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File: 1455820423074.png (365.01 KB, 1013x1090, 1013:1090, zqfamousapp.png)

1d3af3  No.316760[Reply]


>A month ago, after one of the worst weeks of his life, Siqi Chen received a message from an unlikely source. Chen is the CEO of the company behind Stolen, a controversial game that let users buy and sell Twitter profiles like trading cards. Each user started with virtual currency that could be used to "buy" others; rapid buying and selling bidded up the price on popular profiles. After an initial surge in popularity, the game came under criticism for allowing people’s profiles to be traded and commented on without their consent. Facing a barrage of criticism over the game’s potential to enable abuse, Chen pulled Stolen from the App Store on January 14th.

>Three days later, the direct message arrived on Twitter. It was from Zoe Quinn, the game developer, writer, and activist. Quinn was the original target of Gamergate, the campaign of harassment against women in the video game industry. The movement began in August 2014 after Quinn’s ex-boyfriend wrote a long, acrimonious, and inaccurate blog post about her; she subsequently became subject to doxxing and death threats. Today she runs Crash Override, a network of experts who offer support to victims of abuse.

>Early in Stolen’s life, Quinn had sent the company a sharply worded note asking to have her profile removed from the game. (It quickly complied.) But Quinn’s message to Chen that Sunday morning was not accusatory. Instead, seeing the furor directed at Chen by Stolen players, she offered her support. "I know how nasty backlash can be on the internet," Quinn says. "I just reached out — I was like, ‘hey, I hope you guys are all right. I know you got a lot of backlash. If stuff gets scary or anything, I do run an anti-harassment organization. Let me know if there’s anything I can do to help.’"

>What followed led to today’s release of Famous, an iOS app that picks up where Stolen left off. (An Android version is now in beta.) Like its predecessor, the game represents an effort to let people show off their fandom by collecting their favorite friends, celebrities, and brands on Twitter. But the game differs in several crucial respects, which has earned it the support of Quinn, who is now a pPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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1d3af3  No.316895

File: 1455902333465.gif (2.86 MB, 200x150, 4:3, 19788 - act_yasukawa autop….gif)

Fuck this gay earth…

1d3af3  No.316934

File: 1455928981467.jpg (35.33 KB, 650x494, 25:19, 5llDzMH.jpg)


Let's not forget our pal Rep. Katherine Clark being part of the "harrassment" dogpile

1d3af3  No.316969


Pretty much, if he wasnt such a cuck he should be pissed as fuck that his game got stolen like this in such a blatant way

But he isnt because he's a bitch, so if we help him there is a chance he might go fullsjw and talk shit about us

1d3af3  No.326618


1d3af3  No.327186

I feel bad for the game dev of Stolen/Famous after all of this has transpire.

I never see it as racist when it was known as Stolen. Because, I know the gamers can trade anyone.

File: 1455984728660.jpg (113.14 KB, 600x900, 2:3, ggblocker_pr_single.jpg)

b727c4  No.316991[Reply]

Chrome Web Store link:https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/ggblocker/aabmoedabiliejlieonfephdoncnailk

tl;dr: Switches to archive.is, adds filter importing/exporting and deletion, improves archive.is with helpful buttons. Has jokes.


=Version 1.3.3 Patch=

Removed 4chan.org from default filter list.

Tweaked tool button sizes to compensate for users running resolutions < 1080p. IT'S CURRENT_YEAR FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE! ===Version 1.3.2 Update===

Switched default archive url to archive.is.

All archive.is pages now have a "Fetch Fresher Page" link.

Added the ability to delete filters. (finally).

Added basic update message functionality.

Added Tool Section inside of "Edit Filters".

Added tool for deleting all filters.

Added tool for exporting list of filters.

Added tool for importing list of filters.

Added tool for reseting filter list to default.

Added two bad jokes which I think are hilarious at this time of night.

Permissions Note Some users on Twitter have mentioned that this version of GGBlocker is requesting more permissions than previous versions. I think that this is due to changes in Chrome and the Web Store. I have uploaded the source for v1.2.1 to gitgud.io so people can check out the changes if they'd like. Here is a screenshot of a diff on the manifest: http://i.imgur.com/lJNqyjv.jpg

The permissions that are requested are sensible IMHO. GGBlocker needs to read every webrequest to block site. It needs to write into sites to add helper buttons to archive.is.

Source: https://gitgud.io/SomeAnonGamePost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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b727c4  No.317088

File: 1456089902450.png (129.74 KB, 499x499, 1:1, 1a4.png)


I don't think you guys understand yet how easy it would be to fuck with that star ratings like we did with the kotaku Australia app.

b727c4  No.317090


Sounds like a plan huh?

b727c4  No.317160


>it free

Of course.


