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Pro Aris et Focis

File: 077ab1e7aaf2fbf⋯.jpg (521.4 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 077ab1e7aaf2fbfea054d57ecf….jpg)

4ccdad No.777753



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Q, Whats the plan for the SES?

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4ccdad No.777833

https:// pastebin.com/D3qGZi7b

4ccdad No.777839


Filtering you is the only plan.

f4f148 No.777892

Katica Retweeted

Donald J. Trump

‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump

27 Sep 2013

You have to believe in what you want. Keep your focus, keep your momentum–and remain patient and persistent.

6595c1 No.777901

File: 87a10315433da25⋯.jpg (34.3 KB, 500x333, 500:333, baker.jpg)

thx for the breads

f6feb1 No.777903


words of wisdom. never give up.

66a9c6 No.777905

File: bcd8e6bfad81dea⋯.png (124.31 KB, 912x684, 4:3, Screen Shot 2018-03-24 at ….png)

File: 549049a9cf3c939⋯.png (119.74 KB, 997x658, 997:658, Screen Shot 2018-03-24 at ….png)

File: 67e63ed3ed2af9d⋯.png (85.3 KB, 1272x671, 1272:671, Screen Shot 2018-03-24 at ….png)

File: 54e1f4d9dee4245⋯.png (55.67 KB, 786x238, 393:119, Screen Shot 2018-03-24 at ….png)

am i reading this right? seems like trump is saying that confiscated funds could be used for national security… aka wall.

1da0dc No.777906

Any meme requests today anons?

8bb031 No.777907

File: 51808f9c73efefb⋯.jpg (81.31 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 3c1406eb78d856721a2d5e8930….jpg)

Thank You Baker.

2481cb No.777908


WRWY posted that

https:// twitter.com/hashtag/WRWY

605fe7 No.777909

>>777520 (previous bread)

Do "Watch the Water" & "As the World Turns" reference the magnetic pole shift? Is it about the shifting of the earth's axis?

0af536 No.777910








KeK is with us

b89a3a No.777911

>>777872 (prev bread)

Moon orbit causes core rotation, core rotation causes magnetic field. So unless the moon reverses orbit, the poles do not shift outside of the normal "wobble" caused by the moon's imperfect orbit.

IT CAN however be "overcome" by a more powerful magnetic field. Such as a large planetary object passing nearby.

Interestingly, tital waves (WATER) would also occur. So if Q is hinting on a planetary scale, this is the only way I can think to link the two issues.

But I still think he is limiting his crumbs to terrestrial man made political kind of issues.

82cad4 No.777912


You asked what POTUS has done…..look at the Q movement & this board. None of this would have happened without him being elected. WE have all gained more knowledge than we had before & we all know more about the corruption. We also have been given access to talk with POTUS & his top advisers ON THIS BOARD. HE HAS GIVEN US HOPE that we didn't have & Q has told us so many times to TRUST THE PLAN. THEY knew things would happen that we might not like but there is a reason to the madness. We still have 3 more years of Trump Presidency to go in his first term….so damn much good can happen in that time & so much bad can be exposed & taken out!

One of the top players in this whole game is our MILITARY…..& now the left just signed their literal death warrants by thinking they got one over on POTUS….they didn't.

97dd1f No.777913



50602f No.777914

File: 583a0c9dcbeea85⋯.jpg (33.02 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 21294390_2013054682044935_….jpg)

Tasty Bread Baker

Also >>777777 needs to added to the bread.

c9d319 No.777915

File: cfb5e6a3ff6ba83⋯.jpg (198.98 KB, 864x463, 864:463, 423.jpg)

5db23d No.777916

Niggers sucking welfare, taxing whites out of existence.

c86789 No.777917


Jason Goodman is spoopy. Trust the Plan instead.

9822a4 No.777918

File: 12b80ba5145a453⋯.jpeg (97.63 KB, 513x615, 171:205, 7E6A87CC-2BA9-46A8-9198-0….jpeg)

Does this defund abortions?

066eca No.777920


1200 - 1300


2de47d No.777921


This is what I've been thinking ever since bin Tahal was knicked. Freeze his assets. 'borrow' a few billion and use that instead.

8bb031 No.777922


Are those Egyptian donuts?

6e3778 No.777923


No he isn't.

H.A. Goodman more researched

6e3778 No.777924



https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=npGsyCIfWDQ&list=PLepr8D3vj72SZfxNYzAlnp5CIQ4-M8tV3

Yes, it does!!!

Anons, I think there is more to the 777777 post than soem Anon getting lucky.

7f8129 No.777925


Food box incoming . Thugs will be starved of the welfare fraud cash . Dem filth will be destroyed .

9ff3ca No.777926



>being caught unprepared when they are found.

Those differences have already been found and they are so striking that they can't be published in the current atmosphere. The shift of the Overton window on this issue is necessary to be able to address some new tech and just publish the least significant/shocking things that have been discovered.

(((They)) are against a wall, no plan B because plan A was of course going to work swimmingly. Now it's apparent to them it isn't and won't, but it's too late to switch programmes or create a plan B, so they have had to accelerate extremely quickly, making their machinations very obvious (thus more object to it's blatant affront to human nature). What they want is anti-human, anti-life and insane, which is why they are so desperate now. When even the least important info comes out about the difference between "population groups" (races etc), their entire Potemkin village falls flat.

Then there will be the backlash.

They are terrified.



b11b3a No.777927


Good plan. So tired of the SES slide. They are important, but they have been dug to hell already.

d2372f No.777928

File: 393a98e7c38a2b1⋯.png (57.25 KB, 846x405, 94:45, ClipboardImage.png)

f01c6e No.777929


You're welcome. I'm always up for discussing this stuff.

Pretty amazing world we're living in today. Now, I didn't say that we'll be completely safe, nor did I say that USA is immune from natural disasters. I honestly wouldn't be surprised to see NYC completely destroyed with a nuke (all the radiation will blow out over the Atlantic) or so called Rebel California going into the ocean with a tsunami or a big earthquake. If you do your research some of that ground is VERY soft and will turn into quicksand with the right earthquake.

Look at New Orleans. It's a shit hole and they do the Mardi Gras shit there, which is highly offensive. Yet they are in a *very* vulnerable place for natural disasters.

It's very interesting that all the places in the United States where evil has flourished are ALSO the places of extremely major natural disasters,

7f8129 No.777931

What is the 111 day mirrored line up post for today?

ede56a No.777932

Why can't any of these idiot Bolsheviks explain why Trump can't use this Omnibus money to support his base any damn way he chooses….

Exactly like Obama did… Why was it OK for the half Black Muslim but, not allowed this time around?

Why can't you deffend Obamas spending habbits & actions?

Why are you claiming Trump doesn't have the same managerial RIGHTS you felt were just fine when used by the socialist Left?

You idiots haven't debunked a thing…. You Just Fear the TRUTH

b11b3a No.777933


I'm gonna hazard a guess and say not a chance.

16007f No.777934


No, I didn't ask what POTUS has done, I asked what has he done SPECIFICALLY to address his supporters getting assaulted, harassed, and doxxed. I'll be pleased for an answer.

2e8b8f No.777935

Only good thing about him signing that bill, is I'll get my disability check on time now.

1da0dc No.777936


You would most likely be correct in your assumption anon.

b21038 No.777937

File: 5f59e15ceeb49cc⋯.jpg (28.08 KB, 540x631, 540:631, 1335995.jpg)

b7ec24 No.777938


Maybe something to rally the normie snowflakes who are “not voting for Trump” in 2020. I listened to Rush yesterday and the 4 callers I heard were all saying he has betrayed us, I am so disappointed blah blah blah…something to calm the base maybe

2481cb No.777939

We R With You

7f8129 No.777940

File: 9162fd3b72ac109⋯.jpg (11.47 KB, 255x111, 85:37, c317d323576ed5c7486cf48874….jpg)

6e3778 No.777941

File: 5124c66cc879007⋯.png (768.4 KB, 1282x662, 641:331, BLACK TRUMP - 777777.PNG)



353626 No.777942

>>777918 It gives the right to abortion in certain cases but the problem is they can say it’s life threatening or rape in all the cases so……

605fe7 No.777943




And might this also be what is referenced by "40,000ft" and "expand your thinking"?

8813ee No.777944


>Rebel California going into the ocean with a tsunami or a big earthquake.

This has been rumored for years.. Maybe that's why all the smart Caliites are leaving the state ;)

b1f4cf No.777946


Also looks to be for DC only…

4c4d48 No.777947


Why don't you post the whole letter?

Congress determines where the money will go.

378343 No.777948


i'm still stuck on abortion. I'm stupid, I get that, but God, in my mind, would have to be properly pissed that we do this. I would expect a proper spanking for it too, but the spanking doesn't come, or it's not hard enough to change hearts/minds.

253927 No.777949

The recent appointment plus omnibus bill are too close together for comfort. People seem to be worried we have lost control. Important to reassure, given control is maintained.

a3d448 No.777950

1da0dc No.777951


OK anon, not a bad idea at all.. I'll have a chew on that.

353626 No.777952

a3d448 No.777953





i see some anons are awake this morning

6d39f6 No.777955


If you look at the proposed "new California" map, the republicans are all safe from the inundation to come.

The inland area is all people from normal states. Coastal, left wing naziliberals.

21ff35 No.777956


No. This is a game the government plays where they say they don't fund abortions but they give tons of money to abortion providers that are not supposed to pay for abortions. As money is fungible, it pays for abortions and lobbying back to the government for more funds. It's a shell game. Think optics.

See https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hyde_Amendment

b1f4cf No.777957


Congress controls all funding for DC. It's essentially separate from the rest of the country.

784882 No.777958


when this is over, I hope Kanye tells his story

3efdea No.777959

File: c52d23c9fc7ffd7⋯.png (604.73 KB, 775x1400, 31:56, Hotwheels Q.png)

File: fcbe7c5c0a5fdd1⋯.png (486.57 KB, 861x1400, 123:200, Verification.png)

1da0dc No.777961


And standing tall. I salute you Patriot!

4c4d48 No.777962


Because he can't spend the money any fucking way he chooses you stupid fucking retard. You don't even prove Obozo did that. If Potus wants money to go from one Dept to another, he has to petition Congress idiot.

OMG, when are people going to learn how the govt works???

49291c No.777964

File: 204b6950ca3c328⋯.jpg (323.61 KB, 816x1021, 816:1021, earth is flat.jpg)

File: 6314134e1c98527⋯.jpg (490.79 KB, 640x1777, 640:1777, kansas flatter than a panc….jpg)

File: 0e8825ff4a6cf8c⋯.jpg (640.31 KB, 730x1955, 146:391, Giant found.jpg)

File: 2c60b488052cc8a⋯.jpg (209.82 KB, 1024x523, 1024:523, NWO.jpg)

File: 4c53739b94cf80a⋯.jpg (162.51 KB, 798x540, 133:90, Rainbow.jpg)


There is a shocking reality that the world will soon have to face. The earth, is not what you think it is. Since the day of your birth, you have been taught a lie! Incredibly,

UNBELIEVABLY, we are all the victims of an elaborate, well organized, global satanic conspiracy to hide the truth of God. Do we have evidence of our amazing claims?

You bet we do… and lots of it!

First let me briefly explain your “true” reality. Would you believe me if I said that there is no “outer” space? Would you believe me if I told you that the world is FLAT and

there is a solid dome firmament above your head (just like the Bible says)? Adding to the shock of it… what if I also told you that the stars are ALIVE! What if I

said, that the stars were actually living angels? Not balls of burning gas billions of miles away.

While these statements are no doubt incredibly difficult to accept, at first, the reality is, the more you look into it the easier it becomes to accept. Step one, research

“Two Hundred Proofs The Earth Is Flat.” If you are not amazed. If you think the evidence is bogus, then walk away. Go back to your life as if nothing ever happened. But,

if you see the truth, that there is incredible evidence that you are being lied to by NASA then take the next step. There are tons of videos

on youtube.com these days because the truth, though perhaps new to YOU, has been known by a growing number of people for a while now. Do not trust everything

you hear. Independently verify all the information, as I have, so you KNOW THAT YOU KNOW.

Let me ask you, have you ever heard that satanic cults worship Saturn? How about the worship of Venus, or Mars? Have you ever wondered why they do this? Why

would people worship a non-living thing? Well, what do these secret societies know that you don’t? They know the truth (though they tell lies). The truth that there

are no planets. Have you ever looked up at Saturn or Mars or Jupiter? From earth the planets LOOK like stars. The pictures that disagree

with this come from NASA. Well, I’m here to tell you that they look like stars from earth BECAUSEE THEY ARE STARS! They are “wandering stars.”

All the other stars in the sky follow a set pattern. That is the only difference between the “planet” stars and the regular stars. What you don’t know, yet, is that the

reason the “planet” or “wandering stars” don’t follow a set pattern is because THEY ARE FALLEN ANGELS. They refuse to follow the path that God has set for them.

This is why the secret society satanic cults worship them. As far back as ancient Egypt. Because they are worshiping demons (fallen angels).

They know that the “stars” are alive. Doesn’t this not explain their practice of star worship? Doesn’t it make more sense to you now? Of course it does. All the other stars

are living HOLY ANGELS.

Reality is as the Bible says. The earth cannot be moved. The earth sits on a foundation. The sun and the stars turn above our head. Ask yourself, if we are spinning

a thousand Miles Per Hour on a ball and flying through space sixty six thousand miles per hour (revolving around the sun) why don’t the star patterns ever change?

Why doesn’t the North Star ever move? How can sailors still use the same star charts from thousands of years ago to navigate the ocean?

Because the earth is not moving. The sky is turning above our head.

What is on the other side of the dome firmament, you ask? It is as the Bible says. “And God said, Let there be a firmament in the midst of the the waters, and let it divide

the waters from the waters. And God made the firmament, and divided the waters which were under the firmament from the waters which were above the firmament: and it was so.”

The sky is the FIRST heaven. Above the firmament is the SECOND heaven. In the “the waters above.” In those waters is the sun, the moon and the stars. Above that is

the THIRD heaven. The high heaven. The house of God. Our Christian destination. So you see, heaven is not in some other dimension. It is literally above YOUR HEAD.

Did you really think that the tower of Babel was going to take people into outer space? Break free from the mind control!!

I do not have the space in this format to get deeply into GIANTS. Yes, I forgot to tell you. Huge giants also once walked the earth. These Giants were also fallen angels.

They were worshiped as Gods. In fact, SECRET, they are the ones who built the pyramids. Read the Book of Enoch. Enoch was a mighty prophet. The book was taken

out of the Bible 800 years ago. Why? The book of Enoch is quoted in both the New Testament and the old. It is also

still part of the Coptic Christian Bible in the Middle East. THEY ARE HIDING REALITY FROM YOU!

OIL IS A MINERAL, not a fossil fuel. That is part of the plot to hide reality! Designed to trick you. Dinosaurs developed when the giant fallen angels “sinned with the animals.”


bbc783 No.777965



Pole Flip.

52e964 No.777966


Pay attention, anons.

Wisdom to endure in this message.

2e8b8f No.777967





b11b3a No.777968

Can't believe I'm still having to filter those flat earth people (on either side). They never give up, and have no imagination or work ethic to come up with something new.

1da0dc No.777969

File: 43fd04ac87296eb⋯.jpg (550.15 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, Jackass4.jpg)

File: cfc22a26a3e251e⋯.jpg (575.04 KB, 1024x641, 1024:641, Jackass3.jpg)

File: 94ea3d1d61250e1⋯.jpg (623.2 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, Jackass2.jpg)

File: dfb0af87dfa0167⋯.jpg (804.71 KB, 1024x817, 1024:817, Jackass1.jpg)

bbc783 No.777970

File: 0f23f42ffccda92⋯.png (209.32 KB, 342x316, 171:158, blind5.png)

a7e4c1 No.777971

last bread >>777872

I think it refers to the weather weapon(s). A lot of odd magnetic activities. Will do a research.

98508b No.777972



8813ee No.777973


Well, if it makes the sane people in cali feel any better, it's exactly the same way on the right-hand coast.. Everyone's a bleeding heart near the water, but drive 30-40 miles inland (so, not far at all) and you are in MAGA land.

b7ec24 No.777974



ede56a No.777976


What do you mean by inferring the African born Muslim played by the rules….

You Bolsheviks are stoopid shits to actually believe Americans will buy your SHIT

d2372f No.777977

File: 853b6601588d9ed⋯.png (74.25 KB, 836x296, 209:74, ClipboardImage.png)

426460 No.777978




dead cat bounce / stormy video / break theory.


6e3778 No.777979

File: 72dc8fec20bee2f⋯.jpg (72.55 KB, 957x640, 957:640, DY5djSuWsAE1E_H.jpg)




https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=npGsyCIfWDQ&list=PLepr8D3vj72SZfxNYzAlnp5CIQ4-M8tV3

Yes, it does!!!

Anons, I think there is more to the 777777 post than some Anon getting lucky.


https:// www.youtube.com/channel/UC2JnBNjkfrk8eXAjOZwQv7A

1da0dc No.777980

File: c51aa47c7519692⋯.png (565.29 KB, 1113x725, 1113:725, ThatsIt.png)

File: 5bfc52ecd956abb⋯.png (568.53 KB, 1113x725, 1113:725, TalkTalk.png)

File: aaa120884e97112⋯.png (561.87 KB, 1113x725, 1113:725, Fairytale.png)

File: 809b6c6d8b37d71⋯.png (567.48 KB, 1113x725, 1113:725, SoapDropper.png)

71f072 No.777981


mind blown lol

9ff3ca No.777982

File: 69ea118c67cd97a⋯.png (227.45 KB, 321x317, 321:317, 1475702602114.png)

File: 3ed50ea329bc278⋯.jpg (377.17 KB, 650x629, 650:629, 1476067691397.jpg)

File: cfe232b4f013123⋯.jpg (22.83 KB, 299x300, 299:300, 1476236569116.jpg)

FBI Informant Speaks, Says Feds Asking New Questions About Clintons

>"They were looking into the Clintons, and the information that I provided to them about the Clintons"

https:// www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-03-23/fbi-uranium-whistleblower-speaks-video-says-feds-asking-new-questions-about

96b2ac No.777983

My Twitter was hacked. Just got notification and put in 12 he. PRISON for sending threat to Thomas Paine. I never did that. The email showed me the tweet. This fing scary. Why is going on

378343 No.777984


Trump looks like:

Fuuuk me honey, its COLD out here. Can't we do this inside!!!

