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File: e37cf6094e8eac6⋯.png (11.3 KB, 233x99, 233:99, Screen Shot 2018-04-03 at ….png)

534635 No.885933

Peter = Christ

46974b No.886082

What the F

Pope =Chair

THe CHAIR OF PETER is the office of the POPE

Really…go back to FB

83d77e No.886145

We previously discussed the "seat of power".

Q has now mentioned the "chair".

Seems clear that P is only the chair.

We have now been introduced to "The Master".

Q made this reference in reply to someone referencing the Rothschilds.

My view:

P/Chair = Pope/Vatican

Master = Rothschild Family (worth several Trillion $)

534635 No.886158


And who is Peter (hint: Vicar of Christ).

Go back to Benny Hinn you dipshit millennial.

534635 No.886171


Fits the current narrative. Terrible theology, but whatever.

5a35af No.887042

everything is disinfo

everything has meaning


double meaning

the pope has a job to do and Trump will make sure he does it —just like china with nk


Saudi Arabia with middle east

that is part one

part two is

meant for hrc to read

Hillary is the pope of Satanism

pedo temple and all its secrets are a mystery to us but hitting home with her and her clan of evil as they read what Q is revealing

e8a4fe No.887067

peter the roman?

aa238a No.887404

Peter's real name is Simon; see Matthew 4:18.

1f3e04 No.888064


The popes claim to come from a line of bishops descending from Peter and claim that it makes them direct representatives of Christ on Earth, who must be obeyed like Christ, with the supernatural power of infallibility. This is spiritual pride on an institutional scale and makes the Catholic Church uniquely vulnerable among major Christian denominations.

The above is probably a double meaning for the line.

dea5fe No.888553

According to the Christianity the "Master" would be Jesus Christ.

I was raised Catholic. Jesus is the head/master of the Church. The Pope is the head of the Church on earth.

Q is suggesting otherwise.

This talk of Pope being a 'baddie' is very troubling to me. I'm assuming Q means Francis, and not the (exiled) Pope Benedict. While I see him doing some truly crazy shit (there is no hell?) I also, have a extended relationship with someone who prophesied he'd be the next Pope *to his face* in 2007.

I can show a video if interested, but, also want to protect the person who spoke to the Pope. In the Christian world (as well as outside) there is so much accusation of fakeness I don't want to perpetuate it. In the parts of Christianity that openly practice prophesying, they get the most ugly darts thrown.

Anyhow, the person who prophesied to Cardinal Jorge that he'd be the next Pope, was overcome with a spiritual sense that he was a good and humble man.

So for Q to suggest otherwise is deeply conflicting.

734210 No.889045


Pope is suppose to be a vicar (stand in) for Christ until he returns … but probably a stand-in for anti-Christ.

Pope is vicar for anti-Christ.

ac9829 No.889529

Pindar = Chimera


https:// www.bibliotecapleyades.net/sumer_anunnaki/reptiles/reptiles01.htm


http:// 2012portal.blogspot.com/2014/07/fall-of-chimera.html

82ca8e No.890334

just another judas going down


c5a3a8 No.891280

File: 4f659631398e9d0⋯.jpg (12.9 KB, 223x226, 223:226, Q_Anon_Guccifer_Letter_Fox….jpg)

b8a62b No.891539


Part of that big lie is masking the fact that the jew"god" is the enemy. There's a reason why "the church" killed off all the gnostics - control mechanism. Yhvh is the demiurge who called itself the creator of all things and is the enemy, but there's too much schooling that needs to take place for most people to come to that realization.

b8a62b No.891562


so that also winds up leading to realizations like "satan" is an artificial construct. almost a flip side analogue of the historical figure of jesus not being what the church wished to depict him as, lest they undermine their entire story to garner sheep.

8d5f88 No.891657

File: 04ab8c07b1c4b24⋯.jpg (287.94 KB, 580x721, 580:721, chair-of-peter.jpg)

File: 42971d4348b3638⋯.jpg (496.56 KB, 790x480, 79:48, SOD-0222-ChairofSaintPeter….jpg)


That chair is not spooky at all

1f6944 No.891696


noice format….

7a9806 No.906350

Interesting article (from 2014) in light of all of this.

http:// twoheartspress.com/how-to-respond-if-pope-francis-is-the-false-prophet-2/

912ca4 No.906742

Sure would help if Q just said the name

c29ab6 No.907464


Peek = Cloppenburg

you just make it up. its more likely Pope / Chair but wasnt there a q post saying Pope is not P? And whats up with Philip in the hospital and Charles in England?

