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Pro Aris et Focis

File: 649fc34523f4e25⋯.jpg (232.81 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, # QResearch.jpg)

bac51f No.783260


Let's Show Them What We Are . Bombs Away

The creation of the internet and ‘connecting’ platforms is bringing about their downfall.

Failure to control.

MSM is dead.




https:// www.congress.gov/115/bills/hr1625/BILLS-115hr1625eah.pdf

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New Bakers Please Go To Cooking Class




bac51f No.783289

#972 Dough: pastebin.com/mYFzVy8j

bac51f No.783301

Let's Make #ReleaseTheVideo Trend

Do something with our pent up energy?


bac51f No.783312



37b9cb No.783318

File: 74a85ba2ea66511⋯.jpeg (83.98 KB, 883x477, 883:477, hrc video.jpeg)

50df09 No.783335

File: 0537fe97b2e6e1e⋯.jpg (1.38 MB, 1856x2965, 1856:2965, TRUSTKANSAS.jpg)


2b13c0 No.783340


Trump should declare a National Holiday the day Hillary's video is released.

2b13c0 No.783348

File: ceb6b2de9ca1227⋯.jpg (72.7 KB, 640x480, 4:3, IMG_1105.JPG)

b3be26 No.783358

File: a222b7f01607123⋯.jpeg (52.66 KB, 578x325, 578:325, 5ab6eec71af07.jpeg)

fd7745 No.783365

https:// youtu.be/mP-6Gp5RbjQ

The sauce for AJ frogs turning gay because of atrazine… I don't twitter anymore. But it would be lovely if David Hogg was sent this video a few times. A few hundred… Thousand.. Times.

bac51f No.783366

Post the Hillary Video meeeeemzzzzzz

N we'll drop em hard.

eaa852 No.783376

File: 5af1db839f521f1⋯.jpeg (101.58 KB, 500x631, 500:631, 02311FFE-7E99-4101-B911-9….jpeg)



67e956 No.783377


3c0c4e No.783378

File: 9b888d40097df5d⋯.png (657.48 KB, 767x695, 767:695, game-not2.png)

082721 No.783379

It's normal feel shaking chills with Hogg and Hittler?

d5d29d No.783380


Nice job, anon!

bac51f No.783381

File: 75259d1d0c596ea⋯.png (304.69 KB, 620x401, 620:401, LookAtMe.png)

4a299d No.783382


https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=WRoEz8PAYas

b33765 No.783383

Kayne West & Dennis Rodman at the March today ? They are patriots no ?

f1397e No.783384

File: fd8809f0f87559d⋯.jpg (71.36 KB, 800x533, 800:533, 37753f2c5d7fdc790d0a9019d8….jpg)


4135f1 No.783385

File: 34bfe30a5b39c77⋯.png (765.71 KB, 600x821, 600:821, 34bfe30a5b39c77c7f5ebd7dda….png)

WTG, Baker

eaa852 No.783386

File: 947c88eae07a0cc⋯.png (624.23 KB, 606x507, 202:169, BC89FCCD-9CEA-4504-8C4C-40….png)

File: 28c0bff01251d9b⋯.png (295.28 KB, 470x359, 470:359, 08C40060-3DA2-4138-9103-4D….png)

File: 4b5b26c6299efa1⋯.png (221.02 KB, 571x480, 571:480, CBAC7D80-2C25-4E19-8CD4-E6….png)

File: 1c47be68d4e1b9c⋯.jpeg (169.42 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, 7831B7F4-702B-40D5-8B64-5….jpeg)

575a9b No.783387


(previous bread)

I am hard at work in building new platforms that can scale, are open source, censorship proof, and that do not track or profile you. Advertising is ethical, and will also be able to opt-out if you allow distributed computing tasks to be performed in the background and/or subscription. Professional content creators like YouTube people will be paid more for their content. It's been hard to get the seed capital because the VC's don't want to fund something that they can't control, but I'm going to get it done. We need it, voices should not be censored. Decentralization is the way.

55e841 No.783388

last bread


Yeah seriosuly. If you engage the bullshit THEY GET PAID!! You are putting money in their pocket and keep there masters happy. Filter without acknowledging AT ALL. Filter move on.

2b13c0 No.783389

File: 71f12bc1b403e00⋯.jpg (901.98 KB, 2240x1488, 140:93, IMG_3387.JPG)

a9cf55 No.783390

File: 53066e82e7ab44d⋯.jpg (13.39 KB, 180x254, 90:127, OP.jpg)


2a8dc9 No.783391

This needs research!

https:// www.whitehouse.gov/briefings-statements/text-letter-president-speaker-house-representatives-president-senate-21/

6e7100 No.783392

File: 9fa332f157d7e01⋯.png (215.01 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Fed_SES_unelected_unaccoun….png)

4a299d No.783393




eaa852 No.783394

File: df3218d851f0b73⋯.png (499.03 KB, 639x457, 639:457, 04E1ADD5-5BDF-4FE8-9F44-4B….png)

575a9b No.783396



0b2b88 No.783397

File: c4adb5b11d509fd⋯.png (596.4 KB, 1186x788, 593:394, sNOW FROM AROUND THE WORLD.png)

Delingpole: NOAA 2.5 Degrees F Data Tampering – ‘Science Doesn’t Get Any Worse Than This’

http:// www.breitbart.com/big-government/2018/03/21/delingpole-noaa-2-5-degrees-f-data-tampering-science-doesnt-get-any-worse-than-this/?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_term=daily&utm_content=links&utm_campaign=20180321

Magnetic Reversal Speeding Up | S0 News Mar.23.2018

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=maaKBPcJQ9c

Cosmic Rays During Last Reversal | S0 News Mar.24.2018

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=m39tbYf5SoA

https:// earth.nullschool.net/#current/wind/isobaric/10hPa/overlay=temp/orthographic=254.89,48.48,455/loc=-48.849,73.913

4e2cd1 No.783398

>>783391 It's procedural.

d5d29d No.783400

File: 972b92d68417133⋯.png (1.78 MB, 955x649, 955:649, Screenshot_38.png)

9f929c No.783401

File: 8e4a3a98f084dc9⋯.jpeg (5.85 KB, 159x318, 1:2, images (2).jpeg)

4e9263 No.783402

File: 20d31d6f152a06e⋯.jpg (53.59 KB, 583x350, 583:350, Margaret-Sanger.jpg)

68aee6 No.783403

File: 94a1568a6c5b923⋯.png (882.12 KB, 798x1192, 399:596, P is Pharisees.png)

File: 1e79373700c0a48⋯.png (1.25 MB, 643x1213, 643:1213, pharisees.png)



P = Pharisees

The Jewish Chief Rabbis of modern times were the Pharisee leaders of the past.





eaa852 No.783404

File: 8040bd2778276e4⋯.jpeg (115.51 KB, 500x631, 500:631, 3545EFCF-5DE5-4C4C-9128-0….jpeg)

1f13d5 No.783405

File: 066b778080f75ef⋯.jpg (79.51 KB, 1010x584, 505:292, Isreal.jpg)

File: 73f1e120eb57dde⋯.jpg (59.1 KB, 539x960, 539:960, IsraelNationalism.jpg)

File: 39be66706b143da⋯.jpg (46.84 KB, 567x253, 567:253, IsraelScourge.jpg)

d84b4e No.783406

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

All of these videos were uploaded on Aug 6, 2017

Dec 25, 2017 Q posted "Floor is yours"

In the lyrics of this song, he keeps repeating

"I got the flo'

dont know if he is saying "flow" or "floor"

4a299d No.783407




d84b4e No.783408



082721 No.783409


play the game too.

6fd51b No.783410

File: 0e1051e0a153257⋯.jpg (185.32 KB, 1280x600, 32:15, Gone TO GITMO.jpg)

55e841 No.783411

Had to drive by more marchers. POTUS / Qteam really should drop some truth about Parkland, Boston, LV, etc… This is not a small movement and the retarded common core kids are falling for it.

4a299d No.783412

The head of the swamp and of the Uranium Crime Syndicate is Mueller!



All these scumbags are most likely part of this Deep State SES: (Senior Executive Service, Obama´s private army to impede Trump).

Gowdy, Mueller, Comey, Jeff Sessions, Rosenstein, DWS, Obama, the Clintons, the Bushes, etc etc


They think they are un-touchable and are mocking our Republic!

Show us you can do it Trump, get rid of this scumbag Obama army now!

082721 No.783414


DING DING DING!!, The Two Keystones!!

799b6f No.783415

File: 1146ab6baa12f57⋯.jpeg (987.6 KB, 2623x652, 2623:652, image.jpeg)

David Hogg and his band of Merry Anarchists will end as a cautionary tale.

These youths do not have life experience yet they are going to educate the country as the the validity of the 2nd Amendment, democracy, etc?

HOGG ET AL ARE BEING USED and unfortunately it is they who will pay for the disruption they are setting in motion.

When you react to Hogg you are falling for the con. I hope you all realize just how drunk on fame and imagined power these youngsters are. They will start with restricting guns and go on to the next issue. They are a weapon. If you attack them you attack 'children'. If you ignore them you allow the politicians, who happen to agree with them, to criminalize a right that existed before there was even a government.

It will take consistent pressure from patriots who stand on the side of liberty to return these unruly to their rightful place - high school.

Mark my words, before this is said and done it will be Hogg et al who will be wielding guns.

Take it to the bank.

37b9cb No.783416

sigh: jews blah blah blah, flat earth blah blah blah

2cd2c6 No.783417

>>783296 (last bread)

Good theory. It may even be the satellite where they're keeping the data they got from the NSA while in Hawaii.

272480 No.783418




1f13d5 No.783419

File: 5d43e179c2e952f⋯.jpg (542.94 KB, 876x600, 73:50, joopover.jpg)

File: 955a41de3897fc5⋯.jpg (106.57 KB, 599x775, 599:775, JooVote.jpg)

File: f08a07dfaecceeb⋯.jpg (64.36 KB, 720x800, 9:10, jew-blasphemy.jpg)

4a299d No.783420


This is what we call a parallel construction = A FALSE REALITY USED DO DUPE AND SUBSTITUTED FOR THE TRUE REALITY.


d87023 No.783421


If they had something they would have already acted. Time to wake up that you're being gamed in order to goose you through the midterms and 2020.

00c3b9 No.783422


This anon goes it.

d84b4e No.783423

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Leys try this again (SORRY)

All of these videos were uploaded on Aug 6, 2017

Dec 25, 2017 Q posted "Floor is yours"

In the lyrics of this song, he keeps repeating

"I got the flo'

dont know if he is saying "flow" or "floor"

790dda No.783425

File: 80ced4fc3ce00bd⋯.jpg (92.16 KB, 736x632, 92:79, joe biden.jpg)

Watters just ran a montage of groping Joe

6fd51b No.783426

File: 835738798b541b8⋯.jpg (1.67 MB, 5400x10800, 1:2, 03012018WannabeNSARewrite.jpg)

File: 0b5b4375ee25fb1⋯.jpg (141.89 KB, 2400x3000, 4:5, NoSuch_logo.jpg)



bac51f No.783427

9328ac No.783428

File: eef0d08925d25e0⋯.png (628.38 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, HollywoodPlaceOfTraitorsSa….png)

Clint Eastwood Is Preparing to Let Some Pedophiles Make His Day

He’s planning to, “…Fight Against Traitors With Real American Patriots With President Trump.”

https ://sunnyclo.ipower.com/pearlsofliberty/?p=9438

047047 No.783429


Very careful with this, that we are NOT pushing

for Stormy release.

ab71b7 No.783430


alert! professional paid shill alert!

Filter this one

OldFags know, Never filter with the + or you filter anyone who replies.

You cannot filter shills that are using ip shifting software. ( They all do ) you are simply being tricked into filtering good posters, period. The end result, you'll see nothing but shills.

Best defense against a shill is to understand they are a shill, then simply ignore them. Only new fags and low level IQ people filter. Anyone suggesting you filter, especially if they ask you to use the + feature, are trying to set you up. Learn from school or be schooled.

The choice is yours.

4950b5 No.783431


The even voted for Carter, idiots or just want us destroyed.

dff89c No.783432


Exactly. This is how it works. The Jew figured out the best way to control the blacks is to blackmail or bribe their ministers. They simple pay off a couple dozen top black so called leaders and like pied piper the blacks lead their fellow blacks to their deaths.

famous jew trick. The Judas goat. They train a goat to go out and mingle with wild goats. The goat then leads all the wild goats back to the jew and a closed off fenced off area. And they capture the whole flock of wild goats. Pay a couple of judas goat black leaders and they lead them all to doom.

sick sick….these people are sick

67e956 No.783433


FIlter Them!

Filter anything about Jews, Israel, demands, flat earth bible spacemen any nonsense.


4a299d No.783434

File: 7abfc1c63294e4a⋯.jpg (158.18 KB, 1180x842, 590:421, drain_the_swamp.jpg.CROP.p….jpg)


Jeff Sessions claims he has appointed someone outside of D.C. to "investigate the FISA ABUSES".

O.k. so we need to ask JEFF SESSIONS:











2cd2c6 No.783435


We're glad to have your mind on our side

234cc4 No.783436

File: e452289d42b14be⋯.jpg (202.93 KB, 2256x804, 188:67, youtube-71.jpg)

From the last bread. Cryptofags please look at this.

Highly significant.


These appear to all be references to this series of YouTube vids:

https:// www.youtube.com/channel/UC6OUS6lhiDaDrL9qINsjZAg/videos

082721 No.783437


Keystone= FED, SES and N_Action.


eaa852 No.783438




37b9cb No.783439




maybe #ReleaseHRCVideo or #ReleaseHillaryVideo

4557d9 No.783441

check this out anons, a new intel source called Q² lol !

http:// stateofthenation2012.com/?p=97185

b09b6a No.783442



d0b365 No.783443

File: efef39c74e72740⋯.png (54.96 KB, 798x386, 399:193, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 3af91d6d630b526⋯.png (5.66 KB, 526x36, 263:18, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 3175d53164a1277⋯.png (1.6 KB, 160x31, 160:31, ClipboardImage.png)











random diggings

check this out guys

https:// www.congress.gov/115/bills/hr1625/BILLS-115hr1625eah.pdf

this file

made by ACOMP.EXEddg

which when ducked goes to


I swear to GOD that Q or pre-Q posted COVFEFE to POL when trump tweeted it.

it was a test I remember that night I couldn't sleep

047047 No.783444


"Look at me, TWO TERMS"

4a299d No.783445




8c6615 No.783446


Talk to the Health Ranger.

67e956 No.783447


>OldFags know, Never filter with the + or you filter anyone who replies.

>You cannot filter shills that are using ip shifting software. ( They all do ) you are simply being tricked into filtering good posters, period. The end result, you'll see nothing but shills.

>Best defense against a shill is to understand they are a shill, then simply ignore them. Only new fags and low level IQ people filter. Anyone suggesting you filter, especially if they ask you to use the + feature, are trying to set you up. Learn from school or be schooled.

I'm not sure I want to see posts by anyone dumb enough to reply to a shill.

Want to be read? DO NOT REPLY! FILTER.

bac51f No.783448


Agree; we should make sure it doesn't mash with the Stormy vid.

take care anons

b33765 No.783449

File: acfc3cce3922918⋯.png (4 MB, 2048x1536, 4:3, image.png)

4950b5 No.783450


We see Joo

61b7d5 No.783451

File: 2d70f8f88b73720⋯.jpg (195.19 KB, 1275x692, 1275:692, 19-st-OLH2_1.jpg)

File: e387cb3fdaf41e9⋯.jpg (180.01 KB, 1272x834, 212:139, 19-st-OLH2_2.jpg)

File: b6221c97e88f937⋯.jpg (86.48 KB, 916x753, 916:753, Long_Lat.jpg)

Looking at the videos from the 7 1 youtube channel, the first video posted is named [19][1st]. If we are looking at clues in the videos for possible info, this one looks like it has longitude / latitude coordinates. plugging that in, it takes you to a place in Russia. Possible Snowden connection? May be nothing, just digging.

37b9cb No.783452


I have been anon, whenever Q drops crumbs they scatter

ded61e No.783453


He appointed Giuliani that was about 200 threads ago

0b1856 No.783454


maybe you should send the President a proposal. I hear he has some extra money to spend.

9f929c No.783455

File: e8d4d4da33a522c⋯.jpg (123.32 KB, 750x499, 750:499, 272rul.jpg)

File: 1277282eea17b44⋯.jpg (53.14 KB, 432x469, 432:469, 272rs9.jpg)

4a299d No.783456

File: cb22dbe5332eba1⋯.jpg (732.57 KB, 2751x2027, 2751:2027, Pyramid_6.jpg)



36229e No.783457

File: db5193c65c2c7b0⋯.jpg (215.06 KB, 937x960, 937:960, alinsky.jpg)


Rightful place is more like kindergarten aka today's colleges.

I'd say concentrate more on today's VERY young, from age 0-6 on how to behave, how to act etc.

30% of the entire 'millenial' generation is comp'd to hell and will end in a cautionary tale of what happens when you allow your country and civilization to be poisoned by cultural marxism from 50s through three generations.

(((useful idiots))).

082721 No.783458


Discredit?, Where?

02325d No.783459

File: c8cbf96f637fdfc⋯.png (3.81 MB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 53BEA61A-6A52-496C-A649-A2….png)


Gdynia, Poland navy base, and Baltic sands area at the end of the hooked peninsula. Is this where the sub is?

dbce99 No.783460


Something like this?

https:// twitter.com/enki74/status/977706118632955904

67e956 No.783461


Two of the idiots replied to me. Filtered.

