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Pro Aris et Focis

File: 077ab1e7aaf2fbf⋯.jpg (521.4 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 077ab1e7aaf2fbfea054d57ecf….jpg)

948b17 No.712312

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948b17 No.712338

https:// pastebin.com/q1EgQsFZ

38f45e No.712405

File: 36657ad7024d7fe⋯.png (647.01 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, IMG_1016.PNG)

"Looks so big in Liddell hands"~sez homo

9895c6 No.712406

Cetjqli mqxx.

Gxx asqyh.

Ogqhqtu nqwpewgx.

49c659 No.712409

File: 10d5179d1b3f796⋯.png (283.76 KB, 415x687, 415:687, Screen Shot 2018-03-18 at ….png)

Wow, she's really an idiot.

556d53 No.712411

File: 04f839d3cdf1256⋯.png (784.3 KB, 1596x773, 1596:773, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzgitmoto...….PNG)

montegro bay to gitmo , gitmo to .. tracking .

db5368 No.712412

File: ae598013cfa1d35⋯.jpg (12.1 KB, 190x255, 38:51, e85eeee84b8500915ee3684387….jpg)


Who is she? Our patron goddess?

Also, thank you baker!

b85b33 No.712414

This news is real for a change

US town has been arming school teachers for years

https:// www.aljazeera.com/news/2018/03/town-arming-school-teachers-years-180318172737025.html

Don't pay attention to FakeNews because they paint a false picture of what is actually happening in the USA.

9bd393 No.712415

Imagine knowing the deep state was able to cover up their involvement in 9/11 but that they aren't powerful enough to shut this board down. You have to be a special kind of retard to not realize the possibility of this being another psyop.

16bb82 No.712416


Hm, em, Do you know Who was the General that McTreason was gathered?

d0c341 No.712417


the answers? I didn’t read through the voluminous comments in total and also didn’t feel like there were any great answers, specifically to what house it is and what family it is.

Feel free to chime in, i’m @WorkAnon just brainstorming on fone

0ad151 No.712418


Special Council no Congressional authority.

Illegit. No approval from Congress.

Admin. creation under Obama.



0beb32 No.712419


The only reason I remember Tiffany's name now is from saying "Ivanka and the one no one ever remembers" over and over.

661ebd No.712420


Wasting your time trying to educate people who should be playing Bingo at their local McDonalds

2e074a No.712421


I get suspicious due to the Pleaidian Diamond Path cult postings.

0599da No.712422

BO or BV has been active apparently. Last bread made it past 772 replies for me, until I refreshed and it went back to 751.

06da00 No.712423

File: 87cf141293bd879⋯.jpg (12.79 KB, 308x164, 77:41, download-4.jpg)

She(tree of life) and allies.

Believe! Have faith!

987faa No.712424


Bitch Boy

5eede4 No.712425


Apparently he has ties to Obama's "real" birth certificate

a03119 No.712426


Thanks for the update. Your work is appreciated planefag! You are the best!

65da6a No.712427

Just a note for anons, but the last thread provided significant evidende and examples of simple ways and logical methods of shutting down the FakeQ, who is now on record of running from logic challenges, and who is more than one.

fc1e6c No.712428


Very good anon.

The Gatekeeper has the video.

Reread Q drops.

Esp. his Jan 4 one.

Instructions to The Gatekeeper.

How the hell was there a photographer there?

Q post #36 tells you.


0070cd No.712429

File: e0f9e9edf8d6fbe⋯.png (22.62 KB, 609x226, 609:226, RoyalMrBadLARP.png)

lookin for someone to troll?

here's your guy

9895c6 No.712430


Thank you.


ab055d No.712431



It wil be Huma but it will backfire because everyone will want to buy it and Huma will be the next Stormy Daniels

9bd393 No.712432


that shit is way out there and basically meaningless if true anyway.

53b4f6 No.712433

File: 2b52c51c3a925d4⋯.png (503.81 KB, 924x545, 924:545, comfy-ibor.png)

06da00 No.712434


Hahahaha! Not even close. She is nothing you wanna mess with.

1e5893 No.712435


yep thats why i was posting screenshots when they applied.

0beb32 No.712436


Well, I mean supreme court but derped halfway through.

So… all the Obama holdovers were going to try to set up a separate body to go after dissenters/Trump?

The Obama Death Panel?

601352 No.712437


Been here for months digging and help make progress with loads of other anons.

So nice work running off an anon that actually did contribute to this place, you fucking traitor motherfucker, die and burn in hell forever!!!!!!

7cbb12 No.712438

http:// www.seawapa.co/2014/08/the-jesuit-vatican-new-world-order.html

in this article it says that the queen of e is subordinate to the Papal Bloodline the Breakspear Family and their Jesuit UKHQ at 114 Mount Street.

d5e5c6 No.712439

File: 082dc0350cc85a2⋯.png (322.62 KB, 701x531, 701:531, PhantomSec.PNG)

Phantom Secure,

an encrypted communication service that facilitated organized criminal activity & drug traffickers, has been shut down thanks to an international #lawenforcement effort.

3e1803 No.712440

I keep seeing Fox replay that Obama clip of him saying there is no way to hack the US elections and Trump needs to quit crying and campaign. I think they are playing it over and over for a reason…

06da00 No.712442


Maybe she's yours. They are everywhere. But she's not mine.

db5368 No.712443


Does she have a name?

2e074a No.712444


It is also old seventies new ager crap. Boring.

7eb512 No.712445

File: 6e957643f3893e4⋯.jpg (67.4 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Who is next.jpg)

File: ffd027ef224eb9c⋯.jpg (86.61 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, DoNotFreeTheInternet.jpg)

File: 833a37af44875b9⋯.jpg (155.17 KB, 1650x825, 2:1, NoName.jpg)

File: 743278506eb071b⋯.jpeg (51.92 KB, 720x785, 144:157, received_1678443678888314.jpeg)

File: bf54b558c3d6fb5⋯.jpg (75.8 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Hey, lil' Andy…This one is….jpg)

99c6e0 No.712446

I don't understand the purpose of deleting greatawakening posts

e013b6 No.712447

File: 409bc152ddb4f7a⋯.jpg (172.74 KB, 736x539, 736:539, Taking Flak is not a game_.jpg)

… we must be over the target (… cockpit shakes from near hit).

661ebd No.712448


No one does yet

9895c6 No.712449



Woqhcf he wsr.

2e074a No.712450



06da00 No.712452

File: 23b78287c560e27⋯.jpg (8.11 KB, 194x259, 194:259, download-5.jpg)

1e5893 No.712453


roger wilco

ee0d4c No.712455


That's Diana

030786 No.712456

File: a5828beb8fd927f⋯.jpg (107.81 KB, 768x917, 768:917, donald-trump-short-fingere….jpg)


"tiny" trump exposing his tiny self again.

Overcompensate much, shill?

06da00 No.712458


Yes. Your creator. Welcome to the truth.

556d53 No.712459

File: fc2a73966c8c4fc⋯.png (147.93 KB, 1764x1746, 98:97, 72w40p-5tg2gcvncioz.png)


salute anon , many thanks .

0ad151 No.712460


Not set-up by Supreme Court. Set-up by Obama admin.

See video here:

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sd4b4EtNMqg


43de05 No.712461

File: dee8c5e98e48729⋯.jpeg (968 KB, 1740x1196, 435:299, 20902A46-5B92-4BF2-880C-F….jpeg)

Is this Brad Parscale?

ef4409 No.712462

File: 4a60ed5532fae8b⋯.gif (3.77 MB, 394x310, 197:155, 1521049016255.gif)

uh…anons. is every CIA director a Knight of Malta?:

https:// archive.org/stream/148063172CIAKnightsOfMaltaPdf/148063172-CIA-Knights-of-Malta-pdf_djvu.txt

1fa2f4 No.712463

File: b672e7164a9cf11⋯.gif (2.72 MB, 496x264, 62:33, keep_strokin_faggot.gif)


0ad151 No.712465


Burn in hell.


948b17 No.712466


It will make sense soon.

d5fc20 No.712467

File: 5bdfa33b300a7c0⋯.png (243.65 KB, 386x434, 193:217, bozo1.png)

fc1e6c No.712469


Are you writing a book about trolling a LARP board?

Inquiring minds would like to know.


cd2b8b No.712470


Sure as hell looks like him, senpai.

1fa2f4 No.712472


Why is this relevant?

16bb82 No.712473

File: 32438fc2039abb5⋯.png (89.82 KB, 1153x498, 1153:498, USSC.png)


Why (We don't say his Name) talked about the USSC.

e0f0b5 No.712474

File: ba67be555446037⋯.jpg (3.64 MB, 6000x3900, 20:13, COMEY corrupt.jpg)

86739e No.712475

File: 943a1f2a5f5f48b⋯.jpg (297.76 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, no-rvd-CD.jpg)

eb14ac No.712477

File: abba29e1d94e597⋯.png (734.8 KB, 834x674, 417:337, ClipboardImage.png)

Repost from an anon 9 minutes ago >>712403 last bread

ROTFLOAO x2 anons

wiping tears from our eyes

howling with laughter

can't stop

gasping for air

ee9748 No.712478


Q is likely either Ivanka or Don Jr, IMO. If you do some digging, you might find what lead me to that opinion.

2e074a No.712479


Taking nuns to the Supreme Court. Lying to the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops about a religious carve out exemption to birth control and abortion in Obamacare.

0ad151 No.712480


I am not Corsi.

2c0583 No.712481


If there's a Huma and Hillary sextape, I'm going to watch it. And I won't feel bad about it at all!

d0c341 No.712483


also the answers to the blind were not my primary concern for bringing it up, but more the intersection between sex slaves and hollywood

d77949 No.712484



0f4b91 No.712485


Speak for yourself faggot beta orbiter.






Demarcation of phases?

290f66 No.712486


Uh oh. Tillerson is wrapped up in McStain's pipeline.

https:// www.corbett report.com/the-syriastrikes-an-open-source-investigation/comment-page-1/

0ad151 No.712487

SES exposed.

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=e2usmlq7oFE



06da00 No.712488


And we have a winner

ab055d No.712489

File: e5243641d59b400⋯.jpg (19.79 KB, 289x163, 289:163, IMG_0697.JPG)

This is where we are now.

We're close, hang in there.

4e1f69 No.712490


Even break no fap

540d09 No.712491


Hey Tidepod! I just seen Skidmark checkn receipts down at the Walmarts,she was smelln ripe! Please leave some pods so she can wash them bigass underbritches

2e074a No.712492


Non-Catholics way underestimate how much effect it had on the election of Trump that the Catholics swung over for him. Or on how appalling Obama's attack on an order of nuns was.

fc1e6c No.712493


Me neither.

Just saw some anon last thread asking.

Corsi is writing some lame book though.


1e5893 No.712494


KEK they've decided feaux Q is Baruch … for some reason they still can't see IDs

aa2991 No.712495


2 party system is a trap from the start. You Suck

1fa2f4 No.712496


only 3 are non-military according to Q. So there's more than one Q.

9bd393 No.712497

Told my liberal friend, "when the Trump - Iran peace talks start, ala NK denucularization, will you start listening?" Thoughts on this redpill approach?

661ebd No.712498


Find new jokes

db5368 No.712499


Goddess of the hunt

Like her Greek counterpart, Artemis, Diana was the goddess of the hunt. The daughter of the Roman god Jupiter and his mistress, Latona, Diana was born on the island of Delos with her twin brother, Apollo, the god of light.

Although primarily associated with hunting, Diana was also revered as the goddess of the woods, children and childbirth, fertility, chastity, the moon, and wild animals. Her worshippers believed she had the power to talk to woodland animals and even control their movements and behavior.

Like other Roman deities, Diana was born fully grown and was said to have been tall, beautiful, and youthful in appearance, often presenting herself as a young woman between the ages of 12 and 19. In artwork, she is frequently shown as wearing a quiver of arrows on her shoulder and holding a bow. Typically clad in a short tunic, Diana is sometimes depicted as going barefoot, or wearing simple buckskin foot coverings, as was the style of Roman huntresses. Often, she is accompanied by maidens, deer, and hounds. In most sculptures, she wore her hair swept up and out of the way, as would be expected of a woman engaged in hunting and tracking.

As noted above, Diana was a goddess of chastity, and like her fellow goddesses Minerva and Vesta, she swore she would not marry.

Interestingly, while Diana was a symbol of purity, she was also prayed to by women who wanted to conceive and by mothers who wanted an easy childbirth. Sometimes referred to as Lucina, Diana’s reputation of protecting mothers and children earned her a place of honor among women.

Further, Diana was praised for her intelligence. Diana was said to have displaced Luna as a moon goddess, and Diana is represented as directing the movements of the moon from her chariot and was frequently thought of as the goddess of light.

Although considered smart, pure, and talented, as a moon goddess, Diana was said to have an unpredictable nature, and was, at times, vengeful. One myth tells the story that the hunter, Actaeon, stumbled upon Diana while she was bathing in a river. Upset that Actaeon had seen her undressed, she turned him into a stag and set his hounds after him.

In another myth, it is said that Orion, the giant huntsman, won her heart. However, Diana’s brother, Apollo, grew alarmed that a love affair might develop between his sister and this giant, and Apollo tricked Diana into a shooting contest; the far-off target turned out to be Orion’s head. Grieving the fact she had killed Orion, she turned him into a constellation. She placed his beloved hunting dogs, Canis Major and Canis Minor, close by.

Because of Diana’s strong connections to woodland creatures, hunting, and the moon, she is sometimes referred to as the Triple Goddess. Roman sculptors created statues depicting her with three heads, those of a dog, a boar, and a horse, and those statues were erected in places where roads met.

Diana was also part of another trinity. She lived with the nymph Egeria and her servant and assistant midwife, Virbuis. They lived in the Woods of Nemi near the town of Aricia just south of Rome in a sacred grove of oak trees.

In Rome, Diana was considered a protector of the lower class (plebeians) and slaves, and many slaves received sanctuary in her temples. Thus, her temple in the ancient Greek city of Ephesus had to be presided over by a high priest who had once been a runaway slave. A slave would be elevated to the position of high priest only if he broke off a branch from one of her sacred oaks and then fought the current high priest to the death.

Diana was worshiped at a festival called Nemoralia, or the Festival of Torches, beginning on August 13 each year. After washing their hair and dressing it with flowers, Diana’s followers would proceed around the sacred Lake Nemi—also referred to as Diana’s Mirror—bearing torches. The worshippers would allow their torchlight to join with the moonlight on the water’s surface. This was a day of rest for women and slaves, and all hunting was forbidden on festival day. Since Diana was the goddess of the hunt and wild animals, hounds were dressed with flower blossoms and honored.

Today, many Pagans still celebrate Diana on August 13, where she is asked to protect the harvest from autumn storms. Celebrants offer Diana baked goods and fruit, and some make requests written on ribbons and tie them to trees. The festivities often include songs and dances.

In closing, Diana was a complex, many-sided goddess, embodying various characteristics, from protector to huntress. Today, Diana is often written about as the original mother goddess, a powerful icon who presided over a society with strong matriarchal lines. She continues to be referenced in art, literature, and film, making her an enduring mythical figure.

88ad98 No.712500

Why would Lloyd Blankfein be leaving Goldman Sachs?

ed640f No.712501


>Wow, she's really an idiot.

Nah, just a fucking liar!

f1d9db No.712503



3c7fbd No.712504

I was looking back through some of megaanon's posts and this two caught my eye

1) Hi SysAnon!! "MegaAnon", here. This is false… Awan did not directly kill Seth. He is only responsible for outting Seth and tracing downloads to his workstation, internally.

2) The committee knows. They're peppering the msm because these texts prove strzok did more than change language and wording on a few docs. He drafted the fuss's with rice and forged power as the requestor, too. He and rice drafted the fisa's with the fake dossier Strzok made based on the requirements Rice confirmed and ensure the dossier would include, to get the fisa's approved.

Then because Rice couldn't actually draft AND approve the requests they'd submit, they forged them under Power and she testified to this. She testified she did not draft orbsubmit those requests with her name on it. Rice and Strzok did, then she approved, signed off on them herself and submitted to fisa courts for ruling.

