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File: 649fc34523f4e25⋯.jpg (232.81 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, # QResearch.jpg)

c309b3 No.802124

Anons, we are in an information war. We are the tip of the spear, with Q as our connection to POTUS. Hillary Clinton even said “we are in an information war and we are losing”. The neopoliticians (both neoconservative and neoliberals), Deep State, MSM, and NWO are in full retreat because WE ARE WINNING THIS WAR. The information war is between freedom loving patriots in this country and ALL WHO WANT TO TAKE THOSE FREEDOMS AWAY. Q said it perfectly If we stay organized, focused, and on the offensive, WE WILL WIN THIS WAR. God bless Q, POTUS, and the USA.



#InternetBillofRights https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/internet-bill-rights-2

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c309b3 No.802138

#994 Dough: pastebin.com/zZESpwZA

dd3351 No.802140

Fireworks soon.

Just got off the phone.

Watch Sessions.

c309b3 No.802153

8c179b No.802164


if I'm to believe you, define soon

3d2f45 No.802170



1558e3 No.802181


Baker. Thank you.

Just would like to comment..the board sounds more and more like Alex Jones. Something up with that?

Information War

War Room

Tip of the spear

073d72 No.802185


Maybe Alex Jones is sounding like us.

a94259 No.802192

The swamp is placing these bombs to set up Q!

WTF this is so messed up!

8c179b No.802197

File: 1a98f376e69262e⋯.jpeg (20.82 KB, 750x500, 3:2, download (6).jpeg)

e42ed7 No.802201

I'm out of data for two weeks endian

4dd329 No.802212

Red Cross/Rothschild suppress cheap, proven cure for malaria (and other ailments)

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=FrwZN1cPfX8

2cac74 No.802214


Hogg on camera saying he was at home when the shooting happened and he got on his bike and rode 3 miles as fast as he could to the school to get interviews.

https:// youtu.be/IUOkBv6wMhc

Didn't he shoot a video in the school when it was happening?

c309b3 No.802215


I'm sick of telling AJ not to use our lines. So annoying.

Seriously though, the dough simply evolves, different bakers add different things. It'll sound different soon again, if past proves future. Hang on in anon, and buy my Super Male Virality while you do ; )

89dd84 No.802216

Hmm, Petro-yuan was hurled, but without the Gold Standard.., When the Gold Standard?

820e4f No.802217

File: 6ba208a042a25ce⋯.jpg (77.66 KB, 640x325, 128:65, Looks Meaty Sauce.jpg)

77fb56 No.802218

Remember Red Pill the public.

Expose that MKUltra is everywhere... every tv show, movies, videos, ...


MKultra research. Ask people to read that.

Public is being brainwashed by specific agenda in the mainstream media.

3b4eab No.802219

File: a6c858078a39614⋯.jpg (289.47 KB, 1152x1728, 2:3, 07.jpg)

Baker, baker, baker's man.

Bake me a bread as fast as you can;-P

2bef7d No.802220


There was a girl student that was talking about Hogg doing interviews while they were in a closet? Hiding from the shooter. I know I saw her on YT.

b9a5f2 No.802221

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

BREAKING: Dow posts third best one-day point gain ever http:// cnb.cx/2G6ga8Y

3d2f45 No.802222

File: 02cf8195ba03c60⋯.jpg (51.32 KB, 660x521, 660:521, grumpy-clint.jpg)


Who cares? Not related to Q research. Gold slide makes me grumpy

5bec67 No.802224


People who claim Merkel is Hitler's daughter are just plain stupid. It's a knee-jerk reaction typical of stupid dumbfucks. They see that Merkel looks like Hitler's mother and think, HOLY COW she could be his daughter. Then they see a 6yo girl looking like Merkel standing beside Hitler and now they are sure. That is Merkel and she is Hitler's daughter.

Except they are wrong. There are pictures of Merkel's mother Herlind when she was younger, probably around the time Merkel was rising to political prominence. Compare to a picture of Merkel today. They are clearly related. Then compare the youngest photos of her mother to the little girls beside Hitler. Now that we have a bit of an idea how these two women change as they age, we can see that this little girl could indeed be Herlind, Merkel's mother.

But the clincher is the birthdates and the ages of the mothers at birth. Herlind fits as a daughter of Hitler's mistress and niece. And she was old enough to have baby Angela when Merkel was born.

So Merkel is very likely to be the grand-daughter of Hitler

But it goes deeper. There is only one photo of Hitler's mother. There is another woman who looks like her who was a mistress of the Austrian Crown Prince Rudolf, Mary Vestera. Look for one showing her ear. I believe that Mary did not kill herself when her lover shot himself. I believe she was 6 mos pregnant and that she was secreted away under another name. Then 3 months later she gave birth to Adolf Hitler.

However, was Rudolf actually the father? These satanists sometimes perform a magical ceremony called the Babalon working to concieve a Moonchild who will have special power and charisma. So who else could have been the father? His best friend Philip Saxe-Coburg-Gotha could have been. Interestingly Philips family uses the name Dorothea unlike all the other families supposed to be in Hitler's ancestry. And Angela Merkel was given the middle name Dorothea.

So if Hitler was related to the British royal family it begins to look like Queen Victoria's plot to destroy Germany's monarchy and simultaneously take control for the Windsor family. But Adolf wanted to give Germany real sovereignty and that could not be allowed so once again they destroyed Germany's government and tried again with the 4th Reich which we know as the EU and which is headed by Adolf's grand-daughter

d41b4f No.802225



"Soon" to Q, POTUS & the government doesn't seem to be the same "soon" for Anons! Kek!

8d6896 No.802227

File: 9cf0e7c3177c30e⋯.jpg (1.01 MB, 2209x2921, 2209:2921, PepePainting.jpg)


Synchronicity my friend. Feels good, doesn't it? ;)

620734 No.802228

File: 1120786f88b3009⋯.jpg (208.65 KB, 768x1022, 384:511, wbcp6.JPG)


Small things come in big …what?

358f2b No.802229

File: c1b70dd9b5c8783⋯.gif (2.43 MB, 498x476, 249:238, tenor (1).gif)

eddca6 No.802230


How did he get on campus? If he had to hear about it and ride 3 miles, the school would be shutdown.

820e4f No.802231


still waiting on sauce

e42ed7 No.802232

File: f418cb1490b676e⋯.jpg (371.75 KB, 1419x2015, 1419:2015, IMG_1473.JPG)

Lewdz kittehs

Cash 1776

I got hunting too fags

c00952 No.802233

File: c5eacd7d694d94a⋯.png (72.75 KB, 460x358, 230:179, screenshot_09.png)



Really interestings anons Iranians are now calling GEOTUS a reincarnation of Cyrus the Great!!!

675c03 No.802234

File: adb61fc5de58091⋯.jpg (285.1 KB, 700x700, 1:1, pagee.jpg)

File: a82b9b9db195388⋯.jpg (37.05 KB, 951x138, 317:46, 2018-03-26_174024.jpg)

File: a82b9b9db195388⋯.jpg (37.05 KB, 951x138, 317:46, 2018-03-26_174024.jpg)



341a7d No.802235

File: 1fa18b3af57a7e8⋯.png (343.3 KB, 957x509, 957:509, ClipboardImage.png)

http:// www.magapill.com/news/2018/march/Video-Candidate-For-Sheriff-In-NC-Suggests-KILLING-Americans-To-Take-Their-Guns.html

3b4eab No.802236

File: 293e648b417cfa8⋯.jpg (2.81 KB, 88x125, 88:125, Merchant Character With Cl….jpg)


Lol if you have a portfolio such that commodities prices affect your mood, you are in a place WAYYYY better than most of this board anon.

So pfff!

Just kidding, sorry about your investment, but it's a long time safe one, that's for sure. One of the SAFEST.

Around here, our concerns usually don't extend much beyond the tendies supply.


d41b4f No.802237


Why would he go TO the school with an active shooter occurring?

Why wasn't he in school then?

e42ed7 No.802238



Hogg is a homo

3b0b3f No.802239

File: 44fe871c7f312f4⋯.gif (1.27 MB, 500x282, 250:141, archer-woodhouse-itchy.gif)

File: 3636bc133d78e52⋯.jpg (70.17 KB, 635x718, 635:718, 78sfdg576g5768g57d8s6g5f7g….jpg)


(last bread)

4ffd9a No.802240

Screw all this crap they say about Q. We would not be on this board if we listened to others. We want the truth and our country back. We are not like a willow that burns easily in the wind.

We are Anons, the group that cannot and will not be defeated. Push forward until this this bullshit is broken into a 1000 pieces.

Q knows what we are capable of doing TOGETHER. Do not let them divide us or question what Q is all about. We have a job so let’s get to work, Anons.

abc269 No.802241

File: 0f35b2652677f3b⋯.jpg (11.99 KB, 226x223, 226:223, mrpepeJD.jpg)

notable post from last bread

this is really accurate

Anonymous 03/26/18 (Mon) 16:10:18 8b6c91 No.801970


It's true

Q is a psyop

We have known this from the beginning

Q told us it was so

We learned about counterintelligence

About when mockingbirds sing

And Q warned that the drops contained disinfo

A clear psyop

Only weak minds fear a psyop

Those who have awakened

Know how to see truth in the midst of lies

Know how to find patterns in the midst of chaos

See the beauty in a pile of horsehit as a beatiful flower sprouts from it

We do not fear psyops

We embrace them.

Here on QResearch

We are the psyop

All us, me and


341a7d No.802242


kek nicely done

b6e491 No.802244


1a. Define fireworks

1b. Define soon

2. Phone with whom?

3. We always watch Sessions

Sauce please.

89dd84 No.802245


In fact, it's important the Gold Standard., although the DOW Jones Up 2.34%.., hmm, The cabal refuse to Die.

d41b4f No.802246


Me too Anon! That is why I said our definitions of soon are different than theirs! Kek

358f2b No.802247

File: 86f03215b4ee2f6⋯.jpg (237.95 KB, 1072x555, 1072:555, sliders-001.jpg)

dff53c No.802248

Kansas trial speaks about F_I informants

https:// apnews.com/6c4260e45e974fecb46b83947fc4a7fa/Ex-militia-member-testifies-in-Kansas-bomb-plot-case

e42ed7 No.802249


Have hogg lick yer anus

Than sock the ship out

3d2f45 No.802250


Then explain, oh wise one, WTF does AU have to do with Q?

6ec4d5 No.802251


I just got off the phone with Wray.

Timetable has been pushed back.

Sessions has been ordered to stand down for now.

> [FG&C]

e42ed7 No.802252


Of homo

b84729 No.802253

>>801435 (last bread, the anon with scratches)

If you want infos, watch Simon Parkes (Wolfspirit Radio) on YT.

If you want to get rid of it (without further infos) I can help you.

50ad27 No.802254

you guys ever taste israeli semen? its really good!

a255b1 No.802255

File: 2da8d711613524a⋯.jpg (394.29 KB, 1064x1641, 1064:1641, Screenshot_20180326-163625.jpg)

File: f0e54a1062407dd⋯.jpg (432.65 KB, 1061x1441, 1061:1441, Screenshot_20180326-163643.jpg)

File: aad2454cf4f6a6e⋯.jpg (232.58 KB, 1073x778, 1073:778, Screenshot_20180326-163944.jpg)

File: ea8d7a3f43b68c1⋯.jpg (588.74 KB, 1051x1763, 1051:1763, Screenshot_20180326-164335.jpg)

File: 80b72d2d69f93f0⋯.jpg (530.13 KB, 1061x1748, 1061:1748, Screenshot_20180326-164428.jpg)

https:// twitter.com/ThomasWictor/status/978378716580528128

Link to video of the dance

https:// m.youtube.com/watch?v=_6UvhTs-jNs

Interesting. Iranians calling Trump the reincarnation of Cyrus the Great.

https:// en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cyrus_the_Great

>king of media


820e4f No.802256


sooo SHILL?

3d2f45 No.802257


Please provide Q crumb or GTFO

4ff352 No.802258

All of the push for that video, and it's only gotten 214 views. Pathetic push.

536cae No.802259

File: 1b3cbb712941a1e⋯.jpg (325.1 KB, 1162x803, 1162:803, stormyanderson.jpg)

af4e61 No.802260

File: 408d014f4ca112f⋯.jpg (64.82 KB, 700x503, 700:503, qq and m.jpg)


She has a lot of features like chin face shape = Royals

3b0b3f No.802261

File: 2e62a6bc533f9ba⋯.jpg (126.25 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, sdf789g6sd98fg76sd987fg6fd….jpg)

a94259 No.802262

File: d1a369159f985c5⋯.png (1.16 MB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_20180326-164748.png)

6ec4d5 No.802263


fuck off faggot, stop replying to the original shill

> damn this board has lost what it used to be

7ec779 No.802265

File: 0d5decefd58c296⋯.jpg (1.05 MB, 1000x1418, 500:709, Queen-Elizabeth-I-Daughter….jpg)

by the way, found this image, painted in the 1600 of Queen Elizabeth who reigned for 45 years.



Tudor Queen

The daughter of King Henry VIII and his second wife, Queen Anne Boleyn, Queen Elizabeth I was born in Greenwich Palace, London, on 7th of September 1533. Famously unwanted, because her tyrannical father was obsessed with having a son to succeed him, Elizabeth's early life was troubled. When she was only two and a half years old her mother was beheaded and Elizabeth spent the rest of her childhood in the shadow of her father's court. No one imagined then that she would grow up to become one of the most successful and famous rulers of all time.

Elizabeth came to the throne in 1558, at the age of 25, having survived imprisonment in The Tower of London during the reign of her half-sister, Queen Mary I. Elizabeth was 25 years of age and ruled England for almost 45 years. Her reign is known as The Golden Age, a time that saw the birth of Shakespeare, the defeat of the Spanish Armada, and the emergence of England as a world power.

Look at the dress. covered with Eyes and Ears. she is also posed sexually, which I found interesting as well.

Not a slide but was looking at the bloodline stuff so.

b9a5f2 No.802266

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

ef9ff1 No.802267

File: a9d6915e444c728⋯.jpeg (156.29 KB, 949x1035, 949:1035, 6E829D62-6611-431A-9E64-4….jpeg)

Never saw this one before

e42ed7 No.802268

File: 6b7feec2d235c3d⋯.jpg (107.56 KB, 500x527, 500:527, IMG_1469.JPG)

8d6896 No.802269



I remember a video of him interviewing students while they were all hiding out in a closet. Memory might be faulty tho.

3b4eab No.802270


He's right you know.

It depends on how you define "psyop".

I can GUARANTEE you that one of the primary purposes of the "Q thing" is to indeed inflict a psychological effect on our enemies. I described it way back when as a tool in the "game of chicken" to try to scare the baddies into caving faster.

I'd say Hannity's "tick tock" is the same type of psychological tactic.

Doesn't mean it's not true.

fec582 No.802271


Sorry to rain on the parade, but might it just be possible the markets apparent gain is the result of a dollar slide? I'm not a $fag, I saw it mentioned some time earlier and it didn't feel far off the mark IMHO.

But sit back and enjoy none the less, pass the popcorn will ya?

Q said make it rain, well it will rain bitter tears once the stampede for the exit picks up in earnest.


https:// www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-03-25/deutsche-we-are-entering-environment-where-everything-wants-sell

1774a6 No.802272

File: 6890fc5a3463403⋯.jpg (789.5 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, TWEETSTORM 26-3-18.jpg)




* USE [3] HASHES: #QAnon #FakeNews #InternetBillOfRights

* NO petition links


* 10 tweets per hour, EVERY hour.


Look at the graph 2,600/hour in stead of 250.

That's what WE DID! pls every one, send a few unique twts every hour.


= Same plan as today.

= Hoping you all join in.


6ec4d5 No.802273


How new are you?

abc269 No.802274


you miss the point

a psyop does not just mean you are being lied to

it also means you are being provided information

i believe Q was and is real with POTUS - but it is true Q in effect sais we are part of the psyop called THE PLAN

e4578d No.802275



true, we know the church has been used in many bad ways, and they twisted and perverted the original teachings.

Also one thing i've wondered is,, what did they change from original.

I know there are many versions of the bible,, but does anyone know which one is the most correct( if they manipulated and changed the words for their own purpose, could this have been done before, printing/ books became available to regular people( not just the church and royals)

Important things changed or left out?

We know they lie and twist history and facts, so parts of bible could not be true, or altered in a way, to make people, less likely to listen or have faith, and easier for them to manipulate?

50ad27 No.802276


filter this nazi

820e4f No.802277

File: 4c64bd7f0a5d1f0⋯.png (1.56 KB, 118x255, 118:255, d21c275d9b4c3e3712159dc335….png)


for you

4092f4 No.802278

about Cyrus…>>802207

interesting little factoid:

In the Bible, he is known as Koresh

341a7d No.802279



ya we are the good-guys' propagandists for the intel war

e02f01 No.802280


Of course they are. We're right over the target and the end of them is near.

Like a dangerous animal backed into a corner. It knows it won't get out alive so it fights hard. It won't go down easily or quietly. This is war. Gotta fight harder. Look at what our job is in this. We already know what that is and Q has reminded us. Others have reminded us, too. There are people around us who are asleep. Unaware. They have no clue what's been going on all this time. We have to help them wake up and get informed. Everyone we know. Everyone deserves truth. Some will become hostile and attack or ridicule. Some will refuse to look at anything; refuse to think. The choice, to know, will be up to each person individually. Not all will choose to see. Red-pill everyone you know. Brush off the attacks you may receive. Helping people to wake up is a huge job. Put yourself in their shoes. Wake them up with kindness. Ask them questions to get them thinking. Don't unload too much at once. Use the Q drops to help guide you with red-pilling. Talk to anyone and everyone. Many may see your posts or hear your words and start to think about it later on. (You) all have a huge impact on people around you. (You) have already done more than (You) know. Focus. Keep going.

