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File: e1c02b43c5fc1b0⋯.jpg (493.89 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1105.jpg)

3b1bbb No.889463


Where We Go One We Go All

We are here at the precipice, looking over the edge of infinity. Waiting to take the step, and sink or fly.

>>886027 Swingin in the Breeze



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3b1bbb No.889473

New Pastebin


6b5768 No.889475


This gave me the creeps the first time I saw it. That left side mirrored image made my hair stand on end. Truly freaky….

1fe707 No.889487

Noice bread, baker.

136ffc No.889505

File: 1fbaa440bac926e⋯.png (83.15 KB, 992x640, 31:20, 796787685676567758.PNG)

Anons I think Q was referring to this. When RR appointed a special counsel he made it intentionally very broad and unspecific. Why? Well because he wanted to give Mueller authority to investigate everything and anything he can. RR and Mueller flipped quite a long time ago.

3b1bbb No.889510


I had no time to go back for old notables. If I get time later, I'll clean things up and ensure it's up to date.

136ffc No.889513


In other words indictements galore!!

1fe707 No.889515


No worries.

f63134 No.889517

Not to take things off topic, buuuttttt, will the Information in the Vatican library every be shared with the public? I have never believed the Romans burnt all the information in Alexandria. Nobody does that, knowledge is power.

f2c5df No.889518


Cardinal direction thing matches up too. It's demonic princes. Not human royalty.

https:// www.thoughtco.com/crown-princes-of-hell-95917

894920 No.889519

>>999999 is

>>111111 posts after


215f24 No.889520



too late for bible lessons..i'm sleepy

61121d No.889521


Prince Andrew supposedly a real sadistic fuck. They had everything in the Epstein case and than buried it. Royals, Clintons, Celebs. all of it.

2c3d50 No.889522


Lookitchu bein' all chatty tonight.

30d632 No.889523


I am almost sure all the retarded discussion about the P after today's Q drops were 70/30 (((shills))) shitting up the board with disinfo when the drops could NOT BE CLEARER.

>We are under attack.

Flooded with (((shills))).

8e515e No.889524

Q post is about epstein island

Room D HRC

P=podesta=campaign CHAIRman

The chair serves the master HRC

Podesta or HRC must have screwed up by having cellphones. Posdible evidence of sacrifices. Tunnels where rooms were being demolished

136ffc No.889525

File: 386553880effb4f⋯.png (86.58 KB, 1434x854, 717:427, 080998967876878.PNG)

File: 2df7779ef3013a3⋯.png (690.52 KB, 1462x765, 86:45, 87875706707854.PNG)

https:// saraacarter.com/bombshell-secret-texts-show-fbi-doj-may-have-rushed-anti-trump-fisa-warrant/

https:// www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/four-presumed-dead-after-marine-helicopter-crashes-southern-california-n862596

e133e2 No.889526

[Pope] in brackets

implies to this anon

that Q is referring to the shadow Pope

3b1bbb No.889527

File: 14db641812ca018⋯.jpg (102.49 KB, 976x753, 976:753, SessionsAnalysis.jpg)


https:// lawandcrime.com/opinion/constitution-jeff-sessions-dismiss-robert-mueller-non-campaign-cases/

6289da No.889528


Thank you Baker.

a12a71 No.889530

Seeing the Iranian girl. Strange. at least was Cute <3

db9253 No.889531


He probably beat himself up to death.

Seriously tho, most likely it was a 'suicide' which they usually keep quiet and don't state cause of death.

2c3d50 No.889532


I was thinking along the lines of ChairPERSON also.

It's 2018, ffs.

a20ff5 No.889533

Last thread…

MAKE THE CONNECTION: Who's the Prince?


>>Where do roads lead?

>>Each prince is associated with a cardinal >>direction: north, south, east and west.






>>Table 29.

>>D-Room H

>>D-Room R

>>D-Room C

>>Pure EVIL.



Of course that's Epstien, but why is Epstien Island the topic of Conversation?

Clearer Now you Dumb Bastards?


crystal you magnificent bastard. Didn't realize that was epstien, never saw his face before. Just spit it out that next time! Its hard enough following one Socratic

ebc34e No.889534

File: 36cdda6ed37384b⋯.png (332.59 KB, 624x609, 208:203, Screenshot_127.png)

https:// twitter.com/FrexB/status/981408145087004672

4bbac7 No.889535


Mueller should just be investigated and arrested for his part in the attempted coup, w/all his work papers seized, if he doesn't resign first.

c44002 No.889536


Is Ratzenberger the shadow pope?

83c540 No.889537

The left has managed to turn that video of local news parroting the same script into a Trump / Right Wing issue.

It's all over the Zuckbook.

The premise is they are forced to read scripts that benefit Trump and Sinclair Broadcasting is Pro Trump.

Does anyone have the chart that shows all the media execs connected to Clinton and Obama?

08d65e No.889539

I want to believe in the whole Pleaidian/Cobra thing but from what I've seen it takes years of effort to reach any higher spiritual experiences and when they come, they come randomly, disappear for years at a time, etc. I've been through some of it but it doesn't seem to manifest very often. The idea that anyone else is going to appear to help things along on a planetwide scale, as pleasant as that would be, just seems over-hopeful. My 2 cents.

136ffc No.889540


I have a feeling the Mueller probe will be coming to a close soon regardless, I give it a few months max. Huber can continue and anyways I think Mueller has indicted a shitload of people already.

8b92bb No.889541


(previous bread, I believe it deserves careful review)

I see there is a clear sub-thread going on that does not seem to be obvious shill. Appears to be something quite significant. I'm missing something though. Doesn't help that by the time I can get on here is after a long day and I'm pretty beat.

e06007 No.889542

>>888744 (Bread #1104)

>How do anons explain this list? I really need help here understanding how this is a good thing.

I have imagined all kinds of possibilities. There are factions, one of which has hooked up an agreement with some aliens that visited, and we're what's for dinner. Factions, and one wants to turn the planet into their own personal garden, only I think that's just horseshit being fed to useful-idiot, CFR porch brethern, look how crapped-on is the planet. Factions that know there's going to be a cataclysmic event, and one side wants to get rid of us so we don't clog up the DUMBs. The second and third ideas might go together.

f2c5df No.889543



Cardinal directions.

Not UK princes.

Satan = South

Lucifer = East

Belial = North

Leviathan = West

Sauce: https:// www.thoughtco.com/crown-princes-of-hell-95917

080c09 No.889544

I know this is not what P is but on the periodic table of the elements, P is the chemical symbol for Phosphorus.

The first form of elemental phosphorus that was produced (white phosphorus, in 1669) emits a faint glow when exposed to oxygen – hence the name, taken from Greek mythology, Φωσφόρος meaning "light-bearer" (Latin ==Lucifer==), referring to the "Morning Star", the planet Venus (or Mercury).

Funny how that works out.

e133e2 No.889545


Pope Benedict XVI

8a971d No.889546

The Rothschilds and the cabal:

They are one of the richest families on earth (hidden behind foundations).

They run the world banking cabal. They will do anything and kill anyone for more money.

They have directed the killing of tens of millions of people.

They paid Karl Marx to write The Communist Manifesto, to unite aetheists behind communism.

They hate faith and religion. They want all religions destroyed and replaced with Satanism.

They have a primary objective of having the Christians and aetheists (communists) kill each other, then the Christians and muslims kill each other, until most are dead.

They funded the overthrow of Czar Nicholas II of Russia and replacement of the government by communists, who killed millions of Russian citizens.

They funded WWI both sides of the war, resulting in massive devastation, death, and massive debt owed to the cabal.

They recruited Hitler and directed him. The objective was as much destruction and killing as possible in Europe, and massive debt owed to the cabal.

Their banking cabal has seized control of the central banks of nearly every country on earth.

They use the central banks to pump up stock markets. They sell their stocks at the high, then crash the markets, then buy stocks cheap. Repeat until they own everything.

They are one of the largest owners of the stocks of public companies.

They and the cabal control more than half of the congressman of the United States.

They are one of the primary owners of military defense weapons manufacturers. Therefore, they need constant war to make more billions.

They direct the media to promote constant fear. They created the "cold war" for fear. They created "muslim terrorists" for fear. They created North Korea for fear.

They funded the creation of the HIV virus to kill people. They own the pharma companies that sell anti-AIDS medications.

They funded creation of the avian flu to kill Asians.

They are Satanists. They rape and murder children for fun and as part of their cult.

They have directed the overthrow of many, many governments. They have directed the murder of many world leaders.

They ordered the murder of President Lincoln for refusing 30% interest war loans and having the U.S. print their own money.

They tried to kill President Andrew Jackson when he vetoed a bill to create a cabal-controlled central bank in the U.S.

They ordered the murder of President Kennedy for having the U.S. print their own money, for threatening to shut down the CIA (the cabal's army in the U.S. government), and for refusing to support Israel having nuclear weapons.

They control the CIA which is their army within the U.S. government.

They control Israel which is their country and their army in the middle east.

They control Iran and North Korea for the purpose of having enemies to justify wars in the middle east and asia.

They believe they are the gods of the earth and that all the people are peasants. Their goal is complete control of the earth and poverty for everyone else.

They want the world population reduced to 500 million, so more than 7 billion must die.

Their planned strategies are world nuclear war, starvation following economic collapse, mass disease.

The Rothschilds started and funded the U.S. civil war, communism in Russia, WWI, WWII, 9/11, the war on terror, all to kill as many Christians as possible.

Over 30 million Christians in Russia were killed.

They want all people of faith to die. They rape and murder children.

If a politician does not accept bribes, they are blackmailed. If a world leader gets in their way, they kill them: Lincoln, JFK, etc.

They want the Christians and communists (atheists) to kill each other. Then whoever is left, they want the Christians and Muslims to kill each other. Until none remain.

They want 7 billion people to die from economic collapse, starvation, nuclear war, disease.

They have underground bunkers to protect them for world nuclear war.

Their plan was for HRC to start WW3, resulting in massive nuclear destruction of the United States and the death of most citizens.

They have done much more than what is listed here. They are constantly scheming, stealing, killing.

Mayer Amschel Rothschild, born in 1774, dreamed that his descendents would control the world. Instead, they will be stomped out like rats.

After hundreds of years of crime and killings, the Rothschilds are going to be taken down by the White Hats. The Rothschilds are dead people walking.

6b6c73 No.889547


Q has only once changed the naming convention of an entity.

Only BO -> Hussein was changed due to confusion with Board Owner.

There is no apparent reason to suddenly start refering to [P] as [Pope].

I think those are separate entities. And since P = C…

Pindar = Chimera is my take on this.



4ee39f No.889548


I believe the pope is definitely a bad dude. But I think Q is going out of his way to hint to us that P=HRC.

P=pope but NOT the pope of the Roman Catholic Church but the pope of the Molech cult.

Others have accused HRC of being a High Priestess, but as Satanists like to mock the Catholic Church by stealing ideas from it and mocking them. HRC would not refer to herself as a "high Priestess" but rather as a pope. Particularly because Pope's are without exception Male, it would be the best mockery to be a female pope.

c7429b No.889549

we on fire tonight ya fuckn jews

8b92bb No.889550



sorry, linked the wrong toast.

894920 No.889551

File: 6af6176405ab181⋯.jpg (124.17 KB, 1000x662, 500:331, oj_480x318.jpg)


They're trying to pull an OJ?

1fe707 No.889552


I'm in a good mood.


I might have jinxed us earlier when I said it was cozy earlier today. Right now it's all settled down.

db9253 No.889553


No I don't think RR "flipped". He has been blocking everything he can.

Also, Q just said



136ffc No.889554


I disagree, I think Mueller was intentionally appointed and allowed to be appointed by Trump. Why? well because he has the authority to investigate anything and is doing just that. In other words Mueller is actually doing his job and suspect these 23,000 indictments are largely his doing and also Huber's.

01ff6b No.889555


Jews love to spread it all over the Palestinians. Burns the living fuck out of them. Make jews cum in their pants.

215f24 No.889556


interesting you have satan and lucifer as not being the same entities my studies have concluded that ..thus far.. as well

4bbac7 No.889557


Well, that works too. Either way, something is about to give pretty soon.

48c2b8 No.889558

File: 0af955dc589cafa⋯.png (110.68 KB, 953x813, 953:813, ClipboardImage.png)


a20ff5 No.889559


what was HRC's secret service codename?

30d632 No.889561

File: 8cde7bba0bc1bf9⋯.jpg (106.92 KB, 652x328, 163:82, exciatruth.jpg)



While (((shills))) were busy bitching about how jooz are the great chosenite etc and how P is anything but pope, we got derailed from discussing the topic that triggered the attack:

Epstein - human trafficking - HRC - kikes/mudslime traffickers and accomplices - (((satanists))) - (((roths))) - israel (top ME human trafficking destination) - papacy (usurped and (((comp'd))) institution).

Attacks SPIKED after these crumbs.

>Keep watching the news.

Today was heavy news day, combined with jewtube FF attack for change of news cycle. Distraction will not work.

>Guns are SAFE.


Focus on the meat of today's drops, anons.

(((shills))) are here to distract, derail, etc. 666 5th ave anon dropped good crumbs connected to Q drops: >>888378

FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

f70819 No.889562



Islamic Education in the Soviet Union and Its Successor States

136ffc No.889563


True, although problems doesn't necessarily mean him could mean someone close to him or something in relation to him.

215f24 No.889564


of course my study is biblical scripture

0b813a No.889565


I'm also getting a weird a spidey-sense again that Mueller may be an ally. I don't know why because I was convinced for quite some time that he was there to take out Trump… but I keep overriding this new gut feeling.

30d632 No.889566

File: 087e8fd6922f07c⋯.jpeg (38.04 KB, 474x457, 474:457, fatpepe.jpeg)


Noticed that one LOL.

Jinx us moar, bring on the rain.

0bdde6 No.889567

File: 4244d370a342bfe⋯.jpg (134.47 KB, 1077x862, 1077:862, e1aad7582eacd27c00c318ff92….jpg)



It's the chair of power.

Also, letting phones into a ritualistic 'temple' like that kinda implies the NSA has, at the very least, a recording of a ritual. Hence the direct mention of summoning the four princes [of hell? Or equal nature..]

f2c5df No.889568


Yes, some demon-worship belief systems have them as two separate entities. Although, it's widely accepted that Satan, the Serpent from Eden, Lucifer etc are the same adversary, biblically. I personally believe Satan is Lucifer.

6b6c73 No.889569


This is why you do the required work yourself and if you are joined by others, all the better.

>it takes years of effort to reach any higher spiritual experiences

Yes, many times it does, ironically it's because it takes years to stop the rat race in your head to get the priorities straight, which is sometimes quite the opposite of effort. Meditation is done in a relaxed state for a good reason.

a20ff5 No.889570


Bill Clinton – Eagle[9][11]

Hillary Clinton – Evergreen[9][11]

Chelsea Clinton – Energy[11]

fce41d No.889571

notable 1103

>>887945 Mirror, mirror


136ffc No.889572


Apparently he told Trump's lawyers today that Trump is not a criminal target but however is still under investigation. Under investigation simple means his administration as a whole is still under some sort of investigation. Possibly Manafort related.

a20ff5 No.889573


Barack Obama – Renegade[8][14][23][28]

Michelle Obama – Renaissance[8][23][29]

Malia Obama – Radiance[9][23][30]

Sasha Obama – Rosebud[9][23][30]

c44002 No.889574

Was the library of Alexandria stolen and moved to the Vatican?

f84ca2 No.889575

File: 68bb8b1dd7638e9⋯.jpg (12.64 KB, 200x200, 1:1, BurningPepe.jpg)




>Pope is the false prophe. And evil.


>But this Q post is about epstein island


>Room D HRC


>P=podesta=campaign CHAIRman


>The chair serves the master HRC


>Podesta or HRC must have screwed up by having cellphones. Posdible evidence of sacrifices. Tunnels where rooms were being demolished

Oh man. I get it. I get why Q said "We have it all."

They've got all the evidence from Epstein Island because, as has been said many times, Hillary is stupid, and her hubris is legendary.

Stupid Hillary took her precious Blackberry with her to that island. It was probably never in a handbag; it would have been in her own pockets.

So hours, days pass on Epstein Island, and she's finally on a plane en route to another place where she can vacuum up some money.

She hands the Blackberry to Huma, who absent-mindedly plugs it into her laptop to back up and/or recharge.

That laptop is set to back up EVERYTHING.

Same laptop finally gets back to Huma's NY apartment, where it backs itself up to Anthony & Huma's server. Or it ends up in Chappaqua and backs itself up to Hillary's basement server.

Both of THOSE servers are set to back up to the Datto cloud.

Oh, yeah. They have it all, alright. Evidence heaven.

Make examples out of them all, Q. No mercy.

8e515e No.889576




Podesta the CHAIRman works for HRC the dungeonMASTER

Sacrifices in Room D

Bite me pc shill.

cbdd0d No.889577


Ask yourself why any small ethnic or religious group with go out of their way to dominate the media, banking sectors of a host nation when they are only 1-2 percent. The fact they are sometimes passable for white is the only way they have gotten away with it. That reason is why the Jew sometimes breeds out of their tribe. To gain different last names and to put in some racial admixture to confuse the goyim native host population.

Imagine a group of aboriginal Austrailians spread their people around the world and somehow took over country after countries major banks and media. Then passed laws that no one in these countries could complain or resist their infiltration. The fact they look so different would destroy their chances......same with American Indians....they make up a very small percent of American peoples now. But if they dominated our banks and media that would raise alarm bells all over the land. The fact the Jew has done so and you and others still try to act as if it has no meaning is disingenuous. Your liars and spin doctors.

Of course the Jew has taken over these important institutions...and not to make money. But to gain power. Power over what the Host country can say and do about the Jew conrtolling the banking power in the host country and charging interest just to print a dollar bill.. A thing the government could print themselves for little cost but the Jew charges 2.5 % interest to the government just to print the bill. It means the congress has to go to a private Jew bank to get funds for the running of the country....thus the Jew actually runs the country through the purse strings...

None of this is by accident...it is intentional. Because the Jew does not like to do work or physical labor. They are skimming the energy of the host nation. A kind of Jew tax on humanity...so the Jew can sit and drink tea and say life is good not lifting a finger to help the world or build products or create anything. No....they skim....

They are the basis for the vampire parasite stories. The Jew is sucking the life blood from what ever host nation they are in. They either have to be removed from existance...or driven to another nation. But at this stage in the game....isolation may be the best option. Genocide is perhaps the most drastic option. And perhaps it will get to that. I hope not actually because the normal unaware peasant Jew knows nothing but what their Jewish schooling propaganda has taught them. That they have been victim of no fault of their own. That a Jew will be magically hated at some time where every and whatever country they end up in. Which is insane on its face if the Jew was not doing something very bad to their host country that finally comes out everywhere they go and they have to be dealth with.