4c4d48 No.777985


You are the biggest fucking idiot of them all. Is Congress deep state? Is Obozo deep state?

Now fucktard, but 1 + 1 together.

b11b3a No.777986


I don't agree with this. Trying to sand the bread.

49291c No.777987

File: ed9ac72472c3b94⋯.jpg (87.76 KB, 637x423, 637:423, head in sand1.jpg)

File: 493377375ea5a29⋯.jpg (157.21 KB, 639x590, 639:590, duck2.jpg)

9f7710 No.777988


Theoretically, yes. No taxpayer money is to be appropriated to abortions. But PP's accounting practices make it impossible to determine if tax dollars are used for abortions. I think it's safe to say they've been breaking the terms of this for…ever.

6e3778 No.777989




97dd1f No.777991


Libtards cheat, we are doing this the correct way. Q team could have just started 'doing what they do best', but they chose to game the system and DJT.

We are NOT Republicans

I registered Republican to primary for DJT, so last night I re-registered again:


af9093 No.777992

"Commercial satellite imagery of North Korea’s Punggye-ri Nuclear Test Site from mid-March 2018 suggests that there has been a significant slowdown in tunneling and a reduced presence of related personnel at the site when compared to just two weeks earlier. During this same time period, high-level talks between North and South Korea moved forward, including Pyongyang’s proposal for a summit with US President Donald Trump."


21ff35 No.777993


You're wasting your time arguing about the federal appropriations and spending process to fools who've never even run a checkbook. It doesn't matter. It was fully explained yesterday evening and last night to anyone who wants to learn. At this point, it's just shilling. MAGA on.

98508b No.777994


Hope you're doing well, man. Good to see you. Cute dog.

16007f No.777995


The absolute state of this board, anon. Aping chan culture, thinking they are double secret genius patriots, when in fact they fumble through understanding basic facts and rely on mob group think and faith. A cult.

9822a4 No.777996


When they pull the tiny baby out they should hand it to the moms and make them hold it for 5 minutes. Problem solved. Of course only if it’s an abortion by choice, as in that baby was going to inconvenience said moms lifestyle.

378343 No.777997


Ok ok ok, the wall will be built.

To me that's like 1 enemy soldier shot, but there's a million still coming. We might win that fight, but the war is huge. How are we doing on the rest of the war?

7f8129 No.777998


This guy has been on my mind, the spirit cooking shit. I feel something evil about him.

6e3778 No.777999



b11b3a No.778000


Next time you reply to a flat earth post you will be filtered too.

49291c No.778001

File: 380d5fd6319683c⋯.jpg (137.42 KB, 810x1045, 162:209, not a shill.jpg)



50602f No.778002


Awake and WOKE As FUCK Patriot.

2a22a3 No.778003

File: 8ce3e74e02030e4⋯.jpg (66.07 KB, 705x329, 15:7, chuckandmitch.JPG)

You girls are party animals!

4c4d48 No.778004


You're right. Tired of the blind cult already today. Time to go back to the real world.

039476 No.778005


You have to read section 7058(d) of HR 1625. It deals with Global Health Programs and International Disaster Assistance.

71f072 No.778006


←-Minute Man just waiting for the call.

6e3778 No.778007




2e8b8f No.778008


Filter me mother fucker!

2481cb No.778009


We R With You too POTUS

605fe7 No.778010




And might this also be what is referenced by "40,000ft" and "expand your thinking"?>>777971

Also 90(or was it 99%?) in the hospital if they knew…how would knowing put them in the hospital unless panic.

4c4d48 No.778011


Agreed anon. I keep hoping to get thru, but a wasted effort. It just pains me to see what they are doing to the base with all this fake shit they are putting out. Midterms could be a disaster.

378343 No.778012


Me too. Need that call sooner rather than later. I'm not getting any younger here.

1da0dc No.778013

File: 0605b7d62c81889⋯.webm (11.58 MB, 492x360, 41:30, Black Trump - Trump Tower….webm)

2a22a3 No.778014


No. It is specifically referring to DC, which the US government funds…like a city.

It says that abortions will not be covered in DC.

That means it is a NIMBY (not in my backyard) clause to prevent abortion clinics from locating within the beltway.

a73eeb No.778015



I am seeing so many posts this morning about how a president cannot spend $$ without Congress approval.

Then I am reminded by this smart anon that BHO was able to send 1.7 BILLION dollars to Iran (and others, apparently) without Congressional authorization…

Can someone please explain how this was possible, especially on his way out the goddamn door? If he could do it then, why not all of the time?

Bring it

bfc01d No.778016


> You don't even prove Obozo did that. If Potus wants money to go from one Dept to another, he has to petition Congress idiot.


You're telling me obozo had congressional approval for the 1.3 Billion in CASH he sent to Iran?

784882 No.778017


AAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Beautiful, Q team!!!

bdc554 No.778018


Q's booms were markers. POTUS inserted seemingly unimportant amendment items into the bill that will facilitate the storm. Booms marked when each insertion happened. Potentially verifiable via congressional records.

f9056e No.778019

An omnibus spending bill is a type of bill in the United States that packages many of the smaller regular appropriations bills into one larger single bill that could be passed with only one vote in each house. There are twelve different regular appropriations bills that need to be passed each year to fund the federal government and avoid a government shutdown; an omnibus spending bill combines one or more of those bills into a single bill.

Every year, Congress must pass bills that appropriate money for all discretionary government spending. Generally, one bill is passed for each sub-committee of the twelve subcommittees in the U.S. House Committee on Appropriations and the matching 12 subcommittees in the United States Senate Committee on Appropriations.

Often, omnibus spending bills are criticized for being full of pork (unnecessary/wasteful spending that pleases constituents or special interest groups).[5] The bills regularly stretch to more than 1,000 pages. Nevertheless, such bills have grown more common in recent years.[1]:14

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Omnibus_spending_bill

Funds for budgets must be appropriated before they can be spent. A typical budget contains line items within groupings such as Materials and Service, Personnel, Capital Expenses, etc. The Materials and Service category can contain 100 or more individual line items. These line items when added together make the grand total for Material Services. It is common to overspend on line items as long as the total for Materials and Services isn't exceeded. If that is exceeded then you have to get a budget amendment to exceed it. Since a valid budget for the government hasn't been passed in years, I don't know what is being used - maybe the budget from 20 years ago? Who knows. But I can say that for the government to be operating without a valid budget to guide it is fiscally irresponsible and the senate and congress needs to get off their collective self-serving asses and live up to their responsibility to the people.

498266 No.778020

anons, about Omnibus bill

Humble suggestion to put the OB digging on a separate thread.

Q told us to ORGANIZE. right now, it's not organized.

please dump everything on a separate thread, double check the findings, legal anons can check, and report the gems found in here for USALL to spread to all corners of the digital universe.

Sliders and demotivators will try to tank the idea, but if u think about what Q said, youknow it's the best thing to do:


want me to make it??


8813ee No.778021

Here's a thought.

These grabbers want to play hardball? Pass a law that requires all incoming congressmen to pass a mandatory psych test.

All incumbents not exempt.

Especially if it ever comes up that exercising your right to bear requires a psych test. As a matter of fact, you might as well add psych tests for congress people as a rider if it goes this way.

If they want our guns? They have no business having access to the levers of power.

97fa63 No.778022


http:// insider.foxnews.com/2017/04/26/ted-cruz-el-chapo-money-should-pay-mexico-border-wall

54fecd No.778023


>H.A. Goodman

That fool was talking about how great Huffington Post is!

2481cb No.778024



1da0dc No.778025


Yeah mine too Patriot, ever noticed how much Oprah loves him? That in itself is a dead giveaway!

2a22a3 No.778026


Duh…it was illegal.

No one stopped him because no one asked.

>muh racist

7f8129 No.778027


Nice brain.

2e8b8f No.778028


>You're telling me obozo had congressional approval for the 1.3 Billion in CASH he sent to Iran?

That's sure looks like what he's trying to say.

81fee2 No.778029

File: 4871443fc93ea03⋯.jpg (205.19 KB, 938x600, 469:300, CIADis.jpg)

Memefag offering something for the #MarchForOurLives CIA op running on Twitter today.

4c4d48 No.778030


You didn't do your research for even asking that question. I'll give you a hint. He didn't have to. Now go back and read Q's crumbs and the relevant research.

16007f No.778031


Proof for this?

784882 No.778032

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Bijan Downs - Merry Christma Deep State

7a83f8 No.778033


do tell more

97dd1f No.778034


When you generalize about a population you make yourself look stupid…

6e3778 No.778035


Isn't? lol

Q team, congrats on getting the 777777.



4c4d48 No.778036

7f8129 No.778037


Hollywood killer cult , Something wicked this way comes . There are some twisted people in front of the cameras. Praying for the cleansing and replacement .

b11b3a No.778038


They would need exclusions for psychopathy and narcissistic personality disorder.

de1442 No.778039


Incredible. Why blue? Cute dog. Keep on keepin’ on Hotwheels!

3ca3f5 No.778040


The National Cherry Blossom Festival is a spring celebration in Washington, D.C., commemorating the March 27, 1912, gift of Japanese cherry trees from Mayor Yukio Ozaki of Tokyo City to the city of Washington, D.C. Mayor Ozaki donated the trees to enhance the growing friendship between the United States and Japan and also celebrate the continued close relationship between the two nations.

2481cb No.778041

Anons you need to look closer at >>777777 and the name. This was not a coincidence!

7f8129 No.778042


Nurnberg 2.0.

504c72 No.778043

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

For the shills. Clock is running. You lose.

6e3778 No.778044


Can any Anon figure out "BIJAN"

DOWNS must = SNOWDen

f01c6e No.778045


it's posted at village idiots.


Lots of stuff posted there that isn't posted here.

So far 2-3 anons are using it, get it up to 5-10 and it'll be real useful to all of us.


bfc01d No.778046


> I'll give you a hint.

I guess that means you don't know the answer

or you don't like the answer

1da0dc No.778047

File: 3125816800f75fb⋯.png (3.77 KB, 446x29, 446:29, Bijan.png)

94d542 No.778048


God is very aware of WHO did this and he knows it sure as hell wasn't "US". They are the ones who will reap what they've sown.

4c4d48 No.778049



It was not illegal.

SEE -→>>>>778030

ede56a No.778050


Did Obama spend the money on things that were not preset by Congress? Everyone knows that answer is yes

Did Obama use money from Fannie and Freddie to finace Obamacares deductables? Of course he Did it been Proven.

Trump can, should and will do what Obama taught us is possible….

Bolsheviks Fear their own History the most….

You keep proving this!!

2a22a3 No.778051

File: 9f9aa22671038cf⋯.jpg (89.81 KB, 704x395, 704:395, cm1.JPG)


I'm "up" for it!

ceed7c No.778052

File: 2e145e19961e062⋯.png (53.98 KB, 92x528, 23:132, ClipboardImage.png)

498266 No.778053



This is why I am suggesting to put the OMNIBUS digging on a separate thread.

This sort of thing needs to be checked b4 we meme it.

657faf No.778054

File: 291860de2a81a79⋯.png (474.19 KB, 700x771, 700:771, ClipboardImage.png)


>Cabal is gonna get hammered

e446a9 No.778055

File: c27a723accba014⋯.jpg (180.58 KB, 1103x847, 1103:847, Magma50_13.jpg)

File: c27a723accba014⋯.jpg (180.58 KB, 1103x847, 1103:847, Tiger1_7.jpg)

File: 0b47d93c4519037⋯.jpg (244.74 KB, 1083x855, 19:15, GAF863_7.jpg)

File: 53af65065f07074⋯.jpg (258 KB, 1095x853, 1095:853, GAF848_6.jpg)

German Air Force headed into Kazakhstan, the lead plane is currently over Aktau. My plots of Tiger1 and Magma50 dried up, still monitoring.

97dd1f No.778056



2e8b8f No.778057


So why is it POTUS signs an extension for the Iranian Deal every month?

6e3778 No.778058


Gift from Japan….Hmmm, will they hand over BHO when he is in Japan on Sunday (SUNDAY/ Monday Japanese time)? GIFT…

4c4d48 No.778059


Prove he did anything illegal. I'll wait.

50602f No.778060


And Thank You Patriot Anon. And to all the WARRIORS as well.

1da0dc No.778061


I'll join you in that prayer Patriot. God bless and guide us all.

6d39f6 No.778062


And when you make assumptions without questions on something you don't fully understand, you look like an egotistical jackass.

4c4d48 No.778063


Because of the complexity of the fucking deal Obozo signed. He did not want to renew it, but RT told him to. Why do you think RT was fired?

7f8129 No.778064

File: 8ec712be2794c98⋯.jpg (13.19 KB, 255x211, 255:211, 878dcc00ca4208be820d76d659….jpg)

769471 No.778065

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




8813ee No.778066


>Bisband the CIA

same with the FBI.

Most of the mass casualty events would never have happened if those agencies didn't exist. And they both are so corrupted at this point.. That there is no public trust.

They both give cops a black eye and a shitty name.

Fucked up to see in black and white. But true nonetheless.

d2372f No.778067


Same way Hillary set up a private email server to handle classified material. It is AGAINST THE LAW

YET the FBI (or in GTA terms, the 'FIB' kek.) found that she was just a silly hilly wife of billy and she wont be charged


2481cb No.778068

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Theme music for POTUS

6e3778 No.778069


Oh, shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nice grab, Anon! Perfectly aligned!!!! No coincidence.

Pointing to the heavens?

16007f No.778070


>Trump should break the law exactly like the illegal muslim homo did

Kill yourself

71f072 No.778071

Nay R Flake, Jeff AZ

This must be good for us, the faggot traitor Flake voted against it.

d3ccae No.778072

File: 74fe64eb9ad2f93⋯.jpg (39.97 KB, 504x281, 504:281, First-arpanet-imp-log.jpg)

Whom the devil would deceive he tells not a lie but a lesser truth.

>>777256 << Like this schill with the insinuating argument about our "conditioning" here. Here we upgrade our understanding, we learn, unlearn and relearn and what we leaqrn form the process allows us to see more than we saw, to understand more deeply than we did previously and, with this new understanding, we can reexamine what we know, and no more.

This is recursive self improvement anons. It lifts us up, it supports Faith, and it benefit not only us, but our friends, families and our world.

bbc783 No.778073

File: 91f8f054d079373⋯.png (919.88 KB, 907x601, 907:601, south1.png)

File: 30bb27bedd5258c⋯.png (685.98 KB, 640x588, 160:147, researchit.png)

File: 7ffa925a6c30aa8⋯.png (901.53 KB, 880x606, 440:303, priceless.png)

File: 62848336155244c⋯.png (259.15 KB, 414x608, 207:304, nasalies4.png)

File: d092d02e0543a68⋯.png (855.68 KB, 915x510, 61:34, nazis2.png)


Woke up and found the truth in this a few years ago. Huge paradigm shift. But it is what it is. Truth sets you free. This is the one that connects all the lies. The key that unlocks everything. These are amazing times.

97fa63 No.778074


no need to move money to another department. just give the job to another department. DHS was going to build a wall…now the army is. magic.

b11b3a No.778075


Although I get where you are coming from, it's hard to connect the CIA to a domestic situation like that where you don't even see them on the ground at a shooting scene. They are viewed as a spy agency for foreign work by most of the public. You can try, though, might get some traction.

ceed7c No.778076

File: 0da04a01ca2fe4b⋯.png (449.12 KB, 611x1632, 611:1632, ClipboardImage.png)

8813ee No.778077


What part of nno exemptions did you miss?

Baby games are over.

605fe7 No.778078


Watching now thx

6cba5e No.778079

I’ve been away, any digs on 2A in Omnibus?


1da0dc No.778080

File: 1dfb6e502d0c3c4⋯.jpg (457.04 KB, 1024x678, 512:339, joeyatdoorfbischoolshooter….jpg)

File: 726419a13cda6c8⋯.jpg (467.46 KB, 1024x678, 512:339, joeyatdoorfbibombattacks2.jpg)

File: c5283b5b7029f5a⋯.jpg (445.6 KB, 1024x678, 512:339, joeyatdoorfbibombattacks.jpg)

784882 No.778081


Anon, SnowD to which you refer….a vid? I cant find it on that channel.

66a9c6 No.778082


and i won bjs

b11b3a No.778083


Sorry muh humor is still on its first cup of coffee.

97dd1f No.778084


H.A. is such a tool…

d2372f No.778085


a unicorn of a Man

and a true Lady. A dying breed of woman.

605fe7 No.778086



2e8b8f No.778087


So where at in all this mess did congress pass this mess?

769471 No.778088

File: bd1f7325fd79a8f⋯.jpg (9.88 KB, 288x175, 288:175, [rplifeviolence2.jpg)


there has been no funding for abortions since the 1990's

PP gets NO money for abortions

dollars are fungible is not an argument - all entities follow GAAP

audits revealed NO impropriety let alone evil crimes

pro lifers keep it to yourself

6e3778 No.778089


SNOWDen comes from BIJAN DOWNS

DOWNS, reverse it = SNOWD(en)

e446a9 No.778090

File: 1f7070250349883⋯.jpg (206.08 KB, 1087x847, 1087:847, Tiger1_7.jpg)

I got my Tiger1

4c4d48 No.778091


Your reply just proves how lazy and stupid you really are. It has all been research and I was there. I did the work. You have not.

Obozo did not manipulate the money illegally. He did it with the blessing of Congress. Now pound sand.

71f072 No.778093

is black Trump Kanye West? He went to Trump for protection against the NWO right? There is more to this.

8afabd No.778094



Bye Julian Assange & Snowden ?

16007f No.778095


Auditors lie often, but you're correct about funding. If you believe that money isn't really fungible, you are a complete retard

ec1a8c No.778096


An archive of the digging efforts should be kept, 100%.