9af1dd No.802281


Who do you think the head Baker is, Anderson Cooper?

89dd84 No.802282


At least Do you understand the Economy?

e42ed7 No.802283


#hoggishomo on twatter

1630c5 No.802284

File: 1c844fbf557edcd⋯.png (3.02 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1520207502848.png)

File: 2e01ef580af23cf⋯.jpg (17.93 KB, 220x220, 1:1, 2e01ef580af23cfbdabf440f8f….jpg)

File: fc1d41546a80659⋯.jpg (191.08 KB, 850x446, 425:223, 1521093202361.jpg)

File: 34416910d3d88e0⋯.jpg (102.91 KB, 720x720, 1:1, 1520207727737.jpg)

Retake the Board

2 months ago it was 'toughen up or gtfo this is 8ch' now chan culture is nearly wiped out and shills dominate.

5 kikes pile onto you for the smallest slight and call you a nazi and nobody bats an eyelid. Had some faggot tell me how Bibi is the perfect example of friendship shown to us silly goyim.

Faggots are all looking at each other wondering how to fight subversion and their gay 'clowns' and why Q isnt coming back.

6553e7 No.802285

File: 21f9b63549e234c⋯.jpg (263.63 KB, 770x960, 77:96, 5a6f8472cf519.jpg)

File: fe25027493c8b8a⋯.jpg (341.97 KB, 1080x1349, 1080:1349, 5a78bb96a84a1.jpg)

File: c9915937605a266⋯.jpg (231.39 KB, 767x960, 767:960, 5a872bf105654.jpg)

File: 86c5eab0d8162f4⋯.jpg (174.1 KB, 1080x1154, 540:577, 5a664fdb12bf8.jpg)


Help this poor girl get that coconut and you'll have a little extra for next bread.

Also, don't forget to watch the water.

1aab29 No.802286


Those bear market rallies will rip your face off if you're not careful.

50ad27 No.802287

basically if you wont send your children to die for israel youre a nazi

f530b4 No.802288


The Church has been here for 2000 years, the luciferians have been fighting her for that same length of time. Islam is the tool that was devised to destroy the heart of the Church – Egypt was 99% Christian before the invasions, and similarly Turkey (Asia Minor) and north Africa were mostly Christian. Great works of the Catholic authors were destroyed by the Muslim invasions. After Islam came the Protestant division of Christianity. Four hundred years later came communism, then naziism to destroy the Church. Next was Vatican II. Now it is all the bs floating around about the Church being evil. Luciferians/masons have infiltrated the hierarchy of the Church and are trying to destroy it from within; but the Church itself is holy and the teachings are true —— pro-life, sacrifice and honour, women are of equal worth and dignity as men, value life from conception to natural death, love and respect for all human life, respect people, love one another, love God, imitate Christ (meek= controlled strength)….. WHAT IN THE TEACHINGS IS WRONG OR EVIL?????

3d2f45 No.802289


Humble is right Give you $$$ to the money changers

820e4f No.802290

File: aa1f4ed60284767⋯.jpeg (12.98 KB, 580x580, 1:1, Glowing Condome.jpeg)



6ec4d5 No.802291

File: 6cca0e3b96b4083⋯.jpg (10.16 KB, 228x255, 76:85, ed2ab39afdc647a982b33d7a16….jpg)


nice digits there anon

> have this :)

c8b2fd No.802292


That is AUTISTRY…anon.

Well said

89dd84 No.802293


hmmm.., strange. And The Petro-Yuan debuted today..

6ec4d5 No.802294

File: 5d91cc70ea3c91d⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 60.8 KB, 800x600, 4:3, gapers33.jpg)


Just for you, clown

904280 No.802295

This article is from 2013.

>>802049 (previous bread)


8bc52f No.802296


Confession is a tricky thing. Pretty easy to use it to spy on whoever. If fact it makes a great blackmail tool. Does satanist use blackmail? Mmmmmm?

f99b6f No.802297

File: 2a802ac50187ed9⋯.jpeg (460.53 KB, 1242x670, 621:335, C73967F1-64B2-4632-96DB-3….jpeg)

File: 2a802ac50187ed9⋯.jpeg (460.53 KB, 1242x670, 621:335, 13C2E0AB-5A4E-4F11-BC01-E….jpeg)


We trust the plan.

I hope the message of truth will be louder and more persuasive than the lies and manipulation are right now.

Normies need truth.

It’s a difficult thing for people to realize they have been manipulated.

I am praying day and night.

7ec779 No.802298

File: 285750f6356b20e⋯.jpg (66.66 KB, 540x540, 1:1, pepe_many_pepes.jpg)



53ccea No.802299

>>802176 (prev)

I am, as well as a few others. Spot anything?

04d97e No.802300


the "branch" is mentioned as part of zechariah's prophecy (book of zech)

e96991 No.802301

File: e2f4fce6cc30652⋯.png (1.13 MB, 664x733, 664:733, e2f4fce6cc306529a9714f245f….png)


concernFagging the Chan culture…

all your concern is waste on shills …keep finding and archiving nuggets… patriots archive offline, meme and repeat.

the shilling and fagging will continue, as the glowing clowns continue to infiltrate a free, public, anonymous board.

3b0b3f No.802302

File: 599d76435872aec⋯.jpg (27.06 KB, 318x426, 53:71, 897rf6gsd987f6gs8d97g6fdgb.jpg)


THINK MIRROR, faggot. This shit is exactly why Q left /pol/. Apparently someone left the gate open and the fucking clowns got out.

9af1dd No.802303


>kikes pile onto you for the smallest slight and call you a nazi

Says the guy posting Nazi propaganda as if if has anything at all to do with Q.

d0ff17 No.802304

File: e05e261e5e0340d⋯.png (119.26 KB, 820x436, 205:109, Screen Shot 2018-03-26 at ….png)

File: a1930a61bf2f7f3⋯.png (98.51 KB, 1037x523, 1037:523, Screen Shot 2018-03-26 at ….png)

602c37 No.802305

File: f497ad86ad531c8⋯.png (510.15 KB, 1168x651, 1168:651, hairlines.png)


i agree with your assessment, it seems plausible.

e42ed7 No.802306

File: b6a06bb1287f016⋯.jpg (22.51 KB, 960x540, 16:9, IMG_1397.JPG)

Symbol for #hoggishomo on twatter

88bae7 No.802307


unless Hogg went home after the shooting and went back to the school to get interviews…possible.

766757 No.802308

File: 5d31c72de429232⋯.png (84.25 KB, 330x215, 66:43, Screen Shot 2018-03-25 at ….png)


Don't forget the excerpts from their lovely books, called the Talmud.

b9a5f2 No.802309

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

e42ed7 No.802310

abc269 No.802311


yes thanks

words have become twisted tools of the publicans

we must define to be clear and look to intent

after all try this one to see if you can analyze;

"this sentence is false"

1630c5 No.802312

File: dab3d7477e5451e⋯.jpg (31.7 KB, 634x356, 317:178, rckwell4397346907430986348….jpg)

File: 6e45f5646c6a649⋯.jpg (564.66 KB, 1200x802, 600:401, rckwell4906039476043673-48….jpg)


> 'Muh NAZIs'

Fuck off faggot get off this board.

1774a6 No.802313

File: d8f11d1893da829⋯.png (185.18 KB, 465x840, 31:56, Q MAKE IT RAIN.png)




Remember Q's REQUEST!

3b2f7f No.802314

File: 58103ef21a0ff46⋯.jpeg (396.74 KB, 1125x1806, 375:602, D7B800D1-3B56-49E0-BF40-5….jpeg)

620734 No.802315

File: 4ab3afd422c4802⋯.jpg (77.97 KB, 555x556, 555:556, wbcp.JPG)


Oh my yes of course…

we'll bus in some help of course..

abc269 No.802316


the answers were discovered in the 1950's

read the nag hammadi documents

all on line

answers all the questions about jesus

the rest is history

4ff352 No.802317


Wait, WHICH ONE???

341a7d No.802318

9af1dd No.802319

File: ecca20ad397390a⋯.jpg (55.02 KB, 600x400, 3:2, Semen.jpg)

5dc5cc No.802320

I thought Hogg was a 'survivor'.


e42ed7 No.802321

File: a0a097e288e08ba⋯.png (190.07 KB, 500x368, 125:92, IMG_1354.PNG)

cf16c9 No.802322


Someone needs to save this video - it'll be removed as soon as we start pointing out inconsistencies!

eddca6 No.802323


https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=E-HMVYyPBb8

536472 No.802325

File: ca51902044c9c94⋯.png (750.16 KB, 955x716, 955:716, 28451DBE-F3C6-42C4-A95A-08….png)





e74302 No.802326

File: 0f84eff4efbec2a⋯.png (116.43 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, IMG_3717.PNG)


d8e618 No.802327


Pale blue and pink represents the trannies.

3d3e1a No.802328


what does it say?

16b352 No.802329

File: 94bbfd94da92710⋯.png (536.47 KB, 682x672, 341:336, ClipboardImage.png)

>> 802144 Sorry no (You) 4U in last bread

After seeing your same lame meme game ad nauseaum for the last month I've decided to convert to flattardery. Where is the nearest lobotomy/re-education center so that I can become a bonafide full flattard just like you,

8bc52f No.802330


Q made a cryptic statement. I am just doing thinking out loud. You are obviously a clown telling people they are obviously stupid for questioning if Merkel is Hitlers daughter. Anons dont divide. And thinking and questioning everything when we have discovered how much we are being lied to about is not foolish at all. In fact everyone should take a serious look at what they believe. Pray on it. And keep thinking with their hearts and their heads. Together we will discover the truth. The truth can be known and this process of group conversation with so many very smart people is a god given blessing. Their are no coincidences God wants us to talk to each other…..about everything we think important.

b6e491 No.802331

File: ba22c65d8f1cc0d⋯.jpg (174.64 KB, 1536x768, 2:1, StormyOnWhat.jpg)



Here's another.

a1cb53 No.802332


This quote with March for our lives, Hogg, Emma, etc…

The state must declare the child to be the most precious treasure of the people. As long as the government is perceived as working for the benefit of the children, the people will happily endure almost any curtailment of liberty and almost any deprivation.” -Adolph Hitler

abc269 No.802333


many church teachings wrong and evil

women are not equal to men

priests cannot marry or have sex (pedo)

life begins at conception

pope is infallible

jews will go to hell if they dont convert

need i go on?

e42ed7 No.802334

File: c0e015b1e7610b5⋯.png (531.15 KB, 500x709, 500:709, IMG_1462.PNG)








d82c36 No.802335


You can always tell he's lying because his mouth is moving. As much as I cant stand those brats, I'm beginning to think they are double agents and are purposely sabotaging their own message.

50ad27 No.802336

i live in the usa, so technically im a crisis survivor, and david hogg is a noodle little cunt!

3b2f7f No.802337

File: ccc617a45748152⋯.jpeg (416.59 KB, 1119x2194, 1119:2194, 83F35AE3-586A-46F4-B4D7-6….jpeg)

3d2f45 No.802338


I kn ow the Anons hate Hogg shit but this certainly traps him

8d6896 No.802339


ty anon! I'm not going bonkers

e1c909 No.802340

File: 0193ad8e97307df⋯.png (857.73 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 37E11F91-965E-4436-930C-CE….png)


89dd84 No.802341


False Flag.

820e4f No.802342


just markin' shills and clowns

1630c5 No.802343

File: 8e5908a93b740f0⋯.jpg (224.45 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, 181e593ee1527118296bc5bc90….jpg)


I posted 0 Natsoc crap go kys faggot.

244dd1 No.802344

File: 237fc74d754c43a⋯.jpg (1.28 MB, 1804x1015, 1804:1015, IMG_8887 2.JPG)

c8b2fd No.802345




841eb2 No.802346


hey all anons who aren't the best diggers should really focus your attention on Twitter storming. Twitter is the new Times square…the only way to be heard is to be the loudest. Get loud, be heard anons, MAKE IT RAIN

7ec779 No.802347

File: e7fe18549d0fca1⋯.jpg (360.89 KB, 1024x717, 1024:717, 2540433444_b15e2e9053_b.jpg)

File: 2f766d64297ebcc⋯.jpg (54.88 KB, 800x513, 800:513, Freemason-Leo-XIII.jpg)

File: 6254e8404672cd4⋯.jpg (115.13 KB, 594x396, 3:2, Pope Francis Pope Francis ….jpg)

File: 39d4be03eccb72f⋯.jpg (42.54 KB, 517x340, 517:340, Salle_des_Audiences_Vatica….jpg)

File: ae6c0584323337f⋯.jpg (356.1 KB, 1200x630, 40:21, structure-of-freemasonry-b….jpg)


Keep telling yourself that.

http:// nbc4i.com/2018/03/23/names-released-of-42-catholic-priests-accused-of-child-sex-abuse/amp/

https:// www.timesleader.com/national/689383/pope-shocks-chile-by-accusing-sex-abuse-victims-of-slander/amp

https:// www.abqjournal.com/240255/secret-files-released-on-church-abuse.html?amp=1

811baa No.802348

File: 927e957132443d4⋯.jpeg (468.04 KB, 1350x957, 450:319, B0E7F0CD-AA6F-4F49-B07A-5….jpeg)

Glad to see all the hemp talk in the last bread

Just legalize cannabis

Not this nonsense about %thc disqualifying most strains

We need no restrictions on our botanical and industrial ambitions

3f0b51 No.802349


Satinists love that #33

766757 No.802350


Gee… I wonder which agency could have put them there? Or is it a drill?

e02f01 No.802351

File: fb830e01be4ea81⋯.png (280.29 KB, 482x539, 482:539, str8pride1.png)


pale blue and pink

54c84e No.802352



f99b6f No.802353

Filter ID+

Anti Jew anti gentile

Bread por n

Por n

Satan worship

Flat earth

Bible haters

And this place gets down to business.


11fdbc No.802354

UPDATED: MAR 26 2018 01:37PM EDT

FOX5NY - French authorities say the killing of an elderly Jewish woman in Paris is being investigated as an anti-Semitic murder. The woman, identified in French media as Mireille Knoll, was stabbed at least 11 times and her body was set on fire.

A march is planned in Paris after the murder of 85-year-old Holocaust survivor Mireille Knoll.

b02534 No.802355


Translation. I'm having phone sex and jacking off. Watch the session please

About to blow

5dc5cc No.802356

I heard that Stormy opened up. Last night.

ed9e8f No.802357


i start hating seeing that face

not based at all. just like the rest of them israel#1

89dd84 No.802358


Hmm., it seems tipical in SK that A K-Pop Star Die., must be cult.

a255b1 No.802359

File: a2a5411c5807cd4⋯.jpg (447.33 KB, 1077x1550, 1077:1550, Screenshot_20180326-165634.jpg)

File: 5de5e4b21a987fa⋯.jpg (362.95 KB, 1063x1848, 1063:1848, Screenshot_20180326-165701.jpg)

File: d47573db03bddc7⋯.jpg (217.33 KB, 1043x1231, 1043:1231, Screenshot_20180326-165724.jpg)

File: 2fc963b2152391b⋯.jpg (455.78 KB, 1055x1567, 1055:1567, Screenshot_20180326-165914.jpg)

File: 26dd357f6cd87f0⋯.jpg (540.95 KB, 1054x1839, 1054:1839, Screenshot_20180326-165950.jpg)


All these events that keep happening a military bases and US mil related sites and white house are alot like the weather underground and black panthers shit from the 70's. Why the fuck is bill Ayers a free man corrupting young minds at a university?

https:// en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Weather_Underground

With revolutionary positions characterized by black power and opposition to the Vietnam War,[3] the group conducted a campaign of bombings through the mid-1970s and took part in actions such as the jailbreak of Dr. Timothy Leary. The "Days of Rage", their first public demonstration on October 8, 1969, was a riot in Chicago timed to coincide with the trial of the Chicago Seven. In 1970 the group issued a "Declaration of a State of War" against the United States government, under the name "Weather Underground Organization".[5]

The bombing campaign targeted mostly government buildings, along with several banks. The group stated that the United States government had been exploiting other nations by waging war as a means of solidifying America as a greater nation. Most were preceded by evacuation warnings, along with communiqués identifying the particular matter that the attack was intended to protest. No people were killed in any of their acts of property destruction, although three members of the group were killed in the Greenwich Village townhouse explosion.

For the bombing of the United States Capitol on March 1, 1971, they issued a communiqué saying that it was "in protest of the U.S. invasion of Laos". For the bombing of the Pentagon on May 19, 1972, they stated that it was "in retaliation for the U.S. bombing raid in Hanoi". For the January 29, 1975 bombing of the United States Department of State building, they stated that it was "in response to the escalation in Vietnam".[5]

The Weathermen grew out of the Revolutionary Youth Movement (RYM) faction of SDS. It took its name from Bob Dylan's lyric, "You don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows", from the song "Subterranean Homesick Blues" (1965). "You Don't Need a Weatherman to Know Which Way the Wind Blows" was the title of a position paper that they distributed at an SDS convention in Chicago on June 18, 1969. This founding document called for a "white fighting force" to be allied with the "Black Liberation Movement" and other radical movements[6] to achieve "the destruction of U.S. imperialism and achieve a classless world: world communism".[7]

The Weathermen began to disintegrate after the United States reached a peace accord in Vietnam in 1973,[8] after which the New Left declined in influence. By 1977, the organization was defunct.

