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File: 649fc34523f4e25⋯.jpg (232.81 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, # QResearch.jpg)

a58d4d No.834852

...to secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity...

Anons, we are in an information war. We are the tip of the spear, with Q as our connection to POTUS. Hillary Clinton even said “we are in an information war and we are losing”. The neopoliticians (both neoconservative and neoliberals), Deep State, MSM, and NWO are in full retreat because WE ARE WINNING THIS WAR. The information war is between freedom loving patriots in this country and ALL WHO WANT TO TAKE THOSE FREEDOMS AWAY.

"If we stay organized, focused, and on the offensive, WE WILL WIN THIS WAR"

Patriotism is supporting your country all the time, and your government when it deserves it. ~ Mark Twain




#InternetBillofRights https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/internet-bill-rights-2

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>>829463 Hillary's State Dept. OK'd Bill's big-money speeches

>>829467 , >>829481 Beverly Eckert - 911 Commission died/murdered on Colgan Air Flight 3407

>>829600 , >>829602 BILL, HILLARY CLINTON TIED TO Keith Raniere, co-founder of NXIVM

>>829617 Alison Des Forges - 9/11 activist, died/murdered on Colgan Air Flight 3407

>>829620 Alison Des Forge - Human rights expert was researching and testifying at International Criminal Tribunal for genocide in Rwanda

>>829709 2/12/09 $20 million in support of Lebanon. Gun confiscation backed by UN support.

>>830033 Causes of Colgan Air Fit 3407 (Eckhert - HRC assassination)

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a58d4d No.834863

#1036 Dough pastebin.com/YvA1Yr1S

ce830b No.834887

ok i have a way out of the box idea - i have expanded my thinking…i reviewed all the Q posts again - first thing to notice is that 90% of the crumbs relate to eveil doings on politics, corruption, money, wars, and methods of control of all those (media, pedo, secret societies, rogue agencies, etc.) - BUT there are another "flavor" of crumbs - cryptic ones - - those that state that there is a gigantic truth - a truth much bigger and much more alarming than we can imagine - now since all the crumbs (except maybe the code signals) are written FOR US - the anons - and since we all know and more or less accept the truth about the 90% noted above - then it stands to reason that the "much bigger than you can imagine" HAS TO BE something other than the "ordinary" evils we are fighting. so in order to see what this info might be i collected all of the Q posts which i feel are inthis category - see below for the list and then i will follow the list with my idea of what the big news will be….

Q posts - cryptic/big news"



Be careful what you wish for.


The truth would sound so outrageous most Americans would riot, revolt, reject, etc.

The world cannot swallow the truth.

When this breaks many won’t swallow.

Be prepared for what you find.

Expand your thinking.

The Great Awakening.

Light will overcome d_a_rkness.

Light will expose darkne_s_s.

Light will _reveal_ darkness.

Light will defeat darkness.

How far away is the closest star? What do you think?

Space is critical to our NAT SEC. Was terminated for a specific reason.

Could you sleep if you knew the truth about EVERYTHING?










Deeper we go, the more unrealistic it all becomes.

The end won't be for everyone.

That choice, to know, will be yours.

Watch the water.

We can guide but you must organically uncover the TRUTH.




Think shell.

Question everything.

OK now ill say that i have been exposed to a new idea that one year ago i would have thought so absurd and ludicrous that "a priori" it was 100% w/o merit and did not deserve any consideration - but recently i have studied it and have experienced - for the first time in my life - COGNITIVE DISSONANCE - and i was thrown when Corsi said (just yesterday) that when you get CD, THAT is the time to step backand study harder and push through - well i did that - and i do have an opinion - but i will let you decide if you want to check it out - this it - FLAT EARTH.

557eae No.834893

File: e312ba7d8111093⋯.jpeg (711.34 KB, 750x1147, 750:1147, 3A6526E9-A74E-479C-AB7B-A….jpeg)

Their symbolism will be their downfall.

a8ff9b No.834897

File: eddfefdfecf8bde⋯.jpeg (217.14 KB, 720x480, 3:2, 8B8DED7C-29DB-48E3-8522-0….jpeg)

664985 No.834906

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Hateful_Eight

it was a comedy of tragic errors of ……

4de1f7 No.834922

File: 846c1d08c5a24f2⋯.jpeg (250.12 KB, 1125x1527, 375:509, 9BA5AD5C-A452-4768-95A9-F….jpeg)

Why is anon scan signing “M” now?

ce877c No.834924

File: bf44f556244cc74⋯.png (614.65 KB, 619x394, 619:394, 0Capture.PNG)

Thanks baker

664985 No.834930

File: e1f4478d13bfc1b⋯.jpg (66.35 KB, 858x858, 1:1, 16426105_1345433788863412_….jpg)

booty shot

0e50ef No.834931

sorry am new

what is WRWY?

90c81a No.834932

File: 177518af6dc3bb6⋯.png (27.35 KB, 580x119, 580:119, ClipboardImage.png)

KDC seems to be on roll tonight.

45ab40 No.834933


We are with you

a377e9 No.834934


we are with you

6054f7 No.834935

>>834929 (last post in previous bread)



White House ytube infrastructure video.

~5:20 POTUS tells us there is a special feature in the wall.

0e50ef No.834936

thanks guys

4a1750 No.834937


Funny after all those crumbs, and all that pondering, FE would be your conclusion. Might he not be referring do dimensional beings, or the biblical end times, or alien seeding of dna, or secret off world colonies, or faster-than-light travel….no?….its always FE with you shills because you are SHILLS.


097971 No.834938

e8edfa No.834940


Biggest antenna in the world

0e50ef No.834941

lack of shills?…

What's going on?

fc5183 No.834942



72d555 No.834943


No clue

664985 No.834944

File: 06b5d34bf8f4c46⋯.jpg (180.02 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 17158892_1388605074546283_….jpg)

hmmm slow bread

effe43 No.834945



d409b0 No.834946

File: eca93298b38b2e9⋯.png (299.36 KB, 583x587, 583:587, KEK.png)



The Meme Magic is in Raise Today!!

45ab40 No.834947

File: 4631539c6220d93⋯.jpeg (79.98 KB, 512x512, 1:1, pepe tub.jpeg)


Anytime. Click on the No.xxxxxx to respond to the proper person.

93a36e No.834948

Last bread posting slowed down for a second, testing

daea83 No.834949

>>834816 ( last bread)

Let's start a Dear Q letter. None of us will benefit from the tax plan because we don't fit in the Corporate World. We will remain the forgotten men if we don't express our needs. We were left out of an education because we were different than the other kids in school and considered a problem. We fell through the cracks because we didn't march in line and think like everyone else. We face those same issues in the work force. POTUS respects entrepreneurial spirits and that is part of his attraction to us. We have that spirit but lack the environment to welcome or include us. We have been put down and shamed for being different all of our lives, yet it is US who are here trying to help make a better life for everyone. POTUS will never know what he can do for us to make our lives benefit from his Presidency unless we tell him. I suspect he would embrace an idea to bring on new entrepreneurs who were born for that life.

664985 No.834950

File: c49be868b3dcbec⋯.jpg (219.68 KB, 1080x1349, 1080:1349, 16112510_1324331587640299_….jpg)

kermit in the bushes

93a36e No.834951

File: 2122bfa57958157⋯.jpg (933.09 KB, 960x829, 960:829, 2122bfa5795815793e272ddb14….jpg)


all's good, Love and Light brehs

d04e6f No.834952

File: 9d8a6f7201cc0d4⋯.png (1.16 MB, 961x683, 961:683, video-hrc-trending.png)

9d1411 No.834953

File: 8301084436457cc⋯.jpg (1.26 MB, 1512x1049, 1512:1049, 345q34tq34t54t5q345q34.jpg)

File: 6967386a8805d7c⋯.jpg (1.14 MB, 1364x1445, 1364:1445, 54264256245624562456.jpg)

Good evening anons… McLeanFag here.

Say hello to the Clown Headquarters front entrance :)

Leaving was this van, headed who knows where. It was full of eager beavers, ha ha, maybe our paid shills heading to the shill room? Anyway, it was headed south on the George Washington Memorial Parkway.

Anyway. Fun living here in these special times.

d409b0 No.834954


The Chinese Satellite, it's waiting the Mayor False Flag. be alert.

9a5e35 No.834955

File: a36588c85ef0514⋯.png (319.38 KB, 565x629, 565:629, spec-ops.png)



Fight is bad advice when the government is complicit with the enemy.Find a small group of people and form a defensive alliance. Gather weapons, food, and water but do not go on Offence (At least not until we can beging to take down the corrupt leaders above you).


Then there is always another EU member state, might I suggest Poland or Hungary

ce877c No.834956

Hillary Clinton is back in N.J. today for a sold-out event at Rutgers. She'll be paid $25K

http:// www.nj.com/politics/index.ssf/2018/03/hillary_clinton_is_back_in_nj_today.html

0e50ef No.834957


I'm not sure what these words mean. Can you use more/different words?

b33428 No.834958


I would have believed aliens but not FE.

e8edfa No.834959


https:// venturebeat.com/2018/01/18/google-and-huawei-partner-to-bring-rcs-to-millions-via-jibe-and-android-messages-app/

097971 No.834960


Or you could start a business?

effe43 No.834961


Mere $25k?

664985 No.834962

File: c4b8824e41da951⋯.jpg (124.5 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 17310316_1388646047875519_….jpg)

learn about the dragons in history

there is a sequence

3aa9d8 No.834963


I don’t like when it’s quiet…… spoopy

d6d7a4 No.834964

There was a helper anon one bread back. Did it make notables?

ce830b No.834965


everyone knows about aliens

most would not be surprised by that - scared maybe but not surprised

d409b0 No.834966


We don't know Where will it fall. it say that Chicago, Toronto, Rome.

http:// abc7ny.com/technology/chinese-space-station-falling-to-earth-where-will-it-land/3277921/

0b460c No.834967


Isn't the traditional amount two dollars?

77b3af No.834968

And now a 2Anon PSA…

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=ALC88OlX59w

07f42d No.834969


I often wondered too rereading the crumbs. Watch the water especially. Water will always remain level, hence sea level. Horizon being horizontal etc..

I can't rule it out because it's so damn convincing!

0e50ef No.834970


has to do wtih rearranging of the sky, end times, (the "serpent"), feminine, destruction, fire

should I keep going?

d409b0 No.834971



0e50ef No.834973



a58d4d No.834974


Thanks anon, great to see it. What's it like living in McLean?

2ea3de No.834975


That looks like the Ft Belvoir front entrance.

a33b32 No.834976


Fuck a licence plate.

664985 No.834977

File: 68403e53c3eb9cd⋯.jpg (110.09 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 21014077_1597871343619654_….jpg)

e8edfa No.834978


ANON could drum up $25k, just sayin

28b337 No.834979

File: b0b0a54928ff1ee⋯.png (393.95 KB, 434x618, 217:309, mcdrab.PNG)

82e9f2 No.834980


google hooktube to post a video

413c0c No.834981

File: cfaac414ccfc2a0⋯.png (139.52 KB, 400x293, 400:293, image.png)

8b9701 No.834982



Beverly Eckert Article was on 2013. Apologies for the typo

d13688 No.834983


Don't you at least find it strange that there is no REAL pictures of the earth from space? None that NASA have put out are real, they even tell you this themselves.

e4b13c No.834984

File: ce2963042259198⋯.jpg (453.51 KB, 1160x650, 116:65, BlackUE.jpg)

097971 No.834985


No there wasn't because that helper shit is made up garbage.

3aeaed No.834986


wonder how much $$$$$$$ she got.

America is for sale.

ce877c No.834987

File: 544c7e4e2b11ce1⋯.jpg (109.69 KB, 740x1000, 37:50, bfb_hrc02.jpg)

is this even her? I don't know man…..

http:// www.nj.com/politics/index.ssf/2018/03/hillary_clinton_is_back_in_nj_today.html

664985 No.834988


more like cover up the cult shit

0e50ef No.834989


assets seized

caged birds sing

93a36e No.834991

File: 322c66855809654⋯.jpg (926.8 KB, 1280x1810, 128:181, Saurian-19.jpg)


What a coincidence!

daea83 No.834992


I have one and that is the reason I push this subject. All of you should . My biz could benefit greatly if non profits were not corrupt and monies sent only to incestuous partners

f9f78a No.834993


Right you are!

But that's for another blogroll altogether IMO.

True, timeline is vague in my rendering, to make it hard to fault me on it. I only intended to make interested ones dig moar; I actually don't have a lot of meat or sauce on it myself, it's more of a background knowledge here.

But fill me in if it adds to the topicthread.

We were already plain off topic when this started, right?

a58d4d No.834994

To the anon who requested diggers, apols that I got the link incorrect. It's fixed now to

>>834796 'Iran next': Request for diggers

281347 No.834995

File: d52e1ccd599403c⋯.png (7.45 MB, 2293x3073, 2293:3073, ClipboardImage.png)


c85eb3 No.834996


Can you be a little more wordy before you get to FE? I don’t mind scrolling.

c98cd8 No.834997

ecf13b No.834998

So, is Trump going to really expose it all, or no? Is he really going to take down the Satanic pedo elites, or no? If the latest sex cult thing is his version of exposing the pedos, and Facebook losing 10% of its value his version of "destroying" the globalists, I would consider that a no.

If this ends with our enemies and financial overlords still out of jail and alive, we lose. Period. Even locking up Hillary isn't enough. Hillary was not the top of the pyramid. If these people are left free, probably even if they are left alive, they will just reorganize and start to reassert control the second Trump is out of office. Total destruction of the enemy is the only way to win, and I just can't believe that is going to happen. I could be wrong, and I hope I'm wrong, but it seems just too big a task. It's never been done in human history. When Zuckerberg and Bezos, guilty of total and complete surveillance of every American, get off the hook and remain billionaires, it raises doubts. Sure, only Trump would have done anything at all about them, but anything at all isn't going to cut it. Only complete destruction of the worldwide global power structure will change things in the long run. Trump gave a speech once saying that his campaign was an existential threat. I sure do hope he means that and understands the magnitude of what that will require.

I don't want to see the Roths and Soros retire and slink away in luxury, while their sons just continue exactly where they left off. I want them done. I want Rods from God to rain down on their dwelling places. I want their worldwide assets tracked down and seized. And I want the common man to know exactly what is happening and why. I'm not holding my breath.

0e50ef No.834999


I'll bite.

Be more specific

77b3af No.835000


Roger that.

6054f7 No.835001


Discernment enables you to extract meaning from imperfect information. Most of the information in the world is imperfect. You should develop your discernment skills.

Anon is saying that the satellite story gives the cabal an opportunity to strike and say it was the satellite.

107672 No.835002


Why is that 'fantasy land' full of sandniggers?

Need answers. Why the cuckery?

d08388 No.835003


I think it's about Nibiru/Nemesis. Not a shill.

d7f275 No.835004



ac60b8 No.835005



I had made the suggestion last bread about the CM/BO comms and I see they were added above, thank you.

A couple housekeeping items to tidy it up:

The CM section still has the BV post

The BO posts about whitelists were already there previously (also my suggestion) under that section and can probably be removed / consolidated into the new section.

664985 No.835006



ce830b No.835007


would you be unable to believe any of the other things you mention? some perhaps and it is possible some of those have some basis in fact

if it were just a big techno secret it would not be so shocking - maybe time travel but i dont believe humans can perceive or understand the true nature of time any more than they can infinity

read herbert spencer on the knowable

281347 No.835008

File: 26dd18cab37bb8a⋯.jpg (73.73 KB, 550x643, 550:643, J.F.Kennedy.jpg)


Keep Lurking

a33b32 No.835009

File: 0b79f2e25f33083⋯.jpg (9.86 KB, 255x143, 255:143, 7368b11f85ff53f768d3d7a30a….jpg)

File: 16bb324ce624fc1⋯.jpg (14 KB, 203x255, 203:255, 89415b5dfeb1d81d442c7d2b02….jpg)

File: 75db48ca736b9cc⋯.png (26.38 KB, 255x237, 85:79, ab0e5a12871a5354ac3f31940a….png)

File: 6e777a6fc51a5f9⋯.jpg (16.98 KB, 255x164, 255:164, ec28700288488b6ceb2fcb30bd….jpg)

File: 1b8c2e52b5e42bd⋯.png (92.95 KB, 259x194, 259:194, untitledd.png)

0e50ef No.835010


You're not going to give me a place to start? Am I suppose to trust search results for popular search engines just by going off of "dragons mythology/dragons in cults/dragon symbolism/etc."

664985 No.835011

File: 642a09595ee70b9⋯.jpg (100.52 KB, 625x869, 625:869, ambiguous.jpg)


notice the gradient

it shifts

1c4d3d No.835012


A lot of us were led to the boards like the magi. I had weird dreams and visions a long time ago that I have seen talked about on these boards. I’ve gotten tired of hoping something will change, but today something felt different. I was driving and saw giant birds (vision) flying around my car. The looked exactly like the damn eagles in LOTR. I think I tried to pretend that I didn’t see it because I am freaking exhausted, just like you. I got home and jumped on TW. Damn bird from LOTR was on a meme that was asking why the birds hadn’t just flown them….

They showed up at the end, when they were pretty much dead…. That part fits. And look what has happened just this afternoon…. I dare to say I’m in with something happening.

db9e76 No.835013


wishful thinking but….

cells incorporated into the wall for illegals and the arrested cabal members. makes it a place that we can visit to see hrc and bo rot in their cells.

d409b0 No.835014

I don't like that The shills are quiet., Something very bad is planning..

8c4fd6 No.835016


I have been thinking for quite a while that some of the Q drops, even early Q, hint at something much more monumental than the rotten stuff we are all trying to fight here. But I doubt it's Flat Earth. Simply not important enough.

a58d4d No.835017


Yea, I rushed to get it in. Will fix and thanks anon, appreciate your help.

6f9d04 No.835018

File: e992487f75d50ab⋯.jpg (18.77 KB, 255x220, 51:44, shortbus.jpg)


Sure it was a van and not Pic related?

d4e373 No.835019

Alright Anons…So What's up with this??


Is one of those kids LL?? Are all of these rappers gay?? Or forced to do gay stuff??


8d587c No.835020


In a previous bread, I

read a very disturbing account of JFK murder from within the vehicle. true?

b33428 No.835021


Give it up.

3aa9d8 No.835022



This is why they are pumping it.

Obviously these types of things always have a re-entry plan. They would never randomly let it fall to anywhere.

This anon has it right, it’s an excuse…..