And all of this, is a big part of Flynn's story they wouldn't accept his voluntary testimony on and blocked his requests for, soninstead, he "lied" to the fucking FBI, knowing they'd have to indict him and when they did, it would FORCE HIS TESTIMONY, ON THE RECORD so he pled guilty and walked, just like I promised y'all he (and Manafort) would, months ago… because Flynn is a bad ass fucking Patriot.

You'll realize THIS will be what got Rice indicted, when she's unsealed. Then?! They blast her on Benghazi. End of story.

I wonder if Rice really did forge Power name for unmasking? Power did tell the committee she was not the one who unmasked. This could INTERESTING if this is true.

0ad151 No.712505


>Q !UW.yye1fxo (You) 03/18/18 (Sun) 18:13:08 0ad151 No.712460>>712469




>Not set-up by Supreme Court. Set-up by Obama admin.


>See video here:


>https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sd4b4EtNMqg




Watch the video.

See the links.

fc1e6c No.712506


Click the arrow to the left.

Select FILTER.


I'm invisible.


0beb32 No.712507

File: e0cf4bca61a7809⋯.jpg (195.37 KB, 365x324, 365:324, QlarpingasQ.jpg)

File: 67d317195d250b3⋯.jpg (40.67 KB, 373x144, 373:144, QlarpingasQ2.jpg)


>The Gatekeeper has the video.

The Tiler?

>Reread Q drops.

>Esp. his Jan 4 one.

>Instructions to The Gatekeeper.

Gatekeeper… Matlock… RR_out, P_pers…

Who holds the key to the gate?

Rogers and PALANTIR?

>How the hell was there a photographer there?

An "oops".

>Q post #36 tells you.

I've attached it.


e6f8d9 No.712508

Q deleted all the posts in great awakening again. Anyone know why?

06da00 No.712510


Jupiter is the planet of the Karistus.

The ones we call Angels.

db5368 No.712511

File: 6d30504cb485996⋯.png (39.64 KB, 534x510, 89:85, 6d30504cb485996f87b7fa5877….png)


Because he is a disgusting, lying, pedovoring piece of shit rat.

0f4b91 No.712512


It's pretty effective. You ask target what they would need to see to change their mind. It's effective because the fucking retarded nigger won't change their mind when it happens, and you can show them how fucked in the head they are before you cut the trash out of your life and get better friends.

65da6a No.712513


So now you "know" and are coaching.

1fa2f4 No.712515

File: 3113c238387f994⋯.jpg (155.69 KB, 768x768, 1:1, da87f6ds6g87a6g876g87.jpg)


:) So much win! Still not tired!

987faa No.712516

File: aa7280d698244e3⋯.jpg (13.88 KB, 255x237, 85:79, SR.jpg)

Q, update on investigation into murder of SR??

948b17 No.712517


What did Obama say about nuns?

0ad151 No.712518


Fresh start.

d608f5 No.712519

>>711855 (last bread)

>>711874 (last bread)

Agree!!! Would begging help?

d77949 No.712520


Stopping shitting the breads. Fuck right off.

4f5b16 No.712521

File: 078a6ed71413a55⋯.webm (1.17 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, impressive_most_impressiv….webm)

0ad151… Thanks. This is for you. Enjoy

d608f5 No.712523


All genuine Q posts get deleted ????

0ad151 No.712524


Other Q, not me.

1fa2f4 No.712525

File: 9219f8ec40cc5d1⋯.jpg (24.31 KB, 300x250, 6:5, skull-shaped-beer-pitcher1….jpg)


This anon gets it.

2f3e51 No.712526


Shut down fake Q by not replying to them you fucking newfag.

9bd393 No.712527


That is so fucking true. Thanks.

324d64 No.712528

File: 9f4b2a5fb636b67⋯.jpeg (40.65 KB, 400x504, 50:63, 82ED0192-C2D9-42AC-A165-B….jpeg)

e6f8d9 No.712529


K, so are we still in phase 2? Been off chans for a week workfagging and there's way too much catch up to do.

db5368 No.712531


Bless you, anon.


Fuck me, that is a beautiful hommage

His name was Seth Rich

97f704 No.712533


wow millionth person who has asked that today.

bdd759 No.712535


Filter. It's a magical button.

5eede4 No.712536

"Why are trips allowed?"

Trip codes, relating to fake Q?

Or trips as in HRC took a vacation to India?

f9c52c No.712537




65da6a No.712539


So you do believe and want to be involved. LOL!

eae23a No.712540

File: 8bf5f6c84276ab1⋯.png (734.52 KB, 751x667, 751:667, FLYNN0001263.png)

0beb32 No.712541


So Comey's doing a dog and pony show?

There's a chapter in that book about the Tarmac meeting… isn't there?

290f66 No.712542


Love it when you tell it like it is.

bdd759 No.712544


Apparently still phase 2 with a bunch of incoming BOOOOOMS.

db5368 No.712545


Suggesting that we put this in the OP

19f279 No.712546


Yes, God is Gracious.

77b521 No.712547


This works the best for me.

'Predicting' them near events which they have absolutely no clue. At first they think you're stupid. And they realize in 1-2 weeks you were right.

They come back and ask: how??? That is the moment where they are opened up and you can give them the right direction slightly.

ef4409 No.712548

File: b4b215e6d005446⋯.gif (685.01 KB, 473x205, 473:205, Qlaqy.gif)


second this

0ad151 No.712549


Don´t care about Corsi book.


92a22d No.712550

Kristine Marcy -

The Senior Executive Service (SES) is a position classification in the civil service of the United States federal government, somewhat analogous to general officer or flag officer ranks in the U.S. Armed Forces. It was created in 1979 by Kristine Marcy when the Civil Service Reform Act of 1978 went into effect under President Jimmy Carter.

Kristine Marcy has NO WIKIPEDIA page.

Kristine Marcy may or may not still be alive.

Kristine Marcy is the sister of Abel Danger's Field McConnell, who calls Marcy the most evil woman he knows

Field McConnell is a career military and airline pilot with connections to the aircraft-related events of 9/11. His Air National Guard unit had F-16s over Washington DC on the morning of 9/11. Captain Charles ‘Chic’ Burlingame of American Airlines Flight 77 was his college classmate. The software used on the drones which were flown into the Twin Towers, Boeing Uninterruptable Auto-Pilot (BUAP) is his intellectual property.

McConnell claims it was this BUAP technology that was misappropriated by his sister, Kristine Marcy, and Hillary Clinton on that day, when the Establishment patsied Muslims to facilitate their ‘New American Century’.

d5e5c6 No.712552

File: 082dc0350cc85a2⋯.png (322.62 KB, 701x531, 701:531, PhantomSec.PNG)

File: 78810c449ccc480⋯.png (35.94 KB, 869x391, 869:391, PhantomSec2.PNG)

Chief Executive and Four Associates Indicted for Conspiring with Global Drug Traffickers by Providing Encryption Services to Evade Law Enforcement and Obstruct Justice

Phantom Secure,

an encrypted communication service that facilitated organized criminal activity & drug traffickers, has been shut down thanks to an international #lawenforcement effort.

f9c52c No.712553

For anyone doubting that is really Hillary in the India video, ask yourself one simple question:

Who else can fall the way she does?

Carry on.

47b1c7 No.712554


>Or trips as in HRC took a vacation to India?


612972 No.712555


They didn't cover up 9/11… but they tried to, using their mockingbirds.

That can't work here, because the MSM is deathly afraid the exposure would lose them the remaining few tards they still have on the hook.

1fa2f4 No.712556

File: 73b0d8f37d6140a⋯.jpg (104.05 KB, 915x996, 305:332, s7f89g6s89d7fg6fd87g6.jpg)

06da00 No.712557


Ty. :)

e6f8d9 No.712558


Apologies anon. Been working and have not been on this week. There is so much fuckery and shilling on all the boards it's been really tedious to catch up without asking.

fe5e41 No.712559


It could be because this board is infiltrated with AI and associated minions.

It's really rather a mess here. I wonder why no one seems to care.

2e074a No.712560


He was forcing them to provide contraceptives to their employees via their private Catholic health care plan. He threatened to fine them so heavily if they did not, they would have to shut down and leave the country.

Pro-bono lawyers lined up around the block to defend the nuns. Ironically, their calling is to care for elderly, sick and poor people. They themselves take a vow of poverty.

They had to go to the Supreme Court. This is a big part of why the left did not like Scalia. Obama lost.

0beb32 No.712561


But what's in Comey's?

Considering the tone in which he tweets at the GEOTUS…

Is he actually coming clean in the book and exposing the Qabal?

Now that'd be something…

5eede4 No.712563


Way too many people still stuck on trip codes lol

9bd393 No.712564


It's been difficult because I'm an abrasive bastard tbh. Appreciate the feedback.

fb70b9 No.712566

File: ef13217fde02544⋯.jpg (150.33 KB, 500x750, 2:3, 26nd2c.jpg)

File: 69c753184f7540d⋯.jpg (152.87 KB, 500x750, 2:3, 26nd8y.jpg)

File: 85dbf5a17a19ba6⋯.jpg (152.15 KB, 500x750, 2:3, 26nd77.jpg)

File: d9afda088e66ef2⋯.jpg (106.19 KB, 500x605, 100:121, 26nde9.jpg)

540d09 No.712567


Are you on break Skidmark? Let your boy fight his own battles! That's why he eats tidepods,because you didn't show him enough attention! You were too worried about sucking dick for crack!

1fa2f4 No.712568


THE WORLD IS HELPING (hopefully I got that right)

338c03 No.712569


I laugh every time I see this. I don't know why. Thanks, Anon, and God bless.

fe5e41 No.712570

725495 No.712572

File: 4e316f3ef21580a⋯.jpg (78.97 KB, 800x430, 80:43, d3cb8da49d84e8aef70b0317f3….jpg)



It's extremely effective, it's called a great first impression. That's exactly what the Clowns do with the MSM (Great recent example is the "It's so easy to fake a face on a video" push after Q mentioned their damning video).

YOU are an amazing first impression for that idea, that's why when it happens she'll think of you first - at least unconsciously.

I think this is why Q is releasing information to us. So that we IRL are the ones who are first remembered by those who are awakening.

0ad151 No.712573


Fed courts comped.

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=e2usmlq7oFE

SES = Shadow Gov.

fc1e6c No.712574


Gatekeeper: [J-Go_dX)-2-8

Go to drop video 2 of 8.

There are 8 videos of WJC, HRC and LL on the tarmac (and in the plane).

Very treasonous.

(SR 187)

Hillary emails.


Signal: Confirmed March drop surveillance video.

Gatekeeper is a famous leaker.

His last hurrah.

The photographer was told by Adm. Rogers to be there.

He was.


290f66 No.712575


Because Goldman Sachs is Rothschild and the dear Mr. Blankfein was likely caught with his pants down and hand in the pot of gold.

It's a resignation to add to the list that I'd certainly missed.

53b4f6 No.712577

File: 01cfe65d1c00608⋯.png (894.33 KB, 948x428, 237:107, ivanka-love-pepe.png)


Ivanka is a lady Pepe

84461d No.712578

File: 40903553b986333⋯.png (292.55 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, IMG_1832.PNG)


For all normies visiting, KNOW the difference between "fake Q" who is a retarded monkey and REAL Q who is attempting to enlighten us…

Enjoy the show!

9895c6 No.712579

Feels like we might see some indictments or the IG report drop next week. Is that still wishful thinking, or has the stormy weather finally arrived?

0ad151 No.712580


Comey is comped.

6f6f71 No.712581

File: c02ab3620678263⋯.png (65.74 KB, 529x420, 529:420, assange-going-full-russian.png)

hey julien

any chance of speaking engrish bruh

2e074a No.712583


Is this real?

bdd759 No.712584


Look at second paragraph. First time targeting a tech company that was creating ways to aid organized crime. Hmmmm… Who else does that sound like? All social media? Amazon? SecureDrop?

e6f8d9 No.712585


Thanks for the info.

c6cade No.712586

File: a150b98e3d8cd02⋯.jpg (76.55 KB, 480x640, 3:4, hillarious.jpg)

hey hey hey let's leave Webb Hubbell out of this!

0ad151 No.712588

Comey, McCabe, Mueller, all SES.

All Illegit.

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=e2usmlq7oFE


5eede4 No.712589

was Fire And Fury released simply for optics to remind the public that Trump and Bannon are "feuding"?

7fc251 No.712590


mine has a "translate from Russian" clicky

661ebd No.712591


Are you real?

bdd759 No.712592


That was as succinct as I could make it. Kek

b87085 No.712593

File: d9a61e76aa7eb86⋯.png (313.97 KB, 869x808, 869:808, ClipboardImage.png)

db63bd No.712594


Basically, the ClownsInAmerica don't need this anymore so they let the FBI shut it down.

1cfaec No.712596


Counsel. Not council.

0ad151 No.712597


Enjoy the show.


5eede4 No.712598


news saying April now :/

0beb32 No.712599


Would it fuck with you if Q Classic has been larping as Fat/Diet Q? Perhaps to find out if you have the eyes to hear and ears to see?

Why would they do that?

Can you think a positive reason?

fb70b9 No.712600

File: 28bb5fa6140dd24⋯.jpg (106.96 KB, 500x605, 100:121, 26neco.jpg)

290f66 No.712601

Since you are hanging out for a bit, can you help with something? I'm having trouble prioritizing. What do you need most from me, and when?

1af765 No.712602

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


The Trey Gowdy interview is REALLY interesting actually.

What is established for the viewer within the video?

1) Trey Gowdy is a TOP Republican on House Intelligence committee. (so listen to him he has credibility)

2) House Intelligence committee this week found no evidence of Russia/Trump collusion (so Trump not guilty)

3) Trumps lawyer is calling for RR to end Mueller Investigation. (Pushes the fear narrative that Trump may fire Muller showing separation between Muller and Trump)

4) Gowdy says NO! Mueller is needed because we need to investigate Russia. If not guilty what are you afraid of? (Establishes that Mueller has other irons in the fire other than collusion with Trump AND further establishes Gowdy’s independence from the Trump administration which gives him more credibility)

5) Trump criticizes Mueller for the first time on Twitter saying that Mueller’s team is FULL OF DEMOCRATS (Saying that they are Hillary supporters and clearly NOT on the President’s side and further pushing the fear narrative that Trump may fire Mueller)

6) Mueller didn’t volunteer for this. Rod Rosenstein appointed him. (Therefore, if Mueller discovers something controversial….it’s not something he contrived)

7) McCabe claims reason for firing was to undercut his credibility as a witness and claims Trump is attacking FBI (Opens discussion on McCabe and FBI)

8) Credible Gowdy now says Andy McCabe undercut his credibility all by himself and that McCabe is guilty himself of lying and undermining the FBI (saying he DESERVED to be fired)

9) McCabe’s fellow FBI agents said he LEAKED AND THEN LIED about it (Highlighting that it wasn’t Trump who asked for McCabe to be fired. It was the FBI. )

10) McCabe leaked info NOT ABOUT TRUMP but instead about the DOJ’s refusal to allow FBI to look into the CLINTON FOUNDATION. McCabe was spilling that the DOJ under Obama was CORRUPT. (Brings Department of Justice under the microscope)

11. With hold judgment until the REPORT from the OIG (Office of Inspector General Horowitz) — (Both parties have criticized Horowitz which Gowdy argues gives him even MORE credibility)

12) NOW lets all wait on pins and needles to hear what the report says (what if this report shows more corruption than just McCabe’s leaking? We have now established that Horowitz is credible, independent, and should be listened to. What if he comes back saying there is corruption on concerning the DOJ and the Clinton Foundation? People will have to take it super seriously now.)

13) Again the re-establishment of no collusion between Russia and Trump. After interviewing 70 witnesses and no evidence found.