14aa71 No.802361

Next to 100's of diplomats send back to Russia for protection, Theresa May is now also handing over criminal (Russian-Khazar) oligarchs to Putin. He can now take care of them. Jailtime!

https:// www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-03-26/poland-latvia-to-brief-as-eu-weighs-expulsions-russia-update

The plan works great!

e74302 No.802362


Normally I'd agree. But this is MIL, not FBI. If they're on our side, they ought not to be false flagging.

64d9d9 No.802363



Need to confiscate DH electronic devices to determine when/where recordings made.

f47ef1 No.802364



I have ALL these videos backed up. I'll upload them in a bit. Tut tut anons. You should know to save EVERYTHING!

47abb6 No.802365

File: 4d9e6367a55440d⋯.jpg (60.34 KB, 764x487, 764:487, Capture.JPG)

f99b6f No.802366


Anti Trump

Anti Q

28a7f1 No.802367

>>802202 (previous bread)

“To one who has faith, no explanation is necessary. To one without faith, no explanation is possible.” Thomas Aquinas

3b0b3f No.802368

File: f275d93a8fa5feb⋯.jpg (174.19 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, sf980g7sd908fg6fd92b.jpg)

50ad27 No.802369

am i filtered by everyone?

766757 No.802370


And this place becomes Reddit. BOOM.

8c179b No.802371

9e425c No.802372


Yeah- folks do your research. The vaporizing of cannabis has very low health damage to lungs and throat. Patients can also focus in different parts of the plant that have boiling points at different temperatures.

Lets hope one day its cheaper than apples. Both clothing and the medicinal side. Hemp is so unexplored now. Its dumb and has so many uses.

Our brain has specific cannabinoid receptors. There is only one reason they are there, the universe intended us to use the plant. Look it up then think about that. Why did reefer madness happen? Look at the hippies. They HAD to drug them cause they were too afraid of what they could do sober. The music and movements of people they could create by just writing anti-war songs.

We need to bring back true Americana Music. You need any suggestions feel free to ask.

e42ed7 No.802373

File: 7f21cf696a63907⋯.jpg (64.86 KB, 427x701, 427:701, IMG_1475.JPG)


Stand up for beliefs

Plenty do

Belief is funny in large numbers


89dd84 No.802374


Could be the C_A, there was a C_A attack agaisnt the Marines in Virginia.

3b0b3f No.802375


Should you be?

a133be No.802376

File: 24cc3809328d7d5⋯.jpg (96.11 KB, 815x315, 163:63, Q Blade Runner.jpg)

Good evening, Anons! I see the dough is once again mold-free after last night's shill shenanigans. Never a dull moment at infinity-chan!

b6e491 No.802377

File: b22154eaa3079d9⋯.jpg (341.07 KB, 1536x768, 2:1, StormyOnWhat2.jpg)

9af1dd No.802378

5dc5cc No.802379


Are we just supposed to guess their genders?

8c179b No.802380


“When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best. They’re not sending you. They’re not sending you. They’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems with us. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.”

3b4eab No.802381

File: ee44264d5fccbf6⋯.jpg (101.79 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Storm_Sound_Effect_On_Hann….jpg)



On Hannity today, they started playing a "storm" sound effect every time they say Stormy's name.

It seems very, PURPOSEFUL, if you catch my drift.

Somethings up.

The Stormy was on us.

Now the storm is upon us.

50ad27 No.802382


nah, i love israel

abc269 No.802383

File: 3feb4b782c513a2⋯.jpg (88.23 KB, 800x533, 800:533, popeSHOUT.jpg)


typical arrogant authoritarian statement

c6ef37 No.802384

File: d6d83339ac268e2⋯.png (155.98 KB, 804x1024, 201:256, March_For_Our_Lives_Panphl….png)

File: e540ce048ed325b⋯.png (750.3 KB, 2100x1500, 7:5, March_For_Our_Lives_Fundin….png)

File: b6cdeb866530469⋯.jpg (2.82 MB, 2816x4472, 352:559, antifa_are_commies.jpg)

File: 2fd6dc3f894c9a5⋯.png (83.3 KB, 594x476, 297:238, Antifa_BTFO.png)

File: 2253e2e5162743c⋯.png (154.77 KB, 2000x2022, 1000:1011, SES_Deep_State.png)

https:// twitter.com/BasedBasterd/status/977952446122287109

March For Our Lives is a recruiting operation for Antifa.

Kids were being distributed anti-white, anti-cop propaganda at the event.

The deep state is now trying to swell its Alt-Left paramilitary group ranks with underage kids. SPREAD THIS INFO EVERYWHERE.

>What this means:



SES (Senior Executive Service): an army of no-background check required for the hire executives with access to ALL INTELLIGENCE, who nobody knows how much they make (and they are the most well paid federal employees there are), that the POTUS CANNOT FIRE.

This right here, those 10000 parasites are a very important part of the deep state.

Intro and link to info dumps: https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=pdFPR_c8qBk

More on SES: https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=IFFnT9JaG2g

Even more on SES: https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=mJRpeq0s9Ls



https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=kpoI2tN4yuE

Groups of deep statists create group to support Trump..

3b0b3f No.802385


Crack. I know those eyes all too well. Prob got iti from Poopy Bush. j/s…

e02f01 No.802386


probably Xanax, cocaine, and a soy latte

ef9ff1 No.802387


Love it!!

3b0b3f No.802388


KEK - sorry it was tongue-in-cheek humor, badly executed.

58525f No.802389


Seo died from a cardiac arrest in his home in Gangnam. He was found without a pulse. Emergency responders arrived but he was declared dead.

This is young to be dying from a heart attack

d8e618 No.802390


Women are equal to men. We do have married priests that left the Anglican church and became Catholic priests.

Mary changed the whole course of history. Without her, there would be no Christianity.

The priests are rabbinical, the Catholic Church retained much more of Judaism than the Protestent sects did.

This is a major reason for the dislike of the Catholic Church, from a Puritan point of view: the retained Judaic rabbinical and sacramental practices.

c309b3 No.802391


Good evening Anon! All's good in dough street today. /comfy/

3b0b3f No.802392

File: 19015ca4e129eae⋯.jpg (25.32 KB, 400x300, 4:3, fa789df7as98df7as09d8f7.jpg)



1aab29 No.802393


American Intelligence Media puts in another appearance. Can't think up any new material?

75eda5 No.802394

File: 3801ccb5d1e5bd0⋯.png (148.61 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-03-26-19-0….png)

Suspicious packages at Military Installations in DC

…… No coincidences anons…

abc269 No.802395


dont get so excited

beta blockers for anxiety

same as slobbery joe kennedy

e42ed7 No.802396

File: fdc4eff62864200⋯.jpg (87.39 KB, 638x710, 319:355, IMG_1461.JPG)


People run from Mexico

Cause y'all elected s coke dealer

And it ruined their hometown faggot

89dd84 No.802397


Stormy for Sure Has Blackmail

244dd1 No.802398


Sheesh, CNN just gave her Sodium Pentothal to make sure she's telling the truth.

b55e59 No.802399

File: 6c7ec32f8937eea⋯.jpg (39.38 KB, 400x568, 50:71, 6c7ec32f8937eeafe9cd1e3bbd….jpg)

ctrl+f "zio" 0 results found


>take trump down path that's good for usa but also ""israel"" since they're (((best partners))), at least until the end

>capture as much of Maga & Memetic power as possible with q larp intrigue

>leave dealing with zionist issue till last, (((conveniently))) eliminating any opposition to ""israel""

>usa thrown into destruction as gambit for """greater israel""" global power move


bfaae6 No.802400

File: 78a1b7b9f81be58⋯.jpeg (376.36 KB, 640x972, 160:243, 0F8B63D9-215F-4BDD-A99C-3….jpeg)

https:// nypost.com/2018/03/25/why-new-york-pols-get-away-with-corruption/

5dc5cc No.802402

Breaking: Ryan resigning 30 days !!!!

3b0b3f No.802403

File: 6af8e63ca58777a⋯.jpg (14.14 KB, 343x197, 343:197, have2goback 2.jpg)

e74302 No.802404


So far, to my mind, scopolamine seems most likely (scary stuff), or dilation drops to mitigate normal pupillary reactions (truth/untruth).

b9a5f2 No.802405

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


a94259 No.802406


He's gonna rip the MSM a new one tonight on his show.

53ccea No.802407


And here is the Weather Underground's "Prairie Fire," written by Hussein's mentors.

http:// www.sds-1960s.org/PrairieFire-reprint.pdf

7ec779 No.802408


Nah, I don't think so.

d8e618 No.802409


Not only is his father former FBI, he is an engineer who works for CUBIT. He designs weapons simulation systems to teach soldiers and SWAT teams how to enter homes and public buildings with automatic weapons. That sets off all kinds of alarms with me.

And Cruz was staying with an intelligence agent when this happened.

The Pulse shooter's father was an FBI informant. No such thing as coincidences?

f530b4 No.802410


Why are posting underage photos?

1630c5 No.802411

File: 637f7e25e23659c⋯.jpg (2.99 KB, 99x125, 99:125, pepetfg98saf6b0a86670gd76s….jpg)


Pretty dishonest thing to say. Q came to chans for very good reason. Anons didnt ever give Q problems. Outsiders faggots flooded and then shit hit the fan.

I predict same shit happens here…

5b9771 No.802412



Don't make my prove my brilliance

I'm a old man in the hills



766757 No.802413

Q asked us to look into 911. When you look into 911, you find jews. But can't talk about that here, because the offends everyone.

Q alluded to child-trafficking, etc. Look into that and you find jews. So that subject is taboo.

Q. Asked us to look into high finance, etc., but when you look into that you find jews. That's a no-go, here.

Q asked us to look into corrupt government practices, etc. You look there, and guess what you find? Jews. Stay away from that because you will offend people here.

Q mentioned that Israel is on the radar. "We're saving Israel for last." Oh, oh… Jews. Stay away from that topic, too.

e02f01 No.802414


Thank You, Dear God!!!!!

e42ed7 No.802415


Frump is ceremonial bunghole

Prince pulls lever

c912c1 No.802416


Agree plus the amount of thc depends on crop/who grew it/how big they got/ etc

204d70 No.802417

File: df5ddd3d08a51e0⋯.jpg (594.36 KB, 1024x731, 1024:731, patriot5.jpg)

3b0b3f No.802418


That's two down.

b55e59 No.802419


Then how do you rationalize leaving dealing with the zionism issue until last, and not now as it comes up?

abc269 No.802420


first let me say i have very good catholic friends inc a man who is OB monk - wonderful

but i do not think you can say the church views men and women as equal

mother mary is an exception

mary magdalene is a better example of how the RCC views women

c078d8 No.802421

https:// www.nbcwashington.com/news/local/Suspicious-Packages-Found-at-Several-Military-Installations-in-DC-Area-477970913.html

50ad27 No.802422


nigger we love zionist here fuck off you fucking nazi!

820e4f No.802423

File: d77e45d63e7241c⋯.jpg (51.57 KB, 640x640, 1:1, Glow Army.jpg)

a94259 No.802424

Seriously Anons, what has changed in here in the last week or so?

3d2f45 No.802425


Gold bugs



0e9169 No.802426


They take pleasure in killing off k pop kids

3e4aed No.802427

File: 10737fc362634c7⋯.jpg (66.12 KB, 400x568, 50:71, fields.jpg)

b55e59 No.802428


>no specific point

Nothing has changed, still niggerbrained plebs larping as anons.

ef5b7d No.802429

File: d8a00b8dcc05a31⋯.png (3.89 KB, 220x196, 55:49, doesthistriggeranythingout….png)

File: fea754d6dc4241f⋯.png (194.7 KB, 456x439, 456:439, dm4y.png)

c912c1 No.802431


Q less often ?

e42ed7 No.802432


Keywords are for shills

Let's beers the transition

Plenty of elbows

1aab29 No.802433


You said that yesterday. Still waiting for sauce.

d8e618 No.802434


And there was an attack on Travis AFB in California about a week ago. It was the same as the one on the Broward Co. Sheriffs'

Office. Explosives loaded into a car and deliberately crashed.

858eb7 No.802435


CNN reporting Ryan denies.

The Hill and Reno Gazette claiming is the rumor.

a255b1 No.802436

File: f2d422790541929⋯.jpg (348.37 KB, 1054x1637, 1054:1637, Screenshot_20180326-170432.jpg)

File: 7b8fa754c5d84bc⋯.jpg (562.84 KB, 1066x1723, 1066:1723, Screenshot_20180326-170451.jpg)

File: 532e4688876ee5e⋯.jpg (448.54 KB, 1048x1461, 1048:1461, Screenshot_20180326-170538.jpg)

File: 69e7a131d1a6e7d⋯.jpg (430.52 KB, 1035x1227, 345:409, Screenshot_20180326-170716.jpg)

File: 95b4776f8b79f0e⋯.jpg (238.8 KB, 1064x1277, 1064:1277, Screenshot_20180326-170341.jpg)


https:// en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bernardine_Dohrn

How are these cunts allowed to be free still. Ayers at a university and Bernardine

Works at the law office I believe Obama got legal counsel for recently if not Perkins coie. Notice how the bombings and the marches all still use the same fucking tactics. Domestic terrorists is what they are.

fec582 No.802437


Nice bit of Fashwave Trumpwave, TY anon.

And yes, Trump can easily be seen as the ultimate embodiment of the Americun dream.

He earned it at least, he worked his butt for just that. Wasn't he already a household name for decades? Has always been somewhat in the picture. He gained some, lost some, but mostly winning yes. He knows by now when to hold and when to fold (I hope). But there's not only aces in the pack, if you catch my drift.

847f1a No.802438


What about Xanax or Valium?

Her lips are all dried up too.

341a7d No.802439


mk ultra triggers, nice

3b0b3f No.802440

File: 745be03ce78716d⋯.jpg (64.24 KB, 640x616, 80:77, pepe_combo_breaker.jpg)

File: b98c93d3ee1cde9⋯.jpg (75.57 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, fa67f5sd67f5s76fs5d7f6s5d.jpg)


I don't hate the Jews. But I don't care for the Zionist regime, which admittedly gave $$$ to Hamas either. But I can tell by your sarcasm, you should go back to /pol/. NOW.

d8e618 No.802441


Incorrect. Mary is described as the first and the only perfect apostle of Christ.

448b9c No.802442



um, BAKER? minute mark 4:27, this hogg character wasnt even at the school? really? right from CBS news?

5b9771 No.802443

File: 14e5718ea2ea91b⋯.png (11.1 KB, 311x162, 311:162, twitters1.png)

5dc5cc No.802444

"The rumor mill is that Paul Ryan is getting ready to resign in the next 30 to 60 days and that Steve Scalise will be the new Speaker," Amodei said.

e8d9cd No.802445



Video is gone. Can we get another link??

8bc52f No.802446

I personally think a big question we must think about is Rudolph Hess. What did he fly to England to tell Churchill? Maybe something like ¨We are brothers the English and the German. The Anglo Saxons came from Germany. I know who controls you. The Rothschild Jews. Let us unite and I will help you remove your chains and you can be free¨

Think about this. Why did they put Hess in prison for 40 years? He left before the so called Holocaust happened. Albert Speer was much more guilty but all he had to do was cuck to the Allies and he got out. What great sin did Hess do? Hess knew what Hitler had offered Churchill.

Hitler was likely NOT a total Jewish puppet. He freed Germany from Usury and cut the Jews out of skimming money from Germany. Churchill admits this years later.

I think perhaps Q is trying to avoid the Hitler question. That they know that the normies have been hit with Hitler is the devil so long and hard and told about the Holocaust so much. Imagine why they put a Holocaust museum everywhere they can? I think the Jews doth protest too much. Hitler may of been his own kind of bad but I think the Jews are lying about him up and down and back and forwards. Could Hitler have known the Masonic Rothchild plan was throw Europe into war but there was no way out for Germany? It was cuck to the Jews or fight? He chose fight.

If Hitler was not a true puppet as the world learns more about how evil some Jews are they would look in history about what to do about it. They would then perhaps think the fake ass Jew stories about the Holocaust are true and try to copy that. The easiest way to avoid that is find a great man who is obviously a Patriot who is covered with Jew after Jew after Jew….and use him to free us. He knows not all the Jews are bad. He is there to guide us through the trouble of removing Jewish power with out killing all the normal Jews. Who can slow down the righteous rage of a world of normies finding out the truth? Trump. Trump is the man. Smart, clever and covered with Jews. His grandkids are Jews.

Trump is here to save the normie Jews from the wrath of a world knowing the truth but not the whole truth. That jews are the first and the most brainwashed of peoples. They are raised from youth to think christians are shit…they are convinced they are the chose people and they are convinced the Holocaust happened the way the movies say. But that likely is fucking wrong as all hell. The Jews are brainwashed and trump is here to save the ones who can be saved.

Okay…just thinking out loud….touchy topic but it has to be done at some point.

abc269 No.802447


the jews involved in 9-11 were hired by pappy bush

stick it up your ass pigshit

b55e59 No.802448


>(((citation not provided)))

c2e50a No.802449

David Berkowitz a psyop/FF? To dirty up the name?

Where is Chris Christie now?

