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File: 58e54ed0887f396⋯.png (156.73 KB, 725x269, 725:269, You are all lovely people.png)

9c3bc1  No.329945[Reply]

Interesting happening.


The Verge did a piece citing an anonymous Gawker source claiming we did 7 million dollars in damage to them with Operation: Disrespectful Nod.

A couple of ex-Gawker bigwigs chime in on Twitter and say "No, it was only one million." Possibly referring only to 2014 by the way one Tweet is worded.

Humorously they also twitched at the thought of encouraging us by giving out the actual dollars in damage done, all the more reason to lowball it hard.


9c3bc1  No.329968

If Gawker wants the money from GamerGate so bad, they should take it on Zoe Quinn. The damages is done on her vagina, not GamerGate.

9c3bc1  No.329969


Hi Alex. How's your dad's business?

File: e902ed0fdbbd988⋯.jpg (114.37 KB, 903x1110, 301:370, 5560c9fbd32f3904fcc70033c3….jpg)

cd79af  No.329847[Reply]

Where are the gamur grrls, Capcom?

So, is Capcom kill now? Can we point at them as an example of the train wreck of SJW pandering. That SJWs and other leftyfaggots don't play vidya? Will Capcom say it dindu nuffin and double down? Will SJWs blame Whitey?

cd79af  No.329890

>is Capcom kill now?


have you been living in a cave for the last 3 years?

cd79af  No.329902

Haven't been paying attention because of work but what kind of SJW pandering did capcom do?

cd79af  No.329919


censoring theur game becuase of muh sexism

of course only female characters

cd79af  No.329920


#AssSlapGate (R.Mika's taunt/win-pose was removed) and "muh female objectification" (male objectification: Okay)

File: 22025fa1fbeca62⋯.png (115.11 KB, 1280x621, 1280:621, 22025fa1fbeca6276f0fe18b8d….png)

42bbb1  No.329602[Reply]

I'm just reposting and dumping info regarding the ESA from the /v/ thread. 100 char 100 char 100 char 100 char 100 char 100 char 100 char 100 char 100 char 100 char 100 char 100 char 100 char 100 char vidya akhbar.

431 posts and 32 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

42bbb1  No.330254

42bbb1  No.330275

Didn't know where else to put this since there isn't a specific GDC thread here, and the GDC was funded by the ESA in 2017, so here we go.


These are the papers that Bonnie Ruberg wrote under her name!


42bbb1  No.330279

reposting set start (conversation about ESA and The Fair Repair act)


Anyways, some recent ESA news. A bill was proposed in Nebraska called The Fair Repair Act which mostly bogged down to giving consumers the right to repair equipment they own such as tractors or game consoles without being at the mercy of the makers. Since the bill's been around in 2016 & VICE out of all people decided to talk about it, take it with a grain of salt. But nonetheless, the ESA, Apple, & others aren't too pleased with the idea.

Bill info


Original article

The Video Game Industry Is Lobbying Against Your Right to Repair Consoles [2017]


Video game companies don’t want us fixing our own consoles [2017]


ESA Opposing “Right to Repair” Legislation [2017]


Console Makers Lobbying Against Right-to-Repair Bill [2017]


This one shows the ESA's letter to the senator



Good find. Brainstorming, how about this for a possible judo move for the core points and question for ESA redpill.

>ESA fixation for Making the world a better place, through vidya tech bla bla bla

Then what is the ESA stance on repairing console electronics, especially in light of the evePost too long. Click here to view the full text.

42bbb1  No.330280






And of course, every SJW's favorite company Apple is one of the worst offenders in this regard. Not to mention the working conditions in their manufacturing plants.



Good. But yeah, I never thought of that angle of "Making the world a better place" by making the stuff actually last long & not be wasted.


