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File: 2cc939f3a0e0769⋯.jpg (41.5 KB, 512x512, 1:1, yUEGZM6z.jpg)

5a69c2  No.328494[Reply]

For someone who doesn't follow drama can you give me the low down on icze4r? ED didn't give me a good enough explanation.

5a69c2  No.328495

File: 34878021a5b9404⋯.gif (538.55 KB, 254x170, 127:85, 1.gif)

>can you give me the low down on icze4r?

A guy pretending to be a girl that makes threads about himself on here, and ggrevolt so he can have something to cry about on twitter.

File: dce6edee2d19763⋯.png (21.27 KB, 1106x161, 158:23, muhpr.png)

f6bc69  No.328482[Reply]

How does it feel knowing you have less active posters and a lower PPH count than /furry/, despite the fact that ggr is hosted on a dead imageboard?

How does it feel to have less active users than /anita/?

f6bc69  No.328483

File: 8b8e4eab263c219⋯.gif (1.78 MB, 500x490, 50:49, 1LEpw3s.gif)


Considering it was your cointelpro that caused this situation in the first place, Mr. DARPA, I'm not surprised.

f6bc69  No.328485

File: 178f8bdc07657df⋯.jpg (29.33 KB, 516x640, 129:160, confused.jpg)


>implying the death of gamergate didn't occur because of acid kike's faggotry

>with a healthy dose of e-whore worship mixed in

Remind me again, how well did Airplay 2 go?

f6bc69  No.328491


>How does it feel knowing you have blah blah etc…

Feels great, like a lazy Sunday afternoon.


f6bc69  No.328492

Feels better than being a faggot who spends his life caring about this shit, thanks for asking.

f6bc69  No.328497

File: 319df2dd2b17153⋯.jpg (74.34 KB, 949x542, 949:542, GGHQ on the topbar for 201….jpg)

File: 8f955882ced49cc⋯.jpg (54.8 KB, 800x600, 4:3, aSUKA SMUG 8.jpg)

You know it wasn't but a few weeks ago we were in the topbar. People come here when they want to.

You're walled up in your "cuck free" Safe Space and left to die with five people and a VPN to talk to, and nowhere else to go because you burned every bridge and olive branch that was ever offered to you by anyone. What, exactly, are we supposed to feel bad about again?

Think about what you had if you could have just resisted the urge to be retarded edgelords all the time. I bet them grapes are sour.

File: d0f06d796fdc727⋯.jpg (82.28 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, CuaN2eZWAAAvLvX.jpg)

44eb0c  No.328387[Reply]


Yet another twatter/male feminist/socjus brigade member gets exposed again as a sexual deviant harassing women after trying to shit on trump for saying it he actually went and did it.

This is too much for me time to gloat about another anti being a hypocrite

20 posts and 14 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

44eb0c  No.328435

File: 5eb8d3887388e00⋯.jpg (318.67 KB, 400x395, 80:79, 1442332220948.jpg)

Now that it's clear that,

Male Feminist-Ally = Rapist/Stalker/Sexpest

…which of their number will be the next offender? …and their crime(s)? maybe make a "dubs decide" list?

44eb0c  No.328447


Doctor Nerdlove Harris O'Mally

There have been rumors about how O'Mally is verbally/emotionally abusive to his wife. As well as tale being talked that he hates gays, he blocked a longtime friend from all of his social media accounts when said friend came out to him a couple of years back

44eb0c  No.328464

bump this.

44eb0c  No.328471

File: 6288b2322ca91ed⋯.jpg (112.73 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, CuxrXCXWcAAf4V9.jpg)


Someone chronicled the number of types Devin got drunk and hoped om twatter to tell the world he was drunk,judging by the frequency i'd guess that he legitimately has a drinking problem


A better header would have been the rise and fall of devin farci what we see here is an escalation of his shitty behavior unchecked by his blue checkmark media friends till he finally crossed the line.

odd that someone with such a track record was allowed to flourish for so long and no one did anything he could literally get away with murder but this blue check mark friends always covered for him.

