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File: 65d62ff6f6d3cfd⋯.jpg (70.94 KB, 480x270, 16:9, 65d62ff6f6d3cfdf144d923047….jpg)

2375fd No.927329


Your trust & faith in us is enough.

You elected us to do the heavy lifting.

Enjoy the show.



>>880021 How to Quickly Spot a Clown



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>>922028 rt >>921715 ------Facebook Founder Says He's Hunted By C_A

>>919513 rt >>919456 ------foxnews https:// archive.fo/ixA1E Disturbing String of Crashes

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Thursday 4.05.18

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Wednesday 4.04.18

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>>925067 Nicky Hilton ended up marrying James Rothschild

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>>924382 Coincidence?

>>924470 Farenthold statement

>>924588 ICE raids meatpacking plant in rural TN

>>924928 https:// www.instagram.com/ray.chandler/


>>923567 Backpage.com and affiliates siezed.

>>923686 Myspace to make a comeback? o_O

>>923718 Dear Michelle Goldberg...

>>923849 Hannity vs. Kimmel on Twatter


>>922778 Epstein flight logs in PDF

>>922787 Obama-Farrakhan Ties

>>922851 1/18/18 was a full house day

>>922870 Plane SUI3 from Mongolia to Europe

>>922883 Hawaiian Health Director Loretta Fuddy killed in plane crash

>>922908 Obama bio-dad Mohammed Subud

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>>921032 Glad You Asked...

>>920392 DHS collecting data on journalists

>>920415 anti-Q Roseanne articles are also anti-pizzagate - all written by (((them))

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>>920446 POTUS Twitter hits 50 million+ followers…

>>920452 Majority of all three branches of the gov't are corrupt

>>920552 They're wearing Anon masks now

>>920590 We are AT WAR. The time is now Anon Army.

>>920762 Michelle Goldberg (NYT writer) is into witchcraft

>>920824 State Dept: Trump administration has sanctioned Russian oligarchs

>>921045 Treasury.gov List of Foreign Nationals / blocked assets

>>921066 Chemical Munitions Dump at Santa Cruz?

>>921032 Anons are Nodes…Together they Form a Giant Circuit

>>921007 AG Sessions - No Tolerance for Criminal Illegal Entry

>>920693 Some Wisdom from Anon

>>920715 Overton Window Is Wide Open

>>920911 Merkel On The Ropes


>>919646 NYT Article: Q Conspiracy Theory

>>919652 NYT article (cont'd)

>>919811 Fox News: String of Mil Aircraft Crashes

>>920175 First They Ignore You

>>919685 Directed to 4chan - Get Over There And Save Them!

>>919983 Obummer Humiliated


>>918876 Activity in the Pacific; crashes and controls

>>918917 POTUS tweet on WTO

>>918982 Ex-Romney staffer had woman sign sex slave contract

>>918986 POTUS on dishonest and corrupt media

>>919052 Brennan accused of doing Putin’s bidding

>>919092 Space notes


>>918034 Cunningham (dead CDC), US Public Health Service, Zika and Ebola

>>918093 ; >>918096 GASME Chinese Council information

>>918101 US Virgin Islands Tunnel Connections

>>918240 Omnibus, university research, and knocking around ships

>>918253 ; >>918322 Summation of China operations (commentary)

>>918267 Mueller v. Erik Prince on Russia meeting (NYT; possibly fake news)

>>918294 Tiangong space station falling out of sky (article 09/2016)

>>918403 POTUS’s schedule for today - nearly empty

>>918694 Multiple explosions at a commercial business in Fort Worth, TX

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ac96ad No.927351

An Open Letter to: Our Visitors From the 3 Letter Agencies, Hollywood, Pedophiles, Satan Worshipers, NWO Rich Cabal Elitists, Crooked Politicians, Murderers, and Traitors et al.

From: /qresearch/ Patriots.

I would name each of you individually, but I do not have enough time, rest assured your names and proof of misdeeds have all been discussed and documented here and archived off line. We sincerely hope you’re enjoying the show as much as we are. We all have a ringside seat, we find it quite exciting. and I’m sure you’re on the edge of your chair.

Fret not, your anxiety will not last very long, as the time is drawing nigh. You see, you underestimated us, which was a grave mistake. Apparently not all of us were asleep, kind of funny how that happens. You may not have realized yet, but you’ve lost the game, but not to worry, it gets better. Not for you, but for us and the rest of the world.

Nobody that plays the game gets a pass, nobody.

You see we are Patriots of the United States of America, and from all around the globe. We are many, we do not forgive, we do not forget.

You should not worry though, as you will not spend years languishing in our corrupt Courts and Judicial System, with time spent in a posh Federal Prison. We thought that too cruel to endure, even for the likes of you. You see, POTUS has graciously signed an EO enabling the use of Military Tribunals. That’s right, the fast track to Justice.

Many of you lesser offenders will live out the rest of your lives in obscurity in a Military Prison. Yes, there are several Military prisons for you, location determined by who you are and what offenses you’ve committed. Those who’ve committed crimes against Country and Humanity will follow a slightly different path to Justice.

Those who’ve committed treason, egregious crimes against humanity, and other heinous crimes, we do not feel sorry for you. You will not meet your Maker, but you will meet your Master, and very quickly. Justice will be swift for you with a Military Tribunal, and we’re pretty sure Death Sentence is expeditiously carried out by a Firing Squad.

If you’re not sitting down, pull up a chair and get comfy, we’ll watch the show together. We can’t wait for your final encore.

/qresearch/ Patriots

Where We Go One, We Go All

2375fd No.927358

File: 3946981e07271fd⋯.png (470.24 KB, 750x500, 3:2, qresearch.png)

https:// pastebin.com/edit/WzbXpFy4

f8c70d No.927376


Narcissism and arrogance. They believe they are immortal. But they learn soon, that they aren't that strong as they believe.

5dd38b No.927377

File: 9ee6191514c25fd⋯.jpg (69.59 KB, 497x500, 497:500, 0000usa.jpg)

Rebirth of a Nation

2dc996 No.927378

File: 55d1875c447883e⋯.png (746.07 KB, 974x575, 974:575, fghfd.PNG)

under 18

040803 No.927379


You have no idea how deep that rabbit hole goes. Trust your instincts.

You are arguing whether cyanide can be tasty enough to swallow.

It was forced, just like many other things were forced.

53bac1 No.927380


he is not going to drop anything pedo. This was the drop. Spread what we already have.

a6a2fe No.927381

Nothing mentioned about cryptocurrency. I wonder why

2dc996 No.927382

File: 6b05a31d5fa58c4⋯.png (625.81 KB, 1056x581, 1056:581, gjhfjnfvcnfcd.PNG)


2a5e01 No.927383

File: b0373b9a0f01f6d⋯.jpg (270.73 KB, 1066x724, 533:362, Screenshot_20180406-170344.jpg)


can sum1 look up "@perfectlittleskinboy" ….??? im locked out of twat

0ae5fe No.927384

669f5d No.927385


Exactly, that is an adult hand.

be7fef No.927386






5e6748 No.927387

File: 68e3d7eaa3849ef⋯.jpg (83.95 KB, 1024x421, 1024:421, Memewar2018a.jpg)

File: bb6c489966eab67⋯.jpg (99.41 KB, 909x479, 909:479, Memewar25.jpg)

File: 3ed782ea0b1f40b⋯.jpg (83.76 KB, 500x622, 250:311, Memewar7.jpg)

File: 6a5e33f0679476d⋯.jpg (153.62 KB, 734x1024, 367:512, Memewar3.jpg)

File: 63dcefc73b7b894⋯.jpg (65.01 KB, 594x378, 11:7, Memewar1.jpg)

75f252 No.927388

has anyone shared this from chandler's instagram yet?

it stood out to me.

https:// www.instagram.com/p/vbkab_zfxh/?taken-by=ray.chandler

9f4075 No.927389


I think Chandler is the official photographer of the sick fucks and their victims:

http:// purple.fr/diary/cindy-sherman-and-david-byrne-at-the-10th-anniversary-of-the-art/

All hiding as “artists” and benefactors. I have a camera - can I be the official photog at their hangings?

ff8aff No.927390

File: 9a373410005009e⋯.gif (2.32 MB, 445x250, 89:50, woo.gif)

87e48b No.927391

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

The Lion

6d88ea No.927392

File: 91c1f6c1f8bf0d8⋯.jpg (1.9 MB, 3031x2286, 3031:2286, 1484733455478.jpg)

File: 9bf90442d3b6550⋯.jpg (2.23 MB, 2061x5756, 2061:5756, 1484733547688.jpg)

File: 9f4b37e7b32caa2⋯.png (570.29 KB, 560x2147, 560:2147, 1484730421689.png)

File: bba4ee3c623a658⋯.jpg (790.83 KB, 1920x2613, 640:871, 1484730033304.jpg)

File: 3c5cf0a3a3286c0⋯.png (210.61 KB, 522x310, 261:155, 1484729825946.png)

>>927365 (last bread)

2375fd No.927393

New baker Requested

2dc996 No.927394

File: 055cf11db46504d⋯.png (586.36 KB, 998x606, 499:303, jhghjgfbjngfchbjn.PNG)


e61b8e No.927395

seems like the merkel nazi stuff was the necessary disinfo.

08b1ec No.927396

File: c0ffa596e1f9f36⋯.gif (2.82 KB, 32x18, 16:9, Bow.gif)

Baker most awesome!

YOU have the most awesome perfect timing!

69ab80 No.927397

File: f55db514af65e19⋯.jpg (390.05 KB, 1440x2869, 1440:2869, IMG_EGGSIF_375232518149623….JPG)

Q did say ((they)) would suicide for their atrocities. I'm paraphrasing or rather expounding.

2dc996 No.927398

File: 055cf11db46504d⋯.png (586.36 KB, 998x606, 499:303, jhghjgfbjngfchbjn.PNG)

Rachel Chandler is a suspected handler of underage sex slaves for big name pedophiles.

She was initially flagged in this photo w Bill Clinton and set her instagram to private when asked about it:

https:// i.sli.mg/mHou41.png

Other social media she has:

http:// rachelchandler.tumblr.com/page/2

Instagram: Ray.Chandler (Rachel "Child Handler" Chandler)

https:// web.archive.org/web/20101111012357/http:// www.jeffreyepsteinscience.com/

Rachel Chandler(handler) has connections to:

Jeffrey Epstein

P. Diddy (Dave Chappelle called this 12 years ago)



Many more including Hollywood stars




1c038d No.927399


@funksjonsemma is from Norway

040803 No.927400

File: 00029ca1b54251d⋯.jpeg (40.63 KB, 600x606, 100:101, tragedyorknowingactor.jpeg)

1e4f08 No.927401




ba9bee No.927402

File: b863e8c348e1df3⋯.png (42.4 KB, 720x300, 12:5, 20180406_161308.png)

(((They))) tell us.

75f252 No.927403


and sorry it is one of Merkel and a friend, i guess

592594 No.927404

criminal intent of the mind…

5fd25d No.927405


Just look at this terrified little bitch.

Hollow threats over the internet.

We are coming for you. Either they get you, or we the anons take you out. The game is over. You lose.

2d0671 No.927406


You missed this last bread


New QMap update

c62da8 No.927407

Where we go one, we go all = sound like a flock of sheep much?

87893f No.927408

guess it time to log onto PC and do some planefaging.

6662f0 No.927409

File: 47d1613bfd8161b⋯.png (372.14 KB, 833x603, 833:603, hillarywagner.png)

File: ae91581de956c6c⋯.png (626.81 KB, 948x600, 79:50, WAGNERANDRACHAEL.png)

The fucked up thing is we know these pedos are working with Teen Vogue spreading their Satanism and degeneracy on women.

47ffcf No.927410

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


For anyone catching up on this… The middle dude in the last pic is the one that supposedly had a gun at a Trump rally He also happened to own this creepy daycare in Michigan City. Fake news tried to frame him as a republican but I think we found he was registered Dem.

be7fef No.927411


an anon found out its a boy…

0bc90b No.927412

File: 23836bb0e150525⋯.jpg (60.97 KB, 570x379, 570:379, o-TRUMP-BARRON-RNC-570.jpg)



4b0294 No.927413


Detroit Moslem Shriners.

Child trafficking.

6d88ea No.927414


Give sauce, artist and track.

ba9bee No.927415


Have we gotten any sauce about if it's Em's daughter?? Not that it matters, she's our sister and God's child, but jesus…

1e4f08 No.927416


Why can’t we arrest the traffickers?


They are in plain sight.


2375fd No.927417


For 14 right? (thanks!)

6d88ea No.927418


037a6b No.927419

Coming to a theater near you?


Fought against release?

Historical connections anons?

Where the family compromised a legacy?


669f5d No.927420


I remember this!

d30135 No.927421


i caught that also but she is dep of defense something or other so wtf

1647a3 No.927422

Hey Q, I am a parent of an over achiever and he is interested in Cyber Patriot program run by Northrop Grumman and Air force. He has gifts of benefit. Trust now or wait until there is a clean house?

09968a No.927423


>we do not forget

9bc71d No.927424

File: 52ef8a41e026aee⋯.jpg (66.04 KB, 740x317, 740:317, rg19.jpg)

Baker on stand by.

50a38d No.927425

File: 869eaf5b9396062⋯.jpg (113.15 KB, 700x500, 7:5, hddd3.jpg)



1a9c6f No.927426

File: 462e8dad420fff0⋯.jpg (100.39 KB, 774x530, 387:265, FIGHTING ANONS.jpg)

File: 3ba77bf40beb006⋯.jpg (24.83 KB, 550x550, 1:1, gold_letter_q_mugs.jpg)




2dc996 No.927427

File: 58b8a5f1a146dfb⋯.png (565.42 KB, 1007x553, 1007:553, hngfhfbnfdc.PNG)


be7fef No.927428

File: 6f1e8345ef0b8d3⋯.png (446.85 KB, 500x671, 500:671, ClipboardImage.png)

87e48b No.927429


Join our team same pictures liberal nazi spam larper from the Netherlands.

Feel free to join, just flip the nazi-ism onto the deep state.

c8f2f6 No.927430


It's from JFK's yacht bell. A motto in remembrance of a Patriot President who tried to stop the cabal.

bcfe30 No.927433

08b1ec No.927434

Like it or not….see the relevance or not…

Q and Christ…

Believers and worshipers…

Supporters and non-believers…

The question is…will Q support and protect his followers….or will they be hung out to dry at the hands of the authorities?

(Q…fighting city….defying city ordinance…supporting Trump at risk of fines!)

ba9bee No.927435

File: b863e8c348e1df3⋯.png (42.4 KB, 720x300, 12:5, 20180406_161308.png)


You're right. Getting sloppy.

Notorious B.I.G.-"What's beef"

9495a4 No.927436

File: 4d24eec6a0712e4⋯.png (8.6 KB, 475x126, 475:126, Capture.PNG)


Got nowhere.

c4781f No.927437



I've been through difficult time in my short life, but shit this is to much for me to handle tonight. Even with all the gory things I've seen on the chans.

I'll call it a day, be strong anons.

be7fef No.927438


I share you view

But its a bottom up operation (all the low level pedos that have been arrested need to happen first)

4b0294 No.927439




Master Mason


Moslem Shriners 13

040803 No.927440


nation of islam connected. human trafficking and slavery is very middle eastern thing. ALL subhumans must PAY.

6d88ea No.927441

File: eb72e366c9becc3⋯.jpg (1.32 MB, 4121x2351, 4121:2351, 1484734195852.jpg)

File: 6d3c965cf632a26⋯.png (1.78 MB, 1170x1299, 390:433, 1484734146033.png)

File: 0f6b1dd20f818ec⋯.jpg (542.33 KB, 1649x5000, 1649:5000, 1484733936028.jpg)

File: ab40a394ed36f74⋯.png (963.37 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, 1484733634794.png)

File: b3d2d95580ffd93⋯.png (1.65 MB, 1005x1895, 201:379, 1484733536573.png)

ba485b No.927442

File: b19eeef35f38b94⋯.jpg (247.62 KB, 676x895, 676:895, islandboom1.jpg)

File: a0fa66657eac0b4⋯.jpg (188.69 KB, 1587x922, 1587:922, islandboom2.jpg)

File: 377c44b268580a7⋯.jpg (223.87 KB, 1048x914, 524:457, islandboom3.jpg)

File: 998d35588d8b36a⋯.jpg (236.53 KB, 1208x794, 604:397, islandboom4.jpg)

File: 429cedbe29d795c⋯.jpg (118.16 KB, 1010x815, 202:163, islandboom5.jpg)




An Anon posted last night to remind us that candidate for California governor Douglas R. Hughes proposed that Santa Rosa Island be turned into "Pedophile Island" back in 2010.