I think Apple dealing with Foxconn or something like that has something to do with it, I remember something like this in high school where they talked about electronic parts being made in Foxconn & how not only was the place sweatshop-tier awful, but they contributed to pollution because electronic devices were disposable & people threw them away once it was no longer useful.



>And of course, every SJW's favorite company Apple is one of the worst offenders in this regard. Not to mention the working conditions in their manufacturing plants.

It really seems to be.


>Good. But yeah, I never thought of that angle of "Making the world a better place" by making the stuff actually last long & not be wasted.

Especially considering how much they and the industry is pushing for mobile market. I mean again, I know consumer electronic relies on people looking at the newest version and going ooh shiny I want that. I get it, vidya itself is driven by a large part of the allure of 'new'.

But does novelty warrant even shorter cycles of planned obsolescence, and not helping curb but adding to the e-waste problem. Don't you want to, heh, make the world a better place as you love saying, ESA and others?

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

42bbb1  No.330309

reposting set start

reposting (combined for convenience)

Anyways, something new on the ESA front.

Ted Price and Mike Gallagher to speak on leadership at GamesBeat Summit [March 5, 2017]


>Our next speaker for our upcoming GamesBeat Summit event is Ted Price, the CEO of Insomniac Games, the maker of the Ratchet and Clank series and developer of the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man game.

>Price will talk about what it takes to be a leader in the game industry and how to inspire your team to be creative. He showed what it was like to lead when he created a YouTube video to protest President Donald Trump’s travel ban.

>Mike Gallagher, CEO of the Entertainment Software Association and a frequent speaker at our events, will be the moderator for the fireside chat. They are the latest speakers at our event entitled GamesBeat Summit 2017: How games, sci-fi, and tech create real-world magic.

>GamesBeat Summit 2017 will take place on May 1 and May 2, 2017, at the historic Claremont resort hotel in Berkeley, Calif., just a short distance from San Francisco.


Something else I found, it's more ESRB than ESA and it's no longer on the site.

ESRB Head Talks AO, Manhunt 2 and Community Standards [Jun 21 2007]


archived link for this reposting set


File: 1463495451223-0.png (425.68 KB, 548x762, 274:381, Get a haircut hippie.png)

File: 1463495451223-1.jpg (177.06 KB, 750x597, 250:199, Hide and seek's for babies.jpg)

cb24c0  No.323816[Reply]

It has become regularly obvious that many people feel tired and uninterested in gamergate lately, mainly because of the slowness, if not stillness of the activism it might imply.

Sending emails doesn't seem to cut it for them anymore; aside from not being enough, it looks as if it doesn't get anyone as fired up or involved as before.


Twitter drama is retarded, and sadly it is the only source of activity in the quietest days of the tag. Faggots like ralph keep using it even to shit on it or in hopes that they will finally receive attention, when they deserve both contempt and spit.

An efficient solution would be to reassemble and discuss your hopes, disappointment or joys. It is about what has been accomplished and what needs to be done to ensure gamergate does end.

For what our opposition doesn't seem to gather, is that all of us would love for this ordeal to finally end; but it cannot until the complete system we are going through doesn't get fixed and cured from ideologues, pseudo-intellectuals and narcissistic sociopaths.


You have met with many along the way I am sure; if they appear to have left or grown disinterested, talk to them about their presence still being appreciated.

Remain polite and friendly; keep examples of the still current air of bullshit gawker media and their buddies are forcing upon everyone; showcase victories, and establish new hope; give them a chance to merely stop if they so wish, but remain open to show them their "bad times" were anecdotes more than any actual genuine mindset.


#GamerGate, like #TorrentialDownpour, got abused by bots and selfish cunts who wanted the attention brought back to themselves; take the tag back.

As soon as you talk about games journalism, whether positively or negatively, use the hashtag; do not overtly spam it, for example when having a twitter conversation that requires several tweets, don't go crazy and use iPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

72 posts and 37 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

cb24c0  No.329803


I believe they are all ready conversing on /v/ but the /pol/ thread seems to be Ground Zero right now.

