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File: b2799844d51c2b9⋯.png (624.72 KB, 774x763, 774:763, Kemo Ad.png)


New to the board?

Meet Kemothera.py: our aeromorph, and our personal protector.

Who is Kemo:

She's the personification of an anti-spam script of the same name. It was created as a failsafe so we don't fall to spambots that torched other boards. Kemo was the first crushing blowback that led to victory against the spam that crippled all of 8ch late last year.

Kemo is our guarantee to you that /fur/ will always be staying spam free.

How Kemo works:

Kemo runs on a script that monitors the recent 100 posts. The bot only runs off 8ch's mod-controls already available. So we add a hash Ex: 1e4c6c965f instead of a typical IP address. There's no security risk or personal info being compromised.

In the event of another spam attack, if your hash has not been added to the script when Kemo is deployed to carpet bomb it, your posts will end up caught in the crossfire and be automatically deleted!

Reply to this post to join the protected class

You can post without restriction, but the defensive script only works as a shield if new users sign up to get covered as well. Getting your hash processed and posts secured from being tangled up with future spammers is easy and effortless, just ask! and then you will be a verified-resident of /fur/ in no time. While you're here, be sure to check out the TOP BAR at the top of a thread for quick links around the board.

Old thread https://archive.is/CcayF

Post last edited at


File: fc8b8346469fab0⋯.png (892.75 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, 1471528977952-0.png)

Whitelist plox. Been a while I don't remember if I white listed this location


File: 2c35f4c80ed82cd⋯.png (111.24 KB, 450x410, 45:41, 2c35f4c80ed82cd9856f478ee1….png)


You've been on the list at least since Jan, friend





File: 84e548e6e88d810⋯.png (799.22 KB, 1280x1447, 1280:1447, 84e548e6e88d8101624acf3546….png)


You're on board


whitelist, please.



File: 0c693e5ea272cc7⋯.jpg (76.07 KB, 600x750, 4:5, 1322786754.neurodyne_cybor….jpg)


You've been assimilated to the list.



Already in the database.


Fucken resetted my ip again.


File: 403538e61973b82⋯.png (200.52 KB, 399x632, 399:632, ClipboardImage.png)


Still whitelisted, carry on


File: eb66a39c19e1e84⋯.jpg (163.93 KB, 875x793, 875:793, 1489566789339.jpg)

Whitelist pls


File: 52557fd29bbcf4f⋯.png (137.96 KB, 757x918, 757:918, edda64339ffe05cf174dd4eed5….png)


You're in batfriend, hang with us for a while



Can I get on the list? On dial up so my IP stays the same unless the power goes out, which it does sometimes in the summer.


File: d338df4f8506236⋯.png (133.18 KB, 363x328, 363:328, ClipboardImage.png)


>It's [Current Year +2]

>Still on dial up




Get yourself a UPS. They're relatively cheap, and your internet will stay up even when the mains power is out.

Seriously, they're all over Amazon.



Whitelist me up inside.


File: 51d2c1261d1d58e⋯.png (161.88 KB, 573x520, 573:520, b2bd9cf3ee79a86342d8e5dadb….png)


Your hash is already comfy sitting in a nice spot on the list.



My liege! Allow me to join the Order of the List of White!


File: bf6d8af73fbef74⋯.gif (11.71 MB, 1069x790, 1069:790, 1236cfd084428007a187267f38….gif)


Very good, very good.

There is much to be done after the old fallen empire has crumbled to dust... The old ways are rought with failure and despair longing for a golden era long past, wishing for a life without the oppression of the new rulers who let it fall to chaos and ruin.

What good is a an old empty castle with no lively and playful voices echoing throughout the halls, I ask you? Nothing! Except for old memories of nostalgia and regret of what could never be and what once was. We will shape a different path but that starts with each and every one of (you)... (you)r fire and passion to bring this new change one step closer as I see (you) are here and now humbly standing here among us.

Raise your head high, the answer is yes! (You) may enter our ranks! Now go forth and spread the Word of the White!!


File: 9d4d993572b765a⋯.jpg (91.36 KB, 423x287, 423:287, 9d4d993572b765a9e7735d7586….jpg)


>No fun allowed


>reading comprehension failure





File: 6d6ba957dacf628⋯.png (569.35 KB, 699x832, 699:832, ClipboardImage.png)

>>20588 (heiled dubs)


it'll take more than that spergout to get the mods to drop him off the list.A dash of of salt is good for flavortbh




File: d496db25b5a3925⋯.png (41.51 KB, 236x238, 118:119, 1489791438135.png)


You're in



Sorry about missing you earlier, you're added to the list but dropbox is being a bitch right now updating the status script. We're trying to fix it but in the meantime you're free to go post, because Kemo has your hash number.


File: 321a2ae6e10bce4⋯.png (11.51 KB, 500x250, 2:1, Oekaki.png)


File: 8577dbac63789e2⋯.png (85.26 KB, 305x238, 305:238, ClipboardImage.png)


I gotcher white right here babe.



Gunna have to you two come back and ask again if you want to git yerself properly regist-urd.


File: b250c32433ebee5⋯.png (76.09 KB, 300x700, 3:7, QT be grill.png)

I'm probably in the clear but my internet stuff changes now and again thanks to shitty country connections, so better safe than sorry.

In exchange have a qt bug lady.


am I in?


File: 2b6e2696bbfd9c7⋯.jpg (220.63 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, 7a84f7aca63a76a58300da1597….jpg)



You're both on the list so you can rest easy. Anyone with static IPs don't need to ask again after we already added you.


File: d6ca22f016fdffa⋯.jpg (478.3 KB, 1892x1198, 946:599, 14859.jpg)

Can I get buttlisted as well?


File: b7d8682302b89c3⋯.png (133.67 KB, 254x231, 254:231, ClipboardImage.png)


Your butts been added to a separate listbut we also whitelisted you



oh man, I'M READY


File: 3faeed82266e71b⋯.png (161.06 KB, 937x753, 937:753, 0e203ad40ed43a65ac4f2ed1c8….png)

Whitelist me, plz


File: 8f4d06ae928f6cd⋯.jpg (289 KB, 1280x1263, 1280:1263, 938437975d8d985ddb21833707….jpg)



And you're both in.

Is your body ready for the switch to /fur/?


File: ee687b4806c0d2e⋯.jpg (119.95 KB, 886x1181, 886:1181, CyQNZ_DUAAA2fB7.jpg orig.jpg)

white me senpai


File: 65b984dd3dab46f⋯.jpg (126.05 KB, 1024x1029, 1024:1029, 017b971b7bea029d8e6cc8b11f….jpg)


All set big guy


sign me up, sarge. i'm ready





File: 84d2daa4d007c5a⋯.jpg (335.46 KB, 694x900, 347:450, 84d2daa4d007c5aa7e09386b56….jpg)


The sauce is a bigg'un


Now that's what I like ta hear!

Welcome to both ya



One of the few times a sauce from a reaction image didn't let me down. Hot.


not sure how this works but posting


File: 4aeb5a722d8a344⋯.jpg (483.54 KB, 1100x831, 1100:831, bb8f866ea078fa52f849678113….jpg)


And you're added. You can now get comfy without worrying over if your posts get hit by friendly fire.


File: 3355630f14029ea⋯.jpg (120.78 KB, 736x648, 92:81, censored version.jpg)

I wish to request access to this exclusive club.


File: 85a49e069187c2a⋯.png (1.01 MB, 566x1001, 566:1001, 1466228763387-1.png)


You can join the club but we're not all nudists here, so get something to cover that up!



History revisionist pls go


File: 7f52a51f6d21c48⋯.jpg (164.02 KB, 1240x1753, 1240:1753, 1429725457113.jpg)



File: 79813eb0fb95d1d⋯.png (109.01 KB, 451x328, 11:8, ClipboardImage.png)


Is that some oc anon?

Lookin pretty fine, you're added.


File: 122f35914331114⋯.png (564.73 KB, 470x684, 235:342, 63f9981c5ee4aa107138deff60….png)

whitelist me


File: 7b91738826ee258⋯.png (98.18 KB, 530x542, 265:271, 7b91738826ee258f37a9ea23a2….png)




File: 0b9242ed206c5b7⋯.png (108.68 KB, 437x656, 437:656, ClipboardImage.png)


Added, new /fur/iend


File: cd67ea8c9796a97⋯.png (394.44 KB, 1238x755, 1238:755, cd67ea8c9796a976c84ab8dfe8….png)


That image was made by >>>/co/ drawfriends




>meme maker font

That's not what that's called


If we all need to be whitelisted like this, does that mean that mods can connect every post made from the same IP?


File: 93c9d63f0de41bb⋯.png (813.47 KB, 800x999, 800:999, autistic facebook furry.png)



This autism belongs in the meta thread.

Don't like the banners? make some new ones so you see donald duck less often. Banners are a community submitted thing.


File: 76c6065a5809b09⋯.png (692.48 KB, 680x775, 136:155, 76c6065a5809b09b86ff16fd20….png)


Mods on any board can already do that. You have a hash, but it doesnt expose your PC's IP address. The whitelist only adds the hash that mods could already see even without it. So there's no more power given by the mods than usual. The trick is that Kemo is the one who gets mod powers so thats why she needs to be able to read your hash and why we add the hash.


File: b6a84b03a9cb150⋯.png (9.07 KB, 245x309, 245:309, ClipboardImage.png)



Trying to shit up the banners even more low quality ones from 9gag is really not going to win you any points, and it's completely counter intuitive to what you want. Are you this retarded? Read the banner thread, the ones you're complaining about was some of the very first ones people submitted.


File: c7a8ba0f1d0876d⋯.jpg (24.83 KB, 460x276, 5:3, c7a8ba0f1d0876d9a30a435831….jpg)


>Voting on banners

>This happens ever

Holy shit, how new are you to imageboards. I'm guessing very since you think Impact is "meme generator font"



Well congratulations on wasting your time. This is the last reply wasted on you, but it was amusing how much you obviously dont understand how imageboards work in any capacity.

Lurk moar.


File: b853f2bbab13b90⋯.jpg (36.53 KB, 640x640, 1:1, photo_2016-09-30_20-45-19.jpg)

can i get whitelisted as well


File: e465fe925dfd498⋯.jpg (171.18 KB, 800x1000, 4:5, 13ee836f89ecd26cbe11d64168….jpg)


Yeah you're in.



>oh no not a random image

>I better throw my toys around and shit myself

and nothing of value was lost. bye bye hyperautist. please go off and kill yourself. Good job mods, this place just got a little better.



kek, goodbye eeriefag


File: 3da7ff5c9653afb⋯.jpg (156.98 KB, 686x896, 49:64, 44e54a36e0559038debac5a1be….jpg)


>TumblrTale becomes an autism repellent

Wew. What a time to be alive, glad we're out of that storm.






so, how does this place compare to /trash/? Do you guys have good activity?

It's funny, I dislike the flood of general-threads over there. But I do like the casual nature of the board. Like how you can have threads talking about video games or other random topics. Is this place tolerant about that sort of stuff, or is it strictly furry smut?


Testing if im still whitelisted



>Is this place tolerant about that sort of stuff, or is it strictly furry smut?

More than tolerant, that's what we try to encourage.

The more discussion, content creation, and world building the better.


File: ee053db81261d8a⋯.jpg (1.93 MB, 3000x2000, 3:2, DoodlinBrush_Testing12.jpg)


Drop by the meta threads if you have any feedback input or suggestions. We're not as fast as /trash/ but far from porn dumps only. Added you to the whitelist.


You're not but you are now.


Hello, i would like a whitelist plz


File: de118804b4eb00e⋯.jpg (513.84 KB, 1280x2283, 1280:2283, pudding_for_lord_beerus__b….jpg)


And one you have received. Welcome aboard.



Thanks all mighty mod




Where do you think you are?


File: 554c2564d78034b⋯.png (641.38 KB, 1079x1054, 1079:1054, 1460777661796.png)

whitelist me, still wondering what the fuck happened to /furry/


File: 6639e8806861071⋯.png (151.89 KB, 766x957, 766:957, ClipboardImage.png)

>>21010 (nice repeating double digits)

They blew it up and succumbed to the terrorists anon. You're added


File: 8a6289dbeac675d⋯.gif (993.09 KB, 400x323, 400:323, 1452452741978.gif)


thanks lad



Making sure I'm still whitelisted.


Whitelist or die apparently,


File: 44429b453b84c74⋯.png (10.22 KB, 386x89, 386:89, ClipboardImage.png)


You're still in. You can check your status any time by refreshing the page with your post. It will show up in the subject line.


File: 0b0541419771c17⋯.png (362.44 KB, 515x350, 103:70, IMG_1001.png)


Whitelist or die like /furry/

Welcome to the survivors of the spam.



