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File: 1437724382837.png (211.74 KB, 427x271, 427:271, kpiQMFa.png)


This thread is for requesting and sharing furry related content.

Need or know a good artist for your interest?

Need or know a good tool or site to find some lewd?

Having trouble finding a download for a game or movie?

For this and more, hop in to search or share.

Volafile: https://volafile.io/r/9fqrwxer

(remember uploads are bumped off after two days)

For more persistent links use:



(links may break if a dmca is filed)

If you're looking to share a torrent, provide a magnet link.

We'll add resources to the OP as we amass them.

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SligarTheTiger is pretty good if you are into ladies with plenty of curves, actual curves not fatshit.


File: 1437953728013.png (Spoiler Image, 971.11 KB, 664x900, 166:225, allyoucaneat.png)


Damn son, more like plenty BOOTY FOR US ALL



He's quite good.

I was going to post a list of my favorite artists, but it's mostly jap stuff so I'm slightly embarrased. My tastes are pretty vanilla and I don't have many fetishes.


File: 1438034758124-0.jpg (831.52 KB, 983x827, 983:827, 97f292a04628619cc211cb3cba….jpg)

File: 1438034758142-1.png (656.83 KB, 1063x1063, 1:1, 1416874113.darkgem_gruff.png)

File: 1438034758142-2.jpg (105.33 KB, 1280x644, 320:161, 1412820396.darkgem_pirusup….jpg)


Go for it. My tastes are fairly tame as well.

I haven't been one to follow many artists so it would be nice to change that and get some good names.

Darkgem is the only one I've sought out, simply because of the quality of his work. It inspires me a fuck ton for my own art.


File: 1438083693867.png (933.1 KB, 827x1012, 827:1012, totally not lewd.png)


Okay, here we go.












>Setouchi Kurage

I'd post more, but it's all doodles by nutty orientals. I had list of Western artist that were quite visually impressive, but I threw it away and all I have is my list of Eastern smut. There was this Western furry artist that made a really neat picture of Soviet and German WW2 fighter airplanes as birds of prey. I can't find it anymore.


File: 1438212362436.swf (574.65 KB, dancingstreetgang.swf)


Thanks anon, all these are pretty rad.

I'll see if I can track down that western artist.


File: 1438212503148.png (Spoiler Image, 60.46 KB, 535x410, 107:82, iHc4YFs.png)

[spoiler]Also look at this memester I found in the comments for that swf




What a silly post, but tweening is still a bit crap.



Tweening's definitely pretty crap compared to frame by frame animation. There really aren't enough furfags doing the latter.


Are there any good artists that do girl on girl stuff?


File: 1438480221014.jpg (131.6 KB, 1200x872, 150:109, vagoovalley.jpg)


That's a good question. I have no idea, but while looking I found a yuri comic by Peritian. I thought he only drew dudes, so it was a surprise.



So he just removed the dick and rounded out the chest to get some extra cash?

Nice. What if it looks really weird? Like Bonk's attempt at drawing a vagina, where it's in the same spot as the anus.


File: 1438539106914.jpg (Spoiler Image, 82.89 KB, 1200x872, 150:109, vagina a go-go.jpg)


Kek, pretty much.

Looks like he got the placement right.

I'm almost disappointed it isn't too far up



Looks fine, but it's a bit too shiny.


File: 1438819746514.png (301.82 KB, 1763x1764, 1763:1764, 143114337151.png)


I'm beginning to question if there's a single furry artist who even does a significant amount of yuri.

I find something nice and then look up more of the artist's stuff, but pictures with more than one subject end up involving guys or futa for the most part.

Or pony.

So much pony.

Also to the other anon, I haven't found the airplanes as birds guy yet. Any more details on that or an example picture?



There is Miu, but everybody and their dog knows him.

I can't remember, but all his other pics featured some weird type of bird/lizard things with really thin legs. Some of them were even traps.



The second line is talking about the artist I am looking for. I'm sorry I don't have any pictures saved since my hdd died and I lost everything I had saved on it.


So I tried to look for that artist who made the fighter plane bird pic on e621. I tried to remember a couple of his pic and I mashed togeher a bunch of tags based on those vague memories. I found nothing.

This stuff was posted on /furi/ 5 years ago.



I would have thought it would be easy to find art like that too. I mean, you don't get more distinct than fighter plane birds.



I'll try again tonight.



Okay, I think this might be the guy.

I have checked his gallery and scraps on one of his accounts, but his alternate account is inaccessible to people who don't have FA accounts and I am too lazy to make an account there.





I don't see what you're looking for one the first and the second is empty.

His art is pretty great though.



Huh, another false memory.

Maybe it was Lingrimm. Probably not.



Doesn't seem like it.

Also a cool artist. Thanks :^)



I'll keep looking, I'll post the pic one day here. I hope the board will still be around.

I hope you enjoy following these two artists.


Any jap artists that do post vore scat?