6289da No.889578


Thanks for your consideration.

I don't have the post numbers in any specific order. I went through it pretty fast. There are more breads like that in the recent past, but nobody seems to notice they are connected in some way. I can do a graphic linking them later.

6a540e No.889579

File: 6b692d879c66999⋯.png (2.64 MB, 3781x2702, 3781:2702, 6b692d879c66999f6d982afde7….png)

8b92bb No.889580


I think he has to be. Why else would he have met with Trump one day prior to appointment? Why would Gowdy/Nunes claim that "history will look kindly on what Mueller is doing". I think Trump calls Mueller's task a "witch hunt", because it's hunting a certain witch that we all know.

a12a71 No.889581


Some Anons said that it's 189.

61121d No.889582


Crown corp anon, not the monarchy


Not the monarchy. They are figureheads. The real power is in the City of London. Roths/banks/BAR(attorneys) Crown Corp.revious Bread

136ffc No.889583

Anyone know what "H" is it yet or who?

18bfa3 No.889584


Seems like a giant, boring waste of time. In practice it seems to be one as well. Very disillusioning.

f2c5df No.889585


Abbos did 9/11

cc90c3 No.889586

File: 631ddeedbaafcd0⋯.png (255.13 KB, 557x524, 557:524, ClipboardImage.png)

Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein is accused in new sex trafficking case http:// dailym.ai/2k9HN4Y via @MailOnline #QAnon #GreatAwakening

a20ff5 No.889587


not all of it


Prince Charles – Principal[8] or Unicorn[8][35]

17c02c No.889588

File: 425626cf496b748⋯.png (115.75 KB, 483x331, 483:331, e h.PNG)

29 in posts & Post numbers


Table 29.

D-Room H

D-Room R

D-Room C

Pure EVIL.

Why is Epstein spending $29mm to bury the tunnels underneath is temple on Epstein Island?

https:// wikileaks.org/clinton-emails/emailid/629

Why are the children in Haiti in high demand?

Local ‘staging’ ports friendly to CF?

Track donations.

Cross against location relative to Haiti



HRC 2.12.09

Very BAD!

How bad is the corruption?

FBI (past/present)




+29 (16)

Mar 10 2018 18:07:05 Q !UW.yye1fxo 618129


The Nazi order.

NWO [N does not refer to “New”].

929 >>616618 Merkel (Hitler)

Relevant to coming events.

Future will PROVE past.



Where there was once darkness, there is now LIGHT.

829 Mar 03 2018 23:08:25 Q !UW.yye1fxo


Dec 21 2017 20:31:58 Anonymous 143329

Soros takes orders from P.

You have no idea how sick and evil these people are.

299 Dec 07 2017 22:05:16 Q !ITPb.qbhqo 51984

Rothschilds (cult leaders)(church)(P)

290 Dec 07 2017 19:39:59 Q !ITPb.qbhqo


THOR Hammer pic

c7429b No.889589


how do the numbers work? can someone explain real quick

1de28b No.889590

File: 25c0e8501eb2034⋯.jpg (40.35 KB, 599x434, 599:434, 25c0e8501eb203406d16dcf972….jpg)


Spotted the aussie.

215f24 No.889591


my scriptural biblical studies have concluded them as not proven the same entity… i used to think that too but the bible does not say that….either way cannot be confirmed….interesting the satanists say that very interesting

6a540e No.889592


Going off the crumbs, looks like the wizards & warlocks have something on HRC when she was underneath pedo island.

0cee97 No.889593

File: 895f36830faea97⋯.jpeg (316.88 KB, 1242x1571, 1242:1571, 3D80CBD7-CFED-4D78-9006-F….jpeg)

File: 414088d508cbaf3⋯.jpeg (145.39 KB, 1234x906, 617:453, C31C2FC9-1648-42E6-9B89-A….jpeg)

The “Chair” has looked dodgy for a while

30d632 No.889594

File: f514c88917b9ead⋯.jpg (29.17 KB, 300x300, 1:1, dancingkikes.jpg)

File: b62ef57db05bf37⋯.jpg (129.18 KB, 702x390, 9:5, Honorhim.jpg)

File: 9c901fef80fde6b⋯.jpg (107.42 KB, 653x463, 653:463, jewfed.jpg)

File: a7e6f467d7b1e33⋯.jpg (59.11 KB, 456x457, 456:457, jewtruth.jpg)

File: accd3c221ef074b⋯.jpeg (283.48 KB, 1242x863, 1242:863, kikehatespeech.jpeg)


Absolute truth. Racial hatred, racial supremacism. ((cabal)) MO.




6b6c73 No.889595


When we remove the Cabal you will see what true experience looks like.

1adc6f No.889596

NWO - Nephalim World Order?

01ff6b No.889597

Q needs to stop being vague and ambiguous with every little thing. We have been arguing about [P] for what seems like months now, and it is a complete waste of time and unnecessary. It is not like [P] is a fucking state secret for fucks sake.


c7429b No.889598



167378 No.889599

File: 01a6b27f669d9d9⋯.png (825.05 KB, 2462x1150, 1231:575, Screen Shot 2018-04-03 at ….png)

a20ff5 No.889600


copy pasted from wiki ya autist!

2c3d50 No.889601


Oh come on.

That was funny.

f63134 No.889602


Evergreen. I believe.

db9253 No.889603



Notable (Could also be put in side-by-sides)

4bbac7 No.889604


nice summary anon

c44002 No.889605


Why you ungrateful little shit…

836c64 No.889606


Lurk moar faggot

0cee97 No.889607

File: 4420dad97acc86c⋯.jpeg (225.51 KB, 1221x679, 1221:679, B5276D2F-D8CE-4F6B-83F8-3….jpeg)



8e515e No.889608

File: 431e2d50d64f1d3⋯.png (154.08 KB, 898x1116, 449:558, 431e2d50d64f1d33ab3b601052….png)


Not on this Q post

Its not about the Pope. Its about people who were on Epsteins island

P is for podesta

C is HRC

Room D letter HRC

215f24 No.889609


nephilim….certainly is in the genes of these people

01ff6b No.889610


What's your point, Skippy?

f2c5df No.889611


Dunno, but I'd bet they're hoarding plenty of docs that undermine their authority. It's easy for them at the moment, people just believe what they're told and accept it as the true, first church, but say their entire collection got digitized.. they wouldn't have a leg to stand on. (although you don't need suppressed ancient documents to disprove traditions unique to the Roman Catholic church, just open a Bible..)

6a540e No.889612


Then expect fewer and fewer drops. Public eyes + attention brings controversy. Only seasoned anons can keep up at this point.

e133e2 No.889613


these images are not of the current Pope

30d632 No.889614


This and more. MUCH more.

>These people are STUPID.

>Maxine stupid.

01ff6b No.889615


Lurking has nothing to do with it you stupid cunt.

3b1bbb No.889616


Why notable? Not research. Q said to focus on Father, not shooter. Sorry. BO can overrule, of course.

ec1924 No.889617


Where would the qResearch be then…?

18bfa3 No.889618

File: 0a62aad9af4447d⋯.jpg (201.08 KB, 800x657, 800:657, 1383198705030.jpg)


P is clearly the Penis, the source of all evil.

0cee97 No.889619


Did you read what I wrote anon ?

17c02c No.889620


One more interesting 29

>>Hussein [1] $29,000,000 SINGAPORE

01ff6b No.889621


So fucking seasoned that they are still arguing about [P]? Does your brain even work?

ebc34e No.889622

File: a7423daa020671d⋯.png (260.14 KB, 949x628, 949:628, Screenshot_128.png)

This Q drop. Raw Vid related?

30d632 No.889623


MK ultra evidence. Under duress, the target BREAKS.

Targeted duress.

f2c5df No.889624


Yeah, I've come to that conclusion also. It could be interpreted to mean either. In all, I don't think we NEED to know. All we need to know is the truth about God and the fact that there is an adversary trying to bring us down with him.

c7429b No.889625

dont know whether to stay on or jump on porntube getting close to bedtime

b58515 No.889626

File: 54e57add3a17427⋯.png (316.37 KB, 460x286, 230:143, ANDREW.png)

6b6c73 No.889627


Maybe we are not ready yet.

a20ff5 No.889628


yeah prince charles is [p]rincipal


naw he didnt

c7429b No.889630



01ff6b No.889631


Well, if we aren't ready, then no one is.

2c3d50 No.889632

File: 2a7d8d9d1f1ff41⋯.jpg (75.13 KB, 550x476, 275:238, bosnian-pyramid61-1.jpg)

Speaking of Pyramids…


http:// www.foxnews.com/tech/2018/02/02/mysterious-lost-maya-cities-discovered-in-guatemalan-jungle.html

Pic not directly related.

4bbac7 No.889633


A little mystery never hurt no one, cryptcernfag

2cfa09 No.889634

File: 95af62f465f0887⋯.png (80.65 KB, 1170x1272, 195:212, Huber.png)

Q asks several questions concerning US Attorney John Huber. Specifically about his appointment, removal and re-appointment.

Here is my dig.

01ff6b No.889635


Love you too, bitch.

fce41d No.889636

e06007 No.889637

>>888744 (Bread #1104)

>How do anons explain this list? I really need help here understanding how this is a good thing.

I have imagined all kinds of possibilities. There are factions, one of which has hooked up an agreement with some aliens that visited, and we're what's for dinner. Factions, and one wants to turn the planet into their own personal garden, only I think that's just horseshit being fed to useful-idiot, CFR porch brethern, look how crapped-on is the planet. Factions that know there's going to be a cataclysmic event, and one side wants to get rid of us so we don't clog up the DUMBs. The second and third ideas might go together. They all know we're going to be attacked by aliens, and this is a way to distract while they gear up. And fuck, I just started reading the latest drops. What the fuck, please somebody explain this to me.

f63134 No.889638


That would be my guess. All information that was known at the time was preserved there. They would board ships at the docks collect and copy any information people had and then return the originals.

01ff6b No.889639


It's not directly hurting anyone. But it is wasting time.

30d632 No.889640


Possible notable, baker.


a12a71 No.889641


Ok, that's very stupid..

836c64 No.889642


>Q needs to stop being vague and ambiguous

then go back and read Q drops concernfag

215f24 No.889643


right father lies…ye shall be as gods…same lie as today…deception, wickedness is the game

17c02c No.889644


Pope related most recent 29,


Symbolism will be their downfall.

30d632 No.889645


>We have it all.

a13b54 No.889646



Internal 1963 memo from CIA Director John McCone in response to request from JFK (Lancer) to view all files and information related to UFOs. JFK's request was prompted by NASA report from Dr. Gordon McDonald that "the interior of the moon is more like a hollow than a homogeneous sphere."

McCone's memo states: "As you must know, Lancer has made some inquiries regarding our activities, which we cannot allow. Please submit your views no later than October. Your action to this matter is critical to the continuance of the group.” Approx. 10 days before JFK assassination.

8e515e No.889647


My bad

No /sarc tag

3b1bbb No.889648

File: 403fbc34356a8e2⋯.jpg (13.21 KB, 307x200, 307:200, RR_QPost.jpg)

MOAB is "Mother Of All Bombs." To me, this just means something so big, it cannot be ignored.

Something is going to drop about the "caravan" coming up from Honduras that cannot be ignored.

It appears to relate to RR, and should happen shortly. POTUS already said he is dispatching

the military to the border, which I believe falls under the "National Security" heading.

My guess: Unfettered immigration will be declared "Clear and Present Danger," and POTUS

will use war powers to shut down the border militarily.

6b6c73 No.889649

File: 0952058f41c35c6⋯.jpg (79.69 KB, 500x542, 250:271, obr1841x_en.jpg)

6289da No.889650


Article is from January 2017

0dae14 No.889651

File: 8c03a8535ca8638⋯.png (756.63 KB, 746x748, 373:374, Screen Shot 2018-01-12 at ….png)

01ff6b No.889652


I have been on this since the start. Helped with lots of different aspects. Just saying that it is wasting time.

61121d No.889653



And Jacob was the top of the food chain. Q crumbs seem to indicate they got him. Which makes all the whiny muh arrest shills a joke. And they can bitch slap the queen the pope , soros the clintons bush and any other illuminati freaks.

896188 No.889654


Chair looks like it has an upside-down cross.

bb1550 No.889655

Q asked "Where do roads lead?"

All roads lead to Rome

ced4de No.889656

File: 8d40af3fecf05db⋯.jpg (76.13 KB, 528x487, 528:487, 1449119809087.jpg)


makes sense

cbdd0d No.889657


I am not bragging about 130. I am responding to the Jew apologist who said Jew shills had IQ below 70. Certainly 130 is not genius and there are many many who are higher. However it is in the top 99% of humans in America so a group of people with 130 IQ would be very very dangerous even to a 185 IQ individual.

Also I am not ashamed of 130. I am what I am. And also the IQ test is kind of a test that just shows who can feed back to the testers what the answers the testers want. It is not the only form o f intelligence out there at all. IQ is just a tool. And autist can have a major talent in one field or a brain that can generate a major insight in a narrow path that a so called higher IQ person can not see.

And men have crushed the world with IQ of 130. General Grant of the Civil War is thought to have had an IQ of 130....and he figured out the Jew and kicked the carpet bagging vultures out of his army camps.....

And he figured out a way to smash most of all his opponents....in most every battle he fought. So a 130 IQ is just fine.

167378 No.889658

I got caught-up researching the YouTube shooter,

Is the Q team going to MOAB Epstein Island? Do I have that right?!

8fe50f No.889659


Stop being a demandfag. For fucks sake!! You are even worse than NavySealToughGuyFag, Pornfag, Filterfag, and AIMfag. Fuck you faggot!!

c6caeb No.889660


https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cross_of_Saint_Peter

Geez, I guess this is what common core does to people.

6a540e No.889661

File: a04c9f351785678⋯.jpg (12.65 KB, 255x176, 255:176, madcow.jpg)

the left is basically doing our job for us at this point kek!!

2c3d50 No.889662


That's…. that's what I've been thinking, too. She doesn't look real…

Also seems to act like MK Ultra Blonde on Youtube… what's her name…

Um… whyyyyy does "MK Ultra Blonde" bring up MK Ultra Porn in the search? Fuck… what's her name…

01ff6b No.889663


That's so cute. Can't make an argument so you use other people's memes. Try using your own words sometime.

b58515 No.889664

File: 392e98b5522a6ad⋯.jpg (53.66 KB, 648x300, 54:25, Each prince is associated ….jpg)

File: 22892fcb960c446⋯.jpg (474.71 KB, 1024x814, 512:407, Each prince is associated ….jpg)

c21445 No.889665


The only ones still arguing that P is anything but Pope are either NOT seasoned, or are division clowns. Which makes you…

a20ff5 No.889666

File: 44d38173e73a0df⋯.jpg (29.59 KB, 310x258, 155:129, wish.jpg)

17c02c No.889667


Do the tunnels connect HAITI & EPSTEIN's ISLAND?

>Why is Epstein spending $29mm to bury the tunnels underneath is temple on Epstein Island?

>Cross against location relative to Haiti

>Why are the children in Haiti in high demand?

00ea98 No.889668

Q missed the H from the message.

Implying that Hillary is missing?

4bbac7 No.889669

Anons, we're missing that Bono's Protestant pastor friend just got busted for a sex scandal.

Bill Hybels, Willow Creek Church

Who else is in their little "popular popes" club?

01ff6b No.889670


I am not being a concern fag, bitch. I am simply pointing out that being overly cryptic does not help. If you disagree, that's fine.

a12a71 No.889671


Interesting. Majestic-12

2c3d50 No.889672



8b92bb No.889673


It will be interesting to see how Congress and/or SCOTUS deals with Hussein being proven ineligible.

It reminds me of the retroactive patch they had to do to fix this 150-year long oversight: http:// history.house.gov/Historical-Highlights/1951-2000/The-admission-of-Ohio-as-a-state/

1fe707 No.889674


If Q wasn't vague, we wouldn't dig, we wouldn't collaborate and share ideas. We wouldn't learn.

e133e2 No.889675


they are WW

most are buried

0dae14 No.889676


Be nice.

71255b No.889677


[[ referring to response to previous ]]


The "Chair" serves the Master.

Who is the Master?

P = C.



[[ Referring to above]]


Why is Epstein spending $29mm to bury the tunnels underneath is temple on Epstein Island?


Phones were allowed in.

These people are stupid.



[[ referring to 999 ]]




I think the 8ch commentators are paying insufficient attention to these three poasts as a *chain*

Pope -> Epstein -> 'H'

The link Epstein > 'H' could, of course, mean that Epstein's island is where the Hillary vid? Human sacrifice? Something beginning with 'H'? was filmed…

But read as a sequence, it suggests an answer to the question, who is the master of the chair?

Habsburg comes to mind. Paneuropa. P2 … https:// isgp-studies.com/intro

9af00c No.889678

File: 6f406066ae58df8⋯.png (1.39 MB, 1077x1195, 1077:1195, table29.png)


http:// www.californiacuriosities.com/haunted-picnic-table-29/

c7429b No.889679

lets post up some pics of jews kissing baby dicks for a little bit real quick

2c3d50 No.889680

File: 855c946690199f7⋯.jpg (42.71 KB, 648x1000, 81:125, 2rrqih1.jpg)


Like this?

01ff6b No.889681


It was not confirmed in the manner that Q confirms. He will write the fucking word Confirmed. Did he/she/it do that this time?


a20ff5 No.889682

File: 7d501db6d352673⋯.jpg (115.85 KB, 1200x794, 600:397, dunce.jpg)


yah but only in the to 50% of jews. get back to work dummy

215f24 No.889683


if they got jacob rothschild….they got everything satanists fear death…although they wont admit it…for christians death is gain

db9253 No.889684


I don't trust anything without a date. First thing I look for.

f2c5df No.889685



Also, we don't even know the true name of "Lucifer". As everyone know's, it's just something of a description. For example, in Genesis, the "serpent" is called, in Hebrew "nachash" – in adjective form, this could mean "shining, brazen (like bronze)"

So a shining being. Then there's the usual latin 'light bearer' etc, it came about in the translation of Isaiah 14 from Hebrew. The original term that was translated to 'Lucifer' was "Helel ben Shachar" - "Shining one, son of the dawn", "shining one" being sometimes translated as "bearer/bringer of light", i.e. "lucifer"

01ff6b No.889686


I agree with that to a point.

5fd7c3 No.889687

File: d3c327ce93aac91⋯.jpg (116.84 KB, 800x820, 40:41, rdt.jpg)


Then you clearly haven't been reading or understanding Q drops.

