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File: 7af198e33e74133⋯.mp4 (4.45 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Virtual waifu.mp4)

f6f11f No.14912273

>Current Happenings:




1.OP No Nudes, No Peace



Steam is threatening to censor any games with 'adult content', threatening to remove the game form the store and gave them time to end of May. Majority of them have anime art. HuniePop is a notable example.





>Bill also violates the "ex post facto" laws in the Consitution: https://archive.fo/OsPBB#selection-123.0-145.267

>Trump has signed the bill into law: https://archive.is/AM3Om

A new course of action needs to be discussed. Remember the bunker


Use this rare opportunity to send emails to possibly kill Kotaku for good


If you don't want to use your real phone number or get a burner, use this website. Just make sure the email addresses make sense: https://www.fakenamegenerator.com/

Recent Kotaku fuck-ups:



> Kotaku writer calling for devs to blacklist another gaming site.


Kotaku & Gizmodo Media attack their own boss! (Great ammo)


Current (?) list of advertisers. Standard Disnod rules. If they bitch to Univision, it'll have more effect than john q. public.


4. OP Timber: Nintendo Localizers working with Japanese Devs to Censor Games





A. Archive.is isn't sure you'll donate money to them. Prove them wrong: https://liberapay.com/archiveis/donate

B. OP DisNod: Contact the FTC and advertisers about violations an unethical practices


C. OP DICKTIONAIRY: The Destruction of Words and Language




>PASPA (Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992) is being revoked by the Supreme Court which means more possible e-sports betting https://www.oneangrygamer.net/2018/05/e-sports-gambling-becomes-priority-scotus-rules-paspa/58866/

>The Korean War is finally over after 68 years, "Trump should win Nobel Peace Prize": https://archive.fo/PUpls

>U.S. Copyright Office is considering a rule change that would loosen the restrictions governing emulations and reproductions of abandoned online games (ESA not happy: http://archive.is/4GRJm ): www.digitaltrends.com/gaming/online-games-dmca-exemption/

>Thread Repository:



>Summaries of #GamerGate:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wy9bisUIP3w - #GamerGate - If It's Not About Ethics;

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5fnRSL3d_xU - #GamerGate in 60 Seconds;

https://archive.is/23Fde - GamerGate: A State of the Union Address.

>Reminders (important, READ THESE!):

•Use https://archive.is to deny sites ad revenue and traffic and preserve websites in case they are deleted later;

•Beware of COINTELPRO tactics: The Gentleperson's Guide to Forum Spies - https://cryptome.org/2012/07/gent-forum-spies.htm

•Be civil if you have to argue with people on Twitter, Tumblr or any forum - don't make us look like douchebags;

•Do not accept requests for any goal, demand lists or personal army requests: https://pastebin.com/p5dVp1e5


>Background and Evidence for #GamerGate (read and spread these):

•The #GamerGate Dossier: https://archive.is/nv1Fb

•#GamerGate Wiki: http://ggwiki.deepfreeze.it/index.php?title=Main_Page

•History of #GamerGate: https://www.historyofgamergate.com/

•View the timeline links in the Current Happenings section!

>How Can I Help?

•All Operations: https://gitgud.io/gamergate/gamergateop/tree/master/Operations


•Operation Vulcan: https://v.gd/Kbzw0L (educate yourself on logical debating)

•An Anon's Guide to Twitter: https://v.gd/nwrbYF (the basics)

> Lists:

•GamerGate Wiki Support List: https://v.gd/0fOHO3

•GamerGate Wiki Boycott List: https://v.gd/n6GPPt

•GamerGate Steam Support & Boycott List: https://v.gd/vzRsRb

>Key GamerGate Hubs:


>Full OP Text:

Current: http://ggwiki.deepfreeze.it/index.php?title=The_GamerGate_OP

Old: https://gitgud.io/gamergate/gamergateop/blob/master/README.md

>Want to Help Contribute to GitGud or Wiki?


ac1643 No.14912281

virtual benis

f6f11f No.14912282

File: 53334f39b6331be⋯.webm (5.07 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, NoirED.webm)

Archive of used bread:


9acd69 No.14912284

File: 4093cc78812cfa2⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 402.31 KB, 1920x1200, 8:5, 419e73384086e475b21b7f58f6….jpg)

I like to present you all with this. Consider this a kind gift.

abf643 No.14912287

File: 47f9bc8f1100e13⋯.png (614.26 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Katsuragi_Sento.png)


Am I crazy or is that Katsuragi from Kamen Rider Build?

55b5dd No.14912290

File: 174ec21f972c8a9⋯.png (438.58 KB, 1024x719, 1024:719, Sonic Shrug.png)

Why this isn't a bread about D-Day? For what reason?!

f6f11f No.14912293

File: 8952ff720ff1162⋯.jpg (170.88 KB, 1200x848, 75:53, b7d6gernccby.jpg)

File: 3b2c0d10a9b801a⋯.jpg (2.54 MB, 1981x2774, 1981:2774, d490b4695c567b39b06352d662….jpg)

File: 0f1b0e4c7514c84⋯.jpeg (135.8 KB, 640x640, 1:1, F66E9737-4571-4FF6-8BA7-8….jpeg)

File: 4eb115bcbff6dae⋯.jpg (89.73 KB, 961x539, 961:539, mimic.jpg)


Eh, prefer these girls.


Completely spaced about it, and no one said anything while I was baking.

55b5dd No.14912297

File: dde1174b641c9ca⋯.png (204.72 KB, 1360x768, 85:48, ClipboardImage.png)

And with that, while archiving websites are bonkers, I'll just do this for now. I give you:

Women are peaceful creatures. If they rule the world, there won't be any terror attacks.

9acd69 No.14912301


If the girl in the first pic were to pull off her mask, would it hurt?

ac1643 No.14912304


She's a big girl.

9acd69 No.14912308

File: 3e8bee03fe58000⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 4.27 KB, 300x168, 25:14, for you.jpg)

55b5dd No.14912309

File: 8393a4455ded891⋯.png (145.71 KB, 1360x728, 170:91, ClipboardImage.png)

Tweetsave is down too due to Cloudflare DNS hiccup, so I'll do this kind of archiving until all archiving sites are fixed.

f6f11f No.14912310

File: ec9a742e6596ee3⋯.gif (1.34 MB, 540x462, 90:77, ARCHIVING INTENSIFIES.gif)

File: 6ffb0a89911f164⋯.png (430.6 KB, 1241x800, 1241:800, archive (2).png)

File: b10093aa9cce9c6⋯.png (433.72 KB, 1241x800, 1241:800, archive2.png)

File: fd4aaec69b5a72b⋯.png (178.04 KB, 2391x795, 797:265, Archiving 101, your tools.png)

File: d592156089739f2⋯.png (432.65 KB, 1462x557, 1462:557, THIS_IS_WHY_YOU_ARCHIVE_OR….png)


>while archiving websites are bonkers

You have other tools, Nigger, USE THEM!

e227bc No.14912316


>what in the goddamn hell are you talking about.gif

55b5dd No.14912322

File: 39c0d110285b1b7⋯.jpg (169.33 KB, 1200x1127, 1200:1127, Male Feminist 252.jpg)


Check that, it was down an hour ago and I've been wanting to archive this.


398a2e No.14912330

File: 34a9072b2123331⋯.png (3.73 MB, 1352x9531, 1352:9531, all_female_uk_terror_plot_….png)

Teenager, Safaa Boular, found guilty of first all-female UK terror plot


ac1643 No.14912331

File: 48b8b5583611682⋯.jpg (310.4 KB, 960x800, 6:5, 69057025_p61_master1200.jpg)


>Trump started the victimhood economy

398a2e No.14912337


Already archived in the previous bread proresufag. Quit fishing for easy (you)'s.


daa46d No.14912341


>Bought knives

Fucking monsters the lot of them.

55b5dd No.14912342

File: d9196173cbc2f63⋯.jpg (93.8 KB, 753x753, 1:1, RKO What.jpg)


What, you summoned me? Does this image triggers so much? You're a faggot.

9acd69 No.14912349

File: 61474d7752424be⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 16.26 KB, 319x317, 319:317, 1411291954397.jpg)


He just keeps yaking, does he? If weren't a "journalist" I would I'd still be taken aback at how he keeps on doing this.

6e870b No.14912365


How do people like him? How do people follow him?

I can't for the life of me fathom how he is NOT a laughing stock to EVERYONE

398a2e No.14912367


Not the images, it's your avatarfagging, attention whoring, (you) baiting, and NOT POSTING FUCKING ARCHIVES. Don't give me that "the archive sites are down" bullshit either. You've pulled that shit too many times. It's almost like giving yourself an identity in an anonymous French, cheese-making forum is bad idea. Who would have thought avatarfag.

55b5dd No.14912371

File: eeb8fdf72bdd18b⋯.png (55.78 KB, 967x501, 967:501, ClipboardImage.png)

f6f11f No.14912375

Dailymotion embed. Click thumbnail to play.

<Bloomberg: Democrats are facing a potentially destructive California primary vote Tuesday for an unlikely reason: too many viable candidates are running for the same U.S. House seats.

So, what was the outcome of this?


>Don't give me that "the archive sites are down" bullshit either. You've pulled that shit too many times.

We also have about a dozen archiving sites that are available too, so, if need be, archive.is isn't the only one you can use.

645020 No.14912378


What is the source for the video in the OP?

sage for off topic.

398a2e No.14912389


Exactly. The archive.is/fo/li is down excuse is complete bullshit. Laziness and stupidity when it comes down to it. Especially when >>14912310 is posted nearly every bread. Faggots have no excuse.

9acd69 No.14912396


This guy is aiming to be the marche, isn't he?

9acd69 No.14912436


*new marche.

f6f11f No.14912438

File: e4961c419fcb326⋯.webm (9.81 MB, 640x360, 16:9, kacho bully 1.webm)

File: e9a31ce9c8ebd7b⋯.webm (2 MB, 640x360, 16:9, kacho bully 2.webm)

File: 6675b9467baf166⋯.webm (3.15 MB, 640x360, 16:9, kacho bully 3.webm)


Hi new friend: >>>/pol/11483437

55b5dd No.14912442



Wait, wait, wait. How did it got transferred to gentiles if the virus itself is an innate Jewish disease? There's symptoms and all, but who were the patient zeroes of the Femin virus?! And why the medical field isn't talking about this?

f6f11f No.14912444

File: 30bc1bbc4fea082⋯.webm (10.05 MB, 640x360, 16:9, kacho bully 4.webm)

250a6c No.14912445


very good

f65d25 No.14912479

File: 059e63fa3d8ef30⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 771.69 KB, 1396x1340, 349:335, 343f315b59b1e0b26f73e07d83….png)

File: 5bbcbc688641958⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 1.12 MB, 1496x1596, 374:399, ebdc37c62aac7833b8bdcc4cea….png)

Good afternoon.

ac94ec No.14912507


Primary elections. Unfortunately, Feinstein stuck it out, despite being crazy.



256a92 No.14912509


This is one of the worst /pol/ threads I've ever seen.

ae83b9 No.14912510


the one monster girl one with the squid girl had the better hand pussy

2105e7 No.14912517

Watch out for GamerGate

The public enemy of the world #1

It is the main hashtag responsible for…


☑ Making an ugly ass sweater

☑ Made Logan Paul level up

☑ Gave the Alt-Right an Asian fetish

☑ A precursor to the Alt-Right movement

☑ Trained a sealion to attack hipsters in San Francisco

☑ Defeated magical pedos in card games

☑ Helped a Korean improve his English Grammar

☑ Made Cathy Newman lose the lobster debate against Jordon Peterson

✓ Destroyed 4chan image posting

☑ May have exercised[sic] the evil from NeoGaf

☑ Bought Mombot™ merch

☑ Was caught with weapons of mass destruction by Batwu but framed a GamerGazi mod for the crime

☑ Evolving across industries

☑ Saying that dyed hair is criminal

☑ Played To Catch a Predator with GGrevolt

☑ "ethics in gamming journalism."

☑ Review bombed Black Panther on Rotten Tomatoes to break it's perfect 100% score

☑ Kingdom Come shows #Gamergate has won in every sense of the word

☑ Used the GamerGate Time Machine to inspire a play about trolls, bots, and hactivists

☑ Dis-invited Anita from Trump's meetings with game industry executives

☑ Causing a 50% decline in viewership for the Oscars in 4 years

☑ Helped contribute to the rise of the alt-right

☑ Made ALL videogames inspire Alt-Right ideology

☑ Turned Reanon into gamergate's grim harvester of souls

☑ Death by Easy Cheese™

☑ Ordered anon to fuck the feminism out of his female friend

☑ Created life

☑ Making a hashtag more important that women's lives

☑ Amplifying things through their VENDETTA ENGINE

☑ Oddly weaponized Ready Play One in the GamerGate Age

☑ Asked one of Dr Wily's Robot Masters to PROM

☑ Winning along with the rest of the twitter nazis

☑ Created /leftypol/

☑ Bullying the bully hunters

☑ Increased the bumlock

☑ Nuclear Extortion

☑ Got Larry Bundy Jr laid

☑ Discovering the secret danger of NO FAP via Chris Chan

☑ Turned the U.S. into a troll nation

☑ Kanye going Gamergate

☑ Kanye making a #GG reference in his next song will break the last seal holding back the Apocalypse

☑ Showed racist disgust at ancient Chinese traditions

☑ Indirectly ending the Korean War and Creating World Peace

☑ Two mass murderers and Incel Van of Peace

☑ Continues to purify "Weapon's Grade Misogyny"

☑ Re-built a destroyed EVA by gathering the seven Dragon Energies

☑ Harassed women in South Korea from doing their "Job"

☑ Tricked Kotaku into supporting GamerGate because Jason Schreier is harassing Zoe Quinn

☑ Claimed that Anita Sarkeesian slept with Nathan Grayson

☑ Infiltrated the royal wedding

☑ Harassed the peaceful kickboxing community

☑ Inspired Elon Musk to send Gamergate to Mars

☑ Committed incest with anon

☑ Elon Musk was Acidman all along

☑ Spawned Martian human subspecies

☑ Made aGG happy that Total Biscuit died of ass cancer

☑ Elon Musk teaming up with Sonic the Hedgehog to fight Dr Robotnik's robots

55b5dd No.14912519


Of course Feinstein won the primary elections. She got the backs of every illegal immigrants in CA so it's not a surprise.

7c0147 No.14912523

File: 232d9f78895e845⋯.mp4 (1.55 MB, 480x360, 4:3, How is babby formed.mp4)



2118b8 No.14912526


That exact thread is so batshit fucking retarded and such blatant disinfo that I stopped browsing /pol/ altogether for weeks, please don't bring that shit here.

ee7f54 No.14912530

File: dee0bc188c26b40⋯.png (275.91 KB, 397x286, 397:286, i am in hell.png)

Daily reminder that from now on, false accusation/calumny charges cannot be apply on sexual crimes in Korea. You can put false rape accusation many as you want, without any legal respolsibility.


Daughters of Megalia been waged years of effort to make it happen, and well, here we are. An author named Park Jin-Seong, been falsely accused for rape when MeToo shit happened, spent nearly two years in court to prove him to be innocent and surprise, surprise, he didn't even knew the 'victim' and she made the false rape report because he was famous to be anti-Megalia person. The first false accusation was made by Megalian Twitter account. Hundreds, if not thousands; of fake news made targeting him and well, he committed suicide. He ate pills and hanged himself, but later rescued and was in come for 24 hours. He's alive now but he's more than a dead man. No single new/media made correction news and the 'victims' made false rape accusation; all got suspended sentence and got out free. And no single media report about it.

Lately, South Korea's biggest Gaming internet community, InVen's website owners and mods found out to be Megalian. The owners of InVen is a women, and later reports coming out that she's big fucking women-supremacist jerk and bully any men worker inside her company. People panicking but the mods deleting any posts about Megalian among them. Post Fiveguys cuckchan tier damage control happened and later owner made announcement that she does not support Megalian ideology but it's too late, the users fleeing the website.

At the same time one of Korea's well-known and oldest internet humor website, TodayHumor's mods found out to be complete Megalian and censoring any posts about anti-Feminism and even contains word 'megal' and banning anyone for doing that. Boards and the website itself is overran by radical Feminists bullying sane people out; it is completely 'Terra-formed'.

The DoM cultists been waged their 'Terra-forming' operation on numerous websites and online games, include FFXIV and countless internet communities from DCInside to small-time closed communities.

I'm sick of this. It's like running away from the horde of Huns or Mongol; they pillage towns one by one and I'm completely powerless. I cannot do shit except watching them destroying things and people I've loved one by one. I once stunned by the remarkable words from Seong Jae-Ki, who were the leader of 'Korean Men Solidarity' which is Korea's first, only, and the last Men organization. He was incredible speaker and a man of thought; than later he was targeted by DoM cultists and committed suicide, jumped off from the bridge. Since then the cultists using his name as mocking Korean men and a meme as 'All Korean men must suicide'. They uses his name Jae-Ki as a meme word and chanting it on streets to brag their fanaticism.

There will be no peace or happiness for me; because I'm burning in a melting pot. I know everyone on earth wants to be dead in some degrees; but there will be no man who wishes to be dead more than me. Now I know why South Americans worships death; because right now the only salvation and savior I want is death, death to off from this nation and mad world.

And now I see almost every communities in Korea been infected by Megalians; and they waging sophisticated but destructive PSYOPS against us. Colleges and government agencies infected, some companies are completely owned by Megalians.

This is End times, the Vermintide. I will try my best effort to stay alive and not killing myself. My soul died long ago when Seong Jae-Ki killed himself. He even pictured his final moment when jumping off the bridge to awaken the Korean men against this madness. And now his picture became mocking meme of Megalians.

Right now my life does not even have a single purpose but constantly wishing death and suffering without reason. I prayed this suffering to be end since I was kid and my wish never fulfilled. Maybe god wants me to be a monk and go into deep in the mountain and cut off any relation with the material world. As long as I'm alive and my mind wakened; my suffering won't be end.

Take my words; Feminism is the Lucifer's tool, Illuminati's front line, and Satan's favorite weapon to harvest more sorrow and despair. End this right now or this will happen in your country too.

79278d No.14912534


Run away Gook. Or let the Japs get in and be conquered.

7c0147 No.14912542


You can do it. Kill them all.

79278d No.14912550

It's me or every modern movie is some shitty retelling of the hunger games with some shitty harry potter/crappy children book about diverse kids fighting against old white men?

Wondering after seeing the shitty Mortal Engines trailer.

abf643 No.14912558


Ever since Harry Potter, directors have wanted to make the next big cashcow out of any young adult novel they could. Problem is they're always super cheap or rushed.

f6f11f No.14912559

File: 65cf70ab57336f0⋯.mp4 (1.19 MB, 640x360, 16:9, cuckchanner tries to fit i….mp4)


>>hurr im gonna spam you with meaningless garbage i liked because you're not doing it correctly like i do xd

>the link i made worked anyway dumbnigger

Congrats on outing the fact that you don't belong here.

0dbd61 No.14912562


I swear, getting conquered by Japs might be mercy at this point. But then again, those cultists would conquer Japan.

2118b8 No.14912566


You may be gullible, but I'm not a leftist. I don't think you're familiar with how disinformation works. This claim is completely unsubstantiated and unfalsifiable. It sends curious minds that could otherwise be uncovering real shit about feminism or feminists on a wild goose chase with a premise that is just tantilizing enough to keep them searching and never finding the proof they need. The fact that this thread popped up just shows that people on /pol/ were barking up the right tree, and needed to be distracted. There is a biological component to feminism, but it isn't from a fucking virus. It's due to the female's natural hypergamy being unleashed and rewarded, combined with the psychological impact of the birth control pill, among many other physical factors. Don't be so fooled by convenient explanations, "it's a virus" is far too simple and convenient to be true.

