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File: 1466224149307-0.jpg (72.43 KB, 627x736, 627:736, ClKh27bVYAIKvt7.jpg)

File: 1466224149309-1.jpg (49.78 KB, 497x601, 497:601, 006fe3d8f639f523b219ff8a84….jpg)

File: 1466224149309-2.jpg (60.39 KB, 640x480, 4:3, ClK9GvoUYAAyt_p.jpg)

File: 1466224149310-3.jpg (60.39 KB, 640x480, 4:3, ClK9GvoUYAAyt_p.jpg)

3df764  No.325190[Reply]

This is only tangentially /GG/-related but some Jew discovered Acid's waifu, Asuka, being memed at him MAGA hat and then he promptly goes apeshit over Evangelion's "antisemitic" lore; biblical levels of shitposting ensue:





Posting anime girls is now a hate-crime

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3df764  No.325297

File: 1466454429902.jpg (29.59 KB, 544x416, 17:13, 1463614984541.jpg)


>Pictures of me in a gas chamber

3df764  No.325309


Jew here, my community definitely likes him better than Hillary Clinton. He's pro-Israel, pro-business, pro-common sense, and even has a religious Jewish daughter.

Ultra-liberal Reform Jews don't like him, but they don't like anyone who isn't part of the left-wing establishment.

I don't understand the far-left's love of liars like Hillary any more than I can understand why some of the alt-right seems to think Trump is some sort of anti-Semite.

3df764  No.325765


>I don't understand the far-left's love of liars like Hillary any more than I can understand why some of the alt-right seems to think Trump is some sort of anti-Semite.

They are the antisemites, of course they'd want their idol to be one too.

3df764  No.325821


But why are they idolizing someone who's very openly and blatantly pro-Jews, to the point of his daughter getting an Orthodox conversion, when they blame Jews for everything wrong in the world?

There's lots of reasons to like - or dislike - Trump, but the alt-right and the Hillary-licking left both seem desperate to see anti-semitism where there is none.

3df764  No.325841


I don't love the wrinkled old hag.

File: 1468337900780.gif (4.54 MB, 396x345, 132:115, longest-gifbomb-ever.gif)

41f717  No.325779[Reply]

So theverge just accused pewdiepie and some other of the vloggers who are a trillion times more influential to gamers than they ever were of taking Warner Bros' money to give good coverage of their games


Wow, the irony, are they still stupid? with the mountains of evidence there is their own collusion with gamerjounospro and several other similar pay-per-post scams do these idiots even realize they fucked themselves in the ass with this?

All it takes is pdp making ONE video with a FRACTION of the stuff in the GG wiki and these fuckers at vox are dead forever. With the kind of reach this swede guy has it will be impossible for these hipster fags to shut it down.

Remember when I said we should recruit the casuals that watch LPs and streams?

This is the time

41f717  No.325784

Hypocracy != false

If the allegations are true, the LPers are corrupt, and GG should correct them. If we don't, then how are we a "watchdog"?

41f717  No.325788


Evidence is needed, not baseless accusations. That goes for everyone, even ourselves.

41f717  No.325798


go back to his video and read its description

41f717  No.325816

File: 1468534807218.jpg (81.88 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Huh.jpg)


You didn't read the article did you?

41f717  No.325832


I read the article. Sounds like the FTC was happy with the evidence of this occurring. How do we take down these corrupt pieces of shit?

File: 1466725711480.png (6.61 MB, 3832x2162, 1916:1081, zoequinn2064.png)

9f6116  No.325415[Reply]

Your thoughts on Zoe "Five Guys" Quinn's voice acting in 2064: Read Only Memories?


26 posts and 7 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

9f6116  No.325628


Most of the VAs sound really lame

Maybe it's the art style, but none of the voices except a few seem like they fit

9f6116  No.325641

9f6116  No.325654


Agreed on this. It feels like a lot of the VAs weren't even trying. It's a game that honestly sounds better with the original dialogue sounds. It just seems like an especially needless addition to the game.

9f6116  No.325655


especially in light of the Steamspy stats, they really don't have a lot of money to blow on VA for this, so with the massive list of people announced as VAs, it seems like the entire thing was a meet-n-greet for nobodies to get in close to somebodies in an attempt to build some bridges.