As for diverting all of the efforts to another thread… Right now, knowing and understanding the bill is important enough to keep here.

Reading the bill and the summary digs from other anons puts us head and shoulders above every other internet hivemind retard that got gaslit by the MSM.

This includes those dipshits on T_D who have allowed fear and uncertainty to fracture their resolve.

We can't afford to be like them, so I say we keep digging here and archive elsewhere until we can't dig into it anymore.

6595c1 No.778097

File: d060dfb39e42aed⋯.png (206.74 KB, 640x399, 640:399, fakebook.png)

50602f No.778098



I was thinking the same Anon. Needs a separate section in the catalog. Gems and bullet points.

Gems found are too scattered atm.

6e3778 No.778099


The "black" man rapping sounds like it could be a white dude using sound altering equipment.

Like another Anon said, sounds like the lyrics say "Omnibus"


8813ee No.778100


It's ok. I haven't even begun to make covfefe yet… I got a late start today :)

2a22a3 No.778101


Congress can’t give permission to do illegal shit.

It was still

769471 No.778102


GUN CONTROL = PRO LIFE? lawfag here…


Review Congressional investigation.

Re_read drops PP.

We are working to END.


Not as it appears.

OK - I am 100% confident that (lead mastermind) Q is a rightous patriot with a real historic and monumental anti-cabal plan being executed by POTUS before our very eyes. I am not a slide clown or shill. But if an anon is pro-choice. as are the majority of WE THE PEOPLE then this is taking sides on a divisive issue. Maybe not this board but now we will find out via this post.

The serious problem concerns PP and Q's posts theron. I will say we ALL can agree that if PP or anyone else commits acts of pedophilia, child traffing, or any other ILLEGAL acts then they should be DESTROYED. We can call those "Nefarious Acts." Of course pro-life persons consider ALL abortions nefarious - indeed murder.

But since abortions are in fact LEGAL, we must exclude abortion from the Nafarious designation. I will exclude from the "Nefarious" category purely technical violations of law - which were documents in the report. I say technical becase the violations had to do only with the reimbursement formulas used, and questions whether fetal tissue "crossed state lines" which is a violation of federal law, but NOT state law, which often permits the sale and use of fetal material for reserach. A complete table of state laws may be found here: http:// www.ncsl.org/research/health/embryonic-and-fetal-research-laws.aspx

Of course most of the restrictions on use of fetal material are born from the intense desire of pro life activists to make it impossible or impractical to perform abortions. This is equivalemt to complex and massive regulations which are put in place to inhibit excercise of a constituiional right (ie GUN OWNERSHIP) which is legal yet poltically unpopular among a large number of citizens.

In any event - I did exactly as Q asked and reviewed the testimony and report of the hearing on PP. The report can be seen here:

https:// archives-energycommerce.house.gov/sites/republicans.energycommerce.house.gov/files/documents/Select_Investigative_Panel_Final_Report.pdf

There is NO EVIDENCE in those hearings or the report - NONE - that PP has commited acts of pedophilia, child traffing, or any other nefarious acts. Is there any evidence of this? If so the Q and any Anon who cares - please show it to us all NOW so we understand why PP "is not as it appears." This report fails to do anything like that.

I will certainly say that if clinics are PAYING women to get abortions so they can make a profit that is nefarious. But there is no evidence of that in the report. Again where is the evidence? If the report is the best evidecne Q has, then I will conclude that Q is pro life and using the Second Revoluaiotn to move to that goal. That is very different from the nefarious acts which constitute the bulk of the Q focus. A pro-choice partriot will reasonably find that wrongful. If Q has evidence that PP participates in or commits nefarious acts PLEASE PROVIDE IT so all anons are not just voting pro life w/o our consent. This is yet another issue that DIVIDES WE THE PEOPLE and takes us away from our primary goal to RESTORE LIBERTY.

LIBERTY = the state of being free within society from oppressive restrictions imposed by authority on one's way of life, behavior, or political views. Emphasis on "ONE" = my way of life = my choices = I alone am morally resonsible for the excercise of my free will.

97dd1f No.778103


The AUSTIN BOMBER need a deeper look. According to an early Infowars post, a shooter was in a crew members house and shot from a window right as the bomber 'blew himself up'… Hmmmmmmm PATSY, oh wait, there is some message and CASE CLOSED????? JUST LIKE FLORIDA, I WANT TO HEAR ABOUT THE EVIDENCE.

f01c6e No.778104

File: 9169a40f5674685⋯.gif (36.3 KB, 432x288, 3:2, cwwc5.gif)


I'm talking about the yellow areas in the graphic. NOT all of Cali.


I understand completely. Let's use a little reference from the Bible to wrap our minds around what's going on. It's quite useful for us as lowly humans who are stuck in a time warp and don't understand "God's Timing". If you had a kid who did something really bad, you would put him in timeout for an hour. What is that in God's timing? Just about Forty Years. The Israelites wandered in the wilderness for forty years until the rebelling generation died off. What does God say the years of a man's life are? Seventy, but if by reason of strength eighty. Any coincidence that's Two Hours in God's time?

Now, you might be wondering, how the hell am I coming up with 40 years is an hour? The Bible says that a thousand years is as a day, a day is as a thousand years. Thousand divided by twenty-four is 41.66 years. Coincidentally, a thousand divided by forty would give you 25 hours.

The United States has been the home of Christians since time immemorial- in the Bible as the Land of the North. However, for the purposes of history, lets count back to 1500. Christopher Columbus in 1492, close enough. That gives us a bit over 500 years. We've been here for almost 13 hours.

Now, let's count back to the fuckups. I consider the day they took prayer out of the schools one such fuckup, and that happens to be 1962. That was 56 years ago. An hour and a half in God's eyes. Out of 13 hours (officially) that this has been the home of Christians, we've only been fucked up for the last 1.5 hours.

Roe vs Wade was another colassal fuckup. That was in 1973. A bit less time wise. Just over an hour.

Lets find another fuckup. Approval of Roundup in 1983. A bit less time wise. Just under an hour. Same year, cell phone towers started spreading over the landscape.

Now, we are undergoing change and a return, along with God's mighty influence upon the affairs of our Great Nation. I don't have the bible verse for this, but somewhere it says or implies that for 70 years Israel will be allowed to go her own way after her founding. Now, the 70th anniversary of Israel's founding is on April 19th. And all of these events are happening.

No coincidences! No coincidences!

And yes, the 4th Commandment is a thing, and Sabbath IS the day of rest. Which happens to be today.

21ff35 No.778105


Liar, liar, baby killer.

7ef4e9 No.778106


If its with the military, its not from one department to another, imho

a73eeb No.778107


How about something showing Obummer delivering pallets of cash to Iran and telling Congress to suck his dick?

71f072 No.778108


Get the fuck out of here

16007f No.778109


Q has made no mention of this bill. Until he does, put it on a sub thread and sperge away

a3d448 No.778110

784882 No.778111


Ahhh…I got it!!! DOWNS=SNOWD

6e3778 No.778112


Interesting take. Maybe.

Jay Z = NWO cabal and he has gotten awfully quiet lately

944af9 No.778113

The worlds greatest troll.

https: //www.youtube.com/watch?v=fzkBfTfiXS0&list=PLepr8D3vj72TXZJYstEAvfacQYRwqz3DD

97fa63 No.778114



from the play list"

'a killer'

'get rich'

a killer got (seth) rich???

59b4fc No.778115

File: 28377b4116ef8c2⋯.jpeg (222.43 KB, 1177x1166, 107:106, F9813764-C274-456D-A373-A….jpeg)

769471 No.778116


im with you but stop the post after you mention 200 proofs

too long for us with ADD

8ef8dc No.778117

File: c0b62528d841258⋯.png (202 KB, 579x360, 193:120, ClipboardImage.png)

10768d No.778118

File: 42e9a40f82329b3⋯.png (154 KB, 1089x901, 1089:901, ClipboardImage.png)

Did POTUS just TRUMP, Ryan?

https:// www.whitehouse.gov/briefings-statements/text-letter-president-speaker-house-representatives-president-senate-21/

6e3778 No.778119


Thanks for clarifying WRWY

But, what about the post?

f01c6e No.778120


I've been picking up a gems over at village idiots but no one seems to be interested in making it a cooperative effort. I have a overnight anon and I'm on here some days but not all the time. And I can't do it 24/7.

4c4d48 No.778121


It was mostly done in secret. The money did not have to go thru congressional approval. Obozo found a loop hole. It's a multi country bilateral deal that we simply can not pull out of because we want to. We have already been threatened by other countries for saying we are going to pull out. We did sign agreements. I don't know what kind of clauses are there for withdrawal from the agreement. I do not it's a huge fucking mess Obozo got us into. I just hope Potus can get us out of it without other countries wanting to war us over it.

49291c No.778122

File: b3607045618e6f4⋯.jpg (95.13 KB, 500x707, 500:707, truth puzzle.jpg)

File: 8ddd6b89cfa02c8⋯.jpeg (125.07 KB, 737x545, 737:545, kj.jpeg)

File: ad13bf9b5b0d0be⋯.gif (152.27 KB, 770x550, 7:5, LADY_LIBERTY_AT_NIGHT.gif)

File: 0f639a1466783df⋯.jpg (236.4 KB, 960x768, 5:4, Fly through spac.jpg)

File: 46305929cc925d0⋯.jpeg (107.47 KB, 696x457, 696:457, glowing earth orb.jpeg)




2a22a3 No.778123

File: 881060fccaf9d80⋯.jpg (89.35 KB, 704x395, 704:395, cm2.JPG)


Super naked.

ede56a No.778124


I enjoy watch these sniveling socialists win way to much?

f01c6e No.778125


Does that singer sound like Kayne West? I'm hard of hearing so I honestly don't know.

1da0dc No.778126

Memefag requesting your input Patriots before I run with this idea..

Anon asked earlier if I could meme for the lefties to try and win them over come voting time 2020.

I was thinking of using this bill just signed as a means to show them how much POTUS is working for (((them))). What do you think? Failed concept or possible?

769471 No.778127


these are paid shills

ignore filter etc

i too debunked multiple times

a3d448 No.778128

97dd1f No.778129


EXACTLY, what were we SUPPOSED to be doing before this DISTRACTION???


Digging Crumbs into bread

4c4d48 No.778130


It most certainly is

6e3778 No.778131


'a killer' = anything related to DWS and Killery

It is a very odd channel and has Deep State references.

Thoughts, Anons?

7ef4e9 No.778132


Try it, see how it goes. It will not make it worse.

21ff35 No.778133

File: a44d4142d952973⋯.jpg (344.12 KB, 729x848, 729:848, Corruption.jpg)

https:// www.justice.gov/opa/pr/chief-staff-former-federal-congressman-convicted-obstructing-congressional-investigation

d2372f No.778134

File: ba2581aa0de1514⋯.png (23.69 KB, 748x162, 374:81, ClipboardImage.png)


Your research sucks

71f072 No.778135


The black dude in the video with the blonde hair looks like West. Maybe he produced it?

784882 No.778136


Ha! Yep, just got that. Too much fun.

b11b3a No.778137


The head of PP recently resigned. Q has been clear that there is nefarious PP involvement in at least some of what is going on. I think we will need proof of that via money flows or something, but I do think that proof will be forthcoming. Time will tell. I think you will find that almost all on this board are opposed to abortion on demand, regardless of what PP has been up to otherwise.

353626 No.778138

>>778032. Great vid. Thanks for posting it

ede56a No.778139


The large amount of butt-hurt bolsheviks attempting to claim everything everyone saw done for 8 years didn't habben…. is all the proof needed

7ef4e9 No.778140


Elaborate pls

1da0dc No.778141


Yeah it screams setup!

8ef8dc No.778142

File: 2095dca42a568fd⋯.png (260.22 KB, 581x443, 581:443, ClipboardImage.png)

16007f No.778143


Bro, your thirst. It is real.

039476 No.778144


I share your frustration. I'm going to repost this from last bread:

WE HAVE A HUGE PROBLEM WITH THE OMNIBUS BILL, but it’s not what you think.

Since the press conference yesterday and the signing of the bill, I’ve noticed a serious problem here. Everyone in going to the bill and looking for a word or a phrase and posting a clip of the bill, or just quoting it and saying, “LOOKIE HERE! $$$ FOR THIS OR FOR THAT!”

What is not happening is the digging that needs to be done first. Those 2000+ pages of the bill are split up by Departments. Please, please, please pay attention to which specific department/program, etc. the money is designated. It matters.

This is not just for anons. I’m seeing on here shares of twitter posts, and hell, even news articles and television media is making the same mistake. This is extremely misleading, and it’s what gets everyone all hyped up about what may be a misinterpretation.

POTUS made it very clear that there were portions he did not like, but there is money appropriated for things he needs. That’s good enough for me.

I am not claiming to be an expert, so please don’t take this wrong. I’ve just seen how information from this board is being spread, and I want us to be a reliable source. We owe it to Q and to ourselves.

My 2¢ Thank you. Carry on.

49291c No.778145


Awsome anon. Really glad to hear that. I am happy

for you. Yes, for sure it is the linch pin. It does connect

everything together. It is a COMPLETE paradigm shift.

Went through it myself.

Leads a person right smack dab in front of the alter

of God.

God truly can no longer be denied once the truth

of Flat Earth with dome is known (which is why they

hid it in the first place).

ebd2e0 No.778146




And please, please find some folks with legal experience to help with this. There has been far too much speculation from anons who seem to be looking at laws for the first time ever.

498266 No.778147



e446a9 No.778148

File: cfe9c9044854b0a⋯.jpg (196.92 KB, 1093x851, 1093:851, GAF863_8.jpg)

Why are the Germans running towards Uzbekistan? The lead plane is North of Zhanaozen headed East.

97dd1f No.778149

File: 017288450cd0208⋯.jpg (189.71 KB, 1650x825, 2:1, DnNotFeedSHILLS.jpg)


I agree, I should know better than to reply when I just want to make a point


769471 No.778150

File: ce4415637d28d3f⋯.jpg (18.56 KB, 276x182, 138:91, vanishing2.jpg)


bigger than we can imagine


6e3778 No.778151

File: 5124c66cc879007⋯.png (768.4 KB, 1282x662, 641:331, BLACK TRUMP - 777777.PNG)


Are we being guided?

I do not feel it is a black guy rapping…Cant explain here but 95% not black.

"Omnibus" said in BLACK TRUMP song?

Other references coded in song titles, etc.?

Could be completely wrong but….


71f072 No.778152


That's Kanye west

4c4d48 No.778153


Ever hear of loopholes?

ebd2e0 No.778155


Not just a psych test

It should specifically look for signs of DID

754ac0 No.778156

The Rothschilds own Trump.

7f8129 No.778157


Lex Luthor getting scared of Q yet?

e446a9 No.778158

File: 39193dd4f595e40⋯.jpg (215.31 KB, 1087x861, 1087:861, Tiger1_8.jpg)

Tiger1 re-acquired after crossing the desert.

7ef4e9 No.778159


Try harder

49291c No.778160


Rainbow Bridge


6e3778 No.778161

File: 5124c66cc879007⋯.png (768.4 KB, 1282x662, 641:331, BLACK TRUMP - 777777.PNG)


Yes, possible. Very…

Any Anon see this before? How could we not have had a meme with that photo before on here???

967650 No.778163


they own the presidency - trump is just playing his part

7f8129 No.778164


Blow me clown.

d2372f No.778165



The Judgement Fund

Theres your loophole

wonder how many other funds exist?

6e3778 No.778166


Yes, but photoshopped or real?

Who is behind the channel? Songs very odd. Whole page odd.

8bb031 No.778167

File: 07e2a84277bb09a⋯.jpeg (131.8 KB, 1080x742, 540:371, 1521902325.jpeg)

1da0dc No.778168


There is deliberate confusion anon, that's exactly what POTUS wanted. The deep state don't have any idea what to do because they can't see what POTUS is going to do and when. (((They))) thought he was going to veto the bill and had counted on that. The man has them in a tail-spin that they can't pull out of kek!

769471 No.778169

yes all you say is true

i myself am pro choice but respect your opinion

to me this is a most personal issue and therefore not for others to say IF the fetus is not viable - that is pretty mainstream

if we do get evidence of nefarious action by PP we should shut it down

what Q posted was not nearly enough


a73eeb No.778170


IDK Memefag, POTUS is so hot with his base right now… Might not be a good time to promote how left he is. IMHO, beter to come out with something like that when his base is all enamored & happy.

7f8129 No.778171

File: f5b6757af83a703⋯.jpg (13.5 KB, 192x255, 64:85, d47fe48c94a306824c600bfbec….jpg)

ede56a No.778172


"Obozo did not manipulate the money illegally"

typical Alinsky propaganda….

David Brock is so stoopid

d2372f No.778173


hahahhaha rothschilds own nothing

imaginary money

the illusion of power

they own the consequences of their actions

they own what is coming to them, in this life and in the next

754ac0 No.778174

The Rothschilds own you.

49291c No.778175



Paid shills? Ahahahhahhhaaaa.

I think my pay check is a little late.

We are learning your games

We know why you don't want people talking about



769471 No.778176


no it is good to debunk with facts THEN move on so all anons can see

498266 No.778177


Anon…. the specific digging is shitting up General

hindering us from concentrating on other perhaps WAY MORE important shit.

It's like one GIANT slip n slide in here and its impossible to do separate gems from turds.

We've just invented SHILL CENTRAL in here keeping the OMNIBUS digging on central.

Trust the plan…

specialized digs are always done on separate threads, and the special fags come and report their (SAUCED) findings for us to spread.

Look at how the plane fags work… they dig and show us the gems.

We cant just go screaming shit on the Bill in here. This needs Special digging and only sauced (CheKKEKed) conclusions.

enough fucking confusion in here.


967650 No.778178


and who do you think is going to take the rothschilds down.. trump… laugh

f6feb1 No.778179

Good Morning Troops.

I am dropping off a couple of links I used, as I am reading through my section of the omnibus bill.

I found this link very helpful in understanding what the H*** they are talking about,

starting on page 1762. It is important because it covers tarrif,customs etc.