79278d No.14912573


Also I noticed they don't even hire pretty people anymore.

That might confirm my hypotesis about old Hollywood actresses became all feminist all of a sudden, because they were starting to drie up like risens and aren't attractive anymore.

abf643 No.14912578


Frumpy and below average is the new norm in Hollywood now. Because feminists screech and holler if you dare to hire an actress that actually looks attractive.

aeab49 No.14912580

Switching from back to my isp's dns server fixed my issues with archive.is. That said, the cloudflare dns was very sexy and I would have loved to keep using it. Someone should contact them and tell them to fix their shit.

e6dd17 No.14912586

File: fa5e64ce7b51157⋯.gif (284.26 KB, 326x244, 163:122, fa5e64ce7b5115796270734297….gif)


Why do nips call it nyaa when the sound is clearly meow?

60639d No.14912587


>My soul died long ago when Seong Jae-Ki killed himself. He even pictured his final moment when jumping off the bridge to awaken the Korean men against this madness. And now his picture became mocking meme of Megalians.

Can you post it here with spoilers?

I couldn't find it.

5ca202 No.14912588


Different cats throughout the world have different meows, the Japanese cats have meows that sound closer to nyaa to them than something like meow

256a92 No.14912599

File: e6534011dc0af6d⋯.jpg (69.83 KB, 853x480, 853:480, robot-carnival-coming-soon.jpg)

File: fa867a3f8936640⋯.jpg (24.62 KB, 463x359, 463:359, f6fac4ed1f9ebbfb9c288e73c4….jpg)


It's always been like that. Young adult material comes in waves. Before it was Harry Potter or Eragon, the "discovering you are actually special" stuff, now it's all about fighting The Man™.

That trailer mostly just made me think of Robot Carnival though.

aeab49 No.14912603

File: 0713904b090661a⋯.png (218.76 KB, 1121x1378, 1121:1378, 2018-06-06_17-13-34.png)

>Tesla shareholders reject bid to strip Musk of chairman role


People care more about political correctness than actual progress. People wants Musk to step down just because they don't like him as a person. Same with shkreli, even after they found out that he is not that bad of an guy they wanted him thrown away.

e6dd17 No.14912605


I don't believe you. Post a video of cats going nyaa instead of meow.

2118b8 No.14912609


There is no "m" in Japanese. The closest you could get to "meow" is "nyao", but the "o" is too long to really sound like "ow".

5ca202 No.14912615


They don't go nyaa, it's just a subtle difference so it sounds like neow instead of meow but due to how the nip language is they make it nyaa instead

ee7f54 No.14912620

File: 729200e0e9b3cbe⋯.jpg (47.13 KB, 594x400, 297:200, 시사인.jpg)

File: 80a90fc7a2ab1ed⋯.jpg (25.88 KB, 376x380, 94:95, 2539_1222_335.jpg)



The DoM cult is funded by Japanese; I think I pointed out few times before. On their website, it's full of batshit insane Imperialst tier posts saying they wishing to be conquered again by Japan, praising Japan empire and shitmouthing old resistance people as the symbol of patriarchy and the real traitor who prevented the rise of Sun empire.

Many of their support media outlets are literally funded by Japanese companies, famous example is JTBC and Sisa-In. Sisa-In has batshit insane symbol of Korean traitors on their office wall, aka Imperialists. It's hybrid of Japan's rising sun flag and Korean flag. It was symbol of Korean traitors who selling out this country to Japan and later it was found out the hybrid flag was made by Megalians and posted on DoM websites for countless times.

I've seen countless times that Megalians making fun of Korean resistance people and how the Rise of 2nd Sun Empire would make Korea great and purge the Korean men. They are not your typical weeb; they are fucking batshit insane self-haters and race traitors, and Korea's most fanatic Kenkans. If Japan rules this country again they will side with Japs to fuck this nation even harder; and Japanese wants us to suffer. I don't believe in coincidence and there is reason why all the media supporting Megalians are in Japan's paycheck and forces narrative 'Japan dindu nuffin', and Megalians themselves are batshit insane imperialists.

And I said numerous times and South Korea is political experiment ground for foreigners. And Japs owns our banks. And they owns our media too. And their media praises Megalians, and Megalians praises Japanese imperialism and their so-called 'God Emperor'. I wonder who's behind this shit but it's too obvious.

Did I mention, the Korea's first 'Feminist', Kim Hwal-lan (天城活蘭) is literal Japanese agent paid by Japan empire, and been worked with Japan empire to dismantle Korean tradition and sabotaged Korean resistance movement? She was one of Korean well-known traitor and was Feminist who supports Japan empire. She insisted Korean people that the Korean tradition is misogynystic and patriarchy is evil; to dismantle our tradition and identity. Yeah, Korea's first Feminist is fucking made by Japan empire. She graduated Ehwa Women University. Last time /pol/ asked me about the Ehwa Women University with the picture Merkel praising it; I purposely avoided it because the last thing I would do is fucking shitmouthing Japan empire on a fucking website owned by 2ch owner. Right now I don't fucking care, the worst is death and I don't fear death.

If we somehow get conquered again by Japan; they will enforce the Megalian ideology and further experimenting our people while tormenting us to death. See how Japanese on the internet hates us and how they eagerly wants to behead us like the old days; the answer is not far. I prefer dangerous freedom and torment in hell than dangerous slavery and torment in hell.

Somebody please post that Ehwa University picture again, I didn't save it.


>Kill them all.

To achieve that we must literally gas millions of women. You don't know how this Megalian ideology shit is fad in here.

f6f11f No.14912623

File: 38dad7bd77d2a2c⋯.png (1.05 MB, 670x1192, 335:596, ClipboardImage.png)


For me, the showing of the floating based reminded me of Castle In The Sky.

2118b8 No.14912625


>accuses me of drowning on Jewish bullshit

>falling for a bullshit theory that deflects attention away from individual Jews that might be involved in pushing feminism and towards a virus that is impossible to find sufficient evidence for even existing

You really don't understand how (((they))) operate, do you?

ee7f54 No.14912629

File: fd89772eadae366⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 167.05 KB, 500x333, 500:333, 20130729185115267349.jpg)


Here, anon. All his pictures are now cancerous meme edit source of Megalians, and they surely makes /baph/ tier edits on Jae-Ki and old Korean resistance people.

Their branch community, Womad's slogan is 'Women supremacy, all Korean men do Jae-Ki'.

I remember the quote from the Lord of the Ring. All good men dies too quickly and all evil men survives and ruin this world. It seems that is the law of this god forsaken material world.

14e835 No.14912641


Replace a few words, and this can be used to describe several "diverse" games.

0dbd61 No.14912656


I hope those filthy Japanese dogs lose and Megalia crumbles. Good luck.

2924e4 No.14912662

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


f6f11f No.14912710

File: af37ddf59ca2a03⋯.png (858.82 KB, 827x1200, 827:1200, ClipboardImage.png)


<Isn't this the only "official" relation Japan has to Israel (And it's a myth)?

3e4dae No.14912711

File: 76d47c0957268f2⋯.png (298.75 KB, 674x666, 337:333, FA5E8FF3-9AFA-4FA1-BC55-3E….png)


Asians tend to fucking hate anyone from an asian country that isn't theirs. Japan may be our economical friends, but I don't approve of this behavior towards the gooks. The chinese maybe, but seeing how you are under attack by Japanese funded companies reminds me of the George Soros debacle.

Whoever's doing this to you are essentially Asian mega-jews. There's just not another term for it, the worst of my people, the jews, do that to others and it's the greatest sin on this earth.

High profile assassination isn't an option under this, and low-profile assassination is too imprecise, basically you have to hold out as peacefully as possible until the crazy bubble "pops", and resisting actually helps do that. Stay anon, and voice yourself.

There's no calm before the storm in this case, you basically have to hold out as it gets worse and worse, and the worse it gets, the bigger chance something will happen that will shake your country out of the storm. Once that single, or multiple domino-type events happen, you'll have a cooldown period of 3-5 years, after which the cult will lose relevance and the law will start prosecuting them more and more.

You had yours before ours, the Park election was your Hillary/Trump, and now you need to hold out. You need to chill, and simply dodge evil as you have been doing.

Most importantly learn to manage stress, vent here if you want, but my favorite way to relieve stress is a bath with oils or salts, three times a week. Also, no matter what's going on in your country, secure your financial future, but in your case keep your head down as much as possible, appease those around you if you have to. Take it from a dirty jew, the biggest and most important strike you can make is one that isn't expected. I've dealt with co-workers who act lazily or badly by simply being the one who has an outgoing and friendly personality, being the one who is the closest to his enemies, and being the one who can strike them down without suspicion.

Figure out who doesn't talk to another person and then change their perception of that person to your advantage. That's how you strike in the workplace, and that's how they strike you. Be the friendly one no one can hate, and no one will be able to touch you.

3e4dae No.14912736


Evil men die young in this new world. Have faith in the hubris of evil, and fear not, have confidence, for fear brings weakness, and weakness means you will be exploited.

They cannot take from you what you will not relinquish. The material world is worthless, and they can't take your mind, you have to give them that.

A man who steels himself is a man who cannot be destroyed.

daa46d No.14912754


>Evil men die young in this new world.

Tell that to people like soros and rothschild.

9caa4e No.14912760

What's a good spreadsheet program? I'm looking for one specifically to try organizing archives. I tried libreoffices calc but it's kinda shit, in my opinion.

Or rather, where to pirate ms office; like I said last thread I'm hesitating to use TPB.

60639d No.14912767


Thank you.

F for this gook

ac94ec No.14912778

File: b9c7ad30a10b84c⋯.webm (9.72 MB, 800x332, 200:83, lotr good in the world.webm)


Don't give up, gook.

3e4dae No.14912784


They're from the old world. When they die, their idiot kids or inheritors will take over, with no concept of their vision, or very little of it. Tyrants die, anon, and they're old. They make mistakes, and are human. They bleed.

9af2e1 No.14912809


I've never tried it, but Apache OpenOffice is an option.

a8bdc6 No.14912840

File: aae9c6d52e156b6⋯.gif (1.87 MB, 500x370, 50:37, 1527735266.gif)


No wonder men are fleeing your country. It sucks that you chose to stay.

c023a6 No.14912841


Openoffice is shit. It's less polished than libre, is unstable as fuck, and corrupts files at random.

In my experience.

398a2e No.14912868


Ask /tech/'s sticky? They've always been able to help me out.

ee7f54 No.14912880

File: ff0f3ee4c14f2d4⋯.jpg (89.7 KB, 496x363, 496:363, 노무현_묘2_-_복사본.jpg)

File: 4352d65a6e651f8⋯.jpg (83.29 KB, 850x400, 17:8, quote-when-good-men-die-th….jpg)


See how things completely interprets and compatible if you swap 'Goy' with 'Gaijin' for all the Jew jokes on the internet. As far as I know Japanese language shares common with Hebrew while Korean shares common with Mongolian. Until Choson era the Japan island was known for land of 'Exiled'.

See how they claiming the Koreans are the Jews of Asia. The reality itself is fucking comedy. I don't assume Japanese to be Jews for some facts there but it seems they thinks I am the Jew of the Asia. Only truth will tell.

Enough of this rant, I always fear about brining 2ch samurais here because I once talked with them. You will feel /pol/acks were gentle, humble, nice and reasonable when you talk with them. Well, maybe they're indeed exceptionally gentle and nice against white Gaijin.


The Korean peninsula is political battle front of Chinese and Japanese. The only thing I really want is the true freedom of our people; free from Chinese, Japanese, Russian and any western power making us suffer and painful. For last centuries we've been waged proxy wars against each other and slaved into the lowest rank of Freemason degree.

First attached picture is the grave of assassinated Korean former president Roh Moo-hyun. This grave symbols the Freemason/Illuminati ranks and look how Roh's grave position is the lowest among all 33 blocks. This means Roh was the lowest of all human, and spite on his grave by NWO faggots.

Roh Moo-hyun known to be anti-NWO, and been mentioned word 'Freemason' and 'New World Order' few times in his speech. During his term, he made famous speech that "They don't treat us like human, no they don't, those elitists from west thinks us worse than human". This speech made a fucking shock among western elitists and I think since then they been planning to kill him. After Roh killed deep in the woods, somehow western architectures hijacked the Roh's son's grave project and made this grave. And then the Japanese guy became president and after that a daughter of Japanese empire officer became president.

And thanks for the advice; all I can do is endure. Endure is the only thing I can do and the only thing I'm good at. And endure is Korean people's trait, not like Japanese's 'survuve', but endure until the end of days while holding the faith inside.

This Megalian shit bobble will burst, oh trust me they been staged this shit too big now and they cannot hold it anymore. Japanese involved, Chinese involved, and fucking Jesuits involved in this PSYOPS shit. And I heard even advisers of Moon aware of it. It's either crushing victory or the complete fall of society; and we ain't gonna let they gobble up our nation. Afterall, good inside men never perishes; they can be temporarily hold back with various emotions like fear and greeed, but one emotion in mankind you will never control is good. The bubble will burst it it's gonna be too big even westerners will hear about it. Trust us wait for it; and when the time comes remember things I've said.

I fucking listen same song over and over again when I'm at the verge of suicide. It does not help at all; it makes my joints hurts and gives me insomnia. Praying does not work at all too; it intensifies your insomnia. At least my family is supportive or otherwise I couldn't be went this far. Always remember, the smallest social measure in this world is family, not individual. You cannot make yourself happy while you have terrible family and you cannot rule the world without making healthy relationship with your family. Always be nice to your family because they are the last bastion in this mad world.

If I, and we endure this test there will be one hundred million angels welcoming us to the garden of heaven. Heaven is close but I feel the hell is even more closer. I will survive so don't weep for me; weep for yourself. Without you, there will be no world too. Thank you, and let us meet you at the other side.


Thanks for good words, anon. Here, second pic for you. Old Greeks surely know about this world and they left many great words for us.

In the end; the only thing matter is your soul. And my soul might be dying inside but it's not hollow as them.



Th.. thanks, anons. It's surreal that the place supposed to be "The most evil place on the internet" is like the most good and honest place on the internet to my perspective. This reality itself always more stranger than the fiction.

>>14912833 (Checked)


>chose to stay

You say like I had a choice. Well, I indeed had a choice, before I born my family were wealth and have no debt, and my family offered my mother to go states and birth me as US citizen, and my mother refused because it's dishonor for our heritage. My mother once come at me and cried and asked my forgiveness over this. I cried too.

One single choice could affect your would life and forever haunt you, even if it's not your decision. This is the wheel of fate.

6e870b No.14912884




Best time to get a korean gf

42f368 No.14912894


>with no concept of their vision, or very little of it

You are a naive retard trying to make himself seem smarter than he really is. People like Soros and Rothschild won't just randomly give their wealth to people that will not continue their works. Quite often people like this have many children and those that don't have many will either tutor their existing ones or find a heir outside their own family. If they can't find a suitable heir, they can always start a foundation to inherit their wealth and go by a list of guidelines established at its formation. They don't dedicate their lives to a purpose just to have it blown away the second they die.

a8bdc6 No.14912905

File: 4d2753fed9993ad⋯.png (106.6 KB, 500x692, 125:173, latest.png)

01ab77 No.14912908


>Th.. thanks, anons. It's surreal that the place supposed to be "The most evil place on the internet" is like the most good and honest place on the internet to my perspective. This reality itself always more stranger than the fiction.

It's strange, innit, this is suppose to be hardcore neo nazis and shit, but despite the fact that tacos and asians come here, you don't see a whole lot of shit thrown at them, just niggers and the two flavors of jew, really.

3e4dae No.14912918


People can't be cloned and ultimately communication is imperfect. There will always be chinks in the armor that will make people like the Rothchilds fall or lose purpose.

42f368 No.14912928


That's different from what you just said though. You said they will fail from within, which is true, but your statements imply that their influence will be gone as soon as the next generation takes over. And that is blatantly false.

01ab77 No.14912933


>There will always be chinks in the armor that will make people like the Rothchilds fall or lose purpose.

Lord do they ever try though, you see how long these jews last compared to a normal person, it's crazy.

3e4dae No.14912951


No, I didn't, it's not gone but weakened. And that's usually all it takes to essentially be gone. If you aren't at the top when you're doing that shit you're essentially done.

46d270 No.14912954


If you want to feed in to the white supremacy theory, Asians & most Hispanics are part white.

60639d No.14912970


That's only happens from all these surgeries and blood transfusions.


>Th.. thanks, anons. It's surreal that the place supposed to be "The most evil place on the internet" is like the most good and honest place on the internet to my perspective. This reality itself always more stranger than the fiction.

I wouldn't say its the most evil place on internet, I would say this place is most true to itself.

ee7f54 No.14912982

Is archive.is and archive.fo still not working? It does not work for days from my end.

e02eb5 No.14912987

File: c1eaa92ceb32092⋯.png (56.8 KB, 551x795, 551:795, cloudflare archiveis dns.png)

File: dc581b3e50832c3⋯.png (75.28 KB, 570x976, 285:488, cloudflare archiveis ECS.png)

Cloudflare's DNS service ( is currently not working with archive.is and hasn't for at least 3 weeks. If you are using Cloudflare DNS and experiencing problems with archive.is, switch to another DNS provider.





Cloudflare has denied that this is intentional and says this is a configuration problem with archive.is. Archive.is has said this is an issue with Cloudflare failing to support ECS. Cloudflare has said they don't support ECS for privacy reasons, which archive.is says are irrelevant when they are receiving the actual HTTP request. I'm not sure if any users are having archive.is work, so tell me if you are. Also tell me if you're using another DNS provider as a fallback whether it works. Note that which archive.is mentioned is Google and works well but risks Google logging all your DNS queries. I don't know anything about the other one they mention.

Generally the DNS of your own ISP will be fastest (or fast enough to not matter) if speed is the only concern. If your ISP's DNS is pulling other bullshit that you want to avoid, like hijacking nonexistent URLs to search pages with their ads or messing with Bittorrent, consider another third-party DNS. I don't know if there's a list of decent ones anywhere, does /tech/ have any recommendations? This tool will let you benchmark DNS providers for your location and marks them with yellow if they pull redirection bullshit:


Some potential alternatives to Cloudflare/Google based on a quick search are OpenDNS (which doesn't redirect bad URL's anymore, does block phishing and malware domains by default). (Global Cyber Alliance and IBM partnership, blocks malware domains), and (same people but doesn't block anything).

0a99e3 No.14912998

File: c75805bcec10f09⋯.jpg (47.63 KB, 400x400, 1:1, c75805bcec10f09b5f8235d25e….jpg)

42f368 No.14913001


>it's not gone but weakened

>that's usually all it takes to essentially be gone

>it's not gone but it's essentially gone

It also won't be essentially gone once that happens. I didn't mean that there is this 0.001% that will still exist, what I meant is that most of them will still remain but through others that will repeat the same thing. My contention wasn't that 0.001%, it was that it is naive to assume that you are converging towards the decay of their control from them dying. They actively make it a very important goal to ensure the next generation carries on their work just as well as the current one, which is why the Rothschild family still holds onto the control it has despite being in power for almost 300 years.

ee7f54 No.14913011

File: ab3144f714cf8b1⋯.png (475.48 KB, 1000x1200, 5:6, Danielle Archive.png)

File: d969c328060fabf⋯.png (270.44 KB, 537x285, 179:95, CANNOT ARCHIVE.png)

File: 676fcb7aaf33f02⋯.png (621.17 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, archive everythin g.png)

File: 1798c6a216149b4⋯.png (1.82 MB, 1078x1300, 539:650, archive_everything.png)

File: ec9a742e6596ee3⋯.gif (1.34 MB, 540x462, 90:77, ARCHIVING_INTENSIFIES.gif)






aeab49 No.14913031


yeah, as said here >>14912580 and in previous thread. I switched to their dns yesterday and suddenly archive.is stopped working but today when I went back to my isp's dns everything started to work normally again.