14) Along with pictures, Wallace points out the names of central people that weren’t interviewed: Michael Flynn, Paul Manafort, Rick Gates, and George Papadopoulos. Then he questions how he can come to a conclusion without talking to these people

15) Gowdy explains that those people are all under indictment (for older crimes) or pled guilty (for lying) so congress can’t talk to them. Goudy says Executive Branch Investigations have more credibility and more tools than congressional investigation. (Therefore Trust Mueller, Trust OIG Horowitz)

16) Trump is a hellofa lot better than Obama


Unbiased and credible Trey Gowdy says no Trump/Russia collusion. Mueller, who is completely independent and has the appearance of being at odds with the President and working with Hillary supporters, may be actually working on a LARGER investigation concerning the dossier such as HILLARY/RUSSIA Collusion and FISA court shenanigans. If Mueller indicts Hillary or others working for her then Democrats can trust that it’s not a political attack.

McCabe deserved to be fired and was fired under recommendation of the FBI and not Trump. DOJ was up to no good and McCabe leaked about it so it wasn’t even about Trump. Everybody wait and see what the OIG report says….could be a doozy. At the very least, it will explain McCabe’s guilt, but it could highlight even more crimes that need to be immediately investigated concerning the Clinton Foundation and the Department of Justice under Obama.

This is helping to “set the stage” for incoming indictments - against Hillary and company and not Trump

948b17 No.712603


And BHO is going to 4 different countries traveling next week.

19f279 No.712604


Good trick, it's a gas planet with no solid ground. Mostly hydrogen and helium.

0ad151 No.712606


Even Trump makes spelling errors.

61c11e No.712607







b87085 No.712608

File: 49150ec8e21a05d⋯.png (1.26 MB, 878x777, 878:777, ClipboardImage.png)

Ugh. New program. Still learning. Apologies, Anons.

f9c52c No.712610


Yes. I thought this was obvious.

Unfortunately, what we are seeing is "Real" Q trying to make excuses as to why HRC was able to leave the country after telling us her passport would be flagged and restricted.

Pathetic, "Real" Q.

You dont even sound like you used to.

Newbies, THIS is how Q used to sound:

Nov 01 2017 22:56:16



Q Clearance Patriot

My fellow Americans, over the course of the next several days you will undoubtedly realize that we are taking back our great country (the land of the free) from the evil tyrants that wish to do us harm and destroy the last remaining refuge of shining light. On POTUS’ order, we have initiated certain fail-safes that shall safeguard the public from the primary fallout which is slated to occur 11.3 upon the arrest announcement of Mr. Podesta (actionable 11.4). Confirmation (to the public) of what is occurring will then be revealed and will not be openly accepted. Public riots are being organized in serious numbers in an effort to prevent the arrest and capture of more senior public officials. On POTUS’ order, a state of temporary military control will be actioned and special ops carried out. False leaks have been made to retain several within the confines of the United States to prevent extradition and special operator necessity. Rest assured, the safety and well-being of every man, woman, and child of this country is being exhausted in full. However, the atmosphere within the country will unfortunately be divided as so many have fallen for the corrupt and evil narrative that has long been broadcast. We will be initiating the Emergency Broadcast System (EMS) during this time in an effort to provide a direct message (avoiding the fake news) to all citizens. Organizations and/or people that wish to do us harm during this time will be met with swift fury – certain laws have been pre-lifted to provide our great military the necessary authority to handle and conduct these operations (at home and abroad).

THIS is how Q sounds now:

Mar 17 2018 20:44:01




Next week.





See the difference?


Critical Thinking Anon

06da00 No.712611

File: 18864198dfe8b35⋯.jpg (10.6 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault.jpg)

File: 6f26559781194fa⋯.jpg (4.76 KB, 208x242, 104:121, download-6.jpg)

File: e1611aa1df52849⋯.jpg (115.08 KB, 640x960, 2:3, bf510fd723e2435fff34b7b149….jpg)



Now I am going to blow your mind.

She is the Goddess of light yes?


First captured single light photon.

Anything making sense yet?

4062d4 No.712612


No fucking way I even touch that vid. Not just because of the rumors of a kid involved. Some things one cannot unsee

65da6a No.712613


LOL. You are playing both sides. You do believe and need….NEED ____ or you don't.

Your posts are showing you do need….

661ebd No.712614


Send love

f5ac85 No.712615

Maria Bartiromo talking alittle NK Iran nuclear deal today.

I gotta say of everyone out there I find her coverage to be the most genuine out there.

I hope anons are watching her show regularly.

1fa2f4 No.712616

File: b67f4d31a1aa504⋯.jpg (66.01 KB, 497x500, 497:500, a8dsf7s98df7s89df7s.jpg)


THIS gels with my logic. Anons??

15253e No.712617


It is as if it never occurs to them to actually read the breads. They’d rather someone take time out to spoon feed them. Ugh.

1ad6a6 No.712618

0ad151 No.712619

725495 No.712620


In fact, one might ask themselves why the waves of fake Q posting here started after the awareness of our board got larger

defa1d No.712622

Is AI anon back?

88ad98 No.712623


Maybe it should be added to the Bread?

9c2023 No.712624


both versions excellent but this one better. awesome anon.

47b1c7 No.712625


you really need to kill yourself.

06da00 No.712626


Who told you that? Lol. Ssshhh. You don't k ow what you are talking about.

92a22d No.712627


Women Operatives In Very High Places

Covert Anglo-American Network of “Crown Agents’ Sisters” Revealed

Abel Danger Mischief Makers – Mistress of the Revels – ‘Man-In-The-Middle’ Attacks

Posted: MONDAY, FEBRUARY 22, 2010

Prepared by: AbelDanger.net

Mistress of the Revels

List (September 15, 2011), of Crown Agents’ Sisters who allegedly use pedophile extortionists and snuff-film patent pools to support ‘man-in-the-middle’ attacks on leaders with an M.O. of Matrix 5 communities (see Marcy below) and command, contract hit and spoliation crews that dates back to the 1629 foundation of the Worshipful Company of Spectacle Makers:

Read a whole lot more

http:// themillenniumreport.com/2017/03/pedogate-operatives-in-very-high-places/

0ad151 No.712628


Read the crumbs and learn.


030786 No.712629

File: 646b7c49671d50e⋯.jpg (112.03 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, welcome_to_the_jc27bb.0.jpg)

b1f29f No.712630

Guys, stop responding to wannabe Q. I've said this from day 1. Stop feeding the shills.

db5368 No.712631

540d09 No.712632


Do you dress up as Howdy Doody for J.C.? while he fucks you in the ass? Yes you do!

2d696c No.712633

Based on what has been provided and digging…

How do we feel about John Perry Barlow?

a) Was he /ourguy/?

b) Was he a clown?

c) Was he comped?

eae23a No.712634

File: e5e03c8e1d20cb9⋯.jpg (52.88 KB, 1002x502, 501:251, trips.jpg)


or trips as in falling down stairs? ha ha ha ha

c6cade No.712635


try to find one pic gowdy with Trump

0beb32 No.712636

File: 39e01410f18dc38⋯.jpg (64.62 KB, 430x249, 430:249, 4736014.jpg)

File: ab3de733633f4cd⋯.jpg (87.93 KB, 1440x1080, 4:3, maxresdefault (1).jpg)



1fa2f4 No.712637

File: 99f2f543fe3f8d2⋯.jpg (49.15 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 786fgs7d8fg6sd87fg5sdf67g5.jpg)



65da6a No.712638


Comey's weakness is his family…his daughters.

How many have the spine or nads to use that?

362671 No.712639

File: b02cae0ca82a6d5⋯.jpeg (169.57 KB, 500x673, 500:673, 96B98091-82C0-4C72-A50A-1….jpeg)

00f7f2 No.712640

>>712364. (Last bread)

Q never misuses words.

Anons do.

After dozens of crumbs about HRC , Huma and Hussein Jetting around the world, you suddenly think Q is referring to tripcodes because the anons have a bug up their ass about fake q.

Look up confirmation bias in dictionary and paste in a picture of your own face.

2c0583 No.712641


I would watch only because of Huma. And I know damn well there are many on here who would too.

f9c52c No.712642


Its just a star. A "wandering" star.

ddc520 No.712643

https:// www.darpa.mil/news-events/2018-03-14

Why is this relevant?

Learn to play the game.

Who is the adversary?

15253e No.712644


They still won't read It.

ee9748 No.712645


Porter Goss wasn't SMOM.

Michael Hayden was Jesuit-educated, but can't find any direct link to SMOM. didn't dig deep enough, probably.

Mike Pompeo isn't SMOM.

0ad151 No.712646

Horowitz comped.

Mueller comped.

Big mega theft of tax payer money.


https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=e2usmlq7oFE


290f66 No.712647


Done. And thanks. It's been a wild ride, but it's been fun.

f9c52c No.712648



948b17 No.712649


Oh, good to know. Thanks anon.

1e5893 No.712650




fake Q (all of them) are clearly not newfags … like you.

7fc251 No.712651


thank you, sad no one listens to instructions clearly stated at top of bread

1f3127 No.712652

File: 9379469212a33c3⋯.jpg (72.62 KB, 602x480, 301:240, bombs.jpg)

960f3e No.712653


the price to pay to grow the # of eyes opened… is to learn to ignore the clutter while continuing the search.

0ad151 No.712654


Beaz wrong. Mueller not our guy.


fa6996 No.712655


That's who won elections on March 18th. Exit polls published after close of polling stations show Putin won with more than 73%

There were elections apparently, see also:


987faa No.712656


planet means "wanderer"

I don't know how much education you've had but planets ARE NOT stars

1fa2f4 No.712657


From what I can tell, JPB was rubbing elbows with LdR and went to Berkeley. Odds are long he was /ourguy/. Better chance of winning the lottery.

a4d63e No.712658

Wooooah Q deleted all his posts at /greatawakening/

65da6a No.712659


No, not FO. It provides a learning opportunity for all. Read and ignore…but learn.

It's posts are an opportunity.

f9b8d0 No.712660

Information is fine, but action is better. We cant use any of this stuff to redpill normies, because they will only (possibly) redpill when the "afternews" tell them what happened. Normies aint going to abandon their cognitive dysfunction because somebody they know said to, they will only wake up when CNN tells them to wake up. And that will be when perp walks are happening and it is no longer "cool" or safe to be a demoncrat. Nothing less than that will "redpill the normies." Dont even other, you just look like a hoping fool.

5eede4 No.712661


I really wanna know what is going through their heads. At this point, they have to know about Q, and have to know what is happening. Unless they really think that Mueller and Dems will still hang Trump and get him impeached

fc1e6c No.712662


Real intel, yes.

Good night anons.


0ad151 No.712663


Wat U talking bout boy?

e58aa7 No.712664

Why hasn't BO blocked and banned all of the fake Qs?

Real Q is going to be much more hesitant to post with all this bullshit fake Q spam in every bread.

9bd393 No.712665

I'm having visions of Trump, Putin, Un, Jinping, Rouhani, Assad, Orban, even Macron, all standing shoulder to shoulder announcing a true combined effort towards world peace and stability, all before Trump's first term ends. A unified front in the war vs. evil and a mutual respect for each others nations and people. Along with an explanation on how the (((bankers))) have been destroying us and the planet, pitting us against each other for millennia.

db5368 No.712666


..makes we wanna scream..

948b17 No.712667


Its part of the big Libel Trap set by Trump to go after the MSM. Most likely Stormy Daniels is part of that trap too.

06da00 No.712668



Summeria Jupiter meant Jesus

Babylon Jupiter meant Nibiru

f5ac85 No.712669


Yup. It's looking more and more like it's gonna be a chain of dominoes

-stryuck page—-fisa judge





-clapper, powers


Red October

4860a1 No.712670


Saint Mattis of Quantico bless the planefags!

9c4dc2 No.712671




Because you have been debased by degenerate kikes, congrats.


I can help with that, what do you need?

8d7e1a No.712672


Is this the new script? Trump is a coke dealing fag?

I think you mean Hillary.

f9b8d0 No.712673

If the demoncrats did all these horrible crimes during the Bushbama years, why hasnt Trump done anything about it? Becuase it's all b.s.

~ Your Average Normie

a4d63e No.712674


Why do people ask questions that have already been answered a hundred times? Oh yeah concernfagging

bddd4a No.712675



Ignore namefags.

No Replies

They will disappear.

1fa2f4 No.712676


BO can't. FakeQfaggot hides behind a VPN and changes IPs. His faggotry persists even if banned. He's a chomo clown about to be out of a job.

f9c52c No.712677



Bread & circus 2018.

0beb32 No.712678

File: a951f25454d75e9⋯.jpg (1.14 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, rainbow_dash_salute_wallpa….jpg)

06da00 No.712679


Is that good or bad lol

987faa No.712680

61c11e No.712681


Caught the KEK… 77

Starting to understand the Pepe

WOW… this is for real.

f9c52c No.712682


Goodnight, Alt Q.

bb1df3 No.712683


No I don't think so. He updates his twatter feed every few days

f9b8d0 No.712684


Average intelligence, a pills addict and a drunk = fucking stupid.

06da00 No.712685


It's okay. Go back to sleep.

1f3127 No.712686

File: dacc9b313eaa56f⋯.png (352.44 KB, 906x505, 906:505, dacc9b313eaa56fcd3d99722d1….png)

9bd393 No.712687

File: 56b21f9085fc88c⋯.jpg (25.03 KB, 729x425, 729:425, shutterstock-554011846.jpg)


I love this.. also Sun Dogs.

0ad151 No.712688


Base legit.

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=e2usmlq7oFE



078ad7 No.712689


Except 2 old ones. The new ones are all gone

5eede4 No.712690

So Trump would then have proof to one day show the MSM reported a false story, or false stories? I'm hoping that Trump secretly has a video of that meeting where he supposedly said Haiti is a shithole country, and gets to show the video and we see he never said that

7aab2b No.712691


Just keep Filter+, bread is nice without him/them

f5ac85 No.712692


Last night some anons were saying take away the name field and force anon on everyone.

This board is far superior to cbts but we did that to stop namefagging and it worked.

I think you should think about it.

53b4f6 No.712693


Because fake Q uses a poul of ip's that more people use, online vpn service.

Blocking fake q by ip also blocks others.

Best is that we all filter by name, no more fake Q then, whatever ip he uses.

52f714 No.712694


>she's traveling with a HRC body double

Yeah, that does look like the double from in front of Chelsea's digs on 9/11.

e58aa7 No.712695


And BO can't auto-delete any posts made from that name copying Q's trip? If you can't ban/block him, at least delete the posts automatically.

f468e9 No.712696


Be nice, Anon. Every dude starts to look like that once they get past a certain age.

47e08e No.712697


>try to find one pic gowdy with Trump

I have thought for some time now that it's intentional. I think Gowdy is keeping his distance and appearance of impartiality so he is more acceptable in whatever his new role' is going to be because it's going to require senate confirmation. No point in stacking the deck against yourself when it's so easy to avoid. Trey is a smart guy, he's going places. (If he'd get a decent fucking haircut)

8d7e1a No.712698







I don't know what I am, but I don't fuck or eat kids. People treat me very strangely though. I think the ones that do hurt children don't like me very much.

a08f53 No.712699


It's not the first time

06da00 No.712701


Not many call them sun dogs. Mhmm Avalon or canadian

def2d0 No.712702

File: ffb18189b80771b⋯.png (134.27 KB, 1166x956, 583:478, 1472df9d6b6605a1cd2cd1fa4d….png)

File: 2338e8815e5e51d⋯.png (151.43 KB, 1197x1559, 1197:1559, 2338e8815e5e51dd6198718f0f….png)

Anons we have schills who are paid for your responses.

Do NOT let them play you.

Do NOT respond to their insults.

Do NOT announce they are filtered.

Do NOT correct their spelling or grammar.

0ad151 No.712703

All Americans considered the enemy.



https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=e2usmlq7oFE


fb70b9 No.712704

File: 5fe72415e7c246e⋯.png (112.4 KB, 460x346, 230:173, These people are stupid.png)

7eb512 No.712705

File: 781332666df79ef⋯.jpg (83.95 KB, 1025x512, 1025:512, FreeTheInternet.jpg)

2f3e51 No.712706

File: 3d3e9be5381357b⋯.jpg (6.1 KB, 229x220, 229:220, e8f802f0314cfea2fdb7c25e51….jpg)

f9b8d0 No.712707


Mind your usage, Fake Q, you are undermining your "credibility."

f9c52c No.712708


M.B. is a Patriot.

