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File: def051118fc431a⋯.png (28.52 KB, 228x322, 114:161, Alana - Dream Selfy.png)

c0c475  No.327365[Reply]

Meme: http://xarti.deviantart.com/art/Oc-Age-Meme-Gerta-Wicks-622302054

GG Wiki-tan: http://xarti.deviantart.com/art/GGwiki-Chan-613222903

Her teen form is because is to symbolize the fact that the wiki needs more info/pages/data to grow/ be complete.

But the adult and toddler forms, would need some work and better changes. Judging from the feedback that I got for them. KiA: https://www.red*dit.com/r/KotakuInAction/comments/4thcin/mine_oc_age_meme_gerta_wicks/

So what would ya guys like for me to change?

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c0c475  No.330112

File: e054af036fd05c0⋯.png (2.61 MB, 1400x6521, 1400:6521, nisio on character drawing.png)

Just leaving this here. Hope it helps.

b8bd27  No.330566

File: c049af59e172536⋯.jpg (1.58 MB, 5082x6996, 77:106, GG wiki samples.jpg)

Here's a new sample.

Sorry for the delays though.

8a8b4a  No.330982

So, which one do you want me to take and improve/tweak even further?

fe35f9  No.331400

To do later.

d1cb7e  No.331572

File: 46553fb797d2d5e⋯.png (29.53 KB, 691x273, 691:273, Capture.PNG)

1ed36b  No.331436[Reply]

Net Neutrality is dead, but technically it's always been with us:


>In 1946, the Supreme Court decided the case of Marsh v. Alabama, in which a Jehovah’s Witness was arrested for trespassing because she was distributing religious literature in Chickasaw, Alabama, a town that was wholly owned by the Gulf Shipbuilding Corporation. Marsh argued that because the town’s roads and sidewalks were the only means by which she could exercise her freedom of speech—and because the town of Chickasaw had been open to public use in all other respects—the trespassing arrest violated her rights under the First Amendment.

>In a 5-3 decision, the Supreme Court ruled in Marsh’s favor. Justice Hugo Black decreed that private entities do not have the right to ban speech on their property if they happen to own a monopoly on the means by which speech can take place. Black also argued that the more that private entities open their property up to public use, the fewer rights they have to control or ban what people do on that property.

>Given that Google, Twitter, Apple, Facebook, and other edge providers are publicly-accessible entities that have deliberately pushed for monopoly control over the Internet, it’s clear that Marsh v. Alabama prohibits them from censoring right-wingers. The statute also applies to ISPs, since they wield a monopoly over Internet access. All it would take to shut down online censorship is a halfway-decent lawyer arguing that these left-wing Big Tech companies are literally violating the Constitution.

Big Tech Companies are already violating the Constitution, and ISPs would too if they throttle!

< Spreading the word

Using a tweet as an example (baring in mind you can also use GAB or Minds):


> Don't be clickbait, briefly explain why Net Neutrality was unnecessary by one of the points mentioned in the archive- in fact, include it as well.

> Tailor to your audience. Most of your followers Right Wing? Tell them hPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

1ed36b  No.331437


< Similar Cases

Similar cases to Marsh Vs Alabama have happened:

Lloyd Corp. V. Tanner https://archive.is/nPTjs (it went the other way)

Pruneyard Shopping Center v. Robins https://archive.is/RRpwv

>Marsh v. Alabama ruled in favor of Marsh, since the entirety of the town was owned by the same company, effectively making it a monopoly

>Lloyd Corp. V. Tanner ruled in favor of Lloyd Corp., since they only owned the mall, and not the surrounding area, thus Tanner still has the right to protest in other publicly-accessible areas

>For Pruneyard Shopping Center v. Robins, it was decided that state laws can expand upon federal free speech laws, but cannot infringe upon them

>On December 27, 2012, the Supreme Court of California reaffirmed Pruneyard but narrowed its applicability to the facts of the original case.[16] The entire court concurred in Associate Justice Joyce Kennard's holding that Pruneyard applies only to "common areas" of shopping centers that are designed and furnished to encourage shoppers to linger, congregate, relax, or converse at leisure, but does not apply to any other open portions of shopping centers merely intended to facilitate the efficient movement of shoppers in and out of tenants, including concrete aprons and sidewalks which shoppers simply walk across as they move between parking lots and big-box stores. In other words, the court effectively immunized most (but not all) strip malls and shopping centers from Pruneyard, except for those with areas analogous to public gathering areas such as plazas, atriums, or food courts.

> I'm guessing this would make applying such laws to the Internet that much more complex. But I'm no expert in law.

So the law may not be as clear cut as it appears. A new precedent could be argued for if it was taken to court however.

Even if Google and Twitter don't get fucked on MonopPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

1ed36b  No.331438



> /pol/ Thread (may die, please archive if it stops bumping). Please cross post useful info here to there, and vice-versa.