Let’s hope Q has the bases covered for any more tricks they have.

e8edfa No.835023

So COVFEFE is this?

https:// www.congress.gov/bill/115th-congress/house-bill/2884

ce830b No.835024


there are grains of truth here

d08388 No.835025


As the World Turns

Watch the Water

Closest Sun

93a36e No.835026


Trust the plan, anon. Refer to qpost:

>This is not a game. The MSM is creating emotional conflict. This destabilizes certain minds to become suspectable to outside control. What you SEE is 2%. The WAR is REAL. These people are SICK.

As well as >>834887

c85eb3 No.835027


I have coyote sticks

a377e9 No.835028


Thanks, Baker. God bless!

7c586b No.835029


I remember watching the coverage for the McVeigh execution. They didn't show it but they had quite a circus.

What ever happened to Andreas Strassmeyer?

0e50ef No.835030


well you wouldn't really know it at this point anymore.. we're pretty off topic here

281347 No.835031

File: eb7d901e4421127⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 306.86 KB, 498x376, 249:188, Zucker Data.png)

File: e0734e83a4af07c⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 7.85 KB, 255x128, 255:128, 6e957643f3893e4ce0985b299a….jpg)

File: 3d4fd9373208765⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 1.16 MB, 1238x822, 619:411, Screen Shot 2018-03-11 at ….png)

File: 04910f29ab18d8e⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 796.73 KB, 822x850, 411:425, Screen Shot 2018-03-11 at ….png)

File: a7494afdfbe23e0⋯.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 309.2 KB, 1421x1335, 1421:1335, clinton rachel chandler a….jpeg)

15a642 No.835032


Fucking pleidians and dracos have more substantial evidence than flat earth. You people are fucking imbeciles.

fa618a No.835033



also it sounds like it isn't aliens ("how far is the closest star?")

i would be pretty freaked out if the world is run by a vampire cult though

30f75d No.835034

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


They even made a movie about it in 1936.

a58d4d No.835035


Here's what we have for next bread, let's take a look. Any suggestions?

Recent posts from CM, BO & BV regarding the Q board issue


>>824969 Response to Q about security

>>825230 GA board log

>>819393 1k breads


>>767496 Wait for Q before removing old tripcode

>>767363 >>767496 New tripcode whitelisted


>>826526 If we move, we'll leave a sticky

Q's Tripcode: !xowAT4Z3VQ

Q's Latest Posts

(GMT -04:00)

107672 No.835036


Also, need some update on the general mood of sandnigger/non-white population and lib cuck population in that area - are they feeling emboldened still and swaggering about, or do they know better now?

Thank you from another dcmetro anon.

07f42d No.835037


Don't look like her anon!!!!

93a36e No.835038

File: 67083a55856b5a1⋯.jpg (1.21 MB, 1654x2339, 1654:2339, l_140_2_en.jpg)


My personal fav. Best part? It works.

e86710 No.835039

File: e11c3dc26e8403f⋯.jpg (26.3 KB, 326x370, 163:185, George_Bush_Senior_si_suic….jpg)

Judge rules 9/11 lawsuit against Saudi Arabia can proceed


Obama tried to Veto it


Eyewitness testimony of explosions below the plane impact site


NIST FOIA video of WTC 7 Demolition


In this video we can see that the raw images are deliberately cut, as soon as the demolition begins.

The audio has also been scrubbed to ensure the explosions were never heard.

Timed detonations


664985 No.835040

File: 7be8aba9b0da3e0⋯.jpg (687.94 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, demied.jpg)

craving sardonic caca



d562ba No.835041

File: 91eea4fc20da2bd⋯.jpg (81.88 KB, 750x920, 75:92, itsthenazis.jpg)

8a4182 No.835042


They would love to pull something off for Good Friday or Easter.

281347 No.835043

File: fc0fc3daef866c0⋯.jpeg (111.1 KB, 750x502, 375:251, 6E77A244-6986-409D-83A3-B….jpeg)

File: 8aca798d8a2f8d2⋯.png (526.36 KB, 672x874, 336:437, Screen_Shot_2018-03-13_at_….png)

File: 3efff66311a235f⋯.png (975.93 KB, 750x447, 250:149, trump-media-circus.png)

File: 0e98e0e048fafaa⋯.jpg (82.28 KB, 896x504, 16:9, Trump and Mike Lindell_147….jpg)

File: ef9e6d6eced6219⋯.jpg (44.77 KB, 1200x708, 100:59, DYBKCM2XkAYHppe3.jpg)


No Clue!

0b2df3 No.835044

>>835032 I dated a Draco once…did not go well…stick with Pleidian chicks

664985 No.835045


how much rainbow can this guy take rodgers?

3aa9d8 No.835046


Brb going to Costco to stock up, been lazy.

ac60b8 No.835047


Other than the duplicate / broken >>767496 in the BO section it looks good.

e8edfa No.835048


Not autistic but slow as molasses

This Act may be cited as the “Communications Over Various Feeds Electronically For Engagement Act of 2017” or the “COVFEFE Act of 2017”.

8b9701 No.835049



<span style="color:red">PLS READ THESE.</span>

097971 No.835050


I have personally summoned several cosmic friends using this exact method. There were both friendly and delicious.


0f5cdf No.835051

File: f65caef9cb8dc67⋯.png (175.55 KB, 757x673, 757:673, screenshotAtUploadCC_15223….png)

File: 751c0407d9e11aa⋯.png (47.83 KB, 662x403, 662:403, screenshotAtUploadCC_15223….png)

https:// assets.documentcloud.org/documents/4426661/AG-Letter-Re-IG-and-Huber-Reviews.pdf

Read the actual letter.

9d1411 No.835052



It's surreal. A high up at Tegna moved into my neighborhood, wondered who he might really be, stuff like that. In general, you drive around here looking at people in cars and knowing that some of them are big into the fuckery, or are white hats totally aware of what's going on. Lot of moneyfags around here, and ex-mil who cashed in.

Unlike, say, living in Boise, ID where few if none of them are.


No, that's Dolly Madison Blvd (Rt 123), just after where Georgetown Pike dead ends.


It was just some van company, it had a logo on the side/front. Just a regular guy earning a living, driving that scum around.

0b2df3 No.835053

>>835046 Pick me up some gum please

fe97bd No.835054

It was after covfefe


107672 No.835055


Good reminder.

a33b32 No.835056


Old Bealzibub himself !!!!!

9ffbc0 No.835057


They're only not aliens. Always been here. There is no outer space. It's inner space. Think outside in. They turned everything around.

664985 No.835058

File: 94c2767e76032b6⋯.jpeg (96.46 KB, 1544x1024, 193:128, Cromwell-29.jpeg)

agnar fluff up some unicorn for the vacay

ce830b No.835059


you would not say that if you researched the questions raised for a few hours

there is lots of info and disinfo out there

you have to sort it for yourself

if aliens have been secretly here all this time that would be pretty big shocking news

the existence of aliens somewhere seems certain

5e04ff No.835061


Man.. I tell you… Gum is not cheaper at Costco. And I go thru the gum!

4cbbce No.835062


I've got the grease for the podium steps.

25d491 No.835063

File: 20d80198c588de3⋯.jpg (72.94 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, saw-billy-puppet-prop.jpg)

9d1411 No.835064


You wouldn't believe how many live around here. That and Indians. There are hardly any white people left. Everywhere you go is foreigners. Our culture and common values are gone, at least around here.

fe97bd No.835065


Did you eat them? Aaaa

be0074 No.835066

File: 087d0b8448abc6d⋯.png (393.14 KB, 1416x836, 354:209, screenshot_182.png)

a33b32 No.835067


No, I was not clear sorry . I noticed the black car in the second photo had no licence plate. Like we are clowns we need no plates to drive !!

e95d90 No.835068


"Ignore politics…."

82e9f2 No.835069


monkey…as in code monkey

9615de No.835070


Flat Earth causing riots? Doubt it. Expand your thinking even moar.

As for me…It may be more about who WE ACTUALLY ARE, or WHERE WE ACTUALLY ARE, that has been hidden by those who KNOW and fear us, hence the need for control to the extremes.

0ad861 No.835071


Go to bibliotecapleyedes.net

use search box. Lots of incredible reseach but there is some bizarro stuff too.

a33b32 No.835072


Wanna play a game fake Q

ecf13b No.835073


Please fuck off with flat earth. So many directly observable facts that this is not the case, and it discredits everything true on this board. If the earth was flat, sunrise would occur at the exact same time everywhere on earth. As would sunset. Just one of countless facts that show that flat earth is false. I could go on all day. Stop being a faggot.

0b2df3 No.835074

>>835065 He eats them WTF

33f824 No.835075


You want the 25 pound pack, right? Peppermint, Spearmint, Doublemint, Cinnamon, Fruit or Vanilla?

c0dfc7 No.835076


Would you please post a link?

I looked for it on WH website but found no videos there.

9d1411 No.835077


Was one of those airport shuttle type vans

07f42d No.835078


You let people's opinions bother you that much and then call them imbeciles?

You, anon, are the imbecile. Others' opinions are none of your business!

8c4fd6 No.835079


When did it start? Did it coincide with the cutting off of Julian's internet access?

fa618a No.835080

if 9/11 was fake could other big events of the past be fake?

0b2df3 No.835081

>>835075 Yep make it two …your a pal

7f4542 No.835082

I repeat..

http:// republicbroadcasting.org/

They are discussing SES, the 18,000, et al.

a33b32 No.835083


Q probably feel like this some days . He is doing God's work in the end !!!

b6dfaf No.835084


Selfemployedfag here. Its the only way for one of us.

f9f78a No.835085


Would someone please help him pull the trigger on this? No finger on trigger is good safety measure but not appropriate when in the act of comiting suicide: suicide 101

5c0d20 No.835086


I been rickrolled without even clicking.

c85eb3 No.835087


Get him the nut flavor

0e50ef No.835088


No. That's the only one that could be fake.

0b2df3 No.835089

>>835081 I need the 500 roll TP too…if you dont mind

8a4182 No.835090


9/11 wasn't fake. The official story is a lie though.

b33428 No.835091


whole lotta botox in that face/neck

c0dfc7 No.835092

File: 7ada735caeb1dd1⋯.jpg (388.19 KB, 1000x667, 1000:667, Hydrate Comfy Shadilay.jpg)

31ae2d No.835093


What is there really was no satan

6054f7 No.835095


https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=PlEg80gU7GI

097971 No.835096


You've been lied to. Everything you know is wrong. Astley gave you up.

7c586b No.835097


You can get into law school based on a very high LSAT score alone but it's rare.

3aeaed No.835098

File: c798507fe23213e⋯.jpg (56.38 KB, 844x454, 422:227, conspiracy.JPG)

Conspircy will become FACT.

93a36e No.835099


>it is recommended to ignore politics because it is full of coarse vibrations

It's important to take these guidelines as guidelines, as you are not in a school or a job or a cult anymore - this was written by a guy in his spare time and you can take it or leave it. Adapt everything to your personal situation in life, never gulp up anything. Even the very true information can be misused.

9a5e35 No.835100

File: 932d4af70fb9543⋯.png (1.81 MB, 1011x672, 337:224, guns.PNG)

33f824 No.835101


You must be new. I'll let you in to a few things, what do you suspect is fake?

0b2df3 No.835102

>>835097 Sounds depressing to me

0f5cdf No.835103

File: b22fedf56f8847a⋯.png (13.37 KB, 392x230, 196:115, screenshotAtUploadCC_15223….png)


What about

/GA/ is dead.

Check line 119 $4$#$*(

New Board being routed.

Thank you! Patriot.


it was part of conversation too

b6dfaf No.835104

File: ccc892f2de236a1⋯.jpg (39.78 KB, 600x640, 15:16, 2392978b2d858f470c6a4e063e….jpg)

8b9701 No.835105



[bold] PLS READ [/bold]

b6fd43 No.835106


I think that history has pretty much been rewritten to benefit The Families and their agenda. I'm skeptical of everything that I've been taught at this point.

b33428 No.835107


hmmm definitely believe that negative energy is a factor somehow. Antenna?

8a4182 No.835108

How many days does it take to click off JA's dead man switch?

We are on day 2.

0855bd No.835109


Two years ago you'd have to add a zero to the end of that just to get her to pop in and say hi to your crowd.

Guess when you don't have anything of value to offer you turn into a cheap ho.

02b5e4 No.835111


I agree I think there is more to 9/11 than meets the eye but at the same time I am not sold on it being an inside job. It's possible they allowed it to happen just like Parkland and other such attacks. I need to learn more

daea83 No.835112


yes it is and be proud of it! POTUS is transforming the way our Government works. He needs to hear from us. He supports us and he supports those with an entrepreneurial spirit. We are the Captains of our own ship.

2aa7a3 No.835113


Maybe ten?

bb8891 No.835114






Hey guys, Remember GITMO ?

9ffbc0 No.835115



Though FE theory is based on how you actually see it… flat.

So, that makes no sense. Think further. You're almost there. It's quiet simple actually.

08b7a8 No.835116

>>834791 (last bread)


That's my thought.

> www.cnet.com/news/where-chinese-tiangong-1-space-station-could-crash-april-1/

a58d4d No.835117

File: 2d527b064144d2a⋯.jpg (10.43 KB, 236x236, 1:1, 2d527b064144d2ad6742552819….jpg)


Appreciate your help anon. Removed the duplicate and changed the heading to red -

Recent posts from CM, BO & BV regarding Q's board

Good to go. Thank you. Teamwork.


a9adf3 No.835118


DCmetro area is the single most cuckholded bitch place I know aside from CA.

The cuckery in this place is REAL. They ACTUALLY believe the PC bullshit.

Also, the DELUSION.

Absolute DELUSION.

Fucking shitskins taking full advantage. Jesus christ.


0e50ef No.835119


Hope to hell we find out.

8c4fd6 No.835120


A much more likely explanation than FE. Flat Earth would be pretty much "meh" after the initial surprise. Interesting but not devastating.

b6dfaf No.835121





83ca55 No.835123

File: ddebd2450667d71⋯.jpg (556.96 KB, 2200x1700, 22:17, ShillForceDummies.jpg)


Even if it was, that would not explain anything and doesn't really matter.

Cognitive dissonance is not required to recognize. ignorance, stupidity, and clowns.

d4e373 No.835124


Indeed. Very nice catch.

b6dfaf No.835126

File: 6d7f9087186859d⋯.jpg (73 KB, 880x589, 880:589, 3e9bdb84a794382f8b90ea0859….jpg)

7c586b No.835127

File: 9df62971dde9035⋯.png (80.56 KB, 2000x1217, 2000:1217, 59beda017a216d0b052f1285.png)


In many countries the post office has regulatory control of the phone system.

Zuckerberg could have been Bell. He chose to be Sarnoff instead.

c85eb3 No.835128


Daddy being an ESQ. helps

a58d4d No.835129


Great. Thx anon for finding and posting it, will add.

ce830b No.835130

File: ce6f42309f6953c⋯.jpg (29.31 KB, 480x360, 4:3, watchthewater.jpg)


Bigger than you can imagine

40,000 feet

Up is down down is up

Think Mirror

Expand your thinking etc etc

There are no persuasive decodes which explain or connect these posts - perhaps future will events will provide - what events? Will it be the biggest redpill of all? All anons feel they have swallowed the red pill - that family and friends and co-workers (normies) still have not. Is that really true? Or is there more to come that we anons must get beyond - experience our own cognitive dissonance at the truth? It seems we HAVE MORE THAN WE KNOW. How many times does Q have to warn us before we accept there is something huge hidden?

So when an anon makes a wild stab at it do we ridicule and mock? Well yes and no - YES if there is no sauce - but NO if there is a real effort to back up the idea. And if there IS sauce it is dissected and analyzied by the anons - and a consensus may (or may not) be achieved.

Case in point - anti-jewish posts that we have all seen by the hundreds. Clearly some anon or disruptors are dedicated to this idea. But after several dozen breads - where the evidence (sauce) for these claims was posted - anons seem to have reached a consensus - that it is just mostly non-productive shilling and hate speech. Life goes on. That is the process and it is a marvelous one. I will call it ANON DUE PROCESS. No court, no judge, no jury. no appeal - just a trial by your peers WE THE PEOPLE. This is a big part of GLORIOUS 2018.

There is one big idea that has not been given this "Anon Due Process." Posts with evidence and arguments have been made - but have been mocked wihout ANON DUE PROCESS. The idea is flat earth. If we don't give this ANON DUE PROCESS we are making a big error. If you think it so absurd and so impossible then it should be easy to debunk. But it hasn't been debunked. If it had I would not be writing this.

The questions have been raised - some are silly or poorly thought out - but others are not and these are growing. A recent documentary chronicled the efforts of REAL scientists to debunk FE. The link is below - it is a long video so I will summarize and perhaps then you may become curious.

The video introduces the qualifications of the persons and the primary science they performed. These are openly demonstrated and repeatable experiments. They show what technical equipment was used - to meaasure the flatness of large bodies of water and also compare GPS coordinates between fixed points. The experiemnts used lasers, high power telescopes, and radio waves to triple check the results. They also used an independent geodetic surveyor in a series of experiements.

The results raise questions that need to either be confirmed or debunked by more independant experiments. No science body will do it.Why? If they could debunk it why don't they? Because they are on the payroll of the cabal and only do what they are told - that is why. So until WE THE PEOPLE analyze this with our own ANON DUE PROCESS - no one else will. The HIVE MIND must look at this and either confirm or debunk for real. Are you up to the challenge or will you just believe what you have been told and mock?

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=McdMMmclGVc&t=1s

3aeaed No.835131



add ''' to begining and end of word.

061a90 No.835132

Obama loses his appeal, has to repay money he sent Iran.

http:// reaganwasright.com/2018/03/11/obama-appeal-denied-judge-orders-him-to-pay-back-400-million/

fd29f3 No.835133


Yeah that "cosmic friends" stuff smells a bit of dead pelicans.

06f4df No.835134


I am now dumber for having read this

d13688 No.835135


Show me a real picture of earth from space, not cgi or a composite.

30f75d No.835136


Yeah. It's the Holy Grail, Alchemy and Illumination for the 21st Century. The energy is always the same. The way it is interpreted by human receivers changes.

Remote viewing videos explain this quite well when they say that new remote viewers who have never seen a nuclear reactor interpret it as a teapot as your consciousness is defining the image in any way it can.