This is really gay, you guys should wack it to some real girls and not this weird anime bullshit




but rainfurrest is dead



The memory of it is burned into our minds.

Where else would you send them?


Whitelist be because white is right.


File: 89e302b81be159a⋯.png (198.94 KB, 500x872, 125:218, 0aa9d2e284e6f0828573202973….png)


You've been given the white uniform.

You're one of us now, so look sharp!


white list me fags


File: aab97eaf267f66f⋯.jpg (85.84 KB, 700x568, 175:142, 462150e0012cc641f596ea9204….jpg)


I see your journey has lead you here.

You have been added, now find peace away from niggers.


File: 4dda7343d75a16a⋯.jpg (200.03 KB, 650x910, 5:7, 1650523_Anhes_mikuru_-_fa.jpg)

am i on the list?



Yes, you're good.


pls whitelist


File: bd44e577a992a81⋯.png (199.99 KB, 420x450, 14:15, ClipboardImage.png)


You're in, so you can break free.


File: f03c526eb7e14d9⋯.jpg (660.48 KB, 1020x1442, 510:721, 1488100467568.jpg)

Put me on the list.


File: c07ae66fcdd0c9a⋯.png (206.95 KB, 1280x902, 640:451, ee769fc662f898e29624ffc887….png)


You've been penciled in.


File: 07e74186729bb3a⋯.png (161.62 KB, 408x405, 136:135, 1485669563775.png)


Could I get a whitelist? Looking for a board to call home, fresh off the boat from halfchan.


File: d2a95310f34af51⋯.png (36.32 KB, 474x420, 79:70, e33c457d9647166a13920dec05….png)


You bet, get comfy with us because you've been added.



How much shitposting is allowed here? Out of curiosity.



We try to keep shitposting out, but we clean it up if needed. The more fun it is (for the board) the more likely we will be lenient to it. >(1) and done threads are more likely to be bumplocked.

It really depends, do you have an example?


File: 916394e9bdecf31⋯.png (402.16 KB, 1280x1284, 320:321, f8651477ae3556a2f2bbd7379c….png)


>Making demands after making an ass of himself


File: b7ff7aac367f1f7⋯.jpg (28.72 KB, 436x364, 109:91, 148848718155.jpg)

plz whitelist me bby


File: 1c8cbe25ede1465⋯.jpg (29.68 KB, 500x375, 4:3, 1c8.jpg)


Aha! a breadfriend. You're more than welcome here.


File: f41a7f00357bd1c⋯.png (285.54 KB, 1040x1200, 13:15, 8bded24441a4752626c863c4df….png)





Is this the sort of autistic behavior that got you perma'd on /mai/? It's time to stop posting now...


File: b1a63ab9bee11ba⋯.jpg (40.32 KB, 400x300, 4:3, normalhuman.jpg)

beep boop I wish to spam I mean post

i am human


File: 8204c3cef9d5a2e⋯.png (234.77 KB, 500x506, 250:253, 8204c3cef9d5a2e3aab14887a2….png)


>the illusion I'm an active member

>spends hours rampantly sperging out on the board

>not active

Ok champ.


File: e66da86c3619dd5⋯.jpg (330.07 KB, 1100x1100, 1:1, 87e544db330b78b0a05d691e38….jpg)


01011001 01101111 01110101 00100000 01101000 01100001 01110110 01100101 00100000 01100010 01100101 01100101 01101110 00100000 01100001 01100100 01100100 01100101 01100100 00100000 01101101 01111001 00100000 01101110 01100101 01110111 00100000 00101111 01100110 01110101 01110010 00101111 00100000 01100110 01110010 01101001 01100101 01101110 01100100 00101110

Binary translation. You have been added my new /fur/ friend.


File: 91b6d8b5a8c4cf1⋯.jpg (12.04 KB, 199x199, 1:1, cozy.jpg)

I for one really appreciate the roleplayish replies when users get whitelisted. It makes new users feel personally welcomed here.


File: e769c37ef4af8df⋯.png (20.25 KB, 512x512, 1:1, 1486341303296.png)




We are not going to delete your posts but you're headed towards a ban if you don't calm down.

FYI. I dont even like undertale, but you couldnt accept I liked the drawing without the context of the fandom, or that I used the drawing for thematic purposes with the thread (it was a white dog for a white list thread) and now you've spent days to shit up stickied threads. Do not talk about professionalism when you act like a manchild, every post you've made in this thread has been to derail it for your own purposes and complain.

Respect is a two way street, you don't get to make a mess and then expect us to come do any favors for you.


File: df79a8a19394228⋯.png (1.43 MB, 1472x729, 1472:729, ClipboardImage.png)


>I for one really appreciate the roleplayish replies when users get whitelisted. It makes new users feel personally welcomed here.

Another reason for doing it, the no fun allowed autism is no fun for anyone. I'm glad it get's through to someone.

So here's to you! You're on the list Mr HandsomeCat, so come by the bar sometime.



I actually had no idea the image was Undertale and couldn't see any connection (besides a mostly obscured shirt) once it was brought up.


The fuck do you have against Undertale, anyways? I never played past the demo and I don't particularly like the culture surrounding it but that doesn't mean I have a raging hateboner for it.


File: b891911dda6d99a⋯.jpg (120.92 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 43fbcaea721be0648916b21871….jpg)


Accuse mods of being passive aggressive but the biggest case of that is you yourself on many occasions, take a look in the mirror.

It's sad to watch and just annoying after it stops being funny, people stopped paying attention to you in one thread so you just jump to another. Grow up past the preteen audience the Telemonster show is aimed at.


File: 66ad619cd45424c⋯.png (301.61 KB, 1120x1203, 1120:1203, download58c85881_b6cff4d46….png)



Come on now. I personally backed you up on the meme banners and have been working to get them changed. Because they were stale.

Also "fucking tumblr faggot" isn't the greatest way to say "please".



>I get to be cancerous.

>I get my way, my tantrums never fail me!

>I get to treat everyone else like shit

>It's okay when I do it.


Lucky you it was only a 6second ban warning, next time it will be a real one for a week.



There's no reason to delete your posts other than these off topic spergouts derailing the thread into your attacks on everyone else. You wanting to wash your hands of the board has no weight on the moderation team's decisions.

Here's a tip: If you want to stop seeing your posts on the board, stop coming to the board.



That thread has already been archived for the new one, so deleting it wont even do any good at this point. The chances of someone doing it for you at all were very low, and no one is going to want to do it for such an asshole that you've shown yourself to be.

You should take some tips from Banifag. Even though he's autistic, he's not an asshole, and he's gotten oc because of it. When you're an asshole who spits on oc that someone takes time out of their day to make for you, no one is going to want to make any more.



>draw thread police like you

You just cant help yourself but to try to make everything a personal attack. You're no longer funny, sad or annoying. This is your last warning, the mods have been more than lenient and patient with you derailing the thread.



Have you heard of the pot calling the kettle black?

Bye faggot.



>gigantic bewbs

source pls


File: 1131549ad0a1149⋯.png (1.82 MB, 1500x1159, 1500:1159, d688182c023b1439c9d1b91fd5….png)


Ey.. you like to get a good look huh?? Well here they are bigguy, now c'mere let me add you to the whitelist don be s-*hic*shy


whitelist? I think? pls.





File: 62fe2fdca1f120c⋯.gif (225.79 KB, 320x240, 4:3, 1be0050b393f6c4f9fe7eccfd8….gif)



We let the cat whitelist you, don't worry he's well trained!


Requesting I be whitelisted, please and thank you.


Whitelist plox


Master Race me.


File: 46c47bdfec2c8c4⋯.png (825.79 KB, 736x932, 184:233, ClipboardImage.png)




You're late to join the moving party but welcome you guys! Come on in and mingle, the water's great!


File: ef5c2b7efd44d58⋯.jpg (433.59 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, 143400839882.jpg)

I don't think I'm whitelisted


File: 0144799798e2329⋯.png (157.14 KB, 458x462, 229:231, ClipboardImage.png)


W-why are you giving that look, don't be so forward, you could have just asked! You're added.. now get dressed you big pervert!!



Roleplay mod, I like you like shonen anime. Cringy as shit but not unwelcome.


File: 0cf6ea5e389129f⋯.png (73.89 KB, 798x402, 133:67, 75b7ffefda057361b61c75726c….png)


Gotta keep up the interest somehow.



Aww. That was disappoint. Though I do thank you for the previous source here if it was you


Now that was grade A stuff. no pun intended


File: 93f9be3e56c492c⋯.png (521.7 KB, 432x630, 24:35, Clementine goes to 8Chan.png)


please to white list.


File: 5e424e07bdeb6d3⋯.png (407.1 KB, 1540x1540, 1:1, 8aebbec056209ee836a2cf13ad….png)


Hey friend!

This place might be a mess but we can work together to make the most of it. You're signed up!


File: 16b27e5a2c8a283⋯.png (694.91 KB, 1280x1175, 256:235, splattim.png)

Glory to Arstotska


File: d7a7eec00037aa6⋯.png (859.14 KB, 1280x1412, 320:353, ClipboardImage.png)


Your first post and already whitelisted, you must be a pro.


Haven't had issues posting on /fur/ but I might as well post here anyways.


File: 237713f3c444331⋯.jpg (334.97 KB, 764x1232, 191:308, 6c60f5ed6aa436e10f50c68eb5….jpg)


Kemo is on call for defense, but we're always ready for one more soldier to join in the event of an attack.


File: 7c9e607618c3d26⋯.png (413.39 KB, 800x1200, 2:3, ClipboardImage.png)


Or what?


File: fa6ba20e3e42c52⋯.png (261.32 KB, 397x223, 397:223, BIRD (2).png)



File: fbc013c6df48b69⋯.png (700.12 KB, 943x1239, 943:1239, fbc013c6df48b698fe478acd0e….png)



You have been added friends.

But today is not for rp silliness, the mod team is in srs mode.


File: c1f14902ad41546⋯.jpg (33.77 KB, 347x268, 347:268, 1470081860836.jpg)

I keep hanging around here and forgot I'm not on the list. Can I get a thing?


File: 6cf6f22b4e0de26⋯.png (290.99 KB, 777x828, 259:276, 1455706299121.png)



That's really lewd anon, you got your thing.


File: 1d36a13424d648b⋯.jpg (116 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 1437938444067.jpg)




File: 5326c9b642fa08d⋯.png (491.6 KB, 478x580, 239:290, scared dog.png)

Gibe witlist pl0s


File: af428d01e2be6ea⋯.jpg (151.47 KB, 900x900, 1:1, 630b624cc581023ef9d26fd89d….jpg)


You can come out of the covers and enjoy yourself, there's no danger here you've been added to the big ol book.


File: db1bd1df95e615f⋯.png (74.79 KB, 540x540, 1:1, E0FFCE94-94AE-4625-A0EB-AD….png)

Requesting to be verified as a genuine shitposter


File: 4af55f20cfd58ea⋯.png (181.6 KB, 700x1005, 140:201, ClipboardImage.png)


Your request has been put through.

Please do not lose this card and notify us immediately if another shitposter is claiming your identity.

We will not be reproducing this card, so keep it safe.


Is the whitelist completely IP-based, or does it involve cookies?


File: 67c4538fb768b90⋯.png (9.66 KB, 666x666, 1:1, 127dcb4b9e4c602f9b9f026acb….png)



>Is the whitelist IP based

It uses the built in system of 8chan's hashes, so it is IP based, but instead of your PC's IP it just shows up as a2e768f766, and that's what we add to a text file that Kemo reads off of.

>Does it involve cookies

Are you trying to clear out your cookies to brush some lewds under the rug? Well if you are anon... you should still be whitelisted afterwords.


>When Kemo is deployed she is capable of carpet bombing recent spam en mass, so /fur/ will always stay spam free. Insure your posts stick around by signing up for the whitelist!

>Insure your posts stick around by signing up for the whitelist!



File: 9291840a403df49⋯.jpeg (13.17 KB, 256x256, 1:1, profile.jpeg)

of whitelistings, please!


File: a00f6f37812cf11⋯.jpg (98.28 KB, 650x650, 1:1, 2e23959df96d7b679e4b8bf5c5….jpg)


I'm here to inform you that your whitelisting has been verified, have a nice day!


File: a8e80bd0dcd48a8⋯.jpg (29.45 KB, 201x251, 201:251, image.jpg)

W H I T E L I S T M E Jon and give me my L A S A G A


File: f3616ee902ffd16⋯.png (126.35 KB, 500x500, 1:1, cd32b147e6a7d4699a4d182f77….png)


It looks like you spent entirely too much time facedown in lasagna, became pale and whitelisted.

If this was your plan all along, well done.


Yo can I get a whitelist?


File: e545fa7a7a7a6dc⋯.png (160.57 KB, 700x500, 7:5, ClipboardImage.png)


Yes sirree, you're on the list.

