I wonder if they'd change their tune if I sat them down to watch the speech Q linked on /greatawakening/ at the beginning of the year. How he laid out the NWO and what they'd been doing to us for decades, and how he wants to team up with those amongst us who want to do right.

c248a3 No.699717


Ask any KS farmer the best contract is looking the man in the eye and shaking his hand.

990af8 No.699718

I just looked into the Tory Smith stuff as an anon suggested, about the Pence stuff.


1772f7 No.699719

95b418 No.699720

7b6718 No.699721

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


It's likely 41 other corrupt people in the State Dept. The department has been overrun with swamp rats for many years. Vid related

133ace No.699722


was way i was thinking but sure,


647315 No.699723

File: e12f1f14797d862⋯.jpg (129.21 KB, 1300x960, 65:48, BillyC-wired-bathroom mirr….jpg)

File: a3d16666c0f77e0⋯.jpg (45.81 KB, 460x276, 5:3, BN-NKRDh-Tc01.jpg)

File: a2f63865459ef77⋯.png (14.66 KB, 156x126, 26:21, Q360296.T-cells.png)


>suicides is still an upcoming event

>This. Either suicide or Arkancide.

<<<Do they have mirrors in ARKansas?

>>699243 Not sure.


>>https:// infogalactic.com/ info/T_cell

T cells or T lymphocytes are a type of lymphocyte (in turn, a type of white blood cell) that play a central role in cell-mediated immunity.

Genetic engineering

In 2015, a team of researchers led by Dr. Alexander Marson[25]at the University of California, San Francisco successfully edited the genome of human T cells using a Cas9 ribonucleoprotein delivery method.[26] This advancement has potential for applications in treating "cancer immunotherapies and cell-based therapies for (((HIV))), primary immune deficiencies, and autoimmune diseases".[26]

f3538c No.699725


Any idea what the (16) would be?

0d9112 No.699726



a0ab3c No.699727

File: e8c4e6c2225a6bd⋯.jpg (25.75 KB, 685x385, 137:77, methode-times-prod-web-bin….jpg)

https:// www.thetimes.co.uk/article/child-rights-activist-peter-newell-convicted-of-sex-abuse-wrn0cnvm9

A “child rights activist” convicted of abusing a 12-year-old boy managed a charity that received hundreds of thousand of pounds from the NSPCC, Barnardo’s, Save the Children and Unicef.

Peter Newell, who wrote a manual on children’s rights published by Unicef, was jailed for multiple counts of historical sexual assault on a child aged 12 when the abuse began.

Newell, 77, was listed as co-ordinator for Approach, a children’s charity active across Europe, Africa, Latin America and Asia until the allegations arose in 2016.

133ace No.699729


State department is a communist den of CFR

a5772e No.699730


Impeachment is not the same as removal. Impeachment occurs in the House. It's totally meaningless unless one holds a law license. Removal occurs in the Senate. That one is a trial with a House Rep serving as prosecutor. Need 2/3 of the Senate to vote for it.

Would love to see Maxine prosecute Trump. lol

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