>Archive.is has said this is an issue with Cloudflare failing to support ECS

I blame archive.is for this

>Generally the DNS of your own ISP will be fastest (or fast enough to not matter) if speed is the only concern

I can't confirm this, opendns was pretty fast for me and I can already feel my internet slow down. That said, my internet provider is also a piece of shit and I automatically hate everything they provide.

3e4dae No.14913048


Whether it's a death by a thousand cuts or a single strike, it's still a death. Being a despair filled faggot like you isn't being enlightened, it's just pessimistic. And I don't think i'm naive for saying that what we're doing isn't pointless just because you can't have a better future immediately. This shit takes work and time to unravel.

01ab77 No.14913066

File: 9e52157dc0acebb⋯.png (66.14 KB, 350x410, 35:41, way too many niggers in so….png)

File: 079b854404ba90d⋯.png (99.93 KB, 1058x864, 529:432, skin color in mestizoland.png)


Ah yes, the Tariq Nasheed theory of "errywon bu blax r par ov da wyte peepohs supremacy" I guess that's one of the reasons why the "le 56%" meme was suppose to hurt so bad, despite it just looking like your average jew.


They are just doing everything in their power to kill off star wars for good, huh. I guess Disney really does think it's above a box office bomb.

a2186c No.14913070


>yes, insult Star War fans, the only people who'd buy my book because I write Star Wars books

>I am a genius!

42f368 No.14913072


What I mean by that it won't stop with them dying but rather it will end with their heirs dying at the wrong time. I'm not a despair-filled faggot, it is fucking retarded to think they aren't expecting to die, all you have to do is think a few steps ahead into the future.

a7866f No.14913075


waifu AI soon?

5064cf No.14913077


God damn I miss The Most Extreme

7c2e22 No.14913086

File: ba883673d306472⋯.jpg (162.24 KB, 744x1052, 186:263, Leona 01.jpg)

File: 24da6ee9d9a92bc⋯.png (2.64 MB, 1500x2118, 250:353, Djeeta 03.png)

#TorrentialDownpour and Nip news

Make sure to inform normalfags about websites free of Socjus Influence.

Useful Links:




> Make backups of your favorite doujins in case of Fakku DMCA purge

> Keep an Eye on Localizations here


> XSEED's upcoming games to the localization watch



Localization watch: Not solely from shit companies (need to add incoming Japanese games)

> Sekai Project: Teaching Feeling ( >>>/hgg/154755 )

> Fakku is localizing games/VNs now to the Localization Watch.

- http://operationrainfall.com/2017/12/23/fakku-now-selling-hentai-games/


> Bullet Girls Phantasia (2018)

> Granblue Fantasy Project Re:link (2018)


Pantsu.cat is a nyaa replacement after it was taken down. It's better than the competition. Use this instead of the cartel run cancer.



They've put up downloads to paywalled fakku doujins.

Fakku 0001-1000: https://files.catbox.moe/129di9.torrent

Fakku 1001-1100: https://files.catbox.moe/h3l457.torrent

Fakku 1101-1200: https://files.catbox.moe/47batv.torrent

Fakku 1201-1300: https://files.catbox.moe/c9ntlr.torrent

Fakku 1301-1400: https://files.catbox.moe/rkuheo.txt

Fakku 1401-1500: https://files.catbox.moe/ce8oor.txt

Fakku 1501-1600: https://files.catbox.moe/nmqh3d.txt

Fakku 1601-1700: https://files.catbox.moe/60v3p6.txt

Fakku 1701-1800: https://files.catbox.moe/3ii6j8.txt

Fakku 1801-1900: https://files.catbox.moe/m37bm7.txt

Fakku 1901-2000: https://files.catbox.moe/z9nmm6.txt

Fakku 2001-2100: https://files.catbox.moe/arpo7h.txt

Fakku 2101-2200: https://sukebei.pantsu.cat/view/2369399

Fakku 2201-2300: https://sukebei.pantsu.cat/view/2377551

Fakku 2301-2400: https://sukebei.pantsu.cat/view/2383501

Fakku 2401-2500: https://sukebei.pantsu.cat/view/2391161

Fakku 2501-2600: https://sukebei.pantsu.cat/view/2399825

Fakku 2601-2700: https://sukebei.pantsu.cat/view/2408811

Fakku 2701-2800: https://sukebei.pantsu.cat/view/2419456

Info & feedback welcome

d6508c No.14913091


>There is no "m" in Japanese

But there is ma, mi, mu, me, and mo. Su tends to be shortened into "S" so why not "M"?

2179b6 No.14913109

File: 0f6611b516f32dd⋯.png (69.37 KB, 200x240, 5:6, 1459692782765.png)


>There is no "m" in Japanese.

5f04c2 No.14913120


Or they could just use みあお

fd028b No.14913134


Have you try wearing dress? This could make you feel better. You must look good in a dress with all the Korean soy diet.

ee7f54 No.14913144

File: 42242e2c54f69be⋯.jpg (107.97 KB, 448x847, 64:121, 422.jpg)

c4ea94 No.14913204

File: 6264c29bbbaebc4⋯.jpg (93.61 KB, 913x677, 913:677, wut.jpg)

a7866f No.14913212


>Now I know why South Americans worships death

its actually because the narcos uses the santa muerte holy death as a way to scare people and make them think they have supernatural powers

2118b8 No.14913229


That would sound more like "Mia-oh" though due to each syllable having the same emphasis.

d6508c No.14913232

File: 511c0f1875a7532⋯.png (452.09 KB, 634x724, 317:362, midterms.png)


I try really hard not to dump my trap folder and you're not making it easy for me. Please don't tempt me, for the sake of others.


e02eb5 No.14913281


It's an advertisement for Gatebox, a Japanese virtual assistant thing.


They had a limited run of 300 for $2,500 each. I don't know when they're going to sell more or if they plan to drop the price.

42f368 No.14913300

File: a8e5ab9673d0739⋯.webm (3.13 MB, 950x720, 95:72, World Peace Season 1.webm)


>having a trap folder

8e0e90 No.14913302


Yeah this. Feminists already control Worst Korea, best way to combat it is becoming a trap.

2105e7 No.14913347

File: 96c7ece918648d5⋯.jpg (53.5 KB, 500x669, 500:669, CxiR1xHW8AIsQU9.jpg)


The Japanese love exclusivity and "limited edition" goods even if makes little marketing sense.

a7866f No.14913379


>rant against Star Wars fans, calling them #GamerGate, #ComicsGate, MRAs, Incels and white supremacists.


3dd034 No.14913398

I want that virtual waifu but I’m scared of being monitored for the rest of my life so I’ll always be alone I guess

f118dc No.14913426

>thread repository still not updated since JUNE OF LAST FUCKING YEAR


42f368 No.14913433


Or, you know, find a non-virtual one

ac1643 No.14913478

File: 31329b2ecf1a580⋯.jpg (61.35 KB, 722x960, 361:480, 31329b2ecf1a580b9b405f37d5….jpg)

a8bdc6 No.14913492

File: 78fa263bd2711b5⋯.png (1018.09 KB, 800x836, 200:209, Dwarf waifu.png)


But dwarf girls aren't real.

0a99e3 No.14913507

File: 7c89751560e63b0⋯.jpg (123.16 KB, 336x422, 168:211, 7c89751560e63b0b7efdf9a2b4….jpg)

d6508c No.14913565

I keep seeing shills saying Jim's selling 8chan. No proof though.


Kamphy still salty?

5064cf No.14913602


It should be switched out of the OP for the repository here that’s been updated recently. This has been an issue for a long time and it only took a few days for three anons including myself to fix it


060679 No.14913604


Probably some shills trying to make people lose confidence in 8chan and /pol/, specially since /pol/ has changed ownership. Remember all the FUD about Jim buying 8chan? They want people to not feel safe here and like it's going to get worse, so they stop coming.

d6508c No.14913613

File: 4e139967ebfbbb2⋯.gif (4.39 MB, 480x390, 16:13, giph.gif)


I can see that, willing to bet it's the Turkroach.

01e031 No.14913614


I use OpenDNS myself. There's also Freenom World if you're into that sort of thing. Here are the IPs for that.


01e031 No.14913628


The second address is actually

645020 No.14913632


Thanks man.

>They had a limited run of 300 for $2,500 each. I don't know when they're going to sell more or if they plan to drop the price.

Pretty ridiculous, but its probably a beta test sort of deal. They'll probably continue to develop the technology further.

41ab1d No.14913643


Turkroach and pals have been shitting on /pol/ hard since they lost it. Not surprising if they're spreading their shit elsewhere. It amazes me that they couldn't just make their own safespace board. Goes to show how much of a bunch of faggots they really are.

e02eb5 No.14913644


The GitGud can't be updated without the merge being approved by the guy who runs it. He doesn't seem active anymore and there's a merge request that hasn't been approved in 10 months. Instead people are using the wiki, though I don't know how complete it is.


If someone actually wants to update the GitGud I or someone else could fork it, distribute the new link, and approve merge requests. Someone could also try to get in contact with the owner of the current repository and get the ownership transferred somehow, but I don't know if he's reachable.

d6508c No.14913669

File: 397b075fd6faf38⋯.png (347.05 KB, 469x577, 469:577, Darksidefeels.png)

DarkSidePhil's youtube got deleted for spam/scamming/deceptive practices (Uploading a fuckton of videos).

Press F to pay respects.


a8bdc6 No.14913685

abf643 No.14913696


Again? What a shame.

f8c8f5 No.14913700



> Steam Blog

> Who Gets To Be On The Steam Store?


Last paragraph:

>In the short term, we won't be making significant changes to what's arriving on Steam until we've finished some of the tools we've described in this post. As we've hopefully managed to convey, navigating these issues is messy and complicated. Countries and societies change their laws and cultural norms over time. We'll be working on this for the foreseeable future, both in terms of what products we're allowing, what guidelines we communicate, and the tools we're providing to developers and players.

0a99e3 No.14913708

File: 069b6ac26d18e64⋯.jpg (74.75 KB, 700x700, 1:1, [passive aggressive laught….jpg)

2d4279 No.14913716

File: 9d466a804f4e62d⋯.png (154.75 KB, 455x396, 455:396, 1448477311425.png)


>There is no "m" in Japanese.

d6508c No.14913753

File: 21238dd67e2be5b⋯.png (42.15 KB, 550x364, 275:182, every second.png)


There's no "M" as in singular "M", like ん. That's probably what he meant.



d6508c No.14913764


>So what does this mean? It means that the Steam Store is going to contain something that you hate, and don't think should exist. Unless you don't have any opinions, that's guaranteed to happen. But you're also going to see something on the Store that you believe should be there, and some other people will hate it and want it not to exist.

I think this line better clarifies what's happening, and I hope they stick to their word.

2d4279 No.14913787


Didn't the Firefox CEO get ousted because people didn't like his beliefs?

>People wants Musk to step down just because they don't like him as a person

Doesn't the archive you posted argue that he and his company are incompetent, promising things they can't deliver, running out of funds fast, and only have brand recognition on their side, all completely devoid of any mentions of his personal beliefs or character save for how it directly effects his business?

1ae7e1 No.14913813


I wonder how much he was making.

7965d4 No.14913831


judging by what happened during Hatred shenanigans Gabe was probably holding a knife against Erik's throat while he typed that

ee7f54 No.14913849

File: 04b73fcc4ad3808⋯.jpg (49.64 KB, 500x375, 4:3, i'm glad it turned out thi….jpg)


I'm too cold-headed and skeptical to say "Based Vavle" or something like that, but at least it seems Valve made a right choice for now. Let's hope them stay that way.

bda777 No.14913863

File: ba23993d5f680d3⋯.gif (101.86 KB, 758x696, 379:348, SUPERIOR.gif)

This is why the Japanese games industry is superior.

ee7f54 No.14913873

File: 576ad7ec958c093⋯.png (498.13 KB, 650x614, 325:307, reminder that japanese gam….png)

d6508c No.14913874


What happens when Gabe dies?

30ed1e No.14913883


I'd imagine Valve would become even worse.

89cf5e No.14913886

File: e725dc6051da81f⋯.jpg (58.29 KB, 850x1021, 850:1021, 1468457402215.jpg)



Why not just fork it?

7965d4 No.14913887


better not think about that too much

060679 No.14913894


I'll fork your repo

a2186c No.14913895


Who's to say he hasn't been dead for some time?

0a99e3 No.14913900

File: e087435d7768adb⋯.jpg (66.21 KB, 520x292, 130:73, Shocking Truth.jpg)


What if hes sat on a golden computer chair?

01ab77 No.14913903


Steam will take a real hit, given how much of it is based around that guy. Valve is already pozzed to shit though, just look at the new employes, people like Campos santo, some of the saints row faggots, that one faggot working on the TF2 comic that wanted to cuck the scout, etc.

bda777 No.14913933

File: 67146ba1d0fe223⋯.png (422.49 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, scr.png)


Reminder that someone got doxed and fired for making a joke about forking repos


89cf5e No.14913937

e02eb5 No.14913953


Someone could, but it would need to actually be updated too. Updating a gitgud repo is a bit more complicated than updating a wiki, and more prone to situations like this because merges need to be approved, so it might be better to just use the wiki instead for the repository. However if anyone wants to update the gitgud say so and we'll fork it.

060679 No.14913959



It's ok, I know I'm on the dark web and can say such wrongthink. :^)

b546a2 No.14913961

File: eee4423776245b0⋯.png (665.16 KB, 857x677, 857:677, WOW.png)


Looks like the legend of DSP might be coming to a close.

6e3637 No.14913966




>OpenDNS is now owned by Cisco


you have the choice between 50+ servers and they say what is logged and what isn't (+IPv4/IPv6)

i used 2 different ones in my router so i don't have to reconfigure all my devices.

d6508c No.14914045


>DSP going broke

>Spoony going broke

>Maddox going broke

>Channel Awesome going broke

>Cosmo Wright going broke

>Knox going broke

>Lowtax going broke

>IllWillPress going broke

>Boxxy going broke

>LegendaryFrog going broke

Old internet personalities don't end up well.

89cf5e No.14914053


>It's been five years

Hell, I thought it happened during GG. How did I know it was happening when it did?


The ggwiki archive repo was actually in the OP once. I don't know why Acid changed it back.

ac1643 No.14914069



What has that faggot even been doing in the last 15 years?

d6508c No.14914081

File: 9055703836b4a26⋯.png (239.1 KB, 1264x657, 1264:657, Legendaryfrog.png)


Whatever he's doing, it's not going well. Ripping off Familyguy's style isn't a great long term thing.


4d8652 No.14914085


>want to do a version of that where the lady holding the sign (no bully, I honestly don't know her name) and Flandre switched places just to fuck with everyone

>tfw can't draw for shit

30ed1e No.14914090


>IllWillPress going broke

What the fuck ever happened to them?

d6508c No.14914101


Refused to improve art style, videos that the audience disliked ended up getting deleted when reviews came in bad, did the same to youtube, and ended up fading into obscurity.

41a4db No.14914103


His little spergout at calling a ton of people entitled whiners over the new thundercats did not help him as well. A lot of his own fans were pissed off.

d5094e No.14914105


I take it none of them had day jobs?

d6508c No.14914114


If anything it would have given him a slight ump in attention. I forgot about him until suddenly I asked myself "What happened to that guy" and saw he's nothing now.


If they had a day job, they wouldn't make enough online content to get noticed in the first place.

ac1643 No.14914116

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


Being an e-celeb isn't a day job?

01e031 No.14914117


>Ustream's free plan no longer available, existing free accounts will get taken down after 1st August

There's also this.

a07f76 No.14914129

File: bcbe47913dfe876⋯.jpg (108.38 KB, 1024x469, 1024:469, us2rgtqb8e211.jpg)


>3d women are not important

89cf5e No.14914156


You only need to be able to trace or use the line tool, anon.

a8bdc6 No.14914157

File: e3b01ef0e99de64⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 163.85 KB, 736x1014, 368:507, 931f34f1b0b36b772e10de59e3….png)

File: 2356f63f7148959⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 595.72 KB, 1083x1197, 19:21, 23ef7242ef352b735c61d9f35a….png)

File: c448ce396a4b41a⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 367.99 KB, 903x1255, 903:1255, 3ed7825ed82720850e140c6297….png)


>Being a normalfag

eb7845 No.14914229


He also did his absolute best to push away his few fans by turning the goth bitch into an obese whore, getting extremely mad when that somehow invoked more porn, rebooting the universe like three times, and generally acting like the angsty Hot Topic goth you'd expect given the subject he's known for. Probably more, but even half/co/ got sick of him well before 2014

58bc17 No.14914466

File: 68b358b528bf513⋯.jpg (26.49 KB, 440x398, 220:199, 31677e3c158185400cf91ebbbf….jpg)





0a99e3 No.14914490

File: 4b265d7a0187c68⋯.gif (435.92 KB, 600x580, 30:29, c84.gif)

6e870b No.14914498


This is a 180 after the shit they pulled.

ee7f54 No.14914504

File: e83c358af5a7675⋯.jpg (27.19 KB, 438x294, 73:49, Oh really when.jpg)




2179b6 No.14914510

File: dae24a4ff6b5ab5⋯.png (2.02 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, happy.png)


>tfw they'll prolly still fuck it up anyway.

815641 No.14914511

File: 2f15846e6566d01⋯.jpg (31.8 KB, 640x559, 640:559, 2f15846e6566d01a99d3e6c0e3….jpg)

What was the that group called that claimed responsibility for causing this valve shitstorm anyways? Have they said anything since claiming "victory"?

a8bdc6 No.14914517


Steam is pretty much the lesser evil. Thank goodness.

2789ed No.14914523


>Boxxy going broke

I got some money, I wonder if I could get her to give me sloppy head. Teenager me would've loved that.


>allowing pussy to control you


2d4279 No.14914542

60639d No.14914617


>What was the that group called that claimed responsibility for causing this valve shitstorm anyways?

National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCoSE)

>Have they said anything since claiming "victory"?


a8bdc6 No.14914634


I think that the era of internet personalities might soon come to an end.

37eb34 No.14914635

File: b06a9494aa59db2⋯.png (600.71 KB, 1829x550, 1829:550, Archive games.PNG)

Archive everything: >>14914577

eb7845 No.14914668

File: f99cfc94a545fac⋯.jpg (37.39 KB, 530x338, 265:169, melty's quest.jpg)


They couldn't fuck it up worse than Fakku will at the very least, and this is just over a week after Agony flopped due to censorship in a game dedicated to being in fucking hell and edgy shit happening. Also there's been porn on Steam off and on for a long time.


a7866f No.14914680

File: 4ebef87fd64bb6b⋯.jpg (79.83 KB, 600x550, 12:11, 1446774249375.jpg)



>its on steam



ee7f54 No.14914690

File: d4e06cb5e3eeff2⋯.gif (2.74 MB, 500x333, 500:333, aaaaa.....gif)

a8bdc6 No.14914722

File: 0e88946e627c85d⋯.jpg (286.79 KB, 760x901, 760:901, 0e88946e627c85d66237776902….jpg)




42f368 No.14914726


>hire slavs and chinese immigrants to go to flea markets with a checklist of games they already own and pay them to destroy copies

Although it's a shame that some things will be destroyed, it shouldn't be forgotten that people in Eastern Europe and Russia just get cracked versions of games and sell them on CDs in stores, so shit on CDs is safe, other forms of storage are not. For example, for like ten years one store I know had been selling a pirated copy of Vice City which you can tell it was pirated from the fact that the English language options were replaced with Russian and Russian stayed Russian, meaning there was no English option. In fact, even a local priest I know personally has that very same pirated version on his PC because the game would cost like 50 cents in the supermarket.

e6dd17 No.14914762


>Eastern Europe and Russia just get cracked versions of games and sell them on CDs in stores

Nobody does that since forever.