Maybe you need to be among those closer to your IQ level

0b813a No.889688


There are two ways to look at that: traditionally, in politics, you keep someone under bogus investigation just to keep the stink of wrongdoing on an administration for as long as possible,right?

BUT…5d chess would be that, as long as it's going, it also effectively acts as a shield against other investigations or attempts to impeach. The dems have ALL their hope in this and will be psychologically devastated if it comes up empty.

But I still go back and forth

d8dfdd No.889689

File: e0f61e7ada0527e⋯.jpg (22.06 KB, 500x298, 250:149, image001_chinese.jpg)

From #1103:




Dug some on this. Podesta email here:


Translated some of the Chinese in pic from one the attachments.

So Paul Davies, Killary, Podesta, DaVinci, and MBS all know something important about when Mercury, Jupiter, and a crescent moon align. Podesta email references 12/1/2008 6pm. On this day Joseph B Wirthlin, American businessmen, religious leader, member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles (LDS Church), died at 91, and American actor Paul Benedict died age 70. Old age or sacrifice?

Translation of email says it makes a smiling face. Left/Right eye symbolism?

3b1bbb No.889690


Added to bread

2c3d50 No.889691

File: b69e5c781deb7b1⋯.jpeg (34.27 KB, 960x540, 16:9, DZ6SrTEVoAA4Ajw.jpg-large.jpeg)


Fuck it. No more schools either.

On the plus side:

No more schools….

No more school shootings.

01ff6b No.889692


Stop with the bullshit, already. IF you have all the answers, then post them. You don't have all the answers. You are scratching you head like 99.9% of us. Don't lie. You are just as confused as the rest of us.

c7429b No.889693



thats all i can fuckin think…

i dont like bolton

6b6c73 No.889694


Yes, this is a better explanation…

"Truth has to be uncovered organically."

Pindar is Chimera is my organic discovery

00ea98 No.889695

They let phones onto Epstein's Island.

NSA has the footage.

0dae14 No.889696

File: 2396f128d749860⋯.jpeg (66.62 KB, 474x355, 474:355, class5.jpeg)

f2c5df No.889697


Yep! The same lie, over and over, because he's found it to be a successful strategy. Works all the time. Look at all the religions claiming that man has some inner 'divine nature' that he can unlock.. such BS, and as you said, the original lie.

a12a71 No.889698


Exactly. Levels of Security. Day of Indepedence.

4ee39f No.889699


It's 188.

Rogue could that be referring to Hussein using his secret service name.

fce41d No.889700


MSM's reaction is very telling… Did you hear about the school shooting that was stopped with a gun after Darkland???

d8dfdd No.889701


Forgot this also from #1104 and part of Q's set of pics:

>Pictures unlock ‘deal' presented that was declined.

>Puppets going wild.

c44002 No.889702

File: 6bd91a85cb8f324⋯.jpg (1.1 MB, 1280x851, 1280:851, paris-catacombs-st-eustach….jpg)


https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Catacombs_of_Paris

eae7e9 No.889703


Good summary

f2c5df No.889704


Ugh, "know's"? I'm slipping here.

4bbac7 No.889705

File: a045f3e83f1018e⋯.jpg (125.02 KB, 368x500, 92:125, Hogg Ridin.jpg)

0b813a No.889706


You're the kind of idiot who get's thrown off the boat in a crisis.

865564 No.889707

File: dfa93f9fc5b3398⋯.png (283.4 KB, 658x439, 658:439, 1517430799260.png)

Goodnight patriots

0dc681 No.889708

Q's reference




Could he be saying that the bunker is in a Democrat State?

d8dfdd No.889709



Dammit. Here's this link:

>>888563 (from #1103)

5fd7c3 No.889710


I never suggested I have all the answers, I just don't bitch about why Q posts the way he does. BO gave you one reason already, at least one other can be found in a early Q post

536f2f No.889711


exactly lol. shit is more fucked up than most of the anons here can handle

cc90c3 No.889712


found it on twitter, recent post… but seems the news was from 2017

3b1bbb No.889713


Socratic method relies on the student finding his own answers with guidance in the form of questions.

Best way to instill understanding. Recitation and rote memorization does not prove understanding.

c7429b No.889714


for sure!

f2c5df No.889715


BHO is Renegade though?

a12a71 No.889716

Seeing the Videos of the Iranian, Hm. she Spoke Iranian, Turkist and English.

e133e2 No.889717

HRC was a spy deeply planted in the cabal

she literally went into the belly of the beast

to get the evidence

to bring it all tumbling down

6b6c73 No.889718

File: a7bb4ea5d269b24⋯.png (187.14 KB, 753x555, 251:185, Bloom's-cognitive-domain-t….png)

a4e763 No.889719


The pope is the chair who serves the master. Q couldn't be more clear. The pope is connected to the sacrifices, as is Hillary. And yes, Q is saying that through the NSA spy apparatus, that they have Hillary in the D-death room on fucking tape.

And the island photo is not from publicly available google earth historical photos.

a9269b No.889720


The doors over there whineyfag. No ones begging you to stay. Leave this shit for the big boys aaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnndddddddd man did you get paid on this post or what???KEK

f2c5df No.889721


HRC was ourguy all along? Now that would be a plot twist! hahaha

01ff6b No.889722


That's cute.

I am not afraid to admit that I don't know something or that I do not understand something when I don't.

db9253 No.889723


Typical snowflake - wanting everything "NOW" without any thinking or work themselves.

You don't learn shit when information is just handed to you. What a spoiled brat.

167378 No.889724

File: c87039616b24343⋯.jpeg (139.8 KB, 1100x619, 1100:619, iu-23.jpeg)

File: dd9f1a99e211476⋯.jpg (412.31 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, USA_Arches_NP_Delicate_Arc….jpg)

6a540e No.889725


or blue forest in belgium.

2f7da4 No.889726




Jeffrey Epstein: The Sex Offender Who Mixes With Princes and Premiers


215f24 No.889727


the answer is who is shachar.."the dawn"

he and lucifer were of the first age…the first flood not the second …when the "great cities were destroyed"

0dc681 No.889728

File: 99e12b9f6130835⋯.jpg (435.19 KB, 702x1024, 351:512, OhCrumbs.jpg)


Trust The Plan

0dc681 No.889729

a4e763 No.889730


The people better fucking see it. That's all I have to say.

db9253 No.889731


Notable for being news worthy of today's shooting

and clearly showing fake news, also noteworthy.

1a6db5 No.889732

Are you ready to see Wonderland?

Wonderland was SA- why more wonderland? Is it that the firmament is being taken down/our connection to God will be revealed?

What month does Alice’s adventures in Wonderland take place?

May 10th- Ascension Day?

April Showers Bring May Flowers.

I pray that all this rain is for a reason… the cooling of the planet for this Ascension?

6b6c73 No.889733


Here's to all the unsung heroes who are at this very moment fighting the Cabal they infiltrated.

a9269b No.889734


Some say she's dead already. Man I hope not I want to see that bitch swing.

b58515 No.889735

File: 3c58a42dcd28a5b⋯.png (60.09 KB, 333x335, 333:335, Cardinal Princes.png)

While all of the infernal names are said to reside in the Royal Palace of Hell, four are set apart as being particularly powerful. These are known to LaVeyan Satanists as the crown princes of Hell.

Each prince is associated with a cardinal direction: north, south, east and west. This is in line with other Western magical practices that commonly associate supernatural beings with the cardinal points.

Specifically, ceremonial magic has commonly ascribed the four Biblical archangels – Michael, Raphael, Uriel, and Gabriel – to the four directions for several hundred years.

In the "Satanic Bible," Anton LaVey also associates each prince with one of the four physical elements: fire, earth, air and water. This is again a common practice in Western magical traditions.


Satan is a Hebrew term meaning "adversary." Unlike the common Christian view of Satan as opposing the will of God, in his original context, Satan was a servant of God. He tested the faith of God's followers by being adversarial toward them, tempting them to stray from God's path or denounce him in their moments of misery.

For Satanists, he is:

The adversary of: mundanity, mediocrity, right hand path, stupidity, conformity for the sake of conformity, self destruction, religion, gods (" The Aspect of Satan," Vexen Crabtree)

He is associated in the Satanic Bible with the element of fire and the south.

01ff6b No.889736

Ok, genius q-anons. You think you know everything. You think that you have all the knowledge. OK.

Just saying that even Ovaltine provided a junky decoder ring. Just saying.

Go ahead, heap abuse on me. Go for it.

fce41d No.889737

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Najafi Aghdam Family FOUND?

a12a71 No.889738


Maybe was prepared for be clown.

c44002 No.889739

File: 752fbcf6285f524⋯.jpg (207.63 KB, 960x751, 960:751, kys.jpg)

30d632 No.889740

File: 470fa96d6d4379b⋯.png (223.57 KB, 816x541, 816:541, deadgoatfuckers2.png)


Rogue is referring to the fact that May went rogue from the 'agreement' we had and basically tried to fuck with us one last time in ww3 direction.

Skipral poisoning. Done by black hats.

Was used by us to clean house instead.

Both US and Russia.

May just fucked up big. Her and her (((handlers))).

5479b9 No.889741

File: dc069a18771e601⋯.jpeg (576.34 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, E99D8EE3-FF59-4BC3-99DD-2….jpeg)


Ummm nobody’s falling for this right? It’s a fucking manikin.

0dc681 No.889742

File: e41f8662cf48abf⋯.jpg (878.87 KB, 1600x800, 2:1, EpsteinIslandHaitiChildSac….jpg)

File: 4b74020ff953487⋯.jpg (665.71 KB, 1600x800, 2:1, EpsteinIslandHaitiChildSac….jpg)

4ee39f No.889743


you're right, sorry.

c7429b No.889744


N ESE is comp'd

it has to be on the cockers laptop which is from what i understand in multiple agencies hands….too many to hide from at this point

a13b54 No.889745


Blue = POTUS (White House on Monday)

Bunker Forest = Camp David

00ea98 No.889746

Is this the count or number of Rods from God they have left? Exclamation mark count?

PREPARED AT ALL COSTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

0dae14 No.889747

File: d599e3d6939b749⋯.png (356.41 KB, 460x599, 460:599, Screen Shot 2018-04-04 at ….png)



So this lovely gentleman is still the real pope??

How many Pope's do these fucks need??

b00d08 No.889748

File: b493185f2c22273⋯.jpg (10.7 KB, 218x231, 218:231, 1522711116718.jpg)


Hello fren

3b1bbb No.889749


You gotta start somewhere.

61121d No.889750


Suicide much better for them as you know anon. Pussies. Valiant death for Christians fighting evil.

215f24 No.889751


as in the time gap between genisis 1-2

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the.

e06007 No.889752


Tech-ignorant slimeballs. Selfie your asses right into those holding cells.

fce41d No.889753






a4e763 No.889754


Trump isn't ready to go full public with this yet. Hopefully eventually he will. Getting us to dig is a side benefit. He wants us to know, but cant give it all away and take responsibility for the drops until the time is right. Obviously if Q dropped everything with proof, everyone would know it was from Trump and all hell would break loose before the ducks are in order.

6b6c73 No.889755


You can start at any point in the pyramid.

66211c No.889756


P is obviously Pussy.

8fe50f No.889757


I didn't call you a concernfag. I called you a demandfag. In fact, you are actually the highest level of demandfag I've ever seen on the boards. You win the contest for biggest fag. If you don't like cryptic, I'm sure there are some gayporn boards you'd be interested in. I hope staring at two faggots makes you happy. Who knows, maybe Pornfag will even show up and you can exchange numbers.

1de28b No.889758


You bring up a good point… What if the name of [P] IS a state secret, or at the least- naming [P] would instantly affix a 'conspiracy' label to Q , and that's why [P] hasn't been named in a blunt and direct fashion as of yet..

2f7da4 No.889759

File: 9868ce7b13ac3a6⋯.png (63.67 KB, 643x362, 643:362, JWoods re Nasim.PNG)

ebc34e No.889760

File: 92d05487576484e⋯.png (99.35 KB, 1362x534, 227:89, Screenshot_130.png)

eae7e9 No.889761


If so Mueller would be the greatest larp ever because he has done incredible damage to the Trump presidency. Many people still think Trump is a bad guy because of the special prosecutor and the constant stream of bad news since last summer. Believe me, I have people who cannot be red pulled because of the MSM, and Mueller is at center of that.

But, it would be a great boomerang if suddenly Mueller started indicting trumps opponents.

f2c5df No.889762


Had a brief look after I realized about the princes but no luck yet, can't do deeper atm. Anyone able to find the original LaVey sauce material to confirm the prince thing?

5da3dd No.889763

File: af4972a426f4d0a⋯.png (215.86 KB, 475x390, 95:78, AAAAGGGHHHHHHH.png)

Life-long Catholic here

I completed 12 years of CCD (cathecism) classes and received Confirmation.

Batpized my daughter.

If the Pope is [P] I'm going to lose my shit

0b813a No.889764


There are higher virtues.

2b4b6c No.889765

Three Corporations run the world: City of London, Washington DC and Vatican City

The City of London houses

Rothschild controlled ‘Bank of England’

Lloyds of London

The London Stock Exchange

All British Banks

The Branch offices of 384 Foreign Banks

70 USA Banks

Fleet Streets Newspaper and Publishing Monopolies

Headquarters for Worldwide Freemasonry

Headquarters for the worldwide money cartel known as ’THE CROWN’

2. Washington DC (District of Colombia)

Washington DC is not part of the USA. District of Columbia is located on 10sq miles of land. DC has its own flag and own independent constitution. This constitution operates under a tyrannical Roman law known as Lex Fori. DC constitution has nothing to do with the American Constitution. The Act of 1871 passed by Congress created a separate corporation known as THE UNITED STATES & corporate government for the District of Columbia. Thus DC acts as a Corporation through the Act. The flag of Washington’s District of Columbia has 3 red stars (the 3 stars denoting DC, Vatican City and City of London).

3. Vatican City

The Vatican City is not part of Italy or Rome. The Vatican is the last true remnant of the Roman Empire. The State of Israel is also said to be a Roman outpost. The Vatican’s wealth includes investments with the Rothschilds in Britain, France and US and with oil and weapons corporations as well. The Vatican’s billions are said to be in Rothschild controlled ‘Bank of England’ and US Federal Reserve Bank. The money possessed by the Vatican is more than banks, corporations or even some Governments and questions why the wealth is not used to elevate at least the Christian poor when it preaches about giving?

http:// www.sinhalanet.net/three-corporations-run-the-world-city-of-london-washington-dc-and-vatican-city

0dc681 No.889766

File: 981efca2780311d⋯.jpeg (120.07 KB, 750x441, 250:147, HowManyOfYouCanMakeMemes2.jpeg)

File: 16e23ec4329778a⋯.jpg (242.63 KB, 640x400, 8:5, HowManyOfYouCanMakeMemes.jpg)

746b6c No.889767

Everyone's trying to help in their own way. If all you can is criticize the guess what? You are not helping fuck face.

This i am elite, i am a real anon bullshit dosent help.

Find it sad that, q has told us allready what the fucking truth is that will put 99% or wherever number it was in the hospital.

We refuse to see it and admit it. He has tried to bluntly say it all ready a few times, but has to pussyfoot around it because he knows it will shut the board down.

Until he feels confident that we can handle it, he wont. Until we show that we have matured and really humbled our minds he wont.

Matter fact he has said it many times allready. We miss it everytime. The real magnitude of it.

Everyone…including us "maga,patriots, anons" not just the "bad guys" are going to have all of our own bullshit thrown in our faces and judged.

Think about it. Stop and think. Nobody gets a free pass nobody, that includes us. Or are we all that fucking conceited to think we have no bullshit in our ledgers to be judged for?

How many here? Especially the loud mouth ones, have actually thought about this? In your zealous pursuits for "doitq" have you looked in the "mirror"? Think mirror?

So god is real…so is the devil according to q right? Thats why he says to pray right? Think about it…all of us need a big piece of the "STFU HUMBLE PIE" right now.

Get your shit together anons, before its to late. For some this is come to pass with even realizing it.

1a6db5 No.889768


She had kuru. Wasn't doing well prior to the election- late stage, she couldn't even walk without support. She's dead.

b00d08 No.889769


You down with OPP?

215f24 No.889770


suicide only bc they've seen the torture and cant bare it…cowards….but there #1 fear is death…they will avoid it if it means killing and eating whomever

30d632 No.889771


Notable. (((roths))) and their (((pets))) will DIE. (read: kikes and mudslimes).

a13b54 No.889772


Q has been using [CLAS] or [Classified] as needed already.

97c158 No.889773

File: 61899108059b03a⋯.jpg (84.56 KB, 546x655, 546:655, MDpope1.JPG)

File: 4d75551c85ea295⋯.jpg (105.62 KB, 566x861, 566:861, MDpope2.JPG)

File: 68230d40352a20a⋯.jpg (114.14 KB, 574x788, 287:394, MDpope3.JPG)

File: f1dd64ac9a88be4⋯.jpg (118.31 KB, 557x859, 557:859, MDpope4.JPG)

File: 587fc12d2a20f3a⋯.jpg (95.48 KB, 545x620, 109:124, MDpope5.JPG)

Saw this today in the Daily Telegraph (Aus). It is behind a paywall but in the interests of papal transparency I have posted the text below (with screenshots). Miranda Devine is a conservative commentator (sorry about the copyright breach Miranda).

Tl:dr… The Vatican is corrupt, 1bn+ Euro in hidden funds, Cardinal Pell tried to uncover the corruption and got the pedo setup treatment.

ced4de No.889774

Nasim made a deal with the devil

to get her videos to go viral.


f2c5df No.889775


They've gotten so complacent over their time lording it over the rest of us. It'll be truly wonderful to see the look on their faces when it all comes crashing down on them.

b00d08 No.889776

File: f640880f0325d98⋯.jpg (112.91 KB, 1024x872, 128:109, 1522825041447.jpg)


I feel your pain, brother.

4bbac7 No.889778


Start with the 95 Theses so the pill isn't so hard to swallow.

c6caeb No.889779


Uh yeah. Did you think kikes would leave the Church alone? They subvert everything you hold dear.

b58515 No.889780


LaVeyan Satanists are atheists

https:// www.thoughtco.com/laveyan-satanism-church-of-satan-95697

1a6db5 No.889781


I know. It was worth a shot, tho?

0b813a No.889782


We shall see. Fog of war.

5fd7c3 No.889783


Q never confirmed P = Pope. I suspect everyone who thinks P=Pope is a catholic butthurt about their religion being run by boylovers who's faggotry got them blackmailed.

>But Q responded to the P = pope question

He never confirmed it and wrote [Pope] which is distinct from P.

which can be interpreted as P =/= Pope. Pope = Pope

30d632 No.889784


Try the poles instead. REAL christians.

