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File: 1466134911667.jpg (47.18 KB, 585x300, 39:20, gg banner.jpg)

fef100  No.325153[Reply]

After speaking with the organizers of Natsucon in Collinsville, Illinois (just outside of Saint Louis), they have approved my GamerGate panel in it's entirety. Initially they were skeptical, but after seeing my panel at Arch Anime and the presentation I have planned, they fully supported the idea. I'll be running the panel with a co-panelist and while she is somewhat newer to the GamerGate discussion, she hopes to provide unique insight from a slightly more neutral perspective.

I don't have the exact date or time that the panel will be held, but it will be at some point during the weekend of July 22nd through July 24th. I will announced the exact date and time at a later date, once the official schedule is out. If anyone wants to show up, tickets are available for pretty modest prices and there is a military discount for service members. Pre-registration tickets are available at a lower price until the end of June, though you can also purchase badges at the door.

>Important Links!

* My Previous Panel at Arch Anime: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CL4sJyEkZOE

* Convention Website: http://natsucon.org/

* Ticket Purchasing: http://natsucon.org/register/

* Local Hotels: http://natsucon.org/information/hotel/

>GamerGate Saint Louis Group

* Twitter: https://twitter.com/gamergatestl

* Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/525034050984857

* Google+ Group: Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

fef100  No.325605

The panel will be on July 23rd at 10PM CST!

File: 1466559984247.jpg (89.86 KB, 450x750, 3:5, 1463855316080.jpg)

24043b  No.325352[Reply]


>"police your friends on our behalf"

>this should go well


I found this shit over on /tg/. it looks like SJWs are making their move on /tg/ territory and more games are being infected with their poison. it's time we help our brothers in arms as fellow gamers.

18 posts and 5 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

24043b  No.325521


Future generations will be mixed race, gender fluid SJWs, tho…

24043b  No.325544

File: 1467243033705.jpg (79.74 KB, 620x620, 1:1, moon_man_make_it_mac_tonig….jpg)


Not if I can help it.

24043b  No.325546


You can't help it, though. You might as well try to stop the tide from coming in by posting memes on Twitter. Won't make the future less brown or less queer.

24043b  No.325558


>You can't help it, though.

With that image and dubs, yes, yes he can. With .40 caliber memes.

24043b  No.325579


Oh cute… we got a SJW bullbaiter.

File: 1466135082034.jpg (389.18 KB, 1260x2160, 7:12, ClBKPMUVAAEu1sD.jpg orig.jpg)

f19841  No.325154[Reply]

I'm honestly wondering. I mean just look at it…the problem glasses. This has to be an inside joke or something.

24 posts and 15 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

f19841  No.325397

File: 1466673402365.jpg (93.64 KB, 275x325, 11:13, 1466360067664-pol.jpg)

f19841  No.325398

File: 1466673549452.png (194.52 KB, 236x429, 236:429, 1466285590785-pol.png)


Pot Dispensary Barbie should be next.

f19841  No.325425


Too thin.

f19841  No.325498

LOL GaymerGay faggots getting salty trying to make Barbie great again

f19841  No.325517

File: 1467109221925.jpg (32.58 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 061.jpg)


aww, did we trigger you special snowflake? are you gonna cry about your fee fees? get the fuck out of here and go back to ghazi, or tumblr or wherever you're from.

File: 1466383080863.png (402.36 KB, 1366x1768, 683:884, Untitled-1.png)

5e02f0  No.325256[Reply]


Basically he says anime and all right wing stuff is connected by sexual violence.

This is not exactly games related stuff.

But I think most of we knows anime is for japanese games what movies is for our western games.

Maybe we need to be careful about them. Just in case of something.

There are still nothing like femfreq in japan this does not mean there will be no femfreq-like group in Japan ever.

6 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

5e02f0  No.325273

File: 1466433012449.png (205.72 KB, 680x520, 17:13, Consquider.png)

Back in the days of the MN9 fiasco I remember that Dina managed to socialize with a very small group of baka gaijin friends in Osaka which appeared to share her views regarding female representation in the industry that we're so familiar with.

Unfortunately I have no further references but I already had the impression that there was some SJW presence there, albeit small and with little influence. Maybe it would be good to dig on those old twitter screencaps from the MN9 threads and look if any of the names of the people she mentioned as Osaka locals has a link to these SEALDs.

5e02f0  No.325276


I think trying to pin a leftward slide of Japanese youth on a single organization is not going to do much. The problem isn't SEALD, it's Japanese youth as a group starting to reject the traditions of their culture in the wake of a flailing economy. They're more likely to embrace homosexuality and transsexuality (which has been a growing cause since 2000, apparently), as well as being far more likely to advocate repairing relations with China and Korea (especially Korea) than the two previous generations.