But you can't get a whitelist, you can only get whitelisted. The whitelist stays with us! Hopefully that clears everything up, remember grammar is important!





Thanks, lol.


How's this work with tor and vpn's?


File: e3757e56081d4c7⋯.png (52.46 KB, 227x416, 227:416, ClipboardImage.png)


Since the whitelist is IP based, you can get your VPN proxy whitelisted when you like.

TOR is another thing entirely since it obfuscates IPs, thus far all 8chan sees all TOR users as the same so they get the same hash on /fur/. If we add the hash of 1 TOR user that means every TOR user is whitelisted. But it also means if 1 TOR user is a problem then it's a problem for all TOR users. If TOR was used when a ban happens then it applies to every TOR user. That should clear up any confusion on the matter.


File: 8a2a38da80f1e0c⋯.jpg (125.58 KB, 1232x1280, 77:80, 9640e632ed821ae022dcc9790b….jpg)


May I please be added to the Great White List?


File: 1aaea28101c350d⋯.png (139.03 KB, 440x533, 440:533, ClipboardImage.png)


Heh, we always got room for more in here lil guy, if you think you can handle it then come aboard.



you don't have to whitelist me because I am newfag but I would like sauce image pls :x




File: ece09217468a94c⋯.jpg (308.52 KB, 1000x864, 125:108, ddd27a67756ca5a1fef20ac942….jpg)


Hey, there's nothin wrong with being the new guy. But if you're too shy to ask I'll just sign you up right now. Soon enough you'll fit right in, trust me...


File: 8cf0f69327ae210⋯.png (275.58 KB, 827x641, 827:641, ClipboardImage.png)





White list me. I just want to post furry dicks and talk about drama.


File: ef8379395b66190⋯.png (128 KB, 376x397, 376:397, ClipboardImage.png)


You passed the check up screening for cancer, you're free to go but please note that you may still develop cancer at a later stage. If that occurs we might advise to get you checked up again.


Just curious if I'm still whitelisted


File: 153ab94e3d57b4b⋯.png (3.38 KB, 102x107, 102:107, ClipboardImage.png)



Yup you are, servicebot is conked out again so we have to check it manually, but you're still comfy in the middle of the 6-D file.



thank you :3


File: 677a03c1dff3904⋯.jpg (77.78 KB, 640x768, 5:6, squirl25.jpg)



File: 154620f2bbeb650⋯.png (979.6 KB, 679x1200, 679:1200, ClipboardImage.png)


Those balloon tits are ridiculous don'cha think? They could put an eye out! Well anyways, you've been added to the club!



Triple checking.


File: 40d5914ea34ae3a⋯.png (13.98 KB, 499x700, 499:700, 9544d468e88ba4d798e090923a….png)


Your IP changed so you've been added again, but remember getting whitelisted is optional now.

If you want to post, just go ahead and post. Building the whitelist is for when a spam attack happens again and your posts doesn't get caught in shelling.





File: c28ef73a3a4705d⋯.jpg (188.17 KB, 962x716, 481:358, my goodness thats a bee.jpg)

can I get whitelisted, miss nice airplane lady?


File: eb6f103bb1298b0⋯.png (100.15 KB, 600x579, 200:193, 11a96bc9df86fe3783c24f9354….png)


You've been added birdbro


File: 5e95e7a12bae9ec⋯.jpg (17.69 KB, 399x698, 399:698, zephyr-finished.jpg)

May I be whitelisted, please?


File: f97b22c04d4f182⋯.png (87.91 KB, 650x645, 130:129, 4617c431ff9950c18a3b4cdf81….png)


You're in friend, sorry about the delay, was watching something full screen


a white list would be nice, thanks in advance

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File: 477c8b626b86836⋯.png (18.91 KB, 608x644, 152:161, 64e363844d761f957c9f40e92b….png)


Caught me before bed, got your back and added you


>>21965thank you!

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File: 420dd8ae23cec01⋯.png (263.44 KB, 500x577, 500:577, tumblr_n2fxeoVXGl1rsstxgo1….png)

>>20415Requesting permission to enter the list, how copy?

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File: 2614b0d822633fc⋯.png (344.73 KB, 833x663, 49:39, 14352029111047.png)

Whitelist me famalamadingdong.

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If the whitelist is off, what's the point in whitelisting?

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Ay posting is back, we live!

the point is to build a defensive IP list so we can use it if we need to, if you don't want to go the way of /furry/ since that exploit was never fixed it's a tactical weapon.

Post last edited at



Makes sense.

I'll probably go for it then, and then never post, returning to f-list to idle and play nier automata.

Post last edited at



>whitelist and never post

kek suit yourself. have fun with nier

Post last edited at



No don't tell me that.

Having fun only makes me feel more guilty. But it adds to the fun.

It's a circular feeding frenzy. Send help.

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We need to change the wording "Whitelisted" to "Registered" or "Verified" as discussed in >>>/sudo/25455

Post last edited at


Whitelist please. Newfag.

Post last edited at



that's assuming we have working mod controls to edit the thread yet. but we can look at revising the wording for the third time

Post last edited at


File: 57427b1e7cf0685⋯.png (219.56 KB, 457x606, 457:606, 1490554322414.png)

Alright mod panel at least lets us see hashes so we can start adding people again.







All set

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Hell yeah, white(list) power!

Post last edited at



Wait no fuck sorry I didn't mean it please I'm really a nice person please forgive me

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File: de7912108625ef5⋯.png (207.55 KB, 1092x382, 546:191, ClipboardImage.png)



chill. also added

Post last edited at


whitelist me bb

Post last edited at



Wait, so this whitelist thing isn't actually in use?

Post last edited at


File: 29bc541194b7905⋯.jpg (81.03 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 9288aebc4f919056fa6763aad9….jpg)



You're both added, about to go to sleep and was just browsing off site.

The white list hasnt been in forced use for months, it doesnt mean its useless and its good to keep building it. We last had a spam attack at the end of feb and turned it on to wipe it out. In that case if you werent already on the list, your posts get caught in the crossfire.

Post last edited at


File: 0b1b88208375ee0⋯.jpg (1.94 MB, 2048x1365, 2048:1365, 6844695418_37fc50d145_k.jpg)


Hm i was added before, so i suppose it got wiped in the hack?

Post last edited at



Things are screwy for some anons, but not all, a large chunk are still whitelisted. but yeah if your hash changed it's because of the hack.

Post last edited at



Is the whitelist based on IP only? Cause my browser is set to always-incognito and any stored dats gets wiped when closing it. Steam won't recognize my machine every time for example...

Post last edited at



And i see that my post doesn't have "whitelisted" anymore... Fuck it then.

Post last edited at


File: 687812bf728db08⋯.png (34.63 KB, 1198x255, 1198:255, ClipboardImage.png)


Your post is whitelisted to me, and I didnt need to re-add you. Remember that ISPs cycle IPs so it's not completely random.

Also 404 revival post

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My IP doesn't cycle too often... testing

Post last edited at



Hmm nope.. it must be browser based. It probably generates a new hash each time firefox starts, can't be helped really.

Post last edited at


File: ae7946a86e1683e⋯.png (304.65 KB, 900x730, 90:73, 1432712422276.png)


Post last edited at


File: a7a7e46ab4c5474⋯.png (326.93 KB, 646x746, 323:373, ClipboardImage.png)


I think it's just Alcarity (8ch software) thats fucking up until the rest of the boards come back online (all 10k wew). Which is why the hashes have changed randomly as well as 404 pages and mod controls were broken (again) after they were fixed. As of right now, you're still whitelisted and just restarting firefox would never clear your old IP. Some random threads are 404d that I have to manually fix after the first broken 404 batch.


If that's how you want it.

Post last edited at



mother may I?

Post last edited at


File: 8ed8cb32282bad5⋯.png (516.35 KB, 1280x1262, 640:631, ClipboardImage.png)


Mother is busy with fixing CodeChimp's big mess but hasnt forgotten about you, you may.

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Am I still whitelisted? Let's find out...

Post last edited at


File: 7471a76cb954888⋯.png (106.64 KB, 635x625, 127:125, ClipboardImage.png)


You are whitelisted. but you didnt need to be to post, that sort of restriction was relaxed a while ago.

Going to be writing up a clarification on Kemo for a new OP.

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Post last edited at


File: 2aa833059f1f125⋯.png (249.95 KB, 707x549, 707:549, 285.png)


May you put me on the list that is white?

Post last edited at


File: 2e573e2d45be7a0⋯.png (437.22 KB, 650x903, 650:903, bef23760198f3c9654ba752861….png)





Both added. Welcome to the neighborhood, we'll stand guard for your posts

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May I get whitelisted good sir?

Post last edited at


File: 01033eae15a2e96⋯.png (568.02 KB, 910x730, 91:73, ClipboardImage.png)


Yes quite, you have been added my good man. I hope the wait wasnt a bother.

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Request to be whitelisted please?

And I have to just keep requesting in this thread whenever my IP address changed?

Because, I occasionally have to reset my router and does not want to be seen as spamming requests.

Post last edited at


File: e656d5c4d3f3178⋯.png (259.78 KB, 800x600, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)


Hello, there,

Still awake here. If you reset your router chances are you'll get a different IP and yes youd have to get re-whitelisted but everyone is free to post without needing to go through that. Don't worry about asking more than once, we have a 2nd bot that scans this thread for anons hashes to see if you're currently whitelisted or not so it's incredibly easy to check.

The last spam attack was in late feb, as long as you think it's worth it to keep your posts if we get hit by another spam wave. Do note that it's only the most recent 100 posts at the time that would be indanger of being deleted if you weren't on the list, if the post is older than that then it wouldnt be deleted because it goes beyond Kemo's scope.

Post last edited at


Gibe de whitelist pls

Post last edited at


Whitelist, please =3

Post last edited at


File: f4a059139de95ab⋯.png (6.38 KB, 500x250, 2:1, Oekaki.png)

I would like a whitelist, I drew a horsepenis gift.

Post last edited at


File: 3ee3abcd3dafc0e⋯.png (131.38 KB, 599x481, 599:481, 0517285.PNG)



Sorry for the late reply, fellas. You're all in now.


And YOU, young man, you'd better keep that namefagging under control, you got that?

Post last edited at


File: 63c152fe0898ba5⋯.jpg (123.95 KB, 991x817, 991:817, 7b3caaee35c27acdab2127861c….jpg)

Double-checking right now.


Are you a mod? Why aren't you whitelisted?

Post last edited at



I genuinely don't know, I've been whitelisted since I started. I presume it's something to do with my ISP having problems. You're in either way.

EDIT: Alright, it seems to have fixed itself.

Post last edited at



whitelist plz

Post last edited at


File: d23fa22a15b1203⋯.png (118.99 KB, 540x384, 45:32, ClipboardImage.png)


Sorry, took a little longer to notice you but you're in good hands

Post last edited at



Whitelist? Got a mobile account that I'll probably need to get whitelisted too later on.

Post last edited at


File: 7779a76d094524e⋯.png (294.59 KB, 545x545, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


You're on, and you'd be the first to get their phone whitelisted. I couldn't stand 8ch on mobile but hey, whatever works for you

Post last edited at



Aaand here's the phone

Post last edited at


File: ea5ba94c249b175⋯.png (155.6 KB, 696x545, 696:545, ClipboardImage.png)


Well I cant say I expected this, if you're really on your phone. The hash is exactly the same, so you're already whitelisted on the phone.

Post last edited at



Been on a phone since before the exodus

Post last edited at



Huh, that's pretty strange, I definitely posted from my phone; I guess it's not based the way I thought it was. Oh well, works for me then.

Post last edited at


File: 5aa9174cca08b60⋯.png (343.33 KB, 712x447, 712:447, ClipboardImage.png)


Well shit, alright then.


Pretty unusual, but there you go.

Post last edited at


Whitelist plz. It looks like I might be migrating here.

Post last edited at


File: f8081689f539900⋯.png (101.89 KB, 1000x938, 500:469, ClipboardImage.png)


Hey welcome to the den, come on in to the white side and make yourself comfy

Post last edited at



If your phone's connected by your home wi-fi, posting usually works off the connection. Not by device.

Pretty sure it has to do with not giving an easy method to samefag.

Post last edited at


File: b820c1db6b2c66a⋯.png (509.99 KB, 1280x1707, 1280:1707, tumblr_nmel03U8vZ1rv7k57o1….png)

whitelist plz.

Post last edited at


File: abedfd4410ca42f⋯.png (1.15 MB, 828x1000, 207:250, ClipboardImage.png)



Just punched in your hashes to the script files. You're good to go.

Post last edited at


whitelist pls

Post last edited at


File: f9b20591889dc80⋯.png (746.59 KB, 717x1024, 717:1024, ClipboardImage.png)


You've been added to the patients list

Post last edited at



>In the event of another spam attack, if your hash has not been added to the script when Kemo is deployed to carpet bomb it, your posts will end up caught in the crossfire and be automatically deleted!