2cd2c6 No.783462

I personally think our effort is better spent combating the democractors owning the narrative and the public opinion. I'm going to be spamming crisis actor shit

d5d29d No.783463

>>783436 This is a Crappy YouTube artist that wants people to look at his crappy video artwork. He waits for Q posts now, and then changes the names of his videos. It's total bullshit! Nice Troll-Job though and sparked a lot of interest for a bit, but if it was Q…it would be confirmed. It's just crap art videos.

4a299d No.783464


Ya, right, expect us to believe that?

9328ac No.783465

File: bbc1c665a7d8043⋯.png (258.69 KB, 766x618, 383:309, MakeMyDayPatriotPanicModeI….png)

082721 No.783466


Law of the Clouds?

3a8ab6 No.783467


We can push this yet… we don't know for sure this is happening.

We'd look stupid. It would totally discredit the movement.

4a299d No.783468


And Giuliani the major from NY? Unqualified, comped. What a joke if that is who he appointed…not believable..

c6c7ee No.783469

bac51f No.783470



3d1608 No.783471


I don't even have to go back to see what picture of POTUS holding up two fingers, you're talking about Anon. Kek. Hive mind! My thoughts exactly…. Add 2scoops to that too. Kek

37b9cb No.783472

Q, any udpates on NWO, P, or HRC video???

eaa852 No.783473

File: 9b1a64df251d58e⋯.jpeg (112.58 KB, 656x499, 656:499, 08758ECE-BEDC-4BD8-B1A8-7….jpeg)

File: 90b19a4de8f1e49⋯.jpeg (120.22 KB, 991x555, 991:555, 81D386A2-45F9-4402-908F-5….jpeg)

8ee77b No.783474

File: 8baa98ac4dc27a5⋯.jpg (664.4 KB, 1903x501, 1903:501, Marches.jpg)

1f13d5 No.783475




799b6f No.783476

695b42 No.783477

Has Kim Dotcom showed up today, oh I mean Q?

c7cf59 No.783478

He didn’t show enough pictures of this SleazeBall>>783425

36229e No.783479


(((sandnigger/kike))) issue is a valid one. Aside from those, separate wheat from chaff.

It's easy to tell (((shills))) from (((useful idiots))).

Dig, analyze, and disseminte the truth based on Q crumbs.

>We have more than we know.

>We are saving israel for last

>MB (mudslime brotherhood, mudslimes in general).

d7b69f No.783480

>>783339 (last bread)


If we have one advantage,

It's that our hearts transcend time AND space.

We fight for each other,

In all our various forms and incarnations.


GEOTUS is current undergoing,

That which I went through myself 2 years ago.

And he's following the same playbook,

Our enemies reacting & failing the same way.

Once MEN,

That is--Autists, Niggers, Faggots--get this,

The heavens will open a blazing path forward,

And the Universal Love will rain down,

And RESURRECT our hearts & bodies.

We are so very close.

Here in the chans,

Out there on the streets,

Main focus is to help our alt selves,

Move forward one step at a time.

We are created to be 'Like God',

And (((they))) wish to replace us,

To themselves become 'Like God',

And they will ruin everything to do so.

Knowledge that compromise is not possible,

This is key to igniting passions long dormant,

That which is necessary will then issue forth.

Matthew 25:40

Goodspeed to you too, Patriot.

eaa852 No.783481

File: 7df2148b44b19e0⋯.png (778.65 KB, 809x743, 809:743, BD2B8EE6-04A6-4BB3-9208-41….png)



4a299d No.783482







8ee77b No.783483



Anons need to combine those two images!

Anderson cooper is a dead match…

If anyone has a cooper cutout, I will do it!

54dd43 No.783484


Let's see last month or so it was the Mysterious Atlanta photos, then the Jordy Sage mysterious photos, then the renamed Utube videos, now back to said u tube videos…I think they are running out of fresh ideas to throw at us….

082721 No.783485


NATO?, attempt for infuriate to Russia?

87b3aa No.783486

File: 26c515e8ef5bfdb⋯.png (22.05 KB, 504x299, 504:299, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 333905059e035e6⋯.png (3.01 KB, 191x40, 191:40, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 8e55425e9fc7ff2⋯.png (21.02 KB, 367x258, 367:258, ClipboardImage.png)


President for life ayyyy

>Captcha confirms

4a299d No.783487



Filter the Koran.

accc9e No.783488


why wouldn't you guys push something pro-gun, second amendment on today of all days?

eaa852 No.783489

File: 2cc853033892f4e⋯.jpeg (172.73 KB, 1200x723, 400:241, 36E03D10-F985-425A-AA4B-D….jpeg)

File: 299643b16826be4⋯.jpeg (103.7 KB, 676x392, 169:98, 57A84681-6124-4B59-8B04-B….jpeg)

File: 873bb0fe070e4bb⋯.jpeg (352.28 KB, 1174x1200, 587:600, 635EFF7F-0160-46AA-982A-2….jpeg)

File: df8fb3e364e911d⋯.jpeg (101.69 KB, 1000x730, 100:73, A866BB80-FD0B-4423-997D-8….jpeg)

854f6b No.783490

God bless the anon who compiled all those FBI anon files. I was screaming for those ages ago. I wonder if Q and FBIanon are one and the same.

234cc4 No.783491


Well shit, moving so fast i can't keep track. First i've seen it. Were the time stamps confirmed after Q posts then?

377231 No.783492


What he said.

37b9cb No.783493

File: 620c01f46e21169⋯.jpeg (21.59 KB, 411x258, 137:86, download (2).jpeg)

e51c8e No.783494

Like I said, only newfags and shills want you to filter anything. If you can't take the heat or don't have the temperament to scroll to suitable posts for your liking, you do not belong on this board and are not helping anyone. Please leave, go to twitter and follow someone who posts Q updates from there. You sound like pre-teens with your "Filter them!" Feels like we're in grade school. Probably the exact same people saying, "Lurk Moar!" Monkey see, monkey do mentality. Probably just learned what the filter was a few days ago and feel like your top boss now. Dear God, gtfo here so we can work!

d5d29d No.783495

>>783477 I've had that thought cross my mind too! LOL! But Obama was in New Zealand this week talking to the Prime Minister about social media's influence on elections…also, Kim Dotcom posted his affidavit online and Assange retweeted the link.

https:// www.scribd.com/document/374313640/Affidavit-of-Kim-Dotcom-Sworn-19-March-2018

12aec6 No.783496

File: ee8b21f6f45c692⋯.jpg (41.63 KB, 540x291, 180:97, 1336320.jpg)

2cd2c6 No.783497

6c16d4 No.783498

We have more power than we know.

vid related.

https:// www.hooktube.com/watch?v=62ART7bw9fE

36229e No.783499



Filter both sandnigger/kike books (talmud and koran) with EXTREME PREJUDICE.

Treat bible with caution.

Carry on.

8bcbf5 No.783500


This ^^^^^ Kek

eaa852 No.783501

File: 1914fa07224d29c⋯.jpeg (107.17 KB, 1024x600, 128:75, C15004FF-FBFB-434B-BE26-F….jpeg)

9328ac No.783502

File: eef0d08925d25e0⋯.png (628.38 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, HollywoodPlaceOfTraitorsSa….png)




1. a person who loves, supports, and defends his or her country and its interests with devotion.

2. a person who regards himself or herself as a defender, especially of individual rights, against presumed interference by the federal government.


1. a person who betrays another, a cause, or any trust.

2. a person who commits treason by betraying his or her country.


68348b No.783503


bac51f No.783504


Feel free to do that anon. Let's just DROP ALL BOMBS.

4a299d No.783505





The entire tribe!

Clues as to is SES, as we do not have a complete list yes, since they hide their names:

Who created the Office of The Special Council = 'AN SES OPERATION TO TAKE-DOWN TRUMP:



James P. Chandler III


Eric Holder JR – Fast & Furious crimes

James Comey – leak crimes and more.

Peter Strzok – The Secret Society = SES, leak crimes. Trump Insurance Policy.

(Think McCabe “Fuck Trump”.


E.W. Bill Priestap.

Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton.

John D. Podesta.




Thanks for video, will watch!


① Created Trump dossier.

② Trying to impeach Trump.

③ Via SERCO (A British Corporation) control the media!!

④ Guilty of obstruction of justice at the DOJ – by preventing the prosecution of the guilty people, via the 500 SES lawyers that make-up the DOJ. The SES controls Sessions.

⑤ Work in partnership with the CIA, JTTF, hiring the 18 secret SES hit squad to murder opponents of the DNC and of The Clinton Foundation and of The Clintons – Reps for the SES-CIA mafia!!

⑥ Are trying to lead the U.S. to war via Clapper – Brennon – McMaster and now Pompeo (A war mongerer, bad actor placed into the State Department by Trump).

Mueller is also one of the leakers and one of the members who formed the illegal OFFICE OF SPECIAL COUNCIL, which WAS NEVER APPROVED NOR RATIFIED BY CONGRESS IN THE FIRST PLACE WHEN IT WAS CREATED.




e669b9 No.783506

File: 3d825760e6219f5⋯.jpg (116.96 KB, 1150x722, 575:361, DHogg-common4.jpg)

File: 579597dd1abaacc⋯.jpg (120.06 KB, 1150x722, 575:361, DHogg-fbi2.jpg)

File: f3fd472f6527981⋯.jpg (110.29 KB, 577x769, 577:769, HOGG-flag4.jpg)

File: 8c829aec8bda6bd⋯.jpg (67.41 KB, 577x769, 577:769, HOGG-viva1.jpg)

File: 579597dd1abaacc⋯.jpg (120.06 KB, 1150x722, 575:361, DHogg-fbi2.jpg)

working on hogg memes


36229e No.783507


Fire away on twitter, facebook.

Kikebook is WEAK now. PUSH PUSH PUSH.

bac51f No.783508

Anyanon have any Hillary Video memes?

a03111 No.783509



663b05 No.783510

POTUS should collude with Russia to wipe Israel from the planet.

Qsquared seems to make lots of sense.

8bcbf5 No.783511


haha shill! He made you doxx yourself. Fuck out of here!

581ac2 No.783512


Good point

bcd1aa No.783513


I think she needs to release her video first, then when ours is released they can't say "oh no don't even."

Stormy's video is BS, not sex

eaa852 No.783514

File: 2d7a1f9822009fb⋯.png (195.02 KB, 438x248, 219:124, 58800435-458F-4611-B2EE-DC….png)




790dda No.783515

File: 0068782e0616431⋯.jpg (9.34 KB, 261x193, 261:193, gu.jpg)

File: f1cfc9d4e56f668⋯.jpg (5.37 KB, 275x183, 275:183, gu-.jpg)

File: 480fc52b2e9f5ce⋯.png (62.57 KB, 275x183, 275:183, gu.png)


This freak???

9f929c No.783516

File: 5e04976e19fab99⋯.jpg (76.9 KB, 558x924, 93:154, IMG_20180322_120859.jpg)


The Bible's already been filtered so many times… Council of nicea, Arabs, English, King James, etc… but I don't think that was the point… Bible is a great mythological book… But some anons filter the biblefags…

A good positive inspiring verse from the Bible: awesome

Doing your mission work on 8chan?: fuck you!

2cd2c6 No.783517


The "don't filter me bro" crowd are clearly shills, or they wouldn't give a fuck. Bye Felicia

a03111 No.783518



1f13d5 No.783519

File: 1349b7a648b6165⋯.jpg (123.7 KB, 888x499, 888:499, KardashianGenocide.jpg)

54dd43 No.783520


Oh hey look Kanye's blond again, guess he needed a little MK tune up

6e7100 No.783521

File: d99af5f8551a13e⋯.png (251.25 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Hillary_Found_Out_video_re….png)

3c0c4e No.783522

File: d008c02790be380⋯.png (263.45 KB, 767x509, 767:509, useful-hogg.png)


Sized it up a bit

d5d29d No.783523

File: a309bdf42905b97⋯.png (1.65 MB, 1355x831, 1355:831, Screenshot_40.png)

b09b6a No.783524

6e7100 No.783526

File: 595c1d6957078df⋯.png (359.65 KB, 2390x1748, 1195:874, Giuliani_Council_on_Foreig….png)

35ea01 No.783527


Memes with him wearing a clear backpack, maybe a clear dunce cap, plastic see-through suit, etc.

2cd2c6 No.783528



So by your standards, you would just flat earthers spam pictures all day while people try to have real conversations. Got it

ffe921 No.783529



Shill black ops fag ID'd

604f45 No.783530

If you must filter, the best thing to do is filter by name. Just type in Anonymous and you won't see anything you don't want to see. Best trick ever for this place.

b06b00 No.783531


Rainbow dildo or ballon sword and Captain Hook hat w/ a parrot and eye patch.

He can be a butt pirate.

edd10f No.783532


I wonder if when Q says "we have more than we know", does he mean we have the video of hrc?? Somewhere out there?

Somewhere over the rainbow…

d5d29d No.783533

File: 5c4c98d29d66475⋯.png (1.18 MB, 774x955, 774:955, Screenshot_36.png)

e669b9 No.783534

File: abced7baad94d39⋯.jpg (148.56 KB, 1150x722, 575:361, DHogg-rights1.jpg)

604f45 No.783535


another detected

6c16d4 No.783536


Did you read the board rules? It sounds like you should..

93d2a4 No.783537

File: b1291e8ada6a270⋯.png (1.23 MB, 1024x768, 4:3, Bruce-Lee-Final-1024x768.png)

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vicia_faba

1a3098 No.783538


no thanks.

eaa852 No.783539

File: 063326869129c36⋯.png (356.12 KB, 565x536, 565:536, DBB222BF-E564-4686-80C4-E0….png)

File: 45ecea3b86ed97b⋯.jpeg (89.02 KB, 736x922, 368:461, E2A19CD4-C1EF-4157-B4EC-7….jpeg)

File: ad9286af2e19c22⋯.jpeg (190.05 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 1BA37EB3-C189-4715-B4B7-9….jpeg)



6b21c0 No.783540


Not just a mayor lol, former attorney general under Reagan, and prosecutor.

https:// en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rudy_Giuliani

7c4240 No.783541

Anyone have that picture of p. Alwaleed, which looks like a proof-of-life pic the special forces took? Old Tal is sitting on a flimsy lawn chair, perhaps in a tent, and there's a stack of books on a table next to him, one with a title about becoming a Vegan - perhaps an inside joke that he won't be eating any meat for a while. The picture is a healthy reminder of some of the progress that's occurred, especially as it pertains to SA….it lifted my spirit when I saw it and I didn't grab it at the time.

f8e3e0 No.783542

File: c77bc492f72d017⋯.jpg (17.52 KB, 220x220, 1:1, 272sgf.jpg)

68348b No.783543

62cc7c No.783544


Sister ;),

Thank you for your profound words. I am not as versed in the Bible as you are. It means so much to me.

We ARE close, and (((WE))) will win. It has been ordained.

(((THEY))) WILL NEVER REPLACE US. (((THEY))) cannot.


695b42 No.783545

I think I found something guys!

http:// www.zombo.com/

12aec6 No.783546

File: 77e9f9e0f1e9cfd⋯.jpg (38.63 KB, 540x616, 135:154, 1336325.jpg)

12900e No.783547


Hard to know what to think, but this article appears to imply that the president of CFR, Richard Haass himself, believes their time is up:

"…it has made the "globalists" conclude that the "liberal world order" which they created - which has resulted in the greatest accumulation of wealth by the fewest number of people; in the greatest political, social, ethnic, economic and financial polarization in recent history; in a global debt load that has put the world on the verge of financial catastrophe (only offset by constant central bank "confidence" injections); and which the "Trump vote" was a protest against - is almost over.

And nobody says it better than Richard Haass, president of the Council on Foreign Relations, in the following essay:


https:// www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-03-23/council-foreign-relations-president-goodbye-liberal-world-order

6e7100 No.783548

File: 595c1d6957078df⋯.png (359.65 KB, 2390x1748, 1195:874, Giuliani_Council_on_Foreig….png)

7469ea No.783549


still no actual undoctored pictured of the edge of the earth

9a2801 No.783550


This isn't a chat room for conversations. GTFO shill! Go filter fags somewhere else!

0ee5c6 No.783551


Taste the rainbow

9f929c No.783552

File: 0164092c10fc224⋯.jpeg (9.38 KB, 300x168, 25:14, download (3).jpeg)


>Bye Felicia

Did you just type "Bye Felicia"?


f8e3e0 No.783553

File: 451034a30fad37d⋯.jpg (18.6 KB, 220x220, 1:1, 272smb.jpg)

8c6615 No.783554


Goodbye Jew world order of chaos, war, and greed? Sounds like a plan.

12aec6 No.783555

File: 5fd82c0d686bdb4⋯.jpg (22.2 KB, 540x280, 27:14, 1336327.jpg)

047047 No.783556


Yeah, and those celebrities were surrounded and PROTECTED BY SECURITY WITH GUNS, no doubt.

9a2801 No.783557


shill doxxed themself. That's hilarious.

58fc24 No.783558


You are a fuck stain that squirted out of a boomer's dick. You are a pile of human garbage that fell out of a boomer's cunt.

Fuck off retard. Where'd you get the photo? Is that your boomer parents?

695b42 No.783560

Slow in here, is it chicken tendies time?

68348b No.783561


https:// www.bloomberg.com/news/features/2018-03-20/alwaleed-reveals-secret-deal-struck-to-exit-ritz-after-83-days

How about his interview from this week?

b04fa0 No.783562

File: 25c13a0c1928b9a⋯.jpg (153.38 KB, 821x941, 821:941, experts-agree-gun-control-….jpg)

d5d29d No.783563

File: 4ca71109f23e5b9⋯.png (19.22 KB, 635x308, 635:308, Screenshot_41.png)

f8e3e0 No.783564

File: d6b6fc9b9ef90d9⋯.jpg (18.13 KB, 220x220, 1:1, 272soy.jpg)

9a2801 No.783565


Not you, the one you replied to was a shill that doxxed themself.