For some they are ETs, for other Demons, for others Ascended Masters…

fa618a No.835137

are these gentiles and jews and catholics united in some kind of satanic cult

812c2f No.835138

File: 03910a88aba6cdf⋯.png (345.08 KB, 638x526, 319:263, VBAD-VidStill.VictorByrne.png)

File: 26634a90a5b12b0⋯.png (138.39 KB, 613x594, 613:594, BlackCelebrityKidsInc.Suff….png)

File: 3ca807da8cdd278⋯.png (41.4 KB, 592x119, 592:119, SuffernNY-AllRoadsLeadtoSu….png)

>>834591 (last bread)






>This is all VERYBAD. VBAD

Oh yeah. (left pic) Chekk out the VBAD right underneath the FLAG in the video.

>https:// hooktube.com/ watch?v=mN90W9J24-M

And the publisher: Teen Kids News

And it potentially gets worse.

Chekk out the biz (center pic) also in Suffern.

All Roads Lead To Suffern???


>>834160 02.12.09 filing date of VBAD.

>>834828 Confirmed.

0b2df3 No.835140

>>835126 I was there …me and the squad saw these dickheads coming man we locked and loaded on that Alien ass

33f824 No.835141


Let me read you in. The Clowns were practicing crashing planes into buildings years before 9-11. You can find a SHITLOAD of data from James Corbett. Go to his website and watch his "A conspiracy Theory' line of videos. He helped wake me up.

06f4df No.835142


You can keep coming up with ways to preach your flat earth bullshit

and we will keep seeing right through it…

I applaud your creativity

I weep for your stupidity

bb8891 No.835143

File: 40015a19f2243e2⋯.jpg (17.57 KB, 499x499, 1:1, CPgiJ7VWoAARKXe.jpg)

0b2df3 No.835144

>>835126 We named the one in the middle Bill

93a36e No.835145


40k view: Extraterrestrial overlords were losing a war against the Light forces so they did 9/11 to get more control over the hostage Earth population.

Didn't work out as well as expected, because everyone and their grandmother knows 9/11 official story is very very fishy.

90c81a No.835146


>start a business

Unless it's tech related then you have to deal with the bomb of patents that could blow you out of the waters because only the big guys can afford it. Then you're taking a gamble that no one (a more likely patent trolls) sues you into oblivion.

28b337 No.835147

File: dbcda753c7fe65b⋯.png (298.13 KB, 460x535, 92:107, gm.png)


Yup, almost ready

fa4836 No.835148

File: 98e538db4539e11⋯.jpeg (388.44 KB, 874x1234, 437:617, hillbull.jpeg)

d13688 No.835149


The one on the left, it's head looks different from the others, eye isn't dark like the others either.

82e9f2 No.835150


interesting pic

054482 No.835151


We got a 3% tax cut and are certainly not wealthy. You sound like my Trump hating sister in law who was insisting the tax cut was only for rich corporations. Um, no. I told her we got a tax cut and she insisted we must make a lot of money. Are you kidding? She’s retired and makes more than we do. As it turns out, she also got a tax cut but she’s just being quiet about it. I’d be more impressed if she admitted she had jumped the gun from TDS but I don’t need that and just let it go.

812c2f No.835152

>>835138 Sorry

>>834375 Confirms 2.12.09 founding date for VBAD, LTD.

6a60d3 No.835153


Q said 4-6% LOST FOREVER.

I guess he was afraid to say 56% Nation

Poor Righteous Teachers

By their Hip-Hop shall ye know them

We need to invent a NEW MUSIC GENRE to go with the Great Awakening. This means we need to find a real musician who can think out of the box, who can get in touch with the emotion that people feel as the secrets of the evil are unveiled and the EXPAND THEIR THINKING and understand that many patriots are working tirelessly to combat the evil.

And no, anything patriotic need not apply. I said a NEW genre. It will be like nothing that went before and people will connect with it because they will recognize their pain and their great joy in the music.

Talk to musicians about this idea. Ask them to spread the idea to other musicians. Ask them to share musical ideas with one another. When they stumble upon it they will know.

ce830b No.835154


no but you are dumb to not bother checking it out

9d1411 No.835155


The mood is not good among them. Here more than other lib havens, they are feeling our footsteps. A lot of people around here are very plugged in. They are palpably muted.

I do sense a bit more freedom to speak freely from the red pill, whereas before this shit was getting to be too much around here with the libtards.

0b2df3 No.835156

>>835149 headshot I was there..smoke him..we call him Wilbur

fc5183 No.835157

File: 74a202e663f993f⋯.jpg (78.93 KB, 657x522, 73:58, RvD.jpg)

c0dfc7 No.835158

File: 2736ff57d36a035⋯.jpg (965.57 KB, 2000x1468, 500:367, TrumpSigningNASA-EO.jpg)


Watch the water…

768935 No.835159


THIS well fucking said, anon.

You'd think there would be a dent in their cabal machine after 14 months. The common man is still broke or homeless and without land. Can't consider that a "win" at all. Ides of March gave nothing, March Madness is almost over so we'll have to see. I'm not holding my breath either.

281347 No.835160

File: 4d019a0c8dc001e⋯.jpg (136.92 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, obama-fucked.jpg)

File: 385264c06c244ea⋯.jpg (394.45 KB, 1382x1382, 1:1, slavetraitors.jpg)

File: 160093c4db5f0d6⋯.jpg (87.36 KB, 922x499, 922:499, 272agi.jpg)

fe97bd No.835161


Start a simple one without patents: cleaning, food, elderly home, tutoring, consulting

c85eb3 No.835163

I think the shills lost their internet. Shhhh. Watch that worm.

90c81a No.835164


to be specific i really mean software patents in this particular case.

9d1411 No.835165


I did that. Dont want to dox myself.

be0074 No.835167


When they land on the White House lawn then I'll believe it until then fuck off….

8a4182 No.835170


The "miserable little worm"?

172d8e No.835171

File: 6bbf9fc9f44c93f⋯.png (78.46 KB, 146x199, 146:199, vid18.PNG)

Anons-where is this house located? Anyone know?

d7c2ee No.835172


Trust your intuition!

If you really feel it, say maybe you were on to this totally new source of information gathering, a board. Everything that was unproven in the past became more and more confirmed by commonalities obtained by receiving "crumbs" of info. then researching it. Do you wanna know something, I think you are absolutely correct on the "D"'s and "R"'s…Is a bell going off right about now?

06f4df No.835173


i have checked it out

i have listened to flat earth lectures and watched hundreds and hundreds of videos

dont lecture me you fucking idiot

the earth is round

simple fucking common sense tells me that

90c81a No.835174


yeah but not everyone can do that, usually for health reasons or capital investiments needed.

93a36e No.835175


Weather baloons go for $200, add a camera (check the lens for curvature!) and bam, you have personal proof

0b2df3 No.835176

>>835167 What dude me and the boyz smoked them…..slab city now

c50dcc No.835177


Kek! And Pelicanfag responses kil me too.

f97e0a No.835178


Im very much NOT rich or even near it. I got a tax cut, and it was great. It has helped me out a lot.

bb8891 No.835179

File: 0504c3b917674c7⋯.jpg (45.71 KB, 552x382, 276:191, rfcavleulqmz.jpg)




fa618a No.835180

what would be the most upsetting thing from our history, to find out it was fake?

8b9701 No.835181

well done!

ce830b No.835182


perhaps you are taking the word "view" too literally

would you care to elaborate?

8dc057 No.835183

File: 2845386c9b7f94a⋯.png (49.4 KB, 674x213, 674:213, zr1.png)

6 Gorillain Chess Goy!

860d32 No.835185


It will come, you can bet.

Alternative was it's precursor. There was sort of an alt side to most genres at one point.

0b2df3 No.835186

>>835183 4 bag o dicks eating gub

bb8891 No.835187

File: 474a0ee70d9803c⋯.png (89.82 KB, 301x306, 301:306, Screen Shot 2018-03-29 at ….png)

8b9701 No.835188




077a16 No.835189


if you create a business that is successful, they will steal it from you.

8dc057 No.835190

File: 5b5488d9708158f⋯.png (343.98 KB, 600x546, 100:91, 998797.png)

Kek! Trust Keebler!

33f824 No.835191


Not even that. Get you a $40.00 drone, fly it over a lake with power lines and you'll see the curvature.

891177 No.835192

File: 43b253bf23d5f19⋯.jpg (61.62 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, podesta comet.jpg)

a9adf3 No.835193


How about non-white pop - the most imminent threats? I guarentee many sandnigger/curry nigger (mostly pakis) are heavily involved in drug/grooming gang ops in DC area.

Belligerent/muted/on the backfoot, etc?

I took your post to meaning describing the white libs mainly.

07f42d No.835194


Looks Austrian to me at a glance.

399f60 No.835195

File: b64b39ccee33f6c⋯.png (481.86 KB, 642x690, 107:115, Dobbs re Sessions.PNG)

If we know that Sessions appointing a special counsel would serve little purpose,

then certainly Ed Rollins must know that as well and is part of the show.

e95d90 No.835196


I am familiar with these concepts, but come Easter Sunday I plan to be in Church.

dcd934 No.835197


For what it's worth and since there are no coincidences:

The ninth and final sign is described by White Feather as, “You will hear of a dwelling-place in the heavens, above the earth, that shall fall with a great crash. It will appear as a blue star. Very soon after this, the ceremonies of my people will cease.”

https: //journeyofthesacredheart.wordpress.com/2015/07/15/the-hopi-tribe-and-prophecy-rock/

China's out-of-control Tiangong-1 (translated as "Heavenly Palace") space station, carrying a "highly toxic" cargo, is expected to come crashing down to earth sometime on April 1st - however just where it will hit is still up for debate.

https:// www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-03-29/follow-chinas-doomed-satellite-it-crashes-earth

6a1f6f No.835198


I vote for yodeling.


418f9a No.835199


LET THEM HAVE THIS!!!!!111!!!1

a48c13 No.835200


If I may say this.

The Cabal know the aversion of the White hat for chaos and mayhem. And they use this threat to paralyses the White hat.

How do you solve this dilemma?

First you have to put thing in perspective.:


Now that we understand what is at stake we can better solve this dilemma. We have one chance at saving humanity, it will hurt but it is worth it. I trust the plan But I know that every plan as flaw. The more moving part the more chance for the enemy to adapt and fuck thing up.

Time is ticking!

0b2df3 No.835201

>>835190 why would you your going to hang that ass….no need to wait

30f75d No.835202

File: 59d96727a3aeb70⋯.jpg (81.34 KB, 620x463, 620:463, 11aqjh.jpg)

File: 8342885b49c6bb9⋯.jpg (167.89 KB, 800x557, 800:557, 02221f397b2c82aa19782df06f….jpg)

File: 7cb191aae66169f⋯.jpg (65.01 KB, 429x500, 429:500, 6125utYddZL.jpg)


No eroticism… Is that a course vibration?Personally, I'd prefer to balance my upper and lower chakras and then 'Kirk It Up' in space. In an openhearted and consensual way of course.

8bd3ec No.835204


Scandal producer… yes we want the Supreme Court Justice 187'd. Yes based on a true story.

Use a pillow.

In return a Netflix job would be great. Also we have Royalties in the video they are about to Release.

Release the Video

054482 No.835205


The Chinese satellite is supposed to fall and they know the time period and General area, but not enough to be very helpful. There is an outside chance it won’t burn up. No one wants that landing on their house. I have a friend in Grand Rapids who has a fallout shelter beneath his house. He has joked about staying in there until the satellite lands.

82e9f2 No.835206


only way to win is to defund the elite bankers…i.e. rothchilds etc

fa618a No.835207

"It is he who sits above the circle of the earth, and its inhabitants are like grasshoppers; who stretches out the heavens like a curtain, and spreads them like a tent to live in."

Isaiah 40:22

93a36e No.835208


I should add - proof that Earth is ROUND, as some anons doubt my cognitive skills (for a reason). To clarify, I agree with >>834887's reasoning, but not his conclusion. The assorted qposts are a good read though. One has to combine basic mathematics, observation and reasoning with everything he reads.

I wouldn't waste any more time with the psyop.

9ffbc0 No.835209


When Q says 'view', he means 'view'.

You're smart enough to solve the 3D puzzle.

0b2df3 No.835210

>>835202 My foot chakra is not in balance with my ear chakra what should i do

a58d4d No.835211


Can I ask you and other anons to check these please? I added the middle line on its own, but unsure if correct. Posting here to take a look. Thank you.

Wednesday 3.28.18 (some from late evening Tuesday 3.27.18)

>>827855 The REAL Russian collusion

>>826600 rt >>826502 You are safe

>>826180 Matrix reference

>>826106 rt >>826061 New Board OTW

>>826061 rt >>826012 , >>824969 Thank you! Patriot

>>826012 rt >>825987 , >>824969 /GA/ is dead

>>825929 rt >>825909 HRC 2.12.09

>>825890 Fire in the hole

>>822219 rt >>822187 AIM < Pelicanfag

>>822135 rt >>822075 The Russian Bots are REAL?!

>>822075 Deep State Hail Mary

>>821975 OIG reviewing FISA abuses

>>818800 Notice any similarities?

>>815876 rt >>815836 Done in 30

6a1f6f No.835212


Prob Roth’s Austrian Black Forest House.

daea83 No.835213


I need to re-read what I wrote then. I am not a Trump hater! I love my POTUS! Did I write badly or did you maybe miss some of the comments that were semi fluid. I would not benefit from the tax credit as I own my own small biz. I suspect many here are not cut out for the corporate World and only wanted to express the need for small biz attention or start up grants. For myself personally, I would benefit greatly if POTUS would make a tax plan that included corporate charitable contributions if they purchased goods sold in America and had the items sent to the charities instead of tax donations for writing a check and paying CEO's million dollar bonuses while people still suffer.

f9f78a No.835215


> …they allowed it to happen…

>…not sold on it being an inside job.

Just how did you picture would a false flag look like, I beg you? You need to learn more, I'll give you that though; don't we all?

At least you are woke and thinking! Way to go!

P.S. Leave out the FE and the aliens, duh, and you'll do just fine.

b33428 No.835216


That's one helluva photoshop! Looks real.

281347 No.835217

File: b399304c62224dc⋯.jpg (134.8 KB, 640x481, 640:481, b399304c62224dccb5e41c76a3….jpg)

File: 4b75e432e71b966⋯.jpg (84.81 KB, 500x701, 500:701, tumblr_o5p3gp6ijK1r4zlnbo1….jpg)

File: ec8a65c51864e5e⋯.jpg (83.91 KB, 500x656, 125:164, tumblr_o9lzcazB0l1qewacoo1….jpg)

File: 8b3f1d3a06998c8⋯.jpg (103.2 KB, 500x432, 125:108, tumblr_odkckeMiw31smq206o1….jpg)

812c2f No.835218


How bout Hillbilly Techno?

Bluegrass has the same tempo roughly as House (around 125-130bpm).

06f4df No.835219

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

84338b No.835220

Is Q a LARP? I have developed a finely tuned internal BS detector. It has never failed me.

As for Q, I don’t even need my BS detector. Common sense tells me Q is 100% legit. Look at the body of work. Look at the complexity of it all. Look at the volume of everything. It’s massive….it’s highly complex. For this to be a LARP, it would either be a black hat operation, AI, or a smart as hell basement dwelling adventurer doing it for grins.

For this to be a black hat operation doesn’t add up. What would the end game be? To deceive and eventually demoralize a relative handful of anons and get them to waste a bunch of time? This would seem like a tremendous amount of energy to expend on something that wouldn’t really advance their interests in a meaningful way. So, the bottom line is the best possible case outcome wouldn’t even come close to being worth the time/effort/resources required for black hats to pull this off. Besides, the black hats and Clowns already own the MSM. They can conduct much bigger and infinitely more effective psyop with a FF and a 4 AM memo.

AI? Nope. Again, why? For what gain? The cost to reward ratio is way off. If an AI had been developed that was truly sophisticated enough to fool anons for 5 months, I can think of 100 different ways to use it for nefarious purposes to inflict more damage to our society than this.

Pimple-faced 30 year-old geek in mom’s basement? Nope. Q is way too elaborate even for the smartest of the smart lone wolf. Would have either fucked up and lost credibility by now, overplayed his hand, tried to somehow monetize it to cash in, or gotten bored by now and moved onto other stuff.

There’s my take. And I’m never wrong.

fc5183 No.835221

File: 9d0041f62c72aa8⋯.png (199.48 KB, 900x300, 3:1, fe3.png)

281347 No.835222

File: 7365788779b143a⋯.jpg (10.69 KB, 240x240, 1:1, 10421507_10155653121355436….jpg)

File: 6677014635485a5⋯.jpg (9.92 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 11041222_10206019513259866….jpg)

File: 384bcd3134ea275⋯.jpg (83.36 KB, 500x478, 250:239, 11221719_147536688913555_8….jpg)

File: 9f8b855e9a4285d⋯.jpg (31.98 KB, 552x617, 552:617, 13226651_1047257075339974_….jpg)

File: a05adf9bf9468e6⋯.gif (3.42 MB, 460x194, 230:97, 1475274019305.gif)

e272bb No.835223


Thanks for sharing!

93a36e No.835224


Try not sticking your foot in your ears.


There is a difference between having a loving wife and going down on a whore, can you see what it is?

Also, the difference between love and sex is artificial. And homosexuality is a cabal push, as only male and female in combination can lead to creation.

b6dfaf No.835225


Do you think they sold Black Forrest because they knew it would get torched like Bohemian Grove?

0b2df3 No.835226

>>835220 I have one too….and it is going into the red with you…..FO

e95d90 No.835227


Gitmo, yeah the Country Club in the Caribbean…))

"Dead pelican" comment by AnotherAnon smells foul like the Cuban cigars Slick Willie humidors.

172d8e No.835228


I compared the pics of the place recently sold and it's not the same. That was log cabin.

fa618a No.835229

I think FE is a fake shill distraction

9d1411 No.835230


No. Everyone. Libs have descended on this area. Used to be Maryland in Montgomery County, but then the latinos flooded it, and you started seeing shifts in demographics all over.

It became libtard here very quickly.

What I can't get over is how fucking flooded this area is now with mussys and indians. It's unbelievable. This is the illegal immigration nobody is talking about.

We focus on the southern borders but all these fucks are overstaying visas, here on education visas and stay, and then the endless H1B indians pushing natives out of jobs, then they get to chain migrate the whole family.

My neighborhood has been flooded with chinese, and it sucks because they are insular as fuck and dont talk to anyone except their own kind.

Anyone who thinks our culture isn't being washed down the drain is an idiot.