>caring about stars

The only reason I released another version was because archive.today shat itself.

b727c4  No.317225

File: 1456200804607.png (367.55 KB, 1346x317, 1346:317, cute.PNG)

Cute icon

b727c4  No.326616


File: 1455956822361.gif (2.67 MB, 541x304, 541:304, BattlecrabOurWayToGlory.gif)

96677a  No.316960[Reply]

I've received overwhelming support for this analysis of Twitter's shadowbanning apparatus, not just in the form of accolades, but in offering to program the tool to counter this apparatus. (https://www.red*dit.com/r/KotakuInAction/comments/46bptk/yes_yes_everyone_here_is_a_moral_paragon_who_isnt/)

If you know JavaScript, SQL, sentiment analysis, Bayesian filters, natural language generation, Twitter API, devops, deployment, cloud services, or git, please private message me on Reddit via https://www.red*dit.com/user/HistoryOfGamerHatred/ with a throwaway email (via GuerillaMail https://www.guerrillamail.com/)

Don't reply to this post with your email. In fact, if anyone puts their email here, I won't be inviting you to the project. Don't be publically associated with this.

We have a repository setup with coding guidelines, a proposal of the tech stack, organized issues and milestones, and a high-level review of the strategy.

I will be reviewing your Reddit post history to vet you before allowing you access. Thanks again!

11 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

96677a  No.317194


Are there other ways to prove if someone has been loyal to GG since the beginning?

96677a  No.317201


The whole point OP is trying to make is that Twitter keeps adding tools that make it easier to harm the service. I've also seen the idea of a blockbot that blocks advertiser tweets and stuff like that as well, since Twitter makes the vast majority of their income from native advertisements.

I think the plan is too elaborate. All you need is to make block bots popular for the most mundane things. Abuse their harassment tools to filter advertisers, etc. Why is there no blockbot for liberals? They are silencing conservatives and moderates. We've had to deal with divide and conquer for so long in gamergate. Why not just start to d&c Twitter with block bots and stuff?


You're going to get a lot more damage done if you get people outside of gamergate fighting amongst themselves. Things are really hostile at Twitter right now with users. A lot of them are afraid of ending up on blocklists because of saying the wrong thing or talking to the wrong person. I think it'd be best to just help establish the fact that Twitter isn't a place to speak unless you want to be banned.

96677a  No.317211

Shadowbanning might be what ends up killing the internet.

96677a  No.317270


>You know even by announcing this here you'd be letting them know about this and they'll start a counter-strategy

In theory, we could do nothing, and Anita and Chelsea would take this op at face value as if it were ongoing and active. That's the beauty of chan culture, we;re hiding in plain sight and these fucks can't tell what's real and what isn't. I doubt the visit anything but this, revolt, and baph, and wouldn't begin to understand how to parse 8diamonds.

96677a  No.326615


File: 1456073008461.png (17.71 KB, 256x256, 1:1, gjn.png)

823345  No.317059[Reply]

The interview will start at noon EST today (Feb 21), so in about 15 minutes from when this post goes up.

GJN stands for Game Journalism Network and is run by Aaron Pabon, the guy organizing AirPlay2.

Here's the link: https://youtu.be/frFlhnckyFY

6 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

823345  No.317186

How can one man say "uh" so many times?

823345  No.317287


By not being very clever.

After all, he was involved in a romantic relationship with LW

823345  No.317291


The alternative is leaving dead air. He's in a position where he has to be very careful about what he says, so it's kind of understandable.

823345  No.317317


Legal issues. If you got to think a lot about what you can and cannot say, you will say a lot of 'uh'.

I also think most people say that many 'uh' in an interview. But on TV and in most places, you cut out those moments because they don't add a lot of interest. And the majority of people actually getting interviewed are generally public spokespeople, which are trained to avoid 'uh's and usually know most of the questions they will have to answer.

823345  No.326614


File: 1449203797630.jpg (126.42 KB, 509x748, 509:748, Help Mercy.jpg)

985b55  No.306919[Reply]

Hey guys,

American McGee is in real need of help.

His sister has been missing since 11/10 and there is no trace of her. His family suspect foul play after he received Anti-GG threats that named her specifically. The police do not seem to be helping much.

She is a mother of three and lives in the Dallas, TX area. If there are any Texas bros that can share this info or digg for info, I'm sure it would help a but. Futhermre, if there are anyone here with family or friends in law enforcement, please consider passing this plea for help to him.