377231 No.783566


Funny how international law prohibits any attempt to try to take a photo or even travel to "Antarctica"

f8e3e0 No.783567

File: 810b2d176485d44⋯.jpg (18.5 KB, 220x220, 1:1, 272sqs.jpg)

8c6615 No.783568


In the meantime his wife was outing him as a pedo and child trafficker lol

e669b9 No.783569

File: 4aa347a348597d3⋯.jpg (177.07 KB, 640x422, 320:211, Buzz Aldrin.jpg)

89583a No.783570


Where is that law written? Never heard of it in all my trips there.

54dd43 No.783571


what a bout the Nazi youth arm bands he and his sister were pushing? He not wear one today? been away most the day.

8ee77b No.783572

File: 867955ca7ce691e⋯.jpg (485.04 KB, 890x1125, 178:225, Temp-HOGGLER.jpg)

89583a No.783573


Scary looking rock.

27def6 No.783574

File: 04e1684f48ba034⋯.jpg (114.89 KB, 1200x704, 75:44, admiral never seen a presi….jpg)

4bcee1 No.783575

If P = Pope then I assume it’s the black pope. The one pulling the strings of the current puppet Pope. Who is the black pope? If we figure this out we can work our way down this twisted tree instead of guessing who is at the bottom

9f929c No.783576

File: 6b696a08d1956a8⋯.jpg (17.86 KB, 204x255, 4:5, 26hulx.jpg)


I miss the

>Don't post if you haven't lurked for at least a year


790dda No.783577


Isa 57:4  Against whom do ye sport yourselves? against whom make ye a wide mouth, and draw out the tongue? are ye not children of transgression, a seed of falsehood, 

Rev 2:9  I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan. 

Rev 3:9  Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee. 

377231 No.783578



082721 No.783579


>black pope?

Arturo Sosa.

ca2fce No.783580

File: cec262ea1520628⋯.jpg (269.1 KB, 880x667, 880:667, f949b05df2f639e654e6fd9d58….jpg)

f8e3e0 No.783581

File: d3a0fe448e9e151⋯.jpg (18.57 KB, 220x220, 1:1, 272sur.jpg)

4557d9 No.783582



looks like the clowns are at it again.

a5d9fd No.783583


I understand and thank you for your response. From my perspective ,I see things happening every day, that's why when anyone posts that they're not seeing things happen I instantly know that they have come here to disrupt the work.

I see the plan working. If someone does not , its easy enough to go back and read Q posts that inspires hope.

89583a No.783584


Q hasn't even been here half a year. Rule invalid, so are you… filtered.

7c4240 No.783585

Anyone have that picture of p. Alwaleed, which looks like a proof-of-life pic the special forces took? Old Tal is sitting on a flimsy lawn chair, perhaps in a tent, and there's a stack of books on a table next to him, one with a title about becoming a Vegan - perhaps an inside joke that he won't be eating any meat for a while. The picture is a healthy reminder of some of the progress that's occurred, especially as it pertains to SA….it lifted my spirit when I saw it and I didn't grab it at the time.

f8e3e0 No.783586

File: 554a8c3e9cb9d24⋯.jpg (60.34 KB, 620x463, 620:463, 2714i3.jpg)

c6c7ee No.783587

12aec6 No.783588

File: 5d6bf6aacdbe48c⋯.jpg (60.94 KB, 540x579, 180:193, 1336331.jpg)

5bc2b6 No.783590


Do "Watch the Water" & "As the World Turns" reference the magnetic pole shift? And might this also be what is referenced by "40,000ft view" and "expand your thinking"? Is it about the flipping of the earth's poles?

dbd50a No.783591

>The castle runs red


New digging:

http:// www. redcross.org/news/article/Red-Cross-Partnering-with-White-Castle-for-Valentines-Day-Program

https:// www. prnewswire.com/news-releases/turn-white-castle-red-with-donations-to-the-red-cross-this-holiday-season-300569526.html


They did not do it this years Valentine's like usual.

We've seen the Red Cross issues of darkness, how does White Castle fit in?

88d2a1 No.783592

on fox now. floating the military will build the wall

7c4240 No.783593

File: 229dd25faebe09c⋯.jpeg (52 KB, 600x597, 200:199, image.jpeg)

3c0c4e No.783594

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

790dda No.783595

File: 18b3214ff98709e⋯.jpg (290.37 KB, 1297x669, 1297:669, gun control.jpg)

9f929c No.783596


Chan rule not q rule faggot

7c4240 No.783597

File: c128ab3ac5e9f65⋯.jpeg (36.21 KB, 525x535, 105:107, image.jpeg)

8c6615 No.783598


Filtered jackass. That's exactly what she was doing dumbfuck.

68348b No.783599


It's papacy, not pope.

602ce7 No.783600


Do you even know What SES is?

The DOJ Attorney General is not appointed under SES.

Cluelessness Drama Queen.

SES potentially bad actors? Yes, but at least have a Clue

61570f No.783601

File: d2ad1cd1b1d2184⋯.jpg (403.29 KB, 2048x1024, 2:1, WhatHRCSaid Did1.jpg)

File: f680d58c763b477⋯.jpg (350.23 KB, 1536x768, 2:1, HRC-Podesta-Skolkovo1.jpg)

File: 04d731efa49b4a2⋯.jpg (497.23 KB, 1536x768, 2:1, HRC-Podesta-Skolkovo2.jpg)

File: 236ca701810842b⋯.jpg (96.55 KB, 833x416, 833:416, BetrayalHRC.jpg)

File: 5d248aad3fabef3⋯.jpg (536.85 KB, 1024x1433, 1024:1433, HRCmovieposter.jpg)



edd10f No.783602


your not you're

082721 No.783603


Which was the another Channel of Youtube?

7c4240 No.783604

File: ba9e4aad01567dd⋯.jpeg (21.13 KB, 236x177, 4:3, image.jpeg)

68348b No.783605


Not sure why he is saying u should lurk more. You are correct.

f9052f No.783607

File: 0e51bbfe7cecc57⋯.jpg (29.83 KB, 400x400, 1:1, trumpmbssmiles.jpg)


Q is MBS and Trump

89583a No.783608


Want to think about what you just said, shit for brains?

f8e3e0 No.783609

File: caf691b28e86a48⋯.jpg (18.22 KB, 220x220, 1:1, 272sz3.jpg)

ca2fce No.783610

File: 1f4f150bbbb8079⋯.png (37.41 KB, 853x478, 853:478, Keystone SeS.png)

b0b346 No.783611

File: 4a4a2cd778b7006⋯.png (580.03 KB, 722x765, 722:765, ClipboardImage.png)

53e9a9 No.783612

File: 07b5e9c02e1358f⋯.png (342.97 KB, 785x626, 785:626, ClipboardImage.png)

7c4240 No.783613

File: f0cdfe66fa1593c⋯.jpeg (94.68 KB, 588x598, 294:299, image.jpeg)

8a1fb6 No.783614

Someone should make a meme with stormy breaking the glass ceiling.

She made $130,000 in an hour!

5b671e No.783615

>>783375 (Bread #971)

BFF with Rockefeller of eugenics fame. She focussed on setting her "clinics" up in poor, black neighbohoods. Kinda like Reno in Roe v. Wade getting rid of brown babies.

26e535 No.783616

File: 9e67fd29ffaa80d⋯.jpg (116.09 KB, 888x499, 888:499, 272scp.jpg)

File: bc11d97230abc38⋯.jpg (128.96 KB, 888x499, 888:499, 272snj.jpg)

File: 624251c3f911aa5⋯.jpg (85.4 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 272srp.jpg)

Still can't believe the balls on this asshat. Can you believe how many rights he's willing to sacrifice? ;)

e669b9 No.783617

File: e48d7c75b25cba2⋯.jpg (133.39 KB, 1150x722, 575:361, DHogg-lines2.jpg)

3773ce No.783618



With zerohedge I usually scroll straight for the comments, more wisdom, insight and true info to be had there -more veracity to be gleaned- than in the articles. But I keep going back because of that contrast, what they'd like to have you believe against what the mofos really think about it, always kek.

f8e3e0 No.783619

File: b9612ccb9f3a511⋯.jpg (48.42 KB, 301x421, 301:421, 272grn.jpg)

68348b No.783620


That would be sweet.

50df09 No.783621

File: 80090b15ad3fb42⋯.png (669.89 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 807e760c963320d365f3d78141….png)

If this is all the clowns have got, their strike while we are 'weak'…

We're in for a hella'va year lads ; )


f8e3e0 No.783622

File: 2d149bcf5484b72⋯.jpg (41.12 KB, 585x300, 39:20, 271g96.jpg)

8c6615 No.783623


I was actually wondering today if the bible was changed many years ago to say the Jews were chosen people and Israel was their home.

61570f No.783624

File: 7ff1b80468889ca⋯.jpg (109.57 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, WitchHuntHRC2.jpg)

File: 205dcab2471b089⋯.jpg (130.56 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, WitchHuntHRC1.jpg)

File: 986d3fd3e7ff14f⋯.jpg (657.04 KB, 1546x2151, 1546:2151, HRCmovieposterJaws.jpg)

File: 16c493078ae8170⋯.jpg (413.46 KB, 1536x768, 2:1, BillClintonGaveChina1.jpg)




bac51f No.783625

File: 7b05b78ed688aa2⋯.jpg (60.69 KB, 539x356, 539:356, 7b05b78ed688aa2066d6e812fb….jpg)

File: 9c327b6000e3280⋯.png (769.01 KB, 700x500, 7:5, 9c327b6000e3280dd9e61bce5b….png)

File: a94330734300c5f⋯.jpg (147.49 KB, 500x1063, 500:1063, 12a34dc95dbd8ff43bf84f158c….jpg)

6e7100 No.783626

File: 9fb1607bfa80cfa⋯.png (326.11 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Hillary_what-difference_vi….png)

f8e3e0 No.783627


They do control the press.

790dda No.783628

File: eb6fe18ede761a4⋯.jpg (5.71 KB, 218x232, 109:116, images.jpg)

dc4f1c No.783629


There was a Baltimore minister who appeared on CNN a lot during those riots. I can't remember his name, but he later showed up at some other protest/rioting in a different state, once again on CNN.

c9d264 No.783630

Workfag here just getting in and catching up. \Caught a post about Thomas Wictor and started reading his threads. WOW WOW WOW. Does he ever make a lot o sense. I think he nailed it.

I think Potus played the swamp like a Stradivarius. (((They))) think the wall is his biggest priority. Wrong. Military is, obviously. But, by guitling them into funding the military instead of the wall, he got exactly what he wanted. A fully funded military for the next 6 months. What did Q just say? "Iran next." All resolved before 11.11 That means we need the money for the military NOW. The wall will come. In the mean time, in case you have not noticed, border crossing are way down and deportation is way up. Our borders are being secured for the time being. We will get a permanent wall one day. Priorities first.

If you were like me, You didn't want the rest of the world taken care of first. You wanted the US fixed NOW. Not next year or 3 yrs from now. It is happening, we just don't know it yet. No arrest pissing you off? Yeah, me too. Maybe we need to stabilize the world first. We do not need to worry about Hamas or Hezbollah sending terrorist here because once indictments are unsealed, the shit is going to hit the proverbial fan. We just simply can not be engaged overseas AND have military tribunals here at the same time. As much as it boils my blood to see them walking free and trying to undermine us, I now know it's temporary. Their time will come, have no worry.

Back to Wictor. Did you all realize we had actually fought a war with NOKO and won? Didn't dawn on me til now. Kim surrendered. McMaster's role is done. He is not an enemy. He exits stage left and Bolton enters stage right. Next scene: Iran. Wanna know who is helping with Iran? Israel. So for all you Israel haters here, stuff it in your back pocket for now. Israel is our friend and helping us with Iran. So is SA. Has nothing to do with Jews. What ya wanna bet Iran is done before September?

Anons need to remember, Potus has no intention of trying to control other countries. He just wants stability and no one can have that with terrorist orgs operating. This has to come before the rest. Otherwise, we would be spread to thin to accomplish what is needed for America.

Sorry for the long post. I'm hoping to maybe inspire some and maybe show the reasons for the way things are being done now. For now, there is not much we can do to help in this battle. But our day will come when we will again be called on to push narratives. In the mean time:



602ce7 No.783631


The current Pope Is the "BlackPope" Black Robe appointed. Jesuit.

68348b No.783632

File: 079ca03a32fb5a2⋯.gif (44.09 KB, 307x314, 307:314, vfwcolor2.gif)

Why does the VFW use the same cross as the knights of malta?

f8e3e0 No.783633

File: 6d7e2125b1fbfd2⋯.jpg (79.1 KB, 500x400, 5:4, 2718ym.jpg)

61570f No.783634

File: ac01ab5a1ead9b5⋯.jpg (456.34 KB, 1674x834, 279:139, UraniumOne1.jpg)

File: 4b61658c3e44527⋯.jpg (454.55 KB, 1674x834, 279:139, UraniumOne2.jpg)

File: e185e5a397b6ea1⋯.jpg (445.21 KB, 1674x834, 279:139, UraniumOne3.jpg)

File: 845b00d27e9fd27⋯.jpg (294.77 KB, 1536x768, 2:1, DejaVu-Comey-Clintons.jpg)

File: 933ac50ef13c668⋯.jpg (188.67 KB, 1023x512, 1023:512, DrainTheSwamp47HillaryClin….jpg)




bac51f No.783635

File: 77c44a00304ae62⋯.png (159.34 KB, 620x310, 2:1, 77c44a00304ae626d24acd0e8e….png)

File: 716fccb532c0345⋯.png (1.89 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 716fccb532c03458784332a1a7….png)

File: 0576312e2ab8b64⋯.png (472.43 KB, 583x500, 583:500, 0576312e2ab8b64336c423a261….png)

e669b9 No.783636


sorry, already drunk.. fix it tomorrow

f8e3e0 No.783637

File: 9b453244c98e1c4⋯.jpg (239.62 KB, 1088x852, 272:213, uss_liberty_aftermath.jpg)

←- Read it goy. Wake up.

9f6f99 No.783638

CNN Special Report 1hr show the Most Powerful Man in the World is all about Putin and how he won Trump the election who is now Putin apprentice. Propaganda at its worst. Also how Putin hates HRC. That is just half the show. Not sure what they expand to on the last half.

e524f4 No.783639


You sir are an imbecile. I first came to half chan the day Q first posted. I knew nothing about it. In the first 20 days I learned to meme, bake and read IP#s on the channel. No one needs to lurk for a year, unless their mentality and IQ are as low as yours is. You do not belong here.

8c6615 No.783640


I always kind of figured the military or NG would have to be involved somehow in at least the security for the guys who were building it anyways. So it makes perfect sense to just have the army corp of engineers do the job.

7c4240 No.783641

File: b456d25b7d20485⋯.jpeg (144.8 KB, 800x800, 1:1, image.jpeg)

082721 No.783642


"Watch the Water"

"As the World Turns"

What?.., it is the Mega false flag of the history of the world. it was to destroy the human species.

8ee77b No.783643


I second that emotion!

7c4240 No.783644

File: baa8c756f5b49d6⋯.gif (16.89 KB, 251x350, 251:350, image.gif)

ca2fce No.783645

File: c612f89e675630a⋯.png (6.81 MB, 2628x1928, 657:482, History Of The World.png)


The bible was not changed but the interpretations people told us did and a lot was left out….

61570f No.783646

File: daa9c588f2e6c09⋯.png (559.08 KB, 1728x479, 1728:479, ClipboardImage.png)

Still tracking USN MC47.

Last position before it went off the radar.

Airspeed not given but very slow.

I'll keep watching the area.

3c0c4e No.783647


You forgot the wannabe global commie jews part, when generalising might as well blame human kind.

bcd1aa No.783648


=The title of the Pope in Rome is Vicarius Filii Dei=

[Latin for "Vicar of the Son of God"]. This is inscribed on his mitre; and if you take the letters of his title which represent Latin numerals (printed large) and add them together they come to 666.


5 1 100 1 5 1 50 1 1 500 1


602ce7 No.783649

b1a313 No.783650


I am pretty sure that Q has been monitoring various message boards since the 1990's. Q chose the 4chan politically incorrect for reason. Q has been here a long time.

4afc30 No.783651


Or when a decade old one is used.

d0b365 No.783652

File: 9788431bc6f49ae⋯.png (281.66 KB, 365x496, 365:496, ClipboardImage.png)

File: c7d5b57d23f7984⋯.png (381.79 KB, 491x559, 491:559, ClipboardImage.png)

LOL guys look, 'A Way Out'

We are fucking EVERYWHERE


Look at this glorious EGG from some PATRIOTS



b09b6a No.783653



7c4240 No.783654

File: deb37cc2dceb660⋯.jpeg (37.56 KB, 368x400, 23:25, image.jpeg)

1a3098 No.783655

Interesting point just passed on FOX:

Where were the #MeToo people bitching about Jim Carrey's awful caricature of the WH press sec'ty?

229907 No.783656


http:// www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-39435786

https:// www.ibtimes.co.uk/downing-street-defends-move-protect-identity-ex-mi6-agent-behind-trump-dossier-1600837

https:// www.scribd.com/document/374313640/Affidavit-of-Kim-Dotcom-Sworn-19-March-2018

http:// www.repubblica.it/esteri/2018/03/19/news/snowden_how_the_deep_state_shapes_presidents_-191619170/

https:// wikileaks.org/gifiles/docs/11/1117852_re-john-bolton-on-netanyahu-.html

http:// bellacaledonia.org.uk/2018/03/20/scl-a-very-british-coup/

0b2b88 No.783657

I am watching Judge Jeanine. I can hardly watch even FOX anymore. We know so much more then anyone on MSM except maybe Hannity.

f8e3e0 No.783658


Get over it, kike.