075739 No.835232



e86710 No.835233

File: 9e9e1e58f4b6027⋯.jpg (54.36 KB, 1172x659, 1172:659, barack-obama-a-respins-leg….jpg)

File: fceb79da843e839⋯.jpg (29 KB, 359x480, 359:480, BUJ5g9pIUAAAZG_.jpg)

File: eedcecaa5c9969f⋯.jpg (127.54 KB, 1400x700, 2:1, WATCH--Hillary-collapsed-t….jpg)

A demon cannot enter on to sacred ground





For the fire fighters

b015a2 No.835234


I tend to agree anon. I remain hopeful and try to contribute to "the cause" but so far it seems what has been accomplished is mostly political in nature - which really grieves me. Hope more is going on behind the curtains.

God Bless America!

06f4df No.835235


I know - I love that picture!

My video actually supports that the earth IS NOT FLAT.

fa618a No.835236


seems somehow related to the "Dopey" prince?

a9adf3 No.835237


I will also say that the very 'environment' of that are, mclean, is conducive to that kind of mentality. It is literally a little enclave that looks like it was planted inside the beltway, surrounded by a 'forest' like landscape.

Within it, 5-6 garage houses.

Brick mansions.

Makes great falls look like a suburban sprawl.

HEAVY 'evil' vibe to be honest. That place is similar to what Q described as 'fantasy land'.

Moneyfags and 'suburban' 'elite' fags with WAY TOO MUCH to LOSE.

I remember when Trump won.

The ENTIRE beltway area looked like they wanted to collectively pull an ides of march.

Not kidding.

Crying soccer moms (I am going to lose my job at department of edu/epa/va !!!!!!!!!).

Whining environment fags (muh global warming).

Listening to those retards and queers talk made me understand why the niggers on the other side of the beltway are fucking insane.

Anyone would be insane.

CUCK kingdom.

feca88 No.835238


We need moar cowbell!

0b2df3 No.835239

>>835224 Thanx sage i will try that

ba1b72 No.835240


It's not. Dig in. Figure it out.

7c586b No.835241


NSA = national security = military.

Oath to the constitution, not a secret club.

Clowns / OSS etc, not so much.

fa4836 No.835242

File: e1209e8efbe79a8⋯.png (136.52 KB, 368x294, 184:147, haha.png)

fe97bd No.835243


What are you smoking? Eyebags are only sign of kidney problems, since it prevents water retention, and its not the only reason for eyebags. To say its from anal sex, i have no words, mdm hmmm

399f60 No.835244

File: fe0ef664d7f6d18⋯.png (323.66 KB, 637x641, 637:641, Drudge re Gilded Safe Spac….PNG)

File: a28dc52c0e094a2⋯.png (66.53 KB, 492x560, 123:140, Fox 1 re Silicon Safe Spac….PNG)

File: eb5742efae95355⋯.png (64.1 KB, 505x555, 101:111, Fox 2 re Silicon Safe Spac….PNG)

Big tech companies offer gilded safe space for Obama officials


93a36e No.835245


ur the sage breh i can only point the way

281347 No.835246

File: 48a27b2743af71d⋯.jpg (514.67 KB, 1280x1650, 128:165, cec45e5e53cab3e3b18e5bf271….jpg)

a58d4d No.835247

d38641 No.835248


If they were sending a message with the water in the pictures at important meetings/events - maybe to show timeline would be having the water level increase each time…IDK

2ea3de No.835249


Wow! The "Q is a LARP" crowd certainly came back quickly this time. Usually, they wait at least four days from the latest Q drop to start crying again.

72c7e6 No.835250


right on anon, started a plumbing business and have all kinds of tax write offs. Great advice!!!!!!

06f4df No.835251


you would be 100000000000% correct

a clown psyop that has worked on the gullible who will believe a bunch of false theology and fake ass videos

a377e9 No.835252


https:// www.nationalreview.com/2018/03/russia-collusion-real-story-hillary-clinton-dnc-fbi-media/



Iran next….

The author of that article, Michael Doran, wrote another article "Obama's Secret Iran Strategy"

In early 2013, at the outset of his second term, Obama developed a secret bilateral channel to Ahmadinejad’s regime. When the full impact of this is taken into account, a surprising fact comes to light. The turning point in the American-Iranian relationship was not, as the official version would have it, the election of Hassan Rouhani in June 2013. It was the reelection of Barack Obama in November 2012.

Indeed, the first secret meeting with the Iranians (that is, the first we know of) took place even earlier, in early July 2012, eleven months before Rouhani came to power. Jake Sullivan, who at the time was the director of policy planning in Hillary Clinton’s State Department, traveled secretly to Oman to meet with Iranian officials. The Obama administration has told us next to nothing about Sullivan’s meeting, so we are forced to speculate about the message that he delivered.

Recall that this meeting took place shortly after a hot microphone had caught Obama saying to Dmitry Medvedev, the Russian president, “On all these issues, but particularly missile defense, this can be solved, but it’s important . . . to give me space. This is my last election. After my election, I have more flexibility.”

Did Sullivan give the Iranians a similar message? Did he tell Ahmadinejad’s officials that Obama’s need to secure the pro-Israel vote had forced him to take a deceptively belligerent line toward Iran? That Iran had nothing to fear from an Israeli attack? That after the election Obama would demonstrate even greater flexibility on the nuclear issue?

By February 2013, a month after his inauguration, the backchannel was crowded with American officials. Not just Sullivan, but Deputy Secretary of State William Burns, National Security Council staffer Puneet Talwar, State Department non-proliferation adviser Robert Einhorn, and Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice were all engaging their Iranian counterparts.

Even more important was concession number two, which permitted the Iranians to continue enriching uranium to levels of 5 percent—this, despite the fact that six United Nations Security Council resolutions had ordered Iran to cease all enrichment and reprocessing activities.


https:// www.hudson.org/research/10989-obama-s-secret-iran-strategy

fa618a No.835253


so how do the plane routes work?

b3a944 No.835254

0b2df3 No.835255

>>835245 Well i usually rub Okra on it but hey your the expert

84bcb4 No.835256



d4e373 No.835257

File: 7f8664345fd8180⋯.jpg (579.42 KB, 2550x1432, 1275:716, Screen_Shot_2018-03-05_at_….jpg)

162fc7 No.835258

File: 9b16a008f49b367⋯.png (431.78 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Crabs_Rats_Meet_Chaos.png)


credit to Black Sheep Anon for the quote

9615de No.835260


Flat earth, if there were ANY truth to it would require lots of review and rewriting and reeducation, but won't make people sick to their stomachs, or sick in the head. Finding out that those that they've been taught to trust with their very lives, their loved ones lives, would set off riots and revolts.

>The choice, to KNOW, will be yours [end].

>This pill cannot be swallowed by most.

6a1f6f No.835261


Sometimes Ed Rollins sounds eerily similar to Ann Coulter.

d6d7a4 No.835262

Black sheep anon tell us about part 3 and about the steel

424376 No.835263

File: 4646be0b4678d9b⋯.jpg (128.84 KB, 738x500, 369:250, 27elsv.jpg)

d4e373 No.835264

File: 2ee1b6225727f07⋯.jpg (522.61 KB, 2552x1432, 319:179, Screen Shot 2018-03-05 at ….jpg)

a58d4d No.835265


Well whadya know. Added.

860d32 No.835266


Nobody believes in FE.

It is a form of (((their))) amusement.

b6dfaf No.835267

674e7a No.835268


Watch the new documentary and get red pilled

https:// youtu.be/rETvlW1lH_w

768935 No.835269


Shut your fucking mouth. Nothing wrong with reservation about plan. Trust but verify.

a9adf3 No.835270



Hang in there, mclean anon.

the muds and indo scum are most imminent concerns tbh. They are extremely predatory, conniving, and heavily involved in human trafficking.

Don't ask me how I know.


666cf9 No.835271


Prove it by finding the edge of it and jump off. If you're one who believes their is some magical, mystical barrier to up to it and prove it is there.

If you do not do either STFU until you do. Don't signpost more made up "science" or other garbage. The only proof that counts is what is listed above. Get off the computer and start walking/sailing to the edge.

632a24 No.835272


Just dropping in after working for the day. Thank you for your posts, it's interesting to hear about confirmed locations and their moods.

It was on the news that Tusla, Oklahoma was #1 for Roseanne. Someone dropped in here this morning that there's a lot of PEPE T-shirts seen around town.

Now I'm back to shutting up for awhile until I get through everything that's been dropped for the day. Don't want to look like a fucking idiot so I like to spend a good 30 minutes+ browsing the breads and the notables just to see what's going on before I get to the bleeding edge.

Thank you to the baker for posting the encouragement and reply in the bread from a bread or two ago- old fag's response was enlightening as well. I've been, you might say, middle of the road as far as one side completely MSM and the other side completely on the chan for 20+ years but now I love the chan. Middle of the road as in alt-news and free thinker but didn't connect with ppl that way, was on FB until Nov of last year even though I hated it.

ce830b No.835273


you repeat copypasta comments

use your brain

long before 1500 when globe earth was "discovered" the motions of the stars and moon and sun were already well understood in a perfect manner and in fact the FE method is still used to predict eclipses

9615de No.835274


Warren Buffet

see: >>834630

a58d4d No.835275

File: 10a4d4993b93457⋯.png (704.16 KB, 656x634, 328:317, 10a4d4993b93457700b61cd8e1….png)

281347 No.835276

File: b90d5765aac7935⋯.jpg (120.58 KB, 500x455, 100:91, tumblr_m1tki19A4M1qzdxioo1….jpg)


>lets convergate ~

075739 No.835277


bald is beautiful

f9f78a No.835278


Agree, stagnation problem.

Water because clear bags, dark ones would show bloodstagnation.

Man, this off topic stuff is really everywhere the wind blows.

0b2df3 No.835279

>>835266 It is a wy for the FE and Jew haters races etc….to trap you so they can say look at this board they are crazy…..Yep they are stupid

02b5e4 No.835280

FE and aliens is a shill tactic for sure , it's stupid as shit. This isn't the right place for it. It belongs with Bigfoot and Nessie discussion groups.

15a338 No.835281

File: 3aaa9c742adb7d7⋯.png (786.54 KB, 1417x741, 109:57, a47689265435689587078.png)

Time to Fire Up that HRC Video.

Fox News:

Attorney General Jeff Sessions revealed Thursday a federal prosecutor was evaluating certain issues involving the FBI, the Clinton Foundation and Uranium One, but said he would not appoint a second special counsel at this point.

In a letter directed to Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley, House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte and House Oversight Committee Chairman Trey Gowdy, Sessions revealed that he asked U.S. Attorney John Huber to lead the evaluation into issues raised by the committees in recent months.


http:// www.foxnews.com/politics/2018/03/29/sessions-federal-prosecutor-evaluating-alleged-fbi-doj-wrongdoing-no-second-special-counsel-for-now.html

ba1b72 No.835282


Up above the surface of the earth. Over a flat plane. Without ever having to dip the nose down to compensate for any crvature, because the is no curvature on a flat plane.

3aeaed No.835283


3 apostrophe's

7c586b No.835284


Hey, technically you *could* use it as a VLF antenna and therefore it's a military asset…

56156b No.835285

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

"Day 161.3. Navy Yard Bridge - Icon of Pay To Play"

G.W. Swigert take on "Q's" pointer to "Bridge"

"'Q' is right. It is the Bridge"

"It's not 'Q' Street it's 'M' Street"

It's the bridge between the private and public, he says.

The bridge which allows the Private interests to take control of what should be the Public interests.

If you've never heard Webb before I'd suggest it. Only four minutes plus.

(He's being attacked by Goodman [FWIW] Goodman dropped a dime on him to the FBI. tsk tsk.)

93a36e No.835287


Remember the purpose of FE - psyop made to discredit anything that is "out of the ordinary".

Don't let it disturb your thinking.

632a24 No.835288


The real HRC? Or her body double? Never know in this day and age. If it's the real deal that's $25K for the greedy bitch and a one way ticket to GITMO.

0b2df3 No.835289

>>835280 Hey man Bigfoot is real she is my ex

dfb20d No.835290


Hum..maybe this is how the HCR video is released??

d603fa No.835291


or decrease. Like sands in an hour ?

e37f37 No.835292


It's Holy Thursday. Should be a slow weekend.

02b5e4 No.835293

683ab7 No.835294


never wrong was the give away…missed the rest…

ce830b No.835295



the south pole was circumnavigated 100s of years ago

capt cook logs recorded 60000 miles

guess he went the long way

check it out

c0dfc7 No.835296


Someone last bread asked Russian translation of vbad.livejournal.com

I do read a bit of Russian but it's rusty and my vocab is limited

So here is a machine translation that appears reasonable

https:// translate.google.com/translate?u=https:// vbad.livejournal.com/&langpair=ru%7Cen&hl=en&ie=UTF8

i don't see how it pertains to us

Just some guy's bs

b3b04c No.835297


a58d4d No.835298

File: 3019c7da9763408⋯.png (1.08 MB, 1140x639, 380:213, 3019c7da9763408bb1eddff037….png)

82e9f2 No.835299


the bible does state … The sun stood still, and the moon stayed, until the nation had avenged themselves of their enemies…is the bible true..yes… is a GOD a liar…i think not

b466e5 No.835300



https:// upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/0/0c/View_from_the_SR-71_Blackbird.jpg

My father sailed from San Fran, to Hobart, AU, thru the Suez Canal, and into NYC. Then took a train back to the West Coast. He never fell off the edge.

Even Algor knows you flat earthers are nuts.

674e7a No.835301


I'm sorry but I was on the fence about FL until I saw them perform a grip of experiments in this documentary that you will no doubt refuse to watch because you are a lazy piece of shit!

281347 No.835302

File: 9cccef3831e9d3b⋯.jpg (8.14 KB, 236x250, 118:125, 1480921046990.jpg)

File: 032085895e9d059⋯.jpg (60.04 KB, 400x400, 1:1, tumblr_nx0komL52E1ru3z75o1….jpg)

File: 9c16f0e0bb453cf⋯.jpg (54.29 KB, 400x395, 80:79, tumblr_nx0komL52E1ru3z75o2….jpg)

File: c03d70a9091f3a4⋯.png (224.98 KB, 500x489, 500:489, tumblr_nx3ijkbxVj1r8brruo1….png)

File: ba2573fe963f1e6⋯.gif (2 MB, 344x280, 43:35, tumblr_nyg2t3UA0p1sjz7a3o1….gif)

a6fdfb No.835303


Ed Rollins is as deep state as you can get without actually working for the letter agencies.

Ed is so far up the Bush assholes he can chew their food for them.

Ignore this establishment idiot Rollins.

30f75d No.835304

File: 66460b5138591b3⋯.jpg (230.45 KB, 1000x1156, 250:289, a-melusine-playing-the-har….jpg)

File: 5194ee32ef827de⋯.jpg (18.84 KB, 539x414, 539:414, DYwWr72VMAAP4q_.jpg)


Do you think there are dragons/mermaids in the SES? They boy seem to like Harps?

https:// jungiangenealogy.weebly.com/melusine-de-alba.html

674e7a No.835305

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


https:// youtu.be/rETvlW1lH_w

52ebb4 No.835306

File: 9e7b6e37c9e512d⋯.jpeg (151.6 KB, 1097x257, 1097:257, 381A68BE-1EA6-428B-BD04-B….jpeg)

a58d4d No.835307


Good point.

ba1b72 No.835308


Jump off to where?? What do you think is under the earth?? And how do you fall off of an enclosed environment??

666cf9 No.835309


Maybe their funding is drying up.

0b2df3 No.835310

>>835295 Look i have seen the paintings from the 1600s it is real…sea monsters at the end gobble you up

c0dfc7 No.835311


It's a model.

Think of how it resembles a terrarium.

281347 No.835313

File: e7d7980cb95d4b4⋯.jpg (59.36 KB, 460x476, 115:119, SZSHzQJ.jpg)


lately, ive been thinking about the silmarilllion

and how the song of the gods was raped by angry nigger gods

ce830b No.835314


that would be nice

can we join another mandelbrot?

b3b04c No.835316


fe97bd No.835317

For jobless anons, great advice-become house inspectors. Take classes, get certification and every real estate purchase requires inspection. More to it, every city needs inspectors from their perspective, codes etc

281347 No.835318

File: c606cd36a7fb602⋯.jpg (645.42 KB, 1920x1920, 1:1, 35b01f001f2a7fee02966e3d6a….jpg)


sure, why not.

what can i do to help?

83ca55 No.835319




I believe Q is a COVFEFE connoisseur.

674a34 No.835320


You are watching a movie

News unlocks map

Do you not understand?

95% of people are totally unaware of what’s going on

Awareness builds action

On that note, markets are closed tomorrow. It sure would be a GOOD time to drop a video or something.;))))

f3b062 No.835321


You know never noticed before but HWBush has a big khazar style forehead….I think I would bet Bush is a Jew.

fc86d5 No.835322

I thought Q mentioned Rudy in the past, but I can't find the drop. Am I wrong? Anyone else remember him being mentioned?

45ab40 No.835323

File: 4b5295014a6ee72⋯.png (91.89 KB, 563x298, 563:298, ___8-chan format text.png)

93a36e No.835324


The pysop fails basic mathematics and observation tests and collapses the puzzle, unlike extraterrestrials which fit in perfectly because they actually exist.

9d1411 No.835325



Exactly this, anon. READ HIS POST.

They are in fear for their economic fortunes. Me too… I have plenty to lose in terms of property value, investments, etc, but I will gladly trade it to live in a better McLean, and see all this fuckery disappear.

I can tell you will certainty I have at least 6 "state dept" types living in my neighborhood (that's code for Clowns) and several FBI. They can't afford these houses, not even close.

How do they do it? Most of their wives are LAWYERS. It's a completely interwoven network of people. Probably 100,000 to 200,000 of them, and they are all in, and they are all going to see a comeuppance.

I am looking forward to the day all the for sale signs start going up… that will be my "0 marker" ha ha.

I am fully aware that there is an inverse relationship between what Q brings and my personal wealth. Bring it anyway. I will trade it all for the cabal to come down.

b3df3a No.835326



Well since this bread's been slid with FE junk from the getgo,

>Think Shell.

This doesn't work for a FE model, but instead if you look at what the Nazis were doing, their expeditions into Shamballa/Tibet, and then on to Antarctica.. as well as Admiral Byrd who led the expedition, operation High Jump (why would it be called that?) (who was also listed on the MKUltra doc released by congress, document cited by Q) points more towards the Hollow Earth theory.

>How close is the nearest star?

In the hollow earth theory, there is generally considered to be a central sun, which would place the nearest star at about 4,000 miles below our feet.