File: 1441730301737-0.jpg (411.5 KB, 600x959, 600:959, 33169370_p0 - ぽちゃ百合.jpg)

File: 1441730301737-1.jpg (265.02 KB, 500x705, 100:141, 48683436_p60 - 2010年まとめ①.jpg)

File: 1441730301737-2.jpg (547.86 KB, 1000x1050, 20:21, 48683690_p29 - 2011年まとめ①.jpg)

File: 1441730301737-3.jpg (405.4 KB, 640x900, 32:45, 48683436_p34 - 2010年まとめ①.jpg)


/kemono/ here, if you don't mind Japanese artists there's Akitaka.

As far as western artists go the only one I can think of off the top of my head is probably Miu, but another Anon already mentioned him.



Goodluck, and it will be if you believe hard enough.

I do, thanks.


kemono is really starting to grow on me


I was checking out some guy that just opened a Patreon account and I saw that he has only 81 dollars per month so I decided to compare his donations to some of the more famous furry smut peddlers. I checked Onta's Patreon because he was one of the first people I could think of.

I was surprised with what I saw. Image Comics is publishing his rubberflesh twink garbage? This is crazy.


File: 1442172031771.png (176.79 KB, 466x398, 233:199, 1426947230636.png)


Wait, an actual publisher? Publishing gay furry porn?



>Badge of Pride is a 60+ page Adult comic created by Onta

>This comic will be released initially in Island ™ Comics, a sub enterprise of Image ™ comics.




Believe it or not, many large publishers handle porn, albeit indirectly through other companies.



I would expect a publisher to print something that actually looks good, but that's just me.



The only thing that looks good to them is money.



Makes sense, there is a whole brigade of retards lining Onta's pockets out there.



More than just Onta, so you can see where the corporate interest comes into play!



It's gay and it even has "pride" in the title, so there is probably a bit of social engineering involved as well if you want to go full tinfoil.

I think I saw one of his comics in Japanese on Alice Books.


File: 1442517067655.png (75.96 KB, 332x312, 83:78, wouldyoufuckafish.png)


>The comic will focus on all 4 characters dealing differently with their sexual identity as they go to a gay pride parade.




That's even worse than I imagined. This whole pride bullshit and unwarranted self-importance is really getting on my nerves.

Nice picture by the way.



The only way it could be good is if it actually turns out to be a parody, or commentary on how this whole gay pride thing has gone to shit and that wearing your sexuality on your sleeves is retarded.

But this is Onta so that isn't going to happen.

And thanks.



Of course it isn't going to happen. That would imply that Onta has any sort of social values!



Everybody knows Onta at least one value he respects: the good old American dollar.



But that's not a social value, that's a financial value, which further proves my point!


Quick bump for folks to see.


File: cf39b1896a997ab⋯.jpg (263.33 KB, 800x848, 50:53, 1359054226.parallax_135905….jpg)

File: ebb5a76f58fc2c6⋯.jpg (607.33 KB, 1280x1267, 1280:1267, 1390369006.colt3n_badblitz.jpg)

File: ed9c479ca3dfa93⋯.jpg (366.67 KB, 1433x1077, 1433:1077, 1415223626.guffaw_guffaw_-….jpg)

File: bd16f42bb96ace7⋯.jpg (585.39 KB, 1200x776, 150:97, c58653e07711d4195bb5d0dcaf….jpg)

I could really use some gay domination porn, preferably spanking.


File: fd9e84eeede4a78⋯.png (47.54 KB, 499x349, 499:349, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 12d5ea5e2c7195b⋯.png (277.82 KB, 500x333, 500:333, ClipboardImage.png)

So, this thread works well enough without me creating a whole new thread just to draw attention to a single flash, but I found this while browsing e621

For what say, Corruption of Champions has in an abundance of widely vanilla content, this has a handful of "that escalated quickly" fetishes if people are down for some text (and some occasionally sprinkled in art, it's a new thing after all). Do not expect stellar writing, it's very base and more often than not some of the dialogue is written like a bad AIM chat, but it does you the favor of warning you what the fuck you're getting into if it starts going past just vanilla sex. Artist/Creator is a combination of "kittery" and someone named fallowwing

My hands are off on this shit, I switched to the second location and nearly every place you went was pic related, i'm going to bed; fetishes include but are not limited to: drowning, snuff, drugs, cubs, and gore.


File: 506e1dc18a46443⋯.png (267.59 KB, 1424x1064, 178:133, cherries.png)

File: 9be8f93857e5cc7⋯.png (234.75 KB, 1420x1080, 71:54, fuck the tree.png)


I played an earlier version of this and your second pic describes the experience to a T.

I very quickly stopped searching for fap material and sought only to see how wild the ride could get.



Last version came out.. two days ago, from what I can glean? I never played the old version so I can't tell you what's new, but it does confirm that it's still being worked on. Whole thing makes me feel a lot of things. Intrigued, sad, lot of disgust split between myself and the whole of Junk City.



I am Groot?



Paraphore is more like a parody of furry porn.



I could see it being designed as a parody game. But a lot of this extreme stuff carries the Patron button along with it, so..i'm also inclined to believe that no, some people paid extra to have this stuff written into the game. Whatever brings home the money, right?..


if you posted in this thread before you should be already on the whitelist.