7fe407 No.907475

File: 7677600dab8a2fa⋯.jpg (38.94 KB, 567x245, 81:35, popetext.jpg)

7e5857 No.962491


P = Papal (the kingdom represented by the beast)


Peter is not and never has been vicar of Christ. He followed Christ.That is a twisted and purely diabolical teaching of the catholic church. The human Pope, the PAPACY, takes this title and in Latin it does add up to 666. 5 variations. here's one ex for Vicar of God's Son

V i c a r i u s





500/0/1. Add up to 666

He serves the beast (Satan). The beast gives his spirit to him and he was given a mouth to speak, and he speaks blasphemies. (He thinks he's God on earth) He kills people who do not worship him GENOCIDE death sentence. Count the number of the beast, it's the number of a man,and his number is 666.

This is from Daniel and Revelations. The prophecy made Daniel so upset he turned pale and stayed alone for months. THE BIBLE IS A BOOK OF PROPHECY!!!

Coming back to life after the deadly head wound is when all the popes were beheaded. I tried to find this online, but search is lame.

They trick people by making them think they follow God, but they change all kinds of shit and mock God. Been telling people for years but have been accused of hating Catholics. There are billions of them, so eeeeh

They invoke evil spirits into themselves and are possessed, and they serve evil. sodomy ritual is really important to them.SICK Hollywood enslaves, uses Mkultra it's fueled by satanic ritual

Many unsuspecting victims, captured

Antarctica is a hot spot for evil, and there's a reason, and CERN ties into that. Look at the separate Antarctica page/thread being developed. There should be one for CERN too. Needed.

Gain wisdom and understanding.

Read The Book of Enoch!!


Best quick reference (has all papal 666 titles is and good research is:

amazing discoveries.org

Or search for vicar of Christ 666 name

13f2ad No.962511

p is either president or pope

7e5857 No.962636



God sent many Prophets to warn and save his sheep, for over a thousand years, but tthe sheep stayed blind and they murdered the prophets.

Then God sent his Son to save us, just like the parables say about the vineyard, and they murdered his son too!!

There are hundreds of verses describing our present situation play by play.

People don't pay attention!!


7e5857 No.962654


Not Pope or president

P = Papal, the beasts kingdom

7e5857 No.962688

The master is Satan

7e5857 No.962711

They all serve Satan. They are Satanists.

7e5857 No.963321

To understand the error, do this:

Take God out of the context of "religion"

Take his Word out of the context on men.

And then, love one another:)))

You must do this to heal, to see

>>888553 I'm truly sorry this is troubling for you. We are all shocked and hurting over so many things

We have all been deceived, as in the whole world will be deceived…

But, trust this: Christ has never been the head of the Catholic Church, or any other church for that matter. You are his temple he resides in. You control that, not a "church"

Just go straight to God like Christ intended. He will be glad to see you:))

……For me, everyday was a pure delight as I played in his presence all the time, playing everywhere on his earth, and delighting to be with mankind.

full text see Proverbs 8:22-31

6f6396 No.965950

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

The chair is the Holy See.

Maybe this will explain.

7e5857 No.966983


Yes, commonly known as the Papal. The "P" is relevant here.

b0f71c No.969548


>lucifers throne


2a55fd No.969563


What kind of evidence..we already have..should we have prepped…My phone class action lawsuit protection that covered monetary limits and Tort Liability..(torture)

7c3342 No.969583

I just personally think if I had to point out the Devil in human form it would simply be Bill. It's not that hard to see. He just chills.

7c3342 No.969621

Bill Clinton, I mean, is the Devil incarnate. It's the sort of thing people used to joke about. That's the Biblical trick people constantly obsess over. Shoving something in your face and accepting it. Bill Clinton is the actual antichrist, in a spiritual as well as in the context of this case way.

d5cac4 No.975467


Are you on the right thread? Sorry can't understand what you're asking. Except if you're talking about a civil lawsuit under the tort claims act, I think you mean totortuous as opposed to torture… which sounds criminal. So ?

d5cac4 No.976629


Biblical trick? I don't think God's the one who's been tricking people here. And Bill Clinton, though he is a known drug lord, murderer, and pedophil, seems more like a perverted sex addict who's content to wait around til he dies. Not really the throne type.

Can you agree that our enemy is evil? Because we wouldn't know that without the Word of God. And it is in the Word of God exactly who our enemy is and we are warned and guided on how to fight and defeat the enemy, and told by Prophets who Satan gives his power to on earth, and how to identify him. Clearly not Bill Clinton.