Santa Rosa Island is the neighboring island to Santa Cruz Island, where the wildfires and earthquake happened.

The news about the earthquake near Epstein Island triggered the connection to that Anon's post. Maybe Hughes knew something others didn't about those islands……

sauce: https:// www.cbsnews.com/news/california-gov-candidate-proposes-pedophile-island/


There's a good chance you haven't heard of Douglas R. Hughes, an obscure candidate hoping to succeed Arnold Schwarzenegger as governor of California.

But he's found a good way to garner some attention. He calls itPedophile Island.

Hughes' website details his plan to keep pedophiles from being "released back into our neighborhoods to rape our children." Here's how it works: Pedophiles and sex offenders get three options - either leave California, stay in prison for life, or move to an island of the California coast made up entirely of their kind.

Hughes, who appears to be a Republican, has designated a small landmass called Santa Rosa Island to become Pedophile Island, arguing that it is currently a waste of taxpayer money used only by park rangers and environmentalists. Pedophiles will be sent there to create a "self-supporting" community where they live out the rest of their lives.

The first pedophiles sent to the island, he writes, will be "a lead team" made up of pedophile police, pedophile fire personnel, pedophile judges, and pedophile forest rangers, among others. They will create what he calls the island's "master plan," which will include building a city hall, medical facility and other needs for the community.

They will also write the Pedophile Island Constitution.



Closer destination for Hollywood pedos and Satanists than Epstein Island?

f70520 No.927443

The Satanists are on edge

67ba91 No.927444

>>927434 Are you high

2dc996 No.927445

File: 600ae8495a2c386⋯.png (815.69 KB, 1017x582, 339:194, trtgrdgbdr.PNG)


08b1ec No.927446


Are you?

9495a4 No.927447

File: 4d24eec6a0712e4⋯.png (8.6 KB, 475x126, 475:126, Capture.PNG)



062c4d No.927448


Bingo. That’s when I left Twitter. I put together an info graphic of his voter fraud / day car dungeon shit.. over a million impressions the next day. Then the weird shit started happening. Don’t quit folks, we are winning BIGLY

9f4075 No.927449



From last bread links to Chandler with Abramovic

ed3a37 No.927450

File: 5beffcf05330b98⋯.jpg (12.71 KB, 232x255, 232:255, 192390871731.jpg)


Thats fucking gross. This shit belongs on burn piles.

7a73ab No.927451


Is it suicide weekend! I fucking hope so.

ff8aff No.927452

File: 5aaed62dfce59df⋯.jpg (77.14 KB, 888x499, 888:499, welp-fuck-me.jpg)

Ex-CIA Chief Brennan’s Broadsides Against Trump Only Help Putin

https:// www.thecipherbrief.com/column_article/ex-cia-chief-brennans-broadsides-trump-help-putin

http:// archive.is/bGzQh

6d88ea No.927453


Sorry I didn't look when you asked, I'm unloading my Pgate ammo and can't dig back on that. If it's legit you uncovered a diamond. Remember the guy who shot up CPPP was, IIRC, a pedo busted shortly prior after a car accident.

211777 No.927454



Most posts seem like legit picture.

Maybe it's just a front for something else.

2c78ed No.927455


I've heard that numerous times from Jews in NYC. Always makes my skin crawl when I do.

a5e142 No.927456


Wrong name.

2dc996 No.927457

File: 1777d426345780a⋯.png (617.11 KB, 1030x604, 515:302, gyhtrgyhrdfyhd.PNG)


f7930a No.927458

File: abd543a8db23fcb⋯.png (623.13 KB, 1011x593, 1011:593, ytrdgyhbyfdcbhndc.PNG)

File: 9bbf6b60480cf1b⋯.jpg (81.19 KB, 640x700, 32:35, 7981741ea6469149e8cc29cac0….jpg)

Anons please look that Rachel Chandler uploaded pics of the evil wand-things from the Podesta art that they torture the children with

be7fef No.927459


still here Nasimfag?

c79114 No.927460

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




Put it in the pizza

Creepy lyrics.

040803 No.927461

File: 2b64cd007284014⋯.png (164.44 KB, 563x308, 563:308, ohnogoyimknow.png)

File: 4d70f3a7872be5d⋯.jpeg (643.81 KB, 1152x2047, 1152:2047, rothschildchildkidnapping.jpeg)

File: 72cd138cb808126⋯.jpeg (34.03 KB, 474x355, 474:355, SOLZHENITSYN.jpeg)

File: 1bdb7f06bd85f8b⋯.jpeg (9.73 KB, 255x143, 255:143, weseeyou.jpeg)

File: 24d95ba3378b92e⋯.jpg (48.51 KB, 311x311, 1:1, youustbejewhere.jpg)


It's swiss you weak fucking jew loving bitch. LOL.

Also, here's more relevant shit.

(((your kind))) will pay a steep lethal price.

a43f00 No.927462

File: cb82b5a6ecc8b71⋯.png (322.99 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, 033CC0CF-AC02-41C4-949A-F0….png)

>watch and see what happens

Protip: not a fucking thing… info goes from one desk to another to another finally to the desk of the agent who is running (((playpen))) fapping to CP in the name of (((investigation))) all while distributing said CP to his fucking pervert buddies. Meanwhile innocence lost

062c4d No.927463


He was more than a registered dem… he had hundreds of dead people registered to vote in 3 states! They procure those who are their debt to do their dirty work

08b1ec No.927464


Have you ever put your ass and finances on the line to defend principles….risking home, finances and life?

f529a7 No.927465


Big Claims they have, Big Stick we have and anger to use it!

They have already failed, no matter what they claim, they are to stupid! Too Dumb, brainless!

2a5e01 No.927466


.. whats weird.. some cancel their acct?

i'll look into this later.


3f6b0b No.927467

Regarding Rothschild, much of their money seems to be in Switzerland - you know that country that gets to be neutral in wars.

I don't know about you, but when a fight or war breaks out, just because you don't want to participate doesn't mean you have an option.

I'm beginning to think if you finance both sides, maybe you are the evilest of all.

Maybe we need to take a look at Switzerland - the home of the Red Cross!

Maybe all our money that has been stolen over the years(and our gold) is sitting in Switzerland.

b0fbc9 No.927468

I am trying to type a report into the doj website. It will not take any email addresses in the box ??

e04529 No.927469

Chandler's buddy is Alexandra Gordienko. She created Marfa Journal and is in many of the Chandler's pics

Also on Marfa Journal on IG

http:// marfajournal.com/

d57778 No.927470


Hallowed threats from your Father, Anon?

How hallowed is your name?

How hallowed is your genome?

You have no clue what the "Cabal" has…do you?

Why do you think HRC is not in jail yet?



The Cards speak for themselves.

Q, who was admired with the DEATH SCAR?

Q, when did the "BEAST" rise from the Sea?

Answer this…and I will believe in your false prophet, KEK.

This I say to you, One and All.


94ed2b No.927471

File: 196380a83241082⋯.png (779.92 KB, 1013x791, 1013:791, 196380a8324108201fa89a2d69….png)


And this map what?

08b1ec No.927472


Guessing you are a pussy…all mouth (opening) and no force (penetration).

3fa6be No.927473


Attention fag

2dc996 No.927474

File: 5402d75fb49adee⋯.png (508.18 KB, 1019x578, 1019:578, hggvchfhfc.PNG)


c77906 No.927475

Is Dr Dre MS13?

92a254 No.927476

6d88ea No.927477

File: b10f0a5a5943be6⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 57.9 KB, 964x642, 482:321, 1484731699145.jpg)



d30135 No.927478


pic of that "kill room" is of a commercial freezer.

food, beer

ba9bee No.927479

File: 7a0bff59fb6ab45⋯.png (106.63 KB, 591x376, 591:376, Screen Shot 2018-04-06 at ….png)

File: 789a116531cc586⋯.png (32.27 KB, 372x257, 372:257, Screen Shot 2018-04-06 at ….png)

File: 81fd190c4edd772⋯.png (56.5 KB, 387x352, 387:352, Screen Shot 2018-04-06 at ….png)

File: 4138977fe89aac8⋯.png (113.21 KB, 620x459, 620:459, Screen Shot 2018-04-06 at ….png)

Eminem "Same Song & Dance."

"Pale Moonlight" = Jack Nicholson as "Batman", 'have you ever danced with THE DEVIL in the pale moonlight?? I ask that of ALL MY PREY."


f7930a No.927480

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Watch this, it's from that video

49af93 No.927481

File: 888ceab9a124ba1⋯.jpg (444.19 KB, 1920x1920, 1:1, 19682_814184591950458_3729….jpg)

This is gonna be fabulous!

71f9e3 No.927482


All Hail the Ori

1db932 No.927483


that is not podesta art. it is artwork from s victim. it was never connected to cpp or podesta. it's disgusting, but please be accurate with research.

t. pg researcher

0e3de5 No.927484


she looks like she has no life in her eyes.

what type of life has lead to that distant look?

f3d114 No.927485

Abramovich and Chandler work together on "art"

"work by MARINA ABRAMOVIC at a collector’s house, East Hampton. Photo Rachel Chandler"

http:// purple.fr/diary/terence-kohon-a-work-by-marina-abramovic-at-a-collectors-house-east/

ed3a37 No.927486

File: 111e1d3794528d2⋯.jpg (82.78 KB, 620x480, 31:24, 1273493674.jpg)


Thank god for the global montering system the government has set up in the name of security that the American people then delivered to Trump.

87e48b No.927487


Aha ..swiss




capital of the deep state (neger is dutch language tho, larper)

240e0b No.927488

instrgram connect to ray.chandler


040803 No.927489


Would you like to suck us all off with that nigger mouth of yours? You sound like the type to squeal easy.

2dc996 No.927490

File: 64bdc5e88582c08⋯.png (709.48 KB, 1070x582, 535:291, tfdrtfdst.PNG)

211777 No.927491

File: 3c76c20d6684e25⋯.png (939.32 KB, 936x602, 468:301, ClipboardImage.png)

Merkel on ray.chandler

29b218 No.927492

File: ef8308850ec3b5d⋯.jpg (148.21 KB, 850x982, 425:491, TS6.jpg)

be7fef No.927493


369eef No.927494

https:// www.apnews.com/91a066e44af64b538eaa7472bf6a9cb2/Medically-assisted-suicide-becomes-legal-in-Hawaii

suicide weekend?

68e07d No.927495

File: adfe82e885f8c15⋯.png (1.45 MB, 2560x2560, 1:1, Mississippi Q Flag Alpha.png)

File: f39ae3d243555a6⋯.jpg (506.69 KB, 2560x2560, 1:1, Mississippi Q Flag.jpg)

File: 33acd92ddce5131⋯.png (1.53 MB, 2560x2560, 1:1, Texas Q Flag Alpha.png)

File: dff1ed62b7e1cf2⋯.jpg (456.25 KB, 2560x2560, 1:1, Texas Q Flag.jpg)

Mississippi Q Flag .jpg & Alpha .png files

Texas Q Flag .jpg & Alpha .png files

As Requested. Enjoy!

1b14d5 No.927496

Think there might be a dedicated thread for resignations, so sorry….

This time a Republican Congressman from Texas:

http:// www.nydailynews.com/news/politics/congressman-blake-farenthold-announces-resignation-article-1.3919191

225edc No.927497

File: 936bd291ba0e3d2⋯.jpeg (530.85 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 89FD000D-1B97-43BE-93A2-5….jpeg)

File: 5421574b8dff463⋯.jpeg (538.14 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 2E3F0845-62C9-4B3C-AEA6-9….jpeg)


Connected to @ray.chandler

ba485b No.927498


Oh… hey…. what do ya have there? You have my attention.

Care to share more about that map? I haven't seen that yet.

2dc996 No.927499

File: 1e3ee2588ae64a5⋯.png (818.4 KB, 1066x615, 26:15, ghfdbhnfdhbfd.PNG)

are you a kid?

5fd25d No.927500


Not my father, you baby raping piece of shit.

d5079c No.927501

File: 13b01d4c77fadb3⋯.jpg (249.81 KB, 1072x555, 1072:555, 13b01d4c77fadb3336de1c98bf….jpg)

6d88ea No.927502

File: 70b53b30064a248⋯.jpg (155.53 KB, 1272x793, 1272:793, 1484732218082.jpg)

File: 471647af7af2083⋯.jpg (2.92 MB, 1647x2737, 1647:2737, 1484732163343.jpg)

File: 57e4873baf5dcfe⋯.png (1.04 MB, 1758x1546, 879:773, 1484731952151.png)

File: 53a85422a3868af⋯.jpg (74.99 KB, 920x616, 115:77, 1484731852438.jpg)

File: 9ba666c0d2aebdb⋯.png (1.39 MB, 866x1102, 433:551, 1484731780870.png)

53bac1 No.927503


It's a dude

d39647 No.927504

File: db5d8e0d8be65c6⋯.png (129.85 KB, 941x554, 941:554, ClipboardImage.png)

File: aff2370130dd261⋯.png (26.56 KB, 663x135, 221:45, ClipboardImage.png)

notable post previous bread. >>921182

Anons they're building moment to do a false flag and blame it on US and Q.

Bad when even cnbc starts spouting conspiracy theories about the right.

personally i chalk it up to Rules For Radicals tactic of accusing your enemy what you are guilty of.

https:// www.cnbc.com/2018/04/05/a-blue-wave-in-the-midterms-may-not-be-enough-to-fix-a-broken-system.html

744bab No.927505


8f3747 No.927506


Aaaaahhhhh feels great to be over the target Anons MOAB away WWG1WGA

040803 No.927507



(((this))) is the type of shit that give us good laughs. Delusional (((kikes))) are everywhere.

See the back and forth on the crumbs, (((shill))). We can see you faster than you can respond.

[We see ALL]

[We hear ALL]

b0fbc9 No.927508


only was able to submit using opera browser Fyi . I told them who I was and what was occurring on here in regards to the instagram. If I get clowned it was worth it !! I feel good reporting possible evil bastards!!

8de81d No.927509


Can you do a MN one as well Anon?

> Please and thank you

50a38d No.927510

File: 0ce0634ca9e01b2⋯.jpg (20.27 KB, 255x170, 3:2, 27w9ql.jpg)

46c703 No.927511


Remember that he is an A-list star, therefore he is a mind control slave who does not have a choice in what he does. Need to look at the slaveowner or slaveowners to find the real criminals.

If you take one of these A-list slaves away from their handlers, their mental condition WILL deteriorate and by the time they go to trial they will get off pleading not guilty by reason of insanity. AND IT WILL BE TRUE. Every one of these A-List mind control slaves is insane because MKUltra only keeps them in line if the handlers can continually look after them.

By the way, if you think that Satanic Ritual Abuse will let the Illuminati get off the same way, it won't. They are less controlled and more about loyalty to their oath to the matriarch of the clan. They do not deteriorate so quickly, in fact they are more likely to come to their senses. This is because their conditioning is low level abuse throughout their childhood which does not shatter the mind in the same way as the torture that begins MKUltra programming.

f70520 No.927513


You are on the losing team

325afa No.927514


Says right in the comments. "He".

610ae7 No.927515

At what point will we know its over?

9495a4 No.927516


Is anyone cataloging these sick fucks' names?

2a5e01 No.927517


failed kek

61eb64 No.927518

Necessary to scare the other eyes in here today

>>927166 previous bread

24e927 No.927519

File: 36696f7969c90e0⋯.png (90.23 KB, 690x609, 230:203, ClipboardImage.png)

Anons, did you see this? An Awan indicted in TX

The indictment remains sealed as to others charged but not as yet in custody for their roles in the organizations.

Ouwad and Awad are alleged to have acted as high-level “fences” in multi-million dollar, multi-state criminal enterprises involving stolen over-the-counter (OTC) medicine, diabetic test strips and health and beauty supplies. The enterprises allegedly used “boosters” to steal OTC medication from large retailers.

Awad allegedly ran a similar operation, but received his stolen merchandise at Cube Smart at 7001 Synott Road in Houston. The indictment alleges he cleaned and re-packaged the stolen OTC merchandise at his residence in Houston before shipping the product to a wholesale company in Oceanside, New York.