So... in the event of a spam attack, anyone who isn't on the whitelist will get their posts deleted?

Post last edited at


File: adcfc3ed6654b76⋯.png (136.51 KB, 1000x1062, 500:531, adcfc3ed6654b76d0e4d69eb21….png)


It only applies to newer posts in the always updating recent-100.

If you had posted well before a spam attack happened then a post you made a month ago or something wouldnt get deleted as long as it's after the most recent 100 posts.

You have been added, now you're part of our big weapon against spam.

Post last edited at



White wash me, please.

Post last edited at


File: 52968d91b3781c4⋯.gif (341.56 KB, 580x800, 29:40, 4aca2c64a3d599eb0cd5bd5f52….gif)


It took a little while but you were added, you'll come out nice and white.

Post last edited at


File: b4df6a79e21155d⋯.jpg (37.43 KB, 720x478, 360:239, 12313927_10153417394719833….jpg)


if we already were whitelisted on old thread, do we need to do it again?

Post last edited at


File: 127333b5c9de08e⋯.jpg (84.13 KB, 736x528, 46:33, Furry_Tank.jpg)


Neat. I'll gather my best fictional equipment for the coming conflict.

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So... what's preventing a person from getting a bunch of bot IPs white listed by using them to post white-requests in this thread?

I'll admit I only half understand how it works, so I may have just misunderstood something.

Post last edited at


File: f74b2d55c1d547d⋯.png (109.71 KB, 960x580, 48:29, ClipboardImage.png)


Unless your IP is dynamic you shouldnt need to. But this isn't always the case after the hack screwed everything up, sometimes users get completely new hashes, like you. I personally had to whitelist myself again, and I was on the list since the very beginning when it was just being tested out.

Sorry about the inconvenience, re-added.

Post last edited at



it's possible in theory, but it would be a pretty short lived attack for such a big effort to build it up. We would pull the hash from the whitelist, blacklist it from being re-added and that would be the end of it.

No case of that has happened yet, and we can see if someone's genuinely using the board so it's unlikely we'd get hit.

Post last edited at



Post last edited at



what are you testing?

Post last edited at



white my list

Post last edited at


File: 5bb83f2a2b766c6⋯.png (270.7 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


Got it, make sure to check your mail

Post last edited at


File: d3ac2b59c54c2b9⋯.png (46.29 KB, 411x243, 137:81, Pretty please.png)

Can I be whitelisted BO-sama?

Post last edited at


File: b313e818bbb54d8⋯.jpg (124.48 KB, 900x978, 150:163, cd8f5583062eef87e024c69a0f….jpg)


Why, of course you can!

Post last edited at


File: 0fd08b3e92f1ea2⋯.png (1.48 MB, 1300x1317, 1300:1317, 1471893797.melvismd_pinkie.png)

whitelisterino por favor

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File: f19da5cb093d26f⋯.png (795.9 KB, 900x540, 5:3, 1326854422.vekke_getoutthe….png)


Si amigo, you're on the list.

Post last edited at


I might need to be re-whitelisted, my reasoning for a whitelist this time is that Kouya is best husbando.

Post last edited at



Oh never mind, I switched IPs so I thought it would stop working. I don't understand this very well but thanks, BO dude

Post last edited at



Inspecting my white list status since the site nuke.

Post last edited at


File: e26ea4d753ebd8b⋯.jpg (148.85 KB, 734x1000, 367:500, 1328815410.kacey_katra_cha….jpg)


You weren't, but you are now.

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meme me up scotty

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File: 307c597def6a093⋯.png (85.21 KB, 378x380, 189:190, 0704710a34910bf6971c6e73d6….png)


You've been memed onto the list, kiddo

Post last edited at


File: 39f59987e6e9475⋯.jpg (224.28 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, s-l1600.jpg)

Okay, here in Germany we have a brand of laundry detergent called "Spee" and they have this gay looking fox as a mascot.

You know why this makes me angry? They should have used a raccoon. Because, in german we call a raccoon a "Waschbär" which literally translate to "washing bear".

A "washing bear" as a mascot for a laundry detergent would've been perfect, but no, they had to use a fox. God damn it.

I'm so upset right now,

I need to be whitelisted, please.

Post last edited at


Memes. Also, whitelist me please.

Post last edited at


Protect me Kemo.

Post last edited at


File: 34643964a72df8a⋯.jpg (562.94 KB, 800x590, 80:59, 1480396657.pacopanda_tylob….jpg)




Bada bing bada boom, you're all in.

Post last edited at


File: 50246deb803d1e7⋯.jpg (133.19 KB, 1280x768, 5:3, 7684aa0267c06fc06f6988abd9….jpg)

add me to the whitelist

Post last edited at


File: 6555fad2b719864⋯.png (69.93 KB, 757x760, 757:760, ClipboardImage.png)


I hope you can read the chicken scratch.

you're in

Post last edited at


File: e2373b8190cf277⋯.png (42.15 KB, 598x552, 13:12, fsjal-original.png)

May I bother ya to whitelist me

Post last edited at


File: ef172506b0a2f32⋯.png (188.41 KB, 487x456, 487:456, temp.png)


Pretty please

Post last edited at


File: 66353c283a0f972⋯.png (128.43 KB, 764x592, 191:148, ClipboardImage.png)



You're on it.

Post last edited at


File: e68dde89e1c00ab⋯.png (23.72 KB, 171x153, 19:17, duploass.PNG)

ayy lmao whitelist me

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File: 1bc37d9e0c7af12⋯.png (91.69 KB, 500x415, 100:83, ClipboardImage.png)


Have a complimentary welcoming celebration

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File: 619fcf2fdaf4fb9⋯.png (57.57 KB, 336x323, 336:323, Screenshot at 2017-04-14 1….png)


Welp crap

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must be a dynamic ip, youre added again. like all of the dynamic IP anons, the ISP will just cycle back and forth between.

Post last edited at


File: a0f2098698dfe2e⋯.jpg (67.92 KB, 441x552, 147:184, tumblr_m80jok8H631qz5x8co1….jpg)

Can I be whitelisted, please?

Post last edited at


I want to into list!

Post last edited at


File: fb45945fa4701f5⋯.jpg (38.88 KB, 604x485, 604:485, fb45945fa4701f5233c4fc33f3….jpg)

Room for one more on your whitelist?

Post last edited at


File: 0673ce99163e43b⋯.png (1.12 MB, 1200x1016, 150:127, ClipboardImage.png)




Always room for more, you're all permitted to board.

Post last edited at



How many entries are there?

Post last edited at


File: b2c7c157cc0eae4⋯.png (44.19 KB, 590x415, 118:83, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 143fff3fd0026b9⋯.png (48.08 KB, 596x378, 298:189, ClipboardImage.png)

File: c82846bd398b626⋯.png (19.11 KB, 632x287, 632:287, ClipboardImage.png)


Havent done a full tally and that would take a while to manually count, but i've been curious about it. We are probably somewhere between 100 and 200. this is how Kemo reads em after we sort it all out.

>Folder for first letter in hash

>File for 2nd letter in hash

each folder or file could potentially have 0 or maybe 10+ at a time

Post last edited at


gimme day sweet whitelist plz senpai

Post last edited at


File: 53dabb614f171c9⋯.png (1.58 MB, 1280x1280, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


Here are your papers, you're officially whitelisted

Post last edited at


so i just post to this and i can post?

Post last edited at


File: 0051b1250fc0f7d⋯.png (61.17 KB, 434x576, 217:288, ClipboardImage.png)


You could post anyways, but you're right on time to get on board the whitelist train

Post last edited at


File: f0b7f02028e65d2⋯.jpg (142.28 KB, 1280x935, 256:187, zabivaka reacts to furries.jpg)

I'm mostly a lurker here, but in case shit hits the fan again, I'd like this IP whitelisted, please.

It's a VPS I'm sharing with my friend, but he's only using it for hosting services, which have I secured to the best of my knowledge.

Post last edited at


File: 63094fed6eba316⋯.png (627.83 KB, 1061x1280, 1061:1280, ClipboardImage.png)


You're on the list. Stay vigilant and we'll keep the pressure up.

Post last edited at



yes, I would hope the OP is whitelisted

Post last edited at



well that wasnt meant to happen. >>24090 was for >>24025

Post last edited at



I'm visiting family. pls whitewash my list.

Post last edited at


File: b1c4eaa2d6aabd8⋯.png (113 KB, 744x500, 186:125, 4c4897225f61a86708f0bd614a….png)


You're in. Here's a toot-toot for your soul.

Post last edited at


Am I whitelisted?

Post last edited at


Just moved, need to be added again.

Post last edited at


File: 35dce023cd6d835⋯.jpg (110.55 KB, 1280x853, 1280:853, swat doggo.jpg)



We got your backs, furverts. Come on in.

Post last edited at


File: dbf3c0c8a81fff2⋯.jpg (91.08 KB, 1280x852, 320:213, cfb6630568da674fe1761c3bd0….jpg)

Guess I better request whitelisting in case the time comes where I have to help save this joint.

Post last edited at


File: 8540c71c0449b95⋯.jpeg (43.23 KB, 444x500, 111:125, MEATYWHACK.jpeg)

senpai 'U'

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File: f1f1ead9eb7350e⋯.png (231.67 KB, 700x700, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)



Two hot whitelists comin up

Post last edited at


Whitelist pls

Post last edited at


File: 48c8920310d4fdc⋯.png (117.83 KB, 960x630, 32:21, ClipboardImage.png)


and another one served

Post last edited at


File: 22e0c503ab0f497⋯.jpg (114.59 KB, 1056x1280, 33:40, 1492117681.reptilies-conde….jpg)

Hey whitelist me pleas

Post last edited at


File: 8d8d4fbc504658c⋯.png (249.4 KB, 700x1190, 10:17, tmp_2932-14925727542817633….png)

Here goes

Post last edited at


File: c14a4e33b97c42b⋯.png (796.58 KB, 1100x770, 10:7, ClipboardImage.png)



You're both fully fledged whitelisted knights now

Post last edited at


File: 06174cd7717a1c6⋯.jpg (193.01 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, AV.jpg)

Am I doing it right?

Post last edited at


File: d93eabaaaa8cf8d⋯.png (429.84 KB, 1200x886, 600:443, ClipboardImage.png)


Yup, just relax while you're whitelisted.

Post last edited at


Whitelist pls

Post last edited at


File: 45a9f467b8ed404⋯.png (1.31 MB, 1338x1178, 669:589, ClipboardImage.png)

It has been done.

Post last edited at


File: e7b01fc1bafeafb⋯.png (513.63 KB, 720x720, 1:1, 1491509772933.png)

i got banned from wizchan and lost all my friends so i'm bayaaack

am i still whitelisted?

Post last edited at


File: 91f52799596b536⋯.png (556.43 KB, 1274x1920, 637:960, ClipboardImage.png)


>Banned from wizchan

What did you do?

>Am I still whitelisted?

No, but now you can be a white wizard here.

Post last edited at



it says in their rules you just need to be a virgin and not talk about relationships of any kind. i am a virgin and i never talked about anyone else other than my mother there.

however, on tohno-chan, i filled out a survey that asked me about past relationships and i wrote that i have had lovers in the past, very unfulfilling ones and that i am now much better off with my waifu.

so even though it was not explicitly against any rules, on a different site completly, i haven't dated them for years and years, and i said i hated them all, someone found that post and sent it to the mods and they banned me for it permanently.

i'm genuinely upset, i really loved that place and i hate it here.

well, better get back to it with the tumblr humor

Post last edited at



Don't forget, the fox keeps looking smug like an asshole about to sell you a crappy car.

Post last edited at


File: 939be97eec6758e⋯.png (13.64 KB, 250x235, 50:47, zeigefuchs_gerade.png)


Or a building loan contract. Oh wait, that's a different fox.

Post last edited at


File: 9da4dcd6316e9d0⋯.png (109.1 KB, 650x900, 13:18, IMG_8790.PNG)



Needs more Carfox.

Post last edited at


File: 18ceaa525ce0a53⋯.gif (3.02 MB, 960x540, 16:9, IMG_8791.GIF)


And let's not forget about Foxy.

Post last edited at


File: 82dbc17bcb88280⋯.png (360.5 KB, 600x600, 1:1, IMG_8792.PNG)



Huh, says I'm not whitelisted, but I was whitelisted a while ago. Can I be whitelisted, again?

Post last edited at


File: 782c0ceea85d51d⋯.png (22.31 KB, 666x666, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


You are back in.

Post last edited at



Yay! Thanks.

Post last edited at


File: 058f2aa139a2b33⋯.png (162.82 KB, 338x362, 169:181, fist 6.PNG)

Here to get whitelisted.

