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File: 1468819696722.png (168.13 KB, 356x600, 89:150, Anarchismball.png)

4c912f  No.325857[Reply]


The neckbeard finally did it… wow. Longtime 4chan troll Jim Profit finally raises a ruckus by calling out some okcupid mod and their "child sex ring".


Here's her profile. Now all I know of Jim as of late is he sleezes around Black Lives Matter and Bernie Sanders Facebook pages. I think he must've read Saul Alinskey's rules for radicals or something. As this doesn't seem like his style to randomly attack some upper middle-class white girl out of the blue.

This could be a setup against BLM, I don't know… Jim was palling around with that software site that wanted to dox everybody. and got closed by Kickstarter for being extremely fucking psychotic. Seems Jimmy and the girl went their separate ways but where as she went underground, he's moving on up to more mainstream SJW stuff.

This all smells of CIA bad psyops. That's what trolling used to be called before everyone just assumed it was some dumbass on the internet.

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4c912f  No.325879


It's probably just drama porn. However I did hear Jim is investing in third party applications for Pokémon Go. You know, things that would help people find out where good hotspots are and stuff.

He seems to focus a lot on knowing where people live.

4c912f  No.325976

This guy is a fucking deranged lunatic I like him.

4c912f  No.326048



Apparently here he's going after Assigned Male, the tranny webcomic writer/activist.

Of course the tranny is just using it to get more patreon cash, but Jim doesn't even seem to care and is egging them on to part ways with their money. He really is the alt right's Joker to Milo's Bane.

4c912f  No.326051


Assigned Male is fucking nuts. Jim Profit is a perfect match for Sophie LaBelle.

4c912f  No.326193

Bumped for current

File: 1449568680794.png (783.38 KB, 1024x519, 1024:519, hyperdimension-neptunia-re….png)

6e3dbc  No.308148[Reply]

Operation Rainfall also asked if we can start seeing more Asia releases like Moero Chronicle in the future. Akenaga seemed more concerned in trying to fix the situation in the West:

>That’s actually Compile Heart Asia’s decision, not really ours. We could start seeing that more in Asia, but maybe we should do something to change in the West in the future. Anyway, we just don’t want to censor anymore.


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6e3dbc  No.309125

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

6e3dbc  No.309127

File: 1449957201308-0.png (10.53 KB, 512x448, 8:7, 1-Secret_of_the_Stars_(U)_….png)

File: 1449957201308-1.png (9.99 KB, 512x448, 8:7, 3-Secret_of_the_Stars_(U)_….png)

File: 1449957201309-2.png (6.35 KB, 512x448, 8:7, 18-Secret_of_the_Stars_(U)….png)

File: 1449957201309-3.png (115.86 KB, 500x438, 250:219, 34-SecretoftheStarsU_00077.png)

File: 1449957201309-4.jpg (28.99 KB, 480x360, 4:3, mysterydesert.jpg)

And here's some more greatest hits from Secret of the Stars!!!

6e3dbc  No.309410


My sister used to own that game. The translation is on par with Vietnamese Crystal, except with less swearing.

6e3dbc  No.326147


6e3dbc  No.326190


File: 1449689973742.jpg (63.35 KB, 512x288, 16:9, serveimage.jpg)

a7bb0c  No.308609[Reply]



I'm not going to add much. I'm too pissed off to say much. But I won't be buying this game. That's for sure.

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a7bb0c  No.309616


>It's okay to cheat on and abuse people, and for companies to exploit people willing to do that by running a casting couch

>But god forbid someone slap their own butt

Are you retarded, anon?

a7bb0c  No.309664


Look, I know you're mad that you can't get any landwhale with dyed hair to touch your penis and I understand you have no idea what you're talking about. But there are better ways to deal with it then being retarded on the internet. Have you considered suicide?

a7bb0c  No.309826

Start a petition for a patch that returns it to the original. That way prudes can have their prudish butt slap and perverts can have the pervy butt slap.

a7bb0c  No.326155


a7bb0c  No.326189

Bump to get over the spam

File: 1469865402138.jpg (149.02 KB, 1410x1080, 47:36, 1467097376708.jpg)

bc3084  No.326115[Reply]

You should make a sticky with a link to Kotaku In Action, this board is dead but KiA is still very active.


bc3084  No.326166


bc3084  No.326172


Nah I hate reddit, I don't know how such a shitty looking website got so popular.

