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Pro Aris et Focis

File: bb7d59c7b6197c0⋯.png (1.04 MB, 1795x1017, 1795:1017, Thread-Header.png)

771496 No.763770

Russia Report Findings

https:// intelligence.house.gov/uploadedfiles/russia_report_findings_and_recommendations.pdf

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5b6597 No.763780

File: 5e557ccedf92699⋯.jpg (547.6 KB, 1080x1082, 540:541, 20180323_010039.jpg)



afed8a No.763788

File: 1c844fbf557edcd⋯.png (3.02 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1520207502848.png)

File: d97762b12d732d8⋯.png (237.39 KB, 800x444, 200:111, 1519011630717.png)

Thx for bread baker.

771496 No.763790

= New baker needed =

I don't plan to be up when we'll need the next one.

5a77bd No.763795


Holy shit, Trump definitely got to Macron. He's wrapping up the deepstate in his country is what that is. And it's beautiful to see. It's a global effort.

eaa1b1 No.763796

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

77d298 No.763806

Come on Q, you gotta speed some public events already. I’m tired of red pilling libtards and having them laughing at me like I’m a conspiracy theory retard. I’m fucking tired of it already. March is almost over and March Madness is nowhere to be seen!! So many private happenings and not a single happening to prove a point. The cabal and now the media is mocking you also. Where is the damn storm????

796e71 No.763809

File: ab8c94ec4fa6d0a⋯.jpg (64.12 KB, 960x840, 8:7, redpilltruth.jpg)


Nigger look at the alternative media news with ACTUAL events.

MSM is covering up the scale of the events currently taking place.

Quote these, show them to retards.

Ask them why these unparalleled events are being downplayed. By (((whom)))?

e85adf No.763828

File: b50e4939868755f⋯.jpg (181.33 KB, 480x520, 12:13, temp-cult2.jpg)

FBI dudes: Learn something while you are here!

5eb473 No.763829


Yes, they should read the damn bills before signing everyone's life away. It's playing Russian roulette with our laws. Fucking morons.

9613d6 No.763830

[was 751 on last bread - repost]


I wonder how many other anons are like me.

I have a lot of experience with certain things because I am an autist

I have even worked with people who are CIA agents, SVR agents(Russia) and MI 6 agents. None of them told me that and I never told them that I knew or suspected. But an autist cannot help noticing patterns and things that are out of place.

But the fact is, I really am a nobody. Unlike the intelligence agents who learn to live like a nobody and hide in plain sight, I don't have to work at it. I have no degrees, I have mostly not had steady jobs. I just could not have gotten on anybody's radar.

But I think I am not alone. Lots of people out there are self-educated, especially autists. Lots of people are not really in the system but exist around the edges either in small towns, or moving from place to place.

So I am not doxxing myself here.

But I think I can see why Q came here. People like me have never been heavily indoctrinated. We probably did not have the money or the opportunity to watch a lot of TV or movies. We probably did not hang around in one school long enough for the teachers to recognize that we were out of the ordinary and needed special treatment to make us conform. We missed that college filtering thing where the elite are chose by the cabal, the CIA, the church, the establishment etc.

And yet we are smart, we are creative, we have energy and we want to make the world a better place. We are motivated.

7bbb97 No.763831

They are in complete melt down mode….. "The White Rabbits"…sorry, White Rabbits 3%ers"… Lulz!

Obviously he's a wack job because he went to school in Texas…was part of branch dividians… trying to teach women how to buy guns….went to Mexico to raise watermelons haha haha.

http:// m.startribune.com/fbi-says-alleged-minnesota-mosque-bomber-tried-to-build-a-militia-in-rural-illinois/477182203/

491610 No.763832

File: 5b411600ad68b19⋯.png (262.01 KB, 570x566, 285:283, screenshot_262.png)

491610 No.763833


https:// twitter.com/Thomas1774Paine/status/977073724062162944

e85adf No.763834

File: c25baf73e00dc97⋯.jpg (110.72 KB, 467x463, 467:463, tempNWO.jpg)


Did someone say watermelons!


979b78 No.763835

771496 No.763836


Also, no midnight votes with only a few people present.

796e71 No.763837


Relevant. Please disseminate everywhere.

049438 No.763838


Read last bread. You are 100% correct anon. Realness Checkd.

27b59f No.763839


right now

too strong to defeat

right now

words have power

9613d6 No.763840


You are acting like they did something different from the last 20 years. Where is your evidence? Sauce please.

796e71 No.763841


>muh hate

>muh lacism

>muh feelinz

>muh bullshit

words have meaning - until 30% rejects it.

c2fe9f No.763842




It becomes law:

"If any Bill shall not be returned by the President within ten days (Sundays excepted) after it shall have been presented to him, the same shall be a Law, in like manner as if he had signed it, unless the Congress by their Adjournment prevent its return, in which case it shall not be a Law."

…Unless a "pocket veto" occurs:

"If Congress prevents the bill's return by being adjourned during the 10-day period, and the president does not sign the bill, a "pocket veto" occurs and the bill does not become law."

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pocket_veto#United_States

979b78 No.763843

Where are the booms Q said would happen this week?

Where is March Madness?

Where is the OIG report?

Beyond tweet confirmations what has actually happened in the last 4 months?

These are simple questions and I could ask more ( what happened to Loop capital that Q INSISTED would be big the week he discussed it?)

Yet I'll be called a shill for asking very simple questions

Why must I blindly believe?

I am not a sheep

2655c7 No.763844

Julian Assange is probably waiting for the right time to drop something huge. And he's coordinating with Q. Remember the two chapters from the Fire and Fury pdf that were retitled with the letter Q? And then immediately after the release, Q confirmed it was no accident.

796e71 No.763845


Did (((shills))) just have a shift change?

These small dead zones really tell you that this board is heavily inundated with all kinds of active (((shill))) agents.

3c994c No.763846


just did

c2fe9f No.763847


>I am not a sheep

And Nixon wasn't a crook, either… kek.

e8b976 No.763848


At least it's slow enough we can actually catch all the clowns.

Man, it's been heavy as fuck today!

06fcd7 No.763849

Baker Baker - John Perry Barlow, SecureDrop, Muh Guccifer 2 Russia

This is very important. See the narrative they are setting up. See who wrote the narrative.

In the last bread anon posted a link:

EXCLUSIVE: ‘Lone DNC Hacker’ Guccifer 2.0 Slipped Up and Revealed He Was a Russian Intelligence Officer

https:// www.thedailybeast.com/exclusive-lone-dnc-hacker-guccifer-20-slipped-up-and-revealed-he-was-a-russian-intelligence-officer

The article begins with:

"Guccifer 2.0, the “lone hacker” who took credit for providing WikiLeaks with stolen emails from the Democratic National Committee, was in fact an officer of Russia’s military intelligence directorate (GRU), The Daily Beast has learned. It’s an attribution that resulted from a fleeting but critical slip-up in GRU tradecraft."

The article ends with:

"Today the most popular counter-narrative surrounding Guccifer 2.0 concedes that the account was a fake persona but posits that it was created by the DNC to support a false-flag operation implicating Russia. In this theory, advanced in two widely cited anonymous blogs, Guccifer 2.0 was the DNC posing as Russia posing as a Romanian hacker."

The author is Kevin Poulsen.

He originally developed SecureDrop with Aaron Swartz and James Dolan and is the last one of the three developers alive.

Barlow is now dead.

Poulsen is also part of the Freedom of the Press Foundation.

https:// freedom.press/people/kevin-poulsen/

We need to dig on Poulsen. What are his clown connections?

771496 No.763850


Yeah, it's been crazy in here the last few nights. Over the target?

27b59f No.763851




you guys are off your game tonight

979b78 No.763852



Simple questions trigger you retards

d86cc9 No.763853





DAMN you are onto something anon!

I think I read in an article about the shutdown that congress was going on leave for two weeks starting friday

c2fe9f No.763854



> this board is heavily inundated with all kinds of active (((shill))) agents.

All for a larp, too.. Whodathunkit!

89eaf3 No.763855



Not positive but I believe Trump can perform line item vetos once it's on his desk.

e85adf No.763856



We only know what is happening, not why.

Perhaps this bill is a catalyst for making all bills in the future to be read and understood before signing.

I doubt it, but we just don't know what the real punch here is, we know that Potus is the art of the deal / SunTsu kind of guy.

Lets trust him for now, we already know he is signing it- or so he said.

"Guns are safe"

"Trust the plan"

(and then I will add: That bill SUCKS ASS) ← opinion.

But there will be a reason we shall find out why this game is being played soon.

(perhaps a distraction, perhaps the foreclosing of the fed? Who knows yet…)

fd45f0 No.763857


We're supposed to be in Phase 3 so there might be a lot of pressure on the shills behind the scenes.

5a77bd No.763858


The big events are happening. You're just not hearing about them due to the media refusing to mention them. And if they don't mention them, only the alt media does. Then it becomes a "conspiracy", and its on to the next. They have near full control of the MSM.

771496 No.763859


Congressional committee voted to shut down Mueller's investigation. That qualifies as a boom.

7bbb97 No.763860


Hahaha…the world has been waiting THOUSANDS of years to give evil the ass wooping it's taking and about to take and you want us to believe this sniveling snot nosed story?

We see you! We hear you! Prepare your cavity for a deep search…Lololol!

491610 No.763861


This is true –– one has to keep their ear to the social media ground in order to catch wind of special events….

5eb473 No.763863


All you have to do is look at Rand Paul for evidence. He seems to be one of the few who actually reads the the bills outside of the drafters. And just because this shit has been going on for the last 20 years, doesn't mean it's the right way to run an organization, let alone a government. That's how obamacare got dumped on everyone's heads. Pelosi is a fine example of that stupidity.

771496 No.763864


Must be. Apparently, an exodus is taking place.

0bf22b No.763865

http:/ /freebeacon.com/national-security/house-probe-accuses-clapper-misleading-congress/

52ebe6 No.763866


ahhh yesss letss compromise the hugest takedown in history so that u can impress ur libtard friends a little early

27b59f No.763867


they're fuckin always on leave

maybe it should bite em in the ass for once

21a357 No.763868


I thought Congress was going to be adjourned starting Monday until first week of April.???

c78f7f No.763869

Leverage now, Veto Omnibus

979b78 No.763870




A boom is the investigation ACTUALLY being shut down

Anything short of that is a


At best

21b5ec No.763871

File: b783def7bbd3b46⋯.png (76.04 KB, 638x622, 319:311, c1.PNG)

Holy Shit. New data for 3/22 is in http:// qest.us.Is this what I think it is? Is Margaret Whitman using Hewlett Packard as her personal ATM? I mean, is this legal?

5eb473 No.763873


Thank you, pocket veto.


Not sure about line item veto powers either. Would be nice if the office does have that ability.

e6cc4b No.763874

McMaster getting the boot is a pretty big deal.

4b4cf2 No.763876

We need to start "calling" loudly for a special counsel to look into the FISA abuses (basically support Jim Jordan/Godlatte and other congressman.

Make you memes/call your congressman.

Fight Fight Fight.

It needs the public support.

They work for us.

They want to do this, but they need our support or the MSM tears this thing up.

979b78 No.763877









A "little early"

If anything it's long over due

6ed8d0 No.763878


Keep your enemies confused.

"We will not telegraph our moves to the enemy"


I believe that ALL of what we are seeing is done purposely to keep the enemies guessing and off balance. That's probably why Q frequently says "Next week" all the time because soon the enemy will get more complacent and thus continue to expose themselves before POTUS & Q Team swoop in for the coup de grace. IMHO

a670cd No.763879

File: 177fa6b2f0b8a71⋯.jpg (13.92 KB, 255x245, 51:49, pepedjt.jpg)

Wow. Panic mode was no lie.

207d6a No.763880

File: c2101047dbef533⋯.png (349.83 KB, 1390x781, 1390:781, usdigitalservice.png)

File: 20603631655d6b4⋯.png (234.02 KB, 660x330, 2:1, matt-cutts-leaves-google.png)

File: 488833bbbec7161⋯.jpg (29.76 KB, 455x322, 65:46, matt-cutts.jpg)

File: 80621d99cac725b⋯.png (201.02 KB, 600x300, 2:1, matt-cutts-on-leave.png)

I see somebody mentioned

Obama Election Rigging U.S. Digital Service

Check this out Matt Cutts was one of TOP Google guys chief for search quality that is in tech TOP job in Google after that only business people go.

https:// techcrunch.com/2017/01/19/matt-cutts-usds-resigns-from-google/

Now he is in U.S. Digital Service he left his job in Google to serve his country KEK

Let me guess employed trough SAS?

He deleted his posts but in 2014 he was on leave from Google and 2016 he went to volunteer from mid summer till November that turned out to be 'staying' with U.S. Digital Service

If you ask me my opinion this is top Google guy embedded deep deep deep into our State.

771496 No.763881


It seems to me that POTUS is not adverse to just vetoing the whole thing and letting the government go into limbo.

5a77bd No.763882


They've done full wipes on subjects off just about everything. At least anything authoritative. I don't know if Trump's regained any measure of control there, but it doesn't look like it. So you end up looking crazy and it goes in the basket as "No proof".

4b4cf2 No.763883


With pocket veto, the bill goes to law after the ten days; however, if Congress adjourns during the 10-day period, the bill does not become law.

9613d6 No.763884

If you have been following Tom Paine today, you will be seeing March Madness all right

https:// twitter.com/Thomas1774Paine

This is beginning to become a whirlwind of activity.

e85adf No.763885

File: b9cf59741185a5e⋯.jpg (168.62 KB, 587x307, 587:307, temp002.jpg)


I agree, I stopped looking for a date for anything in Q drops, if he did that it would be counterproductive to the plan.

Same for framing the opposition…

491610 No.763886


Which is why boards like this are important to the eco system of information flowing freely.

5eb473 No.763887


Well shit, there goes that.

41c2c9 No.763888


This smacks of insider trading. Selling stock when it's low during the day, then the stock nearly doubles in price, and she sold the same number of shares at the higher price. Smart, technically legal (day trader stuff), but it smacks of insider trading and market manipulation.

4b4cf2 No.763889



but with the leaking before hand

it's like so what else is new…

bye mcmaster.

afed8a No.763890

File: 0123bfe78da9da7⋯.jpg (25.84 KB, 300x344, 75:86, 06ef4a10165b98fca70f5a223a….jpg)


I lived without a TV or internet for like 3 years. Just read history, philosophy and other shit i found interesting.

c2fe9f No.763891


Has the omnibus passed the Senate? I noticed during the presser today that they kept hammering on the "We're getting most of what we want in this" theme along with the "if it fails in the senate, the dems own it"

So I'm wondering if they are pushing on Dem's feels to see if they willforce a shutdown like happened last time?

41c2c9 No.763892


I suspect that what unites all of us here isn't autism, but the idea that all of us are GATE program rejects. Those that are extremely smart and learn in ways outside of academia, yet not dumb or docile enough to accept the programming.

796e71 No.763893

File: c3b344c7e516890⋯.jpeg (733.27 KB, 2732x2048, 683:512, beyondblueyonder.jpeg)


Very possible. Notice that most of the autists are just quietly working in the background while (((shills))) just spam and talk to each other to manufacture consensus and atmosphere.

I was in the bread for a good 10 minutes after it was posted. DEAD. even after the old bread was filled.

VERY coordinated.

Anons, fill this board with ACTUAL research.

Loop capital.

McLean, VA. Human trafficking, kidnappings. Focus on local mudslime populations and dems/spooks. For some reason McLean VA has HEAVY concentration of subhuman mudslimes.

HRC - CF - Haiti


@jack - @snowden - MZ. HEAVY ammo needed to push current avalanche of red pill regarding social media and censoring scum.

Catalyst Academy - israel connection.

jewish connection to social media - racial hatred of the west and others.

Abnormal overrepresentation of jews and israel-connected actors within the ((cabal)).

mudslime crimes in rotterham, UK, and other places. mudlimes HEAVILY involved in drug and human trafficking in europe and US.

Media hatred for 2nd Amendment.




4b4cf2 No.763894


Looking forward to it.

6ed8d0 No.763895


Exactly. Just think, if Q posted stuff on this board for us to figure out, it is absolutely probable that if we can figure it out-so can the enemy who are clearly watching this board like hawks. It HAS to be this way in order to win the end game.

0bf22b No.763896

http:// freebeacon.com/national-security/house-probe-accuses-clapper-misleading-congress/

Report says FBI improperly charged Flynn with lying..




Who knows where the bodies are buried?


5eb473 No.763897

a670cd No.763899

File: a4086c88e4f1d27⋯.jpg (10.5 KB, 255x137, 255:137, 3cd84d4fb02704600ec9fe2678….jpg)

hey concernfags, come see the MUH HABENINGS

afed8a No.763900

File: aa9759165ebbd8f⋯.jpeg (182.99 KB, 640x960, 2:3, aa9759165ebbd8fb3bdcda33a….jpeg)


Yea but Europe/Israel shills will start in an hour or two.

771496 No.763901


I have to admit, if I'm in here, I'm not working. Or at least usually that is the case. I've got a major upload going on in the background.

0bf22b No.763902


65 yea 32 nea

77d298 No.763904


Just because I want actual happenings to be done with show of actions instead of just words does not make a shill. Q keeps promising things that never happen, if Snowden flipped already why can’t they throw a power punch at the msm instead of those gay jabs that do nothing to the entrenched msm. If Q is right all along, you never trust someone 100% until they’ve proven with actions, which he hasn’t. So you can keep your libtard shill comment to yourself.

