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File: e883d0ff858342f⋯.png (17.51 KB, 509x411, 509:411, depressed pepe.png)

File: dcb5c3aa3a8999f⋯.png (64.92 KB, 1008x546, 24:13, continuationists.png)

253b34  No.1615[Reply]

Everywhere I go, people are claiming to have particular messages from God regarding their lives beyond scriptures. I just let a church that over-spiritualized everything. Nigh every church I'm investigating in my area has a section like this:

>In 2008 God made it clear that _(pastor) was no longer in control of his life and that his life was to be fully available to Him. God’s word that was spoken to _ was that “You did it your way, now it’s time to do it my Way.” That night while crying in his garage, ____ fully surrendered his will to God’s will and now strives to only do as He sees what His father is doing. His life testimony is one of many miracles that many, including God can testify to.

I really want to affirm the sentiment. It would be greatly encouraging, but I can't intellectually get on board. I believe in a closed canon. Continuous revelation is charismatic and against the doctrine of the sufficiency of scripture.

My systematic professor told our class that a claim of revelation amounts to claim of being a prophet, and everyone claiming should be held to the tests of a prophet in the OT, which nobody would pass.

Another way I could assent to such language is to read it as metaphorical, and sometimes it is, but they almost always mean in a very literal way "God told me x,y,z".

Anyone else witness this?

Am I wrong?

18 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

0a6321  No.3581


Revelation that is divine and direct - such as communication from angels, prophecy, visions, hearing God's voice in a literal direct way, scripture itself. As I said here >>3566 most communication with God that everyday people experience is on a more subtle and down-to-earth level, which I suppose would be either technically categorized as either falling under general revelation, or possibly something that is in between general and special revelation, since God can communicate via such things as borderline supernatural "coincidences" and such.

As far as the issue of whether special revelation has ceased, I'm honestly on the fence about it at this moment. But I feel a instinctual skepticism and distrust when a modern person claims to have special revelation from God, due to so many kooky cults and heresies starting this way.

c399a3  No.3582


Any revelation that is not general is special

0a6321  No.3585


So if I pray for guidance on choosing the right church, and I get a restrained answer that is void of angels, visions, God speaking directly as a voice in my head, etc. It's still considered special?

2ed6b6  No.3588


>So if I pray for guidance on choosing the right church

I did and used the walk and see where I end up approach, because the few parishes in question were within a few miles.

I ended up in front of the right church with a big cross on the side of the building multiple times, despite starting my walk from different places every time.

bb6874  No.3594


Yes, special revelation

File: 1a88670629a4432⋯.jpg (22.21 KB, 350x520, 35:52, douay-rheims.jpg)

1e8027  No.3542[Reply]

Catholics should at least acknowledge that the Reformation forced them to clean house. I'd like to hear /christianity/'s thoughts on how the Catholic church improved (or worsened) as a result of the Reformation. I found this list online and added a few:

1. Greater clarity with regards to doctrine – an unequivocal set of rules.

2. The superstitions of the Medieval Church were under control.

3. New orders were established and went into the community to do “good work” and to help the sick and poor. A spiritual commitment applied to all tasks, which was a good example to lay people.

4. Greater importance put on communion, which enabled the faith to be cultivated and spread.

5. Popes were more open to constructive change and recognized the corruption of the old church. More churches were built.

6. The power of the popes was unquestioned after Trent – this was good if they were pro-reform.

7. The Counter-Reformation proved to the outside world that the Catholic Church had recognized its past failings and was willing to reform itself rather than blind itself to its faults.

8. Ideas of the new Catholic Church spread by groups like the Jesuits.

9. Good support (in general) by Catholic lay rulers after 1555. The Council of Trent was accepted everywhere and though Philip II controlled the Catholic Church in Spain he was an ardent Catholic.

10. The power of Spain in the C16 meant that the Catholic Church had very strong backing.

11. Translation of the Bible into English.

2 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

44ce76  No.3549

File: 2f9dd256d5f814b⋯.png (371.02 KB, 680x497, 680:497, Geneva_Feels.png)

The counter-reformation was a net positive event in Christian history because it proved once and for all time that romanism is a pagan cult devoid of the gospel

17c6c7  No.3556


>1. Greater clarity with regards to doctrine – an unequivocal set of rules.

They created doctrine where there was none before. Mary's assumption into heaven, for example.

>2. The superstitions of the Medieval Church were under control.

Can you elaborate further on what you mean by this?