Well, this would hold true for a hollow earth.

ce830b No.835327


i am not a shill

check my posts

do some research on it if you can debunk it you are smarter than me - but i doubt it

5c0d20 No.835328


You see what they did there.

bb8891 No.835329


faggot tier

07f42d No.835330


Just playin devil's advocate here..

I haven't seen anyone counter this with proof of it being a psyop.

94b8e2 No.835332


Maybe watch the water has something to do with lead in the water supply.

0f5cdf No.835333


Yeah Austria or Bavarian Germany

33f824 No.835334

File: 0f425139f618490⋯.png (15.04 KB, 778x159, 778:159, Aqopp.PNG)


Checked. True. Pic related.

fe97bd No.835335


No, already answered

281347 No.835336

File: c3de6f72c12d1e9⋯.jpg (26.49 KB, 960x720, 4:3, 13006567_985759628126803_8….jpg)

File: 2b5360bcb76716e⋯.jpg (65.6 KB, 720x720, 1:1, 12990880_1722280154718903_….jpg)

File: f9f7cd65a481151⋯.jpg (166.75 KB, 786x715, 786:715, 09197d3c9812e8fc7611fbfb65….jpg)

File: 18ac2da3bf8e9b5⋯.jpg (812.65 KB, 2184x1365, 8:5, 22c37c73-d67e-47d9-8200-35….jpg)

File: 11e972fb4edf4ba⋯.png (168.13 KB, 500x758, 250:379, 11e972fb4edf4ba89242ff1d8b….png)

666cf9 No.835337


That's 1/10th her usual speaking fee.

683ab7 No.835338


Both stories cite federal courts that don’t exist, including the “West Texas Federal Probate Court” and the “West Texas Federal Appeals Court, operating out of the 33rd District.”/

ce830b No.835339


you mean dont let it disturb what you were taught by the NWO

fe9ad6 No.835340

File: 58d99278a4e8faf⋯.jpg (1.59 MB, 3024x1808, 189:113, Mobb Deep.jpg)



Holy Red Pill shit for the black community!

Do they KNOW this? Have they seen this? Are they aware of this information? Holy shit! Faq

6d6bdb No.835341


clone. she's been dead for awhile.

b3b04c No.835342


Thanks, friend.

ba1b72 No.835343


Holy Shit, Anon!!!!!! WOW!!!!!!

02b5e4 No.835344


It's not worth my time and doesn't belong here. We are researching Q drops and none if it has anything to do with aliens or FE.

d13688 No.835345


You dated Michael…I mean Michelle Obama too?

9615de No.835346


So, time stood still, the [end] of time.

Are the people who taught us about GOD in word (scriptures, sermons, etc.) and in actions liars? Yes.

>Those you trust are the most guilty of sin.

>Who are we taught to trust?

>If you are religious, PRAY.

93a36e No.835347


Because buying your own weather baloon or observing the shadow on the moon or flushing your toilet or dropping an object from a height is too much work

7c586b No.835348

File: 04e66f456c491e8⋯.jpg (28.42 KB, 474x415, 474:415, trogdor.jpg)

8d7bb1 No.835349

>>834808 (last bread)

Thanks for the tip.

GoDaddy just migrated all of their operations to AWS.

https:// www.businesswire .com/news/home/20180328005408/en/GoDaddy-All-In-AWS

4513f3 No.835350


Best FE Shill ever! replying so you get a bonus.

Why is it important that the flat earth be kept a secret from mankind?

139d72 No.835352


Tiny little face on a great big face. Just like Joe Scarborough

ce830b No.835353


so what? so did captain cook

have you ever looked at a flat earth map?

399f60 No.835354

File: 50bffaa33fcb70c⋯.png (254.64 KB, 356x355, 356:355, Clown down.PNG)


Yeah, um NO

Rollins is very much pro Trump

and has a strained [at best] history with Bush

ba1b72 No.835355


Yes, it does. Re-read Q's posts.

0f5cdf No.835356

Fine..we agree..

The earth is flat

Roths are Lizards

This is a Larp

This is a Psyop


you can go to halfchan /pol/ and correct them and let us play our game.

Our GM is Q.

We are all on a quest and you keep interrupting.

c85eb3 No.835357




07f42d No.835358


You've lost me in your idiocy.

fa618a No.835359


the flight times alone should resolve this

fee250 No.835360

A lot of replies to the FE shill…

6d6bdb No.835361


whatever this thing is…I'm riding it until the end

d6d7a4 No.835363

>>835274. Who is the damn Politian!

82e9f2 No.835364


by globe theory if the sun, moon stood still earth would be destroyed and loose its ridiculous 66,000 mph orbit…gee i dont feel that nor do i see the oceans being sucked to the sky bc of it

fe97bd No.835366


Nope, anon is right. All what was mentioned it proof of spherical earth

ce830b No.835367


who sets up and cares for terrarium?

and why?

as above so below

27bbbc No.835368


I'm with this anon. I never reply to flattardery, but I have been waiting for this question to come up. Why? What is the strategic value of keeping FE a secret? Seriously?

93a36e No.835369


Maybe try reading the post again, accounting for my slight emotional charge.

424376 No.835370

File: 37d414595c663aa⋯.jpg (82.71 KB, 1200x630, 40:21, voltaire1-2x.jpg)

0f5cdf No.835371

d7f275 No.835372

File: 6dff3abc339afae⋯.png (373.51 KB, 500x509, 500:509, b29c5779-b802-4cac-9bec-38….png)

c66821 No.835373

HZ-101 made quite the RT today - NY > Washington State and back. Hmmm.

1bfb4e No.835374


One has no base to stand on if they have not watched this video that was released this morning March 29, 2018

https:// youtu.be/rETvlW1lH_w

However most will refuse to watch it because they are lazy and full of fluoride!

e95d90 No.835375


I prefer "Q-Team" as the effort requires a bit of internal coordination. Accordingly, a peripheral member might have come and gone with the core in tact, and that might account for stylistic variations in expression. Last night other anions were noticing something 'off,' and referenced posts with no trip code, turns out there was something to that. Either the dam breaks reasonably soon, or the window of opportunity closes. I can trust Sessions and Wray and do believe a major shit-storm is coming into public view because it is raging already behind the scenes. We'll know soon enough when the indictments are unsealed, but I've been wrong before.

02b5e4 No.835376

Flat poop theory, even though it looks like a log it's actually flat as a pancake, you are just not seeing correctly

d4e373 No.835377


Makes the most sense. Who else could release it. POTUS can't. The suspense!!

I hope Julian really did get out last December, catch some Sun.

9615de No.835378


I'm the anon who posted that link, thanks for graphic!!! I've known about it for a LONG time, before Prodigy even brought it to the forefront.

(long time listener of hi hop & long time Mobb Deep fan as well, since their first album when they were about 15yo)

72c7e6 No.835379


Need his finger on the trigger and brains coming out the other side. Calling on all photo shop fags!!!!!

ce830b No.835380


you can tell me about that meme to start

e1e0fc No.835381


Sprained wrist becomes a broken arm?

f3b062 No.835382


Dude….the Rothschilds are Jews…our media is Jew. The Hollywood is Jew. All push degenerate shit on the World…your a fucking fool if you think we have decided anti Jew stuff is misguided.

Your a cuck…and they will kill us all if we believe your dumb shit. Thankfully not all of us are so damn smooth between the legs as you are.

632a24 No.835383


>I am fully aware that there is an inverse relationship between what Q brings and my personal wealth. Bring it anyway. I will trade it all for the cabal to come down.

Wow, for someone to say that here says a lot about them.

I hope you don't lose it if you've worked honestly for it.

fa618a No.835385

it seems clear from Q that there is a satanic conspiracy

"Many in our govt worship Satan."

it includes jews, gentiles, and catholics

it includes child abuse

i think this could be enough to land someone in the hospital

fe97bd No.835386


If we have anons here who can shoot this info to black community that would be great

ba1b72 No.835387


Why would they lie?? Are you serious?? Are you new here?? Use your brain, Anon.

ec6866 No.835388

File: d390a49d332809d⋯.jpg (267.28 KB, 1347x958, 1347:958, Frank Bradley GLOWING.jpg)

File: 8b17bc1c49a1b31⋯.jpg (273.15 KB, 1419x1087, 1419:1087, ENSYMA ENGINEERING.jpg)

File: 375c16a1861bf9a⋯.jpg (172.53 KB, 735x779, 735:779, SECRET MISSION.jpg)



Officers suspect BRADLEY may have been conducting surveillance at the "March for Our Lives" protest in Boston. BRADLEY claims he was on a "secret mission" for the government.

Read more: http:// www.lowellsun.com/breakingnews/ci_31760938/texas-man-facing-weapons-charges-after-he-calls#ixzz5BBaF8Ku8

This below was found on wikileaks:


Infrastructure Program Manager [FOR DEMOCRATIC NATIONAL COMMITTEE]

Start Date: 2007-06-01 End Date: 2008-11-01

Provided Program Management consulting for the DNC, in regard to Business Process Management and network voice and data communications and technology infrastructure strategy. I Managed the technical development and implementation of a nationally deployed portable VoIP telecom and broadband Internet access solution, with integrated legal document access utilizing Ultimus BRM, (for legal issues reference database), as well as various Cloud based (Google Apps) applications. Program Management and Quality Assurance responsibilities included the design, integration and deployment of a Voice over Internet Protocol VoIP Wireless telephony network with POP3 email, MS OCS Server, as well as ESRI GIS (ArcGIS Online Services) for location activity coordination I also scheduled and coordinated the deployments and recovery of the systems designed for utilization from approximately 600 temporary facilities that could not be hard-wired, as well as approximately 1000 mobile field operations and provided Program Management of vendors, management of DNC technical staff and management of budge.

Icwatch link: https:// icwatch.wikileaks.org/search?utf8=%E2%9C%93&utf8=%E2%9C%93&q=frank+bradley

other notable links:

Indeed link: https:// www.indeed.com/r/eb092f6a45fbf241

News article: http:// www.lowellsun.com/breakingnews/ci_31760938/texas-man-facing-weapons-charges-after-he-calls

Darpa PDF: https:// www.darpa.mil/attachments/ProposersDayContactList.pdf

Ensyma Website: http:// www.ensyma.us/'

VOB listing (washington address): https:// www.veteranownedbusiness.com/business/13777/ensyma-engineering

LinkedIn: https:// www.linkedin.com/in/ensyma/

Stratfor has him in their purchase lists which means he was purchasing confidential intelligence services from Stratfor. The email listed is his ensyma address. Frank.bradley@ensyma.us

Direct Link to Police Report: http:// extras.mnginteractive.com/live/media/site105/2018/0326/20180326_010823_Binder1.pdf

Another site registered to Ensyma engineering. This is getting REAL creepy: http:// www.thinkensyma.com/focus-group.html

Ensyma has never been awarded a federal contract, nor is it registered to receive federal contracts (SAM.gov): https:// www.fpds.gov/ezsearch/search.do?indexName=awardfull&templateName=1.5.1&s=FPDS.GOV&q=ensyma


5de2cc No.835389

The F_ idiots are getting creative.. but not creative enough.

ba1b72 No.835390

File: 741fcaf3adb30b1⋯.png (427.57 KB, 599x599, 1:1, dietwoke.png)

d08388 No.835391


I Do Not believe in FE. But…. Out of all of the conspiracies, (Aliens, Satanic Pedo Cults, Dimensions, etc.) That's the One Thing that would really put 99% pop in the hospital.

9615de No.835392


And yes, I've been telling people for years. They absorb it in their own time, or live in denial until the light is too might to ignore. Plant seeds, and they either grow, or they die.

93a36e No.835393


I see you've probably read Kabamur. He's back, and spoke of the BOOM.

b6dfaf No.835394

I think we triggered AI

>>835126 (You)

look at the reply

674a34 No.835395


Many cabal members Jewish heritage

Anyone who claims otherwise is retarded

It doesn’t do Jews any good to defend fellow Jews who are comped

Clean your house

a9adf3 No.835398

File: 087e8fd6922f07c⋯.jpeg (38.04 KB, 474x457, 474:457, fatpepe.jpeg)


Those niggas in mclean and arlington are so fucking mortgaged to the hilt, if they miss one salary deposit, they will have to go live in their parent's houses all over again.

All those porches, ferraris, ashton martins?


What amazed me the most when I began working in this area is the SHEER DELUSION.

No, your taxes are not even close to being high (6% nigga 6% sales).

No, that 300k penhouse in arlington ain't the most expensive thing you will ever see.

No, that 50 bucks off your monthly payment ain't going to save your budget.

No, your kid ain't nothing special.

"Please speak your damned mind, cuck (I have personally never seen so many pussy cucks of so many different color all together scared to shit in the same place)."

Don't get me wrong either, you don't have to be a rich lib to be a cuck.

'poor' bitches are just as rotten, spoiled, and retarded as their 'rich' cousins.

They all sound like they got fucking baseball bat up their asses.

holy hell.

I finally understood why our country was in such deep shit.

d4e373 No.835399


Wow. That's quite the image.

a58d4d No.835400

File: a94330734300c5f⋯.jpg (147.49 KB, 500x1063, 500:1063, 12a34dc95dbd8ff43bf84f158c….jpg)

ce830b No.835401


does it fail? math is not the real world

it is only a tool which has limits

82e9f2 No.835402


globe earth is fuckery enough said…i dont have time for this fagotry…..lets get on with Q

f4ff2f No.835403

==61==Independent Establishments and Government Corporations

Administrative Conference of the United States

Broadcasting Board of Governors

Central Intelligence Agency

Commodity Futures Trading Commission

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Consumer Product Safety Commission

Corporation for National and Community Service

Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board

Environmental Protection Agency

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

Export-Import Bank of the United States

Farm Credit Administration

Federal Communications Commission

Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

Federal Election Commission

Federal Housing Finance Agency

Federal Labor Relations Authority

Federal Maritime Commission

Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service

Federal Mine Safety and Health Review Commission

Federal Reserve System

Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board

Federal Trade Commission

General Services Administration

Inter-American Foundation

Merit Systems Protection Board

National Aeronautics and Space Administration

National Archives and Records Administration

National Capital Planning Commission

National Credit Union Administration

National Foundation on the Arts and the Humanities

National Endowment for the Arts

National Endowment for the Humanities

Institute of Museum and Library Services

National Labor Relations Board

National Mediation Board

National Railroad Passenger Corporation (AMTRAK)

National Science Foundation

National Transportation Safety Board

Nuclear Regulatory Commission

Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission

Office of Government Ethics

Office of Personnel Management

Office of the Director of National Intelligence

Overseas Private Investment Corporation

Peace Corps

Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation

Postal Regulatory Commission

Railroad Retirement Board

Securities and Exchange Commission

Selective Service System

Small Business Administration

Social Security Administration

Surface Transportation Board

Tennessee Valley Authority

Trade and Development Agency

United States African Development Foundation

United States Agency for International Development

United States Commission on Civil Rights

United States International Trade Commission

United States Office of Special Counsel

United States Postal Service

Who deserves to survive

281347 No.835404

File: d7f4eda182d8ec9⋯.gif (706.78 KB, 348x232, 3:2, 4UIyTCA.gif)



bad memes it seems

thanks for correcting me

but it is an interesting connect

fa618a No.835405


also they are poisoning us on purpose, withholding medical cures by killing doctors

fe97bd No.835406


Timing is everythin, when FE came out? Exactly the same time pizzagate started. Also there is nothing to believe here, pure science with experiments

25d491 No.835407


I think his boss said it best… I don't want to broadcast to the enemy exactly what my plan is.

f3b062 No.835408

You all must remember the most evil damn group in the history of humanity is trying to spin the guilt away from them…..they want to give you a limited hangout. They are willing to give up the Khazar if that will save the rest….but all they want is a breathing room so they can get back down out of sight for a while…

And next time they wont give the game away..

Wake up….Throw off the endless Jew mind games. You only think the way you do because of THEM. Remember who you really are.

You are not them

fee250 No.835409


Even better question… If someone were to believe FE. When did the "Sphere Earth" Larp begin, who did it and why?

557a35 No.835410


My first thoughts were there is a whole world INSIDE our earth. You go down that large hole in Antarctica OR we live in a huge globe as in 'shell'. I am leaning toward something is living inside the earth (shell) where we got the legend of 'hell' along with some creature the cabal worship which we know as Lucifer. How am I doing?

fe97bd No.835411

e97338 No.835412


Someone needs to release it. Don't care who does it.

5de2cc No.835413


Show us the specific drop where this retardation you speak of is referenced.

No one but you can seem to find it.

fc2b51 No.835414



If normies in my office in Canada know it is a CIA PysOP then… ITS NOT A FUCKIN PYSOP

a33b32 No.835415

File: ce32f9a7126c9d5⋯.png (71.72 KB, 400x298, 200:149, 0e5fa4e6d4.png)


That look very real.

fa618a No.835416


i am starting to get nervous about this

93a36e No.835417


Barring quantum phenomena (which is acually your/our consciounsness interacting with the deterministic reality), maths is as objective as it gets - any math major can tell you this.

2ea3de No.835418


I must've hit a nerve. Have your clown checks started to bounce yet?


It is a global conspiracy.

1bfb4e No.835419



27bbbc No.835420


Not answering the question, I see. I asked specifically about the strategic value of hiding said information.

15a338 No.835422

File: 1ca4f9a520dbb05⋯.png (96.08 KB, 1694x484, 7:2, a1845625473793671345321534….png)

Another POS from Pedowood gets caught

'Ren and Stimpy' creator John Kricfalusi, the creator of 'Ren & Stimpy,' is the subject of several sexual misconduct allegations from two women.

CP & sex with teen.


http:// www.foxnews.com/entertainment/2018/03/29/ren-stimpy-creator-accused-harassment-child-porn-sex-with-teen-girl-intern.html

54f67f No.835423

File: e247f5c5a34ff44⋯.png (575.98 KB, 1915x952, 1915:952, Screenshot-2018-3-29 ADS-B….png)


Anon must have missed the convex earth documentary in an earlier bread.

56156b No.835424

File: 320be665c02aa3e⋯.jpg (37.39 KB, 500x290, 50:29, 911.jpg)

Sorry is this has been mentioned. I can't read through everything at this time to confirm one way or the other.


Why is the date wrong on this.

She died in a plane crash in '09

The date here is incorrect. It says '03.

b6dfaf No.835425


Good point Anon, I got a bit sidetracked. Kinda slow tonight.

a58d4d No.835426


Interesting. I can imagine it's surreal. How about the schools, aren't they all CIA, or only some?