I thought it might help others who are interested in this portion of the bill.

most of the language concerns updating the previous bill.

https:// www.cbp.gov/trade/priority-issues/trade-agreements/special-trade-legislation/generalized-system-preferences

the link above, came from this site: https:// ustr.gov/

I also ran across a term, I had not heard of before. "Brownfield Site".

I found these an interesting and SHORT bit of reading which then helped me understand what they were talking about in the bill.

This will go along with the section beginning with page 1768. The bill devotes a good deal of paper to this, compared to the other sections I have read.

I thought others might wish to find out about these sites as well.

There is an entire section devoted to Alaskan brownfield sites as well as those in the rest of the UlSA.

http:// www.nj.gov/state/planning/docs/brownfieldsrequired.pdf

http:// www.govtech.com/policy-management/Brownfield-Resurrection.html?page=2

4c4d48 No.778180


How does my research suck? It is exactly as I said. The money he used is from a fund that was approved 27 fucking years ago. Obozo DID NOT have to get congressional approval to pay Iran.

dfd048 No.778181


Surveyorfag here: Ive calculated and tested your theories and I cant believe what I found!

I never thought it'd be true, FE, but the digits don't lie.

7b0d3c No.778182

fucking Valerie Jarrett speaking at rally. why is Congress afraid of NRA? Sandy Hook was her worst day in 8 years of WH. We don't need assault weapons with huge magazines. No one should be able to buy a weapon of mass destruction on the internet. wow.

a3d448 No.778183

File: b5c78c197804413⋯.png (19.52 KB, 1006x124, 503:62, ClipboardImage.png)



not real

glad you are awake anon

f01c6e No.778184

File: 6b23409745aea9d⋯.png (822.14 KB, 1550x1059, 1550:1059, black trump kayne west.png)

90fe25 No.778185

File: 9a36ca9fbc65ce5⋯.jpg (96.23 KB, 797x256, 797:256, Capture.JPG)


No, your reading comprehension sucks. You just verified >>778091 argument.

97dd1f No.778186

File: 29bd17fe3c99661⋯.jpg (141.87 KB, 1650x825, 2:1, WhateverHeSaid.jpg)

0f3570 No.778187


Make it rain…

1da0dc No.778188



No. Too important not to be in the main board. And your sliders and demotivators bullshit is typical of a shill trying to fracture the board.

Why does it annoy you so much? It is a fraction of the posts here.

49291c No.778189

File: f028426dfbb23aa⋯.jpg (127.67 KB, 736x496, 46:31, lion.jpg)

File: b6633f9d729c603⋯.jpg (63.17 KB, 405x443, 405:443, VegetablesGirl.jpg)

2e8b8f No.778190

8813ee No.778191

File: 266b936c6594817⋯.png (50.26 KB, 635x587, 635:587, pepe_agrees.png)


Those are quite sexy dubs you have there, anon

6e3778 No.778192

504c72 No.778193


You still have a long way to go before you wake up. Turn off CNN

6e3778 No.778195


Filter the shill, Anons

ede56a No.778197


typical Leftist spin….

just because it was totally illegal we are going to denie that and say it doesn't necessarily make it wrong

7f8129 No.778198

File: 1ea9558a11bc7da⋯.jpg (266.63 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, 1ea9558a11bc7da3d7b6808600….jpg)

Q team !!

de1442 No.778199

This omnibus only funds the govt to Sept 30, 2018.

a73eeb No.778200


Agreed, yesterday when folks immediately started digging and saying look, here is money for OIG

OH Look, here is more

Oh and more…

I thought (and posted) that they really needed to review other omnibus spending bills to see how & if it was atypical.

4c4d48 No.778201


Hey fucking idiot, read this -→>>


769471 No.778202


wake up?

think projection

think mirror

i cut the cable years ago

have you?

2e8b8f No.778204


This is the one I meant to get.


8ef8dc No.778205

File: 23ef85c7750ec72⋯.png (26.93 KB, 584x110, 292:55, ClipboardImage.png)

Poor Kanucks

754ac0 No.778206

All you can do at this point is buy guns.

cd11cc No.778207

File: f9f68523a041c40⋯.png (903.72 KB, 1235x676, 95:52, ClipboardImage.png)


Why don't we just throw this into the mix as well

Building a Wall in the Dark

Congress is using budget shenanigans to funnel Pentagon money to President Trump’s border wall.



8b4559 No.778208

File: 775752beadc9ee0⋯.jpg (293.06 KB, 520x519, 520:519, MonicaV2pointOh.jpg)

fa0029 No.778209

File: 9a9cb97fa9dcdc5⋯.gif (540.84 KB, 498x382, 249:191, insane_mccain.gif)


that fucking video kek

2e8b8f No.778210


Amazing isn't it, 1.3T spent in 6 months!

f6feb1 No.778211


amendment made by


subsection (a) shall apply to articles entered on or


after the 30th day after the date of the enactment


of this Act.







(A) IN




tion 514 of the Tariff Act of 1930 (19 U.S.C.


1514) or any other provision of law and subject


to subparagraph (B), any entry of a covered ar-


ticle to which duty-free treatment or other pref-


erential treatment under title V of the Trade


Act of 1974 (19 U.S.C. 2461 et seq.) would

March 21, 2018 (6:08 p.m.)




have applied if the entry had been made on De-


cember 31, 2017, that was made—


(i) after December 31, 2017, and


(ii) before the effective date specified


in paragraph (1),


shall be liquidated or reliquidated as though


such entry occurred on the effective date speci-


fied in paragraph (1).




after the date of the liquidation or reliquidation


(as the case may be).


(3) DEFINITIONS.—In this subsection:




term ‘‘cov-


ered article’’ means an article from a country


that is a beneficiary developing country under


title V of the Trade Act of 1974 (19 U.S.C.


2461 et seq.) as of the effective date specified


in paragraph (1).




terms ‘‘enter’’


and ‘‘entry’’ include a withdrawal from ware-


house for consumption.









CRITERIA.—Not later than 1 year after the date

15 of the enactment of this Act, and annually thereafter

16 through December 31, 2020, the United States Trade

17 Representative shall submit to the Committee on Ways

18 and Means of the House of Representatives and the Com19 mittee on Finance of the Senate a report on efforts to

20 ensure that countries designated as beneficiary developing

21 countries under title V of the Trade Act of 1974 (19

22 U.S.C. 2461 et seq.) are meeting the eligibility criteria set

23 forth in section 502(c) of such Act (19 U.S.C. 2462(c)).

March 21, 2018 (6:08 p.m.)


(B) REQUESTS.—A liquidation or reliqui-


dation may be made under subparagraph (A)


with respect to an entry only if a request there-


for is filed with U.S. Customs and Border Pro-


tection not later than 180 days after the date


of the enactment of this Act that contains suffi-


cient information to enable U.S. Customs and


Border Protection—


(i) to locate the entry; or


(ii) to reconstruct the entry if it can-


not be located.





amounts owed by the United States pursuant to


the liquidation or reliquidation of an entry of a


covered article under subparagraph (A) shall be


paid, without interest, not later than 90 days

March 21, 2018 (6:08 p.m.)










Section 503 of the Trade Act of 1974 (19 U.S.C.

5 2463) is amended—


(1) in subsection (c)(2)—


(A) in the matter following subparagraph


(A)(i)(II), by striking ‘‘July 1’’ and inserting


‘‘November 1’’; and


(B) in subparagraph (E), by striking ‘‘on


January 1, 1995’’ and inserting ‘‘in any of the


preceding 3 calendar years’’; and


(2) in subsection (d), by striking ‘‘July 1’’ each



place it appears and inserting ‘‘November 1’’.



Section 13031(j)(3)(A) of the Consolidated Omnibus

17 Budget







18 58c(j)(3)(A)) is amended by striking ‘‘February 24, 2027’’

19 and inserting ‘‘July 21, 2027’’.

March 21, 2018 (6:08 p.m.)


Judicial Redaction Authority Extension

this concerns the safety of our Judges and in keeping their private information, private

statutory paygo scorecards

this one got me… basically they have to give estimates during the year, as to how they are spending money

and it it is in keeping with estimates they made and keep them on budget. (I hope that is it)

754ac0 No.778212

Trump is going to take your guns..

504c72 No.778213


I’m not the one promoting the PP propaganda

967650 No.778214


it's so much worse than you can imagine for the leafs.. however only the usa has been earmarked for destruction - canucks will survive

f01c6e No.778215


Do you happen to have any idea who could have met Margaret Trudeau on the tarmac last September, that's in the inner circle?

1da0dc No.778216


OK noted anon. Thanks for your input :)

4ccdad No.778217


A lot of people are forgetting this. Normies esp.

94dc3f No.778218


Have you found the memorandum? I can't find it.

ede56a No.778219


CNN fake news propaganda?

So…that's your point

You bolshevick clowns are idiots

8813ee No.778220


I cannot WAIT to purchase anything made of US steel.

Especially a motor vehicle. There hasn't been an American car that was built to last since the 60's

0dfbea No.778221


hi lynn

the gas chambers will be real this time

f01c6e No.778222


seriously…. can you format that better?

498266 No.778223





>>778096 ?


(and everyone else)

==So anons, what Say Ye? A separate DIG BOARD for the OMNIBUS? so that the research can be done


Like Q suggested??

We can post a link to the Thread for ppl to read and ask a legal anon to be Thread owner and inform General of Gems.


Volunteers to make the thread?

4c4d48 No.778224


Did I fucking say it was right? I was even talking to you shit for brains.OMG

I'm leaving. Be back tonight when there are actually intelligent anons here.

2a22a3 No.778225

File: d1002bb03788f83⋯.jpg (70.88 KB, 704x332, 176:83, cm3.JPG)


Is someone baking cookies?

f01c6e No.778226


I run David Bradleys. Made in 1940's-1965. Still running perfectly after 50 years.

ebd2e0 No.778227


Why is everyone digging a video with some clown rapping???

You should be digging Tracy Beanz videos because those have Q stuff in them

8bb031 No.778228


Kek. That fucking bitch

1da0dc No.778229

File: 3b111aa7ca5ffb1⋯.jpg (811.11 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, factory1.jpg)

File: 6ceb8e741f79c0b⋯.jpg (542.79 KB, 1024x718, 512:359, factory2.jpg)

File: bc639f438f674db⋯.jpg (670.51 KB, 1024x807, 1024:807, factory3.jpg)

File: 88bcbab5749daf5⋯.jpg (702.61 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, factory4.jpg)


Damn straight anon!

6e3778 No.778230

Anons, who is the third person in POTUS twatter pic behind POTUS and Pence?

50602f No.778231


So good to see Kayne getting back on the right path. I always knew he was a great talent, but he lost his way for a period. Happens to us all sooner or later.

2e8b8f No.778232


Not really.

1.3 Trillion dollars in 6 months.

People are not forgetting this as easily as you think.

657faf No.778233

File: a3633fba2344dbb⋯.png (326.8 KB, 364x498, 182:249, ClipboardImage.png)

8813ee No.778234


Fuck the gas.

Concrete shoes. Neckties. High voltage.

498266 No.778235


no one can do such a thing 24/7 but we can all help eachother when on a separate thread.

754ac0 No.778236

Trump won't build a wall.

f01c6e No.778237


I'd be happy to maintain it over at village idiots. I'm the B.O. of that board so can edit if needed. That's my only board and I have the time… unlike B.O. here.

You can review my graphics and past work to vet me if you want.

039476 No.778238


Good. Everyone that's screaming for fast happenings and public arrests needs to take note of this. Notice that the indictment on this guy was from April 2016. Almost two years. Was it delayed because no one wanted to move it forward back then? Who knows. Partially it was because he was delaying and not producing requested documents during the investigation. And this is a relatively minor case, money wise.

I'm hoping the corruption cases we want revealed will move faster than they have in the past, but bottom line is that these cases do take time. And the cases we're most interested in are HUGE compared to this one.

ede56a No.778239


^^^^^^^^^ Bolshevik has a cupcake birthday party to attend…

His threat of coming back after he gathers more bolshevik troops is amusing

6e3778 No.778240


You don't understand.

754ac0 No.778241

Trump won't prosecute.

6b588f No.778242

File: 0a8a3d0ec07b69a⋯.jpg (37.47 KB, 450x300, 3:2, img_biu_17_06_06_15_15.jpg)

fcc7c6 No.778243

Dumb question

What benefit is there to funneling future money to the OIG? I guess I don't understand the function of the OIG. What would the OIG spend money on? Or is it to NOT spend so much money?

f01c6e No.778244


Yes!!! I need to organize Village Idiots a bit better. Currently only one bread there should be 2 or 3. I'll post new graphics on a different bread to keep them better organized.

6e3778 No.778245



Filter the shill, Anons

8bb031 No.778246


I got that one!

4c4d48 No.778247


I see I am talking to the same idiot on 2 different topics. So glad it's not more. Can't believe people can make it thru life being as dumb as this one.

6b588f No.778248

File: 36d45d99fb06ba9⋯.png (12.37 KB, 456x293, 456:293, ayyy.PNG)

1da0dc No.778249


For the Gothschilds I'd settle for bringing them to the brink of death, resuscitating them, and repeat every day for the rest of eternity.

97dd1f No.778250


^^^^^^^^^ THIS

I don't know how the author DOESN'T think the wall is part of national defense, but that is something else… Good find ANON

353626 No.778251

Where can we find accounts referenced in 7058(d)

6b588f No.778252

File: fe5cffe2a326073⋯.png (171.1 KB, 1043x601, 1043:601, ayyy noooo.PNG)

504c72 No.778253


Ants and honey

de1442 No.778254



If all goes according to plan. Trump should be able to sign another spending bill before midterms under his terms.

30a881 No.778255


I think one of the biggest problems addressing PP is that they were allocated money but the majority of the clinics were not doing what they said they were doing. A lot of the clinics were doing just abortions. Not mammograms, not women's health, not if you were pregnant and wanted to keep the baby, etc. They are supposed to be doing these things too and they are not.

6b588f No.778256


Date: 2017-06-06 Hour: 15:15

ef147c No.778257


bro, you're a clown

9f7710 No.778258


And I pointed out that there's 73 OIGs within the federal government. People were citing pages with appropriations to the FCC and FDIC OIGs. Not DoJ.

a3d448 No.778259


not the name


754ac0 No.778260

Trump has brainwashed You.

8813ee No.778261

60's muscle cars are sexy as fuck.

Imagine if the new ones were built to the same quality specs… The sheet metal on the old cars was thick as fuck, not like the recycled tin cans of today.

Crumple zones are fake and gay, I want a fucking battering ram!

6b588f No.778262





Prior to receiving the Guardian of Zion Award, Bolton discussed the transfer of the American embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem: "Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. That isn't going to change. And putting the American embassy on a piece of ground well within the existing green line isn't going to offend anybody who is serious themselves about wanting peace. And I have a further objection. I don't think anybody should tell the US where it puts its embassy, anywhere."

f8ac4f No.778263

File: 4c16d6f1abb8420⋯.png (493.73 KB, 1781x809, 1781:809, MysteryGiantQFred.png)

File: 00abf61f00e352c⋯.png (23.16 KB, 846x152, 423:76, GiantQFredTweetReQ.png)

File: 72dbbb486baef74⋯.png (536.63 KB, 952x824, 119:103, FredGiantQTweet.png)



How soon is soon, Q?

71f072 No.778264

I think we can get crumbs from the black Trump videos. No joke Dig bitches

ede56a No.778265


muh sniveling socialist

keeps saying

Trump won't

Trump won't

Trump won't

Trump won't

When all Trump does is DO….

f01c6e No.778266


I don't engage with fucking idiots.

That's all they're good for.




Filter and ignore if you can't help but to reply.

6b588f No.778267





Regarding the nuclear deal with Iran: "I think people need to pay more attention to the connection and collaboration between Iran and North Korea. We know that they've collaborated for nearly 30 years on ballistic missiles, and there's every reason to think that they've collaborated on the nuclear side. The day that North Korea gets a deliverable nuclear weapons capability, Iran can have it the next day by writing a check in the right amount of money. I have a zero risk tolerance for nuclear weapons in the hands of rogue states like Iran and North Korea because the threat to innocent civilians around the world, not just in America but in Israel and across the world, is very real."

ceed7c No.778268

File: 00afcc31045c77a⋯.png (195.07 KB, 645x462, 215:154, ClipboardImage.png)



Bijan Downs has a few playlists titled "Q"

https:// www.youtube.com/channel/UC2JnBNjkfrk8eXAjOZwQv7A

0dc664 No.778269


Deepstate will build the wall. Literally.

18,5k indictments is a lot of prison labour workers, Army engineers will oversee the project.

b89a3a No.778270

File: 215acd7629f5a75⋯.jpg (94.4 KB, 350x350, 1:1, mat18_6.jpg)

6b588f No.778271

File: 0563aec57bfbd0a⋯.png (56.39 KB, 985x626, 985:626, ohh the founder.PNG)

a3d448 No.778272


>Listen to BLACK TRUMP

2e8b8f No.778273


>If all goes according to plan. Trump should be able to sign another spending bill before midterms under his terms.

So he's going to sign another 1.3 trillion over 6 months….fucking hell!

Spending going through the roof!

This last bill is law now.

97dd1f No.778274

File: 8bd661fb00e40a5⋯.jpg (6.89 KB, 259x194, 259:194, AreYouReady.jpg)

4c4d48 No.778275


Wise words anon. I just did.

ede56a No.778276


Muh my edjecasion

(You people are stupid)

6b588f No.778277

File: 1427e371b57a47b⋯.jpg (10.21 KB, 150x150, 1:1, SFDG.jpg)






Kind of Interests, Passion and Hobbies: Philanthropy - Religious Causes

Description: Founded the Ingeborg Rennert Center for Jerusalem Studies at Bar Ilan University and has pledged $25 million to Jewish settlers in the Arab section of east Jerusalem…

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ml6B4IXygBE

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ml6B4IXygBE

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ml6B4IXygBE

Fairfield, the Sagaponack home of billionaire Ira Rennert, the largest residential compound in the United States. Nice house.