But ultimately, I wouldn't trust anyone not fluent in Japanese to "keep an eye" on Japan, or deliver any real insight into the complexities of Japanese cultural transitions. Least of all a bunch of wizard-chan rejects who think they "get" Japanese culture.

5e02f0  No.325277


>anti american(americans gtfo from okinawa)

fake isue for the japanese. IF america actually left Okinawa, it would accomplish nothing because the japanese don't give a fuck about Okinawa. It's like a tiny forgettable hokkaido to them, a rustic little afterthought that they really don't feel strongly about.

5e02f0  No.325469


Making reperations with either will basically give japanese the equivalent of "white mans burden" and would be stupid. The koreans are going to enter civil war at somepoint since north korea is growing faster and the men in the south are being treated as criminals by birth. And as for the chinese, they are money grubbing lunatics and would love the japanese population as extended slaves. They seem to be embracing the other side of "everything else is the problem, everything but me" that the neets had but in a more hostile form. I am not suprised that sjws would pop up, but going full socialist will only fuck things up even further.

5e02f0  No.325490


>wizard-chan rejects

Hi Chelsea, why are you posting in this thread when it's not about you?

File: 1466826619157.png (4.83 MB, 1504x2575, 1504:2575, zoequinntshirt.png)

aec5a9  No.325444[Reply]

Did you hear the latest news? Zoe Quinn is selling her official "I'm The Best Graphic Designer" shirt. And she's really proud of that shitty shirt.


2 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

aec5a9  No.325457


Was "graphics" did she "design" for her to be "best" at?

aec5a9  No.325488



le comic sans and bad kerning! I am loving the irony, I'll buy five!

Oh wiat, I'll go to kinko's/wordpress/that local business and get it fucking cheap because it's words on a shirt.

Apparently she makes clothes like she makes "games"

Zero effort, zero imagination, zero work, zero product.


aec5a9  No.325515

So they're rolling out the new cult robes for summer?

aec5a9  No.325606

Did she spend her crybux on some new tits or did she just push some of her fat rolls up into her bra?

aec5a9  No.325682


Yeah, if it weren't for the tattoo, I wouldn't believe it was her either.

File: 1465709191644.png (792.28 KB, 1172x853, 1172:853, image.png)

9dccc7  No.324988[Reply]

Its out june 24th faggots


look at the questions

they are already discussing censorship

we need


3 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

9dccc7  No.325002


I personally don't like god-emperor Trump as a person, but statements like that are a better endorsement for him than anything his media team could put on their own.

9dccc7  No.325013

>Savor the fan-service…

Almost made me spit out my beer.

9dccc7  No.325175



I supported Obama over Clinton and McCain in 2008 because he was the only one of the three who wasn't advocating for video game censorship.

He's been a lousy President in many ways, but he hasn't tried to censor vidya.

I don't trust Trump to be pro-gamer, but I know Clinton is anti-gamer and has been for a long time.

Has Donald said anything one way or the other about gaming? Given he's old and kinda reactionary, I fear he won't be that positive on it.

9dccc7  No.325377

9dccc7  No.325445

Now that the final game is out can someone tell me what other stuff got censored in it??

File: 1465283021422.jpg (64.95 KB, 800x500, 8:5, 1451695289467.jpg)

3e06bd  No.324791[Reply]

So Hillary just fucking launched her first nuke of the campaign: on the eve of the California primary, which if Sanders wins, would bring him to spitting distance of Hillary and effectively force her to a super-tight first vote ballot she may not win, Hillary had her media cronies outright call her the "winner" of the Democratic primary, via shady as shit math involving the super-delegates.

The backlash hit fast and furious, forcing some to amend things to make it "presumed" winner. But they are still pushing hard that Hillary has it won outright.

And why would they do that? They want to derail the California primary and basically scare off Sanders voters by way of tricking them into thinking their vote doesn't matter and that Hillary has "won" and that the primary is "over".

I'd say this reeks of the "Gamers Are Dead" article dropping scheme.

25 posts and 5 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

3e06bd  No.325029

Holy shit! A new assault weapons ban just passed the House. And after that 9th Circuit decision last week that said concealed carry is not constitutionally protected outside of one's home, too.

R.I.P. Second Amendment

3e06bd  No.325162


>But Paul Ryan isn't either. Ordinary people who are against racism usually aren't SJWs. The Republican Speaker of the House? Certainly not.