If you've got diggers on call, now would be a good time to flash the bat signal. We've got cattle to slaughter.

cb24c0  No.329827



What in the fuck does this have to do with ethics in video game journalism?

cb24c0  No.329828


Tearing down their idols read: sources of their bullshit, when it can be done by #GG's playbook, is never a bad thing anon.

cb24c0  No.329843


Nothing indeed. This is about how internet shitstorms operate in general. Anonymous, OpPayback, GG, Trump, PG..

Fun and exciting at first shit gets done, reinforced by streams of rank and file. Then it implodes on itself. The legion's gone, and so are the leaders, waiting for next thing to resonate.

Why keep looking back anon, do you miss caturdays and chocolate rain? Like those SJWs who occasionaly coopt skeletons in the style of 'Anonymous are against SJW cause X'? That's not how we roll.

Creative destruction is the only way to avoid stagnation. Yes, I know it's sometimes important to stay focused, but it is simply not practical with leaderless internet mob.

cb24c0  No.330045


Archive link since that thread is 404ed:


Though the OP in that thread doesn't seem to understand how laws regulating charities work. But that's hopefully change in the half month since that thread.

File: e7515e19c89cdb0⋯.jpg (46.23 KB, 610x369, 610:369, pewpewpew.jpg)

2f2dd8  No.329509[Reply]

The hash tag #pewdiepieisoverparty seems like he called someone a nigger.

https://twitter.com/hashtag/pewdiepieisoverparty?src=hash https://archive.is/CfCo1

> Got banned. Sad.


> Video got demonetised. Double sad.

https://twitter.com/pewdiepie/status/819506919736037376 https://archive.is/3YgPL

/pol/ says that Twitter unverified him and he had another video demonetized for joking about killing Jews >>>/pol/8757872

Was he ever verified? What did he actually do? Post sources and transcripts if you can get them.

13 posts and 6 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

2f2dd8  No.330195

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I think it's interesting he just did an entire video on this game that was at the center of GG controversy awhile ago and targeted for destruction by SJWs

seems he's /ourguy/

2f2dd8  No.330240

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Pewds did it again.

MSM just got





2f2dd8  No.330244

Can't he sue WSJ for defamation?

2f2dd8  No.330257

File: b92afd7896061c7⋯.jpg (182.81 KB, 602x692, 301:346, 1428597636029.jpg)


This reminds me of when notch got in the crosshair of failing slimeball media and he acted by mostly ignoring them even though he is rich enough to sue those blogs into oblivion.pewdie pie doesnt seem like the kind of guy to sue someone into bankruptcy

2f2dd8  No.330278


I don't watch Lets Plays or Pewdepie, but I spent 10 minutes watching that video, and… nothing?

He just plays the game and makes some unfunny jokes, there's no red pills or a take down of SJWs or anything.

What's the point? The comment section makes it sound like he's a revolutionary.

File: 9d961e401c20ddf⋯.png (102.91 KB, 973x795, 973:795, FBI_Gamergate.png)

d0c795  No.329650[Reply]

Hoover-senpai noticed us, uguu~

screencap, document & archive everything, despite the redacted waste it is


7 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

d0c795  No.329717

File: 1231a7ee4f57e65⋯.jpg (31.47 KB, 645x323, 645:323, fbione.JPG)

This is a nice banner

d0c795  No.329718

File: ce91eb141cab3ad⋯.jpg (78.83 KB, 599x567, 599:567, cnngg.JPG)

I doubt this will change the medias perception of gg though they will simply double down and pretend this fbi report does not exist

d0c795  No.329719

File: faabaa626069387⋯.jpg (104.38 KB, 1200x818, 600:409, C3Cb1UoUoAA5N1f.jpg)