1ed36b  No.331442

File: 945bf449a2ad659⋯.jpg (124.61 KB, 1136x640, 71:40, NetNeutrality_1.jpg)

File: 86b169d966be209⋯.jpg (81.85 KB, 1136x640, 71:40, NetNeutrality_2.jpg)

File: 36384536657a235⋯.jpg (94.21 KB, 1136x640, 71:40, NetNeutrality_3.jpg)

File: 8e557074bfdbf31⋯.jpg (81.97 KB, 1136x640, 71:40, NetNeutrality_4.jpg)

Also (if true) Net neutrality may have given the Clinton's unfettered reign to shut down any website deemed "propaganda".

If she had won.

0ee31c  No.331542

File: 15168f2659632f1⋯.jpg (328.63 KB, 947x1022, 947:1022, (((editorial intervention)….jpg)

File: e45ab26dd5326eb⋯.jpg (56.11 KB, 1099x613, 1099:613, 1 - sRzj4c1.jpg)

File: f790c4eb9baa85d⋯.jpg (54.36 KB, 1057x593, 1057:593, 2 - EFj8pCB.jpg)

File: 131ea22fda06cfd⋯.jpg (48.64 KB, 1000x586, 500:293, 3 - sTF7hVn.jpg)

File: c6e60185e158b37⋯.jpg (46.25 KB, 996x613, 996:613, 4 - pXggxOI.jpg)

File: f18e85ccab1284d⋯.jpg (57.41 KB, 1073x587, 1073:587, 5 - JFvWi8b.jpg)

26b48e  No.331502[Reply]

Still unconfirmed. It was reported to be a dead man's switch going off.


Imgur gallery that was posted


archive of cuckchan thread

If you want to try and dig to see if its legit or fake, feel free to

There's a lot of sketchy thinks that would detract from potential legitimacy, but there are aspects to it that are legitimate such as linking to peer-reviewed scientific journals that aren't necessarily common knowledge for comparisons to their "research"

20 posts and 52 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

eb4b4c  No.331528


and also are data brokers

eb4b4c  No.331529


i think

eb4b4c  No.331530

also another question, in the first slide, did they use a center alignment or a left alignment for the first line?

3b1d4f  No.331533


It looks like left alignment to me

92ad36  No.331541

/pol/ thread is unlikely to be revived again, so here is the archive of it: https://archive.is/RyvsV

File: 3b7d14118c10256⋯.png (160.41 KB, 1171x422, 1171:422, Never piss off anons.png)

15c5cc  No.331445[Reply]

In light of the recent Twitter Purge bans/shadow bans, we need a plan


> Spread articles like: https://archive.is/Bibwn (Tweet: twitter.com/OneAngryGamerHD/status/943034821625991169) - The headline of this one sucks, but the body is good.

> Spread videos like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9mZs-1XLw0s

> Spread information from the #TwitterPurge hashtag: twitter.com/search?q=%23TwitterPurge&src=tyah

> Keep pointing out how Antifa and SJW threats are not banned. The more the bias is seen, the better. Include Twitter's stock code ($TWTR) as well to make shareholders shit themselves.

> Find out if you are shadow banned: http://shadownban-checker.xho.bedita.net/

> If you get banned/shadowbanned, make a new account and keep RTing and spreading information they want to censor- why give them their perfect "safe-space" platform? They didn't leave us in peace, and would snuff out where we refuge if given the chance. Become Umman Manda (pic related). I'm not saying raid. But I am saying we should make them work hard for a change.

> Spread alternatives (Mastadon, Gab.Ai, Minds, Bluehand, Wrongthink.net etc). Remember, we want to stop Twitter being the "main" social media hub. So spread around even the ones you don't like (as long as they function- any biases can be solved by dilution. Better than taking all the eggs from one basket, and putting them in another basket- along with the rotten ones). Include Twitter's stock code as well ($TWTR) to make shareholders shit themselves.

> Ask companies you "like" (i.e. those you buy from or you think are big) if they have accounts on the alternatives (where applicable). Attack Twitter's wallet by getting big companies to jump ship, or at least have a foot in another one so as TPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

1 post omitted. Click reply to view.

15c5cc  No.331447

There's also the Overton Window theory (what's appropriate to say in public discourse).

The edgy left pulls it to the left, and the edgy right pulls it to the right.

The purge of the worst of the right (and then some) is to allow the Overton Window to be pulled to the left as it was before GG & Trump threw spanners in the work.

972c72  No.331448

I heard that there is a team searching normies' tweet histories for anything remotely offensive and reporting them so normies are affected and can see what is going on.

Twitter's owners need to be complained at for anything to change. Do we know who has the largest shares in Twitter after the Saudis?

15c5cc  No.331449


Info on shares would be grand to dig into.

Also, I whole heatedly support "normie purge"- since SJWs will be protected.

7959fe  No.331498

Twitter caught red-handed admitting they censor conservatives & Trump supporters


They want "shitty people" off their website. People of logic, people of fact, people pushing against bullshit.

I started the OP as if breaking or killing Twitter are two different things. They are not.

Twitter's purpose is to push narratives and reinforce MSM propaganda. If we break Twitter- it is no longer Twitter as we know it now, so it is dead and replaced by a better Twitter. If Twitter shuts down- it is dead.

Get this info out however you can! Tag-jack (include unrelated popular trends), include the stock-code for Twitter ($TWTR), show it to people in real life- and most importantly- if you are banned from Twitter, make another account.