Wonder how devin feels now that he has lost everything maybe he will an An hero

All because he hoped on the lets hate Trump bandwagon instead of keeping his mouth shut

44eb0c  No.328487

File: 8c1cb50d20d41a5⋯.jpg (24.36 KB, 573x299, 573:299, icantthinkofsomethingwitty….jpg)


Pajeet trying to score some socjus pussy jumps on i hate gg bandwagon

but it fails as his dick is still dry

ends up harassing women who want nothing to do with him.

What a month so many victories so little losses

File: f78b28a49a7a930⋯.jpg (12.77 KB, 280x280, 1:1, hot pockets.jpg)

a48fcb  No.328478[Reply]

x-posted from 4chan and KiA reddit

For those of you who missed it, it's literally fucking happening!


We all know how insane it is Assange has had his internet taken away from him.

Well today that changes (Sorry, this reposter is from a different time zone!)

Why not have a bunch of supporters just show up outside the embassy all with hotspots in their pockets?

We are now calling all BRITS to get their ass down to the embassy and stand around in mass, taking shifts with wifi-hotspots on hand!

Give Assange constant network and morale support all while streaming it live for the world to see.

Lets make it happen BRITS!

You showed the world what its like to not be a cuck during Brexit, lets do it again!

It shall be called "Operation Hotpockets." #OPHOTPOCKETS

Not only it would DRAW the media's attention but they wouldn't be able to do shit and it would look like some V of Vendetta "resist against da establishment" stuff normies like so much.

And we can also use this as a way to be demanding media attention to find out if he is okay or not! #WHEREISJULLIAN -

This is very important we make this happen tomorrow /gamergatehq/


Step 1: Obtain a drone.

Step 2: Obtain a wifi hotspot and/or a phone that can generate wifi.

Step 3: Fly it up to the Ecuador Embassy from a remote location.

Step 4: We all tweet @wikileaks "We are with you all the way Assange. Let's make free speech great again.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

a48fcb  No.328479

I mess up one of the links, here's a better version of the operation: https://archive.is/Dnyju

File: 96f5ccda8c2e72c⋯.jpg (13.36 KB, 180x350, 18:35, dashboard_hula_girl_large.jpg)

c8bbb4  No.327450[Reply]

Looks like GG 2.0 just happened. Of course it did. Of course it fucking did. Kek wills it.

Only now, it's even bigger.

Whatever you think of Phillip DeFranco, He's earned his place by making regular content with a consistent quality. Sure, he can be toothless, noncommittal, and pandery, but that makes this even worse.

Youtube just killed his monetization for posting the video of Annaliese Neilsen, the Hula Girl Lyft chick.

This is big. Big big. And very very relevant. I think those emails need revving up. Like him or not, DeFranco deserves some calvalry.


57 posts and 7 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

c8bbb4  No.327632


Judging from what I know, it looks like Youtube is trying to force everyone into YTR.

Meanwhile, Vidme pull a crazy yet awesome stunt: https://vid.me/KEnH

c8bbb4  No.328429

File: 7dbc6b496af04d7⋯.png (224.93 KB, 596x620, 149:155, notube.png)

← Have some wrongthink.

Also you can report something for being 'potentially objectionable'?

That covers just about everything then.

c8bbb4  No.328431


YouTube did the same stupidity on PragU (Sorry, I know I spelled the name wrong).

c8bbb4  No.328467

File: 8c42ffbe3e83cdc⋯.jpg (314.19 KB, 606x732, 101:122, Asuka USA.jpg)

Yeah this needs to be back on page 1, at least.

Youtube is one of our alt media platforms ffs.

c8bbb4  No.328472


Do we have alternatives set up, like Dailymotion, Vimeo, etc.?

File: b37f0f987f1a2a2⋯.png (222.36 KB, 1540x800, 77:40, gamergate_media_snake.png)

60ed68  No.328448[Reply]

Newsgate 2016


AP, Atlantic, CNBC, CNN, Huffington Post, LA Times, MSNBC, New York Times, Politico, Salon, Washington Post all were caught working with the Clinton campaign to reprint its message, thanks to leaked emails.