0dc681 No.889785

File: f7824a55b68ea4b⋯.jpg (159.04 KB, 653x367, 653:367, StillSleep.jpg)

File: 13887b80f01eb31⋯.jpg (493.63 KB, 932x900, 233:225, DontBeSad.jpg)

File: 77a3f06edbd15d9⋯.jpg (788.99 KB, 1600x800, 2:1, YouTubeFalseFlag.jpg)

File: c5c77ba7ead3947⋯.jpg (425.34 KB, 1024x690, 512:345, homer_thinking_YouTube.jpg)

f2c5df No.889786


Shes made relatively recent appearances in person. Body double?

66211c No.889787


Sentenced to 8 years as towel boy in GITMO. Then, executed.

a13b54 No.889788


One exclamation point is expected. 187 extra. Response to Epstein murder site.

6a540e No.889789


makes perfect sense to me. Teflon Don finding a way to troll them on their own FF. Around the white house they call that Tuesday.

8fe50f No.889790


Fucking kikes. They destroy everything. If they hate America so much, fucking leave. Please, just go. Do us all a favor. They've been kicked out/deported from over 50 countries. You would think that after the 10th time they would realize that maybe they are the problem. The fucking victim card is spent. Shut up or get the fuck out!!!

d69c99 No.889791


Wtf Baker. No notables from 1098 or 1099?

You also conveniently took everything out of the dough relating to shill techniques. Wtf?


This is bs. Why the fuck would you remove the how to spot a shill stuff? Your notables are poorly chosen too. Totally missing any notables from 2 recent breads during Q drops is unacceptable.

c6caeb No.889792


You think your Prot churches (which number in the thousands) haven't been subverted. The Zionist ass kissing is even worse there.

00ea98 No.889793


Agree with some of this.

I think the future proves past refers to what has already happened with the military and the border.

I think the MOAB is still to come and unrelated.

Keep watching the news refers to the MOABs yet to come.

[A] this month.

3b1bbb No.889794

Definition of Renegade (Hussein's USSS callsign)


1. a person who deserts a party or cause for another.

2. an apostate from a religious faith.


3. of or like a renegade; traitorous.

Definition of Rogue


1. a dishonest, knavish person; scoundrel.

2. a playfully mischievous person; scamp:

3. a tramp or vagabond.

So, Hussein is wandering the planet looking for $$$. I think that fits the vagabond definition, as obviously does the "dishonest" portion; however, I think his call name was more direct and appropriate. Rogue is less than renegade in the "evil" department.

I do not think Hussein is Rogue. Who else dishonest is traveling significantly recently?

6b6c73 No.889795

30d632 No.889796


Mike Green's sacrifice was not in vain.

Somebody got taken out, for sure, last year near nov.

167378 No.889797

File: 6e36c443347dea9⋯.jpeg (347.2 KB, 750x820, 75:82, IMG_F9411F24662D-1.jpeg)


Selective, but not altered.

Plucked from her instagram.

e133e2 No.889798


this is the patsie….

66211c No.889799


Agree. That type stuff is bullshit. What's this board, Pink Panther Q?

21f038 No.889800


This. Been reflecting a lot on this.

4bbac7 No.889801


The plan to infiltrate and subvert protestant Christians is alive and well still too.

Dig on the "Evangelical Deep State"

1a6db5 No.889802


For sure! Meryl Streep plays her and that chicky from Scrubs too. Look close. They've all had doubles, although I find it hard to believe that BO would allow someone else to wear his shoes.

f59545 No.889803

Roseanne needs to get James Woods to cameo in an ep of her show…

The comedy would be amazing!

a13b54 No.889804


Did Iran pay money to Hussein shortly before he became "president"?

61121d No.889805


Agreed. They would rather commit suicide because they are cowards. They bought 30k guillotines to behead us because they believe that would prohibit us from going to heaven. Sick Evil Perverts!

e133e2 No.889806


obvious cgi


66211c No.889807


About as like as Crooked Mueller being a white hat.

a4e763 No.889808


Most of us have been jerked around our whole lives- for generations. The guy just wants the truth, and he wants his family and friends to know the truth, and is tired of living like a "conspiracy nut" pariah. he is impatient, and he is afraid that the evidence will never come out. I still feel this way a lot too, although I have a lot more faith than I used to. Give him a break. He will come around.

f2c5df No.889809


Yeah, I've always thought they weren't 'theistic' Satanists. Their idea of Satan is more like a self empowerment thing. But this info about "demonic princes" kinda contrasts with that, hence I'm trying to see if any source material can be dug up where they state their beliefs about these princes. Are they just facets of human behaviour etc, or literal beings to be worshipped? I don't want to interpret part of a Q post based on info from essentially some blog, so I want to see if that thoughtco info can be backed up.

00ea98 No.889810


Could refer to someone they thought they had murdered but had not. Or an extra murder. Diana and Dodi?


48c2b8 No.889811

I know is 188 ,but iI think Q meant 187!,


and the UK circus seem pretty FF to me.

0dc681 No.889812

Roseanne S10E03

https:// openload.co/f/m4bCnEiHkbU/Roseanne.S10E03.HDTV.x264-KILLERS.mkv

http:// vidto.me/td0zzacb9j9l.html

https:// vidzi.tv/ye30zc4b3aww.html

http:// vshare.eu/loakfgfcd15m.htm

https:// openload.co/f/qEyVXH_VddA/Roseanne.S10E03.HDTV.x264-KILLERS.mkv

http:// vidto.me/9jzf4nwrn0x6.html

https:// vidzi.tv/m5oh5bsd9uac.html

http:// vshare.eu/sndykr38b57j.htm

b00d08 No.889813


>James Woods

>on a tv show with a transsexual

I doubt he'd do it

3b1bbb No.889814


Baker Comment

Bake it yourself, asshole.

Baker abdicating to AssholeBaker ID: d69c99

Take it away, fuckhead. You are now baking. Don't shill bake it, though.

6a540e No.889815

File: 2ac527cee3a74f8⋯.jpg (14.54 KB, 191x255, 191:255, glowing_clown.jpg)

cbdd0d No.889816


LOL. Your inbreeding will serve you bad in the end. Your a genetic dead end. And how smart can you be when you managed to make the entire world hate you and soon Trump may be the only man on earth who can stop your tribe from being genocided off the face of the earth. So I think you mistake smarts for ruthless cunning. Because anyone with real intelligence could see the value of actual friendships with other races and nations and not think to just use people. Your genetics has a blind spot in this regard….and your going to get hit by the mack truck you can cant see in the blind spot and absolutely crushed.

fce41d No.889817


https:// www.nbcbayarea.com/on-air/as-seen-on/Suspect-in-YouTube-Shooting-Posted-Rants-About-the-Company-Online_Bay-Area-478713943.html?t=24

c6caeb No.889818


Luther held to the idea and devotional practice of the

veneration of Mary and expressed this on innumerable

occasions with the most effusive language:

The veneration of Mary is inscribed in the very

depths of the human heart.

(Sermon, September 1, 1522)

[She is the] highest woman and the noblest gem

in Christianity after Christ . . . She is nobility,

wisdom, and holiness personified. We can never honor

her enough. Still honor and praise must be given to

her in such a way as to injure neither Christ nor the


(Sermon, Christmas, 1531)

No woman is like you. You are more than Eve or

Sarah, blessed above all nobility, wisdom, and


(Sermon, Feast of the Visitation, 1537)

Funny how Luther was great when he came up with the 95 theses but the rest of his work is overlooked.

a9269b No.889819



WC Fag here. I REALLY don't want this to be true but: Bill is friends with Bono, Clintons, Oprah, Hussein, LaCrae comes at least once a year. They met the Pope recently. "Global" leadership Summit. Always gone on international trips, Million seed packages packed annually (Monsanto?), orphanages etc, many many many things to make you go hmmmmmmmm? Please Forgive me Father and let nothing be found in digs on this, If it is YOUR will!

eae7e9 No.889820


That would be one hell of an engineering project.

21f038 No.889821


Have another you cause this is important. This is been the most humbling part of this experience.

4bbac7 No.889822


Not with Rick Wiles, who just got his YouTube channel shut down hard. They dug through years of his radio programs to get three quick strikes. Came right after his preaching against Christian Zionism.

6f631b No.889823

File: 6fc810e06a3583a⋯.png (1.48 MB, 1480x875, 296:175, screenshot_158.png)

File: a3c91a46afdafef⋯.png (83.98 KB, 1201x358, 1201:358, screenshot_159.png)

File: bca9bfdc539a7ee⋯.png (18.78 KB, 500x173, 500:173, screenshot_160.png)

(((Blue Forest))) Conservation –– take a look at who funds them….The Rockefeller Foundation

Main Page

http:// www.blueforestconservation.com/

https:// www.forestresiliencebond.com/about

6b5768 No.889824


Genesis 3:15:

And I will put enmity Between you and the woman, And between your seed and her seed; He shall bruise you on the head, And you shall bruise him on the heel

b00d08 No.889825



>samefagging this hard

We have IDs here

215f24 No.889826


no but they gave him back that 400 billion in cash i bet

00ea98 No.889827


Did you ever hear the audio of her screaming for help before she collapsed on 911 in 2016?

That was brilliant.

fe564b No.889828

File: b952dec254cea9f⋯.png (19.45 KB, 469x176, 469:176, Screen Shot 2018-04-04 at ….png)

File: 53e347e49af2bdc⋯.png (264.64 KB, 1196x497, 1196:497, Screen Shot 2018-04-04 at ….png)

File: 0adc3e8cd39790a⋯.png (531.5 KB, 1093x516, 1093:516, Screen Shot 2018-04-04 at ….png)

File: c7eb83f638aef3d⋯.png (334.38 KB, 1112x353, 1112:353, Screen Shot 2018-04-04 at ….png)


as i've been saying for a while….. FLAGS ARE KEY



bunker hill flag

e06007 No.889829

>>887878 (Bread #1102)

Is this thing related to the thing that was just made a Saudi citizen? Jeezus God, they must know we're laughing at them.

6a540e No.889830


hate to break it to you anon…. they're all comped.

e133e2 No.889831


all three have the same monument

fe564b No.889832


connects to lexington and concord as well

61121d No.889833


Even if Green did not get him it was not in vain. Hero, Patriot, STUD. I hope a day comes when I can thank his family for his bravery and commitment. Gotta say anon, tough when you cannot even explain this stuff to your own family because they dont believe it. Thanks Anon.

c6caeb No.889834


Well, duh. The same thing has happened to Catholic societies speaking out against Jewish subversion of Christianity.

00ea98 No.889835


Yes. Agreed.

May betrayal.


Mogg for PM.

UK Election coming.

6f631b No.889836

File: c764ec6a23cb137⋯.png (118.46 KB, 1211x528, 1211:528, screenshot_161.png)

b58515 No.889837


I agree Sir!

Having double meaning, often where we see symbolic meaning, we see material manifestation.

The Rothschild's Five Arrows is one example.

8fe50f No.889838


Q said months ago ( and I might be slightly paraphrasing) "HRC tried to make a deal today. We said no." Would be awesome if you were right, but it looks like Hillary is in bed with the cabal. Has been for a long time.

a4e763 No.889839


Get over yourself. God is not a man. The pope is a man, and all men and positions of men can be corrupted. The whole "infallible leader chosen by God" nonsense has been used by kings, pharoahs, popes, and despots of all time throughout history to control the sheep and secure power. Grow up.

215f24 No.889840


if hrc is code name evergreen…..green castle

fce41d No.889841

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

66211c No.889842

File: 73932f551ecc097⋯.jpg (95.22 KB, 450x818, 225:409, not a fag.jpg)

6a540e No.889843


one of mine was like that. real set in their ways, stubborn, not wanting to see it. Trump wanting troops at the border was the final red pill in the coffin.

1a6db5 No.889844


And there's also 'Renegade' by Styx: The Renegade who had it made, retrieved for a bounty. The wanted man. Hangman is comin down from the gallows and (he) don't have very long.

f2c5df No.889845


Sure, plenty of people leading large churches and milking them for money, using their influence to advance nefarious agendas or both. You'll know them by their fruits. There's a reason that was said - so we can discern which are genuinely for and of God and which are just piggybacking on the "Christian" name to achieve some goal.

70d3eb No.889846

File: 10829002bdeebfb⋯.png (140.99 KB, 1090x709, 1090:709, princes of holy2 - Copy.png)

Another mixture at Rome involved "keys." For almost a

thousand years, the people of Rome had believed in the mystic

keys of the pagan god Janus and the goddess Cybele. In Mithraism,

one of the main branches of the mysteries that came to Rome, the

sun-god carried two keys. When the emperor claimed to be sucessor

of the "gods" and the Supreme Pontiff of the mysteries, the keys

came to be symbols of his authority. Later when the bishop of

Rome became the Pontifex Maximus in about 378, he automatically

became the possessor of the mystic keys. This gained recognition

for the Pope from the pagans and, again, there was the

opportunity to mix Peter into the story. Had not Christ said to

Peter, "I will give unto thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven"

(Matt.16:19)? It was not until 431, however, that the pope

publically claimed that the keys he possessed were the keys of

authority given to the apostle Peter. This was over fifty years

after the pope had become the Pontifex Maximus, the possessor of

the keys. For an example of how the keys are shown as symbols of

the Pope's authority, see the large fan on page 89.

The key given to Peter (and to all the other disciples)

represented the message of the gospel whereby people could enter

the kingdom of God. Because some have not rightly understood

this, it is not uncommom for Peter to be pictured as the

gatekeeper of heaven, deciding who he will let in and who he

won't! This is very much like the ideas that were associated with

the pagan god Jan us, for he was the keeper of the doors and

gates in the pagan mythology of Rome, the opener. Janus, with key

in hand, is shown in the above drawing. He was represented with

two faces-one young, the other old (a later version of Nimrod

incarnated in Tammuz). It is interesting to notice that not only

was the key a symbol of Janus, the cock was also regarded as

being sacred to him.$ There was no problem to link the cock with

Peter, for had not a cock crowed on the night that he denied the

Lord? (John 18:27).

It is certain that the title "Supreme Pontiff" or "Pontifex

Maximus" which the Pope bears is not a Christian designation, for

it was the title used by Roman emperors before the Christian Era.

The word "pontiff" comes from the word "pons," - "bridge", and

"facio," - "make." It means "bridge-maker." The priest-king

emperors of pagan days were regarded as the makers and guardians

of the bridges of Rome. Each of them served as high priest and

claimed to be the bridge or connecting link between this life and

the next.

fe564b No.889848






pay attention

66211c No.889849


Yeah, sure. Mueller is /ourguy/. Mueller is actually Q.

0cee97 No.889850

File: 278baf716398733⋯.jpeg (364.06 KB, 1242x1529, 1242:1529, AAFE82DC-6392-4E94-98FC-8….jpeg)


Apr 03 2018 22:02:45




We are under attack.

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=xW2ijF2ya1c




4bbac7 No.889851


Reminds me how much the biblical scholarship of Sir Isaac Newton has been overlooked.

6cfe50 No.889852


That photo of a previous Pope kissing a Rothschilds' ring, convinced me. Like Q said all along, after Rockefellers were no longer a factor, it left House of Saud (The Richest), Rothschilds (Which is not just Jacob, if still alive, and Lynn; there's a big family of the morons, getting dumber all of the time due to the in breeding. I sure hope they don't get left out of all of the fun, the military tribunals, the executions, all of it!

67812e No.889853


please continue, if you wish.

a9269b No.889854


At least you are compassionate in your post,Tx.

Still hoping (praying) for no. Waiting on sauce, ya know?

5da3dd No.889855


right on

66211c No.889856


There have been many bad Popes, probably much worse than this little Obamapope.

e133e2 No.889857


Roseanne is not trans

167378 No.889858

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

f07663 No.889859

File: 9f879b1bb1ca432⋯.jpg (119.7 KB, 736x736, 1:1, stormy.jpg)


In the last few months I have found that I know nothing. We're all in the same boat anon. Think of this as a school. Some lessons are fun and full of banter, some lessons you have to get your head down to keep up. Some lessons are like advanced algebra and it isn't clear what is happening at first.

Just remember to go outside and play sport at intervals. All the best.

b00d08 No.889860


The kid on her show is

fe564b No.889861

File: b3ab4c258dfdc4f⋯.png (122.6 KB, 1279x499, 1279:499, Screen Shot 2018-04-04 at ….png)

3b1bbb No.889862

Real Baker Back

Fuckhead ran away like the little bitch he is.

AssholeBaker ID: d69c99 fuck yourself.

Baker on Duty, still



>>889848 I'll have a look.

8fe50f No.889863


Just to be clear. Q has never said anything negative about Mueller. The only mention of him was near the very beginning when we were asked what his military background was and why it's important.

71255b No.889864


It's common spelling among English 2.0 geeks. I see it all the time.

66211c No.889866


Kaley Cuoco plays her too. She told me that after I banged her.

00ea98 No.889867


4 beats per bar.

188/4 = 47.

47 hours remaining from that post.

7am Friday (Zulu) time.

2 hours before 4am (ET) talking points on FRIDAY.

db9253 No.889869


Understand that power and money have corrupted almost every single organization since the beginning of time.

I make it a point never to join a large organization.

3f8453 No.889870

File: c785a93774fec43⋯.jpg (91.2 KB, 1440x901, 1440:901, IMG_20180404_024448.jpg)


Someone posted a reverse image search and apparently she uploaded the image with green eyes to her Instagram

61121d No.889871


Long story from this anon. But cant doxx. When you are 10 years into trying to redpill people they stop believing you. They see the small truths but the picture is hard to swallow. Wont stop though.

Appreciate the anons here though and will not stop.

c6caeb No.889872


All these people in favor of deconstructing Christianity to the point we no longer have an institution sticking up for Christians the world over will find themselves falling out of favor with their political leadership very quickly. What they want is basically for us to be weak and easy game for more cohesive groups like Muslims, Jews, communists, Freemasons etc.

5fd7c3 No.889873


What fuckery is this? Why are you counting beats

1a6db5 No.889874

File: 58ed0affca9d086⋯.jpg (15.44 KB, 170x255, 2:3, ET roth.jpg)


Mike Green, this country owes you so much. You are a true hero.

3b1bbb No.889875


Added to bread

I have no problems with anons pointing to their own posts, especially when they point out that fact.

6b6c73 No.889876


Don't stress mate

61121d No.889877


Jesus brother, because Q said to count em!!

8fe50f No.889878


She was kinda hot for an antifa/muslim brotherhood member.

bb1550 No.889880


All roads lead to Rome.

What is in Rome that's significant? The Vatican.

Cardinal points? Perhaps the 4 highest ranking cardinals in the Vatican or elsewhere?

They are the ones sacrificing kids perhaps?