9f73c9 No.763905


As Breitbart put it, this bill is "Christmas in the Spring" for the Dems. If it passes, it destroys everything we have worked for since day 1.

207d6a No.763906


>Batch 932 Notables

>>>752776 Obama Election Rigging U.S. Digital Service

a6ddf3 No.763907

File: b97dce11b8dbe6c⋯.jpg (774.67 KB, 1860x1858, 930:929, goodcat1.jpg)

c2fe9f No.763908


meh. oh well, it's up again in 6 months. A lot of shit can happen in 6, as we know.

c78f7f No.763909


Leverage Lost

771496 No.763910


A whole lot can happen in one week lately.

e85adf No.763911

File: 23414fca4dc4832⋯.jpg (169.16 KB, 587x307, 587:307, temp002.jpg)


Same true about the arrests, if they don't know who is going down when and for what and how, it makes it better to be successful.

a670cd No.763912

I'm giving it til the midterms. Any good stuff will come out then for max effectiveness.

a8649c No.763913


You need to keep an eye on this, although small it looks like she now has a pattern, 6 days between the last and the next, then she will buy and sell for 2 days then wait another 6 days….So the 28th she'll do this again?

796e71 No.763914


Dubs of foundation checked.

Also, 'europe' meaning mudslime scums in EU.

Familiar with their kind - ALL must be killed/expelled. Plenty of criminal elements within that range.

Military action will become necessary.

771496 No.763915


We need to be further along by midterms, for sure.

9f73c9 No.763916


This bill absolutely confirms beyond any shadow of a doubt that we have not done one meaningful thing since day 1. The NWO is stronger than ever and has not been weakened one iota in any area. Everything we've done has been a lie and wasted. Nobody is running scared. Nobody is in jail. Not one thing has changed from Obama's terms.

The last hope is that POTUS vetoes. He's said he will sign. We can only pray.

4b4cf2 No.763917


>https:// twitter.com/Thomas1774Paine

And promises made, promises kept.

You will be pleasantly surprised then.

It's ok.

I waiver back and forth.

Too much chatter now for me so I'm back to believing.

I'm sure I'll be back to wondering what kind of larp we were a part of. I mean just a couple of days ago I was there.

796e71 No.763918


Keep at it, baker. Appreciate your works.

MKultra is a deeper hole than I thought.

05e341 No.763919

File: 9b4ddcf27cc3174⋯.jpg (366.83 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, spamshill.jpg)


They're still here.

6ed8d0 No.763920


Yes. 40/60. Public "show"/Private, behind-the-scenes show….let that sink in.

27b59f No.763921


Big T didn't like us.

It just doesn't stick.

771496 No.763922


More people are aware. That was our job, by the way. Greater awareness is key. The plan can't move forward without it.

afed8a No.763923


Fucking awesome pic. Two of the sexiest planes ever. Cant tell if i like the fortress or the gustav more.

c2fe9f No.763924


I''m not sharing in your concerned misery, sorry. None of this is over yet, not by a long shot.

If you were pinning all of your hopes on this monstrosity of a bill, you're probably here for the wrong reasons.

771496 No.763925


We'll need a new baker for the next bake. I'll be going to bed soon.

049438 No.763926

Any graphic anons able to do a SxS of the administration in Jan. vs. today with Pompeo/Bolton additions? We've al been feeling the changes but I think it would help the almonds to see all of the changes in graphic form. Anyone concur? graphic, not literaryfag.

491610 No.763927

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Senior Executive Service (Kristine Marcy) - George Webb

796e71 No.763928

File: e18cde21ecfdc0b⋯.jpeg (7.65 KB, 200x151, 200:151, targetinsight.jpeg)


nice try (((shilly hoe))).



Be warned, anons. (((shills))) try to sound like one of you by mimicking your thought patterns, tugging at your fears/insecurities/doubts.

This is how (((they))) operate.

(((glowing niggers))) will be found.

d86cc9 No.763929





I think the pocket veto is the only thing that fits the "10 days of darkness." It takes 10 days for the pocket veto to happen, and when it does the government will shut down, which fits when Q said the ten days would happen.

However the democrats would likely do everything they could to fight the pocket veto.

In 1938, the Supreme Court reversed itself in part in Wright v. U.S., ruling that Congress could designate agents on its behalf to receive veto messages when it was not in session

George Bush pocket vetoed something in 2007, even though the House of Representatives had designated agents to receive presidential messages before adjourning. In the end, the House of Representatives did not attempt to override the veto. This was not the first time that a president has attempted to pocket veto a bill despite the presence of agents to receive his veto message. Both George H. W. Bush and Bill Clinton made similar attempts, and Abraham Lincoln used it against the Wade-Davis Bill in 1864.

e8b976 No.763930



Thank you BO.


77d298 No.763931


No, we can’t even get the ball rolling on libtards because Q has done NOTHING to put a dent into the entrenched msm and that’s why it’s hard to redpill libtards. They’re stealing elections and mocking Trump and Q at free will for a year and a half and you still think it’s early?? How long is the storm going to take, 8 years????

771496 No.763932


I thought she was dead. Did she fake her suicide? Or did I experience an ME?

74524e No.763933

File: c3b344c7e516890⋯.jpg (733.27 KB, 2732x2048, 683:512, c3b344c7e516890ed70f43ea7b….jpg)

File: 70483be954dc9fe⋯.png (11.89 KB, 327x96, 109:32, Unknown.png)



Hey guys should we go down this rabbit hole U.S. Digital Service you remember those Google AI and "Obama's secret computers" stuff that was rumored what do you think?

9f73c9 No.763934


If a surprise veto occurred, everything would fall into place perfectly. Shutdown. Market crashes. And it goes on from there. This is why, historically and statistically, a veto is so far beyond impossible that it's not even necessary to turn on the news.

049438 No.763935


I'm drunk, but experienced. I'll take it unless other baker would prefer to to. AK anon so it's only 11:15 in my world.

a670cd No.763936


you don't need permission to research anon. have at it.

21b5ec No.763937


Not so small looks like she made almost 3 mill the last 2 days

3c994c No.763938

Ever notice when you build a house it takes forever to do the ground work first ..

Bring water, sewers, piping, foundation, ..

In Trump and Sessions case , they have just finished the ROUGH IN…..

Ever notice once you're above ground building the house is very quick..

Well This week I thing Trump and Sessions are ready to build …

c34c07 No.763939

Trump and Q are fucking up

491610 No.763940

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



She is still very much alive and still the head of the Senior/Secret Executive Service SES

https:// youtu.be/b9lEtLZm3bE

9f73c9 No.763941


The market is going to surge today like it has never surged before. A 1000+ point gain is almost guaranteed. If I had a billion dollars I would pour it into the DOW right now.

771496 No.763942


Drunk? Are you sure you'll be awake?

74524e No.763943


Sure now I go to sleep tomorrow I will read about USDS all I can find.

5eb473 No.763944


It would be a good strategy to use. Unless the POTUS has some other card he's trying to play. Never know with that sly fox.

b22bc7 No.763945


Here those BOOMS? That's the sounds of work being done.

Hammers of FREEDOM!

290d7b No.763946


https: //truepundit.com/fbi-insiders-blow-whistle-massive-las-vegas-cover-agents-told-not-investigate-key-evidence-including-isis-terror-link-mandalay-bay-massacre/

He's alluding to multiple shooters in LV but FBI told to shut up. Says he'll be adding lots more information in the near future.

05289f No.763947

Enjoy your filter

77d298, c34c07

no yous from me…

d28570 No.763948

File: c8ef733c59f0e0f⋯.jpg (17.29 KB, 399x280, 57:40, e5a7a6e5107d807e4c3a03c23a….jpg)


>I've got a major upload going on in the background.

a92f83 No.763949

File: c5b757b38645d8a⋯.jpg (309.37 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, True Pun on LV jpg.jpg)

e8b976 No.763950


Do you know who that is that you just posted there?

That's a bad, bad, dude. Black hat, black op, and he's going to be spending time in Gitmo, very soon.

afed8a No.763951

File: 0b351a6d9e42ef1⋯.jpg (42.21 KB, 750x591, 250:197, 2e8f11ba9836df6189c7903a64….jpg)


Trump wont veto its pointless. Why are you guys turning on Trump every fucking week and still coming back here. Bunch of coalburner kikes like Ann Coulter.

771496 No.763952


Wow. Well, I could swear her own brother said she committed suicide. I've got to go look over there now. It wouldn't be the first time I experienced an ME.

796e71 No.763953

File: 6e31f290401a486⋯.png (445.76 KB, 708x443, 708:443, jewssuckcock.png)


Done sucking (((yuriel's))) cock I see. Unforunately for you, world is not a deviant queer like rest of you kike scum.


You can be our block bitch though.

a8649c No.763954


Small being the pattern. pattern started on the 7th……7th 8th (wait 6 days) 14th 15th (wait 6 days) 21st 22nd….Will she continue with the 6 days wait?

e85adf No.763955


kek -→ Arkancide Graphic!

491610 No.763956


Kristine Marcy Founder of SES Surrenders to Field McConnell

https:// youtu.be/b9lEtLZm3bE


049438 No.763957

File: 1f9799778c2a095⋯.jpg (1.97 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, IMG_2845.JPG)


I read you loud and clear anon. Kek.

e8b976 No.763958

026d3d No.763959


yup GATE kid tested 158…. once the GATE classes became optional i wasn't interested in signing up for more schoolwork… not that i ever did any anyways

491610 No.763961


Explain your accusations….


afed8a No.763962


Sorry wrong poster. I actually agree with you lol.

e8b976 No.763963

Field McConnell is not a whitehat bro

21b5ec No.763964


Sorry I misunderstood.

Yes the 28th might be next.

I do not think hp shareholders would be thrilled by this.

02bfe3 No.763965


"I'm drunk, but experienced."

That's an excellent pick up line.

e8b976 No.763966

That's why he works with people like Jason and Tracy lol

b22bc7 No.763967


wtf is GATE? Is that the 'problem kids' class that doubled as study hall?

c2fe9f No.763968

File: a5f05ed672da59f⋯.png (359.57 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, a5f05ed672da59f2861bca2337….png)


…aaaand there it is.. All for a larp? Mmmkay. Thanks for the confirms. Those ones were too stupid to sex up the copypasta correctly, kek.

77d298 No.763969


That’s exactly how I feel! I want him to speak to us with actions instead of words. I can also tell you that my team is going to wipe out the cabal and free us from their reign. Does it make it true? No. He doesn’t have to expose himself, just throw a punch with actions that the msm can’t hide and we will get the ball rolling from there.

771496 No.763970


How do you figure?

491610 No.763971


Explain yourself….

e8b976 No.763972

He's not. Sorry if you bought that cringey "Devil Sister/Angel Brother" cartoon psyop, but it's 100% bullshit

339806 No.763973

has anyone actually looked at the extradition policies of India? they are quite weird…..

it looks like they have some type of clause for political issues….

kind of fucking weird if you ask me…. alot of caluses in this shit..

http:// www.mea.gov.in/Images/CPV/leta/USA.pdf

1d11a5 No.763974

frog cult? what did I miss?


9613d6 No.763975


He is either a nutcase or a black hat running a limited hangout

Google this to learn more

Limited Hangout

491610 No.763976


That's not a legitimate answer….

796e71 No.763977

File: d469dfa707f4634⋯.jpeg (9.2 KB, 251x248, 251:248, laughingpepe.jpeg)


You see that many (((shills))) are actively devolving faster than their intended 'targets'.

((cabal)) loves to use its #1 (((useful idiot))) tribe.

9613d6 No.763978


Field McConnell

df4b0c No.763979

trade war on full boar rush. oh… end of the world as we know it… 3 years THEY have said that. not one single American will be affected. what the fuck does that say? huh? hey CLOWN? 3… years…? avoid the rope. you lost. stop. (unless you still believe POTUS can be taken out… turn 70?… are you retarded?, yup) stop now dummy.

771496 No.763980


There are still references out there. Not sure what to think about that.

049438 No.763981


Ahhhh….I still have a dozen beers to cycle. Should have said buzzed. It's 11:20 here and I stay up till 5am AKST nightly. Here usually, been so since Oct., and Mindmapfags Central OP. No worries Brotha. I just don't generally jump at the chance to bake every emergency…other anons need TO LEARN.

e8b976 No.763982


Lol I didn't say I was going to write you a book, I said you're stupid for not knowing this and childish for having been duped by such a cringey psyop. Some psyops are understandable to get taken by but that one is def obvious.

Just look into it yourself.

796e71 No.763983


Excellent, thank you anon.

049438 No.763984


c2fe9f No.763985


God they were falling out of the woodwork as fast as they could be mocked earlier today.. Still weaksauce but the numbers… wew…

049438 No.763986



9613d6 No.763987



Saw the video and nobody surrendered.

He hasn't had contact with his sister for years. Calls her names all over the INternet. So she wrote him a letter but he didn't say what was in it.

Nutcase, BlackHat


You decide

491610 No.763988


You lazy shill like blurbs do nothing to fortify your stance

74524e No.763989

File: 4f78a337a8ed04a⋯.jpg (326.17 KB, 1600x1599, 1600:1599, 03_Feb_Outside_150.jpg)


good baker :) for morning bread

27b59f No.763990


10 days less Sundays

not sure how/if Easter or other holidays change things

796e71 No.763991


Bear in mind, at least 40% are actual ((useful idiots)). Think half-chan style brats and bitches.


9f73c9 No.763992


GATE is the latest board slide. When something comes up out of the blue that isn't news, and within 3 minutes, half the board is talking about nothing else, that's a slide.

049438 No.763993


Let's keep her stirring Lad.

620269 No.763994


This. I will lose a ton of respect for the president if he signs. He should veto it, bring over the leaders of both houses to read through it and debate it. Doesn't matter if he cleans it all out, we have to wait eons for arrests and justice and cures and all these other things that will make our life better, but the politicians can't fucking be bothered to take the time to read through a law and do their fucking job? Its only down to the last minute because they purposely did it that way to ram this through.

But trust the process. OK, lets go through the Q drops. Lets dig Q says. Here we go, what about this one.

Review Congressional investigation.

Re_read drops PP.

We are working to END.


Oh Bullshit you are working to end, you just funded them a shit load of money over 6 months. Either they are evil and need to be shut down or not. So chips down, if Q is from the administration and this is signed, Trump is funding evil (Q's words not mine), by that logic Trump and Q cannot be supported (because they are funding evil, same as the bad guys). Or do I wait and trust the process and the next time Trump has a chance to fund evil, he won't. Either we stop evil or we don't.

Review the Congressional investigation on PP.

Be prepared for what you learn.

Next question - how are they allowed to operate?

These people are SICK!


How are they allowed to operate? If Trump does not veto I have my answer.

41c2c9 No.763995


Our GATE program was mandatory if you tested at a certain score and your parents wanted you in. It ended as soon as you entered the Honors program.


Gifted And Talented Education. A way of separating the smart kids from everyone else. Included a lot of indoctrination type stuff. Most of us here went through GATE, but we didn't succumb to the programming. Gotta program those smart kids or they'll figure out the truth.

b44da6 No.763996


Your not alone anon, I'm a gate kid too. I can remember doing the flashcards and inkblots in 1st grade. They even pulled me out of class once in 4th grade to give me a hammer and a computer in the library and told me to 'disassemble it' as far as possible. Even went to a 'special' highschool where I was the only person to ever graduate and get a diploma. Worked with nonprofits, goverment, cia, and telecom and energy executives as a teen, thought it was totally normal… even had pedo preist tried to molest me and later in my life re-establish contact to try to implant the idea to become a knight of malta, like I forgot about him trying to molest me..we don't tell our stories often cause ppl just think we are weird, or are not interested.

9613d6 No.763997


Oh, so you are a family friend?

Then how do you know he is her brother?

Does he sound like he is from Natchez Mississippi?

771496 No.763998

The MZ news is something of a boom, too.

771496 No.763999


Field McConnell is her brother. He has his Abel Danger site.

e85adf No.764000


MSM called out a "Alt-Right Frog Cult" as the FBI would be looking into, as Q said.

I did not save the sauce, but some tweets slid by 2 breads ago about it.

b22bc7 No.764001


Ahh…. yeah, I guess our school was too lazy to put in any work.

96696a No.764002


Retired pilot?

This is the reported email

From Kristine Marcy to Field

339806 No.764003


wrong email

96696a No.764004

File: b6ee90797bc0c4b⋯.jpg (63.01 KB, 928x551, 32:19, IMG_2116.JPG)

4b4cf2 No.764005


I didn't say he would veto.

Just that it ws a choice.

People were asking what happens if he vetos, or what about the pocket veto.

Just providing info.

Cute graphic though.

I like trump. Not much could change that except if it turns out he's part of the cabal which I doubt very seriously.

a670cd No.764007

File: a4ac90977a39c0b⋯.jpg (18.62 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 70de1a142294ee4242edc89dae….jpg)

keep twatting @realdon to VETO that shit!

940087 No.764008

File: 752c64908776ef0⋯.png (785.3 KB, 960x720, 4:3, 1521789191321.png)

339806 No.764009

anyone know where HRC is at today?

21b5ec No.764010

Q, if reading this, I and many other true believers are confused. This budget seems to be the antithesis of all things Trump. How can we hold house and senate with this? And then bogus impeachment. And then civil war.

This cannot be the plan.

