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File: a54a0f1b948b9c7⋯.png (89.2 KB, 1022x769, 1022:769, Timdeclareswar.png)

File: 478013d0f1390ca⋯.jpg (17.71 KB, 255x248, 255:248, Angryautist.jpg)

File: 4cf715baea31fae⋯.jpg (2.59 KB, 51x61, 51:61, autismface.jpg)

7935c0  No.359377

Timbox Box Thread #5: Autistic Sjw Edition

Tim is still crying over his dead Asian bitch on DA, but when he isn't sperging over Ashi, he's drinking the Sjw Kool-Aid screaming how Trump and /cow/ are ruining his life (He's tied /cow/ to the Alt-right like a stupid autistic fuck). Tim's brothers and the Anytown guy still make little appearances with his brothers calling us blackies or some other racal slur (lol). DA is still Tim's little haven, but when he gets caught stealing other people's stuff, he cries like a bitch.

DeviantART: http://timbox129.deviantart.com/

tumblr: https://projectdinosaursnstuff.tumblr.com/

ED page: https://encyclopediadramatica.se/Timbox

Tim's "Cwcki:" http://timbox.wikia.com/wiki/What_Would_You_Think_If_Timothy_Robert_%22Timbox%22_McKenzie_Had_His_Very_Own_Wiki

https://archive.is/tok3S (Thread #4 archived)

f96895  No.359395

File: f4bb4311a80c099⋯.gif (1.83 MB, 245x245, 1:1, tumblr_inline_ntho6dTZFc1t….gif)

>Timmy hates Trump

>Timmy is sucking SJW teat

>somehow hates SJWs

>calls people racial slurs

Timmyboy is too dumb to notice his actions lol. Also I don't think he knows what a SJW is he, just hears it being thrown around on the internet and just uses it as an insult.

7935c0  No.359449


Tim doesn't like how they went after Genndy, but he buys into their fucked up bullshit like Trump being Hitler 2.0 and the Alt-right faggotry. He doesn't want to know the truth how the left-winged shit and corrupted social justice he's been fedhas ruined lives, or why people think Samurai Jack's last season sucked. Whenever Tim wants answers, he cries when he doesn't get the answers he wants, screaming he's going to get killed or something more retarded. Tim sort of knows, but he wants to live in his little la la land where he hopes CN will let him make that non-existing Dexter's Odyssey/Waifu of the Month movie, and /cow/ dies off with Trump and minorities (lol).

88ed14  No.359470


Sounds like he should join those faggots over in the "Nazbol gang" that have metastasized in the Bloodsports thread.

a409fd  No.359710

File: 743137598477d5e⋯.jpg (13.59 KB, 480x269, 480:269, 22552346_1750520435000727_….jpg)


Let the autism commence once again.

6f0ddf  No.362672

File: fd4fd6a4272a667⋯.jpg (64.92 KB, 1024x418, 512:209, aku_attacks_the_homestar_r….jpg)

File: 6fea0ba81b79b08⋯.png (65.29 KB, 920x416, 115:52, Tim doesn't get it.png)

File: 4f3b791ef9e0d8a⋯.png (497.63 KB, 752x1063, 752:1063, LMFAO.png)

File: cb610b525e49c80⋯.png (14.69 KB, 904x191, 904:191, lolbuttmad.png)

File: 1109794006540ab⋯.png (99.99 KB, 1214x556, 607:278, it's just fucking McDonald….png)

Oh sweet Jebus. This is the first time I'm checking back here after 2 months, and look at all that's happened since.

Actually, it's depressing, because not much has happened at all.

>Tim spergs on DA

>Begs for Hollywood-senpai to notice him

>Gets intermittently mad at Trump, for whatever reason

>Calls us SJWs (???????) (clearly he doesn't understand)

>Becomes infuriated on learning that /cow/ is still posting about him

>Freaks out at us

>Rinse and repeat

I gotta say though, >>358393 was a record-setting chimpout. If somebody could cap that post in one whole screenshot, that would be great. You would definitely need to zoom out quite a lot.

The whole "Merlin interviews Ashi" thing was also an unprecedented cringefest.

Some gems from DA: a cringey Ashi x Homestar mashup, and a comment some guy made on his "Ashi's Mom Wanted for Child troll" deviation that had me snorting.

This guy made a shoop of Tim if he were an FBI-wanted child predator, and posted it in the comments of the deviation. But instead of flipping out, Tim calmly pulled out his old lines about being an a-okay person, then wanted to start a discussion about his deviation.

He also freaked out at somebody julaying him in the comments section of his latest deviation, but hid their comment and reply like the lil' bitch he is.

Stupid is as stupid does.

Tim hasn't uploaded very much to his DA gallery in recent days, largely making journal entries and Tweeting. He tweeted a few days ago (https://twitter.com/UlyssesSBob/status/970290090483253251) and posted on his DA profile, questioning the "fuss and uproar" [about Ashi] "on the internet", wondering if there's a "problem" with her that needs to be explained.


It's just you, Tim.

He also took out the time to make an entire post about how overjoyed he is about Mulan-themed McDonald's Szechuan sauce, and how much he loves Mulan: https://timbox129.deviantart.com/status/12785608

Again, I'm saddened. Tim's speech has not evolved one bit, and has only regressed if anything. He's turning 27 in only 2 months.


I'm thankful for all the julayers here who have gotten some quality julay from him while I was away. As I promise every time, the ED page is in dire need of updating.

P.S. When did his brothers re-surface, OP? I didn't see the "blackies" post. The Anytown spammer is annoying, but it's obviously not Tim and we can just ignore him whenever he comes up.

7935c0  No.362909


>I'm a wonderful person, y'know

<Talks like a moron, drinks the sjw kool-aid, jerks off to Asian kids, and is a creepy faggot over shitty 90s shows and Asian women

>Why do people mock me?

<Spazzes like a lolcow when people make fun of him and bawwlocks like Dobson on DA

You tell us, Timmy.

You would think Timbox would have moved on from dumb shit like Homestar Runner. Knowing this faggot still jerks off to snakes, penguins, and little kids like a pedophile-manchild-faggot, I shouldn't be surprised knowing he's still into shitty Samurai Jack and shitty Dexter. Nostalgia is a fucking hell of a drug.

>I didn't see the "blackies" post.

>>299248 from the last thread. It can't be Tim being somebody else because we all know Tim types and talks like a retard; chances are it might be one of his brothers. We know the Anytown guy isn't Tim but foxdickfarms still thinks Tim is Anytown, so let those dumb fucks keep thinking that. They don't really care about Timbox to figure it out. The Anytown guy is like Chris's trolls: he thinks that making tying himself to Timbox will make him less of a faggot.

7935c0  No.362917

File: 93a1a0383b07a0d⋯.png (57.93 KB, 639x630, 71:70, naggingpeople.png)

File: f1dd0e5189fc7ab⋯.png (160.71 KB, 631x638, 631:638, stolenfromtwitter.png)

File: 395b9b3260730f3⋯.png (196.92 KB, 588x656, 147:164, GoodandHonestmyass.png)

Seems like Tim sperged out on Twitter in the last 2-3 months (He reposts his DA shit on Twitter):



>What do you think about this shitty comics I spammed on your Twitter

<Why are you bothering me?

>I want to show you this shitty picture


It's like he never learned his lessons from Dan Goldwater or Chris when he was spamming shit on their pages. And apparently he took the same guy's Vday picture >>324670, and posted it on his own DA page as his own piece (again if you remember the element info he stole from a website). Yea Timbox, you sure are creative and original. Great fucking job stealing someone's else stuff again, claiming it to be your own.

>I'm good and honest

<Steals stuff from other people like a typical DA user

No you're not.

7935c0  No.362922

File: ec2b297e295928b⋯.png (431.35 KB, 770x898, 385:449, TaraStrongxTimbox.png)




>I'm so sorry for jerking off to one of your characters from a shitty cartoon. THOSE EVIL 8CHAN TROLLS MADE ME DO IT BECAUSE THEY RUINED ME LIFE

<"Holy fuck, you're a faggot," said Twitter

I haven no pity for Tara Strong being a leftist cunt who supports Rapefugees and shit, but not even she deserves Tim's faggotry. Tim, what the fuck is wrong with you, you stupid peodphile manchild faggot? And yet you STILL obsess over Ashi like the dumb faggot you are, Timbox! If that apology meant something, you would have stopped talking about Ashi months ago while everybody else moved on.



Even the guy he spammed his shitty comic to probably thinks Timbox is a dumb, creepy manchild faggot.


>Actually, it's depressing, because not much has happened at all.

Let cows shoot themselves in the foot. It's the best way to get something out of them like what he just did with Tara Strong.

6f0ddf  No.362929


Oh my *fucking* God Tim, you know that you can keep things to yourself every once in a while, right? Christ, shit like this reinforces my creeping belief that is he just irrevocably retarded.

But wait. I don't think he's smart enough to use "masturbating" in a metaphorical sense, in any way other than to mean that he sexually pleasured himself to the TV show: particularly Ashi. But could he? "Masturbating" as in "being obsessed with/sperging over relentlessly".

Well, I don't think it matters anyhow, since that's more than humiliating enough and we all have 0 doubt that he has wanked off to Ashi countless times.

Now that this "BadSamuraiJack" art account brought attention to him, he has yet another thing on the internet to autistically screech at.


a33c2f  No.362991

Do we know what Timmy's parents feel about his internet activities?

7935c0  No.363033


>But could he? "Masturbating" as in "being obsessed with/sperging over relentlessly".

This is the same pedophile manchild who admitted his love for LeeLee and penguins on Youtube years ago. I doubt he was being metaphorical when he told Twitter he jacks off to Ashi.


They might be keeping an eye on his faggotry, since he doesn't post much out of his Ashi obsession, or when he talks to us (note: screams at us when we make fun of him or prove him wrong).

26cee1  No.363036



>You would think Timbox would have moved on from dumb shit like Homestar Runner.

>Still jerks off to snakes, penguins, and little kids

>Still into shitty Samurai Jack and shitty Dexter

Tim will never move on beyond his nostalgia. He still obsessed of his dream where Cartoon Network would come to him and made a billion dollar budget film over a nonexisting movie based on copyrighted cartoons. He'll never moved on to other things If Tim tried to moved on (Which he'll never will) he'll find a way to shoehorn every anime, video games, tv shows or other movies into his undesired fanfiction shit.

He only mention Rick and Morty because of that dumb sauce based on Disney's Mulan. https://timbox129.deviantart.com/status/12790048

>Tim post up the recent Oscars and Shape of Water

<Never saw the film itself

<Only bring Lord of the Rings for shits and giggles


If he say that to Tara in comic convention (Be grateful he doesn't go to comic conventions), THAT would be a new level of humiliation and awkwardness


>Tim's speech has not evolved one bit, and has only regressed if anything

If his speech hasn't changed for 12 years, I could bet he doesn't pay attention in English class or social skills either Middle or High School.

3a873c  No.363094


>He doesn't know that "The Shape of Water" actually won because it attacked white people, praised Communism and promoted beastiality

I know it sounds nuts, but hear me out: Remember how Brokeback Mountain sort of helped lead people to accept homosexuality? What if the Hollyweirdos are trying to get people to accept pedophilia and beastiality through that same backdoor bullshit? That's why that movie won, Tim. Because people in Hollywood want to rape kids and animals.

7935c0  No.363126


For some reason, I can see him having similar moments like that with other people in his life:

>Miss, I'm so sorry for staring at you all day, trolling you even.

<What? Excuse me.

>You see evil bullies on 8 chan /cow/ are making fun of me for being a virgin, so I thought being around you woul-

<Get the fuck away from me.


<Yes, and get away from me! Police!

I just don't understand what would make you think posting about your masturbation shit on someone's twitter is a good idea. Smart, my ass.


This kind of stuff triggers poor ol' Timmy now that he's drinking the sjw kool-aid, and has been fed with so much bullshit from the media and pop culture he accepted in his life. Tim doesn't want to know the truth about how fucked up Hollywood is, or why Sjws went after Genndy and others like August Aimes when he asked /cow/ why are the Sjws going after Genndy for shitty Samurai Jack; he won't even accept the fact Samurai Jack's shitty last season was so disappointing to so many people or why the new PPG is still a horrible, unwatchable shit show (Tim used to flip out when anyone said PPG and New PPG suck). He'll just scream at you for "breaking his barriers," or "you're trying to get him killed."

9d7567  No.363345


What the fuck did Homestar Runner do to him?

7935c0  No.363487


His mods and posters ridiculed Timbox out of his forums when Tim wouldn't shut the fuck up about his shitty movie ideas and bullshit rumors he was making up about making a movie with the Chapp Brothers.



7016dc  No.364117

Enough bullying, 8Chan /cow/!

You listen to my facebook friend Lucas Williams:


He warned me about how you stopped me from making videos or anything about Ashi.

And plus, the way you assholes harass me on the internet is really uncalled for.

So Stop! Cease! And Desist!

Thank you!

7016dc  No.364121

And btw, you better stop using my personal name and info anywhere, for it is rather uncalled for!

7016dc  No.364124


And one more thing, I demand that you, 8chan /cow/ Stop talking about me anymore.

a33c2f  No.364131


Shut up, faggot.

b1deb5  No.364169




Hey there,

First of, yes i'm the guy that runs Bad Samurai Jack art,

but I don't think you care about what i think of SJ (and you’ve probably moved on to something else Tim’s done) so i’ll cut to the chase

i've known about Tim since late April/early May. i found him on DA when i was looking for art to post on BadSJ. I believe the first one i found was either "Ashi sleeping in a bed" or "Ashi on the golden gate bridge", they came out around the same time so it doesn't matter to much. i noticed they were made by the same guy, so i clicked on his profile and i swear i opened Pandora's box.

There was so many pictures about Ashi and it was just after "The Ashi Movie" shit was posted, not to mention all the other crap like "Ashi Poses" or something of that nature. I remember thinking "I've hit a fucking Goldmine!" So i watched him on DA to get more art from him, along with some other SJ fanatics, but Tim was the most active. I sometimes let his stuff stack on DA so i could get some pics if i needed it, and that's how it was until he mentioned a thread about him. I still don't know why he linked the thread but hey, whatever.

I don't need to talk about the thread, it speaks for itself. So yeah i've been following this thread for a few months now. it's how i found his Twitter and boy that’s where most of this shit went down.

Around November, he began using his twitter, posting stuff about SJ. One of these post was the one where he confesses to jerking it to ashi. obviously i had to screenshot it because he'd delete it eventually. I posted it on Twitter to give other’s the same reaction I had. It's one of the creepiest shit he's even admitted to, and i had pictures in my head that were not fucking pretty. I actually thought you guys knew about Tim’s tweet before, considering he’s most likely done something similar in the past.

About the comic, for starters, I was aware about it before he tweeted it at me. I saw it an DA and thought nothing much of it, it was basically just a combination of Tim’s boner material, Dinos, Asian girls and Genndy’s Cartoons. I didn’t post anything about it, but then he tweeted it to me.

the only reason he knows about me in the first place is because i replied to one of his tweets with a Ashi meme (that he later uses unironically in a page about Ashi, bitching about how she’s dead), but Jesus you’d think he’d have some common sense, I mean he tweeted to a guy called “Bad Samurai Jack Art”. I’m not exactly subtle with what i do. i was thinking about posting it on here, but i felt as if it would be seen as self promotion, so i didn’t bother.

Anyways that my story with Tim, needless to say he’s mainly a meme on BadSJArt. I know this is a long fucking post but it’s more or less an overview of my experiences with him. Tim is just a Chris Chan with a Samurai Jack coating, no matter how much we’ll deny it, it’s the truth. He’s a creep, but he gives me a reason to post.

As for me, i’ll keep posting on twitter, even it’s been a year since season 5 started. i’ll also follow Tim and his shenanigans, but also this thread incase you have any questions or anything else about Tim pops up. if you want a chat confidentially my dm are always open, though i doubt it’ll be needed.

Thanks for your time and have a nice whenever the fuck you’re reading this at.

7935c0  No.364178

File: dc3232f04fb716e⋯.png (37.49 KB, 1823x260, 1823:260, thinkaboutit.png)

>Concerned that people don't like shitty Jack and shitty Ashi instead

<Not the terrible story-telling and meh art in shitty season 5 or how shit like the Guardian was ruined.

Because Jack and Ashi were shitty characters, and Jack's growth was thrown out in season 5. All the shit he did and experienced in 4 seasons were pointless when Ashi stepped in, and she was a horrible Deus Ex tool. Seasons 1-4 had unique story-telling that didn't need terrible writing all of the time, but none of that was in season 5. Genndy forgot what made the first 4 seasons watchable when he made shitty season 5.




>Thinks "leaking" his facebook messages is intimidating

Lol, the link doesn't work without us having a Jewbook account, you dumb fuck.

>He warned me about how you stopped me from making videos or anything about Ashi.

It's your fault your Ashi obsession made you a complete joke and an even bigger faggot than Chris Chan. If anything, making Ashi videos on Youtube would have made your life worse for you, so you should thank us, Timbox. Also:

>Screams that people tried to hurt Chris Chan

<Not thinking his "buddy" Lucas Williams might be out to fuck with him

You never learn, do you?

>Stop talking about me

Stop being a dumb pedophile-manchild-faggot. Enjoy your updated ED page.


>i noticed they were made by the same guy, so i clicked on his profile and i swear i opened Pandora's box.

