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File: 1471096001381.png (227.02 KB, 1224x1070, 612:535, 1430852013140-2.png)


So, what are you writing right now? Do you have any ideas you never bothered writing down or putting into a story yet? Is there something you'd like to improve within your writing skills, let's say grammar and word usage? Have you seen other furry literature, that was maybe: laughably dreadful? astoundingly outstanding?


File: 1471310726808.png (1.3 MB, 814x1200, 407:600, 1459396147.land-shark_land….png)


I've got a super long Morrowind-Themed RP that had a lot of world building in it (actually, I got a little autistic about the world-building part).


Sorry if this sounds like a stupid question, but how would one get started with world-building and writing? I have a lot of ideas that I want to adapt into projects, but I don't know where to start.


Meh. I had some ideas from a lot of RPs I have with a close friend, but I don't have any motivation to make something of it.



collect all the information describing the world into a document. Split it up based on subject like Magic, Geography, political, etc..

Oh, and don't forget to develop characters along the way.

There are plenty of guides online.


File: 1471578133064.png (968.8 KB, 1280x1249, 1280:1249, ebf0d1338ca9775ea2d2a1c1c8….png)


Basically what this anon said here


But I would also suggest you put together a timeline of important events in your world, countries that rise and fall, the births and deaths of important individuals, inventions, etc.

Timelines always seem to go a long way to helping me keep things consistent in my head.

Generally speaking, once you get a world put together, it should kind of be able to tell stories organically on it's own. You have to be careful, though, that when you actually sit down to write proper fiction you don't turn them into encyclopedias with a smidgen of character and plot.

Right now, I'm building a fictional universe of my own involving anthropomorphic animals, mostly because a lot of the attempts I see to make them are autistic and poorly handled. I'm not a great writefag, and I've noticed a steep drop in quality since I've been out of the game for the past year or so, but hopefully I can get around to putting together something of substance soon(ish).



Well, I'm not sure if I can help you; all I can do is tell you how I do things and hope you can get some ideas from it. Keep in mind that this is an extremely developed, complex, and complete process that takes many months to finish. I use this for my biggest projects, which are full-length original novels intended for publication. I abridge it down to just a few crucial steps for things like short-stories or fanfiction or furry fiction (to the point where the planning may take only a day or two), but the central idea is the same. You progress from the idea to the world to the characters and only then put together the plot, and all that before writing the first chapter.

I'll put this in a pastebin because it's very long.



I wrote this 1-2 months ago:


I didn't finish it though because writer's block .

The story is kinda cringeworthy, atleast I learned that writing is really difficult.


File: bf08e98ebd791f4⋯.png (52.92 KB, 236x301, 236:301, shiny_sylveon.png)

Bumping even though this place is dead.

Trying to get out of a writing funk; threw together this in a couple hours today when inspired by https://e621.net/pool/show/9561 and wanted to write one for the only Pokemon I care for.



File: 55c9c68462014b3⋯.pdf (308.89 KB, N8xBushy.PDF)

I wrote story about the new board mascot and N8. This is the second story I've ever written, and I would appreciate the feedback.



New OC. Got the idea for this from a thread where anon asked what would happen if a furry cub girl dropped into the lap of a human who is attracted to furry cub girl porn. Discussion ensued about morality, legality, and human rights. There's sexual content, but it's not the focus of the plot.

Expect 2-5 more chapters, depending how far I want to take things and how much I enjoy the process.




Holy shit probably one of the most perverted protags but that 180 was something else.


File: 0b70123bad5d724⋯.gif (727.15 KB, 190x255, 38:51, 1440738226949.gif)

File: fb2d997a6753477⋯.jpg (141.82 KB, 853x1280, 853:1280, 1447713250.meganovav1_noni….jpg)

File: 10f3eedc20f2bfd⋯.jpg (166.75 KB, 1280x1227, 1280:1227, 1451837045.meganovav1_mega….jpg)


>wat u writing

Tons of guilty pleasure anthro vore smut on writing.com

Can't help myself, it's fun. I really wish there were more ways to get feedback tho, I'm spread across several sights and don't know the best way to post compilations to FA/Eka's.

There's lots of appealing preds, what can I say (see pics for my recent faves). Not sure how this board even treats vorefags who write, but I sure am one.



Fuck, forgot the link.

Aqui: http://www.writing.com/main/interact/cid/2243599

It's the start of my latest portion. Has a slutty Luxray pred/stripper going at it with a couple customers.


File: d48d8c89645324e⋯.png (642.17 KB, 702x541, 702:541, ClipboardImage.png)

So /fur/ writefriends and fans of furry lit...

What's your opinion on this actual book?



Kyell is only popular because of inertia and pretty cover art. I don't give a shit about the /pol/ implications of that excerpt, but his actual writing talent is mediocre, and his plots base and formulaic. It's a wonderful example of what is wrong with the modern publishing industry.




And what's that one about. I take it you've read some of his old work before


File: b699734cc20eba6⋯.jpg (70.7 KB, 540x720, 3:4, 1421854093963.jpg)

anybody read this?


File: acd081ea5a4c553⋯.png (70.56 KB, 205x129, 205:129, ClipboardImage.png)


what am i looking at?

aside from horro uncanny pikachub realism.



While the plausibility that he's actually released a book by that title is quite hilarious, I meant "inertia" as in: "a body in motion tends to stay in motion". Basically, because he became popular, he will remain popular to the point where fans will continue to consume anything he releases simply based on it having his name attached to to, regardless of quality. I guarantee that if he ghostwrote something and posted it to on some noname author's page on sofurry, nobody would give him the time of day. The same thing happened to JK Rowling when she tried to write something not-Harry-Potter under a psuedonym.

Anyway, back a very long time ago, I read about half of Out of Position, but never got motivated enough to finish it. Like everyone else, I was drawn in by the attractive illustrations (mostly because they had been drawn by an artist I liked at the time). But after a while, I just didn't give a flying fuck about the characters or what was going on in their pathetic little lives. Near as I remember, it was about a bara tiger on a football team who thought he was straight, and some conniving girly fox, and they had some drama with their friends and family while learning to fall in love despite their differences. Take away the furries and it's the faggot version of a b-grade harlequin romance novel. Pure garbage.

I don't understand how people can have such boring lives that reading about NORMAL THINGS can be even mildly entertaining. Furry started out as escapist fantasy, and I feel it should remain that way.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

May I suggest a few language lectures?

There are rarely times when you can actually get some good advice on how to mechanically write better.

Not characterization or or world building or things like that but something to improve the actual writing of projects.


File: 298ac9b69cacf79⋯.png (165.7 KB, 500x356, 125:89, Hownottoformatsentences.png)


>Does writing well matter in an age of instant communication?

No. No it does not. You can't convince me otherwise when novels like Twilight make their authors millionaires. Money is the only meaningful metric of success in the world. Nobody would care if their written works were to become studied in schools long after they have died, if they didn't make them a penny while they were alive.

I've read up on the subject, and the primary matter of importance to whether or not your novel is read is how well you market and how pretty your cover is. You do realize what this means, correct?

Just like everything else, BOOKS HAVE BECOME CLICKBAIT.



There is absolutely nothing wrong with the way that first comma was used. There's a natural pause between 'future' and 'or'.



Writing well isn't an exercise in obeying a few rules. It's about communicating your point in an effective and flowing way that a reader can understand.

Also, I'm not sure how to break it to you. All literature across all of time is 'clickbait'.

You think Tolkien is recognized because of his mastery of when to use commas and not putting prepositions at the end of sentences?



>All literature across all of time is 'clickbait'

You misunderstand what I meant. How good something was used to be passed from person to person based on the actual merits of the work. I learned about Tolkien from my mother, who read LoTR in her youth. Now people do a search and pick whatever has the most views. Popularity breeds more popularity, regardless of quality.

Most books didn't even HAVE cover art until the last hundred years or so. The phrase "don't judge a book by its cover" only dates back to 1860. Ask any publisher; go ahead. They'll tell you about how cover design is an involved process of careful psychological manipulation, made to draw in the potential reader, and that it is the most important decider of sales. What is inside the book simply does not matter.



>Now people do a search and pick whatever has the most views. Popularity breeds more popularity, regardless of quality.

That's probably greatly due to the internet and over-saturation in the market.

Now more than ever appearances serve as a critical form of advertising since readers are quickly skimming through hundreds of stories for one that catches their eye. It isn't a proper way to sample books, but that's the case.

But there should be a way to circumvent that. For games you can reach out to a youtuber or streamer who can put one out there for plenty of people. Are there no powerful community voices in literature that can act as a megaphone?



Doing any more than scanning a book's cover and reading the title is infeasible when you're browsing a store or library and have thousands of books to choose from. You either end up reading a book because someone you know recommends it, or because you think the title/cover art is interesting.

I was hoping that dedicated book review sites would partially solve this problem by connecting people who have already read books to people who are interested in reading them, but from my limited perspective it doesn't seem to have helped. We still have Playskool-tier garbage like Robopocalypse, Ready Player One, Alex Cross (why are the chapters 500 words long?) etc. at the top of the charts.



I finished watching a fifty-three minute lecture and it is very engaging all the way through. Share more videos like this one, because the advice is very helpful.



>Are there no powerful community voices in literature that can act as a megaphone?

Yes. Your other alternative is brown-nosing. This is nothing but politics, or money, or both. You get a sticker on your cover that says "New York Times Bestseller!" or a quote on the back in which some famous person says it's a good book. Again, neither of these have anything to do with what's inside the book.

Here's a fun tidbit. Bestseller lists are based upon some kind of ratio of sales versus time. An author once got on one by simply going to bookstores and buying several thousand of his own books in a short time span.


I'm trying to get into the habit of writing something every day, so I threw this together instead of working on my actual short stories. It's a silly little thing based upon a choose-your-own-adventure template about age regression. It ended up quite a bit more narrative than I had first intended, so I cleaned it up into something presentable.




I like it but the whole libido part was unnecessary.



But inserting sexuality into places where it doesn't necessarily belong is the hallmark of furry.



I could see this turning into a larger story about mythical creatures living ordinary lives under this masquerade, and having the MC be able to see through it. Bonus points for not smut and having each "anomaly" based off of the world's myths instead of furries for the sake of furries.



Writing's been my job for five years now and it has sucked away my will to write creatively. I used to RP all the time and now I can't even get more than 2 or 3 posts into something before my desire to write just evaporates.



I'd actually thought of that, but the idea of magic being an invisible part of the world is kind of overdone. I've come up with more interesting worlds.



I'm gonna give you some crit because why not.

First off, it's better than the source material. You didn't rely on ellipses to emphasis hesitation or pauses for every other sentence. Secondly, there's a little bit of character development which I liked. Lastly, I thought it was really cute.

Now for the not so good parts. I'm going to post these in no particular order:

>estrous cycles are female only

>there are large tracts of writing that are currently superfluous

>some sentences contradict previous ones, in my opinion this is your biggest issue

>the neighbor confrontation scene is terrible, you can do better

If you'd like, I could annotate sections in your story for you to mull over.

Oh, and nice digits.


>Log Horizon fanfics

Nice. I'll give the story you linked a read through too.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>there are large tracts of writing that are currently superfluous

Reminded me of vid related.

As for the rest, well, dialogue and interpersonal interactions has always been a weakness because of lolautism, and something that takes a lot of edits to fix. The rambling-on I do is something that works better when I'm writing something a lot longer, ironically; I often fail completely to heed the term "short story". The heat thing is just a personal fetish, and I'm hardly the first person to use male estrus cycles with fictional species. Hell, even Mr. Spock had 'em every seven years.

>some sentences contradict previous ones

I am a bit confused by what you mean by this, though. I'd appreciate some examples.



Alright, it's finished. I rushed a little towards the end, but I hope I got my point across. My additions are prefixed with a ">".


I might have been a bit too critical at some parts, but I think you did a good job with the story. As for its mistakes, I simply see potential for something greater if they were corrected. I'd like to see you keep on writing, so be sure to keep this thread posted.

Oh, and if you're wondering about some of my critiques, feel free to debate or as me more about them. I'm not much of a writer, but I like to think I have a good eye for characters and narratives in stories.



I've actually been trying to get away from overusing typeface alterations (boldface, italics, underlines, etc) for emphasis, as I've used it as a crutch in the past. Pastebin helps with this because I haven't figured out how to format it to actually make it show italics or the like. I can't seem to find any resources saying how to do this.

I'll admit the ending was rushed. I wasn't intending it to be that long in the first place, as the original stories it was inspired by pretty much jumped right into the sex. I was breaking with that enough by having any sort of a backstory, much less a slow roll into developing a relationship. I suppose I could have gone on for much longer, but by that point I just wanted to be done with it. As I mentioned, I hadn't written anything in a long time.

For the confrontation, I pretty much ended up writing myself into a corner with that one. I wanted the MC to be someone physically weak and unassuming, but have a strong force of will. Although it's typical in fiction for internal strength to overcome physical strength, that's not how it works in reality. I didn't really know what to do with it, so I'd hoped to paint the neighbor as someone who is extremely cowardly (only being able to beat up Pokemon) and who would cave with just the slightest pushback from a person. I'm not sure what else to do with it without just narrating that fact.

I might toy with it later. I'm not at all used to getting actual critique.



>>10184 here

So what's your take on my writing? Trying to get feedback can feel like pulling teeth at times, so I could use all the critique I can get.



I'd be glad to, but I still need to finish >>5053 story first. Give me a day or two and I'll try to do a similar critique for your story.

>Trying to get feedback can feel like pulling teeth at times, so I could use all the critique I can get.

Yeah, it seems to be harder to get critique on writing than other forms of art. I just enjoy reading, and people always seem to appreciate comments with a little more substance than "I liked it".

I also wanted to mention how thankful I am that everyone's posting nicely formatted stories in pastebin, etc....

It's much nicer to read than a literal wall of text sandwiched in an imageboard post box.



I've got to hand it to you, as this is my first exposure to erotic martial arts, this story is surprisingly well-done. I never thought that these two things could mix together so well.

Off of a first read, the dialogue was good, the pacing was a little shaky in the middle and near the end, the variety of the sentence lengths and structure were great, and a few pivotal moments could've been handled more effectively.

The only big issue I'm feeling about this story is its purpose. It's an entertaining read and the action was handled very well, but at some points the intermittent mentions of throbbing cocks held back the momentum of the fight, and vice versa. For my personal tastes, it's not engaging enough to fap to, but the action held my interest in the story. I think it's vital that these two elements are capitalized on at the right times for their full effect. This is what you were aiming for, right?

Also, your choice of synonyms for genitalia are important to the flow of your sentences. For instance: "In spite of the tiger's defenses, a great deal of hits found their mark, and his dick began swelling to full mast." you have an important offensive move overwhelming the heel's guard, followed by his own counterattack. However, that single line breaks up the flow of the fight itself to draw the readers attention to, obviously, the dick. Using the phrase "swelling to full mast" isn't a very strong phrase either, as it has it's own nautical connotation. Maybe something more immediate would help? Basically, a quick and effective offense leads to a quick and effective arousal, but linking them so closely and awkwardly lowers their impressions on the reader. Try to put more attention to those three actions (attack, arousal, counter) and give them enough space in the story to leave a bigger impact.

To end on a positive note, I want to reiterate on how much I liked how you focused on the characters and their actions. Rotating between banter, their fighting strategies, and their perceptions of each other in and out of the match kept the entire story interesting from beginning to end. There isn't a single paragraph that feels out of place or tacked on with little care.

Much like the other anon's story, I could mark up yours if you'd like, as I still have a few things I could comment on. I'd probably be able to finish it by tomorrow.

Oh, and I sent you a friend request on SF, too.



I'd love that. Thanks again for doing this. I do struggle with weaving sex and the actual fight. Maybe some flame-based metaphors like "A torch lighting up?"



Man, this is a lot harder than I thought it would be. I tend to write everything all at once, without really stopping, so everything flows seamlessly from one sentence to another. Cutting it to pieces and trying to put it back together again without making it sound choppy is a pain. Reminds me why I don't do this for stories I'm not particularly attached to.

Anyway, I hope it seems better now. I extended the confrontation after thinking about a way the MC could actually push back without using his fists. I also ditched the slightly-deus-ex-machina bit with a mysterious neighbor filming the whole thing to bring in the police, in favor of a "hoist by his own petard" approach. I really like it.

I think the main issue I was having with the ending being rushed is because I was trying to have things both ways. The stories from the original inspiration were told in the form of short retrospectives, while the first half of my work was told like a story, flowing like a narrative instead of just a description of events. Toward the end, I tried to steer it back, and it didn't work out very well together. So I added a lot more content to slow it back down to the flow of a story, including more dialogue at the other most important turning points of the plot.

It ended up being twice as long, but I think it was worth it. It seems better, to me. Nevertheless, I can't shake the feeling that I've fixed the problems by adding a whole bunch of new problems.





There, two down, a few more to go. Hope this helps you out.

>I do struggle with weaving sex and the actual fight.

I didn't comment on that too much when I was doing the review, but I have a few ideas that might help you out. Although, I'd like to think on them a bit more before I share them.

>Maybe some flame-based metaphors like "A torch lighting up?"

