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File: 7320293a72f9165⋯.mp4 (1.4 MB, 854x480, 427:240, farcry5c.mp4)

File: a2cdd6e316fa909⋯.jpg (480.87 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Far Cry® 5_20180327150035.jpg)

File: 9ae4224239cd424⋯.jpg (386.89 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Far Cry® 5_20180327150053.jpg)

8b198a  No.331682[Reply]

Yes, this dialogue is on an answering machine in "Far Cry 5". Full text follows and map to it below.

HURK DRUBMAN, SR.: Hello, this is…goddammit, Junior, this thing even recording?

HURK DRUBMAN, JR.: Yeah, it's on. You're doing a great job, daddy.

HURK DRUBMAN, SR.: I know I'm doing great. You come from my goddamn gonads, son. I don't ever need your opinion on how I'm doing.

Hello, I'm Hurk Drubman, Sr. I'm a veteran, small business owner, a loving father, and I'm running for State Senate.

I care deeply for Montana, which is why I can no longer sit back while this state and this country are turned into Canada by godless, gunless hippies who will not rest until democracy is dead and we're all eating ketchup chips. These syrup sucking socialists sneak into our country with 300 different gender pronouns and take our high paying jobs in entertainment and hockey! They don't care about our way of life. They want to take our guns, spread their liberal agenda, and give our daughters free abortions.

If elected, I'll put a stop to these maple leaf menaces to the north. I will make sure our healthcare is more expensive than ever. I'll remove the French courses from our schools. And I will require all Montanans who were born in Canada or share their politics to be deported or shipped to California.

Finally, I'll push for more strict immigration laws and build a 700 foot tall ice wall on our border, which I'll slowly move one inch north every year until Canada is American again. Make no mistake: If you're Canadian or that dirty liberal judge Andy Walker who ruled against me and let my gold digging ex-wife steal my fortune in the divorce, your days are numbered.

I'm Hurk Drubman, Sr. and I approved this goddamn message.

059088  No.331686

With people like Turdeau in power, America needs Hurk Drubman.

Example: http://www.foxnews.com/world/2018/02/06/canadas-trudeau-corrects-woman-for-using-mankind-at-town-hall.html

d3304c  No.331707

And to think people were afraid that Far Cry 5 would be nothing but SJW propaganda.

They also thought Far Cry 4 would be SJW propaganda, and them Amita turned out to be a bloodthirsty dictator.

No doubt there will be more FUD when Far Cry 6 is inevitably announced.

339242  No.331750



This reads like they're mocking us, not supporting us. They probably want us to meme it or support it, to make our camp look ridiculous.

3cd4c3  No.331830


>I will make sure our healthcare is more expensive than ever

(((they))) just couldn't help them selves.

File: 63908c7d6a55619⋯.png (184.38 KB, 637x476, 91:68, 63908c7d6a55619da4d3dbdd48….png)

3c995e  No.331781[Reply]

I thought you were supposed to get rid of all video game-related corruption. There's still plenty of shitty translations, hit pieces, and nepotism. Good job doing absolutely nothing in 4 years except annoying twitter users.

14 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

b2b504  No.331819

File: dbd4a592da94e57⋯.jpg (259.23 KB, 900x900, 1:1, nwf.jpg)


>feminists won

>embrace feminism

>worship your betters

>anita sarkeesian

>zoe quinn

e4cc99  No.331823

Jesus fuck guys stop with this tomfoolery, SEND EMAILS!!!!!

51cc01  No.331825

> Anchored

> Still the top post

> SJWs still think #Gamergate is around

51cc01  No.331826


Still the case as of posting this. 0pph territory.

#Gamergate has moved on to bigger fish.

b2b504  No.331828

File: 0e177f8457f8a48⋯.jpg (107.15 KB, 700x734, 350:367, 1524434715662.jpg)


Anita's update after article. Found it via Tumblr.

* She updates a lot more regularly these days! Ever since Tropes vs. Wom*n ended, the Feminist Frequency youtube channel has put out a whopping 80 videos… and no, you probably don’t remember nor care how long ago TvW ended, but oh well. It’s certainly a lot better than like 10 videos in four years.