I don't think, given all the crumbs, that anyone involved here can deny that Q is a soldier of God, and he has called on us to join forces, and he has made it clear this is a battle for our lives of good against evil.

Discern where very the trickery is. He has encouraged us to look in these places, even if it's hard for us, and sticking together as we look. This is not our fault we were deceived.

It is not a bad thing to know your creator.

Peace to you always

May we all grow and learn from this

85386e No.979684

P is now, and had always been Phillip.

C is now and had always been Charles.

Sometimes the rules layed out by codesters, then agreed upon by non-codesters wanna be codesters… get to the point of locking out the voices of others. Sometimes those "others" HAVE actual knowledge to add to a cause…. But logged in too late to join the discussion.

Spin wheels.

Make arbitrary rules.

Miss the picture.

85386e No.979835


Who is the Chief-Elector and Archtreasurer of the Vatican?

Who wants ==so, verymuch== to be king?

85386e No.979997


Get through the ads, and get over the clowns.

Hear this for what it is.

https:// m.soundcloud.com/buck-sexton/the-buck-sexton-show-presents-battle-of-lepanto

92be1d No.980233

pope = cardinal ?

85386e No.980383


Long story short

Don Juan of Austria, helped make his people free.

Donald John of America, is helping make his people free.

bf8787 No.980511


Damn you are stupid.

I've read 500 breads.

Read at least 2.

d5cac4 No.982928



Think Bigger. Why can't you people go where the crumbs take you?

God's army God's army God has an army. Adonai Tzva'ot (Lord of the Sabbath)–Lord of (heaven's) armies, Lord of Hosts. To 9:29+

Now apply to Satan and add God's Word (without adding to God's Word)

And take man's word out. Lose your religion lose your religion lose your religion.


Discern the prophecies so they are useful without contradiction. The Bible is a history book, tells the end from the beginning and the beginning from the end.

Horns are kingdoms on earth, you can identify the Roman Empire (Europe), easily.

The Word tells you in plain language "The great dragon was thrown out, that ancient serpent, also known as the Devil and Satan [the Adversary], the deceiver of the whole world. He was hurled down to the earth, and his angels were hurled down with him. Rev 12:9

The dragon is pissed, focuses on genocided God's people, is infuriated over the woman, follows, tries to kill God's son at birth then, murders on and on and on….

The beast with 10 horns, 7 heads comes up out of the sea (sea or waters = people) Rev 13 with Daniel 13 connect. Then

That beast… (on it's head were 10 royal crowns): To it the dragon gave it's power, it's throne and great authority. Rev 13 read the chapter

See this >>962491 re

One of the heads of the beast received a fatal wound, but it's fatal wound was healed, and the whole earth followed after amazement. Rev. 13:3



They worshipped the dragon, because he had given his authority to the beast.

LOOK who the Word says worships the beast. (decipher the beast) LOOK who Satan gave his throne to. (plain text) LOOK, it's the PAPAL kingdom. Identify its soldiers. Head soldier is the Pope. Victor of God's Son. SATAN'S ARMY

KNOW YOUR ENEMY. They're satans, plural. The point of their evil evil rituals is to upload evil spirits into their bodies and minds. Eating babies and humans, sodomy, they take it for power


Want to know about the evil spirits





The beast (Satan) gave his spirit to

d5cac4 No.982985


Oops should say


I've come to see and realize that our devices work to interfere with those who attempt to speak out about God. Why my phone auto changes is a constant happening.

Phones are corrupt

d5cac4 No.983009


Fuck it did it again

Don't add men's words to GOD'S WORD

7fe407 No.983025

P = Pope

C = chair



d5cac4 No.983137


Popes come and go and some are forced out and some don't play and some are even 187d. They are a puppet. Look deeper.

The Pope answers to the PAPACY. That's his employer. The PAPACY.

The whole world was deceived when they followed a church. Pope is nothing without that.

You are in error

f8f927 No.983228


Pope is head of the papacy

d5cac4 No.983358


It's under the PAPACY

That's where the bloodlines gather

It's all about the bloodlines

You leave out God's country Word, logic and relevant crumbs

It's not about one man it's about an army and kingdom

For we are not struggling against human beings, but against the rulers, authorities and cosmic powers governing this darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realm. Ephesians 6:11-

"Why did the nations rage

and the people devise useless plans?

The kings of the earth took their stand:

and the rulers assembled together

against ADONAI

and against his Messiah"

Acts 4:26 quoting

Psalms 2:1-2

Read God's Word

Don't rely on your own understanding

accb76 No.984398


Trust The Plan.