I left a really obvious example in the critique. I still can't believe you didn't use it. It's so simple and perfect.

Oh, I read the second part to your story too. That's quite a way to write in a flashback.


>Man, this is a lot harder than I thought it would be.

That's why I have never finished a story. Putting ones' ideas on paper isn't easy.

>I tend to write everything all at once, without really stopping, so everything flows seamlessly from one sentence to another

It's nice to get into the zone like that and crank out a chunk of a story, but I've noticed that it's just as easy to "fly of the tracks" so to speak and ruin a story's pacing. In my experience, at least.

>I also ditched the slightly-deus-ex-machina bit with a mysterious neighbor filming the whole thing to bring in the police, in favor of a "hoist by his own petard" approach. I really like it.

Nice, I think I forgot to mention that when I went through it, but I'm glad you changed it. It's always satisfying when an unjust character 's downfall is themselves.

>I think the main issue I was having with the ending being rushed is because I was trying to have things both ways.

I had a feeling that might have been the case. Good choice on expanding it into a short story (or a less short story, I guess). The Confessions, regardless of how poorly written the original narratives were, gave context to the art, and that's the only reason they worked.

In this case, without the additional media, your work needs the traditional hallmarks of a story.

>It ended up being twice as long, but I think it was worth it. It seems better, to me. Nevertheless, I can't shake the feeling that I've fixed the problems by adding a whole bunch of new problems.

I'll give it a read tomorrow, and I'm sure it's improved from the last time, even if there's a few new issues to stamp out.



>I used the phrase "help(s) you out twice

Shit, I swear this is my biggest problem when writing literally anything. I somehow throw them right next to each other and never notice.



Made some changes and left you a message over sofurry. Thanks again for giving it a look.



Round two is up:



No problem. I did notice that it looks like the formatting on the revised part one looks a bit off. Isn't the text spacing and size smaller than usual?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Great video. I found the explanation of classic prose and the usage of the past tense to be the most helpful.

I'd also like to share a video. It's a panel Taro Yoko did during 2014's GDC. Sadly, the translator for the panel is pretty bad, but the content is good. The first half is about constructing narratives, while the second half is more about Taro's goals when making games.


All right, I've run out of requests. Would anyone else like their work analyzed by an anonymous degenerate?


It is finished:


I tried my best, but I really didn't have to mark much up. You did a fantastic job on this story. I'm certainly looking forward to the next chapter.

Oh, and where do you usually publish your stuff? Or do you just put them in pastebin?



I mostly only post to pastebin (if I do at all), because it's usually just short furry stories that I'm not very serious about. I also hate making accounts; it's likely the only thing keeping myself from making a sofurry, or posting these stories on inkbunny and also keeping me out of ff.net for my Undertale story.


Bumping with some new content.


Next up: Two new fighters, but The Bandit and The Fist are gonna make a brief appearance.


File: c672a8fbb2d907d⋯.png (1.04 MB, 1000x651, 1000:651, Nox Pinup.png)

New canon about dragons and humans incoming.

This isn't a world that will readily accept such a thing as a dragon and human being bonded, so the protagonist is in for a rough ride (in more than one way).


Much more to come.

(I'm really considered making a sofurry account. Pastebin is forcing my hand as free accounts can only make a certain number of unlisted pastes, and I'm bumping against that cap.)



That sounds a bit like a move trailer.

"In a world unable to accept the bond of dragon and man, our hero is in for a rough ride. In more ways than one."



If they made movies about people and dragons where there's actually getting fucked by dragons, I'd watch 'em.



>open up pastebin

>it's you again

As soon as an anon mentioned writing a story in the BD thread, I knew it was you.

I've only read a few paragraphs so far, but I can tell this will shape into something a lot of dragon aficionados, and I, will enjoy.

And another thing, how did you get so inspired by a single dragon dink? Am I not buying the right ones? What is your secret?


Damn, nice numbers.




That isn't a euphemism I just pulled out of my ass, it's supposed to read "dick".



Like I said in the BD thread, I've been wanting to write stuff about dragons for a while. It wasn't JUST about the dick.

But seriously, go buy a Nox. It's pretty freaking awesome.




Analysis complete.


>I've been wanting to write stuff about dragons for a while.

I feel the same way, but I'm having a hard time with it. I have a little notebook that I jot down ideas in, but whenever I put it into practice it's just too clumsy or too derivative for my liking. At the very least, I hope one day I can bring my eccentricity into an artistic form, laid bare and unfiltered for all to see.

Until then, I'll just have to wait and receive the divine inspiration that I'm certain is behind every creative work. Or more unlikely, I grind out several hundred pages of garbage until I get good.

Oh yeah, back on topic: I did read the first part of your story. Good, quality exposition. I'm very excited to see where your going to take this.


If this were a thing. I'd probably major in film studies and spend the rest my prodigious career interpreting and analyzing cinematic dragon erotica.



Part 2 incoming. It's shorter, pretty much just serving as a transition from exposition to action. I promise the "action" is coming in the next part. What can I do? I'm a big fan of foreplay.



I jotted out a penectomy story the other night. I put it together very roughly but I think it's neat:


Warning: Said story may feature large amounts of sappy gay love.



I just realised how many typos and things it has. Fug.




okay, penectomy story now with some editing:


wha'd'ya think, /fur/~?




Alright, you've waited long enough, so now the fun begins. This is a long chapter, and most of it is porn. Lots and lots of sex and love and mating and such things.


I had a terrible time trying to edit this, because every time I read through it I'd get too distracted by how horny it makes me.



Annnd there goes my nofap attempt this month.



I liked it. It was interesting to read how such intimate moments would happen between a man and a nullo. You also were very descriptive when you needed to be, e.g., Alain's desperate need of release, and his mulling over of the possibility of losing his manhood.

However, there's quite a few things that could be improved too. Here's the most crucial points in no particular order:

>overuse of ellipses

>paragraph formatting could be better

>muddy or needless parenthetical phrases

>irrational characterization / unstable narrative at times

Let me know if you'd like me to expound a bit more on this.



Rad, I love how closely you tied Brian's occupational knowledge and the mating rituals of Night Drakes together. It all advances naturally and nothing is glossed over or drags. Ultimately, nearing this event's climax, it's cute, romantic, and incredibly hot.

>that feel when you will never get to do a courting dance with a dragon



>overuse of ellipses

>paragraph formatting could be better

>muddy or needless parenthetical phrases

>irrational characterization / unstable narrative at times

Yeah, I think I see what you mean on these points. I would certainly like to hear more of what you've got to say, though.


File: ae60938840e3b14⋯.png (51.94 KB, 346x360, 173:180, 1432081956995.png)




So...what's the point then? Should good books just like sit in a vacuum and hope its good writing will randomly reach someone because the magic of a well written book?

Things with 0 substance get popular all the time this isn't something special or new. It's just easier to notice due to the internet making people overall more aware of just about everything.



My point is that writing is a nice hobby, but even if you're the best writer in the world, you will probably never make money off of it. If you want to make money, you have to be a salesman, and because it doesn't matter what you're selling, you'll make more money if your product is low-effort in the first place.

I don't think there are such things as good books anymore.



A quality product and good advertising are not mutually exclusive.



True, but good advertising doesn't mean anything, yet that is all 95% of people use to determine what they purchase. Bad advertising and a good product are also not mutually exclusive, but bad advertising means nobody will buy it.

Almost every kind of media spends more money on promotion than on the work, itself.



sure why not chief



Sure, give me a few days and I'll post my opinions on your work.


Really? I tend to buy books on a whim more than anything else. Or to put it another way, I have never found a good book without looking for it myself.



Well, you're one of the good ones, then. Most people pick things from stuff like Oprah's book club, where people who tell sob-stories about terrible things — that in reality never happened to them — make shittons of money.



That's an interesting story anon 🤔



Oh, thanks. There's just too many books out there, and there's no way anyone else can choose the ones you'd like. I kind of wish I could find good furry literature in the same way I find other books, but most of what gets published isn't good at all, and there's very little of it.


File: dadcb26f2b6cb4c⋯.jpg (92.67 KB, 766x960, 383:480, dadcb26f2b6cb4c954f6def9df….jpg)





Dropping my two cents here.

>Things with 0 substance get popular all the time this isn't something special or new

Doesn't mean I or anyone should condone nor accept it.

I'd also like to add that when some amazing artists/writers/composers/whatever come up everyone tends to simply ignore them in some sort of unfunny twist of fate (especially in this fucking fandom). The highest recognition they get is maybe a few convinced compliments, others not just as convinced. Never a "Holy cow, I wanna commission you and spend my money wisely to support a good artist how can I contact you"

Instead, I've seen way shittier (read: barely decent) artists being asked contact information for some uninspired sketches they did out of boredom (I'm talking about the request threads both on this very board and /furry/ when it was alive and yes, I've seen it happen myself) and there's no advertisement involved.

So basically it boils down to: why the fuck does everyone seem to be naturally attracted to mediocre shit and actually, actively repulsed by higher quality stuff?

sage for off-topic TL:DR



Most people aren't looking for "good stuff"; they're looking for stuff that fits their fetish, or in broader terms whatever they like. Preteen girls really like sparkly mysterious pretty boys who love them for no reason, despite their being emotionally retarded drama queens; hence Twilight becomes a worldwide sensation because it allows said emotionally-retarded preteen girls to self-insert in an idealized relationship. It's literally harlequin romance novels, except with all adult sexuality removed.

In general, people don't want to have their world expanded; they want to feel comfortable in the extremely narrow world they're already in. They don't want new things; they want the same things because it validates their current knowledge and beliefs. People like to know what to expect; they like to know what's coming; they like to be proven correct. If someone sees something they've seen before, up to the moment it happens their brain is anticipating and "predicting", and as soon as this "prediction" is validated, they get an instant shot of dopamine. Their brain rewards them with a tiny chemical high, for having successfully recognized the pattern. So when someone watches the same movie a second time, when the twist comes up they derive great physical satisfaction from being able to point it out, even if this is only internal. Of course, there are also the more extroverted types who will externally point it out "The bad guy is hiding right there!" because they also get a social high out of being correct. But the system is the same either way. This is why sequels are so prevalent. Both the writers AND the audience get satisfaction out of seeing the same shit they've seen before. When they watch a movie that is nearly a copy of an old one, they don't think "Wow, fuck, this is the same as that other movie, lame." they're thinking, "Okay, this is just like that other time, so I bet THIS is going to happen... and... oh yeah it totally just happened! Yes! I was right! Oh, that subtle reference... it was a callback to the other movie, and I recognized it! Go me!" The inclusion of things like The Wilhelm Scream in every goddamned movie isn't for tradition, it's because everyone recognizes it, and when they do, it's like the producers just shot the audience in the arm with a dose of heroin. Instant pleasure! When they put in a tired joke or meme, instant pleasure! When they bring back old actors who have lost their relevance, instant pleasure!

There's no such thing as a piece of media that is made for its own sake outside of indie works and fanworks. Creativity is a BUSINESS, and the best business is making people feel good. The only thing that matters is the audience feels sufficiently intellectually masturbated enough to pay the ticket.


File: 53ce7ac829bf20a⋯.jpg (194.61 KB, 600x600, 1:1, mascot2-20170125-011006-00….jpg)





That's all good and all but the core of my complaint was about objectively shit pieces of media made for their own sake (using your own words here) getting more attention than objectively good ones, for absolutely no fucking reason at all.

The only reason I can think of, based on what you said, is that mediocre people (i.e. everyone, basically) expect mediocre shit and feel overwhelmed when they get top quality shit.

But that is so astronomically retarded that I don't have words to describe it.



>mediocre people (i.e. everyone, basically) expect mediocre shit and feel overwhelmed when they get top quality shit

Exactly correct. Most people, when they fail to understand something, feel insulted and belittled and angry, instead of taking the opportunity to grow (especially adults, who often feel they are "complete" human beings and never want to read another book as soon as they graduate). So they would rather consume media that is extremely simple, that doesn't require much thinking, that doesn't break the mold, so to speak.

Of course, this depends whether or not you conflate or correlate complexity with quality, and simplicity with mediocrity. I do. This is the country that invented "modern art", after all — millions of dollars and rave reviews upon things a literal toddler could accomplish throwing shit at a canvas. Almost feels like a sad joke, but it's reality.


File: 2ae26439634c03e⋯.png (364.75 KB, 540x529, 540:529, 1431377392991.png)



I always thought because higher quality stuff is in and of itself incredibly niche. It's more likely to turn off a wider audience than stuff practically designed to offend as few people as possible.

Sometimes when I read something I feel is beyond me I just assume it isn't really for me and avoid it. Lots of people do. If they can't find enjoyment out of it they'll avoid it. And "Masterpieces" tend to fall into that window for a lot of people. Doesn't help that to many reading is treated more of as a chore than any real source of entertainment most of their lives.

This is speaking from personal experience and people I talk to. If something is too complex for them they just drop it and ignore it mostly because it isn't fun anymore...it became a chore like some shitty homework they have to do for class rather than for their own enjoyment.

And not everyone can read at a higher level. So I just chalked it up to most complex works being incredibly niche rather than just people's shortcomings.

Sage for offtopic rambling.



You know what encourages me? I like to think 40 years ahead. When Call of Duty is all but forgotten, and its infinite clones are completely erased from public memory, when people bring up "classic" video games.

And there will be nobody out there apart from us who played STALKER, or hated Skyrim, or called out "memes" as the unfunny shite that they were. We'll be the ones that remember the things from this generation which will be considered classics, and we'll have experienced them the first time they came about.

We're like the guys who bought impressionist paintings when the rest of the art world revelled in corporate same-ness.

Good art tends to be recognised in the long run. It also tends to be ignored in the short-term.

Here's some examples:




All of these are schools of fine art that were wildly UNpopular at the time they were created. Since then they have grown massively in popularity, eclipsing their contemporaries to a ridiculous extent.

Have faith guys.



Fuck, what is the point of struggling to become better at your craft then if nobody's gonna be interested because it stresses their tiny brain too much?

>>higher quality stuff is in and of itself incredibly niche

Basically, we've reached the point where talentless hacks are being made into literal millionaires and talented artists are turned off with "sorry, you're too good for us". Man, what the fuck.


>Good art tends to be recognised in the long run. It also tends to be ignored in the short-term.

Which also means good artists tend to starve. (=while bad ones DO NOT!!)



>Good art tends to be recognised in the long run

It makes zero difference to me if, after I'm dead, my novels were totally ignored or if they were worshipped as Scripture, if I don't make a dime while alive. I might want to make a contribution to the world that will long outlast me, as my only legacy (since I refuse to biologically reproduce) but I still have bills to pay right now. This world isn't kind or smart enough to recognize the future value of something and give you an advance loan so you can live off of it.

For all we know, there could be someone out there sitting on an idea that could generate the greatest written work known to the world, or an invention that could improve life for millions, or a scientific breakthrough that could revolutionize technology for the next thousand years; but these ideas will never see the light of day because these people can't get any money for them, and have to work in an office or a factory or on a farm to make ends meet. We live in a world that tries its damnedest to stifle creativity and original thought. Civilization blossomed because people were free to specialize and grow in their own direction, as 100% of their time was no longer dedicated to mere survival. That time is over. Millions of people working in cubicles doing nothing but keeping the bureaucracy working, helping make the CEOs and owners of their companies richer, working two jobs and 70 hours per week just to eat ramen and unbuttered bread because a "living wage" is considered evil and wrong.

I write because I am a writer. I am compelled to write like teenagers are compelled to masturbate, like alcoholics are compelled to drink. But I don't have any faith that it will ever amount to anything. My best-received work in my entire writing career was a fanfiction fapfic I wrote in about an hour when I was 16. That's the world we live in.






>My best-received work in my entire writing career was a fanfiction fapfic I wrote in about an hour when I was 16

Truly? Mind sharing it?


I just realized that your picture is no ordinary dragon. I really need to get back into MH.



Critique-anon here. I'm just chiming in to say I'm still not done with your story. A few more days and I will definitely have it done.



Looking forward to it!


Can somebody link me that set of stories where people get put in military robot dog suits?



As of a couple days ago I'm starting a little series about a nameless middle-age wolf going around doing lewd and, quite frankly, abusive things to boys. Should be 26 chapters, 1,000 words each, going through the alphabet. Just a bit of a writing exercise to try and get back into the habit from when I was younger and wrote religiously.

One idea I'd like to bring to fruition is a story with heavy reference to ancient Roman/Greek culture in its world. Just need to train myself; the world was built when I did used to write, just need to burn the rest of it, a lot of the characters, plots, etc, were done by a repressed teenager trying to come to terms with his sexuality.



>Alphabet fetishes

Please don't. This is so overdone.


File: bd2e0466ac3764a⋯.png (181.83 KB, 800x605, 160:121, 1392600393767.png)


>Why can't I be famous NOW

Because mans true immortality is to be remembered.

It's either be a smash hit today and never be remembered. Or live a life of poverty yet be remembered as the greatest forevermore.

It's super rare for both to be applicable.