60ed68  No.328463

bumping because of spam.

File: fc35c04264bd777⋯.jpg (25.39 KB, 460x276, 5:3, scannerdarkly460.jpg)

14e8a5  No.328462[Reply]

wow gamergate is really dead isn't it?

Nothing would ever change; nothing new could ever be expected.

14e8a5  No.328484

File: 9053ce541ad64ab⋯.gif (987.06 KB, 414x304, 207:152, e40d420fa895c11e937fc4be8c….gif)


You guys are like Rassilon… do you people really have all night?

File: 1457586335777.webm (4.32 MB, 320x240, 4:3, All hands on deck.webm)

a2a7f6  No.318649[Reply]


>All 8chan archive links were pulled off the site for a few hours today.

>During that time, we exposed a severe vulnerability in relying on Archive.is.

>The cited reason for the pulldown of the site was archived pages containing CP keep showing up.

>After much arguing and drama, the 8chan archives were reinstated.



Contains a small script I wrote that will download a local copy of all the /v/ #GG thread archives. Use it to download your own backup copy.

I want to do something similar for /gamergate/ and GGHQ, for Deepfreeze links, and Wiki citations. We can worry about hosting later. If we lose Archive.is, we lose everything.

Help in this Herculean effort would be incredibly appreciated!

37 posts and 10 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

a2a7f6  No.319006


100Kb. Finished downloading everything a couple of hours ago. I still need to copy the files on another computer and check if everything can be unpacked properly.

a2a7f6  No.319761

My mum is always involved in some shit with the council / old people's homes, I told her to save their pages with archive.is, so they can't change things later.

I believe the Finnish government has used a national firewall to block the archive. It's surely only a matter of time before other countries follow suit. No doubt claiming they're only doing it to "stop the hate speech from Gamergate".

a2a7f6  No.319822


Using the good ol' GamerGate boogeyman could be done, even though there are outer outs possible for governments to block the service:

The "right to be forgotten", which allows someone to request that search engines remove links to pages deemed private, even if the pages themselves remain on the internet, this is in practice in the EU and Argentina since 2006. Surely, archive.is isn't a search engine, but I'm also (and probably legitimately) concerned about the slippery slope.

The "digital millennium copyright act", which tilts strongly in favor of copyright holders could be become an issue since there's a push the revise the way copyright works on the Internet (everything and anything you publish should be protected by a copyright, either from you, the service you use or other private registration services).

a2a7f6  No.319873

you need some kind of trusted broker still that's the point of an archive. You can't tamper with it. A flat file under your control on your local host can be tampered with compromising it's trustability.

a2a7f6  No.328457


File: 0211ebc4b548cf7⋯.png (636.17 KB, 1350x768, 225:128, Untitled.png)

ac7c89  No.327745[Reply]

The Mary Sue published an(other) article attacking anime fans and now anime fans are fighting back with #OperationMoe on Twitter. Join in, shitlords!

Article: http://archive.is/9ciSi

Tag: https://twitter.com/hashtag/OperationMoe

18 posts and 6 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

ac7c89  No.328212


Dogfucker Digest is still around?

ac7c89  No.328221

File: 19ac66a3c4f60a5⋯.png (89.84 KB, 581x582, 581:582, ladies_and_gentlemen_this_….png)


Still the go-to site for LGBT twats everywhere.


ac7c89  No.328229


I'm amazed that the Mary Sue actually wrote something positive about violent video games. And about the First Amendment.

ac7c89  No.328273


They do that to draw clicks. The outlier isn't the trend.

ac7c89  No.328428

File: d1f584cfc8a711b⋯.jpg (17 KB, 255x255, 1:1, [002299].jpg)

Meanwhile on Patreon:

'Anime Feminist is a site started by a collaboration of writers from academia, the industry and grassroots fandom for reviews, interviews, and discussion on anime and manga through a feminist lens.'