The pope is not a good soul.

The higher ranking in the vatican, do not talk to GOD. They talk to evil spiritual entities.

GOD is revealing the catholic churches sins.

b63d61 No.990698


And we should pray for and give love to them that we deceived. This will be very hard for many. Billions

6e1970 No.992340

P = C

Paedofilia = Cannibalism

6e1970 No.1011218


Pope = Curia

6e1970 No.1011251



The Pope serves the Curia, the Catholic Church mafia… the Curia is dominated by 2 “families” that hate each other: the Jesuits and Opus Dei… the current Pope is a Jesuit, which breaks the traditional stronghold that Opus Dei (a textbook cult) has had over the Vatican.

056150 No.1015192


Hey, thanks for that. Makes sense that original players names and identities have evolved through history.

Are you saying that they are the guardians now, so to speak? Sects fighting over who makes the first cut? The Deepest? The most honorable position? A house divided?

bda433 No.1015579


2nd Vatican Council cause a schism is the Church. Jesuits have been bringing her down since.

bda433 No.1015708

File: 1a0b1ad844d8543⋯.jpeg (62.63 KB, 1340x553, 1340:553, wiki catholic CHRISTIAN P….jpeg)


Remember the Podesta Email Regarding invading the Catholic Church. They want Catholic Charities Fund Appeal to fund abortion, this Pope… He is not my Pope.

056150 No.1015942


That's for sure. He's Satan's pope, exposed. May May come fast, with no mercy!

284ed9 No.1017444

File: 1531fae6a506ac8⋯.png (272.14 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, 21C85182-73FB-44ED-916A-D6….png)

When I have more time I’ll post all my

Research (nothing new but relatable)

The papal bloodlines over hurndres of years have married into Rothschild.

One of those Rothschild that can be directly connected in linage with those papal bloodlines is a Rothschild and is in a position of power within the Holy See.

e130c3 No.1066251

File: 574f89d3ec564c9⋯.jpg (3.24 MB, 2305x1609, 2305:1609, Roma-san_giovanni03.jpg)


wrong chair.

352c7b No.1075294


fake & gay

f927da No.1081021


My opinion;

Benedict is still the legal Pope.

The Pope is not allowed to resign, he must die in office. Only on his death, may another election for a new Pope occur.

So, therefore, "Pope" Benedict is an anti-Pope, and obviously, based on his actions and sayings, probably the prophesied forerunner to the anti-Christ. For example, just over Easter itself (!!!), he denied the existence of Hell. (This is intended to lead to canonical doubts by the faithful- So what was Jesus doing over the three days before He rose? Why did He lie? How can Jesus, the Son of God lie?!? etc).

I think that in previous messages, P = Pope, and the Chair is also the Pope.

‘The Chair serves the Master.’

So Pope Benedict ((Arnold)) serves Satan (his Master), and he tries to destroy the faith of as many as he can, to prepare the way for the coming of his Master (Satan, the anti-Christ).

That said, at the moment I am unsure what “P =C” in this context means.

a336d9 No.1081222

I'm feeling the "Chair" is relating to someone who is "Chairing a Board of Directors". They are known as "The Chair". Who and what board? If "They" answer to the "Master" then all we need to know is what board relates directly to the Vatican (bear in mind, there are MANY). I'll keep digging and going back over the breadcrumbs. The answer is in here somewhere.

c464ef No.1081310

File: cc2de4697f049ef⋯.png (109.54 KB, 480x360, 4:3, #pope.png)

Pope is P

Pope is Chair

Chair is C

Master is Satan



Pope serves Satan


a336d9 No.1081315

"Allo Allo"….. something smells a little fishy here. Pope sacks the whole Board of the Vatican Banking Watchhttps:// www. independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/pope-francis-sacks-entire-board-of-vaticans-financial-watchdog- 9494834.htmldog. Follow the breadcrumbs bakers

a336d9 No.1081387

Definiately some dirt here. Pope Francis sacks the whole Vatican Board of Banking Watchdogs, leaving one Director and employing a group of internationals who - some claim - are described as the "Catholic Masons" and having financial interests in the Vatican.

Pope Francis’s battle to clean up the Vatican’s scandal-mired bank, the Institute of Religious Works (IoR), has entered a new stage, with his removal of the entire board of the Holy City’s financial watchdog.