>4. Greater importance put on communion, which enabled the faith to be cultivated and spread.

Do you mean communion as in "the gathering of people" or communion as in the Eucharist?

>5. Popes were more open to constructive change and recognized the corruption of the old church. More churches were built.

Isn't the whole purpose of apostolic succession that the church doesn't change, and the big claim that apostolic churches have to back their authority is that they follow the traditions of old?

>6. The power of the popes was unquestioned after Trent – this was good if they were pro-reform.

I'm honestly confused by this one. You're saying it's good for the popes, who are now more powerful, to be pro-reform? Or are you saying it's good that they want to reform the church? Either way, do you see the issue here? The protestant reformation brought about a reformation of the church regardless, but this one is okay because it's approved by the RCC. And it also makes it seem a lot like the doctrine surrounding papal authority is just a power grab, though that may be with how you've worded it here.

>7. The Counter-Reformation proved to the outside world that the Catholic Church had recognized its past failings and was willing to reform itself rather than blind itself to its faults.

That's a good point, but it'd be better if they recognized their doctrine as unbiblical rather than being blinded by their traditions.

>8. Ideas of the new Catholic Church spread by groups like the Jesuits.

Ask any trad catholic what they think of the jesuits, I'll wait. And again, why are there ideas of the "new catholic Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

1e8027  No.3559


Good questions! I just copy/pasted that list from a page about the Counter-Reformation, and it didn't go into additional details so I'm not sure what the answers are. But thanks for asking good questions.

af4262  No.3584


Examination of the Council of Trent is supposedly good too. I wish it was available online or at least not absurdly expensive.

881e1e  No.3589


this. just like other councils it's just doubling down on the establishment

File: 95a99087d3973cd⋯.png (24.56 KB, 570x1024, 285:512, 570px-Logo_of_the_United_M….png)

0b5cb5  No.3561[Reply]


>A ruling by the United Methodist Church's highest court has upheld the denomination's support of traditional marriage and its opposition to LGBT ordination. The ruling, some evangelical commentators say, could portend a split in the UMC.

>"The United Methodist Church is not going to be able to hold together" as its liberal and conservative elements espouse conflicting views of human sexuality among other matters, R. Albert Mohler Jr., president of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, said today (April 29) in his podcast "The Briefing." "It is not going to be a united Methodist Church. The polarities within the denomination are simply too great."

>In an April 26 ruling, the UMC's Judicial Council upheld 10 of 17 petitions in the Traditional Plan narrowly adopted by delegates to the UMC General Conference in February. The Traditional Plan affirmed the UMC's longstanding declarations that "the practice of homosexuality is incompatible with Christian teaching" and that "self-avowed practicing homosexuals" cannot be ordained to the ministry or married in the UMC.

b0add7  No.3562

Too little too late

c38096  No.3571


Good! Separate the chaff from the wheat.

File: 4ae1788be32a1cf⋯.jpg (76.66 KB, 674x388, 337:194, holy-bible.jpg)

2aa9e9  No.3509[Reply]

Can Christianity talk about Free Speech 1st amendment ?! etc!



Protect your rights and 1st amendment !

https://8ch.net/thetruthh2019/res/1.html ->proof videos links on this thread

a6c221  No.3513

Give us the summary. Feds exposed as what?

000000  No.3503[Reply]

For those who are losing faith, do not despair.

For he is about to return.

The process is on-going for they are in.

There is no turning back anymore.

Have faith or rather, don't you dare to ever lose it.

For those who do not have it yet, acquire it and believe when I say, you will not acquire faith by reading 100 pages or 1000 pages long book.

Begin by losing.

Without your struggle, this would have never happened.

The least I will say, the less probability to be marked as insane.

Do not despair.

Soldiers of GOD do not need to be reminded of this, but I will say it anyway.

Do not lie.

Find your purpose.

Get ready.


Replies will be very brief, if any.

File: 3da1664e95f5a5c⋯.jpg (7.64 KB, 314x160, 157:80, images(24).jpg)

2ad87c  No.1250[Reply]

Everytime I finish masturbating i think of God looking down at me disgusted as i jerk off like a retarded monkey. I always say I'll never do it again and before I know it I'm back to whacking off. There's just so much pornographic images everywhere, on tv and billboards, I cant control my impulses

14 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

4d5790  No.3440


>I mean that when you look at my overall record, it's unforgivable.