1e5893 No.712709


censor fag filtered

c6cade No.712710

File: 78b5ba630d29c72⋯.png (273.16 KB, 329x716, 329:716, found one.png)

9c4dc2 No.712711


CIAniggers literal bronie horse fuckers kek.


No. There's no excuse to be fat I don't care what your age is. That's a result of a shitty lifestyle.

b1f29f No.712712


Thank you. I'm almost at the point of putting your post as the head message of the board.

f9b8d0 No.712713

5eede4 No.712714

File: 5fcbadf11ee3b79⋯.jpg (102.21 KB, 835x1100, 167:220, Obama-to-throw-Nats-first-….jpg)

fab2af No.712715

File: 610f559344adb97⋯.jpg (93.59 KB, 880x660, 4:3, IMG_1010.JPG)


I'm glad the military is keeping tabs on frump supporters >>712456



ef4409 No.712716

File: 71e79ab803be857⋯.gif (757.96 KB, 268x200, 67:50, weshallsee.gif)


thanks anon

have a cushing

718c8b No.712717

It's amazing how comfy it is in here when you just Filter ID+ two cunts.

Just 2.

Fucking Shariablew asslickers.

540d09 No.712718


Comey fucks little boys dressed as Howdy Doody with prince Andrew on Epstein island! Took Lolita express to get there!

0beb32 No.712719

File: 521d281e7dc3639⋯.png (454.58 KB, 926x1024, 463:512, 521d281e7dc3639f1b9e5c87b9….png)


No lewding the ponies.

This is a Christian Server.

06da00 No.712720


f9c52c No.712721


Q is a LARP.

He deleted them so we can use his/her/their words to prove it.

Research everything Q has told us since Jan and compare it to reality.

You'll have your confirmation of LARP

1fa2f4 No.712722


I'm no baker

Can't attest to that.

I think all namefags except Q should be censored - despite what some other anons here might think. It's an uncool practice to namefag anyway - but occasionally good for keks.

a4d63e No.712723

Q has his own comfy board where only he can post if it gets too shilly in here. Stop your concernfagging

0ad151 No.712724

Congress comped = sponsering SES Obama army. All of Congress comped.

Congress must go. SES must go.

Restore Constitution of 1787.

Martial Law, MIL rule.


db5368 No.712725


Both! Lol, I feel exalted and terrified at the same time.

nb im spiritually sensitive and simply reading up on the goddessess makes the connection. I am already receiving tutelage from Minerva. Maybe, after receiving lessons from her, Diana will accept me as her student

bb1df3 No.712726


You just about got it. They think Trump is a coward who has let the rats nest right into his own WH. Too soft to do politics, like most Repubs.

1fa2f4 No.712727

File: 08df470c909bd3f⋯.jpg (88.34 KB, 950x534, 475:267, s89dfg78ds9g7d98g7dvf.jpg)

718c8b No.712728


What man doesn't know how to throw a ball?

Holy fuck.

948b17 No.712729


They are looking for help and/or money. BHO is there to talk about his foundation in each country (except NZ there is some sort of golf thing) but he is also talking to carious country leaders while he is there.

585f9c No.712730


Senior Executive Service –– Bribe

5a8621 No.712731


i think the sealed college records would give the most amount of usable information.

0ad151 No.712732


cbts mod post?

9c4dc2 No.712733


Saved and enslaved.


Kill yourself disinfonigger. God made horses for his majesty sake, not for faggots at the Central Intelligence Agency to buttfuck.

bddd4a No.712734



Do it yourself.

Filter on your own for ID, Names, etc…

06da00 No.712735


I get that lol!

ab055d No.712736

Fake Q really shit it up this board and everybody responded to him including myself if not just in Jest.

Regardless, it has accomplished diverting us and probably pissing the Real Q off.

I go up the hill to talk to God and come back and you're all making gold statues, See how that works?

987faa No.712737

f9c52c No.712738

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



fab2af No.712739



5eede4 No.712740


So Trump, by sheer luck, broke a 75 year hiatus with NK?

290f66 No.712741


At least to the list of resignations.

68a2c2 No.712742


^^^^^^^^^^He’s not wrong!

5a8621 No.712743


papa bush is worse

15f93e No.712744

File: 80bfe7c86f4fa58⋯.jpeg (60.9 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 7ED058E6-02BD-4D01-B08D-B….jpeg)


Boom. Nice summary anon.

f9b8d0 No.712745

File: 04353fd9eba5b2e⋯.png (506.87 KB, 585x476, 585:476, comey bigger fag.png)


All "Briens" are fags.

0ad151 No.712746


No, you are undermining your own clown agent.

0beb32 No.712747

File: 135e5a89de354ba⋯.png (178.58 KB, 900x689, 900:689, super_sonic_and_rainbow_da….png)


I see you don't understand the concept of "not lewding the ponies".

948b17 No.712748


Yes and he can sue for defamation, etc.

f9c52c No.712749


No. Trump is legit.

Q used to be before Jan

After Jan, something happened.

beba88 No.712750


last time it was a sig to JA.

Whos the message for this time?

5eede4 No.712751


You think BO still thinks he can skate and not get in trouble? Or at this point, is it getting money (assuming all his is frozen), and getting protection? If so, why does he keep traveling but keep coming back to america?

3d5606 No.712752

I don't see how a politician could hire McCabe, don't federal employees need to pass a federal background check to qualify for a job?.

c6cade No.712753

File: ab965cbad705aff⋯.jpg (48.98 KB, 543x499, 543:499, weee.jpg)

e8738d No.712754


i dont think real Q does care that much about an impositor.

your doing the right thing keeping the bans low.

the real filter for anon´s is their brain.

Newbornfags gotta learn the lesson, you gotta verify everything for yourself

6f6f71 No.712755

File: 79026b0b851c98c⋯.png (9.99 KB, 521x403, 521:403, 8changraph.png)


fakeQ is a mild distraction

but as my graph clearly shows

the distinct lack of porn has caused issues

production went down the moment the bread gods

were unable to get their demands met

e0f0b5 No.712756

File: 583eb8b621ddac5⋯.jpg (3.72 MB, 6000x3900, 20:13, YatesClapperCORRUPT.jpg)

fb70b9 No.712757

File: ecbda45a484b488⋯.jpg (55.99 KB, 564x499, 564:499, 26nfa6.jpg)

File: e8acea476d16eda⋯.jpg (56.05 KB, 564x499, 564:499, 26nfby.jpg)

362671 No.712758

File: 5a42adcbfc80a3f⋯.jpeg (39.74 KB, 300x410, 30:41, 05246D93-8BBD-409F-B77A-8….jpeg)

5eede4 No.712759


It has been stated that Stormy received bodily harm threat….but she hasn't said from whom. Interesting

eb14ac No.712760

File: 40ef1a0eea67869⋯.png (580.1 KB, 1743x597, 581:199, ClipboardImage.png)


Tracking Luftwaffe GAF645 inbound to North America (DC?)

ETA ~8:45 PM EDT

Currently S of Greenland.

1fa2f4 No.712761


>All "Briens" are fags


b1f29f No.712762

Anyways, I'm done being annoyed.

We must focus on >>705264 (Whitelist)

And >>705183 (Panic mode)

0ad151 No.712763

Richard P. O´neil = SES member = creation of weapons of mass destruction. InQ tel and incubation factories which steal patents →> then weaponized. MIL experiments weaponized. Congress a part of it. Congress must go.

Congress comped.

Check Andrew Marshall also.


290f66 No.712764


Because Q is awesome like that. Figure out why two remain. Watch the video a few times carefully noting what images are tied to what words.

It's spring cleaning. Time to freshen things up and make them better.

9895c6 No.712765


Hahaha of course it is. It's always just a LITTLE WAYS AWAY.


5eede4 No.712766

File: 1fb4f468eff7342⋯.jpg (18.78 KB, 320x252, 80:63, 18s3qzsgc7trijpg.jpg)

585f9c No.712767


Their all a bunch of deep state flamers….

540d09 No.712768


Flippn like a fish? C thru your tactics! Tidepod nickname touched you huh? Now seeking attention from side you mocking!

1e5893 No.712769

aa2991 No.712770

File: 74a2c3ef22111e3⋯.jpg (333.15 KB, 837x1245, 279:415, is it a stretch.jpg)

Nine Eleven.

Eye witness reports.

Bombs, explosions.

2.3 Trillion missing.

Pic(credit to 'Anon')

ab055d No.712771


We need Raid for the roaches

725495 No.712772

File: fe7e443b5f373ce⋯.jpg (316.23 KB, 1792x409, 1792:409, FirstImpressionsAreImporta….jpg)


It's also this [pic].

We are getting a lot of new people, and we'll only get more.

948b17 No.712774


They might be still allowed to travel only under circumstances. Like length of trip, etc.

f5ac85 No.712775


He could see see pass a criminal background check. It would be a patronage job.

I hope it happens. It would be inexplicable that McCabe was political at that point. He wouldn't have a leg to stand on.

Those jobs are reserved dem party operatives.

53b4f6 No.712776


Still whining because the clown comped board plan didn't work Roy?

68a2c2 No.712777


Swift decisiveness.

520f07 No.712778




fab2af No.712779

File: 00ce96f754959d5⋯.jpg (21.88 KB, 206x245, 206:245, IMG_0037.JPG)

Pr0n for bakers

Not frumpy shill blamefags

Or the fucking fexas Faggots

ccff89 No.712780

Nov. 23


>Unclassified setting.

Monitored and analyzed in RT.

>Future answers past.

18 U.S. Code § 912 - Officer or employee of the United States

Whoever falsely assumes or pretends to be an officer or employee acting under the authority of the United States or any department, agency or officer thereof, and acts as such, or in such pretended character demands or obtains any money, paper, document, or thing of value, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.

(June 25, 1948, ch. 645, 62 Stat. 742; Pub. L. 103–322, title XXXIII, § 330016(1)(H), Sept. 13, 1994, 108 Stat. 2147.)

https:// www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/text/18/912

948b17 No.712781


He hasn't been charged of anything yet.

030786 No.712782

9c4dc2 No.712783


Associating horses with degenerate practice? Sorry, it's done.


Fuck your made up shit graphic. Porn is antithetical to digging boards.

1e5893 No.712784


good choice

725495 No.712785


<3 you.

65da6a No.712786


Hate to be the one to inform you, but you and others are not going to "redpill normies." That isn't the way people, human beings or life works. The sooner the youngster autists/anons learn that, the better. People/human beings are who and what they are and work the way they work. You can't change that. What you can do is to learn who and what people are and how they work.

f9b8d0 No.712787


Plans are made known. Trust no man.

ab055d No.712788


Laws don't apply to Democrats only Republicans

b1f29f No.712789


You're asking us to auto-censor? Without monitoring?

ddc520 No.712790

"research board"

This ish is disappointing

fb70b9 No.712791


One more thing, everyone knows it and it's only quite obvious, that Andy is the Bottom BITCH.

Your picture is spot on, KEK

6cb6a7 No.712792

McCabe, what a scumbag. Every time he says ‘we’ he means {{they}}. This is like a laundry list of his most recent ops in his interview.

https:// www.cnbc.com/video/2017/10/04/fbi-deputy-director-we-shouldve-predicted-russian-hacks-with-more-clarity.html

960f3e No.712793


Pa, get off me, yer crushing my smokes.

1e5893 No.712794


vagina fitered

4f29dd No.712795


Harold III investigated Benghazi.

He didn't discover that Hillary was shipping arms into Syria? Why was Stevens at the compound on 9/11 at all??

All hat, no cattle.

If Muelller and his investigation finds anything whatsoever at all that Trump might have broken the law on anything in his life, Mueller will seek an indictment. This is far past Russian collusion, the supposed reason for Special Counsel, and is a witch hunt to find something for which Trump can be impeached, no matter what the offense or circumstances.

Trump should appoint a Special Prosecutor to look into Mueller & Uranium 1. Best defense is a good offense.

91a40f No.712796

File: 0f35b2652677f3b⋯.jpg (11.99 KB, 226x223, 226:223, mrpepeJD.jpg)

McCabe's wife got over $700,000 from establishments dem's courtesy of Terry Mcauliffe and HRC - a bribe for then acting Dep Director mccabe?


Average amount raised per candidate for VA State senate dist. 13 the year she ran? The average was $303,000 (cash not inc in kind donations)

See https:// ballotpedia.org/Virginia_State_Senate_District_13

Mccabe raked in $1,228,910 AND LOST.

See https:// www.vpap.org/candidates/257116/finance_summary/

A nationwide summary of the cost to win a US Senate or State senate seat is here:

https:// dposorio.com/822/the-cost-of-winning-a-senate-race/#table

What do you notice - NO data for VA - coincidence? -

all other states are included - the costliest state senate race is CA - if you throw that out the next most expensive is texas at $650,000

MD next door is only $121,000

Why did Jill Mccabe need over $1.2 milliion for this race? I guess the Dem party has lots of cash to give away (NOT)

59aa7b No.712797


what website are you using

0ad151 No.712798

5G moratorium need.

Will cook us all.

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=e2usmlq7oFE

Ray Azi.

Steven Crooker.

Sold US out. Lied about internet.

Debb Plunket. Scott Dareck. Phillip Venebals cripto currency involvement. Diego Garcia scam via Hillary Pentagon. Bitcoin scam.

The Highlands forum - ES, Peter Theal, Ppay, Instagram, snapchat…

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=e2usmlq7oFE


039411 No.712799

few love to hear the sins they love to act

f9b8d0 No.712800


There's been no Boom whatsoever, no suicide weekend, no arrest so known top govt crooktards. Just school and church shootings and a bunch of demoncrat crooks running their ugly mouths.

f5ac85 No.712801


Don't censor. Just get rid of the name field.

Make everyone anon. It's been done before.

9c4dc2 No.712802


Man refers to both men and women, since women were taken from men and it's called "man kind". Trust no man should be read as trust noone.

65da6a No.712803


Hey, pussy! Why did you stop responding to the challenges that put you on display?

390276 No.712804


/pol/ has been redpilling for years, you need to shut up and learn before you post bullshit like this again.

e1aefb No.712805


Why did Scalia ditch his US Marshals? Rumor is USSS dismissed detail, which means BHO accompanied Scalia to TX. Both planes departed from same place, same time.

Rumor is fighter jets escorted Scalia’s gulfstream instead of AF1.

1e5893 No.712806


biblefag filtered

def2d0 No.712807

File: d27e488e8e1618a⋯.jpg (151.28 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, d27e488e8e1618a2560f37861f….jpg)

c6cade No.712808

File: 96bce32fab79e67⋯.jpg (154.67 KB, 888x499, 888:499, wee.jpg)

0ad151 No.712809


Fish popping.


3d2f6c No.712810


I have said this before, I will say again. ALL platforms have a life expectancy. Lifespan if you will.

In this fast moving environment where we have active state/non-governmental actors working with AIs, astronomical computing power, as well as numerous (((useful idiots))) who are more than happy to be a little bitch for the ((cabal)) (or just plain fucking retards who don't know what they are fucking with until they get a lead sandwich in the middle of the night), it behooves patriots to set up alternates and highly monitored/patrolled channel of communication.

It must be capable of not only warding off your regular retarded kiddy ((shills)) of half-chan caliber, but also be able to provide information to relevant white hats regarding (((shills))), etc. It's a thin rope, but the black hats are running out of tricks. The actual patriots are FAR out of their reach now, and no amount of clowning is going to change that.

The REAL imminent situation has to do with corrupting/derailing newfags and normies.

BO/BV, highly advised that we go on active offense against ((shills)), as well as setting up alternate means of communications and channels for Q.

Let us know.

f9b8d0 No.712811


Sheep. Baaaatists. Trust muh govt. How about, No.

1fb892 No.712812


The board before this one was abandoned because of banning and censorship. Q has a board he can post to without dealing with anons if he wants.