6f631b No.889881

File: 32c73a7d4e90ba2⋯.png (177.72 KB, 318x617, 318:617, screenshot_163.png)

File: 5676970f96a8fe8⋯.png (284.35 KB, 568x557, 568:557, screenshot_164.png)

File: ee373492b8608e6⋯.png (110.31 KB, 568x421, 568:421, screenshot_165.png)

File: 165877031bd3f3e⋯.png (325.85 KB, 571x619, 571:619, screenshot_167.png)

f70819 No.889882


Would your scriptural studies imply then that Adonai, Yaveh, Jehovah are all different Gods or have you concluded on your own that the different names are simply different facets/traits of the same God?

2b4b6c No.889883


All 3 are INDEPENDANT 'cities' = legal entities??

City of London = 'Square mile'

Queen walks behind Lord Mayor = symbolisim?

e133e2 No.889884


disinfo is neccessary

215f24 No.889885


their eyes and faces resemble lizards for sure…small black beady eyes

61121d No.889886


Would make a joke but keks are hard to get these days……lol

6b5768 No.889887


Just remember, the Pope is not God, Jesus or any other deity. He's just another man like you and I. Be angry at the church for selecting him and defiling your church. Pick yourself and your church up and learn from your mistakes.

4bbac7 No.889888


If not for Q's mega-drops after Easter, this could be a big dig right now.

The Christian community needs the red pill too. Satanist Todd Bentley led a big fake revival, complete with serpent shirt wearing kundalini baptisms a while back that fooled way too many. No doubt it was directed by cabal connections.

66211c No.889889


No. Real satanism.

a12a71 No.889890


Ok, those persians have theirs


Yep, prepared as next Clown, although was in Pol.

6f631b No.889891


https:// twitter.com/BlueForestConsv

6a540e No.889892


lots of sauce ref red cross, bono, etc go back through earlier breads.

ced4de No.889893


Her wish is coming true now.

6b6c73 No.889894


Rascals in the past wanted to play Creator, sheep gobbled it up and worshipped them. More news at 11

66211c No.889895


Woods could be the wacky tinfoil hat wearing neighbor.

fce41d No.889896





After Failed Promise To Turn Herself In, Police Searching For Carjacking Suspect Who Drove Off With

CBS Los Angeles




After Failed Promise To Turn Herself In, Police Searching For Carjacking Suspect Who Drove Off With

CBS Los Angeles




YouTube HQ shooting suspect ID'd

KSBW Action News 8




Hazmat Crew Responds To Powerful Opioid Scare In Upscale OC Beach Town

CBS Los Angeles




Woman Suspected In YouTube Shooting Lived In Menifee, Sources Report

CBS Los Angeles




Trump: Military Will Patrol Border Until Wall Is Built

CBS Los Angeles



KCAL9 News at 8 p.m. (April 3)

CBS Los Angeles



Baby Taken Along In Carjacking Found Safe, Suspect Supposed To Turn Herself In

CBS Los Angeles



Saudi Prince Books Entire Four Seasons Hotel For Hollywood Summit

CBS Los Angeles



KCAL9 News at 4 p.m. (April 3)

CBS Los Angeles



CBS On The Go – PM Edition (April 3)

CBS Los Angeles



Expert: Shooting at Youtube headquarters a unique case




YouTube shooting dispatch audio reveals minutes after attack

Mercury News



All Eyes On Wall Street After Dow Plummets Nearly 500 Points

CBS Los Angeles



New Charges Possible Against Corona Nurse Whose Murder Conviction Was Overturned

CBS Los Angeles



As NYC Thaws Out, LA Tourism Board Using Palm Trees, Beaches To Draw Visitors From The Big Apple

CBS Los Angeles



:YouTube Shooting: Nasim Aghdam's Father Says He Called Police Concerned About Her Anger At Company"


f07663 No.889897

File: f55be63eb727f8b⋯.jpg (41.5 KB, 400x400, 1:1, Db-hhcHd.jpg)


Better to be a virtuous knight with a corrupt king than a drunken fool in the street. You will be stronger for it. If that does happen. Let's see.

0cee97 No.889898

File: 9477b4c2e8c38b4⋯.jpeg (271.4 KB, 1242x1303, 1242:1303, A41E8458-BF41-40F1-BDE2-D….jpeg)

e133e2 No.889899


How do you capture a very dangerous animal?

with one of its own

a12a71 No.889901


Which wish?

66211c No.889902


Luther's just another guy who fucked things up, like Woodrow Wilson.

b00d08 No.889903


He wont get on stage with a degenerate.

0dae14 No.889904

File: 1aac815c0e04afa⋯.png (1.69 MB, 2560x2560, 1:1, Q_Letter_Frog_Flag.png)


This. Bottom line, NSA has EVERYTHING. ALL the phone mics, cameras, computers, emails, smart TV, financial records…You name it, they have it. All of it.

Well…I haven't always been a saint, or even a good man. Most of the time, yes, but not all the time. Sure, it's been Babylon, and things have been tough on an Anon, but my actions are MINE, and basically, but for the grace of God go I.

Great post Anon. Thanks for sharing your heart. Shadilay!!!

f2c5df No.889905


Yup. Hardly the 'original church' when their man-made doctrines didn't begin to appear for quite some time. People practiced Christianity according to God's word before them and people continue to live by God's word today. No need for introduced mediators, sacraments and a pope in place of Christ at the head of the church. Vicar of Christ. From "vicarious" (taking the place of another person or thing). Sounds like antichrist to me, along with the whole "Holy Father" title and "father" for priests. Forgiveness and salvation are through Christ's finished work on the cross. You can pray to God, in Jesus' name and ask for forgiveness. No other mediators are needed or biblically allowed. Our God is one with whom you have a personal relationship. No going to some priest to ask them for the forgiveness only God provides. The only priest needed now that old law has been fulfilled is our High Priest, Jesus Christ who became the ultimate sacrifice for our salvation.

17c02c No.889906


ROFL, man was not made for those depths. Q asks about what's located around there, is there a connection between Epstein's Island and Haiti, the tunnels where they conducted their Evil with children from Haiti.

a4e763 No.889907


Have you learned nothing?

Pope- Catholic

Hillary- Christian

Alaweed- Muslim

Roths and Soros- Jewish

Bin Salman was essential to the fight for good. He is Muslim. Jews, Christians, and catholics will all be essential to destroy the rest of the pyramid that involves people of all ethnic religious background.

There are good and bad people everywhere dipshit, of all nations and all ethnicities. That is one of the central messages of this whole thing. All the good people need to be unified and reflect on their own bad actors that they have unwittingly supported, and then we must move together toward the light.

This is as big as all humanity. This is to free all humanity. God loves the good in all peoples, and he hates the evil in all peoples. If you want to be on the right side of things I suggest you start recognizing that.

f70819 No.889908


Its almost 4am here, so ill pass on the 11 news cycle…

Still doxing Ismail Aghdam with very little success so far, went to make caffeine so i could dig a little longuer ;)

00ea98 No.889909


Repeat 188 bars (exclamation points)

>4 beats per bar.


>188/4 = 47.


>47 hours remaining from that post.


>7am Friday (Zulu) time.


>2 hours before 4am (ET) talking points on FRIDAY.

It's a countdown to the MOAB narrative on Friday.


a9269b No.889910


Yeah, I know about them, I'm still hopeful

for Bill, For the sake of WC. He is very well Loved!!!

>>889888 Yep, prolly will be real soon. He popped up yesterday or the day before so I've kinda been expecting it.

c6caeb No.889911


Basically all you want is guitar Christianity where Christians get slaughtered all over the world because having a powerful Church to stand up for them is wrong and Satanic. Great thinking.

3b1896 No.889912



61121d No.889913


Sorry anon had a few to many pops., Tunin out.

eae7e9 No.889914


10 years wow anon, you're a good man. I had to give up…. until the arrests begin maybe. Logic I ran into is Trump must be guilty or the Special Prosecutor would have known by now and shut down. So to preserve relationship I had to agree to disagree.

e133e2 No.889915


Mueller is our guy

c44002 No.889916

File: e7b53bda6ea9955⋯.jpg (7.71 KB, 205x246, 5:6, hellYaw.jpg)

b2c0be No.889917

King Cobra delivers a "bite that has no cure."

King = 4 letters

Cobra = 5 letters


maybe POTUS is delivering the bite that has no cure to the psychos.

or maybe i need to go to sleep.

a12a71 No.889918

Someone saved the Videos of Nasime Sabz Yesil Nasim?

f84ca2 No.889919


IIRC, the NYPD had possession of Anthony Weiner's laptop. Said what it contained was disturbing and upsetting to even experienced officers. This was in 2016, so I can't remember what was reported verbatim… but I seem to recall the NYPD threatening the FBI that if they didn't expose it, they would.

The NYPD is bigger and more well trained than the armies of many countries, so that's not a threat the FBI would take lightly.

All that aside, if Hillary's Blackberry happened to been remotely activated by parties who had a serious interest in learning what the hell was going on at Epstein's island, the possibilities are endless.

Hopefully there's enough to sentence her to capital punishment.

I would really love for that Huber guy to put in front of a Utah firing squad.

5da3dd No.889920


definitely needed to hear this

0dcfad No.889921


To call Hillary a Christian is cringe worthy.

6cfe50 No.889922


Not relevant. Q said a long time ago that Rockefellers were out, no longer "players." That left the triangle of House of Saud, Rothschilds family, and Soros. +++, ++, and +. Good dig anyway, just not connected to this Q drop.

0dae14 No.889923

File: 7f8664345fd8180⋯.jpg (579.42 KB, 2550x1432, 1275:716, Screen_Shot_2018-03-05_at_….jpg)


What do you think the 1% is?? I don't think there's anything that could shock me. The Devil runs the world?? That Q is Jesus?? FE?? ;)

ced4de No.889924


She wanted to be big on yt.

Wish granted.

48c2b8 No.889925


I know is 188 ,but iI think Q meant 187!,


and the UK circus seem pretty FF to me.

b00d08 No.889926


You're ok

f07663 No.889927


Yes. There are lots more of them than 3 though. UN headquarters in New York is an independent state officially.

There are loads in Europe like San Marino, Monaco, SARL in Europe. Macao and Hong Kong. The list goes on.

0cee97 No.889928


Made me lol ty Anon

215f24 No.889929


theres rumors of very very ancient, deep tunnels, caves under the vatican…locked up are fallen ones / human hybrids..nephilim…they feed them children

1aac98 No.889931

File: 59c808f2b5164e0⋯.jpg (369.3 KB, 720x1064, 90:133, BMU.jpg)

6f631b No.889932



413214 No.889933


Well if he is…he's doing a piss poor job of it.

66211c No.889934


Catholic doctrine is nearly always misstated on the web. It's correctly stated in the online Catechism.

82 The Pope, Bishop of Rome and Peter's successor, "is the perpetual and visible source and foundation of the unity both of the bishops and of the whole company of the faithful."402 "For the Roman Pontiff, by reason of his office as Vicar of Christ, and as pastor of the entire Church has full, supreme, and universal power over the whole Church, a power which he can always exercise unhindered."403

883 "The college or body of bishops has no authority unless united with the Roman Pontiff, Peter's successor, as its head." As such, this college has "supreme and full authority over the universal Church; but this power cannot be exercised without the agreement of the Roman Pontiff."404

884 "The college of bishops exercises power over the universal Church in a solemn manner in an ecumenical council."405 But "there never is an ecumenical council which is not confirmed or at least recognized as such by Peter's successor."406

885 "This college, in so far as it is composed of many members, is the expression of the variety and universality of the People of God; and of the unity of the flock of Christ, in so far as it is assembled under one head."

e133e2 No.889935

0cee97 No.889936


The Prince of Peace is the One to trust bro

215f24 No.889937

also rumored is child sacrifice at the Getty museum in CA

2c3d50 No.889938

File: 47bef7bd3de2daf⋯.png (2.72 MB, 1411x1004, 1411:1004, Screen Shot 2018-04-04 at ….png)

Don't ask why or how but I autismed a thing.

This time it's a Marriott, apparently.

http:// www.marriott.com/hotels/travel/nasbt-the-beach-at-atlantis-autograph-collection/

https:// www.atlantisbahamas.com/rooms/beachtower

6b6c73 No.889939


Bless you truthseeker, they really are desperate at this point :)

a12a71 No.889940


She lost his live, although was muslim.,hm. I'm some sad of her..

3b1bbb No.889941


I am the anon who spent nearly 5 hours yesterday cleaning up the dough after the previous Q drops. I see nothing but the same needed after this latest set of drops. But today, I don't have the time. Maybe in 5 hours I can get to it. Stressed? It's like cutting the grass, only to have it grow back a day later.

61121d No.889942


I hear you but have made commitments for life. The latest stuff has them totally freaked out. "no this time is different" hahaha.

a13b54 No.889943


You capture a very dangerous animal by disarming it first.

c6caeb No.889944


Do you have any idea how many martyrs it took for Christians to become legal subjects in the Roman Empire? You would have us go back to an era where Christians have no representation in the world? LOL

66211c No.889945


Catechism on Papal Infallibility.

890 The mission of the Magisterium is linked to the definitive nature of the covenant established by God with his people in Christ. It is this Magisterium's task to preserve God's people from deviations and defections and to guarantee them the objective possibility of professing the true faith without error. Thus, the pastoral duty of the Magisterium is aimed at seeing to it that the People of God abides in the truth that liberates. To fulfill this service, Christ endowed the Church's shepherds with the charism of infallibility in matters of faith and morals. The exercise of this charism takes several forms:

891 "The Roman Pontiff, head of the college of bishops, enjoys this infallibility in virtue of his office, when, as supreme pastor and teacher of all the faithful - who confirms his brethren in the faith he proclaims by a definitive act a doctrine pertaining to faith or morals. . . . The infallibility promised to the Church is also present in the body of bishops when, together with Peter's successor, they exercise the supreme Magisterium," above all in an Ecumenical Council.418 When the Church through its supreme Magisterium proposes a doctrine "for belief as being divinely revealed,"419 and as the teaching of Christ, the definitions "must be adhered to with the obedience of faith."420 This infallibility extends as far as the deposit of divine Revelation itself.421

6a540e No.889946


that's some impressive autism

2c3d50 No.889947

File: a52936993d676e6⋯.png (857.8 KB, 1411x1004, 1411:1004, AtlantisMandalaygong.png)



Here's the fancy version!

14daf5 No.889948

File: 0a93b4b208827e5⋯.png (267.01 KB, 497x410, 497:410, Screen Shot 2018-04-04 at ….png)

413214 No.889949


Hate to bust their bubbles here…but just one little guy praying directly to God and establishing a personal relationship with him, sort of makes their whole existence mute.

db9253 No.889950

There are 187 EXTRA exclamation marks.

b00d08 No.889951


He wears skirts, the character is trans. James Woods isnt ok with that shit. He's old school.

a4e763 No.889952


I feel that given the context it was very strongly implied. But no, he didnt spell it out.

3b1bbb No.889953


I don't care who you are. That's funny.

eae7e9 No.889954


>tunnels where they conducted their Evil with children from Haiti.

Probably that's it. Bring em in by boat or air, take em to tunnels for secret evil shit that no government is ever supposed to be able to see.

30d632 No.889955

File: d3c327ce93aac91⋯.jpg (116.84 KB, 800x820, 40:41, redditgoback.jpg)


I suggest you uncuck yourself and face reality. Refusal to face the sheer racial aspect in this fight is how your kind got to this point in the first place.

(((programming))) and the cuckish moralizing attitude (((they))) substituted for REAL fortitude in this dark world worked WONDERS to turn eyes away from REAL tragedies and human trafficking that YOUR KIND ignored, willfully.

It worked WONDERS to let these subhuman scum groom your own children right under your noses, gang raping them, shipping them off to be butchered and raped again.

You are complicit in (((their))) crimes against your wives, daughters. Through your conditioned cowardice.

You are at a point where you can barely see reality if at all. Not all are as cucked and cowardly as you.

Most diplomatic way I can say this , (((cuck))).

Force and Finess, fool.

e06007 No.889956


The one in India looked like the body double at the 9/11 memorial. That whole thing of throwing her in the SUV was staged, the only reason I can come up with is that they were working on a dual reality, she was sick one place, not sick another place. Except I think she might have been beyond sick.

66211c No.889957


Mission failed.

c7429b No.889959


what you guys have to understand though…..when it comes to people like this…..religion doesnt fucking matter….this is for the masses….the Sheeple…..they do not give a shit….they only have one true passion….A NEW WORLD ORDER…..power …..power and MONEY….thats it…..and kid fucking….BOTTOM LINE……Behold a pale white horse….read it……


i know we all know about them…..on the surface…

but lets really dig in….

apparently we have like 13 people from each faction ie (illuminati / skull and bones / etc etc.)

represented in this group full time….and nothing big happens (9/11, etc ) with out their planning……and at the end of the day…..their religion (HRC, Obama, MBZ, Pope) its all bullshit.

c6caeb No.889960


Oh really? Try living as a Christian in China or Saudi Arabia and see how far you'll get without representation in politics.

215f24 No.889961


lol…be a critical thinker question everything

3b1bbb No.889962


I absolutely agree. The title of this bread does not say Q said P is Pope. It only mentions that Q finally actually said "Pope."

f2c5df No.889963


God makes it clear that persecution should be expected. Anyway, people don't need to be part of the RCC to stand up for one another. Also, guitars or not, all I want is to live according to God's will, not what men over centuries of power struggles and corruption have established as doctrine.

0dae14 No.889964


Three Things Anon…

#1. Your Faith In & walk with God isn't invalidated or weakened due to the "church's" perversion. Just don't let all of this shatter your Faith.

#2. That's why these people have so much power, their lies, and their conditioning, and they're been in power a very long time.

3. The catholic "church" and the pope are of the devil. Look at the track record. Do good trees give bad fruits??


bb1550 No.889965


Haiti → Epstein Island → Vatican

Clinton Foundation kidnaps the kids, Epstein "stores" them until they are "ready", ships them to the Vatican where they sacrifice them.

If this is true, damn, these people really are sick.

0dcfad No.889966

I set out this morning to work on the contexting feature for the Research Tool. Then I figured out that there had been some glitches in export/import process due to the paradigm shift in how that site gets updated. Argh! So frustrating. That contexting tool is so important, you have no idea. You'll be amazed what a difference it makes to have all relevant responses together with the initial Q post. Even I haven't seen this in its fullness. But I've worked with this enough to know how useful it is. But I think I finally got the glitches worked out, and I can get going on the contexting again tomorrow.

a4e763 No.889967


Did you really just quote the Pope's propagandists to prove that the Pope is infallible?