8c179b No.802451



Mexico is a shithole narco-country

3b0b3f No.802452

File: e9b51e837b8dafd⋯.jpg (78.45 KB, 970x545, 194:109, asfdg78s6dfg987sdfg698s7dc….jpg)

File: ea4dabc20200f9e⋯.jpg (34.88 KB, 450x421, 450:421, sf97d8g6s897dfg6sd8f7g6d.jpg)

1630c5 No.802453

File: 42ded17a3f6dd4a⋯.gif (1.89 MB, 400x600, 2:3, 9d8bd91c0612f4c2a88ca5f0c0….gif)


Doing great anon. Keep subverting. Lets get these NAZI clowns out of here.

9af1dd No.802454


Truth is the last thing they're interested in. I heard they dilated her eyes with drops to make her appear more likable, innocent, and believable.

f47ef1 No.802455


http:// anonfile.com/mcV7U0d9b6/Florida_high_school_student_interviewed_classmates_during_shooting__720p_.mp4

77fb56 No.802456

File: 5629ce06b3efe0d⋯.png (422.26 KB, 708x1076, 177:269, ClipboardImage.png)

Another possible resignation… 'retirement' could also be a resignation.

Earlier this week, NASA's acting administrator, Robert Lightfoot, announced that he will retire from NASA

https:// www.space.com/40072-nasa-no-permanent-leader-does-it-matter.html?utm_source=notification

518670 No.802457

Well the markets had a huge day, hope that's the last bounce. Meow

766757 No.802458

File: 5307ebd4d214317⋯.jpg (45.79 KB, 600x338, 300:169, 274l8x.jpg)


Fuck off, kike-enabler.

f92acb No.802459

File: a44dbc1bbc0120a⋯.png (74.02 KB, 642x425, 642:425, Buzzfeed piglet video.PNG)

I know some anons shriek at the mention of Hogg.


BuzzFeed cut the video of him for a reason.

MSM doesn't want him to appear as the fascist he is.

Keep the memes coming.

50ad27 No.802460


youre a fucking nazi bro, i suck israeli dicks every day, so fuck off

abc269 No.802461


sauce please

244dd1 No.802462

File: c7d31098b22eb65⋯.jpg (663.86 KB, 693x1040, 693:1040, IMG_8919.JPG)

3d2f45 No.802463


You can't win without losing a few, js

858eb7 No.802464



The length of time has increased. Tensions and expectations build over time. Part of life.

3637bf No.802465


>Nothing has changed, still niggerbrained plebs larping as anons.

#985 was very strange. Tension is building behind the scenes. I expect Q reasonably soon.

847f1a No.802466


Wasn't San Bernadino shooting tied to family/FBI? I seem to remember something about that.

Someone should make a list of all the ties between shootings and FBI relatives.

e74302 No.802467


Xanax doesn't cause dilation like that, and Valium causes bloodshot eyes but not the dilation, either.

Drugs have fairly predictable effects. This fits for the two I mentioned.

566e93 No.802468


Stealth Pepe … Been making wealth by making rare pepes on the blockchain .. PepeCash is real

https:// coinmarketcap.com/currencies/pepe-cash/

Fucking Magenta.!

8c179b No.802469

I have a theory that the jew-hating shills are actually MB islamists

50ad27 No.802470


call him a nazi!!

620734 No.802471

File: 1056c7772b1c098⋯.jpg (94.32 KB, 429x571, 429:571, wbcp5.JPG)


Waddell is here to move the furniture Miss Stormy..

b9a5f2 No.802472

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


- P L V S V L T R A +

a255b1 No.802473


Nice find anon. Just briefly skimmed. Don't know when I'll have time to read all of that. Seriously. All these people have done is change names and basically use same tactics with new tech and with some members supporting them in 3 letter agencies.

abc269 No.802474


then why do they conflate her with mary bethany and call her a sinner?

you must be referring to orthodox where MM is and always has been revered not the RCC

3b0b3f No.802475


>Americun dream

When you word it like that, what you are saying is difficult to trust. Tryin' to be smooth?

c309b3 No.802476


Baked in anon, thanks for the timestamp though, will add your post also. Appears to be a big find.

f530b4 No.802477


Have you considered that the luciferians try to imitate the Church to mislead and confuse others? Consider black mass. You are proving my point that the luciferians/masons have infiltrated the Church hierarchy – example, ugly Pope Paul VI auditorium with snake head (only the fangs/stage end are in Vatican city = two snake fangs biting the Vatican trying to kill it).

2bef7d No.802478

File: 3efdeff979532a8⋯.jpg (143.5 KB, 1440x987, 480:329, 3efdeff979532a89db03d604ea….jpg)


Nothing has changed for me. Ignoring shills, digging, twatting the Internet Bill of Rights, etc

Ignore the shills Anons - Do your thing!!

28a7f1 No.802479


Not meant to be arrogant, sorry.

abc269 No.802480


ryan already denied

5b9771 No.802481

>>802241 Original Q yes

Current Q NO

Current Q is laughable a nothing.

Agree with all else.

We originally surmised Early Q was NSA

But then the hacks came…and went sidways from there. (THEY) got it.

89dd84 No.802482


hmm, Anti-Semites?.., but in Where?

b55e59 No.802483

File: eb42d7ff886e327⋯.jpg (175.98 KB, 584x561, 584:561, eb42d7ff886e327ff9fc45a1e7….jpg)

d8e618 No.802484


We are not supposed to assist people in case they are committing the sin of curiosity (St. Augustine). If you are interested in learning the catechism as a potential Catholic, you can go to your local Catholic Church. No offense, I am not accusing you of that.

But, if someone is asking just to use the information against us, we are not to answer because it is a sin.

Not saying you are doing that, just telling you.

Also, we are advised: If people want to know these things, all the information is already out there. The Vatican has a website.

e02f01 No.802485


Some people choose to ignore parts of Q's posts. I don't see why. I also don't see how anyone could rationalize following Q's posts at all if they are going to ignore some of it. Baffling.

9ce24b No.802486


Background check shows no person with that name. I also searched for Teresa Beanz. No person with that name either.

841eb2 No.802487


the bounce was the markets going down.

5dc5cc No.802488

The media told me that Hogg was a Survivor?

Who am I to believe?

766757 No.802489

If "nazis" ran everything, do you think that holohoax denial would be a crime in many countries?

You people are fucking stupid.

498ccb No.802490

File: 13b01d4c77fadb3⋯.jpg (249.81 KB, 1072x555, 1072:555, 276r1f.jpg)




Army Corps of Engineers Logo … Anon lives near a Dam


Legalize Nature.

cf16c9 No.802491


Research the Council of Nicea at Constantinople.

89dd84 No.802492

abc269 No.802493


apology accepted

TA actually said lots of smart things

3b0b3f No.802494

File: fa8db639ede23a6⋯.png (267.01 KB, 635x374, 635:374, b10e8e0bbde0035e5d52e00c23….png)

c6ef37 No.802495


You post makes sense.

b55e59 No.802496





I'm still waiting for an answer.

28a7f1 No.802497


You may be over analyzing. Radio tends to use sound effects for emphasis. In this case to emphasize the ridiculousness of the whole thing. My take anyway.

e42ed7 No.802498

File: a87c7b75a45a5b9⋯.jpg (122.39 KB, 594x397, 594:397, IMG_1428.JPG)

Let's just count their shekels

Instead of validat their shekels

247619 No.802499


Video is still there if you fix the link. just checked

f47ef1 No.802500


You can only be a survuvor if you were shot and didn't die. Those that "witnessed" it are witnesses. Those that were in other parts of the school, well.. They are nothing.

b55e59 No.802501


>apostate catholic bot

1630c5 No.802502


Excellent point. But you wont get any (You)s here on Reddit.

91cabf No.802503


Rush made a comment earlier about BHO pupils being dilated during the Sunday conference speech in Japan. I can't find any close up photos.

b9a5f2 No.802504

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

7ec779 No.802505

File: e7493363359c03e⋯.jpg (27.48 KB, 500x558, 250:279, PEPE_patricki.jpg)


yep, fell for the religious fags. Lordy

9af1dd No.802506


What are you basing that on? Could be 28.

feef00 No.802507

Published on Mar 10, 2018Immigration attorney-6 years in prison for Visa Fraud as National Security Violation

An Indianapolis-area immigration attorney was sentenced to 75 months in prison for submitting more than 250 fraudulent visa applications, the Justice Department said.

Joel Paul, 45, of Fishers, Indiana, pleaded guilty in November to one count each of mail fraud, immigration document fraud and aggravated identity theft in connection with a scheme to submit fraudulent U-visa applications.

In addition to the prison sentence, Paul received three years of supervised release and ordered to pay up to $750,000 in restitution to his victims.

Paul admitted that he submitted more than 250 false Applications for Advance Permission to Enter as a Nonimmigrant on behalf of his clients from 2013 to 2017. Those applications falsely claimed Paul’s clients had been crime victims and had provided substantial assistance to law enforcement in investigation the crime.

Roughly 200 of the false applications included copies of a certification he obtained from the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of Indiana in 2013 without the USAO’s knowledge.

The Justice Department said Paul’s victims, who paid about $3,000 per application, were not aware of the fraud.

“Immigration fraud undermines not only the public’s faith in our institutions and the legal profession, it also jeopardizes public safety and compromises national security,” said John P. Cronan, acting assistant attorney general of the Justice Department’s Criminal Division. “Attorneys who commit such egregious fraud on our legal system and their own clients will be held accountable.”

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s Homeland Security Investigations investigated the case with the assistance of USCIS Fraud Detection and National Security Directorate.

https:// m.youtube.com/watch?v=77BPKZeUUgA

https:// www.washingtontimes.com/news/2018/mar/9/immigration-attorney-sentenced-more-6-years-fraud/

14aa71 No.802509

The poor clowns can't help it going totally insane here. Their logical solid basic mind was destroyed just after birth.

Circumcision Causes Brain Damage

There is evidence that circumcision creates permanent brain damage. A recent study, where a circumcision was performed on an infant in a hospital MRI chamber, showed the brain after circumcision never returned to its baseline configuration. The infant brain was permanently changed.

“We tightly strapped an infant to a traditional plastic “circumrestraint” using Velcro restraints. We also completely immobilized the infant’s head using standard surgical tape. The entire apparatus was then introduced into the MRI chamber. Since no metal objects could be used because of the high magnetic fields, the doctor who performed the surgery used a plastic bell with a sterilized obsidian bade to cut the foreskin. No anesthetic was used.

The baby was kept in the machine for several minutes to generate baseline data of the normal metabolic activity in the brain. This was used to compare to the data gathered during and after the surgery. Analysis of the MRI data indicated that the surgery subjected the infant to significant trauma. The greatest changes occurred in the limbic system concentrating in the amygdala and in the frontal and temporal lobes.

A neurologist who saw the results postulated that the data indicated that circumcision affected most intensely the portions of the victim’s brain associated with reasoning, perception and emotions. Follow up

tests on the infant one day, one week and one month after the surgery indicated that the child’s brain never returned to its baseline configuration. In other words, the evidence generated by this research indicated that the brain of the circumcised infant was permanently changed by the surgery.”

http:// circinfosite.info/index.php/facts-and-myths/brain-damage/

Very sad! This should end now.

f530b4 No.802510


Perhaps you have not heard, Bella Dodd testified before congress that she personally while a communist helped 1100 young communist men infiltrate the Catholic seminaries in the US during the 1930s. Over the years these infiltrators brought in more of their evil friends (including child abusers like themselves) and now have various levers of power. Similarly in the early 1970s NATO reported that over 3500 communists had infiltrated the Catholic Church. THERE IS THE MAIN SOURCE OF THE CHILD ABUSE SCANDAL = THE INFILTRATORS.

adf97a No.802511

File: 98df3739dd63df5⋯.png (122.61 KB, 392x500, 98:125, O57001211820620f16IxFVANAe….png)

File: e3f7bcce4afa5ac⋯.png (89.79 KB, 695x365, 139:73, DGNW2uHDSFjwngdmlagf.png)

File: 8e9caf327096e35⋯.png (38.22 KB, 369x226, 369:226, IkwnwffafwrwvYSGFWGXGJW-jw….png)

abc269 No.802512


Q made some errors

worst was bringing pro life crap onto the board (PP with no sauce)

also pullback was error

my theory is Q leader crossed POTUS and got replaced - hence the change in style

do you have ANY evidence its all BS?

doubt it

e74302 No.802513


Misdirection is the bread and butter of the ruling class. Have you not learned this yet? They are both the elitist Nazis and the elitist Jews.

Have to go to the store but when I get back I'll type up the research I did on the Prescott Bush family. It all makes sense once one looks at the bloodlines.

5dc5cc No.802514


>Those that were in other parts of the school, well.. They are nothing.

Apparently Hogg wasn't even at school during the shooting. Does that make his 'less than' nothing?

e1c909 No.802515

File: d663839c1bf933a⋯.png (1.91 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 27F500E8-5998-4878-B641-03….png)

90090d No.802516


so we have a new Austin bomber around DC? how many patsies can these dickwads fabricate before even the normies start to get suspicious

847f1a No.802517


What is scopolamine? Common name? Used for?

f47ef1 No.802518


Yes anon.. It does kek!

f92acb No.802519

File: ebb7b378f9e8c89⋯.png (308.66 KB, 544x487, 544:487, BB re DWS Ammo Checks 1.PNG)

File: baa838ec409e22a⋯.png (24.22 KB, 601x326, 601:326, BB re DWS Ammo Checks 2.PNG)

File: 1bb64d4ae10f601⋯.png (291.12 KB, 518x273, 74:39, DWS Meme Blank.PNG)

Dem Rep Wasserman Schultz Introduces Legislation Requiring Background Checks on Ammunition Buyers


e42ed7 No.802520

File: 6d1f9f84f821d37⋯.png (934.75 KB, 1026x908, 513:454, IMG_1406.PNG)

247619 No.802521



Any kind of stimulant will dilate. Drugs that stimulate the Parasympathetic nerve system ie: opiates will cause the pupils to go pinpoint.

medical fag

1630c5 No.802522

File: e8ff73ca546faab⋯.jpg (44.44 KB, 657x527, 657:527, epepep86gs09dg6s70g6s08716….jpg)


Might want to read this before you cry 'muh NAZIs'

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gun_legislation_in_Germany

3b0b3f No.802523


I agree. I'll add to that - what Hannity does is play it as a repetitive device so ppl with the attention span of a gnat will think about what he says about SD everytime they hear it thunder outside. KEK. I'm, of course being metaphorical but the principle is there, for certain.

b55e59 No.802524


Imagine what would happen if people knew Facebook corporate is destroying files and other evidence as we speak. Imagine the effects of memeing that widely.

50ad27 No.802525

#NotAllZionist you racist nazi bigots!! zionist are good people!!

16b352 No.802526

File: 7a521979c94765b⋯.gif (1.09 MB, 250x252, 125:126, 1CON.gif)

7ec779 No.802527


well I never loaded that stupid messenger app because it asks you before you load it if its okay if it accesses all your information, contacts and email addresses. I was like NOOOOOO> but my account is still out there, I don't use it tho

896c7c No.802528

File: ed6833d97b646d3⋯.gif (2.81 MB, 480x270, 16:9, trust me.gif)

619c13 No.802529


Go the fuck back. dumbass question on a research board.

b9a5f2 No.802530

Nov 20 2017 20:12:32 (EST)

Coordinated effort to silence.

It will only get worse.

All for a LARP right?


abc269 No.802531


here is more interesting research

a doctor saved all the bits from many circumcisions

he sewed them into a wallet

now if he rubs the wallet it turns into a suitcase

true story

e42ed7 No.802532

File: 81173481a08b9f5⋯.jpg (115.73 KB, 811x960, 811:960, IMG_1472.JPG)

Got a paper you could spare

5b9771 No.802533


https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=wYqJFrgsP88

766757 No.802534


You suffer from a form of brain damage. There is no substantiation, whatsoever that Elite Nazi's are doing anything. Nazism went away before the end of WW2. You are a sad example of what constant brainwashing does to a person. I pity you.

fe276a No.802535


Not when you're snorting coke every day.

b55e59 No.802536


It's effective imagery to discredit him to his support base you retarded nigger.

e1c909 No.802537

File: c7cbb4a3a5939a4⋯.png (2.35 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 6780B8CB-CBCC-4A04-8093-5D….png)

File: 4c9b103957ef034⋯.png (2.43 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 50CCEE05-5D82-4B09-B48A-41….png)

God bless this kid

90090d No.802538


there was that cult that ran the SK president, anons saying this is a cult sacrifice might not be far off


af4e61 No.802539

File: 0d5007aa4cd9051⋯.jpg (39.39 KB, 480x457, 480:457, DZLzbhmVwAAroSD.jpg large.jpg)


assange just tweeted this

ef9ff1 No.802540

File: cc7965431c146f7⋯.jpeg (426.43 KB, 750x944, 375:472, EA68CDE2-8C6B-46CF-BD81-9….jpeg)

File: b9f8853df97b79e⋯.jpeg (6.8 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, 8BC8F9C7-3466-4976-AD88-6….jpeg)

https:// . breaking911.com/breaking-police-issue-new-timeline-in-maryland-school-shooting-revealing-new-details-of-deadly-attack/

847f1a No.802541


I watched a video of him in the closet interviewing a girl,

and he clearly said it is 9:30 in the morning and was talking about the shooting.

If fact, I think it was here in the Parkland Shooting Thread.

28a7f1 No.802542


Wrong, not an apostate. That anon was well reasoned and seems to adhere to their faith.

https:// www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/apostasy

9af1dd No.802543


Enjoy your dick cheese faggot.

17f8d9 No.802544


Hey Mark, back away from the shredder, unplug the bleach bit program, keep calm and get ready for Gitmo.