They want shitty people to be gone? Overload them with it. Break their censorship block, and their safe-space. Only reason I'm here is thanks to an anon posting about fullchan on halfchan about a week or two after GG was banned from discussion. Censorship can be broken, and we know that normalfags are against SJW when properly motivated (i.e. when they've been lied to, or risk being under the boot).

Don't run and hide to another place. Fuck Twitter up.

57b2b8  No.331534


File: 1c393b07a2bef1e⋯.png (1.64 MB, 1266x1779, 422:593, Viv DBZ super.png)

63aede  No.331466[Reply]

Well anons, its 2018! Once again the Christmas Stalingrad comes to an end, and #GamerGate is still here.

Some Announcements!

As you can see, we still have some decent activity going on, as the various factions and branches of #GG continue to pursue their goals.

>EA is taking a beating over the Battlefront II lootbox controversy

>Magic the Gathering is seeing a moderate sized eruption of a #GG-like phenomenon after permabanning one of their commentators for being a shitlord

>Gawker is meddling around with an attempt to revive

>Tencent is up to some shady shit

>Our Wikipedia article still sucks and the bullshit going on over there continues to compromise the integrity of their entire site

>and much more!

8chan continues to do well, with over 12000 UIDs among the first page of boards. A considerable recovery from the damage done by Josh and the 8chan site issues, so props to Codemoney for handling that.

Hotwheels, our beloved former admin, literally found Jesus and became a religious man this year. I'm happy he's found a comfortable place in life there in the Philippines.

There was a recent resurgence in aGG activity on Twitter a few days ago, attempting to push Twitter to ban #GG related accounts in their Great Wrongthink Purge. This failed, and nearly all of #GG who were still on Twitter yet remain, including yours truly somehow.

And I have a present for you! A project is now underway called Project Alexandria. The goal of which is to


Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
2 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

059e4a  No.331484

Now, on the lost sheep of Gamergate: I hope you are blessed. You know not what you do.

acf552  No.331488

File: 820b960feba3890⋯.jpg (8.87 KB, 223x255, 223:255, sector107407064.jpg)

Happy New Year GGfags.

71a5a3  No.331491

Good times

these days the only mentions of GG I hear, is when another games journo is revealed to be a sexual harasser…

Good times

b45f70  No.331492


John Kelly is at Braving Ruin's server

His new name is Vazorium#4086


3bebcb  No.331494

>the wiki

I'm looking forward to that, as a newfag who only found out about GG in 2015 (not from the US), there's so much I want to know but I don't feel like I can trust any of those many random blog posts all over the web.

File: 68957b49845bc8b⋯.jpg (157.91 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, meme threat.jpg)

File: 1bb838b9cba60c7⋯.jpg (118.37 KB, 757x955, 757:955, halfchan fag busted.jpg)

File: 2219a028ce9a4d5⋯.jpeg (97.5 KB, 732x915, 4:5, bank account.jpeg)

File: 1ee3757fb4c4a0b⋯.png (383.28 KB, 640x435, 128:87, Asuka Partyvan.png)

b48988  No.328980[Reply]

So one of our Twitterfront peeps just got back a FOIA request he made about the FBI investigation into #GG.

From the sound of it he got a couple CDs of redacted documents going all the way back to September 2014.



Notable things so far:

The bomb threat against Anita in Utah is hilariously bad and full of memes.

Someone used the dox of a senior admin at Intel and tried to open a bank account with it.

Apparently at least one person back on halfchan sent threats and got busted.

Some underageb& admitted to sending someone 40-50 harassing phonecalls and got busted.

Apparently /baph/ is mentioned by name? Sounds like it, anyway. Pics related to all of the above.

They're going to do a full dump on KiA, and the information is working its way to Usher and Techraptor as we speak. Or in other words…


31 posts and 8 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

b48988  No.329134

File: 4f4a2ac8ae324c8⋯.jpg (33.16 KB, 603x331, 603:331, CzLMvkmWEAAgvkA.jpg)

b48988  No.329162



its from githubs twitter page celebrating diversity!!!its not a very good bussiness model because if you go through their page you can see them having some kind of financial trouble

b48988  No.329239

File: 2ff6ed48c4fa4a0⋯.pdf (167.8 KB, report2.pdf)

Voat received funding from an unknown source shortly after this anon's report was received by a US govt office.

bf5c7c  No.331471

TL;DR: Metafilter is deluded, cucked, and paranoid like usual.

0a34ff  No.331493

File: b8dc6a2a5154a86⋯.jpg (201.86 KB, 2047x1266, 2047:1266, briannawuscreeching.jpg)

Let's not forget Brianna Wu / John Flynt wanted to re-open the FBI case against GamerGate if he's elected for congress.

File: c418e661853278e⋯.png (44.17 KB, 896x290, 448:145, tencentgame[1].png)

98c338  No.331455[Reply]

Let's try to collate, combine and centralize any and all information we have on these slimebags, eventually leading to some OC and infographics we can dump on twitter, leddit and wherever whenever a product of their's is released, or just for general usage and redpilling.

Here's a start from anon in the gg thread:


Newest Tencent article on (((Wikipedia))).