Then don't. If you want your super deep and skilled work to be truely appreciated in todays society is a fools dream. Bitch all you want. But it won't change the general preferences. You'll either have to think ahead or sell your soul for popularity and shekels. Or be happy with giving your work to the niche public to appreciate.

I don't really know what else to say other than "Too bad so sad". I can understand your frustration.




I think that the lack of popularity with literature is owed to the language barrier as opposed to technical skill.

Like when folks hear music, see visual art, or play videogames from different cultures, they easily understand what it means to them. That's why some western users like kemono art. With writing though, it's entirely written in a different language and it's context depends on the culture that you're writing about.

In the furry community, it's not only US users, there's plenty of foreign ones too.



I would hope that most good stories written in America are about the human condition, not the "American" condition. So long as someone knows English fluently, they can understand it. Even if there is some cultural differences, I would hope many people would be willing to learn at least the big and important ones. It's like watching anime: you won't understand every little thing if you aren't familiar with Japanese culture, but the characters are still humans; you'll understand enough to be moved by the events if it's not a terrible anime.

You know what's funny, though? I'd be willing to bet anything that, like 50,000 years ago or thereabouts, there was some poor fuck who made his living telling oral histories and parables. Then, one day, he walks into a cave and sees people painting pictures on the wall, and he says: "...now nobody will tell stories anymore."


File: 491f824eee328e0⋯.gif (1.89 MB, 500x459, 500:459, 491f824eee328e0dc0619b10fa….gif)


>In the furry community, it's not only US users, there's plenty of foreign ones too.

Believe me when I say foreign furries simply have to know english well enough to not even stand out as foreign, while those who do not don't even know furries exist. So your point is moot.

Unless you're talking about actual, paper literature, in which case it is translated, so no big deal there either. It needs to make it big in the origin country tho.

Also, music, visual art and videogames aren't really unaffected.

I deal in visual arts, I know.

Oh believe me, I fucking know and it's painful to watch. The industry is less affected, but it still happens from time to time.

Internet fandoms? Bah, they're cesspools of talentless hacks and "fans" who don't know any better who enable them.


>Then don't.

And then what? Stroll through life as a mediocre person devoid of any skill like you? Because why strive for quality when mediocrity is enough to uncultured swines like me? It doesn't matter if they're making hardcore porn, furry art or philosophical lucubrations, competent creators trigger my inner feelings of inferiority and make me uncomfortable. Around unskilled ones, like me, I am much more comfortable. Both the social and financial support I send their way, which would be much better spent on worthier individuals, are means for me to project onto others who are akin to me my own unrealized wishes to improve myself, which I cannot fulfill due to my own inadequacy. Of course, this wouldn't work with capable creators, would it?

I hit that nail right on, didn't I, faggot?

Fuck you.

No, seriously, eat a dick.

As I said, I deal in visual arts, and I have a thing for the anthropomorphic. When I look at this fandom, I feel like any talented work would be wasted. Pearls before swines, as the saying goes. And that is really fucking sad. Maybe it will take me one more fucking decade to become an established professional, and I won't boast a 5-figure Patreon account in the meantime, but I will drop a fucking bomb on this fandom, captioned: "This is what your attitude is making you miss out on". And when the assholes like you will get caught in the blast, I will drink your tears.


File: e3c0d7831d061e3⋯.png (268.88 KB, 1394x512, 697:256, 1405361206416.png)


Glad to feel you're so passionate. Maybe that rage will feed into your work and inspire some to follow in your footsteps.

You want fame and fortune through the merits of your hard work then fine. You deal with it. And if burning with the white hot hatred of 1000 autistic suns then that's fine. Don't really give much of a shit about your personal shortcomings as an assblasted creator of some medium.

I've always been an apathetic person So I guess you got me there. Don't worry my filthy plebian tastes and desires won't slow your sacred quest to become a rich, famous AND talented artist!



You're definitely right about them understanding english. I feel that most pop culture references, customs, and politics fly over their head, but that's an issue with visual mediums too.



>Implying cave paintings weren't used as illustration to oral histories and they didn't continue until long after the bronze age

You're thinking more invention of writing.



>"This is what your attitude is making you miss out on". And when the assholes like you will get caught in the blast, I will drink your tears.

Trying to convince people — furries or otherwise — that good media content is worth it, is like trying to convince flat-Earth theorists that the Earth is round. You could literally take them onto a spaceship and shove their face against the window for the duration of several full orbits, and they'd still claim it was some kind of trick. You could take them to the Moon and kick them out the airlock without a suit, and while they're writhing in the dust suffocating, they would still be believing that people have never been to the Moon. Their final dying thoughts would be about how people, like them, who know THE TRUTH are being killed to prevent it from spreading.

Media is DONE. It's finished, over with, gone. Large companies have figured out how to precisely psychologically manipulate the average public with the minimal effort. There's literal mathematical formulas regarding composing music that people will love. Films are all formulaic, books are all formulaic, TV shows are all formulaic, video games are all formulaic; they don't even have to make new ones anymore, just shake up the box a little bit, add a few new things, and increase the number that comes after the title. They've replaced every gourmet meal with a tasteless protein shake and a shot of heroin, and a 3x5 index card with a short explanation about how healthy this meal is. And you think you can compete with that? You're either stupid or you have delusions of grandeur. Possibly both.

Next, you'll tell me that you have the PERFECT logical argument, that will force anyone who believes in The Bible to see the error of their ways. Oh, I bet you do.



There's literal rules regarding making art that people will like. And? What the fuck are you arguing about? I was not pushing for 2fuckingdeep4u meta-physical media a la Kubrick when I talked about "quality". I was talking about literal, down-to-earth goddamn technical and artistic quality of the very same shit you daily fap to. Good drawings vs bad drawings. Well-written literature vs middle-school vocabulary-ridden literature. Twilight's biggest flaws don't lie in the banality of the story and the characters, it's literally written like shit. Everything else just piles on top of it, adding to the outrageousness of it. How many better-written Twilight clones do you think existed before it became known to the world? You're saying I'm telling people they should buy supercars because they'd be financing and advancing car technology. I'm telling you that people are telling the car salesman that the new 2017 sedan is too equipped and expensive for them, then they go to the fucking scammer used auto seller and buy a 20-year-old beaten up shitbox for MORE than the price of a brand-fucking-new car. It's INSANE. Does it happen with cars? No. But it sure as hell happens with media, for fuck's sake.


File: ed5730a447ab1ab⋯.gif (114.57 KB, 800x762, 400:381, Tirrel_Penis.gif)


I'm only telling you that you can't beat the system, only join it. Twilight sold well because its target audience (and most people, really) doesn't care how well something is written, and don't understand enough grammar to tell if it's wrong. People today watch movies with zero character development — but lots of explosions — because they have the attention span of fruit flies and the emotional development of 10-year-olds. They watch TV shows with tired old jokes and references because memes produce endorphin highs through recognition. And as for furry porn, well... it's not hard to figure out what most people are here for (though not I, so stop strawmanning me; I don't even fap to visual furry porn, nor written furry porn unless I'M the one who wrote it) just look at pic related.

The only way out of the rat race is to commit suicide. You're not going to suddenly convince people that "quality" is worth anything. CGI is cheaper; that's why movies are filled with it, not because it's better. Get used to it, or don't; it's your choice.



>join the system.

I already am in the goddamn system, m8.

What you don't seem to comprehend for some reason is that I just can't understand why the fuck outside the industry (i.e. in the furry fandom, and others), community artists seem to make it big based on pure randomness instead of skill. Tell me what the fuck is the logic behind this.



>community artists seem to make it big based on pure randomness instead of skill

Life is random. Life is chaos. Life, ah... finds a way. The world is governed by tiny and mostly unknown forces that we give nebulous names to, like "The Invisible Hand", "zeitgeist", "luck", and "fate". The really important thing about noticing cultural trends is that, by the time you do, it's already too late to jump onto the bandwagon. Oh sure, the popularity of that trend will often continue for years or even a decade, but only the first ones on the scene at that exact moment will receive any notice.

I wouldn't go so far as to say it was a window of a month or two, but I would wager that the window for Twilight was probably less than a year in either direction. There were books about teenage girls and sparkly vampires before Twilight, and there were books about teenage girls and vampires after Twilight (that were started before it was published and so were not merely copycats). Had the timing been any different, it would have been one of those that became stupidly popular, and not Twilight. Had the timing been ten years different, we might be watching shittons of Chronicles of Narnia movies instead of Harry Potter movies, because it just so happened that the late 90's were a popular time for children and "magic".

The timing of the popularity of live-action superhero movies launched Marvel from a pastime of nerds into the biggest movie industry in the world following the runaway success of Spiderman. Possibly, this was a result of kids from the 90's (when every other cartoon had a superhero in it, of all the popular names) reaching adulthood. Either way, if DC had gotten the first hit movie, things would have been different. Of course, now that trend is dying out, so Marvel is shifting focus to comic-book characters that are less... heroic. But the point is the same. Once you've "made it", you'll continue to be popular for decades, even if quality starts to drop. You just need your foot in the door.

It's completely obvious, to anyone with half a brain, what the latest movie trend is: space movies. My mother even commented on this when we went to see The Martian. She said I should write a book about space. Ignoring for now the fact that books don't come from nowhere and you can't just force-write one about whatever you want (at least not a good one), the point here is that it's already too late. This trend will probably be over in a year or so, and I'm not the kind of person who can shit out a novel of quality in a month; it takes me years of research and worldbuilding and writing and editing — that's just my personal process. But in the meantime, the trend has power over culture. Does it have enough power to force Trump to re-fund NASA and kickstart a new Space Race to Mars and beyond? I don't know. I can hope so with all my being, but if I had that level of cultural clairvoyance, I'd be trading investments right now, not posting on a -chan board.

I also strongly suspect another trend is "empowered female characters"; but that's less obvious, and I don't want to start even more political discourse.




So it really just comes down to dumb luck. People DO NOT CARE about "quality", in whichever metric you use to define it. They care about broad and obvious surface things. The characters, the premise, the amount of explosions, the movie studio or actor(s) or director. Trying to choose when to release a work to catch that trend when it starts — when you can't see it until it's already half over — is like trying to surf while blindfolded and with earplugs. You just have to stand up at a random time and hope the wave is right at your ass; probably, you'll fail. If you do it enough, however, you might get lucky and catch one. That's why most successful content creators favor quantity over quality.

Oh sure, there are always the writers that hit it big on their very first work, like Stephen King or JK Rowling or Stephanie Meyer. But these are the outliers, the 1% to use an economic metaphor. In reality, the vast majority of popular books that you'll see in a bookstore or on Amazon are books that are the 20th or 30th work by an author who, up until that point, were unknown. The quality of those early books don't matter, either. Many times, upon finding an author you like based upon reading a popular book, you can go back to their earlier works and find they were just as good. Or just as bad.

Now, obviously, I'm talking primarily about writing and not art, because writing is my craft and my industry and so the one I know the most about. I know all of jack-shit about art trends (besides historical ones: ie ones before 1950), but just speaking on human nature, the principle is the same.

The zeitgeist of furry porn is a lot more tenuous and the cycles often a lot more rapid than, say, popular movies, but it's still there. I can name one example: Blotch. They were big right at the beginning of a trend of increasing realism in furry art: a trend of less cartoonishness and more animalness. Things like digitigrade feet, longer muzzles, and more realistically drawn fur (instead of just colored skin) became more popular in the fandom over the last ten years or so. Compare that to characters like Bugs Bunny or Sonic, which had dominated the fandom for decades. A lot of people that LIKE cartoony anthros might scoff and say it's because the fandom is being infected by people into bestiality instead of fantasy, but that's nonsense. It's just a trend; it might swing back the other way in another few years, or maybe the fandom will just remain fractured. I don't know, but I can still point it out. I can postulate that jasonafex became popular just because he was among the first to put out "animations", but that's pure conjecture; I don't know very much about animation besides that there weren't too many of them ten years ago that weren't scribbly flash cartoons.

In summation: everything in the world is determined by pure luck and not by quality. You could die in a car crash tomorrow, and it won't have anything to do with how "good" you are. I hope you understand.



Yes, I understand.

Doesn't mean I'm accepting it, but I understand.

Thinking back, I actually experienced that first-hand.

Around a decade ago I was a dumb teenager, and came out of the blue in a FOTM deviantart fandom of the time that I was lurking in, bringing something nobody was making. Not by clever insight, obviously, I was just passionate about it and thought it would be a good idea to jump on the bandwagon with it.

Well, my popularity skyrocketed.

In less than two weeks a flock of haters had already developed. I was getting like 1,000 views per day on my page.

Well, do you know what I did? I claimed to be more skilled than I actually was. I thought the haters saw through it and soon everybody would have. But especially I was disgusted by the undeserved attention I was getting. I didn't do it for fame, I did it because I liked both things and thought I could improve. I was like 13, goddamnit. I got a shitton of requests and I didn't even know the difference between a commission and a request at the time. I wasn't asking for anything in return because I didn't think I was good enough to deserve anything.

So basically, I soon abandoned the account, only logging from time to time to look at all the unread notes. Then I stopped doing that too and tried to completely forget about the incident.

I guess I was dumb for thinking I should be good at doing something to get rewarded for doing it. I should've been a narcissistic asshole with a superiority complex and gone through with it.

I didn't abandon what I liked to do, however.

I turned it into an actual career, over the years.

Now, I'll try it again with the furry fandom.

The best part? It still fits with what you said. It's not something that's never been tried, but as far as I can see, the people doing it are few and not very good at it. But this time, I'll pretend to be paid out the ass for it. I may like both things, but I sure as hell ain't gonna fuck myself over like that again. I'm being vague on purpose, but I think what I'm talking about can be easily deduced, whatever. I have to get this weight off my chest.



The only thing I remember from ten years ago is Sparta Remixes and deciding college was a waste of my time. It was a very dark year for me. You're almost being so vague that I can't even tell what you meant. But I can certainly sympathize; often the work I put the least amount of time or effort into has been my best received. I got a good amount of popularity in high school by drawing a very long and very retarded stick-figure comic lampshading Dragonball Z, and including off-color references to Monty Python and the plot of Starcraft. It's incomprehensibly absurd, today, as it only worked if you were 15-years-old, back when anime was a new thing.

Though, I'd imagine, had my art been better and webcomics been as much of a thing back then as they are now, it might have become as popular as Dragonball Z Abridged. Maybe I'd still be drawing it, today. Fuck, that would be terrible! What a waste of my life.

Here's hoping whatever you're working on is something you can be proud, of should it be the one thing you're measured by in your hour of death.



What's with the pessimism? Creative mediums aren't dead just because some media conglomerates have engineered effective ways at manipulating and profiting off of the public. More so, there isn't a lack of quality works either. They're just harder to find in our sea of uninspired, insidious, derivative trash.

>And you think you can compete with that?

Why should one need to compete for financial success in artistry? Should one aspire to be an artist or a salesman? Why not simply make art for its own sake?



>Why not simply make art for its own sake?

I already made art for its own sake.

Here I am, ranting on a furry imageboard while out there there are terrible shit artists making 6 figures with furry porn.

Well, I got a career out of it, sure.

But it's not paying me 6 figures, yet.



>Why not simply make art for its own sake?

A man has to eat, anon. I don't live in a country (or a state, for that matter) where it's possible to live on welfare checks. Working a 40-hour work week just to make rent saps me of all desire to do anything when I get home but relax for a little bit and watch movies or whatever. Writing, despite what the kiddies throwing together Sonic fanfiction think, is WORK; it's difficult, painful, mind-bendingly complicated and involved work; it's like working two jobs on its own. You can't write all your life just as a side-hobby and expect it to be worth anything, or expect to make it past age 40 doing nothing but working in all your free time — you'll drop dead of heart failure like those Japanese businessmen.

If I'm not paid at least a living wage to write, I can't fucking do it. End of story.




I get it. Trying to keep a consistent standard of living while improving on ones' artistic craft is hard and stressful, and in many peoples' cases, almost impossible, but I personally believe the answer to this problem is to find a delicate balance between both types of work, even if it means you won't be wealthy in the long run. Going full tilt with either endeavor, or in this case, mixing the two, leads us back to the main unsolvable issue: Quality =/= Success.


Thought I'd post this article here as I think a few people here would find it helpful:


I'd also recommend checking out M.F. Sullivan's blog linked at the bottom of the page. There's a ton of really insightful stuff, and a pretty good book.


I've thought about writing before, but I have no idea how to lewd without it sounding like pure cringe



It's me again, sorry for the lack of follow-through. I've been a bit busy and have been slacking too much with what free time I've had. I should be able to get a good chunk of it done, and possibly finish it, this weekend.

Here's an excerpt of what I've noted so far: http://pastebin.com/XRZg9XtV

Some solid, general advice I can give you would be try to replace ellipses with phrases or narration showing us a characters' trailing thoughts or indecisiveness. It'll go a long way as far developing these two characters and giving a bit more weight to these particular passages.


Read the article above your post.



>Cassius Wagner is renowned author of 2030’s smash hit THE FIELDS, THE FLOWERS and seven other books

Well, holy fuck. I feel like I can actually follow this guy's advice, because he's literally from over 13 years into the goddamn future! Wow!

