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File: a40bcc394fe6867⋯.jpeg (107.62 KB, 600x337, 600:337, 9EE78F91-7F96-4504-8FC5-9….jpeg)

File: 098684ecabe66a9⋯.jpeg (192.89 KB, 750x736, 375:368, 616AEDFF-9E38-4BCF-9AB9-C….jpeg)

File: 3311a0a1a9fbbba⋯.jpeg (112.21 KB, 600x337, 600:337, FFA868CF-9B49-43F4-AD90-A….jpeg)

f0fcb5  No.15828486

cc4be5  No.15828492

>Ads in a 60 dollar game


a8320c  No.15828497

I guess they're taking the cheap plastic look to its logical conclusion.

b01c74  No.15828515


Seems okay to me. You can turn them off apparently, and they give you more stuff to have the content on.

Now, if it was all forced and affected load times, then it would be bad

fe9652  No.15828516

Niggers still play this dice rolling simulator? Seriously? I don't know a single white or asian that would play a "fighting" game that has "programmed input delay". We would just go to the casino…

062860  No.15828523


Can I get an explanation regarding the differences between editions of Street Fighter? I never understood this.

d90659  No.15828528

File: 44874cde85f76b0⋯.mp4 (908.07 KB, 632x360, 79:45, Nintendo creates a diversi….mp4)

>Every character will have ads plastered all over them

Its just like real SPORTS.

a33fd5  No.15828529

File: f63bfe055b27ee8⋯.jpg (38.63 KB, 1282x663, 1282:663, Charlie.JPG)


Isn't Bamco kicking Capcoms ass?

87bea4  No.15828530

people in the fighting threads were recommending this game. Even telling other anons to pre order it because "you would miss out on all the extras".

78203a  No.15828531

File: 82c2f60a5ea814f⋯.jpg (434.87 KB, 852x1345, 852:1345, E9eCzGE.jpg)

>Capcom is getting better you guys.

>They've changed for the better, we swear!

>They're coming out with Megaman, Resident Evil, and actually listening to the fans.

I swear these morons have the memory retention of a goldfish. Capcom only got desperate and that's why they started listening. But that doesn't mean they got better. Honestly I'm surprised Capcom beat EA to the punch.

a8320c  No.15828535


Not like they really need any help.

a33fd5  No.15828537


>people in the fighting threads were recommending this game

Nah, you're full of shit

You had the same 3 autistic shills and everyone else was shitting on it from lack of content and monetization kikery, it was fucking unfinished so it could be released before EVO

a8320c  No.15828544

File: 8d011e2ed398705⋯.gif (13.32 KB, 320x224, 10:7, FIFA_International_Soccer.gif)


>Honestly I'm surprised Capcom beat EA to the punch.

Not even close.

f0fcb5  No.15828566

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


The loading times have been horrendously bad ever since the game first came out. Instead of fixing it, they put ads in the mean time. Even though ToolAssisted showed it can be fixes

78203a  No.15828569


You're not getting shit despite it saying so. To put it into perspective, the fight money is something you can buy with real money. They've made it so that you get so little fight money naturally that it takes forever to get other characters and costumes. In MvC 2, it would only take a few hours to unlock all characters inside the game and it was never tied to real money. You aren't even getting paid real money for these ads. Just some useless ingame currency that shouldn't be there in the first place.


Inconsistent input delay at that combined with terrible online play. Literally only played for EVO money or because people don't want to play a fighter that's not highly advertised. Koihime Enbu is a much better SFV.


And everyone else told those people to fuck off.

87bea4  No.15828575


>lack of content and monetization kikery


>And everyone else told those people to fuck off.

</v/ is not full of faggits, we swear!

a33fd5  No.15828586


</v/ is not full of faggits, we swear!

I never stated that because that's not true

You post here after all

f0fcb5  No.15828597


Maybe before the game came out but I remember a clear 180 around the time R. Mika and Cammy’s CA’s were censored

fe9652  No.15828605


>Can I get an explanation regarding the differences between editions of Street Fighter? I never understood this.