File: 1470605977856.png (196.04 KB, 234x484, 117:242, 1436155662731.png)

882397  No.326296[Reply]


Some "Researchers" decided to research Vivian James as a study of those gosh darn grumpygribbers.

Its about as well informed and written by a high schooler trying to finish his project before morning after he spent all day playing overwatch

5 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

882397  No.326311

Actually this reminds of of those articles written in the early days of gg the one totalbuscuit talked about that depicted vivian being oppressed by a guy with a big gun on her head.

Anyone got the image or the video in question

882397  No.326313


So many proud, outspoken "male feminists" (and quite a few female ones too) have turned out to be serial sex offenders that it's starting to seem like a requirement.

882397  No.326316

people approving of a lecturer dissing TB in a classroom

https://twitter.com/GennaBain/status/704313143594385409 https://archive.is/tYq9K

Sutoripy Maku Sutoripuworthu of Brisbane, Australia

Rowan Kaiser

Patrick Kolan

Mark Duval

Jenn Frank

Rami Ismail

Izzy Gramp

Denis Farr

Christopher Paul Sawula

Leigh Alexander

Katherine Cross

Tom Apperley ← that name sounds familiar

Thomas Bowker

James Pinnell

Jessica Louisa

George Khandaker-Kokoris

Marcus Carter

Arnie Gill

Chrys Anastasi

Ben Turner

Dan Clayton

Mark Serrels

Been Abraham

Nic Frankpitt

882397  No.326324

File: 1470691130678.jpg (20.64 KB, 446x402, 223:201, Raccon Vivian.jpg)

That is one old ass tweet son


Whenever i hear the word male feminist i instantly think a forever alone neckbeard who thinks clinging to women will somehow land him with his dick in their vagina or sexual predators wanting access to the hen house by befriending the hens and having the hens invite him into the house

Finished reading the pdf

I wish everyone who used a # outside of twatter should be dragged out into the street and shot

882397  No.328412

File: 77c0ce670fe1967⋯.jpg (273.96 KB, 700x1000, 7:10, 1449384970313.jpg)


>15 pages

I need a place to dump this for easy locating in case anyone wants to see how many research papers can be written about a fictional girl,because shes just that special.

File: 479d51b1519b499⋯.jpg (54.7 KB, 757x227, 757:227, Bitch who is ruining Snoop….jpg)

8e0d77  No.328385[Reply]

Meet Kim LaCapria, a SJW and Correct the Record Cult member who has scorched earth Snoops by shoving onto their website a never ending series of white knight pieces that "debunk" every Hillary scandal that has hit, including what is quite clear in the Wikileaks from the email and private Wall Street speeches.

And by "debunk", I mean she's been spewing dog shit that basically amounts to her saying "Hillary can do no wrong! Nothing to see here!!!" level lies and propaganda……

Worse, she doesn't even fucking HIDE the fact that she's a biased bitch….

Bitch needs to be stopped, as she's almost singlehandedly ruined Snoops

8e0d77  No.328404

Isn't Snopes a leftist Soros-funded company, though? No surprise SJWs are allowed to rampage unchecked.

8e0d77  No.328409

Collect evidence. Get some examples to show people that there is a problem. Send it to her managers and if they don't respond after a few weeks then you have additional ammo against the site.

Try taking this to /pol/ or /politics/ which are more active boards.

Do you have evidence that she is a member of CTR?

File: 1456480154677.png (128.05 KB, 720x512, 45:32, 1456478197898.png)

d7fe87  No.317506[Reply]

Mark your calendars: SyFy will be reenacting her harrowing story on how she survived online harassment on their new show - The Internet Ruined My Life

51 posts and 13 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

d7fe87  No.317939

File: 1456943160412.jpg (91.26 KB, 680x596, 170:149, the-ride-never-ends.jpg)


mfw we ancient meme.

d7fe87  No.326601


d7fe87  No.328370


I just donated 200$ to Brianna Wu's patreon and there is nothing you can do about it.