All kidding aside, I really find it a bit absurd that he starts off telling us to discard all precepts about what we've been told on how to be a writer; and then he goes on to tell us exactly how to be a writer. Nevertheless, I can whittle nearly everything he's said — once you remove the dreamy prose, pointless anecdotes, and drunken love for the craft of a man who can only reach that point once he's already found success — down to a singular axiom. Attributed to Ray Bradbury, Robert Heinlein, among several others, all likely apocryphal: it's the concept that it takes "about a million words" of writing to gain competency at it.

Now, the man in this article shortchanges that severely by only suggesting tossing out your first two novels. Your average novel is about 80,000-100,000 words, perhaps as much as 200,000 if it's a sci-fi or fantasy work with a lot of worldbuilding. So that's not even enough. But more to the point, I find it extremely wasteful of time and effort to do that at all. Writing a novel is extremely difficult, not because of the length, but because of the complexity. Unless you want 100,000 words of incessant, disorganized rambling, the amount of preparatory work to compose a novel is extreme. Deep life analysis of a dozen characters; worldbuilding of history, geography, technology, possibly even language; putting together timelines, family trees, charts and lists of all variety, to name a few steps out of dozens. Telling a new writer to write a couple novels and then throw them out is like telling a novice welder to go assemble a couple automobiles and then throw them out. That's not sage advice by any stretch.

The fact of the matter is, when you're starting out writing, it doesn't matter how good your imagination is, or whether you've got a prompt in your head that has the capability of becoming the next Great American Novel (whatever that means). It's like expecting imagination to carry you just starting out drawing. Oh yes, SPEAKING is natural to humans, but writing is NOT. People think in concepts, flashes of disconcerted imagery, not in narratives. Speaking is to writing a novel what a toddler's fingerpainting is to impressionist art. Just try it some time. Watch some videos of people having real unscripted conversations out on streets, and write them down. It's a clusterfuck. So much of communication is non-verbal, combined with the brains of the listeners editing out the verbal noise. As a writer, you don't have the luxury of those faculties; you must convey the ideas completely but not overbearingly with nothing but the words on the page.

So waste those first million words on pointless short things. Write porn. Write fanfiction. Write meaningless conversations completely without context or plot. Describe the contents of a nearby desk or the items sitting on a table, in a way that evokes a film camera slowly panning over them. Write of the events of your day as if summarizing the activities of a secret agent. Learn proper sentence structure, grammar, and the vocabulary that defines writing. Read books, but step back from enjoying the story and analyze HOW a scene is put together, how the words fit together. Write a short story in third-person omniscient, then rewrite it in third-person limited, then in second-person, then in first-person limited. Pretend you're God and re-write it in first-person omniscient. Re-write it again with vocabulary and sentence structure fit for a six-year old.

Writing doesn't come from the mind, it comes from tools — mental tools, yes, but still tools that you have to learn how to use. Unfortunately, there really aren't tutorials for how to learn to write as there are for how to draw. There is no step-by-step guide for how to take an idea and turn it into a novel. If there were, we'd have computers procedurally writing books like we have computers doing so writing music. Writing is a very personal process, and people often develop wildly different techniques for it. All you can do is learn all the mental tools and techniques, and then put them to use how you see fit. You might build some weird-looking automobiles, but at least they'll be able to drive.


File: baec29f0f9b2ede⋯.jpg (209.89 KB, 977x503, 977:503, Dealing-with-dragons-first….jpg)

File: bd6815308e27ce4⋯.jpg (227.18 KB, 566x800, 283:400, dragons01.jpg)

File: 9061d45ee96adad⋯.jpg (50.27 KB, 338x502, 169:251, 51f9kE3t0GL._SX350_BO1,204….jpg)



Patricia C Wrede is pretty genius for constantly changing both publishing company and cover artist for every single reprint. (this even holds true across languages)

It's actually become a 'thing' to nab all variants, ala collecting variant comic book covers.

(You forgot to mention btw how certain publishers like Baen and Castalia and TOR are good for some initial auto-sales too, especially in sci-fi/fantasy)

The Enchanted Forest Chronicles has always been one of my fav book series just because that was such an innovative gimmick. Also it shoots the rando artists to mid-tier prominence too a lot of the time. Now that's paying it forwards!

My personal favourite was the scholastic edition, which is oddly the most mature and 'traditional medieval art' looking of all of them. You'd really have expected that cover to be for the initial store shelf offering, but I guess she figured it looked just too much like all the other fantasy books. Sadly it's also the only one that never had poster versions either, being a limited exclusive release. I mean just look at the damned cloud following the dragon's outline, complete with a little horn-cloud overlapping, and the stances they have being defiant to each other while the others all have the same 'gal and her dragon pal' look. You can tell the others are YA ala Pete's Dragon right off, but that one could legit qualify as gallery-tier art.




I used to do writing stuff but no one ever read it, I eventually took the stuff down and destroyed my own copies. No one ever noticed. But in this fandom you have to write flavor-of-the-month shit like ponies or Undershit anyway and I'm unfamiliar with that crap because I don't touch it.


Bumping with some new OC. I don't like it a ton, because I had a really difficult time coming up with descriptive passages to break up the speaking parts, so I mostly didn't even bother to try. It works in context, but it still doesn't sit right with me. Oh, well.

Like many of the other short-stories I've composed, this comes from my horrible tendency to inject ludicrous amounts of plot into sexual fantasies. This story most definitely does NOT involve someone who could be confused with a certain small fennec from a certain Disney movie. All similarities are purely coincidental.

...names have been changed to protect the innocent...

Anyway, it's the usual fare from me: lots of other stuff with a small amount of gay cub sex. There also some not-gay adult-sex. It's also almost entirely dialogue-based, or really more like a

retrospective monologue. Think of it as an extremely roundabout way for me to explain why knotting is my favorite fetish, and to deconstruct the concept of size-difference in sex.


Whatever you're expecting, that's not what this is like. Trust me. Nothing I write ever is.

One of these days I'll get around to adding more chapters for the stories I've already written. New stuff like this is just so much easier, unfortunately.


File: 23685f5648d9586⋯.png (252.22 KB, 749x1013, 749:1013, sereth is my husbando.png)

Anybody have a list of relatively complex words?

I am specifically hunting the following types of words:

>action words


>sexual language, more preferably complex sexual language

I don't care much for exaggerating emotions yet, and I just want to make the action feel surreal as if "droll people were majestically frolicking through the bitter chill of Mt. Everest, ironically cloaking their inner, seemingly overarching bitterness."



I suggest you just get a thesaurus and randomly flip through it. There is absolutely no way to just come up with a set of words like this. The human brain is not a catalog where you can output a full list of remembered content; it's more like an inefficient search engine.

There is also no such thing as "complex sexual language"; really, no language can be complex. You can have dry and scientific sexual language (they performed vigorous vaginal coitus for a period of approximately 290 seconds until the male ejaculated a volume of 20mL); you can have crass and vulgar sexual language (he pussy-fucked her hard for like five minutes and then cummed a shitload); you can have flowery and obtuse sexual language (they passionately bonded as only a man a woman can, as God intended it for a moment of brief bliss, until his release deeply fulfilled her); you can have slangy and typical sexual language (they had sex for only a few minutes, then he came a lot); and there are many other ways to put it.

To be honest, I'm not very good with surrealism. That's an extremely difficult type of writing to properly control; if done wrong, it just comes across like a child's disconcerted rambling or an edgy teenager's "lol so random!". As someone with a style of writing that is natively somewhere between impressionism and romanticism, I haven't had any opportunity to experiment with the properly surreal. You'll have to ask someone else.



This but with literature?





New chapter in the epic(?) saga of Man and Dragon love. In this segment: lots more sex, lots more plot, and then reality ensues like a supersonic ton of bricks I'm so sorry. It's entirely too long, because I wrote it in two sittings like I know I never should. Next chapter will come in about two or three how-the-fuck-should-I-knows.

Hope you guys enjoy it.



Hey all, never got a response on the other board before it got Bui'd but does anyone remember a space opera-ish kinda thing involving a wolf, bunny rabbit(fem) and...I think the last was a fox? Had a bit of a love triangle thing going on.

The only thing I remember really well for some reason was one of the males was named Rafe, they were leading some sort of rebellion or other and the thing was semi-hard scifi, all furries had to deal with their annoying 'natural' habits, going into heat and such, having to deal with type-specific problems like molting, tech level was around that of the Wing Commander series, a lot of 'junkyard sci-fi repairs-on-the-field' kind of feel going on, went for that whole "submarines in space with carrier decks" motif.

I remember first finding it on VCL, then reading the larger thing on the guy's site, but I can't remember the name of who wrote it or the name of the series itself. Had a lot of decent suspense too during battle scenes, and only those three were 'protected' (with 2 others I thought would always be there biting it in pretty hard and horrible ways).

Was still in progress but I dropped away from the fandom for about 10 years '04-14, I've asked elsewhere before on forums and such but no one else seemed to know, but chans, like usenet, have always been great for obscure shit.


File: e6a3dc28bf4a7c3⋯.gif (608.21 KB, 700x343, 100:49, Gold Flap Sequence.gif)



>In High School

>Principal randomly walks in on our class in the school library while we were doing some project for Social Studies

>Holds up a book and asks us out of no where if anyone wants to borrow it from the library

>It's the cover on the left of the first image you posted

>Just starting to realize my latent furfaggotry so the dragons part has me interested, plus it seemed like the principal had something riding on finding a person willing to take it if I was reading his expression correctly

>Still decide to wait a moment and see if anyone else in the class offers to take it, but of course no one does so I ask to see it

>He takes that as full acceptance, thanks me, and walks out

>Start alternating between it and whatever part of Eragon I was on at the time since I figured I'd eventually blow through it and could get back to Eragon full time

>After a couple days I wind up ignoring Eragon entirely to finish DwD

>Principal sees me reading Calling on Dragons a week or so later and thanks me again for taking a look before asking me how I'm liking them as if it wasn't obvious

>Don't pick Eragon up again until I had read through the entire EFC

I'll never know why he seemed somewhat desperate to unload the book on someone, but I'm glad he was. Probably my second favorite fantasy series that I've had the pleasure of reading.


Has anybody here written SFW stuff that isn't just "everybody in this world is anthro"?



To elaborate on this, I'm hankering for some autistic Harry Potter-tier "nobody knows they're all around us" story.



This sounds kinda like what you're looking for, if from the perspective of "they".




TF's not really my thing, but thanks anyways.


File: fc3928416a0ee59⋯.jpg (250.29 KB, 470x777, 470:777, DressingToTheNines.jpg)


Skip the first story then.

It describes what's going on in general, but the TF stuff only happens once a year while it follows his life for the span of a couple.

It happens one more time near the end, but the focus is more on how they go about dealing with living as anthros and keeping it a secret.

If that's still too much to deal with then hopefully you can find something else.



It's also super cringey when there's furries in the story. A bit like how Stephen King always writes about authors, except without an editor and too flamboyant.



I agree, but the subject matter nailed my interests so well I was able to put up with it.

This series is probably the only other in that setting that I'd recommend though, which fortunately dodges that one hangup.


The second story is like 80% TF so feel free to skip it if you want.

I'm not sure what else to recommend if that's still too much though.


>go back and check view stats on old stories from 3-5 years ago

>less than 50 views per on FA

>fanfiction.net has less than 100 views per with 1 "review" per consisting of one line written by someone who failed 1st grade English class

>take everything down because it's not like anyone will notice anyway, never saved hard copies so they are gone forever

And people wonder why I gave up on this. I'm not going to take time away from making the money I need to pay bills and buy food to indulge in some little "hobby" that no one else is interested in seeing. If you aren't making a name for yourself with art then it's a waste of time






>noun: hobby; plural noun: hobbies

> 1.

> an activity done regularly in one's leisure time for pleasure.

Doesn't sound like much of a hobby if your justification for doing it is being noticed by other people.

It's fine that that was your motivation for doing it, but it's not a hobby at that point.

>If you aren't making a name for yourself with art then it's a waste of time

Well yeah, people play video games all the time without any expectations of becoming well known for it.

Hobbies are something you do for fun, not to get ahead in life.



Writing is less "playing video games" and more "playing video games while recording it and then expending several times the effort doing tedious editing and polishing of the footage to make it into an LP series". Anyone who thinks that writing is fun isn't any good at it. Writing is work. It's not the ease of a sketch or the magic of a finished art piece; it's the tedium of the hours-long process between the two.

All art is hard work for little enjoyment. People who enjoy drawing are toddlers doodling with crayons where there is zero expectation of quality, where if you point to a swirly scribbled brown mess and say it's a dog, you're praised for it. It ceases being fun when you're suddenly told that it has to actually look like a dog. So you spend years learning how to draw properly, practice for several more years, and now you're actually really fucking good at drawing dogs. Except nobody cares, because there are plenty of more popular people also drawing dogs.



>playing video games while recording it and then expending several times the effort doing tedious editing and polishing of the footage to make it into an LP series


That shit is a fucking meme that jewtuber fans use to delude themselves that their idols aren't just fucking nerds playing video games all day.

>it's the tedium of the hours-long process between the two.

What you call tedious is fun to me. I guess that's why I have an actual job as an artist.

>Except nobody cares, because there are plenty of more popular people also drawing dogs.

should be changed to

>Except nobody cares, because people who draw swirly scribbled brown messes and say it's a dog become more popular and therefore richer than people who know how to fucking draw dogs properly.

t. personal experience



You are one sad individual.

Most artist started doing art as a hobby, they had fun. And then they got better. People liked it. And now they can make money with it.

I don't publish my stories, but maybe I should. For me, even if one person enjoyed it it's enough. Because I enjoy writing.



>Most artist started doing art as a hobby, they had fun. And then they got better. People liked it. And now they can make money with it.

In wonderland, maybe.

In the real world, good artists starve, shit artists thrive. That is the rule of this fandom.


File: c8984b0edb5ac34⋯.png (21.55 KB, 731x548, 731:548, 214821dc0ec9e3920fb1a6c986….png)


So. What is a good artist?

Because: Zonkpunch, Mittsies, Jasonafex, Aogami, ChocolateKitsune, Wolfblade, CobaltSynapse, h0rs3, RedRusker, and many, many more don't seem to be starving. I guess they are bad then?

So tell me about the 'good' artists, then.

Challenge my views.



Zonkpunch and Jasonafex whore out to whatever hype train is active right now, and therefore bank on popular trends and people's appetite for instant porn. Aogami managed to somehow turn a results-driven business into one where people pay him a motherfucking hourly wage for shitty sketches, through what I can only assume are Super Jew powers. Wolfblade hasn't been relevant for years since he got tired of whoring out the Collins brothers to every fursona that wanted a commission. Cobalt and h0rs3 do quality work, but deliver so infrequently that unless they're charging thousands of dollars, aren't making enough to live off of just their art. Redrusker can only draw the same shit comic over and over again, and nine out of ten people call him out on it on every page, but someone is still buying his shit anyway; I can't explain why.


File: fbdfa38447278c0⋯.png (50.08 KB, 548x546, 274:273, 6cd2784e5d782354432bf24cc3….png)


Okay, I could name a hundred other artists that do well, but that doesn't get us anywhere.

>good artists starve

I would like to know more about the starving good artists.




>"I guess he's bad then?"




Do you require someone to spell that out for you? You can't see that for yourself?

Also, aim higher. You didn't mention any of the talentless hacks in the top 50 highest earning Patreon accounts, which are the most evident and blatant example of thriving shit artists.


>I would like to know more about the starving good artists.


There are countless instances where objectively worse stuff gets more attention (=money) than objectively better stuff.

Not apples vs oranges, mind you, I'm talking about rotten apples selling more and at a higher price than fresh apples.

That alone is enough.

But let's go beyond it.

Why is there so much eye-soringly bad shit coming out of this fandom rather than good things?

Because those who have the skills to put out good stuff aren't paid enough and leave the fandom, seeking better opportunities.

Jesus fuck, I really wish there was someone who could blow every single artist in this fandom out of the water, someone who is just so fucking good that he could get away with charging tens of thousands and nobody would be able to compete with him, forcing everyone to pay him whatever he asks. The salt would be glorious.


File: 84728ac878d4c97⋯.png (188.85 KB, 512x512, 1:1, 9e55250b3c3dfb82b42a019359….png)


I admit, Jasonafex was a bad example. Although I think he is not 'bad', more like 'lazy, wasting his talent, he could do better'.

Well then. Fek. I think Jasonafex' stuff is better than what Fek produces.

I acknowledge that there is some truth to your words, since Fek earning more than Zonkpunch is preposterous in my opinion. But could you be a bit more concrete? I'm always on the lookout for underrated artists and I'd like to support them.

Now, the conversation has gone a little off topic, so...

What about Kjell Gold? Is he any good? Should I buy his books?


File: 51487a84dfc91d2⋯.jpg (20.52 KB, 500x375, 4:3, 1405862913776.jpg)


>wasting his talent

Jasonafex has no talent whatsoever.

After Effects does the bulk of the work for him. And does he even draw himself the shit he animates? My guess is no, correct me if I'm wrong. If he doesn't, that just adds to the whole absurdity of this.

Do you know who was a talented animator?