That's everyone's experience with Timbox. We didn't expect 5 threads of Tim being a faggot over fictional Asians, nostalgia, and shitty 90s cartoons. Thanks for capturing his masturbation tweet.

>As for me, i’ll keep posting on twitter, even it’s been a year since season 5 started. i’ll also follow Tim and his shenanigans, but also this thread incase you have any questions or anything else about Tim pops up. if you want a chat confidentially my dm are always open, though i doubt it’ll be needed.

Just don't go all A-log over Timbox like the Aenimanerd fag, and you'll be fine, but whatever you got can probably be added to his ED page if it's legit.

11f0e4  No.364185


>"The Shape of Water" actually won because it attacked white people, praised Communism and promoted beastiality

At what parts of the film has it done that? I haven't watched it, but I wanna know more.

88ed14  No.364227


A Soviet spy is treated like a sympathetic character, the villain is a patriotic white man with a stable family and a woman fucking a Deep One is treated as a loving romance instead of sick fuckery.

ddc148  No.364262


Actually, I haven't "a-logged" him in a long time. Hell, I just don't care about lolcows anymore enough to do such a stupid thing. Also, I agree heavily on your statement relating to Season 5. It was such a fucking letdown if you look back at it, and some of my friends on Jewbook are sperging over it being one year since S5. My apologies for A-logging prior, but I've changed my ways over time.

ddc148  No.364267

I'm still attempting to grasp the basic concept of what is and isn't a-logging, though. So if I sound like I am a-logging, do forgive me.

7935c0  No.364270


All good.

ddc148  No.364274


Good to know. I'm hoping over time that I do grasp the basic rules of 8chan and such. These past months I've sorta gone through the stage of my 16 year old self maturing in a way. I sorta cringe on my past posts on the 4h thread now.

b1deb5  No.364559


>That's everyone's experience with Timbox. We didn't expect 5 threads of Tim being a faggot over fictional Asians, nostalgia, and shitty 90s cartoons. Thanks for capturing his masturbation tweet.

I wasn't aware of the threads back than, so it was a big find for me and BadSJ at that time. Nowadays he's more of a meme than a source of art. Also you're welcome for the masturbation tweet and thank for putting some of my stuff on ED.

>Just don't go all A-log over Timbox like the Aenimanerd fag, and you'll be fine, but whatever you got can probably be added to his ED page if it's legit.

Not to sure what A-logging is but if it's anything like tweeting about him constantly and trolling him, don't worry. Like I said before, he's pretty much a meme now.

ddc148  No.365117


I'm the Aenimanerd fag. I'm trying to still contemplate what is and isn't a-logging, but ya know.

a33c2f  No.365132

Tim really needs to understand that there's such a thing known as copyright.

Samurai Jack is over. Ashi is dead. Move on brooooo

7935c0  No.365173


It's taking a cow too seriously to a point where it really starts bugging you for the worse. It also involves cows or losers making fun of other cows and losers with trolls thinking it's "Redemption" or it'll make the trolls hate them less (it doesn't. It eventually backfires on them). A;-Log came from a guy who was obsessed with hating Chris Chan, but he became almost as big a faggot as Chris Chan. That's not to say you can't feel disgust, bitter, or irritated by a cow, but don't overreact too much (that said, some cows like Nick Bate deserve the shit they've been given because Nick was a sexual predator and a psycho).

ddc148  No.365175


Thanks for the explanation, man. Much appreciated! Now how do I come off as not sounding like an a-log fag?

7016dc  No.365667


No. I cannot follow your orders, sir.

b1deb5  No.366345


Thanks for telling me that. I don't even hate Tim, i just sorta see him as a weirdo.

ddc148  No.366355

If I had to give my honest opinion on SJ, it has to be what >>364178 said. Also I didn't use my name until recent, but those replies with me saying I haven't a-logged in awhile and stuff were me prior. Is it fine for me to use the name here, or should I just go back to the anon name?

b1deb5  No.366929


I think you can still use the name, just don't A-log and you'll be fine.

7935c0  No.367415


Enjoy your misery as your shitty Ashi continues to ruin your life, Tim (you could probably spend the time you waste on Ashi getting a real Asian girl that's better than Ashi). DA already thinks you're a joke.

7935c0  No.371327

File: 6fd0b28bca4cc9a⋯.png (10.83 KB, 1862x108, 931:54, retardtalk.png)

Hey Tim, did anyone tell you you talk and type like a fucking moron these days? Even if you intentionally wrote "have gone died," intentional idiot talk and bad grammar don't make you sound smart at all. Smart my ass. Again Tim, get the fuck out of your house and buy some art, writing, and grammar books.

ddc148  No.372190

Quick question, does >>371327's response equal a-logging in a way? Sorry, I still am trying to realize what is and isn't a-logging. I apologize for bogging the thread up with responses like this.

b1deb5  No.372459


>Quick question, does >>371327's response equal a-logging in a way?

No, Tim has shit grammer and he's pointing it out.

667451  No.372627


A-Logging would be like saying Timbox is so horrible that he makes bloodthirsty dictators look like lambs for the horrific crime of making autistic people look bad in comparison. Would also involve shitting on someone with the implicit/explicit idea that you are a better person than they are.

ddc148  No.374163

>>372627 and >>372459

Thanks for the responses. I'll try not to a-log as much as I did a few years back. I think I understand it now.

e53828  No.375354


I'm confident everyone in here IS a better person than Timbox. But there's no need to remind people.

63af15  No.376908


I'm glad Stephen Hawking is dead. One less cripple on Earth.

b1deb5  No.380024

This guy did a video in Tim back in January, but he only mentioned Dexter's Oddy, LeeLee and Gogo Tomoto. You think we should tell him the rest of Tim's story or leave him be?


7935c0  No.380362


Eh, let people find Tim on their own, but I'd only throw a little comment that brings up some of Tim's recent antics. If you're going to fuck with Tim just do it, but don't be a ween faggot like Chris's ween trolls. Also be aware if you fuck up, it will bite you in the ass in the future. Trolls like Liquid Chris just did shit on their own when they messed with Chris Chan

ddc148  No.381397


This. To be fair, I think lolcows should be more obscure to those familiar with the other parts of the internet. I mean, we wouldn't really want another case where PewDIePie makes a video on TIm like he did Chris. What do you guys think of the Chris video that the biggest JewTuber made?

dcf0eb  No.381467


links or it didn't happen tits

a33c2f  No.381513


Who weened on Tim?

b1deb5  No.381582

b1deb5  No.381586


I'm not trying to fuck with him, even if i was it's no good now. Tim hasn't posted anything in a week. Maybe he's actually listen to our advise and went outside.

One can dream,

one can dream…

7935c0  No.381783


Tim will never leave the internet let alone change for the better. When his threads die down, he will go back to shit posting about Ashi or whatever gets his attention until he slips up. Tim used to lie to everyone about leaving the internet hoping everyone will leave him alone, so he can do something like ship fictional minors in relationships or sperg about them like a pedophile. Let Tim shoot himself in the foot because chances are movies like the shitty Pacific Rim movie or some other shitty movies he brought up will probably get Timmy to sperg.

dcf0eb  No.381804



ddc148  No.381965


The like >>38152 posted is what I was referring to. My apologies for not linking it.

982371  No.382549

It's funny to see how low he went over time.

7935c0  No.382590


Define he.

982371  No.390072

So, has anything came up in the past week about Tim?

7935c0  No.390413


Since his ED page got updated and we found out about his Twitter "apology" to Tara Strong, he's probably been more quiet than what he used to be. He knows someone will make fun of his shitty Ashi pictures, and there's really nothing for Timbox to sperg over now that shitty Samurai Jack is over. It'll be a while before he acts up again.

7935c0  No.390414


Same shitty article from his DA page last year, but only faggier with one endless tweet after another. I guess Tim has never heard of Tweetlonger.

982371  No.391252

It's starting to get really quiet without nothing from Tim.

There's also gonna be a third Hotel Transylvania movie; why doesn't Tim sperg on those; I mean; they're directed by his hero!

ddc148  No.391878


My guess is that cows will sorta start to grow quiet after awhile. Look at Chris, he had a high point where everyone was fascinated with whatever move he'd make next, but in the years that followed, there's still a small but devoted group dedicated to what Chris(tine} will do next.

26cee1  No.392844


>Hotel Transylvania 3

I was expecting Tim would be excited/sperg for Jurassic World sequel or Ready Player One (He was a fan of Spielberg https://www.flickr.com/photos/10072627@N04/9647250274)

Look closer underneath



If Tim wanted nor love to draw, why didn't he took art class during high school or middle school? He had all that timing and yet his drawing look like elementary school level nonsense, surely he didn't just daydream and stalk girls most of his time rather than making effort or learning. It's no wonder Tim took seven year to complete high school (I'm going to assume he's socially awkward and he's one of those people who gets temper tantrum like a child if someone tick him or joking around). If he had a job (Last thread mention Tim is in Vocational Training Program and is with them for 5 years) why couldn't he gets his Paypal account and ask any artists from Deviantart or Tumblr to draw his fantasies he desires (If Tim smart enough to know how paypal works) but I doubt that'll happen if any artists would take Tim's ideas seriously


I don't think your friend "Lucas Williams" would even care about your so-called problem. Is he's one of your classmate, a friend from work or just a internet friend? I think your friend had other things to do in life than helping/handholding your Ashi video

b1deb5  No.393222

File: 1c384b5540d0ebe⋯.png (331.28 KB, 585x402, 195:134, Screen Shot 2018-04-01 at ….png)

Something popped up on twitter, it's just some retarded hashtag but it looks like easing back into his shenanigans.

7935c0  No.393416


He forgot to put in "jerking off to minors," yellow fever, and obsessing over Ashi. At least we know he didn't get rid of Dexter's Lab with the shitty Samurai Jack stuff out there.


>If Tim wanted nor love to draw, why didn't he took art class during high school or middle school?

Your choices can be limited depending on y9our high school (art programs still get fucked over), and honestly most teachers suck at their job nowadays. You can teach yourself to draw just from going to Youtube or watch others that get your attention, but that requires effort. Tim hates effort, and would rather use someone else's stuff.

>He had all that timing and yet his drawing look like elementary school level nonsense, surely he didn't just daydream and stalk girls most of his time rather than making effort or learning. It's no wonder Tim took seven year to complete high school (I'm going to assume he's socially awkward and he's one of those people who gets temper tantrum like a child if someone tick him or joking around).

Only a few people put shit loads of effort into something they want to do in the future when they're 16 or younger. In Tim's defense, a guy like him usually has no idea what to do with their lives, but we're talking about a manchild who spazzed over cartoon animals, dinosaurs, and ficitonal Asian minors. Tim's not the sharpest tool in the shed. No one takes stuff like art, media, and animation seriously.

>If he had a job (Last thread mention Tim is in Vocational Training Program and is with them for 5 years) why couldn't he gets his Paypal account and ask any artists from Deviantart or Tumblr to draw his fantasies he desires (If Tim smart enough to know how paypal works) but I doubt that'll happen if any artists would take Tim's ideas seriously

Why waste money on a commission if you can make shitty pictures of Ashi yourself? I wouldn't be surprised if he found Ashi porn.

982371  No.393454

It's also strange that, although Tim mainly sperges on Dexter or Jack, he has never once (and I mean NEVER ONCE) sperged on Sym-Bionic Titan.

I guess Tim somehow doesn't like it, because it doesn't "satisfy" his Asian fetish.

26cee1  No.393471

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


He won't let go Dexter from November2017 journal where he give up Dexter Odyssey after 4chan's co doesn't give a shit of his nonexisting movie.


>Why waste money on a commission if you can make shitty pictures of Ashi yourself? I wouldn't be surprised if he found Ashi porn.

His DA favorite would've filled massive amounts of Ashi or add pictures journals from Tumblr (Too bad he quit Tumblr cause few tumblr artists drawing lewl artworks of her). His favorites was like that and hasn't changed since last year


If Tim watches Sym-Bionic-Titan, he would've be lusting/sperging that one episode. Be glad Tim isn't lusting on redheads

7935c0  No.399865

File: 37be852fa204fc5⋯.jpg (89.57 KB, 1024x555, 1024:555, Laxzyapology.jpg)

File: 7cce73e9f287ddd⋯.jpg (12.3 KB, 250x238, 125:119, goofywtf.jpg)

I wouldn't be surprised if the autist who requested this piece of shit had to wait for more than a day for Timbox to make this half-assed picture. It's insulting to even call this a commission because all Tim did was half-ass an open mouth, and added words in MS Paint. This shouldn't have taken Timbox more than 30 minutes to make this. Creative my ass, TImbox.

Timmy also brought back his shitty dinosaur movie project with a scene he "made up" years ago (note: stole from King Kong, Land Before Time, and other shit he saw):



>(I actually got inspiration for the Iguanodon Stampede scene directly from a similar scene in Peter Jackson's 2005 King Kong remake in which the search and rescue party for the girl got involved with both a pack of raptors and a stampeding herd of brontosaurs, the Brontosaurus/Apatosaurus being much bigger than the Iguanodon in actuality.)

<I just took a scene from a pop culture movie, and just changed it so it seems original.

Let's just say it what it is, Timbox.

>My masters, Mandark the Great, and Mojo Jojo, Lord of the Apes and Monkeys, have been searching for you all day. Now they will expand with their powerfulness,…

<Using already established characters made by Genndy

Great job using somebody else's stuff, you dumbass manchild. Dude, you gotta cut down on the run-ons.

I also found this old gem I thought was lost years ago when he deleted his Tumblr account. It's a shitty Christmas story where his self insertion saves some Japanese witch from Totally-Not-Mandark.



Why do I have the feeling he fucked up the Japanese with BabelFish or some shitty translator program (I knew a dude in college who got caught for cheating with Babelfish, and was kicked out for that and other shit)?

Here are some other "Original, DONT STEEL!" stories made up by our autistic manchild:

https://archive.is/j7Scx (Some stupid shit about a boy with dinosaur powers)

https://archive.is/9NeSF (Toon Talker synopsis)

https://archive.is/LWvql (I have no idea what the fuck is this shit)

7016dc  No.399954

File: c25d6aaf5beaab7⋯.jpg (158.98 KB, 1918x787, 1918:787, Scary angry eyes!.jpg)












d790d8  No.399967

I wonder if timbox is gonna post audio files to show his dismay?

7935c0  No.399982


No one called you a monster, but you are pretty stupid.

7016dc  No.399998




Will you really please forget about me in total?!

Will you please stop breaking all of my barriers or even attempt to break all of my barriers like you have done to Christopher/Christian/Christine Weston Chandler/Chris-Chan/CWC/whoever else you harass?

Will you all please disband any hatred against me?

And will you pelase remove everything about me from your hearts and minds?

Thank you.

7935c0  No.400130


What's your obsession with barriers? Nobody hates you, and no one is out to get you, idiot. Your birthday is next month, and your what? 2 years away from 30? Maybe you should do some thinking in your life, and maybe break these barriers you keep screaming about.

7935c0  No.400136


And this isnt't reddit, stupid. You can type sentences like you're using MS Word. Learn how to write, Timbox.

7016dc  No.400179



Actually, I have already have the right to write on my own! And so,I do not need your help AT ALL!!!!

5ce26b  No.400193


Is this the real tim or someone larping as him?

26cee1  No.400430

File: 4d3b0d94353d297⋯.png (119.26 KB, 960x720, 4:3, despressingselfinsert.png)

Traced art that Tim request but it kinda pathetic and lame when you insert yourself with cartoon character. (There's a aco thread about that one rule34 artist who self insert with various characters from animated films and video games but he got more talent and can do the fuck he wants than Tim put effort)

>He didn't even bother put that art onto his favorite.


Whoever requested Timbox didn't have any artistic common sense or even look up his gallery before making a pitiful MS paint shit.

As the Iguandon Stampede script, That would've look decent if he didn't make a reference of King Kong and mention Genndy cartoons (He just had to bring them up)


Tim mostly post his entire full name (Including his Middle Name) if you saw his previous threads of Timbox Tim can't fool anyone due to his sentence typing/lack of English skills

26cee1  No.400448

7935c0  No.400633


Then don't cry when we make fun of you, your failures, or your inability to make decent sentences as a late 20-something adult, stupid.


I don't know what's the saddest: the tracing, the laziness, or that Tim is probably fatter now than what he is? I dare you to post a pic yourself if you don't think you're fat, Timmy.

ddc148  No.410881


What you say is truth. I'd award you but sadly I've nothing to award you with except gratitude. To be fair, I think people should take /cow/ more as criticism and banter than as legitimate threats. It'd sorta help them in the long end.

b5e201  No.415351

yes, that is exactly how u "go to war" with an entire board. u make a desperate plea for help on ur deviantart blog. seems legit

982371  No.419158

This is really becoming sad.

How many threads can we reach with Tim before he dies?

7252d9  No.421354


That's like asking how many threads we can make about Christine-Chan until (s)he dies.

b74992  No.421995

how do we get timmy to start making vids again?

624ba0  No.426350


Basically what >>421354 said. EDF and foxdickfarms still have shit loads of threads and pages devoted to Dobson and Chris Chan. Either Timbox stops shit-posting or learn how to handle people who don't kiss his ass (He won't do any of those). He might sperg over the new Jurassic Park movie, but who knows?


You don't If you're gonna fuck with Timbox don't be a ween faggot. Do it yourself. That's how trolls like Liquid fucked with Chris.