01ab77 No.14914775


Nigger it ain't retail games that are the problem, you just know these stupid mother fucking slavs have been destroying priceless prototypes because they read the name out on the list

60639d No.14914776


It was laughably predictable from Fakku.

It's still scummy though.

42f368 No.14914777


I remember seeing the very same copy of Vice City a couple of months ago in the very same supermarket. Some still do it, although I agree that it is much rarer now.

e6dd17 No.14914803


Nobody bothers getting physical because they know its a waste of time when you can pirate it. If there is some dick floating around somewhere its probably because its ancient. Absolutely nobody gives a shit about physical copies here, they just want the game.

abf643 No.14914857

File: fc9fee08d3abdf5⋯.jpg (63.1 KB, 550x621, 550:621, supe game.jpg)

Hope you're ready for microtransactions for a Cyborg Superman skin.


f118dc No.14914869

File: c89487d1aa06f8a⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.12 MB, 4093x2894, 4093:2894, kgWImJHU.jpg)

>yfw Eltonel is rolling in Mark's neetbux to pander to his weird af fetishes

fuck why do I have to share a goddamn fetish with this degenerate jew

ee7f54 No.14914871

File: 71dfa5fe5bda1a9⋯.webm (162.83 KB, 480x360, 4:3, Is such a thing even poss….webm)


>Superman video game

>in 2018

Would it be like god simulators and beat them up games with infinite health?

2d4279 No.14914889


Didn't a recent pornhub report show that giantess is actually a top search in around ten or so US states?

ac94ec No.14914902



>The "we like money" approach.

Doesn't surprise me at all.

60639d No.14914908


They stopped doing this around decade ago.


>Nobody bothers getting physical because they know its a waste of time when you can pirate it.

It's easier and HDD/SSD drives are easy to get and they are cheap in East Europe.

>If there is some dick floating around somewhere its probably because its ancient.

It's correct.

0a99e3 No.14914916

File: 6bc9ec25a486803⋯.jpg (151.18 KB, 960x1200, 4:5, 0b39a089cf14b70f568b176465….jpg)


it will involve mashing attack and occasionally dodge when the prompt appears.

d0c781 No.14914943


>Pedo-Dan Ohlsen going to speedrun on SGDQ

c023a6 No.14914987

60639d No.14915001


This isn't anything new.

Itch.io was widely known to be pozzed already.

a9179b No.14915002

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

a65313 No.14915010


>Best time to get a korean gf

How many times has this been discussed in these threads, anon? Don't stick your dick in crazy!

501c18 No.14915013


Now i want somebody to draw up gabe appearing behind him with his knife collection in hand.

ac94ec No.14915037


It's too bad, I like the design of itch. What's a good alternative (beside self-hosting of course)?

01e031 No.14915039


Playism looks to be one.

df3370 No.14915043


I've used GameJolt to host my game starting two days ago. Haven't come across any problems, at least not yet.

ce9e8e No.14915049

File: ed9238311aa7d1c⋯.png (124.84 KB, 405x559, 405:559, It's for entertainment.png)

Gook, quick question, if an Asian women walks up to me to ask if I'll join her church for a Bible study about our "our heavenly mother", is it…




I guess that thread from a couple weeks ago wasn't just shitposting: https://archive.fo/kDO4g

2b6704 No.14915082



c50c3b No.14915145


They will never get over him winning, jesus.

ee7f54 No.14915148

File: 7d96be74f6922b5⋯.jpg (52.86 KB, 420x279, 140:93, 20160303193549_apzfgiiv.jpg)

File: fef60c15947b7b1⋯.jpg (38.08 KB, 420x280, 3:2, 20160303193549_hplegedh.jpg)

File: dc0687d2f4e4fb1⋯.jpg (319.11 KB, 600x710, 60:71, 20160303193550_atapihub.jpg)

File: 60c0b0a9f5a9f91⋯.jpg (34.9 KB, 420x283, 420:283, 20160303193550_ccablroz.jpg)

File: af9f8b4503f7334⋯.jpg (98.58 KB, 600x312, 25:13, image_75045528415047731185….jpg)


>Gook, quick question, if an Asian women walks up to me to ask if I'll join her church for a Bible study about our "our heavenly mother", is it…


The pic related is typical monthly Unification Church joint wedding. The Church decides you to who to marry with or you will literally fucking killed. There's even Church manual about how you sex and shit.

There are countless other cults in Korea imitating Unification Church or it's branches. STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM THEM, THEY DESTROY YOUR LIFE.'

I have countless stories to share but I say this one story. My uncle had a friend who were normal and good guy. Then he somehow disappears, then few years later his mother came to my uncle and told that her son is now in Unification Church and became cultist. His mother asked my uncle to persuade him to come back home. My uncle and other friend went to him and met him, and my uncle says that he became the complete 100% different person than he used to be. Talked with him for few days but there was no hope and he was… brainwashed into degree where you becomes insane. My uncle left out of hopeless but the other friend stayed to persuade him.

…Few days later Police and the mother contacted my uncle; that the brainwashed hopeless friend stabbed the persuading friends to death.

Neever, EVER get yourself related with Korean cults. Most of them are weird hybrid of Christianity, Buddhism, Shamanism and some kind of Taoism and other shits. This sounds wacky but you will know what I mean if you encounter them.

Some of Korean cult leaders are 33rd degree Freemasons, like Moon Seon-Myung. Never related with them if you don't want to be married with some black girl from slum and forcefully have 13 children. They fucking love to mate their cultists with different races, probably masons told them to.

42f368 No.14915184


>Bible study about our "our heavenly mother", is it…

Also avoid any churches that call God a "she", since those preach Jewish beliefs. They are trying to push the belief that God is Shekhinah, which comes from rabbinical texts.

From Wikipedia

>Although the Gender of God in Judaism is referred to in the Tanakh with masculine imagery and grammatical forms, traditional Jewish philosophy does not attribute the concept of sex to God, but does attribute gender.[1] At times, Jewish aggadic literature and Jewish mysticism do treat God as gendered. The ways in which God is gendered have also changed across time, with some modern Jewish thinkers viewing God as outside of the gender binary.

>Kabbalistic Judaism often relates to various "aspects" of God (cf. Sephirot). As Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan puts it, "[E]very name and every description that we may give to God can only apply to His relationship to His creation" [9] Although God is not generally regarded as gendered in Judaism, Benjamin Blech writes that God has both masculine and feminine aspects.[10]

>In addition, God's "presence" (Shekinah) is a grammatically feminine word, and is often employed as a feminine aspect of God.

So if you see any church refer to God as being female or having a "female side" to him, stay the fuck away from it.

2671f1 No.14915211


Oh man yep. Do I have some stories for you gookanon. My family became wrapped up in a korean cult when her sister came to visit a decade ago. the cult is "world mission chuch/ world mission society" And surprise, they commonly believe that god is in female form on earth. I even met her on a handful of occasions. Kinda surprising that god couldn't tell me what state I lived in, or pronounce it for that matter


the wms claims "elohim" means god is a male and a female, except they ignored hebrew context. Context is that "Elohim" is used to refer to anything from gods, to Yahweh, to other gods, to angels and even just revered people. This is because the name of god is sacred, so saying it is disrespectful. Also, it's disrespectful to your own refer to other gods by their name.

Any idiot can debunk this trash by a minute of reading wikipedia

2671f1 No.14915219


Woops sorry, my mother's sister. I left as soon as I was able to leave the house, basically.

42f368 No.14915252


Elohim isn't the only name given to him by Jewish texts, Shekhinah is also a title attributed to an aspect of God by Jewish texts. Just because you learnt a tangentially related fact doesn't mean that I am wrong. There are also Christian groups that use that name, which does not exist within the Christian faith but is rather taken from the Jewish faith.

89cf5e No.14915258

File: f23b4058f5d9714⋯.png (179.38 KB, 1304x768, 163:96, ArchiveSpread.png)

File: 44d37e1be52ff08⋯.jpg (29.03 KB, 453x466, 453:466, 133186361065.jpg)

Would I be a ⑨ if I say I'm doing this manually and not using a script?


Those abs are pretty toned and defined.

2671f1 No.14915265


I wasn't saying you were wrong. I was saying that they were wrong. This is the main evidence they try to use to say god is a female, but it's bogus

58bc17 No.14915278



Do it anyways.

ee7f54 No.14915293

File: e95bd66e4b3ce2f⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 88.25 KB, 800x572, 200:143, JMS.jpg)

File: 18b0555bbf88d42⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 49.08 KB, 490x700, 7:10, JMS_pastors'_Sex_Slave_Men….jpg)



Most of gook cults believe that the god possess the gender as female, and we're all birth from one big fucking giant vagina because only females can reproduce. I think I've shared this story before, won't repeat it.

Surprise, surprise, Korea's oldest Shamanism is also believe the god is woman; it's called 삼신 할머니 (Grandma Samsin). There are two kinds of Korean cults is you define them with this one single thing; one who calling god as 'him' as bible, or outright claiming the god is female. Former could by typical radical protestant or Jehova's witness; most of them is not fatal if you just avoid them. Later is fucking derivation of Unification Church or some kind of even more fucked up branches and heretics who kidnap, torture and kill people for their belief.

Picture attached is leaked sex menu of JMS pastors, which is branch of Unification Church. It literally contains girls from age of 13~ like they're restaurant menus. Pastors pick them, they can have sex with them.

Those gook cults are fucking Asian Illuminati. Some people I know claims that the Unification Church is more powerful than Jesuit. Stay the fuck away from them. God has no race, gender, or sex. What they worship, is not a god. It's probably Lucifer or some satanic figures from Illuminati teachings.

60639d No.14915315


No, just completely autistic.

a9489f No.14915324

File: 9005279af632b0d⋯.png (1.18 MB, 918x1349, 918:1349, Vidya Game Comic 06.png)


When will we have Video Game or Totally Tubular Month?

42f368 No.14915330

File: 6bcd861135f4368⋯.png (386.38 KB, 629x435, 629:435, Worst Korea is ally.png)


Well now you know what the belief that God is female is from

5f04c2 No.14915345


Jews did not invent nor monopolize that idea.

42f368 No.14915352


They didn't invent it but they are by far the largest group peddling it, since it's not just about A god being female but rather about THE God being female, which is way more specific.

a7866f No.14915373


what are the odds of getting a blonde blue eye girl?

f10ad5 No.14915379


>Conservative culture warrior

I actually really like this term a lot, not least of which is because it has the same initials as concealed carry.

ee7f54 No.14915383


No, they all hooked up with Asian guys. My friends and families often jokingly talk about joining Unification Church to get marry with hot blonde white girls. But it's all joke, no one fucking wants to join them after even briefly knew what they are. Only innocent and clueless guys hooked up with those cults and forever ruining their lives. There are slightest possibility that you could hooked up with blondies if you're black or binner.

a8bdc6 No.14915391


(((Feminism))) is even hurting male Jews. In Israel, many Jewish men had the femenist system turned against them and are dealing with harpies that would abuse them and falsely accuse them of rape and abuse.

a7866f No.14915392

File: a68a2c1a815f52d⋯.jpg (12 KB, 191x255, 191:255, funny bone.jpg)



>mfw beaner

I like my odds now

2b6704 No.14915393



>trying to coin a counterpart to SJW

<Conservative Culture Warrior

sounds much better imo

f10ad5 No.14915400


Because conservative culture is a tangible thing, something you can actually delineate and name. What the fuck does Social Justice even mean?

a9489f No.14915407


so if that's how big they are, how big would their cells be?

5f04c2 No.14915414


>What the fuck does Social Justice even mean?

Muh reparations.

5f04c2 No.14915420


The exact same size you ninny. Cell size does not scale with the size of the animal. A blue whale has cells the same size as an ant.

0a99e3 No.14915423

File: f9649568826e612⋯.jpg (226.47 KB, 808x564, 202:141, joakim_skovgaard_-_christ_….jpg)


>only females can reproduce

Only the masculine can give life therefore Jehovos and other "Christian" cult members don't have souls.

a443d1 No.14915425


"Civil Rights"

a9489f No.14915426


Gaben is already dead, they replaced him with a ningen roboto.

a9489f No.14915434


that's alot of cells.

a443d1 No.14915441


That's not true, in the lab you can provoke birth with just an egg. In nature sperm is used to provide genetic diversity and prevent entropy.

5f04c2 No.14915450


It is indeed, and is actually not possible due to thermodynamics. Also glad you recognized I was talking to you even though I fucked up the post link.

e5713d No.14915456


You can create clones with eggs yes, not genetically unique individuals.

That was basically restating what you already said wasn't it?

a443d1 No.14915463


pretty much the same thing, yes

55b5dd No.14915473

File: c7917d171dab6eb⋯.png (12.66 KB, 881x162, 881:162, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 5bc885d5e423b34⋯.png (58.14 KB, 923x579, 923:579, ClipboardImage.png)


Good morning. Seems like Obama have purged the aviation field in the name of diversity and putting safety of the passengers and the pilots themselves at risk.

0a99e3 No.14915483

File: 17f744df2d06b7c⋯.jpg (84.75 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 8.jpg)



So you can create soulless beings.

ac94ec No.14915486


Is there rule 34 of a scientist "breaking" an ara laws of physics?

b47963 No.14915487

File: 0743a28d3baad3f⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 11.11 MB, 4093x2894, 4093:2894, planetary whores (1).png)

Here's some porn

e00dad No.14915489

File: 1afd2e07a84c60d⋯.jpg (54.91 KB, 292x450, 146:225, 9780767920933.jpg)



Pretty sure that the phrasing is just meant to tie the target group to a well-known political dog whistle from a few years back.

a443d1 No.14915492


The Catholic Church say you can't clone a soul, but they fucks kids.

a9489f No.14915495

File: 8b78c289a214bb9⋯.jpg (33.63 KB, 480x360, 4:3, yes.jpg)


the path to enlightment is through Aradynamics.

it's no coincidence that there is Ara in Aryan.

b47963 No.14915497

File: 223d088f448e5ef⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 770.8 KB, 819x579, 273:193, mark.png)

815641 No.14915498


mark commissioned that didn't he?

b47963 No.14915500

2d4279 No.14915503

e00dad No.14915505

File: dd036b0fd9cf32e⋯.jpg (54.89 KB, 720x458, 360:229, dd036b0fd9cf32e98976315a38….jpg)


>masculine sexual cells are biologically mandatory for diversity

a443d1 No.14915509


Aryan is also spelled a little but like anal.

501c18 No.14915510

5f04c2 No.14915512


That's great and all, but the whole fiasco kinda soured me on the game.

abf643 No.14915514


That's good. Now if only the game wasn't still completely dogshit mess of bugs and unclear directions.

a9489f No.14915515

File: 50de48ac94b1914⋯.png (83.75 KB, 187x220, 17:20, ClipboardImage.png)


you'd think he'd get into cucking people after HE NTR'd some cuckchanner's waifu.

ee7f54 No.14915516

File: d293cf6104ec8a9⋯.png (1.56 MB, 1280x1009, 1280:1009, murican tears.png)


>tfw we actually won

Major victory since the fall of NeoFAG.

40aaa1 No.14915534


How much do you charge per drawing?

f10ad5 No.14915539

33c2cd No.14915540

File: 31fa41ffbee43e4⋯.png (149.86 KB, 389x634, 389:634, Emergence Fuck!.png)




Been ages since I've heard of those two aside from Joanime. Not a surprise they're tumbling down.


>AO now uncensored

Nice victory, but doesn't fully do away with the bugs and all that inane crap they pulled a couple of days ago.

eb7845 No.14915544

File: 34446f6dcd871b4⋯.png (362.79 KB, 494x900, 247:450, 1451654849499-1.png)


>We are doing our best to offer Agony Unrated to as many people as possible. Our goal is for each person that already owns Agony on Steam to be able to buy Agony Unrated with the biggest discount possible on that platform – 99% – or release it as a free DLC

<I know we went back on our word on not censoring the game the first time goys, but if you buy it THIS TIME it will surely be everything you wanted!

501c18 No.14915551


I doubt they'd charge 3 pennies/free for a profit and not good intentions.

eb7845 No.14915565


The key phrases are "our goal" and "We are currently talking with the Steam representatives to make sure it is doable," which I didn't quote. It's not foregone that it will actually happen, and they've already been caught up lying once.

256b0e No.14915567

File: bad1caef5723771⋯.jpg (169.57 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, too far God.jpg)

>Kotaku posts an article shaming Paradox Interactive and Hearts of Iron 4 modders for not dealing with a very tiny minority of racists playing their games.


Ben Kuchera / Polygon - "Valve new Steam policy gives up on responsibility"


Rob Shimshock / Daily Caller - "Even Video Games Haven’t Escaped The Clutches Of Activist Professors"


Brendan Sinclair / Gamesindustry.biz - "Valve's new content policy is a gutless attempt to dodge responsibility"




>The Guardian - "Seinfeld, Simpsons and Sex and the City – why your favourite TV show is problematic"


Jeff Grubb / Venturebeat: "Unpopular opinion, Steam edition: It is borderline unethical for Valve to curate the Steam store"


>Star Wars director strikes back at abuse of star


Patrick Klepek / Waypoint - "'Agony,' a Game About Dehumanizing Women, Isn't Just Bad, It's Toxic"





501c18 No.14915568


Well,i doubt it'll be shot down,but you're right to always be weary.

ee7f54 No.14915589

File: 382d58a1b2d81c4⋯.gif (4.98 MB, 648x264, 27:11, here we go.gif)


>SJWs outlets outright slander and writes hitpieces against Steam and Agony for not vowing before them

Here we go, guys. Steam just made a big decision to becoming another evul Gamergate right-wing MRA. Expect Trump, Kayne West, Elon Musk 2.0. We need to hold on our grudges and show our support for Steam about their decision. I already feeling legion of shills approaching from distance. The shitstorm is nigh.

a443d1 No.14915597


Bad drawing. Mark's fatter.

a443d1 No.14915603


Steam shill pls leave.

f10ad5 No.14915640


> Trump, Kayne West, Elon Musk 2.0

Jury's still out on Musk but if it's Trump or Yeezy 2.0 can we expect them to succeed beyond anyone's wildest dreams?

19e2fb No.14915641

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


Saw the 'release trailer' that GOG posted, skipped it because it looked shit.

How bad is it, exactly?

55b5dd No.14915650

File: 8af39b19a75c03a⋯.jpg (72.35 KB, 594x762, 99:127, Male Feminist 253.jpg)



So about these:

>Brendan Sinclair / Gamesindustry.biz - "Valve's new content policy is a gutless attempt to dodge responsibility"

>Jeff Grubb / Venturebeat: "Unpopular opinion, Steam edition: It is borderline unethical for Valve to curate the Steam store"

Look at this faggot.


89cf5e No.14915665


The tweetard aside. It's good that adult content is being allowed but "everything" being on steam isn't good when shovelware was already a huge problem.

0a99e3 No.14915672

File: 5df1f100c264e78⋯.jpg (53.44 KB, 640x656, 40:41, 5df1f100c264e78700983720fa….jpg)


What a fag

ee7f54 No.14915680

File: 06dd3ba3dd0bd7b⋯.jpg (9.98 KB, 202x200, 101:100, OH BOY HERE WE GO.jpg)



>they brings 'muh shovelware' excuse after years of shovelware problem on Steam, right after Steam decided to allow adult contents

>Ben fucking Kuchera, Cucktaku, Polyshit, and other SJW medias, and even Steam's direct competitors now outright slandering Steam for standing with freedom's side

Oh boy here we fucking go, I can't wait until Cucktaku writing early GG days hitpieces against Steam, and eventually calling Gaben as 'Evil Alt-Right patriarchal Gamergate misogynist".