The five Italians heading the Financial Information Authority (AIF) have been replaced with an international group of experts, including a woman, two years before they were supposed to step down. Vatican insiders say the drastic move followed clashes between the board members, who formed part of the old boys’ network and the body’s Swiss director, René Brülhart, an anti-money laundering expert, who remains in charge.

“Brülhart wanted a board he could work with and it seems the Pope has come down on his side and sent the old-boy network packing,” a Vatican source told Reuters. The Vatican said in a statement that Pope Francis had thanked the “illustrious” former members. Spokesman Father Federico Lombardi said the changes were in line with the agency’s “internationalisation” and were in response to the requirements of a new statute introduced last year.

Dana White reveals what Conor McGregor told him immediately after UFC bus attack

Man accused of shooting at black teenager who knocked on his door to ask for directions

Six seriously injured after car hits people at supermarket in Manchester

by Taboola

The new board members are Juan Zarate, a Harvard law professor and former US presidential financial security adviser; Marc Odendall, a financial consultant to Swiss charities; Joseph Yuvaraj Pillay, the former head of the Monetary Authority of Singapore; and Maria Bianca Farina, the head of two Italian insurance companies.

According to the Catholic weekly, The Tablet, reformist members of the Curia had urged the Pope to bring in professionals with a global perspective who would back Mr Brülhart’s efforts to modernise the IoR, following years in which the institution had dragged its heels on complying with international standards on financial transparency.

Among the recent scandals, Monsignor Nunzio Scarano, a former senior Vatican accountant who had close ties to the IoR, is currently on trial accused of plotting to smuggle millions of dollars into Italy from Switzerland in order to help rich friends lower their tax bills. Investigators believe he used his two IoR accounts as overseas slush funds. Records show that on one occasion in 2012 he withdrew €560,000 (£455,000) from an IoR account in a single transaction.

Paolo Cipriani and Massimo Tulli, the IoR’s former director and deputy director, who resigned last July after Msgr Scarano’s arrest, have been ordered to stand trial on charges of violating anti-money laundering norms.

Last July Pope Francis also appointed a separate five-person commission to examine the overall management of the Vatican’s finances. But some critics said that instead of a breath of fresh air, they were Vatican insiders, all of whom had IoR bank accounts. Some of the commission members were reported to have personal connections to Carl Anderson, who is a member of the IoR’s board of directors and head of the wealthy Knights of Columbus, which has been described as the “Catholic masons”.

In June last year, a report was released on a 30-month investigation into the IoR. The document said that high demand for recycling cash, together with the lack of checks and controls by the IoR and the Italian financial institutions it dealt with, made the Vatican bank a money-laundering hot spot. The same month it emerged that the IoR was seeking to close 900 suspicious accounts. According to the Corriere della Sera newspaper, four of the suspect accounts were linked to the Vatican embassies in Indonesia, Iran, Iraq and Syria. In a press conference as he was flying back from his trip to the Middle East, the Pope stressed he was committed to bringing “honesty and transparency” to the Holy See’s finances.

a336d9 No.1081463

https:// www. ncronline.org/news/k-c-leader-named-vatican-bank-supervisor

So Pope Francis appoints the Head of The Knights of Columbus to run the Vatican Bank, then nominates him for a Sainthood. This gets curiouser and curiouser

K of C leader named Vatican bank supervisor

Sep 23, 2009

by John Thavis, Catholic News Service

VATICAN CITY – The head of the Knights of Columbus has been named by Pope Benedict XVI to a five-member council that supervises the activities of the Vatican bank.

Supreme Knight Carl A. Anderson, who heads the 1.7 million-member fraternal organization, was among three new council members announced by the Vatican Sept. 23. Leaving his post on the council was Virgil Dechant, who stepped down as head of the Knights of Columbus in 2000.

The pope also named a new president of the council, Ettore Gotti Tedeschi, an Italian banker and a professor of financial ethics at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Milan, and a new vice president, Renaldo Hermann Schmitz, a retired German business manager.

The Vatican bank, known formally as the Institute for the Works of Religion, was established in 1942 and is used by Vatican agencies, church organizations, bishops and religious orders around the world. It offers currency exchange services and interest-bearing accounts and, like all banks, has an investment portfolio.

The supervisory council of lay experts was established in 1989 in a reorganization of the bank, following involvement – unwitting involvement, according to Vatican bank officials – in an Italian banking scandal.


Explore Pope Francis' environmental encyclical: Get this free readers' guide when you sign up for the weekly Eco Catholic email.