That's why you need Jesus Christ.

d43750  No.3441

File: c2dd9061d131a6f⋯.jpg (7.76 KB, 180x210, 6:7, cry.jpg)


God is forgiving, so sin away and repent later. Besides, Jesus took one for the team. Might as well give him his money's worth. Don't let his death be for nothing.

0280b8  No.3448



c3e5ef  No.3472


Romans 6:1-2

000000  No.3499

e7af42  No.3450[Reply]

Think back to Ray Comfort and his banana, since a penis fits perfectly into an anus, that must mean God made us to sodomize each other.

2 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

cd4b5a  No.3455


God didn't make the banana as you know it. It's a 100% cultivated fruit. Man literally used genetic engineering to make the banana as you know it today.

833d1e  No.3459

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

833d1e  No.3462


Sodomy causes bleeding and diseases, and sodomites usually don't make it to middle age.

280782  No.3464






Everyone who replies to this shit thread is a faggot

b82d8a  No.3481

File: 72b8046236b7d81⋯.jpeg (6.99 KB, 276x182, 138:91, hitlerlol.jpeg)


That includes you.

File: 335f3d0435cba2a⋯.jpeg (131.1 KB, 955x500, 191:100, evil.jpeg)

74e9da  No.3324[Reply]

What do politicians, scientists, humanists/humanitarians and innovators have in common? THEY ALL TRY TO BUILD HEAVEN ON EARTH! Us disciples of Christ are behind enemy lines; we are in the devils kingdom(this world) and we must stand up to these worldly people! We must help our fellow humans because we love them; not to make money or to build an earthly kingdom. Gods kingdom is not of this world! IT IS OUR JOB TO STIFLE PROGRESS!!! We don't need the scientists witchcraft to feed the poor and hungry ALL WE NEED IS LOVE!

2 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

ee4524  No.3330

File: b946ce0f4492bad⋯.jpg (21.1 KB, 400x400, 1:1, Y4jHGURZ_400x400.jpg)


What if someone read the Bible and is under the impression that heaven is in the heart and that thinking about it as a place akin to sheol is a form of extreme egotism

ca70a0  No.3331


The afterlife being a place of fog and confusion is pretty sad.

ee4524  No.3332


Accepting oneness with your creater is the same as egotism death

118900  No.3333

File: 3474ea558e0692d⋯.jpg (98.52 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 443c3eb176c8849f5ae142b8f8….jpg)


Fuck, on phone wasn't paying attention, auto fill and all

c5a8a7  No.3478


Then you're an edgy atheist who actually denies most of what you read in the bible, turned everything into a weird subjective metaphor, and you spit on 1 Corinthians 14:33 which states clearly "For God is not the author of confusion"

0de64b  No.3202[Reply]

How was Jesus' sacrifice a sacrifice, if he had a divine life before and after his death? He knew he'd just return to God upon his death, and honestly didn't really lose anything in the process aside from a few years of his infinite lifespan

18 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

755c2e  No.3237


Bible worshippers make no sense. You can't turn the other cheek while slaying the evil.

9377a6  No.3238

File: 92d8b82b143ffbd⋯.png (180.89 KB, 625x626, 625:626, tactical bait package.png)



stale talking points my dudes

2b4b67  No.3300

>bearing the full wrath of God for all his childrens' sins while undergoing an agonizing Roman execution method

>not a sacrifice

It takes a finite man eternity to pay for one sin, let alone all of them. Jesus, an infinite being, bore an eternity's worth of punishment for millions of people within several hours on top of his already excruciating physical suffering and death.

0725a6  No.3449


Calling it a sacrifice implies something significant to the person making said sacrifice was willingly given up

A mortal coil isn't very significant to an eternal being

82e96e  No.3454


>A mortal coil isn't very significant to an eternal being

That's irrelevant. His human nature died a fully human death and was resurrected by God the same way that we will all be resurrected one day. The human death of a sinless human(which Christ was, since He is both fully God and fully man) was all that was required to atone for human sins. Moreover, the resurrection was necessary for our salvation because if Christ had not defeated death we ourselves would not be able to rise again as He did. I know this can be confusing, but this should be able to help:



Read "The Incarnation" and "The Life of Christ" sections in the first link and the "Book Second" section of the second link.

File: d1b45c70f3ef037⋯.png (69.59 KB, 672x221, 672:221, FlowingOilBible.png)

82db5e  No.3290[Reply]

Share the Story About The Flowing Oil Bible

9 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

0865bc  No.3391


KJV is for squares

Ignatius or bust.