It looks like someone forgot to finish designing it.

bc3084  No.326177

It's not like they post about games any more than here, though. It's all /pol/ tier bullshit and ecelebs. It's like strawberry flavored shit instead of the vanilla shit we serve here.

bc3084  No.326179


There's currently 1038 people browsing KiA.

The only people on GGHQ are Acid, his mods and the people that come here to make fun of Acid for being a faggot.

bc3084  No.326181

The thread with the most points on kia front page is a thread about some guy getting acused of rape and killing himself then his mum killed herself so its a double suicide

hardly gg related

File: 1445630832344-0.png (65.5 KB, 310x310, 1:1, wake up girl zoo vivian.png)

File: 1445630832345-1.png (64.01 KB, 198x224, 99:112, 0IHkIel-cut.png)

File: 1445630832345-2.jpg (177.2 KB, 844x555, 844:555, puchiwugcolle-1.jpg)

3abdd8  No.291058[Reply]

There is an anime called "Wake Up, Girl Zoo!", with a green eyes redhead in a gator outfit. Pic related.

It could make a lot of great material regarding Vivian James.

Anybody currently watching it? Taking screencaps?

Aren't you a proud gator? :^)

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3abdd8  No.309854

File: 1450539372264.jpg (2.32 MB, 1440x8488, 180:1061, not even once.jpg)


>but according to radical feminism, men can't be raped

Under US law, a woman can put a gun to your head, force you to chew handful of viagra, mount your chemically-induced erection while still threatening your life, and she's only committing sexual assault.

Rape is defined as penetration, and so she only becomes a rapist if she sticks a finger up your ass to stimulate your prostate.

That shit ain't "radical feminism," it's the law as laid out by mainstream feminist lobbying over the past forty years.

Also, because you can't penetrate a mouth with a vagina, a man forcing someone to perform oral on them is rape, but a woman doing similarly is not.


>I'm guessing that to them, men can only be raped if they believe in the right politics.

What? No. Men can only be raped by OTHER MEN. It's only permissable to acknowledge men as victims if it also supports the narrative of men as aggressors.

If you use a more egalitarian definition of rape, or include "forced to penetrate" as a rape criterion, you realize rape isn't a gendered issue, either by victim or aggressor.


I was around for at least two of those threads designing Viv, I did not see any mention of piccolodick. Similar to other anon, I first heard that "green and purple" are 4chan colours from SJWs/feminists, and that they symbolize rape. It was completely out of left field.

So count me also a moron.


Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

3abdd8  No.309887


So is this just more cute girls doing cute things just in animal costumes? I'm okay with that, but wanted to know what to expect.

3abdd8  No.309893


3abdd8  No.326157


3abdd8  No.326173


WUG Zoo is the only good thing to come out of the "Wake Up, Girls" Franchise.

File: 1462123262736-0.png (327.64 KB, 379x448, 379:448, 10 on ign.png)

File: 1462123262736-1.png (47.28 KB, 1270x633, 1270:633, you will never be this mad.png)

6dd7bd  No.323167[Reply]

Previous thread >>318249

This thread is a special sticky thread for the purpose of keeping the board catalog tidy by containing gossip, drama, and shitposting.

What goes in this thread:

>Minor SJW news or stories that don't have national impact

>SJW issues that aren't games industry related and that are not operations or digging.

>Twitter gossip that doesn't materially affect #GG

>E-celeb or board drama of a personal nature

Warning: This thread may have content that is Not Safe For Work!

If you feel a thread has extraordinary merit that should be granted an exception from above, you can request a pass by posting it here and reporting the post for mod attention.

All other #GG related content is free to post on the rest of the board.

Welcome, and have fun!

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6dd7bd  No.328612


>Lazy-ass millennials

Not really.

6dd7bd  No.328614


There's 4chan, freezepeach, and since KiA is about fed up with their bullshit, they're enroaching on voat.

6dd7bd  No.328618


>Make of it what you will.


>while you're arguing about videogames you should care about this OTHER thing I care about

nice bait

6dd7bd  No.328621

File: c33ad11a712c992⋯.png (230.1 KB, 500x621, 500:621, c33ad11a712c9920bc6bf2230e….png)


From the title alone i could tell it was going to be a video complaining about "how i wanted an online movement to do a thing but no one else wanted to go along"

>QUQU ah that Bnf/triangle guy that explains that do these guys actually do anything of their own volition besides whining and jerking it in IRC


I am surprised voat is still up the guys there need to do something big to get attention and grow like how 4chan became exploding vans and hackers on steroids and grew in size and cancer…..