Trunchbull was.

She got an actual job at some studio, which asked her to take down all she did, 'cause you know, furry porn isn't the best thing to have your name tied to, and she left the fandom.


Perfect example.

>Fek earning more than Zonkpunch is preposterous in my opinion

I have no idea who Zonkpunch is, sorry. All I know is that Fek earns more than ILM's own generalist CG artists (or whatever other company with millions behind its projects hire professional artists), which would blow his crap out of the water with both arms tied around their backs. Their specialized ones? They'll make him cringe into a corner and cry.

The worst has yet to come.

Did you know Fek had an actual job as a programmer before this whole ordeal? He was fired.

Do you know why people get fired from their jobs?

Not because they're victims of muh ebil capitalist corporations, no, people get canned because they're not good at their jobs.

And what does he do? He embarks on this venture that not only requires programming skills which he doesn't have, but also requires skills which he also lacks entirely, but are also the burden of an entirely different department which has nothing to do with programming. I'm talking about creation of 3D assets, of course. The result? A buggy, single-player clone of Second Life, which cannot even compete with what SL looked like in 2003.

Ignoring for a moment the fact that nobody in their right mind should've greenlit him, why, oh, why doesn't he hire someone to help him with all the money he's getting, which he claims all goes to fund his project?

Well, because sending out 1040s is too hard, of course. And business consultants who he can offload the work to don't exist in this world.

Oh and because if he hired people to do the things he isn't good at, he'd be out of a job. No, seriously. He literally said these things himself, I'm not making them up.

So he will not hire people to help him make a better product, because he'd have to pay them, with the money he's getting to help him make a better product.


Fek is fucking scamming the fandom for his own personal gain, and is so incompetent that he can't even hide it properly, YET! His earnings only go up, because everybody seems to be incapable of finding their arse with both hands and take off their rose-colored glasses.

And he's the #2 most paid furry "artist".

Imagine if artists like Trunchbull were reserved the same treatment as Fek.

So, do you want to know who the underrated artists are?

Everyone below that con artist. Even fucking Jasonafex at this point.

So I hope you have a big wallet.



>I would like to know more about the starving good artists


She lives on an actual farm and barely has enough money to live on.


>What about Kjell Gold? Is he any good?

Shitty generic B-grade romance stories made popular by getting good artists (like rukis) to do his cover art.



>What about Kjell Gold? Is he any good?

Well he's not great, but he's a lot better than most people are at writing. There's not all that much competition to speak to in his niche.



>barely has enough money to live on.

$2,000+ Patreon

are you fucking stupid?



>He thinks it's possible to survive on $2000 a month when you don't live with your parents

Must be nice not actually having bills.



>when you don't live with your parents

How do you know this?

>lives on a farm

>a.k.a. rural town, a.k.a. cost of living non existant

>2,000 plus commissions plus comic sales are not enough

>can't foot the bills

>goes to con

Sounds like she's either lying or needs to get her priorities in check. There are people in the first world who survive on less than that. They don't roll around in supercars, that's for sure.



>He confuses "living on a farm" with "self-sufficient"

I wouldn't show off your ignorance any more, if I were you. But just to make it simple, there's a break-even point where having enough, say, cattle gets you enough milk and beef to offset the cost of housing and feeding them; when you have only ONE, though, it's more like owning a really expensive dog than anything that's going to generate positive cashflow. Farms are also OLD; owning old property is like owning an old car: you have to spend thousands of dollars per year just fixing all the stuff that's breaking. But even if you're correct about the numbers and it cost no more than an average home mortgage, a single Patreon figure isn't remotely indicative of a reliable income, and comic sales certainly aren't. Logically they will fluctuate wildly, so you could very well be looking at a figure far above the average.

But, you know what? I don't give a shit. I like Rukis as an artist, but I'm not about to continue to debate your pointlessly-hateful ass just to whiteknight her. I have better things to do. You can bitch and moan about all the artists that have lied to you and cheated you until you're blue in the face; I'd rather believe they're genuine and good people until proven otherwise. Either way, I won't respond again. Have fun rolling in your bitterness.



>>He thinks it's possible to survive on $2000 a month when you don't live with your parents

Are you saying it/s not possible?


File: 2aff36a0a981538⋯.png (180.22 KB, 600x500, 6:5, 1422725218875.png)


Trunchbull! Now that is a name I haven't heard in a long time. Is that really the reason she left? I mean, Sean Chiplock is rather famous now as well, and his gallery is still active.

It makes me wonder. What is it that attracts so many people to Fek? Absurd... With all the money and attention he gets, he could found a nice animation studio that focuses on furry animation. Just imagine! High quality furry porn movies. Now, that would be great. A cruel world we live in...

>So I hope you have a big wallet.

Huh, well, people have called me rich before.

Guess I have to browse through Patreon, inkbunny, Furaffinity and find the poor artists that cry for help.



Hm. A matter of taste? When it comes to romance it always depends on the person reading. Any stories that involve a young teen discovering is homosexuality? I'd like to start with something I can sort of relate to, but "Young teenage femboy that seduces all his male friends with the phrase 'It's not gay because I look like a girl" is a little too specific and hard to find.



>What is it that attracts so many people to Fek?

Millennials think he's a god for doing all the 3D assets himself, while in reality he doesn't even reach the minimum requirements to apply to a related job.

>he could found a nice animation studio that focuses on furry animation. Just imagine! High quality furry porn movies. Now, that would be great. A cruel world we live in.

Silly anon, how is he gonna buy himself that Ferrari, then? It is imperative for the realization of his project, after all.


If she's living on a failing farm, then she's better off selling it and move out, don't you think?

>You can bitch and moan about all the artists that have lied to you and cheated you until you're blue in the face;

I didn't do that with Rukis though. I was just confused when you said that someone living alone in a rural town and goes to cons barely manages to put food on the table with 2k and more a month. I mean, if she had a kid and lived in downtown NYC, I'd have believed you.

>I'd rather believe they're genuine and good people until proven otherwise

Sounds like you lack some life experience. I mean, that naive attitude usually reverses once you've been tricked one too many times.


File: 9db22da209a00ba⋯.png (139.04 KB, 275x238, 275:238, 1438227285088.png)


I can't have a boner when I'm too busy fighting back tears anon. Why are you doing this to my poor overly sensitive heart!


File: c81d5fcad41273f⋯.jpg (8.12 KB, 247x200, 247:200, 8Dlzc.jpg)


Fek also has nerve sheath tumors and needed money for medical bills. As far as I know he did not get fired from his job, rather the company crumbled and ceased to exist.

So I guess many had sympathy for him.

Well, dunno if there is proof if he has cancer or not, but I think it is unlikely that he made this up.


Can we go back on topic now and talk about literature?



It'll get better probably. I'm not sure exactly what direction to take this in right now, except for a few loose ideas. I'd love to do the whole dragon-rider thing, but it's not physically feasible unless Brian shrinks down to the size of a small child. I'll have to think of some sort of work-around if any flying is to happen.



Trunchbull is active on IB.



15/15 Story, can't wait for the next part.

>It's entirely too long

I think its more of the opposite, not long enough. But no need to write longer sections if you don't want to.



Does anyone have the screnshot of some anon saying it was a novel by some russian writer about a businessman whose wife had a fetish for pretending to be meowth?


File: 3b0ff35a634637c⋯.webm (935.22 KB, 640x360, 16:9, theHighClassStuff.webm)


Sounds sorta like webm related.


File: 6811658ba0afd25⋯.png (31.29 KB, 394x328, 197:164, 7.PNG)


nice taste in reaction images, anon


File: da3f6bd1a15e6f1⋯.jpg (288.61 KB, 1000x1400, 5:7, 5d2085dc206e3f173c4fc4d955….jpg)

So, I thought the comic 'Outcrosser' by Harusuke had a pretty cool story. Sure, a cub gets screwed by a demon, but still, I like the concept. Maybe I write a story based on this.

Are there any good stories similar to this? Action/Adventure/Fantasy stuff, you know.


File: a7ba837e7c93353⋯.jpg (35.01 KB, 453x576, 151:192, 0b4.jpg)

Why do these discussions always come up in the /lit/ thread, I have no idea. sage for off-topic.


>Fek also has nerve sheath tumors

My gut tells me that's the biggest bald-faced lie that people actually bought into I have ever heard.

Well, the other part of me hopes it's not, looking forward to a little balance to be restored in this world relatively soon, so we're not making much progress here.

>rather the company crumbled and ceased to exist

In either case, it is apparent he wasn't good enough to get the same position at another company, or he would have, don't you think? shit company hires incompetent workers, shit company bankrupts, *hint* *hint*

>I think it is unlikely that he made this up

Oh sure, you really think someone would do that? Just go on the internet and tell lies?


I looked up your friend whats-his-face Zonkieboy, and you surely have a taste for terrible artists, Jesus fucking Christ. Tweened 2D animations? It's just Jasonafex with slightly better art.



You seem like a cynical 'everything sucks, nothing is good' kinda person.

Well that's sad.



>You seem like a cynical 'everything sucks, nothing is good'

It's not an issue with me being cynical, it's an issue with nothing being remotely good. Not literally nothing, of course. But we're talking about needle-in-the-haystack levels of good vs bad things. And certainly the stuff I was ranting about doesn't fall in the "needle" category.


File: 9deea1bdfa38e1e⋯.png (41.35 KB, 300x100, 3:1, &-then-they-fucked.png)

Hay guise can I get an opinion on a lewd flash fiction I wrote? The genre is m/m human/anthro in a fantasy setting, with a theme of inter-racial curiosity and exploration.



File: 2042539ad3bd855⋯.png (353.54 KB, 400x600, 2:3, halloween_cg.png)

File: 3e3fa25df8e4ab9⋯.jpg (252.85 KB, 800x533, 800:533, matsuri_cg.jpg)

File: b62574245d00d4d⋯.jpg (185.16 KB, 800x462, 400:231, outfits_final.jpg)

If you're patient, I'd highly recommend Karasu.


It's about a Tengu monk and the writing is fan-fucking-tastic.

The only problem is that the author is currently working on another project called Fishbones which is entirely fur-free and probably won't be coming back to Karasu until she has completed work on it.

There's still a lot of top quality stuff to read, but eventually the end of the current progress will come and the wait is rough.

Admittedly, the temptation to say fuck it and start reading Fishbones despite its plot and setting having zero to do with my interests has been gradually building.



Your command over linguistics and anatomy is superb. I really like the way the protagonist's observations and descriptions are framed as scientific, but in a warm appreciative way rather than a cold and clinical one. The worldbuilding is also good for a start.

I don't like the way the story is formatted though. Despite being noted to be a journal entry, it does not read at all like one. Unless the protagonist has an eidetic memory, he would not be able to recall exact sensations and dialogue; if he did, he would have no need for a journal. Even if he was writing it while during the travel, it would still be a bare summary of events, without any of that rich detail. Also, the information at the end is completely irrelevant. It's good for YOU to have, as a reference for keeping the canon of your characters, but for the reader it should remain unseen, with only little trickles of it leaking out into the story. It makes sense if these are characters you're using for some kind of role-play, but such an "info dump" is inappropriate for a narrative, generally speaking, as it demystifies the characters completely.

Of course, my largest complaint was that the story ended just when it was getting exciting.



I'm very flattered. The linguistic style of the story is taken nearly wholesale from the Sherlock Holmes stories, which I've had a lot of fun examining; and the anatomy comes from spending a few years with the kind of furries who get super butthurt about how tails work. Also this interpretation of lizard-men came from a discussion on >>>/tg/ which doesn't seem to have been archived which talked about how to do anthropomorphic characters without really making them too Magical Realm, and this story was an experiment to see if I had been successful.

I hadn't thought about how contrived the formatting is, though. I think I was channeling Tolkein's dialogue style a bit too much, wherein it seems like characters spend ages talking about minute details they can somehow remember from years ago. The character info dump at the end is also partially because I had written the story as part of a worldbuilding project and I'm still fleshing out a lot of details. I had hoped to make this part of a series, but I haven't quite captured the inspiration for a second part. Maybe soon, if I can find an audience for it. I think I have a pretty good idea of what happens next.



I would like you to continue this.


File: 0454bec5bb99e16⋯.png (507.84 KB, 750x750, 1:1, 1407038374343.png)


>shitting on human conservativeness

come on being able to hold back for the greater good of diplomacy is a good trait. And then letting loose to be a massive degenerate in the privacy of their own home is something humans practice all the time. I wish such a discovery was made by an unfortunate lizardman who wished to be intimate with a human only to find out how much of a huge degenerate they was outside of societal norms and learns how humans hold themselves back to be able to function better as a society. And then extremely kinky love making is had by an unusually reluctant/shy lizardman [or ratman/kobold for extra variety/irony] and an amorous human. Shit...that could work.


I want to bang this qt birb husbando.



>letting loose to be a massive degenerate in the privacy of their own home is something humans practice all the time

You'd be surprised how often those people who are extremely Puritan in public continue being just as sexually repressed at home. Sixty years ago, it wasn't at all uncommon for a married husband and wife to sleep in separate beds. The "letting loose" thing is more a Japanese trope than a Western one, because the Japanese are LITERALLY two-faced when it comes to their public and private lives; Americans, for the most part, tell everyone exactly who they are all the time. So, really, if nothing else this story is an "East meets West" sort of deal, and very tongue-in-cheek if the author is, himself, American, portraying them as mostly-naked, barely-cultured lizardmen hunting in the woods.

Anyway, it's just making me want to write my own interpretation on this and of course a LOT more lewd.


File: dafc1ed40bb4405⋯.jpg (185.96 KB, 960x1280, 3:4, clueless.jpg)


Why is the lizard-man not beholden to human (and particularly Western) cultural norms? The point of the story, sir, is that both characters are in the process of learning about a culture that is alien to them. The narrator basically says as much. There's no point in making the characters different species if they aren't going to have cultural clashes like the one laid out in the story, especially since it's implied that one is a culture that the other knows very little about.

Gravenir's character in particular is very reflective of puritan values, as >>26503 indicated, and this story flies in the face of those values unabashedly because this is part of what fiction is there for. Consider the paragraph in which Gravenir ponders the vulnerability of man; this is extremely taboo in Western culture even today. To remark that men are vulnerable, even when having sex, is almost considered blasphemy in Western culture; in fact it is in damn near every culture. And just as Ikkrit is opening himself up to physical vulnerabilities in spite of himself, Gravenir is opening himself up to emotional vulnerability in spite of himself. Such is the strength of the bond that the two characters share.

Or are you just grumpy that I haven't written the part where they fuck yet?



I'm not that guy, but...

>are you just grumpy that I haven't written the part where they fuck yet?

...I think you may be on to something with this.


Oh god I'm cringing for Brian and I don't want to read what happens to him oh no oh no aaaaaa



You what? Did you get lost somewhere?


File: f3a23b27c3c45f3⋯.jpg (795.51 KB, 2550x3300, 17:22, PIA17659.jpg)

Decided to bring back my sci-fi themed short-story opus I've been on-and-off writing for nearly two years. I posted it on /furry/ back in the day, but haven't really touched this project since the site died. So you guys haven't seen it yet! Four chapters are now complete (only the final one and short epilogue left) and are in the process of being re-edited. The first is ready now.

The Earth stands on the brink of cataclysm. Two daring young scientists attempt to preserve the legacy of their civilization by creating a genetically-modified organism capable of remembering it. Their love is the only thing that can bring about success, when the whole of their world seems bent on standing in their way or using them for their own agenda.

Contains lots of science jargon, slight abuse of physics, mad-scientist-level abuse of biology and genetics (not that anthros don't defy it already), references and easter-eggs I expect nobody to notice, and a small amount of adult gay sex, though their romance drives a lot of the plot.



File: 13300329d0055b6⋯.png (21.44 KB, 234x233, 234:233, [SPOOKING INTENSIFIES].png)


>greater good of diplomacy



"shitmuzzled"? come on.



Well, I don't dare defy Satan. Better go and change it.



I almost don't want this to have sex in it. It's an interesting premise.



I almost want to figure out a way to completely rewrite it with humans, because the premise is good enough to go in my professional portfolio. Oh, well. If there's one thing I've learned through years of writing, it's that just when I think I can't come up with any more ideas, I do.



Question, what is the biological creature? If you rewrite it with humans you might be able to make the creature anthro. Or maybe I missed the mark completely and it's not a being.



>I almost want to figure out a way to completely rewrite it with humans, because the premise is good enough to go in my professional portfolio.

You can get away with making characters anthro if there's a story-grounded purpose for it. If they need to be anthro to prevent the plot from breaking, then you should be able to get away with using them professionally.

Maybe even get some side characters too for flavor if the setting supports it, but the MC pretty much has to be human.



Yeah, that's simply not going to happen. My autism cannot allow a world where there are both humans and anthros interacting on the same level, because that just doesn't make any sense. I've got aliens if I want to explore those same tropes. I write furry stuff because this is literally the only place I have any sort of audience (and it's a lot more fun); all my "professional" stuff like full-length novels are just humans, though.


Anyway, next chapter.




>My autism cannot allow a world where there are both humans and anthros interacting on the same level, because that just doesn't make any sense.