624ba0  No.427253

File: 91c05c9042a706f⋯.png (204.58 KB, 593x700, 593:700, Fakecartoonfacts1.png)

File: 4457dfd0e707ee5⋯.png (76.03 KB, 590x626, 295:313, Fakecartoonfaggot.png)


>Twitter has a "fake cartoon fact" hashtag

<He can't shut the fuck up about his shitty movie ideas, missing the whole idea behind the hashtag

<Shows how he knows little to nothing about whatever he gets into like the golden fleece and Alexander the Great

<No one likes his shitty tweets


>Tim might have liked Ready Player One

<Possibly liking Reddit: the Shitty Video Game Movie that has sjw shitbag Wil Wheaton

If this is the case, you really have shitty tastes in movies, Timbox.

624ba0  No.430583

File: f8c3d4b35bc0c9a⋯.jpg (131.54 KB, 1024x418, 512:209, FuglyAngel.jpg)


That's supposed to be an angel? Why does she look like a furfag with a tail? Drawing/Tracing over Ashi and other established characters with MS Paint doesn't make your shit original cocks, Timbox. You really need to get some drawing books, or at least watch some videos from legit artists who are not hacks like that piece of shit Andrew Dobson.

>Like me or hate me, maybe I have done it in preparation for – love it or hate it – some epic passion project of mine (probably to be called "Dexter's Odyssey" or something like that) that may – say whatever you want about it whether you love it or hate it – fuse characters such as those I've seen in old Cartoon Network shows (especially those shows created and aired during the late 90s-early 2000s creator driven era of the Cartoon Network itself) such as Dexter's Laboratory and Samurai Jack (created by Genndy Tartakovsky) and The original Powerpuff Girls show (created by Craig McCracken, Genndy's ex-Dexter's Lab art director) among whatever else catches my interest (be it dinosaurs or the samurai warriors of Japan) with a Lord of the Rings-esque sense of epic scale, ambition, grandeur and spectacle or something like that (even if said passion project might be realized either mostly in live action or completely animated (whether mainly 2D drawn and animated or completely 3D CG-rendered and animated or both) or visual effects-driven (whether involving practical and miniature effects or digital CG effects or both) or maybe even a rather ambitious combination of all of the above options).

>By fuse I mean totally use these characters like they're mine. DON SEEL MY SHIT!

<Still clinging onto Dexter's Odyssey after 15 fucking years

<Still dreams that CN and Genndy will let him make this, knocking on his doorstep

What preparation, manchild? Preparing yourself for some unexpected reality Genndy and CN will let you use their characters for your own wank material for free, meeting your unrealistic expectations? That will never happen even if you finally got off your fat autistic ass to make Dexter's Odyssey. Timbox, you're going to turn 28 this month, and beyond shit posting on sites you've been banned from you still haven't done anything with this fucking "Dexter's Odyssey" project after 15 years of one shit post after another. A ween troll could probably make Dexter's Odyssey faster than you, and chances are it would be better than whatever you would come up with. Your art is shit, your writing is even shittier than your shitty art, and you don't even know anything about the "inspired" material you try to use for your shitty movie ideas out of poorly-written wiki descriptions you read online. Maybe instead of crying over Ashi or screaming how Trump ruined your life you should fucking do something with your shitty Odyssey.

b31ae5  No.430939


Tim only mention Ready Player One causes it's a crossover movie which he already obsessed when it comes to cartoon film. Why would tim care about video games if he doesn't know nor the knowledge of it.


>12 years, he still bring up Dexter Odyssey despite last year he quit his nonexisting "dream" work after 4chan co ridiculed him

Many forums like Retrojunk and Toonzone tell Tim to do something original rather than using copyrighted characters. The main problem of Tim is he won't/refuse to move on a cartoon nobody care or move on to other things. He undesirley wanted to make or see a movie about Dexter, Samurai Jack or Gennedy characters in his own vision. Tim already wasted 12 years yet nobody even cares about his undesired and nonexisting movie, but he doesn't have any self awareness or common sense if he does, he would've stop shit posting by now.

I like how one person (the person who made that traced Ashi/tim) comment it knowing this is all he got, that's it (2 fav pic just for shits and giggle). Nobody from his watchers or anyone would comment his MS paint tier that even a elementary school kids would make this stupid crap.

I wonder if Tim even go to school clubs (middle or high school) but ends with Tim didn't get what he wanted if the other students never took Tim seriously. Has he even used Photoshop or other draw program like GIMP (he can't afford or download higher/new Photoshop program but using older model of photoshop)

267f85  No.430977




267f85  No.430980




Also, do you all think that people with mental or developmental disabilities like myself, especially those on the autism spectrum (whether higher or lower functioning) deserved very little or no place in the arts and entertainment worlds or especially on the Hollywood film industry?


099204  No.430992


Are you a nigger? And no, being almost as intelligent as one doesn't count.

No? Then you don't get affirmative action for being an autist.

b31ae5  No.431007


Coming from someone who makes a masturbation tweet to Tara Strong and Chris Battle/Dan Goldwasser doesn't give two fucks about u.

You've already rinse and repeat the same arguments even kids and teen make it. Go read a book or watch Netflix shows for once in your pathetic life if nobody gonna took your childish acts over a nonexosting dream you desire

267f85  No.431015



21edb3  No.431024


k. ur gay.

b31ae5  No.431032


You already said that 15 times from the last 4 threads. Can't back all that talk if u gonna repeat the same over and over.

You know what u lack tim? You lack imagination and creativity because u still handholding your Dexter and Ashi. Still hoping,daydreaming or still in a fantasy bubble your Gennedy would notice u? You're going to be 27 soon this month yet you're still acting like a childish fool who doesn't get what you want. Tell me, tim… name one, ONE thing u did most of your life beside shit posting from Toonzone to 4chan.

624ba0  No.431412



You are the only one who can stop this. You know Ashi and shitty 90s cartoons are holding you back.


I don't think you know what you're talking about when you bitch about your barrier bullshit. I'd ask you to explain this barrier shit, but you won't give me an answer. You'll just make one angry post after another, throwing threats and screaming about more barriers. Do you really say this to people out of the Internet?

>Honey, we need to talk about your obsession with Ashi


>I hate my life. Why did I deserve a son like this?

>Tim, you packed the wrong thing for the customer


>What the fuck are you talking about?


>You're fired.

>Tim, we gotta talk about your behavior at jobs we give you

<They tried to break my barriers like 8chan /cow/, and NOW YOURE DOING THE SAME!

>Tim, either calm down, or I'm done helping you get another job

<The decisions yo mak-

>Mr. McKenzie, I think we're through. So long, and good luck in your life



>Also, do you all think that people with mental or developmental disabilities like myself, especially those on the autism spectrum (whether higher or lower functioning) deserved very little or no place in the arts and entertainment worlds or especially on the Hollywood film industry? I DO NOT THINK SO!

Like >>430992 said, you don't get special privileges because you're not a minority or a woman. You're white as fuck, and autism isn't as much of a "privilege" card as being black/Muslim/Arab/Hispanic, a tranny, or a woman these days. Oh yea, Here are some archived links to prove how fucking wrong you are. Maybe you should do some research before you sperg out like a retard, and think twice before you shit post.




I know you won't read these links because you're too lazy and stupid. Like Chris Chan (who you try to tie yourself to), you'll just keep making excuses not to put any effort into your shitty Odyssey let alone your life, insisting Genndy will let you make your shitty fap material.


You're a really stupid faggot, Tim.

7252d9  No.431552


I'm the one to blame for the "barriers" thing. It was pretty much my extremely cringy mistake of giving advice to Tim. To be fair I'm not the a-log fag like I was months ago and thank god for that. Around the time I posted shit on the 4th thread I was already a depressed 15 year old dude. I pretty much cringe at my old stuff. I mean I get what you guys said by me being an a-log fag in the old threads and I heavily agree. I just didn't understand what an a-logger was at the time. Thank god I can look back at how much of a cringy Tim obsessed retard I was and learn from those mistakes. This sorta sounds like a-logging a tad but I apologize.

624ba0  No.431578


Everyone fucks up. Just learn from the mistakes. I just want Tim's explanation on this barrier stuff beyond, "FUCK U U RUIN MUY LIFE ALTRIGHT NAZI!"

7252d9  No.431610


I can sort of explain it. I gave a tiny bit of an explanation before I went off a ramble on how I was depressed when I started posting on 8chan and stuff. Basically I was done playing on a PS1 emulator and had the "wise" idea of emailing Tim about just ignoring trolls and to not tell anyone. A month goes by and I check the thread and see he leaked the advice. So ofc me being an easily pissed off aspie goes on a tangent to Tim about how he was supposed to not do that. So I'm mostly to blame for the "barriers" thing. To be fair I am sorta like Tim. I have big ideas and can't stop talking about them and it does annoy and even tick people off, but I understand because I'm on the ADHD/Aspergers side of the spectrum. Needless to say I'm more focused on keeping those ideas in my head and playing old games and repairing computers than I am talking about my ideas.

624ba0  No.433051


I want the explanation from Tim himself, which he won't do. All of Tim's dialogue nowadays consists of sperging over Dexter and Ashi, or screaming how we're ruining his life and breaking his faggot barriers with his Trump (I know he hasn't brought up Trump in a while, but it was still funny how he vilified Trump).

7252d9  No.435588


Tim always links his email to his name whenever he posts, so you can email him and ask him like that. Try to be as polite as possible.

267f85  No.436661

File: 60f565feeda6c33⋯.png (2.61 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Snapshot - 111.png)

You trolls on the internet are very rude, very nasty, very hostile, very out of order, and especially, very unkind towards peoples with physical, mental, and even developmental disabilities and especially an autistic person like myself for many years too long, and the one last thing that people other than you trolls could, should, and would ever, EVER do in their lives is to probably and savagely discriminate against people with autism like me or people with other disabilities and especially strip people with autism and other disabilities of their unalienable human rights, especially whether that person’s disability is physical, mental or even developmental!


That is a really stupid, stupid, STUPID way for you internet trolls and selfish jerks on the internet here and there, just to savagely harass, to savagely discriminate against, and especially, to savagely pick on autistic people like myself and other people with mental, developmental and even physical disabilities!

And the truth is that many people today, apart from you trolls and selfish jerks that prowl the internet, actually do not really picked on or harass or criticize, or especially make fun of people with mental, developmental and/or even physical disabilities, and especially those with Autism Spectrum Disorder like myself, but many people actually support autistic people and people with other mental, developmental and physical disabilities, just like they did to African Americans, Hispanic people, Asian people, Native American tribes, and other people of different races, classes, and creeds, whether male or female, and which is why people DO support people with autism and other disabilities, everyone that is EXCEPT for you internet trolls and selfish jerks at 4Chan /co/, 8Chan /cow/ and other –chan websites, of course!

And I am actually a good person outside the internet! A good person with good dreams, loft ambitions, great aspirations and especially a vivid imagination, that is!

I hate to repeat myself time and again, but why would I even find my place in the world, when you internet trolls yell at me and call me out all the damn time and saying what an evil monster I am on the internet?!

And every time I post on the internet, autistic or not, when anyone who post at 4Chan (especially the /co/ section) or 8Chan (especially the [lol]/cow/) section) or any internet image-based message board/chat room that ends with the word "-chan" or anywhere else that had have rather selfish jerks and bullies and internet trolls had unnecessary jokes and insults towards people with autism like me and people with mental, developmental and physical disabilities, and making fun of and calling me out and calling out other people with disabilities, just because you people say the dreams, ambitions, aspirations and goals of people with autism like me and others are undesirable and unattainable for a person with a disability, every time I post on the internet, I would have to be getting you selfish idiots and you bullies and you jerks and you internet trolls like those at 4chan /co/ and 8chan /cow/ everywhere I frequent on the internet, and especially in the way you dare to protest against, WITH EXTREMELY SAVAGE PREJUDICE, any autistic people and any people with other disabilities (mental, developmental, physical) attaining the same unalienable human civil rights as everybody else in the United States!

And very much thanks to all those people at 4Chan (especially the comics and cartoons section) or 8Chan (especially the lolcow) section) or any internet image-based message board/chat room that ends with the word "-chan" or anywhere else that had such people, you Internet trolls are really ruining the lives of anyone and especially anyone with a disability (like autism) unfortunate enough to use the whole Internet itself!

What the hell is your problem, you internet trolls?!

All this internet trolling needs to STOP RIGHT NOW!!!


And if you dare to troll me and harass me and especially treat me poorly like shit, I will block any troll on any of my internet accounts!


655237  No.436865

File: 30b335868f7b90f⋯.png (804.58 KB, 3564x1668, 297:139, timboxmessagetotrolls.png)


Saved in HD just in case.

624ba0  No.437642

I wish someone could impersonate Timbox, and make it sound like he's reading his shitty autistic rant on Youtube. That rant is definitely going up on his page…whenever ED is stable for once.


>You trolls on the internet are very rude…towards peoples with …disabilities and especially an autistic person like myself…

You didn't read those links that were posted about successful autistic people who weren't incompetent and pathetic like you, and had it worse than you, Timbox. Tim, whether or not you want to admit, we're the closest thing to being nice to you, even encouraged you to fucking do something with your "dreams."

>…but as for you internet trolls at 4Chan /co/, 8Chan /cow/ or any other web chatroom/imageboard that ends with “—chan”, IT ISN’T ANY OF YOUR GODDAMN BUSINESS JUST TO SAVAGLE DISCRIMINATE AGAINST PEOPLE WITH AUTISM AND OTHER MENTAL,

Just like it's none of your business to go on non-cartoon-based sites or harass Dan Goldwasser, Chris Battle, and even Tara Strong with your shitty obsessions Ashi, shitty Samurai Jack, Dexter, dinosaurs and your non-existing movie ideas you will never make.

>Says we discriminate against minorities

<The same minorities he's a bigot towards

Yet you and your brothers call us blackies, or you yell how browner/brown skinned kids ruined your shitty pictures for being a dumb, autistic faggot around them, Timbox, you're not the one to really bitch about any racist shit when you and your family are racists. If anything you'd probably call those people dumb retads that are slow-in-the-mind like Chris Chan and your "trolls." Drop the fucking holy-than-thou shit, Timbox.

>And I am actually a good person outside the internet! A good person with good dreams, loft ambitions, great aspirations and especially a vivid imagination, that is!

No you're not. You're not a puppy-killing sexual predator, but you're more of a lazy, hypocritical dumb fuck that's probably a pedophile with yellow fever. Your imagination is joke full of shitty nostalgia with little or no creativity and inspiration.

>And every time I post on the internet, autistic or not, when anyone who post at 4Chan (especially the /co/ section) or 8Chan (especially the [lol]/cow/) section) or any internet image-based message board/chat room that ends with the word "-chan" or anywhere else…

Nobody is gonna kiss your ass, and nobody thinks your shitty movie ideas are good. It's not just the chans; it's every fucking site you've been on including the Homestar forums. What if I told you that you've been a bully when you keep insisting people kiss your ass for your shitty obsessions and your refusal to shut the fuck up about your unrealistic movie projects and "Dreams?"


What are you gonna do, you autistic, pedophile-manchild faggot? Empty threats have no value.

624ba0  No.437643

File: 9dbba40adad990c⋯.png (504.92 KB, 1562x686, 781:343, Stillobsesseswiththis.png)

>Today is a very important anniversary for some of those who like Samurai Jack and Ashi…

No it isn't. Even sjws and your hack, role-model Genndy don't give two fucks about this shitty kiss anymore. You're the only one who is still thinks this is the most iconic thing about shitty Samurai Jack because you're still upset how Genndy and Jack stole your dead waifu from you. We all know you want shitty Ashi for yourself.

267f85  No.438037

File: 1acf0bd618c57e0⋯.jpg (27.45 KB, 720x540, 4:3, vlcsnap-2017-12-20-16h36m5….jpg)




267f85  No.438038






267f85  No.438040

And oh! BTW…


61c93b  No.438048



The more u argue/whine at them the more encourage they will make fun of you. Did u took the time to read it and ever think for once to learn your mistake? No one will take your asspats seriously for your dumb movie ideas and disturbing obsession.

>Tells them to get out personal lif

<Post your full name and home address on Yahoo Q&A while u mention Don Bluth penguin movie around 2007


They're being honest or "nice" on you but you're acting like Dobson tell everyone for asspats and how much of a pathetic loser like u. Learn to take criticism

624ba0  No.438642

File: 40cb1d08f98615b⋯.png (51.08 KB, 1348x539, 1348:539, Goldwasser.png)


Not until you learn to deal with people who will give you shit, quit your faggotry over shitty 90s cartoons/Ashi, make one your shitty goals come to life (Use MS Pain and movie maker, you lazy fuck), and take the time to maturely explain what the fuck do you mean with your barrier faggotry you keep screaming about. You also need to get rid of Ashi.


Maybe you and your fucktard family shouldn't be throwing racial slurs at people if you're so worried about this You or your brothers will call us "blackies" or something else because you refuse to learn from you mistakes like your refuse to let go of Ashi.


Then don't put your personal shit and your unhealthy obsession for shitty Ashi online, you dumb fuck. You're the one who can't stop talking about a fucking dead, fictional Asian bitch. You're the dumb fuck who doxxxxed yourself with your shitty fanfics on Critieria years ago.


Have a reminder how you harassed and creeped out Dan Goldwasser with your bullshit (they're archived by the way in case ED is dead).