55b5dd No.14915710


But where to draw the line what is a "good" game and what is shovelware on Steam? At this point the lines are blurry.

19e2fb No.14915738


This is a day and age where "Hunt Down the Freeman" is sold directly through Steam; you shouldn't even joke about Valve curating the 'good' and 'bad' games.

2d4279 No.14915740


> weary.


46bea9 No.14915746


Shaq Fu is complete cancer. It's like playing a game from NISA. It has leftist soyboy politics that are completely out of place. There are boss fights for Kayne West, Marine Le Pen, and Donald Trump. Obama is also a payable character.

501c18 No.14915747


Do you not know what the word means?

df3370 No.14915755



> weary.

Did you mean wary?

46bea9 No.14915760


but the game is somehow still better than the original in terms of functionality. But what made the original game great was that it was so bad its good. This on the other hand is painfully average.

a443d1 No.14915764


The Album was good though.

d83579 No.14915765


I find it funny that they're so upset about the womens fate in hell. Hell is supposed to be a horrible place so if the depiction in agony seems horrible to women I'd say the person who made agony made a pretty good depiction of hell.

Whats next, hell is muhsoggyknees? wew

501c18 No.14915768


A bit of both

eb7845 No.14915771

File: d6a4cf8a42f7228⋯.png (151.26 KB, 651x672, 31:32, 【魚拓】Lesbian_Fight_Agent_12….png)

File: d2fb45621c2afb7⋯.png (106.9 KB, 973x701, 973:701, hLxuYR.png)


What's even better is he pulls that as derision, when itch.io itself is a warning tale about allowing low quality trash to dilute a market until it becomes almost impossible to find anything that isn't a waste of time and money. megalodon because archive.is doesn't work on itch.


Fun fact, until very recently itch.io was selling a game the author did not have the proper rights to produce, and is actually currently being litigated against. It has only recently been pulled when it turned out that said author was also stealing works from a second game featuring the same IP. It's Towergirls: Kingdom Conquest if you're not familiar with how that went down.

a9489f No.14915775


women going to hell is mysoginistic. all women should already be predestined to go to Heaven.

suck on it, Calvinists!

f6f11f No.14915776

f10ad5 No.14915777

File: bbf285e4625b5ac⋯.png (230.18 KB, 479x337, 479:337, ready.png)



abf643 No.14915784

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

Anyone here still care about One Piece?

f6f11f No.14915803


No, grew tired with the series because IT JUST DOESN'T END!

c9b4ab No.14915818

File: 7f5f9bf54e1b505⋯.jpg (51.01 KB, 540x443, 540:443, 6e2c30a038db7e96bad3cefd95….jpg)


A group of people that are pro-pedophila, anti hate-speech which they can't define themselves, pro-trans rights, pro cultural appropriation when it benefits them, and love all the new flavor of the month games as along as each iteration is more casual than the last are attacking Valve for not attacking asset flipping games.

I don't understand how these people's brains work at all.

I just wish I could see one day projected onto a movie theater screen so I can understand this psychosis.

9d3029 No.14915833


i'd rather they all get killed

a9489f No.14915846


>I don't understand how these people's brains work at all.

because it doesn't

46bea9 No.14915847


Its the chemtrails and the bad fast food. The chemtrails and fast food are making people dumber as you know it.

f118dc No.14915848


Kill yourself.

46bea9 No.14915857

File: fcceff151532e81⋯.jpg (18.09 KB, 269x194, 269:194, camomiles-flowers-on-cloud….jpg)


Look at all the fake clouds.

89cf5e No.14915886


Ya lost me somewhere. Criticizing asset-flipping is normal.

You mean the hypocrisy of disliking asset-flipping when they like rehashes and cultural-appropriation?

332e40 No.14915920

58bc17 No.14915943

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

The CGI Spiderman movie doesn't look bad, actually.

abf643 No.14915956


>the filter over everything

>the intentionally choppy movement less smooth than a stop motion film


>peter is a washed up homeless man

Only thing I can really give it is the fact it's doing something different with Spider-man instead of ruining Peter Parker's story again. I also really like Miles's interaction with his father who's completely made up for this movie. But if Gwen gets blacked or Peter dies, it's a no go.

3e6f55 No.14915978

File: 20d53afe54139c3⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 208.54 KB, 424x330, 212:165, waterfox_2018-06-06_20-44-….png)


I don't think I've ever heard of fetishism towards celestial entities, but man those abs are out of this world.

398a2e No.14915979

File: 58eff44d26330fc⋯.png (1.41 MB, 1352x5377, 1352:5377, Rockefeller_Bros_Fund_give….png)



If it's worth posting here, it's worth archiving.

You have no excuse for this faggotry.


ac94ec No.14915989


>The Jerusalem Post

An unbiased source on middle-eastern groups, for sure

2cc89e No.14915998

01ab77 No.14916010


>Sony presents I IZ SPIDERMANS N SHIEEEET: the Miles Morales story

Maybe if i knew this character wasn't created specifically to beat you over the head with an agenda, i wouldn't hate it, but jesus christ i just want this kid to go the fuck away at this point, he doesn't perform well in sales at all, yet they keep desperately trying to make it work.

398a2e No.14916024


Why would they lie anon? :^)

Bias of the source aside that still does not change the fact that the faggot should have posted an archive.

9acd69 No.14916083

8752c8 No.14916086

File: bcea9816183c9d7⋯.png (26.46 KB, 870x231, 290:77, Valve Butthurt 1.png)

File: 9cd9bfbf04b094e⋯.png (36.79 KB, 675x327, 225:109, Valve Butthurt 2.png)

File: aab2dd2af9c3bab⋯.png (112.65 KB, 621x678, 207:226, Valve Butthurt 3.png)







Spergouts incoming still don't trust Valve though, they will fuck it up somehow and bend the knee later

0a99e3 No.14916088

File: cdc320fe6f99966⋯.jpg (130.26 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, te deum.jpg)

55b5dd No.14916091

File: 7b7fad86ae5f84b⋯.jpg (117.68 KB, 644x258, 322:129, Feminism 230.jpg)

File: 785def3241ba2b9⋯.jpg (46.16 KB, 595x436, 595:436, Male Feminist 254.jpg)

cc2559 No.14916128

File: b995dd6f37eedc2⋯.png (1.52 MB, 1024x4469, 1024:4469, Valve still lives in the w….png)

>CNET: Valve still lives in the waking nightmare of Web 2.0

>Commentary: While the world is figuring out how to moderate and curate content for its audiences, Valve is leaving it up to the user.


I thought a platform favoring no specific content and letting people decide for themselves what they want to see was a Web 1.0 ideal.

ee7f54 No.14916136

File: d6feefc5f65af6b⋯.jpg (63.48 KB, 514x514, 1:1, Mark and v-tan watching th….jpg)

File: ef98684bc4c2a42⋯.png (443.4 KB, 423x489, 141:163, vr-tan watching the shitsh….png)




Did we opened the portal to Jack Thompson fiasco 2.0?

55b5dd No.14916153


Nah, this is Anita Sarkeesian v3.0 as far as I'm concerned.

721324 No.14916165

File: 792bc7c96031e50⋯.png (16.97 KB, 259x224, 37:32, 10113416.png)

The sheer level of anger over Valve's decision is astounding to me. I knew they'd be mad, but I thought it would be mild. I never realized there were so many retards who wanted to see only what Valve decided to allow, and who wanted to rely on automatic curation instead of being able to choose. I love this decision. I would rather be able to filter out things I don't want to see than have to rely on the storefront to show me things I "might like".

69e17a No.14916169


While I'm thankful that Valve is getting its shit together temporarily at least it won't necessarily be Jack Thompson-tier until there are several legal cases about this shit.

Right now we're at the media bitching about things they know nothing about as usual to set up for the left to start making political stances (like Lieberman and Kohl) on it before the Jack Thompson-tier shows up.

c023a6 No.14916171


It's literally SJWs going "STOP LIKING WHAT I DON'T LIKE".

So the usual really.

d02330 No.14916175

File: e849033b14c9c93⋯.webm (2.74 MB, 640x360, 16:9, nooooo.webm)






How can these people possibly be so ass ravaged as this?

14e835 No.14916176

File: e04a2490b59a3fb⋯.jpg (79.46 KB, 528x396, 4:3, 1391458934563.jpg)


Imagine being this salty about a company not placing hyper-draconian censorship policies on its platform.

69e17a No.14916177


Keep in mind you have to see it from their perspective.

They've probably gone to great lengths to get a few people inside Valve to start controlling things at a few levels.

So what does Valve do?

Immediately relinquish control. It isn't their business. They aren't interested in doing that shit.

That's power lost. That's control lost, for them.

0a99e3 No.14916190

File: ea250e97b56b151⋯.png (431.87 KB, 2048x1952, 64:61, 57ee660b39cd46b1299cb2c328….png)

>tfw when moral busy bodies will never fuck off and leave people alone

721324 No.14916191


I guess I find it hard to see it from their perspective because I'm not a trust fund baby who secretly hates his job and needs to control everything. I'm just glad I'll be able to curate what I see on my own. That's what I want. Let me hide bullshit I hate and see things I love. Good decision. Wouldn't mind if some of these games got lewder versions put out there too without having to jump through hoops.

14e835 No.14916198


It's simple, really. They want full control over as many platforms as possible. When a company refuses to do this, the next step is to shame the company in order to create a PR nightmare with the intention of making them cuck out.

55b5dd No.14916208

File: 2909746daaba3a1⋯.jpg (134.97 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Choke On It.jpg)


Of course… They want to take control on how you, me and everyone else should act, behave, speak, live or what to enjoy. It was never about equality, it's just smoke and mirrors, if they can, they would put shock collars on our necks when we acted differently on how they want us to be.

89cf5e No.14916211

File: 52d03b2d1cb2db3⋯.png (29.9 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 66519965_p0.png)




I'm just rubbing my forehead at this shit. Gamers are complaining about the possibility of shovelware, but these people are going about something something bigotry. I can't think at all; I'm only getting that they literally don't want you to play games they don't like.

69e17a No.14916213


It's actually surprisingly easy. All you have to do is place a few basic mental restraints on yourself and you can immediately see what they see.

#1. Your political beliefs are now your religious beliefs.

#2. Anyone who does not fall in lockstep are heretics and need to be purged. You're always on the right no matter what you do.

#3. Everyone has a role, even the fucking tranny debtslaves. The more people you have the more chances you have at spinning the wheel to get someone into a position of power to open the floodgates from within.

#4. By subverting things that are not "us" and turning them into things that are "us" we are furthering our political beliefs as well as our religious need to feel "watched, judged, then justified."

#5. Any who think they can talk to you or challenge you on any possible level are fucking heretics.

d0d2db No.14916238

File: 6c76b26aae07967⋯.jpg (42.46 KB, 680x929, 680:929, 06380b5c1efab491e99c32455d….jpg)


used to be*


It's because they arr rook seam.


Because you're not understanding japanese pronounciation. Nyaa does sound like meow and it's the only way to make a meow sound with japanese syllabes.

721324 No.14916244


>#1. Your political beliefs are now your religious beliefs.

>#2. Anyone who does not fall in lockstep are heretics and need to be purged. You're always on the right no matter what you do.

I'm already finding this hard because my political beliefs are "government get out reeeee" and "I don't care what you do". So I guess I would be shooting anyone who came near me.

>#3. Everyone has a role, even the fucking tranny debtslaves.

I mean, I think everybody potentially has a role to fill. It's just that a lot of the time that role is minor, like doing menial work that needs to be done.

Even knowing how they think, it's tough for me to put myself in that mindset. I just wanna play video games and have sex with the girl I love and have a nice time.

cc2559 No.14916245

File: d2ebd6c9bc43858⋯.png (751.73 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, d2ebd6c9bc43858f47d6351cda….png)


While I do really fucking dislike shovelware and sick of fucking seeing it constantly, the libertarian approach is the lesser of two evils.

It prevents the morality police of either extreme political wing banning whatever content they consider "degenerate" according to their favorite puesdoreligion ideology.

01e031 No.14916258

File: 4fd4d3fc29255f3⋯.jpg (117.7 KB, 787x1200, 787:1200, Yo_Kai_bikini_armor.jpg)

File: 6e642b73dc6ad2c⋯.jpg (435.88 KB, 2188x2464, 547:616, weebtrash.jpg)


>Having a girl you love


normalfag GET OUT!


69e17a No.14916270


Maybe it's just me because I like being submerged in a game to the point where I stop being "me" and I start being the character in the game.

Until some faggot snaps me out of it and when that happens I end up sperging out because now I'm utterly disconnected from what's going on in the game.

I cannot count how many times I went from "drowning in the atmosphere of a game" to suddenly being ripped out, stuffed back into my body and staring at some faggot who said something so retarded that I now want to embed them into the fucking ceiling.

17447b No.14916276


Where does he imply 3DPD? The girl he loves could be his pure 2D waifu, for all we know.

501c18 No.14916304

File: 44d91c475149f0f⋯.png (136.65 KB, 436x542, 218:271, hruryup.png)

PCgamer just set up an article saying the new steam policy is doomed from the start because people will use it to publish racist games and ideals

which is retarded,no they won't.

501c18 No.14916319

On that note,anybody got a decent pc focused twitter to follow that isn't run by retards and liberals?

721324 No.14916321



>not publishing an Early Access survival crafting game where you play a nazi and build things out of dead jews (obviously called Meinkraft)

398a2e No.14916323


Please refer to >>14915979

Steam's new 'anything goes' policy is doomed from the start


01ab77 No.14916325

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


>which is retarded,no they won't.

Yeah, /pol/ doesn't even make video games, and when they do it's shovelware.

33c2cd No.14916328


>Having sex with the girl I love

You're not that incest anon from the last couple of threads right?

ee7f54 No.14916341


leaf / itch.io - "A platform that allows "everything, unless it's illegal or straight up trolling" is ridiculous. Please keep your malicious, derogatory, discriminatory, bullying, harassing, demeaning content off @itchio. Our ban buttons are ready."


Mark Serrels / CNET - "Valve still lives in the waking nightmare of Web 2.0, it feels like a backward decision in a world that's trying its very best to move forward."


Tyler Wilde / PC Gamer - "Steam's new 'anything goes' policy is doomed from the start"


501c18 No.14916344

File: ba961b1a00bcf89⋯.png (257.22 KB, 694x643, 694:643, ClipboardImage.png)

721324 No.14916347


I've been in almost every thread for months. I was just late to this one.

41a4db No.14916349


Didn't Itchio get in trouble recently for mods banning people they don't like and deleting their game off their website over small disagreements?

ee7f54 No.14916357

File: 443723242598c27⋯.jpeg (11.55 KB, 350x196, 25:14, YES IT IS.jpeg)


Yes it is, as you can see, they also let batshit insane amount of low-quality shovelwares to be rampant on their store, and let people sell games they don't even develop or has rights to sell. It's outright SJW hypocrisy. Expect them to be shutdown as Desura soon.

55b5dd No.14916369

File: 728973de016280b⋯.png (791.35 KB, 1293x808, 1293:808, Rage 22.png)

E3 have already started?! What the fuck!

ee7f54 No.14916376

File: 0de54a4014df774⋯.jpg (103.67 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, diabolical wat.jpg)


Isn't it supposed to be start 12th June?

abf643 No.14916377


What're you on about? Only thing happening is companies putting out announcements early because E3 is a shitfest.

ac94ec No.14916378

File: 58e69d52d6b2dc1⋯.png (40.48 KB, 1031x353, 1031:353, ClipboardImage.png)

55b5dd No.14916384

File: 1c5a86224f11735⋯.png (24.49 KB, 575x238, 575:238, ClipboardImage.png)

01e031 No.14916387


>putting out announcements early

Wait, weren't they supposed to be saving those, or are they just putting the content out online to cheap out on the shows?

501c18 No.14916391



somebody is getting fired if that's not a jape

ee7f54 No.14916393

File: 8bf9bc96efe037f⋯.png (175.96 KB, 368x368, 1:1, u wat.png)


Wait, wat? Is this ruse or cheeky sneaky shit going on?

abf643 No.14916394


Probably the latter. Who wants to pay that much for a show barely anyone watches in person and most people will shit on anyway?

ac94ec No.14916412

File: 5300c66e0ce6f23⋯.png (48.05 KB, 597x387, 199:129, ClipboardImage.png)

01e031 No.14916419


The reactions to this fluke are great!



>dat damage control


501c18 No.14916423


That first one sounds vaguely sexual

abf643 No.14916425


Fucking duh.

197ca9 No.14916467

File: 9f277a4834f63f0⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 624.51 KB, 907x1300, 907:1300, 0aeb1d3a45d52a17a3fc8ba492….jpg)

Test post.

b546a2 No.14916475

2d4279 No.14916495





2d4279 No.14916510


>people will use it to publish racist games and ideals

>which is retarded,no they won't.

Yes they will. They'll make god damned everything that's allowed. But there's no problem with this if Valve is genuinely taking the "free speech save for what's illegal in the US and what is trolling." It's basically 8ch with harsher rules against shitposting in videogame publishing form. I highly doubt they're genuine though.

6cd11b No.14916537

Does anyone have the infographic about Japan and WWII comfort women from Korea not actually being real? I've saved it from these threads at one time, but I've lost it now.

c50c3b No.14916540

File: c74077e364fc1bf⋯.jpg (461.34 KB, 2534x1900, 1267:950, inyougo.jpg)


>no thick viv bush

9e0d1d No.14916549

File: 24156f39974e980⋯.gif (842.09 KB, 400x389, 400:389, ANGR.gif)


It really activates my almonds when they appropriate the lablel 'yuri' for this cancer.

2d4279 No.14916561

File: d3df6f9e692fdb7⋯.mp4 (740.77 KB, 326x326, 1:1, mildy_perturbed_sponge.mp4)


>Just now read some of article

>2017 Yuri Jam

>Dykeshit masquerading as 2D purity

197ca9 No.14916562

File: 5b2f70bed46e21f⋯.jpg (64.08 KB, 585x613, 585:613, ANAL.jpg)


One of our regulars DMed me on Twitter, said he couldn't post in here. I was just checking now that I'm home.

2105e7 No.14916593

File: 065b271a46af058⋯.mp4 (5.4 MB, 1280x544, 40:17, Begun the Clone War has.mp4)

Begun; the Steam War Has.

This is the reason why it was necessary for #Gamergate to continue to exist …even as a bunch of shitposters on a Vietnamese fishsauce brewing board.

55b5dd No.14916596


Hey! Vietnamese fish sauce is heavenly good. I'm telling you.

2105e7 No.14916600


…but at what cost?!

55b5dd No.14916609


I don't know. I've bought one years ago when a few Vietnamese opened up their shops in a food festival in a mall. Their sandwiches are god-tier and their sauce just makes it even tastier.

e02eb5 No.14916615

File: e97307e7d818b2e⋯.png (61.72 KB, 592x667, 592:667, itchio toxic people steam.png)




Does anyone have links to cases of itch.io engaging in censorship or other bullshit?

I remember there was a halfchan thread linked here a week ago from someone claiming to be a developer, which is sounding pretty plausible, but it wasn't confirmed at all:


e02eb5 No.14916635


A quick search finds they banned a game for mocking BLM:


More examples would be good though, especially of them banning developers for wrongthink outside the game itself.