Anderson, 58, also runs the Knights of Columbus insurance program, which has more than $14 billion in assets and some $71 billion worth of insurance in force. For the 34th year in a row, Anderson said recently, the program has earned the highest rating given by A.M. Best and for the 17th year in a row it earned Standard & Poor's top rating.

And in more Knights of Columbus news:

Sainthood for Knights of Columbus founder possible within two years

By Jack Sheedy, Catholic News Service

HARTFORD, Conn. – Carl Anderson, supreme knight of the Knights of Columbus, said he hopes that consideration of new evidence of a possible miracle will lead to sainthood for the founder of the Knights of Columbus within two years.

Anderson made the remarks to The Catholic Transcript, the newspaper of the Archdiocese of Hartford, moments before Hartford Archbishop Henry J. Mansell signed documents containing new information gathered by the tribunal that is investigating the cause for canonization for Father Michael J. McGivney.


The documents, which remain secret, were sealed Sept. 22 in the presence of about 50 witnesses and prepared for delivery to the Vatican.

McGivney (1852-90) was a priest of the Archdiocese of Hartford who founded the Knights of Columbus in 1882 in New Haven. The cause for his sainthood formally began in Hartford in 1997.

Anderson said the ceremony marked "a very important day for the cause of McGivney because it is the conclusion of the medical evidence and assessment [of] the miracle that's been submitted, or what we hope will be considered a miracle, and so this is a very important step for us."

As to how much longer the sainthood process might take, he said, "Well, the fact that the Congregation [for Saints' Causes] has declared McGivney to be [a] venerable servant of God [in March 2008] means that it is now on a higher priority track, so we hope, once all the material that has been obtained through this process is assessed and put in a written report to the congregation, that they'll act with expedition. So maybe within two years."

Also present at the signing ceremony was Andrea Ambrosi, postulator or promoter for the cause of McGivney's sainthood. Ambrosi, vice president and academic dean at the Dominican House of Studies in Washington, took over the position about a year ago from Dominican Father Gabriel O'Donnell, who is now vice postulator.

Ambrosi has been postulator for the causes of about 300 candidates for sainthood, about 10 of whom have become saints, he said.

Just $5 a month supports NCR's independent Catholic journalism.

We are committed to keeping our online journalism open and available to as many readers as possible. To do that, we need your help. Join NCR Forward, our new membership program.

a336d9 No.1081529

P = C

Does the Pope serve "Carl" The head of the Knights of Columbus.

Google "Knights of Columbus"

Heaps of Photo's of the Bushes, Kennedy's and Nixon amongst others. Not using Wikipedia as any great resource please, but just as a quick reference for you all:

Supreme Convention

A photograph of President George Bush shaking hands with fourth degree knights.

George W. Bush greets Fourth Degree Knights at the 122nd Annual Convention.

The Knights of Columbus invites the head of state of every country in which they operate to the annual Supreme Convention.[121] In 1971, US President Richard Nixon gave the keynote address at the States Dinner; Secretary of Transportation and Knight John Volpe had arranged this first appearance of a US President at a Supreme Council gathering.[122]

President Ronald Reagan spoke at the Centennial Convention in 1982.[123] Reagan presented the order with a President's Volunteer Action Award at the White House in 1984.[124] President George H. W. Bush appeared in 1992. President Bill Clinton sent a written message while he was in office, and President George W. Bush sent videotaped messages before he attended in person at the 2004 convention.[125] President Barack Obama has also sent written messages during his term in office.[126]


Fourth degree members belong to one of 3,109 assemblies, including 75 created in 2012.[44] The first assembly in Europe was established in 2012,[44] and in 2013 a new assembly for Boston-area college councils was created at Harvard University.[127] As of 2013 there were 335,132 Fourth Degree members, including 15,709 who joined the ranks of the Patriotic Degree the year before.[44]

9d0a11 No.1099459

The "Chair" is the Chair of Peter. Matt:16 and 2nd half of Isaiah:22 It seems Christ is quoting from Isaiah 22.

Also in Matthew (I don't know exact location), Christ refers to "Chair of Moses". Christ says when High Priest speaks from Chair of Moses u must listen to him.

U put's "chair" in quotation marks when Q dropped "Chair" serves Master. Meaning when the "High" Priest..or Pope is using the Chair as the Chair was intended to be used, the High Priest speaks infallibly. That's why Christ says, Listen to him.

Since Peter was given the keys to bind and loose. That's authority. An Office. A See. Or a "Chair".

In the Gospels, Christ is referred many times to as, The Master, or Master. Rabbi.

If the Chair is used properly, then it's serves the Master. When teaching with solumn authority.