Superficial labels like republican and democrat are increasingly meaningless, look at the actions vs the platitudes. The GOPe is a large part of the problem, Ryan is a RINO and a yesman to whoever the status quo is. While Ryan is not a problem glasses wearing blue haired tongue pierced tumblrina, he would have no problem rubberstamping socjus edicts and policies.

3e06bd  No.325402


Now we know why communist countries are bloodbaths.

3e06bd  No.325418


I lost faith when he let his speech get hijacked by BLM protestors that may or may not have been backed by Shillary.

3e06bd  No.325421


Google "Black Hillary experiments 1988 -sex"

File: 1466569585415.jpg (209.65 KB, 560x840, 2:3, 5f710c9f308008d366a2577cfe….jpg)

d38c8e  No.325361[Reply]

d38c8e  No.325365

Niche Gamer is in 1st, follow by Tech Raptor in 2nd.

d38c8e  No.325401


Thanks muh faggoy!

File: 1466536519088.png (331.28 KB, 610x981, 610:981, info20152016.png)

8fdcbf  No.325332[Reply]

Hey everyone. We've officially launched the Game Census. It's awards and rankings based on your votes, reviews, and posts. There are several categories, and we're planning on adding more as more reviews keep coming in.

What is Game Sense?

Game Sense is a gamer review site that's designed to do more with reviews. It also aims to take reviews and posts and make them more readable, and more like a traditional gaming site as opposed to a traditional user review site. The goal is to allow gamers to create their own alternative media by writing reviews, posting, and voting. We have some neat ideas planned for the future to push the site closer to our vision, and those features will roll out the more Game Sense continues to grow.

How does it work?

We invented our own ranking algorithms that are far more flexible and powerful than typical up and down votes or generic 1 to 5 star rankings. It allows us to get more information out of reviews as well as to get much more meaningful scores and information. The math and algorithms have even been looked over by some well educated people, including a PhD in Physics, and they all got thumbs up.

What's the Game Census?

The Game Census is Game Sense using the advanced features it has to categorize games based on gamer input. It allows for categories to be created for game rankings. Currently, we have rankings set up for select platforms as well as for 2015 and $currentYear. More platforms will be added once they get reviews Game Sense isn't even three months old yet. So if you want to see a platform that doesn't have a Game Census added, just write some reviews and it'll manually be added.

Game Sense takes all your votes, posts, and reviews and calculates both score and ranking and determines where the game should be ranked.


Most of you suspect most gaming awards are rigged or games are chosen to win based on sketchy reasons. Game Census is completely transparent, you can directly seePost too long. Click here to view the full text.

2 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

8fdcbf  No.325340


How can you compare ordinary gamers giving their opinion to corrupt journalists backed up by the mainstream media?

8fdcbf  No.325342


Nope, fuck you.

If your site is successful, it will become lucrative to juice the numbers to develop profitable ties to industry. If it's not successful, then the scores are worthless. Remove your "algorithms" and stop trying to act like this site is anything other than a shitty Metacritic clone.

Cleanse. With. Fire.

8fdcbf  No.325349

File: 1466550507824.png (372.72 KB, 600x376, 75:47, ggfire.png)


Oh noes! Competition for clickbait sites that are in the pocket of socjus! They must be stopped!

8fdcbf  No.325392

Thanks guys for the support, I appreciate it. Everything you guys do to help is a big help and I appreciate it. I've been running sites on and off for a long time, I know you guys are helping a lot, I appreciate it a lot.

Things like #FE having awful writing and localization and still getting 9s is what we want to stop.

8fdcbf  No.325395

Why limit yourselves to twitter, when social media is a lot more than that hellscape?

File: 1466568098187.jpg (110.97 KB, 680x523, 680:523, gamergate_icon.jpg)

01a4e0  No.325358[Reply]

With caving to outside pressure by extremists becoming the norm these days, I think we should to show our support for those who refuse to cave and stand for free speech and the marketplace of ideas. If you want to let Natsucon know what you think of their refusal to ban the GamerGate panel, you can reach them on Twitter or via email.



Context: https://www.red*dit.com/r/KotakuInAction/comments/4p699g/censorship_sjws_pressure_natsucon_to_censor_my/

File: 1466258212996.png (442.71 KB, 969x508, 969:508, adland.png)

46d631  No.325207[Reply]


Remember when she wrote "#Gamergate - Insulting consumers shrinks the market" in 2014? She has consistently defended gamers and now her site needs help.