Can you tell us what's going on please?

72111a No.764011

File: 764dbfce0fa95ea⋯.jpg (66.01 KB, 788x523, 788:523, Lamo.jpg)

File: 44ec2173ccbc694⋯.jpg (313.62 KB, 1874x964, 937:482, Lamo_2.jpg)

File: 5c1e9da8fd8ef53⋯.jpg (114.94 KB, 1074x561, 358:187, poulsen.jpg)


Found this related to Poulsen.

339806 No.764012


wrong email

491610 No.764013

File: cc62facd87bcaf9⋯.png (58.74 KB, 611x790, 611:790, screenshot_263.png)

File: eb67c0a99a75d84⋯.png (136.12 KB, 613x792, 613:792, screenshot_264.png)

File: 9f3707f4790d15c⋯.png (266.71 KB, 612x790, 306:395, screenshot_265.png)

File: 1cb77916ff3389c⋯.png (240.79 KB, 613x792, 613:792, screenshot_266.png)

This is for all the lazy cunts on the board tonight….

fc5e83 No.764014

Wikileaks Bombshell: Podesta Emails Prove Facebook Colluded With Hillary Clinton During Election

https:// truepundit.com/wikileaks-bombshell-podesta-emails-prove-facebook-colluded-with-hillary-clinton-during-election/

b44da6 No.764015

File: 809a6802e9a39c0⋯.png (99.26 KB, 197x603, 197:603, Capture.PNG)

File: 54290fbc1b72a56⋯.png (76.69 KB, 1076x480, 269:120, Capture2.PNG)



What is BOOM?

96696a No.764016

c2fe9f No.764017


>Did (((shills))) just have a shift change?

I think they're pulled back for now, to analyze what happened to them since the weekend.

They know that several anons are analyzing their patterns now.

a670cd No.764018

File: 9e0896d15a932c8⋯.jpg (17.46 KB, 255x215, 51:43, balls.jpg)

51d3a4 No.764019


Even with the mild selloff, most stocks are very profitable for long-term holders given the rise from 2009. Few ever sell at the very top cause who knows what that is.

049438 No.764020


ATP = Academically Talented Program. Invitation usually comes out of the blue, not expecting it. Then the offer comes immediately to make the choice to leave your friends all behind to immerse into the program or deny the chance of a lifetime, never to be offered again. I did a semester of it in 5th grade back in 1982 and said fuck the indoctrination, I want to hang with my friends, only to get high and party all through my teens. Never regretted it, still went MI on my ASVABS at 17, graduated a semester early.

9f73c9 No.764021


Two consecutive elections have been rigged while the rigging was fully known but ignored. Now this. NOBODY would sign this bill if they were not Deep State. NOBODY. Our last hope is that it will not be signed, but I don't see that happening. At some point we're going to have to pull our heads out of the clouds and start acknowledging what is happening around us: 100% Deep State, 0% Storm beyond talk.

The support for Q, on the whole, will not recover from this bill being signed by POTUS. We looked the other way while 2 elections were knowingly handed to the Dems. Third time's a charm. Sign this bill more than 2/3 of the supporters are going to bail.

a670cd No.764022

File: 91f579eab552c54⋯.jpg (9.25 KB, 255x248, 255:248, freddienegan.jpg)


They just can't hang.

c2fe9f No.764023


This is top. kek. kekekek

b22bc7 No.764024


He's such a fucking pussy. My god…

06fcd7 No.764025


He was probably flipped in 91.

771496 No.764026


This is big, if true. Boom?

a670cd No.764027

File: 63555296bf7dba2⋯.jpg (9.09 KB, 255x128, 255:128, 4f99dd56f905fb3c0a1014dbe4….jpg)

0f160a No.764029

To those that fall into their new tactic…

Do you think "They" would put so much effort to discredit Q and this board, by ridiculing, disinformate and trying to demoralize anons, by calling all this a LARP, if it really were a LARP?

They are just plain afraid of us, and what of we are able to do. I am getting better in making red pills week by week. That is their biggest fear…

be4aa7 No.764030

File: 48473fd9db0e79b⋯.jpg (23.06 KB, 468x338, 18:13, man-sleep-in-chair.jpg)


Enjoy the show

e09706 No.764031

File: 3b6f961e93d5ecd⋯.jpg (368.62 KB, 1116x1677, 372:559, IMG_1203.JPG)

File: 32ed941cd6ab6d6⋯.jpg (372.1 KB, 1172x1679, 1172:1679, IMG_1204.JPG)

I saw some post about the deal in 1933 and remembered I had this, I have something on the US being bankrupt, the date was around the same year. I'll keep digging for it. I've got shit everywhere

10bdd1 No.764032

File: 5ab73c0ce7c5ec3⋯.jpg (124.47 KB, 621x960, 207:320, 1517535599608.jpg)

a670cd No.764033


I can see all the SRA videos, interviews, Pizzagate shit, but there's no way anon was sitting through watching "him" in India.

96696a No.764034

File: b6ee90797bc0c4b⋯.jpg (63.01 KB, 928x551, 32:19, IMG_2116.JPG)

771496 No.764035

I think a big reason we don't see more news about the storm is that the MSM is doing its best not to show anything related to that type of progress.

0eefc0 No.764036


We pray every day, (you) need to go back glowfag

82cacf No.764037


This was part of their insurance plan.

Q and team were getting us ready.

This is how they plan to frame Our POTUS, through Guccifer 2.0.

c78f7f No.764038

File: 8f8fbff52f40535⋯.png (83.1 KB, 274x535, 274:535, Infiltrated.png)

9f73c9 No.764039


You make good points, but NOTHING can continue on empty promises forever. At some point the Deep State has to take a hit and so far they have not. They just keep growing stronger and gaining momentum. At some point the workers need to see a paycheck (figuratively speaking). Real life isn't rigged Amazon where money will pour in for well over a decade without a profit ever being shown.

a670cd No.764040



Mil does NOT telegraph under Trump. AT ALL.

c2fe9f No.764041


Sessions is always grinning like the short kid that's about to teabag, and then piss all over, the school bully.

a20536 No.764042


I second that

Thank you , you must of read my mind


Not just Russian but all orthodox.

And it's hard to recognize them because they typically don't go around preaching. You have to want to come to them.

Over three years ago I thought I was ready to go again, buy I feel to my knees praying asking for God's love or what is the point staying and I was brought to the faith through a friend latter that month.

My life has changed. I'm still a sinner but and imperfect but I daily ask God for his forgiveness as I awaken after I thank him for waking me.

Was raised protestant non denominational. But true faith is orthodox faith. God amazes me all the time with wisdom he grants me. I will never be perfect for I was born with sin. But I have joy now. Everything I tried to fulfill me didn't until I bowed and begged God with tears to save me.

796e71 No.764043

File: 11e7df96aae6ed1⋯.jpg (78.64 KB, 600x819, 200:273, behindthecurtain.jpg)

File: 5d5383138e10795⋯.png (168.41 KB, 370x445, 74:89, bitchassmuslims.png)

File: 94a1568a6c5b923⋯.png (882.12 KB, 798x1192, 399:596, christkillers.png)

File: 10e150ef57c8744⋯.png (185.95 KB, 500x579, 500:579, deadgoatfuckers.png)

File: 2eed91ad8aeeff9⋯.jpg (209.36 KB, 1080x1081, 1080:1081, faggotcontainmentzone.jpg)


jidf debriefing session.

[We see ALL]

[We hear ALL]

>We are saving israel for last

>mudslime brotherhood

Reminder to anons that /ourguys/ in DC and beyond KNOW who these (((scum))) are.

Some more ammo for you, anons.

771496 No.764044


Yes, and we were told early on that would be the case.

9f73c9 No.764045


We already know that. Not news anymore. The only thing that will qualify as news is arrests.

06fcd7 No.764046


Cutts was the spokesperson for Google that interfaced with the SEO community.

The way AIM explained the U.S. Digital Service is it was compartmentalized and people were rotated so most were likely unaware of what they were participating in.

Not sure if that's true or not. But anons need to dig the fuck out of the U.S. Digital Services.

Hussein operated that shit out of the White House.

a670cd No.764047

File: 292db7b3a6d9de6⋯.jpeg (16.97 KB, 255x255, 1:1, cnnsucks.jpeg)

I firmly believe McBastard leaked that POTUS congratulated Putin. He was always leaking shit. Such a good little globalist. Glad he's gone.

27b59f No.764048

oh I found this earlier

seemed kind of interesting

http:// archive.is/QgxJG

>Denver International Airport


1d11a5 No.764049


TYVM anon

4b4cf2 No.764050

This is my most favorite look on Sessions face

THEY are stupid if they don't know what that means. LOL


0f160a No.764051

Nice Try 9f73c9 ;)

Nobody in here wants a paycheck.

Enjoy your filter.

759ff4 No.764052

Republican. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!

b3b046 No.764053


Big love anon.

I wish i had more friends like you.

a670cd No.764054

File: 089923d7332ef95⋯.jpg (25.5 KB, 564x378, 94:63, 2100640d5c4519b13bea649b51….jpg)

c2fe9f No.764055



Except for the clowns.. we know they want those shekels…

4b4cf2 No.764056


Yeah, maybe it was a test to see who was leaking.

Once I saw Mcmsater was out, I was like Ohhmmm he must a leaked about Congrats to Putin call.

796e71 No.764057



typical (((shill behavior))). Build up cred, try to slip a mickey poison later.

(((shill))) 101, anons. Be alert.

27b59f No.764059


I think you do.

We're just estranged.

290d7b No.764060

File: 5bb11711fe26199⋯.png (272.23 KB, 731x352, 731:352, electionrigging9.PNG)

File: d0665a09b81111b⋯.png (366.68 KB, 669x708, 223:236, electionrigging8.PNG)

File: bc210fc3384d6f4⋯.png (715.11 KB, 673x675, 673:675, electionrigging7.PNG)

File: be2894dcfff3590⋯.png (262.27 KB, 654x506, 327:253, electionrigging6.PNG)

File: 04263398a257a3d⋯.png (431.86 KB, 721x605, 721:605, election rigging5.PNG)


I'm sure he is deep state. Wonder if he's still working for US Digital Service.

I found info on election rigging on this site.

https:// www.fbcoverup.com/docs/cyberhijack/cyber-hijack-findings.pdf

That led me down rabbit hole and found all these articles.

http:// swampland.time.com/2012/11/20/friended-how-the-obama-campaign-connected-with-young-voters/

https ://theintercept.com/2016/04/22/googles-remarkably-close-relationship-with-the-obama-white-house-in-two-charts/

http ://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3554953/Google-staffers-meetings-White-House-staggering-427-times-course-Obama-presidency-averaging-week.html

https ://googletransparencyproject.org/articles/googles-white-house-meetings

https ://www.nytimes.com/2014/08/12/us/politics/ex-google-engineer-to-lead-fix-it-team-for-government-websites.html

bded0d No.764061

File: 25e7277a2d5469d⋯.jpeg (67.44 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, DXy3dGVVQAEVMJ4.jpeg)


Same story. Great write up and once again, I'm honored to be here with all of you. Thanks for never letting them buy you off or break you.

b44da6 No.764062

File: c6ac9bd81a04002⋯.jpg (240.14 KB, 1006x1356, 503:678, DWmzNMGU8AAYE4V.jpg)


>GATE is the latest board slide. When something comes up out of the blue that isn't news, and within 3 minutes, half the board is talking about nothing else, that's a slide.

Shills and CINiggers Don't like us talking about GATE because it is related to MKULTRA and FINDERS programs which are related to ORION and SIRIUS

c2fe9f No.764063

File: 41bc8f8a61546f4⋯.jpg (63 KB, 749x424, 749:424, cfc92103569bb8e1da5b12f642….jpg)

File: 4a996f61f6abc73⋯.jpg (10.91 KB, 255x144, 85:48, 4a996f61f6abc737dfdb197525….jpg)


He gets that face quite often apparently, kekekek

bded0d No.764064


Yes…Implement DOUBT. It's the same everywhere, play off your fears. Or…create fears and then play you off the illusion they created.

Stop being bad.

a670cd No.764065

File: 521a86d5aac73af⋯.jpeg (15.66 KB, 255x191, 255:191, 7a0a27aa284c9bb8d77b788ef….jpeg)

717165 No.764066


Look up True Believer. That shit wont work here.

God Bless America.

c2fe9f No.764067

File: 1472df9d6b6605a⋯.png (165.06 KB, 1166x956, 583:478, 1472df9d6b6605a1cd2cd1fa4d….png)

File: 2338e8815e5e51d⋯.png (151.43 KB, 1197x1559, 1197:1559, 2338e8815e5e51dd6198718f0f….png)

File: 983592645d6fcae⋯.jpg (77.17 KB, 712x539, 712:539, 983592645d6fcaec960fe59cb1….jpg)


But that anon is right, clown.. Here, do some reading:

c78f7f No.764068


DOUBT = Devil's Wedge

96696a No.764070

File: 5bfa570114a6e32⋯.jpg (64.54 KB, 928x405, 928:405, IMG_2118.JPG)

339806 No.764072


>http:// archive.is/QgxJG

whats your take on this?

e85adf No.764073

File: fdf685ac9c357e2⋯.jpg (378.54 KB, 1129x765, 1129:765, Google Search for JEW - No….jpg)

File: 5a85f1d33f180af⋯.jpg (472.65 KB, 1115x694, 1115:694, Google Search for JEW - Re….jpg)

File: 75125179cc31958⋯.jpg (407.73 KB, 1129x765, 1129:765, Google Search for JEW - SP….jpg)

File: 58cb35453346b82⋯.jpg (380.05 KB, 1129x765, 1129:765, Google Search for NIGGER -….jpg)

I am about to turn in for night and may not respond if sleeping…

But if you do not think that Jooz influence GOOGLE. Here are some screen caps from 2009.

Same search was repeated using term "Nigger".

Notice "NIGGER" has no offensive warnings…

Notice a difference!?

This anon has been watching censorship shit for long time.

c2fe9f No.764074


Technique #2. Consensus cracking. → >>764067

Clowns will try to sow FUD wherever and whenever they can.

34153d No.764075


v/pizzagaters found that the Podesta's cousin, Patti Paule-Carres incorporated a business called Gucifer, could this be related?

(business might have been for international adoption)

759ff4 No.764076

I am sorry. But he pissed me off!

a670cd No.764077

File: 057e817ec759324⋯.jpg (253.96 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, 057e817ec759324f799374f9b3….jpg)

2655c7 No.764078

Never forget what the communists and globalists did to the German people during the final days of WW2 and during the occupation. They want to do the same to us here in the US. The UK, France, and Russia should all be viewed as enemies of the American people. All traitors should hang now. Enough is enough. There are 18,000 sealed indictments. Drop the fucking hammer already.

7ba495 No.764079


I think with the Thomas Paine tweet and True pundit article the shills are in shuffle trying to determine what to do next.

c2fe9f No.764080


Space Jesus loves you, unless you're a baby eater.

c2fe9f No.764081

These findings concerning the clowns, the bots, and their ways are being re-posted more for new visitors, so they don't get suckered into wasting their time. Hardened anons should already know all this shit.

How to Quickly Spot a Clown:

– Attempting to get a divisive or emotional knee-jerk trigger response from (you) to derail research is a red flag.

– Concern trolling and copy/pasta spam shilling that contradicts confirmed findings is another red flag.

Employing faux debate tactics: Generalizations, gas-lighting, misdirection, false equivalences, confusing correlation with causality, appeal to authority, transference, false precepts, personal attacks, straw-men, red herrings, etc. are all yet another red flag.

Promoting social ethics that are disingenuous, such as doxxing anyone, "reverse psychology" ploys or ones based on lying to the American People; These are obvious red flags.

Promoting tactics that are unethical, illegal or involve violence outside the scope of the Law are huge red flags.

Employing Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt tactics for any reason is highly suspicious.

This is just a subset of the disinformation tactics employed. A complete write-up is available here: https:// vigilantcitizen.com/latestnews/the-25-rules-of-disinformation/

How to spot a Clown's bot

– NEVER KNOWINGLY ENGAGE A CLOWN OR BOT DIRECTLY. It just wastes bread with their responses, and hands them a target to lock on to. If you suspect a clown or bot is trying to engage (you), the countermeasures will force the wrangler to earn it, which usually outs them; They are lazy.

It seems that the easiest way to get a bot wrangler to give their (you) to you is to fuck with the bots by proxy, either by copy/pasting the user's ID as a quoted reference instead of tagging its actual post link in your response, or by answering it with text in an image (or both) until they start fucking up because they can't lock onto a target phrase correctly.. Doing this can also make the bots look artificially erratic, and easier for other anons to spot. It also makes it so the wranglers HAVE TO engage.

What we know about the cl0wnbots

Require a handler to watch for, target, and be in the thread

Can not enter threads themselves

Can pick up random or contradictory meme flags

Consist of multiple bots that respond to posts and each other, and can create posts

Appear to activate on lists of trigger words; these can change over time

Use a combination of legit pasta, pre-written points, or spam targeted at sliding the thread

Have unwittingly pasta'd supportive posts

Are employed mostly at night and on weekends (US time)

Add to bump limits

Can be filtered by ID once they are observed

Are not perfected and can be easily spotted

Were tested briefly prior to being deployed starting on the /CBTS/ boards

Have certain flaws that can cause them to misfire in sometimes comical ways

The handlers can make bogus clown threads, but also can be confused by accidental ones

Handlers, as of now, cannot access the servers

Have still not succeeded in their mission

Still can't meme

Still can't meme

1c243b No.764082



c7dbca No.764083

Is POTUS going to sign this spending bill?

c2fe9f No.764084


Per presser today, yes.