* The channel now runs a bunch of different shows. On the one hand, this makes it feel a lot more decentralized, and therefore likely less prone to being overwhelmed by Anita Sarkeesian’s massive ego. On the other hand, most of these shows are the same essential premise - the flagship is definitely The Freq Show, has pulled in by far the most views of any show on the channel, with one notable Black Panther Podcast exception. But the premise of The Freq Show seems to be basically “Anita rants about stuff to the camera, with severely clickbaity titles.” I’m not kidding about that - “7 Ways to Talk To Your Racist Uncle At Thanksgiving” and “One Weird Trick For Helping Women” are actual video titles. With the exception of the Star Trek Discovery recap podcast, all other shows seem to follow this same basic format. “Feminist Frequency Radio” is the same basic premise but with more people… and the weirdest nagging feeling that they might be ripping off the Honey Badger Brigade. “Feminist Answering Machine” is also the same premise but shorter, and with a different feminist each time. And so on.

* When I said that The Freq Show was the flagship because it gets the most views, I meant that sometimes if they’re lucky it will get above 20,000 views. Realistically, however, the majority of their videos have around 2000-4000 views, especially in the past 4 months. The Freq Show has recently returned, and I have to say it’s about time the channel had a video with more than 7000 views under its belt - the months where they were taking a break and just doing Feminist Frequency Radio have been absolutely dire for the channel and its views.

* In every single thumbnail apart from the one where she was deliberately play-acting a miPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 32fef7f1bc16156⋯.jpg (44.86 KB, 534x311, 534:311, mailtocristine.jpg)

a00bad  No.331818[Reply]

Thank god I found this board. I'm so tired of men thinking that they are so amazing when they try to shield me. Sorry boys, you're #NotMyShield

0c05e5  No.331824

81e7a8  No.331873


Seriously, go kill yourself you worthless piece of autistic garbage.

File: 16b8d56aa42d754⋯.jpg (116.35 KB, 793x642, 793:642, religion.jpg)

ea3be3  No.331755[Reply]

Asshole on the right got his feelings hurt because a woman didn't lead a Christian lifestyle.

And for all your "hard work", Jeff Gerstmann told you to fuck off for not starting when he was fired, and Trump is gonna take away your video games.

9f2d79  No.331757


have a pity (you), it's the only one you'll get

f5adac  No.331813


Rogers was commie scum.

2a4325  No.331814


Happened because people were sick of truthless and unrelated feminist propaganda in the gaming press. People found out what a literal psycho scumfuck slut some chick Kotaku was flaunting for the sake of that shit was. We found out that the dude who was writing about her was one of the legions of thirsty betamales continously frosting the walls of said psycho slut's putrid meat cave. At first everyone thought Kotaku would be embarrassed like decent people would be and maybe decide to tone down the horse shit.Then everyone learned what an incestual clusterfuck the gaming press is and what a damn cartel the press is in general.

#Gamergate spearheaded the fight against fake news, and it was a glorious shitshow for a time. Hopefully Trump will get on opening up the libel laws like he promised.

7d4094  No.331973

Hey leftypol. Just letting you know women aren't capable of leading countries or big business.

File: 64073b5352faca4⋯.png (1.05 MB, 1080x1121, 1080:1121, 20180503_043604.png)

44a529  No.331760[Reply]

Because our children and grandchildren have to grow up in this country. There is nothing greater then saving our country! FlyAway doubters! We here support to Q we're for God for country and even for you…

25 posts and 13 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

c72ee0  No.331794

File: 37c09bd84caf870⋯.jpg (96.15 KB, 900x746, 450:373, Very stable genius trump.jpg)

c72ee0  No.331795

File: 3f22560ecb548ac⋯.jpg (126.72 KB, 604x330, 302:165, brazzers trump..jpg)

c72ee0  No.331796

File: 9fa37f632d57280⋯.jpg (62.26 KB, 640x480, 4:3, Trump Ivanka Bed.JPG)

c72ee0  No.331797

File: e88a20c995da5ec⋯.jpeg (130.53 KB, 600x600, 1:1, Trumpvoter.jpeg)

14ae2c  No.331798

File: 8f422618b350e7f⋯.jpg (50.44 KB, 600x450, 4:3, road_to_success.jpg)

Are you sure you're on the right board, mate?