Just have to suffer the shills and keep digging.

5eede4 No.712813


That Obama workout video trumps everything :D

2e074a No.712814


Also, about one hundred other organizations joined in the suit as co-plaintiffs. This included American Indian tribes who do not believe in abortion and contraception.

Obama even wanted "Priests for Life" the biggest and most well known Catholic pro-life organization to provide those things. That was a direct attack on the priest who heads up that organization, who is very, very well known and admired by Catholics.

0beb32 No.712815


So how do we stop 5g from going live?

06da00 No.712816


Well you suck. Because 90% are still asleep. Don't fluff your feathers so much.

fab2af No.712817

File: 3b6e81f6dc71fec⋯.jpg (38.18 KB, 318x439, 318:439, IMG_1143.JPG)

Don't wave your frumpy plebetarian caca round these parts

Damn fexas Faggots

9895c6 No.712819


Nothing is different. You haven't missed anything except McCabe being fired.

Booms must be subterranean because everything is still "just a little ways out".

888d65 No.712820


Girl bike.

d95080 No.712821


it won't work – Sessions played this perfectly. For early retirement, McCabe needed to have reached 50 yrs of age (and no more) w/ 20 yrs of service. Today is his 50th birthday, so even if he were hired tomorrow, he would be too old to qualify for early retirement (he would be 50 yrs and 1 day). His next "window" for federal retirement is at age 56 and 9mos. (He is already vested, so he will get retirement, but he has to wait for the appropriate "window" for the retirement pension to begin.)



It's all ridiculous. Has anyone checked out McCabe's assets/net worth? It's an eye opener.

bbd15f No.712822

File: bc33272e8725676⋯.png (30.81 KB, 295x396, 295:396, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 923dbd244272cc6⋯.png (5.27 KB, 473x215, 11:5, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 6a908b750f5fbe7⋯.png (3.96 KB, 439x103, 439:103, ClipboardImage.png)

File: a119e0243ee6fe1⋯.png (7.15 KB, 472x257, 472:257, ClipboardImage.png)

Research bread is best baked slowly .. Stay on target anons .. filter and ignore

There was a pic leaked showing deepstate twitter analysis.. like 1st pic here but more colourful and blurry.

One thing that always stood out reading the Q was things like this ..

Reached est 1.2mm, Patriots. …. Estimated 20mm reached.

I am sure when Q is using mm he means million more (people reached or $ ^pics), someone post the leaked pic

This was how well we were doing getting the word out… just another piece for the puzzle

We are the charge to the fission reaction, we just need get enough people realising what is happening,

ccff89 No.712823

File: c70b9f56b38bea9⋯.png (34.78 KB, 422x367, 422:367, ClipboardImage.png)

f9b8d0 No.712824


Has it worked on ANYBODY? I doubt it. Maybe just other Patriots who want it all to be true.

2e074a No.712825


One more thing, when Trump signed his religious freedom Executive Order, he put the Little Sisters of the Poor in the front row and then invited them on stage. It was absolutely fabulous.

9c4dc2 No.712826










Literally every post of yours is trash. You wouldn't happen to be a shill, would you nigger?

5eede4 No.712827


11million? Or is it more?

540d09 No.712828


I speak the truth! Fake Q does eat tidepods seeking attention that mommy never gave him! He mad I know this!

c0fa33 No.712829


And the Catholic vote helped us, even as the Pope was trying to swing it for Hillary. Well done!

4062d4 No.712830


Huma solo yes. But if I see HRC’s fat ass *shivers*

6b3b00 No.712831


https ://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LLEWnQT2G9w

8f3ba0 No.712832

Normally I would have ignored the story of this kid killing another at a sleepover but when I saw it was the Jupiter Police called in I figured something was up. Seriously, JUPITER police?

So this kid gets an urge to kill all the sleeping kids at the sleepover. I smell MKUltra here somewhere.

Florida Teen Murders 13-Year-Old On His Birthday In Stabbing Rampage, Says He Watched Jihadi Videos And Read Koran To 'Give Him Courage

After the murder, Johnson allegedly informed police that he had awakened at 4 a.m. and had an urge to kill Simon; Dane Bancroft; and Jovanni Sierra; all three were asleep.

https:// www.dailywire.com/news/28248/florida-teen-murders-13-year-old-his-birthday-hank-berrien

c8fefc No.712833

While searching for campaign contributor and recipient data… I found this .gov database:

https:// www.fec.gov/data/receipts/individual-contributions/?two_year_transaction_period=2018&min_date=01%2F01%2F2017&max_date=12%2F31%2F2018'

Join in the fun if interested. I've just begun searching this to see if it produces any helpful leads for us…Hoping to find cross-references to resignations and firings of CEOs/Presidents.

e58aa7 No.712834



I'm aware of Q's board and that's not the point. Numerous long-term Anons have been duped by the Fake Q when on mobile devices and other equipment because the bold text can be hard to discern.

For those saying Q can just post to his board- sure. And that kills all interaction between Q and Anons that happens regularly in this board.

9d84dd No.712835


You should have an impressive body of work to show us then, ya know, the results of all this red-pilling.

520f07 No.712836


Bwaaahahaha These pics kill me every time. OMG.

f6a3f1 No.712837


No, it just means you have to go get your BBC fix and jaw jizz on halfchan.

That’s where it always goes.

585f9c No.712838

File: b130bb8f2fa0716⋯.jpg (15.3 KB, 300x294, 50:49, streakinPepe.jpg)


We only need to reach 30 million to hit critical mass and I think we've surpassed that mark.

92a22d No.712840



Focus on the SES and Kristine Marcy, anons. Her ties to HRC, Obama, 9/11, pedogate etc etc.

The Senior Executive Service (SES) was created in 1979 by Kristine Marcy when the Civil Service Reform Act of 1978 went into effect under President Jimmy Carter.

The Senior Executive Service (SES), is an agency funded by the government, but not answerable to it

The Senior Executive Service (SES) As the keystone of the Civil Service Reform Act of 1978, the SES was established to “…ensure that the executive management of the Government of the United States is responsive to the needs, policies, and goals of the Nation and otherwise is of the highest quality.”

Members of the SES serve in the key positions just below the top Presidential appointees. SES members are the major link between these appointees and the rest of the Federal workforce. They operate and oversee nearly every government activity in approximately 75 Federal agencies.

290f66 No.712841


Her filings would make for good bedtime reading. Did she pay herself? Her kids? Campaign finance is nothing but legislated graft.

BTW, McCabe household is likely at $11mm because of insider trading.

24c436 No.712842


Little people rock!!

9895c6 No.712843


God damn. I'm not athletic in the least. Like, not at all… I never liked sports growing up either. I'm a science and computerfag.

That said, when I did play sports, I NEVER EVER looked like these fucking homos. Good lord, what the fuck is wrong with someone that they throw a ball like this?

718c8b No.712844


Papa Bush looks like a dork.

Jugears looks like a fucking girl.

And Papa Bush never acted like he was an athlete.

But, we were subjected to the bullshit of Jugears basketmaball prowess almost weekly.

Plus, Bush never censored pics of his sorry efforts to throw a ball, like Jugears did.

Hate them both. Both are cocksukers/asslickers.

But Jugears is more annoying.

65da6a No.712845







For any and all who do not wish to discuss or respond via message board responses, send the posters to other actual message boards.

Several still in existence. Let them start new Q discussions and spread Q there.

1ac5eb No.712846

File: 2bc8f1845b495cf⋯.png (299.47 KB, 784x468, 196:117, Tiffany_Trump_Tower.png)


Another way to remember. Tiffany and Co is right next to Trump Tower on 5th Avenue at 57.

68a2c2 No.712847


Varicose veins cottage cheese


53b4f6 No.712848


Could be a part of it. main reason was that the board owners claimed direct contact with Q …making them comped.

Or it was lying to break the plausible deniability chain. Or they were talking to clowns, thinking it was real Q.

0ad151 No.712849


Trump Miller Act.

The Highland forum - globalists - sold-out America.

Tied to SES.





Christopher Earl Strunk: CRYPTO CURRENCY QUI BONO?

https:// youtube.com/watch?v=KWMZl_h78Ws [Embed]

Christopher Earl Strunk challenges CRYPTO CURRENCY .. QUI BONO (who benefits?)

Asking BLOCK CHAIN EXPERTS at the Blockchain Economic Forum held in the New York City Intercontinental Hotel of 300 West 44th Street on Halloween 31 October 2017 .

See the Phamplet at:

http:// associationforsovereignhomerulewithin.org/index.html

and understand the current use of GLADIO here domestically at:

https:// youtube.com/watch?v=5hI3HxvjkBw

Yes and there is more especially the fact that the Saturnist Jesuits program is to extirpate heretics and to eliminate all protestants and nation states and or reduce them to subservience to the Global Trustee.

3c7fbd No.712850

re-Reading more megaanon Seth Rich posts

1) To reiterate the main points, Kim acted as a data parking lot, if you will. If you were someone like SCR who had valuable data you needed to anonymously AND securely upload or "dump", massive amounts of data to, Kim was who you went to. It is on very good authority that many of us would go as far as to imply that Kim's "parking lot" provided secured tunnels and storage for SEVERAL other wikileaks leakers, including Snowden and Manning. 2.5 weeks ago, we also confirmed SCR completed more than one dump. While Webb is only now leading up what he's referring to as the "second dump", sent to Kim via a thumb drive, his reference to it as the second, is incorrect. SCR completed 3 dumps. The first actual "dump", is what's being missed. The first dump was a much smaller data set. SCR was using that smaller capture, as an attempt to put feelers out to confirm to himself that his theories of epiccorruption, were credible and correct. THIS IS WHAT HE INITIALLY REACHED TO WIKILEAKS WITH ABD PROVIDED FOR REVIEW. Once he'd received confirmation his "gut@ was correct, he proceeded with what's being considered his first of two dumps… but again, 3 total.

2) The innocent murder of SCR and THE MANY JUST LIKE HIM, deserves to be known. It's the literal, "red pill" you've strived to force-feed the normies for years! Once the masses have NO CHOICE, but to RECOGNIZE THE FACT THAT THE DNC, HRC, Obama admin and his intel agencies/department heads, ORCHESTRATED, FACILITATED AND THEN COVERED UP THE MURDER OF A YOUNG STAFFER WHO LEAKED THEIR CORRUPTION, you'll have a hard time convincing them to ever go back.

010966 No.712851

File: 405c1bb5d6d9ffd⋯.png (750.91 KB, 550x512, 275:256, ClipboardImage.png)

Family Releases Photo of Recuperating John McCain; Rare Photo of Senator Since Departing D.C. Last Year

https:// truepundit. com/family-releases-photo-recuperating-john-mccain-rare-photo-senator-since-departing-d-c-last-year/

They look desperate to show their patriotism. Maybe he's selling used cars or mattresses on the side of being a Soros puppet.

fe5121 No.712852

‏@_VachelLindsay_ Thread:

1. Reminder : Michael Hastings, a vocal critic of the Obama administration, died in this explosion on June 18, 2013.

Security footage of Michael Hastings car exploding. #Vault7 #wikileaks

12:47 AM - 18 Mar 2018





2462ed No.712853


Maybe YOU are the one totally incapable of red-pilling anyone.

Don't speak for the rest of us who have red-pilled many friends and family.

1fb892 No.712854


The point is anyone getting duped is a fucking idiot and BO shouldn't have to hold your hands.

f9b8d0 No.712855


Die bitch.

725495 No.712856

File: 5cd824330601df2⋯.jpg (162.25 KB, 1362x712, 681:356, Panic!.jpg)

bd6f5e No.712857


Thanks for bringing this back to the front burner anon. What was the date on that meganon post? It was /pol/ right?

06da00 No.712858


I have no idea. But it's not enough currently.

fab2af No.712859

File: 36b8f27d3bb15a7⋯.jpg (77.16 KB, 736x962, 368:481, IMG_1104.JPG)

BAKER Thauce

9f750f No.712860

https:// www.youtube.com/redirect?event=video_description&v=e2usmlq7oFE&q=https%3A%2F%2Fpetitions.whitehouse.gov%2Fpetition%2Fremove-unconstitutional-9000-senior-executive-services-ses-members-httpsyoutubeiffnt9jag2g&redir_token=lqoup-Aoo1r03X6-qpF5Xv7J-9l8MTUyMTQ5NDkwM0AxNTIxNDA4NTAz

Petition to Remove SES members from the Government


815827 No.712861


>Why are trips allowed?


anagram "Whitelist"


HW Elitist (ghwb the elitist allows it)

WE Hitlist (or EW - don't know what it would mean. Perhaps "Our Hitlist")

1e5893 No.712862


I had to unhide your post to see it … what a waste … my level of shitposting relates to the depth of the shit i have to wade through… no shit all over the board no shitposting.

948b17 No.712863


That's a lot of damn people.

27c359 No.712864

File: 4a8fe855d13be83⋯.jpg (416.82 KB, 1915x839, 1915:839, BAF668.jpg)

File: 9cf641e2de8d692⋯.jpg (438.97 KB, 1753x673, 1753:673, CEF518.jpg)

Belgian and Czech Air Forces on the move.

9d84dd No.712865

File: e679caf61d756bd⋯.jpg (94.57 KB, 566x576, 283:288, thaytthauce.jpg)

33da8f No.712866

File: 661172f7e308a22⋯.jpg (210.21 KB, 510x404, 255:202, OrangeNewBlack.jpg)

1fb892 No.712867


Yes true, forgot about the famefags, who were even worse two boards ago.

718c8b No.712868


There's nothing wrong with that asshole.

He's acting like cancer so he doesn't get his well-deserved military tribunal.

A crooked cunt traitorous liar to the end.

f9b8d0 No.712869


Gowdy is all hat, no cattle. Never does shit.

33da8f No.712870

File: 211f22c95730ff9⋯.jpg (211.26 KB, 401x534, 401:534, McCabeSoap.jpg)

0ad151 No.712871


https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=e2usmlq7oFE

https:// www.youtube.com/channel/UCv0dEcvXLOf4ZFvjCahK4Lw/videos

bd1b68 No.712872


Trust the plan….

06da00 No.712873


Lol. Been doing it for years /pol/.

We weren't talking about friends and family. We are talking about the masses.

Pol has NOT reached the MASSES.

Good cookies for waking up friends and family. Nice spin. FAIL.

c0fa33 No.712874



I wouldn't mind having that COMPASS tool in real civilian daily life.

d136f0 No.712875


Why is this not getting banned? Don't tell me there is a no ban approach on this board because that is BS, I watch the ban page and I can see it happening but for some reason this obvious slider is being left to continue to spread disinformation.

eae23a No.712876


looks nothing like him

ec15be No.712878

File: ede3bd18459a12d⋯.png (22.55 KB, 249x249, 1:1, text5847.png)

File: 19a74602298d742⋯.png (187.14 KB, 500x506, 250:253, one post wonder alert smal….png)


made a new catalog with the images that I've done.

Some of you actively follow me…. feel free to drop a post in my catalog if you find a post that is interesting and you would like to see in a graphic. I will keep up on that catalog when I am online. I just can't keep up on the main threads anymore and wanted a bit more control over the images that get posted so made my own 8ch catalog.

https:// 8ch.net/villageidiots/res/1.html


I will look at those breads. Thank you for the tip.

534b16 No.712879

File: c9a907274c4657b⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 185.23 KB, 1060x1200, 53:60, princeharry wife.jpg)



65da6a No.712880


Short answer, Lazy/Lack of Confidence.

Longer answer, lack of confidence and ambition to investigate, read and research the previous discussions and considerations.

5a8621 No.712881


they are flooding the board so no real information is readily available

6cb6a7 No.712882


grab a tissue - fak Q

dc1336 No.712883

File: ac38a9afc17e797⋯.jpg (163.35 KB, 500x375, 4:3, dead pelican.jpg)

To filter the fake Q's and fillturds, and get great features use AnonSW's

8ch user.js

https:// anonsw.github.io/8chjs/

It works! Easy instructions on his page.

Do - Pray. Dig.