674a34 No.835427

ce830b No.835428


and you think FE is a waste of time

d409b0 No.835429



He's cool.

d08388 No.835430


I agree, but that would make people flip out. Personally, I believe that Watch the Water, As the World Turns & the Closest Sun has to do with the Nemesis/Nibiru System. I hope I'm wrong.

687618 No.835431


NOOO! there goes my childhood

a658f2 No.835432


You have been debunked. You just refuse to accept evidence that conflicts with your beliefs

You don't do science do religion,just like global warming crackpotsthere are people on the space station. P Rove they are liars.

632a24 No.835433


I'm a handyman. Fly under the radar because they're not "legal" in my state but everyone uses them.

Had $6K in income, $1500 in net, $300 in taxes for 2017.

Nice business to have, that's for sure.

Have a disability so work 20 hours a week or so to keep disability as I don't have the confidence in the market in my area to go full time.

It's a good business.

db6acc No.835434


Snookie was paid 32K to talk about herpes. Oh how the mighty have fallen. LOCK HER UP

fe9ad6 No.835435

File: 7b0dd739f746d8e⋯.png (332.45 KB, 576x487, 576:487, Whale Noise.png)



3f1b2f No.835437


fuckin pedos have to shit on everything!!!

a58d4d No.835438


Where did this come from?

e4b13c No.835439

File: 6470232878a7a0d⋯.jpg (452.36 KB, 1158x652, 579:326, Trump_keeping_promises.jpg)

ce830b No.835440


Whether the earth is flat or round doesn’t matter. What does matter is the huuuuge deception. The fact there are humans on earth that would carry out such a gargantuan and orchestrated lie against others is beyond comprehension. The effects of this lie are wide spread. Scientist, government workers, officials or anyone else involved in this narrative had to be bought off, or worse killed off. The whole space program, Nasa, trip to the moon, satellites, space stations, globe pics, lie lie lie lie lie. And that does not even account for all the time effort and billions and billions of dollars wasted on these FAKE projects.

FE is not big, it is enormous.

83ca55 No.835441



I wonder why they feel so strongly opposed to OUR psyop game?

Could it mean that it is not a game? Hmmmmm.

I do like the glowing indications of targets and truth that they attempt to protect. They make it so easy.

82e9f2 No.835442


you can make 100k tax free easy if you build it right they will come

ce830b No.835443

File: edfbf462f6f7167⋯.jpg (125.43 KB, 1000x562, 500:281, BOAC map.jpg)


ever seen this map?

fa618a No.835444


clearly there's no answer – just a goofy distraction

30f75d No.835445

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Amazing Grace was from the Original American Great Awakening written in 1779. Something in the same vein but modern and with moar cowbell?


Amazing Grace https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=HsCp5LG_zNE

d08388 No.835446


Be careful, I'm not sure we're really Anonymous

fe97bd No.835447



e37f37 No.835448

If I believed the Earth were flat, I'd walk to the edge of it and jump off and take the Flat Earth shills with me.

6a942e No.835449

File: ca8759ed3673f5c⋯.png (55.05 KB, 500x266, 250:133, ClipboardImage.png)


i suppose you use the pacman portal

when going from China to California

9d1411 No.835450


I'm doing things to protect myself. Some of my family/friends red pilled. We sold all our tech stock over the last 2 weeks. Cash in a good safe. Well armed. Stuff like that.

That said, I am 100% aware this area is in for a different kind of "Great Awakening" lol, and it wont be $$ pretty. I could sell and move, I dont need to work, but i want to be here to help re-make it. Even thinking of running for local office.

281347 No.835451

File: 42b986d957596bc⋯.jpg (188.96 KB, 603x524, 603:524, 1349302.jpg)


what's there to tell?>>835380

b6dfaf No.835452



93a36e No.835453


It's a psyop. Some anons are so much into this, it makes no sense. What difference does it make? Why push the "globe earth"? Questions that have no good answer, just like the questions about coriolis force, shadow on the moon, etc, etc.

https:// www.popsci.com/10-ways-you-can-prove-earth-is-round

Truth is so simple…

One other side effect of FE psyop is reinforcing the belief that space doesn't exist or is not important and life in the vast multiverse is only here on this small planet (sorry FE shills) so that we never unite in the Light and drive the Cabal away.

a33b32 No.835454

>>835400 Ding Ding Ding !!Meme of the day !!!

812c2f No.835455


Thanks. Didn't know if there was a connection as it seemed there might be a small Russian community in Suffern.

Here's what pertains to us.

>https:// infogalactic.com/info/Suffern,_New_York

Notable people

Keith Raniere, controversial founder and leader of NXIVM


>>834160 (last bread)

>#1033: HRC 2.12.09 Very BAD! Edition



How's that for a sledgehammer?

02b5e4 No.835457

I'm reposting this, Israel working closely with US Military does stealth flights of over Iran.

Iran is next.

http:// m.jpost.com/Middle-East/Report-Israeli-stealth-fighters-fly-over-Iran-547421

162fc7 No.835458


it is disgusting what has happened to the area

45ab40 No.835459


WTF, is her ankle bracelet moving around?

424376 No.835460

File: 554a8c3e9cb9d24⋯.jpg (60.34 KB, 620x463, 620:463, 2714i3.jpg)

b3b04c No.835461


Ren and Stimpy was pure shit anyway.

6a1f6f No.835462


The steel was apropos analogy.

Example of how politicos and business leaders get into blackmail situation.

9615de No.835463


Many are not in denial and are well aware, It's common knowledge in many circles in the black community. It wouldn't be a surprise to many. A lot of crumbs have been dropped in the music over the years, it's not all sex drugs and violence. The "conscious rap", as its been termed, has been heavily suppressed (All for a LARP right?). Check out some of the music from before 1996. I was one of those listeners that woke up early because of it (and self education) What to DO about what's commonly known, has been the problem. The frustration of KNOWING, but not having feeling like they have the power to do anything has been the problem. An awakening is long over due, for everyone in this country.

07f42d No.835464

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Some suggest that there is land beyond what we have on our maps. Admiral Byrd even stated it in a TV interview.

He left from near the Faulkland Islands, headed due south across Antartica and said they found a land mass greater than the size of North America that was laden with natural resources. Soon afterwards the agreement was made that nobody could go there. Here's his interview. Interesting no matter what you believe.

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=czW0iRJuH1A

424376 No.835465

File: 182e25c2efeac0d⋯.jpg (47.87 KB, 500x400, 5:4, 272zm1.jpg)

c0dfc7 No.835466

File: dac7fdf7e199212⋯.png (703.22 KB, 1176x868, 42:31, ClipboardImage.png)

7c586b No.835467


Too many lawyers are cokeheads. Really annoying to be around.

52ebb4 No.835468

File: 550516bffb1f1eb⋯.jpeg (95.12 KB, 1242x216, 23:4, 9A4DC2A2-41E9-42A9-A48D-9….jpeg)


also, maybe suspicious death? He had hollywood connections too

Died … in a dermatologists office.

d08388 No.835469


People would flip out. We're basically a science project in a jar.

632a24 No.835470


I have often thought about doing that. Being hard of hearing would be an issue but I don't think most house inspection work has anything to do with hearing except for the furnace and other things which can be touched to diagnose as well.

1bfb4e No.835471


7 experiments were just executed across the globe that prove this shizzle is not a round!!!

https:// youtu.be/rETvlW1lH_w

6f7c80 No.835472


What the actual fuck?! Who was digging on this? This is a serious fucking a mkultra situation w a clown. Wow.

15a642 No.835473


Dug into flat earth. Admittedly I was drawn in at first, but the more I dug the more shallow the idea became. All the main talking points pushed here are just nonsense. If I'm standing on a sphere, why in God's name would the horizon curve downwards? What does it curve down towards? If it curves downward, then that means the horizon behind me should be lower than the horizon in front of me. If I'm standing on a flat earth then why can't I look through a telescope and see anywhere on Earth? Why do our northern and southern hemispheres have different stars? Why do the northern stars circle around a fixed point? That's possible on a FE model too though, but then why do the southern stars circle around a fixed point also?


More bothered that I wasted my time reading that only to be flat earth rick rolled at the end. Sharing our thoughts is literally the only reason we are all here, get fucked faggot.

fa618a No.835474

aliens and FE are fake news

a global conspiracy is real.

the matrix is ourfilm ("redpill" is "no coincidence")

>Coincidence the Matrix (movie) grew people as a crop, used for energy, and controlled their mind?

Sound familiar?

d13688 No.835475


Globe earth everything has been discovered. Flat earth people would want to find the end.

ce830b No.835477


i will post rgw answer to this reasonable and basic question

there is a very good answer but will take a bread to write

7c586b No.835478


John K.?

Next you'll tell me Tom Green likes little boys.

e0f8f8 No.835479

Memefag here with a question:

Q has listed Google, FB, Twitter, and Amazon as WW avenues of corruption.

3 of them I can understand. My son and I cannot figure out what Amazon might have in the fire that makes them complicit. I posited it might be Bezos' charitable contributions, but Q would have said JB instead of Amazon.

What kind of exposure does Amazon have as a company, specifically?

Thanks in advance.

a58d4d No.835480

File: 846dbcf73717f25⋯.jpg (62.66 KB, 895x586, 895:586, DXnl2n7X0AAE2mE.jpg)

281347 No.835481

File: fdc9968a76dee26⋯.jpg (45.32 KB, 400x560, 5:7, f6Z29o71033684cX.jpg)

File: a9f208ef36df57e⋯.jpg (207.47 KB, 2048x764, 512:191, m98GAt6.jpg)

File: 3f4a36ee09a8549⋯.mp4 (1.28 MB, 720x538, 360:269, pepe.mp4)

File: ed81daccae4c29e⋯.gif (11.07 MB, 979x550, 89:50, QknwYBm.gif)

File: fd4dfea2d635485⋯.jpg (45.21 KB, 450x600, 3:4, tumblr_morce3QVTX1ql2603o1….jpg)


>he doesnt know about footwork

https:// www.hooktube.com/watch?v=06F3dbBpBuM

424376 No.835482

File: a872be14b55c012⋯.jpeg (7.86 KB, 240x150, 8:5, dualcitizensoutofgovt.jpeg)

674a34 No.835483


I’m inclined to think city of London has more clout than da jewce

93a36e No.835484


So you think life is only on this small planet?

fee250 No.835485


Copernicus and Pythagorus both theorized Sphere Earth revolving around the Sun but it was Galileo that Declared it… he spent the rest of his life under house arrest by the Vatican. So FE's are saying that we are to believe that these Astronomers/Scientists/Mathematicians started the whole Sphere Earth Larp then?

281347 No.835486

File: b40561688f673be⋯.jpg (74.97 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 8320-o.jpg)


noice dubs anon!

4513f3 No.835487


I don't have a side by side, but look at hillary's teeth. She has always had unusual teeth, long, rectangular. Caps on the front 4 on top. The double they use sometimes has much smaller teeth and a lower gumline. This looks like hillary with a ton of makeup/botox/filler and possibly recent plastic surgery to tighten up loose skip around her neck.

399f60 No.835488

File: 88ac62236671067⋯.png (38.7 KB, 673x304, 673:304, SPD dignitary visit.PNG)

Anyone know if POTUS is going to Seattle?

ce830b No.835489

File: ce4415637d28d3f⋯.jpg (18.56 KB, 276x182, 138:91, vanishing2.jpg)

File: 87c9371e59c2c99⋯.jpg (7.96 KB, 275x183, 275:183, vanishing3.jpg)

File: befc69230c720c2⋯.jpg (8.27 KB, 300x300, 1:1, vanishingpoint.jpg)


you didnt do much digging

fe97bd No.835490


I know, worked with a lot of great black guys. People are tired, feelings frozen

162fc7 No.835491

File: f6bb4f30de697bb⋯.jpg (374.22 KB, 1014x744, 169:124, Clinton_Silsby.jpg)

a1710e No.835492

File: 7b0593c7308cd7a⋯.jpg (68.65 KB, 673x421, 673:421, 9ab75cce0924ff698030e6660b….jpg)


Not too surprised.

< Pic related.

fa618a No.835493


to become the only store. monitor what you buy. put cameras in your home. put alexa in your home

a658f2 No.835494



Before a holyday, bored restless, having fun

563800 No.835495


That would be a typo, anon. The article in the image says 2013

ba1b72 No.835496


I'm not here to hold your hand, jackass. I've got work to do. Not my job to spoon feed you Q's posts. You can read them yourself. Kiss my ass.

424376 No.835497


Guess who runs it? I'll give you a hint. It starts with the letter "J".

4513f3 No.835498


Seattle has been in the news a lot recently.

1879db No.835499

File: 135c6f40af72a8f⋯.jpg (12.67 KB, 200x251, 200:251, download-2.jpg)


Shell is what people used to refer to as craft. More so turtle shell.

There are many ancient myths that refer too flying turtles.

8d7bb1 No.835500


No joke. I saw a UFO about an hour before I found this board for the first time. I don't even recall the chain of thinking that led me here, but I do remember the UFO and then being here.

a377e9 No.835501

File: 017e443381c1cce⋯.png (393.51 KB, 559x657, 559:657, ClipboardImage.png)


Jake Sullivan had secret meeting with Iran and look how close he is to Killary. Pic related.

Indeed, the first secret meeting with the Iranians (that is, the first we know of) took place even earlier, in early July 2012, eleven months before Rouhani came to power. Jake Sullivan, who at the time was the director of policy planning in Hillary Clinton’s State Department, traveled secretly to Oman to meet with Iranian officials. The Obama administration has told us next to nothing about Sullivan’s meeting, so we are forced to speculate about the message that he delivered.


https:// www.politico.com/story/2015/06/every-wedding-should-have-a-hillary-clinton-bible-reading-118855

93a36e No.835502


Good question.

Even in EU, people use amazon, and there are variants for many countries. Their influence certainly is WW.

e0f8f8 No.835504


Good god, yes, that's it. Thank you for reminding me!

b6dfaf No.835505

it takes a ridiculous amount of apprenticeship hours to become a certified inspector in most states


d0a9ca No.835506

God bless Q.

e95d90 No.835507



Good research, Notable Material!

281347 No.835508

File: 9ece40c2f760a9f⋯.jpg (102.96 KB, 960x960, 1:1, cPc41GD.jpg)


this messed me up when i first saw it


30f75d No.835510


>There is a difference between having a loving wife and going down on a whore, can you see what it is?

Do they have marriage in space? Only teasing. Thanks for the advice anon.

d08388 No.835511


Honestly, at this point, I wouldn't surprise me. They've lied about everything else.

6a60d3 No.835512


You have made the same mistake as all the other naysayers. You just never read the crumbs that Q gave us. Or you skimmed through them quickly and didn't try to understand.

One of the most fundamental principles of the takedown is to act from BOTTOM to TOP. Anyone who understand the true meaning of the Greek Hydra myth also understand this. You cannot destroy a monster by cutting off the head. THIS IS THE WORST THING THAT YOU CAN DO.

You should be jumping with JOY that the takedown has worked its way up the network to the point that they are not just arresting sex traffickers but now they are taking down a minor sex cult as well. Yes, you are right, NXIVM is not the Illuminati. It is either a wannabe group fo sheep imitating their masters like a cargo cult, or it is a few Illuminati running a scam on the side. After all, Satan wants them to deceive the sheep and keep them in their place, serving the elite. No problem running a side scam if it does not mess with the Illuminati master plan. Same thing with Hogg of Broward County. Sure he is running a scam, but this is how the Illuminati kids learn the trade and work their way up the organization. Maybe he is really a bit of a dumbass who will be eventually eaten by the machine. Or maybe he is smarter than you and I and is setting us all up for a bigger scam to come. But does it really matter?

There is a plan. The plan maps a path through the criminal conspiracy network that leads up to the top. When it is fully executed, they will be scattered, unable to communicate with each other and plan a resurrection. We nay well be mopping up for the next 2 to 3 generations to get all 7-10 million of them WORLDWIDE out of commission. Some of them will be healed and will not pass on their evil ways. Others will be killed, privately, by people who are good at doing that quietly and without a mess. Many will be jailed and studied so that we can develop better ways to heal the DID and disable the suicide walls and amnesia walls. In the process we many find a better way to remove triggers than wearing them out and that will help soldiers with PTSD.

You see, PTSD means that signs of combat, like explosions, will trigger reactions that you cannot consciously control. We know that triggers can be worn down until they have no effect. However the turmoil and emotional pain suffered by PTSD victims when they hear gunfire or explosions is so sever that exposing them to lots of it will not work. But maybe the cabal have a better way to unset a trigger. Or maybe by studying many of the cabal we can develop a better technique. These guys have thousands of years of experience doing mind control.

In any case, you do not have any choice. The actions being taken are military operations. You do NOT get to dictate how and when the military act. You do NOT get to question their actions if they are lawful, and the thousands of arrests in the past 14 months certainly seem lawful. So you have no choice but to be patient. This is war, and your role as a civilian is to wait.But if you can't wait, feel free to try and interfere with military operations. You will be treated as a criminal or an enemy combatant depending onjust how you interfere. I do not recommend this.

I recommend PRAYER.

Q recommends PRAYER

Trump recommends PRAYER

And many anons on this board recommend PRAYER.

So…. PRAY!

d04236 No.835513


I KNOW it looks like a Bavarian Inn, Buuuuut it Could be a Lodge on a hunting Ranch in Texas…..Think Scal_a. What is the context for the question?

9d1411 No.835514


Universities? Around here, all about Georgetown.

Everyone knows the Ivy League.

Georgetown is the secret schools a lot of the cabal runs their kids thru to get in the game. Look at all those implicated in our work her and make a list of how many went to Georgetown… one example?


07f42d No.835515

File: e2fa0f4434fea9f⋯.jpg (560.24 KB, 1024x682, 512:341, echo5.jpg)

File: 236519db90bda69⋯.jpg (210.94 KB, 1024x779, 1024:779, echo6.jpg)

File: 8724d0a739b820a⋯.jpg (723.07 KB, 1024x640, 8:5, echo7.jpg)

File: 33052f8f4195ab8⋯.jpg (594.89 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, echo8.jpg)


This would be one reason ;)

93a36e No.835516


Lately most (probably all) UFO's are of the Light forces, you may receive guidance from them and especially if you send them energy of Love.

860d32 No.835517


Look at all the FE reply posters they sent.

fa618a No.835518

i think we should start reading OLD history books

33f824 No.835520


My childhood was ruined LOONG ago.

The toys i played with, advertising.

The beliefs i was taught, manipulation.

The food i ate, poisoned.

The water i drank, wasn't mind control, but the toothpaste was.

The air i breathed at least was safe, only because i don't have a shitload of planes flying overhead daily.