File: 19d5bec707f5515⋯.png (257.04 KB, 706x701, 706:701, Despair.png)

c64689  No.331603[Reply]

In light of recent events (even Trump has said he's gonna look into violent video games & media), I think we need to make a database to spread.

1. Post a PDF or link to every report that proves videogames do not cause violence or make people crazy.

Articles talking about the reports/papers/dissertations/etc should also be posted here (archived). With their official tweet as well if you can.

2. Post a PDF or link to every report that shows how many people under the age of a game's rating own the game.

Same as the above. The intent is not to feed the enemy, but to show the parents are giving their kids material that is not appropriate for them. Blocks won't work if the parents seek out and get this material for their children.

Secondary Goals

3. Post a PDF or link to every report that shows social media affects kids negatively.

Same as above, and again, the internet is not to feed the enemy. SJWs and the hard-left rely on being able to appeal to young people so their politics are set as "normal" in their minds from a young age. Not to mention how social media ruins how people are supposed to socialize (to the point one of the Twitter founders says he regrets it).

> We need to stop kids from seeing material that makes them violent!

< Fine, lets stop them using Twitter to read CNN.

4. Post a PDF or link to every report that shows how kids are fucked up due to other factors outside of videogames.

Drugged for being hyper-active, boys punished for being masculine and girls punished for being feminine, kids being isolated due to their peers being brought up to not associate with anyone different from their interests, a lack of job prospects, a lack of good boyfriends and girlfriends, a lack of good friends, exposure to specific subjects too early in school (identity, sex, etc), a lack of identity outside of what they consume-

Basically answer the quPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

12 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

c64689  No.331619

> Violent Games Don’t Make People Violent, Says New Study



The report (via the Telegraph):


There's no direct link to the research/paper though.

c64689  No.331650

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

White House official channel uploaded this.

Just footage of "videogame violence". No commentary, no context, no narration.

Just the "worst" of the medium- same as if you took the worst of horror films you could lambast all film, or the worst of republicans to slander everything left of Clinton.

1. Downvote the video.

2. Post articles from this thread in the comments.

3. Spread awareness on social media (infographs, etc). Criticize the video as well. "Why just post a montage of the worst?" - get people thinking and they see through bullshit. You just have to make it obvious to them.

As with all information campaigns, the idea is not to change the minds of those at the top- but to change a big chunk of the public's desire so that it'd be career suicide to go against them.

c64689  No.331663

I replied to one of NicheGamer's tweets summarizing what's been posted here:


The quote here >>331608 is dynamite (from "My own research" onwards).

c64689  No.331669

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Not an article, but a summery.

There's also a cutdown version here:


Neither work on normalfags who don't play vidya, but working to expose who makes money from the outcry helps. I.e. what layers are pushing the charge, running to defense, or funneling the money they got from robbing the gold from dead jews in WW2 into protest groups.

c64689  No.331715

File: c0b0ea2e105a74c⋯.jpg (147.87 KB, 671x599, 671:599, Da5aJ20WsAEGgHn.jpg)

> The American Psychological Association helped to spread fake news about the link between media violence and aggression in children.

You need to log in to download I think:



Excerpt comes from a Tweet.


File: 8b8a8744760c490⋯.jpg (43.38 KB, 800x450, 16:9, bully-hunters-livestream-h….jpg)

634d93  No.331709[Reply]

So you all must have heard by now of that fantastic trainwreck that was the entire "Bully Hunters" fiasco.

Yeah that scam crap to sell headsets.

I think we have enough info by now on it and this really needs to be in a thread, the dumpster fire burned down before it even began on April 12 at 7pm EST on Twitch.