6dd7bd  No.328622

File: 16f64a48244bc90⋯.jpg (53.95 KB, 500x333, 500:333, Asuka chibi.jpg)


I got linked this a little bit ago.

>Unironically uses a term like "gamercucks" repeatedly.

>Goes just shy of full jock in shitting on anime nerds and gamers for being "basement dwellers who never accomplished anything in their lives."

>Literally quotes Fight Club as a key point of inspiration late in the video.

>"GeeGrevolt was the last bastion of the real GamerGate."

>Closes on the point that the way to defeat millionaire corporate powers out to destroy you is to "live a good life" to fight "the spiritual war" and not, say, bankrupt them by destroying their revenue infrastructure with targeted protests.

Honestly, do we have a Bingo card for these "muh culture war" morons yet? Its like

>"Am I a narcissistic egofag?"

>"No, it is everyone else who is."

>"And I'll make a thirty minute video of my opinions about these people so that others may know of my thoughts and ways and be inspired by me."

This shit is why we said "no leaders."

File: 1450219593846.png (389.82 KB, 598x341, 598:341, 1450218136863.png)

7fac72  No.309513[Reply]

Bayonetta is going to be a DLC in Super Smash Bros. While this is pretty awesome news, get ready to hear how this is also a "major victory for feminism."

Much like Undertale, it seems that the SJW'sw ant to claim Bayonetta as their own and this is a major win against us sexist gamers.

Just wanted to give everyone a little heads up

39 posts and 10 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

7fac72  No.310173


he makes about as much since as solid snake did

7fac72  No.310437


The Twin Snakes exclusive on GameCube.

Doom in all its games was multiplatform and not at least 1 nintendo exclusive iirc.

7fac72  No.310532


Doom 64 was pretty different from other versions of Doom, if I recall. It's more like a spinoff.

7fac72  No.326165


7fac72  No.326294


A good advice from Bayonetta to Anita Sarkeesian.

File: 1450395075414.jpg (18.09 KB, 310x174, 155:87, aaaanditsgone.jpg)

bcd358  No.309776[Reply]

A blog that gives chronology and "criticism" from an SJW perspective of the Gamergate hashtag is expiring soon. Ironic that the latest update (which predicts that Gamergate is "spiraling into silence") is dated November of 2014.

https://gamergatecritique.wordpress.com/2014/10/22/what-is-gamergate/#more-15 (Goes to actual website).

When first loading the page, I am given a popup that tells me that this domain name has expired and needs to be renewed. Could be an opportunity of two things. Archiving and buying it out (partially for keks). Any other ideas?

Wayback machines archive link here: http://web.archive.org/web/20150801131905/http://gamergatecritique.com/ Not sure if it will be reliable long term.

https://www.godaddy.com/domains/searchresults.aspx?checkAvail=1&domainToCheck=https%3A%2F%2Fgamergatecritique.wordpress.com <<< Is this the method to buying the website?

7 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

bcd358  No.310172


Don't be a poe, faggot. Poes are the most worthless shits on the planet.

bcd358  No.310197

If I had ten bucks I'd scoop it up and put up info on known pedos and other general sleazebags against GG.

bcd358  No.310309



>Poes are the most worthless shits on the plane

Spreading disinfo for the lulz to an audience of SJWs mentally handicapped to check facts as long as it goes with the narrative?


bcd358  No.310353


Use it to black ops them.

Get wikipedia to cite pages on the site that spread truth under the house of narrative

bcd358  No.326164


File: 1449177636332.jpg (110.89 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 1353290550996.jpg)

1d2281  No.306699[Reply]

Do you believe Gamergate is a war to be won or, if at all possible, would you rather prefer to mitigate some of the conflict through respectful dialogue with the other side? I've been thinking that it might be nice to try to foster a civil and compassionate dialogue with the other side somehow in the Christmas spirit of things. I don't know if they'd be down for it or just call it sea lioning, but I think it would be nice if we could come together for a day instead of fighting each other all the time. Kind of like when we throw board parties and /baph/ and /pol/ and /cuteboys/ and /christian/ and /muslim/ and everyone else all come together and have a nice time just for one day.