9f6116  No.325807

She managed to keep the dicks out of her mouth long enough to voice act?

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

1a45db  No.325646[Reply]

Andy Chalk in https://web.archive.org/web/20160622135716/http://www.archive.pls/teenage-overwatch-player-accused-of-cheating-proves-shes-just-that-good-with-zarya/

"she said she could have done even better but she's been under a lot of stress over the past few days because of the accusations. She also wore a mask during her appearance on the stream to hide her identity, which all by itself is a tremendously sad comment on the state of videogaming."

Chalk does not appear to consider the possibility of stress might mean that someone could have caught a cold. It is common in asian nations to wear procedure masks to protect others from your germs.

Even if she was not sick, she might be worried about catching a cold due to lowered immune system from stress, since many people were in the place watching her and could have spread germs.

Brian Ashcraft from https://web.archive.org/web/20160621191631/http://archive.pls/korean-woman-kicks-ass-at-overwatch-gets-accused-of-ch-1782343447

"Inven hosted a livestream of Geguri so she could further clear her name for those who still didn’t believe she wasn’t cheating. The site also noted that the reaction against her certainly seemed due to discrimination"

This is vague and does not specify if the Inven site claims specified age or gender or some other discrimination. It also does not link to its source for us to read, or say who on Inven said that.

Nor does it say the basis for assuming discrimination is the reason for the doubt of her skills.

3 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

1a45db  No.325781

Asian internet personalities hide their faces all the time, regardless of gender. They don't want their online activities to interfere with their real life activities - things like school and work. It's a cultural thing, especially prevalent in Japan.

1a45db  No.325783


So they don't have the equivalent of pewdiefag over there?

1a45db  No.325786


There are japs who have made a career out of shit like Youtube so probably.

1a45db  No.325787


Know any?

1a45db  No.325801


Nah, it's actually really common for Korean and Japanese streamers to hide their faces, whether they do gaming or not. Look up some choreographed dance videos on niconico, they're probably wearing masks.

File: 1468332355582.jpg (133.82 KB, 1280x854, 640:427, 644518_482964478391235_134….jpg)

1f9451  No.325776[Reply]

How the fuck is this absolute nonsense still showing up in my newsfeed? They actually link to a Gawker article explaining what GamerGate is.

"Although women now make up almost half of all video game players, the gaming community remains, in some ways, hostile toward women.

For example, the GamerGate controversy, which began in 2014 and involved a harassment campaign against prominent female gamers, journalists and designers, reflected a longstanding undercurrent of misogyny and sexism in the community. In some cases, those who challenged the sexism found themselves threatened with rape or death."


1f9451  No.325778

I guess I've seen it discussed so much in other places I forgot to link it here.

This article has been utterly eviscerated by the shitty research done on two shit games, and trying to equate faked profile info to real world identities. Also, nobody considers levelling in an MMO a proof of skill. It's really embarrassing for them.

File: 1466349461269.jpg (114.29 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, zelda-wii-u-director-hints….jpg)

c0b3d8  No.325241[Reply]

Although Link is Male in the new game, the creators made him look adrogynous and "gender neutral" to appeal to more people.

“During the development of Twilight Princess, I went a different route and created a version of Link that was more masculine,” he said. “But after Twilight Princess I went back to the drawing board and decided Link should be a more gender-neutral character. Hence I created the version of Link that you see in Breath of the Wild. As far as gender goes, Link is definitely a male, but I wanted to create a character where anybody would be able to relate to the character. So that’s why I think the rumor went around that Link could be a female. Because maybe the users were able to relate in that way.” - Eiji Aonuma, series producer

I suspect the feminazis pressured Nintendo to do this.