68348b No.783659

Shooting in MA right now. Story developing.

b04fa0 No.783660

File: df67c3fc4281ec3⋯.jpg (27.06 KB, 474x208, 237:104, CotU.jpg)

File: 03d150ecdf32392⋯.jpg (144.41 KB, 454x360, 227:180, cotU 2.jpg)

File: 8d85a18c66a03b2⋯.jpg (144.36 KB, 700x700, 1:1, 2016-06-09b.jpg)


Not a new concept. These guys dealt "sacrament" for years. Both dead now.

b33765 No.783661


Yes Sir !

http:// ussanews.com/News1/2018/03/24/photos-armed-police-military-protect-thousands-at-march-for-our-lives-gun-control-rally/

f8e3e0 No.783662

File: 49e3b24df8dad68⋯.jpg (67.85 KB, 610x500, 61:50, 26qy6i.jpg)

bcd1aa No.783663


sorry the numbers didn't line up on the post.

8c6615 No.783664


Speaking of this propagandist and his lines, I was watching a Hitler show today that claimed to have people who were in the bunker with Hitler. It showed their "long lost interviews" which were all completely staged bullshit where they were very clearly reading lines. It was so weak. Yet people believe that narrative. Sheep.

6e7100 No.783665


it was going so slow, I refreshed several time, thought my screen had frozen

it disappeared off of mine too

7c4240 No.783666

File: 307c21a4c8da881⋯.jpeg (51.46 KB, 600x597, 200:199, image.jpeg)

9f929c No.783667

File: daced5ebc3eb7e3⋯.jpeg (10.72 KB, 300x168, 25:14, images (2).jpeg)


>I first came to half chan the day Q first posted.

b09b6a No.783668


They are. I read it. What shit!

f8e3e0 No.783669

File: a872be14b55c012⋯.jpeg (7.86 KB, 240x150, 8:5, dualcitizensoutofgovt.jpeg)

4afc30 No.783670



Engagement with leftists is futile. It's like trying to stop a heroin addict shooting up. They'll awaken when ready. We just need to provide the facts.

bbe41b No.783671




It's interesting reading and plausible, but whoever coined the phrase "cyber-crackerjacks" needs to be taken out behind a barn and shot.

8ee77b No.783672

File: 2dcdb93a7582cd8⋯.jpg (81.08 KB, 620x310, 2:1, temp-gross.jpg)


eww,, but…

f8e3e0 No.783673

File: 0396d3582eeaa72⋯.jpg (98.69 KB, 500x625, 4:5, 26qnag.jpg)

4b2b6a No.783675







Private prisons

Culture drives it thru

Assets in hwood

False flags

Assets in ny/media cover for it

Who’s running rackets?

How do they pay assets?

How do they wield influence

How do they buy (l)oyalty?

1a3098 No.783677


We should engage everyone to wake them up. Discovering what is not said is often more powerful than discovering what is said.

7c4240 No.783678

File: 46c0425583d949b⋯.jpeg (124.69 KB, 400x400, 1:1, image.jpeg)


Wow….you can shit up the bread using the same lame memes. Why are you even here you little faggot?

b1a313 No.783679


listened to a Utube last week, by a serious student of the bible and she suggests that the term Israel/Israelite actually refers to HUMANS and not a race or select genetic family. She promotes the Gentiles, as the non-humans that have dwelt among us for all time.

4afc30 No.783680

Best advice against shills

Don't reply



bac51f No.783681


Don't go there anon.

bac51f No.783682


We need you with us.

8c6615 No.783683


Perfect timing deep state! "March for morons day" and a shooting to go along with it.

047047 No.783684


"Censorship & Un-arming Citizens,

What could go wrong?"

bad02a No.783685


hope you’re right. just wanted to add that being able to combat international human traffickers/terrorists is gonna come in real handy with the EU.

f8e3e0 No.783686

File: 49acbd565fdabf1⋯.jpg (84.59 KB, 640x534, 320:267, 49acbd565fdabf10e80dc7c8ac….jpg)


[F] stands for filter. Use it, pussy.

4afc30 No.783687


Provide facts, that's what I said. Trying to change their minds will be met with cognitive dissonance.

8ee77b No.783688


Its a gross thought. I would poke out my own eyes.

but the meme was funny. And she had that look…

4e9263 No.783689


>Exactly. This is how it works. The Jew figured out the best way to control the blacks is to blackmail or bribe their ministers. They simple pay off a couple dozen top black so called leaders and like pied piper the blacks lead their fellow blacks to their deaths.

>famous jew trick. The Judas goat. They train a goat to go out and mingle with wild goats. The goat then leads all the wild goats back to the jew and a closed off fenced off area. And they capture the whole flock of wild goats. Pay a couple of judas goat black leaders and they lead them all to doom.

>sick sick….these people are sick

Well freaking said, anon.

c53fc3 No.783690


You know what… I do trust the plan. All of this stuff that's going on now with these weirdos is just distraction.

Sorry if this seems like a slide, but what happens when these dudes go home at the end of the day and take of the makeup and the wig and the duct tape? How is this a life? I don't get why the Left is suddenly pushing this homo/tranny thing so hard lately. They are SERIOUSLY pushing it as normal in the schools now too.

Purposefully going scorched earth on all things traditional and Christian…. But Q is correct. All of this stuff is fake imagery from the MSM to try to get us to believe that most people are embracing this nonsense. And it is nonsense.

790dda No.783691

File: 80854a5dce3e679⋯.jpg (38.47 KB, 1200x629, 1200:629, MSM 4 Jeff Zucker.jpg)

File: 52d2dc0741626e8⋯.png (65.59 KB, 490x490, 1:1, hand wringer - -.png)

5290ee No.783693

sorry if this has been posted already

Knight of Malta writes book under pen name-book about the "real" Pope Francis

Knight of Malta gets the boot

http:// www.breitbart.com/national-security/2018/03/23/vatican-cracks-critics-pope-francis/

1f13d5 No.783694

File: 00efb218f8af0f5⋯.jpg (558.33 KB, 1600x1452, 400:363, Holofunniesx.jpg)

3c0c4e No.783695

Its easy to spot the liberal larpers, now we are on a roll to flip the NAZI narrative on Hogg and partner

They respond asymmetrically, in an attempt to defend their fuhrer Hogg

e524f4 No.783696


Take the blue pill and go home, please. You are not wanted here.

bcd1aa No.783697


You can't be this stupid can you?

How about monitor them to see who they contact?

How about see if they commit any crimes so we can flip them or prosecute them?

Do these 9,158 people lead to 91,580 people?


602ce7 No.783698


Sounds like a Libtard turned fake Biblefag.


dff851 No.783699


What good will any of this be if he is impeached after the 2018 elections?

Yeah. I'm worried. USA must be taken care of BEFORE the Primaries. We need to do something to guarantee an election that is favorable for us, Q-team, POTUS.>>783630

8ee77b No.783700


Higher resolution more readability.

Would save if readable.

27def6 No.783701

File: f514c88917b9ead⋯.jpg (29.17 KB, 300x300, 1:1, a5dancingisraelis.jpg)

File: e401e1fa5593250⋯.jpg (15.02 KB, 299x238, 299:238, a israeli evidence classif….jpg)


Israel is not your friend you idiot.

3be4fc No.783702

https:// spectator.org/the-real-andrew-mccabe/

082721 No.783703


"Watch the Water"

"As the World Turns"

What?.., it is the Mega false flag of the history of the world. it can to destroy the human species. Look the NK picture of KJI and Bill Clinton..

Sorry. *lack picture*

e524f4 No.783704



f9052f No.783705

File: 67e63ed3ed2af9d⋯.png (85.3 KB, 1272x671, 1272:671, Screen Shot 2018-03-24 at ….png)


vatican flag

bac51f No.783706



Come at it

b09b6a No.783707


Wisdom, free reading.

8c6615 No.783708


That's interesting. I've just been researching a lot more and have questions. Haven't decided what I believe about "who" the "Jews" of today actually are. I know people have said they aren't Semites but the Palestinians are for instance. There's obviously a long con that's been going on but I'd like to get to the origin of it.

f8e3e0 No.783709

File: c213e49de66fd90⋯.jpg (10.74 KB, 238x211, 238:211, ihnh.jpg)

7469ea No.783710


well stated. thankfully my millennial escaped that fate.

93d2a4 No.783711

File: 523ba02c9e016fd⋯.png (498.37 KB, 1048x789, 1048:789, HardKnockx.png)

https:// youtu.be/HXm8JdC4k4c

https:// soundcloud.com/don-mescal/reggae-got-swing-2

b09b6a No.783713


Here is a gift Anons. Enjoy!!!

7c4240 No.783714

File: 371877447f9cfde⋯.jpeg (62.53 KB, 429x737, 39:67, image.jpeg)

082721 No.783715


hhmmm.., interesting.., a deep hole rabbit.

32d3d8 No.783716


Maybe that's what Stormy is planning to do Sun. nite…

50df09 No.783717


I hope the EU doesn't get that lost..

6448d0 No.783718

File: 773bbabb42df335⋯.jpg (31.77 KB, 590x578, 295:289, Pepe ponders.jpg)


>if you allow distributed computing tasks to be performed in the background

In other words bitcoin mining for your account performed by MY CPU?

"Ethical" you call it?

Not the way I define ethical.

I wish you well, but something sounds a bit off here.

6e7100 No.783719

File: d6bf4e5f57b959c⋯.png (296.35 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, HRC_Billboard_theater.png)

3c0c4e No.783720


Why you defend fuhrer Hogg in a asymmetrical way?

b1a313 No.783721


I have heard this too. Can't guarantee sauce, but I think it came from Steven Greer material.

082721 No.783722



check out this.

61b7d5 No.783723


Sorry was afk a bit. I was just looking at the videos on https:// www.youtube.com/channel/UC6OUS6lhiDaDrL9qINsjZAg/featured

A lot of the videos have different codes under the info section.

7c4240 No.783724

File: 29b081b6f6a4dd9⋯.jpeg (27.26 KB, 253x229, 253:229, image.jpeg)

eb4c8d No.783725

Trump is being blackmailed—BIG time!

First, know that he only won the election with the help of Israel.

Israel needed a Christian Zionist in the White House.

Many reasons for this. Examples:

• Israel can only contain Iran with US military.

• Turkey can no longer be counted on to play the NATO game.

• Greater Israel project was hugely thwarted by Putin.

• Pipeline through Syria stopped.

• Netanyahu under serious threat of removal.

• Russian presence looms large in Northern Levant.

• Israel wants Russia’s naval base at Tartus, Syria gone.

• Mideast geopolitical chessboard is a total mess

• Only an Israel firster can fix it for Tel Aviv (even though it can’t be fixed).

Enter Zionist John Bolton.

And Neocon hardliner Mike Pompeo.

And CIA torture queen Gina Haspel.

And many other COERCED [and disastrous] appointments made by Trump.

Wicked Witch of the West Nikki Haley is the worst of them.

Guess who really picked her to be U.S. Ambassador to the UN?

Exactly—I S R A E L !

Secondly, know that Trump has a seedy underbelly.

How could he not?

Anyone who spent his career as a NYC builder,

And a gambling casino owner and operator,

And a beauty pageant promoter–Miss USA, Miss Universe & Miss Teen USA,

And a global golf course developer, etc. would be vulnerable.

VERY vulnerable!

Just look at gambling magnate Steve Wynn in Vegas. One week and he’s gone—for good.

In each of his enterprises, Trump had “tremendous” (his fav word) exposure.

Especially to real bimbos. Who Trump liked.

But especially — ESPECIALLY — to MOSSAD honeytraps.

No one does it like the Israeli secret services.

That’s how they got Clinton hooked up with Lewinsky.

Monica was a classic MOSSAD honeypot.

Netanyahu wanted Clinton to free Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard.

He wouldn’t, so they trapped him off with a scandalous White House affair…

And then a torturous impeachment process.

Since day 1 Trump knew that the MOSSAD knows every dirty little secret.

There are many! Some are quite dangerous to his presidency.

The most dangerous are held over his head like the “sword of Damocles”.

Some lurid material was released to the public during the campaign as a warning.

There was even a British tabloid article — pre-election — about an alleged ‘rape’!

That particular story may be a total fabrication, but it’s still out there on the net….

Ready to be blown up at any time by the MOSSAD blackmailers.

Now the X-rated content is being released to compel his compliance.

It comes in drips and drabs.

Every money-grubbing bimbo comes forward at a specific time.

Each sayanim operative or MOSSAD agent ratchets up the pressure to achieve a result.

In the beginning, the main message was to remind Trump who he really works for.

However, now the real game is on.

With each passing month since inauguration the POTUS must carry out his mission…for Israel.

That mission can only be accomplished by a Christian Zionist, real or perceived.

Trump was given a VERY long leash to strut his stuff. He really is a nationalist.

In this way his handlers knew he would corral the patriots…which he did.

Now they want him to form an administration of hardcore warhawks. Which he’s doing.

All of this is to push the nation into a war posture.

The Stormy Daniels affair is being kept in the media spotlight for various reasons.

The public is being exposed to Trump, the philandering husband.

Now there’s “Playmate of the Year” Karen McDougal.

If the directors of this Israeli psyop wanted to, they could parade many more.

This is how they do it.

They maintain a steady stream of bad press so that the victim is on edge.

They never know when the other shoe will drop.

However, in Trump’s case, they have all the goods.

The most incriminating evidence, both real and fabricated, would end his presidency.

And he knows it.

This is how they keep politicos the world over dangling from a string.

Trump has had much interaction with younger women over his entire life.

He has been in countless compromising positions–literally and figuratively.

The MOSSAD owns his entire file.

Got it?!

f8e3e0 No.783726

File: a583dca9e5a13f0⋯.jpg (24.62 KB, 350x255, 70:51, 271bot.jpg)


Why didn't you get on line when God was handing out brains?

b33765 No.783727


Landing into Shannon Eire to refuel ?

7c4240 No.783728

File: f32b03251cef17f⋯.jpeg (19.48 KB, 225x225, 1:1, image.jpeg)

eb4c8d No.783729

Remember, Trump would not have beat Hillary were it not for Israel.

Israel controls so much more than they are given credit and blame for.

The statewide voting systems are a cinch for those cyber-crackerjacks.

Once they put Trump in the White House, what else could be expected.

War … and more war…particularly for Israel.

The warmongering Likud Party will not rest until Iran is taken out.

And only the U.S. military machine can do that.

What you are now seeing is a steady drumbeat for war across the USA.

The warhawks are being brought back in by Trump to lead the charge.

These are the same chickenhawks under W. Bush.

They never saw an American war they didn’t like.

Of course, none of them ever fought in a war either.

Trump has signed every defense appropriation because of this push to war.

He has mentioned the need to strengthen America’s military every week.

He has stacked his key appointments since day one with flag officers.

Some of these are even on active duty.

Many of them you don’t even know.

Nor do you know where they work in the West Wing.

The whole Executive Branch is being hardened for war.

If not a regional war in the Middle East, then the hot phase of WW3.

All of these war plans are being coordinated with NATO.

The UK is taking the lead as always.

Selected countries in the EU are also being prepped.

Germany, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy…all the usual militaries.

How does Trump get out of this one?

They really do have him by the short hairs.

Trump is a peacemaker at heart.

His inaugural address speaks volumes about his truest intentions.

However, he underestimated the power of Deep State.

Trump also did not realize that he would have to sign a contract.

As the CEO of the U.S. Government, Inc., he was forced to sign the contract that every POTUS signs before they are sworn in.

Not only does the presidential candidate promise not to prosecute any former POTUS, VPOTUS, etc., they agree to many other unsavory things.

Any violation of said contract occurs on pain of death…or worse. [See Endnotes]

That’s why Trump changed so much once he entered the Oval Office.

No person on Earth could resist the dictates of the Shadow Government.

This isn’t City Hall, this is the U.S. Federal Government.

Now what can he do?

Trump knows that he will lose his base if he starts a war.

Any war, and Trump is toast.

His constituents voted for a peacemaker, not a war-maker.

If he proceeds down the current path, his term will be ended.

Trump cannot fight both the Left and the Right at the same time.

If he betrays his base, he will never be re-elected.

If he fires one more missile in the wrong direction, he’s history.

Trump knows this.

His team of patriots knows this. So do the white hats.

His handlers know this, but they don’t care….

Trump is expendable since they put Pence right next to him.

Pence will prosecute any war he’s handed.

Trump knows this.

This is why he’s between a rock and a hard place.

Just because Israel put Trump into office doesn’t mean that it was not a modern-day miracle.

After all, “God writes straight with crooked lines.”

Yes, it’s Israel that’s very crooked.

Trump could only have gotten so far without the assistance of certain power-brokers and bankers.

How could he have won otherwise?

Nothing occurs in the White House without Israel knowing.

Actually, the Neocon Zionists know well in advance of any presidential initiative(s).

This is the way it’s been since Kennedy.

And that’s why every POTUS must sign the contract.

They don’t want another JFK, and that includes Trump.

Which means that Trump will soon be forced to make decisions that violate his promises.

With the warmongers assembling quickly, they are on a serious mission.

Spring 2018 appears to be their chosen time frame to stage a major conflict.

eb4c8d No.783730

The warmongers are now out in force.

Just like the Iraq War, the same chickenhawks are squawking loudly.

First they used the Left and the media to incite a war against Russia.

Before that they used the Right to promote war on Iran.

All the while, the Zionists waged an apocalyptic war against Syria.

North Korea was thrown into the mix of dangerous regimes.

The same Neocon Zionist warmongers even conjured up a new “Axis of Evil”.