It's mostly history and evolution. The most interesting aspect being that "combos" were entirely a mistake. A mistake that Capcom actually tried to "fix" with a patch to Street Fighter 2; only to immediately reverse the patch because it turns out their mistake was a value-add that players not only wanted but enjoyed.

Post SF2 were mostly character additions. Very little refining of the gameplay occurred until later games. Combo hit counting was added after Mortal Kombat 2's success. Super moves were added, and even later super combos. Some games had "tag team" matches where you could tag characters in-out of the match… so it was one long round until both characters were out of HPs.

I quit enjoying the experimental shit when they did SF vs. Xmen. I barely enjoyed Marvel vs. Capcom, etc.

28cb2e  No.15828639


At the very least the women in SFV look pleasing from the neck down.

f0fcb5  No.15828649


Character additions, balancing, and other changes. They tended to be very different in editions. Games couldn’t be changed digitally back in the day and since a lot of fighting games were in arcade machines, it was a pain in the ass to go to every single one and change them. Instead they just rolled out a new one, usually to the betterment of the game like SF3: New generation to 2nd Impact and 3rd strike.

Now, it’s just dlc. SFV:AE is not very different at all from vanilla SFV

87bea4  No.15828652


>a clear 180 around the time R. Mika and Cammy’s CA’s were censored

yeah, that's already way to late in. People were praising it before release, which is why I said that anons told others to pre order it. And even when it was released anons said that we need to give capcom some time with it.


I am willing to bet that this faggot is one of those who recommended it back in the days.


>calling other's gay while sucking dick

kill yourself faggot.

a33fd5  No.15828674


Never forget that Capcom censored the shit out of their game

7ae735  No.15828687

Oh come fucking on. Because slapping DLC onto literally everything did not make you enough bucks.

28cb2e  No.15828695



Just making a comment. It's probably because Cammy, Mika and Chun's designs are pure sex from the get go but at least there's something pleasing there.

I'll say that Laura and Falke and even Menat look like trash.

6e27fe  No.15828718

Looks like the mobile cancer is terminal.

First it was just microtransactions, now its watch ads for more power as well.

That'll be $100 + tip (to remove ads).

I can't Dew™ it anymore.

000000  No.15828766


>Crapcom is this desperate and bankrupt.

A reminder that there is no "turn around" for any modern company. Once they turn into shit, they will be shit until bankrupt.

Crapcom apologists and paid shills are cancer. They will try to justify anything that Crapcom do.

78203a  No.15828853

File: 1a032189975c9aa⋯.gif (7.93 MB, 854x480, 427:240, 1a032189975c9aa5d13bb9c1d8….gif)


So you're calling yourself a faggot? Also people didn't trust Capcom after SF4. With V coming out, they weren't optimistic. Especially after seeing how the game looked. The shills were talking about how it was faster than SF4U (which it wasn't) and the game getting dumbed down was a good thing (it was too dumbed down). As soon as it came out it was met with many problems. Shit online made by 1 guy, censorship, terrible and inconsistent input buffer, badly balanced (Nash dominated the game), characters felt empty until they use their V-trigger (still a problem), and many changes to old character either dumbed them down or they lack tools that really helped them (Alex and Juri). Now they throw around balance patches like it's League of Legends just so "new faces will be on the screen" during EVO. From the ground up it was not made to be a good fighting game. It was made to be a spectacle for E-sports. Now people aren't even sure Capcom is even capable of making a good fighter.


Sadly, Monster Hunter World saved them. As long as Capcom has Monster Hunter, it will stay alive.

4ae821  No.15828857

So Capcoms redemption arc has finally begun

496c8d  No.15828866

File: 68e4809edde33d4⋯.png (60.62 KB, 646x822, 323:411, Kuruminha_2.png)

Are the ads for their own tour or something else? If its their own tour it's not a problem, pretty much every game that has a competitive scene does that. Overwatch IIRC even gives you game awards for watching their tournaments

a8320c  No.15828867


> Now people aren't even sure Capcom is even capable of making a good fighter.