Don't - feed shills

Don't - respond to fake Q's

Don't - shit up the bread.

We are winning.

0ad151 No.712884

Mueller, Chenney = 9-11



e58aa7 No.712885


They're an idiot because the bold text is hard to distinguish on devices like mobile devices? Makes a lot of sense, Irrational Anon. Find a better use for your Sunday than kissing ass.

9f750f No.712886


Sorry, better link for SES Petition

https:// petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/remove-unconstitutional-9000-senior-executive-services-ses-members-httpsyoutubeiffnt9jag2g

8f3ba0 No.712887


The military hate him so much I don't think cancer is going to stop them. Besides, didn't Q give a hint he might not have cancer at all.

fab2af No.712888

File: a9210fbde6a3021⋯.jpg (49.9 KB, 680x453, 680:453, IMG_1017.JPG)


"One at a time" ~sez homo

fe5e41 No.712889

These threads are 90% garbage. AI. We are not nearly as effective as we should be. Someone should start another board and moderate fairly ruthlessly. That is the solution, IMO. Wake up folks.

1e5893 No.712890


because fake q outs the concernfags for easy filtering

65fa2f No.712891


Is it possible for you or Codemonkey to filter the name field so the fake Q trip is not allowed?

I know I can filter it but this is screwing up the breads.

5a9dd5 No.712892

File: 47f93279ac91e16⋯.png (696.35 KB, 1024x656, 64:41, panic trip whitelist.png)

c0fa33 No.712893


He can't "do" stuff. He's not currently a prosecutor. But asking the penetrating questions and doing things like blowing up Comey's facade are a great service.

4f5511 No.712894


he needs a high and tight and to keep it

338c03 No.712895

File: 1bd4c7e1a65a9a5⋯.jpg (34.66 KB, 320x320, 1:1, 1bd4c7e1a65a9a50736fece0c1….jpg)

24c436 No.712896


It's a pretty dumb psyops if you get people to dig and spread the word on the illegal activities of the globalist losers who bow down to the biggest loser lucifer who couldn't even keep his job in heaven.

ec15be No.712897



screwed up my link…..

770229 No.712898


Why do you feel like you need attention…

Your rights are to be removed and you are not thinking and realizing…

OR is the money worth it ?

d95080 No.712899

File: e96b603a75f9268⋯.png (246.01 KB, 743x654, 743:654, AMc.$.png)


that's what i saw:



0ad151 No.712900


https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=e2usmlq7oFE

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=e2usmlq7oFE



3feab1 No.712901

>>712884 I came back just for you Homo Q…DEEZ NUTTS>>>>BOOOM

769e56 No.712902

File: c130691b63afbf3⋯.jpg (700.08 KB, 821x1000, 821:1000, 1776-1976-Kennedy-Paglen1.jpg)

Ross, Schmidt, Park [discreet…],

Mooky…fall of 2014…hangin'

wid da "Silicone Valley Irregulars".



3c7fbd No.712903


I am just going through different posts off of this link if a title catches my eye….

https:// www.reddit.com/r/conspiracy/comments/795d6a/megaanon_postings_compiled_may_2017_present/?st=JCARLNME&sh=cdc92d5c

1fb892 No.712904


Maybe get glasses?

58046a No.712905

File: 04353fd9eba5b2e⋯.png (506.87 KB, 585x476, 585:476, comey bigger fag.png)

File: 5722e037b780cbb⋯.png (654.62 KB, 888x499, 888:499, comey trump fag.png)

File: c69aa35c0deffe3⋯.png (515.94 KB, 749x500, 749:500, comey obama fag.png)

c6cade No.712906

File: 8e1b606f16545e5⋯.jpg (50.06 KB, 500x625, 4:5, bushtwo.jpg)

c0fa33 No.712907


Hm, a good point. Filter ID+ and a lot of garbage is automatically taken out.

888d65 No.712908


Your pics always make me want Jello.

I just may carouse



010966 No.712909


I thought it was Uncle Sam, without his stilts.


Yep. Or else he's living proof that the cabal has hidden cancer cures.

fab2af No.712910

File: 3f78973c60546a2⋯.jpg (90.6 KB, 768x601, 768:601, IMG_0970.JPG)

"LONg black, short curly" ~sez homo

9c4dc2 No.712911


Notice the whore wearing the US flag on her clothing?highly disrespectful to the flag btw That's why the fucking traitors after 9/11 started the politician fashion fad of wearing your country's flag lapel pin. Because you couldn't possibly be a traitor while wrapped in your flag, right? I hope John McCain dies soon and gets right to burning in hell forever. Fuck a prolonged life for that traitor.



No archive link. You get the rope first you lazy nigger.

ddc520 No.712912


Future proves past.

What is game theory?

Why is this relevant?

Who is the adversary?

Learn to play the game.

We have more than we know.

290f66 No.712913

Fake Q serves a purpose. (Aren't there actually two playing at that?) Anyway, read them. What are they afraid of most? What did they put in? What did they leave out? Every poster has a tell. It'll be there. I actually found a link I'd missed from one of the fakes.

That fake Q exists isn't the problem. That you let fake Q annoy you so might be one, though. Don't let it get it your way. You endure fart videos and old lady crotch shots and flat earthers. Endure fake Q, too. You'll be better for it.

0ad151 No.712914


Clown agents

Do not like




16bb82 No.712915

How is the petitions for the IBOR?

3feab1 No.712916


f6a3f1 No.712917

For fucks sake.

Fake q has 31 fucking posts in this thread.

This slide shit CAN be dealt with.

06da00 No.712918


I trust a plan. Just not this one. I don't know Q. Never met the person. Never heard them speak. Never looked them in the eyes. Watched body language. You know, the stuff humans do before THEY TRUST PEOPLE THEY HAVE NEVER MET.

bd1b68 No.712919

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

65da6a No.712920



ALL ANONS should recognize and read….take the opportunity to LEARN behavior and patterns.

Ignoring only misses an opportunity that is necessary for social and psychological behavioral studies.

Even idiots provide you with information…the pattern of idiots….or…other.

fab2af No.712921


Killborne hole sez warning

338c03 No.712922

File: 5361cde4fbdb642⋯.jpg (522.84 KB, 1200x1800, 2:3, Batter6.jpg)

Never too late to show the Baker some love.

e8738d No.712923


then do it and don´t bitch about it jeees,


1fa2f4 No.712924



0ad151 No.712925


No pay.

Truth matters.

Read the crumbs.


2e074a No.712926


The golf thing is a cover. He did the same thing at the Pebble Beach tournament. He was really there to meet with At and T about net neutrality and with Bezos.

06da00 No.712927


There's that V again

58046a No.712928


Hate to be the one to inform you, but that's what my post says. duh.

fe5e41 No.712929


Our job is to organize and present Q related information. Having a fake Q creates a lot of confusion, and so runs directly counter to our mission. And yet we have fake posters pretending to defend it. While all the humans sit passively and accept it. It's appalling, and it disgusts me, frankly. The most basic basic moderation just gets rid of that. It's simply laughable that this is going on. Inexplicable, and shameful.

3feab1 No.712930


3c7fbd No.712931


For the unmasking post….

https:// archive.4plebs.org/pol/search/uid/D3sF4X%2BZ/order/asc/

0ad151 No.712932

24c436 No.712933


You don't know how to spell. You are too illiterate to be Q Level Clearance.

58046a No.712934


Filter thought too, you apparently dont use it anyway.

bddd4a No.712935


Namefagging is rarely productive here.

0ad151 No.712937

Comey book a lie.

28 counts of treason.

Mueller corrupt.

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=e2usmlq7oFE


75ed20 No.712938

File: b3f86d5e5ac0c68⋯.jpg (84.09 KB, 638x479, 638:479, SES.jpg)

Senior Executive Service needs to be BURNT TO THE DAMN GROUND

It ###IS### the Deep State!!!

Stripped bare: https:// youtu.be/xlRIxkVTyeA

From YT comments: "The SES people brought in after odumbo was installed have caused havoc. A lady, of particular color, with a mail order Ph.D. now runs the show where I’m at. She came in to my directorate and began causing chaos. Moving managers from job to job to job. Demoting white males, promoting minorities as they are called and females. After she trashed my directorate she was promoted to director of the entire operation. All I’m going to say is this is US Army. It’s a VERY important area. She will derail the whole base if left in place. Since there is zero stability in management via rotations happening every 3 to 6 months, it is hell on earth and we are stressed to the max. So you are both right. They are traitors."

d77949 No.712939


Seconded. This is Q research, not fucking LARP.

fab2af No.712940


I thought a q knowledge board

Cause blamefags out o Thauce

This ship is a steaming locomotive mofo

d136f0 No.712941


You are correct and yet one of the BV's here has no issue banning people and removing posts that they personally do not like. It is complete bullshit. BO you need to get some goddamn BV's that have the time and intelligence to do the job or turn the board over to someone who will.

c0fa33 No.712942



Lots of qualifiers in that article. And the income looks like a typo, should maybe be $900,000 . (take out one zero)

9895c6 No.712943


Wearing a flag pattern isn't disrespectful. Those rules apply to actual flags.

That said, all of these dumb fucks can rot in hell.

9d84dd No.712944

File: 838bfa873cda8c8⋯.jpg (31.16 KB, 315x380, 63:76, gmsoaprope.jpg)


This might help you, Andy.

3feab1 No.712945

>>712937 DEMNUTTS

0ad151 No.712946


Even Trump makes spelling mistakes.

ec15be No.712947


Lol…. I like that particular inkscape filter. Makes them look cool and easy to apply. I'm just an inkscape amateur. Have figured out how to put stuff together pretty quick but not that good at filters and such yet.

769e56 No.712948



Fekin' clown…


24c436 No.712949


The truly brilliant are humble.

503ea1 No.712950


So what you are saying is the original Q is now the fake Q?

0ad151 No.712951

Trump, JS hands tied by SES.



bd1b68 No.712952

File: a3a991a7099163b⋯.jpg (63.42 KB, 709x765, 709:765, shotgun_pepe.jpg)

3c7fbd No.712953


for the first SR thing I posted I found here…

https:// archive.4plebs.org/pol/search/uid/NPh2JHei%20/order/asc/

fb70b9 No.712954


it would be nice if when traitors wear American flags, they spontaniously combust,

like when evil people get holy water thrown on them.kek

Just the way he has used the Military, Patriotism, and the Flag,, fucking disgusting McFuckStain

c6cbac No.712955

I understand that BO is opposed to banning anyone because all voices need to be heard. But many of us believe that the fake Q's totally screw up the board. I say we take a vote. There are currently 160 UIDs. If you want the fake q id's permanently banned, Aye. If you don't mind them here, nay.

Count mine as an aye.

3feab1 No.712956

e1aefb No.712957


Trips allowed because they are trying to reduce jail time by cooperating with prosecutors to bring down international ring(s).

Panic mode because they don’t have access to info prosecutors want and/or can’t get others to work with them.

9895c6 No.712959


Are you trying to write a haiku, or are you just a retard?

0fcdf2 No.712960

File: dbb2424cb62daa7⋯.png (41.18 KB, 602x332, 301:166, Screenshot_113.png)

65da6a No.712961



So who is willing to start promoting that…and tying it to his family legacy….so that he sees it attached to his daughters?

888d65 No.712962


i did not mean carouse.

*batten upon, crop, dip into, fatten on, fatten upon, feast on,

feast upon, feed on, flip through, glance at, glance over,

glance through, go marketing, go over, go shopping, graze, live on,

look over, look through, market, pasture on, peruse, prey on,

run over, run through, scan, shop, skim, thumb over, thumb through,


fe5e41 No.712963


BO is not trying. Intentionally. He has clearly shown that over time. I can't fathom how this wasn't understood weeks ago. This is fucking mess. It's a clownshow. How lethargic is everyone? Why?

Wake up.

760bc3 No.712964

Come on, Q. Any info on an RV?

53b4f6 No.712965


This is not a game, learn to play the game.

58046a No.712966


I perceive that most people who think they are "redpilling normies" have about half an eye open themselves.

ccff89 No.712967

0ad151 No.712968




b47a75 No.712969

File: e51935c2d78ebd8⋯.webm (1.56 MB, 640x360, 16:9, FUCKOFFGLOWNIGGER.webm)


ID: 0ad151 is Fake, simply click the arrow next to Its post (Post Menu)

Click: Add Filter

Click: ID

: )

06da00 No.712970


You should refrain from suicidal thoughts. Lay off the prescription meds.

d136f0 No.712971


Its not a one time thing. They can ban me and I will be back in 2 seconds with a new IP and so can anyone else. It needs to be persistent moderation.

fab2af No.712973

File: ddf28d9e0ac132f⋯.jpg (78.49 KB, 640x960, 2:3, IMG_1095.JPG)

Cevapi posterity

0fcdf2 No.712974

File: aff3e5da9707a06⋯.png (777.56 KB, 928x895, 928:895, Screenshot_111.png)

File: dbb2424cb62daa7⋯.png (41.18 KB, 602x332, 301:166, Screenshot_113.png)

dbda3a No.712975

Critical Thinking Anon just got filtered for a lack of critical thinking.

This FameFag wanabe, and Fake Q both want attention.

Don't give it to them. Just filter their Id, and move on.

3feab1 No.712976

>>712957 Let them take trips so we can see what other scum we need to liquidate

888d65 No.712978


Why inkscape and not GIMP? Are you doing illustrating?

42f2d6 No.712979

d77949 No.712980

4f29dd No.712981


Fast & Furious his arse to GITMO.

2e074a No.712982


Look up Lord Mountbatten.

06da00 No.712983


Didn't Q ask "Wanna play a game?".

Which the fuck is it?

And no its not a fucking game. It's our very existence at stake. So fuck off.

0599da No.712984


That's rich coming from someone who was held in contempt of congress for stonewalling them on the Fast & Furious debacle.

c0fa33 No.712985


I haven't seen any reason Trump can't fire them or reassign them to counting paperclips. If an Obama EO makes them un-fireable, a Trump EO can make them fireable. But generally, in SES and elsewhere, Obama managed to entrench a lot of his sort of people into career civil service positions. Trump may have to simply start laying people off, as it's done in Civil Service, by seniority. Since Obama's hires are the most recent except for his own, this will quickly start hitting Obama's hires.

0ad151 No.712986


SES on notice.

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=e2usmlq7oFE

7aeff9 No.712987


who is in

"Panic mode.

Enjoy the show.


1e5893 No.712988


i know it's hard for you to understand, but filtering idiots ( announcing your junk, your religion, what shape you think the earth is, etc.) makes reading this pile of shit easier, I'm actually here for information … not the opinions of idiots.

24c436 No.712989


Illiteracy is not judged solely on the basis of spelling. Fake Q's writing style sucks.

eae23a No.712990

File: e51f3128b1e989e⋯.png (140.95 KB, 760x603, 760:603, ERIC000001263.png)

0fcdf2 No.712991


58046a No.712992


Why are you writing when you should be reading. If you shut up, you might actually learn how to think. "Thinking is hard, that's why so few do it. "

6d6c8c No.712993

new bunker required

The fuck is this, our quiet research place.

Some one sort it out ffs.

>daily baker since half chan

4f892b No.712994


Speak English at all ? Or just gibberish?

3feab1 No.712995

>>712986 Deez Nutts

74aa37 No.712996

File: 19ab417fa11a343⋯.png (391.65 KB, 829x503, 829:503, Screen Shot 2018-03-18 at ….png)


How much you wanna bet it's headed to their Miami Air hub in Mexico, here's where they fly:

https:// www.flightradar24.com/data/airlines/ll-bsk/routes

53b4f6 No.712997


That was directed to the deepstate

0fcdf2 No.712998

>>712990 REMIND! REMIND! REMIND! Good point, Anon!

ec15be No.712999


I have both. Inkscape runs faster for what I'm doing. My first few graphics were GIMP. Found out Inkscape was easier for me and not so laggy.

258106 No.713000


if it was a missile that hit the pentagon, where did 77 really end up? this has always confused me.

3ddea3 No.713001


HRC flipped?