796e71 No.764085

File: cbf7f579b3d71f4⋯.jpg (152.07 KB, 650x500, 13:10, donnewera.jpg)


Be warned that legitimate causes for anger/rage/wrath aka jewish issue, mudslime criminal behavior etc ust not be derailed by this. Anons, learn to recognize legitimate anger/hatred vs retard (((shill))) provocations.

ALL will FALL.

a670cd No.764086

Hope not. Make sure to Twat him to veto it!

89eaf3 No.764087


I didn't realize frog had dicks…. Funny

dc3735 No.764088



0f160a No.764089

Let em come… Let em change their tactics on a weekly basis…

I'll handle this as training lessons.

c7dbca No.764090


What kind of bullshit is that?

771496 No.764091


This is where I learned of it.

https:// youtu.be/hGxWd4zQix0

fd6ee0 No.764092

File: 6bada8a4ed87142⋯.jpg (82.46 KB, 628x359, 628:359, council.jpg)

File: c59236935b6666b⋯.jpg (102.09 KB, 672x761, 672:761, NZ-US-Council.jpg)

I believe he was trying to draw our attention to Obummers latest Travels

fe6528 No.764093

Sauce for Rezvi Traverse research. Please add to bread, very important link from Suhail Rizvi to Richard Branson. I think this is the connection with Hugh Hefner, @Jack, Hollywood, Prince Alaweed bin Talal and more.

https:// threadreaderapp.com/thread/974329453752082434.html

c2fe9f No.764094


That is one well hung frog. How many agents would want a pecker that touches their kneecap?

Probably all of them.. All the ones that come here and post seem to be fighting the psychological effects of micro-penis..

d28570 No.764095

File: fd6b7b934033113⋯.png (221.66 KB, 486x749, 486:749, 57228493499bc-andrew-basia….png)


Add to notables, baker?

5b6597 No.764096

File: 9bffba6358cc118⋯.png (216.57 KB, 612x408, 3:2, 20180303_105627.png)


Ty… ûňþ Heil'd.

fc348c No.764097



049438 No.764098


Baker here, reading while kneading the dough as we speak.

dc3735 No.764099


I wonder if Q gets demoralized by the Republican corruption.

Also if he has the plan to avoid impeachment he should share it with us.

049438 No.764100


a8649c No.764101

If only for today, I feel like a member of congress….I don't know what's in the bill either.

339806 No.764102


kind of a far shot, we were going to find out anyways.

51d3a4 No.764103



Kudos for the late night (or early morning) laugh.

fd45f0 No.764104

File: bd2fa7cfa581e70⋯.jpg (143.89 KB, 749x500, 749:500, as76das8yhkbj.jpg)

fd6ee0 No.764105





fc348c No.764106

File: e22675f850523e6⋯.png (246.64 KB, 569x537, 569:537, screenshot_267.png)

https:// twitter.com/Thomas1774Paine/status/977092640264065024

fd6ee0 No.764107


His tweets serves to focus us and increase the heat by discussing it on this board

But we failed this one

8b7800 No.764108


Baker, i've got a list of expanded notables over at >>>/villageidiots/126 for the 946 bread.. feel free to nab the juiciest bits

049438 No.764109



added to bread; significant. ThanQ anon

c5f38f No.764110


Since yesterday, I've seen many complaints from anons about the omnibus bill. I understand, and don't necessarily disagree completely. I personally think the whole process of passing such a huge appropriations bill stinks. But please watch the press briefing from yesterday. Mick Mulvaney explains it better than any of the Congressmen I saw being interviewed yesterday. Key points to remember is that this bill is only for the next 6 months, and it has a lot of what POTUS wanted. Unfortunately, without a super majority in the Senate, this is the reality we have to deal with.

Here is the link to the briefing. It starts at 24:20. I'm sorry I'm not techie enough to clip only the relevant portion and imbed. Maybe another anon can do so?

https:// www. youtube.com/watch?v=oQo5Vqpvf9Y

7bbb97 No.764111


This is sliding or you don't understand perks of management. She has the option to exercise buying x amount of that stock at $9 due to previous part of her contract and sell on the market at whatever the going price- which is around $18 at this time.

e85adf No.764112

File: faf7844247f6953⋯.jpg (466.93 KB, 1300x866, 650:433, temp00x.jpg)

File: 08f51c2bcbb3b42⋯.jpg (330.68 KB, 921x1300, 921:1300, tempvtb.jpg)


049438 No.764113


Copy that anon, was just dallying about looking for missing notables to bring the bread current. This is Yuge, thanks! Good work!

7ba495 No.764114


I doubt it. This has been planned and is playing out how they expect it to. If we stay functioning they support us. I believe regardless of what happens to this board things will continue to move forward. They will make/ move to another board as required or necessary. I am sure they enjoy feeding us but ultimately we are a tool for a job and if a tool breaks you repair it or replace it.

63460c No.764115

Craigslist personals is offline.

The swamp is imploding bigly.

fe6528 No.764116


Watch the YT video when u can, he showed RBranson's island w/the chess board and temple.

15644c No.764117

is this the echo of a boom?

https:// theconservativetreehouse.com/2018/03/22/giddy-up-doj-admits-they-have-a-grand-jury-empaneled-in-fbi-and-doj-investigation/

fc348c No.764118

File: d31b6f4cdd93dc4⋯.png (309.92 KB, 569x541, 569:541, screenshot_268.png)

"mean spirited" he never visited the Chans KEk

https:// twitter.com/dcexaminer/status/977073976320065537

ef6a9b No.764119



dc3735 No.764120


Have not lost your touch, brother.

Any insight on the Q team next steps or how POTUS overcomes the congressional scum?

Rhetorical question.

e09706 No.764121

Girl from MD shooting had been in the hospital has died:(

314c84 No.764122




290d7b No.764123

File: 6130ab2c023828b⋯.png (110.23 KB, 818x373, 818:373, Rigpic1.PNG)

File: 9b247626cecd858⋯.png (51.01 KB, 794x131, 794:131, rigpic3.PNG)

File: a528f0f316aa0a2⋯.png (85.03 KB, 817x213, 817:213, rigpic2.PNG)

File: 80132e6dbb56bcc⋯.png (108.02 KB, 875x356, 875:356, rigpic4.PNG)

File: abbf4e3730d4706⋯.png (108.75 KB, 836x279, 836:279, rigpic5.PNG)


I FELT that this was also a good find. Wish I knew more about election law and if these things are normal in other Presidential elections. I've snipped some things that didn't sound right to me. Need smart law anon or election anon to direct if fishy or not.

https ://www.fbcoverup.com/docs/library/2016-11-01-Election-Infastructure-Preparedness-and-Response-Planning-Group-Concept-of-Operations-Unexecuted-Plan-for-Martial-Law-White-House-Nov-01-2016.pdf

dc3735 No.764124


Thanks anon, that is sort of heartening.

049438 No.764125


I will

8ced6e No.764126

File: 2d8924631b0a7d1⋯.png (844.42 KB, 1108x1280, 277:320, Screen Shot 34.png)

File: cbf4368eed2c397⋯.png (742.58 KB, 1100x1538, 550:769, Screen Shot 33.png)

File: 351012419e9177c⋯.png (1.13 MB, 1102x1362, 551:681, Screen Shot 31.png)

File: 654f6c29a01bc9a⋯.png (733.68 KB, 1086x1562, 543:781, Screen Shot 30.png)

File: d0f7216aa5e34d5⋯.png (176.03 KB, 1106x698, 553:349, Screen Shot 29.png)

Big day ahead anons. On this day in 1775, Patrick Henry delivered his famous speech - "Give me liberty, or give me death!"

339806 No.764127

has anyone seen the George Webb vid last one from today about the SES….the core 500 "lawyers" that each have a team of 11 people…..like a team….makes sense…..love to know more

fc348c No.764128


We need to keep things moving and in this case it was the vampire demoncrats "Schumer" wanting to line their pockets with an expensive tunnel in NYC….which is why these crooks need to be removed out of office….

1c243b No.764129


Hmm, he barely mentions it, and there is no story about it on their website other than the one about the house intel committee end their probe (which we already knew about).

70dbe5 No.764131


^^^^^^^^^ ===BAKER ADD TO BREAD===

f6a899 No.764132


Most of the autists are probably burnt out because originally Q made it sound like when GEOTUS returned from the Asia trip the whole world would be changed and here we are months later and nothing has really happened. And unlike Q, the autists aren't getting paid to do this.

fc348c No.764133

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

1c243b No.764134


All I can find on DDG is about Trump's lawyer resigning and the usual stuff about Trump going to meet with Mueller.

fc348c No.764135


Day 154.6 Drilling Down On the Fake Lawyers in the SES Core

https:// youtu.be/iLxRgls5Ess

0c3f79 No.764136


The camera is mounted incorrectly.

That mount/head's gonna rip itself apart eventually with all that weight.


I fucking love that lens.

b31491 No.764137


What storm?

89eaf3 No.764138


That's an intense read…. How much of it do you think is true?

c5f38f No.764139


Yes, I felt better after watching that. What we have to all remember it to vote in November. POTUS says over and over that we need more Republicans so the America First agenda can move forward.

I'm willing to bet that this group of Anons will be able to help with push to get out and vote, just like in 2016. And the election fraud issue will be dealt with by then. TRUST!

fe6528 No.764140


Summary: Suhail Rizvi has connection linking to Hugh Hefner (CIA), Twitter (CIA), Facebook (CIA), Prince Alwaleed bin Talal (UAE), Hollywood (CIA), Richard Branson, which all equal to PEDOGATE/Human Trafficking

dc3735 No.764141

File: f1b9ea4c298f80f⋯.jpg (11 KB, 236x236, 1:1, 2d527b064144d2ad6742552819….jpg)


Good summary.

bded0d No.764143

File: 045c9a33970215a⋯.jpg (49.06 KB, 962x566, 481:283, DVtJwPTXcAA0VvU.jpg)


No, I agree with you and him. I realized after I hit "Reply" that my wording sucked.

It's interesting how ALL of these programs work, from school to religion to shills in here, they just love sowing doubt and discord.

It's simple, Trump KNOWS about Q, and he would NOT lot Q go on if he was misleading us. This is a WAR, and that is a GENERAL, and he would not, unless he was trying to lose, allow this to continue.


c5f38f No.764144


Absolutely. See >>764139

b9be3f No.764145

File: 2a8a5b4568e7bb0⋯.jpg (416.24 KB, 1557x984, 519:328, QvsNWO2.jpg)

Fresh baked meme for all meme magicians.

Feel free to use it if you find it good.

1c243b No.764146

Interesting watch.

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=G2qIXXafxCQ

a70e8c No.764147

No way he signs that garbage … Something major is going to happen instead, no way would he say he would sign it and not. Something big has to occur to cover for him not signing it. Could be wrong, and if I am, it's going to take awhile for the shitter to be cleaned out.

049438 No.764148


Yup. We tied that together in November. Adding to Notables for newfags to play Kektchup. Much appreciated anon.

05e341 No.764149

Our rules page has been updated.


5b6597 No.764150

File: 499de82b7cd8fa7⋯.jpg (799.81 KB, 698x2000, 349:1000, 20180322_145811.jpg)


The crunch is coming. I hope all of the prep and putting it off save enough stupid communists ti justify the amount of kids the cabal eats daily. I donot care for the numbers myself.

innocent kids


lefitist scum

Makes me wonder about priorities.

The arrests are coming. As far as æı am concerned, all whom say nayght happens… are enemies og Q Grupen.

049438 No.764151


Baker reading now. Thanks BO.

7ba495 No.764152


We have been in the storm for 6 months. They are they'd get to fix the country with minimal damage. If we are lucky it will be cloudy skies with a chance of rain, not tornados and hurricanes

0f160a No.764153

Another nice try f6a899 ;)

Nobody in here wants a paycheck or gratification.

Enjoy your filter.

e09706 No.764154

File: 51a31c85f6876ff⋯.gif (162.85 KB, 470x470, 1:1, IMG_1085.GIF)

dc3735 No.764155


Good plan and progress, thank you.

a92f83 No.764156

File: 59f22362adfc1ec⋯.jpg (508.91 KB, 1200x907, 1200:907, MarineFlagIBOR.jpg)



b31491 No.764157

dccca5 No.764158


Facebook and Fuckerberg are in deep doggie do, and the company just lost 40 Billion in value. That's just the start of trouble for all of them, Google, YouTube, SnapChat, Twatter, are all going to be in World of hurt, thanks to the brand new EO. Sessions has a Special Counsel, a seasoned prosecutor working behind the scenes. There's been some very favorable changes in the WH Cabinet. Remind me, what was it Q said about people expecting that before there's a narrative shift and people are ready for it, the White Hats would just start making mass arrests? Do you even realize what's at stake here? They/We do not want people getting hurt if there's riots in the streets, and sure the NG could handle it, but it will just further polarize the Country. TRUST THE PLAN.

e09706 No.764159


Are you really that ignorant, never mind you are!!!

a92f83 No.764160

File: ae4dae584d68d8e⋯.jpg (144.37 KB, 1183x544, 1183:544, RidiculeJpg.jpg)


dc3735 No.764161


>save enough stupid communists ti justify the amount of kids the cabal eats daily.

Kek. Well said

thanks for the inspiration also.

2655c7 No.764162


I know It's frustrating having to wait. The Storm is real though. 18, 000 sealed indictments, hundreds of high level resignations, flights to gitmo, EOs, etc. It's only a matter of time before it all goes down. Treasonous scumbags like John Brennan wouldn't be appearing on low ratings news shows daily to talk shit about POTUS if he wasn't pissing in his pants right now. It's just a last attempt to divide but it won't work. I can't wait to watch Brennan have that arrogant look taken right off his fucking face.

049438 No.764163

File: 9f25a2fe7a1772a⋯.png (424.37 KB, 3320x936, 415:117, Screen Shot 2018-03-23 at ….png)



New rules per BO. All anons read and be responsible for yourselves. Concernfags go back. Free speech is part of the MAGA plan.

Much respect to BO for the safe COMMS on this platform. Thanks and please keep up the voodoo that you do.

a92f83 No.764164

File: 38eb54430033cf1⋯.jpg (270.75 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, TYALLjpg.jpg)


b41d2b No.764165

File: 1082bfdaf6947b7⋯.jpg (129.82 KB, 1124x221, 1124:221, buddys.jpg)

File: ec4731e08edb8a3⋯.jpg (48.68 KB, 744x117, 248:39, buddy2.jpg)

http:// www.tabletmag.com/scroll/200430/when-trump-screwed-gaddafi

https:// www.washingtontimes.com/news/2015/jan/28/hillary-clinton-undercut-on-libya-war-by-pentagon-/

1c243b No.764166


Understood and on it.

fd45f0 No.764167

File: 40bc9efe0b56701⋯.png (11.23 KB, 255x217, 255:217, 3abe01819930e8d0ce816b954c….png)


Autism never tires, never sleeps, never gives in. Knowing we helped restore integrity to the republic is worth more than a paycheck. Go fuck yourself.

a14498 No.764168


Comedy is also soft disclosure anon. Showing both sides.. The guy talking shit about Q (the "normie") looks like a douche, and the whole thing is set to open peoples eyes a little..

John Oliver and others win normies over with their mocking bird bullshit through mockery and comedy… Let turn the tables on them.

c761a7 No.764169


Yep ,PANIC MODE !! The brainwashed teenagers that hang here crying for "muh proof!" muh habbenings". FUCK OFF .Non chess playing faggots. Don't ruin it for us long haulers that have been on the hunt for 20 years! Go back to cereal and cartoons . Adults got this.

a92f83 No.764170

File: 90c720a6afd0838⋯.jpg (258.36 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, 03172018Trtwt2jpg.jpg)


c34c07 No.764171


Something real needs to happen

The silly tweet "confirmations" are not enough anymore

Unverifiable photos and information is not good enough anymore

Something real needs to happen

1c243b No.764172

For the anons.

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=uMyCa35_mOg

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=nvlTJrNJ5lA

fc348c No.764173



05e341 No.764174


I actually added a sentence to the first paragraph after you snapshotted it lol.

"To be clear, we will still be doing post edits whenever anons need it, or when fucking shills."

Post last edited at

13e258 No.764175


Noahide used a guilotine

Ezeikiel reguiree an alter for the heifer

The rest prol squeezed for sauce

c761a7 No.764176


Thanks for what you do Board owner. We appreciate you!

0f160a No.764177


Thats the No.1 Flag for me to spot them.

They always point to "bla bla nobody gets paid here bla bla".

70dbe5 No.764178


Insiders have to give the SEC advance notice of intent to sell shares in their company

1c243b No.764179


*shrug* When folks start bickering too much, I generally just filter them and move on with my life.

a92f83 No.764180

File: f8196a3bd36ba1e⋯.jpg (179.32 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, 03172018TrtwtJpg.jpg)


fd45f0 No.764181

File: 7633dd501ff29a1⋯.jpg (99.83 KB, 666x500, 333:250, 26ysnt.jpg)

796e71 No.764182

File: a02060c15d858dc⋯.jpg (10.66 KB, 200x200, 1:1, pepetrump.jpg)


We FUCK the (((shills))).

