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File: a54a0f1b948b9c7⋯.png (89.2 KB, 1022x769, 1022:769, Timdeclareswar.png)

File: 478013d0f1390ca⋯.jpg (17.71 KB, 255x248, 255:248, Angryautist.jpg)

File: 4cf715baea31fae⋯.jpg (2.59 KB, 51x61, 51:61, autismface.jpg)

7935c0 No.359377

Timbox Box Thread #5: Autistic Sjw Edition

Tim is still crying over his dead Asian bitch on DA, but when he isn't sperging over Ashi, he's drinking the Sjw Kool-Aid screaming how Trump and /cow/ are ruining his life (He's tied /cow/ to the Alt-right like a stupid autistic fuck). Tim's brothers and the Anytown guy still make little appearances with his brothers calling us blackies or some other racal slur (lol). DA is still Tim's little haven, but when he gets caught stealing other people's stuff, he cries like a bitch.

DeviantART: http://timbox129.deviantart.com/

tumblr: https://projectdinosaursnstuff.tumblr.com/

ED page: https://encyclopediadramatica.se/Timbox

Tim's "Cwcki:" http://timbox.wikia.com/wiki/What_Would_You_Think_If_Timothy_Robert_%22Timbox%22_McKenzie_Had_His_Very_Own_Wiki

https://archive.is/tok3S (Thread #4 archived)

f96895 No.359395

File: f4bb4311a80c099⋯.gif (1.83 MB, 245x245, 1:1, tumblr_inline_ntho6dTZFc1t….gif)

>Timmy hates Trump

>Timmy is sucking SJW teat

>somehow hates SJWs

>calls people racial slurs

Timmyboy is too dumb to notice his actions lol. Also I don't think he knows what a SJW is he, just hears it being thrown around on the internet and just uses it as an insult.

7935c0 No.359449


Tim doesn't like how they went after Genndy, but he buys into their fucked up bullshit like Trump being Hitler 2.0 and the Alt-right faggotry. He doesn't want to know the truth how the left-winged shit and corrupted social justice he's been fedhas ruined lives, or why people think Samurai Jack's last season sucked. Whenever Tim wants answers, he cries when he doesn't get the answers he wants, screaming he's going to get killed or something more retarded. Tim sort of knows, but he wants to live in his little la la land where he hopes CN will let him make that non-existing Dexter's Odyssey/Waifu of the Month movie, and /cow/ dies off with Trump and minorities (lol).

88ed14 No.359470


Sounds like he should join those faggots over in the "Nazbol gang" that have metastasized in the Bloodsports thread.

a409fd No.359710

File: 743137598477d5e⋯.jpg (13.59 KB, 480x269, 480:269, 22552346_1750520435000727_….jpg)


Let the autism commence once again.

6f0ddf No.362672

File: fd4fd6a4272a667⋯.jpg (64.92 KB, 1024x418, 512:209, aku_attacks_the_homestar_r….jpg)

File: 6fea0ba81b79b08⋯.png (65.29 KB, 920x416, 115:52, Tim doesn't get it.png)

File: 4f3b791ef9e0d8a⋯.png (497.63 KB, 752x1063, 752:1063, LMFAO.png)

File: cb610b525e49c80⋯.png (14.69 KB, 904x191, 904:191, lolbuttmad.png)

File: 1109794006540ab⋯.png (99.99 KB, 1214x556, 607:278, it's just fucking McDonald….png)

Oh sweet Jebus. This is the first time I'm checking back here after 2 months, and look at all that's happened since.

Actually, it's depressing, because not much has happened at all.

>Tim spergs on DA

>Begs for Hollywood-senpai to notice him

>Gets intermittently mad at Trump, for whatever reason

>Calls us SJWs (???????) (clearly he doesn't understand)

>Becomes infuriated on learning that /cow/ is still posting about him

>Freaks out at us

>Rinse and repeat

I gotta say though, >>358393 was a record-setting chimpout. If somebody could cap that post in one whole screenshot, that would be great. You would definitely need to zoom out quite a lot.