6e3778 No.778278


They are triggered! They just realized they got played by the 5-D chess master.

49291c No.778279





b89a3a No.778280




6e3778 No.778281


It is in the lyrics!

754ac0 No.778282

You've drunken the Qoolaid.

97dd1f No.778283


NO, WE AS CITIZENS need to demand that the HOUSE OF REPS do their job in a timely manner ==We have to do our part of draining the swamp at the ballot box==

4ccdad No.778284



There's no "according to plan", this bill is over in 6th months and he already said he wont sign a bill like this ever again and that any further spending bills will be much much smaller. Part of why this is so big is because of the size of the military spending, which is the whole reason he even signed it.

49291c No.778285


Are you?

d9d222 No.778286



2e8b8f No.778287


You've read the bill?

I haven't found it yet, you have the link?

a73eeb No.778288



BAKER BAKER nominate for notable?

FWIW, I have a friend in AZ who went and took a photo of himself at a new border wall there…

6b588f No.778289

File: 206ae096039baff⋯.png (255.14 KB, 1261x394, 1261:394, jeww.PNG)

File: f46de2a4fa18d76⋯.png (37.85 KB, 868x393, 868:393, jewww.PNG)

File: eec2b414745db4b⋯.png (68.82 KB, 823x437, 823:437, jewwww.PNG)

4ccdad No.778290


Diamond and Silk do a really good job of talking about facts that others miss too.

498266 No.778291

Doesn't this sorta thing look like SLIDER HEAVEN to anyone else but me?


(no offence to the digger)


Organize dammit

I'm Eurt from War Room. OCD, autist and paranoia. ORGANIZE SAID Q.

SUB THREAD for the damned 2500 page thread.

7da3e8 No.778292

File: 86798525dd3bf38⋯.png (31.85 KB, 478x180, 239:90, Screen Shot 2018-03-24 at ….png)


Black Trump, Kek

fb9b9a No.778293

What's up lads? Still delusional following the pied piper to ww3?

6e3778 No.778294


Filter the shills. You will find them and their awful memes (seriously something a 6-year old might make) linked on this post

8813ee No.778295


They are fucked. They were sleepwalked into fucking themselves AGAIN by POTUS and friends.

They are stupid as fuck. And it is fucking hilarious!!!

de1442 No.778297


The plan should give him leverage to get a bill passed and not a continuing resolution.

498266 No.778298


Did you organize a sub thread? Can you post a link for us to see?

8813ee No.778299


You're on the wrong worldline. Hillary lost.

6b588f No.778300

File: 50e8346d8c0c804⋯.png (116.76 KB, 909x628, 909:628, jewwwwwwww.PNG)

i get rich at the expense of your health

b11b3a No.778301


I'm definitely beginning to appreciate that perspective, although it has been slow in coming to me. It explains why he gave so much away. He HAD to have the military funded, which meant he had to sucker them into the bill, which meant he had to give a lot away. It's probably safe to say he'll get it back in one way or another. Prayers for POTUS and team.

8ef8dc No.778302

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Geoengineering, looks like a nasty stuff being dispersed … skip to 4:09 taken out from a plane window.

91d028 No.778303


and why are all the shooters KNOWN to the FBI?

why is THAT info made public?

fa9cd6 No.778304

Our system of government does not work. President is held hostage by deep state elected officials that only care about what they can get. Greedy,Immoral Politicans.

Not seeing a way that Trump can win against them. Q the Swamp is Vast

97dd1f No.778305


I am, and I've waited decades and am in the open. FEMA bought those for us, so how appropriate we use them on them. I've been laying low on the WET COAST, built up over 1000 liberal FB followers and now I've come OUT SWINGING:


0f3570 No.778306



Burn Rebuild Endure Adapt Keep

6e3778 No.778307


It is absolutely fucking hilarious. They are absolutely STUPID like Q said!



1da0dc No.778308


So true, in real life jobs nobody would get away with bluffing for a year and a half, producing nothing at the end.

ceed7c No.778309


>just realized

Article was written July 19, 2017

f01c6e No.778310


You can look through my posts and I don't have endless debates with people. Kind of need to have discretion here. From the way people talk or reply to other people, you can glean a lot of information. One post that I replied to is clearly an insider or oldfag, I'm not sure which.

New fags talk like they're in a foreign country. Help them out as much as you can.

Shills usually have very short comments or copy-paste comments and after you've been here for awhile you'll figure the copy-pastes out. If someone insults you they're not worthy of a response or a second thought, just scroll by and repeat "fuck you" without giving them a (you ).

If anyone seems legit, and we're later on in the bread, look at their other posts. If they only have 1 or 2 posts they're more than likely legit but the higher the number the greater chance you're talking to a absolute moron.

Me included, since this is post #21 in this bread. I usually have far fewer posts, but we're moving along fairly slow this morning. Right now 13.3 posts per minute.

91d028 No.778311



6b588f No.778312

File: 0f184110a400aab⋯.png (54.76 KB, 675x434, 675:434, jewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.PNG)

ebd2e0 No.778313


This board is crawling with too many idiots now to be coincidence. You would think that if a person was really serious about MAGA that they would do some research into civics first, and only then go digging into a massive piece of legislation

The fact that people are skipping over this obvious first step suggests to me that the whole Omnibus digging effort is a Clown Op.

Nobody is taking this stuff seriously. Running around like a chicken squawking about everything is not serious. Q told us to GET ORGANIZED. That cannot happen on this board or any other anon board.

You need to have a forum with known identities where people give their full bio.How many years of law have you studied so far. What legal related jobs have you held. Have you taken any college courses in politics. What books have you read.

This is basic stuff. If we can't see what you are basing your comments on, then you are just another clown doing tricks to get the audience laughing.

f01c6e No.778314


Not yet, waiting for the go ahead. Will do now.

6e3778 No.778315



49291c No.778316

File: a51c1ded6e6b089⋯.jpg (79.05 KB, 550x375, 22:15, red pill.jpg)

File: 11d03a8d97d8f40⋯.jpg (327.83 KB, 970x738, 485:369, Puppet Show.jpg)

File: 02f47c74b11c7b1⋯.jpg (87.35 KB, 638x636, 319:318, gd.jpg)

File: 6e12be117c6b394⋯.jpg (292.83 KB, 804x797, 804:797, truth telling.jpg)

File: c0de191eeecbe55⋯.jpeg (105.77 KB, 480x557, 480:557, images.duckduckgo.com.jpeg)







Thanks for your comment annon

967650 No.778317



so you have someone to blame and point fingers at while discounting the real problems of social engineering the entire society to fail and flounder til they are completely subjugated and enslaved…

6e3778 No.778318




7f8129 No.778319

I must say Panic Mode has been a roller coaster but the popcorn has been flying at my work station here . I already reassured my friends that T knows what he is doing , people were/are panicking about it for sure. They do not understand the 5D moves. Just let it ride they will be happy when they see Hills feet swinging in the air on the cover of the newspaper like wicked witch. This Anon is Glued to the front lines here. The normal life does not go on for me until Q wins . Tough but nessesary. Nobody understands but I cannot care right now. We must win this . @Maga

0ef639 No.778320


https:// www.timeanddate.com/date/dateadded.html?d1=


754ac0 No.778321

Trump let Hillary and Barry Soetoro go.

ede56a No.778322

>>778288 (1)


FAIR WARNING: THIS week's column is a deep dive into the inner workings of the House of Representatives. When you kick that rock over, goodness knows what will skitter out. In this case, it reveals some unsavory shenanigans to funnel money to President Donald Trump's proposed border wall.

If you're for the wall, you're thinking, "Good! We should be spending taxpayer dollars to keep illegal immigrants out of the country." But, if I told you the money was going to come from the Pentagon budget, would that still make sense to you?

Federal military troops are forbidden to engage in law enforcement actions – such as enforcing immigration law – by the long-standing posse comitatus prohibitions. (The National Guard is a different case, since its members are under the partial control of their state governors.) The federal agencies charged with protecting U.S. borders and enforcing immigration laws, like the Coast Guard and the Border Patrol, are in the Department of Homeland Security. And the president's budget request for fiscal year 2018 includes just over $44 billion for the department.

o, again, I ask, why should the Pentagon be asked to pay for a border wall? It seems to be a testament to the famous reason Willie Sutton gave for robbing banks: "Because that's where the money is." The Pentagon, with a total proposed budget of $639 billion ($574 in base budget and $65 billion in special "war" accounts), is where lawmakers can find the money for just about anything.

But the House Armed Services Committee version of the annual Pentagon policy bill included a common-sense provision to make sure the Pentagon isn't tasked with paying for the wall: "Section 1039. Rule of construction regarding use of Department of Defense funding of a border wall. None of the funds authorized to be appropriated by this act or otherwise made available for the fiscal year 2018 for the Department of Defense may be used to plan, develop or construct any barriers, including walls or fences, along the international border of the United States."

A careful reading of this language (and that's what we do at Taxpayers for Common Sense) points out this is a fairly broad prohibition. The armed services committees don't ultimately control how federal dollars are spent. The Constitution preserves that role for the appropriations committees. But by saying "or otherwise made available … for the Department of Defense," the House Armed Services Committee was foreclosing the possibility of spending any Pentagon money on this wall in a more comprehensive way.

That was the plan. And at Taxpayers for Common Sense, we supported the idea.

Enter the House Rules Committee. A little known congressional powerhouse, the Rules Committee is also called the speaker's committee. It's called that because the speaker of the House simultaneously served as the chairman of the committee until 1910 and, as the committee website says, "because it is the mechanism that the speaker uses to maintain control of the House floor."

The Pentagon policy bill, HR 2810, needed a "rule" to allow for its consideration on the House floor. The committee meets to consider the hundreds of amendments offered by House members, decide which will be allowed during House debate and determine how long that debate may last. And this is where we're going to step off the cliff into the inner workings of the House, as I promised above.

An amendment was offered by Republican Reps. Steven Palazzo and Trent Kelly from Mississippi (which has coastline but no land border) to strike Section 1039. That means Pentagon money could be spent to construct a border wall. In the normal process of things, this amendment would have been accepted by the Rules Committee and then debated and voted on by the full House of Representatives. But nothing about this amendment can be called normal.

The Rules Committee took this one amendment and labeled it, "proposed to be adopted." In the arcana of House rules, this means that voting for the rule governing consideration of the bill was also voting for this amendment. This is known as a "self-executing rule." The ranking Democrat on the committee, Rep. Louise Slaughter of New York, offered an amendment to strike the self-executing portion of the rule and was defeated in committee on a party-line vote of 4-8.

On the House floor, the vote on the full rule passed. And at the end of a long and exhausting day (and story), that means Pentagon money can be used to construct a border wall. Talk about governing under the cover of darkness.

8813ee No.778323


Except POTUS called their bluff, and boy are they butthurt about it! KEKEKEKEK

92a852 No.778324

File: a4520c684c508b8⋯.jpg (52.1 KB, 481x388, 481:388, savage.jpg)

>>777909https:// www.cia.gov/library/readingroom/docs/CIA-RDP79B00752A000300070001-8.pdf

shift doc

88e154 No.778325

The rek’ning proceeds. Praying, Q. Godspeed. Honestly hope the clock is short and the bazooka is bigly.

Giving the twitter turncoats (coulter, cernovich) a hard time.




97dd1f No.778326

File: 040d785c5c87af2⋯.jpg (5.33 KB, 168x300, 14:25, Cute DOG.jpg)

File: 65a44580e515075⋯.jpg (9.79 KB, 225x225, 1:1, One Armed Stoner.jpg)

fb9b9a No.778327


yeah but now we all just lost. djt is not on our side like we hoped

2e8b8f No.778328


Wants us to vote R's in, but has given nothing to prove any of this is real, signs a bill that should have been shown a direct line to the furnace, it could at least help keep warm with it.

Base is crumbling.

1da0dc No.778329


Exactly Patriot, just like POTUS did with DACA. He gave (((them))) way more than they ever expected and he knew they would still not accept. The people see this though, even the sheeple see that!

cd42c4 No.778330



Worked for Mimi Walters (R) and also for Paul Broun (R). Not sure what order.

498266 No.778331


Why dont you just make a sub thread here, call it Omnibus Bill digging central, copy all the shit in there and invite diggers and legal anons.

It's liker herding fucking CATS in here.

Q told us to archive, work together and ORGANIZE. you cant debate a 2500 page bill on a board filled with clowns, sliders, feds, shills, MSM cucks and 10 YO morons.

legal shit is no JOKE

ede56a No.778332



This is wrong. The Department of Homeland Security, and its budget, exists to cover these and other expenses. If we keep putting non-defense requirements into the Pentagon budget, we are defeating the purpose of individual federal departments and budgets.

Enough. If this is a high priority for the president and Congress, they should request and appropriate the funds to the right federal department. And the debate on that spending should be in the open, not hidden in a so-called self-executing rule.

Play Video

Ryan Alexander, Opinion Contributor

Ryan Alexander is president of Taxpayers for Common Sense.

Tags: Donald Trump, Congress, House of Representatives, funds, Pentagon, Department of Homeland Security, federal budget



Trump's Carnival of Corruption


What Nunberg Tells Us About Trump


What Trump Doesn't Get About Trade


Win the Vote, End the War

754ac0 No.778333

Trump burned You.

1da0dc No.778334

97fa63 No.778335


https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=49vjsWEOkmQ&index=19&list=PLepr8D3vj72SZfxNYzAlnp5CIQ4-M8tV3

chan clips / memes / pepe art.

8813ee No.778337

File: a5f05ed672da59f⋯.png (359.57 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, a5f05ed672da59f2861bca2337….png)


You know you're fucked for taking the shekels, right?

You've already lost. AND nobody believes you, loser.

63d900 No.778338


EVerytime I go to jootube to play whatever this is it says invalid response. Can you imbed vid here?

ecf8d1 No.778339


Good idea we should all give our personal details. Wish I had thought of that.

77fcb2 No.778340

So if Trump signed the 6 month bill, is Congress needed anymore in the next 6 months?

92a852 No.778341



The Hab Theory

b89a3a No.778342


"decent" field agents come forward with info about making contact. It has to look like it fell between cracks.

8813ee No.778343


Stop projecting loser. i hope the shekels were worth it for you. You will get no deals.

c98927 No.778344


Anons how about getting #MAGA trending today when the stupid little fascists are marching to take away 2A rights?

Show them we don’t march but we’re still here!

967650 No.778345


why not .. the alphabet agencies already know who you are… you are certainly not anonymous

0d28d2 No.778346

File: 4d75f7cfdb3f742⋯.png (358.49 KB, 692x730, 346:365, malta-bank.png)

File: ee7cddc29d5ef33⋯.png (100.72 KB, 1024x702, 512:351, last-article.png)

File: d9aac2879262258⋯.png (377.36 KB, 856x953, 856:953, malta-journalist.png)

File: 7e240427d2db23f⋯.png (600.83 KB, 1085x951, 1085:951, malta1.png)


Authorities seize control of bank at center of Malta corruption scandal

https:// www.theguardian.com/world/2018/mar/21/iranian-banker-malta-corruption-scandal-money-laundering-charges

U.S. arrests Iranian over alleged $115 million sanctions evasion scheme

https:// www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-iran-crime/u-s-arrests-iranian-over-alleged-115-million-sanctions-evasion-scheme-idUSKBN1GW32E

Malta car bomb kills Panama Papers journalist:

Daphne Caruana Galizia, a blogger whose investigations focused on corruption, was described as a ‘one-woman WikiLeaks’

https:// www.theguardian.com/world/2017/oct/16/malta-car-bomb-kills-panama-papers-journalist

Journalist's last article before she was killed:

https:// daphnecaruanagalizia.com/2017/10/crook-schembri-court-today-pleading-not-crook/

https:// twitter.com/KleptocracyIntv/status/976906260640600068

054843 No.778347


Right before the elections, maybe he will have some leverage over them.

a3e4ff No.778348

File: 58dd1ce31268696⋯.png (377.01 KB, 638x340, 319:170, Powerless.png)

6e3778 No.778349


Remember when POTUS kept saying they didn't read the whole bill? He was prepping to troll them later about it when they found out they got played.


7f8129 No.778350


The hour glass is running out for the communists. I can FEEL it Anons !!!!!!!!!! 10D

784882 No.778351

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

This one interesting. Chaffetz, Pence, Gibson being shown to be….perhaps….well, not gonna dox. Come to your own conclusions. Pic related.

f01c6e No.778352


Because I don't have edit powers here, and they have enough stuff to do already without adding another whole thread about this.

a3d448 No.778353


hegelian dialectic


MaFuckin USA (Make America Great again)

1ea747 No.778354


Viability is, and always has been, a red herring that makes absolutely no sense in any practical manner. The idea is that you can’t abort a baby that can live outside the womb but what does that actually mean? The idea began with the notion that if you didn't want to be pregnant, they’d just take the baby and give it to someone else. That was the reasoning of the time and people have never moved past it. Theynnever seem to think it through, either. These days, babies are surviving earlier and earlier - some premature babies grow to be perfectly healthy and others thensame age have significant birth defects. No doctor on the planet is going to risk inducing the birth of a 6.5 month old gestation fetus whose mother simply doesn’t want to be pregnant. They will just kill it and walk away with no liability. It is a sick, sick situation.

a82665 No.778355


What's the scoop??

c30509 No.778356


We don't have a country anymore if POTUS doesn't arrest Barry, Hillary, Biden, Loretta Lynch, John Brennan, Susan Rice, Valerie Jarrett, James Clapper, Eric Holder, John McCain, Samantha Power, and all of the other traitors. It's been over a year now and these pieces of shit still walk free.

967650 No.778357


either that or he didn't read the bill and signed it anyway because he had too

97dd1f No.778358

File: 4051c905bbc56a1⋯.jpg (11.78 KB, 250x201, 250:201, LookSon.jpg)


You forgot to leave your name and credentials…

a3d448 No.778359

754ac0 No.778360

I can assure you, the bill was written by the Rothschilds.

cd5cc7 No.778361

File: 19d033bf8e1f16a⋯.jpg (192.44 KB, 1026x673, 1026:673, Checked.jpg)

a3e4ff No.778362

DONT GIVE THEM (you)s!!!

ebd2e0 No.778363


Shitposting and clogging up the main board is also a shill tactic.