219 posts and 41 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

985b55  No.317244

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

985b55  No.317269



This was an approved bump. Have my


985b55  No.317285

Can confirm that Mercy is alive and really good at sucking dick between sessions of Mario Kart.

985b55  No.317367

File: 1456369282280.jpg (75.74 KB, 700x635, 140:127, 1440904512927.jpg)



>I know, I'll post it again, that'll show 'em.

985b55  No.326613


File: 1455850057953.png (425.56 KB, 970x450, 97:45, ClipboardImage.png)

36e98e  No.316830[Reply]


Specifically why is NPR shilling for John Flynt? Yeah I know, liberals, but here me out, there has to be more to this.

There's also a bunch of other slightly more mainstream outlets butthurt about the court case like the Washington Examiner.

21 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

36e98e  No.317406

36e98e  No.317408


That's pretty much how it works.

36e98e  No.317409


Trent Lott.

That's why he's getting coverage. He used to fuck him back in the day.

36e98e  No.317410


Massachusetts is a shithole. Worked down there last year. Nuts.

36e98e  No.326612


File: 1453447916911.jpg (29.35 KB, 300x169, 300:169, mi-300-stephanie-guthrie.jpg)

390f55  No.313324[Reply]


>The outcome of what's believed to be the first criminal harassment case in Canada involving Twitter will help set the tone for how the courts and society navigate the nuances of online interaction, observers said Thursday.

>A verdict is expected Friday in the Ontario Court of Justice trial of Gregory Alan Elliott, a Toronto man facing two charges of criminal harassment over his dealings with two local women's rights activists on Twitter.


>If you live in Toronto, you've almost certainly seen Gregory Alan Elliott’s art. He is a prolific street artist and graphic designer known for producing motivational artwork. His work has been featured by the Toronto Star.

>In November 2012, Elliott was arrested and charged with criminal harassment after arguing with several activists on Twitter. He didn't threaten or endanger anyone. All he did was argue.

>As a result of his detention and trial, Greg has accumulated nearly one hundred thousand dollars in legal fees. He has been prohibited from using computers and the Internet and forced to leave his job.

>Gregory Alan Elliott lives in Toronto with his four sons. He is currently awaiting the final verdict in his trial.

265 posts and 147 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

390f55  No.317365

File: 1456368834829-0.png (85.63 KB, 605x581, 605:581, CcBD9RrUkAAKm3f.png)

File: 1456368834853-1.png (27.33 KB, 588x189, 28:9, CcBHesuUYAAMb3Y.png)

Now the sister is in on it.

They're both nuts. Can you say


390f55  No.317366


Coyne walked when they forced him to shill for Harper. It's dead, Jim.

390f55  No.317380



>go die in a fire




Millennials aren't just scum, they're uncreative scum.

390f55  No.317411


I'd love to take this princess into a burn unit with her two kids crisped and see if she says that.

390f55  No.326611


File: 1451340029701.png (48 KB, 549x249, 183:83, ClipboardImage.png)

ac4980  No.310872[Reply]

Contact Information below



EA: https://twitter.com/ea

Contact Info:

BioWare Montréal

200-3 Place Ville-Marie

Montreal QC

Canada H3B 2E3

Phone: 514-448-8800

Fax: 514-448-8846


Email Inquiries











Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

53 posts and 11 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

ac4980  No.317066


If this makes him so angry at white men on his twitter timeline, imagine what he has to say about black men when his regressive-leftist overseers are not in earshot.

ac4980  No.317221

File: 1456198377405.jpg (13.74 KB, 200x200, 1:1, smug bambi.jpg)


What happened to 'racism isn't an opinion'?

Oh wait, that doesn't fit the narrative.

ac4980  No.317424

File: 1456411660066.jpg (182.13 KB, 989x559, 23:13, normal anti.jpg)

ac4980  No.317462

File: 1456429741853.jpg (14.08 KB, 525x459, 175:153, 1456329663718.jpg)


/leftypol/ pls

ac4980  No.326610


File: 1456377559029.png (48.94 KB, 608x430, 304:215, oh no.png)

222419  No.317390[Reply]

Hi guys, webcomic creator here. GamerGate helped me out a year ago winning a certain webcomic contest.

But now I'm not allowed into the special indie comic clique any longer.

Hahaha, no, but just wanted to give an update and say I'm doing fantastic, and I won this years awards! First place, and 3,000 Dollar price! So thank you for your help back in the day, I was really low at that point, and I really needed that confidence boost that you gave me, after I got fired.