The most interesting parts in it are Controversy paragraph and third text paragraph.


Copying claims

>Many of Tencent's software and services are remarkably similar to those of competitors.

>The founder and chairman, Huateng "Pony Ma" Ma, famously said, "[To] copy is not evil." A former CEO and President of SINA.com, Wang Zhidong, said, "Pony Ma is a notorious king of copying."

>Jack Ma of Alibaba Group stated, "The problem with Tencent is the lack of innovation; all of their products are copies.

>As of 2009, the company held 400 patents.

Anti-malware software cheating allegations

>In 2015, security testing firms AV-Comparatives, AV-TEST and Virus Bulletin jointly decided to remove Tencent from their software whitelists.

>The Tencent products supplied for testing were found to contain optimizations that made the software appear less exploitable when benchmarked but actually provided greater scope for delivering exploits.

>Additionally, software settings were detrimental to end-users protection if used. Qihoo was later also accused of cheating, while Tencent was accused of actively gaming the anti-malware tests.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
5 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

554a7a  No.331461

Tencent is partnered/invested with EA on a HUGE cash cow, FIFA 3 online; Tencent's capital and/or support may be the way that EA is still making money


Activision China also made Call of Duty online which is fuckhuge in terms of revenue for them

Capcom is on-board with them as well with the partnership/investment on Monster Hunter Online

>yfw capcucks are just as cancerous as assfaggots players by contributing to this

Tencent has appeared to have gotten the license to at least localize Path of Exile for China


A reminder that anything made by Hi-Rez Studios (including Rocket League) gives money to Tencent

554a7a  No.331462

(archive later)

'"Tencent gets involved in Rocket League in April to bring it to China and be more actively involved in game management; by September they create a crate and key microtransaction system. Before that point they'd been praised for "how they did microtransactions right" and now they have even redditors complaining about what happened'''

(can't archive at the moment, at work)





554a7a  No.331463

Copy-pasted/mirrored from GG thread:

>Back on topic, tencent isn't just investing into gaymen cash cows, they also have shekels into a bunch of other companies, including spotify


<What sort of info are you looking for on tencent? They're a massive chinese company and have hands in nearly every single western videogame company.

>according to China Daily, they surpassed Wells Fargo and became the world’s tenth biggest publicly traded company in terms of market value.

>Riot games the makers of LoL is completely owned by Tencent

>Tencent bought a majority stake worth $8.6 billion in Supercell, developers of Clash of Clans and Clash Royale, two of the biggest mobile phone games in the world.

>Back in 2013, Tencent bought a nearly 50% stake in Epic Games

>the same year, Tencent participated in Activision Blizzard’s buyback from Vivendi. Tencent’s stake is $2.3 billion, giving them around 25% of the company which puts out Call of Duty, World of Warcraft, Overwatch, and Candy Crush.



>That explains why Rocket League was heavily advertised during the Game Awards

d704a8  No.331464

A couple of asides that come to mind in regards to Tencent:

^ On the mobile gaming front, they were responsible for the push for Nexon's properties to go mobile, like the failed Dungeon aNd Fighter Mobile (Dungeon Fighter Online in the west) game.

* Related to the first, Tencent actually encourages the practice of gold farming, though this is a common feature when it comes to China-based online games. This is even in the face of stricter regulations on video games passed into laws, they're known to exploit loopholes.

f386b6  No.331468

Nintendo Deal With Tencent Paves Way for China Push


> For all its global popularity, Nintendo Co. has had relatively limited business in China. Now a deal with Tencent Holdings Ltd. has investors excited at the prospect that Nintendo’s Switch console and smartphone games could take off in one of the world’s biggest game markets.

> Nintendo shares shot up by more than 7% to a nine-year high Tuesday as investors welcomed its deal to put one of China’s most popular videogames—Tencent’s “Honor of Kings”—on the Nintendo Switch this winter. The game is called “Arena of Valor” in Europe, and a U.S. launch under that name is set for later this year.

> For the moment, the deal, disclosed last week in a Nintendo video posted online, doesn’t directly involve users in China because the Switch isn’t sold there. But it could be a precursor to further arrangements allowing Nintendo to sell the Switch and its mobile games in China, said people familiar with the thinking of Nintendo and Tencent executives.

> “This is very positive in the longer term in getting Chinese publishers supporting the Switch,” said Macquarie Capital Securities analyst David Gibson. He said he expected Nintendo to introduce the Switch in China by March 2019.

> China is the world’s largest smartphone game market, and “Honor of Kings,” first released two years ago, is one of its standout hits. Research firm App Annie said the game was the top-grossing app in China during the second quarter of this year, earning some $87 million a month on average on Apple Inc.’s iOS platform.

> The game, a battle between five-player teams, has been so popular that this summer, Tencent imposed daily playing-time limits on players aged 18 and under and imposed a curfew for children 12 and under. It was introduced in Europe in August.

> For 15 years starting in 2000, China blocked videogame console makers from its market, saying the consoles could hurt young people’s education. After it opened up in 2015, Sony Corp. and Microsoft Corp. released their latest consoles. NinPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: f02a234fd83431c⋯.jpg (1.65 MB, 2000x6500, 4:13, 1481432726705.jpg)

097a79  No.329096[Reply]

Brilliant Judo-strategy by half/pol/.