I'm not gonna argue against that, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't curious as to your reasoning for it.



>next chapter

Any ideas when you will continue >>23571 ?



If you're looking to publish, don't forget about self-publishing. If you've got the time to spend putting in the work, that's a better route to take than looking for a publisher.



That's mostly down to personal preference. I'm working on a story with said combo of races, as well as an explination of how they exist, but the setting is fantasy, not sci-fi.



You're inconsistent between using "fur" and "furry" to refer to people. Use "fur".




oh, it's you



The thing is, when you have more than one "race" around (if we're considering all anthros as a singular "species" the way all humans are one) you basically have to spend a great deal of time on elements of racism, curiosity/exploration, and the differences between them. If you don't, then it seems like you're just ignoring the white elephant in the room, and that's bad writing. Think of how much time in Lord of The Rings was spent belittling hobbits for being small and cowardly, or insulting humans for being greedy and selfish, or dismissing dwarves for being obsessed with gold and isolationist, or calling out elves for being pompous and apathetic. In turn, think of all the characters and events that seemed purpose-built just to buck those trends and prove the stereotype wrong.

The thing is, I've yet to develop many stories where I WANT to focus on those aspects. As I said before, for when I do, a random alien species or two will fill the part just fine, and seem less childish. Despite the ubiquity of it, anthros are still seen as being "for kids"; in a lot of ways I can understand this, because using animals provides a ready-made characterization for them if you just follow the mythological stereotypes. Sticking them into a world that also has humans seems less like mixing characters together, and more like adding a bunch of puppets alongside the real characters. If I had to make the MCs human, then the anthros would just seem like set pieces if I don't concentrate on them enough to raise all those "racism" issues.

As the other anon said, it also seems to fit better with fantasy than with sci-fi. It's extremely unlikely that there would be a planet other than Earth with sapient creatures on it that look like the animals here. But if you consider it all taking place on Earth (or an alternate Earth) where there is magic and dragons and things, having "uplifted" versions of the native animals doesn't look at strange.

For this setting I'm using call it the coonfox-canon for lack of anything better I basically just handwave it as all humans being replaced by anthros, but nothing else (in terms of history and the structure of society) changing much; it would be as if I had made a world where everything was the same except all humans had four fingers instead of five. Because it's a ubiquitous change, it doesn't seem strange, and most importantly: it's at least INTERNALLY consistent. Accepting that "all humans are anthros" is just part of your initial suspension-of-disbelief, and doesn't interfere during the course of the story. I don't have to continually go back and explain WHY things are this way.

One of the biggest differences between sci-fi and fantasy (in my opinion) is that fantasy doesn't require any explanation for why things are the way they are, while sci-fi does. A magic teleportation spell requires no expounding beyond "it's magic"; a teleportation device, however, does, even if it's just nonsense technobabble (Heisenberg compensaters). A wizard switching the brain of a man into the body of a woman requires no explanation, but a sci-fi setting where there was a surgical operation to do so, will require one.

So you run into the issue in sci-fi of trying to explain rationally how anthros came to be on Earth with humans. We've already established that it's unlikely for them to come from another planet and still look like foxes and tigers (as opposed to "generic pointy-eared, cat-like furry aliens"), so that limits the possibilities. If they were created by humans, it's basically humans-vs.-robots. The only other thing I can think of right now is multiverse theory and a portal between different universes opening on Earth (and where everyone has an anthro "double" on the other Earth. The issue this raises, however, are vastly different: questions of dopplegangers, of conservation of matter/energy, religious turmoil over unique souls and of singular God(s). This might be an idea I will explore in a different story, but it won't be these.


Hopefully soon, like within a week. I've been trying to force myself into a better schedule for writing (three times a week) because I'm tired of watching the months go by and getting nothing significant done. I have only one more chapter of this story to write (and I already basically know the remaining plot); but Brian's story still requires me to work on some worldbuilding and characterizations to help see what's going to happen next. I only have a vague idea how it's is going to end right now.


"Man, mankind, people, persons, humans, humanity, muh peeps."

I was more afraid to have too little variety, to be honest. What I really need to do is hash together an official "vocabulary" to govern this world. Else I can't decide how to differentiate between "hands" and "feet" when both are otherwise "paws".



You don't need to change every single saying. People are still people. "Tooth and nail" works just fine, because animals have nails. Anthros still have hands and feet. Human (homo sapiens) > Carnivore. Mankind > vorekind Carnivora, I guess.


File: 0c8704e222f0121⋯.jpg (129.67 KB, 978x1352, 489:676, Kobold Powersuit.jpg)

File: c49fefe7a0455a9⋯.jpg (1.16 MB, 1050x1608, 175:268, Spess Muhreen.jpg)

File: 0aae5e7390fa736⋯.jpg (109.92 KB, 1024x705, 1024:705, Shark Ramen.jpg)

File: f8793cd2b9f0850⋯.png (659.83 KB, 900x1099, 900:1099, Shadowrun Kobold.png)


>you basically have to spend a great deal of time on elements of racism, curiosity/exploration, and the differences between them. If you don't, then it seems like you're just ignoring the white elephant in the room, and that's bad writing.

Yeah, I agree with that. It's basically what I was getting at saying that you needed a plot relevant reason for them to exist. If they're added superfluously to the story then it needs to be for an outside reason like pandering to specific audience which is exactly what you've been doing. So, yeah, definitely agree.

>The thing is, I've yet to develop many stories where I WANT to focus on those aspects.

>Despite the ubiquity of it, anthros are still seen as being "for kids"

>If I had to make the MCs human, then the anthros would just seem like set pieces if I don't concentrate on them enough to raise all those "racism" issues.

Fair enough. Honestly that kinda stuff is my favorite story trope to read about, especially if there's some TF involved to force someone from one side into the other's shoes.

You're right about having them there for no reason though.

Without racism or some other purpose that requires them be inhuman, then at best they'd just make the story seem less mature, and at worst they'd be seen as pointless and a stain on the writing as a whole.

As for that second point, I wish it weren't the case. We might get stuff like BoJack more often if people felt like they didn't always need really good reasons to risk using animal characters and possibly damage their potential demographics.

>What I really need to do is hash together an official "vocabulary" to govern this world. Else I can't decide how to differentiate between "hands" and "feet" when both are otherwise "paws".

Forepaws and Hindpaws



>So you run into the issue in sci-fi of trying to explain rationally how anthros came to be on Earth with humans. We've already established that it's unlikely for them to come from another planet and still look like foxes and tigers (as opposed to "generic pointy-eared, cat-like furry aliens"), so that limits the possibilities.

You say that and now I'm thinking of the Man-Kzin Wars series by Larry Niven. Enjoying the first book so far, and there's quite a few of them in all.

>...you basically have to spend a great deal of time on elements of racism, curiosity/exploration, and the differences between them.

Differences, yes, but racism only if that's a major focus of the story and you know what you're doing. If handled wrong or used excessively, it makes readers gaff and turns them away. (I never understood why that's so often used in stories like these. Probably a by-product of something.)

One story I'm working on has anthros, but aside from one of the MCs, a minotaur, I'm not focusing on them as a whole. Just him and the two others that travel with him throughout the story, which is focused on how they joined up and their journey to return what they think is a stolen item. Bringing up racism would only detract from the fun.



It occurs to me that "forepaws" and "hindpaws" are terms that don't work with anthros because they are bipedal and not quadrupedal.

It should be more like "superiorpaws" and "inferiorpaws", but that's a mouthful and has unpleasant connotations. For any alternate, there are manifold possibilities. "Top/bottom", "upper/lower", "above/below", "high(er)/low(er)". Neither "toppaw" nor "uppaw" work because of the duplicate consonant. "Lowpaw" sounds like a variation of "(to) lowball", as in: "I expected a fair price for the diamond, but he gave me a lowpaw offer for less than half its value."; or possibly a slang term for a handjob. I've seen "handpaw" and (less common) "footpaw" used before, but I LOATHE the terms, because its both avoiding the issue and being needlessly redundant. Like calling it "hairfur" or a "jawmuzzle".

"Suprapaw"/"subpaw" work just fine, but still have a clinical feel that I don't really like for a common vernacular. I could also go full Greek and make it "chiropaw"/"podpaw", which have a definite allure, but then I'd be confusing the daylights out of everyone who read it (and still being redundant). There's all sorts of more complex derivations I can use, like "digipaw" or "carpapaw" for fingers (and "tarsipaw" for toes); "indipaw" to specifically reference the pointer-finger as a type of synecdoche for the hand; or even "manipaw" (manipulate), or "dexterpaw" (referencing fine-control, ie: dexterity).

But at each example, I am getting farther and farther from the point, which is to simply be entertaining and to use terminology that readers of furry fiction are already familiar with, without being confusing. Through context, it should already be clear which type of paw I am referring to; if I mention furs "setting paws on the Moon", I doubt anyone is thinking they were out doing hand-stands; if I speak of lovers "walking paw-in-paw", I doubt anyone is picturing them hopping along with their toes intertwined like some bizarre three-legged-race. I feel like I'm trying to be Tolkien here, constructing my own goddamn furry language and studying etymology for the last hour(s), instead of actually getting something useful done.

Really, I can tell this is just another symptom of my extremely bad habit. Whenever I write something that is even the least bit ambiguous, I assume that a reader will think I've made a mistake or generated a plot hole or am a bad writer, if they are momentarily confused or have to think for themselves. To compensate, I focus too strongly on the exact clarity of the language, resulting in virtually everything being excessively verbose and descriptive. I am terrified of being misunderstood, even just a little, so I tend to write everything out as if it's a legal document, so there can be no ambiguity. I'm worried to all end right now that nobody knows what the fuck "synecdoche" is (not even Firefox autocorrect) so I shouldn't have used it. But this sort of thinking leads to a reductio ad absurdum where I have to hand-hold and even condescend to the reader at every juncture, where I think I've "failed as a writer" if even a single reader doesn't know the definition of a word I've used.

I suppose every author has their primary challenge with writing. With me, it's figuring out how to write in such a way that matches the intelligence/educational level of my audience. Being autistic/OCD and of above-average intelligence works against me in this respect. I spent too long writing fanfiction for literal 14-year-olds, so I also got used to assuming my readers were idiots and needed simple language and linear plotlines. I find it difficult to move beyond that without being caught up in a trap of thinking that nobody is going to understand me, and thus nobody wants to read what I produce; the line between unique and useless is very fine, after all.

You know what's funny? If you look up "paw" on wiktionary, it includes a definition for "paw off", as an intransitive verb meaning to masturbate, attributed to the furry fandom. I'm not even kidding.



what about handpaws and footpaws


File: 579f081d797b0ce⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 27.07 KB, 448x225, 448:225, pawing.jpg)


>I'm worried to all end right now that nobody knows what the fuck "synecdoche" is (not even Firefox autocorrect) so I shouldn't have used it.

I've never heard of it called that before, but they're very commonly used.

It shouldn't take more a context clue or two to get the actual meaning across without requiring it be defined outright for a word like that.

Plus the reader would probably feel slightly better about having learned of such an uncommon word, even if most people will probably never use it elsewhere for fear of coming off as though they're trying too hard to sound intelligent.

You just need to work on not trying to please everyone all of the time.

Or claiming to have "Above-Average Intelligence" ever. Regardless of whether it's true or not, you're just going to look like a total cunt.




Next chapter is ready. In a few more days there will actually be completely new content! Fancy that.


I wonder if anyone ever gets the cute reference in the callsign of the radio station.



>the myth of the Coonfox




>Sixty years ago, it wasn't at all uncommon for a married husband and wife to sleep in separate beds.

That's a myth. The reason you might think that is that *TV shows* used to portray married couples in separate beds. That was due to broadcast standards (a couple in a single bed was considered too suggestive).

You're absolutely right though about old-line Americans (perhaps not so common today) being repressed and formal at home as well as in public.



>I'd also like to add that when some amazing artists/writers/composers/whatever come up everyone tends to simply ignore them in some sort of unfunny twist of fate (especially in this fucking fandom).

This fucking fandom is specifically overran by extremely people who seek increasingly bizarre and niche fetishes to fap. An artist with just passable drawing skills catering to a specific fetish is usually going to get more clicks and more comissions than an artist with great skills who draws vanilla stuff.

>Instead, I've seen way shittier (read: barely decent) artists being asked contact information for some uninspired sketches they did out of boredom (I'm talking about the request threads both on this very board and /furry/ when it was alive and yes, I've seen it happen myself) and there's no advertisement involved. So basically it boils down to: why the fuck does everyone seem to be naturally attracted to mediocre shit and actually, actively repulsed by higher quality stuff?

Price, affordability, output.

An artist is unlikely to EVER draw comissions unless he/she perceives drawing as at least a part-time job (for example, speaking of furry literature, except not the sort usually talked about on this board, none of my favorite Redwall fanartists takes comissions, at most they draw stuff for their online friends and fellow roleplayers - because they are fanartists and draw for fun). Just a fact of life.

If drawing (or writing, or any other sort of creative endeavor) is your job, in 99% of cases your ability to put bread on your table is determined by your ability to churn out a lot of content on tight schedule, as best explained by Larry Correia on his blog. Runaway successes like Rowling or that bitch who wrote Twilight are extremely rare.

Consequently you cannot spend too much time on polishing any single work. And if you did and you want to get compensated for your time, you're likely to ask a shit ton of money from your buyers/clients. So in particular case of our fandom, people may see no point in asking a high-quality artist for commissions because either they do not expect him or her to be open for commissions, or because they expect to be asked for more money than they're willing to pay. Artists who grind out lots of merely passable art offer better chances to have your commission actually materialize.



>Consequently you cannot spend too much time on polishing any single work

I suppose this explains why half of the furry artwork done by popular artists are sketches with color hastily slapped on, where you can still see the goddamn construction lines and circles and the linework is all ratty. They simply don't want to take the time to go back and fix that shit.

From writing novels, I've learned that most of creativity is a work of halves. Each time you go over the work, roughly another half of what is remaining is completed, but each "pass" takes just as long as the others. So suppose a good sketch for an entire complex scene takes you half an hour to do, it'll be about 50% complete. Then you do the lineart and it's now 75% complete, but it's taken another half-hour. Then you do the clean-up and it's now 87.5% complete but it's been another half-hour. Then you do the colors, then the shading over the next hour, bringing it to 93.75% and 96.875%... and if you continue to poke at it for another 90 minutes, you can add a few more passes and bring it up to ~99.6% done.

This forces you to realize two very important things. First: it'll NEVER be fully done. "Complete" is a creative asymptote. You can always go back and improve it more, even if you work on it for a thousand years, even if it's just changing the color of a couple of pixels. Second: after a while, you reach a serious diminishing-returns on the amount of time you spend, because each "pass" takes the same amount of time, whether it's a 25% improvement or a 1.5% improvement. That's why so many people will stop when it's only 87% or 93% done, as that's already a couple of hours of work. Oh sure, they COULD spend another two hours polishing it up from "meh" to "fantastic!" but that doubling of time spent is not, as you implied, going to double the amount of money they make.

Sadly, that extends to the quality of everything in the world, from furry art to automobiles, from the food you eat to the houses you live in. "Just okay" is always going to make the producer more money than "great". It's little wonder that people are generally satisfied with the mediocre and mundane; for the most part, that's all they'll ever HAVE.


File: d74f9c41e82e6c6⋯.png (778.96 KB, 960x640, 3:2, Jupiter Rising2.png)




Next chapter. Currently working on the last part, so it will only be a few more days and then I can finally call this one finished until I decide to rewrite the whole thing to have better mass-appeal, and maybe shove it on sofurry or whatever.


Also, each chapter is significantly longer than the last. Why do I keep doing this?



"day/night cycle" seems a rather gamey way to describe the earth's rotation relative to its orbit.



Honestly, I was never in love with that assertion, because it's a bit too convenient. Sadly, I don't have a supercomputer handy to figure out what (if anything) would happen to Earth's rotation if it were suddenly chucked at Jupiter in a hyperbolic orbit. I couldn't even hazard an educated guess. It's just being used as a shorthand for "things are going to Hell in a handbasket".

But I suppose I could try to rewrite the line so it sounds a bit more educated. Something like: "The pull of gravity had even stopped Earth's axial rotation relative to the Sun, fortunately leaving them on the side in perpetual daylight."


File: 5b945d2ae1c5646⋯.png (647.29 KB, 878x1056, 439:528, 1468370897800-2.png)


I just wanted to say that this was an absolute pleasure to read. Enduring shitter after shitter until I could do nothing but accept the lowest common denominator made me forget that there are actually people who know how to write in the world.

I was particularly impressed by Ikkrit's character design. You managed to engineer both a physicality and personality that felt coherent, yet decidedly non-human with a tail.

Your exposition and plot progression felt very immersive as well. No obnoxious standing in front of a mirror and reading out all of the main character's physical traits. No miraculous coincidences that are required for the characters to fuck.

As others mentioned, your vocabulary and sentence variety is also superb.

The one thing that irked me minorly was that you chose to end on the note about the webbing color. That wasn't a surprise, we all saw it coming from the earlier conversation, so it doesn't really deserve to be the last word. I would move it just before that last bit of dialogue.