P=C. Peter=Chair. Chair in "Chair" in quotations. Only if Pope is legit Pope.. and not teaching heresy. Or a Manifest Heretics. If he is such,then he is automatically excommunicated. Lol no

ab8102 No.1100442

Islam. Submission to Allah the One

Bismillah ar rahman ar rahim

No bullshit

No Saturn

No Horus

Iblis can only deceive

Quran is natural order

Wow how simple and straightforward happy to have saved you all some time

Inb4 what about the Qabbalists who sit on the Saudi throne who invented Wahhabism and spread it like a disease like (((they))) did with the Mongols and Black Death as well

ab8102 No.1100452


Watch me gematria bro

d75884 No.1223485

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I believe that the Church has been subverted by the cabal, like many others institutions, the snake building was built after Vatican II…

And don't forget that there are many prophecies within the catholic church predicting a period of great apostasy.


a2f5c1 No.1224697

P = helecopter marshmellows.

Means as much as what you posted.

The pope is the forerunner of thr antichrist the beast

1555d0 No.1224698

nada bread

7671ed No.1226266



This is where my thoughts went. Here's why:


>And who is Peter (hint: Vicar of Christ)

Basically, the Pope is the Antichrist. Doesn't matter who's sitting on it. The Church is serving the beast.


This. Why do you think so many broke away from the Catholic Church? It's a debased institution, irrespective of the actual good people serving in it.


This anon gets it.

23ddee No.1257514

File: 736fad6ad6eaf42⋯.jpg (132.36 KB, 3840x2400, 8:5, qresearch-at-square.jpg)

File: 59d6c1881b0fcf9⋯.jpg (222.72 KB, 2491x1681, 2491:1681, P-knows-there-is-serving-t….jpg)

Disclaimer: I am a Roman Catholic.

I provide this for clarification of the whole CHAIR argument.

The chair is the chair of St Peter, and as such the HEAD of the Catholic church on EARTH. St Peter and his line must serve the TRINITY; only God the FATHER, the SON, and the HOLY SPIRIT. There is no other MASTER.

Jorge Mario Bergoglio is no POPE of mine.

PS: Also, you're Pope 'til you die or adjudged heretical by the BISHOPS.

23ddee No.1257694

File: 063199387bcc1c6⋯.jpg (314.75 KB, 2491x2105, 2491:2105, P-serving-two-masters-beta.jpg)

Minor tweak…

23ddee No.1257874

File: 673c3611b663afa⋯.jpg (244.59 KB, 3840x2400, 8:5, qresearch-at-square-two.jpg)

File: c84f82c087ce67e⋯.png (69.44 KB, 2000x2000, 1:1, Q-is-Icarus-Rising.png)

File: e303a72db745520⋯.png (80.34 KB, 2000x2000, 1:1, White-Rabbit-is-with-Q.png)

Just some more grabbage for your memage. Meh.

b6201a No.1259022


Fr. Malachi Martin / Bernard Janzen interviews.

815000 No.1313799


Because we aren't talking theology here, dipshit! The Master is Rothschild. How many times do you need to see a photo of the Pope kissing his ring, to "get it?"

1545d0 No.1318930


Debunked as a holocaust surviror, not Roth. Try harder.

b3e6ca No.1319132


or the AntiChrist since this pope is the fucking False Prophet

b3e6ca No.1319140

Thoughts….God I hope this is part of the plan and we really can trust Sessions. Below are quotes…not my words:

Sleepy sessions has some explaining to do

Link in comments

Spez: Nunes, documents, over, subpoena. Mobile post


From comment down below:

interesting, fyi

BREAKING: Rep. Devin Nunes says he’ll push to hold AG Jeff Sessions in contempt of Congress for refusing to hand over subpoenaed documents of unprecedented FISA abuse by the Obama Administration and by his own deputy Rod Rosenstein.


According to Nunes, the Justice Department has refused to comply with a subpoena for information that was used to convince a secret court to approve a wiretaps on then-Trump campaign staffer Carter Page.