The whole "Merlin interviews Ashi" thing was also an unprecedented cringefest.

Some gems from DA: a cringey Ashi x Homestar mashup, and a comment some guy made on his "Ashi's Mom Wanted for Child troll" deviation that had me snorting.

This guy made a shoop of Tim if he were an FBI-wanted child predator, and posted it in the comments of the deviation. But instead of flipping out, Tim calmly pulled out his old lines about being an a-okay person, then wanted to start a discussion about his deviation.

He also freaked out at somebody julaying him in the comments section of his latest deviation, but hid their comment and reply like the lil' bitch he is.

Stupid is as stupid does.

Tim hasn't uploaded very much to his DA gallery in recent days, largely making journal entries and Tweeting. He tweeted a few days ago (https://twitter.com/UlyssesSBob/status/970290090483253251) and posted on his DA profile, questioning the "fuss and uproar" [about Ashi] "on the internet", wondering if there's a "problem" with her that needs to be explained.

It's just you, Tim.

He also took out the time to make an entire post about how overjoyed he is about Mulan-themed McDonald's Szechuan sauce, and how much he loves Mulan: https://timbox129.deviantart.com/status/12785608

Again, I'm saddened. Tim's speech has not evolved one bit, and has only regressed if anything. He's turning 27 in only 2 months.


I'm thankful for all the julayers here who have gotten some quality julay from him while I was away. As I promise every time, the ED page is in dire need of updating.

P.S. When did his brothers re-surface, OP? I didn't see the "blackies" post. The Anytown spammer is annoying, but it's obviously not Tim and we can just ignore him whenever he comes up.

7935c0 No.362909


>I'm a wonderful person, y'know

<Talks like a moron, drinks the sjw kool-aid, jerks off to Asian kids, and is a creepy faggot over shitty 90s shows and Asian women

>Why do people mock me?

<Spazzes like a lolcow when people make fun of him and bawwlocks like Dobson on DA

You tell us, Timmy.

You would think Timbox would have moved on from dumb shit like Homestar Runner. Knowing this faggot still jerks off to snakes, penguins, and little kids like a pedophile-manchild-faggot, I shouldn't be surprised knowing he's still into shitty Samurai Jack and shitty Dexter. Nostalgia is a fucking hell of a drug.

>I didn't see the "blackies" post.

>>299248 from the last thread. It can't be Tim being somebody else because we all know Tim types and talks like a retard; chances are it might be one of his brothers. We know the Anytown guy isn't Tim but foxdickfarms still thinks Tim is Anytown, so let those dumb fucks keep thinking that. They don't really care about Timbox to figure it out. The Anytown guy is like Chris's trolls: he thinks that making tying himself to Timbox will make him less of a faggot.

7935c0 No.362917

File: 93a1a0383b07a0d⋯.png (57.93 KB, 639x630, 71:70, naggingpeople.png)

File: f1dd0e5189fc7ab⋯.png (160.71 KB, 631x638, 631:638, stolenfromtwitter.png)

File: 395b9b3260730f3⋯.png (196.92 KB, 588x656, 147:164, GoodandHonestmyass.png)

Seems like Tim sperged out on Twitter in the last 2-3 months (He reposts his DA shit on Twitter):



>What do you think about this shitty comics I spammed on your Twitter

<Why are you bothering me?

>I want to show you this shitty picture


It's like he never learned his lessons from Dan Goldwater or Chris when he was spamming shit on their pages. And apparently he took the same guy's Vday picture >>324670, and posted it on his own DA page as his own piece (again if you remember the element info he stole from a website). Yea Timbox, you sure are creative and original. Great fucking job stealing someone's else stuff again, claiming it to be your own.

>I'm good and honest

<Steals stuff from other people like a typical DA user

No you're not.