Let's carry on.

c34c07 No.764183

Where are the booms Q said would happen this week?

Where is March Madness?

Where is the OIG report?

Beyond tweet confirmations what has actually happened in the last 4 months?

These are simple questions and I could ask more ( what happened to Loop capital that Q INSISTED would be big the week he discussed it?)

Yet I'll be called a shill for asking very simple questions

Why must I blindly believe?

I am not a sheep

1c243b No.764184

Interesting read…wonder how they had more folks vote than live there.

http:// rebrn.com/re/california-voting-fraud-by-the-numbers-3357871/

13e258 No.764185

File: 4b9366d418d2210⋯.jpg (50.06 KB, 620x620, 1:1, IMG_1315.JPG)

Checking in

a670cd No.764186

File: e6bd3c3aaf7142b⋯.jpeg (9.89 KB, 254x255, 254:255, 40_60.jpeg)

c761a7 No.764187


So McCabe being fired and the upcoming IG report are not habbenings? Dude what the fuck are you complaining about and why do you think you know the plan and what Trump needs to do. Seriously.

e09706 No.764188

File: 89dc8ef062c6a9e⋯.gif (419.64 KB, 162x123, 54:41, IMG_3360.GIF)

Halalulah, what ever! What he said…

049438 No.764189


Noted, I'll fix it in the bread. TY and leave the poor shills to (((US))). Kek.

c34c07 No.764190


Where is the OIG report?

1c243b No.764191


No one is asking you to blindly believe. Dig in and do some research. Look at things like the sheer number of high-profile resignations, the sealed indictments. The hires and fires etc etc.

a670cd No.764192

File: a3d5d0dc8be95ad⋯.jpg (20.1 KB, 191x255, 191:255, shills.jpg)

05e341 No.764193


Updated. Done now.

290d7b No.764194

I would also bet that the EAC (Election Assistance Commission) is also all run by the SES!

https ://www.eac.gov/

It is the organization that must certify all voting equipment in the US.

Tried to find the crumbs telling systems that were soros. Any anons know off hand the name of their systems?

c761a7 No.764195


Non chess playing faggot. Go out for a walk or something today . Get off the computer, you're demanding things from Q and Trump. You are delusional.

dfe67d No.764196

File: c12049f3a7d7068⋯.png (65.36 KB, 1264x945, 1264:945, craigslist.png)

dc201f No.764197


I agree totally, anon!

He is setting the stage

1c243b No.764198


Nice! Craigslist personals were creepy as hell anyway.

e09706 No.764199

File: 8fd096f19727d23⋯.gif (627.41 KB, 500x222, 250:111, IMG_2455.GIF)

(((They))) have been working on their plan for generations, it can't be done over night. I for one don't want to get nuked

b31491 No.764200


Comments by Blade at CTH for a little perspective.

https:// theconservativetreehouse.com/2018/03/22/giddy-up-doj-admits-they-have-a-grand-jury-empaneled-in-fbi-and-doj-investigation/#comments


"Are there still those who doubt?"

I’m afraid there will still be quite a few…

A good example is the IRS Lois Lerner issue. People frantically calling for arrests and indictments and whatever. Such demands expose folks who haven’t taken the time to learn how our "system" works, e.g., Why has Sessions let her off the hook?! The whole point is that you have no way of knowing this. You have no way of ever knowing whether they impaneled a grand jury and whether they refused to hand down indictments or not. You don’t necessarily have to have served on one or testified in front of a grand jury to be aware of the nature of how this works. They are secret by definition, and even the target may not know what happened. So it is possible they already tried and failed, or yes, never tried at all.

Many keep tossing out "arrest" as well, as if this is similar to how a local cop arrests a citizen for DUI or something. But an arrest for any charge (except maybe terrorism) starts a clock for which that person gets held, before they get charged by a district attorney’s office, and if the charge is a felony it reverts to the fifth amendment process of a grand jury in most states, or probably a judge’s preliminary hearing in a few others. Almost everything we are looking at is a federal felony, and there is no doubt that those require a federal grand jury, and that means a federal prosecutor and yes, local citizens of that jurisdiction serving as members.

And that is the rub. Sessions first needed to get his prosecutors in place before even considering a felony action on anyone (imagine how a Preet Bharara might foul it up and fail to secure an indictment). Then, once you have reliable prosecutors in place you have to consider the constituents of a district who will be drawed upon to make up the grand jury. (Washington D.C. vs NOVA vs Southern NY vs all the others, and guess where most of them will occur). There is a very steep mountain to climb just to secure an indictment because that political demographic means a huge double standard serving to protect the left and help crucify the right. And then once you get past all that somehow, you ultimately wind up in a jury trial ('prosecution') where the leftist perp gets yet another chance at vindication from O.J. jury nullification after all that work. It is quite a challenge to bring any anonymous leftist to justice, let alone big name political leftists who everyone knows by name.

But by all means, folks will continue to disregard the actual battlefield conditions that Attorney General Sessions or anyone else actually faces and skip right over the facts and hand wring and scapegoat the man. Talk about a thankless job which is probably the hardest job there is anywhere in government (if you are not a leftist of course, for them it is simple).

a670cd No.764201


annnnnnnd BOOM. Pedos are getting blue balls this weekend.

049438 No.764202


This is extremely Notable. Putting in the bread. Sneaks need to BTFO of gubmint. Thanks anon. I guess our calls and emails fell on deaf ears and eyes.

7ba495 No.764203


They probably took it down because of human trafficking.

0f160a No.764204



>Some platforms will collapse under own weight of illegal activities.

df4b0c No.764205

hey Q. wondering. what re sheep? i mean sheep are herded. hit and tapped with a staff to go on a path by what the the shepherd directs right? so. we are sheep to them means… THEY decide what path we are allowed to follow. hmmm.

fc348c No.764206


Craigslist was the very first online service that came to mind when I read the EO

b44da6 No.764207


20 years? this is a generational bloodline war. Bastard castoff who want justice & revenge passing along family secrets in good blood lines just as the bad bloodlines molest, torture, brainwash, and turn their own children into slaves to pass down the 'family business'

757e98 No.764208

File: 91d605c327aa2cf⋯.jpg (51.86 KB, 640x480, 4:3, G Bush - Eating a Pussy Ca….jpg)


Na…there are those who are still getting some …lulz

(pic related)

c761a7 No.764209


Yes, this is all about human trafficking at events and town to town specific. Craigslist is trash and always has been.

ef6a9b No.764210

How come no one here is paying attention to all the weird stuff going on in the same area of Northern California? A vet who shot several people at the Veteran home in Napa. An attack or maybe a drunk smashed into the AFB in Travis today. BLM is rioting in Sacramento.

A San Francisco sheriff was arrested with an arsenal of guns in his home after he posted that he was going to shoot up a SMART train.

Do people outside California understand how close together these places are?

And then, in Petaluma a gang of thugs came from the East Coast to rip off a pot farm that closed several years ago. They had an arsenal in the rental car they abandoned.

A lot is going on. And there are a lot of military helicopters in the skies, which is very unusual.

dc3735 No.764211



This belongs in the batter.

Good job anon thanks for finding this.

fc348c No.764212



e09706 No.764213


And murders

757e98 No.764214

File: ba432f4bc6c7eaf⋯.jpg (250.75 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Clowns_I-A.jpg)

c761a7 No.764215


I meant, myself I have been on the hunt for the truth for 20 years. I know the evil system in place is thousands of years old.The Mystery Schools.

e09706 No.764216

File: 976b1ae54849569⋯.png (102.9 KB, 814x814, 1:1, IMG_2635.PNG)

d7d71f No.764217

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Kurt Andersen, who appeared in the show 'The Opposition', wrote the book 'Fantasyland' last year.

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=kSAxcQ5VL5c

http:// www.chicagotribune.com/entertainment/ct-ent-kurt-andersen-20170908-story.html

Q referred multiple times to Fantasy land. (Read below)

Andersen's wife, Anne Kreamer, works for CBS and spending half of her career as media executive for children's television, like Sesame Street.

Kreamer joined her husband Kurt in founding the magazine 'Spy', were celebrities were mocked. Especially Donald Trump and his then wife Ivana were continuously smeared.

Kurt Andersen has the chutzpah to accuse people, who think out of the box, as conspiracy theorists who lost all reality and live in Fantasyland.

(((They))) are part of the cult who truly keep the people in Fantasyland, for they turned everything upside down and inside out. Everything is a lie and they are hellbent on keeping it that way. They are sick! Time to put them away for life, mr. President.

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kurt_Andersen

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anne_Kreamer

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spy_(magazine)

5 Nov 2017

Who funds majority of US 'senior' politicians?

Fantasy land.

Fantasy land.

Was the former President of the United States groomed to be Command in Chief?

Is this possible?

Is the US political / election system corrupt?

Who owns poll machines?


Why is this relevant?

They never thought she would lose.

They never thought she would lose.

Fantasy land.

Fantasy land.

The complete picture would put 99% of Americans (the World) in a hospital.

POTUS is our savior.


https:// archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/148181225/#148183670

5 Nov 2017

US Military = savior of mankind.

We will never forget.

Fantasy land.

God save us all.


https:// archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/148181225/#148186256

6 Nov 2017

Why wasn’t Adm R replaced by POTUS when taking office?

Why is this relevant?

Who has the ultimate power to designate classification?

Who ultimately sets classification?

Why is this relevant?

Fantasy land.


https:// archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/148286642/#148287396

14 Nov 2017

Who financed 9-11?

Who was Bin Laden’s handler?

Why was the Clowns In America tasked to hunt/kill/capture UBL?

Why not MI? If we found UBL, eliminated his security, why would we immediately kill him and not take him alive?

Why wouldn’t we want to capture UBL alive and extract other possible T-level events?

Perhaps someday people will understand ‘they’ had a plan to conduct ‘another’ mass extinction event. WWI & II - orchestrated and planned by select families?

Fantasy land.

Remember, the more people there are, the more power the people have.

Why do D’s push for gun control ‘directly’ after every tragic incident?

Why is this so very important to their agenda?

We, the people, are who they are afraid of.

We, the people, are who they fear will one day awake.

https:// archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/149463784/#149467690

20 Nov 2017

The stage must be set.

Crumbs are easy to swallow.

What if Hugh Hefner was /a Clown In America?

What is a honeypot?

Define blackmail.

How could this be applied?

Fantasy land.


No Such Agency.

The hunter becomes the hunted.

Operations underway.

Operators active.

Disinformation is real.

Disinformation is necessary.

Silent war (some gets out).

The Great Awakening.

Iron Eagle.

Godfather III.

The Hunt for Red October.


https:// archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/150166775/#150166936

21 Nov 2017

Their need for symbolism will be their downfall.

MSM role?

Push conspiracy theory.

Social media role?

Push conspiracy theory and institute new rules allowing for ban.


The graphic is key.

Re-read graphic (ex: what family did Soros replace (Y)).

Part II – How were they ‘adopted’ into the cult (as children).

What were they provided for obeying and staying silent (brainwashed)?

All that you know to be right is wrong.

The ‘cult’ runs the world.

Fantasy land.

The world is fighting back (& destroying the cult).

20% public.

80% private.

The world would otherwise collapse.

40,000ft. v. (again) and need to decrease altitude to avoid ‘conspiracy’ label.

Was necessary.


For God & Country.


https:// archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/150423953/#150424047

22 Nov 2017

Why are China & Russia communist S/closed?

Can you find an owl / Y there?

Was this to prevent evil from entering?

Was this to protect their children/people?

Why was BO shamed during trip to China, SA, other locations?

How was POTUS hosted?



Fantasy land.


https:// archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/150434009/#150435422

dc3735 No.764218



Baker, whoever you are this morning, please add to Notables.

8105a3 No.764219

The MKultra sleepers are being triggered

can't catch them all, unfortunately


771496 No.764220


I hadn't heard of any of that. Where did you learn of these?

2655c7 No.764221


Horowitz is the inspector general. He was tasked to do a thorough investigation. The report is going to come out eventually. There is a guaranteed end to it. So there's really no need to worry. Something will happen. Would you rather the investigation come to an abrupt end just so we can se some big arrests? Sure that would be entertaining, but it would be better in the long run to let it go as long as possible.

27854e No.764222

File: d443f44b8949a23⋯.jpg (42.87 KB, 549x407, 549:407, d443f44b8949a2394e3f973a5e….jpg)


Protests and riots all over the French capital.

Haha, Macron you monkey!

The EU is collapsing.

ef6a9b No.764223


https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=RWgyKDfFC_U

a670cd No.764224

File: 8f9df6596aa649d⋯.jpg (87.02 KB, 500x500, 1:1, yummytears.jpg)


True dat. Dey activatin' errrrbody out herrrr!

dc3735 No.764225

b44da6 No.764226


Good bloodlines/indepentant anons with a good heart and eyes open, have been battling to expose them for generations. The recent explosion in info is built on the backs of those who came before us. New fags need to understand hold old and embedded this is, it predates rome and egypt, this battle has been ongoing for the entire known history of our civilization. Trump can't win it over night alone.

771496 No.764227


Result of arrest of Nicolas Sarkozy?

fc348c No.764228

File: ca6cd93a1e66102⋯.png (342.67 KB, 1534x888, 767:444, screenshot_271.png)


Someone might want to let Backpage.com know about the new EO

27854e No.764229

File: e485213ded2ea7c⋯.jpeg (109.2 KB, 1080x1085, 216:217, e485213ded2ea7c98e99cb6f9….jpeg)

a670cd No.764230


fuck them. let 'em burn.

793fff No.764231

File: 6351c8e09197767⋯.jpg (27.56 KB, 400x209, 400:209, well bye.jpg)


Yup. Nothing going on here.


771496 No.764232


The city or just commentary?

e09706 No.764233

File: 43800eb31a851b3⋯.gif (1.34 MB, 800x600, 4:3, IMG_3358.GIF)


Thanks nigga

4b53fe No.764234

If Trump signs that spending bill which funds Planned Parenthood, gives congress raises, and does absolutely nothing MAGA… I'm donating to Hillary 2020. what a con, by all of our "representatives" who deserve to be drawn and quartered, along with the head con Trump himself. >.<

fc348c No.764235


That's what I'm saying….like unplug them from the internet….

27854e No.764236


They are all going down.

No, Macron the big globalist did sonething every globalist fuck does…Lie to get elected and then do the opposite. He lied about worker legislation, etc. Tough shit for the French idiots who voted him in. Paris is a mess.

793fff No.764237

File: 6351c8e09197767⋯.jpg (27.56 KB, 400x209, 400:209, well bye.jpg)


I wonder if they know all the agents working on Craigslist leads and cases have now probably been transferred over to BP??




049438 No.764238

b44da6 No.764239


LOTS of helecopters on west coast, up in pacific north west. Always increase in traffic coresponding to happenings on board. They don't show up on planefag sites, and I can't get any other plane fags to look out the windows instead of at their monitors all day and report the helo activity, so we can figure out some of the patterns of whats going on, but they are out their for the anons who look for them.

27854e No.764240

File: ac1c365413fe354⋯.jpg (63.62 KB, 650x520, 5:4, Funny_ebd8fb_1084992.jpg)



No probs, nigga

27854e No.764241

File: 1be812780e3d557⋯.jpg (21.03 KB, 255x183, 85:61, e1d8ac0829989bb6e26f12e6fb….jpg)

b44da6 No.764242


I forgot to add, military helo's fly low, and leave transponders off. they do NOT show up on the plane tracking websites, unless they CHOOSE to.

4b53fe No.764243


OH and with all of the concessions, he gets a whopping 33miles of wall. what an asshole he is. :(((

771496 No.764244


Kinda difficult to figure out what I'm looking at. They manufacture them close by.

27854e No.764245

File: 77c3dbecb064945⋯.jpg (46.97 KB, 600x428, 150:107, branco-double-standard.jpg)

1c243b No.764246

Some of the music I listen to while digging.

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=G_Vzpjv_kR4

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=RV-Z1YwaOiw

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=ruNrdmjcNTc

dfe67d No.764247

Well, they passed the bill overnight

791b97 No.764248

File: d680194045e5411⋯.png (356.33 KB, 701x612, 701:612, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1a5d24f2fe56561⋯.png (216.74 KB, 1171x763, 1171:763, ClipboardImage.png)





>Matt Cutts

>U.S. Digital Service

https:// techcrunch.com/2017/01/19/matt-cutts-usds-resigns-from-google/

The 1/19/17 drop date on this Techcrunch article allowed it to slip by quietly while the world was focused on Trump's inauguration. It certainly appears Cutts was planted strategically.

Here we have a WL source for the term "The Eric Schmidt Project" that Obama ultimately turned into US Digital Service

https:// wikileaks.org/podesta-emails/emailid/42784

In the below TEDx talk from Feb 2018, Sharyl Attkisson discusses how Google brought the term Fake News into the spotlight. Start around 6 min mark and watch the last 3 mins.

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=UQcCIzjz9_s

Above talk also leads us to First Draft News (pic related)

https:// firstdraftnews.org/about/

Seems to me that POTUS and Q's use of the term FAKE NEWS is their way of tormenting team Schmidt.

27854e No.764249



And especially Marine helos. And military vehicles definitely dont show up. Hint…

771496 No.764250


I set up a playlist of news videos before I start working. That's how I keep up when I'm too busy to read, which is most of the time.

e09706 No.764251

File: 8468b63c00172d0⋯.gif (4.59 MB, 400x300, 4:3, IMG_3149.GIF)

Now that's some funny shit.