We use the FakeNews meme against the real fake news and also promote the idea that no comment section = suspect story.

097a79  No.329128

>promote the idea that no comment section = suspect story.

That's actually a pretty good indicator.

Same with a moderated comments section that somehow has no comments questioning or disagreeing.

097a79  No.329141

Relevant for you


Also need to push OP's image HARD.

097a79  No.329176

File: 81ba01d8d6c67c7⋯.png (2.25 MB, 3600x3634, 1800:1817, 81ba01d8d6c67c7980410f7640….png)

Gee, the debunking sure is full-proof.

Be sure to tag #FakeNews when sharing this.

MSM hates their own meme was turned onto them.

097a79  No.329179

Relevant for the FakeNews branding:


Why defame when you can outlaw?

e3d01b  No.331465

thread repair bump

File: 1ea07d5b31ab14f⋯.png (75.38 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, 454f670801bf58ee54bdad1897….png)

File: 41454d319c22117⋯.jpg (150.73 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, zombie-1.jpg)

75697a  No.331427[Reply]

We need to have a frank discussion about new developments concerning Gawker. You may have been under the impression that Uni vision purchased Gawker last year, that was not technically true. Univision purchased Gizmodo Media Group a holding company with the shitty sites Gizmodo, Jezebel, Deadspin, Kotaku, Jalopnik, and Lifehacker; Gawker itself was not included. The Judge allowed Nick Denton to delay the sail of Gawker itself because GG had made it so toxic that it would have dragged down the value of the other assets if bundled.

Well the actual Gawker site is now getting ready to be auctioned off along with the rights to sue Peter Thiel for his roll in helping Hogan achieve justice. Seriously the rights to sue someone is being auctioned. Anyhoo the nigger fucking faggot Nick Denton wants to bid for it, Peter Thiel himself wants to bid but some probably illegal bullshit is happening to block him and a bunch of former employees are on kikestarter wanting you to help them buy it for them because they want to work for themselves like a bunch of commie hippy fagots.

Anyway after reading over kikestarters TOS it's clear that what they are trying to do is in clear violation. You cant use kikestarter to be mean or victimize anyone, gawker literally is all about that. And this campain states that they want to preserve all the old articles and shit.

I was half way into writing the report pointing out specific instances of there bullshit like when they made fun of someone for having his dad die or a woman for having cancer. But like what would I achieve, if they get kicked from kikestarter they would just try to Streisand it and get even more victim bux from some other platform.

Also I don't know if these hippies would be the worst owners. Someone's going to end up with the website. Presumably if Peter gets it he would shut it down but he may not want to pay the final asking price or he may not be allowed to even bid. Denton did a class act of fucking it up the first time maybe he could fail a second? Maybe these hippies will find out just how hard it is to play with the big boys.

One of the most hilarious aspects of the kikestarter campaign is that if thPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

aafaa3  No.331435

File: ec8eae30e1d3986⋯.png (362.67 KB, 1316x1696, 329:424, GawkerBullyingSummery.png)

File: dc8cd339ad22060⋯.png (178.47 KB, 714x918, 7:9, SamBiddleScreenCap_BringBa….png)

Post screencaps of Gawker's shit (Pro Pedophila, Beastiality, and "it's OK to post a sex tape of a 5 year old") into any hashtag involving SaveGawker'''



https://archive.today/IH2hk (Did you ever get fucked up on nutmeg)

https://archive.today/yTdTP (Gawker Hates Brands)

https://archive.today/WgRdi (Gawker Hates Charlie Hebdo)

https://archive.today/FN5yf (Gawker Hate the Red Cross)

https://archive.today/zmq4J (Gawker Supports Bestiality)

https://archive.today/6jfQk (Gawker Supports Celebrity Hacking)

https://archive.today/EeFac (Gawker Supports Drugs)

https://archive.today/ue2mC (Gawker Supports Incest)

https://archive.today/i1Njv#selection-2975.0-2975.80 (Gawker Supports Pedos)

https://archive.today/TAsUb (Gawker Supports Terrorism)

https://archive.today/gElfx and https://archive.today/LognP (Gawker Thinks Coke are white supremacists because of how Gawker trolled them)

https://archive.today/5N9lG (Gawker Loves Clickbait)

Bonus points if yo can finPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: bad0f5c3c6f9a84⋯.jpg (2.14 MB, 2308x2928, 577:732, DSCN4696.JPG)

d2ea17  No.331432[Reply]

analyzing logic of Intersectionality with a view to fucking up their shit. published pseudonymously on Medium. Archive link below.





File: e24df86787ee34f⋯.png (936.21 KB, 2143x1853, 2143:1853, polygontop500dq.png)

dfaa81  No.331417[Reply]

Did anyone check out Polygon's Top 500 Greatest Games Of All Times? They added Depression Quest in the list. That's not all. They also added Gone Home in the list too, and it's ranked higher than Chrono Trigger and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time!