File: 876749294350992⋯.gif (168.92 KB, 305x99, 305:99, 1012582991 (1).gif)

Need sauce


File: 167676285721d85⋯.webm (9.96 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, f28621fd72c2f4d27787dad69….webm)



this sure gets posted here a lot.


Another case of source movie maker porn.




not a fan of this guy, he makes tons of anal sex vids but completely gets the positioning of the hole wrong and it ruins it. youre gunna be dissapoint son


File: 74dcd23f2e537d9⋯.jpg (590.29 KB, 810x960, 27:32, 1429455669.amadnomoto_少年とボ….jpg)


Alright, I'm looking a text adventure that stars a (red or blue) dragon. The battle system is really complex, you can enlist an army of Kobolds which you can, eat, fuck, or eat and fuck. There's also other characters like a dragon princess and a few other faggots who's names I can't remember. At one point the game turns into a tactical game and it's somewhat of a cluster fuck. The game was hosted on Inkbunny, but I can't find it on there.

Does anyone know the game?



File: f31376faf5c52a8⋯.jpg (280.81 KB, 878x1100, 439:550, 1432651566.hydrowing_left-….jpg)


Yes, that's it. Thank you, anon.



That's a cute pic, and you're welcome. :3


File: d2c42aa1048f679⋯.jpg (11.84 KB, 190x255, 38:51, 1442786423419.jpg)

dumping a some random furry stuff, mostly comics and "art cds"



I have a few thing I'm willing to share, I'll get them uploaded in the morning.


File: bcddd5d13054377⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 137.24 KB, 595x515, 119:103, Hyenas.PNG)

could anybody help me find some good art of characters hyena penises? Both actual males and also pseudo penises.

I know this sounds odd but I haven't been able to find any good art of it


File: e09f6e3dc3c8ac5⋯.png (9.73 KB, 1015x145, 7:1, ClipboardImage.png)



>Both actual males

I got news for you anon.


File: 5654141a9e87103⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 833.08 KB, 1018x702, 509:351, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 8d7fe32f9c09aa8⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 335.92 KB, 495x934, 495:934, ClipboardImage.png)


this is a really specific and fringe request anon. hyenas are just weird, their dicks are like spears or sort of a squished tube. most of the time furries dont draw em that way. but you know what they do draw hyenas as all the time? herms. because of >>13195


File: 919a6677a89026e⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 509.09 KB, 800x1000, 4:5, pScqHVK.png)



Yeah, I guess I worded this kinda strangely. I am aware of how hyena genitalia works, though there still seems to be a small visual difference difference between males.

They look kinda weird but so do horse, dog and cat penises too and they are rather common in furry art. Hyenas are always just drawn with human dicks.

The closest thing I've found is pic related, which I was reluctant as I know how much you guys hater monstergirls



>you guys hater monster girls

>hate /monster/

I'm not really so sure about that anon. There's been several furry boards that hate /monster/ content but I don't think /fur/ is one of them. We're cool with kemono boards as well.

Your best chance to find what youre looking for is use the filters on e621. Try animal_penis, animal_genitalia, or anatomically_correct when searching for hyenas.



>There's been several furry boards that hate /monster/ content but I don't think /fur/ is one of them

Oh wait, that's right. Ienjoy some anthro art but I'm almost never on any boards, so I just went to the most popular furry board for this request. Seems like I was one /furry/ before and they seemed to hate /monster/ content

>We're cool with kemono boards as well

that's even better, good to know.



We have a good chunk of /furry/ users who jumped ship after the board sank into oblivion from the spam and shitposts and sought greener pastures but you can always try to create a /monster/ thread. As long as it's contained in a general concept instead of a fringe one with little to nothing to talk about then it should be fine like the transformation thread.


File: a0722ecf5848c36⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 4.4 MB, 2558x1278, 1279:639, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 3de5d875f9ba033⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 2.59 MB, 1758x1168, 879:584, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 40051d3652171b5⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 1.25 MB, 792x1280, 99:160, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 8217202eeffa1c6⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 727.82 KB, 948x1200, 79:100, ClipboardImage.png)


Unless you want to look at irl pics of hyena dicks this is the closest you'll get.



thank you very much, I'm fine with drawings. They could even be more humanoid for my taste but my priority is various examples of drawn hyena genitals for now

also, I somehow find that first picture very hilarious


Anyone have Taifunriders Patreon stuff? New version of the game at least.



File: ab77054a788b4b4⋯.jpg (174.94 KB, 560x420, 4:3, ITM0148963_1.jpg)

File: 576fb66133faec1⋯.jpg (195.47 KB, 1024x600, 128:75, ITM0148963_s1.jpg)

File: 94ea6c9977390a3⋯.jpg (194.45 KB, 1024x600, 128:75, ITM0148963_s2.jpg)

File: 2ce9a2df751f5ed⋯.jpg (191.51 KB, 1024x600, 128:75, ITM0148963_s3.jpg)


Okyakusama!? Kouryaku Taishou wa Achira Desu yo!!!






wtf is that m8



Some VN game a person I follow on pixiv made.


It was for C91 it seems.

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