To avoid detection by law enforcement, the undocumented aliens would ship the stolen merchandise to Ouwad and Awad using fictitious names and company names, according to the charges. Once the stolen merchandise arrived in Houston, Awad and Ouwad or their associates would allegedly remove any retail store identifying labels and security features. The indictment alleges the fences would then have the stolen products repackaged and shipped to wholesalers in the Northeast for profit.

https:// www.justice.gov/usao-sdtx/pr/fences-indicted-multi-million-dollar-multi-state-criminal-theft-operations

040803 No.927520


Focus on all sides. 'Controlled' often means 'conditioned to be willing'.

b38e7c No.927521

File: 1f5ddd1f3650609⋯.png (136.21 KB, 392x575, 392:575, ClipboardImage.png)


F - Britney Murphy (Others: Lady Gaga/Rihanna/Nicki Minaj/Ellen DeGeneres/Carly Simon)

M – His BFF = Elton John (Others: Jay-Z/Kanye West/Dr. Dre/Snoop Dogg/50 cent)

PP - John Forte (pardoned by Bush) Linked to Fugees – Lauryn Hill and Wyclef Jean, Pras, Fat Joe, DMX, 20 Grand Pikasoe Jeni Fujita and Kanye West most recently and Queen Latifah/Common film Just Wright.

MS 13 - ??Friend Proof was shoot and killed (by Mario Etheridge) – some speculate is was orchestrated

Eminem has tons of tattoos with Illuminati symbols.

68e07d No.927522


Of course. My Pleasure Anon.

ba9bee No.927523

File: 574fa50050749f8⋯.jpg (12.95 KB, 255x204, 5:4, 3342936e60bb87f448103c419d….jpg)

File: 01b48a38da48957⋯.jpg (60.77 KB, 499x499, 1:1, 1510718198127.jpg)

File: 41fc3550a0a4ba7⋯.jpeg (316.55 KB, 1177x882, 1177:882, crusaderpepe.jpeg)

File: 751dd452d46094a⋯.jpg (86.49 KB, 1116x1200, 93:100, IMG_0931.JPG)


We're gonna find out this WAS Satan shit posting some day, trying to seed discord and doubt, as always. And lying.

Like Jesus said, "your father is the father of lies" as he spoke to the liars.

Stop lying Satan. God wins in the end. This is the end. For you. Filtered.


744bab No.927524


no, i have been unable to post mobile. DDoS has been murder lately

211777 No.927525

240e0b No.927526


DMs is more threatening. Breathe.

ed3a37 No.927527


Could such a majestic place house such vile wickedness?

They must be dragged from their houses.

b0fbc9 No.927528

I reported the freaks Now back to OBAMA !! When do we get the evidence ? I want to see what red white and blue who he was spraying.

94ed2b No.927529


Just I know that The Santa Cruz Island had Chemicals Weapons. maybe with the CDC.

040803 No.927530


>Eminem has tons of tattoos with Illuminati symbols.

marked slave.

9495a4 No.927531


Nice rabbit!

bcfe30 No.927532

File: 8723959b0349ead⋯.png (42.72 KB, 300x300, 1:1, serveimage.png)

f7930a No.927533


I guess it's a big silly coincidence…

774b02 No.927534

Brennan = The Hammer

VA ops identified FINALLY.

Pray this is true.


2d4dff No.927535


God Bless President Trump!

d57778 No.927536

What does PACIFY mean?

Why has Q appeared on this board?

You are losing.

Q appeared to pacify.

You don't want to lose.

So you are Pacified.

Simple math.

Do the MATH!



2a5e01 No.927537


ah! so i wasnt the only one. i had to reboot

040803 No.927538


((they)) love to defile what is good with deception.

8de81d No.927539

a5e142 No.927540


Marvelous underground journey.

cd805e No.927541

File: 073767aa3246641⋯.jpg (170.55 KB, 551x736, 551:736, bangadrum.jpg)


Nicely done, anon.

Grab a beer and enjoy the show!

5fd25d No.927542


This anon goes by the name Montagraph

Montagraph just finished up his round of community service for the day and now thinks it's time to shitpost AIM disinformation here.

Montagraph believes Q is Hillary Clinton.

Montagraph is a methamphetamine addict who makes youtube videos in a shed.

Montagraph is also a known pedophile who would like nothing more than for you to never find this out.

037a6b No.927543


Ho RE sheet. Dude I envy your level

1e4f08 No.927544


With all due respect.. and I mean respect, because I’m incredibly grateful we are finally doing …something…now——but it’s been months/years since we have known about this???

Is the DOJ this comp’d that we aren’t able to protect our children? Wtf

What are we really dealing with here? This seems much worse than we know. That would be the only reason these people haven’t been taken down yet…

Seriously…give me one good reason why these kids haven’t been saved. Do we need militia?

871110 No.927545


God bless.

240e0b No.927546


hey hey guess what

(((YOU))) can SuQ my dick!

6d88ea No.927547

File: 08502796f433afd⋯.png (1.48 MB, 1600x1200, 4:3, 1484732799072.png)

File: e39ce4fe3f23075⋯.png (465.45 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, 1484732706688.png)

File: ee3de4d9477d4d0⋯.png (686.63 KB, 1200x1711, 1200:1711, 1484732584771.png)

File: 14b3aed7cc702fa⋯.jpg (1.67 MB, 2600x2500, 26:25, 1484732471000.jpg)

File: 8e426b3583b85bd⋯.png (259.49 KB, 432x583, 432:583, 1484732237998.png)

691e7f No.927548


Ok that says “Genesis Breyer P-Orridge”…

see p-orrige tattoos to confirm pedo status

Involved in an area with children’s camps in northwest? Horrifying.

2dc996 No.927549

File: e4f11c4680c8ed9⋯.png (397.41 KB, 1010x550, 101:55, fgdthgr.PNG)

((( )))

ba9bee No.927550

File: e6528c5bc34b40b⋯.jpg (429 KB, 1280x800, 8:5, american-flag-2260839_1280.jpg)

File: eccf97a84c2d3ba⋯.jpg (15.33 KB, 255x191, 255:191, c7138f495f184c4f6b4e34a187….jpg)

File: 801a788aa326349⋯.png (2.55 MB, 2560x2560, 1:1, Q_Letter_Smoke_American_Fl….png)

File: 966daa82fdd44cb⋯.png (100.4 KB, 660x371, 660:371, _99636100_trump2_976getty.png)


I like. Saved. Ahhhhh….what a time to be alive aye Anon??

91f19d No.927551



d30135 No.927552


murphy murdered

proof murdered

dd8b0a No.927553


Thanks, that saves me posting it again.


Yes, (14 of 14).

6536e6 No.927554

6662f0 No.927555


more FUD

91b6f2 No.927556

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Naked, hopeless, innocent and violated

This just wasn't your victim

But this was your child

This was your daughter, you sick fuck

If there is a hell?

I hope it will come looking for you

Why do men think more with their dick

And not with their fucking heart?!

This type of thinking will bring nothing but trouble..

Just tell me one thing

While you were fucking her

Could you look into her eyes?

Could you sense the fear?

Did you feel anything at all, you sick fuck!

If there is a hell?

I hope it will come looking for you

Why do men think more with their dick

And not with their fucking heart?!

As you raped every ounce of love that a child has for their father

There is always a time and place for the punishment to fit the crime

There is only one way to stop this.. from ever happening again!

It's time for 'Eye for an Eye' motherfucker!

Cut the fuckers dick off!

If there is a hell?

I hope you get what you deserve

ba485b No.927557


Verrrrrry interesting. Death of missing CDC worker & timing of the "discovery" of his body just another one of those strange coincidences?

0e3de5 No.927558

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Didn't Andrew Breitbart have a picture or video or SOMETHING that he wanted to release?

Who took over for Andrew?

Video related.

610ae7 No.927559

Is the plan just for USA or WW?

thinking it must be WW or its not going to work?

c62da8 No.927560


Does this sick ass shit get y'all off or something?

Please stop posting this sickness! We get it! We're dealing with evil, deranged sickos! Stop posting this shit, some of us do NOT get off on it. We get the point!

cd805e No.927561

File: 327a0f8f703f0c1⋯.jpg (79.19 KB, 604x603, 604:603, daddys girl.jpg)


You're having a bad day, Satan.

9bc71d No.927562

This seems a bit odd.

https:// www.theguardian.com/music/2006/may/21/popandrock.eminem

Eminem's friend "Proof" pistol whipped and shot a veteran in cold blood. Someone then shot Proof in the back of the head.

040803 No.927563


Got the whole of that map on upper right?

240e0b No.927564

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


whole lotta jew

d5bc33 No.927565


>https:// pastebin.com/edit/WzbXpFy4

>▶Anonymous  04/06/18 (Fri) 17:04:52 f8c70d No.927376


>Narcissism and arrogance. They believe they are immortal. But they learn soon, that they aren't that strong as they believe.

>▶Anonymous  04/06/18 (Fri) 17:05:10 5dd38b No.927377

>File (hide): 9ee6191514c25fd⋯.jpg (69.59 KB, 497x500, 497:500, 0000usa.jpg) (h) (u)

>Rebirth of a Nation

>▶Anonymous  04/06/18 (Fri) 17:05:12 2dc996 No.927378

>File (hide): 55d1875c447883e⋯.png (746.07 KB, 974x575, 974:575, fghfd.PNG) (h) (u)

>under 18

>▶Anonymous  04/06/18 (Fri) 17:05:15 040803 No.927379


>You have no idea how deep that rabbit hole goes. Trust your instincts.

>You are arguing whether cyanide can be tasty enough to swallow.

>It was forced, just like many other things were forced.

>▶Anonymous  04/06/18 (Fri) 17:05:30 53bac1 No.927380


>he is not going to drop anything pedo. This was the drop. Spread what we already have.

>▶Anonymous  04/06/18 (Fri) 17:05:34 a6a2fe No.927381

>Nothing mentioned about cryptocurrency. I wonder why

those are mens hands in that boys pants! borderline pedo shit here anon…..

53bac1 No.927566


Who the fuck are you? No one cares.

1db932 No.927567


As I mentioned, it's literally artwork from a survivor of satanic ritual abuse. Maybe it's connected to what your posting. But it has nothing to do with Podesta. These are facts. Don't be butthurt, be truthful and accurate.


5292a1 No.927568

Backstory on the Chandler woman: Forbes

Some 200 heirs with at least 20 different surnames are benefiting from clerk Harry Chandler's fortuitous marriage more than a century ago. In 1894, he wed the daughter of Los Angeles Times owner Harrison Gray Otis and proceeded to build a media empire. He also developed real estate and erected the famous Hollywood sign (which originally read "Hollywoodland") for one of his projects. In 1944, he handed the reins of the publishing empire to son Norman, who in turn passed it on to his son Otis in 1960. In 2000, Tribune Co. acquired L.A. Times parent Times Mirror Co., which by then also owned six other daily newspapers. The Chandlers, who controlled 24% of Times Mirror and majority voting rights, ended up with about 20% of Tribune Co.'s stock. Jeffrey Chandler and cousin Roger Goodan, along with family trust chairman Walter Williamson, were the last family members on the Tribune board. They backed selling the company to real estate investor Sam Zell, who took it private via a leveraged buyout in 2007, ending more than 100 years of the Chandler clan's involvement with the business. Today, the family's fortune is held in multiple trusts worth an estimated $4.2 billion.

6d88ea No.927569

File: 7ea8ca3fa2e765c⋯.png (2.34 MB, 1834x1190, 131:85, 1484734744732.png)

File: dc80a9b3d2bae30⋯.png (546.38 KB, 991x768, 991:768, 1484734666157.png)

File: 0198405850ef537⋯.jpg (1.45 MB, 4121x2351, 4121:2351, 1484734553080.jpg)

File: 2343ed96800ecbb⋯.jpg (496.27 KB, 2424x784, 303:98, 1484732852404.jpg)

File: d47c2a44734db3c⋯.jpg (156.75 KB, 616x1024, 77:128, 1484732849777.jpg)

6b770e No.927570

Is it possible that someone is posting pedo images so that later we can be accused of being a pedo friendly board? I could see the media jumping on that. Just thinking.

83254a No.927571



Stabbing himself and child porn found on computer.

7a73ab No.927572


Great work anon. Shit is going down.

03f13e No.927573

File: 2990eb60a8272fb⋯.gif (1.95 MB, 480x270, 16:9, Sorter 07.gif)


>You see, you underestimated us, which was a grave mistake.


2dc996 No.927574

File: e8384cfd2c75ef8⋯.png (661.87 KB, 1120x616, 20:11, fdgfvdds.PNG)

remember this one?

672d88 No.927575

File: 4593f198df75742⋯.jpg (258.31 KB, 640x640, 1:1, IMG_0058.JPG)

File: 4da703f4554e827⋯.jpg (218.7 KB, 1079x1643, 1079:1643, IMG_0104.JPG)

File: 6997e71fcd505d6⋯.jpg (129.94 KB, 599x430, 599:430, IMG_0110.JPG)


White peoples tax evasion joke

And it's an infomercial for a Shiite real estate college

Moar white people jokes

1ed594 No.927576

>>927327 Quake site close but not close enough. wonder if they're getting hacked

744bab No.927577

File: 46aaa26fea691f6⋯.png (332.26 KB, 577x366, 577:366, Screen Shot 2018-04-06 at ….png)

Albright in the crosshairs.

Will be a good night tonight

68e07d No.927579

File: c1a48159478d700⋯.jpg (60 KB, 1342x619, 1342:619, Untitled.jpg)


50a38d No.927580

File: 4a3d228a40ab8f2⋯.jpg (147.54 KB, 803x1000, 803:1000, 149525.jpg)



No. Marvellous.

240e0b No.927581


47e8e2 No.927582

File: 020b3e14dd834a4⋯.jpeg (220.91 KB, 1242x529, 54:23, DF1ECAE6-252E-465D-86F4-D….jpeg)

Can an anon confirm that this call has been made?

2a5e01 No.927583


WHY do u say that? it cud be AIM, it cud be dedango, it cud be a shit load of ppl yet u pick Monty…. why is that? he's more into making vids not posting like that on here. NOT HIS SIGNATURE… SO MY QUESTION IS - WHO THE FUK R U???

327b2d No.927584


Dude, trump released (most) of the JFK files, and lots of UFO / secret tech. It was technically declassified in 2012!! but Obama slow walked it and kept it hidden. It is all available in the CIA reading room and most of it was dumped in 2017

JFK was killed by the deep state, multiple shooters where involved and it was covered up by our own government.

Anons have already dug through it and lots of the info is buried in the resources linked in the OP, and the rest is all over the web now for you to read if you do not trust to download it directly from government sites.

Aliens are real, so are multidimensional entities, UFO's, and GOD. ALL Humans have psionic powers most wouldn't believe but they are suppressed and most people don't know how to use them. It's all been scientifically proven, double blind, peer reviewed.

This is all old news to most of us at this point, but if you personally can't believe it don't come in here and shit all over proven stuff if you havn't done your own research, and if you are at least bring some sources to the table please.

401f08 No.927585

File: b412b4bb2c4e7c9⋯.png (9.15 KB, 178x178, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

d30135 No.927586


i know im getting stressed, i never like researching this type stuff

8d8e31 No.927587

File: 46aba2a335272e5⋯.png (2.63 MB, 2450x1564, 1225:782, Screen Shot 2018-04-06 at ….png)

File: b786f47a82c2432⋯.png (2.58 MB, 2426x1578, 1213:789, Screen Shot 2018-04-06 at ….png)

File: f95e4a428202389⋯.png (2.73 MB, 2448x1562, 1224:781, Screen Shot 2018-04-06 at ….png)

File: 4850effaf4631fd⋯.png (2.2 MB, 2598x1396, 1299:698, Screen Shot 2018-04-06 at ….png)


I feel ill just looking at this kid's insta.

Midland Agency eh?

592594 No.927588


I usually don't respond…but, you are good for a laugh. haha!

6d88ea No.927589



Getting nervous nigger? It's displayed in a museum so it must be safe, right?

ba9bee No.927590

File: 1f22fdf085053e6⋯.png (115.71 KB, 648x553, 648:553, screenshot_358.png)


BOTH VERY odd deaths as well. They learned too much I bet.

49af93 No.927591

Man Arrested For Threatening To Murder Congressman Bob Goodlatte

https:// www.dailywire.com/news/29150/man-arrested-threatening-murder-congressman-bob-ryan-saavedra

2d8340 No.927592


Those shit for brains assholes are seriously getting desperate now to stoop to this kind of tactic.

2dc996 No.927593

File: e4f51a619cf326c⋯.png (1009.01 KB, 1086x634, 543:317, ytyhtyguhytd.PNG)


040803 No.927594


That bitch lives barely 5 minutes from me.


bed959 No.927595


If we were really losing, you wouldn't be here lurking and posting. You know it's true.

cd805e No.927596

File: e7058ef93d4e644⋯.png (590.44 KB, 726x640, 363:320, ClipboardImage.png)

For the baker.