634d93  No.331710

File: cab1b988b305167⋯.mp4 (10.96 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, BULLY HUNTERS – WITNESS TH….mp4)

Their trailer.

634d93  No.331711

And here's the stream.


634d93  No.331712

oh hey wait this thread already exists


322883  No.331713

Thanks to PewDiePie making a video about Bully Hunters, it's a huge laughing stock.


File: 736bd8b6ac64b6c⋯.png (101.02 KB, 859x1127, 859:1127, adultswimzoe.png)

ce1267  No.331565[Reply]

Guess who appeared at Adult Swim last night? Does she fit in, or is Adult Swim turning to the dark side of the cuck?

3 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

95b8d4  No.331573


Yeah, but they probably have a friend policing the official contact points to filter out information. Try finding email addresses for people in the office.

6a5d87  No.331581

Christina Miller

66c192  No.331685


You wouldn't mention Ada Lovelace in the same breath as those parasites unless you are going full retard.

a86ff3  No.331694

How does the side with all the power, privilege, and connections manage to pass itself off as the victims?

1f67ea  No.331695


> How does the side with all the power, privilege, and connections manage to pass itself off as the victims?

Professional PR and ownership of the media.

File: 2c16e5a4584939a⋯.jpg (104.94 KB, 460x215, 92:43, 2064title.jpg)

File: 386a4a355583875⋯.jpg (35.32 KB, 600x313, 600:313, 2064mattconngg.jpg)

File: 56208f549fd593f⋯.png (300.05 KB, 1346x1650, 673:825, 2064lqgamergate.png)

8360c4  No.331679[Reply]

eea147  No.331681

It happened again! How many anti-Gamers revealed to be sex criminals does that make?

> “I cut a lot of corners, I’m a weird guy, and I put people off in a lot of ways, and I don’t mean to, but I never intend to make anyone ever feel uncomfortable and I need to get better. I didn’t realize. I would never intentionally want anyone to ever feel uncomfortable. Especially looking back at it, I realize that there’s definitely a lot of things I could have done differently.”

That's understandable and possibly true. He should have thought of that before he chose the side that assumes the worst of everyone's behavior and automatically declares them guilty.

> I was paid less than minimum wage for full time work, berated and belittled for hours over minor mistakes

That's not harassment, that's typical industry business practices. Maybe they could start addressing that instead?

File: 7dec2e020f55973⋯.png (155.23 KB, 606x750, 101:125, gamergateplay.png)

81427f  No.331624[Reply]

So what are your thoughts about the San Francisco Play doing a theater play about what GamerGate didn't do? Who's behind it? And why are they brainwashing kids to become snowflakes to believe GamerGate harasses women?

5049e1  No.331660

>Before trolls, bots, and hacktivists

They're bragging how ignorant they are in the opening line. Do they really think those groups weren't around before GG?

File: 7270fe17afb8a96⋯.png (765.59 KB, 1280x719, 1280:719, mr.belt.png)

e44db3  No.331639[Reply]

Polygon: The ESRB’s new warning seems to hide loot boxes in plain sight


>Patricia Vance at first sounded a little confused by the pushback. Another reporter on the call Tuesday pointed out to Vance, the president of the Entertainment Software Rating Board, just how expansive the board’s new labeling of in-game purchases really was. Practically anything you see touted at E3 2017, The Game Awards, PlayStation Experience, it’s all carrying some kind of in-app purchase.

>Vance suggested that there are post-release expansions that are not offered for sale from within a game. I know I scratched my head trying to think of one; it sounded like the others on the line were, too. I tried to repeat the question in a different way, pointing out that a current game — South Park: The Fractured But Whole — has chapter extensions and a season pass, literally available from within the game (a bus stop serves as the marketplace for that). None of that was objectionable before loot crates hit the scene last fall. And there are no loot crates in the South Park game.

>Vance stuck to the message. A season pass and DLC offered from within the game gets the in-game purchases label, and the ESRB encourages all parents to set spending controls using tools on the platforms available.