2 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

46d631  No.325244



This is basically why we didn't get a lot of support back then. Media likes to pretend is unbiased but its a tight club of assholes circlejerking each other and when you go and throw a brick at their bullshit like adland does you get isolated

Its like a fucking highschool clique really

46d631  No.325245


>Media likes to pretend is unbiased but its a tight club of assholes circlejerking each other and when you go and throw a brick at their bullshit like adland does you get isolated

Exactly. People who supported what GG wants are threatened and ruined by the same people who turn around and cry oppression. It's almost Kafkaesque how it goes down, how no one is able to call out the bullshit.

46d631  No.325246


Search "adland gamergate" and "adland gawker" on Jewgle, you lazy cunt. Then decide whether or not you want to toss a few bucks their way. I won't, but that's because I'm a stingy fuck.


And just like highschool, everybody else is too dumb to stand up to them and fight back. Oh well.

46d631  No.325247


>And just like highschool, everybody else is too dumb to stand up to them and fight back.

It's not that they are dumb enough, it's that the system protects them. Just like in High School, the bully is protected because if the victim fights back, he will be suspended or worse. Just like in high school, the media powers that be will protect these assholes because they use their "progressive" shield to justify ruining lives.

46d631  No.325357


Pretty much this. What's more, real life bullies aren't all the "big, brutish dumb bros" like how the stereotype goes, but are more like skinny, two-faced little shits that go in groups, Mean Girls style, and like a pack of hyenas they descend on isolated targets to ruin for their own personal amusement.

"Majority wins/ is always right" is pure bullshit when the majority are the bullies.

File: 1464807329658-0.png (390.62 KB, 1302x1264, 651:632, 85736385.png)

File: 1464807329658-1.jpg (1.2 MB, 770x3706, 385:1853, kickstarterguide.jpg)

44bc48  No.324644[Reply]

what is the truth behind this project? are the developers immoral or is this out of context? should developers that shit on their backers be held accountable by gamergate? its worse than brianna wu just saying dumb shit

also thread music:


3 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

44bc48  No.324696



44bc48  No.324706


might be worth a "Where are they now?" but I'm pretty sure this is old. I thought the game was due out on the Ouya, and that's been dead for awhile.

44bc48  No.325330

File: 1466533365115-0.png (22.36 KB, 668x306, 334:153, 1458505726091-0.png)

File: 1466533365116-1.png (25.22 KB, 312x514, 156:257, 1458505726128-1.png)

File: 1466533365116-2.png (6.26 KB, 625x70, 125:14, 1458505726130-2.png)

File: 1466533365116-3.png (36.21 KB, 504x341, 504:341, 1458854894515.png)

File: 1466533365116-4.jpg (1.11 MB, 1036x3583, 1036:3583, 1458856988518.jpg)

Fuck you for deleting the thread on this last time, Acid.

Let's talk about NicheGamer and Elysian Shadows, shall we?

1. Nichegamer writes 7 positive articles featuring Elysian Shadows.

>Elysian Shadows Interview—Building the Next Generation 2D RPG - Niche Gamer


>Elysian Shadows Amasses Over $100K in Kickstarter Funds - Niche Gamer


>Build Your Own Dreamcast Game with the Elysian Shadows Toolkit - Niche Gamer


>The Next-Gen Throwback RPG is Coming - Elysian Shadows is Funded - Niche Gamer


>Elysian Shadows has Been Greenlit on Steam - Niche Gamer


>Elysian Shadows Delayed, Development Back on Track Despite Setbacks - Niche Gamer


>Elysian Shadows Dev Responds to Hateful Trolls - Niche Gamer


2. These articles are written by Brandon Orselli, who claims to be friends with the lead developer, Falco Girgis, in this article:

>Elysian Shadows has Been GrPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

44bc48  No.325336


thanks for following up on this and pulling a few images together. I see the last one reposted frequently on both /v/'s. After Mighty No. 9 finally launching, it would be fun to re-roast this waiting for Rev60 on Steam.

44bc48  No.325341


>that last image

>A white man claiming he lives life on hard mode

Someone needs to force that shitlord to read this article, it's SocJus 101:



File: 1466474360776.jpg (40.03 KB, 585x300, 39:20, Image12-8.jpg)

5806cf  No.325313[Reply]


>If you feel this is something the FTC should be made aware of, you can contact the commission using the FTC complaint assistant form.


5806cf  No.325321

I feel like this was a big thing on the ethics side, who did we screw with reporting & forced some major changes along with fines? Or was that the FCC? Friendly bump, I need a refresher on this.

5806cf  No.325325


Was the FTC who forced the changes on websites to disclose this stuff via GG. If you need more info on it you can look up "Operation UV" anyway file reports you lazy fucks.

5806cf  No.325331


Yeah, GG people contacting the FTC (in a polite and informative way) were the cause of them revising their guidelines. Most prominently, GG people are responsible for them mandating disclosure for affiliate links.