624ba0  No.438657

File: bad9e9204789b75⋯.jpg (30.35 KB, 500x340, 25:17, Spidermanfaggot.jpg)

I guess Timmy found a new home to do his shit posting with the "Chans" being his mortal enemys.


>Article about cartoon ratings going down because people are sick of nostalgia, forced leftist-Sjw agendas/politics, terrible reboots like PPG, and Hipster shit in nu-aged cartoons

<Doesn't contribute to the topic because he has to force his fucking Dexter's Odyssey into the comment section

Timbox being a Timbox: a cunt who will never let go of Dexter's Odyssey


>Kudos to Samurai Jack, to Ashi, to Aku, and especially to Genndy Tartakovsky and company, for inspiring me so much to pursue my own path to becoming a good successful artist, storyteller or filmmaker one of these days!

You're none of those things, and you'll never be any of them. You area really bad writer (e.g. Using "But alas" in a shitty way to sound deep and smart).


>Tries to chim in on Trey Parker calling current cartoons shit

<Makes an attempt to hide his hate for Trump

<Has to fucking bring up Ashi in the most autistic way

The autism in his post is all over the place, and it gets worse when he brings up Ashi (again):

>And beleive me, folks, I used to like a character from Samurai Jack Season 5 named Ashi who became my favorite character from that season of that show.

>But alas, On Saturday May 20, 2017, before the interval between 11:30 pm and the stroke of midnight, Samurai Jack and Ashi (my favorite Samurai Jack season five character) were about to be married, having destroyed Aku and his dystopian world

>….But alas, the bride Ashi collapses before meeting her groom Samurai Jack, and she dies in Jack's arms and disappears into nothingness but not before she says that without Aku and his dystopian world, she would never have existed.

<He posts the exact date and time his dead waifu died

Jesus fucking Christ Tim, this Ashi shit keeps getting worse somehow. Were you really that triggered by her death?!

267f85  No.438701






267f85  No.438705



b34aed  No.438723


Oh, come the hell on! There is absolutely no point in dwelling on that poorly-done waifu of yours, especially if it's inhibiting your personal growth and development.


Read >>438701 again until you can actually understand why people still discuss your twisted behavior.

b34aed  No.438727


How? By yelling at people online, calling them "monsters"? Until then, keep screwing your Ashi blow-up doll like a retard, since you just can't get over her.

aa576e  No.438886


You STFU and stop posting for a year. You lurk, and you read, you learn how we speak and how we act and then when you finally think you get it, you LURK MOAR.

It's an anonymous board. No identity here, no sacred cows, no personas. Don't try to stand out as no one gives a fuck about you. Unless it's 100% vital i.e. "I used to date this guy from 1993 to 1995" then you simply avoid using your real identity as much as possible. Make your post good enough to be worth reading without needing a name behind it.

And drop the fucking name immediately. You're attention seeking and if you do that around here we're going to start digging up your shit and you don't want us doing that. Become anonymous, you are no one but everyone. The only time you can have an identity it lasts for a single thread where you need to prove you're the one replying. Like an ask me anything on a guy you went to school with. But once the question times over you drop it and disappear again.

366d3e  No.439306


01a89b  No.439477


Draw or do something original instead using copyrighted characters from Samurai Jack to Dexter.

267f85  No.439574


You think that if I use any character from Dexter to Samurai Jack instead of anything out of my head, then all my dreams are going to be savagely suppressed by powers that be?! Are you trolls trying to defy the First Amendment or what?!

bf1b18  No.439956

Jesus Criminy Christ. Another 2 months without checking up on Tim, another 2 months of his life wasted shitting his pants and doing nothing, but countless meltdowns and freaking out at us.

I gotta hand it to >>400430, that made me laugh the hardest and is absolute peak 'tism right there. Somebody from /aco/ did that?

In any case, he's in the exact same position than when I saw him last.

>Sits on his ass and shits his pants and does nothing to materially work towards achieving his dreams

>Occasionally shitposts about Ashi/Jack/Dexter's Odyssey/Hollywood/movies

>Sees we're still posting about him

>Throws a red-hot temper tantrum and makes an utter fool of himself for the millionth time

>>436661 was one of his worst freakouts. Thanks to >>436865 for screencapping it, I immediately thought of doing so myself. He also Tweeted the "gist" of this rant, saying again that "Anyone who troll [sic] me will immediately be blocked!"

It's been over 2 and a half years since his first /cow/ thread was created. He tried shitposting on 4/co/ somewhat recently, only to receive a very negative reaction. (He now holds this vengeance-like stigma against them too.) /foxdick/ had threads on him many years ago when he was actively producing videos for Youtube. And he still doesn't know how anonymous imageboards work.

Don'cha think that if you could have "blocked" us, you would have been able to do it already, Tim?

I also got a kick out of the imaginary boss v. Tim scenarios in >>431412. He is now fixated on phrases revolving around "barriers" and the belief that we're trying to "break" them.

And speaking of "barriers", >>431552 >>431610 it's really not your fault. As you can plainly see by the way he expresses himself, he gets irreversibly stuck on words and phrases that he thinks can best construe his feelings. He doesn't seek new methods of telling others what he thinks and feels, hence the recent obsession with the idea of "barriers" and that we're "breaking" them.

It was the exact same way with Chris. Chris invited the trolls, not the other way around. Considering how post-2000's Chris has somehow managed to be increasingly depressing - especially considering the shit Chris has pulled recently - it's their own god damn fault.

>>433051 >>438657 you mention how he sometimes brings up his disdain for Trump. Tim really isn't political, he's not at all publicly interested in politics and I don't think his casual dislike for him is based on politics. I think he vaguely sees him - childishly - as a kind of boogeyman, yet another imaginary monster to fear for "keeping him" from his dreams.

But you know, since he is a manbaby, his behavior is identical to the Leftist SJWs. Blame everyone except yourself for your own problems.

Anyway, thanks to >>438657 for finding out about the "Cartoon Brew" posts. I'm surprised he didn't make a new tumblr, and if he has then we have yet to find it.

He's quiet now, but is always bound to return to spergin' and shitpostin' like always in due time.

Oh yeah, and >>430583 he's turning 27 on the 21st of this month, not 28.

1fbaf7  No.439970


>Its been over 2 and a half years since his first /cow/ thread was created

He's been in our orbit since 2011 when this board was called /cwc/ and hosted on 789chan.

573ab0  No.439994


God fucking this. Because if this I don't even know why Tim is so scared of Trump when SJW controls pretty much all of society because of shits like what you mentioned. Literally everyone who isn't a fucking channer now is a soy drinking anti-white anti-freedom cuck or roastie. Not a single conservatice outside of fringe minorities.

SJW may as well be fucking government now.

1fbaf7  No.440024

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Per said comment, this is what got our attention.

And yeah, your ears aren't deceiving you, Timbox actually did fap in public at a McDonalds to the female bird from "The Pebble and the Penguin"

aa576e  No.440028


They are the government you retard. Obama fits the SJW mold perfectly and he was groomed for the position for life.

573ab0  No.440041


You're right. Fuck there really is no non-Marxist opinions outside of here anymore fucking is there. All of them died after that fucking king nigger stole the election twice.

573ab0  No.440054



And if you think that's bad, look up "net neutrality".

The SJW government is straight up going to take control of the Internet, and everyone is cheering them on.

bf1b18  No.440097


Yeah I'm aware of that, which is why I said it's been years since threads about him have been popping up on imageboards. It's just that he wasn't discussed on this independent incarnation of /cow/ until then, after it split off from being a Chris-chan-centric board.

b34aed  No.440125


This isn't a matter of the right to free speech. This is about intellectual property. The main reason why you should as well go for something original is because you need permission to use those characters for your projects. Listen to reason for once in your life.

74db37  No.440142


Technically it was a deviantart request, not aco https://xdankmemesx.deviantart.com/art/Timbox-and-Ashi-738254412

Tim didn't even put it on his favorite.

fb4d2c  No.440145


How do the authors of the Star Wars extended universe or Star Trek novels go about with writing their stories?

573ab0  No.440265


>it's SJW government controlling the internet but it's disguised as a regulation that makes the internet (((fair))) without ISP throttling boogeyman

>even though all you have to do to circumvent throttling is to just pick a different fucking ISP



573ab0  No.440479


Of course it's that fucking king nigger BO. He's responsible for just about the entire world turning SJW against us, alog with that fucking shit cuck Shape Of Nigger movie. This isn't fucking fair. We have to rise up.

573ab0  No.441271


Too late for that sadly

Our fucking catalog is already being filled with pro SJW shit threads like >>416602. Not only is SJW mainstream as fuck, especially with the nu-generations. It's so fucking widespread it's like air.

624ba0  No.441385

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.



Your dead Asian bitch has done more harm to you than anything else. What has Ashi given you that's actually beneficial? Less shit about being a furfag pedophile (you're still a pedophile-manchild faggot)? Ashi worsened your life to a point even Twitter made fun of you telling Tara you jerked off to Ashi. Timbox, Ashi doesn't talk to you or have feelings. She doesn't even exist. You should really let go of her, and interact with real people. You'll get more out of a real person than a shitty fictional character.



To use a portion of that shitty Samurai Jack quote you use to threaten trolls, You made the decision to act like a yellow-fever pedophile, a manchild, and a furfag. If you or your brothers did something that lead you to jail, that's your fault; not Trump's nor ours. Take some responsibility for once in your life.


>if I use any character from Dexter to Samurai Jack instead of anything out of my head, then all my dreams are going to be savagely suppressed by powers that be?!

We'd love to see you make something original that isn't from shitty Land Before shitty Time, shitty Dexter's shitty Odyssey, and shitty Samurai Jack, but you never will. You don't have any creativity in you, Timbox. Drawing over an established character doesn't mean you're creative.


What fucking dreams? You flip from your Dexter's Odyssey trash to "reviving Ashi" for your fap material. You don't put any effort into them let alone stay consistent with them. Your dreams are a joke like you.

>Are you trolls trying to defy the First Amendment or what?!

You really are fucking stupid, Timbox. Nobody gives a fuck about shitty fanfics until you try to make money out of someone else's stuff. They will never give your permission to use their stuff. Every site you've been on is tired of you forcing your shitty movie ideas and Ashi down their throats, and how you don't do anything with your shitty ideas. Watch the first few minutes of this shitty video to understand why Dexter's Odyssey will never be made.


If they don't have "hookups," They write their own works, get their name out there, and if they're lucky they get attention from bigger companies. You don't go anywhere in life saying, "I'm an autistic faggot who loves shitty 90s cartoons. Make my movie for me now!" without doing anything productive in life.

624ba0  No.441418


Sjws are slowly losing their control unless they're in Europe (which is pretty doomed). Sjw Media is pissing everyone off, and people are waking up to the evil behind social justice (hypocritically telling rape victims and the lbgt community to go fuck themselves, attacking anyone who slightly disagrees with them, bullying people like August Aimes for not catering to their disgustng fetish to a point she killed herself from their bullying). Video games, comic books, and tv/movies with forced, leftist-sjw shit in them tank hard unless the sjw shit is barely noticeable (IDW is almost dead). People are also fed up with Liberals defending Rapefugees and Muslims for committing rape homicide, and terrorism or BLM encouraging blacks to kill cops and non-blacks they rape.


>Taking "net neutrality" seriously

Lol. There's other shit to be pissed about like how groups like Children of the Night and Animal right groups have a harder time stopping Sex/Human traffickers and animal abusers.


I hate Sjws and liberals like the next red-pilled fag like you, but Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, and Fred Phelps are just as horrible as Dobson, Arthur Chu, and Wil Wheaton (Limbaugh is a piece of shit). Both sides have ass-holes, but the left really got out of hand.

573ab0  No.441425


>fetish to a point she killed herself from their bullying). Video games, comic books, and tv/movies with forced, leftist-sjw shit in them tank hard

Bioware/EA/Activision, Marvel comics, and Shape of Water as mentioned before all prove you wrong, kiddo. It's thanks to Hollyweird that pedophilia, homosexuality, and beastiality are now widely considered acceptable.

>not taking government regulation of the internet seriously


624ba0  No.441492



Is about to go under soon with Ass Effect: Andromeda tanking, and Anthem already turning to shit.


Reminder Mirror's Edge 2 flopped like a fish, and any product with Anita's involvement is doomed to fail. EA is still around because of Sports games.

>Marvel Comics

Are you stupid? Comic sales have been tanking despite last month's sales (because no one wants to read SJW trash). Go to any comic store, and chances are you'll find dozens of BLM Panther, and Tumblrsquirrel issues.

>Shape of Water

Some movie not even Timbox really gives a shit about. Lay off the red pills.

267f85  No.441606














058a34  No.441786


t. pedo manchild faggot

Why don't you go back to your asian loli sex slave dungeon if your feelings are this hurt? :)

573ab0  No.442630


IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MMMMMMYYYYYYYYYYYYYYSSSSSSSSEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




773c32  No.442670


Jesus Christ, I needed sunglasses just to read this crap! I'm new here and already I can see why your on this board.

18900b  No.442705

File: 61b056a7f2ba8cd⋯.png (1.11 MB, 1436x896, 359:224, yuuka.png)


stream it

573ab0  No.442796






6403d9  No.442797


Wow, tim you need to chill out for a sec. If that's really you.

773c32  No.442885

File: 2d3b4bef7267a69⋯.gif (1.86 MB, 614x400, 307:200, 2d3.gif)


>Claims to be a good person

>Goes around image boards and calls everyone nigger

Please tell me you don't act like this in real life?

773c32  No.442891


Oh, and P.S, screamimg "Ashi" like a howling Autismo doesn't help your cause.

e8f34d  No.442955

File: d91c8c9de89fe6c⋯.jpg (8.4 KB, 394x617, 394:617, modernist president man.jpg)


Your waifu is shit


7252d9  No.443203


Alright, I'll just lurk here and try to get a grip of things. Also the name is an online alias but I understand where you're coming from.

7252d9  No.443206


My apologies for bugging you to the point of having you scream at me to stop posting btw. Heavy apologies.

c230d0  No.443220

File: 68383eae76d2008⋯.gif (17.59 KB, 132x167, 132:167, arg-l-50-trans.gif)

File: b736f45439a883d⋯.gif (20.08 KB, 177x160, 177:160, arg-u-5O-tr.gif)

File: 9c4b013ed9a5594⋯.gif (19.05 KB, 182x133, 26:19, arg-c-50-trans-url.gif)

File: c4525ad7808cf52⋯.gif (17.75 KB, 154x155, 154:155, arg-y-50-trans.gif)

c230d0  No.443221

File: 68383eae76d2008⋯.gif (17.59 KB, 132x167, 132:167, arg-l-50-trans.gif)

File: d11b4404c91f766⋯.gif (19.51 KB, 170x170, 1:1, arg-i-50-trans.gif)

File: b736f45439a883d⋯.gif (20.08 KB, 177x160, 177:160, arg-u-5O-tr.gif)

f4672c  No.443516



Instead screaming like a man child Sheldon (Big bang theory ) or spoiled kid who didn't get what u want, why don't u do something productive for once.

If you're incapable to draw or do spmething with all the timing in the world, why don't u go to /aco or tumblr for commissions? Make those ashi thread but doubt 4chan would give a shit about Ashi threads

If u can't take criticism or can't handle it then get off the internet and play video games (there's a new Jurassic world game coming next month) if any of your brother would handhold u instead research yourself or watch netflix shoes like Breaking Bad or Stranger Things instead of crappy ass 90's cartoon or steven universe dumb shit

55691d  No.443529


There is something amazingly autistic about the phrase

>8chan /cow/

bf1b18  No.443568

File: 35fb535873121c9⋯.mp4 (148.61 KB, 480x366, 80:61, kanyelaugh.mp4)






This is the funniest Tim has been since he discovered /cow/ and started freaking out at us.

And oh my God, >>442796 really was Tim. Tim really did make that post, just look at the ID: it's his. Mods can confirm this too since they have his IP address.

We now actually have a racist post that we are 100% certain was made by Tim.

Keep digging Timmy boy, you'll make it all the way to China. Maybe then you can find yourself your own real-life Chinese waifu!

624ba0  No.443625

File: 1e1070fc0b2fbfe⋯.png (87.02 KB, 1200x1400, 6:7, fakugobby.png)




Start taking responsibility for once in your life. You keep spazzing over Ashi, getting creepy with your obsession. You and your brothers made failed attempts to kill your ED page, calling us "blackies" and "niggers" when we make fun of you or your dead Asian bitch. You got creepy around Goldwasser and Tara Strong. You ruined your own life and your family's.

>Calls us liars

<Then calls us niggers

Yup, you totally aren't a racist, Timbox. Idiot.


You are the only one who can end it, Timbox. You can end it anytime you want by cutting down on your Ashi faggotry, maybe letting her go. She is the one actually destroying you, not /cow/. You can also end it by getting the fuck away form the Internet for a while, maybe putting actual effort into your dreams; not hoping some CN exec will let you work with Genndy for being an autistic faggot.


Holy fucking autism



Whatever, you autistic bitch. You'll come back after your break, posting your dead Asian bitch all over DA and out of DA,. You'll never the balls to end your pathetic life like you don't have the balls to make your dreams a reality.