3d2f45 No.802545


Sessions there for the announcement

a94259 No.802546



Well it sure has gotten much worse! They at least use to come in waves. Now they just reside here full time.

e74302 No.802547

File: 830d5c979ce294e⋯.png (179.1 KB, 750x900, 5:6, IMG_3718.PNG)


http:// m.digitaljournal.com/article/324779

14aa71 No.802548


Now that we know what the boys suffer from partly by circumcision… what made the girls, like Sarah Silverman and Natali Cohen Vaxberg, so insanely wicked?

Can it be trauma in their DNA?

5dc5cc No.802549


> what would happen if people knew Facebook corporate is destroying files

Reminds me of the YT vid called Klintonerdämmerung

d8e618 No.802550


We don't.

2c9194 No.802551

File: 31f28355b61e27d⋯.jpg (27.49 KB, 343x345, 343:345, LovePepe.jpg)



8d6896 No.802552

File: a147f003da911c9⋯.jpg (24.54 KB, 394x458, 197:229, hehehe-pepe.jpg)

7ec779 No.802553


the background checks are so they can track exactly who has ammunition, how much they have and where to find them so they can grab it from them if need be. they are forcing us to be on a data base while they elect sheriffs who want to kill you if you don't give up your gun. Is anyone seeing something wrong with this picture?

038636 No.802554


The serpent on her sleeve is interesting.

b55e59 No.802555


>implying anon wasn't presuming to represent christianity and not the apostate catholic religion

e74302 No.802557


You're lying to yourself.

3b0b3f No.802558

File: e83b0cacf53447d⋯.png (263.61 KB, 635x374, 635:374, b10e8e0bbde0035e5d52e00c23….png)

58525f No.802559

Now they are saying the kids at the Marland school shooting shot two people with one bullet. Can I face palm now?

PRESS RELEASE: Evidence indicates at approximately 7:57 am on March 20, 2018, Austin Rollins, fired a single shot from a handgun in Great Mills High School Hallway F, striking Jaelynn Willey and Desmond Barnes.

https:// breaking911.com/breaking-police-issue-new-timeline-in-maryland-school-shooting-revealing-new-details-of-deadly-attack/?onesignal_site_push_notification

8d6896 No.802560


… and there's HUMA

b9a5f2 No.802561

Anyone see this ?


e42ed7 No.802562

File: 5aec1911e45f2f8⋯.jpg (23.49 KB, 515x280, 103:56, IMG_1297.JPG)

Too many arguments on YouTube

e02f01 No.802563


negative, ghost rider

28a7f1 No.802564


Prayers for Kyle

6553e7 No.802565

File: 9bb870b0b0de45b⋯.jpg (41.85 KB, 490x654, 245:327, 5ab25663d7c60.image_.jpg)



50ad27 No.802566


rabbi's bite the foreskin off the babies penis and suck the blood, i support this!

247619 No.802567


How old was that Chinese kid a couple of years ago that smoked like a carton of cigarettes back to back? in his 20's if I remember correctly. Aggravate the heart enough with enough stimulants the heart will go into an arrhythmia, some can be fatal.

cc441b No.802568


LOL . This is spectacular. Kekekekekek!

f47ef1 No.802569


No he didn't. Check your lies yourself.

https:// twitter.com/JulianAssange

9783cf No.802570


Worse yet, he said he didn't even know the victims. How many of these other media whores are the same?

820e4f No.802571


>https:// youtu.be/IUOkBv6wMhc

I can view it but am locked out from saving it off line

766757 No.802572

File: b67b0bdf5d053e8⋯.png (610.52 KB, 992x563, 992:563, 1461645742842.png)


Rabbis enjoy it more. Here's a pict to help you understand.

b9a5f2 No.802573

File: 3583059048b6e81⋯.png (28.08 KB, 527x184, 527:184, Screen Shot 2018-03-26 at ….png)

3fe40d No.802574


>Assange just tweeted this

Interesting pic, but I don't see this on any Assange tweet. Prove it

8bbf5d No.802575


Real Assange or one of the fake accounts?

1630c5 No.802576

File: 8bb848724e49aa8⋯.jpg (109.79 KB, 842x704, 421:352, 1522094004960.jpg)

85513d No.802577


It was in Nicaea, headed by the Erer Constantine

7ec779 No.802578

File: e88a76203a8aac5⋯.jpg (62.25 KB, 720x878, 360:439, Pepe_needs_Help.jpg)

ef5b7d No.802579

File: 8ae2f5a2845a9fe⋯.png (391.41 KB, 667x434, 667:434, swish.png)

>>802083 (last bread)

14aa71 No.802580


That's a hoax…

The foreskin lampshades are excellent craftmanship and true pieces of art.

766757 No.802581


You suffer from brain damage so your opinion is worthless. Just like your freaky religion.

f47ef1 No.802582


http:// anonfile.com/mcV7U0d9b6/Florida_high_school_student_interviewed_classmates_during_shooting__720p_.mp4

3b0b3f No.802583

File: 26bc770c5ffd0da⋯.jpg (39.45 KB, 515x324, 515:324, s789dfg6sd987g6sd87fg6fd.jpg)

File: 4c558191a2dd0c9⋯.jpg (97.88 KB, 1000x667, 1000:667, fg6s5d8g6s5df6g7fds87b.JPG)

50ad27 No.802584


>too dumb to wash your dick

is your ass full of shit too? fucking nigger

247619 No.802585


It's possible. If they were standing near eachother, and it hit soft tissue, or shrapnel if it hit bone.

2c9194 No.802586

File: 116211f9a53bd08⋯.png (12.6 KB, 255x192, 85:64, KEKvsMinerva.png)


Jews is too broad of a category.

Think of a subset of them.

That subset is both jew and gentile.

56604d No.802587


Damn that fucking gross man

f92acb No.802588

File: eb4a9fdf55c1048⋯.png (46.56 KB, 643x337, 643:337, O'Reilly More Fake News.PNG)

More Fake News re gun protest attendance.

Shocking, I know.

b55e59 No.802589


>still no answer to >>802419

e74302 No.802590


Bitch I ain't no Jew. I'm just a person with an average level of reading comprehension.

f530b4 No.802591


What was the organization that first placed women in power to run hospitals, schools, and convents? It wasn't the pagans or the Protestants. Mary is the highest ranking human, after Jesus, she is Queen of the Angels and the Saints. Protestants degrade Mary and by extension women. The ultimate destiny of a person's soul is up to Jesus, not human judgement. We can judge actions, not souls. Life, scientifically, does begin at conception. Papal infallibility relates only to teachings on faith and morals and nothing else. Popes can and do sin. Jesus did not marry and did not have sex; he had more important things to do. Ninety-nine percent of priests are good and holy. So please stop with your misinfo.

b55e59 No.802592



>not kike

abc269 No.802593

File: 5add7810f387b61⋯.jpg (6.52 KB, 300x168, 25:14, popeinthepizza.jpg)

the pope wants usa students to shout for gun control while he hides behind his own armed arsenal - hypocrite much?

http:// www.guns.com/2017/04/16/guns-swiss-guard/

766757 No.802594


Think of the poor little boy being traumatized for life.

2f65a3 No.802595

File: 66a14ba6afdeefe⋯.png (138.04 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, hand wringer 3.png)

50ad27 No.802596



296f3c No.802597

File: c969ec06bf4350d⋯.png (617.84 KB, 600x461, 600:461, jq.png)


I can't possibly imagine why the board is in such a sad state, when all these kike-loving anons are here providing us with their intellectual bravery.

58b726 No.802598


Not yet but it doesn’t take much these days

0a90a1 No.802599

File: 1604bc4543247f7⋯.jpg (33.37 KB, 436x434, 218:217, logo.JPG)


https:// vigilantcitizen.com/vigilantreport/sweet-jesus-disturbing-marketing-trendy-ice-cream-franchise/

e42ed7 No.802600

File: 70be1b79ebef01f⋯.jpg (74.63 KB, 750x918, 125:153, IMG_1479.JPG)

Those Malta knights

14aa71 No.802601


Really tasty with a good glass of wine on a romantic sabbat.

365114 No.802602


how would hollywood elites get facials if this is ended??

50ad27 No.802603



yall are both anti semitic racist, disgusting

766757 No.802604


Didn't say jew. But that is really funny when you think about it. I say "freaky religion" and everyone assumes I am talking about jews. KEK.

7ec779 No.802605


and its holding an apple. even more interesting. they have had the symbols for all time. and it would have seemed these would have been considered rather sacrilegious at that time but she was a Protestant who detested the Catholic Bishops and they tried to over throw her.

365114 No.802606

File: 58cdf6800484a51⋯.png (131.54 KB, 456x363, 152:121, Opera Snapshot_2018-03-23_….png)

af4e61 No.802607


just went to get screenshot assange twitter suspended!

3b0b3f No.802608


They soft-serve ultimate vanilla? lulz… SS and anti-christ. Who knew? Sounds like some ppl on this board. Fucking clown-op Ice Cream shop to lure iin the kiddos. SICK.

0169a2 No.802609

File: 26a83f92bfd4917⋯.png (1.86 MB, 1555x847, 1555:847, screenshot_12.png)

Did a search for Cyrus the Great and this showed up in the results KEk

766757 No.802610


I think it was by design. They flooded us. The only way to combat it is to call them on their shit.

3d2f45 No.802611


and the dox

Joel S Paul

Ramey & Hailey

9333 North Meridian St.

Indianapolis, IN 46260


Phone Numbers:

Office: 317-582-0000

17f8d9 No.802612

File: 9f5d6ff4e3a4b8a⋯.png (53.53 KB, 1105x286, 85:22, Resign.png)



https:// www.rgj.com/story/news/politics/2018/03/26/hagar-rumor-paul-ryan-resign-u-s-house-speaker-scalise-replace-him-amodei-says/460544002/

7ec779 No.802613


for real? if he really tweeted that why not get a screen grab?

d27a2c No.802614

>>802233 On page 173 of "The Faith of Donald Trump", Lance Wallnau is preparing for a trip during which he is to meet Donald Trump during the campaign. He describes a second experience of "hearing from the Lord" in which he says, "I heard the Lord say; God spoke right into my ear and said, 'The next President of the United States will be the forty-fifth president, and he will be an Isaiah 45 president.'" Isaiah 45 says, "Thus saith the Lord to Cyrus whom I have anointed."

b03532 No.802615


Complete nonsense.

The merits and demerits of circumcision are completely moot debate tied into a primal fear and insecurity.

Plenty of perfectly healthy and functional circumcised males exist. Plenty of healthy and functional uncircumcised men exist. The whole "debate" is meant to cause men to fear their masculinity has been compromised while attempting to empower a class of people without any merit or evaluation.

Put simply. "If you are circumcised, then you are damaged goods and are never going to reach the best you can ever be. You will always be inferior to this nigger over here."

If there is a Jew conspiracy, it is to spread circumcision among a population and then create a fear campaign to delegitimize those circumcized while elevating barbaric Invaders within those societies as morally superior to the native culture and male.

e1c909 No.802616

File: 2afaa5e32c0bdfa⋯.png (789.66 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, DB25F7E6-C46F-4D7B-91A4-3B….png)

f530b4 No.802617


Your pic is blaspheming Jesus and possibly bordering on the unpardonable sin vs the Holy Spirit — grow up. Read John 6:53. Check out the Eucharistic miracles.

(Many Catholics know this Pope is the Anti-Pope)

7d3311 No.802618

File: 27f3f18ae9c9ad0⋯.jpg (48 KB, 777x404, 777:404, 1matt_0.jpg)

ANONS makes sure EVERYONE knows about the FBI's involvement in the Pulse Nightclub Shooting. This is the DNC and Comey's doing.

Fact 1. All shooters are well known to the FBI

Fact 2. The FBI has never prevented a mass shooting.

All the facts are here, meme the shit out of it:

https:// www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-03-26/pulse-nightclub-killers-father-was-decade-long-fbi-informant-planned-terrorist

858eb7 No.802619



Years ago there was a story about a baby born with no eyelids. They circumcised him and made eyelids. He was okay but looks cockeyed every once in awhile. /

56604d No.802620


you must be the man in that picture you sick fuck

91cabf No.802621


https:// twitter.com/JulianAssange

b55e59 No.802622


>left eye is black and darkened like the penetrated anus

>wearing cross to presume status as faithful follower of jesus like apostates known as catholics do

>rosary beads, apostate catholicism confirmed

Imagine my subrise.

e1c909 No.802623


Pawn used. Retire well Ryan.

f47ef1 No.802624


Cause it's lies. Assange didn't tweet it.

90090d No.802625



3b0b3f No.802626


I nominate Jim Jordan, Devin Nunes, or Matt Gaetz. How quickly can we get iit done?

6fc734 No.802627

6c8f12 No.802628


Was a way for us all to embrace the Socratic Method…

50ad27 No.802629


all foreskins need to be cut, GOD made a mistaake, fuck off jew hater

c8b2fd No.802630


Kek already!

e42ed7 No.802631

File: a24f24ca9a2ee3f⋯.jpg (82.88 KB, 1105x1040, 17:16, IMG_1261.JPG)

Why did that last pope resign ?

If he were 'chosen' what were the conflicts before p Francis ? Prol money driven plerbinomics festering like Nutella

3f0b51 No.802632


A huge pill that is hard to swallow right there.

7ec779 No.802633


yep because the wars are in THEIR backyards not the ones they bought and paid for with Clintons/Obama/Bush's. Watch and see if it gets resolved faster than the others.

e02f01 No.802634


OH SHYT!!!!!!


b55e59 No.802635


>implying the apostate catholic pope has anything to do with jesus

Be gone liar.

3b0b3f No.802636


His pic is accurate. Pope is a fucking pedo-apologist that needs to be removed.

3fe40d No.802637


Then you're not looking at Assange's ACTUAL twitter feed. It's still up, and it still doesn't have that pic.

296f3c No.802638

File: 7373ac9795fa8a8⋯.png (436.11 KB, 924x734, 462:367, ryan.PNG)


Scalise to replace him?

Him being the primary target of that shooting makes a little more sense now….

I wonder how fast Ryan would have been out if Scalise wasn't laid up in the hospital?

abc269 No.802639


so you say priests have the authority to forgive sins but not to condemn? or never do? ever hear of the inquisition? please

mary magdalan is a better example of how RCC views women

btw every one of those women "in power" answers to men and always has and always will

b9a5f2 No.802640

File: c3952fbdea23eb9⋯.png (680.83 KB, 1058x806, 529:403, Screen Shot 2018-03-26 at ….png)

f530b4 No.802641


You forgot the nudie pics as sliders.

91cabf No.802642


"The rumor mill is that Paul Ryan is getting ready to resign in the next 30 to 60 days and that Steve Scalise will be the new Speaker," Amodei said.

https:// www.rgj.com/story/news/politics/2018/03/26/hagar-rumor-paul-ryan-resign-u-s-house-speaker-scalise-replace-him-amodei-says/460544002/

19bfcf No.802643





"9:32am" parkland

upload froze trying here, mp4 to webm conversion is too slow, so, a link…archive away

http:// anonfile.com/47VbU9d8b7/9_32am_parkland.mp4

97fe9c No.802644


The question who is the pawn that gets Queened?

50ad27 No.802645


god made a mistake with the foreskin, also i love jews, and if they want to bite off foreskin and suck the blood FINE! what are you a fucking anti semite?

766757 No.802646

File: a3904cf2711f02f⋯.jpg (39.76 KB, 320x480, 2:3, 2751fy.jpg)


I reject your asinine opinion.

6553e7 No.802647

File: ee4ec3bc59ba2b5⋯.jpg (99.09 KB, 735x1015, 21:29, 3ee4ec3bc59ba2b5ea3d9ea032….jpg)

File: 8811007003b58e1⋯.jpg (179.94 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, 5a00a84f38bd6.jpg)

File: eb6d692875c3eee⋯.jpg (219.23 KB, 614x768, 307:384, 5a0c7b849249d.jpg)

File: 4dc8f7d5417cdad⋯.jpg (211.47 KB, 1300x822, 650:411, 5a0f0b714068ee22841cdaf450….jpg)

File: cf3af547e0965e8⋯.jpg (137.73 KB, 614x768, 307:384, 5a1d8c1a0c339.jpg)

Some meme batter for the Anons. Watch the water. It certainly ain't gonna watch itself!

e42ed7 No.802648

Homohogg wants to cut things

Prol why he sliding Jews

358f2b No.802649


Great work on the sliders Anon!

90090d No.802650


great news

b55e59 No.802651


Or a way to get out ahead of the socratic method being activated in people, and kikes wanting to steer that activation away from them. >>802399

5b9771 No.802652

Nope it's not all bullshit

All three Q's are from Intel community

We just don't know WHO

We also don't know MOTIVE

Initially suspect 1st group was cool.

But the follow on assholes are here to hack away at the base of supporters by making them lose faith in DJT hence the numerous Monday Big Week BOOM then nothing.

Original guys didn't do that horse shit, and they never just jumped on boards and blah blah blah.

Then there's the TRUST SESSIONS TRUST MEULLER and the ENDLESS number of false prophecies.

It's not a LARP

It's PSYOP different than larp

Intel community for sure…but which one? What is there motives? I suspect what I just said.

Also to gather together all "conspiracy theory" nutters into one place and feed them distrust Trump programming.

Subtle subterfuge.

You see it already.

Many angry Anons venting and such.

This is probably their goals. Subtle subterfuge.

But we are still 3 million patriots.

And if we get off our ass and get involved.

We might have a country to keep in the next 4 years.