They haven't been for a long time considering everything they've put out this past decade or so was outsourced.

71bdcb  No.15828888

> Sponsored Content Settings – Here, you can adjust the sponsored content settings. Turn sponsored content on to receive bonus Fight Money in Ranked and Casual Matches.

>Sponsor Display – Turning the setting on allows you to access sponsored content such as Ad Style costumes.

>Loading & Stage Ads – Selecting “on” gives you access to Stage and Loading Ads.

So it's optional and can be turned off in game settings? Honestly, I don't really mind this because its voluntary. Granted I don't plan on ever playing nuStreet Fighter and it would be total trash if it was mandatory.

c86a50  No.15828917

File: f45031abc0ad07b⋯.png (983.91 KB, 964x743, 964:743, DubsCalling.png)

>>15828888 (checked)

Less cancerous than it could be is still cancerous, anon.

a78fd5  No.15829066

File: 5e460f8bb287199⋯.png (54.31 KB, 512x128, 4:1, MK8-PrincessOrange.png)

wasnt too long ago that games were still using made up ads

000000  No.15829118


>As long as (insert name)…

There is no "saving" for a declining company. All the profit made by MH wasn't enough to recoup their losses.

And the new MH sold less than previous entries.

They also have no more IPs that they can use to milk people out of money.

Their desperation is showing in their every decision. It is just a matter of time before they go bankrupt.

The fact that there are shills trying (and failing) to promote their games by all means is another indicator of their desperation, and thus, eminent bankruptcy.


>Paid shills are this delusional.

78203a  No.15829119

File: 0afdb1f2ab5d67a⋯.jpg (11.89 KB, 480x295, 96:59, 0afdb1f2ab5d67a52fff077eef….jpg)


>It's not that bad.

And that's how they condition you. A decade ago, people said it was completely retarded that Bethesda expected people to pay money for cosmetic horse armor. Now people are saying "It's just cosmetic DLC. That's not bad.". Just like how people defended Nintendo for making people pay to play online by saying "it's just 20 dollars for a year" when it should be free in the first place. But because Microsoft and Sony got away with it, it's fine when Nintendo does it.

How about Capcom simply makes a good game worth buying?

000000  No.15829133



If the company is in control, it always bad.

a78fd5  No.15829167


>There is no "saving" for a declining company. All the profit made by MH wasn't enough to recoup their losses.

>And the new MH sold less than previous entries.

i wonder if as this starts to become more common theyll be forced to start focusing on the video game aspect of video games instead of the production values again.

551563  No.15829497

SFV is having a free week between 11th and 18th of this month btw

78203a  No.15829518

File: 1c61096238b38a2⋯.jpg (966.31 KB, 3990x2500, 399:250, yande.re 151353 francesca_….jpg)


I don't even see the point. There are much better fighting games out there. In fact, it would be much better to just play on Fightcade if you're not willing to spend money on fighting games.

06babb  No.15829531

If a billboard ad in the background of a fighting game meant they would stop jewing customers on piecemeal costumes and extra characters because they're making that money off of marketing I'd think this is pretty fuggin good. But they won't so I don't.

a78fd5  No.15829564

File: 8439f3f48fceb89⋯.jpg (59.98 KB, 593x796, 593:796, 8439f3f48fceb89678d3c0b0fb….jpg)


ah if only this system were used with our best interests in mind.

b5f4e3  No.15829676

File: 09d3301b399d355⋯.jpg (244.35 KB, 1200x630, 40:21, Akiba's Trip.jpg)

I guess advertising for Akiba's Trip anime didn't pay off.