“The only thing that’s left that we can do is we have to move quickly to hold the attorney general of the United States in contempt and that’s what I’m going to press for this week,” Nunes revealed. “We’ve asked for very important information, it’s still classified. Because of the way they conducted this information, most of this information is classified. But because this is so important, I’m not going to take any excuse to say, ‘Oh we’re harming national security.'”

btw i have no idea if this headline from yesterday is related, but the timing is interesting: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2018/05/04/doj-inspector-generals-testimony-postponed-amid-new-leads-in-clinton-case-review.html

b3e6ca No.1319161


I disagree….I don't think the Pope is the Antichrist….he's the False Prophet that serves the Beast and later the AntiChrist.

b3e6ca No.1319174


If that's the case, then it will be a Rothschild that is later to be revealed as the Anti-Christ

4e13d3 No.1416053


Elsewhere on this site, you can find threads discussing mind control techniques, among which are electromagnetic remote mind control methods. Dreams, feelings, ideas, words can all be popped into targeted individuals' minds without their knowledge or consent, even against their will. To the targeted individual, it can sound like their own voice, or someone else's. So, your friend's prophecy could have been sent into his/her head as part of a sinister plan. IF dark forces knew your friend would see the cardinal face-to-face, and knowing of the prophecy belief, your friend could logically have been chosen as a targeted individual.

d35f23 No.1429023

Pope's Lamborghini Heads Up Sotheby's Auction


eec3c2 No.1429468

I hope St Peter will call my name

608af3 No.1430892

File: 55557ed5260e87d⋯.png (4.32 KB, 233x99, 233:99, e37cf6094e8eac676e5d549a78….png)

File: fb835585d9b618c⋯.jpg (11.52 KB, 307x164, 307:164, Chair of the Pharisees.jpg)



Both have a Chair

Both serve the Master

Still digging for an link to a sect of Islam…Im sure there is one

d973d5 No.1431253

File: c26efb4346a8445⋯.jpg (353.39 KB, 966x900, 161:150, Crooked H.jpg)

Have you ever wondered why crooked H was saying she "Might run for Mayor of NY"???

Who does the NYPD answer to?

Yeah, the Mayor!

Who has info about the contents of Weiner's laptop "Life Insurance" file?

Yeah, the NYPD!

ae6f2e No.1433987


>Pope is vicar for anti-Christ.

The pope is holding the chair (throne) for Christ.

The Master is the anti-Christ.

Maybe not the anti-Christ of end times … I've heard that there is always an anti-Christ in waiting since Satan does not know God's timing.

490ba8 No.1434148



Is Q suggesting that Nunes will be moving to the FBI (he is definitely a talented investigator) and that Gowdy will be moving to DOJ (as a prosecutor)? Or vice versa? I sure do hope so. OH, OH, OH - or maybe going to join Huber's team? Or some variation of these?

490ba8 No.1434180


I think you mean Pope Francis. Pope Benedict resigned. Pope Francis replaced him.

38413f No.1443711

File: 30dffaf733448a5⋯.jpg (70.89 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, thebalance.jpg)

This place was meant to have the light yesterday, it never made it this far, why? What is it that you seek? The light is here

38413f No.1444521


490ba8 No.1445356

File: b01d50a22577bc6⋯.jpg (50.5 KB, 552x857, 552:857, hilarious.jpg)

Found this on the @SecOfState70 twitter.

38413f No.1451158

File: 21c3745a4b07fb7⋯.jpg (4 MB, 2560x1600, 8:5, wormhole.jpg)

>>885933 That time has come and gone, the assistance is not here.

3758da No.1451739


pure wickedness

19c4ca No.1452603


Q I love Hubble photographs. Have we been seeing great artwork or real images of deep space?

4de768 No.1453495

Catholic Christian Anon w a “Q” of my own:

How about God is The Master?

How about Q is implying the Pope serves God and Q wants to take the Pope down because Q serves Satan?

“Illuminati, all through ya body…blows like a 12 gauge shotty”

19c4ca No.1455130


You new here. Read more. We have a personally relationship with God through Jesus Christ out Lord not through Pope, Priests, Ministers or objects. Look up your Catholic church and read the Holy Bible. Do not depend on someone else to do it for you. Some men love power over others.

490ba8 No.1456468


Want to see an image of deep space? Try finding Lynn de Rothschild on twitter. From what I can tell, she went silent around mid-February. Now, where in the universe can she be?

490ba8 No.1456489


I miss all her "FlyEaglesFly" tweets. Looks now like she took her own advice.

490ba8 No.1456504


What would be really funny is if LdR has been using one of Hillary's special ZTE phones.

490ba8 No.1456527


Odd, isn't it, how the people Q posted about a lot, and then suddenly stopped posting about, have gone silent on social media? TPodesta, LdR, etc.

490ba8 No.1456538


I think the Hillary/ZTE sting was hilarious! I will be laughing about that for a long time to come.

f64e1d No.1459917

File: 8c98134ba841d12⋯.gif (498 KB, 500x211, 500:211, spacey gone.gif)

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