Great job, sir.

6d88ea No.927597

401f08 No.927598

File: 6a1876f23228f98⋯.png (475.3 KB, 584x383, 584:383, ClipboardImage.png)

29b218 No.927599

File: ab7ba88bcc99f53⋯.jpg (283.91 KB, 850x1511, 850:1511, TS4.jpg)


stinky bait

87e48b No.927600

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Incomming brainwashed liberal NAZI larpers from EU zone

672d88 No.927601

File: 7f4da57fc4110e6⋯.jpg (38.13 KB, 300x300, 1:1, IMG_1464.JPG)

File: 9fded0a3f6130bc⋯.jpg (37.03 KB, 610x780, 61:78, IMG_1465.JPG)

File: f5fbc062390d8a0⋯.jpg (40.24 KB, 500x327, 500:327, IMG_1466.JPG)


White peoples joke

240e0b No.927602


see his shirt?

Principles before Personalities

CCP anyone ??



2f9ed2 No.927603


Def. a brownstone OP

40fffa No.927604


Saw another anon earlier that said he left them with the instagram account.

50a38d No.927605


Yeah cause us autists are so many in number that if POTUS didnt keep us occupied we would really screw up his plans.

KYS faggot

8f3747 No.927606


Damn Anons we woke the beast LOL The light shines through the darkness!!!!!!!

2dc996 No.927607

File: c80004e8cfcb158⋯.png (1.04 MB, 1046x626, 523:313, gfdghfdd.PNG)


1db932 No.927608

newfags can't stop sperging to the obvious satanfag shill.

43e3d0 No.927609

File: 354000cf66199b4⋯.png (231.43 KB, 752x531, 752:531, Twitter ray.chandler.PNG)

This is new on Twitter.

I had been looking at ray.chandler when I was on the phone with the FBI

[less than an hour ago] so I could tell the operator what was being posted.

I just looked again.

Top story is NYT's about Ray Chandler.

b636e9 No.927610

Hope it helps- reported to FBI as well.

ba9bee No.927611

File: b786f47a82c2432⋯.png (2.58 MB, 2426x1578, 1213:789, Screen_Shot_2018-04-06_at_….png)

Her eyes…And that gun looks to be real.




2474d3 No.927612

Hey Q,

What is the disposition of Cadet, now LT, Rapone. However you spell the piece of shits name! Is he Captain now or has he been dealt with? Clear the internal baffles and pump the bilge, then commence operations. Anything less is unacceptable.

bcfe30 No.927613

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.




040803 No.927614

File: 84f64d414602c63⋯.jpeg (14.68 KB, 255x231, 85:77, iamthemedianow.jpeg)


That homie on the left looks like my little brother.

You really looking to get killed, (((bitch nigger))).

09ac34 No.927615

File: 7389485e4bc1fd8⋯.jpg (8.74 KB, 184x273, 184:273, images (2).jpg)


Explain all that shit to him when he comes.

cb54bd No.927616


Harvest is nigh. An eternal hell awaits you. Get ready to be butt fucked. Repeatedly.

744bab No.927618

File: 0dac96008eea4ad⋯.png (727.04 KB, 935x598, 935:598, Screen Shot 2018-04-06 at ….png)

9a8af9 No.927619

File: f313bc1c2cc7470⋯.jpg (3.14 MB, 810x8544, 135:1424, Screenshot_20180406-171957….jpg)

>>926961 (last bread)

Original, longer source on dead website, captured from way back machine.

be7fef No.927620

File: d5b23b4baef2416⋯.png (73.81 KB, 201x251, 201:251, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 610e8c5d34efa0b⋯.png (79.27 KB, 201x251, 201:251, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 2bc013724111934⋯.png (340.38 KB, 500x500, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 7938bc8297a7f26⋯.png (79.42 KB, 199x253, 199:253, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 3005ec004a51598⋯.png (97.09 KB, 275x183, 275:183, ClipboardImage.png)

d8986a No.927621

Think twice about what you post here.

Don’t become an enemy combatant by being young, foolish, stupid or just a truly bad person.

This is not a game.

Carry on.

691e7f No.927622


http:// www.factmag.com/2013/09/26/genesis-breyer-p-orridge-on-life-art-and-the-quest-for-pandrogyny/amp/

53bac1 No.927623







And so it starts. We never received threats from demons during Pizzagate. This should get interesting. Think ol Q hit a Big nerve.

401f08 No.927624

File: bc0a56e46b87294⋯.png (247.72 KB, 446x301, 446:301, ClipboardImage.png)

I remember the first step we took as anons..look back, the journey has been, long and fruitful. Do not give up. WE have come so FAR.

d30135 No.927625


omg i bout shit meself on the i have so many words


c5245a No.927626


Suicide Weekend???

672d88 No.927627


Faggot president wasting money on chan

818c54 No.927628

File: ca2e43e478c35ce⋯.png (299.61 KB, 1248x371, 1248:371, Screen Shot 2018-04-06 at ….png)

ff8aff No.927629


that's a dude

c62da8 No.927630


Exactly! That's what the NYT thing was about. Making us look like the crazies! We're being set up. & helping them set us up.

c77906 No.927631

File: 6e89db11c1b38b6⋯.jpg (113.83 KB, 640x822, 320:411, c53a60c9b587b3caf8ecf45e70….jpg)

6d774a No.927632


Faces of Traitors. Should be on America's Most Wanted List of Evil.

2536f4 No.927633


Is your name hallowed?

Is your cursed genome hallowed?

The cabal has nothing that is why it is a parasite that feeds off its host - humanity!

HRC will DIE, never mind jail!

She is not long for this earth.

You trust in cards?

We trust in the living God.

Your master is indeed hasatan!

Cain is dead and so are you.

Your BEAST is dead.

You speak with arrogance because you live in fear.

Death is your future - this I say to you and all like you!

d57778 No.927634

Deuteronomy 13:18

Revelation 13:18

1 Kings 10:14





240e0b No.927635


na suqmadic

a5e142 No.927636


Those comments tho….


6be746 No.927637


What does CUCK mean?

Was that your dad?

Your mom loves Stan.

You call Stan dad now.

9495a4 No.927638

File: 56428acb4bcac9a⋯.png (29.13 KB, 576x205, 576:205, AQ5.PNG)


We can breath. Here's some inspiration. Pic related

6d88ea No.927639

File: f8c170a8b8f725d⋯.png (52.99 KB, 733x520, 733:520, 1484735645878.png)

File: 1d90867530e80d0⋯.jpg (108.26 KB, 467x353, 467:353, 1484735159504.jpg)

File: 8eea233a51f4ca7⋯.jpg (110.77 KB, 604x543, 604:543, 1484734945060.jpg)

File: 573f65e3fa1ca12⋯.png (332.98 KB, 550x232, 275:116, 1484734834243.png)

File: 6d428d6c5f12794⋯.png (236.63 KB, 700x342, 350:171, 1484734833995.png)

037a6b No.927640


I know the Denton TX site been past it long time ago. Fem@ white label. Harpish antenna

f70520 No.927641


Probably shouldn’t respond but I couldn’t resist. Desperate and pathetic.

5942f7 No.927642


wars need bankers.

bankers need wars.

i can only imagine the profit taking when wars occur.

91da96 No.927643


Child pornography was found on Comet Ping Pong's website. It was reported to the FBI and DC Metro.

No in LE one cared.

RC was reported when Pizzagate broke. Don't waste your time. Archive everything offline – that's the best we can do at this point.

2dc996 No.927644


240e0b No.927645

08b5f2 No.927646


Reminds me of Dahmer somewhat. He would poke holes into victims brains to give them somewhat of a lobotomy while continuing to torture them for long periods of time.

c4781f No.927647


We still didn't pierce its mystery back in the days…

Shit was shilled hard and then deleted by mods

5fd25d No.927648


You must forget where you are.

341d2e No.927649

The Mother is our lands.

The Father is our God.

Honor thy Mother and Father!

Our soul is what connects us to our mother and father!

6d88ea No.927650

File: 0ad40c44f18443f⋯.png (485.73 KB, 643x562, 643:562, 1484738029047.png)

File: 89d9ddc5f920c67⋯.png (791.28 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 1484737493913.png)

File: 5675233b665763c⋯.jpg (612.76 KB, 3146x1274, 121:49, 1484736965890.jpg)

File: fefc5a14bec8211⋯.jpg (231.5 KB, 748x1024, 187:256, 1484736878280.jpg)

File: fe7e4c31978d72c⋯.jpg (355.03 KB, 1435x2216, 1435:2216, 1484736403561.jpg)

2df931 No.927651

91f19d No.927652


No way that's in a museum… wow if it is.. sick peeps

d9fb10 No.927653

File: 03ddb899ce7b16e⋯.jpg (376.39 KB, 683x1024, 683:1024, hey-anonspart-of-the-great….jpg)

fd3c5c No.927654


Hmm, the fac that you used a Q abbreviation for WW, tells me that you have likely read crumbs and saw the answer already. I'll answer though

Jan 19


The 'CURE' will spread WW.

Have FAITH, Patriot.

ba9bee No.927655

File: a5f05ed672da59f⋯.png (359.57 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, a5f05ed672da59f2861bca2337….png)


Filter SatanAnon.

We should ALWAYS filter negative thoughts and emotions. We have to deal with real life shit and we don't need this shit taking up time and FOCUS.





209a5e No.927656


I’m actually sitting on a couch across from my father right now and Inhave my doubts. He doesn’t look very “Satan-y”.

2d8340 No.927657


Yep! They have been out on a Friday night to their local pubs and have had 1 pint to many apparently.

040803 No.927658


ALL efforts must be made, no exceptions.

Just be sure to stay as anonymous as possible.

240e0b No.927659

File: e4c3c446a595ad4⋯.jpg (112.57 KB, 396x594, 2:3, 85577162.jpg)

71f9e3 No.927660

"the only way to deal with a pedo is a bullet"

a5e142 No.927661



Also, careful of what you choose to archive. Possession is illegal!

cb54bd No.927662


Death is all our futures but it what comes afterwards that you aren’t prepared for. Am eternal hell awaits you. You’re sooooooooo fucked. For eternity.

d39647 No.927664


Not Satan but John Brenan the clown muslim wannabe.

Wait till he finds out there is no virgins, or little boys, and he is actually gave it all away to follow a minior Baal counterpart and ends up in HELL tormented by demons forever.

2536f4 No.927665


Your father the devil quoted scripture to Jesus.

Now you like your father quote scripture to us?


Be fearful, be very fearful.

Your time is short.

43e3d0 No.927666


That was me that posted that

Yes I have called

Mentioned in this bread and last

6d88ea No.927667


Look at the fucking picture blind nigger, it's a (((museum))).

50a38d No.927668



Undergorund high speed rail system?

abec8a No.927669

Be gone Satan spawn before Q drops a house on YOU! I command you in the name of Jesus to LEAVE. I just sprinkled this with holy water… BURN!

df873b No.927670



not AWAN

8a349c No.927671

Got another Q bashing article riding NYT coat tails.

https:// theoutline.com/post/4063/when-conspiracy-theories-become-weaponized

08b1ec No.927672


See our eyes we can hardly see.

See us stand we can hardly walk.

We believe Q can make us well.

See our tongues we can hardly talk.

See our skin we're a mass of blood.

See our legs we can hardly stand.

We believe Q can make us well.

See our tongues we can hardly talk.

040803 No.927673


Trips of the devil chekkked

what were their responses?

1db932 No.927674

Mattis sends 4000 troops to the border

–Fox N

0ca615 No.927675

File: 1e311af21c230dd⋯.jpg (7.44 KB, 259x194, 259:194, download.jpghhhhh.jpg)

1bb05d No.927676

File: 5eae065a145f9df⋯.png (770.79 KB, 920x596, 230:149, Ray Chandler on instagram ….PNG)

File: b7e6ea9c23e16e4⋯.png (935.6 KB, 931x597, 931:597, Ray Chandler on instagram ….PNG)

Reposted from previous bread.

This is a different Ray Chandler Instagram but I found Mark Zukerberg.

https:// www.instagram.com/ray_chandler/

be7fef No.927677


ARMY or NG???

040803 No.927679


Strictly speaking, we need a division size or more.

but a brigade is a start.

592594 No.927680

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

1ed594 No.927682

>>927327 Quake site close but not close enough. wonder if they're getting hacked

>>927582 I will call as backup

91f19d No.927683



ff8aff No.927684








f0ff5f No.927685

File: 36657ad7024d7fe⋯.png (647.01 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, IMG_1016.PNG)

File: bdc3ceee4fbbebe⋯.jpg (48.03 KB, 391x522, 391:522, IMG_1018.JPG)

File: c423796ce46c370⋯.jpg (35.7 KB, 320x388, 80:97, IMG_1180.JPG)

Incoming midget porn

Prol white people joke

6d88ea No.927686

File: 5050db2268346f9⋯.png (560.89 KB, 1072x1072, 1:1, 1484740092106.png)

File: 5905e04127da267⋯.jpg (42.46 KB, 808x525, 808:525, 1484739708402.jpg)

File: a5ae3cff8cc797f⋯.jpg (239.98 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, 1484739348425.jpg)

File: 94899a72cc78966⋯.png (2.1 MB, 1705x2277, 155:207, 1484738768995.png)

File: c5066c597c1d4f0⋯.jpg (65.49 KB, 448x383, 448:383, 1484738232296.jpg)

1647a3 No.927687

POTUS said 2-4 k troops . Mattis says "I'll take 4k to start Alex"

610ae7 No.927688


just checking


b0fbc9 No.927689



Ballsy enemy propaganda soldiers. I would NEVER mess with President Trump even if I was a filthy liberal animal . These people are STOOPID !!!

ba9bee No.927690


Holy fuck!! You're right. Man…I've never seen a boy with eyes so red. Makes it worse…Somehow.


401f08 No.927691


those orchids behind him?

2f9ed2 No.927692

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Bowie - Baal's Hymn

9495a4 No.927694


No wonder he's dumping stocks. He knows we're close.

68ccf7 No.927695

Our Man Mad Dog! just signed Order deploying 4000 NG to border……..Tucker

211777 No.927696

File: 7cce2289ef63989⋯.png (930.76 KB, 933x598, 933:598, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 69f973bf64c0170⋯.png (681.34 KB, 934x601, 934:601, ClipboardImage.png)

File: e007b09d31a2a5f⋯.png (823.38 KB, 934x595, 934:595, ClipboardImage.png)

more sex trafficking stuff

There's an awful lot of "Nephews" and "cousins"

09968a No.927697

File: 8e403e8c6b33120⋯.png (1.43 MB, 962x605, 962:605, Pickonsomeoneyourownsize.png)

a4bc12 No.927698


We do not want to, but we must … if we stand a chance of being able to help we must go. People/anons must know what we are up against.

Into the darkness to bring light We will not fail. WWG1WGA

2d8340 No.927699


Fuck you.

240e0b No.927700

File: 17bee7b99d7d5a0⋯.jpg (96.58 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 5S7WL9S.jpg)

7bb29f No.927701

File: b6eb128ef7a93ff⋯.jpg (569.17 KB, 1149x599, 1149:599, Hillary_gold_garb.jpg)

ba485b No.927702


Is that effing Cusack again?

d39647 No.927703


Tucker just said NG troops.

Kelly is bucking the POTUS for the Military industrial Complex and they're not following his orders to get the troops out of Syria…

60cd14 No.927704


photographer and casting director

=> self entitled piece of shit that likes to fuck kids calling it "art".

5c56de No.927707




>No coincidences. A message to black hats?


>"Fuck this, we are going all out"






>PREPARED AT ALL COSTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Does this relate to Brexit? Pundits and politicians didn't expect it. Globalist shills warned against it. Obama went to UK to briefly join in the campaign for Remain. It didn't work. His influence was in decline. Just over a month later Obama went to China for a G20 meeting and was given a low key welcome unlike other leaders.

1b14d5 No.927708


I'm not near my picture archive but will point out the similarity between that pose, Jeffrey Dahlmar's (sic?) victim and the related sculpture that Tony Podesta hangs over his stairwell. I don't think it's 'coincidental'.

1bb05d No.927709


I think so

df873b No.927710


notice the masonic BG in her picture

1c2cb1 No.927711

File: d0f4d5efc05ed7d⋯.jpg (77.15 KB, 810x539, 810:539, PA and SF.jpg)

Prince Andrew's alleged 'sex slave' claims Duke and friends mocked Fergie behind her back

https:// www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/prince-andrews-alleged-sex-slave-4992832

f1bcea No.927712

Marley was a prophet


White people are crazy

1db932 No.927713


NG anon

confirms from yesterday


2536f4 No.927714


You shall reap the second death.