0dae14 No.889968


Thank You Anon!!

a4e763 No.889969


So is calling Nazi collaborator Soros a Jew.

f70819 No.889970


And you Wisdom bearer!

f07663 No.889971

File: beabbd822f825de⋯.jpg (69.92 KB, 564x654, 94:109, LawsofMaat.jpg)


One of the best posts I've seen on the threads in a long time. I think Q has already said that the souls who find out what they have done (sometimes unintentionally or without thought) are the hardest on themselves. That's what I think of when I think of judgement anon. It doesn't matter though, we'll all find our own way. Great post.

c6caeb No.889972


The "corruption" you speak of is your laziness to learn history. Oh, so now you're advocating for the existence of a church. I have nothing else to add.

413214 No.889973


Blink of an eye. It's your eternal soul God is concerned with.

66211c No.889975


Zero evidence of that, never mind actual proof.

215f24 No.889976


catholic church = pedophiles

a4e763 No.889977


Pretty sure they sacrifice some on the island too.

b58515 No.889978

File: f7b50a67e2ed432⋯.jpg (16.25 KB, 262x193, 262:193, Rothchild Five Arrows.jpg)

File: 5acf3ad7c018898⋯.png (729.34 KB, 1027x833, 1027:833, YOURE ALL SO FUCKED.png)

https :// www.gettyimages.co.uk/photos/lynn-rothschild?sort=mostpopular&mediatype=photography&phrase=lynn%20rothschild

Donald Trump, Lynn Forester de Rothschild and Andrew Stein attend Tribute Gala Honoring Andrew Stein on November 28, 1988 at the Pierre Hotel in New York City.

f2c5df No.889979


Has Q said anything that could be interpreted as giving weight to this theory? (aside from 'these people are sick' lol)

c6caeb No.889980

0dcfad No.889981


Good point!

4bbac7 No.889982


One recent example here: Moody Bible College

http:// julieroys.com/blew-whistle-moody/

Then there's Rick Warren and his Global Plan

check out crossroad.to for more on all this.

6b6c73 No.889983


One of Cabal's oldest tricks.

It's infallible because you are programmed to believe its self-referencing, self-reinforcing system. Same with finances, wars…

6a540e No.889984


gonna do an over/under ref Q posts? or over/under + keywords?

47018a No.889985

More Accurate Interpretations for Abrahamic Religions from the original Sumerian Texts?


215f24 No.889986


catholic church equals gays too

and sin all day repent next year

0cee97 No.889987

East St. Tammany Chamber of Commerce CEO Dawn Sharpe announced her resignation

http:// www


d82a4f No.889988

Michelle obama, she's not a man

she is a witch. think about it, the cabal uses the disguise of innocence (children, women, pope)

They put these types in power to make them resistant to any criticism (see Hogg)

Everything she ever said was to sow division see:

"For the 1st time I'm proud of my country"

division between black/white men/women

Obo was a mere puppet, SHE was really in charge.

a12a71 No.889989

Hmm.., I think that For the Death of the Iranian Girl, The Focus in Iran will be big.

5fd7c3 No.889990


Nice dig anon! I bet nothing has changed in 30 years!

fe564b No.889991

File: c8f99fba8d98fb4⋯.png (66.38 KB, 965x235, 193:47, Screen Shot 2018-04-04 at ….png)

66211c No.889992


"Mute" is misspelled and misused. Hit the books, not the keyboard.

bb1550 No.889993


When you are in that deep with the sickness, I would not be at all surprised.

f07663 No.889994

File: 41c3471c333749e⋯.jpg (482.53 KB, 1480x833, 1480:833, luther95theses.jpg)


You're like a modern day Martin Luther anon. Kek. Thank You.

0cee97 No.889995

Meow Wolf CEO Kadlubek resigns from city Planning Commission

http:// www


6b6c73 No.889996


What happened to Christianity after Constantine?

From extermination to praising in such a short time.

Surely it was them (Romans) that changed? Not something else?

a4e763 No.889997


You are a small man, and its pointless to argue. If Q is real and Trump actually succeeds, we will learn which of us is right eventually wont we.

7d4f17 No.889998


Great info, Anon!

215f24 No.889999


lyn forester is the women..fyi

0dae14 No.890000


The Truth will set you Free Anon. God was, and IS, ALWAYS there.

61121d No.890001


Any anons ever see the Atlantis cities under water in the Bahamas. Tunnels can be way under ground/water in Bahamas

Or Hawaii–

Zuckerburg/SteveCase/Omidiyar. Fiji/Munk etc

0cee97 No.890002


Brandon Dowdy will step down as CEO of the YMCA of West Central Illinois effective April 6th, according to YMCA Marketing Director Michelle Terwelp.



a12a71 No.890003


As in Florida, The Mr. Trump for his security must be in Washington D.C.

c7429b No.890004


Q's way of saying YT hit was a FALSE FLAG?

61121d No.890005


Moloch is a he/she anon.

413214 No.890006


mute - refraining from speech or temporarily speechless.

"Irene, the talkative one, was now mute"

synonyms: silent, speechless, dumb, unspeaking, tight-lipped, taciturn

Spelled right…

6b6c73 No.890007


Interesting how that entire area is shallow and vehicles had a habit of disappearing, like a big island with advanced portal technology that sunk after a massive war.

a9269b No.890008


It's hard sometimes but I know that My faith is in God, not man. I won't protect them, but I will wait for sauce before I make my commitment. In the meantime we dig.

215f24 No.890009



lyn rothschild is the women..fyi…hope trump didnt touch that shit

66211c No.890010


It's a statement of Catholic doctrine, was before you lived and will be after you're dead. Bet on it. Your feeble pseudo-intellectual "enlightenment" only exposes your utter lack of knowledge and understanding. Hit the books, not the keyboard.

c7429b No.890011


and if this is all a shill….

we're all fucked

576656 No.890012

Hi Q

Epstein Island. there are plenty of ways satan worshippers communicate; cb and hamm radio, the position of that cow on the beach, the direction that cow is facing, and location of that cow, are just some of them. here in my city, it's the direction bud travels, the route bud travels, the clothes and colors bud wears while travelling, the stops bud makes. here in my city, bud's movements are out in the open. plain as day. but if you didn't know bud was satan worshipper delivering messages to the various groups, you'd think he was just another druggie out for a bike ride.

so, check the comms when that cow moves and follow the pattern of intercepts. shouldn't take long to spot a pattern at all. they are so predictable …

… Q is there any significance to that pic of the littered beach?

c7429b No.890013


so whatever dude. chill

c7429b No.890014


what pic? of this shore with the flag? like the 4 pics?

6b5768 No.890015


Nice work anon…. Thank you!

f2c5df No.890016


>Oh, so now you're advocating for the existence of a church

This is beginning to sound familiar. I've talked to quite a few people who were arguing for Catholicism and they always end up saying something stupid like this. How am I advocating for the existence of a church, and what would be wrong with that anyway? A "church" in this context is simply a group of believers in Christ. As for my 'laziness' - what makes you think I haven't looked into this? Oh, I know.. it's the fact that I have a different opinion to you! Anyway, I'm not going to contribute anything else to sliding here. All I can do is advise you to base your beliefs on what is actually in the Bible. After all, it's your soul, not mine.

a81691 No.890017

>>885632 (from previous bread)

Another take.

Who is the 'Chair' of the Catholic church?

The Pope.

eae7e9 No.890018



Ok that is all weird.

I thought Table 29 meant arrests because that has been the FBI Arrests table for a long time, in the annual Crime in the US publication, although a few years ago they changed how they present the data

Now I am not so sure. There are a lot of 29s in all this.

0cee97 No.890019

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Riverbed's Jerry Kennelly steps down

Jerry M. Kennelly, who has served as CEO of Riverbed Technology since co-founding the company in 2002, is retiring.

http:// www


66211c No.890020


The word you are misusing is spelled moot. Just stop writing for a few years and read moar.

cbdd0d No.890021


Imagine if Lynn Rothschild had been raised by humans and not allowed to be butt fucked at a young age and turned into a psychopath? Her long Neandertal arms are not really a deal breaker and if she had a soul and didnt eat babies she she was at least fuckable in her youth for the average male. She missed her chance. All she really needed was an honest decent man with a 8 inch cock and little home and friendly neighbors. She would of enjoyed her life and had fun talking to her grandchildren…..now she is a soulless troll shriveled up harpy. Sad. Sad waste of a decent piece of ass.

92d984 No.890022

from last bread

I cross referenced the Epstein flight logs wirh the Satanic Calendar

It's all numbers on paper with pencil.

However I can tell you what I found regarding the number of travelers on which days and holidays

There is consistent monthly travel

Except March- zippo for March- they celebrate somewhere else for the spring equinox

Slightly larger numbers on varying days during the month related to herb gathering and general sacrifice(not requiring certain victims) and orgy also probably the moon cycle.

-maybe also individual initiation-I doubt that it's like at graduation -where a bunch of people go one after another-especially if its an affluent initiate

Way larger numbers on and around most of the High Satanic Holidays-during which time sacrifices are abducted and "prepared"-apparently the process takes time

major holidays to the cabal are

The Summer Solstice-just like at Playboy mansion yall-Feast Day-Midsummer night etc

Of course big numbers for All Hallows Eve a High Holy Day

Also on and around Christmas Eve and New years. The numbers for that holiday are not as high as others, but significant increase from baseline-You know how hard it is to get away at Christmas-They probably do it in or under a church somewhere in the States(wasn't there a church involved in the building 666 tunnel system?)-Or hey DC more convenient yet!

Important holidays with lower traffic than you would expect-

Spring Equinox-and April 29 and 27 Jul Grand Climax

both of these are herb gathering holidays and they probably won't find what they need on an isolated isle in the Caribbean-herbs are gathered according to moon cycle

Also very low numbers on the 7th of Sept-

Marriage to The Beast ritual day -They must do it somewhere else

Each holiday on the satanic calendar has different requirements regarding activities and sacrifices and it is clear from the traffic that Epsteins Island is visited more heavily on holidays that require young children or babies to be sacrificed. Other holidays with lower attendance require sacrifices, but the sacrifices can be any age

Conclusion-The Epstein Flight Logs match up to the Satanic Calendar as far as attendance at holiday gatherings and are more heavily visited on holidays where the rituals required children


576656 No.890023


https:// archive.org/details/SSSEE

fe564b No.890024

File: 045d61aed4dc8d3⋯.png (58.88 KB, 1118x163, 1118:163, Screen Shot 2018-04-04 at ….png)


also…. notice who we were fighting at the battle of bunker hill

general clinton

cc90c3 No.890025

File: 6547c128d4a2e17⋯.png (5.51 KB, 1810x75, 362:15, ClipboardImage.png)



checked string length with python… copy pasting the string to avoid error.s

f2c5df No.890026


someone misspelling 'moot' on the chans

what has the world come to?

00ea98 No.890027


Top kek.

0dcfad No.890028

I've got an idea for a really OCD task that I think will help us all. Can someone go through all those graphics up in >>889469 and make a list of the posts that are in each of them? Keep it to one post, one graphic. Then ask the baker to associate the post with the list to the graphic. I'd do it, but the programming project is taking up all my time at present. This is something any Anon can do since it doesn't require special skills.

b58515 No.890029

File: f7b50a67e2ed432⋯.jpg (16.25 KB, 262x193, 262:193, Rothchild Five Arrows.jpg)

File: f3de4019cc57ecb⋯.jpg (103.89 KB, 698x664, 349:332, embed-hilton-prince-andrew.jpg)

File: a00360b3a038fde⋯.jpg (393.8 KB, 1024x954, 512:477, 700334384.jpg)

File: 8f19c079b73be9c⋯.jpg (151.44 KB, 986x679, 986:679, 2016-09-09_16-26-58.jpg)

File: 54e57add3a17427⋯.png (316.37 KB, 460x286, 230:143, ANDREW.png)


The Arrows? Do we see a pattern?

Trump Coat of Arms

This is MUCH bigger than we ever could have imagined!!! We are so fucked!



4bbac7 No.890030


Digits say yes. Just like WJC's presidency was about Hillary's power. He was a good front man.

e133e2 No.890031



ALL of Gods children have been deceived!

and now is the time for us ALL to make a decision

and turn to the LIGHT!

552640 No.890032

File: e16dcbf3c0d5708⋯.jpeg (186.91 KB, 927x555, 309:185, 92ED72F7-CC19-49DA-A350-C….jpeg)

File: f5764326e91f14f⋯.jpeg (153.54 KB, 922x517, 922:517, FD198697-A976-4928-BEE6-F….jpeg)

File: c031e7dda6756bf⋯.jpeg (588.7 KB, 908x1254, 454:627, 13DB9B05-1F3F-46F0-B39F-D….jpeg)

0dae14 No.890033

File: 801a788aa326349⋯.png (2.55 MB, 2560x2560, 1:1, Q_Letter_Smoke_American_Fl….png)


100%. And not all of these people are baby killing Satanists, a lot just want to be seen and powerful and make those shekels.

It's not easy coming down these paths, but you're with your people here, we've all been through these things. It's a great time to get red-pilled because now you won't spend decades being the weirdo outcast like so many of us have. KEK!!

eae7e9 No.890034


Maybe you know more than me anon. Crossing Caribbean in a tunnel would be pretty fuckin expensive. Helicopters would be much easier.

413214 No.890035


If I wanted to use "moot", I would have. Mute silenced is where I was going. Their words are not the word of God. Their doctrine, and laws are not the word of God. It is in God's word we find salvation and eternal life.

I need not a middleman to discern the word of God. But I do need God to understand his word.

c7429b No.890036





fuck you

215f24 No.890037


nah…its all in the genes….dna….illumanati bloodline, nephilim, reptilian, sins of the fathers passed 4 generations to their sons etc etc

you fuck that huge mistake….she will cut your dick off and eat it

0dae14 No.890038


Nice Catch Anon!!

e06007 No.890039


You just made me remember, he said something about her asking to cut a deal and he said no deal, maybe disinfo on their part.

576656 No.890040


thought … watch the tube video, at 1:12 an incoming missile attacks c130 herc, two others are visible off to the right and up near the corner. musical beat count at that point is 188

2 cent's maybe wrong, maybe right!

66211c No.890041


Somebody who is also pretending to know something about re-writing 2000 y.o. Church doctrine according to his own "lights."

17c02c No.890042



I posted these w/o pics and more, interesting isn't it?



00ea98 No.890043


Brilliant anon

0dae14 No.890044


You have a crush don't you Anon?? I've been surprised at how many of you are into her like that. LOL!! KEK!!

c7429b No.890045



OK, there is something here on the picture in the something on the bottom right of the picture….

some writing…can someone zoom in on it?

b58515 No.890046

File: f7b50a67e2ed432⋯.jpg (16.25 KB, 262x193, 262:193, Rothchild Five Arrows.jpg)

File: 1d99b0db47e9428⋯.jpg (261.21 KB, 720x807, 240:269, Trump coat of arms.jpg)

File: 5acf3ad7c018898⋯.png (729.34 KB, 1027x833, 1027:833, YOURE ALL SO FUCKED.png)


Upload Failed:



cbdd0d No.890047

File: 94ff205d0c096b5⋯.jpg (18.88 KB, 300x168, 25:14, 27pd4u.jpg)

7d4f17 No.890048


Anon, it is not going to be easy to come to terms with, but you have to face the facts. The level of information that is now available to you, was indeed available to all these (((elite))) people years, if not decades, before you had it. These people pretend to be true Christians Muslim and Jews, in order to mislead us. They have been masters of controlling both sides of a two sided argument. When I learned about the Bushes, I wondered how certain respected ministers could vouch for them. After a little digging, I now know why. Now it makes sense why a certain minister's face is plastered all over the front of checkout aisle magazines, right next to the British Royals. Yes, most of what you suspect, and much much more will be proven. Be strong. The hardest part is having to acknowledge how wrong you were about them.

d8dfdd No.890049

File: cae1c71ea8ed06e⋯.jpg (168.97 KB, 455x353, 455:353, nasime_gozer.jpg)

Gozer from Ghostbusters

66211c No.890050


It's called solipcism or malapropism. You can look those up next. Just stop writing, it's cringe-inducing.

61121d No.890051


I was talking about the ancient underwater cities. And BTW in case you have not noticed they have nuclear tunnel drills that can use your money in heartbeat. They do not want you see their flights either.

0dae14 No.890052

File: b6ac4322af0b0ae⋯.jpg (9.93 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 341121b8a534e14e403a07fe62….jpg)

7d4f17 No.890053


Are you a god?

b00d08 No.890054

File: 65383e68c1179bb⋯.png (200.99 KB, 540x572, 135:143, 1522828193416.png)

99612e No.890055


Imagine her with your balls hanging from her chin… quite lovely really!

e133e2 No.890056


the Scots wear skirts

cbdd0d No.890057



Yeah. Sad. Oh well lets kill the bitch and get it over with. The dudes dont bug me….the occasional one that looks like a human female do. I guess that is where we might make mistakes….we got to finish off the hotter lizard bitches also.

7d4f17 No.890058



66211c No.890059


Soetero is on Roseanne?

f2c5df No.890060


Are you the anon who did that hilarious LdR writing? LOL

576656 No.890061


also a stone chip in the windshield through which the pic is taken. lower right corner is a binder. looks like a manual of some sort?

6f631b No.890062


Definition of "Moot" Obsolete debate, argument, or discussion. Like your post….

http:// www.dictionary.com/browse/moot

17c02c No.890063


This & the number showing up in posts numbers too



f9a76e No.890064


>10 mins

So then they have to say it once, got it.

e6970e No.890065

File: bfcb5c9d4ba2918⋯.png (92.11 KB, 1296x416, 81:26, Youtube Shooter.png)


"Cops found YouTube shooter asleep in her car hours BEFORE rampage, after her worried father alerted police that she was missing and angry and was heading for the site's HQ"

http:/ /www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5576277/YouTube-shooters-father-warned-police-daughter-heading-HQ.html

c7429b No.890066


ya, i saw the chip….it's super big too…..you an tell its taken from the front two seats….i dont get the pic….like whats the origin? did Q post it?

cbdd0d No.890067


They have always tricked us males with our dicks. But I will go with Potus……the bitch has to die.

576656 No.890068


when i was growing up it was like, no no no no don't stop!

c7429b No.890069


im good then

fa629e No.890070

There is little to no talk of David M. Rubenstein, the Chair man of Council on Foreign Relations and Carlyle Group.

7d4f17 No.890071


wow, great sleuthing!

b00d08 No.890072


Revealing quite a lot about your sex life, there.

576656 No.890073


holy crap, they stood down again!

552640 No.890074

File: 3372f119bcc03b3⋯.jpeg (96.1 KB, 933x429, 311:143, B0E4EBE2-2306-4AAB-9400-F….jpeg)


Another anon spotted this earlier, and ties in with all the other stuff.