15 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

222419  No.317570


>These hipsters still want to get me removed from contests, and banned from sites, but since Inkblazers went bankrupt, they haven't had a tiny bit of influence anywhere.

This is a little evil, but you can make this a selling point for your work, as well as more positive advertising for #Gamergate. Win-win.

You think Taptastic would go for it, even if only interectly? It worked for a lot of brands opposing SJWs and outrage culture in general.



222419  No.317593

File: 1456558102888.jpg (568.6 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 1434088265556.jpg)


Sweet Sweet dose of cosmic Karma up their asses covered in horse penis lubricant turned their exit into an entrance for their focus on politics rather than artwork

222419  No.317594


>My comics are more popular than theirs combined, times 3, so nobody is really going to listen to them without concrete evidence of me harassing womyn, or fixing votes, which they can't get, because who the fuck does that. Only ones harassing people are SJW's.

Good job, I remember when you showed up back in November/December 2014. You've come far.

As long as you remember that you're not perfect you'll continue to go far.

Just keep in mind your competitors mistakes when they thought they could replace talent & effort with connections & whining and avoid those same mistakes and you'll be on the path to great successes.

Just stay in touch with your fans and your fans will carry you.

222419  No.317595

File: 1456558861600.jpg (115.71 KB, 1024x711, 1024:711, 1455651567324.jpg)


Don't be afraid to gouge furries for commission bucks if you blew all your wining money away on stuff you can't even remember what and why you spent it on.

222419  No.326609


File: 1456077441794.jpg (107.46 KB, 960x544, 30:17, 2015-04-28-123438.jpg)

4f069b  No.317063[Reply]

What happened to best girl GG?

She was probably the best one in the trinity that went for that Huffingtonpost interview.

Bharaj and Young are still around but where did ShuluuMoo go? Did SJWs harass her and dox her so she deleted her accounts and stuff?

6 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

4f069b  No.317489


She got divorced.

had to move.

4f069b  No.317582



Surprised that something similar hasn't happened to @georgieonthego, especially since her partner is a staunch aGGro (they even had a fight over it back in 2015). Or was, at any rate since he's gotten quiet recently.

4f069b  No.317591


pic source?

4f069b  No.317604


Risa Yoshiki (吉木 りさ)

4f069b  No.326608


File: 1455668802310.png (13.31 KB, 359x289, 359:289, thefaceofmercy.png)

97dd07  No.316600[Reply]


We need to make a new operation and make this trend. Maybe as a parallel operation to Torrential Downpour.

36 posts and 9 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

97dd07  No.316879



The problem is that we have too many twitter-like outlets each one taking a little part of the twitter total userbase. Even if every twitter user would migrate to one of these alternatives, we still don't get the same level of users when compared to the blue bird.

97dd07  No.317568


> If you want to do this, pick something that won't get derailed into a larger debate among normies on both sides of the political spectrum.

This is pretty easy. Pick popular hobbies or activities that you like, and go from there. It could be anything, like tech gadgets (so we can get the #apple hashtag like >>316672 said), health (so we can bring up stuff like Protein World, exercise, bodybuilding, etc.) or evne hobbies like comics (the recent hulaboo over Iron Fist's reverse-whitewashing comes to mind) and… video games (the obvious, duh).

As an additional suggestion: distance from the whole gender war/mysoggykness bullshit. No, this isn't saying we abandon the gender war entirely, but don't let SJWs pick the battleground to favor them.

97dd07  No.317607


dailykos is claiming Twitter censored an anti-hillary hash tag while having ties to the Clinton campaign.

97dd07  No.317641


Ok so we attack from as many angles as possible ?

97dd07  No.326607


File: 1455753465647.jpg (403.63 KB, 1366x1000, 683:500, 665543.jpg)

bfabab  No.316679[Reply]

in light of the recent revelation that twitter is now stealth banning people I now propose that on Friday the 26th 6:00 est, we engage #OpLicencelessTweeter. #OpLicencelessTweeter is discuses in more detail in this post and replies.


the general gist of it is that on that on that day on that time we all post derogatory(not edgy, you know the difference) yet truthful comments in the tag #BanMeNow in an attempt to deliberately get our account shadow banned so that we can red-pill normies who will find sympathy for the guys trying to stand up to twitters unreasonableness, make twitter mods and report button shills overwhelmed with the shear numbers of problematic tweets, make twitter mods responsible for deleting the accounts of 6 million ex-paying customers (essentially quickening their ride to bankruptcy) in a shoah of epic proportions and get the point across to twitter that their cyber violence will not be tolerated.