All in Christ Jesus do not taste of the second death.

You are dead and you shall die the second death forever.

fd3c5c No.927715


Quite welcome. You're right about it not worloing if US alone, the networks built up globally have to be dismantled.

Dec 19

>We have tremendous WW support.

040803 No.927716


This shit is disgusting, and few have the stomach for it.

Therefore, do not judge harshly those who go into the abyss.


Keep your opsec tight, use common sense. All this is evidence.

d8986a No.927717


Quake? no

61eb64 No.927718

File: d12c0b12f661095⋯.png (876.67 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-04-06-19-2….png)


43e3d0 No.927719

3dd540 No.927720

File: da95d18958822c1⋯.png (344.35 KB, 1024x750, 512:375, Open_Letter_QR-Patriots.png)

240e0b No.927721


Peace, Love, Kys.

6d88ea No.927722

File: 125b1592c29fa12⋯.jpg (48.52 KB, 634x609, 634:609, 1484745166795.jpg)

File: f0f77fa4e836510⋯.jpg (33.15 KB, 770x1010, 77:101, 1484742020794.jpg)

File: fbe85321c27d3bf⋯.jpg (276.03 KB, 1353x793, 1353:793, 1484741919191.jpg)

File: b012cd0ea133bcd⋯.jpg (2.62 MB, 2600x2340, 10:9, 1484741351664.jpg)

File: 0e4d7ac32035591⋯.jpg (96.13 KB, 750x611, 750:611, 1484740108196.jpg)


I don't blame you. It makes me want to kill child rapists slowly until I drown in their blood and the pain ends.


040803 No.927724


Housenigger got a welcome it deserved. Chinks never liked him.

91da96 No.927725


& she still looks like crap

610ae7 No.927726

File: 6bc6cba8848e6d9⋯.png (88.48 KB, 494x216, 247:108, ClipboardImage.png)


Just we can get our heads around this, are the numbers involve in 10s 100s 1000s more?

we may need a bigger boat!

2d4dff No.927727

46c703 No.927728


Reminds me of what Russians say:

Не забудем! Не простим!

Which means: we do not forgive, we do not forget.

617c6d No.927729


Goddamit that art always makes me want to unleash hell

685f41 No.927730

Chandler and pizzagate.

https:// voat.co/v/pizzagate/1436568

God help those kids.

0ade97 No.927731


thank you anon!

08b5f2 No.927732

File: 09ef3a32e310d9a⋯.jpeg (80.07 KB, 786x513, 262:171, spirittransfer.jpeg)

040803 No.927733


saw that. thank you for doing this, anon.

2375fd No.927734

File: 834f0fcc7305990⋯.png (198.46 KB, 1024x1280, 4:5, POC_release_final_wm.png)

f22511 No.927735


The term "real nigga"'s publicly used

And I need to know what it means, cause I'm fucking confused

Are you one for always busting your tool

With nothing to lose and something to prove to homies up in your crew

Is it because you're selling drugs to get loot

And brag about how you done been shot and stabbed

Like it's fun to be you

But your life's a struggle, right, and you just hustling through

Nah, you hamster ass nigga, you just stuck in a loop

Man, why do black people gotta be the only ones who can't evolve

Cause you in the streets acting like a neanderthal

It's clear you can't stand the law

you're lost as an abandoned dog

And all you're interested in is fighting, rapping, and basketball

I can't even fuck with you, cause if we out in public

You gon' get caught stealing some shit and get my ass in trouble, too

You'll get old and be nothing

Living life in these streets

thugging and starting shit with anybody mean mugging

Look at you, a real nigga, thinking your life's cool

Girls used to turn me down for guys who were like you

'Til you grab their heart and shove a spearhead right through

Then they regret it because it wasn't the right move

Your real nigga talk seems bogus

A real nigga don't brag about being real as long as he knows it

And his future doesn't seem hopeless

A real nigga stays out of jail, handles shit, and he keeps focused

So all you rappers whose soul is out in the wrong

You inspire the issue I wrote about in this song

You go to pile on the young who roam around in the slums

See this is what happens when rap's overcrowded with bums

Hope the hour is long when I'm rolling out with your tongue

The man above is my guide

you know the power is strong

All you menacing freaks are only in it for cheese

And the mass control limit was breached - fuck hip-hop

They only in it for cheese

and any eyewitness can see

They purposely making the innocent weak

My existence on this planet's for you, I ain't only here to benefit me

Yo, we need to make a change while there's still time

It is hard, and sometimes I struggle trying to reveal mine

I can guide you if you feel blind

I just need you to be willing to journey into my ill mind

c9637c No.927736


read the comments, it's the lillymc something something person who is in the pic.

and i think the chandler drop was done to show the power of the chan to the fbi/doj.

8f3747 No.927737


In the name of jesus christ of Nazareth amen!

40b61f No.927739

File: 5fe242adc52be94⋯.png (271.74 KB, 581x442, 581:442, ClipboardImage.png)

swedish censorship http:// www.breitbart.com/london/2018/04/05/swedish-government-granted-fast-track-powers-delete-troll-accounts-ahead-elections/

1b14d5 No.927740


Pay it no attention, that's just her 'high priestess' attire.

040803 No.927741


russians always keep their promises.

beeadc No.927742

File: 433044a64923e41⋯.jpg (36.88 KB, 460x503, 460:503, whqb3.jpg)

7e161e No.927743

File: 1bab0b20800ee55⋯.jpg (30.23 KB, 430x323, 430:323, evil_graphic.jpg)


Satan, the Devil, is your master. And even he knows his end is nigh.

9d09f4 No.927744

1 Endow the king with your justice, O God,

the royal son with your righteousness.

2 May he judge your people in righteousness,

your afflicted ones with justice.

3 May the mountains bring prosperity to the people,

the hills the fruit of righteousness.

4 May he defend the afflicted among the people

and save the children of the needy;

may he crush the oppressor.

5 May he endure[a] as long as the sun,

as long as the moon, through all generations.

6 May he be like rain falling on a mown field,

like showers watering the earth.

7 In his days may the righteous flourish

and prosperity abound till the moon is no more.

8 May he rule from sea to sea

and from the River[b] to the ends of the earth.

9 May the desert tribes bow before him

and his enemies lick the dust.

10 May the kings of Tarshish and of distant shores

bring tribute to him.

May the kings of Sheba and Seba

present him gifts.

11 May all kings bow down to him

and all nations serve him.

12 For he will deliver the needy who cry out,

the afflicted who have no one to help.

13 He will take pity on the weak and the needy

and save the needy from death.

14 He will rescue them from oppression and violence,

for precious is their blood in his sight.

15 Long may he live!

May gold from Sheba be given him.

May people ever pray for him

and bless him all day long.

16 May grain abound throughout the land;

on the tops of the hills may it sway.

May the crops flourish like Lebanon

and thrive[c] like the grass of the field.

17 May his name endure forever;

may it continue as long as the sun.

Then all nations will be blessed through him,[d]

and they will call him blessed.

18 Praise be to the Lord God, the God of Israel,

who alone does marvelous deeds.

19 Praise be to his glorious name forever;

may the whole earth be filled with his glory.

Amen and Amen.



94ed2b No.927745

File: fa906e5aea70643⋯.png (336.16 KB, 635x643, 635:643, RINO.png)

File: e99b9a512f5a7af⋯.png (53.83 KB, 645x661, 645:661, RINO2.png)

File: 4690a75c4f25436⋯.png (52.51 KB, 657x651, 219:217, RINO3.png)

File: 76f27b583f01c05⋯.png (43.14 KB, 725x657, 725:657, RINO4.png)

Off topic.

Emm, guys, Why Yesterday, The Congressmen of Dallas, Pete Sessions was in Venezuela with Maduro?, A traitor of US?

http:// dfw.cbslocal.com/2018/04/05/texas-republican-secret-peacemaking-trip-venezuela/

576156 No.927746

File: a596b7ba86acd0d⋯.jpg (46.79 KB, 600x360, 5:3, Michelle Obama Michelle Ob….jpg)

what is Michael holding?

d8986a No.927747


Made me LOL

40b61f No.927748

File: 109cd265baf31a0⋯.png (2.37 MB, 1221x4323, 37:131, ClipboardImage.png)

913364 No.927749

File: e6f5b7ebdeb829d⋯.jpg (25.82 KB, 286x358, 143:179, Ray Chandler.JPG)

Sargent Major Ray Chandler.

No One Will Be Spared.

1bb05d No.927750

All these kids look ill. How can these pedos be turned on by them even if they wanted to eat them. You would think they would want something healthy.

bcfe30 No.927751

File: 383043fef4e54bb⋯.png (54.19 KB, 353x410, 353:410, TJ_and_Comey.png)

871110 No.927752


It must be tranny day on the chans :)

c62da8 No.927753


Then download it yourself & stop sharing it with world.

0bc90b No.927754


check spelling

2375fd No.927755


Requesting new baker

Any Volunteers?

5e6748 No.927756

File: 3b8f5df01dd592e⋯.jpg (173.3 KB, 735x1102, 735:1102, BibleDeu31.6.jpg)

592594 No.927758


Got married in Jamaica with Bob on in the background…and I'm white and crazy. hehe

389581 No.927759

File: 695e650a93d0a15⋯.jpg (1.13 MB, 1044x1044, 1:1, MurderMonth.jpg)

1647a3 No.927760

The boots of the cabal are going to shake until they meet the natural frequency now that we have Mad Dog entering the game calling for the high level of 4k troops when the range to start was 2-4k.

6d88ea No.927761

File: c93478621ad7723⋯.png (919.47 KB, 686x706, 343:353, 1487066976069.png)

File: 33fdaa53228ecee⋯.jpg (161.54 KB, 1024x760, 128:95, 1487065403280.jpg)

File: 175bd446dd78f34⋯.jpg (2.65 MB, 2416x9165, 2416:9165, 1486087834867.jpg)

File: ac294d2d03f1acc⋯.jpg (626.13 KB, 1920x1899, 640:633, 1485120798410.jpg)

File: 5b6b3fcacf6b3c7⋯.jpg (446.54 KB, 2024x1200, 253:150, 1484783421751.jpg)

b0fbc9 No.927762


Comey's doll !!!!

dfb2ca No.927763

https:// www.reuters.com/article/us-israel-palestinians-protests-image/smoke-clears-and-photographer-captures-moment-of-protest-idUSKCN1HD303

98e03b No.927764

Per Thomas Paine

Las Vegas FBI Supervisor — Who Ignored Key Evidence of Mandalay Bay Shooting Probe — Abruptly Retires

https:// truepundit.com/las-vegas-fbi-supervisor-who-ignored-key-evidence-of-mandalay-bay-shooting-probe-abruptly-retires/

d9fb10 No.927765

File: afc4e6ccacc1a2f⋯.png (213.34 KB, 401x560, 401:560, 5c6412fe872402211393e3983f….png)

File: b703abfa3171288⋯.jpg (217.42 KB, 800x450, 16:9, silent-but-stirring.jpg)

File: 27041999db51fec⋯.jpg (218.17 KB, 800x450, 16:9, justice-is-my-batter.jpg)

File: ebd824448064425⋯.jpg (85.38 KB, 300x300, 1:1, traitors-should-hang-and-i….jpg)

File: a010acf6b9ae3a0⋯.jpg (83.79 KB, 500x281, 500:281, dont-be-messin-with-jeff-s….jpg)

6f0f41 No.927766


Top KEk

61eb64 No.927767


Coincidence? ???

5fd25d No.927768

File: 61739e9d7361534⋯.jpg (38.39 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 61739e9d7361534cb743c2d50c….jpg)

df0baf No.927769


Sounds seditious.

211777 No.927770


Good point anon

b21ef8 No.927771

File: aaf46b1ac1f17bb⋯.png (2.04 MB, 1434x880, 717:440, SwissBankers3.png)

File: 52ca52900f408e4⋯.png (6.56 KB, 495x82, 495:82, Collardi1.png)

File: ffa4997b1e09e94⋯.png (961.25 KB, 1211x671, 1211:671, Collardi.png)

File: 9b9e0c6eb83174c⋯.png (576.8 KB, 1331x267, 1331:267, SwissBankers666.png)

File: 9c0985aaa57b1ba⋯.png (568 KB, 688x896, 43:56, IsraeliBanking.png)

7e161e No.927772


The duct tape was gonna give way when he started laughing. Had to hold it in place.

5e6748 No.927774

File: dca3abdb552439a⋯.jpg (242.31 KB, 800x800, 1:1, Bible Jeremiah 29:11.jpg)


Ignore demonicfags and satanicfags.

They are a certain kind of shills.

Anons do not respond to shills.

fbdb78 No.927775


I was just recapping Q today and went over the NY Times article. They said didnt Q say watch the news recently?

Myabe since they called the WH for comment that Q knew about the story.

When the story dropped Q said here we go. Kinda sounds like he meant, the story finally dropped i was telling you to watch out for.

b636e9 No.927776


Marfa is a recurring theme in the comments.

592594 No.927777

a5e142 No.927778


No coincidences

fd3c5c No.927779

Any links for Fox News live available?

b327ce No.927780

more sick shit from Ray Chandler http:// rachelchandler.tumblr.com/archive

02b947 No.927781

>>925156 (#1150)

I hope the USA can help Europe.

2d8340 No.927782


Just like Sarah said during the WH presser today, 2000-4000 is the FIRST STEP.

Makes me wonder how many more are going to be deployed to the border now.

8f3747 No.927783


In the name of jesus christ of Nazareth you will not over come us!!!!!!!

79eded No.927784


Q Team can hear you breathing.

d80835 No.927785

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

I'll tell you

A real story

I'll only say the truth

Witches and wizards

Are beside you.

They're the ones that do evil.

I saw them when

They attacked my home

It was through spells

That they wanted to crush my being

I didn't have any doubts

Nor any fears

That was what saved me.

All my strength

I used against the being

That wanted to destroy me

And today I can see it

Dragging its evil.

I'm free at last

From the spell, and I can finally scream

Free, free!

I'll be free forever

Damned beings, you won't turn off

My inner light.

Free, free!

Free forever with you.

Evil fiends, you can already die,

In the name of God.

You must know that you have power

Over the forces of evil.

You must fight, you can win against them,

fight for your freedom.

We'll take today

The power of light

And may no other being

Die ever again crucified

Free, free!

I'll be free forever

Damned beings, you won't turn off

My inner light.

Free, free!

Free forever with you.

Evil fiends, you can already die,

In the name of God.

43e3d0 No.927786


What choice right?

I said I'd do it and Q responds.

At that point it was simply a matter of finding my cell phone.

2fbb0b No.927787



>"Watch the news."


As in north, east, west, south? The four cardinal directions?

6d88ea No.927788

File: abbb22c3ae374be⋯.jpg (60.97 KB, 730x879, 730:879, 1488191928144.jpg)

File: 014c7734dd95f5c⋯.png (2.44 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1488191480959.png)

File: bd4ba0f548c5dda⋯.jpg (620.24 KB, 1866x2024, 933:1012, 1488166608604.jpg)

File: e234ed2042d12c0⋯.jpg (714.22 KB, 3000x3000, 1:1, cd2f2329b4d80a373c804c8f11….jpg)

File: 7594e6ffc6b009e⋯.jpg (157.31 KB, 635x725, 127:145, 1487133820351.jpg)

0bc90b No.927789



be7fef No.927790


http:// 123livenews.com/fox-news-live-stream-24-7-123livenews-com/

d57778 No.927791


This is your misunderstanding.


What is a Luciferian?

What is a Satanist?

When you do your research, reply.



Answer me this, and I will submit to the false prophet.

Many KEKS (frogs and filthy spirits) have sprung from Q's mouth.

Think and understand.

Rev 3:18

Deut 3:18

1 Kings 10:14

The WEIGHT is too much to bear!




f03a4b No.927792


Rumors float about indictments being unsealed.

Can neither confirm nor deny.

(((They))) are fucked.

7d2a0a No.927793

Drop this sheet, offlines ready to go.. let's get this party started

46c703 No.927794


Orthodox Christian baptism.

Notice that it is done with a diaper on and the baby handed to the godmother right away. Usually the baby already knows the godmother well.

b21ef8 No.927795

File: 9c0985aaa57b1ba⋯.png (568 KB, 688x896, 43:56, IsraeliBanking.png)

File: e7b7f70b12eb11c⋯.png (90.96 KB, 678x896, 339:448, IsraeliBanking1.png)

File: 3a9d30ed682b134⋯.png (69.38 KB, 675x758, 675:758, IsraeliBanking2.png)

File: dfc5e3267cb3ce1⋯.png (1.13 MB, 1254x800, 627:400, IsraeliBanking3.png)

File: 47de583616ec4d2⋯.png (833.3 KB, 1245x805, 249:161, IsraeliBanking4.png)

2d8004 No.927796


I know this guy is being presented as a victim and I'm sure he was victimized, but Antifa is made up

of people just like this guy. In fact, I was reminded of Antifa, when his picture was first posted.