66211c No.890075


You need a fucking middle man to understand English. Try a local community college professor.

f940c0 No.890076


This is going to have to be dropped to every 60 seconds because of the micro-no movement.

e6970e No.890077


Found his name: Ismail Aghdam

576656 No.890078

her daddy is pk intelligence service

cbdd0d No.890079


NO. That was a different anon. His shit was legendary. Guy had a knack for making semi pornagraphic sentences seem golden humor.

6b5768 No.890081


Perhaps Marina Abramovic was at pedo island too. Q said that spirit cooking is bigger than you know….

Mar 10 2018 14:41:27 (EST) Q !UW.yye1fxo ID: ff7ea4 614764


The spirit cooking discovery is bigger than you know.

Follow Maria.

There’s a reason the word ‘conspiracy’ was made/pushed.

Their weapon against the awakening.


aa91e0 No.890082


Think about Natalee Ann Holloway who disappeared from Aruba & ends up on Epstein island

eae7e9 No.890083


News cycle for this story is officially over.

Never happened.

2c3d50 No.890084


Sophia Ai with hair?

66211c No.890085


Does, "Oh God" qualify as Yes?

0dae14 No.890086

File: e1f834256bb42c1⋯.jpg (182.89 KB, 1362x1312, 681:656, Screen_Shot_2018-03-04_at_….jpg)


Agree to both.

93ec2b No.890087



3b1bbb No.890088


Added to bread

2cf4f1 No.890090

P = C

The term Holy See comes from the Latin Sancta Sedes, meaning “Holy Chair,” and originates from the enthronement ceremony of the Bishop of Rome, the Pope.

c44002 No.890091


This anon goes by the name Montagraph

Montagraph believes Q is Hillary Clinton.

Montagraph is a methamphetamine addict who makes youtube videos in a shed.

7d4f17 No.890092


why did you highlight the 1 from [1 day]?

b58515 No.890093

File: 6b9297f57c9fa55⋯.png (853.84 KB, 690x908, 345:454, A Predicted Outcome - Hand….png)

File: e6143e8e64237b6⋯.png (15.43 KB, 200x260, 10:13, Coat of arms of Germany.png)

File: 1d08c1fb798538f⋯.png (107.38 KB, 1200x720, 5:3, 1200px-Flag_of_German_Demo….png)

File: 8c3b838be84108e⋯.png (237.98 KB, 519x530, 519:530, Trump With Rothchild.png)


Youre all being Played!

HRC is not in Jail or GITMO for a reason!


e6970e No.890094

File: 6f9642a9d6b45b2⋯.png (79.86 KB, 1402x412, 701:206, Ismail Aghdam.png)


Could be him: See infos about him (pic related)

66211c No.890095


Her FBI credentials prolly checked out.

2c3d50 No.890096


Game of Thrones

Game of Life

cbdd0d No.890097



This a guess from you or you have a little true knowledge? Makes me wish they had just fucked her in a gang rape and strangled her on Aruba than to be slaved in Epsteins Island….and killed in a drawn out satanic ritual designed to be slow and painful and fear inducing over a long time.

83251c No.890098


An elected Pope is the real Pope until they die.

An elected Pope cannot resign.

So "Pope" Francis is not the real pope, as he was elected after Ratzinger "resigned".

Ratzinger is still the real Pope.

Anne Barnhardt amongst others lays it all out on her website barnhardt.biz

552640 No.890099



The 1 from Post# 524.

f2c5df No.890100


From what I can see of his past posts, he's on the right track.. the Pope (in any capacity) isn't infallible. He's a man born with a sin nature like the rest of us. Born with a sin nature just like Mary. (No, the Bible doesn't say she was sinless, nor does it say she remained a virgin). No matter what this guy got wrong about Roman Catholic doctrine, he's right that they teach plenty of things you won't find in the Bible.

And now things with Q appear to be heading in the direction of exposing just how much people have been fooled by this organisation.

b905b8 No.890101

File: 73ac7d47758eb5e⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 391.09 KB, 896x1408, 7:11, 20180404_032413.jpg)


There.Its in.

576656 No.890102


989 after goog

found on gab …https:// gab.ai/topic/cc9592c5-d745-479b-ba2e-1111a3bcd911

00ea98 No.890103


Nice catch anon

fa629e No.890104


Nov 11 2017 23:29:35 (EST) Q !ITPb.qbhqo ID: gO/UntOB 149063235

Hard to swallow.

Important to progress.

Who are the puppet masters?

House of Saud (6+++) - $4 Trillion+

Rothschild (6++) - $2 Trillion+

Soros (6+) - $1 Trillion+

Focus on above (3).

Public wealth disclosures – False.

Many governments of the world feed the ‘Eye’.

Think slush funds (feeder).

Think war (feeder).

Think environmental pacts (feeder).

Triangle has (3) sides.

Eye of Providence.

Follow the bloodlines.

What is the keystone?

Does Satan exist?

Does the ‘thought’ of Satan exist?

Who worships Satan?

What is a cult?

Epstein island.

What is a temple?

What occurs in a temple?


Why is the temple on top of a mountain?

How many levels might exist below?

What is the significance of the colors, design and symbol above the dome?

Why is this relevant?

Who are the puppet masters?

Have the puppet masters traveled to this island?

When? How often? Why?

“Vladimir Putin: The New World Order Worships Satan”



c7429b No.890105

File: a5e5a7f0390dd0b⋯.png (253.38 KB, 592x368, 37:23, ClipboardImage.png)

File: a5e5a7f0390dd0b⋯.png (253.38 KB, 592x368, 37:23, ClipboardImage.png)

any body know what this means?

c5bfd4 No.890106


It was probably as simple as:

> "you alright in there?"

< "yeah"

> "ok"

3b1bbb No.890107

Play on an old joke…

188 = I'll kill somebody [187] and then you'll owe me one.

f940c0 No.890108


I won't tell Ann you're a nice anon

66211c No.890109


The Church will be carrying on when Trump is just a chapter in a history book like Alfred the Great or Charlemagne.

e133e2 No.890110


God and Trump have already won!

we are all just watching a movie telling us

how it was accomplished

0dae14 No.890111


Wow Anon that is great work. Notable Baker??

3a0c1f No.890112


P = C

Pharisees = Cult

Read the book: "The Role of Evil in Human Evolution" by David Ash.

The Cult of Pharisees are the Elders of Zion.

https:// books.google.nl/books?id=SqvX3vilrNYC&pg=PA139&lpg=PA139&dq=pharisee+cult&source=bl&ots=wmpfRncxJ8&sig=IQfjLkUFSJiTl_wOGzHOGkIw66o&hl=nl&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiFmbDIlKDaAhXQPFAKHaTvAZ4Q6AEIezAN#v=onepage&q=pharisee%20cult&f=false

c5bfd4 No.890113


source/justification for saying that?

ced2fb No.890114


Hello again. Who exactly are you?

66211c No.890115

Showers of Free Beer Tomorrow. Q

f07663 No.890116


Saudi Arabia. It would be an issue. However, from the stories I've heard they respect a Christian of faith over an atheist. After all, Christ is in the Koran as Issa.

China is a Christian country anon. You've been watching too much infowars. The government has periodic crack downs on it (like Bitcoin) but it's growing rapidly.

https:// www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/asia/china/10776023/China-on-course-to-become-worlds-most-Christian-nation-within-15-years.html

c7429b No.890117



wait a minute…

this could be the YT shooters chick archive bitches shit

c7429b No.890118


0dae14 No.890119


I like this post!!

I just don't know what it means :(

c7429b No.890120

https:// archive.org/details/@shareef1399?and[]=mediatype%3A%22image%22

83251c No.890121



We are the tip of the information/dissemination spear/wedge.

eae7e9 No.890122

Looks like you nailed it.

e6970e No.890123


Roman Emperor, Caesar? C = Caesar?

c5bfd4 No.890124


Can you make a spreadsheet or something that shows the matches?

4aed47 No.890126


I think Pope is not P.

Q refers to Pope as Pope, not P.

I think P is the Satanic cult's leader, top of ritual hierarchy, equivalent to idea of a pope - a Rothschild.

>Rothschilds (cult leaders)(church)(P)

https:// 8ch.net/cbts/res/51584.html#51984

3b1bbb No.890127


There is no sauce. If some anon can get the logs put in a spreadsheet, or even link to the

logs so anons can check these observations independently, I'd add it.


c6caeb No.890128


Right because the Bible had already been compiled when Jesus was born. I am stupid for engaging in a conversation with you. You are absolutely right.

e2abd8 No.890129


Why does AIM promote the "Glass Bead Game" which seems a "HELL" of a lot like "The Star Game" described in the ONA MS NAOS.

What is with the video of the "Order of the Nine Angels" on AIM's Glass Bead Game playlist? ONA - A Complete Guide to the 7-Fold Sinister Way

Order of Nine Angles (ONA)

The ONA is a subversive, sinister, esoteric association comprising Sinister Tribes, Dreccs, Traditional Nexions, Sinister-Empaths, individual Sorcerers (male and female), and Balobians.

One of the primary aims of the ONA is to develop a new type of human being by using and developing our latent abilities (by means of The Dark Arts) and by breeding a new type of individual character, with this new type of character being a sinister one which itself can only be nurtured and developed by practical means and through practical exeatic deeds.

Star Game

The Star Game is a re-presentation of the nine aspects of the basic three whose changing in causal time represents a particular presencing of acausal energy. That is, the nine re-presents not only the nexion that is the presencing of the acausal evident in our psyche and consciousness, but also many other nexions as well.

This particular re-presentation is an "abstract" one, as distinct from the more "causal" symbology of The Tree of Wyrd (and of the septenary system itself).

The Star Game exists in two basic forms: the "simple form" and the "advanced" form, and one of its aims is to develop acausal-thinking (beyond causal abstractions) and thus skill in five-dimensional magick.

It can also be played as a "game", akin to a chess, and can be used magickally, to presence acausal energies. The basics of The Star Game are described in the ONA MS NAOS.

Jason Goodman showed everyone who you are if you know how to truly listen. (listen to https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=wvWCR_Z6wWk).

f940c0 No.890130


Yep, this looks right.

6a540e No.890131


you're talking to a shill. just fyi. filter & move on

0dae14 No.890132


Thank You for the write up. Overlooking the fact that there is no "real" pope, and NO "pope" is real, it's all as made up. Shadilay Anon!!

c6caeb No.890133


Right because the Bible had already been compiled when Jesus was born. I am stupid for engaging in a conversation with you. You are absolutely right.

7d4f17 No.890134


gotcha, what do you think it means?

eae7e9 No.890135


^^^^^^^^Whoops, intended for^^


cbdd0d No.890136


Perhaps…but I guarantee after the big reveals of the next few years…..the Catholic Church will not be the same as the one now.

What would you do if your Trump and have the whole church blackmailable with sins of unbelievable magnitude>? Could you use the blackmail to force the Pope to right the wrongs of their evil order? Could you make the Pope cause so much damage to the Church that it is rocked to its core and breaks up more and more into splinter groups? Until the Catholics shatter and the rump?

I think this is possible. And if the Catholic Church is as evil as I assume…then this method might just be the perfect way to smash it. Make individual countries declare a Church of Brazil or a church of America like the British did. Break it up into parts…..and destroy the whole that way.

You think it cant work? The catholic church as gone through many breakway groups they never recovered. The eAstern orthodox….the Protestants….the church of england.

552640 No.890138

File: e497ab127ecff91⋯.jpeg (181.24 KB, 905x522, 905:522, 723DE4A9-9107-4CAC-A371-0….jpeg)

File: 5e6d8eaa695ea21⋯.jpeg (66.21 KB, 924x139, 924:139, 73FA92A4-C358-4BF1-A921-E….jpeg)




Posts from January 27th and 31st

are littered with mirrors from today’s drop.

f2c5df No.890139


So will Islam, I would say. Does that give any weight to an argument for that religion?

576656 No.890140


take your pic, tenured professor at a pk uni, dept head at a pk uni, iranian / pk desent … come to the new world, shorten name and presto zesto …

d82a4f No.890141


Whoa! witch hunt. I didn't think of that

nice one anon!

fa629e No.890142


Q post from NOV 2017 regarding Epstein Island

00b689 No.890143


Revelation 7:1

c6caeb No.890144


Luckily all the other churches you speak of have been nothing but paragons of virtue. Splintering Christianity into a 1,000,000 autistic sects will truly make us all stronger! Hold on, I need to break out my guitar.

b58515 No.890145




0dc681 No.890146

File: ac858533f739042⋯.jpg (1.21 MB, 1024x657, 1024:657, HomerPanicIndictments.jpg)

0dae14 No.890147


Boom!! You're right. I was actually pushing earlier to make sure the notables were HARD NEWS, and then I go an do this. My game has gotten a little wonky after living at this desk for 5+ months.

Thank for your efforts and service. Salute!!

b58515 No.890148



Keep trying, and do some homework!

0dae14 No.890149


Just get rid of all the bullshit and drop it all.

7d4f17 No.890150


Very nice. I knew those two were working together, but I did not appreciate his double meaning. Very good work, Anon.

c6caeb No.890151


The problem with Islam is that the vast majority of its adherents are racially challenged people with inbred forefathers. It's Christianity co-oped by a warlord and custom-tailored to his liking.

3b1bbb No.890152


No worries. I would prefer anons point out possible notables, even if not 100% certain. I am

IRL right now, so can only do occasional checks. I am probably missing much. There are often

a lot of notables when things slow down and shills are sleeping (but the QLarpShills seem

to be up right now, at least).

f2c5df No.890153



Hai u

3a0c1f No.890154

File: 26bbee9d84e1226⋯.jpg (60.34 KB, 600x361, 600:361, papa-francesco-wjc.jpg)

File: 4050b7a0e98fcd7⋯.jpg (46.83 KB, 700x394, 350:197, Pope-Francis-15-10-28-700x….jpg)

File: b59e9922d25fea6⋯.jpg (18.3 KB, 325x228, 325:228, rabbi_lectures_pope.jpg)



The pope bows to the Chief Rabbis (Pharisee Cult)

Catholic Church was infitrated by (((them))) and is taken hostage.

Q is clear about P is not the pope.

e6970e No.890155


I guess, this could be right!

c6caeb No.890156


The only bullshit I see here is "liddle man praying in his study to Jesus" and then living in a country where pedophiles, Muslims and gays run amok. I'll take Catholicism over a Freemasons' egalitarian state any day of the week.

f2c5df No.890157


Is it just me, or are the QLarp/AIM shills constantly online recently?

Seems like they're always posting. Shifts I guess. Maybe a bot, with person completing captcha every 24h..

fa629e No.890158


What if C = Cairo and P = Pharoah? Symbology at Epstein seems strikingly similar, not to mention Pyramid theme

f70819 No.890159


10th graders only lasts about 2 mins so that's that i guess!

413214 No.890160


Sorry but you missed the point entirely. It's not one mind. It's not the singularity. I feel your pain.

1d94b2 No.890161

File: 8add66c2ae1d202⋯.mp4 (Spoiler Image, 5.14 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, moatsaltinv4.mp4)


14daf5 No.890162

Been looking into possibilities for "the Master."

Theories out there on the internet:

1. Vatican ties to CERN and opening portals to demonic inter dimensional entities (Lucifer?).

2. Descendant of Pope Adrian is Henry Breakspear living in Macau supposedly more powerful than current pope.

3. Grey Pope Pepe Orsini supposedly more powerful than Pope or Black pope.

4. Maria Camilla Pallavinici supposedly more powerful than Queen Elizabeth.

Lots of websites making these claims but not a whole lot of info substantiating the claims.

http:// www. bibliotecapleyades.net/vatican/esp_vatican144.htm

http:// www. ufointernationalproject.com/ufo-topics/the-vaticans-secret-alien-plans-and-the-importance-of-cern/

b00d08 No.890163



18f7f0 No.890164

>>889536 Im catholic and i knew this dude was bad news from the get

29af6c No.890165

File: 71bfada8cacd60a⋯.jpg (112.51 KB, 1000x503, 1000:503, 1522819249508.jpg)


Heres another from her website.

c44002 No.890166

P is Peter

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saint_Peter

d11a99 No.890167

missing h in Q's post


about Epstein's island.

Very next post is also about the island. Is something missing also? Older picture of the island. Huge sun watch is missing at the center of the island. roads from all four sides leads there. four sides as four cardinal directions. tied with four crown princes of hell. with hell in the middle. hell as missing H from previous post.

next one is a bit of a stretch: Bunker. Forest. Blue. - there is a blue building close to the center of the island, surrounded by trees. not exactly forest, but bunker underneath the building is a possibility.

552640 No.890168


Yeah, but the powerful don’t get shown the door.

fa629e No.890169



00b689 No.890170





Pope's Chair, ie not one particular Pope but the Papacy itself and whoever occupies the chair. This is consistent with the teaching of reformed theologians for the past five hundred years - the Papacy was always considered by them to be the seat of antichrist.

f70819 No.890171


Ismail Najafi Aghdam

pipl. com

e6970e No.890172

File: d60a768bfce4960⋯.jpeg (31.09 KB, 480x360, 4:3, epstein.jpeg)


0dae14 No.890173


I'll keep neither and all of my weapons.

14daf5 No.890174

If Soros is taking his orders from P he must be having a lot of seances or working with a channeler.


d11a99 No.890175


sh*t, wrong Q's post number


eae7e9 No.890176


Picking up on


.... with the "187 E" graphic, I think Q made religious references which aianon is tying to Revelation.

18f7f0 No.890177

>>890154 Certain priest wrote about this in the 90s…was no big secret

b58515 No.890178

File: 1b6b8d73b5d6b0e⋯.jpg (331.17 KB, 1190x560, 17:8, Economist Magazine 2016 TR….jpg)


WHO is the Guy in the Hat

e6970e No.890179


1. Roads lead to Rome

2. Who is C? Maybe C = Caesar?

07fb72 No.890180

File: 321f0b8c3a52d4b⋯.gif (1.44 MB, 245x150, 49:30, big-bada-boom-gif-4.gif)


Big Bada Boom!

3b1bbb No.890181

Kneading the Dough

c6caeb No.890182


Have a nice day, Mr. Paul.

0dae14 No.890183


I'm LOVING my filters. I don't know why I refused for so long. KEK!!

ebbbac No.890184


He seems to be the owner of Stars Electric, a company founded 18 years ago which does electrical control systems and cabling. This guy is a real electrical engineer if you look at his work. But there are no photos of him and no trace of him outside of stars electric.


Go to google translate and translate his name to Persian and search in that with -youtube added to the end like so

" " -youtube

I tried images to see what I could see because I can't read Farsi. Very suggestive so I clicked on this one:

http:// tehranpress.com/

Combat lessons? war? The name here is Najafi Aghdam and he is way too young to have a 38yo daughter but that name!!!!