Nice the glorious winged faggot strikes again

I wonder if the weird twitter will cry again to twitter about death threats sent by rando egg accounts to refill their patrons or for media attention those worthless whores

d0c795  No.329726

File: b96e9ed8399b319⋯.jpg (16.57 KB, 300x100, 3:1, Banner Innocent .jpg)

d0c795  No.329891

File: 409b0b426b0e96c⋯.png (717.91 KB, 1000x750, 4:3, 9ad9633f2ebd5d23c20c69b22d….png)

nice banner fag

File: ba20c8f732b0d28⋯.jpg (231.87 KB, 1280x800, 8:5, 1466514859278.jpg)

d17143  No.329557[Reply]

I stopped modding /v/ and disconnected myself from the whole chan culture gamergate shit around late spring of 2015.

what the fuck happened. is this the gg board? the last thing i remember is deleting a lot of intl spam and people hating drybones for some reason.

did anything notable happen at all since then or was it just non stop meta "discussion" and namefag drama?

also what happened to swami

hi acid man i think we talked a few times.

7 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

d17143  No.329596

File: 2fa0b2685895e97⋯.png (568.3 KB, 990x1065, 66:71, ZQsupernova.png)

File: 15bea4c02cc02ef⋯.jpg (55.99 KB, 640x480, 4:3, ZQsupernova closeup.jpg)

I became a steady lurker at Kiwi Farms because they had a hate boner even stronger than ours for the Literally Whos, but that site just voluntarily shut down because the admin 's family was doxxed hard and people lost jobs. Apparently lots of archives and those users migrated to /cow/.

I want Chelsea out of games completely.

d17143  No.329599


> I want Chelsea out of games completely.

Chelsea, Anita, and Wu work for Sylvia Rivera Law Center

Sylvia Rivera Law Center works for Proteus

Proteus works for Soros

Soros works for Safa Group

Safa Group is Saudi intelligence

They are a state supported spy ring. You got a lot of work ahead of you.

d17143  No.329601

File: 11385e446fe48ac⋯.jpg (69.4 KB, 800x499, 800:499, Wow!.jpg)


Links? Source? Anything?

Over on /v/ we've found some odd connections between the Saudis and the ESA. Show us what you got anon!

d17143  No.329621

File: 4b75fdea96ee094⋯.jpg (71.53 KB, 954x641, 954:641, armytrump1.jpg)

File: b3546542db36985⋯.jpg (146.17 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, armytrump2.jpg)

File: 6115c5f0c13a69f⋯.jpg (149.49 KB, 1200x1199, 1200:1199, armytrump3.jpg)

File: 3c4e37341dc3b17⋯.jpg (256.5 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, armytrump4.jpg)


>You got a lot of work ahead of you.

we meme'd Trump, I think we can handle it

d17143  No.329627


If I google search any of those names, my IP's going to be put on a list, won't it?

File: b0013029c5ffbd8⋯.png (580.08 KB, 526x524, 263:262, Board Necromancer.png)

c24022  No.329299[Reply]

Hand over the board and I will revive it. It will become undead, and we will bring back the shitposting.

I warned you at 300 UIDs that the board was dying, then again at 100 UIDs, and now at 17 UIDs in the past 72 hours. I don't even think that number is right because there's been like 6 posts in the last week.

Hand over the board, Acid Man. I won't destroy it, I will bring it back, better.

164 posts and 85 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

c24022  No.329594

File: 593773124a4f3f3⋯.png (100.78 KB, 231x267, 77:89, 593773124a4f3f389b7ad51eff….png)

Since this thread's basically become the ggr general, does anyone know why there's so many sodomites over there? I mean, regardless of what you think of "lgbt" people, you have to admit that there's an insane amount of them on ggr.

It's kinda like how the Alt-Right talks about degeneracy, yet defends people like Blaire white, TRS, and Richard Spencer.

c24022  No.329595


> I'm surprised we don't have a thread on the KiwiFarms shutdown.