We've known Timbox and the McKenzies are racists since the first thread. He tried to be anonymous when he bitched about "browner kids" ruining his pictures, and one of his brothers called us blackies who will need Timmy's help one day. I hope one day someone makes a pic of Ashi fucking a black guy or a non-Asian minority (can't be Asian), and Timbox is crying while he watches (She's gotta be enjoying it). Tim would lose his shit.

b74992  No.443701

File: e1a4f350813de9d⋯.png (323.59 KB, 1856x1180, 464:295, sheeeeeiiiiiit.png)

624ba0  No.444379


Somehow better than the trash Timbox made.

7252d9  No.446980


Tbh that is sound advice. If you wanna end something, it's best to cage the tiger that is wandering your mind's forest so you can walk your forest of life freely.

>Not sure if that was deep enough or nah.

55e747  No.447021


Tim should eat about 10 Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seeds. Then he can make Ashi real.

7252d9  No.447044


I couldn't agree more.

573ab0  No.452110


use hooktube nigger

624ba0  No.455414

Happy Birthday, Timbox. Have a reminder that you're close to your 30s, and you'e still a loser who will never accomplish anythings thanks to your shitty cartoon waifu Ashi.

267f85  No.455481



I am not a loser!!



267f85  No.455699


And also, do you think that women(and especially cartoon women like Ashi) are temptresses that could lead to my own fucking damnation in Hell?!


267f85  No.456294


And plus, I have been told time and again that you trolls, and especially all of 8Chan /cow/, are JUST PLAIN EVIL!

1fbaf7  No.456870

File: 76d493883c53dbf⋯.jpg (71.9 KB, 537x399, 179:133, The Way To Treat The Inter….jpg)

74db37  No.457006

File: bffc17004fc6914⋯.png (434.84 KB, 516x2490, 86:415, Timboxbirthdaygif.png)

Here's a birthday gift I've made for Tim

Originally I was gonna link of Ashi https://rule34.paheal.net/post/list/Ashi/1 too bad you're not man enough nor you got the guts to see this (Since Tim mention Rick and Morty due to that McDonald sauce crap, there was a pic of Rick from Rick and Morty anal screwing of Ashi but can't find the pic)

267f85  No.457042



74db37  No.457193

File: 7ecbe45367d1c34⋯.jpg (123.51 KB, 1200x674, 600:337, Birthdaygiftpart2.jpg)

618702  No.458332


>stranger things

Timbox is a total fagtron but that doesn't excuse your eternally shit taste.

74db37  No.458437


Then Game of Thrones,The Strain or Seinfeld?

<Not gonna mention Walking Dead

624ba0  No.458631

File: 8f9a7f67ff64944⋯.png (72.91 KB, 276x243, 92:81, Sostupid.png)

File: e92dccdb0b656dc⋯.png (188.07 KB, 646x453, 646:453, Deadday.png)

>Happy Dead Day

<On Timbox's Birthday

Lol, it never gets old knowing Genndy trolled Timbox hard on his birthday when he killed his Asian bitch in the finale. Genndy's the best troll for fucking with Timmy's mind.

'Hope you enjoyed all of the Ashi mockery on your birthday, you autistic faggot.


>I am not a loser!!

Yes, you are. You haven't done anything with your life besides shit posting about your non-existing, unrealistic projects and your dead Asian bitch. Ashi is making you a bigger loser than what you are.


>Thinks Ashi is pure, and isn't trying to seduce him

<Even though he admitted to masturbating to her on Twitter

<Starting to thinks she's actually real or has emotions

Lol what? You need help if you think Ashi is more than a cartoon character with feelings and shit.


You could have just enjoyed your birthday without going online, but nope; you had to come in, scream at us when we make fun of you and your dead Asian bitch. Just get the fuck away from the computer for a while, and spend some time with your family or whoever is stupid enough to put up with you (because we all know you probably don't have friends that aren't shitty cartoon characters like your dead Asian bitch).. Don't do anything involving Ashi for 24 hours. Don't you get tired of screaming at your PC or making dumb meaningless threats at your trolls and Trump? Do you think about how this shit is probably pissing your family off? Dumb faggot.


The pic was funny if it was Timbox crying in tbe background, but your taste in tv kind of sucks if you like stuff like Nu-Stranger Things and Rick and Morty.


Lol, you should post it on your DA page.

74db37  No.458752


I won't be surprised if he goes into Asian restaurants/buffets everytime his birthday comes for Asians. Would be more pathetic if he goes into Chuck E Cheese in his mid 20.

5a601e  No.459735

File: 581fc4eff054c43⋯.jpg (34.38 KB, 262x346, 131:173, heh.jpg)

>>458752 He would go to Chuck E Cheese to celebrate the film release of Dexter's Odyssey.

With a dinosaur themed party and try to flirt with the Asian staff ladies while trying to role-play as Samurai Jack.

74db37  No.459736

http://worldsandcenturiesfunposting.tumblr.com/post/144546452495 Anyone remember this? Pandora Timbox came out two year as Tim respond he quits or leave the internet for a week but comes back again for a birthday attention whore 3-4 days; This was a time he got a tumblr before he give up his account fall 2016.

Enjoy your birthday moments and shame you're missing out with your ex waifu (I know he lusts Lee Lee but he's also obsessed with Tomago Gogo; This was before his Ashi Obession in 2017) https://www.deviantart.com/morelikethis/740763398

a7b7b4  No.459787

Samurai jack season finale anniversary


Ironic this is happening during tim birthday and to this day Tim enjoy it but he might hold a grudge or pissed at Gennedy for Ashi (hypocrisy?)

SJ fifth season sucks from pacing, love arc bullcrap and deus ex ending. The 1-3 episode were the closest thing to get

bf1b18  No.460017

Today is Tim's 27th birthday.

Happy birthday to one of the greatest idiots ever to live.

bf1b18  No.460021

File: 53717e19783430d⋯.png (124.27 KB, 886x667, 886:667, I LOVE YOU ASHI-POO.png)

Oh yea and sorry for the double post, but Tim wrote this comment yesterday on somebody else's deviation of Jack and Ashi getting married.

Just another post gushing about how goddamn much he loves that dead cartoon Asian chick.

624ba0  No.460076

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


It's like reading something from Tolkein if Tolkein was an autistic dufus who obsessed over minors and certain races like our autistic manchild Timbox. The endless run-ons really make it hard to read anything Tim shitposts. >Saying Jashi unironically as a late 20-something

You're getting closer to 30. At your age, you shouldn't talk like you're 16 , or say shit like Jashi or Korrasami with a straight face, Tim. Everyone gave Dobson Hell for acting like a creepy faggot over Korrasami as a 30-something manchild. No one is exempt from acting like a creep with shipping and the like. It isn't cute when you do this at a certain age (actually, it's not cute at all).

>It's gonna take 5+ years to revive Ashi

<Thinks CN and Genndy will revive Ashi despite only a few virgin faggots like Timbox want her back

<Thinks everyone wants Ashi, a forgettable character out of Timboxia, back

Lol. No one wants anymore shitty Samurai Jack and Ashi out of manchildren like you who refuse to take off the rose-tinted, shitty nostalgia glasses. If you only knew how Ashi is actually making your life worse. Real Life and stories don't always have happy endings, Timbox. It's a reality you need to accept.

>Ashi is my #1 crush (take that, Jessica)

You never liked Jessica, you liar. You only brought her up for your terrible articles on movies. Before Ashi ruined your life, you were obsessing over fictional (and probably real) minors, shipping them into sexual relationships; even wanting to adopt a minor for your perverted reasons. Have a reminder or two that you're a pedophile and a furfag who jerked off to and tried to kiss LeeLee and fictional animals on your screen. We still remember your unhealthy obsession for Gogo and some forgotten Dexter bitches (Honeydew and Bathtub bitch).





Tim, once you see another Asian bitch, you're going to drop Ashi like you dropped Gogo, Honeydew, Bathtub bitch, and LeeLee. It's only a matter of time when you will find your new Asian bitch, and harass people with your new obsession.

>There's nothing wrong with liking cartoon characters

There is when you won't shut the fuck up about them for over a year, and you start to think she has feelings.

74db37  No.460093


You forgot to mention Dexter and Blossom that Tim also obsessed (He still had them in his gallery, favorite and his "Because of you" journal rant)

I wonder if Tim got that Dexter x Blossom ship from Bleedman comic or that CN Crossover comic

267f85  No.460810





61e7e2  No.461117



Don’t care Virgin.

61e7e2  No.461123


My bad, I was just talking to Tim.

821c67  No.462165


t. pedo manchild fag

How are your asian loli sex slaves doing, buddy?

c2745f  No.462340

624ba0  No.463534


Then stop getting into "trouble" with your Ashi faggoty and pedophilia, and don't get your idiot family involved. Maybe you shouldn't be creeping celebrities and movie producers out with your shitty movies ideas you will never make, or harass forums with your Ashi and Dexter faggotry. This isn't high school where you can act like a creepy retard ad over cartoons, Asians, and dinosaurs, and some aide or teacher will cover your ass. Maybe you should be responsible for once in your life.

624ba0  No.463538


It's not our fault you're a racist, pedophile-manchild faggot, Timbox.

267f85  No.463679





God, This is a living hell for me. What a living hell I am trapped in online.

c8e56e  No.463689


The kind of hell in which your waifu is the devi, you pedophile manchild creep.

eb3193  No.463815


Take an anger managenent class bro.

5a601e  No.465844


You brought this shit on yourself, dumbass.

624ba0  No.466985

File: 7665a6dbd4fc5a4⋯.jpg (143.95 KB, 734x1087, 734:1087, IexisttoruinTimbox.jpg)

More like "I still exist to ruin Timbox's life." This shitty picture is just a mess because some of the arrows are not only hard to see, but they also don't fit in like the rest of the shit in this fucktastic piece. I don't get how someone has been using MS Paint and Photoshop for years, and still produces trash.

>Yes, Ashi from Genndy Tartakovsky's TV animation masterpiece Samurai Jack has been dead since last year, and sure, this project to find a way to restore Ashi back to life on screen or else have her soul reincarnated so that she and Jack could finally be together– whether fan-made or otherwise; made-for-TV movie or theatrical big screen feature film or whatever – would probably be a very hard and very impossible project to make happen in real life, unless a complete reboot of Samurai Jack will ever be demanded at some very future point…

<Yes, Ashi has been dead since last year, and this project to restore Ashi back to life would probably be very hard and impossible to do.

There, I just made your sentence less retarded because you fucking suck at writing. Again, we know she's from shitty Samurai Jack. We don't need reminders. Oh yea, have a reminder that you will never make this shitty movie come to life, and you will never bring Ashi back to life.

>unless a complete reboot of Samurai Jack will ever be demanded at some very future point…

People are starting to get sick of one shitty reboot after another, and nostalgia is losing it's affects on people out of Sjw-manchild-pedophile faggots like you. New PPG and Teen Titans Go are trash, the new Thundercats is an abomination, Stranger Things lost its charm (not like it had any), New MST3k is unfunny-sjw cancer, and the Reboot of Reboot is something no one wanted. No one wants a reboot of shitty Samurai Jack after how bad season 5 was, and even if they did they don't want it for shitty Ashi.


You are a creep, a racist, a pedophile, a manchild, and a faggot. You and your family called us blackies and niggers a bunch of times, Timbox. Even Skinheads, Black Nationalist groups, and the KKK would be dumbfounded if you told them you're not a racist after they read your threads. Do some fucking thinking because autism isn't an excuse to call someone a nigger.

>God, This is a living hell for me. What a living hell I am trapped in online.

Shut the fuck up, you autistic bitch. You made this Hell for yourself. You could have gotten out of this hell, but you insist on staying there with your shitty Ashi and shitty 90s cartoons.

b74992  No.467024


When are you gonna write the script for Dexter's Odyssey, Timmy? I've been waiting for about a decade or so for this legendary 10/10 'Citizen Kane' of Autistic Crossovers.

267f85  No.467118

File: 7d7db8931feea31⋯.jpg (37.07 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, vlcsnap-2017-05-14-03h32m2….jpg)

…all because of you internet trolls and cyber bullies.

What you internet trolls and cyber bullies do not realize is that everyone on the internet is entitled to their own opinion. And so people should respect that.

It is OK for you to disagree with someone's dreams, ideas, opinions, etc., but that does NOT mean that the other person is just plain wrong especially in life.

Having an opinion is encouraged, but it just hurts me even when I see people like you to even attack others (myself included) and their ideas, dreams, etc., and for not even taking criticism whether kind or hostile.

And just because someone is different from you, or does not even agree with you, does not mean that what you or I am saying is objective especially as far as the truth.

You have got to realize that different people like different things for different reasons (and that includes you and me)!

And I think everyone nowadays from you bullies and trolls at 8Chan /cow/ to even the Star Wars fan community sometimes forgets about that.

It is okay if you don't like what I like and it is okay for me to like the things I like, but alas, there is absolutely NO reason for all this toxicity that everyone and everything has been dunked in especially as far as the internet.

Also, enough of this cyber-bullying or internet trolling, especially on autistic people like myself! And as far as Dexter's Laboratory and Samurai Jack (two of the things I really like), they are two completely different TV cartoon shows, and yes, Lord of the Rings is diffeent than Dexter's Lab, and neither of them tried to be the other.


Knock. It. Off.

Once. And. For. All.

I've been around places like the internet ever since I first tried it at home 17 years ago.

And remember, the internet is meant to bring people from all walks of life together, but not tear them apart.

Have a good day.

cfa7e0  No.467124


>And remember, the internet is meant to bring people from all walks of life together, but not tear them apart.

No. You are repulsing people with your antics. This has nothing to do with us watching you for fun.

267f85  No.467129



624ba0  No.467134


>You know what, it is terribly upsetting to even see how toxic the internet has become…all because of you internet trolls and cyber bullies.

Pedophile-manchild-racist faggots like you also made the internet "toxic." I can't believe you really think you're right for calling us niggers.

>It is OK for you to disagree with someone's dreams, ideas, opinions, etc., but that does NOT mean that the other person is just plain wrong especially in life.

You're a racist and a pedophile. Both of those things are wrong no matter what.


You don't do anything with your dreams. Dreams do jack shit. You don't want to put any effort into anything. You're still hoping Genndy and CN will be at your door step. Stop talking about dreams when you don't do anything out of jerking off to your dead Asian bitch.

>And I think everyone nowadays from you bullies and trolls at 8Chan /cow/ to even the Star Wars fan community sometimes forgets about that.

<The Star Wars community

Did you piss off the Star Wars community like you pissed off 4chan a year or two ago? I think that's the only reason why you made this shitty rant (By the way stop typing like a Redditor, you stupid autistic cunt). I feel like this is another can of worms you opened up.

>I've been around places like the internet ever since I first tried it at home 17 years ago.

And you still act like an autistic cunt who harasses forums, celebrities, and websites with your obsessions and faggotry.

267f85  No.467139





624ba0  No.467141


Yes, you are whether or not you know it. People are creeped out with your unhealthy love for Ashi, thinking she's a real person with feelings. You won't shut up about her or your shitty movie ideas when the forums you visited tell you to stop. You harassed and creeped out many of the people you admired and respected with your antics like Dan Goldwasser.

624ba0  No.467142


Make me, you racist-pedophile-manchild bitch. So how did you piss off the Star Wars community? Or are you upset how people hate the last few movies?

624ba0  No.467145


Get out of your house, go outside, and try to do something fun instead of yelling at us or crying about your dead, fictional Asian bitch. Who knows? Maybe if you're lucky, you might find that Asian girl whose better than Ash-nah, you won't. You'll probably repulse them with your antics. Still, get out of your house.

267f85  No.467519


LOOK, YOU!!! Sometimes I get out of my house or go outside my house, but mainly for vacations and some adventures! That is all! But if you dare try to one day destroy my house, then me and my family will be rendered just plain homeless, and I DO NOT WANT THAT TO HAPPEN!

Don't you dare to make my life miserable!

I am what I am and that is all I really am!

7367fb  No.467532



Hey Tim, if this is really you, then why don't you prove that you're not a monkey?


72e61f  No.467578




Isn't it funny how Tim is lecturing us about we supposedly can't handle opinions, but the minute we start giving our opinions against him, he tells us to shut up and starts freaking out.

Gee, it's almost like he can't handle opinions.

624ba0  No.468414


>Sometimes I get out of my house or go outside my house, but mainly for vacations and some adventures! That is all!

So you're jobless now? I doubt you have "adventures" if your trips are only McDonalds and vacations. Not every trip is an adventure, stupid.

>But if you dare try to one day destroy my house, then me and my family will be rendered just plain homeless, and I DO NOT WANT THAT TO HAPPEN!

Wtf!? Are you serious? This is paranoia you should really get some help with. No one here wants to burn your house. No one on Toonzone or any of the forums you nagged want to burn your house. Calm the fuck down.

>I am what I am and that is all I really am!

Indeed you are what you are: a dumb-ass, racist-pedophile-manchild faggot.


Tim gets angry when someone criticizes what/who he likes (Despite feeling betrayed by Genndy), or whatever he's been fed by the media is getting backlash and criticism like the New Star Wars stuff or the Sjw Kool-Aid. Timmy doesn't understand the Star Wars backlash (EA with Battlefront 2, the movies are full of lazy hack job and Sjw shit even Mark Hamill hates, etc.), but he doesn't want to understand why. He's programmed to think anyone who doesn't think new PPG or the recent SW flicks are good is an evil, realist jerk as much as a Trump supporter the media told him to hate (I don't think Timmy is political, but he's been fed the sjw kool-aid if he already bitched about Trump ruining his life and Hollywood). He's also terrible at arguments, and thinks he doesn't need to be responsible for his actions.