7 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

bfabab  No.316784


don't get me wrong if the automatic banning system is as fucked and is as indiscriminate as I expect sjws can still get caught out if they post saying "holy shit #BMN is so racist" or whatever. but the problem with that is they can still just make a new account afterwards. kinda the point of this is that when we get banned we stay banned and therefore twitter loses more money making them slide further into bankruptcy. that is long lasting accounts should be used instead of new ones (though new accounts can still come in handy for starting the fire)

bfabab  No.317067

File: 1456079515023.jpg (11.47 KB, 367x202, 367:202, tumblr_inline_ntqlqyCWSn1t….jpg)

>shameful self bump

I have posted this to KiA hopefully this plan will pick up the pace by Friday.

bfabab  No.317563

its time.

bfabab  No.317653

File: 1456621120862.jpg (145.19 KB, 894x894, 1:1, 1446109883281.jpg)

Why not use this opportunity to shill GNU Social as an alternative?

bfabab  No.326606


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

a23fdc  No.317298[Reply]

so I came across this cringe vid on youtube and it got me thinking. we need a good morale thread to remind us of what kind of idiocy we're fighting against. so here we go,

ITT: post any cringe videos of SJWs and corrupt journos you can find and let's point and laugh at their idiocy to boost morale. this can be anything from instant karma to cringey behavior caught on camera and anything else cringe worthy.

I'll start us off with an SJW getting arrested for trying to pull her Tumblr logic with a cop trying to do his job.

11 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

a23fdc  No.317480

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



kill Disney

Kill disney

Kill Disney

a23fdc  No.317526


That was embarrassing. And i thought that adults trying to appeal to edgy kids was some 90's thing.

a23fdc  No.317639



We need more morale threads.

a23fdc  No.317744

File: 1456722004102.webm (1.31 MB, 480x270, 16:9, Muh-pronouns.webm)

>Major Nelson: This is Evan. She is one of the young ladies…

>Evan: No, I use they pronouns.

>Major Nelson: Pardon me?

>Evan: I use they pronouns.

>Major Nelson: They prounouns? OK. So Evan is one of the folks who worked on this game. Sheee, she's a game developer…

Continues to ignore retarded pronoun bullshit, lol!

a23fdc  No.326605


File: 1455056516068.jpg (149.59 KB, 719x693, 719:693, Anita_SarDavidDukeKeesian.jpg)

a8eaaa  No.315662[Reply]

Why does this image offend you so much, for simply calling out Anita for being the piece of hatemongering, fascist trash she really is?

15 posts and 9 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

a8eaaa  No.317608


A lot of people conflate authoritarian with fascist, since fascists were, until the SJW uprising, the leading authoritarian movement on the planet.

a8eaaa  No.317632


So.. we're supposed to know about some specific former kkk/nazi for some reason?

a8eaaa  No.317769



Anita wants governments and corporations to be in complete control of the lives of ordinary people.

That was one of the main pillars of fascism.

So its not surprising people are saying she is a fascist. Most of these SJWs are.

a8eaaa  No.317771

File: 1456757331694.jpg (75 KB, 500x631, 500:631, david duke and friend.jpg)


Kinda hard to imagine someone being on the chans who hasn't heard of one of the swarmfags favorite heroes.

a8eaaa  No.326604


File: 1456547809016-0.jpg (55.28 KB, 624x453, 208:151, 122131311.jpg)

File: 1456547809017-1.jpg (63.37 KB, 600x768, 25:32, 23.jpg)

dd8db3  No.317587[Reply]

LOL Klepek and Meyers reactions over the Nichegamer article on Nintendo localizing Pokemon Sun and Moon themselves



Meyers still going on ranting he's receiving harassment. Cuckadoodle doo.

16 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

dd8db3  No.317786


Thank you phone for adding unneded carrage-returns to PASTED text. Polite sage

dd8db3  No.317849

Politicize EVERYTHING, and then freak the fuck out when people start looking for where your minions are busy politicizing things.

dd8db3  No.317851


Pretty much.

This is the world you SJW fucks wanted; rejoice, because now you get to live in it.

dd8db3  No.317897

>nichegamer just informs that pokemon is likely receiving a decent translation from it's company

>w-w-what is this? is this the new normal? people actually caring about a recent string of godawful shitty translations

>nichegamer is "trash" because I don't really have a sound argument as to why and I'm just angry

>makes comparisons to infowars and conspiracy theories and makes himself his own cringe

Cuck-a-doodle-doo. I sometimes wish I knew how to market to betas like them. If I could just sell them a translated book or product and tell them I injected it with some good feminist SJW morality, it looks like they'd lap it up.

dd8db3  No.326603


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