39911b  No.15829735

File: 250e39f05a61389⋯.jpg (53.1 KB, 544x386, 272:193, rpbeleyjgtvxzrdvyxdixvnpae….jpg)

Rainbow six vegas 2 put real ads on billboards that got updated every month. for some reason I thought it was cool, I might think differently about that now, dunno…

08f5c4  No.15829747

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


It started with Red Bull Ryu

78203a  No.15829748


It would be more cool to make fake ads that fit in with the world. Not ads in game that remind you of the real world. I know Rainbow Six is supposed to be realistic but they're still trying to get you to buy real products.

87bea4  No.15829754


It was different times back then. I also remember days when I thought it would be cool if games like gta used real ads and real products. But with how jewish everyone is today they can fuck right off.

cc163e  No.15829799

There's no doubt next SF is gonna be mobile only.

5581f0  No.15829809

>using balorg

630d07  No.15829834

File: 4d4742f216b988d⋯.jpg (122.83 KB, 572x368, 143:92, heh.jpg)



>It would be more cool to make fake ads that fit in with the world.

Only one I know that does that is Gravity Rush.

a78fd5  No.15829946

File: 3105cccf352c159⋯.jpg (94.58 KB, 600x800, 3:4, 2c79a87e01f56516c34b415d43….jpg)



do the flashy noisy vending machines in borderlands and bioshock count as in game advertisements?

every gta game that i know of since the second one has had tons of fake ads on the in game radio stations.

mario kart 8 has a bunch of pretend advertisements like the princess orange here >>15829066

ratchet and clank going commando (i think it was that one) had this decrepit shopping mall, or corporate headquarters or whatever themed level that was constantly playing ads over the loudspeakers. there were a handful of advertisements in the game as the game was themed around the shenanigans of "megacorp"

splatoon has advertisements for the in game clothing and weapon companies, and in the second game the announcers do an endoresement for the local private military company, or whatever the hell grizzco is.

a78fd5  No.15829952


>splatoon has advertisements for the in game clothing and weapon companies

actually, i dont know how these work. do they show up in gaming magazines? in nintendo power if thats still a thing? do they just post them to their twitter?

5581f0  No.15829974



hah, gay

a739e0  No.15829987

File: 218f60f3ccb6818⋯.jpg (17.85 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 86d7850f16fee4ff6dc3924413….jpg)


>Smash Ultimate just about out.

>Even though their characters are in Smash Capcom does not want Nintendo getting all the hype.

>So Capcom responds.

>Responds by putting Red Bull logos on Cammy's ass.


a78fd5  No.15829993


why i aughta

b0f2cf  No.15830074

wow that looks awful

7228cf  No.15833866

Reminder that they censored out poking nipples and cameltoes out of the game. Not to mention microtransactions in a goddamn fighting game.

SF5 is trash and is absolute lowest point in fighting games history.

8ef262  No.15833979

>putting ads in a dead game

68a0df  No.15834155

The last nail in the coffin for me, I shall never ever buy this game now, no matter how cheap.

I actually liked the new mechanics, but this game is a failure from just about every other angle you look at it.

7a6ac7  No.15835644

File: 534f22ab84a8d37⋯.jpg (39.99 KB, 700x220, 35:11, 6-sonicfox-declared-best-e….jpg)

>the face of the fgc

228071  No.15835656

File: d7d61ce7155347b⋯.jpg (123.85 KB, 1000x563, 1000:563, DrdEmkMV4AAPJp6.jpg)


I thought they were putting those on Mega Man's ass

000000  No.15835769


They are literally retards, anon. They won't feel forced to anything. They will double down until the whole company goes bankrupt, and they will still blame it on someone else.

Corporate culture is the same as marxism: a bunch of failed beings get together to try (and fail) to force their views upon others, while they surround themselves with yes men/worshipers/ass-lickers and always think that they can do no wrong and that their failures and incompetence are someone else's fault.


This. Emulators and roms are free, and the best fighting games are all available for them.

25ea0d  No.15835788


>normal people have multiple choices to pick from

>faggot and furries will pick their subhuman kind

>faggots and furries usually are the only voters in these shitshows

What a surprise, I'm totally shocked.

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