20 posts and 8 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

1d2281  No.308075


aGG is boring clique of people I give nary a shit about, and only a tiny fragment of a political force that needs to be purged and to have its lands salted.

1d2281  No.308139


you know how the german and allied soldiers called a truce and had a snowball fight on Christmas? it's not going to be like that with aGG, they'll call in bomb threats on you and laugh. if they show up in person, they'll scream that you're raping them and get you arrested. you are mentally retarded for thinking that there can be any sort of respectful dialogue with SJW cultists.


this. cult fits better than religion though.

1d2281  No.308278

You can try.

1d2281  No.310221


It's more like the SJs that would be privy to such acts instead just say "Fuck it I'm done" and go back to whatever dorkus fandumb thing they were doing before this.

So no, no xmas truce, it'll always be all gg boards everywhere unified against utter fanatics led by a handful of scam artists and UN cuckolds.

1d2281  No.326163


File: 1450217584785.png (2.33 MB, 1000x1250, 4:5, tarjan_undyne_by_saturnspa….png)

00a3da  No.309510[Reply]

19 posts and 9 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

00a3da  No.310202


What I find great about the interface including what you see above that, is, they actually fuck with you. the dev actually has a pair of balls to do things to the player and confuse them.

It does play out like an old game but it also has new elements that you don't expect would have been done in such a game.

00a3da  No.310203


so it's wario ware

00a3da  No.310204

File: 1450823657161.png (124.01 KB, 720x404, 180:101, dasdasda.png)


Time to Rev up those torrents.

00a3da  No.310220

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>>started at mcdonalds

I just realised it.

Izzy Galvez's sad and total lack of a life.

IZZY IS Burgerpants!

also surprised people were still replying to this. twas a lot of fun watching gamefaqs implode, and even raid a couple small places in fits of impotent rage.


amazing ID!

>>309719 Yep. For a solo effort it's quite good. I only wish Act would stay the same for all encounters, but that's a fuck of a lot more writing.

Like you try to play fetch with undyne, or flirt, or you lie on the ground and roll around and she would go all "what the fuck is wrong with you kid?!?"

So I can understand why he just kept it at 'most obvious actions only'

If a full team went at this style of play, giving monsters various Persona-esque reactions, huu joygasm.

>>309720 I like to term it thus. The closer you go to pacifist, the more you're playing a Sierra adventure game (with all the who-the-fuck-would-think-of-this-without-a-hint-guideness that entails for figuring out the spare order of some battles) while traditional RPG goes the other way.

Even if you're bored with the plot it does at least have one playthrough to enjoy. Its biggest accomplishment to me is having juuust enough for even the disinterested to enjoy one playthrough. It's not often a game going "jack of all trades" will result in something so decent. What I think gets people so hype about the story is if it's hitting 3 or 4 areas of their 'vidya core' at once. It's Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

00a3da  No.326162


File: 1450738144225.jpg (29.33 KB, 560x293, 560:293, gg.jpg)

c1fcf1  No.310096[Reply]

As some of you may be aware, last week I started doing a weekly recap series on the major happenings and events surrounding the GamerGate conversation. If anyone has any happenings or events they feel should have be included, please suggest them to me in this thread. Please only submit happenings and events that have transpired on or after December 15th. Below is what I have down so far (some of which may not make it in the final cut).

>Updates to Previous Weeks

* BobMugabe35 has been unsuspended from reddit after outing Feminist Frequency associate as pedophile

>New Information

* Airplay 2 crowdfunding reaches over $1,000

* A "generous benefactor" has volunteered to fund half of Airplay 2

* LolKing.net Site Director drops truth-bombs about GamerGate

* Sony head confirms DOAX3 Western release canceled due to "cultural differences"

* Ryulong returns to RationalWiki after GethN7 exposé

* KotakuInAction rule change regarding political discussions

* Two new DeepFreeze updates

* Sony executive criticizes Western gaming media's focus on "sexism"

* Koretzky responds to criticism about the Kunkel Awards

* Pew study on gaming reveals 40% of Americans think games make people violent

* New concerns over CISA bill arise, may be expanded and included as a rider to another bill