Fuck you, misogynists.

d7fe87  No.328374

A bit surprise that she didn't demand that her "surviving online harassment" isn't put in a channel, like Investigation Discovery. Then again "TIRML" is perfect for the syfy channel, since it's fictional anyhow.

d7fe87  No.328407

File: 7b164b37a12b57b⋯.gif (2.8 MB, 294x238, 21:17, 1443046829094.gif)


>Fuck you, money.

Fixed that for you, necroposter. Welcome to the community, if you are in fact new

File: f9c2c6d76d4786d⋯.png (960.25 KB, 1200x630, 40:21, basic-bitches.png)

aa7003  No.328343[Reply]

Archive: http://archive.is/8RmuJ

SJWs defend horrible designs for starter Pokemon

So let me get this straight, you get 15 people on Twatter and FB losing their shit who may be SJWs virtue signalling for fakemedia to screenshot and post up for their narrative, but come on…

That and Kotaku, weren't you supposed to be DEAD?

aa7003  No.328350

>SJWs complaining that a Pokemon is offensive because it's female-looking

>even Kotaku says they're full of shit

Isn't this a good thing?

Also, Kotaku isn't dead, Gawker is dead. Kotaku and the other sub-websites were brought up by Univision.

It is kinda ugly, though. Looks like a clown, like a circus seal, not like a woman in a dress.

aa7003  No.328356


Well I didn't read the article as it started off as they typical Kotaku bait.

aa7003  No.328375

Looks like popplio's evo line can't catch a break.

First, I heard that people hated it, since it's oshawott 2.0. Now this.

Ya know, I was asking "Gawker, weren't ya suppose to be dead?" When Gizmodo made that hit piece about the Oculas guy and his girlfriend.

aa7003  No.328376


I mean according to those people, it's oshawott 2.0 (Don't know how I feel about that, since he's my first poke and others are hoping popplio was the Arceus sent miracle to correct oshawot's errors).

aa7003  No.328379

I really don't give a shit. It's manufactured hatred. And they will claim it's because people are "transphobic" since it's illegal to just not like how something looks in Hillary's America.

File: 10cee503dd0c516⋯.jpg (69.21 KB, 564x845, 564:845, 6d8f13a2338e066f85df60f9e9….jpg)

File: 4a6c83fcbf40037⋯.jpg (89.14 KB, 600x800, 3:4, CXgs-EtUkAAPK8U.jpg)

17fe1b  No.328213[Reply]

Quick history, Nikki Moxxi dressed up as Vivian once, and has been a vocal supporter of Trump.

Word got out that her boyfriend, Palmer Luckey was funding some Trump initiative.

Hitpieces ensued, you know the drill.


"Reporter" going along with Ghazi goons.




Gizmodo hitpiece


Email campaign for new Gawker/Gizmodo owner.


10 posts and 6 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

17fe1b  No.328352



>undermining brotherhood

It's exactly the opposite, as any soldier can tell you.

17fe1b  No.328362


Sweet marmalade on grandma's wrinkly calves

This is the guy who wrote that shitty article

17fe1b  No.328363

File: ccf927ca209a060⋯.jpg (140.88 KB, 827x917, 827:917, CuHhWrbUAAAj7kJ.jpg)

He has no degree,training of experience of any kind jesus H christ are they scrapping the bottom the pond for staff since no one with a brain wants their shitty name tainting their article.

17fe1b  No.328367


I actually met luckey back in the day before he was famous

I honestly never would have guessed he was pro-GG, where was he 2 years ago? given his contacts in facebook he could have been able to shift the smear campaign the msm was running against us

17fe1b  No.328368


Just to clarify it was before oculus even existed but I met him because I was also doing some development in VR and saw what he was doing at the time

File: c06218f0cb370f9⋯.png (19.79 KB, 585x92, 585:92, FAIR.png)

09136e  No.328316[Reply]

Watch this first (not embedding because you can't include timecode on embed):


Now why didn't we ever get FAIR on our side?

09136e  No.328320

We tried to get them on our side, but didn't get a response.

09136e  No.328321

Try again?

09136e  No.328354


We didn't because /pol/ wanted blood.

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