Otherwise if we stay asleep and behind keyboards…..we r going to be fingered.

bfaae6 No.802653

File: 49da451fc76d786⋯.jpeg (283.29 KB, 631x807, 631:807, 8019AC5D-1383-468A-A34A-F….jpeg)

This is a big arrest

http:// www.newyorkupstate.com/capital-region/2018/03/nxivm_co-founder_keith_raniere_arrested_extreme_cult_upstate_ny.html

92eafe No.802654

File: 65b6a454899c45b⋯.jpg (6.1 KB, 207x244, 207:244, Batphone_001.jpg)

64b37f No.802655

Here's an article that came out today in the Washington Examiner that lists 81 major Trump accomplishments.


https:// www.washingtonexaminer.com/year-one-list-81-major-trump-achievements-11-obama-legacy-items-repealed/article/2644159

abc269 No.802656



uncircumcised = no personality


d719af No.802657


Hotwheels soon?

c078d8 No.802658

Q latest post was undeniable proof that he is real and close to the president. Yet people are complaining that Q hasn't posted enough.

3f0b51 No.802659

File: 409b6c13f2a893f⋯.jpg (131.37 KB, 1001x563, 1001:563, We are saving Israel for l….jpg)

Anons we must leave behind any programming and face the reality of Q's post.

58f125 No.802660


Pupils dilate with sexual arousal. She REALLY wants to fuck that faggot Cooper.

e42ed7 No.802661

File: d3382ea42edc114⋯.jpg (86.51 KB, 1440x1311, 480:437, IMG_1391.JPG)

Since goyim want penis talk this bread 🍞

b55e59 No.802662


>she is Queen of the Angels and the Saints

Citation from scripture needed.

5b9771 No.802663

>>802653 See this is the kind of shit Original Q said they were going to take care of.

The original Q team laid out all the plans.

Really we didn't need anything further than that from there on.

dff53c No.802664


Does he have improved foresight?

af4e61 No.802665


sorry anons it was from parody assange? kick my ass. It is interesting pic though

ef5b7d No.802666

File: 82fe8150002c661⋯.png (90.22 KB, 236x381, 236:381, theirslavecycle.png)

766757 No.802667


My theory is that Q isn't posting as much because the board if filled with PC morons who can't think properly. Q is probably trying to figure out where to go next.

1630c5 No.802668

File: 635172807add017⋯.jpg (118.28 KB, 800x767, 800:767, munsterrrzzzs5965965956566….jpg)



Heres a rare faggots.

77fb56 No.802669


source OR gtfo

7ec779 No.802670



Little Baby's Ice Cream just as disturbing

watch their advertisement. leaves you feeling disturbed.

https:// youtu.be/erh2ngRZxs0

e42ed7 No.802671

File: c2c1310dc4d341f⋯.jpg (250.96 KB, 400x600, 2:3, IMG_1426.JPG)

I'm hangry

f530b4 No.802672


Too bad you fail to understand that the priests and those in "power" are to serve their people, as Jesus did. Priests do not judge who is going to hell; priests act as an agent in confession – Jesus is the one who forgives sins in confession. We are all under the authority of God; we are under the authority of the President; we are under the authority of our parents (as children); we are under the authority of our bosses; we are under the authority of our military commanders when we are in the forces.

0a90a1 No.802673

File: 48cfc9f5f90a1d7⋯.jpg (47.96 KB, 634x335, 634:335, orlando father1.JPG)

Stunning Trial Discovery – Father of Pulse Nightclub Terrorist Was FBI Informant…

https:// theconservativetreehouse.com/2018/03/26/stunning-trial-discovery-father-of-pulse-nightclub-terrorist-was-fbi-informant/

8d6896 No.802674


Archived. TY anon.

fe276a No.802675


No smoke without fire. I saw this rumor floating around somewhere weeks ago. But I remember Ryan denying it. He is a cabal operative. Even though Q said no deals, I believe that Ryan was offered a deal.

ef9ff1 No.802676

File: e6e2c47b5be72fe⋯.png (1.34 MB, 1334x750, 667:375, 368CD63F-3379-42B7-A66F-B3….png)

File: 07bb8b38321a52e⋯.jpeg (500.07 KB, 750x1006, 375:503, EF13EB0B-A67C-4F76-A52A-6….jpeg)

b55e59 No.802677


Oh wow catholic and fag shills in the same thread?


e42ed7 No.802678

How bout all the occultism Hogg is pushing gets a board

91cabf No.802679



NXIVM is a multi-level marketing organization that offers personal and professional development seminars. Based in Albany County, New York, NXIVM was founded in 1998 by Keith Raniere. News reports and former members have referred to NXIVM as ='a cult'=

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NXIVM

c8b2fd No.802680

Q doesn’t need us…we needed Q … as a CATALYST!

The reaction is now on OUR shoulders anons.

We have more than we know….

e42ed7 No.802681


Gotta flush em out

f530b4 No.802682


How do you think the Church has survived for 2000 years. It followed the structure and organization instituted by Christ. If you have problems with that take it up with the boss – Jesus.

7d3311 No.802683


ANON look here >>802618

abc269 No.802684

File: 1813d67af6efcf7⋯.jpg (60.24 KB, 780x438, 130:73, popeinapizza2.jpg)


believe me when i tell you it would be unthinkable for me to offer even the slightest criticism of jesus the fact that you connect or conflate the pope to jesus is very troubling

ps - check out the pope in the pizza contest - SNL vintage

c078d8 No.802685


They need a fix rather than truly trying to work digging or analyzing

fe276a No.802686


Jesus Christ. Enty had blinds on this dude and his cult on CDAN too. Quite a few Hollywood people have been having sex with underage girls who are recruited in this cult.

19bfcf No.802687


I agree. Migrating yet again isn't the optimum option, yet this board (QR), has degraded in quality, reaching pol cbts & storm levels on some days. It's a damned if Q do & damned if Q don't situation. Still, there's always GA.

e42ed7 No.802688

File: a9370d1bcce6d5b⋯.jpg (277.03 KB, 625x911, 625:911, IMG_1427.JPG)


My eyes are up here

75e9fc No.802689

File: 2c5e1772e67e4cf⋯.jpg (69.12 KB, 653x419, 653:419, 1522094598433.jpg)

668928 No.802690


SSRI, Ritalin/Adderall MK,blackmail, rinse repeat

50ad27 No.802691


god is the boss dumb fuck, holy shit neck yourself

b6e491 No.802692

File: a64511c10779b45⋯.jpg (480.32 KB, 1536x768, 2:1, GreatAwakeningRain10.jpg)

File: d40fe5efa347846⋯.jpg (408.5 KB, 1536x768, 2:1, GreatAwakeningRain9.jpg)



7ec779 No.802693



This needs to be revised to appear together and put in Notable posts!!!

0a90a1 No.802694



HUGE exposure, lifting the dark veil.


835e5d No.802695

So Hogg was AT HOME during the shooting. He admits it on the video embedded in the story.

https:// columbianpost.com/latest-news/david-hogg-home-parkland-shooting/

58f125 No.802696


Lets see… half chan is full of nazis, vids killing niggers and traps. 8chan just way too full of fucking flat Earth faggots.

I know! USENET!

766757 No.802697


There is that, too.

04d97e No.802698

File: 4f4de6c5fd4f107⋯.png (1.6 MB, 1023x657, 341:219, pope-pizza.png)



just skip that one and go to this pope (JP I) for proper pizzage

f75f3e No.802699


New York court? So he'll be set free like Epstein?! Fuck outta here. Should of shot this fucker and taken all his assets once finding out where the victims missing via trafficking are.


Actions speak louder than words.

8195ac No.802700


Fake as fuck. His head is fucking huge and the edges look weird. sloppy shop job.

d8e618 No.802701


Not the pope, the Eucharist.

c8b2fd No.802702


Jealous cunt

ef5b7d No.802703


[1] Friends & Family

[2] Neighbors & Community

we forgot how to play!

86fa8f No.802704


kek we're gonna be needing this repeatedly during this particular slide phase, keep on hand

50ad27 No.802705


i agree, if we love jews and traps more he will come back

b55e59 No.802706


The movement was hamstrung first by cuckchan nigger mods nuking threads, but secondly by newfag board op running /cbts/ doing a shit job and turning off most actual anons.

e42ed7 No.802707

File: 5b2f524b3d69e9a⋯.jpg (67.48 KB, 436x612, 109:153, IMG_1439.JPG)

Pussies are afraid of their trigger finger


7ec779 No.802708


Even tho you are a clown slide religious fag, I just gotta reply… Jesus would HATE the Catholic church's deception of their followers. He would not like what they are teaching at all.


766757 No.802709


I think that the solution is to go after the idiots, call them out on their bullshit, and hold the line. BO has managed to keep the board free of bad issues, and it is stable. We just need to start cracking the whip on the lame.

91cabf No.802710

File: 691a8d3e971ef75⋯.jpeg (16.48 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 1e0594a82500c3428abd6f8a0….jpeg)

c309b3 No.802711

Batch 994 Notables so far

>>802653 NXIVM founder Keith Raniere arrested on sex trafficking charges

>>802539 Pic of Hillary, Bin Laden and Huma?

>>802214 , >>802442 , >>802643 Hogg Story Inconsistencies

>>802519 DW Schultz is back seeking background checks on ammunition buyers

fe276a No.802712


Its more than just that, Anon. Its a brainwashing cult. They recruit and use people for all sorts of nefarious purposes. There is a famous Hollywood actress whose daughter got caught up in it. The story was in the news for a while.



75e9fc No.802713

File: ea812c78f24373e⋯.jpg (245.05 KB, 647x672, 647:672, 1522097162979.jpg)

31d1e9 No.802714

Orlando Pulse shooter Omar Mateen was either an FBI Informant or radicalized by FBI. Add that to the news that FBI was in the car for the "Draw Muhammad" shooting attack.

https:// truepundit.com/undercover-jihad-omar-mateen-worked-for-fbi-then-went-rogue/

e42ed7 No.802715

So the CIA cult served roth

Hogg prol byproduct

Of them ghosts

14862e No.802716


"Jesus, save me from your followers."

92eafe No.802717


Fuck I am a catholic and i couldn't agree more.

104a65 No.802718




What part of "ARCHIVE EVERYTHING!" don't you guys get?


https:// archive.fo/LXqg8

you're welcome.

fe276a No.802719


How come when I posted this in the previous bread I didn't get a notable?

Muh feels, brah… Muh feels….

f75f3e No.802720



Soon = 4 months and then some more waiting. Fuck this shit.

89dd84 No.802721



0a90a1 No.802722

File: 862a320f72da753⋯.jpg (38.8 KB, 574x380, 287:190, fbi ff.JPG)

77fb56 No.802723

How to identify a shill troll?

Find: e42ed7

about 30 stupid pics/video/homo-gay posts

Ignore & filter ID+

58f125 No.802724

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

58ecd4 No.802725

File: 16c8858abd45fec⋯.png (521.46 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, Screenshot_20180326-233533.png)

File: cd1d2b5b228e96b⋯.png (351.18 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, Screenshot_20180326-225143.png)


Liked this.

799982 No.802726

Confession in the catholic church is used for black mail and abuse

8075ba No.802727


And he's actually sebenty-elebenty feet tall.

799982 No.802728

Go straight to the source for repenting of sins. No man needs to send the memo

28a7f1 No.802729


Technically Mary is known as Queen of Heaven. There is no single citation, but several from which the title is derived.

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Queen_of_Heaven

7ec779 No.802730

File: b1868e138544835⋯.jpg (64.31 KB, 680x415, 136:83, GoldenRatio_2.jpg)


Ya gotta point. KEK

c309b3 No.802731


Ah feel ya man, I ah do. I should have grabbed it the first time. If you have the link to your post I'll add yours. First dibs.

689622 No.802732


In one of the most amazing prophecies of the Bible, Isaiah predicts Cyrus’ decree to free the Jews. One hundred fifty years before Cyrus lived, the prophet calls him by name and gives details of Cyrus’ benevolence to the Jews: “This is what the Lord says to his anointed, to Cyrus, whose right hand I take hold of to subdue nations before him . . . ‘I summon you by name and bestow on you a title of honor, though you do not acknowledge me’” (Isaiah 45:1, 4; see also 41:2-25; 42:6). Evincing His sovereignty over all nations, God says of Cyrus, “He is my shepherd and will accomplish all that I please” (Isaiah 44:28).

Many of the stories in the Bible are prophetic pictures of events to take place later on the Biblical timeline. Cyrus was not a Godly man but was still called by God to free the Jews. (He later put his trust in God).

Trump, like Cyrus, was not a Godly man when he was called to free the world from the evil. He has BECOME Godly recently. It's easy to see Trump as a Cyrus (or better said, Cyrus as a prophetic picture of Trump).

fec582 No.802733


Shake the bottle.

799982 No.802734

repetitive prayer doesn't absolve the sin… repentance and turning away from it does.

e42ed7 No.802735

File: 8baeab87df25a47⋯.jpg (272.43 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, IMG_1372.JPG)

Past the malarkey that is Hogg onus

Tacos never fail

Don't bitch bout guns

Or blamefag kids backpacks

b55e59 No.802736


>There is no single citation

>none provided

>apostate btfo

76f6fb No.802737


getting sloppy

proof of 3 Qs?


74be1a No.802739


The reason DJT is where he is rn is because of his catholic wife. She got him on track in life

77fb56 No.802740


looking at fake Assange?

Or you are just making it all up… you can't even provide a link to the fake assange post

7fead7 No.802741


Right at the very end, read it.

28a7f1 No.802742


Well stated. Thanks anon.

74be1a No.802743


Good to see you, Stormy.

7d3311 No.802744

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Here is HOGGWASH talking about riding 3 miles with a camera to interview people. Starts at 4:25

bfaae6 No.802745

Big story - currently phone fagging

But Bronfman was someone we dug on at /cbts/

https:// www.timesunion.com/news/article/NXIVM-co-founder-Keith-Raniere-charged-in-federal-12782354.php

28a7f1 No.802746



7ec779 No.802747

File: c7997961c76c5af⋯.png (543.15 KB, 1200x1204, 300:301, Hillary_BrowardCoSheriff.png)


O Shit. that daily mail one is a good find. because what are the FUCKING ODDS. when you put them all together what have you got? HMMMMM

41b7f5 No.802748

Why would anyone exhaust their time collectively spewing that Q is a LARP?

If ANYONE truly believed Q was a LARP they'd come to the conclusion and just leave without exhausting constant effort to say otherwise.

Why has this all of a sudden been the theme?

To all those following since the get go, don't lose faith, alright? Memetic Warfare is needed - the propaganda war must go on! If not for Q, do it against those we know are EVIL. Stand for what's right.

8075ba No.802749

>>802725<<<<THIS is what needs to posted EVERYWHERE.

e42ed7 No.802750

File: dcf5f2420b683a0⋯.jpg (114.56 KB, 1440x960, 3:2, IMG_1395.JPG)

Like swine dancing in dimly lit places


af4e61 No.802751


https:// twitter.com/JulianAssannge

8195ac No.802752

File: c5cce020e0af747⋯.png (274.17 KB, 349x360, 349:360, Screen-Shot-2016-03-07-at-….png)


I heard he was 911 feet tall


58f125 No.802753


Some people like to stir up shit.

abc269 No.802754


honestly i did not intend to offend catholics

i do agree that there are millions of good people and priests too

my main issue is the extent to this the church divides WE THE PEOPLE and the RCC has done a lot of that

7fead7 No.802755


i just gave it to you. sauce? it's in the last chapter of the last book of the bible.

59377a No.802757


They are all inbred. Just look at them. Probably grown from some mucus

8bc52f No.802758

When did the shills go crazy? When we started talking about currency reset and china throwing off the petro dollar. That is ground zero. That is the root. Hack the FED and destroy the Zionist Rothschild evil. FED falls and all Central Banks World Wide collapse in a domino effect. Stay on target.

3b0b3f No.802759


archived offline - thanks anon

74be1a No.802760

File: 92c890ee0635d63⋯.png (689.98 KB, 922x499, 922:499, comey beaver.png)

9af1dd No.802761

File: ecca20ad397390a⋯.jpg (55.02 KB, 600x400, 3:2, Semen.jpg)


Very nice sliding material. Beats the hell outta foreskin.

f530b4 No.802762


The inquisition was created to ferret out false Catholics or heretics who were trying to subvert the Church, especially those who did not want to leave Spain when the muslims were being expelled after 700 years of brutal rule and oppression of the Spanish people. The Church actually stepped in to stop the mobs and the royalty that were killing the traitors to their nation. They instituted a criminal justice style process to review the cases of the alleged heretics or false converts. A similar process will be unfolding with the military tribunals referenced in the Q posts.

Over 350 years of the inquisition approx. 5000 people were put to death. (I may not agree with this approach but it happened historically).


https:// strangenotions.com/spanish-inquisition/

Douglas Beaumont

The Spanish Inquisition: Debunking the Legends

"Modern historical research has uncovered facts that dismantle many of these centuries-old falsehoods. Here are some quick corrections concerning popular misunderstandings:

The Inquisition was originally welcomed to bring order to Europe because states saw an attack on the state’s faith as an attack on the state as well.

The Inquisition technically had jurisdiction only over those professing to be Christians.

The courts of the Inquisition were extremely fair compared to their secular counterparts at the time.

The Inquisition was responsible for less than 100 witch-hunt deaths, and was the first judicial body to denounce the trials in Europe.

Though torture was commonly used in all the courts of Europe at the time, the Inquisition used torture very infrequently.

During the 350 years of the Spanish Inquisition, between 3,000-5,000 people were sentenced to death (about 1 per month).