99aa26 No.713002


As the TSA makes explicitly clear in their myth busting clue book, they are DEFINITELY NOT the fathers of these lists. They just use the information.

9/11 "terrorists/patsies" where on a white list and had free entry, even when other 3 letter agencies had them flagged, and some where detained at the Canadian border, then released upon orders from higher authorities, white lists exist.

58046a No.713003


Next Week Yuge. Free Boom Beer. Q

bd1b68 No.713004


Keep drinking the fluoride shill

06da00 No.713005


Oh silly me.

It's not a game, let's play a game. I totally missed the deeps gate reference lol. Come on.

9d84dd No.713006


Flipped out.

fc8ec3 No.713007


Won't work. Have you ever heard of VPN?

Filter and move on.

0fcdf2 No.713008


Deep State Wormhole constructed by the shadow government!

e4dcda No.713009

File: 349801ee7277d5f⋯.jpeg (104.8 KB, 749x500, 749:500, 6EC7C476-4E2A-412A-B8D6-6….jpeg)

9c4dc2 No.713010


>Wearing a flag pattern isn't disrespectful

The fuck it isn't.

>https:// archive.is/fHAWd#selection-1289.1-1289.395

§176. Respect for flag (d) The flag should never be used as wearing apparel, bedding, or drapery. It should never be festooned, drawn back, nor up, in folds, but always allowed to fall free. Bunting of blue, white, and red, always arranged with the blue above, the white in the middle, and the red below, should be used for covering a speaker's desk, draping the front of the platform, and for decoration in general.

https:// archive.is/lVDUW

>Your Stars and Stripes T-Shirt Technically Violates the Flag Code

06da00 No.713011


Shill now. Cool. I must be doing something right. Ty! :)

6cb6a7 No.713012


Thanks for disproving your own argument:

If {{they}} covered up 9-11, then why are We here discussing it?

3ddea3 No.713013


more likely tripped

e1aefb No.713014


Trump know everything. Letting them trot around globe in search of friends shows desperation.

24c436 No.713015


In spiritual warfare, religion matters. The globalists worship and serve lucifer – who do you think can beat their vile god? It isn't "science" or human "logic".

58046a No.713016


Catholics are saying that this "Pope" is like an Obama tool.

53b4f6 No.713017


You don't understand the deeper meaning. Expand your thinking.

1fa2f4 No.713018


>"Thinking is hard, that's why so few do it. "

Shillfag knows this firsthand.

GTFO. Take your an-cap cocksmoking with you, chomo

0ad151 No.713019

Constitution thwarted.

Civil War never ended.

Congress each years renews Mart law & MIL rule.

You are the enemy.

Civil War never ended.

Think gold fringed flags.

Think law of the sea.

Maritime Law.

Restore Const. 1787.

Restore common law courts

pre Civil War.

Needed now.

Leader Tech.

Americans for Innovation.



fab2af No.713020



Even got a Mexican dentist killed cause smartini/frump kiked coke onnthe back haul

58046a No.713022


Why she must die now.

fb70b9 No.713023


Agreed,, he should have been banned awhile back.

Anyone trying to be Q, should get an automatic BAN. Put it at top of bread with Fake Q INFO,, you type Q's tripcode, and try to pretend to be him ,,BUH BUH BYE ,

6f6f71 No.713024

Q asks for us to push for an IBOR

and then Anons go asking people to be banned

why do you want to be ruled?

this is against what we are about

ab055d No.713025


Buba doesn't require Soap!

7bf9fa No.713026


Kuru's a bitch

ec15be No.713027


Fake Q is already nearly totally ignored.

def2d0 No.713028


One network would do, for now.

bddd4a No.713029


Do as you wish.

It's a distraction that is clearly shitting up the breads, causing confusion for phonefags, pushing slides to other forums, and a slew of other negatives.

2f3e51 No.713030


>setting up alternate means of communications and channels for Q

You sound like the supervisor of the shift. You did a great job until that line.

9d84dd No.713031


Dat too.

536378 No.713032

File: 2942c4651b3ee6a⋯.png (168.42 KB, 1351x1831, 1351:1831, guide.png)

happening on skyking

please check both frequencies

8992 Khz

11175 Khz

http:// websdr.ewi.utwente.nl:8901/

Remember to select "squelch"



>1 2 3 3 3 1

>THIS IS PUERTO RICO 1 2 3 4 5 5 4 3 2 1 THIS IS (UNCLEAR) 3 2 1 1 2 3 2



Maybe some anons should stay checking each frequencie just in case something might be happening

e0f0b5 No.713033

File: 1135c0b481357ba⋯.jpg (750.06 KB, 1440x960, 3:2, ObamaBidenKidsNamejpg.jpg)

0ad151 No.713034


Clown fags

don´t like truth.

Thank you.



7aeff9 No.713035

I just love this place…

I've never seen the idiot socialist shills so desperate at trying to steer the "narrative"

They are Damn easy to spot…always look for anyone overly emotional, They can't help it… their communist agenda is being destroyed right in front of their "Collective" eyes

948b17 No.713036

e1aefb No.713037


No deals. Looking for leniency down the road.

f6a3f1 No.713038


C u Chaim

718c8b No.713039


Says the asshole who was held in Contempt of Congress and ran guns to Mejican drug lord in order to confiscate guns from Americans.

This useless cunt needs the rope.

24c436 No.713040


Plus fake Q is just a pathetic attention seeker.

540d09 No.713041


u ok with me on my troll tactics on q patriot? value your opinion but for freedom of speach!

725495 No.713042

File: d77aaf00aa6234a⋯.jpg (182.16 KB, 1792x409, 1792:409, FirstImpressionsAreImporta….jpg)


It's psychic warfare isn't it.

The psychic gestalt of our movement being undermined by pointed seeds of doubt and disarmament over just how important the information from Q is.

Especially when we're receiving more and more newfags

Their first impression is this shit, instead of the heroic undertaking of Restoring the Republic of America and unrooting the networks of control and subversion that have strangled humanity for centuries.

fake q is not just amusement, it's evil.

888d65 No.713043



the biggest advantage inkscape has over gimp is Vector graphics, otherwise I use GIMP. There are plenty of free filters/brushes out there you can easily add to it.

It takes a long time for my GIMP to load but if I just keep it open, no problem.

But whatever works for you, have fun!

65da6a No.713044


Dude. Grow up.

Been banned a few times. Been admin on other sites. Get a grip. MOVE ON!

06da00 No.713045


If I expand it any more I will be picking my mind up off the floor.

I know one person who drilled it into my head "it's not a game". If you are referring to him, then I get it. If not I don't.

58046a No.713046

File: d2e0f0d41b10d9c⋯.png (419.28 KB, 500x650, 10:13, comey bj.png)

File: 51b14c1fcd153af⋯.png (477.71 KB, 800x474, 400:237, comey big fag.png)

a37416 No.713047

File: 2b1b0b97651761c⋯.jpg (81.53 KB, 590x431, 590:431, 26luwm.jpg)

dbda3a No.713048



BO and Assistants have said they can't read every post and filter the scum out.

It's up to us to just FILTER the ID and move on with useful posts.

It must be obvious these fakes and Flats and shills, are emotionally disturbed persons, so don't get angry or reply to them. They want a forum to engage with someone and anonymous boards are their playground. They don't care about the seriousness of this endeavor, they don't care about you.

They just want to fuck around.

Ignore them.

ee9748 No.713049

File: 355d6c9f2721fd1⋯.gif (20.98 KB, 768x646, 384:323, YouDeserveASeizure.gif)


Oh, you mean like when he misused "maria" when he meant "marina" and told us not to look deep into it?

Q didn't misuse words. Q was commenting on the fake Q and his tripcode. It isn't vague. We're experiencing a fake Q, and it seems to be annoying the real one.

Also, good luck with your extra chromosome.

db5368 No.713050

File: 0b97881de235cb9⋯.jpg (58.37 KB, 648x562, 324:281, 0b97881de235cb9deb23a12ae8….jpg)

eb14ac No.713051

File: e4b47c5e5d70173⋯.png (1.37 MB, 1750x923, 1750:923, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 3596697f4d525d6⋯.png (512.2 KB, 701x699, 701:699, Cadet.png)


Luftwaffe GAF645 still inbound, approaching Newfoundland.

PLANEFAGS do you see Qatar Air Force QAF4 southbound near Philadelphia? What's up with that?

fe5e41 No.713052


Look at what he/it's doing now. Making fake but plausible posts. The strategy is obvious. Muddying the waters effectively. Absolutely no excuse to sit here like herd animals on this completely comped board.

c1b820 No.713053


Sure, let's just fill up this bread with a bunch of bullshit votes on whether or not to ban someone that the BO has already stated he/she isn't going to do. What the fuck is wrong with you?

d136f0 No.713054


I'm sorry did I fucking ask you?

ab055d No.713055


So you're Fake Q 8?


I hope Real returns to this Swamp

3ff84a No.713056

File: 161448a5a8dd3e0⋯.png (504.64 KB, 905x1300, 181:260, JPN_Signals_PreemptWar_2.png)

File: 363936da4e338aa⋯.png (452.91 KB, 905x1300, 181:260, JPN_Signals_PreemptWar_3.png)

File: 3e93b95135a9efb⋯.png (919.12 KB, 1810x1300, 181:130, JPN_Signals_PreemptWar_4.png)

File: 13a0e4765f4d4fa⋯.png (1.07 MB, 1810x1300, 181:130, JPN_Signals_PreemptWar_5.png)



Clowns came from [Somewhere].

That [Somewhere] has White & Black Hats too.

Nat'l Gov't [there] locked in Cold Conflict;

Patriots controlled via extreme Cuckery.

Promises Made by Nat'l Gov't subject to Sabotage, Delay, Reversal;

To Condemn One's Own Race is the Alternative.

Free the Men, Free the Patriots:

https:// www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/1481260/Pentagon-planned-love-bomb.html

Unclassified Premise above incorrect:

"Gay" caused by Immunity to Vasocontricitive Fem Pheromones.

Pop Media [there] functions similar to this Board:

Dramatized Analysis & Prediction of Strategic Events.

Notable Trends Idicate Pre-Emptive Assault Unavoidable;

To Condemn One's Own Race is the Alternative.

Free the Men, Free the Patriots.

7aab2b No.713057


You think Fake Q is pushing the IBOR?

ddc520 No.713058


What is game theory?

Why is this relevant?

Future proves past.

You have more than you know.

540d09 No.713059


Imeant on fakeq.. sorry patriot!

53b4f6 No.713060


its ok, there are many levels of understanding.

92a22d No.713061


Thanks, almostanon. I know we've been here before re the SES, but it keeps getting overlooked.

(Fine pass when Fake Q provides more relevant information than the useless squabbling whiners complaining about him)

58046a No.713062


Die faster, Traitor.

0ad151 No.713063

d136f0 No.713064


But they will ban people posting actual information they don't like?

9c4dc2 No.713066


I'm against government censorship. I'm for freedom of association.

1e5893 No.713067

File: 9b9b48a7b8092b8⋯.png (17.29 KB, 402x288, 67:48, Screenshot-2018-3-18 Q Res….png)



plus more proof fake Q's brain works

1fa2f4 No.713068

File: c340f35b9c61e15⋯.jpg (38.29 KB, 600x450, 4:3, shitstorm-flyer.jpg)


65da6a No.713069

File: eee0881f93180c2⋯.jpg (22.86 KB, 355x355, 1:1, 51NCJDBfivL._SY355_.jpg)


This would probably help more…


ec15be No.713070


Thank you anon. I've made some badass graphics in Gimp but it drives me up the wall.

Today I had a guy post 26 times in 1 bread that I need to graphic. I can clip and paste in about 5 seconds with Inkscape… seems longer with GIMP.

a0313e No.713071

ee9748 No.713072

File: 88f1d355e7b0aee⋯.jpg (126.32 KB, 517x500, 517:500, TREMENDOUSFAGGOT.jpg)


In addition, you're clearly new enough to not remember the whitelist issue we had here.

so yeah, Lurk for 2 years before posting.

5eede4 No.713073


I've heard shot down over the ocean. Or crashed into the ocean via remote control

fab2af No.713074


Lord fag

Tall mofo

db5368 No.713075


Dont be so sordid

We've all been disciplined, and BV's and BO's do a damn fine job

You are not special, so stop acting like it.

1ac5eb No.713076

File: 9d9cf848d7f940e⋯.png (208.3 KB, 640x756, 160:189, Q_Truth_Always_Wins_2-15_1….png)

f6a3f1 No.713077


He’s got 40 fucking bullshit posts in this bullshit bread anyway.

40 slide posts.

No action.

A lot of titty sucking defenders.

24c436 No.713078


Do you fear investigation and conviction for your illegal and unethical activities Holder? You and your compadres are a disgrace to the justice system and legal profession.

0ad151 No.713079


You pass.

Fake Q fail.

Thank you.


73c2b8 No.713080


Thanks anon. Tried to tell the kids here some time back about that, but they wouldn't listen.

You know when the total disrespect started, in the 60's with the Berkley students anti gov, anti Nam war with the burning of the flag. It has never stopped since.

fb70b9 No.713081


THIS PARTICULAR SHILL IS A DIFFERENT STORY. We are not talking about starting to ban people, just the people who pretend to be Q.

It's wrong, it's misleading to newfags, and he says many anti Q, anti Trump BULLSHIT.



bddd4a No.713082


To clarify, not for any changes to board.

Individual filtering with mind or board options works fine.

And namefagging doesn't help much here.

58046a No.713083


Pray tell us which predictive Q post did you open their tiny minds with?

0fcdf2 No.713084

File: 49c04ccd9175b46⋯.png (887.97 KB, 538x951, 538:951, Screenshot_114.png)

fe5e41 No.713085


False and fake. We set up a board with a roster of moderators.

Filtering NOT the point. Our job is for the public. Our job is to present the information to the public. The public. Not us, the public. Filtering doesn't change the mess the public sees.

No more of the fake filtering excuse.

No more of the fake "chan culture" excuse.

No more of the fake free speech excuse.

Wake the fuck up people.

e1aefb No.713086

I’ve watched and listened to several media feeds. The complete picture isn’t being framed properly. Trump fired McCabe to stop Russia investigation. MSM isn’t putting complete picture together for viewers.

60/40 can’t happen if only part of details are being revealed to public.

c0fa33 No.713087


Maybe he's blocked her money and she has to give speeches to make money.

eb8c74 No.713088

File: d2bace5b4b2555a⋯.png (682.26 KB, 1280x848, 80:53, navy.png)

This one is interesting.

7e9593 No.713089

d77949 No.713090


Hear hear!

c1b820 No.713091


One of the perks of owning the board. Don't like it, start your own.

27c359 No.713092


There are weekly flights from Qatar. The thing that I noticed that was different is that it didn't say 'Almiri Flight', it said 'Qatar Government'.

I'm not sure if that's significant at this point, I need more input.

def2d0 No.713093

File: ffb18189b80771b⋯.png (134.27 KB, 1166x956, 583:478, 1472df9d6b6605a1cd2cd1fa4d….png)

File: 2338e8815e5e51d⋯.png (151.43 KB, 1197x1559, 1197:1559, 2338e8815e5e51dd6198718f0f….png)

do NOT discuss the schills

Do NOT engage the shills

Do NOT argue with the shills

IGNORE the shills

This is NOT a chat board

This is a research thread. We are here to WORK. we are here to PRAY. We are here to SERVE our country.

d960dd No.713094


There is a difference between "the flag pattern" and "the flag". One does not cut "a flag" and fashion it into clothing but one can add "the flag pattern" onto their clothing.

0ad151 No.713095

1fa2f4 No.713096


Do you feel the samw way about our original Bill of Rights? I wonder… Be careful how you answer.

364448 No.713097


It's important that he is exposed so his family, friends, and allies will understand the futility in perpetuating what he started or it will never end and we will always be fighting someone defending his honor.

d136f0 No.713098

File: 462f73d22012233⋯.jpg (40.57 KB, 1894x93, 1894:93, bans.JPG)

So the BO/BV won't ban fake Q but they will do this…pic related and troubling

0fcdf2 No.713099

>>713088 TRUST KANSAS??