Me hungry

fd45f0 No.764252

File: 06ef38ec1337f95⋯.jpg (87.71 KB, 500x770, 50:77, 26yxwh.jpg)

1c243b No.764253


Yeah, I particularly like the 3rd one.

27854e No.764254

File: c800e169ec605a3⋯.jpeg (16.29 KB, 255x162, 85:54, c800e169ec605a30582054f5b….jpeg)

27854e No.764255

File: e9183ce54da2832⋯.jpg (21.58 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 4fb9696fd3164318fbb82b1fe0….jpg)

c761a7 No.764256

How cne to sign any bill without reading it? This gov is out of fucking control. I have faith Trump can reel us back from the brink. I can't imagine the insanity that would be going on if Hillary would have won. These house guys running around trying to get everything signed so they can go play golf. SCUM.

ef6a9b No.764257


Travis AFB attack in Fairfield, Ca

https:// www.cbsnews.com/news/travis-air-force-base-gate-possible-attack-new-details/

Shooter in Yountville Veteran home Mar 10

https:// www.sfgate.com/crime/article/Active-shooter-reported-at-Yountville-veterans-12741622.php

Mar 16, eight men and one woman from the East Coast invaded homes in Petaluma looking for large pot stashes. They earlier shot a man.

http:// www.pressdemocrat.com/news/8118759-181/cloverdale-pot-home-invasion-similar-to

http:// sanfrancisco.cbslocal.com/2018/03/02/firefighter-arrested-weapons-charges-threats-to-kill/

San Francisco fireman arrested with arsenal after online threat to shoot up a smart train.

BLM protest Sacto, today

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=strNvWauUDc

a70e8c No.764258


Come on man, let's be real. I'm sure some of us have been a bit frustrated with the pace of happenings, but donating for your death ride is quite extreme.


049438 No.764259

AK Baker Still Drinking and Linking

next bread additions…

Recent Notable Posts

Batch 947 Notables

>>764011 Adrian Lamo / Kevin Poulsen

>>764013 Abel Danger on Kristine Marcy (nee McConnell) (JonBenet Ramsey)

>>764062 GATErs gona GATE. Ioff Target? ORION target?

>>764067 Deception and Slide Clown tactics - ANONS Observe.

>>764073 Joogle Pilpul

>>764093 Rizvi be CLOWNIN' (unrolled must read; YT Vid = Branson + Island Temple)

>>764108 Notables from #945 & #946 recorded in >>>/villageidiots/126

>>764123 Election Infrastructure in Martial Law

>>764126 Big Friday ahead of us anons.

>>764149 New Rules announcement as per Board Owner (BO)

>>764163 Baker repeat of BO New Rules announcement

>>764174 BO will still edit posts upon request or to ridicule shills in New Rules

>>764196 HR 1865,"FOSTA" passed, Craigslist Personals taken down for self-preservation. (Prolly die to all the human trafficking)

>>764200 https:// theconservativetreehouse.com/2018/03/22/giddy-up-doj-admits-they-have-a-grand-jury-empaneled-in-fbi-and-doj-investigation/#comments

a70e8c No.764260


For the record that extra character wasn't intentional.

1c243b No.764261


Problem is that every politician and his borther, sister, dog and mouse stuffs unpopular bills into must-pass bills because they would never stand on their own…then they get these bills that make war and peace look like a pamphlet two days before the vote.

e09706 No.764262

File: 9af60e95b0b636b⋯.jpg (144.12 KB, 731x697, 43:41, IMG_1869.JPG)

File: 6b479f4f700057a⋯.png (28.53 KB, 319x379, 319:379, IMG_2105.PNG)

13e912 No.764263

File: 493377375ea5a29⋯.jpg (157.21 KB, 639x590, 639:590, duck2.jpg)

27854e No.764264

File: 7dd7b18967012e9⋯.jpg (56.79 KB, 640x414, 320:207, 7dd7b18967012e9a0921505b47….jpg)

Gives me energy and optimism every fucking day!

d7296d No.764265


Thanks Baker

df4b0c No.764266


the funny thing is we are the shepherd.

ef6a9b No.764267


That is what is happening here. I live up high in the hills. Very noisy low flying military helicopters going over. Some do not show up on the radar. Also, a drone that keeps coming from up the hill. But, I cannot imagine that they would find me threatening unless they were crazy.

dc3735 No.764268


EU collapsing amid riots.

It's like a chocolate sundae.

b44da6 No.764269


It's especially interesting when they are all black, and have faceted stealth side panels with no registration markings on them anywhere, or Electronic Warfare pods attached and circling around random residential communities. I've seen tons of blackhawks, kiowas, apachees, chinooks, and the one the marines use that I always forget the name of. like what the hell kind of domestic ops are going on since trump got elected that they need the Apaches on a weekly basis! when they are flying over 2-3 times a week on weekdays you can't blame it on guard/reserve training.

771496 No.764270


And they thought Germany would be first.

b3b046 No.764271

Only reporting from Barry speech is that he kept saying West Bank instead of Westpac.

Thought there was a media blackout.



70dbe5 No.764272


It hasn't even passed congress yet, gheez

a70e8c No.764273



e09706 No.764274

File: da476aff0f9e293⋯.jpg (290.86 KB, 1800x1197, 200:133, IMG_3398.JPG)

Covfefe anyone

fc348c No.764275

File: 596794eaa053648⋯.png (398.04 KB, 1201x900, 1201:900, screenshot_273.png)

Here's another one to shut down per the new EO –– theeroticreview.com

The Erotic Review is the most comprehensive database featuring providers and escorts from all over the world.

c761a7 No.764276


Pope of Rome is laughing .

1c243b No.764277


Yes, please. Thank you.

b2100d No.764278

File: 6f886ce60f08cce⋯.png (555.63 KB, 653x500, 653:500, M 275.png)

Watch the NEWS today anons.

d7d71f No.764279

File: adf64fc6594d0fc⋯.png (68.87 KB, 881x444, 881:444, Kurt Andersen socialist je….png)


Not only that, mr. Andersen… you're a lying piece of shit. (((You))) are severely mentally ill. The lying is integrated in your DNA. Uncurable sickness.

4d34ee No.764280

File: ab04a206ab90983⋯.jpeg (397.68 KB, 1242x1753, 1242:1753, E3AAAAB5-BABD-420D-9CFF-D….jpeg)

1c243b No.764281


We really need some sauce on this.

c761a7 No.764282

File: 935da4253416dad⋯.jpg (10.98 KB, 219x255, 73:85, 1b3a829079c72e09585eaab75d….jpg)

Any Anons using Citibank please pull you're funds and go to a real bank. These fucking communists are PISSING this Anon off ! BAD IDEA.

dc201f No.764283

We have more then we know…

I want some action to happen as much as all of you, but something is missing or unconnected. I don't think it is merely public opinion.

Reverse engineering the cabal take down leaves us with what? What must be done prior the the greatest of happenings?

End the Fed?

New Gitmo?

A free Iran?

EU break up?

NATO exit?

A certain alliance? Etc…

18000 indictments is staggering.

What is the cotter pin holding the flood gates?

I'm sleepy, but this is what has decided to keep me up tonight.

I believe it must be something we already have discussed and researched.


27854e No.764284

File: 9c9c0d01eb16ee5⋯.png (451.77 KB, 513x507, 171:169, 9c9c0d01eb16ee5cbdd40ce113….png)

c761a7 No.764285


OIG report is the grenade pin imho.

e09706 No.764286

File: 5c29807523257cd⋯.gif (759.86 KB, 500x217, 500:217, IMG_3147.GIF)

771496 No.764287


https:// www.express.co.uk/news/world/935702/Paris-protests-France-Emmanuel-Macron-reforms-paris-riots-pictures

https:// www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2018/03/22/unions-flood-streets-paris-stand-against-macron-reforms/

https:// www.thenation.com/article/the-social-ladder-is-broken-hope-and-despair-in-the-french-banlieues/

81dfa9 No.764288


Military funding…?

Good digs here

63460c No.764289

File: 4283f3b9a3c4d72⋯.png (346.68 KB, 1919x1066, 1919:1066, IMG_1526.PNG)

Alert war room

Pissed off fat women incoming

21a357 No.764290


Yes, it did pass.

ef6a9b No.764291


I just realized. They are not interested in me. But, the area up North: Sacramento, Yountville, Petaluma, etc., does have a lot of conservatives. Yeah, those people are a threat: old school.

a70e8c No.764292


I think it will be pulled in the 10 day break, hoping today.

dc3735 No.764293

dfe67d No.764294


Mulvaney says yes

you have to give to get

27854e No.764295


Reports in many cities of stepped up military ops in urban areas. Thank you for your observations.

Do not doxx yourself, but are you East or West coast? I might be able to analyze for patterns based on other sightings.

Marines have been reported doing urban ops in Arizona and other places. You are probably see V-22 Osprey aircraft. They are twin rotor. Definite increase in flight hours for these over Ameeican cities. You might see Cobras too.

d7296d No.764296


POTUS has 10 days to sign the bill

4d34ee No.764297

File: 5f416ac492afc6a⋯.jpeg (284.47 KB, 1242x1841, 1242:1841, 1B9CEF6C-8329-41C7-9439-B….jpeg)

New Swiss police cruisers will be cleaner, cheaper, and way faster than the dirtier cars used now. The Basel-Stadt police department focused on economy and ecology in its decision to replace current diesel-powered vehicles with Tesla Model X police cars.

81dfa9 No.764298


….Apache assault helos? Curious what COULD be happening right now….

771496 No.764299


Heart of tech industry isn't far away there. Lots of news there lately.

fd45f0 No.764300

File: e7655d4676e12ec⋯.png (690.65 KB, 886x953, 886:953, b616e5c44a12d4b659bd030c5c….png)


I wonder if the 10 days of silence is related to this moment.

fc1775 No.764301

>>764092 trying to find a place to hide barry

a70e8c No.764302


Yes during congressional break.

c34c07 No.764303





When is the OIG report going to be released?

ef6a9b No.764304


They are not Apaches. Some are troop carriers. There are Bells and Lakotas.

c0f27d No.764305

27854e No.764306


Too bad he has been trying to sell to police for years. They always fail testing. Swiss showpiece. Small amount. Tesla is failing and going down.

fc5e83 No.764307

File: 44efe6730c97d8e⋯.jpg (11.97 KB, 280x158, 140:79, needsauce.jpg)

049438 No.764308

File: f5bdca399def347⋯.jpg (130.08 KB, 920x800, 23:20, Beerfefe.jpg)


It's still early here. Kek.

35a998 No.764309

File: f700deb038c2981⋯.png (319.14 KB, 568x765, 568:765, screenshot_275.png)

https:// twitter.com/Thomas1774Paine/status/977111477407703041

27854e No.764310


Stay tuned today. Going to be many things hit.

ef6a9b No.764311


Tons of flights from and to: Korea, Japan, United Arab Emirates, and CHINA.

dc3735 No.764312


Only IG knows.

It is an independent office by definition.

7ba495 No.764313

33 miles of wall is an excellent start. It will take years to complete.

771496 No.764314


More than normal?

d7296d No.764315


Hussein in Japan on 25th. Sunday

c54100 No.764316


maybe GCR (global currency reset) every human on the planet will be involved in this. a lot of people will raise some consciousness on those things.

fc1775 No.764317

>>764303 At the correct time

81dfa9 No.764318


HMMMM… guessing this s*** is some if the Forbidden 60%…

049438 No.764319


I wonder about Netflix and their sex worker documentaries? (Their symbology will be their downfall?). No certainties, just notions here on my end, not to slide.

771496 No.764320


Construction crews can be motivated to work faster. After a major earthquake some time ago, the freeways got repaired rather quickly.

c34c07 No.764321


Fuck off

27854e No.764322


Here it comes!

Podesta is the dirtiest and most vile piece of shit out there.

Say hello to GITMO, you Pedo fuck.

1c243b No.764323

File: 517244309d18a88⋯.jpg (39.72 KB, 590x393, 590:393, Paris-protests-France-Emma….jpg)

Wow…looks like a Trump supporter in France.

ef6a9b No.764324


I can't really say because I did not follow them until recently.

But, definitely military helicopters are a NEW thing.

dfe67d No.764325



b7595a No.764326

JonBenét Ramsey

John B.R.

There were rumours that government satanists were involved in this murder.

Women and man (names were mentioned).

DNA was found.

Lockheed Martin plays role in this?

After the murder of his daughter the father sold his company (Access Graphics) which was working for Lockheed Martin, to General Electric.

In this chat someone supposed a FBI cover-up.

A discussion about this case here.

There is a bit about this matter of Lockheed

http:// www.topix.com/forum/news/jonbenet-ramsey/TEPCBHEITFI9NOIRH/john-ramsey-and-lockheed-martin

fc1775 No.764327

>>764321 Well you rude little negra

dc3735 No.764328


I wonder if they have it in them …

771496 No.764329


They're angry because France will no longer guarantee a job for life.

c761a7 No.764330


Whatever time the chess players want it to. Timing is everything . GROW A FUCKING BRAIN PLEASE ,it's not about YOU and what YOU want!

c34c07 No.764331

Soon guys

Any day now

27854e No.764332


When and where specifically? How long?

Why is he running around so much? Killary and him seem very nervous.

81dfa9 No.764333


WTH is that #14 on his hand….

Tarot Card 14 sits between death and devil.

My only guess so far

1c243b No.764334

Man, the french are NOT screwing around.

1 in 4 schools in Paris are on strike.

At least 140 demonstrations.

Services shut down all over the place.

e09706 No.764335

File: 4270b8bd01a9075⋯.gif (382.84 KB, 297x222, 99:74, IMG_2627.GIF)


IM out but I'll take my plane and get some

27854e No.764336


Adieu, Macron. Lol

bc40bc No.764337

SpaceX blasted massive plasma hole in Earth's ionosphere


27854e No.764338


Pedo is the devil's assistant

049438 No.764339


Unless the bad guys have an EMP shooter..

d7296d No.764340


https:// english.kyodonews.net/news/2018/03/4ae582a62992-abe-to-meet-obama-on-sun-japan-govt.html

b7595a No.764341

File: 8be912e08296a65⋯.png (107.27 KB, 1269x568, 1269:568, Naamloos.png)

c34c07 No.764342


What a sheep

Trust the plan right?

Say, what is the plan?


What a load of crap

771496 No.764343


Well, there's this.

http:// www.abeldanger.org/mcconnell-links-kristine-marcy-norte/

fc1775 No.764344

>>764342 Deez nutts to the third shift sliding negras

049438 No.764345


Wonder for 10 days and manifest the destiny.

1c243b No.764346


Wow…30% of flights out of Orly have already been cancelled.

27854e No.764347

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

27854e No.764348




20de90 No.764349

File: 7b21c310babe884⋯.png (48.5 KB, 483x201, 161:67, srfgsdrgerg.png)


Don't you get tired of being such a pussy?

c761a7 No.764350


You're cereal bowl is clean and in the dishwasher. I think cartoon network has a show you might like on there. Mom folded you're clothes and they are on the bed JR.

eb7317 No.764351


Diebold. When the systems went online electronically there was a paper game played to muddy the ownership waters.

c761a7 No.764352


Diebold out of North Canton, Ohio. BIG PROBLEM .

b7595a No.764353


Rumors were indeed that they filmed the murder of this Jonbenet Ramsey.

049438 No.764354


JP = The Energizer Scummy

7ba495 No.764355


This is the standard M.O. Of these people. Going back to just before the hippie revolution, we as a society had a sense of duty and moral restraint. They then tear it down with drugs, immoral sexual behavior, sending our production capacity elsewhere, starting wars with other countries, sending trillions over to other nations while being taxed out of existence with a devalued dollar. Then they blame the failure of the nation on something the nation was built on. This is intentional.

771496 No.764356


Kinda problematic to go digging for it, though.

049438 No.764357


Lurk Moar

81dfa9 No.764358


Another rectal spleen rupture?

89eaf3 No.764360


Are those infra-red flares for missile decoys?

c761a7 No.764361


I wonder who's shoes they made out of her and who has them in their closet…..

df4b0c No.764362

you know that hole in the road you hit driving by? distraction. distraction from? talking to God. this IS truth. everyone talks to themselves. everybody. easy pickings there. but… who is the THIRD voice? distraction keeps you from hearing it. 3rd is? you decide. don't deny sitting there alone safe… there is not a third voice. but.. is it? complicated… yup.

dfe67d No.764363


oh you're a redneck

go back to your shitty Pabst little faggot

e09706 No.764364

File: 9ac320864aa06a7⋯.jpg (39.47 KB, 229x230, 229:230, IMG_3416.JPG)

Moar Moar Moar

fc6107 No.764365

I think any person running for any future office or return to office should first be required a background check by 8 chan before we decide if they are worthy of our time and vote. How's that sound? That would weed them out real quick

049438 No.764366


Salute followed by a high 5. Vet anon.

b7595a No.764367


It is said that HRC and VJ are involved.

Maybe this is one of the video's in HRC vault?

c761a7 No.764368


I read A course in Miracles . Helps hear that voice. Bible is good but too old . ACIM is modern and Quantum. Next step after AA.

20de90 No.764369


Been having these exact thoughts lately, also including "God" in a lot of my vernacular which is odd for myself being strictly against religion my entire life.