Finally, the Government that was supposed to keep us safe from the "Bad Guys", CREATED the damn bad guys!

07f42d No.835521


Double dubs confirm ;)

98cc29 No.835522


Bezos works with Clowns. and more

Watch this

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=A7TZ_CNBZD0

d409b0 No.835523

hmm.., Why the Mr. Trump doesn't talked something of Gold?

5de2cc No.835524


Oh, so there is no such drop…. Which I already knew, having my own copy of them. Got it.

And you go suck your mom's cock as well, charlatan.

93a36e No.835525


I cannot help it but reply many times. Hope I don't go too overboard.

c0dfc7 No.835526

File: 72db09401ea49e9⋯.jpg (123.52 KB, 1048x536, 131:67, Pyramid2.jpg)


I like this post.

ce877c No.835527


Or dieing up

fe97bd No.835528


They have tools now for everything. Like measuring moisture, error codes for furnaces. The other guy said hours before, i wonder how many?

7c586b No.835529

File: f234657c2d5eefc⋯.jpg (85.8 KB, 934x455, 934:455, stimpy.jpg)



b6dfaf No.835530


Pretty confident in yourself huh? You think your part of the pinnacle of intelligence in the universe (Humans)? Ignorant as FUCK you are.

d4e373 No.835531

File: 799b1ff5dd195a0⋯.png (295.67 KB, 624x337, 624:337, Screen Shot 2018-03-11 at ….png)


Nothing to see here folks.

5a5247 No.835532


This is man-made. The cabal has been hiding the technology with a plan to fake an alien invasion (written about in the late 1800's.) Don't be deceived….again…

399f60 No.835533

File: e16b2d36f9c29ca⋯.png (56.79 KB, 641x470, 641:470, SPD Dignitary comments.PNG)


Perhaps a visit to Boeing??


[pic related]

Typical Seattle replies to SPD

e97338 No.835534


Market and money manipulation as well as sharing data and helping the corrupt.

eb56bc No.835535


There is. One one journey into the realm of spirit while my body slept I came upon a woman who was in a situation of being trafficked. I began to defend her, rebuking the entity that was attempting to take her… then there was a voice asking, where is she, what is keeping you. The entitiy said there is a woman here, she is not letting me take her. The voice said… I will take care of this. I became frightened and began to run, then, remembering a childhood experience of being accountable and knowing she only had me, I stopped and returned. I beheld a dark form, eyes blazing red. I faced it and began to repeat over and over and over…. In Jesus name, I rebuke you, In Jesus name, I rebuke you…. it seemed ages. Eventually the Dark Spirit backed away and left. Then I became aware of two beings watching the situation, they has some kind of book they were writing in. Another being of what seemed superior rank stepped up and asked them… how did she do.. They replied, she rebuked two… the superior beings face showed a sort of dissappointment, but then one of the observing beings said… but one of them one Satan himself. Since then I have felt no fear.

1bfb4e No.835536


You sound like a desperate shill

81eecb No.835537


Check out "Real Power Is People"

https:// youtu.be/2hlIk3pm71w

8a4182 No.835538

Did you guys catch that POTUS says we will get out of Syria very soon when he was speaking at Ohio today? Very exciting!

0855bd No.835539


It adds to the data they collect on you.

Go to a brick and mortar store and pay cash, they have no clue what you're buying.

No money to be made off that now is there?

d08388 No.835540


I thought so too

8d7bb1 No.835541


I see your point.

Was just relaying the story for the first time to the significant other. Made the point that if you can't identify the flying object then it is, by definition, a UFO.

83ca55 No.835542


I am so thankful my employer refuses to hire illegal immigrants.

Thanks to him being a patriot with a spine, a real American citizen like myself gets to have a job.

I hope you get caught and fined out of business. Maybe sued when one of them gets hurt.

< everybody uses them.

Does not get you a legal excuse to hire them. Shame on you.

ce830b No.835543


the church

860d32 No.835544


Start with the oldest, but learn to read it a new way.

Ancient wisdom is coming around again.

We are living it to learn it again.

8a4182 No.835546


What is the character on the right's name?

413c0c No.835547


well sonovabitch…im sitting here in a damn Ren and Stimpy shirt

I have every Ren and Stimpy comic book published

Dafuq, man…

a58d4d No.835548


Nice dig anon. Added to d'loaf.

a6fdfb No.835549


>My son and I cannot figure out what Amazon might have in the fire that makes them complicit.

Blue Origin, the private space company owned by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos.

Amazon is active in just about every country on earth.

Amazon Echo in home spy electronics.

Amazon Fire Stick in hoe spy electronics.

Amazon Entertainment, including music downloads - entertainment industry clout/control.

Massive warehouse orations in multiple states and countries - local political clout/control.

7c586b No.835550

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


It's better than bad, it's good!

fa618a No.835551

File: 4ffae1a1352ad0a⋯.png (169.88 KB, 1800x456, 75:19, Screen Shot 2018-03-29 at ….png)

ba1b72 No.835552


Earth isn't a planet.

Planets are celestial bodies.

Earth is not a celestial body.

232ef5 No.835553


Dub dubs confirm truth

e86710 No.835554

File: 239907f99554d2b⋯.jpg (100 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)

File: 27e9dc39a932c3c⋯.jpg (55.64 KB, 594x444, 99:74, Dont Step On Me.jpg)

File: f5a11f063c26d2f⋯.png (898.37 KB, 944x836, 236:209, thermite.png)

==Active Thermitic Material Discovered in Dust from the 9/11 World Trade

Center Catastrophe==






Don't tread on the flag you traitor

860d32 No.835555


My sentiments exactly.

6a942e No.835556

File: 086a9cb68e21501⋯.png (648.48 KB, 891x933, 297:311, flat-earthers-are-complete….png)

File: 31dfb3a15b3ce54⋯.png (668.96 KB, 708x504, 59:42, flat-earth-propagandists.png)

File: 60dbd3c2792e61c⋯.png (1.33 MB, 960x706, 480:353, fuck-flat-earthers.png)


the Catholic Church Pedo network pushed flat earth for centuries

so therefor anyone supporting it today is a pedo catholic retard

1bfb4e No.835557


https:// youtu.be/rETvlW1lH_w

b3a944 No.835558


I've had a similar experience.

98cc29 No.835559


Yes! "100%"

Hope he follows through. Many presidents have failed to follow through on pulling out of anywhere. I'm convinced military action is not up the president at all

5c0d20 No.835560


Monopoly, maybe?

ce877c No.835561

Phil Schneider was murdered for talking about the underground alien bases he worked on… Patriot of the highest order.

e37f37 No.835562

File: 9dc908c22f0ec0d⋯.jpg (45.98 KB, 680x510, 4:3, Shillary at Rutgers.jpg)

Hey Anons I just noticed in this pic of Shillary at Rutgers that they gave her a BLUE backdrop. WTF..Rutgers' color is scarlett RED.

b6fd43 No.835563


Just getting online this evening. That's an amazing find, anon!!!

fa618a No.835564



5de2cc No.835565


as well as handing them a street address to add to the dossier compiled from the other sources mentioned already..

2b84cb No.835566

File: 757b896c5fd2917⋯.png (6.42 KB, 1235x99, 1235:99, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 6aafa4bcd2a38f0⋯.png (8.71 KB, 1213x194, 1213:194, ClipboardImage.png)

Anyone explain the difference in CM's I.D here?

Two different Admin accounts? or just different devices using same hash for trip?

3e3cd2 No.835567

File: 8c2e6fdd5496a89⋯.jpeg (326.52 KB, 1529x421, 1529:421, 868C27C9-214B-4AA1-BE21-1….jpeg)


So the outside of DC investigator is US Attorney for the District of Utah John W. Huber.

a9adf3 No.835568


This anon gets it.


ce830b No.835569

Yes the earth is flat. Up until recently (the 1500’s) everyone knew the earth was flat. However, as usual the cabal was fighting among themselves and the Church/Religion was getting too much power. Claiming the earth was a globe accomplished two very important things. It discredited the bible (if you know what you are looking for the bible distinctly refers to a flat earth) and put forth science as an authority over us. This also was a great way to divide the people - one of their favorite ways to control us.

Why does it look like the sun sets if the earth is flat?

Our eyes have a lens that focuses light, converging it, or bringing it to a focal point. As an image such as the sun moves away from our field of vision, it will eventually reach a vanishing point. Because of these two aspects of our lens when two parallel images such as the sun (which is moving in a circle parallel over flat earth) and the earth are at a distance from us they appear to converge or come closer and closer together until they disappear. Just as railroad tracks from a distance appear to join together until they disappear at our vanishing point or a person walking away from you down a flat road will first appear to have no legs, then no torso then no head.

fee250 No.835570


The Church? The Church punished Galileo for declaring the Earth is a Sphere revolving around the Sun? Sounds to me that they had fooled everyone with FE until Scientists disproved it and were punished for doing so.

2b84cb No.835571


shit nevermidn please ignore this post im and idiot

281347 No.835572

File: 50178a39324029c⋯.jpg (161.32 KB, 881x960, 881:960, 13230195_1210168312356964_….jpg)

7c586b No.835573


This anon does not know de wei.

(Ugandan Knuckles)

1bfb4e No.835574


Do you realize that it's anons whom have done their research that are presenting this to the board not your team the pedo/cabal….

8a4182 No.835575


Whatever Mattis ends up doing I think will be the right thing. I have every confidence in Mattis.

632a24 No.835576


The goal right now is to get myself set up with a cargo van for $2K or less and get it completely kitted out. I had a 92 Dodge Dakota with a contractors topper last year but it was frankly too small. Sold it over the winter, currently run a Honda Odyssey that is technically my wife's car, need to get a cargo van and once I do that I may start getting enough calls to go full time. I'm in a very lightly populated rural Midwestern area.

That combined with being hard of hearing and local competition are the issues.


I understand.

Handymen per se aren't illegal here. Iowa for all it matters. Just can't do electrical or plumbing without the fucking certificate. Which was pushed through by the last democratic asshole we had for governor. You might know his name. Vilscock. He can go to hell for screwing us.

Fortunately those "laws" really only apply in the big cities and commercial work where they feel like enforcing it.

For that matter… are you going to call a plumber or a handyman when you want your dishwasher installed? Replace a sink drain? Install a ceiling fan? Most plumbers don't want to mess with small jobs anyway.


Excuse me? I'm a Patriot as well. Born and raised here for 10+ generations. I go back to Edward Doty on the Mayflower. I can't stand illegal immigrants either. What the HELL was your post about, care to explain?

4100c7 No.835577


Maybe a blue backdrop looks better for the cameras?

d4e373 No.835578


Great Post. Have to drop Hydra once and for all. A "bottom to top unraveling."

fe97bd No.835579


Nice try copy pasta

2371c2 No.835580

File: fb07e6d1c09bc4d⋯.png (229.27 KB, 550x364, 275:182, big-ships-a.png)

File: f621f2696c543a9⋯.png (203.3 KB, 584x374, 292:187, suckerberg-a.png)

File: aac41ebca31560b⋯.png (279.01 KB, 378x426, 63:71, Breitbart-born-in-usa.png)

8a4182 No.835581


Haha no I have only seen him here and in some twitter GIFs before.

e97338 No.835582


Possibly. I know one of the programmers of Alexa. When i suggested what Alexa might actually be doing, he insisted that wasn't possible and they made sure it wouldn't.

So at least not all the programmers know what they are really creating.

52ebb4 No.835583


Stephen Reinhardt’s whole wiki bio reads like an insider’s insider …. wonder how much dirt they had on him.

Died in a dermatologists office unexpectedly.

I call assisted suicide and he offed himself and was one of the cult.

83ca55 No.835584


I think that's a hands on effort and a clear threat.

No matter. I am not long for this world and will not change my course of action regardless of the consequences.

Back to the front!

d04236 No.835585

I hate these FKN Libtards like the one on Tacker that just said you don't need an "Assault Rifle" to hunt deer.

A: AR = Armor-lite Rifle and

#2 AR's are not needed for deer hunting, they are needed to provide defense in a self regulated Militia in case the Gov. is full of Killarys and Husseins that want to sell us out and kill us.

I can't wait for the day when people start saying this and it is regarded as an accurate statement. Thank Q!!!!!!

fa4836 No.835586


Tom Green had a weird show, but he seems like a decent guy

b33428 No.835587


Sure looks like the earth is round from there! Redbull high altitude jump.

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=56&v=FHtvDA0W34I

5c0d20 No.835588


Yes, you're right, part of the profiling.

413c0c No.835589


This name sounds familiar……is he the fella that is connected with Epstein and the Mossadish tactics they use?

9615de No.835590


You're well aware then! Made & sold beats for a long while, met some incredibly bright blacks along the way, who I consider to be literary geniuses. What amazed me was the fact that some had little former education (or jut didn't do well with it, different learning styles), but shitloads of hand-me-down wisdom & street smarts, and knew how to express it without even trying. Confidence through the roof, out of some of the worst situations that life has to offer (third world in America, basically). Showed me that intelligence can't be measured with only standardized tests, there's 9 types of intelligence, and some just come naturally. Learned more from those young men & women than any school has ever taught me, most of it in good fun.




And YES, many know that it's the Joos who control the (music) BUSINESS

"Record industry rules # 1 2 & 3,

Jews runs it, niggers run around in it, believe me!" ~ Ras Kass, 1997

860d32 No.835591


>the Catholic Church Pedo network pushed flat earth for centuries

They still push flat earth theology.

They hate we are the second advent.

fe97bd No.835592


Just a picture of a SWAT team shows why

e37f37 No.835593


Now doubt. Rutgers caved.

0ad861 No.835594


Yep controlled by Rothchilds and of course head of Roths is Pindar. Roths traded Britain United States help in WW1 in exchange for Palestine. Roths control Israel and are head of the Khazar/Satanic/Pedo/Murder/Rape/Eat cult.

ce830b No.835595


yes history is certainly complicated

lots of chaos

d39302 No.835596


Didn't Q say Gitmo would be finished by the end of March? Arrests coming soon?

1bfb4e No.835597


Look another retard who refuses to watch the video

https:// youtu.be/rETvlW1lH_w

90c81a No.835598


Also Amazon Web Services (AWS) - Cloud Computing Services it's used in almost everything digital.

02b5e4 No.835599

The flat earth and alien people are probably Scientologist shills

a24db6 No.835600


The avalanche has started, it is too late for the pebbles to vote

30f75d No.835601

File: 248ae450c508365⋯.gif (4.73 MB, 500x281, 500:281, source.gif)


How could I deny a meme that is blessed by fire. I've never actually read the silmarillion. I'll add it to the list. Cheers anon.

0855bd No.835602


Exactly. Once a week, on Friday, I hit the same ATM and take $120 out, fill my tank, and use cash the rest of the week. Credit card is very rarely, and debit is never, used.

162fc7 No.835603

File: 94985c7f444f3f9⋯.png (533.78 KB, 909x512, 909:512, Amazon_Echo.png)

File: f652860ffa0a35a⋯.png (2.07 MB, 1454x1094, 727:547, Truth_in_advertising_CIAma….png)

File: 7f24d73aaf8a588⋯.png (428.07 KB, 909x512, 909:512, IBOR_Just_got_Amazon_Echo.png)

File: ab9f5e8fc55cac9⋯.png (211.04 KB, 872x693, 872:693, On_the_air_unaware_Truman_….png)

File: 096b70e7daaa4c9⋯.png (418.57 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, IBOR_Alexa_listening_to_ki….png)

06f4df No.835604




ce830b No.835605


no i hate scientology

friend of mine a victim

8bd3ec No.835606


oldFag get a scandalFag to verify the info

Welcome to HollyWood ….

1bfb4e No.835607


Your schtick is old and tired

d08388 No.835608



b6dfaf No.835609

File: 6464eb5504b372c⋯.gif (939.42 KB, 500x375, 4:3, tumblr_m2htmnT2YP1r0ix14o1….gif)

84338b No.835610


Getting pinched by the po po probably saved his life. Once these dudes carry out their "mission", they becomes a liability and thus have an unfortunate accident.

281347 No.835611

File: 2d6981e12768012⋯.jpg (52.41 KB, 750x722, 375:361, d7YQJ0V.jpg)

2b84cb No.835612


i was looking at the highlight instead of the actual post. they show different admin determinations, when looking at the post there is a yinyang, when you just highlight it with >> it doesnt show.

wasnt looking at the I.D's idiot

860d32 No.835613



Yes, excellent.

Doesn't that explain the other cues we got with the name?

1bfb4e No.835614


https:// youtu.be/rETvlW1lH_w

https:// youtu.be/rETvlW1lH_w

https:// youtu.be/rETvlW1lH_w

https:// youtu.be/rETvlW1lH_w

https:// youtu.be/rETvlW1lH_w

221488 No.835615

I'm having a tough time believing Q with Sessions hiring Huber.

Anyone care to lift my spirits?

02b5e4 No.835616

Gods' response to popes latest comments ?

https:// www.thesun.co.uk/news/5934572/vatican-worshippers-showered-with-falling-chunks-of-plaster-from-ceiling-of-st-peters-basilica/

fa618a No.835617


Thank you for a very lucid post.

d84b52 No.835618


Q is one big larper faggot wasting everyone's time. You faggots don't even realize this.

a58d4d No.835619


Really interesting to hear about life there, thanks anon. I was thinking more of the primary schools, where the CIA children may be being 'indoctronated'. I can't recall the name of the CIA primary school now, we discussed it when looking at Gannet and McClean.

a33b32 No.835620


Just Waiting photo 2 ?????

d409b0 No.835621


I like your hyphotesis. How can to arrests if you haven't the prison ready?

1bfb4e No.835622

File: 768d0cb35d859fc⋯.jpg (73.03 KB, 681x800, 681:800, 66e6f2274b8c00c0972b193cb7….jpg)

fe97bd No.835623


We found each other

557a35 No.835624


From what I read sounds like she is no angel and John has some issues. I am not going to condemn him for this which kind of surprises me for even typing this. In this case she should have kept her mouth shut. She was willing at the time.

d04236 No.835625


Yeah but the way they keep programmers, like scientists honest is compartmentalization. Just like the OMNIBUS, If what they are saying is true then (((Someone))) put the POTUS spending power in there. No one knew it was there because everyone is de-compartmentalized. Only looking at their own particular area. That and of course NO ONE READ THE BILL!!!!!

07f42d No.835626


Most "programmers" for companies like MS and Amazon are very lowly paid and basically copy/paste code from their own banks.

They aren't really coders.