Trump himself was used to trumpet “Iran, North Korea and Syria” as the greatest enemies of humanity.

Now he’s expected to perform on his false and empty proclamation.

What’s he going to do?

If he breaks the central campaign promises that got him elected, he’s history.

Unfortunately, the Bolton appointment proves that Trump is being blackmailed.

Many other recent appointments indicate the same.

These bad actors are taking center stage for a specific reason.

Each of them will be used to provide Trump cover.

They will tell us the decisions to go to war are not his.

They are the best advice of his top advisors and military brass.

This is how they will march President Donald Trump to war.

And how he will be used to march America to war.

Whether Trump marches to the beat of a different drummer remains to be seen

e524f4 No.783732

Israel is LAST. You can drop it for a while. We still have Iran, Yemen, Syria and many more to go before we get to the biblical prophecy fulfillment. Take a break, maybe visit Mars or something. Come back in 6.5 years when it starts. Remember, peace reigns for seven years.

7c4240 No.783733

File: 09d57e912c43f30⋯.jpeg (56.93 KB, 468x337, 468:337, image.jpeg)

082721 No.783734


The EU is a big HQ of the human Traffic/terrorists., the example is France or Latvia.

3c0c4e No.783736


If/then analysis. If you really think that, you wouldn't say that.

100% glowing …not even a question about it

6448d0 No.783737

File: 76a9f0cfa206aad⋯.jpeg (21.04 KB, 255x194, 255:194, 286272 Scalia Murder Docu….jpeg)

d1a4e7 No.783738

WTF is going on in here

68348b No.783739

File: 485dfb1c269fba5⋯.jpeg (78.1 KB, 1024x538, 512:269, 485dfb1c269fba504b6396968….jpeg)

1a3098 No.783740


nothing but shills. s'ok. anons quietly work while they waste their time.

082721 No.783741


Exactly., a Good red-pill for the Normies.

9f929c No.783742

File: ee84d4f035bbbe3⋯.jpeg (91.86 KB, 888x499, 888:499, download (4).jpeg)

File: f4abdea06c5b956⋯.jpg (65.77 KB, 490x322, 35:23, 272tse.jpg)

83d753 No.783743


Antarctica treaty Article 7 – Treaty-state observers have free access, including aerial observation, to any area and may inspect all stations, installations, and equipment; advance notice of all activities and of the introduction of military personnel must be given;

68348b No.783744

File: ac521f0cd7cb485⋯.jpg (63.36 KB, 750x541, 750:541, Custom Image 1503201821213….jpg)

3773ce No.783745


have a puke for me too while yer at it, anon.

1f13d5 No.783746

File: 85ad0fdf2745777⋯.jpg (65.68 KB, 631x461, 631:461, CrazyTalk.jpg)

082721 No.783747


ASCII and HEX codes?

8c6615 No.783748


Tried to convince someone who knows both the Bush's and Poindexter that Scalia was murdered and he just can't believe it. I can't wait for the truth to come out on that.

f9052f No.783749


you need 67 senators to impeach. the midterms have 26 democrat seats up for grabs… compared to just 8 for republicans. you'd have to be fucking retarded to think that they'll end up with 67 impeach votes after midterms

50df09 No.783750

File: 84ac9e45f13c0ba⋯.jpg (1.33 MB, 1856x2965, 1856:2965, TRUSTKANSAS.jpg)


Heavy flak

Read the Bill.

234cc4 No.783751


Visited Mauthausen concentration camp, which is kept exactly as it was in 1945. How many of these debunkers have ever visited a real camp? 99% internet warriors.

73ccf6 No.783752


repaced by a commie

On 23 July 2009 Pope Benedict named him Apostolic Nuncio to Cuba.[4][5] Cuban President Raul Castro praised his work on behalf of improved relations between Cuba and the Holy See.


c9d264 No.783753


I can't even watch hannity anymore. Also always the same old "busy breaking news night" with no breaking news. Same shit, different day. Can't stand watching the libs on tucker and ingram either. MSM is really dying.

974c71 No.783754

File: 3f1acad1e5d0bef⋯.jpg (184.09 KB, 1600x1172, 400:293, 7a7b5cab0e77604d5385f5a6b4….jpg)


Kanyes eyes are dead.

7c4240 No.783755

File: 59ce63ed2fb2b82⋯.jpeg (20.95 KB, 218x324, 109:162, image.jpeg)

ca2fce No.783756

b1a313 No.783757


The storm will be over by 11/11/18

7b5bb7 No.783758



I'm watching.


082721 No.783759


The shills are very desperate.

f8e3e0 No.783760

File: 5a8ea3d0edc3028⋯.jpg (81.64 KB, 515x500, 103:100, 26jz6i.jpg)

663b05 No.783761


Mmmmmmmmmm yup

makes more sense than anything else does around here.

d0ba80 No.783762

File: 07f973e74f44ace⋯.jpg (249.17 KB, 799x720, 799:720, 1b9b004aa0814c83a6f9c260b8….jpg)

2f6d9f No.783763



7c4240 No.783764

File: 056ad8c8de0f365⋯.jpeg (23.75 KB, 255x255, 1:1, image.jpeg)


I should have added: "if you had half his brain"

bac51f No.783765

Threadly Update

All bombs away on twatter to expend our nervus energy




790dda No.783766

File: 66a14ba6afdeefe⋯.png (138.04 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, hand wringer 3.png)

1b8775 No.783767

File: ec8b53c7ddee03e⋯.jpg (36.51 KB, 285x352, 285:352, 6a00d83451af9f69e201630637….jpg)

93d2a4 No.783768

File: 0b42183f7ea18e9⋯.jpg (205.03 KB, 1026x768, 171:128, howto.jpg)

264cb0 No.783769


NO ONE … NO ONE !!! does more to support VETERANS with problems than the VFW … or to SUPPORT THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES … Sooo … Until YOU [ Asshole ] put your life in the line IN DEFENSE OF THIS COUNTRY … STFU and STUFF THAT RABBIT HOLE IN YOUR COWARDLY DRAFT DODGING PUSSY … and GO TO HELL !!!!

8c6615 No.783770

Is the other Thomas Paine desperate for viewers or something?

8a1fb6 No.783771

Who do you think is going to foot the bill for the unauthorized march?

DC probably. I say they send the bill to Hogg. We should meme this.

7c4240 No.783772

File: 8223a021bdf9cbc⋯.jpeg (160.42 KB, 640x646, 320:323, image.jpeg)

84b02d No.783773

File: c40d336b08c64d5⋯.jpeg (1.37 MB, 1652x1122, 826:561, 7FA7B076-62E0-448F-B585-B….jpeg)


Can’t get the cutout saved as sep file.. here’s a preview

2f6d9f No.783774


That is the Big Day of the Trump Parade. 11-11-2018 =







The Star Code.


bad02a No.783775


found the boomer

f1796c No.783776

File: fff75b7c2b0e21a⋯.png (199.35 KB, 506x590, 253:295, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 891f4b9d7ba0c74⋯.png (306.51 KB, 571x478, 571:478, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 0d759b8f47eb35e⋯.png (350.01 KB, 575x577, 575:577, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 41a0abb1e2ca9e1⋯.png (5.14 KB, 59x79, 59:79, ClipboardImage.png)

Inspector General received $98 million to hire personnel, both public & private, and to make payments up to $125k to informants. (p. 11)

Funds are also prohibited from being used to deny, prevent, or impede the IG from access to documents. (p. 595, Sec. 628)

jgQrhttps:// twitter.com/painefultruths/status/977598329436758017

0b2b88 No.783777


Hannity has to keep saying the same things over and over to get more redpilled. We just know more what is going on so can't watch MSM anymore. I can't watch Tucker either.

1f13d5 No.783778


You are actually helping (((Hogg))) with your nazi memes. The left just further demonizes "us" by looking at your ridiculous bullshit and says…

"This is just absurd. These right wingers are calling child survivors of a mass shooting by a jew hating racist jew (the jew part will be omitted of course) NAZIS! These right wingers are beyond contempt"

That is what you are pushing. You are also pushing that anything about this "movie" is real. You are also omitting the fact the entire administration of that millionaire jew town is jewish, leftist, marxist, communist etc."

But keep being a "Patriot" clown.

7c4240 No.783779

File: e338539ea61be9e⋯.jpeg (23.94 KB, 480x360, 4:3, image.jpeg)

974c71 No.783780

File: 3efd9ab1a305d3b⋯.jpg (84.86 KB, 516x640, 129:160, 1521005382643.jpg)


Newfags didnt start flooding in until like a week after his first post though. Then everything went to shit lol.

1a3098 No.783781


That might bring out some information…

d5d29d No.783782


Priceless, Anon!

0b2b88 No.783783


I really like this guy. Good picture too

c53fc3 No.783784


And many of the political figures there are profiting directly from it—which is why they want to keep the EU intact and to shut down anyone who threatens to expose its true agenda.

I am surprised by the negative response Anons have given to John Bolton's appointment. True, he is a bit of a lout and he is an associate of the Bush neocon circle, but I believe that at heart he is a real patriot. He was very much hated by the Dems in Congress when he went to the UN. They fought his nomination as much as they could. He was very much hated by everyone at the UN too—a good thing!

I've followed this dude for years and read many of his articles at Gatestone. He has written some very good pieces about how the cabal has been flooding the West with Muslims and what should be done to stop the Islamization of the Western world. Of course, he has been branded as a right wing extremist by the fake media, but I think he will be a good resource for POTUS. .

2f6d9f No.783785


'Take the Maxine drink and drop to dumber then dumber overnight!


082721 No.783786


hmm, With this data that The Anons are postings , Q and the Trump team knows that of sure.

61b7d5 No.783787


yes, for most of them. For instance, RED_CASTLE vid has code of 35 32 20 34 35 20 34 31 20 34 34 20 35 39 20 35 33 20 34 39 20 34 37 20 34 45 20 34 31 20 34 43 20 33 37 20 35 32 20 34 35 20 34 31 20 34 34 20 35 39 20 35 33 20 34 39 20 34 37 20 34 45 20 34 31 20 34 43 20 33 35 20 34 46 20 35 30 20 34 35 20 34 45 20 35 33 20 34 31 20 35 34 20 33 38 20 34 45 20 34 46 20 35 32 20 34 33 20 34 46 20 34 44 20 33 39 20 32 44 20 33 31 20 33 36 20 35 30 20 35 32 20 34 35 20 35 30 20 34 31 20 35 32 20 34 35 20 34 35 20 34 44 20 35 30 20 33 32 20 33 39 20 32 44 20 33 30 20 33 39 20 32 44 20 33 31 20 33 38 20 34 31 20 34 43 20 34 43 20 34 36 20 34 31 20 34 39 20 34 43 20 35 33 20 34 31 20 34 36 20 34 35 20 34 46 20 34 36 20 34 36 20 34 31 20 34 43 20 34 43 20 35 33 20 34 39 20 34 37 20 34 45 20 34 31 20 34 43 20 34 39 20 35 33 20 34 37 20 34 46 20 34 46 20 34 34 20 34 34 20 34 46 20 33 35 20 34 46 20 34 43 20 34 38 20 33 39 20 34 33 20 34 46 20 34 44 20 34 44

Take that and put it into hex to ascii. Take the output of that which is - 52 45 41 44 59 53 49 47 4E 41 4C 37 52 45 41 44 59 53 49 47 4E 41 4C 35 4F 50 45 4E 53 41 54 38 4E 4F 52 43 4F 4D 39 2D 31 36 50 52 45 50 41 52 45 45 4D 50 32 39 2D 30 39 2D 31 38 41 4C 4C 46 41 49 4C 53 41 46 45 4F 46 46 41 4C 4C 53 49 47 4E 41 4C 49 53 47 4F 4F 44 44 4F 35 4F 4C 48 39 43 4F 4D 4D

and put it into the Hex to Ascii again. from there it gives you the code.

You can use a site like https:// www.rapidtables.com/convert/number/ascii-hex-bin-dec-converter.html to convert.

d0ba80 No.783788

File: c8108b1ecb444fa⋯.png (1.54 MB, 2813x1521, 2813:1521, 99e932fefdab12a92cebaeaea9….png)


You belong to us now.

58fc24 No.783789


Kek…. Some things never change….

e524f4 No.783790

File: c315d180fe189a8⋯.png (96.71 KB, 500x304, 125:76, image.png)

8c6615 No.783791


The main tool that Bolton serves as is the brain on Iran and the players in many different areas. He's very useful for now.

6448d0 No.783792

File: 579e0efdf480a00⋯.jpg (6.33 MB, 4786x6221, 4786:6221, SessionsInvestigatingQTime….jpg)

File: c59891a34ff0505⋯.jpg (220.48 KB, 1099x786, 1099:786, 2018-03-08-11:21:44.jpg)

File: 7e95b050ad9c1d1⋯.jpg (279.21 KB, 1094x872, 547:436, 2018-03-08-11:21:56.jpg)

File: 6edb42b3710fe96⋯.jpg (56.09 KB, 898x209, 898:209, 2018-03-08-11:22:07.jpg)

File: fd422521c21d957⋯.jpg (555.48 KB, 1724x889, 1724:889, 2018-03-08-14:44:35.jpg)

"I have appointed a person outside of Washington, many years in the Department of Justice, to look at all the allegations that the House Judiciary Committee members sent to us and we're conducting that investigation.” Attorney General Jeff Sessions, March 8, 2018.

What allegations did the House Judiciary Committee want investigated?

1. AG Lynch directing Comey to mislead the American people about Clinton email investigation

2. Secretary Clinton mishandling classified info

3. FBI and DoJ immunity grants to potential Clinton co-conspirators Cheryl Mills, Heather Samuelson, John Bentel, others

4. DoJ failure to empanel grand jury on Secretary Clinton and associates mishandling classified info

5. State Department employees determining which of Secretary Clinton's emails to make public

6. WikiLeaks disclosures re: Clinton Foundation's potentially unlawful international dealings

7. Connection between Clinton campaign / Clinton Foundation with foreign entities including Russia and Ukraine

8. Comey's knowledge of the purchase of Uranium One by Rosatom; whether the sale was connected to any donations made to the Clinton Foundation; what role Secretary Clinton played in a sale that had national security implications

9. Unlawful access to DNC computers; collusion between DNC and Clinton campaign to undermine Bernie Sanders' campaign

10. Unlawful monitoring of candidate Trump, Comey/Lynch knowledge of federal agency unlawful monitoring

11. Selected leaks of classified info re: unmasking of US person IDs; whether Obama admin (Comey, Lynch, Rice, Power, others) had knowledge of unmarking of individuals in candidate Trump's campaign and traidition teams

12. Comey's admitted leaks to law professor Daniel Richman re: Comey's conversations with president Trump, whether they included classified info, whether they were intended to cause the appointment of a new special counsel.

13. Comey's and FBI's reliance on Fusion GPS investigation of Trump campaign; its creation of fake "dossier" about Trump, who commissioned and disseminated the dossier before and after the 2016 election; whether the FBI paid anyone in connection with the dossier, and the intelligence sources of Fusion GPS or anyone working for/with them.

14. Leaks originated by Comey provided to author Michael Schmidt dating back to 1993.



breitbart.com/video/2018/03/07/sessions-will-consider-seriously-gowdy-goodlattes-second-special-counsel-request/ … archived at archive.is/QNtGy

zerohedge.com/news/2018-03-08/sessions-i-have-appointed-person-outside-washington-investigate-fisa-abuse/ … archived at archive.is/4ENTV

3be4fc No.783793


Well said anon. You must co-exist in the real world with me. #MAGA

d5d29d No.783794

>>783787 This is TROLL CRAP!

dff89c No.783795


Well Bolton can change our minds if he serves Trump honestly and destroys our enemies. If not we will destroy him instead.

bac51f No.783796


Added to dough. TY anon.

93d2a4 No.783797

File: 2455c18a50f3ec0⋯.jpg (117.05 KB, 1023x625, 1023:625, doyoulift.jpg)

2f6d9f No.783798


Waxine Waters Ultra Fresh Dumb-Down Super Drink!




1fdd65 No.783799

Pepe could have a lot of fun with a killdozer.

1fdd65 No.783800

File: 928c1e886fdbed3⋯.jpg (44.15 KB, 640x640, 1:1, Killdozer.jpg)

7c4240 No.783801

File: b34e91640ef927a⋯.jpeg (112.67 KB, 800x800, 1:1, image.jpeg)

f1796c No.783802

File: 09fdf06f15276f9⋯.png (130 KB, 520x582, 260:291, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 3dadcc44ad8d589⋯.png (132.63 KB, 506x422, 253:211, ClipboardImage.png)

For anons closely following the omnibus bill, let's hope there are lots of these nuggets in the bill - i've heard a couple and here is another, I can't believe Trump would sign the bill just to give the dems some advantages and none for conservatives, there had to be some hidden stuff in there!

b1a313 No.783803


I've been studying this shit for 35 years, and my opinions and beliefs constantly change. And I am never sure of what I am claiming to be a belief. I like a lot of the new age stuff, but I am distrustful of channeled info. I use a pendulum to discuss things with my higher self, but there is a lot that does not come out as true. (The ego can override the higher self if not in a meditative state).

I kind of think that things are preordained and what I think/believe is of no importance. Follow the laws of creation and we should be good.

d2a53c No.783804


Fly pelican fly

2f6d9f No.783805


Waxine Waters Ultra Fresh Dumb-Down Super Drink!


0b2b88 No.783806



36ef31 No.783807

File: f6dfcfcd28a98ac⋯.gif (2.99 MB, 252x263, 252:263, deal with it.gif)

6448d0 No.783808


It is really doubtful that data is "stored" on a satellite. Comms satellites are more likely used only for communications and relay. The exfiltrated HI data was probably transferred immediately to a more secure terrestrial environment.