9 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

c0b3d8  No.325408

File: 1466702449247.mp4 (526.73 KB, 448x266, 32:19, ChQ39UKXEAA_6XO.mp4)


"Screw this. I'm out."

c0b3d8  No.325417

I don't really see this as a big issue. As others have pointed out, Link has been a bit androgynous before, and who cares anyway? Let the game live or die on it's merits. Don't feed into the same bullshit that's going to lead to them marketing this game in the fashion of the ghostbusters flick.

c0b3d8  No.325439

File: 1466807253687.jpg (47.09 KB, 292x227, 292:227, 1371341679088.jpg)

So, is Linkle in Musou Zelda also gender neutral?

c0b3d8  No.325728


It's hard to imagine a time when an A-list celebrity could get away with stuff like that and still retain their career. Now you sneeze the wrong way and you're blacklisted.

c0b3d8  No.325753

It's not gay if it's an elf.

File: 1468267355877.jpg (12.39 KB, 640x480, 4:3, Mc Pixel Playing With Hims….jpg)

31179b  No.325741[Reply]

File: 1468027310038.png (5.48 KB, 500x250, 2:1, Oekaki.png)

fa624c  No.325684[Reply]

anyone know where I can find that stupid old aggro comic where the stick figure is holding a gun and the other figure is saying something like "i'm not with him, but you should do what he says"? I feel like triggering some tumblrinas.

1 post omitted. Click reply to view.

fa624c  No.325689

showing someone their own hypocrisy isn't just bullying, it's educational!

fa624c  No.325696


>isn't just bullying

So it's New Game+ for bullying? If you're so autistic you can't handle people being hypocrites on the internet do your family a favor and kill yourself.

fa624c  No.325712

File: 1468164984540.jpg (406.55 KB, 1145x600, 229:120, 1414342407852.jpg)


Don't listen to these retards.



Here's the comic, have fun. The last panel is an edit, by the way.

The best part is their shitty strawman applies perfectly to them; just replace the gunman with game journos/msm and the guy asking for money with scamkeesian et al.

fa624c  No.325718


Fuck that noise. Being anti-bullying means you can't just arbitrarily redefine the word to not include bullying people you disagree with. News flash! People on the internet are hypocrites and disagree with you! If you can't fucking handle that, stick to lurking. If you go around starting shit, you're a bully, full-stop. You can't be pro-bullies and expect GG to support you, or GG is just going to turn into AGGros.

fa624c  No.325732

File: 1468245784825.png (462 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, chk_captcha.png)


I wish to see the convention where this act was passed as far as i know bullying aint a grounded law,and even if it was there's really no way for us to stop it effectively takes place mostly on twatter.

Fuck we couldn't even stop idiots from derailing Torrential downpour with lets "bully" Allison Rapp and get her fired from Nintendo


Saved good find

File: 1467997570490.jpg (139.56 KB, 524x391, 524:391, gay_sulu.jpg)

9c46ce  No.325677[Reply]


> "I'm delighted that there's a gay character," said Takei, a strong supporter of LGBT rights.

> "Unfortunately, it's a twisting of Gene's creation, to which he put in so much thought. I think it's really unfortunate."

I'm fairly sure Takei has been criticised here before, but at least he seems to understand that rewriting established characters to make them token minorities is gay.

2 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

9c46ce  No.325680


Eh, not many visit here, anyway.

9c46ce  No.325681

File: 1468015306019.png (204.89 KB, 885x518, 885:518, 1466837684117.png)

Hard to find something vidya related thesedays that could be used to start a thread,is the core of the problem


Most of the dumbass journos are drunk of dallas shootings,BLM and are not doing anything thread worthy besides acting retarded on twatter all day

9c46ce  No.325687

Ugh, George, stop being gay wrong! It's literally $CURRENT_YEAR!

9c46ce  No.325704

File: 1468145073716.mp4 (2.38 MB, 320x240, 4:3, Don't you put it in your m….mp4)


>not-games to games ratio

Is this the new "don't talk about ecelebs / things I don't like" autistic revoltfag whining?

9c46ce  No.325716

>Straight writer disagrees with gay actor about how to portray/include a gay character correctly

This is the current year.

File: 1467294054700-0.png (83.32 KB, 634x718, 317:359, ZQpublisherswap.png)

File: 1467294054700-1.png (264.69 KB, 1095x876, 5:4, publicaffairssoros.png)

File: 1467294054701-2.png (59.92 KB, 1117x405, 1117:405, publicaffairs.png)

dbd8b9  No.325557[Reply]

From Simon & Schuster, a large relevant publisher who wrote her a fat advance check, down to PublicAffairs, a social studies/feminist publisher. Weirder still, they directly publish European globalist and generally reviled jew George Soros, their web front page points to The Economist, a weekly business publication basically owned directly by the Rothschilds. You can't make this shit up if you tried.