27854e No.764370

File: fbe9494854c3094⋯.jpg (22.64 KB, 500x323, 500:323, aaa416.jpg)

771496 No.764371


Due to the nature of it, we'll have to leave that one to law enforcement.

c761a7 No.764372


God is with US infinity chin team including Q and foe five !

049438 No.764373


Diebold been in troubs for awhile. Saw a report 2 months ago about the treachery w/the trusted security experts…

d7296d No.764374


Being religious and believing in God are separate issues, Religions are man made where as God, well……..

81dfa9 No.764375



Much easier to decipher

c761a7 No.764376


Crooked Diebold

27854e No.764377

File: 45ecea3b86ed97b⋯.jpeg (89.02 KB, 736x922, 368:461, 45ecea3b86ed97b5426f31cc3….jpeg)

df4b0c No.764378


duh? are you biblical? think. you may have a calling brother. seek Kim Clement. you tube.

771496 No.764379


Being religious and having a relationship with God are two different things, too.

c761a7 No.764380


I will check that out Anon TY. I understand what you are saying about deciphering the course. It only took reading ACIM 200 times over 15 years to get it . Worth it though.

df4b0c No.764381


27854e No.764382


God is all you need.

Catholic church is evil. Fuck the pope.

fd6ee0 No.764383


This book is Leftist propaganda and absolute "SPIN" crap

20de90 No.764384


Sorry, I worded that terribly.

049438 No.764385


Y'want me to leave before I finish the next bread or just finish and then go away? I aim to please and serve. Im Ultra'd!

771496 No.764386

And now we slide. It was going so well.

20de90 No.764387

Is it strange to also mention that this third voice has been telling me to join the military? I just applied at the airforce because I've had non-stop self talk about it.

039ce4 No.764388

File: edb91ce8556e8a1⋯.jpg (110.33 KB, 724x960, 181:240, IMG_1322.JPG)

df4b0c No.764389

anon. old young… believe. real simple. TALK to Him! this is the end. He will HEAR YOU.

049438 No.764390


THIS ^^^^^

90e03d No.764391


BOILING POINT: Decorated FBI Heavyweight Spills the Beans on McCabe; Drops Devastating Bombs on Crooked FBI Cartel https:// truepundit.com/boiling-point-decorated-fbi-heavyweight-spills-beans-mccabe-drops-devastating-bombs-crooked-fbi-cartel/

771496 No.764392


And, if you're lucky, you will hear Him.

27854e No.764393

http:// www.thegatewaypundit.com/2018/03/julian-assange-drops-a-bomb-implicates-british-government-in-dirty-anti-trump-dossier/


81dfa9 No.764394


One more slide…

Try also THE WAY OF MASTERY ( Shanti Christo Foundation )….

THIS IS GOOD STUFF. References / mirrors ACIM

Highly recommend for All truthanons.

87c5ec No.764395


Man you ain't kidding you are drunk.

Thanks for stepping up, should be a fun bake.

Too Drunk to Bake Edition


ef6a9b No.764396

Big international drug bust in Northern California.

http:// www.marinij.com/general-news/20180322/marin-drug-force-snags-mdma-shipments-arrests-petaluma-suspects

27854e No.764397

This is why they are triggered by John Bolton.

http:// www.thegatewaypundit.com/2018/03/adam-schiff-hits-panic-button-over-trumps-incoming-natsec-advisor-john-bolton-believes-obamas-fbi-conspired-to-frame-trump/

771496 No.764398


Finally enjoyed communion when I studied meditation with someone trained in a Hindu ashram. Go figure.

d7296d No.764399


Explain what Califag was talkin bout earlier in this bake

c761a7 No.764400


Thank you to MI and the Marines and everyone protecting President Trump as well. You guys don't get enough thanks. None of us can sleep, we all know that what we are doing here is epic .So you're work is appreciated by this Anon and my friends fam that are awake .Everyone is scared but confident God has you're hand chess movers. Myself as a little frog , I see the plan unfolding , The 5-D chess is blindingly awesome and scary too ! Super exciting times for those who can see. Thank GOD for you guys saving the World for my daughters future and everyone's childrens future .I will protect your family with my life as well any way I can. Ok enough from me just wanted to say that. This is the TIME !!! -Anon -

89eaf3 No.764401




Was the intent to frame the Ramsey's and steal their business?

27854e No.764402

File: 486d2d8e0a57bba⋯.jpeg (51.34 KB, 720x397, 720:397, DRxAMQ3UIAAB8Wz.jpeg)


And still winning.

c761a7 No.764403


Noted all thanks Anon. I read Way of mastery is Good stuff for sure thanks again.

771496 No.764404


I'm not sure we know enough to do more than speculate on the motive.

27854e No.764405

File: 376a9695df0a261⋯.jpg (52.06 KB, 659x659, 1:1, 376a9695df0a2616c7fab08fca….jpg)


Well said.

4d34ee No.764406

File: 66817ecf72002a5⋯.jpeg (145.76 KB, 1217x547, 1217:547, DAA70654-02E4-4A96-8E6C-2….jpeg)

File: 0d0d8baa33dbfe3⋯.jpeg (182.84 KB, 1237x654, 1237:654, 4C514493-35F7-42AD-8863-2….jpeg)

So looking like John Bolton’s nomination (among others) is set to correct those “wasted (sabotaged) opportunities to change the course of history” of past Administrations, as regretfully expressed by Adm James “Ace” Lyons.

9c6a1a No.764407


Kinda funny. That is what led me here. Red pill crumbs.

Looked up that journalist freedom award thing, and which countries rank best.

Then tried to look at their websites.

That was years ago, when helsinki times of finland was six months old articles of no relevance to reality.

Ain't bothered looking since, but imagine same or worse.

This could wake others.

27854e No.764408

http:// www.thegatewaypundit.com/2018/03/house-judiciary-chair-bob-goodlatte-subpoenas-doj-for-hillary-email-docs/

It just keeps coming…

7ba495 No.764409


No statute of limitations on murder if true.

27854e No.764410



Bolton knows everything.

039ce4 No.764411


But that joto prez

81dfa9 No.764412

>>764398 COOL!

INFINITE WAY ( Joel s. Goldsmith ) student here.

Western Mysticism takes us to the same place.

Some autists are here just to anchor the energy that ALL IS WELL.

d7296d No.764413

771496 No.764414


Yes, there's a place for that. The work needs good vibes.

039ce4 No.764415

File: e52f7accb1e94bf⋯.jpg (41.36 KB, 500x422, 250:211, IMG_1319.JPG)


Elected homo

Queer baiting boards

314c84 No.764416




https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=2tUhj7huVPU

87c5ec No.764417

File: c932e201b27386e⋯.png (380.36 KB, 485x480, 97:96, craigslist.PNG)


Wha?? Craigs List Is No More?

df4b0c No.764418


old… rethink anon.

c761a7 No.764419


Looking into Boltons eyes he is a genuine American and not a traitor scumbag . He will do what he is told on the chess board. Trump has the giant hand and is the prime mover. JB won't fk it up… that would be bad.

c761a7 No.764420


ACIM for the WIN.

27854e No.764421

27854e No.764422

“We finally have the most concrete evidence yet of shadowy actors using dirty tricks in order to rig elections. But these characters aren’t operating from Moscow… Instead, they are British, Eton educated, … and have close ties to Her Majesty…” https:// t.co/14nQXGa90H

— Julian Assange ⌛ (@JulianAssange) March 23, 2018

c761a7 No.764423


Bible teaches guilt and that God has human like emotions. It's old outdated and had too many hands in it. I read ACIM is much more pure to me. Im done talking about it.

039ce4 No.764424


Tavistock soy boys

791b97 No.764425


>Craigslist reaction to FOSTA

Only the personals section from the looks of it.

27854e No.764426

File: f720588898f7c6e⋯.jpg (13.15 KB, 191x255, 191:255, 4d5e670a97a00d2532d6db393b….jpg)

27854e No.764427

File: b8e379506a01390⋯.jpg (12.52 KB, 255x164, 255:164, b8e379506a0139052e9f776099….jpg)

4d34ee No.764428

File: 64255bc97bbf2c7⋯.jpeg (372.8 KB, 1242x1825, 1242:1825, E8FBE7CF-6948-4ACD-BAE3-3….jpeg)

e09706 No.764429

File: 81e4fe8f0d28b66⋯.png (299.11 KB, 896x1938, 448:969, IMG_3082.PNG)

File: 5b62f29a1015e04⋯.png (290.64 KB, 1248x1932, 104:161, IMG_3083.PNG)

File: 00074a32c4afec5⋯.png (394.59 KB, 1251x1934, 1251:1934, IMG_3084.PNG)


039ce4 No.764430

File: 2dbb0d72076e58e⋯.jpg (41.52 KB, 415x454, 415:454, IMG_1323.JPG)

4d34ee No.764431

771496 No.764432


Topic of meditation: WHAT is God?

dfe67d No.764433


somebody heart attack that fuck

df4b0c No.764434


fun. read the bible again. no guilt. kill everything that moves yes. who was killed? SATRAN worshipers? yes. no like satan you no die. believe.

27854e No.764435

File: 77c3dbecb064945⋯.jpg (46.97 KB, 600x428, 150:107, branco-double-standard.jpg)


The U.K. needs to be punished hard.

The royals need to be kicked out

2b9bed No.764436

Today is Friday Anons news cycle narrative shifting day right? What are we expecting to drop so we can prep memes & war room to deflect clown plans. BTW only a few concernshillfags, kinda comfy on the board right now.

314c84 No.764437


Hope he sticks around long enough to be raped at GITMO

27854e No.764438


You need to study more.

ef6a9b No.764439


Travis AFB attack in Fairfield, Ca

https:// www.cbsnews.com/news/travis-air-force-base-gate-possible-attack-new-details/

Shooter in Yountville Veteran home Mar 10

https:// www.sfgate.com/crime/article/Active-shooter-reported-at-Yountville-veterans-12741622.php

Mar 16, eight men and one woman from the East Coast invaded homes in Petaluma looking for large pot stashes. They earlier shot a man.

http:// www.pressdemocrat.com/news/8118759-181/cloverdale-pot-home-invasion-similar-to

http:// sanfrancisco.cbslocal.com/2018/03/02/firefighter-arrested-weapons-charges-threats-to-kill/

San Francisco fireman arrested with arsenal after online threat to shoot up a smart train.

BLM protest Sacto, today

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=strNvWauUDc

A lot of activity immediately to the north of San Francisco. Concentrated in a small area.

81dfa9 No.764440



039ce4 No.764441

File: 30cfd470a45d715⋯.jpg (99.3 KB, 680x678, 340:339, IMG_1225.JPG)

27854e No.764442

File: d0f7216aa5e34d5⋯.png (176.03 KB, 1106x698, 553:349, d0f7216aa5e34d5773e33a7894….png)

27854e No.764443

File: ed69db70bc55c21⋯.jpg (177.79 KB, 1500x1005, 100:67, 10712719_350919_3fb450c5d9….jpg)

771496 No.764444


I've studied plenty. I'm actually a seminary graduate.

70dbe5 No.764445

= EXCLUSIVE: Leaked Audio Reveals Broward Co. Teachers Planning to Illegally Storm the White House =

• Students told by educators to “raise hell” with POTUS

• Broward County teachers coaching children on media ‘talking points’

• Teacher claims Southwest Airlines is bankrolling the anti-gun march

• Students forced to wear Gabby Giffords swag

• Lefty teacher brags about using taxpayer resources to coordinate political event

• ‘Top secret’ meetings planned with Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi

• Teacher alludes to ‘Jews’ controlling Washington

A meeting between Parkland students and anti-gun activists mobilizing for the highly anticipated March For Our Lives event in Washington, D.C. this weekend was captured on hidden audio Tuesday evening in Broward County, Florida and provided exclusively to DANGEROUS.


https:// www.dangerous.com/42696/exclusive-leaked-audio-reveals-broward-co-teachers-planning-illegally-storm-white-house/

87c5ec No.764446


Read, thanks for all you do

b3955b No.764447


yes and no

27854e No.764448

File: c8e5153d1685fa8⋯.jpeg (200.46 KB, 620x438, 310:219, c8e5153d1685fa8fb8789e80c….jpeg)

e09706 No.764449


That's a good side by side

9f73c9 No.764450

Seriously struggling to find a silver lining to all this. Trying to keep my head above water.

Apparently what's fueling the stock market dive are the fears of a trade war with China, which is already developing. This can be erased with one simple meeting or one simple announcement. Likelihood: 50/50. Modify that for the track record so far: 80/20 likelihood that it'll just go away instantly.

We lost the internet. Nobody but us lifted a finger to stop the censorship.

We lost Alabama to election rigging. Nobody lifted a finger.

We lost Pennsylvania to election rigging. Nobody lifted a finger.

One by one, Trump's entire cabinet is being replaced with hardcore Deep State personnel.

The Omnibus bill will be signed today, signaling a total collapse of the border wall promise and the biggest single victory for the Deep State since the inception of the Fed.

How many options exist for reversing the impact of all this?

Dissolve the government as we know it. There is no other way to undo the signing of the Omnibus bill.

The meeting with 40 state governors took place recently. Maybe everything needing to be signed was already signed to dissolve the Federal government.

There are still 18,500 sealed indictments. Some have been sealed for 5 months. Which could only be the case if a single event were waiting to trigger actioning them.

The danger is that of those 18,500 indictments, there isn't a single name we know or care about.

According to some, the EO signed 12/21 has already expired, meaning all the Deep State people have all their money back and the entire thing was a LARP; it will have done nothing.

If the world were perfect, the Deep State would be celebrating total victory right now and would be finalizing plans to remove POTUS from office - if they even still feel that needs to be done. There would be no better time to strike the final blow.

The Dow is set to see its biggest single-day surge in history today. If that happens, it means there is no plan, there is no reset, and it was all bullshit all along.

There are always the few pussies in here who kick people when they're down. Glowfag, concernfag, the insults fly as they sit their useless pot-addicted asses in their parents' basement and attack those who are supposed to be their teammates, when their help is needed the most. Anybody can betray the team and become its worst enemy. It's the pussiest way out and there are always about half or more who take that route without a second thought. They are the best friends the Deep State ever had. They fuck their own team to get ahead personally. That's what the Deep State IS. They are the John McCains of the Storm.

The Deep State can't win any bigger than it's won. Most don't understand the seriousness of the situation and so they aren't drug down by it all. All we can do is pray that POTUS has an ace up his sleeve. We have yet to see a significant win; the Deep State has yet to see a significant loss. They censored the internet, they stole two elections, and now they're about to cash in on a trillion+ dollars of free gifts. All without opposition or response.

They can't be positioned any better than they are. They have everything; we have nothing. And we continue to slide backward at light speed. Any further efforts to bullshit them are beating a dead horse. They've already won the war, hands down.

Unless there's a magical and sudden counterstrike. Which could always happen, but holding your breath is probably not the best idea.

049438 No.764451

File: f5bdca399def347⋯.jpg (130.08 KB, 920x800, 23:20, Beerfefe.jpg)

Let the Dough Begin To Rise

20de90 No.764452


Garrison is definitely a Q fan

039ce4 No.764453

File: 651c60aa2370608⋯.jpg (81.82 KB, 700x960, 35:48, IMG_1320.JPG)


Copy pasta

87c5ec No.764454


Casa De Paine

Me Casa Su Casa Mr. Paine

God Speed!

Remember, as per Q

Trust Wray

27854e No.764455

File: b946dbfc52bcbf8⋯.jpeg (54.6 KB, 960x540, 16:9, DPA4krhVAAAYX7t.jpeg)

c761a7 No.764456

6 min till communist new day Brainwashing show begins. CNN main tank rollout begins firing automatic fire at us. Chrissy Cuomo and his whore ready to spit hateful pointless talking points out. Ready to kill the united states at any cost. Sending a banana peel you're way Chris Cuomo you traitor FUCK.

039ce4 No.764457


I think we up to 20k+ indictments

Including jotoprez

70dbe5 No.764458


Actually they are trying to get the kids to storm the WH, which if they breached the fence cound result in many deaths.

f348ba No.764459

Bonjour anon. Welcome to Phase 2.

Something to consider on:

> #947: Refocusing on the goal edition

''I am already given to the power that rules my fate. And I cling to nothing, so I will have

nothing to defend.

I have no thoughts, so I will see.

I fear nothing, so I will remember myself.

Detached and at ease, I will dart past the Eagle to be free.

Warriors have an ulterior purpose for their acts which has

nothing to do with personal gain. The average man acts only if

there is a chance for profit. Warriors act not for profit, but for

the spirit.

For the average man, the world is weird because if he's not

bored with it, he's at odds with it. For a warrior, the world is

weird because it is stupendous, awesome, mysterious, unfathomable.

A warrior must assume responsibility for being here, in this

marvelous world, in this marvelous time. ''

–Carlos Castenada

e09706 No.764460

File: 8c073b382ad4ab6⋯.png (784.91 KB, 1063x1596, 1063:1596, IMG_3150.PNG)

27854e No.764461

File: b9c6aa6a674bfe5⋯.png (193.15 KB, 414x293, 414:293, b9c6aa6a674bfe5a0135be1f4a….png)

File: 297518541a02cd1⋯.jpeg (56.05 KB, 720x556, 180:139, DWUfecpU0AAE3RA.jpeg)

20de90 No.764462

Can one escape the physical reality through meditation? Can other dimensions be accessed?

27854e No.764463


New indictment list out next week, correct? Update.