7c4240 No.783809

File: 6e0e494f6b13f30⋯.jpeg (319.53 KB, 1440x900, 8:5, image.jpeg)


(Applies to you)

93d2a4 No.783810

File: 252bc346b502f37⋯.jpg (39.56 KB, 512x768, 2:3, soyboy.jpg)



f9052f No.783811

File: 4844ea4a949b33a⋯.jpg (56.99 KB, 582x750, 97:125, obamatargetedads.jpg)


whether intentional or not… it is helpful that fox tv programs are like this. it gets people fucking pissed off and motivated. i can't watch hannity/tucker or any televised "news" without shouting at the tv. i either get pissed because i know way more than they are saying… or i want to explode when i hear the left spew their retarded lies. if fox news was actually telling the whole story and telling us we're winning and whatnot… people wouldn't get out to vote in the midterms… or even stay engaged.

i think the constant doom/gloom is at least partially out of a need to retain viewers though. "you need to tune in so i can tell you how we're getting fucked over" rather than "everything is swell… relax go outside… don't waste your time watching". this is expecially the MO of alex jones… an optimistic anon isn't a religious viewer… they find better things to do.

f1796c No.783812

File: c175e33bc77e73a⋯.png (31.62 KB, 665x196, 95:28, ClipboardImage.png)

Saginaw County, MI — On Thursday, the residents of Saginaw County looked on as dozens of police officers raided two Catholic Diocese of Saginaw properties and the home of Bishop Joseph Cistone. The raids were carried out as part of an ongoing investigation into apparently rife sexual abuse in the church—and their history of covering it up.

According to Saginaw County Assistant Prosecutor Mark Gaertner, the police raids were necessary because the church was refusing to cooperate with the ongoing investigation into a torrent of sexual abuse allegations.

http:// www.thedailysheeple.com/police-raid-multiple-catholic-church-properties-in-sweeping-child-sex-abuse-scandal_032018

3c0c4e No.783813


Lurk Moar. Re-read the crumbs. The libs and deepstate have massive nazi influence in their origence, since operation Paperclip.

The nazi's were leftist

And antifa in that time didn't fight the commies. They worked together vs conservatives. Both were radical anti capitalist.

Hitler had a n attack pact with commie Russia in the first years of the war.

Time to break the conditioning.

d1a4e7 No.783814




Ok thanks dudes, good to see all the common sense has not left the building.

Moving on to the bill now ….

e524f4 No.783815

File: 4effc52818aa298⋯.jpg (47.83 KB, 630x840, 3:4, dark-humor-hitler.jpg)

412141 No.783816

File: 498b2943c6c9dc6⋯.png (104.05 KB, 806x417, 806:417, Screen Shot 2018-03-24 at ….png)


c9d264 No.783817


I share your worry anon. Just know that he won't be impeached before the midterms. While I don't pretend to know exactly what is happening with the voter fraud issue, I do know things are happening on that front. DHS is the one to monitor. As for Voter ID. It seems like it's too late at this point to do anything about changing laws. However, Q says they don't matter. For the life of me, I can't figure out why they don't. But the more it is revealed the things that Potus is doing without the public being aware, I want to believe he has it all planned out. I know the voter base was very angry about the Omnibus. I was too. Mostly, supporters have gotten over the initial shock. Who else will they vote for? Also, look at changes in MSM ratings dropping like rocks. Social media corruption exposed. HW elites have almost no influence anymore. Look at the continued ratings drops for the huge award ceremonies.

Things are happening so quietly, you have to look for the changes. I will always be uneasy about midterms until we can "feel" the momentum shift. I chose to have faith that it will.

2f6d9f No.783818

File: 07f973e74f44ace⋯.jpg (249.17 KB, 799x720, 799:720, 07f973e74f44aced3aed1f90a2….jpg)

File: ec8b53c7ddee03e⋯.jpg (36.51 KB, 285x352, 285:352, ec8b53c7ddee03e356db4bc470….jpg)

Waxine Waters Ultra Fresh Dumb-Down Super Drink!


8c6615 No.783819


There's just so much disinformation out there that I have to just rely on discernment to settle on any one thing. And sometimes I still don't have a clear picture of wtf is going on so I tuck that info away until more real info becomes available.

8ee77b No.783820


I kinda hate to say it, but that's fukkin funny..

d84b4e No.783821


he wont be impeached AT ALL. He is safe from impeachment. Dont worry. Be happy.

54dd43 No.783822


Weekend crew, throwing shit around like chimps at the zoo. Enjoy the show…

53e9a9 No.783823


DHS is Deep State police Force, remember they was created by Patriot Act after the 9/11 false flag.

6e7100 No.783824


pretty much sums it up

f1796c No.783825

File: 725a38224ddbd07⋯.png (289.3 KB, 905x483, 905:483, ClipboardImage.png)

Adrenochrome is a chemical produced by the human body when adrenaline (or epinephrine) oxidizes or “hits the air.” It’s produced when the body is traumatized in some way such as through torture or extreme terror.

When a stimulus which should produce extreme fear is introduced to a human, especially when someone is very young, the adrenaline produced is more potent than the average adult. Because of it’s psychoactive properties Adrenochrome has been linked to mind control drug. Think MK Ultra.

The extraction process is done by killing the person and harvesting the adrenochrome from the base of the neck and spinal column with a needle.

In it’s pure form, black market dealers can make extreme amounts of money when they sell it. This connection between the child sex trafficking, torture and murder of children around the world and the links between MS-13, high profile pedopushers like Podesta and Alefantis and all the ties between these non-profit organizations pretending to provide assistance to victims of various disasters around the world makes sense when you think about this type of drug trafficking.

What better way to collect children than from war torn or natural disaster ripped areas? Parents are gone, families are separated. It’s too easy to get these kid in and out of the country. They slap a few faces of children on their posters and then no one ever really tracks the kids after a certain point.

And there’s also a site online from Canada called Androchrome Labs dot com which says it manufactures it’s own product and sells it in vape form. Seems pretty interesting they’re using vaporizers now to cover their drug pushing. This isn’t regulated and isn’t in a “food form” so it doesn’t have to go through the FDA for approval.

Look at this company in Germany. It’s called Gute Chemie which does say it sells Adrenochrome in their catalog – pricing on request.

OK so here’s some of the side effects related to the use of Adrenochrome directly from the “addiction library dot org”

http:// thepetesantillishow.com/explosive-pedophile-ring-linked-to-adrenochrome-drug-trafficking/

301593 No.783826

File: 5e4bad2fc65455b⋯.jpg (184.88 KB, 614x395, 614:395, riskek.jpg)

1f13d5 No.783827


I like Miller. I am not a monster.

But we have to speak in generalities to some degree. If you are a non white that supports Trump you are okay in my book. That means that 90% of blacks are worthless to us. 75% of jews. 75% of hispanics. In other words…


08cf1e No.783828

File: 887314732ff942f⋯.png (514.88 KB, 480x481, 480:481, MW - mad max.png)

f8e3e0 No.783829

File: f5dce94c5d91f2c⋯.jpg (166.17 KB, 750x674, 375:337, jewplanglobdom.jpg)

73ccf6 No.783830


Sure …. Go out of your way to be productive…

Don't you realize that it's shit like this that is 'Deep" Accurate, well researched, provides links and is so insightful that it sets the Shills off like no other!


Thank You

e524f4 No.783831

File: adb3be23326de1a⋯.jpg (23.4 KB, 952x240, 119:30, $$001a.jpg)

File: 116e8563210b11f⋯.jpg (150.34 KB, 600x800, 3:4, 29138254_10213685260079723….jpg)

File: 8daaa1a5c954ac8⋯.jpg (109.71 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 29138347_10213685260159725….jpg)

File: 9796a24c69d71f6⋯.jpg (87.01 KB, 600x800, 3:4, 29340930_10213686023378805….jpg)

File: e161992c9138dc1⋯.jpg (142.93 KB, 600x800, 3:4, 29341741_10213686007378405….jpg)

Speaking of Antifa, they were all over Boston at the 2nd Amendment rally today.

Feel free to save the pictures and hunt these commies down.

ca2fce No.783832

File: 263403a0e7d5bbf⋯.png (528.31 KB, 996x847, 996:847, screenshot_47.png)

File: cd2b991bcbaf3ac⋯.png (264.15 KB, 505x582, 505:582, screenshot_379.png)

File: d54c2ee585f16fe⋯.png (74.43 KB, 787x208, 787:208, screenshot_378.png)


Q confirmed….

b1a313 No.783833


You really have no idea of who is helping POTUS, do you?

Stop the impreachment SHIET. Ain't going to happen.

047047 No.783834


Sexy, sexy, sexy man.

Thanks for cheering me up.

dff89c No.783835

File: 6f3e77ab1edc466⋯.jpeg (20 KB, 259x194, 259:194, download.jpeg)

a6e09d No.783836

File: 55c347980b6be0b⋯.jpg (104.17 KB, 888x499, 888:499, 272uou.jpg)

8c376a No.783837

Got done with an all day Civ game. Hop on to see if anything new. Nope… same old fucking shit, different fucking bread.

7d358e No.783838

File: 7f1debd51b7c25e⋯.png (35.97 KB, 474x474, 1:1, Target.png)

Every trick in the book tonight.

f9052f No.783839


again… it takes 67 senators to impeach. there are 26 dems running for reelection and 8 repubs during midterms. they would have to retain every single seat and flip 7/8 of the R seats. it can't/won't happen

a6e09d No.783840

File: b0a9bacda0a7f6e⋯.jpg (100.41 KB, 1000x500, 2:1, 272ulv.jpg)

c9d264 No.783841

Totally agree anon. Thank God we still have the current Fox programming. I am a little worried about the future of Fox. Jr is sent to take over the reins this year sometime. I'm sure he will start putting his liberal programming on. Let's hope out of the ashes of MSM comes a new for of media that is fair to all.

58fc24 No.783842


Those videos are crap. We've already been through this. The youtube channel owner can change the name of their video but the upload date remains unchanged. It's a dead end/shill slide. Come back to the board and refocus on something real.


082721 No.783843


>And many of the political figures there are profiting directly from it—which is why they want to keep the EU intact and to shut down anyone who threatens to expose its true agenda.

>The EU will be a hard place to do the Purge. The tentacles of the Cabal are very Rooted. There Two ways., For the easy (Resign and Arrests/Accusations) or a War, (Someone ask help of Russia)

I am surprised by the negative response Anons have given to John Bolton's appointment. True, he is a bit of a lout and he is an associate of the Bush neocon circle, but I believe that at heart he is a real patriot. He was very much hated by the Dems in Congress when he went to the UN. They fought his nomination as much as they could. He was very much hated by everyone at the UN too—a good thing!

About Bolton, Yep, it's a Neo-Con, but for This game now is very important, He knows more things of Iran that Nothing. and maybe more. An Anon posted that Bolton Hate the Castro.., hmmmm., With Pompeo and Bolton it's a good move for Southamerica with the problems with Venezuela and the Return of Communism., For something Trump wants to Bolton and Pompeo. the Phase [3] begins., lack the phase [4] and the phase [5]

We have to wait that influences in this year in the congress.

36a90b No.783844

187821 No.783845


You should start shooting those you hold responsible

3be4fc No.783846


Think magic.

The last BOOM will be magical.

7c4240 No.783847

File: 8281d015e4de510⋯.jpeg (59.88 KB, 580x852, 145:213, image.jpeg)


Well it's Saturday all right

2f6d9f No.783848

File: f3e86789e769256⋯.jpg (19.77 KB, 194x268, 97:134, sessions-clown_.jpg)





• The SES members act with impunity, are above the law. They are involved in treason.

► Mueller, Comey, McCabe - never prosecute any true big criminals.

• McCabe covered-up the 4 Clinton scandals – investigations.

○ McCabe covered-up uranium one. Corruption in the state - covered-up.

• James Baker, John Carlin dropped from Mueller investigation the other day.

• Arrogance in the Federal courts - similar to arrogance of the KGB. Federal justice Department has rigged the system as a weapon against the American people.

• Comey´s 28 crimes of treason just in the election time.

► Mueller crimes - taught Comey how to be a criminal like him.

• CIA has so much influence, they turn to corporate intel to make money.

• Bush tried to assassinate Reagan to become President. He was involved in JFK murder. The WH has become a rogue CIA.

• Clintons started 25 foundations in Arkansas way before they came to Washington.

Alexander Downer started the investig. against Popudapolus and Trump. Gave 80 billion dollars to the Clinton Foundation. They take 95 -98% of donations for administrative costs. Money never went to Haiti. Ripped-off gold and uranium mines.

• FBI lawyers protected Hillary in the U1 scam and all the crimes she committed.

Why can´t you indict Hillary? Because the SES - The CIA - SERCO AND THE 500 SES LAWYERS AT THE DOJ protect her!

American Intel Media has conclusive proof that Jeff Sessions is an enemy of the state, that Wray is an SES gang member, that Mueller is an SES gang member that leads ups the Uranium Crime Syndicate, covered-up 9-11, Rosenstein is SES, and all the people you would never suspect- and much much more.





American Intelligence Media

https:// www.youtube.com/channel/UCv0dEcvXLOf4ZFvjCahK4Lw/videos

84b02d No.783849


I sometimes eat in a nearby CNN cafe.. it’s the best place to talk with colleagues about Trump for the looks. may accidentally post some in their bathrooms and other areas with no surv cam

1a3098 No.783850

Watching FOX. Fascinating how Q is setting up the left for total annihilation. They are totally fucked.

Also, I don't think the media not figuring out the hidden gems in the Omnibus is a mistake. I think Q's intention is that this appears to split the base and sow dischord. It is a great distraction for what is [about-to-happen|happening].

e524f4 No.783851

kek, not sure where that fake Q post came from. I think I saved it for a joke a long time ago.

5b671e No.783852



I want to add that I am pro abortion. Ever since there have been women, there have been abortion sticks and abortifacients. Forcing women to have unwanted children just damages society more. The society that makes children a burden has to be changed. Women are wired to want children, whatever is damaging that wiring has to be addressed.

d5d29d No.783853

File: 2ea9cc4e4ef9b50⋯.png (1.31 MB, 1194x628, 597:314, Screenshot_25.png)



7c4240 No.783854

File: 362841b23a0fd9e⋯.jpeg (41.75 KB, 652x489, 4:3, image.jpeg)

e524f4 No.783855

File: 69409d58063bb59⋯.jpg (35.15 KB, 500x312, 125:78, 60 Nothing About Camels Is….jpg)

bb1fea No.783856


Kek.I am sick enough that I saved this one

b1a313 No.783857


You promised to explain this on the other board.

All these date inverses…

7cfd41 No.783858


visited Auschwitz anon. devastating. the stinch of the place was horrible. I know what I saw and felt. whatever it was… should never happen again. pure evil.

dff89c No.783859

File: a6873c2c6999aa7⋯.jpg (18.51 KB, 327x154, 327:154, 272uvi.jpg)

c9d264 No.783860


Why don't you tell the President that, eh? Or maybe he knows a hell of a lot more than you.

61b7d5 No.783861


Correct, I feel the same. I was answering a question from another anon. That was all. I agree, I think all those videos are bs.

7c4240 No.783862

File: edd6218dcc35bc3⋯.jpeg (37.85 KB, 500x311, 500:311, image.jpeg)


Think this is what you were looking for.

2f6d9f No.783863


Waxine Waters Ultra Fresh Dumb-Down Super Drink!




e530dd No.783864

hello Q

We are trying to push IBOR petition, but we don't seem to have enough momentum to get to 100k. Is the petition required to succeed on the wh.gov site or is general hashtag trending enough to help set the stage? should we keep pushing IBOR? if yes, how do we get a boost… reddit blocks the link (the_donald doesn't allow posting petitions), twitter/facebook/youtube etc censor outreach…


you checking this site anymore? what do we have to do to get you to report on this?

8c376a No.783865


Cant remember where Malcom Gladwell quoted it from and which book, but he attributed the big decrease crime rates in the 70s/80s to legal abortion. Many of the unwanted kids that caused problems just didnt exist to cause such problems.

f9052f No.783866


bolton white pill

https: //twitter.com/Richie0496/status/976957880518807552

d84b4e No.783867

File: bf53b8a6d21b1a1⋯.png (665.66 KB, 721x1032, 721:1032, Screenshot_2018-03-24-20-5….png)

OK, I've had just about enough of these brats. CHARGE THEM. They obviously had foreknowledge of the event. They aided and abetted. Conspiracy to commit murder. RICO. Jay-walking. ANYTHING! Throw them in a cell and let them get a little dose of reality. Sick of these brats. Enough is enough.

66aa5f No.783868

What pisses me off about the whole sex trafficking thing is that it knocked out Craigslist Casual Encounters…I hope Pompeo gets the job done fast so they can open it back up. How else am I going to cruise for Hotwife couples??

2f6d9f No.783869


The Star Code.


187821 No.783870

File: d7b8256fa79e2f0⋯.jpg (44.66 KB, 540x413, 540:413, 1336357.jpg)

e524f4 No.783871

File: f38fd549f797d39⋯.jpg (15 KB, 248x300, 62:75, 17760069_1381403168593893_….jpg)

f8e3e0 No.783872

File: de109f979f104af⋯.jpg (21.78 KB, 204x255, 4:5, 26hvbi.jpg)


He already knows.

c53fc3 No.783873


Lots of people shat themselves over this Omnibus bill because they don't really understand the long game. POTUS knows that time is limited…mid terms are coming up. Need to get shit done. Need to get the military back up to speed. Ok, so he had to throw the Dems a few bones, but sometimes you just have to do what you have to do in order to get what you want. But you do so with the understanding that you're going to come back later and fuck the fuckers who tried to fuck you over.