7935c0 No.362922

File: ec2b297e295928b⋯.png (431.35 KB, 770x898, 385:449, TaraStrongxTimbox.png)




>I'm so sorry for jerking off to one of your characters from a shitty cartoon. THOSE EVIL 8CHAN TROLLS MADE ME DO IT BECAUSE THEY RUINED ME LIFE

<"Holy fuck, you're a faggot," said Twitter

I haven no pity for Tara Strong being a leftist cunt who supports Rapefugees and shit, but not even she deserves Tim's faggotry. Tim, what the fuck is wrong with you, you stupid peodphile manchild faggot? And yet you STILL obsess over Ashi like the dumb faggot you are, Timbox! If that apology meant something, you would have stopped talking about Ashi months ago while everybody else moved on.



Even the guy he spammed his shitty comic to probably thinks Timbox is a dumb, creepy manchild faggot.


>Actually, it's depressing, because not much has happened at all.

Let cows shoot themselves in the foot. It's the best way to get something out of them like what he just did with Tara Strong.

6f0ddf No.362929


Oh my *fucking* God Tim, you know that you can keep things to yourself every once in a while, right? Christ, shit like this reinforces my creeping belief that is he just irrevocably retarded.

But wait. I don't think he's smart enough to use "masturbating" in a metaphorical sense, in any way other than to mean that he sexually pleasured himself to the TV show: particularly Ashi. But could he? "Masturbating" as in "being obsessed with/sperging over relentlessly".

Well, I don't think it matters anyhow, since that's more than humiliating enough and we all have 0 doubt that he has wanked off to Ashi countless times.

Now that this "BadSamuraiJack" art account brought attention to him, he has yet another thing on the internet to autistically screech at.


a33c2f No.362991

Do we know what Timmy's parents feel about his internet activities?

7935c0 No.363033


>But could he? "Masturbating" as in "being obsessed with/sperging over relentlessly".

This is the same pedophile manchild who admitted his love for LeeLee and penguins on Youtube years ago. I doubt he was being metaphorical when he told Twitter he jacks off to Ashi.


They might be keeping an eye on his faggotry, since he doesn't post much out of his Ashi obsession, or when he talks to us (note: screams at us when we make fun of him or prove him wrong).

26cee1 No.363036



>You would think Timbox would have moved on from dumb shit like Homestar Runner.

>Still jerks off to snakes, penguins, and little kids

>Still into shitty Samurai Jack and shitty Dexter

Tim will never move on beyond his nostalgia. He still obsessed of his dream where Cartoon Network would come to him and made a billion dollar budget film over a nonexisting movie based on copyrighted cartoons. He'll never moved on to other things If Tim tried to moved on (Which he'll never will) he'll find a way to shoehorn every anime, video games, tv shows or other movies into his undesired fanfiction shit.

He only mention Rick and Morty because of that dumb sauce based on Disney's Mulan. https://timbox129.deviantart.com/status/12790048

>Tim post up the recent Oscars and Shape of Water

<Never saw the film itself

<Only bring Lord of the Rings for shits and giggles


If he say that to Tara in comic convention (Be grateful he doesn't go to comic conventions), THAT would be a new level of humiliation and awkwardness


>Tim's speech has not evolved one bit, and has only regressed if anything

If his speech hasn't changed for 12 years, I could bet he doesn't pay attention in English class or social skills either Middle or High School.

3a873c No.363094


>He doesn't know that "The Shape of Water" actually won because it attacked white people, praised Communism and promoted beastiality

I know it sounds nuts, but hear me out: Remember how Brokeback Mountain sort of helped lead people to accept homosexuality? What if the Hollyweirdos are trying to get people to accept pedophilia and beastiality through that same backdoor bullshit? That's why that movie won, Tim. Because people in Hollywood want to rape kids and animals.

7935c0 No.363126


For some reason, I can see him having similar moments like that with other people in his life:

>Miss, I'm so sorry for staring at you all day, trolling you even.

<What? Excuse me.

>You see evil bullies on 8 chan /cow/ are making fun of me for being a virgin, so I thought being around you woul-

<Get the fuck away from me.


<Yes, and get away from me! Police!

I just don't understand what would make you think posting about your masturbation shit on someone's twitter is a good idea. Smart, my ass.