The Church executed no one."

e42ed7 No.802763

File: c5a3df51338dc5f⋯.jpg (73.7 KB, 490x711, 490:711, IMG_1471.JPG)

fb9328 No.802764


Appreciate your effort to defend the Catholic faith. So disheartening to see so many "experts" lacking basic knowledge. But that's one of many reasons we persevere in prayer… May the flame of Love spread over all humanity and may the Immaculate Heart triumph!

136dc3 No.802765

File: e8fb8019fdd8423⋯.jpeg (368.91 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, hogglet.jpeg)

566e93 No.802766


This .. had become all consuming for me

02:00 gf - "are you coming to bed"

Me "Nope"

03:00 "Darling, go to sleep, this is relevent …look "

04:00 .. "This is important look…" My anger is righteous, our cause is righteous .. and so shall our justice be.

Q says basically - chill, enjoy the show …. but the fucking kids - I, comparatively could not care about the U1, election fraud, whatever.

It pales into insignificance compared to what we are potentially looking at

b55e59 No.802767



>got him on track

>was already successful in business

>fucked a porn star after marrying her

If this is what catholic shills have to reach for that apostate cult is truly dead at last.

8bc52f No.802768

When did the shills go crazy? When we started talking about currency reset and china throwing off the petro dollar. That is ground zero. That is the root. Hack the FED and destroy the Zionist Rothschild evil. FED falls and all Central Banks World Wide collapse in a domino effect. Stay on target.

58f125 No.802769


Tie a board to your ass if you're going in

abc269 No.802770


you rant like a shill

74be1a No.802771


3 miles is at least 15 mins pedal time. Hot Eyebrows Chick still wont do him and she is extra hot for tv now.

5b9771 No.802772

Yeah original Q boys are here at least last bread.

Got me hooked on Trip Hop last year.

I couldn't decode then

I can't decode now

b03532 No.802773


Q is not nefarious. There is zero reason to ever consolidate our types under a single roof. For every one of us who is here and active, there are a thousand watching by proxy.

Even if we are fingered and taken out, the reaping that will counter it will have no parallel in human history. Some of us have family and friends in some key places. And their friends and family… And theirs…

Word travels fast and we are off-shoots of some powerful bloodlines in our own right… If not more connected to the cabal by blood than we realize.

What we aren't doing is comprehending the mission. We have been given the guidance. Manufacturing is key. Where does U.S. steel come from? Aluminum? Other key strategic and economic resources?

What is the significance of returning these here… Of our own mining operations?

How does China's money work? Are we really in debt to them? Trade deficit requires them to devalue and bolster by purchasing currency baskets including the fed reserve.

Mutually hostage economies of consumer and labor. Riots in China over lack of improving standards. Can't build factories to cover foreign and domestic demand.

Trade war? Hardly. Are goods from China sold at a price that is really that much cheaper than domestic?

This is all stuff we can research, develop an understanding of, and meme into the public. It is crucial we understand what is being done to remove the economic sword of Damocles that has been held over our heads.

e42ed7 No.802774


Live by the shill

Die by the shill ?

d8e618 No.802775


Thank you. Likewise.

dfa606 No.802776


good find

b6e491 No.802777


I just got on. Give me a sector to watch this evening…


3b0b3f No.802778




>it's in the last chapter of the last book of the bible.

THIS. GNOSTICS: get fucked with your ESOTERIC CRAP. It's OLD new age shit.

eb4596 No.802779

I love it all they could come up with is a old prostitute coke head…..LOLOLOLOLOLOL

e42ed7 No.802780

File: ec437b2f94f86f8⋯.jpg (51.88 KB, 550x684, 275:342, IMG_1478.JPG)

f530b4 No.802781


Go away, non patriot.

b6e491 No.802782

File: 22f273c9192231d⋯.png (535.77 KB, 701x699, 701:699, Cadet.png)



3b0b3f No.802783


Like throwing a hotdog down a hallway.

fec582 No.802784


I have another theory.

They go crazy every day at about the same time.

Maybe school is out or something?

0de345 No.802785

File: 6fe24e7e66e0aca⋯.png (203.08 KB, 633x644, 633:644, joshdcaplan_status_9783934….png)

https:// twitter.com/joshdcaplan/status/978393448721068032

58f125 No.802786


DJT has "fuck everyone" money. He can do what he wants when he wants. He's on his 3rd fucking wife. You think Melania didnt know he fucks around before marrying him? The bigger question is, how much does Melania get a month for being his wife?

7ec779 No.802787

File: 289e39e6eb4758d⋯.png (2.26 MB, 2524x2008, 631:502, Screenshot 2018-03-26 17.5….png)

File: 65beb7f819be4d6⋯.png (3.28 MB, 3076x2112, 769:528, Screenshot 2018-03-26 17.5….png)

http:// www.nydailynews.com/news/national/fla-school-shooting-survivor-dad-escaped-las-vegas-massacre-article-1.3834106

http:// www.chicagotribune.com/news/columnists/schmich/ct-met-florida-shooting-mary-schmich-20180220-story.html

689622 No.802788


A month ago, an Israeli organization, the Mikdash Educational Center, minted a commemorative “Temple Coin” depicting Trump and Cyrus side by side, in honor of Trump’s decision to move the American embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. It was among the most brazen, public links between Trump and Cyrus.

https:// www.breakingisraelnews.com/103700/global-support-third-temple-coin/#ZyXpgGYf7BrisZTm.97

75e9fc No.802789

File: 776fde8c6ad932f⋯.webm (1.36 MB, 600x336, 25:14, 1522103866444.webm)


0e013b No.802790


Agreed. :)

eb4596 No.802791

>>802786 Why would you care ….not your problem

2d1b01 No.802792


i love that

no one is more loyal to trump than Scalise

fa9d2f No.802793

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

If you have not yet seen this, watch it.

74be1a No.802794

File: 5722e037b780cbb⋯.png (654.62 KB, 888x499, 888:499, comey trump fag.png)

abc269 No.802795


can you quote jesus where is it he instituted the church organization?

cant seem to find it

0a90a1 No.802796

(((VOLUNTEER for Mind Control)))

Samsung Launches a Site That Can “Erase Your Memory” With Hypnosis

https:// vigilantcitizen.com/latestnews/samsung-launches-a-site-that-can-erase-your-memory-with-hypnosis/

af4e61 No.802797


Thanks It was an honest mistake im following assange didnt notice it was a retweet from someone else from parody assange who is that guy ?

ef9ff1 No.802798

File: a000e4ca41da1a5⋯.jpeg (339.34 KB, 750x1006, 375:503, E6F195FB-2231-4D90-A762-5….jpeg)

Marines just retweeted this 650pm EST

e866c9 No.802800

File: c1bf99fdd659baa⋯.png (35.39 KB, 480x360, 4:3, Thirsty.png)

59377a No.802801


Dollar down on Sterling. Over 20 cents this past 10 months now

b9a5f2 No.802802


fake n gay assange

8bc52f No.802803

When did the Zionist throw some of there controlled op to attack Q? When China threw off the petro dollar….the root is the FED. The RESET IS THE KEY> THE FED IS THE KEYSTONE!

3b0b3f No.802804

File: 478d74c1196bef8⋯.jpg (41.61 KB, 640x306, 320:153, s789g6sfd879g6sd897gf6dg9.jpg)


Eat a bag of dicks. Choke to death on the last one. (You) don't belong here.

7ec779 No.802805

File: 7da7eb6656ad95d⋯.png (3.39 MB, 2708x2050, 1354:1025, Screenshot 2018-03-26 17.5….png)

What are the ODDS you are in a mass shooting twice? High I guess if you are a paid for or part of the cabal crisis actor

https:// nypost.com/2017/10/06/woman-survived-las-vegas-and-san-bernardino-mass-shootings/

70d75b No.802806


what a nonsense. As if being rich necessarily means one will cheat on their spouse.

7d3311 No.802807

Question Anons: How many of these mass shootings have the FBI not had ties to before they happened?


d586b6 No.802808

File: 4b1b8209f0e788c⋯.jpg (163.54 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, 5a5e23e68cd96.jpg)

File: 3fd64a2510af38e⋯.jpg (152.66 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 5a8de0318c646.jpg)

File: 20f3009542690fc⋯.jpg (269.31 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, 5a32f627c4779.jpg)

File: fdafab13d6a37ce⋯.jpg (332.08 KB, 1080x1349, 1080:1349, 5a43bbb5d391f.jpg)

File: 06742bfb027fce5⋯.jpg (445.14 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, 5a43c645cf6ec.jpg)

Make some meme magic, Anons. Watch the water.

f75f3e No.802809

File: aa0b9e906be66b2⋯.jpg (248.8 KB, 720x675, 16:15, 6196025790_e17cbc0ccb_b.jpg)

File: 0313c79a92d8a37⋯.png (83.88 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, stayontarget_newthumb.png)

File: 98a8b189795a9c0⋯.jpg (13.22 KB, 348x145, 12:5, images.jpg)


>When did the shills go crazy? When we started talking about currency reset and china throwing off the petro dollar. That is ground zero. That is the root. Hack the FED and destroy the Zionist Rothschild evil. FED falls and all Central Banks World Wide collapse in a domino effect. Stay on target.

This anon gets it. We crush the FED/Central Shekels and they fund out of funding to shill and create fog VERY quickly. Let Q know we need this reset soon as a mofo. They listen to US.


53ccea No.802810

File: 6b35e45cfc1d3fe⋯.png (432.85 KB, 1910x952, 955:476, Screenshot-2018-3-26 ADS-B….png)

File: 5b46c56472869a3⋯.png (849.26 KB, 1388x661, 1388:661, Screenshot-2018-3-26 Marin….png)

Gah! This one is back. What the actual fuck is this boat up to?

b02534 No.802811


He looks like Jeff Foxworthy.

abc269 No.802813


meme error

that is a mule

329bcf No.802814

POTUS is trending on Twitter. CNN poll has him at 42% and climbing. The approval went up after the stormy interview last night. If you are able, go and show your support for THE man. So far, really great support, with sprinkles of lefty nuts… If CNN has him at 42%, can you Anons imagine what the truth really is?!!! We are making a difference brothers and sisters! It's working! We are winning so bigggggly, I'm so proud of /us/! proud of OUR POTUS, Q, and our military, and Patriots! And FUCK YEAH!!!!!!!

898dc8 No.802815

HAD To make this meme to share, Mkay.

8075ba No.802816


In fact, there are a shit-ton of acknowledged "coincidences," some travelers to an airport that exploded come to mind as one instance. All the published "coincidences" should go in one wall meme, the weight of them would chip away at all the false stories at once.

90090d No.802817


agreed >>802787 these people are now suspicious as fuck in my eyes

f47ef1 No.802818

File: 1dfb6e502d0c3c4⋯.jpg (457.04 KB, 1024x678, 512:339, joeyatdoorfbischoolshooter….jpg)

5b9771 No.802819



We are Q and we are Legion should be our new war cry.

Facebook is shit without users

We are the keystone here

If we get in one mind and one accord I think we can do might good things.

Although the myth of Q gave the movement momentum and Star Power.

We do not need star power.

We need knowledge

But we need ACTION

Most good people don't have a clue as to how to get involved in politics.

But Soros is giving courses to these psycho kids on how to get involved and do shit.

We must do the same. We must get involved beyond our keyboards.

898dc8 No.802820

File: dcaf34e298dd2c0⋯.jpg (126.43 KB, 604x961, 604:961, IMG_3122.JPG)


Guess I should have attached the damn meme! Kek!!

7b1275 No.802821

Is ok strategy to release IG Report before Iran and Israel are neutralized?

ae42cd No.802822

File: 63fd90a4c629523⋯.png (278.33 KB, 600x422, 300:211, sesmmm.png)

e42ed7 No.802823

File: 9fded0a3f6130bc⋯.jpg (37.03 KB, 610x780, 61:78, IMG_1465.JPG)


Comeyfag good

f75f3e No.802824


Could be a true dead cat bounce now. Down over 1000 points last week, up 600+ in a day. I might be running out of steam. God help us. We need this to happen!

70477e No.802825

http:// saturndeathcult.com/the-sturn-death-cult-part-1/the-love-of-money/

Not a bad writeup on how issuance of debt enslaves people and for how long it's been going on…

7b1275 No.802826

File: 0204c0d9662f13e⋯.jpg (85.17 KB, 692x499, 692:499, 26ybk1.jpg)

fc18ab No.802827


https:// breaking911.com/man-jumps-to-death-from-manhattan-high-rise-police-say/

The unidentified man was pronounced dead at the scene at 9:11 a.m.

f530b4 No.802828



The blasphemy is portraying the Holy Eucharist, Jesus, as a pizza.

7ec779 No.802829

File: aa19d614d858a51⋯.png (1.49 MB, 1952x2222, 976:1111, Screenshot 2018-03-26 17.5….png)

and another

https:// www.dropbox.com/s/hzv6rpulzl3jzvd/Screenshot%202018-03-26%2017.57.21.png?dl=0

2f29d3 No.802830

File: e79dc5a56b7cdff⋯.jpg (170.53 KB, 750x945, 50:63, 1522104306499.jpg)

You mean…

Beer Can Dan?

Danny Diapers?

"Ass Man" Dan?

Danny Daycare?

Spread 'em Dan?

Candy Man Dan?

Family Man Dan?

"Big Daddy" Dan?

"Deepthroat" Dan?

The Big Dick @ Nick?

“Dirty” Dan Schneider?

Open Wider Schneider?

Schneider The Butcher?

"Bend Over" Schneider?

"Foot Soldier" Schneider?

Dan “The Man” Schneider?

Dan "The Biter" Schneider?

Dan "The Spider" Schneider?

Dan "The Defiler" Schneider?

Dan "The Initiator" Schneider?

"Down South" Dan Schneider?

Dan "The Plunger" Schneider?

Dan "The Bladder" Schneider?

Dan "The Seducer" Schneider?

Dan "Teen Bedder" Schneider?

Dan “Rough Ryder” Schneider?

Dan “The Collector” Schneider?

"No Lube Required" Schneider?

Dan "The Despoiler" Schneider?

Dan "Deep Pounder" Schneider?

Dan “She’s a Fighter” Schneider?

Dan "Get in The Van" Schneider?

Dan "Cunny Hoarder" Schneider?

Dan "I've Had Tighter" Schneider?

Dan "The Fart Inhaler" Schneider?

Dan “Deep Inside Her” Schneider?

Dan "The Overnighter" Schneider?

Dan "Came Inside Her" Schneider?

"Please Mister, Slower" Schneider?

Dan "The Rough Rider" Schneider?

Dan "The Meat Grinder" Schneider?

Dan "The Diaper Slider" Schneider?

Dan “Likes ‘Em Tighter” Schneider?

Dan "The Virginity Taker" Schneider?

Dan "The Hymen Divider" Schneider?

Dan "The Cervix Wrecker" Schneider?

Dan "This One's a Bleeder" Schneider?

Dan "The Demolition Man" Schneider?

Dan "The Cunt Destroyerr" Schneider?

Dan "The Starlet Sodomizer" Schneider?

Dan "The Junior High Insider" Schneider?

Dan "Already Creampied Her" Schneider?

Dan "I like 'em Small And Tan" Schneider?

Dan "Goes Wild with your Child" Scheider?

Dan "That Ass Could Be Redder" Schneider?

Dan "But I Poop From There, Mister" Schneider?

Dan "Wham Bam Thank You Ma'am" Schneider?

Best Man Dan "The Warmth Provider" Schneider?

Dan "Say Goodbye To Your Brown Eye" Schneider?

Dan "You Want To Be Famous, Don't You?" Schneider?

Dan "Gimme That Cunny if You Want the Money" Schneider?

8bc52f No.802831


Yes….the FED is the keystone…..it is the death of them. All central banks are intermixed money….none are independent. Hack the FED and the whole thing collapses. That is the target….STay on target currency reset….china has thrown off the petro dollar!!! good money chases backed currency. Free hanging money will collapse. This will destroy the FED China and America are working to destroy the FED…

766757 No.802832


That is a very good question.

a133be No.802833


Real anons aren't going anywhere. We like the pathetic shill whining, lets us know when we're on target.

And seriously, newfags, wise the fuck up. NO ONE spends time trying to convince you something's a LARP if it really is one; they just move on.

d41611 No.802834

File: 2f13342e7e0ce58⋯.png (4.87 KB, 424x123, 424:123, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 80bc10fff0a315e⋯.png (4.62 KB, 424x156, 106:39, ClipboardImage.png)

I can't help but wonder if this weekend and today is a continuation of these Q posts, testing the atmosphere, so to speak?

7b1275 No.802835


100%. Devalue the USD, destroy the Petro Dollar, and you have taken away the cabal power

f530b4 No.802836


The blasphemy is portraying the Holy Eucharist, Jesus - Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity, as a pizza.

a98670 No.802837

File: ebe5ece244750f4⋯.jpg (342.34 KB, 1305x727, 1305:727, March4Life.jpg)

ba55e5 No.802838


Defund the Fed.

The end.

b02534 No.802839

File: cbe6b3a217a75a1⋯.png (266.38 KB, 980x742, 70:53, pep sniper jew.png)

File: 63efdf21774aee4⋯.png (168.52 KB, 683x686, 683:686, pepe concentration.png)


Jews gonna jew

77fb56 No.802840


https:// imgur.com/gallery/ontVO

Original im not a hillary supporter by any means but the fake always bothered me. The real photo, Hillary Clinton was shaking the hand of an Indian musician named Shubhashish Mukherjee at an event in 2004.

ef9ff1 No.802841

File: a64530817fa76ad⋯.jpeg (425.71 KB, 750x819, 250:273, 8AF90855-7CCA-4354-B068-D….jpeg)

c078d8 No.802842

91cabf No.802843


He's Golden. kek

c309b3 No.802844


Is it a shoop? Thought it interesting anyway, to see them all pic'd together.