* Tim Schaefer's new crowdfunding service, Fig, is caught in corruption scandal

* Ars Technica falsely blames school shooting threats on 8chan

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
8 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

c1fcf1  No.310182

Trolls tried to pressure /v/'s Mark into resigning like they tried to do to Acid Man. When he refused, they went to recruit /cow/ to do their bidding and were laughed at and their thread was deleted.


c1fcf1  No.310184


And the same trolls went to baph when /cow/ closed the door in their face


c1fcf1  No.310205

File: 1450825332613.png (1.01 MB, 960x540, 16:9, 144959292237.png)


Fuck m8 this is amazing i had no idea this much shit was happening this week, i really should get my head out of my ass and pay attention more often.

c1fcf1  No.310206

File: 1450826085715.png (637.51 KB, 682x1024, 341:512, Ascended memes.png)


Official Vivian James green and purple hoodies go on sale recently comes in many sizes and is unisex to boot so you can give that special someone a Vivian James hoodie today.

c1fcf1  No.326161


File: 1448363272638.jpg (45.89 KB, 639x360, 71:40, dead-or-alive-xtreme-3-10-….jpg)

925bc7  No.300817[Reply]



(second link archived in case they backpedal and delete it) https://archive.is/KmUZc

>"Do you know many issues happening in video game industry with regard to how to treat female in video game industry? We do not want to talk those things here. But certainly we have gone through in last year or two to come to our decision. Thank you."

I wonder how the


types feel now.

And yes, this specific game will get an English translation for the Asian releases from what I gather. But what about many games that won't? Regardless of whether it's a particularly big deal for THIS game or not, such a decision just tells them "yes, you CAN influence the Japanese games industry".

I say let them know how stupid this is. There's barely any reaction at all, I assume because no one is considering the wider implications of this because "YOU CAN STILL PLAY IT IN ENGLISH SO SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU DRAMATIC FAGGOT!!!!!"

125 posts and 45 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

925bc7  No.309607


I wish he'd die the same way his hero Bill Hicks did.

925bc7  No.309614



Amy Pascal's studio, the one (maybe) makingthe Zoe Quinn movie, is Sony-based

Of course Sony Pictures Entertainment is totally different & an American thing but still.

925bc7  No.309632

What the fuck is happening in halfcuck? So many buzzwords, >lolfanservice and >youpermavirgin posting and on a fucking chan no less. Is it a company of shill in full force?

925bc7  No.310055


loks like it

925bc7  No.326160


File: 1450223144910.jpg (9.75 KB, 243x208, 243:208, download (1).jpg)

29bd46  No.309520[Reply]

Greetings /GG/ (not guns and girls).

I'm here because i'm writing a paper for my journalistic ethics class and i want to write about GamerGate. I've been a follower of the movement from the start and find it to be a fantastic example of journalistic ethics gone shit.

I come here asking for any sources explaining the history of the movement, from Quinn's Five Guys, Gawker, Wu and up until now.

If anybody here can help me with this info it would be greatly appreciated.

18 posts and 6 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

29bd46  No.309613


It's easy if you prepare enough for it. Work on your timing for questions, especially math, and on your vocab. For the essay, it must be an argument. I suggest getting a prep book or something.

29bd46  No.309660

File: 1450291440193.jpg (62.79 KB, 600x450, 4:3, 06.jpg)


Gamergate is 100% about harassing le womyns out of gaming.

But seriously, its a big topic.

Your doing a paper on ethics not twitter trolls. So rather than focusing on the professional victims, focus on the newsmedia themselves.

GG is a perfect example of the newsmedia becoming part of the story they are reporting on. And then using their influence to control the narrative to distract from their own faults.

When you think about it, making an already disparaged group (gamers) in to their personal scapegoats was very clever. Who would suspect the gaming press would hold their own customer base in contempt like that?

You could use examples such as the secret forums game journalists use to collude with each other. And the resulting 20 articles that came out on the same day speaking out against their own customer base. Or the mass censorship that happened on the half chan and leddit in order to subdue evidence of collusion.

Pateron is a good one to look at because loads of the journos and devs are all sending each other money on there. Which is very relevant for an ethics paper.

You could touch on the grey area between journalists and bloggers and how that is often used to avoid ethical standards.

Its good to explain that when you have collusion the market is no longer a meritocracy. And every time a poor game gets promoted in the news media because of a personal relationship, it takes the place of a better game that should have got there because of its content and gameplay. So we all lose out.