This kind of stuff triggers poor ol' Timmy now that he's drinking the sjw kool-aid, and has been fed with so much bullshit from the media and pop culture he accepted in his life. Tim doesn't want to know the truth about how fucked up Hollywood is, or why Sjws went after Genndy and others like August Aimes when he asked /cow/ why are the Sjws going after Genndy for shitty Samurai Jack; he won't even accept the fact Samurai Jack's shitty last season was so disappointing to so many people or why the new PPG is still a horrible, unwatchable shit show (Tim used to flip out when anyone said PPG and New PPG suck). He'll just scream at you for "breaking his barriers," or "you're trying to get him killed."

9d7567 No.363345


What the fuck did Homestar Runner do to him?

7935c0 No.363487


His mods and posters ridiculed Timbox out of his forums when Tim wouldn't shut the fuck up about his shitty movie ideas and bullshit rumors he was making up about making a movie with the Chapp Brothers.



7016dc No.364117

Enough bullying, 8Chan /cow/!

You listen to my facebook friend Lucas Williams:


He warned me about how you stopped me from making videos or anything about Ashi.

And plus, the way you assholes harass me on the internet is really uncalled for.

So Stop! Cease! And Desist!

Thank you!

7016dc No.364121

And btw, you better stop using my personal name and info anywhere, for it is rather uncalled for!

7016dc No.364124


And one more thing, I demand that you, 8chan /cow/ Stop talking about me anymore.

a33c2f No.364131


Shut up, faggot.

b1deb5 No.364169




Hey there,

First of, yes i'm the guy that runs Bad Samurai Jack art,

but I don't think you care about what i think of SJ (and you’ve probably moved on to something else Tim’s done) so i’ll cut to the chase

i've known about Tim since late April/early May. i found him on DA when i was looking for art to post on BadSJ. I believe the first one i found was either "Ashi sleeping in a bed" or "Ashi on the golden gate bridge", they came out around the same time so it doesn't matter to much. i noticed they were made by the same guy, so i clicked on his profile and i swear i opened Pandora's box.

There was so many pictures about Ashi and it was just after "The Ashi Movie" shit was posted, not to mention all the other crap like "Ashi Poses" or something of that nature. I remember thinking "I've hit a fucking Goldmine!" So i watched him on DA to get more art from him, along with some other SJ fanatics, but Tim was the most active. I sometimes let his stuff stack on DA so i could get some pics if i needed it, and that's how it was until he mentioned a thread about him. I still don't know why he linked the thread but hey, whatever.

I don't need to talk about the thread, it speaks for itself. So yeah i've been following this thread for a few months now. it's how i found his Twitter and boy that’s where most of this shit went down.

Around November, he began using his twitter, posting stuff about SJ. One of these post was the one where he confesses to jerking it to ashi. obviously i had to screenshot it because he'd delete it eventually. I posted it on Twitter to give other’s the same reaction I had. It's one of the creepiest shit he's even admitted to, and i had pictures in my head that were not fucking pretty. I actually thought you guys knew about Tim’s tweet before, considering he’s most likely done something similar in the past.

About the comic, for starters, I was aware about it before he tweeted it at me. I saw it an DA and thought nothing much of it, it was basically just a combination of Tim’s boner material, Dinos, Asian girls and Genndy’s Cartoons. I didn’t post anything about it, but then he tweeted it to me.

the only reason he knows about me in the first place is because i replied to one of his tweets with a Ashi meme (that he later uses unironically in a page about Ashi, bitching about how she’s dead), but Jesus you’d think he’d have some common sense, I mean he tweeted to a guy called “Bad Samurai Jack Art”. I’m not exactly subtle with what i do. i was thinking about posting it on here, but i felt as if it would be seen as self promotion, so i didn’t bother.

Anyways that my story with Tim, needless to say he’s mainly a meme on BadSJArt. I know this is a long fucking post but it’s more or less an overview of my experiences with him. Tim is just a Chris Chan with a Samurai Jack coating, no matter how much we’ll deny it, it’s the truth. He’s a creep, but he gives me a reason to post.