1f133e  No.3401

Believe it or not, that's not the only account or occurrence of that miracle.

around the 3:14 mark


3c42c5  No.3402


I was confused so I looked up Mark 3:14; all it said was "He appointed twelve -designating them apostles- that they might be with him and that he might send them out to preach"

Then I realized you were talking about the video.

ae77e9  No.3424


So, it's basically the Hanukkah miracle? Nice to know the Jews have it right.

cb184c  No.3445



YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

11d0ba  No.3311[Reply]

Average poster on /christianity/

ea8827  No.3321

based boomer rant

ed7826  No.3415

File: 393b5a75fe58fe1⋯.png (138.72 KB, 507x343, 507:343, rapture.png)

File: ee2be89cee07eaf⋯.png (181.19 KB, 513x350, 513:350, rapture2.png)

File: 1fac18539bf08c4⋯.png (296.89 KB, 506x741, 506:741, rapture3.png)

100% based

756788  No.3435

f18f7e  No.3444


>first image

I just wanted to point out how crazy this boomer is. Why would an anti-Christ rabbi claim Jesus will return? They literally don't even say His name without cursing it.

File: 37d49d1f98a43a9⋯.jpg (181.18 KB, 720x405, 16:9, lead_720_405 (3).jpg)

6a7dc2  No.3250[Reply]

Guys I think /christian/ is dying and you're about to become the new main Christian board. Not even /christ/ has been as successful as you guys.

9 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

aecb44  No.3277


Is he using the Northern Baptist Missouri West Synod Constitution of 1979 or 83 though?

82f097  No.3278



1f9b46  No.3297


Missouri is north

865d3f  No.3437


The fact that they are banning everyone for "unspecified" reasons might have something to do with it.


>They ban anything that doesn't confirm to their obscure Catholic catechisms

It's called "novus ordo cuckoldry".

39cf80  No.3443


It became a weird cult when Tutor became the BO and appointed all catholic mods. It particularly got culty when someone spammed the server with illegal pics one day and the server got locked into "regulars" and "non regulars" section.

There used to be EO in the server and on the mod team until he made it his mission to convert everyone in DMs.

Hell there used to be baptists mods on that board a long time ago. Times change. The board and server are getting worse and worse.

Like what

>>3260 said. It's all trad LARPing. That garbage might've had steam back around the elections in 2016 but memes alone cannot sustain a lifestyle (or deathstyle whatever you want to call it).

The people ther unironically need to be evangelized. They've echochambered themselves into an elaborate system of bizarre pseudo christian nonsense. It's like watching a gnostic religious system being born before our eyes. It's fascinating and sad at the same time.

7db131  No.3025[Reply]

Why did he make dick taste so good?

5 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

5923d2  No.3421


If God disapproves revenge why did he vengeance feel so good?

5923d2  No.3422


I hope you realize that what we want and what God wants are two different things.

087997  No.3426


>Why did he make dick taste so good?

Because He loves His enemies.

2d40db  No.3438

File: 3af24a8810e92b4⋯.jpg (43.02 KB, 214x400, 107:200, Words of the lord.jpg)

d012ee  No.3439


Dick tastes much better.

2deb48  No.3412[Reply]

Christian Heritage Party of Canada. Does anyone know much about them? I love their values and principles. I see they are against the 'Gardisal' vaccination but are they against all vaccinations? I see they are against "climate change" (thank God).

f9f374  No.3413


They are pro vaccination, they just don't like giving gardisal to young kids because they think it will encourage them to have sex.

f9f374  No.3414

Oh, and they don't have a hope of ever getting anyone elected

2deb48  No.3427

If they are truly for God, family and country then I can see there is hope

2deb48  No.3428

I would be interested to see Canada turn into a republic like the USA originally was.

File: 99d0c7ba4582bca⋯.jpg (35.65 KB, 346x406, 173:203, 1555362786044.jpg)

58f064  No.3407[Reply]

Does anyone else agree that the holy spirit is a human invention?

9fd20b  No.3408

The bible never says anything about it…

If there are multiple forms of God who was the Angle of the Lord?

What about all the times in the old testament God appeared?

02311c  No.3409


e4ede0  No.3411

File: 5e3e3b449326b2c⋯.png (272.47 KB, 822x1857, 274:619, Trinity.png)

not me

how would you make sense of this verse if God, the Holy Ghost wasn't a thing?

>Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost (Matthew 28:19)

9b2068  No.3477


>human invention

>literally mentioned in the bible over 100 times

alrighty then

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