Post last edited at


File: 7974a88c5fb3853⋯.jpg (105.14 KB, 377x397, 377:397, 1488511344814.jpg)


and you're in, dry those tears and embrace the smug

Post last edited at


File: 63aeb9841899c06⋯.png (351.95 KB, 625x383, 625:383, gregory 1.PNG)



Post last edited at



this guy does some dank cute gay porn, but he always post this small res pictures on his account, it pisses me off.

the high res ones are probably patreon™ only.

Post last edited at



We've got a thread/website for patreon content >>22069

Post last edited at



im not sure though, maybe he just draws really small. but considering he's not doug winger and that this isn't the 90's, i find it weird he'd do such incredibly detailed pictures and not make bigger resolutions.

Post last edited at


whitelist pls

Post last edited at


File: 24af2ec53e38a97⋯.png (1022.6 KB, 989x1280, 989:1280, ClipboardImage.png)


You're in, stick around and enjoy the company

Post last edited at



Me too pls, senpai-sama-sensei-kun-chan desu

Post last edited at


I'll bite.

Post last edited at


File: 5d77bafd6b18823⋯.png (146.39 KB, 700x875, 4:5, ClipboardImage.png)



It's time to be added to the whitelist party

Post last edited at



Thank. I love you, daddy.

Post last edited at



get that white stuff on me

Post last edited at


File: af048682eaf56b5⋯.png (527.74 KB, 960x1131, 320:377, ClipboardImage.png)


You're the boss.

do not swallow the contents of the whitelist

Post last edited at


File: c61f6e47cc00963⋯.png (2.03 MB, 1400x1400, 1:1, 51fd9a8bac57d2fbf04eb3240a….png)

Whitelist for cuteboys?

Post last edited at


File: a4847a54dc6f498⋯.png (859.47 KB, 779x1000, 779:1000, ClipboardImage.png)


It's not a cuteboy list but they are welcome.

Post last edited at



>cuteboys have a dick as big as their forearm

Post last edited at


File: 0b152ea9bcebde0⋯.jpg (35.65 KB, 538x485, 538:485, 14inches.JPG)

Does the club have room for one more?

Post last edited at


joining i suppose

Post last edited at


File: 41cc2323a430607⋯.png (808.69 KB, 1240x850, 124:85, ClipboardImage.png)



>Room for one more?

>just one

We now have two new club members, its you guys.

Post last edited at


File: 0b2101973d76120⋯.png (198.92 KB, 494x494, 1:1, 1465272661895-0.png)

Whitelist when?

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File: 5bb277f73bbbd7d⋯.png (42.15 KB, 260x229, 260:229, 0081237486.PNG)



Post last edited at


File: 114f516b58ef1cb⋯.png (191.12 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 1457124979273.png)

whitelist please

Post last edited at


File: bfda4420dd70970⋯.png (350 KB, 1273x1015, 1273:1015, ClipboardImage.png)


Here to spread the white.

Post last edited at


File: 96ca5546f1182ef⋯.jpg (37.28 KB, 346x244, 173:122, 2016-11-07 20_47_48-Bugs B….jpg)

guess i'll post here...never know when i'll have a chance to hang out.

Post last edited at



Sorry for the wait. You're in.

Post last edited at


File: 257bcb138c5f056⋯.jpg (734.93 KB, 1600x854, 800:427, 323a58b455e7ae87d577819291….jpg)

Get me up in that bitch, my man.

Post last edited at


File: 0562aefea940bad⋯.png (119.11 KB, 453x705, 151:235, ClipboardImage.png)

Post last edited at



Whitelist me

Post last edited at


File: 3f3ebd3b43914d5⋯.png (3.07 MB, 1926x3046, 963:1523, ClipboardImage.png)


Any willing subjects participants for the greater good. You've been signed up.

Post last edited at


File: 51487a84dfc91d2⋯.jpg (20.52 KB, 500x375, 4:3, 51487a84dfc91d2ecd4b642c4c….jpg)

Hey there bb how's about you whitelist me and I take you out for tendies at mcdonalds

Post last edited at


File: a7f0f0b931a2cb3⋯.png (285.03 KB, 667x800, 667:800, ClipboardImage.png)


Alright, I whitelisted you! ... now can you stop staring?

Post last edited at


File: 0c8704e222f0121⋯.jpg (129.67 KB, 978x1352, 489:676, Kobold Powersuit.jpg)

Double checking status after moving.

Post last edited at


File: 75f0047b6a8c983⋯.png (290.88 KB, 450x600, 3:4, ClipboardImage.png)


Welcome back, you weren't white anymore but I'm sure we can fix you right up.

Post last edited at


spent yesterday trying to get a whitelist but this thread kept defaulting into cloudflare 404ing

Post last edited at


File: d26b4cec1e973f4⋯.png (1.36 MB, 1280x1624, 160:203, ClipboardImage.png)


CM is constantly breaking threads but we never had this one 404. Anyways you're all good now.

Post last edited at



noxarivis my name

Debian user, e621 ripper

whitelist me?

Post last edited at


File: 12962e56799a03c⋯.png (790.3 KB, 800x667, 800:667, ClipboardImage.png)


Sure hop aboard

Post last edited at


Whitelist prz.

Post last edited at


File: cdc6366ac9fb728⋯.png (831.51 KB, 886x1280, 443:640, ClipboardImage.png)


The wait is over, but you can hang around and be comfy

Post last edited at


1 whitelist = 1 like

Post last edited at


File: 2e4b49875948be0⋯.jpg (40.21 KB, 458x700, 229:350, 35efh0A1A449E.jpg)


You're in, fam.

Post last edited at


whitelist pls ty

Post last edited at


File: 39b46ae2e3e0653⋯.png (1002.13 KB, 700x986, 350:493, ClipboardImage.png)


Added, one more to the pile

Post last edited at



Waiting for whitelisting.

Post last edited at



No need to wait, it's only enabled during spam attacks.

Post last edited at


Can I get onto the white list? ty

Post last edited at


File: 0db6f677c020ed5⋯.png (492.78 KB, 612x822, 102:137, ClipboardImage.png)



Welcome to the neighborhood you two.

Post last edited at


File: 45d21865b4b724a⋯.png (497.39 KB, 684x900, 19:25, 23f82e4e27cbde0ac2c5352487….png)

File: 2773fa3489a4cc8⋯.jpg (473.65 KB, 1088x1280, 17:20, 601324_7f9d864c19da1f8276e….jpg)

File: 39f0db99198b90f⋯.jpg (1.25 MB, 2088x3024, 29:42, Slut_Kitty_001.jpg)

Hello! May I be added to the whitelist? Here's some pictures I like

Post last edited at


File: 50ed7bb8c1cba96⋯.png (407.29 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 20150122212200.png)


Hm, not bad. You're in.

Post last edited at


File: e7bac91eb518a99⋯.png (589.98 KB, 950x734, 475:367, 1447964314.spottyjaguar_pa….png)

File: 51c1d1af66f24bc⋯.png (1.14 MB, 850x1100, 17:22, 1491009164.spottyjaguar_pa….png)

File: 9bfeaacc96cfea2⋯.png (640.73 KB, 1060x993, 1060:993, 1492416940.accidentalaesth….png)

Inquiring for the whitelists, also some lewd.

Post last edited at


File: 5ded56445c8eb73⋯.png (889.86 KB, 996x644, 249:161, ClipboardImage.png)


all punched in

Post last edited at


File: 9b51e8ee62ae0f5⋯.png (42.83 KB, 1600x1024, 25:16, 1488559295328.png)


oh yeah I forgot to do this

Post last edited at


File: 1926ef27abfec3f⋯.png (29.69 KB, 788x500, 197:125, 8761oXz.png)

Requesting whitelist pliz

Post last edited at


File: 9a0358bd80faa31⋯.png (108.61 KB, 335x524, 335:524, ClipboardImage.png)



added, hop on in.

Post last edited at


uh test

Post last edited at


File: a4dcb844a080fe1⋯.jpg (38.79 KB, 344x344, 1:1, born to gondola.jpg)

Whitelist plox

Post last edited at



I dunno if I'm whitelisted or not so hit me up.

Post last edited at


File: 3736d112be7f8e0⋯.png (751.19 KB, 500x1610, 50:161, ClipboardImage.png)



both in the list

Post last edited at


File: 12309280751dd3d⋯.jpg (10.73 KB, 263x260, 263:260, 1436320813300-3.jpg)

let me in

Post last edited at


File: b087eeb95c26c40⋯.png (910.82 KB, 1017x1920, 339:640, ClipboardImage.png)


sleeping on the job, but you're in bed

Post last edited at


Whitelist Please?wa

Post last edited at


File: 841a9ac0bf94957⋯.png (1 MB, 1200x1004, 300:251, ClipboardImage.png)


Youre in, the whitelisted world is now open to you.

Post last edited at


File: 79e51f060ae3f34⋯.jpg (71.58 KB, 895x444, 895:444, CrsPLfAWYAA02rd.jpg)

do me a whitelist pls

Post last edited at


File: e19c2902a4557f0⋯.png (240.76 KB, 700x726, 350:363, ClipboardImage.png)


alright bro


Something about hashes changing?

Post last edited at


File: c4f868589040538⋯.jpg (211.81 KB, 960x1280, 3:4, 14931874408041202380689.jpg)

My new IP needs a whitelisting plox.

Post last edited at


What happens if you post while not whitelisted?

Post last edited at



Nothing out of the ordinary. Read the OP.

Post last edited at



>In the event of another spam attack

So unless wannabui decides to come back, it's should be safe to post?

My IP changes all the time, so it's pointless for me to get whitelisted. I guess I'll have to get a proxy with a static IP in case there's a spam attack.

Post last edited at



You might want to if you're contributing content like art and stuff.

Post last edited at


File: be58452c3260498⋯.jpg (659.18 KB, 1300x763, 1300:763, 1489188085.orcaowl_request….jpg)

Whitelist please

Post last edited at


beep beep

Post last edited at


File: 79b7621608b41a8⋯.png (489.49 KB, 774x514, 387:257, ClipboardImage.png)


Yes hashes have changed from CM meddling with the site (again). So we had to do an overhaul of the script and update it to function with the new hash system.





All added.

Post last edited at



Oh. I heard something about rotating salts, will that undermine our whitelist?

Post last edited at


File: af903697337a22d⋯.png (277.87 KB, 394x334, 197:167, ClipboardImage.png)

File: c56d0d33ab0651f⋯.png (63.64 KB, 715x487, 715:487, ClipboardImage.png)


remains to be seen just what codemonkey is going to do, but what he did sure makes manually adding to the whitelist a pain. this is something like what the old hashes used compared to now, we have to consult for the new table on the new hashes every single time.

Post last edited at



If it's alphanumeric you could treat it as base64

Post last edited at


whitelist pls

Post last edited at


File: 6232fb0dc0e087c⋯.png (949.58 KB, 1063x830, 1063:830, ClipboardImage.png)


we're back in business, so we can continue to spread the gift of the white.

Post last edited at


testo pesto

Post last edited at


white me up daddy

Post last edited at



Post last edited at


File: ce5c24cc8987811⋯.png (112.14 KB, 613x558, 613:558, ClipboardImage.png)


You're in, do us proud son

Post last edited at


File: ba9e4e8cc9bb4d6⋯.jpg (20.46 KB, 524x468, 131:117, [Barks internally].jpg)

whitelist please

Post last edited at


File: f816998ea5fbd0b⋯.png (118.83 KB, 415x480, 83:96, ClipboardImage.png)


Sorry, looks like you were added hours and hours ago, but no one let you know.

Post last edited at


File: d1ceebd16a9e87f⋯.png (387.8 KB, 800x652, 200:163, 10686844_788951587809981_3….png)


I'd like a whitelist please thx

Post last edited at


File: 74bb206e55f1cfd⋯.jpg (290.22 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, horse.jpg)

Whitelist, please! Unless I'm already there.

Post last edited at


File: 9f64958f175769b⋯.png (84.53 KB, 700x700, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)



you're both added

Post last edited at



Whitelist me up inside.

Post last edited at


File: eba675b808da7f3⋯.png (414.72 KB, 800x984, 100:123, ClipboardImage.png)


A little hosing down is all it took. you're nice and white now

Post last edited at


add 2 whitelist pl0x

Post last edited at


File: 00d8ec38c99fe36⋯.png (32.96 KB, 332x278, 166:139, ClipboardImage.png)


You're in anon

Post last edited at


File: 3f625729823e7a4⋯.jpg (46.55 KB, 537x539, 537:539, IMG_1084.JPG)

Requesting whitelist

Post last edited at


File: 2d6dd532ef0bea4⋯.png (59.12 KB, 1050x670, 105:67, ClipboardImage.png)


one white ticket for you

Post last edited at


File: 3f59009a9bd8fce⋯.jpg (328.5 KB, 1168x1536, 73:96, 5fd00b49af698e6e02959dc5f2….jpg)

Requesting whitelist if not already on it

Post last edited at


File: 9f3f65069228dab⋯.png (395.21 KB, 891x854, 891:854, ClipboardImage.png)


you are already on the list.

because you already asked an hour ago

and you were added then

pls do not abuse servicebot.