/cow/ seems to have it handled >>>/cow/247424

c24022  No.329597

File: e3713ff08aa255c⋯.jpg (335.07 KB, 600x2072, 75:259, found your problem.jpg)


Maybe this offers a partial answer.

c24022  No.329600

File: d0c14e57e3103fb⋯.jpeg (189.11 KB, 811x603, 811:603, Asuka how does it work?.jpeg)



What I don't get is the furries.

Of all the degeneracy there is to be found on the 'net, why? The most major thing in the overall group right now is a furfag themed blogsite that's pumping out forced memes and Polygon-tier clickbait.

c24022  No.329620


Remember how it all began as a revolt against a coverup that lead to a strife against censorship and puritanism? And do you remember what fears are in the air since Donald Trump got elected?


In short, they fear judgement. More on it later.

File: 9c835055a9caed3⋯.gif (538.27 KB, 260x173, 260:173, 1410754991983.gif)

15f462  No.329598[Reply]

Archive: http://archive.is/l5VyA

So pretty much instead of paying for the proper development of a good console, and making sure that 3rd Party Developers have a good platform for their games…

They blame the critics and call them crazy.

Nintendo just went full SJW.

But we caught them.

File: 9d355b6ed8cb253⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 854.6 KB, 1277x1280, 1277:1280, 1415171187602.png)

907c0f  No.329259[Reply]

Post waifus superior to Asuka in this thread.

Starting with Vivian, just to stay on topic.

Also Coleslaw, your board is dead, and you helped kill Gamergate because of your leaderfaggotry and obsessive purging.

17 posts and 74 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

907c0f  No.329307

File: 7812c97a0fe37b8⋯.png (209.22 KB, 437x360, 437:360, nikkifap (0).png)

907c0f  No.329311

Why don't you guys just post pizza? It would be better than this 2d trash.

907c0f  No.329485

File: 0d2c0f39c4ebc79⋯.png (32.37 KB, 560x333, 560:333, David Gallant was thinking….png)

David S. Gallant wants rare Vivians.

>One night got particularly bad for me, I tried to deal with it by cumming, and at the moment of release, my mind drifted to the current GG situation I was trying to escape from. I felt horrible.

>GamerGate, of course, now claims I used them for sexual stimulation. Fucking please.

907c0f  No.329554

File: 80e32ff5ddb6562⋯.jpg (2.56 MB, 6099x3906, 2033:1302, Hoshimura.Makina.full.4776….jpg)

File: 7f59f55074e5a6e⋯.jpg (144.07 KB, 800x1235, 160:247, shikabane-hime-689213.jpg)

File: 9887199cf132aa0⋯.jpg (162.41 KB, 1280x800, 8:5, hoshimura_makina_by_nosvii.jpg)



907c0f  No.329555

File: 610ebc01a069bc2⋯.jpg (53.48 KB, 1305x720, 29:16, LiaDragonell6.jpg)

File: 37560654a9910cb⋯.gif (1.19 MB, 480x270, 16:9, Frederica6c0c5722317bccb26….gif)

File: 8b4bdaea03e8028⋯.jpg (44.58 KB, 1305x720, 29:16, LiaDragonell5.jpg)


File: f0ec3a2b2b90f1e⋯.jpg (94.83 KB, 900x624, 75:52, 1D spectrum.jpg)

File: 13477e530b7985e⋯.gif (9.57 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 2d spectrum.gif)

File: fd4c56b7934e369⋯.png (606.75 KB, 1554x1180, 777:590, Horseshoe Theory.png)

2ebd01  No.329206[Reply]

I've been nibbling on this for a few days and felt the need to put it down in text before I start forgetting parts of it. While I try not to blog here, it also seemed shitty that any other place should be my go-to for sharing it first. I also have the flu right now, so please forgive the inevitable typos.