To give it a happy ending, you can list all the things that have had to change since GG. Most sites have updated their ethics policies and gone back and updated older articles to disclose relationships.

29bd46  No.309679

File: 1450302445254.jpg (404.25 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1402693465083.jpg)


Some people believe in us…others don't

There's little we can do about that.

just keep that in mind while writing

29bd46  No.309944

Check the archives.

29bd46  No.326159


File: 1446852036772.png (112.94 KB, 655x393, 5:3, wot.png)

21a0ca  No.295897[Reply]

Guys they're making a film about us! I hope they get sethrogan to play me



> Amy Pascal’s Pascal Pictures has won a bidding battle for Crash Override: How To Save The Internet From Itself, a memoir by game designer Zoe Quinn that sold to Touchstone/Simon & Schuster and will be published September, 2016. The property was bid on by several studios and TV outlets, and several actresses are circling, with interest from Scarlett Johansson said to be keenest.

263 posts and 89 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

21a0ca  No.299416

File: 1447826412632.jpg (41.61 KB, 400x366, 200:183, edge_ow.jpg)


21a0ca  No.299439

File: 1447833696605.jpg (Spoiler Image, 31.75 KB, 395x416, 395:416, 1399256136459.jpg)

I'm about to ask the most important question that's ever been posted on this board. Who is going to play Teridax? Because he's obviously going to be the hero of the film.

21a0ca  No.309911


They should recycle the gag from Better Off Dead, except have the paperboy wanting his $10 back.


21a0ca  No.310377


I liked Pixels. It was dumb and fun. But then, I think Adam Sandler went to shit shortly after Happy Gilmore.

The low point was Funny People, which I guess was meant to be an ironic title, since it didn't contain any. Funniest part was Adam Sandler getting leukemia.


>since libertarians have never been in control of anything.

Libertarians don't really want to be in charge of anything. The sticking point is that they don't want anyone to be in charge of them, either, with most compromises being based on public health and safety. Or at least, that's what I've managed to pick up.

21a0ca  No.326158


File: 1450273536164-0.png (15.23 KB, 438x351, 146:117, bravopew1.PNG)

File: 1450273536164-1.png (10.64 KB, 312x351, 8:9, bravopew2.PNG)

File: 1450273536164-2.png (13.24 KB, 435x268, 435:268, bravopew3.PNG)

File: 1450273536174-3.png (35.49 KB, 432x597, 144:199, bravopew4.PNG)

d462f1  No.309628[Reply]

Pew Research Centre has done a study on the demographics of gamers using a pool of 2000 samples, with only 925 playing games. Seems pretty low to me.

Page 1: https://archive.is/pSely

Page 2: https://archive.is/amMYM

Page 3: https://archive.is/qjrdx

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Dumb human psychology reasons.

It's literally less mental energy to see yourself in something that looks like you. So when you're talking about "realistic" characters, their perceived race can change the way you relate to them. With abstract characters, like cartoons, features become more universal, so you end up with the perceived Black-ness of Bugs Bunny or Bart Simpson.

That means it is (on average) *literally more relaxing* to play a videogame that features a character who you perceive as being the same race as yourself. This is less meaningful on the level of one specific game, where a variety of factors can influence whether something is fun to play, but in aggregate across dozens of games released over several years, not encountering characters that seem like you can create a general air of games (or television, film, musical theater, etc) being "for" other people and not you.

That's one reason why some people care about media representation of different kinds of people.

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I get that these guys want representation for your own fantasies, but the work doesn't even belong to them, it belongs to the ones that created it.

It's practically rabid fanfiction writers shouting at authors or artists at this point to include their own self-insert MarySue fantasies.

no surprise that Tumblr is the spiritual successor of Livejournal in this regard

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So they're exercising the power they do have: saying "I'd be more likely to buy and say nice things about something if I saw I was being represented."

It's up to publishers and developers to decide what to do with that information. It's not like somebody's using genie wishes to bend minds or anything. People are free to buy what they like, and they're free to tell developers what they want to see.

d462f1  No.309857


you can tell them what you wish to see, but they are under no obligation to do as you request, and playing emotional blackmail by shouting 'sexism' and 'racism' is a shitty thing to do.

remember when the journos said witcher 3 was too white? fucking morons.

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