Post last edited at


File: da307e1c60fcffa⋯.jpg (73.19 KB, 540x540, 1:1, Jojo_65ad15_6128317.jpg)

Could I be whitelisted?

Post last edited at


File: b338adb2d423102⋯.png (128.77 KB, 310x500, 31:50, ClipboardImage.png)


of course,

Post last edited at


File: cbc800fa895d7c4⋯.png (26.78 KB, 512x323, 512:323, 1494697624977.png)


Post last edited at


File: d963bdb3be350d4⋯.jpg (82.14 KB, 816x1000, 102:125, photo_2017-02-12_18-27-38.jpg)

Something, something, whitelist or somthin?

I dunno if I've been whitelisted yet, i can't remember.

Post last edited at


File: 5afdf2c9aa4d174⋯.png (234.67 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 5afdf2c9aa4d17402d91acb343….png)


Just wanted to check and make sure I was still whitelisted. You're a beautiful human being

Post last edited at


whitelist pls

Post last edited at


File: add3a45753c263f⋯.png (794.58 KB, 858x1100, 39:50, ClipboardImage.png)

File: a5c887e896f0dac⋯.png (21.71 KB, 807x129, 269:43, ClipboardImage.png)





Sorry about the delay, we've been busy. but you've all been added


except you, you stay out.

Post last edited at


Drawfriend here

Whitelist pls

Post last edited at


File: 1a5fcf7a42c7470⋯.png (938.83 KB, 918x918, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


you're in drawfriend

Post last edited at


File: 1c330381e495a6d⋯.png (84.15 KB, 341x341, 1:1, ahoysailor.png)


This is new to me.

And honestly, that's because I don't come here too often any more, because of responsibilities in the real world. And shame.

However, if there is another spam-wave, I know what side of the whitelist I want to be on. It's the side with all the interesting perverts bouncing around.

If technically being a content creator does me any favours, I'm responsible for the Cool Cat banner, and the banner including this crappy edit I made of Nate wearing a naval cap. Am I in with all the rest of these cool kids?

Post last edited at



Holy hell. It took me until a few moments ago to realise that /fur/ is not /furry/, some kind of cataclysm and exodus took place in my absence, /furry/ now seems fucking dead by comparison, and mentioning those banners I made for /furry/ was therefore irrelevant and probably even a bit narcissistic, since they aren't in this board's rotation anyway.

I've been away too long.

I'll stop cluttering this sticky now. Thanks for the whitelist, I'm going to go acclimatise and work out what else is new.

Post last edited at




Welcome back, we're pretty much all from /furry/.

Post last edited at


Hullo! I would like to join, pretty please.

Post last edited at


File: ed17dd9d7b51c87⋯.png (297.17 KB, 902x913, 82:83, ClipboardImage.png)



salute the new recruits

>>28333 (checked trips for trip characters with triple quoting)

>all from /furry/

id say its more like 1/2 to 2/3s of /fur/ oldfags to /furry/ refugees

Post last edited at



Whitelist me fam

Post last edited at


File: b335fe62152e8d5⋯.png (18.17 KB, 330x462, 5:7, ClipboardImage.png)


you're in bud

Post last edited at


Hello, I would like to get added to white-list as well.

Also, should I ask again on my phone to get my phone protected or are my phone and laptop considered the same IP? I know modems are weird like that.

Also, what if I use cellular data?

Post last edited at


put me on the whitelist shitlord

Post last edited at


File: a7f75ecfcba9789⋯.png (146.92 KB, 600x932, 150:233, ClipboardImage.png)



You're both on the list. We will gun down any spam.


We've had anons who only need to be whitelisted once even after using a phone but it can be a case by case situation so no harm in checking if youre whitelisted on a few devices

Post last edited at


White list please

Post last edited at


File: 595bb7c38f3b0e3⋯.png (287.5 KB, 960x960, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)



Post last edited at


Is this thread really necessary? We can reinstate it if spam comes back, but why not just keep a history of recent IDs to use as a whitelist until then?

Post last edited at



Requesting whitelisting.

Post last edited at


File: 2aa2c3cd7264850⋯.jpg (231.64 KB, 1280x1280, 1:1, 83b676d0b20bb6df4655edf190….jpg)




No harm in having it, when not under spam attacks it serves as a good way for us to gauge board growth. If it's still turning people away from posting then we can revise the wording again.

Post last edited at


File: f47ba8a6e675b04⋯.png (135.39 KB, 467x736, 467:736, 1471190376674-4.png)

Can I get a whitelist?

Post last edited at


File: 9226314c096fa02⋯.png (18.53 KB, 490x524, 245:262, ClipboardImage.png)


Yes of course.

Post last edited at


File: 1224c81c46c06ff⋯.jpg (754.88 KB, 779x992, 779:992, 1224c81c46c06ffa00c98c9b48….jpg)

Sign me up for the cause. We'll have those dastardly spammers cowering in their holes.

Post last edited at


Can I also get whitelisted

Also thank you for finally beating down the spammers

Post last edited at



whitelist please?

Post last edited at


File: 89a5a44a9832788⋯.png (1.39 MB, 1037x768, 1037:768, ClipboardImage.png)




All 3 joined into the white side, always good to have more eyes on the lookout.

Post last edited at


Post last edited at


File: 49b87bdd09ac485⋯.jpg (66.83 KB, 714x1068, 119:178, JYv6gtC.jpg)

Please whitelist

Post last edited at


File: da60f568ca174de⋯.png (379.77 KB, 525x525, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


Its done. this white god will see to your white list

Post last edited at


File: 09b107ed5b83411⋯.jpg (72.58 KB, 500x613, 500:613, king kitty.jpg)


I request a whitelisting.

Post last edited at


File: a4167b1b57982da⋯.png (500.45 KB, 1184x762, 592:381, ClipboardImage.png)


Welcome to our little white village.

Post last edited at


whitelist me bitchboi

Post last edited at


File: 54db3b9d3260f81⋯.jpg (145.02 KB, 800x645, 160:129, y_me.jpg)

Howaito listo pleases.

Post last edited at


File: daf7b81b95e053f⋯.gif (430.03 KB, 200x212, 50:53, 5056392ee601798b5263b20f65….gif)



Christmas came early, youre white listed.

Post last edited at



Forgot to check if I was whitelisted. Been a while since I last checked.

Post last edited at


File: 226ab0e6dcd9bc0⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 366.41 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Luna.png)



Fuk. I wasn't.

Whitelist pls.

Post last edited at



thanks for spoilering I guess

Post last edited at


File: ef28609f5ca5141⋯.png (207.73 KB, 500x1087, 500:1087, ClipboardImage.png)



You'll convert soon enough if you hang around.

Post last edited at


File: 480469bcaea5fec⋯.png (1.06 MB, 800x463, 800:463, eyJ1cmwiOiJodHRwczovLzY4Lm….png)

Whitelist please

Post last edited at


File: 34127818754b9e6⋯.png (84.97 KB, 422x735, 422:735, ClipboardImage.png)


Come on in, dont be shy.

Post last edited at


White me

Post last edited at


File: f58e40aac4f0e3a⋯.png (5.53 MB, 2500x3000, 5:6, ClipboardImage.png)


You've been added to this here white book, get comfy.

Post last edited at


File: 2246b48673ab6f4⋯.png (19.89 KB, 333x258, 111:86, 2246b48673ab6f43fa47ebbcb2….png)


Whitelist me p-please

Post last edited at


File: 0476243ef2f8ede⋯.png (47.07 KB, 593x641, 593:641, ClipboardImage.png)


You're in, but it wont save you from the bullying.

Post last edited at


I'd like a light misting of white listing, por favor.

Post last edited at


File: 3c4b92557bf9bd8⋯.png (303.34 KB, 851x720, 851:720, notarobotbeepboop.png)

I am not spambot please. Here are papers. Glory to ch/fur/.

Post last edited at


File: b7b2f022fe4559e⋯.png (373.3 KB, 819x500, 819:500, ClipboardImage.png)



These look fine and in order, we just added the both of you.

Post last edited at


Can I get a side of dragon dildos to go with my whitelisting?

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File: 08609fe3cd38769⋯.gif (4.63 KB, 255x192, 85:64, catshades.gif)


You sure can, my good man.

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File: 25b8969081ce4da⋯.jpg (121.29 KB, 614x767, 614:767, TDBnHeAxm9ugEb_-fAVxuTb63p….jpg)

Whitelist, please!

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File: 0d93140ca6c4dc1⋯.png (741.51 KB, 646x757, 646:757, ClipboardImage.png)


Make yourself comfy.

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File: e854e335053118a⋯.png (45.22 KB, 581x402, 581:402, 0.18.png)

Completely missed the spam attacks. Whitelist please and thank you.

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I don't even post much tbh, but why not.

Post last edited at


whitelist pls

Post last edited at


File: c39341a806bc0b7⋯.png (191.9 KB, 1296x697, 1296:697, ClipboardImage.png)




All in, dont leave us hangin'

Post last edited at


Bestow upon me the whitelist if it pleases you, sire

Post last edited at


Whitelist please, I want to discuss my lust for dog dicks with my fellow furfags.

Post last edited at


File: ad4cc1f50944946⋯.png (575.86 KB, 1851x1057, 1851:1057, ClipboardImage.png)



Good things come to those who wait, you've both been added. One day this land will all be yoursactually scratch that, that's a terrible idea we dont want to repeat Blue's mistake

Post last edited at





Let's see if I'm still in.

Post last edited at


File: 6cfb9510693e1b3⋯.png (4.67 KB, 500x250, 2:1, Oekaki.png)

Put me in, coach. I'm ready.

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File: f1f364cd6663632⋯.jpg (13.99 KB, 320x400, 4:5, 15121402@400-1417391657.jpg)


Post last edited at




Whitelist pls.

Post last edited at


File: 73f36b1c4631f4c⋯.jpg (253.8 KB, 878x873, 878:873, 0f719ec3b13fcdc8ead7a804b3….jpg)

God fucking dammit, I posted it in the wrong thread.

Recently moved. Am I still whitelisted?

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Post last edited at


whitelist me senpai

Post last edited at


File: 990f902948205fb⋯.jpg (454.37 KB, 800x800, 1:1, [017188].jpg)

File: dd785c3c966619b⋯.jpg (320.01 KB, 688x647, 688:647, [017217].jpg)

File: dde56a2eb67a0fa⋯.jpg (306.08 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 1415751029385-2.jpg)

File: 7c42c05479a4f16⋯.jpg (168.52 KB, 603x942, 201:314, 1441178021733-2.jpg)

It's been a long time, but I finally feel like talking about furry stuff again and it looks like the dust is good and settled around here. Might I please be whitelisted?

Post last edited at


Thanks m8.

Post last edited at


Whitelist pls

Post last edited at



I love cock!

Post last edited at


C-can I be whitelisted too, anon?

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Post last edited at


File: 579da4171b52c31⋯.png (277.74 KB, 738x505, 738:505, 0a03c1e3624ee8644c5c4f78cf….png)

May I be granted Whitelistment please?

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Test 2

Post last edited at



senpie lemme get a whitelist :~:

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whitelist me fagot

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File: 114ba15d29bbcb8⋯.png (97.09 KB, 894x894, 1:1, digimon_tamers_icon_by_baz….png)

plz add me

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File: c134d9811862198⋯.png (81 KB, 464x464, 1:1, 131ac1a6bc352ee76edfa53a1c….png)

whitelist plox

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File: 65b9d3f20715142⋯.png (621.3 KB, 1280x764, 320:191, ClipboardImage.png)




















Wow look at everyone lined up at the door, when I come back. Everyone who asked has been whitelisted and I'm sure we will all get alone fine, fam

Post last edited at



I wish you were Chochi tho.

Post last edited at



Post last edited at




Post last edited at




Post last edited at


yay take you time no rush


white list me fam a lamb


gib wl

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File: c60a19d9eb9825d⋯.png (2.26 MB, 1240x1748, 310:437, ClipboardImage.png)

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File: 8cbeaf0e934ee02⋯.jpg (87.92 KB, 500x455, 100:91, 124517401666.jpg)

add pls

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File: 0bea59b8628efc3⋯.jpg (75.9 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, IMG_20170315_173809.jpg)

pls add

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whitelist me

Post last edited at


File: 7c1838f4b94ac0d⋯.png (231 KB, 750x1000, 3:4, ClipboardImage.png)





Already in

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File: 5a2a831fa69b0d3⋯.jpg (17.17 KB, 425x282, 425:282, gull.jpg)

me too pls

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I think I am

Post last edited at


File: ab076a87f7f6abc⋯.jpg (42.46 KB, 482x750, 241:375, 2a86458fc05e4ec91d657c4ded….jpg)


add me into whitelist


Post last edited at




If not whitelisted, can I has pls?