On a more mundane level, the reasons for switching publishers can be numerous and complicated. Here's a few plebbitor's takes of switching book publishers on non-related titles:

>It will depend on who owns the copyright. If they own it, the new publisher will have to buy the IP rights from them, which might make it difficult to first find a publisher who is interested. If you own the IP rights, and they don't have a contractual right of first refusal, then you can shop it around to anyone or self-publish it.

>My book contract has a non-competition clause to prevent me from publishing a similar work with a different publisher that would hurt their sales. But I have a termination clause once sales decline too low.

>But if they're not interested in the book, you could ask them to revert all rights to you.

Odds are preorders are so low/interest so bad despite the Amy Pascal movie deal, that Simon & Schuster are washing their hands of the whole affair and Chelsea is calling in jewish favors to make sure the book is published with a smaller on-demand run so it's less embarrassing when it releases and no one reads it publicly in all the right places.

5 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

dbd8b9  No.325571


I typo'd

>Not many people know Pascal

dbd8b9  No.325578


>Not many people know Pascal

I'd wager you'd be right about that.

dbd8b9  No.325609

I don't think the pre-orders being low is why it was changed, so much as I would bet legal flat out REFUSED to clear the book. Especially after Zoe barely escaped with her life after her attempts to illegally silence her ex were laughed out of court.

dbd8b9  No.325621


If legal don't clear it and you predict decent sales, you rewrite. Low or at least middling sales predictions are highly likely.

dbd8b9  No.325668

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Pretty much the only potential customers for the book are either her small army of ZQDF white knights or various other virtue-signalling Social Justice Parasites spite-buying it to piss off "those goobergrapers"; although not many, due to the vile nature Social Justice and the Crab Bucket theory.

File: 1467582510138.jpg (58.8 KB, 744x1109, 744:1109, FB_IMG_1458952597978.jpg)

f5dbfd  No.325630[Reply]


Opinions on what LW1 had to say about Nintendo's joke in Paper Mario

f5dbfd  No.325634

File: 1467587484076.gif (2.56 MB, 400x225, 16:9, Boku-wa-Tomodachi-ga-Sukun….gif)

Nintendo wanted no part in Socjus nonsense so soon after rapp.

File: 1466134911667.jpg (47.18 KB, 585x300, 39:20, gg banner.jpg)

fef100  No.325153[Reply]

After speaking with the organizers of Natsucon in Collinsville, Illinois (just outside of Saint Louis), they have approved my GamerGate panel in it's entirety. Initially they were skeptical, but after seeing my panel at Arch Anime and the presentation I have planned, they fully supported the idea. I'll be running the panel with a co-panelist and while she is somewhat newer to the GamerGate discussion, she hopes to provide unique insight from a slightly more neutral perspective.

I don't have the exact date or time that the panel will be held, but it will be at some point during the weekend of July 22nd through July 24th. I will announced the exact date and time at a later date, once the official schedule is out. If anyone wants to show up, tickets are available for pretty modest prices and there is a military discount for service members. Pre-registration tickets are available at a lower price until the end of June, though you can also purchase badges at the door.

>Important Links!

* My Previous Panel at Arch Anime: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CL4sJyEkZOE

* Convention Website: http://natsucon.org/

* Ticket Purchasing: http://natsucon.org/register/

* Local Hotels: http://natsucon.org/information/hotel/

>GamerGate Saint Louis Group

* Twitter: https://twitter.com/gamergatestl

* Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/525034050984857

* Google+ Group: Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

fef100  No.325605

The panel will be on July 23rd at 10PM CST!

File: 1466559984247.jpg (89.86 KB, 450x750, 3:5, 1463855316080.jpg)

24043b  No.325352[Reply]


>"police your friends on our behalf"

>this should go well


I found this shit over on /tg/. it looks like SJWs are making their move on /tg/ territory and more games are being infected with their poison. it's time we help our brothers in arms as fellow gamers.