Geez, you remind me that I'm garbage compared to any real writer. I need to practice more often. What are good ways to expand one's creativity and brevity?



>Enduring shitter after shitter until I could do nothing but accept the lowest common denominator

Wow, fuck, that's brutal. You talking about everything else in this thread?


File: 375af1cd4e2d094⋯.png (2.46 MB, 1439x760, 1439:760, Jupiter.png)





Next chapter, slightly delayed because Real Life happens sometimes. It's also REALLY LONG, so fair warning.


Anyway, I just suddenly realized that I made a character in the last chapter (Mikael) a mouse, which doesn't work because mice are in the Order Rodentia, not Carnivora; they shouldn't exist in this canon. Fuck. My next idea was to make him a bear, like a small bear! So a koala bear. Except koalas are not true bears, and are in fact marsupials. FUCK! I'm starting to regret restricting my taxon of species so much. Decided to make him a red panda, instead. Eventually I'm sure I'll come up with other canons, but this one is just too damn much fun!

Expect a short epilogue in a few more days, ideally, and we can put this story to bed. Then I can get back to writing about dragon sex.


Anyone ever read an old thing they did and think "this piece of shit justifies book burning, what the hell was I thinking?"


File: 660ba70cf0d44f8⋯.jpg (75.91 KB, 625x800, 25:32, l_41.jpg)


>Then I can get back to writing about dragon sex.




>you'll never share a magical evening at a hotspring with your bf that ends with the two of you lazily watching the lights in the distance cuddled up together



>penetrated his every opening

No. Stop it. Unless he's positively gaping or it's some sort of goo fetish, no liquid would be able to enter his anus.

>had no muzzle and could not speak

Furs still have mouths.

>the size of a googolplex raised to the power of a googolplex of universes.

Just say "an incomprehensible number of universes".

>And the worst part is I'm also so fucking angry!

A but unwieldy, you should reword this.

>My cute superpowered superfox.

Isn't he in shock? I don't think he'd be this aware.

I find it hard to believe a raccoon would get mistaken for a badger. A fox getting mistaken for a jackal would work better.

Why didn't they use their powers against Kilroy?



Well I'm jolly chuffed. I'm glad that this little experiment had such an impact with you. I guess I should get off my ass and write a part 2 now; I have a pretty good idea of what to do with these characters, but I have yet to put it into writing.

I was a little surprised that you mentioned the point about the webbing. To be honest it was kind of an off-handed character trait for Ikkrit's race. I guess I was channeling Lovecraft a bit with that... well, I guess it's not a "twist," more of a "hey, look at that" moment. I was hoping that it would emphasize what Ikkrit was saying at that exact moment in a meaningful way, and I guess by the fact that you pointed it out (and mentioned that it was more obvious than I at first thought) that it succeeded.

Gosh, I was thinking about cheap-shotting you guys and bitching out of writing an actual fucking scene, but I guess I have to now. Your approval is actually pretty damn motivational for me. Thanks. And you too, >>26449 just in case you thought I forgot about you.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Oh, right I suppose I should address this question:

>What are good ways to expand one's creativity and brevity?

I can't give you any kind of solid answer, since it depends a lot on the specific way that you write and how your brain works, but in my case I use what I call the Bob Ross method: Open your favorite text editor (I don't use anything fancy; vim is more than good enough for me) and just write something. I call it the Bob Ross method because of the attitude that a blank canvas is the scariest thing for an artist.

Beyond that, what I did to give myself such a focus on character development was to hang out with people who are very interesting and generally more intelligent than me, read a lot of classical literature that explores the depth of human psychology (I name-dropped Lovecraft, Tolkein, and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle previously in this thread), and hang out with a lot of nerdy types who get really autistic over small details (the point about Ikkrit being "decidedly non-human" comes from >>>/tg/ and the tail anatomy comes from certain friends that I used to have)

Someone once told me that "writers write." It's important to be always writing, always thinking about the story you want to tell. Writing is a very personal and very intimate art form; you have to invest yourself in it in a way that you might not normally. But it's also true that writers read quite a lot. I got my inspiration to write the story in question whilst in the middle of a massive reading binge. Actually I think I was reading the AD&D 2nd Edition Player's Handbook at the time, and the story I posted was part of a worldbuilding project for an RPG.

Uhhh, that's pretty much all I've got. Read a lot of books. Especially ones you love. You might be surprised at how much your brain can learn from reading that it won't tell you until you actually start writing. And also, writing is one of those things that you can expect to spend a lot of time not doing, as in you can start something and then put it down for weeks (or years, thanks George R.R. Martin) so if you feel yourself stuck in a rut don't get too depressed about it; the right hemisphere of your brain might just be working on the "eureka" moment that will make your writing awesome.

On my part, I carry a notebook and a pen so that I can write down that "eureka" moment, and quite a lot of the notes that I've written contributed to Ikkrit as a character, so I guess what I'm saying is if you have an idea write it down immediately. Not only are you ensuring that you'll have it to-hand if you need it, but writing it down will solidfy it so that your brain goes "Yes, this is a thing that I will do."

Listen to the podcast Hello Internet and its half-sister podcast Cortex; they might help you learn how to develop your craft. But yeah, remember to always have fun, and do what you love. It will come to you. Trust me :-)



and as an addendum to the previous post, the name "totori" given to Ikkrit's race is actually the same name of a lizard-man race that I've been perfecting since like... I don't even know, 2003? The name is some obscure tribute to something that I started so long ago that I can't even remember. I've been trying to develop a believable and relatable lizard-man species for so long that it's honestly only just occurred to me how strange it is that I haven't done anything with it yet. I guess that's the degenerate scalie in me bursting to the surface after over a decade of incubation.

I mentioned and originally designed the totori on an Internet forum on the same year of its initial inception as a science fiction species, but the board has since closed down (as so many have) so I can't prove it and nor, unless I'm very much mistaken, am I revealing too much personal information by doing so.



All the time, friendo. Then I go and perpetrate it some more anyway.



I don't think you really understood what was going on at all in the beginning.


I never thought I'd be asking this here, because I've asked it before on other boards and got pretty much a "feh" response, but is there like any good place to post furry literature?

I've been really enjoying Furry Network but never actually checked out the Stories section on there and I didn't realize how god-awful it is. I've heard that SoFurry is pretty good in terms of stories for a furry website, and I'm inclined to agree, but I'm not sure if the audience is really there. I'm certain that the audience isn't there on FurAffinity, or at least I would be surprised if there was for the kind of content I enjoy writing.



Furry is primarily a visual fandom and I say that like I say water is "primarily wet". The only surefire tactic to get furries to actually read what you write is to attach it to some art. You know, make GODDAMN PICTUREBOOKS because they're primarily children. You can either draw your own art if you're good, or commission someone else to do it (though in the latter case you'll essentially be throwing money away unless you plan to sell physical copies).

There's a decent amount of people reading stories on inkbunny, if there are cubs involved, but the quality (like everything else) is mixed, and your readership depends on how popular you already are, and how "fetishy" your stories. Despite often attempting to dispel the stereotype, most furries only read stories to fap. Also, you better at LEAST have some kind of catchy custom thumbnail for each chapter, or probably nobody will bother looking at it. The world is literally nothing but clickbait anymore.

Honestly, your best bet is probably going to be to find a community OUTSIDE the fandom, depending on the genre of your work, if it's not mostly pornographic in nature. Fantasy and /tg/ and sci-fi communities will be the most likely to accept stories written with anthro characters. At least a place like that will have a measure of required quality for each work, but you probably still won't get many people reading it, though.



>attach it to some art [thumbnails &c]

I guess that's pretty much what I'm going to have to do, but the problem is I feel like there's no way I can make a thumbnail or a piece of artwork that can express the depth that I usually like to write in unless I'm spending an exorbitant amount of money per upload. I can sketch something up, but honestly my art would probably make people not want to read my stuff. I know I avoid clicking on stories that have terrible thumbnails.

>Fantasy and /tg/ and sci-fi communities

Funny you should mention that, the stories that I'm working on are largely inspired by a conversation with /tg/ and are designed to work in isolation as fantasy stories while still appealing to the furry demographic. The problem is I've been on the websites where those types like to post stories and all of the ones I've seen so far are also total ass for that purpose.

I think the only website I've ever seen that was any good for posting up stories was FanFiction.net, which frankly repels me even more than furry lit.

I did post >>26228 on SoFurry and it does seem to be getting some traffic, so I guess I'll hold out there and see what I can do to pool together an audience.


File: b7882e8f1135f97⋯.png (207.05 KB, 800x800, 1:1, autzen_airport_by_landonba….png)

File: c5ad386bed29508⋯.png (147.67 KB, 800x800, 1:1, sooo______sleepy_by_landon….png)

Been wanting this for a while now but...



In these chapters Autzen, an autistic buizel, needs to use the bathroom, but is too scared to use the airplane toilet's loud noise. Despite wearing a diaper he doesn't want to use it, instead holds it throughout the entire plane ride, all six hours of it, even when he's sleeping during most of it, and makes it to the bathroom.

Can someone rewrite this page(s) so that Autzen ends up having an accident in his diaper, perhaps it happening during or shortly after his nap? Read the previous chapters to understand how he'd probably react to it.



You know, I find it a pretty good indicator that a story is too convoluted if it can't be easily summarized. Even if there is a lot of content, there should be some kind of central theme or concept or idea that everything revolves around. Granted, there's no way a summary or thumbnail can indicate the QUALITY of your work, but that's something you have to live with. As I've often lamented, this is a world where Twilight is a bestseller. It's something I've had to face as a self-published novelist; I have to get covers designed (at great expense) by professionals, because if your Amazon cover doesn't look like a fucking movie poster, you aren't going to get any sales.

It's the same thing on a furry website. Imagine how most people browse, shuffling past a dozen thumbnails PER SECOND and only clicking on a few of them. Most don't even read the TITLE. They will select a few to click on, and if your story chapter upload just has the standard thumbnail for a written work, they WILL pass it by. EVERYONE will pass it by. If you don't have a whole bunch of people already on your watchlist who will loyally consume whatever you upload, then you'll get at most a handful of views. Even if everyone who views it loves it, and leaves a glowing comment, it doesn't matter.

But, if you get a picture of some furry character from your work, wearing an interesting costume, that grabs the eye. That will get people to click on it and read the story that comes with it. It's just a fact of life; you can either deal with it or essentially just leave your stories to gather dust in a corner where nobody will look.


File: 6eb40c5452bac1c⋯.jpg (207.85 KB, 612x606, 102:101, ikkrit-headshot-03.jpg)


My initial response was to disagree vehemently but I slept on it instead and, based entirely on how I browse furry lit boards, you're entirely right. I do mostly skip everything (although that's mostly because I feel the title is a very important part of selling a story and most furry writers suuuuuuck at titles)

and yeah I was going to say that I prefer stories that can't be easily summarized because I prefer to have deep and engaging conversations about subjects I like but I guess the key there is finding a balance between being complex but also easily summarized. I remember this being a big problem with some friends of mine back when Homestuck was in the middle of its run when they couldn't adequately explain the plot to someone they were trying to get to read it.

I think my problem mostly was that if I try to throw in an illustration, to me that kind of says "this is what is in this story / book" and I don't like the thought that someone who doesn't care for the cover image but might like the story would get turned off right away. I've seen other authors have this conundrum because they try to cram in as much bullshit as possible into book covers which obviously is a step in the wrong direction. Maybe I just have trouble finding that middle ground because my brain hasn't really adapted well to giving one-sentence replies to the question "what's it about?"



>I feel the title is a very important part of selling a story

This makes me wonder what you think is a good title. I've often noticed that most titles are unbelievably simple, often amounting to just "Noun", which represents an important character or thing from the work, and are usually only a few words long. Because of this, the title is often completely vague, and tells you literally nothing about it unless you already know what the story is about.

But I feel as if the quality most people want in a title is its memeworthiness. I say that using the oldest and purest form of the word; meaning: how easily the work can be transmitted from person to person. It's a hell of a lot easier to remember a title and disseminate it to others if it's short and exceedingly simple. A descriptive title by nature works against this. It's a lot harder to ask someone if they've read: "Introspection of A Fortnight Safari though Treacherous Ngorongoro's Darkest Lycaon Pictus Dens" than it is to ask if they've read "Wild Dog Crater", to pull an example from my ass.



Mostly my gripe is titles that feel like they could apply to literally any book. Just as an example off the top of my head, in the United States the first title in the Temeraire series is "His Majesty's Dragon." Right away you can tell by that title that it's a fantasy story about dragons in the military, most likely taking place in the United Kingdom (which it does) and heavily involving the Navy. In other parts of the world, the book is simply called Temeraire, and while I think that's acceptable as the title of the series, as a title for the first book it's not very good. Like if I were to tell you the title "Temeraire" without showing you the cover, that doesn't really tell you anything. If you happen to know that Temeraire was the name of a few noteworthy naval vessels, that might tell you that it has something to do with ships, but that's about it. Even worse are titles that are just the name of a character or the name of the setting; I can't glean anything from that except for maybe like the genre if it's a particularly unusual name.

With furry literature you get a lot of generic titles that don't tell you anything, and I know that the majority of it is porn and this is probably me being really autistic, but if your title is "A Chance Encounter" that doesn't really tell me much except that maybe two people are gonna fuck. Even worse are the titles that are really lame puns. Like right now as I look at the SoFurry front page about halfway up the "Popular" section for stories is "Inti-Mate Details." If your title is a lame pun, that tells me that your entire story is going to be lame and I'm not going to read it because I think that's going to be a really disappointing wank.

Compare to titles like "The Shadow Over Innsmouth," "Being Human," "The Origin of Species." They're vague, and maybe not all of them perfectly represent the contents of the book, but they give you some idea of what you're in for.



It's a thin line you have to tread between being generic and being dull. I don't have a solution to this. Often authors will tend to have their own style of titles, from mundane like Stephen King (The Green Mile, The Stand, Carrie, It) to scientific like Micheal Crichton (Jurassic Park, The Andromeda Strain, Timeline, The Terminal Man) to downright poetic like Robert Heinlein (Stranger in A Strange Land, I Will Fear No Evil, The Cat Who Walks Through Walls) to grandiose like Tom Clancy (The Hunt for Red October, The Sum of All Fears, Clear and Present Danger). Many of these are reflections of their genres, of course, as authors tend to stick with one type.

Personally, I tend to give titles to my works that mean nothing until you've read the story, and are more symbolic than descriptive. Possibly this has something to do with the fact that I rarely come up with a title until late in the process of writing it or worldbuilding, or maybe it has to do with my loathing of spoilers through titles or summaries. Either way, I never really thought it would be important to the success (or lack thereof) of my written works, so thanks for giving me a new kind of anxiety?

You know, in the Heinlein novel, I Will Fear No Evil, a good length of time is spent faffing about, to hide the big twist reveal that the protagonist's new body is that of a female, but the goddamn summary on the back just states it outright: ...even a new life in the body of a beautiful young woman. Can you believe that? I really doubt that's what Heinlein wanted when he wrote it, but that's what's required to sell the novel, I guess.



To be fair based on other readers who I've spoken to (including IRL) I am apparently extraordinarily weird and possibly a smidgen too picky about certain things, so maybe it's just me. I've definitely read and enjoyed books that don't fit my criteria for titles (The Hobbit, for instance, one of my favorite books)


Are there any SFW stories from the perspective of a small (ish?) critter in a (mostly) human world?



Another chapter written out.


File: c8444fe4be6d673⋯.jpg (152.74 KB, 1200x1062, 200:177, 1428422853445.jpg)

I know it's been about two or three months and I'm supposed to be working on Anatomical Distinction whose title will change in part 3, just fyi but I've been suffering a bit from writer's block and I figured getting some practice with writing sex scenes would be helpful, so I threw this one together. Your feedback would be appreciated:


If anyone here has problems with SoFurry just bitch at me here and I'll throw the plaintext version up on Pastebin again.



Wellp looks like SoFurry's servers decided to shit the bed, so here's the Pastebin version anyway.



File: ad6068d12a7de63⋯.gif (445.86 KB, 500x405, 100:81, 1416025765807.gif)

Anyone know of any furry related audio books? Going to be driving about a 130 miles a night for a few months, I'll be by my self so anything adult is fine



Waterways by Kyell Gold is a really sweet romance novel. My bf is also enjoying Out of Position by the same author, if you like immensely smug and witty foxes.



>Kyell Gold

As in the author of the gay immigrant Muslim furry romance?


File: 606c3792290ba25⋯.png (65.67 KB, 353x379, 353:379, NANI.png)


Wait, he did that? You're fucking with me right?



He has zero talent for writing, so he can only remain popular by 1) Having quality and popular artists draw his covers, and 2) Writing about "current events".



>He has zero talent for writing

I disagree. He's pretty solid imo, and ironically the art for Waterways is fucking trash. Though I guess it might be a much earlier novel.

Granted I can only speak for this book and I don't know much about him beyond that. Can you elaborate?



The pastebin probably expired by now, so here's the Sofurry link.