5bb290 No.802845

Anons, has any one run into Andrey Melnichenko in their research? EuroChem AG.

Putting some pieces together of older info.

www.sanluisobispo.com/ news/local/article39131223.html

7b1275 No.802846

File: 6add3eba9c57503⋯.jpg (107.44 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 27667a.jpg)

e42ed7 No.802847

Who the fuck builds a stone bridge anymore

Keystone is word hogghomo

Symbol of y'all kill squad private chapter



90090d No.802848


oh fuck this is big news. half chan is gonna explode kek

19bfcf No.802849


>Why would anyone exhaust their time collectively spewing that Q is a LARP?

>If ANYONE truly believed Q was a LARP they'd come to the conclusion and just leave without exhausting constant effort to say otherwise.

Great ? and an even better point. Either a) they really believe it and their feelings are hurt, or b) they don't really believe it but want others to believe it. They're definitely not here to save anons from some grand mistake being made.

98178a No.802850


> and remind her they can take her kid away

When this first started, Daniels posted a message saying there was nothing to it, and that if there was we'd be reading it in a book (for big bucks).

Now this.

I agree here that it isn't the Trump side that's threatening her.

3b0b3f No.802851

File: 017f70b0c3484af⋯.jpg (121.27 KB, 1252x952, 313:238, sf798g6sd978g6sd89g76d8g76….jpg)


Yipe - I mean, yup. You'd think one would go to the top, but mebbe he figured, "Nah, 9 floors is enough". j/k. Shit getting real. Buh-bye clowns!

77fb56 No.802852


the picture with Osama looked really fake. Osama's head was MUCH bigger than Hillary's head. Out of proportion, they are almost at the same distance.

5839ef No.802853

just came in from work, was sure a pain last might with multiple bakers and shills, hope things are smoother this eve.

8bc52f No.802854


Yes ignore religion shills…and good meaning anons….that debate is for another time….the FED….china and the reset…..We are at ground Zero…we are HERE

ef9ff1 No.802856


I smell a hashtag anon


b55e59 No.802857


>thinking back to being gangraped on her trainride up to america in 2013


If children are the most precious treasure of the people will they apologize for murdering millions of them through abortion?

f530b4 No.802858


The blasphemy is portraying the Holy Eucharist, Jesus- Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity, as a pizza.

The Pope is a sinful man and in this case Francis is the Anti-Popel

58f125 No.802859



fe276a No.802860


They probably got word that the feds are about to bust his pedo ass for all those little kids he felt up and raped over the years. Need a shower after even looking at his photo.

dfa606 No.802861


just needs to be announced.

d120b6 No.802862


Shills still shilling…Fuckers still fucking

70d75b No.802863


It could have been just any crazy guy, if it even happened.

ef5b7d No.802864


Not when you notice they always hide inside victim groups they create. Nearly all conflict rests in their lap. It is an ancient culture that noticed the effectiveness of sexual trauma induced at a young age and the submissiveness of that individual later in life

ba55e5 No.802865


Shills gets lashed every time it's said.

e42ed7 No.802866

File: b693be0f0e5b9f6⋯.jpg (64.96 KB, 639x475, 639:475, IMG_1483.JPG)

If children are so precious

Where is hogghomos board ?


b02534 No.802867

File: f38de559f344caf⋯.jpg (74.82 KB, 590x370, 59:37, bridge.jpg)


Maybe we should. There are stone bridges near me that are over a hundred years old.

THis one was a few days old.

f47ef1 No.802868

File: 2807d3d2f41877b⋯.jpg (1.15 MB, 2400x1349, 2400:1349, DeleteTheElite.jpg)

File: a05f8561922f616⋯.jpg (440.67 KB, 1264x632, 2:1, DeleteTheElite2.jpg)

329bcf No.802869



b55e59 No.802870


>-Adolf Hitler


ef9ff1 No.802871


Is it the only one gray in color?

28a7f1 No.802872


We'll assume you are referring to Revelation 22:18-19

Those passages refer to the Book of Revelation itself, not the Bible.

f75f3e No.802873

File: d16ea5660942638⋯.gif (1.93 MB, 480x270, 16:9, giphy-7.gif)


OH FUCK! Mad sauce!


fe276a No.802874


Thought the same thing.

f530b4 No.802875


Grow up. The blasphemy is portraying the Holy Eucharist, Jesus - Body, Blood, Soul & Divinity, as a pizza.

3b0b3f No.802876


I dunno. We use unsalted crackers in church so…

7ec779 No.802877

File: edc1666f8057bc3⋯.png (2.3 MB, 1992x2266, 996:1133, Screenshot 2018-03-26 18.0….png)


https:// toronto.ctvnews.ca/colorado-shooting-victim-survived-toronto-eaton-centre-shooting-1.886613

e4578d No.802878

I really do think, the payment made to her in Oct 2016( was for an acting gig, for the storm)

Trump did NOT have sex with Stormy Daniels and did NOT have her threatened says the White House, as it denies all the porn star's bombshell claims

The White House hit out at porn star Stormy Daniels' claims that she had sex with President Trump and was threatened when she tried to take the affair public saying she had changed her story. 'With respect to that interview, the president strongly, clearly and has consistently denied these underlying claims and the only person who has been inconsistent is the one making the claims,' Principal Deputy Press Secretary Raj Shah said during Monday's press briefing, speaking about the 60 Minutes interview that Daniels conducted with Anderson Cooper that aired Sunday night. Shah said he could only speak for the White House when it came to the $130,000 hush money payment paid by Trump's personal lawyer to Daniels in the waning weeks of the 2016 election, but he stated there was no wrongdoing on the administration's end.

'With respect to that interview, the president strongly, clearly and has consistently denied these underlying claims and the only person who has been inconsistent is the one making the claims,' Principal Deputy Press Secretary Raj Shah said during Monday's press briefing, speaking about the 60 Minutes interview that Daniels conducted with Anderson Cooper that aired Sunday night.

Shah said he could only speak for the White House when it came to the $130,000 hush money payment paid by Trump's personal lawyer to Daniels in the waning weeks of the 2016 election, but he stated there was no wrongdoing on the administration's end.

Obviously, the White House didn't engage in any wrongdoing,' Shah said.

The payment was exchanged in October 2016, weeks before Trump won the presidential election and months before he moved into the White House.

'The campaign or Mr. Cohen can address anything with respect to their actions,' Shah added, as he tried to characterize the payment made to Daniels by the Trump lawyer as pedestrian.

'False charges are settled out of court all the time, this is nothing outside the ordinary,' the deputy press secretary said.

http:// www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5545113/Trump-finally-hints-response-Stormy-Daniels.html

1efbdc No.802879

File: 31e3134a7f18812⋯.png (1.5 MB, 1274x7490, 91:535, 2018-03-25 coinfag on the ….png)

0e013b No.802880


She was an interesting historical character. I've always enjoyed reading about her. Certainly not the typical female ruler of the period. She brought a certain peace to the kingdom that others had failed to establish.

e42ed7 No.802881


Was hogghomo in it?

91cabf No.802882

File: 10e89cc9b72f1a2⋯.jpeg (12.68 KB, 244x255, 244:255, 6f18910bcb56717aef2cadcf6….jpeg)

f75f3e No.802883



Let's make it happen.

e42ed7 No.802884

I got twenty fags sliding my posts

f47ef1 No.802885

File: cd389d2307999ae⋯.jpg (635.38 KB, 1024x536, 128:67, DeleteFacebook1.jpg)

File: 615fe1e4f5d7f82⋯.jpg (455.06 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, DeleteFacebook2.jpg)

File: b7105db14612c86⋯.jpg (539.53 KB, 1024x695, 1024:695, DeleteFacebook3.jpg)

File: b33061307edadbd⋯.jpg (308.72 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, DeleteFacebook4.jpg)

File: 8719e7626f54394⋯.jpeg (660.88 KB, 1024x614, 512:307, DeleteFacebook5.jpeg)

c309b3 No.802886


0169a2 No.802887

File: d6acb706919cd25⋯.png (903.59 KB, 1095x900, 73:60, screenshot_14.png)


Rumors about Schneider’s behavior on set have swirled for years, and have included suggestions of inappropriate conduct with some of the actresses who have starred on a number of his shows, including an alleged fondness for images of children feet.

One stylist who worked with Schneider for years says she never saw anything inappropriate. "I only saw Dan being professional with his kids,” she says, "He had an expectatioin of the kids, as far as what he expected them to bring to the table as far as their acting. But I never got a creepy feeling from him. As for the feet - I’ve worked with actors that have feet fetishes, and Dan wasn’t one of them.”

She declined to say who she had worked with who did have a foot fetish.

https:// www.hollywoodreporter.com/live-feed/nickelodeon-dan-schneider-end-relationship-1097559

89dd84 No.802888


But which can be the detonating??

244dd1 No.802889

File: 70df3f3bee34344⋯.jpg (408.5 KB, 750x781, 750:781, IMG_8983.jpg)

How does one connect a single dot?

The FBI did Pulse.

e8d9cd No.802890



35eede No.802891

Two vids on utube , one shows police carrying a heavy bag out, the other the arrest of Cruz who was totally out cold…you can add these up and = FF patsy>>802837

d41611 No.802893


Where's the sauce, where did this come from?

e866c9 No.802894



no error

f75f3e No.802895

File: d01248206d0fe64⋯.jpg (3.99 KB, 43x255, 43:255, 31e3134a7f18812ce979f6be1a….jpg)




7b1275 No.802896


This is what the storm was waiting for all along. For China to announce their Petro Gold Yuan. I guess they had to wait for the time to be right (for us to give the green light). But as of this morning, I would say buckle your seat belt, as the rock just got pushed off the cliff

91cabf No.802897


Dead Cat Bounce= Stormy interview

329bcf No.802899


#EndTheFed….. Let em fly!!!!!!

f75f3e No.802900


Nigga just type in the pedo's fucking name! Jesus Christ. You're hungry but don't seem to wanna eat. Da fuq?

bfaae6 No.802902


Just as big

Gillibrand’s father used to work for them. Think about it GilliBRAND ‘appointed as US Senator’ to fill Hillary’s vacancy when she became Secretary of State

https:// www.timesunion.com/news/article/NXIVM-co-founder-Keith-Raniere-charged-in-federal-12782354.php

b9a5f2 No.802904

File: 440e5eebe370534⋯.png (554.07 KB, 1087x701, 1087:701, Screen Shot 2018-03-26 at ….png)

File: e8c1bb7ed9df77a⋯.png (915.56 KB, 1286x714, 643:357, Screen Shot 2018-03-26 at ….png)

File: 6aed47c185e4a5d⋯.jpeg (190.69 KB, 720x1060, 36:53, 5ab8f6041e000008087afbf5.jpeg)


8bc52f No.802905

>>802883 End the Fed. EU cannot survive. They are bankrupt…..All central banks are incestous…they cannot survive alone. FED goes and everything falls in a domino.

58f125 No.802906


Wow… you fuckers didnt like that!

I dont care what he does as long as he can run the country. But if you dumbfucks thinks he's high up on the purity pedestal and not above fucking around on Melania you're the retards.

f530b4 No.802907


I must reply to the lies because it is the lies that have allowed the luciferians and globalists to gain the upper hand and almost fully destroy western nations built on Christian principles.

d586b6 No.802908

File: 60295fb22718177⋯.jpg (903.65 KB, 1200x1428, 100:119, Watch the Water1.jpg)

Watch the Water

689622 No.802909


And there you have it. I suspected as much.

Fox pro-Trumpers…Hannity, Judge Jeanine, Laura Ingraham..

Who else?

e42ed7 No.802910

So if a elected murderer gets attention for calling someone else a murder

What is sympathy for the devil ?

39895c No.802911


>the hollywood reporter

3b0b3f No.802912


One RP08/RP12 anon to another - there's fucktons of memes for endthefed out there over the course of our 8 years together - plus more if you factor in fans of Austrian Economics in general. Petition site is back up and we've got @Jack backed into a corner and Zuck getting cucked. DO IT. Put the word out there!

f530b4 No.802913



b55e59 No.802915


There's enough of these that you need to make a bigger cap, with headshots for all of these people, the shooting events, and their connecting lines. That will be great material for memes.

5acb5a No.802916

File: d176f3779e4609c⋯.png (388.47 KB, 497x427, 71:61, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 5ad195e5982e2fd⋯.png (108.43 KB, 261x193, 261:193, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 339aff96765467f⋯.png (1.07 MB, 1537x818, 1537:818, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 25292359b4ef9a9⋯.png (136.18 KB, 530x600, 53:60, ClipboardImage.png)

8 days left to have a voice to protect free speech from the government and corporations so if you value your freedom of speech online sign and share this petition before it's too late. #internetbillofrights #ibor


5839ef No.802917

File: f2e33777143a544⋯.png (749.36 KB, 1545x886, 1545:886, Q-nat-ass.png)

try this again,

kinda important Q post abouit assassination attempts on potus and family and story even if Nat Enquirer saying terrorism.

I think it was FBI/DOJ

0a90a1 No.802918


a nothing…fizzle

e42ed7 No.802919


FEEd them coke !!!!

8bc52f No.802920


Yes foillow your heart. I understand…but remember they might just be goating you and hurting you for shits and giggles.

d41611 No.802922


Not how this works, somethings reported its sauced!!

3b0b3f No.802923


This blows dipshit Ralph Peters narrative to hell and GONE.

e42ed7 No.802924


Get them to traffick that shit

f530b4 No.802925


Plus a lot of globalists/deep state apologists are commentators on Fox. (Karl Rove etc.)

ba55e5 No.802926


That is their greatest fear, loosing control of our money.

Kill the federal reserve.

b55e59 No.802927


To symbolize "working man"?

b9a5f2 No.802928


don't think it's Huma

e42ed7 No.802929


And displace your personality and info to help the cuck

1558e3 No.802930


Oh shit, LMAO

8075ba No.802931


I've watched the documentaries and read stuff, and I don't understand what the struggle is with the Fed. I thought it's past it's use date and they want to get rid of it, but frame it to look like we made it happen. I also don't remember if I read anything about why they've been kicking the can down the road, maybe because finally pulling the plug will be so messy?

abc269 No.802932


i dont think jesus is a pizza

i would guess he would enjoy one though

fb9c9c No.802933

Q lied this whole time. LARP.

329bcf No.802934



Sorry brotheranon, there is no coke left. Stormy used it all….

e42ed7 No.802935


On federal dollars

904280 No.802936


Fake and gay. OBL's head out of proportion to body, and also real OBL is like 6'6". He should be towering over everyone. Bad photoshop.

7fead7 No.802937


Then you do not understand!

e42ed7 No.802938


And they eat kids

ef5b7d No.802939

File: eee66738430efcd⋯.png (16.81 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 1427450321858.png)


The Rolling Stones song by that name I think is another example of hidden in plain sight & worshiping the "stars"

8bc52f No.802940

Can you meme it? Will to Power anons!!!

End the FED! We have the keystone. Trump worked deal with China. China has taken first step and thrown off Petrodollar…

End the FED

589449 No.802941


Does this mean that the price of gold will drop towards the $50 mark?

4765b7 No.802943

File: acab3461d88d23f⋯.png (196.28 KB, 1764x806, 882:403, Screen Shot 2018-03-26 at ….png)


5839ef No.802944


one of the greatest pieces of secular wisdom from RoadHouse, Patrick Swazye,

Someone calling your mother a whore isn't person, he says well is she?

Being called a cock sucker, its two words put together to elicit a response.

ba55e5 No.802945


Fed dies…no more dental plan or pension.


766757 No.802946


It was a social commentary concerning child rape and the church. Think pizza-gate.

b55e59 No.802947


No anons care about your used up roasty whores faggot, we like pure 2d girlsor at least 3d girls that don't fuck up their eyebrows for kikes and fuck niggers.

329bcf No.802949


#EndTheFed #EndTheFed #EndTheFed

3b0b3f No.802950

File: 559346c517fae35⋯.jpg (54.47 KB, 998x678, 499:339, 7s8f9dg678s09fg678sdf9g.jpg)

File: af549b3c63b3cb3⋯.jpg (34.23 KB, 515x324, 515:324, s789dfg6sd987g6sd87fg6c.jpg)

f75f3e No.802951

File: b4a0955925f14a9⋯.gif (3.54 MB, 480x270, 16:9, drivethru.gif)


Hory shit. Dubs on dubs. Let's catch these kikes ridin' durrrrty. If the we get this going before tax day people with people knowing NOT paying taxes is actually legal or auditing the fucking FED people will start waking up.

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=r37Fm7paVjs

Hell, Cardi B is putting the IRS on blast. Why can't we?


Nigga, I'm only doing this because you've dubs for days.

Dan Schneider is fucking fired!

https:// www.hollywoodreporter.com/live-feed/nickelodeon-dan-schneider-end-relationship-1097559

c309b3 No.802952

File: 0f118c3327f67d4⋯.png (249.29 KB, 438x574, 219:287, 5104c579554612b0a89cff94cf….png)

New Bread





Agree, the teeth are wrong for Huma. A relative, possibly?

70ac51 No.802953


Sauce on clear lake pic?

904280 No.802954


Interesting, since the shooting didn't happen until the afternoon.


http:// www.sun-sentinel.com/local/broward/parkland/florida-school-shooting/sfl-florida-school-shooting-timeline-20180223-htmlstory.html