>Any last words before the case is dismissed, Mr. McKenzie?

<I am innocent and a nice person.

>Mr. McKenzie, the plaintiff said you stalked her, and tried to rape her, calling her Ashi. You then called her boyfriend a nigger when he stopped you from the attempted rape. There witnesses and evidence proving you were there. <FUCK YOU ILL DESTROY YOU! FUCK YOU 8CHAN!

>48 years in prison with no parole. Get the fuck out of my site now. This case is dismissed


624ba0  No.468449

File: 1c998bd26709d2f⋯.png (290.76 KB, 1897x920, 1897:920, Stillsperging1.png)

File: fda15a349c1bf98⋯.png (241.01 KB, 1896x739, 1896:739, Stillsperging2.png)



Good luck reading through this wall of autism that's full of really bad writing.

>(though certain internet trolls and certain cyber bullies would rejoice at her death)


Lol, it's not the fans nor the sjws fault Ashi was a terribly written character who was a piss-awful Dues-Ex Machina and a Mary Sue.

>And yes, the growing level of emotional abuse (?) from some fans that was directed towards the award-winning visionary animation director who gave us both Samurai Jack and Dexter's Laboratory, of all things, as well as towards any of Genndy's own closest collaborators, suggests otherwise.

You were one of them, Timbox. You were abusive when you found out Ashi was Aku's legit daughter, screaming how "she betrayed you, and deserved what she got." You were pissed at your hero.

>Isn't it a very good time for everyone to let go of their hatred of and upset anger over Samurai Jack Season 5 and things like Ashi and her death, and just let bygones simply be "bygones", and still appreciate the things or characters that Genndy Tartakovsky himself created or worked on?

<Whined about Genndy killing his Asian bitch, and there won't be another terrible reboot like Season 5 through the whole autistic entry

<Threatened Genndy or makes demands for a reboot or Ashi movie on his DA page in the past

You're not the one to talk about moving on when you still obsess over Ashi, and tell people you will bring her back.

fded9c  No.468452




>this faggot literally made three seperate replies to the same post, fighting autism with autism


>Timothy "Samurai Cuck" McKenzie retaliates with more autistic screeching

It's like watching two monkeys in a cage.


>guys piracy is theft dont steal ok :'(

>being a government bootlicker

Where the fuck do you think you are?

624ba0  No.468455



>All I'm trying to do is do what's good and also do what's right!

>I repeat: I'm not trying to be evil and repulsive or anything bad or ill; I am trying to do what is good and do what is right! That is all!

<Got creepy on Tara Strong's twitter

<Called people niggers over cartoons

<Goes on forums to sperg about his movie ideas he won't make

<Harasses people in the industry

Whatever you say, Timmy.


You can't really edit posts to add more to it, and I don't really give a shit if that made you autistic.

>Where the fuck do you think you are?

His point was that Tim ain't gonna make his movies cuz of copyrights rather than the free speech shit Tim was screeching about. CN would send that c&d letter instantly.

74db37  No.470606

Tim going yellow fever

Here what Tim added to his favorite on DA (his favorite hasn't updated since lasy year)https://kawayoporu-chan.deviantart.com/art/150th-Anniversary-of-Japanese-immigration-to-th-US-747162213

I don't get why Lucy and that girl (classic 20s/30s cartoon; forgot her name) have anything to do with asian pic mashup

Tim sperging Japan and Olympics 2020


Tim bring up the Japan Olympic just to talk about it for himself. Why bring it up when the event doesn't start till 2 more year

776898  No.471326

File: 871a5b6e8d4dfb4⋯.jpeg (103.84 KB, 611x694, 611:694, C80F3B5F-6C0F-4404-A474-6….jpeg)

de1f95  No.471477


But Aku, if she's dead, you'd be dead too. So what gives?

624ba0  No.471805



>But if I could ever someday get my chance to seriously do a Genndy Tartakovsky-inspired film project or even a Samurai Jack movie project (whether an animated one or even a live action one), Then, I would surely get to even include most if not all of the characters that I wanted to include in a Samurai Jack movie project (that is, almost everyone from Samurai Jack to Aku to Ashi to the Scotsman) and maybe I could still have ample enough screen-time to tell the story that I wanted to tell, especially in any way, shape, or form.

You just want to focus on your shitty Ashi. You're not fooling anyone because you never gave a rat's ass about the other characters, Timbox (neither did anyone else).


<Cries about a fiction, dead Asian

<Demands and threatens his role model and his employees that they bring her back to life on Twitter

<Scream that he will bring her back, and no one can take his Asian bitch away from him

Lol, practice what you preach first you yellow fever fuck. It's funny when you say this because you make poor Genndy's life miserable when you cry about your Asian bitch online. Some fan you are.


Lol he already deleted those posts when you brought up his yellow fever.

Timmy, there's nothing wrong with wanting to go to Japan and if you put the effort you could take a trip there. Why don't you save up the cash for tickets, and take a trip?! You have a job, right? Make that a goa-, oh wait, you're lazy, pedophile-manchild faggot who wants everything to be handed to you.



74db37  No.471994

File: 63817a5ae918d82⋯.jpg (43.96 KB, 665x508, 665:508, assassins-creed-odyssey-11….jpg)

Looks like another game took the "Odyssey" title. Super Mario got the Odyssey first last year.

6de55c  No.474099

Tim will not stop with Dexter's Odyssey. He will hold on to it for the rest of his goddamn life.

adfc7d  No.474309

TIMBOX GROW UP! You seriously need to leave the internet and seek help. If not you'll end up like Paulandamy!!!

332a1d  No.474336

File: d94c17a43cd1494⋯.jpg (54.41 KB, 640x640, 1:1, ps1_oddworld_abes_oddysee-….jpg)


>Forgetting about this

7252d9  No.477935


I am actually playing that right now! I have all the Oddworld games on Steam from 2016 but I never finished 'em. Holy crap the coincidence!

7252d9  No.477943


In terms of progress I am half way through it, though. Trying to get all the mudokons at least.

74db37  No.478229

Timbox using copyright pics from someone twitter or copy pasta behind the scene video (He got these from Twitter, very lacking way to get favorites when none of his watcher or anyone favorite or comment his MS/Photoshop crap).



Here's another Timbox making another "movie idea" on his DA journal and Twitter


>A new villain – probably in the shape and form of a certain rival kid neighbor of a certain boy genius in a cartoon like #DextersLaboratory or someone else, maybe – rises to eventually replace #SamuraiJack's nemesis #Aku as the "Ultimate Evil"

<Still using Mandark

Every nonexisting movie idea he makes, he always used Mandark without using originality or something else (Didn't he got scared from him from that Dexter movie; why still using him?).

Tim now bring SymBionicTitan into his stupid nonexisting crossover ideas.


Tim bring up the Samurai Jack quote from his previous threads


>The decisions that you make – and the actions that follows – is a reflection of who you really are.

<Delusional and blinded by his own lack of self awareness and/or arrogance

Does he had reference for human interaction outside beside borrowing quotes from cartoons?

74db37  No.478231


Have you played Oddworld: Stranger Wrath?

153103  No.478349


I know what you are but what am I?

7252d9  No.478451


Yeah, but I'm going to spend my time going through all the games actually. I got up to the 2nd town in Stranger before dropping it when I got it back in 2016 with the other games. I hope to at least get to it at the end of the summer.

5a601e  No.478576

>>478451 Stranger's Wrath is the fucking tits man, anyone looking forward to Soulstorm?

Because I am.

7252d9  No.478593


I am looking forward to Soulstorm as well, hence why I'm trying to complete every game in the series before its' release. Thankfully it's in 2019 so it's enough time.

624ba0  No.478675



Another shitty movie idea that's more or less Dexter's Odyssey, but focuses on his dead Asian bitch.

> The following thoughts are actually mine, or maybe such thoughts really isn't mine at all, but even if it's loosely based on or inspired by Genndy Tartakovsky's TV animation works, characters, and worlds, here's my idea:

<Blatantly used Genndy's stuff

They're not really your ideas.

>A new villain – probably in the shape and form of a certain rival kid neighbor (Mandark) of a certain boy genius (Dexter) in a cartoon such as Dexter's Laboratory, or someone else, maybe – will rise to eventually replace Aku probably as the "Ultimate Evil".

<Blatanatly calls this character Mandark forgetting that this new bad guy is supposed to be original

ORIGINAL CHARATER DUN SETEL GAIS. Great to know you still hate Mandark like a manchild faggot, Timmy.

>but what do you think of that? Just wondering.

It's pretty stupid like all of your terrible and unoriginal ideas and fanfics.

267f85  No.478819


Why do you still insist on mocking me, regardless of my good intentions?! STOP IT!!

955090  No.478892

File: be2207a774024a6⋯.jpg (6.68 KB, 230x219, 230:219, download (1).jpg)


>Pretending to be timbox

>Forgetting the email and namefaggotry

Put some effort into it at least.

332a1d  No.478901


I wish 'em the very, very best but the new character designs are a serious downgrade

5a601e  No.479379


I don't mind the new character designs tbh, I like the look of the glukkons. Abe's design is pretty eh, though I prefer his old look.

I wish them the best of luck too, New n Tasty was a solid remake that added improvements such as better saving and speech.

Even though New n Tasty doesn't capture the grim tone of the original, it's still worth a recommend.

7252d9  No.479599


So a little update, I just beat Oddysee! Do you think I should take a break before going to Exoddus or just jump straight in?

332a1d  No.479643


The Glukkons' new designs are my main gripe (they're just not as menacing as their original design)

5a601e  No.480116

>>479599 Depends on how long you've put into Oddysee, if so then rest well.

I'll say jump right in, Exoddus is probably the best Oddworld game ever made. It fixes a lot of problems with the first game and makes a better experience.

Quicksaving is your best friend, incase if you wind up accidentally killing a mudooken.

035bcc  No.480574

What is it with cartoons and autism? Regardless of the overall success of a cartoon some turbo autist always seems to latch onto it like their lives depend on it.

7252d9  No.480785


Well I do agree on that but I did originally spend about 10 hours on Oddysee before replaying it on Steam. Yesterday it says I now have up to 32 hours in Oddysee alone from that playthrough. I will probably start tackling Exoddus later as I'm pretty burned out from the challenge Abe had. Thank god for Exoddus having quiksave tho

5a601e  No.480792

>>480785 Yeah, quicksave can be super useful. Especially when trying to save mudookens in secret areas.

32 hours of a game session should be worthy of a rest.

Oddysee is a tough as balls game.

332a1d  No.481013


>Cartoons usually have a simplified, black and white view of the world (Hero gets the girl, defeats the one-dimensional villain)

>Cartoon protags are usually special in some way or another

>Cartoon protags are sometimes pariahs that the whole world seems to hate for no real reason, but are superior to everybody else in some way (this is why Fairly Odd Parents and Danny Phantom are so popular)

74db37  No.481202


Tell that to Mysterious MrEnter, PhantomStrider, Benthelooney etc.

Tim for example will latch onto Dexter and Samurai Jack like that all the life he had after 12 years of shitposting his unoriginal and undesired movie


Does Regular Show, Last Airbender or Legend of Korra count?

332a1d  No.481280


People projected thought Mordecai, Aang, Sokka, Mako and Bolin

2bcd4a  No.481328

File: b0a88a4988591f9⋯.png (288.93 KB, 524x594, 262:297, Scaramouche.png)

Hey Timbox, leave the internet now before we all call the FBI on your ass babe.

332a1d  No.481345



60839d  No.481368


>having a shit waifu

>having a deviantart account

>having a tumblr account

wew lad

e4b787  No.481404

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

7252d9  No.481436


Especially considering I'm 16 going 17. Then my little brother wants me to playthrough Pikmin and get all the ship parts. No thank you just let me sleep and play Star Wars Galaxies emulator.

0dc337  No.481487

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Ok malcolm.

6de55c  No.481533


Life is unfair, Tim.

332a1d  No.481581







adfc7d  No.481620

Ashi prefers Black, Mexicans and Arabs than a sick pedophile manchild like yourself.

624ba0  No.483772

File: 9562357702fd014⋯.png (292.79 KB, 590x769, 590:769, Timboxtriesitpolitics.png)

Autistic manchild takes a stab at politics on Twitter, and is on suicide watch because of net neutrality (He still can't explain why it's a big deal like every fucktard liberal who is hypocritically okay with more censorship). More news at 11. Don't worry, Timbox. The "evil" Donald Trump won't steal your precious, shitty Ashi porn, and you'll still get to go on Youtube. I bet he thinks Trump is going to botch this hard, since he's been told to hate Trump by the media he eats up. Oh yea, apparently Genndy is going to make a new series for Adult Swim (spoiler: It will probably suck and flop like that shitty Barbarian pilot no one remembers or cares about).

624ba0  No.483796

File: 89df78ecbfa5f8f⋯.png (49.82 KB, 814x485, 814:485, Cartoonbrew2.png)



>Tim posts shit on an article about the Infamous Thundercats show pissing everyone off

<Of course, Timbox has to go off-topic, and sperg about fucking Ashi and his unrealistic dreams and movie ideas, not adding anything to the fucking topic.

<Contributes nothing to the topic

>Gets called out for talking shit about shitty Teen Titans

It's funny how he got called out for shitty Teen Titans, and he thinks the upcoming shitty movie will determine whether or not he's right about cartoons (spoiler: Timbox is wrong about any topic he talks about). I think Cartoon Brew seems to be a sjw-biased site or something because any backlash on stuff like Thundercats gets locked or censored, and they won't allow any posts that aren't ass-pats.

>I am growing tired and sick of such an art style that was prevalent since 2010's Adventure Time or even the type of bathroom humor prevalent in certain stuff like Teen Titans Go!, which is popular for too long especially for the taste of older fans.

You completely forgot some of the toilet humor in shitty Dexter and shitty Samurai Jack, Timbox. Remember the dumb penis joke that forgettable faggot Scaramouch made?

>Now, I hate to be off-topic a little, folks,

You went completely off topic, you autistic fuck. You spazzed over shitty movie ideas, shitty Ashi, and your unrealistic goals and dreams you will never accomplish, and you already said some of this shit on another thread on Cartoon Brew. Eventually people are going to get sick of your sperging over Genndy, Jack, Ashi, and Dexter over there. For fucks sake, learn to contribute to conversations without having to sperg about your shitty Dexter and Ashi fetish. You suck at conversations.

267f85  No.484275




267f85  No.484288



And if you guys keep mocking or harassing me or call me out regardless of my good intentions…


6de55c  No.484479


You can't block us, ya dumbass.

6de55c  No.484480

Also, what's up with all the talk about Oddworld? I though we were talking about Tim.

332a1d  No.484483



60839d  No.484513



5a601e  No.484727


>Implying you have anything good to contribute

5a601e  No.484729


>Implying you have anything good to contribute.

adfc7d  No.485282

File: b4e177ffcf60a9f⋯.png (509.19 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

Timbox we're through!

adfc7d  No.485302

File: 60ff9d0d4b46407⋯.png (79.45 KB, 210x240, 7:8, ClipboardImage.png)

Remember Timbox. If you come near me again its 20 years in jail you sick fuck.

6de55c  No.485345

This is just hilarious. It's been an entire year since Samurai Jack ended, and he's still doing this bullshit.

7527f9  No.485432

File: 6ae3a9a48d9d968⋯.jpg (43.8 KB, 640x480, 4:3, That Malcolm in the Middle….jpg)


But it's not legal if it's a cartoon.

332a1d  No.485544




74db37  No.485623

Found this on tumblr https://hypocrisyofandrewdobson.tumblr.com/post/175000398907/found-this-image-circulating-tumblr-and-thought-it and decided to applies it on Tim

Tim on:

>Talent is Grown

<Talent is Set

<Avoid Challenge

-His photoshop/MS paint artwork shit

-No improvements

-12 years later, his work still look like something a elementary school kid would make

<Give Up Easily

-Never overcome his obsessions of Asians, Ashi, Dinosaurs and 90's cartoons

-Is Tim even talented at all before all this?

<See Effort is Bad

-Tim hates effort, never put effort on the stuff he loves let alone his nonexisting movies; Prefer everything handed to him

<Ignore Critique

-Tim never learn his mistake

-Tim throws out a temper tantrum, screaming like a 8-12 year old kid at them to those who tried to be honest

<Feel Threatening by other success

-What other success? Tim still daydream nor still hoping Gennedy, CN or someone (Chris Battle) would come to his doorsteps for his undesired movies


Don't defend or encourage Tim. Why would a weaboo be whiteknighting Tim anyway?

624ba0  No.485727

File: 7446f1e79027427⋯.gif (1.93 MB, 300x353, 300:353, Gogoangry.gif)



And you better leave me the fuck alone, or I'm going to kick your pedophile-faggot ass before I take you to jail. Stay the fuck away from that little girl.



"Good Intentions" is another phrase or idiom you tend to throw out there like "barriers," yet you have no fucking idea what you're talking about like politics (boy, do I have some stuff for you on this). Let's go over different kinds of intentions:

>Helping a woman cope with her trauma and recovery without any intentions for pussy

>Helping a wounded animal, so it survives a little while longer even if it makes you late for work

Good, self-less intentions

>Helping a department at work, so they can give you something you need for your job faster

Practical Intention. You're not being a nice guy about it, but being a dick will only hurt you in the long run. Might as well work with the other team. If they screw you over, fuck them. You did your end, so you look good.