We need our military back. That and our economy are the two things that define our position in the world. Hussein did his best to destroy both during his 8 years. People who are rushing to criticize POTUS just don't get that he's not going to magically fix everything in 1 year. Most people in Congress are greedy, ignorant assholes like Maxine. Give POTUS time. Many of these losers aren't going to be around in Congress for very much longer. But not everything is going to happen all at once.

d30fe8 No.783874

File: d057cd122582b01⋯.png (109.52 KB, 345x329, 345:329, dhogggg.png)

c9d264 No.783875



Then you know nothing of Potus Wizards and Warlocks.

3e766e No.783876


Anon, if you have any connection to anyone with the means to start releasing incruminating videos then please, for the sake of all of humanity, get on with it. Chop-chop, lads.

4afc30 No.783877


This. Unwanted kids are a massive social burden.

A stable society doesn't need to use abortion, but look at ours… dogshit.

Abortions needed to keep social stricture in place

7c4240 No.783878

File: edd6218dcc35bc3⋯.jpeg (37.85 KB, 500x311, 500:311, image.jpeg)

e524f4 No.783879

File: b362b228e7d9a9b⋯.jpg (16.29 KB, 252x255, 84:85, b362b228e7d9a9ba2d15feaf3f….jpg)

3d1608 No.783880


I second that. I've been too. Majdanek aka Auschwitz is evil. Total silence… Not a bird, not a bug, not a sound. Evil, scary… The place feels so heavy… And the smell sticks with you for ever

974c71 No.783882


> (((Kira Lerner)))


1f13d5 No.783883


OMG Super Secret Nazi Trump Supporters!!!

Why would you hunt them down?

395ecd No.783884

>>783177 <<<<<<<<<<<<<<


By George anon!

You have GOT IT!!!

324a22 No.783885

File: 79a5e0a681f9912⋯.png (591.28 KB, 827x659, 827:659, Screen Shot 2018-03-24 at ….png)

Hi Doug. Haven't seen you outside for the last year. Anyone notice anything odd here?

3be4fc No.783886


Bolton will do a good job. No worries.

d5d29d No.783887

File: 26ad14c869f5aa5⋯.png (1.87 MB, 1395x931, 1395:931, Screenshot_43.png)

84b02d No.783888


We need them to cross HRC so she can have them added to her list of deceased

2f6d9f No.783889


Stephen Miller = Q

Thumbs up.

9ab7a3 No.783890


Did it ever occur to you that when our society morally accepts abortion, it necessarily devalues the process of creating human life?

This is the keystone to what is disintegrating the nuclear family, and "damaging that wiring" as you put it.

b09b6a No.783891

File: 16e56279327a947⋯.jpeg (1.68 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, 980B1D60-DE2A-4834-9FD7-C….jpeg)

0a3ccf No.783892

They won't be able to take the Senate but if the Dems take the house all of the sudden the new investigative committees they put together will be the word of God according to the media. Every day of Trumps' presidency will be inflicted with this They will also drag Sessions, the IG, Wray, etc. in front of hearings constantly to testify and answer for their "witch hunt" against the FBI, Hillary and Obama.

b1a313 No.783893


For instance… some days I wonder if Jesus really existed or is He a construct of the controllers. Then other days I am solidly sure he existed and to trust his Word. Then other days, I think it doesn't matter if He existed or not. Jesus did not claim to be God, he claimed to be a teacher. So either you get his teachings or you don't.

dff851 No.783894


And you're a fucking retard bc you don't know that the impeachment takes place in the House and that ALL House seats are up for grabs. The trial takes place in the Senate.

And you're a fucking retard if you don't realize that all of these fucking Global Elitists on both sides of the aisle will oust him in a New York Minute if they think his base has abandoned him.

And you're a fucking retard bc you don't realize the damage done to the (R)'s in general among Trump's base with this Bill. Normies are furious AND unbelievably let down!

2f6d9f No.783895


Stephen Miller can predict the future - it is a gift he has. Do you get it now?

7b5bb7 No.783896


why post this crap daily.

we've seen it.

f8e3e0 No.783897

File: 2e01ef580af23cf⋯.jpg (17.93 KB, 220x220, 1:1, 272v3m.jpg)

ee92f6 No.783898

Project Appleseed

3773ce No.783899


Well you know, freedom of speech and all that.

Cheer up, things could be worse, they could be here, shitting up the bread. ;)

8c376a No.783900


People should be sterile until they get a license and background check to receive the appropriate hormones to allow a pregnancy. Big Pharm should get right on that.

febed7 No.783901

File: f54d1bfa9c537b2⋯.png (408.15 KB, 661x680, 661:680, FOLLOW THE MONEY.png)

I've posted this before but I figured I'd drop some serious sauce and interrupt this shilling!




http:// www.g-a-i.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/Follow-the-Money-How-the-Department-of-Justice-Funds-Progressive-Activists1.pdf

1f13d5 No.783902


Greatest ally!!! Gods chosen people!!!

If God were an anti nature marxist commie!!!

Makes sense to the cuckservative mind.

8ee77b No.783903


No law bans abortion (yet). If you want one, YOU need to pay for it. (for now).

The government will help if you are in danger via pregnancy, raped, or incest. These last 2 violations of a woman would include a police report and a person being charged with a crime.

This would certainly land a few guys in jail due to whores fingering them for rape, but keep that in mind fellas before wetting your winky.

I would like to see a law pass where if a girl gets an abortion she is forced to get something else removed. ONE (bad) CHOICE and you have to make a second CHOICE…

(its all about choice right)

Of course, you can choose to be prepared for child when you fuck- that's a choice too.

(NOT a biblefag, just honor life. And society feels more sadly about puppies being aborted than humans.)

14a1e1 No.783904


He appointed someone outside of the SWAMP!

Fuck off you liberal schill!! JS is going to rip the DEmocrats & Deep State apart!!

We don't take to kindly to YOUR kind on this board! So, GTFO!

014cca No.783905


Not Giuliani. It's someone who is already a federal prosecutor, just not from DC

910db6 No.783906

Don't you think it's odd that CNN is threatening to release an incriminating video against DJT when the MSM spent a week proving that you could easily replace faces on videos?

cec74d No.783907

File: 8b1f5366e967c56⋯.jpg (350.86 KB, 1876x1876, 1:1, IBOR.jpg)

2f6d9f No.783908



Refers to abuse of the Federal Certificate authority by the SES, mentioned in Able Danger material.

e524f4 No.783909

File: c448ceaa58e08aa⋯.jpg (21.23 KB, 280x298, 140:149, 2016-04-23a3de.jpg)

6c16d4 No.783910


Yeah.. it's a thin playbook. They can only go so far with bullshit..

3eb339 No.783911

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

Dr.Goebbels - 1933, 10.February , Speech in Sportpalast , (subt) in HQ

36a90b No.783912


You’re an idiot

You shouldn’t of come here

50df09 No.783913


I find that very odd ; )

4afc30 No.783914


Potus signed the omnibus.

Compromises until society stabilizes.

You want 50,000 unwanted social burdens on your hnads for the next 50 years?

Be smart anon.

7b5bb7 No.783915


Such puppets.

b1a313 No.783916


I hope you feel as strongly against the death penalty then.

8b572e No.783917

File: d61cf6a3e37026b⋯.jpg (149.73 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Patriots Traitors.jpg)

23864f No.783918

Thank you to the anon who posted the article on targeting, human experimentation artificial intelligence and genetic weaponry this morning.

It certainly described my own situation very well and gave me the opportunity this afternoon to share and discuss it with my best friend who recently learned that she was targeted in the early 90s as part of a "breeding program" by rogue intelligence black ops.

It's really sad that so many people have been affected by these horrific programs.

c9d264 No.783919


Thank you anon. Indeed I do.

3c0c4e No.783920

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Moment of Reckoning - including 4 incomming liberal wannabe clown nazifags, and liberal blame all jewfags

08cf1e No.783921

File: 4ae13d74bfe66e1⋯.jpg (27.61 KB, 327x154, 327:154, MW.jpg)

bb1fea No.783922

You ever wonder if Q looks at this board, shakes his head, and wonders why the fuck he bothers?

4363d5 No.783923

How about the guy also gets smth removed? Omg its crazy as fuck here


36ef31 No.783924

5bc2b6 No.783925


And yeah! The guy who got her pregnant has to get HIS removed too, right?

d5d29d No.783926

File: 3299a667980a379⋯.png (348.85 KB, 490x545, 98:109, Screenshot_44.png)

50df09 No.783927


Fantastic graphic.


d29221 No.783928

The big question. Who has the stupidest beliefs?

Jews, Catholics or Christians?

3eb339 No.783929

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

Hitler Speech Sportpalast 1933 FULL

b4ddb7 No.783930

File: 2e6f9564ebc313f⋯.png (256.36 KB, 664x810, 332:405, DoD 3-24-18 1 pm PST.PNG)

File: 4b1c03eb72966a8⋯.png (439.85 KB, 645x775, 129:155, DoD 3-24-18 7 pm PST.PNG)

ffff9a No.783931


Or the Pope of the Rothschild satanic cult. Which would be Hillary Clinton

e524f4 No.783932


Because it's fake. The internet doesn't belong to you, it doesn't belong to everyone. It belongs to those who own the servers, Facebook, Twitter, etc. They have the freedom to choose what they allow and don't allow. If you want your own Utopian social media site, I suggest you start writing the programming for it.

a6e09d No.783933

File: e66ea5be56c171a⋯.jpg (102.31 KB, 888x499, 888:499, 272van.jpg)

8c376a No.783934


There would be millions of dickless niggers running around then.

d5d29d No.783935

File: 5c4c98d29d66475⋯.png (1.18 MB, 774x955, 774:955, Screenshot_36.png)

2f6d9f No.783936

File: f3e86789e769256⋯.jpg (19.77 KB, 194x268, 97:134, sessions-clown_.jpg)

File: 7abfc1c63294e4a⋯.jpg (158.18 KB, 1180x842, 590:421, drain_the_swamp.jpg.CROP.p….jpg)









082721 No.783937


at least he share the same hate of the UN :)

50df09 No.783938


Please don't doxx yourself.

6c16d4 No.783939


..but they are here, shitting up the bread.. not that it'll stop us, but it is what it is kek..

36a90b No.783940


I’ve thought that since day 1 haha

d5d29d No.783941

>>783928 Definitely the Satanists!

4363d5 No.783942

We think similar, typed response to this idiot at the same time


dff89c No.783943

File: 00d97dd1df5b099⋯.jpg (67.98 KB, 630x350, 9:5, 272vbd.jpg)

0b2b88 No.783944


My landlady showed me her Auschwitz number tattoo on her arm. Her 99 year old Dad showed me his. They were the last of a large family to walk out of Auschwitz when we liberated the place. He said it was hard at first taking care of a 8 year old by himself but he had no one else to help. He also would wouldn't talk about his ordeal in the concentration camp. He said he put that in the past him years ago and didn't want to talk about it anymore. He died 6 months later. I haven't seen my landlady since the 70's. Hope she is doing ok.

97c7cf No.783945


To be fair, most people here are idiots, so that's not very remarkable.

49d7c0 No.783946

I know I’m gonna get slammed for this… just a thought.

What if Q is Israel Intelegence? (Working with MI of course).

Q said we’d be really surprised when we found out who he was..

Q also said he hasn’t mentioned Israel before for a specific reason.

Plus, notice how much Jews and Israel have been attacked and denigrated on these boards. Especially lately. Black hats (shills) would want them discredited.

dff851 No.783947


Thanx Anon.

6e7100 No.783948

File: 55bdef7ba87bcba⋯.png (79.16 KB, 690x340, 69:34, Screen Shot 2018-03-23 at ….png)


POTUS is hiring and giving people enough rope to hang themselves

The light will reveal……

1f13d5 No.783949


Jewish press? I thought one day for no reason the NSDAP just started hating innocent poor jews for no reason. That is what TV told me.

Anyway I am going to go and peruse the anti Trump media and see what they are saying considering Trump is a dictator…

What did we just learn?

602ce7 No.783950


You got Anon! We didn't see it.

Now Go FUCK OFF and join David Pig, I mean Hogg at the NAZI Gun March

8c376a No.783951

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

bb1fea No.783952


Kek. My point exaclty

50cfb2 No.783953


How about Hogg on a movie set reading his Script?

37b9cb No.783954


Q, please drop some crumbs so anons can actually research something

5bc2b6 No.783955


I saw that lol.

b1a313 No.783956


I will look at it again, but it is kind of over my head. Thank you.

ffff9a No.783957


That makes no sense. The death penalty is also about the sanctity of life. Life is so sacred that it deserves the ultimate penalty, the forsaking of your own life.

73ccf6 No.783958


>I will always be uneasy about midterms until we can "feel" the momentum shift. I chose to have faith that it will.


why do you buy in the NWO media hype that the momentum is owned by the "Left" ?

what type of idiot other than a socialist would buy into that type of bolshevik bullshit?

ed756b No.783959


You a dumbass anon.

Poor women don't get abortions. The people that shouldn't be having children are having them to collect welfare and child support.

The most desriable women now are career oriented and don't have children.

In the same way they attract men they rise the career ladder fairly effortless and don't want to complicate their admittingly wonderful lives with children. They use men and toss them to curve with pathological ease.

It back fires on them in their mid 30s though. The most desirable ones start families. The lesser desirable ones become very very mean and isolated.

We gotta encourage people to start families and start young somehow.

The backbone of Western Civilization is the nuclear family. We gotta save it.


Anon who keeps knocking up desirable women but has no kids.

8c6615 No.783960


Checked. Anyone remember any of the kids who actually died at Parkland? Ya, me neither. Neat how they've just been ignored and forgotten. CNN really cares though…

d29221 No.783961


That was an evasion. I'm serious.

2f6d9f No.783962

File: e1077831a2857c9⋯.jpg (185.72 KB, 960x960, 1:1, rainbow-bun2.jpg)

8ee77b No.783963


When a person commits crimes, they are knowingly risking the penalty.

I do say it saddens me a little bit, but they know the rules, and the risk.

Exception would be things like a guy that kills a cop, whereas the cop breaks down a door and gets shot (I tend to side with the idea of no home invasions, not even by government or police, unless a hostage is present.).

But this is an example of where I oppose death penalty because the penalty and crime may not be justified.

1fdd65 No.783964

File: 2c619f8a5134c49⋯.jpg (61.28 KB, 459x675, 17:25, 5wBBs_.jpg)

082721 No.783965


Check out this Anons'

4363d5 No.783966


I daw those tatoos also, confirmed

e5093d No.783967



The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference [Malcolm Gladwell]

014cca No.783968


>The more times anons guess, the likelihood of getting it right increases. But without confirmation,

we'll never know.

e524f4 No.783969


Q is actually John Wayne. The Duke never died, just got pissed.

2f6d9f No.783970

1f13d5 No.783971


Um no.

You have to break some more conditioning.

d7b69f No.783972

File: 046c7d3a8beb23f⋯.png (638.69 KB, 1225x1411, 1225:1411, Autism in Women.PNG)

File: 146058753e1e04b⋯.jpg (237.86 KB, 600x600, 1:1, Winter-Is-Coming-4-l.jpg)

File: 28afcc1d204308a⋯.jpg (75.99 KB, 697x900, 697:900, )))Our((( Goddess, SOPHIA.jpg)

File: 197b7e236c68293⋯.jpg (85.36 KB, 948x533, 948:533, Ivanka Rousing the Rabble ….jpg)


Anons have yet to understand,

The target of (((their))) ire,

Is actually )))our((( women,

Who heal, inspire, and lend courage.

There is nothing on the Left,

That can protect them,

Once )))our((( women are engaged;

Noone is a more virulent spreader,

Of 'toxic masculinity' than She.


36a90b No.783973


Think one of the girls name was like rainy meadow or some shit and Peter wang

e24c6e No.783974


Sometimes …other times gets a good laugh ? Am doing maybe it’s to find out what the supporters are thinking?

998f5a No.783975


Is there actually a video/photo of her ripping up the Constitution or is this shopped?

36ef31 No.783976

File: 767bec6a47ce5e3⋯.gif (548.24 KB, 255x184, 255:184, mmhmm.gif)

a0bd25 No.783977


An army of incompetents. Pretty funny.

bac51f No.783978

==Suggestions / Questions for Q

How about we start some questions

@me and I'll put a list together.


c50da2 No.783979


Good dig Anon

36a90b No.783980


Omg you cracked the code!! Great job now go back to Facebook

dff89c No.783981

File: 3c0e2f4e5b63548⋯.jpg (23.06 KB, 305x165, 61:33, 272vi5.jpg)

1f13d5 No.783982

File: 87ce987010b6a1d⋯.jpg (201.74 KB, 1024x755, 1024:755, TrumpTheDuke.jpg)

8c6615 No.783983


AIM is confirmed pelican fag. Filter and move on.

dd3c9c No.783984


Nice dig, Anon.

9ab7a3 No.783985


I said nothing about the omnibus.

I was criticizing the feigning of concern for what's "damaging the wiring" of women who do not desire offspring, while being pro-abortion, something chiefly responsible for the former.

If some fucking failure wants to go get pregnant and try to kill their baby before it's born, let them do it illegally in the bathroom of their fucking trailer so they can bleed out right along with it.

8ee77b No.783986


"Inventory ID numbers" assigned to people who were being relocated to justify the formation of the state of Israel.

Not what I consider Kosher.

But that's the purpose of the tatts.

e524f4 No.783987

“People are always infused with all kinds of fantastic ideas about themselves, the world, people, love, idealism, society, etc. Led by his eagerness to evade a disagreeable reality, man gives free rein to his imagination and is inclined to believe the first agreeable lie he encounters along the way. The individual projects his personal illusions onto a cold and immutable reality, and thus deceiving himself, he endeavors to contemplate reality through rose-colored glasses. “Disillusion” is a painful process and can be prolonged, depending on how much time the individual takes to realize he is living artificially and that this condition is a product of his internal dreams. Great courage is required to face reality and to destroy the mirage of a pleasant dream.”