Post last edited at


File: f9ad7a3f46fdba7⋯.png (157.88 KB, 698x553, 698:553, ClipboardImage.png)




All 3 added.


You're right you are.

Post last edited at


Just checking in for some of that hot whitelist action.

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File: 4e554bcc439d7f7⋯.png (771.48 KB, 2000x2000, 1:1, n8 femboy.png)

add me i guess

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File: eeb4a53f9804834⋯.png (190.47 KB, 780x1000, 39:50, ClipboardImage.png)



Added to the whitelist from the phone.

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File: 119938485b90653⋯.jpg (24.29 KB, 500x500, 1:1, Slugcat.jpg)


Whitelist pls

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File: 75bdb30049b5a9c⋯.gif (3.69 MB, 807x453, 269:151, 190e70483758e2e707f4c1d7cf….gif)



Have been added to the list

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File: aa8d4d07b0facd3⋯.png (1.15 MB, 1600x1600, 1:1, bucks hot.png)

Here's a sexy deer man as tribute, whitelist pls.

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File: f3eaa2e654d6bf2⋯.png (201.05 KB, 587x800, 587:800, ClipboardImage.png)

>>33344 (checked)

Beautiful trip-dubs, of course the tribute is accepted and you're in

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Post last edited at


File: 0b5133104fab243⋯.png (236.17 KB, 420x610, 42:61, ClipboardImage.png)



Post last edited at


Put me in, coach.

Post last edited at


File: 423539ca9adc2e2⋯.png (549.69 KB, 829x900, 829:900, ClipboardImage.png)


You're in, dont let us down

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File: 288f5ce5f5b2d1b⋯.jpg (157.86 KB, 1024x682, 512:341, DCE8SnMXgAEkVii.jpg)

New OS and browser, whitelist me up senpai

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New phone

Who dis

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File: b7b42e89932c171⋯.png (236.34 KB, 1363x1300, 1363:1300, ClipboardImage.png)



Both added, have a nice day posting

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Is this place finally spam free?

Well then, I guess it's time to join in.

(Requesting whitelist)

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Whitelist pl0x

Post last edited at


File: c462bfeeb428374⋯.png (446.22 KB, 1024x1188, 256:297, ClipboardImage.png)



Both added, carry on anons

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File: a9c3a89d7457ee9⋯.png (211.98 KB, 600x750, 4:5, 970999_Oob_beach.png)



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File: da51f92e88972e8⋯.png (105.33 KB, 490x498, 245:249, P3M_Koromaru.png)


A whitelist would be lovely :)


File: 1797723b2e270ff⋯.png (634.84 KB, 699x992, 699:992, ClipboardImage.png)


Added, have a good one


File: 247f69c3509903b⋯.png (225.53 KB, 600x652, 150:163, 02a11401a1e734ee1ee009c56c….png)


Can I get whitelisted? I'd like to start using /fur/ because /furry/ died ages ago and I'm just now returning to 8chan.


Whitelist me please Kemo-senpai


Mother may I?



Permission to come aboard, captain?



Whitelist me plox, idk if this computer/IP/whatever is on it.



whitelist if I'm not already please.



Is nice not being flagged as spam.

Post last edited at




>I wasn't whitelisted

y-you too

Post last edited at


File: 553a32a96f66d35⋯.png (828.38 KB, 1500x960, 25:16, ClipboardImage.png)









Sorry about the delay, but everyones whitelisted now so the waiting is over.

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Post last edited at



i am addicted to anthro men

Post last edited at



O Supreme Lord Admiral Commander Harbormaster Papa Johns Delivery Plane Kemo am I whitelisted on this IP?

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File: 93f60e6c5a8fb0b⋯.png (1.28 MB, 1200x1200, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

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I'm inquiring about use of your whitelist bot. We have a dedicated spammer on our board right now and someone brought your bot to my attention.

Can you help at all? Thanks.

Post last edited at



Sure thing, I'll gather the stuff for you.

Post last edited at



Are you being sarcastic?

Post last edited at



Not at all. It took me a while because I realized I should program something to make managing the hashes easier.


Email me at bellcollar@cock.li if you have any questions or if I fucked something up.

Post last edited at



Sorry, if you don't mind, but could you verify the contents of that link?

Take no offense, but I can't really trust you're not pulling my leg.

Post last edited at




Never mind. Just checked it on a VM.


Post last edited at



Ah, and I just finished converting a recording too.

No problem. Best of luck!

Post last edited at



i noticed this is the same code as the previous release i was able to find

can you please confirm whether or not this script works with new IP hashes?

Post last edited at



There should be a change at line 111

phash = post.find('a', {'class': 'ip-link'}).text[29:]

and line 119

with open('%s/%s/%s.txt' % (wdir, ord(phash[0]), ord(phash[1])) ) as fp:

'[29:]' to remove the redundant part of the new hash, and ord() being used to convert the symbols to an ascii value in order to find the appropriate file.

Post last edited at



pleas whitelist me

Post last edited at


File: f1cc07bbf2fd45b⋯.png (287.12 KB, 319x508, 319:508, vivi thank you.png)

please whitelist me and my waifu ViVi

Post last edited at



i have to most recent code thanks. could you tell me in detail if post deletion is supposed to work near-instantly (ie before anon's browser registers the post and therefor caches in in their thread/browser) please?

i noticed an unwhitelisted anon's post has been up for half an hour now which is not what i expected from an anti-spam bot

Post last edited at



i meant on this board btw. specifically this post >>36216 which has been up for 34 minutes now

Post last edited at


File: f78dff662c63a41⋯.png (16.87 KB, 1055x98, 1055:98, ClipboardImage.png)




Mod here, not bell.

• WL2.0 is fully compatible with the new long hashes CodeMonkey decided to implement.

• The kemothera.py script crawls the recent 100 post and if the hashes do not match a whitelisted hash then its nuked

• The WL is on standby (paused) which is why that post didnt get autonuked, we keep it as a deterrent now and after a few attempts of spammers that get nuked we havent been targeted in months.


The WL requires full attention to build up the hash list, if the board is big you'll have to verse as many of your vols as possible on adding people to it. We share the script files through dropbox so anyone on the team can access it but I'm pretty much the only one still letting users know theyve been added.

PPH UIDs will crawl for a while until you get a big enough whitelist so you'll have to decide if its worth it or not, /fur/ went through several phases of enabling and disabling it before getting to a comfy spot.

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File: 652c8c2f0c04d8b⋯.png (244.87 KB, 1100x474, 550:237, ClipboardImage.png)



Welcome to the village anons.

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i want to fuck ankha

Post last edited at



thanks for the quick reply. glad to know the script is working

my only other question is how responsive is it in deleting posts? i know deleting posts via my browser is slow/hangs sometimes depending on server load. because it's a script, does it work instantly?

ultimately what i'm wondering is if there is an anon that is not whitelisted actively spamming the thread, will users have it loaded in their thread or not?

Post last edited at



Kemo starts bombing posts that hashes dont match the whitelist near-instantly. They will still be able to post, and everyone will see it as normal but upon refreshing the threat it will be gone nuked to oblivion. Kemo does that across all the recent 100 so it doesnt matter how much spam there is while the whitelist is on, /fur/ beat back 1k UID spam with ease.

Depending how smart the spammer is you can come up with ways to filter out the shit from the swarm like when we first launched it.



Making a vol account for the script Kemo works the same as some vol hitting the delete button on a post.

Post last edited at



I was once whitelisted. Just checking again if i'm still.

Post last edited at


File: 8c8678519c3dfe7⋯.png (78.4 KB, 1908x1115, 1908:1115, 8c8678519c3dfe7b6cb24647ee….png)


further clarifying, the WL script when enabled means only non-whitelisted posts will show up in the containment thread (to ask to be whitelisted) and only WL hashes can post outside of the containment thread as normal. This means that the vols will have to do extra work to sift through montains of botposting and sort whos a legit user from the spam but it's easy to tell them apart.

But it should eventually die down, we've given Kemo out to /erp/ and even though /erp/ never used it, having it available to them made spammers avoid it. Kemo is like a nuclear deterrent.

Post last edited at


File: baadc040e28f60f⋯.png (149.92 KB, 515x331, 515:331, ClipboardImage.png)


Maybe you didnt check back in when CodeMonkey changed the salts but we got you, you're in the new list.


Cant leave these dubs unchecked and unwhitelisted

Post last edited at


Hello, just wanted to be sure I was whitelisted.

Post last edited at


I'm still whitelisted?

Post last edited at



ehhh fur and scales and shit like that.

Post last edited at



I want to marry Kemo-chan!

Post last edited at


File: 81b05fba8fa8ff2⋯.jpg (87.83 KB, 540x720, 3:4, dog with boob.jpg)


hi same faggot different ip let me in uwu

Post last edited at


File: 0dabcac89dc50c9⋯.png (459.08 KB, 734x572, 367:286, ClipboardImage.png)






You're covered /fur/iends

Post last edited at


please whitelist me master


/kpop/ here, thanks for stopping by i really apprecaite your help on this. unfortunately i'm not able to get the script working. i have all the dependencies, python2.7, bs4, requests etc but after i log in to my volunteer the bot immediately pauses and does nothing, even after making a post with an unwhitelisted IP (see code below)

root@rpi:~# cd ~/kemopack/scripts
root@rpi:~/kemopack/scripts# ls
kemothera.py manage.py wlc_auto.py wlc.py
root@rpi:~/kemopack/scripts# python --version
Python 2.7.9
root@rpi:~/kemopack/scripts# python kemothera.py
Board: xxxxxxx
Name: xxxxxxx
Password: xxxxxxx

logging in...
logged in

Enter post# of the sign up thread: xxxxx
Monitor https://sys.8ch.net/mod.php?/recent/25

Running... (enter Ctrl+C to quit)
Paused. <----- *** here **

i'm not sure why but i noticed that there is a text file named 'pause' in the whitelist directory and inside of it is a yes state. when i change this parameter to no and then run the script again it runs for a second or two and then gives an attribute error

Running...       (enter Ctrl+C to quit)
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "kemothera.py", line 111, in <module>
phash = post.find('a', {'class': 'ip-link'}).text[29:]
AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'text'

i tried running it on windows too (python version 2.7.13) just in case but it does the same exact thing. any ideas on what the problem is or what i might be doing wrong? thanks again




File: b7f125af826d3f9⋯.png (144 KB, 500x800, 5:8, ClipboardImage.png)



and like magic you're in.


The pause=yes file is how Kemo is kept on standby otherwise she would always be around bombing posts that arent whitelisted. Simply setting it to pause=no should get the script running but I do know there's some hiccups now and then with bots on 8ch, restarting python usually fixed it.

I cant code, but il forward your message to bell.



You were right to edit the pause file. My fault for having it set to 'yes' to start.

Regarding the error, it looks like 'post' is being set to None, which means the parser didn't get anything from recents/25. That implies that there was a problem getting the page.


print resp.status_code

underneath line 93, which should be

resp = sess.get('https://sys.8ch.net/mod.php?/recent/%s' % rpage)

run it and tell me what it says


File: 0a696fa42869c4e⋯.png (13.52 KB, 839x204, 839:204, 2017-07-19 09_30_11-C__Use….png)

File: 992dc9be07cca66⋯.png (8.01 KB, 538x209, 538:209, 2017-07-19 10_56_32-C__Win….png)


i made the change on line 94, ran the script again and got the same error. could this be an error in my testboard?

for reference i've set up >>>/kpg/12 as the signup thread and >>>/kpg/13 has 2 unwhitelisted ids that should be deleted after the bot scans the 25 recent posts page but instead i get this error

i've double checked all my dependies are there on both windows and linux and i still get the same error. i also tried running it in python3 but it doesn't work i assume due to utf-8 encoding/syntax

just to make sure we have the same code i included the latest release (i assume) that i have here http://www51.zippyshare.com/v/u3dVsdCm/file.html



I just realized the problem is that it's not finding the 'ip-link' class in any of the posts, or at least the first post.

I tried it with your test bot and printed out the html to look through it. There's no ip-link anywhere.

I hope you don't mind, but I logged in as the bot to take a look and there's really no ip hashes on the page. I'm not sure why that is.

Did you make the bot a Reporter instead of a Volunteer? Reporters might not be able to see hashes.