037a6b No.927797


Mofo, you just opened the book. This ties ray to the crown. Bluff called? Holy shit props

ff8aff No.927798


that's a big missile to "test"

53bac1 No.927799



16c35f No.927800



Per https:// github.com/qanonmap/qanonmap.github.io/commit/41a9e797a2595c5decaa241f67dfb654619efc22

I have forced qanon.pub and its mirrors to ignore daylight savings. Let me know if this is annoying or confusing. This was done so that the timezone is the same across all posts.

Thank you for your attention and God bless.

d30135 No.927801


oh nice #qanon lol

who ever did it high 5

327b2d No.927802


It's an older map that has been circling the webs for a while. It makes me wounder what the system looks like these days.

I've seen video of trucks driving into secret nondescript tunnel entrances then drive through miles and miles of caves underground and come out elsewhere. It makes me wounder how many tunnel networks are down there.

ba9bee No.927803


YES!!! Thank You!!

5e6748 No.927804

File: d54fdcb2ea933b6⋯.jpg (554.2 KB, 1260x808, 315:202, ControlBenHur2.jpg)

c4781f No.927805








Say that again nigger

a4bc12 No.927807


I make no judgements, there is shit I am not going to click - but anything on instagram/twitter …I would much rather I see it and be upset and then report it than it be left. I am 40 years old and have never in my life felt the rage I do now.

cb54bd No.927808


Wrong. The second death is for clown pelican faggot guys like u.

a12159 No.927809


"On the way to Marfa?"

Scalia, 79, was a guest at the Cibolo Creek Ranch, a resort in the Big Bend region south of Marfa.

https:// www.mysanantonio.com/news/us-world/article/Senior-Associate-Justice-Antonin-Scalia-found-6828930.php

2a6563 No.927810

Kick some ass for us Q.

The end is nigh for the deep state. Drip Drip will become a flood as we approach November. I really enjoyed their NYT article. It was a hoot.

0ade97 No.927811


working for me

40fffa No.927812


Thanks for all you do. I use your site all the time

1c038d No.927813


yes we do… and stop the fucking chemtrails geoengineering. solar shiled ect.

744bab No.927814

File: 36ae614a8f4abe0⋯.png (2.17 MB, 1270x861, 1270:861, Screen Shot 2018-04-06 at ….png)

f1bcea No.927815

File: 93cb6fe9a4ca771⋯.jpg (210.82 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, IMG_0870.JPG)

c845d3 No.927816


pedo money stashed away in swiss banks and other locations.


229801 No.927817

Q. Some of these "Cabal" people need to brought to Justice (PUBLICLY) but there are a lot that just NEED TO DIE!

6d88ea No.927818

File: 5e92298d4a62a4d⋯.jpg (716.4 KB, 1000x800, 5:4, 1493429668508.jpg)

File: 6810e85520d794e⋯.jpg (748.09 KB, 1000x756, 250:189, 1493429546580.jpg)

File: c5ba8cb8f24142d⋯.png (451.99 KB, 1047x584, 1047:584, 7f01542d3f6d87a09f23692562….png)

File: 872c982d0580803⋯.png (348.45 KB, 1092x547, 1092:547, b7dc11a8dd31338fb5fc03907a….png)

File: 14b3aed7cc702fa⋯.jpg (1.67 MB, 2600x2500, 26:25, 1488167336797.jpg)

08b5f2 No.927819


I was wondering the same thing. Sure looks like him

ca20f5 No.927820

>The popular classified ads website Backpage was seized on Friday by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

https:// gizmodo.com/backpage-has-been-seized-by-the-fbi-1825057539

46c703 No.927821


The pictures on the left are Satanic Ritual Abuse or SRA. Google it.

576156 No.927822


I do believe Drudge is foreshadowing or hinting at something with this pic he posted on top of page.

94ed2b No.927823


As in Germany.

fd3c5c No.927824



Many thanks!!!

6be746 No.927825

File: 4ad4b6ee03260b3⋯.png (687.67 KB, 828x610, 414:305, ClipboardImage.png)

1ed594 No.927826

>> 927666 Thx anon

497404 No.927827


I wonder who you are every time you post

5fd25d No.927828


It's all the same. Names don't matter. I heard you faggots get all kinds of bent out of shape when people get it wrong though.

Lucifer is a bitch.

Satan is a bitch.

Enki is a bitch.

f70520 No.927829

We may have a Nephilim on the board

389417 No.927830


Reported FBI IC3

https:// www.ic3.gov/complaint/default.aspx

16c35f No.927831


I hope these people get their due. Soon.

d30135 No.927832

File: 0954fa9be8a4e0c⋯.jpg (430.22 KB, 1754x2480, 877:1240, THELIE.jpg)


see u mfer

87e48b No.927833

File: 48a89d2b7a6ba0f⋯.gif (961.92 KB, 500x251, 500:251, chill.gif)

211777 No.927834


Great work anon!

Thank you

c62da8 No.927835


Anyone checked this fucks IP address against Q's? Dare ya.

a49d72 No.927836

Now we have idiots LARPing as Satan lol My money is in the AIM people trying something new

2c5ad4 No.927837



38dffa No.927838


looks like a girl

50a38d No.927839

2 missiles fired at what?


1ed594 No.927841

aaae01 No.927842

File: 02929bc4918518b⋯.jpg (87.14 KB, 1280x620, 64:31, Do you See it.jpg)

Is this HER or what?

On Chandler's IG

dfff96 No.927843

File: d919275151b5c6d⋯.png (197.33 KB, 612x647, 612:647, Screen Shot 2018-04-06 at ….png)


i love fridays

https:// vault.fbi.gov/hillary-r.-clinton/Hillary%20R.%20Clinton%20Part%2020%20of%2020/view

d39647 No.927844


Local talk station reported that Fakebook will not be allowing political pages or groups without being registered and selling ads have to be verified users.

Censorship BIG time is coming.

Twitter rolled out a new algorithm this morning, likes and retweets are WAY down.

They're real time shadowbanning posts now instead of just the whole user, trying to condemn the right/patriots to a twitter ghetto.

c845d3 No.927845


Operators WW right now I bet.

Noose is already tight. The prey will struggle, and all it will do is snap the trap tight.

78c92d No.927846


Read the @ handle again. You looked up the wrong one.

08b8e9 No.927847

File: fedbb0f4e55e823⋯.png (9.52 MB, 2208x1242, 16:9, E4C24B6F-CD1A-4651-894C-7E….png)

Children’s cooking show. Master Chef Junior.

Recent episode costumes for international competition theme.

Is there any possibility that these Celebrities do not know what a slice of pizza and red shoes means?

On a kid’s cooking show no less.

a2b8c8 No.927848


We're always prepared.

211777 No.927849



08b1ec No.927850

Shall we just acknowledge it now to avoid further future discussion or confusion….

Regardless of what Q posts, the consequences are to be expected and accepted without question or the questioners are shills, fags, cia, fbi, etc and do not belong here.

be7fef No.927851


wow getting real deep

b45424 No.927852


yeah, you should seriously consider killing yourself for that,

b0fbc9 No.927853


Its fake Q and Fat FakeQwife " AIm will take you out " Jesuit fucks

240e0b No.927854


saw that one, highly suspect

7e1036 No.927855

You are already defeated, and you know it. Your time is short, so enjoy what you have left.

a5e142 No.927856


What time was that quake again?

be7fef No.927857


I didn't see it what did the anon post?

e7c2bf No.927858

File: 1df93dfbd2c36a8⋯.png (61.26 KB, 984x408, 41:17, 8ch.net Analytics.png)

https:// www.similarweb.com/website/8ch.net

f1bcea No.927859

File: 8bd2771983e613d⋯.jpg (113.19 KB, 1076x807, 4:3, IMG_1256.JPG)

( • )( • )ԅ(‾⌣‾ԅ)

2190f2 No.927860



240e0b No.927861

Car IS st. JAMES

b21ef8 No.927862


Switzerland only European country exempt and not part of EU. And no its not because they are Nazis. That is the cover story for Switzerland being Jew Secret Base. Israel is the public secret base. Switzerland is private secret base.

Look at these jew bankers in Switzerland.

They will all tell you they are Austrian, German, Italians, French.

Jews. All of them.

2dc996 No.927863


i noticed that too

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marfa,_Texas

aaae01 No.927864

File: 16a2eaa5c85c088⋯.jpg (96.7 KB, 1280x620, 64:31, Maddy.jpg)

Did we just find Maddy McCann?

d80835 No.927865


Can't be recent, she should be 15 now.

09ac34 No.927866


"why was Facebook trying to get your medical records?"

8de81d No.927867


http:// www.bibliot ecapleyades.net/cienciareal/cienciareal20.htm

be4dc0 No.927868


Couldn't agree more.

b8ceeb No.927869

File: 7a1827e98e3d5f1⋯.jpg (1.76 MB, 1125x2001, 375:667, IMG_3155.JPG)

File: 91e0bd7f108667a⋯.jpg (4.33 MB, 1125x2001, 375:667, IMG_3158.JPG)

c4781f No.927871


Oh how I understand you, as a young /pol/ack I've been in constant anger at each fucked up shit we stumbled upon, and each blatant lie from the establishment, but I rarely felt so pissed off.

We're with you americans

61eb64 No.927872



Great questions!! Idk

f76004 No.927873

File: 7c5d65675ddac15⋯.jpeg (159.5 KB, 888x499, 888:499, image.jpeg)

16c35f No.927874


Fun fact: that fuckhead was a Nazi. Now keep that shit out.

6be746 No.927875

File: 5cefcaeae3671f0⋯.png (681.13 KB, 938x460, 469:230, ClipboardImage.png)

2536f4 No.927876


You are as desperate as fuck aren't you?

In your own fucking hell you are.

You have no peace.

You come on here to attack hoping it will please your father hasatan and you will get some peace from his torment.

How is it working for you?


It is not too late to embrace the light of Jesus Christ.

Choose wisely.

Choose the winning team.

Ask for the gift of repentance.

Who knows, perhaps in His mercy He will grant you grace, salvation and PEACE.

1ed594 No.927877

>>927800 Thx for your efforts anon

ba9bee No.927878

File: eb59a1b02698fb5⋯.png (7.04 KB, 259x28, 37:4, Screen Shot 2018-04-06 at ….png)

Eminem…"Who knew."

1bb05d No.927879


The eyes are no where the same shape

60827c No.927880


Damn… this bring tears to my eyes

Those Fvckers

53bac1 No.927881



b38e7c No.927882





Rachel graduated in June 2005 from Brentwood School, a pretty elite prep school on the Westside of LA. There were/are a lot of kids from prominent Hollywood/media families in attendance there. Jordan McGraw, Dr. Phil's son, was also Class of '05. Jimmy Iovine's son was Class of '06 (Jimmy is the founder of Interscope Records, he brought Eminem and 50 Cent to prominence and is the brains behind the Beats headphones empire that Dr. Dre is the public face of). Arnold Schwarzenegger's kids were there too (can't remember which year, they were several years younger than Rachel). Andrew Breitbart, the now-deceased founder of the Breitbart news site, was a graduate (not sure when … 80s? 90s?

Rachel comes from a very prominent, elite family. She's one of many descendants of the Chandler family, which owned the Los Angeles Times for decades. Look up Otis Chandler. The family is divested of the paper today and not as powerful/prominent in LA high society today as they used to be, but up through the 80s they were super powerful. Rachel is definitely a part of the LA-based Hollywood/media elite. She's not some runaway or kidnapped kid or anything like that like some have theorized. She's probably the most powerful scion of one of the most powerful families in Southern California.

Photos of her with P. Diddy and Paris Hilton (friends since early teens).

There's a tangential Rothschilds connection here because Nicky Hilton ended up marrying James Rothschild and Rachel used to party with all of them.

She has a much deeper connection to the occult artist Marina Abramovic.

Rachel is the primary photographer for an artist named Terence Koh, who frequently collaborates with Abramovic.

A video from a MoMA party: https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=zPPKj99ZV60

YouTube List of attendees: Madonna, Mary-Kate Olsen, Yoko Ono, James Franco, Lou Reed, Patti Smith, Chloe Sevigny, Penn Badgely, Padma Lakshmi, Rose Byrne, Kim Cattrall, Lucy Liu, Marina Abramovic, Daphne Guinness, Terence Koh, Andrej Pejic, Leelee Sobieski, Cindy Sherman, Agnes Gund, Katharina Sieverding, Rachel Chandler, Michelle Harper, David Rockefeller, Jr., MoMA's Director Glenn Lowry, Volkswagen's Martin Winterkorn, and Director of MoMA PS1 and MoMA's Chief Curator at Large Klaus Biesenbach.

Rachel was a photographer/attendee at Marina Abramovic's 2010 "The Artist is Present" performance at the MoMA http:// www.patrickmcmullan.com/site/event_detail.aspx?eid=32454

Abramovic gave a very controversial performance at the LA MoCA that involved a kind of pseudo/ritualized cannibalism of a female body, and Rachel was present as well. https:// www.artforum.com/diary/id=29517

Inside, all thought of exploitation quickly faded, as the 769 guests, who included California governor JERRY BROWN and Los Angeles mayor Antonio Villaraigosa.

John Baldessari, David Bowie and Meg Cranston attended.

The photo with Clinton is not from Jeffrey Epstein's Lolita Express but rather from Ron Burkle's private jet. Connections between the Chandler family and Burkle. At one point, Burkle and the Chandlers were in competition to buy out the Tribune Media Co. that owned the Times: http:// www.editorandpublisher.com/news/burkle-and-broad-join-chandlers-in-making-tribune-bid/ http:// www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2007/01/18/AR2007011800684_pf.html

Sauce: https:// voat.co/v/pizzagate/1436568

ed3a37 No.927883


They will be drug from their beds in their home out into the street.

49af93 No.927884

ICE raids Grainger County meat packing plant Nabs 95 Illegal Aliens -

http:// www.wjhl.com/top-news/regional/ice-raids-grainger-county-meat-packing-plant/1104172153

7e1036 No.927885


the one on the left and the one in black could be the same. the one in the blue shirt is different.

6d88ea No.927886





>Madeleine McCann

Looks pretty similar anon. The dates of abduction and appearance age definitely check out. >>927761

>pic 5

df0baf No.927887


Emergency Bakes come up from time to time…))

Q's presence brings out the best of US and the worst of detractors.

c845d3 No.927888

File: e18cde21ecfdc0b⋯.jpeg (7.65 KB, 200x151, 200:151, targetinsight.jpeg)


((roths)), (((kikes))), et al.

We know.

(((jews and sandniggers))) are ((cabal)) lackeys #1.

Just look at all the kike sympathizers on here always derailing, bitching and moaning. (((useful idiots))) and active (((shills))) both.

We know.

Have faith, anon.

f37f93 No.927889



aa5680 No.927890

File: 36c09b266320d0b⋯.png (472.89 KB, 1014x884, 39:34, Apr 6 find trafficked boy ….png)

Q, I haven't asked you for much. But am asking you now for the guy's address who is holding this this boy (pic related). I don't tolerate this. I know people who really don't tolerate this. I am absolutely livid. Just an address, Q.

Anons, somebody drop this over on 4chan. We need to find this boy. Dox the hell out of the perp. And he will hope the FBI finds him first.

We need to save this boy. Post it on your social media sites. Somebody somewhere knows who he is. Find him, anons.

f22511 No.927891



https: //www.youtube.com/watch?v=hRVOOwFNp5U

50a38d No.927892


expand anon?

7e1036 No.927893


We are ready.

2a5e01 No.927894

File: e17da68ea739ef1⋯.jpg (445.59 KB, 998x982, 499:491, 20180329_195310.jpg)

File: 68bafd3fa5f1c6e⋯.jpg (261.58 KB, 1080x583, 1080:583, Screenshot_20180406-172940.jpg)

Gilbert, is this u attacking Monty?? or is this defangatang????

i find it fascinating that you guys are trying so hard to discredit this guy. what are u afraid of??? Monty says he knows who u Gilbert really is… i know I'm curious to find out… I'm sure your viewers are too. I've noticed youve been in panic mode ever since Jason Goodman released your phone call. that was a hoot to listen to u come unhinged - the real you. now u are in damage control. i also find it interesting that YouTube plays with likes on any vid that discredits you. very interesting.