What the fuck was Polygon thinking?! Did Zoe Quinn had some Five Guys Burgers And Fries at Polygon headquarters or something??


aa523c  No.331418

File: d5cbd44384f8dba⋯.webm (1.98 MB, 320x180, 16:9, Mr Bones.webm)


saw this over on /v/. it's polygon, what did you expect. they've been in bed with Quinn and Sarkeesian since 3 years ago. this shit never ends.

aa523c  No.331419

85b4bd  No.331421

Gone Home arguably created the modern "Walking Simulator" genre, which should earn it a place on that list.

Depression Quest launched GamerGate, ruined the reputation of the far-left, made "SJW" a household slur, exposed their fuckery for all to see, pushed an entire generation of gamers to the right, and helped Donald Trump get elected President. It's one of the most influential games of all time.

aa523c  No.331424


you'd have a point here if it were a list of "the 500 most influential games of all time" but that's not what the list is, it's "the 500 BEST games of all time" and they rated Depression Quest higher than the original Ninja Gaiden, F-Zero, Star Fox 64, and the original Alone in the Dark!

oh but it gets worse. they rated Gone Home, the fucking WALKING SIMULATOR at 31 in a BEST GAMES OF ALL TIME LIST!

they rated it higher than Chrono Trigger, FF7, Goldeneye, Half-Life 1, Shadow of the Colossus, Smash Bros. Melee, the original Donkey Kong, Super Mario World and Street Fighter 2.

Let that sink in for a minute.

File: bbfde3fc0f5c1aa⋯.mp4 (8.13 MB, 848x480, 53:30, Freemium.mp4)

c5fe8d  No.331196[Reply]

An idea sparked from a /v/ thread. OP name is pre-emptive as the plan isn't even formed, but the goal and idea is.

The thread OP:


This is a brilliant idea, 99% of the cancer infecting the medium has been bankrolled by racketeers pretending to be game developers, using armies of disinterested normalfags as a battering ram into every platform, funded off the slaughter of lobotomized whales. In addition, it could create a public furor against anything else that vaguely smacked of it, such as DLC, Greenlight vaporware, and $1 appstore shovelware.

If the flames of a good old fashioned moral panic could be fanned up, especially in today's political environment, games might be saved in one fell swoop.

>Let's all be honest here, microtransactions, lootboxes, and keys are all super scummy and also skirt the line of being actual gambling by hanging on the very edge.


>And judging by the slot machine style of how these cases usually are… I think there is something that can be said about them literally skirting these laws by inches. This isn't the only video like this, there are literally thousands like this and you can actually see these people get so hyped up during the rolling of the meter… it's literally the same look a person has going to a actual slot machine.

>Frankly, I think it is quite obvious that regulations against these type of things is going to happen really damn soon once any form of attention is thrown at them from any form of political body.

>So, how do we get the attention to finally end this blight upon gaming?

>Well. I actually do see many options in order to actually kill microtransactions once and for all. 2 I will name here as they seem to be the very best options.

>Force the ESRB to start rating any game with microtransaction/gambling mechanics as a automatic AO rating. As gambling Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

26 posts and 8 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

8e2f26  No.331401

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

This guy is preaching to the choir (his own audience), but it could help convert others. He's very old school.


Telling the monster he's doing wrong won't help. Starving him works better.

Imagine if everyone who made memes and jokes about EA did the same about people who bought Lootcrates? That they were children who were so poorly skilled and had such a tantrum when they lost- they'd play to win. I bet lootboxes would dry up in a month.

Or if you're playing one of these games (christ knows why) and you've clearly been hammered by someone who bought something, just put in the chat:

> [Player] pays to win.

That's all you need to say, and once. Because you've undermined their victories without using harsh language or insulting any other elements about his character. Just the fact that he wins because he pays- not because he's good. He'll taunt you and insult you and try to get you to argue back. Don't. Just ignore him and carry on. Every message he posts in a temper tantrum makes other players see it and think "Christ- people who buy lootboxes are dickheads."

It's the same as SJW and Marxism. Why tell the politician he's doing something wrong? He knows he is- he's banking on it!

But when all his supporters are mocked, and they start having a tantrum, he has to distance himself or be dragged under.

Mock supporters of Lootboxes, they'll have tantrums (and a few bots will join in making them seem even less human and sane), so EA has to distance themselves.

Still doesn't deal with whales though. That might need full blown gambling laws, but as we've discussed, we need to be crystal clear on what we want, and not a single deviation in phrasing will do.

8e2f26  No.331402

EA Loses $3 Billion in Stock Value after Battlefront 2 Debacle

>EA is feeling the burn after the gaming community as a whole rebelled against the microtransaction model in Star Wars Battlefront 2. EA debuted an aggressive loot box system in Battlefront 2, a gashapon machine with shooter elements, which tied in-game progression to premium currency transactions that cost real money. Electronic Arts' stock is down 8.5 percent month-to-date, which equates to around $3.1 billion in losses.


8e2f26  No.331410

File: 62f0f12a7bd0d01⋯.jpg (172.5 KB, 657x714, 219:238, DPrn7YCVoAAIUu-.jpg)

From Honkius:



<Oh no. The government is planning on putting in regulations. What do we do?