File: f3428693d48da94⋯.png (8.28 KB, 422x133, 422:133, 2017-07-19 19_59_33-Edit v….png)

File: 7d2f8bb46e1f45b⋯.png (471.47 KB, 1725x2101, 1725:2101, screencapture-sys-8ch-net-….png)


i definitely made it a volunteer so i'm not sure what the problem might be. and there aren't many hashes because it's just a test board but all posts other than ones made in >>>/kpg/12 should have been deleted per the whitelist

i use bs4 and requests in other scripts on both linux and mac just fine so i don't think it's a dependency issue. i've checked everything i can think of and i have no clue why it doesn't see ip hashes

someone suggested it might be caused by having been logged into another account before the bot logs into volunteer but i made sure to run the script while logged out of mod

Post last edited at



Being signed into another account on your browser won't cause any issue. It would be pretty inconvenient otherwise.

Was that second picture taken while logged in as kpgtest or the BO account? Try the script with whatever lets the hashes appear and see what happens.

Also I should clearify that the bot will only delete posts made after it starts running. You'll need to make new posts after it runs to test it.

Post last edited at



tbh, I think this whole whitelist thing is bullshit.

Post last edited at



It's not on right now so it doesn't matter

Post last edited at



This IP is used for a VPN, so whitelist if policy allows.

Post last edited at


File: bd5c6635a54a530⋯.png (220.53 KB, 942x972, 157:162, ClipboardImage.png)



It might be bullshit, but so is being buried by an autistic spammer.

VPN whitelisting is allowed, as long as you're cool on it.

Both added

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>Not Nate

Where's Nate

Post last edited at



New? N8 moved over after /furry/ finally keeled over, but we have a cast of 5+ characters now instead of a single mascot.

Post last edited at


whitewash me

Post last edited at


File: 7946ac513c6ec76⋯.png (3.32 MB, 2065x3051, 2065:3051, ClipboardImage.png)


it's done. you're now completely white

Post last edited at


File: 2d483cba40e3f8c⋯.png (720.82 KB, 597x557, 597:557, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 5c871393059f1c8⋯.png (335.27 KB, 429x607, 429:607, ClipboardImage.png)


He is a fox because "smart people use Spee for their laundry". Also, I guess we germanfags just like foxes.

I'd like to get whitelisted but it seems like my IP randomly changes by itself multiple times each day. I don't really know why.

Post last edited at



I'd like to taste his mini-würst if you know what I mean.

also please whitelist.

Post last edited at


File: 4eca27e0bbd876a⋯.png (817.16 KB, 1086x594, 181:99, ClipboardImage.png)


You're allwhite anon

Post last edited at



hello yes

Post last edited at



Post last edited at



new IP, please whitelist

Post last edited at


had to evade a ban on /v/

gib whitecummies

Post last edited at


File: 7f02a939f724798⋯.gif (1014.34 KB, 220x330, 2:3, f1g4r8f219ec2aacf99bfb0f21….gif)


I don't know if I'm white listed or not still. Please hit me with your whitelist.


Post last edited at


File: 306a19d5e130651⋯.png (468.47 KB, 910x974, 455:487, ClipboardImage.png)







Whitelisting has been gibith carry on /fur/friends

Post last edited at



Post last edited at


So I am safe?

Post last edited at


File: b6b2c48d5bfc6a3⋯.png (324.83 KB, 1000x922, 500:461, ClipboardImage.png)


Yeah you're safely added in anon, big bad wannabui cant get you here.

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I see I'm not Aryan documented.

Post last edited at


> Personification

you mean fursonification

Post last edited at


File: dd5ec6fb5c2c646⋯.jpg (66.54 KB, 516x619, 516:619, dear-satan.jpg)

Not sure whether I already asked, gibe whitelisting pls



Hello pls I have no whitelist and I must post cute things with cute people.


File: 150028450238541⋯.png (551.67 KB, 679x944, 679:944, ClipboardImage.png)





All officially added to the white.

Post last edited at


testing if K3 is needed

Post last edited at


File: 499c17ca8f65506⋯.jpg (108 KB, 749x780, 749:780, IMG_20170807_222319.jpg)

Having trouble posting on here, yet not on /tech/ I'm concerned. I assumed I was whitelisted, but maybe something changed. If this posts, pls whitelist.

Post last edited at



Nothing on our end, kemo's bombs arent armed right now.

Post last edited at


File: 049d806f7be4809⋯.png (580.46 KB, 800x1193, 800:1193, ClipboardImage.png)


whitelist plox

Post last edited at


File: 00ce765a3458a6d⋯.jpg (1.26 MB, 2400x2192, 150:137, Es hora del d-d-d-duelo by….jpg)

whitelist plz

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File: 5d8ab995ad744c3⋯.png (607.12 KB, 600x1120, 15:28, ClipboardImage.png)




You're all white, so it's all right.

Post last edited at


File: 01cf87456a4d669⋯.png (455.39 KB, 966x1230, 161:205, Commission - Renate the Re….png)



Post last edited at



better than t8

Post last edited at



Might as well

Post last edited at


File: e48bba0151f2a78⋯.png (308.83 KB, 600x848, 75:106, ClipboardImage.png)


Might as well be added

Post last edited at



Post last edited at



>Whitelist me

Post last edited at



I would really like it if I was whitelisted

Post last edited at


File: fa15e58178b06f9⋯.png (685.2 KB, 800x1129, 800:1129, ClipboardImage.png)



Both added, enjoy your stay

Post last edited at


Hello yes I would like one whitelisting, please, many thanks.

Post last edited at


File: 6d0fecfbf253c75⋯.png (688.13 KB, 1050x940, 105:94, ClipboardImage.png)


Sorry about the delay, had some technical difficulties with using a script instead of manually typing it in a file like the old way. You're all whitelisted up.

Post last edited at



Hooray, thank you very much.

Post last edited at


hello i'm the eerie guy

am i still whitelisted or no, i can't remember how long ago i posted in the whitelist thread, i'm sure my ip address has changed many times.

i'm also wondering if it would be okay if i used a tripcode when i make posts related to eerie, even outside of the telemonster thread? (btw basically all of my posts are going to be related to eerie in some way). couple guys have pretended to be me. and i figured it might make your monitoring me easier too cause my ip address is dynamic now

Post last edited at



oh also my writing style changes all the time depending on how i'm feeling and i'm sure that's confusing for people, and some people would like to filter me, i mean one of them wrote a script just for me lol.

so let me know. i'll use the same trip from my board so you know it's me

Post last edited at


File: 7134b6bef4ffefd⋯.png (1.29 MB, 941x1169, 941:1169, 1502817109.blacklory_prima….png)



You're in and have permission to use a trip. However, if too many anons complain then we'll have to ask you to stop using it. Also, you need to still follow the board rules as the excuse that everyone can hide your posts will not fly.

Post last edited at


seems neato

Post last edited at


File: 523b2fa4fa060d7⋯.png (172.37 KB, 1280x834, 640:417, 1436199204.veramundis_muha….png)


Kemo-chan is pretty neato.

You're in.

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thanks. understandable

Post last edited at


whitelist pls b0ss

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File: f14c947e91fd5ca⋯.jpg (55.94 KB, 604x444, 151:111, 1225607390742.jpg)

new computer, whitelist plox

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File: bc3e45e6e16be63⋯.jpg (258.27 KB, 1280x1142, 640:571, 1493486625.-yata__巨_副本.jpg)



Applications accepted. Please enjoy your stay.

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whitelist me pls

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File: 430140d4d35bbff⋯.jpg (624.18 KB, 1118x900, 559:450, 1502676367.ugou_2017-08-13….jpg)


Sorry for the wait. You've been added.

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replying I guess.

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Would it be possible to open source a generic version (i.e any hard coding of mod details or IP hashes are removed/substituted with an example or made into a variable (.e.g $ModUsername $ModPass) of the script?

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Hello, can I get whitelisted?


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give whitelist

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can i get whitelisted too?

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Is there a way to test if I'm still whitelisted without posting here? My IP could have changed last modem reboot.

I blew away the cookies on this Firefox profile so the (you) thing will not work.

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File: 273c414f355d29b⋯.jpg (94.55 KB, 500x791, 500:791, a2fade0f0e5fb568c7779b31b6….jpg)

a butt for a whitelist

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File: abb7f5ae463326b⋯.png (19.88 KB, 450x750, 3:5, abb7f5ae463326ba854ef56af0….png)


white me in the face

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File: 74cdd29dc001f73⋯.jpg (119.08 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, DIUgdvSUwAA4GQz.jpg)

That took a while, but everyone is aboard.


Nope, there's no way to check unless you make a post, but the script we're using to check is currently on the fritz, and our resident programmer is a bit busy with life.

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File: d64be4a1985a56a⋯.jpg (584.82 KB, 760x1000, 19:25, f73395eb75d9728ea888c17c41….jpg)



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whitelist pls

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Whitelist me pls. Thanks.

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I can has whitelist pretty pl0x?

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I can has whitelist pl0x?

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a friend of mine is a furry artist and he needs money

where can i make ad of his drawings and his prices? (sorry for my bad english)

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This probably doesn't work if you're using a VPN or Tor, right?

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File: 43d18c2771d0bec⋯.jpg (859.37 KB, 2048x1434, 1024:717, DJC3X-EV4AEuIih.jpg)

Welcome aboard the kemo train. Don't forget your luggage.


And a chin chong nip nong to you, young lady.


I'm not too sure myself, but your friend could try posting their art on popular sites on like tumblr and furaffinity to expose their work to more people. Make sure they use the proper tags when uploading their art so it shows up in search results. You can also buy ads on furaffinity, but their customer service is very awful and it might take a couple weeks to a month before you get a reply.


Yeah, it's pretty pointless to apply if you're using a VPN or Tor. Still adding you for the hell of it.

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welp guess I need some whitlisting

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Checking my

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Whitelist plox

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Thanks in advance for whitelisting!

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Whitelist please!

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I moved, let me get reverified my negro

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Whitelist me, oh metal one!

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File: 2d7b770cad5bd2f⋯.jpg (230.09 KB, 1125x1500, 3:4, DHtwY3RVwAA2Jo0.jpg)

Someone locked the whitelist thread on accident. Feel free to keep applying.


We don't accept Tor applications, sorry.


File: d4cf71f6281456c⋯.png (84.7 KB, 384x384, 1:1, 65 wat.png)


I have a suspicion even if I knew moonrunes it wouldn't help.


Whitelist please, I don't think I've done it since I moved flats.

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Hey I got a new computer and I'm not 100% sure if I'm still whitelisted or not, so if I'm not, then could I please get a whitelisting? Many thanks.

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File: b827af470c7c5e6⋯.png (346.12 KB, 1159x615, 1159:615, f6d41ab82e4589be15f0fe2129….png)

I suppose it's about time I finally got on this thing

whitelist me pls

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i need whitelisted

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File: 61782d78778b1b1⋯.png (1.24 MB, 940x850, 94:85, 9246e36e2f819f63c1e3d510d0….png)

Lista blanca, por favor señorita. ^^

I have a new computer, compadres!

>Ajua, ajua, yepa, yepa!

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Saquese de aqui perro

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Can't remember if I've done this yet


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Actually i'm a sort of dog, furr-negro. :)

Anyway, Señorita Can i some whitelist, please?


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File: cbf586b297c6a77⋯.jpg (367.74 KB, 1071x1500, 357:500, a3e3d705d74bcb721ccf450dbf….jpg)

Please whitelist me! I haven't posted since last January or so, and my IP address has changed recently.

Sorry I haven't posted on here in a while! I kind of stopped posting while I was working too much overtime in some tiring mind-numbing factory work. Thankfully, I'm back in Univ, and I have a little more time on my hands.

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File: 59c3eec0539a94d⋯.png (660.53 KB, 3000x3000, 1:1, tumblr_od90elXi541u96516o1….png)


Whitelist me.

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File: ce2d3cb96d2a9d3⋯.jpg (121.63 KB, 750x1024, 375:512, DIokWxZUIAARp_L.jpg)

I'll make adding to the whitelist a Sunday thing from now on. Everyone has been added.

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If I request an add on my phone do I need to return on pc?

Also add if ya may.

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le ️ython

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If just posting here is how this works, then, err, hi. Thanks.

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It said "too many posts, try later" when I attempted to create a thread.

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File: cc122811706ec8e⋯.png (2.96 MB, 1280x806, 640:403, 1486288950.darbaras_05v0.png)

And updating the database is done.


Might be the site-wide anti-spam feature. Try creating a thread now or in a little bit.

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whitelost plz

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This is interesting.

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File: c8bb65453534209⋯.jpg (40.95 KB, 341x307, 341:307, 1494368149424.jpg)


Whitelist me daddy uwu

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File: 3f2d240f50996f4⋯.jpg (144.54 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Halo-4-Space-www.wallpaper….jpg)


Alright, joining in.

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Unless it's per IP, new computer, new whitelisting maybe?

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File: 975894b794b5a38⋯.png (885.64 KB, 830x646, 415:323, 1507557181.seely_rainy_nig….png)

Done and done. Welcome aboard, everyone.

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Whitelist, please

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