American illuminati media… gaining ppls trust then trying to divide & conquer. why wud u say to only view ur intel, ur data and not others??? why r u so adamant about controlling the narrative?

things to ponder i suppose. :)

11370a No.927895


Chloe Sevigny has always been a freak. One of her early roles in the movie 'The Brown Bunny' there is a scene where it suggests she is blowing her co-star. Everyone of the crew that was there said it wasn't a faked BJ. She actually sucked him off until he blew his load in her mouth. Film edited for R rating.

be4dc0 No.927896

I sure hope Q steers this in a different direction while I'm sleeping tonight.

This is the very first time lurking DRAINED my energy due to the content. #TappingOut

f1bcea No.927897

File: 05057666f5abce4⋯.jpg (65.88 KB, 488x610, 4:5, IMG_1303.JPG)

Because sardonic plerbiterians out themselves as a lifestyle

1c038d No.927898


From Norway digg more

ba9bee No.927899


She has a ton of eye makeup on, and this could be her. Great work digging either way.

5e7b2e No.927900


If Hillary was elected I would have taken her out; like I should have done to the previous traitor.

aaae01 No.927901


The one on far right is an age progression sketch of Maddy.

1647a3 No.927902


we need to fuck up the 23 and me and ancestry data bank by ordering millions of kits and swaying our pets.

46c703 No.927903


So she visited NZ and receives a traditional Maori greeting. So what?

b8ceeb No.927904

File: e6d6f0da910e67f⋯.jpg (4.31 MB, 1125x2001, 375:667, IMG_3156.JPG)

File: 44e3d213689dc18⋯.jpg (5.03 MB, 1125x2001, 375:667, IMG_3159.JPG)

2375fd No.927905


I'm hanging in but Baker is asking for Relief ;-)


2207ef No.927906

File: ebd1ef5fc88c25f⋯.png (339.08 KB, 513x368, 513:368, rare_earth_minerals.PNG)

Will POTUS sign an EO to order mining of rare earth minerals to build up a US stockpile?

Dysprosium, neodymium, gadolinium, and ytterbium, …

We have these critical minerals in our backyard but China bought out the companies and shut them down, and BHO leveled environmental regulations to stop the mining, leading to total dependence on China.

d57778 No.927907


What's in a name, Anon?


Always a good name.

Rev 3:18

Deut 3:18

1 Kings 10:14



61eb64 No.927908

File: 4ee758ce9e3ce52⋯.png (606.96 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-04-06-19-3….png)

File: 7440d35bacf11ff⋯.png (606.67 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-04-06-19-3….png)

Sessions again

6d88ea No.927909


No she shouldn't. She was abducted in 2013 at age 6 or 7 IIRC. She should be exactly the age that girl looks. Her nose matches, her chin matches, I think it could be her.

f37f93 No.927910


in the newer pic shes squinting

in the older pic her eyes are WIDE open

that looks like the same damn kid to me.

16c35f No.927911


Won't work. 23&me needs to be subjected to close scrutiny and freed of Goolag handlers.

ba9bee No.927912


Trips confirm the confirmed post.

ALL of (((them)))

2536f4 No.927913


Hey asshole.

You worship a created being.

We worship the One who created the piece of shit being that you worship.

Get a fucking life!

7e1036 No.927914


The nose on Maddy looks like the nose on the girl in black.

617c6d No.927915

1c038d No.927916


says pussy on the drawing. have link to the account??

b20a87 No.927917


I know Rachel IRL and have some information that I think ya'll might find interesting.

Rachel graduated in June 2005 from Brentwood School, a pretty elite prep school on the Westside of LA. I attended the school with her. There were/are a lot of kids from prominent Hollywood/media families in attendance there. Jordan McGraw, Dr. Phil's son, was also Class of '05. Jimmy Iovine's son was Class of '06 (Jimmy is the founder of Interscope Records, hebrought Eminem and 50 Cent to prominence and is the brains behind the Beats headphones empire that Dr. Dre is the public face of). Arnold Schwarzenegger's kids were there too (can't remember which year, they were several years younger than Rachel). Andrew Breitbart, the now-deceased founder of the Breitbart news site, was a graduate (not sure when … 80s? 90s? way before my time).

Rachel herself comes from a very prominent, elite family. She's one of many descendants of the Chandler family, which owned the Los Angeles Times for decades. Look up Otis Chandler on Wikipedia. The family is divested of the paper today and not as powerful/prominent in LA high society today as they used to be, but up through the 80s they were super powerful.

So, Rachel is definitely a part of the LA-based Hollywood/media elite. She's not some runaway or kidnapped kid or anything like that like some have theorized. She's probably the most powerful scion of one of the most powerful families in Southern California.

Let me start off by saying that I know absolutely nothing about the photo with Bill Clinton. It seems like Gawker posted that photo way back in 2006 (http:// gawker.com/166540/air-burkle-something-special-in-the-air)) but I saw it for the first time yesterday.

However, some of you have found photos of her with P. Diddy and Paris Hilton. I know more about those. Rachel has been a friend of Paris Hilton for a LONG time. I think they've been friends since Rachel was about 13 or 14. When we were all high-school aged, Rachel was known for frequently going clubbing with Paris, hitting up movie/TV "industry parties", going to fashion events, and presented herself as an aspiring model. I have no idea what was going on during those events, but people alternatively admired/resented her for frequently partying with famous celebrities and rolling everywhere with Paris and Nicky Hilton. She was rumored to be a big drinker/drug user and struggled academically. During high school (2001-2005), there was an incident where Paris Hilton's phone was hacked and her contacts were posted online. It was one of the first major "celebrity hackings" that I remember ever becoming a big news story. Rachel was, I dunno, 15 or 16 at the time (?), and her phone number was one of the ones that was leaked because she was in Paris's contacts list. I have no idea if all the crazy stuff you guys are pegging her (being a "child handler") with has any validity, but I can tell you that during her teenage years she knew A LOT of celebrities, media industry insiders, and was going to a lot of parties that most kids at her school and in our social circles (who were pretty well-connected and very wealthy themselves) could never gain access to. She's definitely someone who "matured quickly", if you will. I know that at age 18 she had a boyfriend who was considerably older than her (late 20s or early 30s, I believe) but, to be fair, she was 18 by then.

There's a tangential Rothschilds connection here, by the way, because Nicky Hilton ended up marrying James Rothschild and Rachel used to party with all of them.

One thing you guys have missed is that she has a much deeper connection to the occult artist Marina Abramovic than I've seen documented so far.

5fd25d No.927918


Yeah mandela. Cool. You watch Youtube. You are running on fumes. Piss off.

8f3747 No.927919


In the name of jesus christ of Nazareth amen! We are over the target!!!!

c845d3 No.927920

File: 0b418c3b929c562⋯.png (69.26 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, breakthemsm.png)





>They think you are STUPID.

>They think you will follow the STARS.

>They openly call you SHEEP/CATTLE.





6d88ea No.927921


Imagine going from being a happy bright eyed little girl to being taken from your parents and raped endlessly for 5 years. Your eyes would dim too.

a5e142 No.927922


Ignore, stop giving (you)'s to him.

aaae01 No.927923


She wasn't scowling at her parents.


f22511 No.927924



ALSO, happen to be an avid Rap music connoisseur …

Now I can't bleachbit my brain of the hysterical lyrics fused to my brain….



Lil Wayne







be7fef No.927925

Q, does POTUS know who took or what happened to Madeleine McCann?

82c759 No.927926

File: b22e03e8f05ad26⋯.png (879.59 KB, 720x883, 720:883, 20180403_114557.png)

File: 581b3c3db366a93⋯.jpeg (337.2 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, DSdwmYrW4Awvamn.jpeg)


Thank you for shining a light on the Shriners, they are a problem.

08b1ec No.927927


Why would they do that?

f37f93 No.927928

File: 797d48119c37d43⋯.png (2.04 MB, 1200x1523, 1200:1523, 797d48119c37d432360c1c1f86….png)

3dd540 No.927929

File: 567d334eaa845a1⋯.jpg (504.76 KB, 1024x750, 512:375, Open_Letter_QR-Patriots_sp….jpg)

File: e92517f092039cf⋯.png (346.29 KB, 1024x1280, 4:5, Open_Letter_v2.png)

f0bd20 No.927930

Satanism is just another word for judaism.

d30135 No.927931


no way would i send my dna off to f who knows, i try to tell my fam too but u know.

i think the evil is trying to find dna from adam to kill off the good people?

87e48b No.927932

BREAKING: President Donald Trump Signs Memo Ending ‘Catch and Release’ Policy

http:// thegatewaypundit.com/2018/04/breaking-president-donald-trump-signs-memo-ending-catch-and-release-policy/

d5bc33 No.927933


right in front of us……

2536f4 No.927934



11370a No.927935

File: 5560d61a423f30a⋯.png (363.63 KB, 987x837, 329:279, a75636848367234.png)



Forgot optic.

43e3d0 No.927936


Look at the NYT's on Twitter in regards to ray.chandler

Why is NYT article "news" and the lead story when you type in [ray.chandler]

Is NYT complicit in covering up pedos?

Did Q know they were doing a story on Ray Chandeler and seized the oppotunity for exposure?


9495a4 No.927937

File: 29d85b54da27ad9⋯.png (12.95 KB, 591x398, 591:398, AQ7.PNG)


Looks like i'm on target. Without doxxing myself. Pic Related

c845d3 No.927938



Now those are some creepy fucks. Have centers all around US, even at most remote locations.

d80835 No.927939

File: dd78ed1cef6dce9⋯.png (186.93 KB, 333x703, 9:19, Capture.PNG)


It says here she should be 14 now, that girl looks like 11 at most.

1647a3 No.927940

Tucker show talking about Doctors asking if you own guns.I swear it's true! They asked me when i took my son.

9584cd No.927941

pizzagate dead ended on the net over a year ago people.

08b1ec No.927942


BO has a tougher position that most can even begin to comprehend regardless of claims and assumptions.

6d88ea No.927943


Can you translate the rest? Finnish?

b8ceeb No.927944

File: 4fa36152d72a47f⋯.jpg (5.6 MB, 1125x2001, 375:667, IMG_3157.JPG)

aad910 No.927945

Q what ever happened to Sterling Allen in Utah?

f1bcea No.927946

File: d8ddfe2ff0218d5⋯.jpg (37.65 KB, 460x345, 4:3, IMG_1384.JPG)

Moar spurious homoerotic frump support anon

Java needs update

Agnar is on the hollo deck

Give it all the queeeeeeeer ya got

There is no other option

Ring trick and back hoe on standby

(▀ Ĺ▀ )

08b5f2 No.927947


BE gone Satan in the name of Jesus Christ you have no power here.

9e6ed5 No.927948

Hey Q and anons does this girl have anything to do with this whole pedo drop?http:// www.newsweek.com/alan-dershowitz-defamation-suit-dropped-446348

d57778 No.927949






50a38d No.927950

97685a No.927951

File: 16b869c4418d517⋯.jpeg (130.59 KB, 1744x816, 109:51, 4852A047-ABBF-42C1-A94A-1….jpeg)

2a794d No.927952

>>927124 (last bread)

No part of Texas is very near any part of Arizona. The whole state of New Mexico is between them.

1db932 No.927953

Spergefest here.

As usual, the newfags have no restraint or awareness and cannot resist for one second responding to the obvious satanfag shill

The cringe is worse than the shilling, as usual.

871110 No.927954

File: e963de7dff8835a⋯.jpg (410.64 KB, 918x587, 918:587, carisjames2.jpg)

File: 0d2f9c49892e524⋯.jpg (67.44 KB, 991x609, 991:609, Car_Is_James.jpg)

c845d3 No.927955



Also note the scimitar and turkish looking iconography.

ALL must be KILLED. Sandniggers are WILLING PARTICIPANTS in this crime,

2375fd No.927956


I like it, hope it gets run out on Twatter.

a5e142 No.927957


Struck a nerve.

5fd25d No.927958


Did it? Well fuck.


f03a4b No.927959

File: caa27ae4401d064⋯.jpg (140.49 KB, 1226x840, 613:420, sickfuckkkers.JPG)

Thank you Anons for the comments going out on these pictures atm.

Fuck these people.

I hope it is soon that "they cannot safely walk down the street'

5e7b2e No.927960


Anything China does that's retarded will result in actual nukes/rods being dropped on them. Remember the pics of the car plant in China that was leveled via a rod of god?

1c038d No.927961


link to the account

2e2bd9 No.927962


I feel like I'm back in 2016 with Q's latest drops. Loved in pizzagate for a long time. It was a bit soul crushing, but there were a lot of people who became active and are actually doing something about it.

Do you remember what the deal was with her parents? I seem to remember there was some connection.

632237 No.927963


Wrong Chandler. Rachel Chandler, nickname is Ray. Reread posts.

82c759 No.927964

File: dd7204135129aac⋯.png (281.37 KB, 720x400, 9:5, 20180406_193038.png)

2d8340 No.927965

Where is a good place to download NON-graphic, spread sheet formatted Q drops?

qanon.pub does not offer a way to save anything.

94ed2b No.927966


Tick Tock!!!

b45424 No.927967


Is that Chelsea? Chubble that is

1b14d5 No.927968

CableAnons…please get those Hannity streams ready for us cord-cutters.

T-20 by my estimation. Oh Sean/Q, make it count! Let this be the last year for a Jimmy Kimmel hosted award-show! The mainstream is already reporting on the 'feud.' All eyes are watching…the news!


f1bcea No.927969


It is windy in New Mexico because Arizona blows and fexas sucks

2e2bd9 No.927970


Shit. Lived….I meant lived.

9495a4 No.927971


Right. Twitter deleted the tweet after i read the thing

ba9bee No.927972


HA!! I too am a natural health doctor type with WAY too much rap stuck in my head. It's fading…I'm trying.

1db932 No.927973


You could make it yourself and share it, you lazy nigger.

281052 No.927974


Drudge has the 3rd largest interner reach. behgind MSN ( windows computers using IE/Edge default to it, and Google, which every Android and school go to.

side note: remember "traitor" per Q ?

I wonder if it's Kelly (who I have never liked controlling POTUS)

read this. https://


d30135 No.927975


oh good we can all go home now

94ed2b No.927976


Is Pete Sessions White Hat?

d8986a No.927977


Say what you will.

Bad band!

497404 No.927978

Q, this pedo drop wasnt planned but necessary. May we ask why? Most of us covered alot of this in pizzagate.

6d88ea No.927979


My mistake you're correct. Yea hm, you might be right. It does look like her, so the only other explanation would be that it was an older pic, posted at a later date.

2e2bd9 No.927980


Kek! Thanks US education system!

3bd28a No.927981


She was abducted in 2007 at the age of 3, almost 4 years old.

df0baf No.927982



Interesting read, I hope gets the attention it deserves.

a5e142 No.927983


3:21PM Eastern. I wonder what time the missiles were launched. Pretty close.

08b5f2 No.927984


During Pizzagate exposure when looking through instagram photos there was a child leaning over a baby.. it looked a hell of a lot like Madeleine.

2d8340 No.927985


True, but like you said…to lazy, so fuck off and give a real answer, anon. Kek!

df873b No.927986

File: 11ed161bc6ef5e3⋯.png (1.08 MB, 1080x574, 540:287, ClipboardImage.png)


The guy stabbing himself in the shower???

German ambassador

d235aa No.927987

File: 933d98cb1ab72e7⋯.jpg (81.67 KB, 604x729, 604:729, jimjones-jerrybrown.jpg)


9a8af9 No.927988


It never made sense that a country could be sitting in the middle of the battlefield of the moat destructive war ever and just say, Oh, we're neutral, and that was enough. Why couldn't Poland have said that?

ec43c4 No.927989

File: 620d0b3d8a0113c⋯.jpg (76.1 KB, 615x843, 205:281, PAY-Virginia-Roberts.jpg)


Virginia Roberts?


389417 No.927990


Step away from the children.

744bab No.927991

File: 2278bebc0017f90⋯.png (438.42 KB, 872x705, 872:705, Screen Shot 2018-04-06 at ….png)

8f3747 No.927992


You have nothing left. We hold the key!!!!!! Get behind us,we hold the power within no room for darkness left! In the name of jesus christ of Nazareth amen!

944b07 No.927993



Back when I was investigating Jimmycomet and pizzagate he was taking down instagram posts. These people will know very, very soon and start removing the posts.

209a5e No.927994


Hahaha. Horrible place to have a typo

87e48b No.927995

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Kekistan vs. MSM Fake news - classic

a49d72 No.927996

I am Bigfoot aka Sasquatch

I will come to your house and poop on you lawn

Beware the beast power of my super stinky farts

If people are going to LARP as Satan I'm being Bigfoot

2a794d No.927997


Heh, literally true.