>Helping a rape victim for sex, as you pretend to care about her with your feminist/social justice shit, exploiting her like a typical male sjw-feminist

>Exploiting people for your personal gain

>Making movies for your personal fap material

>Going one site after another to spaz about your shitty Ashi and Dexter's Lab, not contributing to topics and whatever.

All bad intentions. You don't have any "good intentions" with whatever you do because you only care about yourself. We don't care if you want to make personal fap material (Being 100% self-less is just as bad). Just don't be a dumb faggot about it.


I know I'm gonna be spazzing with this like an autisitc A-Log retard, but you really don't know what the fuck you're talking about when you just spew out whatever sjws and the liberal-leftist media tell you about net neutrality or how Trump is an evil rapist tyrant-man who will steal away your rights, freedom, and Internet. It's ironic you buy into this shit because Hilary, the liberals, and the sjws you side with are the same scumbags who will try to steal your rights/freedom/internet, bully a pornstar to a point she killed herself over the bullying for refusing to do a lesbian scene, or they hypocritically defend actual rapists and terrorists. Timbox, you know a girl got gangraped in your state by two illegals in a high school, right? The same illegals the liberals, Hilary Clinton, and sjws hypocritically defend?! Do you even fucking know what's going on in Europe?! I'm not trying to white knight Trump, but get a fucking reality check if you think Trump is worse than Hitler or a refugee who raped a woman and tried to kill her on a live stream in Europe. Don't worry, you fucking idiot. Your internet and precious Ashi pictures you saved up on DA aren't going anywhere. Trump's got better shit to do than steal your Ashi pictrures. The world's not going to end with Net Neutrality being repealed.

Who the fuck am I kidding though? You won't read any of this. You'll just spew the same typical shit, yelling about your faggot barriers and good intentions before or after you jerk off to Ashi and LeeLee for the umpteenth time.

You guys can make fun of me now because I did hit some levels of autism.


You're really stupid.

74db37  No.485813


Doubt Tim will read it. Tim will reply from his sock puppets account and rinse and repeat like all this childish STFU replies.

Tim sucks at politics much like Dobson recrnt dumb shit comics. I wonder Timbox lack of reading skills if his writing and english skills were terrible.

7527f9  No.485830


>Why would a weaboo be whiteknighting Tim anyway?

Same reason with the robfag

6de55c  No.486242

You know, someone needs to do a story on Tim, and hope it gets made into a big movie.

This is Tim in a nutshell.

5a601e  No.486270


Inside the Timbox: A Story of a Nutcase.

267f85  No.486343



Just please don't turn even my life-story into a horror movie.

If someone were to someday make a movie out of one's life, and especially my life (especially if I ever do something good and worthwhile, especially in the future), just treat everything about me or especially my life in a much more sympathetic life, but not always something out of a horror movie, because I'm not into horror movies so much.

Just my two cents.

267f85  No.486345


And I repeat: please don't make a story or movie portraying my own life too brutal or even a horror movie. Just try and portray me or even my own life in a more sympathetic light if one were to tell a story or make a movie out of one's life (mine included).

adfc7d  No.486349

File: 7142403587447c4⋯.jpg (46.4 KB, 736x544, 23:17, Kangz_-_sheeeeit_pharaoh.jpg)

Ashi is loving my foot long dick! Timbox is rayciss N shieeet.

624ba0  No.486629



If I ever make a movie about your stupid autistic ass, It would be a comedy portraying you as a dumb fuck, pedophile-manchild-autistic faggot who doesn't have any common sense, and is drinking the sjw Kool-Aid like the dumb bitch you are

>more sympathetic light

As weenish as it sounds, you deserve no sympathy. Just pure ridicule andm siery in your life because you refuse to let go of Ashi and do anything productive with your "dreams" and life.

624ba0  No.486631


Forgot to add that before you start screaming and crying like the little bitch you are, take the time to read >>485727 before you start spering out again, you autistic, pedophile-manchild faggot (I know you won't because you can't handle anyone calling you out let alone disagreeing with you).

267f85  No.486681



HEY!!! Do NOT call me DUMB!! I do have common sense and I deserve sympathy, not the heart of a monster! And please do not call me a bitch or a pedophile or a manchild or a faggot or any word I do not want to hear! Goodbye!!

adfc7d  No.486890

File: 7ee5ead9e66fc58⋯.png (415.81 KB, 750x1000, 3:4, ClipboardImage.png)

adfc7d  No.486893

Hey people how long will it be before Timothy Robert McKenzie goes to prison?

332a1d  No.487042




624ba0  No.487104

File: 21e9a3c855a9ed8⋯.png (21.56 KB, 746x172, 373:86, SuuureyoudidTimmy.png)

Saw this little gem:

>I am so glad to hear that Richard Williams and The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences are bringing Richard's workprint of Thief and the Cobbler to the Big Apple…to the very place called MOMA (Museum of Modern Art) that I took my mom, my aunt, and my brother to while I was in NYC.

<His mom and aunt planned this trip

That's cool and all Timmy, but I think it's more like your family took you there because you're an autistic faggot over cartoons. They probably took you there, so you could shut the fuck up about cartoons during the rest of the trip. If this was a recent trip I got a good feeling you don't have a driver's license, and you didn't plan any of this (you ain't fooling anyone).


>I do have common sense

If you had any common sense, you'd realize that sperging about fictional Asians and shitty 90s cartoons in and out of the internet might not be a good thing to do as a late 20-something adult. You're a dumb bitch.


I'd rather find out if he's got a criminal record like Chris Chan, since no one really knows much about Tim's life out of the Intermet (besides the penguin incident at a McDonald's).

7c2b74  No.487224


I don't think he will end up in prison because, internet sperging aside, his family seems to wrangle him reasonably well.

6de55c  No.487396

Here's the Timbox movie, I call it "Out of Timmy's Head".

This is Timbox. He is well known for being on the Internet as a creepy pedophile fagchild who sperges on Asian women, notably animated Asian women.

I think it could be improved.

Also, "fagchild" is a combination of "faggot" and "manchild", the two top words for describing Tim.

adfc7d  No.487481

Do any of you remember PaulandAmy, He was just like Timbox and he's in jail do to his actions. I really think Timbox is the next PaulandAmy. Tim's deeply obsessed with Ashi. Paul was deeply obsessed with Amy Rose. Paul ended up molesting four girls between the ages of 3-8. If Tim this bad now who's to say he won't do the same. Tim if you're able to get help. (Highly doubt he'll seek any.)

267f85  No.487519




74db37  No.487908


Has Tim mentions him on his Dexter Odyssey and his other nonexisting project? Ironic he's a huge fun of 90's CN and this animator also made this kind of stuff


You kept repeating the same argument. Don't you have better things to do than your pointless internet war that you cannot win

5a601e  No.488031


He reminds me of this other dude named CoolNSexyRickz, who wanted to make films like Timbox did. But they never happened, like he made this trailer for a film called.

"South Park Movie 2 Attack of the Yipples Teaster Trailer"


dd86b6  No.488099

File: 81401608c6d48fa⋯.png (384.9 KB, 1000x1620, 50:81, 12_asd.png)

File: f97f4b62036a895⋯.png (1.05 MB, 800x474, 400:237, autism.png)

>this entire thread

adfc7d  No.488591

Timbox isn't autistic he's just stupid. He claims to be autistic as an excuse for his disgusting behavior.

74db37  No.488803

Tim is more an delusional dumbass than autistic fool. There's no proof if Tim really has autism (He was part of vocational training https://www.facebook.com/pg/OpportunityBuildersInc/about/?ref=page_internal Maybe he could have mental disabilties; Tim would've known by now if some people used the word autism as a excuse whatever people make fun of them) That's like if Dobson is autistic but in reality, Dobson is a narcissist asshole

adfc7d  No.489023


Do you think Timbox or Dobson is worse?

74db37  No.489024


Dobson is worse. Timbox is just extremely delusion and never shuts up about his favorite cartoons

7b977f  No.489255

File: af61c5197f44eac⋯.jpeg (131.99 KB, 998x1024, 499:512, 1BF0445C-4F86-4B0B-B3F7-3….jpeg)

624ba0  No.489268


Dumb faggot bitch.


Dobson is a horrible, neurotypical manchild who will hurt and bully others thinking it's heroic social justice for his Sjw overlords who will never glance at him. Unless we find out something like Timmy got fired for being an unbearable, incompetent faggot from his job, Dobson is barely better in terms of Dobson actually published and made shitty comics.


Oh dear fucking God. Tim, you're not harassing people over this fucking Asian bitch online, are you?! Can't you see how you're hurting others because of Ashi? You really think this is okay?

6de55c  No.489360


I guess he is, but I've never seen him actually pester Greg off-screen.

74db37  No.489785

One year and almost few months passed after Samurai Jack, Tim still holding on that Samurai Jack ending and even made a petition



You do realizes there are fanfic, fan comics from tumblr and DA than wasting a website petition to bring back

Tim sperg ranting autism once again


Tim hasn't learn anything from >>431412 (Links about famous people with autism) let alone research nor learn

>>489255 I gonna assume Tim annoy Greg from this tweet?


I going to make a theory nor wild guess Tim could have Histrionic personality disorder. Tim always want to be center of attention, he's using Samurai Jack, his 90's obsessions and/or Ashi for his Influences, his personal gain of desire hoping someone gonna notice him. His tweet to Tara Strong and now Greg Baldwin is a example that Tim exploiting/begging them to "pay attention to me".

e26f4d  No.489833


poo in loo

6de55c  No.489934


I can imagine Tim coming back right now:


adfc7d  No.490240

File: bd60871eb0ee8c1⋯.jpg (9.43 KB, 234x251, 234:251, Run!.jpg)


This is who you're cell mate will be when you go to jail you disgusting pedohile manchild. His name is Tyrone and he'll make you his bitch.

60839d  No.490243


It's been three days and we're still here. Are you going to do it or just talk about it?

077f44  No.490901

File: 4cb97509fc0817b⋯.png (681.27 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, 7807A767-E359-4606-A830-74….png)

A post someone did on his “work of art”

6de55c  No.491798


Hey, that person proved a point on Tim's godawful shoops.

adfc7d  No.492114


Well he ain't wrong, a good number of his submissions are just a bunch of god awful photoshopped ashi shit.

6de55c  No.492441

Like, I'm imagining Tim making Dexter's Odyssey a really bad fanfiction.

And it doesn't matter if he posts it on DA or Wattpad; its still gonna be a godawful piece o'shit written by a pedofagchild.

adfc7d  No.492480


It’s been almost a week you toonaphile. We are still here.

74db37  No.492738


Tim never at all made a story/fanfic of Dexter Odyssey (He doesn't want to put effort after all). All the timing/free time but he wasted 12 years of daydreaming for someone who would come to his house to make a movie based on his stupid shit

Tim couldn't even write without run-on sentences like bringing up Samurai Jack for a thousand times

adfc7d  No.493098

The Cleveland Browns will win a super bowl before Dexter's Odyssey is in the works.

df1427  No.493529

File: 887cbd87039be78⋯.png (111.65 KB, 1500x2000, 3:4, AW[1].png)

A character I drew in an episode of Robotboy

7252d9  No.493611


As someone born and still in Cleveland (A high schooler rn), I'd say you're about right.

6de55c  No.493678


It's the Anytown kid again.

Also, have you seen Anytown's videos? I mean, the art style once was bad, but now, it seems like he has improved.

624ba0  No.493852


No, because it's still pedo shit like the trash picture he posted.


We didn't miss you, but welcome back, I guess.

adfc7d  No.493857


This waifu is just as shitty as Ashi.

624ba0  No.493866

File: a81a91fd3330da5⋯.png (115.13 KB, 573x767, 573:767, Fbpagehatestimbox.png)


>Even though I have autism myself, my dreams and aspirations does include becoming not just a filmmaker, not just an director of film or animation or whatever, but first and foremost an artist and/or a storyteller.

You're not an artist. and you sure as fuck aren't a storyteller. You can't make one piece that doesn't use someone else's stuff. That's not inspiration.

>And I do think that people with autism like myself have a right to their history and interests like anyone else does. And they have a right to have their history or interests kind of Hollywoodized or aggrandized or made corny or wonderful just like anyone else does.


You want something, Timbox?! Go get it and earn that movie yourself. Here's a reminder that even the autists on the FB group you got kicked out called you out 1-2 years ago.

>But I'm also saying that if any of my ideas or dreams or aspirations, whether original or not, doesn't work in the end, then there's a bloody good chance that people with autism like myself will stay right where they really are for quite a very long time to come…

Lol, are you serious thinking if you fail, other autists are doomed by trolls and the "Evil tyrant Donald Trump," you fucking moron?! Talk about having an ego knowing you have done jack diddly shit out of jerking off to Ashi, make shityt photoshops, dream that Genndy will let you make unrealistic movies and revive Ashi, and scream about your barrier faggotry online. You haven't done anything out of begging, crying, and dream of CN will be at your doorstep.

>And it will be extremely harder and harder for people with autism like me and especially those who aspire to become filmmakers or animators or artists or storytellers or whosoever to break out of their own comfort zones (and mine, too!).

But you don't put the effort to get out of your comfort zone. You won't let go of Ashi, LeeLee, and Gogo. You won't move on from nostalgia and shitty 80s and 90s stuff. You refuse to see why the leftist media you're being fed is getting called out, and you suck at arguments because all you do is scream racial slurs and death threats with your barrier faggotry.

adfc7d  No.493875

bf1b18  No.493931

File: 8911641a6f387a9⋯.jpg (88.26 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, aku_confronted_by_strong_b….jpg)

File: bdad0d45b5b1166⋯.jpg (110.21 KB, 820x975, 164:195, a_storyboard_to_final_comp….jpg)

File: d4f40919a3a8408⋯.jpg (104.66 KB, 825x969, 275:323, a_storyboard_to_final_comp….jpg)

File: a62f3bebedfa04b⋯.png (94.13 KB, 922x480, 461:240, p1.png)

File: bb48146c4bca735⋯.png (55.55 KB, 850x540, 85:54, p2.png)

Jeeeeeeee-zus. Tim has seriously been back on his bullshit.

The thread darn near doubled in size in the span of only one month. Tim got active again, but not as much as he used to be. Yet again, he has serially failed to learn his lesson.

I gotta say, >>485727 was damn solid advice. But it's exactly like >>467578 said, he refuses to listen to even the gentlest of criticism no matter what. Whenever he makes one of his sooper sereeus posts telling us to "knock it off" for the thousandth time, he often receives kind responses. Without fail, he always responds to them by sperging out in all-caps. It's like he's programmed to do so.

(Oh yea hand, >>478819 really was him, you can see by the ID number. >>481345 "The Real Timbox" wasn't actually him, just a troll.)

Some recent cocks:


Pic #1 is a shitty shoop of Strongbad and Aku. As cringe-inducing as ever.



#2 and #3 are just storyboard-to-product comparisons of scenes from Samurai Jack. These are widely available for viewing elsewhere.

As >>470606 said, Tim updated his DA favorites again after a long period of relative silence. Entirely Ashi fanart of course, and he mildly sperged in the comments of a couple of them. But he really took a liking to one in particular, a deviation someone made of an imaginary Season 6 of Samurai Jack, featuring Jack, Ashi, and an unnamed son together as a family.


He wrote an entire…essay, basically, declaring his undying desire to revive Ashi and change the season's ending so it would be happy, not to mention "The Return of Ashi". It's so long, it took up 2 whole screencaps. A few other spergs frolicked in the comments, saying how much they would love for Samurai Jack to be brought back again. If you can make it through all this 'tism, you're a trooper.

Anyway, I should update his ED page and add in the notorious "niggers" post. Any more cocks from Cartoon Brew? Anybody know if he's made a new dumblr yet?

bf1b18  No.493942

File: 0948fd1443b49f7⋯.png (23.3 KB, 615x285, 41:19, ooh, I'm soooooo scared.png)

File: 7b6cbfe82f131c3⋯.png (21.97 KB, 613x237, 613:237, yeah right.png)

File: 282b5c48d036c5f⋯.png (26.9 KB, 615x349, 615:349, lol.png)

Oh yeah and, Tim reposted his Twitter tantrum from >>489785 onto his DA profile comments section, and even "featured" it. I'm sooooo a-scared of the Big, Bad Autist.

He then proceeded to declare that he is "leaving DeviantArt for five or six months" (and featured it too), because of us evil 8chan /cow/ alt-right Nazi trolls. You wanna know how long he made it? Not 5 or 6 months. Not 4, not 3, not 2 or even 1. Not even 1 week.

He made it 2 days before he made a new post on DeviantArt.

2. Days.

"Just my 2 cents" appears to be his new favorite phrase nowadays.

adfc7d  No.494149


5-6 months from now he'll still be creep and masturbate to fictional asian minors, obsess over dinos and chimpout on us here on 8chan.

ec1e07  No.494185

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I had never sat down to watch timbox videos, but this one is excellent.

624ba0  No.494197


>Anyway, I should update his ED page and add in the notorious "niggers" post. Any more cocks from Cartoon Brew?

Yea, his page definitely needs some updates with that nigger spam he did a month ago (One day, I'll fix the writing in some of the sections).

No one is your army. If you're going to update it, just do it. Finding new stuff on Tim isn't hard.