As for me, i’ll keep posting on twitter, even it’s been a year since season 5 started. i’ll also follow Tim and his shenanigans, but also this thread incase you have any questions or anything else about Tim pops up. if you want a chat confidentially my dm are always open, though i doubt it’ll be needed.

Thanks for your time and have a nice whenever the fuck you’re reading this at.

7935c0 No.364178

File: dc3232f04fb716e⋯.png (37.49 KB, 1823x260, 1823:260, thinkaboutit.png)

>Concerned that people don't like shitty Jack and shitty Ashi instead

<Not the terrible story-telling and meh art in shitty season 5 or how shit like the Guardian was ruined.

Because Jack and Ashi were shitty characters, and Jack's growth was thrown out in season 5. All the shit he did and experienced in 4 seasons were pointless when Ashi stepped in, and she was a horrible Deus Ex tool. Seasons 1-4 had unique story-telling that didn't need terrible writing all of the time, but none of that was in season 5. Genndy forgot what made the first 4 seasons watchable when he made shitty season 5.




>Thinks "leaking" his facebook messages is intimidating

Lol, the link doesn't work without us having a Jewbook account, you dumb fuck.

>He warned me about how you stopped me from making videos or anything about Ashi.

It's your fault your Ashi obsession made you a complete joke and an even bigger faggot than Chris Chan. If anything, making Ashi videos on Youtube would have made your life worse for you, so you should thank us, Timbox. Also:

>Screams that people tried to hurt Chris Chan

<Not thinking his "buddy" Lucas Williams might be out to fuck with him

You never learn, do you?

>Stop talking about me

Stop being a dumb pedophile-manchild-faggot. Enjoy your updated ED page.


>i noticed they were made by the same guy, so i clicked on his profile and i swear i opened Pandora's box.

That's everyone's experience with Timbox. We didn't expect 5 threads of Tim being a faggot over fictional Asians, nostalgia, and shitty 90s cartoons. Thanks for capturing his masturbation tweet.

>As for me, i’ll keep posting on twitter, even it’s been a year since season 5 started. i’ll also follow Tim and his shenanigans, but also this thread incase you have any questions or anything else about Tim pops up. if you want a chat confidentially my dm are always open, though i doubt it’ll be needed.

Just don't go all A-log over Timbox like the Aenimanerd fag, and you'll be fine, but whatever you got can probably be added to his ED page if it's legit.

11f0e4 No.364185


>"The Shape of Water" actually won because it attacked white people, praised Communism and promoted beastiality

At what parts of the film has it done that? I haven't watched it, but I wanna know more.

88ed14 No.364227


A Soviet spy is treated like a sympathetic character, the villain is a patriotic white man with a stable family and a woman fucking a Deep One is treated as a loving romance instead of sick fuckery.

ddc148 No.364262


Actually, I haven't "a-logged" him in a long time. Hell, I just don't care about lolcows anymore enough to do such a stupid thing. Also, I agree heavily on your statement relating to Season 5. It was such a fucking letdown if you look back at it, and some of my friends on Jewbook are sperging over it being one year since S5. My apologies for A-logging prior, but I've changed my ways over time.

ddc148 No.364267

I'm still attempting to grasp the basic concept of what is and isn't a-logging, though. So if I sound like I am a-logging, do forgive me.

7935c0 No.364270


All good.

ddc148 No.364274


Good to know. I'm hoping over time that I do grasp the basic rules of 8chan and such. These past months I've sorta gone through the stage of my 16 year old self maturing in a way. I sorta cringe on my past posts on the 4h thread now.

b1deb5 No.364559


>That's everyone's experience with Timbox. We didn't expect 5 threads of Tim being a faggot over fictional Asians, nostalgia, and shitty 90s cartoons. Thanks for capturing his masturbation tweet.

I wasn't aware of the threads back than, so it was a big find for me and BadSJ at that time. Nowadays he's more of a meme than a source of art. Also you're welcome for the masturbation tweet and thank for putting some of my stuff on ED.