2105e7 No.14916669


This is really OT, but I'm told, the brewing of proper Nuoc Mam is less a science; than an art that borders on magic. Forbidden food porn, but for dipping sauce.

e02eb5 No.14916674


>I can't confirm this, opendns was pretty fast for me and I can already feel my internet slow down. That said, my internet provider is also a piece of shit and I automatically hate everything they provide.

Maybe use the DNS benchmark tool I linked to compare you ISP to some other third-party DNS providers. By the way, what sort of router do you have? Better routers tend to do DNS caching of their own, which might help.

89cf5e No.14916675

File: 9a78dd08cacef69⋯.jpg (47.74 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 57118618_p1.jpg)

File: c04c4cb69a38fef⋯.png (217.82 KB, 618x622, 309:311, 12.PNG)

File: 2d782d5acbc1f66⋯.png (73.41 KB, 615x664, 615:664, 13.PNG)





I was looking at the itchio tweet replies and saw this thread. One of them brings up apple's app store and that it is curated and how all retail stores are likewise curated.

This got me thinking a bit. Apple has a pure monopoly of what goes on their store and has had previous incidents of censorship of "objectionable content" when said content is highly critical.

Phone Story is satire about third-worlders manufacturing https://archive.li/hpqIS https://archive.li/s4aL8

Joyful Executions satirises North Korea. https://archive.li/0iRkH

The policies for stamping out "toxicity" was used to silence things that object to tyranny and abuse. Aren't these people against that? The thing about Apple is that there is no competing software market on that hardware (afaik); if you want an alternative you'll have to buy a whole other phone for Android which has various app markets.

PC isn't a monopoly but steam is obviously the biggest platform. Simply being there is a large step for a good product to succeed. And then there is what constitutes hate speech. How do you tell the difference between advocating hate and simply portraying it? And simply because something is "hateful" doesn't mean it cannot be studied or scrutinized. Many stores sell Mein Kampf, why do these people think that is?

89cf5e No.14916694

File: 2b3110ee7b3c0da⋯.png (760.3 KB, 1028x3299, 1028:3299, Screen Shot 2018-06-07 at ….png)


Oh wait, I meant to post this screen rather than the latter two.

bdeff5 No.14916776


Didn't know the world was trying to figure that out.Are we sure it's not the (((world)))?

2830f6 No.14916810

File: 128f0e78e8e21eb⋯.jpg (72.32 KB, 594x762, 99:127, DfDah5cVMAA33fS.jpg)

Reminder to never use itch.io and don't let your friends use it either, it is ran by big headed, crazy commies who will ban your account because they feel like it. One of the admins banned a gamedev along with all of their games, which were SJWy art games even, because they had a private conversation where the admin said Trump supporters should be violently killed and the gamedev disagreed.

Use Steam. Don't use itch.io, let it fester into deranged irrelevance as the admins become more and more trigger happy and mad for ideological purity regardless of the content of games published, they want to know your personal life and personal views and make sure you line up with them. You get refunded by Steam for the $100 to put a game up once you sell enough, and you'll have a much larger potential market audience too.

4d8652 No.14916867

File: be707fe5d189d0f⋯.png (24.31 KB, 613x391, 613:391, archive or fuck off.png)

File: 59241dcd79f6eca⋯.png (473.32 KB, 1240x800, 31:20, archiving for dummies.png)

File: d592156089739f2⋯.png (432.65 KB, 1462x557, 1462:557, THIS IS WHY YOU ARCHIVE OR….png)

File: 1bfc096535befc9⋯.webm (981.03 KB, 853x480, 853:480, archiving is hard.webm)


I mean I probably won't use itch.io anyway, but surely you have an archive for this?

01e031 No.14916872



But why? GOG is better.

55b5dd No.14916885


It's right here. >>14915650

b546a2 No.14916893

File: 7ce9e433c31ae11⋯.jpg (591.42 KB, 2560x2930, 256:293, gay_thinking_noises.jpg)

Interesting how people forgot about the anime holocaust Valve did a couple weeks ago.

d17801 No.14916895



GameJolt doesn't seem as shitty. Any other options in terms of uploading indie games besides hosting your own site?

2830f6 No.14916927


GoG is good if you think that Valve should censor its store more


This blog post is reversing that, and affirming their commitment to keeping the platform open to anything people want to publish on it which is not obvious trolling nor illegal.


I do think we need an itch.io kind of loose alternative which isn't overly corporate. Maybe mixtape.moe could get into that too? Someone contact the admin?


eb7845 No.14916961

File: c514259db9108d5⋯.jpg (188.93 KB, 635x457, 635:457, trainer goggles.jpg)


Someone contact Drybones in order to form a stable platform that isn't run via feels

457ec3 No.14916979

File: aeb8b5e4f145143⋯.png (3.31 MB, 1334x750, 667:375, 5074.png)

Gookanon, have you ever though of spreading these stories to wider audience? Because I think everyone around the world needs to know what a batshit insane country that you live in. Find a medium that will spread the story. You saw how that CNN came defending those Megalians. Or was some other news outlet?

The reason is that you must not let only one side of information be contaminating the public views outside of South-Korea. If people outside your country knows more, they will be more cautious of your cults that have started spreading out. Or you can spread the info to military personnel's about those Megalian being enemy of the state. This will spread to the officers and later being talked in the military base. That way you can do something.

Because all of those posts of yours makes me nauseous, knowing that these sort of people exist and there's nothing that you can do about it.

d6508c No.14917002


GOG needs more games in it's library.


I should request some stuff from him, but no idea what to ask for.

d6508c No.14917054

File: 58c0ded011d4720⋯.png (53.78 KB, 645x487, 645:487, SteamJim.png)

332e40 No.14917084


Who was the dev that was banned?

eb7845 No.14917138


He's most likely talking about an unconfirmed post from cuckchan someone posted here a week ago. I don't think anything was actually confirmed or the person in question identified, likely as it is to be true given the faggots that work there.


73ee26 No.14917253





Holy fuck are they mad.




Viv and Eltonel have fans over there (and none too surprisingly some butthurt fags) Prompted to check the archives since one of the drawfags here was amused at seeing their work posted on there.



197ca9 No.14917278

File: 0e457d34d1efe92⋯.jpg (224.66 KB, 1280x1280, 1:1, AT Field.jpg)

Behold my autism, ye mighty, and despair!

Goodnight anons.


73ee26 No.14917376


The autistic audacity of this double redditornigger.

208fd3 No.14917382


>Sorry, that page doesn't exist

208fd3 No.14917388


Codemonkey what the fuck I removed that flag.

73ee26 No.14917400


Working on my end.

2d4279 No.14917446



>This blog post is reversing that

The devs said they were getting their games re-reviewed. Until I have statements saying the re-reviews put them in the clear, this is nothing but empty PR talk. Even if they are in the clear, it could still be mostly empty PR talk as the anime titty holocaust still barely didn't happen and can serve as a reminder that Valve may up and change their mind on your game if you come to close to crossing one of their lines in the sand. Other devs didn't have to deal with this lack of security in their position on the Steam store. Just these select few that were too anime and too titty to go under NCOSE's radar.


>Behold my autism

Your autism has been on full display for a very long time.

208fd3 No.14917456


I don't like twitter.

b79c24 No.14917607

File: 72d2ee3460281e5⋯.png (88.09 KB, 973x701, 973:701, Angola Fight.png)


>Towergirls: Kingdom Conquest

Wew fucking lad, I hope that game gets fucked over even harder than it already is.


Imagine trying to actually advertise your distribution platform by telling other people that you have an itchy finger on the ban button. It's not even a secret or elitist club kind of exclusion, but just "If you're more right wing than me, even by mere assumption, you're out". Someone needs to get a collage or compilation of the hitpieces and media getting angry at Valve.

b986f0 No.14917723


That shit is fucking unreadable on twitter, shoulda just put it up on pastebin or some shit.

55b5dd No.14917882

File: 981275b12ee4e70⋯.jpg (40.62 KB, 600x450, 4:3, Alex Jones Not Feeling It.jpg)

Good evening.

Seems like DarkSydePhil got his account back.

79278d No.14917937

So… I'm still waiting for a comic where the feminist (((hero))) gets defeated by the true hero they call a villain. It would be so fun and would cause so much salt.

55b5dd No.14917941

File: 74039d108c8abc5⋯.png (466.71 KB, 606x595, 606:595, Comic Retard 69.png)

55b5dd No.14917950

File: ffb3b10e7d00d41⋯.png (44.39 KB, 574x344, 287:172, ClipboardImage.png)


Well, well, well… Guess who is this bigwig in GDC is in favor of a free market regarding Valve's hands-off policy regarding what games are coming into their platform.

1a60e4 No.14917969


to be honest it seems like a pr move, afaIk Brenda and John have a mobile games company so the over saturation of that market is huge

8752c8 No.14918034

File: a94eb4c78c872ef⋯.png (212.01 KB, 612x618, 102:103, Kotaku - David Cage.png)


I may hate David Cage and his games, but no way am I defending this Kotaku article here. Its nice to see how whenever Kotaku puts out an article like this there is always a horde to call them out on their shit.



Valve's biggest legit problems that may arise from any hands-off approach to anything will always be shovelware, asset flipping and straight up scams. The issue of "bigotry" is a problem they themselves created to try to gain control over the platform, there aren't that many games like that on that service and they're not that good anyway so no one cares about them.

f6f11f No.14918035

File: 1958beca58a32f1⋯.png (1.57 MB, 2016x1372, 72:49, Collage.png)

File: 8a2d38376abb2a8⋯.png (140.73 KB, 640x949, 640:949, ClipboardImage.png)

File: f02082df23f616d⋯.png (32.63 KB, 640x228, 160:57, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 3bec673719020b4⋯.png (123.4 KB, 640x868, 160:217, ClipboardImage.png)


>The thing about Apple is that there is no competing software market on that hardware (afaik); if you want an alternative you'll have to buy a whole other phone for Android which has various app markets.

You can install unofficial apps on both systems, but you have to enable developer permissions on your phone.


>Any other options in terms of uploading indie games besides hosting your own site?

Just Playism.



Anyone have that collage of the different articles?

<Not this one (First pic)


And people are hating her for these posts too: https://archive.fo/89ifV

How do you guys get those screenshots of the entire page?

55b5dd No.14918056


Notice the known names there:

>Joshua Dale(Kotaku)

>John Walker(Destructoid?)

>Brendan Keogh(Polygon?)

188900 No.14918198


It isn't bad, but I see that more as new standalone IP.

Also use pastebin next time for something like this.


>Wew fucking lad, I hope that game gets fucked over even harder than it already is.

It already was.

Towerfag was forced to change name of his NTR game by some Italian(?) court.

b4b953 No.14918216


Soon after we'll be making threads talking about how Valve used to be good back when they made statements like >>14913700

I expect these will one day be looked back on as the good old days.

208fd3 No.14918238

File: 35d2bc0717c4923⋯.jpg (6.27 MB, 2480x3508, 620:877, 68538697_p0.jpg)


I'll remember "the good old days" of steam as when they were a new company and Gaben said they'd rather dissolve than get bought out. Then going on to say that if they ever dissolve, they'll let people download the games they've bought DRM-free before the servers shut down.

Funny how that interview has seemingly been scrubbed from the internet.

cfacfe No.14918241

File: 875bb87801388c4⋯.png (173.22 KB, 640x495, 128:99, happypedophile.png)


This woman is standing her ground, good on her.

f6f11f No.14918243

File: 040ec3f2580599d⋯.png (1.48 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Complete shock.png)


Censor that shit, Anon!

208fd3 No.14918250

File: b2933367632a2e6⋯.png (1.37 MB, 4160x2894, 2080:1447, loli robbery.png)


Who do you think I am? Treehouse?

55b5dd No.14918251

File: c97366ee3a7d2ee⋯.png (59.91 KB, 921x507, 307:169, ClipboardImage.png)

188900 No.14918256


Modern academics was mistake.

55b5dd No.14918327

File: be8b8fbafcff293⋯.png (196.54 KB, 576x604, 144:151, ClipboardImage.png)

0a99e3 No.14918338

File: 2808005b2fe7d41⋯.jpg (1.43 MB, 2480x3508, 620:877, 35d2bc0717c4923ff9777689db….jpg)

6e870b No.14918342


I hate them so I love when they cry.

79278d No.14918350


Did Steam took off their shitty censorship?

b4b953 No.14918352

File: bf16bf227021fdc⋯.png (41.84 KB, 661x208, 661:208, ha.png)


It's amusing that there's so much chaos even in understanding what the complaints are 'supposed' to be. Whoever wrote the statement clearly thought the debate was at least in part centered around whether to allow the anime art style, whereas this journo is throwing it back in their face claiming that was never the complaint.

55b5dd No.14918357


Don't get fooled, Brenda Romero is in great partnership with Anita Sarkeesian and the Marxist agendas inside GDC. I suggest you look at her closely, keep your enemies closer.

5ca202 No.14918465


>censoring things isn't censorship


c5f475 No.14918527


Zero Suit Mark?

1eae1a No.14918530


It isn't censorship if I personally don't like the thing.

e430a7 No.14918576


I personally use screengrab. Also, wasnt Brenda Romero the one that was telling Notch that she supported him behind the scenes, and hours later went on a tirade about him being a misogynistic double Hitler?

0a99e3 No.14918590

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

The Whitehouse is shitposting again

6e870b No.14918601

File: 4266ec1152b0fa7⋯.jpg (796.57 KB, 1920x1321, 1920:1321, E3-2018-Badge-Design.jpg)

File: 6fcc4e6cfcf2efc⋯.jpg (431.95 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, E3-2017-Atlus-Badge-Design.jpg)

No triggering badges this year.

2017 was also tame. But it also makes me sad because 13 Sentinels is nowhere in sight.

e02eb5 No.14918604


Yeah. Journos are really mad about it.

>Who Gets To Be On The Steam Store?


>With that principle in mind, we've decided that the right approach is to allow everything onto the Steam Store, except for things that we decide are illegal, or straight up trolling. Taking this approach allows us to focus less on trying to police what should be on Steam, and more on building those tools to give people control over what kinds of content they see.

daa46d No.14918609

Anyone got that image of the chrischan nofapper?

I need it to shitpost.

338cc2 No.14918643

File: 1d0da88d061e229⋯.gif (253.03 KB, 371x209, 371:209, 1d0.gif)

So this entire fiasco was just getting peoples' panties twisted over nothing. I knew everything would come to fruition after Steam said they would recheck the games.

79278d No.14918647

File: cddbe4e4c699cb3⋯.png (139.89 KB, 349x858, 349:858, disbelief.png)

Spain's new government has the most women in the world.

I'm fucking scared because that means we are all going to die in less than 2 years.

188900 No.14918657


>Anyone got that image of the chrischan nofapper?

Don't remind me that.

>I need it to shitpost.



Is it over 75%?

If yes, you could end up in Worst Korea v 2.0.

79278d No.14918672


Thankfully not, but they overwhelm them with 11 ministresses against 6 ministers.

4b6c94 No.14918680

File: 2dd5da16082638d⋯.jpg (14.66 KB, 300x300, 1:1, 1432616753164.jpg)

Could you GGfags help a /tv/ anon out? Recently Kelly Marie Tran (who played Rose Tico, the fat asian chick in The Last Jedi) quit and closed all her social media. Now what was looking to be a StarWarsGate is turning into a Disney defense force as people and even Mark Hamill are calling out fans and telling them they're monsters for supposedly being responsible for Kelly leaving the net because people posted too many dank memes in her direction and cyberbullying is a very real hatecrime apparently. Now the apparent anti-Disney sentiment is being forsaken for fear of being lumped in with "evil sexist trolls". Is DisneyGate/SWGate over before it even began? Could Disney have fabricated this controversy for the sake of gaining sympathy after the recent disaster that is Solo causing a rift in trust over their management of the SW franchise? Will people simply support 9 just to prove they're not bigots?

256b0e No.14918684

File: 7c8ad76bc777eee⋯.gif (871.6 KB, 500x281, 500:281, 7c8.gif)

"A weak scientific basis for gaming disorder: Let us err on the side of caution"


<We greatly appreciate the care and thought that is evident in the 10 commentaries that discuss our debate paper, the majority of which argued in favor of a formalized ICD-11 gaming disorder. We agree that there are some people whose play of video games is related to life problems. We believe that understanding this population and the nature and severity of the problems they experience should be a focus area for future research. <However, moving from research construct to formal disorder requires a much stronger evidence base than we currently have. The burden of evidence and the clinical utility should be extremely high, because there is a genuine risk of abuse of diagnoses. We provide suggestions about the level of evidence that might be required: transparent and preregistered studies, a better demarcation of the subject area that includes a rationale for focusing on gaming particularly versus a more general behavioral addictions concept, the exploration of non-addiction approaches, and the unbiased exploration of clinical approaches that treat potentially underlying issues, such as depressive mood or social anxiety first. We acknowledge there could be benefits to formalizing gaming disorder, many of which were highlighted by colleagues in their commentaries, but we think they do not yet outweigh the wider societal and public health risks involved. Given the gravity of diagnostic classification and its wider societal impact, we urge our colleagues at the WHO to err on the side of caution for now and postpone the formalization.

Yussef Cole / Waypoint - "'Detroit' Siphons and Squanders a History of Marginalized Struggle"


188900 No.14918713


That's pretty bad.

Are key ministries staffed by men?

Economy, Infrastructure, Justice, Health.


>Is DisneyGate/SWGate over before it even began?

After multiple movie flops, it could be the case.

>Could Disney have fabricated this controversy for the sake of gaining sympathy after the recent disaster that is Solo causing a rift in trust over their management of the SW franchise?

Disney doesn't seem that desperate to do that yet.

>Will people simply support 9 just to prove they're not bigots?

That much is assured.

I am unable to say, if they will be paid shills or some faggots with battered wife syndrome though.

0a99e3 No.14918726

File: b912f5ce62aee4d⋯.jpg (97.81 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, b2469200519b808fad5a81bc83….jpg)


Wait the small Asian boy was a women?

4b6c94 No.14918730


>Disney doesn't seem that desperate to do that yet.

Then what if the actress herself and maybe even Rian Johnson conceived it themselves to increase interest for 9 which was somewhat in decline? Everyone knows her character was the least liked, so using her as a martyr would pretty much silence any attempts at speaking ill of her character.

188900 No.14918735



He was talking about pink haired dumb bitch commander.

188900 No.14918748


>Then what if the actress herself and maybe even Rian Johnson conceived it themselves to increase interest for 9 which was somewhat in decline?

That's more likely.

It makes sense, when I heard he was supposed to be kicked if SW9 flops and I think it surely will happen.

79278d No.14918753


Economy, Justice, Health, Defense. At least Inner Growth, Agriculture and diplomacy are done by men.

At least women from the right party were more competent because they followed men orders, but now we got a left government full of women.

4b6c94 No.14918756

File: 936195529526418⋯.png (318.5 KB, 541x578, 541:578, 936195529526418086bb13b2a6….png)


No. It was the asian one. This is drumming up a lot more Disney support than I thought it would.

70d072 No.14918759

File: 34890acc6721698⋯.png (113.49 KB, 1240x635, 248:127, page-46.png)


>What's not to love?

<Of all the bullshit that happened in TLJ, this was the worst.

abf643 No.14918768


Mark's so fucking washed up that he's insulting the very people that gave him his one big career in the first place. What a shitty old man.

188900 No.14918771


I see.


>Economy, Justice, Health, Defense

These are managed by women? Damn.

>At least Inner Growth, Agriculture and Diplomacy are done by men.


daa46d No.14918773


The /fit/ nofap thread.

79278d No.14918777


And the ministry of Culture and Sports went to a man too, but he is a fucking soy boy.