<But I'll still browse on DA to jerk off to Ashi

Leaving the Internet doesn't work that way, kiddo. No one expected you to leave the internet because you can't live without it. You know Tim, I'm beginning to think you might be jobless, since you waste your fucking time screaming at us, or you are looking for shitty Ashi pictures to jerk off to.


Yes you are. You can't even throw an intelligent, rational response to shit like >>485727 without screaming death threats, racial slurs, or your faggot barrier shit. You're too incompetent to have rational arguments with anyone. Fucker, you can't even have a conversation without sperging about Dexter or your dead Asian bitch.

>Good intentions

Stop throw this phrase around because nothing you do shows any kind of good intention.

>"Just my 2 cents" appears to be his new favorite phrase nowadays.

He has a lot of euphemisms and phrases. He likes to call people folks like he's a middle-aged narrator, or always starts off with "Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls." "Breaking my Barriers like they broke Chris Chan" is his other thing too.

25a495  No.494320


The vids are the best part of the Timbox experience, which is why he needs to make more already.

6de55c  No.494382


I wanna see that nigger spam again.

6de55c  No.495928

624ba0  No.498001

File: d8eeab077f83988⋯.png (57.76 KB, 1008x700, 36:25, timmyreddit.png)

Our autistic bitch seems to have a Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/timbox129

>What do you think of my unrealistic movie?!

<Dude, move the fuck on

>Ok. Let's pretend I said nothing.

LOL, even Reddit thinks your movie ideas are shit.

818797  No.498107


I love how Lord Genndy, the man who made him what he is today, just ignores him!

Ashi is never coming back!

6de55c  No.498413


Ain't that the truth!

adfc7d  No.499029

6de55c  No.499031


The first seconds have hilariously bad acting.

adfc7d  No.499036

6de55c  No.499614


You know, why don't we just upload Tim's videos to ED?

adfc7d  No.499648

Upload everything onto ED!

6de55c  No.499903


Tim has a DA/Twitter friend, who, like Tim, wants an alternate ending to Samurai Jack.

Another person even made a petition to make the alternate ending:


Tim also posted a comment:

>"I'm signing this petition thingy because I'm rooting not just for a happy ending like many Disney animated feature films, and one in which Jack and Ashi are wedded and lived happily ever after, but I'm also rooting for a much better ending for Samurai Jack than the one it got come airtime. That is just my two cents."

Just his two cents.

6de55c  No.499907


While Tim is a faggot, I can't help but kinda think he proves a point about how even autistic people can do good film ideas.

But since this is Tim, it comes off as sad.

624ba0  No.500306


Tim's twitter rant is just him acting like a bratty bitch who thinks the world revolves around him. Autistics have done a lot of shit, but most of them had to work for it. Tim hates work and putting any effort into anything.

624ba0  No.500310


I don't get how an autistic faggot bitch keeps crying how his role model is getting harassed by people, yet he's one of the fucking harassers. Tim, you can't tell someone you respect their material, but then harass them because there's something you hate.

>I'm rooting not just for a happy ending like many Disney animated feature films,

I could have sworn some Disney movies still had a sad ending (I wouldn't call Bambi's ending happy). Tim, life isn't happy and beautiful like an animated Disney movie. There's sadness, and sometimes people have bad endings whether or not they're good. It's a part of life you need to accept. You need to accept Ashi's death. You need to respect Genndy's decision.

8667c9  No.500329


Ashi didn't even die though. She never existed to begin with.

624ba0  No.500430


True, but my points still stand.

6de55c  No.500519


Now Tim is sperging over Sym-Bionic Titan.

Who want's to bet that Tim will sperg over Hotel Transylvania 3 next?

7252d9  No.500534

Why does Tim believe everything has to have a happy ending? Take a look at a game like I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream. Sure, AM is vanquished via whoever the player was and the people on that moon colony were unfrozen, but the player's character died along with the rest of the people to make the earth habitable. I mean ffs not everything has to have a good ending, Tim.

5a601e  No.500554


In the short story that was based on. Ted winds up killing the rest of the survivors and he turns into a slug-like monster. Wandering around aimlessly, AM basically winds up winning.

If it wasn't for the game, I would've never read the original story that was based on. Out of curiosity. The short story was so depressing and dark.

7252d9  No.500558


Holy shit that I had no idea. I actually played the game for the first time in December of last year and as a high schooler, yeesh that game left me shook. Sounds like the short story is even worse.

74db37  No.500585


What is with people want an alternate ending of SJ? Samurai Jack is done and Gennedy is working on a new show, Primal yet Tim and this jaime667 guy couldn't go on or just look up alternate SJ ending of fan fics or comics on Tumblr, DA or anywhere?


Already discuss and mention, Tim unable to research himself by going to Google for mere seconds about People with Autism. Maybe Tim wants to make it all about him instead of others


Once Gennedy new show pops up, he'll shoehorn into his nonexisting crossover ideas



I wonder if he saw other movie with sad ending/scene like Land Before Time or Neverending Story (Example of animated movie with sad ending?), but refuse to see them like bring up painful memories (Look at Dobson, he didn't see ending of Over the Garden Wall; There was a original ending where one of characters died; or Daredevil Season 1 because of the cat). If Tim relies on Disney happy ending so much, he would've been aware that the original stories of those Disney movie were much darker and worse.

adfc7d  No.500652

Tim blocked me on DA and Twitter

6de55c  No.500800


What'd you do to get blocked?

adfc7d  No.500885

>>500800 I called him out for being a sick pedo faggot manchild.

624ba0  No.500895




A lot of 60s and 70s media was pretty gritty and dark. I can't see Tim watch something like Belladonna of Sadness or Watership Down. The 80s Grendel movie has goofy cartoon moments, but still kept some of the book's tones and themes (Man being a cunt with everything, Grendel killing people because he hates them as much as he hates his life).

>What is with people want an alternate ending of SJ?

Tim grew up thinking in shitty 90s cartoons, the hero always wins, get the girl, and does all kinds of awesome shit while shilling shitty toys to dumb kids like Timmy. It's a big Wtf for Timbox to see the hero lose after he completed his quest, or that life doesn't always have a happy ending; that, or Tim is still pissed off that his fap material died, and he got cucked and cockblocked hard by Genndy and Jack.

>Once Gennedy new show pops up, he'll shoehorn into his nonexisting crossover ideas

That depends on the cocks, and if it has any Asians. If there is an Asian on the show, you can bet your ass that Timbox will sperg over said character, definitely dropping Ashi.



Get screenshots

74db37  No.500924

Timbox Tries it: Hypocrisy

Timbox once again post his Dexter Odysssy on 4chan's co http://boards.4chan.org/co/thread/101567805#bottom

The hypocrisy is he's post his Dexter Odyssey several times on 4chan's co. Around November 2017, he made a rant journal of it and want to quit (He's aware of wasting it but it took him 11 year to notice) https://www.deviantart.com/timbox129/journal/Because-of-you-717068095

74db37  No.500925

File: f586c9d8a2f6927⋯.png (332.99 KB, 1583x795, 1583:795, Hypocrisyoftimbox.png)

Forgot to post image

624ba0  No.500931




Either someone might have copy-pasted his blog on 4chan for ween points, or Tim was really stupid enough to attempt this shit again after 4chan ridiculed him. Tim normally doesn't go back to forums he's been chased out of or banned from like Toonzone, Homestar Forums, or 4chan (We're the exception).

6de55c  No.500991


Let's just assume someone copy-pasted it, because Tim was ridiculed once when he brought up Odyssey in a thread.

624ba0  No.501031


It's probably this with Tim getting more attention thanks to his Ashi faggotry .

adfc7d  No.501452

So tim didn't officially leave Deviantart?

6de55c  No.501638


No, I don't think so.

Also, Tim's ED page lists that he once was on IGN, can someone find that IGN forum post with Tim?

624ba0  No.505036


He never left DA. He's "browsing," but trying to be more discrete, waiting to sperg over shitty ideas and Ashi again when things calm down. He'll never leave the internet like he'll never let go of Ashi.


The links might be in the archived threads. It's hard to find old Timbox replies if you google his whole name, his screens name (Timbox129), or anything he's into like Ashi or Dexter's Lab.

84ba92  No.505092

Well, I don't know if anyone here is aware of this, but here is his Reddit account and to nobody's surprise, he is still sperging about his dead waifu.


6de55c  No.505487


I actually found the IGN post Tim did, on a different website, but it is how ED described it:



We know, Anon, it was posted in >>498001.

adfc7d  No.506011

6de55c  No.506149


Honestly, it was funny when Tim shouted at his mom.

And this video (and all of Tim's original YT videos) deserve a place on his ED page.

6de55c  No.506162

818797  No.506166


That's one of the problems with some of the parents of autistic kids, is that they coddle them too much and think they shouldn't be punished for their bad/stupid behavior.

adfc7d  No.506193


Timbox gives Autistic kids who're actually smart a bad name. Although I highly doubt he's autistic he's just stupid.

6de55c  No.506408



That one person was wrong.

It's not Tim, because this Tim has a different IP address.

74db37  No.506412

File: 6999c0a5f175ff1⋯.png (285.38 KB, 634x438, 317:219, AllaboutMEEE.png)

Tim claim he had Asperger but he makes up excuses many times and used autism in his defense when someone makes fun of him or criticizes him.

Tim doesn't care about people who got disabilities or austim/asperger. How do you think he still lack of social skills, his english has not improved for years, even the FB group/page were getting annoyed, pissed or getting tired of Tim's bullshit. Tim had a job/vocational training yet he still making excuses due no one took his shit seriously

Tim always think the world revolve around him, exploiting people with disabilities/autism for personal gain of his own/selfish reasons. Does Tim even care for someone or confident for what he loves like drawing? All he did was shitposting his nonexisting movie ideas. Tim would've got all the timing in the world, each year but wasted all those years for Dexter movie and now Ashi for the next two or three years (He could still begging for Samuari Jack ending change)

Tim may need rethink to re-evaluate his life.

25a495  No.506476


Autist detected.

6de55c  No.506711


This is hilarious send-up to Tim's horrendous shoops. I like how it retains how bad they are (you can still see a bit of Satan behind the shirt).

818797  No.506728



Yes, some of us are autists, but we hate Timbox and other people like him!

84ba92  No.506730

File: 9102f42c214b8ab⋯.jpg (92.56 KB, 787x518, 787:518, fc8cb5e5e34847f1776e555373….jpg)


I know I am gonna sound like an autist in this post, but I could care less. If you pause at the 0:25 mark on the video, you can instantly tell that he traced over a piece of concept art for the film Jurassic Park, artwork that was done by Mark McCreery, and claimed it as his own. What a cunt.

624ba0  No.506779


Someone traced something? Well, I never! This shouldn't surprise you knowing Timbox ripped off a wiki page on the elements, and claimed it to be his own (see thread 3 or 4). Tim sucks at drawing, and he can't make anything original, so he resorts to stealing other people's stuff.

e26f4d  No.506780


Did you make this thread?


74db37  No.506790


No. What does that thread have anything to do with Tim?

Misunderstood with someone else?

6de55c  No.507093


No, this frequently happens with threads like this.

Like, earlier own, this somehow turned into an Oddworld thread.

95e4ad  No.507106


You type like the poojeet.

cc5505  No.508229

File: 0b489e1d1e00c5e⋯.png (612.65 KB, 606x981, 202:327, Aladar2_-_Copy.png)


I know that I am a few months late to the party on this one, but I just wanted to throw my hat into the ring. As for the "Iguanodon stampede" that he's ripping off, I think he might be referring to Dinosaur, the Disney film that came out in the year 2000 as well; mostly due to the fact that the main character is an Iguanodon.

Just a random brain fart I had.

6de55c  No.508361


That's true; Dinosaur is one of his favorite movies.

0f9cb6  No.508397

File: dc7a88f29255363⋯.gif (7.46 KB, 192x238, 96:119, Karnov.gif)

>Timbox is a closet pedophile for whacking off to cartoons, kek

<SHADMAN shit his pants and did nothing WRONG, AMERIMUTTS

f5e57e  No.508425

Hey people how long will Timbox last in prison? I say 1 day.

74db37  No.508527


What about/You Forgot Blargsnarf, gerph, Carmessi, Henry, Zone Tan 95% of rule 34 artists from /aco and henati foundry?

Not like Timbox give a damn who shadman is or had the guts to look up porn cartoons. Shame Tim didn't go back to Tumblr for sperg lusting Ashi/Gogo

6de55c  No.508701

Tim has finally done a new post on somewhere since June!…

but its the same shtick from Tim as usual:


0f9cb6  No.508794


There's lots of drama on cartoons for adults section, I'm surprised no one has made a thread about.

624ba0  No.508832


>I like Ashi because she's pretty and beautiful! That's why!

That's the most superficial as fuck answer I've heard from anyone. So much for all that "she has character and feelings" shit he tried to tell us when he sperged out.

>Throws in the Tara Strong hash tag

Leave her the fuck alone, you pedo-manchild faggot. You already creeped her out when you told her that you jerked off to Ashi.

6de55c  No.509111

74db37  No.509162


>Why are you jealous of my interest in #Ashi from #SamuraiJack?! There's nothing wrong with me liking that character

>Liking a character who appeared 10 episode in a final season

Because she's a fictional character. Been over a year since SJ ended yet you're still shoutout Ashi to Twitter and Deviantart while everyone is moving on to different things.

I don't want to repeat this over but Samurai Jack should've kept its dark tone until the very end. But when Ashi appeared and love interest to Jack, it drains every amount of dark suspense and ruined the rest of the season.

7 hours later…


>Makes a fake Comic Con announcement about his waifu

Are you even trying?

0ba4fd  No.509170

File: 113f34b95550daa⋯.png (161.02 KB, 1000x980, 50:49, 113f34b95550daac80bd3a2c50….png)

>I will end this violent abuse from /cow/

<can someone please shut down /cow/ pls kkthx

624ba0  No.509214


>Why are you jealous of my interest in #Ashi from #SamuraiJack?!


Of what? You pissed off people like Chris Battle, Dan Gold Wasser, and Aku's new VA, and they either blocked you or even made fun of you? Jealous that we don't have a fictional Asian bitch that's ruining our lives like she is ruining yours? Yea, Tim. Whatever.

>There's nothing wrong with me liking that character,

You won't shut the fuck up about her, and you thought she had feelings like a real person. You need help because you're starting to think she's real. Tim, I won't be surprised to know Ashi might have made you jobless with your endless faggotry over her.

>is pushing me way too far towards the edge!

What the fuck are you gonna do about it, you autistic faggot bitch?

>Unironically used Asian girl, Tara Strong, and joke as hash tags

Jokes are supposed to be funny, Tim. This made you look like a creep.

5a601e  No.509354

>please change the ending of Samurai Jack into Walt Disney ending

That is so fucking sad lmao.

33fe61  No.509410


Oh shit, what all did they say about Tim?

6de55c  No.509467


No, that's just Tim saying it to himself.

adfc7d  No.509510


Can we get a link to his shenanigans on reddit or tumblr please.

624ba0  No.509577



Chris basically blocked him on his journal years ago, and Dan had old links to his antics on Toon Zone and Criteria Forums years ago. Look around old Timbox threads. You could look up his common tags online (His ED page has them listed). He goes by his full name or timbox129. He's like Chris Chan when it comes to finding stuff on him.

adfc7d  No.509617


He's Chris-chan's apprentice no question about that.

624ba0  No.510277

File: cc0300b348b140b⋯.png (42.27 KB, 881x786, 881:786, muhbutthurt.png)

Looks like weens are trying to pretend they're Timbox for attention. Meh. I kinda wish they were funnier when they impersonate Timmy.

cc5505  No.510290


It is still a decent attempt I guess. I'll give credit where credit is do.

6de55c  No.510576


That person who did the infamous nigger post was also a ween; look at the IP address, and compare it to a post actually done by Tim.

7252d9  No.510838

So we're probably gonna remove that post from the ED page, huh? Sad, as I thought we were close to getting a legitimate response like that from Timmo.

adfc7d  No.510903


No don't remove it. That was him no doubt.

6de55c  No.511112


These (>>438037, >>441606) were actually done by Tim.

These (>>442630, >>442796) were done by weens; they have different IP addresses, I can tell because Tim's IP address is "267f85".


That's the person who did the nigger spam post; this person has that same IP address.

624ba0  No.511354




It's still not far off to say Timbox is a racist though.

624ba0  No.511725

File: d83295abe060105⋯.png (44.53 KB, 938x391, 938:391, karitimbox.png)

Looks like one of the DA lolcows is trying to get Timbox on her side or some shit, since she has a thread here. I think the last thing Tim wants in his life is to tie himself to some ugly, fat bitch who makes shitty pedo pics or some dumb, creepy shit.

766121  No.511825


The plot thickens.jpg

6de55c  No.512069


What the other cow's thread?

6de55c  No.512471


What is that other person's thread?

7d4af0  No.512575

980529  No.512900

File: 40da80a0b17d899⋯.png (361.98 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, arnold_darren_penny_ginger….png)

818797  No.512907


My problem with the the Anytown guy is I think he should come up with some original characters (loosely based on the classic character, just change their names and appearance) and use them instead

6de55c  No.512910


He basically explained it to himself; he's driving himself mad.

818797  No.513067


The show IS over, Jack killed Aku and went back to his own time, which was his primary goal since the show began! Ashi's dead/never existed, get over it!

624ba0  No.513102

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