>Just don't go all A-log over Timbox like the Aenimanerd fag, and you'll be fine, but whatever you got can probably be added to his ED page if it's legit.

Not to sure what A-logging is but if it's anything like tweeting about him constantly and trolling him, don't worry. Like I said before, he's pretty much a meme now.

ddc148 No.365117


I'm the Aenimanerd fag. I'm trying to still contemplate what is and isn't a-logging, but ya know.

a33c2f No.365132

Tim really needs to understand that there's such a thing known as copyright.

Samurai Jack is over. Ashi is dead. Move on brooooo

7935c0 No.365173


It's taking a cow too seriously to a point where it really starts bugging you for the worse. It also involves cows or losers making fun of other cows and losers with trolls thinking it's "Redemption" or it'll make the trolls hate them less (it doesn't. It eventually backfires on them). A;-Log came from a guy who was obsessed with hating Chris Chan, but he became almost as big a faggot as Chris Chan. That's not to say you can't feel disgust, bitter, or irritated by a cow, but don't overreact too much (that said, some cows like Nick Bate deserve the shit they've been given because Nick was a sexual predator and a psycho).

ddc148 No.365175


Thanks for the explanation, man. Much appreciated! Now how do I come off as not sounding like an a-log fag?

7016dc No.365667


No. I cannot follow your orders, sir.

b1deb5 No.366345


Thanks for telling me that. I don't even hate Tim, i just sorta see him as a weirdo.

ddc148 No.366355

If I had to give my honest opinion on SJ, it has to be what >>364178 said. Also I didn't use my name until recent, but those replies with me saying I haven't a-logged in awhile and stuff were me prior. Is it fine for me to use the name here, or should I just go back to the anon name?

b1deb5 No.366929


I think you can still use the name, just don't A-log and you'll be fine.

7935c0 No.367415


Enjoy your misery as your shitty Ashi continues to ruin your life, Tim (you could probably spend the time you waste on Ashi getting a real Asian girl that's better than Ashi). DA already thinks you're a joke.

7935c0 No.371327

File: 6fd0b28bca4cc9a⋯.png (10.83 KB, 1862x108, 931:54, retardtalk.png)

Hey Tim, did anyone tell you you talk and type like a fucking moron these days? Even if you intentionally wrote "have gone died," intentional idiot talk and bad grammar don't make you sound smart at all. Smart my ass. Again Tim, get the fuck out of your house and buy some art, writing, and grammar books.

ddc148 No.372190

Quick question, does >>371327's response equal a-logging in a way? Sorry, I still am trying to realize what is and isn't a-logging. I apologize for bogging the thread up with responses like this.

b1deb5 No.372459


>Quick question, does >>371327's response equal a-logging in a way?

No, Tim has shit grammer and he's pointing it out.

667451 No.372627


A-Logging would be like saying Timbox is so horrible that he makes bloodthirsty dictators look like lambs for the horrific crime of making autistic people look bad in comparison. Would also involve shitting on someone with the implicit/explicit idea that you are a better person than they are.

ddc148 No.374163

>>372627 and >>372459

Thanks for the responses. I'll try not to a-log as much as I did a few years back. I think I understand it now.

e53828 No.375354


I'm confident everyone in here IS a better person than Timbox. But there's no need to remind people.

63af15 No.376908


I'm glad Stephen Hawking is dead. One less cripple on Earth.

b1deb5 No.380024

This guy did a video in Tim back in January, but he only mentioned Dexter's Oddy, LeeLee and Gogo Tomoto. You think we should tell him the rest of Tim's story or leave him be?


7935c0 No.380362


Eh, let people find Tim on their own, but I'd only throw a little comment that brings up some of Tim's recent antics. If you're going to fuck with Tim just do it, but don't be a ween faggot like Chris's ween trolls. Also be aware if you fuck up, it will bite you in the ass in the future. Trolls like Liquid Chris just did shit on their own when they messed with Chris Chan

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