File: 5dc0aeb1f7d1da6⋯.jpg (110.96 KB, 704x546, 352:273, cringe of peace.jpg)

File: e26acb4a418d441⋯.png (345.7 KB, 579x781, 579:781, cringe of peace 2.png)



Sometimes I feel like you can become a successful writer by just figuring out what buzzwords to use when describing your literature for maximum #relatable audience sympathy and ego stroking and throw in a little twist ("and it has furries in") to spark their curiosity. Everything comes down to marketing, doesn't it?



>He was originally an engineer

Well, that explains why his writing is so shit. And going off the excerpts in the first image, it's not even grammatically competent. As someone I looked up to as a sage on the subject once said (paraphrased): "A semicolon is NOT for when you're only semi-sure you need to use a colon."


>Everything comes down to marketing, doesn't it?

99.99%, yes. The other 0.01% is "actually having a product" — quality being irrelevant. Although, that's only a general rule; as Ponzi Schemes have shown us, it is indeed possible, in certain circumstances, to sell someone absolutely nothing.



>muslim prayer turns into buttsex

Kyell is really asking for express peace truck service, isn't he?


File: b921f141a10c1e7⋯.jpg (20.98 KB, 720x405, 16:9, jAK4scX[1].jpg)


I wonder what islamic scholars would have to say about this book



Probably nothing, because the only thing they ever read is the Quran. All else is heresy.


File: def206ca1a7c89c⋯.jpg (132.71 KB, 600x800, 3:4, 6c8a4c409c01612d2249b8ea4c….jpg)

I just like to get my buddy to write smut for me and then I edit it.

P.S. Just pretend Iris is pic related because I didn't bother describing her body or anything.

Iris frantically and futilely struggled within the Blaziken's tight embrace. She felt the feathers from his arms tickling her sides as they shifted during her wiggling. With his claws clasped together and tightened like a lock behind her neck, and his arms held to her sides beneath her shoulders, she was completely restrained. No matter which way she twisted and turned, she was unable to break free of his hold.

Forced to look down due to the claws gripping the back of her neck, she saw his shaft poking between her thighs; bright red with a vague cone shape, positively dripping globs of precum from its tip. Most humiliatingly of all was the way it glistened in the light, its wetness reflecting the sunlight beating down on them. Wetness caused not only by the precum slathered over it as it rubbed between her thighs, but also from her own juices as it teasingly pushed along her defenseless pussy. The princess honestly thought she could feel the intense heat of the Blaziken's inner fires searing within the large and long rod of his cock as it pressed so unwantedly close. The Blaziken had a keen eye for these things, though: The heat she was feeling was coming from her own body, ready to be bred.

The princess continued to squeal and wriggle as the Blaziken merely held her tight and chuckled amusedly at her anxiety. Then, pulling back to line himself up with her wet hole, he bucked his hips and finally thrusted his manhood up into the princess's virgin pussy. She flailed her body about, trying to find some way to resist, but the Blaziken simply crooned in delight as her wriggling caused her to squeeze and rub his cock even more. With a puff of hot air against the back of his mate's neck, he smiled and wasted no time in thrusting even harder and faster into her.

Iris's light, fair frame was bounced up and down, her breasts bouncing along with it, as she was repeatedly thrusted into, over and over, firmly impaled on the grunting bird-pokemon's member. She felt herself get hotter and hotter as pleasure continued to rise up from her lower lips. And, despite the wild difference in their species, the Blaziken felt nothing but pure delight as he gleefully fucked the helpless princess harder and deeper with each sucessive thrust... filling both himself and his hostage 'lover' with increasingly intense sensations with each stroke of his steaming-hot shaft within her.

"Ahhh! P-Please! Stop this~!", Iris begged of her Blaziken rapist, drawn out from her from a roiling mix of both deep shame and cascading excitement... But there would be no stopping. Not after the Blaziken had come this far. And certainly not when he was so close to the climax.

Quickly readjusting his grip, he latched one of his talons onto Iris's jiggling breast before groping and twisting it with a passion that was as agonizing as it was tantalizing. The princess could do nothing but howl in physical pleasure and emotional distress while the Blaziken crowed triumphantly in tune. With one final thrust on the Blaziken's part, both of them went completely over the edge. The princess cried out without holding back, and the Blaziken gave a roar of triumph as he shot jets of flame into the skies. Hot, webby cum flooded the princess's insides, quickly spraying out in a gooey mess after she was filled beyond capacity. Trembling like a leaf with both horror and excitement, Iris felt her pussy clench and spasm over and over as a rush of her own vaginal juices surged forth to mix with the cum gushing out of her.

Feeling as though she were on the verge of passing out as she panted and moaned, her body twitching and shivering from her explosive orgasm, Iris wouldn't have been able to put up any sort of resistance even if the Blaziken felt like releasing his hold on her. She felt his talon leave her breast and instead move down her thigh.

"What are you doing?", she wanted to ask. But instead she was caught off guard as the two of them fell to the ground and she felt his talons once again lock themselves behind her neck. She looked down, her leg lifted up in this new hold, her pussy open and exposed as he once again began to thrust himself into her. "No! Not again~!" She squirmed and shouted, but there was no way she was going to break free or convince him to stop. Instead, he just chuckled as he bucked his hips, looking forward to winning round two.

r8 h8 don't b8 you know it's gr8 m8




>writing is shit

Recommend me a better author/book then, please. I never read this book in particular, but I like Kyell Gold's stuff because he appeals directly to my taste: sweet, heart melting romance where two characters grow closer together, but also exist outside of their relationship, with their own drives and flaws and struggles, and they seem more realistic that way, and it also gives more meaning to their relationship as they help each other with those parts of their lives.



Well, personally I like the stuff Rukis has written (you can find her on FA), but furry material is bottom-of-the-barrel in terms of quality to begin with. Nothing she writes is that sappy, harlequin-romance where everyone has a happy ending, though; it's all darker and deeper, and pretty much nobody is ever happy but for short moments. Regardless of the difference in quality, it's probably not what you'd like.



Yeah probably not. Doesn't even have to be furry though, but brief web searches on gay (non-furry) romance stuff yielded vomit-inducing cliche shit, where the covers all have men with hard bodies on display and some form of facial hair, and the descriptions all mention "cop," "cowboy," "firefighter" or some similar ilk. Barf.



The issue is that "gay romance" is written for women, who prefer the "rugged" look. Men, it's assumed, don't bother to read romance works, they just want plain and explicit pornography. It's similar to how most gay shit in Japan is all for women, too. They even separate it into two categories: yaoi is the sappy lovey stuff for women, and boy's-love is the hardcorn porn for the men.



I thought bara is the gay Japanese stuff for men. Also I'm a man, how come I can't have sappy lovey gay stuff that isn't "rugged?"

Oh wait I can, it's just the only place to go is a "shit" furry writer. At least, that I know of? What gives?






If you are going to criticize Kyell, you could at least use an excerpt that isn't fake.


Would any of you guys mind helping out with the text adventure thread? >>35941

You don't have to learn Quest if you don't want to, but the basic premise that you posses one of the cast and try to fuck the rest I guess. Knockoff CoC. Write in second person, but no PC dialog (have it implied, though). Current characters: N8, K8, F8th (she's too pure, you might have to get her drunk), Bill, Bushy, and YCH (blank slate mute character).


The only ones who ever had anything nice to say about the shit I wrote were lying to be polite and/or get a watch back in return.

I can tell because so few ever paid attention to it in the first place and when I replaced the submissions with junk text, no one noticed.



I know that feel, man. Nobody's got time to listen to a song, much less read a story. You can't just glance at it and see if something catches your eye like you can a picture.



abysmal fanfic writer, admitted to have some form of autism and it shows in this shit drivel that makes 50 Shades look like quality work. Trust me, 50 Shades is utter shit. It's long-winded underage sex garbage(the author's day job is teaching grade school!) with magical shit about girls growing penises through insane made-up reasons because the author is a special snowflake tranny.

Got about 3 paragraphs in before wishing I were illiterate, skimmed ahead some and am fairly certain this writer is destined for great things... like a future appearance on the new Hansen VS Predator series.

And naturally, it's mostly Sonic shit, the bastion of garbage fandom of the internet- maybe not as bad as Stormfront or /pol/ but only just slightly above it. I can't even get angry this shit is actually somehow popular, I do live in a country where Michael Bay makes movies that generate money, modern audiences are dumb as shit.



This ties into an interesting aspect of human gender psychology. In the typical romance novel formula, men are expected to strive to be "good enough" for the woman for whose attention they are vying. It's what drives them, much like what drives men in real life. The woman, on the other hand, is deemed to be already "good enough" for her man, which is why they often come across as lazy and arrogant from an outsider's perspective. You can see why this would be appealing for women, because it's a female power fantasy, and in the romance novel they get to watch every step of the man's struggle for the attentions of their woman. Men have no interest in such a story because they're more interested in stories of triumph and overcoming adversity, and while there are quite a lot of romance novels that are very good at that it tends to fall flat when it's all framed in the context of pleasing a single woman.

Ironically gay literature presents a very interesting scenario for romance, since both parties in a gay relationship are the protective and providing partner, each one striving to be "good enough" for the other, and this can create interesting chemistry, but good luck getting anything like that put out in this fucking market.



>each one striving to be "good enough" for the other

I mean maybe I'm biased but I think you basically just described Kyell Gold's Out of Position series.



It describes literally the entire genre. Go shill somewhere else.


Writin' a gay teen romance between a wolf and a border collie. It branches out from time to time through each of their father's work in the medical and military fields.

Probably not as much porn as people would like, but their relationship is supposed to be more endearing and reflective of high-school love. Has its ups and downs.

Currently sitting around 14,000 words/6 chapters uploaded to IB.



That sounds really neat, anon



What're you doing? Link that shit




Here you guys go since you asked so nicely.



File: 5761f68207858c1⋯.jpg (159.93 KB, 500x750, 2:3, tumblr_n7hs4sFrxt1qm9ws2o1….jpg)


I've been writing a long Hyena biker gang green fic. Currently working on the 7th chapter and would dig any feedback if anyone acutally reads my terrible schlock

>Anywhere But Here [human(m)xmultiple hyena(f),violence, femdom, smut, pseudo-penis, intersex, romance, drug use]

https://pastebin.com/u3k83bNp (PART 1 CH1-5)

https://pastebin.com/NefkP7gz (PART 2 CH unfinished)

(General Profile, Teether)




File: 40645f33ce310c7⋯.jpg (407.22 KB, 727x916, 727:916, Tik Tik Reads.jpg)

File: e6e75edd0c0c52f⋯.jpg (567.29 KB, 829x1276, 829:1276, TikTik cleaner.jpg)

Hello, there. I'm rather new-ish to writing anthro-based stories, but have been posting a series of chapters called "The Adventures of Tik Tik." It's a fantasy adventure about a kobold who finds a book of sexy magic and decides to go out in the world to learn more.

I would love to get critiques and recommendations for my stories, as I would love to get better at this.

You can find my work here:


or here




you messed up some times in the first chapter; at some points the narration is done in present but in most other it's in past tense



Tense is something I actively look for when I read over things so I try not to make those mistakes often. Thanks for letting me know. Did you notice any particular story beat or shift in tone that went with the shift? I want to be able to identify why I shift between the two. I know I tend to do active voice when I do more action-heavy scenes.



>active voice

I meant "present tense." I just woke up.



Well, you a small misstiming; the first chapter everything is in the past


>stood up


except one sentence where

>He is a tall, deep-red scaled kobold,(...)

In later chapters you switched to present tense which is cool, its add action to the whole thing.

disgusting ending with vore, worsts fetish 2/10:^)



I'm uploading a new chapter tonight or tomorrow. Suffice it to say, those who don't like that fetish will be relieved.


File: 3a094824f68cc88⋯.jpg (29.85 KB, 539x552, 539:552, 1470689099339.jpg)



>worst fetish

It sounds more like you have poor taste.


File: 64b5b9a26de0dd4⋯.gif (2.94 MB, 250x188, 125:94, office destruct.gif)


Vore is fine you fucking faggot, it's digestion that's worst fetish



Vore without digestion is just bulimia.

>Ooh, let's draw a typical vore comic!

>Predator find prey

>Predator taunts prey

>Predator eats prey

>Zoom out to show predator's big belly containing prey

>The End!

<Except No. No it fucking isn't the end, and you know it.

<Let's continue...

>Predator starts digesting the prey

>Optional x-rays showing prey dying and being broken apart by acid, not necessarily in that order

>Obligatory scene of predator falling asleep because digestion takes a long time and no artist has the inclination to show the predator doing mundane things during this time

>Predator wakes up and feels the urge to release the digested remains of its prey

>Predator does so in a beautifully illustrated scene of the predator shitting out a firm turd studded with bones

>Shits out the skull last, it's the most painful part

>Predator turns to the camera and makes a lame witty remark along the lines of "You felt good going in but even better coming out"

>Actually The End.



Isn't that all the more reason to find endosoma better? What could be closer than physically being inside someone else? Taking a nap in a living sleeping bag. Murr...plus there's a lot of intimacy not just in love, but in trust, of risking your life in someone else's hands stomach and not have them betray you. Sad to say this is almost never illustrated.



Posting to show my approval


I'm flattered my work sparked a discussion on vore. I hope I don't disappoint with this chapter, though, since things are going in a slightly different direction.




File: 2c6c6ed90a4b51f⋯.png (150.92 KB, 304x408, 38:51, 1399840272169.png)


Damn this reminds that one story of a qt kobold of pure goodness romances and helps a dark mc evil dragon. I half expected for the evil dragon to corrupt or do very twisted things to the poor kobold. But instead the Kobold wins and shows the dragon the power of bright goodness of heavenly lovemaking and gentle cuddling where both partners are treated as equals despite the massive size and power difference.

My boner pierced the fucking heavens from such an outcome. M/M stories I rarely see does such a concept of purifying via sex where both parties just so happen to be male.



What is this story you're reminded of? It sounds like just my kind of thing.


File: 97c37ad3751ff66⋯.jpg (30.59 KB, 284x400, 71:100, You know what else is expa….jpg)


The name of that story isn't coming to mind, but I do remember the writer.

TravisBuchanan normally he does the opposite of this. Often likes to write mind control/posession/corruption stuff. But judging from that story I read it was a good change of pace and he wrote a really compelling adventure/romance from it. Wish he would continue it. I'd pay him myself if I had the money.


Anyone got PDFs of the Warriors series? I got a physical copy of Power of 3 book 2 "Dark River," But don't seem to have anything before that. Looking online, I can't seem to find any sources that look trustworthy. Anyone got them on hand, or know where to look?


File: 21473a90e6027eb⋯.pdf (2.11 MB, Erin Hunter - [Warriors; P….pdf)

File: ac7574971a54431⋯.pdf (2.07 MB, Erin Hunter - [Warriors; P….pdf)

File: 2f661b80a978579⋯.pdf (2.41 MB, Erin Hunter - [Warriors; P….pdf)

File: 543a3253401da79⋯.pdf (2.08 MB, Erin Hunter - [Warriors; P….pdf)

File: 1c301589a4c06aa⋯.pdf (2.03 MB, Erin Hunter - [Warriors] -….pdf)


Here ya go. Lemme know if you want anything else from the series.



Thank you! do you have any of the "The Prophecies Begin" arc?


File: 4f5277231d541f6⋯.pdf (2.58 MB, The Prophecies Begin - 1 -….pdf)

File: 666627802ae4ac1⋯.pdf (1.31 MB, The Prophecies Begin - 2 -….pdf)

File: f45a281e0324833⋯.pdf (1.13 MB, The Prophecies Begin -3- F….pdf)

File: 6cc2aa6c04a9d90⋯.pdf (1.13 MB, The Prophecies Begin - 4 -….pdf)

File: 99cf025292d5d1a⋯.pdf (1.97 MB, The Prophecies Begin - 5 -….pdf)


Sure do. Here you go!



Splendid! This is much appreciated. Have a great day.



Holy childhood, Batman!


File: a0cc2481c1b9f35⋯.png (160.81 KB, 463x382, 463:382, 001.png)

File: c600e3f4dfa889a⋯.png (138.44 KB, 264x498, 44:83, 002.png)

File: 9a1fae940e9737f⋯.png (90.09 KB, 350x255, 70:51, 003.png)

Could any of you volunteer to be an editor for my novel? I can do email, Discord, Steam. Appreciate the help desu.



what do you mean by editor?


Would a furry cyoa be thread relevant?



There's nothing else going on here at this point; you might as well. Although, if you mean an interactive one, keep in mind that this board will never be populated enough to properly sustain one.



And that people will bitch that it's cliche, too slow, etc. See the other CYOA threads for proof on that.



Well, if it's anything like what happened to /cyoa/, where literally every goddamn one posted is a variation of "pick which hot girl you want to fuck!", I don't want any part of it, either. Waifushit is the cancer killing 8chan.


File: 401a5479e310485⋯.gif (998.3 KB, 250x251, 250:251, 401a5479e310485195f722abd6….gif)


What kind of novel?


File: 4b640781a44c7ed⋯.pdf (3.1 KB, Draft 1.pdf)

Here's shitty page of something. I guess it's just practice or something to get me back into writing.

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