70d072 No.14918778

File: 9acf7467aeb8f5a⋯.png (569.63 KB, 1790x1210, 179:121, fapped to cwc.png)

File: d2e257ffed96a6f⋯.png (2.9 MB, 2268x2412, 63:67, Shameful fap.png)

daa46d No.14918790

File: ff2898ad9e72c38⋯.jpg (125.93 KB, 760x716, 190:179, 1432307020391-1.jpg)

4b6c94 No.14918792



The fact that Mark is getting involved is worrisome. Why couldn't he be cool like William Shatner or James Woods?

188900 No.14918807


>ministry of Culture and Sports went to a man

>he is a fucking soy boy



It's going to be fun.

abf643 No.14918810


Probably because Disney owns him and he has to bend the knee. But why he gives a single shit after they killed him off for good is beyond me.

70d072 No.14918816

File: a7f70dc7fafac18⋯.png (64.21 KB, 628x482, 314:241, Best Captain.png)

File: ceae578e9e43cb1⋯.jpg (36.28 KB, 605x315, 121:63, GamerGate partying with th….jpg)


>Why couldn't he be cool like William Shatner

Because Star Trek was always better than Star Wars. Also, didn't Disney send a very enlightening message to him back when TLJ came out and he was shitting all over it, and then proceeded to backtrack a week later?

48c016 No.14918817


Think about it anon. He let them kill his character off and shit on his grave. He could have fought them but for whatever reason he cucked out. If he gives up when the stakes are high, there's no way he's changing his mind now.

4b6c94 No.14918821

File: 35091f2a0c1224e⋯.png (428.76 KB, 577x541, 577:541, mark hamill retweets.png)

File: 4a70bb692c865b8⋯.png (946.97 KB, 640x1028, 160:257, Mark Hamill - Milk Day.png)


He was making fun of Rian Johnson in a tweet recently, but after the Kelly drama happened he backtracked hard. Its not the first time Mark's cucked out.

4b6c94 No.14918824

File: 9b5a8e2d5a28d45⋯.jpg (74.71 KB, 636x503, 636:503, the shatner has hit the fa….jpg)


>George Takei

Funny how all the barely verified sexual harassment claims fucked so many celebrities, yet Takei remained the only one to get away with it scott free… Now why could that be I wonder?

4d8652 No.14918826


Well when you're a master at dicksucking you pick up a few things…

2ceec8 No.14918830

File: 752308fe0e2614b⋯.jpg (215.03 KB, 563x673, 563:673, 752308fe0e2614b1283c37a3e9….jpg)

There are countless video games where you fucking kill people. UGH







>You can install unofficial apps on both systems, but you have to enable developer permissions on your phone.

You can install Fdroid and other repos like normal apps on Android.

>How do you guys get those screenshots of the entire page?

If you're on a FF fork, open up the dev console (shift f2 if I'm not wrong) and type in "screenshot –fullpage"

5ea92b No.14918836




4b6c94 No.14918841

File: b343dda6b259b0c⋯.gif (480.6 KB, 145x150, 29:30, Urkeldisg.gif)



2ceec8 No.14918846



01e031 No.14918874


Because they seem to not care about videogames.

Remember that these soy games are because of a stagnating industry.

41a4db No.14919053


Mark Hamill even made fun of other actors in the movie, so he is a hypocrite. Also insulting all of your fans for something a small minority did is a quick road to irrelevancy. The whole thing is to stir up controversy just to try and get money since Solo flopped.

Also, was it ever confirmed that she left over harrassment? Didn't she leave just because she did not want her selfies up anymore or something?

1eae1a No.14919147


The movie came out months ago why is she all of a sudden getting so much hate? Pretty sure this is just Disney trying to guilt people into watching their movies.

79278d No.14919169


Didn't the hate came already?

292776 No.14919179

Generally speaking, about this Star Wars shit

didn't she first get hate from Chinese idiots because they're actually racist as fuck and found it disgusting to see an asian chick end up with a nigger ?

I read about how the movie failed in China for that very reason, apparently

4b6c94 No.14919199


Yep. Chinese hated it so much they lost all interest in Star Wars to the point where they had to remove all references to Star Wars from the Solo film over there. But apparently its the fault of western sexists and nerd gamers that she's getting all this hate. So make sure to give your undying love to Disney if you don't want to be a fat-shaming bigot.

70d072 No.14919206

File: ef35014e4e7df2a⋯.mp4 (6.11 MB, 720x720, 1:1, Forget knives.mp4)

>The artist responsible for this insists that it's "100% real".


4b6c94 No.14919207


My thoughts exactly, but Mark really went over the top with this, and with 300,000 likes on Twitter, he'll never change, he'll think the majority are on his side as he rejects those who actually supported his career.

4b6c94 No.14919214

File: 66409c317708b9e⋯.png (172.29 KB, 289x334, 289:334, 1244335457.png)

79278d No.14919231

File: 86daa8e24d300d8⋯.png (254.71 KB, 631x559, 631:559, face of resignation.png)

060679 No.14919245


I play violent video games and the only thing about them that makes me want to be slightly violent is shit like

>There are countless video games where you fucking kill people. UGH



ee6b91 No.14919250


Remember that shills and bots exist. We have no idea what everyone is thinking, and it is never a guarantee that people can be shamed into seeing a movie. Honestly, anyone who does is a retard and deserves to lose their money and will probably get killed in an alleyway.


What did Disney expect? I'm actually shocked it was brought over there given that the reaction was entirely predictable.

daa46d No.14919256



The memes Jack.

060679 No.14919276


Baizou in the West cry racist when people use even slightly politically incorrect language. Meanwhile Chinese view blacks as subhuman animals and treat them as such. It's always been hilarious how sheltered SJWs are.

1eae1a No.14919283


Last I heard they didn't whether to be mad a black guy kissed an asian girl or that a Vietnamese woman starred in a movie.


I guess this is a UK cooking show now that knives are illegal there.

3e4dae No.14919291


if you disallow certain things you only create a black market out of your reach and out of your profit margin. Steam is facing a bad year for profit, so it only follows that they need to survive as a company, and plenty of other platforms are just selling games that they don't sell anyway, so if they took the time to become the most publicized platform, why would they waste that effort?

These people argue that people shouldn't have access to porn because they want others to remain ignorant of it and to demonize it for relevance. Ironically for the side that preaches free love and promuscuity they sure don't like it when people watch big titty anime girls.

d02330 No.14919317

File: 886a336f05d3571⋯.jpeg (84.41 KB, 670x820, 67:82, rainblow.jpeg)

36e2ee No.14919351

File: 12904cbd539c4c3⋯.png (459.5 KB, 660x391, 660:391, Untitled.png)

0a99e3 No.14919378

File: fc005e3901e5c9d⋯.png (979.77 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 2df40d9c0cde629e22dda4d25c….png)


No wonder God abandon us.

044540 No.14919430

File: d9f0c233a5a12ef⋯.png (189.53 KB, 533x400, 533:400, Kyle 'No Fucks to Give' Ka….png)



What a horrible time to be alive.

e02eb5 No.14919474

Someone on KIA found more undisclosed affiliate links on Vulture. They have also failed to respond to the people pointing out their legal duty to disclose affiliate links since a month ago

>[Goal] Vulture has Undisclosed Affiliate Links. File a complaint to the FTC


Also a paper arguing against the "gaming disorder" classification being part of ISD-11:

>A weak scientific basis for gaming disorder: Let us err on the side of caution


67bcf0 No.14919479

File: ea48eb5b924ead6⋯.png (98.67 KB, 590x652, 295:326, ea48eb5b924ead6316a388a2f6….png)

41a4db No.14919481


Mark Hamill never stepped up to bat for that little kid who played anakin. He even made jokes about it if I remember right.

d6508c No.14919490

File: a509c9bd3f26803⋯.png (76.38 KB, 634x826, 317:413, filters.png)

fd028b No.14919534

File: e445a1a102a7022⋯.png (290.94 KB, 750x366, 125:61, 5536382126984582226779.png)


Are you new?

"Womyn are being harassed" was THE main tool used by journalists and SJWs to shut down GamerGate, with Anita and Brianna Wu jumping on the fainting couch out of fucking nowhere to become professional victims.

They are absolutely staging the whole thing and yes, they will fabricate and regurgitate that bullshit in every shit rag out there, and they will drag anyone they consider an "authority" or having "geek cred" and make them kneel and publicly condemn you either by feeding them cherrypicked bullshit and shaming them or straight up holding a gun to the back of their heads.

Don't be sursprised if they drag George Lucas himself to shit on the fanbase because "muh womyn are being harassed" they will try to bury any and all criticism under a harassment narrative and they will bing out any celebrity and authority they can think of to smugly shit on you.

d6508c No.14919539


George Lucas tried playing the race card for why his shitty movie "Red Tails" wouldn't get produced, he was never above this.

36e2ee No.14919543



archiving or with freezepage on this other link doesn't seem to work.

a4e1dc No.14919562

File: 6bfeb05a31bc3ce⋯.jpg (47.08 KB, 502x494, 251:247, blimey you cheeky cunt is ….jpg)


I might be joking a lot about UK's tendency to forbid and control everything with licenses, but now I must say they actually need a license to cook, just to revoke the fuck out of this unsanitary bitch.

70d072 No.14919570




>"This has been held up for release since 1942 since it was shot, I've been trying to get released ever since," Lucas quipped to Jon Stewart. "It's because it's an all-black movie. There's no major white roles in it at all…I showed it to all of them and they said no. We don't know how to market a movie like this."

d6508c No.14919585


Red letter media called him out on this, it's because he made it an autistic 40s style propaganda film in modern day times with the cheese that would not be plate able to an audience.

398a2e No.14919589

File: a2bbf3183168013⋯.pdf (163.25 KB, A_weak_scientific_basis_fo….pdf)



The paper in the second link.

36e2ee No.14919608


ok, the curiosity over the stupidity of humanity has overcome me and I watched it.

The weird this is as far I can tell, is that for some reason men can create the most gayest and faggyest thing in the world, while women can create the most disgusting and revolting thing in the world. Just think about it, knitting pubic hair, using period blood for baking etc.

de6009 No.14919631


So wait valve is gonna add filter options? So like we'll be able to filter out specific devs/publishers or is it just certain tags ?

d6508c No.14919633

File: 24083a88cff3d45⋯.jpg (156.21 KB, 707x1000, 707:1000, 1280.jpg)


Women are gross, that's why I stick to dick.

8e9bb1 No.14919651

File: bc29ded5f905994⋯.png (1.73 MB, 1903x4056, 1903:4056, IT'SALLSHIT.png)

Howdy evil misogynists!

Guess who made a DC comic book?


4th bullet point down

Also, I tried using archive but it wouldn't work, so I used wayback machine

8e9bb1 No.14919657

File: 14bccc6f3f5f649⋯.png (1.73 MB, 1903x4056, 1903:4056, IT'SSTILLALLSHIT.png)


Disregard that, I suck cocks, I archived the wayback page, here's a new screencap with archive link on it

70d072 No.14919662

File: cc1f57fcd7fc2f4⋯.gif (711.33 KB, 374x300, 187:150, startrek_sisko_that_never_….gif)



Isn't that the premise of VR Troopers, Code Lyoko, that reboot of Reboot, and Digimon?

398a2e No.14919663


When archive.is doesn't work directly, archive.org and then archiving that archive with archive.is/li.fo/.today tends to work. See >>14912310


8e9bb1 No.14919676


It sounds to me like a self-insert-fanfic-biography. DC is pulling the same shit as Marvel. These retards don't learn. It's like they actually hate making money.


Thanks, I forgot the other methods. I need to save those images.

a4e1dc No.14919684


>The weird this is as far I can tell, is that for some reason men can create the most gayest and faggyest thing in the world, while women can create the most disgusting and revolting thing in the world.

Actually, according to the text in the video, this whole "cooking with mouth" thing comes from a man named Nathan Ceddia, who's actually some artist known for stuff like "sneezing art". I think this video was an elaborate ruse.

Doesn't hide the fact that anyone doing this has to get the fuck out of the kitchen , including the woman on the video.


And who that might be exactly? I'm looking at all the names and I remember none of them.

70d072 No.14919691


>It sounds to me like a self-insert-fanfic-biography.

That stuck out to me as well, but I wanted to attack something else aside from the obvious "Mary Sue".

188900 No.14919693


I feel physically ill from reading about these comics.

>fourth one

She is still alive? I thought that STDs finished her off some time ago.

d0d2db No.14919703


>Zoë Quinn


Is she a shitty metal band from 1983 now?

8e9bb1 No.14919704


I know, all of them sound disgusting.

I thought she had all but disappeared too, turns out she was writing a comic for DC

188900 No.14919708


>I'm looking at all the names and I remember none of them.

Fourth one is one of three of Literally Whos.


I think she pretends to be Swedish.

Only faggots in clique write ë when talking to her. Usually at least.

36e2ee No.14919716


I'd like to know of who are in DC Vertigo and who are the usual suspects that have connection with LW. This reeks again with this burgers and fries.

a4e1dc No.14919723


>Fourth one is one of three of Literally Whos.

You failed my test. There's a reason why she's a Literally Who.

70d072 No.14919731

File: 677431ebaca5838⋯.jpg (445.15 KB, 1161x1785, 387:595, DfG5eiRVAAAprvY.jpg)

54244d No.14919738

File: e04790db2673e9e⋯.jpg (105.41 KB, 740x740, 1:1, 988579123412344132.jpg)


that's fucking hideous

060679 No.14919752


Out of all the color schemes, she chooses daily dose/gamergate. wtf.

d6508c No.14919754


What's with the Johnny Joestar lips?

36e2ee No.14919757

File: 45b3a56012a5618⋯.gif (2.2 MB, 357x238, 3:2, 937391866.gif)


>mature readers

>those landwhale cosmic legs

Sure is.

188900 No.14919761


>Muh eyes.


Shit happens.


Some people/things just don't go away.

e1a43c No.14919782

File: 2f50efde39b2244⋯.gif (334.69 KB, 389x427, 389:427, 1411125940260.gif)


>sneezing art

I thought "snifflepunk" was a joke I made up…

ea90a7 No.14919793



Sounds like it would be about a collection of cute anime girls sneezing.

daa46d No.14919812


Ever since I learned the existence of "mumble rap", nothing surprises me anymore.

9acd69 No.14919837

File: d0b9b265e2c01a0⋯.png (400.77 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 64c0105475ac926bb187e44215….png)


Why in god's green earth is this permitted?!

e1a43c No.14919842


In my mind's eye, I saw a handful of celebrities with colds playing music badly/amateurishly while constantly coughing and sneezing. They'd give out cold masks at the entrance (under a poster saying something like "Please Sneeze Responsibly"), but almost nobody would use them; the rabid zealots who worship the celebrities would want to get sick because that way "part of them is inside me". The mass media would downplay this and spin the idea as the celebrities being "human" and "down to earth".

58bc17 No.14919843

File: 8090281c9da15ef⋯.jpg (58.1 KB, 746x922, 373:461, 8090281c9da15ef6a7602f1877….jpg)



>She gives up on Vidya and moves to comics

Good riddance, stay there you cunt.

7c2e22 No.14919846

File: 20e205e77f26064⋯.jpg (25.97 KB, 415x544, 415:544, My eyes.jpg)

df322d No.14919873


The press covering these stories are in the bag for corporations, someone high up is likely conjuring a reason for failing or under delivering. Ideology doesn't sell, bu that is likely how they bullied their way up the ladder.

d6508c No.14919887

File: d9fef0e553739e5⋯.png (408.41 KB, 924x1376, 231:344, jim sterling.png)

58bc17 No.14919904

File: fd012fcd18880b7⋯.gif (696.8 KB, 555x666, 5:6, 9dc1aa1d3c4e4eb23a4623ad12….gif)


Who knew Marxist SJWs hate the free market?

Also, culpability to what, exactly?

d6508c No.14919927

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Hosting x game is not an endorsement


415fc4 No.14919937


>Someone makes a shit game and it gets on Steam

>It's shit so no one buys it and everyone forgets about it's existence almost immediately

I don't see the problem here.

Like sure Valve could have some better quality control at times, but nobody is actually going to buy the garbage that sometimes ends up on the store page

208fd3 No.14919955


Exactly. Greenlight already turned steam into the app store, but everyone ignored most of the shit that came out of it.

Which made a lot of pretentious indiefaggot "devs" mad.

ea90a7 No.14919960


The Celebrities might as well be lizard people at this point.

42f368 No.14920016

File: 94880d7f839835d⋯.mp4 (5.81 MB, 320x240, 4:3, Good boys, did do sumfin.mp4)


>that image

>has protective goggles in a lab

>still doesn't use them

22be6e No.14920034





the ride never ends, it just keeps going and going and going

d0d2db No.14920035

File: a3ce194f739e8d6⋯.jpg (69.58 KB, 513x502, 513:502, black magician.jpg)

7c2e22 No.14920062


Odimaremareee babedibado tabacco

398a2e No.14920083


It's an eye-washing station. You're supposed to do that when you get shit in your eyes.

abf643 No.14920098

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


Reminder that all comic books are SJW garbage now. Even the movies loosely based on comic properties. The shebeast Quinn stepping in as a writer for DC is just the next in the long line of fuckups.

cfb1b1 No.14920099


Odimaremareee babedibado tabacco

f6f11f No.14920113




Should a dedicated thread be made here about this or is it too much "Not video games"?

8e9bb1 No.14920122


There's already dedicated threads on /co/.

292776 No.14920130


It's only GG related shit. Nobody cares about Literally Who aside from us. It's completely irrelevant to vidya just like her

0a99e3 No.14920162

File: f6c5b96864e3232⋯.jpg (25.2 KB, 680x636, 170:159, 1503102539345.jpg)


Odimaremareee babedibado tabacco

42f368 No.14920191


It's called eye-protection. You're supposed to use it instead of wearing it as decoration to not have to use the eye washing station.

292776 No.14920192

File: bde0917ecd23a82⋯.png (464.23 KB, 811x678, 811:678, And I do mean LITERALLY.png)

File: a29ce581f2d7dcc⋯.webm (107.79 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Handjob hentai.webm)

File: bb1515b2480fc1c⋯.jpg (398.08 KB, 692x2176, 173:544, I can't make it stop....jpg)

File: 7afdc02fcef0570⋯.jpg (40.1 KB, 500x456, 125:114, I'm just so happy.jpg)

File: 973a4029f007ee4⋯.png (97.33 KB, 312x290, 156:145, I'm so glad....png)

Also, apparently, Buzzfeed is entirely closing in France, following also layoffs of 8% of the workforce in the US and the UK. I am so fucking glad this shit's outright dead here.

8e9bb1 No.14920197


That's some good news.

ff1f15 No.14920200


I guess stealing recipes wasn't good enough.

b546a2 No.14920229

File: 73a6d04841817a3⋯.jpg (132.76 KB, 500x860, 25:43, immunity_dog.jpg)

File: 1e359fc24bfd495⋯.jpg (629.42 KB, 1414x1270, 707:635, Danger Dog.jpg)


Here's, not one, but two dogs to repel your curse.

33c2cd No.14920241

File: 555608c328bad25⋯.png (534.07 KB, 540x720, 3:4, a24d7fc8020c1b2511f4715be1….png)


It's a combination of that along with the actress being Vietnamese, and that none of the actors in the movie are remotely attractive.


Pic related.


And that kid whose now an adult never recovered from it, and is currently going in and out of mental hospitals. Majority of SW fans are in the same league of SU and Undertale fandoms.

2d4279 No.14920285


Are they putting Takei under some sort of pressure to kowtow to their shit? I seem to recall him being suprememly pissed at the director of one of the newer Star Trek shitfests for making his character gay to match the fact that he's gay for no other reason than progressive brownie points. Everything I've heard after that from him though is towing the line of progressive identity politics.