Right now most of this omnibus stuff is plain SHIT.

And it is distracting us from digging, making connections and drawing maps.

If anybody was serious about this they would set up a group like Judicial Watch to watch new legislation and analyze it. As you can see the new media needs help in understanding legislation. Anons are not going to be able to provide that help because we have NOTHING that the new media sites don't already have themselves.

f01c6e No.778364

File: a402f35ccb23661⋯.png (5.94 KB, 176x84, 44:21, text873.png)


Here it is:

QResearch Omnibus Bill Research Thread


2481cb No.778365

91d028 No.778366


all a ruse…creates LOTS of chaos in the minds of the populace…fear, distrust.

then the masses beg for (((PROTECTION))) in whatever form it must take.

769471 No.778367

File: 207211e661d28c1⋯.jpg (80.41 KB, 650x433, 650:433, manwithrifle.jpg)

File: 5fdbcd5b096643f⋯.jpg (6.06 KB, 294x171, 98:57, womanwithbaby.jpg)

If you want a gun buy one

If you want a baby have one



967650 No.778368


and the rockefellers, schiffs, warburgs, the entire european aristocracy and the monarchs

6e3778 No.778369



See earlier breads.

59b4fc No.778370


Anyone else have the thought that deep state might try a FF at one of these marches? They are everywhere with a huge gathering…

49291c No.778371

784882 No.778373

File: 0be745629ca4e56⋯.png (256.92 KB, 800x829, 800:829, Screenshot_2018-03-24-09-5….png)

File: c7f45b6cb9bd14c⋯.png (185.16 KB, 800x762, 400:381, Screenshot_2018-03-24-09-5….png)

File: 6ece3462f637d92⋯.png (353.68 KB, 800x719, 800:719, Screenshot_2018-03-24-09-5….png)

Lets try that again. Apparently one can upload video and pics at the same time. From The Ave by Bijan Downs. Vid in 778351

25fc1c No.778374


Juneau and I know your a clown.

f01c6e No.778375

File: a402f35ccb23661⋯.png (5.94 KB, 176x84, 44:21, text873.png)


Here it is:

QResearch Omnibus Bill Research Thread


2481cb No.778376

Here is the thing Anons, the Omnibus bill has passed so we need to move forward. That shit is done.

754ac0 No.778378

Trump wont remove the Rothschild central bank.

967650 No.778379


i don't believe news reports nor the pseudo research being done here… he signed it under duress…

3efdea No.778380

fb9b9a No.778381


ok enjoy ww3 faggot, led by israeli agent bolton and that 700b djt just approved

12af0a No.778382

File: 2317374a9184df8⋯.png (118.29 KB, 1447x190, 1447:190, Castle media authors.png)

File: cd9ae87abac4c33⋯.jpg (223.92 KB, 500x1218, 250:609, 271t59.jpg)

Last night i stumbled onto something.

I was saving/downloading picture from daily mail of Michael Avenatti's ( stormi daniels lawyer) of the mysterious cd in the safe.)

When pic downladed, it said waiting for castle media.

Castle media is not associated, nor has ever provided pictures for daily mail( source was Michael Avenatti)

http:// www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5537131/Pictures-videos-Stormy-Daniels-lawyer-tweets-cryptic-photo-CD-safe.html

Castle media( front page has links to their different companies)

http:// www.castlemediagroup.com/

They represent christian authors, and patriots.

http:// www.authormedia.com/

Under press, i found the section about Mike Green, with link to Front Sight Constitutional Defense Course.

http:// rickgreen.com/frontsightapril/

StormHill media

https:// www.stormhillmedia.com/home-2-2/?utm_expid=.FFRZFvr8TX6XE4U0LeF6gQ.1&utm_referrer=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.castlemediagroup.com%2F

Testimonials from Christian wounding authors/businesses. , who used their company.

https:// www.stormhillmedia.com/web-design-portfolio-testimonials/

The media, is beside themselves, and DROOLING to get ahold of/ and or play the Stormi Daniels secret video.

What if it was the Hillary video( buzz generated about video, and desperation of media)

They would have a large audience, waiting to see it.

What if they were all fooled into playing it live( and it's the Hillary video) and then it comes out the whole stormi thing was a hoax, a distraction, to keep the fake news occupied.

Anderson Cooper getting both interviews( karen, and stormi)

What makes a great movie, or show,,

Great actors.

What if money Trump paid her and her lawyer, was for acting job of the century.

22e702 No.778383

So the omnibus bill is the Dead Cat Bounce for the Deep State in a sense? This appears to be a huge win and Trump is finally headed for impeachment for betraying his base, but then suddenly there’s an HRC video that’s toxic to anyone associated with her that tanks the D’s.

b89a3a No.778384

File: bfc01453666eacc⋯.jpg (272.33 KB, 615x802, 615:802, temp-train.jpg)

7ef4e9 No.778385


My rule is answer twice, if stupid questions continue thats it.

498266 No.778386


if you'd only kept it to the 1st 2 lines…

make a decent sub thread. dig there. legal anons can chime in,draw conclusion, report to general and done…

omnibus bill on general is even more stupid than an anon suggesting we all DOX ourselves.

49291c No.778387


You must be mistaken. Another one saved!


769471 No.778388


so many words

words are tools to persuade and deceive

analyze - "this sentence is false"

bfc01d No.778389




91d028 No.778390


give statistics (real, not contrived) of the WOMEN'S SERVICES budget for PP.

pap smears, etc….

b19e82 No.778391


Sunday, Dec. 3

0dc664 No.778392

File: 7f90b7f1bc74328⋯.png (639.7 KB, 798x551, 42:29, barr-jimmie-trump.png)

2481cb No.778393

Any Chessfags here to decode this?

Clock activated.





ecf8d1 No.778394

More than half the people on here are shills right now boys. I'm sure most of you realized that.

I suggest letting them talk to each other, and either filtering, or taking a break.

See you tonight.

a3d448 No.778395


https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=L7Hcd-b3aiU

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=Stsu5C-_lkI

https:// www.rollingstone.com/music/news/mobb-deep-rapper-prodigy-dead-at-42-w488890




7ef4e9 No.778396


The problem is the memo didnt have an effect we were hoping for. The same could happen with the video if its tarmac. It should be something bigger

a3d448 No.778397

63d900 No.778398

Can anyone post the vid referenced I need 77777? Jootube gives me a error msg

2d2eb3 No.778399


The link is broken, you gotta remove the space from it.

a0968f No.778400




Im thinking these should go into the notables?

>https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=npGsyCIfWDQ&list=PLepr8D3vj72SZfxNYzAlnp5CIQ4-M8tV3

12af0a No.778401


fogot to add, it's in my graphic. But they had 5 question marks in Stormi video tweet.

Hillary video is know as 5:5

And in many of Stormi lawyers tweets, it says Basta at the bottom, which is italian for ENOUGH.

754ac0 No.778402

The Rothschilds burn You everyday.

1da0dc No.778403


How many Omnibus posts are in this thread anon?

I'll help you out since you haven't counted.


In this case you are the one shitposting!

6e3778 No.778404



What about Chaffetz and Co.?

8d00f7 No.778405

OMNIBUS 600-700: https ://pastebin.com/V5Kwd3gq

0a0d7b No.778406


So they're going to march to the Whitehouse and POTUS isn't even there.


7a466a No.778407


As the World Turns was confirmation for another board here on the 8Chan.

029d26 No.778408

File: c37112aa1ae4ff3⋯.jpg (187.55 KB, 1114x1124, 557:562, DZD__kOXkAEErIu.jpg)

353626 No.778409

>>778349. I guarantee you he read it. He is a business man and they NEVER sign anything that they haven’t read first

2e8b8f No.778410


This shit is bullshit…why you doing this stupid shit?

769471 No.778411

File: 207211e661d28c1⋯.jpg (80.41 KB, 650x433, 650:433, manwithrifle.jpg)

File: 5fdbcd5b096643f⋯.jpg (6.06 KB, 294x171, 98:57, womanwithbaby.jpg)


study the Q report - i did

it has it all - which is nothing

If you want a gun buy one

If you want a baby have one



63d900 No.778412


I tried that. Still get error msg

ebd2e0 No.778413


Fuck off namefag

Take your shitposting to someone who cares.

GTFO asshole!!!!!!

3efdea No.778414


Stop samefagging and namefagging, faggot.

657faf No.778415

File: 3efa0bd5c2bcddc⋯.png (277.88 KB, 361x496, 361:496, ClipboardImage.png)

7f8129 No.778416

File: 8ba05166f47b0c9⋯.gif (4.01 MB, 640x480, 4:3, 8ba05166f47b0c9f2c093a0b55….gif)

2e8b8f No.778417


He did state he didn't have time to read it.

That is why he said he would never sign another bill like that again.

f01c6e No.778418


Precisely…… !!!!!!!


Sorry, my screwup!!!!!!


You're more generous than I am.

My rule is once, as a general rule.

But then again, we have different definitions of "stupid questions", possibly. Clear newfags, need a bit of hand holding, clear shills, need banning.

967650 No.778419

File: 4de247ff744b5c2⋯.jpg (61.19 KB, 500x333, 500:333, trump-keeps-filling-the-sw….jpg)

Trump hasn't change anything nor will he, he will lie and cheat just like every other sitting president in history.

– The State has never come clean about crimes of the past, including 9/11 and the assassinations of JFK, RFK, and MLK.

– The State continues to engage in targeted assassinations against U.S. citizens and people of other nations.

– The CIA and other agencies of the State work in secrecy to undermine other nations abroad and eliminate honest dissent at home.

– The State seeks to maintain total electronic surveillance of all individuals.

– The State tries to overthrow any government abroad that undertakes to reform itself in the direction of greater fairness to its own population.

– The Secretive government vastly increased its powers by setting up the Department of Homeland Security and passing the Patriot Act after the false flag of 9/11.

Trump proposes huge increase in military spending

http:// www.latimes.com/nation/la-na-trump-defense-20180212-story.html

America's Outrageous War Economy

https:// www.marketwatch.com/story/why-we-love-americas-outrageous

Russia Threatens Military Action Against US If Washington Strikes Syria

https:// www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-03-13/russia-threatens-military-action-against-us-if-washington-strikes-syria

The U.S. Is a Failed State

https:// www.globalresearch.ca/the-u-s-is-a-failed-state/5630070

Why The Super-Rich Are Rushing To Buy Nuclear-Proof Bunkers

https:// www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-03-12/why-super-rich-are-rushing-buy-nuclear-proof-bunkers

Seed vaults protect the world from the apocalypse - but what if doomsday is already here?

https:// www.independent.co.uk/life-style/gadgets-and-tech/features/seed-vault-doomsday-svalbard-norway-milennium-kew-biodiversity-bank-gene-a8237221.html

b11b3a No.778420


The problem is that this has dealt a body blow to POTUS' base. Conservative talk radio was unanimous yesterday, and the verdict was that he should not have signed. We get it, but how does that get communicated to the general public? The clock is ticking a bit, don't want the base to get too riled up.

52e964 No.778421


944af9 No.778422




Q playlist on BIJ DOWNS just got an update.

1da0dc No.778423


Nice try shill. Patriots will post here.

784882 No.778424

File: eb20572d6f40de0⋯.png (29.86 KB, 800x427, 800:427, Screenshot_2018-03-24-10-0….png)

Re: >778351 and >784882

The Ave by Bijan Downs.

ANONS. Qteam was giving us a shoutout or welcome. (pic related)

CHAFFETZ- please forgive me for all the bad mouthing I said about you, sir.

769471 No.778425

File: d640d45350871b9⋯.jpg (14.71 KB, 325x155, 65:31, gitmo1.jpg)

File: 57dbf50d1cc7ec6⋯.jpg (259.68 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, gitmo3.jpg)


not a chess code


The word "CASTLE" means PRISON - it is used by Q as a mocking of the elite who live in castles paid for by WE THE PEOPLE


RED = Red logo of Marine Corps Air Station Miramar (MCAS MIRAMAR) - where POTUS visited on March 13, 2018 - San Diego CA - POTUS tweet during visit misspelled "CORPS" as "COR" - Missing PS = PriSon

Naval Consolidated Brig, Miramar (NAVCONBRIG) is a military prison operated by the U.S. Navy at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar in Miramar, San Diego, California, just under 10 miles north of downtown San Diego.

In 2003, it became the only American military prison to accept women.


Welcome HILLARY!

GREEN = GITMO - GITMO official Navy patch = GREEN = OBAMA GITMO GREEN (see below)

On Feb. 23, President Obama announced plans to close the notorious military prison at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba. The next question: what to do with Gitmo after the detainees are gone?

The answer: transform the naval base into a marine research center and international peace park.- A paper published Thursday in Science, proposes turning Guantánamo into a nature preserve, peace park, and ocean research station jointly run by the US and Cuba, to be designated "Gitmo Green"

Details on "Green Gitmo," laid out in the Science paper, are scant.


Q is mocking this proposal.



498266 No.778426


well, lets just wait until general anons realize that they have opened the Pandora's Omnibus box filled with sliders, shitposters and shills.

I will create an empty Omnibus sub thread for them. Let them bring their stuff to it when they finally come to their senses. Have a War Room to run, no time for this.

Anons on general need to find out on their own that their good intentions are being abused. Maybe Q will drop by and tell them.


cd42c4 No.778427


Crop the friend, show the wall

8813ee No.778428

File: a5f05ed672da59f⋯.png (359.57 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, a5f05ed672da59f2861bca2337….png)


Or at least if you are going to give up the (you), mock the fuck out of (((them))) instead of trying to engage them with any logic; (((They))) have none.

I fully support mocking them at every fucking turn. It doesn't count as engaging them; it counts as calling out and pushing back against idiocy ;) It also shows the normies that might come here that we won't allow those faggots to push us around. (((They))) are LOSERS.

Baby games are over. The defensive game is crap, and I'm personally done with being run over like a handwringing wallflower.

Fuck them.. Offense!

ebd2e0 No.778429


Do not reply to clowns like this.

b9e00f No.778430


I like your morale boosting WRWY. Seriously; we're winning and shills would love to have us believe otherwise. Open your eyes Anons, we're winning.

bfc01d No.778431


no worries anon

I'm from /comms/ and I'll help any way I can

just posted on 142

b11b3a No.778432


Don't let them upset you, that is their goal. Filter calmly and move on.

054843 No.778433


And we are gonna do it again in 6 months. Wont't be any easier then either.

754ac0 No.778434

Trump won't stop GeoEngineering.

2e8b8f No.778435


He fucked himself.

He KNEW better than to sign it, but yet he did it any way.

That cost him severely with his base, and I don't think it'll be so easy to bounce back.

7b96db No.778436

File: 50cfc1ad0d3ad6b⋯.png (49.9 KB, 683x312, 683:312, ClipboardImage.png)

2a22a3 No.778437


"BrainBuster" dashes…

way more decaps. jejeje

9692ca No.778438



Come on people You are smarter than this. Have none of you looked at the channels upload history?

It's just an Anon who might have doxed himself

8813ee No.778439


Nice transference fagboy. Got any other clown tricks?

Fuck you.

1da0dc No.778440


When the indictments start opening and his plan is revealed, the people will laugh at how he played them. They will totally accept that what he did was required to confuse them.

0dc664 No.778441

File: 361481f2852d0df⋯.png (9.75 KB, 529x377, 529:377, confirm-pi.png)

ebd2e0 No.778442


Not here

An Omnibus board has to allow doxxing so that we know how much legal experience is behind the interpretations.

abf310 No.778443


In a legal theory/analysis sense, any lawfag who objectively views this issue should realize that Roe v. Wade is nothing more than judicial activism, legislating from the bench, or whatever someone wants to call it. The decision is pure crap.

I realize that if it was overturned, the issue would fall to the states. But that decision legalized it nationwide and opened the door to the social conditioning bombardment upon society to actually make people think abortion is a natural right.

In a practical sense, it's interesting that with certain issues like abortion, hard evidence of corruption is lacking, mainly because it's not investigated, but gay wedding cake issues and Russian collusion allegations will be pursued until the target is ruined. Did you see the undercover videos about PP organ trafficking? Nurses have said that babies were murdered at PP after being born alive.

In a moral sense, stabbing a baby in the back of the head violates natural laws of survival of the species and care for the young, and it also violates the natural and positive law against murder.

You talk about restrictions imposed by authority on one's way of life. The courts have imposed upon a father that he has no say in whether his child is born or how he or she is raised.

fa0029 No.778444


there really should be a dedicated thread for this omnibus research

6e3778 No.778445



International billionaire. He knows every scam in the book. It was rad, re-read, and covered by teams of his most trusted lawyers. Guaranteed.

No for the Demonrats, they aren't so smart.

2e8b8f No.778446


>>When the indictments start opening and his plan is revealed, the people will laugh at how he played them.

Your right, but UNTIL all that happens, he screwed himself.

944af9 No.778447

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=L7Hcd-b3aiU&list=PLepr8D3vj72Q8lIPdn6cStPOLpE8fhTmG

Prodigy - Hegelian Dialectic (Full Album)

Phycological Warefare

8813ee No.778448


KEK, well keep the tech improvements.. I just want thick sheet metal dammit :)

644b30 No.778449

Do you Anons think Carter Page gets busted eventually? even Q has been silent on CP

5dce6e No.778450

File: f491468fabb8d17⋯.png (927.46 KB, 624x960, 13:20, IMG_24032018_014539_0.png)

498266 No.778451


no threads outside of Q research

98a4be No.778452


Breddy interesting

a3d448 No.778453

d2f883 No.778454

I've been gone for a day . Has it been discussed or has anyone worked out why Q reversed ; Tripcode update to Updated Tripcode ….Did we find a hidden message here ?

498266 No.778455

f6feb1 No.778456


the Build Act

I found this interesting but not necessarily new. It talks about these abandoned sites that can be contaminated or not. privately owned, or publicly. and the requirements for rehabbing the properties.