6d88ea No.927998


I don't have a link to the account, I see only the same 2 pics as you.

d57778 No.927999

Q Watches Water.

Q knows "Beast" from sea.

Q knows DEATH SCAR and who was ADMIRED.

Q sent to PACIFY you in your demise.


It must suck to be in your SHOES.

From the mouth comes FROGS.



d80835 No.928000


Or that she's just another kid…

Did they make one of those "future portraits" of her?

c845d3 No.928001


docfag, aside from chelation and heavy metal detox, what are other ways to repair vaccine related damages?

Also, meat or no meat? Any truth to the idea of no meat living?

Lastly, pure copper distilled water, or are some minerals required?

a5e142 No.928002


5:21 Eastern (typo)

16c35f No.928003


Correct. Online archivers are useful, however.

d14877 No.928004


are u from the 4th dimension?

6d88ea No.928005


We need to figure out the Handler/Roberts confusion.

43e3d0 No.928006

File: 557ff7ad6544b09⋯.png (188.03 KB, 636x434, 318:217, Backpage Twitter Moment.PNG)

Backpage is trending on Twitter now.

Post says 2 hrs ago, but I am just now seeing it on my twitter feed.

1647a3 No.928007

>>927931 they do it for send your poop, ancestry, 23&me. I had my son in the hospital for surgery and I was shown a video to get me to sign away his 'leftover' blood to help other children get cures. I grabbed the tablet showing the vid from the guy and held it with my son while sticking up my middle finger. My son laughed because he knows me. I then explained why any parent agreeing to this program should be charged with child neglect. He took the tablet from our hands before it was finished and left the room.

5fd25d No.928008


Go home Montagraph, you're drunk.

d235aa No.928009




be7fef No.928010


God bless the anons


211777 No.928011

File: 39c87ec5b9d0ffd⋯.png (3.66 KB, 431x156, 431:156, ClipboardImage.png)

Dig the Epstein plane records!!

for ray (rachel) chandler

09e56f No.928012


Linda is that you?

8e12ff No.928013



Go Back to Hell.

You obviously haven't read the End of the Book?

You Lose!!!

744bab No.928014

File: ae565c07a2879af⋯.png (445.46 KB, 831x882, 277:294, Screen Shot 2018-04-06 at ….png)

9f4075 No.928015


An interview by Chandler with some deviants where they talk about finding submissive people on Craigslist and other bizarre things:

http:// purple.fr/magazine/fw-2011-issue-16/salem/

Chandler has links to Alex Israel as he comments on her Instagram. Calls her cuz. He is featured in same magazine online.

http:// purple.fr/magazine/fw-2011-issue-16/alex-israel/

All sickos. Have we defunded the arts yet?

53bac1 No.928016



f03a4b No.928017


All Chandler Instagram will belong to us shortly.

9bdc8d No.928018

File: d02b65d49dab201⋯.jpg (273.27 KB, 1120x1120, 1:1, IMG_1504.JPG)


Not talking bout Thauce

6d88ea No.928019


Anon posted wiki link, FWIW, saying 2003 >>927939

d35640 No.928020


No Pac was not down and that's why they killed him.

b8ceeb No.928021

File: ef5d157efc19bf0⋯.jpg (8.78 MB, 1125x2001, 375:667, IMG_3160.JPG)

File: 018484f3e240c23⋯.jpg (4.1 MB, 1125x2001, 375:667, IMG_3162.JPG)

c77906 No.928022

File: 82a602c9993e116⋯.jpg (60.42 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 27wbk8.jpg)

90e4a1 No.928023


spill the beans on Marina connection

82c759 No.928024


I bet it stinks up in there

9d70ac No.928025

f8fcab No.928026


Suicide weekend. KYS fuckers.

a4bc12 No.928027


UKanon :) .. 9/11 was my true red pill I suppose, the passport on day 2 or something stupid, no plane at the pentagon, no plane at shanksville … the government investigation etc etc then 7/7 "training exercise" …..

They just lie to us, blatantly - but I never imagined it was anything even comparable to this, I thought it was just money + power, not this fucked up stuff we are into now.

Whilst we are keyboard warrors, real people are dying for this. Failure is not an option.

Qteam, if it comes to it and there is nowhere else to go, drop it all, we will handle the fallout. The world would rather know and deal with the aftermath than things revert to how they were.

a49d72 No.928028


I don't know I just eat poop and fart and run in the woods

a79e6e No.928029


How long does a military pull out take?

2e2bd9 No.928030


I know, right! Gremlins.

5fd25d No.928031


I'd put money on Jay Z being behind both Pac and Biggie.

60cd14 No.928032


brilliant find

6be746 No.928033


Are you attempting an exorcism via tcp/ip?

81893f No.928034

File: 721c0502637eebd⋯.jpg (140.23 KB, 1200x884, 300:221, pinpsgt_davidson_blog.jpg)

Fire up that oven, Baker.

1db932 No.928035


you're a dirty dirty tree knocker

ff8aff No.928036

7f2169 No.928037

Tucker's guest was just talking about Americans "wake by up" & that Trump is awakening people! Kek!! The Great Awakening is going Prime Time Anons! We can NOT be stopped!

c845d3 No.928038


Now, this is most interesting.

(((german))), eh?

I can confirm, DC is on fire atm. Plenty looking ashen and suicidal.

I gotz one of the biggest smile in town, you fucking niggers.


617c6d No.928039


What the shit. Fuck gov brown. Make California Great Again!!!

1c2cb1 No.928040

File: c262fa4605453a2⋯.jpg (170.49 KB, 1536x1039, 1536:1039, Prince Andrew.jpg)

FBI has videos of underage sex with Epstein and 'powerful friends' - Virginia Roberts claims

She said: “Based on my knowledge of Epstein and his organization, as well as discussions with the FBI, it is my belief that federal prosecutors likely possess videotapes and photographic images of me as an underage girl having sex with Epstein and some of his powerful friends.”

Ms Roberts also claimed that she feared coming forward before now in part due to the “physical abuse that I suffered when Epstein forced me to have sex with other people”.

https:// www.independent.ie/world-news/europe/fbi-has-videos-of-underage-sex-with-epstein-and-powerful-friends-virginia-roberts-claims-30976109.html

f76004 No.928041

File: 4547d242e94cf92⋯.jpeg (203.43 KB, 888x499, 888:499, image.jpeg)

c4781f No.928042


Fucking Kek

0fed3b No.928043

>>927220- Yes mine did that too.

7e1036 No.928044


this could be a LARP it come from a VOAT post 1.3 years back

https:// voat.co/v/pizzagate/1436568

a5e142 No.928045


Ping pong table in the bg of pic #1?

2375fd No.928046


wokrin' it

Wanna Bake 1155 ?

8f3747 No.928047


LOL you lost from the beginning! You still play games? It is written we hold your power in our hands! In the name of jesus christ of Nazareth amen!

8e12ff No.928048


Yawn Again

08b1ec No.928049

Q should we look to the skies and watch the water?

Should we be concerned with the vaccines and the mis/disinformation?

Help us obi-won-Q-nobie! You're our only hope!

9bdc8d No.928050

File: 80544950927205b⋯.jpg (42.74 KB, 408x612, 2:3, IMG_1448.JPG)

Kitteh dues

74c7a7 No.928051

>>927744 psalm 91

1He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.abide: Heb. lodge

2I will say of the Lord, He is my refuge and my fortress: my God; in him will I trust.

3Surely he shall deliver thee from the snare of the fowler, and from the noisome pestilence.

4He shall cover thee with his feathers, and under his wings shalt thou trust: his truth shall be thy shield and buckler.

5Thou shalt not be afraid for the terror by night; nor for the arrow that flieth by day;

6Nor for the pestilence that walketh in darkness; nor for the destruction that wasteth at noonday.

7A thousand shall fall at thy side, and ten thousand at thy right hand; but it shall not come nigh thee.

8Only with thine eyes shalt thou behold and see the reward of the wicked.

9Because thou hast made the Lord, which is my refuge, even the most High, thy habitation;

10There shall no evil befall thee, neither shall any plague come nigh thy dwelling.

11For he shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways.

12They shall bear thee up in their hands, lest thou dash thy foot against a stone.

13Thou shalt tread upon the lion and adder: the young lion and the dragon shalt thou trample under feet.adder: or, asp

14Because he hath set his love upon me, therefore will I deliver him: I will set him on high, because he hath known my name.

15He shall call upon me, and I will answer him: I will be with him in trouble; I will deliver him, and honour him.

16With long life will I satisfy him, and shew him my salvation.

3dd540 No.928052


445 massachusetts Ave

Sharia Blue


Hey the Hillary Email has this in it

W e w ill o p e n t h e d o o r s t o o u r n e w 2 4 , 0 0 0 - s q u a r e - f o o t headquarters a t 4 4 5 P a r k

A v e n u e ( o u r p r iv a t e e n t r a n c e is o n 5 6 t h S t r e e t )


Similar address btw


445 Park Avenue owned by Bronfman - Seagram's

Andrea Bronfman killed by car as she walks her dog on 65th avenue

http:// www.nysun.com/obituaries/andrea-bronfman-is-killed-by-a-car-as-she-walks/26358/

>>>/cbts/242963 Bill Clinton give Bronfman Medal of Freedom

>>>/cbts/243008 Maybe his wife discovered something about her husband and poof.


Bronfman Philanthropies NOT invested with MADOFF



One of the foundations NOT INVESTED WITH MADOFF

Jeffrey Solomon, president of the Andrea and Charles Bronfman Philanthropies — one of the foundations not invested with Madoff — says every phone call and meeting these days starts with a conversation about who got hit.

https:// www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=98348258


$33 million, $33 million, $33 million

bought mansion from Bronfman

Investor burned by Madoff leaps to death from luxury hotel balcony


The Bronfman's daughter belonged to the NXIVM cult

[same one that Senator (NY) Kirsten Gillbrand's father worked for

Gillibrand appointed to fill Hillary Clinton's US Senate seat by Governor David Patterson]

The pair remain staunchly loyal to NXIVM and Mr. Raniere, who appears to have curtailed his most profligate spending habits.

826188 No.928053

File: 9d4b086fba3da4e⋯.png (316.33 KB, 680x529, 680:529, 1521778109461.png)

File: ce119d8b437b838⋯.jpg (241.48 KB, 600x431, 600:431, ce119d8b437b83839164776739….jpg)


If we do win against the Cabal a Pepe Monument needs to go up in DC.

f0bd20 No.928054

File: f2f3811464b3bd6⋯.jpg (13.06 KB, 293x288, 293:288, michael.jpg)

Begone Satan!

b8ceeb No.928055

File: 339cbde2c2b1581⋯.jpg (4.5 MB, 1125x2001, 375:667, IMG_3164.JPG)

File: 6ad44083880f21d⋯.jpg (5.41 MB, 1125x2001, 375:667, IMG_3163.JPG)

2d8340 No.928056

How many chandler breads did you all startup?

I saw 3 so far and haven't even scrolled down the catalog yet!

c845d3 No.928057


>Tidal wave coming.

>Buckle up.

>Truth will put 99% in prison.

61eb64 No.928058

File: eccb353b762fc85⋯.png (453.68 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-04-06-19-4….png)

98a694 No.928059

wow! FoxNews calling out Nog on Nog crime in London!!

6d88ea No.928060


Another tactic to watch for is child rapist shills will damage control by reposting the same content that's already been exposed over and over, and intentionally rehash established things, to flood and stall.oldfag child rapist hunter

9584cd No.928061


Well go for it.

Rehash it - the only real evidence left will be detectives and leg work.

I am not saying not real just all been done and or scrubbed.

94ed2b No.928062

226 UIDs

d30135 No.928063


well its time to make the shit public

fucking arrest them already so they cant hurt anyone else.


6536e6 No.928064

File: d7788b8ec55e4d5⋯.jpg (66.13 KB, 709x553, 709:553, j_jones cia article 79.JPG)


some odd SAUCE to add…

https:// www.cia.gov/library/readingroom/docs/CIA-RDP88-01315R000400260058-0.pdf

b0fbc9 No.928065


Nose is right on .Very suspicious .

d04473 No.928066

File: 17a8913ad0a5741⋯.jpg (15.76 KB, 259x194, 259:194, AceNDhole.jpg)


Yes. Remove the deep state polyps.

08b1ec No.928067


226 IUDs would be a bad thing, too.

ef0185 No.928068

Jews are bringing in and proliferating non white vermin throughout free Western countries against your will. The non whites are very genetically inferior to Whites, and on average have an IQ of 80-85. They are taking over your political systems, taking your freedoms, killing Whites, and destroying your communities and countries. They hate Whites only because Whites are genetically their superiors. Fight them now very fiercely because it is either them or us.

6d88ea No.928069


Living colors of a living country.

c845d3 No.928070


No one in CA gov at the top is clean.

No one.

b8ceeb No.928071

File: eaced9a0fbfe4a4⋯.jpg (4.75 MB, 1125x2001, 375:667, IMG_3161.JPG)

8e12ff No.928072


Obama hoping it's not True and He's going bye bye

0dc513 No.928073


Do we have a baker?

2a794d No.928074


I had someone today try to log into my FB account (yeah I know …) from Sunnyvale CA. I am nowhere near to there. Don't recall getting a security email from FB about unauthorized login attempts before.

Sunnyvale CA is home of Apple Computer. Are they snooping?

576156 No.928075


talks about 2 dvds

84c7c7 No.928076

been catching up past few hours after busy day..

not shocked, I kind of expected this to come out… but slightly surprised… this is going to go mainstream.

there will be no hiding from this

these people are SO SICK

no wonder why none will be able to walk down the street

many self-inflicted deaths to come

I hate the term NEW WORLD, but we need one

be7fef No.928077


your copypasta muh joos bullshit is annoying


81893f No.928078

File: 8dd76923959429a⋯.jpg (1.15 MB, 1200x1600, 3:4, pINUP4Z-1600.jpg)


I appreciate the offer, but family is keeping me a little busy, so can't do it.

Have a Patriot, Baker.

9a8af9 No.928079


Q doesn't claim to be prophet, you fool.

You appear to be claiming to be a prophet.

f6c777 No.928080


Finally a full battery

617c6d No.928081

File: 96e12b395fe25ee⋯.gif (154.56 KB, 60x60, 1:1, BE6DCF44-AE33-485A-91B7-29….gif)


She was a willing agent to entrap people. Old enough to seduce. How many blackmail vids are there?


8b3f3f No.928082


Didn't get the memo

6d88ea No.928083

d57778 No.928085

Watch the News [TOMORROW]



You have lost.





Watch the WATER!

Q knows.

Welcome to your NIGHTMARE!


4f2eac No.928086


744bab No.928087

File: c171a60af928596⋯.png (109.15 KB, 827x454, 827:454, N474AW.png)

ba485b No.928088


Noticed that too. Sick fucks.

They better hope POTUS and Mil get to them first. They'll follow the law. I won't.

8313d0 No.928089


I think the recent video E did about Ivanka was too much

9bdc8d No.928090

File: 0cb572b54051ac5⋯.jpg (63.11 KB, 720x885, 48:59, IMG_1077.JPG)


I expect you to handle this


ba9bee No.928091

File: 3e9a64f08560060⋯.png (874.81 KB, 827x588, 827:588, Screen Shot 2018-04-06 at ….png)


Oh and there's a LOT of them on here. The riff-raff is nervous.

You're not going to get away with it I hope you all know. Patriot groups, if not LEO, know ALL about you, and when the plug is pulled…

Light's out.

I'd attempt to flee if I was one of (((them))).

a4bc12 No.928093

File: 881b59550c2e70e⋯.png (451.06 KB, 932x600, 233:150, wytches - ping pong.PNG)

2a5e01 No.928095

File: c3af89da47c51b1⋯.jpg (305.03 KB, 1080x1059, 360:353, Screenshot_20180406-175326.jpg)

anyone else feel like we struck a nerve??? shillz on the rampage :D

b0fbc9 No.928096


Ok Tick tock man . Hannity/ourguy .

6f0f41 No.928097

any anons have a good Fox News feed?

eddb56 No.928098


You failed.

16c35f No.928099


They're here a tad early tonight.

be7fef No.928100


Any anons notice once we dig on satanic pedos the shill tactics change?

09ac34 No.928101

File: 3be22ea2bddb08c⋯.jpeg (635.79 KB, 1451x1920, 1451:1920, image.jpeg)

94ed2b No.928103


IUDs are Users.., very active this board today.

b0fbc9 No.928104



c99659 No.928105