One of the tenets of American political thought is that we tend to divide ourselves, or perhaps more accurately perceive an existing division, along a political spectrum line. On the Left you have liberalism, socialism, communism, atheism, globalism, antifascism, etcetera. On the Right you have fascism, nationalism, religious dogmatism, authoritarianism, anticommunism, etcetera. Each person, it is believed, falls somewhere on this line as a result of their personal political beliefs, and that the distance between people on different sides of the center give rise to the sociopolitical divides in society.

In recent years, a more nuanced view of this divides the line into a 2-dimensional spectrum. Left and Right are represented on the horizontal center, with a new axis, Libertarian <> Autoritarian complimenting it as the vertical center axis. Thus a person have some degree of "ethical mobility" with their political beliefs, able to choose an individualist interpretation maximizing freedom (Libertarian Left or Libertarian Right) or a forcefully-imposed, collective interpretation sacrificing freedom (Authoritarian Left or Authoritarian Right).

The most recent alteration of this classical political-divide theory also includes some contemplation of a spectrum that more resembles a "U" shape, appropriately named the "horseshoe theory", that attempts to demonstrate that the farthest ends of the traditional 1-D political spectrum tend to be so united by their use and acceptance of Authoritarianism that they have more in common in methods than they differ in goals. To wit, being oppressed for the good of the nationalist Fatherland is just as bad as being oppressed for the communist Motherland, and the methods of oppression do not differ by much.

This is a basic representation of the classical American view of the political divide.

5 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

2ebd01  No.329213

> What if, much in the same way that Marxism believes that the Left-Right political divide is merely a symptom of the "true" problem, that both of these interpretations are merely shadows. By "shadow" I refer to how a three dimensional object, illuminated by an energy source, projects a lesser-dimensional representation on its surroundings.

In math terms, these 1-dimensional and 2-dimensional political spectra are derivatives of higher order functions.

> Acid discovers class consciousness and will be a commie in a week

The three-class model seems to match well with Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. The Working Class cares about their basic needs. The Social Class has their basic needs and cares about social validation. The Intellectual Class has both and cares about self-achievement.

SJWs in the 3-class model are people who want the social validation of being considered as members of the intellectual class, who will take away the social validation of the social class, and who will take away the livelihood of the working class.

> that Boeing guy might have voted for Donald Trump

That reminds me of this:


2ebd01  No.329228

File: 70bfd0fd4630000⋯.jpg (3.6 KB, 73x73, 1:1, cAMDXA3u_bigger.jpg)


Sjws seem to have some desperate need for validation - from what I've seen it's nearly always intellectual validation too. Notice how much they bang on about being 'academic'.

Is this need some side effect of growing up in the participation trophy crowd?

2ebd01  No.329257

>on the left you have… globalism

You really need to learn the difference between neoliberalism and worldwide communism. Neoliberalism is simply the latest evolution of capitalism, allowing it one avenue of escaping the regulation of any one government by transcending national boundaries. Socialists and communists certainly are "globalists", but only in the sense of the necessity to defeat capitalism on all fronts because socialism in one country faces incredible odds against other countries' governments working against it in the service of capital. Just look at the past 50 years of US intervention in Latin America.

>… atheism

Also rofl, there's plenty of atheist ancaps and nazis. Freeing oneself from the moral constraints of certain religions is one way objectivists are able to justify being selfish assholes.

Since reading Marx and other theory and becoming a socialist I have had a more and more difficult time taking political "spectrum" stuff seriously. I'm not sure I believe in a fabled "center" anymore. You're either ignorant of what's going on around you and thus fine with the status quo or do know and actively defending the power structures, but in both cases that makes you in support of the system. It's an abstraction with only so much function in itself, but the traditional Left-Right divide came from the national assembly during the French Revolution where the monarchists sat to the right of the president and supporters of the revolution sat to the left. At the time, the leftists were those supporting the capitalist class. Since capitalism is now the dominant economic arrangement, leftism encompasses those who want something different. Both of your spectrum images are hilariously inaccurate in any event.