File: 1466320874728.jpg (123.86 KB, 560x839, 560:839, Lost-Ab-Aeterno-Mark-Pelle….jpg)

07032f  No.325232[Reply]

So we know Facebook got caught rigging their algorithm for their front page feed to suppress conservative leaning news stories and to shove Black Lives Matters and other SJW shit down peoples throats. They had to invite a bunch of conservative big wigs to their HQ for a photo op and to basically grovel for to get them to not press the issue further as they came up with a bullshit "there was no manipulating the feed to punish conservatives" response to the whole mess.

And now we have this, article:


Where you have a SJW thug bitch and crying that he's spent half the year being banned from Facebook for posting "assassinate trump" and other anti-Trump bullshit. And crying that Facebook is punishing people from cyberbullying conservatives who abuse the report button to ban Trump supporters/right wingers, from Facebook.

Is Facebook in a state of total schizophrenia? Are the conservatives at the company, who live in fear of being fired for not sharing Zuckerburg's SJW anti-white beliefs, using their position dealing with people who report other users, to fight back against Zuckerburg and the SJW agenda that is tainting Facebook? Or are Trump supporters getting a free pass for the sake of the illusion of impartiality, especially after Zuckerburg got caught shoving BLN down everyone's throat and rigging it so that conservative news pieces are never seen on Facebook?

3 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

07032f  No.325281


Fuck that's ominous, Ben.

>dat MIC man in black

07032f  No.325286

File: 1466447412651.jpg (118 KB, 600x456, 25:19, danzcolor5019.jpg)


Garrison doesn't get enough credit for his drawing skills. He's really good with color, pose, and making people look terrifying.

(Aside, if you want a political cartoonist who can make everyone look terrifying, check out Jeff Danziger. He taught Frank Miller.)

07032f  No.325290


>check out Jeff Danziger. He taught Frank Miller

interesting comic trivia

07032f  No.325293

File: 1466449467195.jpg (89.07 KB, 600x402, 100:67, danzcolor4515.jpg)


He was his English teacher

They're still close

I just learned you can't nest spoilers on 8chan

07032f  No.325318

It's more happy accident than anything that liberals are getting ban-hammered on Facebook.

I recall reading somewhere that facebook has automated their process for banning/suspending people: basically it's now set up like an algorithm and if you post/share shit, the odds of being banned/suspended, depend on how many people reported the picture you spread, making it radioactive/poison pill and it's negative effect depending on other factors (like how many times you've been reported and so forth).

I also recall reading that a lot of troll reporting groups have a ton of dummy accounts designed to flag/report accounts of people they want banned from facebook for posting unpopular opinions. There are a lot of strategies (for instance, at the height of the purging of trannies who use aliases on Facebook, there was a concentrated movement by conservatives to ban trannies who were anti-police/anti-military via mass reporting them)

File: 1466228130983.jpg (169.07 KB, 614x827, 614:827, E3_1.jpg)

71ef06  No.325194[Reply]

Sup faggets. long time i dont post here, but pic related catch my attention, any of you attended the E3? can anyone confirm if it was an outside personal party or a party inside the E3?

Is Will Powers, Koch Media / Deep Silver a 'reliable' source?

9 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

71ef06  No.325223


>Or hes just pulling shit out of his ass

Regressives and sjws has wanted everyone to Listen&Believe. Personally I say fine, do exactly that.

This dude has claimed something very serious, that he was poisoned at E3. If that is true, he needs to go to the police instead of social media. Every second he is not, means there is an attacker out there that can still harm others, including women. Can he say at which E3 event he claimed he was poisoned, the time frame, so that the organizers can help with the investigation if they have security footage and itinerary and staff that can be reviewed by the police.

71ef06  No.325230


>i saved a girl from getting raped

>look how hard im signaling

>im a hero. please fuck me

lol this fucking pleb

71ef06  No.325233


So these fucks outed themselves as date-rape druggies. Fucktards.

71ef06  No.325284


>feeling drugged

>not going to the police and having a rape kit done to positively identify being drugged

>bragging on twitter instead

You don't have to have a butt full of semen to talk to an officer, stupid

71ef06  No.325302

If he's telling the truth and a lot of people got drugged that night, it implies that there was something wrong with what they were all being served, not that someone was trying to roofie a specific girl.

And if lots of people were drugged, someone sure as fuck should be going to the cops.

>Is Will Powers, Koch Media / Deep Silver a 'reliable' source?

They're an Austrian (IIRC) company that's been branching out into video games. Off the top of my head, they published Metro and Homefront Revolution, hardly SJW games.

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