~ John Baines, The Stellar Man.

36229e No.783988

File: 8beaf1747602f50⋯.png (122.95 KB, 300x483, 100:161, liesofkikes.png)


If anyone believes (((they))) are fooling either our Patriots aka /ourguys/ or rest of the world, (((they))) are fooling themselves.

israel and kikery, alongside mudslimes, will FALL.

c9d264 No.783989


Looks like you found a huge gem to me. That answers so many questions I had about why (((they))) were still walking free and allowed to go to other nations. OOMG, it's so clear now. Potus and W&W are getting proof necessary to charge (((them))) with International Humanitarian Law. And now he has the funds for a War Crimes Tribunal.

Stable Genius!

5b671e No.783990




7c4240 No.783991

File: d0f1075de5cd354⋯.jpeg (49.82 KB, 684x513, 4:3, image.jpeg)


I know I'll come to regret it as true comedy is hard to find, and boy those Jewish stereotype memes are side-splitting, but have to get back to digging…..

Maybe the BO will ask that you not spam each bread with 25 worthless, repetitive memes so people can actually read autists' contributions?


8c6615 No.783992


Well that's two!

2f6d9f No.783993

File: 6f566c79dce4f52⋯.jpg (288.36 KB, 790x576, 395:288, hp_dumbos_army_by_koenta.jpg)

bac51f No.783994


Q, your post have become sparse of late. Should we continue guessing what you mean for days on end, w/o direction?

d7b69f No.783995



36229e No.783996


Maybe check yourself with 26+ worthless kike foreskin sucking cuckery LOL

Keep squealing, (((useful idiots)))

3c7184 No.783997


yes, WRWY

8ee77b No.783998


Q said he "chose us" for a reason.

That reason is probably because we ain't scared to slam Zionists here. And have the mental capacity to discern between truth and propaganda.

He knew where it would lead us…

0b3863 No.783999

anyone else having God work through them? I was commanded today to go inside a Catholic church and pray for their entire church and people. And it started yesterday - the feeling. Carried it out today. The wrath of God is beyond mighty.

anyone else feeling it?

he said he would show me their demise

i was led to daniel chapter 10 earlier when researching something else. went to the car to get the Bible I had been commanded to take to the Catholic church today. Opened to Daniel 10 and it is a vision of the demise of evil under the reign of King Cyrus. Wow.

God bless.

b1a313 No.784000


OMG… I know who you are !!!

3c0c4e No.784001

Deepstate is scared. Idiot try 2 frame patriot posts confirm

6fb2a8 No.784002


Next week. Always next week.

d29221 No.784003


Yes, you should.

c89ee0 No.784004

File: 69634c9ddd9bae1⋯.jpg (168.09 KB, 1113x887, 1113:887, 185009_372115862865926_190….jpg)

37b9cb No.784005


I agree with little/no confirmations. Something must have happened the day Q posted "went too deep"

2f6d9f No.784006


Steven Muller is Q.

aeb387 No.784007

File: 04fb6eb72880126⋯.png (418.12 KB, 600x636, 50:53, 3_fymN.png)

68348b No.784008

T-2 hours. This place is a hot fucking mess.

324a22 No.784009

File: 79a5e0a681f9912⋯.png (591.28 KB, 827x659, 827:659, Screen Shot 2018-03-24 at ….png)

File: f18816f8e0c4383⋯.png (299.86 KB, 685x514, 685:514, Screen Shot 2018-03-24 at ….png)

Ok I will make it easy for you guys. Doug Band makes his first public appearance in over a year with a Trump/Sessions appointed US attorney.


c9d264 No.784010


Actually anon, this is the happiest I've been since Potus took out NoKo. :D

dd3c9c No.784011


Wise words, Anon.

f8e3e0 No.784013


Stop whining, pussy. Use your filter. If you were an "autist" you would easily find the info you are looking for.

08cf1e No.784014

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

'SES rats on the run'

@ 5:40

Thomas Paine: "I'm going to have to drop some crumbs here. So all you "Qs" listening out there, DIG THIS…"

f1796c No.784015


They are assholes

No Class, no education on the subject, disrespectful to all.

They think they know everything about everything, they have no right to dictate any policies and tell adults what to do.


c48ad9 No.784016


Or we are easily manipulated into believing anything set before us that sounds good.

972c01 No.784017


Exactly what I said, filtering is for libtards. We should all fake and truth, if you filter you’re a pussy libtard.

d84b4e No.784018


She can freedom of speech all she wants. It's obvious those kids knew in advance of the shooting. I hope they are charged, convicted of capital murder. They should be. Really tired of murderers walking.

6fb2a8 No.784019


I'm having a hard time understanding how God let the evil dominate humanity for hundreds of years.

37b9cb No.784020





Just a general update on plan??

bb1fea No.784021


But we are going to win this!

903ce5 No.784022


Men should just shut up about abortion. Until you have been a woman, and been pregnant, you can't understand it.

4afc30 No.784023



We're supposed to be anons

Normies blindly support pro choice

Until we clean up society, its needed

bac51f No.784024


Added to dough.

301593 No.784025


Rothschild owns Israel. Balfour Declaration.

974c71 No.784026

File: 44e91ae6dea0a8f⋯.jpg (91.41 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 43706876ufdytofdsisfdu7534….jpg)

File: 42d190e11f1401f⋯.jpg (15.54 KB, 226x255, 226:255, 151573773377uyeuu5uu253676….jpg)

File: 7621fe0d79fbef4⋯.png (212.32 KB, 450x290, 45:29, 1518500191222.png)


Wait I thought Hitler was Cabal….

Sounds more like 1933 MAGA….

Thx anon thats fucking based.

8c6615 No.784027


My grandfather was there helping liberate them. He's still alive to ask questions to. Idk that anyone knows exactly wtf was going on, but he found those people in awful condition. That is confirmed.

cbad7f No.784028


Excellent find and what a sad story for the poor kids.

36229e No.784029


Now THIS, this is quite real. Left are just a bunch of pussy bitch made weaklings. Women look for STRENGTH.


Undo your programming, which is deeper than you believe.


c53fc3 No.784030


These people grew up in 1950s America before the Civil Rights Movement. Many of them are ignoramuses, and all of them are bitter. They have the slave mentality and just cannot let it go. They believe that white people owe them something, and they use this to maintain their stranglehold on black voters who listen to and believe their bullshit. This is the only reason why they keep getting re-elected. Its a well organized system. These losers in the Black Caucus are working the political end, and the fakers in Hollywood…like Beyonce and Jayzee have that angle covered. Then there's the DNC and Ozero who keep stoking the fire with identity politics.

But their influence is slipping. More black people are waking up. You have organic movements like Diamond and Silk who now have over a million people following them across social media platforms. And Stacy Dash is running for Congress too. John Lewis, Fredrika Wilson, Maxine Waters, et al will all soon become a thing of the past.

3083d8 No.784031


"What is MKUltra?"

7c4240 No.784032


Or maybe not, but thanks for the suggestion. How long is spring break? When does fifth grade start up again?

e5093d No.784033


when politicians extol brats as brave…

well, you know the rest. State of our country.

d29221 No.784034


Sure, blame it all on god

8c6615 No.784035



6fb2a8 No.784036


Yeah. Saw that a few days ago. So freakin evil.

c9d264 No.784037


Once upon a time it was. Not since potus has put "his" people in there. Doesn't mean to blindly follow tho. We need to keep watch of things they are doing.

e24c6e No.784039

No idea what the topic of abortion has to do with Qresearch besides what we already know …debating the rules /laws does not help qresearch

a0bd25 No.784040


Women should shut up. Period.

73ccf6 No.784041


I was there in the late 1970's

still cringe when I think of that smell

1f13d5 No.784042

File: 02bd3ee6343b4db⋯.jpg (102.6 KB, 750x500, 3:2, JewWish.jpg)

File: f2a3187a2175736⋯.jpg (99.51 KB, 540x500, 27:25, JewComplicated.jpg)

File: 0ecd7786b168722⋯.jpg (115.41 KB, 500x704, 125:176, JewFingertips.jpg)

File: 0b6234a9987dd58⋯.jpg (93.17 KB, 623x500, 623:500, JewKnowing.jpg)

3be4fc No.784043


Wrong, and no thanks.

c48ad9 No.784044


Filtered for publicly stating you had to filter someone.

08cf1e No.784045



690a2c No.784046

File: 8f222c697ec2881⋯.jpg (16.9 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 9a84e7cc6ffedfdb07ec09758f….jpg)


Q is a Christiain, and as fine a believer as sinners can be. He has integrity. Nuf said… unless you don't understand integrity. Try it; I bet your would like it if you can get there. Help is available, and quite nice.

8c6615 No.784047


Good stuff anon. POTUS is certainly a King Cyrus type.

d84b4e No.784048


Because humans are evil and do evil things. Its like the meme that says "I dont know why God lets schools be shot up" when God isnt even allowed in school anymore. Humanity wants to live the ways it wants to live without following the moral code and then wonder why the society is hell.

e24c6e No.784049

0b3863 No.784050


The answer to this cannot be provided to the person who does not have the tools necessary to understand - and that's to say that the person this could be explained to has a spiritual element to their being.

And can tap into it, so to speak.

The answer lies right inside of the Holy Bible.

6fb2a8 No.784051


I had a commitment the day of the strength test. I feel unaccounted for.

08cf1e No.784052


lmao exactly

602ce7 No.784053


Do you mean Obama or Clinton?


Pls clarify, inquiring minds want to know……

875e1a No.784054

File: 09b9b56baf2ae81⋯.jpg (198.23 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, cyrus.jpg)


God's calling you to convert perhaps?

bac51f No.784055



2f6d9f No.784056



QLARP is CIA (Worldwide Civilian agency) going to blame alt-right (they actually laugh when they hoax) and blame it on the Russians (alt-right). At the same time showing how stupid people on Youtube spread the disinformation in this lowlevel psyop to point out the stupidy of people and mute them (100% of QANON supporters are republicans). I am former East-European intelligence with a long trackrecord overseas and this is so obvious. The army of Obama is still in power and the deepstate operators are moving to West Europe right now to survive anything that might happen in Washington.




d29221 No.784057


Women should urge to have laws requiring child support eliminated.

They chose to have the child, they have the responsibility to raise it.

3eb339 No.784058

File: 8ad2d93f8cad73a⋯.jpg (116.07 KB, 900x602, 450:301, 8ad2d93f8cad73a9ab0ff54030….jpg)

84b02d No.784059

1f13d5 No.784060


Cool story. You talked to yourself inside a building.

8ee77b No.784061

File: 2bb6dc9420fe848⋯.jpg (127.35 KB, 800x525, 32:21, Auschwitz Swimming Pool.jpg)


Was it the pool?

36a90b No.784062


Yea but in a different way. I get signs and they come quite often. My prayers get answered. Also, I will hear people saying things that I was thinking verbatim.

You’re right about the wrath of God. The time is approaching.

6fb2a8 No.784063


I'm not sure you get how big the evil is. It's not really a societal choice. Rothschild's took over the world + orchestrated pain, death, and misery.

f1796c No.784064



Sessions ended this last year:

Jeff Sessions Kills DOJ Settlement Practice That Funded Community Organizations

Republicans considered settlements that included payments to third-party groups a “slush fund” for special interests.

https:// www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/jeff-sessions-kills-doj-settlement-practice-that-funded-community-organizations_us_59371177e4b0aba888b989e4

b1a313 No.784066


and my trips support it

e4ee5c No.784067

Does anyone here actually think today was a win for left? Everytime they do one of these mass marches they reveal themselves more. Those people who are center left or independents look at the women's marches and today's March as bullshit they don't want to be associated with. More and more people will wake up Monday and realize the wall is under construction, military is fully funded, inspector generals in every govt dept fully funded, and the spending the dems pushed it the bill have alot of strings attached. With McCabe and a mighty purge happening Monday too, the good guys are unleashed. It's going to be great anons. Iran's deadly regime will fall revealing all their ties to VJ BO and everyone else that criminal admin. MAGA and MEGA ladies and gentlemen !!

60022f No.784068


God created and uses evil for his purpose

(Romans 8:20-22) 20 For the creature was made subject to vanity, not willingly, but by reason of him who hath subjected the same in hope, 21 Because the creature itself also shall be delivered from the bondage of corruption into the glorious liberty of the children of God. 22 For we know that the whole creation groaneth and travaileth in pain together until now.

["For I reckon that the sufferings of this present time [’groaning and travailing in pain together until now’ Ver 22] are not worthy to be compared with the GLORY which shall be revealed in US" (Ver. 18).]

(2 Kings 22:20) Behold therefore, I will gather thee unto thy fathers, and thou shalt be gathered into thy grave in peace; and thine eyes shall not see all the evil which I will bring upon this place. And they brought the king word again.

["For OF Him, and THROUGH Him, and TO Him, are all things: to Whom be glory for ever. Amen" (KJV Rom. 11:36).

Does this also include EVIL?

(Isaiah 45:7) I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these things.]

(Amos 3:6) Shall a trumpet be blown in the city, and the people not be afraid? shall there be evil in a city, and the LORD hath not done it?

(Lam. 3:38) Out of the mouth of the Most High proceeds not EVIL and good?

(Ecc. 1:13) And I gave my heart to seek and search out by wisdom concerning all things that are done under heaven: this sore travail [experience of evil] hath God given to the sons of man to be exercised therewith [humble him thereby].

(2 Samuel 12:11) Thus saith the LORD, Behold, I will raise up evil against thee out of thine own house, and I will take thy wives before thine eyes, and give them unto thy neighbour, and he shall lie with thy wives in the sight of this sun.

(Jeremiah 4:6) Set up the standard toward Zion: retire, stay not: for I will bring evil from the north, and a great destruction.

(Jeremiah 18:11) Now therefore go to, speak to the men of Judah, and to the inhabitants of Jerusalem, saying, Thus saith the LORD; Behold, I frame evil against you, and devise a device against you: return ye now every one from his evil way, and make your ways and your doings good.

(Joshua 23:15) Therefore it shall come to pass, that as all good things are come upon you, which the LORD your God promised you; so shall the LORD bring upon you all evil things, until he have destroyed you from off this good land which the LORD your God hath given you.

(Job 2:10) But he said unto her, Thou speakest as one of the foolish women speaketh. What? shall we receive good at the hand of God, and shall we not receive evil? In all this did not Job sin with his lips.

["For out of the heart proceed evil thoughts, murders, adulteries, fornications, thefts, false witness, blasphemies" (Mat. 15:19).

Notice it: "And when the woman saw [in her heart] that the tree was good for food, and that it was pleasant to the eye [in her heart], and a tree to be desired [in her heart] to make one wise [an idol of the heart], she took [’For out of the heart proceed … thefts…’] of the fruit thereof, and did eat" (Gen. 3:6). ]

36229e No.784069


Adolf was likely an unwitting pawn, albeit one that was designed for the purpose via alois line.

As in, he was under the control of the NWO families (as Q confirmed directly) with an attached handler, but not willingly (unknowing dupe).

This is NOT something /pol/ can't accept. In fact, this idea has been floated numerous times.

One truly beneficial aspect of his actions was virtual annihilation of jewry from large parts of europe - but his failure in winning (as a whole) has consequences that reverberates to this day.

True history =/= academic history.

c9d264 No.784070


That would be W&W helping Potus. My post was a reply to another anon who had fears, ok? I know Q said Potus was 100% insulated and I take comfort in that. But, I have lived long enough to know that things happen out of our control.

2f6d9f No.784071





575a9b No.784072


No, I'd rather distributed computing tasks such as OCR reading of pages of text that need recognition, not crypto mining though the principle is similar.

Nothing is for free. Services like Twitter/Facebook/Google, they sell your data, both to highly target ads and for all other nefarious purposes.

If you create a platform that is decentralized, there still needs to be a way for it to financially support its operation as well as provide incentive for quality content (such as YouTube does through sharing some of their revenues with content creators). So there has to be a revenue model. Advertising that is "ethical" (i.e. not based on profiling) is one answer. I didn't invent the term ethical advertising, I'm not a fan of ads but it is a way to bring in revenue. Another is decentralized computing tasks. Cryptocurrency mining is not what I have in mind, I'd rather use idle computing power for "useful work" as opposed to hashing algos that cryptos are all about.

The point is to obsolete platforms such as YouTube/Facebook/Twitter/Google, you need to at least meet their quality bar as well as offering something better to users. You can't do it for free. You can do it if you encourage YouTube celebs to migrate because the revenue share is much better for them on a new platform, and if you create a decentralized model that doesn't invade your privacy in return for what is a "free" service.

If you could count on people to pay a subscription fee, that would take care of it right there and you could use some of that money to support the platform and the balance divided to content creators based on their proportion of that user's viewing time. However, subscription models don't usually work out well when there's a supposedly "free" service available.

If I build something, I want it to succeed, not fail because it can't pay for itself. In no way would this generate revenue such as Google, YouTube, etc. They can charge top dollar for ads because they can pinpoint target people because of their tracking. I'd rather charge less, not track people, give more of the revenue to the content creators, but make the service pay for itself and continued development. I consider that far more ethical than the Google way.

e24c6e No.784073


Your almost correct…lacking a few details

dff89c No.784074

File: 931152f84eb121e⋯.jpg (91.54 KB, 634x422, 317:211, 272vvz.jpg)

7c4240 No.784075


26+ However did you know? Last time I measured it, it was pushing 27.5''

3c0c4e No.784076