So I searched Najafi Aghdam instead and bingo!

https:// scholar.google.com/citations?user=9V61vBQAAAAJ&hl=en

Different spelling after the name is transliterated nto English, but he is clearly an Electrical Engineer.

Remember… What was daddy doing 20 years ago when Nasim was 18yo. This would be 97 or 98 so before Stars Electric and not sure where either.

Esmaeil is in Tabriz which is where the Bahai founder was executed so maybe I am just seeing names that are very common in their community. And maybe this electrical and reactor engineer is a cousin or something. Digging further would be a lot easier for someone who speaks Farsi which is basically anyone from Iran. Do you know someone who pronounces Iran as ee-ron, i.e. rhymes with on, not with ran? That is the person we need.

1d94b2 No.890185

File: 83e433c9aef6153⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 1.01 MB, 1284x712, 321:178, TRUMP-goes-back-to-meming.png)



>Where do roads lead?

To Rome

Each prince is associated with a cardinal direction: north, south, east and west.

The 4 [p]rince(sseses?) of East, West, South & North

With 1 [p]rincess to oversee them?











>Table 29.


>D-Room H


>D-Room R


>D-Room C


>Pure EVIL.






0dae14 No.890186


You too Mr. Richard.

5ae24c No.890187

File: 87763447066776d⋯.jpg (304.57 KB, 942x942, 1:1, 0-Little_Saint_James.jpg)

File: d60886470ccecfc⋯.jpg (250.78 KB, 964x764, 241:191, 1-LSJ_Temple#1.jpg)

File: f643e5437be581a⋯.jpg (649.59 KB, 964x764, 241:191, 2-LSJ_Temple#2.jpg)

File: 3fafd7517761cfc⋯.jpg (605.7 KB, 964x764, 241:191, 3-LSJ_Compass.jpg)

File: 102a22f33101c26⋯.jpg (677.32 KB, 964x764, 241:191, 4-LSJ_Rubbish_Dump.jpg)

'Each prince is associated with a cardinal direction: north, south, east and west.'

Cardinal. Do certain Royal princes have specific Cardinals that in turn have specific religious directions?

Prince Phillip

Prince Charles

Prince Andrew

Prince Edward

Prince William + George

Prince Harry

The two owls on top of the temple on Little Saint James (Epsteins Orgy Island) flank the entrance and face True NORTH.

(True North as opposed to Magnetic North)

Prince Andrew = NORTH?





The reason for the temples slight counter clockwise offset from True North, along with the compass close to the main complex in the images is most probably due to satellite image angle rather than their actual orientation. I have no doubt that he’d be very particular about their accuracy.

(Now, having used an old protractor on my screen I make the temple to be around

-3deg. Not that it matters. Just did it anyway.)

The small dark rectangular ‘construction' at the end of the downhill road to the temples immediate left is most probably an alternate entrance/emergency exit for the ‘alleged’ underground chambers/tunnels.

In addition the island appears to also have a rubbish pit which makes him not as ‘Eco-friendly’ as his buddy Branson on Necker Island which isn't all that far away for a helicopter… I think, but don't know.

I very much doubt that’s where the bodies are buried.

I have more to post soon regarding the other structures on the island.

Little Saint James – Google Maps



1d94b2 No.890188

File: 75e2aa7cc48dad6⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 71.03 KB, 478x632, 239:316, 75e2aa7cc48dad60b89b18fb70….jpg)

18f7f0 No.890189

>>890172 If you notice everything Satanic is the exact opposite …cross yes turn upside down…Solomon's temple yes use it for their purposes. The fallen ones want to be worshiped

as God…..You do not piss off the big man

0dae14 No.890190


Who is this woman?? I saw her earlier. Striking!!

3b1bbb No.890191

Suggestions for the title of the next bread?

413214 No.890192


Looks like an X president. Eisenhower or Roosevelt???

7d4f17 No.890193


Let's hope so. What is the media going to try to say? Mueller has been their white knight, when he indicts all the cabal members, they will shift to saying that he colluded with Trump and he needs to be investigated by a special council.

1d94b2 No.890194

File: 637f7e25e23659c⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 2.99 KB, 99x125, 99:125, 637f7e25e23659c645fcd00c93….jpg)


I bet if we do some earth map reading, and get some lines over the world maps that go around, we will be better able to pinpoint the location of the [p]'s

f9a76e No.890195



This seems to be the significant RR news for the day, but I don't see much more than legal bickering about Manafort's case. Am I missing something?

https:// lawandcrime.com/legal-analysis/rosensteins-secret-special-counsel-memo-was-written-after-the-feds-already-raided-manaforts-house/

7d4f17 No.890196

18f7f0 No.890197

>>890187 No read ..not human princes …in the bible an Angel speaks of having to fight the Prince of Persia…..Each one is assigned a territory..now who are they?

1d94b2 No.890198

File: 0388cf08217b69b⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.19 MB, 1200x1321, 1200:1321, 0388cf08217b69bcacfae955cd….jpg)

File: 7e2c31175fe9360⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 431.87 KB, 562x380, 281:190, 7e2c31175fe9360437398428ce….png)

File: 86a4d8818eae8a2⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 196.63 KB, 552x311, 552:311, 86a4d8818eae8a2d4da08703b0….png)

File: 8f438b6dcb9b80c⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.19 MB, 1280x1656, 160:207, 8f438b6dcb9b80c1bd34284f43….jpg)

File: cc2065c4419940a⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 437.57 KB, 1400x1400, 1:1, kritby-.jpg)




Not really,.. you will think of something tippy toppy., here's some memes for inspiration?

e6970e No.890199



P = Pharao (Bloodline)

C = Caesar

d82a4f No.890200


You must use the "method"

1st form a theory

(must be specific)

(must be falsifiable)

what should experiments show if theory is true

2nd develop experiments

do experiments match theory's predictions?

Test and repeat


1d94b2 No.890201

File: 6949552912224a1⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 81.11 KB, 400x599, 400:599, 6949552912224a18bcc33fff48….jpg)


I hate to think of this wacky tale in Dragonball Z where Goku was dead and had to fight for King Kai agianst the Champion of each God of the 4 Wind Directions



Probably cause for investigation!

6a540e No.890202


earlier breads have the answer.





1d94b2 No.890203

File: bb74456094af162⋯.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 27.23 KB, 310x400, 31:40, bb74456094af162492492041b….jpeg)



7d4f17 No.890204


Think about Cleopatra. Were they trying to unite the bloodlines?

3c933e No.890205


Power = Corruption

18f7f0 No.890207

>>890199 Book of Enoch the bloodlines started there with the abomination

3a0c1f No.890208


That's not the point. They do it in the open, but most people don't know, because they don't look into it. They don't see the connections.

1d94b2 No.890209

File: 967e833277875a4⋯.jpg (31.43 KB, 625x468, 625:468, 967e833277875a45bd89c5d728….jpg)


the 4 Lefttennants of yhwh?

18f7f0 No.890210

>>890199 Book of Enoch the bloodlines started there with the abomination


7d4f17 No.890211



bfd3e7 No.890212


the sub-thread is a shill / handler swindle going since bread #1038_(eef978 / 0d2516)

>>/villageidiot/ posting -"VIP" (started 666 dig)

wolf in anon clothing stealing info and troops?

"we are under attack–Q"

17c02c No.890213

Got a 504 error when I went to the catalog to look at other threads

ebbbac No.890214


Yeah Kennedy's coat of arms was holding 4 arrows and the Great seal is holding 13. If Trump is holding one arrow and has a transformer core on his wrist, we are….

Wait a minute, a transformer core???

Is that a reference to Nikola Tesla who invented moden electrical civilization? And John Trump, Donald's uncle, was the electrical engineer who inspected Tesla's papers after his death. What could be so important about him, unless it is the advanced technology that would make energy production less expensive and space transport far cheaper.

b58515 No.890215

File: fb495b034cc24de⋯.jpg (165.64 KB, 1190x892, 595:446, Cover for the World If 201….jpg)

ebbbac No.890216


Yeah Kennedy's coat of arms was holding 4 arrows and the Great seal is holding 13. If Trump is holding one arrow and has a transformer core on his wrist, we are….

Wait a minute, a transformer core???

Is that a reference to Nikola Tesla who invented moden electrical civilization? And John Trump, Donald's uncle, was the electrical engineer who inspected Tesla's papers after his death. What could be so important about him, unless it is the advanced technology that would make energy production less expensive and space transport far cheaper.

32ab14 No.890219


D room.. could it be direction room? Are the rooms under the points at the end of the roads? She missed one room, video footage on 3 of 4?

576656 No.890220


no she made a deal w/bho after he won primary and got sec of state as consolation for her support … wonder what she offerd trump when he won?

a9ee88 No.890221


Why did Epstein pay for a submarine to be modified for Professor Hawking to take him on submarine tour of the sea bed off the island of Little St James?

Why is Epstein's island named after the Court of St James?

e133e2 No.890222


Belgium? Halle?

f2c5df No.890223


Same here, anon!

48c2b8 No.890225

File: a9603279b3e2422⋯.png (846.67 KB, 966x617, 966:617, ClipboardImage.png)


f70819 No.890226


Looks like Brian Mulroney imho!

3a0c1f No.890227


That's not the point. They do it in the open, but most people don't know, because they don't look into it. They don't see the connections.

fa629e No.890228


Death Room?

Comet Pizza guy had a door in a photo with the label "kill-room" , might not be any relation though

3a0c1f No.890229

We are under heavy attack.

6f56a0 No.890230

board just 504d when i was trying to get on, 8ch main was working fine

576656 No.890231



you all know that the inverted cross on that chair is the symbol of the anti christ?

well it is!

3b1bbb No.890233

My working bread showed, but now 404s

3d70e0 No.890235


Happened to me too.

07fb72 No.890236


Laura Dren, in Last Jedi.

Fun fact, do not make eye contact with Laura while on set!!! Not because she's a bitch, she's actually very nice, but, if you cross here eyeline, while anywhere near a camera, she will laugh, uncontrollably, for about 20 minutes. (Funniest shit I have ever seen).

I really hope she is not one of ((them))


Front page (8ch.net) was working, but all links timed out, for me.

3a0c1f No.890237

File: 1e65b1a14f26ef5⋯.png (438.78 KB, 666x776, 333:388, Pharisee Cult 1.png)

File: 04bdd60bea3cb02⋯.png (150.32 KB, 657x354, 219:118, Pharisee Cult 2.png)

File: 7ec10fa87dbf5c8⋯.png (465.92 KB, 659x806, 659:806, Pharisee Cult 3.png)

File: b927389922f3c64⋯.png (131.67 KB, 660x311, 660:311, Pharisee Cult 4.png)



>P = C

>Pharisees = Cult

>Read the book: "The Role of Evil in Human Evolution" by David Ash.

>The Cult of Pharisees are the Elders of Zion.


0cee97 No.890239

File: 85a7abaae2e49b3⋯.jpeg (398.15 KB, 1240x1625, 248:325, D621DF62-0F5A-4D80-9523-2….jpeg)

Looks like a UK biggy

1d94b2 No.890240

File: 3f13fc34e8fd3ef⋯.jpg (19.15 KB, 255x239, 255:239, 3f13fc34e8fd3ef9ce32b2e513….jpg)

File: b2471fd692e0855⋯.jpg (426.28 KB, 992x744, 4:3, b2471fd692e08558dd6df46927….jpg)

File: 0cef92d79048a80⋯.png (500.41 KB, 600x900, 2:3, 0cef92d79048a800628d4cc160….png)

File: 25d7ff3fe2f57ae⋯.png (382.7 KB, 471x363, 157:121, 25d7ff3fe2f57aee9819fb0b26….png)

File: 7a027288fe484c9⋯.jpg (181.78 KB, 764x1024, 191:256, Queen-Baalatrix.jpg)


Who Runs The [C]ircus?

The Circus Master



18f7f0 No.890243

>>890237 It goes back further than that

1d94b2 No.890245

File: bdfaee8c2ef420a⋯.jpg (234.22 KB, 800x1200, 2:3, bdfaee8c2ef420a4339f213a01….jpg)

File: e03b4451d82fa8d⋯.png (52.09 KB, 500x427, 500:427, e03b4451d82fa8daa498132119….png)

File: a6b8b65a0c4f157⋯.jpg (43.34 KB, 600x600, 1:1, a6b8b65a0c4f157c357ce8a4f8….jpg)

File: c41fe8327d1cc98⋯.jpg (12.66 KB, 255x160, 51:32, c41fe8327d1cc9823b1ba54c11….jpg)

File: 440ea240c8ddeca⋯.jpg (71.27 KB, 499x308, 499:308, 27i8ug.jpg)


yes, site is shoddy

stay on target!!

c44002 No.890246

Cabal servers attacking. (Microsoft)

7d4f17 No.890247

Hey, the shooter speaks Farsi. That means Iran is at fault. Now we have to go to war with them and save the good guys in Israel.

1d94b2 No.890248

File: 29a4b0e32abb65e⋯.jpg (79.72 KB, 800x540, 40:27, 29a4b0e32abb65e7fbf62d6681….jpg)

18f7f0 No.890249

>>890246 they have been hitting my ip hard

fce670 No.890250



Me too, been doin it for a few hours on and off. Some shilly fuckery going on here!!

576656 No.890254


have you considered apollion or abbadon

maybe not spelled correctly but certainly biblical

07fb72 No.890255


>All for a LARP right?

18f7f0 No.890256

>>890250 back up offline…they are trying to shut us down………hope CM can fight them off

fce670 No.890257


We are over something BIGLY!

1d94b2 No.890258

File: 330728c7e3f3dbe⋯.png (161.42 KB, 542x532, 271:266, 330728c7e3f3dbe7bbc854cb5e….png)

File: 3714fc3bd4e2124⋯.jpg (104.42 KB, 960x825, 64:55, 3714fc3bd4e2124d340ea2de16….jpg)

>How to show the enemy you are losing it; re MS Cabalists

18f7f0 No.890259

>>890254 Bingo brother you get the lollipop

1d94b2 No.890260

File: c42bdda2bda07e9⋯.png (718.75 KB, 800x600, 4:3, c42bdda2bda07e990591a84650….png)

>tfw liddle bill will not live forever

>tfw he will probably wont live to see 2023

7d4f17 No.890261



b58515 No.890262


Yes, something definitely going on there!

f2c5df No.890263


Aw. That's a shame. Hope he's still around.

576656 No.890264


does anyone else see a similarity to the cube at mecca?

1d94b2 No.890265

File: 7ab6e510fc3b4a6⋯.png (1.82 MB, 1221x906, 407:302, 7ab6e510fc3b4a6409d40a69f8….png)


18f7f0 No.890268

>>890264 No that is supposed to be Solomon's temple…..they want to defile it

1d94b2 No.890269

File: 26ca0d4e9250fa2⋯.png (715.48 KB, 922x467, 922:467, ClipboardImage (9).png)

f2c5df No.890271


Hmm. The angel of Revelation that is described as holding the key to the bottomless pit? It's not impossible, I guess

3b1bbb No.890272

Fresh Bread




If you see an 1106 "Watch the News" please report it for deletion. I started to create it, saw it online, but it 404s when I try to edit it.

Getting this announcement in early, in case we get attacked again. Sorry for the early bread, but I don't want to be left out if another DDoS occurs.

Fill this bread before migrating

1d94b2 No.890273

File: 46185d401f605f0⋯.png (143.12 KB, 231x272, 231:272, 46185d401f605f045b4ddaa764….png)

File: 147cbca125f157a⋯.jpg (220.28 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, 147cbca125f157a0c96d0823df….jpg)

File: 4c7909e7c721c4e⋯.jpg (149.89 KB, 634x827, 634:827, 4c7909e7c721c4e062124f9ed9….jpg)

File: b1b9873b8d6eb76⋯.jpg (41.5 KB, 480x480, 1:1, b1b9873b8d6eb76bf2b97fd150….jpg)

File: f22a6c80542d17c⋯.jpg (120.94 KB, 790x773, 790:773, f22a6c80542d17cdab6b0e28fe….jpg)

you know the drill

1d94b2 No.890274

File: 53f23d731364a9d⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 223.09 KB, 1513x2044, 1513:2044, 53f23d731364a9de573c9eaa01….jpg)


>Blessed are the bakers, for they bake our daily bread.

b58515 No.890275




576656 No.890277


fdr was into hats mulroney wasn't

07fb72 No.890278


Don't forget about Lilith or Ishtar (AKA Isis, aka Diana, aka Mary)

f2c5df No.890279


Well, if HRC ever makes a run for it, we'll know where to find her..

1d94b2 No.890280

File: fe4132bac090b32⋯.gif (3.71 MB, 320x240, 4:3, fe4132bac090b326f83488cb5f….gif)

1d94b2 No.890281

File: 52011be3847c5c8⋯.jpeg (390.72 KB, 750x962, 375:481, 52011be3847c5c846548553b6….jpeg)


1d94b2 No.890283

File: b95c81c9729487e⋯.jpg (43.44 KB, 333x333, 1:1, b95c81c9729487e8f2bdd816db….jpg)





6f56a0 No.890284

anyone know what that weird chess board looking section is on the southern coast of the island? looks like something has been blocked out but ive never seen that on goog maps before like that

18f7f0 No.890285

>>890279 yep they have built a copy of the temple of God to use in their fucked up ways to be the throne of the fallen one…guess who would appear there….bomb that sucker

00b689 No.890286


Isaiah 59:19

When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord will lift up a standard against him and put him to flight…

1d94b2 No.890287

File: 84c29e527f1c11c⋯.jpg (38.15 KB, 618x500, 309:250, 84c29e527f1c11cb0c7f7f7edb….jpg)

liddle bill loser pos

all for a buck

was it worth it?

1d94b2 No.890289

File: 9c9c0d01eb16ee5⋯.png (451.77 KB, 513x507, 171:169, 9c9c0d01eb16ee5cbdd40ce113….png)

f2c5df No.890291


What's on its way will make the Lewinsky thing look tame.

cece8a No.890292

Arrests when?

7d4f17 No.890293


b66f7e No.890294


as a Wisconsin Synod Lutheran I fail to understand your comparison to Wilson.

Luther simply pointed out the evil, blatant lies by the Catholic church, and wanted the church to get back to scripture, and Christ alone.

(which btw is what the Wi. Synod does. Saved by faith in Jesus Christ, through grace.

Mary was the mother of Jesus, he made a point to be sure she was taken care of. Luther simply acknowledges her. We don't pray to her, nor "saints" only to God: The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, not a pope either. There is no head in our church, other than God and scripture.

ok, done biblefagging, carry on.

3a0c1f No.890295

File: 6bd93716af383c5⋯.png (2.3 MB, 1402x965, 1402:965, Epstein Island E.png)

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