>“The new In-Game Purchases label will be applied to games with in-game offers to purchase digital goods or premiums with real world currency,” the ESRB said in a statement, “including but not limited to bonus levels, skins, surprise items (such as item packs, loot boxes, mystery awards), music, virtual coins and other forms of in-game currency, subscriptions, season passes and upgrades (eg. to disable ads).”

>To me, it has the effect of obscuring, or normalizing (there’s a trendy word) the phenomenon of loot crates. If they’re just another in-game purchase, and gamers have tolerated them for years, what’s the BFD about this one, right? I’m not the only one who feels this way.

>A ‘Missed Opportunity’ to educate consumers

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

e44db3  No.331640

>But I do respect Lee’s consistency of message, that there’s at least a class of microtransactions that deserve more attention. I still think he and his colleagues face a steep challenge, because it can still be argued they’re seeking to regulate content, and video game publishers won big against that effort in 2011 when the Supreme Court threw out a California law and found video games to be protected works of free expression.

>For its part, the ESRB seems unwilling to call out loot boxes as any kind of special or distinctive transaction. It was pointed out to Vance that the ESRB has content descriptors for gambling (and “simulated gambling”). Not that I expected the ESRB — a creation of the Entertainment Software Association — to regulate them as such. The ESA has been clear since the Battlefront 2 controversy broke that it does not consider loot boxes to be gambling, as Lee and other regulators and lawmakers allege.

>”I’m sure you’re all asking why we did not do something more specific to loot boxes,” Vance said. And, yeah, we were. She pointed to focus-group research that suggested parents weren’t familiar with the concept, and even those who were, weren’t actually informed about what a loot crate involves.

>A more specific warning is needed

>To my mind, that would suggest the necessity of a warning more specific than the ESRB is offering, rather than a blanket label that equates story extension DLC with a spin at the wheel for virtual items. The ESRB’s thrust is clear: Drive the focus toward parental controls that are available on consoles and other systems, which we’ve called a problem already solved. This isn’t surprising, and this approach was suggested to me by others within the industry a couple of weeks ago after the Hawaii legislation was introduced.

>A public service campaign calling attention to the parental support a console provides — and has provided for years — is fine. What’s bothering everyone is this is an industry trend, and the only way that can effectively be regulated is if no one’s buying it. Good luck with that, especially on something as popular as The Lord of the Rings, Star Wars or Call of Duty.

>The ESRB may not be in a position where it can tell publishers what it can and cPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: eba9f7d23758970⋯.png (116.74 KB, 1783x200, 1783:200, ancient internet.PNG)

4bfb60  No.331623[Reply]

So with talks about SESTA/FOSTA going through despite warnings from everyone (Including the DoJ, and a number of politicians), some Anons are asking the question of "How will we build another internet?"

That's what the purpose of this topic is for discussing.

File: 388e3bf8d20ffd6⋯.jpg (64.46 KB, 600x730, 60:73, 1518729205162.jpg)

File: d72e909c542281d⋯.jpg (86.14 KB, 680x1209, 680:1209, 1518729265238.jpg)

aa6d64  No.331582[Reply]

Vavra mentioned that Josh Sawyer, author of Fallout series, said that if they succeed he is leaving his job and will be founding a studio of his own.

File: e704c482bdf2664⋯.png (554.15 KB, 960x540, 16:9, JPETERSONKekFlag.png)

019fd0  No.331576[Reply]

First post…


Hey guys I've been following this Social Justice thing for a while and I thought the 4chan #ItsOkayToBeWhite publicity stunt was so genius it deserved it's own anthem. Hope you dig it, cheers!

9f9872  No.331577

It was a good piece of agitprop that exposed some actual racists in positions of power, but people didn't follow through by collecting names, shaming, and pushing out to media.

File: 7972014297fc169⋯.jpg (73.09 KB, 775x906, 775:906, tumblr_inline_p3je6jdUg81r….jpg)

c88c0e  No.331575[Reply]

I bet she's spreading more lies and social justice bullshit in Bioware headquarters. Maybe she wants more attention, more credit in special thanks (like Firewatch), and more victim bucks.

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