It contains a section devoted to Alaskan properties. the original bill has some updates to the language. The bill was originally written in 1980.,

they cover redevelopment of petroleum fields and other properties. who can apply for grants, how many properties one entity can work with. leasing and purchasing are also covered as well as who is liable for cleanup costs, if anyone. interesting but not what we are looking for.

they are increasing the funding from 200,000 to 500,000 for each site to be re-mediated but the limit can be waived but not to exceed 650,000. it also discusses native territory as well.


wildfire suppression funding act

basically just talking about funding and how they calculate it, based on previous years needs. the budget for 2020 is 2,250,000,000.

it increases, each yr, 100,000,000 until 2027.


forest management

talking about forest restoration, putting in temporary roads and maintaining permanent road


talk of firebreaks on public land.

353626 No.778457

>>778417. I did hear him say he would never do it again but not that he hadn’t read it. I would be very surprised if he had not

754ac0 No.778458

The Rothschilds own the government and Trump.

054843 No.778459


Hi Carter!

8d00f7 No.778460


The goal of the omnibus reading was to summarize the content for all on this board. There is a link to the bill for those that want to read the entire bill.

cd42c4 No.778461


one was old trip code saying he was going to do it. 2nd was the new trip code

16d690 No.778462

File: 1e645c36742bcc1⋯.jpeg (187.88 KB, 1240x1776, 155:222, 288F736D-1FFD-4F38-924F-3….jpeg)

Tomorrow is Palm Sunday. It’s political aspect is somewhat overlooked. The oppressed hailed the One they thought ( misunderstanding Christ’s mission) would overthrow the wicked Roman Political establishment, waving palm branches and laying them at His feet.

Today we have a leader who is overthrowing the Cabal. WE ARE WAITING, watching and praying for you Potus and Q team.

7a466a No.778463


I'm so very happy to see some awake anons here this morning! There are no coincidences. God bless! :)

b9e00f No.778464


You too buddy; I love this board and appreciate all the researchers, meme-creators, and insights people contribute. Y'all are making history, glad to witness it. Have a great Saturday everyone, worldwide!

317681 No.778465


If I didn't know about Q, I would think that Big Bird and Cookie Monster had broken into my house.

7ef4e9 No.778466


I think potus and co understand that, the need to act now, hopefully very soon

b11b3a No.778467


It's a great movie. Maybe the best ever.

7f8129 No.778468

File: 853d90252df0f12⋯.jpg (59.69 KB, 618x459, 206:153, 853d90252df0f12502630281d4….jpg)


These scum did this to THEMSELVES. Sickening we have to even have these places but how evil can you get , my GOD?!! The cabal is just out of fucking control evil and Trump was chosen to be the hammer. I am praying so hard ,this is so hard to see but needs to happen. They are TOO EVIL. Beyond anything normal like simple stealing money. Greed for money is child's play compared to what my eyes have seen on these chans. Dark state must be ended. Drop the sword when ready Qteam. I trust the plan .This Anon has you're BACK!

4762ea No.778469


I am replying NOT to demean anything you say in your well-written posts, but to give my personal feelings. I see, on one level, what you say is valid, but this experiment has brought me clarity in many ways, and perhaps, since I don't spend as much time here as many, I am experiencing a different result than you.

[The following is a grand experiment.]…[…break down a person's current functioning then replace it with a new, desired functioning.]…[What is being done to us?]

Perhaps training us to look at everything in a new, more discerning way, with nuggets of info to take or ignore, research or not. For years before the election of POTUS, I would say: up is down, left is right, north is south. To see Q use something similar was a shock. This was not the country I was brought up in - the ideology was so far off kilter. The divide in ideology had become so radical, but why? Through this board, I now know why - op Mockingbird, etc. I got a long needed answer.

I no longer accept as law what I hear or see. I research. I don't blindly follow. Truth be told, I never was a follower. I am comfortable walking my own path, with my own ideas/beliefs. I don't see this group any differently than the people who dress up in vagina costumes: both have strongly held beliefs of opposing ideologies.

We are a country divided.

I will never, with ultimate certainty, ever dress up in a vagina costume. Ever. If this is some sort of psyop, it is not to deprogram us and change us into “them.”

[We are mentally brutalized…the subjects (us) become more and more broken, empty, confused, angry…]

If people feel as you do, and I am sure there are many, there is a need to take a break from here. The only emotion I agree with is ANGER:

>Anger at feeling like a dupe for the media machine my whole life.

>Anger at the control so many have over our lives, and treat us like gum on the bottom of their shoe.

>Anger at people I trusted were doing things in this great country’s best interest, only to cause the deaths of innocent people locally, nationally, and internationally.

This site and personal research have made me question everything about 9/11. I watched those towers fall with my own eyes, I know people who lost loved ones, I smelled the pile burning for weeks, and to think for one moment our government was involved sickens me to the core. I've learned things gradually. If this were dumped on me in one big reveal, I'd never believe it. I happened upon a video of 2 people, speaking in a foreign language, filming the towers BEFORE the planes hit, as if they were waiting. The first plane hits, and ZERO comment/emotion/shock. Then I find articles about just that same thing happening in numerous locations.

To me, THIS is what this board is about: Gradual exposure to shocking events/people, to prepare us to help others. 9/11 alone would send scores into a psychological breakdown, as was noted in Q’s drops. Imagine losing your loved one in a horrific way at the hands of the government…let that sink in. Then reconsider why we may be here.

[Donald Trump stands as the only mega rich person in history who wasn't created and maintained by the Deep State…Why couldn't the evil Deep State government simply have him arrested, killed, or destroyed in some other way? Why would they not do that?]

Hillary WANTED him to run because she didn't think he had any chance of winning.

>What presidential candidate barely campaigns?

> What presidential candidate barely gives interviews?

>What presidential candidate was barely seen on the talking head shows? Correction: was never seen.

>What candidate who lost a presidential election in the history of this country didn't have the intestinal fortitude to face the people who voted for them, say thank you, and concede?

The ONE candidate who thought they COULD NOT LOSE. To them, POTUS was a useful idiot…they were the idiots, and he the genius.

Taking out POTUS wasn't an option UNTIL HE WON.

[Would the arrest of HRC or Obama, before today, really have been more controversial than the signing of the Omnibus bill?]

Re-read my response. Consider the ramifications of not handling that op properly. Consider rolling it out here as a softening of the blow.

[The Storm is a psyop and we are the target…Every day people are dropping like flies…The more people who jump ship, the more nothing changes in the management of the 8Chan army.]

People are dropping. Agreed. But maybe because the shill tactics have made the boards a mess and too time-consuming. Not my board, not my rules. Maybe the psyop is actually by the opposition: make life on the chan so miserable they drop like flies. They see others leaving, they assume they have given up. They will give up, too.


8d00f7 No.778470


FYI: Some sections have relevant info to this board and the EO's. Other sections are just boiler plate boring but summarized as well.

10768d No.778471


No Anon I didn't find it either…

f01c6e No.778472

File: a402f35ccb23661⋯.png (5.94 KB, 176x84, 44:21, text873.png)

Added omnibus bill highlights from the top of the bread here to the sub thread.



It does a good job of sifting the wheat from the chaff. If you're over on my board sliding it you're wasting your time because I'm not going to tolerate it.

4b8def No.778473


Maybe they did.

754ac0 No.778474

There will be no wall, You are fucked.

c30509 No.778475

It really doesn't matter how terrible the Hillary video is. The retarded democrats will never accept that she is crooked. People really underestimate how fucking stupid these people are.

2e8b8f No.778476


He went on about how they threw it together in a matter of hours and rushed it over to him for sig.

Nobody has had a chance to read it all.

4ccdad No.778477


Good job. Thanks.

a68959 No.778478

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

GUISE GUISE GUISE did you see this from 77777?

Now we know what Jay Z was up to at the WH

140ish views right now. GOOOOO!

This is how the midterms land in the right hands, btw.

HFS. The team works from every angle. Amazing.

b19e82 No.778479


Why? All the rest of the research we're doing doesn't involve doxxing - why now? I call BS

b89a3a No.778480

File: 28ce22e95ec5122⋯.jpg (248.47 KB, 615x802, 615:802, Shills-farting-up-bread.jpg)


I Observed a round earth by my own eyes.

I Observed a shill with my own eyes.

(I already debunked you several times & several different ways = go away and be filtered!)

12af0a No.778481



Here was my original post about it, and i did more digging on it, in that thread.( which i combined into graphic this morning)

Several anons thought it was a really good find, and bread / notable worthy.

1da0dc No.778482


POTUS wrote the art of the deal. I bet every demonrat has read it. No way he didn't read it; I'd even bet he had a yuge team of the best lawyers reading it too.

POTUS is a genius, not an idiot ;)

f8ac4f No.778483


Good catch. Could be.

e80a65 No.778484


And you will die screaming

6e3778 No.778485


I have been telling Anons since last bread. I was the one who brought it up initially and said I have a very odd feeling this is part of the Q team or teams.



WRWY namefag



Notice the WE. WIN. is separated? Two sentences.

Then WE WILL WIN. is repeated 3 times.

2 then 3

2e8b8f No.778486


The longer he drags his feet NOW, the worse it'll get for the R's all the way around.

bfc01d No.778487


please delete my 144 posting

unless you like redundancy

f01c6e No.778488


How the hell do you think I'm going to allow doxxing?

My board doesn't even have user id's enabled on it.

If you don't know how to find truth and "truth needs no explanation" then…..

59b4fc No.778490


Can anyone translate it? The only part I can understand is I got the weed, pills and powder…

e2cb0d No.778491

File: cc7b5fb2f4cac96⋯.png (624.57 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, IMG_3033.PNG)


There is a Twitter page

bbc783 No.778492

File: 0ec9d125b915b88⋯.png (643.65 KB, 607x608, 607:608, sadworld1.png)

File: e4fd3b07a74b01b⋯.png (231.82 KB, 479x359, 479:359, indoctrination2.png)

File: 5e63ec65193801a⋯.png (260.94 KB, 468x484, 117:121, ignorance4.png)

File: e04810523a33598⋯.png (352.99 KB, 600x635, 120:127, nazis1.png)

File: 3d69dbf5f1341a0⋯.png (534.74 KB, 496x496, 1:1, nasalies8.png)

6e3778 No.778493


See my other posts.

791bbb No.778494

f01c6e No.778495


Not going to bother me any at the moment.

Yours isn't edited. Mine is because I screwed up the copy/paste. So I'll just leave them both.

b11b3a No.778496


Is it their intelligence or the information that they have been exposed to?

054843 No.778497


Great post

754ac0 No.778498

You were schlonged by Trump.

46eb28 No.778499

File: 679bdb4d1845b8a⋯.jpeg (228.34 KB, 754x621, 754:621, stop.jpeg)

File: 493377375ea5a29⋯.jpg (157.21 KB, 639x590, 639:590, duck2.jpg)

21ff35 No.778500


I dug into this last night. I believe the accounts referenced all had to do with global health care issues.

bfc01d No.778501


iz ur chiken, pluck it any way you desire :~)

godspeed village anon

dcfa70 No.778502


Gets it better than most

754ac0 No.778503

You are pussy, in your house with computer.

2e8b8f No.778504


you gotta be fucking jokin…

a8325c No.778505

File: 2df0c020d09c4df⋯.png (2.46 MB, 1000x1280, 25:32, A4C67449-A397-475E-A226-35….png)

7f8129 No.778506


You are on the wrong website clown.

353626 No.778507

>>778482. Here Here!

8813ee No.778508



How to Quickly Spot a Clown:

– Attempting to get a divisive or emotional knee-jerk trigger response from (you) to derail research is a red flag.

– Concern trolling and copy/pasta spam shilling that contradicts confirmed findings is another red flag.

Employing faux debate tactics: Generalizations, gas-lighting, misdirection, false equivalences, confusing correlation with causality, appeal to authority, transference, false precepts, personal attacks, straw-men, red herrings, etc. are all yet another red flag.

Promoting social ethics that are disingenuous, such as doxxing anyone, "reverse psychology" ploys or ones based on lying to the American People; These are obvious red flags.

Promoting tactics that are unethical, illegal or involve violence outside the scope of the Law are huge red flags.

Employing Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt tactics for any reason is highly suspicious.

This is just a subset of the disinformation tactics employed. A complete write-up is available here: https:// vigilantcitizen.com/latestnews/the-25-rules-of-disinformation/

6e3778 No.778509


Can anyone find the other "WRWY" namefag post after the >>777777 one? It was shortly after in last bread I think

b739b1 No.778511


One of the saddest things about this globalism bullshit is the loss of identity as individual nations. In European countries each nation was easily identified by garb, music, food etc. Nowadays, everyone is “westernized” – jeans, t-shits, sneakers, and lately every inch of skin covered in tattoos. Doesn’t matter where in the world you are, everyone dresses and looks the same. The new-age food fusion has also altered what was once a delightful and unique experience into a global CONfusion cuisine. The only thing that is still unique is language. One can only wonder for how long.

An interesting point is that when one wants to depict or imply a nation, (think cartoons or videos) instantly the national garb and music etc. are used. French: black beret, thin pointy moustache, accordion music; Greeks: embroidered koumbouri, sashes & tasseled fesi hats, bouzouki music; Bavarians: dirndls & lederhosen, oompah bands. India: saris, sitars. You get the picture. Over to Africa, the tribes were readily identified by their individual types of jewelry or painted houses etc. In the middle East each individual nation’s women were all uniquely jeweled and dressed and easily identifiable because of it.

These days the only nations who actually still readily wear their traditional garb daily are the Japanese and Chinese and they do it with absolute pride.

We all need to relearn our roots and embrace with pride who we are as individual and unique nations which will also be great big fuck you to the NWO empire.

054843 No.778512


You are probably right.

498266 No.778513


(and other anons)

When you come to the conclusion that trying to dig and debate a 2500 page legal bill on general is like inviting HUNDREDS of unfilterable shills, make a sub thread

Until then: good luck.


944af9 No.778514


Q wants us to red pill the black community.

e41acc No.778515


we only do digits here faggot

ebd2e0 No.778516


Is there a cure for sickle cell anemia?

Do the clowns have a way to trigger sickle cell anemia?

644b30 No.778517

Regarding the Omnibus Bill:

Trump outsmarted them again. To all of you who are ready to boot Trump and have NO CLUE what's going on…this was NOT a budget. It was an Obnibus Spending Bill. Congress has the ability to write bills and appropriate funds for spending. the President decides what gets done with it. He outsmarted them again. He can spend this just about any way he wants. Trump studied Obama. Just as Obama slow walked money to agencies he didnt like, or didnt spend at all (which we have NO accounting for; then again where did 1.7b for Iran come from?), Obama did what he wanted with the money that was given to him over and over again..and Congress NEVER passed a single budget. There's a reason for that. Trump knows that he can do the very same thing. Use it for the wall, slow walk the money to PP, or deny them entirely. But for those of you who think you know better and want to turn your back on him because you"feel betrayed" need to rethink your position, and pay closer attention. Or research an Omnibus Spending Bill.

353626 No.778518

>>778500. So he is seizing funds allocated to global health care?

0d28d2 No.778519


if true that is bizarro. I need to find out if this actually happened

50602f No.778520


No worries Anon. Looks good.

029d26 No.778522


Chuckie and mitch Celebrating

on epstein island and necker island

4a987c No.778523

Just woke up and must have missed something.. what is the relevance of Black Trump?

2e8b8f No.778524


Then do it.

c30509 No.778525


Both, they've been brainwashed their entire lives. Too far gone to ever come back.

f8ac4f No.778526

File: 4c16d6f1abb8420⋯.png (493.73 KB, 1781x809, 1781:809, MysteryGiantQFred.png)

File: 00abf61f00e352c⋯.png (23.16 KB, 846x152, 423:76, GiantQFredTweetReQ.png)

File: 72dbbb486baef74⋯.png (536.63 KB, 952x824, 119:103, FredGiantQTweet.png)

File: be92a336853e149⋯.png (166.41 KB, 1781x686, 1781:686, QThanksBoardOwners.png)


No coincidence. Can't be.

Holy shit, anons!

d1f1df No.778527

I can't believe you guys are reading the Omnibus.

I have worked with federal documents for 25 years and I've only ever used the index (back when it was a book) and/or Adobe Acrobat CTRL-F (more recently) to go through these monstrosities. I guarantee there is crap in this Omnibus that nobody has read, not even Rand Paul.

You all deserve metals!

21ff35 No.778528



(d) REPURPOSEDFUNDS.—(1) Of the unobligated bal-6ances available under the heading ‘‘Bilateral Economic As-7sistance’’ in title IX of the Department of State, Foreign 8Operations, and Related Programs Appropriations Act, 92015 (division J of Public Law 113–235)— 10(A) $35,000,000 shall be made available for the 11Emergency Reserve Fund established pursuant to sec-12tion 7058(c)(1) of the Department of State, Foreign 13Operations, and Related Programs Appropriations 14Act, 2017 (division J of Public Law 115–31): Pro-15vided, That such funds may only be made available 16if the USAID Administrator determines and reports 17to the Committees on Appropriations that it is in the 18national interest to respond to an emerging health 19threat that poses severe threats to human health; 20(B) $100,000,000 shall be for programs to accel-21erate the capabilities of targeted countries to prevent, 22detect, and respond to infectious disease outbreaks; 23and 24

1433 •HR 1625 EAH (C) $10,000,000 shall be made available for sup-1port of a multi-partner trust fund or other multilat-2eral efforts to assist communities in Haiti affected by 3cholera resulting from the United Nations Stabiliza-4tion Mission in Haiti: Provided, That prior to the ob-5ligation of such funds, the Secretary of State shall en-6sure that mechanisms are in place for monitoring, 7oversight, and control of such funds: Provided further, 8That such funds shall be subject to prior consultation 9with, and the regular notification procedures of, the 10Committees on Appropriations. 11(2) Funds made available pursuant to this subsection 12are in addition to funds otherwise made available for such 13purposes. 14(3) Funds made available pursuant to this subsection 15under the headings ‘‘Global Health Programs’’ and ‘‘Inter-16national Disaster Assistance’’ may be transferred to, and 17merged with, funds made available under such headings: 18Provided, That such transfer authority is in addition to 19any other transfer authority provided by law. 20(4) The amounts repurposed under this subsection are 21designated by the Congress as an emergency requirement 22pursuant to section 251(b)(2)(A)(i) of the Balanced Budget 23and Emergency Deficit Control Act of 1985 and shall be 24available only if the President subsequently so designates 25

1434 •HR 1625 EAH all such amounts and transmits such designations to the 1Congress.