771496 No.764464


Might be Phase 3. Q has cleared the boards twice.

e09706 No.764465

File: e8ee1dc4066b88e⋯.gif (2.09 MB, 317x536, 317:536, IMG_2473.GIF)

c34c07 No.764466


Lol when will they be opened?

c761a7 No.764467


I like that part of the B for sure. All the red writing too. Jesus is the best part but no more talking about it please ,6 am time to CNN the SATEN NEWS REPORT.

d35234 No.764468


So many words, so little said.

27854e No.764469

File: 69fc6b8255c78db⋯.jpeg (245 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, DO7mCNJUIAA-0gZ.jpeg)

20de90 No.764470


KEK! Moody cow.

7c7309 No.764471


Please add an auto-ridicule filter to fake Q posts such as:


039ce4 No.764472

File: a7dc89c41c96624⋯.jpg (26.73 KB, 296x280, 37:35, IMG_1316.JPG)

Any good news ?

Any empathyfags up this early?

771496 No.764473


My take on it? Yes. Remote viewing is a meditation technique. Not only are other locations viewed, but on occasion the viewer has been viewed at the target. My guess is that the astral body travels out to the target.

a8649c No.764474


John Bolton rips Sky News's Kay Burley a New One!

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=qf0GtlDCS5o

d7296d No.764475



There was one more post on this. May not be relevant to anything we do but he said there were military ops going on. Could be a cover. Wonder if anyone "important "lives in this area, I don't even know where it is.

Wow just did a quick search and it looks like this could be in the Emerald triangle, dispensaries and farms every where.

c34c07 No.764476


What a pussy

Fake Q is harmless

4d34ee No.764477

File: 06958b08a496e60⋯.jpeg (416.08 KB, 1242x1758, 207:293, 9B88B1E9-F22D-4A40-A10D-5….jpeg)

File: f70a3ca04639d42⋯.jpeg (409.36 KB, 1236x1599, 412:533, 52CE23B7-63FA-4BB1-9E0D-1….jpeg)

039ce4 No.764478

File: 8b69bd270e64760⋯.jpg (74.73 KB, 858x724, 429:362, IMG_1313.JPG)

Bun dem Roth fegels down

f348ba No.764479


True, might be.

Was referring to the Cabinet & advisors to POTUS.

ef6a9b No.764480


No, the Emerald triangle is farther north. But, yes, there are many wealthy celebrities in the area.

4d34ee No.764481


His nose needs to be rubbed in something else

c761a7 No.764482

CNN new day BS points.1 Playboy model all cnn wants to talk about and trump tried to pay her . 2. Trumps bad because he changed staff. CNN is fucking with Presidents marriage and family wow BALLS you got CNN ! Wow , Panic mode is real. I hope Q smashes CNN HQ to the ground.

87c5ec No.764483


Eh escape is a relative term. One can transitions into a higher consciousness of the dimensional realities around him.

To me meditation is transitioning your though center into the Subconscious.

Meditation is fantastic for maintaining balance during stormy weather

Meditation may have saved my life at least once

c34c07 No.764484


He looks so stressed

Those lawyers he retained must be stressing him

771496 No.764485


Cabinet? Yes, that is approximately Phase 2. It's going to get interesting.

27854e No.764486



We need people like him. Bolton is smart and tough, and has a good chip on his shoulder. Let him lose

f348ba No.764487


A warrior must cultivate the feeling that he has everything needed for the extravagant journey that is his life. What counts for a warrior is being alive.

''Life in itself is sufficient, self-explanatory and complete. Therefore, one may say without being presumptuous that the

experience of experiences is being alive.''

8188d8 No.764488


This past few days we learned a grand jury has been formed by stealthy sessions. McCabe fired and then he tweeted Comey onto a nice felony.

House intel says no collusion and Flynn did not lie to the FBI.

I know everyone want mass arrests right now, but the system is working overtime in that direction.

b3955b No.764490

reality is the tie that binds us together

reality isn't really real but is

to experience what is real one must understand him

him isn't exactly what has been told but is

religious philosophy is a philosophy thus understanding is required to understand

826848 No.764491

Podesta had a nose rubbing ceremony also. It was when the three kids slept over his house. One of them woke him up rubbing his nose. Good times. Well trained MKULTRA sex slave he had there.

27854e No.764492

File: 64267318915a65b⋯.jpg (94.87 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 64267318915a65b6392ebee5ed….jpg)

File: 10be739be9cbf31⋯.png (52.78 KB, 200x200, 1:1, revenge.png)

049438 No.764493

GOP not happy about $1.3T spending bill. Fox now (in AK). You guise prolly got this 4 hours ago tho huh Desu?

f348ba No.764494



df4b0c No.764495


what? no can deal with love? i WAS slated for death. God protected me. I saw it. several times. I AM ALIVE. only God could have done that. I SHOULD HAVE CRASHED \4 TIMES. but… I WAS WARNED. by…? you decide anon. you decide. (i should be dead… THEY decide if YOU don't listen to Him.)… nuff said.

d7296d No.764496


So is it likely this is a pot related home invasion being tracked by the Mil or something bigger going on? Seriously don't know, the name caught my eye and won't let go.

27854e No.764497


Yes, it is.

I smell something big coming…

771496 No.764498


I've had at least one like that.

4d34ee No.764499

File: e01d3d7d54bbeeb⋯.jpeg (380.82 KB, 1242x1693, 1242:1693, 1B86F9BB-EA2C-4448-991D-9….jpeg)

Army Gen. John W. Nicholson Jr. said the military parts of President Donald J. Trump’s strategy are now in place and they are already making a difference. The general spoke to reporters traveling with Marine Corps Gen. Joe Dunford, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

The strategy calls for more military advisors working with lower-echelon units, Nicholson said. It also calls for more enablers, including additional air support and intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance assets.

Afghans on the Offensive

The strategy is helping because the main effort in the U.S. Central Command area of operations has shifted from Iraq and Syria to Afghanistan, Nicholson said. These additional capabilities “will enable the Afghans to get on the offensive,” the general told reporters.

e09706 No.764500


I sure thought Bolton would have been pick last year, you know if the ClownNN doesn't like him he's a keeper

c761a7 No.764501


If I did not believe in GOD or have a connection I would not be here 15 hrs a day fighting for it.

f348ba No.764502



Warriors compress time; this is the sixth principle of the art of stalking.

Even an instant counts. In a battle for your life, a second is an eternity, an eternity that may decide the outcome.

Warriors aim at succeeding, therefore they compress time. Warriors don't waste an instant.

314c84 No.764503



Bolton 2024!

039ce4 No.764504

File: a8ec5c9bdc1f586⋯.jpg (56.19 KB, 600x555, 40:37, IMG_1047.JPG)

Figure it out


c761a7 No.764505


There is no time. Beyond that .

1c243b No.764507

Wow, those YouTube shills are on it today.

Video containing the audio is gone.

df4b0c No.764508


so talk to HIM. dammit. He is listening… it's real.

87c5ec No.764509

File: 9f864671b556cc2⋯.jpg (3 MB, 5120x5120, 1:1, qsentus.jpg)

Anyone have a Citibank card / account??

2A Infringement via Bank:

https:// www.infowars.com/citigroup-imposes-restrictions-on-client-gun-sales/

1c243b No.764510


My bad, only the embed is broken.

fd45f0 No.764511

Digital militia.

8188d8 No.764512


Love this guy. He give 0 fucks. Wack me will solve nothing.

9f73c9 No.764513


Yep. The John McCains. Where would we be without you feeding off the rest of us.

dfe67d No.764514


you have inspired me to re-read this book anon

7bbb97 No.764515

File: b2c47936b638d8d⋯.jpg (1.44 MB, 720x7723, 720:7723, 1.jpg)

f348ba No.764516




''The basic difference between an ordinary man and a warrior is that a warrior takes everything as a challenge, while an ordinary

man takes everything as a blessing or as a curse.''

''The self-confidence of the warrior is not the self-confidence of the average man. The average man seeks certainty in the eyes of

the onlooker and calls that self-confidence. ''

The warrior seeks impeccability in his own eyes and calls that humbleness. The average man is hooked to his fellow men, while the warrior is hooked only to infinity.

039ce4 No.764517


Soldiers have training

Heros be merely prepared

Identify the needs of many

Keep an honest story

Don't steal

Valhalla is easy

The others more probable

1c243b No.764518

By the way, the permit for the "march" was denied.

9f73c9 No.764519

At this point, if Martial Law is declared, maybe the round-up will be for us.

df4b0c No.764520


talk to Him. please. it matters.

f348ba No.764521


Nice thoughts. Thank you.

a70e8c No.764522


Trump forever ..

90e03d No.764523

File: f71114b3235c8e5⋯.jpg (59.21 KB, 566x314, 283:157, 3-23-18 a.jpg)

d7296d No.764524

Donald J. Trump

Verified account


Following Following @realDonaldTrump


House Intelligence Committee votes to release final report. FINDINGS: (1) No evidence provided of Collusion between Trump Campaign & Russia. (2) The Obama Administrations Post election response was insufficient. (3) Clapper provided inconsistent testimony on media contacts.

Lots of Caps in this tweet

bff6e5 No.764525


That would be their mistake…..putting us anons all together.

ef6a9b No.764526


Law enforcement here really does not concern itself with marijuana.

I have not really thought about what connects all these recent events. Thanks for challenging me.

Two were military targets. Two were non-Californians and concerned drugs. Three involved a large number of guns.

I think guns are the common denominator. Secondly, drugs and foreign actors.

039ce4 No.764527

File: 742f9904a7b06d5⋯.jpg (31.75 KB, 280x498, 140:249, IMG_1241.JPG)

87c5ec No.764528

File: 593c75ca07a0a4c⋯.jpg (569.73 KB, 1024x652, 256:163, 7ddbe65845649f418fac8ccaa6….jpg)


Either way, it's Balls Deep Bruh.

No turning back now.

TRUMP is not a 2 timer, that I know

c3709e No.764529

File: 4e4ff5a9d08ab68⋯.jpeg (168.8 KB, 1172x657, 1172:657, 304D7B99-2FC9-491A-9343-1….jpeg)

f348ba No.764530

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


Was inspired by a reminder by another fellow anon. yesterday.

Many parallels to the present, it seems.

We found this video. Worth a watch.

c761a7 No.764531


Then we die trying to free God's free born creations. We die trying to help President Trump who is being attacked for being a good man and leader. Nothing better to die for than my country and protecting you . Satan only wins so long.

b44da6 No.764532


Yeah, apachees are a common site for the washingtonanon, californiaanon is seeing mostly troop transports, although I see plenty of those up here as well.

c761a7 No.764533


Trump is one of us! Deplorable AC ! Anon Supreme!! Never stop fighting for him !!

d7296d No.764534


Keep your eyes open and your head down Anon. Good observations!!!

c3709e No.764535

Do we have a baker?

7ba495 No.764536

One of my favorite sayings that keeps me going refers to never giving up

If it is difficult it will be done

If it is impossible, we will see.

I do not believe anything is impossible, I just haven't learned how to do it…YET.

d36648 No.764537

File: 3542baf3cafc827⋯.png (57.76 KB, 591x375, 197:125, ClipboardImage.png)

File: c8fc88db2b7a4c5⋯.png (18.41 KB, 596x77, 596:77, ClipboardImage.png)

Interesting twitter thread.

https:// twitter.com/fchollet/status/976563870322999296

1c243b No.764538


If it's southern california…isn't there a helicopter base on North Island?

dfe67d No.764539


yeah now they're calling it a "walk" after the rally.

Guess they hope no one notices.

049438 No.764540

Dough Rising

b44da6 No.764541


GCR would be a great way to wrap up the cabal clean up, i'm hoping that whole thing isn't just a massive psiop.

2b9bed No.764542


Like when the rain is coming. There is electricity or ozone in the air. Too many things lining up for there not to be. Resignation list 2 miles long, 18k sealed indictments Fakebook Twatter Goolagle all being exposed as HRC conspirators. Concernshillingfags be damned. Rothschilds still have a red laser dot on em.

7bbb97 No.764543


Amen….nothing scarier than a man with conviction. Satinists fear it.

f348ba No.764544

Our fellow men are black magicians. And whoever is with them is a black magician on the spot. Think for a moment, can you deviate from the path that your fellow men have lined up for you?

And if you remain with them, your thoughts and your actions are fixed forever in their terms. That is slavery.

The warrior, on the other hand, is free from all that.

Freedom is expensive, but the price is not impossible to pay.

So, fear your captors, your masters.

Don't waste your time and your power fearing freedom.

27854e No.764545


T. Paine is great. And he is legit.

039ce4 No.764546

File: e01804cd23df287⋯.jpg (90.88 KB, 680x678, 340:339, IMG_1257.JPG)

c761a7 No.764547


Woop there he is ! GM President Trump you amazing Dude !!! I am here to defend you today ! We are with you !

e09706 No.764548

File: 5448a333c246de2⋯.png (212.35 KB, 1487x951, 1487:951, IMG_1306.PNG)

a8649c No.764550


Q could have also cleared the board because he/she/they knew the FBI had opened up a file, maybe they didn't want to make it easy for the FBI to dig up what they've said.

Not that it would be hard for the FBI as what Q has said is saved in a lot of locations.

8188d8 No.764551


I wish Trump would call the Russia Hoax the new Flat Earth.

That would piss off all the right people.

64c69f No.764552


Not to mention Crisis Actors and Soros paid thugs to instigate violence and riots.

27854e No.764553


First BOOM! of the day.

More incoming…

b44da6 No.764554


Wait, so you are saying that Russian meddling in the election on behalf of trump was a lie, but what was really happening is that the Britain over in the UK/EU was meddling in our election in favor of the rapists wife?

e10e68 No.764556

File: 34028a9826791c9⋯.jpg (191.13 KB, 800x600, 4:3, fbclassaction.jpg)

771496 No.764557


That doesn't make sense. There are a few places to find out what was removed.

039ce4 No.764559

Hating on shit takes effort

There is a ton of shit here already

Swear at it if you like, really

I would

Easier to hate those players

Cause they been hating yo game

Think 6000 yo death cult finally get it

In the stinker

Yep, that's wat q research is

e09706 No.764561

File: 6ff948089167fe5⋯.gif (1.25 MB, 490x360, 49:36, IMG_2452.GIF)


TY baker

7ba495 No.764562


What's with the reference with the rooster on the podium.. Chicken, rooster or cock?

9b7613 No.764563


Is that our (3)?


f348ba No.764564


Quote from Castenada






Let's stop thinking and acting on their terms, anon. Break their rules. Better yet, ignore them. They are there only to enslave you.

Follow your center and expand from there.

Have a Wonderful Day, anon.

c3709e No.764565


I am always excited for Friday’s under Trump.

27854e No.764566

2b9bed No.764567


First tweet & 4a.m. fakenews talking point narrative is BTFO, he is the King of shitposting

c761a7 No.764569


Honor to be here in this time/place. We were >made< to be here .

27854e No.764571

File: 43800eb31a851b3⋯.gif (1.34 MB, 800x600, 4:3, 43800eb31a851b3f6066006f4c….gif)



Sad shill…

dfe67d No.764572


I would like to see the laser dot become a bullet hole

b3955b No.764573


not wrong about death cult as entire planet systems engineered and the politics are the fools mans game

27854e No.764574

File: d375e3be45d3409⋯.jpeg (46.04 KB, 713x436, 713:436, DVNHLAjVoAAXZ_d.jpeg)

1c243b No.764575

Hmmm…Looks like someone may have pulled some strings regarding Saturday's march permits.

https:// www.washingtonpost.com/local/march-for-our-lives-gets-permits-for-anti-gun-violence-rally-along-dc-streets-parks/2018/03/13/9d12c8d6-26e1-11e8-8478-892125e3f2ba_story.html?utm_term=.d32eb6942f1d

https:// www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/march-for-our-lives-permit-approved-by-dc-police

039ce4 No.764576

File: a14ab89ef6c73ff⋯.jpg (26.43 KB, 379x300, 379:300, IMG_1198.JPG)

f348ba No.764577


one final one:

If a warrior is to succeed in anything, the success must come gently, with a great deal of effort but with no stress or obsession.

now off to dig

2b9bed No.764578


I'm big game hunter with many notches; would like to PULL the trigger that causes the hole

27854e No.764580

File: c8e5153d1685fa8⋯.jpeg (200.46 KB, 620x438, 310:219, c8e5153d1685fa8fb8789e80c….jpeg)

c761a7 No.764581

File: d020a9a7024960b⋯.jpg (8.84 KB, 255x255, 1:1, b62e5f39a3d0d3669a661e0530….jpg)


Saying Good Morning to President Trump is being a shill? Derp

87c5ec No.764582


I think he Meant

Grand Master

039ce4 No.764583

File: 174b2bf40840e10⋯.jpg (135.7 KB, 750x747, 250:249, IMG_1115.JPG)


Tell the wife

e09706 No.764584


That's what the new world would look like under Barry and you looked at it closer than I did

dfe67d No.764585


and the fire is lit


039ce4 No.764586


I bet thee blamefags b culting

27854e No.764587

a8649c No.764588


Trump could lose a lot of his base by signing that bill.

When he tweets things like this, they're nice. He needs to keep his promises to his voters or they will turn against him,

It's not that they're fickle, it would go against who they are.

27854e No.764589

File: f720588898f7c6e⋯.jpg (13.15 KB, 191x255, 191:255, 4d5e670a97a00d2532d6db393b….jpg)

a70e8c No.764590


If only that was tweeted by @potus, I would laugh all day.

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