Now… How does this relate to Gamergate?

2ebd01  No.329511


>example this image is a leftie in his natural environment notice the telltale signs of leftism notice them i say.

Take away the pink hair and the ugly glasses and you'd have a metalhead.

I guess those are the signs?

2ebd01  No.329526


>These lesser divides, Marxists hold, are artificial divisions sown by the upper class to keep the much more numerous working class people from uniting against them, preventing the Marxist ideal of a "working class revolution" from becoming a reality.

>Marxists thus see a victory of the working class in the "class struggle" to be a panacea for most or all of the lesser problems in society. Once the working class is in a position of incontestable power - the so-called "Dictatorship of the Proletariat" the lesser societal divides promulgated by the extinct upper class will then resolve themselves.

Marxists love this idea of 'the working class revolution/Dictatorship of the Proletariat' - except they are basing it on a massive assumption and a massive flaw - that the working classes all share the same view, all want the same thing, and that there are no hierarchical structures within those working classes. As if none would be out to seek power, or benefit for themselves over others, or none are corrupt or have bias or prejudice. In dealing with people that's not going to be the case. Marxists seem to think if they get their working class revolution it'll be peace and love all around.


>Since capitalism is now the dominant economic arrangement, leftism encompasses those who want something different.

You don't have to be a leftist to want something different. You can support capitalism and still want something different.

File: 1454031325533.png (1.13 MB, 845x1024, 845:1024, SP4.png)

482d2b  No.314360[Reply]

Nominations for the 2016 Hugos have now opened for the Sci-Fi and Fantasy literary fans - the awards being held later in the year. After last year's 'No Award' Hugos - 'Burn It All Down!' - who knows what will happen this time around.

Sad Puppies 4 (their 4th year for those who don't know) have been up and running for a while now - you can recommend/see what's been recommended here -


Meanwhile, the triggerati have been up to their usual tricks - this time trying to stop retailers from stocking books by dem dirty no-good wrong-thinkers who have taken part in Sad Puppies -


79 posts and 31 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

482d2b  No.328177


My god, this writer - and her editor - are so out of touch she contradicts herself in her summary:

> The opening of a city’s writers festival could have been graced by any of the brilliant writers and thinkers who challenge us to be more. To be uncomfortable.

Yet she wrote this entire rant - which the Grauniad dutifully published - because the speaker challenged her and made her uncomfortable.

482d2b  No.328185


Smell your privilege.

482d2b  No.328775

File: d1f584cfc8a711b⋯.jpg (17 KB, 255x255, 1:1, [002299].jpg)

Dumping this link here. Just a heads up.

Although not recently updated this was/is not a site by the Sad Puppies -


Keep an eye out for false flags like this - they'll probably still turn up in searches even if the site is no longer used.

Guessing there's similar sites out there - whether related to gg, games/gamers in general, or the puppies or comics etc - either set up just for trolling - or by shills trying to spread disinfo.

482d2b  No.328845


>Erin Dies Alone

What? Why?

482d2b  No.329525

File: 7e3027a0b91a8ab⋯.jpg (141.92 KB, 480x512, 15:16, chili.jpg)

How to Revisionism - preaching (history) to the choir here -

'The Rise of Science Fiction from Pulp Mags to Cyberpunk.'


[All text no pics]

It covers quite a lot but then throws in the usual mix of 'privileging' 'gender roles' 'toxic effects of capitalism' etc. -everything through the lens of muh feminism.

Hints of 'maturity' and of being seen to be grown up too - that'll do it.

Also 'male or female or gender fluid' - at which point some brain cells gave up.

Gender fluid = stuff that squirts out of humans. I've already made that association - too late now.