89dbd3 No.778529


an earlier researcher could not find a single PP clinic that did mammograms.

Almost all of the PP government funding money goes into DNC campaign funds.

PP charges for abortions and sells tissue.

From a business standpoint they are profitable on the abortions and tissue sales alone.

The Gov funds are just being laundered back to the DNC people that provide them.

PP facilitates this in exchange for the protection of their business model.

6efc2a No.778530

File: efbe7f22601c784⋯.jpeg (282.75 KB, 900x634, 450:317, 33ED48BA-EDA5-49E8-B2BD-D….jpeg)

Wall Building Time! MAGA!

c20b39 No.778531



97fa63 No.778532


Bijan Downs

Published on Aug 6, 2017

the clips in the video appear to be recent so how did they get into videos made months ago but then hidden on the web with no views???

498266 No.778533


nope. Patriots dig on Qresearch

no Doxxing.

a73eeb No.778534

File: 6429ed072832332⋯.jpg (121.47 KB, 500x522, 250:261, TheWall.jpg)

All of this arguing about wall funding… This is a personal friend of mine and a Memefag I am not… He posted this on Facebook months ago, it was taken in Bisbee, AZ. Here is how he captioned the photo:

Guess where I'm at ?

Brand new somebody keeps there word !

And it's badass! Heavy Duty !

The photo was taken on an iphone so I had to crop, it showed the wall all the way down to the base.

So, here is proof that the wall is already being built, argue all you want :)

0d28d2 No.778535


should prob delete the dox pic

25fc1c No.778536

File: 05bcbfcf392b52e⋯.jpg (21.45 KB, 255x189, 85:63, 271v61.jpg)

b89a3a No.778537

File: fdce3290c102f13⋯.jpg (70.07 KB, 240x320, 3:4, temp-FTB.jpg)

4b8def No.778538

File: 084c9dfba21d272⋯.png (391.06 KB, 1000x1080, 25:27, 1521896897113.png)

So this is happening.

6e3778 No.778539


Bolton is going to rein supreme! He is a hard ass mf. Enjoy the show!

754ac0 No.778540

Oh, now Q wants you to Repill the most retarded group on Earth, like they have the brainpower to understand. Of course, you have been given another impossible assignment by Q, to waste more time.

b11b3a No.778541


Very much this. Anons should read.

054843 No.778542


He also posted many breads back, along with another namefag 11. Both were similar in info.

7ef4e9 No.778543


Also they donated 20 mln to killary. If you are funded (begging for money) why do you donate?

97dd1f No.778544

100% Proof the Black Ops Budget is Being Spent on Fake Shootings to Disarm the Nation

https:// enemyoftheswamp.blogspot.com/

89dbd3 No.778545


Battle Dozers GO!

71f072 No.778546


Haha Bolton don't give a fuck. Watch..

784882 No.778547


Jay Z

Jason ChaffetZ

this is getting wild

0dc664 No.778548


All the deepstate numberfagging are belong to us.

a3d448 No.778549

2e8b8f No.778551


>Omnibus Bill

You might want to re-read this.


8813ee No.778552


>But for those of you who think you know better and want to turn your back on him because you"feel betrayed"

There's only two categories of individuals that are bitching about this:

1) the uninformed

2) failing clownfags

57fbf2 No.778553


ah….logic. thank you, lawpoliticfag.

a3d448 No.778554

1d5868 No.778555


The MSM figured this out a year ago and tried to run interference to harm national security.

029d26 No.778557


The bill is a giant bread crumb of corruption?

Where is the money off to ?

The temple on the mountain ?

Does a computer program allocate money and

prints the law?

Is there a rothchild bot in the bill?

1da0dc No.778558


Autists cannot pass a puzzle with a missing piece without fixing it. Likewise with documents. Only reading snippets is like only having half the jigsaw pieces to an autist. They read and reread until they get the whole picture.

They are superhuman anons. I salute them.

c30509 No.778560


Pretty hard to redpill retards when after an entire year, not a single big arrest has happened yet.

d9d222 No.778563

Whether you like it or not, ALL human activity is based on trust. None of us do anything apart from having faith in/trusting an existence or event.

Therefore the question should not be whether or not we trust - that is a given. The real question must always be: in what or in whom do we trust?

5d5e1f No.778564


should prob web search for "8chan Hotwheels"

fa0029 No.778565

File: 26ee03265d64b40⋯.jpg (48.73 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, omnibus.jpg)


a thread has been created. dump your research there and not here in the general.


2e8b8f No.778566


Doesn't look like any planed in the near future either.

054843 No.778567

e446a9 No.778568

File: 196cd8bf0138847⋯.jpg (238.16 KB, 1101x849, 367:283, Tiger1_9.jpg)

File: 04697807b16733a⋯.jpg (271.18 KB, 1099x849, 1099:849, GAF863_9.jpg)

File: 67f835599f37106⋯.jpg (271.36 KB, 1081x841, 1081:841, GAF848_7.jpg)

File: 52328194bc070ff⋯.jpg (154.67 KB, 1087x847, 1087:847, Magma50_14.jpg)

Update on aircraft being tracked. I have no idea where the Germans are going.

45efd8 No.778569

feeling a Q crumb drop today/tonight

6e3778 No.778570


Wow. Crazy is right.

22534d No.778571


Sounds pretty irrelevant and pathetic to me.

8813ee No.778572


>Autists … They are superhuman anons.

Yet another time a globalist plan blew up in globalist faces ;)

944af9 No.778573


Black Trump. Get Rich.

https: //www.youtube.com/watch?v=wHUBhX2R4A8&list=PLepr8D3vj72SZfxNYzAlnp5CIQ4-M8tV3&index=4

4ccdad No.778574


Thank you Patriot!

029d26 No.778575


Drug test should be mandatory of the senate and the house.! (meme)

If citizens are required a drug test shouldn;t the politicans be required to take a drug test?This information should be public

dcfa70 No.778576


And always proud to be one


97fa63 No.778577


do you know then if it would be possible to swap out entire sections before a vote and have a bunch of lazy senators vote on something entirely different knowing that not a single one of them will read it?

3ce6fe No.778578


Jacob Rothschild is dead. He was killed when the Cessna hit his private helicopter. This is why LDR cannot sleep.

1da0dc No.778579


There have been many arrests, the bottom-feeders go first, squeal on the next one up… repeat until game over. This concept should be apparent to all anons by now.

a8325c No.778580


I say keep it on the main board for now, add to it until it’s finished, then archive. Too important to be slid off general.

2e8b8f No.778581


A walnut juice test as well.

7f8129 No.778582

File: 4bb8ac6e39844ba⋯.jpg (101.48 KB, 768x512, 3:2, 09dc-trump-football1-maste….jpg)


Never giving up no matter what , Anon. I am on guard for you and all the team. Shills will run of gas soon. 9 11 is the reason I am here with you. I knew within 30 seconds after the first tower fell it was an inside job. Millions dead since that day. Finding out WHO pushed the button is why I am here. I am sure they had a party from bld 7 vip suite while the event unfolded. Detonation buttons were there for the evil ones to push. Imagine that vip party . I have many times . Justice for 911 and the takedown of America. Trump was sent to us . I will never leave here till it's over.

754ac0 No.778583

Those stringer codes Q posts, so sad. A gimmick to keep YOU occupied.

7ef4e9 No.778584


That was never confirmed

8035fc No.778585

>>778322 well no one did shit to stop BHO from stealing from Frannie and Freddie to fund Obama care. I trust in the plan.

2481cb No.778586

File: 1f81119779a955a⋯.jpg (97.57 KB, 683x720, 683:720, 20180323-krugman.jpg)

I sure hope POTUS lets Americans keep their wealth at one point

498266 No.778587


Praise you Patriot!!


a3d448 No.778588

9b1972 No.778589


Anons, make Adam jewfag Goldblum

12af0a No.778590

File: 13541fc2d73e5c5⋯.png (1.36 MB, 1101x842, 1101:842, Parkland march in Capital.png)

The official march in Washington DC will begin at noon on Saturday on Pennsylvania Avenue

Officials have predicted that as many as 500,000 people may attend the historic protest

It was organized by the teenage survivors of the February 14 high school shooting in Parkland, Florida

Some 700 'sibling' marches and protests will take place around the country and overseas

George and Amal Clooney, Oprah, Cher, Steven Spielberg and Chrissy Teigen are among their supporters

President Trump has promised to ban bump stocks but protesters want assault rifles to be outlawed

Ooohh, Christy Teigan( the kids must be so excited) Not as excited as her,,

miss, time to get my pedo on , SICK BITCH

http:// www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5539363/Crowds-descend-DC-historic-March-Lives-protest.html

054843 No.778591


You got my attention for sure.

944af9 No.778592

Black Trump. WE WILL WIN

https: //www.youtube.com/watch?v=mCPT_HWcHSw&list=PLepr8D3vj72SZfxNYzAlnp5CIQ4-M8tV3&index=16

97dd1f No.778593

File: 637f8b6784f6a95⋯.jpg (127.42 KB, 530x1024, 265:512, Hamze-2-530x1024.jpg)

File: d1519ad3798f8ab⋯.jpg (132.17 KB, 530x1024, 265:512, Sheriff-Israel-530x1024.jpg)

File: 960dc4138e72cd8⋯.jpg (119.39 KB, 530x1024, 265:512, Scot-Peterson-530x1024.jpg)

Mysterious ‘Broward Coward’ Posters Plastered All Over Sheriff’s HQ [PHOTOS]

https:// www.dangerous.com/42801/mysterious-broward-coward-posters-plastered-sheriffs-hq-photos/

bf6919 No.778594

File: 05a7393f41b1c85⋯.jpeg (355.29 KB, 1125x1340, 225:268, FBEA3669-BC23-4EDD-A9C6-B….jpeg)

http:// www.breitbart.com/big-journalism/2018/03/23/big-brother-propaganda-last-place-cnns-airport-dominance-fire/

ca886a No.778597


sounds like "support" = $$ amiright?

9b1972 No.778598



c30509 No.778599


Nope. Everyone has been intentionally sidelined watching some anonymous poster promise that the deep state would be rounded up and arrested. Okay sounds great, only it's not really happening. Meanwhile, there are millions of energized violent marxists marching nationwide right now protesting our 2nd amendment and President. This is why we keep losing every special election and will lose in November. Trust the plan, okay fuck the plan. Allowing thousands of traitors to remain free isn't a plan.

a3e4ff No.778600

File: 8f9c0baac0ab9fa⋯.png (676.06 KB, 1252x542, 626:271, tfw.png)

File: a0d6ec90d762359⋯.png (579.22 KB, 1252x542, 626:271, TheyKnow.png)

21ff35 No.778601


I've often wondered whether this whole thing was going to make Carter Page rich. The MSM and deep state operatives have basically been slandering him as a Russian spy for years now. He should sue all of those wankers and retire comfortably to the countryside when this is done.

054843 No.778602


Check WRWY

784882 No.778604




e4b285 No.778605



a3d448 No.778607

029d26 No.778608

Politicians using kids for gun opposition.

800k kids are missing every year.

Are they alive?

Are they tortured

Not one bullet or gun involved. The pedo people are using kids as a human shield.

a8325c No.778609


Imagine you’ve enough going on in the War Room. Leave us to it please.

754ac0 No.778610

The world has no need for niggers, except as slaves.

9b1972 No.778611

On a tangent

https:// www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-03-24/driver-tesla-model-x-dies-after-violent-crash-incinerates-car

Tesla is going to collapse this year

eba2f4 No.778612


Kids. It's whats for dinner.

2e8b8f No.778613


The arrest you speak of are nothing more than street thugs.

Nobody fucking cares about the street thugs, when there are targets of high value still running about.

All of this shit, signing a tragic spending bill, nothing REALLY moving towards arrests of high value targets, all this adds up to where his base is starting to fall apart.

Have to admit, he's been in for what 1-1/2 years, and still NOTHING of REAL significance to show the people.

a3d448 No.778614

498266 No.778615


I have and I will.

8813ee No.778616


>I sure hope POTUS lets Americans keep their wealth at one point

Kek, that's one of the main pillars of MAGA ;)

Americans keeping the fruits of their labor instead of having it raped from them by bad deals (and fiat) makes america great again!

2e8b8f No.778617



504c72 No.778618


Looks like Haitian Hillary is posting

a8325c No.778619


Please stop trying to lead anyone here. You have your own room for that.

b11b3a No.778620


and specifically, to red pill them about their Representatives, members of the Congressional Black Caucus. Who may not be the most honest folk.

eba2f4 No.778622

File: 055f3748080b92a⋯.jpg (239.16 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, 11_facebook_250.jpg)

abf310 No.778623


Look at what all that Soros money and CIA/media psyops do to people. People marching for their own enslavement.

7a466a No.778624



Just getting on for the first time since early last evening. So 11 made an appearance, eh? I'll go look through the breads. Thanks for letting me know. God bless! I'll report back later.

754ac0 No.778625

Genetically most Hispanics are nearly retarded.

a3e4ff No.778627


Cuck pol is 100% bots or shills at this point


This might help explain all the defeatist fags here yesterday tho

2481cb No.778628

Musk must have flipped and Zuckerberg thought he could take on the Don.

Zuck miscalculated

054843 No.778629





WRWY is putting it together for us.

944af9 No.778630

Q is telling us to spread Black Trump videos to red pill the black community!!! it's all here.

fa0029 No.778631




71f072 No.778632

File: 1ef39338213cbe3⋯.png (2.08 MB, 2560x1440, 16:9, Screenshot (2).png)

Odd picture in the black trump video

4ccdad No.778633


fd9ae0 No.778634


Technically, they're counter-revolutionary statist faggots.

054843 No.778636


Sorry not 11, but WRWY is here right now.

754ac0 No.778637

Only Whites can be America.

b11b3a No.778638

File: 2359c8249c1b360⋯.jpg (555.38 KB, 762x509, 762:509, CNN_airports4.jpg)


meme it, anons

a3d448 No.778639

4b8def No.778640


Nothing odd about it.

d5f34d No.778641


Your skills have been noted by this Anon. Carry on, Patriot, and God bless!

1da0dc No.778642

File: d2318557d9b45cf⋯.png (1.23 MB, 1024x664, 128:83, BreadOctober.png)

7f8129 No.778643


How do you flip if you commited willing treason by making rockets for NK?

754ac0 No.778645

Q is a Jew.

21ff35 No.778646


I don't think he's seizing. His letter is what the law required to have access to the funds immediately. I think they still have to be used for the described purposes. Could be wrong, just skimmed through the stuff, but that's my understanding.

054843 No.778647


Baker for the Notable posts

57fbf2 No.778648


>Every day people are dropping like flies

I'm not so sure people are dropping like flies. I think it is snowballing. People know something is coming and that alone is opening their minds to accept whatever it is.

2481cb No.778649

Didn't Kanye have a "mental breakdown". What if he was drugged?

7f8129 No.778651


look behind you.

a3d448 No.778652

c30509 No.778653

Is it part of the plan for millions of violent marxists to be protesting our Bill of Rights nationwide right now?

8d00f7 No.778654

File: acafbd61bc33b27⋯.png (289.71 KB, 564x569, 564:569, pic1000.png)

POTUS just drove the Omnibus over the deep state.

7f8129 No.778656


Buckle up Obummer !!

e4e998 No.778657


Trump gonna do what Trump do.

Look weak when he’s strong to screw with the Dems.

Trigger the Dems into mindless hysteria.

And do what he says he’s gonna do.

People get their panties in a wad over how Trump gets it done, until it’s actually done. Then when they see it worked better then they imagined (Dohhhh) !they are all jumping up and down in excitement , crushing beer cans on their foreheads and lapping each other’s asses.

2481cb No.778660


Let them just BURN OUT and FADE AWAY

16d690 No.778661



a28129 No.778662

I still trust the plan. Bumps along the way are unavoidable.

f01c6e No.778663


The problem with that section is that it refers to the UN.

12af0a No.778664


Very Interesting,,

I was looking into Fredick Brennan,

On wikipedia it says,

Fredrick Brennan

Born 1994 (age 23–24)

Albany, New York, U.S.

Nationality American

Other names "Hotwheels"[1]

Known for Founder of 8chan

Fredrick Brennan, also known by the nickname "Hotwheels", is an American software developer with brittle bone disease who founded the imageboard website 8chan

In 2011 he helped mirror Encyclopedia Dramatica during its shutdown. In 2012 he joined Wizardchan, an Internet community for male virgins. He bought Wizardchan from the original administrator in March 2013 and owned it until September 2013, when he resigned after losing his virginity.

Words mirror, and wizard caught my eye.

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fredrick_Brennan

754ac0 No.778665

The plan is to take your guns.

57fbf2 No.778666


I'd like some gold, please. (But seriously…."medals". Good post.)

a90a05 No.778667


Take that a step further. The old tripcode up to this point has been Q saying what they were going to do (setting the stage). The new tripcode is Q team and Trump finally doing it because the stage is set!

bf6919 No.778668

TESLA Model X crash and burst into flames:

https:// www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-03-24/driver-tesla-model-x-dies-after-violent-crash-incinerates-car

784882 No.778669

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Black Trump is DEFINITELY not black and not southern. Mid-western, maybe UTAH and not a singer by trade. I'm laughin so hard. Oh, what beautiful irony.

1da0dc No.778671

File: 3740c16444b1253⋯.jpg (516.58 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, BehindMyBack.jpg)

4762ea No.778673


Obviously a white person in the pic - using #fuckwhitepeople

They are…stupid.

Facebook will never remove that post. Facebook has proven itself a machine for the radical left.

Enjoy life while you can. If these scum ever have their candidate win the presidency, this country is finished. What happened under Barry will look like child's play.

6e3778 No.778675