<Implement a think tank to influence policy makers in the government

<Make an SRO to go after gaming companies that "hurt" the public image of gaming

> Notice how it doesn't mention removing loot boxes.

Can't find the original article on Gamasutra. I did find a similar press release on their own website:


Seems like the NCGP (National Committee for Games Policy) are shaping up to be another lobbying body to protect EA and the like, but they're making big promises about protecting developers with stuff like supporting whistleblowers.

https://archive.is/moVkf (Homepage)

From their own information page:


> What is the NCGP?

> The National Committee for Games Policy is the world’s first public policy think tank associated with the video games and interactive entertainment industry. The NCGP is part of a larger movement dealing specifically with laws pertaining to video games. The objective of the NCGP is to help government policy regarding video games develop appropriately with guidance and input from industry leaders. The NCGP is not a traditional special interest group, since we have no stated position on any issue, and instead seek to collate the information provided by the public and games professionals into a unified political position. We take the stance of adopting the opinions and views of our industry expert members and evidence found through our research efforts. The NCGP is independently funded and does not receive grants from the federal government or donations from any political partPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

12329c  No.331422


You want to start a moral panic to encourage the government to censor video games?


12329c  No.331423


Also, FFS, use some line breaks occasionally!

File: edf971594f9ce02⋯.jpg (73.38 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, No You Piece Of Shit.jpg)

54ab14  No.331250[Reply]

The purpose of this thread:

Catalog all cases of anti-GG/SJW/"virtuous" companies/marxist pushers and those who talk down to us about being immoral who have skeletons in their closet. Main focus is aGG and game related companies.

With how sexual assault has been under more scrutiny, this could escalate until those really high up in important industries can get fucked.

If you fix corruption in gaming, it can happen in other industries by laying the ground work and have the general public more informed to not tolerate it in other fields. Not to mention more sexual assault can be reported as more progress is made.

There is a delicate balance with false accusations however.

Only post 1 accusation per post. If it turns out it is fake- then it makes it easier to delete

31 posts and 28 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

9fe16e  No.331387

Vice Suspends Documentary Producer Jason Mojica For [Allegations Of] Sexual Misconduct


> No further comments or statements were produced by Vice regarding Mojica’s suspension, but it comes shortly after both Vice and their subsidiary Waypoint acknowledged the sexual misconduct claims that were said to be rife within the media company’s corporate culture.

> So what exactly did Mojica do? According to Barghouty he asked how flexible she was after asking if she signed the non-traditional non-disclosure agreement, something that Waypoint reproached Vice for using as a means of leverage against employees.

> One of the employees told the Daily Beast under anonymity – since she had signed the NDA and did not want to risk legal repercussions – that some management used the NDAs as pressure against the young female staff…

< “When older men, senior reporters, or managers would hook up with young female reporter after young female reporter, [my manager] would kind of a shrug and say, ‘Well, non-traditional workplace environment.’”

> The Daily Beast says that employees told them that the managing staff would use the NDA in a joking manner before doing something uncouth.

The "non-standard" NDA (according to OneAngryGamer) says:

> “Although it is possible that some of the text, images and information I will be exposed to the course of my employment with Vice may be considered by some to be offensive, indecent, violent or disturbing, I do not find such text, images or information or the workplace environment at Vice to be offensive, indecent, violent or disturbing.”


A linked document via another article says:

> Due to the nature of business and operations, including but not limited to its print and online publications, sexually provocative and other explicit images, videos and audio recordings are regularly present VICE's offices.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

9fe16e  No.331388

> Tariq Lacy, former PR manager and marketing staff at Area 35, is now claiming game director Hiroaki Yura embezzled that money and used it towards Area 35’s new game, Tiny Metal. Yura responded by accusing Lacy of sexual harassment during his time at the Tokyo-based company.


There's not much info on either side. Tiny Metal was delayed a month after Tariq's claim.

Brandon claims Tariq used to work at Gumi, and Nintendo HQ in WA state before that.

If Tariq's claim is false, he could be doing this to get attention for his next project, job, or attention in general (going off other SJW- if he's a male feminist sex-pest- it is in character).

It is possible both parties can be lying, both telling the truth, or one is telling the truth and the other is lying.

9fe16e  No.331390


Matt Hickey, Former Gizmodo Journalist Pleads Guilty To Reduced Rape Charges

> https://archive.is/LCQmF

It should be noted there are circumstances someone will admit to guilt when they did not do it. However from a legal POV, we no longer need to say "allegedly" when discussing Matt Hickey.

9fe16e  No.331391

Not sure if this counts.

Former NeoGaf Mod Amir0x Pleads Guilty To Child Pornography


> Former NeoGaf moderator and anti-#GamerGate critic, Christopher John Goldberg, has pled guilty to a single count of child pornography. Readers of One Angry Gamer tipped us off to the updated docket and court summaries, which reveal the current status of Goldberg’s impending sentencing, as well as the fact that he has put in a guilty plea to one of the many charges of accessing child pornography.

ab78ef  No.331406


>He wouldn't take "no" for an answer!

>I didn't say "no", I just made up excuses!

Which is it?