18 posts and 5 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

24043b  No.325521


Future generations will be mixed race, gender fluid SJWs, tho…

24043b  No.325544

File: 1467243033705.jpg (79.74 KB, 620x620, 1:1, moon_man_make_it_mac_tonig….jpg)


Not if I can help it.

24043b  No.325546


You can't help it, though. You might as well try to stop the tide from coming in by posting memes on Twitter. Won't make the future less brown or less queer.

24043b  No.325558


>You can't help it, though.

With that image and dubs, yes, yes he can. With .40 caliber memes.

24043b  No.325579


Oh cute… we got a SJW bullbaiter.

File: 1466135082034.jpg (389.18 KB, 1260x2160, 7:12, ClBKPMUVAAEu1sD.jpg orig.jpg)

f19841  No.325154[Reply]

I'm honestly wondering. I mean just look at it…the problem glasses. This has to be an inside joke or something.

24 posts and 15 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

f19841  No.325397

File: 1466673402365.jpg (93.64 KB, 275x325, 11:13, 1466360067664-pol.jpg)

f19841  No.325398

File: 1466673549452.png (194.52 KB, 236x429, 236:429, 1466285590785-pol.png)


Pot Dispensary Barbie should be next.

f19841  No.325425


Too thin.

f19841  No.325498

LOL GaymerGay faggots getting salty trying to make Barbie great again

f19841  No.325517

File: 1467109221925.jpg (32.58 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 061.jpg)


aww, did we trigger you special snowflake? are you gonna cry about your fee fees? get the fuck out of here and go back to ghazi, or tumblr or wherever you're from.

File: 1466383080863.png (402.36 KB, 1366x1768, 683:884, Untitled-1.png)

5e02f0  No.325256[Reply]


Basically he says anime and all right wing stuff is connected by sexual violence.

This is not exactly games related stuff.

But I think most of we knows anime is for japanese games what movies is for our western games.

Maybe we need to be careful about them. Just in case of something.

There are still nothing like femfreq in japan this does not mean there will be no femfreq-like group in Japan ever.

6 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

5e02f0  No.325273

File: 1466433012449.png (205.72 KB, 680x520, 17:13, Consquider.png)

Back in the days of the MN9 fiasco I remember that Dina managed to socialize with a very small group of baka gaijin friends in Osaka which appeared to share her views regarding female representation in the industry that we're so familiar with.

Unfortunately I have no further references but I already had the impression that there was some SJW presence there, albeit small and with little influence. Maybe it would be good to dig on those old twitter screencaps from the MN9 threads and look if any of the names of the people she mentioned as Osaka locals has a link to these SEALDs.

5e02f0  No.325276


I think trying to pin a leftward slide of Japanese youth on a single organization is not going to do much. The problem isn't SEALD, it's Japanese youth as a group starting to reject the traditions of their culture in the wake of a flailing economy. They're more likely to embrace homosexuality and transsexuality (which has been a growing cause since 2000, apparently), as well as being far more likely to advocate repairing relations with China and Korea (especially Korea) than the two previous generations.

But ultimately, I wouldn't trust anyone not fluent in Japanese to "keep an eye" on Japan, or deliver any real insight into the complexities of Japanese cultural transitions. Least of all a bunch of wizard-chan rejects who think they "get" Japanese culture.

5e02f0  No.325277


>anti american(americans gtfo from okinawa)

fake isue for the japanese. IF america actually left Okinawa, it would accomplish nothing because the japanese don't give a fuck about Okinawa. It's like a tiny forgettable hokkaido to them, a rustic little afterthought that they really don't feel strongly about.

5e02f0  No.325469


Making reperations with either will basically give japanese the equivalent of "white mans burden" and would be stupid. The koreans are going to enter civil war at somepoint since north korea is growing faster and the men in the south are being treated as criminals by birth. And as for the chinese, they are money grubbing lunatics and would love the japanese population as extended slaves. They seem to be embracing the other side of "everything else is the problem, everything but me" that the neets had but in a more hostile form. I am not suprised that sjws would pop up, but going full socialist will only fuck things up even further.

5e02f0  No.325490


>wizard-chan rejects

Hi Chelsea, why are you posting in this thread when it's not about you?

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