3d5606 No.713100

Its not really fair to the bakers if fake q is posting 50 times in each bread. Dough doesnt make itself.

06da00 No.713101

File: 7ac279e5c4c81d6⋯.jpg (322.92 KB, 514x800, 257:400, azazel__angel_of_sacrifice….jpg)


There are. You going to explain or do what I do and leave people to think about it LOL!

290f66 No.713102


No Merkel in that one. Story sounds fascinating given Elon Musk's mother's recollection of her father.

Grandson perhaps?

3ddea3 No.713103


In Vicksburg, ms…

A cannon placed vertical…

Surrender was accepted.

Eating horse meat got old.

58046a No.713104


Meh. He's on the news every other day telling us what a great guy Mueller is. So, No.

c0fa33 No.713105


You can imagine that if you want. For one thing Sessions fired McCabe not Trump, and apparently without orders but with encouragement. For another, McCabe was eminently fireable, having allegedly lied under oath.

0ddff5 No.713106

File: ee1074b69001164⋯.jpg (50.69 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 26mdey.jpg)




It's actually worse now that FAQ has morphed into a fake helper posting decent crumbs. Less filtering and more interaction from newfags.

c1b820 No.713108


This research board is NOT meant for the general public.

d136f0 No.713109


If you believe that you seriously need to leave because you are no fucking help to anyone here with that type of perspective.

0070cd No.713110


that's awesome

2e074a No.713111


Not a lot. But, there are some legitimate voices in the Catholic Church who do believe that it was Obama that pressured Benedict to resign. I would dismiss it but for the fact, it is not a bunch of nuts who believe that.

eb14ac No.713112

File: 3596697f4d525d6⋯.png (512.2 KB, 701x699, 701:699, Cadet.png)


I'm only a cadet so not qualified to train planefag novices.


At first, set filter = MIL

so you only see military craft

Otherwise your browser might crash

That's the extent of the training I can give.

24c436 No.713113


Abel Danger has been exposing the Senior Executive Service and SERCO for years. They are the illicit deep state saboteurs who are blackmailed by Hill and Bill and their evil buddies.

fab2af No.713114

File: 5b9ca9916e1a4c1⋯.jpg (97.3 KB, 1024x688, 64:43, IMG_0945.JPG)


Nice comic anon

338c03 No.713116

Hannity just retweeted this video of Barrack Obama saying the same things about illegal immigration that POTUS is saying. Good stuff to redpill normies, folks:


bd1b68 No.713117

File: 8a5b8d37dca5943⋯.png (193.44 KB, 854x481, 854:481, Senior Executive Service.png)

f6a3f1 No.713118


Yeah cause anons cheerleading and defending fakeQ “rights” is actual fucking work.

c1b820 No.713120


Oh sure, I'll leave because YOU say I should. Fuck off.

1ac5eb No.713122

File: 1767f5001025103⋯.png (742.45 KB, 1342x846, 671:423, FAKE_Q_ISN'T_EVEN_CREDIBLE.png)


muh Führer

"The Fake-Q isn't even credible"

http:// captiongenerator.com/936012/Hitler-vs-Q-and-his-Anon-Army

725495 No.713123


The freedom of speech does not include the freedom to lie, it's a mechanism that you engage in another with to be resolved by the Truth

Banning fake q IS our IBOR, it's the freedom we're asking for against the subversion of our lives. The freedom not to be molded by the giants of clowns.

The freedom of our collective effort to resolve topics with Truth.

9c4dc2 No.713124


They are living colors. I fight for those colors and those who have sacrificed themselves for those colors, not the soft faggots that live under the wing of those colors while not knowing those colors.

>You know when the total disrespect started, in the 60's with the Berkley students anti gov, anti Nam war with the burning of the flag

If only righteous men and women across the country shot those niggers to death immediately, we wouldn't be where we are and 50 million children wouldn't have subsequently been raped, tortured, and murdered.

d136f0 No.713125


Uhh speak for yourself. I have been in this shit since half chan and have never been banned or told about anything I have said or contributed

58046a No.713126


Congress should be doing its job managing the issue of money, not fake -ass police "investigations" that go nowhere.

191464 No.713127

Is it time to throw in the Act of 1871 in the ring again?

District of Columbia

City of London


9895c6 No.713128



Yes, the distinction is between an American flag patterned piece of cloth or design on a shirt and fucking up an actual American flag to make pants.

Your boomer is showing, try reeling it in a bit. Everyone here agrees with you.

6cb6a7 No.713129


I’ve thought of this too, but since {{they}} want us divided, that’s the stupidest shillfaggot thing to suggest.

Now put your nuts back in your panties and get back to work, maggot.

bddd4a No.713130


Shun namefags out of existense.

Dig here. Spread to public out there.

b47a75 No.713131

File: b9ac08b6ea89aba⋯.png (118.86 KB, 396x385, 36:35, b9ac08b6ea89aba824bc58a2d7….png)


ID: 0ad151

Fake Q: 44 posts by this ID


BO, this guy is shitting up the board with bullshit.

Change true tripcode color to RED please.

4c1c8c No.713132

File: 707840962db0f2e⋯.jpg (58.66 KB, 1071x573, 357:191, cia.JPG)

d7f58c No.713133

I'll be back when some of these newbies start learning how to filter faux Q. The sliding is getting ridiculous. bbl

0fcdf2 No.713134

>>713110 Yes. A fellow member on QAnon Think Tank on Facebook group posted the picture of her birthday cake from her kids!

65da6a No.713135


So reading and learning is "beneath" you?

That shows more about you than others…

Any who refuse to read and learn…well….fill in the blank…..

0ad151 No.713136


Re-read crumbs.

What you will not find from fake Qs.



eb8c74 No.713137


Kansas is the home of the 1st infantry as well.

9d84dd No.713138

File: 5d8c5836e6bab44⋯.jpg (62.99 KB, 480x433, 480:433, sandvasel.jpg)

7aeff9 No.713139


winner winner chicken dinner'''

Idiot socialists like db5368 can't read history books.

They want communism associated with Putin and Russia, Russia, Russia….

Even though Communism Ruined the U S S R back in the early 90's just like all forms of socialism have ruined every county from within in every country its ever been tried in…..

d136f0 No.713140


No you should leave cause you are content with being controlled because fuck, they "own" the board right? It is second nature for you to accept your chains so YOU are utterly fucking useless to a resistance who fights the chains and the master

42a19b No.713141


Of the less than ten who can id Q, only 3 are non-military. Nothing about how many Q's there are

>getting tired of misinfor/disinfo continuing to get spread here.

7aab2b No.713142


Filter Him Already! You complainers are shitting up the Bread more than he is at this Point

0ad151 No.713143


Congress comped.

Part of SES scam.

Congress must go.



1ac5eb No.713144

File: e7485cbe9416792⋯.png (2.83 MB, 1460x1466, 730:733, MATTIS_AT_GITMO_WE_ARE_TAK….png)

948b17 No.713145


>The freedom of speech does not include the freedom to lie


1fa2f4 No.713147


And some anons wonder why we state clearly for the others which anons we are filtering…

58046a No.713148



8d7e1a No.713149


>Luftwaffe approaching Newfoundland


f468e9 No.713150

How about this…an expensive celebrity beauty treatment made from the flesh of circumcised baby boys penises…

One of the companies that make this cream is called SkinMedica, a company in which the lovely Oprah is involved. I wonder what she'd be telling her SJW supporters if the cream was made from circumcised girl parts?

Is this bad? I'm wondering if there's really any difference between using baby flesh to make skin care products, vs taking a blood transfusion or an organ transplant.

http:// www.breitbart.com/big-hollywood/2018/03/18/celebrity-fashion-trend-facials-made-cloned-baby-foreskin-cells/

f6a3f1 No.713151


He’s got 56 FUCKING POSTS.

eae23a No.713152


digits confirm

b47a75 No.713154



9c4dc2 No.713155


That's where you're wrong nigger with AIDS.

https:// archive.is/fHAWd

>The words 'flag, standard, colors, or ensign', as used herein, shall include any flag, standard, colors, ensign, or any picture or representation of either, or of any part or parts of either, made of any substance or represented on any substance, of any size evidently purporting to be either of said flag, standard, colors, or ensign of the United States of America or a picture or a representation of either, upon which shall be shown the colors, the stars and the stripes, in any number of either thereof, or of any part or parts of either, by which the average person seeing the same without deliberation may believe the same to represent the flag, colors, standard, or ensign of the United States of America.

161ceb No.713156


FAKE Q … Disregard Post Newbies

bd1b68 No.713157

65da6a No.713158


You must be somewhere between 20 and 33…right?

You don't have enough experience or innate skill to have perceived and learned on your own, and you are too arrogant to consider input.

You are not one of the more valuable "autists" or anons…because you refuse to learn.

888d65 No.713159


checked, sounded like birds chirping for a min. on 8992 Khz then nothing.

7aab2b No.713161


Now Count how many Complain posts there are… If you filtered him from the start you wouldn't know the difference

fe5e41 No.713162


It doesn't matter what anyone thinks it's "meant for". It IS a public face of this board, that is just a fact. Therefore, that is the reality we are dealing with. Therefore, it should not be a mess.

But there are also many many other reasons it should not be an absurd mess like this.

We could be much much more effective in every way.

Wake up.

0fcdf2 No.713163

File: 217ab294944810d⋯.png (196.64 KB, 365x481, 365:481, Screenshot_115.png)

>>713138 CHOIRBOY!

540d09 No.713164

Refer to fake Q as Tidepod or T.P.! It touches a nerve because he knows the things he does is soley for attention from strangers! He hates that nickname!

3ddea3 No.713165


Maybe rename 1a…

Freedom of Truth.

Me like

24c436 No.713166


McCabe should have been fired in 2016 when his wife took money from Hillary for her electoral campaign WHILE McCabe was heading the investigation into Hillary's illegal e-mail server. Conflict much? The extra $ left over from a campaign stays in the pocket of the candidate. Bribe much?

1ac5eb No.713167


It's probably fake-q's friends replying to fake-q


1fa2f4 No.713168


Q is more than one person. It's evident in the variations of phrasing.

0ad151 No.713169

53b4f6 No.713170


It's a bit like scripture, quite a lot of layers in the same text. people need to figure it out themselves tho.

27c359 No.713172

File: 530893e555726b3⋯.jpg (371.42 KB, 1917x973, 1917:973, CEF518_2.jpg)

Still a few moving parts in Europe. The Czechs are headed into Spain from France, the Belgians are still headed down from Prestwick, The Germans are nearing Newfoundland and there's a USAF Globemaster that appears to have come from South America.

db5368 No.713174


If you're such a veteran, you know that these concerns belong in the meta thread.

Since I have the post anyway, I'm going to add some more:

You shit on BO and BV while they have the daunting task of running this board

The board that is the beacon of truth

Your hissy fit about their disciplining, which is very fair, is completely misplaced.

Please don't reply to this response since there's too much noise in the thread already

58046a No.713176


Will Trump get rid of it or make up some more excuses?

e8738d No.713177

File: 56be428689e7d08⋯.png (465.4 KB, 526x440, 263:220, ClipboardImage.png)

010966 No.713178

File: a6f3d1d187ce967⋯.png (186.18 KB, 474x355, 474:355, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 2198c5c907f033f⋯.png (252.96 KB, 548x658, 274:329, ClipboardImage.png)


I agree with you.

MAGA dress good, Flag dress not so good. Definitely not good when the flag is worn as a putz around the house sweater.

0ad151 No.713179


Jeff Sessions knew would be fired.

If did not fire McCabe.

JS saving own skin.


fe5e41 No.713180


*It is a public face of Q

0fcdf2 No.713182

>>713172 Keep 'em coming, planefag!

161ceb No.713184


FAKE Q Disregard Posts Newbies

eca108 No.713186


Vernon Jarrett wrote an article called Ties To Blacks With Cash in the November 6, 1979 St. Petersburg Independent. It also says Foreign Affairs, (don’t know if this means CFR magazine or not).

Article starts out: What about those rumored billions of dollars the oil rich Arab nations are supposed to unload on American black leaders and minority institutions?

Vernon Daurice Jarrett was the father-in-law to President Barack Obama's close adviser Valerie Jarrett.

c1b820 No.713187


Clearly you don't understand. This board is not a democracy where mob rule determines how it's run. We don't own this platform or this board. We are guests. If you don't like how it's run, find another platform that you are happy with.

d960dd No.713188


Lying (in many capacities) is against the law therefore not protected by 1A.

58046a No.713190


Ban Fake Q

0ad151 No.713191


Watch the video.



ddc520 No.713192


Compass is Q.

7 dwarves told us.

c6cade No.713194

File: 15bf82a541ee94f⋯.jpg (31.74 KB, 377x400, 377:400, Chris-Christie.jpg)


73f386 No.713195

ban the fake Q spammer with 46 posts alone in this thread, board owner is a fucking nigger that should have his neck snapped

9c4dc2 No.713196



Wrong you stupid niggers. >>713155

42a19b No.713197


Agreed, but that guess isn't based "3 are non-military", as you suggested

06da00 No.713199


I went back and read it. Play a game with deepstate. About Snowden.

I'm just going to keep watching. If Q wasn't so PRO Trump in the beginning I might sing a differwant tune.

Trump is them not us. That I KNOW.

fe5e41 No.713200


This type of post is very easy for the AI to make.

It should be very obvious that BO is comped.

There is no other debate to have about that.

Wake up.

27c359 No.713202

File: e80ea06f8624770⋯.jpg (96.96 KB, 551x550, 551:550, Red Arrow.jpg)


We used the following websites.

ADS-B Exchange (with filter set for Military)




Flightaware is best for tracking single flights or for checking the arrival/departure boards.

8d7e1a No.713203


Look into what happened in Quebec in 1981.

Every person born in Canada before February 15, 1977 is also a British Subject.

14c6c3 No.713204

File: 1e8c097fecedf47⋯.png (86.51 KB, 625x296, 625:296, Deep_Dream.png)


'Cambridge Analytica', dig deep Anons

States pushing for 'net neutrality', we're ripe for IBOR

http:// dailycaller.com/2018/03/17/states-pushing-own-versions-of-net-neutrality-rules/

Fodder for IBOR memes?

https:// www.theguardian.com/news/2018/mar/17/data-war-whistleblower-christopher-wylie-faceook-nix-bannon-trump

58046a No.713205


Lock him up or make more excuses, Trump. Which will it be?

b47a75 No.713206

File: 4eea81c489185a7⋯.png (927.92 KB, 1318x773, 1318:773, wah.png)


Fake Q posts can be used as disinformtion on Twitter and Youtube you absolute faggot glow nigger

0fcdf2 No.713207

>>713194 Wasn't he the first to suck Trump's cock? And then Trump just ignored the guy?

ccff89 No.713208

File: 81c59041c24cb87⋯.png (20.54 KB, 420x237, 140:79, ClipboardImage.png)


Warfare it is, and evils is not winning, no matter what it "appears" to be! Their eforts are 100% intentional, and were bound to happen. Even THEY can't escape their part in the plan. Pic related.

Ironically, it adds to the plausible deniability needed by (real) Q(Team). More new eyes will come to the board, and they will either be able to discern the facts from the fiction and take that to others, or they will take the MSM approach, be attracted to the fiction (drama), and tell that to others. Ironically, even THAT plays into the plan

>The light will reveal those on the team and those pretending to be.

>This is not a game.

>They want us divided.

Meanwhile, real anons are contributing, even if it's not the majority of what's seen on the board, or even posted to the board. So, seeing it for what it is, I'm not concerned on the least.

As an aside, if someone takes their first impression from the and runs with it, they aren't what's needed here anyway. Obviously, they are incapable of thorough research.

010966 No.713209


my comment >>713178 was meant as a reply to you

e4fffe No.713210


Fuck off, you stupid fuckwit idiot.

bddd4a No.713212


>So reading and learning is "beneath" you?

Projection much? I said nothing of the sort.

1cfaec No.713213


This has been an AI post.

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