281347 No.835627

File: 4b36a58018a32e4⋯.jpg (67.24 KB, 454x432, 227:216, 1471898286935.jpg)


bless you, anon

fa4836 No.835628


It makes the episode "A visit to Anthony" pretty creepy.

You can watch it here :

http:// renandstimpy.wikia. com/wiki/A_Visit_To_Anthony

02b5e4 No.835629


It's better it means Huber is directly under the supervision of Sessions unlike a special counsel who has more independence

fa618a No.835630

I think I am gaining a little insight… People without Jesus Christ can be pulled into great evil… There is a great evil world system…

c0dfc7 No.835631

File: d4595596891776b⋯.jpg (114.16 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, TrustThePlan.jpg)

File: b5eb0e437771ecf⋯.jpg (146.01 KB, 900x649, 900:649, TrustThePlan20.jpg)

File: d2ece1590fb706b⋯.jpg (431.42 KB, 1536x768, 2:1, TrustThePlanFullControl1.jpg)

File: 4e2f1a82448e6cd⋯.jpg (345.19 KB, 1536x768, 2:1, TrustThePlanFullControl2.jpg)

File: 3ce47b10c78df21⋯.jpg (301.57 KB, 1536x768, 2:1, TrustThePlanFullControl3.jpg)

3eb8b7 No.835632


Ya, but your IP address doesn't.

9615de No.835633


>Anyone who understand the true meaning of the Greek Hydra myth also understand this. You cannot destroy a monster by cutting off the head. THIS IS THE WORST THING THAT YOU CAN DO.

>When it is fully executed, they will be scattered, unable to communicate with each other and plan a resurrection. We nay well be mopping up for the next 2 to 3 generations to get all 7-10 million of them WORLDWIDE out of commission.

>In any case, you do not have any choice. The actions being taken are military operations. You do NOT get to dictate how and when the military act. You do NOT get to question their actions if they are lawful, and the thousands of arrests in the past 14 months certainly seem lawful. So you have no choice but to be patient. This is war, and your role as a civilian is to wait

Amen anon!

ba1b72 No.835634

File: 3c4660c10a03c00⋯.png (412.16 KB, 620x597, 620:597, felix1.png)



Fish eye lens or is that supposed to be planet New Mexico?

28ff64 No.835635


"think shell"

To most that would indicate armor on the outside, squishy stuff on the inside. So for us, we're the squishy stuff, we're on the inside. The Shell is above us.

I don't think so. Far out wwwaaaay out beyond Flat earth theory, and that which has roots in the bible and in early exploration is this.

Shell, but we're on the shell, the outside. No armor above us, we are exposed to 'space'

The part taht we won't accept is this. The earth is 'hollow' As the picture shows.

Think about all the crap and holy shit, oh fuck you get when you talk about Antarctica. Evil itself.

NO one is even mumblning hollow earth, even under their breath. If you know evil is in your midst. Andyou know you can't win if that evil decides to attack, and you're supposed to defend your masses from that evil, you will say anything and everything EXCEPT the real problem

Hollow Earth. The really powerful and really bad guys are 'there'.

6a942e No.835636

File: 820f25f702dcb58⋯.png (121.24 KB, 312x507, 8:13, this-is-us.png)


sure bud.

is there any confirmation on WHEN Huber was hired to do this?

special counsel would have to start from scratch.. with virtually no oversight. Huber will be supervised and nobody knows how long ago he was hired to do this

a58d4d No.835637

File: 50782b7ad67f9dd⋯.png (3.41 MB, 2222x1476, 1111:738, 50782b7ad67f9dda3aa676365a….png)


8faa10 No.835638


I hit mute when he comes on.

281347 No.835639

File: c76083adc8641c9⋯.jpg (75.96 KB, 500x500, 1:1, tumblr_nnokmx0wT21ra9ntyo1….jpg)

33f824 No.835640


Now if only there was an earthquake under all those obelisks around the world like what happened in Washington. Be more amazing if they were all destroyed at the same time…..

3eb8b7 No.835641


Release date of Alice in Wonderland: United States and the United Kingdom on March 5, 2010 = 11.

The dynamic context of Alice in Wonderland reveals the duality of the darkness and the light, but with an emphasis on the darkness that cumulates with the “final battle” and Alice being the “savior” of Underland.

Alice and The Hatter:

Alice, not remembering her past visit to Wonderland or “Underland” as a young girl, but only within her dreams, stumbles down the rabbit hole after 13 years. During her journey she meets the The Hatter that symbolizes the complement of Alice through the numerology on his Hat 10/6 = the number of complement 7. Without the Hatters assistance Alice would be lost. And, since the Hatter was dragged to the Evil Red Castle, Alice is forced to rescue The Hatter.

The Red Queen and Knave of Hearts:

The “Red” Castle/Queen represents Blood; the darkness is obsessed with blood, and is the prime reason Moses taught to stay clear of blood.

Within the Red Castle, the wicked Red Queen “Iracebeth”, with an extra large head shape as a heart, dominates with an iron fist along with her consort the one eyed Knave of Hearts, Ilosovic Stayn.

The deformities of the Queen and the masks of her servants symbolize the change in nature of the original lower entity who the Bible names as Baal/Satan. Baal was demoted into a lower entity from being a spirit. Celebrations around the world celebrate this demotion such as Carnival and Halloween where people celebrate with putting on masks or the coloring of faces.

The Knave of Hearts, Ilosovic Stayn represents the “All Seeing Eye” of the Queen. “Knave” defines as a dishonest or unscrupulous man and is another term for jack in cards.

Ironically, the army of the Red Queen represent playing cards. A deck of cards symbolizes “Luck” and “Numerology” including Cartomancy—Divination by cards.

It is difficult to explain the numerology that the red army presented, but they march in 2 columns of 3 adding to 6; the occult numerology = 11:33.

7c586b No.835642


Yeah, I actually think he is decent. But I have a story about him. He was talking about marrying Drew Barrymore for years, even back when he was on CHUO. Then he got really big, met her, married her, and left her a few years afterward because he couldn't handle her promiscuity. (Well, that's according to some Ottawa comics I used to know anyway.)

The moral?


399f60 No.835643

File: b8c2f1385c2cf50⋯.png (200.35 KB, 1499x299, 1499:299, OMG OMG Q is a larp kek.PNG)

9a5e20 No.835644


Have been wondering about you McLeanfag! Nice to see ya around!

162fc7 No.835645


outstanding post anon

fff91b No.835646



News said bradley is from Frisco TX which is right next to Plano.

28ff64 No.835647

File: 0255556b5f714c3⋯.png (453.82 KB, 542x564, 271:282, ClipboardImage.png)


No pic, here it is

1bfb4e No.835649



0ebe13 No.835650


Theory- this is 1 of the reasons why the autist filled chans was chosen for Q.

Fewer dopamine junkies here. Anti-social personalities or personalities not dependent on approval by others are immune to the engineering of social media.

One of many reasons.

72d555 No.835651

File: b8d018e82476e90⋯.jpg (108.71 KB, 1080x222, 180:37, Screenshot_20180329-174155….jpg)


It's huge and he's been working for a while Sessions is a master. Special counsels are terrible and unnecessary

fee250 No.835652


I think you have it the other way around. Up is Down, Left is Right.

fb5fd6 No.835653



another fasting anon here. all fat anons listen up. water fasting is how you get healthy quickly. triggers stem cells to rebuild your immune system, clean out all the junk, recycle old proteins like your manboobs, renew the mind, etc. first 3 days can be hell. worth it. jason fung books and blog will help you. r/fasting can give anon support. do it anons. live long and healthy.

93a36e No.835654


Confirmed by other sources that I'm not keen on disussing here, Q is LEGIT. Accounting for intentional misleading information - disinfo by pointing in the wrong direction (true direction revealed as future proves past).

You don't even have to know American politics to know that. Trust the plan, anon.

>The light will reveal those on the team and those pretending to be.

a6c5af No.835656

Seems to sound like a warning.

Hypothesis: Fentanyl poisoning to cause mass hysteria. Many many drug busts of quantities that would be INSANE to sell on the streets.

Just 1 of many sauces:

https:// www.washingtonpost.com/news/post-nation/wp/2018/03/27/suspected-drug-kingpin-charged-with-trafficking-enough-fentanyl-to-kill-10-million-people/?utm_term=.d0a784c7ffca

f9f78a No.835657

File: 37d414595c663aa⋯.jpg (82.71 KB, 1200x630, 40:21, voltaire1-2x.jpg)

Aaannnnddd yes the FEers start rolling again. Is it just that time of day again? Or did we catch a sore subject along the way? Have a look, it's never just one (deluded individual), it's a combative crew, like a well payed, well rested squadron from the (((tribe))) or something of that nature. Call it Russian bots if you must, but learn to see it for what it really is AND DON'T FEED IT! LEAVE IT ALONE! Don't link to it! Their shift is only 8 hours long. They also have to make a living to pay for the porn they need for their fapping, so indulge, have patience, BUT DON'T LOSE YOUR FOCUS! THESE PEOPLE ARE DUMB. The rot in their brains doesn't inhibit them to think they are thinkingThis is the price of free speech my friends, the destructors and detractors must also have a space for their 'opinion'.They wouldn't recognize science if it shat in their faces honestly, but always get up on high horses about it. We stand above all this, I hope. Godspeed. Buckle up & hold on tight.

>>835370 TY for this pic, it's related to my post too.

72d555 No.835658

File: 4be37775087a047⋯.jpg (211.96 KB, 745x529, 745:529, Screenshot_20180329-170818….jpg)


Sorry this

1bfb4e No.835659

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

cb7d34 No.835660


==I thought Anon was leading up to "round earth"

Glad I'm still ok. (JK)==

I was reading through thinking WE are the Aliens on this planet, with proof of our original landing.

a3930c No.835661

Q-Team I have no cell phone service on my phone,yet I’m going to ask you to give me a call on it anyway. I know you can. See I have this problem going on. I think it has to do with one of your own. Or was… either way I know they are behind it. If you do not call . Ok. I guess I will have to deal with this on my own.

I am trying to do the right thing here and handle this at the lowest lv . Like I was taught .

Yet that seems to not be panning out. Please tell me in detail description of how stupid you think I am. Please feel free to do your worst. I don’t mind.

I like the truth.

I have some truths I’m working on atm . I’m going to Pray to my God and ask for directions.

This could be a good or bad thing for these peeps if God comes back with the go ahead.

So I am coming here tonight to plead with you.

I need some answer and not the mushroom type.

This is not a game you are very true when you say this. I am no one special yet these folks are. You dig . I need to talk not yell . Talk wtf is going on . This is not a game man.

I pray to the God that died on the cross. Justina so you know. You understand. Thieves is not a game.

5c0d20 No.835662


What am I missing here? Who's hiring anybody?

3eb8b7 No.835663


The Scroll that Explains the Furture:

Alice views a scroll that reveals the future of Wonderland, but learns that she will slay the Red Queen’s Jabberwocky on the Frabjous Day and restore the White Queen to power; the scroll ends up in the hand of the Red Queen.

This discloses the reality that the light and the darkness comprehends the end game within the spirit world. The darkness understands that they will trap a large number of souls into their New World Order of Enslavement. However, as individuals awaken to the sinister agenda of the darkness, personal choice can change their personal path. The only tactic the darkness can use against an awakened or enlightened person is to deceive the awakened person to make the wrong choice. The Scroll of the future also expresses the context of destiny, even though Alice refused to champion against the Jabberwocky earlier, she choose to fight at the last minute.

Alice in Wonderland Battles the Jabberwaocky:

As Alice enters the battle she recalls 6 impossible things that occurred in her life before attacking the Jabberwocky (a fearsome giantlike bird creature) and chops off his head with Vorpal Sword that she received after befriending the Bandersnatch. Alice returns home by drinking blood of the Jabberwocky; blood drinking is a major satanic occult ritual.

The Red Heart is a dominate representation within the Red Queens atmosphere. The heart is offered up for ritual blood sacrifice symbolizing the willingness of the person to be killed if they divulge secrets.

The hostility between the two queens symbolizes the continued enmity of the light and the darkness in the spirit world.

Unraveling the Deception:

The Hollywood filmmakers continually portray this ultimate final battle between the virtuous and villainous. Tim Burtons Alice in Wonderland is a classic portrayal of this “final battle” that includes multiple other movies. The book of Revelation speaks of this final battle as Armageddon, yet, in the other books of the Bible this final battle voids itself of context. Indeed, the combined powers of the darkness are causing a deception concerning this final battle. The book of revelation is filled with Masonic ideas, even though people who are positioned in Christianity cannot ascertain the deception.

Most likely, the darkness stage a war that will unite the world within a common bond. I truly believe that this war will be humanity against ET Aliens. There is a growing minority who are comprehending the sinister agenda of the New World Order—there is even a smaller minority, but growing, who comprehends the truth of the ET alien agents of the darkness.

Even if the reader struggles to believe that aliens exist, and this scenario to unite the world as one; it is vital that you consider the possibility. Through an awareness of the possibility, lesser emotional disturbance will occur upon the possible presence of an alien war. The powers of the darkness will attempt to shock the human system into a panic that will impair the ability to problem solve, including causing trauma that can split the personality and cause a vulnerability toward the ensnared path of mind control.

424376 No.835664


A. Why do you care?

B. It is chance to red pill people about the kikes.

281347 No.835668

File: 2620dafeac50d4c⋯.gif (1.24 MB, 480x270, 16:9, 2620dafeac50d4cc1d71f5a0ad….gif)


this is wild stuff

ea0948 No.835669

File: 81ee47a4053a857⋯.jpeg (1.17 MB, 1536x1935, 512:645, 079ACFA5-E25B-46D2-B1B3-3….jpeg)

File: da09bf8fe75d4bf⋯.jpeg (865.05 KB, 1536x1816, 192:227, D33A8D8D-5DB9-4E47-81B4-D….jpeg)

06f4df No.835670

File: 4e1596b6659a6b8⋯.png (18.34 KB, 663x103, 663:103, ClipboardImage.png)


I know how to tead

you clearly said ID


221488 No.835671







TY anons, I'm keeping the faith.

e97338 No.835672


Perhaps, but that was not the case in this instance. Very high level PhD. and hired as a contractor.

a377e9 No.835673

File: 7d25faa6fa7e703⋯.png (311.07 KB, 559x497, 559:497, ClipboardImage.png)


Because he already has the equivalent of a second special counsel working on it (investigating what Obama Administration did to handicap Project Cassandra).

https:// www.politico.com/story/2018/01/11/jeff-sessions-justice-department-hezbollah-team-336396

eb56bc No.835674


HE said we would be able to do all HE has done and more. So many do not realize the power that is available to them. So many Spiritual Warriors out there speaking war over the enemy as the patriots and anons do the data war.

06f4df No.835675

28e35a No.835676


>Glowing MK-Ultra/FF situation

More info here:

https:// heavy.com/news/2018/03/ensyma-engineering-francho-bradley-wikileaks-weapons-cache/

This guy’s a major spook. His LinkedIn page has ties to Lockheed Martin and the prince of Dubai.

413c0c No.835677


Need some recon? I might know someone there..

4513f3 No.835678


When you attach a wifi apparatus to your network, how many other networks are in its range? If you live anywhere urban, this number is large. I don't know what to tell you if you think WPA2 is secure from 3 letter agencies.

Your neighbors Amazon fire is an onramp to your personal wifi network.

fff91b No.835679


1 dead, 3 wounded in shooting at Plano apartment complex

https:// www.dallasnews.com/news/plano/2018/03/29/police-responding-shooting-plano-apartment-complex-injuries-reported

93a36e No.835680


Past bread I posted a picture with extraterrestrials, they appear to have grown quickly in response. A means to discredit.

f3b062 No.835681


Dont blame Drew Barrymore…..she has had Speilbergs cock in her ass when she was a kid. She is MKULTRA and just lost. Lots of them are.

fee250 No.835683


We if we Are the Aliens and there is proof under the Ice in Antarctica?

8c702c No.835684


New ring on Killary not her wedding ring different from her Satan rings

097971 No.835685


Found the pedo

06f4df No.835686


i can change my IP fifty times within a bread

its called a vpn

check into it

d04236 No.835687


Right!!! Ats least this time we have My Marine Corps and others on our side. Since the UN took it upon themselves to militarize our police forces, (Protect and Serve) my ass, through the Strong City Initiative.

52ebb4 No.835688



When you’re so jaded you’ve lost all objectivity and ability to reason

31ae2d No.835689


What if amaz became the only source for living needs? Seems unlikely now but look at how much they offer and have grown, that much control by 1 system can not be good for humanity

3eb8b7 No.835690


Very. What does a person say.

eff137 No.835691

File: ea7487f8c97289c⋯.jpeg (495.19 KB, 750x947, 750:947, 53A30F48-27DF-4FE1-89A0-3….jpeg)

So, just got Msfts updated eula. Here a shit from the portion related to xbox.

Of note: No profanity. No “negative speech”…i basically read this as “whatever we don’t like”. No “controversial religous content.”

All are exceptionally broad, and open to wide interpretment. The religion piece seems most concerning.

Do atheists define talk of God as controversial? Surely anything discussing terrorism will be (sorry goat fuckers).

Fuck this shit. Maybe when Q says we have forgot how to fight, he really means buy more ammo, time for another revolution.

b3df3a No.835692


Yeah, I brought it up earlier >>835326 , and saw someone else mention it.. At least we're not alone, kek.. we both got linked to that curved earth thang.

864430 No.835693


I have been waiting for it to be crop dusted over a city during a sporting event. contact absorption would leave the area contaminated for a long time.

b6dfaf No.835694


this even makes more sense than FE

98cc29 No.835695


Breadworthy! This anon knows his shit. OP wasn't completely wrong either. Hillary is just a kink in the chain. This is a global war and a war for our SURVIVAL as humankind, don't be mistaken.

a58d4d No.835696

File: cbd39fd26d9cc22⋯.jpg (153.85 KB, 659x358, 659:358, cbd39fd26d9cc2240f14e7d427….jpg)

New Bread

New Bread




a3930c No.835697

I can wait.

93a36e No.835698


Keep it together anon. You have more power than you realize, inside and outside. Don't let the Cabal take you down and program your behavior.

07f42d No.835699


Cool.. Was just stating for employees anon.

fa4836 No.835700


Beautiful. Thank you anon :)

a9adf3 No.835701


Add george mason and GW to that list.

Clowns out the fucking wazoo, heavily brainwashed.

2b84cb No.835702


so you decline to read my explanation

ya id was prolly the wrong term there

stop being a fucking slidefag and post something worthy

checked your post history and its all shitposting