89cf5e No.14920308

File: e23381372f15713⋯.jpg (215.1 KB, 855x1000, 171:200, ab57337b1f9ad148bdda9492e2….jpg)

I like Pixiv's site layout change, but the downscaled images now have obvious artifacts and low quality that bug my autism. I have to open each image now.

I'll go back to sorting archives after I'm done browsing pixiv.

2d4279 No.14920313


> culpability to what, exactly?


2d4279 No.14920315


Mistakes happen.

42f368 No.14920320

File: 633f0157ab56a7c⋯.webm (7.08 MB, 768x1024, 3:4, THANK YOU ARKAN AND GOD B….webm)


Immunity dog and danger dog are two examples of a no-fun-allowed attempt by autists to make a Reddit friendly meme

>"I touched you and now you are caught. Tag, you're it"

>"nuh uh, I have a forcefield"

>"well I have the special ability to go through forcefields"

>"well this is a super forcefield that ignores the ability to ignore forcefields"

>"well I have a super ultra special ability that lets me go through super forcefields"

>"well I have a super ultra mega forcefield that even people with the super ultra special ability can't go through"

58bc17 No.14920401

File: 21e73a61d835514⋯.png (683.89 KB, 639x780, 213:260, 96557ee324ef3b627244b6ec19….png)


I made this for you.

1eae1a No.14920421


So a site that curates and bans large swathes of people should not be subject to lawsuits. However a company that allows everything and lets people take care of themselves are responsible for all their content.

f6f11f No.14920449

File: 2fbd850465ad32c⋯.png (735.74 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 2fbd850465ad32c3cde3170c36….png)

256b0e No.14920518

BBC - Steam games store to 'allow everything' (quotes multiple moral panic outlets, equates Valve's position as paving the way for porn)






01ab77 No.14920549


> as paving the way for porn)

I fucking wish.

2d4279 No.14920586


something encouraging.

0a99e3 No.14920592

File: df02a8c98b5fbe4⋯.png (199 KB, 505x477, 505:477, 09c1b86ff71ad2af053654c7b1….png)


BBC articles feel like they're written for babies

>Mr Luckey was an employee at Facebook until leaving in March 2017. He became a controversial figure when it emerged that he had partly bankrolled a group behind a social media campaign helping Donald Trump's presidential bid.

They can't help but mention Drumpf in every article

9acd69 No.14920617

File: 44f01ed1c8a5f3d⋯.jpg (46.72 KB, 256x256, 1:1, uh what did you just....jpg)



Care to explain on what mark hamill exactly did?

I don't usually follow celebrities.

338cc2 No.14920694

I think this entire situation with Steam has actually been pretty positive honestly.

>Steam restricts adult/anime games

>GoG makes an active move to counter them in a way it had no reason to consider before

>GoG openly reached out to MangaGamer saying they would happily host their games and VNs, and MangaGamer accepted >Some smaller VN dev’s have stated intentions to follow

>Steam reverts it’s stance and becomes more open than before

The result is that both platforms are now more open, and developers have a wider more stable market to support their works. With Steam and GoG being the market leaders, others are far more likely to adopt their stance also. This could potentially really help break open the old fashioned mindset of “corporate correctness” regarding censoring adult content.

01e031 No.14920709


All that needs to be done now is for FCC to remove the "indecent content" proposal, and we'll be golden.

3e6f55 No.14920729

File: d5d23cf31faffc9⋯.png (2.13 MB, 1144x2580, 286:645, Victory Invitation.png)



It's the little things these make me lose faith in the masses each day. Two different varieties of terrible taste.

Saging for irrelevance, but all of gatorgays are invited to a bad movie night this Saturday. We're having a best of marathon in honor of finally winning the AHG. >>>/bmn/451

6fad97 No.14920736

File: 9bdfb1eda6cbf2f⋯.webm (890.18 KB, 480x600, 4:5, UncomfortableDefiniteGold….webm)

it's okay to be awkward

08aab4 No.14920767


>Agony Unrated

is it really UNRATED, no ESRB shit? because this could be good for digital stuff being released and be free from the ESRB

9acd69 No.14920783

File: 262411b9708c810⋯.gif (1.98 MB, 500x280, 25:14, Quality high five.gif)


Capitalism is a hell of a benefactor isn't it?

6edb29 No.14920790


then why do people constantly punish me for it?

0a99e3 No.14920856

File: 36a5a00003ebdf8⋯.jpg (24.41 KB, 480x410, 48:41, CyDcujNXgAA5ond.jpg)

41a4db No.14920868


Why is this man such a moral grandstanding pro-censorship asshole? He always tries to act like he is for the common man, but he never calls out bad business practices by his firends or the right people. He just goes after easy targets, acts like he is for free thought and art, but then bitch about things needing to be censored. Just the other day he criticized steam for censoring VNs despite shitting on them constantly trying to get them censored. Now he talks about legal ramifications when Steam already said the exceptions to this will be content breaking the law and blatant scams.

6a659e No.14920882


Rule 34 (to piss her off) when?

f6f11f No.14920891

File: 861cd6d1dcc120a⋯.png (363.57 KB, 726x792, 11:12, 9db.png)


I was actually just wondering about why it is the supposed protagonist is primarily colored purple and green, with what appears to be red hair.

de6009 No.14920923


No you idjit, porn will bring attention to it.

c50c3b No.14920941


It's Zoe Quinn's comic

what the fuck is DC doing

6edb29 No.14920950


riding the social justice train straight into irrelevancy.

the comic book industry is 100% irredeemable.

9acd69 No.14921017

File: ae6e567827745c2⋯.jpg (26.45 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 263.jpg)


That guy's fat enough to where he can't even see his own balls. Is it any surprise as to why he can't make a mildly bold statement and picks easy targets?

08aab4 No.14921035


what are those? bombs?


>Will people simply support 9 just to prove they're not bigots?

no because not everyone gives a shit about what happens online, they will see 9 because they are fucking normalfags.

c50c3b No.14921038


Each one of these is more disgusting than the last.

If they want to do pure political comics why is it only from one vantage point?

Why no dystopian comics about welfare states gone wrong, or spic vs nigger space wars?

Oh because they might sell and that would be problematic

1eae1a No.14921052


No those are the alarms school children in Japan wear when they are being kidnapped, molested, or otherwise attacked. There are many loli manga wear the loli rapes the guy by threatening to pull that alarm if he refuses.

256b0e No.14921093

John Walker - Valve’s abdication of responsibility over Steam is the worst possible solution


>Last week, I had reported that Brightrock Games and Chrono.gg, two companies whom Totalbiscuit had advocated for, sold the former's "War for the Overworld" with all proceeds going to the John Bain Memorial Fund. I am here to report that during that one day, $32K in proceeds were raised.




721324 No.14921094

File: c3f1960f6fb9376⋯.png (208.72 KB, 545x486, 545:486, c3f1960f6fb9376b1b71290c58….png)

>finally got the board I was after

I doubt it'll ever see any activity, but it's nice. The last guy's board settings really were stupid.


2105e7 No.14921118

File: a6c03d4163996aa⋯.webm (9.08 MB, 320x240, 4:3, The Young Ones - tv licen….webm)


Reminder: Brits are required BY LAW to pay for their own BBC propagandizing. webm related


I have many questions about that Bug Busters poster.

>why is a brass shell casing hammered into the wall?

>what is 45MM caliber?

>45mm is roughly 1-3/4 inches which is somewhere between 40mm M203 grenades and (WWII-era) crew-served 57mm anti-tank/aircraft/material rounds is googling 45ACP too fucking hard?


The big two need to die.

Jawbreakers by the Diversity & Comics guy and Cyber Frog by Ethan Van Sciver are the only hope for comics.

89cf5e No.14921129

File: 7988aa304f43679⋯.png (242.3 KB, 1287x661, 1287:661, Screen Shot 2018-06-07 at ….png)

File: c6e56e1bf8c9ec9⋯.png (276.68 KB, 936x1000, 117:125, 53632797_p0.png)

>Writing suggestion/query email to saucenao

>site blog is dead

>check their twitter

>they retweeted Mark Kern regarding steam's market

This is nice.

Someone tweet them to check their email, the one listed on their site. Please.

0a99e3 No.14921130

File: 26216a4e44e7877⋯.webm (1.43 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Renge.webm)


What happened to the rape list?

ac94ec No.14921131


>Bad Movie Night

Looking forward to it.


>Reminder: Brits are required BY LAW to pay for their own BBC propagandizing. webm related

Well us burgers pay for PBS propaganda via tax.

721324 No.14921133


Last guy wiped the board except for the sticky. Not my doing.

1eae1a No.14921156


I thought PBS was donations, you burgers pay for NPR propaganda through your taxes. Us canuckfucks pay for the CBC.

437afa No.14921173


what is the name of that comic?

721324 No.14921191

how do you post with capcode again? the FAQ says " ## Board Owner" but I'm not sure if that can include a name or not or if the quotes need to be there or what. I haven't actually posted with a capcode anywhere in a long time.

d0d2db No.14921197


I'm okay with the dick but you can't deny Felix would be better if he didn't hav eit.

2105e7 No.14921207

File: 19b94e7a89d9870⋯.webm (9.04 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Welcome to the NHK ED.webm)


>all taxation is theft

Almost every country has some form of government-funded television programming.


PBS receives both federal and local (WBGH in Boston, for instance) government subsidies for educational programming.

But the BBC has a separate annual fee that Brits must pay unless the can prove they don't receive BBC programming via TV or internet; otherwise they can receive civil fines or jail-time for theft of services.

>Oy, you got a BBC license permit for that laptop!?

Incidentally the NHK in Japan has a similar annual license fee, which is not mandatory to pay, but the NHK will send people door-to-door to guilt-trip Japanese residents into paying. webm unrelated

437afa No.14921208


just draw her as a responsible housewife for maximum buthurt.

3e6f55 No.14921220

File: 7b35530ec0efdbc⋯.png (437.77 KB, 720x552, 30:23, vlcsnap-2018-02-11-19h14m1….png)


You post [## Board Owner] without the brackets in the name field of a board you own. That's all there is to it.


This is a movie with a television station with the name FU2 News. I don't think you will ever get answers to those questions. :^)

528987 No.14921229

File: c294f9dd9f06514⋯.jpg (29.75 KB, 357x369, 119:123, myu.jpg)


Boku no Dark Colonel-san

721324 No.14921230


I see, so no quotes or anything. I'll play around with it next time I need to make a post there (so never).

55b5dd No.14921295

File: 285ab002d44fb6c⋯.jpg (79.08 KB, 600x480, 5:4, Listen.jpg)

Good morning.

I just heard from Robin Ek, the EiC and owner of The Gaming Ground that one of #GamerGate's best neutral handwaves the situation going on in Sweden and continuously saying that "it's not as bad as Canada. I mean there's tons of racism here." I'll give you a fucking hint: Lady Bits.

2105e7 No.14921352

File: 4f6b0116196de4f⋯.png (774.62 KB, 1863x1650, 621:550, pol viv fuck ur video game….png)

d17801 No.14921363


Speak English.

55b5dd No.14921385



Robin Ek, interviewed Liana Kerzner years ago and still in communication with the feminist. When he brought the situation that's happening in Sweden, like rape gangs and no-go zones, the feminist quickly dismisses that and said that "meh, it's not as bad as Canada." That revelation today really pissed me off.

721324 No.14921399

Ontario election results are official. There are still a handful of ridings not reported but the Conservatives already have enough for a majority government.

55b5dd No.14921413


Mr. Dubs, how conservative is the conservative party that won the elections? I just hope it's not a con like how the conservatives in Scotland are, by wanting more "refugees" in and give them the power to vote.

ac94ec No.14921416


The way your previous post was phrased made me think that Robin Ek was hand waving the situation. Also, gib archive >>14921399

Is this good or is it a kinda fucked vs really fucked situation?

1eae1a No.14921432


Got any links? Last I see is something about technical issues at polling places.

55b5dd No.14921433


We're talking through Twitter DM, I won't share it without his permission. The man is a great friend of mine and I don't want to disrespect that.

721324 No.14921449


I'm not 100% sure. The main takeaway is that the other frontrunning party (NDP) wanted to make Ontario a sanctuary province so this is at least the lesser of two evils.


I was watching a couple news network streams but I'll look for a tally that's up to date. The last one I checked was way behind. It's hard to call right now. A lot of their promises are related to getting rid of some of the worse policies the Liberals put in place. It's nice for me because they want to cut income tax altogether for my income bracket.




1eae1a No.14921462


Good now I hope they actually serve as conservatives and undo all the nonsense the Liberals have imposed on us.

55b5dd No.14921473



Who's the PM of this "conservative" group anyways? Can you unmask the name for me and the rest of us here?!

de6009 No.14921475

File: f8f5681cb9a8df8⋯.png (295.29 KB, 608x620, 152:155, 38d0231f21cc82cd45ab98b98f….png)


I can't wait to get fucked by the conservatives again. I voted Libertarian because NDP, Libs and Cons are all the same god damn shit, I might as well throw my vote for the meme party.

721324 No.14921481


The leader at the provincial level is Doug Ford. So I guess he'll be the new premier, replacing our elderly Liberal lesbian.


My riding is heavily NDP so I would have voted Libertarian if they were even on our ballot. I just voted Conservative.

55b5dd No.14921491


Wait, he's the brother of the late Rob Ford who was convicted of drug use?! Damn.

1eae1a No.14921502


Remember the crack smoking mayor of Toronto? He's his brother.

721324 No.14921518


Yep, the very same. His main opposition was a soccer mom who promised all sorts of gibs and would have taxed us to oblivion to deliver on them. Not to mention she also wanted to go full sanctuary province, so we'd be paying for all the illegals to get these same benefits too.

55b5dd No.14921521

File: 6e75f6d463ff656⋯.jpg (86 KB, 984x734, 492:367, Retard 2370.jpg)


They're still salty about Soylo getting the red slip in movie theaters. This is glorious.

1eae1a No.14921539


This never increases sales it just makes the press start talking about something else. How have they still not learned?

721324 No.14921591

The Twitter comments in #electionsontario are pretty salty right now. Lots of racism and homophobia and muh alt-right. Keep in mind that canadian conservatives have long since given up on most of the big "fights", like abortion and gay marriage. Basically their hills to die on are gun rights, free speech, and not bringing over every refugee.

ac94ec No.14921610


They just need to make a good star wars movie. How hard can that be?

1eae1a No.14921615


Actually Ford has made some noises about outlawing or regulating abortion. I doubt he'll do anything though.

01e031 No.14921629


Looks like the land of Tim Horton's is becoming populist too, eh?

721324 No.14921630


It's pretty much a lost cause in Canada, so I doubt he'll try shit.

721324 No.14921637


It's worth noting that the Liberals had been in charge of this province for the last 14 years. A lot of the countryside areas are already fairly conservative but you have big cities like Ottawa and Toronto ruining it for the rest of us.

9acd69 No.14921650

File: 24e9fc168d3fdc8⋯.jpeg (7.5 KB, 255x167, 255:167, piccolo.jpeg)


At this point it looks like disney wants to trash the whole franchise at this point with no survivors. Having bought a billion dollar franchise and seeing no hope of a chance on return for their investments and having a bunch of social justice retards mocking fans of the franchise I souring the value of the IP. I can't help but sympathize with disney wanting to have a reason to drop it at this point.

cc2559 No.14921666

File: 69432622e6540be⋯.jpg (32.29 KB, 366x321, 122:107, 69432622e6540bed141060670a….jpg)


I'm not a leaf so you need to explain your goofy system and why twattertards are so butthurt.

All I know so far is that the leader of the conservative party in Ontario is the brother of that Toronto mayor who smoked crack; plus voters of leftist parties are calling for some kind of election reform so it never happens again.

That sounds familiar lol

721324 No.14921690


We use the "first past the post" system. You have a series of ridings in each province. Each riding has an MP (Member of Parliament) and an MPP (Member of Provincial Parliament). You vote for your local candidate. Whichever party wins the most ridings is in charge, and their current party leader becomes Premier/Prime Minister. If you get over half, that's a majority government, so you can basically do what you want. If nobody gets more than half, two parties can opt to make a coalition government, where they basically agree to vote the same way on certain issues so that their combined votes make up more than half.

89cf5e No.14921691

File: b7584275777efe3⋯.png (5.38 MB, 1287x12754, 1287:12754, Screen Shot 2018-06-07 at ….png)


Screen of the hash feed. No real reason why

Ontario Med Association congratulated him, is that anything noteworthy? https://archive.fo/BO2XG

2105e7 No.14921692

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


>disney wants to crash the whole franchise at this point with no survivors

80 million dollars lost on soylo

1eae1a No.14921697


The Fords are actually quite a bit like Trump they are outwardly pretty rude to people they don't like. They are also incredibly popular with the people who like them. Rob Ford the mayor only stopped being the mayor in Toronto because he got cancer, not because he would have lost an election. Even though he was known worldwide as the crack smoking mayor of Toronto, with the press of not only Canada but a lot of america as well badmouthing and calling him all kinds of shit he still would have won re-election.

01e031 No.14921729


Why sympathize with what I call "nu-"Disney?

Their political stance has seeped into more than Lucasfilm.

ESPN is another key example of Disney getting political (and also an example of Pay-TV's bad state, cause Stadium [Sinclair Broadcasting's free competition to ESPN] is currently curbstomping ESPN in terms of viewership). This isn't bringing up that there was promotion of sexism against men in "Frozen" (Not to mention Tumblr not shutting up about it when Frozen was in cinemas), the "Gay Days" at Disneyland, and sacking a big chunk of their American workers to replace them with foreigners (something in me says the foreigners Disney hired were H1B abusers).

afe9f6 No.14921775


Aren't there any good Tumblr alternatives yet? I only go to Tumblr to follow some artists (including the japs).

01e031 No.14921790


Not that I know of. Wordpress blogs, maybe?

89cf5e No.14921824



Depends what you'd consider an alternative.

Tumblr isn't solely a blog site but a retarded and bloated mix of blogs with social media in it. You can "reblog" another person's blog. Essentially a share. That's not a fitting feature for blogs. It's practically twitter but looking through hashtags isn't a thing. Searching content on that site is godawful so you already have to know the person.

ed17de No.14921971

File: 76c25d8174a8996⋯.png (41.47 KB, 620x320, 31:16, fuckingnerdsamirite.png)


Geek chic and shallow enjoyment of "nerd culture" cannot quelch the populace's undying loathing of nerds in general.

2105e7 No.14921979

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


The press announcement alone nearly killed Diversity & Comics' YahboiZack with concentrated cringe.

528987 No.14922017

File: 1d680d9eed0d593⋯.png (160.68 KB, 400x294, 200:147, wooosh.png)


>heh, nerds

55b5dd No.14922030

File: 5e019d7d4bc7a39⋯.jpg (89.05 KB, 1080x799, 1080:799, Retard 2372.jpg)

Apparently, Eurogamer have blocked archive.fo, archive.is and archive.li. I hope it's included on the via.hypothesis loophole soon. In the meantime, have this.

http://web.archive.org/web/20180608033404/https://www.please use archive.is/articles/2018-06-07-steams-content-policy-is-both-arrogant-and-cowardly

1eae1a No.14922032


Everytime I see a tweet like this I get closer to yeah that should happen. Just harrass all the people who you don't like. So only the people who can brush off bullshit are left on the internet.

f6f11f No.14922038

File: bea562312914060⋯.gif (4.52 MB, 252x448, 9:16, 53a2ca7610d1ef1ac6f4975e4c….gif)


I really hate how the memo makes it out like it's the public's fault.

2105e7 No.14922064



this is why wordfilters can be cancer

d17801 No.14922073

File: 2f3cb935a3785df⋯.png (588.01 KB, 1042x663, 1042:663, pleasedontbullymevivian.png)

55b5dd No.14922077