File: 2a07ab42aa315b1⋯.png (193.54 KB, 820x850, 82:85, GGwiki-chan-finish.png)

e85bcb  No.327054[Reply]

Hi, I'm MikiSayaka33 and new to contributing to the Gamergate wiki. I'm just posting to find the higher up guys who contribute to the wiki.

Also, to let them know that one of the pages has been vandalized! It's the OP: Olive Branch page http://archive.is/ni2y6

The worst thing is that guy who did the vandalism is still there and may attack the other pages (There's only so much an under rank contributor can do).

17 posts and 8 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

60200b  No.330981

Hey, where can I find the mods/admins if some vandalism happens? I wanna know which social site they hang at so I can alert them at a minute's notice if and when something happens.

143d27  No.330989


The e-mail is on the front page. admin@thisisvideogames.com

591537  No.330993

File: 3d72ae8b2b5ad8f⋯.png (39.83 KB, 800x500, 8:5, sessler.png)

I just dug through twelve archives of the /v/ general to find data's package.



> code/dotgenerator.py also includes a search engine. If you give it a word to search for, it will print the data segments containing that word instead of creating a graph file. This will be useful for anybody working on the wiki and any diggers because we may have already dug whatever you are looking into.

It works, sorta. You need to be comfortable using a command line and text files, and you will need to do a lot of work to pick out the usable pieces and buff it up to be wiki quality.


1. Open data's zip file in a new directory

2. Install python


1. python code/dotgenerator.py "search term" > search_result.txt

2. open search_result.txt and read through it

8bb9d7  No.331399


04cd14  No.331403

There is a Gamergate Research dump on Voat. https://voat.co/v/ictory/2261029


The contents within them need to be added to the Wiki.

File: b1b9a2973c4b50a⋯.jpg (117.33 KB, 1000x780, 50:39, Aya bunny.jpg)

93b0c8  No.331080[Reply]

It's the Third Birthday!

Today is August 28th, which is the day that this and the previous GG boards have traditionally celebrated the birthday of #GG. August 27th was the day Adam Baldwin first coined the hashtag itself, but it was the following day that consensus was reached on /v/ to formally adopt the tag and take up the #GG mantle to spread word of our cause.

What was a Twitter tag created to point attention at a scandal became a banner under which gamers and free speech advocates from all over the global Internet rallied to stick up for our hobby in the face of a hostile media and a nearly equally hostile world.

They said we wouldn't last a month. We did.

They said we wouldn't last through Christmas. We did.

They said we wouldn't last through Destiny. We laughed our asses off.

They said we wouldn't last a year. We did.

They said we wouldn't last two years. We did.

They said we were dead. Then we got the blame for electing Donald Trump!

It's been a hell of a ride. I never imagined, when I stepped into the Burgers and Fries threads on /v/ in 2014, that things would wind up like this. Multiple warfront, mainstream media getting involved, a civil war within #GG and winding up a board owner myself. That we'd be in an episode of Law and Order. Now today we have books being written about us, and hitpiece headlines are still coming out on a weekly basis.

We just wanted to play videogames!

As I'm sure you've noticed, the old board here is pretty dead. Between all the chaos of the big board war and attempted takeovers by the IRC faction, most of 8chan lost interest in the game. We still have a valuable purpose as a safe harbor, and as a repository and discussion board for the information still flowing in from all over the #GamerGate network. It's times like this, when carrying on is hard and takes actual work, that you learn who really cares about the cause, and who was just around for the drama higPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

26 posts and 30 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

0a7feb  No.331176

File: 3f952e5130ccf8b⋯.jpg (74.95 KB, 640x543, 640:543, fXYdn6p-0FADok0XX1eirD3jWe….jpg)



Blackpills? In the GGHQ? You took a wrong turn, m8.

3bd888  No.331190


>three years

>Still haven't accomplished anything

>Gawker still lives

Good job doing… nothing?

84b9d8  No.331240


>Gawker still lives

Gawker itself is dead, and Nick Denton is unemployed. Frankly, that's more than I ever expected.

There's nothing you can realistically do about the other blogs, because they got bought by a billion-dollar company that can give them (((funding))) until the end of time. Even then, those blogs may eventually die if their users stop using the blog.

f17395  No.331384

File: 392c829268f831b⋯.jpg (65.96 KB, 720x900, 4:5, midnight trian going nowhe….jpg)

In 2018 Politicians,movies stars and journalists are pedos and rapists

Western gaming dies in microtransactions and lootboxes

Eastern games rise even more

Idiots on twatter or wherever still mutter gamergate in hushed tones the eternal vigilance still continues

Gamergate gets blamed for causing (Insert event here)

08f1e4  No.331396

Newfag here, I dunno where else to post this.

I ended up semi-ragequitting from the internet during the leadup to GG becoming a thing because if I didn't I was going to have a fucking nervous breakdown, because of that while GG was going on I was only semi-aware of it and never really knew what it was, I only saw the hashtag being thrown around by SJWs on Twitter and some forum threads that I avoided. I only really found out what it actually was when the whole thing blew over and I feel really regretful that I never got to take part in it and join the fight for them delicious e t h i c s

I really want to be able to look back on GG and be able to say I was a part of it. Is there still any way I can contribute or has the whole movement pretty much lost its steam?

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