File: c2749153079d297⋯.png (90.98 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 2017-01-10.png)

File: c1a1d42ce4d5ebf⋯.png (99.41 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 2017-01-10 (1).png)

File: 14205f22942c387⋯.png (89.55 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 2017-01-10 (2).png)

6b0751  No.329461[Reply]

So you know how they're always saying, "It's just vidya, who cares?" Well, I decided I would rewrite it as something people do care about. Let me know if this works. Also, apologies to /v/ where I originally posted this. I'm a dumbass.

6b0751  No.329463

Israel is a good analogy to Gamergate >>328276

Your fanfic is crap. Dump it and just tell the truth, and have the sources to back you up.

6b0751  No.329494


1. Israel is a terrible analogy. It would be a great one if #Gamergate actually was a hate group which used terror tactics to accomplish its aims.

2. It's not "fanfic." It's satire.

3. Saying something sucks and it should be dumped is the exact sort of lazy criticism that people like Sarkeesian are famous for.

4. Rewriting it as events happened has been done to death. Moreover, anyone saying "ethics in video games journalism" is either going to be met with "Who cares about video games?" or "Fuck you, you filthy gamer." I want to hear them say "Who cares about Israel?" or "Fuck you, you filthy Jew" and see how well that goes over.

6b0751  No.329510


Did you confuse "pro-Israel" and "anti-Israel" at some points?


> I want to hear them say "Who cares about Israel?" or "Fuck you, you filthy Jew" and see how well that goes over.

SJWs say that all the time, and are roundly applauded for it.

File: 7a99cea986f44bd⋯.jpg (15.76 KB, 138x182, 69:91, owned.jpg)

8e7f7c  No.329452[Reply]

I was searching for some old-ass files when I stumbled across this editorial published on PlanetQuake in December 1998:


The Death Of The Quake Community?

Decline of Respect and Good Spirits in the online community

>The days when you were what's regarded as a newbie - fragile, confused, and wondering why the hell you moved and fired half a second after you pressed those buttons. With good chance, someone that knew how to play helped you out. Gave a helping hand, told you how to play, and wasted the living pulp out of you afterwards.

>I am sure all of you have seen what are referred to as "llamas" - losers of all losers, or, lamers. Frequently they act like a righteous bastard - fill the chat screen with nasty stuff; shoot at team mates on teamplay mods (though it's debatable whether the guy just thought it was DM);

>They've always mucked up the game for everyone involved, but most of all they muck it up for the new players, who would most likely find their behavior intolerable. The community just tries to ignore them, hoping that they go away. Unfortunately, they won't go away. Worse, their number is growing, not just within the Quake community, but throughout online gaming.

>After a while, I got tired of the people that seemed to enjoy making an ass of themselves. I knew there weren't much that I could really do, but hell, it couldn't hurt. I went ahead and stuck ten or so suggestions that people might want to follow while playing online games, gave it a format which I thought (at the time) was decently elegant, and released it - Quetiquette.

>The rules did span out from the obvious (which I wrote down) to more down towards respect - not shooting the guy who's obviously showing that they're gone by facing a wall, etc.

>There were, of course, those that complained, saying I was posting "rules" and that he didn't have to follow tPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 69cd1193c8122f2⋯.png (159.79 KB, 1588x926, 794:463, briannawugamergatetrump.png)

File: 2d9cbf616985626⋯.jpg (46.41 KB, 600x401, 600:401, briannawujackass.jpg)

File: be45fbfc802a0da⋯.png (320.09 KB, 478x481, 478:481, briannawupainting.png)

304231  No.328660[Reply]

Guess who's still obsessed with stalking /gamergatehq/ after Trump won? You guess it, it's our favorite nutty trans feminist, Brianna Wu!

29 posts and 13 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

304231  No.329147


GamerGate will hack Wu's campaign.

304231  No.329155


Nice try Brianna Wu. You're only saying that to make people believe GamerGate is behind the attack as always.

304231  No.329161


I'm not Brianna Wu, check my post history.

304231  No.329190



304231  No.329221


You misspelled "Russia"

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